Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1848 Page 3
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. .. msammp? inTj?**d la real estate and mortgages. U is said that Mr. AMo.* l?i? given (330,1)00 for a eity library, the interest of which It to b- exttenitM In employing *g?Titi to [ uroltk?e b :ok?, ac4 la the e'eotlon of a building, tb- ram - not to exee-d in er>?t ("VI 00? Mr Aetor h?? two >on? one VVm B , and tba other imbecile from hU lirth. One of hi* d ?ughter*, who died in 1848 at Fatis, became tbe Caua'es* of Runi| f; another. who his abo died, wee mariltd to Mr Bristol, an author and clergyman, now residing at B.iotol, Ilhoda Island Bti vemeiifa of the French Resident* of the City_A ma lata to tlM Republic of France? Tim Unuaalatc. A meeting of tha general committee of all nationa took plaoe at the Shakspaare Hotel last evening. when a latter was received from bis honor tbo Mayor, ataticg his determination to preside at the great meeting to be held In tha Park, of descendants of tbo different nations, on M>rd?y next. A delegation of the Italians reported ed. A meeting of lrith citizen* will be held at tha Shakspeare on Haturdsy evening, with a view to adopt measures to oarry oct the otj'ot of their lata movement, and create a fund for the parpcie of seadlig two delegates to Franca. Yesterday waa one of the moat glorious dajs for the French residents of this city that ever occurred. The confirmation of the previous news by the Cal'doaia, filled the heart of every son of France with unspeakable Jay, as well as tba heart of every American, and those b longing to other nations of Europe which are still home down by tho yoke of oppression, although the aubjection of their own country .was a heavy weight upon them. At an early hour the stars and stripe* of Ainericau *I,berty,j end the. tri-colored fl*g of now Independent and republican Franre, were eeen in every aection, floatirg In the bre?sa together. Notioe bad been given that at twelve o'clock a salute of one hundred guns would be fired at the Battery in honor of the victory ef the oppressed French, and long before the hour ariived, several thousands (assembledat that, place, to join in tho celebration of the glorious dawn of liberty of the French nation. At tbo appointed time, two funs from the arsenal arrived, und*r the escort of the Lafayette (Juards, a well disciplined and patrlotlo corps of French soldiers. Wh'-n they arrived at the Battery, to the surprise of every one, no flag waa flying from the liberty pole of that place It was sopp aed, however, tbat the flag would ba hoisted as soon as the firing commenced ; bnt th?re were no stars and stilpes to wave from tfcat pole to honor the occasion Immediately after the trlBff of tl:a first can. the fl t<re of both nations wi re rem to *so?id to the t-p of the fttaff on the ramp?r<? of Castle Gtrdsu. Th?y were both hoisted by one oord,prd no connected that they ssemed litem twin sisters, smbraclt: g each other and dancing together, Sfemlnglv o'K'lz^nt of the glorious liberty of Kranoe, and would exist together, ' not for ? day, but for (ill time." The bl?aie should be laid at the door of the Coinmcu Council, for the rvmlsrness In not hoisting the fl?gsof the esty What has beoomeof Alderman Lawrence? The firing of the salute beii g ended.* b*nd in attendanon immediately atmck up the " Marseilles Hymn," which was followed by " Yankee Doodle," the soul-stirring air of freed m Three times thrre bfcsrcy ch<ers were then Riven, when the french CodsuI, M. de la Forest, appeared ai if by magio, and invited the oomp&ny to much around to tha consulate, in Greenwich atreet The cor pi were then formed into the line of maroh, and proceeded to the conanlate. As icon as th-'y arrived, with the Vioe Consul on his right, M. Borg aud M. Cor on h!a left, he adJreascd th?m aa follow* : M Du Latdrmt?Vfy fellow countrymen?Tha provisional government ol France hu considered that thirty-four year* of duty were* guaranty of my faithfulness and h s confirmed me In my office, aa Consul General of the French repablto in New York. (Cheers) I will read you the despatch which M. da Lamartine has sent me. Here he prodnotd and read tha following letter:? Paeis, 98th Feb., 1848. Ministkh or FoxBiorr Relations, J DlCrABTMIBT of CoMMEBCE. ) JBia? The provisional government of tha French republic hate surrendered Into my hands the portfolio of .oreiga rela ^Jons. You wilt, for the future, receive from me the Infractions whioh the new lorm of government, and the ca'm k vi imposing attitude of the republic of France, ovinum 'Js to her agents to foreign powers. In a fe days I rhall send yon a general circular, whloh will explain the exterior policy which the pro .1 i .iiiv... .i.kk. .? j j TiniDuai WUI UITO uruucioicu upuu iiuu upcided. If 70a carry out this pcHoy with sincerity .dignity and faithfulness, you will And In me a juat and benevolent appreclator ot your acts; aud 1 shall bs happy to show tbe ju?t valuo of the servloes which yoa will render to the nation. U-oeive, air, the aaiuranee of my distinguished consideration. LAMART1NE. M Dk la Fobbst, continued?Let me nowtellyou that I feel highly gratified with my reception. I hare always thought it waa ray duty to aasi*t my countrymen, and t* be among them. If I hare c ff jnded any, 1 ask forgiveness. 1 am now ready to serve, with all toy powev, the new government, which in to lnture happineai to our beloved country. Hurrah for the republic. Threw vociferous cheer* then ran* upon the air, while they ail wept for very joy. Men whose hairs were whitened by the frosts oi many winters, in the fullnees of their joy, weft like children. Th? scene wm tru'y an impeelcg one, and every one present was fired with al the nrdor of patriotism and liberty. i he wtole company then went to Bonnard's restaurant, at the corn*r of Nassau and Fine streets, where r"frehounts were prepared, and wine aud sentiment, without tears, went round, avowing the undying union of the French and American flags. M. Davis apoke to the oompany in tho French language, aud expressed his joy at the reoent achievements of the French. t*en Storms arrived at this time, and waa received with eh era The Marseilles Hymn was then sung, after which the company oiapersed, having previously dispersed and disposed cf eeventy bottlre of oapital wise, m whole ham, and four ioav?* or capital bread. N. B It cnght to be observed that Lamartine'a letter 1mm (fisi if Va* mm iVnaKatAsia an.e ikava Im mi?Ah vhtue iu an ''if." manly Beauty.-'J he icalptarcd column, however ttately iu height or beautiful it* erepiitiout, r?qui'Xi he llawirg capital to give it fiaiih and keeuty- What the filiate* capital >a to tha polished ?h?ft tha hair ia to tha in-3 u [?"f rna *ud Movici" he mey be "eipreaa aed nrfmirablc,' bat if bnl h* eaeuot ke comely. And why ahon d ha be b.|<l, whan aach a irgeae at ve and reproductive ajeat ai I'H ALON'd Hiir lnvuorator can ha proenred at any ieapectMile drna itore I huraiythe reault?the certain remit? a fine head of nair. ia worth the Itifliug cxptare of the preparation ud trouble < f applying it. Phaleo s number if, at all the weild knowa.Cl Hreadway. fir. Jehn D. Uangh having naitnted to peak unt ? ' ject *fTewi|.eraaee before his departure from the City, the Broadway Tabernacle h..a been esgagrd for 'f hn-*iJ?/ aveni' g. March JO.h.ou ?kieheccaii?n Mr O ugh w ill >ieliT?r an Jjioi. To make the meeting atiil mere littertitiig, the Knuvon Family hare been engaged and will am* aere-al cf their mo?t popalar piecea. Hon. Jamei Harper will pieaide. AicUeti 35 ceula. French Patent Leather neota _Ju*t received Irom P i i ? Isrgeaaaorti'entof F.eneh Patent Leather Boot", if the II at qiiiltf. which 1 aeiliuj *t the low price o| $7. I are alao, on head a laige anil aplendid atajriraeal of French bonti, which I aiaaelliug Irjin $1 to $< 10. I nuw the bete <??ottnimt of boo a of auy store iu the city. *ud ray Ifienn end the inb!<n may reat aaaured that I challenge coinpetiuta ui my beaiueai. 11 B. JON&C, M Ann street. What la the meat l.evely Ulijectl_ l htro arc in'n v lovely thn-gs cn earth, bnt aone livelier than 'he facea if thoae we lo?e. Whatever it may ke?man, worn in, or _u '4?nothing in mare desirible than a conute f?it p>ea?ntmen' von can get at the Flumbe Nation*! Diguerrean Gallery, J*4* Broadway, upper erne-of Mnrray straer. 1,1 u,nl' Cheaper than the Cheapest? ? .. <J,.M I>.?. ....I <1?IH Cenntry mercrianta ?? ? or Hilvar fen and fW1* Caaei, will Had it much to their mteitit to eivmiae 'he a?ao?7*,nt.0' B?en fc Clarg, 25 John *(., (ap tuna,) before porchm..*'aliawhire. rliey can [here (and ther?<ouly) iiwa at whileiut maly low prictia good article can b* tolu. Their pricet are r?.?f*"1<? P*f cent from thnie nfla?t le.r.aml are fall 8J per Cfc^t ?* tn?o thine of any other h->uie in the trident tnii time. Bendea thoie of their own m?ke, they kenj. the peusofaH <he hv,'t P*n waken in the ronn'ri, at wholeiale ar retail. They also fP'ir, repomt, or exchange gold i*ni. Diamond Pointed Gold Ptn*?"Illc.Mfl?n'i" again't the tvotld ! ? it la refredung to witneu the > >1 ?uc cm of tint Di'tnifieint pen. Tha Initory of the gold Vn ieaorili nothing *hiclt equi-.U the achievement! of ilia 1. <fihilieua " rt e have jut brcutht ant an engroiiirg nze, which the $4 and S^pem of otner dealera link to mate toyi. Ilemember, tha " ?iichilien'a" are io d.eiclunvelv by D C. VVa'ion fc Co , 45 William it., and J. Y 8?vage. 92 Knltcn at. l-agl Y i>eni, by tl.e grot* or doxen, at Manufacture!' pricei. roilti repaired. Diamond Pointed Oold Pent, S> a."> only, Fi'ver *e> ?il Caie included, point! warranted. JOHN W OltATOM * I'O.No. 71 Cedir itraet. up itairi, invite rareha>a-a ?f gold P'uiandcaiei beth wholeiale and retail, to extiaiue tka'r at-iek confining af pace ami eaiei uf al tha moat e* enrated makrri, which they are idling l.wer th in any other c.ii.e in the trad*. Deslr rt can tare lull 2) per cert by parch mug of (treaton It Co., 71 t.edai a'raet, Dptncer It )( h < laik, Brolhft It Co , Kdward V . Prime, AJbertO. B**le?. lltyHen k Co., Levi Browni, aad otlnri, at leal thai muiafietaren'pneei. Whuivtr wanli a Five Dollar Hat for $4, whoever wsnn a two dollar fi >e cloth (Jap lor tl 5(1, whoever wantt to luifcct a im>erb itork of Childr<n'i Fancy Hata, whofie waiifa a' Open Hat of the l*te?t Parii itTle, whoever wanti in I'mbrell < h th cheap andelegart, wheever wantt the fnll Tiina ol hn miner in baying a Hat, Cap or Umbrella, ^b'arer w?rti a n n id Ha', a Cn<peau. n Military (-ap. a - Jli-gCap.a Spmtiaur'i Hat, a Ynuth'i Hit.aLady'i T". n t ibjuld call at "OC>l,Vg,"214 Breadway. Biding . ' _ h r ?f Boot*.?A large and splendid .L. t. *"f<1 Bocti, ??aueri, fcc , are kept eoniroehof lirenehiiBK V,ad Yiurg'i IVii Boot Kmporiom ktantly on Mud at cur l?. cjlf f#r oar th^c w?nt to I his i* the boft ?hoti1<l by *li meftnt m thfm mi ti<MJ Dn?r cf Bout?e_ Til, ^.^nrh eulf ??!li t*r $ 1 V), at oar friend Tonr.g'a. Ilii l)fd i " .....i, a. . . . told in oil:'- itorr. for l? aed 17; do. i"T? make,far I11?. n?n >lly SI 51 end V) in . f- LjV One pirmt l? ther Bnore ?'d Phoet of ?ll u.*4?'" tiori o* hi^d eo?' m?it? 10 order, eor,ier of If ulton and .Nauu * tireeu. 1 nr. DocTon. Pnrtnhle it having lit? Si^bwrlbtii1 own irunHf?etnre, which, iu many rrirfti. ti?. " the iu.porred They ar# flntahed in the m >?tt?etefnl manner, owe betna richly 11 t. e?iha-ted, ad eoudin all ihet 11 nJ,r*'' ?rr lor the toi et of ih? mut fnatidiaui. li. 8aUiNI>EK t SON', 177 and ??7 B-nalwav Finn Cutlery._C'ompr?aing Ovrr '400 Dlf ferent patterna, t?t tie manufacture of J. odgert Ic Hont, Wnterhulm Cru' kr kCo , ? ith a Compl' Tiriety of trietorv boot id aaiter hoika, twe'iert, nml nippart lie., belonrioj to the toilet. Hex rt ground ?J'l ?e*. nnd critlrry re luiicd,at O H.*U.\DK H k AON'4. 177 end 117 Uroadway. Ilnrry'a Trlrnpl)rruua_l>rl< ? la regulated by d?m lid Wh n Barry a wa< I >ld at hty cenlt n b 1 t.e, it *n cn in wir to a*l-'.ri;y 11 naa now r< hed te (nal, rnd t'<e dnmad fjr it which for ) e in hat b'? in ereaaiu<f in ri!e<it, like ihe concentric npplft cautad br the Vlan.e of :i itone into the water. row penadet the#, ti'r Trion. 1 he teal* upon which the a tide i> mnnufacturad hat hrei cirrerponliefly inneued.and tuch era now the nrr outm?n'a of the inventor, that he it enabled to retail Ihta ouri vailed preparation at a quarter f a dollar a bottle. .Actual retnltt?? ilia preeerv.uiwi. the renewal and regeneration of the itarmfih, plenitnde and Jnetra of the h?>r?end not flowen promne- ai d elaborate nralie. are tha tolwt tenia of 11a roi ulaiity |U icpnt?ti"n itbal't nm-n tha roek of Fact, and like ??errth i g to fviodeA will eadara. Principal offlca 1X7 0 roadway. Kloetro Mannitlim luu long b*?n known Co be of inuch rilie in lha irtttainl of diiNsf, and many wou'd doubtlea* avail themielve* of it, did tkey know where '?yet >in(i'o ?nd effective ittruinent for it* ai plication. M >"rhead'? Graduated M?(nr|ic m achine combine* thr*e < ulit-ea in a near and portable form; it it not liable to est out nf order, and ia ao aimp'.e in eoottruction th.t a ehild can nana*;* it. Htrame a honM be on their aaard againat imitation*. Sole uauialactarer, D. U. RjOOUH r.AD, 113 Broadway. Dr. ChrUtie'a Galvan c Belt, the only real en'e fur <"y?pei>?m and nil nervnn* di*o:der*, can only be had in thie city. ' >M Bro >dway. There lahnto eagent iu New York for iu aula, ani iliit ia *o, iu order that etraimei* aud citilet* may not be impcaed on by ceu'terfeir* of the ceouine article, all of which, if offnred at any other place than 1(2 Broadway.between John meet c.nd Maide* lane, are ipuiiouaand worlhlnt*. ffol* ai;eicy for Chri.tie'a Galvanic and Magnetic Curative*. 112 Brood way. Invigorating Cordial, na It reniwi and Invl. go-ate* the iv*'.?m, give* activity to the limb*, and atrebatn in Ilia niutealar aratem. in a in >*t eitraordiinry decree- Nervon* Debility?Dr. Towaiend't 8ir??p,rilla it performing thouaaudi of care* ia nervon* di*ea*e*, eipecially in narveoa pru*'rati 'n and Keuer?l deb Uty of ihe ayalen. It effect* the in >*f aaronishiax remit*. The na'ient freqiently fee'* reliev ad in :en minute*. Prioeipal oflije 123 Kuiton ?t. --LB L U L I I L COMH BBCU b AFFAIRS. HOItBY BXAHKBT. Wctlncidajr, March 2U_0 P. M. Aj we anticipated, aaveral failures tare taken plaee im rilBUI UUUKIi Aiam| kllUDQ W1I1CU UBVfl suspended, are the names of houses which have not, for enme time pant, erj- y?d very high credit. and have been carried down by the first revulsion in whlota their interest have been touoh?d. The position of affair a In Franos ia oalonlatod to embarraaa all those connected with the trade of that oountry; and weak houses must be carried away by the derangement .in their aff.tiri oreacad by this event. Quotations for stocks bare been maintained, ainoe the arrival of the steamer, wonderfn'ly. It waa our impreaaion, 1.0 matter what the newa might be, that prioea would at first fall of; and that It would be aome daya before those engaged in trade, or In speculation, would properly dlgeat the advices. At the Arat board, to-day, Trecsury notes deelined M P*r oent, Reading Bonds 1, North American Trust V, Morria Canal Farmers' Loan K, Canton Co. >i, Norwich and Worcester XLong Island >? Harlem llallroad ndvnnced % per oent, belog tbe only one In the list in wbiah an improvement wai realised. A broker connocted with eome of the Ohio bank*, exploded In Wall street yesterday. The bills of the Bank of Wooatar, Ohio, are rejected in the street; end as it ia atated that tho broker alluded to above was the principal owner of that institution, and its agent in this oity, it is probable that the failure of one followed the suspension of the other. The two most heavily indebted countries in the world are Oreat Britain and Franoe. In proportion to Its wealth the dobt of Great Britain exceeds that of any othor oountry; and in proportion te its reaouroea, the taxes of France are enormous, exceeding those of any other country in oreatlon. The debta of these two countries amount in the aggregate to nearly ftve thousand million of dollars, the Interest on which annually amounts to about two hundred and fifty millions of dollars?a sum nearly as large aa the aggregate indebtedness of every State In the American Union and of the general "government. The annexed statement exhibits the aggre. g>u mieoieaness, ana ins annual reoeipcs ana expenditure at MTaral periods Finances or Gkbat Britain?Income, ExrENaiTuais and Indebtedness Income. Kxpendituret. Indebteintn. 183? ?.0 494,731 ?41,787,639 ?787,<53H,816 1141 50 071,(If o 5D.031 oua 795 130,an 1?I4 52,135,121 53 739 697 ? 1845 53 (160,154 49 '42 712 ? 111 6 53 790,131 50 013 830 785,113,000 111 7 31,250 (00 54 *9! COO ? The debt does not vary mush frum what It was eleven years ago. The rApId in or ease In the publio Indebtedness of Great Britain, shows how the burdens of the people are increasing, and poia'a out pretty plainly the probable result of the flmnoial structure upon which It is based. In 1089, the public debt amounted to ?604.363 ; In 1703, te ?10 394702; 1714, ?54,145 373; 1763, ?138,8(6,430; 1794, ?349,851,638; 1S17, ?$40,850,491. Slnoe 1817, the debt has been largely reduoed, and if now less than eight hundred millions of pounds sterling. Sinos 1816, Great Britain baa been at peace with the world, and the debt has been redused abont forty-Are million .t~.ll*-. -? tm. J li ?III t.V. ... veral centuries to wipe oat the debt, and eren t o do that the present rate of taxation must be sustained. This is out of tbe question. When Great Britain oommanded the trade of the world?when her manufacturers monopolised aU tbe markets of oonsequenoe?or in other words,when Great Britain was annually Increasing in wealth, and was dally growing great, there was little difficulty cxperienoed ia enforcing any lystem of taxation. As the commerce ofother countries increased, and as free trade principles extended, it became neoessary to relieve British ocmmerce of the miny restrictions bearing upon it, and other souroes of revenue were opened to fill the vacuum. Free trade was, in a measure, foroed upon tbe government of Great Britain, in oonsequenoe of the reduced profits resulting from its commeroial operations; and it is yet a quistlon whether a larger revonne ehould net be raised from that source, than the new system of taxation produces, particularly where the aggregate revenue required ia rush an immense amount. If tbe tariff on imports could be largely reduced without increasing the taxes tipon other things such an enormoui would not be so objectionable; but where commerce is relieved of any part of its burden of taxation, other sources of revenue muit bear the weight to auch an extent as to weigh so heavily upon other classes that remonstrances must follow; and if tbe evil becomes fixed, and relief is out of the question in the ordinary e3arse of legislation, other means will be resorted to for the purpose of enforolng that change which eiroumstanoes may require. The government of Great Britain knows very well that when the people demand a reform tbey mnst be gratified. They maj put off from time to time the conoeseion required; but that it will be insisted upon until it is granted, no one acquainted with the character of the people of KngUnd can for a moment doubt. TKa KUIa*? aaf fha rofftrm hill ia an illnatp&tinn nt that. an J it would b? well for the government to oommtnce in ataao n. The feeling created by the announcement male by Lord John Ruaiell, that an lnoreaee in the income tax was contemplated, compelled the miniatry to abandon that movement ;and ai the manufacturing and other large intereeta of Great Britain bccoma reduoed by the progroan other nation* are making, la aloailar branch** of lndnatry, the preaent rata and ayatem of taxation will become mora and more onerous, until an explosion or a rerolntlon take* place that will change the form of goveinmont, and iweep the Immeni* and cruihlng debt entirely out of exlttence. It mu*t oome to that; taxation in every part of Europ* la becom ng more and more opprefsire every year, and the people cannot itand inch enorraoua draft* apea their acanty earning*. In Europe the tyitem of taxation 1* *o conitituted that it I* principally drawn from the middling and poorer olaiiei, and the drain cannot be continued much longer. Tho people demand representation in tho oouncll* of the nation, Mtd an lnoreaied repreaentatien i* cure to lead to auoh change* in the government a* will reduoe taxea If the people ere properly repreaented, no evil oan long exist; ami we leava it for thoM acquainted with auoh tblngata iulae how lontr. nnder ?ujh circumstance*, suoh a debt a* Great Bri'ain now ha* woulJ cxiit. The canal committed of both branoh?* of tha Legislature bnve reported tha reanlt of tbalr deliberations Tha appropriating are larger than anticipated. It appears by tha report, thata ?um amounting to aaarly lira hundred thoniand dollar* wa? diverted from tha canal fund ; this haa now bean appropriated aa originally Intended, and haa iwelled tha amount mora thta year than Itotharwiaa would hare been B j tha saw oonatitutlon. the lurplue revenue of the canal is to ba applied each year, aa tha Laglelature ahall direot, to tha completion of the Erie Canal enlargement, and of the Oenasae Valley and Black River canal*, until they ahall have been eompltted. It appear* by tha legislative report*, that tha estimated surplus for tha year ending Sept SO, 1848 i* $ 07,00# 00 Deduct aver appropriation* of laat year.... 18, ISA 4# And It leave* to he appropriated thl? year.. .?7<i8,A34 ftl ro this*um may be added tha eurplu* *acrutrg from June 1, 1(49, to the 30ih of Sopteaib'r of that year, which haa not been appropriated to th? enlargement of the oaoale. n* required by the eonetitution, amounting to 480,610 34 Aggregate amount to be appropriated thl* rea*on, for the current year $1,968 G33 (A The commute* have concloded to recommend that thl* amount be dirlded. with a tI?w to relieve the moat oiowded puinta up 11 the Erie omul, and to bring Into um u early aa practicable, auoh portion* of the Qeneere Vitllfy and BUck nirer cnnala aa have been commenced and nhlch hare not jet been completed. The amount which they recommend to be appropriated to dNIelon No. I <>f the F.rle can*I extending fron Albany to the weat aide of the Oneida creek feeder, a distance of Ml acllca, < >4(0ooo. to b? expended at fuch polnta alorft tkia dlrlalon aa the oaaal board ahall direct. From the 0_-elda Creek feeder to the Mat lint of Wayne oounty, a dietanoe of about S7 mile*, an appropriation of *1 an ,000 la re?ommand?d. To division No. S, extending from the east line of 1 Wayne cruoty to Buffalo, a dietanoe cf 166 mil?a, an j a proprlaticn of $-200 000 la reoommended It la report- j d that there la a Urge amount of heavy work on thla part of tba Una, In an unfinished state, particularly that portion of the enlargement through the mountain ridge at Lookport, which moat be enlarged to let down from Lake Erie a volume of water aufflclent to tupport tha long level between Lockport and Rochester. An approprlatien of $100,000 la recommended to that part of the unfinished works at Bnfhlo, heretofore adopted by the State aa part of the enlarged Erie canal that amount being tha balanoe of the estimated oo?t of their oompletlon, In aeoordanc* with the rr port of tho Can a; Board, mada In Sept. 1847., For the Genesee Valley Canal, fioia Mount Morris to tha Canada feeder, a distance of St>K miles, they reoommended an appropriation of $'218000. Thii will go very far towards bringing into use this part of tha ca mil, to that m early at 1R49, it is beli?ved that the pso- g pla of a largo and inter*stlng Motion of tke State, who are now in a great manure deprived of the benefits of t canal navigation, will have all tha advantages of tbio i umm of transportation in carrying on th#lr business * oparatloni; and this (am ia recommanded at thia tima, to , accomplish thia desirable purpoaa at as early a day as r practicable. ' As yet no part of the Biaok Hirer oanal has been t brought Into successful operation, and it la f*ry dtalra bla that It should be completed to Boonviile and the ' elack water navigation on the Black River, a distance of < miles, as soon as possible. It is estimated that$1O0,- ' 000 will complete this oanal to Booavill*. including the " Erie canal feeder from Blaek River; and that $30,000 will make it available for uae, but not entirely complete ti the 42>{ miles of slack water [navigation on the river, ? and leave a considerable sum to commence the con- E f truction of the leaks beyond Boonviile. I The committee recommend an appropriation of the o snm of $139,000, to bo expended for bringing into nse a work of such great Importance to the people of the northern portion of this Btato. Tbe Blaok River feeder la a i necessary work to supply the Erie canal with water, and f it is bsllevod that if it be oompleted before the dry sea- , son cemmsncsa the coming summer, it will be of great I service to the navigation east of Rome this year. t The aggregate cost of oonstruoting all the canals In tbis State, thus far, is abont $31 000 060. The amount of t tolls collected on all of the canals in 1847, was $3,694 380. * Deduct all ohargee against tlieiu lor superintendence and ordinary repairs and collection of tolls, and the rs- a suit Is, that they are paying mors than nine and threetenths par cent psr aunum on tho capital inyestei in j their oonetruotioD. ' 1 Stock Exchange. c $:C00 Trtay Notes 6'i 101V6 110 mi k.trin Trait b30 21V 1 :0ii0 d.> 1)30 I0!?< 50 Morris 10W 3001)0 do suw 10 \ 60 do J0X C 13500 do 101*; 300 dj 10>4 30010 do sow in '? 9Anb!kRoeli 9< t 10000 do 10134 HO Cabtua b60 32* , IS'00 da 104 to do HH 23000 do tnw 101 375 do 3IK * 10-100 do blO 101 15 do uw S* < 5000 U 8 Si of tl 103 25NorfcWor 35 t 5000 di m?% 350 Long Iil&nd 2^ . 5000 Pena 5's s30 73 50 do sSO 1150 do 73U 400 do i(>2 10000 do bJO 73j? 100 do blO J 35000 do 71 300 do 20*2 l 2000 do b<0 73K SO do *30 2(K i 2000 do b9J 73>< 100 do *10 28 H t 5000 Ohio t's, 10 boo 07 loo Harlem 40 w i 5000 do >M MK 700 do 4*2 < 1500 do *40 MX *00 do s90 4t\ I 5(0Ohin7's 103 30 do snw 30 < 2 00 Read Bonds 55X 350 do 90 s 100 ihs N A Tiast 9 50 do 49K 1 300 Farm Trait 21X 30 do b!0 4tH < 300 do blO atx 250 da i6? 49 < Second Board. j t5'00 Tr Notes ?s bl5 101 ICO ihi L Iilaad RR HX s 10.00 do 100X 50 do b30 29 t 159 slias Hirlem RR 49S4 150 do 2IJ? " 100 do slO 49V 25 Reading RR 36S ' 200 do 49* .'0 do 35% 100 do i39 40* 50 Morris 'anal 10>* ' 50 do i60 49 SO Karmeri Loan b30 29 C 10 do blO 4950 Nor k Wot i60 3<U 8 50 L Iiland RR i30 2?X 30 do s3 34>2 c CITY TRAD Hi ftlCPOKT. 1 New Yob*. Wednesday Afternoon March 30th. \ Th* market for flour wn doll to-day, and prices were <1 feeble at yesterday's quotation!. Sale* of various imall ' lot* of Oenesee and Western with Southern, were made * on term? whioh did not vary materially from yesterday'? 0 quotation*. Large parcels could not have been pressed ? on tho market by holders, without some concession in r prices, probably to the extent of 6Xc to 13><c per bar- " rel, especially in the more common brands, which were J not so much In demand for home use. Wheat was of- q fered at tome lower rates, for Genesee without buyer*. A lot ot Ohio changed bands, on term* stated below. 1 There was more doing In Corn, whioh was steady for * sound at a slight Improvement compared to prices our- ? rent before the newt. Meal was alao steady with sales (f or New Jersey noticed belew. Rye remained the same g Oats no change. From Buffalo we learn by telegraph to-dsy, that lour was dull at $5 13H- Chicago wheat "T wa* offered at 111*, and that steamers were departing * and arriving daily, although) ice continued plenty. At \ Boston to-day. flour sol4 at a slight docline. while corn remsined about th* samo. In this market, the chief 1 sales ot prorisloas were oonfined to'Tieae pork, bacon, -* sides and lard. Groceries continued steady without ma- " terial ohange In prices. AsHct The market continued quiet, and we heard of no ?ales worth reporting. ,h B*KiD?TUFK?.?Fltui? Sales in small lot* were made th to |the trade, lor home use, of oomisoa to fair Oen*see w at $0 6* a 56)-*, with small paroela of prim* at $6 83X; fo small sales of Michigan were made at a 0 76, the n latter figure for fancy brands; 3M do Black Rock and J Lockport sold nt #8 *0 a 8 and 10* do Riohmond k county were sold on th* whatf at $?3l\? WAe-it? ~ Bale* or isuu ousneu unio were made at 91 40. com? | Sales of 8000 buahela Jersey yellow were made at 53Xc; and 6000 to 7000 do at63 a 63c, cblei y at the latter figure; ? 2600 do Southern mixed were aold at Mo; ltO* do "I Southern white, not in good order, at 60e; and lQOo New ' Orleune, damaged, at 48o. Meat? Sales of 260 bbls New Jersey, afloat, ware made at $3 SO; and 400 do. in small " lots, at the tame price. Ry??Sales o( 2000 bnskiela " were made at 7?c, deaTered. Oat$? No cbaoge. Beam ? ? Sale* of 379 bbls dry beans were made at 63X* P?r V bushel. " CorrKR?Sales of 103 bags damaged Rio were mad* at ? aaotien at 4a 6X0, oash. Cottow?The operation! to-day in this staple were in- ? ereased to 1300 bales, at a decline varying from one T quaiter to half a cent alune the arrival of the steamer, ' A considerable portion ef whloh was far export h? Fa?it?Wa notice sales of 600 boxes wet and dry rai- _ sins at $1 40*1 60; 1000 boxes Palermo lemons at $1 60; \ 1000 do do oranges at about $1 76; 6000 Mataozai cocoa t nuts on terms not stated ; 30 bushels western dried *' peaokea at $4 1H\, and 36,000 do do apples at 4*4a4% "< Fiih?The market continued Aim, and we note salss J1*' of ISO barrels No. 1 Massaohusetts mackerel, ( little extra ) at $1A; 370 quintals dry cod. medium sin, at $3 \ a*3 13K, and 160 do Haddock at |2 SO. ? litroricr Past*?We notice sales, by auction, of 60 8c oates, (Spanish) at lOXo a 13o. essh. T Lead?No sales were reported. w Natal Storks- Sales of 100 barrels tar were made at $1 m7X, and 100 barrels spirits turpentine at 36o, cash. V Oii.s-S?les of about (VJO barrels aalected whale were ." reported sold on private terms. Sales of 800 gallons, (l( city presses in two iota, wan maae ai oso; r.ngiisu W?1 _ steady at 84o. \ On. Miai.?8*1** of MOO lba were mad* *t (1 44. ? Pbas? Sales of 160 bushels blaok aya, at 76c, and 100 h' do green at $1 19J* V Provisions?Sales of about 300 barrels mess pork, were tnada at $10 25 Thara wara no traneactions in I prima reported. Beef waa qalet. Lard?Sales ot 10#o I barrels were reported oa private term*. Sale* of 300 w! barrel* prim* quality leaf were made at 7e, and 100 bar- r* rel* prim* w?r* reported sold at 6^0. Sales of 60 barrels _ clear pork were rep*rt*d at >13. latter continued r steady for good dairies of thl* State. .Hal** of 100.000 lb* I dry salted bacon side*, were made oa private terra*, in ligg*-Sales of 130 barrels were made at 14Xc p*r do*. Rica?Tber* waa mora doing, and we note sales of so a tierces, at 93 37>f a $3 66,V, mcstly at the former figure. fn Hricics ? There was nothing *f moment doing. We ca quote Jamaica pimento at 0&o; cassia at 160, and No. 1 al nutmeg*, at >1 25 l: Skro -Sale*of 300 bbl* of clover war* m*d*, ineluding >e old, at 6X*. and new at 7H* ; #0 tierces flaxseed wf re V, sold at $1 37X a 91 40 ; ani some lots of Calcutta do, Ih brought SI 43 a $1 46. di Si-oar?Sal** of 100 hbd* Porto Rieo w*r* mad* at of *Mo, and 310 do do, In lota, at 4J?o a 6Xc; and 400 d* w damaged New Orleans were Bold, by auction, at 3c a 4H*, cash; 60 hhds Cuba Musoovad* sold at 4M?> 4 1 mouth*. Tobacco continued in good enquiry, for Eentuoky, tod Vliglal*. X Tall*w?W*? firm at 9\o a 10a. at Wines?W* report sales of 90 qr oaiks port, by auotion oi at 6*o a 76*. as la quality. 1 Wsiiiit-Sale* of 300 bbls were made at 3#c. Th* ,r sale* notloed v eiterday, were made at 36o, and not at 39s, as printed. 1 whai.aaenB?Some tales cf N. W. were made on pi terms not under*Load. 14 Kbciohts? Rata* remained about the same, with some to engagements lor Liverpool, at 6-3id : grain w* quote at 4d ; some *pirll* turpentine were said to b* engaged at bl Is ; beef, in bbl*, waa engaged at 19d, and In tierces, at _ HAlUtBrS RL1BWIUCRE. J STOCK BALKS Baltimore. March II?Jiooo Baltimore end Ohio Railroad ? Dividend Bonda (no time) TIM, United State* ? a of IBb7 (j Cioaed at' 103)4 lild. I03M caned; I'raaenrr t* at 101* bid, 10IH f, Hiked. Maryland 6? cioaed at I5>4 bid. (for the opening ) *'? d diked. Baltimore B'e of 1899, at 9>\ bid, (for the ?nesinic)97 aahed. Baltnnoie and Ohio feilrvad iharea at 37)4 bid, 3SX | Siketf. 1 pMiLtriLPMta, March 59? Fint Board?|MSt?te5'?,73M; t> iJeoc da. M,73: f SOW do, b5wo, 73; tin Lehtgli Hcrit", If; I* j? hi Fl-niera' Bnk, Teimeaaee, bl, 45; 1 Mech?nie? ????, " blwu, 2?S: 12 Remington IImii 57; t> Oirard Life k Trjst. t. J.Ji Jiflrr talft?i L?high Stock, 3#; $1000 (T H[6 a, ^7, 103, e SIR 0 Stat* S'?, 73; 100 Oi<ard hank. II; ?!?"? SrhayIkill ' a ? B-tion 6'a. SI. hi ?SJ<; tMOO do do, 4S??'. *01 < he?ir?-J" I ItT?e'aware?'.,':B 7t; *1?fl State Va, r 71. <1700 do, 73 ?? ' ton,I /loard?tV00 U !4 >,..t,7,IM; $?f? U * Treaamy Notee, '' t't.lllH; 3(0 ntite Vi, T/H: I 00 M hnylkill Na? ?U?onIi?, 43. 9010 do t 43X. Jl/ltr Salri-tttm US 6;, O7.'?1' 161.01' S Treamry . otee, 6 a, 101)4; le.OOO Stat'4'a. 73; 3500 " S-hnvlki'l Navigation 6'a. "t;8, 43*4; 8U Union Bank. feua, 1 43?4; 100 Moni? Canal, 10)4. DOMESTIC MAHI'TS. r Nsw B*r>r0SD Oil Maiiit, March 57. ? Sperm ? There l? a ateady, fair demand, and the sales cf tlie ^ week Include nearly all offarlng In thia market, at a & slight decline from previous rates. We notloe eales of tl an entire oar go of 90<H? bbls. at 10? cents; 16(> bb!s. at , the (aso* prloe, and 140 bbls. at 10# cents, saeh. Whals j[ ?Tha market has beea rery active slaoa our last, and , prions hay* beea wall sustained. We notice Sales of 40|> a | Ma. (Ntni Uar for export, at M MBtef 1700 bbls if. tl W font, at #4>f eenta; 1000 bbla ito, at 15 eent*. and MX) bbin. do. on private term*. Whalebone-W? hvt* ??ard of no trauaactlcna in this mar kit, the kit tola beu^ generally hold avore tba vkewa ef buyers. foreign markbth March 4, 1848?Our bay at tha present Ime, la crowded with American raaaala, laden with tba >roduoe of that fruitful country, and u I natural eorlequenoe, pxioea are aitremely low. Tha bark Oen. larrlaon, from Norfolk, haa been hare for thelaat aevan laya, and ber eff<ra hare btan for flour (ICOl) bbla,) oorn neal $4; pea* $1 per bag. The retail price* are aa ollows; auperflne flour $7 76; oorn meal (4 35; blaek ijed peai (a; rloe $4 SO; eraokari per bbl. $4 50; pilot ireail fS 60; navy broad $1 36; prime pork $10 60; do leaf $9; hama 13><e; butter 19e; lard 1 So; cheese 13Ke; permoandlaa 40o; tallow do 164 The s'ook of lumber la xtremaly large. The brig Caroline, Clarke,from Wilningtcn, N C., haa be?n here for the Iratalx days try- { C to effect a aale of her cargo at fit. not knowing '] i here to go for a market, from the faot that upwards of a 0 gall lumber ladaa thmIi hare recently left tbla plaee J or other porta. The affaira at preaeat at Demarara, are ' *r from being enoourajing. In oommerolal bualneaa, ' ;anerally. the greatest ^'agnation prevails KinotTon, Feb. 28,1848. ?Our market for floor haa ? omewhat improved of lata, owing to the imall imports 1 Ion? 3300 bbiaNew Orleans, part juit arrived, aold only 11 n lota at $9 a $'.? 6?. and 400 bbla Philadelphia at $0 60 {; 1 $9 76. An import of 1600 bbla Philadelphia oor* meal , old on arrival at $i 76. There ia not an aver aopply of ji hln bread, which mw? off <i tui r?r Mil for i Ilot. Tha heavy receipts of Iriah butter have depreeead c he market, and American will mot command av?r 13o, n B Ao Tbe laat sales of American lard were at 10c *13}. 1 iut moro than 10c Is not now obtainable. In pork the J rnnsRotlonshnva be?n unimportant; $13 wan refussd for ) Od bbls of prim*, tbo bolder* wanting 914 per bbl. Kx ' bacges on London 90 day Colonial Bank Billa V per 0 ent prem. JaMaio? Bauk the same, and Commnsary *. lillo, SO <!ay?, l>i a\\ ??? r n?rtl?4, On Wednesday, the 29th inst, at 4S Beekman itraet, >y the Rev. Dr. Litientbal, Mr. John Pmillii-i to Jai*k, p Idest daughter of Jacob Aebaubeim, Esq , of Edinburgh, ti lootlanil. ti On tbe 39ib tastant, by tbe Rev. Jamea Brownlee, * )r A. O 8. Gal* to Mba Mibtri Bvcha*, daughter * 11 Geo. White, Esq , ail of Northdeld, State a Island. f 1 Died.

On the28th inst, of consumption, O?o. P., j n the -JOlb year of hla age. a Tba relatives snd frienda of the ftmily are respaot- j ully lnTited to attend hi* funeral.from No. 16 LlspeoarJ ? trret, on Thursday, the Stth Inst., at 3 o'clock, I* M. I Iln remoioa will be conveyed to Oreenwood Cemetery. : On Wednesday, the 39th inot., John Jacob Aitob, In j be tfith year of bis age. a Hla relativaa and friends are respectfully Invited to atand ki* funeral, from the residenou of his son. Wm. B 1 tstor, No. .13 Lafayette place, on Saturday next, at 4 ' 'clock. P. M.. without further invitation. I Mai eh 39th, Hasan McRf.adt. aged 60 years, 11 month! ' ,nd IS days, widow of Krederlok McRrady. The relatives and frienas of the family, and of ber ' on-ln-law, George Williama. and her sons, William P., '...(..inv i ' u a ..j ii ... i 1 i _ .1 ?_ -14 1 fl icr fua?ral ou Thursday afturnoon, March 30th, at 4 I'olook, from her lit. rtaiJeace, 170 Spring street, (new lumber.) On tha 39th March, Jank McClure, wife of Jamea Buihan. The relatives and frlenda of the family, and of her tin sle, Mr.Thoa B Rich, ore respectfully invited to attend i?r funeral. on Thura<lay. 39th inat , from her late reall?nce,JMo 7 Prlnoe atreet?to move at 3>? o'clock pro isely. Iler remaina will be taken to Greenwood Comedy PIUNCK AND REPUBLICANISM.?"EQUALITY," Liberty, "id Freteruity." A general meeting of the ciri sena of New York au<l the >arround>ug country will be held n the Park, on Monday next. at i o'clock, P. M , te expreia heir opiniona on the recent gloriona triumi hi of Kepubliean?m in France, and aeveral other nationa of Europe. By order if the general committee ol arrangtmeata ol the Revolutiontry Union for Europe, appointed at the vaiioaa meetings re:entfy held, to congratulate the French people on their heroic ichievenientJamta Bergen. Abijah Ioprahaa, George Wier, John A. gtemmler, Henry Ahrenda, Hermann Kriege, ieorge H. Evan, George Adam, George Kogera, Michael T. VConnor, Clir.rlfa Davies, Patrick Lynch, Chailca Guiaand, 'ohn Ti??ot. Albsrt Delachiux, John Tyaiowiki. J. Fontma, 11. Maaa. Subcommittee. reraona having aianda to hiro, , aitable for the above named oeeasion. are requested to apply i a the committee at the Bhalupeare thi? even inc. , rHK FRENCH RESIDENTS OK NKW YOKK ARB i invited to attend on Friday night, at a place of meeting J hichwillbe noticed in the Herald of Friday morning, to ? orsult about the measures which ought to tike place on 4 Monday next, April 3d, the great demonstration day in honor f the French Revolution. ? [TALI AN DEMONSTRATION.?I TALI AN8, TE J L who hare obtained regeneration and union?from where j vas lets expected?who are no lorger ts be known bjr the i cspicable, contemptible names of a dozen petty tyrants, row 1 h"t the national t'leolore-t flag proudly wayes?green, white j nd red?oyer the peninsula and adjacent ialand, meet and give < cut to your free reelings, on Friday evening, March 31st, ai 7 i''clock, P. M.. at the Minerva Rooms, 406 Broadway, on the dimrable exploits of the French people and the establishment >' a republic in Franee. J, PIFTH WARD IfrDErENDENT WHIG AIMOCIA- ?, tion. Members are reqnested to meet at tha.r head- 1 natters this evening, at I o'clock, on business of importance. C1 ITANCOCK LODGE No. 49 I. O. OF O. F.-THE J, - A members of Hancock Lodge, No. 49 I. O. of O. F , are T1 qnested to meet at the Lodge Room, No. 38 Canal street, _ Ins (Thursday) Afternoon, at 1 o'clock, te pay the last tribute r respect to our late brother, John Arden. A. J. WiLLI AM- | ON 8ecretary. f, tf"OTICE.-?7 MO WANTED ON BOND AND MORT- D ' rag*?eligible investment in real estate in this vicinity, or farther particulars, apply to TRIMBLE It CHERRY, J irehitec's. 316 Broadway. New T or a. a r OST-A SMALL POCKET BOOK. CONTAINING V -d about twenty lire dollars aad two Harlem Bailroad ccr- , iieates, of fifty shares eaeh, Noa. 9,194 and 9.(01, with some : her papers. The certificates hav ng been stopped. they and ? e papers are ol no nse except M the owner. The finder may tain the money, and ten dollars will be given in addition, if , e pocket book is left by the finder at No. 61 Wall street, at " e office of Messrs. GF.NIN t LOCKWOOD. App'icstion ill be made to the N. Y and Harlem R. R. Co. in due time J r the is?ne of new certificates. lt n U WATtfl MAMSKB-A WAIUHMAHEK L wanted to gn iuto the country- Apply to JENNINGS ?. LANDER No.94 Fnlton street. . I. ... . cc JO Ah D IN THE COUNTRY WANTED DURING If J the cuiiiing samtasr at a moderate rate. Audrsaa lm- T edia'ely. KLH. New York Post Offi.e. _J VANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WO- N) man, a situation a* Cook. Washer and Iruner; or ds 01 namberm&id and waiting, aid has bo objection to general oasawork in a small private family. The best of city reler- _ ice can be given. Please to call at No. 14C Forsyth street, the rear, first il ior. J IT" ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE * V yonag woman, as chambermaid, washer or irnoer; lias S objection to go a sho:t distance in the e< uatry. The best A city reference can be given Apply to >3 lUh street, b*- ' reen 5ih and 6th Arennes. in the rear, for two da?r. j" IT ANTED?TWO HR8T RATE TAILORES8E8. S T to woik nn cuitom coats; n? other need apply. To good _ nils constant employm nt and geod wages will be given. II uply r t No. H Hester street. s?cond floor ? V ANTED?A SITUATION BY A KE^PECTABLE J1 vonug woman, aa chambermaid and waiter, nr tu do J|l neral hr>n?ework in a imall family; is a good washer and b) iter and plain cook: good city references from her last em- I'.1 oyer: has no abjection tog* a short distance into the conn- 1,1 j. Can be 4?en at <1 Frankfort street. 2d floor 5 |T ANTED TO RENT-A HOUSE OR PART OF A I v house in this city or in Brooklyn, near the Fnlton or * mth ferry, for a gentleman, h.s wife, snd two children? tn ould nnaertake the rent ol a house already furnished, if an Ul igible opportunity offered, at a moderate price. Addieas, ,l ilh full naviculars. THIN ANT. ho?;i?l poatoffice. _ j IT ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE >J v ycuiil wonin, ll wiucr nr rnimocrmaia? rrna no ui j ?c- " >0 to io a abort diatanee in the country. The beat of city ^ terenee can be gjyen. Apply to J8? Hnrfion atreet. VANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WO- * " mm, * aitnatton a* chambermaid. or to do the general ei miework ?f a email (?nteel family. Reference* ccnbegi n Pleaao eall at 472 I'aarl afreet, third floor, front room, ?' o_lt. 81 VANTED-BY A BKIPECTABLE YOUNO WO w idrii, a situation aa chambermaid and aeamatreaa; one d< ho undera an<tt her boaineaa well The beat of eity refe- m nee eanbe (iyen. Pleaae call at Itl Mth itreat, corner of 3d w yenne. Will bo heard of two daya. ia JLOWEU8?THE MOST MAJKST1C, MAONIKI- cant, and auparb Flowering Tree in thia country, ia now 1 aplendid bloom at the Garden of W. Bl.'SHELL. Floriat * Henry atreet. on tha terond block from Atlantic atraat, e< ou'h Brooklyn. Thia elegr-nt ?laet cinte yean erery day em 7 A.M., to 6 P.M.. froo ?>f charge; each head of flawera lb am thia plant makaia per'eat and btautilnl bmqtxt, which lo in be had f.e?h cnt Iroaa the plant at $1 each. W. H. haa fr io, and (or aale, the moat rare and aulendid collection of <> hndodendron*, Ar.xliaa. Oeraniuina, Cineraria*. and aweot bi anted Mu'tiflorn (orCntfage) Koaei in thia conotry, and a| hieh ranuot be obtained from any other eatabliahment. N. " ?Ilia new earietiea of Hardy Axallaa may bo planted ont in 1 a coideer Oardentof the United Statea, without ihe loaat mger of being killed by ihe froat Many of kia new yarietiaa e< Khododendrona hare alao atr od the Uat of the froit heie, hi hen the thermometer haa atood iereral degree* below aero. rnnu urno ?ot>no i nil l 1 vn I'nMFl ITI' 'i wnn rf/iuun i ?n r uuu ji->' - . ? ' life ef this emuent individual, fathered from entirely iginal snarcee, and eiahracng an entire account of hii ~ ireer. ia to be foand enlv in the work, called the New Yoik I rutocracv?who ther a-e. and what they were. It contains J ao memoirs of abaal one hundred of our moat eminent men. > reitiaeaa. Apply, if by letter pott raid, to the New York nbl aliing Cnaiwny, No. MM Nassau aueet, in " snce tr.inrh the alley _ J! \ IS rUHNKLL'S HAH,ROAD A>1) STEAMBOAT J J Ouiile.?Mr. Diatornell. with hii ua lal attention to th? K blic wants,and With hia usaal accuracy alao, haa juat issued _ uew edition ef his vsry useful and eompaet work adapted ' i the aeaaon. Every kind of information ia retard to railroad id ateamboat routes in the Middle. Northern, and Eastern V tatee. will be found lieie, with eice'lent maps. It oaght to J i in the handa of every traveller.?A'bmy Arena. k/f KS. CAR HULL'S OLD ESTABLISHED MEUCA JJ v*. ted Vapor Batha, 114 Knlton atreet ?A certain cure for ? Ida glandular afYectioas. ulcerated sore throat, meamatiam. c. "1 be fear ef ca'chmg cold deters many from u?in* the va- a jrhaih hat the effect, if proyetly admmiitered is br eicit- | ig the vital artion of the akm, giving nil to a power of reac- | on, and euahl-it to reaiat rold bettter than before. Oprn ^ oia 7 o'clock ia the motninif till 9 o'Jock at night. Sulphur atl-a raqmre ore honr'a actire j, kTRV SUMMER OOOD9 ?JAMES BECK k CO. , ~ hive opened a large stock of rew Barragea, Organdies, j Iren r'tnes. Jaconets. Oir?ham?. Toil de Notd, Mom df p mo. Koalard Milk*. ( rape Mnawla. Maatillaa. H?-ait?, icr , \ riih a large 'Honmrni of lancy new food', of (apcrinr atvlej t lanytlii-v to be fonnd for* city trade, which we in>ite buy riio?imi"f ?('51 B nil*>v Whol*e?la Roomanpatai'a " 'J ATS?HATS?H ATS?K NOX, WITH HIS ACOI S j? 11 in-naH brevity .would ea|. tha attention of tha public to hit aw Hpniig Style u( Haia. which are uow ready at hi? aiore, * I > IU V nltan ttra?t He would, with hi< uiual ihilanthrrpy iTi'a ttraniera to hit eitabluhment. where they can obtain " lata of a better quality. and at lower prieei, than at any rther * lore in the eily A foil aaiortnen: of men'a and boy^ Cape, f the l?ta?t itilm alwaya on head 1 I^O HARDWAC MKR'.H ANTS?WANTED BV A u . ynnn? aan who hat had (ereral yeart eiperience in the fi rtail aad wholeaa!e hardware hntineaa, aaiiaatinn aa clerk or a ?!eaman; beat of reference! Kiyen aa 10 character, eaptbility, ? te. A uote addren?J to Clerk, at thu office, will be attended C r? h 3 ATKIMOnY .-A OKNTLC.MAN. A<?KD *>, "i TX W'lhaa to many a lady. She mail kt >1 the utaoet re J l eetability, aed be worth nt leait ?? #00 Only anch taw* . incere need addreta J.O. 1), offlie. N. B. 'i he (en- , team la worth tBMM. } JACOB *. Pf./ITT AUrTIONHRH-rKorKr.RV, I * eh m. glass and sarihrn war* ? J**il> 8 Tint wll sell Ina flay, m 11 o'clock, at I lie atoie SI Piatt lUffi, 60 er ile?, an tntira new| invoice, from the itielvea, coinpriiu g a chor e aaaortment < ( CC, edg'd, diH. PCMM and while ganile, ind liglitaud dark lluwd U>lu? ware, vizplates, muffius, Iw.Mlers, ttn ware iu acta cf 3, 31. iuid 41 pieces, Uil?t acta of i <ud 9 pieces, jugs, inugs, diahea, uappiea, bakera, fee Alto, inner and tea stts, and p'ates suitable for irivate families; reuof table cutlery, 11 pircea. AUo, plated ware, castori, laakrta. candle, tick.,fee. Mao, 100 il.? p ain and cat tornbleri, wince, lemonades. kc. Alan, aolar and glohe limps, new fancy patterns, and a gei ernl a>aortine?t i I' porcelain ware. N. o ? (*ouutrv uitrehants purchaai, g can hive their waro put up by an ciperienced packer, to go to auy part of the country. JW. BROWN. Al/CTIONk.KK -KLKO \NTCABI net and Houaenold k'urmture?J. W Brown will aell at mctiou on Thnraday, March 31 h, at 10o'clock, at the waie oomi of Joaei>h Hayloti, No. 318 firna'.wav. (nnder ih> Am*icin Museum) ihe entire ttcck of elegant Kurnitu e.comiriaing marble topi and othar Dressing U<reaua. Waidrobea, iacreiariei and Bookcases. mtrb'e tope c.n're, Bofa and aide I'ablea. cird, dining, q iartette and f.inry Tables, parlor hairs tul Nilaa, in great variety; Conehea, Ottoinana, aud Dime, nahoginy (Jriba French and (Jo'hie Bedatead, maple and ancy Chain, rocking and oasv < hairs, fee. (Catalogues now aady. Kvery ficility for packing aud shipping. JW. IIKOWN, AU''TFONKKR.?PLA NTS. TRM Bulbaaud Hoots.? I. W Brown will aell at auction, on < I'riday. March Slat, at o'clock, at No. 147 Broadway. coricrof Liberty s>reet, a largo collection of rare ao<l choiro i ante, trees, bulba and ro"ti, roeontljr imported from France, iy F. Ramel, horticultor tloriat ia rariiand New York?comirising 26 varieties ofcamelias. 6 of Daphnes, 7 of magnolia, >eo?y, trees and roots, 13 rf rhododen Irons, dihlas,all yarie ies or moas and other rosea, do. of pear, apple, peach, pluio, Kerry and aprieot treea, vines, bulbona roou, fee..Catalogue! < itw mdy ' i Benjamin moonkv, an tiovkkh-kijward i Pavaim. will sell this dny, at 10 o'clock, nt the Anet on j loom, 213 P?arl street, a general asaortmeut of Ili'mirghim. < ilieficld, German, end American Hardware. Also, at 12 i elock.on aceouut of undei writer*. on* catk Iron Candle, tickt.aud one caik Limit < uedlrmickj. Alio fifty catk* < Vr uglit Null For particular* >er ratalr-Kue> t rO OROCEHH?A HARK, ( IIANt'K-FOR HALF., ] the Stock and Fixture* oft Orocery, Klour. and Feed f tore, with the privilege of a lea*e for wo ye^ri, from lit of , 1*7,1849 liv be*n eitablithed for llie laat teveu yrarain the Uaatnt Tillage of Harlem. Alao. the Homehold Furniture. , jgellur with one Home, two Grocery Wagoni, one light rotting Wagoe, that Ina never b?eu uied (SMi^er'* Patent { Lilea.) Reatona for telling out?the proprietor iuteada going fl m Writ, for further particular!, inqiiie at the itore 123u ] treet, 3d avenue P. B.?If the above it not diapoaed of be- ? ire the 10'h of April, it. will not be told after that date. i WILLIAM BOYLEN. j POK SA1.E?THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND LONG 1 leaae of one of the bett Porter Hornet ap town, it it doing < thrirmg hutintat at pre.ent and ceu,d be greatly iccreuieu. " I perton withaimall capital will h?ve a chance to inake | oney. Eur further particular, ininire at the cuiuer of | f nuaton and (.ewit ttreeta. i PALMOS OPERA HOUSE TO LET?APPLY AT J the Box Office, between the houra of 10 o'clock, A.VI., .? pd ? P.M. ' j LTOU8E TO L&.T IN J *KSEY CI rr.-THIC THREE ; LA atotv brick hoo?e, 31 Ilndton itreet, ceiniraudirg a full tew sf the bay anil harbor. Th'ee aainatea' walk from the | triy and tineen minniea from Wall ttreet Reut,$315. Ap- J ly to ('. F. Unrant. 21 Wall atreet T I^O L*.T?THE BASEMENT, FR'iNT VAULT AND j . ( uiHer the Amencnu Ait Union Buildin*?wr II j dnptcd for a refectory or mechnnic&Minsineaa Rent low tu y l good tenant, and notietsiou given immediately. Ari>lyto ' [. WILLIAM MOORE, buperimeudunt American Art i Jnion No. 5# Mtrfer ttgiet. ' 1 TO LET-ON THE FIRST OK .MAY NEXT?AN- ' excellent three atury home in Hunmoad tr., fitted with narbte mantel*, hut and cold batin, kc?rent ti?0. Alio, one o Bank atreet, the anme tire, with like convenience*?rent {I7i; both airnated heiween Knctory and Fourth atreet*. Ai ><T to ALh.X. M. UHEIO, No. 1 Hanorer atieet, comer of j Wall. , TO LET?HOTEL AND BO A Kl) I NO HOUSK KEEP J era, that elegant large double home.four a tone* and attic, e.thaitible attached, a very deairable location No 08 Leo lard atreet a few door* writ of Broadway. For price, Ike , n<|uire of A. HERGANT St SON, 15 Wall atreet ! rO LET?SUITES OF ROOMS. CONSISTING OF parlonand bed roomt, with private tablea for familiea; ilto, tingle rooma for gentlemen with breakfaat and tea. 'J he I Ifinia ii Mfiwlv furniihfd. ?ni liirhr?<i with una ttir*nirhnu t. \l?o, provided with warm, cold and shower hatha. Apply at 137 Henstau street. N. B ? Don't move thu May. CTOW'rf ASIATIC ELIXKH, THE BEST REMKDY J known for tha Care of Coughs, Shortness of Breath. Pain* n the Sides or ('heit, H|> i t tin if of Blood from the I,unci, IIiipient Bronchitis, and in (act every diseate leading to < r sonnected with Pulmonary Consumption, may he ob'a n?d n New York at VVTATT It KKT^HAMS, 121 Fultnn itreet; Apothecaries' Hall, 43 Chatham street; 96 John 9 tr?et: S09 Broadway; stirt 84 ''ha?l>?m streer. , REMEMBfcR THE rlENUINK JOHNSONS MILI- ' tary and tun Flower Shaving Soars. Jenny Liud Hair 1 ilou, Acoustic Oil for deafness,Lnundrv Starch rolith, and n ' listinct remedy for cach disease,are sold genuine only at No. r Conrtlandt street, where merchants and families are snp lied in a satisfactory way. Ksocy ti?ods, Ombs. Brashes, tc. on better terms rhau at any other place; heuce the reces- J ity of avoiding places of doublfnl reputation. J. 1>. MAN- ' )t VILLK. 1 \Ci nnn SOUTH amkhican shekp pelts ! fjr sal* in lots to sait purchasers, by HENliY I ^OOlilLL fc t'-O.. ?90 Pearl strrct. IQa-DH. JEFFRIES' ANTIDOTE FOR OO.V If? orrhoei, Ultet. Stricture, aud siinilardisorders. This t sa remedy wnick requires do assistance?>t performs its duty t> nickly, aad thoroughly, leaving n? injurious eflect either to e tie constitution or the part affected. In using the antidote, <> one *f the inconvenient and nseless restrictions on diet, or- ti npat'on, kc., luin are required. Oue bottle is generally ruf- " eienttoenre au ordinary cat#, which not uuPeqaently dis ? ' ;>pears after six or eight doses. Price $1 per bottle. For sale oi y C H KINO. 192 Broadway. crner John street. [\R ELLIOTT, OCULIST, INFORMS HID PA ? \J tieuts that his hoars of attendance at the office are now != m ' to 3 o'clock, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 683 ' roadway. \ CARD? DR. WHKELER. OCULIST, RKuKlVKS r "V Patienu it hn leiidenc*, 29 Greenwich street. eveiy <1 >ornii:g Imm I A.M. to 1 o'clock f M-, after which hit praeice it eielneively devoted to families at their wid-nrfi ? " liieaaeeof the Kye, no matter how Inn* itand'ue. nr howaover obitinate they may be iu their nature, ciui be effectu illy ' ndlcated, and remanent curee effected, itefercncea to r imilieiol the highrst respectability, will be given to thoie ? oacqiiainled with him. Artificial Kyes inserted and for sale ?; a reasonable term* " "\R. POWELL.OCULIST AND AUR.1ST, ATTKNDS ti J from 9 to 4 o'clock daily, t? diseiis-s of (be Kye *r.d har, ~ his ollee, 2AI Bruad way. entrance \% Warren street Dr. ' >well's Treatise on the Kye, price M tent*, can be had at hit Bee; alao, hit Helf-actitg Kveaud Kir Kountpine, which ob- |< med the premiam from the American Imiitute. Just re- It lived, a large importation of artificial Eyei. Wanted, a C lung man to enmn nnd medicines Sn. Arp'y a? ab >ve. t! R. J. IIKINK, NO. 20 DUANK 8TKKU.T, WHO 19 J the only phyaician (adverliaini) that ia a member of the 1 ed ctl Society tn this city, conunuea te devote himtelf to lice practice. Thoae who with to avoid the, can con- I> lit the doctor at all honra. ?fr. H.'? only otTict ia at No. 20 nana street. between Chmhatn aud Ce?trc streets. C AR. RALPH, AUTHOR Olf THC "PRACTICAL B J Private Treatite," k?? ia coasulied upon any ol the ri teatet there referred to, at his residence, S3 Greenwich P reet,frotn to 12 A.M., and C to 9 P.M. (Sunday excepted). f hose who apply in the #arly stages of these complaints, will (. i astoaiahed at the rapidity and little iaeoireaieaee at It ad J g tli? care. It ia chiefly, however, tfiote win have suffered " eg (ran I eertaia <lau <>r poor I e. or mberwiaa, rr ho ??? ?r? T ?? ? 1 31 dEDICAL CARD? DR. MORRISON. 3n<* KULTON r. street, derotea his entire time to the treatment of private a leuH. R*cent cases, particularly Ooiorrhosa, he enres in k Few days. Csnititutional debility from a secret haliit, iniciag nocturnal eraiaaiooa and impotency, ia radically run d / r him. Strictnrea he cnrea without pain. Pee Dr. 51."a Di * oraa, with the sitiuatuies of Hir Astlsy Coopar, Kir A. Car- ' lie, kc , ? hia ofliva, fc'ulton (treat. A perleetcnre 0 isrsnteed. If NTKMPJCRANC!E oUHKU BY MKDl^ln ir_TI f. 'g pliog habit* are eatily, speedily, and effectually cur 4,... >( a uss of Dr .Cook's remedy for Intemperance. Afewdavs ? ieof the medicine produces an alteration in the c??u "1 ill* 1 om ich, % hich eradicate* the hankering dtsirr fr>T stimulants, _ i that lienor becomes offensive to ihe sight, sm*ll tr tuta.? I he lemedy ia plraaaut aud e*?y to take, nor d tm it interfere J i the least with diet or occnpuioii Price 91. Forjale bs' >e Dorter at tbs aiote Mo. 121 Pulton atreet. aud by Dr. I hire. 379 Houston atreet J r?R. COOPER, H DUANE ATREET, BETWEEN / J Chatham and William sts , haa for the last fourteen yenri p ijored the must extensive practice in prirate dun sea, of any C( edical man in New York. He can care the molt aggravated nea of thu disease; and mild caaea cored in two to five days 31 trictnre?Dr Cooper haa discovered a new method by which ? [ can cure the worst form ol stricture in from one to tin I eelrs, with scarcely any pain to the patient. Comititational 1 ibility brought on by a secret habit indulged in by young tr, en. This, when too freely indulged in, heuets dyspepsia t> eaknsss of the limbs and small oi the back, contusion of ihe tl tellect, and aversion to society. A car* warrant*# ia *vsrr A at, w in rham Mo man-nr* u?? 1 V AOCTORS KAWCETT AND LAMEKT HAVE BE- g J moved their office to 31 James atreat, where they cm be insulted confidentially on ail diseises of a private nature t rom theireitenair* pr.ctice in this eity as well as in K urope. ay are enabled to cur* the worst loim of disease, whetaar of kg stand ng, without mercury, change i?diet, or hindrance ntn business Hecent eases cured in a Irw days. Htiictnres * irad rin lha tnmt nnnrnved nlan. Pertani lahorinir nnoer lie lity, brought on by inliscr?et indnlgencies of youth, can ' ?ply with errtaiaty of em. OIUm 3! Jimw itrt*t. \\ L/f KDICAL, AID?DOCTOR Ml/KPtlY, OK K3G0LD f U atreet, ran be confidentially cnnanlted on prirate dta>sn, Stnetnraa. (Jleeci, Mercurial Ulcer*. Cmiatitntionnl Dc- . ilitv.kc. Hi? improred method of curing Gonorrhosr in I ( i J data, will be fonnd infallible. Dr. M. 11 a regtilar ph??i- n an, iu>d haa keen engaged for t< yeara in treating their affrc- , na Charge* moderate. Office 63 Gold itrret. Lattara enoimc a fee attended to, end medicinea forwarded. rO FOKW ARDKRS ?THK 8t'BBCRIBKK HAVING u had manr yeara' practical einerience in Printing for ri orwardera, end ethara connected with rha transportation t>tm- t) saa. eolifta attention to hia Printing Offiee (Sntton'a Yankee taaaca. 123 Knlton atraet. earaar of Niaaau). aa containing I rery article necemary for thair work. Hia price* will be J mud a* low aa auch work can be done for, and don# well, o nb and f*ard Printing of all kinda neatly done.?THOMAS r i. SUTTON, P'H ter t> I^O 8HIPOWNKRS AND MAMTC R3 OK VK*8KLH ? . ?Port Warden'a Oflice.No. 101 Wall atrcet ?The Port (Tarden* will charge, hereafter, the following price*, eii:? < nr each anryey on hoard of any *e**e|, on hatche* or cargo, 1 150 Knr each tnreey on damaged gooda on the wharf or it. c ore, SI 50. Koreach anrray on any vaaaal deemed nnfit to r roceed to aea, S3 JO. Olfiee open iroin 7 o'clock, A. M . to 6 clock, P. M. New York, March 21, 1141. KOBKRT T. r IQKHia, Cl?rk. POK CALIFORNIA D1RK.CT-THK. KINK NEW ? t brig BKI.KAHT, Cnptniu'Jnrdan, will be d?epatehed aa ( koye on the firat of April. Pare*la, pactagea ind lettrra will c e taken charge of and carefilly fei warded. Kor freight, an- n I.. I j .. n 1 ._ u L' A I r ML"! II V iv on [intra hi (>inr * p.?n uifti, ui iu wr..-\un, , ;DR WITT. 110 Broad ?ireet._ nOR NEW OKI KANS.?LOUISIANA AND NSW " York Lino of Packet*.- Very reduced rates ol frnjlit? , otmeely the Arstaed only regular P'eket to uil Murnltv <1 tnrtl Id. the new and tplendid f-?t tailing packet?!iip HIGH r iKD COB DEN, Georae Barroil, m<iut, u now load nic. ai;d rill pomtiTely aul at ahnre, lier regjlir day. Fur freight or i ?a?age, hteitg tplerdid fnrnitl ed aecommodationt, applv on ' ?rd, at Orleant U harf. foot of WaJI alreet or to ? . K. I OLLINS, S* Mou'h ?tre?t Potitieely no freight will be r?- r eived on board after Hatnrday evening. April I Aicnt ii r. ew Orleant, Mr William ( rtcey. who will pr >ni|tl? ti irwnrd nil gnodt to hit addren. Pack?t ?hip I'LIFTON, nil mccted th?1licli*rl lobdon, and tail hrr isgular d.'V. LKIH LIVERPOOL?Nf W L' NK?The new and ?pl?n- P l did faat tailing thin llOSt IUS, Am Kld'itig? m??"' i now loading, and will anil Tlmnd>v. March JOili I"" eight or pattgge, having ipleudiu fnmnhed neeomiiiodatioBa, Pl>lV on hoard, at tleant wharf, foot of Wall itreet or to i. K COLLIN*. M foilih itreet. The packet thm ?<Wwi?, '.lptaiu i < hh, will tncceed the Kotciut, and tail *th Apul ]4 er regular day. Notice.?on and aktick satuhpay, J rvary l?tb, tho iteamboat 8TATEN I8LANDt.K _wtfl lake tli follow tag trip?, ?*til fa/iheriuiioe. Lea.? Oeir ;?x& ??]?"* * s TALI AN OPri?A HOUHK?thhrm> * y rv? I in?, idih Much, mil I a f . I || be aunt lie }Ur?< ill** Hvni'i bv ihe *hi.le com. \. u ? oruitd l oiii/rili'i tnrilli. 4 i.ptn ol l.V( UK/IA BOHOM ? Luc.f/.i, <11" < VtT'%* T'.,.r,. Omuh, Sifnore Lietci iu km?i < O'si; i vroim, u i(. n Aragadio; Cieuaaro, Cignor S-tn UeoeiUttt; Pur? Mloino, nif. tteitmuo llmi: Uobetu, n* <> hoin, lj? lella, liciifr L?rei /.? Uio.di; VitelS./* , Vgui-r tin aeppi hiemoutesi: llu?tichel|o, *i?uor ."vapole ue P-misai; fetruc:i. Siaiior IwrMt Ou'b*?n<u> M e?tr<> L)ir?u>ie, biguor lanlli Leader <-f the orchestra and cho'Ut, Matter* ??r? ^irtti. N<i lady. vnoeeoatpwrtcd by ? s'i Men ??. admitted. will set tljwu in Aslor I'lece with their hor-e* lends from Broadway, find ti ke up in Vtn Here srj Eifh'ti treet in the/everae uraer ISotice?To faeilitve the e*ir?.. lie I'arqgei and 4 mphithesie doots communicating wnh A?or Plir< and Kiirhtli itriet will be opened at the en 1 cf tl e erloiiu uee. BDWt.HV THfcATKt?BOJCKS Ji CKNTt?; I'lT, UK Doort open nt tull'-p.iii 6; pctl rraniire to eomrnenea *i T recnely ? 4ili liiglit of it great National drain*, styled (lie I N BUltB KbTION ofPAHiH, or the People's Tinioifh? I'lie Lew scenery lias been pmuted, from original and coirect by Mr. iaherwood; the m?< !,?> ical department by Mr. L.iin- eil; (he coiidhi'i by Mr Walker and ??v<U?U; the no ic, <~<>i.natii'i( of Ch.irutei .National / in, Ite., arranaed ?y Mr. Tyre. 'I lie p re* i-r due e l ii-der ilie direction of Mr. rt.etena. Kcenud week cf tlie Vt ill I KHtiVN of I eland.? Tliariday r xuiiik, M?rch :W l;?n, wil ba ncteJ, 4:li rune, an p-nrely new, wriitfu Inr tins ? ??tre ei.ttled rlie IN8URMKC IION OK PAHlH.rrthe Pe. pi liiuinpli?Lhameters: I oun Philippe. King nl Ktatiee. Mr K?eiie; Dak? de Moi tpenaier, Tilton; linked* Nemours. Uoaldann: M rabal Uuge.iud ?<?Trrnor <>( I'am, VVaiwick : < apt Ledoirie, >I the Municipal (iuard, llall; Due. ?>? d'OtlcPiia, Mra. Jordan? Hepnbl'cau Citizen*Orncow a Ptlish irluiiee .ltmrhed to lhe republican cause, M. MmsImII; f.rii:ene de Val a le.idef of the forces, <; V'. Claikt; J>qaea S.iope- autre, a Pariaian rook, ?'urke; Pieir*, a rail i'?apprentice, J ruan;, a Vivaiidiere, Mra Hiirkucy P i>( rum me of 8cenrv. i- ci-leota. Sa^1 , ike.?,act I ^ Sceiie I?An Hpi-(ment in the l.ouvre?Louia rrillippr miHV? rscene 11 tie !'!?< ? ilu i.i.r.'aal?<Ji u:en'rated fmce of the repetition?'I be t nuaiult Mid ili>rm?The Death Cli u t? \ps rurch cl T oap*?A violent ' a* tilt on (he soldiery Table u 8cene?Tl?e i eiiihborbuod if Hut 8t. HiWuie I'he Capture of ? vmw J . j.?? 1.1 c :uu<Juct iu ilia tieriiblic'ti Cmie-The unlit n| tie Bruleruril*?Doperate t'wi? of Municipal uu ttda. and their reiulae?'Vieto'inu* Tible u of Kepilhlieaiiisni?Vive li II*. brm?Down with o| preta on. Act II. The I natir ;ectio* at U I'fight?The Barnca<!e??The tbinbtr of Dtpnliri-THi Uniicatiou of Liuia Philippe?The evoeira' on of ilieToilein?The aeivnrenf the 'I hrone? triumphal pr ceaaton -I'he I'mal attiicfle?Derperate id ruin u? Ki* u? llnne?? 'nailing ruina? hoira of arulle-v? H inir of nrmnetry?bhouta if million?Oer.enl attack? Freedom's lit w i? sirutU? rviunnv overthrown anil a republic triumrln Previo'ia to Inch, the uew d ama of TH K. WHI I'htJOVH, rf Itehn l? Lawrence Maeatty, the Wliittboy, Mr. W- Marilwli; Uarbr Joyle, a Carman und Whilebjy, Burke; Kllen AieDanalil, ,imrwii?'iha'faiater, Vlra Mmliann. ____________ M MATH AM TIIKATMK Till 11*1)\Y F. VEN I N (I I-' Vlirch 31. w II be orrieuted the laughable farco uf tro KING'S OAHDKNK.H?Ma<time Galochi rd, Mm. J. i?. Jooth. Pas d* Mittclot, Miaa Daloriuie. Alt. r ^hifh.areio-comic d'annie re: reaei.ta'i u.railed 'J He; HkllVAW1AI.?Mr I'ulT Mr. UtclJ. To < iflnde with the NPlitlT )K THK WaTEUH, or the HUl'.KIr Ni,'?Kir HnMebnod, Mr* Hield: Matter I.apwig Krot*. Winan ; Olirdi, Mrs J. !!. 3o'>th; Or.dine, O. Jones; Djtna Martuentta, \Vny ; Loin, klias Oeioriaue. floors op?n at 7 o'clock. l erformaaco comRetires at TH o'clock, B'ii?n Ueentt; Pit. It**. \| iri.HKLL'S OLY.M I'll Til KA'I'II K ll'UHBLtI. day eveuuf, March 31. t'ie entertainments will C' oaueuce with ihe NKVV PI.A.VKT?Tke New Planet. Miu rtarjrTaylor; Mercury, Mr. I'onorer; ./upi ?r, Mr. t'larh; Inno. Mita Roberts. 'Jo he followed by n (iLAW f. AT fh,VV VOKK?Moae. Mr. (Jhanfmu; Jake. Couorer; Kli*n S'obbius. M>aa Taylor; aue, lloheita Alter which, NAriO.NAL DKFK.Si KH?riirrou Marrowfat. Mr. Holland ; I rabo Mavdnk- Yliss Mary I'.iylor. To conclude with tho SOX AN D COX?J tin Box Mr flolltinu; Jaipes Cos, Mr. ^ono??r; Mrs Buiinrsr Mrs. Ilenrv. Dre?? circle, 10 eenta; ipper boi-s, ti casta; pit, UKcenta.-? Uoora open at 7) I'ir.ain naea it 7X n'einrK BROADWAliTIiEATKE.?THURHDAY evening, March 30 will be perl ruifd the comedy ea<led the EL)ER brother?Charlea, Mr. Anderaon; Kuitiee, Mr. i.rster: Mirnmniint Mr Vaihe; Areellin* Mm K. tVallark. lobe followed by the farce o< MY LITTLE ADOFTIlD? H?jor Seymour, Mr. Uuwton; Krrd. Siiiiimeii, Mr. barter; loll,I Dillb?, Mr. Iladawiy; Lnuietta reyuionr, Mix Roaa I elb'n. Dooraopen at 7 o'cock?Performance to brfia it half pa*t 7 o'clock Preu Circle and I'dnjuetie, 50 ctt? Mmilr circlei. 25 ct?.? Gallery, KX ct*. \f E< H ANICH'IJALL,471 UKOAuWAV. BETWEEN i\JL Grand nnd Broome atreeu.-UFEN EVERY NIGHT DURING THE VVE^.K. Unparalleled ancceaa. Tweatynxth week of the Or1|(Inal CHKIHTVS MINSTRELS, Ihe ol'leit eatihliihed hasd in the United State*, under tho lirertion of E. P. Mil; 1ST Y, whoee inimitable and original fntf rtainmerta n-e nightly honored wito trowded and highv reipectable andiencra, and are favored with a pnironaga inprecedeuied by any ainuaamtiil la ihit city. Admiaaioe K ?ota. door* open at 7. Concert comineacea at J o'clock For he ncroraiaoi'nticn of ramiliea ea AK'i KK.NOON CONy.KKT KVERY SATURDAY. Poor* opaa at 1; commence c J o'clock. Broadway odkon-entrance through Finteni'a Cafe des Yulle Colmnei ?Manager E. G. Jreely.?\Jus cal Director. Mr. Oldfield.?The Manger rtpectfnlly anrruncea that he will k re to-night, Thni?d?yr, ilnreli SO. ?ih an mfi ? I'fiv iermt of arrio-eomie 1'ICrUMES and ('AKICATURErt in ACTION. Progran me, 'art 1?'1 he ]r<|ui?it,ve Jew, in three character*; Sane, Mn* >evelin; Dance, Mim Adele, Sir tait II?(Grecian Fxereuea, H'?a Binnchar<1; K?vurite Soav, Miai Detelin. Itc. Fart UI? Jancr Mian AiJele; Aln ical|ljlaairi ."Vllas Blnnohard; Sens, > i?? Devlin. Itc. Charge of Programme every evening. )r< liestra b t 50 ccuta; r?rqnette, 25 ctnti; Box**, I2X cent*. Vr'./rrnnnce to commence at I o'clock. A MER1CAN MLbEU.-l.?Splendid performance*, ??*ry fV afternoon at I o'clock, and every evening at 7J^- L#?t veek of Mr nod Mr*. Malona Raymond, and their three lennrrful daDKhtrra, who give their inimitable Iriah Maaical Cater*ainr?*r)t? ei rry I'te'nooa and evening L**t week alio I Diunrtti'a Model of Ancient Jernanlrn, a* it wa* in th? ne ill our Savuar. <Jreat VVeatarn, the Vaakee, Miae Bee rd, ti e .-ciip.ue btatuarr. lie. lie. Admiaaioa to th* whola icenta Children under It,hall price. lleaerved front aeeu, ne ?hil!my extra. [> AN V ARD'S MAMMOTU PANORAMA Olf THIS l-? Miuniif pi river, painted oa three milaa of canraaa. be K the l&rgeat painting in th* world, at the Panorama build] u. in l.t:oadwar H.lioinin* Niblo'a Garden. Ore a evarv Ttninr. (Huadaya aicaptao.) Admiuion SO e?au; children tic*. Tin 1'acoraiDa will comrades coring at 7)< o'clock raciaaly Afternoon ihihitioa oa Wadueadaya and Satnr ay>. at 1 o'cloc.'i. pHKCOLE EXHIBITION?THE EXHIBITION OB" a. i rttntlrgi i>r th? Uu < Ir.'r. la cjw opi-n, thp unmi of (he ^niercan Art IJni'in, Wo 497 Broadway. It will untmae for nx waeka 'ihe (jillery will be open from nice 'clock. A. M., until ten o'clock, P. M. ISach holdar ol a raaon ticiict will i>e entitled nlio to the right of admiaaicn to lie New Vorfc Oaileiy of the Eiue Arta, dating the conusance ol tin Cole Exhibition. Admiaaiou 2j ceure; Seuoa flee'- SO cent* I^HE OH AND COLLECTION OK THE WORKS OK the Old Muster*, romr riaing original I'ictarea, bjr Tian, liubciia, K'pliael, Mur<llo. Velaa<itiez, Van Drek, tiinoroiam.ii. I'.iitruri'ino, Holbein. J no H eea, Carlo Dolci? uyp. VVilion.uinl innur uthera of lb* oldMiater*, ia open at le Lycanm (ialleiy, No. 6C3 Broadway, from 9 A.M. to 6 M .^dtni'tanre ?3?:. lIT ALNUT 8TKEET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. T MU'lle. Hl'iigya laat night baton*. Thnraday Keening, larch 21th, will h? perfo m*a the 11A YADEHll ? Unknown, lr. Sidney Pearaon; Olilour, \lr. llichinsa; Zoloe, Mil*. llmiKV ; Ka> m-?. Md'lle Villee : N>ekn. iViad. IBoulard. iftrr which the 2d act of ABMODV.U4? Klonnila, M4'll?. Har>gy; Clecphu, M. Bonxary; Atmodena, Mr. Weitoff; Ma* ie'ta. Mile. Vallea ; Grand Kete, concluding with LA CYKIUTTE. Toconcln'le with the /area of tne P. P..?r ihe rlen ajid the Tiger?H?l**her. Mr*. Whaatley; Ueb, Mr. hnpraan; Siaitle, Mr. a'ileeket; Suim. Mra. Hogari; Crapa, lis Thayer. To-B?orrnw, Mil-. Bl*ngr'? henenc. l| E8MERIHM?INDUCED SOMNAMBULISM-AT X the Hall 111 Uowery, (near Unud.) thia *rening. Match ). Dr 1 hiera will lactnre ou the importance of thia anbjaat in gard to human hnpiiine** 'J lie will be operated pou, aad a rariety of raan'tx (irodared, in T' nae, Catalepay, e.. le. ConnWW at jjj Asni'tiaia llj{Nan. iHRlSTY'd MUSIC?I KEEN HKR AT DE WINJ dow?0! Soaanai?We'll hare a little dance to-night ? Ul with lite iilua Dreas on?Dandy Bro*dw>y Kwall? ' rkie a life it rwm gay ?1)??tu Mar?l.i'e br 'he O 1 y tMre?Marr Blane?Una Lee? * rv m? b ck?""top nt knocking?Who <J?t knacking?UbcI* (I btiei. the f^ero Oen?ral?I'nae of Alabama? -inn emrk rom The nbora >uKi, an?l otbera. aung nightly by Ohriatr'a Mmatrela, lor iAi -Jl'*tJ c\i be inaitrd or e*"re??ed lo jny diaUi.ce. C. luuT.jr.c.--.- p-q;,k.. ,,c rjO^K WOOD PI AN<> FOR HALF, AT ATXa. >, . LV One of Mti.ddart. Wnoater k Dniilum'a make. Can be een at 493 lludaon a reet. Alao. two large pterglaaaea. LJIA.NO KOKT'H AND riANINOi OK HENKl L He'g, rue <:e l? Victoire, I'aiia ? General Agency for kireri'a, No. 301 Broadway. The firat inroice of S<imr? iano Fortea, Mr. Herz importa to this been re eired b? the Xii.icli, from llarre, and the inttmrnenta eau bm en nt the Agency, Ml Broadwny, on Thartday neir, th? i h >?ai?w? N PURSUANCE OF AN ORDfcK OK THE HL'RRO gute ol the ConDty of New York, Notire la hereby g'Ten > all peraona htm'nx'rlniina ag'inat John M. Winaot, luterl laCiti of New Ymfe. deeeaied, to preaeut the anrne with ie rnnehera thereaf. to ihe anb?cribera, at the raaidenee of Ibert W. H.nith, No. 110 Varick atreet, in the City of New nrk, on or before the thirteeuth day of .May neit. Dated lew York tha tenth day of November. 1847. Albert W. mith. Benjamin P Fairchild. fxeciitnta. I^O THE LADIV.9-CHA8. SCOTT It CO , NO. 377 . Broa I way, have jaat received a larg* atock of Rmbroide- t r\f Iha ravril artrln i?hir)l ihpt nff-r u IIS anil IT a hen D. 'hey raticulariv invito attention to nb at i-'O piiri r??A rork ctiffi, (rom 3a lid per p?ir; W> new ?tyle eacleworta colin, from 3i; 3j0 lino (Jliaiuatkch Jaconet U and Jet tie lajgeat and mo>t elegit atook (f Infanta' JCmhro dered lobea, VVaiati, lie.. ever offered to their n'ltiee Waiatl ffor* I tr> S4 S?; R"be? from $1 5J to *JJ; Dreta Cap#, tew pat ra?. a' f I '*rh ' y LAHK K'S 8ACKH?M VCU810.VICUi ANUS) HANgera are reapecrlully appri??d tint my ready made g&rleata ?r?. if poaaibla. of better flnuh th -n ever, and the price* > tnml, low. Mr black and brown Haclit t) fit the body, are articularly admired, th* la ftl. Tha beat qiahiy of 'rench cloth Dreaa (.oata, made to mea are, la t?,a moat eiellent one for SIR. Gentlemen who arc id doubt a* to wl at lilor to patromae, and not competent jndgea of goo-fa, re eapecihllr invited to call at 116 William atreet,oppoait* ie w??hinKloTi atorei. Honeatv la tHe heat i olirv. r irr orr clothing and furniture?laU diea an 1 < ieiitlrmeii hiving anperflnaa effecu to iliapoae f, aneh aa wearieg ai pa el, furniture, he, can obtain a f*ir aah price for the aame. by landing for the iabacrib?r, throng ? i? poat office <>r otheiwiie. who will attend at th#irrra> enrea. J. L.J.VKN8TVN, 4C? Broadway, up ?tur?. Ladua ?n be at'eailed to by Vra t,eve?arvn k/f ADAMt T. KIN1ELS, AGENT. ? BhOAPWAY. vJL corner of liraud street, entrance 111 Grand meet, will pen oa Thnradar nait, the JOth mat., her rich aaaoitmeut of aria Wprivg Millinery, tc Tin TNV. I. a intra Tiir i ITY OK PiKtT yokk.? I MtiUme Tirin, anrcMior (? Mi<l?in? On poo, Will <>pM a Voui*?y ??*l. th? S?l in?t., f>r tlmr iii^ciin, ?n ?ntir? ?nd i|>leudi'l aia.irtmrnt >T f'?hmu*1>le .Millin?iy ?<ireel rom r.?ria i.y the lut (tenner, eonticiainf ?tr?w, (ilk Kan ' fe If ?rt<] D'finira. KI"W?r?, Mibbnae, fce , fine Ixtrit Pirisi n at,lea. at No. 175 Brnadw iy, entrance in fllWltrHH, No V rHREA D. >E*DLK .WD FANCY STOK?C KOR ??le?Hun** been ealnhliahed for th? latt e i<ht ye*r?, ifld Jniivi tlvt tiffl* dnur ? fi st r1'^ hmrfM B**p?re,n leairing to piirrhiiae * bmiueaa a'r*idy 10 their hsnda, can n*Ve II n'lr* i?n I" tl * b*??ii?nr <>f 111 Hm <treet MUTTA PKIU.H'-HIE I'l ULIU CAN Br *UP Ur i lied wi'li pore UutU Peicln, <or eip?rienei'ti. kr . m trge oramallqmntinea Imported by the anb>e-;ber in n? are ?t >te. rtpti "*'V f;'r mrdicin\l |,trm?ea. Orde-a I rom lhi> nnniry and ?< eitira wi>l nr.eet with pronpt attrr10 . <??rr?i ?>?tW Pereh* Company. S. T AKM? I HON(J ' ! < With HI afreet pOrOAL l)EAI KR?-raor08AT.S WILL B : ur* < r v?d Sv II e undeait nrd *t lie oliir* t,f ib? 8??irr..'? 'noil KUtl Metr^t. N# ft O I eltp, till the h.i of , ni n*?t, t j Iran!) Ii? luaumtinn wi.h Cr.? b?il q li'itv Crarh .Vicnniip hnd 190 iou> llaxleioa i o*l, ?uit?ble t. r ffeehe k Kf i'i [ot A r k'nra>it?? t? 1?- Oe!iYe>?d at the Hetrfv wh*?f. Smien i'? nd, by the middle cf Miy; ot;e t rgo i? irauted ?oou. I* 11! rl?dintr f r the unir will h? -i|.iirJ B/order ul'tho Board, TIHWKl.L K 0'.nV? H. rr rirr _ I OSfcl'H UiLLO li'-i. IRW'A * ' ' ret'a Writh ni?. V J In itr?'< ? K lire# nnil r?. , .>! I.ffvfr* ki drfihM'' W?ll kn.iwn pr .,: r.iof-a-iy n hind, togfbr with holJm rl rmy d???Jp>ion. fort * > lliim4?Mikoft HY- OW KN, A??iit.

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