Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1848 Page 2
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13 'ecwptfd WSt Mt of th*U ttehsaitiU and H506?*?: on iceHoes. All p*rme&-r it Is ?*I4. aro fl?*de *" pu ciutiy tad the p- ]?!!< ?: to defer th?m for M de?i wh'rh had been k ran tad. haa not in any way tieca re aorted Otlnnli. Oi tha lath ult, Ci>at>l tttedinn publbhed a procla 0 m>ttoo anoounrirp tbo lib-rtr of th- prree andaoon' St stlintl ?n of tba Stale* Tha create* enthusiasm pro ?Vailad_ OwliMrland Some insu'sr <1lsoov?rie? bare been made la thf mioi-tTial of N?ufchetel. It apreara that it wai ha iatonti'ia of Austria Prussia. and Franco to break at tha Swiss part of 1916 and reooaatitnta Switzerland into thraa or four separata confederations. tha Sonderbuad f irminc one. and It* cantooe helot auimentcd at tha el peat* of tha liberal oantooe. f on which several dtatrioti twere to be curtailed The<en Ncufc\utr'.?is ii Tblishing tha docnmaut? found. Naples. Tba advices from Napiealn th? Lata ffcliaaa of 9a tnrday aanouncaa tba expulsion of the Jeiulta from thai city la accordance wl'h tha popular will Tha IndUno tion afstoat tba " holy" fhtbera waa general tad notbin| hot a promise to leave Naples tared than from laminar] rai geeucs *" It wa* feared at N 4 pi at that M'eaina waa atlll a pray ti thafl*meaof cirll war. Tha government. howerar. hai ant a special messenger to atop the farther effusion c blood, by the proclamation of the new constitution. Sweden. Tha new* of tha proclamation of the French repnblii created great excitement knStockholm; the (students as semhled, and had a grand toroh-light proceasslon. Sat dint a. ay K.oyai ordinance, the election* in Sardlnii are *< take pli?? ?n the 17th of April, and the Senate and Chamber of Deputiea are to meet at Turin on the 27tt cf AptO. The moment the rieing in Lombardy be same known at Turin, King Charlei Albert convoked a cabinet connoil to oonaider the expediency of marching an armed force to the aaaiatanoe of the Milanese. X etter from Turin, of the 19th lnat., etatee that it , the Archduke ttetnier who waa arreeted at Brescia, 1,J .nit, when the mall left Milan, the Austrian* were making terms with the iuinrgents for the evacuation ol the olty On the 19th instant King Charles Albert published a general amneity. Malta, Malta, March 9, 1948 ? There is nothing to communicate hy wny of new* Toe carnival hae passed cf with quiet, and the disturbances which have lately ta ken piaoe have entirely eubelded The Frenoh eteamer, which arrived direct from Marseille* yesterday, brcusht us naws from Paris to the 29tl ult., bat nothing from England. The Indirect boat faai not yet appeared 9h# is. I bear, taken on to Toulon by Admiral Baulln, who Is appointed to the command ot the French fleet by the provisional government. Ruatla. Wo read in a letter t-om St. Petsrsburgh, of the 4tb that on learning that a revolution bad taken place it Franoe, the Emperor appeared indilTsrent, but Said ' Franoe has become wild, snd the French are mad.'' There was a talk the day after of extraordinary military msasures having been received on, which eppoare to b< confirmed: for we learn under data of the lltn, in a semi official manner, that the Emperor baa given instrnotloni to th* Minister of War to pleoa the troops on a war foot Hi* Imperial Msjssty feels bound to adopt this ste] by the terms of existing treaties with other power*, and in the event of anaeessliy arising, lor affording all thi protectiob in hia power to the claim* of legitlmacj against the deatruotive advance of revolutionlat* ant anarchist e Despatches have baen received at the Foreign-cffici from Berlin, dated the 14th. which announo* that thi hmpeioroi Kuraia 1)a( declared in the most positivi manner that he will abstain from all Interference in th affaire of Franee so long as Franoe shall not make ant aggression on other powers. An abaurd report prevailed a few days ago that thi Emperor waa dead?it waa rumored by poison?and the the nobles had resolved to es ablieb a republic GEA letter from Copenhagen of the 14th ult., announce that a report was otronlsted that a Russian fleet was t< pass through the Sound for the purpose of ar Matin? thi King of Naples; th* Danish people batf oonveyed artills ry to tba ooaat, to oppose the p u---?e or the lies dans Intelligence of the late events In Taris reaohed thi Emperor of Russia on the 1st Instant, by mean* of th< telegraph establishment on the line between Warsaw and St. Feteraburgh. Th- French ptpers, which arrived p in that capital in due course on the 3d instant, wen Y stopped at the post office, while the Gaze It of St. Fe /V tersbnrgh annoucoeJ that its dally publication wouif * MM until the 7th instant. This sudden suspension c the official jonrngl struck every one with constants lion : but, In the meantime, the members of the nobilit] and foreign reefdents aucceeded in learning the detail of the revolntion from their friends in the different em baeeiea. In tbie way the whole city was gradually Id formed as to what had occurreJ at Farla, and, as m>] be reedily imagined, was thrown into e state cf th greatest private excitement. A letter from St Petersburgh annouocra the ap proaebing departure of the Emperor Nicholas for Bar lin, and of the empress for the island of Madeira, when ah* ha* been ordered by her physician* to pea* som< time. Th* 1Vurzate Gaztiie of tb* 13th inat. states, that a levy of recruit* wee to take plaoe on that day in all the kingdom of Poland. Greece Athiws. March 10?Tt* ministry has at laat brought forward (k* hudrela for lsd" urn) Thn fntnl t?. eeipl* for lt>47 amount to 1.1,616 431 drachmas; the cxndm for tb# sun* yiar ar* 17.431603 drachma* leaving a dcflelcLCy iu th? year of 4 *95 16m drachmas There sue, bevid-* 306 600 drachmas u> b* added, forth* ex nhn of diplomatic agents, oot inclu i?"l in th* budgel lor 1847 Tb* Mtlmal- d receipt' for 1648 are o*l ul*'#< St 14,888 000 drachma* Add to thiv 3 835,743 to b* ad wood by tb* throe power*, and Ginftiuio te ralvec from enraordin?ry resource*," and y ou will have a tOal revenue for 1848 of 10 343 077 drachma* Of tbil income 5 3sl 107 drachmae go io pay > 0 the inter?st arc loan* from RoibtobilJ, the three power* and Eynaid 800 606 drachma* are (wallowed up in peusfnna Tht civil U?t take* 1 000 000 more. Tne ministerial departBent* amount to 10 100 060 All the** eomiioed with tb* vxpanM of the legislative body, indemnhie*. ks exactly provide for the amount calculated to be rai-ed to a draebma There i* not a word abeut paying off the deficit of 1847. India. The Overland Mail ftom India baa arrived with dates from Calcutta to February 7, Media# Kebruaiy 14, and Bombay. February 16 Tb* ncwaia unimportant. so fat aa politic* are ooneerned, and that relating to eommerct k given under it* proper bead. China. The J*urn*l itt Detati *ay* that it ha* received pa per* and eorr**poDa*nce irom Chin* up to the 29 h c January. No event of the leaat polttioal Importauca hat oceorred *lnoe the departure of tb* last courier Tbi negotiations between ih* Viceroy and the Governor o Hong Kong were Mill being cart led *n. h* eorreapond no* up to that time not havirg produced any aatiefao tory raeult. Sir John Devi* had, ia an offlolal proolama tion, even announced to hi - c uotrymm that be though it waa absolutely necessary to warn them in the mean tim* to b* prepared t* quit Canton at a moment'* no. tioa, pending an answer to hi* dispatch from the British government. She Bridals Government and the French Republic. Lord Falmcraten, lathe riuave of Comtrons, on Tne* day evening, tha j let. in reply to various q leations pul To him. tated explicitly tbat no apology b >d been offeri *o French government by Lord Normanbv. ai reported, lor Engl tod Laving given to aaylutr . ..? ** ?oynl family of France Sou* jealouey hue exlated Pari* respecting the reception which tbe uii aiatera of Loala Philippe might rne?t with In thli coun try, but it was ooaflned to those personages. Hi* Lord ship added? In a private letter I desired Lord Normanby. in caw cry euch feeling should be expressed to tiim , at once t< atet* that the rec?p Ion given to thus* pernoca wei, unc would be, the reception which, in thl* country, la el way* given to men who. from nutortunate circumstances art obliged to aeek refuge la England?a reception ol hoepltallty auitable to the oeoasiou; bat that he might b< ore la our dealing* with the Fieach government bei Majesty's miniitera would act fairly, honorably, ant openly, and anler no circumstance* would there be any ground for auppoaing that we would engage in any In trigne hostile to the goverment of Fracoe. With respect to tbe cepeitere of the Duke am Duchess cf Montpensler from England, Lotd Palmer* ton contradict*,! tne report that they had been sen' away la oonsequenoe o! tbe discovery of eertaln docu mante in the Tuileriee, which had been forwarded b; the provisional government of France, and added? 1 have not beard that anv aueli correspondence, o: correspondence of any kind affecting the Duke am Dnehee* de Montpenaier, baa been found. I have n< knowledge or belief of tbe kiod; bat at all event* n< communication or intimation of that kind ha* beei made to her Majesty's government. With regard to tin departure of the Dake and Duchess de Montpeniier, it li entirely the recti: of their own choice? (cheer*)-an. *0 far irem being the eonseqwenoe of any eommunica tion made by us, the Hon** will at once ac* that then mast be many teesona why It would have been the de sir* *f her Majesty's government that they should hart stayed here, Instead of going away. TIm British Dovernmant and the Itevolatlon In Austria. On the 51 *t ult. Lord D Smart wished to ask the no ble lord whether he had received any information wilt respect to the cjatgee in the gOTeitrusut of Austria (On ') Lord r*LMr*?TO!??The information I have received In that en the 14th Inst.. Prince Mett?rnlcb oeaeed to tx minister o( the emperor of Audi la. Beyond that I hav* no information. (A laugh) Viae British Calilnr.t. [Frcm the European Times Maioh ah ] Variose i u in ore are actively circulated by our coctcra Crariee reepeeling certain changes which are meditate* the Kngliah cabinet. Without giving undue or pre mature credit to tbeee reporte, we may tumark that I baa hem long felt that no eaeential difference of optntoi estate between the mem here of Lord John Rusaeli'sad mlnietratlon and the leading friend* around hit Kotier Peel The animosity, amounting to pereona) ratiooi which etiii prevails agalnat She el-premier amongst large section of the House of Common*, must perhap for a letig period of time preclude tne IUgbt Hon Uart net frum laktng till je, even supposing he felt so inclined But as the events paeeiug around tin pre** upon the con victim ot every refl*eting man the daily inoreaaing ne cesatty for a strong an* united administration, we ehouli rejole* to eea the fusion of the most capable and intelti gent eopportere ot Mr Robert Peel into the pre?*nt cebl net The admintetrsttee teleuli ol Air Jsmee tJiahnm aad h a guest t Unenee in ihe House of Cerumen* poll, out naiurally bis auruisrion inio the new mioistiy Lor< Linonln was at first oflar.d a seat in the pieeont cabinet but perhap# the personage who wrolj most probably re preeent Kir lloh* ft I'eel In the new arrangement wool* M hie aeuve ally, Mr Cardweil. Ire law. Ui'lLi*. March 9t.?lo day the Miy |lR< hern in i state Of greet rse|t?meul At II o'eloek, Mesne 8 ulli O'Mii u. Meagher and MitihiII, CMhpaoteg tiy a l..rg< Cirrle of Itieuoe. both Of the Vouig sue OU Ir-laid sec tione, m? vej from the Cosfrd-ration rooms tu D'OIH etteat to the head office at the H >al LinhMDge logtfi hall lor their appeeren a In ;om. liauue -nn Mrfuiinr' houacaiionf. J b? ffhoffting ail aioug the tme c r I wbU ??twm?fl?a*.ftn.'$ mere *tp?o5elly ic troai of I i the fl;J parliament boot*. Uy accident, ft troop of i I artillery weepaaslncet the anme moment with their gona which eppe.rvd to qelekeu the enthuateam of the proceaa>en. I aand von ? report ?f the pruoeedftftga at the polioe-edlre. and the nteqwat praeeedinga In th? 1 rooma of the C" federation here the language uaed i waa remarkably violent, far eioeedtng in vehemence any prevlnualy epoken or writ'eu The oonrae pa aurd, aa ordingtotbe At il. whlrh apeak* on authority, ie attributable to the rabine*, and n >t to the Earl of i larentoo > I who would suffer much more rather than commit html I "aelf tn aunti a atruxgla i After the piocnedinga at the head-oBoe had termii : nated. the aecuaed returned, end were welcoired in I | D'Oiler atrret by ana ditlonnl crowd amount! ig altogether to not leea than lOOnO peraona, who. undeterred i t by the heavy rain, aueerod and ahoated moat vehementI ly. The conduct of the O'Connelia, in offering thaniaelvea aa bail for their adversaries haa covered tham with popularity You muat not auppoeo the Young Ireland party cvat , do?rn by the calami'y wbinh haa befallen their leadrra, The decUretion of one of theae oretora at the late MenI cheater meeting la to ho the future polloy ol the re| malning chi'ftaiea. Should Meaara O'Brien, Meagher, and Mitchell, undergo the full p?nal'y fo? aedltion, three , o'hera ere rteolved to taae their plecoe and utter preolaaly x almilar aenttmenfn Should they, too. be out oft three nt.h>M rf lha frJitter, or devoted, are readv for the fate of tbeir brethren And thus will it go on until tbe whele party Is imprisoned or exiled Than cm bono proascudon and proeorlptions f Such ia tha proapaet bald out to tba government I have beard tbit programme declared by ooe of tbemselvoa. At a meeting ?f tha trades laat nigbt. a " defence fund" was established, and fifty pounds subscribed ia a few minutes. > The informatioaa bare been forwarded to tha Crowo I oflaa by tbe magistrates; tba traversars bare applied for i copies 01 tboea voluminous documents, which tba olarka are bow engaged iu making out. Tba erowa solicitor. It ia said, baa sent retainers, on tba part of the prosecution, to Mr. Jonathan Hann. Q. | C., Mr. Whitest Je, Q C., and Sir Colman O'Loghlen These gentlemen, with tha attorney and solicitor-generata, and probly Mr. Sergeant Warren and ana or two (there, will bs tbe counsel for tbe crown i Yesterday all tba troops stationed at tbe custom hosse. ' bank, college, rotunda, fonr courts, Ac . ware removed to tbair respective barraokr. Tbe reinforcement of ca\ valry brought to Dublin laet week returne to quarters this day It la ooneidered that tbe recent display of military loroe bat prodnoed tbe deelred effect, and need net be continued. t Tba 43d Life Infantry, ona of the flneet corps In the eervloe, la to arrive here to-morrow They will be passed in divisions, by epecial trains to Templemore. THE PKObJk.CIIT.ON OF MISSUS o'BaIEN, MEAGHER, I AhD MI i C1IKLL. Mr Kkmmis, the orown solicitor, waa in attendance at , the magisiiatei' oitioe on bebait of the government, but I the defendants were not represented either by eonnsel or solicitor. The presiding magistrates were Frank Thorp Torter. Keq , James Magee, Etq , and Geo. Wyse. Esq. Amongst those present were Mr Maurloe O'Con! neil, M. P, Mr John O'Connell. M. P.. Mr T. M Ray, secretary to the Repeal Association, ana a gnat number > ol the young and old Ireland parties t Tbe accused parties having taken their plaoea within : the bar, Mr Porter read a short abstract of the information in Mr. Mitchell's case, as follows: ?'"For that he. s in* mini jonn iviKcneii aiu, in a certain paper called tho United Irishman unlawfully insert and publish, in ? ibat paper, on the 19th ot February, ultimo, an article , entitled "Striking Terror;" and in'said pacer of the 4th B of March instant, did also insert an article, headed and 1 entitled "The French Fashion;"and also in said publica1 tion. Tlx: the United Ii ishman, did insert and publish, on the luth of March inst, a letter, entitled or addressed'To i Lord Clarendon, her Majesty's Kxeoutloner-Oeneral e end General Butcher of Ireland.' " (Great laughter. ? continued for some time.) Mr. I'orter'here threatened to i clear the court if any euoh manifestation again ocourred j All these publications (he continued) were calculated to excite unlawful opposition to her Mrjesty'sgovrrnment; b and he called upon Mr Mitchell to tiad security? himt self in the sum of ? 100, and two securities in ii ton oach, that he should appear personally In the Court of Queen's j Bench in next Faster term, in the regular sittings at d Nisi Priua, or at whatever other time may seem fitting in b due course of law. If Mr. Mitohell had hi* ball pre sent,he (Mr. Porter) was ready to receive them. Mr. Mitchell then put In as bail Arthnr O'Hagan, > K*q , and J?mes Mo Dounell, Esq. i Air. O'BaiE.i was then called on and informed by Mr r Porter that the charge specified in the information to ( which he was tailed upon to put In reoognfsanoes was. ! that he had delivered In the Music hall, on the ]6th of March instant, a certain seditious speech, calculated to | excite unlawful opposition to the Queen's government t M r. Porter then said be was ready to accept the tender . of Mr O'Brien's bail r Mr Mauhich O'Connkll here intimated to Mr. T. F e Meagher, that If he bad not already procured bail, he . would ba happy to beoome bis surety. Mr. Meaohlu thanked Mr. O'Connell in the kindest j j manner for bis courtesy, but said he had been provided b | Mr. John O'Connkll made a similar offer to Mr. Wll- | lism ddiid U bnen, who would aUo, tie Mil, hero ac- { - cepted the courtesy, .had his arrangements not been already made Mr W S O'Brikn then put in Mbail Richard O'Gar! man. S?n, Eeq , and Francis Comyn, Esq Theae gentleman having been aocepted by Mr. Kirmmis, crown , solicitor. Mr O'flairw asked the megistrate had he any objection to give him a oopy of the information to which he had pnt in reoogulssnce ' Mr roavaa said the oonrae the magistrates intended to adopt wae 10 make the reoopnisinceg returnable at once to tbe Cro* n-. fllce (at which, of course, copies oan be procured ) v'r Francis Meagher was then called upon to be bound in recognisances on an information charging him t for that be, on tbe night of the I6:h of March instant. 1 In the Mueio Hall, in tbe parish of Rt. Thomas, in the oi'y of Dublin, did deliver a certain seditious speech. 1 ! calculated to excite nuiawful opposition to the queen's i j government in Ireland If Mr Meagher were provided with bail, he (Mr. P.,rt?r) was ready to reoeive them I | vlr Mauaber then tendered as bail Arthur James Ireland. Etq , and William O'Hara, Esq , as his (eeogoi' | Z.EO'S ' I The parties then retired from thep oliee office, the 1 cheeking and the accumulation of people being in a very great degree increased. They proceeded to theoouncilioom of the confederation in D'Oller street, opposite . tbe Dublin library. F rom tbe windows of those confederation rooms. Mr. O'Brien addieeeed the assembled ' multitude. His harangue was.however,all recommendatory of tbe forgetfulnsas of all differences among repealers, and the necessity of nnion and fraternisation tils allusions to the offer ef Messrs. O'Connell to be of bis bail were lood y apPauded. Mr Mitchell then presented himself at tbe window; hnt so saner were tbe crowd to hrar h m. Ikat (not ' adopting the safer movement of Mr O'Brien, who iu' J nnal'g 'brcogb the window. holding on with bi> h*nd,) ' ho was compelled to stand outside on the ledge under ' ; the window, being held from within by the skirts of hit f ' ooat He waa recelee.l with a deateniig cheer. He onmmeooed by tilling the people that the affair of that lay bad not frightened him In the leaat He hid been ' I held to b?il for writing certain " seditious articLs." He 1 ; wmldinf-irm the Kngbth authorities thai be would do so again Ha had neau accused of exciting " dlaeontent" against the Euglith enemy. To be aure?and be would 1 do eo again ana again, if to apeak the mind* of the 1 Irish people were *?dit.on there should be plenty of it? and stronger speaking. too, it might be, than they dreamt of. Bat the people ahould atand by them. If they did they were invulnerable He and those who acted with bim demanded that support, which they would neither ask nor deserve if they were capable of flinching (Cheering ) If the people aaw the slightest tendancy in tbem to shrink, lot them hurl them from their petition ?drive them for ever frrm the path of citizenship Let the people all unite?all unite- all stand closely up at the back of the movent* nt. and tbey would succeed in banishing from Ireland the English government wlil<*b Ataurped the rule tf this country. Mr Mitchell with ) i^rew srr.Uet trcmmdous cbeeriDg All the time be had > b'?n ep?aklrg & thick raiu was descending, but not cut 1 of the multitude stirred. Mr. Mfaohkr then presented hiimclf. and wag re : celved with immenae acclamations. fie also got out on 1 the ledge beneath the window, and (poke for a few mo | ' ment. bareheaded; but therein descended eo heavily ' that be was requested to pat on his bat. He express- C 1 himself as not by any means intimidated or annoyed by the occurrence that day in the Engllgh government's I ' i offlce in Dsme street. He wag ready to meet them in the ' , Queen's Bench, or in a still wider fi?ld. (Loud cheer- j 1 >ng.) There would In these state trials be none of the j ' ' attributes of former on?s; no shiiuking or attempts to . 1 rsnder the accusation lers beery, or the responsibility ; motelight. No, all would b? acknowledged; tbe"sedi- i 1 tion''would be ?p:?i3 enunciated in the teeth of judge aod jury. anJ to tb? very beard of the Er.gtish viceroy, if J they willed. But the people should stand by them? 1 (Cries of" ws will, w# will," and loud cheering; Let 0 them who hold their monster meetings beneath the 0 bright eye of heaven now recolleot their pledge, and J never more render such assemblages abortive Bee what ' bad been dons in Vienna as brought by that morning s ' mull. An unarmed people precipitated themselves on 1 tbo bayonets, and into the .yawnirg muzz'e of tbe ty rant's artillery. One volley? the peopio fill?ion? two ' hundreds ero wounded, c<me twenty killed? a rush. and the day is wo-j! Vienna la now in tbe bands of the peo pie. (Immense cheering.) Alter soma otber remarks, Mr. Meagber wi'hdrew. amidst repeated plaudits, i Mr rk'Hxat) O'Oormaw jr., addressed tbe people, tell nig; them there should be no shrinking; for that, though the prison and even the scaffold should be the lot of i some, others tbere were, full many, to oocupy their place. Mr. O'tforman concluded by requesting the Tost assemblage to retire In peace and order to their houses Mr Dohkmt next addressed tba meeting. Ho told s them of the Rreat assemblage be had attended In Manb Chester, and sssured them that not a drop of blcod would be shed in Ireland which wo ild not be revenged in Kngland He called upon all Irishmen to unite, for by union, fraternity, and courage, they would prevail, and overthrow their oppressors * Tin assemblage shortly afterwards separated, the 1 rain still continuing. * Scotland. ' Entnsuar.M, March 23 ? In reierenco to the expected vi1 sit of the queen to Scotland during the art uing season,the M iietn Journal says:?'"It is understood that Mr. , Abernathy, our berhor engineer, now in h >ndon, has been consulted by tbe Admiralty as to tbe capabilities * of tbe new dock to receive the royal yacht. ?od has ' " satisfied their lordsbipa that the Viotoria and Albert, | with tbe squadron attendant on her Majesty, will have I , excellent anchorage and all necessary accommodation j ; Steps are aaeofdinaiy being taken to elp-dite as fa:t as j I p sMble tbe completion ol the works. We have already I stasied that the neighboring property of Abergeldle has | boon aocureii. i.i alluding acccmroudatin to the royal j houaeliold aa wr|| U* an additional extent of (hooting- ; griuudo for the pilooa contort and |iarty. Mm morn I i ' Hou**, wlilla In the heart of >he Highland*. ii funound1 I'd by the a?ato ot aaveral of the nubility, ao thai, in oc ; i oupylcg ber new roaiituca, her Majntly may bo aa re tired. or her court aa nay, aa ah- pleaaea." According to tbo Ic r ,iti roursrr, Balmoral la oat of ' the eiinnltol too iioitbem Htahlxudo, though it it not , mueu mora tban iw-ntv mlUalron Aeiomoie. acroeatbo i ail c Tbrecerery ?? hor iWj-a>y'a lulobdod rlait la l b'gLly piaturorquo -r< ek, wood, aod w?ior, aad abunl uauctf 01 game L <ti B run'# lainrd koehnagor la In tbo immediate n?igi.liorbood, aad Bun- o?i ut wMob r to n?al Bdo-N. ria f Toriooaa tbo dlatrlot b 1 bo boo iiTrr abd iioU of Deo. tbo fei til" ?ai:?ya amorg a tbo i aogre ot moonuiuo tbo foi 0' Bra*kj?r unit lUo other atjiiue and beanlilul laettuaa ol Uta natural laud/ I c' Mirt. ?iil pi? Jcnb! b? by tbe t4???n ?o4 Mi? M popular among in Placarda baring been put np yaatarday, aooouociog a m meet lop of tbe unemployed' on the Carlton biU,?ome ?v?w were enterttdned for the Mfrt; ofthepeooe.bat, tii whet with rein and eeet wind, the aim her euembtad 9* did not extf ' AOO and etter adjourning to tbe Wi ro- ae mail tic precinta of a ball, temperate reeolutlona to tbe magULratee were dlienaiad and agreed to Bi Mlaollanonna Rvmokkd KtsiDtncic or LoL'ia PHtLirra in Lanci- _ mi>k ?The P'tit n Ptlat I* U not improbable but that the ex-king may come Jat* tbia neighborhood He i?. we brltere. In treaty for Duxbery perk, near _ hoi!?v It will b? recollected that the late Mr F. H. R ftandiah, at bla death left many of hit beat piotnrea to I.onis Philippe, who, in return, made aome exceedingly H' aplendid preaenta to the preaent Mr Stendiah. the owner jj of Dnxbnry. Tbia gentleman, we underataod. la to yialt ('laremont. when It ta not unlitely bnt that arrange- " raenta may be made fbr hie ex-mgjaaty occupying Duxbury park. S The Ray. Mr. Conolly want to the Pope with the ci Amerlrnn envoy aent to invite bla Holineaa to antar into Ci diplomatic relatlona with tba Statea- Tba Papa replied. r.i " I ah all have great pleasure In entering into relatione p with ao great a nation, mora eapeoiaily with a oonntry in p which the govarnment ha* nothing to fear from the p church, nor the char oh from tba gOTerament "?Latter p. from the Earl ot Shrewsbury to Mrs Maury, dated p Meroh 15ih. 1818. [ Tba Prinoe and Priaoau da Joinvllla, and the Duka E< and Ducheaa d'Aumala, viaitad the Dnke and the O Dnchaea of Cambridge, and the the Dachate of Olan- H caater, yaaterday. >' The exhibition of tba worka of art, in tba gallery of {J the Louvre, wae opened on Wednaaday weak. K Letter* of tba 7th nit, atate that the Norwegian her- Ki ring flthing waa likely to prove n failure at Bergen. At Li Scavenger, about 300,000 bar rale have been cured. Li On the 2Sth nit, tba greater portion of the town of L< Bolechow, in Oalioia, waa deatroyad by lira. One bun- M dred and fifty honaaa fall a pray to the flames M The life of Annette Meyere will ba aparad. She wae 9 oondemnad for a boo ting a aoldiar In tba gnarda who had cruelly deoaived bar. {,] AH procaadinga having been abandoned aa to Dr q Hampden's appointment to the biahoprio ot Hereford, k hla grace the Arehbiahop of Cantarbnry will prooaed to R the const oration on the 26 th Inat. r The ladiea connected with the proviaional government are seconding the exertions of tl??lr husbands and & friends to restore order, bv (riving iDirlted balls and re. unions. A letter from Copenhagen says that it is the intention T of the King of Denmark to re-unite himself in marriage ol with hie seoond wife, from whom he was separated seme P? tlmo since. t? Sir Stratford Canning, accompanied by Lady Canning i* nod daughters, left London on the 17th for Constant!nople, rla Vienna and Trieite, to resume his duties ua British Ambassador at Turkey. w Amongst the various plans adopted in the neighbor- i, hood of Sunderland to enable parties to emigrate to m America, is one of a novel character, that of eeveral p hundred persons joining in a sweep of Is eaoh, the person <ji drawing the prise ticket to take the whole of the money 0| It is proposed to elect M Gulxot a membsr of the lo Athena;am Clnb; but several members have protested m ugileet his admission. Why? M. Outzot is a historian, and Is surely in that oharaeter entitled to the honor T His political sins appertain to ths statesman, not the ?< man of letters. ol The publlo expenditure of Groat Britain and Ireland ^ for the year 1847, was ?60 331,000; of Franos. ?63,463,134. The charge* on the consolidated fund in England amounted to ?31 831 000; leaving ?18 403 000 for army, navy. &o ; in Francs, to ?16,300,0tn), leaving ?37.363,- ? 134 for the same purposes ^ Ths llnsn manufacturers of Ceurtrsy and Roniers, p, have addressefTa petition to the Chambers, praying that p, ths government may be authorised to grant them a loan )r to enable them to oontinus the employment of 6000 to tl 8000 workmen, who ill otherwise be lelt completely c destitute. The demand has bsen favorably received, ? and aasistanoo promised. gi Married?On ths 331 nit. at Sefton church, nea Liverpool, Dr. Sheridan Mu? pratt, of Seaforth Hall, to . Miss Susan Cnsbman, lately of Boston, Massachusetts. One Week's History of Europe. JJ [From the Liverpool Journal. March ?] b. The present week has witnessed ths death of despotism in Western Europe. Vienna has followed the ;a example of Paris, and Metternioh, like Gulsct, has flsd p, from the storm he had invited ; hot the Emperor, more ? discreet than Louis Philippe, remained the popular monarch of a popular movement. r, This great event, mors important than ths French Cl revolution, took place on the 13th The people, guided it by the heads of ths learned bodies, presented a me 0 moriai, demanding from the government the liberty of a. the press and other organic reforms. The eounotl was p sitting ; but being unable to give a prompt reply, the deputation became impatient, entered the chamber, and * an emeute was the result. The soldiers fired on the c people ; several lives were lost; but in the midst of the t tumult the oounoil demanded t?e dismissal of Metcsr * nich. "I have resigned," said be, entering the ohambsr a at the moment. The reply was a doubtful oompliment p ?i ou nave saved your oouotry." I'De degradation of t| the aged minister delighted the people ; the tumult ? ceseed ; the military were withdrawn; the students 0 were permitted to arm themselves at the depot; a p burgher guard was formed, and on the 14th order was h restored. The people in their triumph offered nn other tl indignity to the modern major of the palace than that ,i of burning him in effigy on a gallewa opposite his awn , door. The aged minister and th? Kmpieas Mother In c the meantime had hastily quitted Vienna. a Metternlcb was the pdin.-at L'ama whieh the allied , sovereigns had deified in 1816. For fifteen years all the ti monarchs of the earth worshipped him, mod Germany i, endured htuj, becauso it had only escaped from the hor- 4 rors of war. and deemed exemption from the presence of French soldiers sufficient hsppiness to reoonolie a them to any aystem of government, provided it olatmed .< t any way to be national T hough a small man him?alf, Matternich was great among still am alter men. It. s: the struggle with Nap >leon precedence was given to tustria; and as the minister of the Emperor succeeded \ in Impressing himself early on ibe then Cxtr, the prestige thus acquired gave him an asoendaney to p be at laat deetroyed, lodlrecly, by that France which he uetested Ilia downfall lias liberated Getmany from, the thraldom of a delusion as to his potency; but his name la eternal as the last of race of atateamen who regarded despotism as the beetot ell poss.ble systems of government To sustain ft, he p deemed no sacrifice too great In ltalv he butchered g the p*ople ; In Gallicls, the nobles Hts fall libsrates the r numerous Ireland* of Austria: and we wait with impa tience for news ofth* reenltin Lombary, Bohemia Hungary, and Poland Rebellion elumb- rs in Italy; Bohemia it ripe for iosurreciion; end the report it. that Hun- , gary has shaken ?ff obedience Whatever mey be the g ooDS*qaeDoe in the dependent fltetee, It it quite certain that Germany is new free Petty sovereigns have every where made tne desired concessions; and Prussia hid provided for reforms previous to a demonstration in the streets of Beilin, which could lesvs no doubt on the mind of the king that nothing less than a representative government would satisfy the people. 6 Sovereigns, like other pecp'e, are exposed to ths ad- "l mission of that weakness which seeks c> mfort in a first love In Germany arbitrary habi'1 aenuire<t In it?>nnt;? rule, are not likely to be shaken off with Insurrectionary * facility. The partialities of the pMt will hardly fell to * cling <o them; end absolutism will appear probably d only the more charming when contrasted with the rud* freedom of consiltntional manners. The tendency In P them, no doubt will be to relapse into arbitrary power; P but it ia not likely that the occasion will afford much e room for temptation. Liberty ia a novelty in Oermany, and the people will love it the more for its uewners. ? Jealous of a power so lately exercised, they will watob over their infant freedom with all the love and anxiety ~ of a parent. The creation of national guards will give them the power of making their will respected; and P 'he fear ia, not that they will be Indifferent, but that n tbey will err on the side of excwesive watobfulnees b The movement in tietmany relieves from the ' apprehension o f a general war There no longer exists a 5 potent despotism ready to crush France as a dangerous xsmple to neighboring States. All nations are now rerolutionary, and sympathy has taksn the place of fear I' and bate. Free States, with kindred institutions,'can no doubt quarrel as well as despotisms; bat the chance* arc that peace is now likely to endure for some years " France, however, is In that equivocal stato from which 1 some minds might see no esospebnt in war. Fortunate ly for the peace of F.urrpe. her army, though large, is not restless, and the government is likely to find It sufficient- il ly d lltrult to provide the ray of peace without rusbieg || into the expenses of war. Its difficulties are ol a financial d rather than or a political nature ; the people ere order ly; trarqutility reigns throughout the nation and foreign v powers have not hesitated to reCogn r.? the republ o ; but n still a commercial panic exis'.s, and a general bsnkrnptc.y is prevented by a law postponing the day of payment, cThe monetary question is the difficulty which the proviainnul eovernment roe it mrmnnnt ?? rarin * >< L._ P they are to overocme it, It ia not aaay to cor>j?ctar?.? ' Time alone can'restora confidence,?li will not return at the bidding ol goverumeht. ? ???? The present stato of France will nocount for the re- ta turn of Luudreds of Kuglish woi km en,?they can no * longer find employment ; no doubt great exaggeration T exist* ae to tbctr number* and wrong*, bat It r mnot be P denied that the popular pr.judice in Krone* ie agaieit K them and the foot Impugn* at once the intelligence and P hoepitall'y of the people; yet we should hesitate to preen r' too severely on n let ling wt.ioh if eommou to ourselves 1 Kugland end Ireletid are, or ought to be, one ; but be- ' tween Kogllth and Irish workmen, out of Lauonehire, " there 1* an abiding enmity. On several public work*, no b Irishman ispermi'ted to llod employment; and we know " for a fact, that during the pr grisi of the rallw.y from ^ Liverpool to London, no Irishman was permitted to work 0 snath of Birmingham. Had this fart been known to the *' Karl of Brfton. on Monday last his I- rdahlp will perhap* have been lest energetic in his conJemuallon of the * French people?but the ' mote and the beam" are of et*rnnl application. <* The picceedlngs in Parliament this week bare not " been wanting In interest, for tbey testliy still further to 1 the ministerial Influence In the llonse of Common* n The Irish members having shown their regtrd for the <1 income-tax, by to ting lot its Impciltion on Kugland, sir B Hall sought to recommend It to thotr further lore ' by moving for He extenilon to Ireland iOa-on gnd ar- 11 gumeut wore both on the fidt of the motion, but tbe 0 vote* were against It, all the Irish m-tnb-rs prMent u swelling the ministerial msjority. So palpable a pieoe ol * selflshnrso, baa shocked all aenee of juMioo. end the Is- " oome-tax will, In all probability, next rrsslon, bo be- * towed on Ireluad. There Is no reason why It should ' not. P On Monday, the navy estimates engaged the house; on Tu?ertey, alter a denial b/ Lord r*lrasrston of the " tiuth of certain repo.ts re'p?cting Intrigues on the ;art 11 of toe ex-royal fatally of France, there was a " oouni (J out; ' and on Wednesday, o Ttgue end objectless debate 1 to k plane on IreWnd?generally Mr Bright, on Thursd iy, tested the eyiatncraMo influence In the houre by 11 tin introduction ot a lull for repealing ihe game-lews ni Hs matin out a eaae wbteh wouid bsTe been ' any wbare bn<. in parliament I he landed tontiy nani oi forego the dear delight of shooting ;>l,ea*eots and i .minuting poacher* to |<il?iu end Hlr (ieo'ge Urey 111 would support a rmsll measure; he w uld not depfHe Ml genileu a>i al all (b?lr paeiune, but li? tbouibt thai * sau.e v are preserved too ex'm.sirly. Owing to a blun- *' d?r nf Pi Bawring, to# motion aUued iuto a oropt on?; 4 i!.0"P/':n.'Lfl! 1 L..U" JJlJl J. ".i-.1-1 *i u s)|i>fl*J UWis.fof lh* trill faM M onatios of past ? at present. Tteo Lores, daring ttea t?k, tests dene > thing Ttes MWiboa ladle end America pojeesaes no parnular interest All la tranquil in ina aa?t, and tha ?oe between ttea Statee and Mexioo mmi rlrtually ttlad. tanaaa or Fnllnrea of Merebnnta. ink of Franca, with all its Branches, baring suspended spools pijaients by ordar of G rernment Fails, tec ink du Beige.. ( Sn*p*adtd spools pey-1 Miate Generate - aiynta by ordar ot > Belgium, tec. ( the government.. , > mdon te Co , bankera Paris. Mhet, M. E. banker Paris. leldanyder, ? Amsterdam. giaaereta, ? Amsterdam. mtonx da la Hants & Co.., Lyons. >nrgat. A., te Co., bankers Paris |foa Brothers Frankfort. irp te Co Amsterdam. katand, Sons, te Daaaaaa, merchants. . .. Marseilles. kedaux. P J , te Co., bankera P.rls. gmmerclal Bank Isle of Man. turant te Co Harre. a Courts, J. F. te Co., marobants Dordt. a F.loktbal, M ,merchant Paris. a Pierre, E.., Havre. rot, L P., k Co Harre. iok G. T ...Amsterdam. itienne te Tbloa do in Chaume, bankers.. Paris. gurchon, M. P... Paris. anneron. joint-stock banker Paris. ersebfald te Wolff, bankers Berlin. ayman, M., banker Berlin. HUHD, UliAUUiir, ? I/O., ............ ..uqioa. ircbheim, F Berlin. onigewater, Leopold 8. Parle. oopmen Amsterdam sffl.e, Blount, k Co., bank ere Parle. ereeelere. metal refiner Paria. thedeux 1c oo., bankere Parte. elan St Co Havre. eaeet, M Bruaaele. ermane 3cSona ,Amsterdam. ignei, M. C Parle. irrett fc Sena, banker* Neufebatel. eterse It Heme Amaterdam. uertier St Oodeftoy. Havre. ooaeboom .Amaterdam. utgers & Roaenburg Amaterdam. ajs,T D Amaterdam. ?rr*t. M O . St Co , bankers Valenolennee >ci<*tc de la Veille Metal Co Montegne. Financial Affairs. London Monxt Mabkkt, Mareh 34?Two o'clock.? be failure, or suspension, of the great banking bouse ' Elctball and Co., of Parts, oommunieated by this dlsktoh,ha* oreated muob uneasiness bare, from the exroslve relations and very high standing of tbe house was the great Paris bsuking firm for Oermany, and u, it is said, corresponding branehes at Augsburg, arlsrbue, and Muoieb. From Belgium we learn that the Bank ef Antwerp had sumed its discount basins**, so far as for bills at 44 days iteuoonBelgium, bat not beyond. It wis urged by the isrcantUe oommunlty thnt,to afford eny really useful derae ol accommodation,!he limit abould be extended to 90 sys. Petitiona were signing at Antwerp, Uhent, and Aer principal cities, strongly protesting against the ens (called forcsd) now being raiaed by the govern isnt. i ne reports irom ran* riiner depressed consols ? bey de ollned to 83)? to Ji, but hove since gradually re>vered, end now exe 83 to for time end money. Esatquer Bill*, 33a to 33a premium. Although not so acrely aa for tire laat few days, we hare still purchases ol loney stock going on Our foreign market remains ithout change, and with very limited dealings. Mexi?n, 14)4 to 16. Brasilian, 07 to 78 Dutch two-and-a-hal' sr cents, 41 to 3; the Fours, 61 to 3; Spanish Fives, 131* > X; the Threee, 23!* to X; Passive, 1% to 3)4. Russian, > to 90. Venesuela, 18 to 23. Belgian Four-and-a-Hall sr cents, 35 to 62. Portuguese, 1414 to 16)4. Quarter est Two ? Consols are now 83)4. Railway shares have oproved to-day slightly, in oonaequenee of orders from 19 country : tor North Stafford*, Brighton*. Eastern ountiea, North Westerns. French small shares are orse : Paris and Lyons, Ms. Northerns, flat. Boulogne*, ?4to)4. good. Fsidst, Two o'Clook?Marsh 24.?The continental ttelligenee this morning has not excited muoh additional iterest, the principal feature connected with monetary Tsirs being the etoppege of the firm of M. d'Eiohthal, inkers, of Paris. In order to show the fallacy of tbe report oiroulated at week, that tha firm of Rothschild in Paris had susended payment, it la stated in tbe monetary cirolaa this lorning that the house in the eity are ready ts dlsoount 11 their acoeptanees. whatever period they may have to un, at the rate of 3)4 per eent. per annum. We well reolleet the effsot whiob was produced by tbe Arm of Bar ig lirothei s adopting this plan during the American rash in 1836-7; and It la to be hoped that tbe measure lluded to will have a similar lnflnenee, as far as It goes, a restoring commercial confldenoe. Publio securities have been steady this morning, but without reaching the extreme elevation oi yesterday.? Consols opened at 83)4 74, have been done for account at ,oth these fractions, and are now quoted 82)4 3 for the lOeount- For money they have been done from 82)4 to , and the broker who usually aot* tot the Bank of Engend was again r. buyer, it dees not, however, follow hat it was on account of that establishment, nor la it rdeed likely, when they have such a very large amount r notes unemployed in ooiiseqnsnee oi;tne very umiteo nsinsss doing in commercial bills. Exchequer bill* re again moved a slight (bade in advance, toe quota Ion being 37a. 83s , and India Bonds 13? 16s pa. Bank wok has been done foe the opening at IBS , Nothing of important:* has taken plaos in foreign se uritles. and up to this time the transactions have been tore limited than yesterday. Portuguese Three per ;enta, li)?; Bra ail Old 8m?U, 71; Vanesuelan, IP; and he Deferred, 6 A Mexican, l*X, Grenada 18M id; De rred do. 3K; Dutoh Teo and a-Half per Cents, 49X to I: and the Four per Cent Certificates, 61\ There has been a tolerable number of transactions in .ailway Shares considering all circumstances, and in >me instances a alight advaaoe has oosurred in prices quaatkb skpoae Turks.? Consols for Acoount Ui % Bank or Enoland. .ccount for the week ending Maroh 18. ItSfK DtrnTMIRT. iotes issued Hit,414,160 Ouveriment debt.till O S 100 Other aeeuritiea.. 1 914 MO Uold com ft boll n IX 389,560 Silter bullion.... 1 514 3o? ?13 414,163 Jill ,414,140 Dtima DiriiTHHT. roprieton' copl.. ? 14 .651,01 Ooreramanl lien* lemc 1,191,550 ritici (including nb'ic depoeiulin- dead weight enclading Eicbcq, unity) ?11.571 IN Bar banks Com. Other securitai... II tN>3 of national debt, Notes...., II,NT f70 and Dit Aceti). *157.193 Gold aud ailrer tther deposits .. 9,773,WO coin 711,731 lev en div and otbar bills 169 74] ?36,141,794 ?36 144,794 M. MARSHALL, Chier Gath er. Dated, March 13,1311, Fabii Mower Manner, March 31.?Thro* par Cent*. 0 ; Kiraa. 70*; Four a, 00. Belgian Flraa, 1840 67 j do 843, 67 Roman Loan, 63*. Treaaury Sonde, 80 Banlr hsras, 1.660. Exchange on London, no traneaotione. Railways.?Parle ana Orlonns, 60S ; Parle and Rouen, 16; llonen and Har a, 330 ; Arlgnnn and Maraelllei. 76; Strasbourg and Bala, 76; Centrn Vlerzon, 360; Boreaux, 400; North, 340 Madbid Bolia. March 16.?Three per oenti, 33,V; fire arcanta, 14* paper; paeeire debt, 6 paper; oonponi, 10 aper; Bank ot St Ferdinand, 113 cash, 114 paper. Exbange on London. 46 30 100 Bauiixi.*, Mareh 33 ? Loan of 1840, 08: do 1844,163; lank ot Belglnm, GO. Exehangaon London, 36 60 AwTwcar, March 23.?Exchange on London, 36 60 to 0. , Ahitiidam, March 23 ? Aotunl debt two-end a-helf or oenta, 39* money, 41X bills; do, three per centa, 46* loney. 48* bills; do.ionrpar oenta, 66* money, bt* tile Exchange on London,at alght, 11 85. 3 month*, 1 75; on Hamburg, 34 12, 3 monthi, 33 87; on Parte, r, a monthi. A3 AO. Bkrlik, March iiO.?St Bohuld Soli , 82^'. Late pollloal eventa hare ?o entirely ebcorbed the public attenion, that aoeroely any buaineaa waa done at the Bwn D-day. Vickka, March 16.?Five per cmla, 89; four per eenta, S: two and-a-half per otnto, 44. Loan, 1834, 144; do, 930, 08. Bank aharea, 1 070. The Corn Trade of Europe. Londok Corn Market, March 94.?There waa vary ttle Ecglith wheat freah up tor tula day 'a market, and a value muet be ealled nominally the eatne aa on Money laat. In foreign but few tranaaotioni took place, at bout previoua ratea; aud, on the Whole, the trade waa ary dull B?rley, oata, baana and peaa were all in IIilted requeat, without any quotable variation In value. LokdovCork Eichaivuc, March 34 ?The quantity of iogliah wheat oa aele waa amall, and the demand dull; revloua prioee hardly eupported Barley waa taken lowly at Monday'a pnoea. Oata the turn cheaper, and ther artiolea unaltered. [From the Earopean Tltnea. Marsh 33.1 Loanon ?There haa been greater flrmneaa in the corn rede during the laat two weeka, and prioea, which for ime time pact had a declining tendency, have now adanotd beyond our laat quotation Oa the 13;h the early ol home-grown whaet woe very email, and the qnalir being rather better, the demand waa estiva, and rieea advanced 1 to 3a per qr Foreign waa in Improved tqueat, andaome qoalitlei command en improvement of per quarter. Flour waa in reqneat at late prieea. Holdra ef Indian oorn demandleg higher prieea,reetricted the ranaactiona The trade on the Itth waeateady, but few nyera were in attendance, and the full ratee o( the 13 th 'ri? iuiij tuppuf mo lor moil emotes offered for isle ? la the 17th, wheat wm in request at fall prices f the ISth. Hour and melting barley brought (ther better prices The reports from Ireland elng less encouraging, Indian corn was dull of sale,, nd the secondary and interior description* hare in parol instances been parted with at leas money At the larhet held on the 30th, English wheat, as well ae tosign, being In more aotive request, prioes were Is per r higher on the ratee of the 13th. The late value ot our was supported India corn brought 3&sto31sper r, and corn meal 13s to 13i (id per barrel, but the traneotlons in either are limited. (In business was done i any artiole ol'the trade on the 33d; and on the3ttb, to supply or English wheat fresh up for that day's isrkat was trifling, and its value must be called nomlally the same as on the 30th. In foreign but lew trauri-tione took plaoe, at about previous rates; and, on the rhois, the trade was very dall Barley, oats, beans, nd pees were all In limited request, without any quoibis vsi letion in value. In fl iur or Indian corn nothing sating. Livaarooi ? Our eorn market bos improved slnoe is sailing of the Cambria Holders are firmer In aelr operations, and higher priest have been obtained >u ti.n 14th there wts a fair attendance of buyers, but o eager disposition was shown to purehote any artiola r the trade extensively, in any description of wheat, isrefore, the operations wvr* only moderate in amount cd Iktle taflasnoed by t # Improvement in Mark-lsoe, is general range of prices, though slightly over ti oie r the 10th being rarely i quel to the ret*a of the 7th mrrlran fl >ur, upon a mora limited demand Mia* u?I, merely auatalued previous price* Wouio p.reeie r Indian corn ware egaiu taken for Ireland, but tb< re at t'at demand for this ?r tcie th?n wes naloulated upon oe yellow told at leie rat. s, but white eos I te 3i |a r cheaper. Com meal moved off spoil ugly. The dp .!. ii in ji i llljlj i>i mhod rot iHwdt WJ liftitod There waa to dh*h*a ta the priee of foreign, Dot orw Irish vw rather wafer to purchase Oats were dull,and hardly maintained previous rates la b*rl?y and beans there w?s very little doing. Tba baet samples af Indian corn brought former prlcee. bat Inferior qualities were rather lower Indian earn meal wet 6 J parbbf lower. Oatmeal brought raetday'i priore The tale of floor waa quite la retail, but there waa no material charge in the ralue of either tmerieen or Iriaa. On the 34th, wheat waa in dull re quest, and priaea rather lower. Klonr receded 6.1 per barrel, and la par sack. Indian corn was la per quarter lower, and Indian meal 6d par barrel. Olasoow.?There is little passion in almost every branoh of the trswle. Wheat or fine quality, both home grown and forsigu, realiaed at prioes varying from 23? to 19 j. Canada and United States are quoted at Its to 39j hiourlsin improved demand? A me i lean is quoted at 19s to 30s par barrel Indian corn and mealhevo a declining tendancy; th? former biingslflsto 17a par 360 pounds, and the Utter Us to 16a per barrel. Amstesdaii.?The wheat market U dull, tba demand being oonflned to looal wants, and prices have UUlv ra J-J uf 1a in/ vilh Anlw a MAdaaele kH.U... CCUOU IIVUI ?v *w?, Wi?t> VH1/ ? awisvsmswgj UUIiUCOl doing. Rye it in limited request nt late rates. Danziq.?The grain trade remains in a very quiet state; indeed little or nothing is doing just now for exportation; prioee, therefore, are ?nly nominal. Wheat nay be quoted at 38s to 48s. Very little is doing in peas, the Talus of which is quoted at 30s to Sis per qr. Gsonimikn?Since our last report there has been a dull demand for all hinds of grain, the oalr article in animated demand being oats, and taken chiefly in execution of forage and speculative orders for French, Prussian, and Belgio account; also, a few orders bare oome to hand for English reckoning. The supply of whsat continues moderate ; but the greater part sadly out of condition. Good iresb-oondltioned samples command previous rates; but the inferior sorts are neglected, and fully Is. per quarter lower. In rye not nuoh doing, and is per qr cheaper. Buokwheat firm. Maeseillzi.?The state of political affairs prevents business being done, and as the monetary difficult!* s have rather increased tban diminished; there is not much prospect of confidence being restored for some time to come. There is nothing whatever doing in wheat for export, and prioes oannot be accurately given. lUMauaoH ?Wheat has improved in demand ; and during the week ending Feb. IS, prices advanoedlsto 'Is, which oheoked tue sale. Good 6-1 lb. red wheat can now be bought at 43s to 43s 6d, and 63 lb. at 43s 6d per qr. on board. From the Baltic very little offering, and good quality held at 39s to 41s per qr., f o b Seeiaad Barley, S3 lb to 64 lb. has been sold at 30s 6i; Jutland, 531b. Is h?ld at 19s 81 to 30s; small, 49 lb to 501b., Is held at 16s 61. At 13s til per qr. onboard thsra are buyers of Danish, aud at 14s of Jeverland oats; but holders ask 61 tots more. Brew oatsare held at 13* 61. B-ans are unaltered. Peas eontinue very flat; but few are offering. Luihohn.?The trade continues almost entirely negIsotsd, bat as the trausaotlons are of a very limited character, we oannot note any deelina in priors. Rostock.?There is little variation in our Corn market The supply continues moderate, and flods ready buyers at 40s per qr. f. o. b. for best 63 lb. Wheat, 6d, mors or less, aocordiog to the supply. Unless the latter should materially increase and depress onr market or advices from abroad cause an alteration, we exprot the above prioe to reraain pretty stationary. Tbe same applies to Barley; ;best 51 lb quality keeps at 31s per qr, f o. b Of Peas, few come to market, and the price is 39s per qr. f. o. b. The stocks in grsnary are small, and having cost dear, are held for 3s a 4s per qr. more than the above quotution. Btbttin.?The supplies of wheat from our farmers remain small, and the opening of the navigation is expected every day: prioes of this article are well supported. 63 lbs red Pomeranian sells at 39 par qr. I o. b., and 61 lb red Uokermark at 37 per qr. 1. o. b Barley unaltered in value Avkraiik Prick or Grain in I , fFA*. Brly. (fatt Hye. lint, Feat Flour. Mb. 12 51 0 31 2?20 7 30 5 JS 1 43 2 0 0 ">'?b. 19 50 11 3t gi 21 1 31 4 27 10 42 5 0 0 Feb. 26 Mi ? w? 21 I JO 3 JO 0 41 7 0 0 Mtr. 4 <9 lives I 2(J 3 30 3 36 9 41 8 00 Mr. 11 50 I 30 4 20 3 33 4 36 3 39 0 0 0 Mm. 32 60 4 30 6 30 4 36 6 36 a 39 10 0 0 Aggregate average of the ill weeki SO 5 30 9 20 6 30 It 37 3 41 3 0 0 Comparative average an me time laat year.7) 6 54 I 32 5 56 3 53 6 56 9 0 Markets. Livgarsot Cotton Market, Friday, March 24 ?Politiaal causes, oooatlanlug a uaiver-al interruption to trade, and oreating general distrust, have tended to limit the demand for cottoa daring all the preeent week Influenced by the same motive#, importer* have offered ootton very freely, and the market baa afforded a large choioe. The total sales bare only been 34 780 bales. Tcday there la a deolded improvement in demand; maa; otnuers are bare, and they bay freely: the a%les are 6,000 oalea, at toll prioee. Amerioan descriptions have, during the week, been in only moderate demand, the trade baying only in small quantities to meet their present wants Prioea generally have declined 1 per lb, the authorised quotations of " fair" qualities being again reduoed XJ per lb. Braille and Egyptian* ar< dull cf sale, and they also have deollned about J^d per lb 8nrate are in pretty good demand, but they are very freely offjred at laat waak'a lowest rates. 600 bales of Amarioan have bean tstken on apeonlation. and I960 of Amarioan, 100 Panama, 60 Maranhama, and 70 Snrata for azport. March 17.?Tba transaction of business, and the settlement of money payments, require quietness and oonfldenoa, and it is quite impossible, therefore, that our position at this time, as a great oommerotal oommunity, can bo otherwise than most nneatisfaotory. Sinoe the outbreak in Franee, every weak and every day have added to political and social mistrust, until at tbla mr urut iu? uura > >< iiwaia mai mama oe UTOtel to busineae affairs, are almost entirely occupied by thoughts and preparation fur the def-nce end promotion of p?rnone end property. Under eueh e le mm table state ol thing', eoaompaeled by much actual distress and pri ration, amongst the laboring olaaeee. the remit of the lint two or three yeara ef European famine, it ia qulta ineritable that our branoh of industry, at well aa menufaetureein general, ean eaoape from aataterf extreme uffrring Such ia the cate with tba ootton trade, from the porter who attenda the diaoharge of the raw material upon the quays of the Liverpool dccke, to the peraon ho puts the laat handa to the finished fabrio The purohaaea of ootton in tbia market are consequently confined to the amallest quantity that will keep toe milli going at their reduced consumption; and, of ecurta I'ght aa the stock now is, and likely to be tor some time, pnoea are still giving way. We have to report this week a reduetion of * d to \td. on all kinds of American. 8u rats but slightly changed. Long stapled also very heavy of sals, and lower in price In the meantime the atocki of manufactured goods and yarns are becoming completely exhausted in svery quarter, and therefore at no distant day wa may probably be overtaken by a demand and a stream ot busiaes active and continued In proportion to oar long depreaaion. Such, ?t least, ia frequently the sort of turn that attends thai# eas?e of extrema revulsion and backward movement* 100 Amerioan have been taaen on 'peculation, and 700 Amerioan for export The sales for tha weak amount to 33 360 balaa.? O, a gi Holt f Co Loudon Market, March 34-Halfpaat Two? The steadiness which appeared In tberugar market yeeterday baa bean coeflrmad to day, and tba pnblic salsa ol 3 000 bigs Mauri'us, and 3,000 bags Bengal, are going oil ratbar bet ter than on Tuesday last. Refined firm; standard quality. 63s. 61. to 64s. Ccffje-The importer li holding for full priosa in the publto sale, consisting ol viocba, Ceylon, and Costa Rica, for which tbara appeared to ba buyers, at yesterday'a ourrenoy, but a large portion was bought in. Pepper?Malabar sold at previous rates. Cotton dull and inactive. Rum firm in price, but the amount of business done has been verv small. Saltpetre hw bean less active the lest two days In other artiolsi no alteration The market# closed for the week : the last two days showed slight improvement upon the two preoeding ones for artleles for home consumption, bat export artloles hare been very mnoh neglected Tallow?Very firm at 63s. on the spot New Tallow le 46j Oct to Deo ; 40s fid. separate months LtrcRrooL Prices Cuaaaar, March 34.?Sugar?Th? 'arga public sale of 10,000 bags of Bengal sugar which was brought forward by the bast India Company yesterday, attraoted great attention, and, upon the whole, went off niuoh bwtter than was anticipated, the whole being ti.ken by the trade, at prices not more than 6d to Is below the rates previously obtained by private contract The total buainess of the weak consisted of 9UC hbds. B P. and 14 600 bags Bengal, the former principally to the refloers. Foreign? There has been mors doing in these descriptions, chiefly for home consumption. The sales are 66 hhds. Cuba and Porto Rico al former rates 6 300 bags good brown Manilla at 37s 6d duty paid, 1000 bags Pernambuco at the same price, and also a cargo of abon' 3 800 bags of similar quality .afloat for delivery here, tho sxaot price of wnlch has not transpired; besides which, a cargo of about 866 cases new btown Bahla bos been sold for delivery at a northern continental port, in molasses no sales are reported Coffee? A deoline of 3?t* 3i ner owt In Jamaica has been submitted to, and 1"0 sacks have been sold et thli red notion; no sales or fori^gn A small lot of Guayaquil ooooa brought 34s p*r owt, and 400 bags pepper 3Hd for Singapore, and 2&d per lb for Malabar, ilioe? 100 tcs Carolina sold at 17s 9 J to 18s 6d. and 4000 begs o K?s'. India, at 8a 3d to 6s for Madras, and 8s 'o 10s 0.1 foi Rf?n<y*l Rnm.Thn hnalnoM nnnaiati Af Oflrt naaVa ha | merara at laat week's" raSem ?0~to 41 per oent O. P. at 3 lid to 3a fld; also. 60 cwka Eut India at la 9d par gallor proof. Tea?The tea m<irk?t oonilnuea in the lame dul atata aa noticed laat week, the trade refuting to buy ay eapt only for Immediate purposes. Nothing reported j Indigo. A few cherts of good llrer shellac told a'. 40 per owt, ?00 baskets and kalea of Osmbier br?-?ght taction 0? 3d to Hi ?J, but holdera general)-, 10a, and 300 baga Sago flour *.0? per ew'.. |D M)t petta, only 600 baga renorted. at ?'i4 0! tn 3i 3d, and of nitrate of toda 300 b'ge, j3i 9J t( 13a per owt Guano?Thia artle'.e has become dm] and the aalea made have berely support#* formorraiea Dyewooda?The aalea ara about 8uC, tone of Csnipeacb' logwood at ?0 to AIO 10a; u few tona of Honduras at thi quotations; 3o0 tona small, and 30 tons of tolid Nleara nut wood, the price ofwltloh haa not transpired; imi lit bout 360 ton of KiraniUa luatlo at ? t to ?4 6i per ton No aalee reported In turpentine or tar. but lormer pticei are rully maintained; both deeoriptiona ate boootci scares in flrat bands. Kostn of common finality la in leti demand; serersl parcels hare been aoid at vis ?d dowr to 3i 31 at publio sale, but for suoh lota aa ere in store is SJ is occasionally obtained. Tb? demand tor pot and pearl ashea la cxinmely limited; (or the trifling talei which hare been effected, laat week's quotations hart been glren. Seeds- Sal's hare been effeoted during the week to a moderate extent, chiefly at 40s to 43< foi Krencb, and 33a to 38s for ordinary to fair American clorerteed, serernl paroela of which will be off-red by auo'lon on Tneadey next- amwhhdsof Dutch flaxseed sold at 06a each; ubout l>0 quartets of teetered brought 46i Od to 4Ci Od perquaiter A paroet of linseed cake to arrlra. sold at ?7 per toa. About 6 tens Amortoan beet' wax ate reported at {0 Its to ?9 17a OJ per owt. Hides.?Halted Rio Gtaode and Hirer Plata ox eod cow continue in fair demand at fail prlcea Brimstone continues scare*. and for the few sales made, extrnue prices bu?? been paid Huuao flnda bay?re in email lots, at preriotft rates Of a>g<>ta, SO casks Oporto rail brought J9i per ce? KUg annatto baa been i sold at 6>|d prr IQ 'Vkeisieaof madder roots are 100 bibs T?|| K?r. ?ud 160 bales l' lb* quotctioae ? 60 hnds Huercltran baikbare brought lis par owt. Kor ultra oil tne demand baa bees mora limited than for .oma we ka, btjt Mi?s are fully supported; the aalia are about <10 tuna. About IJO tons of Neefuuudlaod eod oil bare been sold at Xil ltl. par tuu, and seal oil, In small qu?atHl-a at tala rat?e. No al.eiaUou in pale rape vu. Linseed C.R In Rcglted demand, nt per oat MBn jfUMPj| About 1* toal oil 61 tartauUft* h*to be*o sold hum town, mt ?41 per too fjr American Mow lojalf? hu appeared this ?wk f?r polto oil, and the tales reach SAO ton*, at ?88 to ?88 10* pat too; ?34 la now generally demanded. Hemp ?Nothing baa Wn don* In B?ltU; 40 baloe Manilla brought ?30, and li<>0 bales Jute ?149* to ?17 13* id par ton. 14 too* coir ropa have been fold a* ?18 to ? It par ton. Tallow ha* Improved egsln, 93s 8d and ?3i having born paid for Y C ; 110 casks South American fold briskly at 48a to 40a 94 for good quality. 900 barrel* and 800 kega American lard arc reported at 46a to 90a, and 30 oaaka coooa not oil at 48a per cwt. State of Trade. Mancheitei. March 34 ?Our market for cloth 1* ao thoroughly dull and stagnant, that It i? difficult to Cud wotda wherewith to onuses it* real atata. The balk of our foreign, or rather continental, merchant*, are literally doing nothing; nor would any moderate deduction from the preaant poor rate* be any lndueament whatever to] purchase.; ao completely ;*re they paralyaed by the late continental new*. Jbere la, eonaequently, nothing in the shape of regular priots that ean be quoted fer any kind of eloth There li a general farther reduction of the hoar* of labor going on, and though not mora than ??da ef the uaual .quantity are produced, till they appear to be telce aa many aa the demaud take* off Yarn* are even worse to sell than goods, and there to no way open for the spinner* but to reduoa at one* the produodoo at least 60 per eent. Thto eourse to now adopted. BiKMinntiAM, THtranDAT, March 33 ?The trade of thto town to now bcooming most s-rlously depressed Nearly all the foreign orders, with the exception of those from Amerloa, are belog suspended, and a east number of workmen are out of employment NEW YUKK HEKAL1>. f..?L i n -? " * " nvfui-wcsi turner 01 foiiob ana fiuiaa ill# JAMES GORDON BENNETT, _ PROPRIETOR. DAILY HERALD?Every day, (Sunday included,) cent* per copy?tl 16 per annum-~in the United Statee. European eubtcribere, $14 per annum, to include the poet** WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday-** tent, per copy?%t \l* per annum?in the United Statee. Eu rapean eubtcrioero, $6 per annum, to include the pottage An edition (in the French at well at in the Englith language,) mill be published on the day oj the departure ef tach iteaner for any port in Europe, with intelligence rromall parti ef the American continent to the lateit moment ADVERTISEMENTS (renewed every morning) at i tatonable price,; to be written in a plain, legible manner; the proprietor not retpontible for error, in manuecript. PRINTING of all kind, executed beautifully and with litpatch. Order, received at the Publication Office, ear\tr of Pulton and Naoeau streets. ALL LETTERS by mail, for tubivriptioni, or with idvertitemenia, to be pott paid, or the pottage will be deluded from the money remitted VOLUNTARY CORRESPONDENCE, containing important new,, eolicited from any quarter of the world? md if used, will be liberally paid for. NO NOTICE can&e taken of anenwmau* eammunica'.iono. Whatever it intended for imertto n mutt be authen'icated by the name and addret, of the writer: not neceasily for publication:. but at a guaranty of hi, good faith. We cannot undertake to return rejected communication*. ALL PAYMENTS to be made in advance AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE. A*tor PUco-Il Giuba m1ento. CHATHAM THEATRE < hntham itroct.?Child or the Reoiment?Double Bedded Room?SriniT or the Water*. MECHANICS' H ALL, Broadway, near Broome?Cmbi*ty*i Minitrki.*?Ethiotian Siiroino, Bdbleimub Daubing. Ac. CONVENTION HALL. Woo.teritreet.aetrBlooekcr.Sable Brother*? Ethiopian Singing, Dancing. Ac. PANORAMA HALL, BroAdwRy, Boar Hormor itreet ? Banvard'i Panorama or thb Mmiisirri. MELODEON, Bow try?Ballad Sinaiito, Vieoinia Mikitebls, Icc. BBOADWAT ODEON, Broadway.?Pvomalion 8ta* tvabt, he. APOLLO HOOMP?Mbtaopolitaw MmrrakLi?Lioiit* atid Shadow* of Neaao Lire. Bono*. Uieii, ho. Mow York, Mrndiy, April 10, 1848 '1 ha Circulation of Uaa Harold* April 3, Sunday... 16 130 eonif*. " 3, Monday 18 840 " " 4. Tuaaday 3l,38? " " 6, Wednesday 19 440 " " 8, Thursday 18 960 " " 7, Friday 19 300 Extra ? 6 730 ?* " 8, Saturday 31 034 M Weakly 13 490 ? Total iaauelaat weak....... ... ... .163 000 Ineraaae in the last four weak* 16.466 April 9, Sunday. 15,660 " The publloation of the HtrmU oommanoad on Sunday morning at 10 miantee before S o'clock, and flaiahed at 7 o'clock. Additional European Intelligence. Oar columns this morning are filled with the important foreign extracts received last night by 1 the Hibernia. To-morrow we will endeavor to r give our correspondence. ARRIVAL OF THE HIBERNIA* I HIGHLY IMPORTANT NEWS. REVOLUTION IN ITALY. REVOLUTION IN BAVARIA. ; The Progress of ? General Revolution over Zinrope. I e The steamship Htbernia, from Liverpool, ar ' rived here last nuj'nt, with dates to the 25ih ult., i being four days later than those brought by the ; Washington. The intelligence is of the highest importance, snowing me spread and rapid progress of revoI lution all over the continent?the abdication of r princes?the concession of rights of all kinds to % i the people?the tumbling down of the rotten ele ments of despotism, and the formation of a new , age of reason, right, and liberty, in Europe. The newest and freshest piece of intelligence ! is that of the breaking out of a revocation ia Letnbardy, the hoisting of the Italian tri-colorrd flag in Milan and other towns of tUat part of the 1 peninsula, together with the abdication qf run1 ning away of the King of Bavaria, and tlye rapid progress of revolution in Austria aud Pr ussia. | It seems that as soon as they hear d of the events in Vienna, a successful attemr ,t at revolution was made in Lotnhardy, and the governi ment of the Lombardy- Venetian ki ngdom issuj ed a decree abolishing the oensr jrship of the press for Milan, with several othegr reforms; but 1 it appears that this did not aatiaty people, for \ they demanded a release of all tViC prisoners who j were arrested within the preo* .ding thrae months. , This being denied, a battl* enaued in Milan, and J at the last accounts, 'lhe fight of Uberty was , going on in that gter't cityj and the tri-colored llag of Italy waa fle ,atmg from the Duomo. , have no doubt t> dt alj jta|y jB now jn the midst of a revolutie ag decided as that which has ! recently !* >ea piace France, f In Qar many> aB we have already s*sle^? revolr tjon muhes rapid progress, both id ] I ??r th and south?in Austria and Frussia. I I?.i.ivaria, the old king abdicated or ran away, and ftrobably the next accounts from that region of ? I Huron* will ili?t ?<!>? , , - ...a> utiicin ui uic idme cnsruier t are taking the same direction. * The accounts from Ireland are unpromising, i The great demonstration on the twentieth of j* March, appears not to have amounted to any ! thing decisive. All the leaders of the Young f Ireland party were arrested by the government ! for sedition, and a stop put, for the present, to 1 any f urther demonstration in that part of Ireland. I i The public mind is in a state of great efTerves* oence nil over the British dominions. I In financial matters the revulsion is still going . on, still increasing, still spreading, and of course J will not stop until there is as complete a revolui tion in commercial affaire, as there is going to ! be in political matters. i We refer our readers to our columns for the fullest particulars of this highly interesting in telligence. The Charter Election. To-morrow, the election for a new city government will take place, Mayor, Ald?Vmen, and vaiisus oiher officers, enumerate-', in the programme of ihe day. Both parties are ia the fi-ld, and also some little fragmsnts and sections, on their own hook. There is not much feeling in the public mind vt tire subject; yet it is an important election to thu citizens ol New York who pay taxes Nearly two millions aud a halt of dollais are collected ? I annually from the people of New York, and ex.

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