Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1848 Page 1
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,1 * XX .JL Jl JL -j Whole IMo. IMAM. THE DETAILS J OF THK UTELUGBKCE RECEIVED HY TIIK CALDSONIA. SPECIAL. DESPATCHES I TO THE xVew York Herald Office, G IVI NO A HISTORY OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, AND OF TUK Progress of Republicanism in Europe. TO THE LATEST MOMENT. ZNTZi^sTinra incidents. Important Commercial and Financial Intelligence. fcc. &c. &c. _________ I M. DE L\M\IITI\E, THE MASTER SPIRIT OF THE NEW FRENCH GOVERNMENT. Our Liverpool Dcapateh. LiritHrooi., March 10, 1848 !f you ashed me to give you the last ten da;*1 news In-j a word, I thould say, *11 Kurope has boen, snd continues to be, in aa uproar ! France, Italy, Austria?the German Statea, without an exception?Ireland, and some parts or SooUand, and even England has instanced omntbing like a gathering of a revolutionary storm. Who will venture to My where all this will end ? The Frenoh republic progresses wonderfully?the provision*! government hare displayed great judgment and decision, and, as they administer, gain popularity I Tit* govoru<a?ul U tixeroiaing ail diligence to disarm the at'leans of the faubour^i of Paris. It is estimated , (hit two hundred thousand armed laborers are still in | ?rd #t?out Taris. To effect this objeot, the goverr,ni?nt | lias offered to bu up the arms, and on Monday last i many thou?anIs of muskets h?d been given up?the j prices received for them bting from three to five francs ( About three thousaud young men employed in the mercers' aud linen-draper-' shops, waited on tbe Mayor ' of Paris, and demanded the organii?tIon of labor. 1'he I shop keepers (f Paris, hoiding leases, have likewise applied to th? provisional government for a reduction of tlieir rents to one-half their present amount, the hardnn'fi1! the times being their plea. The p: ovist nal iiovernment also r?ceiveda deputation : with .-?'i address from tki" chartists of Kngland, to which , M Oarnier Pagci replied. In most complimtjt-ry terms. Great diesatlsfaotiou has been created, h<.wevtr, by the Appointment of M. Barbes to the Cotonelcy of the 12th legion of Ihe National Guard, by the provisional ; government: as his appointment is looked upin o" an melon of tbe privileges of the eivlo force. whioh hither i n .s be n permitted toe oose its owu offljfrs la May. 1.-39. M. Bartes preseuted hirasell at the Palais de Jiu- j t'ce. ai th? h*?.d <>f a body of traed men, and summon e.l the rttic-r on guard (Drouineau) ti lay down his arms j Prouineau refused, and Barbrj shot him dead. For th:s Bsrbi'i was condemned to die "Subsequently the 12th le.iiou refused to receive i.n aanassla for rhtiir commander nd evrry officer intimated bis int.-ntloa of resigning if the appointment w.?re persisted is. arid the colonels ol \ tii'-ttb-r l?ven lesions havalso d-clarel their detiT mmation to rtf>i?n their command if the appointment be ! Mlbered te '1'her* hsve been someVolHsions between the Knglish end Vronoh workmen at llnuen j*nJ H?vre. an 1 in con-|m'MMay 0t llM f?IM?r have been OOBBtlUdtO i leave ih, work an t ernlnrk f r Koglaud. without re- ] eiving the au" 11 th?m On Monday last, the \ ;|Hrquis of ,N?>rmanby h*.l *n interview with M. de i l Bml'tinn on subject His lordship al?o com pl~ i. d ot' of G-*nvi!le pivventiBg the I ?> u >f Fri Wb Olltll tO Ko|W M. I* L trnur- | >n* ?l stpp ofsd u 1 *?# ?, rad M0OntMt for ih. in i.< >? idit the i (Tr nt *' tmnicu acd wuut f rvfl?e- | ;ion i.i t)i ?i? two place*. i h? Hirr- J our n<: I * ,ai^t?thit n vessel arrived In that | >ort Trora R-u'eu. with i'v1 Kn^it'h HUiotni, who had | >i*-n iliioittn-'d trow a ?u*uu.**ofory 'h?t town, where hey hid ben employ-d fur V h ?. On Mooday , i ill the K:igii?ii ia th? (Ux rnauu "*otoi j st Doulo^n* w?r?> i Mi ,y of t"iM? poor I 'I'"** wore in extreme lietreM, uuabie to f % nork in Fr? without the :n"4r? of t<? Ksgltad, ^Inee the taking of tn* I uil?ri*i, (*?y? Oalifnam'g Pi s ngi r, tii- 7th lnet) by the people "Ja the ult f otlt m 0 peiR^D*, arinrd u, ith uurkela eod other won jon'. hero coae'itHttd tbpm?hlv.>* into a ^'inrd, Rnd reu. 1 when order w.n restored, t? nuit the, and re relu -d to puffer th-m?-lve? 'o be replaced by the SVi"n?l liu-ird or Lhe Guard MubiU. \ de'aohinent .t f 1 ?ffnr b?ing s?ot to t?h? j.o?ieml*>r, geve.**l mini-t fhots wei? tired at it TM? opposition b?iof( reported to the provinirnal (ff.rercm*ut, some oftloersof !-f* >(T rf the National Muird wire ff^t to th* Tuilei. io romoiiAtrate w!tii ti . ioanrg*i>te At fiv? in th? lit- noon m imn ue" rtneour?<( rf people bad a?r?w . ? JIM on lUH riaoe uu vmiuur^i i.j iiri- m- - vl- ?. ... .. ci". k it wkf i iinounf!" l to lh? oroxj, by ?w> o: tl.fM officer*. th-.t the !n*hrn?nt.? had ooowr.Ud to nuiri Dilcr. on roiiuitioa thai IUey were nllowfii to M" ?noth*r uignt :it Mie :>alno? fr>? provlnlojR ^OTeraiufnt fnUn-ld to pUc* the tomb j of Njpol?oi' ii'ider the care of hi* brother Jerome. who a 10 b? appointed (JoTernor of th? Invalided It ib reported than urt ini'?li hull tak?n plane Kt Tour.*, and n?t th? Ofl"* i i'?ll vu> utiifiou h*? l??nn burim.I i'h? tii'oe of Lyor.umi! b?ing deatroy?d Th? w. II known binklo* boii?? o' Uouin St Co., of "an*1. ?' ' pp* |?' ,"1' f'i> -loud >\ murnini!. rh? tits in t. I ho liabiii.i < n l?lleg il t^> b 6j 00 > oho of frur.cj, hiki Iio nine's t.? b 10,no(i,ii0rt ouly. Ureal ron?'ern.i ion stn<" ooo ifiona l by thi* itopp.i. . Hurt it wa; rumored '.iat mat v oth?-r b ?aSK we-e iuaolveiit. Bou .Mom (the \r?b obief) but been npprohenilt'd at Br? .!.and ihevc awniti lurtlur instruct ona from tit> KruncU gr>?ert nr-. t lor his diattoaal. I'riuce Mettemi.h has reigned, bli ivlvioo to ftr tut jOnon^on* to B liamU Limburdy havitu rejected by th? Km per r A prehensions ot ilixturt urc aie l> It nt Viei'ua Tnteo months ainre the lioil'O ''f Kotliic.hilil* took tl e French 1<. a.i, ? f ulv ut cm inillinus rteiljug a ".if'J5c ; i7f *Hf the pi ico nt I'.nia on the 8t'i lunt. It ia mid that h a been a^ain bomhardod fur forty hour* hy the royal trcopa <";ie for: o Ki anco, or iraribOQit, hftd beeu burned The property dntrO|ld n r.h* I ?ttsr bu.lJiajf al >;i? in J* AlOOUOU or 13,000,OUO. At VlH/if'il*, f.n tha Ploilmontc*> ? 1 MiUna*i fron'tr. t courll.'t took pUcn on ttl? ioth of Ctb utif. be? "an o Oimin ?n l th? Tyroit?f? ohisfisan. Many I tu '' w?r? ?' uniitj Whii ^ i'" w*i p?rforml?g tt sioi,i?n , dtfturi lc"'4 Pl?o? at th?i tht-atia In Venh'-a Tha "npl? Hil t '*** w'liurj c i h "th?r; tha former lakinn IMA o. ' t'"*T oould U> hold < I . iirtng ilia p, , tnarn hava bot-.n noma T?ry **ons difturbano. , Th?r howrar, bum |>rinc.?lly eorflnad to Mancb*atar. an I (JU??ow i ilia lati-r plaoa alo "" "?v* tho7 h,,f '< att-n lud by l"*? f lit* Tha daalmotlo. "* >?.;i}>roPrrty ,n ?>??t oity In outlined af jt"48,000 or ( , "'land. howaTtr, l? la a etj *l?rtni?i{ atat?. Tda' lri"" 0?n'?d<iT?tlon hold a ic-tlii* in Dublin l?*t. Tht 1r,d,T n'K?'t More than > ?? p<-mona ware prenent. Pla ,*r<" wara poataj bcar>g tha following word* "covitni! KonaivF.NBMi ! I! Mr ('HiR wan tha Chairman \ papar raoently atartad In Dublin, t *J'ed tha Unitrit nikvian than write* to tha mob ? ' |rr nid'? opportunity, thank Ood anil Knmcf, !>?? enms nt jt1 lt? cballmitfa nana in oar ear? lik e a call to battla, and ,rjii our blood Tika wma. It deinaadii of ni wh?t jouaioa E NE NE we have to en'.uit to it* mini*t?y, molten nod ?o fervently ?voknl. *''e inu?< unite, we mn?t ?cf. w? uiuit leap ?l b*r rier? but tboM wjiirli ?' divide: if ueeds be. we tnu?? die rather th:tn let tHi |>r?videiirial '-our I au over as nnlibeiated Doin.'t fe\r (coutinoei he) thnt Krnnee 11 eihunfte-l. Kvent will 'ean cu evrut. * hour u?h?r? on hoir S?e hiw they ave followed enth oiher al'e<dy; within a werk the luiniit?r i roimuiiig, th? I ing'a rtisht, and the HeimMie'n b'rth ? ^'o repoblir i-bd ?r?nd in Kr.iece wh oh i? not ?g<r??*ive ? Neither rnnwnriak' place in Knr.<pe wrhotit Knitlmd. .The lirit gua Kng and iiit% will be 'he stin let nun ofher domini"n Ir.l .Mil Th. Kiirai.l^. : Kill ?rh.'.W Irish independence is to be won The time is at hind; it come* with the il*en s;?ndirg of a sea filling it* channel Are thf people teady? I'l.ey inu?t?they must be ready. "Now or never!" "Oh! m? countrymen, lo k up, lo:>l< up ! Arise (rom t!i? t.'cnthdust whrre you h ve I mie bien lying, and let this light vij'f i our i v<'? also, rud touch yonr souls. Let you' e?rs 'Irii k in the blessed words?Liberty! Krnteuity! Kquility! which are soon to rirg from pole to pol*. Clear steel will. e'? long dnwn upon you in v< ur desn'ate ?'nrku?ss; and the rolling'hanger of tfre people's cannon will drire hefn.-e i. !nnn? a heavy clonH that h slonK hidden f om yon the f.i.'eol heaven. Pr.iy for thatdav; and preserve life aud health. that tou iiiay worthily mee> it Above all. let the i?'.n uuungst ^ ou.'who hasno liuu, sell his ganuent und buv one ... Kverv strret is ;>n excellent shooting a dlery fur diiciplined troops; but it is a hotter defil* ill which to a1 e them. Ill the vocabulary < drilling is no ueh phr>se as *' Infantry p epare for window rots, b.ick bats, logs of wood, chimney pieces, heavy furniture, light pokers lie Ike. and these thrown vertically on the bends of a roiumu beluw. from the elev tton iifaonrapet, or top itory ar irresis ible. The propel lug forces?viz Indies or clumherm^ids, or men who can d<> bet ler?have the addition I advantage f security; ard t e rar rower the street, and the higher the house* the worse the damage, and the grcartr I lie *< nriry. A military proposition we recotnme.Kt toth? of the b.-st lady ia the land " The old Iluok of r.nehel has fallen to the esrth ! How many thousands c f Irishmen in America will be gr'.evort co learn this. It fell en Tuesday last, tho 7th inst . after weathering the storms since the dela*o <Jieai. uoul.l has been ocoasinnnd by this oynut, especially as an alleged propheoy of 8t Coiurokille that, tho llrok of C?i-hel would fall tho year hi which a revolution would break out in Kngland, ia spoken o< by the mops of the poor people The Caledonia's departure is postponed until to-morrow, (Sunday.) at 1 o'oloclt, noon, only in conaequenoe ot the Hibernia'a artivdl March 11. No farther news worth oommunioatinc Lu?t night wa had a tremendous gale from the northwest It ba? moderated. and thn wind is now all from tb* corth The Hibernla arrived yen trday morning at 'J o'clock?a won' erlul pas*ag* at tbi? wmod of;th? year. Albicna Our Loii'Iun Correnpnnileiicu Lomoom, March 11,1848 The ull-abiorblug top'c on this Bids of tlio Atlantic tt the excluaion of everything else, h the grvut f iot th< astounding evejjt?whioh mon could soarcc'.y credit a her the newa arrived ? the expulsion of the Orlenus djuus y from Franoe -the declaration of a French republic (eighteen years of intrigues, the threads of which won held by the Ulysses of moJern days, hare been out aauu der in the short snaoe of a few hours, by the sword o the people; the Napoleon of peace is now au exile cc he shore* of Great Britain?the man who enoircled Pa ris with a cone of fortiSoations. and had an army o: mo Otit? men in hia capital, and who but a few days be ore boasted to a courtier that he "held France in hii hand," uus been driven away by an unarmed people, flrsl led on by thos* cutlous specimens of the human rao4 'l<? gumiiiM de Pirii." Referring you to the fllr* of papers, for the interesting details; of an event which mny lead to a universal war? though, thanks to the provisional government of the re pnblc. it if dit yet postponed -I shall merely send you t "hot! sketch, with the rlf?ct it hae produced cn huropi iu general. Tha ?eBd* of tho present revolution wire sown by tfct (Juiiot ministry. i > the paragraph ol tho address oa tin opening of tli* Krencn Chambers, in whioh tho word pa siunt ttvenglei et ent mi-1.'' wer* us*d, ill refereuc o the reform KSTMni A grand reform banquet wa .- solved on in I'aria. which will be known in his:ory bj 'he name of tha bai-q-ttt leforviiile da XII airondisie ment. Nearly all 1'aris resolved to participate in it, an< it took the shape of a demonstration Tha govnmmen ?-rcw alarmed, find very Injudiciously, on tho eye only o the bunq'iet, Issued > proclamation that it would pro vent it. vi tt armit Kighty thousand troop* were rallei under arms, artillery iron Vincmnes ordered into I'aris tiugeaud aent for, wr.o In reported to have ?ald, "'Jc mi trailltrai la canaille d'une tonne tnant^ve,"?end thui na ters sto.i.l wh.-n tho sun roi? on the meinoiVoln day >ftLe 2-id PV'hraary An unusual Rilonce pervaded Pa lis, una toward* no-in. groups of m?u in hlouseB, singing .ba Marseille, w?r<j vi'ibte. wend in* their way from al lUarters. toward* tho Jlorjtre da l'Ktorie, jvktare thi was to.ha?? * ?o &el<t. The mMiM itjoreaaed ind ;i large body proceeded towards th'' Chamber o L>apatieR; this was ttia oomueneem-nt. Tl?e ;><<nr ue L ".on or de '.van guard-d by cavalry, who charged, to cleui hoiquare; the tuuiult increased ?the king thought i vas line to disiiiist (inizot, and s*-Dt for Molc-thii would no longer satisfy the people? et /* petit bonhomme rhiorn, accompanied by Oillilon Barrot, wax soon wond ng his way to tho Tulleriea, climbing over the bar:i aiefl whicli were now ereoted in every sticat, and w*< loudly oneerfd ?? ne went aioup Matters roigor nax ndedhere.bat the Jato of the Orleans dynasty wai oucealnd in the trigger of a musket. A stray shot from the crowd wnuodei the horse of the Colonel of the roops of the lino, drawn up brforo Oui?at'? Ilotel, >nd ,,e naee orders to fire. The shsrp Bound cf platoons flrid?[ tnnuuncfid to the r^nt of Paris that it had d in pood earnest Fifty citizens fell weltering in theii blood, at the first disohHr|{?; ti.e people were diiven tc !;-en*y?the tocsin sounded; !ha Pain Is Royul stormed md sacked?tb?* N*tiont:l (ijard joined the people? tb? Hue wavered, and Louis Philippe abdicate 1 in favor 01 ^ount de Piiris?but too iat* the dynasty of Orleanc tins b?en driven from tb? French soil- torey^r. The MM la t)M (' amber of Deputes on the t4 h, w ig ni violent un any in the wildest day* of the csuvontion j r. fer you to the piocr*. For a fortnight business was rtapnunt, nni! the present quotations of the Frer ^h Three per Cents are 47f! A iropo tionite Ml took place on ovcry wxchnnge in F.urope, bat the effect was moat felt in Germany. At Berlin u tall of -JK per cent took place iu aoveruwent securities. At Vienna, at Frankfort, nt Ham bur;', bujiaess niu? to a atnnd still. K cabinet council was immediately oonv. kud at Berlin, ard orders lssu:d to advance an army to the Khtn*. A Fr ash luva-lon was lear*4?ilavatia, B<H?u. He?eea, anl all the othrr S:*t?s of Uerinany. called out their reserves np.d *11 the lortressm on lion to stand a Rieg*. This w?r th? fimt eff*ct on (jernany The second was ? revolution In every 8 at.e The lisru) m*. an II by one oommtn Accord, have iemanded ?nd ob.nir.ed freedom of the pr?sn, (*uMre ). iric guards, 'eneral elections, and th-jy uosv stand up for a (Jariimti I'arlisment. The it>anlfp"to of M de LMuartiro to lb" French diplomatic agents, brnathrap'aoo ; buttbero isone paragraph 10 it which nivi-s rise to appreheutiooft He Rajs that it s the duty of the French republic not to allow liberty to t>e suppressed in any tricndly Statu A general rising hi Italy (Lombard}) ii hourly rxp?nted Austria has i a.trmy of 140, COU men ther>-, r?nd 700 pieces^ artilleiy, md threatens destruction to anything like a revolution vl?iti?l law ha* bron proclaimed th'-re The king of Sardinia la armed to the tooth and it it generally believed that he will declare hims-if the chnrapiou ot I taly. Me htiH a fine army, an 1 b?ckcd by ail Italy, with a 1' iench army to second him he is no mean antagonist ? V change atoms to hare a:oleu gradually over Europe, t ie RCireely four yeirs ninco I raw him enter <Je?o?. surrouvded by his sta(T and tide do^vn the s rada Balbi vithout n cheer ; and ovaa in 'ho b.ill ro->m of Pauiucci :be governor, (now disntiRRed,) I heard Uenoeie mutter at lilm between their teetn ; and now he cannot go one *tep without being b sled hr "i Salvatore dttfla'ii! U nuottrr ku?n rf .rllh'thi ! A bimn g-tuiii ! f-i- Viva inil'jitnjrfz x /lai.una Me ia Romewhat like L)on *luijtntte in appearance; but he will find the Croates ml Austrian* lath-r fii>ro?i abeep to contend against it w i* but the other day that I received u. letter tr^m an Italian frieud of mine at Milan, a in on who nai';U')t digest hi* dinner well wiihout an occasional mahiitctli Ifilrichi hiihami 1 and be telfR us that there ie i good feeling Rprlaping up between a great number ot be troopi and tbe Italian*, and that it ia notunlikrly i hat e^raw of the regiment* especially the Hungarians, ivill fraternize with th?tn I verily believe from all that I hear, an I tiom my knowledge of tbo perple. that the uriRlR Is close at hand?if ro, It will be a difficult twit to ivoid a Kuropean war. Nor must it be Ruppostd that the pr?Re?it Stat* of things cm last in France. With ^len like Lanartme, Ledrn KMiu. and th? more moderate members of tho proviai >.ial govi-roniHnt, all might go on well ; bu' th.? revoluiiou l>> the people is to be tor :ne pre pie ?th theorli-R cf Louis Lllanc, nolle as they :?r? a- treories.vf l ge upon oouimumsin when put ivi pj- .o ion, u a in?nu r tna "nnarcny eoum : lone lie inn result. To quote the words of a Oerroan historian writing n Schiller in 171?J "lbni,Rrett hop 's, he nai l, of tlie French' people ; tu' .aWs. (he few noM? minted nod honeet leaders will be overruled by uu>'< mass or sacrificed to ihe ajildtton o( the drsitfulng, wbo w 11 nnke use of tho p?<>pl? as a tool to attalu thifr Til* '0U?" This in applt-jtb'e in the pr-sent Itsiancn Dimensions bate atreadT sprui g up lik i so many rank feeds In the filr com field nf lib it y and tli-i word connrrvJleur ha* already been applied t<> 'he provisional ministry Tho trade* h*T? struck for a j lnereiseot wages To use fh? expression of Ex-Minister of Public Instruction, " we are caucing; as a tuIcauo Prince Mett.rnich La* tif.!gtied Count do Kiquelmout hai beuti made president of fan Aullo <;liauioer, and kint with full powers to Milan. 30,000 additional .loops haTP been ordered there. The Coneordin, of Turin bays that Milan is In open insurrection. P 8?We have h?d our mnuvrmnt here, rr as the Prtttr announced, ' On ?? hut dam I i met dt l.nndrn, It prujilr I'l'meuic " &to , wbich, translated into Kngllsh means - tbat the notorious Cochrane, the reject <1 member for Westminster, called a meeting in Trafalgar quaro agMust any income tax at all?Lord John having knock-d off tlm additional two per oent he had added, an it did not lit Ji hn Hull's head a bit befer than the celebrated Albert hat There Is a law prohibiting meetings witbin a certain distance of Parliament (treet, and it was stopped by order of tne authorities A rabble, however, met. which Ir.cri ated to 12,000 at on.- moment, ohi*fly spectators Some heads w?re broken und plenty el pockets picked 1 remarked numbers of hrenchmen hi the oiowd biting their inoustaohios, their hands in tho pockets of their pleated trow<eis humming " Mourtr pour la patrie Cost lo sort le plus beuu Le plus dignc d'envis," *.? i hut as I presume th*y were all either ex ministers or run away*, they weie Tery harmless All ia quiet At Glasgow U>* riots hare been mor? serioua, and some L ! 1... , 11 l_LLl L-iLi-J J. '-i-iLUL W ?0 W YORK. WEDNESDAY Z.J L_ T ~ ~ liv*? ha*e bfan lo?t. It tm so* ot-iy be called a chart 1st movi m?nt, u* it waa got up !<y in? n out of employment. In Ireland ?.icr-tb'a^ in br- win* t.h*r intend letting up a eecood Clotuarf in honor of repeal *ud the Krenoh repub'io You will neroelT* by the tone of ou? of the London journal* that the old wh'gsinn-poiit. en oome null it, le being nowly pointed w ith more tory colore. The fit rnine f'hioni* lr i>ny* Punch hue OrWd 'o b? an organ grind*! of l.ord P*lnwrston We lire all on the look out here for jour new i*re?id-nt; tbero is a whip duo to ay During the Ute revolution at Paris, th* mob burned down KotUichild* pretty little pi toe at Surennee, which you, uodoub', admired from the Versatile* rallw ?y; and then finding it tru not royal property, sent hlui au Bo:i Aim* cut aid run for It. bat has been recaptured Tow* are ruroo d that Joiurille purpose* a descent on ti:u French coael; hut I ?c?rcely think he in mat <-nough for that Mr. Ru*n, your Mini?t?r. wa? the licit to uoitnowle'ige tbe republic 'Che tits; pren>nted to the republic w*? Mobroiiler-J by ? fair daughter ol Auaerioa, lie thB auuexe 1 f'ro-n Oaliniun^t M *s*ng-r, will (bow you : ? ' The f)n,r ant aid tail el ul (ilatl on which tb? Kreneli >?n.1 American flags wero united, which *?hs V'Mrnt"* on iVioD'lAy to ihe j rovisional gnvcroiDent, by the citizen* of the United S ate*, nnd which M Aratto received in such a II itteriog tminnt r, w;* ton off'ring of Mm. Wiokliffe, the lady of the -.wr'.oan Minister ut Turin. The KxicntiTe committee of the American citi ris acknowledge 1 th- pr'ernt In the following letter of thanka ; ? 1 1'ar s,7iii March | Madam ? the'"ommittee ol VriaogemrrU ou ine o :>'a? ?i?u ul ihe reuuuni of on' coutitr1 men yeafrday, to cong- ,t"ilate the prjv kiou&i government oil tne rrceut triumph ol liberal principle* in Krauce we were lut'racied by t .0 unuu I mnu? and utithusi >t.c cipmmon of the n?iemMy, to ih?nk i you f .r your ru i>i furmihim t' them for the o"ca? o.i, m rlri;'at banner, !'.< gl >rii u? emblem of our com uy, which, iu ti-teful couoexion with the in-colored flig of Krmue. w?? baled by rvery MM I' e?-ut v? it'i joy and r il in nation- It ef 1 ? rdi u? plt.yare, m id >m to further acquaint you with the final Uiai>omti?i of those bnuurra At the Hotel deVil'e, they erere piese i'ei to Ihe nroiliioml oMvemment na the ; happy emblem <<f an :lli <u -e between Krvice America: i tod. i<-u>accepting t^ern. M \rago, with expre?iiou? of grati "ide, id Jed, tli t thev it<ot>ld be ilepoiited iu 'he Hotel de Vi le wl era lin lwf?4tftip cm fOlid neve' iter t'> ?ei/.? UNthn Ma hid die hotioe, b?4m <>f < ill nig apoa yua after ihe cerenv y, \ pn .iia>, v<vh llr nrqmt <ur?elve?ol our imsiiou, af il'ei,reae'l that your nbie.:cr deprived n? ol IM plcMtr* tin ith due rupee t.we ar: . mulam veri iiir t el' your*. Wright Hawrk?. Ctiairma-, F.A. Loverimo. tlko T. 'Iichardv pKrit*. > H Dk.ipk , Jr., Committee. To Mailim Wi> UMi'e. Hue de Kivnli IK" Of comtueroUl you will h?ve. doubt l. ns. mor? 1 thai enough fio.ii other qiaters Wo hnvo gioiioul aprinj; w>-ath?r Louu I'mUppe and all hi* party ar? , quietiy nettled dowu *>t CUruaiont 1 Hia told h? investad pretty largely in English funds some years sinoe, in ? | caso of an e**ntuality like the present lie h is opened . a credit of ? 150,000 at Coutta'. Catoh a weasel asleep f Our Paris Despatches I Paris, Feb 34, 1848. I write this letter to inform yon ib?t the revolution f is finished, and that the work is complete. But I will give you a brief outline of the alt airs since I ) mailed my letters yesterday. About 1 o'olook, then, I t went to the general post offloe to mail my letters, and wh:ln Inside the post oflloe, we .were saluted with several discharges of musketry in tbe immediate neighborhood. Up to that time, people thought that the battle had ceneel for the present, aud that every thing might become tianquil; but they wtrt soon undeonived. The i tiring had ermmnuced at abo-jt the same instaut in va1 rious quarters, and continued thi i morning up to 11 j o'olook. There have been probably 1000 at least, of sot (Mere an J citizens killed ; several cfflo*rs are among th? | dead. .But tbe soldiers did not fight with any spirit.? 5 Indeed, it was ..terrible to co mpel them to fire on the r people, their brotLers. Many, therefore, from time to : time delivered up their arms to the people with a feignt ed resistance only. And this morulas at 9 o'clock, I f met about 300 of the linnet who bad escaped, hall' naked j froci their quarters, and who were soon lost among tb< people. About this hour, all tho prisoners bad beer delivered by the National Guards, and the people. Th< s Polyteohnique scholars were also freed by the same means, when they joined with the citisens, and led i tQim in tntir flnoountcru B^aiunt ?ue vroops, ur rutaer | the muuloipal guards; for theso were the nolo forcM who flreu on t.tae p^ops? with a*iy spirit. And these are I .'.eneraliy etranf*er.i to the Parisian*?rogues pardoned, J >.nd the j put into this corps The public exasperation t *.;aii:et these licensed rogues is terrible. But many ol ' them have 11 :d with the lata king. At about 11 o'clock, thi troops commenced to turn against the government -their officers at their head.? 1 Hegirueu after rgiiaent received their arms,and shnut! ed, " Vive la reform." Already tho people had taken i three brass onunon. and with thesd tb*y oomiunnced the maroh down tha Seine by the Hotel de Villa to the Tui' l?rlea A Polytochniqae scholar led the host. Aftfr the hrei* onnnonr, followed sarornl rerimanfe ofth? ligne. rfith their arms xeversed; then t wo more rvlments of | cuirasiera. who had also revolted. Mixed In with these i roops were thousands of men of th* laboring classes. f who were a-med with swords, oiuskes, pistols, bare of | icon, or large pieoea of wood, forming altogether JO,000 ! per.ons. all singing the "Marseilles Hymn," or ctvlng a has Louis rktllpp*f* *' Vivr la rrfoimau Tii! 'iei," *tc. The sceue was imposing-sublimaly, awfully imposing. About us?for 1 was in the midst of the multitude? the people and the atill resisting troops, | were firing ou each other But all aerred to Increase I 'he excitement aud enthusiasm. The eosn.i of the re volution ssemed every momniit more ana more oontrnc, oil. and at length ev?ry other quarter was nearly de?ert U tor the up*-.* along the river between the Hotel is Ville and the Pont Royal llere the quoit, the stroets, he bridge -/eretU filled ; the revolted troops vtt in ' ill inarch for the Place du Carrousel, while ernry moment fresh lefrimeuts of foot and of dragoons rushed forward to join tlivir comrades, thus * welling the advanc> ig column. I'he Piace Carrousel b?iug filled with was expected that mere would bo a Urribl* 1 o -nfltot; but th of the revolt decided the king to abdicate, nod thus wis stved the t?>rrible effusion of 1 clood which we antioipa-ed. Tli? papers will inform you that, yesterday the fcirg muied a now ministry, Connt Mo:c at its head; but this was too la'e. Nothing could save I, uis Philippe; he people, therefore, went steadily forward with their .vo;k, tighticig the troops In twenty diffe.ent quarters, nd forming barricade* in a hundred otners From my wn ohservatl n, and what I cau hear. I should ?ay t!:a' iin ptyeinents hare been tak.n up in live hundred Mtoes to arrest the troops in a large number of c?res, I saw the persons at wor!t whoh*v? effected ihls revolution Pliey weie a'.w.ys without le*d*rs; they acted vlthout 03ii-rr. lint they acted with spirit, aud in all quarters at th>? same time. And here I would ray that Louis Philippe has been deposed by boys from twelve o twenty years of age Do jou doubt this? It ii< ne vsrtbclefs true Thtse ere th^ persons who hsve ' t >ught, bird, and died, to achieve this work Not n p?r< on ot nr.te bas b?r:i concerned in leading these revolu tionista; thi sn b-'i s, a-sisted by the laborlcg cla*<ee. and euooar?|jt*d >.y the MromBii, have ohTtned Lould PJillippo, !>jtck"il ty hii 330,(MtO Roldiera. ;.a l iaeplte of hl? fortlfl cationi, Uir.?f are tue pownie that have oluftedhim from the thioue of KrRnce ! I am H'varn that the public *ili not believe ro extraordinary ik etatrni 'tit; but. notwlthalandinir, it ta trafl; I have waited the po*m of danger, hare ?-eu th' people who fought, who bariioaded the atraete, and whu have effected tbii ex'rjoidli.nry revolution in twentj-four tmwr?, or leg* than twenty-four home of lighting It -'fore coucluding to ?t>dicati-, the King ra aed < >iiilI >n Barrot and Tliiara to form a ?>?w ciin utry; l)Ut it in not yet announced what cou:an they will purau? i hu.? we thili havo threw rets of mininern lu an aiaoy dav* The mail clones for America at lire o'cl'ck 1' M., and, at tour, wh?n I flnlfh this let ter, all pnema to bn trar.iiull V t i mo o'clock yeft?r.lay. I had despaired of any poll leal dtmugo in thia government; bui. now, twenty-four hour* t'ter. wa rejoica i.ver a thotough revolution. Now, if r 'Iherty hare and in Italy, whore lilt poor peopln are ira>>li ri:i? tbo ai l ot the French P*an, F?b.94, 1948- 8 P M. Tbu revolution in complete, the King having abui 1st-d to-day, at about two o'olock. M. < resigned yMtardiy at about the * hour, which wa* known at i,bout four to the public. At f ur o'clock to-day. tbe p?Uc? of the Tullerie* w?* filled with thou'md* ol he people, who had fought ior the privilege. I p,:*m>d through t!ie whole Interior, which pre?.?nt*d a fo;>i;e Which no one can dctc ibe with any d'gree of accutify lathe roouia upon the fli*t story, near tho entrance, most of thn furniture, mirror*, gU?* Uo , were utterly destroyed; but in the rooca* of the second atory. with the exception of a few chandelier*, comparatively little furniture wd broken; and although rot more than two hours had then ?Np*ed linoe the palace h*d ' en gained by tho mM*e*, guard*, eeleoted by the people, were ptacrd erounl and protecting the most valuable p*rt of the furniture, a :J written notice* were published in tho 100m* (iiat thieve* would be killed Kvery picture or alatua of I.oul* Philippe, or of any membtr of hi* Umlly, hav* been destroyed, and the nam It true of the engraving*; biK the gallery of piloting* *ai carefully guarded ty ?ever*l armed w?n, in blue l'rock*, the dr?*? ol th* wotknvn generally; and they would permit no one to enter them All the palutirg* in th- different r.Mim? of tho paiaoe ?tho*e of the King and hi* family eieepted?were carefully preferred, and have net bsen touched by the vaet multitude which there thronged every room, and entrance, and baloony, in and ab,.ut that magnificent ulructure. The King and hi* lauliy h id leit lor St Cloud about one hour before the palace wae entered. The mi.**** were polite; even In *uoh a thrilling *oene there wa* uo angry language, on wdiwc. or i|uarreille|r in the pelaee, although it wa* filled with man armed with gun*, bayonet*, iword*, elube, piece* of roa ratling, and every apeciaa of deadly weapon that hey oould Mile; And although (hay had fonght hard, T 1L .1_1L ! ! J!"-. RK H MORNING MARCH 29, and lost mom Uvea. and many wounded in ?3binTing their victorr In tbo room whnra the King h:td hN throne a ourloua ao??r?? waa presented kurnlture lay scattered In ev*ry direction- men i?er-t smoitiui? an' louniclng upon tin* ?of?a ni l ohntr* -oTured with rinh ilk dumasU; ??>d th* ?l>*v?tlo'i upou wi'ldh ?too) th-< thr >n?. and o?fr an i around which hun* ?h? moat oonly nu'tains and ornaments, was fillad with m?u In blue fr"eks and trowMra; atd i n tha throne i's?lf fat two In the pirae draM.hroh with . rud and bavonet In hid linnl. .'he butt of which wa* rest in# on the fl->or They were buriiy talking, and outirely at home On on* of the la k sofaa rut a r?<) haii-d m*?, smoking bin aegwr. with hiaUet on chair inr r*d .rkhnilk dtinaak r - oiinui-'*! jiib e*f, B.ii nr.. m.; no .m m the Ma- i faille* Hymn. drna* (1 in a Kiev jmket an(l trow?em i Generally, men and women who had ru?h?d in (and t;,e t wouien wre very numerou*) wre promenading from ?v<irn to room. to rxamla* tin interior of \ building i which thry aeenied to feel belonged to them, and troni a i vl?-w of w.iioh they bad Iwn deprived abrut eerentc'D yrnr-i W>)ou tiiH now 1 of M. Ou'K t> v>?!kii lion was communicated to tho public, it ii? >rip tble to o"noeive or to describe the joy inariilested by all claa*<-a ? all the th'iuaKnde aud t?<ua of tboi\j*nd" w >n * ?n thronged the i ?tr*ctM in procrRfl->na and otli'rwlv>, aod the mantes | .triounhout the city, brohc out into t3e moat uarrintrainod '.emonntration^ of jo?; aiiil lor a ahnrt time it appeared ae it tbe public would b 8Hti*flnd. But the bub.ppHKion of operatioar wan but mouxctary C.ount Vl< !<!, appoint' i to the pUco of M. Mu'sot. I* little unr* acceptable tha. M OU'iot himaelf; and the ma*ri it < r ?<l ' OIT with tb<' head of tJwiiot!" n> d ' Onwu with thoKiuj!" t y ota?rg?a upoa the King and Ouutt the eiii'dUliiK of t'.io bio. j th'>t had bcei Kpilt. nud tho aucrifioe ol ilto thiit had th?n tuken plant The Muli1lit|Hl till Wild If fl flr?d on th^ p ople, and killed and wounded a?Ter*l lu thf ev. ning ihn peopla brgau to bar,^ft?ade the U uluvardR. and th- ur*at ntr?et? leading into n>' .u; aca b?l i'm aino o'oloolc thl.i morLing huuJredi . f b?rrecade? wi'te oteoled, from the atone puv-'tneurii lu ; up, thu .reo-i cut dow.i and thn oar.-iagen. aad anoall linot'in " t?rturued,and u?od lot: th?*? purp-ieeft. All ih? beautiful oruaanutal trc*?, on both aide* of the Boulevards da Ctpuoinea et. dea Italiani, of an? consider able aize, for morn th in thre.i miles weroout down, and u" 1 tor ihe?r' porposM All carriages were IRWM j :itniu;ecl by the m xtaet tor tho btrioale*; and tnia ini rniiig the cUy presented u. mor*'. extraordinary app.-irauoe. Piobably sr.vtral hundred thousand peioaua T tilled the atmer*: and mapreJ ot them with nrma in their 1 fcitotlg la the night thrr- bod been many contests ail J touch blood spilt. At one in <ment, when no one wan expecting it. trar the house of tbo Minister of Foreign Affairs, *t it bout tun o'clock last evening, the Municipal Unard flred upon the crowd and killed twenty or thirty men,i>ud several women; and created a feeling thereby i i nothing could control; frcm that moment commence i the most desperate efforts of the multitudes, who broke iuto every pluoe where arms oould be obtained; seized l some oannt n?took down ail tbn iron tailings, for the t purposes of weapons: and declared for the head of M. ! liuizot, and the deposition of the king The National Uuard, eighty thousand strong, reiusuu to fire upon the people. 'I inornine, they were under arm*. marching in thousands, in oompanie* and regiments; but all cheered by tbe people. It was manliest, that all the troops, except the Municipal Guard, had taken sides with tho people; even the troops of the line. At ten o'clock, the people and National Unard were intermin2led frequently in the same prooessions, and uttering the same cry. At eleven o'clook, the king published a proclamation of pardon to .'til; aud announced that he had named another ministry, at the head of M. O. Barrot, and wliicb j' eluded M. Thiers. But too much blood had been npilt by bis order, and it produoed no etfeot. During this lime ten thousaud buss stood in "the 1'lac.ide d? la Cunoorde. which adjoins i-'iti garden of , the Tuilerit-1, wholly inactive and the multitude were tearing down and burning up two of tbn guard hou?*n within 'he piece itself, having attaak"d the Municipil > Guard in one. and gainsd it, with the log* of several on . both sides Between eleven and twelve o'olook, the Municipal Guard bad principally disappeared; thny ' lound themselves unsupported by the troops; and they bad put themselves in great d? the cumber they , had killed and wounded The Palais Royal about this time was attacked, a".d oarricd with tun loss of svvnral ' lives; aud an hr.ur or two aft-r, the attack was made upon the garden and palace of the Tullleries. and these plaoes were foroed with but little loss of life; and entered and oooupied In the manner 1 have described. All the troops of the line h?vf left the oity; and the city in i to-night entirely in the hands of the people. This j morning, about tbree or four thousand men. from Havre and Romn, cam* In the city,well supplied with ammuui ' (ion, and joined In the fight and viotory of to-day The i king abdicated in favor of Count de Paris; with the Dufcheai d'Orlraus fur Regent. She and her son entered the Chamber of Deputies to-day; and while there, a man in a Idue frock, mounted the table of the President, and i told the chamber that the people did not want any more "(<; tJha/lM.or I'btHppr; lil? precise words were aft Mlows: ' We clou'i. want any thing wore from tb? l'uileries shop; we don't want any more of Philippe's family; (comma) Pailipps h*? treated us jmt <1.1 Chrirlrs, (did a period) r am'that is all " Duiing thn delivery of thlsspieoh so?xti-sorclinary, and no full of meaning, not ? deputy smilod; but the itio?- profound silence wm maintained. The Duohees d'Orleaus sat by. just created Hegpnc by thn king'.') abdication witb her little sou, the future king, by the succession. Sh? maintains I the greatest composure; i.uil her face did not chsng* color, uor did she exhibit the least fear; but with nil the dignity of a commanding worn in, who intended not to lose thron-for h?inelf or son, hy any niiecon iluet or pusillanimity on her par'.. Thousand* of tho people too wore in the Chamber and thn building and gave the w?rds of this extraordinary blue jnckot nml luhcring man, the power of those 01 a mot arch. He, in those f-w words, briif and to the point, '.elling them wh ir." to insert a coram*, and where a period, id h's remarks, delivered tho e?ntinents of tnat extraordinary people, who commencing on the morning if the - 2d, without a gun or weapon in thuir posseaslou, or uuder their crntrol. had on the third day conquered .he king and his ministry, and more than one hundred thousand troops, jvell armed with cannon and ammunition aud forts, to nave resisted an enemy for months. It va? the death km* 1 of monarchy in Kranoe, far th > present at least; an 1 tho delivery < f tim sentiments, which hid animated the invses t > matte such mighty efforts, and to face every species of danger. Tne i4tb will he memorable km a day on which iu the morning Kraace intd Louis Philippe for It* kin*. and Count Vole for it* minister ; at n. i.u the Duuhe s* a'Orleans for the former, and M O Barrot for the latter; and nt night t.Lo mighty tj ultitiide for its mvh< i;>, IM Unpont hi the head of h provisional government. N-nr the time of this rear a in the Chamber, a woman on horseback, with a man on ?>ac!i sldo, rudu into tho court of the Chai?b?r and *.tid, ot the top of her voice. -Ad do not want uuy kiii^ or regont; I am * nt by my deputation to tell ym that wo want a republic." Plaoaids, printed, are posted u,? in different parte of the city, giving notice that the people lem.ind 11 republic .1. O. Barrot, the leader of the opposition, has l>i<t his 1 position by advocating the existence of the monarchy, i:ad the rights of the Duchosn d'Orl?ans :ind her rou in the Chamber. The masxes from the tribune told him t .at they bad not fought for that, and that they would not be cheated a second lima. L imartine took different : round and went for a republic. ond the aaasea approved; and soon after th? people rj*hed luto tho Chamn r in suoh numbers that the president and a greet 1'iibrr ot Deputies escaped as b'St tuey could. But those who remained, aided by tlio people, formed a prov.'.onal govemmt nt) at tho head of whioh is M Dupont, president of tue council, without the portfolio, an 1 M. Lainartiuu as minister of foreign aCf tire; added f> those ire Creitneux, Lediu K>din,Ifttte I' ve', anil Arago. Paris, Keb 'Jo, 1818. 1 This morning, the deep red flag of the revolution .vaves froui the tops of all the public building?, palaces, itc., and a hundred spires. It surmounts more than a j theusand burriosues ; and floats from the guns and Unccsof thuusui" ? ?t the Insurgents. This morning I I ave waiked from the went ond of the Champi Elyieas, through the Boul-va- ds to the Bastilo ; and returned by be rue St. Antoinc i?nd the river, nod gud?n >.f the Tu ileries?the distance of the circuit is six ?r stven miles end from the eaitern exlr -mity of the Champs Elyn'?s to tho C,i?tilc,nvoiy principal street in filled with ma??oi of people, and Tut num' era of them thoroughly nrmec. It i* impossible to tatliuate t ie numbers or to mako any npproaoii to nccaracy. Bat thone soon in thii distance, muft have amounted to several hundred thousand ; hundred* of processions arc moving in every pa:t of th? o.ty, and made up of man, armed and nnarmed; citizen* and National Uuarle oo i mingled indiscriminately In e?ch ol th?*e imiu?u*e a.iu ternflc proceaaiona. I l\j tff11tie, lor all have drawn aworda and bayoaett A?rd ; tm 1 yet then* powerful bodies of wru re?p?-ei the right* and property of every person, and a ? an civil and aa |?cllto [O a loieigner aa to one of th'lr owu Dumber Their ntj?0t i? the grand object "f overlhrowlng a luonarcfcy 1 aud establishing a republic; and it ia mere ible bow < rictly they limit their action to that ?iui;le oty?ct 1 K?r four miio* through the Boulevards, tho magnificent ornamental tree*, which aided ao much to tho beauty Hnd tomlortof that splendid pr< m->na<le by night and t>y day, in Pari*. h ?re bseii rat down almost without an . xoeptiuu, auil uai'd with atcn -a to form l>a rioadea, while the numerous echtljldiug-i of Individuals, us?dia ibe construction of buildings, along the same distanoe. r?main undiatnrb.'d. These besutlful and spacious streets now pr-scut th* appearnm--of a f.ireet o tiloan Not a carriage ia movin g iu th . oity; public a-id private are alike umoln to pass the sireai*. numtinri of the former uow make part o! uumerou* barricades I'poa ilmost every *hop, ia marked In while chalk, ''armM (I,ini " (arm* nire.i) and In *ovoral ' S'court uvx sure iur to the wounded. All '.ho publlo place* are now guardad by the victor*; nn l tb? Municipal (>uard hava entirely illnapp^ared. \t the Bsstlle. upon the xpot whero tho great battle of the resolution of |a30 w?* fought, stsnd* a magnificent moon uei t, oracted b> order of Loul* Philippe, btarmg infiiiptiftt" appropriate to pnrpetuate the rconllectton of such in event; anil tt n tnorn.Dg, surmountlt g tlia head of the Oo !d<?s ot Liberty, standing upon one foot, upon tho top of the monument, was ti n flag of the revolution of lS4-<; and i huge proceaaion, nu nberlu^ thouxauds, were marclutg round ita pediment. (iuguift tho Maiiollles hymn, and waiving their hat* In th air. Theso ; proceeaiona are couipoent ntoatlv of \ouuc imd, and, until to day, mo?tly drm??,| i,? blun froofci. whioli I tii a Ji.-m Tory common to tb? lahoriu* oIbkhfh in t'uila I Itwii ttl HM frokwhinh p?rf rmo.l ?ucu lrara?nw < lafcjr, hii I loii|(ht with nuoh heroitm; and wl??n M. O. j Barrot rod* tho atreata yrat?id*y morning, to fDd?aroi I to Kktlufy th? ma??en with the continuance of l.ouif I Philippe on the throne, It waa the hlae frock that politt- 1 ly tapliai to htm?" It la now too lata ; wo want are public," and lu one tnatant, gar* tha order to adtaaoe \ . KRAI 1848. ... T to the work. Bat thla morninff, tbouaaodi wnd ten* of a thousand* of per*OD*. in different dreMe*. or* found in n proeoealor h. Yesterday morning, one of mm 0 Mlmhed the lr. n *pir? thus support d the tri-ol r-' i i tli? before th li^u^eol M Oulaot, In the pt> s?iia-<>!' Mveral cnuipnniea of troop*. Knit took down hi* II n inildnt the cheers of iununiorable bimhm. In front or t this house, there had been hat raornmg early, much r Hjhtinn. nad many live* lout, end I evp*ot-d every moment to have neon him shot down; hut he vas too I rtronjfly supported. aud victory was then too nearly de- fi Marlng itself for the p.tople, to make it secure for t'ie li king'* force* to fire Thi? morning the garden and t''e p Palace of the Tulleiiea are guarded by the p??ple. and ? only s.i-ull uumhetH are admitted into the lower etory c tb< Palace, and none admitted*into the cood. At n >h* Urgi anil el.-fcimi, windows In th? aeooiid story, sit o he wiv<"8 of the oien who havt* conquered. and are now d nl.irlin * !t ... Il_ ; t It ?.it.. f I. and that nnthinx unusual had transpired. \ Bearing date o to-day, In a proclamation of tho pro- m visional government, givinur notlrn> thnt n republic Had T b?ro resolved upon, to t?e aubinitted to bo npcroved by B ihe Tutoi of tbe people. Thia ii signed by all the mrm- , (J bfn of this governm*nt. Whuro t'??? kit'R and hi minis- 1 w tern'tm, tli? publio are not informed. The king di'- :t solved tho Chamber at tho time hn appointed \I I) mi Bar rot minister, to attempt to fatUfy tli? people, so that. n| there I* none other than the provisional gov?rnment f now in esiatnneo in Kmnoe. The proclamation alio H promiroa that the Ouliot ministry shall be brought to f trial; but the victnra would not wnate much tlmr> ovr- p, Onlmt ioi?ld they And him I d? not think that they H would offer nny viol?i<e? to the kin*, if tliey hn.d tilm In p |io??ps?ion. though the disantisfaction is much stronger p . hiui than I had anticipated; and in nis second o vroelamation. he sai l he had given orders for tbi firing n upen the people to cease, which Implied that it hnd ex- t latrd up to ;ha tim.i by his orders Unfortunately for p tho kind, the Duke* de Joinvllle and D'Aumdle were r b- f, sent at Algeria. They were popular with the people, /' ud it la possible that their p'esence and advloe rr.lftht t bav i br 'ii of service to the king. lerialn it I". tba' Ml i conduct d'>ea not, appear to have been characterized by t ranch wisdom or firmness r> Pa h ib, Feb 26, 1H48, noon. Jj It la understood in Paris, that the king iled'o Belgium ; , that that kingdom has revolutionized, aud drove King h Leopold from his throne; that, therefore, Louis Phi- 1 lippe 11 rd to Kngland ; and upon his arrivul there, dird ? in uu ap plnotic fit. Thusi are importn'it political c ;ivoiKsJji the present condition ol France an i K.u'-ope. " The republic of France haa now been in existence since the afternoon of the ' ; and has accomplished much t towards the organization of a new government, nnd the ' preservation of order, an 1 the restoration of tranquility. To-day, several of the ?t'res nre opened end cirriagai n legintorun, and people to ri-sume bus'nosg, and tbe f numbers in the streets to diininlsi. All officers in Pa r:s, friendly to Louis I'hilipp>, (and their nu libers wero vgry few ) have b"en removed. and republicans put la their place*. The provisional govurnnieat ant in the name aud under the title of ' the Fronoh Republic," aad perioral the duties of their s overai office* iu the u.iui> of the people. This morning, n committee of the workiostinen of P&ris, addressed th* pubiio itt a proclamation, setting forth what they demanded under tbe new government, and what they did not d'-mmd, and ?moni,' the latter, they gay, they do not want vengeance, air the confiscation of any property, nor any disorder ; but they do want an abolition of thn evil' which a n monarchy and an oppressivn government h:\vemIiiote J upon thorn, and tbe bt-nelita of a republic ; each ot which, aro referred to, with some detail Ki<h v thousand nation;,I t int> <t ae ( > bo i "roiled, under the new ( uovernment ; d t iei ^-y tn b<? tnirty Hons a day.- ,, I'trig bag at this luown. probably moro thnn two f hnnflmd ttwnt?<1 rann, well armed and mtfcminHu, in lnvor ot th? revolution, and tn? n?w ii'jverument. Ba- ( ron Rathchiid wag notified ys'erday. to leave Pari*, which ho declined to do ; but ho i/nmedi-tely gent the new government 25,000 000 ?twenty-(Ire million finncs, ( which, perhapg. will causo the order to b? modified or withdrawn His speculations have affected the price t.f r bread and some other kinds ot provisions, which bore hard upon 'be poorer cUs.ies cf the people; and they determined to manifest their displeasure ny causing | him to leave France Uu: be has accomino tatod tho government essentially, at it* couinienoeiueut. and a* J chere is no disposition to persecute any person, i have ni donbt that they will permit liiin to remain, per- t h>ps make Jiim useful to the republic. The French . , now wear a red ribbon as a sign of their approbation of '/ the revolution ; and I suspeot that there :?re few people u in France, who are not now friendly tn tbe change wbiah has taken place ; and they ate willing to rank-' ( pntHe, manifestation of ?hMr entimer.te K.v?ry class il individuals seems to vie with othi re taiftftl to pursue public order, and the preservation of pubii 3 end ] private property. now the r-volutioa hag been aooonipushed and although I have been e?ery day ..nd every sour cf the day, in tho mitiet of those who have anoom- ? p ished tun events of the last low days. I nave not neon ,, any private property destroyed, nor have I seen any t tiiac Had been destroyed. Ail tbe carriage* taken. are , Dublio carriages, established by the city, Ma t lor the . value of which, the city is letpnnMblo. Ona of the remarkable features Id this rem irkabli revolution is, the scrupulous manner in wliicu ail have abstained frou _ u<ii g private prop.Tiy, arms excepted. But ai .'i af?w exceptions in the first instance, all hava ^rlTrn ail 'be ,f irm? they bad. aud in thesj* instances, where the pur- n :ias hesitated, (which nus before the massacre by the tiiUDiciimi guards, on the night of the second day.) those , who called for the aims took an aocount of thoir nuinIters, and assured the o.v.ier that >)* should be tecompensrd, ai.d hie property, ?elf and family prctect-d I , nive not heard of many thefts or rubbering, n'nce the ; first d ly ?f the revolution, aud havo experienced no up- ( pearanca of danger by nigkt or by day, in any part of ,, the city, except it w?? frcm th? deatity and sudden rush of the orowa, tr froui t'i? andum discharge of a musket, or projectile, intended for aoao other otj.-oc tban injury to unoffcuditig individuals The misses have, at .'.i time*, cooflnei their Uugua^e ai l tKeir act ,1 to the main point to be accomplished, ih? overt- towot the r,' vernmont; ;i<1 those who do tliaui nny deg :? of justice. runt commrmi the wonderful sagacity which th>-y have exhibited iu the espies of measures; and the *x*c.itud? *1 audoaro with whs h they bave execu'ei thein, and the , instantaneous luauner in which they formed themselves into a city guard, and performed all its du'iM, liy a-y and by ni iht assoun as their object bad been attained de- I serv h the commendation ot all persons, and murks iho da- ^ liberation and consideration with wuinh the masses have Anted throughout the extmnrditiar j ngitatiou and events y mj'this rematkeble revolution. It is common to h. ir tl tiie remark, that but tor tins, or for tbat 'infortnuata act ot the king, or the Municipal guard, or Mime company, or officer, on the (lrst or seooud day, tho revo.u -i tion would uot have happened. Hut trom my lorin-r ii letters, it will be understood that these are uo; my sentiments ; and tbat i regard ?uch to be u very superficial view of the causes ot tnis uiiguty revolution, which lias ao parallel; not even inthet?o preceding cues iu this ]< country. This revolution is the refill; of increased iu- ,, -1 lllgauce, HDil lti/oruia lu.i ?u;uuk tun miuer. e ra..y, .id injuatrlou* laboring rjen i>uu woin*n of h'r*w?. and h lelu-al on the pitt of the >.ovemment to acoommodule iU?l! to the progrera of the ?g? ; and to coufar upon the people rights nnd privileges, ua th- y went wrjl prepared to receive aid appreciate tli*m. Anyone who , | looked ob, nod observed tho in' n tai wom.u who h >r? t ill* fatigues, bud |v;rform-d the f tliis g'gan io s< ><aterprUe, heard their conversation, and mw their untenanaea, ciuld Si*-tha1". th\s oUas of the Kreneh people , ire remtrkablo for their Intelligence, an 1 exhibited jt1 tra.ts of character that c. lunotwell be excelled by the i i>.'opl? of any oountrj ; that they we,;-raoTod i;y no U1 uitling conaVieratioaa ; bin. lhat they h*l one ainnle ob\ ct in view ; And from th it nci.her fri?ud uji foe could u iiyerttu-m. u The gorerorp-n' of L^uia PnRipp> had b??n, lu many reapeota, uaueceaajrily oppie. ?v? and burdensome ; aid tno manner in which tt i.a 1 h* u a dmlnUiated by ui? *genta exceedingly cff nslv^, and frequentW v xa;iout ; hs U'id lent urine to tbe Jesuits of Kwitxorl ind, and mam- ,, f ated,lu reference to all th* Status, with whim the > Krenc.ta are allied by strong sent ments f attachment and nynipttny, a disposition to *id?- with the govern- r menu, and againat the people, lie had ri,r roualy res s??d granting any additional powers, or pil?Heges to liia own people; a<nl corrupted, ns they believed, th* hsmbers, by conferring *a|:ui"s, and pai.flma, upon ubyut two hundred of Ita members, and, at laat, unUot- If look to pu. down the rigtit cf apeeoli in public, and to < interdict any <!ia?u*?ion of politics lu ats'inblle . ? xo?[>t , i>Uiih a* ho tolerated ; and notified the p*op!?, that any rO' ipKi y that ill t not imc ediatejy dlaperae, ii on b' ng p -oininauded ro to do, should be tired upon; thuo a 1 ? measures lUe these, which have been > cats In accum"Utiug. have, In my opinion, produced t; e erl?!e, elite*! i" is another leaa'n t" kings,and aoverM^n", lhat a i or-rn- w inunt nanuot, at thia day, exist long, that doea not re present the wi'hea and eoutiraeni." of the people ; and lhat oannens and troops etneot reaia: the projreas of in ' Mligenoe. or o >ntrol its effect Wh'i r . forri- t'ie a i>ff?ita of ihi? herolo effort f I say hei oic ! for tlie peo- ,jt pin. at the oommenooiiunt and until the aiglit of the :i conil day, were eutliuly without nr.,ia; ana the on y ta returu- tRuy had madn lor t:ie numerous ohargna oi di ihe troops upun them, in which Kre?r. numbvr* l ad ? . ie?n wouiided. wag hy atonea and brickbats; at .1 he >n?Ana #/\e , h-m ?aa *?*V limttml ' a I thai movi ' ;>i innufH 01 thouaands, nut tana of thousand- upon lome point to wrest It from the soldi rjr, or to l ions!) < f ? buntcaue, or other iiit?aciuf d'Ouoe IdonotlUD tin that auy soldi*:y was killed until alter nine o'clock of ...I Lhe oeoond il,ty of the revolution Iruu that una tl.l ' I >ne o'clock the next (lay buu'lreda of laiineufj Imiri- t>r ;adea war* thrown up, and aliuu*' as many nontr?t* had, iot vtwfn the ru.isi. s and th* soljiery composed of the ; n Municipal (iuard ; lu which every species of weapon pM ivas freely ua*d, aad many ? re killed and wounde i on !'! r?ott? aides. During this period .hi people f ught in i 1 the most heroic manner, and fbuaned no iKn^ ji? mlMfd no op,?ottaoUy of d? <troyiu? th?ir o:ieuii'? ; and er >t capturing hie etrnog p sUlnca lu ehat spirit mi tbn rest o( Europe teceivo tue n*ws of bis Iran ipited in Krancii ' I do no und isuud that nuy Intiiiu'ion has yet been mad* of the imprest!:r i ndl. t-.i tiona of Kngtand ; and not till to morrow can liny news !>* taceireu troin Austria fru'sia, or Uu'sU Kuguim is pretty iully rerresi-nte I ,?t this tims, If tn*y ar-<cor 'h reotly reported, with Leuls I'bilipp '< f-.-uilj?rhe U father, son*, daughters, and dat?j{ ,t*rs-io iaw, *> i it- m aw. and giandihitdrMi are ali reported as d !>" to Kngl.ind Duke d'N-moirs Is >pra* . nted uJ having tli ?hang?il bis coat, and jum; ?d out ot the wiuUixr of tUv an p >iaoe ; and some of tna wags are amusing tn^nnelvea n fn .title at Ins (r Kl't 11* wa* tbn nitst unilocular tu to pi: !>er ol the family, in France; and ao aristocratic and Ki haughty that no ayupathy la frit far his si'uatiou. I ra vtaar the conduct of the king, and that of uia family, the bt Duohaaa d'Orleana ?x?ept?d, aa yery extraordinary ; at , D. Prlc* Two CmiM. ' " ~ ?? ? ? nd n?lth?r avlnilna; aaganlty, "onaiiitmioy, nor flrm\t>d ?h? mum* In whioh tha klrc; flrwt 'I -ijir M tn flr? no *h* and ?s? ' <i -.r ;! v 1 wvnn> ' ',h?ra "* ?'. b- light I th* i?n<?v f?H"ir?of ' ; t'i ul( t ?iu ;k? h? <li<t vud d'li*' I ^ki up n >. rut !<> --t) | y r^.. o|r nfB that h I mnh BAr regard f<i- hU n 'n hf? th?ti fir th^ir" ; *n l 'hat '1 I her ha nnr hn * n Ih 'ifht irifh nl t1in?? *ho w,>r" it'pj fit hf-i It ih?-v ""'il'l rnn % .(! ?-'<r?to'li >rn?#lti* rom iliDirer I thiol- thi'p-rt ?f fh? tram ? i?n h<1 I itt.l? to Ih* r?pnt*rloT f Lr?tr? I'hll piv or f.o tha *ym ?(hy whioh tniicht n*l ur?lly h* ?-l for hit Kuation rar* hw iv w IWin^ llln <vm'lnit wn* arhl'r*"y unnou ili?lory, aol tvr?n'it<!?l in thr< *Ktr?*m?; in Tu?fday iorniD({, when b? put l"wn *,h* b*n<|ti** >?y forna, an I rd?r*d th? ?ol'll?ri to flr? on tha p-oplx ; on W-ln?-? Ay it w?a variUMm;, fim'-'l and ?*9?*?ly??ly injudlaioui, i firolnjf VI fJu ?ot to rt*?l(ju. n I ?pp"< Ornn loin, aqutlly unpopular, o hm "ontlnulnn at. t'i im? tiro*, hi* f ' mar or tern to hi* i?nMi?r* ; and "i 'bonday, aub*?ivi?nt in thu xtrptn* in apoolutlnn ir.ot. hi* ininlnter, th-> prinolpa! m-ninorg ii*tni{?ll in bu(i<|u*H : un l ih? r.n?, ta>'? t!i?n ull < b?r? at horn h-i rtiraetad hi* r>'nr?rk? in M* rpa?oh ouuhio^ i?t subp-t; at tha ?ani? fclm* ili*""'yin< tb* ohvab t? nil ?ou?t?>rm"ndi''S: h'a ora?r fo hh unifier* ; and laat f nil. any'hi .i{ but br it?i in running aM I nrtni? innila r.o m??t diMitii vbo h .1 Ini'u J d?ng?r ?uiy by .ithluliy *rmitl< it ord?ri Sonf npiilou y may h i 'un<l in tain ajto. which *<1 p??c?ity-finT and the uu?* Botwdnn.ta ofth? f.hanffo In th? roniiitlo. ofhl* kltmdom. I la entlrw omduot ?h > 'Ta (hut h? hut l-nji'-rOctly nott; reh?ud?il t,h?> <i?ntim n M or purpoiu i of i h? Kr?nc.h eoplr. \nd t.h?t, h? h d d?o?lr?'l hltn*?ir t bfi d? eived by his ministers. as to the str'ng'.h of h!? irovernmnt On th? morning of hn i'ld, It appeared to m* lia*. I nn lerstood but, little the f-Mliltfs of t,h? Kfench eoplo, if tli?y would submit to 1>"chi*rg?" I hy th^ horse, i>r no manner of olf^ne*. except nrying " ?m?? la rrnrrn'," and have their head* cut open, without retaha Injf for suuh outrages, upon the author of them; and b7 ny letter of that date, you will aei) that I th*n aoticipa* 1 that foroo only oould adjust the difficulty These i*n Wfrx first deprived of th<- right of voting, or of parolpitlnjf lu any raanfer In the affair* of government 'hey are taxed, annually, from one hundred and fifty > thrse hundred an I flf'.y franos oh. for every single iorse and carriage which they used for the tronsportalon of passengers j taxed upon every speoi?s of provlions which o-? e into the oity. or wMoh they eonutne.l and for all otb?r thing* l.i pioportiou ; deprived f ttio right of i<ssembltng to exprtss or to dlsouss their >11 ?ged gri?vanoes ; a-id th?-n thefr h'lds out open for rjicg rrformr. iu the street* and square* of Pari*. rhere ww >-o alternative us n;>p>'?re J to me, but to amely ftabniit. or to fl.'ht ; and. bv analysing ray own xllnfci, I rain up uiv mind that f >rce would alone arlitrate the question b^w* en the king and his people? ,:id yet it is mtnif-itt that the *x iroise of kingly power, r some other diW". had so w 'akened the sense of jnil?ie in the mind of the king, that h?* did not see and apr*cii?te the Injustice and s' verilv of his own aonduot. But the people of h'ranoe havu but just enter d upon heir dangers and their responsibilities. A republic ow exists; ;ind a constitution will soon he submitted to he people for their approvul. by the provisional governnent This movement in th? h art of Knrope will b? ontri'lled, if possible bv \utriarid Russia ; und posilbly Kngland Some States buv<\ and o'.liers will, revouti"tl?H in Kurope Probably most of the .Statu abont lie Ithine may follow the <xxrapltt of Kracoe ; evun the he King of Prussia Is not '-ulireiy saf- from the extra>rdinary intlueuoo of tlie'e extracrdiuarv ev?nts ; and llltaywHl b Meotrifled by th? events of Paris. Aoisrdiug to the position of Lord Ptlin raton, in the cas? ( Switze rland und the Italian States, the org* illation if a republic in Krunoe will ip?n foclo, give the other r>w.TS no oause of complaint.; and Kngland would uotbe t llbert.v to lo'>k on quietly and s?.* the three principal mi th Stiffs declare war ag iin?t Kra.ioe for that oause lilt >?ill Kogiand app-y the S'ttne doctrine, and be guided v tVn r .mo sr.lrir. in thu one oa.< case as in the other? '-rtiikpw xtie will.*. the moviug spirit in tho jf.w gov?tiiin?Ft- defended tUo course of Kugland and >ord Palmers ton. la Switzerland ?n I IUly; ami It is vssible. that the K. owlish minister will act. In this orlala, 0 ft epirir. worthy of the age, and of th 1 occasion, and mulate the example of Sir Itobert Peel, ami riso to hi* ;oale of ijrandpui- and sublimity; and pregorve tue peace if Kurope. i y maklog freedom too strong for absolutism, von <11 the Ola World; or in rase th?ae principlesoome nto collision. sb? will lip fh? brum In farJr ??/ the loruer, and rec-iv? from (he lip* of oppressed millions, the 1 'snogs due to n great and benlflcent example and ctiou Buaid**, I think Kn. land regard* Kuesia an k lore formidable and dang'rou-i nation to Kngll*h insrratathan France; and ih?t this will nau.?<* her to half '?to before she arauiusa a position whioh will augment he power of th,< f riu?r. at the expense oi the latter .ifion. Butihe iinpitl4i* given in the South and Weat I- Kurope. may nw?rp the European continent, lelving ;?re?ly a of aeepotitm behind: and Austria her -if may have no little >1itflc ilty ia limiting the oouta* nn of tho esituplo. t<> ih? bo. le'* oj her own doroinm* But tu Allison wculd my like the plague, it may ross thri forbiJd-n liiaiUv t-> torraoiit Priuaa ,vlotterIch in his last, days, and p>iy him for some nf tho evils r'lioli be has entailed up .n mankind, and hold to hie ij>9 the chalice from which he has urn i* others drink an re ly It wou'd aeem to be ulviue aid retributive jtisi 5*, thus to pu;<iah <110 who h?s spent hia life in oppreang thota of hia own race, und in initiating every species f sufficing upon tbo p-oplo of fcurop*. The spirit* ' at immortalized Italy two thousand yearn ago, would l: joubtadly visit him in,hi* dream* at leaat, and present 1 his tormented spirit the apeotr?* of the thousands of eir oou:>tryttn>n, whom he ha* killed by imprison t, for no other reaeou than that they i-'ved Italy, d nould not ic<(uie*c* in having it oppreaael and >dda? uud> r f->ot by Vustrian deepetlrm 1'he Km ror of Au? tia haa )ittl-> intellect. and the law* nf ttare mil*. S"wn tumintUo the career, lo this world at st. 01 hi* retna: kabl > minister; and what effeot such n event may have upon thai nation, time only cau d* flope Hur condition cannot tie more adverse to tto ?hta of the people th.iu it has b?en for the last thirty rars. Paris, Keb 'J6, 1H4S?0 o'clock, P. M. Up to tnls hour. th? carriages of the king have been estroyrd; his homaa takbn for meat for tue destitute cm* of the furnltur In the I'alaia Koyal and Tuile a which specially appertained to hiui. Laa b?en dniroyid, hia thtone I ?keu to the Buttle and burnt, - t lie foot of the monument of July, 1830. The jewelry ' the queen, found la h.c chamber, iaprca.rved uud de v.-red to one of this Mayor's of t'aria for aai'o keeping. in! ia popular in Pari*, and represented by all ne a roo-I inau. She h?s dine nothing lo brinfj ab^ut the revoon; but by hor klndoeri and heT<nvolenoe, much to renl it. The liucl.esa d'Orleans la also popular, and re rqucatri&n statu-? of the late Duked' Orleans, aland* ' the Place < HToural, uninjured, notwithstanding the rowd ami cocfllcia which huve exialed in that place uring the two last day > of the revolution. Tie wj? b?vejby tile arm> aud peopla Jolavills ia dao popular, ot be waa ut>a nt The Ouch-,-^. with her two aoo?, s,"ed t .rough the crowd on ./ie third day, at the ma at of the g eatest rxoitem-'nt. mid entered the t am r of Deputies and retired irom them, without the ; t indig.iity - ?n>< off-red to her. m. Uuiz>t put oh e dress of a a .v?.nt, oed. in that, escaped?lor hit.. i< re was utn^f. Dacbsttel tia? nl'o. escaped The her roiniitera remain it Paris, aid are not mcleaud. iniM zealous yurtiZir.i aud vloiont Ueputtea. have left <r1s, more frightened than hurt Th" condut ot thia irt oi he Parla-an population, haa noi givou me a very ;h opiui- not' their lirwuess, their sagacity, or heroin. l i'ero waa no time o* the two Qrat da) a, when in y opinion, the kiug himself might '<ot have rodetr-* reeti ot Paa.i, and ..ddr?8sed th? peopl*, asking of -em their gi-ieviviiCea and tromising them rt.iorm and lre->a thv- che would not hi*" resounded wit i era, and perhaps,"u?? t te Hoi" l'he King of Naples (opted 'his oourne under similar clioumn'.ance.'., an I ivod bl i t: i u oy executing tho de'iia'ida of ?i|? p- o. lnat?vl >( fuch aoblo eoudaot. Lou ? rhiiippe fur >1111(1 1 hu i?e!t ?ith guard* and a<*nt others t<. r*? on . people, and then run, leaving life irieuJa to b klll?<i, '.hour th.iir kn"wiug for a me^time. that he bad fled iif ;biiteau de JJjiuliy haa been burut It brlosfd to id reyml !?Hilly. r*Hi? Keb. 17,1H4S. To-d?y ban b??:u ir,; igiirut'd at the column of July, (30, in pruei.ce of tba National Guard* antl poopie rlidata oi libvrty i#-coni|uer?d." At two o'clock, le pro?tsi' n?l government, guard, or J maj-es of peo Is, move I Iron the Hotel de Ville to Ihe Uaiiiie, where ghor' (iddrew wan pronounced at the fo^t of the co ran whioh w?' eurmJunted by tweWo trl oolore I fl- t$a ayingto tbs br??r.i. The concour*^ of people w'i? inmn, b?yond any mean* of ertlaifttion. More thn.i < hundr?d thouimd troop* wero und r arm?, ooveri. ? dintincfl of four railre. The peoplo numbered hnu rdi of thouetndi; and exceed* d any aneembb^e which ? m?gni;':eent evsnti cf the pant f?w days hare pro iced I.umartino rod's a beautiful whi'o c? ar vr, hiirlf .. eari i,< a cocUr. t aat, aword, pair of Bpjul't'es, ar.d ;o?t trimmed with r-d. Ilia I:-id i whit', a .J Uo penrs to be about flfl,y-flre yr*r> old. Vht cb?r*ci r t'je cran, >n loine respect*, :n*y bo knonu by t' a ok* ho b?* written sn ! publifhe I ut b i- no^y call>o ?"t in a new ?pheto, ?od to nUtid ?t the h?a I ot i? Venah Republic,1* -n l prepare 10 maintain it !u eeei.o* of Kutope He ha* iii* har.di lull; but I am >pired with the eoHvietion, that If be la equal to hta sitlnn t\? niihlin rr? .rial ? officiont lor t he np.'otn ?hroi>rit f.f thi.'i mighty purpose All Kr ?wce is unitr<l. to unanimity ii ?. ; extraordinary a* it 'i unpreceilrntThr array concur fully in 'hp a?.)titn<>n?* of the opl?; and the n?* ?nvr nm?i t is it> porsenaioa ef cry fi -t nn<l Rarrih n h'aril from, and generally wltli?ry opposition LamorioK-rv the <joi.fju<?tor < f A-hi-Kad*r, h?s tendered hia strvlofs to the r-ptislle; d one ?n4 all it 1 pr' . it),: forward to iuant>>arbe nh s'ftnd Fia- ? b?s taken. A proclamation trrtnjr iiouoc's tlm *11 between the ??*? of twen'y iu<l >ixty II he mime'lately enrolled- e*?ept tho*e cinnptslng National <>u*r<l, and <l?no, u; at-I the Hal ahm d* I' i'fir-, ami tha- the ne?< ? .ly tor thin mi?htv uioi<nt embracing seven or e.ght mill''im i ns, will hp?n''JiKt?lj made kaown Mi Kuaii ii?? i<> >>g * *ed e vfiubllo; thr re*ogcitlon of no rther n ttlou n s ti??eu in-'ULCi J; anil it, is not lnp>taibl* t.i*t the -'e of the reign oorrenponJcnce, in tlie fi'?t *ix <lujs of thereililic, may indicate th? propre'v "< pr* >rlp< lor a uropeau war AU the h'reueli j uhi.Ih '?e aaeuncethat tne pence of Kurope I* i! .e'l by Kranoe, it thay intimate that Kmc* I' in a eoudltl ti to mwi ly contingency?au<l 1 think she i". ' toen 'he nondifoa

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