Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 24, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 24, 1848 Page 2
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:vKW YOBK HEKA1.I). S .rtii west Corner of Fulton ao! Raisau Els JAMES OORDOW BENNETT, ritOPIUKTOlt. IiJULT HKRJILD?Kvti* day, (S-m?lay incltdod) I rff i| I" ' cuyy #5 5b J"T Htr.':i??ii? M? I'ntltll Mutfl P.i rtf-f > ' 'if rrt tl? TV' l.> include Ike pntfait. . u/,trtihrr.i .n S.'Uth America and i ke Ifrit Indian Itlandi icill receive Iheir paperi by fi rry vestel /ion this port. n TF.Kl. 1 HERALD? Even/ Sit-.ii.lay-<>' ? cen(? firr c. i'V? JJ 12:. per entiun?ui the biuret. European ivbicribm *i pe> annual, to include the pottage .4? 'ditionUn the Ftt'ic/t ji iren at in the Englt'h language) xci'l Ite publiet ri on the day of the drj.n f ure of tack thanrr for any part in ?u?-i pe, u-ith intelligence from ali pt> ti of the American continent tit the Uileit m.tmmt. Subscription* odverh-i mrntl rtteived M Hffiri. Ifr.ltgnani. tlruf Kicirnnr, Pari*: P. 1. Simor.d , II C rnhill. ?rd Jakn W. 'Vv hjakselUr. Henrietta tlrret. l.mdiin. Suktcribi rs in foreign port u-i// recti ri Ihtir pi irrt In er,iy retttl direct from Ktw York Pll t: sih/C.VTlJi L HERALD?Every Tu'tiny?One Dollar for the Campaign AVVEHTISEMENTS (rennced every morning) at t earonalile prices; ta be icritlen in a plain, legible manner. The proprietor nut retpot.tible for err or t in maiimcripf. y. IS'riS (i of all k;r.dt executed beautifully and with detrcti h. Ui dei r received at the FuA/i rnt\nn Dftrt. ear. tirr of f\Uto,. an/I in itrerti. JILL l.F.TTKHS by mail, fsr Mulucriptiem. r to. h ,it!< rrtitementt. to t-tpost pa;li, or the paitnge w.l! It tier ~rUr! from thi monrg ren:tte<! yOI.UKT.iRf COKItKSPONDKIfCE cemtninint tr-.;,orient veut toltct/ril (rnm any quarter of the unlit? fl";l if ivit' be li'tral'j jn:in for. XO XOTICE eanbr t hen n f enunymo'tt ccrin.^'ni'cct iofi II h a I rr I r 1$ intrn 'ltd fur inn ei'tio n Mu, t be authenticated by thtr.ame nnil cddrr-i of thr irn'-fr; not necrtsarilyjor publ.eaticn but as a guaranty < / his gnai faith. We cannot ti" dertketo letur-1 rejected i.dmmui*catiot)S. ,17.1. PJTMENTStn b.- ma.'rtn . t-un<e AMIH- >TS THIS KVf.MNO POWEhY THEATRE, b..w?jt.-Tm? lottl*?The whitmot. ClIATH VM TilF.ATRv:rrT tli .w?trf er.-WiDow'f Victim?N?V4?. EneiOLMtiti-l ti. u> the Show Gikl? Hk?rt aeuii von F*m MECHANICS' II \LL it'o-rtwav, n?ar Brooroi"?Chris tv s v|?i?tfklt?ethiorian Pl>01no, Bl'HLEI-qt'e Djk:-c ISO fcr CONVENTION HAI.L w?riter t"f tt.nenr Blf t cket S?blk Hao-rpr Rf?ETHII ri<>MNOHAMA H 3 o_uw-y, new Ii^nttoa r.iee'.? ? Paxouoi*. ofthi \iininirri. BROADWAY ODEON, Bro&dway ? Negro Sisoixo? Dancing lie CONCERT ROOVI. Broadway ? Moosi. A?tiit?. ? ? = Sew V'otU, Friday, March 34, 1818. , uircHl*(!o? or th? iiaraltl. Daily Herald, Thursday, March S3. 18 630 copies. Aggregate laeue l?at w?Ak. . 141.P50 14 Aggregate issue week before 137>44 u I tor ease in one week 4 416 " Average of Da'ly. Sunday, Weekly Sic ... .56 640 " Publication coicmrn^ad yeaterdayat 10 m. before 4 o'elk " finished at 15 m. " 8 " TUe Scott ntvl ; r'.gt Correspondence. We give iu another column the beginning of the famou3 " Sco't; nd Trist Correspondence." It is very curioua and very funny, end will be worth reeding. We will give the remainder ol the letters as soon as room can b- made* for them. It 1 a t n li?* fh>.t 1& Itufj #! n nnl come under the head of the " Trist Correepondeuce " 'I lie Position of tile lltiiicil Glutei, Seme of our contemporaries ii<* ve t?ken ex cep'ion to the views \te have given, dt lining the position of the United Stales, in reference to the French revolution, and the events which may spring from that great fact, among the countries ol Europe. In our opinion, the Mexican war having been terminated by the treaty of peace, it was advisable for the United States at once to turn their attention to the events of the Old World, and to take such a position, and adopt such measures, as would place them beyond ihe reach of those conflicts in Europe being of any detriment to our commerce or trade, in any part of the world. We advised Congress to enlarge the ni.val strvice, and to take measures isr constructing, as soon as possible, ten or twenty steamships of the line, to be used at packets, until the emergency called thern out lor public purposes. These views have been termed absurd by some, aud have been ridiculed by others. Ignorance and presumption are probably the best excuses for those minds which can deal out such epithets to suggestions sanctified by tho experience of half a century. Look back at the history of this country, from the time of the first French revolution, and mark the events which track that history up to the war with England, in the year 1S12 The great conflicts in Europe, which lasted for so many year*, at the close of the last and the beginning of the present century, necessarily brought many of those governments into collision with the position of the United States, which affected our commerce, our trade, and our maritime rights, in every part of the world. The atrocities committed on American commerce, gave birth to the war of 1812, between England and the United States. Even the French government of those days?both republican and imperial?trespassed on those rights; and it was only within the last few years, under ? thrent fulminated airainst the recent eovem m( nt of France by General Jackson, tint Louis Philippe was compelled to do us justice, and t( pay for those outrages committed during th< conflicts that took place then in Europe. It in those days tiie United States had possessed as much physical powi r as she c.n wield now, if she chooses, many ol those outrages would never have been committed ; and the war between the United States i nd England miyhi have teen prevented, by abstinence, on the pan of England, to inflict injury and intuit on American commerce. We ure now in a ditfVreni position. We are a great, a growing, a xicli, and a powerful people. We ought to take a proper position in the world, at thin important crisis ni European aflairs. We need not depart from a digmfitd neutral position ; but we ought to be in a position of strength on the ocean to command the respect of all parties, iind be nble, at the same time, to express sympathy with those movements that are similar to the popular institutions of our own laud. If such views are absurd and lidiculous, we are willing to bear the infamy, in all its length and breadth, and to make it even a monopoly by act of the Legislature or of Congress. Tiik Quarrels of thl Politicians ?We have already noticed briefly the disruption which ha; taken place in the democratic ] arty in this Stale growing out of the Wiiinot proviso?a disruption which has been made for political purposes, and which will be extended to other Northern States, for like purposes. 1 lie whig party, it appears, is also in a similar dilemma to that ol the democrats. Its two chief ortrars in this city?the 'J'ibunt aud the Courier nrid Jinquiitr?ar>' very busy in dividiug their party, and disorganizing i as much as they can, between the two candidates Pl^?? s n ri T u t In r We shou'd uot be at till surprised to see a great disturbance and disorganization among the whlgs, ?-xiendiiig itself rvrn to the Rr? at convention to be h -Jd in Philadelphia in June n> xt Nor do we care bow much be?It these ieB in*y quarrel among themselves, and be divided. We like it, rather. The probability is, that if the politicians in both these great factions should a^ree to quarrel together, the people would stand a better chance i f g-ttii g a good President, and ot establishing a better government than even that of Mr Polk, wheh, to be sure, if pretty fuir in its way?about half and half, in point of honesty and |<ood intentions; but very dear and high p;iced. Belore the present s? skion of Congress terminate,', similar quarrels Will prevail in that body, and anything we can do to help them a ong, we w,ll do most cheerlully. We hope the quarrelsome members ot Congress will not spare ollu-r iu their ?buse The more violent and abusive, the more readable it is. A bliekpuard, witty J,l c , cuciderid in the litfht o a piece of news|.a|* r property, i* w rih six, or even u dozen, quiet, resectable, disciect meaibeis. J w^mpmmm||| i | |i | | ? ! Father Matthew, still **cko:*m rpo* as TELECrRAI i coMiwa?'The venerable Father Matthew, the xra= greut ap?-='le of temperance in Ireland, has written another letter,addressed to Mr. McGrath, We received secretory of the Roman Catholic Total Absti- brief synopsis of neoce Society of this city, esehewin? all gin Webster, on the and strong lienors. The following is the let- d .y. Mr. W. is ter j this occasion, un Coax, 33d February, 1348. | He occupied thr Diar Mr. McGrath?To jou and the gantlemtn of , , .. the committee I (eel deeply grateful fortho sentiments ] "19 remains. ^ iVl expressed toward* me on behalf ol the members of I speech to an "el< your accietv j , . I urn much gratified by the nssunmco that my humble expressed by nil efforts aia so highly appreciated?at the same time I do tions on the treat iiot attribute any merit to myself The wonderful charge ?r that b.s been eif.?eted ia the work of the K;ght Hand u! " qUIBltion ol te the Mom High God, and is admirable in our eyes. preyed his rppu It will he a great raariflco to me to l*ave Ireland; but, < , , t whatever way be the consequence, I tnnt that, with the . . i?nDna.p , ui co-cperotiou ol thelriendsoi tem;.erauce in the States, j ev ils, stilted that our sacred cou?e will proceed r.nd prosper. f , ?.i . With regard lo mv movements in Amtrioa, I *m free - ureu until my arrival in New York, when I shall couiult with )> capable of sut my friem's on the fuhject ilui* hp pntitlpH I atisioutly look forward lo the pleasure of meeting entitled you and my other dear frienJa tome time in May; and, tiic Senate, fron with since rest *. isbes for your and their happiness, 1 am, ri_ a ,u.? my dear Mr. McGrath. ycnradevotedlv, lie regarded mis THEOBvLD MATTHEW. calculated to eni The Tribune, which publishes the letter, j qnetcea to ths I ! s;iy.?, i.i addition, that Father Matthew comes j fit* :l results wil t . work, and nni to *.it at tplendid dinners and I Mr. llannegnn hi < ride out in gre<u men's coaches. lie will not other side of the accept the hospitalities of the great and ' receive abl^ e.xer ; tlir- honors of the distinguished. This refusal i? ' appropriation bi significant of the idea which ouramiable content- j tion tnr.deandag ; porary entertains of Father Matthew's opinions due d ceased m and mission. This mifsion, it appears, is to his widows, own people?the natives of Erin, or those oflrieh The Legislati1 origin?to reclaim them from intemperance?to &c., will be toun tedeh them to drink water, and, probably, to ==" learn tinm to vote for the whig candidate, il ^ possible. We have reoe We rather think, however, that the air and dates from New scenery of this country are almost as good as 17th Tr'oVr anytempeiance lectures, from any quarter of the on ,h(. 8.u i'nst. world. The Irish who come to the LJuited States Assessments h soon improve in their habits, and soon forsake ^y?{jCommi8811 those which they may have acquired in j|)t. star gave their native country, of political agitation and ro, Feb. 18. whi whiskey drinking, mixed together with brandy Tolluco, mid tha and water. Give a man plenty of work, plenty '?Xhe Trig" Suit ot employment, and liberty of thought, together from Ver.i Cruz, with the means of rising in the world, and you She brought no i take from him the inducements which lead him steam BolUr" to disgrace and abuse himself and his offspring by the rum excitements. There may be excep- _ The boiler of t Hons, it is true; but what we have said will hold [y'iniuutes past?t good as a general rule. instantly killed wounded five o StirrRKScioN 07thk Model Artists ?At length since died. It b public opinion and moral sentiment have carried 'inoc't .ii m * . , . cause ot the exp! | the day. Tne model artists are suppressed for troln H? t.xhnus I the present. The Grind Jury have indicted all while the workr these exhibitions. They are all shut up, with they ?^arue bucli the exception of one or two, which resisted, and druTexplos'ii the proprietors of them have been arresud and ' imprisoned, and will be tried, and convicted, THlil and exposed, and pardoned, and patroniz d, and start again iresh and clean. The rise, growth, progress, and extreme li- TU? 8enata conv< ceniiousnes?, latterly, of those exhibitions PreaitUat took tjw c . . r ' * . . , . > woa tUeu offdreii up would form a ourious history in the domestic f*tit Miarcmr# and morals of this maguificent and , ^Ir Diciuuow, o , .. s, . . iatjv# tci Jainro \V< -.uuaciuuo iuc(iuA>uii9. rui years hicsj twiiui ihe Legislature of t lioiit) have existed in Paris, London, and ot'ier j*ct. Congrraa repc _ which w*re duly x large cities in Europe; but they have always been referred. under the excellent control of the police, and .1 j j i , , , A mn a?o wa? t> were never allowed to extend thetneelves beyond sati?faotory evldenc a certain degree of decency and propriety. The whioh it had passe< petticoat was cut by the police. In this free On motion, the C land, however, where the laws affecting Bocial *d to uqatre Into 1 . . * | ? * i . manufactured In N< liberty are extremely lax, it takes eonie time t) portg 0f u,, united work on the moral sentiment of the community. in order to bring it to act oa our manners, and nauce niovcd toTak taring about decency after it is departed from to. We are glad, however, that at length it has ac dr^? the* ""ate* a complished its purpose in peace and quiet. country supposed But while we express these feelings on the SulJjuJua ,252 eU| ptestion ol the model artistp, we must eepa- the wounds UiHiote rate that class of exhibitions from those really J^^ofoM8lt?n cocnect"d with the higher ranks ol the line arts. th? land cf elaug The Greek Slave of Powers preceded these ex- cy?n .'J0/'8 ?ta? .... . . . , . raife thirty new hibitions, and many fastidious persons denounced ntcutlon cf thU that sublime and etherial work of art, without ln8 in* ... ' ,, . nay's country, an cause, and without reason. Next followed tbc entire claims w Col'yer's model artists, which were certainly nolle peace. Mr.) .. . , . . , , . unusual circumeiar beautiful, a i. a marked with propriety during U!Ual order or thing their first engagement. Then commenced the first, and then to ne deplorabie and lamentable licentious move- g'ti"te*iVedIlo"the meat, which has ended in their suppression, nance to the treaty ,Tr , , ? he was opposed to t We ere constraint d, however, to say, that opposed to the proi the demoralization of those exhibitions hat- j?ot. He supjxwed i been aided and assisted by many of those old the'greateat^MMiei | respectable Eccundrels, who exist in every large tb? Senator fiom M j city, and whose imaginations are the most cor- and^Vhl'wMU0) ! nipt ar.d atrocious that can possibly be imagined; ?ouKl rc, lj ni.J 1 white at the same lime they pass before the real ^eclaintioi?'l?? of the community as pinUSf religious, philosophic Mexico, when heh cal thinkers?members of temperance societies, ?ar'in her"5* Blli w< patrons of pious institutions, and other societiet Mr. 'Vkbstik co: of a like kind. At many of those exhibitions rt- 0iil.0r 'r(?ul , j j i i to ba gcuucd by rj c ntly?and in their worst c;nr.?.er too ? we are obtain pat:cnase. I informed tiiat ex-mayors, ex-uldermen, ex bank- Coogrta*, it would . , , . -ii ecutivo iuilueLce. ers, imd many ot titoEe who maybe considered b.;r of se.-itora f ; ex-clergymen and ex parson?, have actually been eTeri ^at it w< * * in search of u | seen to enter, pay their money at the door, ana tnrn ,0 tfceiriJlioi i t.ike av\Qy the worth of their money by looking kind fiienls would i at those licentious sights. The trial which is to wftuted'tfy^t'e'sout1 take place will, probably, bring forth as wit- tho people wantjd ut-Bses, some of those highly reverend scoun- for '^duilon drels, who to gratify their passions for the 1110 htr urritjrj, wklcl ment, would pay^ieir money for such aigh'.s. "*n and then raise a hue und cry about morality and expressed hu deiir< religion. SMSSS?*' These exhibitions may be classed with the Iluu*? shocking demoralization which grew up aboui Tho House oonr twenty yeurs a-,'o in this city, when the first at- m'embers^ c I tempt was made to give inatquerades at the the- cbiplain. Tiio jot | tres. In one winter these masquerades, which *hen, after the tr? commenced modestly and with great propriety, t?ik rx were run into all kinds of extravagance, so that j",17] 1 they had to be suppressed by the Legislature Uague, at the time j Now, however, private masquerades are givec, 11 jJir'k'nw mined' and are conducted with great propriety; and we be allowed the urr | have heard of several, the present season, which time of hl? doceav . . j 1 . ? Mr. Rumkt, of 1 have been marked with as much elegance and 0f hundrad del refinement the choicest masquerades given ot both, wbioli in in the first circles of London and Paris. - j ije resolutlene ulmsutljr. Sinot'Lah Act of the Assembt.y.?The tele- e grai h of yesterday brought us news ot the pas- ^t^we* aLVapJ 1 sage (by the Assembly) of an act nominolly to . ' tm. re-organize the ward courts of this city; but in ,,^Ir ViifTo*. Cha , , , , moved that efiect calculated to destroy them. Hits is a mitue ot thu Who! very hasty and imprudent piece of legislation, to up the apprnprieUo ' . - . _ 1 Mr. Str.FHKNl, ol say the least of it. 1 he present ward or city Th? an courts have hitherto worked remaikably well; the Senate uuieudi , , ment appropri tion I and the mode of tr*nsiciiiig bustnecs there, *?? tateo up, wiiti within tti<-last two years, has been greatly im 1 *ud ?ev?i?t .. | Aprttty warm S| proved and expedited, where, then, the necrs ] Weuj otCmne.-tic mi 1 y for this sweeping change! That some 1 about pnr?i*? and p I.. , . .. . , Th? committee 1 itirtn'T reiorrns in our cuy conns may De, per- ?,taout aulsntliaou h ps necess ry, we admit; but then it should o^tvei to; wlien tL UfVer 1)j done without due deliberation, which this measure has not had, but has been rushed NKVV V through under the party lash ; and we sincerely hope that the Senate will thoroughly investigate ...... j . i Mr. Wat hi* rep: nil ita detail*, and not by any mean* pass it in ii,hmex>tof normal iheha6ty and careless manner the Assembly hat . Mr Conk repirte ttOu6i Hwbotoii Sarato) ? _ Tbw t>ill to HMM Opemi.o of Navigation on the North River ,0?,i Company w> ?Navigation on the North River opens, this year, p?u'n'?\ 8 cl' j , j-j ,n. 1 Rjuao'? Pv?lu>. sixteen days earlier than It did in 1347, when the A rra.' steamboat Columbia first reachrd Albany, on the A l?11 f"T *ori 7th of April. The drat boat through this year, l""*"1 fi t Mt|I whs the Admiral, I'apt Hitchcock, who made TU* bill to ir.e< faat to the dock, at Albany, at 4 o'clock onTues- l'?n Company, wm day, p. M, 21st inst. The river opens, at the ' Mr Wiulumi b pr? Beut time, under the most favorable circum fh? I n"/? t-hinces, the ice moving down quietly, causing no *pcctiv?. eopiial ft>i damage, tud no freshet prevailing at the time dilion to U?a tax cc A lesot'ilion waJ Tn* I\'7k\ican Comvus^ionku?Col. Sevier, cm*l W ard to da?f I'r omniiwioner to Mexico, haa so far iecoveri:d from u? of tba impio* his .tiOispoiltion. that ha expects to Unve Wnshirgiou, rh?. improvement of ?o- ir>rrow tnornin^, f'ir Mexlc" Ho proneodf by the C?u?l iimiiiittne. ^ kcuiheiu route - Wa?h ngion Union, March 23. ^ ibttm look pi* BgggMBBMBMBBBSHM MIII11II -LJI 1,111 I IIU II, PHIC RTELLI6EKCR. jj1- i i > : .i. ? =r> Yeeteriey afternoon tbe Committal of the Whole Nummary, fitruoil the enacting c'auso from the Printing Bill in ers thtt by telegraph, l?t ev.nioe. . "??? ? ..%"'"' "tSIw" the speech delivered by Mr To-day Mr Raymond reported a resolution declaring _ limn hill ill lhf Senate vesier- Morgan Jobaacn entitled to the seat now occupUd by Irura, Bel bUI?Uie, * "'? yebler Solomon Mom: the report was laid on the table to await will appt-a reprebentcd an having been, on j the report of the mincrlty. t0 lle /r?u usuully eloquent and impressive j 4 v i. ,.. ?? rcuntrr . , . .. ,1 Mi. Cox reported a bill for the State to take ohargn of country, o. ee hours tun" in the delivery of | Dar.srille ellp and feeder. speaks of h lr. w. confined a portion of his i ? ? ? lat* comuimah o*""*1- . courie the , f 1 ar m ' Mr. McCabtv reported the Senate bill to repeal the iboratton of the views before act paying Henry Storma a sum of money. elde upon 1 11 iu some preliminary observa- cousxr rim. ?T,*/{??' . i?.?j Mr. Severance reported a bill to provide for tbe sale ox the uno. y, respecting ths contemplated of land* for ta*es in counties whore they are situated. rritory irom Mexico. He ex- ; damagk ?t riots. *"? .* f ? r. 1 Mr. W. 8. Smith, from a majority oommittee, rolative 1 Ijnance to the measure in forci- tj the case of Mr. Nile*, of Queei/s county, reported that \ '1 rill'ant c< id, in illustration of one of its Mr. N. refuted to adduce any ovidonce before the com- , ,,'2 1 niittee ! J 1 uiii, 1 the Mexican territory proposed N1r UrooK!I from a of the cominitU)ai Mpert. <1? vould, with the State of Texas, ed u b.ll for th* relief cf Mr. Nile* ; it was sent to t'ue ' f'"- i.?,s division into seven State., and *cn*:al ord<f,LI)AI,T AltD OOMO? ,AILM4D j racteri.ed, to furnish fourteen members to Mr. Bingham gave notice of a bill relative to the Al- 1 4Q?: '1,1 1 a population of only 290,000. *any and ( ehoea Railroad. I ? 'v. ' ' thb agricultural appropriation bill. , inpilllflhtv of r#>nrpfl- ntiltion US Tl ? Acrr fmilftiral A nr.? nm tat ir??? Tlill ma* lakan itn I Drllliani 111 render the inost serious conse- acted on, ?nd ordered to a third wading ' Bowaav .... .A REDUCTION OF FARC OK RAILROAD* last LVerl' Jnion?and he enlarged upon its The bill for iho reduction of tare on railroad*, was . ' :h great power and emphasis. sent to a third reading by a vote of 68 to 29. All the ? *?" , ? r ? . , cmecdments offarnl were rejected. ' The Wh as the lloor for to-day, when the __ already ir question will, doubtless, also Market*. rablamcn nplification. In the House, the Nkw Ohlf.a*., March 17.-Cotton was in general de Tho MCBI 11 was discussed, und a proposi- ninnd-goad to midllng (> ,, and o:nta. Sugar wa? mine pani ;reed to, that the arrears of pay q?!t"5S'8,<a"4 Mo^Srllm1lUd J'ff'c? urn , u u i . i~ ohoice, 20>ic. Flout? Sales of 100 barrel* were ?ff<?ct-d '" ?* UP( embers should be paid to their . .. . .... . ?, _ , .. _ . pestilenrc * at fs 10 for Ohio, Illinois f>6 60. Freights?Several admirably engagements made. Exchange, limited and ojjange In and midc ve proceedings, market reporie, tltj0 present c d below. Maroh lb - Sugar inactive; fair 3*,' and %% Molasses veiy^sccu 1 1 ' ' ?" 19c and aiMJe. Flour?Ohio $5 16;- Illinois $5 60 try duiin(

JEMS*. TlrrzA"!rir"f"lu,, ivt-d, by the overlaud express, Maroh lfl--^,000 bales of cotton, sold durlDg iha y Mr <. Orleans to the 11).h instant. week, brought good prices, mlddllog fair 7.1; and 7>?; the Wbit? Jane arrived at New Orleans fair7?i fve ?.ff l Tampico, which place she lett B ai-timorf, March 23 ?Flour?We notlco stiles t f too cor si'q^ei ., i i .i_ i bb's, including Ho war i stree-, at $6 76 a $6 81y, sad tedoaiho ad been levied on the people. . ... ' _ , . , , ' \iHl,y fSUi oner for negotiating a peace had Ml11'- do' tl *8 1J*> thi market 0,?<inK flrra ,om? in ti Wheat?A firm demand, with Falsi of 3,000 bushels, lc- ia er l.ou: extracts of a letter from Tollu- eluding Maryland reds, nt $1 88, and handsome family >fcould th cn said that Alvarez wus near wtite do, at $1 66 Corn-The market contk.n?d steady, Bo^ryw t General Butler had consented and we note salos of 3,000 bushels, inoludlng white and ? Walttbi it hostilities. yellow, at 4io a 493. Provisions remained without ,l Bottle" ana arrived on the 18'h lost, ... . TOV, . ... , . ,n. where she left on the 8th inst. m*ter,?l chM*e- Whlskey-We note sales of 100 Chath. lews of consequence. bbls at 83Xo a 24o. was w<111 . Buffalo, March 22?Flour?The Market is less firm, fornrancei fcxpl<alon *?im kiss ofLIf*. and prices show a slight decline; salts were limited If- They he iroruoundry'onrtessr. Cur- """ ? ??. l? of .b. E ist Boston, exploded at twen- ef freight cars, buyers cannot send forward l,a,t c )iie o'clock this afternoon, and their supplies as freely as they desire. Wheat?We chnrac en the engineer and dangerously oonld hear of no sales worth reporting; prices continue 2rco of 1 r bix others, one of whom has very firm. Corn?On account of the limited supply. made up lew the root from cfl the build- thwe vu but littl0 offerln(r ?hlle prices remain without a ^ ed down the side wall. The . ... , ? r. , ment; um < sion is supposed to have arisen change Thf Buffalo Creek is now open. minium tion of the water in the boiler Boston. March 23.?Flour?The market continued it w 11 b ? nen were gone to dinner. When firm, and sales of 1,200 bbls Genesee, Michigan and other night Mr. the engineer Btarteu the lorce good Western brands, were made at $6 87 a $7. Com ""nt/ntti boiler, and an immediate and wu something less tlrm, and sales of 6 000 bushels were company; an o owe . made, iasludlng white and yellow, at 66o a 69o. Rye? | Sales of 3( 0 bushels were made at 88a. Oats-Sales of themanag cOMQiUDSf. 3.600 buehels were made at 46c. There was no ohangs tunc in ti FIRST SKS ION. , , , ,i.a w;, <V*?hi.notow, March 23, 1848. In provisions p.ardurir SrnutB. Shipping Intelligence- never war ^iied a; tu*< u*ual hour. The Vioe lioaTotf, Mer23?Air ?lnp Tlios W h#*ii Eltlridre, f'autoi-. m?-nt8," p ihalr Rnd oullod it tJ Older. Prayer Halkm. Mnr 23?Arr baik Vv'illiim Scliroeder. Toild Uio .veninu's by the Hot Mr liurley. Otinie,K*b3 Left b-'iki Mch.?k, for Boston. 20 d?; John pt)r!<. corn ions and rejoll-tioita W?leh. Ame? for Pnii. ilelphia 2<l?; l enves*. Muuroe, from WiU tnko f Ne# York, presented a petition re- f?r Montevideo one: Sucre -^ov''', ^?\ or,5 wo ennnol .r. ?>. .,,^,,1 . ?i. , . f '? ? Millar. Blbbid^r, fdiD Mirieillfi nrr 18ih; L' una, La' e. watnuuoi . c,Pf f m v ? , u!? ? from r.adii, arr 20th, di e; Htsne-. Upton, for 1'a asuay. 10 d.; benefit. I10 k..ate of Now \ork. (ou what aub- i>rig? Jetfariou. Mt-ruie, fir York: fr lo:eace>. Malcolm, Irom Chuist^ irters or tolegraph omit to state,) an(i for Montevideo, arr In; Oriole, Uarttow, for do soon; Cat- )hl< . eoeived. Ordered to ba printed and rier, Hai'r, for do 5 ds; Uuii^l, Savory, from Salem di?c; Me- , troroli* Bmtetr, f om BtT(%v; ?< In Arrival, Burke, fd> do; , , . ra' ,u.,t( landi Benj Bigelow, Msvo, frn* aiB for Montevideo. 3 or 4 ds. Brie delighted I-Bivlii fr?m tha H.,11 a r .l .Ht-a to David Hotnlnw. for Montevideo, lid a^out *Jth. March 13th, i<leul ot n: celvtd frum the HoQ?e relative to |^t 30, Ion 67 10, p>i?ed an Am ?hp tteeiinv N'W with the lei- cr^cy. T >e of applications for bounty land?, ters Ifi W iu forerorsail,undoubtedly the fclua Warwick, from * Canton lor New Yo k. Th. y k1v< lumber putiki New Orleans. Mar 17?Arr ihipi Hope, end Kmily Tay" . ? ommittee on finance were Instruct- |0r, Host . CM shipi Me chant, acd Bottou; H-n" oablk r the expediency of admitting lumber doo. Philadelphia; bmk Morritlo, New Yoik; briu Capt Sinai goniuse* I ew Brum wick, British province, into lev, do. and wo re* State* free of duty 18th?Arr ihipi Ne'ecet^' New York; California, Boitou. odllutc'oi THK LO?i IIL! Cld bark Brttit, Boston; b'lg Julia (St Ellen^jNew York. r.,.? PI 19tb?Arrahipa Alleshiny PhiladelphiajTolumbia. ; U.H" cbaiman of the Committee on Fi- birk Due d'O leans. Phil deli h'a. Cld thipi Palestine. New continue I e up the Loan Bill, which wasagreod york; Au.terlin ; bvha'ltinble', J?o?u>u; U W Riu- Bsoai.w . tell, ; sell.-Haberlii:*, Baltimore. erioirln ting the floor, he prooeoded to id- ?>r? . * ,t corslderable length. Ha eald the , ... , , , Mr. Dos that they had bftn 6Egagfld for a j BRANCH OF T11C JVlINT.*""" VV hut has DCCOITIC 01 \lr. d coora in ratifying a treaty *hleb ; the proposition to establish a bracch mint in Tacatre, ' "by the* war-^toVt^Vll"tu*oBCot New York 1 Experience ha3 proved that such < hatloa exluuating expenses, permitting the an institution would he highly advantageous to a" ," ? da r.nd children, if yet living, from .. . i . ,l i j i_ Ice S.e hter. But hardly had three hal- the goverment and to the people; and we hopt jn, ekhlb; d, ere we were summoned to our representatives in Congrefs will not allow ins rumen the' pwposf"rtobr"oa?i7- the matter t0 ?et the slip- . ItB establishment has ;o the vital parts of the ene- ' been recommended by high authority, and it ilKSR^WtSSSI? ! "Il'd <??>y ,he aidt.ouv.nUoce of ,he l0^?' debater alluded to the singular and j people. He wants ice in this iuatacco of roversiDg the _7 ^TI . _ I ~ tD find voi We proceeded to rotify a treaty i 1 lle lUTolaUon. wiU Cftu a( gotiate altsr*artla We sanction or A numerous assembly of German citizens took amouut of then send out two ministers to ni- i ?i _ _ ?, ,1 _ i , i-i tt.h inmylett^ n proceeded to txpteas his repug ; P'ac ? 'ast nl=ht, in the large and splendid Hull l sa 11 n in sttonpf Un.uage Ho said that 1 of Mechanics, in Hester street, for the purpose forathouj Coition of \?hVia?for?arny suchT" | of making a public demonstration of sympathy that he should be called a Mexican and concurrence in the recent revolution ol I t. Th: c?,n*id,"r^ ! Paris. Alan early hour crowds began to pour j?!^rLe^ an lie knew of in this country to be ! 7 * 1 beeaagot ichigau (A laugh ) into the room, and, long before the time an- ijuirioo^: hi^aii, here interiup'.od Mr. Webster nounced for meeting, the epuciousapartment was oiency hti iko to kDow how the Hon. Senator, filled to ovn flowing; tlie utmost enthusiasm wh-mlrj recouci;e his statements, previously was manifested i.i l;ivor ol Frunce. The utmost ttan useie lent argument-an-, whctler nu (or- :0? nnj admiration was expressed for her brave that, the I ASiiSJSiiEKJi2.SU! i?Vf' rd .1" i?"n" fffilu-01 l'2i?S ls only intended to frighteu.and not to vaded the whole assembly. 21 I cp At abrut eight o alook the meeting was called to otdcr *ot>r*no. t :itiuued, ar.d said in reply totho 8e ^v Mr. Aherns.who nominated Jacob Uhl, Ksn , edit )i forgooirran, that the great o'j-ot piopoacd oftho Staa'* as chairman ol tho meeting. The islug tbtse thuty regiments, was to nomination was received with cheersi by the immense p^haticg bhould cuch a meafuto he pesstd hy erowd, and Mr. Uhl was eonduotod to the chair. of m.infigt gr.atly extenJ the sphere cf Br- 1 ho ch.irman, on taking the chair briefly addressed auh,oriber There would be a vast nam- the meeting, and returned thanks, in a brief and suitable p8tl.nt foi or communions. He hoped, how- address, for the honor oonforred upon him. Mr. Alb jul.l uover pass?anJ that those Several gentlemen were thsn nominated as vlos presl this oo;nn: lilitary appointments, voull n- d. secretaries of the meeting, and accepted una- lulian Kei, in gcud health, where their nimoos'y .... ... soiutulou I be r. jo'ced to see them. We did 'vf, Kbokr then cam-, fr.rwaid, and address-d1 tho iair?r?ty. I as to nsw territory, it was neither meeting in an anima'ed strain on th? great event of '.he m U'jd con h, the north, east or west. No, no; day, and conoluded by presenting tin following resolu it,iiuns (I no more territory, and they would tlona tor adoption: s! ure have rgun, continued and now prosecuted Itesolved. 1 hat we Germans, as tru* and genuine re- in deb: an tf territory. No -let Mexica ke<<p publicans, hill the news of the recent French revolution noU,g fleiv j we do not want, anl let us k cp our ? 'b? about of vsotory and beginning of tin trlumfh ol w le4Te ,, ? i *H? . fr?edotn in Kurooo. w.. bster had concluded, Mr. Haanegan , Th?? w" unlt? In one unanimous about of :>J , hn I to apeak, when, on motion, the St- loud thynfea to the French nation, greeting them em- tira wlth i . Haaaegan being entitled to the floor pbatlcally a? ' i he Republican Nation," which again ^ ,n haa bean the first of people to ut'er tin cry ot''Free- * 4ljj j. ' , dom," and unfurl the flag of European liberty ; and anm itiiM-i i of Uepraeentatlvea. th?t we are asmred that now not only Fr?noe, but also p01lr., ened aooordiog to tne hour of ad- fc-jrope, will nlae the bauner of reputlican liberty t. ir , J Speaker re; umed hi* r eat, nnd called Resolved, That re native born Germans, and adop'rd irder. Irayorwus cffeted up by the oillzena of the United States. we hope to see aur ardent M , , lh inula were then read and approved; ?gpiratlona realized, that eoon Germany will rlae in h?r unliir.i naactioa of aonie otuer routine busl- might fiom li*r auplne rubjugslion to the ncb^e oonteet 6tj, for demonratio republicanism v or a DtcE*a?n mkmrkr. Resolved, That the pride and glory of Germans con e, of New York, ui nod that-the ar- jn this, that; all tlie world over Uiey are citlzans of 2brimw the Hon. Mr. Jno. M. Holly, his ool , th? world, and deaire the happiceaa and proaperity of P of his death, m.jht be paid to Mrs. tho people every whero. , of deceased. j Reaolved, That we conalder tha time not to be f<r (lis- Hth xh an amendment, that Mra. Hornbeek Unt when the United Statea of America and the United .J.-' ,7 eara of pay due her huiband at the StaUg of Kucot? will vie with each other in the attainu v . - , ment of the highest pitoh of human liberty. . . * Sew Yoik. mo ved to Include the sum , Reaolved Tnat the United Statea of Aineriea, mindful ,hlLl Hare for pay lug the funeral expenaea I 0f tbe former aid coutributed by France to the formation J", A " ? lost. . . , ot our republic, when she helped to tight with ua for ten proposed and discussed. the libertiea we now enjoy, will, out of gratitude, and as , * wete then voted on, and carried una- ; B republloan duty, take decisive measures, and iminedi J***; . i at* earneat action for the help and aupport of tho , bill.. Frenoh republio. * ' ,U 10 leading importance, ware reported, The reading of theaa resolutiona waaaocompanied by ,y,,' .Vr irepriate.y reteried. ; , burst of apontaneoua enthusiasm, perfectly aatound- , c arraoraiaTiort bill. 1 jnri One spirit of ardent feeling and profound enthu- . irnino ol the Committee on U'aya and ; jimm aniiaated the entire assembly, which wia crowded 108 the House resolv* itself into a com- i to auffooation i am a s le on tho state of the Union, and take xh^ resolutions bslng put by the chair, were c-.rried use, ?o n bill, wnloh was agreed to unanimously amid loud obeer? and hurra* r t.torgU, waa called to the chair Loud cries for '-Foosoh," ' Feosch," were then mile tninn tuat nouncod ;hf Umt thing in order to he Mr Foo-ch, a German gentleman, famoua for hla elo- i, ''u{i! mcnta to the bill providing for d> li- qusuce.thencanKforward and a Idreased the meeting and v V' j lor t..e |.iuhcnt year, which ?,,oke w|rh much ardour and auimation upon the re- * ** n keverui anendu.e:its wi ie projxiaei, volution Ju?t accomplished in Kranoo. He pourtrayed t. .iTT1 r* a l ln so ltlio Uou e in succenlon. , jn thrilling language the tyranny nnd daceiilulness ot fv i? urring took place between Mr llork- I Louis I'hilippe, and dwelt with much warmth upon the , ( ;iit, and Mr. lloukton, of Alabama gtorinus remits to ba expected from thi? fresh dawn of rule wnlel art /. m ao ion, itu liberty in Kurope Mr K concluded liy olfaiin< a rusooso and repo.u l ihe t ill to the House, , m ion. that no Lxeeutiv* llepublican Co*omi'.teo bo . , "J.*,1 it- the Heuate am nc'in -i's were then formed of liolil arid un loubted men, to commuuicute with ' ' o Ilouao, on motion, adj turned. th. | French pio?i?lon*l g v^inment, to oot as a ' propa : '? __?? I yaiid*." and to corioeiitmle tbe powers and enorg o? ot ' ?reaaui .,nir iriiici . f Kepublican Amerie.a, and ol nirn of all rmtiona and I e>''npaoy . , countries in Amerioj, to assist, promote nod pncuura^e, 1. u a B *LBAW?? Maich ilJ, 18-48. by all possible means the maioh and Mice at a of re. ciniir. publican liberty In Kraiioe and Kuvope. year an bar normal 0]- . A gentleman from the body ot the meeting, proposed HT* l"*"1 1 >rted a bill lor tho |.?:Ennf'nt es .ab- t>at tbe committee to be forined. rhould be denominated W1" chooll. , th8 Revolutionary Committee f ,r Kranoe and F.urope " owner! ha railroadi ?rr*ir*. Thli propceltion wa* immediately acceded to unl , ?> A 'ncorP'"'a'? the SacketU adopted, amlti deafening ehou'R of applau*e, ami with I he leaf [d It iiiroad Company. an enthuiiiaein peit'-'Oily aetonnding and OTerwbeltaioc ] any of the I tin charter of the Nirt lern Rail- several other gentleman then addr>a*ed th.? mentirg It h'V? too i is acnt to a Rtloc.t eommittoe. The proposed, and unanimously agreed to, that a (jreat I to, * bum to bi l j(fe Lako t.b>iro; lain at m,M nieetibg, of all nations. should be held in the l'urlt b. fore, tb? od ao early any; whereupon a olkoton wan t-ikt n for *' """t iv iniuhaivce comhrt. th? purpoae of carrying the objects of the m*irtia Into ! "nHly<ni mauou ot an insurance company v. a* . *Vd, afUr au a.ur*at*i e.euiog in which a /,-u! 1 and enthusiasm iinpsslbl* to be dricilbed or pv- n onn- i itkam i?avioatio?j r9"'rtr<v trired. wasmanllf-stod by the assembly as one Ej iu. tho I it[i?rnt? mi I , lail Hiram Navlga- meeting at a late hour a'ljmiroud, to meet again in mare Itru'iis pa??ed. In tlm Perk, on a day herenf er to be annoui.oed. t ir?.tt fund ba*m opera com rought In h bin to compel the safety r iroRNIA Kmiok.a\t^ ?The ll'n/aa llrrntd t,ir" 11" *' into the Co n; trollei'? ui?n*!e, belore , , . ? L" V. A I eon ewpt , on* half of one n?r cent of their to- a , 'n11^ ! gentlemnn, ^Iidiimb bc-m the Cj the benefit of the safety innd, iu ad- i"?l i'0 Oregon, rated that lie met the la?t ot tiiul worn, iw imposed by Uiv the emigrant*, wendin* their way onward towarlthe an-.lability piao mraf'Ti mri?T? Ptrfle Thoy had been unite unfortunate with their willl'orai presented and a icpted, rrnn'ring the ?*'? e. At ore tlmn they were frightened by the Indian*, (!,. >:rfb rinine tae ro.nVarrive eipereTand ?n<\ In the.r hnrry o woape, a wagon WM npiet end h flotage,! in-tit of the III*, k i Ktbcr, an I l>"11 hlllot1' *""<h of b> t-.e e?n lJuirao harbor, recommended bythe < nnty, Mo , had died. Shei belonged to CooUran and f'he qoa J.hmon'i company. At tho tima our lii oxmarit lull i ffroitHof * ce until 4 o'o'oek. tLeni, lhay were generally wall. j thth? _" _!_?' 11 .'!.' 'I1*. y f'?1>."l?iii?'iiw ?.,i.,n Itaeatrlcal aiut Musical Oos cr two :f tha /?,A,? DjnX,* tribeof nawspapcr rvspcr Ofm*.? We Late already ls/ormed cur ritd" tew, haro Tuad* the; n?U>s ridiiulou?ly con*pic<iouii la e Aitor rise* Opera will re open on Monday ' niog, ?t the bentflt of . , ... ,.r ... ' Bl^aocimtl (hit litilo pot <>f small potato* boiled over xt; and wo new learn It will open wrh and a stout gentleman, with a rod ??st, straddled ?n t,J ul opera cf " fcmanl," by Verdi, in wbio*> tba Btaie, and oioirnfd the prima donna. I shaw : nsTantano, Uassi, and Sguor Arnold! ^rh'?rati% *l^??MCfi >r?t>. . , . ' ...,. , ?M qnwMl r?g*s fiercely In the company, the memr. Tli;s last mimed gentleman 11 an addition bers ot KbJo'i are ail in f.Tor cf Truffl, and the oonse pe, and will appear lor the first time in this quence will b<? that BUcnrciantl will leave, and thin ,luportfroa r?n.,,,;,hu nia as aitUt of a very Liga orJor, acd of thing oyer. ie will be great curiosity to hear him, and de On Saturday night oar operatio Hurry subsides, with bis merits. We trust that tha tll'.y critics,who *.11P^h d^P at th' Mu|lcal Fnnd, and ontly dono their be<t to destroy the nuccess >aIcrabT? M l*'? to return ra, will not re.?n*age in their silly attacks on ^n^s a dr^n *" PPy 0JBt"a'lt ?U i hot. ut, a.nt their b slohbciing of other*, but if ?>,, n...,nIiki. ..... ,r .v > Hand or tall upon their own merits. On I h jy??- v.l .?^*r? "*vM H1 vening, wo understand tho tr?up? will givo a pniudcii hi i ?n ?fii h J ? ? m have been iu >ncert, at the Tabernacle; andfoa Wednes f/"* '?1^7*'fZ? .t,oubl? 6 ,ou?b *<?? yjur vill perform the opera of - Lucieti. Borgia," 1# K.V " i ?T" . at tho Opera Housi, to b* followed by "Lucia rmoor." 'on F. i lay. with B.scaccian'l, as Lit ?* rveT? W- ^ looks like*; and wo ogain express tur h, ,? ? ?B P]uC0" .v"*, the second period it tho season v ill he clu- ***" ? ^ > . tee?th' "?to kiM not only by better monagement, but bettei ?*nd are read/ to begin a;<ain. Vours at th? aatbufir>t was. Wo kuppose that the ladie< roes ThiaNOLK, ly gr:!c.o t!i? bo<i'9.will make their appeamnco City Xntellluenoc vest Parisian fashions, 'ihis would bake# thb lmerovawicrti cr th? Citt-Tho Imnrov*. ght for the te-openiug. mun'3 in thi city, for tha year 1847, w?ru very Thkatbk ?" Tho Bottle" wps (>gain repeated i?reat. ul wiil be seen l?y the aunsxed table; ng.and the I'ramatii pe> sot?<s acquitted then . n"xnh*r of Lo-jspb erected, fills r. , . , , , short of the cumber erentod In 1816, tho cause of i highly crtditable new drama ?hlch was, however, tho great building opuratlon* on .!?..! II .1,. W. 1, Iharnim ?f ll? ?o,.? , ... L-i ..4 _T._V im. _ ..1, Iiweuujr, W ??#W u vv -- ? w. -..V? 0?vu V mo, iu huv r 1101 WUFvJ. A *I'J l?U>l?9 .,?? !, ?*.* th. plot, d,.ig?, ?.< .Jml- | *&? _ '"'* ' '? ner iu wh'ch this new piece lias been got out. Wanlt. 1816. n\ndi. >8.7. Incrtai*. Dterea,t. < in laid in Ireland, during tbo period of the fa- ? ./v?u' c, and tho dreadful incident! c mnected with l t Ai l.t- &uila"'p'asented with a graphic fidelity that tells with '"i ?? : * 6;' >n the nuditiry. The horror* rf ftmine and a, * ' r" ~ f, with the train of evil* that follow, are ill 4-h" ' *" * * 00 4th*''"" o,> ' Riven; and iht-n the extortions of the prrc'or ... f |jJ , ' 4 llcin..j, presenting a perfect picture of the B,. * oiiditlon of the people ?f Ireland, who ?rs 7 h' jm,"***" en -J dmperntioa and to d-eJs of > lood, will t,i?oa a .h .... 0J rate idea of tha awful condition ?>f that coan- ?.h: lni Q,,' f} ; the lute lan.lie. and up to the present time ,!{,;* '?* 08 T~. ?rehail, in the chaiaoter of Lawrence McCur lrtl ...{J' 1(w ou rhiteb-.iy, acquitted fcim'clf with much abUI- !"?' lit ; W.Claikc, as L uls, captnin or tiainer of " ? * ?* " ? ? . ~ 74 sboys, suftulncdtl e j.ait admirably The piieo ,, ? ?'7 {, {* '?A ' mo.-: suoce^ruily. Wo obsorvod several to !, f* J?'!*1 .7.;. 1 ippcif ted, la (h? early part of the evfniujj, in ' ,? ice of business engagements, hiving calo.ila* ? 4?J } ? *" ' 163 ' Whltefcov" being tho flirt piece performed " ? " ? ~ illes can c.ilord lime to attend the theatre 18tn ^ la,h ^ ie early f flrt of tbe evsr.iuA, and others at n r, with a Ttw to see f.cme tavor:t? plcoe; nnl i: . ^ , 7 ? e pieces uc tor ormed consecutively. ns th.y Tb? when compared, show a decreasa of sixtythu rill, mil v of the prtrens and lritnds ot thu [our bulWlnRt ia sll ibo wardj; but tbo wards which rotild bj mu.h ur*titl?J Tte - Bottle" and haf? inerea^ed, are tho.o which hare been leia vUited )j " will kgaiu be rep'a'ed ibis evening. The conflagrations, ""Pj tbe SUteenth war4, which w,ll be th3 flrat piece performed. I*0 ?f17one''u,1^recll ?^d 0 ' , ,, . , ,, Ingg. from 1848 to 1847. Tho Twelfth ward also showsn l>i f hkat r>:.?TLi) very welt appointed house conrlderable deorease. whilo tlio increase in some of the Bile J last evei Inf, to^witnera the various per- wards is really astonishing. i wh oh waie ?i?<n for the bcneiit of >Ir. Seo- Thk Weather?Unlike tho pUasant dayi which consisted of the dTarffa cf MaltSTF^lconc," a h.aVtt uPoh.tbe ff '?|f. yesterday was very . ,.f . - dmRgieeabia binl uopl-aa-Lt. Tbe sun wa? obacurod. t igard li e, iu which .?hss S Dexiin perforiaed from hia riilug, and at eight o'clock there was an intl* if Forunato Falcone to perfection; tho other mat ion cf an approaching snow storm, thero being u ? were w. II played, and the pieco went off ad- 'J*" f4llin? of r8,n anJ together. At one o'clock The nulo-iranu ot tho - Blind Boy," tho thara was an appearance of clear weather, which lasted Stato Secrets," a. ?1 posturing, dancing, &o.. fo* ^ a ??w "T.'6,*' 0nJ,tha ",D aKa " be??n,t0 J?". th-. evening's bill Tha Chatham theai?e has whi?? continued at Intervals until about five o'clock In igh stand amoiiK our places of public amuse- U1"3 afternoon, when there wr.s again an appearance of l as Ion? as H continues under the excellent clear weather, th?Mtirlng sun casting his g.nrnl rays , nt which now controls it, we have no doubt "T" the eity ! and agsin 0 ouds obscured hie fuo*. Tha as fnlly patronised as it has been of lato. To n,Kht S8f la wllh cvery ladication o? stormy weather. Hitld takes his bone fit?he is a most desarvirg Navioatio.n ok thk Hu'ojo.n ?Boats have commenced [lent man, buth a? actor and citizan. Ha pre- running to Albany, the riv-r being nvarly frae of ice. ie bill, on t tha following members of tho Park The first of the week the Oregon uud Isaac Newton, of have volunteer )d their aid,viz : Meesd. Vernon the "People's Linn." commence tluir regular trips to Altt, IleBsis. Bass, Dyett aud Rio They will biny direct, without landing. The Oregon having been s. veral aiausihtt farce? , and Mr. Ch^iifrau, wit'adiawn from tho Sound, will appear in an entirely ;er of tli o house,will lUewie give h:s astis- new dress and il'.ting up, un ler tha command of A. P. 10 obarccicr of Jeremiah Cllpp. in the. farce o< St John, her former popular commauder. tow's Victim." Mr. Hiold will likewise ap Xhk Mouel Artuts a?d an Alosrman.-A stroag the eTen)ny in the oomedy o V .tint Hentt ^llort has for some time past b on mauio^ to stop tho 1 Fair Lady. Toe larce ot - Naval Lngage- exhibition of the model aitists. both by th? Distriat Atin't Lillian, the ''bow Oirl, will fill up the toir.ey and tho Ccmmon Council; and on Wednesday all programme. In the tirst the members ot tae ociticeinea in the niautgeuient of these exhlbitinns were, pony will appear, an l in the latter Win ms bvnl,v. ?r n,. iir..>,i ii.r? r.a.d tr.onm. a prominent part. With ail those altrnotioii9, derly houien, and at the same time ordered to Bhut up : dou jt t.iat Mr. llield will htvoou overflowing their cs'a'oiieliuients. appear befjie tha court and give biil for their epprarancu fur trial. The trUl of Honor* r'? Mimstrel? ? TUo fuu goeson as fait as e^r Sbeppard, the notorious lVms'u vounterfeittr, wan on nmstrels. at Mechanic's Hall, and their coll- liaod, and the room was fillod with those who felt morn attended nightly by crowd). Kvery body is or less Interest la her (access. Several of the model with them; they are undoubtedly the buau tnen were called. and atnong them the proprietor of tha ?ro sing'-ra-thu very picks tl" ivgroarisic- ; r?inp!e < f tbe Mm-j, who wes.ready on the fpot with h'.a hoiz all gi: g is t p li .e a? ever. and thair d-r.- oail It was no lets a persona^i thin Aldermtn MoKIilly ?>:ntt iu? worth walkiug five milrs to s-.o. j their 14:Jih conceit this evening Democratic Movement! ?The democrats are slowly lnotiiers ?Tne singirg, Sic., of thefe arausng pr-gr?neii g with their nominations?at lease so far as li quits uiiiqua. They uru succceding iiotly, publicity go?s In the Second ward, it is pretty well uncommon t our up town friends to give them a <l?i stood that Mr. Jerava Libby will be the candidate for lvemion ilall, la Woostor a:., near lliuoekt-r. Aluciman. and Dr. He bard for Assist ant Alderman. In t Room ? At this place the model artists sli 1 '^e j','c8? ,^r' S ^ Hsrrij wiU, It la said, ba the heir exhibition* otndidate fcr Alderman. In the Lighth ward, William ,. . , _ ... ... F. Havemeyer has been nominated aa the candidate lor at Obf.o.v.?ibis house opens to night nith the Mavoraltv etrel.y, dancing, Sto. ? , . . . . . . ttt 11 . (lea* Streets?The streets were alive yesteru ay npcttr 13 giving concerts at A> ushing cn iabarers ; and there is now a tolerably lair proopect Mrs E. S. Conner, are playing at the Adelphi fcr clean streets, at 1-ast until after the approaching Washington City. election. They will then, moat probably, fall back to Dibdin Pitt is playing at the Pittsburgh tie i,brtr u,uml conditio? until the tppioach of another eiecHon. yermarkisclie band were at last accounts g'v- ^l5I4,Tf1 bv A'ofi.kxv ? An it:qu?t was held by Coro.tions of their skill and talents ns musicians ur.d at 2A3 \\ aabingtoa street, on the body of tal performers at Savannah. *n Englishman, named George Nugent,aged about aixty years The deceased was a pedlar of window shades Tii? Italian Opera. a3d st?c>iiug?. and at tim/s addicted to drinking. He v,,? Vn.i vf?r/.u IT 14.1a retired to b?d early on the evening before bis death. h :?Your common lent, "One who wishes to dr"k* too gr. ai an unbrlicver in mere stat.wents J*"4?1" ^'D t^ "v/A'' b^' ,P', v ?lm"' proot-proof - but to get it, he cannot expert U " b'* ?Plnl;n tbat the deceased died by apoichers inserted ia a n.wep'tper column. It *, plrX*- rhs Jur> w?"??red a verdict accordingly. : the t.'cHsu;y at Astor I'idoe, he o?n get auy evidence to correboxate the statements made Follr.e Intelligence. ?r of the 11th inst Burflary.? Officer Murphy, ot the 1st ward, arrested ow reply to his qj*stlon?, a.i fgr a* I r,hl? ; last night, two msn. called Frank Smith, and James K?l;h I "iLO? " v.^Ht I stated in lny previous ly. on a charge cf forcing epen the door of the foreearid Citn pro^e it, 1 did not prcfets to know .-til tie on board the schooner Seguine, lying at pier No. 6, ia c>f tin ''st?g^ secrets " \ North R'ver, and stealing therefrom, alot of rigging, valiowaersof the Opera Hou'e re not the real ' u;da!#ll They were detected rowing off with the pros. TLst is to say, if the speculation b*a i prrty in a boat. Ju>tico Diinker locked them up for >ii one," tho prtli s would have fene to S<n- j trial. 1'iitti As ir hij barn uoUr unate, the dsfl- ! CAir/je of Larceny?Officers I'atlerson and flmlth, of * been ui.i.'n uo by the few liberal gentlemen of ' the lover police, arrested list night m Dutobman oalled lokr. *a S &. P h?ve no property, and ate worse I Helix Rikerti. a janrntymin tailor, on a warrant i?8U>-d i-b. bein^ n pesitivo expense to the concern : ic by Justice Drinker, on a charge of stealing four unmade ,'itti family haTo hid large salaries, without , o >at.?, value >28, on the 8th of October last, belonging to ?u cqutVAtent. They are now, however, in ; Henry Brooks, ?>rner ot Catharine and Cherry streets, u pure, cut off which property the accused has appropriated to hia cwn uuct acoount for the ercplcyraect of a third 1 u*e, instead of returning the same, when flnlahad. Jus0 which you al;uJe. further thin It was dtne ! tice Dnnter looked him up lor trial. *4ions, by ta?ir at'ornfy, Mr. A'.binelv j St-aing a IV tch ? A lellow ciiled John Clark, was Alliiuela holds the paw<-r f attorney cf S. isud ' arroj'ed y*st*rday, by Officer Bulger, cf the 6th ward, accepted tbe arduous a:.d thankless positioa | oil a nhnrgo nf stealing a watch valued at $20, the pro<r, at the u 'gen i, solicita'.ien of ujitny of the ' p iriy of J jha T'"yot;. Jus i:o Ddnksr lockod him up s, as w< ll as 8. and 1', who are tot\l!y incoza- tor trial. r the position. ! ? aaeln'spersonal character Is too well known :c j lutw Intelligence. lunlty to rtquire & notice from ma Holsnn I UitiT^o States District Court. March 23 ? Boforv) atlcman of tiir fits', rtspectab iity, cf the meet Judge B. tts ?The Uni rd Stal'tvt The Schooner Mary s honor, ludotiii able energy, and ULfl.uCnl g .Inn, Art- Tackle, 4 c ? JiHe^cd Sieve Caie. ? Thia was His judgueot is puiJ'd by a strong mind and a llbsl tiled by the U. S. Dist-iot Attorney, ogtinst the tmon sense, and butfor his tirmners with those , tcbooner Mary Ann, her tackle, kt. The cajse was 1 in*an ositaiii ot tnem.) the Opera would long . called ou about twoo'clook. and tbe case for the prosei been broton down, and irietrievably involved cution opened, fiosn wLi.h it appeared that she sailed d law suits, i need only ndd, that Mr Albi- ' from this port on tho at) it cf July last, with a crew of 'iees are eutirely gratuitou*; and as he is about | five persons, besides the officers; Peter Floury was masr ois naMve country on private bus n'ss, it be- I ter; that the sailors were told she was destined for tbe mebody to look about lor a substitute. ; West Indies; tuat it wa< not until she arrived off tbe ow nothing of the particulars of the difficul- ! coast oi Africa they ktiew where they were going On 'too nnd UsuedtUi, other man what n .ve ap- j tneir arrival at (Jaienas; Captain Kloury went on shorn; print. ' the next day some Kroomen cacre on board, and tcld tb? committee. ! moan the thr?o gentlemen I the mate tbe schooner wm to be employed in tbe slavo by tb* rub?crib*r? to jrot-ct thilr intonate | trade. Tbo m?t? then, It seem*, put to son in scarch of r with the o?n?ri and managers at any timecn I an American cruiser, but Hading non?, he steered foiilf. This committee are Ilobirt U<y, Jam-a O. this port, whore bo amvtd in November, and gave iud Henry A Coit, K'qalres, g?uti?m*n who (crm^.tio,i to the authorities, upan which the preecnt a respect and confluence of tbia community to libel was fllej, for the condemnation of the schooner, ted extent Sco. AOjoutned. e power to enjage artlefs does belong to this Circuit Court, March 31 ?Before Judge Ldwardi ? ?, in connection with Mr. Aiblnola, who ih miliani C. Porter and L>v>it bollard, ve \Vm Jo net ? petent, as are two of tho orminittee,for that Action for an cscapo. Tho defendant* obtained njiidRBui., (1 speak without positive knowledge.) I rncnt against a man named George Bint, for $000. upon ley consult other competent juugesiu such which nn execution issued, under which Bant wee ar* ? . . rested and put on the limits. Ha was afterwards seen in is is a question which I would prefer not to an- on(! 0f th* ferry boats, crossing to Brooklyn. The dels a private nfTuU of the cwners However. 1 tence wa?, that be was tuken out by writ of habeas iat I have reason to believe that the building corpus. The j'liy found a verdict fjr plaintiff lor the at quite, if not over. UAH too I did not say amount ot the bonds. wnerehave acted any ii?eir.?; Common Pleas, March 23 ?Rawdon nnd Groetbnck, necf them, Mr Foster, h*s done evyrytbnig vt. George, lituhtr? Ao'ion on u drait for $lftt>0. Tha en asked, not only iii alviDom,; ?ud giv hi' defence was, pnvment by aq asslgnnie d of property for i of money, but also in making snob loiorove- plaintiffs benefit Verdist for plain-lff for $1750 20 the convenience and B-fety ot the pub'.le as Bulore Judge Daly.? milium (Jalt, Executor, vi Peter rated to him by the committee, or, ! fact, by Ifom?Action for the bilunco of a promissory note tor snbsoribis. $600 The defence was. a set oft'. Verdict for plaintiff ik tbat the rent paid to th* owners is too high, j0r f :i70,the sum claimed. h?y should not receive it In advance. They Stntirrt ft al, rt. White if- Sunt ?Verdict for ptaiuhare the rink with the eu'oscribere. tiff* for $12!U, amount olalined Staf'inV'nn.* eo??.0euf,uhtmi0t.,tvhlnvet^o court rr uenkral Scums, March 3? -Before Hefor y bu't ?b e s a beer. b *? S, ?d tfoVo" *"g ?'^ tertv ?an?d1 c o n tri hu t e?t o* 'he lluDD* r^cf^ 'hl Eclu'ut<?, of Model ./Irti,,,. Michael K.3urks, of Palh? -,nnnJ v^ aB. Lo^iki b/irsira mo 'i Kiohard W. Williams ami K iward Kow.'er, oi ?lio uih7ET??^* n possibility, be losers, Trrnfla c( Muicii aIlJ 1)r Ureely.of tho Odeon, indicted ____ . .,?' J J.?,i. r.ii.BnUi li lor caueing the indecent oxpoKUieof f?'in?lea, k.-iown uh , rV r Vn , * a * ' r ; n o<el arUsts, were brought into court.his mo.ning on a . Pold half o! their box ? th^ i^ringS th ' ^ Xuh' V* ^ ^ ^ 8U'" ?f ,0 n,tmb^^T/rb^oPwn\Vrnnrbfer.MI?'?I J5,'r ^"aUm.eal Z?um -Dr. Wooster Beach, also Indict?c?Xn X idmlited und? one tloket. 3l,Ure,, h",d '? ^ la e fancy iail realised from *100 to $2'>00, ro't.lT^unterfeU BHU-The trial of Honora8heprer an^enreYUf?i pr.rr,y-tt ni P' un indlotin-nt nburglnR her with passing cono[' J ilj oh -f ihV t. ifeit mouey, was then resumed. It appeared by th9 t. D / ^ i h * t ooituaies, or LTj4?nw that she went into the store of Mr Dupuie, a ii" ?' you speak. I phj aici+n o>.d dniffgisf, corner of Broadway and HousiTHi 6| ? T r* ,y lVl*S i ,ou siriiets, a boat the fo.lor December, lb47, and purinters in l.eciming le,s?fs of the bouse They | cbMe,, ?, ^,orlh rf mpdiclite, for which she gave a $10 ound to pay tne enormous rent. eome what in pajm?ltt Bnj re0eived the balance When she had th?y have th-* etalf In their own hands as the . (f A Dupuls found that the bill was not genuine, veflot ooinplied strictly willi their stlpnia- b)lt' ?^t hfr till ?he calle I at the s ore . . . . ab ut two weeks after, and purchased more nanl contracts cau be ss-n and crp.el by ^edl'lne lor which she teudered another $l(i brtlln pay subssribf re who ch^cse to take bold of It I m(,nr refimed to take It. but without telling hor It mnoh else to do, co l aia willing to p?y m> ? COun'erlclt. the left the sioro, and he aent rve as r? ls?on for the lu:.Ure. But, as I said j,!, ejeri< Ailed Daturne, afer l?er, to watch her mof' >re is now a prorpect of ell prlng oa we'.Ij aud mM)ta who s iw ber fo into a giocery atoro, and pur11 h?lp them along, till w- get fie noucern chM4e * bam from a Mr. Daly, io> which abu tendeie t toe Is h'ftS ng'ilu who K^ows. bill in pay m^nt Daly du nut like the aipcmance of tho r r. - u laid bill ; but as lliere were several pnisnns in the etoro Piiii.iDr i.rniA, Mareh 2?, 1818. waiting to be served he h?<l rot tima to try whether it Thf PhilaJt Iphia 0/>eia Si/ualtklri. vv*s good or not, but took it, end gave bcr tlio balance, to be the "taani est de? iav" of all Italian 1 altir she bad ste ed that her imb, wee Mrs Smitli and ,, . a j aw -aa llrnt ?ho lifei ?t No o7 Mercer at. V ?niu#g, ?*hoi tly al ptries to f qu - r bln th^mMlTei to mat the hill wa* ouunteifeU, he went to Mys >oJ opinion of tho ptibJio int > nnlouie ono C9f Btre#t mii 4 mado enquiries for the nrUoner, b it wt:)i W e wrre in \ opta tbla would noi^ ()yt He then lutt th^ caao tu the hand* c?f tho *p?in rnrajeinnu. wi.n plliC8i wVl ?r,r..t*d th? pri?uQt'i', next <l.<r In Uulbcny 'n-onght 1o hare o.lThe ce *\? jun hl.TtV!!'rt y nn "f lUfl- rJ Mlp ? d Into Tr?traotc.t ubiaiioa, tfecltrtil that thty nir* anMid li.lo the green room, e fing ??.ry bo', ? ??? t? r?U?, far furtbtr coMu.Ullo... I,*ni th* prim* <i<iine by thj o?p ConiT< At.r.NDtn mil Dtt.- Circuit Court 10, -21 irulori tia*"J In the rlilioulotli iin4 -J'l, J4 97, U, 18, 0. Oovim in Vl'at, Van I <> 1, 07, 71 oinatill* nieoUoJ BUmocIubU, *?? boi?t bor 3.17, 7J. 7a 77, 79,8?,8J i'uri 1-90, 91 94, !?8, 100," >?d of *11 cr?tiyn,anJ totally *anilitUt? Truffl I?, 104, loo, li.ii, no. 1