Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1848 Page 1
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* ?00T?O0O*eZW^JeWW 0>\r V^v TH WhoU No. 005U. TBI WILL OK JOHN JACOB ABTOR. A.TTKSTKO COPY. In this Ok OOD. Amkn : i. John Jacob A?tok, of the olt.y of Now York, d?Airing to dispose of all the real and personal nutute to which I may ba entitled, at tha time of my decease. in the manner hereinafter expressed, do maka thia my last Will and Testament. lat?To Mr [Auohtkr Dorothka, wifa of Walter Langdon, Ksqttfre. I give and bequeath all my household far. nitare ; also tha use, during her life, of nil my rilvrr plate, my new eervios of plate exoepted Alao, I gi>-e and bequeath to her for her life, the income of the fol. lowing atookn, debt and money : that la to aay. one hun. dred thousand dollars of the debt of the city of [few Voi k, bearing Urn per eent Intorent; five hundred shares of the capital atock of the Funk of America; one thousand shares of the capital etook of tha Manhattan Company ; twenty Jive thousand dollars, deposited with the New York Life Insurance and Trust Company, (for whioh I hold oertifioatai) ; all which lnoome 1 devote expressly to her note nnd separate una?to beat her own disposal when received ny her, and not otherwise, and to be free from all claim, interest, or interference of her husband. And to enable her to rtoeive the said lnoome, I order my executors (in whrse names the funds aforesaid are to stand during the lite of my said daughter,) from time to time, us she may request, to execute such revocable letters of attorney as may bs requisite to suable her to reoeive the said income. /v'po, i nevise xo ner uie nuiue ana 101 an i.ajayeue rince lulheoityof New York, b-ing twonty-aeven feet six Inches wide, end one hundred end thirty-seven feet six Inohee deep, now oooupied by her. to here end to hold the seme daring her neturel lif?, free from end exclusive of eny interest or interference of her husband, end to her sole end separate use. i And on her deeth, I give the seid plate, (except es ebove) sums of debt and deposit and stooks, to her then surviving issue, and their executors end edminletretors And I devise the said house end lot to her then surviving issue, and their heire and assigns forever. Intend j log that if eny of her children shall hive died before her, leaving issue, such issue ere together to take what their parent would hare taken it surviving. id?To Joh.v Jacoh Astor Lanudo*, [see oodicil] Ki.isa Astoii Lanudon, Louisa Lanuoon, Waltku Larodor, Jr., Woodhurv Lakohor, Ckcilia Larodor, and Euokrk. Larodor, children ot my d.iught*r Dorothea, or to such of them es shall survive me, I d?vise all my lots cn the easterly side Lafayette PI ce, in the oity or Now York, end fronting thereon. Also, my lots in the rear of my lots on the said easterly side of Lafayette Plate, extending to the Bowery, end fronting thereon. Also my lands in the seid city, between Charlton street, Morton street, Greenwich street, and Hvdson's river, being one hundred lots, to have end to hold the same, them my s?id grandchildren, In eqnal shares, for and during their lives respectively. And on the death of >aoh of them, my grandchildren. 1 give the share which he or she shall have enjoyed for life, to their surviving issue, in fee simple, to be divided according to the nurn then surviving. I devise the share of suoh deoeased, to my said othor grandohilIren, above named, then surviving, in f<*? simple Ud?To my said grandchildren, John J. A. Languor, Wai.tkh Languor,Jr., Woouhury LANaDo.vand Kugbnk Languor, [see codicil) or to suoh of them as shall survive me, 1 devise the eight lots of land belonging to me, with the improvements thereon, fronting on the easterly aide of Hrnadwav, in the city of New York, between Broome stre'l and Spring itreet, to have and to hold the same in equal shares, during their lives respectively; and on the death of each, t doviso the share to wnioh he hal been entitled, to his issue, him surviving,in eqnal shares, according to the number of his children, and to their heirs or assigns forever. And in case of death without such issue. I devise such share to his then surviving brothers and their heirs and assigns forever. To my sa d grandchildren, Sarah Jfs'or, wife of Robtrt Boreel, Est/., Eliza jSitor, Louisa and Cecilia, or to such of tbem as may survive me. I devise the four houses and lots fronting on the westerly side of Broadway, between IMace street and Houston street, now known as numbers fi70, 681, MnsMT, extending in the roar to Merocr street; to have and to hold the same to them respectively, in equal rhares, during thoir Uvea; and on the . death ot each, I devise ber share to her issue then surviving, to be divided according to the number of ber children, and to their heirs and assigns forever; and in case of death without issue then surviving. I devleo such share to her then surviving sisters, and their heirs and nsslgns forever. To each of my said grandsons, John J. A. Largdon, Waltkr Languor, Jr, Woodbury Languor, and Kugkrk Languor, and to each ol mv said grand daughters, F.lita, Louisa [codloil modifies] and CscuaA,PC their respectively attaining the age of twenty-four years, I give twenty/ire thousand dollarss and on their .uo^c.n.o.j niniiuii)) IUC VI IUKIJ Joan, lilt /Ulinc ran of twenty fwt thoinanit dollar/. To my grand-daughter. Sarah, wife of llobert Boreal, I give the lands and building now known as the City liotel in the city of New Yoik, bounded by Broadway, Thames street. Temple street, and Cedar street, to have and to hold the same to her for life On ber death, I devise the same to her then surviving issue (according to the number of her children). and to their hairs and assigns, forever. And in ease of her death without such issue, then I devise the same to her then surviving hro thers and sisters, and their heirs and assigns forever. And 1 authorize her, with the approbation of my exeoutora, in case the building shall bs burnt down or otherwise destroyed, to sell the said lands, in the simple, or to mortgage the iame. to raise money for rebuilding on the said lands; in which case, the proceeds and money shall bt received by my exeoutors, and invested by them, and the income shall be paid to the eatd Sarah Boreel for her life, provided she shall reside within tho State of New York; bat in case she shall not reside therein, then ten thousand dollars per annum of suah income shall be paid to ber, and the residue to her mother, or in case of her death, to the brothers and sisters of the said Sarah. And on the death of the said Sarah, tn? caps.u snail oe disposed el as is herein directed m to the land Itself, of which it is the proceeds 4th? [Revoked by oodicill?To my daughter Euit, wiikor Viki'int llrmrrr, Ksquire, f give the income, for her life, of the following funds: ? Fifty thousand dollars of th? Puhlie Debt of O/tin, bearing six per cent, interest; Fifty thousand dollars of the debt Of the City of .Veto Haven, bearing fire and a half per oent. interest ; Tsfty thousand dollars deposited in the Xem York Life Insurance and Trust Company, (of whloh I have certificates); one thousand shares of the. capital stock of the Merchants' Ban* in the olty of New York, and siateen hundred and four shares of tke capital stock of the Methanics1 Bank, in the city of New York Also, if she shall oometo the State of New York.and there take up her residence, then I give to her such part of my residuary real estate as she shall seleot, not eioeeding in rains /iffy thousand dollars, according to a just raluation there or by my executors?which estate so selected shall be ret apart to her by deed, to be executed by her and my executors: to bare and to hold the same to her during her life, if sno shall not discontinue her residence in New York. And, on her death, I give the capital of the said funds,and the said real estate so selcoted. to her then surviving isstio, their heirs, executors, and administrators, respectively, to be divided according to the number ofner children; but in case of her death without such issue, I authorise her to dispose of the said funds and lands by appointments in the nature of a will, in such manner, and in such shares and for suoh estates as she rany think fit, to and amongst all or any of her relations k. .kn ml.kl k.. I.k. I.aj. wuxiiift uiigu> o; ! !! I??ur from liar by detent, aooording te the law of the State of New York, at It shall beat the date of tnoh appoint, ment; and In oaee of her death without suoh issue, and not leaving any tuah valid appointment, then I give the teid funds and laqde. one-fourth to the ehildren of my eon, William 11 Astor; one-half to the ohlldren of my daughter, Dorothea; and one-fourth to my grandson, (buries Oriated, and their heirs, executors and administrators, respectively. A'sa. I give to my said daughter, Elita, and to her hutImad, t'mcmt Hum jiff, m v lands and estates in the canton of Geneva, in fxcitzerland, to hove and to hold the same tc '.htm during their lives and the life of the survivor of t hem; and ou tbo death of the survivor, I give the ram e to her issue surviving her at her death, and to the heirs, executors, administrators and assigns for ever?to be equally divided, aooordlng to the number of her children; and I hereby give bor power to appoint the said Ornevese estates, in case of her death without such issue. to and amongst my grand-ohlldren, or to such one or mors of tbem, and in such shares, for euoh estates, and on suoh conditions as she may direct by instrument, tu the nature of a will; and in case oi her death without issue, as aforesaid, and without leaving any valid appointment, then I devise the said Geneves 'estates to my grand children, as follows:?One-third to the ehildren of William U Astor, one-third to the ehildren of my daughter, Dorothea and one-third to my grandson, Charles United, and to their hetra, execulora and admintatra tori, reapectively, for ever. oth?To my grand-on, Chiri.k? Brutko, I deviae all that lot of hnil belonglag to m?. fronting on th? soester irly side of Lafayette. Place. a'joining rav hauie now occupied by my daughter Dorothea, and being aevontyeevenfewtaix inchea wide, by one hundred and thirty*>?Ten (eet tlx lochia deep Aleo, the lot and houae now occupied by mo, on the westerly side of Hrnadway, known aa nnmhsr fiH.'i being about twenty-nine feet in front on Broadway, and twenty-Are feet on Meroer treet. to whioh it extenda. Alao, a lot of land belong log to me on the weaterly fenaterly--aee nodleilj elia of Hroadway, between Spring itre't and Prince Aleo, nine Inti of land on the eighth avenue and twentytin* street, eeren of which lie on the weaterly aide of the avenue, including the two corner lota of twentyeitth etreet. and iwo lie on the northerly aide of twev ty-aixtli atreet near the avenue. Also, forty three lots of land fronting on S-veeitb avenue, Hloomingdale lload. Thirty seventh street, and Fortieth street Alao, eight tots u| bind on avenue Jt, between S rib and Seventh streetsAlao, my conntey sent nt llellgate, ami my landa there, containing nbom thirteen aoien Alao, the twenty-two ?i'i owned by nie in the black formed by Hum ill rely street, f-Vim * street, t'edford street,and Downing street. To hare and to held, all ?nd eingiiiar the paid lota of land and premlaeator and during hla natural Hie A'ao I give to him, on hla attaining (he age of twenty Are yeera tin no nine and inlrresl of one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars, to be act apart by my eiecutora out ol my good bonda and mortgagee, to hare and epjny auoh Income during hla life And aa to the income of the real oatate above devise 1 lo biin for life, I deviae the aame to my exeeutora In truat. to receive the aame and lo apply it. rr ao much and ?'i?b part thereof ca they may think At. to !h? uaa ?f the rb?rlee dieted, until he (hall ?i tain the :ig? of t? nt) due yeeia vnd up?n the Ifjili of the aaid f'harlea Hutted. ! give the enid Unda tod i iMt of cue hundred *ud fiitceu UmuimkI doUnn to tut j t E NE1 NEW then surviving issue, (to be divided according to the , number of his ohildren) end to their heirs, executors, administrators, end assigns, respectively forever And | in ceee of hie deeth without auoh issue, then I give the , eid lends end money, one-hell' to the ohildren of my i eon, William B Astor, and one half to the ohildren of | my daughter Dorothea L ingdon. end to their heirs, ex-outors end administrators, respectively, forever. I Oth?Te my grandsons, John Jacob Astoh, Wii.i.iam Astoh.and Hknbv Astoh, sons of William B Astor, or to snoh of them as may survive me. I devise all my lauds lying between Uloomingdale Road, Hudson River, Forty- i second itrret and Fifty first street, to be divided in the pro- portion of two shares to John.and oneshare each to William and Henry, to hare and to hold the same to them j during their lives respectively Provided, however, that if my son William B. Astor should oonsider either of them to have become unworthy ot this devise, he may oonvey the share of each one or more of them to the others or other,by appointment under his hand end seal; and on their respective deaths, I devise the share devised to eaoh fer life, to hie then surviving issue, and to their heirs and assig ns forever, to he divided acoordin^ te the number of his ohildren. And in oaee of death without auoh issue, then 1 devise the same to his surviving oromers, anu u?ir imirs anu aesiguN ioi??or, vi, m oe?e they should not survive, to William B. Astor and his hairs forever. 7th?[Codicil moJiiios the whole ] ?1 direot my executors to provide for my unfortunate son, John Jacob Astor, and to prooure for him all the oomforta which his , ooadltion doth or may admit; and to bear the expanse , thereof, not tsceeding Jive thousand dollars a year; and in ease he shouli be restored, then 1 direct them to apply to his use ten thousand dollars a year during his life; and if he shall leave lawful issue surviving him, then I direct my exeoutors to pay to such issue the sum of flvs thousand dollars per annum to each child for life And my executors are direoted to set apart from ray estate, such funds as in their judgment shall be sulficient to defray these annuities, and also all other annuities bequeathei in my will; wbioh annuities shall staud secured on suoh funds, exoluslve y of any of my lands. 8th? [Revoked by codicil.]?To each of the four daughters of my deceased brother, George Astor, i give twenty thousand dollars; to his son Joseph, I give twenty-Jive thousand dollars, to his son William H. As tor, 1 give fen thousand dollars; to Gkorgk Astor Jurir. I glva three thousand dollars, to the widow of my sui'd brother George, 1 give two hundred pounds sterling yearly, foy her .life, oommenoing, the first payment, one year after my death; the same to be estimated here at the current rate i of exchange. To my niece Sophia Astor,of Nieurvid, in i Germany, I give fire thousand dollars. To my Sistkh , catheuink, wife of MlehaM Miller, 1 give one thousaud dollars, to the children of lur diughter, Maria Moork, I give five thousand dollars to be visually divided among them, and to be paid to their mother for their use. 9'h?To the German Society of the City of New York, [Modified hy codicils] 1 girt thirty thousand dollars. upon oondltion that they do. as soon as oonvtniently may be done after payment of the money, invest and keep the samn invested In security of bond and mortgage of lands, aud apply the interest and income thereof to establish and maintain an office, in soma suitable place in the cily of New York and proper persons attending, who shall speak the German language, and bn otherwise Qualified I for their dutj, who ahull attend daily In such olftce during the usual hours of business in thin city, for tbs purpose of giving advice and information,-, without charge, to all emigrants arriving here, touching their establishment hero and their course of life; and for the | purpose of protecting them against impositions, to which | strangers without knowledge of tho country or its lan- | gunge may he exposed. To tne Thi'Stkks of Columhia Collkhe [revoked by i codicil] in the city of New York, 1 give Twsniy five i Thousand Dollars, upon condition that they do, within i a reasonable and oonvenient time, establish a professor- i ship ot the German language and literature, and do appoint and oontinue a professor therein, of competent learning, who shall give prop ;r lectures and instruction i in the eaid language and literature. To the Association for thi Relief of Reiff-staiii.n Aur.u InuKiKsr Females In the city of New York, I give Twenty-five Thousand Dollars, on condition that they oanse the same to be put out and kept at Interest on bonds and mortgage of real eetate, and apply the interest to the objects of their association. And In oase of u breach of any of tho said conditions, or from any legal or other impediment, any of the three last legacies shall fail to take effect, then I give the same to my executors, confiding in their honor alone to mak? snch disposition of such sums as they shall deem most anaiagous to the afnr'eaid purposes. I To the German Reformed Conureuation [revoked by oodicilj in the city of New York, of which J am a member, i give Two Thousand Dollars. 10th.?All the rost, residue and remainder of my real . and personal estate, [changed by codioil] I give and de vise to my son William B. Astor, to have and to hold , tbs said real estate to him for his life. And I authorize , him to annnint (ha aamn mftmi* hit rfaoth t<i niiil amnnffit his children sod their issue in such shares and for such , estates nnd on suoh conditions as be may think fit, by . deed or by will: and in ease he shall leave no such valid appointment, I devise the same to his ohildron and their , heirs and assigns forever, including as well those now born as subsequently born children. , And I hereby charge upon the residuary estate thns devised, portions of two hundred thousand dollars, , I changed by eodicil| to be settled upon each of bis , daughters, and her issue, in suoh manner as he may , think tit, eutject to the condition of their marrying with , the consent ef himself or his wife, or snoh persons as he { may nominate in his will, which portions are to be set , apart out of the real estate devised to him as above, and which when sot apart are not to form any Incumbrance upon the residue: and in oase of bis leaving no appointment as aforesaid, those portions are to be considered as patt of his daughters' shares on the division of the estate uow devised, among his children. And as to the perso- 1 nal estate bequeathed to is my will that he employ the same in the improvement of the real estate to him hereinabove devised,in such manner as be raayth'nk (it. My Service of Plate above mentioned. I give to be used by my son William B. Aetor for life, and after his death to such of his sons as he may appoint. 11th?And oonsidering that the-nnoertaintv of life es- 1 tatee may embarrass the advantageous enjoyment of lands thus situated, and considering, also, other matters of convenience, I do hereby authohizk caca and every ; person who in all lane an estate unaer inn will, wnicn may terminate with hit or h'r life, to make any leaie of ' tbe premises to tb?m devtsad, and of any and every part ! thereof, for any\tCrm or tcrmi of yean not exceeding twenty one ye.nrt from the date thei eof, with covenants ' therein tor allowing to the lessee or hie assigns, the eotual value at the termination of the lease, of the build lugs then standing on the demised premises, and useful as a dwelling house or for any mercantile or meohtnlual business, which covenant shall bind tbe remainder man, In respect to auoh lands. If he shall enter thereupen; provided that such leasee be made with the assent ' of one of my executors, uniting in the same for this purpose, and that tbe fair yearly value of the premises be 1 reserved as rent, payable annually, without any antloi\ potion by way of premium, and be made payable to the tenant for lite, and to the persons in remainder successively,according to the nature of their several eatatee Also, 1 do authorize any tuch tenant for life, with the 1 assent of one of my exeoutor*. uniting in the deed, to ! manifest the same, to tell and convey in fee simple, to the extent of one half in value of the lands devised, to such | life tenant, in order to raise money for the improvement ( of the residue, for which application of the money so to ..laail ...ek ew.ewte. .k.ll . W. neAwlalAn kn^A.. ' "" BUUU rucuiui BUBll IIIMO I"""""" " >?" giving such absent; and his uniting in the deed ehall make the same an effeotual conveyance to the parties accepting the same, who shall thereby be treed from seeing to the application of the purchase moneys Tn case any of I he,stocks or funds herein specifically beyueathed thoulil not be in my hands at my decease, the several bequests shall be made up by purchases at the expense of my estate, of stocks or funds of the same, or a similar ktad, and to the same amount, at their par values; and in case any of the said stocks or funds should be paid off or become, in the judgment of my executots, inse. cure, then it shall be lawful for then to sell and dispose of the same at the request, or with the assent, of the person entitled to the inoome thereof, and to investtbe proceeds in such other safe securities as my executor shall think expedient, and so on, frem time to tims But no changs in the form of investment shall ohange the right or interest of any person in the income and proceeds of such property I appoint Wili.iam B. Astob, Jamks O Kino, Wash inuTon InviNii, Jamks Uai.l.atiiv, , to be ex eoutors of this my will, and five to sxsi.h of them as shall a t herein, and the luirieor* and survivor of them, the several powers, authority and discretion herein granted And whenever, and at often as their number shall be. reduced to two, my acting exeoulors ehell appoint euch proper perrons as thoy may select, to he united with tb*m in the execution of thn objects of this will; and upon such appointment being accepted and acknowledged, and recorded as a deed, the persons so appointed ehall be Invested with thn same inlerest, right, discretion and ocn trol, as if appointed by name in this will; and so, from time to time, until all tho purposes of the will ehall be ncoompliehed or completed And I expreesly declare that those who ehall aot in tho executorship of this will shall not he ansto'rohle for the losses which shall ocour through the acts of the others of thvir number, or o( any agents by them employed, nor otherwise, *han from their own fraudulent misconduct, and thsy shall be in all respects indemnified out of my estate, and may emp'oy such agents and eervants as they may deem necessary i mul may make any arrangement for the settlement of I , any difficulties which may arise in relation togtnv of my estate, by composition or arbitration, as they shall think fit. f authorise my ere.cutors, at the request of any person or persons to whom lands are herein devised In com men, to set apart their sham in severally, and thenceforth the limitations of future estates appliosble to thn shares before eeparetton ihall apply to the separated ehnre, and they may ohargo the landa with aumi for equality of partition. Lastly, I reroke all other wllla by me made prior to thie date, and I pabllah and declare this to be my last will ant testament. In witness whereof, I hare signed and sealed these presents, this fourth dny of Joly, la the year of our l.ord one thousand eight hundred end thirty six IOMN JACOB AHTOH. |i.. s 1 Published In the presence of us, before whom the testator declared these presents to be hie last will and le?tanient, and requested us to sign our names as witn.-sses. which we do, in his presence and In presenoc ef rtv li o h?r Dated Iffilft, July 4 Hannah Ndnman, It'll Oeto, New Yotk Danki. I.Oen, Jr , Baaoh street, New York. Dated :il)ih Deo , 1R?? tico U Smith, <140 Broadway, New York. Kowin Smith,71 Bleecker street, New York. Wm W. Baltic, 4m 1 Houston street. Declared by Mr J J Aetor to ba hit Inst will and tratain-ni. oy Uim sobscrlhed aasnoh, before m. s gclng a* wi:u?fs?e at bis request isIS, Ian II l?? u. Couswm.i., b*.i Broadway, N. V. i h4ki.ii j. Mi Iltaiss, 4-1 tireat Jones strwi, < lUsiai D. loso, Nineteenth { ' 111 - "* 1 W YO YORK, WEDNESDAY ] 1 CODICIL TO TIIK WILL OK JOHN IACOB ASTOR In order to render some provisions of my will mora plain, to make tome alteration* therein, and to ooosoltlate sundry codloll* thereto, (which codicil* I h?r*l>v revoke.) I make thin oodioil to my will, bearing date the Tourth day of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-six And do declare the said will and this oodioil to contain iny lent will. Int. ?I give to my daughter, Dorothea Lanodor. the Iol en the Writ ride of Lafayette Place, in the city of New Vork, [revoked in codicil, 3 March,.1841.| twentr-sevan feet wide, and one hundred eud fifty-five feet deep, on the north elde of the houie nnd lot, in my will given to her for life; to have and to hold the isme to her for life Tree of any interference of her huaband, and to her aole and eeparate nee. being the *am* lot given in mv will to Charles Rrieted. and which I confirm to him after Mr*. Langdon'g life. And in relation to th . income given to my (laughter, Mrs Langdon, and to the house and lot* devised to her for life; In order the better to eeonre the name to her, I devise nnd direct, that in caee her busband, present or future, or any one claiming under hi* aot or defaul<, shall attempt to interfere with, dispose of, ui muuiuurr i'ii' noiu legacy 01 iDooms or devises 01 land, or any part thereof, then in that case I do from that time givetbe Bald income and loin of land on Lafayette I'laoe, to my executors during bar life, in trust, to receive tbo income and the rent* and profits of the land, and to apply the same to the use ef my said daughter and her children, in sunh manner and proportions as she may request; and should there be any surplus of nuoh income, beyond what mny be so applied, I give the same to her children from time to time, as It shall accrue. dd?Inasmuch as my grandson, John J. A. Lanudon, has departed this life, whereby two legaoiea of twentyfive thousand dollars eaoh, have become lapsed, I therefore add to the lands devised in the steond item of my will to him and his brothers and sisters in that item named, or to such of them as may survive me, three lots of land lying on the Westerly tide of Lafayette Place, [modified in codicil Mar- 3. 1841,] next north of a lot whioh la my will is given for life to Charles Bristed, and is aboyn given for her life to my daughter; eaoh of which three lots is twenty seven feet in width, and one hundred end fifty-five feet in depth, subjeot to, and with the benefit of a gangway running from Art street, across the rear of the said lots parallel with Lafayette Plaoe, and twenty feet wide, and lying aia distance of one hundred and ten feet therefrom; whioh three lots of land I give to my gfrid grand children, to have and to hold in equal shares as tenants in common for tbeir lives respectively; and on the death of each, 1 give his or her share to bis ar her surviving Issue in fee simple, and Id case of death without surviving issue, I give such share to his or her other brothers and sisters, in the same Item named, surviving, In fee simple. 31.?In relation to the above lots on Lafeyelte Dace, and to the house and lot given in my will, to Mrs Lsngdon, and to Charles Uristsd tor life, ami in relation to my other lots on the West side of Lafayette Flaoe, 1 have laid out the same ao as to include a gangway [revoked Mar. 3, 1811.] twenty feet wide, as aoovo mentioned, and a pirca of land twenty-five feet deep, in the rear thereof, for a stable lot, whloh gangway is to be used as a carriage way by the residents on the said lots appertaining thereto, and is to he regulated and kept in order, with a gate, by such residents; e?oh lot bearing an equal share of the expense And I direct and dovise that the said lots so given to Mrs. Lsngdon and Charles Bristed shall be extended eo as to include each one hundred and fifty-five feet deep from Lafavette Place, with the nrivileaa of suoh iranirwav. HB'J subject thi reto 4th.? If the yearly income (of stocks and fund*) riven \o my daughter*, Mr*. Lang don, and Mr*. Rumjiff, respectively, shall in any year fall ahort of fifteen thousand dollars, then the deficiency shall be made up from my residuary personal estate, remaining in the hands of my exocutors; but if such deficiency shall arise lrom any temporary suspension of dividends or income, not ocoa stoned by actual lossos in the stooks or funds,then such advances shall be refunded from the excess of inooms over fifteen thousand dollars per annum, afterwards accruing on such stocks or funds. Also, in relation to the real estate of Mrs. Rumpff. in case she should come to this State to reside, as provided in item fourth of my will, 1 direct that the selection be made by my executors, as soon as may be after my decease, and that upon the event contemplated in the said item of my will, she shall take the estate therein given in such selected land. 6th ? I give to Chari.ks Bristed th'lit of land belonging to me lying o ? the eatterly tide of Broadway, between Prince and Spring streets, which is the lot I intend iu the fifth item of my said will, wherein the same is erroneously described as lying on the westerly side of Broadway, and the lot now oorreotly described. Is hereby given as the o'her lands in that Item mentioned. tith.?As to all my In ad t at Green Hay, and iu its vicinity, in tho territory of Wisconsin, (in whioh there are others conneoted with me.) and also as to ail my lands not within the city and county of New York, I author! 7. and fully empower my executors,or any two of them,or ef the survivors of them,to seal and delivor all deels of couveyanoe, in fee simple, or for partition, if needed, and to sxooute all other instruments of every kind needful or in their judgment proper, in relation to the lands and every part thereof; and also to appoint such agents, from time to time, subject to their oontrol and direction, as they may think fit, with the like powers; the proceeds of all auch sales to be dlspoeed of as part of my personal estate And for tho purpose of such sales, and fjr the protection of the lands in the meantine, I give the same to my executors, as joint tenants, and not as tenants in common, iu fee simple, in trust, for such purposes "th ?The service of plate excepted from the gift to Mrs. Langdon in my will, and therein mentioned as my new service of plate, and given for the usecf William B. Astor for life, I describe more particularly as my ssrvioe sf French plate, at this time in his possession; and la case he shall not leave any appointment of it among his children, I give the same on his death to his eldest surviving son 8th-i revoke and annul the eighth item of my said will, and tho legacies therein given : and in lieu thereof I give as follows To Mrs. Sarah Oxknhasi [modified in codicil of M?roh 3. IH41J daughter of ray l?to brother, George Astor, I give thirty thousand dollars ; to bis son Joskfii Astor [modified Oct U4, lb30J I give fifty thousand dollars; provided, however, that my executoie, if they think fit, may retain the same in whole or in part, end apply the same and the income thereof to his use, end the maintenance of him and his family during hi? life ; and any balance is to be given to his children or next Of kin. To each of the other daughters [modified as to Mrs. Ileynell, March 3, 1H4I) of my taid brother George, surviving me, I give twenty thousand dollars. To William Hknrt Astor, son of my said brother George, 1 give the annual sum of Jioe hundred dollars during his life, commencing the first payment six months after my decease ; but if he shall attempt to assign or inoumber the same, or it shall be claimed by any of his creditors under any legal proceedings or claim in the law, then I direot my executors to cease pftying it to him, and require them to apply the same in their discretion to hie use, maintenance, and support. To Orosrix Astor, Jnnior, I give three thousand dollars To the Widow of my brother George, I give two hundred pounds sterling, yearly, for her life, to be eetimated at the current rate of ei change at the timee of payment; the first payment of two hundred pounds to be made six monthe after my decease, and then yearly afterwards. To my niece, Sophia Astor, of Nleuwid, in Germany, I give Jioe thousand dollars. To tho children of Hannah Mookk, daughter of my sister Catharine, Who may survive me, i give Jioe thousand dollars, to be equally divided between them. To each of the children of Gkoriik Ehxmobr who may survive me, I give one thousand dollars These legacies, of which the time of payment is not above deolared, are to be paid one half in six months, the balance in twelve monthe from my deoease ; and my executors nre to set apart funds from nay personal estate, to dleobarge the annuitlee which are to be allowed Hp to the death of the annuitants fith- [ reduce the legacy to the Okrman Sociktt of New York, from thirty thoasand dollars to twenty-fwe thousand dollars. I have given to the Association for thk Kklirf of Reipkctaulk Antn Indi?*nt Krmalks In the city of New York, fioe thousand dollars, which is dollars given In iny will. To the Ihstitutio.* for thk Bi.iwd in the city of Mew Vork, 1 give five thousand dollars-,to the Sociktt roR thk Hai.f oephavi and drititutk Chiloskn in the city of New Vork, I glte five thousand dollars. To the Ni.w Vork Ltinci 11* Amn 1 glre two rtwintd dollars. Aid in jabo of any of these tbreo legacies falling to go ioto silent, I give the same to my executors, confiding in their honor alone to make such dispositions of such luins as thoy shall deem most analogous to the objects Of the enld charities lOto?I direct that the portions oj two hundred Ihouiand dollars [see codicil, December -d'J, 1843,] for each of As daughters of my son, William B. Astor, shall be lettled on them on their respectively attaining the age )f twentv ono years, or their marriage. I girs to ny son, Wii.liam B. Astor, one-half of my residuary jitrtonal estate absolutely; and also the income of the other Ialf until he shall think flt to expend such other half in ;he improvement of my residuary real estate; and Ihe balance theroof unexpended at hie death, I gire to his ihildren, or to suah of them, and in such manuer and iroportions as he may appoint by will, 11th ? /?* rase any devises, bequests or legacies, trusts, dowers, conditions, limitations, or other dispositions or llause* in my said will or in this codicil, or in any snhse[iient codicil, should, for any reason, he deem'd invalid, [havlog intended, however. In all things, to make them DODlormable to the law,) then it is my will, that in all yents the said: will.'and codtoils shell stand valid n* ,o all other parts and provisions; and that no failure of iny olause Of my will, or the codicils thereto, shall defeat >r render void any other parts thereof. And in caso of he invalidity of any devise or legacy or other provision, direct that the property or subjeot of such invalid disposition shall bs given to the persons for whose benefit he eame appears by the expressions of such defeated ilause; as to which property or subjeot, I authorize my xeoutors to appoint the same, to said person or persons a sueh estates, manner and proportions, as they shall udge conform tble to my will, and lis shall be lawful. And inasmuch as I nuke advancement* or beneficial prorisioos for persons or purposes provided for in ruy will iud OOdiOlls, it Id my direction timt sucn advancements, f charged In my book* or Account,* shall he deemed 10 uunb on nceoont of th? provision in my will or codicil* n ftivor of such person or person*. Lastly I Appoint I>ara c i. Lonu, Jutir , to bo oh ax?< ii/nr if uiy will with the otii?r eaecutoi* thereof, in the mum nanner n* if h? had been nAUird their in. and I give him ill *uob r*tAt?. Intcreet. Authority, trout and power as i* [Iren to my other executors. I publleh this codiatl and my said will a* hereafter (notified, a* together containing my iaet will and teetnment; ml I h it* mg >ed and sealed tb- same in to# p-eeeore of ha sohiorjhp-f witi>e<*r* here o this nine!*'nth ley ?>( I tuuary, in the year i f our Lord one Uicunnd eight uuu lied and thirty eight. JOHN JACOB AttTQM, ti- # ) RK H MORNING, APRIL 5, 1845 SECOND CODICIL. I, John Jacob Aitoh, do make thia farther Codicil to my will, bearing dale, July 4th, 1H36. 1st in order more comfortably to accommodate my unfortunate ??n John, I have provided for the er-otiun of a tlut'Uing house ?? Fourteenth itTe't III the city of New York, upon a certain piece of land which I attach thereto, hounded ua follows : beginning on the northerly side of Fourteenth streot, one hundred and twenty Ave feet westerly from its intersection with tbo westerly side ot the Ninth avenue, running thence northerly parallel with the said avenue to the south siie cf Kilteeuth street, thenoe westeily along the same one hundred feet, then southerly parallel to the lino of the said Ninth avenue to Fourteenth street, tlieu Along the same easterly one hundred feet, to the plaoe of beginning, which house I intend to furnish and provide for his convenienon and that cf tho persons who from time to time shall take charge of his personal comfort Now, therefore. I do hereby give to my son John the said house and land with the furniture appropiiaied thereto, to have and to hold so lrtiifr (lurincr h ia life hi th? aam* nhall Ha iisuJ onil 1r*nt for bi* personal accommodation and convenience. with rtmaindir to my daughter Dorothea, to bo hold by her ?o long during her life aa ahe shall use the same or the income thereof for her own uuo, free from nil control 01 interference of her husband, and so long as she or her husband shall not attempt to dispose of her interest thorcin, and shall not permit the same to be incumbered or taken under any incumbrance, but not longer; and in cose, during her life, ahe or her husband, or any claiming under or against them, shall attempt to incumber or divert the same from her actual use, then 1 give the same to my executors, in trust, during her life, to receive the rents and profits thereof, and to apply ths same to her use, for which her receipts shall be a fall vouoher to my exeoutors. After her death T five and deviie the laid lands and furniture, one equal half part thereof to the then surviving children and inue of my daughter Dorothea, the other half to the then surviving children and issue of my son William, taking In fee simple, and the issne representing its parent deceased Provided, however, and I hereby authorize my executors in oase they shall think that the comfort of my son will be more promoted by a change of his residence or any other appropriation of the property for his benefit, to lease the said premises for any lawfnl term of years, nr to sell the land and execute the proper deeds, to convey the same in fee simple, and to invest the proceeds from a sale in other lands, for his personal use and aooommodatton during bis life, or In bonds secured t y mortgage of real estate, or publio stocks, and so on. from time to time, in wnicn cm* or investment, I Rive the to come, to be applied by my executors, to tbe us* of my son Joha, for his life ; after his death I give th? saiil income to my daughter Dorothea, and my execut> *s eg above expressed in relation to the land ; and the capital on her death I give to the then surviving children of my said daughter, and my son William, as above expressed Item.?The sum which my oxr outers are authorised under the 7th item of my will to expend for my ion John, is hereby enlarged to ten thousand dollar> per annum Item?In consequence of the lamented death of my daughter Eliza., the provisions of the fourth item of my will are defeated, and I revoke the raid item ; and I give . the use of my estate near Geneva to Mr. Vixokkt RuMrrs tor his life; and after him I give the said estate to my grand daughter Cecilia Langdon, and her heirs forever I give to my daughter Do kothka the income of one hun ilrrd thousand dollars deposited in the New York Life Insuranoe and Trust Company, bearing interest at five per oent. per annum, to take and receive the inoome thereof so long dating her life ns she or her husband, present, or future, or any ono claiming under them, ehall not attempt to encumber, charge, or assign the s >me, In whole or in part; and in case of any such attempt, then i give the said inoom* to my executors, in trust, during bsr life, to apply the same to her use, for which her own receipt shall be a vouoher ; and upon her death, I give the said capital sum to her daughters, [eeeoodioll of Juoe 3. 1841,] Eliza, Louisa, and Cecilia, and to her sons, Walter, Woodbury,.and Kuoenk. and to anch of these six children as may survive me, to be squally divided among them, and to be aocumulated as to the ahare ot each one under the age of twenty-one years, for his or her benefit; and on their attaining that age respectively, to bo paid to them by my exeoutors ; and if any of them aha.ll ills* hkfnm that, aup urtf.hnnf. iirwivinir iamia l?fa nr> her share shall be givi to the survivors viluK I give to the eaid tix children of my daughter Dorothea, or to such of tham as may survive me, one hundred thouiand dollari of the public debt of the city af New York, bearing five per cent in terest, usually called the water loan, to ba paid to each on attaining their age of twenty-one years, nod the in_ terest of the share* of those under that ago to be aecu' mulatcd for their benefit until that period; and in case any of them shall die before that age without earviving issue , then his or her share shall go to the survivors. Item?I give to my laid grand-children, Klisa, Louisa, [see codicil of 8d June, 1911] Cecilia, Walter, Woophijrv and Ki'uksa, and to such of them as may survive mo . five lot of land fronting on the loulh tide of Grand strict, between Ludlow and Orchard streets; and alio four lot I of land fronting the sou h'rly tide of Grand tlreet. between Norfolk and Kssex streets, In tbe city of New York, with their improvements respectively; to nave and to hold tho same to my said grand-ohildren, in t-tiual shares, ior their lives respectively. And en the deatn of eaob, 1 givo the share enjoyed by such deceased to hie or h?r Issue, then surviving, In leerjtnple; to be divided according to tbe number of his or her children, and if such deceased shall leave no surviving issue, then I give the share of such deoeased to the survivors of the said six, and to their heirs or assigns;forever. As to whiob lots, 1 direct and order that the eleventh article of my will shall apply in all.respeots in the same manner as if this devise had been contained in the body of the eaid will. Item ?I givs to my niece]Sophia Aslor, of Nieuwid, In (tarmiinv. tn utlriltinn to hop ia#>av *n anunlto of thm hundred dollars per minim, to commenco from my deere no, mud paid up to the tirue of her death, payable yearly. And this codicil, with my said will, and the other codicils thereto, I publish, and declare to contain my last will and tostamont. In witness whereof, I hare hereunto subscribed my name, and set my seal in the presence of the witnesses subscribing with me, this ninth day of January, in the year of our Lord ono thousand eight hundred and thirty nine. JOHN JACOB A8TOR [L 8 ] Published and declared by Mr John Jacob Astor to be a codocil to bie will, this ninth day of January, A I) 18:19, in presence of us signing at his request, and in preseuoe of hint and of each other. THIRD CODICIL?AUGUST 22, 1839. f, Joh-v Jaoou Ajtor, do make this additional codicil to my last will, bearing date the fourth day of July, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty-sis. Desiring to render a pitblio benefit to the city of New York, and to oontribute to the advancement of useful knowledge and the general good of society, I do by this codicil appropriate Four Hundred Thousand Dollars, out ot my residuary estate, to the establishment of a Public Library in the city of New York Kor this purpose I give to my executors Four Hundred Thousand Dollars. to be taken from my personal estate, or raised ny a saie 01 pans 01 my real estate, to no ra?ue by my executors, with the assent of my son William R Amor, upon condition and to tbe intent that the said amount be settled, applied and disposed of as follows, namelylet?In the erecting of a suitable building for n Tublie Library. dd?la furnishing and supplying the same from time to time with books, maps, anarts, models, drawings, paintings, ongravings, casts, statues, furniture and other things, appertaining to a library, for general use, upon the most ample scale and liberal oliaracter. 3d?In maintaining and upholding the buildings and other property, And in defraying the necessary expenses of taking care of the property, and of the tlon of persons consulting the library. The said sum shall be payable one-third in the year after my deoeese ; one-third in the year following, and tbe residue In equal sums, in the fourth aad fifth ye?r alter my decease The said library is to bo accessible, at all reasonable hours and times, for general use, free of expense to persons resortlDg thereto, subject only to suoh control and regulations as tbe trustees may from time to time exercise and establish for general convenience The affairs of the institution shall be conduoted and directed by eleven trustees, to be from time to time selected from the different liberal professions and employ ments in life, and the classes of educated men. The Mayor of the oity of New York, during bis continuance in office, and the Chancellor of the State of New York, during tils continuanoe in office, shall always be trustees The vacancies in the number ot trustees oocurriug by deatb, resignation, Incapacity, or removal frcm the State, shall lie filled by persons appointed by the remaining trustees. Tbe acts ei a majority of tbe trustees, at a meeting reasonably notified, shall be valid. All Iho property and sifects of tbe institution shall be vest?d In the eatJ trustees. They shall have power to direct the expenditure of tbe funds, tbe Investment, safe keeping and management thereof, and of tbe property and effeots ot the institution ; also to make null ordinances and regulations, from tune to time, as they may think proper tor the good order and convenience of alio to appoint, dlroet, control. aud remove the superint-ndaot of the library. aod all librarians and others em ploye I about lh*Tn*titutlnn ; aod. also, they shall have and use all power* and authority tor promoting the expressed objects or this institution, not contrary to what is herein expressed. They ehail not receive any compensation tor their services, except that if any one of their number shall at any time bo appointed superintendent, he m#y receive compensation < such. The Trustees shall be subject to the visitation of the proper court* of justloo, for the purpose ot prevention and redressing alt mismanagement, waste, or breach ol trust. And I direct that the said public library be established on my laud, at the oorner of Lafayette Place aod Art street, on the westerly side Ot Lafayette n?os, in ibe city of New York: beginning on th? westerly line ol Lafayette Place, eight) one feet ; northerly from tbe corner of the honse in which my daughter, Dorothea Langilon, now resides, and running thenoo perpendicular to Lafayette Place, one hundred and thirtyseven feet six incites to the alleyway 111 the rear; thence aloug the alleyway to Art sLeet ; tlieocr along Art street to Lafayette I'iaoe, and thsnoe to the place of beginning, with the tight and benefit of way in the alley j wtiioh laud I direct uiy executors to conv-y to the said tru?tees, in fee simple, by such propet assurances as shall secure the land for the p irpoee ot I lie library, and on condition to lie appli-d and u>-ed iheretor. And, inasmuch as one of the lots so to be conveyed is devised to the ohiidreen of Mrs. Langilon, I order that twelve thousand five hundred dollars be paid to Lie said devisees, as a compensation for the lot. And I direct that all tbe sal.1 land hereby appropriated, be valued ? ( i v th 'Uiand dol'an, hud torttt p:irt of Utt (ltd four tU-.Jltd : thousand i oil,us I Luther direct that a sum not exCMdicg Ukuimmm 4eU?i, may be expended m the eteeiion ol I 1 I '? 1 1 " [ERAI 3. the building for the library. One hundred and twenty mj thousand dollars nor be expended in the purchase of oil books end other object*, for the establishment of ti e I library; and the realduo ehell be invested a* a fund tor en the maintaining and gradually Increasing of the library tb All investment# of the funds of lh# iustitu'ion shall I i be mad* in the Publio Debt of the United Statue of Am*- po rioa, or o the States of the Union, or of the city ot New th York, as long as snub subjects of investment may be had. cc giving a prelereuo* according to the order in which they tli are named. And in oaee the income of the fund shall at any lime exoeed the amounts which the trustee* may se Bud useful to expend, for the purposes above named and m particularized, they may expend such surplus in procuring publio lectures to be delivered In connection with s* the library, upon useful subjects of literature, philosophy, ot scieuce, history, ana th? nae art* ; or in promoting in se nny other mode, the objects of the institution, ns shore expressed I direot my exeoutor* to cause end prooure the neorssary legal assurances to lie , made for establishing and securing the application ot Ihe fund* and property hereby appropriate rd, for the purposes o( these presents, and In the , mode herein pointed out; and It is my request that the Trustees would apply to the Legislature ot this . State, tor such acts as may fully secure, establish and ^ perpetuate this institution, and render its maoageaient easy, conyenient and safe, both to themseleea and tlie *, public. And as this property is derottd wholly to pub- . lie purposes, I trust that thn Legislature will so fur faror the institution as to sxempt its property from taxation. j0 And as a mark of my respect to the following gentlemen, ... I name them to bo the first Trustees ; thai is to say : - . The Mayor or thic City ok New York, and the Chamckllor or the Statu, for the time being, in reepeot to their offices ; Washington Ihvinu, Wii.i.iam B Astor, Daniki. Lord, Junior, Jamks (J. Kino, Joskmi II Conswki.d, Kit* Urkbnk Hai.lkck, IIknrt Bravoort, Ju- . nioh, Sahuil B. Ruculcs, and Samuei. Ward, Ju- ,f nior. d In witness whereof, i have set my hand anJ seal to . this codioil,and publish the same as u ooJicil to my will, , this twsnty-seooad day of August, in the year of our a) Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine. JOHN JACOB ASTOR, [l ?.J d( FOURTH CODICIL?OCT. 24, 1835). tb A further nodooil to the will of John Jaoob Astor, bear- ai ing date the fourth dnyof July, A.D., 183ti. I 1st - I revoke and annul the legacy of fifty thousand D IIOtlkTl HIV <n IO JUSKFH ASTUH HOU U1B OUIIUIBU III unit W<J of kin, contained In the eighth item of the codicil to d< my will, which codicil beam ditto the nineteonth of January, A I) , 1838 ; and I give to the said JrsRFH A? roii p] lor his life an annuity of three hundred pounds sterling gl per annum, te commence irom my deoease, and to be ?' paid half yearly and up to hiadcceaee, provided that my at executors, if they think fit, may retain the same or any fi payment thereof, and apply the same to the use of biia tt or bis family, as they may judge most beneficial to him. L Jd-I revoke and annul the legacy of twenty-Jive thou- L and dollars given in my will to <Ar Trustees of Colvm- ei sit Coi.lkok, in the city of New York. b] 3J?1 direct that the commissions chargable by my executors, be divided among such of them as shall act o in the executorship, exclusively of William B Astor, hi who receives the bonelit of the general residuary gifts of gl my will. w in witness whereof, I have subscribed this eodloll, and do publish the same as an additional oodicli to uiy last R will atid testament, this twenty-fourth day of October, tr in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and et thirty -ntue. J J ASTOR. b Signed and declared by John Jacob Astor as a oodicil ai to his will, this -J4th day of October, A D , 1839, in pre- tl sence t f us signing at his request, and in bis presence, us h, witness's. Luoy Skwilk, Hurlgate, New York, 0 Oko. N. Bkwkll. tl Deolared by Mr. J. J Astor to be a codloil to his lost al will and testament, by him subscribed as such before us, si signing as witnesses at his request, 1845, Jan 11. h Jos G Coiiswkll, SOS Broadway, N Y. it Chahi.ks J. M'Ilvaink, 44 Groat Jones St. e L>anir.l D. Loan, Nineteenth St. ti A FURTHER. CODICIL g< T> the Jfill of Jon it Jacob Astor, hearing date the c fourth day of July, in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and'thirty-six. a Having before mn the said will, and the four several o oodicils thereto, bearing dato January 19, 1839, January 9, August 'JJ.nnd October 21, i83B, 1 do make this additional codicil: that is to say ? Ut.?I revoke so much of the said codicil, dated In Janusry, eighteen hundred and thirty.eight, at girrt to , my daughter, Mrs. LangdoH,for her li/e, the lot on Lajayrtte Place, given in my will to Chat Us Bristsd, for lijr ; bo that the estate of Charles Uristed in the said lot, shall not be auhjeet to any estate of my daughter therein. And In reiatioiio to the plan of the lota on the west , aide of Lafayette Place, hy which a gangway ia eatah- N lisbed, as ia mentioned in the second item of the aaid oodioil, 1 hereby revoke ao much of the said codicil hs relnteato the establishment or enjoyment of the gin* , way therein montioned, and I abolish anil annul the said , gangway, uud Uupoae it aa a condition on iny daughter and graud children, holding lands adjacent to It, that such gangway be wholly abandoned. *Jd ?I revoke the legacy ot two thousand dollars given in my will lo the German Reformed Congregation In the y oity of New Pork, intending, during my Me, to apply that amount to the religious and moral welfare o( Hermans in some other mode. 3d.?In relation to the Library provided for in my eodicil, hearing date the twenty-second day of August, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, 1 hare concluded to . change the site thereof, and I therefore direct that the ( land in that codicil, appropriated for this purpose, be discharged theiefiom, and so much of the said codicil as '' appropriates the site for the said library, and the com- J'1 pensaunn to be paid for it, is hereby revoked. And in- !* stead thereof, I allow the building for the said Library | to be erected on the southerly side of Jtstor Place, J" (formerly Art street,) between Lafayette Place and t0 Broadway, on the land desoribed as follows : -Beginning J" on the southerly side of Astor Place, at a point distant one hundred and fifty-one feet westerly trom the wester- *' ly oorner of Astor Place and La ayette Piaoo ; thence J" lunning westerly along Astor Place, sixty-five feet, thence in a line perpendicularto Astor Place, one huu ' drcd and twenty-five foet nine inches, to the nertheily J* side of a lot given to my daughter, Mis. Langdon: l' thenco along the same northerly and easterly, in a line ^ perpendicular to the westerly side of Lafayette Place, j invy ?nvru ifvij uiTUio aiuu^ mo mir vi mu ivi guru to CliarluR liilsted, and in that direction, parallel with J" tlie westerly side of Lafayette i'laco, thirty-one feet one l" inch; thenoe in a liuj perpendicular to the soutlieily side of Astor Place, one hundred.and twenty-five feet, to al the place of beginning; which site I direct ray executors to convey to tho trnstees of the said library, instead *? of the rite in the said codicil expressed, and I estimate t0 the site now above described, at thirty-live thousand "! dollars. But if the trustees of the said library shall, beforo commencing the building, think a tile an the rait- Vj erly tide of Lafayette Place preferable, I authorise my "r executors, instead of the site aforesaid, to oonvey to the , trustees of the library, aa a site therefor, so muoh land 01 on the easterly side of Lafayette Place as shall be sixty- c< lire ieet in front, aDd one hutnlrod and twenty feet deep, to be looated out of my lands there, by the said J' trustees ; and direct tbat the site so seleated be fairly und justly valued by my executors, and the amount of 01 such valuation to be apportioned among tha devisees of thelnnds out of which the Selection shall he made, and to be held and disposed of as the land was, both as to capital and income. I direct tbat the sum to be appropriated for erecting the library building shall not exceed seventy-five thousand dollars. , And I also allow that the fund* of the said library may, in the discretion of the trustees, be invested in bonds secured by mortgage cf improved real estate, ns well as In the stocks enumeratsd in the oodioil establishing such library. h< 4!n ? I give unit my j?i antic auar en nerein next u{ nsmed, the following Ion of land on Lafayette I'lac*, ol fu which I have caused a map to be made and th? lota to f ( be numbered from one to seven, each lot being twrmy- i, seven (*at In width on Lafayette Place, and to he bounde l by line* perpendloularly thereto, and extending to the above described *ite tor the Uhrary, and if that ehall ,, he located on the easterly elde of Lafayette Tlaee, then K, extending to the rear ot ray there ?namely: To my grandnon William Aatoh, I give thetouthernmoi! lot. next to that of Charles Briated, which lot now given la w number two; to Johw Jacob Aatoii I giro the next lot p. North being number three; to Louisa 1). Laxodon, |s?e codicil, June, lt*41J tbe lot next North, being number p, four; to F'.lita Laxiiiiox, the lot next North, b-ing nura- K, her live; and to my daughter, Mrs. LanudOiv, 1 give the e0 two ton lix and teven, the latter bein? a corner lot forty br leet front and narrowing to the rear; to have and to hold pa to thein respectively and to their heirs and aasigua (or- m ever; Provided, however, and on condition that no build- tin luge be erected on the said lots (including alio the lot of VI Charles Hristsd) hnt dwelling bouses at least three ato- e(j riee high and covering the full front of the lots and the necessary office* on the reat* of the lota. Provided, also, t? that It shall be lawful for my executors at any time ftl during the life of the devisee, to make and execute a ao settlement of the lots gtven to tbe said ladies, securing Cfl the enjoyment to them, *s a separate estate, of tbe sa.d lots during life, and a power of giving the same as they Wl please anting their lame, brothers and sisters, and an thai. .iiati nna.r In I.. .1 i .rnlini, >r V with my executor*; with a power to the. in id lodiet r, ipiC- rt tinrly of leasing fur term* of y?ar? allowed by law; and w I aumorise my ex*cntorx, at the request of any of tbo ja said grandchildren, (including Charles Bristed,and hi* |>e lot) to lay out amy part of the personal estate given to thorn or to their ttae, re?peetif?ly, In the erection of a p suitable dwelling house aud its appurtenances on the lot \j ao given fronting on Lafayette Place. fttU?1 give to my friend, t'lrx Ubkkkk Hallecx, an tb annuity of tu>o hundi til dollar! aomiLencing at a?y de- Ct crass, enu payable halt yearly for hi* life, to be teoursd fo by aettltig apart ao much of iny personal estate as may b< he necessary , which 1 intend as a mat k of my regard for lu Mr llallaok " H'h-I direct my exeoutors to npoly fifty Ihmnond in dollar? to the use ot the poor of It'llIdarp uesr tl< idol- re ti-rg in the (iraml Dm ny oi Kadeu. I y the eetnbli* h ineut of some provtsh n fir the sicker disabled, or the in education mid improvement of the young who ui?y be b' In a condition to need the aid ol such fund; requesting my executors to consult on this subject aiy ostsomsd fn Ud. Mr Vinoiut Kun pff, and to procure the appoint- H'l meul or establishment i I such trust or !< gul body. Itorn wi the KU'.hotitlrs ?nl government Of tte piece, a* may ha requiite cr dMiued useful by my executor*. 7th ? 1 i. dure the legacy bequeathed to tha Herman . .Society of New York, from twniyfive thouionJ dollar! ' to twenty thuuiand dnllat s, ol which I bare already ad* 1 ranc?il hem fifteen thousand six hundred and ninetyoven 'otiafs hitv cent*, to bp . du.-t-d, then tor, ffom ?n .. .it -4 t mfUttoiis.i mil t!w, / r ii it / (he Ug*CJ , *' hit it.? v,i? .?!*?? lUtMLt, wife oi tiaoige . { ' Km n?n would hare taken und*r the best codicil to ny I ' * Will, to Jt/Krw Houiand Jt'iari, J rsdwte th$ (sfory ot J ? L<D. f>rlc? WW* Cmm. 1 r niece mm. HtiiH Ohiiun, given the mid o*4t, from thirty thoiiaaml to twenty tiau? ? ' -l-Umn -tth I appoint my grandson, Jmi Jn oa Aaroa WW aier.utor of my will. with t h* other egeout ira thereof.!* n name m inner a* if ha had bean a itna<] therein ted (ira him all inch eaiate, mtareet. antnorily. tniat ant war, aa la gir? u to my othar eaeouton. tnd I apply a prorialona ef tha eleventh itam nt ay will to all my idinlla ao far aa the aama can ha applied to tha auhjerta aroof. La?t ?I reeognlsa and publifli anaw tha aald will ao4 raral codicil*. aa together w th Una codicil. forming y laat will and teatamont. in witneae whereof. I have h-rauuln ael m? haul an* I this third day of Marnh, in th? y?tr of oar Lord, le thousand eight hundred and torty-ouo, In ths pro noo of the witnesses subscribing with m? J. J AHTOU [i. | SIXTH CODICIL, further codioU to the will of Johi l?toi Alios, dated July 4, 4H3H let?Aa to all such shaies, estate, and interest in land xcept the lot ott the west aids of Lafayette plans. men>n'il beneath) as are in my will or In any rodlclltbevw. given on my decease to Louiaa, .laughter of Mre. rothea Laugdon, or to the tasun of the said Louiaa. I re one half thereof to the other children of my daoghr Dorothea, to be taken and hold as sn increase of the sres or sums given to them and their issue In the earn# operty ; the other half I give to my executors In trust, receive the rents, issues and profits thereof, for the e or the ssid Louisa, and to apply the same to her nee, ear of any control, debts, or right of her husband thers ; and after her death, I give the semn to bar surviving tildren ; or If she leave none, to her surviving brothers id sisters or their Issue. -id?As to all estates, rights and Intsresta inlands, ooks. personal effects, or money, to which tbs said Lona or ner issue would have been entitled, under my will - any codicil thereto, after the death of her motbar, rothers or sisters, I givs tbs same to her brothers and aters and thair Issue, an an increase ot their respective tares or Interests, in the same property. 3d?As to tho two legsoiss of twenty-llvo thousand hilars eaeh, and the share of the water stook, to whieh le said Louisa would have tioen entitled under my will id a codioil thereto, I revoke the two legaoiea entirely; give the income of her share of stock to my daughter orothea for life ; and on her death, I give the capital i her other ohildren and their issue in case of their joea-e. 4th?As to the lot on the westerly side of Lafayette ,aoe, given to the said Louisa In a codicil to my will, I ivo the seme to Cecelia I,angdon. to be had and bolden i if tier name had been written in the devise thereof, In;eud of Louisa, with every advantage, power and benet, and subject to evory condition, power and limitation lerein contained. ith?I expressly authorise my daughter Dorothea angdon, by deed or will, to appoint and give to the said outsa and her issue, or to her or tbelr use. any part,not [needing in value one half of the real or personal estata f this codioil taken from Lonlsa and given to others, ttth? I diiectand devise that Chaklks Bristkd be one f the trustees of the devise and legacy for a public lieery, provided for in lorruer codicils to my will, and 1 ive him the same estate, interest and power, as if ha ere originally named in such devise and legacy 7th -Considering the advantages which Mr. Vinoent .umpfT has received from the marriage settlement of ty daughter, i revoke the devise to him, for his life, of my stato near (ieneva. hut ifan accounting shall take place stween us touching the property in the said settlement iter this date, and within two years, and the balaaoe of fat aooonnt shall be paid, than I renew suoh devise to iin for life of the estate near Geneva. In relation to the some estate which 1 give to the said ecelia, subject to said life estate to Mr. ltumpIT, I furlermore devise that if she shall depart this life before ttaialng the age of twenty-one years, then 1 give the lid estate to to her issue surviving her ; and if she shall ave none surviving, then I give tho same to her survivig brothers and sisteis and their heirs and assigns for?er. Last?I publish this as a eodletl to my will, and as aisring and revoking the same and the oodioila thereto, o far as a different disposition is msde by the present odictl. In wiikukov, I have hereunto eet my hand ,nd seal, this third day of June, in the year of our Lord >ne thousand eight hundred and forty-one. J.J.ASTOR. [l. s] SKVg.NTH CODICIL. I. John Jacoh Astoh, of the city of New York, do take this additional oodioii te my will, bearing data uly 4th, 18S0. In order to make a provision for Mr. Wai tkr La noun, after the deoeaee of my daughter, hie wife, in oaso j should survive her. I do hereby direct that an annual m ot five tkautand dollari be appropriated to his ose, om tha rents and income of my lands in the eity of ew York, bounded by Hudson river, Charlton, Morton, ad Greenwich streets; such annual provision to commnce from the death of my daughter, to be paid <|oaritly, and to continue durlug the life of the said Waltar angdon. And I authorise, empower, and direct my xecutore to select from the euid lands suoh as will, in ad to settle the same, by such conveyance, in trust or therwise, an will secure the same to the use of the smid falter Langdou. In witness whereof I hare hereunto <t my hand, tbfs lifteenth day of December, in the year r our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and forty-two. J. J. ASTOR. EIGHTH CODICIL. A further oodioil to the will of Johiv Jacob Aitos, taring date July 4,1836 Whereas, in my will I charged open the residuary tate devised to my son, William B. Astor, in the tentn im of my will, portions of two hundred thousand dolrs, to be settled upon enoh ot bis daughters and her sue, in such manner as he might think Ot, subject to is conditions therein expressed, which portions wero > he set apart out of the real estate devised to him, and hioh, when set apart, were not to form any inoumrance upon tho residue, and, in case of his leaving no ipointment, the said portions w*re to be considered as srt of his daughters' shares on the division of the estate rereby devised among his children; and whereas, in the 'nth item of a cod'cil to my said will, (suob codicil 'uring date January 10,I directed that suoh porous should be settled on them on their respectively ttaioing the age ot twenty-one yoars, or their marriage : low, thinking it beat for my said grandaugbters. and >r other reasons expedient, I do hereby declare, direct, ad will, that the said will and codicil, so far as relates > the said portions ot two hundred thousand d*'lars, be odified and so far revoked, so that It shall be wholly iscretionary with nay said son William B. Astar, to give -appoint such portions or not; and if he shall choose i appoint the same, it shall be discretionary with him appoint the same in suoh manner and on snoh trusts id'conditions as be may think fit; and ui lass he shall loose to appoiut suoh portions to his da^hters and reir issue, they shall not be ohatg is on my estate, or on ie re tate devised to my sou, in any manner whatever, nd I revoke so much of my said will, and of my eodl I tnert-to, m ii contrary or repugnant to tail present xllcil In witooss whereof, I have hereunto set my bind and al, and have published this m a codicil to my will, tbia venty second day of December, in the year of oar Lord He thousand right hundred and forty-three, in the prance of Joeeph (J. Cogswell, Lucy 9e weli, and WHliam f. Bruce, witnesses subscribing with me. J. J. A8TOR. [l. ? ] Pollcw Intelligence. Charge of Falir Prrttnei?.?Officer Stephens, of le lower police, arreeted y eater day .three ie name* or Alexander Q. Cox, H.phram Maynard.and oney well ii. Vincent, on a warrant iMued by Joatloe aborue, wherein they itand charged with obtaining om Alexander J. Berrtan, gold pen and penill menucturer, No. 77 Naeaau street, a quantity of gold pen >lders and penoils, valued at $750, by false and fraudulent repreientations. It appears Irom the facta set >rth In the affldarit of Mr. Berrian, that Cox oallI upon the complainant on the 5th of Maro7 ' Lit, and proposed to purchase goods to the amonr jove named; and In pnymeat thereof. Cox proposed ?e a bond and mortgage on real estate, alleged to oa tuated in tba city or Utioe, consisting of eight lots of round on Lonisa street, and two lots on Colombia reet. valued at over $1 100 over and above the mortige, which was only $750, with interest. Mayaard was ,ih Cox at the time when the mortgige wis offered ia tyinent for ths gold pens, lac, co Mr. Berrlsn, id represented himself to bo the owner or the cperty; and further, that the mortgage was inuine, and the property located as thus deribed by < ox. Therefore, upon their representations, lieving all to be correct, Mr. Uerrlan was induced to ,rt with his property and receive the mortgage in piiyent Cox, in the course of csnvsrsation, stated that i was acting in the matter as agent for Honeywell Sc Incent, thus making up the three individuals concernin the transaction Upon sending to Utlca, and enliry being made by Mr IWrian relative to the proper, it was aoon ascertained that the whole affair was a ?ud,as no such mortgage existed upon property deribed by Cox and Maynard, in Utlca, but waa a plan ncoctrd in NewYork, in order m*r?ly to obtain posses I'll of the property Irom Mr. Uerrlan The aoou??a ire taken before Justice Osliom?, who committed tb?m I to the Tomb* lor a further homing. CM Hurglaty at I'alerson, New Jmey.?Tbe ory good* ore occupied by .Michael McLeer, situated in liroed*y, raterson, New Jorsey, wa* entered by mean* ol a lie key by eome expert burgiare, who eeJected all the ' t piece* of cloth*, caeelmerea, and ehawio, valued la I at $300, which they ctrrird off without deteetlon. he rubbery we* effected between Saturday night and ?nday morning. Th? noto.loui burglar David Devoe, ho wm liberated some week* ago by the Brooklyn auloritie*, under peculiar clrcumeUnce*, i* now at large inoocilng burglmie*, and acting a* a "(tool pigeon'* r certain member* of the New York polioe. A man taring the deecriplion of thia David, waa seen to be .rliing about in that neighborhood a day or two before le burglary No doubt tneprooeedaof this robbery are i this city, or will be in a few day*; that io, if a suitable ward i? offered I r tbe reetnraliou oltbo property. Jinui' ll:hb'iy ?While tho celebration wise going on the Par* ree'eniey. some thief entered tbe dwelling . VI. I I..T .1 I 'MI No .lift I'aarl street and U*B (M i?Il ^ .'o-.w .v . - - oka up?n the burrau drawer* with a cliieel, atealMi* errfrom two treamry notaa lor >in ? each, dated K"#b It, IH48, endorsed by Captain Levy ; alio, void lerer ?teh jioi fob ohain. worth $7i>, and JilOm money. Mnvtmvi ta nt the Holt-la, tb', I ha Lotrla yesterday a if<>rd*d a i-opioue a?liana of b apptnxim iliou 01 the commend*! aaaeou The South tithe Watt litre largely coutributad their tjoota of tni annnal vieitere independent of whom, the Army d Ntvy f< rm o i looomtil'rahle portion of the ni??? 10 C .-.tribute to )a ... ;b# ]>*/** of the teepe, t ie t'gnre auidt-urt oho.a at -to VoxrWaa. are Uwri, kUliiDK -104 iutube* 1>| UIQ I oltrd 3Ul?f Nh?JI at A?Wr,L?ut. Hog?? i

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