Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 23, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 23, 1848 Page 1
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TH ?2*0l? N?. W)53 f,a IKirnlUiUM' On tho SOth July, 1792, w he t ihf citizen* of Mar?ei rrlTod in P.irfe, after their eelebra'.ed expedition a ww call*-! bv the publicists if that dor. thev went to Elyshn Field', beaded bv Sauterro, ind took ?*ata aroi ii ip1->ndid bun<ii*t The'r arrl? -I wa? ?i,tn.i i*ed Mnody riote, which violently chu iS tie thron* ot Ln XVI A* thfct timo lloUM't de Lille composuii the .V Hrmu. in wordp a< >1 mnsio Thle patriotic ' wwcelebrated thro?i*h?ut Europe, and produced trara i'dmand en'huaimm luring tha revolution '] loutio of tt is hymn has ofn n conducted the Krei armies to *<tory Th? au'.hor ot'thlj hymn was b< at Lo g-livS ulii. r i i J rvai an i ffluer of the Omit 1790. In sp'.f# of hi* republican optrilors, lie wax i I>rl? nad during t*ie R?i{n of T?rr.>r, but llhxruud the 9th T i^ruiidir Had b* b^en hii to the tcaif-d I, would ha1* die t with the Manmillnir.a ohanling in ear*. i. Allona! enfans da la phtrie, L? jcur da gloireest arrlre ; Ooutre imus do 1* t>r mnia L'elandard sanjilaut est lave (Ait) Kbtofidrz-v^u* d*ns In oampagnca Muifir ce* 'erooea noldats? IIh VK>ntent j usque duns voa braa, Kgotgcr voa rt's vnscompairnes Aux a aif ! oitnvana, formes vos batalllons! March ins! (bis) qu'un s.?ni{ iinpur nbrtuva noa ailioi ii. Qua vent cette horde d'esolaTes, Us truifre*, dn roi* conjures'? Foar qui ten iRnobU'B entrnvefl Cea ft- s des loajjteaap* prc^irea ! (hit) FcKtq lis, pour nons. ah ! quel outrage, Quel'. transports il doit exciter ! Cest noui qu'on oa* tn6dlter De rendro a 1'antiq ;p eeclavi'ge ? Avs! cltcy?n3 in. Quoi! cos cohortes atrang&re* fc\ir&iaut la loi dans nos fojfors ! Q aoi! ces phslanuvk mercouairaa TerraBseraient nos fiers goorriers ? (4t'?) G.ud Oieu ! par des myitis encbainfeia Nos Ironta sou* lejoug so ploiarsient! Da Vila dusptte* deviend'Bient! Las m.litres de noa destiueas ! Autarra?a! Citoyeua .... etc it. Trembl.'! tyroua, ot tous perides, L'opprobro ds tous lea parri*! TrembWs voa projetB pairioli'es Vont onti.i reccvoir leur prix ! (hit) son: s.>lda'.? pour voui couibattre, 8'ils torabent liotjowuea beros, La France on iirodui1; <1e a.,uvonux, Conti? vou.j toas pi&ti a se bw.tre. Auiroia ! Citoyeus .... etc v. Frangtls, en guarriers magnauimes, Porti z ou r*teD*z vos coups ; Eparsutz c-e trietea vlctiin?8 A regret a'armaut contra nous, (kit) Mais uon ne? tigr^s ?aii;uiaaires, AflVux complices ile Bnuillc, Tous ??* mouMres qui. *? * pitlc, Dacbireut la eeia Jo leui' mfcre !... Aux armas ! Citoyens .... oto VI. Nous ontreroti* d.inn l? oarrlfere Qiiaud uos nines no noron* plu?; Notii y tronvernns Isur p?u?*i&re Et la trace <te leur? v?rtU3 (Am) Rien moini j tloux de l*ur nutviyre, Qao de p*.?<igor leur oe.'ou -il. Nous HUt'ona ie nubhms nrgneil D>> l-?s Tooj??f ou <1? i * suivre. Aux krmea ! Ciioycni efc VII. Amour g^cre d.i la I'atrie, Conduit. f>')utieil<i ">o? br?? Yengeurs ! Lib?rte ! Libarie ehcrie Couibat.n avoc tet de'?u?aurs (i?'?) Saus no9 dr?p?au.\ que viotoire Accoure a tea malno accent! Que tns mnsnii expirann Voi?nt ton triornphe et notre gloire ! Aux autiM ! Citoyens etc .... Ctiaot do Olrundiniii j rim p-urionc aong w.i* fnucrea iMuunotn ? i 1Mb t.nnqust of tha ' Oirotd n?." who Ulod for tha a? of th?ir oniuion. during the Krenrh reyolutlon ol 17 We have collect ^iittietwo principal r?r?raof thi* Jivi which, dnnni; the laat r??olut.l* n of P*rla, was aung the atadenta &ad the people ol the urent metropolis i. P r la voix da cannn d'aUrmes La France apell gtg onfans. " Alton* ! dit le aoid?t. mux arm-i! "C'eat ma mere, jula defena. " .Mrurlr pcur la p?tno (4i?) " C'est lo sort It plua beau la plus difftie d'enrla !" it. Nouc nmia. qui loin dea Untaillra Sure uti'iona dans l'obvurite, Vouona du m>im n'i* luueraillea Ala Fraoa*. a aa llbatio! i?1ourir paur la parrio, (bis) C'eat ! aoit la plus be.u, le piu* digne d'envie. Sreat MutliiK of the French Retldinti N :wrVork, Congratulatory of tli? Late Ul rloiii Kvents In Krnnre. The French residents of New York assemblt last night, it St John's Hall, Frankfort stre tor the purpose of giving utterance to their sea incuts upon the lit? triumphant revolution Frai ce. At half past sev ii o'clock, the hall was fill by a large and enthusiastic crowd, who cage congratulated one another upon the giorid epoch which has dawned upon their brother publicans across the Atlantic. A beautiful trai parency whs displiyed from the balcony of t building, onS which was inscribed, in Euglis German, aud French, the following words:? *00090000000000000000000001 ? Hurrah ! for the K*.rrRuc ! o *#0##ooooooooooogqoooooooo' Inthnioom. a larft* tri-color fl i* ferveJ the purp< of a hr ndsome ai d nppropri it" decoration Th? tlrat husinea* if the meeting waa ths nppoi meet a committor, con <nea ol tue lo.iowtng gem mon :~MM. K. Cayln*. L Cormier, L Petignet. J B gT, Ch OUtz, Lefevre, Tuul *er.iux, J Corf, Mar Roger, Tu. Tbomua, J Blanc, Ityacintbo Tengnct, J Lux. A proposition ws< th?n mt'lf, that no momber of 1 c^mmlttoe should nceept any public employ mant fr either tiia Rovemuiont or ihtt of Franoe, wmoh v generally aiirerd to \1r. Pn'OHier (although uot present at the momer waa then named i c president oi the meeting, and t f. llowi g clt a?ra. (the term by which thoy Ueaigna f oh other.) wer* appointed s.'erotarioa, viz:?Ceif, H Unmet, OhelovilM. Some election wm made to I Feleetinn of the lait l imed pernon, cn aoo.iunt of having petitioned tur Uw otli-e of < hancellor. (lu 1 rl't 01 tli? Kcirli government.) at tlio o.maulato B ?t< n. Th? oh)?!otl'>u. however, w.?? Anally overrul und the geiulemm took hia (eat ad one of the aeo tertaa Mr. K. Caviui, an anciont pupil of tho T'olyteoh School in Paria, then to< k tho amid, and pronoun( tho following upeech :* ?Thin meeting not jlleeted for tho purpose of indulging in I tlirg ma'tpw-wo aro fathered hue upon *?rU nlMrs. The late n?*? from Knropo. bringing Inl iigetioe of tho revolurton li France, has tilled 1 h?a-t of evei v good la-n with j*y mil happlnc Several meeting" ol people of elifl rent nations hi air. tiJy been held, at which hni been considered I auhjec: for which we are now aajeinbled. A gr Cubilc d^monitiution will aoon take plaoe. and wo i i? to oxpreai thoae reeling* of sympathy by which are nil animated (Cheer* ) .*fter eighteen yoirg utiuggle, ot nriel ?ii I privation, th? Freuch patriate lit sue. ded iii driving out ot ihuir country those sy pliant i who have become enrlchei with the money ihe pi ople?(Cheer* ) Royally and lie venal hirelin a loon ai the oounuv rate us a smule man, have I from Kruuoe. They we.r' full of pride and iuiolai when nupporte* by a numerous army; but, like ? be;*t? who aearh for their viotims ip the duiknec* f cowaidly away as aonn ae the aun ol liberty appeared the bfcri'.on. Tliey would not have heutalad to h abed the blood of u u at Ion; but the (lr?t cry or libe terTltled them, au.l t..eir courage vuni?h?d at thi i iii n' of danger. Yea, tba newa hm tilled our he* with joy; nnd hore, on th:i laai ot freedom, alnoe cannot h*lp our brother*, let ua, at leaat, a?nd them < w.shes, our congratulation*; and Joining ourselves the Italian, Merimu, awne, imu ?v ? fern, l't u* ahow that th" word libtH.y lua an echo wi in ou<- hearta. A Voica - Yon forget Poland. Mr. Lavli i.?No! i don't l<r*?t Poland! nut I i about to sneak ot th 'Poli'' i b*ve not lorflotten th thfy ?re lb* llvijff oia nc.lea ngariat the api'alofK aim dominion mid tynrnny The pxuraplca of t Pole* would, wltbln fifty yeara, make the w>i of Karopn republic (ApplM**) Soma p anna huva alrfmdy *nid that thi* meeting I been hold loo anon. Well ! let ?? auppoae tl the Orleaoa dynasty had not be<"ii vanquiahsd; nnJ tl w? 'lonld hear by tha next ale*n*r, ihnt a"rapubli( not proclaimed in Kriuice " We aliould have at le the eatlafaetion of htv<ng expreaaed our r?publif sympathy to our Hreucli brothers, before wo kn that they weie victorious. Put do not tear At t very moment the republic ia proclaimed in Taria, i will aoon overthrow nil neighboring kingdom* - it v be the precuiaor of ltlioity, which will soou leign evi where Mi ft PirrnitaT having arrived at thin time, exprt cd hia thanks fur tne honor lie had received from fellow citizens, by having been selected President ; i denlmed to accept it for pnvato roaaona connected w hit daily huaines*. lie then proposed to nut In hia pi, Mr. K. Cay in-, which was unanimouaiy agreed to Tu? Paa iiBrnt then preceeled, Hnd expressed 1 demre tha ten other members ahould be added 10 I committee Mr. OaiLLAanaT, editor of tho French C??nnr,i E NET NEW Y< n?m?d, but M. Uninet deolnred th*t before accepting under tl lies such a duty, he had better take from hi* cost the extent r e It cross of the legion of hon r he receive J from M Gu'?o? this ?oi the Tiiis personality wan warmly greeted by M. Gaillardet's ven, wn in ' opponents, an I whittled at by his friorda. Alter this in n ur, if by cldent, the following named gentlomen were agreed to n'tcu i ul? hy the majority, at new members of the committoe? ti' [nr R?nbel Vigno, Dr Mgrand. Rosat, Mijon, .John l)e- howi'i >ng rainrno Lonat, Dr Bo.linier, Rill?t, Jr., Bonefous. th? bod) en M Cimr moved that an address to the French nation Jell, mu fh>- be pr> pjied, and sent by tho next stoumer This wa? he frer, jch carried. earth, orn M. Lut* proposed t"> thank the Amer'cana IrUhmen, I-other r In nnd others, for tho demonstration of brotherhood they I had ireJ ?, af'er tho reception of new* of tlio revolution T>> Jo on in France. This was accepted county h? At this moment, a deputation of tho Irish Committee T ieli ?-?- .... i .< vr r "T p came >u. ana \ir jam"! u??im i ..... O'Connor to the meeting, that getith nun made 11 spirited nnn : to ami eloquent speech, which wi would report fully, if we had space. He wni rrcsivod throughout with en- Th? t thusiastio plaudits. Cope;? Acommittenof four parson* was then appointed to ' Dkai write the address to the French nation. The following of yes'e gentlemen compose tho committee?Uonnefous, Bmidin, roquirin H. Peugnet, ana E. Cayus time, th M Grimcr here ar^ ihi took occasion to allude to M. tance Gaillardet and bis legion of honor, but finally gave way ' P?ri to sent tua ttIl Mr. BnuBAtr, -who n?*t aiJres'ed the mretlng. He *'cUi'? expressed h's resp-et and atfwilri-HoTi for F?ai><jo?a *uccsi. country which, shine the time <f Lou.s XI , had iro- thiii<t \< grassed gradually in th? ro '1 to llbirly tind truth - I regret Frr.nce, said Mr. B . Is :>? Christ of nations -she has <''g yoi si'illed hrr blood on Mm b t;l- (ieHs far the redemption Vou na< ct uHtlons. Sh* w?s cruolfl-d by the Holy.AUtanc. and giv?lti shu was reau*oita'>d In 1B30 lor mom' u'iu 1848, for- lC> uu>' eror ! (Great applause ) wout i a M Bondrllikr (ex.editor of th? Sw'ss newspaper. La J"0'? ttro Jrune Su'ite) rpoko nexf., ?ti<i after r?-alliDg the bisto- society, ry oi Switz rlard audits nlfli.ity with ibe iiber les of >' ? France proposed tbnt tbreo .,Li ?r? should bri given for the liberty of tbe Gauls, whioh were given wlt:i hearty Thos B vehemence. Tieji Mr. Pkuowbt appeared egaiu, and explained the r*a- for?*oir sons whioh iadurted him to decline the presidency of the meeting He said h* h<id been eleot d on a previous oooasiob to serve In a slrulWr manner, and tbet in a r*[ ub Cinci lioan system of govtitmient thtf hooor ought to b* shared wnrds in rotation. He then concluded ly exclaiming, L^v (*1 to all free and rru' lioan nations : hAtred to the tro?ty or tweh of 181S " Went Pi A German citluu here came forward, and s?i.l tba by plait bespoke in tbe of his broth*:?, and a&uie to oon gratulate the Freuch people up^n the vl'tory won <>V'tr tennn?t their tyrants. He obferve 1 that hi" for?feth?i < thit d? some twenty years ago f-tight wl U Fraune nn t t'i? ,c" Germans wi-re now ready to snake haads with iheir bit- Cmci thren In liberty. Francn M Cavlus responded to this gentleman, and, during an aotl his rcmerks, became much affected, an l shed tears He follow alluded to his f ien 1 Cavniguuc, who had sai-J, b?f >t< his huMces prematura and regretted death, that the Rhine would win, pre not be a si-ptraUoa between France and Germaay hut ghip a j on t-..e couirai-y. ? ti-, a chain ot lov.< to uuke forever Tayl those two great nations. to be at At this period of tae proceedings, about ten o'c'oek. lattery the meeting was adjourned until to-morrow evening, at sir. Tre some place to b.i subsequently designated dow<*J 1 The company then b.igin to si?g the Marseilles'Hymn counted ^ ivtf ? ttkllah ^n.ila? In ah? unlnmni^ ar <1 ^ian?ran(l . in the grt a;e>t eathufiam aud h^rtbony. money, otlirr uc City Intelligence. an 1 rod Tun Wkatheb?Yesterday was indeed a moat de- i-aintut U^IM day : sprint? at hit having seemingly com* in ot Peck earnest. it wax like a May-day, ana every one appeared reoover< cliorrful aiid animated by the re appeatinc* of the wel- plaintiff come (fur it. Tha Indies took advantage of the salubrious by the 1 air, sud tho strents wero thronged trom mornir.g until that in night, except tho lower put of Broadway, which was ori^iual ooutinually rnvolopod in a thick cloud rf dust, and tbe notes, ? beautiful colors of spring were abundant Towards which v evtiDicg the uir cotatwhnt cool-r, and the entire cn the honxon was bound with a datk black otoud, though notes ft them vTtis very liitte pppearance of rain. Tliera bu above t ulready been winter spring aud fall weather, during tho on comi month; but spring steins now to have the supremacy, n< ten uud lor ths remainder ui'the month there is a probability ttiiutic: of pleasant days. against The New A.iuki?al--The work on the new arsenal ? *? ai1 has been very suddenly stopped ; and it is said in conse- judgme: of the change in the ofttce of ttie Commissary *** lj0n ileneral. Ttio building has been going on finely lor tb? noti some time, uud would now require bat a lew thous.u'dr *** '*"!? of dollars to pat it in such astateasto render it safe from plaintiff :hs the etree's of the weather There are already some ikp $ 17.000 wotth of materials on hand, and which must be plaintiff a: useless 'or soma time, there boiag no speciticd time tor Suras on, the re commencement of tha work. Hurl ut by Firb?Hcvbbal Dead Bodies Busked?One nf the l*r P"1' building*. r-ornpoi.inx too Pfl&ifteet Hill Emigrant llospi "* on " tal, at YorkviHe, we> discovered to be oil fire .ibont liall Hufki past ten o'clock, Tuesday night, which 'vas entirely vs. Sylv .lostroyed. In the collar of the building, were several b?rs coi lead bodies, which were al-o burned. The total de- fmiih flmency of walet aud tire apparatus in that sectiou. Error,rendered all attempts to subdue the Hamas iutile The trraey'/ wind fortunately wafted the flames from the main build- rith?r p ing, the only thing which saved the adjoining property Marji Thi'rr was a lull insurance upon the building; though it imr,urt U .mid turuiturn l>?ddinir. in . which h.ij just s m, i In pJ in it, is a total loos i'he d image is eaijinatcd ai Cowjn ts>0#. amount The Ri'M Pavement ?Th? laying down of the Flag* Pufkk pavement, iu Kill,on utreet, in front of th? ATna Y>rk Civ k a H'rald odlce, has l>e,juu; an i ero long that portion of the was frix acreet. which not \v trequ?ntly presented two ?r three tioe Oa'j g incbra of mud, will be the only pwion which will b? h?se: clnaa Til' mlvHUtage of thin pav^m^nt is already aeen. phia I l?" Med from its cleanlineas, T'ljuiriug bat little tabor to xU.o keep it in n prop:r condition, will doubtless have the c f large a;i ^ , f-*ct to bring it isoie g'uernlly into uae. The cost for ttieae w< ic? ''leaning the streets is u <w $160 tiOO annually; whor?a* the uraf et, if the Hum paTem'n*. wrre adopie 1, it would cost not Ma.-, foi more than from $30 <>00 to $40 0'0 ; leaving a surplus in fjr $701 , 'be trrusury of $120,000 to $130,000 per year ot street rime d in mon?y, w hlch would morn than trebl* the a :ount now thmr r.< received for the ni tnure whioh i* taken from the sir'eta Pcoenlx Such portions of iiro tdway as hare been pave l with it, th* creed are alwaya olcao, while the other parts are alwaja tilihy John T rly ANiiikow Escapc ?A reiy spirited hoi^e, attached plaintiff to a light wr.gon, took (right at tho corner of Toarl and t0 th* ( outre utreets, and ran off There were in the wagon at ?K?lnat re- the time, a Mr. Patterson and another gentleman, who which i L- made every effort to atop tjo horae, but to no ertec ; and 'WllW when uoai the coiner of Anthony .and Ciatl ittMll move (c lie the wagon C'ltDu in contact with a cart, by which it ti39 fo'!t ill, wa'upset, thiowmg both persona into ti.e ftreet The l'r and caiman was nlsa thrown lroiu hi* cart into the ttreet, and *en#ral ia i! by miracle, they all escaped uninjured. The only Mffs'eo< s'* damagj done was a pretty general toaring up of tin f bualu o mgoa. * debtors 0 Clkteh Fellows' Ball?The Chi i| i Order of a?oondl ?* Clover Kdlowa *ave a complimentar on Tuesday h 'j n. 3 -e night at Tammany Hall, to Mr. Johi - uatin, 11MB *j ber of th?ir order. It was one of the iuo .5 .i.itol'the , ,0 |j nt- i season, and trim tho time tho cornet -owuded for the i?udant le- tirst dance, until the closing pat, th? fair form* an 1 prettj ?r- laces of the ladit s plainly told that they lelt- taey were '4UV ci i< iu* UBOWf clever f.'ll >ws The la lies wero mo^ beautiful!) Lhe cbf et attired, and thiiir grace in dancing, and be?uty of move- merit, excelled uny thing which has como oil'this at anon Nijt^ j* ~f Volunteers i nn \U xn <>?The number of vulu iteers was mi '.,ul who sailed in tho n.-tncv Sievem, for Vers t rui. ol ib've n "*1 1'uesd.iy, wit.'i Captain Forry, of t:ie 1st Regiment New on the f t. York Volunteers, wan eightymron for tke New York are Aon he regimout, an ! twenty-three lor the Mussachusetttf ro^i- fourthlj ment, mjUiurf in all one hundred uit-4 ten, besides the or :h v ' following officers: Lieut. Cooper, A. ACS, Lieut 17th of tlui NcNulty. A. A. S, and Lieut Waugli, of the Now York frcted t) ha Regiment, an.l Lieut. Curtif, of uie Massachusetts regi r?plied the mant- the ban in Kmiokaits ?About four o'clock, yesterday afternoon, he * ed, ?Ur|je snip c-imo in with several hundied emigrinis, Seconal i?. men, women aud children, a largo numSnr of which | re- entrust) sented a most pitiable condition. A larpe number ol M? " " ulo them had scarce enough clothe* to cover then; and nltei aucb asi led landing, in groups strolled through the city, without a Smilh & In place to shelter them, and without the mean* to purchaae lb< ? We trl- a mortal of lood. 1"heir only baggage consisted, in many on the d ,us casus, of a small bundle to a lainily of lour or five iblng fi el- paraona. "<! ,0|J the Disr*t?si*ii Cask ok SnctDK.? Coroner Walters waa o'lfr'tskM *' called yesterday to hold ati n quest at No. 144 Ble. cker ave street, upon th > boiy of Thomas B Drinker, n native til P'Tr" Lhe Pennsylvania, aged yt'ara, who put an end to hi ex- T eat litooct on Mondxy lust, by thkmg pitissic acid, while ('on ,0 lT? laboring under u Jopr, sjed state ol inmd, arising from 14 " ^8 ** pecuniary embarrassments Ki jtn the uviJence adduced chanilii of beloro the coroner, it appen.oj <liat the deceased hud 'o the p lieon studvi"? law in tlm office of . ,r. Kdward 1'ierrs- lor the <: co pont, No.'J7 Wall street, for the laa* *i* month*, luring Comm which tune he was very latftU ir In bis habits and cheer- Augtt *?, lul in hiKdeposition For the last lew wo-k.:, however, roentol' '?' ho seemed *omo what depressed In soirits, which aioae ularsto 1C* trom pecuiiiai y difficulties The deceased oepied a "d abort piece of manuscript lor Mr. P. about 1> mi.nitea aside, a '*<1 before lie died Mr 1'ieirepont on rdtutniug into the front Afy.'rj en office, found him doad in the chair in tiont of tho gram. On coals to IT6 tho lohl.i n'jo loiiiwl f> antall na<' liu0A /?Arkllniinu n ! _? t trimrm r,y aJdieaaed to u brother of tho deceased, enclo-itig two in," wit 1"- others, one with the initial* T. P C. and the other mailed Th?m< r'? Caleb Copy m.d po*t marked Philadelphia. it uI'O up- riuri?i, w? pcxred in evidence, that the deceased, about a lot tuignt coi n >ur age, called upon a friend. Dr. T. J. Grossman, and itated Miller that he wai in great distress on account of having lost rmhur^ lit- considerable muiiey through tho conduct of hi* guardian*, th~ lattf h- and desire i the loan of $i<iOO. and on hia being amured Jl'irtu by l)r. (J. he wn unahl.i ti comply with hH wi.he*, jud?ni"n the dttcased left, at the itme timo bidding him farewell, (tnjffli fa* and *uid that tho Dr would never ?ee him again. Comm. ?t Dr Thomas Hol.mii>, 011 being ekaiaiued, testified *? _ j ( us- Doctor* J. H. Ilogerj, ('ro**mau and himnoll, made Trowkri ;he a post mortem examination of tho body. It presented a . nia'n ole livid appeaiance. Tho pupil* ol the eyes were muc't djer let. d,and the muaclua ottho body very ri.^id. Onopeuii.g l , , lad the cheat, the lung* were found ol a dark color and . . !! ' much congested with blood, and preaented the appear p liat ?nce of liver when cut The liver, waa ol a dnrk color, Comm : 1* and congested The loft aide of the heart wan emp'y. Robrrt J i?t riio right tide contained 11 little fluid blood The ato- action * an uiacho contained about a gill of dark bloady fluid, which realde In aw emitted a aCiong odor of pruaaic acid. Themucu* mein- thlo hia branewa iol u darx red color. ftoftoned anl'd buaheli 1 ind The iuteatnef were of a red color Tho existence ol consign* till pruanic acid in the ntomnch was ao evident that wi!n> s.i o.-muiia' i>ry was *ati?ti.fl that death was can*ed by it. The dacaaaed't received l.dter to lua brother, written juat before committing tho might a a- t.ital dee I, i? as follow* : Cargo*! Ina " I'hoa IV Cop', ** my guardian. sufTarad ma to be On the I mil rolled of my Inheritanoo againat my repeated protean Mr. Bai ith tiofcs aad leuionUi *u?es, and atterwariia ronbed me of struct, d jot what wa? still wore Important, of cay good name amongst curding! m\ relation*. He has hated ti?, and (n? particularly) aa buahel, 1 the the ohildreu. superior to bl*, of the hn^aua of hi* tlrat * Blow ; the wife'* aiitei'a huabaud; who uuderitood and denounced It to Wb hi* real natui e and character, and ha* pursued a* w ith a advUed 1 vaa spirit of luexorabla rtvenga, though sometimes VeUad ?al*. SI $m?mmrn\m im* r *^.nSmtgrnrS+. w.^><3fcW r l OE JRK, THURSDAY MORMI* tie guise of friendly interest. To considerable clerks for n *i re h?s'uoenede I In bis tV'udish deslcur im t*r as arrired Oi Id ib <vn.ceii.r l. But, If 'hera in ?<}odi" hen- defend ?nfs w' i'j i,olus th> K-al?H of juation, there will b< an matu, which I not an eternity, of fearful retribution I do in the mean liim in my -lyin< hour; I lenvn him to his con- grain jn th* in hi* dying hour stilt, Ms (loi liereaft> r. My n f?m lepi 1 s hand?1 feel my i-pirlt reloBsIng Its hold upon din's woul! r It has suffered much inoru ih ui words could jt ; to recoyi ch less make others comotohend It will too i -fhe defen lav and I tin- mr-re htippy ttan K has h?eu here on ground th ?t t li can scarcely be mor.i wrotched. Farewell, therefore.<l?f< ; ilekud my memory if liust asper ion <iaiHn< that u T-B.ORINKER ygfl rhould b ?oph I) Drinker. Ksq . Montroae, 811 nuehanna rep'y, in?i?t-i Penn" * Blow & Marsl MIowlrg l? an exac! co-y of T. P O.'s letter : of'erw ?rh is C on looking to his cash aocount, fl.vU he hi?? eogniMon hi KpHro. IK-will h .ve dirticulty > uouirh to meet the caT out o pecunliry engigotrieuts Philada Jan 25. '48" the motion fo ftll.iwing is a copy of tho letter si^ne l Calob the jury, and ther the d-ifen i Sir ? r have this moment received your letter rnndura note irday, nnd hi^t'-n t" raph". Wo urn no fur from morrow ((his t! ,:nv additional aid io our establishment at this at we hnTe parted with a piitlon ?.'f our n=eis- Cow*t or < l'h * tin. 3 a iuu'nuh uMo no a small hii?iiios3, c.>rd-r Nott mo in that t in strictest eoonomj. At ih? pre- John Mo Knot itlMnm several youag o,?n irom tho weit if'uatlona here but with very li'.'le priisp <ct? of teen yoare ol( I ilo not know or imy o;>eniug, u^i<i I do not u*r' wera >n :otiW r l'Pti'atr on nit1 !ir*- ?*ry soon. V?vlr>ir #1 very mnoh to learn that any idi>? of relinquish- * w ' 'rh, h*j ir liti fission should huve euteted your wind. proprty^f \ re orub t-kod <n it at too la/n n period of lit-to* lp on ; liifht considerations Ar tenr dovition to question et.rt r prudent i iraetirna, kiioul I load 'o ?uc jess, und I '-cu vd at tti dvise you to think of no other pursuit by which ?oe">inp 'I'ed to enrti a livelihood, a'<1 to take your rauk in very fre-wi'1 I wid, of cou'f, treat yoor l'tier as you do- conduct ord ntidtntially. Very r:*pectfullr your', hadd'0?n>p? CALV.B COI'F. been out. aut I Drirkkr, Ksq , New York " be*n stoler; ary rtjimerod a verdict iu accordance witk the ooursa of th< factg. derer's alley. made su Law Iitt>lligen<e. 'o State prl ;it Court March 20th?Before .HtJ^e Kd- hadn't roade Crntvr 'vs H't-r This whs mi notion Of tro- have got hi ii ,h wan tried before) to rtcov?r the vtHi? of U>n 'ock> d up iu '? pat '.f* left at the d. fend*nt's hc.trl at not. to _'iue, jint The defence Was, that the boo's vrer left; 1 he j ttiflT contrary to the, orders of the itefoud.'.nt'fl accused guilt ?; tb*t in y wtre :ittpri?.truj sent to > bu Quar- year* i<?prls? et'iofflw end that if plaintiff had >4 to f*i i.?i ?/ J |iai:m nt ho fou!d be r?t iice p.?id Ktsi^d Tor- 13 ye:?rs old. .wtM? (t -.fs toornl i/ ) w?r?cextp!i j.t Coukt, Maroh i\ 11, fore Ju^, Edvards - a^illu^hou i C. /rtudwtLl v* iiust-11 Sf'hbtn? This was ?*nl?n TaHnn Irn lor rnonsy had and received Tl e laots ere ? ? f,MIW? i_ In 1833 the plaintiff carried on th? baking ,.n?,d .milt* ) iu Bro-Alyn; the defendant, with a Mr OioJ- House of Hsi iposed to him it that t:ine to take iDto part, .or- Jinmh'r T Jr. Taylor, and offered to .wdvaii.'.Ha sum of J>30 0 in(|,p??,i rnr i or's p irtii n of the partnership fuud. the b'leines* ? wn'fl.>, iil carried on ic the came of Mr. Treadwell; the whoM ,m , ? ,r,-ed to ?.ho propostlj it was then agreed that i|no.f?1(l Ajtm adwell ehould iii .ta a nets fir $2000, to be en- nni> 3y Stebbins aud Oiodwin, wbloli was to be Ulv imnrlinnml' , by (he Dry Dook B*nk, Brooklyn: thiearrange<s carried into effeo;., aid plaintiff received the for havl ig ci nut* |itiviinrriii|) mw i'j)nr?nuu ?u- ??rni?nfe-i<> ti ).e lor $3000 wis subsequently m\dg by pUi .tiff |ar' n? oised by Stebbins uuii tioolwin, and cash ob months or it by plaintiff irnm Mr IV k; tbe executor ' q uittd afterword" i>a?d r Htbbioi on thin nota and _i.i sd a judgment, which the luitgr paid. Ton hin,?.? v*ln? all'ire* that the first uot? which w*s lii'ccuntuil The evldenci )rv Dm k 11 tbk, w.s several ttm tWIWrtj M(t ivdlntr to nut the proems of thote renewals ho roduced the yr-rdiut vf ao amount to $1600; that h" alnu pavo un business r0urt amounting lu gross 10 $5'iO, to Mr. B'.ebblns. / rare p*ld at aturity; thut the sum of $.i0(? pild March 31 ? oii?iaal note, toother with the two businms demeanor, iu it $5i,0, wan equivamut to the excess over arid li?t fall, thl>i he $3l>il0, which was to bo advanced by Taylor whereupon h tig Into the pj.rtn?ruhip: thisl the 'irst n >te hav- jadnm^ut of talned unpaid In In* Dry Dock Bink. thu la- matriMoni< n brought suit and fln.Oly reo >Ter?-d a judi<mont Ult?' ot '>^n him ** the mttar of th? noto. which im t.*d to a oha:g? of I id to r->oov<*r the amount p*i.l by him c.iihtt oommlttea bi nt the present suit, in brought The plain iff 'l^gd-il. u* i soitrd, on the ground that it wan not proved t,ie T,r(,'"!Cu ? on whlc'i the Dry Dock Bank brought the suit queitloa h? the plaintiff wag the note for $3000, in vie l>y !r"i: * n'JI and eudors-d jy Sreb'.iins aud Goodwin, it ?p ?J *a "" that las note npin wbioh the jtMgment ngaiuat aocuwd ? was recovered was 1'or^lftOO. " conM-qn-i Mr. Coitrt?8p?olal Term.?Before Judge '',w? . ).-UivoacK i? iu. r?tmn?in?jha, nikViaK n>r ? De?"?* for a d!Torc? a viucuti mitrimo- ntrurh l'i?r a be ground of aaulNry her si lo. an non 1/ourt.?In Ba. co.? Decisions ?Gntmtcy avdllotf'd f. e$ier. Appjf.1 dismissed, and orlerutCham- . som? motive n finned yomin*acqu . Plain tiff in F.*r >r, ?? f.imiion, r*rfmd''ut in witii the prol 8?t p(f ..ilow*d ae to all the mon?yt< bu; the At- a Tie* of cp ' titled oogtr Mbilou dsnied without conts to reception of iir'y. lelioa'c natu Id vs. I) ivghtst.?Judgment for plaintiffin euoh too t" b- adjueted. w*rd* her vs GnodUnt. Julgment for defendant lef-nc.*. it :rlhwiitr ct. Sh ffitld.?Judgment for plaintiff , x^rt-.w -d h?i to b<i adjusted. nuch a m?nn ior CauaT?In Biiico. March 31 - Eroch IV r.HC.i , vi Th Af?r. Aunf?' Ji-ink ? Thie c iu?r , f dO'jth?9 htf K?bru.\;y l.ut, bt-i'i r? Chlet Jus- *oou?el gull il'y audn jury ? 1 he/acts of tbe ch*.< are ehortly M':c' .? 1 The ul'O'i'iiTi ore ezohuriKe brokxrn in I'hilaJoi court then a n 1845 tbny keptaa nccaun* ?ith John T -mi h March 33. f this oity, aud in M iy ot tk*t year, sout him a ingol the ca louat of huls,oheckn 8ti? for o <l!?ot.ion Amo >gst wss pirdon?( >? >. ilrsIt on Carpenter St Verrnil* ea fr>r $70('l), wlnrher ih? c *hi pwn'ra in in iau-r 11 in 1.1 tn? urn 01 >v?i ??n r which thev *.?* a <*i-ck 0'i th? Chimix Bank went for forg 10 J T Smith *t Co pant tbiich. ck ou th-< iotb of J?nu jj to the Merchai.ta' Bank, vh-re they kept , sene Duprey count The ,vi?rcbants' Bank neat It to the been isaacd h Batik, and got it certified, and then placed it to dennu had hi iit or J T Smith & Co Ou the lSih ot Vlay. adjournud ui Smlrh&Co failed, largely Indebted to bith the Court Cai '? and deiendani ; the lorru-r tr*cd th* check No*. 16 9 21 Mercbmts' Bank, had brought their ai:ion won p/?<xi?1 the Pre*.dent, Sio . fnr money nad and received, 71 37 jj ?\ ffas triea a p-tc.nd time as abuve eta?ed, and a ' ... obtained for the plaintiff*. The defend 1 .te no* 1 tie <,rim >r a non.'Uif, or to hire th? Ter lijt r rnrs-'d, on n.T*.rrU , >winj fmun-ia: -Kirat. that the draft on Carpeu ulatuienwi ?g V-rniilyea w.a eent to J V Smith & Co , for ie^- tr purpoi-a, t'i be placed to the credit of toe plainlount with .1 J' Smith & Co.,in the u'ual course f?n; and the latter, on receiving it, became the Mi of the pUintilfs for the amount, an i were, of Genarnl K? aulhoriied to m>ply the proc?"!s an tli-y pl?ased U. 8. A , is a y, the chrck ot Carpenter & Vermlltea recired ?St. it I . Smith U 1 o , the latter were entitled to p?y *J.<neral H ply it a* they pi> *??d ; and hsTinj paid Monday Inst ;etendaui?, and it being received Ly the tie- ' a t. B S s aa cash, end mingled with t.heir n?n lunda Rifl*s, arrive tli?ir property, and plaintiffs cannot cow have m ag%loat them for it. Third, alter receiving Th. ,.h :k tor $7,000, together ndtii another for $A0l)0 (Mexico 1 r*i tog.ith?r $1-20110. t?i-y re'u-ied on the, stiomboii h Jj :? oherk fir $2S 00 I to \V \V Smith, (wSich jjtatea ateam? loraed by him) ou the laitu of tne !wo check* anJ t()nl{ on ItlllOMl, that bating nurrond-r- 1 Mint chfok ?ith of tb? two olieoki for $7,000 and 0?K>,they lr-H ?hip, a fid- hold* for Yaluahla o a?lil?r?tioo ; and. ' *> *hi|? K< mitt they had no notice of ar>T"lfcira oo rim part i?in*. arrived Uintiffi to so id oh-ek for $7 0?i0 until uft?r th? V'ard, on the V*y. 1S4A; therefore, their r ,jlus cannot h* at- Anton Lizurc y uotioe alter that ilay For th? plaintiffs It wan n*ws 'rum M that the drait rdJ check were their propeityin c?r* on boaic dsofj T. HuitbkCo an tb?ir K..-ntn.i?L.l could 'n8 ! VVillUn .pproj'riatert by the l?tt?r to Ihmr own purpose* "*" ' on, uctit y, that a principal may follow bin property when J'oater j Job d to an agent, a* 1 nc ae it can b ilintinn'ilAl.dd. ^toneatl, Laj ansfnrre I to ?n aesinnee. who or o< li-ctA it, ouarK? of "i*; ii?nf? is liabir for thu pr^ce^dm tblr I that J. T Siriau, (iunu .Co. innt.iad of applying it to pUiutiff? u?*. a* Commodon re b.iund to do m;hu- agouti*. nand'i it "Tar, ??Wte Mfsais lay of tbeir failure, to de tendknti. wh ) paid no- In* of tho 1*. ir it on that day, nor reliuc|unh"d any security ; foast to rth, that they ?r* uot holders for v-uuab e o on '''* Lieut. r>o, within the decision in .McDonald '* c.>*e, fan 6tb Hill, 93. ii r i'oiht, March 19 - B?fore .fti far- Betts ? ilrj Stain vi. l.tmwl Mr Sun ?Tliii wan an nc- Hrutal 1\Iu r. oorer u penalty of $400 under tho act of rch, 17!'?, for uVruwlutly ntnnglinff certnln nier- rum ii, to wit throe abawln and illreo scarf', coutrjry A inost li roymlonn of tho act 'i'he jury tound a votdict .i,lefandant. " c ~ - - -- - I h * PlfV It o* rt.KA?.?In Banco.?Deciiio'v.v-?Match io ? " it QottlckilA Ct al tlit J Kmni Afi.'lei-,? Judg- the brail):* < nc>n auit graotad. with liberty foplaiiitifl to atlp- . try at neit term without ooa'.a ' ; vs. Slrvem.?Plaintiff ;a proceeding* are let Tile rnurde nil the b.ill bonda eat Mid* without o?eta rested i t>?, Jonm Shtrijf'.?New trial ordered, with ai>H* tl'eevent Plic stear vj Oi iffiii ? Motion granted to at ay proofed- between CI hout oo<ms. it Mib.-e,?Judgm?nt for defendant on de- proaching < with leave to plaintiff to amend on pavment of aire idy in l made in tier vi Onitchildi, - Motion to rubatltute Van Ho- welching fi li in th* piaoe of Mr Itoaenatein, on payment of v^sterdtv ?o?ta. will he ahlf> it li. ul. ait. th* Prople,?Motion to g?t Mid* . . it granted aa to Barton without ooata j , ?t? Rthbti.? Non auit confirmed with eoets dock, rec ill w Pleas.?March aoth ? Before Judn? Ul'hoef- lurije ocean BufOit, ?j Jam i L fan k <11 J Tim othy 1 mode ilei-- rhla wm nn aeuon of tr >v*r, br-ught clipper; and t'ff to reoover from defi-nian a fJ.'ifl, the value IhT'1 , Hint s ntity of bams and abouldera. 'i'be defence is. oci an. It i liitiif iiougbt it from defendant's a ;ent, aud ,l wilhou it Adjourned TMClli oi? as, March 2J ?Hefore Judge Duly J, 'i'lie aalcio r Saunif'ii vs Qf.orgr F HrM'e J- Suns I'hta t|l( r,, heniii raa brought to reoovo $1 lilt Ji. Th? plain'lff' ... ,.v a North t'arolioa, and in February, 1H4H, shipped . / city two cArg ea of corn, oat oou.'tsMng ot S"0 ,y of yellow, the other o( 6, J90 buehelsoi white, and Mrs Ko^ "1 both cargo?-a to Blow It Marsh, of this oity, Ulster, Mm ion merchtnta On th* 11 th of F?brntty tLry llt'jv , to cro notice of the consignment.*, and that tbrj tor several ell to arrive, or wait until th* arrival of th* seiiril. and then Kali according to their beat ju lament ^ Clny tri Jth they communicated their in'-ruction* to a _ f rret, another o< tnmi'siou merchant, and in- * him to procure a customer Mr Barrett, ac- |>oneatoren y negotiated a sale with the defendants, at > I a lioiial IjOOI to arrive ; th* operation waa reported to Marsh f>U(>|>0?t tlie the latter drew up a note of th* aale, and aent nte k Bona, which tli? Utter retained; they al?o I At Charleal the plaintiff*, by letter, on the same day of the in th* atcre ol lord/ after, the ylaintiffa Mat on* of their I r?noe $3 ()00 K HI IG, M \ RCH 23. 184a impl-; hut the corn had not. up to th?t time, ??,- f,-. t\e l?tof Mar?h, both cai-?o?< riiv?d ; the rre r.ctifled f f its arrival mid * ton ler of it rcorresix hoy rrfusf d ; foreign p. i pert having arrived lime, bringing accounts of the f*ll of ? Eurnp-an markets It vm thon ?oH for >j MJP4 J! lhaa th it which the drfen- , bnvi- to pay. , t th? rate tliey bought X Trii" sr tbia sum th? pre??nt suit is brought ^ thn'( it*'0'iunsfl moved for a noniuit, on the T??loriq here w ? no written contract of sale; and. T1,.?nllIi,, <ndanN i?ero i. >t bound, tho statute re- w^?iks "?r ill*et? {or things above tho v hie of ?rv not e in TSo plaintiff'* counsel, in ! that defendants having received fror? hfir!( ,j. !i a ante oi sale, nnd having retained it, and r?turned nt their clerk to s?nipl> f'O corn, was a re- m?*tr?e 1 ra'lflcitlon of tho contract, which too1! juiT if t'.io slatu'e of frauda Tho court denied 0f hj, ?r r h none.ui , and allowed tho c.a'e to go to mand bv for th-m to my upin tho evidence w*?e- WMPurin idanti, by th?ir acosptance of the memo- h.,i .... raMflod the salo, 8to Seilod verdlot to- ;n whlnh morninff) Soott T Jkvf.kal Hkmiois, March ?Before Re- tratlon hs i, and Aldermsn Turasr and Ollmartla. suppreMi i, Esq Dls'rist AttorMy country t fm-id l.-tr.-rni/.?Two l?ds, about aeven- Th? >ni I, ua'led P.itrlnk Gallagher and lohn Tur- Trist arop tb?n called to t.rl*l, cm h charge of Crui he th? eighteenth of February la*1, eto'en dvssed ' nd .'auk yalu d in nil at the witharei ......... - l.u.>U I. wu 1.111 ti?i ..I in" 1IIU- .11.1 Tl. ran ahmvn that Mr. Norton on the niuht In knowle'b lysd into the 6th w?nl, wh?re he met the excoptioi i* house of a Mr. Doy'e, froj? whioh they the cont? him tor gome distance, making themselves [{round o h hi.'* person .Mr. N , not. relishing such tor tbe bi ered thern off, and immediately after t'aey l*nt deci d he discovered that his <mr l chain had oven inn 1 his watoh, key. ohtin and m"n?7 had oonsinten also, that the accused were arrested in the packet wi following ni({ht in the old brew ry. Mur- ment. wh?u Turner said that i>s th* co-nplainant At thin oh a fun* about hi? property, they would go quenoe ol lion for It, and that if the complainant -nsiifd so muo'i no se a'tout the matter, h* would viowexpl s property buck; and that Turner, when of the 261 onu of the o?l ?, called out to Qtllaglier expressed or. In other wordj. acknowledge hid all oorres u-y. without letvlngt' eir seats, found tlie said he, ' y, and the court sentenced eaoh t"> three The er ?nment in the State prison. Oen. Soo nvf.nitf R'trgtara?Two boys, abont 13 and object of lmni -d William L"w '?n and .limes Lewis, buked bj %c"d at the b?r for trial oo u charge of tuents ib li'.h r.f February lasc, broken iito the exaept so se of Mr Ganl, No. 17 Irrinz pla :e, and tiato a tr is artiol?s, valued at $70 a portion of wb'ch an avmitheli-possession The jury touud the so- have inv. , and tbe o urt consigned thorn to tbe dered a n ("uge dor it wit rialftr Chrar.i Larceny.?Pater F. rhlllips, The fol having, on the -JStJi of February last stoleu led at $30 the pjpsrty of I feorge K.*ber, in To Mr f the accused was, at the tim? of commit- No. 8, un noe. The jury found hlin guilty of a petit tor kdtlre and the Court sentenoed him to fi months Mid his r t in th* penitentiary uaenoeme le j of G'til'.y ~ William Johnson, iudioted tins with l thii 2i?th of Kubruary la?t, stolen a lot of of my ow )ol?, valued at $10, pl-vl gui ty to a petit serviint,' was alio sent to the penitentiary for ti It niisooi early opj ?Qeorg>Hortensteln and John Cavanmigh, regard hi l havli *t ntolea some gr?t??, looks. sod and a fl l d at $100, the property of Oliver Charlick to the vi > adduced on tbe part of t.lj* prosecution lion of pr itain the indictment, the jury rendered a appearw t guilty. feited its tu-u ?ujuuriipu iioiu to-morrow morning. Pl'ad G iilly - Anthony ('lander, for it mishiving voted ii>?al!y at tbu State el?otlon J,"*1'?",? m >roiu* pl-ivW ?uilty to the iudiotment; th'? r viil , Wr?3 ordered to app-ar and receive the the Court on Saturday morniag next , , * (ll a< Diffi u'tiei -A German \1 D., by the . _ , 1 e# \1. Seubtern, v. is then oalle 1 to trial on h living, on vinous on nations lasi summer. m'' rutsl assaults upon the person of his wife ? f h From the evidence a<lduc*d on the part of ,h,i>orrr tioa, it appe^si tbat rhe parties In ntterm? d been narri*d for about nine years; hrnn?ht I jusbu k?-dt a druse s;cre, adjoinHg which, )(1 * r , ,uie budding,? female, betwixt whom and ho hie 111 n impioper intimacy wan supposed to mist; jt' f * fh' ise of his familiarity with iha female in inilv accused was atxioas to get rid of his wife; I hr. t?w>? fr. lrt? tlliu rt? go. J, rifns?d to comply with his wishes. he had number of blow* on her faoe, kinked her on g d otherwise maltr-*ted her, ro thv. blood Veraf'ru :om her mouth; that ou one oco?rloo, (or rJl , or other, he hud insisted upon his wife be- tint*d with 'he art. and mystery IOBOMM i >rro It t>B?ional oa'.ling of a femal-physician with irom *ov euiug au 'xt-nsive est.:?bl?et)ru?nt f(.r the i., ,, ,iiar patients laboring under difficulties of a jn rueulfl re, &o , and that, on her refusal to engage .rjiiantjo atiou, the conduit of the accused to- * was brutal in the extreme For the rreatat] wins shown that the complainant had ,j,p ,Jrvjl defc? ruioaiio'i to provofce her husband in m 'RW..I er, ar would lead him Into trouble, an l that ||?u? 0Tq ly made use of rery abusive Uiign*#* to United SI U'y without leaviug their Boats, found th under ull ty. a1 d on motion of his ooungfl, th > ,?en court was d ?f?rr#d until Saturday The I <jourued for the day. ^ -faning Counltrftil Mflniri/.?Atthe open- notnenrI iiirt tb s morning, Honora Shepherd, who ,)ect, l;nd 1 out jf the statu pr's >n about a yeareno, least Jen tiad been ssnf, for passing nounfe'feit mo uenernl in juiicni mo uuciur invi uu itu iuuiul- Trilt 8 III ;oty in tlio third degree, io having on the jnteudo 1 r.v) lust, jibhs"! to h druggist naaied Ku- pacl'ige ft counterfeit $10 bill, purporting to h?vo 'lured to y tlis Tradesman's Bulk. But lictlo ert- Atfiirs n >011 adduced iu this cms, ulteii the oourt c lerk in itil to morrow morning. cludo an LF.WDin fok this D/ir.?Circuit Court ? wiittenti , 22, 24, 27,28, 2<>, 12, 4 19 7,13,6 torn poso his Is: fart?Not. 1, 43. 51, >'?, 61, ?3, ?7, ?t?, ~'yio th irt? Nod. 70, 72, 74, 7d, 78, 80, Si, ?4 8(J, 88. rious pic iual Court of the District of Columbia had njor Tochmau's motion to quisli the in- . . ,'V ainst him, for challenging Joseph il Brad- vj^Tr ial h?s been oontinued uutil the June term , ?? ' { letters to ... __ numstanl General. [>TKMENT8 OF AJMV OFFICERS. yj,. rijs| amy is ngaln among ns. Captain Turner, Commfiu< I so in town, as i? Colonel Baker, of Illinois. uf th* ?r irvei'.lt, March 14. Ovner. mtinin loft Pittsburg for Cincinnati on \jr j-ji,; Cerro U( * Roberts, of the Unitod States Mounted roganco, d at Albany on Monday evening. of vVar.' NAVAL TNTKLLIOENC::. manners ner Kredrica, from the river Goascoaloas, have coi; }nrt.s that fh? lrft the United Srates brig '|lp ockadi.ig that rivor, and tnat the United Certain I sr Scorpion, Commaoder Bigelow, o.irao up, pomi, anboard forty-five siok men from the eity aounoe 1 Ruliff, Pknsaoola, March 12,1848?The lief, Lieut. Commaudant Thornton A. Jon- uot"? nr at the anchorage off the Pensacola Navy cj s(Hj 12th lust, after a pa.isago of niue days from . t * ' lo, (iuil o!" Mrxioo. The llelief brought no ag(,Btl(i?,. exico The following is tho lis of the cflt1 ; Thornton A. J?-nkins. Lieut. CiiaiimibdiM Caldwell, acting Lieutenant; William ig Lieutenant ; James S Thornton, acting m N D. niemkrr, Purs?r; Thomiiri it. in fur >tsin'i c!ork ; John B Kor.iay. M. 1) . In k; Joliu Irwin, nctlag Midsbipman ; <ieo. railroad ur . J oh u R ibhins, suiji"* RtlWIN. most att a I Try hcis od liis flag ou board oi the steam elppi, (Commander Mackenzie, on the :j in- is vvliet lfst , and proceeded from Vera Cru* along lutionul the eas'.ward, accompanied by th* s'.'um-r Commandant Horndoa. ? C'#r. Baltimore any pen deterini Baltimore,March 22, 1848. occupy rder?The Steamer Inahe.l?The Mu- 8UC'1 -A Ola il Meeting Proiioxrd, 4*r. ?j i . i ' j i , that m ? rut:il murder wua committed ye^ter- i mdliol Philadelphia roHd, a few mikstrom eided man named Shtiefi'er having blown bill w, jf a German, named CaBpcr Miller, "'iilwuy le slight provocation, about a dog. State 1 rer escaped, and has not yet bee n tir- lor ttna n-ited tc T , .. _ . . any hu< ner isauei, iu run ?.-> n man pacm i | ptiv itr larleston and Havana, is rnpidly ap-' completion One of her boilers is ciue tha ts place, and rapid progress is being public u machinery. One of her bed plates, Pprty f> Keen tons,was taken out ot the mould llu,t tnd proved a splehdid casting She decid to t ike her trial trip to New York l<> dele^ ie, where she is to be taken on the , ''? Iked, and coppered. This is the first f"'y Per steamer ever built in Biltimore, and 'n c' lied alter the style ot .t K.i.nmore that the it is ihe opiuion of old sea faring men in a,,y y he will be without u rival on th< l,Mr n,,r" s expected that she will be ?|>le to made ur t rteum as last as the best sailing compani the prov iu of the Museum ia crowded nightly, '''e t!'ltl no other theatrical performance in road sy Irs. Skerr t is becoming quite popune of chatacters. The > ers, formerly a Miss Shaw, and her learned, Fogg, are giving a series of concerts to const wdej lions 3. Mrs R >gers his been which i months past performing at the Mu- bridge n called K as* meeting is now spoken of in within most of Mr. Clay's Iri nds are dis l^egislat lain quiet until the action of the, Na- 'J1 l,s'4' d mention?being perfectly willing to 1 heir rof nominee, be lie who he may. eflVct a ?? conipitni Ion, 8. ( , on th? 17th iunt. * flro ?, cu- ?d vincial I f Mr. Botlcr Lois ?b.>Lt fll oo?i |q,u- ui ro?s t miles a bi R A jl irnpmd?nm of n?n flralt itml othtn Snnnrl Willi lll? \dmllllltmtlon. !?? '? XldrniM of thf! Philadelphia Vi>rt;i \r-ipririn | it-'n. Washi-ioto*, M?.reh il, 1848 i Mident commnnir.atfld in th? Hon so of Renr-?n-flav ?li ijrc volume, containing thf corr , , ab?tw?vn fie?. S?oM nn:l the W-ir D^uirtin nl. ml Mr Bnchannn (Jen. Pillow and otbei s - ''' inp jblUh*I c irrespondence b?tiv?en Oonnrnl L " dft*DcMrtMMtoMrtr Ailtk< htttCor- i#l 1 ice'' watfaubmilteit to tho fr-nate mor> than I wo All) [>. the mupofitait of t(M Ltdgtr to the cob- o lis* withstanding and a nart of it, to the extent of ynfj i?, In print, has boon in possession of th? mem- trial nt body for ahout. oigtht >)?vn Tho rest was collr, 'o h^Te important suppr?s?i*n<i inserted I send t from Oon. Scott's communication ofthe 'l.?th of ! , Mo confirm what l s'ate 1 in a reoont In!l?r, CiVirt ophecy nbaut b?injt dismissed from tho com- virtni the time ho entered Mexico, if tho samo feeling rx|vr led toward* him by tho administration that stock praoti*od I Mod |UO|I?ttc r from Vfr Trlst, ,,f h? frankly admit* hts injustice towards 0?n iiu-_ hfl whol* corr^pondeno*. trhioH Ino aamlnin . i? been careful to examine with a revising tin'I J''s"v D(C hand, will noon bo published. and then the they | vill form It* own opinion. I'llie i, suodorHtanding between Onn. Seott and ^Tr. ttuy I >i? in thin way When Mr. Tri?t arrived at Vera Tliltt transmitted to Gen Scott a sealed packet, *d- t! to the Moxl i?n S'OWtMy of Foreign Attain, .1 . lues* that it should be forthwith forward#.! to . )tt was then at Jalapa- He ioimediatoly no ' ' '' ?ed thin coium.wloation, an 1 though ho took 1 to being the medium of delivering a despatch, Auun nti of vUgh ho did not udimiid, hi i real road f objection was, that the Mexican ('ongress at- <|ern? tttlo of Cerro Oordo, had a looted the mo?t vio- .\lb'i rues, declaring that the Kxe -.utive should not *.(1 j. u ke nn armistice He therefore deened it int with tho honor of the country to ?ond the 'tiicf ithout direct instructions from the War Depart- "Tesc noniH Mr Trist took umbrae'*, ' linn all the conae- and t rhisnew dignity, and 4 sharp correspondence onnn< Subsequently t.hey mot, and a personal iuter- |n lained :iway all misunderst anding In the letter ,|,;i| h of July, from whtoh I have cited, Oen Snott " I his revllness to withdraw from lh" department Mere pondence touching thlsunplo-?sant vjV.jeot; but, ;y 'I ' I ask no favor " 111 00 ror, on the part of Mr. Trist, was In not vUlting In tt in person at the outset and explaining the rt'ix-u 1 is mission, for which he was afterwards re- f (i, r Mr Buchiu'io. as will appear from the deou- . lien. Scott wns ignonnt of the whole design, ' 1 f-?r as Mr. Trist signified his authority to ncgo- iV| r eaty comprehending tJio gen?r.?l power to make joint itiee, which rata lit, injudiciously eX'rcised, 'I'n^ lived tho Mtaty of tue uruiv This Scott const- 1211] illitary right, and ho justly rMused to aurren- [Vlr h:>ut distinct orders from Washington j lima lowing are tho axtracts alluded to, ,hi,v I'uk.u, July iS,i.lB47. a"lVr BocH*r?At?, Sir: * * * In my 1 Jr der date 7t.h Inst., 1 transmittal a o&py of n letissod by tno to Geu. Scott, under date J.'i.h June, itatu eply t? the nam'1. This constituted tIt0 00 .1- r<*nn rut ot our intercourse with reference to tho du- m"m which I was oharged Justice, to day nothing < j,( ). 'n fsellngs, towards a gencleinau, and a publlu f 3()"i whose character I now bHli*ve that I h nl eDtir < iceived, demands tliat I ahouli nbtUI this lortunity to any thut, hia whole condu it in this 'e i.' been characterize 1 by the purest public spirit, ellty and devotion which could not b< rurots-n J, swd of the government, In r<- *rd to tun ranora- /Vic i >aco This snirit on his part?a* will clearly h?-n '"in dotails are co nmunioited ?lias mam lelf not In a p Hsiva way merely, (a* might ho Sir from the nnture of our ral itive positions and j',,i iut ill a disposition to asmme responsibility, and ? liiity of the gravest kin I, iu utter diaregard of ^ 'l ncaa to him-elf. And this disposition, or rather powc iness and flxBil determination on his part, alle occasion which has calle I it forili did not re- '* rt"' o discharge of his military duties, strictly speak ' r lot required any appeal from mo to elicit it, but (estod i*self in the most spontaneous and oatriicr. Under these could not tails ;nuie of tijo most serious regret on my part, U , spond Mice between us that took piaco slioi t)y arrivil iu this country, ah >uld in any way be ifriig ;o the notice of th<> public, and consequently, if ,(|t n udgment, consistent with propriety, It would monn y g atifyiog to me to bo permitted to withdraw (, r,,.. e flies of the department- Your', yery respectN P. TRIS'V. I' rmu Gen. Scotfi I'tier to Ike S?> rrt ury of IKm- ?.t 111 -> autMi 1 JOta Pukim.*, July 25, lb47. mge ,rst letter datad (Feb -ii) received from you at | T|ie ir., contained a ensure, and I am now relinked I unavoidable?nay wise, it it had not bneu una- ,u ?release on parole oi the prl?oners taken at , or.'o, even bofore one word ol commendation ernment has reached this arm/, on account of ,inr 1 it conduct in the capture of those prisoners. Ho , l3 ir progression, I may, should the s?me urmy Si-iti bear me into the city ol Mexloo, in tho next Unit eight weeks?which is probable, if we ara not |J|><>| by a peacs or truco l*>ok to lie. dismissed from Qoln *.o of my country ! You ?vill porceire that 1 r..,.ol e (as 1 have long then) of tho dangnrs wnich f . r mo at home ; nut I too am a citizen of the ? ' 'l tates. and well kn?w 'ho o .ligations imposed 11" C circumstances,l>y * ? enlignt^n***! pitnoLn miffs Correspondsnce of the I'hila Ledger.] M WabhinotoWi March 19, 1848. Htes, :ott correspondence hus (rune in to-day It is ted bis interesting us the public has n right to ex provi hah a dozen letters rmbiaoe ull that iH in the snail reo amusing and striking It would seem sis it <$!()() Scott had been very much put out with Mr ' iis?ion, which ha looked upon from thn jump, as ' to h'imili.ito him. lie objected to the"iealM" from the State L)eparin? 'nt, which ho was or- 'lold forward to the Mexican Secretary for foreign dlVH led to the power whioh he said W8s Riven to "the tie (j the State Department,"to tell him wh> ti to con- ,i|[ t nrmistice with the enemy. All the letters atoc! 0 him by the Secretory of War could not com- ' min i, and he speaks of Mr. Trist in little hotter " in if he were introducing the name of a noto- 111 kpocket "The t'lerk in the State Department" "ie 1 hare haunted him, and he thanks his stars that Ih?' c dent has not degmjod him so far as to issociate rhil 1 Don Nicholas in the negotiations. read ist, in return, did not spare Oen Scott in his jtty i the State Department, which are choice, cir- vvlnc :ial. an ! exquisitely Impertinent: flint, to the o and alter his recall, to the President^himsell. "" : was not to t.e head* oitbar by the (Jeiieral 1^1 ling m Mexico, nor by the Commauder-iu chief otiic< my they il Scott received ono of his notes, a reply from nra. t, averaging thirty ps.;e-, whish tho hero of /()ve irdo oalls a farago of Insolence, conceit a id ui- ^)V (| and which h? ouly oncloses to tlM Secretary a? "ft specimen of diplomatic ii'er.v.uro am) y How Scott und Trist, after all this, could J"r ' ue together, and co-operated in bringing about hiuil ty, is a mutter of surprise und estonikhment 5>Pti,i t m. howevor, that Trist, not Scott, yielded tho inort d that Mcott had no c.iuse in tho sequel to do ,nny frist as worse than Marat. Danton and St Ju^t. , seem, heivever, from this group of revolution- ! . , ahmen, in Gen Scott's letter, that lien. Scott is ' cgresiive democrat," (or while he is deuouti- *J'"J' nst. the principles of equality so strongly, and ti'""1 id eloquently, asserted hy him, art) again m the ' > mi t in France. Salul el fiaternite. cal | ? tious Albany, March 20,1848 in Affairs in the. Legislature. corp< miosgeneral bills lor the or anization of I companies, the question winch liaa Bush, iracted Ihe attention o th<- two hou.-ieu, her the Legislature pos^eHnes th counti- Noi power to delegate, in i.ny minn-r. to jon *?r railroad corporation, tin; power to s,, iije in what cusps it may be expedient to Tn and to take private property lor the use the i corporations, or of assessing the vaiue IH^(i iropt rty, and adjusting any difference* -was i y arise between the corporatiuii and th- ,,uni di r. To-day these questions were d?in till' House. A general railroad [ [, is passed, which I herewith trans- -mni d which authorises the forinutiou ol ro t,< companies in any portion ol the ,,0rie ivh<re the land <:,in be purchased purpose, or when- it is voluntarily do > the company. It provides further, that :h company may take appropriate 1 property for the construction of their the Legislature, upon petition, shall de- A[ t the proposed road will be ol sufficient i tility tojustily the taking of private pro- w r its construction So it will be MOB by tli Legislature reserves to itself th power *ylv,< in? this important (jm.vtion, and refuses f,.irt ate it in any manner Virg ill authorises the company to borrow Tv cent of tile capi'M stock paid in to ale dall (instruction of the roua, and it provides trial lire slnll be r guluted so i.i .lot to yield chart, e ir a net profit txcetding ten per cent mi ni im, and no alteration of i tre is to be the t lless it does exceed Mat rate R ulroad men les now in existence are brought under State iaions of this act, so far ks tt is applic A r eir present condition, so th t th- rail have stern may be uniform throughout tli? withi artisti forthern Railroad Company, as yuu have oo/.en have petitioned the Le, i-il.triir tor h ave pm ?s ruet a bridge acronn th- Ru lf lieu river, || ,nsj sa tributary ?.f Lake (fhauplain The opera b proposed to be eonstructid at a unit -ndi ,ous< 's Point, in Vermont, and winch is two miles ol the Canada line. || the I'll' ure should refuse to Kraut th* leave that *uppij by the compuny, then tney intend to run lrilkl t id northward into Upper Canada, ai d to r,; co-partnership with a Canadian railway y, which has alretidy petition* d the pro- M Legislature for leave tn construct abridge otbri lie Richelieu rivt r, at a point several h?l iw bova Rouse's Point, and within the Tram 4 X.J . W - N Urien of (J|ip"r fin-id*. Tt i* to ha . h vi er, th<-.t thia i ompanv will no' be r* ri i. -?11< h eopariti* r i'P, and \j-?. ' iur will.i ! w the brid(. to h? t K ns ' I' ' it VI r Fin h?? already lueeH 'ill' itt . th- M?*n it for this pnr1' v ^ hri'-il. vp li'iHiJ f i dav Uy this r, wh? ? ln I lii it th** of btiiM nis north* rii i.tilr ml from Ojfd 'tinioi'gh t.> iy <1 Hotiton, hd'l I) n cherahed by the *un o( th*- uoiih'Tti <ouatie? for aey-ril i. I h<* St ti*. I * r ever >1 application* mid , having i virir *1 n > di.^pomiioii to en me mid p itr>>in/i* lie i>r<*j'-ct, i imb" ot ns Ii d p ritioned th** T, tftil 'ture for a t-r, with th<* deiertm uti *i oitryin; the * of priv ,fe ' titi rpr z<*. A difficulty w*a icnced in procuring subscription-i f .r th'* , nnd it wis resolved to nolicit the aid e Boston it n a in th'* emerg**ucv With a ility tor which the citizen* of Roston are celebrated, they respond**'! to tne ??.H, and iromia?*d that if the New Yorkir.i wou'd J500,000. or one-fourth ?>t th capit tl ?t.pek (t Ii i't would take the rmwiiid' r am hi; ment w>ta attended wiih u c m, lie company, posaessing nt it dor a, all n erlcilitii' i, h i-< determined t.> construct the upon the moat modern plan, and to have it ieit?<i 11 n put in operation r?v th?* middle ot st, 1849 U must lit; acknowledged thit a running directly through 'he nor li rn wil*83 nf this and conn'c'ing Bo:,ion and ny with Ogdensburgh, would yive the agri riHtH ot Franklin an.I Clinton ind St Law" counties a convenient market, winch, a" nt, tl?ry do not enjoy The torch will he accessible to the citizens of the in'rrior he benefits which all localities would reap >t be estimated. 'Ii S"natn rhis mnrninsr Mr Coffin reported to abolish capit ii punishment in this State dible an it (nay appear, I feel authorized to 11at this hill will receive a very strong vote th branches of this Legislature. the II tuae, Mr Pliemx introduced a bill to :l the nf:t of December 15 1847, amendatory e act concerning passeug rs arriving at the if New York 1 Benedict called for the consideration of a resolu ion recently off rt*d by him, provith <t the Legislature will adjourn on th?* proximo. . Coe inquired whether t ie constitutional of one iiundred day* would expire on the named d ty. H uedict replied nffirfnativi ly. Cot; rem irked that he h?d no delicacy in l tithe Houae that lie did not expect to in here asiij- ihy aft 'r the pay or thbi'r.-i stopped :n ooedienc* to the constitubat he Haw no advantage in nd>pting this ution now, aad he moved to postpone its er c uisideration until the first of April. motion was carried Albany, March 21, 1848 Fi'fTrct of the. Detail? of thr French Ne>ot ? itrd Stat ex Mail Steamxhip Company?Ocean am Navigation Companies?Legixlative Afr# arq among tho masses indications of a irfnl and mexpress ble sympathy for the ch nation; the details of the intelligence of evolution were nwitit- d with painful anx it-id the popular agitation whieh thes- de have produced, is u proof of the tremen interest tint is felt in the issue of this srl" France, whose vitals hnve been sochained by the intrigues of the corrupt rolii''s that encompass her, will not this fill submissively into the arms of l.e deswho for .ii;es have successfully nKs^rted the iio:i that man caQuoi b-j trii<?t#?H wiili thmiiiem (?1 in nisi'If, and that we have found Is, in the form of kings, to gov> ra him. Frmch people, in asserting their indepene, will have the sympathy of America, and laiixtainmg it, they shou d have her t id. baerve that a bill of peculiar importance to invatarmaod to out com ntrciil interests, been introduced into the Senate ol this It is entitled " an act to incorporate the ed States .Wail Steamship Company."? i its introduction it referred to th< mitiee on Comm Tee and Navigation, who rnrriended its passage; it w;is then referred e Committee of the Whole ; this morning oinmitte cons.dered the lull, which constiGeorg L iw, Marshall O Roberts aud B. Icllvniue, of New York, and their associa body corporate, by the name of the "Uniitiit ;s Mail Steamship Company." The bill ides that the capital .stock of lh<- company lc $ 1,500.DO?, to be divided into shares of each. The gentlemen above named are mted commissioners to receive subscripi for the capital stock, und tlies- s-tockers shall be, jointly und severally, initially liable tor the debts that may lue and owing to their operatives, and to tieir creditors, to au amount equal to Uie > i ti< Id l)} them, respectively, until the unt ol capital stock shall liave b-en ]> id Tne bill, which I _< nclose, contain* all lecessary provisions for the organization of <>rpor,.tion, and tor 11^ sub^equt m operation afternoon the Senatj ordered it to a thirl ing, and it will, probably,para without d-It is understood that th-se steamships, :li are to run lr.tweeu New York and some hrrri ports, are to be built tor the geuerul riiinent, aud under the supervision of a naval r; they are also t<? be built so that 1.1 war may he speedily converted luto war steamTne coinpiny has contracted with ihe rninent to complete two of these steamships it; middle of Oetober next. yen* bill lor the loriridtion of corporations lie purpose of strain navigation o<i th<- Atc Ocean, lias ilso been introduced into the le. This general hill authorises three or persons 10 organise tuemsei* es into a cointo construct ocean steamships ; toe cointo possess the powers ami privileges, and subject to the liabilities and restrictions, lined in the first i weiuy-six sections of the ral hill lor ill** formation ot companies for ilacturing, mining, mechanical and eheiin> irposes, which recently passed the two es. e g< neril bill lor the form ition of railroad jratinus, wnich 1 sent youyesttrday, pass-d >' iiate this morning by the following votr: > ? M?un Mara*, Ayrmlt, Bolt**, bond, , Clark, Cole, Cotuweli, Kia?, Ko* Kioai, Fult<r, . I .insao, LftWIVDM, Little, M??tin, WUalli o ? \ 1 E-ln-.l T..?KHn vVill .n>. J 0 bill id, therefore, h law, mil u id one c moat impjrtaut that h is passed at this oil. bill to ptiuisfi seduction an it crime passed Senate to-day uu un mously, and u now a c Select Committee of the Senate to which reterr'd til'- bill to abolish capital puuisft, reported unanimously in favor of it* pase Senate, in Committee of tlie Whole, r d the consideration of the North ru K.u' bill tins afternoon, but the connnittie rea progress without any dt uded acti-u. I'hi uadbi.phia, March 22, 1848 rait of Or. Chapman - 1'fie Vtfauiltr at th* Mint?Model Artist*, Src. <$-c. lortratt of Dr. N. Chapman, paint d by Sulra-> presented to-day to the Wistar Museum le medical class oi the University ot Penumia. The presentation w*s nude on the 01 the class by Daniel A. Langhorne, of iHia. . /d true bills have been found against RanHutchinsoii, the mint defaulter, and ins lias been lixrd tor Monday next. One fes hnn as a public ofhc> r with er^jszzkof funds belougiug to tue govsrntn-ni, and t ier <iiaig< s htm as a pi [son employ* d la nut with embezzliug the coin of th United St. rivate exhibition ot model artists is said to n t, ir ttituiH fnriM i it rnnr?*< r?t # v iihi nm n > ptone'u throw of our Excit-ui^e. I .it ? have but one untie nutoiig trnm, t<> h.itI n > ot the trail sex. Tluy arr not exactly m naturahbus, bill tti?- c turn- c >cri .u id too r to uiUe inucu frttitt (lid doutil barreled giitsSf# with wliitu tue Irtqueutcrs ar* o Dt provided k Dkau Sea Expedition.?The U S. >-Iti r airitxac I'or. i.iho.i ttio Mxth J nui Jlbtal'ttr. and ? ?ula mil ?t>ou? tl>? firm oi K 0. ur thu Kwt. Command r Lynoh b*4 b*" tfty my rick of the tmj.l p bu; %*a g Hi* il ou? of ths milurs ri*u *U > ban nU??U"l *ith nun ai*?a*?< ?iiJ u*el ' Tbsit w r? uo DMII Oil Oodl'tt *l?U DUUn U^t>rrb?l. wd. Th? ?ht|> I'll tjviOUgl.IT ul*ail>r J ?U t 'I B?W?n crift. - I -?

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