Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1848 Page 1
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Tti Jlx WtanU ?, fcOhH. AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Foreign Correspondence of the New "STork Herald. &f. &c. kc. PaMis, April 13, 1843. Tht Pr,>gr,tt of 'h- Republic?The Elections-CanJiJalt for the Nitionil .humbly ? Vieivt of I he fatici on the Form of Government- - The C>nttitution of tht United Statet ? Theatrical Mal e**' Notwithstanding a long coutlnuauoo of great popular domonatrat.ont, athoupementi and proreMions, ecmblaed with the absence of any tHolent polios or ocntroiiug military prw?r, things have gone on here without any fuither disturbanoe. Partly from the alarm given to capital by the state of the oountry, and probably trim utter distrust In the provisional government, every description of security at the Bourse underwent an extraordinary and rapid decline. The three p.?r cents, whloh a year ago fluctuated about th? mean prices of 80 or 8'2, aotually fall last week below 31. The five*, whloh need to atand at liO fell to 50 ; but this depreciation, considerable aa it was, was nothing to that whioh affected bank shares. These share*, whicM a short time slooe were at 3 500, were aotually sold a fe* days since at 9i0, being 50 franej below par. Railway shares of every description have undergone alike tall. Those of the Orleans, for example, wnicn were at 1 300, are bow a little abjve 400, and bo of tba reft. Independently of the general distruat of the government, whioh has tended thui to extinguish oisJit, there are various other oanses whioh have more or less influeuoa. For example, an Impression has prevailed within the last ten or twelve days that government intended to make an enormous paper issu* through the lnatrumenta.ity of the Bank of France. It was said that notes to the amount of one thousand millions of franos would be issue 1 upon the seourity of the national forests, of the estimated value of fifteen hundred millions. This announcement for several days greatly depreciated every species of security. A day or two slnoe. however the Minister of Fiuanoe soot for ihesyndio ofthe Bourse, and communicated to him, in the most formal aud expllolt manner, an assuranoe that government had no intention whatever of mektug any such issue of paper meney. This had an immediately favorable effect on the market, and seourltiea of every description Improved From thia and from other oanses things aro now better. The threes are 44 60, and the fives at 61 go. The provisional government .has announced its intention of purchasing out the interests of all the railway, companies and taking these great lines of communication into its own hands; thus all the rsilways will beooma what the roada always ware, grsat government undertakings. These measures, however, the government aasaaes us, will be carried into effect with a dne regard to the righia of property, and that the stockholders of the different railways in operation, will be consulted, and nothlog done without their oonsent. As to ths unfinished railways, it is admitted that +hs stockholders oannot oomplete them, and that if eompleted at all it muat be by the State. With theae, therefore, there will be no scruple. They will probably be expropriated by jury, la the same manner as a building whioh is doomed to destrustion for the general improvement 0f a town. We have had within the last ten days the eleo'Ion of the superior offloers of the National Guard. Thia waa an oooasion en whiah serious apprehensions wei e entertained of tumult and disturbanoe. Nothing of the kind, however, took plaoe, and the results of the elections have proved to be In general, satisfactory to the moderate republican party. You will probably ba anrious to know what are tha present proepeoU of Franca in relation to its future form of f overnment. I have little to add in answer to inohu Inquiry, to that 1 have already communicated As to monarohy nnder any ssvsrelgn, or with any re trlctlOBf, it ic, I assure you, wholly oat of the question. The meat ardent partisans of Ilaary V. and the Count de Paris equally give up the idea of it. But a question will be debated a* to the form of the republic itself; and at the present moment, these are the question* which will be dlaouesed. One party will b j in f*vor of a republic with two ohamber* and a president. These ere what are here oslied the moderate republicans; they are in favor of giving a preponderating influ enoe to the property and intelligence oi the oountry The other party advocate a single Chamber, and a ministry without a Treatment. These are the more democratic, and revolutionary republicans, and th?lr views are understood t<> be supported by tho majority of the provisional government A sort of compromise between the two is propoeed by some, who suggest that the present Council of .State shall be invested with oertain legislative functions, and that it shall play the part of an up per Chamber Such are the questions, and the oaly ones re?peoting the form of government whloh are likely to oome before the approaobing assembly. Th? interest excited by these questions has directed much public attention to 'he structure and organization of the republlo of the United States, and at the tlm? I write theee lines, hawkers are orying hiong the Boulevards ' The American Constitution " If in hrtvrinri &1I rlnnhf th&t tha Amnrinftn Annafitufinn will be kept constantly in tbe eye of the Asiembiy in their proceedings to organise tbe new Republic; (till there will be a ve ry great difterence, lor If there b? any thing scaiust which Pari*, at l'aet, 1> determined, it ia te deralism. The Idea of oonvorting tbe Department* into Independent States. like those of America, hiving a federal government at a central point, will not for a single lumei.t bo en!ertUne<) The Republic. one and indivisible. ia the great rallying cry, and Purlt will oontlaua a* U always has hitherto done, to govern France. Af to the probable composition of the approaching Assembly, we have but few means at prssent of fjrulug any thing like a certain conclusion. Something, however, may be iuferred from a Hat of can clidatfS which has been published by the Centra) Kiectoral Commlttsa of P?ris, which appeared a day or t-vo ago in the jouruali On analysing and c'i?esifvlng it, I And that in point of Intelligence and respectability it ia infinitely lean otjxotionatde than w?a expected Thus, it was feared that inasmuch an the members o( the Assembly will be paid, a Yery large proportlen of them would t e selected frun the operative classis I find, however, that in tbe llat put forth by the demooratlo committee, not more than about six per cent belong to that class, whll* considerably more than one-half are persona of property or of the liberal profassious. Individually considered all the oandidatas recommended, are, of course, repubiioan; and it inav be assumed that all these who will be eleoted, will either be sinoere advooates of a republio, or will, at all events, join in establishing a republic as a madiura ef necessity, and the only raennsof preventing further bloodshed. Tho effect ot the revolution on Paris baa baen of course unfavorable as regards o< ttmerclal interests The ahepkeepers, e*p?clally those at the west end of the town are said to be driven almost to ruin In the Hue de la i'alx. in tho Hue llivoli, and the Rue Faubourg Ste Honor!) and similar quarters, business ia at a stand still The wealthy foreigners are all gone F.ven of the Kngliab, woo had adopted Paris as a permanent plaoe of n sldcnot?, very few remain. The very name of a republic nod the recollection of (he Wrori of the first revolution, have scared th'm away. But ol tbe public establishments those which have been the most injured are tbe theatres, and especially tbe opera. The Kali?n opera wss almost deserted from tbe iJd February, to the day of its close on the .lift March, and it snenis at pre ent very doubtful whether It will be sa ttaavf aaaunn all The grand opers, or the Royal AcaJemy of Muilo, ha* b^en compelled to low**-it* prici* marly on* half, and evenwi'h thi* reduction it ii seldom mora than half filled, 'i ha Oft-ra Comiqut has Bin j suffered. Th? Theatre Francaiie has reduced it? prioat, as have several ofthe theatre* on thn Boulevards. It ii expected from d^y to day. that reveral of thoia will closo their door* troni want of audiences. Srverul ciuee* have rontribv.te.l to produce th?*e afUo'n. Tha higher class of tbfatrai, acpaoially tha opera, being supported in a large degree by foreigners, wnnWl.ol course, aolfjr hy tbalr depniture. The leiissr theatres, howavar. w.-uM not be much affected by thi? oauac; but tbo public la at present ao exoited by the political oriaia, that there ia little taste for the amua-mant produced by thfve speotacles The olubs, also, which are numerously attended, occupy one eex nightly, without whom the speotaole afford* but few attraotiaoa for the oth?r. These causes are, for the moat part, o( course, temporary, and In time things will reoovtr; but It ii undoubtedly truo, that at prevent, Parle ie stripped of Ita principal attraction* for rich and unoocupied foreign visiters Tha elections for the Assembly will now take plaoe In about tau days, and the Assembly itieif will meet on the 4tn vfiy W? mi ill then hare ei lltiug times, and 1 will not fail to ssnd you report* of our doings Pakii BoiraiK, April 13, 1848. The French Money Matktl, During the last week a continued fall took place In the fund* and all other descriptions of laaurlties. The oommeroial crisis continues its course, and foratims par#lj*?e all oonmeroa and business. Tha Orleans and Vieriou Ilailwsys, having by a denraa of tha government been plaood under the inmediata control and la the pos seisiou ol the government, created a great sensation and iig~iu --u wmj Duarva. iUU Rl?p, I l?k?n In oonn?otion with th? prairamad Ituation of gof?rom?it to ( proprUt? or repurchM* all th* railway* by gtvinf ia uotwp lor Ui?m ft p?r o?nt itMki, darla g * iiiniian atmmm n mmmmmmm nuifi E NE I t*ie greater part of the week operated Irj urloo'ly en tbe the market. In addition t> this, reports have been alio in oireulation that It was the In'entlon of (erernment to open a National Bank and iuae a thooiaod millloni worth of notes?to authorize the Bauk of Kranoe to Is ?u? 3 iniiiar gum on a guaranty 01 aime property ?so prohibit the toning notes by the banks of the Departments, and confine the Issue of not** to the Bank of Franoe a1 one?to compel a foroed loan from tha Bank of Franca -toootnpel all owner* of property to relinquish a lortion of their property for tfce benefit of the Stats; and, in short, almost every day broogDt forth some new irojeot. These, and the entire want ef oonfldenoe In either the means or the ability of tha government, or In both eomblred, added to th? absence of all oredit, and tba loan of fifty millions by the Sauk of Franoe to the government, tended to reduoe the prices of all securities to a lower point than has been known for many year*, and there appeared to he little immediate prospect or cf amelioration The eleetlons, however, of the officers of the National Guards, which were eonsidsred to bo favorable to the oause of orddt, and some more moderate views expressed by the democratic party, tende l somewhat to improve the market Tbis tendency was still further inoreassd by many psrsons who had held bank aotei In their strong box, either tempted by the low prions, or wishing to get rid of their notes leet oome new measure should still further depreciate them, having bought about the middle of the week. Towards Friday, matter) began to be a little better, and an Improvement took plaoa. the Three per Cents oloeing at 35 25, and the Five per Cents at (3. On Saturday they olosed the Threes at 37 60. and the Fives at 54 To-day they are, the Throes 4) 60, and the Fives 01 16. But notwithstanding this improvement, all is still un oertmnty and distrust; every one fears the intervention of government in private affairs, an<l no on* oan foresee tha consequences or end of the eriaia. Where will thl* end? VVntt will b? thi termination of this state if things!?*r? questions ask* 1 on all Mies. K very one is at a loss ta kn jw whit la the value of what h? pssaesses Paris, April 3, 1848. MaHert in France?The Frtnch Atlantic Shamtlupi, 4-a., 4rc. Arta bavo taken their flight with the ICiug, Louis Philippe; bat we hare in their place the "ciubt arl tliquet," where we dally disousa the means to recall them, and tbia la done with the bltternoss and jealousy lor whioh the children of Apollo are known all over the world. I oould relate many intrignea with which the present government is surrounded, the perturbation of the oity of Paris, notwithstanding the articles published in the newapapers, in which it la saiil that everything is qulot and orderly. Laat night, at nine o'clock. I mat a Ktux of a hundred men dragging in the t iurau a bust of the Ks King ti?d with ropea The mob. who want to be paid for doing nothing, are amusing themaelvea by planting treea 01 liberty during the night, by torch light, and In firing muskets. This ia, indeed, an ?xoell?nt means to bring baek tranquillity and orndlt. It appears that the members of the provisional government ttndlng that their positions are agreeable, Wish to keep them, for they have delayed the national assembly till the 1st of May. Very likely the 400,000 franos given to M. Ledrn Rollln to pay his debts, are not sufficient for him It ia said in our cireles, that Ledrn Rollin and Louis Blana fear that th* members sent by the provinces will not be favorable to them, and that the best plan to adopt would be to have the electors ge to the polls and to vote in their way. It is generally believed that the worst moment of the revolution has net yet oome. The news from the department Is very alarming Everywhere the agriculturists put themselves en greet (idling), and impose their prices on the proprietors; a great many farmers prefer to leave their ground unoni tlvated, rather than submit to the exorbitant demands The compaov of the Frenoh transatlantic steamers, under the care of .VI. Heronlt, is almost entirely mined, and appears to be altogether abandoned by the gev<srnment. who, 1 think, will not have, for a long time hence, the leisure to take care of this affair. The oompany reor ganistd by M Bolsgerard has also burst np, by the failure of its prinoipal moneyed men and stockholders The four steamships, Missouri, Union, Philadelphia, and New York, are laying in the dook of Havre, and theii offlaers are busy in dismantling them, and waiting for the piyment of several months of their salary yet unpaid to them. ADIEU. Tunis, March 18, 1848 Lttltr from Tunii, Barbary?Incident! at Malta?IV /t? wai IVathingfon i 4~e. Tho government of this regency, as you are aware, U despotic in the fnlleit sense of the term, end the reigning prince, Moacla Aohmet Basha Bay, wield* it with an unsparing hand. He ha* a strong predileotlon for mi lit.:ry display, and to meet the expense of supporting * standing army of some 20,000 ragge A v llllans. hs levies taxes on his abjeot subjects to a degree hardly oredible He cancot, without violating treaties, Inorease the tariff on imports, and as far as they are ooncerned the blessingi of free trade,' are enjoyed in ' the abode of happints?." No imported articles, except tobacco, wine and spirits, pay a duty exoaeding 3 per cent ad valorem. But en revanche, he taxes exports most liberally?giving as a reason the neoessity of making the infidel dogs pay high prices for whatever they get from the followers of the prophet; forgetting that every plaster he adds to the duties on exports is so muoh taken out of hla loving sub jects" pockets. Exports pay from 60 to 100 per oent c.,t valottm A few oopies of Sir. w alker's last admiiabir report were transmitted to his highness' minister of ,tor eign affairs, and he would do well to ponder over it. The atrocities committed to sastain the tobacoo monopoly, and reimburse the contraotor for the miiiioa and a half plasters lor which it is annually farmed out. page belief. The oontraotor, an infamous wre'eh, Ben Ayad by name, lately thrust several hundred Arab* Into the prisoos of Tunis, ander the oharge of smuggling, but lo reality to extort from thum the little they possessed. As uo provision was made for their support, and they were strangers in the city, many of them were starved to death in those loathsome dungeons, and the rest were liberated by the keepers only to perish in the streets. The people have been redtioed to tbat state of poverty and distress, by the merolless and grinding exaotioris of their ruler, that to ba In a more deplorable condition seems Impossible. 1 have heard of several families that have starved to death. Miserable wretohes are seen orawling about the heaps of garbnge that encumb?r the streeu, or rather lanes, of this delightful capital I picking up sciaps of bones and vegetables that may bap \ some hungry cor ban overlooked or disdained. In tha interior agriculture u totally ueglsoted in cons^quonoe of tbe rapacity of the government, whloh, not satisfied with the established tax of one quarter on all agricultural products, in general sellers two-thirds, an 1 in some instances the entire orop of a farm. I have inowu oases whera the further had been obliged to putchase grain to make up the amount stated by the gov<rnment surveyor, wh j visits tho farm* bsfore the harvest, to be the quarter cf its produce. Wbat would our farmers say to such proceedings ' I suspect that ihey would soon oome to ttia conclusion that there was som>thin? radically wrong, whloh they should see to being reitiflsd. Th'se people are the meekest in the world under oppression Such a thought as resistance never entors tbelr brains They say "(Jod is great anil Mohamet Is his Prophet"?"What iswrltteu Is written"? and with these comforting reflections they pay the taxes and keep quiet. 8otne sickly demonstrations were made the other day. by the French residents here, to oslebMte the establishmeut of the republic. It was proposed to have a grnnd banquet, and iu taking the sense of the assembly it was suggested that those la lavor of tbe dinner should p iss over to tbe other sid* of the room, when Alexis, tbe tavern keeper, alone manifested bis patriotism by votiag for the dinner. " What! our cook, sit down with us at table after preparing the dinner ! No, never." And the company dispersed, muoh obagiined with the result I was somewhat amused the otber day by an articlo I saw la a Malta paper. Tbete were daring the contest at Messina, tbe vessels of w*rof s-Teral natlous there, for tbe protection of their people; and on the 9ti of Kebrua ry, Captain K.ngle, of the Trinoeton, sent to iho several commanders to inform tbem that at noon the customary salutes would b) tired. The iutorosatin ? was received as it should have been by the Krglishand French eomrnan leis, but he of the Austrian steamer, gravely Inquired 'who is Mr. Washington? H as he arrived to-day ?" "oa>ment is unnecessary, farther than tha Ignorance manifested in this instance, of tho great father ot our country hy an Austrian Out I hare wandered from my original intention, which was to give you some idea of the stat* of afTsirs In this Ill-fated country; and shall not trespass further on your patieaca at present I shall, however write further on this sutjeot hereafter, and I think I would be able to point eut to our phllpathropists at home a new field for sympathy. Berlin, Sunday, March 10,1949 The Revolution in Prussia?Detailed Jcieunt < f the Incident! from the Commencement lo the End. If you turn to my latter of Deo. 81st, you will find in It the following passage, which it m*y not bs uninteresting to recur to : All ssem to have?a foreboding," I said, "that* serious crisis is ot hand, and that some uiiguir oonvuuion i* aoout to aifturo me lectuiou* tranquillity In whloh tbii quarter of the globe has beta buried tor th* laat thirty yean." Among the oauses that were to lead to saoh a oitaatropfc*, I mentioned " the fevered and nnhealthy condition oI France," and " the uppreued dlMatlafaotlon prevailing throughout Germany. " Yon will admit that there never wa? a prediction more fully or apeedily verified. On the flr?t new* of the wonderful triumph of liberal prlnoiplo* in Franoe, the Frnialan government began to take meaaarei, on the one hand for repelling the anticipated invasion of the Khenlah provineea by the victorious republican*; on the other, for crushing any rnvoiatlonary movement on the part of it* ewn nubjeot*. Large bodiei of troop* were dlflpatohed to the Rhine,and other* Aiauoneu iu ma n< igiiuumuuu tu ocrun, to overawe ine Inhabitants, and prey?nt luoh popular demonstration! ae had ooenred In the Hoath and We?t of Oermanj. Nevertbeleea, In the early part of latt week meeting* begun to be twld atft place of amtuement oalled the ' Z%1 jj.u ua uwmmmm* u m< 1 W YC STEW YORK, THURSDAY ten," cr Tents, about tea minntrs' walk from the principal gate of th? oity, and at a short distance from th* royal palace of Bellevue. For a while the polieo looked on in slleuoe, and an addre<* was J'twu up, petitioning the Klug to grant hi* people tho?e rlghta that bad en so repeatedly prociieed them both by his father and himself. The King refused to receive this petition, und contented himself with Issuing a manifest) in which he expressed hi* intention to call thi Diet together shortly, and to make arrangement* with tho other German power* for abolishing the oeuiorship of the pre** and uhjeotlog it merely to certain restriotlve laws You may easily ImiRine that these conoerslnns wore far from satisfying the people ; another meeting took place, at whloh one of tbe most popular orator*, a Doctor Lowen berg, wai arrested by Ihe police with the assistance of a detaohment ef cavalry, and marohed off to prison. This led to the first serious dlsturbanoea ; on Monday evening several thousand parsons assembled In tho Thiergarton or Park, and on re-entering tbe town were attacked iu the street* by the oulrasniers, two or three of them oui diwn, and quite* number wounded. On Tuesday a si' mllar scene was enacted, and uofortuna ely the suffered were mostly peaoeable Individuals, who were walking quietly home, when they were butohered by the infurU teJ soldiery. This, of courss, raised g aeral Indignation' tbe greatest exoltsment began to pervade all olasies, and curse* both loud and deep were vented against the King and nts minis tern, ana particularly ngmnai ida rrinoe 01 Prussi*, the heir apparent to the crown, who was considerej the originator of these aota of ferocity. Hia stern domineering oharaoter haj long rendered him an object of disllkr, and It was generally thought that he uaed bi* influenoe over the King to prevent him from aeoeding to the wishes ol hia aubj'oU. On Wednesday, the 15th, the flrat bariloadea were erected, and the flrat shot fired In the Brelte atrasse, a atreet terminating right opposite the royal chateau. 1 waaon the spot at the moment, and saw the orowd scattering In all direotlona at the first jrolley; but they rallied again behind the barricades, which, however, were toe hastily and imperfectly constructed to afford them much shelter. Nevertheless, the troops sustained some lo.=s particularly in a narrow lane oailed the Spree-Uaar.e where the inhabitants received thewi with a shower oi stones and brickbats from the roofs of tho houses, bealdea pouring down hot water upon them from the windo we. Just at this time vogue rumon began to bespread ofarevolution havlr.g broken outln Vienna; the news flew through the city like wild-fire, and increased the general commotion. The Bight, however, paased more quietly than was expected, and the next morning the City Council asseinblod, and resolved upon applying to the Kin); for permission to form a National Ouard Their petition was only partially granted; his M?jesty did not think it advisable to trust his faithful citir.?ns with arms, bat graeiously allowed them to provide themselves with constables' staves, assuring them at the asm* time that he would give orders for the troops not to interfere, unless the efforts of the oitizena to restore peaoe and tranquillity should prove ineffectual. Thla pledge was violated the same dry; a number of atudenta, who had collated near the University, were ebarged by the dragoons, and several of them massacred Kven the more sober and loyal portion of the inhabitants now grew disgusted; every ono felt that it was high time for something to be done On Friday night the Town Counoil had a second meeting, to wbioh many influential citlisns were admitted, and whioh laated till yesterday morning. After a long and stormy debate, they oonoluded upon sending a deputation to the King, representing to him In a respectful, but urgent manner the necessity of yielding to the public voice, as the only way to prevent the mosc disaai trous consequences. Tho oomplete liberty of the precs a popular repreaentatioa, tbe introduction of trial bj I jurv, religious and personal freedom, au amneaty f ir nl political offences, aud the establishment of an armed Na tional Guard, were the ohitf point* insisted upon And finally, a change of ministry waa more thai fainted at; I hia Vlat.afv Kainir infirmail thkt hia r.p?aanf ? !*???ens Alt', not pceseas the confidence of the people. The King re oelved the deputies most graciously.and oompliedut ?nofl with their demanda, part of which, he said, had been anticipated by him that very morning. In fact, an extra of the Ptuttian Oazeltt was published, abolishing lile censorship, convoking tho s Qeaeral for the -Jd ci April, and containing a string of oihor piotiiscs and concessions toa numerous to meotlon. The deputies. and tho public in g*nort>l, were rather atouishea at this sudden relenting; they never expected him to knook under so completely, and toaubiaicto so woful a oartailmetit of his abtolute authority. It Is true, the Emperor of Austria had just set h'm the example; but Frederick IV alwayx prided himself on his flrranem and decision, while he of Austria is known to be weak almost to idiocy To aooount for bis giving way so s>>on, it was reported that delegate* hr.d arrived from Cologne, stating the intention of the lllienish provlneas to join the French republic, unless a free constitution was immediately proclaimed However that might be, the news was received with universal acclamations, and a vast ooseoursa of people crowded to the palace, to express th?ir gratitude by aboutc and " vivas The King appeared on tho balcony, attended by the I'rlnocof Pros Ma, and was greeted with loud hozzts, while a deputation of respectable citizens, with biaok and white badges Clii Prusiian national colors) round thHr arms, approached tho grand portal of the chateau with an address of thanks to hi* Majesty. It was thsn that a deplorable event took plaoe; A repetition of the one !.hat oocuired a few weeks prevloualy in Paris, and led to the downfall of the Orleans family-an event that obangrd this scene ef tumultuous joy into a wild ebullition of terror and revenge. The deputies were olose to the palaoe, and the orowd was thronging after them, whan suddenly-oome say on a signal from the Prinze, others from the King hlmseif? a detachment of oavalry issued from a side gate, and rushed upon the people, sword in hand The details of this miserable affair are variously related; but it ij curtain that several muskets were flred?whether acsiJentaUy or not will probably never be determined-and In so dense a crowd It is to be presumed that many mutt have been hurt, if not killed besides those rode down by the horse 1 he consequenoea were tremendous. The first stupor of astonishment over, rage and indignation infUmed every breast. " We are betrayed ! We are maj-sicred ! To arms ! To arms was the general ory, and in an in -ra dibly short time the whole city seemed transformed into pandemonium < f uproar and ooiifunon I was walking quietly along the Leipzig strasse, whan 1 heard the first lumori of this untoward event, and aa* oinlnoua looking tigur'B hastening nbout Kith ories r.f ' Burger xu dtn Wofftn (Clt n*os, to arms!) So many alarine of the kind had happened duriDg the laat tew day*, that I a.tiebpd lo great traportaun* to this, but proceeds J to tho Park, where I had a visit to pay. On my returning by the Brandenburgt g?:e through (be celebrated avenue of the " Linden," or lime tree* I found the wildest esoitement prevailing; strong bodies of troops were stationed in the Krederickatrasse, at the i'rince of Prussia's palace, end in the " Schlossplati," as far aa the Long Bridge, an l barricades were going up in all direotiona. From St. Peter'a iquare to the ("uUiibin gato I bad to pass no leaa than eleven of them, besides wbioh all the cross street*, aa far aa th* eye could reach, were blocked up in a aimilar manner. 1'avtng atonea, posts, boards, brioka, iron rails, oaba, omnibuses, bootba, sentry-boxes; every thing, in fact, that the populace could lay hold of, bad been employed In corstiuctlng these barrioades, many of which were of considerable height and dimensions; and the bridges being drawn up, I experienced some difficulty in gettirg past, although occa sionuliy a small open spaoe h*J been left at the aide of the honsits for the convenience of passengers Aa I neared the last of them, a dull heavy roar wm heard; I lWtened?It was the sound of oannnn. The firing began at about five o'clock, after the troops had been looking on inactive for nearly three hour*, aa if to Rive tlircu ample time for ereotlng the formidable barriers 1 have just deacribed Cuirassiers. dragoons. ?nd strong bodies of intantry, now approached to r tarn them; but were xeoelved with the utmost determination, although not one of the insurgents out of ten was armed; many of them ii?u vwijr iviph yic* htiu uiiiagnnDS, one loiigw iimi'i ?n disadvantages with the moit umUnntfd courage. <>rr?t numbers aacemled the roofs, ad>I threw down tiles upon tbe sol iters, while others, who were provided with ntl?s. kept up a heavy Are from the windows. A company of armed oiliims, called ttl* Sehilltei- OilJf, or Guild of Archeri, distinguished themselves parti. ularly; they took aim with the utmost coolness and deliberation. nod brought rfowu a man at every Are At some barrlcid's the troops ware repulsed no less tbnn eight times belora they succeeded In storming them. Toe Breitestrasse and the Kuulgs strasse were swept by the urtille ry; but a body of people, led on by Pole, possessed thf in selves offonr heavy guns belonging to tbe c.ty, eratiooed them at tbe Italian Opera House, and u*ed them with such ctf.-nt that (he soldi-rs bad to give up tbe attack In that quarter. Between eight and nine in tbe evening the tre?t barraoks in ;the Liudeu strasse were occupied by the Insurgents; ot the Militia Arc?.u?l (l^ni'wMir-Zengbaus ) In the same street, tho oombut raged all night long, till It was taken by storm this morning. Volumi s of fltme and smoke were seen ascending in several pari* or the city; tbe great royal iron foundry, and a prison called ' Hausvoigtei" were on tire. Bat above the rear about* of the exaapnrated maltitudo, and the dianial ound of the toc*io, whloh continued ilugtog all nl-ht through. Ktrlv thl* morning ion? patriotic individual* proceedto the palace under a (lag of truoe, toenti?at the King to j-ut a (top to tho * (fusion of blood by ordering the toldlari to evaouate the town and placing him?el( nnder the protection of the eltla*na. Tho unfortunate monaroh eipreaaadtbe most heartfelt grief and r??r*t*t what bad happened, attrinuted the flrat attack in the Soblo?e-plaU to a mtatake, declared himself willing to forgat and forgive, and to withdraw the troop* into the palaoe und berracka, on condition that the people removed the barrloadea and returned to their allegiance A proclamation to this effeot wai Waued; but inetead of producing the deaired reault, It appeared to Inoreano the popularexaaporatlon "Away with the military," wai the general cry. "We will etiek to our barricade* t<ll very man ot them haa left the oity " The engagement e.emed about to recemmence with tenfold fury, and an attack on the paUee waa reeolve l upon; Oeneial Mollendorf, who ooumanded the guard*, waa takon priaoner, and the national flag of (Jermany?black,red, and goldwaved la triumph in the KonigaatraM*. when tbe King yielded at laat to the voice of Imperative neceaalty. Tbe , uoopa w?r? mm daflUof toward! the gatMi etery poal in xr t ? IV JL. f MORNING, MAY 4, 184! Uob tu given up to the cltliens, and the King himself appeared on the balcony to announce hi* Intention of animating his own person and that of the Queen to their n?rci. At tho same time it wu made known that the Prince of Prussia had left the oity, and the obnoxious ministers be?u dismlssrd A paroxysm of joy now ?ucceeded to the transport* of fury: nothing was heard bnt huxzts and ftux tie joie?people embraced and shook bands in the streets, and congratulated eaoh other on their victory The barricade* were thrown dewn. and the eit'r.*ns hurried to the palace and the araonal, where arms were to b? distributed to them, In order to form a National Guard I have just returned from a walk through the city. The weather, whioh baa baen oold and rainy all the afternoon, has new oleared up again, and it Is aa fine, i though not eo warm, as it waa yesterday. The palace yard presents a singular speotaclo; it is filled with people who are receiving musketa, and then marching otf to occupy the gate*, the public buildings. So Armed oltli-us mount guard at tne door* Otthe, and not an . officer or a soldierii visible. Whenev^ra member of the Schiitone Guild appears be is received with triumphant i .1 * >? < , ...? Iiinna i |>| >ui 1Uliaul1 null CTU W tilBg OUl IU the tea gardens and other plaoes of amusement, an is usual heie on a Sunday eveuing, they ar? perambulating 1 the street'. and scanning wlt'i a curious eye the mark* of the recent conflict The Kiinlgs strasss has suffered moit; many of the h-'-usea a: e nearly riddlsd with grape , shot and muskot b vile; th* windows shattered, the pavement torn up, the root's antited?in short, It ha* the appearance of a town juat taken by atorm. A houie facing the paiaoe in the B:ietestr?*se look* as If U had served a? a target for the ouniioa, btvin.? received many of the shot doatlned for a barricade that had been erected be1 t?re It and wan defeuded with desperate bravery against repeated attacks It ia impossible aa yet to aaoertain > how many lives have been lost; hat the slaughter muat have been enormoui, probably muoh greater than it wu at P->ris. The treo nf German liberty haa been plentifully watered with blood- let U9 hope that the good tenae and moderation whloh have always been conaidered the national characteristics, may prevent it from bearing bloody fruita. i Monday, Maroh 20. To-day things wear a more (ratqoil aspeot, although the excitement la not yet subsided. The Polish oonspi1 ratora who had been aenteneed to death, or many yeara , imprisonment, have been aet at liberty, and proceeded en mane to the paiaoe, headed by th? celebrated Mieroslawaki, and attended by a oorpa of armed students, and a num rous concourse of people. They atoppod at tho I portal nf the Schloss, and the King was obliged to appear on the baloony and reeelve their thanks tor au act In ' which he bad probably very little skaro. A more painful i spectacle awaited him: tho bodieaof the citiiins slain in the late conflict were brought into the palaoe yard and deposited in eight of the King and Queen. The number ' of victims ia stated at eUht hundred in all?five hundred soldiers, including a colonel and several olBjeia, and about three hundred of the people. Of ooarae many I more muat have been wounded. It would take a volume to recount all the thrilling 1 events ol the last two days, and to describe the scenes of heioism that were enacted at the diffxrent barricades Tbo troops behaved with iucndlbte ferocity; they flred 1 np into tLe windows, and shot unoffending lookera on, broke into the houses and bayoneted the inhabitant*, and are Raid to have pursued them In some inatanoea to . the upper and precipitated them from the windows. All the l/aiue is Uld to the Prince of Prussia. Ilia palace was near b?ii g demolished by the Incensed multitude; it has now boeu oonflioated and declarod publlo property. He ia generally thought to have fled to Runsla, and will probably never venture to return to this country. The new ministry is not yet completed. Count Arnim is appointed prime minister, Count Schwerin minister of public instruction, and Averswald of the interior; Beokerath is spoken of for minister of flnanoe, Vincke and Csmpha?aen lor the other departments. They are all popular members of the late Diet, exoept Arnim, who is aristooratlo and conservative, with a slight tinge of liborallsm. Tuesday, March 31. , Last night the whole town was onoe more In an uproar , It was reported that the Prinoe of Prussia bad returned i tne nana or Russian army or 00,000 men, and In 1 spite of the absurdity of suoh a rumor the people flaw to arms, the gat?a were b*rTio?ded, ar.d overy thlrg was in the greatest oonfusion. " We are betrayed," wan again r the ory. " We hare muskets, bnt do amunltion. The 1 King i? deoolvlng us " All assuranoes to the contrary were in valD, until the King himself appeared in the I Bohlots-Plata, and gave his word and honor that the ; alarm wm unfounded, offering at the same time to place 1 his cousin, Prir.oe Adalbert, In tbe handi of the puople as a hostvge for his good faith. This morning he rode 1 oat, acoompanied by several popular leaders, an4 followed by a band of armed oltizanf looking, In fact, mure like a prisoner than a monarch. He addressed tho people two or three times, expressed his confldenoo ia tholr tUelity, and told them that he intended to put himself at the h-ad of the constitutional moTement in Germany, and restore the country to its anolent splendor and pzeemineno* In Kurope I I fear it will hardly be In his power to fulfil this pro1 miso; tho (.art ho has to play Is a most difficult one, ami his present situation forolbly reminds one of that of Louis XVI., after the catastrophe of October, 17bO. The least 1 false step may be fatal to him. To-day a raanifeat" of the Poles wa< placarded, calling upon tho German nation to assist tnem in the restoration of Poland, an event which, ind ed, appeals inevitable under the present circumstances, but which may Involve us ia a war of life and death with the Colossus of the North. Thursday, Mareh 93. Yesterday a most imposing and affeotlng solemnity took plaoe- tbe funeral of the citizens who fell during the late struggle. Tho prooesslon moved along the Linden, in front of the palaoe, where the King was standing, bare beaded, to see it paas, and thiough the Kiinlgs strait# to a kind of park, called Frederick's Grove, which had been selected for the place of burial. An lmmensn orowd bad assembled to witness the ceremony-men, women ami ohtldren, most of them in black, or with orape round their hits and bonnets, and all with staid and serious cou atensnoea. Apprehensions had been felt that new disturbanoea would break out on this oooaslon; bnt not a murmur ?aa beard, and every thing went off with t ie greatest order and tranquillity, in former times an immense display of military foroe would have been considered indispensable to keep order in suob a orowd?now, neither soldiers nor poliosmen were to be seen, and It appeared evident that their presence was no more requisite than It waa desirable. This augurs wsli for the future. Amongst the coffins I noticed that of a ohild of twolve yeers 01 ?g?, wno wm snot at one of the barrioadee Moat of thu killed ware young men?students, mechanios and merchants' olerkt. Collections ore beiog raide for tbo wounded, ud for auch families an depended tor their subsistence on the exert looi of the deoeesM It wu proposed at first that oitizens and soldiers should ho buried In the same grave, but this wm overruled. The latter bad rendered themselves too obnoxious for this to bs done with safety, and 1 has now been concluded upon for them te be interred as privately as possible, at thi opposite extremity of tho city. Thus a new epoch has begun tor Prussia Her old institutions have either baen overthrown, or are tottering to their fall, und it is difficult to say what further changes may be in etere for h?r Meanwhile th? Diet, or National Parliament, will meet k*re on the i I ot n?xt mouth, and on the proceedings or that assembly depend in a great measure the future destinies of the country. A. B. Affairs In Venezuela. Caracas, April 7, 1848 Progreii of tht Rtvlution^-Patz in DiJJxcnltiet? Mono*'<!?' Party in Doubt?Financial Jljfairt?Return of Guzman from Exile ? State of Buiinen. Another opportunity offering from this place, I drop a few lines. News Is plenty, but not to be relied on at all times. What 1 can learn, that has the appearanoe of o.-adlt, has been rather dlsoouragicg for the cause whioh lijueral Parz has espoused; but tbore is still hope, aiid his friends here, although they have little or no com. munloation with the interior, are confident that he will ultimately succeed in restoring order. Several rffloere have dtoeived him in his expectations, and the foroes under his immediate command have had mueh to contend against; and himself and come friends made a narrow escape trom treachery. Krom the brat authority I can obtain, Goneral I'aei and Houblette have withdrawn from this part of Veneintla. and ure endeavoring to join the Maracaibtuns under Penan?o; and very likely the next Information from that quarter may be very int?r?afinff I h*IUv? (hav? has h?ai. "a aaIIasi a? ? . ? ? ?"? ? ""J consequence. Home fear* begin to be felt here moon Ibe libera'a themaalvea, that they may have some trouble In their own camp, aa there seetna muoh grumbling; every thing does not dot* like olockwork There ia a rumor that General Carmonahita left the araiy under hla command, and retired toward* Coro, now In possession of Penango'a troops, from Mnracaibo. Captain Celas la aotlra with bia fleet; and, although the government of Monagaa haa the appearance of having quieted thla part of the country, we occasionally see and near the contrary; the trouble appeara only smothered fur the moment. The loroed loau ii not a very ploatrnt pill to miny. The two millions of paper appeara to be sleeping quietly; we do not hear any thing of it at all. The revenues of the oountry are pledged for a long time to com*, and the troope nre enly paid In part. What little of the Congress that is remaining in the city, has made several attempts to do business in a small way. Senor Antonio Liocadio (luiman has just returned trom the IsWnd ol Curaiao, ani very likely may he run for the Vice-Presidency with some live or six others. Business li extremely dull. The banks will not discount the very beat paper, and money la at a higb rate with these who have It. The beat merchants must now do l?ss business, and that for oaeh only, as all confidence Is suspended for the time being. Everyone asks bis neighbor ?han these times are to mend, and each re aponds "quien tahr.? The President, Monagaa, la still In the Interior with the army. I will endoavor to keep you advised of any lmpouaat movement that may take place. Thk Raii.road Collision nkar Hirkimkr.? We learn that the engineer ol the freight train has been arrested. This Is right; and If It can be shown that the accident reaulted from hla negligence, be should be moat a- verely pnniabed. The safety of the travelling nubile demands that the agenta of rallroada and steamboats should be held to the most strict accountability We learn, further, that Mr Howland, of Jefferaoa com.ty. who waa standing on the platform at tha time of the collision, died yesterday morning. Mr. Bennett Is still living, bat la la a very precarious stata? Albany Evtninf Journal, May a. IERA 3. Common Council. B?uid or Aldbkmi-.n, M?y 3 Monie Kranklin, El I'ff?i lent. Th? reading of tho minutM of the preo? Jli minute* ?U dUpesaed with Invitation from tb? 8oolety for the Inttraotion Colored Children, to attend the tnnmriiry or ths a cioty on Monday evening next. Aooepted. K?algn;ition of L>r 9. R. Hurrla, aa visiting phyaioli to Belle vue Hoapltal Accepted. The Jirtenal in Centre ((.?Report favorable to d1 pnsln* of the Arsenal property tor the b?neflt of t building of the new Arsenal new Hamilton square Adopted Pier? Report favoraltln to leasing pier No. ii, Ki River, to Klljah Peck, for one year, at the rent of $'i(X Keferred back to the oommittee. Park Fount nn Report favorable to paying l*ri Wllllama far superintending the construction of t new fountain in the Park. Keferred. l.ighitnt; th' Upptr Part of the City with Oat.?Repc favorable to lighting the whole of the upper part of t olty with gas. Adopted. Increate of Saint it? ?The report relitive to Increi Ing the salaries ot the depu'y keepers of Blaokwel Island, waa then takun up, when it waa resolved to I oreae* the salary of deputy keepers, carpenters, Sco. t aum of $120 each. Aid. Smith offered an amendment, that the depu keepers be atrloken from the list. They already roce ed $650 par year for their tarvioea, while others 01 received 9450, and there waa no good reason why o party should have such preference above the other. Aid Kkkks also offered an amendment that the aa! rial of the keepets and engineers of the Luuatic Asyli be also reoelved. Al l Fuhikb looked upon the watter as did a major of the oitiasns of thla city, with suaploion, at thia tin within a few days of the politloal doath of this Board No attempt had over before been made by any Comm Counoll, and there were nine hundred policemen In t olty, who reoelved only $500 per year for tiieir aervio and they were compelled to b > on duty day and nig He did not m wby such a prooeedlng ahould be ont tallied, though he was willing to inorease the salaries thoae who received only $450 per year, but waa oppos to inoreaaing the salaries of those who reoelved a f equivalent for their aervloes; and proposed that the i luriea of thoae who received the lesser sum, should inoreaaed $.M) eaob. Aid. CaoLiua thought the matter waa too plain: him to oooupy the time of the Board in explaining t matter, us there waa every reason for tha laoroaae, In the faot that there waa a considerable advance In pi vlaloos, wtioli made it actually neosaeary for them nave more ealary. Aid Kkllt ottered an amendment, increasing all t offloori of the island to the same amount. Aid Menard ottered an amendment, that the k?< ore of the Lunatic Asylua receive the same salary the keepers of Biaokwell's Island, which wan adopted On motion, the whole subject was theu referred ba to the committee from which It emanated. Printing ?Resolution favorable to giving out the prii ins County Clerk's and Surrogate's office, by oo tract. Adopted. Police Court ? Revolution favorable to organizing new police court, to be located in 29ch street. Adopt* Solaria.?The sa'arles of the various polloe juntil were then severally fixed at $1600 per annum each, ai the olarks to the said conrt at tlOOO. Superintendent of Streett.?Resolution favorable to moving Charles Oakley from the office of 8ui>erint< deit of streets, and appointing Hemau \V Chiida io 1 MmA. Aid. Purirr moved to strike out the name of Hem W. Childs und Insert that of Joseph Sweet, which w lost. The original resolution was then adopted. llemtvah und ?IppointmenttResolution removi William B. Mott fro in the offioe of steward to the m sury on Randall's Island, and appointing Andrew ill ton in his stead. Also, removing James Quackenboss, visiter to the poor, from the Alms House, aud appointi Jauer Harwood in his stead. Adopted. Also, appoii log > Kgles to the offloo of first clerk in the str Commissioner's office, -vice ilevo C. Hance, removi Adopted. Also, removing Charles J Dougherty fr< the office of olerk In the Comptroller's office. Aid. Purikr stated that Mr. Dougherty was now lyi on a bad of alllictton, aud he hoped the resolution wo< be laid on the table. The resolution was then withdrawn. Also, removing James R. Dodge from tbe office of demption clerk in the Comptroller's office,and appointi J. W. Morse in his stead. Adopted Also, appointi Sparrowiiawk Parsons to tbe office of olerk to tbe Al; Houso Coinmiesioner, vioe Anson Willi* resigur Adoptod Also, removing Augustus J. Matseli from t office of Chief Auditor iu tbe Comptroller's office, a appointing William B Peck In his stead. Adopti Also, removing Oscar B. Field from the office of cle in tbe Alms House, and appointing Henry Beekmau his stead Adopted. Also, appointing J am is Neib sorivener to the Polioe court, vlco James M. Mum appointed olerk Adopted. Portrait Frame.-Resolution appropriating $1G0 framing the portrait of Oovernor Seward for the G vernor's room. Adopted. Jliiiitant Jutticet' and Clerks Snlari't.? Il'SO'.utif fixing the salaries of the Assistant Justices at $1,1 each, and their Clerks at $1 000 each ; alio, fixing I n?ij ui wo Juiijn di uio manuH court u tl.e clerk to the s?ld ooort at $ 1 POO. Adopted Appropriation. ? Resolution favorable to paying to C Waru B. Burnett the rum of $450, lor moneys paid c over and above the amount appropriated by the Cor| ration In proauring comforts lor the regiment of N< York VolunUers Referred. Pier.?Report favorable to railing pi*r No. 1 Nor River to Robert L Stovens, for the asm of $35,000, un doch time as the same pier iliall be neoessary for pub! purposes, the aaid Stevens defending the olty from i suits at law or responsibility In the nutter Aid Mavhasd uttered an amendment, to the elTeot tfa the pier be offered to the present lesaeea with the oo dltions proposed by Mr. Stevens, for $40,000, and case of their refusal, the first party shall have it at t price offered. The report, as amended, was th adopted. Dan?o?(?.? He port favorable to paying to E. and Pussey tno cum of of $300, for damages to property, the overflow ot the sewer in Pearl-et. Referred. The Board then adjourned uuiil Friday (to morro evening, ?t 7 o'olook. '"** Board or Assistant Aldkrmk*, May 3?Speal Meeting?Linns W. Stevens, Esq., President, in t ebalr. Reiignation ?Of Alexander F. Vache, as Visitii Surgeon at Bellavuo Hospital. Aooepted and conourr in. Rtmovalt.?Itosolution removing Joseph Lawren from the office of ChdrnWIaln. Adopted in conci rence. Resolution removing Dr. James S Hyatt, fio the office of cblsf Clerk in the Alms House I)i|>?rtiner Adopted. Resolutions removing Joshua Phillips ai lienson 8. Hopkins, from the cfllne of Clerks in the offl of the Alms House Commi'Sioner Concurrei i Resolutioh adopted by the Board of A'.derraoa. in fit of removing Edward YVitherell from the office of seco Visiter in the Alms House, and Jsoques Ruden from t office of Acooutant in the Croton Water Bierd. No concurred in. Resolution removing John Duval frc the office of Keeper of the Distributing Reservoir (Jt curred in. jlpiiuintmtnh?Of Shepard Knipp, as ohataberlaln, the place of Joseph Lawrence Of Eiward B. Corwl as chief clerk in the Alms House Department Of .I >1 Stophens and Oeorge B. Gilbert, as clerks In tbe All h our* Department. ()/ il A. Ma/rierd,na keoper oft Distributing Rerervoir Of Dr Van Baron, at present lilting physician, an isitinic surgeon at Belief Hospital. in the place of Willard Parker, rfsigned / concurred in Bookt, 4'c for the S'\o Common Council?RsaolutK directing the clerk of the Conimnu Council tolurnli the members el?o: thereof with the nsunl copies of tl lawa of the State relating to the a ty, city ordinanc maps of the city, Sto. Concurred In. Superintendent of I'avementg?Re'Olutinn In favor fixing the salurr of the superintendent of pavemeut<, 1 600, including all expenses for keeping a h'jrse. fc Concurred in Oat in the Park?Resolution in favor of cautlng tl Park tr> b? lighted with gaa. Concurred In. Pier for Lundinf Emigrantt ? Resolution In favor authorising acil empowering tne r.omniasionera of Cm gration to build an extension of aoo leot to the pier the loot of Kulton street, N R . tor the exclusive use landing of emigrant* Referred Break wahr Slip? Resolution in faror of allowing tl breakwater illp Id the North River, south of the Kill heth|)Art terry slip, to be used by the Ureenwoed Cem tery tarry hoati. After referring snndry other papers, of little intirei to the appropriate committees, the Beard a.ljmrued u til Friday evening next. llonrd of Education* Robert Kelly, Kiq, President, In th? chair. Tt minutes of the preceding meeting were read and a] proved. Reporti? Of finance committee on an application of tl Commissioners of Eleventh ward, in favor 01 grantln $100 for the introduction of the Croton water into tl new rchooi In that ward ?accepted Free Schaolt ? Mr. Fkli.OWS presented tho r port of the Committee on Kvunlog Free rtchoolt.ahowlr the number of pupils that atteuueil the schools Jurii the season; also the state of the fun.ta provided tot the support. It was ret'erre d to the committee for pre parti the annual report oi the Hoard, to be printed with tb document. The Free Jl ad'my ?Mr Boiwobth presented the r port et the Kxoeutive Committee, containing h plan f the organtiation and government ot the Kree Acariem It waa moved and secomled that the report be acop'pt* t>jotor Swrnv Kal 1 the report was very voluainoi and elaborate, and be would add. as it seemed to hit vety ably drawn. It was not, he aaid, possible for uiei bera, from hearing It read to form a oorreot opinion its merit*. It was a rery important document, and I hoped that it wonid be printed and furnished te tl members, and ?special nuetii.g oalied hereafter to coi fi'J'r it, knit vol* undo etanilingly upon it Mr Boiwohth eaid tbo report only contained Urn r rouimnndatiou of the com nittee. It wuulil be qui' enongh to move to lay it ou the table and be prtutoi which would nover all the ground Mr. Boiwoith'a lUfr^; etlon wat agreed to, tod the ri port wu ordered to lie on the table and be priutcd. A resolution to irint a olratil.>r drawn up by the oom l>e tent to the priaelpaii of the ward achooli rr(|u*?liDg them to furnleh certain lufoi motion require by the omalttee, in relation t? the i|imlino*tion* of pi piiafrom the common rohoole. applying for admieeion iut the free anaderoy wai adopted N-u> Offlctof tl>t Hoard oj Education ? An appropt! ation, not to esoeed >100, wai grinted for fitting up an carpeting the new offlce of the Board Mr BoewoarH oppoeed the giant. 10 far as oaipetln the room. He thought?.well ?oi ubbed, (aaded floor, |oo * . IiD. L I PrtM Vw? GWM, eno igh. If t i*y *arpeted tb?ir ofllce, it tu v*ry likely q thnt the prot.-aior* and leathers, who might b? employ* 1 jg in the freo academy, would aipent to ha?e their apart raents oarpeted hIhO. Ha thought $A0 would be sufficient of I to purchase obulra, table*, Sen. >o- Mr Ri.kki'k km wm in favor of giving the $100, bat no more, lie wl*hed to have the room comfortable daring an the winter evenings, for ihi gentlemanof the committee who might wieh to go there. After bo me further rata marks, the ranolution was adopted. he Nrw St kaolt ?An application from the truitaea of tbe .? 8th ward, for an appropriation of $11 000 for the erection of a uew school in that ward, wa* referred to the flninoe Mt committee. The bcird then adjoarne 1. )0. Police liitelliganca. 1*1 Ji iMrge Jtmonnt of Money /??( or Stolen. ? Y esterha day afternoon, between 1 uud 'J o'clock ao elderly gentleman oame hurrying into the police oill -e, quite out of >rt breath, and rated to the mugiatratethat ha had lo?t a he package oontalnlng a large amount of money, together with oneoka and draft* belonging to tho Newark BankM ing and Inauranca Company, located at Newark, New l'a Jersey. It appears from farther enquiry that the geain tleman was Mr John Taylor, the president of that in be stitution, having com# to the city ror th? purpose of making the exohanges with th? banks here, ity which is doneonee a weak generally by the Cashier, It- but on thin occasion, as tha Cashier wu nick. Mr. Tayily lor did tha business The exchanges were effected and aa placed In a package together with check* and drafts, amounting, it is stated, nt near $30,000. Thia paokage la- was soaled up and placed by Mr Taylor Into a allk haridun kerohiot, and while on board tha Jersey ferry boat Arretseoh, on hla way to Newark, ha placed tha package by Ity hia sido, on tho seat wheie he aat, in the ladlaa' oabin. ne, On the boat touching the Jeraey aide, Mr Taylor sprang . - up, and laft the boat In haute for the cara, bat on on roaohiug the depot, he suddenly miaaad the packing aga, and at onco hurried baok to the boat, where ha ef, found all the passengers gone, and hii paokage of ht. money gone also. Inquiry wan immediately made er- but without aty clue, any more than, It wa? said of that ?ome person waa beard to say on tearing ied the boat. " Hare, somebody has left a bundle air behind." This bundle w as supplied to be the package of la- monty lost by Mr. Taylor. In ail probability lome one be of the pasaecgnm on leaving the boat too* up the paokag and carried it off; if $o, the raward offered of $#00 ift: w 11 be the mean* of lt? recovery ; on the other hand, if he It ha< fallen into the honds of some thief or tbelvsa who sm li*ve been watching tha cishler an t president for tome ro- time pant, In order to selss an opportnnlty like tha prsto rent one, the chancos ot recovery are very uncertain; therefore, the only hope In that the money haa fallen Into he the pciFetsfon of aome person. who upon opening the package and viewing a largo arnoaut of bank bill*, haa ?p fortitude enough to resist iti* temptation *uoh, howan ever, it very unlikely; therefore under the elrcnmstanoae the chances are decidedly wgaiual the bank It waa rook moured around yesterday that the president waa afraid to state the nraount of money lu the pa*'ka?* (earfol that at- it might oause a ran on tha hank U- Suspicion of Aur(lrif|| ? Otfloer <>?' 4a*d of tha 3d war.t, arrested, yesterday, two fv > i nailed George a Taylor and Thomil Bartiatt, on su*?>? i?a of burglary, id Dstalued for a further hearing. ses Daring Young Thievei.- Two boy* of a Kant 1.1 years ad of age, oailed Berj itntn K. Wood and Hansel McDonnell, one of the yonng ioamps being armed with re- Italed horse pistol, entered the boot and shoe in- store ocoupied by Solomon Harmack, presented the plains tol to tha head of Mr. Harmaok and threatened hia life, while the other endeavored to carry off a pair of boots, ign An alarm was given, and officer Haswell of the 11th ward as was called in, who took the young rascals into custody tn4 conveyed them before Jmtice Timpson, when they were both looked up for trial. ng Robbing a Vtmi.? Some thieves laat night, broks open ir- tha cabin of the brig Majestic, lying at the foot or Oliver lit- street, and carried off 918 in money, together with a as quantity of weiring apparel, valued In all at $100, the ng property of the Captain ot- Highway Robbery.?Officer Walsh of the 4th ward, araet rested, yesterday, a man by the name of Wm. Kinley, an sd. accomplice of Bill Kent, who was arrested the night pre3m vlous by the same officer, on a charge of knocking down a sailor by the name of Mark Lewis and holding ing him down, while Kinley and another fellow oalled Ned u Id Piime, picket his pocket of over $.16. Justice Drinker oommitted him for a far:her hearing. re- Law Intelligence. ng Uftitko Statics Commu Jionrna' Oktick?May 3.? ng BMore i ommuuiouer .Murton ? Ltmrgt of Murder on the ran High Seat ?The examination in the oa?o of Greenwood, >il mace of the rhip Colonel Tayloe, who la charged with he the murder or vVilliam Carlyle, one of the crew, vu nd commenced thi* morning. It appeared from the evidence id of the Captain, and Hugh Lee, one of the crew, that on rk the Uth of April last, at 12 o'olook at night, the deeeaaed In wm at the wheel; Captain B?an camion deok at that itt timn; shortly after be wont into the cabin, leaTlng Greenly. wood, the mute, the deceased, and a man named llagh Lee, who was 1> tap niok In the long boat, on deok; In a for few momenta after h.i went below , he heard the loand io- of b man overboard and hallowing for help, the aound coming from ueur the cabin windows; he jamped oat of >n his berth, ran on d?ck and foand Greenwood standing i()0 oa the poop and Lea at the wheel. The Captain aakeil he what was the matter; Lee answered first, " a man overni board;" the t'aptain said who was It, and Lee said it waa Carlyle; the Captain then said, why don't you lower the ol boat und pick the man up; Greenwood answered. I won't >ut have the d d aon of on board he drew bla knife >o- on me; 1 won't have him on board The Captain reiw plied that made no difference, pick the man up; the wheel was then put down to bring the Teasel to, a>.d the th watch oallrd; after a good deal of difficulty in clearing itil the boat, she was let down with < Jeenwood, the steward, lie and another man, in her; the man's voioe waa heard at all tb? time crying for help; Greenwood steered the boat, and they pulled in a wrong direotlon; at all eventa the iat boat returned without the deceased, and he waa heard no n- more ; afUir the boat returned, and matters were in (<at to rights, tho Captain a?k*d Greenwood what the he matter wa>; ho replied that Cailyle drew a knife on him, en and ho knocked him orerbourd with a handspike. The captain af ain aakod him to explain the cause of the ijuarJ, rel; he said that he ha i aet him about a Job and that he by refused to do it; the oiptain said. If yon did it in selfdefence yon weie right; but when you were safe, yon w) ought to have made every exertion to save the man ? Tne captala afterwards found the ship's hatchet on deok, , Instead of b*ing la the ohest. Th* sin?ll hatchet waa f ?Mlh klnn.l nn Ilia l u,, II. n't hU,l. fresh Moo J ?u also found In some oth?r pltcM, where til* parties were standing, and on tbn ropes and rail; ? there were two cuts in one ol the ropes; they were made 6,1 with a hatchet The owe U adjourned to to-morrow, (thin morning ) Before Commissioner GarJiner?Charge'of Larceny. ' " ?The case of Hose Anderson and another, charged witn secreting sugar with intent to steal it, wu called on and ' postponed until to morrow (this morning). * UniTti) Status Circuit Court ?Before Judge Nelson.?Tatham and othert vi. Luwhrr and Le Roy?Ac" tion of tr?spass on the o*se, lor the Infringement of patent right. It wis tried before and reported, he Circuit Court, May 3-B*fore Justice Hurlbut? a Carprnttr VI. Shtldon and othert ?Ttl? call ter the ,m plaintiff was cloeed on Tuesday evening ; the defence ,n. waa opened this morning by Mr. Jordau From hla speech the main grouod of djienco, It would appear, Is In probable cause. the opening, one witnesa only |U| was examined, wheu the court adjourned. bn St rnKMK Court, May 3 ?Preaent, Justioes K ImonJs, n Taje nnd Kdwarls. The court was organized tbia he ini'mlng?the entire day was tooupied with motions for ? te-hearings. U.T SurrsroR Court, May 8?Before Chief Justice Oakley? (fenrge Oillman v i. John II Mc Claren?Thia was ?n action of trover ; the drlenUant was master of the . ship Mateca On the part of the plaintiff, it was aUeg, ed that the ship was sometime last fall about to proceed on her to;Lge to Liverpool, and that he (the plaintiff) shipped upon the understanding that the defendant , wae not to be in oouiraand of the vessel ; it aft-rwiirde tuined out that the defendant took command, and the plaintiff, with the remainder of tho crew, refused to go to duty, upon wh'ch the defendant cam- up tu the United Hiales District Attorney, lodged a complaint for ' mutiny, procured a warrant, and had them arrested ; . they were afterwar4s sent to prison. The defendant's . clothes, whioh wore in a chi'St au J liuok. remained on ' board, and be now brings action to Mcover their \alue. "J The (Iff-Doe was that the olothes wore returned to the 0 plaintiff'.* agent. Mr Clark, and also that he forfeited the in in oon?equenoe of his trial and onvlction for mu'iny The ueiendant's counsel produ ed the record of conviction from the United States Court It was al*' ao shown by Mr. Clark, who shipped the plaintiff, that , he got back the plaintilfa chest, and that It went to the ' store of Mr. Arrow Hinlth.thn consignee of the veeeei, wb'ro it ktiil remxini ; ll was further shown that the trunk eent to Live-pool, nnd was taken on shore there by a friend of the plaindff Tho Judg-< charged that th-re was no proof ot a cjuveision The jury found a v?rdlct for defendant. p. Before Judge 8andford.?llanna ??. IKiimerd ng anit otheri. -The jury rendered a verdict la this oase tor de1e ford.ints jf John Hrowir, Receirtr, ti l.twrenee Hill.- This was a an action ot trover, for a promissory no^e for >1801 34. I be note w?? given by Mr Hill t-j the 'roton luauranco ft. 'ornpanycn it* fitmitlnn. so a puliaorlption note, and ?' th? platnt'ff'.* oouaarl ?Ueg?d. pirt of Im aeaert*. The ootnpany aoon aft r tieceino ineoiraot, and the note we* lr ?.r?n bask to Mr Hill Tne plaintiff. aa the atalffnee of 17 tn? lumlvent company. aeeka to reoo?or the amouut for M the b?Tj 'fl'. cfth? creditor* of the company. The defenoe in want cf consideration. Verdict, to-narrow (thl?) muruinff. or Couit Cai.k*i>ar ? & </>? >or C*urt.? Xo. 19, 3i 19$, y 49, M, 00,3, 0. 9 11, 31, 81, f>3 te 9* Imltuire 3'?l, 93 to d lili inoiualve Commm fltnt ?lo7,118 to 139 iaoluslre A* d, Marin* Affair*. o- Ma. Eoito* : ? n' la tlio Herat4 of the 3d Instant, It la itated that the WaahiD^tcn, which lett hare on the 96th April, for Eu? r?pn, wan a?en on the :14th, at 4 P. M., la Int. 40 JO, Ion. 70. 340 miles oast of Handy Hook This rep rt appearing to me so vary nnllkaly to be true, I have called upon th? Gaptala of the Kre ira bark U and learned Irom him -1 at. that ha war the Washington on the 37th, no*, the 98th: making h?r fine, > nwTwiurn, iwj u?y", not miM ji, cnmr aoonrmrg to kronob u*A(e. It in loaf? ituJ* wu <i??n from Pirin, not i Ur?on<vlch. whtoh 1 di?u J'?m Oar way ol oel>1 -alalia* lon^ivi(ia woul'l, ojoitqtMatly, have b?? a '17 'i >l?i< 27 m, not ?!U7 ' The r*nalt of thin in???tUetI:>n I* that ?h < h?l trad* 0 an excellent ran. * oot.flrin?d by tb? report of tie rh p lliotiard Aid op By inserting tb you will obhg * ' WASrll.Ntt TON. d Capt James B w?< run over on the M?Tor<t * Branoh Railroad and kultd, on Friday evening la?t.-? d H? waf lying acroaa the track. jd

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