Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1848 Page 3
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the eh air. Subjeot?"Orafting, owing, fco " Boa* fine rp?ctn*m of Indian oorn raised by R L. Fell, of Ttlkin. Ulater county, wera exhibited. Bead* of th? cheese-pumpkin, raiaed by Mr. Avery, war* distributed. Specimens of the aaad potato, and aecda of the narrow aqnaah, received from Mr Fowler, of Beaton, ware alan dlatributed. Mr. Meigs f Hired aome brief remark* on the anbjiot of aowlng onion and and weeding oniona. Mr. 8kinner read a long artiela from the Horticulturist of laat month, on the anbjeet of training, growing, and praaervlng fruit treaa. Prcfaaaor Smith did nat eee how the production of oua man. read at a meeting, ahould be taken aa goapel. Tha tree waa produoed and propagated by aaad, and waa continued by grafting?the tree dies, and the graft'ia but a continuation of tha old tree. Everything waa produced by seed. All botanlata have determined that they can only be produced in ona way. Tha tree diaa like man. tiod and nature havo establlahed these facta, and it would ba utterly impossible to upaet the law* ef nature. Mr. Meigs introduced Nathaniel Sands. Esq., ef New Jersey, who propoeed to read en article from the J!triculiuritt of laet month, on the sutajeot of the plough end it* improvement. The flret plough within hi* reoolleotlon, eome forty or fifty year* ego, wee called the hog plough. It wee then worth $10. The flrit oeet iron plough whioh he had *een here wee in the year 1SOO; he bought a oouple of them for $10 eaoh; and Introduced them into Orange rounty, and ploughed with a heavy team of oxen with hi* own hand. They were generally uiod by Juntlce Gardner, Mr. Fowler, and other friends of hie of that day. Mr. S. here read the article. Dr. Underbill offered some brief remarks, in continuation, on the subject of the plough, and the improvements effected in the manufacture of this nseful Implement of husbandry. A oommittee was, hereupon, on motion, appointed to examine the petition to Congress for asiistanoe to the heirs of Mr. Newbold, the Inventor of the cast iron plough Hie descendants are in otrcumatanoes that require assistance, and Mr. Newbold eaorifloed his estate In perfectin - this plough, of incalculable benefit to the country; but he did not live to realise any benefit for himself or children. The club were occupied during the grerter part of the day in distributing grafts, seeds, ko &3., and will meet again on Tuesday next. Mors Anti-Rbntism?Attbmptkd Murdbr or a Dufuty Shkrifp.?The liudaon Gazette, of the 18th Inst., says:?"A bold and most daring attempt to take the life of Deputy Sheriff John H. Smith, of Livingston, was made in Teghkanloon Saturday afternoon last, between 3 and 4 o'clock. Smith left home in the morning to attend the sale of some property whioh he had levied ueon, belonging to George 1. Finkle, on an execution in favor of Mr Wioks, for his oxen which had been shot No sale, however, took place Mr. Smith Sroceeded from thenar to Thllip B. Miller's to summon Im as a juror After leaving Miller's house, and about a mile irom Yager's tavern, while driving pact a small parch of pine wood, two men stepped out, guns in bands, and deliberately fired at him. One ball paseed through the wooden dash board of his wagon, which ie about half an inoh thick, and entered his thigh, and has since been cut out, the other ball struok him in the right breast, parsing through and lodging in his shoulder, ln< flicting a dangerous it not mortal wound. Mr. Smith, we understand, is in a very critical position, and strong doubt* art tarUined of bl* recovery." The Foreign Malls. VVKBKLV HERALD FOR KUROPR. The eteamehip Hibernia will leave this port for Liver, pool at noon, to-day, and the European edition of the Weekly Herald, will be ready at nine o'olook, thie intra ing, in full time for her mail*. It will, aa uaual, contain everything of Intereet to European reader* that haa oocurred on thia aide of the Atlanta iinoe the aailing of the laat ateamahip. The ateamahip Waahlngton will leave here to-morrow morning at ten o'olook, and wo ahall iaaue another edition of the Weekly Herald for her mailt, wkieh will contain the new* to the laat moment, and which will be ready at half-paat eight o'olook, that morning. Beautlea of Ih* Opera?Content* of No. 0? Portrait of Signorina E'te Bucaeeiaati, in bridal acene of Lu cia da Lammermoor ; " When ihe moon's red light it glowlog"? (Sfinpraall albatd alia teral, from Verdi't "Giovanni D'arco," at tung by Big'a Biaeaceianti ; " Mona Maehree," a very popular tong, by O Linley ; The Day Dream (" LeCrepnianle), romance, by Donezetti: " Hail Roal Oalloiiade," at Dei formed bv the Ht.vermarkigp.ha hand. lie.. Ice. - o. t. has the port ait ol Troffi ; No. 7, Mad. Bishop ; No 1. Jenny land ; No. 4 Big's Pico ; No. 2, Tedeico. together with moat choice (elections oi elasiical mnaie. Subscription. S3 per year ; 34 'ents per number?aplendid note page and index at the end of the fear. Also, just published. Trnffi waits, 8rrecuse Polka, and the eelabtated French Bong ol Liberty, with JEngliih words?" By the cannon's voice appealing"?" Moonlight oa the Lake," a eery beautiful se-enade. written by the Hon. J.L. Starr. AT WILL'S Music Saloon, 241 Broadway Portable Shaving Casaea Of ttie Subscribers' own manufacture, which, in many respects, surpass the imported. They are finished in the most tasteful manner, soma being richly gilt, embossed, and eoatain all that is necessary lor the toilet of the moat fastidious. G. SAUNDERS fc BON, 177 and 217 Broadway Pins Cutlery. Comprising Over 400 Qlf ferent patterns, ol the manufacture of J. Hodgers k Hons, Wostsnholm CrookekCo, with a comple variety of scissors. boot and gaiter hooks, tweezers, nail nippers, kc., belonging to the toilet. liaznrs ground and set, and cutlery repaired, at G.BaUNDK 8 fc pON'B. 177 and >27 Broadway., Gold Pans _The Improved Fonntaln Gold Fens, made be Mr. A. Craytey, for real utility and service, far excel every thins that has heretofore been used. Every dealer should be supplied with them. They carry ink enough to write a whole pegs, and can be had only of Beers k Clark, (upstairs.) 23 JohaSt., whare can also be found the pens of all the best makers in the country, at manufacturer's loweat net prices, wholesale or retail. Gold pens repaired or egchanged. Gold Pons?Diamond Pointed Great Reduction?if von want the best and cheapest pen to be found, try a " Richelieu " The points are warranted to stand for five years, and for fineness and flexibility they are unsurpassed. Amoagst all the wonderful improvements of this age, none is more useful or economical than this pea. B. E. Watson, 43 William street, and J. Y. Bavsge, 92 Fulton street, have the excusive sale of them. Also, all other peas from $1 upwards. Gold Pens, Diamond Pointed, $1 only, silver pencil ease included ? I. W OKEATON k oO, No.71 Cedar street, up stairs, invite purchasers both wholesale and retail "> call and examine iheir stock of Gold Pens and cases which thev are selling at reduced prices. They kesp the pens of a. I and every maker, that purchasers may try them in competition aad decide for themselves as to their relative merits Genuine Albert G. Bagley pens and cases $ I 73 only. Goli pens and cases repaired. Wigs and Toupcea?llsu tielor'a now Invented Wigs andFcalpsare perfection, and nothing has vet bsen mide equal to thrm?iliev are so easy and natural in appearance as to defy detection, nnda of the finest hair, and adapted in the simplest manner to every style. The American Institute, at the last fair, awarded theinventor a silver medal. A large assortment always on hand etBATCHELOk'S, 2 Wall street, near Broadway. In redeemed Pledget sat tbe Five Dollar Suit Store. An elegant assortment of Frock and Dress Coats, -.J. i. ,1.. ., ,..,.r..i ...1. r...k ri.ii. sin. also, 344 psirPants,SI to ?< each; Vests ia endless y?riety. SO cenu to S3,; business Coats, of Cashmerette. Drap d'JCte, Itc. Tweed and Alpaca, $1 to SI each A few Over Coats and Cloaks cheap. Cash paid for all kinds Gents' Clothing. Cleaning and repairing comer Nassau and Beekman streets. Bogs' an its, $3 to 31 each. War and Great Excitement In Franc*, and still greater on the coraer of Kalton aud Nassau streets, opposite onr office It is astonishing to see the great bnsiaess onr friend Young ia doing, and well he mav do it. for he has got the largest stock of boots and gaiters in the city. He sells his best French calf b <nts, from S4 34, sold in other stores for $6 a d |7;do fine ealf$3 34.uinally $3 Onr friends should all get their hoots of Young; hie motto is small profits with large sales "'Hit DPCTOW The largest and beat assortment of fine Boots in the citv,are to be foundnt H B Jones. HAnnstreet, end the pr<ees the most reasonable. Fine French calf d -css hoots, |4 Mi Frerch pat. leather b ?ots,S7; Congress boots from S3 34 to (4 13. Gout emen of gettiog a good bargian, will do wall to call before making their purchases. Moorhcad'e Graduated magnetic Machine*. Late and important improvements have placed these instruments far above all others of a similar nature They ?r? more p riable than any others; simpler, too, yet as powerful?a unweiidv machines offonr times the bulk. No assistant is requires in thair nse, and the directions accompanying them are so aimple that any one who can read can snccestfnllv operate them ->ole metufaciurer. D. U. MOO HH K\D.1S2 Broadway Don't let tlacm die?Several Ihonitnd Children died in thii city lest season,which could hate been sated by using Dr. Towntend's S-riaparilla, and there are thou tends o* chiloie > that are now sufferiag from bid sores and hnmors, others are puny and wesk-y, who, unless estis.ed, will make rflf'miaate men sod women, if they do not die, which is highlr p ebible Dr. Tawasend's Hsrstpsrilie wil. rectify this. It is peculiarly adapted to children o' slender constitu tioes ane when diluted wlh is a delightful beeerage, and child-en lore it dearly It will prevent and cure the Diarrheal. Dysentery and Cholera Morbus We trust there is no lalh r or mother who is so peuuriout or inhitm <n as to daprite their eoildrea for a dollar of the invaluable remedy, which will certainly reatnre them to health We will refer, with pleaaum, to some of the m >at reapectab'e familiea in the eity. who hare given it to their childrea with the moat happy reiults. Principal offies, 126 Fulton atreet. To Whom It BIny Concern, mud It la only to thoee who ere alHicted a ith corns, and feet otherwise diseased. that they eaa eht?in immediate eelief on application to Deglor B. SHIttl AKOFF. (from St. Petersburg)!.) 61 Cham btra street, where no quackery and the ill effect arisiug therefreai will be eacouatered. Very respectfully, B. J. MESEROLK 6 Allen atreet aw York Water Care Katahll?timent_K. D. Peiraen. Proprietor?Thie eatahliihment is in a rleasent and has1 lb? rart ol the city, well arranged, hating tome 60 rooms, with sercrel priyate parlora, a good tab e lor iaralids aid those wishing a plain dist. 10 and 20 East lltli at., Naw York. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. ihoneyInarket. Tuesday, April 18_1 P. M. The movements in opeole hays had an unfavorable affect upon tha otoek markat. At the first board, to-day, prices fall off a fraction, and transaetiona were only to m moderate extant. Traaanry notes deolinod per oent Ohio A's, X; Farmers' Loan, '?; Morris Canal, H; Harlem M; others closing at prises eurrent yesterday. At secoad board there were only four lots of atoak sold, and prices experienced no change. Thero is no ditpcaltion to eell at tha rnllog rates; holders, believing that prices are unnaturally depressed, keep their lists out of the market ealeng a* possible, and only make operations when forced to through their own wants (or money, or thoee of tbelr customers. Tha general Impression is, that stosks must advance; and so long as this continues, holders will not force sales. The steami blps Hlbernia and Washington will teke out about eight hundred thousand dollars in speols, and remittances to some extent in sterling bills of exchange The enrrsnt rates to-day for prime bills on London were ]0X a 11 per oent premium, and the mar at was cleaned \ oat at theee rate*. We quota bllla on Pari* at of. SIX; Aweterdem, 40\ a 4">X; Hamburg, SOX a SO; Bromon, 7BX 80. Th* City Bank baa declared a eeml-ennuel dt rid and of tan par oaat, and tha Bank of Nit York ? aeml-annuiil dividend of Bre par oant. The eommlaalonera appointed to axamtne the ur.fl niabed Una of tha Cheaapaoke and Ohio oanal, have completed tlielr toar, and made their report Weuud-retand they apeak vary favorably of the prog re aa of oparationa along tha line, and expreaa a belief that tha oanal oan be flniahad by the time doaigaatad In the contract . Tha annexed etatement exhibit* tha quantity end value of domeatiea exported from the port of Boaton to foreign conntriea, dating too week* ending April IS, 1848: ? COMMBBCB or BoiTON?DoMBITIC* IkXFOBTBD. To Kut ladie* 4,454 package*, Valae $164,143 Bualh America 917 do do 41777 Hondaraa 42 do do >,*(8 11*T ti 9 do d) 769 Britian frovincta... I da da 664 Total 3,4)0 do do (209.431 The Eait India* i? the great market for oar cotton meaufeotarci. Tke ehipment* of domeetlce from the port*, of Boeton, New York end Philadelphia, lor foreign ports daring the paet two weak*, hare been more than eight thontand packages. The annexed statement exhibits the quotations for the prlnoipal government and State stocks in this market for three periods: ? Pnicns or Btoces in the New Yoax Maeket. Hedrem- 1848. 1S48. 1*41. Hate. able. Feb 25. Jipril 7. JBpnl If. United States 6 1807 113**104 10j**103* 104**104* " 6 1163 103 *103* 103**1*3* 113 *103* " 6 1846 102*al03 181**102 H2*?10l " 3 1133 93 a 93* ? a ? 90*? 83* Trea'y Notes 6 102*al0t 101**102 102*jl02* New York, 7 1849 102 al02* ? a ? ? a ? " 6 1830-54-60 100 *101 100 alOO* 100*al0l " 6 1861-62-67 101 *102 104 al04* 103*1104 " 5* 1860-61-65 ? * ? ? a- ? a ? " 5 1046-7-8-9 97*98 ? s ? ? a ? " 5 1830-1-3 95 a 95* ? a ? ? a ? " 5 1855-8 94*a 95 97 a 98 97 a 97* " 5 1859-60-1 93 a 94 ?a? ? a ? " 4* 1849-38 ? a? ? a? ? a ? Ohio, 6 1850 97** 97* 97*a 98 ? a " 6 1856 60 100 a 100* 95 a 96 98*a 98* " 5 1850-56 ? *100 ? a ? ? a ? " 7 1836 102 *102* 102 al03 I03?103* Kentucky, 6 ? 99 a 99* 99 a 99* 98*a 99 . " 5 84 a 85 80 * 83 ? a ? * Illinois, 6 1870 45*a 46 44 a 44* 44 a 44* Indiana, 5 25 year* 37 ? 38 36 a 37 36 a 37 Arkansas, 6 II a 32 25 a 28 25 a 2' A1 baraa, 5 60 a 60* 59 a 60 59 a 60 "?unsylrtuiia,5 ? 74 a 74* 73*a 74 73*a 74 Tennessee, 6 96 a 98 95 a 98 98 a 98* N.York City,7 1857 103 *105 ? a? ? a ? 7 1852 104 *105 102 *102* ? a ? " 5 1850 ? a ? 91 a ? 93 a 95 ? 5 1858-70 94 a 91* 91 a 91* 9J a 93 Bk Co'm N. Y. fall 88*a 88* ? a ? 9l*a 95 . ecrip 91 a 92 95 a 95* ? a ? N. Y. Life Ins It T'ust Co. ? a ? ? a? ? a ? Farmers Loan It Trust Co. 30*i 31 30 a 30* 30 a 30* Ohio Life Ins. It Trait Co. 88 a 90 82 a 83 80 a 82 Rank nfTT M in P.....D* 01/. 91/ 91/. ?L/ 9 . 91/ N Jersey RR. ft Trans. Co. 103 *104 103 *104 104 alOi Mohawk ft Hud'u Railroad. 80 a II 70 a 72 70 a 73 Utica&Scheoectady Rail'il 119 alll* 117 all! Ill a)19 Syracuse ft Utica Railroad,? a ? 108 al< 8* 106 al07 Auburn ft Syracuse Kailr'd 116 all6* ? a? ? a ? Auburn ft Rochester, 94 a 94* 93 a 94 94 a 94X Reading Railroad, 44*a 44* 97 a 31% 36*a 37 Delaware ft Hudson Canal, 184 al90 113 al!5 185 a!87 Reading Railroad Bonds, 63 a 63* 57*a 57* 57 *a 57* Reading Railroad Mtg Bds, 61>ia61* Ha? 57*i 51 Priced hare not varied much within the paat week or tea daya, and there appean to be a penae in the market, in anticipation of eome change in the poaition of oar political and financial affair*. The preeent condition of thing! in Mexioo id anything bnt satisfactory; and the delay likely to take plaoe relative to the ratification of the treaty will bt anything bat agreeable to thoae connected with flnanoea and oommeroe. It waa the prevailing impreaelon when the treaty waa ratified by the Senate of the United 8tatea, that ita ratification by the Mexican Congresa waa beyond a qaeation; that aa aoon aa it waa returned, it wonld be aooepted; and that in leaa than aix month* oar troope would be withdrawn, the heavy ax penditoraa eaaae, and the evlla and burdena of war dlaappear. The anxiety exhibited by the party in powi > in Mexico to arrest hoetllitiea and to consolidate a peaoe, gave as great eonfidenoe in the terms of the treaty propoeed, and left ne doubt In our mind of the speedy accomplishment of our hcpea. Suoh was our first im yivapivu, buv buuu yvmm i>ue ubitohm uupresbiuu, wucu ttat commissioners left Washington for Mezloo with the treaty, aamodified, improved, and ratified by the Senate; bat events have ainee tranapired in Mezieo oalcnlated to pat off, at least, for a long time, the oonanmmation of peace between the two conntrlee. We have no doubt bat that, ultimately, the terms of the treaty propoeed by the United State* will be aoeepted, aa we have great faith in the virtue of the many milliona of dollar* to be paid accordlr g to that treaty, to the party whioh may be in the aeoendanoy in Mezloo. when the instalment* fall due. Thla will, in oar opinion, guaranty the ratifioat on of the treaty by the Mexican Congreas; but we have no Idea that it is going to be the work of a day or a month. The commissioners have before them a great deal of negotiating, and it will require all the diplomatic p were they possess to aocomplish the objeot of their mleaion. The important alteration* made in the trea<y as reoelved from the Mezioan government, will be the foundation for a vast deal of debate and procrastination in the Mezioan Congress, even if tbe term* are aosepted without further modlfioation. Should further alteration* bs neoaesary, before it* aoeoptance on the part of Mezloo, it is a question whether it would not defeat the object in view altogether. It must be borne ia mind that the Senate struck out several sections of vast importance to Mezloo; and it is hardly possible that the representative branch of the government of that country will at once submit to the modifications we have m ids in the original treaty. If they submit quietly, it will not be very speedily, and we are prepared for a long period of doubt and uncertainty. Th? movements of Santa Anna are by no means deflalta. It is pcsiible be may peaceably leave the country and establish himself at some point near Mezloo, where he can closely watoh the movements of a'l parties in that country, prepared to take advantage of the first opening likely to lead him again into power. He may settle down in the vicinity of Havana, and amuse himself with cockiijhting; but the government ot Mezieo never can be otherwise then Apprehensive of hie movements, end will beliable,nt nil times, to sons revolutionary movement that may plaee htm egitn in the dictatorship. Paredes and other leaders who may remain In the oountry, will net remain idle; and it will be a fortunate thing for us if we can gat an honorable treaty ratified, our troops well oat of the Mexloan territory, oar boundaries properly defined, and all questions at issue permanently settled; for the whole affair, amidst oonrt marlials and eourts of enquiry, amidst the quarrels between the commanding offloore and the heads of the government, Is rspidly dwindling down Into aemell nod by no means oredltable affair. We trust our anticipations relative to thn treaty, will be far from being realised, that the difficulties existing, will be speedily arranged, and that we shall soon be able to leave Mexico to her own fate; the prey of party leaders. The legislatures of most of the States la this Unlen havs adjourned, some by oenstitutional limitation, and some on no count of the disposal of all the business under consideration. Nothing of any importance transpired in the session of either of the heavily Indebted 8tates. relative to the public debts; tbe payment of Interest and the liquidation of principal at maturity .they having been provided for by previous laws, to tbe fall extent of the ability of the people of each; and It is new only necessary to wait for the operation of those laws, the develonemsnt of the reeotireaa of earth State, and the Inoraaa d productiveness of the public work*, for the prompt payment of evsry elaim agalnet them. 80 far, thla aeaaou, the moat favorable reaulta have beea realised. In Pennsylvania the revenue from the oenala esoeeda that up to the oorraapondlng period laet year although they were opened a week later?and the proapcet for the remainder of the aeaaon la very flattering. I o Illinois everything la enoouraging. The Illinois and Michigan oanal haa been opened, and boata have already paaaed through Its entire length, with full oargoee. We shall be able to tell better, In the oourae of a month or two, what the Inoome from thla work will be thla aeaaon, and what may be expected for the future. It la our belief that the tolls will bo large, and that an immense transportation buainesa will be done on the canal this the first aeaaon of Its completion. Thie, with the two mill tax authorised by the new oonstitutlon for the payment of the principal of the Internal Improvement debt, muat place the finances of Illinois In a better position than they have ever before actually been, and enable the State to pay a larger par cent interest on the public debt. Indiana does not progreae ao rapidly aa the neighboring States. Her public wdrki being but partially com. plated, and her finances in sueh a oonfuaed oondltien, I* is Impossible to form any idea of her probable ability to meet the olaims of her creditors. The arrangement made seme time since with her bondholders, has been by no meana satisfactory, and the more they reflect upon It, the louder their complaints. In a abort time, it will be considered rank repudiation?aueh repudi tion aa no other State In the Uoion has been guilty of - repudiation of an acknowledged debt. When the terms were first proposed, they were aooepted because they were anppoeed to be the best in the power of the State to fulfil; bnt tbe public mind haa experienced a very great change since, and a different feeling la expreaaed to that first orpated S9WU Tree Niea 1 MM St* shs Caaton Co J2M MM do iM IMM ' 11) Nor k Wor. SIM >00 do 1#?M 15 do blO 35* 10000 d ) IMS SM Reading ER MM 3000 U. S Is, "07 1S4M SO do blO MM 1300 do IWjJ ?M do ? MX 1M0 State 5a. '55 MM llNYkN Haran M Moo Uhio (I '0* >7)2 700 Lou* Island KK MM 600 do. *50 01 >5 Pateison KK 110 looo Illiaou Vaad. 44 05 Stouicftou HR to 11500 ludiaaa State 5a 54 5 Erie RH, now fall, 69M WOO Heading Boada 57M 1115 Harlem KK 5IM 4*0 do 57S 100 do blO 5 M lXiOO do a60 57 M 100 do atO 51 11000 do Mtge 57 X 50 Ui (60 51 810 alia Farmers Trust 297, 100 do 5IX 60 do blO 30 150 do (10 5lM 50 lllinoK Bk 11X l'H do (4 moa. 50M luO Morns Canal 10M 5'J do it) SIX 100 do b)0 10X 50 do btO 53 50 Canton Co. >3 Second Board. ISOiba Heading KB, MX 150 alia Hulrm, 5IM 300 Long I (land KK, MM 50 do a3 5IM CITY TRADE REPORT. Now Voaa, Tuesday Afternoon. April Id. Tha flour markat exhibited very little ohauge For lota wanted, of particular brand*, there wee some degree of improreinent. The inquiry for export oontlnued to be eery limited. The transaouons were ohiafly oonflned to Oeueaee, with different western and aoutbern brand*, on term* stated below. In wheat, we heard of no transaction beyor-.d a lot of Ohio, notioed under tha proper head. Corn continued to sell pretty Ireely, though in some cases at a slight falling off, compared to the rates or yesterday. Jle>l WM inaotive. Rye remained about the samo Gats olosed quite firm. By our telegraph report from Boston, we learn that flour remained at about yesterday's rates. There was ne change In oorn, while sales were pretty freely made. Oats continued firm.? We have received no report to-day from Buffalo. Provisions in this market, with the exception of lard, were quiet Groceries were steady, with sales of West India and New Orleans sugars at about previous rates. There was no change in ooffeo Ashes?The market was firmer, and sales of 60 bbls pots were reported at $6 7ft, and small sales of pearls at $7 60. Bbeadstusti? Flour?Sales of 600 bbls pure Genesee were madeat S6 37X; 300 do marked sold at $0 36; 4a 600 do, in lots, common to pure, at *6 l3H*d end o0 do pure, a little fanoy, at f6 60 There waanoohange in Black Rook, Troy or Michigan Southern remained rather quiet at yesterday' a rates; salsa ot 1?300 bbla of Ricbmood oountry were made at $ 13X- Wheat ? SaUi of 1000 bushels prime white Ohio were made at 183c; Genesee was held abovs I860 Corn?Sales of about S0i)0 bnshels Jersey yellow were made, Inoluding two lota at 63){c; 1300 do sold at 63o, 700 do sold at 63 a 63o. Other sales of Delaware and New Jersey yellow and mixed, wre made to the extent of about 3?4000 bushels, in lots, at 63 a 63o. Meal?There were sales reported In small lots at >3 37Xa$3 44 Kye? Sales of 1300 bushels were made at 76c, and 1000 do In the slip, New Jers ey, were reported sold, at 73s Ry flour? Was dull at $3 60 Oatt?Sales of 1000 bushels oanal were made at 40c, and 1000 do of New Jersey at 43o Kbvit?Among the paroels disposed of we notioed the foil owing : 600 boxes Palermo lemons at $3 63X; 36,000 Carthagena cnooa nu'sat >40, and 6000 lbs dried appWs In barrels, at 3J?e fuH-Wi notion sales of 100 barrels No. 1 Halifax maekerel. at >9 60; 100 do do No. 3's, at >6 87X, and 900 quintals dry eod, at ?3 63. laois?Sales by auotion Of 130 packs Russia sheet, damaged, at 60 a 7)?c, oaah. Molasses ?We notice a oontinued good demand for the trade, with salas of 160 hhds Cuba at 34o, 34X a 36c; 100 bbls New Orleans at 36o a 36o. 4 mos., and 164 hhds Trinidad, by auotion, at l&Xc a 30Xc wuhouawt ? yy o report saies oj howud oi oo iugi ui Honduras at 6X a l\o, at 4 moa Natal Stores ?There waa a fair enquiry for rosin, and we note aalea of 1000 bbla North County at 7a delivered, and 400 bbla Wilmington at 86o Spirits waa In moderate request, with aalea of 100 bbla at 8fio, cash. Oils?Sales of 700 bbla shipping whale were aiade on private terms, but Mid to be slightly above 83o. Linseed?Sales ol 7,000 galls., English, were made at A6o; and aalea of 3,000 do, eity pressed, were made at 68o a 60c. Oakum?We note sales by auction of 300 bales Russia, at 3\o. Peas-Seles *t 60 bushels green were made at 91 13XProvisions?Pork was very quiet, but holders stood out for the advanee obtained at the close of lest week, and f?r good to prime mesa demanded flOalO 36; and 8 76 for prime. There were no sales reported beyond retail transaotions to the trade. Piekled meats were quiet. The last sales of hams were made at 6\o. Beef waa quiet, and no sales of moment transpired beyond retail transaotions. There was a good Inquiry for prime lard, and sales of 366 bbla were made at OXo; sued about 800 ktgs sold at 7Xo; 300 bbla No 3, sold at 6o. Cheese, sales oi 136 boxes and 36 oasks, this State, were made at 8o. Butter was more plenty, and leas saleable. Rick?Sales of 100 tieroes were made at 98 37X a 3 60. Seed?Sales of 11 tieroes reaped timothy ware made (new) at $36; some sales of flax were made at 91 30 Sticks? Some 400 bags Jamaioa pimento changed bands, on terms we did not learn. Moderate sales of No. 1 nutmegs ware made at 91 36. Sugar?Sales of about 300 hhds New Orleans were reported at 4o a 4Xo; 360 do Cuba Musoovado at 4>fo a 6>?o; 100 do do old erop at 4c; 330 boxes brown Havana at 6Xo a 6So, and 100 hhds Porto Rico at 6Xo. Salt?Sales of 700 sacks damaged Liverpool, at 91 30 91 35, oash. Tallow?We notice sales of 1600 lbs prime rendered at 0Xo. Whaleronk?Small sales N. W. oontinued to be made to cutters, at 33:, Whisket?Sales of 300 bbls State prison were made at 33Xo a 33o. and 76 do drudge at33o. Freights?Rates to Liverpool continued about the same; for square bales of cotton 3-16d was asked ; 16W) bbls naval stores were engaged at 3s. and beef in tierces pc 3s Rates tor grain w?re nominal. To London, there was uvhulug ubw . Cotton i'ratle. At M early hour on Friday morning, 7th inft., til# steamer Washington was reported below, and her intelligence belog nine daye later, wae looked forward to with greet anxiety, particularly by the houeee engaged hi tbe French trade. 1 he suspension of the Bank of Kraooe. with the numerone failnrea at Havre and Paris, (roported by her,) created great exoitement here that dey. The uneertalntyin relation to tbe finanoial courao cf the provleional government, and its several edicts extendiog the maturity of oontracta, has oast a gloom over the fntnre. which conld hardly bo felt more severely here, if they were entirely abrogated The unoertaln period when any relief may be had frem thence, caused several eminent bonaee hero, largely Interested in French commerce to suspend payment, nntll they can learn what amount of aasets may probably be reeliied from the suspended houses and property there. The Htbernia arrived on 8unday night, with Liverpool dates to 26th ult. The letters by her, although quoting an additional decline of one eighth-(fair uplands standing at 4%d )-gave a brighter eapeet to commercial matters, wuich, however, was mora than counterbalanced by the continued politieel turmoil, particularly In Franoe, which appears eaoh succeeding dav to be verging nearer to the borders ofanaroby. Tbe market opened on Tuesday 11th icat .at a decline or thres-*ightha on tbe prioes existing previous to the arrival cf tbeie steam ?r?, nt which 1000 hales ware disposed of : towards tbe close of the week, prieee sunk another eighth, with dally sales of about 1000 bales ; the larger proportion being for the homo trade. Some considerable parcels have been shipped to Liverpool from first hands, anl at our present prices, a larger busineaa would have been done for that market. If tbe ordinary facilities existed, but tke majority of bonaee engaged In that trade feel loth to aooept consignments at present, except at mere nominal advaneea. There was less Inquiry yesteiday,aud the sales only amounted to 800 bales, the market closing heavy at the quotations at tep. The movements of this staple In this oountry this season compared with the previous two bate bean as annexed. Movements or Cotton in the United Statki Baltt. Receipts at porta of the United States tines September 1, 1847 1,843 271 " " " same period lest yeer.. 1,629 187 ? " '< ? year before. 1.672 467 Exports from United States since Sept 1,1847. .1,066 178 " " same period last year.. 787,291 " " " " year before.. 94-i 117 The receipts at Ihi* port since the lit Imt bare b??n 18 000 bales. Exports 18 ft00. Taken by ipionen 6 000. Taken on speculation 1.000. Htook In olty 60,000.? Amount en sale 10 000 bales. Tbe closing quotations in this market wore as annexed: LirxarooL CLAinric&Tions. Nrto Or leant Upland) Fltrida. 4 Text. Inferior............. aoas ? ? OrUiaary 5* a 5* a 4* IX ? iX tdiddliac S a C S a ?? 61* a Hood Middliag 6*tf I 6W tX I 6H 6*4 * MidJlmt i'air IN 6H *N 6* a i<X Ki r 6X> IX sk 7 7<i a 7* 'nlly "air 7 a 7M 7M a 1% 1% a 1% G.mI Fair..... nominal on*e nominal Mm,' nomin I Bone Bom nal HAHKKT8 KL.9KWIIKEUB. STOCK SAMS. BiLTiMoas, April 17,1HS? $IM0 United Treaiorr NoteiSa 1?JK; 1001 d i 101; 5?a Bal'imore t'l. lttt.ttW; OOSdot'edo 9t; It aharei Ba'timere k Ohio Railroad Co. 37K; It do rid. United Sta'.eat'iof 1*67 eleied at 103X bid. 10iX aiked; Treainry 6'i it Itt bid IS?N' asked. Maryl nd 6'i cloud at KK bid, ttaiked. Baltimore ?'i, 1M0, at MN hid. 9*V(uked. bal [inore ug umo nauroad mirtii! kk Die, jit* *?**. PiliLinKLPHU, April t7.?M'r?< hoard?6 Keeping, II; 1 Peauatlvan a Bank, *71; M Norriatowa. UK: I Bank North America. 114; SUM Tennenee S'a, 75K: S3"?? Reading ?'*. 51; II* Ua'Oo Canal, 1IK; S22.10 SehayUill Navigatien I'a, 5 Meehamea'Bank. 36K; SIM? Treaaury Note I'a 1**K; 3 parmera and Mechanic* Bank, 31; S'? Coal atrip, 7?K; S30M tat*5,a,73X Seeand Beird-5M U 8 ?'*. 67. lMK; 1600 Tr*?*nry Note* 6'*, lOJJg; 6**0 Bute 3'*. 7JJ*; IM do. 7JK; IM Lei.lgh Mortgage I'a, I3K; 63 do acrip, 7*J|; I000 Reading Railroad,31; 1IM Cheaapeake and Delaware I'a, 3d, II; S3 Nn'natown Railroad, UK. II Parmtranud Mechanic* Bank, SlJil I do, JtK; I Coaamereial B*nk. SIX I Pann Bank. 37*. Jlfler Stln-1M Butt 5'.. 7H*; 3000 nehnylkill Navigation I'a, 61. 47K; 1601 Uarriabnrg Railroad 6i, 7?K; 136 Uirard Bank, i9%. FORKIO* MARKETS. Kinoaron, Jam . April 1,104* ?Recent arrival* bar* have added materially to oar ftoeka of floor, and tranaaetion* to th* extent of noma 900(1 bbl* have been mad* at SO .30 a S10 per bbl. An Improved demand with a light (apply hav* given an upward tendenoy to earn meal, and *!* have been made at |4 to a $4 7* per bbl Th* (took of American lard la heavy and rale* difficult to makt; we note about 600 keg* taken at 10 a lORo. For pork the aalea have been moderate, abont 400 hbl* were taken at SIS for ramp, $<* ao tor prim*, and SIS AO for Mac*. American heme ore In large (apply end nn(eleebl* Bom* email lota of ch*e*e are (ailing nt 14 a 17o perlb.?Cer. PK I Qaztttr end AT. dm. Harriett, On Monday, the 17th ln*t , by the Rev. Mr Benedict Mr. RirHann HtxMina, of Boeton, to Mia* Marv Lopiia Bat.own*, of ?hl* elty. Oa the 17th loet. by the Rev Mr. Hert, Mr. Jown A Hot*. Jr , to Ml** Maav Ann, all of thll city* Ponghhaepai* paper* piece* copy. Dlad, On Monday evening, th* 17th Inet., of a abort bnt never* Ulnae*, ('apt. Jomit McMawon, In tha 30th year of hla aga. Tha frWada of tha fhmlly, al*o thoae of hla uncle, Wm ? \ Mow*, of Jersey City, tbo lit aonpuy Montgomery UuuuU, end lot ooopujr Cnaitt durdi, iro reepectfnlly invited to attend hi* faaeral. from hla lot* realdinoo, No. 10 Framklin street, on Wedneedey, tho l?th inat. at 3* F M. Oa Toeeday morning, 18th April, M*ev Kimlrt, eldeit daughter of Oeorge and tba late Helen K. Tom peon, aged tlx yoari and lix monthi Her remain* will bo taken to Canton, Mm, for inter1 meat. Oath* 17th instant, War ton Smith, aged 33 your*, ; sen ol the late Evan Patera, of Philadelphia. IIU relative* and friend* are Invited to attend hi* fane ral.thladay (Wednesday) at 10 o'clock A M , from the reelI deiioeof hie brother, David J. Peter*,33 Renwiek street. Philadelphia and Cloolnna'i papers please oopy. On the 17th lnat.,at 81 Ureenwlchstreet, Alrxandcr, Infant son of Alexander H. and Ann Jane Taylor, aged tw* month*. Suddenly, on board of the United State* ibip North Carolina, yesterday morning, about half past 11 o'clock, of disease of the heart, Surgeon J.Faauiaica Sicecli United States Nevy. At Antwerp, Maroh 14th, 1048, of consumption. Camkhimk J. Emerson, of Bucksport, Maine, wife of Capt. W. Km*-ion, aged 80 years. ,N PURSE AN DSTAK E.?CENTRE VILLK JpUl/U Coarie? Paciog. ? Wednesday, April II, at 4 e'clock, P. M.?Purae $100, with ao innde stake of 82*0, be tweea r K. HouoRe and r g Village Boy, mile heats, be,t three iu five, ander the saddle. JOEL CONKL1N, Proprietor. PirHT OFFICE, NEW YORK, APRIL I*. 1848.-THE Steamer WashiD(ton will leave New York for Southern pt iu and Bremen eu Thursday 20th lust., at 10 o'clock A. At. Her mails will cine at th>s office < 9 o'clock, A. M.t of that day. \ wiudnw will be opened at clock. A. M . for tha rrceptioa '>f letters. RUBER I' ti. VIOHRIS, Post Master. Lost-about two years aoo, adeline Moo'e. aged ten years; ihe hat noibeeu teen since that time * ny iuformition respecting her will be thaukfully rer.tived by her pireuts, at 141 Hammond itreet. JOHN moore. Lo* r, on monday evening, AT THE rooms i f the National Academy of Dtsun, or in Broalway. between Henitou and Leonard t'reett. a Breaat I'm, representing t?vo terpeuta, and suipeedicg from the month of each, a tag set with diamonds and iu qnoit. The Kinder will receive a suitable reward, by retnruiug (he same to 3)4 West, corner of Clarksn- street. Baxter bllei-the members ok the compan? are ordered to alterable at the armivy, this day. the I9,h tost., a1 2X o'clock, I*. M , to pay the last tribute of re spect to our late associate, T. McGnire. By order, S. P. a YERS, ('apt. W K. Wa'erhnry. He*gt. I\/| EKChNTILE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY.!. ny, No. 63 Wall street.?In conformity witk the equisitious of their charter, the Company submit the follew ng statement: ?Amount of premiums not mvkedoff April 3d, 1817,1116,136 41; amount of premiums on Policies issued during the venr endirg Apvil 3 1, lltl. $712 910 31?total amount of nremiumt, $149 076 76. The amouul ol premiums marked If du lux the year as above, was?on marine risks S6lri 621 36; on inland transposition and navigation risks, $61,1(1 91?total $567,(37 2 6. less return premiums, $32 731 02?earned premium i for the year, $614 616 39. Paid during the tame period tor re insurance. $62,(60 </8; espenses. $19 716 91; interest, c mmission and bad debts, $29736 79; marine losses. $274,027 74; inland navgaiioa do., $30,621 30?total, $416 367 49; profits tobedivided $198,118 77. Amount of earniugs of 1647, $>2.6)1 73; do. do. 1818, as above, $!93 118 77?t ital for two years, 6230 770 32. Tne company further report that they have at this date tlie following assets, nz:?Invested in Uoitcd States Treasury notes. $104 039 81; bills receivable, $114 327 38; cash and unsettled claims to be closed by cseh or notes, $43 998 37; scrip of other companies. $1,199 91?total assets. $563 583 48.? The Trustees have declared a dividend of thirty-two per ceat. on the net eirned premiums of the past year, pavable in scrip on and alter the second Monday in May next. Tne Trustees hivs also resolved to pay an i iterest of aix per cent, on tha amount of tht cettificatei authorized to be iisued in April, I8I7, to be paid to the holders thereof, or their legal reprsseutalives, on and alter the eighth day of May next. It wis also resolved th t as soon aa the accumulated profits ezeesd the sum ofhalfa million of dollars, the egress shall be epproptia ted to the reJemption of its scrip, agreeably to the provision! ofihe charier By order of the Board. CHARLES NEW4 OMB, Secretary. Trustees?'Thomas Hunt, Jamts Fruuland, Henry Sheldon, Thomas 8. Nelson, Wilson G, Hunt, 8tewarc C. Marsh, George Hastings. U. W. A. Rogers, Heuty JeesOp.SuptimusCrookes, Charles Payne, Charles H. Rogers,, h. e. Moring, "annuel J. Beats, William Watt, Almet Heed Cyrua Curtis. Herman Boker, Charles G. Carletoa. Lucius Hopkins, Dmiul G. Ha vi land, Leri Cook, David L. Say re, Henry A Stone, James C. Hillock. O t. Ms'tby. George D. Phelps, James U. Soulier, Frederick Victor, h. W. t. Mali, Richard Bigelow. Alexia 8. Baker. JOSEPH WALKER, PresidenttLEWIS GUEGURY. Vice President; ELLWOOD WALTER, Assistant Vic* P.eiident; CHALE8 NEWCOMB, Secretary. A VIS?UN-AMERICAIN, A QUI IL FAUT DE LA an. pratique poor se perfectionner a parler francais, youdrait bian taire la eennaissance d'on FrsnSais, pour qui il en eit di me me a I'egard de 1'aaglais; dani la vue de passer one ou deux soirees par semaine. k parler etalir* l'anglais etle franfsis reciproquement. 8'addreaaer C X. D , an bureau de ce journal. WANTED-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS IN a reipectable family, by a young Oerman girl. Inquire at HI Leonard atraet. WANTED-A 8ITC ATION AS CO ACHM AN.B Y AN Englishman, aged 30 who pnaaeaaea a perfect knowledge of hia basilicas?can come well recommended. No objection to town or country. A note addressed to W. G., at this oth ce, will meet with prompt attention. WAN'IED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTE8TAP?T Oirl, a situation as nurse or chambsrmaid, in a respectable private family. Pleas* call at 01 Maui st. Brooklyn, first floor. YET ANTS A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE " young woman, as chambermaid in a private family; is a good washer and ironer; hss good city reference from her last place. Please to call at 8 Yolk street, for two days. ANTED?IN A SMALL FAMILY. A OERMAN vv Ladyss Governess, to teaoh the piano forte, German, lie. One would be preferred who has lately come from Germany. A liberal salary will be given and good references requirad. Address A. B.. 311 Walnut street, Philadelphia, post nw. WANTICD?A WOMAN ? SCOTCH, AMERiCAN or Engliah?who it capable and obliging, to do very light chamber work, and atint in the ironing of a ainall lamily, wuere the aitnation can be permanent and the place deeirable. Apply at A. Oriere'a, No. 5 John atrtet, tbla day, between 10 and t o'clock. 117 AN TIC D-A SITUATION, BY A RE8PE ..TABLE " young woman, a Proteitant. to do general homework, la a gooJ waiher and ironer. Pleaae appl y at 11 Dcabroaaei at., ia tear bnildlng WANTED, BY AN EXPERIENCED EDUCATED Kngliah woman, aaituatmn to ioatrnet and take charge ol children. Addresa T. O tea. 19* Broadway, to-day and tomTtn*. N B. Noobjecii n to travel WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng w man. aa aeamitreei or to take caie of cnildien, at chambermaid or to ilo pl.iia cooking, waah and iron, or the general homework of a amall family. The beat of eiiy inference can be given Apply at No. J Eleventh atiect, between Avennea B and C. between 10 and 4 o'clock. WANTE~ix?-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE yonrg woman, at onrae. or to take charge of children, aa chaml ermaid, or to do the general homework of a email family. Haa no objection to go a ahoil diatance in the county. The bait of city reference can be given. Apply at No. 1 Union Cou-t,between Eleventh and Twelfth atreeti. WANTS A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN-A steadr, active and particularly ?ober rouag man, who h\a lately arrived (rom the old conutry; ia an excellent waiter, end nnderstaads the management aud grooming ot hor?ea well which hie written ennmeter will testify; woald be f.mud otefnl end obliging to ear lady or gentleman who woald be pleated to employ him. Advertiser would with a conn'ry situation, but hat noohjeetioa to the eit i. Any commuds addietted J. M. office of thii paper, will be retpectfn!ly attended to DESK WANTED-A LARGE SIZE SECOND H hND CoamingHuute Detk. Any pertju hating one to diepote of cheap, may .addrtat Boa 631. Pott Office Lad wanted. to learn the art ok detigaiug anu Engraving on Wood. Premium required if oter II yean ol age Apply between tne hourt ol I and 3 P m .to R?.aU k BrofHer. 304 B-adway INFORMATION WANTED OF HAV1I" TON AHM 8TRONO blacksmith a native of the county of Farm>nagh. who I'ft the county of Meat Meath. Ireland, on viay II. IIO, for Qiebec will call on Malcnm White, hlarkimitii, 301 Froi.t at., tie will hear of hit brother Aleaaoder. New Vork 18th April. 1841. Toronto p-twt pleaee copy. Notice-the interest ok the under tienrd in the late firmt of Welle It Co., and Livi-tgst' n Welle It Co., wee on the eih of March told and relinquished by her to Henry Weill, and the aaid firm* hereby dnsnlved, the bntmeea being continued bv Henry Welle on h.s own ecount. CAROLINE C LIVINGSTON, Widow of tbn late Crawford Livingston r e w York, April 18 1841. OFFICE OF THE NEW YOKE OAS LIGHT COMpany, April 18, 1848 ?The Preiidnnt and Directors hare this day declared a dividend of four and a half per cent on the capital itock of this Company, for the an months endii g 1st February last, payable to the stockholders on and after Mend iy the let May next The transfer book will be el end from the Zbtii mat to that <late. By order. C. L. EVEHITT, See rntary AMIDON'S SPHINO HA 18, UNRIVALLED FOH lightness and b illianev and peifect adaptation to the i coming warm weather. Gentlemen about changing their 1 Hits should look in at AMIDON'S, IT7 Broadway. CLOTHING?E. DEGROOT k CO. M2 FULTON ST . near Broad way, New York, have just opened a large end entire new stock of ready made spring end smnmer clothing, which will be eoid cheaper thin at aay oth*r store in the city for cash, or ihey will mike to order in the most lash oua ble style at the following pricei. suits:?Coat. pants sad vest, (to order) from $14 to $!6; do , (ready made) from $10 to $2>; bnainnai. office an I summer coats, from $i toft Also, snirts. drawers, eravau, stocks, collars, glovea, and esery article of Gentlemen's wearing apparel NIAGARIa FALLS AND SARATOGA SPRINGS The subscribers 11 the Eicnraioa of Columbian Hose Co 8 to the above pieces in July neat, em requeued to t'tend especial meeting at the Hose house, in Mulberry street, on Thnrar'ey evening, 20th mat , et I o'clock By order of the committee. H. 8 MANSFIELD. Chairman; John Lynns, : BUN8 HO! HOT ('BOSS BUN" FOR GOOD FHI day will be ready for brrak-nar. dinner, and tea. Ordera firat coma ft rat aairrd. at THOMPSON '8, II Lispenerd at Walea Biaeoat or Cracka*'* freah arery day, and a general aa aoriaaaat of bjaaeitaaad Cahca RF.*L VALENCIENE LA' r.S -PKTER H9BERTS, J7J Broadway, liaa juat raceired by recant arnyala. tltu yarda of Valenriene Lace, and inaertiaga, JO per rent kalow theuinel prieaa; Lace Taper and Collara (aewatriea); alao, f on anetton, TM paira of white and black, piam aadopea work Bilk Hoaai do. Camtiria Handkerchiefs, at a eery graat bargain, TO DRUQGIoTd AND APOTNEC4HIE9.?FO* Bala?The atoek and flitnrea, lie , of the Drog Store MS Pearl at eet. eoinar of t'.roaa aireet, formerly oeeapied by the late Wm Forbea. Baid ato>e la one of the bait loeatioaa in thia city for a retail business. being aitnated In a feed thoroughfare; aad haa alao attached a flrat rata Soda Water trade, wilhall the apparatna for mtnofacturing the Water?aa Paw, Oanerator, Gasometer, Copper Fotintaina, Draft Tnbea, he he., complete, and in good wo king order. The above Btore would be a very deairable onr for and reuon wiahiug to commence the Ding boaiaaee in the city, eatabliahed and fayorably known to the pabl c for the laat fiftee. 1 can. For partiruUrs, Itc , immadlate app ication to be made to Mrs Forbea, at tlie Btore. TO DOCK BUILDERS-PROPO* M.H WILL BE received untU *atnrdiy neat, for boildinga httlk head from Del toe* half way to Rivingtoa afreet, on the lion of Eaat atieei; to he JO fret wide at the bottom aad Dfretat thelop; to be bailt agreeable te the direrti -n of the r tract Commie | i nner, and te he nmme'ced <mm dtately. P'opoaala to be directed to JOHN LOVETT, JIM Dal?ney awect. Family boirding * bool-a lady, kkbidmg in the conntry. haa. for soma lean put, taken into her t?mily a ainall untC-rr of rhi d en aa b-itrlan and achdirs The care and discipline are parental No peina aparad to adranoe the tepila in their atadiea and render thra eomfortahle and happy while under her charge. Graat attention paid to their health aad morala. The location la rery retired and healthy. No day aehelara admitted. For refernneea, terras, ke enqeire of the teacher, No. 1M Wait 19th gtreet, from I tosr.M. JACOB 8. PLATT. AUCTION***-THIS DAVO Hardware, Cutlery, Fancy Goods, Musical Instruments, Watches, kc. Jeoeb 8. Plait will sell till* dtr, at I o'clock. at SI Pint (i., a gvntral assortment of Hardware. Knives. Forks, fuckstand Pan Knives, Carvers, Files. Scissors. Shears, Carpenters'Tools. I. hsias , IN sets Britannia Ware, IN do Castors, January olass Ware, ant also the Stock of a Dealer Musical lsttiuoiests. snooi which are 40 eitra tee Hose wood Accordeous riehly finished s,M of wichare of fltloS34 vsiae; also, Silver monn'ed full ks,ed Flutes of extra quality. Guitars, Bar ins Violins, see Also, at IS o'clock, the balsdee of a consignment o( Watches. Gold and Silver, to be sold peremptorily to c'oie the sale. Also, icoo dosen Knives and Kmks. 400 c-rdt Pocket nud Pen Knives, 10 cases Tumble's and other Glass Ware. JACOB S PLATT, AUCTION KICK ?ON It LAUGH. Double Iron rtafe, and oae Countiugroom Desk, nearly new. Jacob H Piatt will sell, this day, at IS o'clock, at 31 rlatt street, the shove, fo account of whom it may concern Also, at 10 o'clock a neutral assirtineut of Hardware, Fancy Goods, Musical Instruments, Watches, Jewelry, Glass Ware, kr, ItS. BA. CHILTON. AUCTIONKKH-FCKNITUKK OK the American Hotel, Broadway, corner of Ban-lay st ? K- H. LUDLOW It CO. will tell at auction, ou Friday, April 31, commencing at 10 o'clock, the entire Furniture of ihe above Hotel, consisting in pirt of the following Parlor Furniture? Koyal Wilt.u and Brussels Csryets aud lings, large Pier and Mantal Glasses, Rosewood and Mahogany Sofas, Chairs, Divans nud Ottomans, covered with crimson and other colored plushes and velreta; Voltaire and Hocking Chairs, damask window Curtaiut and Ornaments, Gat t. haudeliert and ornaments. Mantel Clocks aud Candelabr&s. marhie top centre and pier tables; several line toned pianos, by different makers, kc kc Cut Glass Ware and Crockery?A lam assortment or Ulasi and Ciockerr Ware. 01 me near kind* Bed Mnom Furniture?Of about 15# T'omt, of (he beat descriptions of manngany, oak and p ne Bediteads. Wardrobes, Bureaus double and single Waalmand \ Carprts. Btda, Mm trasses and Bedding. Alao, a large >(u tntity of table and bail linen Alao,eereral lame aud amall Frrnklius and Nott Htovea Alao. Oil loth, a variety of palter a Alio, gilt aud bronze gas Chandeliers and aide lights. '1 ( gather with all the dining room aud kitchen Furniture Catalogues can be lutd on Tliurad ,y morning at the office el' the auctioneere. 27 Wall atreet. N B ?The urniiure ran he aeen o Thurvdav B\. CHILTON, AULTIONEKK-H gNDSOVIK Iiouaehold Furniture at auction, on Thursday, April 20, at No. M Varirk place. Hullivnn atreet, between Houston and Bleecker, it 10 o'clock E. H. Ludlow Ik Co. will aell as above, ih* entire furniture of the h-ure, co-uprising rosewood and mahogany aofaa. eh tire, coiichre, Voltair chain, arm do., marb.e top centre tcblee, dinLg do., Brussels and other carpeta and ruga, bedate.ada and bedding. apring in ,ttraaaea. waidrobea, lie., drtaaing bureaua ana tables oh ua aud glaaa waie. window cnrtaina, mautel and nrtral lampa oil clotha, three-ply carpets. Brnaaele patierna; elegant hall aud parlorstoves. refrtger.tor, eitenaion dining tables, lie., Itc., together with the kitchen furniture, with which the an e will commence- Catalogues ready ou Wednesday uioruing BA. CHILTON, AUCTION ERR ?ROSEWOOD and Mahogany Furniture ?H H Ludlow It Co.. will a?li at auction ou "I huradar, April >1). at 10 o'dlock, at No. lllUreaue atreet uear Priu e, the entiie Furniture of the houic, en:? Koeewood aoloa, cnuchei aud chiira. covered with velvet ptuih; ot'omaus to match: French plate, mautel aud pier m rrois; window curtaina aud inai'e drop d"; rich gilt giroudolei and candelabra*^ rid tapestry; Bru aela and otlur carprta and oil clotha. China and cut gliaawaie: rosewo?d wardrobea, mirror door; dreanug bureiui, with g!aa?; embroidered ottomans; heir mattraaaea aud bedding; French mahogany bedateada, lie., together with a variety of other usefu I houaekeepiug articlea. Alao. the kitchen furniture, with which the aale will commence. Catalogue! ready on Wedn..,i,? ?... HENMT H. LEED*. AUCTIONEER?ORE aT SALE of old and choice Wines being the entire stock ol the City Hotel, the proprietors iuteudiuir to retire f?om business. Heury H. Leeds 8t Co. will sell at auetiou. on Thursday, the JOih of April, at 10 o'clock, at the City Hurl the-ntne stock of Winaa be onging ?> that extrusive establishment, ill* winra h,yiug been aelected with the greaieit care, f r t e exclusive uae ot the home, many of which have remained iu th Hands of the proprietora, and being part of their atock when the li uae waa occupied bv them many yeara ago. conatar nu of Madeira?Of aouut forty different kisdi of the most celebrated wiuea in the market, auch aa Harmony. March It Co , Richards, :,e aerve, Mary Elizabeth, Wanderer,old Mercial. Newton 8t Co, E.J. Blackburn, Leacock, flloodgood,Victoria. Black Dwarfs and many othtra of various vintages. Sherries? Of upwards thirty kinds, comprising uearly all the best wines iu this couu tty, viz: Commodore Chauncey. vintage of 1780 and >789. Cn bioet Pale. Brown and Hold, Abreo. I H . Brown Seal aud Black Seel, St. George. Harmony, Duff Gordon It Co., Hoyta, Po what tan. Amonteliado. kc fcc. Clarets?Consisting of Lafitte, Longnevtlle, Black seal, Leoville, Barton It Gutt er 1881; Hint It Brion, 1837; Branc Mouton, 1837: Latour, 1834; ltd. Ite. Champagnes?Consisting of Heidseik, Star. Napoleon, Cliquot, Itc Itc. Porta?Kegina, Hoyta, Victoria and Prince Albert, and other celebrated brands. Cordials?Mara chiuo, Hoiach aad Anisette; Curacoe in jugs, lie Itc. Hockwinea?The oldest and richest wines in this country, of vintages varying from 1718 to 1813, from the cabinet of the late Mazimilion Joseph, King of Bavaria, and sold by the Queen Dowager, tin 1830. Burgundy, Sauturn, Brandy of virions kinds. Porter, Ale, Itc. Particular attention is requested t > this sale,as it is verr seldom ao la'ge aad valuable a atock of genuine wine* are offered at auction The samples a e now ready for examination at the city Hotel, and until the day of tale, when the terma will ne made known. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer?great male of Marble M*nt?ls, Mutuary, Garden Fountains, V?ses, Pedes'tli. entre Tables, Scegliola, and Plaster ol Paris Ornaments, Figurss, lie lie. Henry H. Leeds It Co will sell at suction, this day, at the establishment nf Ottaviani Gori, sculptor, No 193 Broadway, between 19th and 3Cth stream, at pall-pest 10 A. M , the entire atock of aplsndid Marble Mantels, of Etizabelhian, Lonis XIV., Gothic, Roman. Grecian and Comprint# pattern!, suitable for the most expensive es wall as more economical dwellings, varying in valua from ten dollars to eight hundreddollsraench. Also splendid iMarble Kignrei. Fountains, some o( which are 9 feet high A pair of Lion*, of Canovia, over 3 feet long. Groups, embracing some chaste and be ntifnl figures, from thechis-ls of superior artists of this country and Italy, well worthy the attention ol the admirers of the Fine Arts. Also. Vases. Tables, ttc. jke Valuable oil paintings?henry w leeds It Co. have a valuable collection of Oil Paintings for ill* to-morrow it hill-put tea o'clock, it their room. No. I "'all itreet, containing iome cabinet timi of the old muleri besides several modern Paintings of the English school, of a Tory high order of m?rit HE. WILLARD. AUCTIONEER-A8SIONEEM Hair?Brrck of a Wholesale ('rockery Dealer?Henry K. Wiilird will iell on Monday April 24, et ten o'clock, it the itore, 197 Water it. ti?ar Kultto, a general assorted stock of fine and common ware, China, cut and plain Uleu. Hall Lanterns, Clocks, Britannia Ware. fcc. Bale rositive, for c-sh, bankable m nev Ooods well packed for shipping, and mmt s'l br removed by the 2(th. Catalogues on Friday at the auction room.I Cedar, near Pearl it. VVM W. SHIRLEY*, Salesman _ BY J. HCOEM/iV. AUCTIONEER?THURSDAY. April 2tlh. at 10 o'clock, at 193 Atlautic street. Brooklyn general assortment of parlor, chamter and k tch?n fur nitnre, as good as new, consisting of I Milpaw's pateut sofa bedstead mahogany tele a telea, m-ihogant ami other chairs, centre tables extension dining table (Phyfe); < hi. ere rea poys, Bruneii and ingrain earpeis, oil cloth, bronxed hat stand,lull lanterns, bureaus, bedsteads, linen beddtog and table linen, blankets, dinner and breakfait act, cailery, glass and kit hen lurnitnre. r*tme day, at 2 P.M. at 143 Highst, the fnrnitnre contained on the first floor of the home, conaistiug of carpets, cane w chairs, centre and tea tables, bedsteads. crockery. i-Rpumii. looking g|-ss. r mki ote. kc. JW. BROWN, AUCTIONEER?ELEOANT MA ho*an? and other Fnmitaie, Rosewood Piano Kortes, kc ? J. W Brown will sell at anetion on Ihnnday, April 30. at 1#H o'clock, at the ware rooms of Mr. J. Hay Ion. No 218 entire stock of warranted cabinet furniture, comprising parlor sofas aod chairs of all yarietiei, centre, card, aofa and aide tables. Egyptian and lialiau marble topi; elegant dressing end plain bnreant, book cues, French bed steads, waah stands, wardrobu, kc., with nearly every article in die line. Alio, two elegant rosewood nisnnfortea. maker R. (ilenu Catalogue! ready ?n Wednesday. NB?Peraona aboot purchaaiug furniture will Had th>i a favorable opportunity, aa the aprck ia one of the largeat offered at anctioa this eaion, end will be ptrempt orally told, aa the nwn?r ia doing hia baiiueaa, and will remove on the lat of May. Auction notice-thos. bell will sell at Anetion, on Thuraeay. April JO at No. 371 Broadway, at htlf-paat It o'cloek, (10 cloae a truat.) a large and valuable uaaortmrnt of ( abiaet Furniture, ( warranted, an I not made lor auction) eompr aing a general a<aortmeut, welt worthy the attention of Hotela. Mupiera aod Honae Krepera, bring ore entireparw; toge her with 4 'Sofia, Cnnchea. Divaoa. Icc and]Ad'<zen Mahogany ahd black Walnut * haira, Ue. See ''eremptory and Koaiiive forl'aah. For Particn ara, are the Knrnitnre. with Caralognea which are uow read v. AMONH THE many VALUABLE ARTICLES TO be aold at M. Oori'a. 29) Broadway, auction, on Wedntaday, i9 h inat., th-re will be fiftreu Paiuti' aa by real old uiaatcra 'lie will nuqaeatiorab.v deaerve lie admiration if the intelligent without tne aid of high toundiLg eulogy The portrait o! It cm brant ia worthy of particular intution; but abate al the public attention ia riqneaied to a real curmaity?a very remarkable ei.gravit g lour (cet iu be g t. of vliehnel Atgeln'a g aad inaater piece in the fe z ine Cnapel, the Laat Judgm-nt. Thia Eig'aving it equally neaerviog ef uotiee lor ita creel leoce antiquity rnd rarity oue ef the largeit and beat engraviugi ever eieeuted.aud eitremely ra e.ev-n on the coo tinent. To thoae who never witneaaed that great Piir.ting.thia faithful eonr will emvrva eorract coucei Hon ol ita grandeur?while th ,ae t > w horn it ia kcown will fiud it ? miraHly calculated to lenve tneir lorrner mprriiiona. True connuiaeura canum he influenced b'nbaurd and falae pra aea; let everv oue f-How lua tine, ail I decue iller ha ow>f-e'inga. OR SALE ? A ?r\v OK KIN 10 BaY CARRIAGE hnraea. aizteen handa high young and faat traveller*. jnat (com the country, well broke and atyiiah drivera; will be aold atafairprxe Have been in th- hi..da ->f the present owuer for arveral montha and are ao d *a he lira no further uie for ili-m Addreee H. b, J., boa 7(3 Poet t'fliea. TO BE BOLD?A BARQAIN-AN EXCELLENT family two horaa cariiage. fit for city or com try. Kail pertic< lartare left at M'- Alvord'a hat awe, 102 Broadway, near W,l| POR BALE. PHICK. ?2)0 CASH.TW# LOTH. N?'M Ir 37 and 39. in Cook tree', village of Buahwick, adj tiniug Williaintknrg'i A Protetiant i hnrch, Grocery and fublie School in the immed are neighborhood Lquire -eta'cn I and 9. A VI, at N". J7( Delaoeey arreet. OKU WHlTIlUQ. TO LKT-THE I OWER P ART OF THEBEAUTI fully aituated Houie 129 Franklin atreei, oppoaite Va i P v til I L Wai'om 02 Ke?d atreer TO LET?SUITES OF ROOMS, O NHMI|\(> OF parlor* and bed room* with private table* far famiLe* ; alto, tingle room* for g*ntlamen with breekfaat and tea Tbe bona* la newly farnianed, and lighted with raa throughout Mao, provided with warm, cold and ahowar batha Apply at 517 H natnn aireet. N. b ?Don't move mn M?y TO LET?THE BIX TWO BTOH V AINU ATTIC Honae*. in Hndton atreet. between Htn and 15th atreeta. They are jnat fimahed. and in complete order, and to good tenanta will ba rented low pply to JOHN DENHAM, lib * veune, corner of Weat 16th aireet, or to II. J Hanlnrd, IM Maiden * nee. f|*U-LET?SUITES OF ROOMS. ' ONSI*TI.NtI OK X parlora and bed rooma fo' gent'emen with private tablet, ifrrqnired with a reipeetable Kngliah family. with warm, cold ana ahower batha. for tne Iree nae of the oeeapanti. Ap ply at Mrt. ME >MURST'?_itl H'm.lon at TO LET-SALES ROOM IN BROADWAV-THF. deniable front room handaomely fitted op. on the aeeond floor of building No 2il Broadw y. near Fnltan at. now oe pied by the anbaeribera aa a Hat eaMbliahmeot. Apply on the ptemiaea WARNOI KH.t I Broadway Furnished rooms to rent, with or with. oat breakfaat?tea and dinner on Sundaya?in aprivate family beguiie at IM Ftanhlin atreet CI OK F, TO LET ?THE STORE NO 146 WEST C5 Broadway, oee of the beat loeationa in thia city for a groeeiy, frnit atore. dry gooda or any fair y bnaintaa: it Will be Irt aeparate.or wuh apartinenU, for a am ill family, haa Croton water, ke. fce. Apply to A C MONS > N, 71 < edar atreet rpo ileabe?A small hotel, BEAUTIFULLY X located in the lower part of the city, and containing about 56 rooa a, a-ranged in anitra on the Kreueh plan; thete are hatha and water cloaeta on every fl'M)-,anJ gas Hitarea throuahont Will he readv thr oeenpaney by the middle of May. Addreaa b ? Ml, P?at a flee I New xbtbtic method for enolish and French competition. containing an introduction to the rhethoric. alio m"deta and argnmenta for narrationa, lene ? | dercriptioua, apaerh?a, debatea. lie, lie. by A A. HOT'X, l*r rfraanr of French language and literature, ia me Mount flea aant Academe, and uihor of the ' Zt'.etic method oreaaieit method of learning F tench " hecoad and third aeriea, price >1. IOH1 WILEY. Ill Broad way. New York , Caarpetb !?carpets cleaned Fso.m ie to / 10 centa per yard, without nnrippiig. Hearth linga, Table Cover*. Kaney Shawla, fcc., eleaneil. A anil of gentlemen'* clothea r.caned and ihc color 'factored for III 00 SUk Dreaaea dyed aud watered fir $1 00. 1. SMITH, 70 Md 70Id Alton ok door aoo?e Oraad. J 4 I fTALMN OPERA, ABTOR PLACE/?THE 8EP1EJ eeatatioa. nf the Opera, will be anapeuded oaring thereOMinder ol Panion week. _ BOWERY THEATMK.-VV- l)\r t)x\ -V I SO April 19th, will he performed houim'i u aud (It,trn of CINDERELLA.?Fein Pnace of eleruo V|r Itardnrr ; Daudin:, Mr. he.uin ; < ijderella vlra Hcmiho Flirv Queen, Miee i ornbuli. Afte< tli- Opera, v Tom,i,nil ?od N|. It W Mmith will dine Ln /miui li To eourlnd- with THE RAKE'S PR >???! -Tom, Mr. l.rke t nrd ,Noebe?: Mr Jordan; Famy Mo eland. Mia Thili( . BetH'ggine. Mrs. lilhtilwd Uoora open ?t T?performiiiee to ennui rare hilfput 7 o'cloce. Dukoi, e'lovnr the too.* 50 crate Pit,i#rente: W?lle?v. Iflirrote; l)o???. ts CH ATH AM TH ?C ATH K.?WE D NE* D A Y ET*HI NO, April i9th, lies, will be preeeetrd the laughable heree ol' J'he VOuiilJ 8JAMP? Oen Beeuroie. . r Pardey : Jnerph. Miee S Oroin. Alter which, the drmroic diema ?< M OM A.N?Robert Hbell*, Mr Hield : Rnehael Rvleiirl. Mr. (i Jon.. To he followd by NEW YOh K Ah IT I t?Mom, Mr < htnlrau; Joe. Wi.auei Charley Bate., Pre ; Katy, Mte Booth. The evening'. perforrnanree lo conclede with YOU NO AMEHICA?Mej.rr Martinet, Mr. Parder ; Mr John Jamr. Pooley, Wiuane ; Mre. Da'halnog, Miee Hilorrth. Doore lopeaed at 7 o'clock. Perforraaaee eominene-a nt o'rlnrW Int., V or. 'e: Cn I Ik Broadway theatre wednesd a y evenino Apul i9 will be presented for ihe 2nd time on any atace. en original coined v.,u 7 act., by John, Kiq, entitled ROMANCE AND REALITY? Jack Hwift Mr. J Brtnaham; Van'y, Mr. Vaehr; A.per Manly, Mr Blafie; Kr?nk Meredith. Mr. Fleming: Lavender Kvil. Mr. Deweoai Tom Badger. Mr. Hadaway; VVnli>in?. Thompeon: Hoaabel, N ite Fauay Wallack ; Barbara Manly. M'?. Win.tanley: Blo.ioni, Mr. YVatt. To rone'ude with the farce called vipi'u ii tv rtiL- mm vt ,,.i l . , o. u.j Madame (Jalnchard, Mix Tribin Doors open at 7 o'eioch? Perl',nuance to hey is *t half putt 7 Pre.s Cirela ud P?r(]!! ' VI r'e ? m. I ? r rfl? l.rt, (,,|Ur, !'}{?( MITCH - LL'S oLYMPicTHEATitn-wKDNE-DAY Evening, April i'j, the enteriaiuments will cotnmerea Willi thk stlntimel.?Mm nimliau hchloppseii. a4r Hoi1 u<J; Liud.i, Mia* Matt- Taylor i'o be f-.ll<< v.e?l by a uew local pieee, eutit'ed * (JLANl/K AT NEW YOVK IN IRil? Muse, Mr l .haulrau; Jake, Mr osover; Kliia 8u hbuia, Mm Mary Taylor: Mary, Miss Phillips; lane .vine itobens. After, LOVE AN0 MUHTDER-Oil Pate*, Mr Hoilaud; Dauna Isabella, Mra. H. Isherwnod: Nivet'e, Miss Nobrrta. To cmiclode Willi the faice entitled LP ML) vg FIVE SHILL1 vOU-Mr Uolightly, Mr Holland. Mra Major Phohbs. Mrs H laterw. oil. I'reaa < uele 10 eenta; Upper Dozes, 23 cests; Pit, 1 abilli g; Private Boxes %i\ Orchestra Boies, 23. American dramatic kijnd association A general meeting to elect otlieera will he he'd at the Ht Charles lintel. on Thursday, April 20. luitiat on fceu.uube pa>d. o-ao'ne inat I naent thereon t'lfive the rower of votior, ME' II A Ml. A' HA1.I. <72 BROADWAY B? TWE- N nuil Broome a'reris?Monday, Tuesday, and We.lueaday, April 17th, 16th, 19th The onvnal chrisTY'S r, I vafHKLS moat respectfully annource th-C they will continue their popumr concerts for 1 hire nights only of the preaeut week; c using their eutertammer ts lor the puipose of reuovalii g the Hall which during the interval, wi I , be occupied!)? the annual eiaininatinn ol tto pupils of tb# schools o' the Mechanics' ml T adeimeis' 8 eietv .hey will have the honor of rercmmenei g tlie r inimitable er tertaiumenls uu Monday, Mar 1st Ai'm -aion 2i ce. is; dooia open at 7, conceit will commence at I o'clock i In Thursday, Friday anil Saturday, Apul. 20th.21st and 231 they wi I perform at the Brooklyn Institorte. Broadway odeon-entrance thkouhh Piuteux's f ale dea Mille Colonnes ? .Mapagar E If (freely?Musical Director.Mr Oldliald.?Anitnatrd Piciurta and Pygmalion Statuary hv a new company of latliri and gentlemen, with new costumes,draperies, 4tc?W ednesday, April 19-Programme: Part 1?The Fairies Mevelry;The Amazonian Oath; Amazonian 1 rinmph Ike. Part 2?The Light of th? Haram; The Haihers.TIke I'urt S?'1 he Parting of H-cor and Andromache Ike. Pahleau in ho. nr of the Fieaeh Republic. On hearm bog,N cents; Panjuertr, 23 r-n;s; Boxes, 12K cants Pariormajica to comuieues at I o'clock BMl.mj.M'M AMI- Hit AN v',l.'S;r l.'V-P T B?KM'M. Proprietor; k hitchcock, Manager.?Fplendid Performances (lis afteruoou at ha l-ptst > o'clock, and in Ihe evenu M- U, I..I... .I., L... If will eat red hot co>li of (Irs. bl'r.'Ui b<\lla ol' brimatone. d< ml I qtiid fire Ike (Irent Western, the - si lire, wi'l app-ar in two i|>|. udid pieces, tha "Hun< r?na Spectre B ideur.voui," and a grand Va'.kee Melange entitled the " YnukseF>rsl Visit to New York." Miaa Bernard. Mist Julia Noble Mr. , Yataa, comic nud fancy dancer, Mr A De La Pierre, and othera. > ra. Pelb*'? splendid Wax Mutuary, .Madame Koeawell .Famous FortunaTaller. Admiaaion to the whole,including Maaeum, performances, he , 2b cents; childree ur.der 10 yeara o( age. and old enough to wa k aloae, l?H eeau. Kaaarrad front aeau. sue shilling each eitra BANVARD'8 MAMMOTH PANOKAMA OF THK Mississippi rirer, painted on three miles of eanvus. being the largest painting ta the world, at the Panorama building, in Broadway, adjoining Niblo's Garden. Open every evening, (Sundays excepted) Admiaaion 64 cents; children half price. The Panorama will commence moving at tK o'clock precisely. Afternoon exhibition on Wednesday and Satnr dn, at 3 o'clock. THE GRAND COLLECTION OF THE WORKS OF the Old Masters, comprising original Pictures, by Titian, Ha bens, Raphael, Mnrillo. velnarinex, Van Drek. Ginlioromaiio. rartnigiano, Holbein, Jan Stern, Carlo Uolei, Cuyp, Wilsoa, and many othera of tha old Masters, ia opea at the Lyceum t iatlerv, No 363 Broadway, from f A M. to I P.M Admittr nca 23 cents THEQUEEN OF ENGLAND ON HEH CHARGER, pain ed by Const D'O say; Ins statuette of O'l onnell and Rust of the Countess of Blrssingtou Also, t.nnut d'Orsay's Portrait, hy himself, at the O thic Hail 316 Broadway, from 9 AM to 3 PM. Admittance, 26 eenu t struct of a Note from tha Dnke of Welliugt- n to the Count d'Orsay 'Decidedly, my dear Count tie beat likeuess>f the Quern that 1 have seen: and I am told by competent judges (Laudseer among them) that the charger is mitchlcss, as a work of art." Anatomical and natubal curiomtiesA more pleating and instructive visit eansot be ear where mads than to the North American end Anatomical Museum, coruer of Divisioa street ass the Bowery. iu ihia city. Hen a can be apent there by the enri'nx and nnmforifted. ? well m by Che learned and icientilie, with pr< fit and .idvamage. There ire chare furnished lacilitiei for obtaining the man important aid yaloable knowledge, or which all ahoold be eager to avail rhemirlvei. The young, even, will he profitred by avixw'of the speeimenx rf natural hiitory, Indian cnrioaitiea, and rare prepart.nni. tbe reiult of years of labor, ns well aa heavy expeme. whdat adn'ti will wonder at the achievement* of human induirry and akiIt. A vinttothe Anatomical Muienm. above ata-ra, whilit it cannot offend the in at faatidiona moat benefit ill-> ? who are in 9 teat ot the m >at naafnl of all inforiiiH'ion, a k iovvledge of themae'vea. The largeai and moat perfect akcleton of that int?deln*."n animal, the gigantic maa P>di ii i? i" b? x?en r tnf? mtiaenm PALMOS Ol'EKA HOUWE TO LET?API'L V AT the Box Office, between the boars of it o'clock, A M., an 2 P vt. A CARD-CASTLE UtKUKN-THIH ESTABLISHmcnt will <peu on or abnnt the lit of June next, Extensive alterations and prepamtioi.a are making for the inmmer aeaaon. All applicatioue lor enaagemente are to be D'adebf letter, nddreaaeil to our Acting Manager. f{-a Holland, Esq , No. (9 Orend atreet. FRENCH k HEI8EK, New York. Aj?n is^ mit WALNUT STREET THEATRE?PHILADELPHIA ?Second night ol Miaa C. Wemyaa. Tuesday evening, April II, lilt will ne performed the play of th> HTKaNOEK. Stranger, Mr. J. W. Wattack; Baron Steinfoit, J. M Scott; Krancii. Mr Leman 4ih?rlotts. Mra Blake; v, rs. Heller. Miss <'. Wemvss; Bolomoo. a'Beckett; Peter, Chat man; Countess, Mra Korara Dance by Mm Anna Walters To conclude with Pi/AKRO Holla, Mr J W Wallack; Pizarro, Mr. Lemau; High Prieat. a'Beckett; Elvira, Mi.a C. Wemyaa; Ventenac, vir Chapman; Cora. Miia (batman. Miaa C. W-in'M will appear every night thia week. NEW HOWARD ATHENACUM. NORTH-EAST corner nf Baltimo e ami Charlea atraeta. Baltimore, will open ou the first r.f Jane, 1148. Ladies and geatlrmea of the histrionic profession desirous of obtaining permanent engagements, will immed'atrly be treated with. o0 application (letters pott paid) to (;HAhLE8 DM HO WARD, Lessee and Manager, Baltiaaore. ALLIGATOR.?En R HALE?A LIVE ALLIOATOM, twelve feei long (12 fe?t) in goon health; ne has been kept cm lined in a box the last two tears by the nbseriber; therefore; I fornix hel.eve that be will live in any clima'e with very little care To a r erxnn with some capital he M worth a mrtnne Kor farther pnrticnlara. please direct a Ime to I. L. K , IWald fli e, a snug where >n interview .ohrl ad Penmanship -mu.oliter b. goldsmith, rkapectlul v ii.formx the e.tixvnx of Now Verk xnd ttrookyn, 'hat hia writing rooms are open ilnring ilia day and evening -or the reception of pupils and visiters, a. 2C9 B-oadway, La K ,-ge Bu Idings. Mr O. gnarart?es io all *nelegant style of commercial or emxtoDry Penin uiship, that the pnpil cannot p >. tibly lose by fu'nre prictice The American Inatitu'e lies iwar Ird to Mr O tbe first prrm ntn fix* yea t for the beat apeeim-r.i of off-band penmanship exhibited at the great lairs of thyr institution. Hints for l-.dies at II A M and 4 p. M Gentlemen, day and evening . 8T* N K HIHF.KNIA "ILL RAIL EROM TH DOl K?. i X Jertev City, thia day, (Wednesday,) I9th April, ( IS f o'clock, prec a*ly Pas eager* are rrqnrsted to be on board, at' i '.'ai'-eb i LVIU SOI, I H WiPTON \ .1) Hh I, >1 N?I Hr. iirtm I r ihip Wa?' inifion, < apt J. >n, will leare Pier No ' 4. N K. on Thursday. the 20th ioit at 10 A. M An expert* neeJ Mi'feon rn board Price of partave, IitO. Apply to Ocean Htearn Navigation Co.. No. 44 William itreet. l^ou kio DE jane ik (> ?pa?8KNOEH8 only* The fine clipper bark IHaBa.LITA HTNC, CicU'n H. V. Dewing, will tail for the above tu.rt at the end of thia week. Iler accommodations are excellent. combining safety in teuipeitaona weather, with cooloeai aid Tree raatilatiun ia the tropica (V m?ua< e on qnar er deck. S> lect. EvIt epP ican <n denied by ALLF.N It P-1X80N, comer Front and Pine i"??ti /inn nnn bottle*, and ovkh, dk de^xUUiUI"/ wirtC Keihnk'r'a Liniment hare been aold in lose tnen 2 yeare, in lane bot.lea.wi hout a aicgla complaint he ng made known. I.I er dieting p?ias of ererv nature and hra icg all a,sneer") aorea and biu a*a: in dit'ihm* billrona cho ic,cholera m< rbne, and all aputnndie ia aa certain In gire immediate relief aa t ia taken, from the lafint to tic adu t It ia tru timra chcaoer thin any other liniment now off-rdri for aale either f>r man or horae. Thu great -emedy it need by all onr principal stee linea, H-rlrm railroad compmy the Dnllahcad -II onr es'e.iaive lirery and exchange aiablei; by Sir Hiram Woodralf Win Whelan, lieorge Kpiee and Brothers all ear m-it experienced h raemen nte it. aa the b'st and cheapest 11 be found. Prinetpel office 110 I'eail atreet drugg auaud *)ddlert generally throughat the city and Country, at 50 ernti; S4 per doxen, or 942 per groaa; ten grnai at 914 per gr >??, cash. DK. COoPF.K, 14 DUANE btheet, between Chatham and William eta , has for the last fourteen years enjoyed the most ex entire practice in pnrate diaeaaea, of any medical man in New Vork Me can cure the moat aggr voted casraof this disease, an mild raaee cared in two to hre dar? Strictnre?l>r Cooper baa diacorered a new method by which ha an cure the worst form of atrictnre in from one rn two weeka with aoarcelv any pain to the patient. Constitutional debility brought on by a secret habit indulged in by yanug uien. Tina when too freely mikilged in. begets dyspepsia weakness of tha limba and aunll <n Uia back . coelnslon of the intallaet. and aynrsion to sociaiy A core warranted in ayarr f?r to i h*m/0 IVo ?i9H>nr? New yohk, apkil n. j.t-dk a b cooicDeat kir?I bought a bottle ?f your K'tuedy for the (.ere f r lntsm|>errnce, aoont the middle of December last. I took it according to direction v and am ranch pleased with its satire access in my ease, for I assure ro that 1 hare not had the least desire to taste srdeat six its since But before I toon your mediciee, I was si mu^h iu tha hibitof drinking that I Mad f rnienriy oaen discharged from n?? employment for being dreuk. inure, t'nly W?1.H MADDEN, l.srpeuter. 321 Madison at , N V Dr. Cook's Hemedyfor Intamperance is sold br the D ctor at 121 Fulton it , and by Dr White. 179 / Honsti n it. Price 91 rer bottle OK R\U'II, UJTIIDH OK THK 'PRACTICAL PRIVATE TKF>TISE," he, M Greenwich itreet, < (lice hi nri 9 to 12 A. M ,? to 9 1*. M.. (Sunday I hrjK who epply in th? early *Uge* will be inrpnted at the rrpidity ?nl I ttle mcouTeuie nee attecdian their cnre. It ii ehirfly. howerer, those who h?e ?n(ferrd |r. in a ceilim ch?? ol people, or otherwiie who em properly appieeiate hi? irrvire, In *trictnre, from it> tint or incipient, to ita more mW.ured nnd ai?tre?eiuR it.ige* (from nneomuiou advaatxfe*. in ' iilditioa to n yery filename practice in thi* coinplain) he can afford a rapid. e??y nad radical eare which, ha v < ground for itatiug can be obtained from no other lonrce ia meriffl IV Medical aid?doctor murpmi irn noi d meet, ca-i he eoaftdeainl r m - ttteel on put t* <1 ?e??r*. Stncin-ei, Gleeti. heicurixl I'lcen, Co-ititntioaal Debility, lie Hi* improved m-thod of earing fionorrhce i in 2 to S day* will befoird mfillibl*. l> . M. i? ' regul i (''?*> cim. and h i been en. <ged for !? year* to-nti ia t iffec ( One. hejere mo ?r t < lb e 61 Gold ?l e. t Let enclosing a fee attended to, and med.ciue* lorwaided.

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