Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 22, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 22, 1848 Page 2
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r rf cimp of SO 000 to U OtfO men bitwaen VI aed Orwoble ' Thts a?astir>." ye ths t'niffn, ' haa no do?bt kMg by the lataUi<<aM NMlftl from Italy " Napo'eon B??nap?rte. eon of bid' for the reit?on of Cor* ev In hi* ?rt Jtaas. qn^t?? tha word* ?' hi? unoU who fro<a *t Helena pr ~>p teiie 1 that " be' >ra flfVr years, En rope ve;nM he repub'tan cr The saw feuoy of th* day. the p'xntirg of " triOi of liberty." hat bfm pursued with gr*at ardor. Tjll popIan ar- npr.ioUd, and planted w h?rerer the fancy of th* poniliac* rtlotaUs. The provi?io-?l government, hnving discovered a plot among the tilt it of the clubi for the arrest of Lamar tioe and Oarmer Page*, have determined to organise a clrio nuarJof 1400 men for the protection of the goTar nment T he prov Ulonal gorernmen*- has materially r?-JneeJ th> salaries of all public functionaries. A d -eree of the ffovemin?nt mod'fi'S the law of libel, and enaoU that henceforward no cftlocr of tba governmen t can pressoute a journalist for criticising hit publlo con dust. A nether decree confirms the decree lisund by M. Emma uu?l Arage. the government commiMloner at Lyons, im posing an addition of fifty flve par cent to the direct ta zes of the depart mast of ?bs Rbone, besides the additio n of forty-five per cent, previously decreed by the pr ovisional government The BWrecfflt police has Issued a notloa reminding lodgers and (msti that landlords hare a right to be paid the rent doe to them. 1b severtl quartern of Paris the former hare refused to ray. and at the ViUette, in the suburbs of Paris, m landlord who Insisted on being paid was shot de*4 Joseph Henry, the man who sometime ago fired on Louis Philippe, la said to havj been restored to liberty. T ha workmen employed on the Paris and Lyons railway , near Paris, have revolted, and demanded ths diemis sal of the direotor and four managers cf the compan y. Thesa gentiemeo, yielding to the wishes of the wor kmea, have sant in their resignation to the Minister of Pubiio Works, at the same time protesting, that, as they had been provisionally appointed by the shareholders. that body had alone the right to remove them. By decree dated the 28 th, the provisional government decides, that all the ordinances conferring appointments, &o. which appeared in tho Monittvr of the 2'id, *23d, and 24th of February, ' during the course of the glorious insurrection whioh delivered France from a corrupting government, and founded the republic," are arf ulied They have also issued a decree for the ntturalixitlsn | of foreigners ?ho are desirous of beoomtng French eitt sens. On Wednesday. M. Cremieux reoeiveJ a deputation of the oolonlsta of Algeria, who demanded that a decree should Immediately pronounce the incorporation of that country with Franoe. "TeUallyourfellow-cltli?ns"ex claimed M. Cremieux, " that Paris and Algiers, that France and Algeria, are ens and the same country The oompUte and absolute incorporation of Algeria as a French department, fa tbo wi-h of I'ranoe. The provisiona 1 gove nmeat has issued a decree authorising Algeria to return deputies to the National Assembly " It was reported in Paris, on Thursday, that orders had baen sent to the generals commanding the military di visions in the'east and south to maroh alltheir disposable fbroes towards the Alps, where they are to bs couoantrated. and remain under the order*of Oeneial Lamorloiere These warlike preparations were suggeited by a protest said ta have b?en entered into by the English, Russian, Austrian, and Prussian ministers at Turin, " Inn the nroieot of Kinr Charles Albert to invade Lombard?. So far u England is concerned, it may be confidently stated that there is no ground far this statement. Proclamation* have been published by the provisional government to tbe army and to the people, exhorting to order, and forbidding processions, and the firing of uoiketry In the streets. The Commissary of Rouen is also beginning to show grant firmness. He has issued a pro lamation forbidding processions, and declaring that all workmen or other* who have any demand to address to him, shall do it by deputies, and thee* not numerous The per?ons who, during the revolution, wantonly destroyed the railway bridge at Asineres. have been convicted and sentenoed to varioua terms of imprisonment, tying from one 10 five years A Ly one Journal, the Salut Public. says.''We are assured that orders were civen yesterday morning to the troops in garrison at Grenoble to leave imm'diately for Savoy, to take pollution of it in the nine of the rrpublic It is said that these orders were obeyed immediately, so that the entry into Savoy will have taken plaoe to-day. This news, given to ns as positive, seems to us to require confirmation." A letter from Toulon states that an order had been re oeived there on March '23d, to send the depot of the 36th regiment of the line to Algeria, without delay The number of men thus to be disposed of, is about 600 As this order applies to all regiments which, like the 36ib. have their war battalions in Algeria, the whole will oonstitute a reinforcement of upwards of ten thousand men. The National says, "Three millltary camps, connected together, and oonsisting of a disposable force of nearly 100 000 Ben. will certainly be established at Dljoa, Lyoc s, and Grenoble. In the event of a war, and In case of an advanoe on the kingdom of Sardinia, the head quarters of the French army will be fixed at Lyons In order to direot, from that point, the first military operations " Several English residents have already given notice o{ their Intention of availing themselves of the decree of the Svernment, by which loreigners may be naturalised 11 ey have been Ave years resident In the oountry. Letters from Havre mintion, in proof cf the utter stsg mbmvh vi UVUIVVII.V, miu vi tug |ji usimiou ui nroau, tun there were thirty vetttli in that p irl laden with cotton, which nrithrr t*e co ??tget s nor any one else would accept and pap tic freight upon A oomp Mat by the authorities of Amiens hu reached t)M government. againit the atrecioun outrage of about 300 nil tr m Parts, who want to that city and s?t up the ttM of liberty, firing off nuikrti which they had brought iron Parla, and terrifying the inhabitants. It la said that. In fatare, the rallrosd companies will be instru ted to allow no persons to go armed by the trains; and on the first appearance of armed m?n. to apply to the nearait post ol the National Guard, for pitotectton. The departure of Lord Normauby, for which he was busily preparing, eauaed much uneasiness in Pari*, and the absurdeat reports, although he h^d explained to M. de Lamartitie that it wai owing aolely to private business. Tha Cantral Electoral Committee hat puollsbed the following official communication:?" The Central Committee for the general elections of members of the Na tional Assembly proceeled yes'.erday (the 30th ult) to erutinlse the list for the thirty-tour candidates to be propoaed to the cltiaens of the department of the 8?ine for national representatives The billot ptoduced th* following r?iulta, vi*: ?Dupont del'Eure; Lamartine; Arago; Marie; Arm and Vlarr&st; Garnler Pages; Albert; Ladru Rollin; Ferdinand Floccn; Lon'.s Blano; Cramieux ?(these eleven are the members of tbe Provisional government.) Reeurt. a deputy mayor of Parle; A. Corbon. working sculptor, editor of tbe Jlielitr\ Guinard, chief of the National Guard; Danpuy. a compositor. and an editor of the dtelier; Beranger; Carnot,Minister of P blir. Instruction; Bethmont. Minister of Commeroe and Agricul'ure; Lamennaii; Leroy, working jeweller, founder of an association of workmen. Bu>i a Deputy Mayor cf Paris; E Cavaignac. Minister of War; I Bastide, Secretary General of Foreign Atfairs; David d'Angers. statuary; Sarary, working shoemaker. editor of the Frat'rnitt; Conrtais, CommanderIn-Ohlef of the National Guard* of tha Seine; C- Thomas. Director of the National-, Pagnerrs. Seoretary-Genaral to the Provisional government; Degouaaee, civil engineer; Trelat, physician; Ltunate, working cabinet matar; Andry de Puyraven; Philippe Le Beg, of the Institute; D'Alton Sh?e Tha following proclamation on the suVject of the prooessions has bren published by the provisional government : ? " CitizensWe have accomplished tho greatest and pnrost of revolutions. We hare established the principle cf the sovereignty of the people, and for tbe part month have given to. th" world a linking excmpla of Its application For the last month France has governed itseii without the enploymsnt of any military foreo. and by tbe sole moral authority of the people. " Paris, with her m'lllon ol inhabitants, has never offered more personal security ' Id a few d;>v* etas provisional gornnai'iit, sprung from the acclamations of t he people, will restore to the hiadi of th? peopl?:< representative* ihe unalloyal trust of the korereignty of the people. " Cltlsons - These later 4ays mu?t be like the first, and the provislonil g'>verrm?ntlii authorised to say It so will* it. Tbe national ?sscn,b!y mu?t find the republic a* free from *11 appearance of disorder a* it rose from It* cradl* on the immortal day on which it had birth on the barricades. " Beware, citizen*, that too eDtbustastio a show of patriotism doer not become a eanse of alarm and trouble in thi* city, the seat of the republic. In city so rema: liable for the calm and dignity of lt? people?the distur hancts In the streets. whioh put a e;op to buslnes?--tbe firing of mnsketry, which alurrnstlie peaceable, cannot be tolerated or understood. Let the republican ceremonies. an ma&nlOceut in their simplicity, be conducte4 by the public authorities, consult them, and they will arrange your patriotic manifestations " Da not allow anything, citisens, which may give even a pretext to the enemies, either domestio er foreign, ol our republic: anything which can sally the halo of its purity and glory; anyiain* which can arrest the movement of Kuropean emancipation, of which we hare given tb? eign?l " Aie'.st tbe gov*inta*ut la th* maintenance Of order in the otty. Let every one return quietly to hiswor*; adopt your accustomed mod* of Hie-happy and proud in being republicans, we shall pans in pesco the days very hour b?comlDg le?s troubled vhich separates us from the time when our representatives shall meet. " Cltiaens, the provisional government, which is your work, which you aupport with so much devotion, appeal) to your wisdom, to your patriotism; unite yourselves with it to consolidate the republic." It is mid the provisional government has ordered the purchase af 20,000 horses, with field eijulp iges The following proclamation bus been aJdreaeed to the army: ? TO THr. ASMT. MCiTKt?:f? Soldikbs,?You owe an additional title to the republic You were only soldiers?it has mvle you citisens, by restoring to you your part in the sovereignty of tt?e people But in conferring this additional iltlu on you. the republic iisjioites on you an additional duty Vou had only to discharge the duties ofthe soldier -jou have n.w those of the citizen You had only one lawdteoliilme Yoa have now two ~iila<-lDHne. and the love oford?r Diaelpltna an 4 order b??a b*<?n duturba-i in noma taglman a. Tn# ( rovinionftl goTerouiant of tbe republic lmmadiately turned it? attention to auch It la dat?r?iu*4 to r?pr*a< them with the juatleo a?d Inflexibility of a republican uovarnnjent; but, bafora acting, It 4?rtrn to ?>rn You will rf>f|>aot ita ?olc? Look at tba people A.lmuc thin voluntary ordar, which b*e aaUbMehed mi l maintain* lfa?lf by tno tiogle dl?elpltne o' the ('ami retain What! e?n It bo you, wbo ongbl 'O b? the animate 1 typ? n{ orier in the country; you. wbo etn glea to tbU admirable people the flrat aui only evataoleaof disorder? No; you will reaped, arid fliuM to b reepaoted th? religion of the fl <g If it were otherwlea. ?i abould lake iu*a*urea wbtc>. would affect ua, but whiob would energetically le-ettabllah dlaeipliiM Great dutir* ara reserved to you. Keep the army iutaet aad strong for the eventualities ot the country We ar<> about to Increase )our :anai; there will ba pi.oe aoJ glory for all patrlotiata W? w.miI aball ihortiy aaaembl* deputation* of t beat my arrund tba r.a'intrai* at l'?iia to fraterblta with the people and ib? Vatlo&al U jard Lot uo abade of d'aorfar alai* ti?a whluh ? ara about to dlatilbut* 10 Ci. Let your fcrethraa of Pari* racehra yon s* themoef the French army After beTtafr written to all time the word (lory oa yow flaga. inscribe theteen | with ynnr own heads. the wart diwHpllne, die rtpablloii virtue of the soldier " lrelurt M?tt?r* ere assuming a threatening ebepe in Ireland The R?peal?rs are making active preparation* for <unfl;ct with the groT-r^mrnt R flu clubs aro being form ed, end ?he manufacture of pikm l? proceeding s? vigorously. th?t ? v.ry oth?r kind of blec.tentitn work i? eu?p^nded Thi government is pouring in troop", mid w*r ! steamers ere ordered to Dublin. I; wee likewise In j oontemplation to extend the coercion sot to that peitof j the muntry Repeal meetings have bsen held In Limerick and other plaoes, and six month* notice to Koglund to qait was given All accounts conoitr that (ha position of thing* is alarming Government has directed letters In the Dublin pott offloe to be opened All concurrent act cunt* bear testimony thit the present position of affairs in Ireland Is mcst alarmirg ? The Confederates now meet nightly in their club rooms, for the purpose of being drilled, and nnder the hands of practised tnaohers they are taught to m^rch in time, form sections, close and open columns, 8c i.; aud, further, the " rifle clube" are in full operation ; new plkM, twelve IMI long, sre Decora in? pjpuwiui IB war III mm market, torn* of the owners, sotlng on the advios of Mr Mitchell. loalJy believing the time for an outbrosk has arrir.-d ; and. to c?t> the olimax a gentl?m?n pa rades the streets of Dublin dressed in the uuiforal (graen tnd gold. with yellow taolngs) of the Irish national guard that is to be organised. I),iy by daj the evidenoes of increasing disaffection are becoming mereappireat Not mere rumors of arm ioR*, or speeches, bat facts. A large portion of the working olasses are arming. Rifles, muskets, pikes, and other weapons have been obtained in considerable quantities, ia aooordanoe with the suggestions of the newtp?p*ra. Owe wholesale dealer in those articles has dedared that he is unable to supply further orders at pre sent. Butchers1 boys, on leaving the markets, inarch home with rifle on shoulder. Such ia the anxiety to obtain arms t f any kind, tkat in some instanoso the lorg blades used by cork outters hay* been converted into a spooies of bayonet or dagger. Regular meetingi of rifle clubs take place for practice in firing. Numbers ef persons cocgre^ato occasionally for drill, in enclosed yards in obscure streets. The Nenagh Guardian gives us the following sketch of a night scsne presented yesternight week, in Tlpperary : ?" On Sunday signal fires biased from every mountain top ia our neighborhood It was surprising with what eleotric telegraph rapidity the signals from the various hills and valleys were oommunicated to each other, and in a very short time the hills a considerable distance beyond Thurlea and Holyoroas. exhibited their beacenlights A gentleman who was speaking to us on the sub j?ct, said he was asking several ot the ccuntry people what the objset of the flres was, but they either gave an evasive answer or evinced a degged sileooe One thing is oertain, and the fact cannot be couoealed, treason, open and s?cret is abroad ; discontent and disaffection reign in every peasant's bosom, and a spark will ignite the rebellious volcano, upon which this unfortunate country rocks to and fro " The tact that pikes are being manufactured in great numbers both in the metropolis and in ths neighboring counties of Meathand Kildare, is now so longer un known to the pub:io. Indeed, it la rather boasted or. The Limerick Examiner ray* : ' Nearly ?3,000 were drawn ou. of the Limerick Savings' Bank by depositor* of the industrious Mom on Monday last No<ic?sfor the withdrawal of -?5,000 more w?re lodged for Monday next. Throughout the csuatry, generally, the people are said to be engaged in the acquisition and manufacture of nrms. of various deseripuon* " Meanwhile the government are taking every precaution against an outbreak Additional troop* are pouring into the eountry. There are upwards of two hundred tradesmen and laborers employed in preparing for the reception cf a military force a wing of the Linen Hall, which, from Its oen'ral situation, i* well adapted (or a barrack in case of any emergency requiring the immediate {reef nee of the soldiery It is stated that the government have mad* arrangement* for supplying the loyal inhabitants of Dublin, to the amount ot aeveral thousand men,with muskets and ammunition, should circumstances render this additional preoaution advisable. Disaffection has been disoovered amongst the police, but vigorous measures ate to be applied in remedy of this misohicf. The correspondent of tho Timet, writing from Dublin on Thursday, aays : ' There is no public announcement of the usual weekly meeting of the confederation this evening; but in lieu thereof there is to be a general meeting of the Rifle Club, is well as of the 1 Polytechnic Institute,' a new school of 111 concealed treason, where youcg and old are to be instructed in the science o! military warfare. The Rifles are also to have afialdday lor exf-roise on Sunday next ' The better day the better deed.' A member of the ' Doctor Doyle Club' is to leoture upon the superiority of the pike over firearms as a weapon or offence; a question upon whloh there reem* to be no difference of opinion among the great body ot the confederate*." The number ot troops new serving in Ireland, Including artillery, but exclusive of the enrolled out pensioners, is about 31,000 men tf all ranks, ten regiments of cavalry, tiro troops of horse artillery, ten companies of artillery, twenty-two regiments or battalions of the iiue, and eleven depots of regiments of the line. Several other regiments have ainos arrived. The Unit id Irithm in continues to publish directions as to the purcuaae of rifles, pike*, muskets, bayonets, and awerda, the association of poor men into subscription clubs for the purchase of such weapon*, the use that may be made of soythes, r aping hoeks, sword-blades Iks., the proper moje of practising with the rifle, See. It adds : " Oh. friends ! be war j of esnt ; and, if it cou?s to street-fighting in Dublin, let all the resources ot chemistry b* developed to afford the citizene**** available weapon* ; let no acid b? too corrosive, no psmjat too explosive ; le: nothing be considered too hot or too heavy for fair hands to discharge upon the enemies of your oountry. Rose-water will not do at all." Other uaDers publish eauallv strong incitements to re revolt, tint are not quite so sanguinary io their dlseoar s68 about weapon* The Motion, the Freeman the Coi k R poner, tbe Limeiick Examiner and the Tipptraty Vmi.ica or are til* b.licit among these adroeatee of revolutionary proceedings The Irish papers report the prevalence of fatal disease and starvation, from dearth and diloterious food Tne I) ,blin Heral.l states that " We have been for reariy a fortnight in poisessioo of information, upon ?h:cn it was impossible for as Dot to r?ly, to the effect that the constabulary fotce io Ireland were tainted with disaffection For obvious reasons we abstained irom making this very alarming intelligence public It afforded us, boweve\ oae among the powerful reasons wtioh have induced us to call upon the government to prosecute for treason and not tor sedition." A Limerick paper states that an enclosed yard has been hired In that town by same young gentlemen, who wish to practise rill; shooting. The largest steam engine ever made In Ireland, was recently sbip pad at Brltast for the Pasta of Egypt. It is one cf a number to be ereoted on the banks of the i Nile for pumping water to irrigate the land. The ey | Under Is 6 J ipches In dismster, with a 10 foot stroke; and ' tbe pump will throw up 10,000 gallons of water every min- j ute. The makers of tills engine are Mesnrs. MscAJam. 1 brothers, and Co , of the Sobo Foundry, Belfast. Knglantl, The intelligence ef the ratilioaticn of the Mtxioan treaty was rtoeived at London on the 31st of Maroh. by the packet ship New World, which landed her letter i b jgsat Cork, from whence they were despatched to Lon i doa. Horatio Sprague, consul of the United States of Ame rica at Gibraltar, died at a quarter to one o'clock, on the 20th ult, In the 65 tk year or his age. M. Ouizot ?We understand that oa the day after ; the arrival of M Uu'zot In England, a sum of ?J 000 was paid to his credit, at a London bank, by some unknown : ' friend. M Qoiit received almost at tbe same moment ! nn anonymous letter from the party by whom the money I was paid, stating what the writer had done, and anothr i 1 letter from the bankers, informing him that the money was in their hands. The entire property of M Oalzot, con , sists, we understand, c.f at l'arls, producing, hithei- j j to, an incemeof about ?800 a-year There is. however, we I need soarsely say, much cause to apprebrtid that this 1 I property will be confiscated by the National Assembly I We have reason to believe that M Gniaot was eonoealed ! for eight days in I'arta before ho oould make lilaaacape. | and that h? was obliged during that time to disguiaa himselfin woman's clothes ?Brighton Cfazttlt The Kx-Roynl Family of Frane*. [From the Loudon Poet, April 1 ] Th? Count and Cconieea of Neuilly, with the inrnibera of their family circle, remain ia the atrioteat ratlremtnt at CUremont Nothing oau poaatbly aniseed the ! r.lain and unostentatious manner in wbioh the houae hold it ordered, the m'?at rigid eoonomy being obaervabla In all it* arrangemerrta. Veatcrday their royal highneaaea the Dull- d? Nemoura. the Duke and Dacbaa* d'Aomale, and the Priacf and I'rineesa de Joinville, came to town to pay a viait to bar Majeaty at Buckingham Palaoa. Their royal highneaaea returned to Claremont at five o'clock The Oust de Neuilly haa been in town mora than onoa during the paat week. On Tueaday laat the illuii trinua exile called at Buckingham Paluoa. to make in| (juiiiea after her Majesty'a health. Tbe Duke de Ne j monrs cornea to town oacsulonally. and daring hie raseat 1 | vifits haa called on hi* royal relative. Princa LaopolJ ol Naples, lia excellency the Belgian Minute. , and several otliera. Tbe Count de Jara&o r?maina in oloac at'endautc I upon the ex-king, visiting Ciaretnoot frequently Th* Belgian Minister has alao paid hla recpeoia to the count , several timea lately. The Count and Countass da Nanilly, ainoa their arrival at <;iaramant, have received viaita from a great [ cumber of their old and personal friends On Tburai <!ay tlia Prince und Princeaa da Beauvan arrived from I'?ria expraaiily to pay a visit to t*i? illustrious axiiaa A great maay aer vynta attached ta the ex-royal houaebold have followod their la'e tlluatrinna naater to Eag lan<i, and pruented tbeaaaelvei at <;iaroanont; bat the ex kiog. *ilh ooo or two exceptions, haa bean naoaaaaliiy compelled to deolina thalr proffered services. Tne princes and prlncease.i of thi family frequently walk in the neighborhood of Claremont. They ara , invar,ably received with every degree of oonrtesy and respect by the inbabitanta of the district, aad much sympathy appaara to be Mt lor their fallen fortunea Tlin count and counteaa go out very little The count , generally ridea to a clcaa carriage on hia way to and from I ?V HMUII, nuu nilUBUtlJ luuim to aTOlU We ; app?ara?rH of any diiplay. With reference to the flnancc* of the family, wn are i ?<>rry to l*arn~th*t ihey are at very low ebb. Up to the preaeDt tim? the ex king ha* ra~eiv?d bo Intimation I from the proviaional government at to the fn'.uredl'po : *->l of hi* own | rival* property In Franco, and a? tbla 1* j all the fntaily have to raly npon for their anpport, of courre, great anxiety In fait on the *ubjeot M Lamartin*. In convention with friend* of the ex-klng ha* Invariably axpreried, nn w? have rcaaon to know, the beat Intention* toward* the (alias monarch; hut at preaentall la unoertalo'y a* to tha result, and, aa atated nbove, the ? tabllehment at Clareuont la accordingly kept on the low*at po**ili|e *eal? The following are the nawi?* of the gentlemen wlio have ma-te them**!vea voluntarily exile* with tha exklug. and who re mala wl'h the family at Cla/emont General Di Kunngi.y, General Dnmae, General D'Houdotot, M Vetout the ex-king'* librarian, and Dr Pigarh, phy* c an to the rxlled family Tha Counteaa M> r. j >ie reuaiu? in at(?ml?noe op the es-que?D. The I) Oka and DuohaM ,\ugu?tu* of HaxaCoborg.are. it I* unCfi?too>1, gone dlract ! Gotha, wbenoa they will rlior^y itru?erd t-j liar gary The Utaat private aooounts announce that the Duke a endDueheas < Montpe??ier M left Rotterdam for fpaln. Not the least to bo pit tied U oannecMoo with tho tflnoti loua extlee, ere tho male and hail* attendaats who (tod with tho msmbers of tho ?x reyal family from the l'uileriee. Muf of th?oo hod boos In the service tor i ears, during which time they hid, of ooarie, igutici coneldereble property, in present*, nnd Other things, of wh>ch not th* value ef a aiogl- stiver woo saved by my one of them TUe U,uuxter'o Ravenue of Greet Britain. | from the London Observer. April 1 ] The accounts of the quarter's revenue will not be published b?rore Thursday next, and, consequently, no ctrictly aceora'.e comparison can be Instituted between fie present quarter and yoar and the corresponding periods of 184? We are happy, however, to be ahle to relievo oven now som? of the more gloomy apprehensions < that have baen indulged In ofa continual falling off In the public resources. We believe that the returns for the quarter will be nearly. If not entirely, free from exhibitrug the deorease whioh marked the reoelpts of the last two quarters, and wbieh, more especially in the October quarter, cau?ed so muoh alarm by the serious amonnt of tbe falllng-offln the leading items In the quarter about to end next week, it is expected that the excise, whioh has been so greatly depressed during the previous half ye*r. will fully equal, If not surpass, the quarter ending 6 h April, 1847. Tbe customs, too, will probably exhibit no material fall lug-off, ir any, compared with the oorr?s- < p itidU'g quarter of the past year In the stamps soma reluctiun is to be expected for the smaller number of railway transactions, such as transfers, ke., and from a leas amount of bills of exchange, owing to the partial de ?" |cu*?u? v. ?.uuiuioivihi VlOUIt, HDtl IM murs UXOHVU ! busiuers of tfce l>,nks nnd houses of d:s:ennt. The post- k otHor keeps up the gradual improvement In lti net reve- d nue.uotwitht taudlng that the expenses ot this department 3 have bo?n greatly increased, la order to afford more ao- P commoditlon to the pnblio. The inoome-tax alio standi <1 Its ground, or, rather, exhibits an intome increasing, on <1 aocoun", we presume, of parties who had hitherto evaded '< the impost, being brought within its influence. There o if, therefore, every reason to be satisfied with the state of l< the revenue, ahd to indulge in the expectation that the ri tr?d? and eommnron cf the oruntry aie reviving, or have c already revived, from the temporaly'depression to wbioh tbey were reduced by calamities wbioh oould neither bo b anticipated nor entirely avoided by human foresight. a Fuhioni far April. t] [From the L endon and Paris Ladles' Megasine of b Fashion.] b All silk materials now assume a lighter tint, anaoun- p oing tba approach of spring, and suitable either for day 9 or candle light; many are of green glace and broobe In 9 a paler shade, light bine plaids on narrow grounds ; B checks of groiellle oolor on gray glace, with white A shaded taffetas figured in sprigs and large cheeks in 0< white oerise and bine oh a deep d'.us ground: each material has Its peculiar style of lace; application, for e tulle ; Angleterre, on satin; Alergon on velvet; and ? for neglige, Vsisnoionnes and Mechlin. fa In ball-dresses, three and even four skirls are worn of tl tulle or orape, and of taffetas d'ltalie, pink, blue, or ? white, with fiounoes entirely covering the skirt; the ? corsages oontinue pointed ; the naw pelerines, for eve- B nlng wear, are with long narrow ends, edged with lace. a I>ut on a utile rail; these end* are intended to go round tbe waist, ftnd tie behind in the atyle of the Antoinettes; there U also another etyls of eannrsws, forming demi barthe, termed u la Roland, which Is made of point lace, embroidered muilin, or laee laid on Ths,rouM crowns termed jokays, are fashionable for bonnets, and the newest form is rather more open, and muoh ornamented with flowers ; the capotes, termed Dolores, and another boizntuse, are amongst tbe novelties of the moment Satin bonnets are sometimes ornamented by scarf of black lace, placed two er three times round the ends, falling at the side of the crowns demi rondes. Capotes of white colors are lined with white. The oaps worn, both in evening and neglige, are pretty, the form is round, small and flat, the ornaments varying aooording to faney. Many small ooiffures are made of hftlf-sqnares of Brussels laoe ; the Valllere is composed of lappets of laoe, falling at the back of the head without oou celling the hair. Pretty evening oaps are made of pink orape, covered with lace, having a rose and small green foliage In front; pretty neglige oaps are made of tulle, edged with lacs, and trimmed with narrow pink and black velvet ribbon ; pretty little turbant are made of laine, orape lisse, velours epiagle, and damas. embroidered in silver and gold; they are placed very backward on the head, leaving the ears uncovered. Tbe Markets. [From the Liverpool Albion, April 3 ] We have to reoord another week tf declining urioas and excessive dullness in our torn market, where tne ex- < iwusatv waweaaUDO iu UiVDk MWlUine IB 1QUUUVU IU UIO IUWBBV ? point; for, wilta the exception of a good demand for In- F dian corn lor Ireland, the only purchasers are our d local millers and dealers, those iu the interior r being able to supply their waata on better terms a from the farmers in their own immediate neighbor o hood. We adverted laat week to a large fleet of I versels having been relased from the Mediterranean ; s theee are now daily appearing In Cork and Falmouth i for order*; but few as yet have reached their ultimate i destination. i The cotton market exhibit* d increased activity at the t commetoement of the week, with an advanoe in prioes, 1 but it has since relapstd into its previous dtiilziu, and the 1 hd/ance is consequently lost. Spinnerscontinue tooo?- \ r?te to a fair,extent having taken20,690 bales out of 24,070 -J the sales of the week. Transactions for export, amoant- i in# to 3430 hales^are on alarge scale, considering the state b of the continent, and the increased supplies on their way 8 thtre from Amerioa. Speculators still occasionally ap- n pear in the market, and this week have p rchased 600 o bales The sticks are now estimated at 287.160 bales. 6 against 439 930 bales at the corresponding period ot last v year. There is no doubt that the state of affairs ea the 0 eootfneat MU taUBeaea-many oargoes of eetfcw here originally purchased for those markets, f LoNDon Money Miain, Friday Evening,Match 31.? The English funds opened heavily this morning, and i tbe speculators for a fall renewed their operations; but a e rally ooiurred subsequently, and at the olose prioes 1; were J? per ocnt better. Consols broufcht 81 to tlHfi for pieeent transfer, and b(.J< to 81K>? for account d Exchequer Bills ware lis. to 36s. pr?m., and India Bonds 16s. to 18s. premium. The value of the Bank p Stock for acoooat was 192X, and of India Stock, 333. n in the foregn stock market the transactions have been t] very limited, the half-monthly settlement bavin' chiefly 1 occupied attention Spanish 5 per Cents brought 11 to d 11>*. and the 3 per Cents. 20 to Mexican were 16X to X, the particulars of the ratification of the treaty having made them firmer. Dntch 2K per Cents were quoted at the low ta'ee of 36 to 33, but we understand that it woul<l have been difficult to find seller* at the <] lower prioes Railway shares were depressed. , Apbil I--Qi!abtk> to Three P. M.?The weekly ,] sta e-nent of the Bank of England, to the 26th ult., exemplifies what has been before noted under this head, 1 as to the largeness of tbe monetary resources of tbo oountry at the present time, and the commanding posl- , tlon in which it is Disced to nrosecnte mercantile nnder. takings of impcrtance, frovlded It rstalfta the blaasings * f peace t Tna biiineo doing in axchangi hu been limited t throughcut the week, and there *u no improTement yesterday afternoon. It if not to te expeoted that conti- 1 nental buelnea* will revive just jet. I ; There b*a been no material change of feeling in tho ^ city with respect to continental affairs, bat there is rather more confidence in rafeiaacato Ireland, about which " so much hae been aaid tbia week. The deelaration of Lord Lanadewne, aa to the power of the crown to tup pre** any seditious movement, is regardfd as very eatia- 1 factory, though there baa never been any doubt of this c in unprejudiced ciicies L Private letters from the continent, advise the suspen alon of peymenta by Maura Abraham Schaalhauaen, 1 bankera, ot Calrgne, and Mesarr. Lombardl,'Odler it Co , c banker*, of Genera 1 The e* ports of bullion fcom London, have been rather I large this weak, including about ?30,000 In gold coin, 1 and 60.000 to 70,04)0 ouncea in silver, nearly all to Hoi- < land, Belgium, Antwerp, and France. The arrival* of ' specie, however, entirely overbalance tbia, and the opportunity of exporting ailvar agalnat the valuable con- < slderatlon to be obtained abroad, i* likely enough to ; tempt our merchant* 1 The fund* are fluctuating, but the demand for atook J still keep* the prioe ot conaoia rather higher for money ' than account, whereas, allewing for a fortnight's Interest, J the re vera* eboufd be the eaa?. Consols have been quoted J *!> to % for transfer on Tuesday, and 91 to X far ac- J . ouut, bring now about 81 to M- Kxahequar bills have J rraiiatd 32s to 3ft* premium. 1 The foreign bond*have beta vary flat, with the exoep- * lion o.' Mexioan, which have rtsan to 16X to % Porta- ' gu?se Four per Cent* have been 14K, and Spanish Five 1 Cents m law u 10J< to 11. The Tbrea per Canto. j have b *?n 1p% to 30 Datob Four par Canto, nave bean * marked 64, ex dividend. , In railway share* there 1* not *o goad a feeling, and ' tha quotations have bean In favor ot the bayera both of KngUah and Kreneb line*. ' Bark or England. ' An aoccunt, pursuant to tbe sot 7th and 8th Vic., oap. ' S3, lor the week ending .- aturday, March 26: ? ISSUK Ukpabtmint. ^ Notes iuoed ?10666,32J Ooverameat debt.?11.#15.10# ' Other senritles.. I,904,900 0 Uold coin k ball a 13.730,430 \ 8il?er bullion.... 1,117,191) t XM YAXO ?21,66*420 \ Uabino Uiri(TM(ST. ( Proprietors' eai.'l. .?14 6i3 M< Government seenKe?t Bt 3,996 80t rttiis ( ticln*in( . deposit*! ic- dead weight aa- , cladiai fcieheg, natty) ?il,r>88.041 * Bar Banks Coin. Oilier seearite'... 13.017,662 I of national debt, Notes 10,9)1346 1 snd Dir. Aeets). 7,463 666 Gold aod silver Other deposits .. 9.J13 t>28 coin 764,474 * Seven dsr aad * other bills 904,361 0 ?30, 169.41J ?30.269,432 r M. A1AR8HAL.L, Chiel Cashier. s Pabis, B-urse, Friday , Match 31, 3 o'clock?Tha * market was h?avy to-day, and but lit'l* buslnes* was transacted. The rente was a go->4 deal offered at first, Q bat recovered towards the end, c.osing bat little lower t than tbe day before. The three per cent* opened at 40f , 60a. and after going down to 3?f 60a. closed at 40f, or 36c lower ; tha five per oenta opened at 601, and after being done between that prloe and 64>f, closed at tbe latter . price, being also a decline of 2Ao ; the Bank of France _ share* continue to be offered ; they were to day dove aa S low as lioor, and clcasd at llftOT, being a fall of ftOf, which make* a fall of 300f on the two deys Tbe c?u?e of thi* decline i* said to ha first the loan of fifty millions. ? which the bank accords to tbe provisional government, nod next, the great number of hill*protected within the * last few day*. It waaeaid that the amount of these bill* f nnd of the bona du ttesor, held by the bank, and joat fallen due, but which oannot be paid, I* not lea* than 25 million* Tha Bank of France I* now said to have In ? It* peeseaalon bons du tresor to the amount, of 100 mil- i lion*. At the Bonrae, tbete ieeatltle? ere getting mora j and m<<r* into dlrfavor : to-day ihey vara uooa at (mm 45 to 40 p?r ornt lose Piedmont wu much off'red, b?tue at 71 Of. or 4'if lower ; Belgian Uvea (of both IH-10 and IMJ) at 49Mf, or 9X1 lowar ; obligation* do la Tilleai# at !?90f or lit lowar ; aod the cairee hypotheeelre at 1301, or lOf lower. The auapenalonof payment* of tba ban king. r h<?u?e of MM. Faooord, Dufour and Co. wa? a good ileal tj Fpoken of. end rogret expr>*eed that tha preeaura of tba time* ebonld h*ve foread them to atop ; It wa? generally 11 luppoeed that they would ba able to pa* In tba and tn' grelly Railway ?bnr?a have again been drooping ; * lloueu nra 3Af lower, at 840f; Havre and Veraaille 6f fll lower, 2Q0f, ami lOAf ; Maraaille*. Jf, AQc lower, at 'Jl'Jf, AOs ; Bordeaux and Naotet, If 37n lowar. at 3?Af ; Lyon* a nod Northern ar? unvaried, at iWOf and 4A9I 940. The oUaige for oaahiag a louof bom la lowar, being now only ' 11 3f; the sovereio U worth 3?f 2#c to a?f 60s; Hi i>?nah gold is OOfthe thousand. Liiiuool Cotton Miiiit, March Jl. ?There U at Utile ohaage la the prioa of ootton this weak r tk*n be any tendeaiey either to fall or rise, t li rather la fa?or of tha letter than tha termor. t la, htwtttr, la a vary alight degree. so that our uotatioas of laat Friday will remain muoh aa before io doubt tha ad Ittoaal imports which will ba ront to bis country, both from tha United 8tataa and other uartara, io oonsequenee of tha dlsturbsd itata of the oatinant of Europe, will oontiaua to act, aa tha ntieipetian baa latterly dona, aa aoma oh?ck upa any material advance of tha raw material. Up b this moment, and including the market day of 'utsday laat, the Manchester tra<ie has under one no ohaage for the better. Limited as the *mand has long been, barely auffliciaat tocarry off the eras and goods produced under the preaant redooed ita of oonaumptian, there is yet ao promise of amendtent?aotbing to ladace any greater activity or ohaage rom tha cautious mode of nrooeedtac which has so loag en rendered asseaaary by tha dlffloaltiea both of aale od of payment And we hardly aaed repeat that, withat some relief ia that quarter, tha amall stock and low rioas aow existing ia this place oaaaot be regarded aa a ositive barrier against a lower aoale area thaa the preset . Prices, ho wever, under all olreaautaaoes, are very icderate ; and. with any promise of ameadment in the onsumptioa, are open to a vary great re-aotion. 600 .merioan have bean take oa speculatloa. aad SS60 Aaaloan, aad 100 Madras, for export* Sales to-day, 3500 a'es. Lithn?l Coin Mikket, Much 81.?The trade inoe Tuesday bu b??n quit* inactive, and at mar t, this morning, the attendance was very elen r. A little wheat wu retailed at a deoltno of d per bushel. Oats war* offering at X& to Id ?r bmhrl lower, and the demand was quite trllag. In barley, beana, and peas, there waa little or no ling doing. A few puoels of Indian oorn wore taken ir Inland, ata deolloe of fall Ii per quarter. Indian orn meal waa 6d per barrel, and oatmeal 6d per load >war. Both Irish and American flour were preaaing at ath?r lowar rates, but there waa no moving either, ex pt la the most retail way. Livcbpool Paovmo* Market, March 31.?There has een but little demand for butter during the paat week, nd holders show more disposition to laeaan stock, and lie season is approaohlng whan new butter will come to and. Bacon, hams, and lard are dull of sale, as well as eef and pork, wbloh are only in demand for snip stores, rlcea?Butter, Waterford, 94s; Carlow, 94?: Belfast, 3s to 94s; Dundalk, 83s to 84s: Kilkenny, 94s: Cork3ds, 3s; Dairy, 93s to 94a; Banbridge, 84j to Me; Sllgo, 90*. aeon, 30s to 60s. Keg lard, Mi te 63s; bladders, 64j*6 Ss. Beef, per tierce, Ms to 90s. rork, psr tierce S? to 70a. Liysbpool, Friday, March SI.?There was an improTd demand for Sugar at the beginning of the week, but 'lthln the last two days, owing to the dull aocounts :om London, it has subsided, and our market olosea raher easier, barely supporting last week's prices No ales of Cocoa, Ginger, or Pimento. 100 tierces Carolia Rice sold at 18s to 18a fld, and 4000 bags East India, t 8s to 9j for Madras, 8s to 8s 9d for oidlnary yellow to rhite broken, and 10s 6d to 13s 3d for middling to good rhite. There has only been a limit* d demand for Rum, be trade not being inollned to purchase beyond their nmediate wants; the sales are 40 puns Demarara : proof # 6 per eent, Is 9d to Is Ud ; 8 to 30, 3s Id to 3s7d ;? troDger, 3s lOd to 3? 4d ; choioe marks, 8s 6J to 8s 8d ; nd 100 hhds E.India by anotlon, at ls8)?dfor pf. strength, 'he tea market remains very inactive for nearly all inda of blaok tea, and to effect tales lower rates would ave to be taken, with the exoeptlon of the good and ne Morning Congons, whioh are saleable at improved rioes. In greens no transactions to note. In dyewoods, ery little business has been done, the ohlef sales being 00 tons Savanilla fustio at ?4 to ?4 3s 6d per ton from hs quay. No sales reported in turpentine or tar. Some ?w parcels of American rosin sold at previous prices, 'he demand for pot and pearl ashes is very limited, and ome small sales made at 31s for the former, and 40s to la for the Utter deaoription. Low pricea nave induoed improved demand for aeeda; the ealee of Frenoh rod loveraeed reach abont 700 balee, chiefly at 33a to 39a for Mt year'a import,and 40a 6d to 41a for fine new; of Lmeriean, 30 bbla and 40 hhda are reported, at 33a for rdinary to 38a fer pretty good red ; email lota of German white have also bt n taken at 44j 64 te 46a per owt; II duty paid- About 36 tons linaeed oil oake brought '7 per ton. The busineaa dona in brimatone, excluaive f 250 rona aold to arrive, haa been chiefly in amall lota >r immediate uae. Sicily anmao eontinnea to find buyre in email lota at foil price a. Nothing worthy of notice one in argole or tartar Ot Quercitron bark, 300 bags nd 13 hhda Baltimore bronghc 9s per owt, and 66 hhda hiladelphia previous prioea. Olive oil haa been In moierate request; the aalea are about 60 tuna at previous atea Small lota of pale seal oil at ?30 to ?30 10a, and od at ?34 10s to ?36. have been taken. About 80 tona if linseed oil have been Bold at36aptrowt. No ehange o rape oil. American spirits of turpentine have been aid at 37a per owt. I'alm oil ia steady, at the advanoe loticed last week; about 300 tona nave been aold at ?34, and a amall lot at ?34 10a and about 330 tons of a rrecked cargo were aold by auction at very full prioea, he best having brought ?33 15a to ?33 17a 6d per ton. Chare baa been a good demand for jute, and 1800 balea >ave been taken at ?10 to ?18 fis per ton, whioh are full iricee ; 60 tona of Peterabnrg clean hemp brought ?34 : 100 balsa Manilla ?33; and 80 balea Amerioan dew rotted ?34 per ton. Tallow ia la dearer again thia week, 64s >eicg the current prioe for Feteraburgh Y C.; 360 caaka loutb American aold on Wedoeeday, at 47a for inferior, ip to 60a Od for line quality, but the aalea to-day went ff flat, and la lower; 40 oaaka North American realise J ia 61 to 63a per owt. Amerioan lard haa been aold at ery irregular ratea, in one inatance at a reduction of 4a r ia, but the decline upon the whole ia only 3a to 3a per wt) daring the week. State of Trade. Manchester, April 1?There la no new feature in the narket ainoe our laat report. There ia atill some busileaa doing in low clothe for India ; but in grade generaly there ia barely auOcient buaineu to maintain the preant very low prioea, and the tendency of the market ta rooping. Thia ia atill more the cate with yarns. Manfacturera are unwilling to drive their hen da out of emloyment, and they therefore throw their gooda on the larket in order to continue running their mills, whereaa heir own lntereat would icdnee them to atop workisg. "kla clroumatanoe partly accounts for the very great iepreeaion whioh exieta. Marin* Affalra. Auxiliary Steamship Sarah Bauds.?We have fre[uently testified to the urbane and gentlemanly deportaervt which obaraoteziaea Captain Thompeon, commanler of the Sarah Sanda, which arrived in oar harbor yea erday, after an exoeedisgly rapid and oomfbrtable pea" age, and alao to the good qaalMiea of hla veaael; and we m glad to perceive that our opinion of both maater and nip, Is participated in by the pa Mangers who cnmm he ocean with him on the lMt trip, as It has been by hose on former one*. We toko pleasure in publishing he following oards, signed by the cabin, aeoond cabin, ind ateerage pamengora, whom Captain Thompson conlooted safely to ear shores yesterday ro Caftaii* W. C. THCiaraow We, the undersigned, oabln passengers on board the teams hip Sarah Sands, joat arrived from Liverpool, cantot take onr leave of yon without expressing oar sense if the urbanity of yoar oondnet towards saoh and all ol is, without distinction, aa well as of the able seamanhip displayed by yourself and officers in the manageBent of the vesssl daring the voyage, and we oheerfally imbraoe the present occasion of recommending the 8aah Sands ss being in all respects worthy of the public latronage, as a safe, apeedy and comfortable convsynce. We ainoerely wish that every success and happlteas may attend your future life.?New York, April list, 1848. Hobart O. Anderson, Capt. H. M. 33d Fuaileers; Thooas Hill; Miss M. Hughes, 8t. Louis, Mo ; Alexander Imith, coadjutor R C. Bishop, Glasgow:?. T. Da Stnet, tlistionary in the Rocky Mountains; H W. Bowlton, jr., roronto, Canada ; Osborn L. Richardson, jr, Quebec ; Isnry Montgomery,do; CharlesL Hunt,St. Louia, Mo.; lames Wallace, London ; Jno. Bishop, Bath ; Jaa. O. Irown, Liverpool; J. A. Elet, President of St. Xavier College, Cincinnati, Ohio; John Oray, M. Ap. in 8oot*nd: J Baitus, President of St. St Xavitr College, Cincinnati; Chrlng Von Sohon. Hamburg; Philip Maria. Hurst; Henry Jaekaon, Sheffield; D Lewis, Cana<ls; 5 W. AulH, Montreal; John Croil, do; Cha?. Robertson, roronto; Wm. Darling, Montreal; Josanh MaeKay, do ; las. L Oray, do; Wm. Stephen, do; Will A Mitchell, lo; John Hall,Toronto; Edward Lteeh, New Orleans ; l A Torranoe, Montreal; Abraham Mann^ Noith Fork, llinois; John T. Mann, do. Wo, the undersigned, second cabin passengers of the teamship Sarah Sands, ate happy to avail ourselvse of his opportunity of expressing our warmest thanks and idmhratlon of the hnmane and considerate conduct of Captain Thompson, during this passage across ths Vtlantlo. And also to express our entire confidence in ils abillMrs as a skilful navigator and a seaman. Any lulogy that we conld pees on the Sarah Sands as a sea mat, wo are aware, mnat be supecfiuons. Still we are empted to add our testimony to a feat whlsh Is already sell known, snJ beg to conclude by offering our warmst thanks and best wishes to Captain Thompson for hla nooses end welfare:?Alex. McDonald, J. H. Talbot, ilex R Robb, Andrew Kenedy, W. Tait, Harry Taylor, fames Thompson. Wm Flndotv, John L. Wystt, ibrm. ritnn, John T. Mann. Da'ed this 31st day of April, 848. off Ssndy Hook. ro Caftaii* THeMraoif : We, the steerage peeeengtrs an board the Serah Sands, eel It Incumbent on us before parting, to tender to you >ur beet thuki for your kind attention during oar voyg?. Mary of u* have croeetd the Atlantic before, mad lever at may former period here our somforte keen more ,?tlduouMy attended to than on the present ooeaaion? riileh we attribute to your kind disposition, and to the urerior aoooniPiodatlons afforded us We would alto rilliDgly bear trstlmony to the care, (kill and klndneie I vour excellent chief offloer. Mr. litley, and to the to iriety and watchfulnett of all under your oommand Locept our warm rat thanks, and be atscr?d that in comnunicaticg with onr friends, we thall take care to point ut the superior advantages to be derived from a pasttge i yonr t pi en did thlp. Signed on behalf of the steerage >aeerngers, John Kelly, Thomas Lambert, flamael 8UIurd, James Oliver. ArpoiirfM?NTl?y the President, with the ndvice nd consent of the Senate?(1-eorge F. Thorop* on, E'q, hat been appointed U. 8. Appraiser at this ort, in plsoe of Vnnbnrgh Livingston, Esq., appointed hargo to Eq'iador. Tm* Carali.?The opening of (he canals in this Stat* rll! not be delayed beyond the 1st of May. Notice of he precise time is to be given by the Commissioners to y Wnkly Herald. We shall issue our regular edition of th? Wtikly lita Id this morning, at the usual hour. It will embrace la Important news from Earope, reaelvtd yeitei day by lie Sarah Hands ; remarks on tha progress of h* reolntlon over Europe, Mid ihe utunl compaod of misillaneous matter from all parts of the United States nd Mazlco, Inclndlrg the prcoeedirgi of the Military onrt el Inqu y. NEW YORK HERALD. ertto-Weel Oerner eT reltee end RimnmiM. JAMBS OORDOI BKNIIBTT, PROPRIETOR. AMUSWMKNTS THIS EVENING. BOWERY THJCATHK, Bowery.?La Datadcm?Ro? Roy. CHATHAM THEATRE Chatham nraot.-Kma'a Oaencnaa?Child or th> Rro mk^t?New Yoa? At lr U? ST ATM SkCIBTI. PANORAMA H Al.L, Broadway, mu H???*?? ?? * ?-? tuvAin'i PAi*i>ii< ur rmUuduirn, At 3 tad 7\, P. MKLODKON, Buwary?-Ballad Itiasin, Vitamu YllNITRll.i, ICC. BROADWAY ODEON, Broadway.?Pre mal ion Ita' TVAlTilW. C INVENTION HALL, Wooatar ?troo?, atar Bloockar.? Bails BaoT??mt? Ktmiohak Binama, ha. MINERVA ROOM* ? SovTHiart Hakmoiuiti?Ethioru* Sinaiwo.kc. saooKLy. > BROOKLYN INSTITUTE, Waahintton ?tra.t-CHRi?ii'i Mikitrbl*?ETMioriAR Si?ai?a, Uuklbmuo U?* Now lark, Saturday, April 99, IMI I'll* Circulation of Uk* Hnrald. April 31st, Friday, daily and extra. a4 9?0 oapias. Aggregate iesne last week. ...... ....144,0m " The publication of the Htrtid oommaaeal yosterday at 4 o'clock, c ad ftaithad at S. Highly Important from Kuropr. The auxiliary steamship Sara'i Sands arrived at this port yesterday, making; a remarkably excellent passage of seventeen days, and bringing to us six days later new* from the old world. The intelligence confirms the hopes of the friends of liberty. It is astounding. It is overwhelming. The little sea of troubles on which France launched her bark of republicanism, has diverged from there, and become an ocean, extending over the whole of Europe?and its tumultuous waves now wash the very shores of Russia itself. The inmost recesses of despotism have been reached by the spirit of freedom?and a whole continent is in an uproar. The news is positively overwhelming. But a few weeks since and kings and despots, with their courtiers and ministers, ruling by the right divine, were reposing safely, and, apparently, in security, engaged, perhaps, in devising new schemes for the taxation, and forging additional fetters for the oppression of their subjects. How different the picture now ! Governors have to accede to every thing demanded by the governed, the masses have arisen, and the voice of the people, which is the voice of God, has proclaimed that man mtlst be free. Kings, who have refused to yield, have fled in disgrace from the people whom they misgoverned, and those who conceded what was demanded of them, hold their places by a weak and sickly tenure. Sic temper tyrannit. It is almost impossible for the mind to grasp at oncfe the whole of the news which h?B reached us by this one arrival. Since the receipt of the intelligence brought by the packet ship Duchess of Orleans, the old world has progressed an age. Events of the most gigantic' moment have occurred; the brain is distracted with the attempt to concentrate the mighty movements which have occurred within that brief space of time, or to reflect on those mighty events. A torrent oT lava, from a smouldering volcano of six huadred years, has burst its bonds and inundated the whole continent of Europe, destroying in its course, kings, potentates and princes, with all the trappings and paraphernalia of royalty. The die is cast, and the "divine right of kings*' ! is abolished. Before democracy is fully established and made permanent, blood and carnage .nay reign triumphant. Already the shrill blast of the trumpet is heard, and the word has gone | forth to the minions of tyranny to arm in de- ] fence of their tyrant-masters. Russia has called to arms, and symptoms of a general European war, which will encircle Europe with a blaze, are perceptible?but, perhaps, we are too fast. The accounts from every country of the old world confirm the predictions that have been made, that the reign of monarchy there is over, and an interregnum is about to succeed it, to precede the permanent and eternal sway of republicanism. This intelligence informs us that the people of the whole of Germany are arming; that a revolution has broken out in Venice, which declared for a republic; that a provisional government has been established in Denmark, and that the king was on the brink of abdica ' tion; that there are symptom* of a war between k the Poles and RuMia; that vigorous attempts are i being made to renationalize Poland, and that hostilities have been commenced between Den! mirk and Holstein. From Ireland there is ' nothing very exciting; but there is the strongest evidence that the people are thoroughly imbued with the spirit abroad, and are making preparations for an expectcd conflict with the government and troops of England. In fine, on all sides?wherever the reader directs his eye en the map of Europe, he will see either direct conflict and disturbance, or prepations for either. No one can tell what a day may bring forth. The times are pragnant with seeds?the fruit of which will turn the old order of thing*, and date the commencement of a new era in the history of the world. We shall make our comments on thia news leisurely; in the meantime we leave our readers to read the details on the first page of this day's paper. Proceedings in Conuuss.?We are compelled, by the pressure of foreign news, to defer, until another day, the publication of our detailed reports of Thursday's proceedings in both branches of Congress. Latsk fbom Wkst Imdiis.?The bark Montezuma, Capt. Rhodes, arrived yesterday morning from St. Thomas, with accounts to the 6th in?t. We le&rn irom F. C. Smalley, Esq , of Barbadoes, passenger on the Montezuma, to whom we are indebted for Barbadoes papers, that there was a very severe shock of an earthquake in St Thomas on the morning of the 6th, creating much alarm, but no damage doae. We find nothing ot interest in the Barbadoes Olobi. Vlicatrlcal and Musical. Ths Bowarjr sod Chatham theatres, and the other I fivnritn nla?*a of amnacmant. wara a* mnoh crowded 1 last night ii are our eolnmns tbli morning. Oily Intalllgenca* Finn ? Afire broke out about sighto'olook,,on Thumday night. In tha honse No. IS Drabroitea street, oauied by tba explo?lon of a camphtne lamp. It was put out with trifling damage. Another fire brftke out In the imoko house of ?. 8. Yonng, in tba re tr cf No. 76 Salilvan street, whlob ?u destroyed, toget her with Ita contents. Also, In tba honaa of Mri Hltr.hoook, No. 113 Orehard street, whloh waa extinguished without an alarm haying liaen given Maphi.aughter ?Coroner Walter* wu called yesterday, to hold an inquest at tha City Hoepital, upon the body of James Justus, a natire of Virginia, a?ged thirty years, who, according to the vardiot, cam* to hi* death by Injuries on the head, received while eng ?g?d in a fight on Sunday evening, the lrtth Insta-it, la Grand at., between Croaby street and Broadway, but by whom, or in what inauner the injuria* were inilioted, the jury were unable to say. From t'ue evidence adduced before the Coroner, ft appeared that the deoeaM d and a friend by tba name of fl. T. Allen, on Hnnda) evening laat, were paaalog through Urand street. from the Bawery towards Broadway, and, on arriving In tha vicinity of Crosby street, Allea stopped to light i olgar; in the meantime, the deesased walked on, and g< t lato an altercation with some young men, who aaae ont of a coffee bonsa; wban he (Allen) stepped forward, and Inquired of the party wbat the disturbance ws s about, when on* or them utruck him i im?? Jiim /, wbion knocked him down; OB reentering himiejTAIIer a looked round for the deceaaed, Mil fonod him lying teneeleee on th? pavement, An offle?r ehottly aftai wardJ etna to the ?pot. when the aeealltnt* ru off Thn rteoeeoed waa taken to th? (Utloa bona* for the night, jind Mil day removed to the City lioapltal, whom bm dlod in Thmeday Bin pi ru to Dkatm.?The Coroner held loqneet ilto tt No 149 Oru|? itre?t, upon tho body of ? colored ohlld until Clariaaa Walter*. aged ? mta, who ota? to her d< nth by being burned. bar olotnnn having accidentally token flro. Verdict accordingly. - I 'Jul Aw*um |?nil 4WI i li?n Hotel Puilfw. -Tin uli ol furauure contained iu the hbove Hotel. will be continued to-day, (Sa'urdar, April 23d.) commencing at M ' lock, e< mpiiitM som* of the parlor and bom of ihe bedroom farnituto. E. H- LUDLOW k CO , Auctioneer. Hair Dye?BeSetoelor'e Inatamtane uua Uqmd CoUriitg for the Hair it nnriv&lled for proJucing aaatuial bla?lt or brown. without injury to the hur < r skin. It i( pronounced by thouiaids the best article m the ?orK,?ad the only one that peiformsnil it pr .miiet See and juj :e for rsaiMlTM at Baichelor's, a Wall it., near Broadway. Oae trial will prove iu tfl&cacy. The Plumb* National Dagwerreaa Gallery, on tho upper corner of Broadway and Murray street, em not be ton highly spoken of; this i> slid all thoie w'<o ht>ve Yiuted thu celebrated establishment, whnh contains ihe target! collection of portrait* of diatinnuishtd persons in the Uui ted State*. Nature's Lliulueut Ornament?What token does affection treaiure a* a relic ol the departed7 A lock ol hair. No one think* of preservir* e nail or too'h a* a memento well, and yet these could be retained ju?t a* leadily as a ringlet. But sentiment and poetry seem to cluiter around .1 flee head of hiir, mil a shred of its g'ossy filament* seems lit* spell to evoke the memory of the absent and the dead. Would >ou preserve, beautifv, and give lustre and curl to this element of comeliness in mm or woman, use, lieqnently and thoroughly,Thalou's Chemical Hair Invigorator. A beneficial result isu certain ss the succession ?f diy and night. For sale at 61 Broadway, snd bv drurcists and fancy dealeis iu town and cc an try. HattuJt la not every combination of Felt and Beaver that is worth* of being called a Hit. To Put a thinp wi'hout style or finish about it on the casket that hold* the intellect, is aa insult to the vsluab'e* within. Knox, ot the ttnn RniMmv ...... ^? U . , H,. U.fa oriva character tO & u'l face, ?ud, as he says in h i advertisement of fashions, "though always ready are neve: wora rough." A new style of Cap* for young mce. leotl'j Chup Furnisblug Store, apposite our office. His dollaraad a half thirls are the irost beautiful articles for the price to be foetid in the city- Indeed they a>e fully equal to tome for which we Laid S2 and *2 25 f->r in Broadwar They not only fit teautifully, bat weariemarkably wel'. 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An Extra Herald was laaned at two o'elook, and the newe apread over the eity with the greateat rapidity ; politically the advioee are of the highest importance; commercially they do not amonnt to much, but are considered rather favorable than otherwise. The whole of Europe is in a complete blase, from the White Sea to the Mediterranean, from the Aretio Ooean to the Straits of Gibraltar; and what will be the result of the present state of things in that aeotlon of the world, no one can talL That there will be a general war throughout Europe, we do not for a moment doubt; In fact, the ball has already commenced rolling?no pawer cn earth can atop it. It ia the only thing that can prevent a oivil war now in any countiy. A general war throughout Europe would be the beat thing In the world for the new governments?It would conaolidate them, give employment to the refiraotory splrita, and aet sa a safety valve to let off the snperabundanoe ef patriotism, attract the attention of the people, ml bring order and shape out of the oonfusion and ehaoe which is almtst universal. A foreign war would now be the salvation ef the French Republlo It would do away entirely with those dissensions, and that distraotion which threaten the destrno'ion of the provisional gOTernraent. The military movements throughout the continent must ie uit in something. A collision between any two of the leading powers would be the signal for a general explosion. This is what we expect, and it may be nearer at hand than generally imagined. The list of suspensions in France li lengthening, and the ftaanoial embarrassment* weie becoming more oppressive. The provisional government was endeavoring to raise a large loan from the Bank of France, and publio and private finances were in a horilble condition. Business of all kinds was at a complete stand still, the minds of the people being"filled with anything else but trade and commerce. In England eveiythlng was comparatively quiet; prices for our staples bad experienced very little alteration. Cotton had Improved, but tfce advanoe had not been sustained Breadstuffj bad slightly receded, but there was 10 little doing that quotations were | merely nominal. The London money market was s'eady; capital abundant, andoonsols Arm at previous quotations. We are happy to announae that about ?80,000 of bills drawn by the Canal Bank of New Orleans on the Rotbsohilds have been accepted, leaving only about ?10,000 approaching maturity, wbioh bad not been presented.? This will give great relief to partlee here, and will prevent shipments of sprole to this extent, as it must have gone forward in the event of these bills being returned. The Canal Bank has noted very promptly In this bu?l i ness, and It Is our impression that it will keep clear of all future dealing* with the Rothschilds. As soon as the bank roeelved Information that its bills had been noted for protect, collateral security was immediately demanded of tho agent of that home for draft* held agalnit the prfmlpaU for one hundred thousand franc*. The orly security he bad to offer>as their letter of crodlt, wb 'j'i he deposited with the t ank. 8ubi?quent to this the agent of the JBotiuahllds propose. 1 to open sn account with the Dank of Louisiana, which proposition was at onoe deolined. As soon as tXe Canal Bank heard that its bids had been dishonored, arrangements were made to lake up every bill that had been drawn. The credit of tbe Rothschilds hat received a shoek fr< m the events which have transpired In Europe within the past sixty dijs, which it will pel haps never reoover from. Stack Kichnngs. (7000 Trcatnry Notes 102V' It* Utieaand Belu'dy 122 r 7?0? do l?-2>< 1> ? <lo DI . I HM U 8 (i of !>? 30 Canton t:o. WO JI W 3?eo Kentucky ? W do :ij 77S0 l'#iun? l??m* Si 7JV M d< 33?w IflfOO do 1.39 S? M <ln Ml 33'k ISOVO d,> 51 Ncrw St Wor bll 1 IMOO do ?3Jal0 73?? ISO I.oom is.Auil ISV 3M0 Qliioti of SO 0(1*4 SO J|? 1000 Reading Hnndl 710 <<o J ?. 60 ak( llaili'J 3.1, 25 Kiie Hit Scrip <,9l2 40 Karmeri'lmit 2#M 20 Rrie, new, full 61* 60 Moirii Canal li% Mectttnf Biiard. IJ'O Trea?ury Notes, Si Wti 1*0 ihi Caaton Co JJW 'J!! OhioSi JO #?H 300 Lour Iilned K ww 3t>jJ 200 Harlem KH il 'i loo do ISO do >?0 6 H CI fv S HAUR HBPUHr. NkwYo??, h aintr ArTCKNOOif, April II Operations in proiuo* generally, wero cbeckrd In the forenoon by th? unnnu jocmrnt that th* Har?I? audi was below, wILh about a week's later foreign intelligence Her news reaohe.l the oity oetwenn on* an I two I o'clock, and was spread betore the publto *t early I hour in au Ejtta I^rald. It being ascertained that I

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