Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 24, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 24, 1848 Page 1
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TH svfctth *?*, 1054 ?ERY INTERESTING AND 1ERY CDBI0U8. TH 2 CCB.S.XIt?rom>ZlZrCB uetwkk v 'i he SECRETARY OF WAR and GENERALS SCOTT AND TAILOR, and between GENERAL SCOTT *ND MR. TRIST. the message from the president ' To the noutt ixf iitprri-iiianv" : I tranrinit herewith reports from tbe Secretary of S'at* ?nd the Secretary of War. with the accompanying documents, in compliance with the r?*olut!on of the Honn of tt-preeeutativep, of the 7th February, 1848, requeuing tbe President to communicate to that House " copies of hII correspondence hetween the Secretary of War and \laj.,r G*ne-al Scott. ii<id between the Secretary of War '.rid Mi-j^r General Taylor, and between Mejor General Scott and N P. Triit, late commissioner of the Uci'ed Sta'es to Mexico, and between the latter nnd tlu> Secretary of Stato, which ha? rot heretofore been published, end the publication of which may not ba Incompatible with the publlo internet " JAMES K. POLK. WA8HiN<iTON, March 30, 1848. To thk Pkkiiu?ht or the United Statks : The Secretary ol whom was referred that part of tin; , MOltttiM of tho House ol Representative*, of the seventh ultimo, requesting the President to communicate to th*t House " coplos of ull correspondence between Major General Scott and N. P. Trist, late commissioner of the United Staios in Mexico, and between the latter and the Secretary of State, which has not her tofore been published, aud the publication of which may not be incooipatibl.) w.t i the public interest," has the honor to lay belorn the President the accompany lot; papers, and to r?port that they comprise all the correspondence between General Scott and Mr Trist, and between the latter and this department relating thereto, on record or on filo in the department. All which Is respectfully submitted. JAMES BUCHANAN. dsra*rmkkt ok Statk, Washington, March 30, 1848. TjIST of papers. Mr. Trist to Mr. Uuchanun, May 7, 1847, (extract.) Tne same to the same, May 31, 1847. General Scott to Mr. Trist, May ", 1847. Mr. Trist to General Scott, May 30, 1847. The same to tho samo, May 9, 1847. The same to Mr. Buchanan, June 3, 1847, (extract.) The ftffio to the same. June 13, 1847, (extract.) Mr Buohanat) to Mr. Trist, June 14, 1847. (extract) The stme to the same, July 13, 1847, (extract) iVir. ITIll IU lUr uuuuauuu, juiy *a, mti, (miiot.j Mr. Tritt tu Mr. Buchanan. [Extract ] Vi-ra Crl'z. Friday Night, May 7, 1847. Sir? ????* < oloar>l Wilson left it entirely to me to dotermine every point in regard to the despatches Tor General Hroit, and thj result of my consideration of tbe various alternatives which presented themselves was, that they lef: horr, (including, of course, the letter of the Minister ot Aiiiin Rautloaa ) yaitsrdar, about 5 P. M , in churge of Lieutenant Lacy, of tUo Tennessee dragoons, and the despatches are hetore this 'ime doubtless in the hand i of Cienorvl Scott, (at Puebla, in all probability.) tope her with a letter from me, of which I had no time to take a oopy. *??? ? Hon Jamkb Blthanaw, Secretary of State. Mr. Tritt to Mr. Buchanan. [No. 1] Jalai-a, May Si, 1847. Sir ?1 have the aoaor to transmit herewith a very extraordinary letter, (If, indeed, anything from his pen can properly be so designated,) received by me from General Sooit, together with a copy of my reply, and of a letter enclosing that reply. Although th? explicit ord*r delivered to him in the Utter, on b?half of tbe President, with respeot to rhe transmission of tho comm jnication from yourself to the minister of foreign affairs, may perhaps prove effectual, I beg leave to su^g^st f*r consideration,whether it would not b<* advisable to despatch to General Scott a spccul orjer, tor jugh the W?r Department, confirming the one thus delivered by me; fitr, from the officer capable of writing such a letter, under any cironmatanoes ; and. Above all, snub h? it was written in, so totally wautiug in any thing ilka provocation. 1 do not Know what to ABticipataor not to anticipate. Kxoeptiug a report which came in here last evening, that General Herrera has been elected President, and that this event is considered favorable to peaoe, no newe whatever has been received here tmoe my arrival ? When we reach Puebla?for which 1 ebail set out tomorrow afternoon with General Twiggs1 division-1 hope to have it in my pow?r to give at least somo account of political affairs and pro?p<sots, whether favorable or unfavorable. A youth from Guadalajara, who is here on hi* way to Vera Crux to embark for Kngland, tells me that in bis native place (sime 300 leagues nearly from Mexloo) all are in favor of continuing tbe war; at leaet there is hilt a handful of the opposite sentiment But, la the city of Mexico, where he passed a month, 1 there J* a very strong party in favor of p?ace. Thin I consider good evidence of the state of publio opinion, on that face of it which is likoly to catch the eye cf parsons of his class? intelligent and mo-Jest lads of the eg* of 17 or 1H. I am, sir, very respectfully, ~ Your obedient servant, N. P. TU18T. Hon. J ii Buchanan, Secretary of state. P. 8.?Oo the ocoasion of transmitting this correspondence with General Scott. I should do htm injustice, although he could not be injured thereby with any p?raon at all oonvtraant with his character, were I to omit to mention that, so far as ''respect" for the government can be proved by such outward acts as bear 1h*aame relation to this sentiment which genuflexions and upturning* of the eyea bear to religion, nothing oould have been m< re perfect than the proof afforded in my ease *f tha alteartev with whioh ha professes the established creed upon this point. Not only was | met on the rond, as we approach-d the city, by General Soott's aid-de. camp and the chief of the quartermaster'! department, deputed by him to conduct uie to the quarters which he had oaused to be secured for mo. but I was subsequently railed upon by the Govern r. in compliance with orders from ths General in chief, to offer me a guard, (?hich I declined, there being no nroesMty for it) S> far, therefore, as oerrmoiiiat i?o?>s. arid attentions to dt person, as th*t of a "lunctionary of the government," %oiMn? could be added to the proof, which it receives in this shape, of reepeot for itsauihori'y. Maior O'n-rnl Scott to /V/r. Trist. IKi c.oure iu No A.]j Head-Quarters ok thf. Army, > Jalata, May 7, 1*47 ) Sir : I have just received jour note of yesterJay, accompanied by coramunioations to me from the Secretary of War, and one (sealed !) from tbe Department of State to tha Siinietar of Foreign Affairs oi the republic of Mexico Vou are right in doubting whether there bo a government, even de fat to, in this republic. General Santa Anns, the nominal PiesiJent, hui been, until within a day or two, in the neighborhood of Otiziba, organizing beiils of raticboroJ, banditti, or guerillas, to cut off atruir^lerH if thin nrmv. and. nrobablv. the verv trnin. all important to us, which you propose to accompany into the interior J the safe'y of which train hag detained me here. aod caused ino n high degree of solicitude. HI nee I regret Colonel Wilson, commanding at VeraCiur, nai nllo>ved himself, a second time, to be persuaded te detach, to bring np despatched, ((or your accommodation ) a material portion of the foree 1 had rolied upjn an tho cscoit of that train The other detachment to which I allude, came up some days rpo, to escort Meutannnt semmos, of the navy, duly aocredired by Commodore Perry. to the Mexican Minister of Foreign Aflairn, to negotlato the exchange of Passed MM. shipman lingers. now a priioner cf war That matter also terms to Iihv b?eti considered too important to be entrusted to my agenoy ' But, to return to th* actual government of Mexico, Anaya, is, I believe. President, ad intrrim But you may bnve learned that the Congress, att?r lienrlng of tbe affair of Cerro UorOo, p*?a?d many violent decrees, biealhifR war, to the uttermost, agonal tbe United St. ites; decla iu* that tha executive has no power, and >>had have nnt.e. to co'elude a treaty, or evsn an armistice, wilh tha United States, and denouncing aa a tral or any Mexican funotionary who shall entertain either proposition. I have commnnionted a eopy of thoae decrees to ilia War Department, and, until further order* thereupon, or until ft change of eircumetaoces, I veiy much doubt whether I can so far oonunit the honor of iny government as to take any direct agency In f.irwardltig tbe sealed despatch yon havo sent me Irotn tho Seorotary ot Mate of the United States Ou thi s delcate po nt, however, >ou will do as you please ; aod w hen, if able, 1 skill have ml vanned near to the capital, I may. at your Instance, lend an esiort t? your flat; of truce ; and it may require a large lighting detachment to protect even a fl?g of truce against the ratio herns and haudittl who now mfeat tbe rational road all the way up to the capital I see th? tho Secretaiy of V ar proposes to degrade mo, by r. quiring that. I, the commander of this army, shall defer to you, the chief clerk of the Department of Statu, the question ol continuing or discontinuing hostilities. I beg te say to him and to you. that here, in the heart of a hostile country, irom which, ftfter a few weeks, it would i.e impossible to withdraw this army, without a loss, probably cf half its numbers, by the vouiito; which Hrmv, froin necessity, must soon become a sell-sustaining inaoliine cut oil from all supplies ?nd reinforcement* tiom home - until, perhaps, late in November; not to speak ol the had faith of tbe government and people of iYie*icf> ? i any, m raretenca to tnoso eritioai circumstance*, thin army must take military security lor it* own sulnty Hence, tbe question ot an atmistlce or no armistice in, most pecnlurly, a military question, appertaining i f necessity, if not of universal right, in the abwnce of iluect instructions to the commander of the invading foio? a; consequently, if you are not clothed wilh milit.v y rank ovei me a? with diplomatic functions, I shall demand, under tho peculiar oitoumatanoe*. that, In your negotiation!, if the enemy should entertain your overture*, you ref.-r that question to ma. and ail the securities belonging to It Tae safety of thia army demand* no less, and I am responsible for that aafaty, until duly superseded or recalled. Indeed, from the nature of the j ousu, il the ouotny, on your petition, should be willing to j . .. . .1 JiLL1 .jLL'J'i1 1 flJI E NEW NEW YORI concede an armistice, he would, no doubt, demand the The first of the* military gaaranty of my signn'ure. for his own sufety. by the remarks iri I Should yon, under th* exposition of circumstances I that the Secretary hay* Riven, visit the moveable head-quarter* of thin ar- requiring that I, ?h my, 1 shall receive you with the respect due to a luno- f?r to you, tho cblei ttooary of my government; but whether you would find the qu- ation "f com me here, at Perots, Puebla, or elaewhere, depcnda on Upon this point, events ohangable at every moment. oonvoyed to you In The aealed desputoh from the Department of State I di 1 uot originate ? suppose you to detire me to hoU until your arrival, or him, who. If the eon until I shall hoar farther from you. thing but an rmp I remain, sir, respeotfully, your obedient servant. ehii-i " ot ' thi? urin WINF1ELD SCOTT. the Unltod States, N. P. Thut, Esq., Sto.Sto. may be directed t Mr. Tiilt to Major G'neral Scott thia, 'J0* ? PO'ltiv I Enclosure in No. 4.) ' should still, si Mny 20, 1847. lltary ?ff*irs, have t Sib: The enclosed reply to the tirade against our go- oolleot ever to hav vernmcnt, which you suw fit to put into the shape of a important ord-?r issi letter to me, (I regret exceedingly that it did not receive *" ?n* manifestly a more appropriate form and direction, by being made up, tion* respecting r>? at once, into an " article " to adorn the oolumnsof some any other source, oi reoklesspartisan press.) was cominenoeil at San Juan del order with conten tlio ; where, after taking time to reoover from the not cover a? the i amazement which your letter occasioned, and ooolly to mere act of the S o refl.'ot upon its extraordinary character-as 1 have re- Oommoilore Perrj peatedly done since oil the journey ? I paf >ed nearly tfie issued tbiou^' J? ?lil?? -UaJrAin /HI I faal ft /lumiaa ITilOlll I h'lll a (>(11., VIIUiD IllgUI III W nu U?BH ?tt. u.v> .vv. .V .ou (he unpleasant subject from my inlnd. Having motives in it anythln* at all hIro lor wishing that my reply should roach you before have leea imi bJ b mv arrival he?o, I pur|>oeed finishing it at the first placo of or Uss gifted wit where it could be resumed. With this view, when we of bis branch of tli readied ?1 Enoero, 1 got out my writing materials, in- 'vant of penetrntior tending to pass the greater part of the night m this labor, his not having equ and that o taking a oopy This design having, hnw t' oons. qu-nc'-1 ever, been defeated by the alette which wo had there of the Secretary ol .just about sunset, oausin? Colojol Riley to order the ad- lh?l for the mere i ranee of the train, with which I was, to retire from its i>er?onal envy and i position in and around the house and out-buildings ; the vilest shape in wlv completion of my task has, from this and subsequent 'hrmsMves, a raos causes, been unavoidably delayed until now iaent (bnlonging ob I was, most assuredly, not sent to Mexioo for any such appertaining to 'he purpose as that of engaging in a correspondence with 'etVuuoe to the i'un vou; above all, in one of the nature of that whioh I deliberately plaahei nave found forced U|M>n me: and i doubt whether the Mai diplomatic wren government will approve if my having allowed myself to iogton, with a oi>m rnploy any portion of my time in it. Certain I an that inent! i his would be censured, but for the fact that your letter Thus much in r>-; found me under oil cuinnt.inoes rendering it Impossible 'uppoied by you to 'hat I should occupy myself upon the object tor which iwot to the degrad 1 wai sent hero. Tlie ruino excuse will not exist here- aity of your deferrli filter; and even If it should, numberless other goo'lan l tu'.lowlng psaago mflloient-reasons will always exist, to oompel uie to de which, in making tl ^line the honor of maintaining a correspondence with flrst letter, U aag n you. . sal,) will sufttc 11 The oommunioation from the Departmuut of State to tng or discontinnlrj the Mexican minister of foreign relatione, transmitted in any manner cjim >o ycu by me from Vera Cruz, has been returned to mo, 'ho President, in I .linoe ray arrival at this place, by your military seore- owos to ourcountr 'ary, Lieut Lay. So soon as I shall be enabled to as- tirely to the chief certain that the condition of the government of this ment: '-If the oontl country Is such as to admit of 1(0 delivery. It will be ?f which, us providi i'gain placed in the hands of the general-in-chief of our treaty, hostilities ar rorces fcr that purpose without delay, com Upon recurring to your latter, 1 find both its tone and our land and nn i:? matter, with resp-ct to the transmission of this com- 1 i*"* ?f War and of municatlon, so perfectly in keeping with the rest ?f it, dersto them fortl and especially with the light in which you have seen fit receipt of such noti ro con-ider me?that of an emissary o; the Secretaiy of If is here seen, tb War, through whom and to whom you may '"scy" what- vuionally issued t over your honor suggest**? that I deem it necessary to naval torcos, Is sin aako a special endeavor, in regard to this very impor- *var "Pon Mexioo, i tint point, to bring down your thoughts from the lofty tingency. This co ^regions into whioh they have soared to the one alone you should be lull) impropriate to such plain matters of business as I am proposed treaty, 1m charged with. quarters, is, the ri You say that seme time hence, perhaps,' I (you) may wont of a definitetr at your (my) instance, lend an escort to your (my) Bug two countries. No of truce; and it may require a large lighting detach- shadow of any such .uent to protect even a tlig of truce against the rancho- the suspension of ros and banditti," See. oonneoted with my Now, sir, in reply to this, all I have to do is to deliver <ir?w ?ut ol my u t!> you as I hereby do in writing?(and thin for the upon the oc.curreni seooml line unless my first letter wan far more enlgrahti- "y the President. J ' ml than I bjlieve it could seem to any honest men. who, ' am empowered to upon their conscience and honor, should be called to not only concluded respond to the question*, whether you had or bad not. upon notice of this in this instance, been guilty oi a wanton contempt of respective oomman orders; and whether thts offence had or had not been ag- hostilities is to c< .Tavated by the character of the pretences under which President's order, tno contempt was indulged in, and the contumacy sought ?ppropriate dep.rrti to be covered up-I have, I say, sir, to deliver to present It as min ) ou this message from your commander-in-chief, vionsly erroneous, l ho President of the Uaited States, to wit: " When the >i?raln of the army communication, hearing tue seal of the Department oi jected to the autt state, and addressed ' to his excellency the minister of quired to " defer" :oreign relations of the Mexican republic..' shall be placed order requiring th i iiub uhquh wi me i^^uurfti-iu cnn ui iuo uuucu ^ihicb ~*wTw, r??v.w*. irmy in Mexico, it is the will, order, nod command of <-verthey should n ine I'resideut of the United States, that the Suid coinmu- raotiuu to t-fl ideation shall forthwith be transmitted to it* destination ,>%lpuble. if, instead n Ier a flag of truee; which flag of true j is to proceed vernmeot.iu issuing rom the head-quarters of the nnuy, and is to be a fl tg 1 he provisional <ti1< f trace from the general-in o'jief. it is to be protected .ident Lad judged ' y tuc.h escort us tue general in chief shall deem nece* y u should never varyaul proper for its security against all dangers of *hould have b?en t ie road in general, (including ihuse from 'rancheros and nad been in.-tructe; baud ttl' in particular.) Whether the escort necessary .o rcq lire you, iu b a ad proper lor the purpese shall, in the judgment of the g0 i0U(, t]u,n ag ?eneral-in-ohief, be a corporal's guard, a company, a be in a *tate of v jgiment or a brigade; such necessary and proper es- Mexico cannot by ort, whatever it way be, is to be furnished Ttio Presi- |>y the fact that is i.'.ont, al the same time, commands that tin general in- , j,at notificatiu i t c.Uisf shall not. for the sake of carrying out this order, o0rnod the case no lo aught which ms.y jeopard the existence of tiie army, u?Dd, precisely as r interfere with any movements or eperations whatever olece'ilt Wiwhingtc which he may deem necessary or expedient for the most .ioa of hostilities Da vigorous possible prosecution of the war. The trans- f'jOU( ^ni) bet-n brou mission of the communication above referred to, is at difference which on sll times to be deemed a secondary consideration to any . .linlnmalin rei of those just mentioned; but it is al*o to be deein*d at i est oration ot i>eao< 11 times param uut to everything else, and. so far as \.nd the only differ may b? compatible with them, the utmost attention is ?mioted to give t .'emanrteit to li. .vnltinn till this coil Thl?, ?ir, is the order and command of tho President of torii lin^ t,ank ngain ibe United States, which-standing as I do to bid. for hit tho calumnies his special purpose, in precisely the name relation that ,)r"tiro. or mora, tin on of your ai ls-.le-cacop b-ars to yourself, when en- rNt[on nii<?hti:i its?' trusted with n verbal order from you to a subordinate juiag the enemy to ifflcer-Ido hereby convoy to tho K*ueral-in-ohief of "would b.i unwilll he army. .... . , , t. ibovo all other in?u You will now, sir, I trust, understand, when th>- com- (0( for uniegs my nunination referred to sh?ll again bs placed in your nmore Vera Cruz liands, that greatly deficient in wisdom as tbe present ported as being in ' (and indeed any democratic) administration of the go- *hich struck me al ernment must necessarily be, it has not in this parti- llnQllaa'| onB jn ar rular instance fallen into so egregious a blunder as to ( onai Jnteiliger.c r make the transmission and delivery of that comaiunion- ,0 my cntiresatii> icn dependent upon tho amiable sfflaility aud gracious irave our countrv t eondesoenslon of General Winfleld Soott. 'uabity " nn ossnra I am, ?ir, very respeotlully, >oar obedient servant. ?ible corroboration n i m o **' isiitly dropped from 1 o Major General Wirfibld Scott, In a word.sir. th. General-in chief of the U. 8. Army in Mezioo. <ercment, respect Mr. Tritl to Major General Scott. "hat any man of p (Knolosure ia No 4.) tfould take for gfi Bivouac at 8ah Juai* nicL Rio, ( *bat your exubera May 9th, 1S47 \ ,to? *ould , Sir: Your letter of the 7th instant, duee'ed to m? at 40(1 " would requ Vera Cruz, and transmitted by Captain K'arney, has nia.te our country iaet me at this place, on my way to the headquarters of "sn ob""*1? to he United States Army in Mexico, where my instrnc- not, whether the i ions require me to be. and for which I set ou. from Ve- ' ?*? , .V States ra Cruz yesterday, in company with Captain (Ji ay son of 'n the senior ol your staff, a g?ul)eman to whose kind attentions 1 am transferred to sonif Iroady much indebted. ' h? question is, w II. the exeroise of the discretion loft me, as to the pre- states is to b pern rise time lor proceeding to head-quarters, I should pro- its international fi tiably have decided upon remaining at Vera Crux, until jud by agents of it I oould obtain some definite iuiormation respecting tbe ' alien a fancy to re .spect whioh things now wear with referenoo to the oh. them, by himself s j ct of my mission, had it not been for the information nijustieg the term confidentially coram'inioated to me by the governor of ffhioh liehaajudg Vera Cru?, confirming (as your letter again docs,) tho wn exclusive com rorreetnen ef the impression which I found generally It may be romar? prevalent there,that after the passage cf this well-guard- spectively given by tul train, ail communication between our army and the (orence to a notice i eabotd would piobably be cutoff, and remiin closcd for pated possibility, (v some timo This consideration, joined with my utter necessary not to r* want of nil means of judging at what moment n juncture directed thBt hostii night bs likely to occur, when every thing, so iar as ie- receipt of a iei|uin Kara' the re-establishment of pnaco between the two >gent o( the guv^n countries would depend upon my being ou tho spot, 1,8 contredietlcgui* inady to carry out my instructions without the loss of a respect" for the ai single day, determined me to set out forthwith. My likely to suggest to fhort stay at Vera Cruz had consequently to he employ- '!?r> m"' habitually ed in making the requisite arrangements for leaving with ,l least to abstain I the train, (tke depaiture ol wbiuh was to take place on Meat it ns a nullity tje morning af:er uiy arrival, though it did not occur till and forgetfolness o a day later,) Instead ol being given, as It otherwise would order toko effect u have been, to the examination of files of the Mexican ?truotive of the put paupr? for the last five or six weeks; whereby alone my would scarcely sho inure ignorance of all political events sinco the cap.lire termination, or to ? of Vera Cruz, and indeed for somo time previous, could ordination by any i have been dispelled: fori found all our officers at thnt contingent intentloi iUy so e..groj?ed by the urgent demands upon tbeir at- come milter of f? ten'.lon which are every instant arising, that the only in- whilst they had as teliigenco elicited by my inquiries was, that every thing B" imagination rea was in the utmost confusion, and thai a new 1'resldeni elected by our eoui iisd been elected in place of Santa Anna, and in utter eminent citizen? wl disregard of his title to that office, under the election of purpose, a course I awaken surprise tt No 0110 acquainted with the history of thin country ??<?' been contomj.! could be surpi nod at such a proceeding, and I took for >">y 9?'>e minil granted tliM It had happened exactly so, until I learned With regatd to tl troni your letter, that thin new President In merely a the person to be c hi " President ail interim,'' not intended to supersede San- 111111 for bringing at ta Anna, tho latter being Mtill ' the nominal President," "0r " thus to bn gi in oilier word*, the rec.oguiisud bead of the government '"lt t'"41 f*r butter i The frantic decree* of the Mexicitu Coogren* which i hat it has fallen uj you mention, I had never before heard of, although if 'he psoulrar circu your letter had found me null at Vera Cruz, it would, these far hotter eel meet certainly, not liaro had auy such effort an that ol have b-en th- pres? deterring me from proceeding into the interior, and Mexico Thi* woo causing me to abandon all Idea that nvy presrncc there vantage, at least, tt might possibly be of uso. In themselves, such tempt to restore pei proceeding* could have tiad no force whatever upon my 1?"* ,n regard to "i mind in forming an estiaatc of tho probab litiss of peace; bim proved himself and in my endeavors to judge of tho weight to which lion, ndaed to tho i they might be obtitled from concurrent olrcitinstances, I hare weighed with should not have lost eight of the laot, that it was from referred to; and sht the Mexican Congress that these brate tillmlnations had P*Bt that. be did no proceeded, the same body who, nailing thcra<rlvoii the ever attach to me, representative* ot the people, and with ' God and ilber- mitted by him ua* ty"' for their motto, had allowed tnelr country to b# rae, except ?o far a crushed under a domestic military tyranny, tat more spontaneously expr grinding than the Janliaary oppression, Inflicted upon unsought on my pa the Ureek* by their Moslem conquerors guilty Upon despatching to you the nurrlGl note written a My Instructions (t few boars alter my arrival at Vera Crux, I did aot at all a ???lh rl/.e I to m anticipate. ?lr, that ? written correspondence waa to to exnibit o you) il arise between us, or that any communication whatever 'he supposition yc would be made on your part until I should have the plea woirh I have been a sure of congratulating you lu person upon the brilliant to 'concede an ai success wtncO baa attended your movements. Your let- W itch y< u express, ter. however. Is one wblob cannot remain unanswered secretary of State It Imposes upon me the duty, at once to reply to It by a the Mexican mtnlat written corr<-etlon of tbe misconceptions whiob, to my niture to " commit v?ry deep regret, no leas than exoeedlag surprise, bare, country ."although from some cause or other, takeu possession of your la*- ly cannot iall t<> b gtnatlon upon Um receipt ot my letter. and most especially YOI FRIDAY MORNE * in importance, is the one ?vinced nation i [he course of which you say. " I see of th?r of War proposes to degrade in*, by thnrity " commander of thin army, shall de- supposi f olerk of thf Department of State Sta'e"< inuin? or dia ' n mulns hostilities " tli??-at sir, I have to atate that the ordt-r ,;c'.i?the t the letter of the Secretary of Wm, *h ? *ror 'Ith that officer, hut <>mau>vted from fliiitmK ixtiturioQ of the United State* be any oornmui ty formula, In " the commander-in couliJe y," and of the whole armed foroe of a point in whatsoever quarter of the plobe it naortts t o operate In the prosent in?t nn-a. roflicd nly known to me; and had It not been reply tc igbt an la my acquaintance with mi- Jo the* aken it for K'nnted, for I do not re Th y w e heird of au in.-tnnco 111 which an the reai lirni from tho War Drparfcment, above tho autl founded upon ex?cti ive determina- The c ir foreign relations, was ascribed to Mejcica r in whioh a dinp'>?it on to trent sueh prise, (i ipt sought to shelter itself iinler any your nr pretence that it wa< regarded as the -losed t r-tary of Wo.r t>eoau8* r. to chom the eimo idon'ical order of the ] !r tiin Navj- Department. and with 'h'o th? ers ition oa the m'j-'ct, did not*?? tnsimil extraordinary^ Tht.i, however, may "ihould y hi* b. mg las* habitually visitant with ev h discernment in regard to, tho honor -I the ( le public scrvicp. Or perhaps this 'hie. iuti i on hi* part may be attributable to letter, t il reason for believing his o r a o?r d (*ai it ba v i oKcessiv.?, an 1 thj intlu?uo? loubt|? tho Ni*vy, to bo f>o overwhelming. But, hi xke nf ialt'or<tin^ indulgence t.o tho such in nulevolence of the latter, iu tho very t* the oh thase base pas?iins can manifest send t< t Important mrasu-e of the govern- tasy, f viously to the branoh of publio duties oommu Department of State, and having no u?ressj ctioos o( tue War Department wan ed, as i I and decide upon, and a confldeu- uch ill it dospatch.-d post haste from W??h. l?dg? e inuniuatioc for the Mexican ROreru- 'heooo tbftu to (urd to tbo author of tho drgmdation to ren > t>e involved in this oruer. With res- lo tbeu '<tlnn it8*lf, an 1 the imagined noci a- -xoluai i;{ to mo on "a military qu9?tion,"tho weelu < in rn7 instructions. (instructions the uoo ae tuli explanation referred to in uiy b* coot ly int>nti?n to submit for your peru giving t shows that "the question of oontinu- either 1 j hostilities," so tar from having bnen o >nd?"n iutt<-d to my di'Oie ion. Is one vvhloh went a the discharge oi tbo duty whiob he atise fr y, has judged proper to reserve eu- mite to executive authority of our govern- tinvt fr ngency shall or our, on the happening The >d by the third article of the proposed c m M o required to be suspended, you will, you, nr munic ite this fact to the commanders myself, val forced respeotively; the Seoreta- interioi tho Navy, having already issued or- 1 g it c re suspension of hostilities, upon the Mexicc oo from yr.urself" tue del at the objeot of the order, thus pro- .'ent's o the commanders ol our land and bo dell n ply, that they shall cease towage try, an< in tne occurrence 01 a certain con- oi me it was intended that liv trai ' informed, by th? exhibition of the me Pre mediately upon my reaohiug head- At the i itificatinn by the Mexican govern- stances eaty, establishing peace between the us delii power or discretion whatever, no to retai thing, is Tested in me, with respect of placi hcstilities So lav ax this measure is he dela mission, or cun by an; possibility least ui lission, it cannot take p'.aoe except Unde le ol a state bf things strictly defined transmi L treaty of peace and amity, such as Jalupa, make, must first be conceded, ond correct I, but ratified by Mexico ; and then, tion tin state of things, given by me to the pnrcaiv deis, the order for the suspentfion of treme ? ime into forae, this order being the nioatioi emanating from him, through the wis oo irieut-', nnd not my ordor. To re- tcted.t e. strikes ms as belt g no le?a ob- mo veal lhan it would be to stite that the geuuder your command,had been suo oriiy of your aidM-de oaaip. and re- r^0_ ^ to them,because you had issued an Sik:e former to execute a pat tioular qu u i?ly prescribed by y< urseli, wh<-n?o- gjott t neflve from the latter a notice or di- < LI Vet. And the error would be no less ' whi'oh 1 of the course pur-ued by the go- ! Coinmu to yourself and to Commodore Pi-rry ,t.4ted i r wbich jou have received, the Preit to be expedient aud nvct-.-s-ry that L.,r wr,, hmr nf the proposed treaty until it *ioti<io ratified on tbe pari, of Mt-xico, aud I ? I then to notify this fact, to you, aud n0u lis name, to suspend hostilities. the two countries shall continue to par, the operations of our fo ee* in [ No. 7 the remotest legibility, be affected sih:'? .m charged with the duty of in.ikiug It wi la far as tho?it operations are con- refer to w stands, and cannot but continue to wnat I if negotiations for peace had taken r>>gud i in,and as if no order for the suspm- . ninmu d ierued until after those negotla- rertch?<J ght to a successful close. The only nu, vie: n result from our gov?mm?nthii?- io?suf' preventative on tue *pot, in, th it thn tie men ! may possildy be therrby hastened. had be< snca mode by Uii* agent being in- lm lotion of its restoration, (insteal of ild travel from Mexico to Washing- ju^ v?b from Washington to th* army,) ii, pmfioc of war would be arreted a month fj(tVr t' j sooner; ?nl that this very conslde- <at?d: If be the cause of peace, by ileterm- .vhioti i conclude a treaty which, otherwise, states 1 ng to ?-nter Into. Oa your p*rt, eir. 10 give i. this certainly could not b? objected msut 11 memory deceives me, our batteries were, in your rtHriul despatch, re- ilon J, "a state of awful aotivity," t-n epithet t the moment as being a somewhat tillery technicals Although the Na very soon aft?rwards amounted for ? ' faction, by the assurance which it ?. t hat you are "distinguished for hu- , /" ^ nee which receive* the strongest pos- i ^ from the little word thus inailver- r?!!! t your pen. iate.'l'n * course determined uoon bv our go- . ,?~.r ing the suspension of hostilities, la " . lain,'unsophisticated common sense j. ,f lured that it must be; and it Is not -1", * nt fancy and over cul ivated imagina- * ' , The question truly presented by it? , nrr Ire very skilful sophistry indeed, to n '.iA-i believe thutthis could he otherwise ' . ly miin occupying your position-is jun inmediate command and direction of 0tfrn te forces in M?xico is to continue to re- con<j?c fle?r of the army present, or Is to be ' r\j0? ) porsoTi not belougieg to the army ? 1 hether the government of the United lifted by Of neral Soott, to discharge rcATC motions and duti?s in its own way, viaroh" s own selection ; wh?n he may have ? iieve it of the trouble of attendii.g to _ * ettling the prellminari 'S of peace, In , , * is of that "armistice" with regard t" K*ali ed proper so vehemently to assert his ^ P*t*ncy . Levis ed, that, even if tho order tints pro' tho President, instead of having re- Tnui sf tho happening of a certain antici- ., h i-hich it was deemed expedient and , . for to specifically in lh? order,) had Levis ities should bo suspended upon the Wells' I ament from a secret aod confidential ' nment; evon in this case, a genuine, ' died Irom a merely verbal or formal p iithorlty of tho constitution, would rie . ' i any commander receiving such or- ' , entertaining such genuine sentimaut, Wairi rom all premature determinations to "" He might, through Jove of conntry ' " f eolf, makeup his mind, should the rider riioumstuneas rendering it de- \t ,. ilic weal, then to disobey it. But he _ w haste to make a pan le of the <!? 1' let to his army an example of Instil'iitinecessary disclosure of even this . 01 a, b.dore theso circumstances had be- 0 ct and of poxiiiva knowledge, and . yet not oeased to bo the coinaffo of "N" lv to imniilp In lh?rhief matfiStatn : *** itry aided in hia d#-lli .rations t>y the . * liom ho h4tl piIIimI around him for the .(."J ' ] ol prooee.JiiiR bo im'ieile ?? to , ' mtthe bare possibility of if* havinsr UteJ by them should suRgcM itself to tvaud ie choice made by th? Preiiden1: of Tkot ?rard with the m^asurea .'lofated by -S*Tr out the atate of tiling* whfreof no- t?nptr reu. I, Mi, Jo not entertain doubt .Vui M selections uunht b'lve h?eu m* !e; aud (ieorge >nn ru>*?ll aolely in oonamuence of Samuel matuucea of the juncture Among 'Qtiooa, the l>mt ol all. perhaps W >uid Qnt u >nt oouraander of our land forcrg in ^ ild have been nttrnded with oi.e art paaf In lat of precluding *11 danger of this it- |,0uie?l ?oe bi-ing rendered ahertve hy colliemilitary rauk " But It the I'residett ^ not duly eeneihla of this oonsldera- j, th(J r| tuny otnera, which ahoitU donbtl-?a him in favor of the appoint ra*nt now Lct >nld he hereafter have came to ret make It, no part of the b'ama can JJaafcna for he km vrn that lha ain thus com- ',ugg. cot In any way participated in by BuJen, a my oonaetit, in reply to hia own <?odwin ested lea* undiered than Sattarw rt, may bava ra ids me one ol the l>unoan whiota, aa baa already baeu stated, I Total ake known to you and bad i t nd-d Tba a low tnat no ground exiata, enber tor bad 1.11 u have made, tn*(. the object lor I inoli.B ant here in to ' p-titl n" til* enemy anoo;?r< rmlatlce," or for th* ajp^ehi n?l<n that lha c(minun<catl, n from the A dea of the United sut-a of America, to ty, l(11 t ;er of torelgn relatione, may be of a b-i-n >.1 tba honor of the government ol our i,ut aa t tba patriotic aoliruutl* moat aMured- )( gi,j t a duly appreciated by that country, thu crer by all atiokler* for military subordi- ?tan da I imfwiwn !' amiBi11. 1 ' m >" ? IK HE MGV MARCH 24. 1848. irithin the army, and for the strict enforoemsut Po eapect due from the military to the civil ?u- Louisiana Wh K'ltiully groundless wilt be found to he tho of Louisiana not Uon that " the chief clerk of the Department of 14th inat , and app iin have been taken from hi* desk, and sent to tr> aot aa delegates of war in the heart of the enemy'* country, held at Philadelph d with military rank" over the aentor officer of Allen Pierce. ( hi ijr of the United Htates! The propriety of ita Eiq., Philiy Main a place in tb? reply of that senior officer to the Patera. Krq, Hon nlcatiou which, in the discharge of the dutiea on, Hon 8. 8 Pri I to me. I founl it nee sary to address to him, it Wray.Ksq.J () which does no', call for remark from me. The Saunders, Wm Hp )f thin jtu H'dpi it. ai a specimen of dolicatn and Ritchie Duilng irony, ?"> peculiarly appropriate, too, in the Whigs of Lou ei*n i a letter so offensive as tnin?, I willingly leave the national whig ;ood taste and good feeling of our oountrymen Louisiana Dkm< ill not fail to do juetlee to it also, as a model of jn(t 0f t^e deiuocru >ect due hy all public servants to the offloe and 0f Louisiana, aeeei liority of tlie Prosldr-n' of the United States New Orleans on ommunlcition fron< tlie Secretary of State to the following named n Minister, in regard to which you express aur- fj0u?l convention t?r perhaps indignation may he the meaning of ji# serr< w H W ?te of exclamation.) that it uhoiill hnve boon en pr| crookett, Sai 0 you for transmission "soaled," w?i so xealod Kendall. (J VV I'; 1 it was deemed proper that it should bear the seal jolnh, i N. Tarrl Dt j aitm. lit of 8tat,? of tho United States; and in John K. Labrauc ro is uo departure from th established practice l*nd, W C. S V>r ?r oases, tt was intended, however, that you Thomas I,' Rand be innde acquainted with its contents, as well as I). J. Flu ei y thing elue relating to the subject, hy nieans nop. ?n0ri Lai!eai sopy in n>y possession; and I had suppo?od that s'oap W K. Com ".ugh. fr.>m the hasre in which It was diap itch- b >rt ( ?(!? U I, I which dl 1 tot allow mn to rotaln a oopy .) itwj* Moore W B ' l"roi i>? Tory imperfeot in more than ono paiticnUr.? , ,.xa,i', j' i ' jjro J in sush intiivitlon lioen given, and hit.1 no R. K.taton v So tor.tion existed, ttie doctrin* which should deny Voore N Dnrliu government of til* Unit* I states the right to jonfg Wm Perktr j ita agents or oflloors abroad, civil or mili- ^ \y' Downs or transmission to foreiitn governments, any * ideations which it might hii deemed ne- Tavlor ii ry to luake; ard In auch state, sealed or unseal- |'1U]J'1" Jluittn L t might he d*euied appropriate to the ono eion; the S?n?te cbamt >otrlne would, ro farijas mv very limited know- "*t, i>nd nomina c xtends bo a mo.t extraor Hilary innovation in rrwidencjr, e.nd pi n'uct of public affairs. Nothing is more common to ill" old hero, as send naval commanders, of anv and every rank, . jSMn villi " denied orders," which, although addressed huh and responsil ise'ives, and relatiug to publin interests entrusted to be supported b; vely to them, they hre required not to open for proaching Preside >r months thor after; or not at all, exoept upon Henderson, Hon. J urrenoe of a oer'ain contingency. And if this "ou B. H Epperi idered as not affnotlng their honor, and as not Dklkoatks to them the right to take their government to task, fooo convention h ay the di.vice of notes of exciumation, or by loss Frederick Robins. Bed modes of exproseion. it atiikes my poor juag- gate to the Bnltini s following a fotiiori that no such right can of Wohurn, as su oin the transmission, through them, of a Boaled Whig Mketinc u foreign government, upon mattera totally dis- whig mactine at cm their own profe?sionul duties Thomas' Cor win haato iu which the communications for the Mexi- Dudley Solden of inistcr of Foreign Relations was despatched to brethren ' om from the utter uncertainty in which I found I ' whether the state of things then exiating in the "*TI Woodbu might not bo such as to present a crisis render- eratio convention if the highest importance to our country, and to l-,BVI vvooabury ft > likewise, that the moment should be sei/.*d for This Disunion). ivery of that communication. It was the l*resi- 18th, saya:?The i intention, when 1 left Washington. that it should solution or the Un vered Immediately upon my arrival in tbia ooun- committee yesten 1 that it should forthwith be placed in the hands really made a ere gern ral-iu-chiel of our fores for this purpose, thought he aoaroi remitting it to you, and making the intention of his auditors the oi sidcut anowo, my duty in regard to it ie (ulliiled. the white or color sarao time, bad I been aware that the circ'im- saorlBce of our gle of the moment wore decidedly unpropltloui for lowed, but in a fe rery, I ihotlld havo deemed it my duly, perhaps, speak to the eomi a it,or at any rate to recommend, at the moment audienoe dispersing it in yotir hands, that ita transmission should had been pas-. 1 r yed until a lavornble change should oocur, or at his friend; hid . itil further instructions could be reoeived epect to sluv.ry tl r this view of the subject. 1 do not regrot that its *d the whigs hypo lasion has been delayed until I shall have reached words, and said o although I cannot, I must confers. assent to tne iih oioseu at a r?w nonfl of the ground upon which your determine- upoa tli? iueetiog is to delay it is placed. It is impossible for m? to .pH(, j|BW c0Ng1 0 how it ?ould have been inferred from the ex- important obanirei mxiety evlnoed by me to trcnimit that c<m?mu- ou? a to you at the earliest possible moment, taut it j. onts down the r ntemplated by the instructions under which I so auo. ?eoretary i hut you were to retain it until my arrival at" tho (1(jh to $500- mnd >le head quarters " f .?M p? J,ay t( [Kxtract.] _ nod $1 per day fo Mr. Vi ist to Sir Buchanan. H .ad of annual Ke IYkm.a. June 3. 1847. will meet, uuder _ ?? ? years ty arrival here, I received a letter from General The democratic ? wblott I shall make no reply, (as I Informed the day, nominated * jt'nant Hauiiitou, who Landed It tome,) and in t'ongr ss occsl 1 will traoninit ot som<) otbor time. No other Dhooki vr? ? Fr? nioation has reaobed me from him; and, an was p.nnmln-t.d r.w \ ll the beginning of this letter, it was through ac- t(?n t;ij%riM j ' only that I bream* int'jrmed of the opportunity ))i,n fj^oriM \yr Ling attorded by the tralu for Jalapa to morrow the'whlg caudidat * * * ? words. Jamki Buchanan, Secretary of State . Libert* Part . , the Sth congress ? I J?? 2 l propounding quet Mr.TriittoMr.JHucKanan. minVted Ge^ra ] , # , rofcBuA, June 13,1847.^ Hulncy Adams II be peroeived that, lu my last letter to , f NhWS FROM the coiroboration afforded by \lr. , to VVm. H. JShail ha<i Interred from a few Mexico newspapers, in port mf)_ to the opportuneness ol the period, when your Slie gSjigj from < nioation to the minister of foreign relations 'h thu? ma(Jo th Ithe bauds of O/neral Scott, for its delivery to fi, v tltren days (loan government Mr. stated that the |)ut about sixty d this opportunity was much to be regretted, and A nerican Baptist tione.l several tacts, showing how tavoruble it Alr n0bert McKei in Tho most striking of these was that Mr and two na d been applied to. on the part ot a h'gU personag-, \ym 'jj shnilor I,) to knoAf if ho would write to General H , ask- bidger and a j.icM ether be would entertain a proposal for tho sus- ahip Zephyr, of > i of his advince, as a measuru prel.miliary to an r..?|ie Towu on th i ent?r into negotiation. The motive, too, was WM 0!1 sj,orp Sb It was, that the troops, (doubtless the means also) g returning to nt t wouid otherwise bo rrquiaite to draw fioiu the ' Dv t|jj8 ?r,iVJj Tor the defence of the oipital, might bo kept there Town) Jldverhf strength to thoso who would sustain the govern- They are c.ii. fly l cuaiM)ffer ^ t t t ^ of CalTerlaud. ue* ? . . , froa) Kngland. an imici Buchanan, Secretary of State. The following ex [Kxract.J " So far as the Mr. Bu:hanan to Mr. Trist. governed, Is e\pli j War Uipahtmkmt, ) and notices. it t. Washingrot, June 14, ls<47. i niged through tl Your despatch of the Ulat ultimo, which you Mielr place and m imbered 4, was received on the 3i instant. Noue the Coieny. Tti ordato from you has yet come to hand quered, and tha c original letter from (i.'nerul Scott to yourself, the Queen. Dlsti t Jalap t, May 7, 1847, which you have transmit- chiefs with then h yourde^'atoh, is certainly of a most oxtraotdi- judged raostbenel ia>ac:er. It was well calculated to wound your n.ot? peace and i and cxcite your Indignation. This letter, sure- tri'tsor location or would have been written had he awaited your 1 yalty to the Hi at hi? head quarters, and read tho instructions resistance, rcbell 'jeot of a treaty with Mexico, which you were uenalties, will bo I ?od to com.uunicato to him confidentially. The oivlliaed countri* i of these documeuts must have put to flight th.> rated, within l!ri dod suspicions inregtrd to your mission, which will overlook tlio i have pre-occap'ed tiis nun 1, and influenced Ilia tonus and hol l j t. has ctruok its rool ^ coming, as tho telegraphic operators say.] jn?t laws . .sir Harry Salt! Sporting Intelligence. tour iu Catferl in I hitoches Jockky I'.lum Hacks-Wednesday, A paper of the 7i 1 ?I'urae f. loo, mile heats I'raria iufo countie fells' oh f. by (Jlencoe, out of Fandango "uch as Midwest: ; 1 1 "f the Buffalo is I'll (I Metoalf's) b g. Kr d Kaye, by Orey H. Calderwood ha >, dam hy Moses-6 y o J u of the Division ol mte k Co ? oh f. Mary Boweo, by imp. mitting some nets ithau, dam by Stockholdsr?4 y o :i :i of murder of Kngl l ime, liM-ltM. A* an evidence isoav, Mai oh i--Jockey Club Tune, $iOO-two count is givon of i u4ii, <'iiiioaitii.-s, v , i mte St Co's ch. m Isee Turner, by imp '.n.'r"?,T The pre ithan, dam by Stockholder?fty o 1 i 1 H? 'i aim con k CmhI'i oh. t. 8#uv. la Miae, by Glee- eleven ti*er akins ut of Arroncttn by Bertraud?3 y. o... 2 1 -i *2. Time, 4:16 ? 4:43? 4:07 The crop* are ? kr, March J Jockey Club Purse, $300-three looking aiiMOU'ly at a Kf"in crops. omte 8c Co '? ch o. Gallatin, by >'h" wholo nui ?er, dam by imp. Leviathan - ,0Hto a directory walked fiver. ''T of i ti ti sNi t<4D Day-Second Race.-Proprietor'* Puree $100, ill 906,087. le added -mile, heats. 1 papers oo alt's b g. Kred Ktye?6 j o I 1 P*rano* and a c >11*' ch c Lincoln, by imp Leviathan, out oaused by the M?Sy.o 3 1 P'wn, for the s mte it (jo '? oh h Boston, Jr , by Boeton, !"r* *r" nixing fAtalanta i 3 Pr,?* of ? Time 2:04 -I :A7. An account is g >av, March #?Puree $ , besi three In Ave- '"lis talk with J ats semhl<>s thoi>< of 1'a (J. Metcalfe) b g. Krei Kaye, an? One old chi< :ey h*tl?, dam by Moses ~6 y. o .. . Jill w" must how to I ^ella' (St. Ann l*rudhomme's) oh. f Our nation is brok i la Mise, by Glencoe, dam by Ueri? 3 y. 1 3 J J A UKirisu I Time, 2:04-1:44?1;MI ?1:57. BaKDI'K ?i'h* Tl!*fl Of THK MATARIK CtVIK, Xr.W 0*1.1111. tOllOWlng pHrtlCUl sdav, Maroh ll, I848 Purse, 475 entrance, fssr <?ys since on ceut added- two mile beats in harte?a. ?' ,""1 county Uh'sro g Arab 1 I drees an.lsppcars Crane's i> ta Kannv Klealer 3 J lage last Wednesd C. Reed's on. g John dis Jle .le.entled hiiu* Time, 8:03?6:44. fnin? th* ??*? wil a ,, _,. . . ., of the most ptiblli t Shootinu Match.? Pli-sre has be?n consider- protection of Me sitrmeut iu the sporting circles, for several d?y? i.i? . _h regard to the great Shooting >lateb between the , , ' h ' lie and Cincinnati olub?--the former having any 1'MlDrooris challenge The trial icok place yesterday after A,, w.llinf. t Ruse Cottage,' iu Louisville, and the followiug ,|wciared his iuno "*ult or ot bonds," he Msvillk Club Cincinnati Ct.t's etreet liko a wild No. of Hirdt. Mo. of Hirdi. scores of citil?ns, *? . . 6 Jno. Gantsr, . 8 their lives. Nor . 8 Krel Ringgold, . 0 an I vhile lyin>r uj . . 7 Dr speucer, . 7 was pounced upon ij 8 Curry, . . 8 tied and cruelly b< bite, , 8 Hudson, . . 6 rival on the giour ii . . 6 Corb -n, ... li Spra^ite, that the ? ? their bands. Afl< for Louisville, 12 Total for Cin Club, 41 log him bruised a hooting was upon the wing, and each Individual ex'Uiined I t wai i shots Although Cincinnati was beati n, one c f lully mangled, am iat/s men, (MmhM) stand* N'o I among the 'he limb oi lnuh l.-C?n. Com Man \ 17U Brrt time, inbuilt. had heen guilty r.| truo'lvs fire occurred at Peen Van, Yates aouil ?*toni?bn>ent -h? lie loth Inst, the lo>s by which is said to have an okeri more 0,000. The pn>perty burnt was ni stly iatured, Si* H. Smith be buildings were iu i he centre ol tl?? villag? h into oounties, iiai hat the former oscupauts will be nbligrd to await Mii'dlcsex, IK .Uo itl n of new oo*s h.-fjre they i an ' b ait, suitable H Cahlerwood hi far their biilsiN. of the Division of I. 1.1 ! if Ml II . Ill i- is. RAL II tic a I Intelligence. iu Statk Convention ? Tho wiiIrh Tl'n in convention on tb* uvenin? of tli - up in 11 ointed the f'Uowin* named gentleman tfv nor i to the whin national convention, to ti- kr.n>* Jl in June, rti Hon Wm Brasheur, V |:,J arlea M Conrad. Jr, froli* L.ibutut, t.ono! ar. Kiq, B. K. VVinoheater, Kni , s J i"% th? i Preaton W Fnrrar, Hon. O i'. .luck t-in ?ir intiaa. Hon. (i. B. Duncan, Jn?oph M inohea Picrton, Kiq , M Hurley. Lafayette eifjhtn larks, Cuthbert Bullitt, and Dr Jafflaa up.irt t the evening It waa resolved that th? fie? u i will hoartily support tha nominee of thiokn 0 invention. *ud at 3CRATIC 8TATC CONTENTION ?A lUWt I*1'' icy from various por'lona of tbe Htato '' ' nbled at tho Hall of lleproiientatli'Ki. m""1 the lsth inat., und appointed the ? * 1 delegatea to the Buttioirre na- , ',1, Kir?t. Diatrlct J?hn Hlldell. Kinlle 'lldor, P Auguatln Soooud Distriot - . nuel Locke. Clark Woodruff, VV. S , 'AT alfrey, W. K Styles, Edmund Han- ?" tfl" K*n Third Diatriot-J. < Beattle, 1 f.g'"c me, T >1. Williams James 3. MoFar- a itroas .l-vnea J. Pu?h, (ius'avo Leroy, ?"!*. " all Fourth Dintrio'-\u*usttri l)uker. Dr V M. Henford, VV II. llol.ort "r*in i,Jr. Martin H l'onn Monf?">merv ''' ;tll, Kelii Huston. T. O Davidson. II. i Dletriot - J. S Bryoe, P. B?rrv. Ho- dr^lnlt Tr.nner, W H. Whittlngt >n T O 'or ncott. B, C Dufeo, C I) vfoulton. L. * " , uffurd, D BrouNsard. Slx'h District - ["'I- , laue VV V Griffin, D.- CrigtoB, J L J'isrLH" . r? i /-l 1.11.. \r tl of the is, John B Oilbti.t, N. T. Richardson, 1 of the under ? Ttui.?W? extract tho following ?*rabli )emocrat ? Several gentlemen m?t in ^olo^ mr oo Wednesday evening, the :23d oivil m id General Zao'mrv Taylor for the gloryu wsed resolution* highly oomplimenUry UIld pc id recommending him to the people of mjiftai pendent, no party candidate, for that r n, tb tie station Electors worn ?l?o chosen , ra? j, Y the friends of Gen. T , in th-i ap uir. ot atlal election, consisting of Gen J. P ohnCaldwell, Gen Wm. L. Caineau, civiliai 'On, aad ? ??. promo Uai.timouk Convkntion.?At the loco svord. eld at Concord, Mw , on Wednesday, nierfl, ra, of Charlostown. was chog>n dolo- p'niio I tore convention, and Bo won Buckman, olleot butitute. pouts u i at .View Hatkn,?There it to bo a ju"ny i New llivon thin evening, nt which n> ami R. W. Thompson, n( Ohio, and ' CCUP" this city, iiro to addrois their poiifieul r. ' ' r*ver?l hereo< nv in Massaihuiktt* ?Tho domo munch at Dedham, on Monday, nominated v >r President. : I 01 v> it#.?The Huston Transcript rf the if f'*ri champions of ihe potitioii?rr< for ? dis- ^ir. iik ion had a hearing betore th* legi-UI Ive f.umpoi day The l*o?t says:?Mr Phillip* IVm?i 'duable effort, intel.eotually; hut we Buret ?ly succeeded iu produning in many of Inge t mvictiou that the iutereets rf either vewsi ed rao? woull be bent, consulted by the Vlderi irious Union. Mr W L Garrisonfol- views i w raomonts he was obliged either to *r fik mitten or to empty benches; f"r the th?iu f d ns sud le'ily as if j contribution box ?Xtens ouud Mr G was more violent than vowei ian. ?oLusett? 'vas more guilty in re- s-iould lan South Carolina or Alabama; call- **uo* o orites and liars inju?t aboutfo rnauy < stabli ther things abvut equally flattering oollate m iuinnts beforo seven o'olook, where- (iohooll adjourned i'?minn riTUTion ok Ii.imou?AmiQf; oth?r 1 tl" * proposed tn the new constitution of r I" elation to the salaries of public officers * 'alary of tho Governor from $'2 000 to ?ud Treasurer of the Stale from $1,000 , t 1 the pay of meaibers of the legislature o $2 per day tor the first forty days, !' ou* r the remaiuder of the session. In- J,1url" Mioni of the legislature the legislature ?PP?'? the new constitution, but onoe in two u>"etti convention held at Dedham on \fon i'ig irv\ wnuvcfc* r tu un v*i?Qoy *? ?? on?*d by the death ef Mr. A4ams Iooiih, kncis B.Stryker has been unanimously 'k" I.1' layor of Brooklyn by the whig eotiven- re "' raylor, David 0 Uaylis. Barnet John- " ,r' l' anil Nicholas 1J. Rhodes, ?r<,es for supervisors from th* first seven (be ire p?rs8g rnura, v Candidatk.?The liberty party of r??bi? lonal district. Massachusetts, besides vVheu itions to the whig candidate, have no to?, tt I Appleton He?? t> succeed John . f , doxim tuk Cape ok Good Hope.? The I 'lVoui er, Captain Holmes, arrived ni i tt ninff. from the (Jape of Good Hope ot |y h apo Town on the 28th of Innuary. and | ,r> r, io passage home in the short mid of thn co Her passsge out wan, we believe, il0,j b; ay a The Kev Mr. Vinton, of the obtain Mission his wife and two children, . o; on nzie, wife and child, Mr. Hood, of ?;.tpo >i wfr tiv.- Christians, are passengers In the ,,, She also hag on board two timers, a t|f-,or :.ill Captain Holmes reports, that the low Bedford, was blown to sea from ie 36th of January, while the captain . le was pamed on the JHth by thu W. H * it.hi irt. (tUlaOJ i, copies of the South Jlfricin (Cape from I r to January 'W<h, have been received. w orc< filled witn the details of tho pacitlcation . ' vs of which came by tho last steamer notice d which is of no parficil ir iut?re*t hero. 01 tt ' tract will show now tho matter stands: ' gue system on wnioh Cafferland Is to be "y } " lined in tbi Governor's proolamath. da 1 ppears that Ibe people are to be ma- lucarv lair chiefs, and the chiefs are to hold ;']'ka*1 ithority directly frum she <toveruor of 1 1 I ie whole coaatry is regarded as con ihroat >oiplet<? sjver.-ignty of it invested in If a* ricte or locations are to be granted ti >v!th t people, in suoh a manner as rn ,y be t" e'?l Hcial for them nod most likely to pro- ' ll. vv i>od order. The t'nure of these din- nrriva1 r, by the oliiefe, will depend en their Viliall neen Disobedience will be sedition; fiom 1' ion; and the punishment, with o^her \ l" fun lorleliure, as it is in Ko gland and other lon ' >?. Seven forts and posts are enume- "U tieh CafTiaria, wh*re a nuftlaient force with I prioress of Mttlraiont aft* r the roc< nt n oh*ok all rfeiess spirits, till sooiety '"'to t? more firmly into fixed property and took l joist, b, the governor of the colony, is on a ",at V !, receiving the subjection of lh? chi' If. c'10'1 ( th states that ho has parcelled out Kal- '* 'egri is, namod after the counties of Ki.gluiid, lfl fc K? Bedfordshire, Ike., an I at tho month -.nods the rising town ot London. The Hov. b been appointed Civil Commissioner l" Victoria The K.iflifg are still com- iwgro of iiggrosaion, arid a numbor of cajos StoniD iNil farmers are reported upon t o' the raliM of tlio inland trade, an ar- i Ho :1ip )?1.j at (jrahiim'-i Town, oftvory, i^rson collected by one trade only liom the .lies* iceodi of the *il i amounted to *iearly of Sto sistid of over ttOOO pounds ol ivory, ths i, six lion *kin?, eight roinoMroa horns, t.iui all t.o call aid to bo cxcollint. The farmers are Ho lor an outlot lor their superabundant Yotk, did, ai nh?r of hou*-? at '-ape Town, accord- liter, i ' juat published there, is Nina- -prun^ itt,7?iv. Value ol landed propaity, into a ?nipt? niplain of u great increase of intom- Her sc on.aoquant deorease of steady h ibita, I'OSSibi uumriouf caLiteeo shops Cape Doty, ?l? of spirituous licJU' re The pn- . >oiit : the propriety of incr-nsliiK the tened ??, mil tliereby derroaninx the evil >we# iven of the meeting of K ilHr ohlefs to louud 'he Oovernor, whloti rory closely re- and fa our government with th' poor liuli -ido ol ?t spot? as lollows:?" My a.lvioe is, -<"i7.ed he F.Dglish; we can fl?'ht no longer < i?at h? Leu Up "?Hoit.m I'ravrller, March 11 ! <ia wi ? I'ommi l?l 1KAOK OVKR TIIB AttBRlCAN ,st. Lawrence Mercury yiv?*s trv A ars ol au outrage which occurred a ""' \m?rlcati poll, aud within the limita l'|"j A iaan a stranger of gentlemanly ad- , "R ince, was hunted Into llophinton vil 10 {, ay iiy n riotous collection ol people - " 'n f <*ir irorn an nMuuit ny tnr<r?t- , ? lb pistol*, anil on arriving in the midst 1 UI0'' > street be stopped ?..<] demanded th? govoii law, ana its executive officer# against 00~,, ho alleged wore seeking to kidnap and 1 lino into Caimd*, without warraut or t#T?' " whatever. And although ho thus man- . M lessto submit to legal authority, and . Oi-nce ?I any crime "worthy of death ,? wan basely shot? shot down in th? * beast, in open day, and In luil vn w ol i "j,v* " who should have proteotod hfin with ' ' ,*,** ?* this all -after renelving tho shot, >on the ground, weltering in blood, ho ot"tul" i by his oowirdly opponents, and throt- n-.,,, faten, and It wax not until af'er tho aridol tho respectable and worthy D. wounded man oould 'm released from j ? " t't^ er carrying htm luto a tavern and I iy- j p(|i ^ nd bloody upon a bod, his woiiu'l wa< 1 ( ? found that hi* rlgh' knue wm droad- j ,Ivfj I that In all probability amputation of j . . ' would he the result And now for the ' ' . >a were m idea* to whai criiu* tl * man ; lntt_i' [commuting. and It waa learned with ( . . t he owod nomo .Moutieul merchants 1 , than he could pay ue.ghb has parcelled out British Katl'raria vtut} ,v Bed alter the counties ot P.i'fland, as rdshire, Lincolushlie, 5cc 'Ine R-v. The i< been uppointed Civil Coj uusMonei We'wou Victoria <JUeUai , D. Farmri'i Clab. uav, \lar?h il, IMH /'111 club WftA Uriel i ?, (oni i f th* stipulated day* of m>?- < ) by nination of Judge Llrtn/sten to th? oh r Mr r i !?.i ? oinxjnloaMou 'to- i t!i? lion. D W natorfi >? M ry'un !, on the que*t>-pn to ror; ?ao vhif that hU syst-nn o i Hssns.* wm uncr'sfnlly prtntised. and tliafc sy?noly ctusin'.ed: Irn , in ?h" plan io^thre" or fiar de*p %nd oo??rinir with ear'h la drill*, shout '# iiU'tiw p'anu/ > ' ahoat nno foot nth. drill. ; and. secondly Ting th^ . hole su'ooT*r1 i{ of straw fr"in three to four Inches in ' ?? ; thu nor.'ring pr?"*ef,.int{ the growth of weed* jpt-r*. din* the ii.-cesilty or Cultivation When siem w?? not applied the orop j?,h unsuecossfnl, lin?ntly prntp.r.ns by the adoption of lr? expert An artlol" on draining *? r <1, from the sMn? kbl.i Senator. Mr. Skinner, who labors under the oq of ulmoet absolute 'Wfums, up- n the occaslo: last m-etin/ did riot reach mmn obs Tattoo* of ak^mai, on the aubjeet. of the agricultural oolnd other incidental remarks, until he t ?ad them i official or can of the 'dub. He aoo?idered that trutary hid misstated bid views. aid he dis*?oted 10 unsparing hand several patpabl" in isis'.enth* detail* of the pr^eeedlats of tli" club, a* ?x I In thMr olllrtial reports, and publish"! In th'i? Oo? pmsage In dr VVakemin * veuiarks 'evlous ooo*sion, appeared to exci ethe ?tron:;.-st ge of dissent from vlr. Suiuoer, ' rhac th? art o? inlands may bornafter b?*oom? nacessaryand r-> than an hour Mr. Skinner mg?ged the titn? of ib in "*adlng from s?v r*l volumes of ih?" K*r l.ibr*ry," all the evidence that experience bad d hliu I' comhioiug to show th? vas', adv<ntag?s prooers Vlr Skinrwr read a memorial he hud "d aud printed for the approbation and signitnro fa.uicru, olioltin ?u appropriation to bn applied the direction of the H'at? government, for t.h ebnient of nn inetltntlon for Instruction In y, uiint-reloidr. ve^etahlw uad animal phy?lidoicir, n'linreriDK, &<;, all na'.oulat.ed to promoin bh* true if the country, by augmenting her roll J wealth iwer. and ahowltin by n oonparipon of xrants to ry and warlike aoadrmien. th?r~ wae an equ?l r?aaf. by sohoole well orgaulz^d by gorcrutn ot, th.< oerea'ed eftloleno? should b commuolnated to the HKrioulture ; audthat It l? at least wise an ' lull to pay taxes to adraune the threat, peaou'ul and uit employment ol acrlcultur \ rather than for ting improvement* in the us# of cannon and tha >!r. Skinner, in his private address to th? fur bowed that out of th? whole of the farmer's ex for supporting goveri.ment, oaf. of ffi-rjr filOO, ml noi? from thu agricultural community by im ipon what they oonmmn. are. a>id have been for rears, even in time if p.'ace, expended on aocjuntol litary ?stablisbuientiof the republin. Mr fckluuer ed th# h**t of t- e | erlod of dwuwion in r?a iiug d articles ou draining Ald*rin?n Hail quoted authorities on the subject of agrinulture, wuioii >mn>oud*d attention of agriculturists, rem I* with Jetbro Tull, Dr. Elliott, Timothy Piokerr l^uinoy, Judge Peters Jefferson, \1adlson, *co., rhich hs recommended to the ai.tmtinn and study uere, more especially on the subj-'jt of draining ;iuuer considered that ih? club had noright. wh?n sed on that particular oacasiou of only II v - or six s to express a vote of vh inks to the Hon Nathan all who presented the bill for an agricultural ool0 the State Legislature, ?s not expressing the :>f thegre?t body of farmers This produced from nan Hall n question to Mr. Skinner, as to hln r>n th? subject of theagric ultur.l school ot college inner hesitated to express his views, reserving or Huother occasion, and one. ho liiMmaiea, rnorive ; but being urged by Alderman Hull, lie op -.|y 1 liis objections, stating tb it if the Legislature make any for tile improvement of the sciI agrioui'.ur*. he Loped it would bd d< voted to thu shiuent ; of tne normal system ; that woul<l per iu his own language, througti all the ml in. i of the country, and thereby economically dn*ito that information, praetioaliy, that nonld rea.Wi ject, and save th? farmer the onerous expense o g his S',o even to sunh a schni.l as Mr VViliam* would require the amount of 600 bush"lg of corn for his expenses. He concluded b / declaring his hut. whutever sums may be uranted by lb" Legis.should be devote ito the normal school. Thin Fit the proceeding* of the day to the hour of ad nent, au i as Mr Wakemau was deprived of tDo unity of replying to Mr skinner's remarks, the jg was adj >urn*d to Tuesday next. htkkiot/rt and Hkavv Robbkky?A bair. ining iwr? hundrrd and Heveuty-one doub, waa stolen oil Ttiead y, 'Mi mat, from ty Bank nnd?r thr? following oircumitancee : - A not theUMhier, who iia I just arrived from Mexisught, It to the bank t.h? previous day. for (ale g and the I ^ fishier laid th? b"g upon ibn top i.f n chest, in hts pnvs'e vault, which opens upon a e-way ou? door of which leads into thn binktngb?hi?d the counters another (a eidn (Joor)ioto the it's room, an I a third, opening into the yard? the Cashier opened the vault the following momle bag wtill t,h-?r?; but when the owner called it 12 o'clock, it had disappeared The Cashier, { that Interval, hail never l?ft hie room, except / 10 pass tor a few luinute* Into the bmkltgrooin, jh the door which communicate* between tue two. te party who trid armuiitted the robbery oould ave reached the str-jet, either through the <ashsom, or through the passage way leading behind untere, ard of course, In the midst of the teller* ?rkn of thn bank. It I* Impossible be oould have ed ingreen or egress by the yard, a* the latter is ly very email, and every mrt of It under ooostant on) thn windows of tn cashier's room but ) belurrnu'ided Oiall *ide*. by a blank wall twentythirty iaat high V O Coin Bui tilth ingt. 'PKMENT IN WOKCESTF.R.?A BOLD VtU.AlN si'KL??l'hr IVorce-ittr 'VtUgrujih ytiya,? i Vinall, u young man of 11 years of age hailing 'rovldenc.e engaged himselt to Mr. Van Alsttn, In sster, aa a daguerreotypist, and during tlx day* it In that Culling, ho intruded himself upon tb? of a young and inexperienced g<rl. the daughter e.peotatde ciri/.en, who had occasion to vir it tho riuan esfnblisbmiut in which he win engaged, i vury ass. Juouj aU-. ritii ns he so far overcome the (s and sympathies of the v'rl as to secure frequent lews, many of which were clandestine, until hit bio repiesentations won from h?t m engagement >*reuts of tbe deceivd glil remonstrated, plead, ned, but to no purpOM. Via ill reprs-nted him nn unmarried man, with promising prospects, and he consummate art of a tiend penuuded his victim >o According.y, on 8atnrda> evenli.g, the jiaities ore hter in tn boat tiuin for New Vork On their 1 a Norwii'lt. thev i,toi or d tn lt.i*e the Hrfbliath- .?nd , who hail boon expecting u 1 umIIo of ototbing rovilunce a?Dta m*iwug<- by telegraph toMr.Alfttln Van! it to hiin ?t Norwlcu by tho tir>>t tra;u on ly miming. Tho bundle w?s received by \lr. \ nday, who, (hiding that Vmall had taken tho girl lion, and inspecting that all was not ri^ht,, ventii open tho bundle, whloh contain id tin uuasaled from the real Irv Vinall! Mr. Alutin at onco measures to securo tho would-be, if not real, bigaand on enquiry a?o? riuineJ from ? Provide net tuan inull actually h id a wife and child The laet wax omraurlcat. d to (he f.ithorof tho i<irl, who lent a iphic despatch to Norwich. directing 'ho airest of oundrel, which wax promptly dono. Mr. Vinall a chance to "catch if. " rragkors Attempt to commit a Maps.?A ii.lined Henry Liwrentr, was arrestee! in Kton on the loth inst, for nn omiagcous assailit ho of a respectable your.g lady, Miss El leu lines, of Htonington. with an infant to violate her . Miss Holme*, who U about Hi years of ag?, revith her parents tome two uiile.s from the village minion, and was on her way home, having bet n Point 011 u visit to her connections. She states ie met tho nogm near the " road meeting house," od. a short distance fiom her father '* residence osted her and enquired if a colored man, named lived in th'tt vicinity. She replied to bim that he n! pointed out tho place. He then lrft her. 800 <k she was turning a point in tho road, the negro I from behin 1 a lock, -nod her and carried liur growth of yon:,g wood near by, where he at'd <n accoDij lishnieiit oi hit lieudish pmpo.s u. reams, which ho endeavored to a 1 other aa much ait ie by choking hor, attracted the Attention of a Mr of Slomngton Point, who happened to be pasting that time in 11 wagon, and he lomediately has to discover the cause? belore he reached the pluco, or, the negro had become alatmed and lied Ho the young girl iu a pitiable condition, her head :e covered with blood, with a bad wound on tho the head, made by a stone, which the villain bad and pounded her with, acOon pained by tbieat* would kill her il Khe did not submit quietly t. shea. The s oundr? 1 b s been arresteu and fuliy tted for tnal.- Norwich Ntwi. dauascar.?Ttv* following appeara ia t! 1 v Hum of December 8fh:?"Th<* Ari I, tlMt^ I fr. m 'I amative on Sunday last, brings n.-ws from a?c^.r which gives little hope ol a re-openi.ig of do there On the Kith November the queen aiid a number of her priooipal subjects, and it win 1 that the ports hhould b? o[>en lor commerce with ca.iS onlv on condition thai the iinlish and French imonta kliouli pay an indemnity oi f?0U noo, and s they wore wrtin,' rHuiIk ol Dose who fell in tho attack on Tarmtill disgrace the ahore.; on now ik>|o<i ; ? al?o ?id IS.Ci Onwn hud been aent to intto Went Territoiy Wo h>?ve already it i.< in iruction that the two goTernruonU should direct tfortaRiid o|w u a trade o*ar which tho nueon coul 1 o coutiol wiiere oxen ?re almbdant, and the peuMUily difpoieii to open relation* with power* t:>at <i?>! them a?*i?t*nc? to ro^iat the invasions of tto it* tuid rapaololM Qn?on Rnnavuloi.a ,r>u to Santa Kk ? 1 bis t.udc is every y>*..r nun mure important to our city, ami tin* o brliiT? trader a have. b> Inspection, ba<-art><ine . ey can supply thruuelvt? h?.-? with ?.ivaiua<* vara. l.ntMudorfli-r baie shipped vh*lr ^code to t>y a hich ib,y wiii *are forty oi Mi aars VVe'ib & Donne, trader*, iuUu 1 travolrom; 'toy w it'\ the tit natn>d gentlemen, ai. I ? :i.?t through the applica ion ot Mr. ileuton. ton oompauy have bam permitted to tail* ? howiii. r irni troiu the fort, to protect thrui fruin ibe m . < * >ugs of In ltai.a and .Mr* aus now 'Blrali ^ n-, orno^d of the touie te Sauta Ko. >r L?uii R?l<?rc* 14 paokat boats ha?o ootumenerd tliei; rv"j!?rtri| i o Hamsbuig aud Pittsburg, aud >U ,i:> the 8ui< inu division and West Brm-h S, ' - ' - '

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