Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1848 Page 1
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I th: WMa lo. 5071. THE FRENOH REPUBLIO. TUB OKBAT DEMONSTRATION or TH* W9RKIN GME N OF PARIS. Speeohes of Lamartine, Ledra Hollln, Louis Blanc, &c. &c. Tli. fflnnn.inl fumlitinn nf th. R.nnhlif. Pakis, Mnrch 18, 1848?Evening The demonstration of the working men yesterday wasfollowed last night by a demand for a general illumination, which was of course complied with, lu the Faubourg St Germain the people were peculiarly exacting in their demands, and this suspected Carliat quarter was forced 10 wear the brightest air of any in P-iris It had been freely rumored in the course of the day that agents of IIenrv V. had been at work in the Hue St. Denis, and that h whits flag had been raised on the old port* Tbis may have been cunningly dene tviih the view of turning away hostile ones from the National Guard, to whose manifestation of the day before the turn-out of the workmen was meant as a renlv Certain it is that theories ware chiefly " lies in Rtjiub lique, "A mart leu CarlitUt," " A bat let farittocratie," " Pica la gouvernnntnt provitoire " The number of w?rain<'u "f all trades who marched to the Hotel d<* Ville, aid from that to tb" Column of July, is estimated at from 100,000 to 150,009 tnsn He that uh it may. this much is certaiu, that all the workman of Paris and the environs were there regimented according to their respective trades. Some priests who joined the procession were greatly cheered lu the evening the National Guard issued a declaratiou that they bowed respectfully to the decision ef the provisional government. The scene that took nlsce within the Hotel He Ville mu?t hnvd be?n very strange. The delegats* frem the trades demattded three things? the removal ot the troepa from Paris; the postponement of the election of officers of the National Guards to the 5th of April; and of the elections for the Natienal Assembly to the Slat of May. M. Louis Blanc promised, in the name of the [provisional government, a deliberation on these demands, when a delegate cut him short with the laconic demand, " What answer are we to return to the people 1" The popular, the most popular young orator endeavored to explain now unbecoming it would be for a government te appear to act ander the fear of menace, when he was stopped by the following pithy speech: "The people experts something else than words; it requires a definitive reply. Take what time yeu like for deliberation, but we will not leave this without a reply to give the people." M. Lsdru Rollin spoke, ana it must be confessed, spoke courageously: he told them that they were not the representatives of all Fmnce, and that, altheugh they might make demands in their own name, they had no right to assume the representation of the departments.? Lamartine, aa usual, rose with the occasion,and in his most powerlul manner, vindicated the rights of the government to independent dt liberation. He enid he would not concent to the hsety performance of any net that would look to th* nation as if Paris asserted a monopoly of liberty and of the republic, which had been won for all France, and not for some citizens only.? In a word, he told them he would lay down his life aoener than yisld to terror, and, as usual, snsh nerve and eloquence carried him through victoriously. The assemblages ot the people were caused by the following placard pealed up at an early hoar in the morning:? " The peepla, daring the t, were haroio, after the vietery were geuarous, and now are sufficiently magnanimous te refrain from In Slot log pnninbmeiit. They are caha, beeaase they are powerful and jest. Let vvU passion*. let wonaded Interests beware of provoking then ! The people are called epou to give a high moral and social direction. It is tbeir duty fraternally to call to order snob misled men aa may still try to maintain {irlvliaged bodies in the botemofour equality. They ook ?ith a severe eye npon these manifestations against that minister, who has given so many pledgee to the revolution. Let the people then assemble this day,the 17Lh. at ten in the moraine in the Place da la Ravolu tion, and there M^tm their will. W? have already abed our bieod la defeec* of the revolution, and ara ready ta tbtd it again. We will wait?wa whenre aften In want of tbc necessaries af life. All who at tbie hour march against tha raveluUan, are guilty of th? orima of leaahua-anlty. Let tie, than, citizen*! rally round tb* provisional government. Let a* again assure it that we are ready ta give it oar concurrence in all measures lor insuring order, unity, and tha pubiio safety. " Vtvi la Htpukliqut, Heaaiaa, Oatvieaso, CeHAie.tE, LvoHSLLiaa, PlLUtS, lUBI&T." Roziaaas, The Moniteur publishes the following account of the receptiou ol the delegates of 'he people on that day, at the Hotel de Viae:? " Towards two a'alook, all the member* of ths government, being collected together, a deputation composed or about forty persons from the different corporations and olube. was introduced; and M. Gerard read the following addteas: ? "Cltisens of tha provisional government, you have proclaimed that you wiabed ta have the revolution, tha sovereignty of tha peopla, damooracy, tho republic, a eoustitattnn made by ? natieoal ateembly. You have declared that all the oitlsens were national guards, and that all ought to oa-operata In the elections of the national guard. You have also declared that you wiibed to have teas Jlir elections, a real national guard, a veritable eenstltation ; that is the reason why we have ral lied areund you. and given you our support. Hawever, the subaltern authorities, charged to prepare the inscription .'or the netional guard have neglected the mean* of reurlniieg it complete, and It tha eleetiona take place on the 34th, there will not be any real national guard. Beai'l"*. thv people have not had lime to concert together oo the choice to be made, and, consequently, there will pot b? Any real eleohene. It is the same for tha other elections, and If it be desired to have a real national asseu bly. which can consolidate U ? revolution and tha tepublio, it Is lcdlepenetbla that all tha oitla*i,t shell be Inscribed on the electoral lists and shall have time to consult together, in order to vobe with an entire independence, and a perfect knowledge of what they are abi ut; but In order that tho elections be peifsotly indep-n lent and tree, it la neonaary that no armed and paid troops shell be iu the capital. The peopla look on the sr.idiets m brothers, and wish always to fraternise with them , but the democratic principle demand* that there he none but oltlsens there, where the people and the representatives have to deliberate. In consequence, we come to lay before you tha wiebeeof the peapieof Paris, sad to demand in its name? flrst, the removal of the troops ; second, tb* postponement to April 6, of the election* of the natioual guard ; and, third, tha postponement to May 31, of the eleodons of the national assembly Citis.-neof the provisional government, we cannot eon| rt ai it from ourselves that oountar revolutionary ma1; ouvies may endanger the publio peace and the revolu liuo, if your patriotism and devotedness should not eeve us Y>>sterJ?y u men,icing manifestation aimed at shaking j ou We reply to it by a aaoeful manifestation to defend you ,end tureelvei with you L?t the government giro an example of uaiou, coiifldeiise, and firmness, and 01 dor will Lo volld like liberty ; the republic will triumph, will constitute the honor oI Krsnoe, and will accomplish th- 1 uppl j?.*h of humanitj " M b>ui?( Blano said?The gorernmsnt of tha rapub 11.' is ft undtd on publie opinion, and will never forget that it Is ao Our strength, wa ara aware, in in that of the people, aid our will ought always te ba in uaiaoa with that whioh It axpreaeni Tha damanda which yeu hare expresad shall ba tha object of our dellberattona, and tha more to that they bare baan put forward in tarmn full of moderation. Ba anra that It ia the firm danira of the proviiional govammant to march with the people, to lire for it and, If necessary, to die for It (Applauie ) A delegate hare aatd - Be parauadad that, on it* nlde, the people will die for you?*o long, be it obrerred, an you will serve IU rights | ,M LorlsfBLaur aekad if thswinh expressed wai the general one T A delegate replied-We have convoked all tha corporations ; we hare submitted to them what wo desired to do ; they hare all adhered, and hare sent us to you to present the wishee we hare just expressed. Another delegate said -What reply shall we communicate to the people T M Louis Blanc replied?Say to the people who bare sent you tent we teal honored in brlDg their representatives ; tell thein that wa cannot bare a deeire whioh Is not theirs, for without th. m we should be nothing, and wo only keep here the place of their sorerelgoty We tbnttk you for oomlng to ns, full of confidence in our patriotism, fall of confl Jenoe In the desire which is at the bottom of our hearts, to not with you In your interest, without ever forgetting you, for the salvation of the republic We thank you, as men, for baring planed us lu a position to do it with independence Now, altiasos, ieare tin to deliberate on these wishes let us deliberate iu or Icr that It may be wrll understood thst the prorl sioiiat jrovfrnuient of the republic does not deliberate uodor insnnoe To those who only represented the privet g?d oUSt'S, It was permitted to (eel fear ; but that Is to. permitted 10 us, because we are your repreaentatlres, j and MOao'e in maintaining our dignity we maintalu you. s (Murks of approbation) A delegate "here said?The people expeot something bstter than wotds-they deeire a definitive reply. Take what time you please to deliberate, bat we will not leave without a reply to oommunleateto tha people M. .hobrikr said?We do not wish to Influence or do violence to tho provisional government? we have confldrnoa In it. M. C?HF.T?Wa hare come to express wishes The provisional government cannot be ignorant of tha slnauon of tha country ; it itqulrw, mwi HI do, anaigy to i . r m> .w? nwn !>.?? umw **?*** E NE N. T ? m BY WBXOK 1 ^^^EKMK^JsMisuiP^^HMHH^ HHHRi ?v? the public interfile. We hope, oltinen members of the provisional government, that your patriotism, and your devote(lneis to the people, to liberty, to the revolution, will lhld mean* of dissipating all disquietude, aad of giving to the revolutionary maroh that oharaoter of order, liberty, union, aad universal confidence whieh ie necessary to it to assure the trlu mph of the republic and consolidate its destinies. The government ie too, wise not to desire to deliberate ; and we are too ainoere friends of order and liberty not to leave it the opportunity of deliberating. M. Lsnau Rolliiv. member of the proviaional government, said ?1 have only a word to add, and I believe this word will have some effect npon your minds. Tou represent Parts, but you couipreheud that France is composed of the whole of the citizens Now, two days age I sent to all the oouimlssaries of departments, to domaad this: Is it materially possible for the elections to take place on I the 9th April? Is It politically possibls. end is It for the interest of the establlehment of the renuhllc. for the aim tiocs to take place on tke 9th April? Von cannot, citizens. impose on the government to deliberate without being, before all, enlightened as to the state of France, without being informed by its commissaries. Yon certainly represent the most active, and, from that reason, the most intelligent oity; but you cannot pretend to represent the whole of France; yon oan do so but on one condition?tbat being elected by the people representatives of the people, you hare for the departments; as for the whole of Frauoe, as for Paris, the will and the decision of the people. Yon must wait a few days. I have fixed on tke 2*th ult. as the latest period for receiving from the most distant departments the answers that are to be made to me When the government, taking into consideration the wish of Paris, whioh ordinarily gives the Impulse to the rest of Franot, bat which cannot neilra to oppress Franos, shall have learned the views of the departments, it, as representing the whole country, will be able to assign a delay, if, In fact, it la necessary, for the eetabliabment of the republic, whioh is new only decreed, but which we do not wish to behold as yet passing away in smoke. If we do not consent to here a national representation which would be only a marked repreientatlou of the principle* wbloh have been deitroyed?If we do net oonsent to ageln see the government set aside, as It was in former times; if we are determined to have a representation truly republican, and If the people also will nave it: If we find that at this moment the elections cannot take plaoe In suoh a way aa to positively ensure the principle whioh we have aeon proclaimed after thenietory, then the elections shall be postponed. But wice mors I have to remark to you, that you. n fraction of the people, and not the delagatae rf the whole of France, oannot desire to receive a reply from us before we have obtained the necessary intelligence Therefore we take into consideration lbs wishes of this oity. Bat wait anHI the departments have declared how the matterstands; let as not say that Paris Is every thing, end that the rest of Franoe is, so to spaak, abandoned. When we shall have arrived, througn our oommiesarlei, at e knowledge Ui mo winuro ui iui w uuia VI vcbuuv, w au*u uuuiu iv n resolution, viz: the postponement of the election*, if that bt indispensable; but what we want, what yon want, is tbe real establishment of tho republic, which we have proclaimed on the barrioades. (Applause, ?m< Ledru Rollin) M. CstEr ?We only express opinions and wishes. We all know what agitations are going on in tbe departments?what is the influence of the enemies of the revolution?of the republic, and of the people. Yeeterdajr's manifestation must hare oompleteu your information on that point: and tbe maneearres which were so audaciously manifested in the midst of the capital, where tbe marks of the barrloadee are not yet effaced, are su&cient to oonviooe us that they are csrrlad on with much greater energy far from Paris, where the eyes of the foveroment are not so Immediately over everything. We are oonvinced that the republic and the revolution will be in danger if the elections are not oarrled on with a full and entire liberty en the part of the eitisene, and with deliberations mature and refleeted enough to give the real wishes of the people, a real National Assembly. It is ia the interests of humanity, in the iutereet ef tbe classes whioh are hostile to us. that we speak. The danger is not for us, it is for others; but we shall aot so aa to preaarve all the rights of the people, and all the intarests ul liberty It has bean repeatedly said that the abyss of revolutfons ought to be closed. Citissn* of tbe provisional government, you have now iu your hands the most magnlfleent of tasks. We have expressed to you our desires, we have conjured you to watch over the public safety, because we feel the ecuvietion that the people should set the example in ail things They ooght also to prove themselves to be the friends of order and liberty, and that ns they know how to fight, thsy also know how td deliberate aud express thsir thoughts We have now only to retire, and leave tba government te deliberate (Yet yes; no, no) A member of tbe deputation said:?Thrra are two questions upon which immediate answers may be given. They do not oouceru Paris; fthsy concern the disbaudment of all the paid troops, and the adjournment of tha elections In the National Guards M i.Ouis Bladc said?Citizens, there are two qutstioas whioh may be decided upon without au appeal to the opinions of the departments, lor it would be useless to wait for anv information noon them This is me oni nion, end 1 believe it to be tbe epiuioc of tbe provisional government. Only from motives which 1 havn already explained. and they are motives of great gravity, which must speak to the hearts of tbe people,for, from tha commencement of the revolution, the people Uave shown that they have a deep seuse of the dignity of man?from these same motives 1 request, oitiseus, that you will leave us time to deliberate, and allow us to do so at freedom. Tbat we may hi worthy of maintaining your liberty, ours should be respected I request, therefore, that you will not put your questions, saying " Answer immediately, or ws will not depart " This would be a violent proceeding. [No, no] This is a violence you do not intend to impose upon us. All we oao at this moment promise yon is, that we will deliberate without delay upon the two queitiona with which you are pre-ocoupied 1 engage you even in the intereet of the eolation* which yon seek, in the interest of the government whoso dignity demands all our aaro, sluoe we represent yon, I ooujure yon to leave the provisional government one day, at least, to seek wisdom from its deliberations. We will profoundly study the qpestioa, with a slneere desire of doing what the people demand, but at tbe same time preserving our liberty, because liberty Is a duty of conscience which you will not deny M 8o* a iks ?The delegates of the people hare no intention ol doieg any violenoe upon the provisional government, for we have an entira confidence in it. Somk DtLitnATEl? Not at all. M. Mosaics?In all, gentlemen, without exception, without exclusion; we have snstsined the government up to this day, and we will continue 10 sustain It till the Constituent Assembly meets. [Yes, yes, to the last J The circular of M Ledru ilollln ha* been approved by the people; the departments, when enlightened, will approve of it as Tatis has dene. The people, you know, have b' *n hernia in oombat and generous after viotory, and sufficiently magnanimous not to inflict puriahment. They era oalm beoause they are powerful and just. Let evil passions arid weunded interests bswars of provoking them. The people are this Uey called upon to give a high moral and social direction. It is their duty ta call fraternally to order snob misled men who may again attempt to maintain a privileged body in the bosom of our equality They look with a severe eye upon those minitestations against a minister who has given so many pledges to the revolution. The people come to-day to express their will We have ehad our blood In the defence ol tho republic, and ure ready to shed it again. Wa wait with confidence tbe realisation of the promisos ot the gov or i nieut. We wait, although we are sometime* in want of the necessaries of iif*. Lei ihe provisionei government lemeuintr that it is bound to provide all the citizens with tha means of aiibsistenoe. Let it rofleot Upon this, fur we are now without work. All who at this moment may ba counteracting the revolution, either openly or secretly, a e committing the crime of l?r.< humanity. The people comprehend both their rights and their duties Behold, citizens, representative* of the people, those 300,000 frllow citizen* whe surround you and oover you with their solicitude. Thoy will support you, be assured, in all measures of order, unity, and public safety. At this moment all our soul* form hut one soul, tn* conseoration of that great principle?the sovereignty of the people. Initiating people I beautiful France : thou hast not failed in thy mission ! Thy genius, which in 17<9 and 1798 destroyed tha old world, will woa oowploto IU work by Uw universal so W YO EW YORK. MONDAY M VIEW OF THE tn okoxoxt wat? is com * - - ? ? ~*? franchissment of ell mea Then natloas will be really brethren, and their eternal matto will ba, ' Liberty, Equality. Fraternity, Unity 1" Mom* Delegate* asked?Doai the whole of the provisional government approve the circular ? M. Lamartina replied-Gentlemen, I bava been callediby my name. I aoawer the call, and demand to speak alio. I add nothing ta what was said to you jnet now with as much dignity as propriety by our colleague M. Louis Blnno. You feel as we do, we in whom the people plaoed their confdeace and personlied themselves on the day of combat and vlotory, that there is no government possible, except on the oonditton that you have the oonfldenoe aod the reaaon to confer moral authority on this governmsnt Is the moral authority of this government anything else, not only for itself, hut for the people, for the public, for tho department!, for Europe which regards us?is it anything elss than its complets Indapsndenas of all sxtsrior press ton ? That is the Independence of the government- that its dlgnitv?that its onlv moral foron What us ) I.ook 1 Here in oar venerable president, laden with the glory of hie eighty year*, and who has been willing to oonsecrate hi* lent strength, at our head, to the establishment of the republic (bravo!) with independence, with dignity, and liberty; and, assuredly, in liberty and in independence there Is not a French citlaen who ctn disown the name of Dnpoat (de l'Eure) Around us what do yen seeT A little group of men, without arms, without physical support, without soldiers, without any authority bet that of the people What is required in order that this sentiment should have Its efleet?in order that those populir prinoiple* should beoome useful to the happiness and to the rights of the people? Tho eountenanoe of calm and of order; of that oonfldenoe which we have given you What c.n wo oppose te you ? Only one thing?your own reason! that power of general reason which is alone here placed between you and ue, which inspires us, aad arrests you before us. It is that invisible, moral, and yet all-powerful foroe, which renders us calm ourselves. Independent and dignified in presence of that mass which suiTounds this p-Uaoe of the people,defended by its sole Inviolability. (Bravo). IThut last barrier of our independence, as a governmen' sad as man. we will defend to the death, if the pressnre of the multitude should wish to violate it; and It Is not for ourselves, It is fer you, that wa iheuld perish in defending it What would ba a people without a government, and what would a degraded government beoome to the people ? 'Bravo) I uuw come to the Ihiua questions which yon have proposed. A delay of t?n'?a>e mere lor the election* of the National Guard- On this snbject we, to previous deliberations, considered the legitimate wishes of the people and your own desirei. It had been represented to ns, that that Imposing, solid, patriotic ropublioan mass of the population which forms the immense popular element of Paris had not perhaps had the time to inscribe themselves on these lists, and thus to anter Into the large patriotic frainn-work in wmcn we wish henceforward to enoloee the whole public force. We, in the first place. ordered m po*'pon??eaiit of eight days, and aftcrwarda, to the 'J6th March. 1 oaunot give my individual opinion, and I would not wish to do ao at thfa moment, on the result* of the fr?sh deliberations which may take plaoa on these sukjueta; but you have in all fifteen days to inscribe yourseivrs As lo the troops, I have already replied on that subject to owe of the patriotio associations of which you form part?tba queation is not thought of. There are no troops ia Fails, ezoapt perhaps about 1*00 or 3000 man, dispersed among the cuter poets for ths protection ot the gates of ths railroads: and jit la falso that ih* government has aver thought of bringing thsm nearer Paria. It wou'.J ba aanaalaas, after what haa taken piece -alter the fallen royalty bus aaan 80.009 soldiers tall before tha unarmed people of Paris?to th'uk of Imposing on it by mean* of acme bodies ot troop*, animated by the came ;opubilcar l-elinga aa yourselves, wishes opposed to your own, and ocntrary to your ind'pendence. We have never had, nor ever shall nave,such an idea. This is the truth?anoouno* it to the people ; its liberty belongs to it, beoausa it has achieved it : it halonga to It, because it has known bow to proteot it from dlsordor. The republic, at boms requires no otber defence than that of the armed people. But. although this is the truth now, and that wo declare to you that we only require the armed peopln for the protection ot our institutions, do not oonclude that ;? woul i ever consent to the overthrow of Frsnoh aoldiers. (Cries of "no, no ; bravo.)'' Do not conclude that we would plaoa cur brave army In suspicion, and that we woald prevent ourselves from calling it into the Interior, and even into Faria, should warlike demonstrations command such a disposal of our foroea tor the safety of the country The soldier, who was yesterday only a soldier, is now a eitiisnlllke you and us.) (Cries of-'yes yes")We have given him the right to oo operate, by his vote m a citizen. In the representation end in liberty, which he will know how to defend aa well a* any other fracon of the people As to the third and p-ui.n pel question, of the prorogation to a distant day it the eonvecs. tion of the natie.-al assembly I will not consent In ?ny way to pledge either the opinion of my colleagues or my own on>n,mea8ure which too deeply cenoarns the rigks of the whole oountry. I will prejudge nothing, ou: of reepeot for our independence, on a deoree whmn w. uld tend to doolare to the nation th it Paris cl limed tlio monopoly of liberty and of the republic, and woioh won J make na assume, in the name of the capital alone, nod nuder the pressure of the nines well-lutrnMOned. but imperative by it* number aloua- the dictatorship of liberty achieved by every one, but for the whole of France, and not for some citizens alone If yuu command me to deliberate under this pressure of foroe froei without, and to deolare the whole nation, which ts not comprised in Paria, to be for three months or for fix months excluded from its representation and from its constitution, I will toy fo y >u what I mid t) art" her gvvrrnmmt a few day tine that y?t? thali onluwrtt 1'ieh a vote jrum my brtaet when yau have pierced it w th ballt. (Ureal applause ) No, deprive us a thousaed times of our title aa a government, rather thnn deprty* u* ef our free opinions, our dignity, our evident Inviolability?evident abroad as muob as at home In orcfrr ui m Ruiouiuoaib ?v un i t'lim m, it. must nave lior omy tne reality but also the apptarauu* of lkbarty. [Criee of bravo, bravo J Comprehend, then, your poaar and ow*. your dignity and your Independence In nnra, and allow ua, for tba intareat of tha people, to reflect an l deliherata ooolly, and to adopt or reject the wiahea of whioh you are the organ*. We only promise you, I for nay part only, premiae you to weigh tnera wall, without fear us without control, aud to deolJe on what ahall appear to u?. not only tha will of the people of Pari*. bat the right and will ef all the republic, tiiravo) i'he deputation here applauded the remark* of M. I.amartina. and *evaral of it* memhera shook him by the hand. On# of them said?"Be assured that the people are ouly here te support the provialnnal government.'' Mr. Lama*ti*ic replied?"! a n oonvlnaed of It, but the nation may deceive ltaelf. Beware. of aiiemklafei of f/aa kind, kowevtrfine tkey may h ; tho 18/A Brum lira of th* people moy, agamtl ill will, lead lolkt ISrA Brumaire of detpotum an J neitkor you n or I with for tkat.,' The deputation then retired; the aiaemblad people loudly oailed for tha member* of the provteloual government. Their wiehaa ware aeoeded to; the member# of the government plaoed themeeive* ?n a platform erected at the entrance of the Hotel de Ville. An immaaee ehout of aoolamatlon greeted th ir arrival, all heads were uuaovered, and athouaand handa were ceau waviog their beta. On ailenoe being obtained, M Lou.a Blasc addre*e?d the people, who listened with tha deepest attention, a* follew* ' Clilsene, in the name of the Provisional Government of the Republic 1 thank you for Uaving otinmuntoated to tt your wlehee^for tho government Issuing from tha people, would ba nothing without It* *u, poit Tha provielounl government le about to dallberata on the important questions which have been submitted to It; but It ask* you for th* power of doing ao Ireely, he. oau*a It become* your dignity a* wall a* our own You have understood that violence must be left to those who are not strong. (Cries of - ye*, ye*,' aud loud applause ) It ia for those who are strong as you are to esprcss their wlahaa firmly, bat with moderatlo.i aud with majeaty. This is what you have doue, and w* thai.It you tor it Your attitude has preserved your independence -thants to you lor it. Now, oitisena, we bag you to retir* with tha g ran teat calm urn and good ardar. Have oonfldene* in na ; ba aaaurad that on tba day that wa oannot longer serve you wall wa will retire; and aa I just now said to your delagataa, if oar retirement 1* not suftoient, we shall know how to dla.' Ttua addrwa wm foUowad by loud oriaa of' bravo 1 RK ? ORNING, APRIL 17. 1848 HIGH BRIDGE, vuom Acaon m iui y* ? * , _ i1 / ^i| ^ ^yff toaroaly had M I oui? II?m r(W*4 eaaktac *hN artoa of ' Vl?a U Ropuhitqaa " ' Vi?a la (Kjavarnaaaaf Tro tIiIt# " wero baartl aa all alda* Tha mowbara of Mm gnyarnaiaat daaeaadrd fr' m iba piat'om and tba aa aombled uaaaaa pat thaira?l?ea in matk-u la a'mirabla or ler. to proaaad Inward* Iba anlana of tha baatlla When the peonlr |? n the Hotel de Ville, ahoilt lO.OtH) proceeded to the Mintatry ol the lai*ru>r. where they ahonted "Vive f dm U'M n," and demanded that the regular troopa ehould be aeat out ol Paris. The M ui >ier catue iorward aad ddroH-e.j (hem aa fo "ritlaan* -Ton repair* tha army U ba aaot away No doubt, whan an amy b?ca?ea the leairBMaot of tyraa ny-wh?n ItcunatUute* I'aelf ialn a Pratonaa gaar I it deiaryaa the ha'-rnt ef all wa I man of all friandt ot liberty. Cut ara our brava aolatara imb ' ur >1... .ti j ... niu itui> >tBi iii a*ht for oa preuion ? Surely, rltliviis not one of yen alii doubt tho bravery nfout soldier*. nor will ho doubt tb?tr furoo or power ' Kor. d urine the days of Ktbrmij U? am; refused to fight; it fraternised with us. and ealuily look od on, whilst tbo b.tnd monarch, oho *u endeavoring to rivet our chain* still tighter, tlod without an aaoort Tho army, my frlonda, ar* the poopto, tbo aoldtove ara ouraolvos?you and ovary oua (Look ronlionad up plauio ) Would you repel your brethren ' Would you rank with tbojisnai?mm who uro your own Soah aud Mood?your ooru aonl, and u part of juuraelvvt ' (Ciioa of bravo. bravo ) No, rtttaaua. you have no eunh aowttmantaof iujuatlco, miatrnat and aioluaiou within yaw ? To revive the anolant classes and distinction* among el tiaom would ba u deplorable arror (Trna, trua ) da aldea, why bare wo required Lba Intervention not of tba whole army, but oi two or three regiments ! I or no other reason than to relieve tba National Guard Wa thank you a.l for your a?ai; wo tbaok tho whole Notional Guard ftr that admirable activity wblrb baa maintained tbo great city In a otato rf e?lm Bnt wo ought not to obne* your good-will, and It to for that oiono wo havocailud jn the old of your bro<hor? in anno (Cries of" bravo, bravo ") Lot us raise aur voloa in favor of the army. In our day* of humiliation, it proaervad the honor of our country in Algeria Whliet Kraocs, delivered up to foreigner* by the governor* who hove but lately boon driven out, waa exposed to continued ehatu*, the army, the miMiooariea of civiiiaetioa. held high tbe Preach banner, and cauood a barharoa* P*n?ie to anknewiad'e tba graatneae of our sooatpy ? (Ldhg contiQUvU scoUinatiOaa.) ' Kor wot. than oay 1.1 ? u. ? ?..II ?i .on will tva in.I yon will b? good oitlaene. you will ehow that yon oro oil united with mo In the lemo thought in ahonting " Vive l'Arinea." t Long orlea of enthusiasm, 'Vive lo Kapubllque "Vive L#dru Roll In 1" followed thlo eddreee The MtniUur contain* the following report (rem the M lnl*t?r of Finance to the proriai one! government i"Citia*M:? Vonr deereea of March 9 decided thai the diam iada and the domain of the crown should be eold for the pro It of the treasury ef the republic. Yon hare. moreover, authorised the aale of a part of the (create of the State to the amount ef loo Oou.ooof. Although there reaoo'c** are not oapableof Immediate realisation eembined with the adjournment of the maet preaeing aspens'* they would be enfll siont to meet the preaent atate of affair*. Thay would have bean anfllelant if confldance had been promptly roetored. The moat argent want* have now mamifasted themselves. No surnrieo muat be felt, hut they muat be provided for. The two great neoeaaitiea of the preaent moment ere labor and tha army. Labor haa been suspended on a greet many points. II we do not tak" measurer, it will bs so generally, and hence will arise great dangers. For the working classes misery?f>r the manufacturing intereeta ruin?for tha Stats inevitable disorders, which will and by paralysing everything, and plunging into au abyss of evil n nountry, the richee and the power of which only u?matid extension Tho army ia not less deserving of your most serious attention. With an equal number of troop* tha repnbiio ia stronger than the fallen government, (dual led by the whole cation, the provisional government does not require to be aurrouuded by a hedge ef bayonets, and, if eirenmataneea should require It, it oan march abroad battalions which formerly only served to protect royalty. But I oan "?y (for we have the rama certainty of being able to remedy It with suflleieat rapidity) that equally with the finance* the army haa suffered from tha disorganisation which has been systematically introduced Into all branch;* of the public setvioe It la urgent to give It what it requires. The mors promptly mat rrorgBiiiHura in vuuoinv iui uinrv oostly it will be Governments wuloh we urn to'd In history had difficulties similar t? those with which we have to t'ruggla, hsu within their reach immediate resources; first the floating debt, and next loan*. After tha revolution of July. It3h, it waa the floating debt which paid tha first expenses of tha establishment of the new uynnity From tb? commencement of 1(31 it rocs from an average of *0 000 OOii to more than JOO000,000. Supported by the banker* which had r.-maiued standing, the new government might ,hipe that tho medium of loans would not be closed to It. vv# are in a different situation Far ftom the floating debt being able to render u? tha slightest eeeistano*, it is that which ha* created our financial embarrassments, which In thair turn re-aot fatally on our political sanation. For loans, we have only withe 1 to appeal to the patriotism of citiiens. The bankers are powerlee* The loan of 2*0,000 OOOf >* BOt Ailed up The State will, doubtless, again Cod all tha str?ugth of its credit; but foi this two conditions are necessary; tha first, that tha politloal state of affairs be visibly strengthened; and the nseond that tr.o public treasury be completely frae. Such being the eaie. I say it without circumlocution, for in financial matters the tru'h should be eta'ed. tha provisional government should demand tha resources it require* from taxation. Of what nature (ball that tax be 1 Shall wa oraat- any thing novel ? Shall we conflue ourselves to increasing partially and temporarily tho texts already established: I should have wished to have submitted to your approbation a plan of tax oa income Just in prinoiple. SD'l moiejust than any other, for reason* which are now wall known to all th? world, the Income tat, moreover. hat tha advantage of being T?ry easily eollsctad. But tha formalities which are usually attendant on tha carrying it Into exeouttou would raqnira too great delay. Three or four months at least would be required to make ont the lists lu pro* posing to yon tha principle and its substitution at a future period for the present tax, I think it must bs renounced for tha moment. Wltn regard to the dtreot tax, the lists for lS4fi are mtde out, they ars in course of collection. By the addition of forty five centime* to the amount of the four taxes, yon may, in a short tims, obtain the rssourosa of which the republic stands in immediet* need. Cerlaluly it would bare been desirable to avoid these additional obargea to landlords; bat after all it la their property which has less to suffer from changes in public credit. On the other hand tha last harvest was good, and the naxt one holds out the most farorsbis prospects, so that the obarge will bs lass haary at praaant than at auothar pariod. It will ba raootlactail basldes that proparty was also made to oontribute in 1111 under a, the predecessor* of whloh had uot exhausted all its resources. 1 add that calm, rs-established by the reus w?i of labor, will give greater rslus to all kinds of proparty, and that tha landlords will thus bo Indemnified for their aacrifioes In consequence, I hare the honor, citlsens, to submit the following decree to your consideration. (Signed) " OARNIKR PAUKS. " DKCXEB "The prorislsnxl government, considering that public Interest requires that extensive assistance be Immediately rendered to labor, in^nnfactures and oo<um*ro< considering that It is not less nocessary or less urgent to reorganise tbu military forces of the republic, tl*orscs?that there shall be temporarily levied, and ouly for the year I84i, forty-live centime# on the total of tlsc roles of the four direct contribution* of the said year. The oentimes bearing on the contribution fonaer? shall ba at the ohergs of the proprietor alone, notwttbetand Ing any contrary stipulation In leases and afrsamsnts. The amount of tha temporary centime#|*bal! be Immediately exigible, without any new notices to the tax payers. Th" ooet of levying these same centimes shad ba fixed by tha tax-gatherers, at a quarter of the rata determined lor ordinary contributions No expenses hall b* allowed to the rtcn/furt gtniraum and particulirri. "Done In government council, the J6th March." [Signed by all tha members of tha provisional govern II II II I[ERA] I. ix xxvax. |^K / / V3L^HLbHB^Ht^|^^^^L \^>f lMBy^Br y ~~ < > * ?L? flato*t> lUroar. H1a?n? ?Tha 4#*r?* whlob yau bar* juat [lamed prarMaa diraatly far the,two groat naoeaaitlaa of the ittaaUoa labor an! tha army Bat it la not anfllciant to taoreaae th? poattlre roaouroaa of tha treasury -wo moat roller# It from tha ehargaa eblrb waigh moat praaa lugly od it I rafar to Mm floating debt The two IHAm ' Ifcie 1. I' *Moh T . -. #.u>? >rr***?vl aid '.v. Mch imJM Um tiwnrT. >t th* moment at whloh I took tit* tJaigiitriUH H tb* lluanoaa of th# In h* id w*r* tb* **?) x*. bank* and tb* bona of th* cat ft dt ttrtita, th* * ?? r*y?l Your two doer**# on tha ita> bank* ha** provided In th*ir juat limit* for tb* r*al want* of private Individuals. lor th* patalnl n* **MU*a of a situation whl?b w* ha** not or*at*d. which wa* suddenly left to n*. bat whloh w* liav* loraliy ac**yt*d A* to th* tarn du trwr,l did not submit any dlr?*t proportion t ' tha g v?rt,ment of the republic. My immu wu thi* -Th* aaamlusticns at ono* rapid and profound ol th* didtraal element* which than son poa*d th* g*u*ral *itnation of tb* eouatr*. flnanetal and political, had (Iran to m* tha aaaarano* that th* i?*? du i'at eoulJ *uco***lv*ly b* withdrawn from circulation It *pp*ar*d to that tb* go**rom*nt of th* r*pnbllo ooald a*l fall to obtain for a good na*, th* faeilltiaa whloh th* falUn go**ram*nt *o laig*ly aboard I thought that som? *f th* tuna m**t Immediately ll?bi* to b* *ia*t*d ooald b* po?tpon*d to 1*** dIAaalt partada and I lauat tap that torn* offer* r*a?h*<l aa* spontaneously In thl* altnatlon I pr*po**d to yau aal yon d?cid*d, that th* payment of th* i">< dm It no should not undergo any modideatlon In fa?t. sine* th* day *f th* installation of th* rapnbhe. w* ha** paid # 44 uOd 000 f. of ktnt du frd**r. ?** wa day* past, unfortunately this p*r*p*etir* ha* b**a aomawhat troubled Th* eonfldane* which began In rw?pp*er haa caa**d An unfounded dl*qui*tud* haa tamp-jrarlly prevail*! The examples of tnt?llig*nt patriotism glran by *om* man bare found fbw Imitators AU th* bona felling du* ha** b*d to b* paid In sa*el*. and It la to b* faarad that It may ba th# aa?aa with th* sum total of what still remain* of amlaMM previous to th* aatahiuhmant *f th* rapublle Th* danger which you d**ir*d to r*mo** exist* then In all Its Intensity 1 propos* to you t* prorida for it daflnlti*aly. by d**ld>ng that tha Minister of finance shall b* authorised to o(*r to th* holder* tb* oon**r#iou *f thatr bona In r.out oae of tha national loan, ranta 6 par aot at per. or tb*ir adjournment for all months, from tna dar ar railing dua If Me prortitonal |iv?rnm?ot abudhd adapt thr in*n*?r? -.hli h I hn?? tba honor to *ubniit M it, tba following will ba for tha futura the attention or tba ioatlog dabt: -On 34lh Kabru.ry it wm m7i om *)??, br our dacraa it will ho raducad to 447,1*7 *00f. namaly:*?l,l?7.?00r A aatint of tbo fundi a I moat %nm?hUiii in tho tranaury. lucb a* tho fundi of the comoanM and public aatabliahm?nU. Inrulidoo da la Marino adrauoaa of racairan ganarni. he nddad to IM.OOO.DAAf. i.atimal* of tha aunia llahlo to bo damandad. both in monay and *aa# rfu frooor at four month* and lis month*, and from tho taringi hank la Ttrtno of tha loot docroo. 447.lA7.MOf ' Yonaoa, eitlaan*, that thlo man*uro, whiah tho moot coapatant man agrao in daaandtng. only raally injuroa a rarr amall nnmbar of raapaotabla Intoraoto I do not faar that thoao mUreita will oomplam of It- Tho Baca ?aiiy of aoorificaa 1* fait by arary mind and a Tory hoart. Wa hara damandad tham from tha amall aapitaliata who aupply tha aorlnga bank*, wa now damand tham from tba proprlataro, wa daman J tham from tradaoman and marehan.'a Would It ha juat that tha rlehaat ahoold aaeapa from tba nommou law 7 You do not think It, and thoy would not daairo It It U, baailao, of nolaarial inu rant that ordor ah all ba ra aatablmhad In tba Qnaneaa Whan, tha raal aula of tha traaanry baing plaoad in full light, aolid and durabla ordar aball ba aaan to ralgn tharaln? whan you ahall hara dominatod thi* criaia witch hat I a* tad. baooming mora oggraratad arary day, for four yaara?whan you ahall hara Improrad tba lot of tlia poople by tha daralopamant of labor-whan you ahall hara giran to all Intaraata and all rtghta tha aaourtty which ii du? to tham ?do not doubt that tha rrpuhllo will oarry off with a high hand. by tha aoraraigu powar of truth. ooufiJenca. n naomant rahalltoua. Alraady ha* tha public eonarlanoa ni l* a iuit diriaion of reiponaibility. To tba monarchy tha dlahooor of tnarttabla, imminant bankruptcy. To tha rapunlia tha honor of baring aarad Krauca from this brand of ibama 1 buva tha honor of aubmitUDg tha followlna darraa to your approbation. tiAH.NlhH PAUKS " " Die nan M Thff nMtffidftnnl crr>*arnman* nnnffiilffriflff * hat Lhft lata govarnment ha* bo-1neathed to tb* republic float log d?bt whieb on b'ehniary -4 *mountad to not lee* than 873 OOuOOO. nond tennr that ben* rayewo. part ot wl'iob hara already bean paid by tba treaawry of tba republic, Agora in the loot ng dabt for a nam of 374 bib IKitlfr ; oofi-ideriof that theae teat are in treat part tba property of ?apitalif!a, whnoa Iniareete ara not b"sad np directly With thoae of Indnetry and ooaaaarca. oonaidar iDf( that tbeaa tea* will not be mat lie In tna ban 1* of tba hoidrra, ainea they bair IntaraM at lha rata ot A par oant, on the proportion of tba of >laaooa daeraoa a* follow*: "AM. I. That from tha date of prowulgtlion of & preeeut decree, and until tba doaiaion of the National Aeeemoly, tha holder* of ben* rayee* eroated prayiomly to the 34th February. IM* aen be atahaagad for r.rnptm of tba national loan la A par aanta met* at par la oaaa thin *i-baa?o (hail not be nooeptod, thaae ban* hall ho rolmburaed by tha traaaary la ?pea la, la *i* month* aftor they fall dna "Art 3 JJen* Wu I * ?> l??ue'bv lha depart man t of finance etaaa tba aalabltahmani of taa rapubtlo afainat pecle, or to ranaw ben* wb.ab hnva tali'a dna. rhati ba dt jor* repaid In legei more* " Art 1 Tha M.nlatar of b'laaara I* ehorgad with tba axacutlon of tUia decree ' Taian Ririit "Cltis*a*~You ha** daelaad I That tha dim **>?.* roouroat of tha treaonry ahall ba angmaatad. 1 T l??' tba ehargoa which praa* M m a?ed,atoly Ml tba ttaaaoa* of tha rapahlie ahali ba .iminlahed von hara . edoptad tbeaa meaeuraala rrbor to lafewd tho tntepoa- ! tawi of tho iwpwtdto, aad to paoatta it with tha aiaaa* 1 of d?ralopenient whiah il a axil* Tba moaev wbub yao , vu 1*111 uuiui WW mum 10 m? unwi| niiipnw < ? win and fruitful otrrnlatha ?a (fane* >i ?m ??ef y i whtra. and the remedy ought 1e b? k^ iid e?ar> ?k?n al?o I b?r? the bono* of ubautUeg ( f"mr apt-rube . Ion the folio win* daeree OtiniH Ftiil * Decern.?The preriateael |twuMti eeeing the decree 4tt?4 tbia day, deatdiag iba tiapaaiag M MMM a J Jltleoal oa Iba lour direct lenaa; aatalanui that aw of Iba 11 rat Jattea o' tba foraraulas' of Iba lapablia ta to apply a ran ad 7 U> tba aaila whleh fr r towr ytan baaa dee datedagriculture,aiaaalaaturaa aad eew?e?erra aa..aiilarlag that tba Boat urgent aa aaalty of tbeae ibraa ata maata of public aeeith la aradll. coeeMertag tbal aod of tba eeieMlahmrnta of private aradit ere at pa aant perelyaed; taring that It ta of fpartaaaa ta apply manafact ur*ra tba aaaai of arlag tba taatla uatioo of worb ta tba a ami arena werkaaee mpleyad ? maaufactorlaa dearer* ? " Art 1. A auai of M M? ooof la plaead at tba dlepoaal of tba Mtnlatar of flaauca Art 1 Tbia aum of 00 000 00<H ball ba din lad ba twaaa tha diffarant r,, wbi.-h in tb? Wrau aad aooordlog to tba diapoaittoaa af aar datraa af ttb March, will ba aaceaaalraly f> ru? 1 at fena. tba depart maata, In all tba great aaatraa of agriaailara ataaafba turaa. and ooramaroa. " Art. I. Tba dirtaion ahall ba baaad aa tba paauiiar nature and the proportional tin port aoaa af tba weota af looalltlaa "Art. 4. Tha member of tha proriatoael goraramaat Mlntaterof Finance, la ohargad with tba aiaaatlawaf tba praaant daoraa. " Done at Taria, la goTernmeat coaocll, tba Idtb March." (Signed by tba mambra of Iba proruloaai gar ara meat) Tha National Guard* of Taria baaa atartaJ a ji ureal of their OWD, antltlad L'Ordrt, Jjurna! der dferda# Aatfixalu Tha (lrat number appear*-1 oa^ tba lath ta?? , and tbe programme la dated from tba Clab of th* "*tionelOnarda Tba aaddan appaaranaa af a apealal organ of ao powerful a body, ta not m um?p ?rtabt af" ? tha turn thing! ara taking la Fraaoe. LD. ?? ? _ .? The flnuicUl Podtlon af ITmn^TIm It J33 porta of tka Mlnlotar of ytnanw. FrrncK Rtfuili*"?Liberty. Equality, Fra'unityPabii, March V Report aaade to the government oa the financial at taction of the rapahlio bp the Mlnlatar of Finance, a mcaabar of tba provlaional government. The country wiabaa to know tba troth aa to tka real atata of Ita flaaaaaa. Tba prortaioaal government ot tba republic la dealroua to atata tba troth. It la Ma duty. Ita interact, ita right- The goTernmeot will tall tba aotlra truth, without hatred, without fear, bat likewlie without reservationI antar oa the facta. public bibt. On the I at of January. lfi4l, the capital of the pub lio debt, the goTarniaant atook belonging to the ainklor fund bring deducted, waa 4.'2C7 31S.401 franca Oa the I at of January, 1848, it amounted to ?,179.844,730 frauea. Far trom taking advantage of eolong a paaoo to reduce the amount of the debt, the laat adminlatratlon augmented it in theae auormoua proportlone-912,3J9 33* Iranca, in aeren yaara! BtJDOITi. i n* nuugeis rouowau m* progression or inn aeuu Those of 1810 to 1830 amount to 1,014,014 000 francs Th* tip Urn of th* credits placed at the disposal of tha Mian government to tha year 1947 amount* to 1,711.079,1391' #lc. Notwithstanding tha snccesclv* increase of the receipt*, the budget* presented ench year a considerable deficit. The expenses from 1940 to 1847 inclusively exceeded tha receipts by 604,filii,000'. Tha dvflalt calculated for th* year 1849 is 49 000 OOOf, without counting tha additional ohuptnr of supplementary and extraordinary credits, which will raise tha total amount ef th# budgets ta the charge of tho last administration to o >t am.ooof. rUBI.IC WOHKI. Tha public works heedlessly undertaken stmultn ncausly, to all points of tha territory, to satisfy or to encourage electoral corruption, and Dot with that reserve which prudence so imperiously commanded, have raised the credits to 1,(11.090,OOOf From this sum arc to be deducted the sum* reimbursed by th* companies, amounting to 100,000.OOOf; th* laet loan, 8 4.000,900f. making to*ei her 141 000 OOOf , and tearing a balance ol 939,000,OOOf Out of this sum 415,000,OOOf has been expended out of the resources of th* floatiug debt, and 404,000 OOOf. still remain to ba expanded on tb* completion of the worka. FLOSTIItU (1ST. The Heating debt inoraaaed lu proportions not less con siderahle. At th* commencement of 1991 it reached an amount of abont 150,900,0901 At the date of the 30th of February laet it exeeeded 970,000,099f, to which Is to b* added th* geearnmant stock belonging to the sayings hanks, 191,009,OOOf., making altogether 97l,000,000f Under such a system th* position of th* central ofloe of tb* treasury oould not often be brilliant. Daring the lis days of its axlatenoe the fallen government expend d more than 194,900,OOOf. beyond Its ordinary re loarees, or 1,100.000 f par day. In order to defray these * expenses the govemmenr of theex-klng Jrow from three ources, produced by reyal boada, a loau. and the seringa hanks. From tha 11th of April, 1947, to tha 99th f February. 1949, tha treasury bonds Issued Increased feA*. GA lUAlk rwiftf tn tor, AAi? nam The In.tnlmnnls r\f tkse loan oontracted on the 10th of November, 1847,paid Into the treasury amount to 03,000,0007 It la not yet known whether the remainder of the loan will be realleed What la certain la that the treaaury bonda moat be paid Aa to the aavings banka, everybody knowa their deplorable hlatery. Of the 356,000,0007. paid inte the banda Of the Ute government I oan And only 80.800,#80f. paid Into the treaaury. The remainder waa dlapeaed of In the fnrohaae of government atook or ah area. Whenee It followa that the fallen government rendered it impoasible that it oould reimborae the dapoaits, If oalled on. Suoh, eitizana, la the real flnanolal attention whioh the monarchy bequeathed to the republte. The republic aooepta it; but it la urgent that a remedy aheold be applied to the evil. Bat In what manner? What mnat be done to iniure the working of the different branohea of the euhllo aervlee?te eatabllah publle ore (lit on a really aoltd baaia?provide for the oontinnation of the publle worka undertaken, and ameliorate the eondition of the people? Wlae, energetio, and prompt meaaurea muat be adepted. The following are tnoae I have already practlaed, or that I have the honor to aubmit to the decision of the proviaional government. anvaina rune. The alnklng fund ought to be maintained. It is an engagement oontractad by the State with ita creditora.and thia engagement muat ha fulfilled. But the fallen government had diapoaed of the reeerve of the ainklitg fend in advance. When government atook fell below par, we were rrduoed to the alternative of either suspending ibe public worka in order to eentlnne the operetioaa of the alnklng fund, or to allow the pnhlio worka W prooeed by giving, aa hitherto, Treasury bonds to the alnklng fund in plaee of eaah.* The latter conrsO|had the double advantage of securing bread to those who had nan vim and f\f lnnwlns m/vwm fhsit hMl AllAf l.dhff In 8?uaU la the troainry. Ik tu a oourae lmpeiionaly demanded by oiraumatkBOM, and I adopted It. 1 kara determined that tka tiaking fund ahall continue to reeelvo treaaury bond* In plaao of apaola. tbiiluit lokm. Tha koada laauad amounted, oa tha 34th of Fabraary, 1S4S. to S19,8*i,oeOf. A certain number of tha boada ara at a abort data: bat In ganaral tbay ara regularly diatrltrtbatad aver tha different montha of tba yaara 1849 and 1 MP Tha aoUaotloa of tazaa la being aoeompliahed with the great eat facility. Cltlaena in their patrlotiam eonalJe* ft a dntr to earry to tha traaaory tha aaioaat of their taxea for tha onrrant year. Tba payment of the treaaury bonda la aaaorad. I merely propoee to fix tha lataraat an all, without diatinetion, at 6 par oaat. avinoo annua. Notwithatandlng tha moat anargatio rapraaantatlona, tha govoramemt of tba ax-king rendered It impoaalblo that It ooald maintain Ita engagements with tha credltora at the Malaga banka. The pledge damaadabla at plaaaura waa no longer free in thair haada. Whan I teeamed tha direction af the flnaaeaa of tha State, on tho afternoon af tha 7th of Mareb, tha property of tho depoaltora waa plaoed aa follow* "Ia tba Traaaory at 4 per Cant , M,703,#2#f. 40a. In 6 par Cent. Government atoak, 34.10?.130f. 36c ; in Go eraaiant 4 par Cent, (took, 303.3l6.17if.; in 3 par Cant. Government etook, 31 <>84,447f. 03e.; In abaraa of the foar canal* 14,059.130f.; In aharaa of the three oanale, 4,818,3l8f Sis , making altogether 365,0S7.717f 33s Perhaps the new government might have laid to the eradltora of the aaviog* bank*. 'Such la the pledge whieh tha governmeat left ua in whloh yon placed your oonfidenoe? take it " Snob a mode of reaefylug a oooaidarabla difflenlty waa not nnjuat It waa aaay. Wa hay# rajeatad It. Government aaonritlaa being now depreciated, the owanaraof dapoeita la tha raving* banka wonld have had to affar a lorn mora or lam conaldarablo, and wo did not wuh to impote itich a loan on them, Bnt, after a rapid 1 .hw !>!._ -f j-ra-lf or?, w* diecavarad thai tha am all aums belonged, 1b gan ral, to a##dy aitlian*; that tha large deposit*. pnrticuulaily la the department*. are tha property of famlllea mare or laaa In aaay elreumatsucee, who frequently lo lad tha liaalta of the law by dividing their depoeite under aavaral baud* Wa have dlaoorarad that though tha former, In withdrawing their depoelta, obeyed tha dletatoa of aeceeaity. tha latter gave a proof of their ealpable 111 will or their iajarioua mietruat of tha republlcaa goreraaianf. Wleblng to raaompanae thoaa who ahew aa enlightened confidence, I have already determined that the Intareat oa the depoelta In tha aavlnga baa ha aball be raiaad to 5 par eant. VTUhlag at praaant to conciliate at the eaine time the good feeling whloh tha dietreeaed dapoeltora iliiplay toward* the government w ith the Import?** nacoaeity of a aituatloa whlah wa have aot created. I propoa* ta tha provialanal govern sent to da*ernio? 1 That all depoelta of lOOf. and laaa 'ball be repaid in fall la caeh 3. That tha dapoaita from IVII la I'Wtf ahall be repaid ae follow*: Vi?. lufif In caeh, eoe barf of tbo *urplu* In ttMaury bonda at four month! data, bearing Intereet at 6 par cant, and the other In ! per aent government ?toek at par 3 That tboaa aeaouate which exceed looof ahall ba repaid a* follow* via IOOf in raab .on* half af the aurplua in traaaury bon 1* at all month* data, bearing intereet at & par aent, and to* ramalulrg half la ! par eant atock at par. Tbo gratuity of public lunation* ? an arlatoeratie Ineiii at a 1 be admiMibldty of all aitlzanet* all employmeat* implla* tb* idea af a jnat remuneration. T a rapublla w>?b?* to b* well aorvad, and It will r* aerate *alt*My tbeee who will levota to It tbair Intel Itgenea aad tbalr time Public fnnctlone ahall hence fei b be a raol eerier where tb* intelligent, the leaion, aad lb* bowaot will oat have to vletd tha peaoodanc# to lb<oe more hivhly potmmaad Let lh?f? ? no longer any elaeea'e* bat a few pub ic eerva eall pald?auch ball he*-?f. rwaid be tha principle and tha role of the re, w * xeveramaet I pr> poaa. tbarafor*. to tha - i ueLt l. in in ,i |rMpin that the b?i of emi-toymaaie ehali to rodueod in a large propor lion and bat tbair an.arae enaii befflsed on a now bail*, hoab. elite#.? u ui emmili ot tha uieaeuree whloh appoar ?? ma 'be met antubla and eBaaeloua to prevent tbo aob from being withdraw a from tb* traaaury with ger-ae -a, > i.ty I muet now awbmtt to yen another oriee . f trvnooitinna aaiewlalad to draw nib Into tha to m ' * * *U ** ' ** *r**t*r ??*40laaiaaaaa* or rmi ? ). Thaaa 'tlwk.M, ?f ikwk royalty hi J maroly tha dm, halaag ' Um ?<M? rh. *i?ar fiat* ImhI la tha Tailartoaaad id th*othor r**ai '?<m* dim hoK-aga te It It ha* right ta 41aa# H Mt tlu *harg*i aalah ife? failaa t? a??ty la o* tha fit'at* rr.irMii of to* rtyuMio giro thla yolttiraJ *oa*oro tha ikMMtir of on aaylolioa I yropaea 10 too a karroo that tho Vlaotir ot rtaaaca a iutkor,;i4 I To lir^oaot too rrooi JioaoaJa Mtko prtoa liot m tha* In iworo roioiri I. To oourort ids. i .ou.T iMr oaks t-oonog Uo oOgy of tk* royablia tho ai'iar p ot. aal lagota feaad ol tho rallortaa. ao4 te ho othor root Iioiii o... *?>o4 to tho loUoa 4> uaoty by tho la* af iaj, rago ouag tha tooll 1M II la to bo aotoiMI thai all olyootDof art aro *iaoyto4 fraa tbia ?ow*ra aa rai w?n?? in. Liar. By tha Mat of tho Onroo yaa tofi *aui<l. tho pro yirty af tho ta oai am liahoa iotarno4 to tho 4aaaln af thi "??: ihU property which hoa booa olrlotly MIOMIJ ha* tDMiMiMiy para*J rroa tho auotoat hiwg* to Ibo t.aparug, float tho l.ayoror to Lotah ' * V111 or I t hariaa X at (Mai thoio to tho oa lllag. Loah rau.fpo ir tto Mi?>a ha toaMHtoa. ia4 by tha Maaaor a Ita oJ an out ration M oppaara alwaya to await a now alitor la o Ooatoo ooial a rtow, taf paUay w4 af Baaaao.) to : roah roay.iOaiy Uh toag aa4 atroag rhoia af yahUa Mariana aaO to oaoara to tho atato tha naaaraaa wbl< h tha tattaa 4yaaaty ha* no4a*#0 laJtapaaaabta. I propoaa to yaa to taotho that thi Miatata* of Vtaaaoa id ha hatri<iriio4 to adoaato. U ho jo goa it aooaaaary to to 4a la tho torn at . a ot*4 * tha 4o?aaa which fatloo* tha *??4a loa ii ha . ohioa aaayoao tha property af tho oaotoat el nl hot H h aoiratao4 thai tha tiaala railed prtiato la at iifmii ia tha aaaaata, aa4 that ti ttmamt pro

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