Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1848 Page 3
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I!***"****"""****! ***** Qtrman Revolutlonaiy Motminli In H ?w Ywki Agreeahla to preflnu? ratine, a pnbllo meetiog orthe Ofrm?n? wae held yerterday afternoon at VTr Mor'nll-ab'a large eal?( room, corner of Maiden l?ne and Front e'reet rnotlderlog the inolaroency of the weather, the meeting wee decidedly a large our, and waa attended hy tha rooet r*apentahlp and irfluentlal olaa* ofnnr Oar- an narnhan'a. prnfraMonal men and otbara A nrevipu* meeting bad b*en'he1d nil tha 11th. at DelBBonii>o<a. whan *uh?nrtntiona In aid of tb? revolntionary moyeroepta in Germane. (bat wr? rapaoially to ennport the wldowa and orohace of'ha fallen In tha lata etrugrlea) to tha amount of abont $2000, had baan obtaineo. At abont o'aleoV Dr Ga"*haidt oallad <tae meeting to order, when <t>n frllnwlng oflloera were unonlmoualy aleoted : C W. Fahe- K?q . Prerident; O Meeeanberg A?oret?rv; vo?*ra 8r.Mea?lDg?pp Neumann, Birrwirth, Tywo??kr. Vice Presidents The Preeldent opened the meeting with the following brl-f addreea. In German ; ? The Joyful apd glorlona newa, wbloh laat Monday reached ua from onr belored fetherlaud. certainly fllle every trna German h'art with the warme?t feeling* of ea'hnri*em. What wa have wished and sought for. for the I nit th'?(T TMIH. en oniy >n<i ir^n u?rui?oj i "in elrs'gee ft?in T)eut*oblend.> our br?tbr?n on the other side mm>d ebon* to gain. As free citizens of tbe United 8'*t?* yet *? Germans it becomes onr dutv to send our rrge*ln(i end friendly wlntgtlni" over th? broad AMspt'o Let the noble eteamer Wasblntou, take with her on r b?*t wishes. our national flea-(the blank red and gold ) end our euhstantlal greetings end Hmpethiss to the widow* and orphans of thoie who fell for liberty The Preeldent then alluded to what had been already done at the meeting at Delmenloo's. end requested the Secretary to read the proceedings of that meeting Thia being drne. the following address waa r*ad in German by Mr. Ckbmt, of the oomdlttee appointed to prepare it TO THIC KREK GERMAN PEOPLE ! We haye for a long time looked with anxlona and joyfnl iot-reat toward* the great political moyementa. now in prog-eaa in Germany, for the final political regeneration of enr fatherland W* had received the newa of those event* which, a* the immediate ebneeanence* of the Parisian revolution appeared In the Sontb German States, and whieh parsed like en eleetrlo ray through every part of onr great f?'h?rland. with joy and delight: hut still our look rested in anxion* expectation, upon tha dark, lowering clouds which seemed to overhang, threateningly and fall Of mischief the capital of Prussia. Th? last events, however, sesin to have dispersed those clouds, end jovously we mey now greet the ran of liberty, which, af'er so many years of sore probation, appears to glance upon our people, promising a brighter, better and happier fatnre' No Austria, no Promia, one only Germany " A eyerefen said it. and It was empty sound: a people wills it. and it is dore! Yee. brothers in Oermany. besoms, b* r*meln a people? a free people? end, as such, sceept the brotherly grasp of onr hsnd. from this side of the ocean ; from the tree and happy United States of America? a coun?Tv great and happy, because free, mighty; because united Continue to fellow that example upon the eonrae you have commenced; follow it with power and oourage. and what ye have so nobly began, be sure you will fulfil it Not npon the promises of orlnc.M rest onr oonfilence No. upon the newly awakened spirit of liberty imong the people; upon the power of pnblio opinion Honor to those men who could percelye the rlrht monent. ard who understood it. not only to awaken the slumbering spirit of liberty among the people, bat sdso to give to that spMt a firm aad deoidedd ireetion Honor to those who*e bold words of liberty excited other* to daring action*; but hall, thrics hail, to those who iu the holy straggle of life and death, fought for the jBHiivnani* ngots 01 iue p?opi?, ug to mow ?rvuuu whore temples the angel of death wound a blood stained laurel wreath. And when ?he black, red and gold shall wave proudly by the side of the atar-enengled banner of our republls? when the spirit of Washington shall hover around the two flags?then will resound in the hearts of all German brothers, on both sides of the Atlantlo, the joyful, heartfelt words?Ood bless our Germany ! This greeting we send you hy the Washington, adorned with the flag of a free Germany. Tbi* addrees was unanimously accepted with eheers and tool mat ions. The uent mevem?uta were the appointment of a oom,mlttoe of thirty oltis*ns. to oolleot subscriptions for the ran re; also, the appointment cf an exeeutlya committee, instructed to send the address and the amounts collected 5>r eteam-r Washington to toa American Consul at ramen. with the request to forward tha funda to the popular Congress at Frankfort, to dispoia of acoording to instructions Next, a committee was appointed to procure for and present 'o the stea-rehln Washington, a German (blaok, red end goldl national flag, to oarry Into port with her. Several other hueineee committees were Appointed. Here ended the regular business of this meeting ; but quite a number of warm speeches followed. Several memb-reoi tha German Revolutionary Union (Revolution* Verelns) -earned to oonaider this meeting aa a kiad cf opposition to .heir own aooiely; others wanted the oommlttee to devot* the snbaoripdon* to revolntionary pnrpeaea rather than to the aid of tha widows and orphans of tho>* fallen In the struggle. At last a resolution was offered hy Mr. Tyssowsky proposing to the entire meeting to join by aeolamatlon, or rather by a general vote, tha revolntionary union Discussions between the excited and more moderate of the two parties ran high, and tha resolution ohanging the present sympathetic meeting, to a meeting of the revolutionary union was about to bo put to vote and oarrltd. when Mr Bcbkhakdt proposed the following consolidating resolution : - Resolved. That the prrsent meeting looks upon the exietenoe of the Revolutions verein of New Yoik. with pleasure and svmpsthy, and that the present meeting is not in opposition to that union, or ar y of its objects, but rather wishes it all the happy snooass its mrothers eruld desire." Mr Lsrr'ld Bisbwieth (Consul of the king of Wu*temberg. and President of tha German Society of N?w York ) then arose and moved to have the above resolution la>d on the table, aa he ' ccul 1 not vote for it, could not eyma'hlee with or wish success to the revolutionary union, and <<id not beltfve that Gsrmany should or ought tn ha a rnntih In Aft rat " After fimi little further dlvourglon, the original bin<Irg ? jourued The member* ef the revolutioiiai y union remained in caucus at the same place a short time lotgar. moet probably to make preparations for the 1-rge met ting which t.iey propose to hold early next week. The Weekly Herald* The WrtUy Herald with the late foreign news, and in fCUigence from all parts of this continent, will be published at nine o'clcok to-morrow morning. Single oopits sixpence. Is not every combination of Felt siitl Be.?v?r ihn: is wor'hjr of ieing called a Hat. To pat a thing without style or fi.irli *b ur it on the casket that holds the intellect ia nn iniult to the valuables witnts. Knox, of the bun Bu Idn.g never does that. His Hats siva character to a m<n'sf ce and, as he says in hia adveriia?ment of faahiona, " thoush always >eidyai# nrver worn rough." A newatyle of Cay s for youLg men. War and Great Kx'ltemrnt In France, aed at II greater on the corner of Kuitim aud Nassiu streets, opposite ur office It is astonishing to sea the great bnsiaest our friend Young is doing, and well he mey do it. for he has got the largot stock of boots aud gaiters in the city. 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Dot Id- theae we have a prereutatirt ia P-ul.iu'i llair InTi?rtrato'. which may ha likened to the damec t-c pri-ciplr epp ied to the 11 rae of hair?for naturrdlv it ecurc the " neaiear ano? of the yrrnteu bnmher." The qao'dtv ?rd (j lutitr of the hir genetattd, or ra>hcr repeii rated bv it< fr q j *ut a equal to thoan ol apootancoua meal For a.ile ai fhajoua, 61 fito-dway, and by diniiliata and fancy d;.'-. - yrrrally. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MOJIIty MABKE r. Thursday, April IX-6 P. Jtt. The stock market opened heavy to-day. There wsre | large sales of the fancies at a decline. At the first board United Slates (is, 1867, fell off X par cent. Pennsylvania 6s, X; Farmer's Loan, Xi Canton, Xi Norwioh and Worcaster, X; Reading Railroad, X ; Long Island,X; and Harlem, XAt the seoond beard Harlem experienced a farther decline of',' per oe nt; Canton, Xi Norwioh and Woroeeter, X; and Loag Island, Xi with moderate sales of eaoh. It wu announced this morning that the extensile house of Fox Jc Livingston had suspended payment Thie home wu extensively engaged in the Frenoh trade, being the p'ineiple ownera of, and agents for, the Havre lino of paokcta, and hare been carried down by thererelation in financial affairs tbroughont Kranoe This is the third large failure which has taken place in this city sinoe the commencement of the Frenoh revolution; and the faot that no more have been compelled to suspend, speaks volumes In favor of the French houses, or those engaged in the Freneh trade. Many are waiting, with the greatest solicitude, the arrival of the next steamer, as everything depends upon the position of affairs on the other side'whether houses now standing ean maintain themselves. We must confess there is little foundation for any favorable news; we see no possibility of any immediate impiovement in financial or commercial s Hi Ira on the eontinent. It will be a long time before things get settled down sulB cieully to restore eonfidenoe, and give aotivity again to trade. Remlttaneee to the continent of Europe from this eountry will be limited so long es the difflooltiea continue there; and tha suspension of manufacturing and ail other branches of industry in Kranoe and Qer. many, will prevent an importation of those fabric* usually aent here for market*. Housee her* not dependent upon auoh importations to meet their engagements, may ba abla to auatain themselves; for they are not eompelled to make remittanoee, and ean ramatn Inaotivaand await the coarse of events. This has mada some of our Frenoh importers bo ?My in their money matters, that they hare money to lend, end hare, in MTeral inetanoes within our knowledge, been seeking modes of investment. The annexed returns exhibit the movement in the prinoipel department of aeeh bank in the State of South Carolina, at four periods:? Banks or Sooth C aeolina. Loan*. - 1816 1817. 1817. 1848. _ , July. July. Oct. Feb Benk of (he State... .1 263,981 1217.861 1,193 678 1 2,5 233 Breach at Columbia.. 9x3 460 921.434 l.ost.sit 905.8m ' do Camden.... 413.044 379 928 387 *07 380 099 Southwestern ?R... 613,098 5U 081 3U4.434 403,022 Planters and Mcchs... 904 010 849 933 976,061 1,048 033 Union Bank 603,607 6 '0.863 642,938 647 279 State Bank 344.808 383.088 602,327 483,066 Bank of 8. C 797 118 697 629 730 313 731,602 $6,136,328 3,816,323 6,088 787 3.806,367 _ . Specie. Bank of the State.... 113 3)2 213 304 2)7 330 190 802 Branch at Columbia.. 4.078 3/6) 4,111 4 i3t do Camsea... 3 : 36 If 8.46 1 234 3,930 Southwestern uM... 43.630 122 383 3 3 4ul 42,0(9 Planters and Meehs... 179 379 33 >.616 174 268 167 482 Union Bask 6) 238 93 644 83.476 39 703 Sute Bank 77 381 61 360 31.233 33 432 Bank of 8. C 31.299 73,119 36.443 47 *19 $339 863 961,238 681,339 371,301 Circulation. Bank of the State 997,769 1,316,144 1,208,839 1,061,113 Branch at Co'umbia.. ? ? ? ? do Camden.... ? ? ? ? Southwestern KM.... 279 793 4'4.800 368.810 320 313 Planters and Mecha... 272 303 371,400 336 720 303 335 Uuiou Bank 82 910 110 613 1(3.300 127.230 St te Bank 1)8 248 309 847 20? 312 12 9 >2 Bank oi 8. C 136 370 100 433 153 178 130.847 $1,986 611 2.731,348 2.442 31* 3,275.985 _ Depieitt. Bank of the Sute 601.701 314.211 437,967 536 887 Branch at Columbia.. 73 604 79 669 110 841 110,103 _ CO Camden.... 31.403 3>,I87 32 391 38.696 Southwestern Bit.... 420,474 235 888 207 383 421.419 Plantersanu Mechs... 316 602 236.160 144 628 2S2 282 Union Bank 161.949 1)4 314 14 1 291 172,914 Sute Bask 166 326 218.224 171.0*1 336 91* Bank of 8. C 207,094 318.695 236 837 2x1.600 $1,883,812 1,794,516 1,483,425 1,990,813 The aggregates for the last two periods compare as follows Oct. 1817. Feb 1848. Feb. 1848. Loans (tdiseounts. ,$6.i>88,787 5 886 31,7 Deercx.e. .202 420 specie 681 533 1 371,5*8 Decrease.. 110.037 Circulation 2,442.343 2.375 983 Decrease.. 166.364 Deposits 1,483.48) 1,990,813 Increase.. .307,328 The increase in deposits, in the face of a decreaae in all in* othar Important department*, ahow* the inactivity of oapltal In that Motion, and th* ab*enoo of publio eonadence in tha commercial operation* of the day. Th* bank* have exhibited a disposition, in the oontrao tlon of the line of loam, to rednoa their bill* payable antil there i* a better proepeotof eommerolal prosperity; and th* private depositors have exhibited similar oaution In husbanding their mean*. Th* rednotion In circulation haa kept pace with the falling off In the amount of epeeia on hand, and tha bank*,on the whole, appear to be in a stronger position than at any of the period* previously reported. The reduoed price for the great ataple of 8onth Carolina, lnduoee the planter* to hold It to aa great an extent as possible, and tha demand for bank faoilitiea is therefore limited The retnrne from the ooUaotora on the pnblic works of Pennsylvania ahow a moderate ioorease in the receipts this year, compared with last. This is more encouraging, from the faot that the resumption of navigation was a week later this year than laat. In answer to a resolution of tha Senate, the State Comptroller statee, that if the unavailable asset* of the Safety Fund eould be realised, and prompt payment made by all the bank* of their whole contribution*, on the l*t of July next, at a rebate of *ix per cent, such payments would produce enough to pay the whole stock issued, and to be issued, la behnll of the Safety Fund, acd leave a surplus of $47,000, and at five per oent it would leaTe a surplus of $103 333 99 H* thinks it might bo safe to allow a rebate of five per cent, in oase the banks should pay their contributions in advanee; but not higher. New Yon* Ssfktv Bs!?k Frien?Da. Amount of stock issued and remaining unpaid on aooount of this Fund $900 979 47 R*<im*ted amount cf stcok to be Issued 99,624 00 $989,372 46 Cn. If the contributions should bs paid in advapee by all the WM *u? UID? uwuij avaif Mowing ? rebate of 6 per oent. p?r annus, thny would amount to $968 039 00 Amount Invested in A per cent State atook, redeemable 1st Januaiy,1865 36,000 00 Amount invested in Comptroller's bonds, 0 per cent 13 036 16 Estimated amount to be reoeired from Insolvent banks.. 66,000 00 Kstimated amount of balance In tha Treasury on the first of July next, after deducting the accruing interest up to that date on the debt of the fund.. 30 (UA 39 $1,091 081 45 KitimateJexceMtomeetthedabtof the fund.$103 338 98 The reports of the Planters' Bank of the State of Oeoigla, for October, 1846, and for April, 1848, compare as followi. There is very little difference in the aggregate of each period, but by do meant an lmproremant in the affairs of the institution rLANTKRs' Bask or Oroaou. Oct 1148. Jlpiil, 1813 No es of tha bank in ciiealation Of fitsi luiir, supposed destroyed S'.ttt 31 S31 ^kub-equeiit issurs 114,ice 281,437 una to otim Dink* 55 8'3 <8 180 " Indiridml drpofitora 158.8?8 175.M4 Uneltimrd dividend 7 8MI 8.I69 Pfufiti and referred Innde US 934 I54.48C Capital itack paid in 535 4?J 535 408 tl.UT.M8 1.238 IIS Specie and iperje fundi, 391.71S J57,SI* Kirhange maturing id New York 43 462 Ma.TU ' " m Chor'aiton 2 530 19 74? Eight per rent bonda of Muua of Georgia. 25,I'M 25 0<H? Hnudi of the eity of Harannah. 188.880 IM'01 Uai.king hnuae and lot 10.800 18,080 llanl ratata and otliar property ukan for d?bl ; 39 715 39,515 8t >r k of other iaatilntiona taken for debt,. 17.(10 30, 2? Kipeua?i and proteat aceouut 3,958 3 817 Notra >li?conured,running to mttnrity.eonaidrred good 531,591 587,844 Bil laird >otea diaoanntrd, lying oyer and m judgment III *87 92 SI 1 81,187,218 1,884.113 Of lb a amount there ia eona,dried d.ubtlul 39 SO 13 753 Da. do. do. bad.. 3 320 8 844 Wlih a larger line of loan* and dinoounte, the amount of donbtful and bad paper haa boon radneed. Thla la favorable fe.-.ture; but aa an effeet to thla there haa been a great radurtion in the amount of apaoie on hand, and a great Inerear* iu the circulation. Thl* la very wall for the stockholder*, but net to aafe for the bill boldera. Within a lew jeara paet tha movements of this bank hava been very irneh redu'id. In April, 1844 tha loant amonn'.fdto gWJ 914 ; tptme on hand $368,033 ; circulation $330 035 ; 8838,036. Vrom that time to October, 1946, U.(r< we* a ataady daeliue In tha movament; alnoa Uotobar, 1846, the operaflona hava baan mora ( extensive, mi that* an cow Indication* of an olfaction to tome extent. The report ctthe Bureau of Topographical Engineer* present eoat most remarkable statements of the commerce and tonnage of tho Western lake* an] rireri. We g'.re tho moet icterettiag exlrtcte. for the purpoie of ihowing the Immense internal commeroe of the Wettcrn oounlry The net money va'na of the Uke commerce for the yeer 1849, was *(>1914 910; having nearly doubled in five yeere Kor the same year, the total amount of American lake tonnage wie 100 eU6 tons, and of merchandise, 3,661,OSS tout. British, 30 000 ton*, i'.stima'aa from highly Intelligent authority, make the coat of constructing this tonnage, *6 000 100. The pasaengur trade is alto eu important Item ot lake oommerca. The number of paaaeugers In all direotiooe, is stated at 250,000, whieh, at liva dotlara eaob, aa average charges, gives for it# value 11 260,000. Tho numbtr cf mariners employed was 6 972. The aggregate population depending npon the lakes for means of oommunioatlng with a market, in 1646, was 2 928 923 Of the western rivers, the Mississippi, end its direct andind<rect appears fioar the official returie of the Treasury Department that the steamboat tonnice lor the year 1642 waa 126,278. and lor 1640, 241) 065 I, in r u ,Mivrru m?l moM l?I? ?1U ' WO IOUS 01 lD?r UOiU (not i t*nn>bo<)U) eutployrd on tbeaerlvera, which. adled 10 tl" sirs ni boat tonnage. gives for tbeyeer 1842. ?n aggregate of 4ifl 278 tons The flit boat navigation is suppots I to o?rry to market, in one year, 600,000 tone of produce, white the steamboat freight amounts to 1,06-2 700 tons, or a total of merchandise transported to and fiom Ntw Orleans on the western rivers (exclusive of the way-trade.) for 16;2, of 1,362 760 tons The probable morey value of tbln oomm?roe. for ths same year, can be stated at $60,666,903, and for 1640, according to a statement from tbe Treaaury Department, $61,306 719. This locludea,of ccurse, only the olivet river commerce, and not that immense amount of commodities interchanged b-twreu plaoe and place on the weetern rivers, and which lorma no part of the New Orleans commerce. Of thle latter, the total net value can be stated for 1S46 at $146306710?the dinting value cannot bs lssa than double this amount. The passenger trad", too. Is very great, and la supposed to have yielded for 1646, $3 101,963 -making the total oommcroe of the western rivers $Lol496.70l. The steam tonnage for 1610 is stated at 349 065 tons Tm total cost of ths rlvsr craft engegnd in this trad", was $13 942 363, and sustained at an expeiae ot $20 ISO 242 par annum. Tli? number cf bands empleyed (not shore employees) was 25.114. These amounts the Bureau consider* too small, or at least not at all exaggerated ; and that if $163.6( 9,725 bs assumed as a roliable exposition of the western oomnterce for 1646, Instead of $151,496,701, It will mote neatly approximate to the truth. The total population dapendiug upon the western rivers aa a means of communication with a market, for the year 1840, was 6,676 027-the rate of iacrease from 1640 to 1845 having been about 6 per cent. The Mississippi, with its tributaries, whioh traverse every section if this immense valley, furnish 16,674 milrs of good i iteamboat navigation, thus affording great natural faol1 heirs tor the devrlipement of unlimited resouices. The tonnage ?f Lake Champlaln la stated at 3.192 tone, and the value of the export and Import trade for | 1846,911300 069 The total amount appropriated for improvement of Ita harbors, Is $191 600. The tonnage of Lake Ontario le staled to be 05 036, oi whloh 43 335 tons are British, end 33 311 Amerloan. The export anil import trade for 1646, la stated at 914 033 907, and the total amount expended for the improvement of its harbots, $,608 903 On Lake Erie, the total amount expended for haibor Improvements was 91448,349, and the total amount or its oommeroe (exports and imports) in 1840, $94,356,350. The total amount ot expenditures on Lake Michigan for harbor improvements Is 5004,447 ; amount of oommsroe not known. For Ckleago, howsvsr, it amountad, in 1840, to 98,937 150. Ths total amount of Amerloan lake tonnage is 106,880 tons. Ths total Britiah laka tonnage Is 46,675, making a combined tonnage of 153,411 tons. Notwithstanding this immense extent of internal navigation, and the Immense amount of property transported upon ths western lakes and rivers, we are yat in the Infancy of the developement of the resouresa of that section of oountry. Ths population at prestnt depending upeu the western rivers end lakes for eommunloation with s market, la 9,504 953 This is large, oompared with the aggregate population of the Union, but small oompared with what the population of the sections drained by three lakes and rivers will be in a few years The Vjllry of the Mississippi, also, will. In a few years' oontain a population equal to that of the whole oountry at present, and the oommeroe of these waters will exossd that of the Atlantle oosst. Stock Exchange. 322000 Trei notes 6s 102V IMIihs canton Co 33 4000 do 10i? 100 do b45 3J* louoo 8'*?e 5?,'00 *33 97 loo Nor It Wore RR 36 69001J 8 ?s. t7 104 V 125 do bit 35V lOooo Pens 5s 73% 50 do 35V 5000 do bw 73V 50 Readies RR 36V 5000 do bow 7jV 10N KkNH 88V 5000 do 160 7 3V 10 do 88V 3006 do 7SX 200 L Island RR 3?V 1500 Ohio 7s 103V 650 do Jt-V 5 shs Bk Om, full 91)5 250 do 604 31 |39 Farmtrs'Tiust bl5 1 30 650 do b60 3iV loo do H0? ,0o?? bio 31, a?? og lou so nauem nn 300 do 30 2(0 do 62% 100 do bCO 30% 304 do *60 it II Ohio L 3c Trait 83 ?C0 do 82 200 Canton CO *nw 33 60 do *10 62 50 do bnw 33 ICO do inw 52 25 do bi 33 46' do aw 53 50 do ll? 33 60 do 91% Second Board. $1(00 U 8 6i,'60 103 60 aha* Fuman' La 33 2000 heading lioudi 67% 25 < an ton Co 32 V 20U thai Harlem Kit (30 5'V in Nor It Wot RR itO 35?, 100 do 51% 26 do . 36* 50 da haw 62 26 do blO 35% 100 do 52 50 do 36% 60 do *10 5 % 50 do (60 36% 200 do iw 5 % 100 L Uland RR 30% 200 do 5'V 100 do b60 31% 100 do _ 51% Now Btnva Kxchange. 50 thai Canton Co i3 33 100 ih* Harlem RK 517* 50 do *10 33% 100 da bnw 5'?, 200 Harlem RR *10 5 2 25lLI*l*ndRU bl5 31 100 do 8?t 52 100 do b3 3 1 100 do 52 CITY TRADK RRPOR P. New Tobk. Thubsdav Aftbbnoon, April 13. Thero wu rery little ohang* to note in the quotation* for flour. There wu rather more doing. Trauoartlono wete chiefly oonflaed to Oeneoee, Black Rock, Michigan, It*. In Southern, aalea were limited, at about the aeme rate. Sale* of Ueneaoe and Ohio wheat were made on terma atated bt low. Corn continued to sell at weeterdnv'a rate* for New Jor?e? wellow Seles of mn>l were made on term* stated below. Rye and o?ts remained stout the same. We Warn, by telegraph from Boston, that ffour was 1?M Arm, and that sales were made at a slight decline. Corn oontlnusd about the same, with a fair amount of sales. In this market pork and lard were steady, with a fair demand at yesterday's prices In groceries.; sugar end molasses were active, while a fair business was doing In erfl'eo. Ashes-Small sales of Pots were reported at (3 82>*. Pearls were quiet at $7. BaicADSTurrs?F/?ur?The sales of common to pure Genesee with some lots of Michigan, (to , footed up from 1900 to 3000 bbls, in various smalt p?ro?ls, at prices ranging from $8 for oommon.and (6 31V a (0 37X lor pure; and at (6 90 for small lots, a little fancy or extra Bales of 300 bbls Black Hock were made at $6; and 700 do, were reported sold at $8 13X; Mlohigan, In small lots, was worth xocording to quality, from f>6 a $8 37% , and Troy from SB a $8 36. Southern was quiet at J6 I3tf a $8 39 for Howard street and Alexandria. Wheat? Hates of 3900 bushels of Genesee were made at (l 39. and 1600 do Ohio, at $1 33. Cam-Sales 10000 a 19,000 lu<hels New J.r>ey yellow, were made In separate lota at 93c; acme holders demanded 94o, 900 sacks New Orleans. not in good order, sold at 9lo. Meal -Halee of New Jersey were repotted at $3 37>? a $2 44, and 90 bariele white, kiln dried, sold at $3 60. Rye?Farther sales wers made at 75o, delivered Oa ??Northern were Arm at 48 a 47o. Btant? Sales 30 bbls kidney, were made at $2. Bekswae?The market for Southern was inactive at 32 a 33c. Corral!.? Sales of 490 bags Bratll wers mtde at 8%c; inn do Rio at 67{?; and 837 do do by auction at 0>?, 8.', a 7*40 The latter for oash. Cottow ?The sales to-day wers 1000 bales at yesterday's prices. Holders seem disposed to offer a >me portion ot their etook, and the market is well supplied i suit?The demand continues fair, and wW notion sales of 900 boxes wet and dry raisins at pi 40 a $1 40; and AOuO old dried apples at 4 a 4}?o, cash Fish ?We report salts of 200 bbls No. 3 Halifax mt -Khrel, in bond, at (4 S7X; 200 do No l's and 3'e M assacbuaet's on private term*; 600 quintals dry cod, on term* not stated; and 30 bbls. pickled cod at A3 87J?, oa?h Hotr.r-Small sales of Caba wars making at something off 48o. Molastss -The market oontlnues steady, and we notice sales of 300 hbds. Cnbt at 38o, and 84 do. do. inferior at 39o, 4 months. Oil? Linseed : English was aomswhat stlffer to-day, and holders demanded 56c a,97c, wbioh was paid for some small lota. AuserleaD olty' pressed has declined, and sales of 800 giil'tns were made at 98c a 69o Oil Meal?We report aales of 4 ton* at $1 37.',. Peas ?8<l?s of 48 bags black eye at $1 06X. c?aB. rsorisirjfi.?Sales of 30* bbls. mesa poik were repotted at I9 03X; it waa afterwards held at (10; and 300 bblf. prime ao, w?re reported eold at $8 ?0 s >1.)* of 80 boxes shoulders were mate at 3}fo. and a lot r>f ?0 do, ot ham*, at &>?'< and 40 hhd*. dry salted do at SXc. Beef? country mers, wsa worth $ 33, aod prime dc $3 ~ The laat tale of beef hama waa made at 6\e. Lard? Sale* of 3fto bblt. were made at flXe; and 300 do extra quality at OJio; 100 do atsam rendered eold at 6.6V Butter?Tbie Stat* good dalrlea continued in ateady demand at l8a3!o; 73 hrkins Ohio aoldat 13\a. Rica?The market waa quiet at ab ut 73 33 a S 40. SuuAit -Among the pi reels dlepoeed of, we notloed the following?too hhda. New Orlauu* at 4X*4S> 13S box** brown Havana al 6Xo, and 100 do do at 6>4?. We quote the market Arm. Srieaa -Sale* of 00 bags Jamais* Pimento at fl^s. ? Sail Dcca?We nntl * aalea by auotleu of 30o baits American hemp at 96 33 a $7, oath. Tallo w- 8doo lbs. obangad hands on terms wa dl J not laarn. Wiitn?Wa report eelea o 60 qr. eaaka Port, at 03X a 73s; 30 do Malaga at 43a43, and 90 do old Canary at 77J<c, 4 mna Natal Stobui ?Sales of 1000 bb'a raw turpentine were male a- 93 Olid per380 lb ;*l00 bole spirits of turpentine wrre eold at 33s aad some lota Newbarn roetn at 70s W ma 1.races Beyond small sales to out era of Northwest at 38s, wa h.arJ of no transections of moment. FaKiunre Koga?em*n(a of oottr n were made to Liverpool et 3 13d, and of heavy goods at 17a 0 it I00o hols rf Jurd were tak'U at la 6d to L iod"n. Heavy goods were taken at33a, and barrels et -Ja 6d. A reeael waa obartered for the north of Kurope on term* eald to bo aqulvalent to 91 00 per bale to tha oontlnent. Salks or Riti Kstatk at Arcrioe ?1 lot on west Fide 7th avenue, corner ot 3dth street, 34x88 91,700; 1 lot adjoiotoc, same ties, |1.40U: 1 lot opposite corner, 34x10(1, 91 7U0: 4 lota on rear of 30th street, each 33x98, f934 each, 98 70<>; 4 lota adjoining, same alee, 9000 each, 9 J,600; 3 do rear on 37ih atreet, same atxe, 9630 eaoh, 91,700; 8 do en 107th street, between 3d end 3d nvenuea, . u - - -43T- ? -s~? ~ ? 33- , ?Uh 34*100. $1 476; Leu* ofbouwolBl. 104,106 MS aernae $8 600; Plot of ground oa Hubert, Mar Wert i strait, $14,000. _ M4RKICT4 KMRWMERE. PTOl'iv HA I.ICS B*i.t>mork. April U?$i en NHrvUnd Deferred 6i, 72V'. lPflo Balt'oi >re B? *90 95V: '""dofii. do. 9'iV 10 ihi Helmut Min?''ompsnr. 9'U '?7, rioted ?t 103V Hid. 104V aefced: T't'l *? at 102V *??J. 107V "eked; M"rvl?n4 6? rluard at J 96V lid I'V th'1': Baltim ve 6?, 93. ?t 93Mb''' 95 V *>ked. , Baltimore nod Ohio railroad ihatet nt 37 V bid. 3I>? aaked. PiilT.AURl.eHlA. April 13 1848? PV>at H?ar t.?$3H 60 Hfa'e 5*a 79V: 7""? Otrr 6'?. In 99V: 1000 U 8 Treaaurr 6 per ten' 1 Nntet.'05V: 5000-ta'e 5V 7JV: 25 aha Urnon I anil IIV: 75 | 4- ir?rd B't. r II: 100 He.vlme H?4. e IIV: $'00 l.ehii(b uC'in. 81V- 367 l ehiifh Mr l.n h5 15; 2000 Wilmiertnii 6'? I^V: 1000 , KrrdlneO'a '50 >5 58V: <3 >H? Philail BV. 118V: I'oon Store ' ?' , 85: 25? the N I Co-p?r. 3 V '?? Oirtrd "k. 11: $5000 Penn 1 4V h3 73V Second Hoard-tlti0? Htot* ?'?. 81V: 15000 do 5'?, 73V: ??6 Sch *a? 6'e. 48 V Jfttr Soltl.?$1100 U 8 '?. '67 104 V: 560 <*0 "C2 107: 1000 do'67. 104; 1706 State 5V71V: 1> 00 Heh N?v6'i. '08.46V- 10"" Uridine Rtt ?'l, SB; 716 L?h'*h Na?8enp, IIV; 20 Her RB, SlV PotTOie' April II? Firet Board?25 (h* Rredinc R11 IIV; 50 dodo II, btOd'Te: 25 do do IIV: 25 Ho do UV. blOdt; 10 do d Kutern M 1 104 V: t5 do do t"4 V: 16 do Verm >?tand Mete I! K 74; 1 do New b.ii?I?ikI Bk 101; 2 do M#rcb?i7a> Bank MOV: 1 do Fitrhbu-* RR l'7: 5 do Wetteru FH 10JV: '' do Old l'o ony RK. rew UV; 1' do do, old, 93V: 1 do Roiton t-d L well R" 561V: 20" do F.ait R or ton do 14: 25 do do 1SV. 30: 150 dodo liv Mdo do 13V hi?: 50 dodo '3V hM: 5"0 do F.att Button' ?' d'??. No. 4 5V; 200 do do 5V 7 30; 5 do t-'Rchire-R-nw 13; $100(1 Rradiiw RR Bond* 1850 57V- Jit Second Board - 1<0 hvra ta-t Bnaton Co 3V: 25 dodo tSV* 3": 25 do 13V: 4 do N?*hau RR 108.V: 3 P rilmd. Saroa-d P.rti KK lot)*: I do Western RH 103*: 10 do Fitch?-u* KH 117 35 do do I17W blw. Auction? 5 thirri Ricbnnve Bank <M: t do Boit n W?ter Power 2(6; |5do Boston end Hox'-ti'y Mill Corporation OX; I do Meres-tile Marine 'na Co 94 "er et; 5 do F snklin tniu-anee cn 8'V; 75 do Murker R?nk 7iJVi 76^; 8 do City B-nk 97X-O0; 8 do Union Bunk OR*: 15 d< Merc aota' Bank ><aX adv: 10 do Boviatnn Bank 99: 4 do Columbian Bank 93)* per ct: 10 do North Bank 93X do: 100 do Boiton and Pror UK, Adm tale, 98 do; 15 do Eastern BH 4,!< dTanee. Wnliii On Saturday, the 8'h Instant, by the Rey. W. W, Everts Mr Bani LAr PKHiun?:,ot N?w Jersey, to Mix Mart Bampton, of this eity. Died, On Thursday morning, Mrs. Catharink Murray, aged 89 years, (formerly of Chester, Orange county ) Funeral on Saturday. April IS. at 9 A M., from the house of her son. John S Smith, No 85 Broome street. Relatives and friends are requested to attend, without further Invitation. Yesterday morning. 13th Inst., at the resldenoe of his father. John B Dunham, 86 Beat Seventeenth strept, JoHtt B Durham, Jun aged 19 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, from the a^ove place, t.hls-(Friday) afternoon, at four o'oloik, without further invitation. On Thursday afternoon, 13th Instant, of erysipelas Mrs. Annie Eliza, wife of Paul Morrill, aged 26 years, 8 months and 6 days The relatives and friends of the family are rsepeotfully invited to nttend the funeral, at 37 Chambers street, tomorrow (Saturday) forenoon, at 10 o'olock Her remains will he taken to Staten Island for interment HAKLKM "Alt1*?' HU 1 TIN'* I O'JHHE?PUK?E of 30?Th'e day, Friday, April :4, at 1 o'clock. P M. two mile heata. to ha nesa, p">yidinc the -weather will permit 9 Br oka enteri p m I.sdv Randolph; J F. Nomine enters b b. You-ig Amerieut: J. Budges enters i. m Fanny Tallin Cant. Underhill enters b. m Mary Taylor; 8. Long, enters b. h. W'b-t ' l?y. HORHK FOR SALE?AT 9 TILLARY STREET, B'ooklvn?A valnaMa Lmilv or gentleman's Horse?is a very free and stylish d'iver; warranto7 stand, and is a sharp goer; was b-ed by Sir John Lengdon. in his stable of Irish hunters To save trouble, none need apply except w anting an extrn fi-c horse TO SPORTSMEN-FOR SALE ATA GREAT BARgain, one heavy cast steel "Wesson Rifls " with all the aponrato* complete; 1 small iron rill a, suitable for hunttng; 1 new and splendid prise musket German silver mounted ? The whole ear be had for >40 To be seen at 119 Division st LOST?IN WALL 8T. OR BROADWAY. THUR8dar, Ap il 13. a Diamond Breast Pin, set patfeetly plain. Toe finder wi'l receive Five Dollars and the thanks of the owner, by leaving it st A J- Blacker's, No. 7 Broad st. A L ADY WISHES A SITUATION A8 GOVERNESS, to teach music, F-eneh and t rglish. Good references give. Addre?s 591 Greenwich St. WANTED-1N NEW YOBK OR BROOKLYN. A nice sma'l Hcuse. in a good neighborhoed. Apply box 3.143. P<?t ffic.e W ANTFD-^X~*R ESI 0?rN'I<~(3OVERNESS,~" WITH agreeable manners .and a well-regulated m-tid. ard competent to instruct in the various English branches, together with music and French. Apply to Doctor Robinson, 144 Grand afreet WAITED?A PARTNER WHO CAN FURN18H 350 "ash capital in a p'eas*nt and respectab'e business, that will afford a net profit of $>ono ner annum For pertieu In-s inquire at room 40, on the fifth floor of the Son buildings. IJt P"U'tnn afreet. WANTED-A PASTRY COOK AND CONEECtinner, t? go not of the city. To a good workman (none other need apply) iread* emplovmeut will be given. A >ingle man would be preferred. Addreaa, B. B., through the po?r office. anting terma and referencea. _ WANTED-BY A ^EADY YOUNG WOMAN. A i'uation to do chamber work and plain aewing, or ehild'inurieandplainaewiagina private family, and no objee, ion to go a a allwaya in the country. Oood city reference. bv applv n* nt 252 Mott alreet WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman in a pririte family, aa cook. She it |a go'd watherand ironer, can dn/hamberworb or wait'ng, or take care of children,or do plain aewiur. The beat of city refe enee given. Pleaae enquire at No. 6 Leonardatreet, near Huda-n at'eet. SITU ATION WANT" D?WANTED BY A RESPECTah'e Young Woman, a aitoatinn to do general homework in a am ill reepectahle private familv Beat of city reference given Pleaae call at No. 76, loth atreet. between the 6th and 7'h avenn >a. WET NUK8E?WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE young " omnn. a ei'u<t;on aa wet nn ae. The yonng woman ha. a freah hreaat f milk, and the beat o( city refer encea given Apply at 62 8 ate at.. Brooklyn. _ EVJPLOVMENT WANTED-IN ANY HESPE'VTAhie buiineia. either aa aaaia'ant book-keeper or general clerk, by a young mm who hat had ten yeara eipeieuee in i imporiing.ahipping and coram >aaioiibuain*a!i, and who can rive anch referencea aa cannot fail to be eatiafjctnry. He would be willing to g i to any pan of tbe country, nnd would accept a malt alary rather than tcmain idle. Addreaa N. T., at thia office. f^O TAILORS ?WANTED A 81 TUATlON, AS CUP A ter or Haleamnn, by peraon who ia practically acquainted with every branch of th* bnaineaa, The beet of referencea ranbegiven. Addreaa Alpha. r.a e of Mr. Stinemeta, merch nt t<ilor. corner, f Cooitl-ndt e'ree^aud Broadway. TO MERCHANTS?A PSHSON ABOUT TO MAK? a tonr through the weatem States would be willing to collect debra. Sic., at a amali par centage, and beat of reference given Enquire at 149 Cedar atreet. up euita. (Will leave ia the cou'ee of m two d?vi) April 13. I818. T|20 MU8|CIANS?WANTED, A VIOLINIST POS aician, to perform about half >n hoar or morn every eveui:g. To a prrton am wen nit thn above deaeriptron, a perm iueut aitnariou anil Rood aaWry will be given. He moat aleo nndentand a'l the popular Ethio-'ian u,ut;c. Apply immediately at the MaloHen , No 51 Bo 'rrv ' Whrfl1.. mprieiar Matrimonial.- * widower, aoed m years, being much diaa,t.afied with hit aute. would like to he.r from a lady not over 28. on theauVjrct of matrimony. The lady muat poaaeaa Rood aenae, modeaty. and amiability of di?poaiU .0 bcaidea aome raih to ho'/t Commuoieetiou< will be regarded aa atricrly confidential, and treated with the utinoat g-od lauh. Addreaa "Hrral?ry." poat < Bice, i^ew York, | wii ir pa .1 name a >d ?dilteva Viv? la Krpnhl'qnr ! 'ro L?"*\ERS~WANTED. FaRT OF AN OFvICK, A or aolTrrieut room for a deak, Ste . lor which a liberal rent will be paid; location between Chimbera and John atteeia. I A<ldre?a H. e . L , rhta office. PART op AN UNHJHNI8HED HOUSE WANTED, bv a family of three grown peiaooi only, in a reapectable lelgl.h rhood and near Broadway; a arparate or the exclusive uae ol a kitchen deairable. Loweat terma and particulars to' be addreaaed lo ?' H> r'l a-" office Room wanted-nkar the south ferry, in New York or Brooklyn, by a tingle gent eroan, who will lumiah the rO'm in all aare carpet; higheat refercneea Riven Addreaa, atating location, W. M , Herald office. April Nth >84* MEHCIiANTd, BBOKEK8, Icc?A UENTLK. man of limited mean*, wiih a liberal education and general knowledge of bna<n> aa, wiahea for a tilnation in any ret pectable honte requiring the tervicet of a Irnatworhv and fiithfal a-'slitant. Advert'ier will be rstitfied with ft tominil j tilaiv, notil by ttiict attention to the intareits of his employer , he may be eoosirleicd entitled to eu advance. Ilr ia prepared to aive good city referancea and aolvrnt security for any trnil ' placed in him Adveilirer is a mirried man about forty year a ot ace, and active b"n>nra? habits Communications addressed low R . Henld rffira. will b? promptly attended to. ttl HaftA TO BU81NK98 MEN.?THE nDVKHTI- ' Itlv" ser wonld lika to invest from $I5M to SUM in a safe bnsine a alte?dy established, or wonld j -sin a man ol g >od | buameaa habiu and - trict integrity in esublianinc any respectable business, rot attended with too crrat iiak. References I given and required. Addreti office ot Mew York Bun, boa I IX. civ" C teal earne and describing the bnaicesa Books. book*-75mo volumes of old and New Booka; ItM relatiuc to Napoleon, his times, and the French Revolution'; Stoflon American History and Literature; JOCtl Claaaies: t?(0 General and Local Hiitery; KM Poetry snd Plays; INi Biographv; 150 on Astrology and ** itfhcreft:7AC0 Theology. lie for sale by V.' QuWAN, ! 17IFniton oreet. opposite St Pant's Church Vard. New Fork. | TO TAILORS.?'TIN KM KIM' NKW AND COMp'eta System of Catting allkinda of Uarmanta. in itriet aeeoidanee witn the rrevailina Katkione. ia aow teady for delivery, and can be obtained of the author, 171 Broadway, or A . W heeler, Reporter of Fashions, 4 onulandi street Price per e< py 19; to those who purchase his former work, $5 per j copy LAMARTINE (BLUE CLOTH) BACK COAT8The revolution wa? achieved bv mrn in Bine Bloneea; but l.amvtme wore n Blue Hark, a model of which I have just received from''aria and h>ve many of them made; the piicevvie* iromtl* to tit; Bnsiness Sack. $i. Clorn.Car nmerea anu V-?neg made to order at really low piieae; French Cloth Drraa Coats made to meaenre from til tn$lA ? O B. I'LaKKK, ll( Will-am street, opposite Washington Slorea, between Fntti-n and Jobs. CI AST OFF CLOTHING. JEWELRY, FIRE ARMS,Ire J wanted.?fi?-tl#mrn or families having Wearing App rel. or superfluous effects generally, which they deal re to convert into cash, will obta-n a fair price tor the aaaaa by seadiag lor he nhsenber, who will attend them at their residences by appointment. Aline, sent through the post office or otherwise will receive prompt attention H LEVKTT, Office No I Wa'l atre*t comer of Broadway | NFA NTS'ROBES?A SPLENDID V ABIETY. FROM lllS to |S5, Idfmti' Kmbroi'tered WitiU, from ft to I id M Up we da of Sgg pai a ol rich needle work Cnffa, from 3s 61 per pair An entirely new atvle of LacaCollare. A larfce lot of need'e-work Collars, from la Needle-work in sertings and^edgings. Thread and im-tauon Meea, veils, Ire lie. N. K ?The In west price maraed in plain figures on each article? CH tS H? QTT ? Co . No 177 Bmadwav. MEBsHS RICHARD KIPl.INi* k B RO TH Kp 8 IM po-tera of French Farcy Goo's Imitation and Prer i. ftoner. b?g I are to inform the trade that ihey have removed toll Maiden Lane Several new imoortitio's Just received ot raid Poiaea, Steal Claipi, I nrse and Bsg Ttimminga, Fins. lio._ Medicalca><u-dk.* kulton street, derotes his entire time to the treatment of privat* diseases. Recent cases, particularly Gonorrhoea, he tnrea is a few days. Canrtitutioaal debility from a aecret habit, in dneing nocturnal emiaaiona and impo'eeey, it radically eared by him Htrie.iores he caret witnont pain, he# Dr. M.'a Di plonuLwilh tfaa siguarurea of Sir Aatley Cooper, Sir A. Cup lit In, kc.. in km omen, IMM Fnlton strnnt A perfect ears (uininida T _ ?* i - - I rjKORO? B. ROLLINS, AUCTIONEER?ELEGANT | V* Hoosehrld Furniture. Maib'e ftatoary and Oil Paintings ! at auction,on Fridae, April Uih, a( 10 o'clock. si No. 73 Ami ty meet?e inprititg handsome BiUtiels carpets. elegant c uctiea, richly carved branch toahagmy bedsteads Roihic P tteru. do scoi| {.altera, elegant wardrobes, splendid solar I dines, m?ru|e top crnt e t-ibiei. Isrge plusi, arm hot^ s? wiug cluira. inch giny hat stands, colt kp chairs, feather beds, hair lid suir carpets raid isa, ck satHH, hutla'rnje '!( pier table, style Louis XlV, iliennu dniig table, (lie g'lt bracketa. hell Inn ps, English pl'v glasi, oil clmh, stair rods, irgr.iin carpets, umrb'e top wethatsui s, and l.ur'nna Willi gl tsars. Also, roar wood p'.-lrr fa'nitare no ?n cum I With blnr i hub. conches, c.'ni.t, sewing chairs, do styls Louis XIV- Also, a piau . f.'iie. m nla hv Sum ? I'aintinga?A choice eolleetiou ofpamtiLga. ancient aed modern, by Claude, Vrruet, Alkeudvfe, limes, end Mur'acd. Statuary? Cupid and Lyre, by Thorswaldrn; Cupid and Dove, mmarble; Anti'ine Baa Itrliel, f ua lbs ramsol lleicu'aneaoi.i Al ibnster Dancing Figures, he. Ac. Catalogues will le ready the it iy previous to sale BY JOSKrH HEOEY1AN. AUCTIONERR.?tjmorrow, Hatuidiv, April 15, at 10 A M.. at No 88 Warren streer, brtween Court and Clinton strects, Brroklya ? lieo'eel Fnrnitnre?A genera' assort men t of Parlor, Chamber and Kitchan Furniture in good order; I line tone Euel ?h f ano, rud xie o'her I'isno Cutalogues at the house ni rl r morning of sale. Monday. April IT. al 10 a. M , at N o 70 Hi cits street, Brooklyn?Hemes! Household Furuiinre?Catalrgues on ?? turilay Brooklyn, Ai nl H. 1818. _ | W. BROWN. AUCTIONEER?BE AUTIKUL I Stotfad Birds?This day (F iday) tpril 14, at 18)5 o'clock. i t No 142 Broadway, will l,e mill a lark# collection of rttnff-d Birds comprising the moat beautiful birds of ilie Iloiied States Humming and other Hilda from lha Weet Indiea an I Hoo'li America, Din's cf Paradise fiom China, (J une from En'oi e. fcc. 8te. He. willard. auutionkeb?wm. w. shir Icy, Balesni-u ?Tfus day, Etiday. 10 o'clock, after the U. rt. Vnrsh ,1'a sale of 6 h.iriela emhroide rd Mnaliut, a variety of U^ods from a j hher'a, Liueu Sb;Tls .' Bosoms, Collars, Cravats, Dolt iiir, Cologne, Knns, < 'np? Muffs. Porket Pooka, Pma. Bnckles, Cigar Cises, Oil f huh f 'nrp.t, WOO doi box*a llo.kssnd Eyes, with various, other Goods, in lots ferret tilers. rIM> LET-HAND.-OV.E ARABI'MK.NTS TO A GEN? teel Imnily, in n new lionse, finished in modern style, f rof>n water, he It isaituated in Greenwich street, opooaite Baihnne atieet. being one i f the most pl-nsant and heal hy loratlona in 'he city. aa>< within ire block of two li es of stayer, viz : Kipu & Brown's, Pileecker street. The btlsuce of the house will be occupied by a small private lamilv. Apply to Mr. WILLI AM8 170 Broadway, room 24, fix m 9 to 1 o'clock. A.M.. or 2 to 4 PM ?_ TO LET-THK SIX TWO 8TOKY ANh ATTIC Houses, III t'udvii street, between 14th and l.ith streets. They are just finished, and iu complete order, end to good tenants will be reuted tow. apply |0 JOHN DKNHhM, lib Avenue, comer of West 16th street, or to H.J Bcuiord. Ho Maiden I ane. TO LET-TO A GENTEEL KAM'LY, A THBEK story frame home, c.nt lining 13 rooms apd n fine wide cellar, No 46 South 3d street. WiUiimhuigli. L 'I . being one ol the most n ess ant situations in the vi'lege; only live m antes walk from eitlisil ferry; rent only $MiU. Apply 77 Maiden Lane up stai'S, N, Y. Highly important to housed* kcehh and others ?W here there is real and true merit it seems useless to say aire than to rti]iest the citizens of New York to bay Perrine It Co.'s Nonpareil WashiDg Soap, as it is really the bestand roost economical Snap ever discovered. Sold to the trade at the Depot, No. 263 Washington street, and by insuy of the retail grocers INDe PKNDENUE T HE REWABI) OF ENTERPRISE ?35 000 acres of land, in the most ideas ,nt, liea'tliful, end productive State in our I 'uinn, is offered in tiacts from lOOto lOOO acres each The first 1000 acres at 10 cents au acre ; se c>iruaii*7fc cicu, auu a" on advancing ii,s? crura in prireoti e'ch successive sale ol'WOOacres. " Fust come first served " Also, farms of all lilt* and all prices. Coil lands, iron tni.e-, mills, water power. City property. warranted to nay ten per cent on the investment. Heal Kstnte V?rVn, front room, ?nd story, IU Broadway^ AHNOLD^BUFFUM. BO aRDKNO.?A VERY PLEASANT FRONT ROOM with la-ga < I art, aid one of a like aixe, with roomy pantr?, on the same floor, secoud st.iry. will he vacate ' on the 1st of way, and may now be engaged for two gsrtlemen ami their ladies Also, two or more rooms may be had byspplyingat No. 30 Commeree street. Terms moderate and references expeeled. BOARDING IN BROOKLYN-TWO OR TllH KK persona may be aeeommodated with very pleasaet cmnfortabie rooms, and permanent board, in a very desirable neighborhood, within 3 minn'es walk ol Fulton Ferry. Apply at No ? Bands st. corner of Adam Hamilton houie?thh favokitk watering Place at the Narrows, is now undergoing rxtensire alteration, preparatory to its opening cn the 1st of ''ay. Hiving been leased hy the subscriber for a term of years, he intends to thoroughly renovate the whole rstHblithinrnt. nnd eondeet it in a manner that Will intnre the approbation of those seeking umtnr residence. II IWhKYn <'L*PP. Notice-pavilion garden, mount iomp kins, Tompkiusville. St .ten Island ?The proprietor ol this weil known establishment respectfully informs his Inends and the public generally, thit his house is now open for the reoeption of vi iters Ladies ard grutlemen via'tiug this benutifnl hon?e. nsvsr fail to be dsInrhted wi'h the mm nifioent view diaplayed fro "a ita piazr. la-ud ganlena, a view which take* in the whole of the anrrnueding conntry, aa far a* the eye can reach, lne'urtirg all of tha celebrated Bay e| New York, from Sandy H >ok to farup the Hnda<n. beitit fied and variegated, with ita ahippmg, ita itlanda and fortifl-atiom. Public patrooate itreat ectfuMy aolicited. Ja> E8 8 1)KNY8E, Proprietor. N 8.?The aplendid ateamhoata Sylph ! ardHtaten I Under leave font of YVh-teball atreet, N- York, hoo'lv. f ore * A.M.. ri'l ' P.M. PfHK FEMALE SEMINARY.No. 71 E AST BROAD A wav?A. It 8. R. < I, \HKK rrinnipyta. will commence ita aummer teiaa on the 34th matant. Pui ila will be leceiveil at any intermediate period, aud charred only with the pro p> nion of ti e term. The Seventh Ward being a rl'aaant and retired part of the city and being aupplied with comfortable homei for airangera afforda deairable aimationa for young Indiea from abroad, who may with to obtain board in pnvate tnrailiea while puranmg their atodir a. Atthia Memiirrv every faci.ity ia aff >raed to yonrg ladira lor acquiring a thorough erincal on. The principala hetidea giving their own undivided attention to the arho?l, are aia-iled by the follow lug gentlemen, who have been long and favorably known to the public, viz Jacob T Bergen. A.M , Profeaaor of Ancient nud Modern Lamtnng*s and Bellea Le-.t-ea: (filbert L. llnme. Profeui.r of Natural Sciencea and'ca; John \V. H Have, Prufeator of Elocniion. The drnwirg depaitioinl ia under the care cf Elizabeth Oram Profetacr flume doiiven Lccturraon the Nntu al Scieacea erety week; Botany will ocenpy the aummer term A ah-ge i? employed to convey pupila reaiding in a diatant pvt of the city. Thoae fromS'U'li Urooklvn will find a conveyance from the Sruth Kerry,while pnoilefrnm Wi'liamtbnru will be provided m inclement weather with a atage. to meet them at tha Grand atreet feirr No extra charge ia made for Stationary, Latin, French, or Drawirg. FSKDKHJ'iK A. WOODWORT1I, Ml BROADWAY, oppnaiie Lie Broadway The-tie, baa received bv the late arrival from Havre,?abell muaical b xea, po celain ratei Lubini peifumea, Lubin'a and MonpiLa aoipa. plain paprr fans, ailver paper fana, rich dreaa Una, opera gb ivi, Uobrrni line, ladies'traveling cases, dressing easesmil worlt but'*, ready pen makers, walking t ire, writing desk pipe teries. portfolios, card cases, stgar cases, fancy stationery, he- fce. OFFICE OF THE NEW YORK OAS LIGHT COMfany, April 10, 1040 ?The President sad Directors hare this d sy declared a dividend of f.<nr and a half per cent on the capital slock of this Company, for the six months endir g Is' February last, payable to the stockholders on nod after Mohdiy the fst May ncit The transfer book will be cl- sed f,oin the 21th isst. to that date. By order. C. L. EVEKITT, Sec retire. _ _ An nnfl LBS. HAM", 30,000 LBS. HHOUL j v'v/v/ de't, 10 000 lbs. hmoked B?ef, 20J bbls. Le>f Lard, T50 bbls. Mess and prime Tors. 150 bbla. Mackerel , bb's Herrings, 78 packages Butter. SO bores Cl.eetc, Si.ap, Caudles. Lemp Oil, 75 hoses prime Brown Havana, to hhdt Pono Mieo do.. 35 hhds low priced New Orleara do.. 50 hbls New Oilears Molasses, 1? hh'ls. Nror tas do , 40 hlida Cubs do,. 500 botes fi st quality M. H. Haisins. for sale at the lowest cash prices, by CLAHK, FI.K It CO., 220 Fulton street. /"|UKEN VICTORIA AND HEH BABlES-IT IS | Vfc not generally known how ettensiy# the sale of Jones' Ci.cmical Soap and Hair Restoratire is amour ti e royalty of I Europe. 1 he (^uetii uses his Spanish Li ly Win eaial fcoap < altogether, while the hair smlT gives the children the most ! lovely hair Suft silky, cleaa and fne, ai.d the snap cures nil j e. upturns, clears the skin Ite Ti ey are sold in New York I onl* ?r 8t f"harh?m s?. ne 139 Knlton rt. R'cO'lve. | I Q?l?I)R JEFFRIES' ANTIDOTE FOR OON tow orrhcea, (jlret. Stricture, and similar disorders. This I is a. remedy wnich requires no assistance? it performi its dutr i quickly, aud thoroughly, leaving no injurious effect, either to | toe < restitution or the part affected, lu using the antidote, none of the inconvenient and useless restrictions on diet, oe- I enpat on. Ore., Ite- are required. (>ue bottle is generally infficient to cure an ordinary ca-e. which not unfrequeurly dn ! appears after sis or eisht doses Price >1 ear bottle Fur salt . bv f U H I * '<. 117 Hrnnd way, porner John sf-rvT ; Medical caiid-dr, glover take" this method of informing these who hare etqniied by lefts i whether he had retired from piactice, that he st II continues t i cure those d.lncult and protracted c?ses of constitutional rnd I delicate diseases, which hire b- filed the skill of ph, of less (iperience. Dr. G. wcnld especially inviie those who I liars suffered from a certain class of prisons to call at his office. No 2 \nn street, where they will rre>t with a ceitain, speedy I and effectual cure Private entrance through the entry to the ' office door. Moht extraordinary WOBK.?EVXKT MO ther'e Book.?The apprehension of rovertr and the ' prospect "f loo large a family of children, pretest many I pradeet people from entering the married note ; bnt here is a I work that will tell yon many important aecreta which will oreicnme all *ueh objectiom, and tha au'hor ia nam rd will | be nnire'Mlly approved of amo'g marrird peop'e rrice. jo eenta. For talc br Bnrgen Stringer. & Co, 2'.'2 Biondvrny, New York ; Zeiber k Co.. eoroer rf Cheanut and Third I atreet. Philadelphia : W. R. Davit tfi State ?t , Tl . > ,n DR RA LPH, AUTHOR OK THE " pkAt -TICAI. PRIVATE TllK,iaTI8E," Ureeawich atreet. . office houra 9 to 12 A.M., 6 to 9 p. M., (Sunday excepted) Thoae who rpply in ilia early stage will be urpriaedat the ! rapidity and I ttla inconvenience attending their cure. I It ia chiefly thoae who, however, hare suffered from , a ee tun claaa n( peop'e, and other caaaee, who* can properly app eeiate his aeryieea. eapecially in atticture, from its fi rat or iueipient, to ita mote a-6 vauccit and distressing stage* in whirti (from uneomuiun ad i v?ntape?, in addition lo a very extensive practice in thin r.rinplaint) he ean afford a rapid, eaay ?ud radica cure which he nna ground for itatiug, can be obtainrd Irom no other aonr e ni /America. DR. CONVF.U'S INVIGORATING CORDIAL?This justly celebrated remedy ie now nuiveisilly uaed in tlioaa deplorable cater ofaemiial weaknei* or debi itv, en- { tailed by early iniiiacieet h .bit* ol vonlh, or in rdinate indulgence ?f the pnaaioua in riper yean. 1'hvticiaiit proaouurr t it cordial the moat rfliraciout preparation ever compounded from the materia medic* for the core of thoae inrolnntary rerninal diaehargea which are prodnetive of so mm h miarhirf to the nervona ayittm. inca|>aeit*tiug the man lor phyaical cr mental exertion. Venous meana were naed to prevent these ruinousemiasionf. but without auceeaa. till thia enrdia' was naed with the mgat happy reanlta Young ran. if you would be relieved from that dejection of apirua, and br restored to ; manly vigor of bodr and mini . delav not ro procure thil cor I dial It ia the only anchrr ol hope for ron Dr Cr nvcr'a office | ia at Si Third avenue, betwern loth and lllh at.eeia.New Vo a, where he ia consulted confidentially m these d<aord*ra. and hi* [ erdial obtained. Sold alto by J. O. Fay, 12$ Fulton freer ? I Price 12 a bottle, t bottles for ti or $10 the half d xen Ki I plieitdireeuonaaceo.. pany each bottle. N. U.?Thit cordial I contains no merenry, or any mineral or ofTenaivc aubat ,nre to injnre or expoeethe patient Pe<eona in the conntrv wil]h?ve | ihe cordial ai.d a letter of advice earefnlly forwarded tn theni by addieaaing Dr Convert. Si Jd avcuna, New York N"Stagea from the lower prut of the city p.ita the Doctor's offi'V I every five minute*. See Dr. Convert advertisement ia the N V 8nn ones dc and Nsrional Poire (iaietfe Circular?mothers, wiv-:-, sis khs Daughter! cut t nr and tar't ie circular,'or it ia too **- j luabln to be lo*t, and I c nnrt > IT >rd io keep it itandng u, tl e I a per*. Raving for year* uaed a vegetable Balsam fur ex tract ing pam and healing wr u' da. fn curing e, ma. bun. oo., celled and painlnl j nota k- ,end having f nrd it to bc.a moat valuable remedy, I have det*rm ned m give to nine re the oppmtumtv ol enjoyine >ta benefi a hv i ff--ing it for aa'e, , , io labelled bottle*, at the tr fi ng c-a'of t.i celit*. h-uato'D. I , cur, bruiae, awe led j iin*. euro or hnn v n spread a co?ting f the Balsam no the part affected and it w ill dry i> fieenvuntes, ( f -rming a perfect ahiald, impervious to air or water, giving immed.ate relief f <m pain, and expediting a perfect cnie . Fur the lomh ache fill the decayed pert v. ich t'e Balaam, and in three miuntea It will bee< me solid excluding the air and terminating the twin It needs only to be rested, to cause it to be regarded at an indispensable artiei* in eeery family. Itnieis Building front room, ?ecr?nu|*to v. Ill Broadway. ARNOLD BUFFUM Sold also, br H. H Jooet. I7C Urocd. way. O. Conaer k Field, it# Broadway. Dellnc k Co , ill Broadway, and Hoeg fc Weod, 177 fami iLitL I m iWJr -jri ? ????i4 italic* orr.p 4 rtr*var.~ *OTicr-Doo 3 * 1 opr n ?l rulf-paf 7. Prtfow wire et or' rfc,- .ti., , Bat IJtfi e, in .1 n< r I'Ince, o.*u li la ,. >i < nil is . \ from I to J o'clock. . ft > Kw I it tr? ir ft?- In mm, kn'my Mrni?(, April Itlh, llll wi I '>? |ie-f mird (fir op< r id i NA Nl?Elvira. Stgua T uJli . K:aui . i?.H"i Aii'io A n'-ldi; D??n Carlo*. f ignor K. " it eveit no;i?<n liarUo. met de Ailwv Xigu >r tltimio K''<i; |Mlli((*illo Higior 1'if iiuMoi; Jaijii, b.'gnur (4 MMBWihiiiv, to*uo? 'J . Av KvJrn. .V ie?tro Uirertore, Vfc Bnrilli Leadc !' orrhealrn' itrt! cltorui Mnftrr Big. C. LmIII. Hw Wcenttv p inwdby Higno'i Allegii ?mi Mwhli BOWKRV THKATHE-Friday ?VIC.* I < . Hth, will be puforin'd (lis (trnnd open <f ihe IfHKMI ?N (IIIIL-Mlur, Mrs sfOini D'nilMoof, Mr fcetuin; Thuldfin, Mr. CH'duer; Count Arnhnin, Mr. tntier Quren r.filie Uit?i?a V Crhtrnteii,; Unil*. Mrn Broadlev. To rori lud- *?jih ill" celebrated b. llrt . f NA'J'HAJ I IK?XVatlinJie, Mi?? Ju'in Tu'uboll; 'I he 14of c Ammd, Mr. j it W. t-utii'r Alfred, Vr. Bi.rkr; Pietr-, Mr. Warden ? ! Uoori open ?t 7?teifnnn nre to continence h <!T j n't 7o'clurlr 1 Uoire, all ov?r the hcune. M rent*; l*it, 25 rend; Gallery, 12)? cent#: Priv.'e Boie?, gv Chatham thk.atke.-bi- nkut ok mh bass Kiidnv I'rriurt, Aiml M'h, 1141, w II be pre?ented the comedy o' TH h. HI V i Lt?Hir Authoity Absolute. Mr. Bner. litem Aim lute. V1r Hielt'; Bob Acre*. Mr W. B (Ihip- . men; f tr Lac tun OTripier. Mr. J. Hm auburn: Out id. Mr O Auilirwx Vr?. M tlup np M * V?'roi>: I v<l l.onguiib. Mr?. (4 Jerev. Af rr trhich DOUBLE BKDIlKD bdOM? Dulcimer 1'ipri. Mr. Itatn The wlole to cu t lade tniih the RHiniT Ob THK WaTRKW, or the Pi HE Flb.ffU ?Hit Hii'drbreiid. Mr Hield; Y,niter l.apwtK ?ri g. Wintnr, Oln'dt Mm J.l> Hoi th; Ondu e, Mr* G.Jones; Detre Yvgue ' ritte, Wretr. l)oor? o|ieii nl 7 o'clock Perft 'innoce eoi' rnrorii nt i-' Bum Vi rrnti; Pit 12)%. IVIITCH'-LL'A .OLYMPIC THRAThE ? KltlDAY I a? * evcng nrm >4, the entertainment* will coinnie-ce wiihTHK. 8ENTINKI?Ma lanii'iau hchloppsen. f, t HolI I>nd: Linda, Miaa M??v Taylor. To be f lln* nl hv ? up? In ml place, entit'eda ULANi:K AT NtWYOHK IS )*??? M'>m, Mr ( hanlrnu; ,l?ke. Mr ' iv oirr: KlinS i bhina, ili*a Miry Taylor: Mary *Ue' PMIipa; Jane MnaUth r?a. After which 'i'lllo HDUSK TO B HOLD?Mr > hatierp n Chopkina, Mr Holland; Deadomoua, Miaa Vary Taylor To commence with the extravaganza entitled KABRI?Kabn, | Mr Holland; 7 he Fairy Wench vli?? I hiili|>?. I res* < beie I SO rents: I'ppe' Ui xr?. 25 cetu; Pit, I ihilli g; Piivii'e Ur.its $5; Orchestra Boxea.SS. BROADWAY THKATUK. ? FBIDAY KYKNINO, April 14, v ill be pr rimmed the drama celled ih' MAlU I OK OR013KY ?Hergcant Anatarlita. MrKeuiiiR; Fiancie, Mr. Dawaon; Welter. Mr. Hai'away: Thera?a. Mias banny WaMnrk: Manet'#. Mra. Heraemr. To he followed ov the hnllat nf (aISKI.l.K?Unfile, f.l '.le Ulnngy, Myitha, M'lle Val'ee; Piiuce Alhrocnt, Von* Rnuan'*: H ration, V,n a. I Weihi.ff. To conelitde with the farce of K V K.N Y BOOY'S H ITbB a ND? Vr. Alnv d?r Tvauielton, I8r Lealer; Theophl'tli L'nuhnty Vr Hndaway; Mrs. Pimpernel', >'r?. Witta'.m'ey; Mia* hompicu, Mra. hergaaut?Lioora open at 7 o'clock .?Perlonnnuce to hegm at naif past 7 Ure a Circle a,>il hero cert* ta ?ii?a'-tmiH aircha ee n? Onliorp, l*t< era. iVJ hXHAMC8'HALf,.473 BHOAUWAY B'TWY'N iTI Omcdand Proome a'rre'a ? I)PEN b.VKKY MOHT during the wrek. Unparalleled nicer.a Twenty eighth wrest ol the original i flRI -TY'9 MINHTRKLR. the oldrat eatablithed b nd i't the United Suites nndc the direction of K. P. CHRISTY, whoae inunileb e and original entertainments are nightly honored with crowded aud highly te'prc'aMe audicncea, and are fty -red with a p<t onare nnrreeecented br ' any an.uaehient in this ei?y. Admission 25 crura, Doora .ppen it 7, t'oocerr coinintiicea ?t i o'clock For the neeomim, datum of hniiiiliea, an AFTkiKNOON CONCKKT c very "arn-ilee. I'nora oiien at ?. ccinmeuce at i o'-lnck. B' ROADWAY ODKON ?KNTltANCK THROUGH Piutrut'a Cafe dra Mill* t'olminea.?Manager K. U. Ureely ? Mnaical Director. Mr. Oldlield.?Animated Pictniea and Pygmalion Statuary by a new company of Indies and gen ueinen, wnu im coatiime*. itr.iperiea, Ice? Friday, April 14?Programme: Tart 1?The F-tinea Hevelrjr;The Amazonian Oath; Ainnaoniau triumph Ur Part 2?The Light of <hellarnin: The htee Danccri Si t Part 1?The Parting of Hector mil Audmmarlic If. Tableau in horor cl ih* Hiench Republic. Orrhea:ra buz, 50 cenu; Pnniuette, 25 c*nta; Bom, 1?K cenia Perlor|n,inee to commence at It o'clock BTkSum'm a jib uh; a a MuiT" i/m?r tbThnum Proprietor! h Hitchcock. Manager. Poland il per fornnii,cea every afternoon at ba'fpaat S o'clock, and every evening at qnar or before t. The Manager haa engaged ft?r only iliie we-k, the American Fire-king, who eala re-t hot conli offire, blazing balla of hr>Diatone drinking lirjud 6'e, and peiforming a variety of other wondeifol feala Ha ap. neara afternoon and evening. Alio engaged, the celebrated i?iv comedian, Gr?at Weetern, Miaa Bernard. Actrcaa and Vocaliat, Wi?? Jalien Moble. vra. Pelbv'a Wai Scripture Statuarv, Madame Hock wall, F>mon* FnrtunvTelW. Admitaiou to the whole, luclndiug Mmetiin, Perfornianeea. tic., 25 cent*; children 'tcder 10 yeara of age, and old enough lo W* k alone 12>? cer.u. Ueaerved front aaata, ana aliilling each eatm. AN ATOM 11; a L ? ' C-ib I'M.-1THK GH KATES! FXh.bit on in ihe country, it row peu at the con er of f>iviaionit.anu Bowery. b?w York ' hia cul.retion, the moit plead-d ever biought before ihe public, ia or en ever v day acd r veiling for cia i in^ ion, Iroin B oVIo-k, A. V. to'0 I' M. In . ? a.'ditinn to tie Annfoo ieal 1'iep'ial'oca, there h?a been added a meat aplendid collection of objecta of * arnr?l Hirtory, acd Cutioaittea fmui all pi;ta of the world The who'e mitei ? grand IV uitniu. No l e>aon ahould fail to yiaittbia eintenra. 1 lie rrice of aOrn'raion i? onlv 21 renfa Major gen. t?>m thumb'and aFkonw moy. the ' In eve Lady?Thia wonde ful little man gfd m> at interesting Oriental Kr rode, two of ih greatest ne'SPat curiosities ofihe day. cm tinne to hold their levee* ?i 3ii Br??d wny Door* open from lOoVlock. A.M., nutil I#. P VI. Performance from 3 I" d o'clock, afternoon. auil from I Co 10 o'clock, evening. Admission, t'j cents, child ea nnder ten year* of age. half mice BANVAHu'A MAMMOTH 7'ANOHAMA OK thk. Mississippi nver, painted on rhret miles of canvas. being the largest painting ta the world, at the Panorama building. in Broadway, adjoining Niblo's Uaiden. Open every evening, (Sunday* excepted ) Admission id eemi; child is* half price. The Panorama will commence moving at 1>4 o'clock precise'y. Afierr.ooa exhibition on Wadnetuay ana Hatui drv. at 3 o'clock. Metropolitan minstrel* at~thk apoli p Uooma 410 Ur.iadwnt ?The Metropolitan Minstrels will prevent every evening, durinir the w eeb, (except Wed. eaday I their n tereslu g nud ?i Icwiiuiug delineation* of "LIGHTS AND SHADOWS OK NEGRO L1FK," illnatrated with a choice xelcct on of the uiott popolnr Hefra'nx. Melod'e*. Ultra. Polo*. Overtn ea, Dances, he., enlivened with the g*y jeu d'oprit. and quaint and facetiou* humor of the Homhrru phntntii u negro. The ulmoit cate will be tak'u to avoid the I slightest approach to vuliarity, and ihe paihrlic end lively phaaraol the negro character will he portray*d iu ihe blightr*t nud vivid color*. Mr. Anttiu Phillip*, musical director. Adimttinre 33 ceo'a. f'hild'en half free. Performances commence at 8 P. M E FOWLEH, manager. BKOOKLYV INhTIl UTK?VIOND a Y AM) 1UKV dar, 17 n d Itili nut ? For two nights only?The i ngiin! Southern O era Troupe of Knble Hmmouista, consisting "f A'easrs W. U Plntner. T. Archer, Wm. P'owning, James h. Kartell, W. Huark Mona. Kngeih, Ned Fitx llemy, Mid r-?l?on Kress, Yusicnl Director, beg leaye t" mo unce to ir.e pub ic that the* will give two ouly cf their iuimiti<nin eut?rta,nirent??t ?ier to rpenng in he* York?which have bern ePenned by the elite ? d lusl.ion ofall ihe principal ci ir* oiilieUnirn Auu ili-v wish it Uiit nctly understood, that i ulvi.iu oly or col ecti?ely. a* irgards aiyle and exeruii u. U|kr a*..- num> V Wivuugn viicir m'n.n nriscvr H? Irom the b'?t compnaera; Parodist Mil <1 the potulir oP''a*; Helraim. ??g*o Melodiee, (J'eea, Huofi. tltpniteet, VVlluci?rr? hnrlrnjuit Polka*. Soda rn various inttiuman't?thewh le nuuer the dieciinn < f J. IS. Kenton . < aula of adoiin on 15 (Mli-i hildnn accompanied hv their parents r guardo-nt hall price Dour* rpeu at half past C; (o commenceat 7 o'clock 'DKMPLKOK IHK MIlSk.H, NO 16 CANAL STREET. J ?This well known aslablnbinrot tin* reopened under the moit llat ?ring umpir e*, where performances of the mnl , *i*eantand n e * og charterer are given The ft -lamed ofCo'eman't Minstel*. evecnte (J ees, liefraina and .Melodies equal to any ev* h ard in ihecity; and he dnLCiiK of Mr. Klnnnery ia trnly inimitable?it cm not he approrchej. murk le<? equalled, between whom and the celeb attd regro, old John Hon h. a trial ?l skill will tike place ihia evemrir. These are fallowed by a aenea of anirmtrd rictuie*. every wny worthy (he nnbonoded ayp ante and admir-tion ihey receive eve*y evening. Poor* open at halfpnt 7, and performance commences at I o'clock. W. Btuca No.ion fioni London, manager: t;. H. barnrc. proprietor. rpHEGRAND COLLECTION OF THK WORKS <'h I. the Old Masters, eomf rising original Pieinrca, by Titian, liuhe..s, Raphael, Murillo. V*larquez, Van Uvek. Oitilioroiiinr.o. ruuiigiiino, flolbein. Jan Siee*. Carlo Unlet, t 'uyp. Wilton, and maiiv ethers of tb* old Maiterv, ia often at Ihe Lyernm (Jallerv, No. 561 Uroadwar, from 9 A.M. to < I' M admittence 25 c?nr?. PALMOS OPERA HOUSE TO LET?APPLY AT tha Boa Office, between die hour* of >0 o'clock, A.M.. an' IP. v. WALNUT.STKEkT THEATRE- PHILADELPHIA. ? Lrnee, K. A. Yl?.rahall: Hpgi Man.iger, Mr. llirhin*a?Penrtit r f Mr. AN OEobON?Friday Evening. April 11,1118 willhepe'fo m'd avcoud time.the tragedy of (JLk N i r>L ll.rr-...' I ...l.l a... ...i ... ?,:-i John Lrumu; Henry Maedo.ald, W heatley; Alurer Macdun.iid. Mra Rogers; Hnb?ri < atnpbe I, .i.M.Hemi; L< ly Mardonalrt, M'? blake; Helen Campbell, Win Fuller. A fler which the admi ed coined / of VIO ? KY?Evelvn, Mr. .A ml era. in; Hir Frederick Hloria'. Hichir its; I rare*. I liar mat'; Sic .'r'hn Veaev. a'Beckctt; Clara, >!m A. Fisher: Lady Frtrkiin. Mra Thayer LJOK CH allLBSTON, 8. C ? THE STJ6AM8HIP Soothrruer. Capt. M. Berry, will leave pier 4. N H on Safnrdav, the 13th itat at 4 o'clock, P. M. All bills of ladL g liyurd by the clerk oa board. I'rrce of pasaage $i'i ? . ?. rigneea are particular y rrn'ieitrd to attend to the receipt ,f th-irgnoda immediately aiier th-arrival of the ateamer Fr I'rriaht or puaege apply to IPOFI OH U, TliaESToN It CO. 48 Sooth at. tjlOR SOUTHAMPTON AMI BHEMIpN?THKateam" ahip Wnat.ingron, < apt J. Johcatou, will leare Pier No. 4, N H.. on Thnraday. lha 20th ina?. at In A.M. An eapene> red sttrgcon on beard. Piice of pMtage, |I20. Apply to Ocean Steam Navigation ' o.. No 4'. Willi,m ttreet STATKN ISLAND KER'?Y.-NOTIOF.-ON AND lfter tVednesdir, April 12th, the steamboats Sylph and Stare i Islander, will make the foil'wing tripa. nnttl furtl.?r notice. Uoe Qo troctiae at 6 "'clock, a. VI., at * da, at 9 'o, a; 10 da. at ll il l, at l o'clock P. ,\1 , at 1 do. at 3 do at 4 do, i do. at 6 do. Leave New Yo k at 7 o'clock A. M., at 9 do, ai 10 do, at 11 do, at I o'clock, P. M at 2 do, at 10 mini, tea pa.t 1 do, ?r i .in a? 3 do, ate do. end at (V do. NO CURB NO PAY?Dlt. CORBITl'. I? DUANK (treat, member of the Royal '-olIeRe of Snree i a, Leudon, may be conanlted in treatment of certain tT lirats die-ta?. A practice of fiartern years d voted to yenereal diie-.. ?ea, vnaoei Dr. C to care the wont form f th ? dieca-e. Recentcurl cured in f ur da*s tin mercury use I, nor reatrair.t in diet or Im nen pursuits. Stricinre* onred it> er r two wealia who aoare#|v any teiir li motet "nn' D*b' iry-Those iiidivulua wlio Lava indulged in a eert.iiu loatoiorne htbit cat pi Mtiveit he restored to health anl society. 1>Im-mber 19 One-" ?tr-ct ituvr '" n? lohavo- , lVf"NTHCV HBPOHTKOH M vR H. OF THK N EW lvJL York Medical and Surgicsl Jnst'inte, No ll - hainb-r* strict < aaea ancc.-ajfnllv trevte'l?3 rniig'itivn, 2 jiiimliee. 3 genetal dropsy 3 asthma 2 diaeaae of hiart 5 brnn'hitlr. 8 incipient coi-aum tun. 4 chmm duesae of iliroat, 4 g'Cvt lieh lity Ir ?ie improper htbita, 7 inc ictinence of oriue, a g Rati, 3 pasriig hlno'l Irom ttrerh'a. ID ylrer, Jfl seminal weak eis, 7 gonor.l.cpi 6 t rim>ry anh he, 3 ha amtia. 7 arc nd>rv ?r philia 2 tertiary syphilis. } ssnn'mpt one 4 Irritation of uie i h.a,5 irxrcn'nrity (monthly). i eupp ctiiou (monthly ). cosi ivrgtii, 4 chronic rhnemati' in 3 *c le ihurtrmtism ]p^imin hones 5 henlichr 2 bleedog from lungs, 4 Lrni irit |i (whites) i pleurisy, 1 snrpressina of unites. 1 wster tnlhs oliest. bureeisfnl operations and tu n-9 strii-tu'ei i? ttrrtlr , J en a-ged tonsils amoved. 2 dislocations reduce I I spra nrd wrist, 2fractnres, J ahs 'es-es opened, 6 ulcerated legs 3 op <tirm? farrq nutine, 3 ope ntious for fistn a, I operation for polypi (torn no?e, 1 fitty tumor icmoved 2 encysted turners remoreJ from the head. N B?lit!) c removed to II I lis" bgr? s'rret un'il the first ef May. when it ? ill le rcn .-ally retedatJ12 B nadway. H. BOSTWI K.M. D. v.loswli g fhva.nati ai d -n'geon VfKDir'L CAHl) DR HICHAltD"0,?. L \Tf ivl. ( unetilting Physician tothit >ew Votk I'.dltge r f lie ne mid Pharmacy, lias removed his c> mulling rooms to his p iv.ite reside re, ItlJ Hamrr enW street, between in lson anil tireenwirh streets (ir. It intends to eoi floe h'l pmctiee as fisuit trail eontplai its ( a privtena u trite ther with Halt Kheum, ectoln.a and due-sea depending < . n m-Uie st >te of lha t l torl His ani er t.f treating geuitnl detnlitv (unki.o vi, to phvsici'i. s i . this city) will beh undsn " ssful a eiery eve, unless where imro e.icy itisis. Pv tieuts living in the country can have ?ll the necessity medirmes and alyico forwatde < to them, by staling th-ir e sa rvolleitlv, and enclosing a fee. addresrel to l r Fiehardsou I9J 1 liminersley strest. New York. OAs* hours irom I A M to 1 r Nl , and from J to 14 P.M. D:t. J. II l.N E, NO. 2n DU\NK SfRICk. T f Ktwee* i hnl.stn at d f eot-e streets, is the ooly phvucian (adsertisn g) that is i i ieml er nf the n edicsl Boeiety d? devotes his attenli n to rfli-e practice Th t? who ** >.| to avoid me no -cks a,id the tietend- I treni era < i t< leges, and prsfer a isgular physician. will fi_d In li ?e sac* at all houit- ^

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