Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1848 Page 3
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1?=== are iiifoim*d that the best place in New Vork to p'f>cn?? i fir?t qaalitv wig or aealp it *i BATCHKLOrt'S mAcUNT No X vVallttraet. Hi* new invented wii? obtained a ?ilre nied.l at the last fair of the American Iuftitute. Hcran*?n hould jn?t examine before purchasing elsewhere. Uolrt Pans .?Dealers In Gold Pans ara Invited '<> eiMnine (.'ratev'i improved K<>autMn Hold Pen It earriei Iibk enough to writs whole page ; aud can ba Kid only o 1-eerv h CI irk (upstairs} 15 John street, where can al?o b* fuauil t) r i'm* <>f ill the b??t maim in the country, at ma nuT-cimers' lowest net pricaa. Gold peu* repaired or et chan?ed. G??ld Pent, IXmnoiul Pointed, 91 only, nllvai pencil rate included?J. W. ORE ATON k CO, No.TI Ceda street, up ataira, invite purchaaer* both wholeaale and retail ti call and eiamine their itock of Gold Pen* aud caiaa whicl ther are selling at reduced pices. '1 hey keep the pens of al and every maker, that purchaser* may decide for themieWe as to their relative merit*. Gold pans and eases repaired. Ulihslleu Diamond Pointed OoldPeni?Ka movai ?B K. WATSON IkCO. having removed lo No. 1 Wall at-, the public are invted to call and mseine their stcc of Uold Pens, whinh cannot ba inrpaaaed eith?e ia quality o va>iety,by any establishment in the city. The celebrate "KirhMieu" Pens are made and sold only a* above. Thn smoothness and flexibility are superior to aiy oiher pen in th maiket; and, being warranted, a new pen will be liven in al cues, whenever the points ceme off. Oeld Pens ol every d< icnptiou and price *old st the lowest rites, wholesale or retai Gold Pens caiefully rep.ired. The Plumb* National Daguerrnan Oallsiy on the upner o.rner of Broadway aud Murray street, ?houl be vta ted bv all who wirh to procure the belt specimen* ? the art. An inspection of the large collection in this 0?"er. will satisfy eny person that our recommendation u wel merited. Imported French Boots for 50, uauall] Is to %1 in other itorei; line bo"ts, S3 50, sold in other store for S4 50 'o $5. Gaiters. patent leather boots and shoes of il kinds constantly on hand. " We thould hive all onr fr en<* (et their boot! of Youtg, comer of Fulton and Nassau, opp< site our office.' ?The doctor. i Social R?rorin._Maiiy a man bothuf 111 head about new throne* until his hair grows gray in hi visionary pursuits. We go for the practical ; and it is a prat tical fact that the Ilair can be prevented from falling out. an wonderfully improved in ita condition by the nee of Phalon Hair Invigorator. This truth is worth fifty theories ; and an nna ?.n oil!.. ? !,?? Ilf.,, >?. ?w n>..l,..i.. . kntrla nf th I article at 61 Broadway, or any draf store. Three Cities' Premium Hang* ?Tbli la i new Kitchen Mange, which ha* received a Gold Medal in thi city,a S.lver Medal in Philadelphia, and a Premium in Boi toman expression of app'obatio* nnpreeedented ai ieg*r<J any other Cooking Apparatus It has been used and thoroug ly tested for two years prcvioualy lo being offe ed to the pal lie. Kepirta <>f scientific anH practical men. who have had ia use, prnaoanra i' to be far anper or to any other range. f( qiick and even baking ; ita caraeity to do a large amount i conk.ig with the leaat coal, and for it* convenience; having rotary boiler plate that greatly expedite* and facilitate* in pre ess of coking. The inventor and maker. JORD ? x I MOTT, 264 Water (treet ha* beetowed upon it the reaulta < many y*ar* of aucceiiial experiment and experience in tli construction of Cooking Apparatn*. Thi attention of t?ie Pnbtle Is called to til apleadtd and wall known collection of Dnnlap'a choice dot b'e Dahlia*, fcc.. to be *old by auction on Friday morning, i 10X o'ciosk. Fill I-Tlti j-Fllil-Dr, Towmcnd not hay ing tested hi* lariaptrilla in ca*e* of fit*, of course nev? recommended it, ana wa* aurpriied to receive the followia from an intelligent and reapeetable farmer in Westchesti eonnty Fordham, Aoguit IS, 1S47. Dr. Towniend?Dei air: I have %little girl seven yeara of age, who haa been aevi ral yeara afflicted with fit*; we tried almoat everything for he but without aucceu; at laat although we eou'd nod no recon mendatioa in our circular* f ir cue* like her'*, we thought, i aha wu in very delicate health, we would give her same < your (araapamla, and we are vary glad we did, for it not onl restored her"*trength, but *he ha* had no return of the fit*, I onr great pleasure and surprise. She ic faat becoming rngjri and hearty lor which we feel grateful. Youra, respectful!: JOHN BUTLER, Jr. Principal office 1M Fnlton at. Doctor BoatwlcJt ba* removed hli offloa t 604 Broadway, eaatern aide, a few doors above Broome atrea where he will remain permanently settled. COMMERCIAL AFfAIll. BOHBTHARKBT, Wednesday, lay 3?0 P. M. The stook marketjopened heavy thla morning, mi prices fell off a little. At the first board, Long IbUe declined \ per oent; Canton >*; Reading Railroad Farmers' Loan %i Harlem advanoed and all othe oloeed at prioea ourrent yesterday. At the seoond board there were moderate sales at light decline oa prioea current in the morning. The Chaaoellor of New Jersey has granted a rule i lowing thirty day* for xoeptiom to ba taken bj tho interested, If any they have, to alio wan oe of tho acooon of tho reoelvars of the Plalnfleld Bank, made by tho ma ton, of their compensation, and tho demand* again aid bank preaanted to and allowed by them. The aalo of the (took seouritiea of the Atlaa and Jam Bank* case of to-day at the Ezohange, bat all the lo advertised were not offered. We annex the sales madi Bale or Stock SicoaiTics ar Order er Comptiollei or Account or the Jams* and the Atlas Barks. $1?'00 N Y 8 5'. loan ? ?4 008 N Y 8 5's loan '?* 95 It NO do 9i)i 4,00# do 93110,SOO do 95 39.000 do 95 ll.'OO do 95* 1,200 do '50 96: 4 990 do 933% 19.000 do '00 95 U.9M do 93 t.SOO do '35 93; The mortgage of $60,000 held by the Comptroller i security for a portion of tho lasuea of the Atlaa, fi some reason not satisfactorily explained, was not sol muoh to the disappointment of many preeent, as i know of one individual who was prepared to bid tl fall amount on It. There ar* partlea interested In tt Atlas Bank who are making great efforts to depreoial the value of this mortgage, for the purpose of buying in at a large discount; but thera, are on the other ham so many men of oapltal who are perfectly well acqualn ed with its value, that there is little danger of Its beln sacrificed. The sale waa adjsurned to Wednesday, th 17th instant. There was a ridiculous rumor afloat to day relative 1 the banka of Charleston, 8. C., for which there Is m the slightest foundation. It originated, no doubt, i the brain of some bear speculator, and waa not general] credited. The annexed statement exhibit* the value of foreii and domaetio produce exported from this port for tl month of April, distinguishing the extent of ahlpmen to eeoh oountry (Commerce or the Fort or New ton-april, io*a. Goodt not Ooodt enDutination. American entitled to titled to produce, detei.turt. debenture. Tola France... 18,841 818 3 110 31.8 Spanish Wnt Iadica.. .!08 !)64 3,931 7,176 119 <>' Mfnco W)289 2\2f> 39.405 163 9 Oreal Britain 1,165.764 2 655 14,517 1,162,9 Writ Coaat or South America 162 218 5,865 80,550 249 2 Bmtil 7 9 670 10.249 7,(69 97,7 Eaat Indiea 28 426 3t? 3,120 31,t: Africa 4 2 685 9 9(9 IS 54 5 68,1 Porton&l 21,?60 in? ? 22,1 Spam 23 (65 ? ? 23.C* St. Damingo 18,004 ? 1 006 19 0 B'emeo 67 724 1,602 7,721 77 8 Daoiih Wait ladiaa... 19,517 160 537 20 2 Po'ts in Mediterranean. 13.843 1,373 (.953 22 1 Flflgium 26 097 137 ? 26.3 Bolivar 2.268 ? ? 3.3 Britith North American Coloaiea 105694 10,405 3.300 1193 llollacd 88 8)3 1 571 13 683 ld3,l Prmaia 20 897 1.221 3.121 34 3 Norway and Sweden .. 45,651 1.888 5 937 53,4 Hamburg 103 ICS 3,854 13 609 1115 Totals 3,371,800 ?0 0SI 225 168 2.577 8 Specie $1,180 4 Total $3,758,2 The Uxlted shlpm snts to France ihow pretty coi cluslTely the ooaaplete derangement of trade between tl two countrle*. With Great Britain, thare baa b?4 about tha proportionate shipmanta. The aggregate a: port of merchandise ha been limited, compared wll that for the seme montmast year; bat the ehlpmenta apeoie hate been unusually largo, (welling the total I an amount oorreaponding vary nearly with that for Apr! 1847. The Talue of export* from this port in tha moot cf April, in eaeh of the paat three years, was as ai Dexedt? Commerce or the Pobt or New Yore?Valce c Exports. April 1846 1117. 1818. Merchandize 2,8'8 88J 3,9)3.671 3,577 1: Specie 519 599 73 551 1,180 4! Total $1 348 479 $4,0(7 3 33 3.758 2 Imports 6 440,815 13 733 518 7,180 9 Eiceaa cf importa orer eiport* $3,092,336 9 716,291 3,133 6 This table exhibits some extraordinary results, mo of whloh are dacldedly satisfactory. The falling off tha Importa for the month amounted to $8,642.67 about one-half of which was In merchandise, and tl balance in specie. The excess of Imports orer expor In Arril, 184*, compared with tha sama month In 184 shows a reduction of $6,303,698. This great reductlc - * " -4 ?- ? *\f #Hlfl IWirt In (be balanon agamix. un uu ?? .... ,?, enootiraging, and in the event of Ita continuing In tl earn* proportion for a time, we shall ?oon beoome tl creditor* of the world again. It la highly probable that the aggregate value of U export* for the month thla year wonld have been equi to the eame month in 1817, bad It not been for the Intei ruptlon In our trale with France and the Coatlnen generally. The movement In apeole thla aeaaon hi been very different to what it wa? laat In Aprl 1847, the amount of apecle imported waa $3,397 0(14, an the export* In April, 1848, were $1,110,49a, making i difference In thla port alone of $4 577,48a. Inatead < paying for our Importa In merchandise, we hare th *??pon paid for a good part of them In speele. We hai ahlpped from thla port, alnee the 1st of January las ? a.. <t?n f.,n? million. nf Sullm In anaale. Willie f( tha Mm* period lMt jaar tha Import* nmo-intrd I ffl niw fits Thla make* a Tut difference lo the con maroial olaaaai of thit eountiy, and cannot bat bar* T?tj malarial Irfluenee upon tha currency. An in porfntlon of specie produce at onee an Icfl itlon of tl paper enmnoy, and all tha ooneomltant rrll* of udden e*pan*ion of credit*; and an ecportatlon of tl peel* that oauaad thl* unnatural atata of thing*, wlthl parlod of twalr* month*, create* a suddtn raaotlo i and of coaraa a rain on* contractloe. The normnt of 1 large uiofes'of ijifcls from one country to another U * r aliraya attended with vaet deal of darangamant t* 1 commercial ?ff"?iri, and invariably check* the proapeilty } of both the giver and tba Moelrer. ^ In 1847, weimportad from foraign oouotrlaa, principal ^ f ly from Great Britain, about twenty-fonr million* of dol- > 1 ltr* in gold and ?Ur?r Tba extract ion of inch a rut ? amount of *peol* from tba currency of England bad a tan j dency to depreoiate price* for every rpeciea ol property. 3 r axoapt that which the precious matala wara required J ' to pay for; and aa aeon aa the deficiency in tht supply of j i bread?tnff? became aaMsfiid, and tha drain cf bullion d 1 oeased, the exportation of British manufacture* btotme 0 1 so greet that the marketa whioh had drawn tha balk of j aprcle were soon Hooded with good*. Tha currency of o " thia country had become ao much Inflated by the aocaa- d k alon of apeoie, that pricea for every thing advaoeed n j J pidly, and the coniumptioa became very great. Thia r had a favorable iotlaence upon the oommerc'a1 7 | claiiee, until tha import* of merohandiae had reached ? such aa extent that our export* oonld aot pay for them, o 1 and a portion of the ipeoie wa had received a few months t previous waa required to liquidate balaaoei. Than a ? oontraotion of the ourrency oommenaed, ptleea for our ,f staple production* rapidly Ldepraolated, while foreign fab Jj rloa were; thrown into our marketa in immenae quantities, continually inoreaaing the balance againat ua, and inoreaaing the demand fer bullion for ahipment. ? The effeot of a drain of a few milliona of apacie from 1 our marketa waa aa great and aa diaaatrou* aa the [' drain of twenty to thirty milliona from England; and it ii a qaeation if in tbe oourae of another year the a f ffaot will not be mote ruinoua to thl* oountry than to i, Oreat Britain. Whatever aifecta the oommeroial prospe rity of England, operate* with at leaat equal foroe upon >t thl* country, and we are made to bear the brunt of moat 7 of the loaaea growing out of meroantll* diaaatera. TUia C faot ia pretty conclusively iliuatrated by the preaent priees fer our great exporting ataple? cotton?in the mar * ket* of Europe. The financial revulsion whioh swe| * - over England and the Continent laat fall, and the depre/ lion that revuliion produce* in the manufacturing iate. > rest of Oreat Britain, depreciated prioe* for ootto l to a ,r point lower than bad before been known for year* ^ Thi* waa a* ruinoua to the ootton growing lntere*tOf , a thi* country a* the oauie was to the prineipal interests of England, and we have been aeriou* sufferer* by it e While the importation of specie into the United States was advanolng price s for foreign manufacture* in our mar. i ket*, it wa* depreciating prloea for our cotton in foreign i. marketa, ao that we were injured in two ways by what kt at the time waa conaidered the greatest evidenoe of our prosperity, via, an importation of apacie. ~ The annexed atatement exhibits the coadition of the ? National Bank of Vienna, aooordlng to an offleial re " port:- < e. National Bank or Aujtbia. i t, Jlctivt. Flor. kr I >. Cash 65 058 361 8J? i >* Bllla discounted at from ft to 90 daya.. 86,295.403 64 ,f Securities payable in 90 days. 13,603 600 0 Publio mortgage debt! , 81,837 364 33>? ;d Loan guarantied by Hungary 1,081,809 4S * r> 340,430,431 11* Paitivt. ] 0 Bill* in circulation 314,140 440 0 | it, Aoconnta ourrent. 1,906,391 11X i Bank aharea (60,631), at the original t m prioe of 600fl. jierihnre... 30,373,600 0 , 846,43ft, 431 11* ' The official Qatette of Vienna oonUlna the following.? "A report haa been ,in olrculation that the National Bank,in oonacquenoe of recent eventa, would not imme>d diately be able w pay their bllla in eaah, aoeordiog to the i . nominal value. Thefalaeneaa of thiarumormay.beeaai- i ly aeen, as by the atatutea of the bank all bllla of the ea- j '> tabliohment are paid In oaah on preaentatlon. In order, | re however, to oalm any uneaaineaa that may be felt, the , direotora have conaldered it advisable to publish a ( atatement of tbe affalra of the National Bank." i ? stock Kichange, tS4200 Tieai Notei t's 141V SOihsCsnton Co *60 31V 1 J. 644 do 142 W 94 do 3IK CM do 5 2-5 142* 354 do SIX ie looo U 8 i's '54 142* S Mohawk KR 73 10?0 Kentucky 6'i 91V 5 Houiatoaie K aew alk MX >004 do 15 year bds 93 50 Kdg HK 34 a- 3044 II Fundable 43* 89) do SIX .t 25004 Penn5'? 74 54 Nor k Wot RR elS 83? 11 i 300 City 5'? *70 43 335 do S3X 540 doll 43 344 do bSI 34 304 do 34 104 do 33* M 5444 Rdg Bold. S4X 54 do SIX ta 13444 do 5?X 54 da ?34 33* 34 shs Mechtniei' Bk 101 104 Long Ialaad RK 54 Morris Caaal b?5 10W 754 do 29X 54 do IX 304 do a 15 ?9* 154 Farmers' Trast b34 Wi 250 do b34 3a 104 do bit 34 144 do b45 S4X 30 do 34 144 do S?4 29*4 16 204 do a15 33X 454 do 34* u 340 do 28V 744 do 39k f* 50 do 33K 304 do a44 2912 I * 31 Ohio Life fc Traat 34 94 Harlem RR 5>H * 5 Utiea RR US 154 do 52k U 100 Canton Co slO 31* 150 do 5?X 54 do blO 32 154 do s30 52X >r 54 do bis 32 1(4 do a to opg S3* 1 M d? Second Bnurd. r? $10004 Treai Notea 102^? 50 aha Harlem RR all S3 ie looo II Fundable bonda 43 150 do opg 5lX 3040 Heading bond* 56X 54 Reading RR SIX 16 5000 do s4 July 56H 144 Long laland RR 34X !e 5049 do 54X 75 Nor* Wot SIX , ? 104 (hi Harlem RR SIX 35 Canton Co 33 " 359 do opg SIX S4 Long Island rr 39X 1, 50 do 53X cirY rbport. * New Yoke, Wednesday Afternoon, May 8,1848. The Hoar market vu a shads firmer to-day, tad aalei more freely made, inoludlng chiefly Oeneeae, with western brand*, in eome instances at <>?o. better than was obtained yeaterday.?Sale* of Oenaeea wheat ware again Bt pietty freely made at full prioea, and in come instances in at an adranoe. Corn waa held firm, with moderate lalea at abont prtrious rates There wae no ohange in rye or ~ oats. The improtement in mem pork noticed yesterday, waa maintained to day. Other klnda cf protla'.ona re- 1 ;n mained about tba same. Owing to the inclemency <f '. the weather in the forenoon, there waa not mnoh don* in ugirs. There waa a fair business doing in molaaasa and t* in ooffne Owing to the Boaton telegrarh line being 1 down to-day, with some interruption oa other*, wa w*r > without our uaual telegraph reporta from that and other polnta h? Ash it ?The market for pota was quiet at $6 ; pearls , >(. were nominal2S Breadstuff*?Flour?Sales of about 3000 bbla Gene- i ;? ace were made at $fl 26 a $6 BT>f; and 300 do Michigan, ; L? mixed brands, at #6 18?*'. galea of other lota were made M at $626 for good straight brand*. The total amount S3 of aalea reached about 3000 bbla. There waa no change , li in aouthern ; email aalea of Howard atreet and Gorge* | town were making at $0 11% a $0 3ft Wheat?Selee of 39 2000 a 30?0 busbela Oeneaea, were made at 140c, lnolud- I " iog a small lot at 143o. There waa no ohange in Ohio, I iJj which waa held at lull price*. Corn?Seles of 3800 1 47 bushels Jersey yellow were made on private terms, and 1 14 1300 do at 61o Prime quality waa held at 64c; 3000 69 buabela New Orlsaoa were made at Sic; MOO do at 60Ko, , 3< and 1000 do, northern damaged, at 43o. Miol oontinu- ! 68 ed Irm and without aalsa of iaiportance. Rys?The market waa ateady, but aalea moderate; 1000 a 3noe { ? bushel* changed hands at 73o delivered. Oatt?Sales of 39 1000 bushels rlrer, wera made at 47o, and 1000 da, New 1 76 Jersey,at 43 j Rye Jlour? Salea of 160 bbla wera made ] ss at $3 60 a 4 66 V ? Cotton?The buving continues mainly by manufaeturera, who hare taken about 1000 balsa to-day, and price* j _ continued steady at quotations : ? jl IiivaaroOL Classifications. ifew OrUmu ?- . . upland! floruit. Mo?f i ext. la Inferior.. aoae. i 2&Swr *& SS 5f<* JX a Middlmg Sk a 6* iiZ a si 6U a 4M i I. *54 5Ji ? ?H 4K a ?M 1 Middling Fair <3 a 6t ? a IK t? a e* .b (3t a * ??a ?S 7 a ))5 i ?f J>11? t*1' witbdra bob* withdrawn ! 01 Q?od Fair.... do noaa do to Pio* do son* do .. Con:K??Wa notice ibIm of 440 bag* common Java at 1 " 7X b 7Ho; and 8#0 da Sumatra at l\a. The former at j h 4 monthi and the latter at 0 month*. j. Dauoi, lie-The market *?noa oar laat baa rnl*d dall j The *ele* include 4J kega araanla at <Xc; 10 ounoaa i otto roaa at 94 7ft; 10 oaaka red argoli at 8){e; 40 fla*ka I ir Tilckiilrar, $1 16; 80 boxaa Bermuda arrow root at 36o, 1 and aome lota of castor oil at 91 86, which eontinu** ! firm, with anapward tendency in prloea. M Knit -A firm market, with aalea of SOO quintals dry , ,J cod at $3 83>i, and I AO do do large lice at $3 70. I Fibk Caicica* have ad ran cel. We report aalea of 47 304 boxee No. 3 at $1 38. { Fbdit?In foreign, there ! a good bnaineaa doing at teady prioea. The operation* are aa follow*: 705 buah- j M ?U Southern Teannta at $1 3ft; 140 do do very hanilioma , lf at $1 37X; 1000 boxea wet and dry HaUlna at $1 40 a $1 AO; 100 tag* Braail Nut* at AX a 6\?; AO oaaki /ante i ln Cnrranta at 7K a 7^o; 10 ca*e* Leghorn Citron, prime, , p at 3lc. 4 month*; 60 baga Tan agon* Almond* at l4o ' and 30 bale* Maraeille* do at 13Xo< u<uat time; 60,000 ^ Porto Rico Coooa Nut?, from raiaei, at $18 a $30, and " come paroel* of Smyrna Fig* at 10a. 7, KaaioHT*? Cotton waa engaged for Liverpool at 5 83d. ; _ Thare wai no change ln other artlole*. Hibk*?No change. , '* Himp.?A cargo of 4,000 balea Manilla was dicpoiad t ia of at 9c., *lx month*. > Lcathkb?Tha market ia Arm, atook light; over walghta IS and 14. Itghtand mlddilaga do at 14 a lao. Liab ?Balm of 60? pica ?oft Mlaaourt at |4 37K eaah. \ Limb ? Sale* of 9,000 bbla wara mad* at 77 a ?8o. i Mcuiiin?We notioa a good demand for the aapply ? of th? regular trada, with Mlaa of 300 bbdr Coba at I '24Ha'JS)ifl; 160 do Poito Bleo. at 30o ; 360 do Cardenai at lB^o.j and 300 barrel* Naw Orleana at 36 a 36Xo. i 4 month* J Natal Btorhi?We have only to notioa aalaa of ICO > barrel* apirlta turpentine at iMXo, caah. ? OiLa?Llnaeed continue* Dim. S*l*a of 1600 gallon* \ city pr*a??d American at 67 a 68o, and 1000 do Kngllah at ' ASaAAXa. Wa alto not* Ml* of 1000 lba palm at 7o, and 800 oa*e? batty at $8, eaah. t i Panruioiaa Salaa of 40,0 to 600 brla meat pork wara ' made at >10 IJ, at whleh til* market waa firm Kor J prime fS 3i waa offered, and $8 37* aikad Sale* of { 10 000 lba molaaaaa cured hama wara mul? at 7o; and o0 J hhda d-T aaltad ham* add at *%o. Beef-Hal.a of 160 a brla b??r hama (Portland) wara made on private term*, and AO do prime river at >| j AO. l-Sal?a nMOO br a ware mid* on private term*, and 160 do do aold at ?Ho <nlaa of 60,000 l?a of grea?e lard wera made at 4*o. ' Butter remained abont the a me, while choaao con- J tinued firm. , Wniiikt-The market waa quiet at 36o. I Rica ?100 tleroea changed h*a1a at >3 B7>? for prim*. . Priest Tue aalea ambraeed 360 l>aga Jamaica pimento at 0* a SuiiAae ?We hear of 300 hhda Coba Mutoarado at n, 4 a 4^o, 4 mo*. ' Aeon* ? A mln of 100,(MO Prhiolp* (at rant boat braM) I 11a tnada it f 16, 4 m<M T?.llow?halaa of r?nd#red at?X* T*i?-At Auction? Importationa par John Qoinoy id una and ot'aar arrival). Tarma?Notaa at alx months lyaon -27 half chrata 1'^ centa par pound; 10 obaau 0; 33 half do 37X; SI obaata 37; 10 half do and 26 131b if?x?a 34; 40 oh??Uil Young Hywu Sil half cheats 9, 10 do 61; 30 do 62; 30 do 53; 301 do61K 10 do ft!; ! 9 do 50*; 333 do 88; 4'>2 1? 37*; 60 do 31*. 2 1 181b nxef 32; 8 half ohe?l? 2dK; 26 do 28, 79 do 37, 8 do 26*; I 0 do 34; 20 do 23 103 do 1?>4 Ily?ou Skin -'JO oh*it| I 3; '20 d >31: 37 bfdo 36; la obaatl 24*; * do 04; 96 hfdo < 3*; 44 do 3J, 80oheata 32*; 34dl32; 20 hf do 21*; 60 < o 21; -20 oheita 20, 9a do 19*; 132 do 19. Id do 1**, 30 o 18; 40 do withdrawn. Twankaj ?75 bfcheat* 19; 116 ' o 17*; 391 do 17; 160 do withdrawn (J uupowder?21 hf I t heitJ 47; 71 do 60*; 60 do 42*; 66 2llib boxes 37; 7 bf | t heats and 21 161b boxti 3d*; lb 18*lb boxoeanil 41 1 lib 1 0 36; 30181b do 34, 6bt obe?w 32; -27 I6ib holo" 3l*;63hf 1 heat* *28; 31 do 26*; 1'2 do 24*; 20 do 23*; 78 do withItawn Imperial?73 I2lb bo?fa 64; 10 half cheats 92*; I , 07 do 61*; 111 do 40; 10 do 39; 6 do 37*. 9 do 26; 196 I 10 withdraw*. Oolong?70 hall eh?ata 26 Kokea Oolong 1 -15 half ohests 27; 136 do 26*; 213 do 26 Ningjrong6 half cheata 34*; 78 do 34 Oolong Souchong?45 half ihests 38; 36 do 37; 107 do 35. Kokce Oolong-69 half i ibests '27.*; 53 do 37; 160 do 26. Caper Souchong?348 J hests 13. \ HARKKT8 ELillLWHKHE. SIOCK HALB8. I Baltimore. MiT a?I1M60-* ril'tiraore 6Y 1890 96*; i ab?rea fiaak of Baltimore, 2 in Untied i Itatee ('a of 1867 cloaad at 104* bid, 101', aaaed; Traa ?r? 6'a at 103* bid, lo2jtf aaVtd. Marilaad to * cloied at 17* nd, (9 aiked. Baltimore tt'? of 1890 at bid. 97 ukad. laltiraoie and Ohio Railroad ihaiea at 35* bid. 36* aikcd. Philadelphia, Mar 3?Fir it Board -$'.000 tSchavlklll Navigttion ?'?, '65, 46; 3500 Wilmington 6'a,i5. 79; 10U0 Cheaa>eike k Delaware 6'?, '67. 80*; 80(10 Heading Honda,'60, 61; . 1000 Pilttbargh 6'i. '60, e, 89; 2000 i :nv Cm 6'* '97, bi. 17; 1700 , yOnntT 5'* old, 83*; 633 Stuie 5'?, 74*; 383 do. 74; l<>00 Lehigh , >' , 61*; 11,050 8uie5'a, 5 da. 74*; <00 do. c, 74; 28u0 do. rw, , 4*; 4vi 0 do 2 da, 74*; 7200 do, 74*; 10.000 do, 74*; 20ii do, '4*;5< ?lu Morria Caual 10; 12 Kirin h Mecli Bk 49; 50 Lehigh Stock 28*; 100 Oirard Bk, a, 10*: 100 U 8 Bank 3*; HO N J >pperl; 50 Oirard Baak 1(*; 111 U 8 Bank)*;*) Oirard Rank, c, 10*; 20 Lehjah Stock 28*. Second How d?$(900 U I 3 6'a, 'jS, 103; 15 003 U 8 Tre/uury Note* 102* . 23 500 State 5'a | '4*: 2 Kirin nod Mech Bauk 49; 100 Neahauic Copper * ? After Sales?1000 State i'a 74*; 100 IT 8 Bank 3*; 50 Saiqnelanua I aual 43* Bono*, May 2 ?Brolur't Board?50 aharei Beading Rail ovd, 17; 26 Porland, Saco and Porlaiaouth HK, 99*; 23 Weiera Hailro d, 103*; 51 Kait Boaton Co, DiTideada, No. 4.5; ill do do bSO, 5*: 50 do do 5; 50 do do 160, 5; 15 do do 4; 6 Old I'olcnv Kailroad 94 ; 1 Kitchbur* Kailroad. new, 112* ; 4 do lo 111* : in Kaat Boaton Co, ?J0. 12* ; 125 do do, 13*; 50 do laalfl, 12*; 4 Pittabn'K (tapper Co, 64; 81000 Hendihg Kailroad Bouda. 1851, 56*; $2000 do *35. 6*; $30M do 5?*; 44 right* Boaton and IVimne Hmlroad, $2 Second Board?15 iharea H<adia? Kailroad, 17*; 2 Boaton and Maine Kailroad, 17*; 5 Western Railroad. 103*; 50 Kaat Boaton Co. *60 11*; who bo bi?, U/i.; 9411m nenuiug nanroaa oonus, issv. 31. SOMKSTIC MARKETS. New Oklkafm, April 26, 1848.?Cotton?There ?u muoh anxiety dinpUved by factors to realise, prlcea lave in conae qaence been very lrtegular, and generally it a decline of Xo ainoe yeaterday. Middling was aold at >o a 6%r.. The aalea do not exceed 3.000 bales. Several shipments have alio been made on plantera'a account Sugar, fair, 3%o a 3>?o; molaaaea, 18a a 18){o. Floor ?Hal#g 9,000 bbls, inolndlng 1,000 Illinois, at (4 36, and J00 Ohio sold yeaterday, bat not previously reported; 500 Illinois at 94 OX; 6*0 in three lots at |4 10; 200 at M8; 160 at 94 HX; 900 at $4 18\; 900 Ohio at $4; and W0 lined at $4 6. Corn-Market drooping. Sales 9000 iaoka, including 3.S00 white and mixed, at 26c.; 600 mixed at 38a; 3 230 white and yellow, at 30o; and 2 800 white and yellow. In balk, at 35e. Oats, 26c a 27o Pork ?Mess, $8 06 a $8 12X- Baoon?Shoulders, 2)4o. Beef ?Prime, $7; mesa $11. Lard, bbla,4Xo a 6;kega, 6%o. Whiskey?Reotlfled, 18c; raw, 17o. Freights?A ship taken for Liverpool at 9-16d. Exohangea ?No improvement. Naw Baoroao Oil Mabxkt, May 1 ?Oils? The past lias been an oanasally quiet week for all descriptions We nave heard of no transactions In sperm oil. For whale, the market Is very doll. There is no export demand, ind manufacturers bay sparingly. We have only to report aalea of SttO bbls North West Coast at 82Jfo, *nd 300 bbls handsome d?, In parcels, at 34o. Whalebone? A sale of 18,000 lba North West Coast was made en private terms FOREIGN MARKETS. Visa Cave, March 31.?Business Is oondnoted on very different principles from our United States way. Despatch Is entirely out of the question. All merchandise is landed on one wharf or mole, which la of bat half the length or width of oar wharves, and in consequence the Donfusion is so great that by custom house law but eight ?r ten vessels are allow* d to discharge at one time litis renders a detention of many days unavoidable?at times; in faet nearly all the time?a vraeel'i turn does not come round for a fortnight after arrival The numerous arrivals from the States and Europe the pas: month have com pletely flooded the place with all descriptions of goods imaginable, more especially of ootton manufactures; shipments must leave at present heavy losses?preferable, however,to storing, as expenses of this kind are heavy? indeed, expenses of all descriptions are very heavy, and for the most trilling article, the question is not"how muoh a-piece?" but "how many for a dollar?" It has been well said, that "they have no change for a dollar here." nurrua, Ob Wednesday morning, May 3, at Qraoe Churob, by fie Rev. Mr. Taylor, Mr Simeon Lelard to Mlis Eleahoe A. Moore, both of this oitr. Ut?d. Oa the 84 May, at 7>* A. M., Mr. O. Dicoiter, laU gardener to SlrBobert Marsham, E?q., Btratton, Strawlay, County of Norfolk, England. The friends of Robert and Win. Hnaon, and Mr. R Taylor, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, at 2 P M , 4 .h iost, from 568 Grand street. Norwich papers, England, please copy. On Wednesday, 3d instant, at half past 2 o'clock, Miss Rachel Wallace, daughter of Samuel and Phebe Wallace, aged 21 years, 0 months, and S days. The friends of the family are respeotfaily invited to aitend the funeral this day, 4th Instant, at 6 o'clock, from the residence of her father, 168 Christopher street. Her remains will be taken to Westohester eonnty for interment. On Tuesday evening, Edward Pkall, son of lohabod Prall, aged AO years. The relatlvea and frelnds of the family, are respectfully invited to attend his.funeral, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of his brother. Henry R Prall, No 608 Hr>n?ton street, without further Invitation i&i) |i | nixAnu-iXc. w AJVR. u uMaina A.NL; *P I'vU Insurance Couipanv. May 3, 18<S.? A sealed Pickage addressed to the undersifned. wa? stolen from the resident of the Bank, this momma, while on board the Jerley City Ferry Boat. It u tup oifu there wai in the pirkase from $12,000 to $M.C00. ia the n->tea of this Bank, of the denomination of $500, $100, $50, $30 $10. and $3; iht remainder ?f the package consists of the checka of various individuals tod banks, onthiabtnk: and the fillnwmg are known to hive bren in tbe packsge;?P. Ballanfne's check, certified, dated Apiil 53, $1,04*8; t.arpeuter and Vermilye. do, 35th. $3 100; do, 37th, $3,(00; do. 38th. $3,000; do May 1; 83 0r0: J B. Desdoitr, Caah er Chemical Bank, No 96, May 3, $4,755 43; A. A. Tlitmaa. cheek certified, April 28. $630; 8 P. Smith, do, 37th, $1(65 55; B. Vanderpooi. Ear., do. May I. $500; Baldwin b Co, do, April 36, 1.036 34; do. do, 28th $500; do, do, May I, $1,000; 8m,th. Wn-ht (It Co., April 27, $?74 64, Uarthwaite. Darey h Co, 37ih, $3<6 43; do. 38th, $49 33. Tha following noteaof t^e denomination of $508, pa .mem of which haa been atopped : No 8, 9, 10 13. 15, 29. 31, 32, 26, 27, 18, 39,35.48,41,47. A gentleman on hia way to Newark nw the package on the aeat where it waa left. Another person beirE then in the cabin, an interview with that gentleman. which is respectfally solicited, her* or in New York, might lead to the recovery of the packages and any other person or persons. who may hare accidentlv teen the package it qnei ion, either lying on the teat, or after it was picked Dp, will pleaae give the information in person or by letter, to the Bick. A rewaid of |a 00* will be paid npon the recovery of the Bank Bills, or 92.MM npon the reeovery ol the whole package, or in proportion for any part ot ,Uie Bank Notes. J. 0. VfcRM1LVK. Cashier. _ _ MIA REWARD,?LOST ON WKDNEBDAY AFJ. v ternoon, between the honrs of 4 and 6, in Kast Broxdway, between Tike and Rntgers streets, a Mosaic Bracelet. ]'he finder will receive't he above reward by leavisg it at ROBERT RAITS', No K2 Broadway. LOST?E8CAPEDIFROM ITS CAGE. ON MONDAY last,a Mocking Bird. Five Dollar* reward will be paid lor its recovery, npon application to RUflBELL CRANE.71 rhird street. FOVND-A LADY'S WORK BAG. THC OWNER can have it on application to Anthoay J. Bleecker, 7 Broad i tree t. CHINA. GLASS AND CROCKERY?CHINA HALL. Farnuliing Warehouse, No. it Broadway, below the Bonded Warehouse.?Cheap Rant and convenient Pre i nises.?The following articles will be fonnd ia great va- i riety at the above est*hlishm?st, vitPlain White, Gold i Hand, and Decorated French Chint, Dinner, Dessert and i rea fets, at redocad prices. Best English White/ tone Dinner Sets or separate pieces; also, Toilet Ware, either ie sets I >r single pieeee : Tea Ware, Itc.ltc. Mown Bine Dinner Sets Toilet Set* kc. Mason's Pateet Ironstone Chin* Edward's donble thick Freneh glazed Ironstone Plafa, Dishes, kc , next to irapoesible to break. Rich <'nt Ulass by the dote a or complete sets. Pressed Glass Tnmbleri Duties. Bowls, ' kc.?a eery superior article for Monlded Goods, and very 1 wich icsemhling Cut Glass The goods will be plain marked 1 he selling price, without deviation. Packing, which is a very mportant pirt ?f this basinets, particularly attended to Pro- 1 jrietors of hotels, restoraata. boarding honses ships steamboats 1 >nd private familiaa will Gad it to their interest to eall. J. |CEJtR. I MIKANDOLE*. SOLAR LAMP#. HALL LAN- , U thorns and Tea Trave?Jnst received, one of the rich- < 'it assortment of Girandoles, from S< to t50 s set: Solar i L.ampa fmm 20s. to SI2 each; Hall L<nthnrns in great va- i ietiee: Tea Trays in sets Alio every style of Lamiji. i initible for ehnrcbes aad hotels JOH^ W. MORGAN, ii Knlton d <or eist tf Br?adwar. | Ti: HUGHES. THE CONSIGNEE OK A CARGO i of Coat, per boat P. U. Howard, from Pottiville. is re- | trt <*?1l i rn rmmA latalw at 4^ Uneeeit street i New and highly important invention ii? ] dentmry. Dr. Leyett, dentin, Ml Broadway, corner of Warren it'fet, hat ?he pleaaare of annonncing to nil patient* , md the public, that he wil ahortly mtrnrince an invention <if rrnt improvement and importance in hia profeinon in relation < <l artificial teeth for which lettara patent hare beea (ranted to ; | lim f?r th* Uaitad *tarei. Havana HMUKg-THK ?UB?CMBKKS offck i for lale a vaiv choice 1 >t of genuine Havana He?ari, v* loaa favorite brttada. at pricra considerably below the naual wtea. Purchaser. will hod it to their advantage to call aud J famine rbii at?ek. Alio for sale, ahont <00 MO domca'ie He , rars, different cjaalitiee ? kenneth It LAVEHTY, IM 1 tF?'l atrtat. I Rainbow coffer house, jt ui.;k.k\i a\ bt.. lata the Rainbow, 49 Howard street?The subscriber ' aapeetfullv annonneea to hia frieoda and the rublie, that on nl after tjatarday aeit, the 6th last., the above establishment *ill be opened permanently A few fnmuhed roomi to let ?v th? week, month, or year. Price $2 and $1 W per week. W.PILLOW. | MKEENTUKILESOU*AND HTE*K8?TH* PRO U prietor of the Bank Ci.lTee Home, No. II fine street, 1 te ween Broadway and Nassau itreet, respectfully informa j lis fr ends aad customers thit he will terye up a remarkably ine tu-'le in ionp and deaka this day, and everv dsy during he week Kamil ea supplied aa uinal. N B ?The larder i* i 111 plied with all the d?lic?cie? o( tfre season. * [ACE CAPS. VAI ENCIBffNE L M'ES, STANDING I ' .^collars an'1 cuffs Peter Hi tints, !7J Bro-d?av. has just ] fee ved a splendid as*-rtnaent ol the ab re; alio figured whue nd hlxck neia fir mantillaa. ntuslia ttimmmai. black l?ee?, ! .mhne h*ndker hief? lalanta' robaa. and *?<) Alio frona i lUfnon. wnnt *na u mci iiic note, mninn ?iiu i?ur i IfNrH mii'l H PT c?t h>low th? pMCW ___ | |i/| ANCHCnTKK UNITY, I. O OK O. F-W A"H- I L?J. ingtoa Lodge. No ittl, New Vork diatriet, will here i fter me*? erery other Tharedny, nt M DfNnejr ?treet A < nar.tnul attendance it teqoeet*4 ihif e?eni?*. *l?r 4tn, o? | niineu of importance. J AMJtS DLAIU, N O. I UNION COURSE, L.l -TROTTINO-THE MATCH f f?r tl 0?i between ? amhridge ?JuI nod A j ix. two milet I ., i repeat 10 fcatneia, wilt cunie olf ifua <lay, 1 nurMay. May tl lib, at three o'clock. Jtmrt Whelpley namee b. m M Jambridge Old; William YViieeltnd namei b. h Aja* The V ime?*y,a para* of t'jt (wo mile* a ad repeat, to liaraaM: b< iV in. Km( luttn br m. Philadelphia Hal; John i aaeib. - 01 'lUMimer; C. 8. baruae, i g Trnatee; Jamea Whelpley, hi. V d. Modeatr. The cara wil leave lha 8unth Kerry at 1)? h clock, ana return aa aoon aa the irot ia oror. Fare each way, H I cenia VI l> <1^ ?.N Pr |i>i?i?r t LJ OKattt KOR SALE?IVVKNiV MVK NOlilH- 1^ II era liorara for m'p, matched m pura or e<nKle. warrant- ot id aoond. Apply to W. 8. RKl D, Lirery Ptablea, 174 Mer ' A wr ttmtt. O U7ODD CUTS AND 8TKEL PL\TE8 KOH 8ALK? * Two or three hundred tine wood euBrariacii ill-i* ratine the leadidg ereuta of the i?*t three or lour year* ; nod 1 wo aplendid aleel piatea, viewi of the l*ark and Umun M.iuar? 1 >'ou?lMp? loraale. Applv at ilui otfi<?. ' | (J WANTED?SITUATIONS BY TWO 8MAHT ; ol young girla. one for t hamberwork nod to aaant in waab- ,,l uti and ironitg, or to take care of children; the other aa cbnm- j, xriuaid and waiter. Beat ol' city refetence Pleeae call at M I Hwnntrwt, > the grocery. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A HKSPECTABLE I Yooag wnahcr or ir >ner. or to do the gene- J al heniewotk ot a (mill family, or chimher work : haa no ob t? iectiaa te go a ahoit diatance in ih? couutry. The beat of city c e ware run hagi*e?. j%pp!y at 42 Henry atreet. N. Y. It WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WO- [J man, a situation at chambermaid or nurae, and to do plain aewmg, or to do general hoaae work, in a aui?ll privai? family; iiwilliug to make heraell uaelul. Britof eitrrfft- 1 'ence. Can be aeen f?r two daya. Pleaae apply at 211 Walker J itreet. t -al ll >or. front room. c WANTED-A FHENCH WOMAN. AH LADIES' ? Maid. Ar>plv immediately, at 763 Br. adwav \ WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE * young wornnu, ai Co k. Would be willieg to aaaitt in waahing and ironn g, or do chamber work in a small firatly, J >r do general houae werk, if uot auited otherwise Can aliow ai

he beat of city reference I'leaie call at No. 271 Mulberry- ? met, bttwi'l Prince and Houaton-sta. f WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE ? Yonr.g Wnmau. aa nur e, leamstresa, or to take cue of children, as clnrnbermaid. cook, washer, or irontr, or to do Lhe general houaework ofa amnll fimiiy. Haa no ot-Jection to in a abort dia ance iu ihe country. The beat of city reference | caobegivn. Aprl v at 17 Chunot a'rtet, flrat floor. r Wanted-a situation by a respeotale i yonuu woman, ui chimlictmaid.eook. waihrr, or ironer, f. or to Jo the general homework of a imall fimily. Hai no 11 otjeciion to go a abort dutmce in itic ceuitry. The belt of 0 city reference can b? given. Apply ti No 117 Hammond it. ?! in the Itore. " WANTED-A SITUATION BY A KKST- CTABLK , young Woman, ai cook wuher. ironer, or to do tbe generaj homework of a imall family. Hai no objeetion to go * a ibort diatance in the country. The beat of city reference * 'an be siren. Apply at 17V Kldridge itreet, io the rear, firi ' door. he aeen for wo dayi. t * WANTED IMMF DIATELY?A WELL QUALIFIED f "? Eugliih Teacher fort School For particular!, inquire of 1IB. H. F?LHENHELD, 130 Euex itriet. Good referenoenre required J AYOUNO MAN WANT8 A SITUATION~~AS Coachman, and can come well recomended from hii " I ait p'ace. The beat of eity reference* by applying at IS * Park Row. I AYOUNO MAN OK THOROUGH BUSINESS HA- ] (tin, oue who writei a good band and undentandi bookkeeping, u deeirouiol obiaiainga situation in a wholeaale or etail grocery, or liquor itore. The object in adveitiiiag ii, 1 chiefly to learn tbe buiiueii. Please addrenA. B. ''Herald ' Office " " Brass kounders-a superior workman, capable in every particular, and well acquainted with machine caatingi, mixing metali, melting in pota and in cupola' < will find a permanent situation by applying to the clerk at R HQIC k CO.'B factory, corner Broome ana Sheriff iti. I TO WA8HERS AND IKONEHS-WANTED, A i forewoman for a waihing and iroaicg eitabliihment. to c whom liberal encouragement will be given; none but a firit , rate hand need apply. Application to be mad* at Baker'i, 104 Reade -treat, from 10 to 4 o'clock. Alio wanted, a second | l and clothe* mangle, for which a fair piice will be given. Ap- -I ply ai above. t WM. CROWLEY It SON BEG LEAVE RESPECT- I fully to inform their friendi, thit they have removed to t 100 William itreet, where they have constantly on hand a fine f aiiortment of needle*, fiihbooki, *cii*or*. pearl button*, cat- i tlery, fcc., at the loweit price* ef any eitabliihment in the ] city- 1 T<HK OFFICE OF THE NEW YORK, ALBANY AND 1 A Buff ilo Telegraph Company hai been removed to No. M J (siitcec) Wall itreet. up aiair*. j T^OCTOR ANDREW KINO'S OFFICE AND DWEL* liag. No 249 Wiit Thirteenth itreet, N. Y. Cottage, j *ecoad door below 9th avenue. ] Da. combtoch has rkmovkd to 44 wil? Iiam. me door below Wall atreet. I DEMOVAL?the MARINE! surveyors have ' XV removed from 93 to 106 Wall atreet, corner of Front itreet over Messrs. Oirard Betti It Co*!, auction itore. J Removal-the office of the national 1 Loan Fund Life Assurance Society, of London, * moved from No 74 to No. 71 Wall itreet Removal?david lockwood. kitchen 1 Range Manufacturer, would respectfully inform his cmtomeri and the public generally, that he has removed to No. 642 Broadway, eorntr of Bltecker itreet who.e he hopei to meet with a continuance of their favon,and will repair allkindi of range*, parlor grate*, hot-air furnace*, fcc. at the *horte*t notice. REMOVAL-ARCULAR1U8 BAKRRY.?'THE SUB- ' seriber respectfully bega le.ire to inrorm hi? patron* aad the pnb'ic mat he will rtnoTt on the 1st of Mar from h a old established aland, No. 10 Tourtland-atrMt to 319Hndion-atreet, near Vandam atraet. where he will continue to supply them with bread, rolls, tea-cake,Ite., lie., aa heretofore. GEORGE 1 AR' ULAWnjf*' 8QN. ( REMOVAL?MRS CARROLL'S MEDICATED VApor and Sulphur Baths, removed to 134 Broadway, two ? doors above Leonard street. Theie Batha are the most safe, < delightful and efficaciona remedy for colda, rhrumatum, J chilla and fever, kc. and not only* care, bat a preventive to miayof "the thousand ilia that flesh it heir to." They afford . the moat agreeable mode of Bathing, and we essential to tho- I rough cleanlii *M. THK POFULAR LIBRARY OF AMUSEMENT AND lnatroction.?A aeriea of (mall volumca by ihe moat approved writera. on the finest paper ard type, profuiely illastrated from the original designs ef J. G. Chapman. To be publiahed the first of every month Now ready .number one, containing The Redbreast, from the German of Christopher Von Schmid. Price ten eents, with eight fine illustrations from Chapman's dei gns EDW'D. DUNlGAN fc BRO , 151 Fa 1 ton at. SUPREME COURT IN KQUITY?SECOND JUDIcial Circuit.?Bill lileH w ith Clerk of Dutchess connty. Ludwig Brnmleu, plaiutiflf, vs. Bertha Brum'eu. defeadsut.? Bill divorce a vinculo. Charlea W. Swift, of Poughkeeptie, Dutchess county. N.V., plaintiff's solicit')-. Bertha Brumlcu. the defendant in this cause, whoie place of residence is in the city of Megdeburgh Prussia, ia required to appear in his ciuie by the |2a day of October. 1141, or the bill filed therein will be taken aa confessed bv her. I 'HO KOREION GENTLEMEN ARRIVING IN THE ! X United Slates, or others desirous of purchasing a permanent Conn try Residence in Pennsylvania. The subscriber offers for sale hia Farm, situated in Moctgoinerr Co . Pennsylvania, 14 milea nonh of rhiladclphia. It containa 3t> acres of land, 28S acres of which are in the highest state of cultivation, producing wheat, rye, Indian com aud hay, equal to any upland farm?the remaining 20 acres being woodland. On the premises is a fine stone mansion, 60 feet b7 45. with a verandah attached, IS feet wide, extending the length of the house, and ' a large piazxi on the east, the whole givug ample accommodation tor a family ol twenty persons. The pleasure grounds j surronndicg the house &ie shaded with elegant evergreens, | and very beautifully laid oat. There are on the ftrm three atone hon<es for farmera or tenants, together with three large i stone bams, containing aisb'ing and conveniences Torn hun- | d el leid of cattle and for il.e storaue of 250 toes of tirodnce. Willi coach home, wngon home. fr*n*ry and corn crib* attach J ed. '1 here are alao the advantage* of a fine apring hou?e, ice | . hou*?. full pond, a garden of two acres, orchard* docked with > the fueat fruit, green liouie and grnpc wall, a stream of sprirg I. water in erery held, a daily muTby which the Phi adelphia and New YorV parers of the same day are received, ana an j " ou nibus pa>siug the g<te rooming and evening. In the in*- , mediate vicmity are Episcopal, Lutheran and Presbyterian ' chmchra. Farther deacription unnecessary, aaall person* I , wishing to purchase are iuvited to call andeiamice the eaiate. I It may, however. be added, that for beauty, healthful n tuition . and advantages, it ia not lurpaaMd by any in tha United States 1 It may be well to mention the pr;ce which ia $210 per acre , Apply to GEORGE 8HEAFF, Whilemarsh. Montgvmery , Co . Pcnn. April 19 [ ACCOMMODATION TO THE UPTOWN RESI /*. danta? 1. 8TOUVENEL k CO haying opened a 8 Urge establishment at No. 7J7 Broadway, opposite Aator Place, for the better accommodation of thar nomeroua cnito- ' mersaad the public in general, reapectfnlly call their attea- ~ tioo to our rich and splendid assortment of Oaa Fixture*, of P every description, Solar Lamps. Girandoles, Hall Lamp*, of ' the lateat ttyle. Alao. the richest asaortment of Cut Olaa*. * of the finest quality, of our own manufacture, not to be *ur- ' pa* ed by aay other; French China, plaia, white aad gilded ' Bohemian article#, fee lie. Good* of ay try description loaa ed for partie* at the loweat r*te; Stained (Jlu* for ehnreke* * and (taaaboata, of the richest cutting and paiating; Olaas cut , to order; also an naaortment of camphine and lard Lampa, of . a aew and improved invention. Weal?a continue oar buii- | Jnessat our Old Stand, No J John street, and No. 19 Gold ?t.. !| where people will Gad the name at*ortm\at and at the aatne ^ low rate, wholeaale and retail,for city and country trade. J. , .hTQUVEWKL k CO. _ I CLARKE'S L \M ARTINE SACK COATS FOR J spring wear ?The pee ulianty of theae coal* is, thai they ire made of blue eloth, with handiome worked iilk front*; ) > [he breast pocket ia outside, in which a white handkerchief ' j mould be worn ; tbe pocket i? fittened with a small button r A perfectly new aoortmeat of suitable spring good* to ! < made to meainre at low prices. The price of the Lamartiae " i*|M. O B. CLARKE, II# William street. | . CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE.?LA- ! 0 dies and Gentlemen hiving *uperfln>n* effects to dispose | if, inch as wearieg appa el, fnrniture, kc , can obtain a fair ), :aah price lor the saiae. by sending for the subscriber, through j-, the post office or otherwise, who will rttend at their resi ,i ienres. J. LEVEIN8TYN. 4?? Broadway, up st?ir?. Ladiea ! K can be attasded to by Mrs Levenstvn._ a C"* AST OFF CLOTHING, J EWELRY, FIRE j> wanted ?fllMMMor families wishing to eonve-t their " mperfltioni effect* into caah.will obtain full value for the same I ay addressing the subscriber, (through the post orlice. or otherwise ) who will at'end them at their residences by ap- II poiotment. H LEVETT, Office No. 2 Wall street,coratr jf Broadway I J CAHT OFFCLOTHINU AND KIJRNITUKC WANted ?Ladiea and Oentleaeu having any cast off clothing, 1 , :aa receive a tair caih price h> sendiug a note throngh the iost, or at his residence. 4S Kast Broadway. H. A. BOER. | WORTHY OF NOTICE.?w HAT CAN BE MOH E T convenient for gentlemen to know than No 6 Mtursv J itreet, rear Broadway, is the only plaee in the city that you I j' tet your clothing cleaned, dyed, altered, and repaired at shott I tr lotiea Coat* cleaned for ts; pants 3i?superior to all eompe- 1 tioa. Tailoring ?l every description dose cheap by calling i 'J >r seeding to No I Vfurrav sr * CORTIMOS. late of <*4. _ Most extraordinary work.-every mo ther's Book.?The apprehension of poyerty and the prospect of too large a family of children, prevent many " irudent people from catering the married atate ; but here i* a . ??>ra inn will ten yon miuiy important aecreia wmcn win , irercome all inch objection! Thia work ia not clamed with I' I [Iibliration nnder (he name of Manrigean. Trie*. M 2, enli. Koraale by Bargea* Bcriager. It Co, 221 Broadway, f; New York; Zeiber k Co., corner, of Chaanut and Third 2, Ifra?t. Philadelphia ; W K. Dnria. It Hiata atraat. Boitoa. 0 |?0R LIVENPOOL. ? TUB STEAMSHIP HARAH 1 a Band* will aail for Lirarpo< I on May Stb, her rcfnlar day. ?r ifferinf an nnntoally good opportunity for th? ahipmaat of te Img*. ii'ia and othar foreign good*. Wot fraigkt or paaaaga. tri >. I! (fW'HMIT ?? a,niV> itreat. ,j| 1.1011 NEW OIILKANB LOUISIANA AND NtW |u r York Line of Packeta. Very redarad ratti of Freight. ln r? aail Monday, May ly.k The new aud iplecdid faat-aaiiing |# >arket (hip I IH (apt Hwan. n now loidtog aad will _ waitiyely tail aa above, bar regular day. For freight or ? auagr, baring iplrn"id fainitlieii accommodation*, arp!? on N x>ard,at Orleaoa whari, foot of Wall itraet, oi to K. K.COL .1 NH. it Month atreet Poaitiyely no fraiubt will b? reeeired m board after Waiineadav evening, May 13th. Agent ia New " ')rl?aaa, Mr. WM. CRKKV Y, who will promptly forward all 1,1 rood* tohta addreaa Packet bark OENJCSJlE Will raccaad " ha Utiaa, aad (ail bar rnralai day. A J KNR Y H LEEDS, A Lr':TIO *EER ?LARGE SALE * ?f ehoie? ol4 Wim. beloagiag to th? Ln? Howl ? ?it? H. ).? <!. It Co. will ??ll, it aaari<>n, on Thurtday, lay 5ih, th- Mum of that ( it* su>ck of choice old fiues? the proprietors r?tiriug fioui business Borne of ihe wines they had intended to retain, will thru be sold withit rtserr*. consisting of 11 diifarout kindsot Madei a. ?i* : ("ai.dun, Ulacabura. .S?rcial,Learock. Victoria, Black Dw?rf, N Krauciaco, Monteiro, Blo^dg iod, H . ? u.l, Prmiouo 8lc. Iierrys-iCam. Chutiurey 1786 ; Htir Ueaaldu. J. H. Black 11 ; Cabinet Ha mouy. Cabinet brown and iio'd, Duff irdim Ik l.o ; P 0. Pile, and he Ik: Alao au aa oruiient very old Hock Witiet. Claret tt.tra'ou, (Juatiei's and her ce!?brnt?il ur.ndi; tturguudy, 8 in.uru Cordials Hcotch le, old Mouoiwalie.a Whisky, M-otch ditto, and r nglr a. The above wimi luveberu sele'trd with the .irrawel ire. with iqi regard to coat ; aud there are i.oue iu the tale ;cept those leltcieJ lor tha us* of ih? htm \T OMUBNOUUH, AUCTIONK. Kll ?AM R"y iickii Witdow Ulass, at Auctiou ? W Oreenouvh k o., will a?ll, thia day. Thwraday. at II o'clnrk. within their re, 108 Wall atreet, 7W0 Iioim new Anerienn wiuduw glaaa, " fa? or it r- :?nd approved hr ula, cumi nam* a large assortment 7 i 9, B s 10. 10 I 13, It ? It, 19 X ML I> 1 16, aud upwards ? anudiately after sale of-lias?Piusaiau bine chrome yellow, id chrome t een. Terms?Konr months oyer $10?, approved iper. i maionuea are iiu? ready. jM.'RNIl IJHK. THIS I)A Y ?ANTHO.N Y |J. BLKKt K er will Mil, this day. at No. 7J7 Broadway. (oppoaite Aa NT Place) re whola of the lurimur* r>( that doulile house lmpriamg a very large aaaottinrnt. Tlia aale to eouunrurs i the diuing room, precisely at ten o'clock. No bii.'a will hi rceiyed from former bnye a, who have neglected to pay foi teir good*. Terms raali, in bankable money; goods to be de retail ill a nfternoon. |\ D INAHH. AIM TlONKKIl-MHKKIKK'S HAL1? of French Dry tiu.da?1'hia Day, Thursday, at ten o' luck, at 139 Knlton atieet, a large atcck of Drt tooda, comimaiLg ribbons, lacea, ail las, honery, glov?a, ri.ta. shawls. veila acstfs, hdkfa. parasols, br J. J. V VKSTEHVELT, Sheriff; A. T. HILLYElt. U?puty henff I K. W1LLAHL), AUCTIONEEH.-HOWtiK KWHNI 1 lure, this day, Thursday, May 4th, at II ' rack,Bt lh? nclioii room, No. 1 Cedar aireet.?re em. t ry si r. for rush, I furniture left ef hoaae sales, sofas, sidchoaid, chairs, tallica rush stauda, bed/, mattresses, carpets, crockery aud glass. juc ires. Alao, a variety ol i ther goods worthy the noticu die oud hand lurniture dealers and families. No postponement, mi or shin* By W.V1. W. hH I Hl,K Y. 3ENJ.1MIN MOONEY, AUCTIONtEH-ED W A HU Paysou will sell, this day. at 19 o'clock, at the luetion uotn, 12 Piatt street, J casks knives and folks, 3 casks ainail mhrv Imk ninri hr.?i.> L?.?. . .l.rU I, ?...?> I, - Uitelt. gouget, plaue iron*. I WO dozen li lea. Ike.. tic., bcina le baUsre oftt?ck oftwo Sheffield hornet. Alto, tlir bnlanci fttock oi a Birmingham agency, couoiticg of Clink'* Hutu Del fiaine pulliea, cany ci.inhi, trunk lockt, cupboard locki IS locU?. Ike air. Kor further imrtieulnrt tee catnlogue. FM. BttOWN, AUCTIONEER?CABINET AM Houtehold Koruiture, 1'ianu-Forte,lie. Friday, Mav ith t lUX o'clock, at No. 102 tlroadway.a large aud deur?lile .i? iitmeut of rabiuet and houtehold furuuure of all detcrir lout, coinprinng carvtd aofaa aud cUairt, bu enut, w?tn t >uil(. cintre tablet, French hediteidi, mattraiiei aud alio econd hand piano-forte and teveral piecea of tecoud-haui j'niture A UCTION NOTICE-CHINA, GLASS, ENGLlSt n Dinner and Tea Servicet. W. A. CARTER wilt tel iu Friday, J.h May, at 1# o'clock, at 447 Broadway, the contt mation af the rich and cottly stock of Thotaat Billtland, bj irder of the aatigueet, count mg of Dinner. Breakfaat, Det ert, Tea and Toi et Seta; China, (Jlataaud Earthenware, ele :*nt China Vaaet and Figure*, of the inoit cottly detcriplioct Ule positive Catalogues on morn;ng of tale. I^O LET, IN WILLI AMS8UROH?THE THBEfc tlory brick Dwelling aud Store in South Seveutli, net o i lie coriero! Seeoud it., tecoud block Coin Peck Slip terry \pply at the corner, or of THUS. J. FEN WICK, it Ferrj it, New Vork. Rent HOP _ __ A STORE TO LET AND BU8INE83 FOR S4LEfV To a lady withtiig to commence butinett this olfert i :l,ance rarely to be inei with, l he ttore it iu one of tlit bet iituationa in Broadway, and now doing a firat rtte bntmeu n rench Fancy Uoodt aud Millinery. Can be had on a loni, eate, aad arery facility givea te thepnrchaaer at to the know edge of the butinett, cuttomert, he. To aroid trouble, n< ine need apply who cannot tommud $4000 in caah. Addreaa *ith real name, V C., Hertld office. POtl SALE?A COUNTRY HOUSE (COTTAO-O with Stable, Garden, and Orchard, abounding in frui reet of different kinds, with a email wood (place de plai anct); a atream of water runs through it. betides spring! o xcellent water. This property lies ui Hastings, Westchet er county, New York, on the main road to Albany, near thi ludtou River, a few minutet walk of the Steamboat Land ngs. For information, call at M. Schloaser, grocer, near th Jock, Hastings, or Charles Eckert, 68 Duane street, Nes Ifork eity. POR BALE. OR WILL BE EXCHANGED KOI property in this eity?Two lou adjoining on Ohio St., ii 'hiladelphia, each 30H ftet front by JO feet deep, on one o which it a two aiory brick houte. Ohio ttreet runt fron i weiitu 10 v^uioce, oetween rui auu Liomoa'u. c-uqure u ft M. HOK.Sl Gold st , N. Y.. or of D.J. KENN&DY, a Heading Depot, Broad and Cherry St. Philadelphia. COUNTRY BOARD AT HOWAHD PLACE. 1SLI11 Loag liland ?Mr. Howell having purchased the aboTi >luce, late the residence of Captain Mnuaon, one of the moi eau.ifal, cool and shady place s upon the aouih aide of thi [ land, ia denreui of taking a few genteel famine* to board, a reasonable price*. Reference to Meuis. D. D. or J. P. How nd. Howard Hotel DOAHD IN THE COUNTRY. WITHIN TU1RT1 miles of the city, and easy of acoeaa, ia wanted by a sou. family for the summer month*. A location on the North riv? would be preferred. Addrea* J. V. W., boi 1111 P. O., statin terms, he. Board on Brooklyn heights-a fev good Boarder* can be accommodated with pleuai rooms aad board with a quiet family, where there are a let boirders, by making immediate application at 33 Willov itreet, Brooklyn, or M Front street, New York. Brooklyn May 3d, 1848. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE AND THREi ingle gentlemen can be accommodated with board am )lea*ant rooms in a small family,where the comfort* of a homi :sn be realized, at No 80 Nassau itreet, Brooklyn. A GENTLEMAN DOWN TOWN WANTS a ROOM rl. with breakfast, ia a nice family, or witti a yoaag widow where be csn .fiad comfortable home. Address, James Herald i.flicc. PHEAP GOODS?JAMES BECK It CO., RESPECT folly inform the ladies that they are selling the best On Qdiers French Chintzes, Dolfus Meigi, do do, and othe French Prims, at Is Sd per yard. Also, Jacoi.ets at Is 6d pe rard.oftbe same maker ; Organdies, at Is 6d per yard, do d. Also, barrages, at 2s per yard, of splendid pattern ; Silk Gre ladines, Tissues of new styles, plain Barrages, l-t pUiu Bm ages of erery color, embroiuced Barrages, rmbroidorei irenadines, embroidered Barrage Diesses. Also, Sjlks ol tlit atest Paris styles, Cameliou Silks, plait changeable Silks, i plecdid assortment, black Silks, of the lioest Puis high Imtn nake,and rerjr cheap black fuured Silks, black Plaid mt Striped Silks. Also, r oolaid Silks, p'ai" and priuted of even una and style of pattern, embroidered Foulard Dresses, wit! Visits to match. Al?o,|Vluslin d'Lainsi, all wool, new pat em plain Muselin d'Laines, of sapsrior qnalry, ul all colors loie d'Nord. plait and figured, plain Krenci Ginghams, plaid linghams fcc Orison and Paris' superior fa is made Kit they are superior to anr other olore imp >rted?light lark, black and while, is per psir?Gentlemen's Kid G!ovr? s per pair. Also, Krsnch Embroiderns, Caps, Collais, t ufTa l.indkerchiefs, Chem zettes Dresses. Ike , at extremely low irices. Also, Laces, Inserting. Edgings, Lace Capei, Veils Jollars, Scarfs, Shawls. Cuffs, Btrtlirs ol erery kind, at lowe :han ever before offered, Canton Crapes, Nankin Crapes, em iroidered < hina Crape Hhaw.s, plain do du do, real Ind i thawls and fevfs, 1" reiich l nshmrre Shawls, <1) do printu lo.djdo plain do, barrage, do, oo Scatf and Mantillas, Stll VInntil 1 '.s of the latest Pans t'ashiou t'ie greatest ruietv ^ Iso, Paris embroidered Muslin, Foulard, Toil u'.Nord, Crap I'Chme, Mantillas and Visits Linen Cambric Hanokr thiefs, hemstiched Handkerchief) of every kind. Lawn B r lered am1 Heyere, of all kind*, from anctiou at nuction prices Image Veils, and 1% Barrage for Bonnet Cijnuri, Fanct mTaU. Belt Ribbons, &e , *t lower prices than to be fount n anr other estab.isiimrnt in this city, 3JJ Broadway. VfEKCANTILE mutual INSURANCE COMPA JUL ny. No. 63 Wall street.?In conformity with tlie aqaisi ions of their charter, the Company submit the lollnwini tatemeut Amount of preminms not maikedoir April 3d 147. s 116.136 44; amount ol premiums on policies uined dur ng the year ending Arril 3d. 1148, 9733.94 0 32? touil arnoun if nremiums, $849,076 76. The amount ol premiuirs marU?? io inland transportation and navigation risks, $61,8< 8 !J? tola 1667,437 28, less return premiums, $'j2.751 62?earned premi imi for the year. S614.686 26 Paid during the same perlot or reinsurance, $63,460 t>8; expenses, (19,718 98; interest :<>mmissioa and bad debts, *21,738 79; mame hmss. #274.02 4: lulatd nav,Ration do., $30,621 30?mini. Slit! >7 49; profit, o be dividsd. $198,118 77. Amount of earnings of 1817, %)i 6i '5; do. do. 18)8, aa abort, S198.118 77?total for two yean 1250.770 52. Tli* company further report that thev h <ve a his data the following assets, vii:?Invested in UMtel Bute I'reasury notea, $104,059 81: Mis receivable, $134 327 38. c.isl md nnaettled c.aima to be closed by casljjjr notes, 143 998 17 crip of other eompames, $1,199 00?total assets $563 585 48 ? riie Trustees hare declared dividend of thirty-two per eeat >u the net e 'rned preininma of (he |>ast year, payable ia scrjr m and after the second Monday in May neit. The Trusteei lave alao resolved to pay an interest of an per cent, oa till monat of th? certificates sutkoricrd to he isiued ia April, It7, to be paid to the holders thereof, or their legal rrprssen stives, on and after the eighth day ?l May nsit. It was nlin esolved thitsssoonis the accumnlnted profita eiresd ths am of half a million of dollara. the HtMshill be appropu i sd to the raseroption of iu scrip. agreeably lo the provisions f the charter By order of the Board CHAHLK4 NH -V:OMB, Secretary. Trustees?Th'imu Hoat, Jamea Krea led. Henry ?b?ldoa, Thomas 8. Nelson, Wilson <*. Hunt Itewart C. Marsh, George Hastingi, G. W. A. Rogers. y essop.SeptiniusCrookes, Charles 1'ayno, Charles H Rogers , i. IC. Monug, r?nmusl J. Beals. William Watt, Alciet Heed !rrm Curtis. Herman Boker, Charles O. Carleton, Laciai lopkins, Diniel U. Haviland, Levi Ook, David L Hayre lenry A Stone, James G. Hallock, O T. Maltby Ueorge D 'helps, James U. Bon ier, Frederick Vietor. H. W.T Mali tichard Bigelow, Alexia 8. Baker. J08KPH WALKKK 'resident; LEWIS (JRKOORY, Vice President ; KLL VOOD WALTER, Assistant Vic* President; CHALK? JV.ffrnvfl. <Wr*tarT View VOKK AND HARLJCM RAILROAD COMPAey, April 20th. 1848 ?The utul eleet on for Director! f ihia Companv will be held at thei> office, >o. 4 Tryos low, on Tuesday, the 16th day of May nest, t.etween the oars of 12 and 2 o'clock. The tranafer books will be closed rom the f7th ol April mst., to the 16th day of May ne?t, both his inclusive. By order of the Board of Directors. A L YLK, Jr .Hee.retary. N B ?The stoesholders whose names ppear upon the books at ths tms of the above closing, will e the persous entitled to subscribe for the preferred stock to e issued nnder the recent act of the Legislature. for which reposals will be issued ia a few days P. 8 ?\ snbirrip-inn at will be opened at the office of Meeera. R. k O. L. l*chuy r, !*?. I Hsnover street. f KKCUKS! LKKCHK8 : !-J. K. ri.KU, IMPOR Li ter of 1 eeches. No. 7. John srreet. respectfully inform the Ituginita and I'hyaiciana that he hiajmt received per ilr m up WmhirHCoo, * frrah a;ipply <>l Hweediili Lcechea. ? hirh e aella at very moderate pri' ea by <itimtitiea to tail pure In era. p. 8.?CoantrT ordera particularly nltanJeJ to. kTO'CR* NO i H *ROK?DO< TOW MKRPHV, of 0<>ld ilrcct, ii confidentially coiuu'ted o? all formi t>1 ri vate dia'.aaea. Recent cuaea of gonoih<r?i he enrea in 2 to daya (.'onautntioral debility and nnpoterey aneremlnlly eated h' Dr. M No merrnrv med in any ca?e, or hindrance om bna neaa. Office (1 Uold atreet: open from A. M. to 10 . M. \M EDICAL C*RD-I>R GLOVER T?KK8 THIS vi. method of informing thoae who hare enquired by letter hether he had retired from pra'tice. that he itill eontmaea to ire thoee difficult and protracted caaea of couattrntional an-l plicate diaraiea, which have baffled the akill of fhynciana of ta eipeneoce. Dr. (i. woald eipecially invite those who it# anffered from a certau data of perinna to e ii at hu office, Fa. 1 Ann atreet, where they will meet with a certain, apeedy id effectual ear*. Private entrance thro??h the entry to the ftp# door. poothache cured without omm the L leaati?ie,in a few minntea, at Dr. Holt's Tooth Asha id Dental Mooma J',9 Broadway, over Ueck'aold (tore; al?o. eth filled and inaerted at moderate pricea. iu a tho-onfli a d berantial manner Asenciea will be eatabliihrd in a (aw iya for the aale of Holt's celah-ated Tooth AclieDro|>?, ronghont the city and Htate of New Vorlc Thia rernely e proprietor has been osinf durine the paM fomiaen yeiri. hia | race* ia Hi Lonia.i inciaaali. Bnll'lo, >ew Orana, New York, and other citiea in the Uiii'ed Sfaiea uf KDIC AL CARD-HTRM TLHK8 ARK NOW RK"E moved in ha f the uaual lime, by Dr Morriaen a im .1 A Iinr II r( a e r<in*ntTr complicated with tb? morbid remit ofmaatnrbaDr. M.'a miM p'a> of treatmant will l>? fon?d tlia onlr icreaafdl on*. Se? bia dml-ma. with tb? aigaataie* ol ?ir tlty Coop*r, ke , la >?lton?ti??t. BOWKKV TWATRP.-.THOMA* <* H t.VIBL' . Proprietor and VUn?f?r- I t.orid v ^ . .,n -74 w^l! l?? ixiifof n.r J h? <?|?r i of *j Ml I i \ . - ? |> ja i. mi .r de boitn Mr. Ci i<wi: D?u J?? d<- uar>m, Mr Mnuiti Cbirlrt 11, Vlr b?u?r; Aiwqtudt vtoutalton, Mr W.rdn.. Lt/trillo Mm Lirhtrni win; M*rit?n? Art "runm To enncluiie wiih (lie KurVtijjf Kiir < ?( L V (, H |S? LL>I??C h:*?lir Mr. Unillt, Mr Albau L? ,.t Wi dtg; Mr* A br.i Duck. Mm ? t U r> 0|wi. ?i7?p?!forin ui** tu eoi?ui>!K r ai haJI pa?i 1 oHi > fi<tr>. 11 of *t lit* iiottfc* '? c?u, I'll. 16 euli; G . i#ryt 12}^ c?tii; Priv? e I'mti.lS Ci HATHAM rHHT?K.?TBDI??D?H KVtN NO S Mn? < IMt, will b* pi?tr*lr?i. Pi A i I ) A L. L) - h K v CJCS?M-J'ir -u?i di*?irii. Mr I'i ?y i^imon(Marrow f r , MV Nfc.I(ilI jO ? '!* Vtr li> K?.>if. Huuie/i'.n, r Hield.vlia Hniii?, Miss Hildreth. 1? L?f>l! ?(db)' NE*' IfOliK AS IT If?Muff, .Mr Ch'nfrsa; Joe Mr VViorn Knly, Mr* I Booth To conclude wnli RI.A('K KVKD 8U8aN'?iVil | liam.Mr Hiald: li'aik Ksed hII no, .M > I). l-onii j opseed at 7 o'clock. I'lrToroU' l r n.m?EC?? | it,<??? IS eaali ' it l01* ' \|M'< HELL'S OLYMFK TH It ATI ' ?THUMDAl ivl. Kveuiiiic, May i. the e.itertauime-t to fit mmruce with a n?w farce, entit *d DO.Nk. OM MOTH hi I)KB? Mr Py? inalloD Phibhs Mr. Hollind; Mr? Whifflra.Mrt. H'rrr lo l>? lollowed by a new local piece entitle'' A ULAMJK A P NKVV VOKK IN IIIH ?viotf, Mr i hiufrau ; J U*-. Mr. Conover , Kim Htahhmv Mm Mary layl<?r: Vary. Via* i I'll 111 iiis . J?n? M si Robert* Alter which, t" HO V IIKKr.M?IXirholla h'ni ti.i* \!r Molleud; V'gty <i ' Mui Marv Taylor. To ouclude with the eitr*?a# era of K VBHI?K ill i Mr Tlollmil, Annette Miss Moheris: K*iry Itlauch, Mi*s Phillip, a Dreaa I ire e, '0 cents; l/i?|>eiBom 2i cent?: Pit one kbillia^. Private H.iei, ii ; Oii heitra B >?f? II. HKOAHVVAV I lil.Al'itt. 1 M l<-l) w kvi n '"*> ""'"y w,ll I'' itrl niied the comely ol THK. IRISH aTTORNl-.Y?1'nrce O'Hara, Mr Coilisa; I* eltfif,*f. IVlr Hbaw; Mia? ' M ?. Mrrgeai.t 'loin I liowtd hy ihe farce cf HOW lOPAY I Hit, UK NT? Mo ictu tier, Mr. L'ollius; Mori(.tn Milc, V-, Vmhe; Mia I on science, Mr*. Chapm?n. To c nrlnde with tne la'ce of 1 KI NO'S (J WIOK ^ KK?Moos (1 .l.ichard Mr Ha'lawae; * i Benseiade, Mr. McDouall; M id m e ijVurharJ. Miss lei . hiu. O.'iort open at 7 o'clock. Perl ?a half past 7. UrtM Circle ud Parqnatta, .'j ei*. k,unify eirclw,iS' < Miliary, 11% "* II KCH ANIC'8 HALL.<72 BKOAOWAV lie I V. El > i*A (Jrnad aud Brooms street*. Thursday. Mey t, "nil every 1 ri^ht during the week, the orimunl CIIRI.-1 4 '(J I> INSi'Hi'.LM. whose l nicer j dum* the [.at sevin iiuuth* 1 have tier l received with surh dutniifuiahed t>' tr d igr and nii? jam; led success mist i eajirci Hi I ly announce, tlit tlity ! will continue their OriKiual ard iimnitable entertainment*. > eve'y mgt.t until further notice ?. mission 20 cents Dour* 1 open at 7?Concert will commence at 8 JVncgr.r end tor. K I" i hristy. O"" Kor the tecommi/d ili?n of , milics, they yeill K've an nfu-inocn Concert everr Hutuidr.j' Duora 1 t.pen it 1?coinm?i:ce at 3 P M. . I)\l,MO H Ol' \ HOHMK-S r\Tl-l AllY AND I LI Unrated I'irtnrei?Wiatniic.-I. ^1 vthologicnl and Mysu* cnl by t eaty live peiforners, nndrr the duection of riiif. Monte I,i'I i Ptoirremme fur this sveumi; t?l The Warrii r'a | Dreaui, dunce ol Ulyssst' dxui'hlt's. i 1'lie D'neeia ?? poniK. Kairies' Itiveiire. Mnh.r llercnies in tl.e C'lurt of the (Jods. 3 The I'lemdes, Grace*, Hnppho, The IJe 2 luua. 5. UrreU Slave. < oin'mtt between Id s nd Ap Ho, I I Tl.. l?\i? r d........ L'. ... u r ,1.. 11. ...1 ....... ' Admission, dre>s circle sud Piiniuette, SI; upper h<<ir? Met* " doors opeu at 7)<, and performance tocoumeure at B o'clock. PALMO'd OPERA HOUSE-" A KOSE BV A.NV other nam* would smell ns meet" I? there nny one who km not itea the Model Artists before thei-su|iprci>i'>ut If there be any so far brhind the age, we he* to say that the best iuntatiou of tlietn as yet brought out, now exhibiting ' at Palitio's Opera H?ute; they are yery lilts the models lormerly exhibited there; iu fact, so I ke, that those who have seen the artists btfire, aa??rt that ihey caii see uii diff?recee, iud>et fliry are but mere | ictoml illustrations. Itappeirs that the manager, during the time the thea're his been Closed, iravellal all over the -States looking ior preit girls, as we ob?er*?i! so in? decidedly be utilul ones th?re ia?t umht. fit to > m.unt'he " pedestal" iu the most palmy d.?ysoftue Models, t Kor fti"l>rr particulars see suiall bills. I DARIN UM'H AMERICAN MUSEUM?P.T. B *RNUM, MJ Proprietor; K Hitchcoci, Manager.?Hpleudid pertnira) aaces every afiernooa at half-pasr < o'clock, and every even. lag at 7X Giant lialiy. only 16 mouths old, w?ighiug ninety pounds Also engiged, for a few days longer, the m iguitirent Dissolving Views and dazzlingly brilliant Chrouotro;*; tiraat , Western, the Yankee ; Professor Totld, ou the Accordion; t Mrs. Hurlbut, Miss Noble, Mrs. Monell, Miss Julisn, Mr. James Hall. Comic Ringer; Mrs. Pel by s iplsmlid Was Hiatf uary ; Madam Rockwell, the Kamous Hortune Teller. may be - privately consulted at an eitra charge of 2i cecta Aauissu a t to the whole, including Museum, Performances, Sir., ? cents; children aider ten years of age, aad old eeongh to walk aloaa, e HH ?s<n front seats, shilling eacp extra. B' ANVARU'8 MAMMOTH PANORAMA Of THE Mississippi river, painted on three miles of canvas, being I the largest panting la'the world, at the Panorama building, in u Broadway, adjoining Niblo'a Warden. Open every evening, I (Hundays excepted) Admission M cents; children hair i price. Tse Panorama will commence moving at 7K o'clock f precisely. Afteraoon exhibition on Wndnneday and Hstar t dsy, ail o'clock. Temple of the muses. 36 canal street? This celebrated place of umuseuient is aow open for the scaion, commencing every evei.iug at 8 o'clock, with ihe Metropolitan Baud of Minstrels. After which, otli'r entertain raeots, which draw enthusiastic applause?C. 8. B.ihTINE, Proprietor; M. PKwoH. Manager. IVI INEttVA ROOMS. 406 BUOAIIWAY, (OPEN h.V If I Opera Troop* of Babi* Harinonitt*, >1ruri. W. <). II | I'lueer, T. Archw, W. Drowning. J U. Karr*ll, W. ir Kourk Eugene, H. Bondt Nalaon kitnu. Mnaical Dili r?ctor, Bid E. I'lk*, me celebrated Accordinuut, reacectfully annruace that they will cominenca a aenea ~ of entertainment* unparalleled, hiving been attended by V the luhion aud bcauiy of the principal eitiei ol the Uni' r, it co.aiitirg of (electiona fnun the brit compoiere; Pa odiea v from the Operaa; Refraina; Negro Vlelnd'?i; Oleea, Song*; r Kepa-teee; w itticiaina: Bnrleaqnea; Polk c Solo(; lie ? Aduiiaaio* 25 can la; children, accompanied bv their parent*, half price ?Doora open at 7, te commence at o'clock. Kor ~ partirnlara, aee amili bill*. J.I' BENSON, Director. i DAINTINOSI-A COLLECTION OK PAINTINGS8 i of (Ulterior merit, lately received from Inly?among which i* the celebrated M gdalen ol Titian?will be (old at Auct.on, at K. Anelli'a atudio, la tne Apollo, No. 410 Broad, way, on Thuradav evening, the 4th May, at I o cloe k ' The Pain,ins* caa be aeen from 11 A.M to 4 P.M. each day; and on Tuesday and Wedneaday axo, from ( to 10 in the evening ; and the attention of connoiaaenr* i* particularly invited to mminr their 'mqueatinn bl? ment. National aoadkmt o? desiun?the fu neral oration i>u the late Thorna* Cr |? will be delivered ' bslore the Academy by WiUi m <' u 11 en Bryant, m ibr ' (,'hnrch of the Vleaaiah. Broadway, ou 'l liurad^y, the 4lh inatant, at ha'f-paat 7 o cl( ck P. VI The pnbue are reapedful !y invited tn attend. A. B.DURaND Preaident. i 7'HK, AMMATKD PICTURES AT THE HALL OK t A Novelty nightly d'aw cn>wl* of adnvrioir apecrato.a, to 1 wimra* the beautiful ami graceful groupiuga formed by the ' T'oupe of Beautiful (jiila engaged at thia e.taS'ia'imenf, acknowledged by everybody t" be auperior to any ever aeeu in thi? metropolis. Ci.mic nidging. Dancing, Itc. fkc. NOTI'.E?Nl VIH ANNUAL EXHIBITION OF THE MrchnnictU ititute School tike* pl<ce at the T?bernv I cle nn Friday evening.',th mat. commencing at 7 o'clock ? Membera can obtain tickeia oy calling on the Actuaiy, at ill* ' Iii?*.t ite l<o mi. I llV rla'l. WALNUT STRE-.T I'HKATRE. PHILADELPHIA. ? Kint night of ilie near Comedy of Hoinn.ce and I Reality?ThureUay ?veniu?t, May 4, ?i 1 be peiformeil a new and o ifcinal Comedy, by J. Broughiin, Eaq , entitled | ROMANCE AND REALITY? Aaper vl?r Iv.Mr Oaptnan; Kranlt Meredith. Mr *Aheailay; Li vender Kydd, Killing.; Jack S* ft, Brougham; Rocbvl, Miai Kiaher; Birb?'i .VI.m' 'V". Mra W mat inly ; IMoaum, M a Hrnntlutn Paa '/. inettn, [ DV ' in Inna a r r*. XO rotclule with MAIDENS HEWARE?Rnialie U< ut| iet, Mix ( h potaa. To-mmruw, 2d ' | inchtof the new Conwii?, MUSIC?A L D V WISHES TO OBTAIN A HC* papila >u pintofo It playn g and a ngi*g. Terina very i I icaaonab e. hlie alio d<aue> a anuitiou a* victim in aorre church The brrat of 'efcr?ncea g ven. Apply peranna!l>, or by l*ffe-. tn lj. A. * , 31 venn* P' IANOKORTKS ?REMOV 1 L.? >UNNS & LARK have removed from No 210 to 2V Broi^w.iv. betw-en [ \ Murray aud Warren at'teti, nud opr>o?!t? i?y I'all Until 'heitware room i( completad, a atock of Pianof itea may be ' f uud at their factory on 26th atrcet, bftween 3d in J Leiingj ! ion avenue*. > CANS AND MUSICAL BOXES.?FREDERICK A. I t. WOODWO -TH. 3i5 Broadway, opposite the Broad way Theatre,ha* received by late ar-ivala, plain, whi'e, c<>1 li>r-d, figurad and ailver paper Kana in eve*y enretivab!* w < riety;t< gether ?ith < lnurae Kealhe* Kina ind pnut'il Scree-.a. ' Aii'i, Shell Mnaieal Boiea, two aira, which h* offer* t<? tie tr?de at the loweit pricea ' ! IVf AONETIC POWDER KOR THE DESTRUCTION t lfi ofillUmIiofioiteii ?is:co ichea BMrtlii uw fl. ? ' rnoi'jtiitorf, beJhoi(?. unci varioua other int^rti. Alto Pills for i I the dfatructp 11 of r?t? and mice, within ten run utet fttr b?Kite ? thrown in th*ir vicimtr. Wirraatid witlMl! poiWNL J'hii nowdtr h is heeii t x urni.ed hv the in*dic\l II?v oi K'rvtnre. Uos'ia. Swedrn. Denmark, ? *.. from i ll of ?hoiu henpri. ' vic!rfl with auiple testimony of its superior e(flcacy Principal i 41d Broadway. K.LYON ti CO. Price of each four tbiilinm. ACUtD- H. WHKKLKK, OCULUJT, 29UHFKNwich street v uh confidence nssures the public ihat them i is scsrrelv anr dissaaa to which the rye ii subject lhat dor* ml yield to his successful mode of treatment A pamrhlet i 1 r.nutaiuing s.iroe grentoiree effected by L)r. Wheeler can be - I had gratuitously nt his re< detice, or the kaine will be forward | ed to anv ene mekiuc application to him by letter, post pnid. I Artificial Kyes insened and for sale op reasonable icrini nn POWKLL. O'.ULISl', AL'HIST, Stc , ATTK.NCH fiom#to< o'clock, duly, to diseases of the eye a* dear, i n his surgery,SSI Broadway, e.trance IX Warren atreet ? , rh* second edition ol Dr. Powell's Treitise on ihe t'.ye, cont?iniUK W pagei additional matter, is just published, price , W ceits. U can beh'd at Ini office; also Irs Se'f-Actirg Eye , Fountain* which obtained the premium from the American . I Institute. Just unpoited. a large supply ef Artificial Kyes. MOST KxriMoiiuiWAKi WOBK?TO THE Married, or those conternpl.itii g marriage?1 he JViar' I ried Woman's Privnta Medic-I Companion ; by Dr A. M. 1 ! Manricean Si*th edtion Price S This work is meeting ' i with moat a?t. undine sjI?,(W,0 0 copies have already been | dispose J of) Kyery female is tfettug a copy , ? hether trar' J rird or unmarried, although it it intended especially for the married, as it discloses important secrets, which should b? knowu to thrm pirtn ul irly llere e< ert female can uitcovr the caos*a, si uiptonis, und the most efficient remedies, : and most certain rooi'e of cure in every case. For sile, i lil Broadway ; ft the Publi'hing Office, 129 Liberif street. Nrw York ; also, Zieber and I'o . correr ChetntU and 1 liird streets, T hi!|r hia ; Little Sti 'o, A1 | hia* s W K. D\m, Boston. On the rteeipt ol Si.acupr will be trarsm t ed bv wail (free of postage ) t'? all pa fa of the United states. ? II letters must be addressed, p.'St par' to Or. A M. M AUKlCEAU, box 1224, New York city. Office, 179 I.ihertr itreet NO CURE No PAY.?DR. ( QVBIT] I# Dl |NE st.-eet, member of the Royal College of Surge ir*, I.gii| don. may be consulted in treatment of e?rfm deln ! d?fales. A practice of fourteen yeirs d? voted to venereal di- ei' sea, enable* Dr. C. to cure the wo'St form i f th a disease. | tteceut cases cured in four da?s No merenry used, nor restraist in diet or bitsiness pursuits. Strictures cured in rne or l two weekt with scarcely ;iny pain. C ??titnt onel Debi ity? I Those mdividna'a who h are indnlgfd iti a certain lonth?ot?a I habit csi positively be restored to health and society. Re member. 19 Oil .lie |r?et,ee*' Ho? r t.? l>r. lohasoe i DR. R K LPH. AUTHOR OK THE "PRACTICAL PllIVATK THK?TISK," Jic , ?3 Greenwich atreet, office hours 9 to 12 A.M., 6 to 9 P. SI., (Sunday etcepted.) Thoae who npplv in the early stages will be surprised nt ti e rapidity and little inconvenience attending their cure. It ta chiefly, however, those who sulfered Irrirn a cotsio eliss of people, or otherwiie, who can > rrorerlv appieciate his servicej. In rricture. froiu it* Ti it or incipient, to in mora advanced nod I di?trff?in(C iWue* (from uiifutnmoit advantages, in I addition to a verr ettenuve rractica in this eoiuplsiet) b? r?n affo'd ? rapid, ea*y and rndical cnra. which, ha n?i ground for itatin*. eae be ibt-ioad front an oth?? loarra <a Xmcvii11 D'i S VI 1 DOTK IS Til K MOST KKKK' . to*' prepa'arion ?o'd for Onn-irrhan and <>t er diaordera I ol the Hemal K'p'ntlil etprrimert* and Iru* (iperiecce ba?e pnved thit it will . adirailv < are any; which can be produced 1 hit dnit'b'e reault n ohiairea in fr m two lo ten ilay?. an* a? it ueuher createa muaca ror cfTendt the palite ana renderi un f"M?rvaoi devia ion in diet or interruption to ntnal pur- ?,u d t>ep or h'alfh, diK'Stinn, the r.mtaoce it tbmremoved n? speedily ? ia con. ?ittent with the product rn of a thorm h ?ud rrimut ' e n e. lu inttrediertta are entirely veaeiable, and no injnrtcn- efTrrf, either conitiintionallr or locally, can be ranted by ita me. Frica (1 per bode fo'e Agent for tb t cuy.O II H 1 fS0, IM Broadwar. eornar Juhn itrtet.