Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1848, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1848 Page 4
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Dffiuiinci IT m IAILI. Washintom, April 17, 1848. Important Intelligence? Inlrxgvet for the Prtridtncy?Polk in the Field There ia no little fluttering in both, or rather in the several different partit a in Congress, in relation to the next Presidency Various caueuases hare been held by the partizans of the different candidates tor the Presidency within the last week The "Bull" of Mr. Clay, ex-com" unicatin??Gen. Taylor, Mr. Corwin, Gen. Scott and Judge McLean, and proclaiming himself the exclusive candidate of the whig party, ia regarded by the peculiar frienda of Mr. Polk as settling the question of the nomination on the democratic aide. The President, it is known, denies that he wishes to be re-elected; his par ticular and intimate friends reiterate hia denial; but a diacloaure baa been made within the last twenty-four hours, which destroys the credence which ordinarily might be given to this denial A letter has been received in this city from one of the most distinguished democrats of Nashville, Tennessee, formerly high in the confidence of Mr Polk, and who has held high station in the councils of the nation, bv which it appears that some of Mr Polk's confidential friends in high station here, h<ve recently, bv preconcert, written to Nashville; that the democratic party could not rally with ?ny pr?s pe, t of good success upon eith-r Mr C iss. Mr Dtlus, Mr Buchanan, or Mr. Woodbury; and that the only salvation of the party was the renominatioti ol Mr P >lk, and that arrangements had been made to mike such nomination aopear to be the spont-neous expression ol the wishes ot th? people by having a simultaneous announce mmt of eurh intention in different leading demo craric paper* in the Union ? mat the leading a> tide on the subject would first appear in the H.ntsville democratic paper, and suggesting ih?t thTennessee pape?? in favor of vir Pola should be carelul and nei'her no beyond nor lag behind the indications given in that editorial It is no* believed that the visit of Mr Buchanan to Penn sylvania is with the knowledge ot Mr Polk's real purposes, and to mould the action of his friends ?o as to secure his continuance in offic' under Mr Polk, if he should be nominated and re-elecied upon the ground, as the course of action of his friends will justify, that they wilj be entitled to the credit of affectinc thut re-notninu tion, when they find that Buchanan's prospects are hopeles But the pe >ple wilj not submit to this system of ""bargain, intrigue, and management " A convention of office-holders and office-seekers may attempt to carry out this purpose, but a re nomination of Mr Polk will result as did the re-nomination of his acci dency John Tyler, and he will leave Washington on the 4 h ot March, 1849, with very much of the same odium as his illustrious predecessor The course ot Mr. Pollc, since the first day he assumed the presidential chair, has been artful y concealed from the American people?while ht has not hesitated to m <ke the most profuse decla rations of his determination not to be re-nominated. His whole line of policy with reference to the succession, has been such as to make that re-nomination inevitable or the defeat of ihe d mocratic party certain, and to make the fear o* the latter produce the former. Alternately Cass, Buchanan, Dtllas, and more recently Woodbury, have been the favorites 01 the administration apparently, for the succession, and each has in turn, alter elevation to s sufficient degree ot prominency to weaken all his rivals, been knocked down to their level. Wnen the conv?-mion meets, it will be found that the party can rally on no one of them. No on their respective friends have become bo embittered against each other, that no union can take place to produce harmony, ana even an attempt to resort to the old system of " bargain," will fail, and an entire new man, or Mr. Polk will be selected mb npis aller?General Butler, of Ky., and R. J Walker, the Secretary of the Treaeurj may be such pis alter?or perhaps King, of Ala baim, (if he were married. a?d hud children) might be selected Allen, of Ohio, is the strouu man of the west, and can perhaps unite more ot the young democracy than any other. Wr should not be surprised if Alien was selected as President, and Jrlli-rson D*vis, of Miss , ar Vice President As ihe vent rable padre of the Union Bays, nous verrons. George Kremer, of Penn. Washington, April 17,1843. The Schooner, with its cargo of Runaway Slaves ?Movements of the Abolitionists. A practical abolition movement has been the subject of discussion among the citizens of Washington for the iaBt two days. The facta in the case are not yet ascertained ; but it would seem from all that we can learn, that on Sunday morning (yesterday) from fifty to sixty slaves, (some say one hundred in all,) belonging to various persons in this city and in Georgetown, were discovered to be missing ; and simultaneously with this discovery, it was also discovered that a schooner which had discharged at the wharf the day before a cargo of firewood, had also disappeared ; and the fact that this Bchooner was commanded by a northern captain, a stranger in these waters, and other circumstances of directer proof, satisfied the in terested ttiat said schooner had carried off the negroes aforesaid, destined, no doubt, under the philanthropy of the abolitionists, to be dismissed as freemen in the northern States. A telegraphic despatch or two were forthwith sent to Baltimore, and under its information and request, several steamboats, it is said, imrnedi ately left Baltimore and proceeded down the bay in order to intercept the schooner as it emerged from the mouth of the Potomac. At the same time a little steamer was despatched from Georgetown ; but being a slow affair, it was not calculated to overhaul the chase, and we are told that it has returned to night, reported progress, and has not asked leave to start again. A general report prevails tnis evening, that one of the Baltimore steamers overhauled the schooner some fifteen miles below the debou chure of the Potomac, brought her to, and Captured her A rumor says that there was a fight, aud that several of the negroes were killed aud wounded Tne facts, you will have, perhaps, received from Baltimore This is the active beginning of the abolitionists?the pracucil commencement tor the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia. For some years, slave property has become very unpafe in ihis quarter, and the presence of sea veral abolitionists in Congress, has euceuraged tne colored population of Washington to a systematic co-operaiion with the abolitionists of the North, as is believed, for the gradual elopement ot the slaves of this District We do not pretend to say that the abolition members ot Congress, have n.ui any direct agen cy or foreknowledge ot trim schooner, or ot die object of its visit to Washington; but the presence of those members in Congress, and their speeches, have been an encouragement to this movement. The abolition paper here, we can cheerfully say, has pursued a dignified and a respectable line of policy as an abolition paper? it has not dealt in vulgar abuse of the slave-holders, but has argued the great abstract question of slavery with great respect and caution ?precaution* dictated by the locality oi the . paper, and the discretion of the editor Still, there is a teeling of distrust against this National Era, and an explanation acquitting it oi any agency in the arrival or departure ot the runaway scuooner, will be necessary to relieve t ie conductors of the paper oi the suspicions ol tne slaveholders at Washington, whose servants have been so unceremoniously carried off. * Tne extraordinary ultraisins ot the French revolution have also had their effect in this enterprise, tne results of which may tend to precipitate the issue between trie north and the south on this vexed question, in which the north has no busiuess to interfere. The south will demand that the federal constitution be either respected or abandoned. Bona 1- mi. Washington, April 17, 1848. Itrmt of the Night. The Senate sat so long upon a discussion of the Supreme Court bill, to-day, that they became hungry, and adjourned without going into an executive neasiou, and consequently nothing was done in the matter ol the prisoner whom they still hold under the custody of the Sergeant-atarms. We hear ol other discoveries on foot which will change the onus probamii to another quarter, provided always tne young man has not inade nis escape in advauce ol the official call of the Sergeant-at-arins. The Rev. Mr. Flak delivered a strong ultra Ledru Rolltn lecture to-night, at Odd Fellows' Hall. His subject was the women of the Revolution ot *76; but he soon branched off into the French revolution and Ledru Rollin, and a vaI . 1. nnty of political questions. Wild ud fiat title u were nil notions, he made t good discourse. The houiehold and kitchen furniture of citizen Pageot ii being told off under the hummer. The houie wni filled with lndiea to-day, and the bidding wki lively, for the trticlee ere all excellent Mr. Bennett will remain here a day or two yet, in linpeB ot the liberation of Mr. Nugent. Major General Guinea and lady arrived in town last evening, on their way to New Orleans. ' W. Washington, April 17,1848. Mr. Trut?Oen. Pillow. Mr. That makea the fur fly wherever he strikes. He seizes upon Gen. Scott with the ferocity of a bnll dog, and when shaken off, he flies at the administration, and defies its authority. He negotiates, upon hie own responsibility, makes a treaty, sends it up to Washington, and it is aocepted; and the next that we hear of him ia that he tears the epaulettes from the shoulder straps of Gen. Pillow, and breaks the sword ot Gideon with as little remorse as he would feel in calling Santa Anna a liar The testimony of Mr Trist before ihe Court of Inquiry is extremely rich, peculiar, pungent and grotesque. He is a queer customer?that man, Trist?and a hard one to nauuie. ine ircaiy, we expect, noiwijusiauunig, will restore him at home As tor G n. Pillow, we fear that burnt brandy would not save him. Like Othello, he may say, "Farewell to the big wars," for his tima appears to be up, so hard up that it is said his confirm*tion will not be pushed by the Preside't. Nous Verrons. Baltimore, April 18,1848 Return of Lieut. Col Bel ton? IVbole sale Elopement of Sluvee from Washington?Pursued by an Armed Steamer?Probable Escape?Aiders and Abettors?Politics, 4'CCol. Francis S Belton, who has participated in every battle of any account that has taken place in Mexico, except Buena Vista, has returned to Baltimore, his native city, with his health much impaired by the arduous service he has undergone. At the time he obtained leave of absence, he was filling the responsible post of Lieutenant Governor of the city of Mexico The intelligence received from Washington and Georgetown of the escape of some sixty or seventy slaves, in a vessel belonging to Philadelphia, has caused a considerable stir among the slave owners in this vicinity. The steamer Columbia, which leit this port for Washington on Saturday afternoon, pissed a schooner near the moutn of the Potomac on Sunday morning, with her d*ck covered with blacks They passed on, and about an hour aftei wards passed the steamer Silem, her decks filled wuh armed men, and two cannon protruding from her bows They ex- , changed words, and the Salem continued on her , course, but the opinion is that the schooner had tuo much headway to be overtaken, particularly I which, she being a swift sailer, there was but 1 Little likelihood ol her being overhauled. The slaves belong to Washington and Georgetown, and are mostly men ot the most valuable ' character. The Salem was chartered by the j owners at Georgetown, and sent in pursuit early on Sunday morning. There iB no doubt that the matter has been under consideration for some n me, and that the schooner, which belongs to Pniladeiphia, was sent to Washington with a load of wood, for the express purpose ior which she has been used She is called the Pearl, and 1 is commanded by Captain Sears. As to the aiders ana abettors in this movement, suspicion attaches to several, one oi whom is figuring in the northern papers in abuse of Henry Clay, he having recently spent several weeks in Washington. Another is a resident of Baltimore, who has some connexion with an abolition paper in Washington, and was a bosom friend ot Torrey, the abolition martyr. However, it has been most cunningly managed, and I doubt not that the whole party are far on their way 10 Cauada. Although the democratic national convention will be in session in this city in five weeks from the present time, the politicians are unable to stir the people up to the usual fever of excitement attending such a a event. Both whigs aud demo- ( crats seem unusually lukewarm, aud seem determined not to waste their money in electioneer- , ing, as has been the case always heretofore. PHiLanKLPHiA, April 13, 1843. Trial far Piracy?Randall Hutchinson's Case? Arrest of the Chester County Bank Robbers? Crim. Con. Case?Almost a Riot, &c , frc. William Brown, formerly second mate of the k..l. E" ?f V.... T n io nnur ?n I waia x amrt ui iiwn jjuuuvu^ vuuu>) 10 uu? vu trial in the I'. S. Circuit Court, on,a charge of- J piracy, id being concerned in the slave trade, < which, by the act of Congress for the aupprea- 1 ion of the tratlio, ia made punishable with death. The case was called up yesterday, but owing to \ the difficulty of empanelling a jury, from conscientious scruple?, it was two o'clock in the af ernoon before the number was complete ? The prosecution is conducted by Philip N Dallas, Esq., and Thomas M. Pettit, Esq., the Die * net Attorney. Toe prisoner is defended by J C Vandyke, end Geo. W. Barton, Esqrs. Tne charge is thatAie defendant, with J. lv Plunket, (who is aw trial on a similar charge at Itichmon: Virginia,) were in the bark Fame wn?/r . put into Rio Janeiro, ia the latt# part of 18(6, ostensibly for repairs, but that they knew sae was destined tor (he coast of Africa to take in th<* cargo of slaves subsequently landed at Cape Frio. The witnesses for the prosecution are Luther Toole, a shipmate, and Peter Brown, the keeper ot a _ hoarding house at Rio Janeiro, in whose pre-P -encethe prisoner frequently boasted ot the profits realized by him from the voyage. jli is reported that two men hwve been arrested at Matamoras, Mexico, having in their possession a large amount of the stolen notes on the Chester County Bank, and it is supposed thai these persons are the veritable robbers. They were engaged in purchasing mules, tor which tnev paid in the stolen money. Forty thousand dollars in this money can be recovered. The I'CISUUCID TTili L/C IVCJH lit L UJIUU J bill Cb ItijUiOl" tioa is received. fne court has granted an arrrest of judgment in the R udull Hutchinson case, and authorized a new trial. The court, however, having ex* pressed ihe opinion tli^t the acts of Congress against embezzlement dy not reach the case, and tne indictment uuder which lie was tried could not be supported, the district attorney has determined to enter a no/, pro* , so that he will escape unwhipped of justice. VVere it a poor wretch that had filchea a loaf of bread to keep body and soul together, the law would reach him to a certainty. The lower portion of the county was the scene of a startling affair ou Sunday morning. A husband. on returning to his home, very unexpectedly had ocular .demonstration of the infidelity of his wife, the mother of several children. The guilty invader of his domestic happiness escaped with great personal risk, having actually descended from the root ot the house, three stories in height, in a very precipitate manner. The outraged husband turned the guilty woman from the house, and has since sold out all he possessed, intending to fly from the scene of his dts-ruce. A colored man was attacked last evening, by home of his brethren, who labored under ti.e impression he was connected with tue recapture ot some fugitive slaves. Th- police took Inm into custody, to save him from their violence; and after beiugdeiaiued all night was discharged this morning. He very imprudently ventured down town again, and was beaten by the blacks so that he returned to the lock up tor safety. Mr Marshall had a splendid house last evening, at the Walnut street Theatre, on the occasion of his benefit. The Proceedings of the Court of Inquiry, All the member* of the court were present ?n Monday, March HO, with Cape. KHgely, the Judge Advocate, whan the following proceedings were bed: ? The oaae ot Major General Scott being before the eonrt, General Worth submitted the following paper, which, after deliberating with closed doors, the court decided not to entertain: ? Mr. Pmid'nt and Gcnrlrmen oj tht Court:? Having without i enervation, In my letter to the oourt, dated the Uth Instant, and lor reasons therein stated withdrawn my charges against General Soott, it Is with feelings of derp regret tbet I find myself called upon again to allude to the subset; but the peper this day Si scented and read to this Court, render* It ray duty to o no. If I am misunderstood or misrepresented, here or elsewhere, in respect to the oonrae I have felt It my duty to pursue It Is my misfor.une That course was the dictate of ray own heart?its propriety is confirmed by my own Judgment I snail say nothing in relation to tbs appeal of Msjor General t?cott for sympathy, or to the attitude of dofiaooe he has thoognt proper to assume before this court ?this la, at all times, a matter of taste, and is alias the resort of the ianoceot and the guilty. Nor shall I remark upon the vteieot denunciations he has been pleased to level eg a last his government, whom commission he bear*, and whose lawful dee talons he la bound in doty and in honor to rmpeet; neither shall 1 allodc to the origin of Urn diflenlty between Major a rami Scott and mytalf?the facta of the tut ? baton th? pablie, and I ra willing to abldw the Impartial Judgment of my oonatrymen. I now propose to aet Mej >r O moral Soott r'ght. with regard to my partioipatlou in any malign indaoaoaa toward* him Gantral Soatt sayt 1 hava cauted him " to bt preju red and punished at horn), and thin tc bt triad hart, while be, (meaning Gantral Worth,) my janlor, ha* bf ?n pre-acqultted and rtwardtd " if Gen. Scott maana to say that tho government baa " prejudged" and " punished" him, ha oltber miaatatea or misunderstands Ita aotion It will baaatn by rtferanotto the fae'a already before the public, that the Oeneral in-Chief attamptad to atlfla my aoomattoos. by shitting h-mself, by an exercise of power, from the portion of an ' eccitsd" to that of " prosecutor," which, if psrmitto 1, would be to establish a precedent of aerrioa moat fatel to the rights of aubordinata officers, and oontrary to the artiol-e of war. 1 appealed to the government for protso'ion against what I considered to be an insinuation on the part of Mtyor General Soott towards myself?as 1 had an unquestioned right to, do?and fur that I was arreetod. This court has been ordered to investigate the faota in reference to the matter of my appeal. Th? usages and Interests of t e eervloe, as well as rhs rights of the parties cnncernsd. required that Major General Scott should be suspended from command pending the Investigation. Where, then is to bs fauod the " prejudgment" and ' puniehment" so hitteily complained ^oi ? Certainly not in the aotion of the government?an i even if found there, wherein am I responsible for It ? Bat if General Soott means tbat public opinion has " pro-judged " and - pumsnea " mm, e<iu less oau i ne neia accountable tor the decision of that tribunal?it ju<lg*s moo aooordire to their acta Pnbllo opinion is a severe but upright judge txfore whom ' the innocent haye nothing to fear ? the plltr no'.hiog to hope " A? regards my own oase, I have not been " pre-acqulttel," nor have I been " rewarded " The cbarg-e of Mej sr General S *ott against me have not bnrn dismissed, nor do I desire that they should be. I am prepared to meet not only the specific charge preferred agaiost me, but aiao, that ' other piobabie matter " wherewith I have been ma ao*d Bat, as tue chare# preferred against me by M-jor General Scott was based upon my appeal to the government against the injustice of that officer tow- rd* mvself, the government, in aopordauee with law and justice, has suspended the ac cusations against ms unill those previously preferred by me shall hays been disposed of. In reference to the " reward " spoken of by Major General Scott, ho oan only moan my assignment to command. anooriing to my brevet of Major General, by the President of the United States If correot in this oanjaetur-.ths allusion Is most unfortunate ; inasmuch as the President by this aot, only did in accordance with law what General Seott had done in violation of it, nearly oae year before -the propriety of which aot on the pert; of General Scott, I, at the time, repudiael. General Soott has baen pleased publicly to anuounoe that at the end of this Court he ehall " be done with him (me) fqrever" Be it so 1 have the consolation of knowing that the ties of friendship formed trom intimate personal and professional association, and strengthened for thirty-five jeers by many reciprocities of kindness and obligation, have ni t been broken assunder by any aot of mine. Vara vaanantftillw aiiKmif taiV W J. WOR TH, Br't Mgj. Gen., U. 8. A. Mexico. March 17,1849. After considerable discussion, the oourt beiog in the meantime cleared, the court decided " that further proceedings in this oass be staved until a report be made to and i nstructions received from the War Department."? Frte America*, Alrxico, 80'A March. [From the New Orleans Cresr?n\ April 10.] S'vunth Uer-March '23 The Jat'gs Ailvocue called the attention of the Court to the fact that there were no less than nine summoned as witnesses from one regiment, and who had to come from Toluoa, and he sugges'ed that the witnesses who same from a distance should b? examined at onoe on the whole subject, bo'h by the prosecution and the dafeno* II* aid not see wb?t other oouiss could be adopted in the present state of our military sffiir*. Gea. Pillow here ros>, and said he hoped that tbs rule a lopted by the Court would be continued?no objection having been made by the parties to continue the ptoiecation and defence on each charge and eproifioation, so that tVe evidence may bn placed in juxta losltioa on the record. Gen. P. suggested that, as tnis objection applied only to one rsgimenc (tb? Voltigeurs,) that could be marched bore He (Gen P.) remarked that hshsd. io an otBoial note to Gen iiutler, through his Adjt. General, requested that that regiment might go to l'oluoa, fore seeing this difficulty; and further, that he was willing, after the third s eo: fiction, second charge, to have the witnesses called in the manner suggested by the Court, viz; to call a portion of the officers from an absent real meut, nd than another portion?otherwise, as the specification! were ao intimately connected, the time of the Court would not be oonatantly oonaumed. Oen. Soott arose, and said he had no objection to cffor to any course that might be taken by the Court; be did not wish to consume the time f the Court by any un neoestary delay In summoning his witnesses, nor yet to mbatrass the public asrrioe by any action ho might take Hare the Judge Advocate requested the Dames cf this witness.** at Toluoa in the order they would be required to attend The Court now ctme to order, and the proceedings of the prerioui day wre read by the Judge a ironat-. Col UrwntTT Hii.ey dnly sworn ? Question liy the Protection - How far is the witness acquainted with the bend writing of Mej. GeU Pillow ? Jlntwer.?1 am not acquaiuted with it at ell. I resnive l a note from him, and new him write a part of it ? I do not know that I ersr saw -his head writing amount in chat isgtMCs. ^ Q 'gm witnass will please lock at the papers mtrk-d ' by the c urt. 1 and 3, and say if there be any words in the j bend writing of Mej Gen. Pillow. The oourt requested that the last answer might be J read over, and tnorearter declared the witneei iueoinpe teat Gen Scott rose, end stated to the oourt that tbe witness had eeen the defence write, and hid recired a 1-t ter from him. if the qoesiion wm not admissible, h* bould <lisp?ns? with calling any mora witnorses ia refer nec to hand writing; but eVmld b? obliged to depend ' in his two witnesses in New Orleans to prove Gen. Piliow'a connection witn that paper. O-n Pillow a aid he did not objeot to the witnesses Cross </ u it ion by defence ?Does the witness pretend to say, toat after having aeen Gen P write, and ree-We 1 a note from him, ne ia not at all acquainted with b|? hand writii g ? A. 1 never aaw hie hand wriiing except in tb?t note a id am entir- ly ignorant 11 his hand writing, except in that note, Oen Scott remirkef that be had not conversed with witoereee; he saw he should bs obliged to do so in fu.ure. in order to save hit own time and that of the court; be hid not conversed with witnesses except in two instances, some tfcres months since The court refdied th<>t they had perfect oonddencs In Onn S >s int'grity, and hoped he would oonverse with his witnesses before hitegfag thorn before the comt. G*n. CabwxLLsDca duly sworn?Qlestionsby d fence ?How fir is Witness acquainted with Gen r U hand writing? A I am familiar with the gsnoral character of Gen. P's hand writing?not, perhais,so much so as many others Q Will the witness look at the papers marked Nos 1 and s, and say wnether there ba words in No 3 in Gui. P's hand "tiling ? General Pillow stated he bad admitted his hand writing in No 1, and therefore, although it was not leg.!, in common prac'ice, to refer the witness to that pepir, he would not object to his looking at it. Geaeral Scott remarked that he was ready to sustain the position that the witness could lo k at both papers and be competent to testify on t ie susj-ct nn ler ooneid era'-ion. but allowed the question so to read to the paper uirltd NO. 3 by the Court. An objection hating been railed to the witness's looking at No 1, the Court decided, there being no objection by the tart lea, that the obj-oUon be withdrawn. Jlntwer of Otn. <. adtrailndir?I do not eee anything in the tear scattered worde in tbia poper that strike mt a? Oen P.'s hand-writlDg ; my knowledge does cot qaalifjr me to testify on tbeso fow Mattered words ; I could teatity to a continuous page of bis writing. Captain Hooker duly sworn ?Que >tio;. h<j thi* How far is the witness acquainted with Oen. I'.'s htudwiiting ? A. Lrer since I have been on doty wilh lira aincs the 1st of Angnst; I hare bad many opportunities of seeing a great deal of his writing in tbat tluio. Will the witness pleas* look at the iuterllneations in tbe paper marked by the Court No 3. and state If be sees auy w rds there In 0?n. P's hand-writing ? A I have looked ever ait tbe interlineations carefully, and believe that I have seen all the Interlineations, but in none of them do I reoognis* the hand-writing of Ueeeral Pillow Q Have you not been on duty on my staff, as Asst A<IJt. Oeneral, since the Is; of August lest, up to the tints of my arrest, and hare yon nut nu I grest opportu, nitiesof becoming tamiltar with my band writing f A- I have been on duty as A?'t Adjt Qnnersl, in the staff of .Visjor Oeneral Pillow, since the 1st of Augur last, until the time or his arr*et, and scarcely a day bee passed in wliloh I base not had opportunities of s-aiDg bis hand wriiiog Oeneral Scott roes and said, in reference to the papers marked 1 tt-rd 3 lie should r I* unon the .Imiulnn mmi iti reference to the t<?p?r m'.rksd 1, ihj in in wa ch the paper 3 wus trp ,i*raitted. and upon the witn??M in civil ltie now in Nsw Orlo-ne, and tho proof alreadjUX-n ; be had aire* iy mede a mi'lon for taking their evidence. Af it would b?. ha thought, mlvi a !< , as a kindred subject, to tak* up the seventh i, ee-ond charge, he proposed that should be doue. General Pii.low rose and sddrtsisd ha nourt, proposing to offer his dMeueiveevidS' ce on the specification under consideration, und Raid that General S would find ail that on widen be placed bis reliance, knocked from under bioThe court then decided to take the evidence on tbe side of defence in reference to the Drat charge and specification, and asked General Scott it he bad ?xi,inineJ ell the witneesee present on that charge and specification The court being answered affirmatively? Lienl. Col. Duac a a was called as a witness for ths defence, aod dnly swoyi. Questions Ay Drftnet ? 8tite your acquaintance with General Pillow's band-writing. A. I have frequently seen Gen. P. write, end have read a graat many papers written by him ; it is my opinion I oan select his band-writing from any number of written papers, which ars in his ba d-wriuog, without any previous knowledge of it from tbe general character Q. From that knowledge of hie hand writing will you plesee elate whether there are in the body of interlineation of paper marked No. S. a letter or word in Gen. Pillow's band writing f A. This paper I have examined, yesterday and the day before, I think tbe day before, both the body and tbe interlineations, and I am satisfied, In the body of the latter, there is not m word in Geo Pillow's hand writing tbe interlineation are detached or isolated, and cannot, therefore, b? judged of with so mm h car taiuty, from any knowledge of Gen Pillow's writing? however, it is my opinion that those interlineations are not his, I have no doubt ou tbe eubjeot Cress Qu'ittiini Ay Prottcuhon ? Will the witness state, so far as his memory will serve him, at what time he transasitted the letter, and through what ohanhel he transmitted his Tampioo latter, from Tacobeya, in August I set ? Objection being raised, the oourt would not allow aritmh to answer until the oenrt decided. Gen. s. remarked that Lieut. Cel. Daneaa bad hereto Ion aeknowledged that UHer, and that he (Gen. S) fed hlmeeif declined to prosecute tha Lieut. Colonel, either hector elsewhere?and he would not here aaked the queetioa if there wee any indelleeoy in eo doing?he knew hie willingness to answer, and be would, however, <ooner withdraw the question than that the oourtahould h> detained ttr?e mltu > by 1'- he h?d asked it tor the purpose of aaoertniaiog urn tine of the departure of a oartain express. The oourt was bare understood to aay that there waa more direct testimony aa to.the tima the express left?he was here. Ex m nation Returned by the Def-nct?Inthaletter marked >, ere the t,od/ of tue letter and the Interlineations n> me same ham writing? A? Judging from ttia interlineations it would appear at first sight that the interlineation* and body of letter war* in asrerel hand writtngs,n*ith3r in the same hand, nor written with the name pen Th* wcrds " better tn*n,"J nothing." do not appoar lo be the aame aa the latti-r: the wo-d-was" semis to hare been written with a ate*! pen, but tbla waa a mera matter of oploion; the two woris "our army," and the fire last letters ot the word Mixcoao, sun to be dissimilar to the worda 1 bolore alluded to, and dlaslmllar to on# another Lieut Kama (lulr eworn ? Qu-rttens by D'fence ? /no ) ox i>i(i?iuiru wim iun uiiDairiiinK 01 u?n mlow ? how long hmve yon known it, and what opportunity* bars you bad ol brooming acquainted with It? A. I am i?inillar with hit handwriting I have bren with him as Aid-de-oamp aina? the latter part of K?b , lsi47. with the exception of two or three months, during wtnoh time 1 bad the honor, temporarily, to be in tb? staff of the Ganaral-in-Cbisf?through my position 1 hare had enns'ant opportunities of becoming acquainted wti.h ii?n Pillow's handwriting Q la there any word or portion of the paper marked 3 anion, in your opinion, it iu his, Gen Pillow's, handwritiug ? A I a at not nb'e to recognise la ths few words interlined, or In the body of me letter itself, Gen Pillow's hendwiiting Q In the body of the letter marked 3, are the body of tbu letter aud the interlineations in the came handwriting T A 1 think tome of them are and some of tlitm axe not Cross Qurstiunrd by thr. Pros'cwion ?Doss the witness perceive nuv r<-e?atb!ance between the interlineations and Gan Pillow's handwritingT Gen Pillow obj ctrd to the queatjon being answered by the witness, us be (tne wituv-sa) had said already he did uot reoogulit the handwriting. G?n Scott said, t.bis it altogether a matter of opinion The court g?ve ic as their opinion that rascmblanoe between hand writing is too remote to be Utowed in evidence. Gen Scott asked the permission of the coart to allow the quaation and the decision to remain upon the reoord. Ocn. S^ott here handed the following question to the Ju ge Aitvooate with these remarks, In substance: "I won d prn'acc tbii question with a remark. 1 am aware <rf the privity bets a ma commanding gsaersl and bis perum*! atau, but w acre an aid Uo-iemp is called by his oommmder as a witness, 1 tbiok the witness may be oiOiS-exemined?although I would not have called him as a witness." The court replied they did Dot Me any impropriety in so doing Q Does the witness knew by what means, or through what channel, the letter marked 3 was transmitted to the United Slates? A. I had no knowledge whatever of the letter in any form or stage, until I saw it printed in one of the papers Gan. Pillow said it must be apparent to the court why hs called on hi* per?ocal staff as witnesses relative to his hv.d writing -if he had not presented them it would appear that he wished to ooooaal something 'Vl-jor Polk c.all-d and sworn - Questions by Dafsnce. JWU (JlVjUrtlUiPU WHU mn UttUU YVlll.UHJg i?l WCUOfMI PMow?what opportunities kin yon had cf brooming acquainted with it? A. I am well acquainted with the hand writing rf Gen. Pillow; 4 was u law student in his office nearly two years; 1 have copied a great number of legal papers during that tims Since my arrival in the olty of Mexico 1 have frequently seen h<? band writlcg; 1 practised at the bar wita Gen. P four years; durii g that time I iroquently examined legal aoouments in his hand writing From that knowledge is there one word or letter in paper No. 3, in Gen. Pillow's hand writing, in your opinion? A i do not believe any one of the interlineations or the body of the paper are in the hand writing of Gen Pillow?1 have no doubt on tbesubjeot?1 feel convinced Cross qi-titi ned by Prot*r.vUon.?Does the witness or not find a strong r -semblance between the hand writing of some of the words iuterlined and ths hand writing of Gao. Pillow? A. Net more than an ordinary resemblance between hand writings generally. Lieut. ItirLLY duly sworn? Questions by Defttict ? Are yi u acquainted with Gen Pillow's hand writing ? A. 1 am acquainted with the hand writing of Gen. Pillow, having been on bis personal staff since August 0, 1847-during whioh time 1 have seen and oopied almost every official p.per which has prooesd-d fro in him. Q.? Fr?m that knowledge of his haud writing, state if any penion of paper No. 3. is, In yoar opinion, in the band writing oi Gen Piilo s ? A ?1 do not see a word within the body of the letter or in the interlineation* wnioh is in his haud wr.tiug Q ? State what you earned for Gen. Pillow to Mr Prist and delivered to Mr. 'Prist in person at Paoubaya, August 31, 1847 A?About the 31st of August, 1817, Gen. Pillow directed me to ride from Mircouo to Pueoubaya early in ihi morning atd deliver a note, weich I t.iins was sailed with a packeg-of letters, to \lr Triet. J did so? lotion !r Trirt in Lis private room at his toilet, and delivered b jtil note ana package to bim; be wrote an answer with a pencil, in Uie foUuwtng words : G?n Scott, *?Wt-fee U.ieirod tbat the note bo produced, that ye?ter<J?j a p*p?r which a witness bad pioduoad to t-st:fy to as to his having aeen and heard read, be (Gon S) lud himself objected on tiio ground tbat if the paper wee in existence it was necessary to produce it in proof. G;n P stated tbat he bad not, like Mr Tiist preserved the note, bat he woald satiny the law by masiag au atft Isvlt to tbe off-set that the contents were aa stated and the paper lost Gen Scott stated tbat tit# affidavit maat bo of an ladifferent person Geo. P here stated the law in reference to titles Of land under write of rjectment, eto., saying tbat tbe affidavit of an iuteresied person oould b> takon as ground for secondary evldanoe, General Scot; objected that parol evidouoe should be token in reference to the ofntents of tho note?and further to taking the affidavit of an interested party?tD?t this was a criminal case, and tbat too taw bad not been correctly stated by the oppoeite party?be wished Ins o'ljeotiuu and the decision or tbe oare recorded?and further, that the record of yesterday might be referred to. Ths Court direoted General Pillow's affidavit to be Ukon, wbioh was done. . General Pillow testified, in substance, that the noto or car-J_,which Lieut. Ripley brought from Mr. X T Tiist, ia answer to a note, etc., was lost or mislaid, and not in exisienoe nt prevent After General Pillow had testified as above, ho said that ne wisoea 10 correot oenerar scou i i?nguage-ne had called this a criminal proceeding?this was an inquiry aa to facta, in which an opinion wai call- d tor. General Scott remarked that the proceedings ot oonxta martial fell under the head of oriminal proceedings Jlmtoer of Lieut Ripley (continued ) -To the effect following: (J K. ? Von, oeiog a d-moorat, oan understand that that meaoe th-y shall go; and signed it with bis name or initial*. 1 do i ot leoolieot whicn?thli note was open, und I ta* it both then and after 1 had delivered it to General Pillow. %l. State whether said paokago was ever aont off by MT. l'rjst?stale dates as well as you oan A. I supposed for some time that tha package had been sent, but subsequently to Geneial P.'s uavlog movd his quarters into this city, which took place rn the ISth ot September, 1st", about a week, 1 saw the s?mo paukege laying on a table in General P.'s quarters -the same pacxage which I had delivered to Mr. 'Prist, apd was intormsd General Scott asked if the witness was to be allowed gtretne U'irm.t art >f > hue Gen. Pillow waiv?d theqneetion in this respect. Witness oontinuid: I saw it lying on a table in the r.'om next to the rcoia occupied by Midshipman Rogers. Q ?State how the package was done up and whether U bad ever bsen opened and how many letters it contained? A.?The package was a small one, of the usual s!is of letters?most of the letteis were in yellow envelopes, tied firmly round the middle of the letter wi'h red taps When 1 saw the package in the city of Mexico it wav apparently in the same state?It originally and at that time contained about halt a dexsn letters U ?Stats if those litters were eent off, and by whom ?tr you knew?and when? A - I have a knowledge that tbay were intended to be rantbyaMr Holtsiuger, a friend of Midshipman Rogers and believe that they did go by him ubout lbs dOth or list of September. Mr. Rogers is now absent iu the United Staies. Croti queotioned Ay Protccuiion? I rec the word Oenerat ou the 4tn pagn of Document marked 3 and bad I ver seen or had anything to do with this paper belore I. same into this court, or were the word shown to ms isolated, I should state that it w as my oplulon that that word hsd beet) written bv mva-if ?as It BDnears vers much 1 .k?s lay writing, eh,:n 1 u?# a eteel pen and In.ierc word* In live way tbl* it inierted. Q ?Doe* tbe wittien* chance to know through what cbajnel the paper marked 3--the "L'oniian" lettar? wee transmitted troia thil basin to the Uultud State*. A. I do not q. By what ma?k? doe* the witnnee know that tbe par Hag* he aaw eia the same h? bed h*uded to Mr filet, and that it had not bnrn opened? A Be the ill* of the paak-jge the kind of envelope* ?by tbe man or in which it wa* done up ?by one letter In par.tcular, fidlr*e*?d to tbo editor* of tbe New Orlea * /)?('*, wbicb I law Id the package originally and at i *iih*?qnant period The package apparently had not been op>n*d, but aa it wae slioply tied up and not aealed, I oaonot cay positively. vi?j-r Boa** enlled and duly aworn? Question* by defence -Kaamloe the p?p-r ranked 3, signed " I.eonid*r," and aay If you hare any knowledge ot the author, and if ao, who he ia ? A I am the author of that letter. Q. St-te If the letter, both the body and tha Interlineation i are in your hand writing A I l.eliave il ail i*?I did not take a eopy of the original let -r, and regret I did not do *o q .-it oto at whose request yon wrote tbe letter?if et any on?'e A I wrate It et the reqneet of no ?nv q State where you got the order of arrangement of the heade from which you wrote that letter. A. I got it from a memorandum or partial report of Gen. Pillow ol tbe operationc of hie division on the 19th and 30th of August. I found it on hi* table In hie prive< e i iti 'e q Did yon tek? a copy of that rongh report ? A I took a p?r?l*l copy of it q And wa* Uan Pillow present, or had he any knowledge of it when you took a copy of It? A He wa* not, nor hail he auy knowledge of It. Q \v?re you on the field of battle on tne 10th of August, 1147, and were you aeeigned a* Paymaeler to hie division? A I wee both on the field of battle on the 19th of Anguet, and wae aeeigned to daty ae Paymaster of hie 4l>MiOB. q Had General Pillow aay knowledge that yon had written thi* letter nntll after it* publication? A. He had notq. Wan yon on term* of pergonal friendship and lai timaey with Gso. Pillow, and van you in tki habit of visiting him without seremcBj, and now long iUm yon formed hU acquaintance ? A. I bar* bean an lntimata personal relations with Gen. Pillow ever elooe my first acquaintano* with him at Camargo, in 1846.1 think. Q. Can you reoallaet the channel through whicb the "LeobiJas'' letter was transmitted to the United States? [J A I oanaot positively. Geo. Pillow ban been frequently in the habit of transmitting letters for me to my family and friends. I cannot speak positively in reference to that letter. Q Did you on different occasions request me to forward your letters, and bsvs 1 not always forwarded snob le'tsra ? A He has. Q Do you rscollsct whether or not he forwarded a letter from you to your wife, from Mtecoao, in the latter part of August, 1847, aad baa be not frequently, in this ci y, forwarded letters for you ? A Hs baa doiw both. Q. State. If you know, if Geo Pilow, was in the habit of forwarding letters for the officers of his division ? A I believe be was. (i State, also, if you know, if Gsn. 1'illow was in the bablt of showing his cfflsial reports to officers of his division ? A- 1 b dieve he was : and that all ofilosrs of hU division, who wished to see hU official repo ts, wore a lowed to do ec. tExamii atlon of this wito'sa by tte dcfinoe here closed, 'i'lie court then adjourned, to meet at 10 o'clock next day ARMY INTELLIGENCE. By the arrival ct the steamer General Scott, Capt. Sharp, Irom Cincinnati, came Sown from Newport Osrrncks, Cept K A King, aad Meats. S Daviilsoa, J Mason, and C. W Lesr, with 175 men. They were all Uoded at the barracks below the o'Ay.?N. O. Picayune, 9tk init. NAVAT. rNTr.r.rnBNnit Commander Farragut baa beeu ordered to the Oorport Navy Vatd in place of Com'r Johnatoa, relieved at his own request D? ith or Prikcie Alex iNdsr, op thk Netherlands ?The Hague, Marob 17 ? lutelilgnnoe ?>< rsceived her* to-day which baa plunged the royal family into prof-uud grl-f A postscript ota letter addressed to the King, dated the 9th of Mai oh, by ble envoy at Madrid, oontaloe the following notion : " 1 have just ractived a notification from the Marshal Duke of baldonke, Prime Minister of Portugal, dated the 1st of (he piesent month, announcing to me that the court of Portugal will go into mourning-for a week on oocailou of the death of hie Royal Highness Priuos Alexander, of the Netherlands "?Staati entrant MARITIME IN IBLLIUJCNOB, Movement* of the Uesan Steamahlpe. To arrive at Hew York. To tail from Meto tork. LIIXKrilOL. i liverpool Sarah Sands,Thompson.Apt 3| Hiberuis, bhaunon, April 19 Aiuerire, Judkius, April l.'i I b'li bauds, Thompson, May 6 C imbris, Harrison, April 2y j America, Judaius, May 10 UoM botes, Hackstsff. May 10 I Cambria, Harriaou, May 24 aouTHAMr ron, Ac. I Southampton, he. Hermann, Crabtree, Apr 20 [ Washington, Johnston, Apl >0 Washington, Johnaton.May 20 I Hermann, Crabtree, May 20 To at rive at Boiton. ' To tail from Bo it on. liverpool. i liverpool. Acadia, Stone, April SI Acadia, Stone. May 3 firitannii, Lang, April i'i I llrit-.nuia, Lang, May 17 Movements of the SalllnK Pockets. Ships to Jlrrive. Shipi to Sail. liverpool. liverpool. Riehard Alsnp, Smith, Mar 26 Liverpool, Eldridge, Apr 21 Caiub'idge Peabodr, Apl 1 Siddou*. Cobb, Apl 26 oustitunou, linmu, Apl 6 Columbia, Cropper, May 1 U rrick. Shipiey, Apl II Patrick Henry, Delano, May 6 Oxford OoodiuAHon, Apl 16 Waterloo Allen, May 11 New World, Knight, Apl 21 New York Bryee, May 16 portsmouth. portsmouth. Northum <erla-jd, Mir t Sir R Peel, Chidwick, Apl 20 Independence. Bradish..Vlar 16 Devonshire. Morgoi, Apl 21 vlediator. S.srk. Mar 24 I'nuct Albert Meyer, May I London, Hebard, iMuy I Westminster, Warner, May < Purt of New York, April 19, MM, L'R uuca 6 3.11 Hoojr kites 7 62 HJI1 ICT0 6 40 I HIGH WATiCU 9 33 OImtio. Steamship?Hibernia, Shannon, Halifax and Liverpool! E Canard, Jr. Ship? Huntress, Spring, Monterey, (California) Olyphant Sc Sod Burks?Cnmberland, Hitchcock, Apalaehieola, Neamith It Walah; Conior, Whiting. Havaua. J El -?eil at Co. Brigs? Lyra. Jordan, Grenada, Geo Whitaker; Mary Ellen, Burt. St J ohm, N F N ci mith k vv alah Scha?lndui, (br) Day, Halifax, '.S.J Hunter It Co; Han liet Louiaa Smith, Baltimore; Oeorjte Wa>hiagtou, Thome, rhiladeiphin; Aigerion, Bacon, do; Isabella, Snerwood, Boatou; Bounty. Hallock. do Cleared Monday, ahip Sutton, Eckerman, Charleaton (omitted in the cmtom honae report ot clearaneta). Arrived. Steamship Northerner, Badd, Charleaton, Saturday, 16th. 4 rat, with mdse. to Spafford. Tilettou It Co. 17th mat, at 7 am. near Hot-eras eicha.ged signali with kirk Ped-mont; ltih, at 8 am, off the Capes of Virginia, spoke New York pilot boai vo 10, all well. On snails-- eight,asteera,e passenger named 1 Michael McCloruy, a-ias Bill Smith. leaped ove,hoard: the -hip w-s immediately stopptd, but the body coula no where be seen. 1 Packet ship Henry Clay, Nye, Liverpool, March 22, with mdse. lie, to Grinne-I. Minturu m. Co. 9t!i lost, lit 44 10, Ion 61 39. spoke ship Wm Davidson, from Oieenock for M John, V h, Win, at 6 PM lat 4148, Ion 68 32, apoke steamship Uui rtd States ('orrepo t ire news Ciilumni); 16th, let 40 10, ten ' 7u 10, taw a Spauiah hark steering NE Picket ahip vve. miu.ter Warner. Loudon and Portsmouth, March 14 with uadse, to J 2,1 iu.t l it 44 So, lou 4? Ml idiaugeil signs, s with British bark Exporter. The W h. s beau 7 onya West cf Naatncket Mhwalr, with light westerly winds ana calms; has had a pilot 5 dp a. chip Edwma. West r.twerp ?ud Klushing, 29 dtya, with ndse to E D ilurlbnt lit Co Has been off Cong Island since nn. dny. with liyhi uesd wicds Ship Vance, Pierce, Mew Orleans, 21 days, with cotton, to late, Gardner 8t Howell Ship llohert t'aruer, Weeks, New Orleans. 23 daya, with cotton, to T P Stauton. 2 I in-.t, lat 24 30, Ion 83 s3, spoke ship Harriet Rockwell, 14 days from Mobile fur Beaton. British bark Kanny. Quiun. Londonderry. 36 days, in ballast to Orin.ieli, Mintnra <k Co. Nth last, lat 39 38. loo 70, spoke picket ship West Point, Allen, hence for Liverpool; the ship ileum m Brnjimin. Mao hence for Liverpool, was insightai 1 same trine; 16lh, lat 39 47. ion t>9 30 sposethipMiueiva, Blown hence for Marseilles. 163 steerage pasteegera British bark Perseverance, Seeds Dublin,40 days, in ballsat, and 211 stecrase lasaeagers, to McMurray It-Co Bark Lara-k, vennaid New Orieanr, March 27, to master 7ih met off Cape Kloridwas in co With ahip Uriel, Janvnn of Bo.ton. from New Ore<na for Liverpool; 8tb, lat 28 39 Ion 7 9 30, apoire schrHaun-h It Joaephina, of Eden, 4 days from ' tlavaua fo'New kork; 9th, 1st 38 16, Ion 79, asw bark Saragos as. of i hiladeli bia, atai.ding to the northward; llth let Si Ion 77 2o, passed brig Amnion, nl Steuben,standing NE; 17th lat 39 16. Ion 72 64, spoke achr James, 3 daya from Baltimoie for Boston. Bremen arig Avion, Sannde-e, Bremen, 43 days, with mdae. to E k T Poppa. Biig S-ntiago, Perkins, Parn, 39 daya, with cocoa, Ec.toH K Cornirg Brig Ch irlea Heath, Lampher, Cienfurgca, 18 days, with mol.issea, to K O 1 hurston Brig Martha Saagsr, Duncan. Mobile. 20 days, with cotton, t) Center k Co. 2d iust. lat 23 26, Ion 81, spoke bark Nancy W Steveru hence for Vera Crux; 6lh ins*, off Kev West, spoke schr Ligiitfoot. to uayi iroin >ew wrleans lor l nil id* I phi*. Brig J A Leucaster, Lovelacd, Mobile, It da?*, with cotton, to Center fc Co Brig H Back, Woodaide, Apalachicola, IS day*, with cotton. to Badger k Heck. Brig "<rIma, Cnllen, Savannah, 7 diya, with cotton, kc, to K H Detail! Br>g L Baldwin, Bassett, Sav:nonh, 8 day*, with cotton and rice, to Dunha ? k Uimou. Schr Tioga. S ower. Jacksonville,?),!, 10 daya, with limber, to Campbell k Moody. Sid in co with brigs Amythiat, and Creole, for .\ew York echr Hiram Dixon, Buih. Virginia. Rchr Mary B Jevvtt, "nates. Virginia. 8chr Olivia, Hatfield, Virginia. Schr Swan, Jones, Virginia. Bchr Jamei Ktrby, 1'biilipa, Vi'ginia. Rchr William Henry, So er. Vogiaia, Schr Aon D, Seaman, Norfolk, 2 daya, to M Bedel'. Rchr, Krtsoee, Norfolk, 3 daya, to matter. Schr Sarah K Merrill, 8mith, Baltimore, 3 daya, to Maillard k Lord. Rchr Joaarh Brown. Briggt. Baltimore. Schr Charter Oak, Bandera, Botton, 2 day*. Rchr Sun Nickersin. Dentin. Schr Baltimore, Slaight, Bridgeport. etowi I ihip and 2 bilks, unknown. Bark Velaaeo, (of Botton) i.uriier, It day* from Hayna for Cowca and a market, put in here vetierdav in dutrrai She experienced very bad weather: ou the 9th inat. in 1st 3}, Ion 74 while lying to. waa airnck by a heavy tea. which canted the venel t? Unk badly, to much to, that it was lonnd uacettary to make the neareit port. Ilnrwtd Manna Correaporimnee. FniLtDnt.rHia, April It, 4 r a?Arrived?Brigi Korntx, Wilton, New Orleans; Pearl, Harding, Bo,ton: aeht Chnrlet, Cook. Caiait: S C Philips, Lowe, (Jlouceiter; Mary Ann. Allen. Lnbec; Grecian. Herrick, do; Bob Hoy, Champion, Norwich: Alfred Barrett, M'Coller, New York; Caroline Hall, Dill. do;Cop:a, Heart, Charleston. Cleared?Scht Geo Washington. Camp, Providence; Wm Henry, May. Norwich: Arcade, McCurdy. Botton; Mary 4an, Mitchell, do; John P Crunch, Tomlin. Sing Sing: New Haven. Keltey, Lynn; Theron, Corson, New Haven; Georgian*, Hanson, t'o; J Thompson, McKinnev, Brooklyn; sloopa Ann Ultra. Kdwarde. Botton; Bolena, Milla, do; M L l omp un, Morris, New Yoik. aaiac?iJnn*own ltacnril, Rch* HtMii-Toiv. from Georgetown, DC. w.tli nn assorted cargo, got atbore on Homer yesterday morning. The ciew were takeu off by a steamboat?the wind blowing a gale, it waa deemed unsafe to remaiu on boaid. C pt flnyt, the ageit of the underwriter*, it in readme*! with steam painp and anchors. to go to her assistance so a.-oa as th* weather will pewit Kev Wtar, March 27? A n'lantity of sugar, saved in bulk, im mating in ?ll to 6,273 Ilia Iro.n sh'P Ur- wsi?". bv div ng. waa sold this day at motion nnd brought from 't\. 4)^, 4X. 5s;<c per lb. and a qiannty of loose coru waa told ny D. H Marshal, from B ship Merlune. 41 to 45c per bnshel. 'J he - r... _ -^... u ... k?, i. tag their rargors klpp Apollo, bnnnd to London, i* Hill loading, and will be ready to sail be lit April the ccrprnten on Br ship Mer:oue were discharged. Proposals nie it. toed for the thorough repairs: laid reinrs are to be under the lo-rrnetim of the oiptain. The ihip b ti irceired inncli mure rjury then want Brit ripected. Inn al knees br lien leaks badly. Its. Haid proposals are to be reeeiv. d by 27th imt. at 4 P. M. Ship WaTan*, Thrane, from New Orleans, with a cargo of corn and cotton, b mod to Liverpool ('lefnre spoken) put into Norfolk on the I6lh mat in distress with loss of rodder, tern, tic damaged, on the 8ih mat lat 34, Ion 76. durinit a a'rere (tale from K. The W waa fallen in with on 6>idgy,20 railea KNKnf Cape Henry, br pnot boat Belief,CaplFt barly, who war despatched to procure a steamer In take ihe . hip in tow, and the Oiirii waa engage,! for that pirpose, and brought her into poit. Spoken. Ship Onward, of New York. Chase, 14 days from Mobile for Harre, April 7, lat 2) 30, Ion 80. Ship Maryland, of Aleiandris, 12 day* from New Orleans for Marseille!, April 7 lat 24 15. leu II 10 Bark Catharine, of Thoinaaton. from New York for New Orleans. April 7. lat 36 Ik, Inn 74 18 Hrhr Tennessee, 12 days from Cardenas for Boston, April 16. off K*g Harbor Setir Arou, for Stokington, Anril 16. off Kgg Harbor. foreign Porta ArfTwrar, March 17?In port, John Holland, Henderson, lor New Orleans27th- Alharnbra. Wilson dodo; Victoria, Watlington, for New Fork April 1;Tennessee.?, do 15th; May Flower, Hitchcock, dodo: luni.'ta. Child, for do 10th The Orsdrm.ina, Linersoti, for New Orleans, was to have sld tiih Call.o, Ian i4?Arrbrlg Olide, Waterman, Valpaiaiso, 10 days, and sld 826 for antun. i itarrnios, March27?Brigs Venemela. Fowler, for New York (In; Levant, from Portland di?gs Russian. Vesev, of Belfist, vie. Arr 26th. brig Angola, Morgan, Trinidad; aehr Leopard, Hanilr, Portland , Cannkvas April 5?Barsac Deyeaa, Bayley, f it KhodeIsland, oisrg;Ji'i..yd. May berry, for Beaton neat-day; Marie I, Bryant.fin N York, wtg; Hanger, Ssffnrd, for Portland, |dg, Paragon. Hill, for Liverpool, to sail ill daya; brigs Brsgiliao, Hitchborn*. lor Boston, in 6 days: Calcutta, Clark, (erroiironaly reported for Phllaidalphia,) for Boeton in 2 daya; Chil(cage, Parka, for N Work,; Calharioe Nichols. Nlchol. Totk l?it d?yi lUmnt, Lnavitt, for Portland ??xt day t LaOlidta, .Si Tiirtdan de Cuba, wtg frtt Waahmgton, luun'aa.tuf hiladalphh. I. ahing ch*;pr.ptt. (a aoeeira el e.>..l ) tjail in It) daya; ?cha Voyager. Ootoe, from Havanu for II*<11 tx, to tail uuiadny; George Enga. Smart, fj- Nawper " '< '".' 'y'j S?i, Hilioi, fm N O.lem Liluci; and 8 MYouai,.fa Wilmington, N C.ciacg. aid brif Alcanna, vviUu i.ifihud. Havixz, April 8? 8hipa John Feh-mao. Davie, for Trieate, ta'-eu up at ?3; t'ria'.oval Colon, Hmnli. f r I*York, IIth; VVaaluuutou. Uurleish. from, 14 tiava, arr 7; Aikaiiaai, Preble. and El-incur, Il!*ccha<i, hecee, each 12 daya, air 3d; W Hii.-gdoce, Mr'e-r.- fio'u Phila, do do; lame* Edward. Wera'er fr .m V'H Cruz i# daya, arr 5; h-..rka A toil', F'<r a for Hamburg direct, tnkeu up at ?1 12 ; Hannah Thoi iton, llauna I'rum lit ?ton, ar 2; Hannah H,.r**ue, Lunt, do 12 daya d u Autton, Lovctt hence, irr ubt 2. fl&iobow, 12 diya, arr 4; Wraaacumcou, Kubinioc. do 16 day , irr 5; Florence, Woodwaid, do 10 daya, arr 0, a* u to be t . ? lorteat puaage from Boarou for ?i* yearn paar); Halph Or aa, Wooubuiy, from Savannah 9 daya. arr 6: S other or, Ma'O, Iron New York. 10 daya, arr 2. Zioiari, French, from Kantport, 12 diya, arr 9; Mochel e, Uvmon, from I'onland, IS daTJ, do d <; Khodea, Piur.dera. from Provi lence, daya, ar 6th; Diautha, Brown, for Cowea. u-xt f'ay (old 7t. )' -ar*h Boyd Drommond, for Triette loon; Ianarda Sand ford, for New York, 4 da-i; Berj \d*tna, niver, f'jr do a. on, brigi Marc arena, Ever-tt. from Trcico t 11 i.aya, arid, fir Irian aandVera Ciuz, about 18 h. t return to Havm'; Jnaaphine, Porter, for Cowen daya; Virto'. Curtia and Jtaio, Baker, for Sagu*. to lord for a port in tie Un ted Slatea; WLellin. Hard.e . fur d > to load f r N koik;L Maxwe'l. Ba-llett, f>r NYork or B.iatnn direct; Wande er, Merryinan fr on Wilmington. Ml 10. ava urbth; vrnve innnp.oi, r le. uoin nam* nnuaa. itr 7in lor-vyork, ab .ut ready; Corti lei.ce. Meat r, from Newport 13dt<*. r.r 7th; 'Villi.mi < h.ek I'om Fauafo't IG da, ur 3d: Ar binn, Howe* from Charleit n, 8, ro d >; Ad imi (Nay. Collins from NOrlotna, 7 days ar3d: r floule, Smith, f.oin do 7 day*, nr 3d; Salvador*. &van*. fro > do 5 day*, *r 7 h; * pa *ch;cola, Xunth, from Pemaco1". 7 daya. ar 6:h; Oen Tav'or, M'Crillia, for Cuunito: Se'iatro. CtUiu, for Mahia Hon la, 7 deys to load for . Hardy, Piirringtoii for ''o to )?>ad for : srh toshua Brown, Cooper, fmin ( abacas ar Ct!i, (and eld 7 h for Boatou); Pemiqmd. Sprcul, from Frank I ; t. 3.1 daya Rr 6 h; (iaaaabeta. Fo?ter, from tieorgetown. 8 (}, It da nr 3d; ZeRhvr. Wood from Charteitown. 9 d< do; Richmond (S ma-r?) el'ev f om Pemacola II da ar Nth; bilix beih Ilull, Tuthill. Apalachicola, 4 da nr7tli; and olhara embraced is the list fainhhed form ateauter Miraiaurpi. ailed 3d, brie ALocquin. hmith. R-<rua : achr Oenl Scott, Ket-t, Card*. at, to load lor finator; 4th bare Abaci, Dingley, Mnanzai; brigi h.-namna, Koowlt n, ( owe* s 5th. Two 8utara. Print waar. ' ardynaa; at lira Virgiiin. Hall, Cardenaa, to load moinaae* f>r Sarannr.h, at S3 per lihd : Madagascar, Knight, (n- A c Far land) K. y West; 6th. ba-k* Maria Baker, lora iortin the Meditemineaa, probably Venice; Nantilna, M rtin (.' re, (or higi): brig Liabon, Hmub, 8ta Cruz Cuba; achr Periniau St lo*ei<hine, Young, N York; 7th, biig Mil laudon. Palaville. NOrlrana. Old, <>h, brig Ca?plaa, Willoughhy. F'hilad; aehr N H Hall, Pevereanx, Baltimore;^, br g euaan Cn'nc.Paikcr.N York; Sth. bark Rapid. Ward do, (and wou'd sail 9th ) Adrertiied. Sp steamer Unadalqnivar, for N York, May 14, (to undergo repair* ) KinnsTorr, lam. March 36?Bark Mary Irrine, Taylor, for Philadelphia 3 daya. Lamina, about March 19?Bark Verona, Trundy, for Stettin. idg. MaTanzaa, March 31?Arr brig* Neptnne. Peteraon, Briatol. R I il; I'otoai, Fatleraon, Poilland, 17; Shakapear*. Peudleton, Saarapprt; April 1. Portland, Prince, Pun) nd. 31; 3d, bark Georges. R-'binann. N Orleans: 31. brig* Rio, Coegeahall. Briatol. H I. 16; G W Koieht. Mudim. PnvtNnd. 13; 9 C? '?M?. Petterg,||. Wilmington, N C, 10; tehr Albamb'a, Bnl'ock Richmond, 10;4th, brifr Betsey sad Jim, Sliced. Philadelphia; Sih, ihn t.harlctta Reed, Hons hton, Havana. 1 day: bark Ovando, Cousina, do 3 days; ton Louisa. Wright, N V orlc, 10:7th pilot boat E K Collins, Ternare, doll. Sid, Mil achr J Holt, Holt Boatou. Ponce, P K, April 6?Barks Henry Trowbridge. Whittlesey, for N York; Harriet Thompson. Ti'den, rfand (or Phi'adolphia. ?t< cargo; Condor, Lone, for N York, Idg; Magnolia. Hood for N Haven, do; liig< Freighter. tsianchard, fcr Baltimore in t dits; Ad'lnide, brav. fin Mewbnrvpo't. wtg cargo; Thomas Trowbridge, Whittle-ey, do do; Osceola, f Plymouth, Mass, disrg; Isabel, for Mayasuez same dav, to fill np for M Yo k. (repor'ed to hsve sailed the S 1st;) tohn Hill, Pearse, for Briitoi, Jl I ldg; Emblem, bunker, of Cranberry Is'ard. wig cargo; achs Satan, tf Plvmonlh, for B< ston, ldg; W Dodge, of Newburyport, wig cargo: Volant, from Boston, discharging. St Martiiss, March 36?Schr C C St rati on, for New York, in 3 days St Jaoo. (Cuba) March 14?Moop Rising Sun. Ilimnn from Providence, via Bristol, ncc. Arr 26tli, brig Financier, York, Pmtland. Ssoi-a, April 2? Bark Oalindo, Frerch, disg; brigs Snow, Waihbnrn. for Bostou, ldg; M> jestic. MeVear, do d ; Poconoeliet, Brewer, for do wtg cargo: Thos F 8 no*. Belcher for da, urc; Albertinn and Kfnrian, for N York, ldg: Viocenns, d sg fordo: echt Pe'rel. Lcch, for Boston, ldg; Italian, Pettergill, from aud for N Yntk. 8 days. Trinid-d. M-rch 37?Hark Rio, Cottrell, from Boston, llth. S.u'ed 30th, brig Zen -, Dinsmore Mobile; 26'h. schr Adveit. H j't Piiiiadelplua;37th, bark Fairmnnnt.; 38th brig Six Brothers. Benson N Yors; 3 th. schr Ses Liou, Packs d. do Several of the ahove were ineorrec ly reported as in port 28 h At do about 231. bark Wm H Hvt'i, unc; brig Aeinitf, Park, disg; schr Mati'da, for Cotton, ldg. Home Porte. Afalschicola, April 6-Arrshps Southport, MeCormiek, rharleitoa; Rowland, Norrrnts, Boston; Andrew 8eott, Em ly. New York; barks Triton, Luce. Providence; New England, do: brigs Zeno, Dininiore, Trinidad; Peeonie, Parks, New York; achra Monterev, Appleby, ^ew Orleans; O "?., Pensacola. Cld ship Sehattia Cox. Boston; barks Belridere, Renny, Liverpool; < hate, Chase, Boston; Madonn Mitchell, Liverp-ol; brig Henry Ruck. Woodstde, "en York. Inport6'h, Ihins Duel nam, f r Livern ol. ldg: G-nret. (Br) Cornfurth, do do; Wi< tlsor. Fay, Brewer, do do; Peter atriek. Rockwrl, do do; Robert Folton, Wade from Naw York, wtg Frances, Dyer, (m Boron, do: Medallion, H'indlette do ilo; Finland Johnson, for Liver ool, ldg; Amhassador, Hadley, fur Boston, do; Rowland, Norerota. (Vo<e Bniti-, wtg; Andrew Scott Emery, from New \ok. do; Souihpnrt. MeCotmick, fm Char ettou, do; Y' rk. Pollard; fm Boston. do; M'dal'ion, Hrn iliette. a > do; Fo-ncet Dyer, dot*o: P obut, De Vtesa forToulon, Idg; barks Ocean Q"een, (Br) Warren, fm Liverpool, ldg; Covenanter, (BO P tie-son, Imdi wtg; D-nnt ess. (Br) J hnaon, do do: < umberlsnd, [ Br) Powers, for Liverpool lili: Sir John Be>etf nd (Hildn do; B eni'a. Voting, fnr Boston, do; Wm & lum-s, Vandeyer, for Providence do; R'ng, Livermore fn? New Yoik, do; Wevbossett. Harris tin do wtg: Voutiuk, Giles for do lily; Gilbert, Melcher, do do; New England. And os, from Providence wtg; Trtt r, l.nce do do; Oera". 1 itsl (' from Newport, *n- brist Groigiena B?d*ll. fm New Y' lk. wtg; Peconic, Parks, do do: >anh B'own. Wech do d": Zeno, Diusmore; fm Trinidad, do; O B l?-mar, Knnds n. end Hero a *-tnuli, fjr ;>ew Voik.ldg; Madison,Wetkina, for PortHrd Idg. BosT or, Ap'il 17? Art bark Fotbsrhi'd. HofTington. New Orleeni. Telegraphed?hark Ronnie, for NO Irmi; brig 9?a Eigle, fm Cadiz Cl'd. baths Cumberland Wordbnrv, Bang orfor Cuba; i hina. Studlev. phi*: ?-hr Wolcott, Hrder, New Vor*. HI'd thin Gen Vraue Kentucky; trigs Ottoman. W I mle, Ohi'a: schr Henry Atkins, and others ? from the R -aos bv?fc Drlewrre Baltimore, April .R?''Id bark* Delawari?u. (new. 223 tons) Haynie, N Or ems; Kirkwrod. Mamn New Or'e?rs; o-igt Mt Andrew Cromwell, We-t Indies; Volnsii, Etfhberge , Gu'yama, P R; Canova Tribnn, Ba'gor; tcba Miranda, "or h, P rt Vis-in. Jam: Gen Warren, Davit, Boson Bid ship Emerald. Burk. London. 17th?Atr bark Jnsti e SHorr, Howrs. Boston; fhs Ch?sv peike. Srewait P otiden'e, Pauline. Fields, Nfwb-rn.NO. Below, a thin and twos hr? < 'd bogs Mmaco, Fanham, Vera Croi: R W Brown. Speed, T-mpiro: chr S?s?ei. (tew 153 tons) oust, St Johns, NK. Sid ship Gen Washington, Lriwe. Amsteidam: bsikt ( rorgit.Ot s. N Orleans; De'awa-isn H'tnie, do; Kiikwood, vii'tin do; hriga Jnat'cia, H*mIin, Bahia; St ndrew, Cromwell. West Indies; Canova Trib in. Bangor;'.Volusia, Er hberger, Gnavama Nanrv Prntt, Stevens n, Bsco Monoco, Fnnh m, V*ra Cmr.1 srlis Joseph Turner, cibbt, Prov oenee; Jos Br wn, B iggs, and C A Crooke O'ant. N York: Gen Warren Oayis B sten. Btrsoou. April 2?Pelnw. birk '"armelita. from New York. Calais Apnl 7?Arr sch a. ?ry je "utan .Huiehinson, New Haven Sth?S'd.seba Hnniet Ruler. Fe'sset and Admiral, Rich-rdt, Philadelphia: beg Anror*. Elliott Phi'ad Castiwk?Arr prev to 14th, schs Hetty Maria, Perkins.New York. Charlkstos. Ap il 14? Br. ship Corqueror. Kerr, Liverpool; ship James Cnlder, Poliister, Boston; bark Avola, Kendrick B> tt'<n. Fdhirtowiv, Arril 14?Arr schr Barrh ? nn?, Pick him, Philadrlpcia fo- Hi John. NB FHAivKvonT, April 10?Ar baik Carm'lita, Cole, NYoik; Uth. baik Mary H K'ndall. Crocker. N York. Oropuetowft. April 12?drrtchrt Nor-naha'. Cooper N York; Bragams, Fullrrton. B-stnn; K A Henning, Tojj 1 or, u ii- r.riiruuc, i/imoru, oearapou. oia aenr oaini B<e. Staple-, Be feet Jacisonvii.i f, (Kin) April 8?Arr brig Mary fw. W?ranr, Portiai d ( Id, achra Tiogi, Stowera, New York; Mioeaota, Small. do Mobilf, April 10? Old, Br eh p Cnromandal, Broadroot, for Lire-pool; brig Rolleraoo. Crowell. for Cadiz April 9?Arr l>ri* Welli?e?lrv, Daria, from Bnatoo. Cld. ahip Amaranth, Miaa. for Liverpool: barka Orbit (Br) Larkin, for Lireip ol; '"ryof Rorhe<ter (Br).Timcke, for Toulon; g. A Ainaman, Kimman. for Bnaton NEwnoRvroRT April 16?Arr achr Marr. Howard, Bellimo e Aid 15'h b-rk Paoehita, Bavlev, Porto Kiao; achri Atli.ntic dough, Wilmington, NC; Hannah Grant,Smiih, Baltimore. NaifTtrcKKT, April It-Arr achr Uipaey, Clark, Philadelphia i New Bedford, April 15?Arr arhre Sophia, Bunker, N Or l?aua; Induatry, Kelley, Norfolk; 16th, Savannah, Bollra, Char lea ton Norfolk, April 15?Arr ahip Wat?ga, Shane. N Orleana, bound to Liverpool, in diatreaa; bri* Saliillo, R'ch, New Orlean*. Bid achr Prov-dence, Phanka Weat lodiea; Ann D, Seaman, N York. 16th, arr arha Adrian, Walpole, N York ; I hoe H Thompton Hmwn. Boaton; aloop Dnaty Miller. Sirneraon, N Y'-rk 8IH. achr William, Wiren, Providence. NkwO?lean(. Ap-il 9?Arr brua Thonoas mi Edward, ??; Almyra, ; achra Capt Page, Joiner f?> Braaoa; Anna Maria, Met elland, Matagorda; Victoria, Huff, Matagorda; Loniaa Antoioette, Janrig-nbury _ _ I ortl4!?d. April 15?Arr nraihr Surah, Brow, Harrington. V; I6ih, brig Mettllak, rinrr.m?r, Han Joan, Cnba. Old 15th, hark Natnl Blake. II.let, Ca/dena*. Pr oviDKitcK, April 15?Are ?eh*a Union. Batig* Baltimore; De'aware, Philadelphia *ia Fall Hirer. '6?Lochirl, Browir, Charleato-i; Loniaiann Pritchard, Paltimmc. Portsmouth, April 15?Arr achr laabella, Davis, Philadelphia. Sai.FM, April 16?Ar? brig Planet, donas, Oeorgetown, I1C; ?cha r??te-n. Bray, Wilm ngton. N C: Martha Maria, Clarence, NVo'k. Kid15?li brig Zame Hid'ey, Para, kc. HToiaiiaoToia, April 13?Arr acha Lily, Benaon, and Adelaide. Htackpole, Cb.nleaton S*tai*i??h, April 12?Arr ship Richard Cobden, Barrall, N Yntk. CM Br thin'I amsrie, Jon'a Liverpool WiLMirroTO1*. April 13?Arr achr L P Smith. Young*. New York; llth. brig Chri-iiana, B-own do; achr Baltimore Lewia, At Jago de Cuba l td llth. lin k Williim Bpronl, New Orleans;achr 1.1oui?e. I*ot-ii.arn NYoth Paaian^ira Nailed. Litfrpool?Packet nhip 5'' rkshire? t lemrrt Hordt end 'a ly. Wary C del . abrnhom Hell, Kii| Joaepli Morton. K P Leeds F -timli Wi? Bell. CI Clinton jTalltnadge. L B Hanks, of New York; r'iss Aim? t'nukin Miar. A "ankin, Jamra Smart, ol B-nnklytt: Mr wH Goodrich. New Us?en; Junes McCalley, ol l.eneorter. Penn; Mrs Marv Ann Mullar, Wm MeCammon. Cincinnati; Mr Hncharnaand Indy, Rcotlard; H R \Vnddeio?r. W Trotnin Liverpool! Her k. stro g of Lnn* don; 8 Htrakehim, M Wedelea, H Amiinck, G Mntgcnbeeher, ol Germany. Pauangara Arrlwa.rt. Ltvraeoor?Paeket ah p llenrr Olar?Jane Bonthey, Rareh F spnthey, Krancia A Hoorer, llenrie A Hastings. h.ntibnra natting*. John l-larnaor, jinn ooyea. rn?n* doth anr* i Femvu k, Caroline F'nwn-u. Hamncl Hum. M?ry K H???, | Mary F Haiti*. Barrine! Hague I.TdiaHagne.OordeliaHniue, ' Jotei h Aiuley?419'n the ?rr*ra|j? Lourv.rr? P*cke i!i |i Wentm niter?Thoa Wilmn. ( anada; VrCol.ieon and lady, two children and reryant, Kng; Heuty j Woody, Del; Mr Hohb* and lady, Ku?; Ueo Do Co.ta, 8witzarlend: 94 in iteeraie. AtTTwinr? Ship dwm?? Peter Prinabold. Anna Maria Reiaabold, Nie lo? Joa H?ina(?oU >rat.7.t?ka ftrinabold; Kr- j neatine tteinabold, Frai.x Kemabold; Max I'.roar H?i"ah .Id of * Cologne.Gertrude V/ab'r,atrvmit: Hubert Reinihold, Grrtrnde Pt'nabald, T Hubert Beinabuld, Bernard l.'einahotd, Wilhelm Mrinabold ofOetmany; f nna Claon, aor?anr; Jo?epli Backer. Fran* Wippern J >aerh Hirr*. P-ter Tchieder, joaaph Wrher. Friebnrg; anto.1 levelli. Warxbmir; Ternoud TereMi, Freiburg?194 in tlie ateernite?2 children died on the rnaa' go. ? _ BmcMitri?Briv Anon?Mr Wfim and lady, Mr Schilling and la^y, Mr WhiteneM?74 in the ?teernye ( h*hi.*"Ton?8.r mahip >orthe.?'r?r Coidell, WB P..*t juris Captain Colhn* Captain Poland, W Guar**, HA Piati. G If ' arnp, C W ilaou, J V*'Clowe* H A Jluvell Ja* d Hriden. Charlet I J hnaon ->nd lady, M M Wood'a IT, C K Wiol*, D F Fleming. Thou B I rggert VV Hhe't, L Litiri' ton, C W Mienaidaed famiW, Mr? A W Carriictrn, Mi*a (Jimage. Mr* Vincent. Mra Ptearna. Mra F P Lee. Jot n Nrwton and l idr.T P Nre anil ladr, l\1ra Burt, \1i>* Hurt Mr* Haikeil, Mr Me Carter A Burtletta. d inty VI A Fa my'in, MitS Scoti'I la? llibhin "nil l.rdy. W H Clark, O H l.ndlow. Jam L Randall and ladr, L Thorn i* L It llirlnrd O Talonwo.P Wiight.B P Cutler Me** * VI V O P, and J O Bnit. L He-k* iwraih, I e Fitmerv?19 in the ?.ern,ge. .'P'f^LOAheAna-Miip Robert Pniker ?l>r J Do con. Vr Nnih, I) W Join ton C Johiuon, II M Miller, and J in the Iterrny*. P*y*Nn*ii?B'itt Relrn*?lohn R Davidioi, mercliart, Macon, (ee.ij h arcn VIafuire, I.I, ml Lnhnm; Mr* Alice rtmith and child Jack.onyille, Fla; ft iaa Bridget O'ltourk, Inland; and 27 in lira ateeraue. Ntw URLcaai?Baik Lanark?H Bowora, of Min-3 in the ateeran*. 8ATAnn*H-Brn L Bnldww?J Btilaa, O Olock.

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