Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1848 Page 3
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IB 1 - - -J?!. dudlng, address i fisw word* to hto bereaved oomponton* vbe ore assembled eroun ! tbi* at tor to testify, o' or more, thrir lupect and effictiou for bt? memory Gentlemen, by thla act yon prove your liberality, so just ly b-diting the genuine American character: liberality wbioh ri*es.sup*rior to the dominion of prejudice, and disdains the artifice of misrepresentation ; and you realise the proverb which I selected a* a text " He that ia. Sic " It U not naceeaary for me to urge you to emulate the example of your nafortunate assoolate Thia you are ready to do. But I would remind you ol the necessity of sanctifying purely natural virtue*.by the sacred1 lnflucuoea of religion. Christian disinterestedness should be inure elevated than that of the Roman Consul Valerius; Christian charity mors sublime than ihat of the humane Titus; end Christian Intrepidity niare hallowed than that of the stoic Brutus These virtues, In order to b* agreeable to God and meritorious in his sight, mast bt consecrated by failh and purity of Intention. When, therefore, yon are summoned to the scene of conflagration, when the welkin rings with the warning knell, and the cry of alarm, and the rattling of engines, and the shouts ot multitudes; when there ie rushing to and fro in the orowded streets; when the flame Is crackling, and the atmosphere becomes lurid with smoke, vapor and fire, oh, then?in that wild and fearful oriels? forget not God's mighty presence; oh, then remember that ha is the master of the elements?wind, water, flame, obey his bidding; then invoke his assistance by fervent prayer, interiorly repent of the sine with which your consciences may bs dallied, plnoe yourselves under his omnipotent protection, and then yon will have nothing to leer. Tour exclamation should be thst of Divld, In the 108th Psalm " fire, h?ll, enow, toe, spirit of the storm, bless the Lord." Yea, you stand in need ot God's benediction, when the lite rages, when, in the depth of our cold winters, yon are petted by ' hail," or covered with " snow," or when the waters are oongealed to '?ice," and the " spirit of the storm" is revelling in its fnry. Sheltered by that benediction you will be preserved, as were the children of Israel in the burning furnace, and yon shall be saved, in the words of Jesns, " so as by fire." Bnt should it be the dispensation of Providence that any one of you should fail -as loll the lamented Fargis?a martyr to his intrepidity, it bis oonscience has been dulv purified by the dispositions whioh are required in a Christian, he shall be blesstd and rewarded; bleased on earth by all men who venerate virtue and admire genereas deeds, and rewarded in heaven by the eternal Arbiter ef human events, with a guerdon ot immortality and glory. May we not earnestly hope, that he who has so nobly given up his mortal life for his neighbor's good, will enjoy in the mansions of heavenly bliss, immortal eiistanca 1 And Fargis was not without bis faults, nor exempt from the errore and fratltiee of human nature; but we have every ground to oherish the hope that these were atoned for by the sac. i?ce of his life in the oanse of obarity, " which oovereth a multitude of sins;" by his filial love of his parents; above ell, by hie religious eonviotioos evinced in the resolution to prepare himself, in a worthy mannar, for his intended marriage?and by bis other excellent and meritorious dispositions, qualities and virtue*. Yes, we trust with a well grounded confidence, and prey, through the merit* and passion of our blessed Saviour, that his seal may Had meroy and rest," on the dty of tho ooming of the Lord " (porting Intelllgciiee, Tbottino To-Dat at TBI Cent Seville Coubse.? Soma axeeUnat sport may ha axpeoted to-day at tha CsntreviUa, and large numbers will donbtlsss ha In at* tendance to enjoy it. Besldei tha match allndad to yesterday, there wiU be in addition a oontest boiwoon four of tho finost animals that have tried their metal this staoon. The roada are new la fine order, end as the weather promisee to be pleasant, we axpaet a gay turnout this afternoon In the direction of the ooura*. Louisiana Races?Mktaihib Covese.?Friday, April 7.?Jookey Club Purse $30J? two mile heats. D.F. Kenner's oh. f Buena Vista, by im Glenooe, dam by imp. Leviathan?S y. o 1 1 Wm J. Minor's (John Turnbnll's) oh. f Jenny nsoAea k?o imn t awlatkan a# k , HJ UVTMUMU) VMM VI WU1 glBUM UJ Pacolet? 8 y. o. . 9 9 R. Tan Broeck's gr. f. Sally Ward, by John K. Grymes, out of Llibon Maid?4 y. o........ ? 8 dis Time, 4:08 -4:08. Same Dat?Saoond Raoa?Poraa $100-a alngla daah of a mils. Jamea Williamson's eh. g. George Sullivan, by Tatter?*ll, dam by imp. Leviathan-4 y. o. 1 T. B. Goldaby'a eh. f. Sarah Warren, by imp. Belehazser, dam by Imp. Leviathan?8 y. o 9 R. Ten Broeek's oh. f. Taa Roae, by Eollpie, oat of Ledar?3 y. o 3 Time, 9:09K. [AT O Picayune April 8, Oliy Intelligence. Riot ahd Murder.?The upper aeetion of the city laat evening gave pleoe to a moat dlagraoefal aoene of riot and murder. About aix o'clock, Mr. Patrlok Cesgan, who kept a port*r bouae, at the corner of fourth avenuanad Thirty-flrat atreet, waa about closing hia establishment, wben a dog light occurred before hia door. A large party of rewdiea suddenly collected and commenced a moat disgraceful abuse towards Mr. C., because he waa unwilling to allow them in his house to get liquor. An assault waa the result, but he suooeeded In oloslog the door against them, when, by a powerful ruah the door waa again thrown open, and one of the villains struck him on the aide of the head with a cart ruug, which felled him to the floor. There being but few persons near at the time, the assailants took good oare to aatisfv themselvoa that the blow would prove effeotual, and then started off. The ringleader, and the sooundrel who committed the deed, waa pursued by a gentleman who happened to oome up about that time, and seeing he was about to be detected eaught up a atone, with a view to kill hia pursuer, and thereby esoape detection, which deterred a nearer approach, and enabled him to esoape Mr. C. survived about two hours alter the fraoas.mnd no clue is now had who the offender is. That seotion of the city is fasted by a gang ot desperadoes, whose only delight 1s eruelty and barbarity, and no apparent notioe is paid them by the proper authority of the ward. Mr. C. is said to have been a very quiet and inoffensive mnn, and the assault was most unprovoked. Soon after, a posse of police arrived on the spot, and arreated a man who had a club in his hand The Weather?The weather yesterday waa delightfnl, and the air salubrious. The son rose from a cloud less horlsoa, and dnrinf th# day shed bit genial ray* npon th* aarth. The day passed as beautifully as It begum and a beautiful erasing followed, with it* olear moonlight and pleasant breeze Th* Stbsmboat Empire?This steamer la now lying at the Dry Doek, undergoing some repairs of an Injury received by eoilision with a tow-boat at Albany, a few days since Th? bow was considerably damaged, bat has bsen adjusted, and she will take her place on the line to-morrow evening. Tmc Citt Ykste*dat.?The city yesterday presented a gay and lively nppearanoe At an early hour, the balls of the different churohes ehlmed for worship, and many moved toward the sanctuary; while othara, regardless of the solemn oall, spent the time In pleasure-taking scenes. The suburbs and the avenues presented a denee crowd of beings, who had fled from the oonflns* of the city, to oatsh a snuff of the purs air on the heights of the country srouud, and stroll in leisure to the magnificent villa* with which the upper part of the Island Is deoksd On svery hill top, and by every streamlet, reclining la the shade of a lonely oak, oould bo seen fair forma and lovely faoes, whose every look bespoke happy oontentmant. and like the uncaged bird, glad of an escape from it* prison boose, play in sportive glee in pure and healthful oountry air. The olosely walled streets of the city presented a diffeient scene; the man of Ood held up the beauties of religion, while within a few rod* of him, an old woman's only anxiety was that rha might dispose of her little stock of fruit, whioh yet remained on hand. While the minister dispensed spiritual blessings, she dispensed temporal luxuries; he from the pulpit, and she from a goods box in the street The dark cavern* of vie* and debenchery ware filled to overflowing, and the miserable inmates reeled and fell under the weight of the beehanaltan revel. Thcgaalemn funeral trains moved in quick succession, and many were consigned to their lait resting place, amid the sorrowing moans of husband, father, wife, mothor, brother and sister, who, perchance, had Icit the prop of their declining years, or the protector of thoir persons and thalr honor, aud the soother of their sorrow* Though it was the tUbbeth day, tb# sound Of the hammer oould b* beard, whioh Indicated that a suspension in all th# branches of business had not taken plaee. Th* bay was studded with boats, filled with those who sought for pleasure on the deep. The whole oHy was filled with pleasure seeking ami worshipping folks, and th* day passed quietly away, IIU Ik* piCMUICD WOI1 1VI? IgUb V4 Ml bUODtTO?b liUJIUriB of tlM night. Police cl??m,ko ?Ths eauous meeting of tha oommon council, on Saturday evening, resulted io tbe choice oI iom? 160 oommlfatoonerg of deeds. together with tha police and Justices clarke Amongst tha lis'. of clarka wa re informed that Iiaae Batohallar, Mr. Walsh, Mr Murray and Sidney H Stewart are chosen Tbe namea of tbe others wa ware unable to learn. Mr. Stewart ia now one of tha efficient clerks of polloa, and bis appointment Will meet with general approbation Police Intelligence. Snuday ia generally a dull day in polios matters, and yesterday being a remarkable pleasant day, rendered it still mora ?o Tbe only case brought before the magistrate, was a decently dressed young man,who was arrested and brought before Justice Drinker by officer Wilson, from the corner of Canal street end Broadway, on a charge of not paying tbe driver of tbe Bloomlngdale stage one shilling. It appeared from the statement of the prisoner that he got into the stage at the corner of Christopher st and Hudson, with a lady, In order to ride as far as the City Hall, hot tbe driver stopped on the oorner o f Canal and Broad way,whiohis they are allowed to drive on Sonday* Forthi* abort ride,the driver oharged the young man twenty-five oenta, wftleh he refused to pay, and gave the driver ene shilling, the driver demanded nmi shilling more, and In default of tho 'payment, oauesd his arrest by the polloeman, who neoveyed him to the Tombt, compelling him to leave hi* latty in tha street, nnornteotsd The magistrate said he was surprised the nffls?r should have been so imprudent as to make an arrest on so frivolous a charge, of which the polios have no control it being a mere olvil matter between (he proprietor of th? stage and the prisoner. The magij'.Mte at onoe ii'inl??1 th? nemolaint. Law Intelligence. SprKRina Cotjsx, April 13 and 14 Before Judge Oakley?JmtpK IV /Vuif rs Clt'lii ff. -4<f<i//i\ and Jan'i Burnt ?To recover damages for alleged false Imprisonment Mr. Trust waa arrests ! soma time ulnae on a nit for libal or slander, Mr. Adolph bsing the complainant, and Mr. Burns signing the-proespt as attorney In thaeanae Mr. Trust was held to hall It turned out that Mr Burns was not a lawyer, and not authorised to lesuo writs although he waa occasionally employed in the ofiloe of Mr. Major, and tha suit was dismissed. Mr. Trust brings the present sotion, his arrest not having b?en legal The jury returned e verdict for plaintiff of gl?fl against Barns, and $96 against Adolph. The Irish Confederal Inn. To tim Kdito* (? tmk Hrs.i.u: ? Mt D**n Sia: In your paper of this morn ng, there Is a statement, which, in justioa to the body ti whloh It refers 'hmid ha oorreoied It is stated that at tha ra-otmg of the Irish Confederation, on F'ldav sv-ning ' r*pub!'o>irlaro and n hrlg?da for Ireland vrsvaiUd " and that 'the' n- federate* devolved only to m?at ag'ln rrpnbll"auis-rs ol all fcurepa " Mlow me to ray. rlr, es eerter*rv of the Irish Confederation, that such a rourse w>s uot adopted, and that tbe Confederation expressed no such sentiments. Truly yonra, ANBRKW FALLON, Seo'y N V. Confederation N? * York, Merob 13,184tt. BUwi from Yucatan. rTreoilated|<'rom tbe N. O. L* Petri*, Mh Inst ] Campkacut, Mar oh 37, 1R-H. The newspapers from thia peatosal* will inform yon boiler than I con, of the s*d and afflicting condition wbieh thla unfortunate country l< at proaont in I will merely add briefly that the terrible arlla which we are suffering now, are not only owing to tha blind fury of the Indiana, but alao to the disgraceful conduct of oar oil die re These man are altogether demoralised and un(lianlnllnail and oompl-te our work of ruin and destruction In all the towna where the ferocious savages have not done their part. They are bold enough in aaoking, murdering and outraging every body, though like oowarde aa they are,they Uy precipitately before the cruel common enemy. If to this we adj the Intolerance of party spirit now so rifa, tbe aad result of tbia war may be easily predioted. Yuoatan will be a second St. Doml go. This day news has arrived per mall, that Don Miguel Utrbaohano has been chosen governor; thla has given much confidence, aa the course puisusd by Governor Mendex, was the ebief ccoaslon of the Indian revolt. The rememberance ef him will be deeply engraved on tbe reoolleotiona of .thousands who have suffered by this disastrous war. It isaald here that Mendes proposes departing withVria family to New Orleans, there to take refuge from tbe dangers of the Indian war. 1 do not go into tbe sickening details of tha horrora committed by the Indians, as my pen refuses to write them. Another letter from the same place aays, that tha Indians bad possessed themselves of Valladolid and otber towns, and that the inhabitants were all fleeing from Merlde to Campr-ncby, Leguna, Havana, 8to. It waa thought that Mendes retirement from the gubernatorial ohatr, which waa what tha Indiana originally asked had ooma " too lata," and that tha war would atill b? oarried on by tham nntll tha whitaa were exterminated. Commodora Parry atartad to go to the rulna of Palanqaa, bat had returned without reaehing there. Tha yarioua aooounta from Yueatan all ahow that tha country la In a moat lamentable condition. Mall Failures. Tha Southern mall failed at Phlladeldhla, April 19, la, 14 " Northern ' " " Auguata.Oa. ' 9 " ? ?' " Charleston, M 9 ? ? ? ? ? Columbia, S. C." ? " Eastern " " " 8t. Louia " 6 n. Genet, tha Minister from France. New York, April 11, 1849. Ma Editor: ? Having observed tha following article In tha Herald of Saturday, 1 request the favor of you to allow an explanation also to be published in yonr paper, for the purpose of rectifying an error, which, by frequent repetition has beoome a part of American history. "Mont. Genet, the republican ambassador from France, never returned from Europe, but settled in the United State, where be died aoma years ago. His republican sau.1, and the appeal ha made to the people, oreated great feeling at the time, and he was reeelved and treated with much ooolneaa by the predominant party at Washington. In the time of Washington, Jefferson favored him and his principles, but the country was divided on the question."? Rep. of Herald. M Genet did not actually appeal to the people, and I do not reoolleot having seen it so asserted in any of the histories of this country. After having heard the report that he bad threatened to appeal from the President to the people, he determined to Investigate and discover the authors of it, as it was Intended to Injure himself, and to destroy his usefulness to France. It was attributed to many eminent persons, who each denied tt, In turn, until Anally It was alleged that Mr. Dallas waa the author of It. He denied it, in Philadelphia, In 1798 To prove Its falsehood, M- Genet instituted a suit at law against gentlemen who had published it as a feet. The late Judge Brookholdst Livingston and Col Burr, were his legal advisers Upon the arrival of M. Fauohet, who was sent to supercede him, (M. Genet waa never reoalled as Minister of the French republio,) be oalled on M. Genet, and told him tint he mnst abandon the suit, at the same time handing him three letters, one from his mother, and one from each of his sisters, observing that the lives of families of ministers were answerable for their aetions-that one of the gentlemen was Chief Justloe, and the other Attorney General of the United States? and that It was disagreeable to the United States government, and would be injurious to the interest of France, and compromise his family There was no alternativehe withdrew the suit, thereby depriving himself of the power of justification, end retired to private life, always maintaining the falsehood of the statement. ,Yours, very respeotfully, GEO. C. OENET. Gu. Ma. Editor:? In joor paper of yesterday I* noticed a letter signed " Justice," in whiota a new, and one,may say, a mat discovery is made, vis : that New York city is lighted with gas. "Juetioe" Informs us of this in his letter to yon; oat the thing is quite new to ns, New Yorkers who pees along the dark streets of an evening. How very pleasant it would be If odd could make the same discovery in the streets which " Justice" has made in his letter to you? " Juetioe" also informs us that the oustomtrs of the gas companies have to pay for the illumination by gas which lights up our streets ! If so. this if a new system of oity taxation. Perhaps it might be carried out further for tee benefit of the oity. Thus, let the oustomers of the butchers provide meat for the Corporation ; let the buyers of brooms pay for sweeping the streets ; let the customers of the tobacconist sapply pipes and segars to the Corporation, fco , to. This would be fhlr and honest, if the purchasers of light have to pay for lighting the city. JUSTICE, Bait. This la tlie Season or Advertising In N?wipapera of other cities, towns and States. Valuible informs lion and a choice oi the b-st papers can be had at the Ageucy o' V. B. Palmer, in (he Tribune Bnildinga. who it rmlioriied by th? proprietors ef th* moat widely circnlated journal! ef the whole country, to receive and receipt fir advertisements and subscriptions To Seminaries, Cope es and Public In tiintions, as well as Merchants. Manufacture's, he., this agency pre entt n c nvenient, safe an complete opportunity for transacting business. A bit of cities anil townsiu which niuM.M..nkl..l..J U- .... .1 ... ?. .k.. A they cau basesn aud eximtned t?r<ni aicertaiaed and impor tant practical informatioa obtained of the Ag*nt who ie prepared to w nt on thoae who see proper to arail themselyes of his services. Oerrl'i Great 8alc?rhi attention or the public is particularly called te the great sale of rich marble statuary, fountains, mantel pieces, vasts, bronze, marble lions, weighing two tons. Ac. kc, which will be medebr H. H Leeds, A Co., on Wednesday, the 19th of April, 1849 at 193 Brosd way, between Nintrenth and Twentieth streets at half past 10 o'cloek All who are fond of works of art, had better call and examine the goods before the tale on Wednesday next. Diamond Pointed Gold Pens, $1 Id5 only, silver pencil-case inclu led, points warranted not to corns off A large discount to dealears J. W. ORKATON It CO., Tt Cedar street, hare recently made great improvements in tbeir pens and cases,and are now selling the most splendid article that can ba found in the market, at reduced prices. They cell superior Pens tower than others are asking for their inferior Pens. O.Jd Pens and cases repaired. Gold Psns?Olamond Pointed?Great Re. duction:?II vou want the best and cheapest pea to be found, try a " Richelieu " The points are warranted to stand for fivo years, and for Onenats aud flexibility they are nnsurpasied. Amongst ell the wonderful improvements of this age, noae is mora usefnl or economical than thi* pen. B K. Watson, 45 William street, sod J. Y. Savage, 91 Fulton street, have the txcusive tale of them. Also, all other peas from $1 upwards. Gold Pena?Beers At C fork's Improved Fotin. tain Gold Pens, for teal utility and service, far excel every thing ihat hte heretefore been used. Every dealer should be supplied with them. They carry ink enough to write a whole page, and can be hid oolv of Beers A Clark, (up stairs) 35 John street where also can be found the Pees of all the best makers in the coootry, at manufacturers' lowest set prices, uoiu rrui rrpairca or excnu|i?. Moorhend'a Graduated D*|(n?tle Machine*. Late md imoortant improvements hare placed these iattru menu Tar abeve all others of a aim lar nature The* ar. nor* P'rialila than an? othera; aimplar, too. ret aa powerful aa nnwrildy machinaa of four timaa th? both. No aanataut ia reqiiiedin thairuie, and tha direetiona accompany iua them are ?(? simple that auv one who can read can aucceaafnlly operate them, eolemaanfactarer, D. C. MOOKHEAD, 112Broadway The Plum be National Daguerrean Gallery, on the upper coiner of Drotdwar and Mnrray atreeu, ia the beit place iu the city to ptoenre food piatorei. Thoasat?U ean aiteat to the troth of oar remark, aa wall aa the large colt lection which coreia the wella of thia clebrated gallery. COMMERCIAL A P F A I R 8, HONEY MARKET. Sunday, April Id 0 P. H. The stock market closed yesterday with aa upward tendency in prices. The depressing appearance of things oonneeted with stock operations, created by the prospect ef large shipments of spsois, disappeared jnat before the cloco of tha week*s business, and more fa vera ble lndioationi became Tisibla. There is evidently a great pressure upward in prlees of stocks ; but tha pressure ia at present below the snrfaoe, and tha waigkt above is suffleisnt to keep the market steady As soon as some ef the most embarrassing burdens are removed the Impetus upward will bs auffleient ta carry prlees muoh above rates now ruling. At this seesoa ef the year mere i* usually a speculative movement in tne tanciaa, and the bulla generally reap a harvest which the bean pluck from them aa aoon aa the bnbblea explode.? The upward movement laat year commenced about the of Mny; at thla time In April, 1947, prloee generally were flrat lower than tboee new ruling We annex a table showing the quotation* current at three periods laat year, and the latest price* this :? Quotations roa Stocki in tmc New Ycea M*e?v, Jlpril 15, May (5, Junt 15, Jlpril 15, 1847. 1147 1147. Il4i Traaaury Notes h2 185 188 X iosw PeunarlTsnia 5's 72 71X B2X 7Jj2 Ohio 8'* 91 188 112 92 Ksrmera' Loan ti\ 35ja' SOK No-lb Am Tmat IjZ 9? lfS Canton Co 25* 39X 32* ?SX Harlem 52 5! 84 52X Norwich It Worceater 49X 51 5?K 28 Lone la'aud 27\ 2?V 2? St Stoniufon 4t> 47 55 88 The above table shows that prices on the lftth of June avetagodan advance rf more than Ave per cent within the previous two months With a few exceptions, price* rule higher now then at the corresponding period last year, withont such favorable prospects for an improvement. Tho Importation* of speoie lest year, at this tisne w*re large; the exportation of onr prlnolpnl p?oduots was enormously large, and the element* of proa parity war* in the most healthy condition. The only drawback to the mo*t prosperous time*, was the drain on account o( the war The large loan* required at that Ime by the government, carried away the specie almost as rapidly as our large shipment* of breadstuff* brought it Intotha country, ard the poor prospect* of pssco tan ded Very much to deetroy public cooBJeace, and on ?ettle all the operation* of trad* The 'te*dy intl <x of specie made money more abundent than It h'd been for a lose tfm? be*ire, the elements of ?|.?orittnoo began to develops themselves. For a time tho advanoe in the fancies wm general ; but Anally oornerlng combinations b?up>? visible, and two or three of tbo favorite railroad eecuritiee start, el in edvanoeof all othors. Harlem, and Norwich and Worcester, wars tba favorite bubbles, and they were in dated to an enormous extent Harlem, retched eeventyl'our per o?nt, and Norwich and Worcester sixty-six per oent-the former twenty-two percent and the latter thirty per cent above prices now current. It may appear to many that there is full this margin for an advanoe, in the event of another combination being formed; bat that is hardly possible. The aotual value of Harlem has much inoreased since that time, and holders generally have much more confidence in its ultimate productiveness; and Its market value must ultimately become greater than any speculative movement oreated. It Is hardlv nrobable. hewever. that there will be, thia muod, u; great fletitiona Inflation in prioea for thia atoek; an advance of five or ton par oant may be realized upon ita own lntrinaio merita; bat that Improvement would iadnoe so many to realiae that it oonld not be enatained. Norwioh and Worcester appeara to be in a vary bad way.' Some of ita moat powerful frienda have abandoned it, and othera, who have been rather illapoaed to ball it' have become deaperate bears. Moet of thia atook la held by one houae in the atreet, and the ehorta may get oanght when they little dream of It. So far aa the bnaineaa prospects of the road are oonoerned, they are gloomy enough, and the market price ia about all It ia worth. The oonnection with Naahua may give it an Inoreaae af buainesa, but not to an extent aufflelant to improve Ita financial condition much. It ia in oontemplation to apply for an inoreaae of ten thousand shares of capital stock, for the purpose of meeting the indebtedness about maturing With all these thin;a weighing upon the oompany, we see no Immediate proapeetof any improvement?no basis for even a speoulative movement, or any possibility for a depression in pdoes to any ex. tent. It may fluotuate from thirty-five to forty per cent, and we have no doubt many could realiae at the highest named prioe. Sinoe last April, there has been quite an improvement in Stonlngton Railroad. Sinoe that time the company have declared and paid two dividends of two and a half per oent each, and will pay another of at leaat two and a half, and perhaps three per oent, on the 1st of May, proximo. This atoek is now selling at sixty per oent, and we aee no reaaon why there ahould not be a ateady improvement in its markst value. If the oompany pay punctually semi-annual dividends of two and a half or three per oent, the atook ia worth at leaat ninety per oent; and that the earnings of the road will enable the company to declare such dividends, la beyond a question, even without any increase in the income of laet year. This must be the favorite through route to Boston, on acoount of Ita diatanoe, speed, and comfort, and as suoh, must command a large part of the through travel. Ita loeal travel is extensive, and the opening of lateral roads leading into the Interior of the moat popnlona manufacturing distriote of Rhode Island, will give It n large Inereaae of basineaa. On the flrat of Maj the oonneetlon will be made with the Boaton and Providence and the Providenoe and Woreeater, by which the ferry at Providenoe will be avoided, the time between Boaton and New York rednoed about one hear, and the comfort of trayellera very mnoh enhanced. About the middle of May the new end magnificent ateamboat Connecticut will be put upon the route, to run in connection with the C. Venderbllt, forming a line equal, if not auperior to, any other on the Sound. It le eetlmated that the dletanoe between the two citiet will be eoyered in ten houra. Buoh are aomo of the advantages of thia route, which tend to give the Stonlngton Railroad ita value; and when we take into consideration the reduoed coat of the line, the peouliar poaltion of ita debt, and the economy of ita management, it ia impoieible to doubt for a moment but that the stock, aa an inreatment, la equal to any in the market. Speoulatora cannot do muoh with it; they connot get hold of enough to get up a oomer, and there la therefore, no proapect of any audden inflation in prioea. A ateady Improvement nntil it reaehee ita aotual value, will be realised, when the atook may be more plenty in the market. The dividend* now pay aueh a heavy lutereat on the inveatment, that holdera will not .part with the atoek. The annexed table exhibita the quotationa in thia mar ket for the principal apecnlative stocks for each day of the past week, and at the cloae of the week previona. it will be observed that prices have been exceedingly uniform:? 4U0TATI0RI FOR THE PaiNCIPAL STOCKS Ik THE NeW York Market. fat Man. Tut a. fVed. Th? Fri. Sat Treasury Notes 6's...l0lX 1?S 103X 102V 102V 1#2X New York State 6V.. ? ? ? ? 97 ? . ? Ohio fa MX ? MX 99 ? MX ? Kentucky 0'a ? 9SX ? ? ? ? ?' Pennsylvania S'a 73X 78X 71V 74 73X - 73X Illinois 44 - 44X ?X - ?X Indiana State 5'a S3X ? ? ? ? ? ? Heading HH Bondi.. 57X 57X ? 57 V 57X ? 5?X Heading M'tge Bonda O'l 59 ? ? ? 57X Heading Railroad ... 37 37 37 37 X 35X MX 37 Norwich It Wor.... S5X S5X MX MX 30 35X 36 Erie Railroad,old... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Erie Railroad, new.. 70 7?X ? 70 ? ? ? Harlem Hailioad.... 53V 53X 53 53 53X 51V 53X Loot Island 30X 30X SIX 3IX SOX SOX 31 Mohawk ? ? ? ? ? ? ? StouingtoR 60 ? ? ? ? ? ?. Farmers' Lhan MX MX MX SOX M SO 30V Canton Company... 33X S3X S3X S3X S3 33X S3X Morrii Canal....!!! 10X ? 11 11 ? KJfc "X Vieksburg ? _ ? ? ? ? ? United Htatea Bank.,. ? ? ? ? - ? ? East Boston ? ? ? ? ? ? ? North Am'n Trust... 10 10 ? ? _ ? ? A comparison of prioei ourrent at the close of the market yesterday with thoae ruling at the eloae of the previous week, ezhihite an improrement in Treasury notee of X percent; rennaylvanlaft'a X; Reading Bondi, X; Norwioh and Worcester X; Long Island X; Farmers' Loan, X; Canton Co. IX- Th# movement in coma of tho funolee was to a very limited extent, and In othara not a solitary aala was reported during the week. The reoeipte of the Central Railroad Company of Oeorgia, for the fourmonthaending MarehSl. 1818,were 9198,940 43, agalnet 9183,398 11 for the oorresponding period the year previous, showing nn inoreaea this year of $16,648 31. The number of bales of cotton traneported In the four montha laetteueen, wai 05,619, against 74,079 bales this ssaion. The value of merohandise imported into this district fir the week ending the 14th Inst, inclusive, in eaoh of tho past three years, indspendent of that aent to warehouse, and the amount of duties received for the same period, were as annexed Commbbcr or thi Port of Nrw Yobe?Wksklt Imposts. 1346. 1147. Kit. Free goods 554,311 373,551 49,718 Dutiable foods 1.019,215 3.7*5,159 3,155,373 TotsI merchandise 91,675,536 3,131.719 t,3S4.99i Specie 71,M3 531.344 7,438 Duties received 360,340 663,841 556,7C9 The aggregate Importation into this port from the let three y#iri, tu u annexed Jiprxl 1st f* Utk. 1146 164T. 1641. Toul importation mtreh'diM.$3,051,586 4.810,(16 4.859 916 Do speeie 65 996 1.677,415 48.795 Totals $ J, 137.563 6.488,671 4,303,765 Th* Import* for tha two WMka this yesr have boon more than two million* l**? than for th* corresponding we?k?lnl047. Thi? look* Tory favorable, anil at thi* rate th* ohlpmont* of ipooiemtut *oon cease It make* littlu different* whether w* Import specie or morohan41a* - one ha* to b* paid for aa wall a* th* oth er. CIVY TRADE REPORT. New Yobk, Satubdat Arntawoow, April 15 Thar* continued to he a fair inquiry for Flour for do* meatle consumption. Tha *alo* embraced a fair amount of lot*, consisting of Oonoseo and different kind* of Western brand*, with imall parcels of Son thorn, on term* stated below. If anything, there wae some better tone In th* market Wheat continued quiet Oenosoa *-- -* -a 1 c i in. Akin at will field ( pnm wyiDK irom leo iwa, hu U'? 19*a 130c A fair but I nee* tu doteg In Corn, without materiel change In prfoee Meel we? rather heavy Rye continued about the ?ame 0?U *m Urn Owing to ome Interruption on the telegraph tin#*, #a?t nnd north, we were, up 10 'ho tins of writing thl*. without our u*ual report* of traneecttone in other citiee to-day. In thl* market, pork wu ion* linnet, nod Mo**, of prim* quality *old nt no tdfinN Prime, alio, we* hold et en edranoe Lerd of good quality continued firm, with* fair amount of *ele* Orooeric*. u neuel. et th? clone of the week, were not quite eo entire, while prioee remained about the lame. MARKJCTB HhSBWHEItE. RTOCK kAl.SH. RotToe, April 1.1? Hrokrri Rnarif.?110'ehare* Re'ding Kaiiroed. 1IM; 115 dado, 11^; do Kali Hirer Railroad. ?0; 1 do eatery Railroad, 103'k; 20 do do, I0IK; 1 do do, new, "Old; 10* do Ea*t Boitor Co. Dividend,, No. 4, b00,.1JC <50 do d.? iV H do Pittaborg Copper Co. 00. 1 do > o, thrrn H?il road, lvl) I do Roacn and Maine Heilroad 119 Iteeend Hoard?3 ahare* Boaton and Worceater kailroad, 11*; I *0 V( >n# Vlaaa Railtoa* 7'H; J5d,> Reeding Railroad, II 3-10; IS do do, IIX; t do Northern Kailroad, 101. married, On the 13'h inot , at Newark. N. J., by th? R*v Dr. dontt Berianiir Routine, of thl* olty, to Makt RoMain* of the former plane. At Patrhogue. L I .on Saturday erenlog. April 1*, hy the R?r. Harney Marvin," Da JtMra Miee Care Tueirra, ell of'he ebeve plaee DM. On Sunday morning, the i?ih Inetant, aftor a *' nrt and ra\ -ro tlitieea ot two daya, J.ami Hown.i.. eon of Jemee nd Hanrierta Dally In the eleventh vear <"f hte i The friend* end r?letlveeof the family ere reepeotfnly invited to attend hi* funeral, en Tueeday afumovs, I at half paat four o'eloek, from Mm reetdsnos of hie father, | 461 Greanwioh street. At Matagorda. Iain, on tha 3tnt of Marofa, in the 36th year of hia age, James T Do*ALDaoiv, youngest aon of the lata Janus Donaldson. of thla elty At Brooklyn, on Sunday morning. April idtb, Elliott B. CortLAND, aon of Daniel Copsland, aged 18 yaara and 0 months Their friends, with those of bis brother*, Charles W. and Cieorge M. Copeland, are Invited to attend the funeral, from the house of the former, No 81 Adam* street, on Monday afternoon at half past 3 o'clockI'be remains will be taken to Uiuenwood Cemetery for interment. On 8-tnday, the 10:h Inst., William V. Brady, Jr, only *on of the Hon William V. Brady, Mayor, aged tf year*, 1 month and 6 days. The friend* and acquaintance* of the family ar* respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday morning at'J o'clock, from bla father'* residence, No. 318 Ninth street. The remain* will ba taken to Harlem for Interment. On Sunday morning, the lfith lost, sfi era abort lUneas, Julia, wife of John Starieneker, aged 31 yestr*. The relative* and friends of the frmlly are Invited to attend tha funsial, this (Monday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from No 44 Uold afreet. On Sunday afternoon, April l#tb, Mra. Ai.icb Elizabkth, wife of Joseph W Lamb, aged 'J4 years. The frieuda of the family, and thoee of bar brother, Hugh Caetidy. and brother-in-law, Fianoli Lamb, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, tbia (Monday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from her late reeidenoe, 191 Weat lttth street ?V-in,N MATCHES AND PURSES?CENTRE WtfUlr rille Courae, Trotting?Monday. April 17ch, at 3 o clock, P. M ?Match for S2M. two mde lieata to skeleton wagona A. Couklin nainea br. in. aihephardaaa; Willi.ui Whelan namss btk.g Stranger. At 3X o'clock, pane $30, mile heau, beat three in five, m harnaaa?William Mnrliu eutara a g Medoc; C. Carman entera g. g Emperor; W 8. Weed entera br. g. Telegraph:' K. J. Nodine entera b. g. Young Americua Pacing?Wedaeadav, April 19th?matcn and pnrae $300, mile lieata, beat 3 in 5 under the aaddla?betweeu Village hoy and Woanoke. JOEL CONKL1N. Proprietor. REWARD ? A PURSE, CONTAINING ONE yjr A'tPbill ol $100, and fifty or aiitvdollara in bills of five and ten dollan, wai lost by a lady, probably in the earn, on her p singe between Philadelphia and Oiw Yoik, laat Wadnea day. The above reward wi I ba given to wliomaoever aball return the pnrae. by applying to OHAuLES FL1NTA.M3 Broadwar, Boud atraet tviuae. New York. POCKET BOOK LOST-AT THE BttOADWAY Theatre, 04 Saturday eveaiog laat. a Pocket Memorandum coi taiuing aaum of munoy. The liuder will be auitxbly re warded by leaving the eame with Col Adanu, of the Than trei The above waa aeeu in the hands of a gentleman, who waa euiuinag for the owner at the ch?e of the performance! FOR IRELAND, NOW OH NEVER?THE IRISH Republican Uuiou will mtet on Toeaday evcuiug, the

18th int.ant. at 7J< o'cock at the Shakape -re H r?i, co ner of William and Dunne atrrela, to e. rol men for the Irish Brigade and to take such measures ?s will euinre lor I amid the Diesai as of Republicanism. (Viands of lielaud will be mere, to fratarnite. and to nuite in ona common elf >rt for the rescue of Ireland from all monarchical minute, ny order, CHAULES DAVIES, THOMAS H WES. Secretnr et. WANTED IN THE HARDWARE BUSINESS, A Youu< Man, 80 or 26 years of age, to act aa general Clerk; also a Boy 12 or 14 years old. Address, Post Office Bog. 2191. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa nnrae, or to take care of children, as chambermaid, or to do the general bonsework of a small family. Has no ohjection to go a ahort distance in the eoan ry. Tk. V ?r .'... ?r- -- k. ? 1 - ? not/ A, .. iwiweeew At>piy ui i??r? Third Avenue. WANTED A GOOD GENERAL KNURAVEK-TO a good workman, constant employment will be given, Apple to R. ROBERTS yet Broidwav WANTED. BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Woman. a situation to do ehimber work, and awiit in wishing and ironing, or to do the general work of * small private family, aad has no objection to go a alinrt distance into the com.try. The best of city rsfeiencs can be given Pirate apply any day through the week at 49 Clarksoa street, rear honse. WANTED?SEVERAL YOUNG, HONEST, INTELligant and enterprising men. to solicit subscribers aad collect money for one of the most popular periodicals published in this country. Apply to ISRAEL POST, 149 Nassau street. WANXED-A BOV TO ATTEND IN AN OYSTER saloon. Nona need apply unless acquainted with the businssr. Apply corner of Nassau and Fulton atreeta, in the basement. ArrillT, 1949. HORSE WANTED-ONE THAT CAN RACK OR trot a mile in leaa than three minute* to awargon. Address Y Y Y. Herald office, stating price, which must below. PpHAVELLKRS IN EUROPE-A YOUNG MAN< A A Swim, wishes tn'engage as|trs veiling servant and Conner, with a family gniag to travel ia Europe; he is a man of eipe nance, tad speaks several languages. The beet references can ba given. Apply, if by letter, poe peid, to C. EXERXlEss, 90 Amity street. A YOUNG MAN JU9T ARRIVED FROM THE City of Dublin, where he has lived fur the last ten yeari wuoinsFitainooDiui ioi ireiias. ne now wisnes toioi Waiter m a private family. lit perfcctlr understands the business, which bis papers will testify lor him. 'lheadrertiter can drive and tike the care of a Car auu Horse He|hss uo objection to go in the country, or into alhotel, if r?nch should offc. He his the best of oitr references, naming the branch Consul ol Mew York. Address to " J. T. H,' this office NOTICE-lNDlGENT FAMILIES OF THE JEWISH Perauation unable to purchase Mattas, for the approachtug Passover, will be supplied gratis, on making application t> either of the undersigned L M Morrison, lSl William street; Henry Justpbi, US'!Broadway; A. H. Jacobs, 541 Pearl streei; Committer Batrhelors Bt. L Association VI Rd- PKOSPERE, TO SATISFV THE GREAT M.V vX ny demands which are made apou bar, begs leave t > inf .rm the ladies that she has received a very handsome assortsne t of cutsets from Pant of the uewtst pattern, b'r. m the success she hnealreadr had in fttiiug the ls#|?s with elegance end comfort, induces bar to hope that many will coma visiting her new stock at SI Pad st-eet uo stairs. AMIUON'JJ HPBI.NO HATS, UNI VERSA LLY ADmired lor their lightness and bnilsaney; thev am in every icspect perfectly adapted to the coming warm season. Gentlemen about changing their Hats should look in at AMIDON'S. 177 Broadway. CILOTHlNG-E. DEGROOT it CO.. Ut FULTON ST . y near Broadway, New York, have just opened e Urge autl entire new scock of ready mads spring and summer clothing, which will be sold cheaper thta at eny other store in the cm f ir cash, or they will make to order in the moet fashions hie style, at the following prices, entire suite:?Coat, pints vtsi, (to order) from SM to 116; do., (ready made) Irom klftoftj; business, office and summer coats, from $ I to $1. Also shirts drawers, cravats, stocks, collars, gloves, and every nriKle of Oeutlemen's wearing apparel. Left off clothing and furniture-ladies autl Gentlemen having superfluous effects to uispoee of, inch as vcekiieg appeal, furniture, he, can obtain a fair cash price los the sunt. by sanding for the subscriber, through the post office or otherwise, who will attend at thair real deuces. J. LEVENSTYN, 466 Broadway, up stain. Ladies can be attetded to by Mre. Levetatye. CAST OFF CLOTHING, JEWELRY, FIRE AHMIkc wanted.?Gentlemen or families having Wearing App.,rel, or superfluous effects, generally, which they desire to convert into caab, will obtains fair price lor the same by aendina |#r the subscriber, who will attend them at thair residence* by appointment. A line, sent through the post office, or other, wise will receive prompt attention. H LEVETT, Offiea No. 7 Wall street, corner of Broadwar Messrs kichard kiplinu & bkothehb, im ?r L'.....k b'.n.i, , l ? ? j . ..j p....... Stones, beg leave to inform the trade that they hare removed to 33 Maiden Lane Several new , importations jaat received of Dead Fmiei, Steel Clasps, furse and Bag Tritamiagi, Kane, lie. d~hFFICE OF THE NEW YORK OAS LIGHT COM V/ p*ny, Apiil 10, 1041?The Preeident and Directora have thia day declared a dividend of fonr and a half per eent on the capital etock of thia Onwnr, for the an months ending let February lait, payable to the atockholdera on aud after Monday the lit May next The tramfet book will be cl?sad ftom the 36th inat. to that date. By order. C. L. EVEKITT, Seoretary. Kin CAMPHOR WOOD AND PENCIL CEDAR A vU rronki ? The nnderiigced offers for aale at hii maun faetorr. No. II Gold, Jnhn street hie mnal aaiertinent of Camphor Wood and Pencil Cedar Trnnka, of the largest aixea. and assorted sixes to ueit. The only lure remedy for moth and the like deitrnctive vermin. Alio five eiies of small cut metal money cheats. Likewise an aasnrtment of low priced fire proof wroaght iron safea IKSdK DEL a NO. WOOL TWINE, NAILS, ke.-30,00# POUNDS OF Twine, suitable for fieeee tying: >H balea Cotton Seine; 36# do Wrapping do: 70 do London and Bridport Seme Twine, aaiorted aixea; do Shoe Thread, varioui qualities; 300# eaakiCnt Naili, Brads and Spikrt; 3:0# Iks firit quality Oil ling Twine, 3 and 3 thread. Korialeby CKBRA k CUMING. 106 Pearl itreet. IN PRIZE?NO. 6374?JOHN T. MoLAUOHLIN AND the United Statea, va. One Box of Hpeeie? United State* District Court for the District of Loainana?Monday. February 14, A. D. 1843? Preient the Hon. Theodore H. McCaleb. On motien of C. T. Stewart, Prue Agvnt, and on anggeation to tha Conit that the rriae liat haa been famished him of the officers and crew of the steamer Hnnter, and on lurlher snxgesting te the court that there may b* other persons claiming to ahare a* captors in the distribution of the priae found harain accrning, it is ordered that all other peranna claiming as captora herein, do file their claim*, if each they have, ia the office of the Clem el' thia ourt within (90) ninsty day* from th* date hereof. And it is further ordered, that thia motion be published in the New Orleana Pi-aynne. Washington Union and New York Herald, six times from this date to theexpiration of tke niaaty days. By order of th* Court. N. K. JENNINGS, Clerk rpo DRUGGISTS AND APOTHECARIES?FOR I a.i. Tt. a...L .. j c....... a., .r >k. n 'M Pearl itrect. comer of Crou itrect formerly occupied bp the lata Wm For be a. Slid Store ii not of thi out location in thii city for retail baaineae, being aitaated in s good ihoroag hfara: nd bu llio attached afirit rati Soda Water tradi, with all the aoparataa fir manufacturing the Witir?u Pamp, Oinerator, Oncometer, Copper Fountain. Draft Tabu, Ice. Ite ? complete, and in food worbtnf order The ibnn Score woald be very desirable cm for any peraoe wiahC f to commence the Ding busmen in thi nty, being ratablehid aad favorably known te the public for the lait fifteen yean. For particulars, fce.. immediate application to be made to .Mr*. Forbes, at thi Store. Horsesitkoublkd with heaves, cough, broken wind, or not if coudmon. cm be hi n?h. by K ikbrides Tatteraalla Heave Powders w ifh inawcndarfnl searches ont ductus in any part of the hone's avatem. I U'lfi'i fh' blood lioaena the hide, and gives tone to the Tit' i organs Every h,.r?r ahoald go through a eonrae of thia medi rine ?t thia. the Mr nlt<nr aeaton aa it prerarea him flatly for the atimmer. A Td. flOUOH It CO.. Ht Fulton at Deaf>ks9 cured-i cheerfully complf with the reqoett of Liantrnaut Mcloteeh. to ata e that he waa invalided home, for tola1 deafneaa, and disc ha gas fromhiaaara. While in he* kork, under the eare of Drs. Cattle aad Edwarda, Auriata ha entirely raeoverad hia hearing and haa again returned to hia duty. H MrNEVKX, M. I)., Surgeon; H.B Forcea, Jamais*. Aeonatie Oil,a aare core far luciioeut deafneaa. collections in, and dischr-ges from the errs. Offices ill Broadway; after Mar let fill Broadway DR. COOPER, id DUANF. STHEET. BF.TWEEN Chatham and William ata , haa for the laad fourteen years eujored the moat extenaire practice in private diaeaaea.of aay medical man in New York He can core the moat aggravated caaea of thia diaeaee; and mild caaaa cured in two to fire daye Stricture?Dr. Cooper haa diacovered a new metho?' bv which he ran care the worat form ol atrictnre in from one to two weeka with aearcely any pain to the patient. Conatitntional debility brought on by a ait ret habit indulged in by yonng men Thia, when too freely indulged in, begeu dyapejisia weakneaa of the limha and email ol the back. conlnaion of the iatelleet. and averaioa to aociery A core warranted ia iviry pus oris phdff# No ms?s?r? simI Medical c a id-dr. glover tarer this method ol informiug thoae who have erqarad by letter whether h? had reined from p-aciice, that he still c-ntiaeas fo cure thoae d (Bruit end protracted e?ses of cenatitntional and delicate dnrcaea, which have bailed the akill of phyaiemne of leal aipeneuee Dr. G. would canceially inrita thoae who have suffered from a certain r Haa ,.f i>e raoaa to call at hia office. No t Ann atrcai, where thay win uicvr with a certain, speedy aid effretoal earn Private entrance tbroigb the Miry to the office doar gyii. JACOB * "'Att. AUCTTO?r?H-CATy?LOOur illi of rrii'MTT' Ulin W?r?, Oi-andolei, Lm trad tV?'i ke loiiiiceiiaiiiiy,ii?all u dty drain*. grocera. ' cob H Plitt - ill tell tlnadiy, above, at the Inrae ealee room of er the auction (tore No 13 Platletre?t a general ??a?"tment, -raong which M, < rnteaot Urate nod aectnde IIowed Ulna (Vara, ol AdanV m nnfaelure, of ihe Totqnin, Oregon, Indian Jar, and Arahaaque patterua, ?iz: Ja ?, >aji?er. and Toilet ware, Jngi. Bowla, Cam, ke. Alao Light 81 W war# and White Urauite. Alao Dipt' C war*. .Alao 100 bar>ela and raaea of Preaaed, Klat d and Plain Tumblers, in packages of an to siileen dnzea aach. Alao, from tha uiiuuiaciurer.i Uiihra. Nappies,Uoblats, W inca, But'cr r*latca Octagon and Scalloped Di.hes Salts, l.rmmiadea, Chainpagnea, Koater and Aloany 1 uoib'era, Cantors, Lam pa, Caudlesticas, Laataroa. Decanters, : ight Lamira, Ormolu and Ail car liiraudolra Bohemian V??a Kielily Dcrora'.cd l "loguca, Luatrcd Kmboaaed China Tea Seta, Molaase* < nus, Preeerre Dishes. fc:gg and Star Nappies Alao, fit atd Yellow Chambers Dipt and CO. Juga, Paiutad Teaa. Cheese Snuda, Sponga Dishes, Soap and Bmah Trars, kruit Platea, ?ud l.aka do, l uaurda. Muatardi, Blue a'dge 1'willcra Alao, ioo aet Knives and Korks and Carvers. Alan, not in ' aialngee, 110 dozen l.natred Kaiaed kigured Juga, iu lota to aim pureh-.eis. I.atalognes nre now readr ?t'.he hui I.ou r,, m. HKNKY H LCICOS. AUCTIONKKR.-OHIC ATS A LK of marble mantela, statuary, garden fouutaiea, taiai, pedestals, centre tables,scaglioli and plaaterol Pana ornainenta, litotes, kc ke H H. Laeds k Co.. Will aell at auction on Yreduesday, April 19 h, lltt.atthe eatabliahment ofO taviano Our I, Sculptor, No. 19! Broadway, halweeu I9ta nud :0ih ttreati, at helfput 10 o'clock, A M , the entire ainck o'apl.ndol mantela nl Klizabethenn, Lome AIT, Oothio. Human Urrciai, and Composite patterna, aui'anle for the tnaat ripensive as well as the more economical dwelling. varpngiura lue from.ten dollaia lo eight hundred dollaia each. Alao. pleadid maible tigurea, fountains, anme ol which -re 9 feet high, a pair of liona, of Camrtia, oyer $ leet long, gr< upa embracing aoine chute and brautifnl (if ures from the rhiaela of anperior artiata of thia country and Italv, well worthy the at leutioii of ihe admirers of the Fine Ait*. Al*n, vases, tables, fee fee. They will be arrauged for evamination on Friday, Tih inat., until the day of ?ale Hale prrr inpMpy. HOMER MOfel.'AN. AUSTIQNEEH.?ELEGANT Carved Rase wood and Mahogany Furniture?8 WIFT fe MORGAN will aell at aoctioa ou Tuesday, April 19th, at It o'clock, at the ha use No. 16 east 11th atreet. a few door* Weal of Union Park, the entire furniture, made too der by Deaaoirand Hhipinau. consisting iu part of Sofa*. Ccutliea, Divans, Arm Chaira, Pa.lor Chair*, Hocking do, Book I. aaaa, Sideboard*, Dining. Breakfast. Work.Pier aud Sewing Tab'ea; China aud Glass Ware; Roy I W;ltpn Carpels mid Uoga; Pier Glasses, 94 * 32: Ua* Burner* Biuaiela and Ingrain t arpcts. Oil Clotha, Hat Stands, Hall Laiape, French Bedstead*, WMllllMfe, fee., fee. JW. BROWN, AUCTIONEER. GENTEEL Household furniture ? J. W. BROWN will se'l on Tuesday, April It at It o'clock, at No. 110 Grand atreet, the furuitme of a family declining houaekeeping, compriaing carpet*, oil cloth, parlor aolaa and chalia, cane seat do, accretary and book eaae, centre and eaid table*, chainbar furniture, kc. Alio. >be kitcheu furuituie, with which the aale will cnmmance. Jy. B. BOOERT, AUCTIONEER-ON TUESDAY, Spril 18. at It o'clock, at ihe Store 93 Jubu atreet, Catalogue aale of Crocaery. Glaaa fee compriaing an entire invoice of Flown Blue Ware juatarnved, conaiat ug ol Dinner, Tea aud Toilet Ware, Jugs, Bowl*, fee. general aaaorimeat; alio, re, dipt and yellow Iroualone Ware, tugelhar with a large aiaortmrut or Ctlass Tumbler*. Wiuei, Lampa. 1'itchera, tiowla, Salt*, fee.; alao, an aaaortmrnt of Girandole*, Caaiora. Bouquet, Holders, Iota, from lb* shelves.tu suit retailers aud grocer*, hale poa tivr. HE. WILLAKD, AUCTIONEER?WILLIAM W SHIRLEY, Saleamau?G1 i?a aud Crockery Tin* day Mondav, Aptil 17ih, at tea o'clock, at ihe Anction Room, No. t Cedar atreet. near Pearl. 3l)? casks, barrel*, and b xea of preaaed tluta Tumblers. beat and *e< onrla; ealta Bird Boiea, Cone Lantern* fee ; alao oilier good*, nud new pattern blue aud gilt toilet aud dinner a?t*. Sal* positive for cash JAMES COLE. AUCTIONEER.?V4LUABLE WILliatnabu'g Property at Anctrou?Positive hale?l ine* Cole will aellat auction, oil Tuesday. April I tin, a' 12 o'clock, at the Merchant's Eichange, New York, 3 lot* on soulhwrsr corner ol South 7th aud First streets; 7 lota on north aide of North 7ih street, between 3th and 6.h streets; 1 Iota on sou'h side North 10'h atreet. between lit aud 2d streets; llutuortn side of North 9;h street, between lit uad 24 atree a; I lot CM souih east corner 6th and North Jlh atrr etc; 1 lot "eat aide 6th street near 6th street; 2 lot* ou south side North 5th atreet, lull feet west of 6th street; I gore lot ou north side North 5th street; 2 lots on south west side North lOth street, 53 feet west of 6ih street; 1 large gore lot adjoining; 3 iota on north aide of North 9th street, 56 feet west ofSih street; 2 lota on south aide do. 150 fert weit of ?th street; 1 lot on went side North 9'h street. loo feet east of fih street. Terms?A large part of the pnrehaae money eaa remain on bond and mortgage. For maps, fee applyatthe office of the auctioneer, 43 Fulton street, Brookly n, or E. H Ludlow, he. New York. XTO. 52 PIERHEPONT STREET, BROOKLYN. 1^1 " * :tl I -.a. T tfl L A .... I A 1 JID?l/VI? Will ?fll ni nucilllll uu I ucsun, , IB II u, at 12 o'clock al the Merchant's Exchange, New York, the new thtee story brick house with attie and slate roof, on south sida of Pierrepoot street, about mid war between Hn-ks and Henry streets, one of the best locations of the c ty; the neighborhood is built up and the house is surrouitded by some of the best residences and improve.nenta in Branklyn. i h? house is built in the best manner, and is 2) by 44 feet: lot, 16 by 100 leet $6000 ol the purchase money can reiuaiu on mortgage at 6 percent. The house can be seen by applying to 8. Cahoone, after 3K oclock, ou any day, at his office in Mon'ague streer, near r'liotou. Auction noticic.-r. j. todd will hell at Auction, on Monday morning, April 17th, at 10 o'clock, in Franklin avenue, between Park and Myile, Brooklyn, the bauds-,me Furniture of a gentleman reinuviug. comprising a s eneral assortment, trom cellar to attic; the goods have been used button months, and ate as good as new. Terms cash. C?talosues at sale Auction notice?h j. todd will well at /taction, without reseiye, on Tuesday morning, April Uth, at II Willoughbv street, near Jay street. Brooklyn, the entire handsome Jkurniiure, all mike t.< order, well kept, iu good condition, 'the sale is well worthy of public attention, as it embraces a very gearrat ysristr, and will be sold wit'iout reserve Wee sdyer'isemeut in another column Auction notice? elegant.and fa-hionabin rosewood and mahogvny furnitnre, o( the ord-r of Lnnis XIV. XV, Klizabelhm. he , beiug ilia sntireslock of Messrs. Uixnu It Stoney, at No. 666 Broadway A. C. TUTTl.K will sell at anctinn on Tuesday, Apssl llih. at 111 o'clock, u the ahor> premises, ike stock of Vetsrs. Dix in It Stoney, Comprising the most valuat le parlor aud other luruiture offered at auction for many years; the whole of whicn will be sold without reserve. Caialognes eow ready The. entire stock of antiquities and Oil Piintin,s at the Establishment knowu as Mvgaaiu lapcuaia, 300 Broadway, will be sold at public auct on, n Thuisdav and Friday. April 2dih and IMat, on account ofa ditso unouof eo-paitne ship. There will be the i a-iilsomest articles lhat csn be found for ornamen'ing parlors; also aulique furi irure. The Paintings ars ore of the best collections lhat have been offered for a long time, at any p-iblic sale. Sale ro ? > ? intace Thursday at o'clock, with ihe Antiquities, and Friday, at the sims,h'<iir. The Paiutiogs, are now ready for e*-miration. with catalogues. N B ?Amatenrs and eonnoisenrs ate reqnested to call. SALOON TA1LES AND CHAIRS ? FIFTEEN white marble top Oothic iron frame Saloon Tables, and aixty fancy eans seat ehaira suitable for lee ( ream n-Fating Saloon, for aala cheap, by W. S. UOSSITEK, 108 Broad street. April IT. 1811 For sale?.an amatf.ur's tuknino lathe, m highlyjinisbed^bnt lutle^ naed, and in good orritr. with ni nrra cumpicic. 01 oncnr, j icvi, win inru ? niciiri m diunetar; back gearing. hand and slide rest. a Urge Dumber ol chocks, suitable for wood, raetal, etc., circular aawi aad spindle. in working order. An aaaorimeat o< upa and diea, Yonng's chasera. wood tools, etc. etc. Refer to James Stewart. machiniit, I Oft Elm ?t. Lodge room to let?an elegantly fur nishrd Lodge Room will be let low fir* nights in tbe week, or ladies afternoon societies. It it eligibly situated in the Third ward, in the large fonr story briek building, 215 Greenwich attest, near Barclay. For particulars, enqniie of w. S. Shafer or J. H. Boekown, in the dry goods store, or on the premises. _ TO LET?THK. 81X TWO STORY ANO ATTIC Honses, in Hndtoo street, between 14th and 15th street. Tbeyarejnat finished, and in complete order, and to good tenants will be rented low 4pply to JOHN DENHAM, (th * venue, corner of West lfitn ttreat, or to H.J Saalord, |je Maiden Lane. TO LET-SUITES OK ROOMS. CONSISTING OK parlors and bed rooms, with private tables for families ; alth, tingle rooms for gentlemen with breakfast and tea. The honse is newly famished, and lighted with see throeghont Also, provided with warm, cold audshower baths. Apply at 5T7 H'nstonjtrert. N.B?Don't move this May. _ Notice-to ship masters, hotel and Hoarding Honse Proprietors, Private Kami iet. Sir.?Domestic iliied fruits of every description, vix : -Dried Western Trachea, Southern Peaches, skin Petchea,. Apples, Pears. Plums, Cherries, pitted Cberriss, Raspberries. Blackberries. Strawberries, whortleberries, Currants and Quinces. Also, a general assortment of ur,t quality Groceries. Shakers' Sweet Cora K.ntliek Hpli(|l'eas. Bird Seeds. Halifax soused Salmon. Cardites, Ac . Stc.. wholesale aad retail, at the Domestic Dried Ifruit D'pot. till Pearl street, between Madison and Oak. Notice-wrecked schooner Howard T he above vessel having been got afloat and brought to this city, and her cargo being in a very damaged state, shippers and coasignaes aie requested Is attend tu the rreeint thereof and to sign en average bono at the c flies of tbe nndersigre d. Walter K. Jonee, jr and Henry W. Johnson, Insnranee Brokers, No 90 wall street. Schooner Virginia hodges. < apt owrnr, will leaave Roosevelt silp. far Rlitabeth City and Edentown, liih. For freig. t apply to tha captain, on board, Ii*OR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMK.N-THE steamship Washingten, Capt. J. Johnston, will leave Pier No 4, N R.. on Thursday, the 20th inst at 10 A.M. An experienced surgeon to boaid Puce of pessige, (120. Apply to Ocean Steam Navigation Co., No. 4* Willisin street FOU BIO DE JANEIBO -PA8KKNOKB8 ONLY.the fine clipper bum 18 abklita HYNE, Capta n H F. Dewing, will tail Tor tbe above port at the and o/ thu weak. Her aseommodttiona are eierlleut. combining tafsiv in tempesthons weather, with essoinees and free veitilatinn in ti e tropica Promenade on gnar rr deck. 31 left. Early application deaired hp ALLEN A PAXSON , corner Krout cud Pine afreets. ____ The BRITISH AND north AMERICAN ROYAL Mail Steam Ships between Boaton and Liverpool. and between New York and Lieerpool, calling at Halifax to land and reeeiee maila and paaeengera are intended in aail an followa Hibernia. Captain Ehaeaen. from New Ytrk, Wednead.y, 19th April. Acadia, Cept. Stone, frem Boaton, Wedneadae, 3rd May. Aaaeriea. Captain Jndkina, from New York, Wedneulay. 10th May- Britannia. Captain Larg. r nm Boitoa wedneadae, ITth May Cambria, Captain Harrison, from New York, Wedneaday, 34th May. Caleeonia, isptan I,fitch. 'rem Boaton. Wednesday, Slat Ylav. Passage money, tiOT. Kroni April to November melniive, the deparmrea will ba weekly (every Saturday) from Liverpool Ne freight will ho received or board the Hibvrnia alter II o'clock, T?esday, ll'h April For freight or paaaage apply to k. cunakd, Jr.. M Broadway. Medic a l card?dr hichardson, late Conanlting Fhyeiaiaa to the New York College of vi? dieme and Pha-macy, hat removed hi* consulting rnome to his p'ivate reiide-ee, 103 Hamt??-a|#y itreel, between Hudson and (ireenwieh atreera lir R. intends to cor Ine hie practice as nioal to all eomplamtael a private natere, lege ther with Salt Khenm. Scrotals and diseraea depending < a an imonre state of the blood Hia > anner rf trea'ing genital debility (unknown to physieiaea in thia eitv) will be found srKcaatfnl in every rtae. nnleas where impoteoev egieta. Patients living in the ennntry ran have *11 the necessary roedi einea and adytee forwarded to them, by stating thair ease explieitlv. end enclosing e fee, add rested to Or. Richardson III Hammeraley itreet. New York. OfBee honre from I A.M to 1 P M . and from 7 to 10 P.M OR RALPH. AUTHOR OF THE "PRACTICAL PRIVATE TREATISE," Ac, M (ireenwieh etr?er, office houra 9 to It A M., S to 9P M.. (Sunday excepted ) 'I hrae who apply iu the early stages will be surprised at t1 e r-pidity ard Ittle inconvenience attending their enre. It ia chiefly, however, those who have suffered from a eeitain class ul people, or otherwise, who can property appreciate hia servieee. In atrictnre. from its A at or incipient, to its more advanced ard distressing stages (from uncommon advanragti, in a Idirion to a very extenaive p-aerice iu this <nmplaint) he ran afford a rapid easy and radira enre which he has ground for stating, ran be obtaiued from ne other source in America. _ _ j Most EX iraohdinamy WORK-every slO J ther'a Bouk ?The apprehension of oorertr and 'he prospect of mo Urge a family of chi'd'cn, pierenl dishy pindert people from rntenng the mirnvd atate ; bat here it a work that will tell yon many important arrrets which Wjlj overcome all tneh ohjectiona, aed the author is aasu'ed wi I be universally approved of amoeg married people. rice. VI ceete. _For eele br Bnrgess Stringer. A Co , 211 Broadway. New York; Zeiher A Co.. eoreer of Oeenut sud Third street, Philadelphia ; W H Davie II Sigje ef cat, Boston. TTALUW CTFICIM.AiTnnPLArE -!?OtTG*-IW? 1 open <t half I'M- 7 rttinriou *tl oVt.ii k. p?eeitefy Hot illh ? i? aiur f!aee, op-e i> m I || 1 .ill r u from I lo JoVlor!/ n ? *v> In r*'; I .?n,? IMi, ftvnaiuf, April 17th, lilt m l b' n'ten i tlx. , fl ? * m open, in < acta, of N A Bl/'CO?' oate ly V rti? \ ?, . jr. li. Beuevontnno; limnl, if '/.< ha.i.l, - * 5. Ko?i; Abigail, Sigi.a T. 1'iulfi, Phei.e , - ;n- \ |* m; Hub Prinar of Bn. ."in. Bioodi, Abdai Binuui Ktrn,?, Anna, tfinnorn T. Ayagadro Maoalro Dirertnr. ?u.. r Hu.u li. l.taoar of oieheaira and rhnrna. Mail*' Hiir (_. Ltott, Tl'o Meonory pan. <) by "ii'dk i ' I'eyi ?i>f1 M Bui BOWKBTTHKAT K-MONOAT ?.VE IVJ.Aptil 17th. will ha p'rliirmoil Anbcr'a me'o ne n ??, eutitled KHA Dl A VOLO?Kra Diavolo, .Vtr Gardner. fiiicumo, Seguiu; Bepp?, Manor: Lady Alleaah, Li'heuatom; iforhna, Mra Maauin To conclude with tro iriat-d billei oft JIhELLK? Oiaollo, Miaa tun,bull: 1'iinea Albert, vir. O. W . Smith; Milarioo, Warden; Mvriha. Mi* Jordan; Britli i.'Mra. Sullirrlu.U; I lie Prmceas BuiliiliL; MriW In i . Doora open at 7?performance to eouiiiietire hiif pail 7 o'clock. Boi'i, all overlhe houao.Sd centa, f*it,U cema; CJJIery, l>>k centa; Priva'o Ho??a. t.1. CCHATHAM THICATHK.?M O.N OA Y ItVK.XINt*, f Apnl 7th, lit', mil bo preaonted the Parte of bOX COX k KNOY?1 iinotliv Bit, Air Winaua: John Cn. Herbert. Alter which, the drama of the BKHJaMJ? Alleaa-dro Maziaroni, Mr Hield; I'riecn Urauehi. P.irdey To be followed bv Nb.W YOtik AM IT I??M<-ae, Xr heufrao; Joe, Wiunui; I liarley 'ate* I no ; K-t> Mr a th 'J he Oiemnn'a ii'ilnrinaorea to conclndo Will. THK Pj.iCAMANT NKlUHBOlt?Miriatuphrr Strap. Mr W/naua ; >aooy Snap, Y it booth. Doora open at 7 o'clock. I'eiformaaea roannieiie a at n'olnrlr. H"f V rtona; "it litS _ |V| ITCHfLL'S OI.Y Plo THhATufc MONDAY *. _.\Pr" '7. the entertainment* will coniuieer* Willi THK HfcNTINkl?.Vlammiiian hchlnppirn Air hnll-ud; Linda, Mia* Mary Taylor. I a be Mlnated by a new local piece, entitled * AT > ItVV VOSK IN l?il? Mote, Mr-t.haulrau; Jake. Mr t.oaover; Kin* 8 ubhina, Mia* Mary Taylor; Ma'V, Ma* Phillip*- Jaue Mi?* Robert*. After which, LOVK ANU NUBDfR-Oil Pa-re, Mr Hoilaud; Delia* iiabella, Mr*. U. laherwood; Nnetm, J'i-i Robert*. To conclude wiib the larce, rut iled N b W K'lOTM AN- Bobby Dreakwmdow, Mr. luilnud: Pol-y Picnic, Mir* Robert*. Lit*** Circle Jd c*nta; Upper knea, V, cast*; Pit. I abi'li a; Private Bote* $6; Orr'r-. i Roaaa.BI. Broadway thkatrk?day kv nino. April 17, will be preieu'ed Tor the flrat tune u nu . .i..*e. au original comedy,ni 4 aatr. by John Brought m. F.-q. euii led HUMANC.K AND REALITY?Jack Mwili hlr J br ui;ham; Oltrer V'au'y, Mr. Vacbe; A*|>er M*uly, .Mr Dlrke; Frank Meredith, Mr. Fleming! Lareoder Kvd. Mr. Dawton; Tma Badger Mr. Hadaway; Williams. Thompion, hear-be I. Mir* Fauay W*ll*?k ; Barbara Maaly, M'a. Wina'aoley. 11 luaioiii, Mr* Walt* To couc udewiih >he ca'led MV L ITT Lb. ADOP 1'RI)? M'Jer 8ejinoar, Mr D*wi u; Becky Blaul, Mr*. Wait*.?Door* open at 7 n'e-nefc .?Pertonnmic* In beg-u at ballT>*?l7 . Drert Oircl* and Parqueiis, yi ? '??f.-n,l~ *-leclaa. aft earn G?l|erv, I J* e-a Caihcud bow ek y am phi 1 uk ATRk. john J TKYO.N. Manager, Leraee, lea. i oedar 1 renin* ."-pril 17. Mr. T McF*rl*n . the 10 Aomeriet Mau. will dni-lay hi* natnaishiug f-at* m Vauilia*, lie. Madame "roll, Mr. D Gardner, Mr \V B I urrollaad Mailer I *?i Ti El- pliant. Voa* t.'assiraar, the funnti* Fiench drummer who wiflp-rlorin an iiuiuitiou of the A it>g of cannon n-i muiVrr' r n a He'd of b - tile ; he will alie the Fligbr of l.on a I" I - !-*. Iliinr* open at 7?perfoi maure com .in- eaallck butea t] aeofa, eh ld-eu hell p-ire; Pit. I7R eitt< \f Ef'llAMCH'HALL. 473 JiKOAi.WAk'.l! > N i?J. Graed end Broom* arreer* ?Monday. Tneid-; r d Wednesday, April 17th, Ittb. IJth The urn ml < n'< I'dTV'S a I *- in 1'K KL8 rauai leapneifn ly nnneu-ce fh t ihey w ill continue their popu ar ear-crrtt lor I hiee ma hi* r nl, of ihe preieu; weak; closing their rntrrtaiumei la let the purpair i f renovating the Hall which, during Die rarer?*), ?i I be occupied li- ibe tinuavl emieraatina of the pupil* of ihe iclionli oi the IMeehaaics'-nd T-adeimora' 8 netv hey will Inre t'e hounr of reeommenoir g ibe r ii tnnlab'e entertaiument* ou Monday, mm lit. Acibmiioii 24 cent*; dnnra oprn lit7, enuterl will commence at g o'clock. Ou Tl nnunv, Friday and Hutur lay, Apnl.|0th,2lst and 22d, tbey will perform at the Brooklyn Iiiatiti*.-. _ BHOtDWAV ODKON -ENTRANCE, THROUGH Pintenx'j i nl'e rei .Villa < oloroti ?Manugar t G. Greelv? Mimral Diieoror \1, (.;,l?,iH_i..n?r.s P.-;,. ' rid Pygmalion Statuary by a new rnmpany of Indus and arctletnen, with new costumes, driprurs, he?Monday, Aptil 17?Programme: Part 1?The Kaiiies Reveiry:The Amazonae Oath; Am.-.xouiau Tiinm, h lie. Part 2?The Light ol the Heram; The ihree Dancer*, tin. Part 1?The Parting of H?cror Had Audiiitnaehe. he. Tableau in honor of the Pench liepublic. Orchestra b. *, it cents; Parqaetta, 26 erour, ttoies, Uli eaot? Perform <j>c* to coDiinenea at 3 o'clock BAHnUM'S american MUSEUM?P.t. B \RNUit, Proprietor; V Mitchcoce, Manager.?Mp|eu<l:d tVrfn-niancea slonday afternoon at 1 aif-paat Jo' in the eveniiilptt qua' er before t. Mr St.John, the American Kire Kmc, will ear red Sot co Is of lira, blncug b ills of brteistmie. d'inn I quid fire he. Jre it Western, tha Yankee, will .appear in two apt .ndid uireea, ?be "Hnvoirons Spectre Bridegroom," and a grand Yankee .u '?nge entitled tha "Yankee's Firat Visit to New York." Mix Bernard. Mias Jalia Noble Mr. Yatas, comic end fancy d'aeer, Me. A. Da La Pierre, and ethers. ?rs. Pelbv'a splendid Waa ^t?'?arr, Madame fliien well,Famous Fortune Taller. Admiaaioa to the whole,including Maseum, perferuuuees, he . 21 emu: *hild?,n unlet 19 years of age. and old enough to walk alone. 1IK Heeereed fevnt *?*? . see shilling each eyt-n B A WARD'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF THR Mississippi riser, punted "n three miles of ceavas, being the largest painting in the world, at the Panorama building. in Brnndway, adjoining Niblo'a Warden. Opeu erery evening, (Sanilays eycepted) Admission 10 cents; children hall price. Tke Panorama will commence mavirg at IK o'clock preeiaely. Afternoon aihibitioe on VVadneanay and Hstur day, at 3 oVIoek. THK Oh AND COLLECTION OF THE WOltKh OK t)ir Old M.iaii?ra. r.fintorianu or iuinnI ficinr#*. ni Ti tiin, Itnbens. Riptmel, Munllo, Valiaquez, Van Dvck Oiulimomnuo, I'iiiiri/iuio, Holbein, Jin Sicca. Carlo Dolci. Cuyp, Wilaoa, ruin man* oiht r? of the old MuUn, spaa at the Lyceum Oiiilerv, No yii Broadway, Irom 9 A.M. to ( P M Admittance 36 cent*. IjIKEE < ONCENT* EVERY EVENING AT THE Opera Hotel. Nn. 43 Chainbete itreet, aeit doorWeatof Ptlino a Ooera Home. by tlntngnahert vnc-''ita. MAJO" OEN.TO.V1 THUMB ANI) A. VONO MOY the Thineae Lady?In eomequeage of the crowdaa tendin he leeeee of thua two i?tou natuial curieailias. they will continna a lew <laya longer at their toon, 3i5 Broadway. IJoora opeu from 10 o'clock A. liatil 10 C. M. lerfrow aaea a' s pa-: t u'cio k in the af emtio , and at I la the ereamsr A iln.iaaion 2!> i-rm : <:U Id an half price. T A BE It N ALLS ?THU USD Y >VRMNO, APRIL 30, 1018.?i taa a Biadbnry A Naati', thud loveni'e Ml' a cal Keitieal. The aabaeriaera w.uld reauac fi lly ann< once to their frienda and the public geucrall'-, thai that will aire ? their I >?r joyrmle e te lor the leaioi, Kt.OUA'B K0> I IV ?L, wiili < rb lice teleciio. ol ni arelUuruna tnuaic, at the Brn iiltny Taheiuao'e, on Thu'tdiy eetr.iog pril 111, 1810. by a choir of eiyht bonded young aing-ii, apyrojriately dreaaed. T.rke a ll.ty cema each?chi oren nr.rier tan yeaia ?i age. twanty fire eeuta. Kur aaie at the pnnripal muaic and nook a'orra a nil at the ticket o 'ce on tha eviiug of the concert. P ifoimanca to rommeuee at half peat (Create O.PH' DMlfW V F .1 N <SH Brooklyn institute.?wond ay and tukb day, 17 and 18 h inrt.?Kor two uigh'a only?The ? Southern (l,?ru Trudy ol iaable HarmonttU, eooaiatmg of kteaara. VV. U Plnuer, T. Archer, Win, hiowning, Jatnee b. Ktrrell, W. Hoark Moua Eugeih, Ned Kit* fireiy.aud Nalaon Kr e ??, Vnaical Director, beg leave to inn uaee to 'he pnblic that thee wilPgiee iwo only of their iniinit .rue entrrtamnienta?ormr to opening in New York?which hare been attended by the elite and faamon of all the print p-1 ei.iet ol the Union Ann the/ with it itiat notly undent-,od, that individually or col'ectively, a irgaidt atyle and axteutii u. thev challenge the world to produce their vqaa a. nelectiona Iron the beat compoaera; raroditi tr? n all ?.l the popular ojeraai Hefraina, *eg o Melodiea, O'eea, Sooga'. a, Vvltnciains Murlvaqu a. Polkaa, Soloe on vanoui in unm?n a?the wli le Unoer tt-e direction of j. l . Benaou . Card* of Admuaion 26 eenta?ehildien aeeorapmird by tho>r paS tenia r geanliaoa. bnlj puce Door a open at lialfpoatCi to commence at ' o eiw? Bit OKLYN KF.MALK AftA8K\ Y.?-THS! SUB! eriber reapeetfaily onuonncea Ina Tnrd Grind Voca1 and Itatmme: tal t;?n< crt ou Monday evening pil i7ih, at ill- Kauia'e Act deny Jernlemen straet, Btiv klvn ; on whii h ereaine tlie fu'.owing eminent taleai bare ki'tly <oInnieered their emcea: .Viai J L. .".onii .tl, Mr. arhtucu, Mr W A Ki-c. nndthe Qurtat a Aa.oeiation wheb aai 10 enthoti iinralir race ?rd a nncert rteei tlf girtu be l -re ihe mrmbrn of the drooklyn lo-tifntn, and no tin o-f?alio w II introduce aome of iha moat popular (nana f t the jay; alan, to e DC'ndc with tin ("ranch pmtiei e i. ag, ' The Mariaitler Hymn." la the choral ?f nln.h Llie i.ania?< a la mrit-d to jij'n Pieniat Mr. W. A. King; Direct r, Mi. I h hlack. Tick'ta M een'a; for aele it fa .Mine and Hi ok 'oral. >nd at the do?r, on tn? ereiiiog of the concert. D ori ope- at 7, Concert at " o'elo-V. PaLMOH OI'fcllA HOUar. IO UT-arrLi AX th# Bo? Office, batwaan the hoar* of i0 o clock. A M.. and 7 P.M. 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NEW HOWARD ATHEMJCUM, NORTH-* ABT corner <>l Balttmo-e aed Chare* atr-eii. Ba'timore will i.nan lie iha tiraf i.f Jane. till. I. .din ?nd te. tlrmeo of ton histrionic profeeaion des n n? of hunni prrm-nrDt ema. crnenta. will immediately be trratcd with, on eppliratioo Uettera pen pud) t? CHAhLES O 3 HOWARD. Lmh? ud Macaftr. Baltiaaere. NKW MUBI ?BitUT'JCH or iHR Orr.RA.NM. 7, 8, and 9 juat pn-lished, with piuraita of fieo, Trnffi, iod Biieaaoum Hark number haa 20 pagea of popnlar innnc, larar before ruhlnhed in the eonntry; M eenla per ginbar " Lea Uiroraine, ' the famoua French uin| of Nnrir pour la Peine " With Fng'nh word-, and a apnirro vignetra. rrnfli Walts, arratifed for the pianofoite. Irnir Lind rouge, heantifullr illustrated. Hyraeaae P?lka for the piaiicf tie " Moonlight on the l.ake "on Lake Michigan, written It (be Hi p J L Sort, with a fiew of the lake. Msbt new man hea, emlrte*. lie Mnsic brand, with aariag backs.?ATH I LI.'B Mnaie Store. 2?l Broadway. Dr. rowrxi,, O' ulibt, artist. ac. ait>:ndb aa ntnl to the tre ttner' of en????e of the >.y? and 1 ar, Iroiatto 4 o'e oek. at hia ? flora. Mi Da *karreu. L>r Pewell'e f reuse on I he Kyt pric 51 ceuta. eaa be had at hia ofl-e. A'ao hit Self-acting Kr* Fon r? t-?. for itrengihsting we*k eyes, whi'h obtained the preiaiam ficm tbr f inpita, lnaiirno. Inst mi nrird a large tapi i? ol branirfti) tRTirirTM. CTU _____ DR. CON TUB'S intiooratufo coidialw ?Thia jnttly eelebratrd-rmedy is now nmreisallv used m 'hoa? deplnraole c.?n if ?<-ini...l wdlft or debt it>, entailed by e?rly n.diaciee. b bin ol rojib, or in rdicate .udnln r nr e o< the i reeior.e r p?r |?<n. PhTeiciana pr?? man r i* cardnl the m??t tfitcacinua i"rri>aritn>n erer c< mprnnded fiiini the meterm iiied,i-1 for the enm of (boa* imiilnntur* aeminal diacbaiaea which a.-e prndnrtire of an mnah roiarhief to Ilia neraona a utem, inrapacitatibg ihe man lor physical Of mental exertion. Various mama ware mod f pravn t rnmons emissiona, but with at success. trl this cordial wao mad with the inoat happv results. 1 onri inau. if you wonld he relieved fmoi that rejection af spirtta, and be reitnred to manl v vigor of hod* and mini, del ty not to piocnra thia nor ?J; a I if t.lh-oolf anch r ol hopa for TOO Dr Onvai'i office is at S> Third a? betne-n 10th and tlth atraaia.Naw York. ? ha'a ha i? ronanltrd eoi ft lentiaijy in theae dm dara, and hia r rdm'obtained Wold alao by J O. Kay, IM F.ilt-.n atraet ? P iea II * h 'ltla. 1 bottlaa for ft} or ftlO tba half doirn Explicit diree looaacco paoy each bottle. N B ?This rutin,1 contains no mercury, or auy mineral or r.ffanaiye aohat ore to injlre or expose the rntient Parsons in thr Country wi'l have lie cordial a d a latter of advice tniafnlly forwarded tu them h. addieaaing Dr I i nvars. M Jd a< Nan Y rk >11 ? hi.iaaa f om the I war pnrt of ?k'a aitv p??v the Doctor'a r fft e arety fire minutes. 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