Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1848 Page 1
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- - ? r?r ?m?|i THE Wuuk? K?. ?0?ft CONTINUITION ^7.* OK thk' N. P. TI FAMOUS SCOTT AND TRIST Sir : In CORRESPONDENCE. nortnfun ilepartmei rE~t] ?ef0, 4fr Rut hi nan to 14 r. T'i.t. Xl.nce [No. 3 ] W,? DKri.TKWT, j Washington. June 14, 1847 ] ^ ? ******* mp Xritl You were entrusted with no further a*enor In regard vioxioo " to my oominunlOMtinn of tha lath April laat, addressed Tha nnr to th? vi?*l an minirt*r for foreign tel< tion*. after it wu plao??d la th? ' and* oi' O-nTal Siott Ynur whole .?h?d h?< dnty r*?p?etlnK it wm then performed If be liu either h^ve refused or neglected to tranamit that important doou- t" ? r.,nr, nient to the minister to whom it wm directed, and thn? .floerii p< violated a niiii'mry or'jrr >i l ie rreaineiu, ihwii to uiiu njjgjons through tho Department ot War, he b*? incurred uncounted heavy responsibility; but for thin he la neither auawera- . 00rr? bio to the Departm-nt of State nor the commissioner to Prist, to 1 Mfx'ro. The question belintr* exclusively to the mili- his d'epar tnry branch of th? government You might Hafely bare relied upon the government here for tae vindication of your character and conduct Indeed General Scott's letter to you had upon Its face p0 t^e pr placed hinj ?o clearly lu the wrong that no commentary upon it, howevor able, wl.ioh \ ou may have written, can *?! ?"?' ha?c made tho case plainer. Homo days befnre the ar- ar rival of your despatoh, the War Department had roceiv- iu>?n c. ed a despatch from tho general, enolosing a oopy of hi* VI""* f' letter to ynu; and a judioious and appropriate answer, seller or dated ou th? 31st of May, was returned to him by the Secretary of War. tl Whilst our armies are in the country of the enemy, ' K and our tniuister of p^aee is at the head quarters of the ? N0 commanding general, this la no time for personal alternationa between Oiera, If these oan possibly bo evolded. M Under siioh olri'.umstanocs, the greater the sacrifice of private griefs, however well founded, whioh you may make upon the altftr of your country, the more will thu redound to your honor heroafter. You hove hoen despatched to Mexioo by your government as a minister of peuca; and, to accomplish the great object of your mis ion. a hearty co operation between the g neral and yourself may be Indispensable. Under these consideration*. I am directed by the President. In case amioable relations shall not, in the mean time have been restored, ? to iustruct you to call upon General Soott and offer to communicate to h'm, confidentially, the instructions and u the prujet of a treaty with whioh you have been en- t4 trust-d. and to report to this department, without delay, the oiroumstanc*s nnd the result of your interview. Governor Alarey has again written to General Scott by the messenger who will bear you this despatch. Yours, very respeotfully, JAME3 BUCHANAN. N. P. TaigT.Ksq., &8., ico., Jtn. u [E*tractl " Mr. Bii* htnan to Mr. Tritt " 11^.. UT.T. > II [No. 3 ] Washington, JuJy 13, 1847 ^ " Sia?A duplicate of your No. 4. dated 21st of May, ' 1847, together with a copy of the first ten p?go* of your 41 letter to Oeu. Soott of the 9th of May, end of your letter " to him of the 20th of May. was received at the depart- " ment on this 2<Sth ultimo Your No. 6. of the 3d of Jane, 1847, v.m* also received on tbo 29!h ultimo; but your No. " 6 (if indeed there he such a number) has not yet come " to hand it in much to he regretted that you could not " here found time to prepare nod transmit copies of your " letters to Gen Soott of the 9th and 20th of May, with " the original of your deopatch, No. 4 In that event they " would njrv been received nearly a month earlier; and " even now we have only a part of your letter to him of " the9ihof May. Gen. Scott's answer to these letters, ' dated at Pmblo on the 29th of May, has been received at the War Department, from which 1 have obtained a " copy. ? i'hese documents bnve p'oduoed feelings of deep " mortification aud disappoiotment in the mind of the " President. It is lamentable to reflect that the restora- " tion of peace may have been defeated or delayed by a " violent ani embittered personal quarrel between two " funotionariep of the government iu the enemy's conn- " try. and whilst the wa* Is raging >' You do not seem puffl -iently to have reflected that " you were entru.ttd with no power whatever over the ' disposition of my communication of the 15th of April liut. tn thn Mnxicim minister for fnraim affairs exeent " f th v of a mere b-artrof despatches. After it had i each- 11 ed tb* han s of Gtfii Scott, your agency iu regard to it " hould haTe terminated, and O'ignt never to have been " resumed. His refusal or omission to forward that com- " muidcation 10 the nine* of its destination, in obedience " tlia> mi :? .ry orier of the rr??i<3pnt (ii? ^fcro- " tury vf War, una qu.iitfon ia no manner connected " with your mistloo It w^a, then-fore, with regret that " the Pi - stdent discovered from your letter to the general " of the 90th of May. that you had consented to tike hack " this communication from his possess'on, and to assume a " discretion which had not been delegated, in regard to ' the appropriate time (or forwarding it to the Mexioan " minister for foreign affairs Vou say to the General that " so toon ?s 1 shall b<- enabled to ascertain that the condi ion i.f the government of thu country is such ns to " fedntit of its drlivery,it will be again placed in tbo hands " of the general ia chief of our forces for thit purpose " " You h;ive thus done much to relieve Oeu. Scott from " the responsibility of disobeying the order commuuieatnd Correspo to him through* th* Secretary of War; aud liare. in effect, without any authority, undertaken to decide that Latter of it was not propel, under exiiti-g circumstances, to transmit my letter to tho Mexican minister for fo:einn Papers t affair* In this decision the President c in not concur Tnat letter whs m answer ti the ot Mr Monaste- Letter of Tio to uiynclt, dutod ou the -22.1 of February lust, and was " required, not onlv by oour'.csy, but the highest public " consideration* Its immediate delivery to the Mexicau " minister for foreign iffaiii oould have done no passible harm a'id might have bo?n produotive of muoh posi- " tivo good. Indeed, bad it reached its destination soon ' alter the victory of Crrrn (IrJo, the state of public " freliag then existing in the city of Mexico, it might and " ptohably would nave been productive of the happiest " cons?qii<n<'es. Out, whether or not, the time of Its de- " livery a qies ion not left to your discretion ? The greatest paius were taken, in framing your in- ? ?tructious,to prevent all possible interfereuce ou your tiart with the appropriate military duties of (Jen Sooit. ? . It wrs partly to oonvlrce him oi this fact that you were < au?h< ris'd to exhibit tbis> iustiuetious to him, together Pipers tr witti the project ol the treaty Your authority, so fur Letter of n be concerned. was limited to the lingle point ot ? givikg him notice that th- contingency had occurred, " tn u-it tin. re ifio.mi'in of the Ireatv hv the Mexicau ??- I Yerumont, "en tile happen:n* of whiob, a* profiled by tlio third Article, hostilities are rcquir-d to ho suspend- A ?J P. ' d " TUe iatifi',?tii>noliUC'i a ue,.ty by Mexico.accord- U.?Lieut li g to tin* spirit of the act of Congress of tb? 3 1 March, April 34 1817. ' making further appropriation to bring the exist ing war with Mexico to a speedy mid honorable conclu- Report ?io,i,:' was to be the si lial for the termination of hos- 1, tstsesiin tiliti'S As the negotiator of tho trenty, from his posi- t Kn"?r.'' tion, mus; necessarily be first informed of this event, he " : was ri-<iuirrd "without dplay to communicate the fact to .. 1 . - i j i t e tciiion, ivi th- o'uinnuiliTs ol our lanl and nival forces reapectmly." .*1! ilie i was Uft to th-' instru ninns issued by tar1 Bwtttlw of War and 0f the Nnvy to our mili- j|e taiy and n ivul commanders Up to this last momeDt your duiifs were wholly uuconneoied with Ueneral The S Boott. und thoa they were limited to a me e official Tliurdda Biuuicatiou, tUat the Mexican government had concluded and ratitttd a treaty ot peace with the United their 8<Mi Stat'P i >f Fruc< Un1-r the*o, It wai with deep regret . that tlio President learned from jour letter to the Oene- fously at Mi ot .In- -Ot'i <>f May. that you lnd undertaken, iu his us the nam?, to btcouie t e medium of giving to that officer an order in adraure, to be execu'od when you should think "/'8e a" pre) r HgKlti to deliver into his har.ds my communion he usuiii tion to tii* .\lexti-au minister f ir toreign aft'airs; and tn ripe, oul.irr* ooojieuce to this order, you declare that, for Upon f this a,>( < : il purpose. yuu stand In precisely the same ra t'or the H lutiou to tlte rresi<lent that one of his aids-do ramp hears ? |, ? to hi ell, h i.entrusted with a verbal order trom lilsn ,i ,?,i ? ' to his subordtr.ato cm -?r ? U is ? mm' disagreeable task thui t"> criticise your ^ conduct. <#merai tfcott, by his letter to you of the 7ih v'r ' 1 Of !<> a.*t h..d placed himself ch-erly in the wrong.? Mr Pet i i .iny p.etext existed tor writing snoh a letter? This I jus:IS nti n I eould have had nine - can only appear words, th lirui > i ur let:, r to Uui ol the oth of May, to which bis it committ wan ic |k>o?. It Is 'hereloie much to be regretted |eople,to th t ) oil liave fcept i o co;y cf this letter, whirh hus now I iwing ?f? bei ivn" , i i.ujxir . nt. sri'l the general has not tarnished .It an Jaqu tl.e War I) partmect itii i copy. u pHK i I pm (.o. ly i. tb'nr to express any opinion of your re ii , u. pH til ' -i-e 1 So >f ol t, o Oih of .May, urtil I shall have r| ' tj,jS j an e d i ? uvf oi ! b?i,>re n< ; cn t bis r.-J under to you ? ?v of ti.t- J!' ' of >1 ,y, I leave in the liat ds ol toe N?oietai} , ? ol Will IO whom hr isdir' e;ly responsible. f'>ing lo t \ tni- ion w is ? mere precautionary m >?sure. In t io refu't the tnen > x s ic? relatione b-tw*en tin-ton countries s ot. Ini Itieli-- I?ni r .i a B.n I1>T? nvpoiQiru punno ooiunii*- r t ?lon.? I trr? .?lth Vjeileo, t>er?u?a it waamoraly Und wan oartala thy w.mld not b* r* ?i?-d At the naoia time members If w*? f re'-an iii .tio the pro, run of our ?rm< a fat or- t.ct its lit at>|. ju. r i i - nii'ht. r. ur tor th* coaoluainnrfatraaty, ui>nlhnd tUtll I I l ?t ili? i 1.1. I.I, inurht not again ? TvutiTo, ji.fdny r.-nu i rn-l'r??l ie-it w< uld ba?* been lu?x- Hag ol lib o-i'.ili. t 'I h .l it pro?i.j?d f r ?ueb a contingency t'ling thoj K IWIUflM ftm > ' i? IBptO^ m a nonfldontial troo at ho agent. to tin c ?J in tbe hr?'l-<iuar la of tn? army with 1 iwa and tc?irj r of I raty a>eady pre.nrej; ?td i i rm* liy propon t "-lade ttiln un addreai treat,,, o i ixKutti. / ' i to luake iu* naoeaaary pre- congrattil llm i, ry .< nienta I I bo ,. OOtlBg i l MUMOI' Thia wai i ei?. i a I ib ^iii-nm(it your Uiit- wai decid Ion, thai yen iuij rul Irak* a K"Oi undor'Mndlng fulfill the tli ?* i. i? ii 'tiirfol thooiuy llwaa,there- Theme lot ii.'at y. u bad t nt ! peraru jr?>i??il a?i?: maj to fi. t i > ap? with wt'ii'h you were animated, heard, ma aid ii i. o t.uie majr in' > fully acquainted with nogrnphoi tli* eiii(ii:> a.i I nhjeett of yi jr ial*ei>m *j w*H m "(Jentla with the afurei.f my ci'UiniM lnal.lon t? th? M itoan Franco in mmtott r or f?.' tb? ae reae-'Oe, therefore, (oh?era) ? aiti i Jxh tli- 1-1 ?i hi if iai "? ?ti w.? well oUttulaled human lo' to l? "il? - ywi feeliiig< .md n It- ><ur lridi:nat:on, the maoal you ml I nat beat pTformcdyour duty to yum conn manitcria try hid you ?tifl?d your re??niu>- it, and eutruatad your happineaa Tlailloati a to mhrjof War, itHi| iwto Ihi gold of w or?-r it the Pre* I 11 o lule?d, fir tin* Mi-poae the quailydi letter r?i|ilireJ noatudtej reply It it on I'a f?oe the totality, ( prnducti n ?if unfounded jetl 'U?y, wbnh the uuibor't nrgroea, i own aob i I'll al .i . r,i would uioat pro- aatth, ?n< ball y ha'p onICW t-d happlne** I hi- l'io?ii> i I tru?ta that ere thia, la ot'ediene* to my an ha Kr loft .not miir ol'ua I4tb ultimo,(of which I now tranaintt a buret ol a i II uioat* ) ) oil have called ujou Weberal rfoott nenil and and ona>aiiibK-a'? I tu biiu tbo luatriioiloai anl prrjaet A motu ol a trraty willt which you liar* been entrusted, and lee nhouU Uiat < re il IneuJly ralatloua tare nut h^eu reatored at tbe Al B?iih'r you doc b? will cuCar your ywtnaal laud to 4a- iba coiapi i >. mgw*?? j*11 '.' 1 <m mi***"*. U '< .? ?, NEW y . NEW YORK, SATURI delay the eonnlnaion of a treaty of Mac* with Bleating of Krancti Ktridrr Your?, rer? respectfully, A numerous <i>eetin<r of Fr'-'ich o> JAMEH BUCHANAN. . * hit, E?q., fcn., gic., ko. place last evening at the Shakspear^ sport from thk secretary of war. tl" purpose of giving; an expression W? DtniTMKKT, f thy, und voting a suitable adi1-ess to W**niif?toi*, March 18, 184rt. S e?, ,i,_ ?i ... purmanne of your direction*. I have the ho- people, for the glorious manner in niah. herewith, oople? of ?uch papera in this have accomplished the late revolutioi nt as are embraced by the resolution of the . , , Representatives of the 7th ultimo, requesting Previous to the hour of meeting, exr nmunicate to the Howe " eopiea ?fall rorre? 0f our French nriopt^d citiz-ns weri' between the Secretary oflWar ?ni Major G?- . '.and between the Secretary of War and Major ,n various parts in the vicinity of t lor, and between the Major General Soott and meeting, discussing the t<'pics conr late coinmUsioner of the United State* to , . i kc., not heretofore pubilihed l"e 'a - revolution with much e ? ?-??~-a k?. tl. i ._ .i ? ....... u.sii;,. l#i now IumiHnea ?ra idihuu-*, n%t\m ? ?? mr immi aim muuimn ncir ui mm unbrace all correspondence not heretofore pub- anted, mid o well executed traanparei :ween this department and the general officers Uibitfd in the principal wind.vv of md. except such as related to matters of de- _ wlii#.?i v ia innnriherl in M and condition of the troops, charges against t,eare? on u hull as insiril>er( rooeedinns of oourt* martial, and military oom Un^uiae, the words: Liberty, '*<)"? be., and a few letters from thin department, order, brotherhood, the French repul i for ia the memorandum herewith; and also, tri-colored llatr 11 Hted proudly froi poodance between General Soott and Mr. staff attached to the hotel, mid thi ' r aa has been communicated by the former to Htrpes, our untii'oal llsu{, j 'ined lo tl tment. ;l|gtf ornamented th<*. platform, in th? W L. VARrY. MoreUrrof W?. At th? mwlraii ?. Mill J I a* ?k? muoh cheering and eiciteroent; ana much esident of the United Stater l|lMt that characterize tne revolution of lum of CorrrwvonA'.w between the Secretary f() provnil, ai had been iiicidentnilv resnai and Major (Irnhal Sm (, including that be- few old Frenchmen who minitl"d ia the ( ^neral Srott *'i4 Mr. 7Vi?t, no far ai hus Seen tvrolve hundred persona wore present, ricate-i by th-former. Hin ]0wmt estimate Aitrr silence w lleueral Soott. November 19. 1846. Citizen Hkvbki. rose and proposed that Secretary of War. Not. 13,1846 (Not ?ent.) ,.ut bn appointed President Seoreti.ry of W?r, November J>. 1846. The motiou was carried, nmld loud aec Secretary oi War, December 7, 1846. vehement cbeerin? No 1, in (ieueral Soott'(aeries of letters The President hereupon took hie seat: i (ieneral Soott. No -J, December Jl. 1848 c.heering, and requested the rar<etinK to un Aeoretary ol War. December 14. 1S46. ..nything in the shape of personality in t General Scott. No 3. December M. 1846. j,Jg, WOuld not be allowed to take plaoe ieneral Soott. No. 4 December 30, 1846. It was rasolv?d to ndopt this courae iu C( [ieneral Scott, No ft. January 1 j, 1847. certain personalities that had occurred ii ieneral Soot'. No ?, January 34, 1847 iu^n *t th-lr las' meeting (Loud chei General Soott, No 7, January 38. 1847. piauee ) He oon'iDued?W? ar? m-t fir ienrral Sc.nt No 8, January 38 1847. l0?e, and nothing t lee (Applause ) *ecr*tary >1 iV'cr, Jai uary 4 1847 Tho.committeo whi had been nominatec 4eoretarj of War. Jaoutry lft 1847. meeting to preparo an address a? l res 4eoretary of War, February J J 1847. Ii?:eup?n accepted, with the exception of < ieneral Soott. No. 9. February 4 1847. vdle, who had retired Upon which Uenerel Srott, No 10, February ft, 1847 The PansiaariT rose, and rcmurked tha' (ieneral Soott, No. II, February 11. 1847. dent in X?w Vork, b>ing not num 'rou* o [ieneral Soott. No. 13, # Kabiuary 28, 1847. a dl/tinet organization, hod requested to J ien?ral S-ott. No 13, y March 1, 1847. i>i?er Frenchmen on tho occasion of ttiej Seoretary of War, Maroh 13.1847. umph Seoretary of War, Marob 33. 1847. This proposition wi g reooived with tho Secretary of War, April 3, 1947, introducing J. astic Bpplause and checring. B. (Not sent ] Citizkn Peu gnkt here rose, and d< Secretary of War, April 3, 1847 (Befora pub- t'ie address which was shout to bo )l*hed, Doc I. present seseion ) not be sent by to-day's (Saturday's) st? ieneral Soott, No. 13, Maroh 19, 1847 * that ot next week. (Crie* of "No, n ieneral Soott, No. 14. k aroh 14, 1847.* row." Ho then af.oVe of the propositio ieneral Hoott, No lft, March 17, 1847." preceding meeting, that no member of t (ieneral Soott, No. 16, Maroh 18,1847 * should accept any public employment fr ieneral Soott, No 17, Maroh Jl, 1847 * irorernment or that of Franoe. anil said h< Uenrral Seott. No 18, Maroh 23, 1847 * to It; fjr he thought that all eitisens o l>ener?l Soott. No 18, Maroh 29. 1847* their country when it wanted their servicei S?ci>tary of War, April 11, 1847 Ha thon turned round to citizen Guim Smret.ry of War. April 12, 1847. Published, of that proposition, and shaking hands w Doo. 1, lat a?*M' n. 3?th Congress. eat cordiality with him, said that ho li?d i General Scott, No. 30, Api 11 4, 1847. inga against him (Applause) But he tt Uenerai Soott. No 21, April 8. 1847. b?tter explain, as he had just done. (App. Secretary of War, April 30 1847 Citlian Guinbt replied, and the matter General S.iott, No 22, April 11,1847. .itood, citizen Caylas read the addrosi Lian?ral Soott, No. 33, April 19, 1847.f ai follows : Ueneral Soott, No 24, April23, 1847.t ADUKBSS TO THK FRENCH NAT Secretary if War, April 14. 1847. New York, 35th y Secretary ol War, A Mil 14. 1847. (2d ) Patriots of Paris : Secretary of War, May 10, 1847. Published You have ii?en against tyranny, and t Doo. No 1 1st session. 30th Congress. disappeared The last hour of tyranny Secretary of War, May 14. 1847. Kcai.ce, and th? unanimous aoolaraal.ior Becretury ot War, May 17, 1847. classes of citizens hare saluted the republic Secretary cf War May 19, 1847. cl upou the walla of the democratic cap lleneial Scott. Nc 25, April 28, 1847. giorioul news our hearts have bounded v Secretary of War, M?y 20, 1847 to that enthusiasm has been added that Generni 8cott, No 26, May (I, 1847. thrr* in democracy. The children of thii Jeneral Sojt' No 27, May 7. 1847, where we have boeu taught to relish the i Sioretary of W?r. May 31,1817. publioan government?the patriots of ad lieneral Scott, No 2d, May 20. 1847. tlonf?the Polish ex'de, orphans of a nobl Secretary of War. June 14. 1817. l,av? sympa'hlzed with us. Altogether, Secr-tory rf War. June I A, 1847. Published tf.e proclamation of the French republic, s( Doc Nf 1. present session Tlslhly. Thanks to your heroic persevei Secretary of War, June is, 1847. to your indomitable courage, the imn Jcnaral So:?t* No 2ft, Jane 4, 1847 pies of our gruat revolution are t< l-cretary of War, Jutv 12, 1847 i<hant. We are able to promise our Secretary of War, July 19. 1847. Kurope, that soon we shall see realtor SeoreUry of War, August 6 lt-47. uf all free people; for the great Toi Secretary of W*r, (September 1. 1847 irn?s te opposite people the generc Seoretarj' of War, Sepr?cib?r 23, 18*7. our foteUthers People loria an "holy i Secretary or W?r, Ontober <1 1847 each < t!,rr by the hand Some trW* Sei retary of War, Ociober22.1847. upon our blurts. We are atill Ignorant of Secretary of (Var, October 22. 1817. iie struggle. Perhaps the counter-re vol u Seoretary of War, October 24. 1847. 4 drsp?i*te < ffott, in order to peize bri?1 Secretary of War. October 28. 1?47. which hna been grusped from the ham Seoretary of War. November 8, 1847. Perhaps th* country weeps over new Uenersl Scott, No 30. July 25, 1847 (Receiv- shall not iurn'.t. their great heart! ed December 30, publisned, Doc. No I, pre- r-*gr?'s. caii'?d by their deaths, to end the sent se?Mon ) t-el at your triumph If an Implacable d [Jen?ral Ssott, No 32, August 19, 1847 J t .rded th? complete snoces of your efforts O tneral Soott, No 32 August 28, 1847.( i *.tst tbe pride of having accomplished yo ^enoral Scott, No. 33 Sep'emb'r 11, 1847 { heroism; and ?e shell have the trifli&g consi General Saott, No 34, September 18, 1847.i i ,g supported>our c^utegcous enterprise i d'lioo between (ieimral Sjott and Gcimral Pll- h|r aftprobatir n Vou will have gi?en t low. October. 1847. follow you. the noble example of your suS Secretary of War, November 19. 1847 i.i<sa to the country. But no-the republi i^ntral S.iott, No 35, Ootob"r 27. Ia47. triumphant; lor it is the cause of humauit ansmittei by Msjor General Scott, October 'Izitmn. France is a glorious republic! ac 27, 1847. power and its tree institutions She prot CJeneral Soott, No. 36 Novemb*r27,1847 uwerful ihl'ld, the patriots of nil Eutope >?o?mi scon. .'no .i? . Ufcmiin ? i ion* nre brr akin* tneir corns luioneti i Secretary ot W#r, Ueoemher 14 1047 Morat* ant vunquiahed. and Polund, the < ieorrtary ot War, January 5, 1848, lntrodueaa i ie revolutionary European army, gath? Mr. H. (Omitted) iti ?catte, ed children Salutation to I S*n?ral Ssott. No S8, December, 1.1, 1847. ojoFraaoa! Strorg be the union ornll th? liener?l Scott. No 3<, December 14,18(7, >e sympathy of all nations Thou watcl Secretary ot Wgr, January IS, |f4H mitaHe nrinsMe. upon the enemiesof thy Broretary rf War, January IS, 184m (31). nhouid any innunedream Of the return of t Storetary ot War. Jacutry 19 1848. '.o oiuih them with the irreniatiblo cry oi Mineral Soott, No 40, Deoemher 17,1847. t'ie R*puhllio." iienfral Soott. No 41. December 'J?, 1847. iokkd. secretary of War to General Scot:, inclining K Cayltii, B letter of General Jetup, March II, 1948. L.. ivu^not, L ' Jvneral Scott, No. 4-J, January 6 1844. H?nry Migeon, J.1 He neral Soott, No. 43. January IS, 1848. T Keuiifll. 1) insniitted, Janutry 14.1848 Joicph Lnx, Koi Dfct.-ral Soott, No 44, February 'J, 1848. Antoine Vignei, J 1 }eu<T?l Soott, February #, 1848 o. \In??, 8. general Scott. No 44, February 0,1848 j. fr ont mi ) Refugee* M? jmi'ted in the despatrhrt heretofore tent, J Tyeiwoiky. ? Poionni* P. communicated to Cengrtn. J Dnralme*. T. De Mora to General Canta Anna, April 13, 1834. <; orge Guy net, M Col K. A Hitohoock to Major General Soott, J Muliuu Ko > 1?49 Riliet. The rollih refugee, Ttmoworkt. di'mam ' wJmivo to the ? ece of Vera Cms. Pnb Doc. No. .-h^rii should be given by the a**-mbly in <\*.Ar. tw m? t i. . . aldreiie, and the hnrrnhs r?ioundeii et on -re*, ' > urouKb the mtetlng. as It with a .ingle vn i uf battle* of Mexico. Publithed, Doc. No 1, lit " uuaotmi>u?ly resolved thai h CoBRrc*>. should leave this ?ory day (Saturday), in aid that, aftrrf having bean cl/nr>1 by of the committee. il *hould be t( etlng of the Sonaof Swllzerl tnd, wao form the provisional Rovernmer.t o wi*s residents of New York met on " * th" ,OUf"ta ^ y?' y evening, ai 01. jonn s nail, 10 express ui-i* ?n hiwikl mpnwfni up>*n m? *>? timeiinin regard to the late revolution iJi'?i!i!iii'Ti e. The meeting was not very nume- it is ray duty to answer that I wm bmn 1 :.=oded, and on, of p.o?li?r f?UK. t ftST??K" quietness of those assembled, whose und all honait men?(cheers)-who aiwsy t??'?"??'????;?"??d'd l gravity of their countrymen in hu- me?ta ot Napoleon hiraa.lf, and always roi ni hii d ?ed for the republic. I m ?' !!, in 1' i transparency were th" words " Hurra my country and it* liberty and ?iuoe tha' lepublic!" The windows were illu nl- s'ted tears In silenee waitlrgfoi the gt numerous candle?, and the Swiss stun- of a new icvnlu* on; and no*, ho oonti ^ united with the French and American h 'P?' that tha momant approaches whet t o frea of nil aovereigns. and all tho States -l i? :j j other go?ernwent than the repuhliian its' ias. Cri inand was chosen I resident,and Citiien Li'tr rpvke In favor of the Imn i lot, ? oretury oi th>* meeting. m!s?lon of th? address. laying that eboull titer gentlemin explained then, in a few r?r mn> it would rot be ?o f<r tb? i e object of tho meeting, which wm to appoint (uat those who delayed to Mr'* with thesr k ee, in order to write an address to the French w?ee but cowards,who needed to haee ttiei congratulate them on their victory The fol 1> ck, (nppl .uj* ) mi ef?n they would r? mtlemen were then presented : Messrs. Pri'lat, w in), lor they were n.or anxious for th-ir et, Bandre, Ulachaud, Cunsis. f ir th? triumph of I berty H* then prnpo then rose, nnd addressed his countrymen K-lrson, the celebrated Prussian republics ippy to bo present on such a glorious occasion ' '-day (Satutday) In the ' aubria. r. n which they were to eoeak of liberty be tbe earrier of that dhpatch (Louies lit not tin tho laast, nor the last, to introduce thia wae < ijsctad to by the nimbly tii-republic in tho dlMMtniiM which was TlJ MM rfl.iger rnttSi, Mtl a'te pi,ice in fivor of tiio r< volution of France, naetlng. I am. **14 he, the d>iegatenf nn of which could not he calculated for the pre- ",u0 wish *??>t to b- the l?s? to Jnin t:ie itead of a corrupt government, which was I-ranee, (rheennr,) for we c< nsider < d to have a republic lor a neighbor, Switzer French nation oftbe North. Poland has < to bnv.? njw a powerful friond-natlou, the ?'<htjva*ra The whip -Hiberla has b-* of whtch wnuld be th^ first interested to pro- Blent ot our stru^al's to courtier raf Mart; icrnl institutions. Mr P thought that the mo- drad of ornr couBtiymen are still In the j? coma to forget those titled of r?dical and con- ""J under ;ha reign of the ex-tyraut I aud to fvi.11 only ? free people, lad by the We peer Poles bav. keen bittayei by t.l erty,H'id principles of nation dlty The only I'alf. Spain, and ether countries B>) r wanted, was tliat Swltierland si.ould remain Philippe b^ing dethroned. I hope that all t me, and govern itself according to its own sjon ho turned out of their kingdoms, (veh institutions. M. I'k !at terminated his speech, I'W.) leaving their place* to th people ins to iijnie an additional committee, to write (Cheers) ? to tho Swis* nation of Kuropo, in order to A discus Ion here took place ahcnt t ate them on tho conqueat of their freedom already inourrtd for these meetings, and groed ui>0u, with the only difference that it debate, it w?? decided that tha *'Mr<ed that the rommitteo already named should printed, and I,#00ooplee depoeited with 1 aame functions 16 Naaaau street, and that there, all the pe: etinn w.ia going to separata, when Mr Ban- at tha meeting might go take a c>py and e hia appearance; and having lequofted to lie sum of money they wished to give, aa wel de a very long speech. of which we hare ate- pence* inn e or to ha mvle, as to form n 1 the following aentencea: ? scrlption for the widow* and children of I men and fellow oitijsuns: ? Tho revolution of wounded repahlicans, during tho la?t atru i a great happineaa, an achievement to unity, (Immense cheering ) tho flnt stoae of the great phllanatery ol Ur Bopimcr'* letter to eiouse him on a re and humanitary principles (>nd created buslueaa, waa read amid applauie. lip equal and formed tho palingmesy of tho hu- John Dkiikmf i<xpreaeed hla wlahe* n ayata.n, In order to direot it to universal friendship between the French nation, and . (Three oheera ) The ric.bea of earth, the an it waa to be a great republic. ealthy paraea, the frnlta of creation, are to be ('itisvw PAaicuT, an old ofl1e?r cf tho titled among the brotherhood ol humanity aad moved that a regiment of volnnteera he lorn which i* to *?y, among all men. either white or to be ready, ahould France have war w or copper culor, who are all brothera on tl.c king* (Vehement cheering). Thla wn? I Frana* ha* given the aignai of the graat aoelal an I a hook of enlistment will ha ready at ;*he ia the < hriat of nations,"Ico (aa before said residence, No. 10 Hixth atreet. eiich meeting.) - the whole couomulng, amidat Oltlien Fl??bolbt presented another applause. l<y theaabigh aounding word*?"ge- ofldrea* which waa read and rejected, not I Immovable hapjiinea* " bad. but because it waa a repetition of the I in wu made that the inembsra of the commit- M Astaud provoked the granteat e*eii I go and meet the delegate* of otbericommitteea introduction of a set of reao'.utlon* rrq'J lakapeara hotel Thla waa agreed upon, and paragraph ahould be added to the eddreaa, in) taper at ed in the (reateet order. that help and protestion ahould be given to "Trf -f- (-1 jijf'-?*n*~n ORE I >ay morning. March 25.1 its. Franca, either Phlllppist or republican, who, after th? . , , ^var. should reach thin hospitable noil na'-ntri took President Caylus mode hit hest efforts to oalm th? Hotel, for tempest occasioned by cttisrn ArUtnI. and concluded hii f vmrm fpeeoh by laying that he would advise all his country ot sympR- t0 BTOj<j Hio company of those political anaks* who til-' FrencV one < admi'ted to their hearths, would bite them ?ud i n ti,?? predate them with timir venom wtiica in- y Citizen Pkuonrt'i spceeb, relative to French em it in France plnyinent* was then answered by Pre?id?nt Caylus, win .ii?rl nvmma to '? those who would go to France tt Kn ' solicit employment of the new frovt-rnai?nt, by sayln? to be seen that, " He. whoso sword was broken by tyranov, should u* ,-if France request hie help, would return on the oonti n - I ice ^ nent and tak- bin rank iu the army, to fight against th< lected with enemies of liberty." [Mueh confusion ] arnestness. Cltlun Foutana mado another very long speech, at ' the t<nd of whloh ntly illumi- Cl'iian Oihkrt, a professor of music. saBg the ' Mar icy was ex- selllei'ie," which was repotted in ohoros by the wholt the Smiks- assembly. the French The meeting th-n adjourned to the great public de I,,., nnKli/. raonstration, which is tu take placo nsxt week, in the h| 1 Th, p*lk' ami<l deafening cheers 'i <! We are requested by oitlzen Cerf to beg the memben r> the i?. ?f ii,. l- i.i 4.. vi_ ?? _ stars and ingat Delmonlco's hotel, to receive an lmpor ant com If tri-color, munlcatian, between 9 and 10 o'olook s iminedi tt* Theatrical and Musical. tnorder an Id Howcbv Thkatsk ?The now and beautiful ilrami seemed "The Whit^boys of Ireland," wan amain prosont keit by somo '*at evening, and w \s received, an usual, with th< srowd Ov?r Atrongest marks of approbation. Th- scenery is rich am ag^restorfd' ^Plir(,P*'l,,ci M"d the e*tiro stage mun?g< meiV retieefc Cltissn Cay- Kreat credit on Mr H. K Stevens, an exoellent actor ant nblo mnnager Mr. Marshall, as Laurenoo Macurty tarnation and gave a truthful representation of a Whiteboy, whos< . . _ feelings in being deprived of the means of sustaining life ?tntal renewed togeti?r with heavy persecutions of an unbearable nha ^ierstand that rao'er, exoite.l him and bis companions to act* o'. outt&gi Heir pro??ed- and bluotf. L >uis, by i li.rk?, was in keeping with thi (/vppinuse ) gentleman's exoellent prsouation of ovary charade 3n*equ nee if ]^0 gusiajn?, other parts, A.b?l Richards, Kdw.irc q tn" proceed- gpenoer and Darby Doyle, were ably filled. "The Rot '""ifi.'i ***" drama ot thrilling interest, d'piotiug the dest.uo political jur- tive features of intemperance, was well cast and ablj . , . sustained ? lark, si Kiohard Thoruly, was Impressive 1 j :P? former ;l ,j frcm trutuful delinoiitlon of the respective gra ..V s' W.8H dations oi a drunliurd's life, evincing the awful couse citizen bode- quenees which follow in its train, lessons of tho inos . wtiolesoma features for the rising goneration were given Me I ole* resi- which must have their weight. We understand that thi nou? \ to form minagem'-at intends bringing forward on Monday even loin th?n bro- u,^ one of the most thrilling patriotic pieo -s whiob ha ir glorious tn- been produced In thii oouutry for years. It is a pi?C' Inscriptive of tne reoent revolution In Kriuoe, and imost onthusi- p]ate with startling incld<nti, walnh will bo sure ti usuro for it, not o-ily a demand for Its repetition for imanded that w^k, but a month ir perhaps more. We are glad t read, should ri-rceive that the management of the BoneryTlientr Tef,V has lost nothing in iis late chsnge; and must u'so givi s - ro-mor- testimony to tho civility and kindness of the reapootivi a made at the doorkeepers, and bvery one engaged la that establish ho commute* merit. om either this e was opposed Chatham Theatre?Mr. Hiold's benefit last eveninf ugbt ro serve was really a benefit, as the house was crommed in ever] ft the author Psrt' ac<* vailous pieces wont off with muoh eclat lth the great- Mr. Chs-ifrsu, as Jeremiah Clip?, la the "Widow's Vic wu*'ht 'he'had * m'" ?ct?d with Biuch humor, arid the imitations hi lause ) * E 'Ve ?t various living aotcrs Wire capital, and muoh ap baing under- plauded by the audience. The forces of " Naval En i, which was i\ag.ments," " Lillian, tho Show Uirl," and ' Kain Heart never wou Fair Lady," were all done iu first rati ion. etyle, and the faces of Bass, Dyott, Mrs. Vernon am larbh 1848 Mrs. Abbott, all from tho Park, seemed quite natural oi ' ths boards of the Chatham. Bass looked the old \d< he despot has miral to the llfo, and Dyott, as the Lieutenant, was (irsl has arrived in rnte. The manager of this house, and the beneflcl tries is of all the ioo, for that matte*-, cannot complain of the w?ut o i*n tlaj; hoint- patronage now a-days; and though some say thi dram; I'al At this is declining, still there is no evidence at tnn ChathaK rith joy ; and 1''a* th? audienoe< are declining in proportion To of all cur bro- ?>i;5ht a selection of light and entertaining pirce* will b' i free country, given; among them the famous ' Box, Cox Si Knox," n t?eo?flts oi re-' ,h*y have it in the bills. The ' Four Mowbrays,' Eutopeaa na- ' Young Amerloa," and " Tbe Blind Boy," are th' 0UOUOtry-all I'irom, I kin Hunt ui|iik, -mi wit i uok m"iuri we approved crowded houso will be oa hand. Great prepaiatlons ar< iloly and iudi- waking for tae production of a grand l>allet speotabln or rsnoe?thinks Mond y evening, in whioh Mw. <i Jonen and Mrs. J. B Bortnl prinoi- B >oth will appear. It will be brought out in the mosl c-day trium- bi'illiuut style. brothers of Thb Itai.ia?i Ofkra comranv's Concert at'tbo Taber d the union rinole, on Tuesday evening naxt, will, in all prohabil ty lea of France tnamoat ?rchercht and brilliant affair. All the Op at i u* motto of company will ssslit at it, and the progr.immn will in blliniiee." and jviiite selections from f*t?rite opera's, such ps ' 11 Oiurn W yefprewea ivento," ""WiliWnt fell.'' "Ernanl," "Lacin di L*mpr the result of moor,"' Llud* di Chamounii,"' Lombard!," 810. Sign' Hon h?s made ; ruffl, BWcaecinuti, Patti, 8n , Signoro Sanqulrioo Bono n the sceptre voutano, BeneJetti audtheo'.har shining lights of th< 1 of royalty company! take prominentpitti. victims , but Chrhtt's Minstrklj - -The amusing geniuses wli '. * allown g , ompobe this triumphant baud hav>> u riRht to say tha joy wnirn w? i;my bare "aohifTed greatness," as thay are quite sei: es.iny fins re- tj,ide arlists, and have airived at thoir present elevate n* d" ? ith position i'l Ethiopian muslo through their own merin J "uty" They give two entertainments to-day, viz: at three an Dlation oroaT- nt, eight H. Al. At both of them they will sing a flm- 1c * our nun i f their best pieces, give their unrivalled dances, joke* lim'o ^devotrd *lc' ^ey are Kreut minstrels?no one can deny thii ioen chuso is Sabi.e Buothkiu.?The united.! brethren who hav< y and of civi- iO|.t"d this fimily name, are succeeding tinely at Con id proud of i:s ' to? Hall, us thin is thr?ir fortieth night of pirform ;ec s with its i1311*' Thoir programmes aro very amusing, tilled with All the nj- kond son^s, d iDCes, jokes, & , hk n Christmas puddini ?re '' They giTo two exhibitions to-day, viz.. a avant guard of three and eight P. M. re under its Me??hs Lynch aj?d Kavanaoh will give a ooncert g tlioe, republt- the Minerva Rooms ou evening next. A greu ' children, and l umber of Qne glees, ballad*, songs, , will he sung b hrttf in <>*>ma Miuau R^wnaMann I iglu ia >1 Hnhartl anil lloatr. liberty, ready, I'hilUps, Brown, Ken, Kneaes, and the beneficiaries. ?.?cJ?r- bontaiin's Panorama.?The rush to soe this gre? 'Hurrna for work is still Brent; the .strangers who <ire in to vn at thi season of the year, in aach numbers. ought all to go an soe it, as it ifl decidedly one of the lions ot the city. Sue C Ola'r., a gigantio and vot accurate painting bus never befon ' orniier, lit en seen in the United States, or in the world Th Berger, united testimony of all who ha?o seen the MiMiMipf Bo udin, iisclf, goes to prove the accuracy of the painting b; is. Faivre, Banvard. onnVi Brufiiwick's Statuary is still on exhibition in Broad inus Jloeer t,ear Wulher street, and is vieitsi by iiumberi lemur tie statues nr? One copies of tho original ones of th <",arf ' Venus and Apollo do Medici I'euftnet, Thk Italian OritSA Hot sk in Astor place, opens o: grit, Monday evening with the grand opera of" Hernaui " AoRi.rHi - This plaoe Is doing a good business; Ethic Jed that three p!?n Minstrels, singing by Miss Leslie, and dancing I" favor of that Mias NolUn ithusiaBtlcslly Trum'? bsneflt was to take plane at the Italian Open t the address I'niladelphia, lait evening To-night is Uenndetti's. the" mVmb'rs Philadki phia, Thurr lay, March S3, 1848. ) the cUicens The Italian Optra. ' n't"anil /o dra? Hurald?To-morrow night, the excellent Irtup which has given to all lovers of inu<<io so much delight n<l. and spoke takes ita leave of us. We trust it is nut for ay*. Nev* r i^lhman^ bofore hare the walls of old Drury rung with such rap n Franco, and turoui applauso as that which night after night h-ifl sai< Lrud cheers ) g >od-by to the admirable artis ts who compose it Thi father to^son, |*!jil?delphla audiences.usually so cold,so calm, so state o' ?he Direc' Ij'i r'*?n t? hare b?en startled out of their propriety d tl?e alturc- i.usi and Avignon*, BenevenUno and B?'uedetti, Bis maiiiad prou I 0 ,e(.jantj and the glorious Trulll, have carried ever] '30, fought for ..... eioc'.i I have thing by storm oilf-u?'aJ?*nt Tonight is Ben*detti's benefit, aa 1 though we car med my only Iiardljr throw flowers at booted feet, or hang wreath i K't rone will aronod neoke surmounted l>y moustache an I Imporinl i will have no >ethe sliMl have Dv.tlt* of his tppreoiatlon here, nv.ei (,m substantial. in h hou^e crowded from pit - I b?g pnrd'.n i.'diate trans- r"r<i?ette-to gallery, and uo<t flattering, from all th< Itbetoosoon bright eyes ana tiny hands that are to be seen in (:best iumj >rlty end n-ii itret t upon a flne day But tomorrow, th* Innnm M? : wishes parable, the delicious 'I'rufli. is the htnffMaire Yoi iwi r Inu tiiclr e u,,0, l??g'ne how the blood will boll in Uuuker veins lue? to go lor- bow the ganlt beurre fruit will be torn to tuotjis upoe Interest than " * bands of the dandies, an 1 how tb? bauquett will b< , , ih*t Her b-aped st the lest <f la Truffl Her grace, her besuty ,! wh > I. ifcs b< r pa'.hetic acting, her most J-llcious voice, have oxcltiroi ihonld 1 l among us a perfect/urer Never weie the altTns riug ) Hut '' >D" despair and joy so wll ext>rei-ee,l us by h?r wh*i saves her son, her (>ennaro, from the vtugeanco n iddre?sed the l' I'uk* Ke rara Ne?er was any thing satire touch r < < II V > UIM', 1 >"?UIIIUI. lumi ill" i-T i.. u- HK.>u<r> r t>-r>rhVip of of death. wh?n the curtain fall* u;>on p0f>r KUUa'e U* urealvx 'h? K??rjr rjn In tS?? hauie ?u filled wlcii tenrx Oni r. n In ' ??! y d.rk haired clil *a> earr ed away ,n urnnK hy?tr rica, ami i the puiMrh- " * ''"1 Unity ru.he.l to ihe cpnt fri'rn which rrufil r Tw huu- ''J '"t rlk-n, and kceed it upon hi* knee*. Her beue I of Briliu " will b? ?i<ib aa ?he ilaserro* Kvery a?at in the houM ill* Philippe. ; but w mint hope that th* loyoly hmr/icitir* lip. a? w. II " w"' n ? ?'nother?d urdur the flowsr* wiii.-h will be now l.putu ahowerrd upon her hi- King? will 'Iddio ; fritivi I' Herald >, ivviva il Signer C^no^tt ifm'nt ohe?r- __________ C. *nJ ll,"'rt3r Coaj. and Iron Con. k *tk>.n at 11\RTtisnnno.? he expemea Tin* couvrntion int-t Wednesday, 22d inwt. At *ft-r I Ion* llo'oiock. fifty or sixty J. l?<?te?, gentlemen engage! p'.iould be i1 coal a:il Iron mining. from the Hte'es of N?w York, ilr ItnnoirJ. Virginia, Delaware. MtijUni ?n I Pei.ntylrenia. Mtit' rroun ,-reieut h'*'at the Court House r(,nimlttoe* w?re appointed (Jopomte the '? conoiilcr and rtp rt upon tho varlovn subject o^ini' I for the ev DMliit* lltetMt to ttiofe w.iO*e int?re?U were to lie re. fund of euti- pre'ooted in thin convention. A commitree wja iil.-o lie dead end * l ointed, with pow. r t > o*U a nation 1 contention. It ggln m I'arit *11 determined t-> a lup'm. attire* for collecting nil th* information attainable imd ncdful for wide leginUccount of hla ,("B, when the proper time (balk arrive, to prtHDt thl whole aubj.-nt an?w to the consideration of our national for a durable '"filature. thia oountry, . ,, rut* at Mkmphi*.? A lire at Memphis, Ienn , French army, on '?< l."?ih met wit, deairoyd two tliree-atorv ned, Inttantly brick wart-home*, wood I y Dr. John 8hacl?leforil, which Ith tlio other were iomired tor $3000 .They were occupied by Charlei agreed upon, W. Kranklin. who lottflM*#in ft.-cerles neurit, ll'n-y t ttii? ofllani'a A exand'r, |4MX> In bay ln?ured in part: VI. It. Hnr*- pb I * > >o in ?ui;iii , Djniel Sp&uiditiK. Jr . f 3000 in to' acco. pr'j'ot of an kc., imure I jn the llarfoid office; and a ratify ol xoau'eitwa* j otberi Total lom $17 otio Irit ^ment by the Two or three hundred Winnebago InditD*. It ia aaid leeiing that a hare beeu captuied duririg the winter, and removed to th? effect | from Iowa to their homrt aoroae the Mienisalppi, by tw? the axllea of oompaalaa of drafoom I >0* .. i .M^iinwa . i. n* m tntmm i [ERA! 848. i Intelligent-* from Can aria. Our advices from Montreal are of th- imh, and Que- j T| bee of the 18th imt.:? j In the Legislative Counoll on th? l?th inut , Mr Sul'l ! ( van, on tho part of the government, inn^uooe.l tlmt it Th* wa< the intention of the ministry to nuk for a volo of j1 f" credit. Thin method of raffing a aupply preclude* the necessity of a hill of appropriation, and of obtaining thn cln*i concurrence of the Lcgiidature In the item* of exp.-ndi- BO,u' " whi< ture. of ft The Legislative Assembly, on the lflth inst. agreed to pre* the formation of a select committee on intemparance. Thli oommittoo ha* i?i?o hoen Instruote I to inquire pro, whether drwikennnm ahouid not be made punishable. loite u indictment, aa a orime. On the 17th, the Oovernor-Oeneral proposed to the |,T ( House the issue of debenture* on the credit of the pro- pleo viuoe, not oxoeeding ? 126,00J staling, for tne serrioe "PP* i of the public work*. ?' , Tb? following facta in relation to the lumber trade, far f are of Homo interest:?Canadian lumbermen are h?kcin- *|V^ ning to find out that New Vork is iv mnoh Setter mar- y,# i ket for their great staple, white pine, than Britain. The arra l prion In that city h-ta,forth" pant year, been. we are in- to at forma l, about In ol our money per foot, ami the expense ever of taking it thero than to Queheo, only about 4 t ad V who 1 Honal; so that the article which in lying unwlea'ile in rura 1 i| lebwc a*. 4d. might, if direo'ed into the right channel, Stuj ? h ive ) ieMei'. 8d. A coiuldemble stipplv wool 1, hnw >.upi , ever, of course, somewhat depress 'he market; but it Is he I 1 ?tated upon good authority, that it is not at all likely to the i fall below 9d of our money In New York, whl'h ia Wot oi|U.>l to rid. at Soiel, anil, Inrioe 1 it i.i said, that nt this row latter plic ' tliore ire contracts made for ilnllv?ry at that grei port. T!io timber pa<s?ti from thence up the Itlchinlieu p,, rirer, through !< >?e <,'hainplain and tho Northern oanal . i down tb* HnAwo. (treat excitemont has been produced in Canada by tho (|iru niscovery ol somo gold mines, which h<ve been disco- lfl>( vere ! (Quebec, on the lordsbip of Mr. DoLery. A? t mo persons who are interested in miniDg speculations. v?rj uppuar astonished that tho discovery of a gold mine so mat QlUllM should not have been made long before this, it may be necessary to ictorm them that this mine Sl,'>l r il has been frequently found by the peasantry of th ' M neighborhood, au l thai ihe dr-trict through whi'ih the ' ?" streams flows has for years been kuewn by the inhatd* "7 1 tints under the name of I.e Val d'Or. It was from )V*n similar discoveries of copper and silver, on the shores of 'Jj* tho upp.r Utios by the Indians, Sto., tha* capitalists were \ induced to oommence esnlorations; but not oontent, with fii'.h of tho existe.nce of this precious metal, l'*ld 0 Mr DeL'Tj has corrohoiatod theue discoveries by the duct a sc entL'ic researches of Mr Cunningham, who has spent ' > 0 teveral years in simitar pursuits in th* second report 0 ; ublished by this ^entlem+n, there is given tho nxnot '"'Tl aiucunt ot gold obtained from several washings, and al- '' y"' B though these experiment* were conducted in a nasty u""' manner, and with Imperfect implements, they have in- lul?r' cootestahly established the value of the mine and the Vr"" cheapness and (anility in werking it?som? of the gold Si f has been sent to New York, and <t has been pronounced valu , of the richest and purest quality There is one impor- > V taut subject connected wltli the working ol gold mines. will which Capitalists should no:; lose sight of. viz. : extreme:. * It e< cheapness?being extremely simple, and admlttiug ijt i >xt being crriod on by one or two soientillo rritteraieglstlT c assisted by workmen prooured on the spot. Ths gold is side: usually found in the bed of some stream, either In the i nc form of dust, or h rounded masses of various sizes, as- rrell t fioolated and frequently cemented with the ;ravel which y, s firms the bed oi the river. This nfrav?l Is collected and (.nj? 1 subjected io ft pr . 'i n called riddling, by wbiob a portion y-p<(t l ? f the miueral i'i tbe r?rm of dun gravitates to the hot- l>wa -. .luiui tut* reiro unit iuiu huu#u uuurruwil, u( t wj'ioh <8 gently filled with orude mercury. Tha oonglo inorated portion is. by the process of riddling, detached ^ f trom the slaty gravel, and essaping through the holes of p'(l i the selva, In r-eaived along with the dust in tbe trough; wrir' i the gold and merciuy coining ia com act In thin v seal "N* ' form what ia called au >ico%Uum?this amalgum ii then , vl < subjaeted to a gentla heat iu a retort, and tbe "* ? uifroury becoming volatilised la reooive't in another f1"" ' vessel, whilst tha gold remains behind in a pu''a slal.e in v e tbe retort: it is now raady tor tha mint, and l's tran- ' tan r eport to market is unattended with any further expense ! |0IJ > Seeley, the Montreal broker, who was shot in the knee, 'r,;j 1 i In St Lawrence county, N. Y , while a' e.nptlig to as 0,10 oapafrom hie Canadian pureueri', died uadtr tha pro- x'"' t cese of amputation, a few days since. In o lamenting V. on this disgraceful affair, tha Montreal Pilot says: ? boar "We undent and that Mr. Hobbius, tbe acting aegis- less) frn'o before whim Ssel-y wns arraigned. Mr Sheriff and j Moore, and the constables, Messrs. Hlek, Rurdlck and clo?< Graeu, who, with tha sheriff, arrested tha swildler, are tint maw in this oity. These gentleman are entitled to the Uad commendation of all thosa who h**o been danrd by this and a i rtful impOBter. as well aa ot the wbola community* Mr v. io Gr?en. of Hopklnstown, wa* th* individual who shot at time a and wounded Um Aifltin W? laam that i raapectabla _ meeting of the creditors of Saaley woe heid,u f*vv days hi'jee at the Ottawa Hotel, M Gill strnat, at whioh James '. ,>j ? ! ox, F,sq., presided Tha thanks of tho meeting were, ' hy a unanimous resolution, voiad to the above named " " gentlemen'for their ac'ive, faithful, and hez trdous cop . " J duet, li! oaptnring 1*4 hr n,:iiig to justice tliis faring and j J* j unprincipled individual.' " d [From the Quebeo Chronicle, March 17 J t > tl i, In our last, tha opening of the froTlflBkl Piriiament, "'ok i the election oiSpeaker, anil thn pissing of a new and ' <'? 0 mom stringent emigration law,ware dulyrecorded Sinon to b then, but little public bimlnois has been transacted in ' "J 111* Legislature, owing to tbe resignation ol the old mi- l"r 1 ( nistry, and the ti.-no that has been taken up in organii- Colo , ing a now cabinet. The former event was brought to turn 1 pus by the amendment proposed by the " outs," on the his i address in answer to the Governor General's speecu ; prod in whioh a claim" expressing want of confidence in his l* Kxcellency'sadviseri was inserted. Tho ameodmoct F lt was moved by tha H :u. Mr Baldwin, seconded by the in tl ? Hon L. H. Latontaine, and the ministry wns lnlt in a the i ' minority of 3t?tbe votes feeing, 54 yeas, 'JO nnya. I'he Canada (iaz'tc (official) of Suurday last, an kt nouoced the formation of tiie new adtnini tration. whioh Is coogints of twelve members, each having tt seat at the d Kxeoutive rounc 1 board Six of thr*e represent tho 'Cue h upper, otid six liie lower eeetion of the provino ; and be ti 9 out of the whole number one-third are of Kreach Cana- ~ e dun oiigin J ?i It is now certain the session will bn of short duration ,77,| K ?Tuesday next being confidently stated a< the proro- conn gttionday. And under ad oir-nmstancen it is porhaps t: ,e |. tae wisest: plan that could ba adopted, ministers having HKI , to return to their cons'.ltue'.ioles for re-oieorion. which - ?? ,, will oousume n good dxal vf tinio, an I particularly h-i VV another scs*inn, if is saM , will be convened in Septem- Pna( ber or October next; when it i i to be prenuined the new 1,1 u? n iooumbents <*. Ill be prepared^ with oarefakly <l?nr'rs measures for submission to the wmbleJ wisdom ol tie '^'r' > irr<vinco. ol^,1 f l'h.fl clay beinj the anniversary of Ireland's patron' Snint, oui Irish fellow-citizens hnve made more, than jan,j' , Uniial preparations lor its celebration. The St. I'utrick's ' sjclety go in procession to church this morning, whwn VV liifili inusfl will b? celt-hinted, and a charity sermon " UNMhtd by the Rev .Mr MeMthw Rm traata j ;. through which tlie procession is to pass. ire ilecorated 'w*Hrl with trees, tilumphal arcbes and with flags displayed t tit Intervals To add to the mterost ol the ojca ten, the { <' fire companies will join the lino of nureh, dressed in * O '' their sliowy uniforms; aid music will lend its aid to eu- ' "'J1 r liren tho scone The It. Olir|l nd K. Andrew'* to* " ciatiea will likewise turn out, to show ilielr respect for , the occasion. The day's proceedings will be closed by unr the society lining together in tho evening u.Miim? brick's hotel. rPll Tho month of March has enmo in with its ususual . character, that of a blusierei; and lust week than wjs WJ! a sequence ol snow storms, one of which, wo think, ex , tfll c?eded in severity any thing of the kii'd jv? have exoo- |>ric? f riencd tiiis winter Our winter roitis Imve Muce be- ?c ib oome excellent, and the supply ol produce In the market , | is tolerably good, although prices are high. Luw lute lltgenc?< ' ,rnl ; Circuit <'ourt, M #rch J4 Uafore Kdvards - fj'} Richa>ilT Co'irv.i II Chmter n al.~ Thin wu |si',u n i Action against the defendant', as acceptors ol a bill ol nflvi exchange for $800. There are lbr?e defeenss set up. ' Kirst, that it was ace pt?d by one of the parties without _ l ih^ knowledge or c onsent ot the others , secondly, thai \_j i, it was an nccotonodation accrp'ance, a t<l wan applied , :v i to a diffsreut purpose from that for whioh it wu tfiven; , r in i aid thirdly that It was tainted with usury, \djuurned seal U. 8. Marshal's Owe*, March J4?Jin<ault with a Daugerout h'mpon. < ap'aln Blatlinn, ol the ship LI- >, n verpool, was arr*it< d this m>:nln?, charge I with having f .1 ' a-saulted Jamea s -elsy. one of Irs or"W wliL ? dm gar- " ' ous weapon, on the 8lh January last, on the hiiju seas ?> \ 'I ue stands over for examination J\ ^ Coi'rt or Umr.bai. Skssiows, March'IS?Before Re- i' , oordar Scott, and Aldermen l'ut?urand (>ilm?rtin John . 1 V.cKeon. K?q , District Mtorney ? No ftrJi t Id th> o,,1',' oi ?of Honora Snerard, vhi sc trial for passing counter- . ( ', ( it money lias occupied ill* hu< aricn ot tins court, i .f , days pft't. tt.e j'liy, after 1>, irg kept out for 1^ H n arly twenty hour*, cam* tn uni1 stnted that ihf \ had * , not e^reed up"n veidlct, nor there .ny probability of tlinr a?r. 'insj. Mm.uM they p out for a 1 n>{er < \ l, p-riod. Phe < ourt theref'.re dlsohnrged th?m fr m * ' u further consideration of the subj-ct. rrn-.u Trial for Grand f are-ny.?>mry Koulki w.'is th'H *- " called to trill, on an m hctmor.t. lor ((rand 'arcenjr, in ji-1"1* hnvirg ftoifn sundry artlclas, valued at $4.r>, the pioperty , ,'1'el of Lorenzo DelrnOLico, in whose etnp'oy th* t.ccmed was tailor at the tioaa, as a servant The tviderco adduced on the .,r e, purt of the proaecution failinn to show that ihn accused 'he V t. ok mora than *3? worth ot property at anyxnetim*, rf_(, the jnry found her fcnilty of a petit larceny only, and the ? *1 <;ourt remanded her for aontecce , 'trial fur Receiving Stoltn Ganitt ? Lotlis Ootleibs i, i was next called to trial on n chirge ot receiving a qiun- C>rmi tity of nlver fork*, spooni, See , valued at about ffli), "I knowing the same to havo been stolen. The prosonutinn tailed to snrtain the indictment, and the jury acquit- , ted the accused h'ed t T<ialfor I3 til Larceny?J-imes Jeffreys was t ion 1 e < plicod at the bar for trial, on a charge of having a - '' "" g'racted +20 from a letter, which ha J been pi cri In his . poMession by Mr. Cornelius M. Nelson, of YVe?'ohe?fat , ' 1 l county, to deliver to his ion, in th'a city The.niin 1 {.y ! adduced on tho part ol tl o 1 ?o|ilc wn ; so voty rl'ghtthat | \.w the Dittriot am? r?y did not fael w;nrante.J In chIIiiik \ >ii? upon th" scmised (or a defence, nn<i t!io oour itoourd- neroi infly dlreotad the Jury to r> nder ver li"t of mtq'nt'nl t as. ! l'teaii O .i'/y - Andrew llig<in?, iodlcted for a vivlent j i'??J assault and buttery upon the pel >tnof Mary Die Maori, 11/i on beingerraigned, pleaded guilty, ood was remanded tt for rentonee #' | The court then adjourned until tO-marrow. uns< 1 Cottar CtLtiiDii roa Thi? L>*v Ctr nit Cour;? Willi IS, 0, II, 34, 37, 38, 30, 13,18, 8. Aonei # n?.' %?'? *J??i? rirjr In(elllir?nM. <v. Wm i m?h V ? v?ry ril?>w?nf. 4?r ?? ii ?rly all d?v, 4n.| th? *lr w? rool and thftil Toward* it mnoh ldmmotrMitiT or mi K?p? *k?u Pr;?i.ic H^i-tart op .nin* of npt iuir >i lS 'M-ly rnll?'l att "Mob to rtli<r improvi inrnt in th? Paf?, b??i'? in i * and itiful loniit?i;i. \!r?n<ly h?? ? o' t r n'jr >e' it nk?n from t.h?*oti'b ?nd, an 1 the work of on In* i? ha? bw^un, mil th;it intol*r?hU nn'n^vic*, tho h n-it?, .vtll b* ri?mo??d Within th? nittor ra'liojf lh ?u-r<i ind? ita* foantalB pi int? I v?rioa* kiud? hr>ihb?rjr wlilc l, wh<u It ?UiU n??? it* filiate will i?nt u haaatifal ap;iear.'nr? Tiii tra*? h?Te baari ntly prnn?4 mil th? I'ark. erop^rly ait?nd*l to, will [? * mort cMi;;htlui roir*Ht; bnnrhii hat k alraad. ridm' n??r tli? fountain, u;>on tvhlnh tha w?mry c?n T for si wntlH. ap*rt from th?cro-<r !*i ami nnpl?HMant wa'kart Broatway S >T*ral handaorne young treea it?d n?*?r therot'in l*,hnva bean stripped of their bark lome mallolous perann and it will h? n<>e?asary to ra a them that tha whole Park may prmiaNt a niform laraao*. Colon square ha* alio been undergoing u improvement*. whlob add very much to Its ap anoe. The ahrubbory b?gin* to had.and \h iu<h 10 roin the busy din of trade, la a pl'aitnt little plac.f, i gr?at reaort f *r the ladle*, in t.he sultry weither imm<*r. Washington square, th? largest, U not hmi heantifu', and for cleanliness and general good ngement, la the beat in the city It bi n no fountain Id to it* beauty; |but that is little th< utcht of. aid y pl?*iant evening It* avenues are filled w:th ladh'i, there can have n pleasant scroll, with iltnnst tha 1 pleasures of tha country There are also VU"U?o i, 'v?saot, and Hamilton -quanta, which are gre.rly :ovlng, and -re long, it. Wid not ha surprising to *ee Paik ou?atrlpp? I. aud the** upper aqutren o?oobbi meat fiahloiinble summer evening rea.wta la tha oity . lid it not ho wall for the Common Council to have a of tree", plutilqri arouud tha Tombs! U would add k'.ly to Ita appearance. \r.?Afire broke oat about 2 o'clock yesterday mom in tlau aooond *t"ry of h_iu*e No t)06 Hudson a?i*??t. pied by a Mra. Williams An entrance waa ..rt*etad >ngh on? of the wiudowa, whan It waa discovered Mrs. \V. wm vary badly bunad. the flra having aently caught to her clothing The o'.b r damage waa ' trifling. ,id omn at Last.?A abort time ago, tha Board of srvisora made an order, requesting the County k Register. Surrogate, and '.'latk of Superior rt, to pay into tha city tr?aaary all tha f?ea collMted hem atnon tha first of January Kat, iu mnnthl) t?ayita The County Clark and Register refused to obey demand, bat. the other two paid up, according to request. V?alerday, tha County < lark and Raglater, liiw posaibly to save further trouble in holding oyer, up the two months fees, but bsfore doing an, deled the darks' salaries, and other expanses. which ia we understand, a violation o;'tha law ?a It la t.heir r to pay the wh?le Into the olty treaaury, and reo their aalary from tho city, which aaUry ia $ ' 00 ?r eaoh. Th? puntabmrntia violation ofthlalew, uu.b* uew constitution. i* a fine of not leas than $?oq, aor 9 *han $9000; a>id uot lea* than three month* |m. mmout In the penitentiary, nor over one year. il?. ok a Valuable LiaHAKr. - The eitanaive aad able library of the !-t.> Mr Jamas Thompson l? at to b? soli at auotlcn by Dumoot and Hoaaek, as b? seen by an idr-fl in another eolumn. iiopriaes some of tho in *r, rare and beautifully llluaed works to b* met with, and whioh warn obtained dr. Thuiaaon u' nr?n* oohC and trouble during a r?noe of several years li< Kurope, principally la Flnie It la undoubtedly one ot the moot extensive and sal'oted private libraries in '.hie cou.itry. it KxrHcseaa. ? Wa are daily indebted to the varloit rprixing exprsss cnnoernn r.f this oity. for favore. erdi?y we received from Wells kOo.. Mr. J A Hathy, of Oodlrcy Sl IJo.'s, and froiu I.axub?rt'j express, trs long in iiavanoe of the mall. Pitiable Object.?A little boy, about nine years was l icked up in one of the atreeta of the Eleventh i), on Thursday night, who presented a snosi pitiable larnno.o Ho stilted that he was parentlss*. his mother ins died about six months n/o; since which tiona, ho lived by begging, and ?lcpt whore bast he could, lu y caces, diuiug tho coldest nigUtn of tho past winter, pas obliged to seek selt?r in the coal boxen which d in the streets, His clothing w is in tatters, and igh for lho piiBt six mouth :, he hat bean wandering in streets noror until lajt Thursduy night, has nn> paid any attention to him He was taken to the is House. tnaow Ksoapk ranst SarrocaTion.? four Bailors, on d of.i canal barge lying near Whitehall, very caroy made a tire of charcoal, on Thurs<iay,iu the cabin, immediately wont to their bunkr witti the door >ly shut. Tli" ciirhonic t?cld f?aa which rom- from affi*ctp<l them bo (juinkly that neither of them the po a jr to open tna door that tho wife migni rscape, in that condition.'they were found by tome'on. i>y mere ucntdent went on i>o-iru, eni lor kobio i, li tie hope wag had for their liven. ddk* Dkath ? Coroner Walters ww callo l yef'erto hold an ir.<iu??ti?t No 03 West lfltll ntre?t, on the y of Chanccli r Bowman,a nji'ise i f New Yorlt. aged ear*,who di>*d auddenly on Thursday night. From evidence ad laced hi fore tho coroner, it appu tied th" decerned come to thin city from Or?Eg? couniy, pUoe of residence, on Wednesday evening. On irn lay, the deceit*)-'! wot down town, an I n turned if hou?? of hU friends about 6 o' in the eve, when ho ate quit* hourly, and appeueu In perfect i'h, with the exemption < I a elight cold He retiied eii about 9 o'clock, but fhorlly alterwarkn got up, com|d!iin>'d of a great difllciliiy of breatbn.g -imi to the aathnm wbiuh oontlnued until about 11 ck, when physician was sent for; but on th" reof the raes?enger, the decasod wab fouod (la<*d lu oom Vordi t, death by oofigrstion of the lunge, uoed by a *? ?re eold. irk at Binqiiampton.?A Cirr wag iliseov rrrt lie hnuh'- o! Mr AldricK, iii RingWanpton, (in morning of th? lHtli, and before It c uld bi ftTeated, rOTPd property to 'hp nmou t ot *1 no >. - 1 1 .u t <1 LUUUK NO. aio, l. o O. U f -A ki ll meeti g of the members of this l,oiiire is teqaeiteii next ulay eveuirx, 28th inst., as bUiincs* of impir nifr la to ntnsaetad *)/) lie. .v AitU WILL 15-. "il J e K . I. u I'JyJ evidence as wiil convict the |>crs >n or persons who :iousiy destroyed si* barrels ol comphor, and tw > of ali| oo trie night of the 113d of March instant nt rh? lamp '. crouer of Canal *ud Lairbt streets ? riOLOMON LLY. IMDOVV SH \DK8?WINDOW S-IADKa?M \NUfactured no si dm everf v.iriety of stile or pattern, >f best material, that will uot curl or ;v lice innur ell" , b> Kelly * Hiker, inclusive window shade m.iiaf*cttianil littler:, at No. 131 Chatlo.m str^e , New York ? ;hauts ami others wanting sii nl?s. r mate/ ials lor in-king lanst inn hade?lcan find the largest, bsst and cheapest tsneut in tlie Ui iteil States as above < <!l and satis) >onr;s. N B?2*1 UPO p irs now in store. Wauled. S? good scape i miners?apnlv <? slmve Wl. CCOTT k CO.. ? L'OADWAV. WOULD call attention lo a lame lot f Swis* rid laC'.ur: ns embroidered <lien7,eies tiolla'S and' uffs at aboutM :ent under the nsual | rir , also a I t < f serv ! . oid-.-IM * ONCKKNriALL WHO DRINK \NDBl V i" A? tie D?b<ir imiiI Kilty Out* f'.ir Five Ponnda of g oJ Tea, certainly be cheap. Tie only pi wet on thu vastcui.tiwliera il oan be obtained, it at th? riumiie wuehounea r ?iv Yoik ?n?l Chin i Te\ ' ni: -ny. 20t Greenwich (.near Veaey North at SB Cathamie street, 1 berry, h.ut River IK AGE OF TO- IK O W W ILL CONTAIN THE <- 1ti.11 itioo of Mitt'ritntt, th- Stranger. tjutr; i to L'jOis Philippe; New YnrK h'ait '.|?os Letter* Ir -n :rr?'. c w Orie nt and Bo-i<>n, fco. he. and fall n?'ice? e Drnmn '1 he Age it published every Sunday morninai i thiee cent*. Otter No- 2 Barclay st eet. Conntry Bob era wo Doll r? per v e\r in advance ) CO A L DEALEKU? PROPOSALS WILL, BE KE eived by the uudetiirurd, at 'h* office of ihePe*Dien's I mil Ketreat, m 8 Old -lip, ml the 8th of April neit, to ah th" Initiation will 2J0 t inn best qm11tv Peach vlonn (i d 100 ton ifazleton <> .l, ?ait*bie l?r iieebe X F.ii's ir ! " u rii -cea, t* b e'eiive ?d .[ th? Uefeat wharf, kiiaten d, hthe middle of M ty; rne cirgo i? wanted ?<ton. Mils hi* f?r the ? nn? will h? required By ordero'the Board, iiKi L (H.OVe'.K ' ec rfary. UK r rHM-LAOItS, WE INVITO Vol it . tteutioi to oar I. rg? and ap cndid aasor ra*nt of Boot* U.oes which we shall sell until April In, at r?; cost. at iieml ui-king ?cm? change in our business Theae goods I fieth a.jd itest style Oents wehiveon fi md * 'arhM ity of lint r ite Routt und Sheet, which we thai! aim ?e I it, at the old pi n - 367 Broadway, comer of Kinnkl n >t - \lt.. a lir*e lot of Nubler Over Sh-ea ai d Water 'Boots. Alan. : iar?e assor'meut of Oent'etnti.'t Condattera ?t re lut ed price M CAHILL MIK ..-PI. K* K'd IMF.'OVED TWO OVfll > nr.mbiniDK economy, c iivetiierc*, mid .Iti i The iccent ioii rovenxbte made re<i. er them dr'i?<d.? i " to anv ever offered V.'m muted in a'l caretro *i?? actio". The ?tilm rihcr n the i qly pen u thai sal * t'a II ?e?. OKOhOK PIKKCr., 242 B,o*d?ay. P ce's H i in repaired fthH CQKOHIUM WAT^'R?JI/8T HM'KIVLD 1 in ft e ordc Kcr aale ny IjKI.ATOUR k l-'O., utori In W P. - or'i? tftlf Wall ilrMt. AKKE'S SACKS-,VI Y< I. >. .,'! Mu? HAN;ers a?e rrepec.tliilly apptn-tl thatnn readv made **ri ar?, il poxihle. of better Hunt) thjn ever ;??id the prices ni\l Inw f ly black nd briwn Stcpa t int the hotly, are :ularr,' admired. ilie pr cc u SID. 1 h* Mil quality of !h cloth l)reia l oaf*. made to ' ea tire, i* 130; i mo** eiJt one lorilfi Oei.t'emsn who -ire in dou t i\t t i t) patronise, I*ii I n f c > i"r"' jndifea nf g< <?,!?, ipeei 11 v invited to c ill at iW '* iiliai.t street,o, poaite <- ?hic?ton itore. H ?t? i" *?? ool'Cy. I TAILOR*? i'H-. I'XU-IWIWNKO TaKK.B eave to naonnee m :he trad-, that his new work u the ct rf cum "if Knrrren'a nf every description i? n w ready r I?ar>' ' m e?ery r-a(>eet site ed from nis r i irt> icatious, ch? <)iier^m? betnti drawn in strict sc ar.e with the prevailing fnhion-l<e?ide whieh some >>f ,d essential p iiti hi'f btM toniiilenblT chiKfl, nd hole plan rendered to | ^.a, that pereens wno he nofore practiced enttrz.cau 'jy a 1 v h'tirsapplicvmii e e..A0 cut any kind of?irment With tnsts, without th? li of her. I hosr wlm w i?h ti> obtain a imp tmon. will tend in their orders immediately, aa llle eoition islirriI'rice of the sune oer eopv t?. to those wb pitrch???il mer wor.s the price wiil bt per copy To he had of t \v II N n.N KMCT4. o. 171 ot A. , ' 11, ?l -porter ,f Kn' ;."i, .10. 4 I'o'i'tlandt etroir, Y. I?. The Pli ttdelohh MatmJ?> < oat er Aitmr . Montreal Mer-ld, l'hil iblpht* ' ?d*e'. 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