Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1848 Page 3
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r?. ' .. ...! Pollen Intelligence. Settle at the Tomhe.? During some days ?t tho Tombe, Pom* v>ry q>ir?r a-enes ooeur V War day morning the Folice C< urt opened ac 7 'o'ol ok when the prisoners. cooMetl-.g .if *1016 two or three loafers and vagabonds, war* disposed of bv tho magistrate, who, after that operation. generally alios half an hoar for oreakfaat. with a hit of fresh air. thus r'crulting his nostrils and stomach for i he trsnseoting of business through the day. On threturii of the* to his seat, up steps an old Iriah woman, with a black eye and scratched face, holding in ono haod a bunch of hair, tnakiog at the same time a b'-bbing curtsey, with" Piasa your honor, I'm a lone woman; my husband is at a*, and Mrs O'Brien this morning, w>th"Ut saying a word eased me by the hair of the head, and murdered ma outiight, your houor, and here's tho hair, your honor, and look at my fane, your honor : Is that the way to trata a lone wouinn with two orphan children, whose father's at as- and nobody here to protest tbfm exoept myself, and I am sick in brd. Mrs O'Biien and me had a bit of a spat, case she cut down my line In the yard, and thin. juJ^e, I cut her line, and then she aware sbe'd hern my life, and sura and she did; look ye Judge, look at the hair the murdering oratura bus torn from my head. Oh ! musha ! mutha ! ! 1 want.? 8 ute's warrant, please your honor, to haye her looked up lor 1 am afraid to go home, ouee I know she'll murder ins again; indsds, Judge, she's a desperate karauter " Msuhtratk?Arsyou, Mra. Dougherty, living in Mulberry srreet ? " Yre, indeed. 1 am Ihe same. Judge, and a kilt woman I tru sure." "Well." said tho Judge, ''you are * luil* too Ut* with your obargo, as Mrs O Brian Whs bote half i.nhouraco, exhibiting a out lip with a much !?rp -r bunch of h'tir thr.n you barn, whloh she swore jou nulled from h-r Uea I; and * warrant is now Id the h?nd-> of en ' Mm for jour arrvet. Mhi Dhjuhekty?Oh merciful Father, and di 1 she ewem-1.? ha' ?.r J may the Lord have mercy on her soul Oh! tti- poor orator, where does she azoaoc to goto? .Yiauutrate 11 r* , (iil.icr. take thin woman aw ?y. sb? u i) ujk Li-re '11 day It seems those woman think th->t ill. Ouait if tad* lor tbllf especial purpose, and have no oth?r business tzoept to settle their fighting quarrels Mrs Donehorty was lad cut of court, and on hsr r?treat the a* u>cu tbe Justice and all the courts, and positively declared that there was no law for the poor in Merrlkey. Tbi D-xt case before the court was a Dutchman, peekit g broken Kngllrh Magistrate Well, what do you want? You appear to ha to crest bas'e. Dutchman-?I vents to know if I am a dl?f or not; da's vat 1 vauts to know; a mans oalls me a dtef, and 1 van s ro know by vat rbli' he eails ma so. I bald a man h-r- j'l'pt-sdny fti to have him tor ken up. and I vants to know if h-a tuuki-n bim up. I am bound to havs mine satisfaction. Maoistrate?Well, 1 don't know anything about your bursty; you must be the best judge, you ought to know whether you can steal?at any rate you have paid $1 for ad vice to one of the stoop counsellors, and to hian ycu ilus* look for tbe redemption of your oharaeter; w- h?ve noth'ni? to do with thecsse. Tben yau can go, Officer show tb# Ducobman the door. Two ;-?<e -1 looking vouug women next applied to the m?K* ?tiat- one bear!** the marks of a black eye, and inquire o- tie Justice If the warrant had been served The Jus'ico inquired, what warrant? when the oomLUlnnt't s' .trd u warrant against hsr huebsnd, giving is name, fir an nessnlt ui>on ber No. said the JuftlO", after es'stniuinc his book; no such complaint has been taken. '-Why "said th? young woman, "yesterday mornlrg I cam? h r, with nty friend," pointing to the young women alorp side, 'nr.d a met me at the door, asked me w-i?t I wanted, ur.d I told htm; be said the warrant would coat 11 which 1 paid him; he then said he would g?t c>? a fall of separation frsm my husband for $-2 mote; that I pant bim likewise; he tbeu took me into another ro- iu. wro-? somethtrg down on a piece of paper, and Rsk< d mo if | c>uld wr'te. I told him no; 'well,' said he, -touch the p?n.' which I did; he then folded up the papers,, ut tli ;u into hie pocket, and said all was right; told use t< go i cms;th*t nothing mere could be done then; that: in th kf. r con he would make out the bill of separation and seed the papers up; sino* whioh time I have rT"i rivu' r 1.11 ItUpTI) ur i.U" Ul tu. UU, ' DttlU liiu mfg' "you have b?en imposed upon by one of the s&irining Inv.y. rs, who are as thick areund the stoop of th> Tombs as young sharks on a lee shore, and jest a.s ravenous, buirg ct ?very gudgeon, from twentybee i?n'.e uywaids You muit look around tbie viointty ana endeavor to idrntify the individual, and I will take a comelaiat ngains: him. In the mean time, I will t' U? >'ur complaint agati st your husband for tbe assault;'' which was done tbie time in the legitimate mannor. and a. warrant ueu?d for hie arreet Thus matter*, every few deye, are canted on at the Tombe. and a few dollars piokt-u up by the pettifogging lawyers, out of distressed partite who seek relief Religions Intelligence. f ai-knoar * voh Avsil ? iflth. huuday next before Enetet; 2l?t. O oJ Friday; 22d, Easter Even; 23d, Esster Day ; 30.h, tint Sunday after Easter. ' Tbe Rev Dr. rise will deUrsrsdiaoonrMatSt. Pater's church. Borc.'.iy street, tbia aiternoen, on Henry Fargis, who lost, hii lite at tha fire in Dnsne street, on Sunday murniug 2d last. The Rev Dr Toots has been ohosen one ef the Board of v oitTS of An^ovor Seminary, in the place of Dr. Codnian. Jtceueed Jam s F Kennedy, a licrn'lale of the Carlisle Presby* tery. baa accepted an invitation to labor in the Presbyte" ri*n C Lu ck lit Berwick, Peon , as s slated supply. The fo lowing 1* a tabular view of tbe Chnrohes 1? this city at the present time, contoured to 1828 : ? Kpit. tret. Mitk. bap K C. Cong. in 1828 J< 20 12 14 4 0 IulSID 42 43 32 24 16 9 Increase in 20 y-s...24 23 20 II 12 9 Tbe consecration or Dr Hampden was to take plaoe en Sun> sy, the 2t h March. An appeal to the Primate, and a protest agatust the nonseoratlon. had been prepared tor sign tuT'B and was to have been presented to Archbishop Sooner on tne 26th The rumor was, that the names of about. 1000 clergy men had been afflxed to these riocum*nt?. The Mi.ttr and Fellow* of Balllol College, Oxford, in conformity with the peculiar privileges possessed by that Society. of appointing their own visiter, hare eleotod the Lord B ?hop of Linooln, (Or. Kay*,) in the room of the late Archbishop of Canterbury. The University of Cambridge hare reaoived to preaent a p-tltion to Parliament against the Roman Catholio re lief bill. It teems that tbe atall in Dnrham Cathedral, raoant by th? ransUtion of Or. Sumner to the Arohiopiaoopal See, ia net to be filled. The rcee'p-a ?f the Society for the Propagation of the Oi'?"el i?< Foreign Parta, daring theyoar 1847, amounted to ?8A 068 7s 8J Of thie sum ?40 d,13 3 j. 3d., belong to lua * ler new and ipeoial purposes. The Rev J?mei O'Snlllvan. late a pariah priest of tbe dieceee < f K rry. and John Fitsgernld, Esq., with sevt ? rel o'her respectable parsons, renonnoed popery on the Ath ult. in bt. Thomas's Churoh, Dublin. The R-v Mr. Thomea, an Anglican olergyman, formerly oi Exe'or College. 4>aford, waa reo-ived Into the Cath >lio < huroh. at St KJmnnd'a College, Herta, and eoiiflimeil by Dr. Wiseman. In the Legist*'are of Louisiana, on the 11th Inst., while the act for the relief of the Jackson College of Louisiana was under disoustion, Mr. Martin moved ao additional seatioti granting ten thousand dollars per annum to ihe College oi Jesuits in Louisiana, under similar clrcametnoots, and with similar provision* He (aid he was for fnaterlag equally all religion*. He hoped the Senate, in the spirit of Christian charity, would extend its patronage to this institution -4 yoas, and '29 nays, decided tho fate of Mr. Martin's motion. A co respondent of the Record states that when one of the congregation exclaimed, "God bless the A robhlehop of Canterbury," his grace stopped, and turning to the speaker, replied," 1 thank yon; .1 indeed need ait your prayer* " Rev. Benjtmin M. Miller has resigned the oharge of Trinity Church, Mobile, and become rector of St. Paul's Cbursh CtIambus. Lowedss Co , Miss. The Rev John J Kerr bu resigned tb* rectorship of the Chnrch of the Advent, Philadelphia, and the Rev. Samael A Clark, of Plymouth, Mass , has been elected by the Vestry as his successor. The Rev Samael T Carpenter is engaged In mlssioaary labors at Spring drove, and adjoining dia triors In Laa?a*t?r county, Ps. Rtv Levi Ball has resigned tbe charge of St. Mary's, Warwick towcsblp, and accepted a call to Bangor Church, Churehtown, whieh he will supply in conneotlon with St Thomas', MorgRiitown. Tb* Rev Enua Woodward ba* resigned the reo'orshlp rf St Mark's Churoh, Honsy Brook, and ?ul1 frnm Sr Mark'i Wirelrk townehlo. Uni ting it to hi* charge of 8t Andrew'*, West Vinoont. 1 h? New F.neUnd Conferenoe (Methrdist) assembled et Worcester on w'egueeday. 6th tost., end continued in eeri 'u until the 1M. Much important business is said to heve been accomplished. Gcfm\ny.?A private letter received by one of our (rerutmii citizeiie, which gives an account of tbo revolution in Prussia, states that in the conQIct between the king's troops and tho citizens, on the 10th rf Msrrh (he catnege has been immense The tinmb-r of soldiers killed amounted to about 1300, and more than one thousand ctt s mis were slaughtered on that dey An exp'rsiion of the king, "that b# would forgive them,'' which be is sa'd to have uttered, when the deed bodies of the (lain citizens were carried in solem procession past the palsoe, Is said to have excited the wrath of the people anew, in consequence of whfoh the king has either teen forced to leave the city, ores others say. tea been killed Tbo excitement tbioughout Germans it immense. At lUnen. near Krackfort on the Main, forty thousand people, able and ready to oarry arms, were assembled on the lflth March A oommitte oalted ' Velks commission" dlrsoted all their movements. Volunsry nontrihatior* and patriotism kept up these Immense gathering*. and we mav expect by the next steamer emnts of the most soul-stirring character Germany is rite for a grand ravolntien. The intelllgenor, li.dusirr an l partintlsm of her people, cannot be chained any longer by a feiv despots, lieri oourse will be onward, until united and tree she will take such a stand among the r.ationso f the earth, as she is rightly entitled te.?Ptnni\lvti\ian. From Hayri.?The sohr Ores, Gapt. Smith, arrived here yesterday, Irom tho port ol Aux Ceyee, wh*nca she sailed on the 18th alt. We learn, that for some week* previously to the schooner's leaving, Ite tnhaidtaoti of AuxCa;**, amounting to between eix a?d eevsn thousand, ha l heeu In oonstaut alarm of an attack hy the rabble lu the ocuntry, whose object wis the pillage Of the city. It appears that the negioes In the country, with the ostensible purpose of getting the txpu'rdonrf the commandant, who had rendeted himself obnoxlr us to hem, by elding with the property own"T?, who aro chi<fly whit * and mulottoes, msrehea, In arme't array, to the verv walls. All the rtor-s were clo ed, and the Inhabitants llsw to arms. Happily, th negroes w re daunted hy rhts display of resolu ion, au.l commenced no ettai k 1 he governor, or commands!.l es he ie cslled, wss recalled to Port-ad Prince, the capital and the president went down to Aux Caves, wt h a View to trsi qitlliis the population. Mr tpilner, the owner end supercargo of the Ceres, from whom w? ob tain this Information repr??ant< things et Aux Cats* as till In a very unsettled itat#| a spark may cause a go Moral Insurrection. There -vers on nseu of wsreftcy nation IntVpo't: the white population had teat to Port au-Prince to request the presents of an armed skip M pscteet Uieui N. Q. CmwHtcM Ttmn, April ?. f Incident ot (he Lad War. To thb Editor or thk Hkh.ld : ? la nnswer to toy communication, published in 'he Herald ot the 31 *t ultimo, in reply to the *o culled ' Narrative ot an linporuat Incident in the L?ei vV.irwi'h Greet Brl'atn," there appears in the columns of the H'wY'irie Etpreit of the diet iuat . two letta'S front Mr R. o L. De Psystsr, aocompuniad by two trout the veDeibhle Mrt. Madison, wiide tue Ar-w Oilaant D Ira of the 11th inst. contains a Ions; and ch-racteristlo letter sigu-d "Jacob Barker," and addressed to me upon the s ut? subject It is deeply to be regretted that the venerable Mrs Madison should be drawn into a discussieu no unprofitable; and it is far from mr intention or desire to enter into a controversy which may question the correctness of ibu s atemen'.s or that die lnquished and inimitable lady, although they are easily susceptible of explanation. Did I feel so dispoeed. certainly her letter, dated the US 1 and Ulth of August, IS 14, would afford me ample opporiuuity to show, that, iastead of sustaining the ' Narrative," It most palpably controverts the allegations ot Messrs. De Peyeter and iJ irker in many particulars. In bis letter of the 16th inst, to the editors of the Express, Mr. De Peyster eaje: "It appoare that he (Mr Charles Carroll) had no agency whatever in this mat tor (tb? saving of the original portrait of Washington) while the original ''narrativa" of Mr. Barker, and which ?ir. i/o i ojjioi uuuii iu |)ion nuiuouviu. imhi expuaii/ly, tkat 'several persons assisted; tha m ist active *h the vaneralde Mr. < at roll " aa I la hla recant letter to the New OtUant Delta, that geni.l*man says further? "Wheihar I fount jour father (Mr. Charles Carroll) there, or whether ha came in subsequently, 1 do not know, but 1 do know that ha agisted in taking down the portrait of Washington, and left the houae with the President." Thus it appears lli\t the statements of Mr Baiker give a full refutation to the assertions of Mr. De Peys er, although I confess it ia with aome eompuuotio .e that I quote Mr. B. as authority, and only do ao to show the discrepancies between tho allegations of Mr Da Peyster and'he "Narrative" of hit accomplice It would D* difficult, perhaps, at thia late day, to determine further with whom tb-> ilea of the prraervatiou of the picture first originated; but it ia true, as Mra Madison stvea she has heard, tuat Mr. Carroll's " family believed he resoued it." it is unfortunate, doubtless, that " the paper whioh wae to accompany your (Mr De Peyster's) letter had net reached" that distinguished lady, aa it tnsy have reminded her of soma slight ineidents that might have served to freshen her memory as to the eveuts of that day, and tended to enable her to throw some additional light upon the matter. I should let this matter rest here, did not the abusive. though cunning aud ohtraeterietio letter of Mr. Barker, of the ath Inst, published in the Delta, call for a passing notice. His ''ignorance of the fast that there were three Carrolla, of advanoad age and great celetrity,"andrhla error " in describing Charles Carroll, of Bvllavite, as Mr Carr' ll, of Du ldiogton, to distinguish him from the venerable Ch*rl?s Carroll, of Corrollton " are not tha OBly inaocuraoies which appear in his two lettera But aait would require mora apsoe than I can reasonably expect will be accorded to mo by the public press; I must seek aome other method of pointing them out i will, however, allude to one, aa upon it Mr B. dwells at some length. He says:?' As soon aa our troopa broke end retreated, the President sent his servaut exprrsi to warn his good lady o< hrr uanger, with dlreott?ns to leave immediately. This messenger must have reached tho White House by two o'< look, and Mrs Madisoi.Mr and Mrs. Cutts aud servant, left immediately thereafter " This story is told for the purpose of showing that it was impossible that my father had, as I had alleged, by invitation, dined i'n familli, with Mr*. M. on that day; and that they were sitting at table alono after dianer, wh?n the President's servant. entering, aunounnrd tho battle and the defeat ; and upon this, Mr Barker goes oa to speak of the manner! and oustoms of the times, to show the improbability of the stoty, as related by me. In answei to this, I have only to refer again to Mra Madison's letter, datid three o'olcck on the alternoon of the day of the battle, ia which she says?" Three o'clcok; will vou bolieve it,my Bister, we have had a battle or a skirmish near B lad ensburg, aud 1 am within the sound of the cannon ? Mr. Madison comes not?may God protect him. Two mea Bru^em,ouynred wun uusu, uumo i>u uiu uio ujr, vuw i watt tor him,'* Sto. fco This will stiow that Mr. B is aa inaccurate aa regards the tlm?, aa ha evidently ia aa regards mora important matters; and that hia reasoning npon the probability of my atory is aa incorrect as the groundwork of hia own. Whllt the concluding paragraph of the same letter of Mrs. Madison would show that Mr Carroll wu engaged in the work of preserving the picture, she says : Our kind friend,Mr Carroll,has oame to hasten my departure, and is in a very bad humor with me beoeuse I insist ou watlDg until the large picture of Oen. Washington is secured,end it requires to be unacrewed from the wall This process was found to be too tedious for these perilous 1 have ordered the frame to be broken, and the canvass taken out: it is done." By whom? I say, by my father. Mr Barker says nay father assisted How? Why, I stated in mv former letter,as it oonld not be unscrewed from the wall, he took his knife and separated the oanvass from the frame. Mr. B admits he found the portrait lying on the floor. How came it there ? My father oat it out, and it fell there, or he laid It thero; and Mr. Barker aud Mr. Do Peyster's agency consisted in taking it away, Tho comparison which Mr B. introduces In his Delta letter, of the post-boy who delivers the sealed letter, containing some beautiiul effusions from a poet of celebrity, claiming a share of the hard's renown, Is not unhappy : it i* probably the best illustration wbioh could be given of the character in wbioh Mr. B. actad?if he acted at all on the ocoielon alluded to?although from that ubiquitous gentleman's proficlenoy in ths creation of flotion, it is not improbable that if ha had baen as persevering in oourting the muses aa he has been in other pursuits he might have acquired the celebrity of the poet, and the renown of the bard In cciu'ng promptly to tbe resoue cf bis friend, Gen, Armstrong, whom he deelgnates aa "that meritorious minieter uf State," Mr B not only considers the whole of my story relative to ibe open aud publio denunciation bv inv father. of Gen Armstrong, for his alleged "treasonable" conduct, ' u a fiction," but he goes cm to say that ''0*n. Armstrong was not ou horseback after hia return," and to relate oth*r clroumstaneea whicn I jdoee htm to make the unqualified assertion, that '-no anoh meetiog" as 1 bare described, in my former letter "ever took plaoe." To this I answer, that I hare seen not only the unqualified teetimony of an offloer of high standing, theu In the United States army, and others who both heard and saw what took plaoe In the presenne of President Madison and members of his osbiuet. and others assembled on Windmill or Camp Hill, when my father refused General Armstrong's proffered hand, and In tones of patrlotio indignation dencanoed him in the manner btf>re deecrib-d; but ih? documentary evidence also that General Armstrong was on horseback at that time. And now for the proof. Having learned that this conclusive testimony was In the bandsof a gentleman within my reach, who, it la probable will, in hia own time, hand it together with other matter conneoted with this alleged " fiction," over to history, 1 called upon him, and asked the privilege to look at it; and seeing it to be ad hnminum, in the establishment of my statement, an oonvlcting at the same time, the reckless Mr. Barker of an utter disregard of the truth, at least in this particular. 1 asked hie privilege. In the name of truth and justloe, to use tha testimony. whlob was granted me It is as follows : ? Two (filters, (whose names are given,) and the witness, happened to be at Washington shortly after the Biadeosbnrg * flair.and wera lodging at O'Neal'a boarding house The President and members of the administration had returned, with the exoeption of Gen Armstrong. Gen. Parker had made known to the witness that Gen. Armstrong was expeoted to arrive from Frederlcktown on the morning of a certain day. Keports were current that he would on bis subjected to personal vlolenoa,or that some disrespeot would be shown him as he oama through Georgetown. The witness and the other two officers offered to accompany Gen. Parker up the Frodericktown road, and meet and acoompany Gen. Armatrong to the city. Thay met him, lu a hack, at Terlaytown Gen. Parker handed (Jen. Armatrong a note or letter?whloh the witness had reason afterwards | to believe was from Mr Madison, and that it suggeated to Gen Armstrong to avoid Gsorgntawn In his approaoh te the city. He did avoid it, by going Into Washington by a horse route orosting Rook Creek at tha ptper mill, and reached tha Hit Buildings, (O'Hsal'e boarding house) In the rear. On alighting, Oen Armatrong enquired where tha President could be found? Learned that ha, Mr Monroe and othere,hed rode in the direotlou of Windmill Hill. A horse being provided for O-n Armstrong, all rode to that spot, and found Mr. Madison with a portion of his cabinet and several gentlemen of the District, amongst whom was Mr. Charles Carroll, of Bellevne Gen Armatrong spoke to Mr. Madleen and others and then to Mr. Carroll, who eat on horsebaok, come fight or ten feet from him. Mr. Carroll Immediately, with oonsiderable exaltemsnt,threw out his arm horl unially, In front of Oen. Armstrong'* f*os. saying, "I don't know you. sir? until you clear up your character. I don't wish to bare anything to say to you " Gmeral Armstrong made no rsply whatever, and Mr. Msdlron Roving from the spot, be (Osn. A ) accompanied him. This Mitnsss yst lives, and was at the time an in the Uuited States army. In duo time, his statement, with other tee imooy connected with this, will bo given to the public and to bistort-. One of the most impudent and barofaoed of all denials of an alleged faot iethitwbich cha?acterijes as " Action" this incident, for there were hundreds present who both heard and taw it. and it was quite as well koown among ihe population of the district as was the bu"Tj ng ol the capltol. or that that ead stent was the result (in the popular belief) of General Armstrong's Deglect to protids the nccnseury defences; and benoe the outbreak of indignation sgninet him that forced him from the cabinet, end Into a retirement from wbioh he never came Mr. B insinuates that Gen. A. rode to Wsshtugton publicly, through Oeorgetowa, in dtflsnce of public opinion, and those | ' redoubtable men" to whom he aneerlngly alludee The testimony of the above witness nails this " Action" of Mr. Barker's to the oounter. It it proved by the testimony of the witness who went to escort him into Washington, that he entered Washington prlrately, and through a bye road, having been forewarned by a letter to do 10; and it seeme that Gen. A. left Washington the fellowlug morning at sunrise (possibly in the same way and by some otbsr bye road), for Biliimore, and that Mr B . by his own account, accompanied hlra as far as Bladentburg, and afterwards returned to the city, and ' settled np the accounts of the secretary." This is likely, ns It is quite oertatn that the tecre ary never returned to Waenlngton otter his dismissal, to " settle up" his aoceunta himself. It was not that "my father had cherished through life" or that I have inherited the " deep aulmosity alleged to have been expressed In my former letter." that I felt coiled upon to expose the duplicity, dsoeptions, and falsehood* of Mr Barker's so called "narrative;" hut that I discovered beneath tho thin gauxtof apparent frankness,and an sffeoted desire to do justice to a "fane ruble and Inimitable lady," the attempt cf Mr B through the i-o-t peration of bis o^adjutor, to olaim credit to binis-lllor an exhibition of "patriotic s'-licltnde in perilous times," and by a cunning and Insidious falsification o! history, to nppropria'e to himself the honor of an set ahich m ,;ht serre to elevate him to rolitlcal station DANIRL J CARROLL Ni-w Vrrt, Kibtswy Mtb, 1848 D,ctor( ariolihas shown nt th* crlginal letter frrm : be i tficer of the IJ H army from wbioh he quote* In ibs abore article, and we oertify to the corrsoiness cf Uio extract be has made from it ? to lUasi.p. fvmpatry for Fiaioi ?A town meeting it to be I. 11 at Hiabmon I on Maturdsy stening n**t, to ex I prvu STtBDAlbv for IfrMos aid other Kutc-psau naMsns J ?aw s*t?fgJ4M tci fisadam # Law Intelligence. Court or Arrest.*. April 16 ? Preaant, Freeborn G. Jewett, K-ij , Cbtif Judge, ko?The oourt organised this muruiog ml resumed No. 11 the Argument of wbi -h occupied the entire day Judgment reserved. Supkkme Court, April II-?Present, Justice* Cady, WHUrUenl Edmonds.-Th# oourt met?No 173 was resumed and o moluJed; No. <1> a reserved oauso, 8pelmiu eda. Clark, was argued. The o*l<-od*r then oalled. ami defaolta were taken in the following causes : No 174, Lawreuoe we Wardwell; No 171, Condiet at al all Lome; No 179. Wright vs. Merrinm, an! 110, Wood ads Uassott; No 181 Vultee vs L-get'was next called and argued; No. 18'J, being next in orlrr, the partita agreed that 188 should be argued la its plxoe, and that 18-J should take ita plaoe on the oalendar. The argument of 188 was than oommenoed, and the oourt annouaoed that no other cause would be called that day. The Governor ha* appointed Justlcsa Meynnrd and Pago, to take the plaoea of Justices Cady and Wlllard, on the first Nlondiy of May next; who, with Juatice Ednionda, will oontlnua the sittings of the oourt until the flist of August. Circuit Coubt, April IS --Before Justice Hurlbut ? William O Clark tt al vs. Samuel Kinijiiury et al ? This w.a an action to recover >750, the balaaoe of a quantity of oata sold by plaintiffs to defendanta. The Uefenos set up waa that plaintiffs broke the oontraot by not delivering tha oata at the time specified. Verdlot for plaintiff for amount claimed. U S. Circuit Court, April 16?Before Judge Nel eon - Ja' yu?? r? Collins, tt al.?Thie oaae olosed yeeterday, when Mr. Wocd commenced the summing up for the defence. He was followed by Mr Lord, on part of the plaintiff Mr. Staples will continue on part of the defence on Monday, and will be followed by Mr. Cutting on part of the plaintiff, when his Honor, the Jndge. will ohurga. 1 he Court adjourned over to 10 o'olook, A. M. Hi' i riR ('fii'WT. Anril 1A?in HknrA?Diniiinnji? R/n. nett vi the Mayor of S. Y. city ?It appeured that at the ealn of the lot of ground in qiestloc, by the Corporation, one of the conditions Imposed at the time of sale, was that If th-ro was any irregularity In the sale, the Corporate n shcn'd refund the purchase money Uoder these circumstances Bennett purchased the lot. Upon Investigation it was found tho title of the Corporation was detective, and Bennett insists upon getting back bis puiohase money. Wo are agreed that he has a right of action, if he purohased with the understanding whioh hs represents, and that the title is defective; he has a lighttasue and gat baok his money; and the Corpora tion must refund, and pat him in the same state that he wns when he made the purchase It appeared there was grest irregularity in the proceeding* of the Corporation, nd it is doubtful whether there was any ordinance at all to warrant tboee proceedings The two objections relied on are in our opinion fatal. The flrst is, that the affidavit of the demand of tha assessment was defeotive, in not stating that the demand was mad* three times ; the next detect was in not giving tha eightaen months notice to redeem The Court of Appeals has adjudged that thie last de'eot is fatal. Judgment mutt therefore be given for the plaintiff Jini' Tirn vi iami.~ Like judgment. Jamii WiUon, jr.yVt. Jacob Little ? This was an action tor the refu?el to deliver stock which had been mortgaged to the defendant for a loan A verdict was bad, snrject to the decision of the oourt. Judgment wsa afterwards given, and oouoeel not being satisfied, moved for a ro argument. The question was as to the amount of damage. Judgment for plaintiff, aooordlng to the former rule Syuire Tieioty adtm the President and Directori of the Un 01 Hank - Judgment for defendants on demurrer to replication with libertv to plaintiffs to amend, on payments of costs within 10 dayssfter notice of thie rule Sherman adtm. S ehbim <J* IVoods ?Judgment for defendants on demnrrer to replication, with liborty to plaintiff to emend within 10 days, on payment of oosts. Clark vi President tfc. Merchants Bank.?Judgment for plaintiff David D.Martin vs. C. Portion?Judgment for plaintiff. sitsnioa Court, April 15.?Before Judge Sendford.? MFaddtn vt M'ade ? After the Judge had taken bis seat on tha bench, oa Friday morning, and the names of thejury were osleld, Mr. Shaffer, one of the oouneel for the plaintiff, stated that he was informed the defendant had communicated with one of the jurors ths night previous, and requested him to withdraw. It was denied by tho oonnsel on the other side; but it turned out that a communication wis made to the juror by a man named Patriok Kelly, on the subject of the trial His Honor indignantly remarked on the impropriety of suoh conduct, and discharged the jury. Common Pi.eas ?lo banoo.?Decisions.?NoahT. Piko ads Robert Stand, ft al Judgment of non-suit entared, and r farces report set aside; but if plaintiff does not onDseot the report is set aside Noah T. Pike ads. William M. B <x'er. Non-suit confirmed. Court or General Sessions, April 16.?Before Record -r Scott and Aldermen Franklin and Allen. Sentence! ?At the opening of the Court this morning, Edward Thompson, oonrioted of stealing $70 from John Kinney, at a porter house in Madison street, on the 8th of January last, was called to the bar and sentenced to two years imprisonment in the State prison. lathe caee of EJmiud Charles, Jr , baring pleaded guilty to advertising or publishing a soale of lottery tickets?the Court ordered him to pay a fine of $60. Change of Pulse Pietencei.?Joseph O. Hasbrouik. against whom the Grand Jury found a bill of indiotment for obtaining money by means of false p-etenoes, was brought into Conrt on a bench warrant, and held to bail for his appearance. The Conrt then adjourned until Monday morning. Court Calendar for Monday ?Circuit Court.?332, 10 11, 68,71 84 86,96. 98, 114,(110, 390, 122, 123, 124, 126 tj 1-29 inclusive- Superior Court.?19 2'), 91. 149, 160. 166, 131, 176, 182, 190 200, 206, 203. 30, 314, 316, 217, 219 510 222 234. 228 12 39, 15 34, 63, 85. 130, 177, 199, 331,233. 233. 234 237 to 250 icolueive. Common Pleat.? 1,2 3,4. 5,6 7, 8, 9, 1(1. 11. Move men la of Distlngulihtd Individuals. Hen Tmltrsfa r?nrhAt1 A usriiaf m. An thn HHi innfc Hlf appr ach to that citj w?a proolalmed by the firing of cannon, tand a large number of the oitiaens repaired, through a pelting shower.of rain, to the railroad depot, to greet him. lie was welcomed, says the Georgian, in a brief and eloquent address by the Mayor, and was immediately conducted to tbe residence of his brother. miscellaneous Foreign Items. Statistics or tks Khsisch Uktolutioh.?The following las Hat of ths elubs which have formed la Paris sis on tbe 24 th ult:? "Association Nationals, a republican club for the liberty of tbe electieus; the Cercle de Is Liberie; Club dea il?mm?s librea; Club de la Seclete Repubticaine Centrals. presided over by tbe oitizen illanqai; Club dea Trereiileuri; Socie'e Popnlaire do la Sorbonne; Club de l'Kgali<6; Club de l' da la Kraterntte; Club dea Prevoyane; Club du Marais; Sooib'b de l'Unlte llepubiiotiue; Club dea Droits at Devoirs da l'iloaime; Club del'Eoole de,Droit; Club Constituent; Clnb Democratique de la Porte Montmatre; Club dea Oravlllitre; Club du Progica Demooratique; Club des tfuinse-Vlngts; Club Rolein; two Clues de la Krateruite; Club de l'lnetiie Oratoire; Club dea Droits de l'Hcm me; Club du Banquet; Club de la Seelote Patriotlque de 1'Atelier; tiocleto Kraternelle Centrale, preeiaed nrer by Cltizsn Cabet; Club de l'Kmancipat'.rn; Comito Central Republican du 3me Arrondissement; Commission institute I for the defence of true Repuhli can principles, presided over by Citiaen Sobrier; Sooiste Demooratique Centrale; Comlte Demooratique du Arrondissement; Clubde I'Avenir; Conference de l'Ecole Socialists; Club du Travail, lormed by the compositors of the Parts newspapers: Club dea Coadamnes Politics; Club of the Poles; Association Italienne, presided over by M. Masaini; Club of the Swiss; Club of the Hermans; Club of tbe German Workmen; Club of Domestics; Club of the National Guards; Club du lOma Arroudlseement; Club da l'Uoion; Club du 2 Mara; Club du 2T Kevrler; Club Magonlque; Club de Cbatlot ; Soeiete dos Amis de 1'Ordie de Belleville; Soclele Dtmeoiatique de la Villette." In tbe Grand Dueby of Baden the old feeling of hatred against the members of the Jewish profession bas revived, and many of them have been ernelly ill treated. Mr. William Chambers, who completed the detail ot that foundation of Seottlah reputation laid by Robert Burne and Walter Soott, bas declared tor a repeal of the Union between Scotland and England, and the substitution cfa federal parliament In Edinburgh Does I tic comb, In panning through your hur, tike bnv? toll of its dry aid sapiex fibres' If so. the sooner sou apply soil rob in dial gentle bot infaMahle stimulant. rHALO CM t HE .ill; AL HaIR IN VIGOR fiTOtt, the sootier the mischief will be srrtstad, and ths tiuant hair replc d. If you doubt iia tffeacy, titration those who hare tested it The lespoose win be unif-irmly in itsfwor. and yen will not have nsad it thrice before your voice will be a.dadtoili* a| proving choins. War and Ureal Biiltmnnt In Franca, and ?t II grssler on the comer of kniton end Noou streets. opposite our. ili-e It is astonishing to see the great basnets our friend Voting is doing, and well he mtv do it. for lie has got the largeu stock of boots and gaiters m the city. He tells n>s beat Kienth calf biota, from S4 id. sold in other stores lor Id a d |7; do tine calf 13 SO. nsusl'y IS Our friends should all get their boots of 1 oung; bis motto is small proiits with large sales Tilt DOCTOR. Freruh Patent l.eailur Boots, a large and splendid assortmeu' cut be found at li B Jones'. 14 Aim si., at the low price of 97; also a large assortment of Call boots at |< 50. commbrttal affairs.^ HOSKY MiRKRr, Saturday, April P. Ms There was a slight Improyemsnt la ths stock market to-dev, most of the fancies haying adyanoed a fraction. At the first board, Ling Island went up \ pet oent ; Canto i X ; Warmers' Loan >{ ; Harlnm } (; Reading Rail road 'a ; Norwich and Woroestcr Jf ; Pennsylvania ft'a ; Tieaiury notes V; Morris Canal close ! at piicee oarrent yesterday. Ths Meobanlos' Bank has deolared a semi-annual dividend of four per oent. The Fulton Bank has deolared a semi-annual dividend of lira per cent. The shipments of ipseie during the past week, have beet) three hundred and thirty-six thousand dollars, of whloh 9196 041 were shipped to Havre, and 139 133 to Liverpool The aggregate exportation of specie from this port from the 1st of January to the 14tb of April, we* 91,131379 Tbo demand for sterling exohange within the past day or two. has bren aotive, and tho supply of prima bills has bscome very much reduced The rates have advanced In cons-quenoe of the active demand and before the sailing of the paekata we have no doubt they Will rule higher than specie points W? now quc'.a 10 a 10t{ percent premium Dint'Stlo exchange i? quiet. The rates all nils in fsi fit of this ally, and will ccnUuus to uatii (be eoppiis* | of produce from the south reach ibis market tl greater hefswf Doicntio ItCNlMII. lotton para Mdis MobileSp.checks pur V dia v*hiladelphia... . % a 2 dia New Orjuoi... . 116 a ljj <j? Jaltimore M a ?S dia North Carolina..! a? ait itichmood I>? a? dia Cincinnati J a !J6 dii Charlritou l)J a IK <jia Louuville ! a IH dii Savannah a 1* dia Naahvilla ? a 2X dia Augusta ? a l.Sk dia HtLouia..,. 1M a dn Columbus ? a 1 ,Vfc dia Detroit 2% a I dii ' * a ? dia Pittsburg X a 1 dia MuOile(bk uo'.ea) Si a 1 dia Quotation! ron Sfkcie. Per Cent. Value. Amer. gold, old..106 a loc Caroltu dolli. .1.03 a 1,06 do do new..100 a 100 Kive franca... 94)6 a 94 Half dollars... par a 10016 Doubloom... 16,24 a 16,40 Portuguese gold. 100 a 10014 do patriot. 14,60 a 14,74 Spauiah dollara.. 103 a 104 Sovereign!... 4,66 a 4,80 do quarter!. 99)6 a 100 do light... 4,82 a 4,14 1 Meaican dollara,101 a 101)6 Heavy guiueaaO,00 a ? 1 do quarter!. 99% a 100 Napoleoua... 3,87 a 3,69 Treasury Notea. 182)6 a 102^ UNcuaBE.iT Monet. Bo't at. S'ld at Bo't at. Sid at New Kugland... % dii par. Mobile, ap pay'g2)6 dia ?dia Albany, Troy, lie )6 dia % dia New Orleans.. .2)6 dia ?dii 1 N. York country 1 dis\dia Ohio 3 dia ?dia New Jeraey. .,. X ilia l6 dia Indiana 3 dia ?dia 1 Philadelphia.... >4 dia liar. Kentucky 1% dia ?dia Baltimore dia % dia Temieiaee 9 dia ?dia ' Virginia....... IX dia I dia Miaaouri 3 dia ?dia North Carolina. .246 dia ? dia Michigan 4 dia ?dia South Carolina. .3% dia ? dia Canada 5 dia ?die Georgia 2)6 dia ? dia Wheeliug Banlta are 1)6 per cent diaconnt. During the pMt week there he* been considerable activity la spade, and the demand has been principally for shipment to Europe. The Hlbernia and Washington will earry out from half a million to seven hundred thousand dollars. The only remittance now made to 1 France is In specie. The cunozed statement exhibits the quantity of certain arlioles exported from this port for the week ending 1 the 14ih Inst., inclusive, distinguishing Ihe destination and extent of shipments to eaoh oountry:? CoMMKBCK or THIC PoRT OF NgW YORK?WeKKLV i Eifomi. To Great britnin?Cheese 105,731 lb), oorn 45 939 bushels, pork 300 bbls, beef 480 tierce*, lard 380,413 lb*, cotton 6,190 bale*, meal 100 hbla, rosin 667 do. To France?Cotton 391 bale*. To 5iianiiK West Indict?Floor 000 bbl*, bread 100 do, whale oil 150 gallon*, lard 13.773 lbi, rioe 40 tleroe*. tar 33 bble, oheeie 13,131 lb*, batter 3,810 do, beef 3 bbl*, hame 15,631 lb*, spirit* turpentine3.661 gallon* To Brititk North American Colonies?Floor 1,871 bble meal 1.604 do, beef 100 do, rice 19 tleroe*, butter 3,017 lba, tar 30 bbla, rje Aour 76 bbl*, oorn 1.438 bush- . el*, pork 360 bbl*, tobaoeo manufactured 6,117 lb*, rioe 1 tleroe" 19, bidt 40. 1 To Hritish Writ Indict?Floor 661 bbla, bread 693 do, beef 133 do, corn 463 bushel*, oat* 700 do, pork 691 bbl*, rioe 63 tleroe*, cheer* 40,031 lbs, bean* and pea* 373 bnibelf, meal 376 bbl*, rye flour 38 do. lard 1.917 lbs, bam* 713 do, butter 4.031 do. whale oil 334 gallon*, tobacco 3 hhda, tobaoeo manufactured 1,814 lb*, tar 33 j bbl*. Live Stock?Sheep 346. oxen 44, oow* 8, calve* 3 . To St Domingo?Flour 160 bbl?, eheese 1.416 lbs, ham* ' 301 do, butter 817 do, pork 30 bbla, tobaoeo 10 hhd*, whale oil 313 gtilons To Vanish West Indict?Meal 1 900 bbl*, flour 766 do, porx 100 do, butter 9 617 lba, lard 3,910 do, rice 30 troa The shipment* of cotton to Great Britain were unusually largo for the above week; but in all other article* the movement was limited. It will be perceived that the shipments to France wore exceedingly small. The receipts of coal at tide water from the Schuylkill region, for the weekending tho 131h Inst.,were as follows, v'z:-By the Schuylkill eanal, 7,510 tons, mskicg 19 617 tons for the season; and by the Reading Railroad 36,676 tons, making 341,668 tons for the season. The reoelpt* from the Lehigh region, from the opening of the onnol to the latest dates, have bsen 10,437 tons. Stock KxcIumrc. fltlCO Tres notes 6s K2V< 50 Mechs&Trs Bk, NO (0 25U00 do 100 Morr.s Canal b30 11 5000 do sio 50 uo hi 1000 S'ste 6s, '62 103% 9 Auburn b Roch 93 1000 U Stales 5i,'53 91 175 < anion Co 13 1C00 Pennsylvania 5s 73k 150 do 33k 10000 do 73k 75 do 33X 1000 Heading Bonds 57k 100 Nor k Wor saw 36 3000 lt'ding Mope Bds 57)2 175 do 30 50 shs Ki-ading KR 36V 10 N Haven fc Hart RR 99 50 do b20 37k 50 Long Island Rtt 3ul? 24 do 37 300 do 30k SNA Trust 9 300 do blO 31 350 Farm-is'Trust t60 30 50 do 31 2u0 d) 3?k 653 Harlem Rlt 52 100 do hl5 30k 60 do hlK 100 do slO 150 do blO 53M 200 do 30% 300 do 52k ins At* a rn QAL 9fin Hit KK A91 - 460 do "" ?g *60 do *10 52* 60 do fCO 30 160 do *60 61X Second Board. $10000 Trait* Nts 6*,anw 10264 60 *u* Outon Co b'O 3334 24000 do 10<H 60 do bio S3* 10000 do bS 102>4 160 Hulem RH 52* loooo do b30 102* 100 Morn* Ctn?l bl6 10% 6100 Pennsylvania 5? 74 300 Loak Gland RR b6 31 30 alt* Manhattan <"o 90 660 dj 30J4 N*w Stock Kzcbance. 100 *hi? Harlem KR *10 62 loo L 1*1.rid RR 31 100 do *3 5'* K0 do *30 JO* 160 do b3 62 S* 100 do *30 SO* 100 do b3 52,'.,' 60 do bl6 31* 100 do blO 62 1(0 do buw 3034 60 do b8 62 CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, Saturday Avtbrnooiy. April 16. There oontlnned to be a fair In quiry for Flour for Join - i j consumption. The sales embraced a fa r amount of lota, constating of Genesee and different kinds of Western brands, With unall parcel* of Southern, on tsrma stated belo*. If anything, thire was icme better tone la the market. Wheat eontinued quiet. Genesee waa held at prloea varying from 136 a 140o. end Ohio at | 126 a 130j A fair business waa dolag In Corn, without material change io prloea Meal wa< rather heavy. Rye continued about the same Oat* were Arm O wins to ?om? lntei ruptton on the telegraph lines, mat and Dortb, we ware, np to the time of writing this, without our usual repon* of transactions in other cittaa to-day. In thii market, pork waa aome firmer, and Mes>, of prime quality rold at ao advance. Filme, alio, wee beld et an advance. Lard of good quality continued firm, with a fair amount of ealea. Orcoeriis. e* usual at the oloee Of the week, were not quite ao aotlve, while prioee remained about the fame. Ashfs-Pots were steady, md email ealea were made at $r> 02)$ Some holdeia demanled $5 68)$ Pearia were quiet at $7 BaKiD'Turri.?Flo->r? Sales of 50)bbla common Oeneaeu were made at $6 12)$; 400 do pure do at $0 37)$; 300 do do were eold ?t jo 31)$ a 6 3?)$ Salea of Biaox Hoek, with various other We?tern brands, were made to the extent of 6 n BOO bble, in lots, at $6 a 0 12%, meetly at the latter figure Southern remained about the en me, and emell aalee of Howard street, Georgetown, and Alexandria were making et $6 U)$a6 26. IKAeot?No rale* ware reported Corn? 8 tit a of 3 100 bushala Delaware yellow ware made on private terms, supposed to be at about 63 j. Salsa of about 0 to BOOO bushels Jera?y yo!low were made at 63 and 1400 do Virginia yellow were sold at the tame price. Rye-Salea of 1600 bushala were made In the slip at 76c, and 2000 do do at the same ptlee. A email lot In the slip was repeated eold at 76a. Rye Flow?Sales of 100 btria prime quality wera made at $3 60. Aft>i<?Small ealea in lota wera reperted at 12 37>$ a 2 44 Oate? Sales of 2000 bushels of oannl were made at 48c; 2000 bushels fine feed sold at 58e. , Cosrs.e?Satei of 400 bags St Domlcgo wera made at i\o Klo remained about the no?. Cottoh?The salea to-day wera about 1000 balsa, without change In prioe.and mostly takan for homa use Daces?The market la eomawhat depressed. and transactions light. We notloe salea of 3<K>9 lbs Aftloan bird pepprr, at 16o a 16o: 28 ca>ka ombre maddar, at IB.iao a lOXo; 116 cases crude oampbor, at I0)$o, 0 moa; 1000 lbs Lngilsh blehrcmate potash at 10; 12 oeroona Mexican oocLiaeal at about $1 28; 10 oaeee oil of lemon at $2 24; and 15 cases Sicily liquorloe at 15)$o. Fkaths b* - Sales of 2000 lt>e. Western prime live grsse wire made at 38c. Fish-A eele wee made to-ley of 200 bbis. Massachusetts mackerel, Noe 1 and 2, nt J8 75, and $d for a poor lot. No transactions In ood irh. Holders ot good snora meeker-1 are firm, aud are not disputed to submit to any reduction from tbaprices asked,$6 26 a >6 80 and $9 26 a $9 60, according to brands For Boston, repacked, there la no eele, it having become pretty generally known ameog bnyars of flsb that seven eighths of the mackerel ofleitd for sale In this market, with tba Boston brand, are repacked there from Halifax; the No 1 being made from Halifax 2's. and tba 2's from Halifax 3's, with au Intermixture of rusty mackerel, to swell the profits of tt is kind of swi idling. FnuiT? Kales of 1000 boxes of rsi las were mads at 140c a 150c; 190 bags Braiil nu'a sold at 6)$c. and 5 0 bans Wilmington pea nuts sold at l37)$o; 6000 Porto Ktoo oranges were a Id at $17 per M. Hkmf ?No salts were reported, while prices remained non Inaily the satne Hints-1 here hive been ealea ef about 15 000 Rio Grandes during tt.e week, part te arrive, et 9c, equal to 8 months; 400 Montevideo kipaat 12c, leas 6 per oeut for cash; 489 Port au Plaits. at about 0)$c; a parcel ef Porto f'uheilo, 29 lb? 5s, ceeh, as they run. Some parcels of Southern at 0)$u to 7e. cash; merchantable damaged. % ?n I price; 96 bales of Calcutta on pilvats terms. The stock of all descriptions is large, and buyers arc very dubious about purchasing beyond tbelr present wants, as bidrs are a difficult article to keep through the warm teased, without daoiegiug by worms, except at great expense. Lean?The market waa dull at $1 31 a $4 37)$ Lea-mica ?The rreslpta are qnlte small, the winter Stock of hides not being sufficiently tanned as yet, to allow It to be sent in. Trices are, consequently, Improving. Good hemlock tanned sole has sold as high aa 14)$, damaged at lie; tanning hta alTaoowd 3 a par cant orar ptlcea ef a year ago. owing to tba ecaroity of b.irk and tpe d'ffl'ulty of ob'.aiotng ta mera MoL*iict-Sal?( of 3(W) tihdF. Cuba Muioorafo, part infeiisr, ware made at 34>4o, and the ramaluder at 3a) Natal 8tor? ?Furthar s.ilr* of raw turpentine wara made at $1 6JV Tba sales witbtn a day hare raacbad aboat 6000 bitia; 1041 bbla aplrlta turpentine aold at 37Xe, 4 mo'; 300 bbla North county roaln aold at 7JXe* There w*B no cbanaa in other articles. Oili? Sales of 3000 gallona Koflbh linsasd were made at H), the market cloiing rather languid; and 1MK) do oity pressed were made at ado a 40a; 60 t'bla whale were a> Id at 34e; crude rperrn waa relling io New Bedford et 100 a 103 I here waa no ohanga in mauufaoturad. PaoTiuoiTt"Salt? in arparete lot? of 600 a 700 bbU nieaa pork (prime quality) were made at >10 36; prima pork wai ecarca. and boldera w?ra demanding bigbrr prleea 8 ilea of 100 bbl? ware reported at 76, soma holders naked ?7>i a $0 Salra ?>f 60 000 Iba aides were m.ida on prirate teims llama and abonldera remained about the rams L*rJ--**lta of about 360 bbla prime quality were made at 6??e a fl.Vh the met kct clcalag steady Rica- Hales of oO tiercoa were made at f3 60, and 1< 0 do at 13 37X a $3 60. Snoa- nalaa of 1000 msla of Caaaia were made at 14*^0. 8i dab--Sales of 600 boxes h own Heeena were made at 61, ; 300, bddi New Orleans aold at 4l?o a 4)4*, 100 Porto Hioo,and 300 do Muerovado, on terma not uodrr- J tool. iuitrco ? There waa Tory little doicg the prratat week. Tbo eelea embraced 301 hbda Kentucky at 4 I 9a. ?od 13 oefea Connecticut ee-d leaf *t 8r Tba raI oripta thia waak bi?e b<?n as folio ??t - IT11 hbde K?t>* 1 u? k?. ItHi caaea CoBueqtiout tea J l??f. 16 do FiOiiit, 36 j j helaa lUvaaa. 170 do Cuba, J0*i do Hi Pomlbfo Wt?ti Tfck auket If dtdl. a*l frtce# Of" kHrtj it I '' J1 deeerlpMows wo droopln*. Bnffblo Ne. 1 pulled wool hen bean fold a* low so 'Jie being * foil of abont 8 oenta from th? winter rrleee There I* a pretty ffctr demand for doe white oarpet ?e?l, aultable for floe yarns. WHtLiatKi-No change WHiiK>r--Tbe m>>rk?t wae quiet at '.lie, for drudge, and 53J(e tor State Prlaen remained about the same. There continued to be engagements made for Liverpool at pronoun quotations To London we noticed no rLiugu. niUKKTS KLSKWIIKUK. STOCK SAI.IS. PH'LtnrLrHi* AP'il 15.? A"'ril Board?fin fCO flta'e 5'? ny, ; (III 0?a do. Jd'lcnt, 73*y , 2 Nor Am Hk. I IS; t uinu U 8 S'?, '67. 01^: $13 000 State 2 ?5 74; $2000 State 6'a, 15; (3000 do 5's c 74; $5000do, 5dakiut 74; $103 U S #'?. '67 I04X: 10 Vlerhanica Rk. 76k Second Board?1900 State 5'a, 74 ; 5060 Reading S'ailroad 6'?,58; 400 U R6'a,67, I04'?; 3600 City *'< 76, S9X; 10 Cow Bank, 53; 175 Lehigh scrip,S0>4; 410 Lehigh laterrit. 54X; 51 Gi ard Beak, 11. B^tToe, April 14, 1818 ? aha Bo1 ton md Worreator Railroad llh\. 4 do do 1llik: * do Kattern Kai'road 104; 5 do do 1043d: 20 do Old Colony Railroad 0'V * do Kich?n< e Bank 93; '0 do d" 913d; I do Merchant's Bank 100k:. I do Northern Hail oad 101; I do Boston and Providence Railroad 59; 5 do 91k 25 do Long Lland Railroad 15 kj; 100 do Kaat Boaton Co 139$; 4 do Kiietilmrg Railroad 117; 1 do Brsren and Maine Railroad 119; 200 do Kaat Bolton t o, dividend* No. 4, 5 11 16. It; 12 do (.it* Bunk 9>>; I do B'ttoo Uank 54. Seconal Board?2 ibi Wailarn Kailmed 1C3V; J de do D*w M do Rest Boston l'o 13^ 2 di Boaton nod WoreM'er Railroad HBJtf; I do Fitchhurg Railroad 117; 26 do Norwich and Worcester Railroad 33X, blOda. domestic markets. Briohtow Maaair, April 13?At market 395 beef cattle, 41) pair* working ox?n, 30 cowi and calves. 8-20 keep, anil 35C0 twine. Pricet? Beef Cattle-List week'a price* were not sustained. We quote extra $7; flrat quality 86 60 a 8" 76; second quality $0 a Ed 36; third 86 36 a 86 76. Working Oxen?Balo* at 870. $03, 893 and 8"?- Cowa and Calrea?Sales at 833, 830, 830 and 838. Hhacp?Sale* at 84, 84 75. and 86 33. Swine? One drove Yerk bogs to pcddlo. t>% and Ohio bogi and large hogi 6 and 5X At retail from 6 to 8. Died. On <he 15th inst ..Charles Frederick, aecond ion of Phllo Voeberg, nged 3 rear* Tbe friend* and relative*, and alao the membara of Olive Branoh Lodge No 31,1. O. of O. F., are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, April 16th, at two o'oloek, P M , frrm 6t>>{ Catharine atreet At Brooklyn, April 16th, John Kuw??n aon of John and Margaret Fountain, aged 6 yeara, 4 months and 6 days The friends and relatives of the family aro respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, 16 th inat. at 3 o'oloek, P. M., from the rtaldenoe ef his father, No. 79 Pearl street, Brook,yn. On the 14th inat., Harriet Amanda, daughter of Bsajamln Hyde, aged 19 yeara, after a short but saver* lllnee* Her friends and relations, and tboaa of her aoqnalntanoea. and the membara of the Washington Marino Tant. Ns. 3,1. O. of R.. are reapaotfully invited to attend her funeral, at No. 117 Stanton street, on Sunday afternoon at 3X o'oloek. Suddenly, on Thursday the 13!h, Mrs. Iba M. J. Lucas, wife cf William H. Luoas, aged 33 years. Her relatives and friends, and the members of Columb'an Tent No. 34, I. O. ef R., and tbe order, are repeotfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her husband, at half-past three o'olook, on Suodav afternoon. No. 11 Norfolk street. fflKO/lIN MATCHES AND PURSES?CENTRKVJWww srille Conrsr, Trotting? Monday. "|>ril 17th. at 3 o'clock, P. M?M'tch for 8100, two mile hents to skeleton wagons A. Coukliu names br. m. 8hei harden; Willi in Whs an names blk g Stranger At 3)g o'clock, nurse $3). mile heats, beat three in live in harneia?William M?rtin eut?rs g g Medoc^ C Carman enicra g. g Kinperor; W.8. Heed eutera br. g. Telegraph: V. J. Nodine entera b g. Yonng American Pacing? Wednesday, April I9;h? matcn and purtc $300. mile beats, beat 3 in 3 under the saddle?between Village Boy and Roanoke. JOEL CONKL1N. Proprietor. A PURSE. A PUK8K, A PURSE L08T. BY A LADY, on Wtdnesdiy the 13th instant, while shopping, in John street, Nassau street. Maiden lace, or William street, a silk pu'se containing about 8120 to 8130. The purse and contents will be identified, and tbe Under suitably rewarded by istuining the same to Mr. Abaer L Ely. No. 65 Maiden lane. Reporter?the undersigned wishes to obbia a situation as Reporter or Wri>er on a daily paper Address M |K K W A L8H 3d lizsbeih street. A LADY WISHER A SITUATION AS GOVERNESS, to teach music, Kiench and ntglish. Good reference* gir-n. Addreia 381 Greenwich at. WANTED-TWO GOOD BHASS TURNERS, ACcustomed to light turning, to go in the country. Ther must ba men of-leady hub ta, and good w oik men. To such constant employment will be.giren. Apply at 13 Bowery, o C 8. HINE. f WANTED?A SITUATION AS SALESMAN OK A 8" aitant Book-Krepar, in n wholesale or retail stoie. either in this city or in the country, by a young man Horn Canada West,who lug had several yeaia experience in the Dry Ooods bnsinesa, and can furnish the beat city rrlerence. Mary not so mnch an object as employment. Address A. B , office of this paper. WAITED IN THE HARDWARE BU81NK.89, A Vnnnj Vlnn 9fl ,ir IS ranra nf aire In net hi irrneral Cleik; alio a Boy 13 or 14 years old. Add ran, Post Office t ox 219 BOAKD WANTEC-WAN I ED ON THE FIRST OF May next, by a gentleman and hit wile, the front room, aecond atory, with a bed room and pautriea adjoin infc. in a Private boarding home in the l.iwrr p.nt of the city. (not higher op than Canal alreet). Any perxin having soch looma will Pieaae adilrrat a note ro " Howatd," cffice cf the Herald lie?rH TO J' UKNtYMKN AILOR8 ? -A OKNEHAL ineetinir ol Jnnrnevmcn Ta lora will he held at the Sixtu W ard llnrel tn Monday evening next at 7 o'clock. All Jonr nevurxi Tailort are eameatl' invited to attend, ai I'tbjecta ol importance will he presented to th'm. TO TAILOKS?JAMES SHEI'ARD, NO 45 MAIDEN Line, ii general | agent for the rig. t wtjr to ti. Iiurate garment. parlors wishing a local agency in any part ol'the e tnr trr, can be anthn laru I y Mr. 8. to sell Medimn IV.t*ut Hale', "no plan of delineati- Price of the Rn'er and Impmtement, tie. OTP M 4 PI JQ V CtLEUKHO ? BUSINESS MEN DESIRING SITUA / none tn wholeaale o' retail stores, or shippiag or other officer in thia city ; alto, atndenrs and other ynnng met, ran secn.a the "erv.cea of the inbaeriber in obtiining profitable sitn atioiia in good konaea h- addreaaing a line, prut paid, to h m at 161 South a reet, New York, enclosing Are dollars, giving an idea of rati experience, and speeding the kind oCemployment wasted. Pera na applying in person wj||.e?ll between thehon aofSand II A. M All eommnnleatioaa at'ietly cot ttdenti*'. D L. LA TOIJRETT.- , Commiagion Merchant and Age> t far Merchants. Mannfacrnrera. fcc. O LET?THE SIX TWO STORY AND ATTIC Honaea, in Hudaon street, between 14th and 15th strreta. They are jutt finished, and in complete order, and to g>od tenants will be rented low. apply to JOHN DENH"M, I h * venue, comer of West 16th streat, or to H. J Santcrd. 159 Maiden I ane. TO LET?TO A GENTEEL FAMILY, A THREE atorr frame honae, containing 13 rooms and a fine wide eel ar No.46 South 3rd itreet, Williamsbnrgh, L. 1. being one of the moat plrasast situations in the Triage; only Gve ro-notes walk from either ferry ;rectoniy $306. Apply at 77 Maiden Lane, np ai?jr?, N. Y. A K GOLD STHEETTO LET-STORE BASEMENT. Gtl fonrth and fifth floors in hmlding 45 Gold street, either together reparate. inquire of E. S. CONKL1NU, 3 Hanover Street. Lodge room to let-an elegantly fur uiahed Lodge Room will he let low five nights in the week, or ladies afternoon societies. It is eligibly ailnatsd in the Third ward, in the large four story brick building, 3'5 Greenwich street, near Barclay. For particu'ars, enquire of W. 8. Shafer or J.H. boekown, in the dry goods store, or oa the premises. T-inn Sit.K OR TO I.KT? DESIRABLE HKfil J? denee ?The lame and elegant three tfry attic dwelling to me, No. '41 Eighth meet, n??' Broadway. ?nd cppoaite Laf.yette Place I The honae it 24 feet in width by 56 feet in depth, with a back bnileicg ; bmlt in the nott anhatantial r? enuer. and farniahed wilh all the trolent improvement!, hot ed co'd Croton water batha, gat, (tc. Can be teen between 1# and 2 o'clock If not told, will be tented to a good tenant. Api It to W. P. HALIET. 54 Wall at. FOR 8 ALE?AN AMATaUH'8 TURNING LATHE, highly flniahed, but little need, and in good order, with Ax nrea complete. Length of Shear, J lent; will tnre 9 inchea in dnmetar; back gearing, hand and alide real, a large number of ehucVe, amiable for wood, metal, etc., eircnlar aawa and Dindle. in working order. An aaaortmeat of tape and diet. Young'* chaaert. wood taola, etc. etc. Refer to Jamee Htrwart. machini't, 141 Elm tt. WOOD CUT8 AND 8TK.KL PLATES FOR SALE.? Two or ^three hundred flue wood engraeingt, illuatrating tbe leading eeentc of the pair three or four veara; and two tp endid ateel idatea, riewa of the Paik and Union Squirt Fonntaiaa. for aa e. Apply at thia office. FOR SALE, TWO HALEJ DURHAM COWS AND Calve, the Cowl are 6 yenraold, and Caleea from 2 te 3 wreka old, very aaprrinr mi kcr.?c*n be aeen ?n Monday, 17th of April, at BltOVVNING'S Lower B?ll'a Head. S xth atraet, or in Wall streetAfrom 10 o'clock A. M to 3 o'clock P. M_. TO BE SOLD,A BAROMN-AN EXCELLENT FAinily two hcrae carriage, f t for city or connrty Knll patii?nla a are left at Mr. Alr< rd'a hst ato e, 102 Broadway, near Wall I G? N TL"1 MEN?WHAT C AN HE M C H K CO.WEnient than to know that No 6 Murray atreet ia the only place where you can get your clothing e rnned. dred and repaired anperior to anything yet'done, at almrt ik tice l,CI<thra eleaaed witht unaream or c doring Coata *a. I ante la Slimmer g-oda of every deaenr tion made to look egn?l to new, at No 4 Vnt-ay atrrct, near Brmdway ?A. COhTISSOA, late of No W. _______ MKSnRS RICHARD KIPLIN J k RROTHKKS. IM pmtert of French Fsnc v (foods Imitation aud Preeirea Stones. b?g 1'nre to inform the tra''e that ihey haye removed to 32 \1aideo Lanr Several new imror utio-i jost received ol tieid Pn.iea, Steel ( Uipi, I ur?e and Bag Trimminiti, Kane. ke. OFFICE OK THE NEW VOUK CMS MUHT COM tenv, April 10, H4I ?Th? Pte?ideot and Director! here thie d <y declared e dividend of f or and a half per cent on the capital stork of this C mpeny, for the eii moniht endu e let Fsbinary laet. payable to the etockholdera on and after Mondiv Ilia let May nevt The irenefer book will be cl"ied fiom the Jbth iaat. to that date. By order. C. L. EVERlTT, Sec renter Is BROWN. STONE 8E? L KNORAVER AND . a Herald Printer, Il< Broadway, opprtire tha Park? Coattof Arme Crests Cyphers. ke . esgrsved on Stone or Breee. Ladies' Seale, Pencil Caeee, S (net Ring! kc. cnereved with any device toetaof Atme foond r%- ?l Painted, front td rod npwarda. and forwarded to any pirt of the United States. Books of Heraldry, wi'h upward* of JOO.tOO names Any info trelion given in Heraldry, FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BhKMEN-THE steamship Washington, Capt. J. Johcston, will leave Pier No. 4, N It., on Thursday, the SOth inst. stiaA. M. An eipertenecd rn'geon t.n bonid. P, ice rf p'ssare, t'2ft Apply to Ocean Steam Navigation ro.. No I* Willi m itreet FOR RIO DEI JANEIRO?PABSENtf Kits ONLY.The fiae clipper baik ISaBe.LITA HYNE, Cspun S E Dewing, will sail far the above port st the end of this week. Her accommodation are eicellent. combii irg safe tv in le npestautis weather, with coulneas and free vastil-lion in D e iropira Pr-m'tiade on nearer deck. II feet Earlv applicari n desired by ALLEN fc PAXSON eorper Front ind Pir.e ar-e-ts I A BERN ETH V'9 BOTANIC 4 L PILLS?FOR THE s|erdy ard radieal rn-e <f venereal dtee see, gle*ts j stiteteres urethral dts?h ries. whites, feina'e eeaknesi ke, These r-ills ere made from the prescript n of the 'ete relehmted Dr Ahernetny. who.f ra greit tnanv veats. s-rccessfti!IV prescribed them i a a I stages of the above ilise see not I no'y iu i|is private p-setiee, bat in several nablie boepitals | The wide ee|?brltv of Abeeuelbv'l fill" >' >0* h'?l guvsuly fir tliar illicit and put 'I'# in.-et'S i" flsrlwg s|t the sbovf trtrl i' s In'lie esily sti#'? 0'*'"i''ift iBs cite bo": gene- | rsl r siihcis i p rllrr. s t i e in a fiw Iff-, i sine, wholesale and reurn. only si ~AU>TilficAR|Jti j mall, n riiMfiat turn m4 in MM* / I I 11 ITALIAN OPERA. A ST OK PLACE.-NOTICE-Deete 1 Oita half-peat 7. Prrformnar* all ohnck pmitalr Hoi (Ufl-a, in Aator l'ece, open fr< m half-put I till II aed from I to Jo'elnck vo I Wailet'ect.iath* baaemeet Moada breoing. April 17th, llll. will be g-yen b* dm ?, the |**ad oinr-, in I aete, of NA BO< O?Woaic hy V?rdi?Nuboco. big. y (I. Penerer trno: ft ma/1, tie Bailmi: Za- hariah, Hlg 1. Koai. Abigail, *.gna T. 'fmffi; Fheneua, Migna A. Patti; High "r-nl ?.l Bel S<a' Biondi; Abdal Higuor Piemomaei; AiiiH. 8 'ni.ra T. Aaagadro. Maeetro Dirattora. bignpr Banlli. Leader ol orrhaaira and rhd'ai Miefer 8i^. C. Lietti The Scenery p>n'?d by Higno-i Alleg'i and Mr.lini ^ BOWb.HY THKATrK?MONDAY b VENINO. April 17th, will ha p'rformed Anbar'a nae'o dramatic orjjm. entitled ERA HI AVOLO-Kra D.arolo Mr Uardnrr: Oiacorao, Beguio; Brppr, Pancr Lady All/aih. viae Licheeaiein; X?'lina. Mr? begum To eoec'ude with tie yraad bailer of GISELLE? Oia?lle, Miaa lomball: Prince Albeit, a*r. G VV . Smith; Hilarion, Warden; Mrriha, Mra Jordan; Bertha,'Mr*. Sutherland; I he Pricceaa Buthtld.; MnWeleoU. Doori op/n ?t 7?parformance to commence half peat 7 o'clock. Boier, all oyer the hi>ne?,M cenu; Pit.licenia, Gallery, IJJfc renta; Priaaie Hmn, 15. CHATHAM THKATHK-.VKJ.NUAY . EVENING, a piil 7th, Ilia ? || be preaentrd the large of BOX. I.OX i KNO Y?Tin othy Br I Mr bV iuan; John Co*. Hey bcrt. After which, the drama of the BRIGAND?AReae din Mrziarom, Mr Hield; Prince Branrhi, Pardey. To be followed by Nb W YORK A8 IT 18?Moee, Mr ( hinfree; Joe. \Vman*; Charley Batea, Hue ; Katy. Mra Booth. The etenirg'r p.rfonnarera lo conclude with THE PLEASANT NEIuHBOK?' hristophrr (Snap Mr Winane ; Naneb 8 lap, v' it Br.olh. Doora open at 7 o'clock. Performance eommenee? at TW o'/loi-b. Bogee. B ceete; Pit 'ti<. Broadway theatre-- on day evening. A pril 17. will ha preen'ed for the firat time rn any atage, an o-igiral coined v. in 5 acta, by John Brongh in, Ktq, entiled HOMANCK ANDREALITY-JaekRw.ft Mr. J Bmoaha in; Ollrer Van y, ,vir. Vacha; Aaper Manly, Mr. Blaiet L~?L v.r..l,il. VI, L'l.~ I to-- r. Tom Bulger Mr. Hadawty; William. .Thompson; Koubcl, Mm hauny Wallack ; Harb.ry Manly, M?. Winartnlry: Blouom. Mri Watta To eour ude with iha farce calltd MY LITTLE ADOPTED?Major Seymour, Mr. Dawiont Becky Dluut, Mrs. VVatn.?Dnor< open at 7 o'c'ock .?Petformaac* ro brum at half peat V Ortaa Circle and Parquett*, W eta?E-mile rjrclea. 2S ota Oallery, UK era. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATHE MONDAY Kvenirg April IT, the entertainment! will conmaxa Willi THE SKNTINE'?Maxami'ian Eehloppaen. Dor Hoiliuii; Linda, Miaa Mary Taylor. To be followed by a new local piece, enht'ed a GLANCE AT NEW YOKK IN ! ? ? Moae, Mr ' hnnfrnn; Jake, Mr l otorer; Elisa Stnbbiua, Miaa Mary Taylor; Ma?y, Miaa Phillips: Jaoe. Miaa lloberta. After which. LOVE AND MURDER?Gil Peres, Mr Holland; Dauoa itahella, Mra. H. laherwood; Niret'a. Miaa Bobrrta To eonclnde with the faree, entitled NEW kootMAN?Bobby Breakwmdow, Mr. Holland: Polly Pienie, Miaa Roberta. Dreaa Cirele 5? cenra: Upper Boxea, 25 cents; Pit. 1 ahij|i g; ^riante Boiea $5; Orcheitra Boies. >3 MECHANICS' HALL,472 BROADWAY,BETWEEN Orn.-.d and Broome airee'a ?Monday, I neaday. and Wedneadar, April 17th. lltli, Hth Ti e original CHRISTY .4 y INsTllELS moat reapectfnMy annource that they will continue their popular ronctrta (or Three niahta only of the preieut weak; ctoaing their eutertainaaenti for the pnrEaae of rennenting the Hall, which, daring the interyel, will e occnpied by the annaal eieaination of the pnpila of the aehoola ol theJMeehaaies'and Tradetmena'Sreiety. I hey will hare the honor of recomdieoeiaf their inimitable entertainmentf on Monday, May lat. Admiaaicn 25 carta; doora open at 7, concert will commence at o'clock. On Thursday. Kriday and Saturday, April, 20th, Slat and 22d, they will pelform at the Brooklyn Inatitnto. Broadway odeon-entrance through Piuteux'a Cafe dee Mille Coloonea ?Manager E. G. Orealy.?Muaic.l Director,Mr. Oldfield.?Animated Picture* and Pygmalion Btatoory by a new company of ladio* and gantlemeti, with now coatumea, draperice, Kc?Monday, April 17?Programme: Part 1?The Eairiea Berclry; The Amazonian Owlli; Amnzoniau Triumph. icc. Part 2?The Light of rhaHarara; The Three Dancera, 4tc Part I?The Parting of Heetor and Andromache, lie. Tableau in horor of the French Republic. Orchestra box. 50 cruta; Parriuette, 25 cants; Boifi, 17k. c?nta Performance to commeuce nt o'clock. BAKNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM?P.T. B ARNUM, Proprietor; K. Hitchcock, Manager.?"plendid Performances Monday afternoon at half-put 1 o'clock,and in the nyenini'lAt ntl ir er hpfnrs I. Mr Rr Inbn (Kb Amrrirnn Kirs Eiaff. will rat red hot cosls of tire, blaring bulla of brimatone drink I quid fire he. (Jreat Western, the Yankee, will appear in two spl>ndid pieces, the "Hmnnroiia Spectre Bridegroom," and a grand Yankee Melange, entitled the "Yankee's First Yiait to New York." Miaa Bernard, Miaa Julia Noble Mr. Yatea, comic and fincy dancer, Mr. A De La Pierre, and otheia. ra. Pel t>?'s aplenrlid W?r Statuary, Madame Hoc* wall,Frm ma FortnneTeller. Admiaaion to the whole,including Maarum, patformeneea, he . 25 cents; children under 10 yearn of aire, and old enough to walk alone, 12j{ eenta. K???rve.l fr nt ?? !? ?rr shilltnp e--rl> eifra Banvako'3 mammoth panorama or THE Mississippi rirer, painted on three milea of canvas, being the largest painting in the world, at the Panorama bnilding. In Broadway, adjoining Niblo'a Oarden, Open every evening. (Sundays excepted) Admiaaion SO centa; children half price. Tire Panorama will commence moving at 7U o'clock preciaely. Afternoon exhibition on Wednesday and Batnr dir. at 3 'cloek. Brooklyn inbtitutk.?monday and tuesoar, 17 and llih iuit.?Fortwe nights only?The original Southern Orera Tronpe ol Sable Haimoniata, consisting of h oars. W. O. Plumer, T. Archer, Wm. Browning, James B. Firrell, W. lloark. Mons. Eugrih, Ned Fitx farury.tnd Nelson Ki em, Musical Diiector, beg leave to ann< unce to the public that the* will give two only of their inimitable entertainments?prior to opening in New York?which havo been ?trended by the elite and laahinn of all the principal ci i*a ol the Union. Ana they wish it diit nctly understood, that individually or eol'ectiaely, as irgards style and exeention, thev challenge the world to produce their raoalt. Selections fi<m the best composats: Parodies Irom all i.i the popular oiaria; llefram>, Negro Melodies, Olees, Songa, Repartees, Witticisms burlesques, Polkas, Solos on earioua inatrnmen's?the whole nnder the direction of J. C.Benson. Cards of Admission 25 cents?children accompanied by their parents r guardians, half pure Doors cpen at half pest ; to commence at 7 o'clock. The temple of the m? se?, No. m canajl street.?Fifteen magnificent pictures, by the beantifnl end in rich admired troop of Female artists, sow engaged at this nonularestablishinent. whose nerfoiman-es. niehthr. draw crowili of enthusiastic "?i editors; among which ate,rins? Don Joan ami Hud r. the '1 hree Graces, May Pole Dsooe, M id en's Heicue, Venus s:ealii>n|Cupid's A rowi, lie Itc., with i tl er new mctuiea tseyer beta e represented in this city. /? ? , t oleman's celtbrnted brnd of min?t:els. with M Flannery, the brstdncer in the eity. C. 8. BARTINE, Proprietor. Brnce Norteu. Manage*. The grand collection ok THE WORKS 0|T the Old Masters, comprising original Pictures, by "41* lion. Robeos, Raphael, .Vnrillo. Velasquez, Van Dick, Ola* liorcm.ino. I armigiano, Holbein, Jan Steen, Carlo Dolei, Cuyp, Wilms, and rnanr others of the old Masten, is opeo at the Lyceom Gallerr, No. S6S Broadway, tromt A.M, 10 P M Admittance 25 re 11 ts. P.? LlO'S OPERA HOUSE TO LET-APPLY AT ine Boi Office, between ihehonrs of II o'clock. AM., an ' 2PAC ___ A CARD?CASTLE GARDEN?THU ESTABLISH* ment will Oi>eo oj or about the st of nine nest. Aztaasire altentioi a end 1 reparations are makiug for the summer seaion. All applications for engagements are to be made by Irt r , > onr Aeting Mi?*ger, Heo Holland, Erg., No. 1(9 Gr.nd street. FRENCrl It HEISCR. New Yorg. April 19. meg _ n/ ALNUT STREET THEATRE?PHILADELPHIA r r K A. Marshall, Lesree, P. Riehings, Stage Manager, Benefit of K. A. MARSHALL Monday eeestng. A'fil 17, will be performed tl a tragedy of JUNIUS < ElAH-loitu iVr. Auoeraon; Casuut Mr. J. W. Wallacki Mark Aalheay, Mr Vvleat'ey Julius Cesar, Mr. J. M. Scott; Cases, Mr. Richicgs; Tort't, Mr J. VV Wallsek; Calfhurnia, Miss Atrium hither, after which a gMud diyertisemsat To conclude with A HUSB AND AT BIGHT?Paul Pareharts, Mr .o'fl?cl>et; Gundertht ff. Mr. Chapman; Kerdinaed, Mr. Jo-dan; Catherine. Miss Clutpmitt; Augusta. Miaa Rogers; inrooess Mrs. Tbayer. On fuesJny Miss C. WBMsSS, who ia engaged for a few nighti_witl appear. Grand military and civi jubilee, in ho* unrof ill* prog rear <<t ?tee torn 10 Europe. a.d of tba day ol the meeting of the First Cong rat iu France, to framo a Repub 1 can Constitution.-A Gran I Ball and Classical Car* mony. of present".* a Cap of Lbertv to the City of Paris, through the Frraeh Consul, will take place at the Park 1 hratre, on the eyeing ol the 25th April, 1HI? Presentation .Committee?H'n. Wm. V Br idy, Hon, A. H. Miekle. Hennui Kriege, Esq, Theodore Sedgwich, Esq, Han W.F. Hayemeyer, h.cciet Gillender. h rq., l? obert *misett. L* a < Han 14 V ulhririvm ll' * ' *'1*1 RnrBEtt. Col Van Borrn, Major! Lyon P'apt. Lonati.LCept. Me-, Urath, Capt. A \ am-una ( apt Lu'naen, Major Eader. Capt. Lcntrrl.t ol. B.uion, Col. Potter, Capt. Ayraa, Cant MeCtaley. Alii < roliua, AI ?l. K hler Aid. Webb, Aid Pordy, Aid. Freka, K. Carina, laaae Y. fowler, John Samara, H. Eieka, C. V. Andeiaun, H. I*. Wauinnker. J. M Taraer, Haary Liebeaan, 8 H. Harris. Floor Manager? Profeaeor Cbarlea Wtight. MUSIC? PKOFE8BOK DUM8DAY, ONE OF OUR mo"t efficient aud highly aaceeaafal teachrre ol the Pianoforte, Singing at aight, Ooitnr, Aeeordeon, aad Violin, will Detract a limited number of ladiea and gentlemen on anew pl?n, by which they will aegniie a thorough knowledge of time. lie. _Terma reaaonable. Apply at tlJ Broadway. Beautiful billiard table for sale-reeactly imported fiom Germany. Apply at B> Maaean at., in tke baaement. Alio, a Taming Lathe for aala at 15 Wait Broadway, npataira. THE MAN | THE HORBE DK. J. williams's Liniment, fur Rheamatiam, Spraina, Brniera, lie ? I ha proprietor of thia liniment haa been a ntectiaing reteriaary aargaon in the city of New Yotk for the laat thirty years; during that lapae of time I.e haa been moat aaaidnr.aa in hie attentiona to tne amy thoaamda of noble aaimala committed to hia ea-e and wilhaeaceeie not aarpeaaed, if egoa'led, by any veterinary in the eoantiy. Suffice it to aay, ti at it haa far exceeded hia moat aaogaine expectitioaa. not only in a pecuniary point of new, Bat in the couaoling reflection that hia humble rfforta during a life-time have l?en deroted to relieving the afflirtione. the many painlnl and aeyere ailanenta to which that eteadfaat f-iend of man, the noble horae. ta heir to?the more painlnl became ineapreaaible One ol the moat potent ageuta of thia aucctaa he now I or the firec time pieaent* to the pub ic rn thia limmcnt It ta of French origin, and wag the ineeution of the anci-nt practitioner Albater in the year Cll The recipe ?u ditenrered by the proprietor aome forty yeara aince. and which he hta alwaya naed daring the rime he h<> heen a veterinary anrgeon, with the m -et ainnnl and an ful it? merest in lli? following cimp'aiuls of the horse: ? Hpcrins, curbs, ringbones, ?'iffim? of joints, sprans, disloc iiior.a. crack', braises, notches teilds. cot*, lie It i* an rvi lent trnlh iu medical jurisprudence that what ia food for the inferior ord*i of animtl c eation. is alto equally good for the human system. There enat bat few who hare had to many op ortuniliaa to tear the I'uth of th t axiom at the nnder-igrieil. The mtay hondredt whom he het relieved fiom offering ran bear witness to itt efficacy atd healisg properties. Iu islieeiug the lilt el the hoiaan tyttem it hat been moai thoroughly ard rigidly teatfd, and it it with the atmoat he presents it to ihe tubI e at a remedy aed an al en tor ol the following affections of ihe haman system : ? Itheninetiim, ipitint, dislocat.ons, enlarged joints, pain in the h ck. barbers itch, iing-worm, | i triples, frost-bites, euta, broiaes mirsy, and other affeciima of the throat, headache, kc llr dea oot he-aid it filth with long array ol err ideates of is virtnes. for he considers them eitrsnenns He wishes erriy pu chaser t > rely solely upon his owu judgment, nninflnei crd bv the opinious of oiheta. He is well coutent that it stand or fall by the verdict cf the public knowing that he has promised n thing for it that it will not peif rm, whan fairly and impartially triad accoidiug to the duec ions f r its nse. For sale,wholesale and retail.hy ihe proprietor.nt III Ctirystie stietr. where he coatinaes the practice of his profession at the stgu of the golden ho'te, atda'sost K < history's drag store, cmer of Bowerv and Broome street I* or thq accommodation of residents of the wene n part cf the city a depot hat been est.iM shed at P li'Neill's, 401 West tt ret, where it can also be obtained wholesale and retail. JOii.a WILLIAMS, sot. snrg.. Ill < h'ysttesliest, New York. ann bottle* or dr. dk.wiTT c. 4UUj' 'vl' Kell ngsi's Liniment hsr. keen sold, without a single cmnplaint ; it errdicates rains <f every nature, and he ils all tinnier of soies ; it is very frag act sad agrteihle as an intrrial and f sternal prescription; also, crimps and all spasmodic affections. This simple preparatico commands the attention of the first families in the eonarri ?onr liviigs. Livii'gstniis, H-mi'n.ns, LmilUrds. Morises. tlo-frs Oradhnrsts, lie, Sc. hot fnll particnlara. see flp rit , of the Timri Office, 1M I'earl at ; 'hi rents, and of the draggists <en*rmlly. OK RALPH. AUTHOR OF THE 'PRACTICAL PHIVATK TBKnTISK,;* he , AS tireenwich street. 1 ffice h urs "? to II A M.,lto IP M? (tundsy excepted) 1 to ?c wlio apply iu the early stages will be mrpnsed at the r-pidity and 1'ttla inconvenience aneiid ng iheir enre. It is chiefly, however, chose who suffered hem a crrlsin cllir cf prop's, or ctheiwire, who can properly app eciate his services In stricture, from its li ?t <>r iosnpient, to its more advanesd sad Ji.i-?i<irg it grs (frrrn or*' irr"??n ?dv?i>t?g*s, tn a lilp'On to s vs/y cx'fiislv* p?aoii*? ia this tapplan .) b# can afford a rapid ?sir ?t?d raiieel gure. which. M mi ground for slating, ?vn Pg obsamgd from m other tourgg m AffMriM I

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