Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1848 Page 2
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t * gmuwa it rauuu. wTmrwhii, H*y * 0?*r*l ftvtar'4 (Mttt, Dit?,*g hU f?h+t ?Mi PmuMoli, JTnmm* tf ft? w** , < ?*?/ 1/ ?? P?? thti ami that Tbfttktr The letter of General Taylor, to Alison, defining his position, hn*. ere this, been scattered all overthe Uni?n, and is doing good service for Inni, to the ] detriment of Mr. ( lay, among the whips Suspi- ' cion is rife as to who and by what influence the ^ aforesaid letter was written ; and in this connec- i Hon we may refer to the Nashville Ifhig, of the J 2Ttii ol April last, for a portion of presumptive evidence. The editor says^that he has "received recent and reliable intelligence from Washington, concerning the state of public opinion among the whigs there," and then quotes extracts from " a letter received by a distinguished whig" of Nashville. "from a whin member of Congress from Tennessee, in whose sagacity and sound judgment the utmost reliance may be placed." Tins " whig member" is supposed to be the Hon. John Bell, whose residence is in Nashville, to which place the letter was written. The writer remarks: "IfMr. Clay, should be nominated, 1 doubt whether he will otitnin the vote of a single State of the Union ; certainly, he cannot obtain a single Southern State. * " 1 do not know but one man in Congress [Mr. Botts] who thinks that Mr. Clay ought to be nominated, or that he can be elected, it nominated." \*c. But now comes a precursor, to which pay particular attention, viz: " We assurances from the North which make us certain of victory, it, as I remarked, the South conies up right The perversions and misrepresentations of Gen. Tavlor's position, and the near approach of the end of the war, release him from some of the embarrassments that have fettered him heretofore, and tve confidently cxjwct him to express himself more fully than he has hereto- ; fore done to the public. \\V think his exposition [not probable, merely J will scatter his enemies to the winds. If he will publish in one letter all that is knou-n heir [the italics are the writer's] of his views, he will disarm and crush his enemies." ] This letter is dated the 18th of April. Then follow* one dated the 19th, from a gentleman of Tennessee, "on a visit to Washington," "manifestly written under circumstances which enabled the 1 writer to ascertain fully and correctly the state of public opinion existing at Washington on the subject of the Presidency." And what does this second witness say 1 Why, that " in reference to General Taylor's position, there have been the t most active and unscrupulous means resorted to, for the purpose of misrepresenting and misconstru ing it. He in as good n whig as Mr. Clay himself. His position is proj>erly appreciated here. I have reason to feel confident that the mouths of these |>olitical orthodoxists will soon be stopi>ed, as General Taylor may be relied upon in a short time for a fuller exposition of his priuciples than has heretofore been given to the public, and which ex|K)sition will be perfectly satisfactory to every whig from the Aroostook to the K io Grande." By contrasting these extracts from the letter of the member of Congress and that of the visiter to Washington, the language will be found, in several resjjects, identical; the forerunner of what General Taylor . intends to do?"express himself more fully"?is plainly exhibited. It is evident that the member and the visiter had the cue?the '' confident belief" that the "exposition" of his principles "will be jierfectly satisfactory." So much for the livings out that a letter from General Taylor was to be expected. Major Bliss, several months ago, arrived in Washington on business with the War Department, leaving < leneral Taylor and " Wliitey" at Baton Rouge. The Major subsequently took a trip down East to see his relatives and friends. 1 Hiring *he abseuce from his superior officer, the Irenenil wrote letters, thus showing that Major Bliss did not do his thinking. The Major, however, according to the southern newspapers, returned to Baton Rouge, from Washington (where the member of Congress and the visiter from Tennessee were on the 18th and 19th of April) on the 22d of that month; and on the 22d of the same month, the letter of General Taylor was written (or dated) to Allison, in which the " confident execution" was realized, and in which he " expressed himself more fully than he had theretofore done to the nublie!" Yes, we have the letter?the Taylor platform ?the letter stating what a President ought and ought not to do; what is due to Congress, and how the oower of the veto should be exercised. The public can for themselves judge whether "he is as good a whig as Mr. Clay himself." The above extracts may not be satisfactory evidence to some that the letter was dictated here at Washington, but it is so believed; and, in our humble opinion, there is much to warrant the belief that it was. Fei.ix. Washington, May fi, 1846. A Crving Jirrnonitranrc aqtnnrt Crutrhctt'* Isme Polt. " Tho birili?the birds of summer hours. For ever on the wing ; 1 love them as I loTe the flowers. The sunlight mid the spring.'' And all these things, the bird?, and the flowers, and the sunlight, and the spring, are to be had in the capitol grounds ; and they are free as the waters of life, for you can have them without money and without price. But Crutchett's long jK>le on the top of the great dome, and the lantern on the top of the long pole, und the wires supporting the pole, will be the death of the birds who come to the capital grounds every summer to spend the season, as your g.iv birds of fashion go to Saratoga, Niagara and Coney Island (long life to the Governor). We say that pole, and its lantern, and fixtures, will be the death of the bards. The night antecedent to the last was a dark night, and stormy. The large lantern surmounting the long pole was lit up brilliantly, and at a mile off it shone like a meteor in the sky. The birds in the trees and shrubbery surrounding the capitol, driven out by passing strangers or by the storm, were dazzled by the brilliant phenomenon on the top of that long piece of Susquehanna hemlock, and flying toward it and bewildered by it like moths by a candle, continued in utter amazement circling about that fatal lantern, till striking against the glass, or the pole, or the iron braces, they fell dead upon the skylight of the rotunda. At least fifty were picked up there yesterday morning by Mr. Dunnington, the gentlemanly janitor. They comprehended many varieties: blue birds, catbirds, yellow throated warblers, orioles, tanagers, indigo birds, black crested singers, red birds, algerines, Arc. W> enter a remonstrance against that long pole. ]st. Because it disfigures the capitol, and may yet draw the red lightnings down. 2d. Because it endangers the dome to which it is fastened, and may bring down destruction in ii* fall, ujstn human life, under some heavy storm. 3d. Because the gas required for the lantern if distributed over the ground in lani|?s, at convenient distances, would light them up ten times more efficiently and l^autifully than that long pole arrangement, und would keep a vast quantity ot that gas out of the capitol; and last, through not least, we ask that that pole and lantern be taken down, in order to save the birds belonging to the Park from extermination. Boboli.icum. Washington, May 6, lS-tH. Small Bill*, \r. The House jieople were occupied to-day on one private bill; the Senate was not ill session. Its members were better employed than in profitless uiacu?Kionw signifying nothing but a waste of time. They were engaged in the committee rooms, at the department*, in helialf of their constituents, writing letters.and making arrangements,and conducting their plans of action lor the Presidency. 'Inere \\hm aouie chance in tlie event of Cieneral Taylor tiring n?l?-d out of the convention, for .Mr. Crittenden as his exponent; but hi* agency, or susl>ected agency, in those late Taylor letters, extinguish his remotest and nearest probabilities. The letters of Mr. Clay and (ienernl Taylor set all hands' aside, connected with their concoction. J. V. It. Marine Affair*. Tut SiCih.ici.nt City ?There is not at present in our harbor not excepting the America, any thing afloat deserving more earnestly, the notice of our people and stranger* jjencrally tlmn the new iteamrhlp ( resetnt fity She hits been h length of time rceoiviher appointment* and machinery at Me**r*. Seeor'n dock, foot of flth st., and is now nearly completed The owners have quietly and very judleiously carried out their <le*l*ns. without promises or display of anv dencription ; hut whatever might have been their orihi nitl expectations,?modest or extravagant.?they cerainly must fall far behind the magnificent structure, which will in a few days In- presented to the public.? There can be but little doubt as to her sailing qualities heiug of tfie highest order Her model ilfffers from most all our sea steamers, in many very c**cntlal points.? The great feature I* her extreme buoyancy. having ( earing* fr>?t?w to ?tcrn-po*t. without detracting the lea*t from the excellently conceived design of her model Iter i>ow i? charp the run clean and graceful, and her side* ?? atuoafch a* ?n? of our clipper pilotl>oats When loaded and ready for *ea. fier greatest draft of water will lie hut i;i>, f?><-t and not lrt. a* we ineantlously stated a few day* nine, The grandeur. and costly decoration* and furniture of her cabin*, excel any thin* yet put before the public Her engiiiw. a* we have l?efore mentioned is front the <'xteii?Hc establishrnent of Messrs Secor h < o it if 000 horse power, well finished, compact, and In all re*pect* a creditable *pecimen of en|tiueeriii|t. She will make a trial trip probably on Monday next, and will leave for New Orleans Iretwcru tbc aith and 2ith. under ( apt Stoddard Th? T*rriu?ry of >N*w MmIm. by tt}? movement of trmie* and military occupation. has Urumo pertuanently subject to th? trovcrniusut of the t' ulud State* ? The art* of your^t'oDTvotioa ran not. in that particular. change the destiny of N?w Mexico ; but a* delegates clioseu by the people you wilt be presumed to derlare the popular will, whether they desire a dissolution from the government of Mexico, aud a?k to be immediately constituted a Territory under the Constitution, with aU the right* aud privilege* of citizen* of the United State*, or whether from ancient and unchanged prejudice*, they (till cling to the idea of returning to the Republic of Mcxico. thereby rendering it necessary for the government for year*, to hold over thuin the severity of military rule. Your Convention, an delegate* from the people, for the consideration of a [matter so vitully important to their happiness and prosperity. i? an event of great interest in your political history The result of your deliberation* may permanently establish your happiness as a people or the contrary I sincerely desire that you will carefully and calmly consider the interests of those you represent, and prove yourselves suporior to the blinding influence of prejudice You are asked to recollect the disgust you suffered under the late Mexican government, from the turmoil and anarchy of revolutions?the oppression you endured from a government ever ready to Impose onerous exactious. but ever unable to protect you in person, property aud rights. You have it now iu your power to establish a civil government, under a constitution which guarantees to vou the righta of freemen, which permits no exactions but such as are imposed by the representatives of your choice. You can now secure the protection of a government which imposes no bonds upon the conscience, which will protect you in thf* unmolested enjoyment of your personal, political and religious rights, uutler the regulation of equal laws In short, you have it in your power to nfiirr lor New Mexico, an me rigius anti privileges of citizens under the freest government in the world. You stand in ft position of tho highest responsibility to those who have elected you delegates, and I express the hope, that in view of your serious and important duties, the deliberations of the convention will be conducted with the strictest propriety and decorum; and though the right freely and properly to express opinions should not bo restricted, yet I desiru all clearly to understand, that seditious and indecorous languago against the constituted military or civil authorities, calculated to inflame or excite the people against the government, my desir* for the peace aud welfare of the Territory will induco mo immediately to notice. The utterers of such language will be held responsible and called to a strict account. With the sincerest wishes that your proceedings will be conducted in harmony and good feeling, and result in the permanent benefit of those you represent. I leave the above for your consideration. STERLING PRICE. Brigadier General U. S. A., Commanding. Police Intelligence. Recovery of the Newark Bank Money and Jirreii of the Thief.?On Wednesday last, as Mr. John Taylor. President of the Newark Banking and Insurance C ompany, was passing from this city to Jersey City in the forry boat, on his way to Newark, with a package of mouey. consisting of somo $20,000 in bank bills, and u large amount of checks and drafts, tho same was stolen from his possession, and a reward of $2500 offered for the recovery thereof, the particulars of which were published in lastThursday's Herald. Tho recovery of this money, and the arrest of the thief, places Constable Jenkin-. cf the 6th ward, in a very curious position, as upou obtaiuing the mouey from the negro woman. Sarah Stewart, instead of taking her into custody, as he ought, to have done, he allowed her to go, thus making himself liable of compounding a felony. The accused was fortunately arrested subsequently by officers Wood and l-'rosctt. of the 3d ward police. It appears from the facts elicited yosterday. that a black woman called Sarah Stewart, u resident of the 5th ward for somo years past, and about a week before the first of May. she and her husband, who works on board a steamboat, removed over to Jersey City, and as she passed over in the same boat with Mr. Taylor, the package being left on the seat, she picked it up aud took it home. After getting home, her curiosity was excited to open the package, when to her surprise, she found it to contain packages of money. This uiouey she supposed to be bad. and in order to try it. she took one or two of the bills, and the uext day (Thursday) ?l?e came to New York, and offered one at a pawn shop, to redeem some articles pawned. Kindiug that the mouey was good, alia weuton further, aud redeemed all her pawned articles, and on Friday she came to the city again, providing herself with a few more $5 bills, aud commenced making more purchases. until about nine o'clock on that night she entered the store of Mr. Wilson, situated in Greenwich near Murray street, aud purchased some tea trays, which she paid for with ono of the $5 bills. Mr. Wilson asked her if she wanted anything more, whou dhA aniiuropoH * f tiat bIui wniili) hnv tnorn if hn would change another bill. Ye*."' said Mr. Wilson, "if it i? good." Tliis last remark of the black woman created his suspicion. however ; ho ascertained the money was good, exchanged the bill, and fold her the good*. This last $6 bill was in the possession of a colored woman who was with Sarah; thus, very ingeniously (as she thought) passing off the money without suspicion, only taking a small amount of the money with her at a time, and that of the smallest denomination. As soon as they left the store, Mr. Wilson ran to the Third Ward station house, and gave information to officer Wood, who followed the women to a bouse in West Broadway, occupied by black people, in the rear of an oyster house kept by a Mr. Woolsey. Here be arrested Sarah Stewart, and conducted her to the station house, and searched her person, but without finding any more money. Upon being questioned as to the manner in which she procured the two $5 bills, which corresponded with the money lost by the bank, she said that she receired them from a white mau. on Thursday night, whom she was to meet again, at ( o'clock, in Barclay street, on Monday night. This story of the woman appeared plausible to AMistaut Captain Appleton. who discharged her from custody. However, officer Wood was not so well satistied with the discbarge, but kept his eye upon her movements, and ascertained the location of her residence in Jersey city, and on Saturday morning be went over to her bouse and found tho door fast, and the woman away After waiting about for her return for some time, lie concluded she must bo in New York, and returned aguin to this city in order to find her ; but during his absence she weut home, und was informed by the landlord that a man had been trying her door, and wanted to see her. and from his description of the person she felt satisfied that it was the same officer who arrested her on Kriday night. This alarmed her very much, finding thai she was still suspected, and knowing officer liurley of this city, she concluded to roll all the money and papers up in a piece of rag and briug them over to him : und just as she was ready to start, the door was opened by constable Jenkins a nd Mr. Woolsey. the keeper of the oyster house in West Broadway Hearing theui approach the door.she got frightened and threw the bundle of money behind the dour in the little bedroom, where it was found by Jenkins ami Woolsey. They next locked the door, and counted the money, and. as she stated to Mr. Stewart, the clerk of police, yesterday morniug. Jenkins said uo barm should coino of her. but to keep out of the way. as the New York officers were after her; and if they came over again, she must lock the door and pretend to be out. and by all meaus to keep out of the way; be said he would take care ot ber furniture, and would meet her at Hoboken. on ilonday. or oue day this week, and give her a part of the reward. The woman was allowed to go. aud Jenkins and Woolsey proceeded to Newark and delivered to Mr. Taylor in bank bills aud all the checks and drafts with the exception of three checks.?received the reward offered by the bank and returned to this city yesterday morning. We heard yesterday, but cannot vouch for the truth of the story, that the information given to Jenkins was from a man in ( anal street, from whom the black woman had bought some furniture.?then again it was .-aid. Woolsey procured the information and wherealiout* of this woman from thi> vnimin vrlio wim in li#?r ri.ihi.unv i.n L'ni.l... night. or others living in the rear of hU oyster liou*??. whoso suspicious were rreated by officur Wood makiug tin* irrwt on Kriday night. Be thin ?s It may. there is but T*ry little doubt but what the bank in indebted to the recovery of the muuoy through the information of Mr Wilson and the arrest made by officer Wood On Saturday night officer Wood arrested Sarah Stewart in Jeraey City, j u?t an she was preparing to clear out and run away; and if ?he had done so. in what pmition would Jenkin* and WooUey be glared in f .Suppose the authorities aliould Kay " Mr Jenkins how did you coine in poiscsidon of this money ?" " Why, I got It from a blark woman " ' Well, wliere is she Oh ' I let her go " Thi? story would appear very improbable and iiulte unsatisfactory; nor would it be tieliured unless the woman was produced This blark woman lias made herself guilty of a felony, by appropriating a portion of the money* to her own use. the mere fart of finding the money fin l>oard the boat did not constitutor larccncy; but the moment she broke open the package, and used a portion for her own purposes, that moment she committed a felony. She was brought yesterday In-fore Jnstice Oeliome. who committed her to prison for a further hearing The whole case is to undergo a full examination before the magistrate this forenoon, and .Mr Taylor, the president of the Bank has been notified to attend, and testify to eortain facts within his knowledge. .Ilttmpl at Hurelitiy ?An old thief, calling himself ( harles t ook alia* \V ill ia in * way arrested on Saturday night. on a charge of attempting to enter the office of Mr James Humphrey. No 44 Wall street. on the 20th of April last, with a skeleton key. A young man by the name of < liarlcs I'. Woleott was in the office at the time, and seeing the end of the key inoviug in thu keyhole, went to the door, and there saw the accused di.?.ii. I.. h...l II... ... i l....i I., i 1 ? :...i ?. ... .. ... ... .... ........ i j .....iinjufi put the key in the lock The nccnxed wan allowed to encape through the want of courage or bodily . trnnpth in Wolcott. mill hae *iuce been running at larjrc. robbing the different in that neighborhood. until Saturday evening he wa* *een atraiii coming from a building in ilamtviT *treet. I?y Mr Wolcott. who cauacd hi* arre*t by *?>nie cili*cn* The accused wan conveyed to the Touih*. where he wan marched. and eeveral *kel?ton key* found nn hi* |>er*on, together with f.'lfl in money,? Thi* I* the ?nme eba|i who wa* caught H few wnek* ago in the Northern Hotel with a false key, among the boardwrs'-room*. evidently with Intent to steal. but a* no complain was made at the time against hiiu he wa? [ allowed to run anil commit other deputation* Justice 0*born locked him up for trial. Iirand /-air*ny.?Officer Oweni. of the 6th ward, ar- I rented on Saturday night two women, called Marin Mor- I riaon and Margaret Knapp. on a chaw of robbing j Thorn a* Brewer. re*idi nit at No I'earl *treet. of a (fold detached lever watch and chain, valued at f65, while associating hln?*elf with theae two female beautie* in a hou*e of di*repute. located at No Rfl rro?* *t They were both locked up for a further hearing, to give time for tUe officer to recover the watch. #mw? ikjwltow ar^mr Siror ol r*ni||)i uimwil for uwit la 9Ttn itmt,. In favor ?J "pOMf Canal itroot to WaMur tUMt. and wtU.ui.n4. I*Mm In fovor of raisfttf the salary of' Junu B Phillips. Kikj . Assistant District Attorney, to $1&00 An am?udment from the Board of Assistants, to the resolution passed ou Wednesday evening in the Board of Alderman, in relation to galling pier No. 1. North River. aud proposiug that the name be put up to public auction. was non-coucurrod in The resolution of Wednesday evening adopted in the Board of Aldermen. proposing to cell the pier to the present lessee* for ?4U.000. was hereupon, ou motion, adhered to Aid .NUjvaku pledged himselfthat the name would be accepted by the present lessees Htmot nlt and .ippointiutnli.?Kdward WethwraU was removed from the oltlcu of second visiter to the Aim* House, and Ueorgo Kellock was appointed in his place Henry Hutton was appointed steward to the nurseries uu uix ^nl-ll n Iiiuuu; I1U UCOrge U. ItlCII Wat appointed to the office of Accouiuaut to the Croton Board. in tbc room of the former iucumbent. Resolution proposing thai the keeper of the City Prison be not allowed to take fees?adopted. Tbc board hereupon adjourned to Mouday eveniug. no quorum being present. Botii cr Aldcimcit, May Gth?Linus W. Stevens. Ksq.. in tbecbair. Landing Fur Emigrant*.?A communication was received from the Commissioner* of Kmigration. asking permission to build an extension of 300 feet to the pier at the foot of Kulton street. N. It . to be used exclusively for the landiug of emigrants. Referred. Broad street Slip?A report was presented in favor of deepening the slip at the foot of Broad St. Also Lent's Basin Adopted iu concurreure. Tkt Fir* of 1M5.?Report in favor of applying to Congress to have tbc duties paid on goods destroyed by the conflagration on the 19th of July. 184i. returned Adopted. Old Statt Arsenal.?Report recommending the payment of $30,000 to the State, for the ground bounded by Franklin. White. Klmuud Centre streets, and buildings known as the Arsenal, to be appropriated to the erection of a ucw Arse ual in the upper part of the city. Adopted. Police Courts. <J-c.?Amendment of ordinance relating to police courts. Ike., dividing the city into four districts. and the creation of a police court in each?three of which will continue iu the sanui locatious they now are. and the 4th district court to be held in the police otation of the 18th ward. In 29th street. Adopted. Alms House Business.?Amendment of ordinance relating to the Alms House Department, bj which all the legal business connected therewith is to be transferred to the Attorney of the Corporation. Concurred in. Fx- Governor Seward's Portrait.?Resolution appropriating $100 for th* purchase of a suitable frame for the portrait of ex-Uovurnor Seward. Adopted. Public Printiag.?Resolutlon iu favor of contracting for the usual supplies of stationery, printing, fcc.. required for the County Clerk's office. Abolished.?Resolution in favor of abolishing the offlee of gat? keeper at Bellevue. Assistant District Attorney.?Resolution iu favor of increasing the salary of the Assistant District Attorney. Jonas B. Phillips. Lsq., from $1,000 to $1,000 Adopted. fitr i\o 1. N. K.?Kesolntion in favor of offering to lease Pier No. 1, N. K.. to the present lessees, for $40,000; and provided they should refuse to give it to offer the same for $U5.000. Corporation Manual.?In favor of paying the expenses incurred by publishing the corporation manual; also. giving the compiler $200. Concurred in. Removals.?Hesolution concurring with the Board ol Aldermen, in the removal of Jacques Rudcn from the offico of accountant in the office of the Croton Aquaduct Board ; also, Kdward Wetherall. from the office of second visitor of the Alms House Department; also. Charles Oakloy. from the office of Superintendent of Streets ; also, Oscar S. Field, from the office of clerk in the Alms House ; also. James 11. Dodge, from tlia office of redemption clerk: also. Augustus J. Matsell. from the office of first auditor in the Comptroller ; also. Win B. Mott. from the offico of steward to tho nurseries on Randall's Islands. .Ippointments.?Resolutions from tho Board of Aldermen in favor of tho following appointments, wero likewise concurred in. viz.H. W. Child*, as Superintendent of Streets ; also, appointing George Hillock, second visiter for the Alms House ; also, appointing George G. Rich, accountant iu the office of the Croton Water Board ; also. Cornelius F.agles, first clerk in the Street Commissioner's office ; also. John Harwood. a visiter to the poor from the Alms House ; also. J. W." Morse, redemption clerk; also. Kparhawk. a clerk iu the office of Alms House Commissioner; also. William B. Peck, first auditor iu the office of the Comptroller ; also. Henry W. Bookman, a clerk iu tho Alms House ; also. James Nesbitt. a copyist in tho lower police office; also. Dr. S. Couaut Foster, visitiug physician at Bellevue. in the place of Dr. Harris, resigned. Keeper of the City Prison.?Resolution prohibiting the keeper of the city prison from receiving fees on discharging prisoners. under the forfeiture of his office.? Adopted. Tent A Avenue.?Communication from the Street Commissioner In favor of opening the 10th avenue to 174th street. Extension of Canal street.?Report and resolution iu favor of extending Canal street to Walker, also widening Walker street. Adopted. German Citizens Celebration.?Resolution from the Board of Alderineu in favor of participating in the demonstration to be made by the German citizens in eommenimoration of the victories gained by tho people throughout Germany in their recent struggle* for liberty. Concurred in. and Messrs. Allen. Johusoii. and Mullins. appointed a committee to co-operate with u like comniittec from the Hoard of Aldermen to curry the resolution into effect. Pier \o. 24. K. R.?Resolution appropriating $5000 for the extension of the pier in question. Adopted. Salaries fixed.?Resolution fixing the salaries of the Judge* of the .Marine Court at $1000; Civil and Police Justices $1.'>00. and clerks of the several Justice! Court* at $1000. Concurred in. After disposing of a few other papers of minor consideration. the Board a^ourned until Monday uext. Frauds on Kmlgranti. Niw \ oAKj 7tli Muy. 1848. Mr. Bv.hnxtt? Sir :?There appear*) in the columns of the Hmrald. this inomiug. an article copied from the.llhany Evening Journal, setting forth a " fraud." practiced upou one Kenavane. an emigrant from Ireland to Illinois. In order to enable the public to understand this matter will be necessary to give a history of my com menceinent and continuance of the emigrant forwarding business. Late iu the season of 1847. 1 engaged in forwarding emigrants, having previously formed extensive connections in Kurope My tirst experience wa* that the forwarders in Albany who monopolised the business defrauded the emigrant in every possible way These men are desperate characters, employing noted bullies to prttveut respectable persons from securing any portion of the business. I at once withdrew my buKines^ from them at the risk of my life, and have acted inde pendcntly of them ever since. Thin spring an assor'ation of ritual lines was formed, for tli?' express purpose of rescuing the business altogether out of the lianas ol the clique iu Albany, familiarly known an the" forty thieves." I have been railed upon in turns by all of them, offering every inducement to obtain my business iu the caual. first soliciting. next coaxing and at last threateing to ruin my busincM unless 1 garw them my interest. My refusal drove thrm to desperation Opposed by tlio association on the one Hide, and myself mi the other, they had no rhanro left them for business ; by intimidation they had heretofore succeeded to monopolise the business. forwarders here, fearing that emigrants would be advisrd by them to give affidavits and tliat their business would be injured. The person who instigated Keuavaue to make the affidavit, and tlie one who drew it up, are both intimately connected with the "baud !?? both having realised large sums of money from the frauds committed by the "baud." on emigrants. As far as Keuavaue is concerned. I doubt if he can read. My transaction with him will bear the closest investigation. 1 have laid affidavits before the Mayor, showing this, and auy one is welcome to examine my books and my men on the subject. The whole coloriug is false, ingeniously drawn up to answer the purpose of injuring me. This matter will no doubt be examined by the commissioners. The delay arose from a break In the canal" and from the press of business always attending the commencement of canal navigation. I have ascertained that Kenavane has plenty of money, and is not the object of pity represented by the journal. Had that paper or yourself known that you were in fart aiding the ' baud" of forty thieves, it would not have appeared in your respective papers without tlrst giving me an opportunity to expose this conspiracy to drive all respectable persons out of tho business Since I have been iu the business I have forwarded many poor persons i gratis, but never took away their moans of living I have invariably refusd to carry person* who had not money to feed themselves or provided them with the means out of my money One of my first acts was to have a weigher sworn by the Mayor of Albany. 1 will make out a list showing the forwarding houses who now send their passengers to the band." in Albany. Vour's, truly. R. SOIOYF.R. M AH IT I M K I N T K IT LIUK nfc KT~ Port of New York, May ?, 1S4H. St'M risks 4 .1? I moo* SrTS 12 00 sen ncr? 7 0".' | iiioii watls 0 I ?? ArrtvwL Ship Amsinn, (of [lath) Murray, llavrs, ,'<5 days, with ?>* ismseniors, t/i J J Boyd. lUrk fcdwin Augnsta, (of Portland) Kcsttr Havre. I- dsvs ailhu.riir. r< t<. U,,nll> Ilinrl/... ..I .. 3 ' I Milch lurk Maria Audaiena, Smit, Rotterdam, 42 day*. with indsa, to Boonen tirave* b I n, 27th nit. hit 42 22, Inn .r>7 (fc, ?|>?ke llr Irnrk Barbara, from (Jalwar t?r New V?rk. Bark T?nnw?'?, (of Portland) Kullcrt/>n. Antwerp, with Wahin and 01 Kteemii lajwetipr*, to Nuamith ii. W?l?h. Belgian bark lx>nrn, Andienl, Antwerp, .TS 'lay*, with uidae u4 117 |ia*9en(rer*. toW W'eiaarr. Bremen hark Emma. Ed/ard, Bremen, 47 <Ujri, with mdv, and 1 caMn and lft4 Meerace pae?ii*er?. t"> iVfmtwIt V Sehiimarher. May X Iat40 3l, Ion 71. apoke aliip Enterprise, hi-nee for Liverpool. Ilark l<eone?a. Monroe, Rio tirande, M day*. to 5 II Arkerman; cargo to E l uming fc Sou. Sid in eo with hark W .Iiawk, Allen, f?r llonton. let inat, lal .V^i, lnn 71 "poke lurk < imil>erlaud. hence fur Apnlarhienhk. Rirk .1 Merithew, Mctiilvcry. Mnyajnie*. 17 day?, with molaaiea, t" I' Harmony, Nephew* Ic ('us t<> llnck Si Peter*. Ilark Geonrea, RoMnann, Matanta*. 271h ult, with m<>la?aea, to llaven fc'o; venwl to Nanniith Sl Walah. Ilark John Bcnwin, Welden. Havana. April 2!*, with lml?e, to Stiii*!** k Co. Sid in eo with harka Sylphidc, 4'hoate, for Coww, and Mar)- SmMh. Illanchard, .r?>r Stettin. Pawl the llr ateMner fn>m England. April 2. 211 mtle? fr-'in Havana, bund in. Ilrig Etrurian, llintKumh, Saina la Urande, April 2X, with molaaaea, to Neauiith It M aiah. The E. luia l?n ,'tli lhiitr? North of Banicgat, Ilrii Mareppa. f'nlaon, Sairoa la Grande, 11 dayt. Willi nvila?aea. t<i l> Curtia. Sid In en with hark (Wlindo, and aehr II Hvintivifr. fur l?cit?n. 21)th nit, lat 24 I". Ion 17, a|Kike aehr Palestine, fur Philadelphia. 12 dava. Brig lieoniana. Ilritton. Mnyagiicr. I'K. April I!', with miear, to Peck V Vanleirgin. Sld in Co with whr Atlantic, fur New Vork BriuThnma< Trowhrid?#, Whittleney, Ponce, PR, 15 day*, with mdae, to II Southmayd It Son. Sld in ro with bark Aurora, for New Vork; hrlg (iood'Hnpa. for Baltimore; aehr Auatin, for d"; and aehr J M I)odge, Thuratoii, for Newport. Brig Tatnpiro. Peter*" n. Franklin, La, 22 day, with molaiaea, to A Ilea tun. of N'?w Uavio. uSVT&m L^wuTk!!?iUD*. Tk. a d?yt cmsifflKafc? *? ** Schr Florida, Conon, Darien, 6 day*, to A Fatteu. Sid la co with tehr Flora, fur X?w York. Sclir Uum Godfrey, Charleston, IS d?y?, bound to New London. (See Mimetlaneoua) Sclir C 1* AlUton, Davi*. Beaufort, NO, to M Piatt. Sclir Two Brother*. Richardnon, H uliuiitou. NC, 4 day a Scbr Dolphin. Sailer, Newbern, NC, 3 days. Schr Mary KUia. 4'euuy. Nm ltrt, NC, 3 day#. Sclir Mary, Rvbin*on, Newbern, NC, 3 day*. Below. Britiih bark Barbara, from Ualwav, Ire, to 1'irw St Brook*. Bark Truuton, 'JO day? from New Orloani, to A T Oliver. Brig Zenobia. from Savannah. Al?o,3 bark* and 4 brig*, unknown. Sailed* Ship* China. Quebec; Wooddde, Mobile: bark* Kathleen, Vera j Crux; Uamel Webster, New Orlean*; Murillo, <lo: brig* Isabel. I'orto Kiio; Curlew, Wiudeor, Elizabeth llasling*. St John, NB: Oniota, Mobile; Billow, St Marks; Mom*, Charleston; Dainari*cove, Kaitport May 7?Wind, at snnrise, S; meridian, S; sunset, SW. llrrtld Marine Corrnpondnifr. Phii.adki.phia, May 7. 4 p m?Arrived?Ship Kalamazoo, Foulke, Liverpool; bark* L< retto Fiah. Uiekmore, St John*. I'M; St t'loud, Lytic, TriuidaU de Cuba; Nanbua, Skaats. NUrleann; Turk, Eldridie, Boeton; Lucerne, NiciioK do; brig* Myra, Studley, do; Win I'Ttt, Hall, do; Fouter. Baker, do; llypsum, l ike, Lubec; *chn J Holt. Woodruff. Matauia*; Suian M \ oung, Oti*. Cardena*; F.xlio. Curtis, Charleston; Sauniel l,ewts, Burroughs, N Haven; Franei( Hal li tt, Church, Fall Itlver. Liberty, Sleight, do; Oregon, Foruier, N York; H W Godfrey, French, Newport' Rob Roy, Cham|? lin, Norwich, Avon, Cunliiug, MlddUtown; Emily Weaver, i'auiin. Savannah. Cleared Cth?Ship I.uca*. Outerbridge, NOrleans; bark* Mary Irvine. Taylor. Coait of Afriov Linda, (new) Reynegom, Havana; John Faruuw. Smack. PcrnaniLuoo and a uikt; Lucerne. Nichols. Ilotton; brig* Fornax, Wilton, NOrleani; Tho? Walter. Marshmau, Charleston; Aurora. Elliot. Portland; Vietorine, Small, Deuui*. Miscellaneous lUcord. Brio Chapman, (uf Narrcu. Kl) Smith, frum New York for lVu>i|c<ir. to loAd for South A interim, wiw totally lout on Thuredav night lint, on Wooden lull Ledge. near Matinicua?crew sa\?J. < Tin- 0. was a good rennet, built in Swauiizey in 1335, Ami wa? 181 toua burthen. Schr Caic.ea?11i? Khr Ganges, At thi* port yeaterday from Charlaaton, on the H'th ult, off Cape CleAr, fail in with th? xrhr (iaugen, from Savannah fur Baltimore, full of water, auil took from her ( apt Handy aud crew. 4 Whalemen. Arr At New Bedford 5th innt, thin Majeetic, Smith, Coaat Chili, I'ernamliucii March '?>, witli 400 bbU ?|>ui IJUU do wh oil, and 2,1)00 Iha bono?Hold am bbla ipin and 200 bbU wh oil on the voyage, the latter at 1'ernambucn at 40,li cunt* iier gallon. Spoke on Coaat Chili Nov 24, ahip* Fablua. Smith. New Bedford, nothing aince j leaving Sandwich lalauda: Iter 2ti, lat 51 20 S, lou 7S5ti W, paweil achr Honolulu, ateeriug N (from B<>eton for Sandwich Inlands); Jan 2, off Cape Horn, ahip* William Niodl, uf New London, M | day* out, 200 ap: 2tfth, lat 44 111 S, Ion 51 lit) W, Jnunn Munroe. 11"* man. Fairliaven, 1011 a p. bound K. l.< ft at i'ernaubueo, uliip Huron, of and for Sag lltirhor. c'apt Smith confirm* tlie rel>ort of the | Ion* of ahip Pacific. Little, of New Bedford, at l'eruambuco. She went on a reef at about I m, on the 12d March. weather fine, and went entirely to piece* in IS hour* after, (.'apt I,, wai on alioro at the timo. The l aeilic had 2000 bbU oil, from MM to 1UJ0 bbU of whieh were ared. Arr at do, ship Copia, Taher, NW Coaat, 41 dayi from Ternam- , buro, with 290 bnla spin 21(11 do wh oil, and UMJ lb* bone. Spoke Jan lt?, lat 45.10 S. Ion 55 50, ahip Hercules. Irobert, New Bedford. 200 bbla apui: Feb 14, lat 37 S, Ion 50 W, bark Noble, llowe*. Sag Harbor, NX) wh JOO *|im; April 17. no lat, fcc. ahip Sonth Caroliua, Gardner, from l'aeific Ocean for New Bedford, 1400 bbla oil (about W0 ap). , Arr at do, ahip Amaxon, Smith, NW Cooat. I'ernambnoo March 23, with 70 bbla ap 2230 do wh oil, and 10,000 lb* bone. Spoke Dee \ lat 22 12 S, Ion 156 If, aliipe Splendid, Baylies. Kdgartown, 70 )> , 1500 wh; Alabama, Coggeahnll, Nautuokct. t>00 *p350 wh: Feb 2. lat 57 S. Ion 75 W, Golconda, Bruab, New Bedford. 2S0 ap: April 17, j lat 27 13 N, Ion ti7 40 W, Morrison Greco, of and for New London, full. At Macdalena Bay. California, Dec 15, bark George, of Stoning- i Urn, 775 bbls; ship* Magnolia, NBedford. 3400: Edward, do. IHOO. , Oragitnta. do. 2000: Canton, do, 1000: Bowriiteh. Providence, IMW; Citiaen, Sag Harbor, 2400: Veeper. NLrndon, 1400: Portsmouth. Warren, 2500: Trescott, Ityatie. 2JOO; Brigham, do, 750; Steiglitc, , Uridgport, 1500: hark Ann, Sag Harbor, 500: Alioe, do, 700; Cle- < ment, N London, 1500. Ship Ann Alexander, of New Bedford, at Ullo in Oct. had 050 , sp: the Hope, Tucker, do, at Oahu in Oet, had 1S50 ap 300 wh. Chilean ahip Maria llelfne, (formerly the Averick) had been ta- J ken npat the Sandwich Island*. prerlona to l)ee 5, for New lied- . . ford, to load oil from the Olive Branch, of New Bedford, the Sam I . Robertson, of Fairlutven, and probably otliera. Spoken. Ship Elixabeth, Ilall, from Beaton for Valparaiso, Feb 18, Ut 34 ' 51, Ion 4* 23. Ship MUid uf Orleans, Dennia. from New York for New Orleans, AIIpi 1 ML lat.'W Int. 71 m ^lark Kingston, Brower, 7 days from PhiUdulphia for Kingatoa, Jain, April 2*,I?t 32}?. Ion tltSU. Hark Griffon, 7 day from Boston for Havana, April 30, lat 31 20, Ion 70. April 30, lat 3S 32, Ion 75 30, pawed an Am bark steering E on a wind, showing a blue swallow tail Digital. Foreign Ports. liar a* a, April 39?Shir* Norma, Ellin, for NYork. 15th May; I Washington, Isurdlck, for Hamburg, 6 days; harks Helen Frances, Coffin, lor ("owes, and a market. May 3d; Childe Ilarold, Kith, for NYork, 27th April: brig l'rinoo de Joint ill?, Gardner. do do; al<l 29th. barks Syl pludt, Choate, Cowes; Mary Smith, Blanchard. North of Kuropc. Kingston, J a. April 10? Arr brig Chief, Brown, Baltimore. I Matanzab, April 27?Shin Robert Patten. Winch* 11, for Hamburg. 3 day*; barxs Elita, Harm*, for Cowes and mkt; Monsam. Gensh. from New York, arr 23d; P.mpiro, Eaton do, arr 20tlu Em- ; press. Church, wtg fght: Delia Chapin, MeNear do; Muakinguin. , Crocket, ding; Baltic, Allen, unc; bngs Mary Ellen, Edmonds. for | NVork, Sds: HO Bass. Pettingill, for Boiton, May 1; Busy, S?r cent. from Warren, 3 days; Cytale. Merrill, for Portland, ldg. Car denas. Goodinr. from do, ding; U?m, Merrill, discg; Erontier, from Eastport, do; aid 27th, brig Shakspear, Pendleton, Cardenas aud , Boiton. Po"ici:. PR, April 22?Bark Maria Hersey, Gordon, Mg. Rio liKisnr. (Braiil) March K?Brig* "Russell. of and for Ra- , I em, in few daya; Metropolis. of Bererly. for Maraeillei. few dart: I sclir Col Kluiu. Hepburn, for New York. S daya Sid Nth. bark Mohawk, Boston. In port, wreral other Am Tesaela not recollected SAGi'A la Qrands*, April 'X?Brigs Algonquin, Smish. for N York, next day; Mcl^llan, Iiarly, for Boston, Idg; Viotor, Curtis do do. In port. SGth, brigs Queen Esther. Pendleton, from Havana. Jnf , arr; Raudall. Ilurdick, fur NYork; Jeaso, Buller. do; North Bond , Cole, ding; at do 25th. Delta, llttrkitt, for Charleston; 11 Kellar for Boston; sehr Madeira. Harrimau, do. Sid 26th. brig Poconocket, Br*war, Boston; bark Galindo, French, do; aclir B Hunting, do. St Mahtiib. April 2U?Schs Zelphjr Ann, for Beaufort, NC; Jn* lia Nancy, for Newbern, NC, soon. Home Porta. Borrow, May fi?Ait ship I'nieorn, Lincoln. NOrieans; hark 1 W lloxie. I'reble. Portland: brigs Oriole. Gill, Norfolk: Porto Kieo, ' llurk. Gardiner for Baltimore; Sarah, (of Portland) Willard, Philadelphia: achs Timothy Thorn, Lines. Baltimore; Daniel Webster. Delano*. Philadelphia: Wyoming, M illard, do; Jas|?r. Howea, N York?left Chatham Yesterday in co with harks Justice Story, fm Baltimore: Laconia. from Philadelphia: brig* Pearl. Paulina, and Rodolph, from do?all for lloston: also arr schr Woloott, Barry. N York. Telegraphed, brigs A II Wnaa, and Russia. Signal for ?w< briga Cld ships Thomas W Seara, Graces. Cantos; Merchant. Pedrick, NOrieans: Timolenn. Freeman, do; tiarks Tom Corwin, Man ion, Cane Haytlen; Janet, (Br) Moore. St John. NB, *ia St AnIraws. Nil: I omo, Bogardua t harleston: Mainland. Davin Baltim<>re: brigs Pleiades, ( arter, Surinam; Gen Morth, Walton, Richinnnd; l<uwis Bruce. Chaw. do; Porto llieo, (late of NYork) Sta pies. Philadelphia: Hideout, Ray lies, Calais: aclis Charlotte. Crow dl, Jarinel; John Drew, Stone, Curacou; C Chamhortain. Crowell. Vew York; Gen Clinch, Hallett, do; 8 A Applelon, Nickerson, do. Victor. Berry, do. Jacksonvh.i.k. Fla. April 2Ti?In port, brigs Tccumneli. Hamilton. for Boaton: Oxford, do. Itii.', May A?Sld achs Ann Eliut Cake. I<oeds, Staiufoid Wilder, Bryant, Tln.maston: J Silliman. Coleman. Trov Svlnl. l?wrenee,N?W York. PuwnKfni Arrived. JIavrk?Bark Cilwin Auguata?T l< 1'igne, M D; C Kinti, M H I'nroon. II Bayard. X lludann?lis in the ateerage. KoTTrmiAW?Bark Maria Ma^dalena?t J \ ?n !>?? Bnvfk. I: A Fttatmnr. T M W* M'ittn. T II V Wiegman, II J VVledumn? IS in thv atwrag*. Havana?Bark John Benann?J Sinitii. Bnaton: A Tliorndike. Dr Home*. New York; Cant Kwticr, of bark llalau Krauoia, I'ortland: Charlea I'endegr.iw. Baltimore. Mataiza*?Bark George*?(' ]'hi|>ps. Kaota i.a C.handk?Brig Etrurian?M HSutn. List ok letters remaining in the new york Pout Offire. May ?, 1**S. OiriCIALl.T PUKI.ISIIElj IN THK PAPHR l(avi\G TNI UIOU1 CIBCl'LATIOW. I'lMM mention tho data of the lint in which theyarc advertised LADIES' LIST. A Colter Mi** Bridge! Ilardinan Mr* J Andrew* Mr? (CrowCnrUn Mra llewett Mary A atmet) Church Miaa Flora D lligrina Mra Mary I> Alil? Mm Abigail ! D llolli* Anua Ackerly Mr? Or l)anilaon Miaa Kr?n- Hoy Mary Adam a Mra .1 1 ei? A llofluiaa Mid I'beU Armalouc Klita !|>elay Mary & Hliia- A H I beth Hunt Mr?, M?tt at Barker Mi? Anna M B?can Mm (Mnlbcr- Hull Kliiahath B Blake Mr*(Orange ?t)l rj at) luaton Mi? Ann lUleh Mr* Jane R l)?amon Mra (Broad- l|ala Mit? A M Brady Mary w??) Hall Melina A Itarnet* Elita j Dearborn MraMahina llaaa Miaa Mary R llaaaford Mra Loniae Dwlght Mra Ellen ""lay Mra Julia E Berryman Mlaa'l Boyle Mr* Margaret Hathrington Miai Ma Reach Mra l>nrid Donarghy Ann ry ll.rnox Mr. O | DtinMineriu 1 liirju- ll'iiniear lira Ellu I llirmingham Elian | rite II1U Mary ltrodvriek Judy Ihiini Marairet Hollahaa Elian Itrower Mra Adeline : I'yamon Miaa Mar^a- How ell Mra Elita Brawn Mra (Ludlow, rat llum|?hivya Mr? trvet) 1 Bar Mia* Mary lluatcd \lra Jama* X Brown MraAnnabelln' IManey Bridget llnnbert Mra Augm. llrown Naney U*?cre Mr* Mary tine Burke Miaa Ann K l>?\annaii Bridget J llrui n Mra Marjr?J DibWo Miaa Aatol- Jarria Mra Samuel Itryden Mra (I'rince uette Jung Mra Macdrlaua street) ;Douglas Catharine e Jordan Mr* Xaury Bryne Miaa Elian Donnelly Miaa Catha- Jarot ( liaica Mra Amelia rlua Juina Mra Auua L llranau Miaa C'atlia Uviiaur Miaa Catlia J.trvW Mr* F.liiahatl rim' riue Johnaun Mia* lllaka Mra Harriet Mra K K Blaka Miaa llataev tIhtnlaavy Aun iKaMnyMiaa Mary J Bayanlaon Miaa Mary K kie?lj Sarah Itarnum Mra Ellia- Rminera Kinma Kelr* Mra Jana belli d i l-.ii-........ Ilorvii Mra Marjjnret Elihr Mi?? Chri.tJna Kelley Ii.??y Ib-nnett Mim Eliaa Krerett Mr* lietxry Killna l.unn.I* KiAgen Mlaa Mary Elliot Mm Marv M Kirlland Mm M C Hiy|:AnMm( Henry at) Ell.wortli ,\lr? Elita- Keely llonetta ll'.j l MIm Catharine hcth II k^llin* Mr* 1* llool Mr. Ann* F Eu-htlwrne Mile Kenny Mary llrown Mr. Ellen ! u Keirnint Ann llromley Mr* Maria L'?rrri| ?? ._ Killmartin Mary I::; I'sv. wdiT0* Mar* Kij* Flume. Mr. Mary ?>llew. MiMAdelaido L. Uu<kU? ?"JufuA Piial.en Mia. 1,1. ? Chariot Mr. M I, t [~k'V h V Caianaih Jan* vi%, h "T u" Ann i m r"w'er Mim Julia l.yueli Mary c mne uZ Flhta Klnrenee Mr* Ann Leopold Mi.. Makhl ( hanmai Ui^l M eal- flTBn ,Ml" M"r"11* l-inroln Mira Kdltll ,,?l,n'?u M"? " | Kairtk'M Mm Elita fewer Mm. flart MIm Jettla ' r^TJ","nr 1 ",U"P W "'^.arlue Ciilwrn Mi.. l.iiey Elilair Viae Vifi? ?. u in ? Croak Mi.. Mary I [. ? 5 *,4 * J"'11'? Ann t'nnnnr Mm Chin* M r'tt? 1, (rti,n JjapifreMary Colter MIm Caroline .. f, ! '"J"J Matera Uridyl Coekeren Eliot [. ? . v Merer Mantaretlia Co, Am? 'J"1 . MiUaHM^FMlt-nM Cook llonoria Jornian Mr? llannah Miller MIm Anna J ^mnXTubee a E"? >r,ll.MI?MJ Coolahan Ann ^ . Miller Mr* (Keade ?t Courier Mr. C?Oia ?> ?' ? Mora., Mary rim. flardlner Mr* Sarah Yorre Mi.. Anna S Curtis Mr? (Cliarle. Mm Eliialielh Murray MrW llayard.t ?t \ Uallanhtr Mm ( din Miirromh Mm (.lane CnaMng Mra Harali 'frr. ', Mi.. Margaret ?OS Carpenter Mim Ca- HiT"!1 ^ V. Ma?in Ml?? llri.lret thariiK* Ulwlon Mi?? Mary Mri?ti?r* Martha C Clapli Mlaa Helen A 'i""!'1 ''"I1.'.*1 M Milne Mr. (Canal lit C?4Um Ann Ualliran Eliiahetli Mitchell Mi?e Harriet CanwUy Mr* Catha- W'idnw I, ri,?. (irahain Charlotte A Mitchell Mm (H'a- < ( all-nan Mim Ilrid Jjr?.'r,,? Mr. J"1'1* v. rly I' 1 'Inhan Margaret Miller Rowland n 1 (earn. Mn (Mario# OtH*?|de Miw Maria- Morrieon ElJinor i at) ret H Molonghnay MIm El- 1 Child Mr. (Ilenry et) <irimn Mim Mary A Icn < ('orooran .\lary Morton Miw Lliu C ' Croaelt Mra Ellen Hawkcnrorth Mr* A Murphy Ann Conelly Mary llamiltou Mn Mar> M?" Courtly Mia. Ilridjret A MeCarton Catliariue ' Colhy Mm Freelove llateh Miw CUriaaa MeDerwood Mm Cook Mm Eddy H Hay ward Mr?,Muuro# MrCnrmlek Maraaret < Covk Mn *||*Dowl4 Mn Aim 1 ? % MHaBflKl faiaaJL *. hrlpic. mMa. aezcv"- wbs* MrDuriuoJMnCatha- S?o? MIm S^rih T Theall Sin B R Tint llouie MIn Temple Mri E Mr H'hartun Mia* g??y?L*i?Triby lliw liriiUet Nun-! lUuduljih Miju Am*- Tuwuaeiid M??? *argt McUuiuvw Miry lit I S Mrlntonb MitaMariaJ H??g*n Biddy Tullmanj Mr* CaUieMcKniflit Ainulia ttrjau Catharine > rlmMvLxud lfauuab Keautr Mian .Margari-t,T.<?uey Jane Mi'Mutugal Mrs Mary Korke Miiw liridgct Tuiigute Mr* Mary McLewd Helen RuU.TtauoMiaa(Jaiact i'ulhuau Mtta ilurv A IV street V Xaah MittGcunimni Robbineon Mlu Han- v?il Mm Nancy Y Norwood Mlm Klita- w ti,u Vance Mm C?i belli RueeeU Matilda Vmbake Mm Kliza Nixou Mi** J g yy v'u'.TD ii. Shaw Miu Lucy A Walker Martha J v- 'n M" JuUa Shark Mil* Emily ' WalUron Mi*? Maria v i ^ <dX,in. S,Me Mr? HeWeia i Wayrnu* Mi** Mary Nolan utlianne Shelden Mlsi Eliia- Ward Miwi Ann Kliui NucuiauMiMJuhaana ; WiUon Ml.. Ma?ar*t " Stebbin* Mr* Sarah Webster Mr*(Uud*on Oaood Mm Henry Smith Mi** Sarah *t) Oilaria Mm Daniel .Smith Mian Harriet Whit# Mr?(Green*t) P Stone Miu Elizabeth Wll*on Mary Louiea I'mllan llUf Bridget O Wall* Miu Elizabeth l'rall Mm Jaoe Scott Mr* Matilda Ward Julia JVrev Mm 1* Sutherland rhebe Walker Min Ilarriet l'arcell; MiiaEA Starr Mr? Ann B l'eter* Mrs Jane Swaine Mm Jama* Warni* Mr?( Eliruadl'ierson Mr? Jeiuiina Sague* Mi? Maria ? **y) l'ardy MiwMaryJane Snelgrore Nancy William* Miaa llenJ'ackard Mm Raw*on Smith Mm Charity .rieue 1'amuicr Mian Eli*a- Smipe KLiia Wildman Mr* W T , both Smith Ruth Wil*on Mr* Mary A iVickwell Mis* t'ath B Soyiel Mail Celine Wolf Mrs Jului M 1'rice Mr* Margaret Stone Mri Lucr Z J'etti* Angelina Sullivan Mini Mary Ziinmer Mm T W GENTLEMEN'S LIST. A C?*hinr Thorn** P Fergu*on Jamea Ackennan Geo i hurchill J li III Co Fintch W m K Abbey Tyler 11 Chamberlin Ferdon Tobiaa Alexander R Craft llvnry B Field Comfort Allen Wm Oalllgan Wm Augi't* Fitch Charle* W A me* Window Caldwell Sulomou Fiuck Frederick Audariene Wm II ' aoiphell C D Fitrgereld Thus Audemon J a* Camp Franklin Folley Wm Archibald Samuel Can* Joeiah A Foster Anowanith Auguatu* Cantield Horace Ford Henry A X Carpenter John Foeter William Andrew WaUon Clmplet William F urhaa Jeremiah 'Abell Thoe Cargner W F?*e tieorge Adkin* John U Candee Gil W ^ Fowler Benny Allone Wm Carleton laaac iFitnte Friend II Annable II Clark Thoinaa V | Fuller Jamee M Ajiim 1'apt-Joeiah Clark Henry A Knurr Michael Aahley Jo* 0 Career Benjamin | Falconnier M U Aplegate Thoe Carlton C'apt Danl 1) Fla#g Charlea Avery Au*tin Carr C'harlei C Frecmantle Dr C A moid J W * (irk Dr Joha Ferdan Jacob A rkenburgb Oliver M Clarke Alfred Kemia* Thomae Adam* C N ( recgan Jamee Firdenand JL Coppe Alien* Jonae I heviront Monaieur Ferrie George A Ambler J C Cauldwall Thoe S FiU Philipp Aldrich Algernon Cliffidy I'atrick Fitch Dr 3 Allen Lyman (.rittendon Robert II Forrelli U Arbuckle Wm Q Connelly George Finn F A Anger J Colton L Foleom George ForAverell I*an? C ole John Madiaon reel Andrew George Cone B S Fn*? Calvin J Andrew* E W '-'one Joneph W F<>ran Jamee Andrew* Wm Collin* Henry Flower Thoma* B Cronin 1* Fowler Franklin D Broken Tho* E C*onan ^rd.JJ1"2 Braudiili I* 1* J,on.? Daniel H Fox It Koah w. i.l_ n I nric&n .Inhn #1 ismcou j onq-~"t ~? ? ??? v) lianett Win (op?n Jam?. XT CUhpolle Phillip Riateuian llenry ^ tiardiner Addienn liallar Thuiuu J roora John (iardner Sinimu IU11 r r.?w Gardiner Charlee Bancroft Chrii ,.0lV Vi*p Galloway David W Baker Col E U . . Gay L if Burry John {, ,ri <f Gray Geo G Bar tie tt Julin K tourtoiifl Urttn Wm I) Krns l>r < urtiw J?hn Green benni* Ware I'eter Cnrran Miehael <JrMn Riehard Boalton Alfred J,"*** '?r"rL Gituore Samuel Bayley T If t unniBKton Tliof Uildea Jamee Beek llamu ( uahman Ale* Oihaon Jameo Beeeliam Sil? (ntnrmiir A B Gillepie Robert Baan Jeremiah Grogan Jobs 1 teeth A C ( hurch lVm Hunry o ^ntalet Jonph Benerentano Jonph / T ? Goneuler TlioJ'a Frederick (.afferiy Jamee II Oroncr llalem L Bereyford Brewster C b*mbc rial a Newell o0(KimM> wm Berjjn Edwin th^ben R B Gwyne Capt WlUiam Bi*alow II W >rk 5 ?" ?? Grant Jum Uirdeeye Robt V T *' u n (Jarabrant AlphenaW Biabing Geo Cameroa DJID Girdiner Addison D Iluttaine Jaa A f?2?U,7? v . Oalrin Patrick llrookway B J,"2,we" Robert Gallagher l'att'k Borland DaTid L f,jMr !'? J Grayll I' Bonnet Napoleon J,,? ?" * , Gram Fradtriak llroneman W B?nJ?jnln Gregory Alfd D Bloan John ??*?* ?1 Green W lionnell t A Charlton Saml V G<*rkan Harman Bar land W Q E*2?"i?r . Gill IHkrid Boringtnn Iaaao Carter Samuel Gilbert John i" Brown Wm II < arleton laaae^ Giltey (.'apt Brown Jaa B ^ir'*tol>',4r Gilbardt Leonard Bowie Hamilton '?*?, Gobet Geo Hen'r Browne K T ,, Gnrll John Uoctvlle Joahna ( rramer l'at Goulding Wm Brown John H l liew t obbe Goode Jordan Bueanan Benj Te? "L? ? .. G ilwam Jamee Burke Thue t rawford Sam 1 G wyn John llurbul Sprue tavener I aal (iuaiieai Krancii DunnelJoel tbinnoek Gainpieeht Burditt Jacob II tonrad George Graham Charlei Burton D Coroiuonb Daniel Gardner Nathan l Brttah Sylreeter /V"'*'1 t.'ahagan John Burnmde Rich W ,S,\ '.htv Gallagher Benj'n E Burt C Connor *i?M * 'Gay Uarvey S llryan Clark W ??? i k Itarkna Cha* ohran John |C,rier Charlea llaeon Allyu Gn*nwood k Ihiryr* Bradford VVra?3 Grey Dr F G Baxter I'hiliiip .ol? Edwl" . {C.ibMn Uwi* Itlake Gee W tnunmer John Gilmonr William Itanliam Geo u"1 Gilbert Henry K Baker K " K Goff Win Blake Chae A l ,v ~ Could John il Ballard II S S??k? " T |(inald Geo Bartlett Cha. W Gardner John Barney Jaa W J. "5 "? n mw a ><:nuKh A R Barber J _ _ ru'uJ2"l?!iSH? |Gunning George iiurtieu jntoina r?:unrn?y n nuam Battiahill Wra C iuh.uK Jacofc H Battel Win H ! Haran Daniel B?n*?i? Fnnetec < ??llaaley John P. Beardaley John CunnliHrham1 SUntim HandtoyVflMMn BeW Jiu < unningham Stephen ?>dI 'j P or G P Berry Patrick r?. rru? liar! Lewie?2 Dennett Edwin .?. u 1 Harwell Nathan B Dennett rapt V c" w ? llarria F A Brewer David - . . , , , illawkea worth J Brerort Henry Da ton illehael IUr.n SolO BimeTboa ?'?? />,tn<k llawkin. DavM Bigelow lloratio Haywood C Bierhof Jon]ih [)*no d? I) II Urm George Bodker 1? K R*n" d.' " " Heinrik Piter Koardman Geo E Da?idJo.eph BeiaterMr Bond (I?o XV }* *" ? < ? llcrer George Booth Geo A WuiUnKo A Hifl Brother* k Co Brochner Simon P R**1*** ?*? Hill Joeeph O Brolan Jcaae }~'J, Kdward Hilton k l^mpaon Bonnay Pierre J*' UJ *!*"rT 11 Hindi Joiiah 1) Brown T Deft**. William K |||o?ao Michael Brown ? W ^ody. Uanard Holllophead John Boynton D P1"? Tho. t llojt J B rough ten Jno G R^r?"Ph? Holley George W Rroanahan Tho# Djwnin({ U ll llolionbeck O V Bowdiah Geo Dene Simeon Ifo.imeman Vana L Bower. John Uonaein. John Hooker John W Bonne B F Dora* N iehola. Hope John Buckley Danl DonaUnn Jamea llerdick. Fredk Burnett J li Drune} Jaine. Hutchinga John Burbeck John Oun.ktr Jolm F Heme John ? Burnett Ceo DuUwe J W Hunter John B Rune ITiriatoph Ojrcku??n II jlyhie Nathan T Burnliam G W UunintLUi-W Hutohinaon Geo Burrow. T T l>all?tt k Brother ||utchin.o. J?2 BurdettTbo. Daecey Jolin lleiittiee IIP Brun Jolm <>*" Jolm HulbertJH Brymn Peter },*,'? Hume Bohirt BaekL Day ((range D Hunter Charlee Black t'apt Furman R*J . ... ? Ilatchinaon Joeeph B Kauga Iji*renee [J*' "1 *J m 11 |l|.tnnan John Barnes Stephen *MU f-J* . Ilnokett Ileury J Baker Haul IJerett fcdwarJ Hall John Baker Geo [>?* Samuel Harnett Wm Brandon J M |* <'***? M? "*? Klialut Barnard Jo. F '*>*?? w ? Hart E S Harrow Henry D I jikemau W H Harria Jamee Hardeu John IJoekety John Harris llrron Barritt J O R""*? . Karen John P Barker Tho Donellyjatrick llateh Daniel B Baacom W DuffcyJohn Haver Mr J Beer. Wm Donnelley John |[n(l J C Bleeeker Win Dnnet Iwc lleaton William Beirne John K.?aM?n J k T Henrk Frederiek Bleeker J A Derranoe John Hennew? Wra Bennett E S L j . , , j Howard AngnHtni Benediet Ainoe Alex*ndtr Hiller Riuhard Beneen Jaa L [hiBThoa Hinckley ('apt S ilenhain John Uirriaieauii K 11inrk frederiek Beniamin (Jeo II "f"*!tV,rl? 1 Holland Stephen Biralow II ;Y'nh"el Illolmee Kliaha M Bibbina Israel [>?' w |ll> llolden John Britton Joaeph ' ' , , , l|ou Daniel T Bieor Abraham 1t? Viano JehnJ ||u|Ut)ln Miehael Blodaett lleruian |J*T 'T'T llomiauen Henry Brxikett W Delano t lark IJornbi lower J II I lilumtr Siiinl DtUncy Jhiiim jlfopkiim David owtnnn ?s , MOtlgn MICA# Hantetan " Sowy? i.nt*i An- Un_7rilpt j?hn c (Vollis Chat ^1?'? . IIutehini?<>n () ll'iliumiun (J?? II mi.ll. I)r Ri. Iiard lloyle Jaa Dickcoaon ( jllnlT Dr (i Itrown lUnry Doll J??ub Hnmtud Jamaa A Hoy la Jm Dughcrt/Jama |||u?tJK Hoy* I. H Uoyle John I lluntur Robert <1 BoyJ I'haa R Duun?lly Miuliaol Ilnzli Mr llrwwn freeman II J*"1*',, IfaCbard II llonu-do Uaia Doyle Patrick ||yn? R II dottier K Downing Abnor llnll Aaron Unci.miaii Jaa D Duffco Thomaa Hadlock Eppa llurko Walter Dunn William llxniiltoo IIur^? Hurton Sncncw Duu Juha Hall Karl flunlatt .tueub II Duncan Holt K ,Harablin Rculxn T. Burling Arm* J? * j I Uncock Franklin llurralTOn W Drydou R^bt W Ifamed William llurnMJv Henry " 1 llnrriaon Pamnel liurnhain Wm C Elmnhaak llcnry linri Is Jainea l> Ikimhain Prdk U Ellioll Tlinina* lllavenaES C Klllota k llagadorn llfttton Rolort CumpUII || T E*iB Stephen fllayea Win (I Campion T Earel | Ilea J Joaapli laalino II I, Eluea Sylveater Hodix* Chaa II l'antiue W A Crehiel NaUianieliHmdcrson Roht Chamidain fleo Cnlllua lldirterrtlinlt It'chi Campbell I) G KfT? A*h r? Chan wick (liarlea C KMridRe KlmUll C Hill* fc Ri?in* Campbell RfV Peter Kdwartf lllnek* Rev Wm Cady Daniel Elmcndorf A llelunmn l*aae Carter M C Y Elliott William .HolmeaMr Cams William Edwarda Iaaae I< Iloar D P Clark llenry Bcliek Eliiali W Unit William W Charlton Samuel T Mr? Philip If..11,tn l Joahmt Char* Pro nria Eltlflla John ] llo/an Ti'nothy < artiitlntn M It Bmnierten Rphrnitn , Honeywell Alh? Ca?*y Edward Blliaon lannc Joku .Hopknia Ch.irlej Car|*nter 5*vlveater Bdwarrta Win J llopo Rrulten Choelea Ferdinand K?an Daniel Howard .loaenh T Charlton Dr Samll Bnatiec Samuel W llubUrd Dr ^(i Crawler Michael Edniaton AuKuatua ItuxtniiAnlmw Cleiaetron Peter C?lB*tOn John Hunt J I. Cleincnta J<>hn Elliott Volney jllutchlnann John Crawford John Ed*ard Joaeph llittchina in laa II Crawford William Eyiqnierdo Dn An-]Unit William C Catlin A I< tonio il|unxerford S l? < II1KIH rviijumin w ? njrn nuium ? onnor Hirliard Plana*an F.'iaard Hti*h?? Hainnsl Conway M Flanagan Jamtia llilitt*r Mr <' #??> William Kariiuin I'aul llnrdOvrm '<>n nor Joarnh II Fuly Mifhaid I Jii ! Connor William Firming John Jl?a*r William II Colllni I'ntlirk F?nf*i John Irwin John Colon John Fnannl Ihiik-k Ji Co II Column J S Fletcher Cliarl?? 11 nln*a Franci* II Coffin Konlaml Felt Inxliam Il?iy Colli tin Cliarltn Frltchlar O C I - la ikI Jolm l< Crootn John fitch Huntington Jackaon ("apt Wm I' Milt Jauirt Fitigrrald John li?c.|nn'llcniy I'omn I'atftoV Fulton F.dward Jamca Jam** W Cooli Call* (ieorK* B Froin Johninn Jamca I 'rookrr /.him F ml Elirnciar Mmoi (Irin ['oiCharlca F .rrrntal H.i lmnnd Johnaon fharloi l alhin Edward F irimn Jrrruilali Jordon JamM I'rownin A F >x l?nvM Jnaaphle f. rnw?l llntH(l F F iintaln John V Jnnaa Alonio rouan li Co Fullan llrory Jackaon Jahn II 'liiirrh llarmoi FinilorJH Jalr FntnclMo 'uta F.??tniiin Falkinhurjc Captain Jcfftna Joatph 'urrin John Charlan A Johnaon llorae# H 'tilting Israel Fnwland A U .Ioh?aon Charlaa I ;tuu? C U f*M r V jjeroUmoi Wm ? I Kuuii>uih I^iu* \l e nS*** ,/uhn knjiih L)'s '* Kr*m.r k mTdu Mol)?l. H?ry ISmith Cgpt Ch? B 1 Kelly Michael McRngao AI leu Sniilh liuiUrua V u Kelly Jauiee?i MeCoun Win J Stokun W m Keating I.awmure Mclntyre H'm Sloaue l'nirr Keoly Johu Mcktuna Tbo# Sub ItrrnnnJ Kelly John McMillan C?o .Scoot Arthur W " Kullogr Orion McMalwn Arthur iStone Juan H krveklow U T MeLellan Jauiee Storoy Luke ' Kntits IKrnarJ M Soutiiarj Tlioa , KcuuaiJ Daniel New VorkStoukllauk Short Jaiwi Keller Benjamin N'ixuu Juhu Sproull O C Krieru lKruian?3 Nawmark Joaaph iStoutenburg A II KiiuCaek 1> G II .VeTill Jarnca Smyth F J Kimball Wiiltar H Niekaraon Joaliaa Shumway CapUUnrv i Kimberly Francl* Noonan Coruollna Saflarn A EJwJ Karl l.utwig Newriuann Juliua Sutton Chai Knapp A Nelaon Hen A Jr Srawbunr (.'apt Jo. K.fler Cha? 9 Newcomer John "Ph ? Kelly Carl Nuodhaiu K F Salcmle Antonio Kci-kr Clum B N'lmmo Thouuu Schramm ('our Kelly Hugh Nicholaa (i?o Salomon 0 Kellogg At Co J Nonan Timothy SaBord I, I, Kraler Charlaa C Nalaon Tliomaa Sadler Mealy C Kelly Frederick N'ew barker Mas Samaon Alex Kerr J H* N'cmilcr Um Shannon K II Kenny Mathew Ncwklrk M'ardtn Savage John Kent Ruel I) VicholJamo* Swrartwort, Lkvallaon ? Kimble Channev Vianer llanrv 11 Co Kiiukcr Albert Noble Solomon Stratton Thou S , King K P O Seabrook W B 1 Kroue Frederick O-Brien Dines Stitchy Owen kHuffinan Fradk O'Brien Patrick Sheldon Benj " Klein Christiau Ome William Spcer H?v G S Kealy Patrick O'Callanhau DrEB Steole Thomas C Kelly Michael OananJohn Stclubracuslin D A-2 ? Keboe Michael Owen U W Stevens James Q Kcly Thomas Onthank N B Stewart William KelsoJEkS O'Driwull Michl Sheridan J'Uili^ Kelly Capt John 9 OflunUr Bernard Stewart k Co. 7 Kelly Zeuo O'Neil Jubn I'lumberi '' Kreuwr Bernard Osgood Howard Steph?n?ou John j Kent Edward Owen John Sehermerhoru CarneKuui|iel John Owen Thomas ! Hue Kimball James O'Brien Michael Sherman C M ,u King Erwiu T O'Brien llugh Steveus Leonard S Kliuk U H O'Oiur Thomas II ! ?PI*rt<?n tieo M *. Knowles I*vi Ovenukor Capt A D ?lwnu*r Wm senr L Owen Ed Lloyd Schanck Ernestu* " Laidlein Michael Otis Geo K l5f,iiht.Jo.h.n ?- 0 I-awrenoa Wm B P u*nry Istiigdou Edward Palmer Mr, of the , 'W,th"d Lauuers S Theatre * 'J* AU* Lalhropk Duffield Parker Thend W ?!!!^u i 'A Lauding K V It Parker Charles <n Lanier Alexander Palmer Joseph , *" LaUirop J II Passmore W II J !"' /,am? Leipiiger Mr II Pateina John r?/urT??? * Learuard Wm E Pratt Stephen 2 !Hl ? K Leland James Pattereon Edward 2'" H) }"? rw a I<vary John Ptekham James V 2"' ? 8_ Lewis Mori-la Peck Ebeueser W ? T > D ? 2 Lew in k Brother Perk 1* Schroder Johu Lcwison Louis Peninc ton Johu P Shoemaker Chat c Li.teu.her II Perry Tlnusen Sfhroeder Chaa Livingstao K B Pentland Thoa-3 Rh?uahmiss D 1, Livingston John R l'liiUipe George Soator John Wkwood A W Pickering Clia. H f??7 J ? R#M 2 Meridian Lodge No 41 Potter Israel T S'oru.nherg, DayfcCo Manhattan Lodge Ni Power Cant John Si'ST? K 2U Power* STD I)anl 5*?*, \E _ Knickerbocker Tout Potter Jeremiah P J?ydam k lUff ChelseaDirisionNoU Pro.t Captain oJi0lli ??. tfLord Daniel W Plunkett Daniel l2^frlf,nd M w Long John 0 Puraell Joaeph Snulta II r, Long Thomas Parr John _ , V Lynch Bobert Parkhuriit Mr Taylor Dunoan f,. Lyons AWa Parken Earlo Taylor (nphol.ter) , Lyon CliM H Parker Capt Rod Traatman (Elm at) U I'oirt Rev Mr Palmer Thomaa 0 Taleott Capt Andrew ? Ijimrun Edwd M Palmer Thomas ti Temple M 0 lATcnbery M Pratt Dr Elijah Terry Samuel i I^tntcA Paterson John Timme II ,, Liwrenre J F Pratt Stephen Til>it Rev Chaa B Larued Thomaa Pearson William Tilby John Lake J Peek bar Id C Thompson S-H?9 g Langthrom Capt Wm Pelossi Virgelio Thomas Tho> M a Leighum Andrew Perkins 11 A Caih Thompson k Co Lohue T Pettes John Br Thompson S D ? Leeta II Jacob I'etars 9 T Thompson Isaao Iierins U Pickette ( U&rlos 'Thompann Alexander Lvnahan Bartholomy Prieture T Thompaon Erasmos r lieouidas Anlnstns " Pollock Wm J Turner Q 1, Livinnton Alfreds Pot? Capt Samuel Tyler Chas P (, LoekMP Porter Prof JII Taylor Charles MtVernonLedgaXoT? Portundo Juan Fran- Table Philip Stniugers Refnce eiseo Taylor James?2 r [Lodge No 4 I'urdy Jonah Jr Tankerrite C II U l'aleetlne Ejuaamp- Pnrdy John TalnUr IIJ 4 ment Parker Wm D TVrpennin* Daniel ? Long John Parker J V Tieckner Diedrloh il Lord Charles W Pardoe Thornai Tilby James S f LoTeland KUwin Packard James II Tilton Chat ? u Lowry Capt Thoe Pariah Dr R Todd Aaahel Lovtland Capt J mm Paddleford Edward Tf?w J ti I.yell Edward II Plainer U?o W Thqiupklns Mln tI^jrangeVlSDey *t-l Payne Edward T'nomai William a l.aruuie S Pattereon Jauieg Topen Rer M 11 Lakeman John 1'fenig Mr TrottJohnM u l<apien? Louie Phi. Pearson Hubert Thomson J W lippe Peetlo* 0 Gl?u Tuomy John lc LtkeJared ? 2 Penfleld Day fc Co -Tullen Jamoi f Lawrence Wm R Perrine II W?2 ITumer Capt Ctuu E I L-ightun Andrew Pike Robort G Traphacen Wm 1 Lauder J C Pritehard John Taylor Reuben L )t laiggett Thomas Phillips JouathanJW Tanuer Pierre B 1 l.edwick R K Poetley WasbiactonJ Trainor P j, Lewie Nathaniel W Porterhouse Edwin Tenny Ben F * l.uuvkcr Mr Potter E L Terry Croin la'wijt Hugh Purves John Thickener Anthony if Linell Alphred <4, Tilton David r. Livingston P D kuinn Edward grippe ; Living ton S M Ouinn Thornaf J}'"" Obadiah I .or k wood Olirer ^uiwk Iniho [Thorn Janes *t< Secretary of the R Thomas Q a [Grand Lodge Rawiinn Thn? Thome Geo A n > Kn.ck4bcker Lodge R;y?ond Gec^B SgJ I RnicUrbooker Ten. JU^-h. * Atlantic Tent 16 ?l<cj v*"llli?.m T"uck?r Richard S a l.orett Thomas R R?itii Tucker J-hn ? j.oomer C W R.ynoldsG TyrreU Thoe-S jr" _ Riley Mr ! V H R:debook chai j Underbill I, ?' . p"A Richie Henry 1 Cnderwood Eugene J ifflffj 1 L .r Richardson Vr ITiler Rer Geo ? l.udlow Juhn II Robertshnw Jaa Cpham Mr .. .. Rockefeller Lewi* V Madden Michael Rol>er?on <'has Vincent W a MeOreil Dennis Robinson John L Vonrhees MaUutit) Juiiici R >bin*oii Ceo C VaUuH- . t< . i Mafeo Patrick R jbinson Wm J k Co Van Maisou Edward U R .niler F y" u WmW 5** Ch** H"w'.m ttnoj? J* ? ,, ? H'incj H llliAiti Vmlill Thou *, Mart^s Frederick ^y Ell^ M Valentine A t WMf. 5?rH VaneUreK^ ? MtthewII F K'ynolda John M Vanl^rnh Morri? f Slirm John r S Vandewere John S J* CI ' "J r, . S'TO"1'1* Joehua Van Vleet J R? _? n riuniR J 01111 ... "" Merley .1 I R.jly I'bilip ? ? MellnlU Kyturt Rire NirhoWa Walton Henry Mrdhuret Wui O R .binaon Chan WaaerSilae ? Millar II A R Mnfon AuMttou W'mmi Thorana rt Miller l>?TiJ R .biueon lloeea R W alcutt William < Mitrhel J Rjonx Wam Charloa T U Mitrhel Joeiah A H >M?rt? Wm Water* John 1 Miller llenry R binaon 1> M Waterman Henry 8 Motion Nicholas R se John Ward llenry It -o Monroe llrury W R oney ChM Wataou Androw * Moral Mr R .thaeliild Welti Jaeob J Mowhry Wm R iwll John W'ellalafer Atrli J Mnr,pin llenry R ih Xarar Whaalwrigh (Chat- >\ Moriee Mr R'an Albert hum Square >i Moore A Onnlupp R i|y I, Weleli Ji.iuea A ? Owner* ehip Moslem R (lil.<>no J Wells II Halting* ? Moorv Arrhilwld l> R.ttle Krnui-in Welle Itanium K u Moullon Allwrt U R mdol Morrii Wearerlan J B a Mount W in S R-cdJnhnR Webater IHivId B ? Mow* Man. tm KiiH lleakini WTiatatoB* J turn* 5 t Moran Alex ( R uhinanu Anthony J* i'. Murphy Oweu R ley Jamee wIIIot Zriotoi I, Myick II I. Riding labtnacl )J'!*OB '"fc* k f Mulholland Hugh R ce W R Williavue?? Kohert ( Miihletibrink Joh RrVerChaaS W'iUiamd J D I' Myers Vaeller It Co R .l<trt? Wm Willtngtoa A 8 Markey John R .gera F. K Wripht Pavld J a Mal.hett J M R>genW{< WilIU (ianrjje I Mahan William R .<rr? I riali r Wrigley Jarnei Manuing fc lion land RiMnaon R H W'illaon II V Many W m V |R illinr l.ouia Whitney \rr Ate* R Martin Julin .R.hiniou Win Jr Wither* Jamea U ' Marshall JU K -uth Tatrirk W'hiU J<wph r Martlin* fiesrge 11 ?? William Veldger Edmund A *> Marshall 1' R >ssetrr Jam fa Wnitehnuae <ion 11 S Mart John K idnlf WiU,?m White William Marks J R.-ersnn Peter U Wood J at on n li Martin Banker M Hyder 111 n-y W W^rth (Jwip II il Mathews Mr A 8 W Mfe S M , Maluome K Hhslratt W II WaMltCA JUthaw. ?Wm B SiufonlJW ? ,?h l!?kty, ? " Mural'Hun J no Swan F.dw II " J il'"1 wV.lw.".J Santana Anacl Wnlk.r Ahir->! i. Mfi<? II II. J J Mtaalaia I' WardUw W illlatn k Meyer K Safer (!eo Wallaeo William. m M^rill Joaeph S ?n(ler II L ?! ".A,J lWni Jr-2 Millanl Jamea 3 arr Samuel w W ait A * ( Milce Washington 8 intent Fn-drigk W'?t* Thoma* l'| Middltwood Geu Sharp II 0 W?l?t*d Vinrout I Mulen Mr Suauiding Kl Weld J Minor In Morn* Joaeph sfiaw Albert \f Waldon Henry -I Mott Solomon Stwyvr M V Wtlla Tlionia* ? Moonuon Ur John jj-llar TIiuuim *'lwl?r('barUiD tr M?or? 11 s ration (Jot C C U/f'1 y\? MoHu Meyer S Jn'h Mr We liar I'lerra Monta^;ut* k I'# S bell 11 3 W'esterrult Inaac Ji Uorrinun Win J Sleiibt Kewii Lett- W'eetM I! N Morri.Col Win C Willlanin J U Murgau llomer U Sweet Tliomn \\ llUaina I.eonanl S n Mvmi ThonM ShepnrdJlllLW Wi"^. k C? W l? Morgan U 3ien?on Wm W IllUrna John I h Motfftii ll?WT S:ewn? Kuru? F. J.XJ 1 Murray Michael Sr.terh.lui Alton w-I7l\ W'1UW* ) Murrh I harl?t 0 Slier* ood Starr W IlliiUrn Hldwl* Muriibr I'a^rlek Swett Samuel W'illlanu flleninmin ' Mua?on 81. It ('? S even^Twrn WMjlier Uitv 8'ierUan John White William Mitekey J C S'fTenion Key JKl !* t?,?.1 1 w",f , S.ereni Ednafd H hite W ilham I. , Malielo Mnlhlae Hilvoeter W'ni?2 While Senem Manendi Moim S ^ niPHon (leontc II W hit?ker FH*? I Mailland John "Hiuncer E II Wither* M l> Wm M jr Melon ratrieit H elmra Annul Wooda I'eter i. Mar?on Jnle* Skinner F. U W'oo?lwar4 harle? T Mangle Mauris Seribncr Jaa W'aleh Martin Maruel Charles Smith II 2,7*' . I Maneo A lleunett Smith I#?nWa? Walker Edwari M.wi, Jo? <j?..rg? Smith A I' k C " *[e"iV A i% >mun i-rnnkiiu a "'*"7"f f.. c Mnrnw iWt Geo Smith Wm K W*rHw*llJohiiS y Mathewn Tli?? Smith Wm I ten J \\M*en llo? Henry I Maxwell Win Smith (1 W JE'S?" V ? 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