Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1848 Page 3
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JLL ? II Stock ?wlnnf?. l?f0 Tret* Nclea 10i? 75 .hi Nor k Wor UK 35* inoo <o 102loo do ilO 36 5'K'O do bit lOt?,' 200 Rinding RR 3<>* '7000 OhioC.Vio 91* 20 NY fc N Harei RR 88* S00<t ?lhiobi 06 90 4<0 Lour li'atd RK 80* V00 llliuoia Fundable 44* 200 do i30 30 * 5400 do 44 * 100 do 30* 1000 do 44* 50 do blO 1014 150 shi Farmera' Trail 2914 53 do i9J Ji?, 50 do 130 29* 2 M do bSO 31* 150 do i9 Jj 100 do Se* 354 do 30 50 do idw 3u* 25 llliao'i Hiate BaaW 12 100 Harlem RR 51* 20) V orrii Caoal 10* 50 do *10 5i* 50 do 1.', 350 di 51?, 10 Aubu u Sc Roeh RK 94 50 di bow 5'?? 250 CafatiU Co 32* 104 do 51* 100 do blO 32* 100 do h30 52 60 Nor * Wor KH 35* Second BoRTtl 155(0 Tim VolNtiiuw 1H* 200 iha L l?l?i d RR b2 30* , 5 ihi U:ica U Bch RK 17" 75 Caul ? < o ? 32* ion Harlem Ml 31* 100 Nor k Wor UK 15* 75 Locg Ialand Rll 39* New Stork Exrhenge. 100 <hi Canton Co a20 32* 1C0 aha H?rlem HR 5'X 200 Farmer.' fruit ?3 So 100 do h[0 51* 150 Morri. Canal .3 K* 50 do { 0 5'* 300 Long lalaod RR (19 30* 50 do blO 52 )00 do 35* 10) do 13 51* 250 Harlem RR 51* 150 do (10 51* CITY TRADE REFOUC. New York. Km da* Aster noon, April 14 There vii some batter feeling in the flour market, end alee were pretty freely mede for domeetio uee et about yesterday's quotations. The eale? embraced late of Genoese,Bliek Hook Buffalo Ci'y Mills bo, at priceestated below VVe beard of no transaction* in wheat. A fair amount of talcs of corn were made, Including white and yellow, at yesterday's prices Ilye and oats were firm.? From Boston we are without a telegraphic report, as the line was not In working order. From Buffalo we are Informed that breudstuffs were dull to dry, while reoelpta, as yet, except in pork, were not large. From Baltimore we learn that the market wse steady, with fair ra'ee of Howard street and city mills. Corn and wheat were dull In this market transactions in provisions were light, and without material obenge in prices There was a lair amount of sale* making in sugars, but at low prices. Transactions in coffee ware light, but at steady prices. Ashes -Smell sales of pots were made at $6 63X,while pearls were quiet at $7. BacsDSTt'rr?Fh.ur?Sales of 1600 bbls, Including ormieon Oenesee, Black Rock, Orleans, and some other western brands, were made at $0: 11)00 do Buffalo city mills were made at (6; the sales of common to purs Gesesro amounted to600 a 800 bbls,in several separate lots, including 100 fair quality at |0 '8Jf, and the remainder consisted of common to pure at pnoea ranging from $6 a 6 3l\a0 37 tj'; srutbern remained about the same? ties of Aleaardrla were made at $6; to day Alexandria and Howard etrset were held at $0 I3)? a 6 36. Wh at ? Oenesee was held at 136c; Ohiorolu yesterday at 136c Corn?Sales of 8600 bushels white North Carolina were m?deat6IX<>; 3 400 Nor b river sold at 6So, and 14C0 at 63Kc; the eele* of Jersey yellow reported, sold in separates paresis, amounted to about 6000 a 6000 bushels at about 63o. M at Seles of 1<>0 a 3J0 bbls Naw Jersey were made at $3 37)f; the last sales of Brandywlue ware mads at $3 63)? Rye was some firmer, and sales of I0O0 a 3000 bushels wars mads in the slip at7fio. Oats ?Sales of Northern wets made et 46 a 48o; the market closing firm. Coffee?The market continued rather qui?t. There wasaoorgo of Rii afloat in the market. We noticed alee of 100 bage af Rio at 7>?c, and 100 do. St. Domingo at 6J?o Co i ton?The ealee to-day were 1000 bales. The market wellaupp led, but pit lei wane lower, holders feeliocr indifferent about presilog sales at present. Fim- Sales were made to-day of 600 bbls. No. 1 and No 3 shore maekerel, at 9X and 6X- About 900 bbls. mackerel end 6000 quintals of ood flsb now on the market. The backwardness of trade, owing In partto the delayed opening of our oanalr, has prevented dealers nera'logto any qxtent; but the generality of holders o! both maekerel and eod flsb are qnlte firm, and are not diipose to (ell at any reduotlon from the prloes ruling foitnlght ago particularly as the stook of both maekerel and eod fish, of a good quality, at the East, Is greatly reduced, and tbe stock In this market not large for the season. Halifax maokerel are not qul'e so Arm: the continued aritrail of th?t|desorlption bare caused a heaviness in the market, and sales have been made at X reduel Ion from former quotations. Boston redueed have been sold tMrweek at 7X a 6X, which ii lower, and as the brands beeome more generally known, the demands for the same may be less. Fruit? Sales of about 400 boxes of Raisins were made at 140 a 160o; 3900 boxes of Oranges were sold by auction at ll'JX a 93 37X and 1000 do Lemons at $3 63Xc. ~ Hsmp continued quiet, enduoMleswere reported. We quote Amerioau dew-rotted et $186 $140 L*ad-The market was dull. Holders asked $4 31 a $4 37XIWoLAMri?Sales of 60hhds. prime Nuevltas were made at 30c; 30 a 40 do Cuba Muscovado at ?6o. and sales of SO bbls. New Orleans wera auction at 31Xc, cash. Natal Stobes ? Sales of about 'j000 bbls raw turpentine were reported at $3 6iX. The last sales of spirits of turpentine were made at 36 a 36a. Oils - Linseed- English was held at 66 a 67c. Sales of American oity pressed to the extent ef about 1000 a MOO gallons were made at 68 a 69c. There waa rather more doing. Fish oils were quiet, while no ehange was noticed in prices. Faovisions?Sales of 300 barrels mess pork wars made (prime quality,) at $10 13X; prime do. was quiet at $8 35 a $8 60 asked. Sales of 80 bbls and tlerosa of bams were made at 6 >. Lard?Sales of 600 bbla prime quality were made at 6% There wae no ohan'e in Beet Sales of 100 bbla Grease Lard were made at 6j?c. Rick?Tbe market continued quiet at $3 35 a $3 50 Seed?New clover was steady at 7o a 7Xc, and old at ?Xe. Sue as?Owing to the weather having boon showery, there >11 nor, perhaps, quite as mnsh doing a* was done yesterday. Sale* ot AO bbl* Porto Rico, It was laid, were n*d? by motion, at 4>4c, and 40 boxe*brown Havana, sola at 6)4o 40 hbda New Orleana were sold at 6e. Sncas?Sale* of 40 cases cassia were made at 14 oents, abort price. Wnsatr?Sales of 150 bbl* State Prison were made at 92Xt Tallow?The market was steady at 9)4c. WHALsaoift? Sale* of 1,500 a 2 0001b* N.W.C., were making to cotters, at 203. Wiwk?Sales ol 00 qr casks Port were made at 100a, and 50 do sweet Malaga at 42 a 43c. FaaiaHTs?Cotton waseogaged for Liverprol at S-16d; lard at 17* 6d, and some naval store* at about la. Thete was no change in rates to Loudon. MARKKTS KLS&WHBRB. BTOCK BALKo* Baltimore, April 13?$ 000 Klcu K Ro-d div bonds, 71>4: 4 st.a e? bank ot Balt>m?re, 85)4; 6 Ho Union Bank. 69^ 5 (1<< .wechuies' lalA, United Htatra 8's. 1867, closed at 105 Hiked. >04 bid Treasury 6's. 102)4 bid, |(>3a>ked; Maryland6's teXbi.1.88 asked; Ua tim. re 6's. 189' 95)4 bid.96X as*ed. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 37)4 bid. 3814-sked. Ph ii. a del r hi a, April IS ? First Board?$2580 Lebiah 6s. 62; 81 It'll w uminrton 6< 80\ . I i, m nerei I bank, 58 : glflO Bute 5s, 73*a ; 83?9l)do T3J4: 8II. 100 oS 6? 67, 101 >4 ; $25 0 U S6pc Tira.ary .Notts, 102)4 ' $IOOSt;str6i 85 ; $l(i0onmd ill f?. '50 58; 87.50 -lt,te 5s 73)4 ; $153 88 110 do. 73)4 ; $2000 do73V; 8>800 du6s 85; 10 Y.iurhil bailrosd. 62)4; 4 Caindrn bank, 5 )4: 50 V ech nic's P?i k, 26>4; II Caun eo Bank. 52; $1005 St. la 5i 13?;12P0 do. 73)4; 85l00 nc Na 6? 5 I and in 46)4 Second B"ard-t700i? U S '1 rniu'V Notes. 6t, 1'2>4 . $500(1 Stair 5s 73)4 : $50 L,rlngh Nat Coal Script 8i ; $183 I.* Ingli Nar 6s. '67 <6)4; 7 Far and Vlechs Bark. 50J4- ./T/frr Bo rd ?$iO('b U S Tress Notes. 6?. II 2*. S12-50 .-t ie 5s 7314; $3ii0 Ches sua Del Caua) C's. 8()4i 32 Lehigh Nav int. 54. Bostoh. April 13. 1818.?50 aha Reading Railroad biod 18)4; 79 Western loS'a; 14 do payable Mood 103)4: * d > 103; 4 do 103)4; 10 do 103; 10 Boat and Prov Hail road 98)4; II do 91)4; 47 Pitchbng Railroad 117; 17 Exchange bank 92: 13 IWrchants Bank 100)4; '00 East Boston Co. Dividends, No 4. 5)4; 73 do |i 18 5 Vt^ential Railroad 79; II Boston 61 M'ine do 119; 7 Ve-monr and Mastachnseila do 74; 4 Boston Whirl Co 85 Second Board?21:0 shs East Boston I'o diva. No 4, b10.1 5)4; 89 d? 13)4! in Western Railroad 10J)4: 5 fit sburc C< pper Co 61, $.000 Reading Railroad bonds, i8j0.57)4; $2000 do, 1880. 58)4. DOMESTIC MARK8TS New Orleas*. Aorll 6. ?Cotton-We hoar of tho sa'e of A<k) bales at 6?4 >03 for middling, taken principally for England. Sugsr- .viarket quiet Salaa 250 bhda Fair 8)4*8S' Molssae*?19a20c Flour?Sa tea 2500 bbla , in c tiding 960 Illinois, at $4 75; 276 Obloat $4 H5; 100 Illinois sod 250 Ohio st $4 87)4; 3 '0 Illinois at $4 90; 3( 0 lllnola end 100 arcond St Louis at $6; and 100 line and crossed at $4 10 Corn?The market has been active *- ?1? -V Mirain ?s. ->..? n.,.. L.Bn,( flnai'i" nmrei imm wuvu r?vB?t i?ku ivi a-vi the North, bnt at lower prleee Among the Mle* ate 3 too eeeka white end mixed and 3800 white and yellow at 30e; 4700 mixed at 33o; 4110 white and mixed at 48 r; 630wblteat 3le; 90(1 white and yellow at 33c; and 600 obetee yellow at 37c Oata-JHosSlc Pork?Dull Meee $8 80 and M. O. $8 87. Lard-6X*664 Benon-Shoulders'J a3Jt Sides 3,%i4o. Whiskey?17o. F.xohariges? Quotations of foreign exchanges and of northern 60 days' bills era perfectly nominal, and we omit them. Checks on New Vork ]>? per eent premium. Philadelphia Cattle Maeeet, April 13. 1848,? Offerings roneiet of 1160 beeves, including 436 from Ohio aud Virginia, and 480 taken to New Vork, 380 eows and oalves were al*o offered 760 hogs, and MOO sheep. Prices?Beevee all sold at $0 60 to 8 per 100 lbs , which allows an advenes. Cows and calves - Not much change 8Aloe range at $10 to 30 tor dry, $15 to 36 for aprirgere and $18 to 30 far (r??h eows. Hogs dull end dioopmg ; 650 hend sold at $4 60 to 6 36 thn 100 lbs Sheep?Hales were chiefly at $1 36 to 4 60 each, accordlntr io-|Tiillty Hay?I ho market la steady at $1 to 1 |6 per rat tor good Timothy. Straw ecaroe at $7 to 8 per 100 bundles.^ F' RKION MARKETS. Kua&iTon, Jamaica, March 36?Flour?During the early pat t of the past fortnight the market wns almoet bare of this article. Insomuch that tor a parcel of 133 barrels. Baltimore, which cnma In at that period, 47s per bbl was obtained. The subsequent arrivals, however, having b*en rather free, the demand has somewhat slacken# J and bclders experience some difficulty In moving wholeaale rarcele The transaction* have been 700 bhl*. New Orleans at 39?; 160 Georgetown at 43s, and 100 of same cargo, but stained, at 40i There are now in the maiket, In impotters' bands, upwards of 600 bbls. Georgetown and 300 bbls New Orleans. Borne treneactiers to the extent of 800 bble have been effected In the latter at 38? Meal? A rather improved demand baa been evinced fr r this article sinoa our last, and the transactions have bean a( prices tending upwards. We note ealas to the ex'ent of 400 bbis at 16< 8 1 to IPs. The etook Is light. Lard?American oontlnues in email demand, with a very heavy supply on hand; 460 firkins have been moved at 6)$il, and another parcel of 60 firkins, vety prim*, also at the same figure. Irish meets with very litre trqnlry. Pork -The dlanoesls have b??k !' 0 bble meet at 73s; 300 olear mess at 86s; 36 prime at 60s. and 100 mmp at 66? No alteration baa occurred in the market f ir Irish elnoe our last, llama?Prime Lancaneliire are worth lOXd. Irish are nrsileablo, as ere also American, the ttock of which is excessive. Cheese -A p.roel rf double Gloucester, of choice quail 1y. commanded 13 i per lb. American Is taken at 7 J to 9.1. a* in quality. Married, On Wednesday evening, lith Inst., by the Rev Mr. Chapman Mr Annas* Geira to Miss f?ea Thomsov, daughter of Jamas Thomson, E'q . all ef this e'ty. On rhur'saa evenlrg April 13. by Rev H-nry Da vis. William Hems, to Levis* K Rowland, all ot this city. At North Caslle, on the I3th Instant, by fha Rev. A. H Partridge, of Bedford. Mr. A A P?Tranirw?, of Heratoga tyringa, to Miss L iuisa A- Honor, of Nvrfh Caatl* ? Dl*<f At Wiillameburgh, L. 1, on Friday, April 14th. Claba Matilda, youngest daughter of John W. and Letetla Cooper, aged 1 year, 4 months and 'JO days. The relatives and friends of tba family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, 16th instant, at 1 o'olook, from the oornar of Nortn Third and First streets. On Thursday, the 13th, of eon sumption, Mrs. Mabt R. wiuqins. wife of John L Wiggini.aged 26. The friends, and those ot the family, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, on Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence, No 015 Greenwich St. On Friday evening, Julia Ann Ba?toh,od1j daughter of U N Barton, aged 15. Her remains will In removed to Leicester. Mass., this evening, for interment ?Eastern papers copy. at flgQA IN MATCHES AND PURSES-CENTER HptftMU rille Course, Trottiog?Moudar. Ap-il 17th. et 3 o clock, P. M ?Mulch for two, two mile heats to skeleton waeont A. Conklm namei br. m. Shepherdess; Willi?m Whe'an names blk g 8'ranger. At 3)4 o'clock, parse $30, mile heats, best three in five, in harness?William Merlin ent*rs g g ' Medoc; C. Carman rn'era gg Emperor; W.S, Feed (enters br. g. Telegraph | F. J. Nodice enters h g. Yoonir Americas Phciir?Wrdaeaday, Aprl 19;h?matcn and parse $300. mile heats, beit 3 in 5 under the saddle?between Village Boy au?l Roanoke. JOEL CONKLIN. Pro priftor. HO?8E FOR SALIC? A CHESTNUT COIORED Horse, warranted lerlcctly sonud, six year* old He is o-Jt of the best saddle hones in the city; it a'so a fast traveller in harness, and a beautiful driver. Would suit well forany gentleman's equii age. Apply et stables No. 105 Liberty it. HORSE FOR 8ALB?AT 9 TILLARY STREET, Brookly n?A valuable l-inily or gentleman's Horse?is a very free and stylish driver; warrmte I sound, and is a sharp goer; was bred by Sir John Langdon, in his stable of Irish hunters. To save trouble, none need apply except w anting an extr? fine horse. A PURSE. A PUHSE. A'PURSK LOST. bY A LADY, on Wednesday the 12lh instant, while shopping, in John street, Nassau street, Maiden lane, or William street,a silt purse containing about (120 to >139. The purse and contents still be identified, and the finder suitably rewarded by ietuinint the same to Mr. A boor L. Ely, No. 65 Maiden lane. IF F r M., THE YOUNO MAN WHO LEFT HIS I home on Monday morniiig last, wil' return. all will be foraiven. and he will learn of arrangements greatly to his advartage. ar.d peihays lengthen the days of his broken hearted pventa. TO J" URNEYMEN l AILOKS A OKNEHAL meetinu ot lou revmen Tn tors will be held at thn Sixth V* ard Hotel on Monday evening next at 7 o'c'ock. All Jorr nevmenTnilo'- areearnestlv invited to attend, as subjects of iinpo tance will be preaerted to th?m. Wanted, by a young lawyer, who is a Notary Public, Commissioner f?r the different ft vet, lie. a Desk, with the privilege ol rhe Lib'ary, in a Lawyer's Office. Wall atreer preferred Wonld have an < bjestion 'O take charge of the bnsinraa of the office. Address C. C. C.. Herald Office, New York. _ ' WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman. a attoatw n a, cot k. waiher. and iioner, c r as chambc-maid, in a small family. The best of city reference given, as tn capacity and booeaty. Please call at 130 Mott stieet, 2nd floor bark room. WANTED?A 81TUAT10N *8 SALESMAN OR *8sitant Book-Keeper, in a wholesale or retail store, either in this city or in the ennntry, by a young man from Canada West,who hst had several years experience in the Dry Goods business, and can furnish the best city reference. Salary not so much an object as employment. Addres* A. B , office of WANTED-A PASTRY COOK AND CONFECtioner, to go oat of the city. To a good workman (none ott er need apply) iteady employment will be given. A "ingle man wonld De preferred. Address, B. B., through the P'.I' office, at tting terms end references WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman in a private family, as cook. She is a gord watherund ironer, cm do chamberwork or wait'ng, or take care of children,or do plain sewing. The best of city refe-ence given. Please enquire at No. 6 Leonard street, near Hads'n street VET ANTED?3Y |A STEADY YOUNO WOMAN, A v sitaation to do chamber work and plain sewing, or ehild'slnarse and plainlsewing in a private family, and no objection to go as mil ways In the country. Good oityieference. by applying at an Mott street. WET NURSE-WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE youug * oman, a situation as wet nu-se. The yonng woman hai a fresh breast <T milk, and the best of city refercncos given. Apply at 62 S ate at.. Brooklyn. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS GOVERNESS, to teach mnsic, French and aigliih. Good references give. Addrers S81 Greenwich st. OPO MERCHANTS. BBOKER8. Itc.-A GENTLE JL man of limttted means, with a liberal education and genetal knowledge of bnsim as, wishes for a situa' ion in any respectable honse requiring the semces of a truitwonhr and futhful assistant. Advertiser will be satisfied wiih a nominal salary, nntil by it ict attention to the interests oHiis employer he may be coositlered entitled to an advance He is prepared to give good city references aid solvent security for any trait placed in him. Advertiser is araarried man.abonr f ,rtv vears I age, and active h-is'nisi habits. Communications addressed 10 W R , Henld office, will b- prompt'y attended to. New howard athenjeum. north-east corner of Baltimo e aid Charles streets, Baltimore, will open on the fi-st of June, 1848. Ladies snd gentlemen of tbe iusti ionic profession desirous of obtaining permanent enga ements, will immediately be treated with, on application (lette s post paid) to charles d 8 howard, Lessee and Mrgiger. Baltimors, Belgian consulate oenekal-mr. hypmlite Mali, Vic# Consul, is authorised ro set officially for the undersigned dnring his absence. New York. April 13.1848 The Contnl-Oeneisl of Be'ginm. AUG. MOXHeT Look out for to morrows bund? y age? In addition to then uil quantity of entertaining matter, 11 will contain the rales and regulations of the American Dramatic Fund. Alec, a complete and authentic Bioerarhr of the E. P. Christ', (of Christy's Minstrels,) with a splendidly e graved Portrait. Office No. .3 Barclay street. Price three cents. HOLMES' KITCHEN RANGE WARRANTED AND removed free of any. expanse to the purchaasr, if they do noiantwtr. P.iees from 2u t)35dillars. Alio, a large aseorrmen t of parlor and other gtates of rha newest pat'erns and at :he lowest prices Fnrn-cea, Ranges, Grates and boilers, set to the best manner: smokey ch.moeva cn-ed and warronled. Jobbing maeon work done at the iliorteet notice, by M. J UILHOOlY Manufuc'urer of Ranges, Grates, un and sheet i on wo'lr. 78 N?,e?u it. Excitement in new york generally sub tides in * ill "t time, bat the excitement (fieed by Messrs K. W StW.F (>I I.LEY, 43(1 Grand street, who have been and are selline off their stock ?t enormous sacrifices) seems to increase daily. It is afsr.tthat Dry tioo 'i are being sold hv them at less prices thsn ever has been'known since New York became a r ity; and the proof of thta ii in the Net thattleir store is crowded daily. AH seem satisfied, and onr advice is, as it has been -efore. and we give it for the benefit of the publie?Goto OILLEY'S, 410 Grand street, before yon bay Dry Goods an where elee. hay want tome competent salesmen; good ones can get a good situation. Trimmed lace breakeast capp, new Styles, at (leach; Muslin aps, in great variety, from Is; Bl-ek and Ve hite Lace Demi Veils, from (I: Rich Black widt French Throning L?ce?, Js4hl per yard; Muslin Inset ngtacd Kdg ngs Ciaen Edgings. Valenciennes and Mtcklin Laces, he. Ire. CHAS. SCOTT St Co., No. 377 Broadway, n-or Wht, ,i WOOD CUTH AND STEEL PLATES FOR SALE Two w,lto>l hundred fine wood engraving), illustrating the leading events of the past three or fonr Tears; and two splendid eteel plates, views of tbe Path and Union bqnsre F? ni.t'ins. forts'#. App'v at ti it rffice Law lithographic establishment?the subscribers beg leave to infonn the members f tbe Bar sttMnUTs th.t thev have opened a Law Lithographic Kstablihmcnt. It l? only WWI8H to show the advantages of ihn art to say, that no comparing or examination is necessary. each copy being a fac simile of the original. By ih s ait, bill* o< exceptiou, caaet, uemnrvrt decinatioui p eai.not cei < 1 "II kir.da, 8tc . can ha executed. In point of economy ard tint#, vhere it every advantage, as any number can be furnished in one dav from the reeript ofihe original trarnirript. .And we row offer to the pub ic a newly invented Lithographic Ink, with wli ch adornment m> v be written up u O'dma-y paper, and all fo mer difficulties of writing upon paper covered wiih a glutintut comioaition reinoved 1' A. MKS1EU 8c CO., Stittoaeraand Lithographers, <9 Wall itreet. P-vJZtt MONEY?PER'OhS ENTITLED TO PRIZE Money, ariiii g from the capture of the schooner WILLI \M. are requetted to apply to the tubicr.b'r. All pert ui on board 'he U 8. ehips Columbus. Warren and Erie, on th? k'd March. 1817. are en'i'led to ahare in th<t prize. Norfolk. Virginia. EDWARD T. DUNN, Prize Agent. THE NEAPOLITAN BONNET 18 NOW AOKNOWledged to b? ihe moat chrtte, airy, and beanrilul Bonnet ever worn, and that it will ?o continue it a point he-ondrll diapnte. for in all hnrom probab lire there never can be..n article found that cnm?a to near perfection in all ita require menu for the manufacture nf Ladiea' the material uaed by Meairt. PATTISON, NOE It CO. The aubitantial patrooaae and flittering teafimoniala they hava received it a guaranty of tr.e eitimatioa(i i which their elegant Bonnet it held bv ihe ladiea. Thair eatabliahtntnt it at 33 Delancy afreet, near the Bowery. , Messrs fichard kiplin.* a brothehs. im po'ter> of French Farcy Goo's. Imitation and Precinct Pt-inea. b?g Irnve to inform the trade that ihey have removed to 32 V.uiden Lace. Srve-al new impoitario-a j.itt received nl bead Puses, Steel Clatps, tune and Bag Trimminga, Kant. Ac. _ _ OKKI E OF THE NEW TOHK (J AS LHJHT COM imny, Aptil 10, 1848 ?The Preiident and Director! have this day derla ed a dividend of four and a half per cent on the capital stock oi thia C tnp'ny, for the a z months endii g It' K? bmary la?'.. P'Table to the atocVholdert on and aft?r Monti tv ihe let May nett The irantfer book will be el-ted f'om ihe 3'itli iaat to that date. By order. C. L. EVERITT, See rettry. A(\ llfin IBI H \ma, 3r 000 LBS HHOUL . \ f\9 v t de-t, 10 000 Ibt. hmoked Beef, 20J bblt. l.e f Laril, 150 bbla. Meat nnil prime Pork. ISO bblt. Mackerel SO bb't Ilerriurt. 78 pel .get Butter. 50 bozet Oheete, S iap Candles. Lamp Oil. 75 r-otet prime Brnwn Hu*ana Pug>ra. in hhda Po'io Kico do.. 25 hhda low priced New Orleana do , 50 bbla New Orleana Mo'ataea, 3" hhda Nenv taa do , 40 hhda t nba do.. 500 boits ft at quality M. H H?i?int. for t?le at the lowest cath prieet, by CLARK, FI K ft CO., 228 Knlton treat. SUPREME CQUJT. IN EQUITY?SECOND JUDI cial Circuit?Bill li-d with I i?rk of Dutchrta county ? Lndwig iiruoi eu. rlairtiff. vs. Tertba Binmlen, defendant ? ii.ii .. win i I.w ?wift. of Pouahkeep if. nnrch??? C""nty, (V Y. plaintiff'a aoiicitnr. Bertha BrnmUn. th? defendant ii thia rnn?e, whoae place of realdeuce >a in ihe eitv of Madg -burgh, Pmaaia, it required to anratr in ihia cauae br the 2d da? ofOtober 1I4M, or the bill filed therm will br token at conferred by hrr. IN PURnUANCE OK AN ORDER OK THE 8URROgate ol tha < onnty of New York. Notiea ia hereby g yen to all priaona baring elaima ag'inat John M. Winant, latent the Cite of New York, deceaaed, to prraent the aamr with the ronrhara thrrei f, to the tub cribrra, at the raaidenre of Albert W. Smith. No 110 Vnriek atrrct, in the City of New York, on or before the thirtrrnth day of May nrit. Dated New York the truth day of November, 1847. Albert W Smith. Wenjrmin P k'airrhild. Kirentnra. (IkNTLKMKN?WHAT OAft BE MORE CONVEA nirnt th<n to know that No 6 Murray atrert ia the oelr place where yon cm get tour clothing e eaued, dvrd and I repaired anperior to anything yei|donr, at ahort notice tjt 'lothea cleaned without aterm or coloring. Coatr fia. i anta 3a ham| m*rgi.odaof every deeern tion made to look et|ml to new, at ! No. fi Mnrray atrert, near Draanway ?A. COuTISSOs, late | of No 91, _ BLINDVK'H hROM CATARACTS?DR. WHKk Ler. Ornlirt, ?9 Hreenwich ?t'eet. aunou icrato the >ffl iet{ ed hia late -nd moat important diarovery ol e.iioving cataracta without ptin, which h^ e.-angea to effect with n 'h? irroil of I 'en dnya, and the awht rrrtorrd to that any fe-iher medical treatment kt ohvi itrd Artificial Evea for tale, and which will Interred rut reatoi Me tevwu. NO CURE-NO CH A ROE?DOC 10R MUHPHY, OK 43 O' ld atrert. can be confidentially cnaulted on pnva'e I due .tea, Stfienma. (lleeta Meernrial IJicera. < ooatituti' nal Debility, kc. Hit improved method of coring Oonorrhoc, in i to 3 diva, will ha found infallible Dr M. ta a regular phyeteian, and h-? been e?eaaaid for 14 yeara ia treating ibeee aflec ttnne Cha gea mod rate. Oflaen HI < fold atr et. Letter* meloeiaf alee aueadrdto.and mediniaaa lorwaidad. JACOB 8. PLATT, AUCTIONEER -CROCKERY, China, OUm and Earthenware, in the luce sales room over ma auction More, by catalogue, on Mondsy. at II o'clock, i 0 lota leh na, flowed bine ware light ard duk bine, printed white, granite dipt i C wave: amorg which are I) eratea, a full aaao'tmeat,jnat received from >hir loa d uffirsta and seconde, dark flowed blae to mate* though at. vis: jnga. toilet ware, plates, dishes, tea ware fce. A'so, 50 casks and eaeea eft o 14 doaen each, H it \ qu?> t and pint, olain. and 7 8 and flint tumble a, lamue gltua dishes salts, girrrd >|rs. tea traya be., to which ike attention of country aa well as city dealers ia directed. Country inerchanre can h*ve th'it ware packed bv experienced t ackers IACOB k. pl vit, au' tioneer?eanuy goods. Aaet Naylor b Co. Sheffield pattern carda nfjtable cutlery, cunp'ete: carded pocket and pen knives, tcleaore. r>t JACOB 8. PLATTwil sell tins day, at 10 o'clock, at the Auction Room, 11 Piatt atrret. by calalt gna, aa above. Also a general ass >rtment of r aucy Uoodi, vis:? Segar eases, tooth brushes, pcnrl shirt buitons. puriea, opera glasses powdrr fl .ska, writing desks.l Lupin's extracts, rologne, soaps, linen shirt bosoms, collars, velvet caps, suspenders, pisto's. mensureing tares American table and tea spoons shaving brushes watch keys, thimbles, tea trays, pancifs, Indian knivaa, with ivory and silver handles, looking-glasses, dn'ls, one ease fiua assorted toys, bnglee. German pipes, horns,, be. Also 600 do sen table knivea and forks; ICO cards kniv's and aciasora- Also City mnae gold jewelry. AWo, at 12 o'clock. 401'gold pen* ? d pencils, and a few extra large s:ae gold pews end pencils, for private uve, which ret?il at BIO; each of which will hes'.ld a<ngla. Also, at sama time, patent lever watches, of various kinds, for ea?h on delivery. Auction sai,e-a splendid colle<tion of standard Korea, consisting of Bourbon, Moss, Perpeuah lea, and Noisettes. Ir is the finest col'eciion ever before offered at pnb'ic ?*l?. To be sold by H llidsv b Mul er, Wa'l street, corner of New street, to-day. at II o'clock. Benjamin mooney. auctioneer?closing Sale at No. 231 Tearl street?EDWARD PAYSON will se I a' auction this day, at 10 o'clock, tha balance of invpicrsoni*rdwire,I ntlery, b'. preparatory to removing to mo- H ~iait street Alio! rair Veuetiao Blinds. He me. LODGE ROOM TO LET-AN ELEGANTLY FURnish'd Lodge Room will be let low liv* nights in the week or ladies afternoon societ es It ia eligibly situated in the Third ward, in ihe Urge fonr sto'y brick building, J'S Greenwich street, near Barclay. For nnrticu'nra, enquire of W.8. Shaferor J.K. Boekown, in the dry good* itoie, or on t^e iwmiiei. TO I ET?THE 8IX TWO 8TOHY ANn ATTIC Houses, in tindaon street, between Hth and 15th streets. They are jurt finished, and in complete order, end to good tenants will be rented low. pply to JOHN DENHAM, fh * vetine, corner of West 16tn street, or to H. J Ssnlord, 150 Maiden I one. TO LKT-PKW NO. 33 ?T. JOH N's rHAf'L f USHionert end carpeted complete. Applr at No. 3I3K Hudson at, eor. of Watt street. TO LET.-THE8TORE AND CELLAR. No r NEW street Kent very moderate. Apply to H. FULLER, corner of Nassau and Ana streets, or to Mr. Cni , 16 Spruce ?t TO LET?HANDSOMEAPARTMENTS TO A OWNtee) family, in a new h?nae, finished in modern style. Crown water, lea It is situated in Oteenwich street, np-osite Bsthune stieet, being one of the most pleasant snd he*l'hy locations in 'he city, and witbin me block of two lines of stages, vis : Kinp & Brown's. Bleecber street. Ihe balance of the house will be ocupied by a small private'ami! v. Appiv to Mr. WILLI AM8. 170 Broadway, room Id, from 9 to 1 o'clock. A M.. or a to ? P M BP ICR HOU9KB IN BROOKLYN TO LET.?THR" K genteel two story and attic, wi'h basements nnd under rrl'ara built in th* best manner for genteel families, with full lots and graps vinsa. Ac. situated on the corner of Saudi street and Hudson avenue, lata Jackson street, Brooklyn, a few minntes wilk from the Fulton and other ferries To d?sirab'e f.mi ies they will be rented for SJM). or to two small families for t3fl? Apply to V-LE^TINE O. HULL, corner of Pearl and Beekman ata New Y' rk A K GOLD RTREE TTO LET-STORE BASEMENT. *?fj fourth and fifth floors inl building <5 Gold street, either together separate. Inquire of E. 8. CONKLINO, 3 Hanover N'.w ROCHELLE ?TO BE L* T-A HOUSE. WITH Barn, Stable, Garden, Peach Orchard, &c. (in all about four acre* of Inn'*). It if pertly furnished, and to a desirable tenant, who wold take the furniture at e fair valuation it will be let on low terms in May. Apply to Mr. Thoe. Bell, No. St Beck man 'treat. New York, or to Mr. J. C. Gordon, on the p emises, W?ym?nfr Avenue VALUABLE ESTATE IN ILLINOI8.-THK Estate of Hade Perk, extending IX miles on Rook River, containing ISM aeree. embracing the most beautiral scensrv In the State, with bonaea, a tavern. bares, gardens, KC? ?nd MO acres of valuable baberi quarries, springs, and near the Chicago and Galena Hailroad Three-quarters of the purchase may remain on morttate for Ave *ears, o' it will be exchanged for property in or near New York. Apply to Joe. B.Henshaw r|t Fnlton street. York. No'i ice-pavilion garden. mount tomp kins, Tompkinsville. Stiten Island.?The proprietor of this well known establishment respectfully informs his friends and the public generally, that his house is now open for the reception of viiiters Ladies and gentlemen visiting this beautiful hunts, never fsil to be delighted wi<h the magcifieent view displayed from ita piaxzaa-nd gardens, a view which takes in the whole of the surrounding conntrv, as far aa the eye c^u r<ach, ine'uding all of the celebrated Bay nt New York, from Sandy Hook to farnp the Hudson, beaut Red and variegated, with ita shipping, ita island* and fortifications. Coptic patronase isrearectfnily solicited. JAMES 8 DENY 8 E, Proprietor. N B ?The aplendid steamboats Sylph n i niuto muDocritive mm 01 vr niienan street, rs. xorx, hourly. f'nm 6 A.M.. till * PAI R<vovs in a private family.-a private f milv, occupying a three ttory home in Broome street, u?ar Broadway, hiring more room thin they wiah. is desirous of diipniiog of a second atory room and bedro m (arate and pantriss) to some gentleman ai lodging room he. The b*at reference giren and required A note addressed to H. B., Journal of Commerce ' Hi**, will meet w-th promnt atrenn'on. TWO OR THREK GENTLEMEN. GORMAN PREferred, can be accommodated, after the first ef M.y, with pleatmt 'oomi, ana partial bo-rd. if detired. in a prirate German family, reaiding near the Better*. References exchanged. Addreta by letter- A . No. 1909 Pott Office. i"N OOD CHANCE8TO M ARE MONEY-BO ARDlNG. VI lodging, and bar with ten pin alters, he. For tale, one of 'he beit atandi in the centre of the city : alto, a large dining and lodirg honte orertnn with buiioeit?a good corner grower* and liquor tfore. Peraopt in want of good ttandt, or wishing to tell out. miy apply to.Gillespie, House agent, 553 Pearl at., near Bro-dway. _ _ For sale?an amathub's turning lathe, highly finiahed, but little need, and in good order, with fix urea complete. Length of Shear, 3 feet; will tntn 9 inches in drmetar; bach gearing, hand and elide rtat. a large number of chucks, suitable for wood. matal.etr., eircnlar tawa and tmad'e. in working order. An aaaortment of tape and diet. Yonng't chat ere wood toolt, etc. ate. JUefer to James Stewart. machinist 1*6 K.lm <t MAD.AMETARIN J79 BROADWAY. (ENTRANCE in Whit* street.) would inform iht ladiea of New Yorkthat the hat jnat received from France, a rich atamtment of scarfs and shawls, a new pattern for the ipring aeaaon. Theae hawla are with and w-thont embroideriea..Faihiona imported from the fir?t houaea of Paria FREDERICK A. WOODWORTH, 325 BFOADWA Y, opposite the Broadway The'tre, haa teceived by the late arrivals from Havre,?shell mnaical b xea, po'celain vaaea Lubin'a perfumes, Lnbin'a and Monprlm aoapa, plain paper lana. ailver paper fans, rieh dreia fana. opera glaiara, Bohemian glaaaware, baas and partes, porte-monnaiet, toilet bruahea, tine bronzes, ladies'travelling rates, dressing cases and work boxes, readvpen makert, walking eanaa, writing deslfi, pupate net. portfolios, card cases, aagar cases, fancy stationery, h-.. he. J 8 FOUNTAIN, NO. 653 BRO AnWAY. WILL BE plea?ed to show to the lad ea a variety of new and fishionable Frerch and India Dreaa Goods and Shawls, all of wh<ch ha?e been received by th? 1 tat arrivals. LAMAKTINE (BLUE CLOTH) SACK COAT8The icvolntion wa< achieved by mm in Bine Blnniea; but Lamtitine wore a Bins Sack, a model of which I Pave juat received fr^rn Paris, and have many of them m?de; the price varies from 8 10 to 814; Business Sack. 85. Clotn, Caaaimrrra and Vetting made to order at really low p<ices; F Cloth Dreaa Coats made to meaeura from 816 tn8'0 ? O B. CLaRKK. 116 William street, opposite Washington Slorea, betwaea Fulton and John. fPHAVELLlNG 1RUNKS, he-lOHN CATTNACH. A Trunk Vannfacturer, No. 1 Wall at-eet cor?er of Bro adway, his now on hand, and constantly making, a go'd assort ment of Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, and Satchels whilesale and retail. Alio a snperior article of bole Leather Tmnk', tnitab'e forAmerie-n or European travi 1, and Portmanteans forth* French Melle Potte. Ord?ra fur theWest Indies South America, ho fi led with despatch. DR. POWELL. OCULIST. AUR1BT.lie.. ATTKN?>S fiom9 to I o'clock, daily, to diseases of the eye aadrar, a h'? surgery,161 Broadway entrance IX Warren street ? The second edition ot Dr. Towell's Treatise on ihe, containing 60 pages additional mailer is just pnbiisbed, price W certs It can be had at his office; also his ?e!f-Aelirg Eye Fountains which obtained the premium from the American lnitnfe Jn?t unpolled a laige supply ?f *rl finis I Eves. The man! the horsei-dr. j. williams's Liniment, fir Klirnmatism. Sprain*. Broiaea, kc ?ihe proprietor of this Imiment has been a practising veterinary sn'geon in ihe city of New Yoik for ihe lest thirty years ; daring that lapse of time he has beea most assiduous in his attentions to ine minv thousands of noble animals c< mnnt'ed to hisea-e. snd wuh a success not surpassed, if equa led, by any veterinary in the conntiy. Suffice it to say, u at it his fur exceeded hi* most sugnine expectstiora. not only in a peruuiary point of view, but in the consoling reflection that his humble effor's daring a life-time here bien deroied to relieving the nffiictions. the many painlnl and sever* ailmrnts lo whieu that steadfast l-iand of man. tha noble hone, it heir to?th? more painful because ineipreaaible Oneol the moat poieut agents of this ancceaa he now lor the first tim* presents to the pob ic in this liniment ItisofFreuci nrigia, and was 'he invention of the anci-nt practitioner Albater in the vear 613 The recipe was discovered bv the proprietor some forty years since, and which he has alwaya used daring the time he his been a veterinary snrgeon, with Ihe most signal and unfailing merest in the folluwing ecmp'ainis of.the horse: ? ipavics, enrhs, ringbones, i f joints, ?rra ns, disloc .lions. cracks, bruises, scratches scalds cats, lie It is sn evident tiath iu medical jurisprudence that ? hit is good for the inferior orde of erimd c eation. is also equally good for ihe human system. There exist bnt few who hare had so many opportunities to test the truth of ih s ixiom as ihe undersigned. The many hundreds whom he has telieved offering can bear witness to iu efficacy aid healirg properties. In islieving the ills of the human system it has been most thoroughly acd rigidly tested, and it it with the ntmoit confidence he present* it to the publ c ns a remedy and an she vi-tor ol the following affections of ihe hnman system : ? Hheumatiim, swains, dislocnt ons, enlarged joints jiain in rheb ck. barber's itch, ring-worm, I implea, frost-bites, cu's, brnises quinsy, and other affectinns of ihe throat, headache. Sic. He does not herald it forth with long array ul cer ifiottea < f its virtues, for he considers them extmneors He wishes every pn chaser 11 rely solely upon his own judgment, nnintlnenced bv ihe opinions of others. He is well content that it >iand or fall by the verdict rf the public knowing that he has promised nothing for it that it will not peif >rm, when fairly and impartially tried according to the aiiee ions f >r its as* For sale,wholesale and retail,hy the propnr 131 Chrystie stieer, where he costiuues the practice of hii profession at the sign of the golden horse, and also at E. f h'stney'a dror store, corner of Bowerv and Broome street. For the accommodation *'f leaidenta of the wesie n part of the city a d?pot baa been established at P O'.Neill's, 401 West st eel, where it can also be obtained wholesale and retail. JO H.N WILLIAMS, vet. au'g. I3li hryade attest, New York. Prepared <utano-onk cent r*K pound If Onaeo, as imroited, be not scientifically prepared he fore using it, its ammonia soon evaporates, aad leaves it werth esssflerth- first, crop. In the Prepared Ouauo this is remedied. Vegetation also Can Uke from it onlv what it s't?ally requires for iu sustenance, and even rhia loss it rg in restored to it hy nbtorpr on from the atmosphere : wh-eh thns renders ic peunanently nntritive forysar* Imported Unano. beii g only t if excrement of sea bids, it eoxsiiu rhiefly of phosphate and carbonate of lime ear, hy matter and ammonia; so fast its ferlilty is limited. Prepared "nano, on ihe contrary, contaira phi'*' hate, carbonate, muriate, nitrate, sulphate snd silicate nf soda, potash, lime, ammoeia fcc , whirh reuder it amt b'e for every kind of Ciop, beii g the fertilising i nnripl- a of all rrgrtat on Wherever i h<s been applied, the prodnce is repre ented at " nnpreeedeitly fi e and abnrrfauc." Neither juseets, rot. nrr blight can approach it, an iinpo<tant consider#tion to corn, e< t'on. | oiatoea planters nil market ga-di era. as welltaa io farmers generally Agricultural oe.etieasrr-nxly recommend il* nae *Arply to 8. F HALbEY, Mills 61 Vesey s> reet. New York ___ THa. E PERU it OF US8IA HaB HEeN LELKbrsterf all over Europe for lb# besntv of his c> mplexion aud tbe dark msg -ei-re of his hair, ft is welt knownthst he owes both lo the ose of J nei's heinieal Bosp and Co'*l Hair ttesto ativo 1 he soap m ikes the darkest and y 'lowest akin rlearstid white rlesrinr a,I pimples, eruptions he. The other makes grey, red, > r bad hair, tori. ark, silky and clean fn cin* it to , row svops it Mima curing senrt, 4e Bold from la, only st 11 < ha thai* street, New York, or at IH Fulton ueat, Brooklyn. G\y's compound extract opcanchal v |ua, a Ctliforaiui Plant of rare virtnee. poeeeuing ia a

higher degree, all tha medicinal properties of iJersaouril a. A eartaia preventive aad cure lor Coneomption, .ought, Cnlda, Infineon*, Aathma, Btouchilia, Hciofula, liout, hhenraaliem, Neuralgia, Kryaipelas, Lumbago Paralysis, flaunty, ' Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Coalivrues*. Dyaeulary. Dropiy, lull loimatioua, Kever aad Anu?,a'd Fevers in general ; Bilious , Complaint*, Neivoua Affections, CuUueoua inntdars He- | m irrhogea, Kluxea. Obstruction* Inereaied D scha-grs. nidi. Dep avrd and Detective Appetites, Defect of Vital I Power* lie. UueqaaPed in ii* eradication of Moibid Huai'iia | nd impuntiea of ilie blond Remarkable fur it* animating, i atrengihening. and iritoiative power*; operating a* agentla timu'ant, and invigorating ,lie imputed uaciiuua in all caiea of haadache, Weakness, Lasiitude, Depietsion ol Spirits, and Dibi'itv- It impart* tone and energy to the digestive organ*, la irrenstib e in lubdumK Febrile, Nervoua, Spaamodic. and Cnt-neou* Disorders, n,d can be relied upon as au iuf.llibla remedy for Weakness, Nervou* Debility, and mo*t d,aeasca peculiar to leoiale*. 1 alien in the apr ug or lall of | tha year, it ia invaluable aa a ftmily medicine, in pre,aiitg the Vatem to suetaiu the h.Lgea of our (.lunate. Aa no mine,al ubalance whatever ante into the cotepoaitina of thia medicine, it may be olferadtu the moat delicate female oryoungeat child, vaiihontappiehenaion. W hvrtver.and v?h?nevei there i* a tendency to thoae diaeaaea which originate in Vitiated Blood, Conatipe ion of the Bowels, Diaeaaed Liver, or prr diapoaiuoa t? Affections of the Lings, it wi I be founJ highly beneficial, and will require no restreint from ordinary occupation*. Price, One Dollar per bottle. For tale by the principal druggists id tha United Stales. Letter from John C. Jouea. K?q . Irinerly Couaul of the United States at the Sandwich lalanaa, and foruiany year* a leaideut of Caltfor, ia Boston, December 10th, 1846. My dear air?I think you have dona wisely in ordering asurply of toe CanchaUgua from California, and 1 hope you may not be duappoiute I m prncur ng the quiulity Vju may deure. By late account* from th it qnaiter ?e have leirnrd that there haa been an abundance of rain, which reude a it more probible that the quantity yen hive orcein! of ihif V?luahl? III All f ni.v Iip nrni'iirpfl I hnvd nn tlnii it wlitl ever that you will do well in introducing the use o! it into (hie country; indeed it hasalwoys been a m .tter of great ait mshmeut to me that ica valuable properties have not. long era tnia been MOWD to the world, an J ita wondeiful <| ualitie* placed it amongit the moat important articlea in the ivihteria Medici. 1 do not buow if tha Cauchilavua be iniMcen^m totha Woet cuMt of Una eoatiacat or Bt?ti it certainly Sob ide e* tn I?t luxuriantly iu ihe department nl Calilo ma. aud i* eater used by the ii habitant* of that courtiy, a* almost a aore reign antidote lor every dieeasc which attack* the huinnu frame The California!", -egularly eveiy year, at the leaaon of .he plant, collect for tneir lamliea a sufficient quantity to lait until the returninc ?e sou; i of it i* conaidered a public calamity; and the frma e?, tn pa ticu'a*, feel more nogI jut to ku :\v tint a qu mium suffic'tof thiiain* qua nun to the eat blialimrut of heal.h hat beru aecured, than they do to be ot the neceiaarte* of life. The account winch you have collrcted tr in 10 many variona aonreee, of tor wonderful medicinal elfi.acy of the Cauchalagna, are uot in least ex ggerated, audca.. be im.licitly relied upon at coriect. tvly own experience h<* ahown me, in Tery many axes, during a rti,deuce of aoma yaara in A ta < aliloruia, how a'most certain it is to b'ena tin a fever, and of it* power lul effect at a tonic to etrengthen the patient, after the fever hat left ; iud.ed, t ken a* a tome merely, it aarpaeiee *11 othen. in it* etrengtheaieg an .lilies, which have come under my obaervation. In caee* ,1 fever and ague with >he Mexican* and Cniforuiane, the Canchalagua re the sole remedy ; and .elJom, if ever, doe* it 'ail ra ita eflictcv. tfareaparilU gmwa in abundance on the Waal cnaat oi Mexico, but the iu Uibiumi aeldutn uiake n?e of it; iaallcaiet giving the prelereucr to he Cauchalagna wlneh p<ii*e*sea the ta.ue power*, but with mure spredy and de idedelfe t The Canchalagua, according co mv obiervation. ac.i piincipal.y upon the blood, purifying it, ex.I icitorug it from a diseased at' that which aire* it the most heal hy actiou Amougit the Californiau* it i> the univeriat custom, a* th* warm weather ?ppioachte for almost every adult member of their fam lieato go through a regular courie ot the Cauchalagua ; that i>, they take an infuaiou of the plant three or tour timet during the day, for perhaps u week or ten day*; the blood ihen becomes pure and thiu, aud thry are enabled to endure the greatest fatigues, and to maintain a comfortable state of health during the period of moel excessive heat. t)y a courie of the Canchalauuj. the whole eye ein appears tr an lergo a radical change ; the partaker seem* ro itceive a thorough purification, r 1 uticity i* yiven to hie whole frame, h i biuou* secretions are re ulated, his bovrel* restored to healthy action, hi* power* of digestion atreug heued, and hi* general h'tlth firmly established T keu as a tonic, 1 hare personally experren et ts poweifnl effects, an J cau amply testify to the relief it nffnrded. a* household m'dicine, it may be deemed invaluable ; as eu antidote it u .t surpassed (in all maladie* tending to pulmocarr affeetiou* ; a* a febrifuge and pa rifirr of the blood, it* medicinal qualities are without final, and u a tonic, it ia the ne plus ultra. With eat retard Tour obedient aeirant, JOHN C. JONE8 Letter from Alfred Hobinaoa, Esq , anther of" Life in Californit." New York. Januarr *7th. IMS. Dear niri?I will comply, with pleaaure, ta your request. and impart auoh knowledge aa 1 possess of the euaatial qn.litiea of the Canehalanua, a plant but little ksoun aa yet in the United States, but wnieh from its eupertor mediein >1 p'opcrtiee, ia destined to auperaede many of the drugs now in eomioou use. During a lung reqideuce in Alts Califoriiit 1 had freaoeut opportunities of witnessing its beneficial effects, ssd of obaerrmaths great estimation with whieti it was regarded by the inhabitants generally \ thus enabling me to write freely, and with great confidence, as to its astonishing medicinal virtues. A supply of it, there, ia every (family, ia considered of vital im?..rtauce, as essential to enable them to regulate andiinvigorate the system, which is apt to become enervated by the prolonged heat ol the climate. Among the Califoraians it ia pronounced asau unqueit'onable rente iy f- r fever and agne, and >s made use of by them in all the eomp'ex forma of inftimmationsand fevers, to which they are subject Ia the spring of the year, it is resorted to as a matter of course, when an infusion of it ia drank, two or thrae times a day, for about a week, in order to promote a healthy state of the animal functioss, through a purification of the bliod, for which it is moat remarkable. It imparts tone and rigor to the sio . ach and dtgesiive organs, and regulates all nerroua and B'terial derangements When P.ofeasor Nnfall, formerly of Harvard Umvemty, visited California, in 1S36. this plant received his particular attention, but then in a dried state; and I cannot account for his omission to lay before the public a r pec fication ? f iu properties and character, except that hit visit ttat at a period, too early in the seuion to behold it in hlciim. nr which time nn'V ran it be disttnsuiahed.and then ii collected and stored np for conaump'ion. 1 am confi dsnt. the weight of his influence would have, before this, brought it into general use, and what have alleviated much humaasufTeriDg. Von ask if Harsaptnlla is fouud in California? It certainly ii and in g eat abundance; but little or no use, however is made of it as a medicine, for the reason that the inhabitants give preference to Canehalagua, as poasestiig all the vlttues of the former in a higher degree, and as more immediate in itaitestorative action. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, ALFRED ROBINSON. New York, Febinarv 28ih, IMS Having been lor several years engagea in the North West Trade, I have become acquainted with the virtues of the medicinal plant called Can chalagua ; and reasiilv concur in the above stafmentsof its remarkable properties. SAMUEL J. H aSI'lNUS. New York, 10 de Marco do 1818. "end i oa Fenhores Robinson e Uay.psrticularmente eonhecidos por rnim.e gosando os merino de rontjde acao e respeito publico nesta ridade deelaro t|ue quaiqurr recommendacan por elles foita deve merecer implicita confiauca mormente tendoo Senhor Robinson reeidido por algnns annus na California ondetaveo orcssiar do observer as virtudes de canchalagnv LUIS HENRIQUE FERREIK A D'AOUI All, Consul Gersl do Brazil nos Etta dot Unidos.? Bo ton. 8 de Marco de 18IS Conheso prssoalmente os Senhorta Gay. Robinson de Jones, ea quaes gosio da eatisus pib lica e qttalqner recommendncao nor elloa fiete deve merecer perfeitacoufianca. ARCHIBALD FOATER, Vice Consul do Brazil, em Boston. Principal Agents in Ntw York? Ruthton. Clark & Co., 110 Broadway, ID Arror House; Delluc (k t o, 2 Tark Kow,|581 Broadway; J. Milhau, IS) Broadway; Heniy Johnson, 273 Broadway, corner Chamhets street; G. N. W. Bryant. 717 Broadway, corner Washington P are; James * rumhie, Bowery, enrnrr Albion Phce; ' k I loddingtin, 383 Hudson corner Spring street. FK*DER|f K A. GAY, Pron-ietor corner Front and Wall its.. New York. Desirable country residences to let furnished in the best style, on Staten Island, Capo d Monte?The well known paci'.us mansion belonging to Ma dame Gr vines 20 minures drive from the landing, aurrounded b i lofty forest treea, with vistas c mmasding the most eaten sive prospect of (he oce in, and of thrhirboruf New Yo k ? The stab e, carriage house, and ice house are in perfect order. The grounds, including hishly cultivated gardens. are well laid out,and cover 28 acres, enclosed. Abuudance fsp iug wite . Also, unfurnished the small MttMk on the hill side, couuining parlor, dining roam, and l urbed rooms, besides kitchen and servants' rooms. Likewise commanding a benutirul view, and built in en enclosed park of 18 acres of woodland. t or terms, npoly to Mr. Ge.nge Rollins, Auctioneer, or Mrs Or* ires, on the premises. ALEXANDER'S TRICOBAPHE?A NEW AND VA luanle discovery, being a liquid Dye which instautane ontly changes the color of the hair to i beautiful brown or blirk, wiihout irjnry to hair or akin. Theg'eit superiority of i his dye ronaists in its easy mode of application and instantaneous effect?all other dyes requiring from ten to twilve hours to produce any change Its superior excellence will he apparent to every noe upon a tingle application. As this article resit on merit, not on qnarkery, we offer as evidence of its excellency that upwards of li'tern thousand bozes have been sold of Alexanders Tricnbaphe since its invention. For sale bv A. B. Ic D. SANDS, Druggists, too Fnlton strest,corner of William; H. Johnson, 273 Broadway; A. L Winship 77 East B-oadwav; Rnshtmi k Co: Th' mat fc Maxwell, and Johnson, Moore k Taylor. New York; and by the sole agents for the I'nirrd Spitea. R fcfJ A Wright Philadelphia Medical card?dh richahdson, late Consulting Ph; tieian to thu New York College if Ve diciue and I Imriraey, h is removed his consulting rooms to Ins private renderee, 1(3 Hammeraley street, between Hudson and Greenwich streets, lit. R. intends to cot fine hit practice na u<ml to all complaints of a private uature. lege ther with Salt Rheum, Scrofula. and diaeesrs depending ra an impure state of the blood. His anr er rf treating genital debility (unknown to physicians in this city) will be found successful in esery rase, uniesa where imiKnenev exists. Pa tienta living lu the country ran have all the nreeaaary medi cinca and advice forwarded to them, by atatiag their cava exolieillv, and eneloaing a fee, addreaaeil to Dr. Richardaon 103 Hammeraley aueet, New Vorlr. Office honra from > A M to 3 P M . ami from 7 ro 10 P.M. Da. J. HEINE, NO. 20 DUANE STREET, BEtweea Chatham and Centre aireeta, iathe only phraiciaa (advertiaing) that la n member of the Medical Society. He devotee hie attention to office practice Thoae who with to avoid the quacka.aod the pretended memhere of Royal Colleges, and prefer a regular pnyaician, will Aid Dr. H. at hit office at ?'l hon?a Medical cahd?dr. glover takes this method nf informing thoae who have erquirerl by letter whether he had retired from p-actice, that he atill continnea to cure thoae d fficult and protracted e?iee of eonatitntiunal and 1 delicate diaeaaea, which have hi-(Bed the akill of phyaieiana of leaa eiperienee. Dr. G. would eaoeeially iuviie thoae who have anffered from a certain claaa of peraona to eall at hia office. No 2 Ann atreei, where they will meet with a certain, apeedy and effectual cure. Private entrance through the eutiy t.i the office door. VI OST EXTRAORDINARY WORK-EVERY MO lvE ther'a Book.?The apprehenamn of poverty and the prcapect of too large a family of children, prevent many prudent people from entering the married atate ; bnt here ia a work that will tell you maur important aecreta which will oveicnmc all auch objection!, and the author ia aaanied will be nnieeraally approved of imo g married people rriee. 50 eenta. Foraalc he Burgeaa Stringer.& Co, 2*2 Broadway, New York ; Zeiber It Co.. Corner f Cheaaiut and Thud flreft Philadelphia; W K Divia 10 S'a'e ?| ee'. Bo,inn DR. RALPH. AUTHOR OK THE PRACTICAL PRIVATE TREATISE," jte . II Greenwich atreet. i ffica In nra 9 to 12 AM., 6 to 9 P M.. (Sunday excepted) Thrae who apply in the early atageawill te aurpriaedat the rapidity aad I ttle inconvenience attendiug their cure. It ia chieAy. however, thoae who have Buffered from a certain claaa ol people, or otherwitr, who can properly app eciate hia aervceg. In atricture. from ita brat or incipient, to its moie advanced and diatrraaing itigea (from uncommon advantagea, in aldition lo a very rxtenaive practice in this com plaint) ne can anoru a rapid, eaay anil tamca rare which. ne hia groan J for Hating, can be obtained from no other aonrc e in America. MKDICAL OFFICE.?DK. J0HN80N, IT DUANE meet, near Chatham afreet, ao well known at the moat aneeeaafnl practitioner iu New York, in the treatment of vene real diaeuea. The Doctor'a reputation for akill in there old half-cured caaea, that haeeeiiated lor yeara, ta ore-eminent (ileet, atrieture, nlcrra o|>on the body, or iu the throat or noae. paina in the head, and bonea of the fega, effectually cured Conatitntional weakneaa brought oti by a aerret habit indulged in by young men, ranting laaeirioua dreama and nightly eraiaaiona, poaitiyely prevented. Keeent caeca cured in four daya without mercury. No alteration in diet, or precaution from hilttvett ^ dt ,'(W\ RK.WAKD-CROSS'S SPECIFIC MIXTURE for the cure of gouorhoii. Of all remediea vet diacovcred fpr the above c niplainta, thia ia the moat certain; it maker a apecdy and permanent cure w.thnut the leaai reatiiction in diet, drink, cipo<ure, or change ia application to buaineae. The proprietor chullenyea a aingle in taueeef recent g"norhcBMo be brought which the miiiure will no cure, under forfei-ure of tbeO. Many are enrrd in twodaya Hold at I7J Broadw*y, corn?r of < hambera etreet. ard ?AND<. I no Fn'ton. eorne- William arrect 1i() INFIDEL". 'ND At,', WHO RECEIVE NOT , the Word of tliid aa revealed in the Bible Mr Ninmo, 1 eopvcited Irfldel will lee ure on tnecvidencea c.f I hriatiaajty, and the au henticity of the Hcripiurea. aa a divine ret elation Sal balh evening, ttih mil., in the Hall, II <th Avenue All inie<eated, are reanectfa'ly invited to altcnd. P. S?Preahin* on the td Advent of (hint et heed, at the iianal houra (or worahip, every Saobaih, in the aama place. I atata free, ITALIAN OPRRA.AtTOR PLACE -NOTIC?-Doora ''!* ? 'I halfpaet 7. Performance at * xfod. P'MiuIr Lor Offi e, 10 Aitor Place, open from half-past 3 till 13. and from I to Jo'clock.No 3 Wall street.tu the bale meat Monday Evening. April nth, 1343. will b? K'ven bv dnrt the g and open, in 4 nets, of N ABUCO?Moiic by V'tdi?Nabttco. 8ig F U. Beneventsno; l.mwl, > it Bailiui; '/.* Hariah. St* H Koii; Abigail, Higaa T. Tiulfi; Phenena, 8igna A. I'atti; High Prieat of Bel. Hi*. Btoodi; Abdal. 8iguor Pitmomoai; Aaua, S.enora T. Avagadro. Mae.tro Direttor*. Htgnor Banlli. Leader ol oreheaira and choraa. Mutter 8tg C. Lietti Tha Hcauarv pointed by Anmn-i Alleg-i ?u 1 Mrilini BOWKRY TIIKAT.i K?!l, HIJAV KVKNI.N'4. Anril IStb, Will b* ptrfoimed tha grand opera of the BO HEM I ? N OIKL?Arlme, Mr. Megniu; Devilshuof. Mr 8eanin; Thtddcui, Mr. Qa'duer; Couut Aruhrim, Mr. bauar; n tee a of the Uirsiee. Miaa Liehteuateiu; Baila, Mr. Broadlev. To conclude with the celebrated ballet < f NATH A I,IK?Nathalie, Miaa Ju'ia Tnrnbullj The Duke Arnaud, Mr O. W. Smith: Alfred, Mr Burke; Pietr-, Mr Warden ? Dooraopeu >t 7?performance to cotnmeoee half peat 7 o'clock, buret, all over the hou.?, JO ceuta; Tit, 36eenta; Oallery, I'iX Mailt Prirate Bogac. 11. (CHATHAM THEATRE.?8 ATUH D A Y EVENING. J Apul U'h. 1043, will be presented thed'amtof BEN I THE BOATSWAIN?Ben Mr. Hield; Kdwin Oage. Mra. | J. 0 Booth; Palmyra, M'ta 8 Den'n. which LEND MR FlVK SHILLINGS?Mr. Oolight'y, Mr. Baia; Mra Major Phobbs, Mra. U nth. The whole to conclude with the SPIRIT Ob THE WATEKH, ortheFIRE FIENu ?Sir Hn'debrand, Mr. Hield; Maatcr Lapwig Fro*. Winan.; Oliuda. Mra J.B.Booth; Ondine, Mra G.Jouea; Dama Margue ritta, Wray. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Performance commences at 7K o'clock Bote.. 34 cents; Pit 13KBROADWAY THEATIIK?BENEFIT OF M'LLE Blaugy ? Saturday Krenir*. April IJ. will be reiformed the firce oi the IRISH VALET?Old Mf|bocroe, Mr. D. Atdeiaou; Larry Hoolagau, Mr. bhaw; T'l.p, Mr. Oallott; L una Loyerrore, Mra. Herseanr. Af'erwhich. tha 1st art of ballet of GISELLE?Iliaelle, MMa Blaugy; Mvrtha. M'lle Vallte; Prince Albiecnt, Mom Bnniars: H larinn. Moui ! Wieihoff. To eoni'lu^e with the 2.1 ect of the grau'l In'iet of LA BaYADKHK-Znlne, M'll# Bl rBy; Th- Unknown. Mr.Si'hiey Pearson: O ifour, Mr ll.Huut; Ninka. Mrs Boular.l;, M'lle Vallee?Doors open at 7 o'clock Pertorinuie* to bests at half past 7. Drsss Circle and Parqualte, yt rtre'*? Wati Ifn1l*rr, eft Mitchell's olympic theatre -saturday Eve-iirg. April 15, the entertainments will comine- cs with THK Se.NTINKt ?Manmi'i?n Pchloppsen. Ntr Holland; Linda, Miss Marv Taylor. To be followed by a new to cal riece.rudt'edaULANCK AT NEW YOHK IN ia<8? Mose, Mr Chaufran; Jake,Mr. I'osover; K.ltaa Su bhius, Miss Mary Taylor: Ma'V. M>s? Phillips; Jane. Mm Rob-rn. After which, FAMILY J RS-Delph, Mr. Holland; Kno'v, Miaswoberfs. To conclude wi'h the f.ree, ent iled OUT ON THE 8LY?Piirlico Pippins. Mr. Holland: Mrs. K iz Caper, Miss M?ey Taylor: Mos Dimp'e. Miss I hillips I'rest Circle 50 cents; Uppe'Braes. 25 cests; Pit, I shi'li g , Prira;e Boies 25: O chert * Boies, 23. MECHANICS'HALL 472 BROADWAY BETWEEN Grand and Broome streets?OPEN bVEMY NIGHT durins the week. Unparalleled success Twenty eighth week of the original i HKI-Tk'A MINSTRELS, the oldest established b-nd in the United Suites under the direction of E. P. CHRISTY, whose inimitab e and original entertainments are nightly honored with crowded and highly re<peciable audiences, and are fitrored with a p t ona. e unprece' euted bs any amnsemeut in this ci'y. Admission 25 cents. Doors open at 7, Concert commences at I o'clock Fortheaccnrn modation of Families, an AFTERNOON CONCERT ? eery "Mar day. Doors open at * commence atlo'rlock. Broadway odeon-entrance through Pinteux's Cafe des Mill* '"olonnes.?Manager K O Oreely?Musical Director, Mr. Oldfield.?Animated Pictures and Pygmalion Statuary by a new company of ladies and gentlemen, with new enstnmes. draperies, Etc?Saturday, April 15?Programme: Part 1?The Fairies Revelry; The Amazonian O.oh; Amazonian triumph Etc Part 2?The Light of ihs Ha ram; The I hree Dancers. Eta Part 2?''I he Partiug of Hseror end Andromache Etc. Tableau in ho'or of the French Repnbiic. Orehesirs box, 50 cents: Paninette, 25 cants; Boxss, 12K eenrs Performance to commence at 2 o'clock U SUBUOT AMUnil/An MUSt.tJ.Vl~r.T U4KNUM, I Jj Proprietor; F. Hitchcock, Manager.^Saturday, April 15, 8p end a performances in the afternoon at t.a'f-pint S ociock, and-n the evening at quarer helnre 8. BenefitnfMr. ? De La Pietie Mekirs. 0 Dodiw oth ami H. Major, of D"d?- 1 worth'i Band, volunteer for the occasion Orrat Western, will appear at each performance inanrand Yankee Melange, anda'ioin hia iuimitab a Yankee atory aud imitatirua <fa locomotive. The American Fire-king. Miaa Bert.aril. Miaa J alien Noble. ? !?. Pelbv'arpUndnl W*x Statuary, Madame Rockwell ,F>moua FortuneTeller. Admiiaion to the wltola, 86 ctnta; children uader 10 reara of kge, and old enough to walk aloae, 18X eaau. Reaerved front aaau, one thilltng each OKtte. Ban yard's mammoth panorama ok the Miaaiaaippi river, painted on three milea of canvas. being the largest painting in the world, at the Panorama building, in Broadway, adjoining Niblo'a Garden. Open every evening. (Sunday, excepted) Admiaaioa SO centa; children half price. The Panorama will commence moving at 7M o'clock precisely. Afternoon exhibition on Wednesday and Satur dev. at 9 o'eloek. Metropolitanminstrels at the apollo Rooma. 411 Broadwav ?The Metropolitan Minatrela will prevent every evening, during the week, (except Wednesday! their interacting and entertaining delineation, of "LIOHTs AND SHADOWS OK NEGRO LIKE." illo.trated with a choice .election of tha mo.t popular Refrains. Melodiea, tiler., Soloa. Overtu-ea, Danrea, Ac., enlivened with tha gay jeu d'aaprit, and quaint and facetioua humor of tha Southern plantation negro. Tha ntmoat care will be taken to avoid the e ighte.t approach to vulgarity, and the pathetic and lively phnaeiof the negro character will be portrayed in the brightest and mnit yiTid colon. Mr An.tin Phillips, musical director. Admittance 25 centa Children half pr ea. Pcrform.nce. commence at I P. M K FOWLER, manager. Major gen. tom thumb'and afkong moy, the Chinese Lady?This wonde>fnl little man and mna' interesting Oriental Female, two of the greatest natural cur<oaitits of the day, continue to hold their leveee at 315 Broad way Doore open from 10 o'clock. A. M., until 10. P M. Performance from 3 to 5 o'clock, afternoon, and from 0 to 10 o'clock, evening. Admission, 85 cents, children nnder ten year* ?i ?ge. natt puce Brooklyn institute?Monday and tues- i day. IT and 18th inar.?For two uighta only?The Iwt' nal Southern Ooera Troupe ol Sable Harmomiti, coaaiating or Meaara. W. O Plumer. T. Archer, Wm. Browning, Jamea B. Farrell, W. Roark. Mona Kogeilt, Ned Fits Henry, end Nelaon Kie-aa, Muaical Director. beg leave t? announce to the public that thev will give two only of their inimitable entertaiumenti?prior to rpenitg in New York?which have been attended by the elite and laahion of all the peine pal ciiea ofthe Union. Ant) they wiah it diit>nctly understood, that individually or eol'ectively, a> rega He ityle and execution, they rhallenge the world to produce their equal*. Selections from the beat compoaera; Parodies from all of the popular operas: Refraina, Negro Melodies, Oleea, Sougs, Kepirteea, Witticisms, Burlesque*. Polkas. Solos cn rarioua inatru meuta?the while under the direction of J. 1 >. Beuaoa . Carda of Admission 25 renla?children accompanied by their parental r guardiaua half price. Doora open at half paat 6; to commence at 7 o'clock. The grand collection ok the works oe the Old Mattera, coinnriaing original Picture*, by Tt tian, Rubens, Raphael. Murtllo. Valaaquex, Van Dyck.Giulinromaiio, rarmtgiano, Holbein. Jan Steea, Carlo Dolci, t'uyp, Wilaou, and ibbut othere of tbe old Matter*, i* open at the Lyceum Gallery, No. 563 Broadway, from 9 A.M, to ? P M Admittance 25 eenti. PALMOS OPERA HOUSE TO LET-APPLY AT the Box Office, between the hour* of 10 o'clock, A.M., an * 2 P M. WALNUT STREET THEATRE?PHILAD* LPHIA Laat night of Mr. Anderaon'a engagement.?Saturday Evening. April IS '8H. will be performed Schiller'* grand r, mimic play of THE ROBB&K8-flnrl'? de Moor. Mr. Anderson; Connt de Moor, Mr. Riehinga ; Franciv'dt Moor, Lem*n; Speigleberg,Charman; Hohber J. M. Scott: dmHi', Mia* Filler After which A GENTLEMAN IN DIF KM ULTIE8?Mr Crap, Mr a'Brckett : Mr Sedley, Mr. Chapman Mra. Critp Mrs. Thayer; Mra Sedley. Mi?a Chapman; Mra. Pimm-ma. a r Hr-gers: P-imi g, Mra.{Blake, On Monday Mr. MARSHALL'S HKNEF.Tj _ New music-beauties ofihe ope?a. not. 7. t.'aad 9. jnat | u dished, with pirtraita of Pico, Troth, and Buraeeinnti. herb number hat 20 pigea of po| n ar n.uaic. never b'fore ruhluhed in the country; 51 reuM par ruinber. " j.ea Oiroediua, ' the ftmi-ut Freneh aong of " Mourir pour 'a Patrie." wi'h Kng'iih word*, and a apin'ed vguette. Tit Ifi Walt*, arranged for the pianoforte. Jenov Lind Snngi hea-.itifullv illual-aled f^yricure P-lka for the pianofirte ' Moonlight on the Lake " on Lake Michigan, writ'rn ly the Hon. J L. Starr, with a view of the I >ke. Many new marches,, ?e, lie. Muaic bound, with apring backs.? ATWILL'S Mnaie Store, 201 "roadway AT A MEETING of A NUMBER of PASSENGERS onboard of the Sreamb at ALIDA on her down trip Lorn A'baoy on fh* 11th >mt Hon. 8. II P. Hall wu called t > lite chair, and Hon. J V I'ctk app nnted Secr?t?ry. It was noairimontlv reaolved that the speed. beanty, ard auperlor accomodation! of thialboat. w th the sentlrmaulv ron.:nrr of Captain Ft me and hia r.fliceia, a?e ?nch mi hare rrudrred thia raioigr filly delghtfal, i>n<l we like gieat pleraure >n recommending her to the notice aud patronage of the Ire eel ling coin! :-Snn uel H I*. Hi'I. Broome I cuniy; Baxcnnmifh v* rtieheiler County; W Samnel Jolmiou, New Yoik; Himl. (I Kaymnnd do; A H Pa'uiar. Orerne I onntv; L HCue, Chenango County; ? t to Charlock. New York; Alecander H'cwirt. do; John 8 I h pmae, St. I.atrieure; Hebe t(J Campbell New YorkiD Collina, Jr., Dntcheaa County. K Vincent, do: I. O F.lmoie. L'Uler '? unty; M. K Brewer, New York; H M. Underbill, Weatehratrr eoor.ty; K. W. F.akr. Brooklyn do: L. I Pur-leu. lin'Man4 do; K I,. V ini low, Franklin do; Da*ia (larretaon, New Yorl; N. Crj.l.ivingiton county; H. D Barker, Jrtrrrmn do. B. I. Beech, Oneida do: <.V. ' eck. Weatrhearer do; Wm Be eerh. New York; A. M. Bcherme h rn R Jamea Bowci, New York; S. Rape je. Orange; H. Laphim. Wnyne do; M. W. Trne?rtell, New Y-rk; Pae-a. Oawrgo do MUSIC?PKOFESBOK DUMSDAY, ONE OF OUR mo t effic ent and highly aucceaaful reechere of the Pienofurte. Hinging at light, Gnitar, Accordtou, end Violin, will intrnct a limited number nf lediea end gentlepien on a new plaa, by which fey will acquire a thorough knowledge of time Jrc Terme leee-iuih'e * r. r< I v -I I fi ' 11' o I \ SAIL BOAT FOR 8ALK-UIK SCOOP YM'HT " Sylphide " ab'-n'm or ?eren torn fnrrnhed eompleie, nearly new, ard in fi-?t re'e ennd tion. A i ply a' Peteri'i Fnhermen'a Hall. Booth Brooklyn, or at 23 Bread afreet, N. Yotk. THK BHITIFH AND NORTH AMKRIi AN It i Y AI. Marl Bleam Shipi between Breton and Lirerpoo1, ard between New York and Lirerpool, ealltng at Halifn to land end -eeeire maila and paaarogtra are intended to Bail aa fol'owi : ? Hibernia,t apt Netl bhanioa. from New Yrrk, Wedneaday, I9ih April. Acadia, ( apt. J Pt. nr, fram Bra-., n. Wetlneidar, 3'd M.y America,Capt C H K Jndkina, from New York, Wedneiday, lOih May- Britannia, ('apt 14 altar J. I .l,arg. from Boito", Wedneaday, ITlh May. Cambria, l.'apt. William Harriiiin. mm New York, Wedneaday, 2tth May. P????pe money, R120. No freight will be receirrd pa board the Hib?r uia after II o'clock. Ti.raday, Igih April For freight or paa age apply to K ( UN A H D. J ft , 3D Broadway. IADH SOUTHAMPTON AN I) BRKM h N-Tll K .team K (hip'on, Capt J. Johoeton, will leave Pier No. 4, N li.. on Thnraday. the JOth in?r nt 10 A. M. An need inrgenn on board. Price nf p"?aa?e, $120 Apply to Ocean Bt'nm Naa-ig?tmn Co.. Mo 4"- Willum afreet FOR CHARLESTON, 8. C.-THE STEAMSHIP Southerner. Copt. M. Berry, will loom rl?r4. N H .on Saturday, the Idth inst nt 4 o'clock, P. M. AH bills of I triing aivried by the clerk on hoard. Price of nnaaaire |25. ( or. igoersare parttcular'y requested to attend to tne receipt of their (nods immediately after ih? nrrivl of the ttenmer ? >t freight or passage apply to BPOFP OK D, Tl LKSTuN It '.(J. Ill Snnth it. THE EOLLOWIN44 CERTiriC TE HA8 LATKLY been recejyed by Dr. WHEELER, which we commei.d to the attention of cur readen: 13 High etreet, Proeidence, It. I., March 31, lltl To Dr. Wheeler, Orolint, 29 (ireru wieh itreet. N Y.?Dear Sir, I deem it a doty to make an acknowledgment for benefit! received, eapec ally if hy to doing I can trier my fellow man. particularly whete extraordinary merit and tnerrts in anrgery and medicine ex t:a, a rnhlic tta'rmeiit of them cannot fail of betrg attended with n ine good. I am ihna induced to addrevn yon. and to eteak in prtite fyour uawly d aeoyeied plan of rrin-iviug Cataract!. In l?tl I *ti under the neeessiiy cf apply leg to yon to perform au operation ui>on my left eye, whieh you succeeded in accnm- I iltahtrg to my entire aatiafaciinn; and more recently (on the 2ith of Kebiutry IrtO, I was compelled to apply to yon for i relief from a similar affliction in tny right aye. aud I waa mnch | grat fied to learn that you had lately aaeeitained a method of coring this disease, by which the p.tient could he leitored to aiaht in a eery brief period, and without pain, and it uow giers mr infinite p'enure tt slate that in my eaae eenr treatment was attei ded with the moat signal and egtraord narvauece a (heinq enab'gd ta return home inien dayt m the perfect aigh' of which I had not ha' for upwards of ffteea yean) Yours, eery reaper tfnlly. S C \DY __________ IT 18 SOME ( ONtOLATION TO KNOW, ASTIR so many tiials. that a goodrari|ele of India Hirhber Hone hn nt lait been manufactured, that will Hand the pren?u*e of ih# Cro ton wnt?rt aed onr friend at the Goodyear Luther Empotmm, IM Broadway, may teat assured that the demo, d far it will more ihan 'quel hi< ahilrtv Mi aupttle, whan Others, like ourselves, become acquainted eilh tu menu. . ? --INTEL LWBMCB BT TIE MAIL*. WABHriuirort, April 13, iH-to. Evening Schedule. Mr. Clay's letter, it is here believed, extinguishes his chances for the Presidency. He onfesaes too much?he shows his cards, and exposes his hand in advance of the play?next to the letter last published from General Taylor, it i3 regarded as a letter ot which nothing can be made; but which upsets the calculations of hit- friends, and utterly confounds them. The whigs, that is, the old whigs, already talk ol Scott. A lew days will turn up a new phase oi the wheel ot fortune. All here are now in conI fusion. The democratic torch light processton to| night. in honor of young Frnnee, was a failure? the illuminations were lew and lar between. At the ulternoon meeting, ht ihe engine house, Mr. Morse, ol Indiana, General Foote (V1ib-<.) Mr. Stanton, ot Tennessee, and others, addressed the people. The citizens will make a demonstration in a lew days The Senate did nothing to-day in the case of Mr Nugent. He still remains a prisoner under Wlr UCIKHI. ui-at-aiuio. Mr Bennett arrived here thin morning. and visited the prisoner this evening,at nis room at Mr. Beale's house. The Senate to-duy were engaged upon the California claims?the House upon tne New Yoik contested election. Washington, April 13, 18-ltJ. Demonstration for France? The Jackson Association?utn Interesting Relic?The Old French Fag?" The Beet Foot Foremost"?Oratorical Ditplatjs?Torch Lights, fyc. Under the auspices of the Jackson Association, a meeting whs held this evening, commencing at half-pust live o'clock, nearly opposite to the Union ollice. A stand was erected on the east side of the Franklin engine house, draped with the white, red, and blue. From a tall fHg-stafi waved the stur-spangled banner, and the tricolor of France, in conjunction. Big guns were fired. The assemblage was respectable iu material, (so far as we can judge by appearauce) and in number. Uenersl McCalla, of 'lis Treasury Department sailed the westing to order, and Jess* K Dow. Esq.. read four letter* front distinguished porionaees, Messrs Buchanan, Walker, liunnegan. and B. 11. Fre nch, making apoloKiel for net beii.g present, and expressing, brltfly, their views in relation to the movements in Francs. Tha bund of music played the Marselil-s Hymn. Then, resolutions produced by tbs Hon. Vtr. Ketily, w?ts read bv Mr N Holland, and adopted bv acclamation. Mr. ifurran, another ot the eectetaiiea, read au amendment offered by Mr. Potk,und which wus received with approbation. Mr. Moasr, of Louisiana, wua the first speaker. He wtis energetic and eloquent, and re id an ext act from a latter written by a friend in London, ehowing that our vloUrle* in Mexico had railed the American name abroad, and convinced monarchists that we can pursue a war of invasion, as well aa "defend our dunghills"? oar homee und firesides. If the great battle between lib erty ai d despotism wae now to be fought, so be It. He was unwilling that Amerioa should aland aloof, and ba an Inactive spectator. If the government ehould not interfere, let men, now that the Mexioan affaire afford no opening, go over to France, and ha would lead tha way But, he thought that there would be no oocailon lor thie, * the rotten powera of Europe had enough to do to take oare of themselves. When Napoleon signed away Louisiana to the Untted States, he said that It wae the beat move that he ever made upon the obeseboard. And so It was That great man foresaw that this act would be instrumental In undermining his English rival. The spirit of liberty was inooulated into France by old General Lafayette; and that eonntry, he had no doubt, would perpetuate the name she haa ussumed?a republic! Mr. Morse wae frequently interrupted by applause, and when he ooncluded, Gesmil McCalla laid he had a relic with a view of whioh he would now gratify tbo aodlenee He unfurled riom ft spear headed stuff, a tat tared silk flag; the red wm faded, the white darkened by age, and the blue entirely changed in color. In the centre a representation oi the Ualllc cook- As soon as this was revealed, the boys brgan toorow lustily, and for a moment we thonght we were In a farm yard at the break of day. it was the identical Adie flag, oarried through the Frenoh revolution at the close of the last century?a half a century ago, and presented to Uenaral Washington, who said that it should be pieierved, side by side, with our own star gemmed banner. It was waved for a few seconds and then furled. The band advanoed to the front of the stand, and again regaled the assemblage with music. Mr Koot, of the Senate, was announoed. Mr RiTcMir.? He always puts the best /sot foremast. (Ha ! ha! ha !) Mr Foot appeared. He.wore, what appeared to os, a claret colored ooet, with brass buttons; vest black, shirt bosom snowy white; neckerchief white and blue, and standing collsr; a rich gold chaiu pendant from his watohfob. He had doifed hts apeotacles on this oooasion. IIo spoke hut a few minutes; and as the poet of England had aflurded him language bet er than he cou,d cvnooct, he made a quotation, oommenoing with the words, "Housed up to two much wrath," and ho conclnded with another quotation, ' Freedom's battle, onco bet on, Bequeathed from bleediogrke to son, Though btiiHsd oft, iiever won " He. too. expressed kit Qrm conviction that France woold tint i ll* in the post ion she has as- umed. ft us is was appropii ttely discoursed as aa interlude The Hon Mr Thompson, of Psnuiyvarle, a member of the House of Representatives, was announced At this peilod, the boys la the crowd near the stand, began apor.iog with one another. Mr. BitcHa noticed them, and demanded rienceia a tone express Its of parental authotl'.y. Mr. 'I homssow? Ob, let the young democrats luxuti ate. (Ha. ha,hs !) The Hon gentleman then proceeded a Uh I ii remarks He vrry truly ssij that human content was theoause of human thraldom, and showed how vsia were all the prrcau iitiary measures or Louis l't i ij pe to peipetu.ite 1 it dynasty. His remarks were in good taste, mid elicited appleueo. He said that he notice 1 a vouch orator from tiie west, who would doubt 1 less gra'ily the meeting wi h an address. Aud imirodlateiy there were cries of "Stanton"' ' Suntrn!" Mr Mm hif Raid that be himself wu ab iut to apeak ty proxy, iu tba perron of the young representative from T?do(HM. Mr. Stanton remarked that be was a native of the I) strict, (Aleuandria) and it wee but proper that he should j' In bis follow cit'l'iis in the expression of congratulation on the achievement of repnublieanIsin by Franco. Tbe bird of liberty, in former di>ys, through tho mist in the heavens, glanced bis eogle i ye towards thirteen rats?tbe atars tnat represented tin thirteen original States of tho confederacy Anon, lis saw otbrr scars appur, until a galaxy, rich and ileziltng, almost dimmed bis tyis Andnow, he taw tbe nebulas of New Mtxlco aud of California, which will, ere long, become apparent as fully formed stare The bird of Jove had taken up his ab^de with us; but, I thank Heaven, one of her brood had taken hie Slight 1 to sunny France, and loofeod down uton o nation which had shaken off the fetters ot thraldom, and thrown alo'.t, heavenward, its until, unshackled and free The cottoo tree ot the South is a fit emblem of liberty. In tho spring it blossoms ; the air is fnlod with whitish floating panicles like mist; these are tbe seed. Thoy fill onth? sends, and take root, ftrinly aud deep, and the tree ap peais ' So moy the seal of our tree of liberty b? wafted to all tbe nrutbiis of the old world Home have fUlen on the soil ot France The people will repose nador the shade of the foliage, and enjoy in peaco, the freedom wnuh themselves have won. This gentleman was frequently cheered, an evidence that his apse eh was received with f>vor. It was now growing dark The boys, who had listened with tolerable patience, sought amusement by throwing up lighted tar balls A horse attached to a carriaga became fright'no J, and ran up the av-Diie at full Speed. Mr, F J tJai'Mi. it was announced, would now address tbe meeting. He is a native ti'rmitu. a gentleman oi education, unJ a cootriDuto to the press. \Ve beard nothing 01 what be sold We had been standing lot more than two hr.ur? on the damp ground, and a thin coat auii a dump and chiding atmosphere admonished ua to retire homewards. After Hark, bonfires were kindled in various parte of the city ; the empty boxes ot the dry goods merchants contributed fuel to the blass; and this whs a part ot the proceedings that belonged mors particularly to the boys I ?the young republicans who, herealter. are to fight our battles make our laws, conquer the whole ot Mexico, or the world, and extend the principles of '79. The torchlight procession (two torches) passed through the principal streets, accompanied by a b?nd oi muam, play tug " Yankee Doodle," interspersed with loud hurrahs. Kite la halit Franca ?vire la rtpubliqut Loiig lire ths democracy I Fai.ii. TIIIKURlII COSUHEU. FIRST SKSHON. Senate. WiiHisnfes, Aptll 1J.184A a a a a a a TBI PILOT LAW or 1837. | The bill for rapealing the pilot act of Maroh 3, 1SS7, eomtng up In order, Mr. Oil undertook its explanation. A bill in nit respeots similar to this, was before ths last Congress, bu; It was Dot acted upon for want of time He had then glTsn at some detail the grounds upon whioh the Mil was Introduced; hot as several new members had since come into the Senate, he should reoapHulato, as bristly as possible, tha reaaons which he then advened In support of tha bill He accordingly exhibited, that as early u*l8>l, the city of New Vork passed a law reguls'tng pilots; and that from that period down to the adoption I cf the tedaral constitution, aha had exercised exclusive | jurisdiction over the ?ubj?ot; and the laws rf Congress and of ths State subsequently passed, coatinu*d this jurisdiction, In 1SS8, two ships were wrecked on the oosst below New York, the Bristol and the Meiico. A strong feeling was exeited against ths New York pilots it was charged that they had h. c. me a monopoly, too limited for the service that they had relaxed In vigl lanoa, and that these disasters and others, were attributable to these fart* Diligent end careful examination, however, had exempted the New York pilots In addition to tbls, alter three mouths consideration, sn act was passed by the Legislature of New York, believed to be tully adapted to m?et >11 existing detests; hut It ??' net permit'ed to go Into operation before this sot rf Congress of March 3. 1837 was pawed, no-nlng the pilotage of Now York equ tly to the nil >r.s of New York ari t New Jetaey. Alter submitting to this uatqual systsf