Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1848 Page 3
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H . ?iwpf . H terdey. 8tat? stocks cr'nerally were active, and tbe Impredion U, thnt thra? aeouritiea niuit steadily Improve. | In the event of the Chutist movement iu England re- \ suiting favorably to that cliu, tuere mu*t b% avtry great influx ofoapltal here from all pert* of Europe, for investment, as this will then be tbe only ojuit* y on the face of tbe eat tU the Institutions of which are perma nently eaUbliahed, and beyond all dangera from polltloal revolution. Should any dltfl:ulty b? realised in Great Britain trom the political agitation going on there at the iateat dates, tbo eyes of evory capitalist in Europe will be turned to tbls country; they will I not believe that any thing is sound and substan- ! tial here until they have seen everything c-umbling to places around them until they have been almost bankrupted by the explosion of the rotten ays. t?ms of (Iomio*, which for so ma^y yeara they hare surrounded them. Then they will begin to tee that our in stitutiona are the only one*under which any people suffioiently advanced in clTiliaation, oan live and prosper; that our publio debt* are founded upon the only baala | that oan give them legitimacy, and that ia the will of the people; and that while all other governments my?xplode and pass away, we are beyond euoh dangers, aa hiri (hara vrniiM h? A?nrvthtn9 fn Iaqa nnrl nnthlnor to I gain, by any change. When immense fortunes have bean loat by European capitalist!?by putting too much trust in princes-and their pockets are empty, they will levrn how they might hare saved th?ir money, and where it oould have been profitably invested. Although it will bo too late for them to benefit much by the knowledge they will have acquired, yet it will be a warning to others, and point out the proper method for future investments It was currently reported in the street to-day, that the house of Phelps,Dodge & Co. had suspended. This is a mistake. The report arose from the announcement made in an English paper, received by the Aoadla, of the failure of the Phelps Cotton Manufacturing Company of Connecticut. This manufacturing establishment failed about three months ago, and the paper alluded to put it in their list of suspensions, wbxli was sufficient for the bears in Wall street to start a story upon; and as the firm of Phelps, Dodge * Co. came nearer the name than any other large heuse the oity, it was reported that concern had stopped pa ment. At the last session of t e Legislature cf this State an act was passed authorizing tha New York St Harlem Ballroad Company to issue fifteen hundred thousand dollars of preferred stook, in shares of fifty dollars each. Books for subscription to this stoek will be opened on tha third day of May next. Sto okholds a of the company whoae names may be standing upon t j a books of the oompany on the 37th of April, will be 4 lowed the preferenoe in subscriptions for the first thr j days. The amount received for this preferred stoo is to be applleJ to tha payment of the debts of the ompany, and to the 00m. pletlon of the road to Dover PI ins, a distanoe of twenty nine miles from tha present termination of tha road. Any debt due from the company, or to fall due in tha oourse of the present year, will be received in payment of subscriptions for the preferred stock. Bond holder* will have an opportunity of turning their bonds, which are now drawing but six per cent per annum, into stock drawing dividends of eight per oent per annum. The difference of two per oent per annum in interest will be a great Inducement far bondholders to make the transfer, as the security is equal, and the safety of the investment as good, and the payment of interest as sure. Tt will ffiva thi fit a oitiliMntial mri wnnfaff* nf having a more negotiable evidence of lndebtednesa. The payment of tba Inatalmenta or subscriptions to the preferred atook from o there than bondholder!, baa bean made exceedingly eaay. Payments of five dollara on eaoh ah are at a time have been apread over a period of two yean; bat In eoaalderatlon of the high rate of lntereat guarantied, paymenta in full at the time of /ubaerlption will no doubt be made to a oonalderable extent. The flnanolal poaltion of the company, after its debt haa been entirely liquidated, will be auoh aa to put thia preferred atook at onoe above par. The atookheldera will have a road eighty-four milee long, with a double traok fifteen milea, better equipped than aoy other road of eqaal length In the country; with a rerenue auffioiently large to pay a dividend of eight per cent on the capital took of three million five hundred thousand dollars, the first year after the extension to Dover Plains Is completed. The aggregate oost of the road and its appurtenances will then be three and a half million of dollars, whloh lor its length, looatien, tea., is the cheapest road on thia oontinent. It ia eatimated that the total eoat of this road, oompleted to Albany, will be about five millions of dollars, an Income from whloh of one million of dollars, gross?whloh by no means is extravagant?would give a dividend of ten per oent to the atockhc Idera. These ate, it is true, merely estimates; but those acquainted with the basinets of tbe oompany oan tell whether they an founded upon good data or not. A few months will confirm the oorreotness of the statements we have now ana nereioiore maue miuTi 10 we prouucuventH Of this company. The railway call* in England for th? month of April amount to jC3,331,854; of which ?543,MO were on aooount of foreign oompanies. The annexed statement exhibits the olaaalfioation of oalls Railway Call* ir> Great Ubitaix, for AraiL, 1848 lit Claii Calls, or those made by Dividend paying Companies ?(49,230 2d ClasiCalli, or those made by Moo-dividend paying Companies of 1844 and 1115 943,120 3d Class Calls, or those made by Non-dividend pay in* Companies of 1846 and 1847 247 125 4lh Class Calls, er those made by Foreign Companies. 542,360 Total... ?2,381.855 The Calls for the corresponding snocth in 1847, 4,353,430 npon the earreat month is therefore.?1,971,584 It is hardly probable that the oalls on aoeonnt of foreign companies will be paid. The present disturbed state of Europe gives little encouragement to oapitalists to make investments of aay kind. This will reduce the oalls to less than two million pounds sterling, being several hundred thousand pounds lesa than half for thofe for the corresponding month last year. Railroad securities on the continent have maintained their position much bitter than any others; and notwithstanding the disturbances along the lines, the burning of depots and tearing up of rails, their trefflo has not bienparticularly Interfered with, or their revenue materially reduced. It is, therefore, highly probable that ai soon as ordsr has bsen restored, and the government tf France has become more (irmly established, the railroads will resume tha position they previously held as objects 6f investment. The Norwalk and Sandusky Banks, of Ohio, have been discredited by the other banks of that State. The condition of each of these institutions, at tha latest dates, was as annexed:? Sandusky and Norwalk Bask* Sandusky Hk. Norwalk Bk. Circulation $197,7i6 $291,743 Doe to Hanki 1.448 2,170 Hpicie iizazo Km tern depoiitt 43,800 12,066 On# from Banks DM16 88.119 Deposits ? 10 130 Bill* receivable and other resonrcss.. 205,4t5 359,830 The Immediate liabilities of the Handmky Bank amounted to $199;i04, and the immediate meant, to $100,?S0,lMving a defioieocy of $78,154. The immediate llablUtiea of th? Nor walk Bank amounted to $194,9IS. The return* do not (how io clearly the amount of lmmediata meana; but in cithar of the banka an im madiate preeinre would compel them to impend The amount of specie on hand waa about aa large in proportion to irauiatlon aa moat banka in tha interior, and there appeared to be no undue expanaion in the line ofdiaoounta. Thoaa banka muat auapend, if ran upon, and thero are few Institution* In tba country able to atand a panto In regard to Mlveney. Banka, like Individual* depending upon oreiit, muat be cuatalned by public eonfldenee; and many institution* which bare been obliged to tutpend, would have been able to have paid every demand, bad they been preiented In tha regular course of business. Tha progrea* of the finanoial revolution In Europe illustrate* very foraibiy tha effsat of a general panic and derangement of publlo confidence. It it teen tbat the wealthiest and moat substantial house* have been compelled to give way, and tbat thoaa who were worth their million* hnve had the whole swept away by the revulsion growiog out of the political revolution. Should *noh a movement take place in thia oonntry, theuaand* now considered rich would be reduced to beggary. Bank* ara particularly sensitive, and dlsersdlt may be thrown upon them so easily that the , publlo cannot be too oautiou* in dealing with them. r?nta arhleh have tranaotred in thi* State withi* tha pant thro* montha, (how prttty clearly the (fftot of ? panie upon bill holder!. Stuck Kichang*. tlWWOTrer.iNotM. 1MX 100 i1"! finnfV T;flit 2S1*' 5(00 d>> lit May 102% 50 Mornt Canil 10^ 25000 do 90<l 1M 50 do llO 11.J* fiOCO do *10 I02V SO do 10 ?r0fl U I02\ 1ft d > *10 II* )2fl0n do '07 104)2 TiCanton To MX lor.O do do ?to loi>* loj do 31 KfO do do ?30 IfiU SO do >10 33V 41100 Indiana Htit? 5'? 54 so rto b3fl 32K inco r?uM)lvanU j? 7?V l?a do 3/J4 JVOO do ,eo is# njNorfcW'or 2'000 do 73* ? Uum unit Seha'dy 124 15000 do itoaftio 7)H 41 do 125 20i no do rio^o 71 s 3mi Lona l?Und MX liroo iln bio 71X SO do 60d 31 !<K.O IHinoi* Kondib.e 43W 200 do 3<l)i 5000 KrtldiOff Bond* S7H 1150 ll lrlam KB W* 2000 do Mor Bo- ds 62* too do opa 52%' 100 ?h? Mcrhrniie*' Bk 100 loo do 5?'W 155 Karmera' Trnitj 2!l*< 300 do 42 250 do 150 do (3t 52 }5# do MM Erie, new, full 67K j Second Board. IS 0) Headiiu Sam's >30 5TW 200 ?ha Loa? It ato nu;. i'\ ' <>Wtt : ??mrv Note* I0?'? IliO Hnrlem ill, to. o U S 6. 'j? 102* 1M S Hun St Hai'J U 99 i 2) .hi Nor k Wo.- b?0 IIW 10 Mohowk K H 73 i0 do ?30 33h 50 Farm's Low 20 ' 0 do 33ii 5<l Canton Co st5 32H 2on Look laland a5 30 10 do b30 327; 50 do 30 50 do 31 fc 100 d? ?yj WV 50 Reading R K 35 200 do 29J? Now Stock Kxctiang?. 50 Norw St Wor blO 3) 209 aha Harlem R K 52 100 do in* 31% 50 do bl 52 50CaatonCo. M0 JJ loo Loag laUnd jcl. 50 do b'O 33W 100 do btw Vh 100 do 03 31* 50 do btw 30* 50 do 33 100 Kutmrra' Tr. blO 29**' 100 H&r'em RR b3 52'* 50 do atw 29'* 100 do opg 523? CITY TKADK KB PORT. N*w York, Tuesday Afternoon, April 3fl. The market for Flour exhibited no change In price* ? The aalea, as uaual, were ohiefly confined to UU of Oeneeee, Miohlgan, Troj, Sto , with aome iota of Southern, on terms stated below Wheat remained unchanged, and both Oanesee and Ohio ware held at full prioea ? Corn oontlnu?d about the same, with moderate aales, chiefly In falfilmont of Eastern orders. Salea of New Jerauy meal were made on previous terms. Salsa of Rye ' ware made at about prevloua rates. Oats were sold at yesterday's quotations. By our telegraph report from Boston it will be seen that flunr and grain retrained about the same. From Buffalo, we ate without advlcra Provisions in this market rontinusd about tho same. Lard, however, was lets active, and aalea, at previous prices, mora diflcult to make Orocerlas remained about tbe aame Sugars continued in fair ttqueat, with considerable aales of molasses. Coffee was in fair demand at previous prices Ashes.?The market continued quiet. We quota pots nnminsl at Ifl and n?Arlfl at f?7 7ft. BntiDiTurri ? t'iiur?Sties of 300 bb'? Osnesee. pure i quality, were reported at $0 37>f; 800 to 1000 do. lnclu- j uinsf Genesee, sold at $0 31,Hi; some lots of good Troy at ] ?0 18JK, Hd this flute at $0 to $6 13*; 160 bbls Mlchl- 1 gan sold at 10 63K Fuitber sales of fancy Ohio were i made at $0 76, and a small lot oxtra Oeneaee at $7. Southern remalntd about the sa?e. Sales of a few hun- I dred barrels Howard itreet and Alexandria were made at SO 36 Whtat?Geneeee whs held at 140o A lot of ! 3000 bushels of good Ohio was in treaty at 130i>. Corn ? Sales of anon bushels handsome Maryland yellow were i made at 63o. Sales of 4000 to 6Q00 bushels new Jersey yellow ware made in various lota at 63a, including 700 do at i'JXo. Sales of 400 sacks N.-w Orleans heated were made at 50a ; and about 3 to 3000 bushels do were re- . ported at the same price. Ural?Sales of 300 bbls New Jersey were mid.t at $4 37>?. Rye?Sales of 3000 | bushels were madeat73oto 74c. Rye Flour?150 brls 1 sold at at $3 60>{. Oati? Sales of 3000 bushels North River were made at 46c. litam?gales of 300 bushels common southern were made at 76e. CAKULts?Sales of 300 boxes sperm ware made at 33c a 32>?o. 1 Coffkk - We notice sales by anotioo of 400 bigs St. Domingo stained at 6){o, and 370 do white Maraoaibo at tto a 87*c, cash ; from store, 176 bags St. Domingo changed hands at A%s a So. , Cottoi*?The market opened to-day at a decline of < one quarter on the prlojs of Saturday, at which about i 1000 bales were disposed of, ohlely to tha home trade. Fruit?A steady market; salsa of 3000 boxaa wet and ' dry raisins at 91 37X a $1 60. Fish-Some 600 bbls No. 1 and 3 Halifax, were disposed of, to-lay on private terms, and 1100 quintal! dry cod at $3 83X Lb ad?The market continued dull. Sales to arrive 1 were reported at $4 30. On the spot it was held at $4 87*. 1 Monsigt?We notiee a good inquiry, with tales of the following paroe's, vis: 400 hhda Cuba at 36o; 60 do Porto Rioo at 37o, and 100 do Cardenaa at lSalS* Natal Stores?Spirits turpentine was held at 83o a 1 euv. xv*w wu nominal at 91 m z /o. inert wu nothing new reported in rosin or tar. Oils?Linseed continued in moderate requeat, end we I note ills* of 1600 gallon* oity pressed American at 67c a 68j, and 1000 do English at 65c. Sales of 1000 gallons natural winter sperm were made at $1 12. Kice?We hear of 76 tieroes common at |8 12% ] Paormoiu?Sale* of 276 and 300 bbls mess pork were made at $9 87%. Prime remained quiet at about $8 60 Owing to increased arrivals pickled and dry silted meats were dull: smoked meats were in fair demand. Beef remained aboat the same. Lard was dull. Small sales in < bbls were making to the trade at fl%o a 6%o. In a large way b iyers refused to go above 0%c, for fair quality. No. 2 was nsgleoted. Butter?There was no ohange in this State; 20 packages oommon Ohio sold at ISo . Cheese?Sales of 16,000 lba prime State sold at 8%o , Eggs?Sales of 160 bbla were made at llj^o a 12c per dosen. Soar?Sales of 160 boxes mottled oastile at 11%, four , months. ! Sraur?60 cask* Neuvitas. a little inferior, were sold ] by anction at 22 a 26 oents, 90 days. Seeds?Sales of 76 oasks flax at $1 32%. Suoaas?There waa but Httle doing in moist, while dry was moderately aotive. The sales of moist inolude 160 hhds. Cuba Muioavado at 6 a 6%o, and of dry 600 , boxes brown Havana at 6 a 6X0., and 200 do white do at '< 7% a 7%o , at 4 months. Tallow?No sales repotted Wiwe 1?Further sales of 60 quarter casks Malaga were . msde at 42c. at 6 months. , Whiseet?Sales of 100 bbls. of Ohio were made at t 24%o. Sales of drudge were reported at 22a. Fbeiohts-Rates were rather inaotlre For ootton to Liveipool 6 32d. continued to be about the rates. 1,700 " bbls of naval stores were engaged, including a portion at la 6d. The remainder was taken on private terns. For heavy goods 17s. 6d was asked. 1 ~ ''" ~ 1 BIARKUT8 KLIGWKRE. 1 STOCK 3ALKS. Baltimore. April 24?ttooo U 8 Treaiarr 6'? 101%; 1000 do do 101%; 1000 do <to 101*: 3000 do do 101%; 1000 do ?0 101%; , UC0 Maryland 6'? 07%: 1000 do do 17%; 12 alia Union Bank SO: 1 22 do do, 60; H da B k OK R Co (on unci. M%; So do do j MX- United Huiei *, of IS67, closed at 102% bid. 101% aiked; 1 Treasury * ?t*10l% bid, 102% asked Maryland fs closed a' 87j; bid, 87% ukad. Haltimore 6? or 1M0, at 96% bid, 97 i aiked. Baltimore and Ohio R K ibarci al *% bill, 16% asked. Philadelphia, April K.?Pirit Board?%M 1M Treat 6 p?r cent nt*. 1IHX; 990 Sttte S's, 71%; 177 50 Lehigh iot, 55%; 200 ! Stat* S's, 73%; 150 Lehigh scrip, #0; 11 Kentneky Bank, 78%; SO Union Canal bS, H%; 500 U 8 6's. 'C7 >5 wn. 104%; 600 Tres6per cm nt?, 102*1,; 1490 Lehigh 6's, 62; 11000 State S'a i>5 , 74 : 5000 do aS irt, 73%; 70(0 do bS, 74; 5000 do b5, 74: S Phil* Bank, ISO; 8 Union Canal, 10%; 6 North Am BankbS, 114; 4500 U 8 6'? '<7, 104%; 1000 Harriabnrg bd?, 79%; 10INJ Copper, cash, 2%. Second Hoard?$8500 U 8 Treas Notes 6's, !? ?: 10000 KUte S'a, 73%; 10#0 Wil KB 6's, 79%; 300 ! Lehigh NaT Mort6'a, 81; 120 do int. 55; 300 do eoal scrip, 79%; 120 U 8 Buk 1%; SO Vicks Bank, 10; 15 Har R H, 33. Jlfltr Salet? $1C0 Usra'd Bank, 10%; 100 N J Copper, 1%. IIBostoit. April 24.?75 ahares Reading; 50 do, 17 IS-16: 50 do, bl5d, 18; 3 Boston and Maine Railroad, 111; 2 do, 11"%; 1 Fall River Railroad, 89; 3 Vermont and Maasaehvastts Railroad. 73%; 3 do 73%; 4 Boston and Worcester Railroad, 117%, 7 do li7%; 3 do. blnrk, no int, 117%; 25 Norwich ?nd Worcester Railroad, bll. 35; 10 Merchant* Bank, sSO, 101; 3 North Bauk, 93; 30 rights Boston and Maine Hailroad, $2; S do Anbnrn and ocheater Riilroad, $?; *1000 Reading Railroad Bonds, 1850, SO,1*'; 2003 do, b5ds, 58l{; 2000 do, blO, 58%; 2000 do. s30 58. Second Board?5 shares Reading Railroad, 18; 100 do 17%;7 Boston as4 Worcester Railrotd, b3. 117;t.100 Heading Rulrotd Bond*, I860, (1%; 2000 do, 62; 2000 do, 1880, b3, 58. llaniad, On Monday, 34th Inst, at the ohuroh of St. Vlnoent do Paul, by tbe Iter. Mr. OaaTiD. Edmit'd 8. Debit, E?q ,to Mia? Ellk* Pusheddu, both of this city On the 14th lnat, at 8t. Peter'* ohuroh, by R*t D. Pi*e, Mr. P Khan to M>m M. M. 0',allof thll oity. Oa the 31 it lnat., by the Rev. Dr. Hardenbnrgh, 11KHMT 0, JliJ Ul\, U1 IUU UlbJ, WV J1IH T LOftA A.,0*ROWT, of Quebec. On Monday, the 3d Innt., by tba Rev. Dr. Cox, Mara a- i kit Farlct to Hiram Johnjois, bath lata of Uoveraor'a Island. Died. On Monday morning, 34th Inatant, of oonsumptlon, Frances Ellen, wife of Charles K. Niohola, aged as yesra On Tu**day morning, after a lingering lUnaes, B*i* ' JiMi* C. Lrpevrr, in hi* 3Jd year. Hit friend*, ud tbois of hie brethera-in-law, J. C. Potter and Edward Speyrr, and the jeweller* In ganeral, re reapeotfully Invited to attend hla funeral, on Wednesday afternoon, at half paat 4, from the reaidenoo of hia brother in-law, Joel C. Potter, Newark arena*, fir* doora from OrOT* atreet, liareimus, Jer**y City. Suddenly on the 36th inatant, Janet, wife of Otorg* Orabam. Tbo friend* and aoquaintanoas of th* family art reaped fully Invited to attend her funeral, on Thursday f ernoon, at 4 o'oloek, from her lata reaidence, 360 Elizabeth atreet, without farther Invitation. On the 3Sth Inat , Michael Gai nrt, aged 37 yaara. Hia friend* and thoae of bla brother*, Owen and Barnard. aiao of hi* broth*r*-in-law, Tboma* Martin, Austin and Kdward Donnelly, are reapectfully Invited to attend bla funeral, frrm hia lata raaidence, No. Itl Second avenue, thia afternoon, (tba 30th Inat.,) at 4 o'elook. i On Tueaday, April 3Ath, Mra. R*atoc& VArtDiarooL, { widow of Robert, aged 31 yeara, 6 months and 14 daya. 1 The relative* and friend* of the family, ami tboae of her son Jonea W. Vanderpool, are reapeotfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, , from her late residence. No 3 Cbeanut atreet ( On Monday morning, the nth Inat .of oonaumption, i Mrs CM. Ostcrlinr, In the 74th year of her age. i Her relatlvea and frlenda, alao thoae of her eon, Frederick Parr, are retpeotfully Invited to attend ber funeral, on Wrdneaday afternoon at 3 o'clock, from her late reaidence, No 30 Thomaa atreet, without further invitation i On the 34th iriat ., after a lingering illneaa, Mra Jam i Roriiioit, In the fall and bleaaed hop* of her Radaamar, In the 33d year of her aga. The friends of her husband, Jame* Robinson, and hia brothers, William and John Koblnann, and her brother, Henry Etamerville, and brother-ln law Henry Braden, are raspeoi fully Invited to attend her faneral, Wednesday, Apill 3#th, at 3 o'oloek, from her late reaidenoa, No 134 Second atreet. Hsr remain* will be taken to tba Greenwood Cemetery. THE HON. CA8HIUS M. CLAY WILL "PKAK AT a mtcunir of the ladeprndent frirads of General Taylor, at Military Hull. Bower*, this eveniaa. Oor U. A. CONTINENTAL CHAPTER.? I HE memhera of this Chapter are h?r*bv notified to meet at their ro >m? this afternoon at 1 o'clock, for thejparpoae of attending the %Mpel cf Brother Wa.W Conelin. Memheia of ih? order general, are invitsd to attend, eapecially Alpha and Waihtnffno Chepters. of which he was formerly a membe-. Br order. ffM. TAPPME. g. SAMf'EL BRADFORD, ESOUlRIC. DICCEAHICD.? If the chilli ran of Pamnel Bradford, Eiq , a brother of the lite Jr.ltn Yar-ilev Biedford. Esq . formerly a Major i" the Bern 1 stniy will ?' ply to Me?*n. Carrie It Co., No. 3J Lincoln'# Inn Fiflda, London, Holieitors, they will hear of a ornithinic in their adtantng* PKOVI8IONAL OuVKRNMENT.-A FINE LITHO 1 graj mc v#*nop 01 rortniia 01 nil inrmtir 01 tne rrori?ion>l OnTerrmear, jmi pnbliaiied *rd lor ml* by (J. St W KMDK OI'T Uealeri turpi ed 01 liberal iirni. THK UNDKKHIONK ; HAVINd HKKN ?TAT< menu in some or (he morning papers, rrlatiag to the em lieia'eme* t of gondt from Mo. 447 Broadway, which appeared to catt reflection oa Thomaa Billslaad, take plrunra in stating, that alter a cartful examination, they a?e called upon to exonerate .Mr. Billaland tiOm all blame. They tab* thia me thod of testifying iheir high appreciation of hit unstained integrity, ni.d of commending hun t> the eoollrieuce < f the cobmnrity. 8 gied:?Charles Caitledge, Creditor; O. H. Ball, Assign**; UaTid Graham, Jobn Maaou, Conoid. KLHBRATIOV or THK PROORR8B OF LIBERTY / in Germany ?The gloi i<m light of kieidim ha? dawned on VgroM. Million! hifi tiimt f>rwad iu the itni|?l(, aid heroically consecrated their lires at ihe ihritt of Liberty Il?rmi3f, too, the l-ud 'hat, caoturiai ag >, txik ao proin.'aent s part m enlightening ihe world by gmng liar tha Refirmatiou au<i tha \rt of Frintirg. h\i again rum in l>*r might ud nobly ente red the lists in the grrnt cauie: her soil i? inoiitrnrd by the blood of thi n>auds of ber aon. ihed in tha battle for Liberty; gloriom victories iha hai achieved, ?aii her iron rule'! forced to iubtait to the will of the supreme people Onward it ber march, atriving for that boon, which the immortal heroes of the Revolution <>f *76 bequeathed to the people ef this, oar adopted coantrv, to thii li -ppy republic, and which for agea to come, will ihme a bright mer?or in the historv of nations. Pursuiut to a call, a Urge number of citizena ofUeruiaii eitraction. assembled a( the Hhakspeare Hotel, rn the 14th irat.. to take into conuderst o? iha pioprietr of celebralingihe late eventa in Oeriniuy iu a beco.oing manner, and Keeolred, Tounte in a proreismn and other spproprnpriate ceremonies in commemoration of the victoriea obtained by the people of Oormany in the cinse of Liberty, and for the par poae ef unifying their aympatby for the victims fallen ia the itraggle. neaol red. That a commitiee be appointed to make the neceasary arrangement! aad to name an eaily day oa which Ihil demonttration ii to take place. The uademgned committee appoiated for the pnrpota of carrying oat tha forgoing reaolution, have determined upon the tth of May aa the day of the celebration; and ia inviting thair fellow-citiiaai in general to join with them on thii necaiion, and aaking their co-operation, they feel auared, thit th* ir call will be cardially reepoaded to. Societies and incorporated bodiea, wishing to loin, era requested to appoint drlegatee a* early ai possible, tud not later thin the 4th of Miy, to confer with the committee at their headqnariers, No. 14 l)ey street, where they will be in session everv erruiog, from 7 te It o'clock. The commitiee has tendered ihe post of Utacd Marshall to Liant. Cototal I JniUvas Dnicfctr. No baanrrs bearing politial devices ?r inscriptions can be admitted irto the procession. New York, April 24, IS4S. < Ja.tavas Dracker, M. Under, Herman Boker, C 8chwcr/.n ilder. *?V. Cohne, H. K.icke, T. Wilhelm, J^tellwngeu. ?' F. i.aten, Committee of Arrangements^ KIRIKNDSnFIKELAND-AOK AND DKMONSTR A" tiou of the liish .eiublicru Union will be held at Palrno's Opera Honse, Clumbers street, on Wednesday evening, April 26. Kobe,i Kiuir.ett, will talra the chair. 7 be newi just rereived ir >m Ireland and Run land assures ui that the i enple aie atir.i- r for (he fight. Every friend of republican pn K'f???rr-ry fne?d of humanity, who can attend. will be iweat. A t er ol t?>irs will be reierved for ladiej.? rHAKL^S D<VI??, THOV1A9 HAVH. Hecrttftrin THE TKEA8UBER OF THE KIRE DEPARTMENT with much pleasure, acknowledge* the reecipt of one bii' dred anu * xty-iix dollar* and fifty-six cent*, by the handi Df Joieph M. Piice donation to the t. heritable ?und if the Department, the set proeaedi of the Exempt Firemen's B?M, wivm at tne Apollo Saloon, March 20th, 1148, in honor of the ?emi-eent?nniil anniversary of the Incorporation of the New York Fire Department. New York, April ?3<l 1848. JOHN H. HILE**, Tre^frer FRIENDS OK' TAYLOR, ATTEND ! ?A MEETING of the frienda of General Taylor favorable to liia election to the Pre?idency, will be held on Tlmriday evening, April 17th, at (o'clock, in the large room at Lafayette Hall, in Br-?dwny, orpmite the Racket Club Home. The Hon. Uol. Toombs, member of Congreia from Georgia, with other*, will addrea* the m?eting KEWAKD-A BLACK SILK MANTILLA WAS Hfltf loit this mornitig, April to, in Broadway, between Prince and Canal itree'* (supposed a few door* below Prince.) The fr.der will receive the above reward by leaving the M?ntilla ?t 425 Brosdwsy. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, WHO SPEAKS AND write* Euglish fluently, wi* le* t > obtain a ?itu?non in a respectable home in the city, a* correspondent He feel* competent to hold and fill satisfactorily any rfli-e of trmt and reiponiibility, haying for the last two year* had entire charge of a large home at the Senth while the principal wa* in tu rope. Addre** a line, with real nurae, to A. B. C., Herald office, which will mrrt with immediate attention. TO MACHINISTS.?A MACHINIST THAT IS matter of hi* trade, with $li04 to $2000, cash capital, may hear of a deairable opportunity to engage in bmineia, by uddretiing, B. at thi* office. Good reference will be required. The advertiser ha* a food machine (hop with (team ?u" hwi?. wpii lociwi lor oamnasi. flTANTED?A SITUATION BY AN AMERICAN. " who is a neat seamstress aad draw maker and woald be willing to make heraelf generally useful. Would go to he country if requ ired. Addrees A. C.. Herald Office. W ANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION vv aa waiter and chambermaid, or either. Enquire at the nonse of her present employer, No. 116 Weat 19th atreet, where ahe can he seen onTneadav, Wednesday and Thursday. W ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE fROj E8TANT young woman, a equation to do general homework. Pleaae call or direct to 81 Montgomery atreet. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE American girl, aa chambeimaid and waiter, or to do shamberwork and assist in washing and ironing; to be aeen for hree days; best of city reference can be given. Apply at 387 [Greenwich street. IF ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG YT woman, a aituaiion to do chamber wo'k, fine waahieg md ironing, or assist in taking care of children. The beat :ity references ran be giyen. Please to call at HThamea itreet WANTS A 81TUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vT ? oung woman, as Cook in a private family, and to make herself generally useful, and to aasist in other worka. The best of city reference given. Please to call at No. 3 Cornelias street, near the Sixth Avenae, from till 4. Caa be seen tor two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook?ia a first rate washer and ironer; ?r to do housework in a small private family ; has no chjeeU >n to go a short distance into the country; has the beet of city refere?ee. Address A. L- Herald office. WANTED A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE youug woman a a Chamberma'd and Seamstress, or to do he general houaework of a small family. The best of city eferenee can be given. Apply et 654 Greenwich street, eorler of Barrow, front room, second floor. A S ALESMAN WANTED IN A RETAIL DRY GOOD ta. store. Apply at No. 1 Boweiy. A SITUATION WANTED BY A RKSPECTABLE t\ you jg girl ns rull Seamstress, or to travel with a lady? ladentinae dreaa making perfectly. Haa no objection to make terse f generally usefal in a nice family. Ooo4 reference caa >e given P ease call at No. I Sixth street, between the Bow ry and nd Avenue. A CONFECTIONER THOROUGHLY A< tlUAINTed with all ornamental worka, spinning sngar. lie. fcc . -tn briag giod referencea, and is considered one of the beat ivor men in hia line, waats a aitaation AdJraaa W. B , No. 18 anreca street, between Spring and Prince etreeta, and atete iv> ?rean interview can he had. TO MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTHIEUS? Wanted, a situation as Foreman in the above business. The advertiser having had much experience. h? a no doubt he will he able to give ample satisfaction to anv one dieposed to live him a trial. Addreaa WM. JOHNSTON, care of Mr. Lilarke. 116 William street. TO THE COUNTRY MERCHANTS IN GENERAL. t!y the opening of the eanale, for the wholesale and retail Grocery Stores, and Depot of Pearl Grain, a fioe lot impoited Fris Daich Ful1 Herrings, brand 1847; Anchovies, Sardines 8tock F'ah, Cologne Watera, Sin king Pipe*, and genuine Harlem Oil. Ice. at No. 123 Greenwich street, oppontftAlhanv street JOHN B. VAN DK WIEL*. BEEN PEAS?JOHN H BROASfcCO.. 136 WEST W street, Washington Market, and 71 Vesey St., received from Charleston by Southerner. 20 bbla Peaa. picked Saturday 22<1 it>st. Early vegetables aad fruit are received every Tnesdmr. JU8T akhivftu kkom wf8tern new yorkA bn* lot ofHories in rain, iTgle, and fait trotter*, for ale at e. Youcg'i Mount Vernon Hotel, Sale and Exchange Stable*, corner of 3d Avenue and 47th ?tre*t, known u the Four Mi'B Home, (oimenv kept by Wm. D. Spark*. pLOTHINC*-E DKGROOT It CO.. 141 FULTON 8T , near Eroedwav. Niw York, bare ju*t opened a large and entire new itock of ready maae ipring and lummer clothing, which will b* ?old cheapvr than at any other (tore ie the city f?r caib, or they will mike to order in the moit the f->llo?rtn? price*, entire iuiU:-Cont, pant* and veat, (to order) from $14 to t?6; do , (ready made) from $lt to $35; bniiut*i. < tlice ana maimer coat*, from tl to ft. Alio, inirti. dn??ri cmtru, stocki, collar*, glove*, and every article of Oemlw*'* wwing apparel. LAUARTINK (BLUE CLOTH) SACK COATSThe ievolution wa? achieved by men in Bine Blouaea; bnt Lannaitine war* a Bine Sack, a model of which I have ju?t received from Pari* and have many of them made; the price varie* trbmSlO to $14; Bniiaeu Back, $3. Cloth, Caa itnerr* and Veating nade to order at really low pticea; French Cloth Dreu Coat* made to meatnre from $1C to $10 ?Q. b. CLARKE, lit William itreet, oppoiite Waihington Store*, between Knitoa and John. CAST OFF CLOTHING, JEWELRY, FIRE ARM 8, he wanted.?Gentlemen or familie* having Wearing Appirel, oranperfluom effect*, generally, which they detire to convert into ca*b, will obtun a fair price for the aame by lending for [he inbacriber, who will attend them at thair reiidencei by appointment. A line, lent through the po?t office, or otherwife will receive prompt attention. H LEVETT, Office No. 2 Wall *tre?t, corner of Broadway. For sale cheap?a fine Newfoundland Dog, recently from Newfoundland; alight cr.i** of the Eninimani, broad cheated, good tempered, of great (trengtb, and very foad of the water; offeied for aale aa him owner i* about to depart for Europe. Apply at the (table of 8PICER k McMANN, No tN Broadway, next door to Racket Court NEW YORK HORSE BA/AR. II CROSBY STREET ?The regular public auction aalea will commence at It A. M tail day, April 26th, IKS. with ac*Ulogne of hones >uit*d to variou* work. Alio, a variety of wagon*, harneii, ke ; will be offered two light ipring carti; alio, a top grocer a wagon, with new and second band harntaa, taddlei, bridle*, ke fcc. JOHN H QATFIELD. Propr etnr. Notice,-the interest of the undehligned in the late firm* of Well* k Co., and LiviuMod, Well* kCo, wae on the 4th of Mareh told and relinquuhed by her to Henry Wells, aad the Mid firm* thereby diuolved, the buiiaeie being contused by Heery Well* oa hi* owa count. CAROLINE C. LI VI NOB TON, Widow of the late Crawford Livingston. Mew York, April II, IMI. HINTS BY THE POUND.?JUST RECEIVED, A fresh imporiation of superior tnglnh Chintz PrinU. being the larveit lot of prints offered at retail in thia city; al*o J-4, M.and 7 4 sheeting. 8hiitia(, Jaconet*. Cambrics. Mulls kc., kb ; 10.BOO yards of beaatifnl Prints, for patchwork, Itc , kc.. ill to be sold ky the poand. JAMEl A. DUFKV k CO., 4* 6 lirand street, enraeref Columbia ___ OmCE OK THE NEW YORK OAS LIGHT COMpaay. April 10, 1141?The Presides! aad Directors hare this day declared a dividend of fnar aad a half per ceat on the capital stork of thia Cemnaay, for tkesii months eadiag 1st Fsbraary last, payable to the stockholder* on aad after Moaday the 1st May aeit. The iranafer book will be closed from the 15th last, to that date. By order. C. L. HVKR1TT, Se^ rstarr EEKEHVESCINU ICE-THE WILLIAMSBURGH f.ffenrescinc lee Company, respect/illy annoance te hotel an.) store keepers, aad priyaie families, thit their works will be opened oa May 1, for the sal e of the above delieioas, liealthfal aad cooling bev* Areata within* to collect orders in New York, Brooklyn aad elsewheie. may apply ky letter, to be left at the office ef this paper, addressed te the absorber. W. T NICHOLLS. Maas?er NOTICE-PASSENGER* PER PACKET SHIP SIDdoas, for Liverpool, will please be on board, at Oileana wharf, foot of Wall street, thia day. (Wednesday) at 12 o'clock, M , at which time the ship will aail. Letter b*g* will close st the nsnal places at half-pastjlo'clock. r)R LI VERPOOL?NEW~LINE REGULAR PACket of Mth of May The aew asd spleadid fast aailiag packet ship SHERIDAN, George 0. Corni.h, master, is sow '' adisR, and will posiaiiively tail a* above, her ie>iilar day ? r <>r f.-eight or passige, having aplendid famished aceommndahobs, apply oa board, at Orleaa* wharf, feot of Wall it., nr to K. COLLINS, 56 Sooth at. Packet ship Oarrick, Thos Ship'ey, master, will succeed the Sheridaa.and sail Jane Mth, her reanlar day. L'Ott LIVEHPOIL. ? THE STEAMSHIP SARAH a S*nd* will sail for Liverpool on M?y 5th, her regular day offering an unuaaally Rood opportnnitv for the thipmeat of dm**, la ia ?nd ot*<er foreign good*, for freight or pastege, aptilv t P. KERMIT. 78 Hoath sfee'. CONSIONEkS BV THE SHIP SAVaNNAH. FROM Havre, will pl*ase send their permits ?n Hoanl st Tier 6, N. H or to the offine of BOYD k UINCKEN.M Wall st. All goods not permitted by the Mth last, will be seat to rablic tore. Leeches leechEB!!?J. r. cleu. importer of Leeches, No. 7. ioha ?treet. re*pe-ifa|ly isfnrm the I'rnggists and Physicisns that he haijust received per steamthip Washington,a fresh sapply of Sweedish Leeches, which he *el|* at very moderate price* by nasalities to *mt parclia er*. r. 8 ?Country order* paiticaiarly attended to. ' a - 4K>nn match, p. p-ckntreyillb course. j5*vv L. I.?TroUina ?Thia, ( Wcdneidty) aliernoon, U 2 o'clock. match fur StOO p. p nil* he?t?, in lumen. f. J. Nodice e?tei? bi. v Jiine* M*di*on: Johu 8picer ?utei? eh. >. Red IIobiu JObLCONKLIN. Proprietor. rpo 8HOWMEN.-VOR SALE?FIVE DROP CUR X tain*. with flu* wiog?, ke.( mitable for a cneert room, or an amttcur theatric*! (thibition. Alto, a la'ge revolving Cdelta I and one line toned pruiofrt'. To be told t g*iher,or in la to *mt purchaser*. Apply at iho bar of Monro* Hall, corner of '"anlre nod Ke?rl itreeti. The forty second anniversary ok the Columbian Peithlogian Society will be calibrated on the evening of'J haraday the 27th mit. at 7>i o'clock, ai ttie Aator Plare Opera Hour Br order, UKu.(,. FAHHAK. See. TO LET-u088KSSt0N GIVEN IMMEDIATELY? A imall three ttory Horn*, pie mii'Iv Huited near Ckambera(treat. Theowner, whuaa l.unilv it uniM, wuhea t > remaiu. hav* a private parlor, and ib< only eipeuie k> the teu*nt will be their meala Ueat free. To be aeen liom 10 to o'elnek Apply at 21 lludtou atreet TO let?THE 8TOHK AND b A8KMRNT, 47 JOHU atieet. S3 leet wide by 75 feet deep. Poaaeaaioa Riven immediately. Enqaue 0f VV. BTENTO N k SON, 47 John 1., P atairi. TO LET-THC ELIGIBLE HOUSE AND STORE No. 11 Carmine (treat,; doola from Bleeekar,?north aid*, calculate^ lor any fancy or retail taaina**. Apply at 177 Canal afreet. fO LET-THE LOWER PART OF THE THHKf X atory brick Honte. ISo. 5 Peck alip, near Pearl atreet??n eligible location fur any light butmeia. refectory, tailor, hat a*d cap atorr, bootmaker, barber, or lor a lawyer'* office, for which it ha* loag barn occupied. Apply ta Dr. 8. Carpenter, No. 4 Peck >>ip Hrut reasonable. OF HOE TO LET-A FRONT OFFICE ON FIt?!-T lloor of hou?e No. 19 Murray street, with a tain>I chamber attached, r\u4 a convenieot place for coal ou uma floor. It U a raw doors froui Broadway, a d has beea fur 20 years past occopiedbv respectable physicians. Apply on the premises, to J O H .N P H V F K. COAL YAHDTO KENT?AN OLD ESTABLISHED stand, well located in a neighborhood of large cousumers* with office, teases stable and (inures complete for an eiten vifw uHiiucw . - in i>r uii(i;)iru oi od very iavoraoir icrina. Apply to II. H.JONi 8,176 Broadway. A small lot ofl'each Orchard, low, to close. SUMMER RESIDENCE?WANTED, BY A RESPttl> table ftuiily, a Summer Kesidence, exclusively, iu a heallliy situation, with rccrmmodations comprumg Lot leaa than six apartmruts, for family and servant!, famished; together coach honse and stables. The advertiser w< aid mefer >uch an eatabl'shment within the limits of the island of New York, bat is open to communications from Jersey or Long Ialaud, if not too distant. Address, "Hammer Residence,"at the office o( th> Herald. Select BO AH D FOR a COMPANY OF gentlemen, op town.?Breakfast and tea, with dinner on Sundays, in a .pleaiant honae between Hudson and Bleecker sta.?rooms tarnished or unfurnished, as desired ; a f<ir price expected. Enquire of K. TOWNSKND.64 John st. M srorr burnished apartments?a private famA ily occupyinK a very pleasant louse, wish to let in one or two single gentleme n. a well furuished parlor and bed rooms, with or without breakfast Apply at 4ii Broome street, three doors from Broadway. n? boarderr tsken. For balk?the lease, fixtures, and furniture of the Minerva Rooms, No. 4M Broadway. This establishment has been long and favorably known as a public kali, eoneert, and eihibition room, and is provided with everv thine requisite for the purpose intended; the preaent proprietor wishing to retire from the business. Applications to be made oa the prem aes. Hamilton house?the subscriber has taken tliswell-kniwu and admirably situated establishment, the Hamilton House, situated near the Narrows, en the Long Island shore, aad commanding not only the lifegiving air ol tlie oceen, but the iiuesi sea and lasd views on the Atlantic coast; of easy and constant access from the city, and replete with all the means of comfort, luxury, and amusement, commou to the very first establishments ef its class; and it is the proprietorVdeCfermination that it shall not be surpassed by any hoase iunhe country. On the 1st ol May, the Hamilton House will be ready to receive the calls of transient visiters or customers, and on the 1st of June, it will be oiwned, (wilh numerous and important improvemenu, which will then be more particularly specified,) for the reception of permanent boirdera for ths season, or shorter periods. The proprietor may be seen at the Astor House, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, f-om 11 o'clock. A. M. to 1 P. iM., to answer the inquiries of those who may desire to secure apartments. HAWLEY D. CLAPP. OCEANIC HOUSE. CONEY ISLAND. ERECTED in 1(17, will be opened on the 1st June, and ca i accommodate SM to 400 ptrtons; it affords an excellent view of the sea, New York and harbor, the conveniences for bathing are unsurpassed. For particulars see hindbills. Rooms can be engaged by applying to Y. N Carr, Astor House, between the hours of 111 and 11 o'clock, A. M. Dr. A. CLARK, Proprietor. PAVILION. NEW Bi lOH TON-THIS ESTABlishment having been painted and thoroughly put in order dating the winter, the Proprietor U now prepared to enter into arrangements with families or personi detironi of engaging apartment*. To thoie who have not Tisited New Brighton, it may be necessary to say that of all Watering Places in the neighborhood of New is the most easy of access. The distance is abont six miles, and the trip from ihote to shore does not occupy more than from twenty five to thirty minutes. The rooms in the Pavilion are all spacious, lofty and well ventilated. The dining hall has net its equal in the United States. In fact it has been acknowledged by all who have frequented the Pavilion, that it is the most delightful summer residence on this continent. It combines every thing that can be desired. Jt commands beautiful views, is a most healthful spot. and every comfort is to be found within its walls. The Pavilion will open in the early part of May or soon as a sufficient number of gnests are prepared to occupy their apertments ? The Proprietor can be seen at the City Hotel, New York. F. BLANCARD. City Hotel. Broadway. 25th April, 1841. AILANTHUS AND EVERGREEN TREES.?MOO large ailsntbua and 4000 balsam fir and spruce trees, all of large size, will be sold for one-fourth the ususl price, in lots nf 16 and over, the ground being wanted for another purpose. WM. K. PRINCE It Co. Flushing. April 24,1141. IMPROVED MAGNETIC MACHINES, WITH MANual (11th edition), pp. 400, giving instructions for their nie. Price. St. $10, SIS. and $14. H. H. HHERWOOD, M. D., 103 Chambers st eat. fURlJHB? A NRW METALLIC TR1JKS WITHOUT Jl spring or peeesare'for both if xe*. an entirely w mode of application, approved by a conialting faculty?price SI. Aged and iafirn perioni waited on at their retideocea without extra charge. Office 170 Broadway, comer of Maiden Lane, room No. >4. Mercantile mutual insurance compa nr. No. 63 Wtil itreet.?In conformity with tbt 'eqnisi tiona of their charter, the Company mbmit the following tatementAmonnt of preminmi not marked off April 3d, 1047,$116,136 41; amonnt of premium on policies tatned daring the year endicg April 3J. 1MB, $733,910 31?total amonnt of premium*. $040,076 76. The amonut ol preminmi marked off da'intt the year aa above, waa?on marine naki. $605,620 36: on inlandtrauspoitation and navigation risk*. $01,008 91?total $667,437 20,ie*i return preminmi. $52,751 02?earned preminmi for the year. $614,606 16 Paid daring the ume period tor re iniarancc, $62,460 t0; eipeniea, $19,710 93; intereic, c< mmiwioa and bid debta, $29,730 79; marine loetei, $274,027 74: inland navigaiion do..$30,621 30?total,$416.5*7 49; profits to be divided. $192,110 77. Amonnt of earnings of 1047. $02,651 75; do. do. 1041, ai above, $190,111 77?f>tal for two yean, $250,770 52. The company farther report that tbev hive at thia date the followiug auete. viz:?Inveited in United Btatei Treasury note*. $104,059 01: billa receivable, $434,327 30; cash and uniettled claims to be cloied by easier note', $43,990 37; crip of other companies, $1,199 90? total asset*, $563,505 40 ? The Traiteee have declared a dividend of tbirty-two per cent on the net earned preminmi of the put year, payable in icrip on and after the lecend Monday in May next. The Trustees have alio reiolved to pay aa iatareit ol aix per cent, on the amonat of the ceitiflcatei sathorixed to be inned in April, 1047, to be paid to the holdera thereof, or their legal representativei, on and alter the eighth day of May next. It wai alio leaolved, thit anoonai the accumulated profits exceed the iam of half a million of dollar*, the excess ihall be appropriated to the redemption of iti scrip, agreeably to the proviaiona of ihe charier Byorderof the Board. CHAHLE3 NKWCO.MB, Secretary. Trustees?Thomas Hunt, James Freelied, Henry Sheldon, Thoma* 8. Nelion, Wilson O. Hunt, Stewart C. Manh, George Hastings, C. W. A. Kogen, Heniy Jessop. SeptimusCrookei,Charlei Payne, Charle*H.Roger*,, H. E. Moring. Hamuel J. Beat*. William Watt, Almet Reed Cyrus Cnrtu. Herman Boker, Charle* O. Carleton, Lucini Hopkini, Dtniel ti. Haviland, Levi Cnok, David L. Sayre, Henry A Stone, Jamti U. Hillock. O T. Mattby Uenrge D. Phelpi, James U. bou'ier, Frederick Victor, H. W. T. Mali, Richaid Bigclow, Al?xii S. Baker. J0SK.PH WALKER, Preiident; LEWIS GREGORY. Vice President: ELLWOOD WALTEm Aaiiitant Tic* Pieiideat; CHALE8 NEWrOMft. IWr.rarv Notice-the new yohk and hablem rail 1 Road Company will open b*nke of subscription on the Third day of May next at their office in theeitv of New York, for inbicriptiom for one million five hundred thoaiand dollari of preferred itocn, in iharei of fifty dollars each, puraoaot to the recent act of the Legislature, anthorixing the iiine thereof. The subrcriptions for the firit tbree daya are limited to the toekholders of the company, whoaa namee may bea'andirg upon the atock books o| the company oa the 27th day of April initant, when the booki will be closed aa per notice. Sabicriptioaawillbe received ander the following agreement:?The NewiYork and Harl?m Railroad Compaav. under the anthority of an act of the Legialatara of the Bute of New York, nailed 29th March 1040. agree with the lubienber* respectively to iaaue and tell thirty taouaaad eharea of fifty dollari eaeb, of preferred itock, and the inbecribere agree to taka the lanber of ih tree set opposite to their namee respectively upoa the tirm, and conditions following: ? Kirst?That the moaves to be received (rem (hi* sale shall be applied to (he payment or (he debt* of the Company, and the completion 01" the Road to Deter Plain*. Second?That any debt dae from the Company, or to fall due in the cotirae of the year 1141. ahell be received in payment of tnbecrip tiona for the stock at the true amount thereof with interest. Third?That the matalmenta tj be paid on each ahare for the year 1811, ahall be ai follows Five dollar* on each ahare. payable a* *oon a* the subscriptions are made binding, of which publie notice will be given by advertisement in one or more newipeoer* of the eity of New Yerk. Fer thi* payment a receipt signed by the Secretary will be given. Five dollar* on each ahare, payable on the first diyeT Jane next Upon (hi* payment *crip certificate* will be iiaaed. Five dollar* on each hire, payable oa the firat day of Oetober next. Fourth? That certificate* of dock will be itiued and the itock trsnsferable aa aoon a* the firit and second inttalmenta are paid ; but no iteck shall be (raneferahle upon which aa iusMlment may be in arrear and unpaid. Filth?That the instalments in 1K9 (hall be paid a* follow* : fir* doll?m on **eh share on the Itt of February ; fiye dollar* on each ihare on (he lat of May, and fire dollar* on each share on the let of Oetober. 8'ith?That any stockholder anav at any (ima pay in full, or make payment* on account of the shares i* his name in cath or in demand* upon the company dne at the time, except aa aforesaid. Seventh?That thirty days notice shall be given to (he stockholder* of (he time of the payment of ih*iaetali?ert? to be calltd after IStt.and thatne one instalment shall exceed fire dollar* on each shire. Kifhth-Thatdividendeatilierate offonr dollar* on each share (eight per cent.) perable one half on the firat Tuesday of January, and one half oa the firat Tueeday of Jnly, in each year, commencing in January next, shall be paid to the holdera of this stock, oa (he amount paid in oa their share* raapeetirely, from (he d?te of payment, en from (he la*( dividend day a* tie caae may be. Ninth?That the entire receipt* of (he road shall be appro priated a* follow* : Ut. To (he pajnsaat of current ehargt* 21 To the payment of interest on outstanding debu. if anr. 3d. To the payment ofdindead* on the preferred stock in fulfillment of the foregoing covenant. 4th To the payment of dividends on the oto stock until anch dividends reach four dollars an each share per innum Bat it is understood (hat the Directors aie an(horised to make such expenditure* from time to time as the exigencies a*d proper management of the businessof the Company may in their judgment require. Tenth? That in theerent of ilia nett earnings of the Company enabling it to pay divideids beyond the rates above named upon 1,/iik nrftfanaii ?nrt a|H at,irk. ih?r inch further dividends inill he p*i* at th* aam* rst* apon both ?.icka Rle*eath?That the holdera of the preferred atoek wh^n iaaaed ahall b* entitled to vote thereon in the iimiriiMr aa the holder" of the old itoak. It ia mutually nnd*raood and agreed that thainb cnptiona hereto ate to be hindina upon the partiea raapectirely.whec the hole tnirty thoatand ?Wei ate actually a-ibaeriked NewlYork. April2t. IRtl HOBfKT 8f;HUYLER,Pr**ideBt, R.M. Bletchrord, Kdward K. Collin*. Charlea Parahall, Ueo. Barker, Philip Dater, Wm. V,. Wetmore. Jena, *tar|ea, John K.wen, W. Jeadon, Morria Ketchnm, Panl SpofTird. Charlea VP. Bradford. Pamphleta may be obtainad, on and after Mon dar nei;, at the < ffieeof the Company, jirirf to the Stickholdera of the Coi?p?ny and othrra fnII information ia relation to th* atock prrpoaad to be iaaoed.aad the mdncementa to iuTe*tm?at therein NEW tOKK AND HAKLEM KAILKO?d COMPAay, Apri 20th 1R4R?The annual elaeron for Director* of ihia Compaa* will be held at their office, >>o. 4 I'ryoa Row, on Taeaday, the ltth day of May aeit, between the hoar* of IS and 2 o'clock. The tmnafer booka will be cloaad from the 27th ol April init., I" tha Uth day of May aeit, both day* laalntiT*. By order rf the Board of Direetora, A. KYLE. Jr.,fecret?ry. N B ?The atoctholder* who** aawea appear upon the booka at the t'?n* of the ahoy* cloaiag, will b? the paraona entitled to inbacrib* for the preferred atoek to he ntned nadar the r*e*ataet of th* Letialamr*, for which propositi will b? iiau*d ia a few day*, ' - JACOB 8. FLATT. AU^TIt) VfcFR?tT*?f)RHWP I- | ten'sale of d imaged KuJwvi and rfVacti fineV goods. Alii, 200 cuki, cuta, and lot? of ?<>ud< il'intaged t>r (rean w?- , Mr oaly, at the iaie lit* iu Wat?r atreet. 'tcob ft fitit will | ( II, Ihu d?y, tt 10 o'clock, aaabove it the aac twu room. N.i. | 2J rlatl street? 4 cuka Nortnu'a celebrated (Ilea and i?n, | ' lot* to auil purchasers? qO be'ar unpolled?haeiug be?u ( ightly damaged on th? voyage < f importation; alio, 2 caaka 1 aaaortea shelf I ardwar* ; alio. iOO ctaks caaea *ud buiei, damaged by fresh water at the Ut* Are in Water atreet, eon- , slatingof horse aud limsl.iug n ill. copper shoe nails. light I , and fall brada. cat tacka. truak and clout caila, aha* ana chair tacki, segar bo* ond liaishing nails, ahce nails in pounds end ! thi nsauda; Mao, uiim*|p<t on the voyge frrm Havre, 4 caaea kid dolls, one vety ralu- ble rate of violiua, coat Hfit rlotiua; I -Iso.a general aisortmeut of haavy aud ahelf hardware lorn i dnzsn knives and forks, a large lot of pocket and penknives. i on card* ard in dczena; ftney :;t?, da. domestic hardware, aura, putola Vr. AIm, (or account ofaeoinniiaaioa honae. scythe i rittea, sctthes. twine r*el*. 4 caakipntent wronghi nails,American pettarn laches, 11 d, * britanma tumblers. Harden b >ea, ateelyarda, nicer. bitU, kc. h:. Alan. Hl.etlield baces and btti.sud 100 doaen but* for braces. Alio, table and pocket cutlery of all kmda FUHN1TUKK BALKS-ANTHONY J. BLEW KKH will sell household furniture ta follows, rit:-1 hia day, Mth, at 430 Hudsoe street; do do,at 44 Barclay atreet, dodo, at <3 Bank street; Thursday. Ulh, at 919 Broadway. INiblo's;) do do. at 11* Chamber* street; dodo, at M Grand atreet; Kriday. 29th, at 14 Broadway; do do, at 91 Madis>* *tre*t; Saturday, 30th, at 123 Waeerly place; Wednesday, May 3d, at 737 Broadw?y. Anthony j. blkkckkr. auctionkku, will e l household faraitnre of a general description, at d some fi?e oil paintings, ot Wednesday, 26th iust, at 10 o'clock, on the premises. No. 0} Bank street. AN'I HON Y J. BLEECKKR?KUKN1TUKK?A NTHO__ ny J. Bjeecker will sell at suction on Thursday,27th_inst ?i id u ciom.m r>o. no t hambara afreet?Ha?d?onie lurmtu e?The houarheid fnrmtare, compiiiiiig mahogany chaira, act ofdining tiblea, aofu*. divana, ottouinm, Bruaiele, Venetian and ingrain carpeta. roga. door ruija, drugget, oil cloth. hat atand, china, cut (lata, plated aitirlea. pier gl*?aea girandolea, ae( of mauiel lamj a, hall and anlar lampa, work table, bureaua aud drtaiing burenua, tablea, maple, cine tent chaira. wj?haiand. ?h te marble top, beditead*, mottreaaea, the kitchen nt'naila. Ice. JM. B. BOOKKT, AUCTIONEKlt?BllOOKLYN? Home Furmta'e Bale? 0? thia day, April 26, at 10 o'<:l?ck,at (be hon-e ou Clinton avenue, opposite the Kpiaeopat Chu"b. a complete aaaoitmeut of ralaable pa lor. bed- ( room and kitchen tuiniturr in perfect order, worthy i lie attention of houaekeetera, The aale la poiittre lor caih: fur mtnre to be removed aame day Cataloguea can be hid at 9J John aveet, New York, or at the home on Tueaday. 8tc?ea from Kulton ferry paaatbe home. BY T. W. BRANCH ?J. C.COACHMON. AUCTION eer.?On Wednesday. April Mih, at 10 o'clock, at 131) Eighth areuue, oppoaite Knickerbocker Htablea, the enure furniture of the lionae, cimaiatiug of aotas, t>uret,u?, mi'OK'iiy tablea, divana, looking glaaaea, ottomana, wardrobea, mahi k \ar French beadateada. beda and bedding, bnir mattr?aie> window curtaiuaand ahadaa. hall and aolar lampa, ingrain aud other carpeta, oil <-|oth*. crockery ware, Itc. Alaooi.e piano f rte. Alao one of Kariell'a patent ?ofa bedateada, with cnabion to form a mattraaa. Alao one cooking atore and at-paratua. kitchen farnitnre, Itc. B~ A CHILTON. AU TIONBKK-ELEGANT FUR nitore.Oil Painting*. Carriagea, tic, Itc.?Belonging to a family going abroad?K H. Ludlow k Co. wi.l aell at auction ou 'i hnraday, April JT, at 10 a'clock. at 673 Broadway, oppoaite Bond atreet. the entire property of the houae. com , pricing elegant pier glaaaea, atyle of Louia XIV, pier tablea. . marble top and gilt mantel clocka and candelabra*, all of the , aime atyle; crimson ailk curtain* lined with ailk, and < gt!t ornam?nta; roaewood aofaa eoochea and chaiia. nfthoga- : ny do. with damaak and haircloth aeata; French and Chineae th my a?win* and Voltaire chaira and tablea; roaewood card aud aewing buketa; bruaaela and other carpeta; piano, inade by Nona*; roaewood eacrntoir; rich flower vaae*; boudoir furniture and decorations or do, painted ou canvass, aod made ( by Plait; mahogany dining and t?a tables Moat of furniture was made by Rous k I'hyfe. Oil Paintings? 8eveial tine oil ( primings by Carlo Dolthe and other celebrated masters.? China and (Jliss Ware?A good assortment of lich git china . and glsss ware. Carriage. haiuei , lie., in good order co ) lored Engravinga and Print*?A rare collection of snorting . snd drawing prists, framed: together with a variety of other , household furniture, kc.. kc. Catalogues ready on Wednea- . day morning. , a. chilton, auctioneer. handsome ] Household Farnitnre, Valuable Oil Pamtiugs, kc ?K,. H. Ludlow k Co. will sell at auction on Wednesday, April 26, at No. lit Chambers street, commencing at It o'clock, the Furniture and valuable Oil Paintings contained in the above house, vft?Mahogany Chaira and Sofas, mad* by Phyfe; Piano Forte, Brusael* and other Carp?ts, Pier Glasses, Pier Tables, marble top; Chandelier* and Candelabra*, French Muiical ('lock. Window Curtains and Ornaments. Dining and Breakfast Tables; China Dinaer, Breakfast, Tea aad Supper Vets, in gold and whit* Chiaa and Nankeen ware- Valuable Oil Paintings?Several Oil Paintings, many of them original* by come c.f the moit calibrated old and modern master*, full desenption* of which are gir*n in the catalogue*. Bed Room Furniture?Consisting of the usual variety. Framed Engravings?Several fine colored Eneraving*. sporting scenes and | other subjects, together with s*v**al other useful and ornamental household articles. Sale to commence with the kitchen furniture. Catalogue* ready on Monday morning. Homer morgan, auctioneer.?elegant , Houiehold Furniture, Itc.kc.?Hwift and Morgan will ill at auction, on Wednesday, April 28, at 10 o'clock, at No. >4, Clinton Place, a full an4 complete assortment of Handsome Furniture. Catalogues will ha ready 1 day * before the sale, at .the Office, No.? Pine street. __ ELEGANT AND FASHIONABLE ROSEWOOD, Ed black will nut and mahogany furniture?Beisg the stock of Mr. W-T. Palmer?At No. 530 Broadway, on Wednesday, without reserve A. C. TUTTLE will s*U at auction on Wednesday, April Mih, at ? o'clock on the premiaea. The entire stock of Mr. W T. Palmer, who retires from the business, consisting in part of rosewood and mahogany solas, tetea-tete*, divan*, ottoman*, chair*, Egyptian and Italisn marble top centre and ?of* table*, at agar**, French bedsteads, bureau*, washstands. parlor and hall chair*, fanteuls, kc. Also, rosewood parlor furniture, in plush snd muslin. Catalogue* , on the morniag of sal*. J A uction notice.?household furniture. \ Jm. at 36 Greenwich street.?Thomas Bell will sell on Wedneiday, at 10 o'clock precisely, at M Greenwich street, near Mfirria. the Inraitntnnf a fmnilv* rnnaHiin* nf ih? usual variety of konse-keeping article*, inch aa Chair* and Sofas, Carpets, Looking Ulaase*. Piano, Beditaada, Maitraaaea, 1 Oil Cloth, ka- To be paid for, aad taken away, the aane ay. ! Auction notice-superior cabinet furniture?Comprising the balance of the atook of Mr Joha Horspool. at No. 16 Whiteatreet, on Thursday, April 27th.? A.C. TUTTLK wil aelllon Thuraday, >nt .10 o'clock, on the abtve premiiee?The balance of atock of Mr. Joltn Horapool. c?n*istirg of Mahogany Solas; Arm, Parlor, Hocki^t and Drawing-room Chair*; Centre, Sofa, Side and Pier Table*, with marble tepa; Wardrobe*, French Bedateada, Dressing Fareaaa, Waahitanda, etc, etc. Alao, one large mahogany Eitension Table, ((tending 22 feet. Alao, aeTeral Bruuel* Carpet*, etc. Alao, a stock of Mahogany Veneer*, worthy the attention of rurchaaera. 1 Auction notice-laroe balk of elegant I1 urnitare, thia day at 10 o'clock, in the large rooms 59 beekman and 69 Ann atreet*. the omperty of a [gentleman going lo Germany, comprising beautiful Parlor, Drawing Room, Chamber and other rich articles, some in suits of dimask, 8tc. Alao, 4 Piano Fortea. Cnrtaini, kc. Farnitare Hale?Alao, same day, handaome Furniture of the belt description at 12 o'clock, at No. 4} Kranklin at. near Broadway, THOMAS BELL. Aacioncor. A UCTION NOTICE?R. J. TODD WILL BELL AT -TV auction this day, April 26, at 10 o'clock, in Warren at, near Smith atreet. Booth Brooklyn, the entire ftahioiab'.e fnr 1 nitnre of a family, which compriae* a complete oaaoitmett from celhr to atne. 1 OARASOLS ! PARASOLS ! ! PARASOL8 ! ! !?A VEA. ry choice selection o( rich rarastla, coniommating in the main of Oreen Levantine and chargeable ailks of all ahsdea. with heavy rich fringe io mateli; together with a large stock of fashionable Dry Goods, for aale very low. SPIN* k THUS#, 141 Walker atreet,corner of Mulberry street Atlas and Jam** bills raker. 1 T ADIE8 AND GKNTLEMKN WILL FIND THE i -1-4 trneatand most aaonishing information about love, court*hip, health, wealth, law anna, franda, jonrneya, difficulties . in bniinen, distant friends, kc , by oiling on the celebrated French lady, at ">0 Bowery. Those who have been deceived by the present numerouaimrostor*. will find Madame Adolph'* j kill, aa nui'ersally acknowledged, the most woeilerful in the world. Fee St cents. Upen all day and evening till 10 o'clock' J r[THOUSANDS AKE SAVED EVEBY YEAR FHOM 1 A a dreadfnl death by the only tore and aafe cure in the known world. To every peraou of sound reason and judg- 1 reent it must be evident that Dr. Hantei'a K?d Drop is the , most ce-tam and r (Tectnal enre fur all diseases of a rrirate na- j tore. The victim* of thi* horrible disease should consider th * roeiicite as their guardian angel, rescuing them frum the fangs of a dreadfnl disease, in which many have been brrnght I to ire brink of the grave, and by an application of ilm n.edijijM h-ir b-en restored tv perfect health. The Hu'termn | Dispensary, |3 Divmon street, i* the onlv nlace where the , , genome medicine can be obtained. Price SI per v al. wlrch :'* ' warranted in all case* A krave in Boston, cullirg hinaeli Dr. Hunter, pretend* so have thi* medicine?he *ells a counterfeit. No man by the name of'Hunter in any city in Atrr* ea ha* any coanecti in with thi* reraedv. Strictures cored in ** many week* aa it been year* standing, without pain. Doctor carpentk.r-s old establishk.d Peek Slip lii*pensary. No 4 Peek Slip, near Peail st-eet. Private and eonfidental separata office* fur the convenience and privary of patient*. !)r. C is a Lieeatiate of the N YState Vedical Society, and haa had nearly 40 year* eiperience. Perfect caret, in all caaea. are effected. <. h*rge> teannable. Dr. C ha* been 14 yean in hi* praaent location, 4 I*eck Sllip. Dr powell. oculist, aur1st, kc.. attends fiom 9 to 4 o'clock, daily, to diseaaa* of the eye aad tar, a hit turgtry.Ml Broadway, entrance IK Warren atreet ? The second edition ot Dr. Powell'a Treatise on the iLye, containing 60 ptge* additional matter ia just published, price 50 ceat*. It can behad at hia office; alao his Self-Actirg Kye Kountiina which obtained the premium from the American , InarifntJ In at s ito nAif *r4 n I mrmm tnnnl* A rt. ft / t m 1 L' vaa Medical card-dr. glover take* thih , method of informing thoae who have enquired by letter whether he h?d retired from practice, that he itill continuea to Nit mm Mm protracted caeee of constitutional and . delicate diaeaeea, which have baffled the (kill of phyiieiani of ? le?? eiperience. Dr. O. wonld eepecially mvre thoie who , have differed from a certain elaae of perioni to call at hnoffice. No 2 Ana street, where they will meet with a certain, ipeedy and effectual enra. Private entrance through the entry to the f office door. . Most extraordinary wohk.-every mo J ther'i Book.?The apprehension of poverty and the proipect of too large a family of children, prevent many , prnaert people from entering the nmried etata ; but here it a ' work that will tell yoa many important aecreta which will ' overcome all ??ch objections, and the author ia man red will , be universally approved of amorg marned people. Price. 10 centi. Kor sale by Bnrgeee Stringer,h Co, 221 Broadway. New York ; Zeiber It Co.. corner of Chesnut and Third itreet. Philadelphia ; W. r. Davie. II State ttreet, Boston. j NO CIJRR NO PAT? DE. CORBITT, 19 DI ANE J itreet, member of the Royal College of Hnrgeors, l.nn- , don, may be consulted in treatment of eqetaiti delicate disra- , ?? A practice of fourteen yeara, dsvoted to venereal dieea- ( e?, nablet Dr. C to enre the woist form i.f thu disease , Recent cases cared in four davs No merenry naed, nor re- , straiat in diet or bucneaa pursuits. Strictures cured in oaa ot ] two weeka with icareelv any pain. Constitutional Debility? | Thnaa individaals who nave indulged in a certain loathsome habit ca* poeitively he reatored to health and society. Ra member. It Done alreet eatl dnnr to Dr. JohnsonV l^octor mott's french pills for the ' yj speedy cure of a certain private diaease. are sold at 121 Faltoa street; pt ice tl per boi. The facility with which (he ' can it effected with theee pills ii so well knewn piet? ng them wonld be sopetfluoas, bat we will speak of the gre^t ea-e and cearenieo'* of their use over every other remedy in etisteece: they are to pleaaant to tike, that they conld be 1 eaten while walking ia company, without being suspected of ' taking' mcd'cine I Da. RALPH, AUTHOR OK THE "PRACTICAL > PRIVATE TRK*T18K," Itc . tl Greenwich itreet, " office hoars 9 to II A.M., (to #P M., (Sunday eieepted ) Those who apply in the early stages will be surprised at tbe rapidity a?d Ittle inconvenience attending their cnre. It i? chiefly, howeyer, thus* who Inve suffered Irom ~ a ceitaiu class of people, or otherwise, who can < properly appreciate hia servicer In ttrictnre. from its fl'tt or incipient, to iti more advanced aril I dittreieing stages (from nncomroon advantagta, in * a Idition to a very eitenaire practice in this corn- t plaint) he can afford a rapid, eaay and radical cure, which, he hat gronud for stating, eaa be obta?ned from ao other sotuea ia I1 Ametlaa. i PRIVATE DISEASES CURED BY A BOTANIC Physician, who Ins hid much eipencnce in the buunesa. o Maay who apply are those who hare snfTsred from the horde ^ of boasting pretenders in this eity. All who wish a perftct r care in a short time without mercury, and avoid gnorancc and ' mposition, should apply immediately at MJ Bowery. j 3 f I T # 1 i. . ? IlOWftY TWr\T?"*.-BKN' 'jror MI~? T?TTI . U bull?Wnlnrtdiy Mtjleg, > 1>"II '* h. itawrfn in tiri will commence with th* d >u *'lr i<'?Qu-?i Mr Mir.lull;Ofiutfune. >!?. Pu ke Kurref|!?, -iiu I urubull; Ub')ii#i I'litll'l'* AU'f MitaTumNull ltd Mr Smith ?til <iaac4 lb* C'lero <! ' ml.t ; .. r, a elude with lite nr.. 0 Bilk Oj eri, rntjil?<! L A B > IfADK i> ? I he Unknown. V.r . (llilimr. IV.r *-t?u . -I.*, X"Ue .Vim Turuba'h Xr',ic.?. .* - i Mil.: ntiinii. V i? W.ilrrr* f) itt ??p** ' 7?-^-*. m;." in ronmaci at hnlf-PA't l i?V|?.e? ^?.??? ivi ?r?; iIi hk, M centi; Tit, 23 rnn <)*|l?rr. UK cei.Uj r r?'e Inn. t'.. C^HATH\W:TH*AT?JC -W> DNKHOAYfcVfjM.MU J April ?6, 1?4H. * ll be *r 9*1, tft* inttajen' rf*wi i .1 the BHIliAND- Allf*Wfo ftUsi?r< ni, ivr Held; Mailirizif, V1ra (if rgf Joun. Aftrr wtllftv CU*t AL 1JKKKNCIfc*??Mtjor bawl'wfe <??- PjrcUir: A<lr? ni Hp Miutffftrnu Mr*. (I JuDtm. Tn h# fi>nf)\?mr t? * \ iL V4 YOith AS IT It'? vicae, Mr i h??fria: 'oe. V' Winn: KU|, Mn loolli. To conclude wiih IiOX,t;i XfcKNOX? l iinoihr Hi.*, Mr. Wuani; J< tan Ci *. I'.etiait: y it. Bruno, Mn, \V liherwiod l-oora uittea it 1 oeloei. rerformaee* cnmmiaeii ai 'K o'eloss. lloili, 23 cat'i; fit P.X MITGHKLL'B OLYMPIC THKATUK ? t?KDNEH; <lar Kveoiuu April 5?, to coinme-ca *ith the NEW PL.ANr.T-Nut, PUcat, Mi?a JV:ary Tay'tr. Murnry Mr Conover: Jnprer, Vlr <latk: Vara Mr Arnold; 1 he Earth, Mn llrurr. i n be f?.ll,iweil by anew local piece, eiuilird i OLANcEAT NEW YOtIK IN Ill*-Mnia, Mr < taanfiau; Juke, Mr.Ooisnr; Elita Htiibhuia, Mm Mary Taylor; Mary, Mm 1'hillipa; lane, Mm Koheria. After wh'ch the farre lKNDMK KIVE RfULLINO*?Mr (?nli*htly, Mr Hoihnd;t ap'aiu Phobba, ,Vli Nick'non, Vlr? *tajur rhabha, Mra II Itherwimd; M'a i.api?in Pnobba vim H< vert*. To c> uclmle with ihe r^rp. of liOVEItNOlt'H WIKK-The Uovraor, Mr Heuiy ; Hicknry fchort, Mr H?!l nl; Letty Hrigi?, MiiiMiiV Ta)lor. Ijreaa ' ircle it eenti: Upper R<i?a, 25 c??ta: I'll, one Ib.'li n.fnvnf i nira (v. t trrl.eatra >ea ?J. Broadway < iikatke.?weunkhuiy evenllltf. April 28, will be pre<rnterl au mini ?l cornrdy by J BronKh?ui, Krq., euli led taOMANt K AND hKALITY? Jack Swift. Mr. J. Hr.; Oli?rr "v un'y, .Mr. Vaclie; Aapar iMauly, Air. Blake; Frank Merrd.tb, Mr KtrimcKi Lareiider Kyd, Mr. Dawaon; Tom Badger, Vlr Hadaway; Williama. 'Ihompaon: Moaabe), Mita Kauay Whllark ; turbary Manly, Mra. YVinaianley Ulottom. Mra Wr>tta. 'Jo conclude with the larca of THIS YOUNO ** IDOW?.VanUatille, Mr Dawaun; feplaah Mr. Hadnw.iy; Aureli?, Viae Hoieletbin; Lucy, Mia Watta. Doora open at 7 o'tlork ? I'erfnruiaae* to begia at half peat 7. Dreaa Circle and l'?. [jn?*ra -Hirra pMiiilvilralei. S5eta Qtlliry, 11)4 eta Bene*it ok mm. w. k. buke-bho.auway Theatre?A Card.?Mr. W 11. Utalie reapectftilly toDoiicia to liia Iriemla and ilia public, that :he poi ular nti or r.nil coinediKU Mr. liroiigh in. Imyiiir in tha kindear iD.imer tendeied to him the pcrfoitnance of hi* in i t aui ceaaful Con e,1 HUM 1 \i >. 1 MM IlL'iriTl' I.. ............ I I,. Benefit which will lakeplace on Thiirsda, e*'DIIH Apiil 37, 1HI8?n will he acted lor tha tenth time?Aser Mauly. Mr. Klake; J rk Wwilt Mr Bronrhaiu Full p?rticul?ts in ututo bi1' nii'l Tlvettietnenls N B?Hrt li"ili ii i)r.? otfn BU(IAl) WAY THKVTKK?A L4R<Ji?, MEETING of the ladies anil gentlemen of the c-ti,| a .v. members cf the orchestra,, meci, son mhe > e, ?aned in this establishment. nu held <>u the * .ge at o'clirk on 'J ue?day. W. J?. ISIuke, ICii|. in the eh ir aUlie.icl the r.ieeu.g on the autject of the late lament*b'e event whicti crnied ilia death of [Vlr. S?inur| Pray, tin ti>|> that it had b*en ascertained that the fire of urday evening wa? iho teiult ol arri. eat. He stated that the salvation of the luilrtt. g u> which they were all iuteiested. was owing to the energy flit activity i f [he carpenters attached, and the proprietors deemr<i it re. eilarytnd just to take notice of lain valuable service, and to lake measures for the relief of tlie family of the <'eceaaed. Mr. it lake offered the following resolutions, which were unaniiunusly adopted, lletolved, That we deeply s'lnp-tlnzn with the widow and ch Idren of the late Mr. Sainnei I' ay, whose mrlaiicholy death lias lo<t to society au humble tut worthy member,and who, though not attached at the time, nor for months rut. to this establishment, in a prompt fff.itt on the alarm of tire ?o ar est its Drogre s, met an untimely Jeath ites'ilred, That we duly tpm ,i'e ihe kinMv feel ng of Ihe proprietors, Messrs Manu & Marshall, who hnve voluntarily taken uiou themselves t e artaugemeui of and the expenses incideu al to hia obsequies ; and. in fu'tlier apprubatiou if their good iutentions, tRe male member* of this establish uent will this afternoon attend the fnneral of the late 8. Pray. Kesolved. That at a future and early nuie. to he appointed by he proprietors, who have innst readily intimated tlie r desire :o second any saitible demonstration ol bettvolence of ours to wards the widow and children ol the late Samuel l'ra> , we will (latuitonsly, one and all, offer our aervicea 'or n benefit night. Kesolved, Thnt as leimu ties to imitate, of vigilance, fidelity, ind courage, combined with presence of mind, we present the nauies of Adam Oalbraith, master eatpeuter of the theatre, ind William Demilt, assistant do, to whose pr< mptitnde and iki'l the proprieto'S of this superb dramaric temple, aa fit per ons to reward; and we will subscribe sufficient to present each with a costly gold medal,suitably inscribed, and commemorative of the event. It was proposed by Mr. Anderton. thst a committee of three, composed of Messrs. Vandenhoff. Blake, ind Vache. be appointed to present the medals to Messrs. UalJraith and Demilt Moved and seconded, that the thanks of :he meeting be tendered to Mr. Blake'for the able minner i<i which he tilled the chMr, as also for the kindly sympathy ex' pressed by htm towards the deceased A large mount having >een subscribed to carry out the objects expressed in the reso utions the meetirg aejoa ned W. M.FLKVI (i, Secre'ar > 1V| KCHANIC'tl H ALI.,472 BROAD WAV, BKTWEEN LvJL Ura-d and Broome streets, is elosed, until Monday, May 1. The om-nal CHRISTY'S MINSTHKI.S. whoee > oncerts 'during the psst seven months having been received with such distinguished patr. nage and unexampled success, most respectfully announce, th<t lor the purpose of renovating ihe Hall,and owing to the annual examination of the pupils of the schools oi the Mechanics' and Tradesmen's Boeiety, which will occupy the Hall during the interval, nntil Monday, May I, when they will have the honor of recommencing their inimitable and popular entertainments,comprising a variety or fc.INTIRF.LY NEW FN'.ATUHE8 The Company will perform on Monday, April 34th at 8TATEN ISLAND; on Tuesday, 35th. at JKH8EY CITY: on Wednesday, 3<th,at EL1ZABKTHTOWN; and on Tbnrsday, Kriday and Saturday. 37th. 'HiI' ami 30th. ar > KW AUK. \ J Broadway udkon.?kniwance through Pinteux's Cafe des Mille Colonnes?Manager E. (4 Oreely ?Musical Director Herr Van In wigen ?Animated Picture! ' ind Pygmalice Statuary by a new company of ladies and gentlemen. with new coscumesjdraperies, lie?Wednesday, April 16th ?Programing: Part 1?fhree (Jr?ces, (2 positions);'I he Judgment of Paris: Diana, the (ioddees o> the Chase Ite.-, Fableau ia honor of the French Kepnb'-e Part 3?Calyiieo's D earn; Veuns and Adorns, be Part 3?The Yoa<g Warrior's Dream; Hapho; Five Stars; Venns stealing Cupid's Bow: The Amaxomaa Oath, (kc. Orchestra box, SO cents ; Parqnette, 15 cents; Boxes. UHessta Performance to eommenoeatl BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM? P.T. BARNUM. Proprietor; F. Hitchcock, Muaiar-fcplendid performances erery afternoon at hall-past I o'clock, and evert evening at quarter before t Magnificent Dissolving Viewi, > and Dulxzliugly B'llliont Chromot'op*; Great Western, tit* Yankee; th* Hire King and Queen ; la.t week of Mm Bernard ; Mr. James Hall. Comic Singe': "'n- Pelby'i iplenitid Wai Mtatn&ary ; Madam* Rockwall, lh* Famous Fortana Taller, may be privately conmlted at an eitra charge of Vj cent*. Ad trillion to the whole, inc lading Muieum, Performance!, ke , X> cant*; children aitUr 10 y**ri of ag*. and >ld eaocgh to walk ?loa*, MX e*ati. R*a*rr*4 froat **au ?a* ahilliat?eh eitr* North amkrican and anatomical muhv.- , am. corner of Division street and the Bowery. New )tork.?Ureot attraction! Splendid performances every evening ihia week in the lecture room of the Museum fun fl 'or bore stairs. Programme?1. Ashoit erpUnatoiy Itcmre ou luatoinr and physiology 2. Mist Leslie, the celebrated to :al it, will sing some of her aiost favorite airs. 3 A pupil . rn m the Bliua Astlnm will perform on the aeeorJe >n. 4. Mias Loaiie Star will sing some of the mint pnpalar piece* of ihs day 5 Imitations aid variation* of voice by Dr Dapnat S To conclude with such additions and v nations a* the occasion may rdi'iire. Taken as a whole, this n the gteateit exhibition in the city Admission to the lower lloor, inclnd in* the performance!, 12X centi; to the whole 2i rents. Per- i romance* will commence ?t a cjaarter before I o'clock. BANVARD'8 MAMMOTH PANORAMA Of THK Mississippi river, painted on thre* of cavat, being the largest painting n the world, at th* Panorama building, ia Uroadw&T, adjoiuiB^ Niblo'a Oarilea. Open every *vsning, IHnndoys excepted) Admission Jfl reus; childr** half prica. TV* Panorama will commence iii"vir.:t at o'clock nr*cis*'y. Afteraooa exhibition oa Weilaasday and Satnr d>y. all o'clock. THEOKAND COLLECTION OF THE WORKS OK the Old Masrers, comprising original Pictnre*. by Tiian, Hubeni, Raphael, MuriJIo, Velasquez, Van Dyck, (iiuiorom-'no. P.innu-iano. Holbein, Jto 8te<-e, Carlo Dolo !/Uyp, Wilsoa, aud many others of th* old Mutirt, i* opea at :h* Lyceum Uallery, No. MS Broadway, (roui * A.M. to C M Admittance t'i cents. GWA!ND CONCERT.?flIONORA BIS' ACCIANTI hat the honor to announce to her Iricr.da iu New York and its vicinity th*t her Kirst ( oacerl will fke place at the Tn-erancle, on Wedi.esdiy e.venuig April 16 She beg* le.i e to present for their patronage the followiii; p'ogrimme Parti. ?1 Overture, Zunpa, fu'l oichei'ra, Herolti. 2. Daetfrou Ue|i>afio, by hipuois Peielli mid Novelli, Donizetti. 3 Can tana from Beatrice di Tenda, bv ?iguo-a Biicaccianti. fiellmi. I. Aria and rariatious ou the Vi< Im, Vaster Junes Perkins, pupil nf 8ig. Kapettl, IWayabeer 6. Aria, from Sornnambuia, Vi rsrotso o lurn. hi ?," Higeort Novelli, Bellini G Ter tetto del Ami*. Hignora Bicacianfi. Hits. I'erel i and Novel i, verai. rill ll -n. urtnnrr, u Milt og nniimf m, L>omem. 2. Am, from Robert De? r'n-nnr Perelli, Doniceiti. I Omnia frc m Linda ili Cham* uni, 8 gnorn Biirtc:iRiti, Poniiet'i. 4. Solo, Vioiinrello. Signor Alexandra Bi? accianti 5 One from * l.mdn "Signora bi*eaecii>nti mid 8 u. 'e'f Ili. Doniicti. C. Terietti, from Anon Boltnn, Higimrn Bii:acei?nti aid fignon Pere'li and Norelli. Lender nnd dirrctur. 4ignor Knpetti. 'J irkett SI e?(h, to be lin<l nt the principal loteli acd Vatic store*, and nt the door on the ereni?K < I i rrirmance. Doori open nt 7; Coneert to commence at ? , r U are well of MU. LOVER?society LI t brnrVi Broadway?Mr. Lover, before hit depaMara for hnrore. will tire hia two lut Imh evenings on Thn'?uay >nd Friday, April 17th nnd i8th The enteitnnment offera n rreah procrnntu.e, with nmgiinii adeemuret of the Irnh Prirnrfe in H'tance ; " Father Roach " ne*?r be/ore del vered in New York ; the f?vor>te i,>ue< of" The Uowld J'ojer B-y. ' 'TheTwo Bir't," "Sweet Ki'ty Cre-th," nnd the com.c l i*ory ol " The Cow that At* the Piper " I icketa M cents Doors open at half past seven?to commence nt eight. ~ Temple ok the musks, m canal sthketGreat rush to witness the Tableau*, at the Temple, ? ?her* t?e Venus and n troop* o( lad lea hare been eo? aged . ind fanltleaa forma, who each evening will gi?e a tenet f rableaoz. which brio* down cheer* of admiration, fr ,n \ :rowded and enthusiastic audience* 'I her* Tah'eati* a e imversillv believed to be vetv much lib* the Model Ar ists. inder ii new uarr.e. Amrngst the Pictores represented a.e the allowing:?The Bathers HnrpriiH, Maidens Hnmr. Fstoits of Her?glio. the Soldier's Drum kc. kc Coleman's land of Minstrels, with M Fiancery, whose Hue rg n 0 none. The whole tinder tre management of Mr. Broee Norton t.S B\RTINE. Proprietor Doors open it7. rer'irtnnuce to commrnce at I o'clock. Parqoette, 2i eerts; Orhestra Uoi, W cen's. MINERVA ROOMS. 4M BROADWAY, (Of'KN KV H err night). The original Southern Opera Troupe of able Harmonists, Vessrs. VV O Pinner, T. Archer. W. Jrowmr.g, J B Farrell, W. Rr.nrk Kngene, H. Hood. Nelscif (iieass, >'Bsienl Director, ami F. Pike, the celebrated Aceor. liooiat, rsspee'fally announce tint they will commence a s?<es of entertainments unparalleled haying bem attended b? he fashion and bennty of the principal cties or the Union, insisting of selections from the hest composers ; parodice 'rom the ope'ai ; refrains; nun me:ediesi: (lees; sotgs; eparteea, witticisms, berlesques, polkas, soloe, kc *drnisiron 15 cents ; children, aceoinpsnid he ther pare? ts, h*lf price. D. ors open at 7?to eminence st t. For particulars, see small a-JJs JT I IENHON. Director. REPUBLICAN CRUSADE JUBILEE? LOOK OUP for the Tri colored Flag, at ihe Howard Nome comer i>f Howard s'reet and Broadway on to morrow evening, 1 Thursday) the 27th lust. the Frst Republican Crinadee will spprar. Hills obtained fr.-m the Flag Bearer. Tickets tt cente?Poo's open at 1% o'clock. CARD?CAiTLE OAK DEN?THIS ESTABLISHraent will c pen on v about the 1st of Jane next Et'enuse alterations ard preparations are making for the summer eaaon. All applications for e??sgei?ent? S'e to h? tr ade ?tter. addressed to o?r ?ring Manager. Qeo Hollaed E?a., Mo. IS9<lra-d street. FRENCH k HEI8KR, New York. kpriMt ISIR (ITALNUT STREET THEATRIC-PHI I * DC LrHIA. ?' omnlimen'.aiy benefit to vr J W W 1 ac? I-? Vednesday F.yen'ng. * pril W, will ^e rerforsu'4 W?.HMK -Werner, Vf J w Wallock, I': Ulric. Wheat!#*; Oab r. Me ings; Baron Btrn'enhnm, lemm; Irfenste n Chuprns"; rsei hine, Mrs J W w'*llack. Ir; Ida Strilei l.en", Noger* i"o e. neiude with ERVKKTIVK.? ,'ed?ri-? < hmirn . eile Mr t.ester : Bar >n Phampeeree'l" Hichih?s; K.rne*? ine. M'ss C Weravs ; V?r> l?? na Kis'ier T imor ow. ilr C D Pitt (who is r?c ?cd for a fe ? m> hts) will make irst app'ira.r. I rcr %IEW H^WVPD \rHEN?HM. NORTH-EAST ''^^1 Ll corner of naltimo'e a'd Char'es strrets. Bnltim re will ipen on the fi'sr of Jnne, I* IS. I.idi<? and gf ilemrn of th* ustrionic profession dcsir..nsof ohrainiiig perm-ae<ir engageneiiu, will iminedia'cly ha fr??-e(l wit'i. re ap- lie irlon Ce?ers post paid) to t'YiAHLE^ I) 8. H'' WAHD, I essce tua|<r, B It mvt?.

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