Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 23, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 23, 1848 Page 3
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Hoi Cutlery?Tin sabMrtlMr* btviTpaid PirtifoUr attention to this branch of their business, and h?r? on I,and nt present the iiikiI benutiftil and writ HHClra Msortinent of pen. pocket. desk. and aportiug km res is li.e city ; with a large variety of poiuhed steel good*. Razor* ground * anj set. Cntlery repaired. U. HAUNDKHS k fcON. Portable Sharing CiKt^Tne undirilfjnMI have devoted their unceasing attention to improving &ud perfecting these useful and neceas&ry articles, and have on hand large variety of construction moat suitab'e to the want* of the travelling eotniuuuity. U. SAUNUKUS k SON, IT7 and !U Broadway. Collodion?Tha new rtltle to wblttli llu above name Pas beeu applied, it a solution of cotton by a chc process, discoveied by Kchnenbein, a German rhemiat, It haa recently been introduced into surgery by Mr. 8 L BijteIjw.aud promises to ba of inestimable va'ue for the healing and pioUi. ion rf wouo<*a. Whew applied it almost uutamly forma a lining coetiug, which adheiea caunot be wrahed rifr br water, and by ita peculiar property of contuct it s as it d^iet. it diawa tbe iipa of the wound closer and elf aer togelter and leaves ine least possible sear. For cuta, xeoriitious, soie nipples, chapped hands, burus, chilblains. tic. tec , it is invalnab e, as it forms a atroog waterproof eoveiing with out irritating the i>a t and resembles ilie natural skin. It is an excellent substitute for court plaster,and will be found agreat ien edyfor many disease* of the skiu Prepared in a perfect manner by J K Pa'inor, M D., cliemiat. Apotheea ies, surgeoLa, phjachoa and families, supplied in. large or suirII quantities at his depot for Kclectic Medieitea, 4IS onlem street. Sold wlHeaile and retti b? lirtwcrs, Steveua k Gashing, 80 a d 91 Washington street, Postoa. XVomli i ful Cure Her blood mi Ilk* water. could not speak, bled at the lungs, severe pain in the chest and about tbe heart, raising in the th'oat. I-ead the adver'iseinrnt, and donbt, if you tin, that consumption is cnrable New York. Xiec. 11, 1817?Dr. Townaend?Sir : Lait New Veer's day I received n a present, tw.i bottles of your Sarsapiriila. Knr four years previous to this 1 waa very ill, and had nAI alraawilli (A ak.ilit ilk* Kit It It* I Hlll)ll|l(l fft llliraiTI ill! and coulrt obtain no leliat; tied at the time 1 commenced taking tunr Maisaparilla, I hud almost despaired of Retting any belter 'I he blood in my veins was like water; I bled very much at the*; I hid levrre pain* in my cheat and hear:, and wts troubled at fmn with something using u my throat, to that it *?i impossible t > sp-".k. 1 discovered a change for the better ic my health on taking one botile of yonr Kiriapinl la. and in two weeks was able to be up ahoitt half an hour nt a time, aud persevered in t>hit tour Sarupdrilla In fair weeki I was *bletogo about ill* house, aud have been evtr since. remarkably strong, aud attribu'e my recovery of my health entiiely to your Sarsapjri'la. If thi? statement will he the meausofdirecting other.i snnil trly fill cted to your va'u tble Sareaparilla, you aie welcome to mnke it known. Yours, resreeifuly. KM VI A 81/V1NKK, 70 Vandam atiect Principal office, 1:6 Fulton itrcet No. l_9I?n never attempt to counterfeit a wortn'.'ii article; h nee valuable medicines are firqueutly imrated. The knave who counterfeits a racdicine commits ai great a ciime ns if it wire a bank unte or the coin uf the United >-t:tes. B. A Fahneitock s Vermifuge, which is the only safe and certain cu e for worms. his been counterfeited in many s-ctious < f the count-y< "nd persons should be ou their guard when Purchasing to get the cenuiue article, urepnreii at I'ittsburiih P.t. Knr sale bv the proprietors. B A. F&hnestock &i o., at their brauch establishment, No. <9 John street, New COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MOMEV~M?RKI?T. Wednesday, March 22?6 P M. The panic in the atcck market, noticed yaateraay, baa completely subsided, and the fcul a arc again in the ascendency. Purohascrs at the height of the panic, and those who liad now enough to hold on, wore fortunate. Compared with piioes current, at the first baard, yesterday, there wan an advance to day in Long Island or 1,'t par cent; Canton, 1; Fanner's Loan, X ; Harlem, 3 ; Norwich and Worcester, % ; Morris Canal, 1 ; Reading Railroad, 1; Pennsylvania 6s, % ; Treasury Notes, % At the second boaid the transactions were to a very moderate extent, at prions current in the morning The improvement in treasury notes will doubtless annoy the banks, as they have made desperate < fforta to get them down to par, for the purpose of furohisingon apaonlation. Thia is the prime cause of the tightness In the money market; and the commercial community will be cut short in applications for discounts, until these concerns have got all the treasury notea they want, at their own prices. Whether they will be able to presi priees down to par or not, depends a great deal upon the nature of tho next news from Eurepe. The value of merchandise imported into this diatrict from the 1st to the l?th instant, both inoloiive, in each of the past three years, was as annexed : ? Imports ibto the Port of Nkw York. March 1st f? 17th. 1848 1847. 1948 Value of merchandise ..$6 ,145 372 $5.374 766 $4,064 830 Specie 39 866 131827 18,742 Duties reoeived 1 699.377 1,269 945 775 714 This statement shone a great redaction In the average rate of duty j the average for the tame period in 1846 wm about thirty per cent, and In 1848 about twenty-four per oent. The importa for this mcnth ara likely to b? small, and the amount of duties proportionabiy smaller, than for th? corresponding month In the previous two years. The Inoome of the Old Colony IlaUroad Company for thirteen weeks ending February 26,1848, wss $39,44J 63, agatast $28,831 82 for the corresponding period in the previous year, showing an inorease equal to S(i>? per cent this year. The general railroad bill, which had previously passed the House, has been concurred in by the Senate, without amendment. There is, therefore, a gentrul law under which capitalists may assooiata to construct railroads. The Legislature has net, however, oocf?rrtd the right of eminent domain upon any subordinate tribunal We notice that several of the English pspors allude to the emigration of operatives in the manufacturing (lis tricts, to the United States, in largo numbers. IlunJreds of opjraUvos, in every branch of manufact'ire.are leaving tho manufacturing districts of Great Britain, seeking in this country employment at prices that will keep hunger from their doors, which is denied them at home. This is a startling announcement - on a that must make the manufacturers of Great Britain trembla for tho preservation of their tu irewacy in this branch of industry. Thousands are preparing to abandon their present abodes to follow those who have gone before them; and it will not he many yeors before tho manufacturing interest of lirent Britain sensibly feels this drain upon this important class of inhabitants. It appears thnt committees hare been specially organised in Lancashire, and meetinars have been held in many town*, for the purpose of raising weekly subscriptions umoDT the opor<itive8 to increase emigration. There ure probably more obj:o<* than ono In these otgani/.Tlion* f>r the purpose of encouraging emigration: the first xii doubtedly h to seek employment abroad, Instead of remaining idle and starving where they arc; the second Is a desire among the operative tbem?<lves to reduce their number, 09 that those remaining can comnaud better *.v?grs; and the third is, a wish lo live under a more liberal form of government, where they can, by industry, accumulate a competency arid avoid those draics upon their earnings which the universal taxation of all monarchical governrxnte continually keep up. The emigration of operatives from <ir< at Britain to this country, is as yet limited to what it must soon be. The competition the manufacturers of li eat Britain already experience ia this country, and even on the Contiueht, compels them to ro*triot their expenditures as muoh ns porsible; and as this competition increases and becomes more formidable, greater redactions will havo to be imposed, and the operatives become more opproesed. Every accession of this clas? of emigrants to this country is to much capital, and gives an Impetus to this important interost. Tho manufacturing monopoly of Great Brituin is about being transferred to the United States It is about fixing itself where it naturally belongs; tha* is, where the raw material is produced; and in a faw years, th" manufacturers of Kng land will have to depend almost entirely upon their domestic consumption. The Internal competition which they have heretofore suffered so severely fi onl and whlcli has been tho prime cause of the sufl'r rings among ope ratlves,wasn trill* compared with what they aro destined to feel in the shapo of compelition from abroad, and the reduction in the foreign domand for their fabrics. They can monopolize their own markets, and they are eonsolicff themselvei with the id*a that ail the profits heretofore derived fiem tho business, have been entirely upon the supplies furnished the markets of their own territories They oron assert, that in niin cases out of ton, tho British manufacturers do not roaliis iu foreign mai kets tho oost of their productions This may be true to a cat tain exten*; so faros this country is concerned, it is a (act; but rot so with tlw? continental markets. Evan in thn event of tho statmunt belrp (roe in evcrr particular, it it no et i lenee that, tlx foreign trade i? not denlrablo?that it h not even prcfl1 ble, linc'er tlio circumstance*. It ic w*U known that a limited foreign demand for any ?tapl? production, has n wonderful influence upoi prises at homo; it i? e?tlmnted that n foreign demand for ooe ten'h part of the aggregate gupply of any staple article, will raiso the price of the balance at least twenty percent and the manufacturers or prodtwri aro materially benefl'.tal by auah a dinposal of a portion of th? aupply. Wn har?experienced In thi* conn'ry, the beneficial (It'llt* of an ext rnal demand for oor product!; w? hive Men prise* fjt brea Utulf', in all our in irk-Ms, ruined nn er.oi mou* per cent, mnr< ly by an exportation of a tiiflin* p r cent of the aggregate; and upon I hi principle that the Du'.oh de*troy?d a p >rtiun of their gupp'y of *pic??, we understand the value of foreign markets in relieving tho domemln nurkot* of an over productions. It I* fortnnat < that the mannfac'.urer* of Great Bri i tain have, through the protection of the British govrn- j m*tit, lramen?e markets to supply; market* wh'.ch they o?n xwnopt-l./.e. The Itomenee popu'ation of their pro vicces si/ee t'.?m a domentis coneuniptlcn for th*lr fa- ' brie* greater th in any oth?r nation; but it will rrqnire rauoh protect on to preserve them. We may ha aMe t-> | foot# th? monopoly of cur own market*, without atv | more pmte.ition from the govsmmar.l than we now have And laooeisfo'ly cciupe'e wi'.b Ure?t Diiuiu in all other market* but h#r Mrs and her ooIobIm. W* in jr?t d?- lb* S.W. C< floUnt In capital, ui In op*?tW** ; but thai* thlo*e lb*, mostly N.W Ci .... ? private term* la wllleoon be abundant enough, and If we eannor.wlta lrom ,.argo oiship the raw material growing at cur very doore, raanufnc- Bales of 130 botes i tore cotton good* a* cheaply a* any other natlou in the world, It will be a Ttry extraordinary olreumatance. If Havh?* March'' we progrew the uext twenty year* M rapidly ae during ?3. t0 Hamburg, i the put twenty, we cm bid delliBoe to any other na- States for sjget, tionon the.face of the earih. The annexed statement exhibit* the position of the corn trade of Great Britain There were imported in A(. oa 1847, ol all kind* of coin, 1ft,257,000 quarters, audit is An oi k ured ti'i y estimated that but a small portion of thl* quantity wn* HI* friends and i left, atthc last dites from Liverpool-the lust of Febiti- to attend hie ?on?r ary. m corner of llsthst Corn Trade Cr Grfat Britain. 3 o'clock. Of wheat there was imported, mostly in the ^ "" ln?.awf "jjjl'v latter part of the J f,99,7U i'-ht^r ofAbiel From iolormation procured exprossly for this * |nnerai ,er, purpose, thfre appears to bo at present, a No ,0 nftK Aveu stock of oniv about Quarter* ' J ? In London. . . J .401,0.K? l'? C l ? huh 2,.wo "L.^e rema',,, I.ueiU and Wukotleld 12 0( 0 n? w ?*? asr* 55-s hi!..; ?12 " n? m. a?. r*???; """ ] TBb relative*. fr Liverpool fti0,000 ly ar0l rr,pBCtf?n "*uto1 ' ThunJav this aft Gloucester 40,000 siJoBce. 25 h strei Plymouth 4 000 Go Wednesday, Southampton. 6,0 0 John tn(, M w Various olher places 10,OM) Thefrierds am JJ4!,00() pprotfaltT (DTited At l . i . 10AU7I4 , ?t Q o'clock, Already pona into consumption .1,90" .7U rcut? 13 Third Ai In 1817 tliere wan imported of wheat meal anil C u t. , flo"' 8 63o.i34 V os^rN~uA8l Stocks at the present time Cu-r. L Saturd av raorni n Liverpool, t.bcut 140( 00 | up He.rertothe Mo London, 105,000 R t.racelet ma le ofrt Oiber port*, " ,,,,,103 000 with a cold clajp in 3d0,t'00 cl.i*|> are the initirdi w8r'**4 by leaving i Already gone into consumption 8,263,234 j- qst, OX FRI These figures clearly show a very Urge couspmption -Li Cemefr-, a li of breadstuff, whioli being the best and ohenpest food the nd'dre??8on^?i?"i obtainable, will, no doubt, oontinue in equal demand for a (.ihaNCF iv time to come, and to an extent very f*r exceeding f Committee app the present limited stocks. It is stated, that ol tho fjV-ill*f f H*uat!on' above small stocks of wheat and Hour, tho former was cio-ions wmk U?i> niostly of infeti^r quality, aud a large portion of the lit- ^('S' H v s ! tar sour. This would Indicate a demand of foreign Mi , , . _ , , . . ., t'le ?3rd install1 br< aJstulu for oonsuttpUon; but there must bo aortal No. 170 lifter ?tre< change in prices, eUhorin this country or la England, j?* "ofthe'Frctch" bf lor j large supplies can go forward from cur ports . Sum:It Exchange. \ Tr'r Note. 101 69 ,h, Canton Co 60 dys 33 hr0T tf a drlIIon? "NorSi WorBlt 3(.* Kratce.-r? ??i-ect? i? ?, bM '? * S? Heading RR 38 Johttfc Hall. ?t7X . 3300 City 5'?, '11 91 175 do 38>, miiiee. CliAH (Jl 5CII0 U States G j, GJ 102 100 do S?>2 le?0 d> 1M* 100 do., J b60 | 1QU0R HTOH 2<>00 U St.'te? 6 ?, 67 102!, 5U Ens Kulrnad 6' 1-J the rorilie'st < 8M0 do 102V 50 ll>> 61^ Iai'iiii llubvkeu Ke 11(18 u St .tn i'?,'53 i?:?H 3'jO Loug I iland Utl 3n ') hi* hrirg i m>?t e 1000 do _ 93 7 ,0 do 3(\}? it ?ill be pi inued M 7Ofi0PenuaylTaiiia5's T?t ?00 do b!5 31 At No. 1*9 Hudson i 16.100 do 7S& 2(10 do b3J 31 *0(10 do 130 73 IPO do 3iijtf T^OH HAL". Oil 1C(00 do 75j? IfcO do i9D 31 X from the lircto 4(,00 Ohio 6 V '60 9? 350 do b3) 3tl^ k itcheti iu the rear, 3 aha Uk ol Nf w York 1 '2 lto do slO 31 'a pleas'uly aituated, 40 Werclia, m1 QiuU 104 5J do iuw 3t),-4 mirrounding countr 1(0 Kitui'M' Jruit 29 315 Harlem Rli 51* J.KIM" KKil, Bak (lit do .29'i 50 dn 100 !>i't 10(1 do lot 3a>4 too do 130 52 HPO LKT. OR ail M'lnn I anal L'Jt) II 15J do 61,-I- bricu il u?e a 20 *y racus* St Utica It If!) 200 d> 5;5? 12thatd 13t>< streeti 100 Canton Co 3!%( 100 do >60 SIM '"rite yard The it50 do 32* 1J0 do HH OHW1NTKK.3 JO do 30 days S3 Sccoml Board. pOK SALK Ot tiOO Tr'y Notes 6'? 101 25 shs Cautou Co b30 33 w? J* . ? 4o ]00? 350 Long Island BR 19ji fcre c^o J?.n/. .M 150 tbs Harlem RH 5l>? 10r) do i9>i or No 0? Soriva a r 400 do 51 100 Morrn Canal 10# ~ 200 Ho 50 15i) Farmer*' Loan 29 I? ARM TO RE 400 Reading RR 16O 38 I; tainiog about 1 ? eveiy facility for di CITY VUAUS! UKPORT. V*1 tillages e^sy see Nkw Vork Wednesday Afternoon March 22. rSilro^V'Vo' The market lor slour was lees active, though prices i>b?ve will he rente, remained ii'iont the iami. S?les worn limited mid cou- fice of ' HOS. W.: finod to small lots of Ocnospe, Michigan, Ohio, &2. ~ for domestic consumption. We noticud some iuojo r.j .u u anxiety to soil than existed a few days previously. with^ tvf?0u Holders of Gonesco Wheat demanded tue same prices ten or twelve rooms noticed yesterJay, which was above the views ot buyers ?ii acres of choice No sales wfre reported beyond a small parcel of Long house, with good b< Island. Siles of Corn were moderate, and without mate- eligibly situated at rial change in prices The market was Igsj active atd Ai*o,siv#r?l other rimo less firm. Meal was steady at yesterday's ra'ej. hockvwav (if by 1 There was no change in Rye or Oats Sales of Mesi fi-u(ion street. nAv Toik and Lard were made at yesterday's prices J.aid ? continued active, and further sales were miJe at about OR SALE, j yesterday's rates. Other articles continued about the . , denee.?The m same. Groceries remained without matoiial alteration. v v *, ashkj -Sales of 250 bbls pots were reported at >5 75 pa;i(,a 'phla?4n?ni to $5 87pearls were du'l at $8. t?grs whicn it prese BitKAHSTi'KFs ?Flour?Various small lo's of good Oe- hud, all lying with ne.?ee. Michigan, with some raroels of Ohio, were fold In ge brick inanioc (In all 1000 to 1200 bbls) at *6 62>? to $6 75 Southern s!l lu goad "J"1" ' remained uochangtd The purchases made were al- ~S.IV west entirely on account of the home trade. The wen- .hrubbery There ther being mild, however, and favorable (should it conti- water, and a valnabi nne) to the early ri sumption of inland navigation, bad great variety of chi a t?ndnncy to cbeck operations th<>ugh holders of largn under a h gh s'a'e o: lo;s cntiuuod firm. Wheat?Holders demanded $ I 63 garden is eitausive. lor good Oun'see, while buyers cfF-red 162a ; a small lot "f". jklr,,i of 30(1 to 400 bushels of Long Island roldat 139o Theral? In< v"llogsmw hSet of Ohio made on Saturday -afternoon and on Monday wan <,f the mjst flourish made (it hassirce been said) at 142o. Com?Sales of from the intrinsic m 3K00 bushels of Jersey yrliow were made on private situation with refi terms, and 2000 <io do at 65o Sales ot 3000 to 4000 do New York and Boa Ne?r Orleans damaged were made at 45o. Rye was 1 J!,,*u ?, '?7 JL' 151? . quiet at eO to 8lo Thtre was no change in Oah Bar- beauty a?d ercility /ry-Sal-s of 600 bushels were made at 85)^3. li-cnt? surpa.srd eicellenf Sales of 60 bbls prime New Orl?ans were made at 125o ; from it iu all direct 210 bushels oow besns were sold at 37)?o,and 40 barrels residence. N. M.kilney beans sold at 153o. ! \<"kpity Property Beeswax ?The demand oontlnued sctive, and Bales t f ; A^at,N rAlt"01 3d):I Ihn Smil linrn vt>ll iw madn at. J.I a. /^fit-r i/il' a Coffkic?The market continued qui?t. Vy" or Te-Let?Pie Cotto.v ? l'be pales to-Juy amount to 1600 bales; yes- "id only a f?w rods terday they are supposed to h*ve reached '2000. Prices SjVJS'lj Vvlrff "i?!1 stili continue unsettled, and holders are very willing to 1 ON HAiEH, 197 mipply tte demand at a decline from half to three quar- T>0 \RDING?S ;era of a cent. D Ptflon, Withi Kruit? We notice sale# cf 6000 a 8000 boxes of wet mited for the accon and diied raisins at $1 40 a $1 50; 600 boxes Palermo now to let with leranns at about $-2 60; 100 bushels Afrirau pea nuts at ,tf>et 0SJ{; 3000 lbs. eld dried spplep at 4K; <00 boxes cjTEEL BBADt orange# at $2 06, and 29 bbls Western drUd peaches at O Maiden Lane, 1 K '25 per hush'l. I ihey have jilt rer 1wih - Transaction# were extremely limited md th? j Bag Clispa, Fans, I only sales reported were ?<J drums dry cod, era '' ails, at . Line, upateira. f3 37>?. The cargo of Halifax mackerel stii'remains ?TMru'uwiT afloat, unsold. The market generally is very t - "u. : JNI ,''' Lead?The last ealts reported wre at $4 37><, caeh. : , B jmed iothaeittt! Momtn-The market continued steady; but there city tor a few week were no sales of moment reported. lie c*u cive perfect Nav*l Ptorh?The market continued, an:! wo ac>n?l meaiu.-e uen could lii'ar of no caloa worth repotting. Our quotations ridii k habi'*. ' for Turpentine arc $9 75 a $.1, and spiiits do S3 a Gill "* " 40 Kosin wus i:) fair demand, and owing to lii;Ut stock*, fTIQ TA1LOM juice# were very firm. X leave toaaaew On.s?1 here was no chango in Linseed, and sales were subject of cuttioaa moderate Sales <f 500 btiis of Whale were reported, '1r delivery. Tuia including folectcd, at 35c. en' shipping do at 32Xc ? former tubicationa There was no cliaDgoin crude Sperm, or manufactured (Vie moit%*?entia?p "'is' c , , _, ? , . , ,. , ... the?li >le plan rend Pr-.Ai ?S Ues cf '250 bushels black eye, tafetior, were never practiced euti mide at 50.S4O. b>ed to cut anv liim Provision#-Sales of about 3J0 libla new u ess Tork a e cher. Thiae ? in lota, were reported at $10 -25; f rime was held ut 9 26 P'e. ae lend i'itheir Sales of 40 tierces prime Shoulders were made at 4^0 ,f . r ' '5* ^ and '22 hhds, with 50 tiercea, were sold at 4,'^c Hams? theanthnr, W H. I Sales 30> of Ltlind's city euro were made at l'2c. Latd \VHK>L?K, Kepi ? Sales of 160 tierces and 150 bbls No 2 wero mn''c 011 New York. The private terms, supposed to be at O^e; 200 bbls rendered Argus. Montreal Hi and 1)3 bbls (not prime) Bold at 7c. and 360 do sold on pri- mercial Advert'atr. vate term#, and 400 do kegi sold at 8 a 83sirs. Salea of 74 VhV? tierces pickled Hams were maJe nt a 7c and So hhds i?? short Sides were soil ats^'j. Beet remaired quiet t,t T RFT OFF CL previous ta'es. Butter-3t> package# Pennsylvania sold " dieinul (lentil ut Iftj. This State, good dairies, continued firm Kgg* of, ?neh aa w?arieg - S.tlesoi'25 carks and 10 bbls wero mado at 15o j>er fi" " ,lo?nn the post office or ( d?mea J LfcVK: Kick?Since the receipt of the for igo news, the mar- co? be attended to" I ket ha* remained inactive, while prices have continu d nominally the same. Dealers ware inclined to wait for /^AHT OFFCLC further now# before operating ^ ? ' *|SSon."p^Uh.?U^.V*.rC^ffl*X "MJ W"6 D"l'Je at obtain a fair'eel*' pi f 140 pgr ui lb#, package# extra scrberathia rtaidei Suiur -Sale# of 30 hhd# New Orleans ware made at he attended to. M. 4;, a 5c; and 75 hhds Porto Rloo at6j? a6a. I'tl I nw-Wi Tint* aaUa nt' ftftOlt IK? nrlma ?an<f nt<a<1 /~< HT) UL'TQ nv Rt 103 faihiou idopltd Wink-g?Sales of 150 <ir caek? Malaga were made at I i*die? Mn?t comfu n 4 Jo. 6 month*. ' " Jhe libertv it lei whalkronc ?8al<n of north weit were reporUd Bt ; pkr?''8*no??ti'irir !)7!40. Whiiuv-8*1?? o( 3A oa?kn Drudgs were maJu at I IITILLUM s\!] 33>?o. J .** ton and color* Khkiuht*?Cotton was engaged for Liverpool ut.V3M. | a,! J1 and t'olor*! ??d t* ?17" 01 ""f/ i,k"n ?lj Ant?"P Ht ! ^r" ?n'the'.hSfVJ 3J.I hj lollavr? cotton wan t?U-n to fill up at Xo.? WM mm, mirance TUe regular ratw <l?m??Jnl were \,o for square bait* 1 Abner Kt'> ? ~ " = i cjtefm 8uoa. MAUKKIS ELUfiWHSKE. | >5 MOLLKR are 81'OCK 84LRS. lice. No. 88 Front all PmnnKi run, March 22. 1818 ?b'irtt Beard? 9 (ha Phi ji'? "l?ffl'd' I'li.lim bai.k 119; 16 Mann facto'en St Mechanic. Bank 25; ntiinl'njckxrM .nd JlOto Vreaaury N.itedei; Jo aha U.8 H?nk (5, 3X; $7u0 State ????' aiq hZi\ 5 ah? .Yfeehauica' Bauk, 26*^; 3D do, 2?>; 5 Mer- wr u JONK8.1c.'mnti' tfic.hv tie. 40 Jifter ? 50 (h? Oir?r< Bank, HX: U 11 4 rVoimncin ',9, J' Meehji.ica Bunk. J6,U; ?ia 1' * * ] and aeller are beneii 10?^ Stcnvd Hit 1 rd ? S30U 8tte 5'a, i3 Jiflrr Sain? lioo'a (old at the fol *i<iu IJ b.6'?,G7, I02K; lll'O do 5Y II, 89tf: Gum Stale Si, itll more fit* bo< ti 1 71\; 80ft (h*tM eikr >V Or la ware Canal 6'a, 67 78; WO l.?>' ii h , 1 IUch r? in.uktb ly Navigation cn*( icjio 02; 3.0 Uiranl Bank, 1C\; 10 Karmert' |)ret? Call' Uooiaat St Mechanic*' Bink. 62. tfnt Leather Boon I 0o?to*?, M?rch tltr.? Hrnkert' Hoard?10 ihar?a Elate a d competition n c Baak Mlg \ 14*4* do i8 h 3; 2 do otia Mmi ('i>9M: til <lnrej Weatem Kmlroad l<!4'j'; 3) do d<> do 104K". US do Ka-t IT'VK AND KAH l> .con Co Dividmili Nu 8. n ; 8 do do do No (.6.1-16 ; t <0 U to di?e.?aei of tl do do do No 4, Gi^, h 80 : 16 do Ifoatnn and Maine Hailroid way, entrance in W H8.W( ; 1 do Vt an.i >la?a Kailnmd ; 200 *har?? K,a?t Boa . nic Kye," price SO c? onCol4!< b 10 ; 25 do do do M'4 h 3 uo int : 15 do do do acti n Kye and 14 ? b 10 ; 6 do Weatern Failrmil 1U5 ; 5" do Norwic h and at tin ! <tir of the W orcafer Hailr.tad 37X b BO ; ?5 d.. do dn d,i 3?X b JO : 25 .runtlr foT sale do d ) do do 35K b 10 ; 75 do do d ? do 36>* : 2i do Keadiii I ? Hailto-d l?H i :o do do do 1 h J ; 25 do <l ? da l:)W ; 5 d i r\l8KA8KS OK ' rittahuif Cupper Co 60 : 10 do Old Colony Kailroad rew. XJ liat, 39 Oreeui 9. Vi; titiuo Ite.idinu Itailiond Bonda, fei uhd Hnm d public, tint the'U ia ?5" aharea Norwich ai d \V'orc??'cr Ita lmmi 3'H a 10 ; *> dn aud li'^niiful or?in i K t Umton t'n II'( b 10 ; |''0 do do do 14 V b 30 . :n ilodj (In ceoful irloile of feai ll'? j 3 aft 20 ; 2?ti do do do 14 a M t tOO do do do 14 a 30 ; 21'! mi.lea in the city. ( d i l<?ndiu ' KxilronJ I8X ? 10 25 do do do 18>i a 60 ; 50 do do >1., after wi.icli he di do 18X a 10 : SO do do do I9'? b 6?. |<aini hlct, cnniai'iinv : incrnua inataneei of nnMiHTir u.Di; . i niode of treatoiei.t, i Nrw Ba,rn<?? Maaa.r, M^cK 30.-8p.rn, con- j linttca in Ian re(|tii'at, at previous r?te< Wo no'i o ' silea of h11 fmountinn <0 about 7AO bbla. . Rt 1( 8 ! I KI.UOTT, i tc and Mil bbla at IdflX, caah The rnrno of ahip Pi?. " tient?tlnt lna h iadea ?t Warnham, included in onr report of latt week 0?"^? t0 ' 0 c'ocl luia not been aol 1. Wlvile?Since otir laat there h?a Broadway been nn 'ictivo dcmjiiil for expert and home m<>,and \yfEDIC\L R<)( nle? to the nit"fit of nbon' /W00 b!>!s have been mailo at he a ?pecial in? ptico* rni)({ir'< firm 3-i to 3d The trannnction* cm- Coo'.tyof iaew Yin brace Ol'M) !ibla aelecl'd N w. ('os?t, otl pijvate teim?; to 'be '/ erioai 30U lihli do rl ltd r.t*. J100 Mil* pat t Houlli S. a and around V,,t M ' uet for export at M rt* ; and lht) I. It N.W. Coait. at *A KK AWty R?,!) cm. Whal- bone?The aalot in tliia market embrace KLltt CK, 8?oraui] >*K and South hi < MXtSTe; 10,000 fACOB 8 PLATT, A! wit, ?t 2fl>* e; and IfOOO lb? mlted on J Cutlery, <#? *ro?i P? New \ oik !.Jle< <,f atout Ua Otio JU, "a?, Wth inrt.. at ! oelo.; c" Bt 29 ct?, C months J0 hardware and lancy g " 'J'h# peatl batiun* are_under 'ORK1GM MARKETB. 1TrTI(l\ NOTIPK?-1 12 -Frelnhti-To Coma and market A hem,?,', (ilVVaeh L3 51, to Trbi.e, ?3 10s, to lioited rmdolei, i?nd 8r?e\ie Hhuv *1 prr box ; mol?np?, a }-j 35 per MijM.KKM. No ^ ot a' II % o'clnojr. Th? mI? ii IJKNiAMIN MOO V h L>l?<l. | A*ware, ke ? ii-lwir J Favi the 20i,lk loataat, . aptain O.o.or I . . . , .. . CSiiuchci, pid, trunk, run M-quiilnUrcM. and alao th* niMnVra trn kettles. sleiire ha larlnft Konirly.are r?-ap?rtflilly Invited li willed; b acei ami bitts. ?!, fratn hi* late reaid'-nci?, Avenue A, tsuspooua, oopr" in rest, onThurs ny afternoon the i^d, wu an4 socket cutlery on c J Ki>r fitilnrr r it cultra, nee rrinp. a1, the reri.lenco of h?r bother- I 17" D. HVITH, AUCT ye, Jr., Kmily Turim WAlHarRn, ' *V phv, store 15 Spruce Washburn, Jr , pf Boston 1 Nr" ?? "".""J itre"; Dookl rte.. .n,|!. h.l.utMr. Nv.'.b;..., ; tie, at li 0 clock 011 lhursd.ty. Hels- j chine, pastebiia'd machine, ro horebv invited to attend the (line- nudstamrs, with about 3 dc will be taken to the Oreenwood Ce- N II.?The cmtiag macliim New York, a'd |>4>ibably th 20th Inst., Saltan n., wife of the late "T; a"11 w>mhv the men n. of Alt,any, u>d youiureat daughter w,thout..,yr..?.vn.ou. __ llor LtnainR. jr d. smith. auc1 isna# and acquaintance*, of the foml- IV Store No 15 8pmce i \y invito.! to utter,4 the on No. 2 Mnn^y itre*t?Liver ernoon, nt 3 o'clock, frnm lier lato re- cooBisfiof U cr,*r >t. between the 8th and 9th av*nu<*? ' i1 .c' .~H/iI?A?* inetant, Mjt A nit, daughter of maohin*. b n?. tronuhs, Stc. hytp, 1 year NM 8 moDtha 1 urq ialnttiBCofl of the laml'y nrc re- \lkT A^TED? FOR Til to atierd her funeral. on Friday, 'i4th ,?* c nitv of ihe Batte-v P. A',fiom tha residence of hrt pi- tnau Morris itrert,fi>? a >mn r-nu?, without further Invitation. M7 jfitafi rg'r?"\ 11,1 J 1 ?inu KRovi immmTny hVllon Wanted-a HI flU im; la:t, through Centre street to He*ter, " ?\( tJEt you ir g?rl wery.and 'he l?o *ery t.> II mstoi: fit, (.tr to roiuJ * baby and <??? *e arkt h tir, braided nbont tw ? inches \*ide, is weH a*riii t rneo to the w ic'i wit gwy hair; oil the i >ide of the l*nK ?' d " -V00*,*'' i (J and B The fiuder will be liberally it- I?l?*ce. C?JJ No. tat this rflire opposite Jr.mrk'ns from 9 A- M- to (J P. M. DAT LAST* NEAR GREENWOOD ? .JI,: : UI.ri,% ir?e black f)ng, a;:swe'ing to the i;arre of ^ETANTkD?A HITLil will be well rewarded by ltav;tg him at " young woman, as < o >l'ar, or at 43 Beaver street. genera*homework "fanon short distance in t: e eniiMti *p LISERTY?THE EXECUTIVE boivn. Applyto M7 P? oiittd ?t thi (hikipftn HotilttnlliK* Iiff " (he to co-operate with th*ir bro.her rtpub- ml7ANIkJ). B/ A r i, at that hotel, nt l\i P. M , t? carrv on the " ru s* end >enm%tre?< nations from all imtions will be welcome. with place of residence, (i HA.W.K??.V,K., WANTID_Ai. UP \9< MEKTINti, ON THUItSO'.Y ?? muithe nn unmairied , at7X o'. leek p m.,*t Ve'hiuics' Hall, toC. K hPEIH Lihenv ? I. preparatory to a public d- moiistration to _w A .. . l4nv represented nations ( f Eu*ope) in celebra- \W A," 4 M'?V ," ? iepubtic. The Committee " broidery auu negate ness, and cau imke up fane 'I\(J OK THE SONS OK SYVITZ li- BrotdwaY tli bo f.iemlly to republicanism, and in IirANTKD-ONF On Ira'.im cn the la'e glorious rev lution it \\ Arnlv iu the erenow d to inret at No.# Eraukfoit Hreet, St. nljlv evemi.j >Vlock thi. evening. By order of tlu. corn- " [JINAN I). Secretary TIT ANTED BY A YOI IE TO LK-T-THE BUILUINO ON p^at"^mTy^UTuwil!l = No 'i:;ible stand, bv muk.uu early application, **7- ANTED? A 81TUA > suit the withe* of the tenant Enquire W b!e young Women, treet. as Cook; has no objection t TO LET. AT KOKT HAMILTON- ST.t t I May next, a new two story house, with# ^street, between the Bo calculated for a private or brardin# h Ufe, ? coramandintf a hne view of the ocean and Ilf A N T K U?BY j v "termi. reiso1 able. Apply to OKOKOK \\ Horo?^ut n >ituatioc er, por^Himiltnu. Jo general housework ; FOR SALE ?TUB THUEE HTOKY rak?ecaVeb oPch7<freAnman wi'h m'.rhl* ' 3 ,,\XlU,"leimA' APPly at 61 Kobinsun .'tree 1, wi n marble mantel*. iSidinK doors, and a ? ' ore 11 a good scaiid for bu iuess Apply to \%T aNTKH?A PARTI II Wwl1 street, over the Mechanic's Bank. W the buiineis of mam I TO RENT-TO ONE OR MORE "u""i the"*"d "'TI'Vb'uT estory a d attic modern built brick house, iMoODirnnium He w.l ie. betwe.n M*th and Heveoch streets Re AoX at the olfice of tl^S ^Baldwine, office No. 60 or 44 Wall street, Aom N,. 40 8 8 INT, IIIUIILY CULTIVATED. CON- WAj2Ju?IBI,,|Afiu 100 acres, first qia'ity 1 nd. embracing T. - ?'!_*??? ?1'r; ury ami market gardening. a. well a. gerel ^'"u'thrcountr'y " She' ? k. tram. leaT.detK.U twice daily , , j (hl< betw,fn : alnut thirty miles, and a few yards from au experienced aod respectable tenaut, the \*r ANTED.?A SITU/ L!?!^..Ko! J;?ticulas ecquire at ths cf- ff Woman, as cook, was 3VMTI1. 15 Nassau street. a short distance i" the com , HANDSOME C'TTAOK, ?lyfn- App'y 269 Butliav ckaway and Jamuica Turnpike lloa I, and UTANTb'D BY TW rom the Rr.ckaway Patillion. There ate TT w men sitna'ions t in the houie; there are between five mid hou-ework ia a small fatnil land, set out in fruit treei, attached to the a ,hort distance iu the conn irn.nnd other out houses. Ilia house is Apily at6f9 Broadwav. the intersection ol the two principal loads ? ?? pieces of hud. in the sam' vicinity, for \\T ANTED?BY A V apply to JOHN L. NORTON, Jr., F<r W a situation to dogene etter. post-paid) or to John H. Power, 129 and to assist in wnlvutf anil York. reference if required I'lea \ VALUAHLE COUNTRY RE8I- ffont r"nm ran b*lfeB' i lersignrd < ITers for sale his Weal Kstate MILLIARD TABLES illnge of Kiu'lernook, Columbia cotiuty, U hire, four secon-l ham rnosi desirable country rendence, un.ur- vv th the privilege of buvi ss of location 8tid the numerous advjn- Any person having one or l nts. The premises consist of CI ncies o( Sun Office. in the corporate iirri ti of the village, a i. together with numerous out-buiMing!, A CLERGYMAN, HII Thi mnnsios is about 200 feet from the l\. (seven yenrs old ) are i yeuing ground fortus a beautiful lawn, on vate family, ill thi< city or iu great luxuriance stately forest tiees and two bedrooms and a parlor, are on tb* premises three wells of j'u.e tion must be pleasant and !e orcha d iu full bearing, together with a reasonable C'.mreasation lice fruit tiees, gripes, etc. The 111:d is which may he ie<ioired e f cultivation, and the surface level. The Address A.X. O-.atihis ot and admirably adapted to the gruwth of K eaten inflection. Its value is gre?tlv rs^HREAD. NfcJDLE itierou* nttracti >ns centered in the delight- Sale? avng been ei ii i?'. ioc ucu, aim men is tut seat ol one -ilia auriutf mit tune none ing literarv imtitutions in the 8ute Aside desiring to purchase a baa arantages which the village combines, its make applicntion in ths b?i erecce to the cities of Albany, Hudson, Wllft ton, being only five miles distant from the ]M I^LIw*RY.?MRS. our to the Kostoa and Albany railroad, by * *-* Place, will th s morn syof access ; its remsrkrhle salubrity, the aisoitinent of Parii Millii of the surrounding c< unfry. aadtheun- fention of the Ladiea in ven \f? of the numerous roads which diverge _ ~ n.,a io^s, tender it a verv desirable place of OBfcS, MODES, NO -To accommodate the purchaser, New will orea on Monday i uny be taken in part piyment. Apply to nch assortment of Pa* is Spi ^9. on the premises Bonnets, 8tc. just received ?? wav.npataira PORT RICHMOND, 8 I-FOR SAL'i ' TM MymT* . asantiy sitnafed uear the britk church, C^N MUTUAL SCRIP from the landiuff. A'io, far sale, th* fur- ? Mutual Insurance Co. v ion; will be sold low. Apply to NEW- Piatt street up ?t<nrs BrovUnT. . Tt/| ICHKJAN STATE EVERAL ROOMS. CONSISTING OK ea,h. for sale. Apt. ed roomi attirhrd. rxnd sircle rooms, well *riTairr>r^ _ I'uoil I'ion il fam'ttes, or sincle gentlemen, ^1 ., , ' 3. ? "0?" *bjaid. at No 618 Broadway, near Bleecker "T utkets. wilh Bari rendv rir shipment, lflOO -??? W. SrtES?cC0.9l Maidi >-R. KIPLING k BKOTHfCKS, ?0 ? >e e I rave to announce to the Trade, thst TW' OTICE.?N K W YO ?ived seveinl shipments of Steel Bends, Partnership heretcfiri 'arses, and other laucjr articlei. 60 Maiden from thud y dissolve:!. fa neri. The business of th ber one of the partners, 2! \ILORS- ALEXANDER D. REEVES, NOR. ting, would respectluliy announce to thor.e n; department, that he will remain iu fnu "1^ HINGES AND GIMP s. and he is hippy to inform the trade that -T 48 John steet, leceir atitfiction in (u, new tnor'e of cutting bv inent of Drei, Trimmings i !, for cuttinff coats. panti, ve?H, ai.d Indus' they rfTer for sa'e o-> reas Wessons liven in Krench and English. Ap- "?u il large stick of Zei hyi el. 28 < V.'t|>n<'t street. esmrtment of French Fane ?THE UNDCR9IGNED TAKES CPRINO HATS.-IF V ice to the trade, that hi> new work n the O Kant Hat, if yiiit wouli arments nf tvery description i< now ready hare an ec n >mici| Hit, i eilii? ? ? i> iu ererf respect altered f .oin his rh-se three qualities a e c. , the diagrams beinfr drawn in strict ac- of a man cf will p! prevailing fithion ?beside which some of corner of <: aial street ?ints h ive been considerable changed, n>.d ~ ered io plain, tint perions who heretofore ? ATHE ANDC4BIJN ting.can by a few hi ur,applic.?'iou be ena- sale, at 15 West Bioad I ofmNlt with tj?t?, without tht n:d of til, mornine. or af er 4 </ct< vho with to obtain a pro >f imp essinn, will . order, itrinRiliitely, ns i lis edition is limi- HPO SHIPOWNERS A ?n?t>er cit>r t6; to those wh > purchased * ?rort Wardeu t Omci he price will be $5 per copy. To he had of Warden, wi'l cnirie, he>e STINEMRTH, INo. 173 ttroadway, or A. I;ur each surrey on b.Mitd o jrter of Kaahioa, No. 4 Courtlaudt afreet, *' ><> J"1}' e?fn iutvey ou Fli ladelphia Satard^r Courie'. Albany itore.1150. roreach ?u'? era.ld, Philadelfhia Ledier, ButV.lo C,m- p^-ceed ri sea,$2 53 Offn will please give the above three 'user- 7!: rew York days) and send their bill to 173 Broadway. NOKRIB. f,l?rk. day for one ?"* T^OTICE ?PACKET S OTHINO AND FURNITURE ? LA- ^ ln? * Orleaus wh^il men having superllnuus eifect^ to dispose J1.0* permitted witlun live di appa el, furniture, tic , can obtain a fair lie store roe. by isndinit for the subnor.brr. through .rnT,r.. n./iML"!' 1 uherwise, who will etteiid nt their resi N ? Ii 1 j SSTYN, 466 Broadwar, up,. Lad.e, , ,^'r " ,^'f1 ry "in. ijgirmiTP. g,>od* ?niiout further r n'tr JTHINO AND FURNITURE WAN!'- rloR ru|Km,N, . r Gentlemen having any *np?ifluotu or h Kriir Rli i kasT V in urai.ur*. Carpet., inc . to ditp?.eof t>n .i,,.h. li'rti of Amil rice lor ieudiiw ro?- the tub i,e taken charge of and ciref ? LOHKW.69 Daane atreet. j), [)K WITT. HO Broad ?tr PARIS (NEW PATTERN). LAST DDK CHARLESTON, I it Pjrii. innrtit the moft luhiooible JT Northerner.Capr. Thon rt-\hle ind griceful lor the form,** well a* N It., on Sainrda?. the 25th ivei in the raovementa of th? perion ?-lio hills of lading iguetl by the n. To t>e hid only at MDMe). PROS* $!5. For freight ur pa??ik* No. M ' nil\l ?trcct TON fc to . 41 South ?ttei ITH. MANUFACTURER OF COT- LI OR LI VERPOOL? Ni nt Ltnen, Friiice* for Dreiiei. h<*., Sew I; etof26th March?Th< J Cotton Fringe* for Silk nud Oinghnm packet ahip HOSCIUS, Am iohair. an i Hilk Bullion F'ingM. made to ami will potitively tail ai t notice "tore corner of Maiden Une and freight or paaaage having ip No. Itt William etreec. third floor, over apply on hoard, at Orlean* , No 65 Maiden lme. IV. Y. E. K COLLI N8, 56 Somh _ will ?neceeil the Hoarina, a K REFINERY?HAVEMF.YK.RS k ? ? now re*dy t? receive o'den at their of IWOTICK.?ON AND reet.oret the refloery. 87 Vjudim *treet, In mary 19th, the ateambo s* of donble refined Loaf Crnnhed, Pnw- make th following trip*, n Sng^r* and Siuar Hon?* hyrup, in the aeunaatlV, 10 A. M , 12 V at >he l?we*t market price*. Yo?fc ?t A.M i' A M.. I i ann 8T ,formerly called No rpo dentists.-a 1 do aprn*perau*bn*ine**nnle**bmh buyer I. a thorough knowledite tted; and 1000 to 500 that there are no better quality of Porcelain Trrth a lowing price. than I tell?500 to 50 that I | rience in Dentialry, wiihea i It retail for caah which en?l>le? me to ?ell , luting a nullnih capital low price*. I icll hut <|uality ol French Addre<* Te.KTH. tM* ?tfic 14 50; *econd do. SJ 50to$l; French Pa- ~ " |7. My arore n *ui.ill, my eipente* light, \ PHYSICIAN. ABO tialleiged. Drug buiinear, off era t ? low. The gltaa war* ?oai I -DR. POWELL ATTENDS DAILY Uteat atvle. and well *eleer( le Eye and Eir, at hn ollk'e. 261 Broad- neaa, andall labelled A li arren itreet. I?r. Powell'* " Treatine on hood for a grtM dmggiat, i nt*. can be had at hit olH e. Alio hia Self- No H Klili'liiwm Fonutaia*, which obtained the premium tl-mw i imh uaia n a inerican lu.titnte. Ar.ifi.ial Eye. eon- Vl?? , ? { Johnion ta attempting to i THS EYO-DR. WHEELER. Ot-U- Hair Oloia in the label and a vich atreet, with confidence *??u?ea the of<ither?, it become* i eee*? caicly auy diaeaie to which that iend?r triiea.tiCle iiouly tntnnfac abject, that does uot yitld to hit ?nc? >tiert, aua told at No. C< tm-ni Kefera.ces given to the fir.t fa- cnnnterleit ray arti Jfftce honra from 8 A M to 1 o'clock P the Sheriff on hi. .houMer. tvotea lua time to out door p*t<*nta A ~ , , . r retnaik* on di>ea??a cf the eye. with on- \1 EDIC AL ("AMD? DR great ca>ea effected by Dr Wheeler'e | i-"* "treet, devote*hit entii ;an be had grntuuuudy,at hi* rea'dence; d>*ea*ei Recent ca*e*, par oiwitrded to any one making application | a few daya. Canatitntional ipi.d ilnc ng nocturnal emiaaion* i ? ? by him. ftntltm ha cart OCULIST. INFORMS IIM PA iifoma, witii the aignararee !> -? of atteudtnee at the office are now Iiale, fee . ta hia one*, 204 i, .Monday, WeJaetday mid rnday. 6KJ j *?arant?*<> DR. RALrH, AUTHt Prima Trealne," k. eti'ig of the "Medic*! So lety ol the JjM**ri tlier* referred ta. k," for the pnrp -?e of elerucg Oeler'te" i^reit, from J to 12 A.M., ai !? ertiral A??r ciation," to meet in Mav 1 ' lm?? w'io ^or'y in the earl icld nt the Uraad Jmy Room, Hall* ol ' h? aamaithen at th* rapidit y?img, at 7K o'clock Hy order of J. ing th**. ll la rhielly, I (JEjlW, Pretident. JOHN R. VAN- l a* fri.ra * tartan eiau of r j, aariy uritUN ku tareiaaa UCTIONKIfiR-HAHDWAH^ { ROVUT TKRJlTBK ?THUR8DAT arl fin Hon?, fco-?To morrow, rtl- 1 -U Mireti M. IHI ? Bona, H rraf; rlt, l!> t, nf auction room, I. H Phtt ! oprj p*rformanc?i to er>tfim*?o* i'j# loia Burning law aud blieltisld ?! ir>t uighL of Hie new rouviiiuc drua 4. <?rllie in it a general aaaortment of Rood* thi* Theatre, eutitled THK VVHITEBOY, or i ooda line,iu Iota to iiut pnrchatera ?Lawrence LVIaCRrtr. Mr. W. Muahull; i ran, warde i'.? Iin'iection. Abel ltich'rda, Tiit??; H lw ird Hi'eucer J.II. ??' M-Uth'W, Belhmy; Darby Doyle. Barxe: A THE LARGE 9 ALE OF BO- Mm Woicot; Ellen >1 eDonald, Mn. Philip China flvid Oiiiili, I^mp* Oi- O'Brien, M JnrJan. I'recioiu 11 which'i'III v!a. et Me??ra. HALLID.AY U Hiclwd lliomlev, Mr. ( InrUr; l?eo ge (Inv itit. trill mi rUnt Win nr'iifi C?Mln. Mf< Barkt; Hi Thoralar, 1 t peremptory. ______ t'lw M?. Jordan; Kittr f.rump, Mr? Rurti* V. AU TIOVKEK.? HARD ' Y> Vf.VIO'S OPKUA JtOUdli ?A IJ ILL \ ion will aeII th d if at 10 o\,'oek, A ven iu th* c?ura? of 1 eit wre't iu li nor of 1 I Petri a'rert. Hardware tod ?'ut- volution in r.iria 'I h ?e French gentlemen 1 iiou ciudlf atirk*, snorted to feel intereated iu the above, n e leijtteated to 1 1 aud door loclti; rat tr>p?. ih?et loou of Pi'mo'a Optra Houae, on h'.iuay evruiu limneri. pick area, cmt aieel hoe?. o'cloek in ;lw evening. ihingling Itatchece, iron table ird ,T? titket liinti, tab!* knirei and forfca. I TIItAl HK.?JENM11 < :i\*di or in dczeui; white twine? vte,i?11''? )'Mfca'aloguel, uow ready. TEO h Al-C.ON E?Matteo halroue.Mr Brai eim'piero, Mr. S.iliabiiry; romtmtn ha',cone, IONEEK?BY JOSEPH MUK- To be followed by the BLIND BOY? auetr,Tbu'aday. at 11 Taylor; Kdmoud. Mita H. Moliio. M biudeia'Htoak. The entire itock conclude with STATE SECHKT8-H??I )'.;a ne<?, conaiitinft uf cutting ma- Stafford; Calveiton llnl, Mr. Hrud-u; li.v inn i re?. lyiug preigen, ruling ma- cam; Maud, Mr?. I.herwor.d. Doota <>( itanuiug preu, brms toM*. rolla Performance commence at 7^. I), xm 2:> ee IS, nwneeo aud MMT calf tkina. _. " .,??? m,. Z e ii without exception, the bait in \<f 'J CHELL ci OLYMPIC 1 HEA1 Rfc ie one of the kind in the coun- iU <iay ev'uii K, March 23, the eutaitMM tion of the trade. Sal* poaitire, meat* with KABli I?Kabn. Mr. IMlaad; 1 rinre l<odol]>h?. Arnold; Mndaiue K<br?. M netre, Viaj Robert*. Afier which, PKOOY riONKKn-BY J. MUit'll Y. cholaa Sn istl*. Mr Holland; Pe?*r Hrecn, l\ it'eet?Thu'aday, at 10 o'clock, at lor. To b- followe 1 by n QLaNCK AT > valine? irn column III Wlll.ll mi. ^ . .iii?i. . jun*-, uramn, U.II CI ia-jes, 4 sleigha 2 wrgoos. 6 double ( laylor; Jut, Uobeni To conduce wi'h, ( ni.l!eu'h he li. horse Man.eis, 2 ] ?Mr.' ribtree. Mr Connver; ,vlr?. Kaiv, A Irn, brid.ei, whips, cl air cutting ! Rreti circle, 50 ceuts; upper boxes. 25 ctn'.s; | fce, Doo?*'.|?n ai 7; eu1 tlin iism at 7V? o'cl rk. E h'lHST MAY, IN Til E V I- IMIOAIUV'AV 'i'IIK A TH k.-TI11'KSI) .orin Oreeuwirh streer, not higher in". Match 23 will he naif, rined tie Kl ill slid respectable funily, a Sitting ' O.v MOWS? King James V. Mr Anderson; H r"oin, snil Kitchen. Address bo* Mr. I" le-'criiks; M. You <cr. H ltming; I ah il Si Murjro 8mill, Les'rr: Uulioi . biytltea. M ' Mi?? ! ' Wailack : Widow I'it tou. H (io-doo lTION ny A RE8PECTABI.E with the f.rce ol the DOUBLE BEDDED lit , to do chamherwotk aud waiting ciiner fipM, Mr Hndaway; M'jorMinus Vic .ving; ran waah an* iron first rate; Anderson. Joseph. O rhipman; Mn l>enii work?or would like to go travel- Wiust.mler; Nutfi Wattl Detfl OpM i t r-nce can be given from her Inst lormanct to begin at half past 7 o'clock. ,'-r 2 Wall pl-ce, between 6th mid 7th ran]iietrc, 53 cts?Knnily circlcn, 2.') on ? <i inirlet, third aiory, back room, ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE ? SECOND ikaSnm?OnMtwltriMiti,ifth Mar iTIO * ' rtV A HE^HECTABLK Opera will he resumed, and coatiune ! > be p ok.Washeror Ironer, or to do the most attractive f rm, evrry Mni'day, Wednrsi ,'1 frmilv; has no objection to go a evening. during the remaning Thirty Nithta y. The best ot city reference can Applications will now he received l'>r th? hir> rl sf,_N. Y.. floor, p stairs. ing Grits uud Mean, either for the whole numl . ... .tor their occupaucy on any particular evening KEM-H CjIHL. A I LACE AS The Second row of Botes in the second t'er i. Ai'd.-eas bo* No. 195 Post office, tered, and will he briliiahtly ns to n >>c.d refer- nee given. uraonu the most desirable in the House A va t iiiL>?ii innni?r\ijiH?ii tie Ol'erus. including the New Opera ERIENCKD (JAHDLNEK- HK. Verdi, now in rehearsal, will he brought on man, with good references Apply will be spared to maLe the second part nf the se *; ______________ brilliant, if not mora so, tha first Asto TO ATTEND IN AN KM re-one tKm has been au the bn.i- OaL vJOM OPEHA HOUSE-THUHSD y arttclts. pr?(erred. Apply to CS3 r 23?Ureat Attraction?lllugtrated 1'icru Mythogical, and Mystical, from the irreat It apt vii pnnn uai i*1 q vf v i\i ? Hrencli iini Kouliih Masters. i itosc il'usimt< , iAS(itl w# -* /'fi ?,? ^e Produced ma utile of ipleud r and e(T*? t hit f,at JAMKa 0&LK fit lu , 3.j in America, nndsomeof the figures w?l! he Horrelnck. This coinjnuy conaints rf twent riL'n wn\T a m a B1TIT4TKW ur.der 'he direction 01 8iRU(?r Moutn Ltll<i t|,pr nmi .rsl.?.F ' ^ ?M n beautiful Rtud oi' kiont* have bffu envH^ed. iff III rnikf^^rirflidr o#n!mUr !i?i? offset. The Pi-turr* will be rrpre?ruted i ir r fRnwltf nowclf geneiallf u?e- Dreg# circle and pdi<iuett?, $1: ni??.er b j*f *, 5 . pow ry' open at 7?to cnm?ni e at 8. 'I IO N B V X W O HK8PKCT A* !\?f h < HA M 1 472 BHA 11 >W A V one as Chambermaid and ihe o her i>l Gmnd and Broom# Vtr*-t? -OPKN KV ,?,?V,; iC,n<,ivVnn A^v rn?M DUBINO T.IK WKKK. Un|crllle:<d sac cncei c \n oe veil AI ply to J 88 * l /,f ? it#* (i r *.? ** *> i i iiizi st *u wery and 3d nvenu., any day thu the cHest esMblished btd in the Unhid St direction of K. I'. CHKI8TV, w h')?e tiiiuiita \ H V QPirt1T inv if vnoNn entertainments are r.iuhtlr honor,\l witi croi i a? ('lnmb?imaiil or Waiter or to 'r *e?pectab)e ftndiencea, ami are favured wi best of references aiv-p ' Also "opr*c?d?nted by any annueraent u tins city can 14 via l of aVe s si natimt to "utI- door? ?Pta nl 7- Concert commences n SUJiKdteS Ci'RT E^ERY Sn\TITJ?D a'v* *d" nf ' ^ t. bich rojoi 3 i floor. at J o'clook. UKDAY. Uoor? ; VER WITH $500 C API T AL, IN n^OADWAY ODKOV?If NTU ^r.^lr^a^er/ S' a rnafr.frd freely.?Mmtcal Oirtctor. V.r Oldttaid.?8i l hV nr riik P'O^ewor Ynuug will produce a rew teri^i iifi ^ \T#.!hnn!r Mnn KniMii oa T*bl?aui?'The 8calptor** Dream and Venus a. cientinc Mechanic, Sun Buildiugs, produced in ?tfle ol nchueu ?ud effect hitli in America. Thursday, IVarch 23? Prugr yuriL'/'Tani v Vf^iTMai wo. Tibluti VirtnutndPoi^i Plaitiqqn,by th< r^fereuces, a situation to do. he ^ ^ P" iPff* nn oHAPtinu bo a short dn* aiid AntiioiiT, tkc. Icrforntuncff to conimexic ca-l be seen for two Jay, at 85 11th ^estra bo*. 50 cents; Parquette, 25 cent 5th and 6th avenues _ ce " VTION BY A PHOTESTANT A MEH1CAN MUSEUM.-Splendid perfo her, and ironer; no objections to bo ba r r??on V? C''IS t"1 c,vcr' try. Thtbe t<f r.ference can be JIr f"d lMrV Mnlon* Kayniond, s enne. between 17th and 18th sta. beantlul daughters, who biv? thair luimitabll ? iMif nam menu every afce'uooa .mri ev?Din>? 0 RESPECT \13LE YOUNG 0< Brnnetli's Model of Aucie'it JeruiUtui. n > cook, WR?h and iron, or wou'd do tinij of oar Savionr. Great Weetern, the \ r.r ly; would hare no objection to fjo Mia, iht WTipipii Slfttoury, kc. kc. Ai'muni try The best of reference given, a cent*. Children ander 10,half price, k-iqi one hilling eiire. KHY RKRPKGT ABLK <?1R L. R AN VAKD^ MAMMOT'J I'ANOit A "1 *al homework, or as chambermaid * itluaiMippi rivtr? paiuted on three milcr 1 roiling fan produce good city jng the largest painting in ihe world. at ihe I' ?e mil at 249 Molt street, first flour, ,nB> Broadway, nrijomiug Nibb'e (Jirdei or three days evening, (Sunday* xcerieJ.) Admission SO puce. Tin Panamata -will commence raovinj I WANTKD -WANTED TO precisely. Atteraooa erhibitiog oe Wedr**, i Billiard Tahiti, in good order, day?, at Jo eloek. ng them after two or three months ,, ~ ? ?o:e to rest,address BILLIARDS, ^ONCERr ROOM, No. 332 BROAE V/ door above the Broadway Theitre?Redw Admission 25 rents Wednesday, Thursda * WIFE AND DAUOHTo K. niugs, March 22d, 23d, 2lth and 25lh. Profe. lesirMii ofobtiin>ng board in a pri- company of /.mer ein ?ud Foreign Attiste?. its riciuity. They wonld require numberof the most chiste and splendid Tal or the use of a parlor The sitna- and Poses Plaitiqur.i, that have ?>er been ei the family reipcctible, to whom a public. Also, there has been connected a Bnn would be given. Any reference Minstrel*, who will give a uumher ol Iminorti in be given to the satisfaction.? dances, &c. Doors open at 6^i o'clock. C lee. o cluck. N. it?<} oa order will w ptnirvw AND KVNCY STORK FOR f^.RAND CONCERT?THE ITALIAN I itablifhrd lor Iha lust eight years, V* pany will give a grand ( occeit at the a first rite business Any person 1 uesdiiy evening, 28th March, 1818. The proi iness already to tlieir hands, can published either mi Wri^nvor Saturday ne*t. lemen' of 142 Elm street. rpABRRNACLB-'THURSDAY EVEN! CORDELL, NO. 5 PARK A 23, I8|8?Lust Voral Entertainment p ing, March 23d., open a very choice Washington?THE liUTOHlNs*ON FAMI nery, to which thi invites the at- kind Hck'iowledgmeuts to ihe citirensof Nev eral. New York, March 23.. IMS. very cordial and enthusiastic greeting giveu ih euttrtammerts, i<nd resj'ectlt ll? cniinuu'R l! IUV1CAI7TR8.- F OODFKROY Last Vocal Entertainment. ?t the 'lvh.,n.el. ant the 27th imt, a (pite n-w an?! Evening. Ma-ch 2J, i8M On tf>is o ?rn<i?? o mg Goods; Straw an*! Silk French pearauee in New \ ork, prior to goinr South, t by the Havre rackets. 349 Broad- duee their best Programme, eirb acint, amcni attiaccive songs, a choice selection of some of _____ . itra. The Song of Life, by L .iiicf? ll >w, will hi KEDUf'KD 8r.HIP OF SUN the first time. 'I'hf grnerfil pro^rimmf will ranted at a h sh price. Apply at 19 oilers, the May Queen, Man the Life Boat, K Day, the Mouurniueer, Mother's Bible, '4ood 1 1 Ship on Fire, We've Roamed o'er Moanu HTorK?3 BONDS OF $IC00 blow on! Cot'oe* of rny Mother, Nobody n ly 19 PUlt street, np stairs. Farmer's Song, Family Sony, Ike. Tickets, 60 I ITIiANT UNITlfD STaTVH 'Ble V ?he. Pr",cil,al ?toie,end ft Hie <1o ftl. 1 urNlie.u MAJfc.* ing of the Concert. Door. open at >4 to 7 ? to c oreu, complere, packed in ca.e. to R o'clock Si? B-irrel MTMTkl Putol?. A : t" Lanp. OUCKEYE VOCALISTS.?THE KUNY mj Cram the Buckeye State. ieipectfn I' y am KK. MARCH 10, 18)8 ?THE friend, and the mblic, that they >viil giv- * f existing a. Liber and Vliuor ii taiiiir.ei.t at the Mmetvi llooin., 4i <5 Jbrnadi r'ii ogrefin-tt of the aitove part- IJt^V nrxt Match 21 Ticket* M eutt. e firm will he lettled by F. F. Le- admit a gentlemin and two lidie>, to he hid I Jacob street. SIDNEY A. Ml- tnu.ic ?t re. and at the door f)oo a upeii at hul concert commence! at 8 o'clock. 1 ?KOHLS \ AT Bll (THEU8, (J "r? r.'l -)]' IIK so< | ; 1 ed hv the C un'.rin n I arm asaorr V. co nrr ?* Ur,'ad *avr Ru J 'oa*r? "tree ? lui'abfe for the spring trade, which th**iarnV,um< r.mkle terra, together wit1, their J."""1' h; 1 ?,gB0,|S,',B*1 r Wonted,. (, and a general n. . ? J* ??"ti,'"'ed e>frl v further notice. 1 icke.s 2^ cents. 10 comtnei y ?? -r bef 're 8 o'clock. Higror Sri-etto will perf.m OU WOULD HAVE AN ELE half P'.t l? o'clock. and h?ll>nt t n |iie iiKTiKIJ EaSSffKa a BW ",K4V: unbined and ecqniie the repo-alion ,.1'. et-r?. leaae call on Mealio. 416 Broadway. ,h.;t'h,'r 11 h, e5'"t,VfBte't v,l'lai"k',,J i * nerva nor mi, on Monday evening, March tl will be ns?s ed >n the occasion, by many vocj fET MAKERS' TOOLS FOR FortelthwtuvttCB'ava. WtMlh of theday way. lip ?u<r?, bfli re 10 <^'clo. k i I nnwvsnrmM u ?i r m. wrnri ..m >ck in the afternoon. ( y?'N V?tN"ALL. 175 WOOHTf ? V-/ nrar Blcelier street?S'Xth week ol the NO MA8TER3 OF VK**8EL* Brothen.'''I his ?tiperior bind of Miuitiela u B. No. 101 Wall st?eet ?The P.?rt ?el?ct ei tertiiuments every night tin after, the following piices,T?z:? ?musing and p >pular performance ij el^ctri f any vessel, on hatches r.r cargo, ft*"1 o*ble acoiriices ao?! rniku.g a host of hi damaged goods on the wharf or in Doors opi n at 7 o c|r?ck?1 onceit commences n ey on sny vessel deemed nrfit to "aftirdav hfremoon coweerf, Mtwh >5th, at 3o < is open ''Gin 7 ocIccIl, A. \1. to 6 < * > . , ? > ??j,/ , ? i votitt i , March 23, 1818. HUBERT T. A'Vt'11 .^U?IC^L ci jss?under the dirrction of Mr \V. i li>s eveniug. at the Lycenm. Terms, Five D HIP 8IDDON9 19 DI9CH AR(J- !?' Claaa lor Vocil InalPiction. to-jcorrow I. foot of Wall atreet. All (rood. m*. nider the direction of Mr W D. Corn, sys positively be ssnt to the pnb- i fVi^u.r l??r ?iuirter. 11. Mh pal. Olfice, bd'3 Broadway. U ARK 8HEKWOOD. FROM |Vf '.V '?H B A N({ ? x " }' nrgir.g at whtrf foot of Kutge s At tie Hall, 111 Dowery, this eveLiog ( Th xse attend to the receiplof their 23d, Dr. liners will le?tuie 4?1r. fc e. o; erated on oyer 20,CG0 l erions m the U. 8.. v ? the entire audi*nce.and i r <'ii"<* a \-ri r f n DIRECT?THE FINE NEW ??d catalepsy, Ike. To coiutneucc m 7>? o'clcci lainilordss, will be despatched at 12K eects. vyupvtmur thut?. i Kirtr, or to BEALE, MELILK "tsrHt of Mile. Blatgy?Thnr eet. March 23d, 1818, will be pretexted the irraii'l MODEUs?Aimodeut, M V* eithofT; ( l< 8. c.?THE STEAMSHIP i Bodx irv: Don IniKo Mr N. John, on; Elorinde Hit S Badd, will leaye Pier rSo 4, Marietta. Mile V-illec To c relude with thi I of March, at 4 o'clock, P M. All A GENTLEMAN IN DIFFICULTV?*! cleik on board. P'ire of potnee A'Becket; Mr. Hedley. Mr Chapman; Mri apply to SPOFKOMD, '1ILK3 Thaver; Mr*. Hedl.-v, fai?. Chipui.'n. ^ l?OR SALE?A CHOICE LOT OF CAN '".W LtNE?RfcOULAH PACK " ma'e and female, in l?r^e or uniill (ju'.utiti I new *cJ ipiendid faat .ailieg ohnaen at 343 Hml.on utrc.t corrcr of< i Eldridge. muter, it now lo*4it>g. ___ ... . . " i above, iier regular day. For UOH 8AL??A COLLECTION OF 8PIC lendid forni.hcd accommodatinna, * , ' Mineralogy Cnrioii. Coin, and Ui i k< wharf, foot of Wall .treet. or io h w fir ca?h. A?tdie?i ' Milwinkie." HeraH ( n.lTfi'j *MOnl BI A NO FORTK9.?ATWILL HAVINf A tire agency in thu eity of levenl minnf* AFTER SATURDAY. FEB celebrated Piana Forte, he h*t 'or .ale, now of at 8TATEN I.SLANDiCR wili .ale ?nd r?tail, in,trnment.of mihogiuy, r<?.? til farther notice walnnt of nil the ino.t f>.tnoii,ih c .ij le. of io I..1 P. M 5 P. M. Laaea New eing the late.t improvement r f act ou and meel I'M.iKPM.if w 6X *nd 7 clave, harp itop., kc, kc. Toe. lor aoperioriry of touch, readme., of tite, ai ITOUNU ' AN HAVINll A workman.hip, are not iuipn..ed by auy n th of tt.e minulaeture of a nuoerii r mo?t irti.factory >narnnty i. given with ev? nd Birch., ud euht yeara'eipe- | .old. and greateare taken in parking. Nochari to anociate himtell with irmr oue j Ttiuicgih. Piano ? F.milie. in the couut'y, , to commence the inannfactura ; h iariling hon.e. and hotel k.erera, can now r e. tl'tir order, for tuning futhfully eiecuted in ' " minner, at .hort notice, lfnot.niil" UT RELINQUISHING THE n.ade ? # Seminarie., Mo.ic Dealer,, tud o ifii me nun auu r inurea Terr proKSfioi, ituinnl on me moit reasonable I iits of about <M bottles ef he Inim every part of the United States. nr eliew lie rd. ns reiardi sue, for retail bu>i- < uli the g'enteit care nnd dispatch, by addresi rst-rate situation in the neighbor- I'' AT A ILL, 101 Broadway, near St. Pnu.'il who will be patronized. Apply at MILLIARD TABLB FOR 8ALK, BIX , i* ?iiTiov UUL'UL' ported from Germany ? 11 it ti l>f?t aud , , tn be fund in New Yo.k, and would he rirti uf to tear the name ol William , jent for ? c:uh, a rich habitation, or a coi mirate this *i Undid Jenny Lird A , ^ street. in the basement rticle, and mliiaein>!on the niihti iry to let ihe pablic know tli?t ihn i HORHIBLE MYSTERY DEVELG lured bv nii?elf, at 15 Frankfort I J\ Police Ot r eUe of this week, will eontait jortl ndt atreet: and any one who 0( ,fle trial of Dr. C?tilii'ge, for the mutdi will soou fiud the clutehtacf Mat.hrws. and the iliaicetion of iha body; all ), WM. JOHPIJOW. meat of a horrible c*te of poisomrg in Maasn ? wetlthy mtn, M years a?o History < f the ar. . MORRISON, JC?X KULTON I ' ol. Monro# h dwe-ds. with an enirrav ng A re tune t> the treatment of private nimu.atr n of tha Female Models, with mdici tienlarly Oororrluev lie en res in I nil the eilnbit"r?. Thrillinsr foreign c.innna debility from a serret habit, in also, fe-teral criminal intelligence fn m all pa" uid impotenejr, is radically cored together with inuriiers rapes robberies, kc., St ta without pain. See Dr. M's Di wnce 102 Nimmi sfeet. iip stu'a of Sir Astley < oopsr, Sir A. ("a:- I ~~~ " H Kn I ton street Aperieetcurs |^? EDICAL OFFICE.?DR. JOHNSON, i Xvl street, nenr Chatham stieet, so well know successful praetitiorer in New York in the tre t JR OK T.iK " PRACVICA1 teal diseases. 1 h* Doctor's repu ation lor iKi !., i* conanUed upon any ol thi | half-cared eases, that have existed for v?srs. r at hia residence, ?* (Jremwieh Uleet, stricture, nlcers np?n rlie body or iu the id 6 to 9 I'M. (Snr.'lay eicepfedl , i tins in the head, i.nd bonei of the 'e^js, effn yetajtesof then Cori>p!att'?, wil, < onatitut<on\l weakness brought on by i ??< iet I y an* little laconvme ce alt# 'I i i by yonnu men, cn'ni..g I a.ivi 'ns dreams ami towever, those 'vb? h<v? f:!7*itd sions, i*ositively prevented, llecent rases crre ople,of otherwise, wkoaaa pre without mercary. No alterative in diet, or pn bus'aeaa. iJ3f*HSi! WTfltlfiWCE BY THIt MAILS. ?t 7 I : AiTa'.r* In "WathiuRton. HMI; Dominic | uiiv Knlliv.m, I Wash?*OTO!l, March 21, 1848. ij norri The Pope an 1 the Senate. Th- Senate have pnwed th* deficiency bill, ll'jJ providing tor a Charge ut Rome, as pibsed by vllX 1)K HI- the iloude. The motion for a full minister wu in5othm^'who ' rejected, 13 Co 23; for a minister rea dent, l'lt.i 2,15 ant^ motion to strike out the Charge . ' failed, 7 to "0. i1"- "tfd mVt ' Me discuiaionn 'hp merits oft'ie Pope, Stc , niton; fiiivtuu yesterday and to-day, have been exceedin?ly spicy. The episode between Menard. Hale and r. w ii'iiiu. To Foote, yesterday, was a rare l>it of fun ; but th? oNevit 'w*- ,'.xP(>t'm*nt hi the said Foote, to-day, to gei k m'V L '.i' pV? out Radger. of Carolina, u mo?t am < ; eit ijh liiiilic failure. What m to becoreo of Foote. r__T1M1 ^ we don't know?we promise, however, to do ait iVnta wiUcurr>- we can toL'ive him notoriety, if tint is all h? viio'?. < ouovfr; ih inter. The speeihcn, yesterday und to-day, 7ahi?VV? Si. Mees?rii. Radger, Miinirim, Hnle, Foote, Allen, /liit M ry T v- ! PdhRi Dix, Calhoun, and other.', will be found ik'.u' yoHK? int. resting. S|tibbin?.| ";i'u ' Your reporters will transmit yon \ faithful 'i?i itoborti'? 1 fck'tc^ ot the day'n d Late, in both houses, per a, iik cmtj - next mail w. "kvev! Wasiiisijton, March 21, 18H NO OK THK Political Capital?General Scott?His Deft nee i Actum V\ irr. , . , im'J. Iiadnwny; Tne House was er.14.1." <1 to-it y i \ the tnanu'VTo cnnMu'e fitcture of capital tor th - enduing Fr. lidential KIM?Mr ' nl- pl^tinn. Mr Clincmnn. from N'nrth t'.irntinn nf; r I#. . ' iy Lomttm, Mrs verified the old iid;:^", that a little n|iarlt kinJ o'COCIi? Prr- ,, , . . , e a Circle aud dieih a great II ime. On a motion to reconsider allriy, i a votf>) i,y which the reply of the President to a eh inmnt the resolution of llie House, communicating tiie corrrienteo.i i in resrp ndence ol <!-ncruls Scott and Taylor with >v aril h nd iy ... , , , . of fie ?e v>n the vV >ir Department, aid 'hat between the Stute bar of Vighti'"! Department nnd Mr. Trist, wan r< ferred to the i nf the weeU Committee on I'tintin?, to ascertain wh"ther an , have been al- ' * nke these seats extra number should b distributed to thecounHety nf popular , ... f N*huffin oi try, Mr. Glingman look occasion to express won fnuVffr'ai himself to the cllect thnt General Seott hnd been r Piace, March very shabbily treated hv !)? * administration. He _ was replied to liy Mr. Thompson, of Mississippi. \Y MARCH Then Col II iskell, who fought at Cerro Gordo, rei/Hintoiiini, succeeded, charging the President with the re:ili.n>, Klemiah, sponsibility of the s-h?dding ?.f blood unnecesea(lerto'u"kuiwi! n'y- Mr. McLine, ot Maryland, took up the 'e[i-e?nt"'t"!' cudgels for the administration Altogether, we r-five members had an interesting time, us will be se^n by your ?7-,/ta.y A report of the proceedings of the House It hr'uih'a miu' seemed to us a new candidate for the Presiaceut*. Door* deney was looked to in the person of General Scott, in the event of the Clay and Taylor secbetwkkn tiona not being iible to tile their difference at rEKY NIGHT the whig nation il convention. F. re.?. Twenty- _____________ rites," utcler thr HUKl'Iii l 11 CO.\(^Ktl?SSa ble and orieiual Plltsr SESSION. vdtil ami high !h a pa'rona.',* Admission 2> ntnale. 0 o'clock Kor \V AiiiirnnTort, March 41.1B4(J. NOON CON- Spring weather,though dull and cloudy. Ureezs from it 3. coinmsnco the aoutbweat Cror,ua?a in bloom tu tha Capitol grounds. Blue blrdj warbling in the trees. Frogs rnuTHKUCUH n'caHn the marshes; those early lltMe fellows that take Itmifer, if O advantage of the first melting of tlie lco to pop up their omethicR New! head* and sing Stranger* K?thoring into the galleries ot magnificent of th'j Senate. Prayer by K?v. Mr. Ourley. Journal, id Adonis, will ABOLITIOX. leito unknown ^fr_ {far.k presented reverai abolition petitions, and *M<>deM ri ?t~ cn*'' ,rom 0,1 Peansylranla, praying Congress to rt I?Cleopatra' take measures for tlia immediate 'peaoeubia dissolution e at S o'clock cfthe Union. t; Boxes, 12X Mr. 1Jickmsopr?Where is that from ? Mr Hai.k?Kiom oitizeiiS of Feuneylvouia. Mr. Dickinson?Well, tLcy ought to be ashamed of rrnancM, erery th^Seive,. ind their three tub Bi.avk trade. 1 Iriih Mmirol On motion of Mr. Hanne'ian. though opposed by Mr. Lett wr# k Kino Nliea. 1300 extra oopios of Mr Wl.e's correspondence on is it was in the Brazilian affaira and Iho elave tradt*, were ordered to be printed. vadfrnntT?*ti THK OSriCISWCT BILt. ' Mr. Athkrtopi moved to take up the bill approprin llnit row. fl.1,0110,000 to meet d?flcienoles in the approilA OK THK pristlons for the expenditure* of the current year, of caavass, he Athkrtom?It ia very important for the credit of ila0Op^n e??i} *-be governm-ni. that the bill ahnuld ha taken up and c?at<; childrei acted on at onc J. Oorernment d.-al'ts Will otherwise he I at 7)i o'cloek protested Indeed, I uuderatand that a draft for the iryu ??d 8?tK^ nuin'l turn of $10,000 haa already been proteit?d in New Y<r!c. i\V<Y OM> Mr. BK.wTOff?I will go heart and hanl with tha Senaerioa nf prices' tor ,n bis motion, it he will ullorr me to introduce a small Y, Friilnr eve- resolution, whioli was agreed to, and Mr B. introduced u >sor THIEK8' rsscluticn of icquiry reapeotlig tha pnbiio printing, wil I prolinee a which wi.a also ??reea to Vnants On mollou of .Mr. Yi;lkk, the Cotrml'.tae on Naval Af'J"f i,!1.!,'' Wl,n tn'liorlsed to inqcire into the propriety of .. KUei iX. creatieg * retired Hit in the navy. ,>mni.nee Sit 7K [ "1"n# 1)1,1 ror tile loUrteea millions Of JtHI. I oler.ciea wan then taksn up ?ii< iim Baugur moved to striUo cut ao mil oh of tho flftli r^otlon of tho bill ua provides for ft Char ft d'jlif'airet to , 5' wlli bS *h? SUtea Mrntntuc will ^ i * i * i i* i * * Mn?<!h to, 1P4R ? Mr* Ll N ca?lfd lor tn? ay?? an?l no?s. ? ' Mr Hamnkca* propaned ?o amond by atriking oat " >0, MARCH i th>> Clmin? anltoio-ert? oUuae providing for a rolior to viiltioK . ej,lent roinl.'ter ?t the Court ol Komi. Yori1*fir lhe ' Bauger <l*?ir*d to K1*"' bi4 vote on the nakod *iii oiinrrricui 'fueation ot a tnimjon or tio mission, and that could ouljr irir 'J'hinl nod bo dorm tiptn hi* own motion , co Tiuf?d.?v Mr Wi HiTKii auppoaeii th*t na thl? '.vaa a bill tomulu f their la*t up- good certain defloipticfrt of nppropriMioi a the provl*ioD* hey will mfro- i )t)r v niniiw tew cIHrtia, including reveral Ckargn, ware irrelevant to the bill ilo would m.iv.} tliereioro, to atrike ?introduced fur : 0,,t ?" Ihoae P?rta of tho bill pr< vldlt H for Dew appointinrltirU nmorg monta, ao tlinfe tho bi l houid bi> wl ? It purportato b<?, L-ht D > l.ui ii | u upnauro fir supplying the deficlBuoes of existing HpTime <,omi! ir. | proprinlioos. in, Blow on ! J Mr. I>att >n di 1 r,o' know why tbeai provisions for re Ii frrlflr ' n"* n,-'*'OD" *"? put latn thia bill oron the even. i Mr. Athrbton en'leivored to show th\t It itia.!n no loniinenct at X ' diil-jrcnca whether tfc* uproar msnt of the propoaud : Charges were provided for in thin h.U, or in any ether ? if "" ON I'AiJIA | Mr. Wrm rrn was not diaposod to t/bjict to tho e*pUi<>nnce to iheir | ,.f ?v,? ( i/i.,* ?... it,. . ?!>>, Mlllical Mllff- I - ' " .u.uv?. ?"! vir.rn Friday ' drew bis motion. Two tirkrti to ! Mr Dayto* nrgucd egeinst tho provision for a full ntth? mi' c.;> i! i raini?t*r or a minister ri'ld^nt at li<m* Ma t.usteJ, ' tan 6 o'clock, ho never, that thn Ct arjre would b> re aned. | Mr would inquire i?rale of ministers Y LI Bit Alt Y, other StRtes have at th Court rf Homo. What rerroIj] conirqueuce' seeentative has Great BrRei j thero? Jn of Dr. Vnl- A Voice?Sho has none, sir. Uo'? 10? l?orn*J Mr Butlkii 8he l as none. r eveuiiig untr Mr. Mahu'm raid there med (obo a n>in!*tjr from Kt>?nViVrV'i?irT' i lftfcd ft'. Rom?; an t he said flora the lite intell<g?nce i 'hat thero was a proportion to ruvivj that r^pr-senta* ? | tion. VAOllllAVE Mr Butlr* too'i efrong Rrru-'i in ppo<iit!on to the 'ril ti e p bji--. ! prrposed mission lo Rome, of any grade whatever. Wd h?d neither ? comm-rci n.-.r ptlitljil r H.lom with ili?u<>f bilitY : Rome, to Justify k atmlOB Tbe goreTrment of Rtmt I *ae exclusively edefiwtie ;1. It wan a government i oundod In i-tolerance and prcscjlptioojland the mlsslm !R STHEI'. r, w< u 'I i>? but mi idle aomplltnent to the Pope, 'inj whii > nrninal V t , h" would perliai s. n< t c.ira ti rec'piocn'r /can't ( I ne thfir if in.; \?h*4. u tolniftfr v< uld lnvn tj d> a: i! m?. Thif* ii i \ "im^ i i I i. ' < *<! r! a r :n;>l'tri.?r t :i> th? ['< peof this kin I. mil the in" elni,ljr I e aune I ? is th? h<-?1 ct' a pn-at church; nor ie n 8 o'clock. A \ there any reason tIi-; t w<? ?hoi'd r?fu??i it on thie ai loc*. j oiuot Uut ? > i.ixtt:r of l*<ielfttive bustne**, I ean fi'ju ? no in offfity for tbe mission at, nil. I d^n't know what r 0/.enevrlt 1 * r" *r rr Cberg* w. ul'l Mnploy hlius'If a', e?* p'. In iiilnri ptr oas'-' exp!? nr g the ruins of the K otuui nod tho shorws oi tb>? (Friday) even- | Tiber, or in a?orrtainiog the heljiic of the l'arpeian ?. (i'liil-iiici | ruck, lYom which traitore were hurled lathe day* of the illicit, P.uci- | etrp're. Upou 111* <?bole, Mr Bu ler was luolln?d tu I ooiuci'ie In the ylews ot the eonator from North CarorulMONV? I (Mr u#,l? r) iu'kU] ) \larrh Mr Hmjttmv, in rep!y to the Senator from South 'li^w, who i hi Carolina, would say, that; t> ? propore Jl mi??I n to Ronn ill operrte i;n wis not to the i'pp.- r.i tho hf ad o: the t atholio Church; >?nlii in tnwe-. but to him as a tempr.rnl g'rernr r end In comp'.irn'nt t<> i. Admittance h)s?fl-r e In tbe <a'i ot" human liberty Id Italy. A miesion to Home w?? In many r?cpcct< hopottant; ard .ADF.t.flllIt wib well ur.d.'retood t'lat if we eeod a tuisrion to ?i!*V Erwuiuir. i Rome, It will be reoiprocit 1 ballet of ^8 Mr. ('A?e oomi??<neei hie ohffrntloneby a cecg ai>hl ophes, Moni. cfti dfucrlp'lon of th? Pupal States The sryereirfn Pone e ined?tt'?y^ ' WR, *' t'J* ' ?T t j0 ?onarcbs of Kurope ; his rer. I riip Mi prerenta lys at ho courts of Kurope takn preced.-nce of Cri-h 'Mm ell oth?rs. As for tha mieelon to Rome, th? lrarned So. ' .,.l?, ,11^ r.Bt H?,.l>Hi,Ml>.l ???l.l ....... iv. _ ' r flicin 1 bu.?ir.ei.j of the proposed mission. as well an it AK? BIKDS, pi?n)pot*nti?ry or minister resi.ient; bui there w?.i m, to suit pur. gomethiri? due to the Pope ou anoth-r account. A gr??t -- revolution back eomniencd in Kurope, and no man coul l ("IMKNS Oh' foretell it* r**clt? ; but It w*s no true tban stracg>% < f Kffernce, that it wis the Sovereign rontiff at Iloue "|f" ; ?that c ty of the seven hills?where de,spotli>m for aeven ? THE KV long oetiturlea had held Ita iron rule. Mr. Cm* referral, ir111rir? v?h<?e on this poiut, to la e fcreign pjp rs on hia tab! rers at whole- and read extract*from them refi rrtng alio to a Utter of ro->d oud b'eck i.ord Palmerstou, in which Mr. Cass aaia hia lordahlp IS.,!!?'LT.i J' had done *reater justice to the Pope tiian the Senator from North Carolina (Mr Uadger) c 1 iano port^i .. i?l .l . . < . id eUgiiBceof Mr * ^Houft?Who is tbit letter from T a conmry. A Mr. <:*ss ? It is the letter of Lord I'almeraton ry iotrumert The chairman oil military alliirs next r?ud from Ilia Be fir tnck'i - Journal of l.'Oltuntiri'Jjile, ..a extinct shown? ti mmhousekeepers ister lind just t?*n received by tho Sultan from tlta Pop# t'ia Very*#"* llom* Mr 'Cms argue 1 at length the oxpodiency and r hnrge m ill be propriety of tho proposed mission. Artists or th? Mr. Dix n.'ked what wes the ijnta'ion. erros Orders The Vicr. Pa f.suunt stated that it WM to Slriko out re, atterded to the < hargo to tho Papal Sutas. I, MR. Plx'fl SraTKMKIST. "Irc Mr. Di\ had a fow wtrds to say in < of hia . ntI v im y<,to' ""d 'bought that he might ?s wuil ay them no^v. i "" had voted against tho preposition for a minister reaiealarly ernve- O0Bt. becaure he was in favor of a full tniiiint-r. Otj?cintry hous? ? tion had be, n made to this :nls?ion because it waa supposed to be to asp ritual government, or a go varnmont ipvn Tut- I exclusively of the rhn-oh of Itomo Mr Dix then dei r iT" . i tailed the history of tho kingdom of the Papa, frjm tba fr"..! Kdw'! day# of Charlemagne. shoving that it had estate. b .I the il-vftnf- . be?n extendi and perpituatud as o:h?r sac.nlar an t pacbustt's. hy e | litic.d juveroigntiea are p?r etuatod that ii, by ri<!it of sit forgery < l 1 kuo<?asion. by ozonations cf territory, find by cor <| io?t. report of ti-.'- it waa a peenliaiity > f thla t .mporai "ovennn^r.t, tbat tments Sga.r.' , tlie 1 eid ol it ? ss alao the apintusl head of the <: atho'.io nflh Vr*IH>*' i ''hitch Mr I) detailed the l?i<i.'lative. executive, aud c. Puii isil'i', , judicial orgar i* ition of the papal go?oriiB?-,nt the poarI eri ol the Pope, the rarda r.f h;a appoln'ment fram th? ! i"oi!t>e of the aevonty Cardinal a so that although the 17 !H'\N> gceernmcnt of tlte Papal Stafa la what may b<? ?nSf.,i ,r?1ne oklied an unlitniteil elcctiye hierarchy, it is atill oigauiII in tt.eia ol. / d ai.d oin l'i teU uiu! >r tho rrogn sid f>ron r f a poi nre-einii.-..t ii'icil a id temporal goverrment. f * the msin pTiti threat or nuse thia organisation by the Senator from North (' iroima, ft"'' 1>'r ?*,lICftr> had been do?ci ibel accurately. r I>,k [', .uli,.?i adrooA'ad th4 mission to i! mo, Uwuo ol its j r j 1 ialiur 'lays. tiTo .idvnnlagea; Hi. I iljonlod the Pcpnat ha?.'{boirautmn Iron begun tu'J |>r?- nt liK try c.t in Ku tpo, Wiuch UdJ aixejJy giyeu a cliaogo of gvYv?u

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