Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1848 Page 3
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wi'M Mil > ir'iM! ?c anj JaO fell* No 2 ?t #>?? Batter oentiru-.\ A lot of Cbee??, out of order, at.14 at u;. H.<ru?- ov? tiM-coa aold at 7c. Bicc.- There wa3 no chao[;? ij piicfl Ttio market r. innino! Inactive, tbrrn h?irij little or no demand for shipment to the Contlaeit. Skkd ?3ttlei of 150 hb!s c'.ovsr ware mi le ->t 7 7'4'^ for ; and 60 do O:i o, end 30 do IVnnsjlvenla, ot the ??tno i-ticea Sl-oah?3 l"i of iiO New Orleaiie were inaiie ?t 4)? >i 4Xc; l.'O do do at 4\, and 'JJU do L ab* Muscovado at S^e, 4 months Touacco? 3i!eg 50 hhda good Kentucky leaf Bold at 6 a 7s. Si-ices.? Coniiierable stlea of enssia were m?;'.e today kt 14Ko, which id a decline. We u!ao note rales of 6C00 it* No. 1 nutmegs at $1 3o, naual time. Tallcw ?Tho v.arket cottiouwd firm, with aales ef 3(M 0 a 4.)i'0 lbs. prime rendered at 10c. Winks ? We uo'.ico salea of 00 qr. oaiks Malaga at 43a. ti months. Whalbbonr?Furthfr Balta North Weat were reported at i8a. Whukkt -Saiwof 100 bb's and 160 h'ads war* made at 24o, and '-2 )0 do New Urlt-an* at -ja^o Kceicku -Cotton wm engaged tor Liverpool at Wll and laid at ISa. To Antwerp, cotton.wca taken at *?o, and >shea at a-2s til To Havre, ratoa remained vciy dull. Cotton Trade The day after the depaituie of the Cambria, there waa rather au increased disposition to Bell, und only about | tiOO bales loumlbuyors, the line of tho market being at eta lor laii' Upland?. During the next week, holders ' maintained h tinner aspect, and as there appeared to bo a ((rowing confidence in butter prices by the Cambrii, increasing in srrength with the del?y of her arrival, which became anxiously lo<ked for, the daily sales lather increased in quantity, the mat ket gradually became fit trier, and at the close of business on Friday evening, prices had advanced nearly a quarter ot a cent, it being difH-.ult to buy fair Uplands under 8>* cents, tho bake Saturday amounting to C UtlO bales Kaily in the morning of Saturday, 19:h instant, tho Carnbiia arrived with dates to 27th ultima, ?bringing a decline ol in Liverpool, an inactive market at Manchester, with n further reduction in the number of ope atiV'.1* engaged at full work, and the wholly unlooked for intelligence of the revolution in France. The latter, so fraught with Injury to commercial credit,and as momentous in the inpittance oi its li.uil remits, cculJ not but hive a very jrjurious edict on thy price ol ours!at>?e, and so nb^orbed the attention of ull classes here, joined to Its beitg packi t day lor the steamer Hermann,that no attempt was wudc to transaot business. On Monday, as tho usual operators were still busy with their ooriospondtiieo for this vessel, the rales wero ooi.flucd to small p .reels for the immediate fupply of tho home trade, at a decline of about thiee eights Gt a cent. On Tuesday the market may be snid to have opened.a* the sales were increased to 2,C'io bales at h lurther decline of throe eights. On Wednesday 1 600 bales were disposed of, priors being the turn lowor. Oa Thursday they amounted to 1800 bales, without any perceptible chingo in rate i. This mortjing very tow buyers have appeared in market, uml only ab'.ut 4oO bales have been disposed of. The bulk of these purchases were tor Liverpool, au l on American account. Prices ttill remain so uneven and unsettled that it Is almost impossible to fix quotations. They are udjutted oa th?'.ver?grt sales of the laet Ihiee dajs, with the remark, that it would bs uittlouU to either buy or sell largely at these figures, the general disposition being to await later advices from abroad. The receipts at the potts were Tery light at this tiai* last year; at pr?sei>t they are ooinlng in very heavy, and now stand at 14i 0U0 bales over these of the last peason. This amount will in all piobability &o on incriasing for the nest three weeks, as in addition to many minor fctrcums the late rains have made lied Kiver navigable fir the largest celred front that section, where we know the yield was very heavy. > The movements of cottoa in this country, up to th? latest dates, compared with the corresponding ptrioi in the previous two years, hare been an annexed Movements or Cotton in thk Uniteu 8tatm. Hales. Reoeipts at ports of the U. 8. since S'pt. 1, '47.1,657 479 11 " same psrlod last year.1,409,1*2 " " " year before.1,447.815 Exports from U. 8. since Sept. 1,1847 6.V7 9i54 " " same period last year, two .Til " " 44 year before 78-2,183 The receipts at till* port slm-e the 1st instant, hare been 40 000 b?les; exports 1C0U0; taken by spinners 12 000; on speculation 3,000; slock in the city oi,000; amount on tale 52 000 The closing quotations in this market were as annexed i? LirsnroOL Classifications. New O'leant Upland* Florida JUot> 4r Test. Inferior.. aoae. none. ? Ordinary 634 & 7 fX a 7 6j* & 7 Middlieg 7?; ? 7X 7* a 7?tf 7J? a 7?i (loud Middlieg 7,?, a 7>1 7)5 a 7!-i a 7>i Middling Fair 7>i a 7H 1% a 7'B '% a ' % ??r . 7f. a ',jl 7X? Vi ?? 4 Kull? t-air. 7J'? a t.'? none. tifi a SH G?. d tatr.......... i B>i n.i-e. corniest trine nounntl. none. notnnal. BIARKKrS ELiBWlllCIlE. STOCK S.U.K8. Baltimore, March 23.?12'00 Uu ted States 6'?. 1867, 1 2 1#M| do do 6's, U67, lti24?; M>0 Baltimore C's. U9 (opening) 93; It0i) Baltimore and imiij out dividend bonds, (opening) 75- Unite I Stat s It's, ltii7, closed at 102 ? asked, 1123* bid; Treasury t>'?, lutV b il, '01 as'ed; Maryland tt's closed at 81 bid, (Co; il.e opening ) UjJi asked; Baltimore 6't, 1t>9at 9i uid (l.-r'lie openinc,) asked; Aaltiuure U Ohio JLtuilr oa;l, shares at XI& bid, 38)4 asked. Phil a del r mia. Mnroli 21, 1818 ?Fit tt Board -3(1 G;rird B uk, It \\ >21/., U S 'JTcasnrj ts. 10IK; l^ 7t,0 state Sj. 73; 40 s>eadi< s c. I'.'S; 7 Man St JV'itch Ilk, 22; I Feuna Bli, 272 Jlfitr ? $irfo Mate 5? c, 73; H'O (Ji aid i5wn 11; 100 Oi r <1 IK, 11. Stcvr.d Beard ? $'000 Slate is,7J; 5 Far & Mech's H..I r.q. I ... i. . l, ?. i & . WW, w I ... t, \ _ i iau;c do. %. Jifltr hoard.?$5P0 U 8 '1 real Nnte? 6s. 10!},'; 10 3C0 do do. 101)4; *20 1. en nth Nav Coe' (crip, f2%: 50 Uirard ilk, 11 100 Morr s (. anal, 11 %; 25 Flemingtou Copper, 8. Boston, 23.? Brokers' Hoard?4 shares MsrnfactuieiV UflUMCI Compear, 110V, 3 tioie lnsu-ar.ce Com* l>aoy, 75: 5 ("onitcticiu River It Huron J, 98; 117 Heading "ai!nail. i>%. 30 Vermont and Massiclm?etts Hailroad, 75; 25 do d> 7l%, 50 ?u'.?t Boston! oniony, 14%; 50 do do, s 35 d, 14%; t!C0 h*?i boston Dividends. No. 4 6. Second Boar<1 ? 10 tin Vermont and Msssxcho?rt?s Hailroad, pay S turdav, 75; 50 Hendinji Hulroid, 19; 50dodi, piyab'e Monday, 19; 50 do do, b 1 w, 19; 100 Kast Boston Dividends, No. 3, b CO d, 8 >16, DOMESTIC MARKETS. Phii.aoei.phia Catti.e Mabkgt, March 23?Offered during the week 1100 bef enttle, including ?215 Irom Ohi?, and 490 taken to New York; 190 cows and Cf.lves, 850 hogs, nn i 118'J sheep. Price??Beeves dull of sale at $6 75 a 7 fit) psr 100 lbs, which is a decline. 60 hea l wore left utiold. town and calved all ?oH at $7 a 14 for dry. US a 28 for springers, and $19 n So for fresh cows. Hogs?Salt's weie mostly at $6 a ti 50 per lOOlbs, Sheep sold within the range of $1 50 a 4 50 each, according to qunity. Hfcy, from scarcity, brief* better piioe*. Sale* were mostly at fl a 1 10 per cwt for good Timothy, and straw at f>7 a 8 the 100 bundles. New Bedford On. Market, March 13 ?Sperm ? The Hftrkat is fi.ip, and prices arc well sustained The *ale* of the put week embrace all the crude t>ii offering. ! say 1000 barrels at 109c Several parcels by recent arri- ! vais are now isndiig Wbalo?Wo notice sr.Ws tbe pa*t week of a ea?no <f 1800 b?rrfls handsome N. W Coast 1 and South Sea ot 34,'a a aC>$e. an.l 1200 barrels N. W. | 1 ow: a; 3t>. cas'j. Whalebone?There is some, inquiry, t but tha trans&c i.ns are Vrty light, the article being generally lie d above the vi.'wa of buyers A talo of | 18 Oi'O lbs N. W, Coast w?s raa<?e at 2ii%e, cafili. FOREIGN MARKETS. Havana, March II ?The arrival* of now su^arhnve bean Urge during the past m^nth. Tbe demand h:ts hi o improved u.M tbo exports have been or a corres ppntiug scale. Tbe enquiry rules ehiefly for the North of Kuiope, the transactions for tbe United Stats* being moderate. The intelligence from Russia prohibiting the import <f cruthrd mirrars h?a oausrd n brisk demand for whi'ra, vbich clas* is unusually roaron (his season. Our prices range as follows: Cucuruches. 4'.A' a l% rs.; ordinary yellows, 4% a fi; middling do., 6% ai>%; tine do , 5% a <5; tl ?ret? do , 0>i a 7%; ordinary whites. 8%; middling do ,8% a 9; fine and tlireto do ,9% n 10 Assorted parcels lor Spain oommand 7 a 0 rs to 8% u !l% rs. The tinn?aclioi j in Mu-covadoe* are smell and chkfiy confined to the loner qualities for Franco at 4l? a 4% rs Prime qu litis* are held at & a 6 rs. Ovine; to tho long continued drought, fears aro entertalnad that it may affect the extent ol tho crop by diminishing the juices o! the cane. The general quality of tn? crop so ftr is good, tbe present st?tM of the weather being ftvorabla for the produc ion ot dry and strong grained sugars. Ctffee continue* very source at $0 n 7, t qual at 1 i 00 Pr. to 82 8 ? 37 0 per cwt, fob. Molasses advanced Inst m> nib to 2 rs, tut has s neo declined agwin to 1% rl, at which price contracts for dellverlea In all tiiis month have ocen made Tbe cann this season 1* found to yield less molasses than mod, in proportion to sn^ar Kxrhmges have again deolired, and transactions on London for tha list 6t*!.'iueT took place at 10% a 1 1 00 pr. since, then some s?j1'8 hsvi? lisen made at 10% 00 pr P?ri? 4 00 disc Spain 2 a 3 CO pr. New York unJ Boston par Freights hare been brhk. Tho first ergageraenls lor Kuropo were mtde at jGJ o 3 28 per ton tor Cowrs and \ ortsin tho North 8 a j?:i .'? i 3 10 for the MeditgimKeiin and flsltlo, bat withlq the littfowdaj* a''ecllut* of 26 ? 8 ou these rates ha* heen submitted to. For ihw United Stat k we note ohai t< r* nt 4 p.\r t hd, I a f 1 U tor b( x do and 2 n $2X per 1 lo gsllons Molasses Vessf!* n?t over abundant. Flour?New Oceana, bbl.. 510'^ to IliX *ales Lard?Kastern. qql? $ll}( to 11% eale* ; do.. New Orleans, qql, $11% to 11% sa!e>< fltrcn U/HOkegi. Pork?Mess, bbl, $14% lo 16 *a|ei. dull ; do. priuie Ibl , $13 to 1 & do do. ll'oe, qql, } '>% to 6% rales " IS a it is tDOiD, r en. v i, ? i ne crop *??ion f* Already | ndTHUcerf, i nii but little Su*sr i a? been rs yet mr.d*; hut every <l?y ad I* to the .|iun'.ity, and we (run eoon tr> ; fee evmy pujrt eft*te In lull operation. The unprecc?ient d In* price of <o>ntiial produce In the homo luinrfcet. ocupl'd with the monetary erbl* in Ko^Unj, ioduced larrcheate and coiisipnoee to withhold the formeriy ?uppli> d to the planter*, nnd consequently it b<oamu ? mutter of lm.ieii.iu* BMrmlly Iliac the <u ft or | production? ehculd barigortualy nurUiled, nnd exp#n'*? | ot e?ery d'Nsriptloin circui.'rorib?d. In the Ani?ric?n produce irrimet, I have no iwprov'itnent to report eince my hie', of the Hhh Ip**:. Kvt ry defi-riptlin :< in nhuadance Ti>? retail prices ate ns folloWf:?Klc.ur $>7 7fl; Oc,rn-rn?al f4 74, ru *1 3& pir b?ig; I'ens 1>.'l AO; P<.iR vlenty. Tie account* Irora tne Agricultural district* of Trinidad are moat disliearteuing. The colony wa* completely pnetratcd, aud unicAi ffovtiri.roenf. JntfrpoeM j Horn* 'm^hutui ot relief, Ui? sugitr cui ivation w iuld have to tetmli ate in a tweivriaonth There was n t a buver in liarket for any d'leriptlon of produce The f"lui? wan the ecul* ot price*: Su^ar fit; Cotton $7 60, i c tl'tse $10 .',0j Coco* >0; Hum 3ft0 per gnlleri | bnd Molatee* 10\ Ulttla Yo'oida irornlrg, M?roti 34th, Havmond raciricm j T) MiNfii:,e n c.f M.iyinnnd A. aid E ien, apt"d i me jtv v and ten month*. Tne fiiend* nnd itriailve* of tho family are reij'ieftr.l to a'terid hi* tuner.I, this nt?riiir>ir at 8 o'clock. t\om I 3 VHriclt Mreet.. On KrUny, the 24.h li 'tnnl, J t?ir? Olnoax, nirod 4J yea*, rlde?t,?on ol Henry 0<t>oru Tile ! ' ily "ill he lu!eirrd in (Ireenwoo 1 Ci.inVery C?rr!*|te? will ho iu it. tut dance to oouv?v the relative* and Irji nds of the tauiily, who ar? leapvotfull inrited to attend lie fuirml tkls aft?rn:>on at 3 o'clock, iTcm tt.j roidcucH ut an futU^r, *.? U'hitrliiil Ui*?t. On Thursday. 23d inst. Hews* Hoyt, trq , formally of Orange coun'y, ?R?d 24 y -ais na J 0 month*. Or?DK? ooun'y paper* j buie oop? Ou Friday. W>e 24 li irrt . after u short l.lnei.-, MaB- , ?iAHkt Ji Li*, John W. Morgan, ?g?d 30 y-*r?. The frit-nd* of tlio lamily, ainl thr-se of liar fa'h#r, William BakawnK arj r?.;peotfuUr iavi'ed to attend her funeral, on Sunday afternoon. the 20th iuat, at 4 , o'clock from hf-r lato residence. I5J Mott itreet, without fiirllifr iiivhatiou On tho i4.h Inst., Mr Lewi* Leomori, iu tao 69th your of bl? a(C?. The friends of tho family are iavitod to at e- J hi* ft: rerfcl on Sunday, SG:h Inst. at on* oVlcok. 1'. IS" , from hlsla'e lea'denco, No .27 Horatio street, near Kl<bth annuo. Ilia lomaina will be taken to Ureeuwood Oraotery. On Friday, March 24th, 194-t, Ro.i*etta, wife of Francis P. Cramp, nged 49 j ear* Her friends are respectfuil; hiTit?d to rvttend her funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at half pest four o'clock, from her late residence. No. HI Bleeoker *treet. On Friday morning, 24th in?t., K I)MOf?l) Al?N7.A, *OU I of Urotge and KU/. ibeth Manolt, in the 3 i year of bin a?,*. R'lativesand fiiacdr of the family, and of hi* Rrandfather, Tkorncs Keiiston-, are reapeotfnlly invitrd to attend the funeral on Sui:.l,iy mnrniug,2u h inat . atoi^M o'clock, from No 12 Kivisgloo street. N. D. Tho will betaken to Vonker*. Tbia lovely bud. so your./?, so fair? Caded h?no*< by euily d<ou>. Jnsi come to >ho.v how sweet a flower In Paiadiso would bloom. WDUMO^T, AUCTIONEER.?LIBRARY, ' F ! tli* late Jnmet Thornton?Dumont Si Home* will frll | on Saturday eveniuir. ni 8 o'clock.* No rteventeeotli st., hrlwcen Fifth'aud Sixtli Aveuurs. the illuitrntrd works a d I b lokt of engravings, the most va'uabl* aud cott'.y woiks in the catalogue, coinaieu' i g ht No. Sf>2 on the catalogue, and ('eling li e tale. We would call reticular a'teotiouto the.nlethis evening, of ihe il us'rnteil worki, nrd book* of etching*, and eutravingt. <kc. The elegant book ca?e, No. 17ti, in taiall jimmy. will also he f>ld in the ccnrse of the ? venii.g, on ntwml of the lormer purchaser. WANTED-A SI t U\TION HY A RESPECTABLE Protestant outg Birl, t" do chamb'rwork and waiting, or to miuil a baby a ml do tewing; can wash an" iron fi rat r. t<; in well a"cu' t'?iflfd to the work?or weald like to ?o t'nvelli4S with 1 ld>. fijod reference lie siv.-u from her hut |.l <ce. Please call at No. 2 Hall place, between fill* M.d 7;h ttreer, opposite Tompkins market, third ti.ory, back room, fiom 9 \ >1. rn o P. M. Wanted. CY a french girl. a PMCJE *,s nu'ts mid se.'.mitre ?. Ai drrt? bo* No. 195 I'ott office, with pliw tfmwetn Qowt wwt>nw liwi W/.NTKD-ENGLISH help. WIK) I ,>I>KK " stands general housework, washing ar.d irouii g One jmtcriived pre erred, atd lituition iirrminent, il suitable Apply at 39 but rrstr/et. Soot ' Brooklyn. Book wantkd-leght ov masovuy-a small work published at Utica, Ne * Yo k, loine yenrt "CO \ libera' price will be paid lor cue or twenty cop e?, ut applving at IIC in vision street en<: il y. illi n y. n v.-w\nted, a cdou Trimmer. To na eiperienced perton. steadr employment ami g >od wages will be g'veu. Apply at 110 Hudson street, Deal- Franklin street. N. y. AOKNTLKMAN WELL .ACQUAINTED W1T11 Bookkeeping, iu pII its branches, is in want of an engagement; has [eeii In huiuets for the last 15 ye-nri. aud w. u'd tender himself Kruer.lly useful; has uo < bjectiom to go south or west. A modera'e S'liry will o*Iy he requited at fust, 11 give his employers aa opportunity to judge fur themselves. Or will devote a few hou s ?tch dap to making up iVorchviti' or Tr.idssiueu's Brolt*. at a moderate charge. Adit eis't'- W A . bos T , Herald Office. BOARD WANTkD-BY A GENTLEMAN AM) wif?i. in tlic neighborhood of the Bowery and Second ttieet until the first of vlay. Addrtts, sia.iug particular, 11 v.N. h.'i i 19 p ut (.(Tice Room in broad way to let-a lauge boom in the second ttorr of the new building. No. 155 and 119 Broadway. ue*r Liberty street. ImmeJ ate postetsio.i can be had. Apply cor: er Fitlron and CI i ff ttieert Rooms with board, in a pbivate French familr aM7 Greenwich stree'. Rooms in iioboken ?a small f *m ily h *ve tworouini lo rent, furuiihed, without bia'd Thehoust! ! m-aiauuy aatmea near me herry. Inquire at No. 6 Newark Hnlmliea. ' PO LKT. Oil KOlt SALE?THE THhEE STORY -I- brick II me au<t ?tore, No. 191 ?i*th nvenu-, between 12th and 13th sTteti, wi ll marble n ante's. sliding doors .\t:d a Urn'. ya'd The store is a good s'aul for t u iuess Anplv to G H WIN l EM. 31 Wi?r?tr*ej. overthe Mech mic'i Hauli. rpo LET?THE BOWLING AND BILLIAfcD 8A? -i. loou,72 rruice stieet, 4 rfoi rs from Broad *f.y, at a in iderato rent Tht ItiOTftWII hK> fact Milif ffi II feet wide, Ml leet lou*. and it suitable for military or political purpose* 1cquirennih r'eniises. TO LVT?A KAHM HOUSE ON NEW YOKK BAY. 8. utli Dro. klyn, l-rloiv Greenwood, pleasantly litu teu ou the w:>ter li u l<. Apply i t i.'i lir.ind it eet. T:) LET, t:N STAT EN ISLAND, A DEHIR \15I.E two story Coti?|je Residence. near the Sailors' Snug Hirbor. con'ain>rR live rooms i n each tl ior, besides ktch-n ar.d cellar. The itroand is covered with fruit trees.slwu'.ibery, vi:'es Sic Huriicn he kitchen. The premises are in ei < ellent ordrr, i nil ih ; sea bathing msurpme'l; within three m rules walk of the ferry. Kent $3SU. Apt-ly to J.N. BALES 11EK, No.2 Wall street Toilet,iv Brooklyn?the 3 story brick D .veil 11.?! HfllMMM Store, comer of Ti]|?ry mid Washiagton itreeti.?The h 'Use contains Id well finished rooms IVssejsi a Ittof Mav??tore c\u b? hid immc i-tely, bud is p. good situation lor b'kery. f.uiily Rr?c*ry or mill nary. Kent very In*. Apply to C. WtilTK. 1.18 Pearl s.rret, New Vo-k, orT. LESLIE, corner cf Fulton and Ti.lery streeu,Brook 1} n. piKE PROOFSTORK TO L'-''' FROM FIRST MAT ? ?No !(9 Wrshington stree'. 25 b," 95 feet, built by the Unite.1 Statei, in the best manner, and now used as a public store. The eel nr is dry, and new floor laid the past wii ter. It in ay hr l.-a-ed for n t'-m of years. For particular, enquire of GEOK E W. NILE*), No. 192 Broadway, c.rner of John atreet. A iCOMACK t OUNTY. VIHOINM-A >>R. OKO XX Dii, son of Col Levi Dix, of thin plice is informed thit Ins fir'ier is dead, and left him corsiue able property Mr. Uerrite DlX is ase laiiuK man, and ha* sei'ed from B ston ? His f. iends have not heard fun him for liveje-rs. Any isf?n> ation concernitp him, will confer a favor on his relation". Apply to WM. PAHll \MOME. Drnmmondtown, Accomack couutv Va , or 10 11. P. HA V&filS & BON, 434 Water street, Nev York. Li* OR SALE LOW-A NEAT, COMPACT. HEALTHY and convenient Country Residence, within an hour's driteoft'e citf. The property consists of a well hnilt l)we||. inir House, with wuiri, of moiletn structure, a&d *b ;ut twelve acres of i and divided uto lawn, meat'ow, tillable, ai d borticultural, te.iJes a portion atH which is a v.i i-ty Ot frill and ora- inema! trees and shrubs, aud a quantity ' f native full Itiowu lorett trer* rrar the house and out-buiHieps There is hIso a rrood b:>rn, stable, ard c.)W shed, ap ic! house (filled), a well of >( ft ami delicious v~ter, ar.d variou?other impiovenu-ti, upou the prrmisei. Ths I nlf orllie whole ol the purCiia*' nmney miy remain on bond and mnrte:iEe- At'plf to EATON lit COMPANY, 3 Fletcher sfe?t. rvvmi FOR SALE, OK ABOUT FORTY AC'KKS, M- on L msi Island, 4 mi'e? from the railroad sto^r>::ig r are tTirn hville, on the road tj l'o"k".wjy, near T Coffc's hotel. Haul f>rm contains a dwellina lionse, t arn, ar.d oiber necefs*rv luildn k?; 5 i crfs < f word. 4 rf in?:"d iw. the liniitiee gnod t l'?b'e 1 md, all in g ind fe> o?, a d well su>>p!ird with firit nite water: veiy plea?.M.t and he It !>?. an I wll he lold nn easonnb'e p -tienl t" ii quire ill t*ie M i.rr's>hop, 61 Uearli street, or ol OlCOSUfi W ATS ON, on the firm. I^OR SALE OR KXoHANGK. 16 FARMS OF 1000 acresearh, in Wisconsin Territo-y. Miner"! rejcio:i The Un I is of the lieat quali y, an.i will be sold a c e t b.<rRaiu. or txchTK'd for pri iterty it* or ntor New Yorlt. or tnetchan i/.e. Apply to I AMES li. BORM, at the Noither.i Ho'el. foot of Conrrl.vidt lift, on Wednesdays md Thn"*days lii! 9 A.M., o' to th> New York Real Ksttte Co., 17a Bro .dway, corner Msi?'en Lare. rpO CAPITALISTS, RESIDENT OR FOREIGN JL Per.ons w iili n){ to make safe and profit*hie ioveitmei.ts, in improved rr miitrprov'd city property, inav hear of the ritiitkind of tarffaios. as f IIow*:-Add.e?s a note,tlin.ugh ihe post Hire, to M B W. X . stHtiiij unm?, rtsidei ce. am u it to b- i seated, &c; on cor.di ion that the inor.ev shall beetle betf.nd dcubt and yield sot le:s thni IS percent per aiirum. Pit' h rot?? will receive prorort n'tent.ou. tliroaRh the New York Pcit Office. M.B. VV.X. New Yoik, March 83. 1S1H. I^OIt HU.K-2#on a;I.\NTI1L'8 TREKS FKOM !2 . to M fret hith, of straieh' n?d thrifty (rowth, at half price, viz: 137 JO tier hundred K.nit trees. Urape vines in sort*, f cih (Jrmlen seeds of ull kinds, Grapes stiitnble for I.a'-, us or pe minent pa?tu may be required; Kxoric plants Ornamental V??es. and othrr farry ai lielej, O'.rden tiols Stfl.,\c T. DUNLAP, Stedsman,be.,6*5 Uroadway, urar Bl?erlier stre't GFAPE VINfc.8 FOIl SALE?TUB SUBSCRIBER . fl-ri for salt a large st>ck rf tw>i yeir old lsab?'laand i sttwba, in sin ,11 or In tee quantity. J AB. Will It. Fioriit 2!lrh ?t ?rt. nr 3 I evnne. ROPES, MODE 1, NOUViCAUTES.-F GODH FllOY ' v ill oren on Monday ntit. the 27tli in'.t , a q lite n?-w and ' rich as'ortmeo' of Paris S, rinc Goods; rtrnw and Ik Fiemh Bo :uel*. Stc . just recuved by the Havre packet*. 349 Btoadwnv, rip n'nirs QMUM HATS.?ir YOU WOULD HAVE AN ILK f Ra t iJrt ir yon wou d luve a tasty Hat, if ynn wn'd I h?v? an ec ii unreal H?t if you wonlu have a hat in which ( ill's* I Ii re- qualities a*e c mihined aid acqnne th<* repu'ation , of a rc a'i f will pleaie call on Mealio, 410 Bioadwiy. coru'r of '.aaal >treet / I UTT \ PEHCHA?TliE PUBLIC CAN flr- RUP" j lar.e rr mi. 11 i|u lutitiea Inipotted by ilic inbirnber in in ! lire iittr, expr ?-ly for medicinal I'lirrnret. Order*from the country at.d ue'KliboiitiR citirr. will treet with prompt nt tentinu. Arner'CJn <?utt% Pereha Company. S T. AKMs:i(()NO l3t William it"ct. TO shii'oivn?:h" and ' \stkhs ok vessels ? ?Port \Var<len'? Office. N i 101 Wall at'eet.?The P?rt v i dent will cnurf*. lie r.iCier, ti e fnllewni p in. n, rix: ? K-.r "nth intvey on board of nuy reisel.on hxtchea cr cargo, Sli<l b'rtr t*rh mirer on dnmnvd tftodi on the wharf or in atore, 1150. For each ?n*vey on any vmtl deemed unlit to pr. crr 111 se i, %?. M. Office opea frrm 7 o'clock, M tn (i oc'oc* I'. M. New York, March 23. IdlR KOBE11T T. NOiKH. Cl?rlt. CAM. BOAT H>u <jAL?', OK ti Oil 8 TONS, H K i uh'd rom lete,built in brit mam;ei; cost $12 0: will be ?nld f.v $110 Apt ly a' 2.'> Brrwd ?treet C^ONilONK.Ki PER SHIP LELIA." KKOM MARJ reillet wi I i le**e ?eml rt eir permit" on board, nt Pier No 0 N.H . or to the cilice of BOYD fc HlNt K * N. Jtnm 'PIIK KTH >MSI11P ' AM ("M ' II I. S \ i I, KRO I I- the iloek?, .Wiiev City, thi? day (3Vh March) at twelye precis* |y. ranrriKen are rriiueitad to he on b >frd hv elf yen o'clock. F^"K CHARLESTON, H C.?THE 8TKA VI8HIP Northerner, Capr Thoma* M Hndd, will leave I'.er No 4 N R.. on ?a urdar. the 25th 11 March, i t 4 '.Vloelr, P ,V. All bills of |?d>. g swiied by he cleik on b v.rii. I' i r f r S'.i Kor freight.. r i n-.?i?e \j>, ly to SPOFKOltU, TILKs I'ON It ' o 41 N h h itrtet, POH CALlFORNM DIRECT-THK FINE NEW 1 hri.? B M.KA VI'. Cap, i.i Jordan, u11 he il'tpatehe I a? *h .ye on tt.? fi . f April. P?-c-l?, p,icVa),es nil laiters will ! I e tiih'11 rhilK* ol'n dcuefal.v f,> w rde<t. Fur firmht fi I n|y on hoar I .it pier!) r ? Mir*i, or to BEAL.E, MELIl K It t)K W|I i" i|n Hr >r. ?tr?et JJOKl.IVKHl'OOt.?N .W L NK-Kf.Ol'LAR I' V K i. <iof?Gih .li.c'i? I he ne.v n .d splendid Met bsiIihk pml'.et ? .;? :.>.,i,tl Asa Eldridrfe, muter, is n?tv leading. I i.hI will i osrively sail n shore her regular day Kot fr?iK^>' or , ' 'i.r I''.' \ni! p'*J?did fnrnithrt! r.rc.nnmoUatioi.a, ' tpplr oil b I'ird nt Dtlinna wh uf, loot of W II ttrect or io h K COLLINS, 46 Hon h ?rreet. The prrket ahip Muliinnt will .mci.eed '.he . artirt*. aad mil h?r regular tliy. M O riOB?ON ANi> Al'TKt! H \TLI'.I> AY, FE' rn.,ry l?th. he tieniiitoat !VJ' A l'E.V iHLANDER will i.nke fi ? ("llowinit tripr, n till lar.'bar no'-ice J.ea?# <^natannattl'i. 1# A M., 12 M , I f M 1 i' M l.earo ;?eiYork tit A y,llA.M^IF M.lkf. M.?P M. I ITALIAN OrKBA HOUSE-ON MONDAY EVKNI in.'. 2?th Mm?h, Hi* will b' pcif?n..?d ihf G:ud Opera ol? KHN.iSl, n fja. ac j -Mmic bvVenli?Klfirs, affianced of Don KuvR>??X Si.:'ra Tereat Trufil: K.rnaai, ih? Bindit, Hi^cor Atilio ArnolJi. hi? fir?t ?p M'A?re in America; Don l .,lo K.ui of S Knur K. U Uonercutano; Dou Ituy (jorarx Je *lra, t'unr.r Seitnui > l'o?i; Dili Kicc-.rJo, Vqoira to ttf Kin*. Siauor (iuij?>p|>e P fin nteai; J.i? i, '.""hiIt# to Don '?mrO in?'/.. Sitfiri' O Moro; <)iurintia. El riii'j turn, Hn'fn 1??en Oi 'I ueid ,y Kreninir, n <JHAND CONOP!ttT at tin Tib?ruic> Ti eke re to be hvl at the prineip I Mu:ie Wtirrt fit t'e Tie "tircrV and Box oiil -r a'ot at the d "? * "u Wedneaue., I9:h vrh, 1*18, LU< 'HI" Zl A BOiUll L'ie"zii. ? i Vhm Trulfi.? On Kudu-. Slat ;1;* cli.iSia. I.b . I.) L)l LAM ^l lK tlotlll ? Lucia. H u'm Klizi biiciccianti; 'riaettr I Dirrtto e Siguor B\rili Leader of the OfheslM n d ckorm, \!..itrr Cnv< Lietti. Doore op'U a' bilf rait 7 o'clork. 1'erfo.miner commences at 8 o'clock precutly. No lady, um ccoti.panied be a geiitleiran, eilmilt'd. <>'riii<ej will ??t down in A'toi Place with tbeir brir-ea' b?a'!? frvn Bror.cUvay, mid take n,> ta ArtOi Place ? <* Higli h ?treet in the reve'?? oner Notice? To facilitate the epreisthe I'frquet acd Amphitlie?te dnora ei>mmu:iicatiii? with A<t r I'laee ard Eighth aftetwill be opened '.t the en '-it e : erloii., nor. llOMnSH V THIATRRe4iTUIlPAI KVJtMNU. U March 75.1J48.?1-oxea, ii e?oi?; i'it. 12>t ctnti. Doora . o 'l? a: h-!f-pii?t6; parfornuccea to cinufe/acu at 7 precna'y ? K r i n slit of ir.e new rjnuutie ?lriui i. written expire* If lor lliiaTneat e, entitled TriK WHITEBOY, or .\Wa.ity'a Knta ? Lhvr<eneeMacarty, Mr. W. Mnrahtil!; Lonn, (1. \7, ClaiUe; Abel Kich rda, Tilto-; K'wird bpeucer, Hill; Dominic Mntth'w. Bellamy; Darby Dnvie. Bur's?; Audvr HuIIitaii, Mra Wolcot; Eilvi Me'Jotald, Mm Fhillipi; Lady Mary O'Biifn,M ?. JnrJan. Previ.,niin v?!;ich TIIK BOTT!>K? ' 'icliird " I orn'ev, Mr. Clarlie; Cleo u<? Uray, Mr. Tilton; (Joddlra. Mr. Uurxe; Itaili 'Jl.ornl. v, -Ira 1 liiliipe; Ksth^r Clar<?. Mr?. Jord'u; Kitt.' r.imnii. Mra Suihe Imd (CHATHAM THEATHii-SATUKDAV. MVHCfl !5, ^ \v II lii! preieutril ilie farce if '111K KOUK MOWBR I V'H-P'ter, Mr. IVinm ii; Matbilde, ^]ia? H. D*nin. After winch tl.e fnre o'? YOUN(i AM '-.iliC A? Mrjor Marli>i-1, Air Parlev: ">!r .1 lin Jamei I'o.i ey, winn.u. To he followed by THE B.LIND BoY??StaniiUua. Mr. W.T'iylor; Kdriuii'. ii?a S. Iieniii; i*l"li"o, VViimx; K'v?'a. Mist II ldr th. To cnnclude witli BOX, I'OX U KNOX?Timothy Dux, Mr. VViniu?. Doom open ?it 7 o'.ilnirk. Performnuca eoameneea I " ; Box^a 'j:> fit lllj. MITrHKLL'rf OLYMPIC 'I'll K \T it HM VI I,' 'lay evening, March 84. the ri.terr intr.ern will commires with TIIK J \COBI PK?John Duck. Mr. Holla d. A'ter which the.NEW FOOT.YJ IN'?Bobby nrr; I;window, v'r Hoil md: Poly I' cnic, Mi l tlob-ru;Mr< Hotircrout; Mn lie ry. l'o lie foilowd b;?UL V>CK A'l1 Ni-.'V VO'IK? Mo?e. Mr. Ghin'Viu; Jake Omov'r: Eliza 8 < bbin'. Mm Taylor; nne, 11-ibeit*. To conclude wi ll J'llW DUMB 1' Vivian, Mr. Am Klici, Mi.a VI. Taylor. D ess circle, 5t> cents; upprr hoci. 31 e?ntj; pit, I2>< ceuU ? Doors mi 7; ? '?rutin 'i*?? at 7J4 -I- eW DKOA9WAY THEATRE. BENEFIT UF JO Atderson?faturde', Match 25 will he perform/d tlie 11 y,called tlie 1.a |j v uh' LYO.W? sJ1 ude Mtlnoue Mr. Ani'e'ion; ( 'J. Damn, Mr. Vac'ie: It'iona P.eaiseart, Mr Fredericks; G ayis, Mr. Hi.a .v; Mom. Ue*r?i ipe:|t ?. V)r. L. ' Anderson, Pauline, Miss Ka> ny Malack; >i*ritan- !'?? < ha.'iI'l l, vn YViustanley; Wid >i? Meh.of?. Mi*, flield. To rrnclniie ?iih Khal-s-eate's com-dy of KVl'HEKINE *. \ 11 PETRUCHIO?Pefachia, Mr. Ande-soa; Baptwta, Mr U. C Anlersan; Mo'tentio, Y-r. Kiug?le> ; Kaiherii e.Mr* ll eU'; liiai ca. Mi?? Fi'zjam?*; tuitis, Mrs. Chapman, i our* open at 7 o'cock?I'rrlomiacc# to hfgi-i > [ linlf ra?t 7 o'clock Oreo w irc'e and Paiquelte, 50 eta? Family cucles, 25 eta.?Gallery, 1 % ca ITALIAN OP^tM.-GHAND CONCERT AT THE 1 Taberrncle. 'l'ue d.-.v evin'UR, Ma-eh 28th. 18-18 ?Part 1? Ovuture to Zampi, Hercld. lit. Dae-?Kuricto?Sienoii /aviguoui and Sanquiiiro?D niz.tti. 2d. Dret?II (ior.v r.euto?"ii ;n<irn 1'en-ia Trutr and Si,;ra Lietti Uorei?V.ercadaiite. 3rd. Trio?William Tell?PiftBOri Araoldi, bcreventiimurd Kosi?Jtotsiui. 4:h Oavatini?Ereani?Sign.a '1 lulli ?Ver.'.i. 5th Quarlet'e?Finale of Lm ia di Latnmermooi? Hiera Biscaccinnti, Siguori Bei.edetti. beneven'ano mid Kosi ?Full churui?Donizetti. Pait 2d?Overture?William Tell ? Kossim 1st. Trio B n fl o?I iiu n ii Algle i?Hignoii Bail-ni, Bcr.eveuta.*o fcnl S.iriiuirico? Kouini 2<. Crlib'ated Duet?Linda di Chatnouuix?fiituora Biscacchuri, and H'gr Ber-e-'elti?Do. ez:tt?. 3rd. Houiauee Irem tlie F? Opera H Robert La D to bit?Slim Amelia Patti?Meyerbeer, 4tn. Datt?Normaai a Parigi?4iKnorina Trail ;:. i . - i a Lieiti Cor?i?Meicad-inte. 5h Trio?Lomliardi?Sig-a Iliacar.cianti, aud Big'i B?nedetti and Uoueven a 'r.?Ven'.i. 6th Finale, firs' net of GiurameutO?''iKua Tiufii, Si(;r.i Lietti Jcr?i, t>i(juuri Brnedet i -and Beueventaui?b u!l chorus?Mereadaiite. Tickf tsSl r~ch; to be had a! the Orera l]iu-e. ot the Lot offire, No. 2 Wall *trerf. st'he pr'.ueipal mur.ii- s ores, nudat tt?e dsur ol tl.e Tabcin&r.le. Petfotmauce to cohimeucc at fl o'clock rrrr.isflv T-? ARb-PALMO'SOPERA HOU.^'E.?(G1VEUTO ?* I'l-iarw at's <'tciar's due ) The pnb'ic are respectfully iaf riiitd, that scarcely cue Of the journal* of this rit-. have gurn a rorr?< t statemei tof what toon place ill conn, in connection with the n<re t hail. 8to , of mvse f, ll.e proii ietor of P.ilmoV (Jprra House ; aud further, although ninur other p* t'ous v\ ere indictrd, for appareclly a sinnlarcffenre, yet he new.<p.apers, like the Distuct Attorney, have thuuht lit, iu their hiyli s?me ol public dutv, to th>o\7 t! eir paltry and Ir thy ire I'.o.e on in vie 11'than the otlrrs. The potitiou is evident. My IttPMHnlitfi stmdi;iB, n.-.d inflacQce u tins com.i unity, ii not a'oue nn eye sore to thein.hnt it affjr.U me tliit satisfic'ion. that they orrobo ate what 1 have written about myerli, hy the meie fact ot their indulging uie with their ettra lithyabuie Tiie publ:r in t?t be welI kware that an i dictmeut having been obtiiaed. with the iid of the lion piwrrof th? 1)istrict Attorney's talrut. sircasms. Ur., vet it is but an es parte sta emcnt. and I ihall he able, hrfore i jury, rnt alone to vindicate inv welt known character. ? Inch has been so nr justly n>*ai!ed, but prove to the community at large, the prrsreution tii it th' se clothed with a little briM'nutliotit'h v? *:il-jected m^ to. I'almo's Opera Home will be opened O I Mouda.* eveninr n?*t. fc'or firtH^r niftifnln-i ?? ? mlvi-r. (i-cmenu. M. K. CUilKt. I'.ihivj's Ojiera House, March ili, 1W18. P\LV10'S OPERA HOUSE?A BALL WILL BE Given iu lh? ciurse of rest week in hnnor of tiie French He >olntin:i in Paris Those French certlrroen and other* who f rl insetted in the above, are requested to meet in lh? saloon of Palmo's i iprr.i Hon?e. Oivit.i; to the nurti-i; at tlirhalispeire Hotel, the meeting for the Bill't Palino's. <? I'Oit postpone.- ril] M? ndar Evening, Via-ch 27, at ?ev?n o'eloru. *.< HANICP'H ALL,473BKO V>VV^V. UKTWKKN i'l Grand and Broome streets.?(>PEN KVEKY NIGHT DURING THK VYhKK Uni iralle'eil sncceis. Twentrfifth week of the Orgin'.l <)HBI*Ti''S MIJVSTMELb, the driest* ttibliilied bund i>i tlis United Sftei, under the ?l!r?ci!'.M ot E. P. ciiUlSXV, whose imoiii'jle. .-ml ??r'2in*J I earertainmerfs are eiihtly honored n-in crowded r.nd high| Ir respectable audiesocs, r.ud we fuvored with a paironais | nr precndcired by rny ldm :..?nt ir. t!i ? citr / rimission 25 cents, dunieopen at 7. Concert commesifes; : 8 o'clock Ki t t-.e r.rcotamrv'.'tirn ,.f families , n /.KTEKNQON CONi CKHT EVERY SA'i'URD *?. Doers opas at 3; commence at t o'clork. BKOADl'/AY ODEON-ENTRANCE THROUGH Piuteux'e Cafe des Mille Colownes.?Manager E. G 0??lv.?Muscat Director. Mr. Oldheld.?MOl'KL AK1ISTES havingb'en put under the ban f the law. the manager submit* to us de> ision, and will open this place on Mnn day text, with an entirelv uew and oiigiual perfdininc^, consisting ot fierio Cornxo Pictures in uciiou, Dancing, hinging, a- d other ?i tertiiemenfg AMERICAN MU8EU?.'..?Splendid performances, every often oca at 3 o'clock, iuiu ev?ry evening at 7x. List week of Mr and Mrs. Malore KaTti-'o.r.J, rnd their three boautrful ? hug-liters, who Rive their inimitable Irish Mnsicrl Entettaintpenta tvery a.tcnooa and evening Lest wetk a'so ol Bruuetti's Vodel of Antiert Jervs'li m. a? it was in the timed our Saviour. Great Western, the Yankee, Miss f.erourd, the Seripru e S'stuarr, !tr.i<e. Admission to the whole 25 cents. Children c.iutt 1#, half p. ice. Reserved frout se-ts, on? ehillieg ex; ra. Gn ANO CONEttT.- B ENEFIT OK MESSRS. Lynch i id Knvantgh, at ths Minerv* Room*, on Monday l> venmjr, Mcich J7; on wlflch occasion the following ladiea a i ' gentlemen h ve kindly rolucteerfd their servicti :?Mi>s -.ennie K?)naldson Miss I mm.i Leji'e, Misa Jtober:?. Mr. Nelson Kiicm, hia (lr?? appearince in l\ew York since his re. turn fr >n ihe south; Mr. Austin Philips, Mr W. Brown. Mr. <?eo';^ Ilea, Mr L'nch Mi. KtrauaRii. Mr. Atutin Phillips will rrr xitlf at tie I'ia o. Po gramme?P?rt I ?Up'nmg lee?1 h? Bi k bel oe the Gale ?Mea"S Lynch, Phillip* rn.l Kavarali; Horg?I he Maniac?Mr Knera?; fcotch I'u l*d?v:v Heather Hill*?Mi?? Jeinnie Heynoldmn ; Skiij ? The Funeral of N?n-'leoii?Mr. W. Brown: Billad?Wlen the "o-'n ison the lake?" its Poherts: Uallnd ?I w .old I were a Bor rg in?Mr. Austin Phillips: Poiir?Will vou come to my Monnt&in Home?Miss Le?!ir; Vogg?The KriarofOrde Gr<y?Mr. (ieorg* Kae: Ballad?Ch mfi, up an ! e?ng' Jeanme lleynoilion; Song?The O ovrs of Rlar. ue-y? Mr Kjvj.uI>: <>le?The Cu.fcw?Meiiis I'li;l|ip?, Lynch aid Mne.'Pnr 2?G!re?Kiig Onnte?Mrsv;s Phillips, Lynch ami Kavaiiagh: tiallK '?1 will love thee to tin la I. Mnry?Mr Lynch: B.tllnd-Oh tike rue bark to Swii7.e land ?Min H-iberia; Seng? The G mhlera Wife? Kceass; Ba'Iad. (b/ riqu'ii) ?lohn /i><Ie.-?on mv Jo? \li?s Je imie Kevualilson: Sjog?The lJ.uld Scgrr It >y? r H'Vinth; Song?(>t', I a in a mer y Miilor 1 ad? v i? Le*lie; Ballad?North McShane?Vr. Lynch; Hrm-VVidr* Machree? Mr. avan ?h; Ballad?Mr Auitin J hillips. To c'uolnilr v illi (b* r'rpeat) several ol the moit popular Kthiopin ^ elooiea. by the who e company. D on open nt 7 o'clock?pctlormauce to cornmrnce nt 8 prteiae y. Ticket* 25 cents f ? ANV AUD'S MAM MOT. PANORAMA OK TH < 5-* >:i?sia<iir>pi river, painud on miles of cm>\i?s, !> inn t.!jp larstst paintmv in tli? worlJ. at 'ha I'aeeam build ing, in Eroadway, nc'Joininr: NiVlo'a OarcSrn. 0^"> ?>ery (Hnndays excepted.) Adroiami SO cents: ehildrta Price The Panorama will comnieaca muring at 7K o'clock prs.:i<*lr. Afteraor-a xhibiiioa n* W?li.?sd?/t and M?i?i (l?ya, at J o'clock. BRUNSWICK'S 8TATUARV?L A HOE A3 LIFE? rroreacnting the VENUS DK M.'.l'ICISard APOLLO I'E M r.Ult lS. fo' a ?hor; ti:n? coir. Oien Iror: 9 A M. to 10 P.M.,at 396 Broadway* neil to Htoppioi'a b 't'j AJi'ji:tance ?i cent*. CONVENTION HALL, I7i WOnsPEil 8TIIEET, t).-ar Hletket atreet ?S>xth w eek of thn ormiaal ".^ab'e Brcther?.'?I his superior b.*nd of Minttieli give their ii in.itahle ai:d iclect e itertjiumeiti every ii'jiht this *;*ek. Tlieir amut'n/ and popular p'rlo-inince i? electrifyinir full and fa<hi'liable aadierices a?d making a host of (ri'ndi for the in. Poois opm at 7 o'cl ck?Conceit commence* a' H o'ebek. A Hi urdav nlternooii emieerr, March ?5th. at lo'eloot (lOMK AND SEE!?MAOKK'A CCNCK.HT HULV Noa 101 nud Iti3 Elisabeth street? Kor a Kew Nights Mnlv?tJreat exhibition <f l)?Kuerre'< cel'hrated Chemical PI' ri'ltltH, from P.iri??V'ridsy evening, March 21. Also? Beautiliil exhibition of Moviug, <1fi?clii'K the mA*f r?Ulunr?d P* sortoas l'??* Mn>'ili?ns ?? ' I m'Uriir^a in the Unitrd< nul Europe, ncco^imu eil w i ll the mo?t apler.did W'llvent Yirwa.illuniinrt'd with tl.f brilliant Pium mond Ijifclif. Exhibition* cevrr h'fore presen cl tonr.y public Tha ce'ebrated and n tuilr.r B)' d (In e peifottner.". ut the Melodeoo. Bowery) of Ethiopian Mm-.trel*. hire been en Kiced and will, during the intermii'ions, delu 1 t the r.udienee bv ilieir inimitable tsleit. Admit nee 2iee;;t*. Doortopen r.i 7. i>ei f inn ic r.r to ci.nmfnc it ?K ' "c: >r U WALNL'T 8TUKKT 1 HKATHK. Mil I.-. inrill '. ?Saturday Eveuitic. jVar?l-2V |SI9 will he p:e enti d the romantic bullet of LE L At' DKS KEBS?Zelin. Vile. Blaagy; Queen of the Kairie*, Min VVn '? r?; Caroline, Mile. Vullee; K.anci* Mi-ns Boui.iry. To lie followed by the firce ?f DID YOU KVfcK HEM) YOUU WIKK TO BUKl.INt* I'ON'f?H'"iieyMin, Mr. hapm-n: >lr?. Hone\hnn, Mr*. lllake A'ter whicl'the secou ' [part of the hnllet of L'lLLUSION D'UN rEINTRK?Dorna Kr.neiiro. Vllle. Ill.j>*y; M rie. Mile. Vallre; K?ri.a<ido. Mjj?. Houtaiy. To conclude with th? ilmmn of KOBKKT M AO A IKE? Robert Maeaire, Mr. II i"hinir?: I eqnrs Htron, Mr. t'hai in n. PT\.No KoH re.-v? i I vv i, i. 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IKTKLLIGEMR BY THE MIILS. ? . fln< jLffefrs In WnfbteiKion. tin W AM11NQTO.N, M^rcll 22, 184^ jua Mou //<# French Revolution it regarded in Washington. th Here, at the aeat of government, the news ot the suppression of monarchy in France, baa ,o caused not sa'isfaction merely, but delight. The superiority of republican institutions ia vindica- 0oi ted ia the capital where they h*ve of late been a bye-word, and France is ag.iin the France that _Ir fraternized with America in the struggle for independence. t?r In tue S-natc, on Monday, reference w.'B made Uu to the recent events in Paris, and the clmmbar ci,' rung with the impassioned eloquence ol Mr. Al- ??<J len, congratulating the people ol France on the victory th^y have jU3t achieved. In the other ml house, the feeling is quite as intense, nnd on }*. all Hides, with sm ill nnd unimportant excep w* tions, the greatest delight is manifested This government cannot, to be Bure, great as is i's get sympathy with the French people, throw it3 If ?n into the struggle between them and their late Mo despots; nor do the people of Fr.iuce desire or ^ want our aid in rendering themselves free; but at tt>? lenst tins government will b1 the first to cougra- l0' it.-. 40,1 dilute them on their triumph. un< There are many features in this revolution 8 giving for it promise of greater Bt ibility than any BUt tliat has hitherto taken place. For upwards of n>* four centuries the people of Paris lived under hit the shadow of the Bast'ilo, and they were daz- j*"1 /led and bewildered by tin* sudden glare of light which burst upon them after its walls were bat- t?r ten d down in 17."D They were then struck as with ncoup de, and th?*y raved and rioted >>tn for u while in all the frantic joy of sudden en- no' tranchisenipnt. This fever brought an inevita- jj* ble reaction, and France, with energies relaxed ijjr by the debaucheries of her triumph, suffered herself r.gaui to be prostrated and enslaved 0l-j Again sh- recovered herself in 1830, but was it t again persuaded to try monarchy in ti milder r<la form. The experiment has been tested for se- t v. yenteen years, and has faded. It has been tried e>c in its mildest form, and yet soopprtsive was it f'n' that the people have been compelled to arm in defeneo of their liberties Mut what gives assurance of complete success Hlff to the late movement, is the fact that England ter can, on no pretence, and in scarcely any contin- riti gency, interfere. Thanks to Pius the Ninth, Austria is powerless to stop the flood of republi- J*111 can sentiment, or to join with England for the Hr' restoration of monarchy in France. The late jc0' combination ngiinst the Pope was not between mll Austria and France, but between iVlctternich Wi and Louis Philippe; and it is absurd to suppose it 1 that the English cabinet is seconding, iu good mc faith, the ellorts of tho Pontiff for the liberation cm of Inly. The spread of liberal principles is as .11 usual, against the desire, as it is a'cainst the intetest, of the government of Great Britain. It is Ul ll now becoming perfectly understood, that Eng- r,.R land meant to compromise the Pope in the esti- tho mation of his subjects, by the presence of Lord *ir, M into at the pontifical courr, and at the same Jw time to work upon the feelings of his holiness 'n. to suppress the anti English agitation in Ireland. The secret manifesto of the Pope to the Irish ttji hierarchy and clergy, proves that Lord Minto's the mission has not been altogether without fruit. bu? But the Pope is too wise not soon to discoverthe ? n snare set for him; and even if he Bhould contiirue tJ>? to act in perfect accordance with the wishes of ^ the British cabinet, the discontent is too deeply f1"' rooted in the Irish mind to be unsettled by the , strongfst exercise of pontifical authority. airi England, then, having the fear of Ireland con- cor stantly before her eyes, us well as the certainty ihn of the utter prostration of her finances, will be h*i as unwilling as unable to interfere with the re- *>? publicans of France. It is likely ehc may deem J!e it wisest to acquiesce at once in the change of government, wun asgooaa grace as posamie, er and thusavert the terrible collision, different con- to i duct 011 her part would be sure to produce. \ But it is almost certain that th#i present whig aot ministry must lose their places. Lord John Jtus- ten sell is not the man for any crisis, much lues for such a crisis. ffij In Mexico, the effect will be to cause an imme- occ diate ratification of the treaty. It is now evident vitI Mexico has nothing to expect from either Fiance the or England. They are?the one indirpo-ed, the vfct other unable to carry out th'nr schemes of inter- Co vention, if they ever entertained any. If Mr. 1 Polk hud not been in such a hurry, we could cx I have got Lower California and the right of wav across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Timidity is Pni always an unwise counsellor. Galviknsis. " nh< 2VZR. WEBSTER'S SPEECH ?? ON THE J L O A N B I L L . X tra VI11UTIKTI1 CON OK BBS. Ih" FIRST SESSION. Senate. frij Washington, Maroh'iS, 1848. Dark, cloudy, and threatening weather. i.nrge acees- ?, fiun of visitors to the oapiiol, notwithstanding. Srmi- jy circular balnony of the Senate, brilliant with bright j faoe?, Ray bonnets and feather*. The circle of nofa? on j ti e floor of the Senate, outsldo the bar, almost exe'u- ^-c sirtly occupied by ladies. The mystery of this rather ,.Dj, unusual gathering of the fair s?x in the Senate, in such dismal weatlier, may bs accounted for in the f?c.t, tbat j,B1 Mr. Webster is expee'ed to held forth in rxfemo, to-day. Prcyer by Ilev. Mr. Uurloy. Journal, petitions, reports, ,e|] ?t0, bet a mattkr of hrkat homiltt . ar() Mr. Dickinson had suDdry rcioluimr>s In his posses ,Cif ?ion, passed by the Legislature of Now Vork. The sub* 0U| j-ct, if his m?roory served him oorreotly, had been lntrcduced berotofi<re in tho Sannte. It was a matter of srm^ considerable mcm^nt to the nigrleultural int?rrsts of the Snl country, and hnj boen a ?ubj*ot l'ultful of litigation ^n(i He would, howover, not detain tho Sonnte longer in sus- ,^ pense, but would state that tho tosolution-. lelatod to f(ltl Jethro Wood's pitent plough. (Laughter) Tho resolutions were r?ud ana laid on tho table. After some furtnor inoidental business, ' , the 1.041 iu.l of 116,000,000, As the special order of the day, was ie?u:n?i. [There was a momentsry rusilirg as Senators Rnd epeatatois _j fqusred themselves iu their seals lor a deliberate heur- ... t h Mr. Wkbster took the ilsor, and with kt<**t coo!n*ss, mi, and self posstrslou, took isip from the ({lass of water on p|r hie desk, plao.d h's papers in order, turned deliberately pr(, ronnd to see tbat all was right, and atci.l the respectful ' nf (ha mnlfitn/)A nf hi* lislstnora nrn??aa<l?fi fait fallows ; Mr. President, on Friday last, * bill was pnesed by thin Senate for the raising of ten regiments cf new wr, troops fjr the farther prosecution of the war ogniunt o(n Mexioo. We have been Informed that the measuie is rlr shortly to be followed in this brooch of the national lc- out i;ii*lature by auothsr bill fur the raising of thirty addilional regiments cfvolnoteers lor the same servico. Mr President, I was desirous, on Friday last, of expreniDg M(j| iuy opinion* ngainet the supposed necessity of the V.C) cr.aotinent, and against the general policy it is appa- n'nl rently designed to promote. CircumstansM, personal , r(j to ruyfcejf, but beyond my control, coiuoeiltd >".e con to forego the execution ?f my (1< Hires The for bill now before! tho Seoato i? a msasure ui raise r(l_; money to meut the existing exigencies of the govern- ur c icent, and to provide the moans, as well as for other tiling", for tho pay s.rd subsistence of thesw proposed | jinT thirty regiranuis oi volunteers. Sir. the scenes through which vrt> have passed, and throii|h which we arep<tsa:i>?, ,,.u are various. For the last fortnight thi world has sup- ftr(j posed that we have been occupi?d in the ratification of a treaty of peace, and that within the seclusion of these . p[ nails, tho world shut out, we ware deliberating upon an }irt honorable and satisfactory peace, and therr wm a strong (insurance that the peace would be au immediate peace, which of itaclf ought to coasolo us and to ohe>r us. Sir, hi? has bean over an<l over again stated in publia and by the publ o press, that wa had ratified a treaty, ,)1(1 which, of oou *e, must he a treaty; aad tlrn i _j( country, sir, li.s luen led to euproso that it la rp_ not an uncertain and delusive peice; but n certain | tw, peace, a substantia, gratifying an 1 enduring penoe. ,j A peace is expected, that will prevent flu furthor tt.>w ] t('#, ol human blood; cut elf this enormous expanse, and t jncj speed the return of our friends, nnd our brothers and 1 fll j enr children. (Mr. Webster could scaiee rettraln his , Imm,) if they bj yet living, from the land ol ilaanhtcr ? j Ql(y from tlio land of atill moro diamal destruction by the wa, climate, to our flroaldcs and our haaita ' Hardly huve r(KI these halcyon notra ceased to vibrate upon our ear* be- I fore, in the resumed public session, wo ure summoned to nia| push forward our warlike operations-to the creation ot t,llt a i ew army of thirty thousand men. for tke further pro nl? locution of the war-to carry a power, iu the language (V.#3 of tko President, still more deadly, into the "vital part*" <.f our enemy', ami to preas koine, by power and , tliaawnrd, tne'claimathat we make, the grot-nds whl 'h : cm we inalat upon, against a fallen. prostrate, I had almost | r,,R ??id, Ignoble people If I mayjujge frr.ia the opening ! rpxecU of the honorable wmbrr from Mlchi^ats. or other {ret r perches upon thla floor, there baa not been a elm? from > fI1j; tbo commencement of the war when it has been more ur- j 0,,E gently praesed upon ua, m>t only to maintain, liut to in- | ?,,j crease; our military mean*; not only to o< utinue the war. ; n m. hut to proaecuta It with more vigor than the present time j C(,n, Pray, air, what doea nil thla mean I Pray.ilr, I a?k,iait tjie, Confessed, ihen; la ii conteas'il that we are ca nearer to ] Va!( peace than wtt were wnun we smrchcd up a bit ol paper oaWed, or miscalled, a treaty, and ratified it? Una we |,la( yfttoflghi It out to the u'mo it, in it no paoiliaatlou hail j,r|v intervened? I wiab, air, to tieat tha prooeadiitga ?>?' this, , offl,, and aveiy deparimerit of thla government, wl hthaut , evc, n-.ost respect Hod knowa that tha constitution of th.a | | ,r , government tho exercise of Its juat powers in the a<l- R ,c< tninlattailon of tha laws under It have been tha citer lab- n?0l ed objretof all my unimportant life But If this aubjaut ' n )w were not too deeply intrreatinK, I should a iy that our t(<tt proceedings here have been absurd and ridiculous In the mal fxtreino. Sir, iu our ordinary foreign relations?In the jut)l ordinary transactions bwtwoou this and all other foreign j-an governments, our course lias be?n to negotiate first, ituil tho ratify afterwards This would seem to be tho cattral nee, order of conducting Intercourse between foreign States, the I twe prai* loe the rsvereof tb!?. Wo ratify flrel, and [otlnte aiterward* \Yd set up <t treaty, Mich as wo i it, and aueh * Wd okooso to luaka It, aud thou send two ministers plenipotentiary to negotiate in it, iu Ui? eapi nl of tb* ?nwwv I uhculd think, sir, it the orilloai y conree of procfl-rlirjj was much thu T That the n?nf)li?tor? hold intercourse, rouw fo no orrang*met>t t-y authorised agar-;*, and tl.en subt the ?rr*. geinent to the sover- iifo uuthr rity to which >se agi tin nt? ri"poi;? bio, would I t* nlways the nioit lir?bl? uii-thod if proceaurr lte*rik-s in* that the ' urse which *e l.ftvo a duptcd Is fttrnog-?, i? RrotefKjUM; f jv ki I k J > < /, it In !tnor? ibJ? n'" 1 to thn h'stnry o', doiuaUc Intercourse sir it ncnttenNi upi-n the lloor i tho S<iute, Interested to defend and prote, t thii irio, shall, tu their extensive r?a 'log, have found n ' pics liko It. I ksotf or Lone Sir, wo arc in the j. s- I ion by mill ury power of New M?iio*> unl California onntries belonging hitherto to tha United K'atfi o( J xlco. Wo are infoirno 1 by thj r-cai,|fTit that it is purpose to le'.aln tliem ?to consider them na t*r< i io.i fit to be attached, and to bo atUc'i-d to t'i itcd States of America; and our military cp^ratioLs 1 designs, now beforo the S-n?to, are to eiiiorce this | itn of thj Kx?cutive o I the Uuifd State* We ?r* to apel Mesieotoagrcetkat t^e port of her dr.m.iitH called 1 w^M'XicO aid the other pvrt called Caliiornm, si a'd rati"iI to ua- that we nre now in postenriou, hi i W I J, at. J Ibst sho shall yield the tight of It. This Is t ??< uiso oi'j4ot of thi' army of thirty thousand in?n sir. j n the identical cbjeit, m my judgment, for wrh!oh t;if> I r wui originally crmnenced for which It lis* hitler lleon prrvsi'onted, and for tho furtherance of which <:U > ??y h to bo u?ed. but ns one turaus to bring ihout tu?< lerali?(Ult?a [jeiieral result depending, a:ter all, upour superh r power, and the neoteeity of eabmis-ilop sny terms which w" jresuiihi to fallon fallen ? fallen , xmo. Sir, the members couiposu g the o'li -r h-u?e bn more popular branch of <'ongre.?s havj all b??n :tei siuo< 1 hi I almost A^il ih* f.ital?I will:i>y i rematkiible inoldonts of the eleventh and thstliirnth of May, 1840 The other branch ha* passed ?rcjtlpij sfflriuiuj? thit tii? w*v wi.ii Mex'eo w?i b't;ii!i oostilU'.ionalty und uooeaesaatily by ths Kxeautire 'ernment of tho l/uiti-d s ateo I ooennr in the tinsent. I hold that to b? a most reseonabie and ,h?-nti<j expiessioa of the Trill an'l 'h? opinion f't the jority <>f th^ propl" of the Unit?d Statfi" Ther:i is, a'lotbfr X'TOponirioti io'io. uthentiraily nnijounc. it herto.but iu my ju igment equally trno-equally title of demonstration; and that Is, ili.t this war was ;ua, ban befn ocnl'ausil, aiid 13 now proi?cut?d fm ( rent aud l>*adii.g purpose of th > aoqni.-.'tlon of new rlt0ty,ont of which to bvlnj; in m-w w'.'b xban population. Into tlili, our Union of thf United itfi. If it wan unavjwad at first, this purpose did ; remain nnnvowcd lo'-p. However often it may faid, that we didn't go into war for ron'i'ieU, " <;?e Judeus Jlpptlli V Vfit th i moment wo g*t prs?^.** u of territory, it is said that wo tuaintaiu it, 1 make it mir owu Nov, I think, sir, tfco original eat has not been ch*rg?d?is not varied. Sir I think zislod in the eyes cl th no w' o orginally con'onit.ed It?who bcffaii the war for it ? plcin and attran* to thorn ond from which th<-y no more avert fiair is now. thai they did thon, or have done nt any tiim so. We have compelled a treaty of oesaloti We jw in our roD?oiouc?s that it is compelled. We ub? 9 treaty of compulsion ai our instrument, nod ai an lucy in oonjunrtioa with othor Instrument", a id < thcr moles oi a more formidable ant deatruo'.ive clisr^c, to enforce the ?cqui?ltion from Mfxico, of now ter>ry,outof which to form now Stat-.s new St*La* to aided to this Union. Wo know?every iiitclligeiat n knows - that there ia not p airon^or desire in the >ast ef a Mexican cltiz*n, than to rettio tbo tcrritc? belonging to i.hit republic. Wo know that the Mexn people will part with this trrritory. it pr,rt they i?t, with regret?with pangs of eoriow. That we ka >v 5 know it is before ua, nnd therefore, been use w>- know s before im--bncuui.) we know that whatuvor govern nt, as n creature, may do, cr tgroo to do, Iho Mtxii peopls will never accede to the terms of this treaty, . through ao impulse of absolute necessity, uni of the >rec8ion made u;ioii t h<-m by sbaclu'o irresiMlhlo lorce. stefore, we propose to overwht Im thf-m with auoth'r ly. We propote to raise immediately ten regiments of u!ar troops?twrnty regiments of voluute-ru- fifiy inarul men?and to pour them in upon Nltxico* New, I should be hr.ppy to ccnour, notwitheUndlrg all 1 tUCSWl RUU ail luin ury, ui mi lurrr ->< u |u "iil ir i;:, tli? lan<l ?for their " voice is etill lor w?r."? koull be happy to oRre*, and ubitan'.ially I do s(?cee h tha honorable Senator from Mouth Caruilna. I uttered a sentiment within a fortnight to i *iun? f fT*?ct-that Alter ell, thn wnr with Moxiao it ' tautially one in which tbero can be no more .lid in the pr?s?nt ttiUe ct tcivgs, my opiulon M that i people ot this country will not sus;.al? thh war ey will not go to the expense. Th? y will not Hud r gratification in puttinsf the b*yonet to tin throi?t r.f Mexican poepie. Kor iny part, I hops tin lenreclnt hill will never b*onm?alaw Thio wetks pg". I should have entertained the li pe. with tliv utKosl. lA'jence. Kvent* which have siuci ocounvd, atiate t confidence, but I ftlll hope it will not pass. And 'o 1 dcrc fay 1 shall bo called a Mcxioun whig. I shall told that the man who pill sUnd up hero and that bopefe thnt what the ndmlnistraiion promote forth.) thor prosecution of the war with Mexico will not ba ried into o(T?ct, is an enemy to tbe country?or wh.i' itlemon now consider the sarnu thin?, fir, an enemy he President of the United Stat?s,and bin ptrty. He's lexican. Sir, I thick very badlyof the Mexlcen chor*r, high and low, out and out; but nainoa do > ot rity mil Drs'de, sir, if I'm & sull'urer in ill In p-o1:?if I'm rilado a sulj^ot of roproacii by there .'.undnry presses ?these hired abusers of tbo mo ?s of public men?l're the Loror upon Ibid aMon to be jo a Tcry respec'nble company. In th? iperatlon, the accut iti?e, the drnunciatory snrso of t?im I dou't know a greater Mixican in this boiiy in the honorable Senator at tha Loud of tku Military mmitteo. Sir. Cass - 1 would like to have the honor ble Senator plain what sort of u Mexican I cm (l.aujhtor ) Mr. Wkhstkr?that's rxao'ly the tV.IuR I 1107/ pro so ta do. (Laughter) On the resumption of the bill 1 other day, the honorable senator saia his object was fright'n Mexico?to teach his humanity tn her?to iw that be would fiighten hor; but bad too much b;i nlty to hurt her. Ir. <'a??Docsthe Senator mean that I said thut ? rlreWrBJTEH ? I maun joil said it twice 1 r. Cam?1 did not say it, I bog your pdrdon. It wja to teach my humanity at all. Now, tbo fenator will >w me to repeat what I did say I sail the aduilrjlstion had two object* In vie* ?the one to prosocutn war rigorously?the other to prodaoe >t moral effect in Mexico?to show them our strength and our ability enforce our inensures. 1r. Webitkh-The gentleman said his obj?ct was to ;h*.en the Mexican*, ur.d that would be more humane n to harm Mm Mexicans /Ir. Cabs?True /Ir. Wfditrr -Trne, is it? (Renewed laughter ) .'r ?" a r. - MAM WMBt. dr. Wkditer?Now, sir, the remarftibl* c'uaracterls. of this sneech, which makes It so much 11 Mexican eo'.i, is tbtt thegentl-niaa sro):e l> in the hc."iriL|? of xieo,B8 w(-ll as in the h'liin^ r.f the .'cuntR U'e re been accused that what is snid Iiore, is lit-ird in xioo. But the bororAbla member comes here, an n ui niji ill h punciiin uujt-iH t.i mm uiu n iu i. niin.rn Hil wori'R h?TJ prrr?.I n!or.r the wires nud they 1 cn tho gulf, floating away to Vera. Ortiz. nnd whrii y get there. tney'll *l/.nlfy to Mexico, flint after nil, 1 object in to frulit'n them and. tin.I; thymay not I frightened tco xnuch, he give* notios b'Torrhnnd that I orjaot ii to frgbten tlx-m Ml fnilMtli wllen I tb, tho giant, was to represent the lion, end ruto. I I roar tinon the atega, he ?m ntta appr< m !?( * | t b? might too tnoeh frighten the ladle* : and, thero- j ?, with the adyic* of hi* eomvada, one Nicholas Bot- i 1, lit. wisely concluded, that In th- height r id fury <,! i effort an tn e Ucn, ho woul *. uiiow o p half hl?fa?r> j I fay, " Ladies. d?ar ladif?, 6 ; ? thi'.V: n:? p. lion? i rush thlnp, I am Snub, thpjoyier" (Uoir* of ijihtfr ) But, sir, in pny view of t'?!i* o-fs-ln any w nf th-" prop?r polic.y for this government to put s i'ordlrii to any m*n'* rpprehcution ar.d j'jd(/mp t ! ere i* the necessity for this uukic atation by r-g I j at*' f the military cf theoouniry ' I hold in my hou ! j a note?I stippi *o It ii substantially correct?-of th<* sent mlitary fore* of the Unlt'd I ?ill not iwfr for It* entire accuracy, but. I bellave that it if stantially according to fuct* There t>re f.7*nty live Intent* of rrguhr troopi of yuriomarm*. Iffnllt'. y ild contain 18 !)6f> raok and file, Ht.d, including ters, thirty thousand acd <dl men. Tntfo, with thf eptlon of *1* or s?yen htindre<I iren. ara now n:l of the I'nitrd State*, and In flel 1 WTTiM it. ilco, or ou tli* routs to Mezloo. Th?*e r?gi. it* ate not lull: casualties and tho c'lrrat* Lave ly winnowed tiiflr numb'r. If the reciuitlnn *ev9 could now yield ten thousand men, it c< v. Id not re than fill up.thsso regiments, so that nvcry brigadier, i ctlonel and captain nbculd hav? hi* appropri to full tmand. Here 1* n call, theu, upon tlio -( . i tho enlistment of ton thouiand m*o, to fill until* imonts in tho fireiaa rervice of th* Untt'd St.?t !. I lerstand, fir, ihere'i a r*p.-rt ftwOlMlll ural 8o.".?t?a m?n who ha* performed the ntoft bril- J it campaign on militaiy record?the man who bm j red *g?ln*t the t nf ray. warred against the o'lmat^ i ....1 ? Mm.,.....I Ti,.r.rr>nilif.,ii i*irftnim anprn , I carried the fleij of hin country into tl><? oap'tal ol enemy, hourrably. jrunily, humanely, toliisowi manent hjnor and the great credit ot h.s country:leral Sontt! Ar.d where is b* ? At Tu-b'n- t i'u undergoing <iu inquiry befor* b:? Inferiors In se, and other pereooa cut tf ofllc?, while thi h powem that he fas exerci?ed and ex*reiscd h no rnnoh deduction, am tuc.ed ( v r to ano- 1 r? I d >n't mean to ?%v ^n unworihr g'ntloronn ut hi* Inferior in military rank, but Hooit orts, I understand, that i'i Febtuary w^r? i nty-light tbou* nf (?) troops under his cov.nunl. rti rau't, ao that vebpye tblrtj- rca'in n'a of vulun 1 s for the war If lull, they wtul : make 31 (iOO men, ov udini* officers, 8/>,(in<l; 10 that if tlio r' pin, nts weir , there in, at this moment, a r.umboi o' troop; in Mexi- I of the regular and t? lunt*,-r force* ti't lc*a thtn 1 firo or sixty thuticznd ni?n, in'lu ;in.{ troops on (h? 1 r: and, with these, twenty thousand urea In th? fl Id o' J??r troops, 1 understand that (ten. Soolt's report wit : there were twenty thousand volunteers. Tho Iron hie member from Michigan knows bctt r then I d > j I presume it la tiue. no that we had. in fi-t, in Kchiu , c f regulars and volunteers, thirty thau-.ind tripsin 1 lico (f) Now, all these troops are rogrlaiiy ofli-eted ire's no deficiency in respect to our line of (fHcev-' i ij're nil full. Whdtever deficiency thero is ?ist? of men. Now, tlr, there la a plausible on for saying that it Is difficult to recruit a! le for ibo aupply of the defltiencieS in the volun reaimcute. It wi'l be said that volunteer* choose to at under oflir"rs ol their own knowledge at.d of their i selection?that they vo not incline toj-in rpgim iter officer* of whom they know nothing. There r be a'lnethlnn in that, but pray, air. what does th" elusion lead to? Does it no', lend to t) is; that all io volunteers wukt moulder away ao fa* m th i |>ri b service is concerned, etd ccme to nothinu?In lire intlnie, the commissioned ofll era still continuing In 'e ?the regiments being full of tfflners. altln ugh th" at?a aro ao reduced as to be less In nnm'ier tu .n th * era themselves But, sir. however'hat may he?how r that may be in regard to the r?cruitingfor tbo rv - j lervice, filling up tha rejiiu-nt-i hy par en.l toBOty. irlin.j to existing lawa, or new laws, if new laws ar* siary? there la no reason upon earth win- ?ve should 1 create lire litindrod new ottl-ers for Wio i>:irp?se ol iog ten thousand now men. There a " oflWia ro orn id th m. Tfiore's no detloioucy. all tint i.i'ed Is i and there'* place for the mor And I *u,>|'0?e i>ia n tleman can stand up hare or elaewher" att?l aay th it recruiting aerrice can go on Tatar thon it v<ilt h? sasary to go on lit order to fill up th i deflclene oi In J?llc.tat regimauU Abroad, but, now, sir, what da -| " ' .J11'. ! ' - i; r. < want of greater fo>c? tb?n we row lnv> InV.xl co ' VVItbeal k?Tii<? Uo * . ; . *:, r , . r ?ot it tcrce greater limn we oiu *np;. i, by flu, , np?h J.?0 ii?-nt r-Rimeots- wi.ftt d> we ., ,-vnt b-y oo i tbn twenty thomml reguar tr .pt nr t tl> vnnin'eer* which may b* there?say twenty ?hon? ? . * wini'. th > pint's T!??re'?rto trmy to fl^bt I ,u o?e'tiriv? no'- tl? ehu-ulfed mm urj.-r arme In auy p?rt of Me sir . tujjetl. r-p..TUap? r.ot *.\o?pt)ru In <>. * i, m.i- ?+ ha1 thrtt number. Mexico la sihjiiirated urvi iiro*tr.i'.< 1 biro's noffivernmfDt to n*. R?iier.ui! why it'* notorious that t) ROf?rument of \1esi '0 ii o-t our i'e. It'a our lostiumeit, by wW we 1:i>; ,* fo m in li-h sticli a peace anil nono-ni'll-h nt'.ii a ireh'rn wv like A? f?r ss [ cti understand the cutter tb-. (t'>Ter?ni?nt of M'xico owes Its life, and breeiu o". I V i g, at thla moment, ti the mpport < f our arms ?nlt* tbe liope I will Dot an how lr:?p!r<?d?Ihst nrarho* or aiioth'v, ami n.t uo distant p-rlol, tl>?remay b^p-iu la y ui?'inn ariali'g Tom our threw millions. or ooo twel7? iJiilii""', cr joins oth?r of our ia"llor?. Wh'?t Ji ? pre pi art to <!o, then, w:t!i ti>;"a thirty r?gim?u! i wlihb wa propo'a thus tothio* Into Mexico? Are we KOibiC u> cut thrir throa's Are we ?;ni&g to p!un*e tha sworu <1 p?r and d-ep.'r Into tile tltal pirta of ? What do wa propota to do ? Hir, 1 s-e torbj^et. Ami abll* w* ar? pressed and urg- l to ad opt fh-?o propoai'ior.a In fall length?'he ' a i reglaa?'iits and the twenty re*' ments wo ara tol l, and the publ o ? i< I t, nnd th' pubI Ha txr'.l've tbiit. we are on tb - rceof u *af? bc I >r hojor bbli Kvery man lor.s out; Hi<? morulng for I tidings of rocll 'iu^J pease, or oouflrmcd opes ?>.' p'.uee | lie ?ith"r? U. t orn th-ft lr. it.i?t" . inn and from organs of tb.i i.dmmiil,.ition t'r jiu L)n i to II vrn rb*; mid yti thn I WiiTllkr opuat.ona tbei!.ourTV'p;< fexiM(uaa nnd aotaand rarioua oireuma'Huei'a ! o'< cnly t > th-> pr nanaUoo oftha wir. I proj?i?e (*,\id Mr VV.) to hub! j/.iin talk tc* diiy Accor-lind ? m/b - 1 j i I -nr./nu i i> r ;o;ial apprelianiion cd tiio mutter, tbn oli|r.r.t ot" tl?ii bill i^ pjtrjniij^o, ofllca, for th? gi-a'itleu'.ioii of frintidi I'hm %ory mc.uuio, tba ton roifnao.nt ' ill, crratr.i four or five hundred olBoea,colon>la.eubil'ami; a d nut tbeie only, but there are paynm^ra, cun'fictora, i .d pi sous fiiif ;<ed in tho traniport.itioa j c .m u 'aries. ivnu do wn to tlte sullpr, el id i?m?' ,* KJtn wtio handle pnblia nionoy. Ono and oil. thoy !ira t-;ia dceceudai.M, il uo'. truo relatiyrs.of Corim.-iil Trim, who fnid that 'n < vroul 1 sutler before tho r mp, and prefl;.t ensuo | Laughter I I undertake, without dsresp'ct to t' ni..-pirail's und patriots - the si Boon: patriot* wiio 11 < ,t, Bin! 'he otbovpstdotii who do not?thus whetier thty tl'jhf 01 lvj'., t'oy are all willin g to b:; ; ?i I I 1 ( jm it Will P. ruppUeu. Ilioiio.iia iho weather grown pleasant, nm! UiotcukQD advances, tl ey will find it to t < ir ititev t to pluc.o thbtnIv.'ii, Oi? soma mild moruli'j;, in th? cam, mi l U kaUieir destination to tliair iea?cc'ive places ut honorable private occupation and civil employment; uD't 1 Lope tiiey i *iiy (?o fiom tlio avenue, ttie capil.ol, und the |iuiiieua ol the 1'ie i.l nt's house i-i Rood health, ami Iliac ut huino they may find their familUi happy at. I ready to racoivo ih-m. (.Ltughter) '<'i,i? war was waged wi ll the otj ct ut creating now States, on th* Southern frontiers oi the United states, out ol' Mexicau territory, and with tuch population in ojuM he p.un 1 resident tliero. 1 ! eve oppciflisl I'aia (.1 j.ct. I am ankiust now States. 1 am against all accrual U3 of territory to form now S.atts And this, is not a nnttet ol reotl mentality, to bo parudeit balbre meetings or my ooiw.ituents at homo. It Is wi'.h mo no eiupt? matter uf thc.'amaUon, no merely exjiresrod repu^uanc* but a matter of litni, urtchu'gablti purpose. I will yield to no fuco of circumstances which has occutred, f>r which I can consider ai likely to occur; and 1 thcr lcro bay, that if to day I am asked who'hor, loi the sako of peace, I wiil take a t r city which brin<s two new S'.uto-i into the Union, on tho Southern border, I say no?('istinctly no ! I wi.-h every man to understand that this ia my judgment and purpose. I have said Southern border, became that ia our present position; but 1 would Buy tho samo of Northern, Ka tern, or any other border. I would re list to-day, forever, and to tho end, any disposition to add any territory to the S'.ates of tiio Uui j.i as now constituteil, an 1 hul t together under tho constitution. 1 do not want the colonics of England on the North, nor tho territories of Mexico on the South. 1 resist nil with equal resolution. And, thornlore, 1 say, ihat if tho question h,> put to uv? to-dty, whe tner 1 will tako p uce nudor the present statu of the country, dlatrrmm<-i1 ,ia it Is; in tho *Htence of war.odious | salt is; under circumstances so elUtcti ve to humanity ,aud j to disturbing to tho imsiuesj of those whom I represent; I I say still, if the question of poaco were put to me. if 1 would have peace with no .v St <t".s,I votiid say no. Why? I'-'cau.-o there is no i.ocessity for bting driven to tho dilemma, in 017 judgment. l):her gentlemen may think <!ifT?TOJJtIy. I hold no man's couscierico but my own.? I make a clean breast myself 1 see no rousoir to believo that *0 cannot get a-i safe u peace, as honorable n peace, and ai permanent a peace, without territory as with it. Tho things are se|iarabl?; thore is no iu*c*6sary couneniiun. Mexioo Jo.Miot want us to taka her territory. She yields her cr.nscnt,il at all, relu^u:uly. 1: is tho result ot force; th\r? is not a mm who docs not know that. And iet mo my. that If this Tilst taper should bo eventually din Mexico, itlsmngt lik !y to bo brcausc lUoso undor onr protection hold power there, and not bioiusa tho Mexican Congress or the Mexican people would agr-"* to a cession tf territory. They would prefer to keep their territory, avid wo to keep our money. 1 do not know whit may hap,, u Tim.1 may be full ol strange events; but I thiiili it probable that il the treaty which hai gone to Mexico shall fail to I10 ratified, it will bs-beeau >0 of the aversion of tho Moaican Congress ot tho people, to cede territory, or any part of it belong i"/r to tho government. I I are said tbrt I would rather havo no petao, th&u n peica which brings territory or now Stater; acd tho rearon i?i thnt I briievo that wo con get a peace j'ist a* soon without on wilh moro info, moro honor?blo to us. as tho great republfo of tin Westarn continent I fecargentlomon sty that wo must havo Bo no territory?that the people daman 1 ft. I i'ony it; at least, 1 sbojio ptoaf o! it; No doubt individualshe re :?:)d there, Gfinterriisiri'fV r.icUr.aUposndtoemi^rato.whoknow nothing about Nov/ Mexico except that it i-?f<?r off arid no hing ((' ihfcrnia except that it is still further off, und tired ?r the dull puiruiiis of civil life-no doubt a hundred thousand would seek n-w homes Th'y would feel the spirit of buderers. I bnlicfi that isany a one would fc? content with bid nr,edition until somebody f J v>-.l bryond him, rnJ thrn hi would go riillfaithtr, vC-rc* he o inid h?v?? more room. At: i e.i-t si Mid that grwtclmmfof tw* iii#u rauniierH. Monsieur Talley run), when be travelled in tbis roun'ry in 1707. I do not fl'.d niauy moreper[ sons who think that we want ml ii ional territory, and rtich t niory. TvrtBtf-four of v? las': yar votad n gainst war for territory, on ibe ground tfa' wo did n?'t want it?Southern and Northern men. [Owing to con>ers*tion in the gulcry ue did not understand distinctly what Mr Webster s-iid in thin connection, exoept tb*t this wad tho preponderating sontiment of all in the Notth and S^uth ] But gentleman tny th?t, for thn salie of peico, wo will tj-k-j iho territory. K is tho wil of t'.e President! If wo do not now tako wl a in off-red to us, Mr. Tolk will taka no le.=s That u fixed r n Ho 1;; -t it .'1-. llehi i VU down law foo'. (Liu?htcr ) He i ut it down to si 40 (IriCTHig" 1 laigti'er ) 1 fpsak of t>.o President as ! iln nf ell nrilhnilt rliart tfnri'1 t L:ni* nn wllP :.lsopinion and Lis will?hi* purpoi.*, declared to ho linkl, should conliol us, any wore thai our pnrio<e and tqu?lly conicieniicus raotivrs, ?nd high lejponsibilities, shonid con'rol bid. We tbink that he is li'ta. snd till not hn moved. I should he rorry( very sorry indeed, Ui?t \v> fbould entert*ln more iv.eprct for the firmness of the im.ivi I al a.. the bead of the govrnmont, than we inty claim torottr o?rn firm' rices. Ho will stun t outnaraiirO us. Do w>* f?ar to elan I out. also, arrniiiet him? Kor'one, [ Will rot. it appeari to me to bo a alav s i dotriro. I rei *:> 11:r>af lo ti.aka the i'tu v and wOi it ro to (ha p.-opi? all over this hioadlunV I wlil iakn pi<:i-o without new 8tf<t< * and ihe udirinislia'i >n will ttko do peace without naw '.alts I am wiltirt; to fro bifore the country on thv. VUf ro no ('is:ru-a of tii i bon?st people I urn not uj.villi! ({ to biw to tholt ai U'.tr\ti:>n I hold this <|uojtion to be vital, ? ! 'merit, ry, ii the lu uro pro?i>erl!y of t.:?n country and the m iin'enii cs of tha constitution, and I :im willing to trust lo the poopla. teceuro I tMuk FTre t 'ODStltu'.iOii.'.l [ rinciplfs nro neco sar? to tin maioH bum of it. If Um Mmtltatfoa if broken down, let it 9 by th't net cf th.i pcnrla thomsclfe#, end not by rnv :-..t. 1 du BOt dlttnit?):? prt pll, I am williox o tak j h-lr sentiment, iior.i the Oulf tot!\? British Pioviuce*? l/cm tb i ocean to Missouri. Will your country take territory at an enormous pries?at a price a thousand times mom than it U wo<tb? or take peace without tot iltory, nnd preserve 'no constitution of tho country ? I am willing: to go for that, for one; I <-m wi ling to t?.'jo u s isue pence wlt-iiout tew ISUtej?and keep our Money to ounelvrs, or -sar until these new States shall lie ac'i'tireil. 1 Ml Willing tQ gO ktfeto the poopN, and leave it to lb* people, bee-use ibat i* the <j resti u for ill mselv^ Tno'e who do not think with ina, if they cbco?c,c?ii Lavii twriituy and new St,.tes and tb?y will *? 1)? arnflcets of their ovn forty up*, f^r good or forev'l. flat we tremble bsfo'i ?3ecu'ive f.i-.or; the tiuth cannot bs concealed Wo tr fro bio before eiecutive p>wcr. r. Polk wi'.l t> ke notbir.i; lies u in tli .? If w? i? not . ,'ke this, the King's onft. r will be kii/lle l. Who an l s?hat is Mr I-oik ? Ir. an no disrcspoct is he tbo Tie'ldc-nt cf ib? Unite 1 States for the ea.7?nt moment? le is in tte !net year f f bis >.' micis'r i,-oo ; f ir>n*liy, lilci. ily.cily, tii be d-.?wn oat on tb* fjurtb of Wekn?'<v t;:V. t*f? tin r uiontln way pro-luce evente bet win render the Onrition r>t that ?fil?ial ti.rm of tredf On tho eve of t'..o Pwldentialeloc:ion that, machi'i 'ry will bo ics rte 1 to, to collect public opinion, tw > moutfcf h?nC9. We shall ?:o its re ulte. I ni ly mo | jvsutii ir.uumr'M. 01 mo {Koiiiifiiiitt i lil o will a?aiu be presented to hi? p >rty frienla an,I adnlrore, fjr tbtir sufT.MK*" at tJio next prudential term. I <Io noc ffuy U'i v probabli er irnirobable this lm? b?. it Is ii&fii'i'i ? n <t probabla Supposo this not to ho tun result?wl:at thin ' Mr, Polk beconmi as intlffti Merit * any ;rivat>- mm; honorable In hla private ijtr in elm- * rioter r< speotu lo N?v-r eminent in publie lif?, he nil no er.-.i nt wbon * n--w *:*r a ;? * lie will t-i juat am litttM ? fthe reat of 'he sentjnee ira-I'st J Politi,il sir 11 nnta and offljo sukfi are no", euritl >*vfrs They ! > not turn to their cod when h? not*. at tii? jasie pace , a when lie ana*. (Laughter) No, ni.1. if th? respectiilo n'ncl^man at the hen I ct' the ifOTTiimont nhall it upon. lhere will h- tli>? > wfi > will com n*ml bii 00nsi''tfncy. Th'y w;!l bo bonnl to main . it The iut'rcet of party e.nd the rrM* "'I do t. It will b* rion<\ If otherwlH*, who M tls?re, l-i he whole length asd breadth cf the land, who will cure for Lit connsten :jThere'HI t'i*u be new oVjecta?" riAiiif-ft d-tlr?" h i 1 Iitiil out dqi otuei* Kip.n Sir the . (if' art bow written; the MailuJa'lonx, the jmlMi are already el ibiratnd. I will not Puf that th-y ?ro v ry pnlontlal, but ??erythin* piwyerbsl is wiitten otif, with blhti .1 for tho name*. (Laughter.) ' Manl'Mt 1 Mint" will bo re* ale. 1; then, .ill that pr?tr.'B purii/. hare laid <ip beforehand. 1.1 plg^oii-l ol . eultt 1 " the occasion, embelliihe I and tm ><)g.i !, wid Co.: r '' t 1 hen thero will be ?ocoebody in ti.? Kni'?il .j. possibly, whose mer.ts iiuTii liersto'urn been overlooked, 11.ail, 1 by proiy Tho .viinicr will b,1, that aobo ly av.>r tliougut of blia b?? for*, i>* the onl/ (* me 1 to b- at (he he d of th country! i siirink nat from auyt'iia:? Mr du y nn? I to eji 11k of* the li rnne # and purpme ft 'vol *..! !? i? i.onb d to t .0 |'ie?id"!itlal luonrub >nt i w.*;i wa had that purpoae, to 1. Hrni irM drm-n?**! Si tit numtn nu l.;n V<* I wi-di wo b.l t .at ?operatic*. I wl.iu we had ?oiii?tUin; o' t'.i- ,??i.ic of 1 r xr-at rhixfniu. I w'g!i w? could Imitate hiin iu hi? i irt uao on the Geldot ll.i <na Visit ill ? ll that he wjuII rem? n loc hnn i!it. "ttl w u I S3* t " tn <ay in tin ui min t, a 4 ?jy hi< p a'licu. Nov, I h >.a v.- ?-i-r nder to ?;y ihe xu?C\t'e pc -t i.'U. l^e would li I li 111 1' itior did, be', rath* .r v " "" ' Sjn i"'toM. [Lauebt ."J I'll'" '? J 1 !< I ... tb? 11 ain rt. ./.l i. . > . -tli-'.-f ??! ? f?"- \ ?* ' *'l ?n I c?we Into Couk''"' ' ' 'i m a ws 1 v . 1 u? r a treaty with Vr .Uv" ; K.oild?i? w.ih [ . ! lathe tlx#; of lwi.aL.e?, '.r. J U ?:.a ntt