Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1848, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1848 Page 5
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[ fS^-55? Theatrical and Musical. Bowcav Thkatkr.?Mr. IhiuiUin by universal ou? ?ent. in admitted to be one of the most efficient theatrical managers of the country; and if any proof of this were wanted to the new generation of play-goers, less familiar with hi* previous dramatic triumphs, it has been ' afforded in the recent splendid improrementi at the . : Bowery Theatre?the alteration' and decorations of the house, accompanied by the engagement of the first class of performers The prices have beeu slightly raised, though still half of the old Park tickets?a change which has long been desirable to the steady supporters of the establishment, who can now enjoy a good play without the noisy interxuptiou* formerly too frequent. The course of opera and ballet, which has beeu in successful performance during the last fortnight, will be succeeded this eveuing by the engagement of Mr. Murdoch, the most popular aud refined American actor of the day. when will be produced, for the first time in this city, the new tragedy, founded on old New V'ork historical events, of Jacob Lelsler." which was recently hailed with the greatest enthusiasm at its first representation, where it ran nine nights, ill Philadelphia. The story of the old democratic martyr to liberty, acted on a spot within the sound of the old voices which saluted his popular triumphs, and presented with all the aids of carefully prepared costume aud the picturesque sceuery of Manhattan, with the energetic personations of Murdoch. Clarke. Dyott. Marshall. Mrs. I'hillips. Mrs. Abbott. Mr. Uurke. and the other members of the company, cannot fail to seenre for ' Leisler" a most earnest and decidedly favor.. I.I.. <1... ,,......1.. ,.< V..,? V...L. 'PI... ..I... KV.y^VU ....U. ...v ' ? ..V pM?J. whicli has thUH fur excited an unusual degree of interest, both from its threat literary merits unit from it* bold hdiI striking stage effects. will, we *re assured, obtain yet higher triumphs under the auspices of Mr. Hamblin. No pains or expense have been spared in presenting it liroperly to the public. Mr. Murdoch's Leisler" will hereafter bo as well known a character and performance as Forrest's Spartaous," Booth's Brutus,'' or Macready's " William Tell." Chatham Theatre.?The succession of crowded houses hero it the surest proof of the great popularity of the new local drama. Cousin William still continues his search for the elephant every evening, and Mose raises his plug musses to the great satisfaction of the applauding thousands, who go to see him during the week. We would, seriously, advise every stranger who is at all conscious of any verdancy, to go and see "New York as it is;'' it will open his eyes, effectually to many of the tricks on travellers which tho Charley Bates's of the metropolis are so fond of playing, besides giving him a good idea of the manly New York b'hoy. Tonight quite a varied bill is set forth, in the "Trumpeter's Daughter.''the -Spirit of the Waters," "New York as It is," aud " Nix the Cabman." Chhiitv's Minstrki.s open their budget of songs. Sue. again this evening, at Mechanics' Hall. Their unrivalled popularity is such as to render it unnecessary for us to say more than that they are there in iirst rate siuging order, and full of fun. witticisms, connundruuis. &c. Their concort is certainlv a delightful place of resort for an evening'* amusement. Melodeon.?The patronage which this house receives every evening, in owing to the genteel way in which they are conducted there, and tho pleasing nature of the amusement)* consisting as they do of ballad and Ethiopian singing. Mr. White, the proprietor must be making out well by tho Melodeon. Baxvard'* Pa*or\ma.?During the present week there will be great numbers of strangers iu town to attend the anniversaries: to these gentlemen a visit to the pauoramu of tho Mississippi cannot fail to be pleasant. as it will give them a perfect idea of one of the most interesting portions of the country. Mr. J. S. Black will give his second soiree muticale ut Paterson. N. J., this evening; he is to be assisted by the Mountaineers and the Amateur Quartette Association. From the great satisfaction expressed at Mr. Black's previous concert, and the urgent solicitations he has had to repeat it, wo believe that he will have a crowded audlonce this evening. Coc.nt D'Or?ay'? beautiful paintings and statuettes of Victoria. Daniel O'Connell, and his own handsome self, are still on exhibition at Uothic Hall. They are beautiful specimens of painting and sculpture, and also excellent likenesses. Palmo'i Ofera Hol'ie.?The exhibition of illustrated pictures, us they are termed, is still going on at this house every evening. The Sable Brothers have given three of their popular concerts in Providence. K. I. to crowded houses. It is their intention to return to their old quarters in Wooster street, in a few days. Mr. Artiii'rson gives a soiree muticale this evening, at the Society Librury. Duriug the time Mr. A. has been among us, he has established for himself quite a reputation us a fine tenor singer?and the various entertainments he has givon have always gone off most satisfactorily. The present one this evening, will consist of gleos. ballads, trios, canzonets. Sic., from the works of Saroni. Handel Mendelssohn. &c.; in theso he will be assisted by Mr. E. Loder. M ss DeLuce. and Mr. Leach?Messrs. Kyle and W. A. King, will also perform uu me nuic >uu piano. u win iw a very jncaraui concert. we doubt not. The Ballet Comimnv of the Lehman*, whose members, particularly tbc pretty Adelaide, wet with such success last summer. in New York, will soon arrive here, to meet with a part of the Ravels returning from Europe. M. Charles Winther, just arrived from the xouth, where he has been dancing with Hisley and his two charming cone, will probably join the Lehman company ; and it is said that, under the management of W. Niblo. they will begin the summer campaign at the Astor-place Opera. Vine Art*. Twentt-third Anni'al Kihibtion or the National Academy or Dehor.?\o. -72, S. Anna Lewis. Ay C. L. Elliott.?The drawing of this head is pretty good, showing rather a bold touch; the coloring on the cheeks aud nose is too prominent, and not sufficiently blended together. giving the appearance that the original was fond of a glass of wine; the right arm is badly drawn, and the shadow cold and out of place, which kills the effect of the picture. 182. Still Life, by C. W. Tice.?ThU picture represents dead game. The painting of the plumage is very fair, but not sufficiently brought out from the canvass; altogether too flat, wanting more depth of shadow. So. 189. The Discarded. by P. P. liuggan.?This picture is Intended to represent a litter of pups and the mother, together with two children. The style of painting and the drawing together are miserable?no relief whatever. The pups, children, and the back ground are all mixed up in a school-boy style, as if the artist, while the paint was soft, had taken a large whitewash brush and blended them altogether. 150. Caught Napping, by If. S. Mount.?This is an excellent design, and. like all the productions of this artist, drawn strictly correct iu every part. The picture represents three boys under the shade of some trees, where they have been playing cards until one falls asleep, and the other one is looking very drowsy ; the third lias just discovered the old man. their father, stealing up behind the trees with a branch of a tree in one hand, evidently bent on laying it over their shoulders. The artist lias been exceedingly hnppy iu the thoughtful expression given to each figure ; even the boy asleep appears to repose in a sweet dream, perfectly unconscious of the danger so near at hand; and the alarm exhibited by the other at the approach of the old man. is well depicted, and the old man seems to be highly pleased at detecting his idle boys. The whole picture is well painted, and in good keeping, showing the masterly hand of a draftsman. The style of this artist is peculiar to himself; he is cvideutly the American Wilkic. 105. Mother and Child, by J. White home?The drawing is imperfect, and the painting of the flesh flat and Ininir' altiHrcther too much red ahout. the iiirtiin.?nwl curtain, red rhair. with a yellowish red garment thrown over the mother's Up. and the outlines of the flesh is cut tip hard and stiff. with brick dust red. Riving the whole picture a brick dusty appearance, without taste or management being displayed in the arrangement <?f the colors. 130. Portrait of a Lady, by .1. 11. Wrmlrr.?The drawing of this head is good, the painting natural, and in excellent keeping; the mouth, which is shown a little open, is well executed, giving the cotintenance a sweet and innocent appearance, and. no doubt, a correct Ukeness. 81 Ruth nnd Xunmi. Iiu IK. Page?This picture may be. in the eyes of the originator, an excellent production; but to us it fails far short of lncdiocrity. The drawiug of the figures is very defective, and the painting worse; the flesh is flat anil dirty looking, and the whole picture is washed over indiscriminately with green paint, making the picture a green affair. How the picture was admitted into the academy, is to us a mystery. 7'2. Old ?1tt of (ialilto, liy F.. WhUt.?This is a good design, showing the touch of a draftsman. The painting is bold and effective, blended together iu good keeping. The head of old age Is well portrayed. The subject, however, is not one that draws the attention of the visiters, as general observers admire things more gaudy. In which there is less merit. JVd. 152. .1 Drtcmdnnt of tht Huyal Sluart. by J Whitrkornr.?This picture Is intended to represeut a young girl dressed in the Scotch costume, and as entitled by the artist, "a descendant of the royal Stewart." We are not able to inform our readers of the appearance of the royal Stewart family, not having seen them; hut this we do know, that if this picture resembles that royal family, thoy mnst have been a miserably disproportioned set of creatures. This painting is very incorrect in the drawing, having a miniature head on a large body ; the hands and arms have a skinny appearance; the left, arm and hand in particular, which is placed on the hip. is badly drawn, flat and irony in the painting, with a hard outline, re.......i.k,... <>... iimk ?r .. ..i ,i,..,,r ti... r.i.,i ... .. noiiiuuuit ? i. u< ?... ns much too large as the hands are ton MinnII. nud altogether too much blended with tlio ground ; the outlino. In thl*instance. is not decided enough ; the other parts of the painting are ]in?snhle ; but let apieture be painted ever no well, if the drawing Ik defective the whole efTeet Ik lout. Thin artist pencils the outline of his flesh altogether too decided, giving nn irony and (stiff appearance. Pollllrnl Intelligence. Viaoi^iA Dri.r.o?tr.? ro thi: JJai.timo*k Co*ve.itioi.?The district, convention, which met at Karmvlllc. Va . on the 2d. for the purpose of appointing delegates to the Baltimore convention, delected the following gentlemen, vli: William O. (Joode. Ileury L. Hopkins. William C Klournoy, and Thomas M. Isbell Alternate*?Lewis E. Harvle, W. H. Dennis. W. H ' Fltlgerald. and Kdward Brown. The Harrison elec- i tornl district (llltli) have appointed the following delegates and alternates to Baltimore : Delegated?tieorge H. J. M Bennett. Adam Crawford. I. T. Snod- | grass Alternates Itolicrt A. Thompson. Win. K. Kltehie. Henry A. Wise. Thos. 11. Bayly. At the convention which met in Richmond yesterday, the follow. Ing gentlemen were appointed : Delegate*'-?Dr. Cor bin Braxton. Win. K. Ritchie. W. 1). I.cake, and Col. C. P. Ooodall. Alternates?.Inn. B Young. David P. Wright. Col. fcdwlu Shclton, Col. John M. TrcvUliau. I 1 - 1 - ?1- Sporting IntolllfinM. INio* Comic. L. I.. Thursday. May 4?T*otti*o.? A contest for a purse. two^mlle heat* in harness, c?mc uff last Thursday. at the Union Course. which wai ax warmly and spiritedly contended for by the nags engaged. a* ?u ever witnessed by turfite. There were nix entries. four of which started, vii Mr bridges' rh. g. Trustee 2 10 1 Mr Darrogh's bl. m Modesty 3 3 0 2 Mr King's b m. Sal 1 2 3 dls. Mr CtM'l b. g Passenger distanced Time &:27>( -5:32-5:35 -5:35. Fir it Hrat.?Modesty led at the start, with Trustee well up; Sal and Passenger a length or two behind, and very uusteady. Modesty led tlufwhole mile round, aud passed the stand in 2:41?two lengths In front of Sal? Trustee well up. Passenger far in the roar Sal then took sides with Modesty on the upper turn, aud after a slight struggle for mastery. Mudosty broke lip. and Sal left her and dashed round, coming home an easy winner. twenty yards ahead. In 5:27>, ; Trustee second. Modesty third, and Passenger distanced. The betting, which wan at the start. Sal against the field at evens, was now all in favor of Sal. and as much as fifty to five was wagered on her chances of winning; but mark the result. Srcond that.?During thin hent. Trustee gave Sal too much work, carrying her off lier trot so often that he succeeded in winning by two length*, in 0:32?Modesty just saving her distance. Third Heat.?Sal wa? now apparently leg weary, and the high odds on her became reduced. This heat, the struggle throughout wax between Modesty and Trustee, the former taking the lead at the start, never allowing herself to lie headed during the heat; but Trustee stuck to her ao closely that he managed to,place his head on a parallel with her s at the score, making a dead heat. Sal was beaten three lengths. Time, 5.30. Fourth Ural?It was now quite evident that Sal was used up. She had cut her near fore leg in the last heat, and had become very unsteady, and the contest was given to Modesty and the sorel gelding to decide. Throughout the two miles the struggle was animated and close: but Trustee succeeded in crossing the score first. in 6.35. Sal being distanced. She was held up'by Mr. King at the half mile pole. The great pressure' of other matter precludes the possibility of a more minute description of this spirited contest. Lady Sutton axd Ladt Moscow.?These celebrated trotting nags hare been entered to trot on Thursday next, at the Union Course, for a purse of $250; aud their great speed, and the doubt as to which Is the fleetest, will unquestionably lead thousands to the scene of action. VmoiMA Racks.?Kaikkikld. May 2.?First Dav.? Match $3,000. Col. Wra. K. Johnson's (J. M. Botts") Financier 1 1 Harrison Hartwell's Marlbank 2 2 Time?1st heat 3.50 ; 2d heat. 4.01. For the second race, only two out of the seven entries started. The result is as follows ? W. P. Winfree's produce of his mare nn<l Bengal 1 1 Ishum Puckett's produce of Lobelia and Bengul. i '2 Time?1st heat. 2.03V?; 2d heat, 2.05>i. Second Dav?Proprietor's purtio $200; two inilc houts. The following in the result P. P. Hare's b. m. Lucy Toler, by Priam, 4 years old 1 1 James Talley's b. li.. Ben Franklin, 5 yoars old 2 2 Arthur Taylor's b. h.. by Treasurer. 4 years old 3 3 Time?1st heat. 3.50 ; '2d heat, 4 minutes. Third Da*.?Jockey Club purso. $300, throe mile heats. The result was as follows :? O. P. Hare's g, m.. Bostonia, 5 years old. by Boston, dam Andrewetta 1 1 Arthur Taylor's c. h.. Financier, 4 years old, by Boston, dam R 2 2 C. and N. Green's b. h . Norfolk 3dls. Time?1st heat, 0.55 ; 3d heat, 6.59. City Intelligence. Tiik Weather.?Heat, Thunder. Liuhtnino. Rain and Hail.?Yesterday was decidedly the warmest day of tho'presentiyear. that has yet passed. Notwithstanding the heavy thunder storm of Saturday night, the air was sultry. The sun rose In a clear sky. and poured his burning rays upon the city until about two o'clock, when a heavy cloud, rising from the western horlson. gave promise of a storm ; and at half-past three o'clock rain [and hail began to pour down in torrents, accompanied by heavy thunder and vivid lightning. The rain and hail continued to fall with unabated violence until about half past four o'clock, the streets having been completely flooded, when the sun shone out again, the air only being one degree cooler than before the rain. Some of the hail stones were as large as walnuts. At noon, the thermometer stood at 80degrees, being 30 degrees warmer than tho corresponding (Site of the last year. The evening was perfectly calm, and the heat seemed almost as great as duriug the day. According to the ticks of the telegraph the storm raged with considerable violence at Stamford. Conn., at 4 o'clock; and it seemed to continue on the lino of the telegraph to six, and oven seven o'clock. P. S.?About half-past seven o'clock another heavy cloud arose from tne north-east, and again the rain poured down in torrents for about an hour, accompanied with thunder and lightning. The sky then became partially clear, but heavy, black clouds girded the wholo horizon. Railroad Accident.?The morning train of cars of the New York and Harlem Railroad, met with a very serious accident, while on the downward trip from Croton Kail*, yesterday morning. When near White PlaitiH the ruilx spread, and the locomotive running off the track. was completely capsised. The earn were also thrown off the track, and great destruction to life would inevitubly have ensued but for the pretence of mind of Mr. Sands, the conductor, who. as soon as the rails spread, put down the break of the train car. and prevented the upsetting and probable crushing of the whole train. Fortunately, no person was ityured; and it is an astonishing fact, that through the watchfulness and promptness of action on the part of the conductors of the trains of this road, in no case of accident has any serious result followed, other than the damages sustained by the road, and the breaking of car* and locomotives. The passengers were detained but a very short time, other cars being quickly on the spot to bring them to the city. Fire Alarm.?The alarm of fire at ten o'clock, yesterday morning, was caused by the burning of some tar barrels in 14th street, near the 'id avenue. Common Council.?'The present members of this body hold forth for the last time, this evening, so far as business transactions are concerncd. and to-morrow, the Mayor and members of the Common Council elect will be sworn into office. Moitr MriTRir.?Coroner Walters was called yesterday to hold an inquest upon tho body of a female infant, that was found in a sink rear of a house in '24th street. From the evidence adduced, it appeared that a young female had boarded at the house for a week, about five weeks ago. then disappeared, and had not been seen by the family sine*. The jury, from the facts presented before them, came to the conclusion that the infant was still liorn. but were unable to say to whom the child belonged, or by whom it was placed in the sink. From Guatemala.?The Havana journals have received intelligence from Guatemala to the 3d March. The Vice President has issued a proclamation announcing that (Jen. Cabrera would resume the functions of the executive office, his presence having been deemed necessary at the capital. Another proclamation had issued, postponing indefinitely the election of deputies to the uational convention, convened by the decree of January 12. Various changes had occurred in the cabinet. The intelligence in (Suateinala from San Salvador, represents complete tranquillity as rciguing there. The two chambers had been installed and declared Dorotoo Vasconcelos elected Tresident. and Jose Felix Quirox. Vico President. Peace and quiet also prevailed In Costa Rica, under the administration of Senor Castro. On the 10th February. (Jen. Solares wan attacked in hi* quarters in San Antonio, by the insurgents, to the number of tUX) or 800 men. The troopn of Solaris were reinforced by those of Bolanos. and succeeded in entirely rooting the enemy, and pursued them in their flight. The loss on the part of the government troops was trifling. .Active measures were being taken to put down the insurgents and reestablish order. YVntchea?Wntehea- Watchea.?J. Y. Savage. Jr. Nh. 15 Wall street, is now wiling Watches of every description ai extremely low prices. Ifc sella none but sucli watches :n ?n' warranted to keep accurate time. Also, a splendid jiucket Chronometer at a bargain. (Jive him a call. We arc lit the midst of a revolution. Don't Ualarmed, we are nut going to deliver a {mlitioal thesis. The revolution we refer to, concerns the outside of tile head, not the inside. In slinrt, what wc have to say is, that Imndoline and other pn'|?rations which tend to injure the hair are rapidly being sii|iersoiled by 1'halon's Hair Invignrator, which beau tides, strengthens ami stimulates the growth of the liair, by assimilating with its nstural nourishment at the roots. It may hu obtained at tliu ilrng stores, or of Sir. 1'halon, 61 Broadway. I<a<llr?' atrnw Bonnet*.?J. II. Ilarley will opmi on Monday, May Hth. 20 oases of I^adies' and Misses' Straw and French I.?i'o llonnut*. of the most beautiful styles. Also a splendid assortment of Ribbon* and Flowers. at hi> old stand. No. .To Maiden l,aiir, which will he sold at reduced prices. Indies wishing Honnets and trimmings wonld do well to call and examine J. 11. HAKI.EV. No. rf Maiden Lane. Iloalery.?The attention of denier* In Hosiery. and those about commencing the business, is invited to the extensive assortment to be fonnd at the New York Stocking Factory. 104 Howery. The stock consists of nearly twenty thousand doten, comprising almost every desirable style, all of which will !? sold at extremely low priens. A call from all in want of Hosiery, either at wholesale or retail, is respectfully solicited. Carpet*?The queatlon often nrfaea In one'* I.iind, where ran I Hnd cheap carpeting*? The information is thankfully given,and is valuable to those who are in want of carpets, and wish to purchase. We would recommend nnr economical friends to Hiram Anderson, No. W llowery. cheapest carpet, oil cloth and wiudow shaileystablishment in the l.'nlted States, where goods can be bought Si percent cheaper than at any other place. ( old Pnu, IMnmoiul Palnl?ii |1 only, Silver Panel I Cw included -4. W. OREATON It CO. Nn. 7! (V dar Mreat, up itaim, invite purehaaera. both wholeaale and retail, tn caI 1 and ?*Amine their ?ti>ek of (iold Pen* and ('mm, which they *rr wiling At reduced priced. The* keep the pnna of All And every maker, that pnirhaeem may deciifefur themaelvee a* to their relative inorita. Gold pen* and eaaen repaired. fold Pent.? Itralm In gold pfni are ln?1tf<l t.i examine C'rnty'a Improved Fountain Pen and al?> the French Pen*. Tliev carry ink enough to write a whole page, and can l? had ?nly or ljcer* k Clark (up etaira) 2!V John atrret. where e?n alao be found the pena of all the he*t maker* in the country, at manufacturer* lowest net price*, (jold pen* retired or exchAnged. Wlf(> and Tnu|?ef8trnii|(rra and Cltlznia tire Informed lliAt the I**! jdace In Vew Vork to procure a flri*t nu dity wig orN'alp. i* at flATlIlEM)R'N manufactory. No, 2 U'aII atreet. Ilia new invented wig> obtained a dilver medal at the lint fair of the American ln?titule. Stranger* ahould Ju*t ntnmine liefore pnrcluudng claew here. Coma, nmilona ami Bnd Nulla Kitrarte<l.? w Shiriaknlf. from St. Patarabnrg, Rnaaln. Dr. S. I?rn leave to Inform thoae In any way affected *ltli Corn* or llunion*, that he c an * conmilted, dally, at hid ofllee. S. Shirinkolf, ( hiropodot, engage*, toanv who honor him with a vi*it. to enre the above, without the allghteat pain or trouble. It I* not hia inntniment alone which lie reliea on, but engage* hie ellxer to he the moat facilitating remedy fbr egtiacting Cnrna, which will never retnrn. Any |er?on who will call, can aw a numher of letter*, from their feltew-cltitene, returning thiaika for an Immediate And complete aire. Hie uflke U at W Chamber* atrvet, op|<oatie the Park. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. money "market. Sunday, May 7?6 P. M. The absencc of tho two steamer*, now fully due. has for the pant day or two had a depressing influence upon the stock market, aud the sales have dwindled down to the smallest amount. Prices have been suntalned wonderfully, and there In a disposition to hold on for further Intelligence from the other Hide. Every oue is In doubt relative to tho probable complexion of the expected accounts ; and as they all hope for the best, there is no anxiety evinced to get out of transactions made, but uo wish to become involved to auy greater extent. The advice* will, without doubtbe as unsatisfactory as those received by previous arrivals. ami the effect will be about the same. We cannot expect anything more favorublo tliun the news received by the America. So far as tho political intelligence is concerned, there is very little prospect of more quiet times in Kurope. There is no probability of the revolutionary governments on the Continent being in a more settled state. On tho contrary, we look for more exciting times in political circles?more revolutionary movement* among me repuwicau spirits?more bitterness between the different fornin of governments?between the monarchic* and the republic*?and, we fear, more difficulties in the Internal affair* of the provisional government of France, and in the embryo government* of Germany and Sicily. I n a linanciai point of view, there can be nothing favorable from the other aide; we must expect further failures and more commercial distress. Confidence is completely gone; and until an improvement I* realised In thi* vital element of trade, we must contract our operations to the narrowest limit. England has hardly yet felt the full force of the financial and political revolution on the Continent. The failures which have already taken plane, have no doubt fallen heavy upon Great Britain; but the destruction of the continental markets for her manufactured good*, will underiniue her most important interest, and weaken her in a very vital part. So long as her industry continues fully employed, and the operatives are remunerated for their labor, England romains comparatively prosperous; but the moineut the mills are closed for the want of work, and the unemployed population increases with much rapidity, signs of discontent begin to show themselves, and the political as well as the commercial system becomes disorganised. Dependent as the manufacturers of Great Britain are upon the continental markets for the consumption of a large per cent of their fabrics, whatever deranges or destroys those markets must operate ruinously upon them. In this way England will yet feel the effects of the political revolutions more disastrously than generally anticipated, wo snail reel turougu ureal Britain our full share of the evil; but ox our industry is not injured any furthor than the depreciation of that necessary to produoe the raw material, and can bo diverted upon short notice to other channels, there is very little danger of our embarrassments becoming of a very alarming character, compared with those of our great rival. The annexed table exhibits the quotations in this market for the principal speculative stocks for each day of the past woek, and at the close of the week previous. It will be perceived that prices have been exceedingly uniform, and that some of the fancies havo not moved since Saturday, last week Quotatioxi for the Principal Stocks in thc New York Market. Sat. Mon. Tuei. H'ed. Thi. Fri. Sat. Treasury Notes O'j W2J< UBtf 102J* KB}* 1U2>4 102}-,' HBJf New York State 6's... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Ohio ffi fttt: ? ? 99 Kiutucky O's. 9S ? 9f}, 9H}4 99 99 l'euusyWania 5's. T.\\ 74 74 74 74 ? 74}* Illiuois ?S, 4.')}, ? 43>i 4314 43 ? ludlaua State .V? flSW 53 52? ? 52 ? ? Reudiug KK llunda. . . . K 56}i 5b>, 50\ ? Hi ? Reading M'tcai;).-Bouds. 62 ? ? ? ? ? ? Heading Railroad SB? 34\t 3?K 31 S3\ 33}," 3S1, Norwich h Worcester.. 33*i 34 33}, 33? 33.S ? 33?4 Erie Railroad, old ti()l4 ? ? ? ? ? ? Erie Railroad, new., 70 08l* 70 ? 70l4 ? ? Harlem Railroad 53 52J? 52 52}, 52', 52 L4 52'a Long Island 3D,1, 3U'4 3U'4 29.*, 29), 29}, 29?? Mohawk. 73 ? ? 73 ? ? ? Stouington ti0}i ? ? ? ? ? 65** Farmers' Loan 29-, 29'4 29 29 29 ? ??4 Canton Company 32}, 32l4 32 32 32 ? 31 \ Morris CanafT 9*2 Vicksturg ? ? ? ? ? ? ? United Status Bank... 3 S\ ? ? ? ? ? East Huston ? ? ? ? ? ? ? North American Trust. 9}i ?}, ? ? ? ' A comparison of prices current yesterdy with those ruling at the closc of the previous week, exhibits an improvement in Keutucky 0's of 1 per cent; Pennsylvania 5's. ; Morris Canal, *?'. and North American Trust,and a decline in treasury notes of }4 per cent; Heading Railroad, >?; Norwich and Worcoater. \\ Harlem. Ji; Long Island, 1>?; Farmers'Loan. 1>,; Canton Co., XThe annexed statement exhibits the quantity of certain articles exported from this port for the week ending the 6th instant, distinguishing the destination and extent of shipments to each place:? COMMERCE ok THE PoRT op New York?weekly Export*. To Great Britain.?Lard. 626.985 lbs ; cheese. 85.783; beef, '255 tcs ; cotton. 4.861 bales ; tar, 2.495 brls ; staves. M. 3 : rosin. 1.614 brls ; grease. 17.359 lbs ; tobacco. man'd, 4.605 lbs , bacon and hams. 304.680 lbs ; pork, 150 brls; tallow, 107.423 lbs; corn, 3.950 bush; turpentine. 6.063 brls. To France.?Beef. 75 brls ; pork. 17 brls ; staves. 66.000 : lard. 7,000 lbs ; tobacco, man'd. 15.423 lbs. To British West Indira.?Flour. 429 brls ; rye flour, 30 brls ; bread. 41 brls ; ale. 30 brls ; cheese, 439 lbs ; hay, 205 bales ; sp. turpentine. 73 gals ; butter. 3.686 lbs ; pork. 309 brls ; beef. 63 brls ; beans and peas. 60 bush ; leather. 698 lbs ; corn. 200 bush ; tar. 18 brls ; meal. 1.550 brls. Live stock.?Oxen. 40. To Britiih North American Colonies.?Flour, 642 brls; meal. 895 brls ; rye flour. 5 brls ; wheat. 4.125 bush. To Spanish Wett Indies.?Corn tneal. 20 puns ; corn meal, 20 brls ; pork. 40 brls ; beef. 25 brls ; lard, 6.220 lbs ; cheese. 2.592 lhs ; hams. 2.295 lbs. To Danish West Indies.?Whale oil. 752 gals ; beef, 60 brls ; pork. 20 brls ; rye flour, 30 brls ; meal. 150 brls ; rice. 6 tcs ; lard. 1,628 lbs ; flsli. 10 cwt ; flour, 440 brls ; bread, 12 brls. The shipments to France have been larger the past week thau usual, while to Ureat Britain they have been quite active. The shipments of cotton have been to some extent, and engagements have been made for four or five thousand bales not yet shipped. Provisions have gone forward more rapidly than for some time past. The imports for the week just closed, show a falling ofT compared with the corresponding weeks in each of the previous two years. The annexed statement exhibits the value of merchandiie imported in the first five days of May iu oach of the past three years:? Imports imto the Pout op New Vork. May \st to bth, inclusive. imii. 1H47. IMS. Pro# goods 4tf>,3K2' 166,117 372,tM7 Dutiable goods 1.11*1,SW 1,553,996 ftMUKK Total merchandize $1,621,1134 1,7119,113 1,331,182 34,01.1 MHO Cash received 34!S?5 413,915 254,*76 Averaged rates of duty... 30 36*. The falling off in dutiable goods has beeu quite large, but the deficiency has been partly made up by the increase in free goods ; tho total decrease amounts to $377,951. As the Chancery order, allowing thirty days for exceptions to the Master's report on account of the Hcnoivxra of tho Pl?infl.-lil Hinli will nTniro tnnnla tlio close of the month, they will then bo prepare J to make a dividend. unless xotno exception* arc interposed The Master reports, that the Receivers have received, as proceeds of the asset* of the bauk, $4f>.40'J 07, and have paid for costs, counsel fees, charges and expenses, $2,218 9"; leaving in their hands (he sum of $43,183 TO. There have been presented to them the bills of the bunk to the amount of $67.21)2 50. and other claims, including deposits, for $917 66; amounting in the whole to $tW.120 10. The Master awards the Receivers, for their compensation. $3,600. The annexed statement exhibits the condition of the Contrail Railroad and Banking Company at three periods. April 1840, 1847 and 1848 ('KNTHAI. KaII.ROAO AND ItANKIMd Co *r.? N V, (i KOftOI A. April IHKi. .1p. 1147. A,t 1S4I?. Note* discounted, running to maturity, isidered food . 10,*17 51,439 Notes and Mils under protest and in suit Jfi. 42* 24..VH 24..,Slf> do do and nut in roil 1,011 sno HO >lo lying over not prntosted H.S77 H..V0 1A.X4M Itonds of trie city of Savannah, bearing 7 per cent interest 51000 53,000 51,0(1) Hills receivable on road account 27.1 27*1 273 Hills receivable SINUS 31,948 76.6M Stage line... 4,812 ? ? Due by other banks 1.2ft?i 4..VI2 5,619 In bauds of agents 34.1 Ml 14.7*4 Stock in Hank State of (Georgia 20,7*0 20,010 20,m?> llankiiig houses and lots 42.519 42.113 42,519 Real estate taken for debt !V,J*77 91(5 916 luinrtMt'i \III nna, incmuinic aej?>t* and motive power, and includiiik eapenmii <>f transportation and repair* innce December la?t) 2JSI.V411 ZOfiSAV 2,01111,000 Intercut on road l>oud?, I3,lti2 ) Interest nn loan 2.X17 > 1S.M4 7,1*7 Interest on certificate* of deporiM.., fWI \ CtpenM* .VVI 3.4i!7 S.77S I'rotMto 9f> 9f> !? St-ecle S.0.HI H,aV'? 21129 Northern Exchange ? ? 9&A27 ToUl $1?I,1W$ZM0,M?M3S,1Z7 LMlbUitit*. n mk capital Mock aUS^Kltt JM..1*!! Ktilroad capital ?toek I,S4.1I4|.1 1.X43.IWA Road Imnds 4I2.!*>X aW.7f7 I2.V>1 It >nd<, 7 |? r cent l*2.ti?> 1|.\l?l> Hill* twyal'le In Savannah Wl,7"W 7!Vl?t ~ t' 'rtincute* iwned to twnka 40.72S 27,90S 12.A12 to othar hank* |(16 |i?> ? Unclaimed dividend* 4..%42 4,1'tt 9.7^0 IHnk note* In circulation 40..Y1I) 4!U'I2 1>I.4I!> It.iilriad tickct* in circulation .... 7.7t<7 7,17"' I**' Individual depoalte* |.\,V2 >,.'*7 25.720 Profit* rvnervol fond*> TAW 70.MS H illrond profit* >Iih? IVc % 1K4-V.. 99.72.1 1KMI0 19H.0M B?nk profit* do do t,WS? 4..V*i (inaniiiteed capital ?tock ? ? .Kl>,i?l> Twwa $2,881,193 MMM* $3,18,1* Of the p?p?r of the bank held April 1846. including bill* renewable and city band*. 474.904 were con*idercd good. $1,076 doubtful, and bail Of the paper of the bank held on the 6th of April. 1847. all wa* considered good, except fl.O'Jl Jl doubtful and $1,648 19 bad Of the paper held in April 1848. all was considered good except $2,957 59 doubtful, and $'2.2V> 18 had Within the pant year there ha* beeu Home change in the movement* of this company The cost of the road, and the Indebtedness of the company, hare lieeu reduced. the proOU increased both of the road and the bank, and the amount of specie ou hand much augmented. The banking department has becu eularged. and the affairs of the company, in every respect, have been much improved. The railroad in the vitality of the uuuccrn. nua us prosperous condition in highly flutter ing. CENTRA I. It All. ROAD?GKOROIA. 1M.I it U. mi & '4.r>. IHMI it 47. 1H47 * '4.\ lks.'oml*T. 21,254 HI.SisT Xi,KU .17.411! January 2J.7SU 3M1.1 4\.V?7 Keliruary 36.7K7 44,fii>2 fl7,*?i Marvli 30,349 Wltf M.4S5 Total. .. &I02.M 142..W 182.3WB 1118,047 Since llMJJ. the receipts on thin road have nearly doubled, and there is every prospect of a proportionate increase In the first four months of 1840 and '47. there were 65.SW hales of cotton transported, and in the same time the next year. 70.079 hales. This increase was realized at a most unfavorable season. CITY TRADE REPORT. Nr.w York. Saturday Afternoon. ".lay 0 Owing to a very light stock in the market, flour was again more Arm. to-day. aud sales of good brands Genesee. Ike., were made at an advance. There were also some sales made for future delivery. Supplies being also light at the east, forced purchases in this market to supply immediate wants, which circumstance also tended to stitTcn prices. There coutinued to be a good demand for southern brands, with further sales. Corn had ruled so low within a month or two. as to prevent large receipts, and the farmers being now busy in (Wanting new crops, also tends to check supplies ; leucc the stock of good yellow corn in the market has becomo very much reduced, aud saleii were made at an advance in prices. Meal was also held at firmer rates. Rye was some firmer. Sales of oats were making at full prices. The improved feeling in mess pork continued, though sales were made a shade under yesterday's quotations. Lard remained the same, while beef was steady. In groceries, it being the Inst day of the week, there was not so much doing; but prices remained about the same. Cotton, as will be perceived, continued to sell lircttv freelv with liuirn doluir fur vtnnrt For the week's sales of tobacco, kc.. we refer to the proper head. In freights, there wail name more cotton going forward, while engagements In other articles continued light and at about the same rates. Died, On Sunday. 7th inst.. Wm. F. Piatt. M.D.. late Hecro tary of the New York Medical Society, at Utica. The relative* and friends of the family are respectfully inrited to attend his funeral, on Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from his late residence. 234 Caual street. He will be buried by the officers and members of St. John's Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, assisted by the officers of the subordinate lodges, who will hold themselves in readiness for the ordor. On Saturday, tho Otli Inst.. Elixa O.. youngest daughter of William and Susau M. Tyson, aged 3 years. 11 months and 27 days. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from 305 Henry street. Ou Sunday morning, the 7th lust., after a short and severe Illness, Celia Either, only ohild of John (i. and Sarah Quackonboss. aged 5 years, 5 months and 3 days. Tradesmen's Lodge No. 314, I. O. of O. F.. and the members of the order generally, are invited to atteud the funeral, from the residence of her father, 0 York street, Jersey City. Detroit papers please copy. On Sunday morning. May 7th. Charlotte Eliia. wife of Thomas W. Hope, in the 28th year of her age. The relatives and friends of her husband, with those of Mrs. Joyce, also the members of (jreenwlch Lodge. I. O. of O. F.. are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, on Monday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from 413 Hudson street. On the 7th lust., Mrs. Sarah Buckley, widow of James Buckley, agod 80 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at the house of her sou-ln-law, Alexander McDonald. 309 10th street, this afternoon, at 3X o'clock. At Marlborough. Ulster county, N. Y.. on the 5th iust.. Washington, infant son of Milton E. and Priscilla Weyman. On Saturday, May 0th, Mrs Mart Moore, rolic of Ab'm S. Moore, aged 73 years and 3 mouths. Funeral this morning, at 10 o'clockr from 51 McDougal street. UNION COURSE, I,. I.?TROTTING.?PURSE OK Si's), mile beats, bent threu in five, to skeleton wagons ; will come off on Thursday, the lltli of May, at 3l* o'clock. John Case enter* b. m. \*Ay Moscow: James Whelpley enters br. m. Lady Sutton. M. D. GREENE. Pro|irietor. PROGRAMME OF ARRANGEMENTS IN COMMEMORAtion of the reeennt events throughout Genu any. on Monilay, the 8th May, 184*. At sunrise the American and German flags will lie displayed from the I'itv Hall. The line will be formed on the Dattery at 11 o'clock, and the procession will move at 12 o'clock precisely, which will be announced by the discharge of three pieces of ordnance, and the column will proceed up Whitehall street to Broadway, up Broadway to Chatham street, up Chatham to K*st liroadway, up East liroadway to Grand street, downtirand street to liroadwav. down Broadwuv to franklin street, down Franklin street to West llroadway, down Wast Broadway to Murray itreet, up Murray street into the l'ark. to the front of the City Hall. T1k' solemnities at the close of the profession will be a* follow*:?Oration in Oeraian by Dr. Herman I.udewif. Song by the Musical Societies. Oration In F.ngliiih by James T. Brady, E?u.? Song by the Miulcal Socio tie*. Oration in French by E. Caylus, J5*|. Song by the Musical Societies, Oration in German by A. Krucr, Esq. National Authem by Dod worth's Hra?s Band. The various .ioeiotiel are requested to nqtair to the Battery ? * ?lei?ijpiated, and to walk in the procession six abreast. Order of Procession : First Division?Troop of lluzzars, commanded bv ('apt. Luersaen. German Flag. Hand of Music. G. Druckcr, Esu.Graud Marshal.gM. Rader, Esq., C. Bftl. Win. II. Ullkltt, li. Eicke, Esq., Special Aids to the Grand Marshal. Major General C. W, Sandford, btaff. and Ctfllcidl ??f Officers, froin the Brigades of Generals Storms, Hall, and Ewen. Brigadier General George I'. Morris, commanding Brigade of Volunteers, consisting of Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry, and KiHemen. Second Division? II. Kutimever, Esq., Aid to the (irand Marshal. His Honor Die Mayor, anu Common Council of the city of New York. Hand of Music. Banner 1770. American Flag. Banner 184*. L Bleidorn, Esq., Marshal. C. J. Bauer, Esq., Marshal. Pall Bearers. I*. W. Schmidt, Esq. Marshal. T. Wilhelm, Esq.. Marshal. Orators of the pay. in carriages. Representatives of Societies, in carriages. Musical Societies, composed of "Concordia." "Liodcrkranti," "Sangerbund," and "National Reform Singers' Society." Third Division?C. Van Gul|ien, Esq., Aid to the Grand Marshal. Band of Music. Order of the Hermann Brothers. German S??ietv, French Society, Italian Society, Polish Society, Swiss Society, Shamrock Society, with their Kauners,German volks Vereiu. Fourth Division?B. Rothiualer. Esq., Aid to the Grand Marshal. Band of Music. <)rder of Hermann Sons. German Hebrew Reading Society. Gorman Hebrew Benevolent Society. Members Gcrmania, Teutonia, Solon and other l/odges. Order of Templars. Fifth Division?George Christ, Esq., Aid to the Grand Marshal. Band of Music. Society of the New York Vereiu. ? Revolutionary Society. Association of German Mechanics.? H'ilHam Tell, and other Lodges of the Order of Druid-. Steu l?en Benevolent Association, Jackson Benevolent Association.? Sixth Division?C. Fmelich, Esq., Aid to tlie ( rand Marshal. Band of Music. Order of the Sons of Liberty. Societies and Associations not yet reported. Seventh Division?Citizens in general. Citizens on horseback. Carriages. The Tall Bearers will be composed of one deputy from each S?s'iety enumerated in the programme. The Military and various Civic Societies al>ovc enumerated, will assemble at the Battery at 10*,, o'clock, nreeisely, entering at the Greeuwich street gate, where an Aid of tlie Grand Marshal will be in attendance to designate their position |?nq>arat? ry to be in/ brought into column. Societies not reported, and wishing to join the procession, will repair to the Battery and rcj?ort to the Grand Marshal on the ground. The Pall Bearers will assemble at the en* trance of Castle Garden. Should the weather prove unfavorable, no Flags will be displaved from the City Hall, and the Procession postooned to the first fair day following. New York.Gth May, 1<M*. 0. DRCCKER, Grand Marshal. LIBERTfe, EGALIT& KRATKRMTfc.-I.ES CITOYENS frangfti* on til* dc fmncai* rlsidunt a New York, suit Invitlsase rlunir anJoHrd'hin, Lnndi, 4 lOhenres praises >li? matin 4 I'hotel de I'aris (Broadway) pour marcher a la suite de leur drapeau, et *ejoindre a la ilimiiuMnlion do* patriotes Allemand*. New Yurie Maf S IK4S. Vive lit K?pnbliiine. MM. Caytua, J. Deraismcs, Dreyfaua, A Pnrout, II. Ulati, \ i|incs, Cartercan, I'ron tjint, I/enasc, Batidin. I"iton, Louati. Bnnrlhf, M. Martin, II. Derniaines, J. llounard. Mauiort, Ijiino, Fonrnivr. LES SUISSKS R RSI DA NT A NEW YORK ET SES ENv irons, sunt invito* dc se K-uuir Lundi prochnin. 8 con rant a 10 hcures A. M., Nu. Z! l)ey street, (Cerde Suisse.) |?>nr pnrticiper a la demonstration <|iii aura lieu en I'honnenr des % ictimes pour la liberty dc I'Allcniagne. L? comlt? Suisse. JOHN TISSOT* C. BANDERET. O. LANDRY. GERMAN SOCIETY.-TIIE MEMBERS OF THIS StM'lETV are requested to meet at Mr. Delmonio'f. William street, mi Monday morning. at 9 o'clock, f?r the purpose of Joining in the celebration of the day. J. W. SCHILTEN, M IIILCEK. Committee. FRIENDS OK IRELAND.?'THE IRISH R K IM? II L I < A M I'liinn will hold a Ma?s Meeting at Tammany llall on Tuesday Evening, May 9th, at o'clock. It Is expected that all who sinrerely syuipathiie with that tlhcrty-loving but downtrodden pen. pie. amf all who approve of the nof.le, manly and |?triotle stand taken hv O'Brien. Mitchell, and their compatriot*. will attend. By order of the Executive Committee. THOMAS HAVES, CIIAS. I)A VIES, Secretaries. _ CI B. CLARK, 116 WIIXIAM STREET.?INCIDENTAL TO my legitimate business as a Merchant Tailor, I sell the Blue Lsmartine Sack at $14. Brown and Black Sacks at Sin. $11 and Sli Two-ds at % "> to jri Black Cloth Kreneh Dn'ss (oats, to measure, at Slfi to $3). Rich Silk Vesting*, to measure. Broadway price $7. t asslmere I'antaloons, of all descriptions, ranging in price from SI to $!! i?-r |?ir. I am tlx- only person who sells the lAtnartlnc Coat, which I strongly recommend as a beautiful walking garment?priec $ 11. CHALLENGE?NOTICE?TO tiKNTLEMEN WIIO want their idd Clothes to l<H,k like new. Call at the \ Tailoring. Cleaning. Dyeing and Repairing Estahlishmcnt, at liti Cold street, where yon can iret nil grease, paint, pitch, tar, and j glue extracted from your clothes, at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable" terms, by J. II. Nt>A'l> "<> Gold street, two door* ?rnm iw-Kmnn. Read this, gents?many or you are averse to hating jrroir Clothe* clean# ' ?n eomeiinence of having had them apollea by thoae who do n >t underatana the art. One trial will prove tl?o fact tliAt for 6$. r ?ata, .V |?nta, you can have them denned and pn?aaed, anperlor to all competition. Dying ami repal ring done cheap by A. COHTISSOS, No. G Murray it, near II road way. late of No. 0|. (1 AST OFF CLOTHING AND FCRN ITlT RE.?LADIES AND J gentlemen having aupcrtluoua effect a to di-por?c of, Mich a* wi-arinor apparel. furniture, lie., can obtain a fair eaah price for the aaine, by tending f??r the fnilwerlber, through the pout olltci <?r otherwiae, who will attend at their rvaldencea. J. LEVENSTYN, kilt Broadway, iipptaira. Ladiea can h?* attended to hy Mra. I^evcuj'tyu. Removal?davidlock wood. kitchen range manufacturvr, would reapectfolly inform hia cnatomera and the public generally, that he haa removed to No. 64'i Broadway, corner of Rlcecker atroet, where he ho|*<a to meet withacontinoanec of their favora, and will repair all ktml* of Ranges 1'af. lor Grate*. Hot Air Furnace*. lie. at the ahorteat notice. To let?the basement no X barclay street anitable for almost any kind of Knaino*. Doctor cox has removed to no. 6 imon i'Uvct. - Iacob s. pi,att. acctioxfkr?hardware. err. Wy. Kaucy GuutH OolJ ami Silver W'atrh**. kc. JAl'l'H I'L.l IT will ?'l) a? above, to-morrow. yih Innt., at IU oYlook. lit th<- Auctii'ii Room, 23 Piatt ?ti*?t; alio. ?t It o'cluHi. Jft < **< Ufrmau Toy*. for arcnunt of unilrrwrik-nt, tlu-v haviux het-n daluK'fi'J ou tfw voyrn^t ot ini|Kirtati?u. WD Met \KI ^ \l < llONEKll ENGINE Ol STEA 11 boat Atlantic?Will lie *?>M at auction, fm* account of whom it may concern, on Saturday. 1.1th May. at I o'clock, at the Merchant*' Exchange, all the maohiuery ??f the eujciiic saved from i the steamboat Atlantic. Can I* examined at the yard of PEASE, MCRPHY fc CO., Fult<?n Pound*ry. foot of Cherry street, Ea?t Rltir. T?mi atiaU. ' BEN J. MOONEY, AUCTIONEER?ID H'D PA YHON WILL 1 * 11. this day, at ten o'clock, at the Store. No. It Piatt street, a general assortment of Hardware, Cutlery, and Fancy Goods, ; Mich a* < urry ( Ki n Him fink Claras Butt PuIIihs, Letka UdhMi J cjMks Kim i and Pork caiki Sprion Cutlery, I caul It.nor*. I cask Tea Tray*, ?VK) do ten BronhM; also, It) eases Violins, 1 caie Flute* also, to nay advances, a rich lot of Plated Goods, Spoons, Forks Ate. For Particulars. see catalogue*. | HE. VYIIXARD, AUCTION EEK.--FCK.N ITPRE SALE, ! this dav, .Vlouday, May 8th, 10 o'clock, at the Auction room. No. 8 Cedar street, the en tiro furniture of a Two Story I IIoum, consisting of ('arista Oil Cloths, Centre and other Table*, j Bureau*. Sofa*, SiJehoard. ('hairs, Frenoh and other Bedsteads, licds, Mattresaes, Piliasse-i, Wash Stands, Looking Glasses. Stoves Kitchen Ware. ko. Sale positive, rain or nhiue. liy H'M. U. SIllULEY, Salesman. Vl'CTION NOTICE.?STRANG I CHANGES IN NEW York?A Ohua'li metamorphosed into an Auction Room. The oM Dutch Reformed Church, in fact, the oldest in the L'nited States, ha.-* been taken l?y a gentleman of this city, aud is now converting it into a HpacioiiH Sah* Room, for the pur|>oac of selling at A nation and in Commission, all descriptions ot Merchandise Furniture, llotisefurnishing articled, Puintiiurs. Pianoforte*, kc.. kc. First sale in tikis most spacious room will lie duly annouareu ?It will he under the direction of THOM AS HELL, Auctioneer, i0$ Pitt man aad 60 \ na Mital a \ I AUCTION?<11I.NA. OL\?, UK r. A K r A> I . 1 v IX'MTt ami Ton set*?w, A. < \irter will l?y order of assignees of Thomas Billsland.oh Twimluy, Mb of .May, at HloVlodk, Ht 417 Broadwny, the balance of tin- siduudid t<n k ut' China, Glass, Karthenwan*, English, Stone and ( iiina, Breakfast, Dinner, De*. rart, Yen ami Tofl?t matt;'China Va?* and Figures of the moat costly description*} tic. tec. Sale i itive. Catalogues morniug or tale. WOOD CUTS AM) STEEL I'l 1 olt SALE- TWO or tiirv" toadied Am wood en iif^ lUwittillwi tin* loadiug events of the |?ast three or four years; and two gplendid Steel Plates, Views of the Park and Union Square Fountains, for mil*1. Apply at thin office. TO BE SOLD, AT THE SHOP OF THE UNDERSIGNED, No. t>7 Ann street, where he will in future carry on the house carpentering business, a largu glass Case, Counters, and several other fixtures, in good condition, and ready to Ut put up immediately. Can be seen by applying to S. HARRIS, Carpenter, 07 Aun street. C\ AUTION.?IX)ST THIS DAY, BETWEEN THE HOURS / of n mid 13o'clock. a not* "j hand drown bji a a. Dennmn It Co. of the city of New York, lor *'?!*> MS, in favor of Jacob Jarden, and endorsed by him and Samuel Jarden. dated April l.'ith last, for 4 months', payable at the Butchers' and Drovers' Bank of New York. The public are cautioned against receiving the same, as the payiueut has been stopped. Any iierson finding the above Note, will please return it to either of the subscribers?SAMUEL JARDEN, No. 11 City Row, or to JACOB JARDEN, No. 2tfl North 11th street, Philadelphia. IF A LADY NAMED LIVINGSTON. WHO WAS MARRIED Home yearn ago to a gentleman who lectured on Phrenology at Peale's Museum in New York and Philadelphia, will call on the suhttcriber, she will hear of something to her advantage. WM. MeUUIGAN, "Museum Building," Philadelphia.?May Oth, '4S. COOK WANTED.?A FRENCH, GERMAN, OR ITALIAN Cook, wanted by a family. She must be competent and etftoicnt. Apply at the desk or the Herald Office for further particulars. WANTED?ANY TEACHER OF THE OKI2AN OR PIANOforte, willing to give Instruction* on either the above instruments, and take for couuicnsatiou a Daguerreotype Apparatus (with instruction a, ) may aaditfli piano* nuvld Dfllott. n.b. Wanted, a good second baud Pianoforte, iu cxcliange for an apparatus; also address as abore. WANTED?A SMART, INTELLIGENT, WELL BRED BOY. from II to 16, to learn the Daguerreotyiw business and make himself generally useful. Noue need apply but those who arc willing to gtve a month or six weeks for the tnition, before they will receive auy salary. Call at the Knickerbocker Dollar Daguerrean Gallery, 102 Broadway, from 2 to 4 P. M. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN OF unexceptionable charater, as cook: has been accustomed to cook for families of the first class. A note addressed Cook, Herald office, will meet with immediate attention. ^TEAM ENGINE WANTED?A SECOND HAND STA lionary engine, nui over inn* years mu, oi iroui in 10 .s, horse power. Communications (post paid) addressed to S. K.; No. 3T South Third St.. Philadelphia, will be promptly answered. COOK WANTED?ONE WHO C AN COME WELL RECOU mended and understands her business; must asssst in washing and ironing. Apply at 335 Broadway, lietweeu H and 11 o'clock. SITUATION WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, as Chaimberuiaid and Waiter, or Children'! Nurse and Seamstress. Best of city reference riven from her last place, where she lived two years. Phase call at No. 12i West Nineteenth street, front basement, where she can lie ween for two days. Lace capes, valencienne laces, standing collars and Cuffs. peter kohehts, 373 llroadway, has j uit received n splendid assortment of the above; also Figured W hito and Hlack Net* for Mantillas, Muslin Trimmings. Black Laces, Cambric Handkerchiefs, Infants' Holies, anil Waist*. Also, from auction. White and Black Silk Ilose, Muslin and Lace Ureases, Figured Muslins, 3U per cent below the usual prices. Notice?the partnership heretofore exist- i Ins under the firm of Koalefs & Lewis, at !>1 Fulton street, is this Jav dissolved by mutual consent. The business will lie continued by John Lewis, who will settle the business uf the Ann. .ANDREW ROALEFS. JOHN LEWIS. New York, May i, im (MflA AAA SlIl.ntM), SMNNl, SMJUl), $2800, $2000, ^/ VjvUUj Slfiuo, $1000?To loan on Isiniland mortgage, n productive real estate in this city or Brooklyn. Apply immediately to S. S. BROAD, No. 11 Wall itreet, in the Croton Water office, basement. Dlt POWELL OCULIST, AURIST, ETC., ATTENDS DAIly to diseases uf the Eye and Ear. at liis surgery, 2til Ilnadway, entrance 1Warren street. Just published, the second edition of Dr. Powell's Treatise on the Eye, lirioe 00 cents, which can be had at his office; also his premium self-acting Eve Fountains. A large supply of Artificial Eyes recently imported, DR. ELLIOTT. OCULIST, HAS REMOVED TO NO. 635 Broadway, third doorabuve Spring street. Office hours from 111 to 3 o'clock, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A CARD?DR. WHEELER. OCULIST, RECEIVES PAtientsat his residence. 'JB Greenwich street, every morning, from 8. A.M., to 1 o'clock, P.M. Diseases uf the matter how lung standing, can be effectually eradicated, ami a*|iurm?ncnt cure effected, A Pamphlet containing suiue great CUD'S effected by Dr. Wheeler can !? bail gratuitously at his naUCBM; ur the same will lie forwarded to any one making application to him by letter. i*j?t paid. Artificial Eyes inserted, and for sale, on rca4>nublc terms. NEW YORK. AND IIARI.KM lt.\ll,ROAD COMPANY, April 3)th, 184tf.?The annual election for Directors of tills Company will he held at their office. No. 4 Tryon Row, on Tuesday, the Ifith day of May next, Is-twcen the hours of 1 and J o'clock. "Hie Transfer Books will Iw closed from tin- '-7111 April instant, to the Itith day uf May next, both days inclusive. IIv order of the Hoard of Directors, A. KYLE, jun. Secretary. N.ll. ?Tlie stockholder! whose names ui>i?ar uim.ii the books at the time of the above closing, will lie the |>crsoua entitled to suhscril>e for the preferred stock to be issued under the recent act of the I/egiftliituiv, for which proposals will he issued in a few days. I'. S.?A subscription list will l>e opened at the ofllce of Messrs. K. Si G. L. Schuyler, No. 2 Hiaortr st. Notice to <?ontractors? proposals will he received until the 10th day of May. at the oflloc of the New York and Harlem Railroad Company, In the city of Now York, for the gmdl^g and masonry nqaired for doubling the tndi or the Harlem Railroad lietwecu Harlem River and its function with the New llavcn Railroad, a distance or eight iniles. At some points the line of the road will he straightened and improved. JJids will also be received for ehestnut <?r white oak cross ties, seven and a half feet long, six inches thick ; having not h**s than six iuches tearing surfisoes, to he delivered at llarlem river, or tatwean that river and the point of junction. Proposals will, at the same time, he received* lor erecting a pile bridge about WW feet long, on a straight Ifne over the llarlom river, and a bulkhead along the grounds of the company, between ISM and l.'ttth streets. The work to Iks done, and the materials delivered, by the |5th d.?> of BipMwr, Plana, profilesand specifications will be exhibited at the office of the ComiKiny, up to the loth instant, when the engineer will lie present to make all necessary explanations. AMjAN CAMPUELL, Chief Engineer, N. Y. Sc II. It. R. Mercantile mijtcal insurance company, no. Q3 Wall street.?In conformity with the requisitions of their charter, the Coni]mny submit the following statement:? Amount of premiums not marked ofT April .'id, 1S47. $llf>,l.'<t? 14; amonnt of premiums on itolicies issn.-d dnring the year ending April .'kl, IMS, S7.VJ. .tl?total amount of premiums, $M!M*7n 7<>. The amount of premiums marked oft' during the year as above, was?< n marine risks, .Tt?; on inland transportation and navigation risks. $iil,SflS ?total, ffM7,4.17 JBN, le*s return premiums, $A2,751 ?earned premiums f?r the year, **?14.? 6H4i Uu. Paid during the same pcri?ia for re-insurance, lis; expenses, $11',71^ ft**; interest, commission and M debts, 7.'IS 71'; marine losses, ?.74,027 74; inland navigation do., $.10,1)21 .1)?total, $lK.V?7 I?'; pr-tits to lie divided, $19*,UN 77. Amount of earnings of |KI7, S-V^KTil 7 '?; do. do. 1M*, as above, $10H,I18 77 ?total for two years. $?10,770 W. The Company further report that they have at this date the following assets, vi?:?Invested in United States Treasury notes, $104,0tt) bills receivable, $4.'tl,."fc.7 3S; cash ami unsettled claims to l*i closed by cash or notes, $4.1,9118 07; scrip of other companies, $1,1!)!) i*'?total assets, 4S.?The Trustees have dec Is red a dividend of thirtytwo per cent, on the net earned premiums of the past year, pay able iu scrip on and after the second Monday in May next. The Trustee* have alio resolved to pay an interest of six per cent, on the amount of the certificate* authorized to Isj issued in April, 1847, to be paid to the holders thereof, or their legal representatives, pn and after the 8th day of May next. It was also resolved. that as noon as the accumulated profits exceed the sum of half a million of dollars, the excess shall l?c appropriated to the redemption of its serin, agreeably to the provisions of the charter, liy order of the Hoard. ClI.YIlLES NEWCOMH, Secretary. Trustees?Thomas Hunt, James Free land, Henry Sheldon. Thomas j S. Nelson, Wilson CI. Hunt, Stewart C. Marsh. George Hastings, C. W. A. Ropers, Houry Jcsaop, Septimus Crookcs, Charles Payne, Charles If. Rogers. II. E. Moring, Samuel J. Heals. William Watt. ' AIniet Reed. Cyrus Curtis, Herman linker, Charles (J. Carlcton, j Lucius Hopkins, Daniel 0, Ilaviland, Levi Cook. David L. Say re, i llenry A. Stone, Jaincs C. Ilallock, O. T. Malt by, George I). Phelps. James l>. Soulier. Frederick Viotor, II. \\. T. Malt. Kichanl lligelow, Alexis S. Baker. JOSEPH WALKER, President; LEWIS GREGORY, Vice President; ELLWOOI) WALTER, Assistant Vice President; CHARLES NEWCOMH. Secretary. Oft RALPH. ACTUOR OF THE "PRACTICAL PRIVATE Treatise," kc.. SH Greenwich street, oflo? hours 9 to 12 A. M., ri to 9 P. M., (Sunday excepted.) Those who apply in the early stages will lie surprised at the rapidity and little inconvenience attending their cure. It is chiefly, ho waver, those who have suffered from a certain class of people, or otherwise, who can pro |wri/ ApfrNnftw liin wnmi. in *tncuire, ir?>m it* nrn or incipient. to it*? mow advanced and diKtrvHHinjr (from uncommon K(ivAnUi(iii in Mldition to a nry cxtenun* practice in thifl complaint) I if can afford a rapid, coxy and radical <mre, which, he 11.14 ground fi?r xUiting. ran be obtained from no other four*** in America. W()M)KKKi:i, l)IS<?OVF.RY!?^STRIKER'S SUM Tins' Hair Dye, which will change jrwy hair to it* original coW in a few minuter. Thl* solution i* different from any ret offered to the pnMic. Thoiie who doubt it* virtues are requested to have their hair changed before faymjr their money. If humhutc* would take thin method, then* would be no rwa*on to mmpintn. I#udic-? can In* released from wearing falwe hair by vein* thin dvc. and have their hair to look equally an well and noft, and will dfceive the keenest eye. (Jcntlcmcn can have their hair and whUkcr* changed to any color or -hade in a few minute*. at STRIKER'S, No. I Coentie* ?lii?. One trial will prove the fact. N. It.?|,adi?<? i can have their hair dyed at Mr. STRIKER'S residence. >To. 21S | Kivington street, where the dye in for ale. THK IIF.ST INVF.STMF.vr' a I, AMY can make, is to pun-ham Gimrand'a Italian Mi-dii-ntcd Soup. rpU-lirntc.l f"r remftTinft Tan. Pimple*. KrwktM. Sallow n<M->. Ringworm* Suit Rheum. Kri|iic??. H"iikIihi>??, Ike. Oountnd'a l*..u<ln- Sul'iiItwill positively eradicate aiipt-rtluona llair wltlmut injuring tlto -tkin. (lournttd'a llair Ujrt U warranted to color H?<l or (in-y ll?ir .1 la-ant Iful Jt*t Mark. Oonrawl'* Liquid Konge iaa lovely pivparfltion fur importing a row tinge to p*|ei-h?<>k*. flonrainl'anii"" ned |trr|*mtli>nn ran only l?> pnri'hasid nntiinr (rememler) at lit" IN*, ii7 W alker Mnn'tllnt ?*'?rv from llroudway: llntonfc Jordan, l&l Washington trxtt. Il.t Put (t Willi*, Rnehoster, I'elrw. Alliany. and Druggist* gunorully, tlir?mttrli<<111 tlio I'nlun. DR. JEFFRIE* HimnoniM nils M(KI EFFKCT1 \i ptvtttmUon aidd fur Momirrltn-a and other dlwnkrs of fluSexual Orgnna. Repeated cxpeHmonta and l??nic cx|ioHeneo hnMproved that It will radically rnro any ( #? which pub lie prmlin cil. I'hia deairnhle result ia obtained in fr"in twu t.> ten days, an I n? it neither create* nausea nor olH-nda lilt* |vilatc. anil render* minewastry any deviation in diet or tnfe-rroption t" usual pnwuitu, ?>.i?ntl sleep or healthy digestion. tin' nnlsaiico is llm* removed a-i speedily a* la conaiatent with tin- prndnetlmi of a thorough and and |*nn?nent cure It* ingredient* iin- entirely vofutahlo, iuid no injnriona olfcet, either con?tltiitkmally "r I'trnlly.oanee (Sanst-d hv It* tine. Price SI per buttle, Soli- Agent fut this city, C. II. JUNUt R Bruikdwity, vuruot J -Uu ?trvtt. 4 I I (J | ?t? QOWT.RY THEATRE.?MONDAY IVtNISO, W.MT C. IMF D ?Will 1* perform*4 < I, fir?f time in thin my, an oAf^ f?i t rical tryie j.l.iy. -itirM I \?'OP. F.EIMI.PH. T!tF. !\fl< l"T HERO?Jiumb IaiimUt, Mr. Murdoch; Derrick l*?Mler, c. v*. 'larfce, Luke Mi I home. Dr<*U; Hrookboidct Venuilyea, W Mnrahall. Mi*. IjcUlcr, Mm. Philfij'i; FmiK^cft Beyar*I. *r j A ? ?tt: 1.?.j.w iu^%-, Mr*. Mudjv it. I" ? ?ni lud? with litu LADY OF TIIE l^uNs Clod Vli'?l(il<'iiot, Mr. C. Koike; K4\ut*u?iter-. Mr JorU-n; Sergeant Ihtinu, Mr Ik-IUntv; Polly Anne. Mr*. Sutherland; Mine biehaUl1 y, Mr*. Stick ney. I>?h?w |?n ?t 7?Pofformanoe tooomruenoe ut lutlf-pant 7 Boxen, AO cent*; Pit, U6 cent* fiallery, 1-V, cent.-; Private Boxee, $.*>. /CHATHAM TIIEATHE?SO|,E PKOPRIETOK AND LE.Syy nee. Mr. I". S. Chinfran.?Monday Kwmnr. May *, IMrt, will I* p refuted the farce of the TRI* M PETER'S l>Al UH'FER Phtlllpot, Mr. (field; R??Mn. Mr. Ile.hert; Madelon, Mr*. Booth. After which. sPIKIT OK Till WATERS. Or. The Fife Fiend Sir Huldel,rand, Mr. (field; Ma*ter l.aj-.u^ Fr<?f, Mr. Wintiw; Oliudu. M. .I 1J. Booth; Oiuline. Mr- O Jnneq; f.oto, Mlu Delo. rian*. To >>e followed by NE VV VOUK \S I f IS?Mom, Mr. Chanfrau; Jue, Mr. Winan.s; \S itliam Twill. Mr. Herbert; Katy, Mr*. Booth. I'o conclude with MX TIIK < AIIMAN ? L)iclt Nix, Mr. Wiuaus; liett), Mix<t W rty. i> ?on o|msii at 7?Performance commence at 7>j o'clock. Boxen 25 cents -Pitt 12la. MUOADWAV THEATRE MoNDW f.VENINO, MAY H. I J will I* informed the Comedy of the IRISIf AM IJASSADOR. Mr Patrie 0'Pleni|Mi, Mr. Collin* (Irtind Duke, Mr Fnuierick/i; Prince Rudolph, Mr. Eleinin*; Count Marino#, Mr. Vache; I July Isabella, MwTelbin; l?ad> K.uiily. Mr*. S?-want. To l<o followed hy an Original Far ntitled the WKOM; PASSENGER. lX>n[ nm Met arthev, Mr. Collin* Charle* M rt?.n, Mr Shaw; Thoutae, Mr ( hapmai Julia, Mi Gordon; Sally, Mr Watu. I'o con elude with the Fareo of HOW To PAY THE RENT. Morgan Rattler. Mr. Collins. Morgan Miller. Mr Varl.e; Sb.1I Hilly, Mr. Hunt: Blowhanl. Mr Oallott: Snuff v. Mr. Chapman; Mr Coiutciencc, Mr*. Cha|>man Kitty. Mr \\'ati^; lk-ttv. Mim FitlJanioi. UreiM Cin le and nwtt*>. .'*? eentn; Fuinify Circle, 2ft eenU; Gallery, l-'t cenU. Door* o|n*ii at 7, |?erforuiance to com* iiience at 7*i ? ?'l Mechanics ham br<>.\dwa\ bottekn Orapd and Broome Mtr ' ,l<. M nday. M iv and every ni^ht during Iho week, the original < IIKI>rV'S MINSTREI<S, wlioHu concertM ditriug the |**t ta?ve? uionthx have l-eon received with micli diftiliguiHlitMi i?atri?iiar,e and une;tau?|iU' I Hur? ? ino.- t renpeotfully announce, tliat they will ?ontin'ie their mvlnal ai*d inimitable entertainments ever> ni^ht until further notice. Ad* inliMion 2ft centM. Uocrn onon at 7?< 'oncert will commence at t*. Manager and Hirvctor, E. I . CHRISTV. tt<f For the ai-coiniuo dation of families they will ffivc an afternoon Concert every Sat unlay. Doom open at 2?commence it 3 P. M. \ ii iimm t imiwp__i??#irriw ut'Oi crn statc I ary nn?l Illustrated Pictur?*-? Historical, My 19a*i nl ami Mysti \\l. by twenty-Ave performer*. under the direction of Sij. Monte Lilla. Prou'raiume fur this evening:- I. The H w* rior's Dream, dance oil IvfeW daughters. iTir Dancer* Reposing, Fairlea' Revenge, Medora, lie re 11 ton in the court of the itodf. X Pleaides, Three Graces, Snpi?l?OjThe Deluge. 5. Greek Slave, Combat hetweon Ides and Apollo, The Four Seasons, Finale in honor <>t' the I'nited Stat* \tltiii- ion - Uri^nC'ircle nml Par.piette, .Vicente; up|**r ll'ix ? ??tDoom open at 7'iami |**rforinance to commence at M o'clock. PALMOS OPER \ IIItrsK?THIS ENCHANTING LITTLE I H|?ot is crowded every night. It ap|?*ars that tin? taste of tin* public, which has a number -ano- the huppfcndoii f the " Model Artists," luts revived with iu? n \ l vigor t.. UUobl tlw ls?autiful Pictorial Illustrations given nightly at tlii * theatre. Tin* grace ami lieaiity of theee artist an* ls*yond deseripti'm. and tin* correct. ne?s with which they take tln*ir |m<dtiotis. would bring applaud from the most skilful jsii utcr. A ,ivat treat in promised bHrthis evening. BARNUM'H AMERICAN MI'SEI'M?P. T. BARN CM, PROprietor, F. Hitchcock, .Manager.?Splendid Performance* every afternoon, at half-past .'I o'clock. and every evening, at a quarter before 8. The Giant Baby, only 16 months old, weighing ninety poundN. Scripture Dissolving Views, representing. in a dories of magnificent. paintings, Edom, Babylon, Palestine and Jerusalem: their Early Days, Prosperity, and final Destruction. Wax Scripture Statuary, representing, in 100 figures, Mine of life, the Itirth of Thriiit in the Manger, Ins Lost Sui?|ier, Trial before I'ontius Pilate, and Intemiieratu Family, Great Western, the Yankee. Madam Rockwell, the fatno* Fortune Teller. Admission to the whole, including Museum, Performances. Ite., lift cents; children, under ten vnars of age. and old enough to walk alone, 12^ cent Re tenu<l 1 r ?ut ca . on* . ! iliin .?? h cxt ro. BANVARD'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF THE MISSISRhtti 1 Kii 1111 ob three miles of canvass. befog the largest painting iu the world, at the Pauorama Building, iu Broadway, a<ljoining Niblo'fl Garden. Open every evening (SundfliyVexcepted). Admission AO cents; childrcu half price. Ire Panorama will eoinmeuce moving at 73i o'clock precisely. Afternoon exhibition <01 Wednesday and Saturday, at- '$ ? '? I ?ck. 1 UK AT ATTRACTION AT THE TEMPLE OF THE Ml SES. f .'W? Canal street.?Metropolitan Minstrels and Animated Pictured, by the celebrated troupe of l*autiful females which formerly performed an Model Artists at the Temple. Manager, Professor PESril; Proprietor, C. 8. BARTINE. WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA?MON day ovening, May 8th, 184S, will l>e presented ROMANCE AND REALITY. Scene, at New York auu Long Island. Oliver Manly and Asfier Manly, twin brothers, old bachelor*, Mr. A'lieck et; Frank Meredith, a young Virginian, Mr. Wheatley; Lavender Kydd, Mr. Richings; Jack Swift, Mr. J. Brougham; lotn Badger. Mr. Radcliffe; Williams, Mr. Stevens; Rosabel, Misa A. Fislier; Harbara Manly, Mm. Winstanley: Blossom, Mrs. J. Brougham. The Epilogue by the Characters. In the ootirso of the comedy, will be exhibited the following new Scenery, which han been cxpressly painted by P. Grain, Jun.:?Act 1?Library in the House of O. Manly. Act II?-Drawing Room and Library. Act IV? Interior of C#ittagc To conclude with the VALET f>E SHAM. THEATRICAL NOTICE? MV NSW TIIEATKF, AT StI troit will hold one thousand )icMons; i? neatly fitted up with boxes and pit; is located in the centre of the city. It was opened for the Hummer season en Weil no* lay evening. April 20th, and is now in successful operation. Stan, and Professional Ladies and Gentlemen going West. will he received on literal terms. Address, p?st-|?ni?l, to Detroit. Michigan -JOHN S. POTTER. SINGING BIRDS FROM GERMANY?C11ARLES REICHE has just arrived in the bark Johanu Friederich, from Bremen, with the following collection of Birds:?Nightingales, Wood Larks, Block Cans, White Throats, Piping Bultinches, Thrushes, Black birds, ami 700 Canary Birds, all in full song and perfeot health. For sale ut Hi'J William street. NEW HOWARD ATIIKNEI M, NORTHEAST CORNER of Baltimore and Charles streets, Baltimore, will open on the first of June, 1*48. Ladies and gentlemen of the histrionic profession, desirous of obtaining permanent engagement*, will he immediately treated with, on application, (letters post paid) to CHARLES D. S. HOWARD, Lessee and Manager, Baltimore. SEA BATHING.?I WILL OPEN AT FAIRFIELD, CONnecticut, on the 20th of June next, a new and commodious house, built with a view to the comfort of the piusts, having hotair furnaces, warm and cold baths, large drawing rooms, i<arlors, and dining rooms* pleasant chambers, large an*1, airy verandahs, and handsome (Measure grounds. It is situated within a short distance of Long Island Sound, which there offers one of the most pleasant and safe lathing places on the continent, with comforta ?de bathing-houses on the beach. Connected with the above is a large and well-constructed stable, where saddle and harness horses can l?eprocured, and horses kept for those wishing to use their own. In the management of both House and Stable, i pledge myself that no efforts shall be wanting to make it a desirable Summer Retreat. Steamboats leave f??r the city of Bridgeport daily, (Sundays excepted), ato'clock in the morning, and at in the after noon : also, a boat for Norwalk. at 'J P. M., all of which connect with Fairfield by stages andI carriage*; it is distant from Bridgeport four utiles west?from Norwalk 10 miles east. Persons wishing to engage rooms will find me at the house or at Howard Hotel, in New Vork. Those wishing information as to its location. Ideality of scenery, of its walks ana drives, as well the variety of inducements bold out to visiters. 1 take the liberty of referriog to the following gentlemen whose summer residences are in that neighboring, ar.d whose offices are in the city ?.f New Vork:?Lock wood Do Forrest,Ks?|.; G. A. Phelps; LothropStunres; R. k G. L. Schuyler; W. mack; ueorg* ivck: .1. i. 1 non?|?*?>n: r. 1. iiarnuin : 1 . >egnnie; F, Bronaon; C. Cartlidpc; Dr. lirodsbaw ; u!m?. the following gentlemen resident in the city:?I). I). 1 I??n%ur?l. formerly of IIoward Hotel; J. Thomas, Howard Hotel; Cant, S, Roe; Coleman & Stetson, Alitor House; I'. II. Hodges, Canto* House; Newton Hays, of Franklin House; F. Rider, Weat Point. F. BLACK. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN ('AN BE ACCOMMODATED with furnished apartment#,'in a genteel private family, where there are 110 l?oardcrs, in Franklin street, near Broadway. Terms moderate. References exchanged. Address A. B? Herald office. __ nKKKMAN HOI SK BEEKMAN STREE1 LIT ALL who love the kindest greetiiu. The l?estof Drink and best of Eating, Conic to the Itcekman liousc. If yon want Meala, and iiniekiy got, French cooking served, mid smoking hot, (Jo to the llcekman House. The host and hostess that ure p.lite. Who love to make their guest all right, Live at the Bcekinau House. Then eome yon all. the grave and gay, The lions* that yon will love to stay, Is JOSEPH W ILSON'S. Ileekman House. RESTAl RANT \ND 01 SI ER - ILOON 1 i >R \LE THE situation one of the l*?*t in Broadway, replete with every requisite, and for several years has commanded a large share of ( utronagp ??f the mogt re^|?eetablc cln . To a i?'n*on of moderate capital, and who could give hi* |*>r<u?ual attention thereto, a certain fortune. None need apply unless they can command or secure the purchase money. Apply toT. \V. hMlTH, Esq., Solicitor, M Nassau street. Boarding single genilehen < an nr. tori comfortahly accommodated with breakfast and tea, and din ner, if necessary, together with tine, airy and healthy bod-rooms, single or douldc. with ginnl attendance, and in a highlv respeerahie family, residing at WH Hanimersley street. Apply on thu premises. rVORSALE \ VALt ibu FARM of 8evknttACRE& JL in Madison, New Jerney, le^s than a mile from the railroad depot. Man and full description to I* seen at the otflce, No, 37 Wall street. ECOENE HEROONZIO. I .1 OR SALE, OR WILL HE EX< IIA NO ED FOR PROPERTY iu tins citv?Two Lots adjoining on 1 Ililo St.. 111 Philadelphia, each JO'j, feet front by 30 feet deep, 0:1 one. of which is a two story brick House. Ohio street runs from Twelfth to Quince, between Pine and Lombard. Enquire of R. M. HOE. II Cold street, N V ; or of I). J. KENNEDY, at Reading D^pot, liro:ul and Cherry st.. Philadelphia* Medical card.?strictires are now removed in half the usual time, by Dr. Morrison's improved method of curing by absorption. stricture* are ft - picutly complicated with the morbid result of mnfttur'iatiori, Dr M mild plan of treatment will !* found tlw only smv^ssfnl one. ^ e his diploma, with tin* signature! of Sir A tley Coo|*?r, Ike., in his oflit e, 20iLa Fulton itteet, niK'ToRS FAWCF/rr AND I. VMERT ll.WE REMOVED their ofllee I My street, when* they can l?e e nsulte I on all private dis? i e-<: the most obstinVe yield to their mode of treatment, which is on the system. Stricture* cured on the most re., tit plan. Persons that have injured theinselves by Indis* r t iudul" m >.?, can apply, with certainty of cure. Oflon 51 Dcy stn*et. ____ \l(. -n 11 i r. i > i i hi i in <11 i in i- hi If Wild ('hernr Have v. u :t I mikIi ? Dr. Swaynn'H Compound Syrup of Wild f'fierry i* the only romedy y"i should tak? to cure vim, Kor this plain p h- n?Thru in a thottsand ,1 <..* where it ha* Imtii ii" d. it has not failed to cup'. Ilavu you the Asthma, Bronchitis. Tains In tin) -Mo or llr<-i-:. I.iver Complaint, Spitting Wood. Tlcklititf 'ir Itlsimrin the Throat? Dr. Sutyne't \V"j|<l Chet ry is the old ?s'ahli?hcd remedy. which will cum after all other itmedic* fail, l'hyn ian*. < lenr\ men. nil, ?pcnk forth it* praise.? TIib treat nuperlnrity of this medicine overall other* in, whilst it eradicate- llwajwit, it Invieoratex the ??ody. stirniftlicn' the weak, ami creates (?rv ami rich Wood, a (lower puHcmpj l.y no other me divine. TI,i-i?tho Kraut m-. ret of it* wondfrftil micce.w. Ciilc tiian ami M.itizhn, (i.ilcn.a. III., Mate in a letter thatit has cfteetml wuiii' wonderful enres in that section, and that it is destined to ?n l**r*edo all other medieiaea <d' the present day. The gcmiinij arti) ! Ij propan'd 'nil\ liy l?r AV\ E. Inv oUir ami *de I'r i n. t'.r, corner of Ku' th and Kace ?tivct*, I'hihulelphtu: all W iM Cherry pr)'|?ntti'.ni heinf " positively fictitious and r- unt? rfi it" h itlii<iit In- sinnatun . V'.r ?n|e l.\ tic \." nt?. I II \ RIJC.1 II Rl Nti, corner of Itr.nulway and .lohn strvt- K. t SANDS, IV llowerv; .I.e. II \ K !. 1?s (Irani street: K It. M \ R V E H. 3>W III) k'er Mrcct: J. I I.KWIS. "1.71.1 HMD listroet . J. II. t??l?l>. 771 Rroudwav : S( IIK.I I 1KI.I V IIRoTIIKRS k CO 14-' W it. street. not TOR YfH HSF.I I l?H i.l o\ I I! - -o|.| DIKIF.t) K\ tract of r..p?viii, t'nM?and Snreiparilla is acertain. speedy and effectual enre f..r deli, ate disea*-. It has used in mnu. cane* for the la?t ten and has jriven rerftct ?ali?f:i.Oliln l*rir? 91. K"r?alc at X". t .inn strut. Dlt II > > \ N i:-THi: IT. IIKTW'K.KV < II \ Tl IA \| and William -tp-ets. has for the last fourteen yearn enloved the Iii""t extensive practice in private diseases, of any medical man in New V.rk. He can i UP) the most agKTUrated caws .T this disen-.'. tnd mild ewes cured in tw o to live day*. Stricture?Or ( "per has discovered a new method hy which he can cure the w. r?t form of Mrietnre in fp.m one to two week*. wit\ cap'elv any pain to the patient. < (institutional debility, hroujhf. on bv a ?eervt haldt indulged in hy yaune men. This. whan too iV itoiiiL'. d In. Ists dyspepsia, w. aknes* of the limh* ami tn.ifl of the e?infii?ioh of th? intellwt, and arer>i >n to norictv. V etire warranted in every ens*, or n? charge. Sn morrury u?til. Yf'ST EXTRAORDINARY WORK-TM THE UAKitlKD .tI ?r tk ' ' ntom('luting mnrrlitfco Tlie manie.l ?u?w'>. I'riv:it. Mi lii-al ('nnipaulon. Iiy Dr. A. M Mauri en. Sitili > li. Hon I'rire SI . Thi< work i< meeting ?i'li ni t MtomiUinf lirtve already ?< ? <l(tj,..?e I I'very f'tinle In iceitinc ? i*np> . whether mnrrieil or unmarried. although i: H ii?. landed illy for this married. n < it ill*-! Iropnrtiwt amitvta, whteh ulii.nld he known to them |wr;i ller* e\i<ry tain* ? i nn dirc.'vrr th? eftiKen, an.l tlio must i talent run; -. Mul mmt cprtain "f i or* I" evrr. c.1-1. For ule, ??J llnadway; at thi? fSih|i?hiug * ?? I-"' l.iN-rtv ?trvi't, X?w V >rk; nfcio, Zlel>er ami Co., cornar at ( Inbuilt U)<l Third ftvyrtu, l*hiladel|?liia; |,|?tlc anil C". Al' an.v: ? K. IhavU Ho*tnn. On t'w> ruceiiib of SI. a i' fv will I tvau-i.nt!*?l l>y mail, free of |?wnxi, to all I?rt? of till f'alted ; a''" All II I:?m must !* ,i l.ln n >, t.j Dr. .v. .VI. MAI KKt.ll.', fox 1CM, N?w Vor'i vifj. . (a

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