Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1848 Page 3
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ewspapar Evtep.prt?*.?Wefind the following artirl? in our contemporary, the Xtto York S7u?? of yesterday morning:? Anothh Halifax E?phta.?The steamship Bucna Vista. Capt. Jarvia. which left this port for Halifax un Tuesday of lust week was employed by th? publishers of tin- Ntw York Sun. for the purpose of furnishing them at the earliest possible moment with the ncwn brought by the Cunard steamer*. to commence as soon as arrangements can be miule. and probably with the uext steamer bound for Now Vork. The reports which (rive the credit of originating this undertaking to any of our neighbor or coteinporaries are incorrect. We started the thiug ourselves, without any alliances of any kind, and it Is rather provoking that our own modesty has in this, as in other instances deprived us of the laurels so justly our due. The fitting o^t of a steamship expressly adapted to run on the American rout, aud sending her a distance almost e<jual to onethird that from New York to Liverpool, thereby involving thousands of dollars merely for news purpose*, is no trilling affair; and our selection of Captain Jarvis lor the service. who. like ourselves. in wronu to no one in business enterprise. has been n happy one. The great Southern Express was prepared and arranged exclusively by ourselves, our cotemporaries afterwards joining in it* benefit* and expenses with praiseworthy liberality. In the present gigantic enterprise they will also join; and while wo accord them justly deserved credit for their readiness to incur large expenses for the benefit of their readers, we claim for ourselves the same credit; and in addition, the ac- j know lodgment that we are ever among the first and foremost in effort and expense to obtain the earliest news from any and nil directions. If necessary to maintain our well-eurned reputation, our thousands of expense shall be made teus of thousands, and our expresses be extended even to Kuropc and other parts of the world. We intend that the Sun shall ever be to its readers all that can be desirable in a nowspaper?except in politics, (a doubtful essential)?while its price proclaims that "it shines for all." There is no use in mincing words when you are dealing with a certain kind of people. We pronounce every second paragraph and assertion in the above article, either a falsehood or a misrepresentation, and we are not sure but that they are both falsehoods and misrepresentations mixed up together. The New York Sun did not start this Kteaui-boat without any alliances of any kind. It was started on the impulse of four or five other journals of this city, and agreeably to their desires and expectations. The attempt to monopolise this piece of enterprise to its own credit looks too much like the policy of appropriating the assets of the Plainfield Bank, or half a dozen other banks, in order to shave the public; but our cotemporary will find that we will not submit so quietly to the failure of engagements and understandings as the Legislature or Grand Juries of New Jersey do in relation to its financial afl'airs and banking institutions. As far as regards newspaper enterprise, we certainly can claim merit far more than the Sun can. It blusters a little about the great Southern express. Does it not know that five or six years ago we started exclusively a great Southern express, and run it at our own expense 1 Does it not know that when General Scott went to Mexico we started, in conjunction with two of our cotemporaries in Philadelphia and Baltimore, a Southern express, which brought the news from Mexico in advanco of all others, as long as the news was worth any thing 1 The Southern express which they proposed and arranged has been a nonentity and a humbug; costing money without any real advantage, and probably enabling the Sun to get the news for nothing, while they were professing to pay their share of the expenses. We will not permit the Sun to put forward falsehoods and misrepresentations in regard to newspaper enterprise, for which several other journals of this city deserve as much credit as the Sun does, without putting in a deinal, and declaring, that if .1 ? -i - - lucy aic hoi EtmiBucu, wc arcreauy, aiany moment, to make arrangements independent of any association. We have been as successful in expresses as any other journal in this country, because we were liberal, honest and enterprising iu our management; and if the New York Sun had taken our advice and followed our example, and imitated our principles in their financial and banking concerns, some of them would not have been indicted and waiting for trial, as they now are, before the community. Once for all, we demand that the New York Sun positively and instantly take back the gross and dishonest misrepresentations contained in the above article, or we shall make them feel the expense of it in another quarter; and that promptly, too. The Great tifrawn Celebration, In Honor of the Recent Revolutions throughout the German States. Pursuant to prerions notice, the German residents of the city made a grand demonstration yesterday, in honor of the recent revolution throughout the fatherland. The flags on the City Hall were hoisted at sunrise, and soon after all the (lags of the public housed of the city were floating in the breeze. The Battery having been fixed upon as the place for forming the line of procession, at an early hour, that part of Broadway adacent to that place, was crowded with persons who were wending their way to join in, or look upon, the proceedings of the day. About eleven o'clock the German Regiment of Militia was formed into line and reviewed by Gen. Sandford. A salute was then fired, and the order to form was given. Some of the members of the lluitars not lieing perfectly drilled, were unable, by the too frequent application of the spur, to keep their chargers in a proper position. One of the officers observing the trouble, rode briskly up. and in true inili lary orucr. sung out: v y tie iivu uon i you uross inn do right, nnd turn your horses tail in do river."' The order had tho desired effect, and very noon that portion of tho procession was ready to move in the general line. Another signal of three guns was the command for forming the ORDER OK PROCESSION. KIH.1T Pl\ IMON. Troop of Hussars, commanded by Capt. Luersson. German Flag. Band of Music. G. Drucker, Eso.. Grand Marshal. M. Hader. Esq.. C. S. Schwarxwaelder. Eau., Wm. J. Haskett. Esq.. H. Klcke. Esq.. Spccial Aids to the ( rand Marshal. Major General C. W. Snndford. Stuff, and Cavalcade of Officer*. Brigade of Volunteers, consisting of Cavalry, Artillery. Infantry, and Ritlcineu. second division. * H. Kutimcyer. Esq.. Aid to the Grand Marshal. Common Council of the City of New York. Band of Music. Banner 1776. American Flag. Banner 1848. L. Bleidorn. Esq.. Marshal. C. J. Bauer. Esq.. Marshal. THE URN Symbolically containing the ashes of those who fell in the recent struggles. It was surmounted upon a handsome pall, upon which was inscribed, .ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo* M)< >o< >000000000, g " Glorious in Like. Immohtal i.n Death." ? 8 For the Cause of Liberty. j | 1848. | ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo' It was overhung by a largo blaek crape, which was carried by the pall banners, and from the four corners, tho German Hug waved. W. Schmidt. Esq.. Marshal. T. WUhelhelm. Esq.. Marshal. Orators of tho day in carriages. Musical Societies, composed of Concordia. Lioderkrang. Sangcrbund. and National Singers' Society. TIIIHI) DIVISION. C. Van Gulpen. Esq.. Aid to tho Grand Marshal Band of Music. Order of the Hermann Brothers. Gorman Society, with their banners French " " Italian " ? Polish ' ' German Volks Veroln. KOI'RT DIVISOX. B. Hothmalcr. Esq.. Aid to the Grand Marshal. Baud of Music. Order of Herman Sons. German Hebrew Benevolent Society. fiitriiinn Hebrew Rcadinir Sooletv. Member* of Oermaula, Teutonla, Solon and other Lodge* Order of Templar*. FIFTH oivinon. Ooorgo Chri*t. K*<j.. Aid to the Ormid Mar*hal. Bnnd ofMuolo, Society of the Now York Verein. Revolutionary Society. A**oriation of Oermnn Mechanic* \VIIIinm Tell and other Lodge* of the Order of Druid* Stculten Benevolent A**oelntlon Jneknon Benerolent A**?>olntlon mitii nm*oN. C. Kroellch. Em.. Aid to the (Irand Marshal. Bnnd of Mu*lc Order of the Son* of Liberty. ?ievr.*Tn i>ivi*o*. L Sehwart*. Km., Aald to the Grand Minhal. (itlien* in general The line having been formed, they proceeded at twelve o'clock, up Broadway to Chatham street. to Kn*t Broadway, to Orand *trcet. to Broadway, to Kranklin *trect, to Wc*t Broadway, to Murray *treet. to the Park A *taud wa* In rcadlnc** on their arrival at the Park, which wa* ta*tcf\illy decorated with the flag* of Hie different nation* The urn wa* placed immediately in front of the Hand, near which *tood the muaical aoeletle*. who had volunteered for the ocea*lon. and the hand of Biualc with them. After *everal air* had been played, I)r Linwio *ald:?"He that. *oweth In tear*, ahall reap in joy " The*e woril* froin the ' hook of book*," friend* and fellow cLtlien*. are pcrhap* the moat appropriate to vxpre** Hie hope* and fciitlmcnt* which 1LJ move and inspire us at the celebration of thl* day; for not only the Indignation at the blood spilled in tho struggle?not only the sorrow ut tho grim i of our fallen brethren, are the causes which have brought n . here together?No; over the black night of former oppression?over tho deep red of the blood which lias tlown, the gold of liberty linn at last majestically risen, and joyous, though smiling through tears, rcata our i'ye upon itd glorious brightness; thankfully we feel that the long-sighed for harvest day for Germany and German* has at last dawned. Yob, fellow citizens, for ill Germans everywhere; for even wo, who call the free <oil of tho most free country upon earth our homo? even we have our share of this harvest; we have It. because the warm heart's blood of thousand* of our falleu brethren iu Germany has moistened that harvest. the seed of which, the Gorman citizens of thin glorious Union have so long, in print and word, but more than all in millions of letters, sown iu our dear old fathcrlaud. We have our share, because the daily increasing prosperity of the Gorman population of the l.'nited States has been the best proof to our brethren in Kurope. that the llliorty like this we now ej\joy; the liberty, I say. of this model republic, is really and truly the element best suited for the Geruiau peoplo. ThereFore. my friends, let us to-day not only remember the falleu, those who rest in their graves, but let us also turn to those who still live to act. and who will and shall act. whilst it is yet day. Let us not here, in this restlessly udvuucliig country of deeds, in this " go" 1,. n.l ....? ..jI ........ ... .1 I ....nil.... lions of the past; not celebrate in silent sorrow tin* obxviliilol of the (lead alone; but let us rather puss beyond the bier and the grave to our higher destiny, and celebrate that resurrection, which is proudly indicated to us by the loved banner, the symbol of German liberty .which to-day waves, for the first time, from tlio City Hall of NewYork. Yes! 1 see thee, thou glorious black, red and golden banner, at last recognized as the youngest sister of the star spangled banner ; 110 longer thou art the symbol of unfulfilled wishes ; thou art elevated, arisen, registered into reality, and a free Germany is no longer a visionary dream, it has become a fact? " Ks bringt die Zeit eiu anderes (iosetz. Wer 1st so feig. der jetzt noch Konnte zagen.'' Do you grasp, feel, comprehend, fellow citizens, the entire meaning, the entire weight of this resurrection ! fan you measure it for our dear Germany : but do you also understand its entire meaning to us, in whom, as German citizens of this Union, rest the duties of love for the land of our birth, and the duties of citizens to the laud of our choice ; we. who must naturally feel with and for Germauy. but certainly act as becomes Americans.' Do you understand the high meaning ol these words, especially at present, when such understanding is so very easy, but of such vital importance It is easy, because if the first news of the resurrection of France and Germany excited feverish and warm sentiments, when every one, In the first moment of noble enthusiasm, believed it his duty to aid. assist, and help, by word, means, and deeds, as tho moment then seemed to require ; soon the clear, practical Bpirit of our own fatherland sobered down the wild, burning fire to a friendly aud useful element; our pulses beat uioro quietly, our looks are more bright, our eye more sure, and what our will has lost in impetuosity, it has gained in firmness. It is necessary, this understanding, for at present the liberty of the German people has only been just gained; has scarcely been snatched from the hands of the oppressors, but is by no means secured. Still, the most bitter enemies stand opposed iu luuu nmjnjr?luciuitii, iui nuuso auiiuiiiaiiou ll requires not only a steady hand to guide the steel, but also tho most practised eye; indefatigable and eternal viiglance and careful guidance. How to fulfil the duties of love and gratitude to our old fatherland?how to show ourselves worthy of our new and glorious fatherland?how to order, guide, help and assist, can no longer be left to the mild, untamed impulse of the heart ?no longer be left to mere good will?but It becomes the object of serious, universal examination, of cool, collected counsel, and of appropriate and unanimous action. Certainly, even going hand in hand with a free American and an emancipated German press?even guided by our experience in the political life of this country?can this consultation not take place here, nor to-day; yet the present day, when the united flags of Germany and America wave over our heads, the present commemoration of doath and resurrection, in which, unite with us, our American fellow citizens and the representatives of so many Kuropean nations, is to us the strongest and loudest monitory appeal, that it is time to work; and offers us the brightest hopes for the success of our efforts. It is the monition to unite, to a united and honest endeavor, the E Pluribua Unum ol our republic. Only then, when we shall have succeeded iu guiding the stream of the love of fatherland, which inspires all of us into one and the same channelonly then, when the endeavors of our German brethren to gain liberty by unity shall be met by similui endeavors on our part?only then can we hope to exert from hero a lasting and beneficial influence upon our German fatherland. Lot us then, fellow-citizens here, in the sight of these symbols of death and newlyarisen liberty.?let us. by the memory of the heroei who fell in tho struggle, by our love for the free auii glorious institutions of our adopted country?by al that we still hold holy and dear in our old fatherlanc ?let us pledge ourselves to be united, united wheruvei union of action may be required; let us support strengthen and cling to this union; and oven ir thv politics of our adopted country should, in some instances. regulate our actions at the expense of our desires. we can nevertheless, when united, still excrcisc the invincible power of that great, glorious and ouly true propagation, a ' propaganda'' which every honest man will gladly join?the propaganda of a good example. Mr Cavli'j rose and said ;?Brethren?I do not find any other name to give you on this occasion. The purpose for which we are here assembled is noble. It is for democracy and freedom ! And this is not the cause of a province. of? state?but that of all nations and that of humanity. If my country won the first in the battle of liberty?like that valiaut soldier whe claimed for the reward of his courage to be only called desire to bo called the tirst grenadier of the F.uropcan republics. Our motto in Liberty, Kquality and Fraternity ; liberty for all the people?all the nations. If France is animated towards Germany by feelings of fraternity, it is because that noble country is the cradle of liberty, and of religious freedom ;?because its philosophers hare been among the most valiant champions of independence and social reorganization. As Frenchmen, we are not only neighbors with Germany, but we are also brothers! The Ilhiue is no more a barrier between our two countries. It is the Jordan of this century, in which we all, a * Germans and Frenchmen, are to receive the baptism of liberty. I aui happy to see France aud Germany sympathise together. We love one auother. May all the people be animated with the same sentiments. The Victims, whose martyrdom we soleleiuniEC to-day. are certainly a great loss to the country and humanity; but their deaths will be useful to the cause of freedom; thoir blood will fructify our blossoming liberty; it will encourage the living to mourir pofit lu jiartia'." Yes. Germany, proclaiming its independence. is for us the symbol of Furopoau liberty! Before terminating this speech, brethren, I pledge here, that if ever a counter-revolutionary hydra raises its hideous head to destroy the onward progress of liberty, you may rely upon us. as we rely upon you. for help and succor. This eloquent and briiliunt speech, often interrupted by numerous bravos, was received with unbounded hurrahs und the greatest enthusiasm. A beautiful ode was then sung, after which a speech was delivered in Knglish. A beautiful piece, composed expressly for the occasion. was then sung. Mr. Krckri rose, and suid. In substance, as follows:? The Gorman people said "let there be light"?the light of liberty: but. as yet. that liberty has not been consolidated. We know that our brethren have struggled aud bled, and we also know that the birth of a republic has always, more or less, to he obtained at the pricc of blood. It is for this we are here gathered together, to commemorate the tirst great struggle, and to mourn for the dead. who. as victorious heroes, bought liberty with their blood, and fell in the strife with vile, cowardly monarchy Let us for a moment glance back at our dear Germany, for there certainly is not a heart here, that does not beat high at the sight of this beloved black, red and golden emblem.? Though we look with pride at our adopted country, yet the heart beats with sorrow, when we remember, that but. a short time ago there was no political existence for us in Germany?there was no German nation?there were only German masters and slaves. The speaker then, in most eloquent terms alluded to the reformation, the peasants' wiv in Germany, arguing therefrom, that the poo. pie at all times could bo made to understand th<ir rights, but that despotism hid theui from them. He spoke of German greatness, in all arts and science! ? of the invention of gunpowder, porcelain, printing. Sic. by them?of the bravery of that nation in battle ? of the people gaining every thing for its rulers, nothing for themselves Thus." he continued. " it was possible. that this same people, when the deep wounds of the Silesian wars had scarcely healed, allnwcd itself to ho again led to the slaughter, to fight against the tirst French republic. But the monarehs lost the game: that groat master of war. Napoleon, vanquished the old. rotton German monarchies. Then, for the first tunc, in ini.s. arose inc nation, nmi deceived t>y me lying promise* of sovereigns. savoil the German ltninc ad utloiul honor in bm Milk hence. (stii June) it will lie 33 yours since the creation of the German diet, nt Vienna. In the document then limned, there were thousands of promises, the fiiltillmont of which, might quietly ami gradually have led to the development of u Renubile ; hut the world only contain* plain men .tnd citizens who love truth, for princes and .ill their followers arc the children of the father of lien. l*"or forty yearn did Mown lead the children of Israel through it sandy desert. to hrilift them into the promised land. For three and thirty yearn already has the German people Ixien wandering in the monarchiral constitutional desert. Let it not be seven years more, and forty yearn, ere the German people shall enter Into the promised land of a republic. The Herman people hnd grown of age; it wan old enough to appreciate and cherish liberty, when the revolution of Paris, the creation of a republic in France, gave the word. tire."' and the nation began the struggle. This struggle, and its result, have called un here together to-day. German science, the ideas of its luminaries enlightened til" world. The heart of Germans is cosmopolitan: everywhere the German is at home, and finds a welcome tionie: for lie In sober. industrious, and cherishes liberty, which becomes hln highest good. No nation 011 the earth is more fit for a republic than Germans, and on the soil of our beautiful, blooming Germany. the flower of social and political liberty Is sure to thrive. (Cheering.) The French revolution of '8t> perished in blond and desire of conquest; the revolution of 1830 w ii* iij """k"" mmj lucre i unit hi 184S 11s (trown Mroug by proper organixation. and true democracy; |?olitirs?l anil social fraternity, arc the highest. the moat ambition* rc*ult.? *he *eek* to obtain. That revolution will turn thought* into deed*. and create name* for It* act*, which we, a* yrt. do not dreaui of. Uerinauy cannot, will not remain behind ! Krom Itn truth? froin it* xtrugglc and xtrlfc?from the blood of It* fallen lion hi*?from the heart* of It* laborer*. whleli have been touched by the electric xpark of the living thought, a new. a great life limit upring ? the republic of the United (Jcrman State*. (Iminonne cheering.) We know In thi* beloved land of our adoption the hlcMing* of a republic- -wo *ow anil reap upon the noil enriched by the revolution, and we will proclaim all we know to our brethren acroa* the *ea Though It I* fuarful to think that man mu?t kill man I t;> gain "liberty, yet it is our duty to cull to them: K>l'hton! tight until you luiro gained the victory' <iive to the emperor what belongs1li<* emperor ? annihilation. The proroguing* Of the day rinsed without the (-lightest difficulty or diaorder having occurred; aud the thousands ul persons assembled, quietly retired. TSIiBQRAPHIC INTELLltiENC'Bi THIRTIKTH CONURK9S. FIRST SESSION. W'AtHiKiiTON. May 8. 1848. Sfiintr. Numerous memorials and petition were presented. FltPNCII SPOI IA 1IO.V4. Mr Di*. of New-York. presented tliu resolutions of that State iu favor of the payment ofKrunrii claims for spoliations prior to the year 1800. Mr l):x said the subject was 0110 of importance, and the justice of tbe claims, so long deferred, and now endorsed by the Le glslaiure 01 llie Male ot New-York. entitled theui to the respectful consideration of the Senate. They were on motion duly received mid ordered to lx> printed. whitnkv's railroad* Mr. UriliM, of Vermont, presented resolutions adopted by the Legislature of that Statu In favor of Whitney's railroad extending from Lalce Michigan to the Pacific, which were on motion duly received and ordered to be printed. t'OlUT KKtil'LATION*. Mr. Davton . from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported the bill without aineud ent. for changing the terms of the federal courts iu the. State of New Jersey. The bill authorizing the Judge of the United States District Court of Tennessee to hold a special term, and the bill relatlug to the public archives of Florida, were both taken up. read a third time, and passed. RKLIir for yucatan. After the transaction of some other unimportant business, on motion, the bill previously reported, adopted as the special order of the day. for the aid and relief of Yucatan, was taken up. Mr. Kootb. of Mississippi, called attention to Mr. Calhoun's luisreport of remarks made by him last Friday. He deemed It a waste of time to contradict what that Senator said. Mr. Calhoi'x took pleasure iu saying the report, as printed, was not correct. His remark was general and not personal. Mr. Houston then rose and made an able speech In support of the bill. He defended the war with Mexico, and (-barged that annexation caused the war. and not the march of troops to the left bank of the Rio Grande, which no more produced the war than the march of Gen. Taylor's forces to Corpus Christ!. Mr. Nilks obtained the floor, when Mr. Green, of Rhode Inland, moved that the Senate go into executive session. Mr. Foote hoped that there was no groat or pressiug necessity for the immediate passage of the motion last made. Mr. Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi, moved to take up the volunteer bill, which would give the President the necessary means to act promptly. Mr. Johnson, of Maryland, moved that the bill be laid on the table. The motion was debated by Mr. Hanncgan. Mr. Calhoun. Mr. Houston. Mr. Crittenden and Mr. Weseottof riuimn. .-wiui panning me resolution. lvir. ? ass iiioyi-u a resolution calling upon the President for all correspondent relating to Yucatan, which was adopted. Senate adjourned. Home of Representatives. The House assembled at 11 o'clock. The journal was read and approved. The Speaker announced the first thing In order, the reception of resolutions. Several wore offerod and discussed. land bounty for officers. Mr. Vinton, of Ohio, moved that the House resolve itself |,into a Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union, which was adopted, Mr. Willard. of Alabama. In the chair, and took up the land bounty bill in ' favor of officers, promoted from the private ranks of the army, and others. The bill and the amendment were discussed by Mr, Vinton, Mr. Brown, of Mississippi, Mr. Holmes, of South Carolina, and Mr. Cobb, of Alabama. The debate closed, followed by confusion and uproar, in the way of numerous and ridiculous amendments, embracing every thing. The committee finally rose, aud reported the bill unamended, which was read the third time and passed. The House, then, on motion, adjourned till tomorrow. Arrival of the V. 8. Brig Boxer. Philadelphia, May 8?10, P. M. t The United Status brig Boxer arrived this afternoon from Monrovia, Coast of Africa, after au absence of two years aud a half, during which time she has not , lost a single man either by sickness or casualty. The [ Boxer left at Monrovia, on the 22d of March, the I Jamestowu and Porpoise, tho crew? and officers of [ which were all well. Market*. i Albany, May 8th.?It will Iw two or three days yet before we can send you the receipts at tide water by telegraph. The first boat only passed Utiea on Saturday last. In the meantime, the stock of pure Genesee and other good brands of Klour are nearly exhausted, anil held firm at $tl 75; Kales of 1U00 bbls. this State 1 were made, to arrive by the first boat from Buffalo, at $6 37V Rye wan held firm at 77c. For Oat* 48c whs , asked. Ihism Cmnu.xt Soi iktv.?The srrenth annual i meeting of thU Society took place lust evening at '?i [ Spruce street?(ircgory Dillou. F.sq.. President. In the i the chair. The officers for the ensuing year were reported. Mr. Dillon continue* as President ; and Chap. Sweeny. Kwj. and Klernaui B. Ualy.Kwj. were appointed, the former Corresponding, and the latter Recording Sef cretaries. 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S3 .V). usually $5. lie ban got the largest and lwst stock of Boot* in this country. All our friends should Ret Boots and <Jailers of Young, corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. THE DOCTOR. The Morning Star.?Thl* neutral penny pa|ier is daily increasing in circulation. The nnmher for to-day is really a glorious |>nj<cr. and should be read by all. < Iffiec, lirj Na?. sau street, corner of Ann. Call early and secure a copy. Uold Pens.?Dealers In gold pens are Invited i to examine Craty's improved fountain I'cn and also the French Pens. Thcv carry ink enough to write a whole pngc. and can he bad only of Beers k Clark fun stairs) 25 John street, where can also lie found the pens of all the best makers in the country, at manufacturer's lowest net prices, tiold pens repaired "rexchanged. Mold Pens, Diamond Pointed $1 only. Silver Pencil Case included.?J. W. GKKATON h CO.. 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To thoae who have Inat their innaeular mergy. hy the effect* (if medicine, or indlacretion committed in youth, or the executive indulgence of the |iai>i>ion*. And brought on It g?neral |>hv?i?-nl proa, tration of the nervoua aynteni, laaaitude, want of ainMtion. fainting actuation*. prematura decay and decline. hastening towAfda that fatal disease. Consumption, can he entirely restored hy the use of thi* pleasant remedy. Tliiii Sarsa pit rills i? tnr superior to any Invigorating Cordial, ax it renew* and invigorate* tin system, jtivcs activity t?> the linih*, and strength to the muscular system, in a m<nt extraordinary degree. I'riuci|u?l office, 191 Fulton street. Married. On Friday, the 14th of April, hy the Hev. K. M. Johnson. Marti* W. Nobhis. to Mi** Eliiakem K. I'rimiiLf:, fourth daughter of the lute .lumen I'rliik'lp, of Brooklyn, I. I. On the 7th In at., at Hudson, by the Rev Mr Parling. Charlks II. Loan, K?q., of this city. to Mis* K*Ai?cr? < . Kraut, of thn former place On Saturday. thortth inst .at New Durham, N J hy tho Rev. Mr Burkhudt, Doctor Piiihias Mrnuv, of Brighton, Mich., to Mian Dklia, daughter of Stella Manning, of the former place Died. On Monday afternoon, at half-past '2 o'clock. Mr*. k'RAMcri M., widow of Alexander Denniftoii. aged year*. Her relative* and friend* are invited to attend In r funeral, on Tuesday, at o'clock. front 47 Dey street. Her remain* will be taken to Orange county for interment. UXTON COCKS*. L I.-TR0TTTNQ.-PC*91 OT WVJ mile huatt, b?*t thret In ttv?, to nkolutua wagoni: will com* i u ilinrJJiiy, Itu-Utii->i M.?v at o'clock. John ?*? ? ?? tin Km l.aJy Moaeaw , JamJi Wlwlpiuy auura fci ui Laiy Sutton. M D. UREEN'E, I'ropriittor. The eclipse saddle-horse stable. fifteenth utr<*t, Utwwu 5th unit (nli av?a<ie??<MtakUiiie I for tlir li-ttiug on hlrv of Htddle horsea oaly; no carriage* or liAi'neaa l? iug kept on the pwmw*. ANAl'OLEON mare. FIVE VEaKS Ol.u. audit SEVENUna hand*, land anil *>mid, jnat from the couutrv, and fur nalo at CON KLIN'S Woo J OBcu. coraar Atlantic and Botruin atn-cta, Brooklyn. HORSES FOR SALE-A I'AIIt. UKIX .MATCHED AND very ahowjr; aim, a Saddle Mora??all in rood ooadilica? will be sold vert' low May be seen lit atabliM In Trinity place. Apply at 23 Broad street. WANTED -A sm: Mlns x he>I?E( TABLE VOINCJ wnmnn, :i* nurae, aoaiupatrau, or to taka ear* ol children, a?chambermaid, cook. w it-lii'r, or iroacr, or to do the general housework of a fnnull family. Tin* )?>.st of citv refnivni-a i-?n be given. Apply t? M |(?m? street. *l't? in* mil for two days. W WTK.I) \ Ml 16 OS ir v t:\RS Of \ok. WHO writes a quick baud, and is accustomed to folding New* |i.?l*?rs; none otliers need apply. Applic ation to be made this morn* in?r l?etween the hour* of S And y o clock, at No. 12 Park Pluce, in the Imminent. Wanted?a respectable hoy. 17 years of age, wishes to apprentice himself to eiUicr ;i Machinist. ( arver. nr |t?Nikhinder, or :iuy respectable busiucN*. II** Rood reference from hit lint employer. Please call, for two da vs. at No. l.H) Foray th-.s tree t. in tin* rear. tirst floor. CllAltl.ES bfcl.ANV. WANTKD- \ 8ITI ATION BY \ RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl an chamliermaid, or to do ireuerai house work in a miuill private family; she hm lived two years in her laat place, mid leave* as tlie family in goiu^ to France, and has the l>est id' city reference*. In for two day*. Please to call at 192 Duane St.. Ilrst floor. I?aek room. WA9RD BY \ Y01W0 WOMAN, I SITUATION IS cook and to do the washing and ironing in general. The best of references given. Please apply at No. 1W First Avcuue, (on the third lloor). WANTKD \ PROTESTANT CHAMBERMAID \ND A Children's Nurse. They must Irnth understand their business well. Apply at 1 W < IimivI *t r. W ANTKD -lt\ A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE WOMAN, \ hituation as pastry cook in a hotel, or professed eook and housekeeper in a geutlcman'i family. Can give the best of reference as to re?i>ectahility and character. Apply No. 2 Second it., COfltf ?i the BOWWJT. Wanted-!)y a respectable scotch girl, a hituation as cliatnlNT.naid, or plain cook iu a small private family. To be seen from 9 to I o'clock. Please iu-ptire at No. 24S, comer <?f Itonth itmi, First Atiim; Wants a situation as porter or messengerAn intelligent young man, who has been reared to business in the oM country ; can produce the beat of city reference, and se vitnvjt it 1U4UHVU. irruis iiiuuimir. ahj cniuiiiiinuM tor J. 11.. at 41 Prince street, will be punctually attended to, or at the Herald office. WANTED.?A DESIGNER AND MODELER FOR FINE fancy castings. To an accomplished workman steady employment mill liberal compensation will be given. Address box No. 45tf, i'hilAdelpliia P. (>.. stating the klml of work the applicant luu I "'en accustomed to. Philadelphia, May, lSif. WANTED?BV A YOL'NO WOMAN WHO UNDERstiuiils dress ninkiiu. a an seamstress auil nurii?, or to do light work. No objection t" leaving the city. Can be neen for two days. Pleas* apply at IIM Ludlow at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Woman, a situation to ilo plain cooking. washing, anil irouing in u small family, or the euro of children iuhI sewing. Good refere Due given. Please call at No. 301 Madison street, oornor uf Montgomery street, in the l.i'-k basement. WANTED?A SITTATION IN A DRV GOODS STOKE, BV a Young Man thoroughly acquainted with the business, and can intiuencc u good trade iu Broadway and the Bowery. Salary not so much an object as a res|ieetable situation. The beat of city reference given if required. Address J. J. L., at tills office, stating real name. WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN, situations, one to do general housework, or cook, wash and iron: and the other as chambermaid, waiter, or mind children, or plain sewing. Can be seen every day this week, if not engaged. Please call at 140 Mulberry street, in the rear, on the third floor. WANTED?2 TEN PIN ALLEYS.?ANY ONE HAVING two that have beeu put down iu sections, and can lie removed, may find a customer, if they are iu good order, by addressing G. E. S., box 1S77, Post Office. WANTED BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOITNG WOMEN respectable situations, the one as nurse and chainlwrmaid, the other us nurse and seamstress or nurse and chaiuliermaid. Goml city references given from their last place. Please call at No. 2 J unit's Street, one door from Chatliain, in the grocery store. Can lie seen for two days. WANTED, BY TWO PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMEN, situations, one as nurse or seamstress, would assist with chamber work, tlie other an chamber-maid and sewing, or laundress; best of eity reference. Call at 81 19th street. WANTED?SEVERAL YOUNG, HONEST, INTELLIGENT und enterprising men, to solicit subwriliers and collect money for ouc of the most popular (icriodicals published iu this country. Apply to ISRAEL POST, 140 Nassau street. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, A situation as chamlieruiaid and waiter, or chambermaid aud scum*tress, and to assist in washing and irouing. Please call at No. 10 Mulberry street, upstairs. A YOL'NO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, i? ,ill,..r ritv orrnn.itrv .,.J I*. u ..II ..I...I IV...., 1118 Lint 1 >UiV<j. Tl'ic Lost of city references given. Apply ut 144 Grand street. d* CAA WANTED?AN ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN WITH iptf "vf tliis capital, or ouc who ciin give undoubted security lor the same, to Join the advertiser in establishing a business free from opposition, anil which, with moderate attention, will lead to fortune. Address " t'niou." at this office. Al'ROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO i hamlier work, plain sewing, or take can? of ohildren, and make herself generally useful. ran five satisfactory reference. Apply ut No. 5 Leroy street. A pious family preferred. STEAM ENGINE WANTED-A SECOND HAND STAtionary engine, not over three yean old, of from Id to 3U lion* power. Communications (poet Laid) add reeved to S. E.; No. .17 South Third it,, 1'hiladelphla, will be promptly answered. To wholesale houses.?a business man wishes to engage in ? house as Salesman, either in dry goods, fancy goods, or wine and segar trade. Security to the amount of S3XNI cash will lie placed iu the lutnds of the employer at usual bank rate of interest. Salary expected, $IUUU per annum. Addres A. B? Howard Hotel. Lost ok i.eft?Saturday, may o, imb, on the eouuter iu frout of the receiving letter box in Uie Mechanics' liitnk. a small Pocket liook, containing seventeen dollars iu bank >iilli^ two promissory notes, one for one hundred dollars on inte. rest, and one for forty-five dollars, drawn by Ilolsted Itriiqc*. iu favor of Win. II. lirigg* or order, endorsed on the back of the note, w ith other |ia]>er? of value. Whoever will return the same will he liberally rewarded, and receive the thanks of the owner. DANIEL II. fll'NT, i!Hl Grand street, New York. Ten dollars reward.?lost on Saturday eveitiiijr last, a large I'oeket-liook, on the outside marked with the name of " lleujaiuiu Thornton," containing papers of no use to any one but tlie owner. If the same is returned to Itathbun's Hotel, Broadway, the above reward will lie paid. IT 111 ENDS OK IRELAND?TIIE IRISH EE I' U II L I C A N Union will hold a Mikss Meeting at Tammany Hall on Tuesday Evening, May 9th, at 7,'? o'clock. It is expected that all who sincerely syminthizc with that lilicrtv-loving but downtrodden |*ople, and all who approve of the liohle, manly and |aitriotic stand taken by O'Hrifn, Mitchcll. and their compatriots, will attend. Hy order of the Klecutivo t omniittec. THOMAS HAVES, C11 An. DA VIES, Secretaries. NEW YORK, MAY Mil. 1H4H.?AT AN ANNUAL MEETING of Hose Co. No. ,11. held at their liouw on Tuesday evening. May 2<l, Resolved, That a vote of thanks lie returned to our late foreman. Mr. Theodore Tucker, for the faithful discharge of Ills dnty as foreman of the comiinny for the post three yoars. liy order of the company. MANNINti MKKKII.I.. Serretary. I i.iki.1.1 .nc,bii.iu.? IKK mr. I ',, IM' 1. in the welfare of their orantr}', an- reqnentcd to meet at the llotel ile Paris, corner Reed at. and Itroadway, H'edDndiy UHh inst., at S o'clock, 1'. SI., for matter* of great importam-o. SHAMROCK BENEVOLENT SOCIETY?AT A REGULAR .Monthly Mooting of the above named Societv, held at the Forest House, 41) Spring street, on Monday evening. May l*t, IMW, tlie President, Mr. John Collins. iti the chair, it was, on motion, Resolved, That the thauks of this Society l?e tendered to Mensr*. Churles E. Shea, aud Timothy Daily, for gratuitous service* rundered by them to this Society. JOHN COLLINS, President. JOHN DOW D, Secretary. "Truth Teller" please copy. Masonic notice?the officers and members of St. Mi'iCtand Ladgi of IhiHiH tl Nit York. tit rt?iucstcd to meet at their Grand I#odge rooin, No. 2ft? Grand street, on Wednesday, the lOtJi inst.. at 12 o'clock, precisely, for the of paying tlit last tribute of respect to the rvmaini of their lamented brother, the Rt. W. S. (J. W. William F. l'iatt. The ofR. oer* and members of the *ul>onlinatc Isodgea, under it* Jnriftliction. and all free and accepted masons, are respectfully invited to attend at the same time ami place. By order, CIIARLES F. LIN EHACK, Grand Secretary. I1IRX IN WOOSTER STREET?THB si B8CRTBSR wocld (pay liberally for the return of a uumber of missing articlues taken from his late residence, I l.'i Wooster street, on the evening of the Art, ISth April last, particularly f??r I old English doable cam' silver watch; 1 pet Canary birds (l dark and 1 unlit color); 1 old Bible, in German, with brass elaapa; a certificate of stock iu Bank of Commerce in New York, iu name of Framis Orfsbnrv ; some notes of baud, do; letters aud other papers; also linen shirts; sheet*, table linen, clothing, sitoons and torks, lie., some marked F. W. O., G. M. O. F. G; O., and other articles. Person* havittg articlc* iu their |M>?aeM<it)u uot called for, will please notify mc at No. .V> Courtlandt street, or 149 Wooeter street, or fond Uiem to the Hth Ward Station House, corner of Prince and Woosterstreets. F. W. OGSHCRV. May ?U*4>. rpilE ANNUAL EXHIBITION OF THE ITPILS OF THE JL Now Yocfc lutitvUot for the Bliai takeetKaoa al tJ>. l(r<?adwav TaU-rnaele on Wednesday, at 4 IV M. The eiercisea consist of vocal and instrumental music, * h??ol exercises. lie., calculated to exhibit the proticieney which those deprived of night arc capable of attaining. Tanners map store is removed from no. 287 Broadway to No, A Ban lay street (American Hotel), epporitt tbo Aftor Rmul wbnv Mim awl uvl la Booka of evarf description may be had ; also, a full assortment of Ferrett't cheap and elegant Music, at one fourth the usual price* A few copies of Tauuer's Atlas for sale. DM. COWDREY, "ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT Law. has returned to the rooms formerly occupied by him. at No. 13 Cham Iters street May !Hh, 1W. Removal?mrs.c\rrolls medicated vapor and Sulphur Bath*, removed to "ttl Hroadw ay. two d????r? above l<e<>nard ntfwt. Theae Hath* are the inoft *ale. delightful, and eftWcioun remedy for Colda. Rheumatism, Chill* and rVter, fcc., and not only a cnn'. but a preventive to ninny of *4 the thousand ill** 111at flesdi is heir t" D~octor cox has removed to n<>. 5 imcn Place. SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING AT TIIE CITY CLOTHina Wftirhonw, 102 Fulton street, opposite the old North Ihiteh Church. CoAtu from $1 t<i $! , Pants fr??in $1 U? $.V, Vest* from $1 to $.'i A whoU rait for $1?D. P. SMITH, 102 Fulton utreet. (1 ?. CLARK, m WII.MAM STREET.?IN CI FFATAL TO f my loifitimat? Imsinc** a* a Merchant Tailor, I wdl the Blue Lainartine Sack At $\4. Br?wn And Black Sack* ;it $10, S11 and $12. Twi'ed* At $St to Jll fill. Ill<i<?k Cloth French Dri"w Co*t*, to measure, At $10 to ^;J0. Rich Silk VMtin^, to measure. $-V Broadway price $7. Cnanlmere Pantaloon*. of all description*, mucin* in price from $1 to $l? i??r pair. I am tlie only i*r?mi who sella tin* L-iiuArtine CoAt, which I strongly recommend a;* a IwHiitifnl walkin/ irarm**nt?price $14. Read this, oento-mavyof vor ark averse to bavins Tiur Clothe* cleaned, in eonnMUtnci of hating had tlicin Spoiled by those who do not understand the art. One trial will pr??re the fact tlmt fori>s. coats. .V pant*, you cAn have them leaned and pressed, superior to all competition. living and repairing done cheap by A. CO RT IS SOS, No. 0 Murray St., near Broadway. late of No. ?M. C"1 AST OFF CLOTUIXU, JeVfjTrvT FIRE ARMS, kc. S wauted.?lieiitlcinen or families wishing to Convert their pupcrfluoiiM effects into caaIi, will obtain full value for the same by addremiinff the sul?scril*r, (thr>ujili the poft office, <?r otherwise,) who will atteud them At their residences by appointment II. LEVETT, Office No. 2 Wall otrnt, corner of HroMway. IRISH PAPERS? irish P\FKRS PER STEAMER IUtlTAVnia l nit. I Irishman, Nation, Freeman's Journal topethei with the Illustrated News, Pnneli. Hell's Life, Weekly Despatch Sa tarts t. Era, Atlas, Economist Watchman, John null, Navai and Military (Jar.ette. Spectator, Mark Lane F,ipfe?s, Mimical World, Iridic*' New simper, Lloyd's Newsmper, Weekly Times And Obeenrsv, Liverpool Times, Standard. Wilmer and Smith * Euro. I c in Turn-*. ta V. ClLltERT, SI Ann -ir ? t Trad.- nipp ic I .'if the usual |MH 1 J . ' _ ! ' Jacob s platt, Aucnovrxit?hardware, err | Urr, Taney Oc jJi, OoH -.nd "llvir W#t?he?, 2fl cann Osrmin | J'jyv U.? i?*k un hiriJ of AnJrv'.r't CuinHnntljil I.ock'. fur v. Ja^OB " n \T! vlli -'11 thl- rtajr?i ?bov# a? M , u'tdmfc. ut the Anvtiou Ki?.in. in lot* t<> nun c.unity iu well a.4 city duuhira. Ai*>. I5i?i J'liuu Table knivej and i'"> k <, <>f ivory, *tt?, Imi'k, s.-lf jiml bljick tin. with Kr in h Fork. tine white hone, a, Muii almm. Taldo kinin ami >'orlu; an imuitweiit wurt.i thf attention of iiun-hasvii. AWo. tiur J?|iaiihed Tea Tray*. Pwlift .\ud Pen Knives. Home of wlncli are \Vraw'? Iwtt C. S.; SsiMon, Shear*. Feucil km vim, lluudaaw j. At 11 o'ulouk?1 bale Rridei>urt Liilliiu Tuiiif, auJ 1SJ uolla Ilaleiiw Hope; VlciM. Uook* ami llmirea, L. II. Shovel*. 1 oiuk damaged Sadirins. 'Jb eaees damaged <ierniau Toy*. Abwi, with which the ??le will comment e. by order of Ann^nec*. 117 doieu Sciasnr*. li?i . nrdi kiiiv. it, I raik lar^e Shear.;. fce.; also. Hamlsawi. Kiiif.' (leaner . Urace ami lint*, cut Ticks. Uriuiie*. Bui crow I'oekot Comb*. ">UU S(?.?d | Stands. Prowler Slates. knitting I'liis, Kai'ir rojia, Jvk Cham'. , ttiojrs I'kli llook?, Shaving t<la>*es, Purse*, Tunth Hiu.Ikm, I'l I. v.. 1 L.. 1 *1 i.'til.utL -II ,.,l. u.l I.. . . I. . .' _ Gold l'ous and IVnciLs; aiuoiu wliich aw warranted Gold Knzlish, French :iud American patent lever. le pines. anchor*, and full um i extra jeweled; 50 brass work Clocks, as-ated pattern?. &c, ifcr. Catalogues are now ready, and the attention of country dealers i? ! dire< tea i" tbi MM. I JACOB S. PLATT, AUCTIONEKt.- ANDREWS COMBI nation Locks, fur banks kc. 'ITn* sale of them* I/Ock? whs p*>.si|N?niMl till thin day, at 12 o'clock, at which hour they will U* Hold without reserve. to tin* highest bidder. PuruliAMn will lind it to their int4*n??4t to Attend the sale; the invoice price being from Ml to each. HY W. E FRANKLIN \ SOX \ CHOICE COLLECTION of iriatttH will lie *,dd on Wednfmlav. May 10th, on the pruiniw* of Mr. Win. Nildo, at the foot ?tMth street, Kant liiver, MurUate. The collection Commine* choice Ko>Uf, Alftleas, IVlartfoniutn*, Canicliai*, Cactus, Lrica*. nud some lar^e Flowering i'liuibi nui(abl? for lawnx. Also. a very choice collection of h.iliHan of new kind* and in tine order, selected hy Mr. \ih|o himself in England. Stages nin from Chatham -.tree! and the llowery every ten minutes, and take passengers to tin* j?reiui-cM lor 01* cents. The sale will be eonducted on the nioV liberal scale. \fl pnrehn.^'.s over $A will I c delivered in New Vork \ i? iuity free of expenie. WM. M'CORMCK, AUCTIONEER AUCTION NOTICE This day, at 10 o'clock, at No. 12 Sonn e street, will he <dd a general assortment of Parlor and Bed It",mi Furniture, Iroin it Family givintf np houiM'*kee|iin|c, including a tine tone o'.j Octave I'iano Forte, Metallic Plate, ilarp lVilul, and other Improwment but i>t tu mml aiio( Hi ft 'tii i'i the i ind i two second-hanjl four-wheel Leather Top \Vi? p us, miitalde tor a Doctor ?>r other*, HE. WILLAED, AUCTIONEER. CROCKERY, GLASS and China?Assignee 8aU Thiaday Tin ulay, Mi) >. at 10 o'clock, at the Auction Ttnom. No. S Cedar street, (. athlotnu* Sale, from the Shelves, in lots to nuit Dealer*. Grocers. in .-, also :TJt? littrrels and Cases of Prest Flute Tumblers. Salts. Ilird Boxe s and Lanterns. Sale positive, for cash. Goods well packed lor shipping. By WM. \\\ SHIRLEY. AT-AUCTION?CHINA, GLASS, lIRKAKFAS'lk, Dessert ami Tea set#?W. A. Carter will sell, by order of assignees of Thomas liilUland.on Tuesday, 9th of May. at 10 o'clock, at 147 Broadway, the Iwilance of the Hiilendid Ht<H*k <?f China, Gla.-s, Kartheiiware, EiikKsJi, Stone and < liinu. Breakfast, Dinner, Des rri, i cu aim luuci m'li; <.1111111 nisei 111111 mgurcsol tile ct.utJv descriptions, he. he. Salt) punitive. Catalogue* morning Of slllr. WD. MoCARTY, AUCTIONEER?BN GIN K OF STEAM boat Atlamio? Will be sold at auction, fur account of wliom it may concern, on Saturday, 13th May, at 1 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, all the machinery of the engine saved from the steamboat Atlantic. Can be examined at tho yard of CEASE, MURPHY Ik CO., Fulton Foundery, foot of Cherry street, East Hirer. Termi at nale. JW. KNOWN. AUCTIONEER-CABINET Kill MTU RE, l'iano Fortes, he. J. W. Drown will fell on Wednesday, May Kith, at 10}3 o clock, lit the wan- rooms of J. Ilayton, No. L'l * Broadway, the balance of his stock of superior furniture, coinprising mahogany sofas, covered mid plain; mahogany spring x at chairs; wardrobes, bookcases, marble top and other dressing bureaus; rocking anil easy chair-; marble top centre tables; wash stands; divans, hair mattresses, he., with 11 great variety of other furniture; also elegant rose wood piuiio forte: , inaile by It. Glenn St Co. Every facility offered for |>aoking and shipping. Catalogues now ready. WOOD CUTS AND STEEL PLATES FOR SALE.-TWO or tliree hindred fine wood engravings, illustrating the leading events of the past throe or fonr years; and two splendid Steel Plates, Views of the Park and Union Square Fountains, for sale. Apply at this office. TO BE SOLD, AT THE SHOP OF THE UNDERSIGNED No, (57 Ann street, where ho will in future carry on tho house oarpeutering business, a large glass Case, Counters, and several other fixtures, in good condition, and ready to be put up immediately. Can be seen by applying to S. HARRIS, Carpenter, 67 Ann street. TO LET?THAT SPACIOUS, NEW HOUSE, ON THE COLlego Green, corner of Murray and Church streets, will be tinislied I11 a few days. Built for u small hotel on the Euro|?.iu plan, with baths, water closets, he., on each floor, and gas through' out. It is also well suited fur a club house. Inouire of JOHN P. N. E. SMITH, 50 Pine street; or ROBERT J. DILLON, 1 Hanover streut. TO LET, AT CLIFTON, STATEN ISLAND, A DELIGHT fill country residence.?A new house, furnished or unfurnished, with a tine garden of vegetables, an ice house filled w ith Ice, a 00aI'll house aim stabling fori or 6 horses, and in front first rate bathing aud fishing, wiui a lawn of two or three acres attached, within ten minutes' ride of Vanderbilt's Lauding. Apply to Mr. J. J. STEVENS, Mechanics' Hanking Associating or to W. A' Plll'N'TtlX ,,i, <h? nr.. Apartments to let?a few single gentlemen cau be accommodated with excellent, airy and well furnished bid Mums, with <?r without breakfast, and suitable attendance, by Applying on the premie, 106 Duauc tstreet, where the rooms cau he seen. XAA $i*?W sio.fioo. $7500, $.vwo. $4000, s:?mn>. $2780, taoo, $m0( $17no, %\m iiaoo, $1000, $HW. S7HI, $<W, SMK ?.'#??. to loan on Heal Estate in thicity, Brooklyn. or Williauishurgh. Alio, (to saoritieo.) two dwellings and lot, 25 l?y 100 in fee, in Seventeenth st., for $lir-4H Aliw; r>m ncn-i of laud for $4.*). Apply to A. SERGEANT it SON, \f> Wall st. N. H. $30(10 iu one mm for tlii'? <ity or Brooklyn. For SALE, or WILL BE EXCHANGED FOR PROPERTY in this citv?Two Lots adjoining on Ohio ut.. in Philadelphia, each 201^ feet front by 50 feet deep, on one of which is a two story brick House. Ohio street runs from Twelfth to Quiuce, between Pine and Lombard. F.uquire of R. M. HOE. 31 Gold street, N.Y.; or of D. J. KENNEDY, at Reading Depot, liroad and Cherry st.. Philadelphia. T1ie murphy house, No. 23 deystrekt. ily Michael K. Murphy. Restaurant and oyster saloon for sale.?tiik dtoAtion one of the best in Broadway, yplalt with sveiy requisite, and for several years has commanded a large share of patronage of the most respectable class. To a person of moderate capital, and who could give his |>ersonal attention thereto, a certain fortune. None ueed apply unless they ean command or sccurethe purchase money. Apply toT. W. SMITH, Esq., Solicitor, 81 Nassau street. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with furnished apartments, pin a genteel private family, where there are no boarders, in Franklin street, near Broadway. Terms moderate. References exchanged. Address A. B., Herald office. Board opposite st. John s park.?one or two gentlemen and their wives, or two or three single gentlemen, ran be handsomely accommodated with pleasant rooms and board, in a house fronting St John's I'ark. References exchanged. Ad. dress COMFORT. Box 13?i2. Post once. Board?a gentleman and his wife can be ac. eomiuoUated with a parlor and bed room, on the second floor, fronting on the Park ; also, one war parlor, for one or two single gentlemen. References exchanged. Apply at No. 41* Chumbers street. BOARDINt;-A (. I; M I.EM A N AND WIFE, or two single gentlemen, may lie accommodated with very pleasant and comfortable rooms, with full or partial board, in tlie house ??f a geuteel family, near Broadway. Tne house has a very pleasant garden attached, and is a very desirable location. Inquire No. .> Walker street. Boarding.?to let. with board, a handsome large Chamber, on the second floor, with a pia/zn attached, furnished. Dinner hour at 2 o'clock. Apply at.'m Murray street. Boarding.?single gentlemen can be very comfortably accommodated with breakfast ami tea. and din ner. if Moeoavy, together with toe, airy and * tlthj bi Urn ms, single or double, with good attendance, and in a highly respectable family, residing at 108 Hammerslcy street. Apply on tl e premises. MAWSo.V brothers, importers \mi manu1 turers of Fancy Furs and Caps, have removal to I'll Water street, southeast corner of Fletcher street, next door to their former place of business, NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY, April Dth. 1M*.?The annual election for Directors of this Company will be held at their office. No. 4 Try on Row, on Tuesday, the 16th day of May next, between the hoars of I-' and o'clock. The Transfer Books will lie closed from the -7th April instant, to the lfltli day of May next, both days inclusive. Ity order of the Boa rd of Directors, A. KYLE, jun. Secretary. N'.lf. ?The stockholders whose names ap|?esr upon the liooks at the time of the alsive closing, will l?e the arsons entitled to subm*ril e for the preferred stock to Ik* issued um'or the recent act of the Lq0riatnv% for which pronofab will Km Issued in a fn days P S.?A subscription list w ill !* opeaed at the office of Messrs. R. Sl G. L. Schuyler, No. 2 Hanover st. Notice to contractors? proposals will he received until I lie loth clay of Mfty, at the ottlco of the New York and llarlem Railroad Coni|iany, 111 the city of New York, for t he 0idhK Md MMmrjf rtqnired for doabuu tiw tnok 'i the llarlein Railroad hetween llarjfm River and ith junction with the New Haven Railroad, w dintance of eight mile*. At aotne fointu the line of the r<>ad will K- utraightened and improved, lids will al*o l?e received for 22,U0o cberttnut or white oau hp *s tie*, seven and a half feet long, six inches thick ; having not !< ??* than fix incites hearing surfaces, he delivered at Harlem river, or lietween that river and the jndnt of Junction. Proposal* will, at the name time, be received, Tor erecting a |hlo bridge about fMi feet long, on a straight lino ever the Harlem river, and a hulkhead along the groiindn of the con>|>any, lietween l.'tid and l.'Wtli street* The work to l>e done, an 1 the materials delivered, hy the 15 th day of September. Plane, profiles and sjiecifh *tion? will lie exhibited at the office of the Company. up to the 10th inxtaut, when the engineer \*ill he present to make all nen ^ary explanations. ALLAN CAMPIIKLL, < Imf Engineer. N. V. Ic II R R. DR. POWELL, OCULIST, Al/RIST, ETC ATTENDS DAf ly to disease* of the Eye and at hi* surgery, IfOI llmndway, entrance |t: Warren street, Juat published, the second edition of I>r. Powell's Treatise on the Ky?. price AO cento, which can he had at his office: also hi* premium selr-scting Eye Fountain a A lanre supply of Artificial Kyes iiu|Nirted, D" R. ELLIOTT, OVUUSri WAV REMOVED IX i NO ?6 It road way, third door above Spring street Offico hours from 19 to S e'eloek, on Monday, Wednesday n I Friday LIFT!!? R%NCE TIIF ( ONNRi TIC f'T MI Tl'AL LIFI Insurance Company. M Woll street, would rail the attention f the public to some of its principal feature*. Persons iuiuring in Ihis Coin pan v can do no l?y raying hut one half the ordinary premiuiu in eauh, and a note for tlic other half, which note may !* n w we i from year U year 1 j pa] Inc I nu ttri per ceui All person* injured lire mcnilier* of the < >mpeny, and are o* ner* fall the profit*, among whom it is aunually^llNtrihutcd. Insurance can l?e efTre ted for any sum from ftjio to $/>.4NNi. Office. .VI Wall street, A. I> MORGAN, Ag?-nt. .1 W. .Indd. Asient for apl?lii * m*. R. S KiHKHin M I> - ' i I;i ! Merc an hle mltial insirance company no W Wall street.?In conformity with the re<||iisitionR of Uieir charter, the Coni|mny *n1*mit the following statement:? Amount of premiums not marked off April .'id, I*<17. SI lt?,I.'k? 44: amount of premium* on nolieie* iosned during the year ending April ."W, IM*, $7X1. 940 ?u?total amount of premiums, $*4!>,07n 7n. The amount of premium* marked off .luring the year a* shove, wa*?on marine risk*, 90; on inland transportation and navigation ri?k*. fol.SW 02? total. 2S. leo* return premiums, $.VJ,7.1| Oil?earned minium* for the year. $0|ft,IMG 'Ji?, Paid during the same period for re-insuranc*, $ti2.4tiO OS; egpenncs, $I9,71A OH; interest. couimi'rfioii and had debt*, $-1'.. 7.V 7V; marine lomes, $J74,027 "I; inland navigation do., $30,1*21 . .UK?total, $416,567 4!>; profit* to lie divided, $1!)K,1IH 77- Amount I of earniugsof 1H47, $."?i<?'?l 7>\ do, do. IM^, as ahovc. $11K,| |S 77 | ?total for two year*, $2flo.770 52. The Ompany further s p<>rt I that they have at thi? date the following asj-etw. Tit'?Invented in Cnited States Treoonry notes. $104.0rt0 HA; Idll* recoivoMc. I rr H ,Mlh II.mI ll.lMrll?,l l>l*,h.? li. I-. t,*m . I :i7; wrip of other companies, $1,100 W?-total assets, i $.VW,AN5 4*.?Tin Trustee a ha\* declared n dividend of thirty- < two per cent. on the net earned premiums of the naat your, pava- I Me in scrip on and after the aee?-nd Monday in May next. The Trustee* have also retired to pay an interest of *ix |?ei cent, mi the amount of the certificates authoriied t?> lw iaaued in April, 1S47. to l?e paid to the holders thereof, or their lesul representttivea, on and after the Kth day of May next. It nas !?> re* * olved, that as locn as the accumulated profit# exceed the fmu of J half * million of dollars, the excess shall he appropriated to the ml <mption of Ha scrip, a/reexMv to the rrmi*tai of tl?? char r ter. lly order of the Hoard CllAKI.KS VKW't OMU, Se? rrtiry. Trustee*?Thomas Hunt., James Krvcland, lleury Sheldon. 1h mas 8. Nelnon, Wilsen f?. limit, Stewart C, Mar>h, (JeurKc llaitiniK, C, W. A. Rorcra, lleury ,le?aop, Septimus Crookca, Charier. I'RTM, I Charles II. Koaers. II. F. Morin<. Samuel J. Heals, WiMUm Watt, Alinet Reed, Cjrnii Curtis, Herman lloker. Charles <J Carle ton, l.ueiua HopkifiV iMuiel (). Ifarlhind, Levi Cook, David L. Hay re, lleury A stone, James C. Ilallock, O. T. Malthv, U*'>r*e D. I'helra, Jamca l> Sootier. Frederick Vie tor, H. \\. T. Mali, Hichard Hifelow, Alexia S. Baker. JOSF.I'II WALKFK. I'r? tdent; I RWISGRRtiORY, Vice President; KIXWOOD WALTER, As. aistant Vfce President; CHARLES NKWCOMB, Secretary, 't J1 .!. . -L? J? L1 . , DOTTCBT THIATRI.?TTTSDAT rVTVTVO HVT ?. ! #' XJ ?Will b* performed, ?econd t!ra? In Urn city an or?<r?l t tor(c?l tr?rl<< pliy, ontftled JACOH TIT t i :: 11ERO?J?e I i l?r Mr Mui l. -I.; Ifcrruik Ls l?i. i ? ; l.ilkv Million**, IJj "LL, lir Kk! I I Vfi-nitly. u. M Mnr-i.aU; M . I,, i ili r. Mr?. Hiflfip Kr:in<.' . :? Ilnyorl, firs. Abb-.'i; J- (.* ! Mi - M uli*'.n. i ? ? > i.'iij'it witii t. r \in in i f ?,i;.v UK \ fill.It \\ IIITtUK M>?Citntlf I'liiT M'lilM. III. Mr l llirlfi: !|. .Lincoln, .1. II. Hall: Edwurl Dr-tyi'm. Mi.-..i Untaetl; L?ui*e Drayton, .Mrs. Phillips Door* ojwn itt 7?I'tuforuiauc* to coumwttue !>t lialf-pant 7- Boxen. SO touts; fit, Z'> ccnu; (iallery, ll/Jj oeu.? Pnvute Hoxi.m. ftfi. Chatham tiieatiir?s<>i.r euoriuicrok and 1.1:3?>?. Mr. F. S. Cliauliuu.? I ucmlay h\eiitriff, M iy will lie presented tJi ' fur of the TIM MPF I*KK ST>Al OUTERPhillipot, Mr fIK<>i?in, Mr. Iferler Aland 11, Mr-*. Ji-? AH* r which, SPIRIT OK THE WAihKS, Or, Tlie Fire Fiend? Sir Huldoi rami, Mr. IlielJ, Ma-'*r Lapwig Fr<?', VIr U inans; Olindl, Mr .) It liooth; Online. Mr*. <?. Joitcit, L?to, Mna Deljriatw. To Ko followed l>y NEW YORK. A ) IT IS Moie. .Vr. chaufmu; Joe. Mr Winan*; William Twill. Mr IJ r^irt; Kety, >lr4. llooUi. To ooihlude with MX Tllfei CAliMA n Di'ikNix, Mr. Winau <; Hetty, Mi.? \\ i i). )>ooi<* open at 7 Performance commence at 7S o'clock. Boxes 25 rout i?Hitt 12V*. |JROAI>WAY TH LATKE?Ti ESDAY EVENING, MAY 'i, 13 will U> performed the Comedy of tint NKKVOl'S MAN ANI> Tilt. MAN OK NLRVft -Mr VfcSliane, Mr. Tolling Mr Aspeiu Mr. Hlaki ; Vivian, Mr. Anderson; Kurninh. Mr MvMonal; Lord Lounge, Mr. I)rtw ? n; l.ndv l?eeeh. Mr*. Ilield; Mm. < U? kit Mr.?. \\ ittn To ?- follow I tin far*-.* of HI - LAST LF.US Mi O'CallaKhan, Mr. Collins; tiivn'*, Mr. Vim-tic . cliarle*, Mr. Daw .44,11; l>r. Ilanks, .Mr. liry.L Mr. Montane-. Mix Ilield; .Juliet, Mr*. Sergeant: LtcUy, mi . Cl.apmaii , Mr<. Ilank<, mim c?t man. iJreu Circle ami Panpiette, '?*' cents; F aniily t'irule, cents; (Jallery, U'.J <enti. !>' r "|?u at 7, i?erf- nuance to com mence at 7 Vj o'clock. VI KCIIANIC'S IIA I.I.. J/J KKOADNAV, BETWEEN ItT timid and limine strcrts. Monday, May , and every ui$;l:t during the wool:, the original ? Hltivn s" MINSTRELn wh> concerts during the past *cven month; have )-e? n received v. itli such distinguished natrotiage and uiu-xampl.-d h . .. ui? r? fretfully announce, that tliey will continue their ordinal at ?l inimitable entertainments every night until further notic . A t niis.^ou eont/i. Doors open at 7 ~Concert will c? rninence a' Manager and Director, E. I . CIIKISTV. For the icconun> daaon of lainilief, they will give an afternoon Concert every Sat i 11) I? or* H a imen< ?r 1' M. PALMOS OPER \ HOI I PUN E8 REDUCED STAT! ary and llluntrated Picture*?Historical, Myth< logical and Mystical, Iy twenty-five performers, under the direction of Si;;. M nito Lilla. Programme for this eveuins:?1. The Warrior's l>ream, dance ofulysis' daushters. Ino Danceri Reim,fiier, Fairies' Reronire, Jtlcdora, liert ulc.4 in tiie court of the (iodc. .'t. IMeaidcs, Three t.rauM, Sapnho, The Reluae. 5. Creek Slave, Combat li?'i\vceti Ides and Apollo, The Four Sea sons. Finale in honor of the l nite?l State s Adml-^lon?l)ix*n Circle and l'ar<|uette, ,r*l couth; upper lloxfj* cent*. Doors open ut 7K> ^?d |iorformance to commence at H o'clock. BMtM m 8 american muhel m r . i.m. m m, FRO prietor, F. hitciiuock, Mauap r.?Sph ndid 1'erfonnance-i every afternoon, at half-pas? .'1 o'cioek, and every evening, at a <juaitcr before M. The Oiant liahy, onlfv IB mouths old, v?igliin^ ninety pounds. Scripture Dissolving Views, v*'prenentinp;, ui a series of magnitioent paintings, Kdotn, ISabylnu, i'alostine and Jerusalem: their Early Days, Pros|mrity, and tiunl he tmetion. Wax Scripture Statuary, rcnres?)ntiug, in IiJO figures, sUe of life, the liirth of Christ in the .Manner, his Last Sui?|)er, Trial hef<>ri? I'ontius Pilate, and Intemperate Family. (Treat Weitem, the Yankee. Madam Rockw ell, tlie fauios Fortune Teller. Admisnion to the whole, including Muxeum, Pertonuanrus. ^.e., li.*? cents; ahfldreiL miiUr In yim ? ! i|e, tad old tnowii to walk alone, \2b4 cents. Reserved t'r<?nt seats, one shilliinr earn extra. BANYARD'S MAMMOTH I'ASoKAMA OK 111 K MISNJSsippi Hirer, ainttd on Ihwi mtlti ef CMtvaaa. Msg the largest pihitiiu in tfu worid^it Uit Fi&maim ItntiiMii iu % Broadway, adjoining Nihlo's Garden. Open ovcry evening (Sundays excepted). Admission 00 cents; c,hildruii.half prioe. The Panorama will commence moving at 7 }a o'clock I?rvriscly. Afternoon exhibition on Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. Walnut stbret theatre. philai>ei,phia-tues. day evening, May 9th, 1H4M, will ho presented ROMANCE AND REALITY. Scene, at New York and Long Island. Oliver Manlv and Asper Manly, twin brother*, old bachelors, Mr. A'Beck et; Kraiik Meredith, a young Virginian, Mr. Wheatlcv; Laveudor Kydd, Mr. Richings; Jack Swift, Mr. J. Brougham; 'loin lladper, Mr. RadclitTc; Williams, Mr. Stevens; RosaM, Miit* A. Kislier; Barbara Manlv, Mrs. Witistanley: Blossom, Mrs. J. Brougham. The Epilogue i>y the Characterti. Iu the course of the eouiedy, will be exhibited the following new Scenery, which has been expressly painted by P. Grain, Juu.:?Act 1?Library in the House of O. Manly. Act 11?Drawing Room ami Library. A^t IV? Interior of Cottage. Conclude with N A l'< )LE* >VS OLD GUARD. Theatrical notick-mv new theatre at i>etroit will hold one thousand persons; is neatly titted up with boxes and pit; is located in the centre of the citv. It wai opened lor the summer season on Wednesday evening, April 2titli, aud is now iu successful operation. Stars, and Professional Ladies aud Gentlemen going West, will be received on literal teruis. Address, post-paid, t<> Detroit, Michigan.?JOKIN S. POTTER. m BROWN, ST02UC UAL 1NQHA?IR AND HERALD J. Printer, has removed to 251 Broadwny, corner of Murray street, up stairs. Coats of Arms. Crests, Cyphers, lie., engraved on Stone or Brass. Seals. Signet Rings, Pencil Case*, lie., engraved. Coats of Arms painted in any style from $2 and upwards, and for* warded to any part of the Cnitcd States. Books of Heraldry, with upwards of 200,000 names. Any information given in Heraldry. Dentistry?georce carey, surgeon dentist. No. lift Chambers street, New York.?Teeth tilled with fine gqld bv a new method, that will ensure their preservation through life. Mineral Teeth inserted on fine gold plate, (when from accident or otgli t tin natural oat biva kan loet?) m i style thsl cannot Iks surpassed, and which w ill answer admirably all the purposes for which the natural ones were designed. All orations warranted to^ivc satisfaction. Terms:?Teeth extracted, V)cents; do filled with pure gold, $1 ; best mineral teeth inserted (on pivots) S**i; do on fine gold plate, $1; full upper s<nt (by atmo&pheric pressure) $40; full sett upper and lower, $7*. All other operations in proportion. Children's Teeth regulated. rpo DENTISTS?DRUGGISTS AND MERCHANTS VISITJ. iug New York to make their Spring purchases of Teeth, Gold Poll, Instruments, Files. kc.# &?., will find it to their interest t call ou the subscriber l?efore purchasing elsewhere, and examine stoek and prices. All orders, enclosing the cash, will Ins carefully and promptly attended to, by JOSEPH T. 311'R PHY, W7 Broadway. ACTION.?THE UNDERSIGNED DEEM IT TIIEIR DUTY vv to eaution their patrons and friends, that their only Depot iu Bleecker-street, is at 2&I, opposite Ler??v. (fonnerly < ailed Burton-street,) sign of the Golden Eagle.) They |utrtii ularly call tlm attention of the public, that fr? rn upw ards of thirty years' oxpe rienee iu the art of dyeing, cleaning, and restoring, they ha>? gained a great patronage; and, injustice to their reputation, they ire com|ielled to chution the public, that if they wish to |>ntroni7a the subscribers, all goods intended f??r them mu?t le left at tbeir office above-mentioned. and that no other place hi that (Bleecker) street is occupied by them, or their ageuts. SORJA 6c Co., 229 llleeeker-street, opposite Lcroy, (formerly called Burton-street.) sign of the Golden Eagle. Principal office, 41*0 Pearl-street. JOSEPHSORIA. Edward lleilhuths. Notice.?the partnership heretofore existing under the firm of It--a!* f.-* fit Lewis. lit Ml Fulton Afreet, is tins uay disj*olved l?y mutual consent. Tim buNineti? will )>o continued by John IajwIi, who will settle the busineao of the firm. ANDREW ROALEFS. JOHN LEWIS. New York, May I, 1H4S. (a ROCKERY.?A OOOD ASSORTMENT (V crockery, J f??p *al?* hy CLOKOE \V. ROSE. No. I.'J Jamefl slip. between W ater and South streets (late stf Cherry *tr??et). Country merchants and grocer* supplied at low pro ? -s. TOINE J EH ELE1 AND SIL\ EE W ARE ' HAR1 f 1: Stewart, Manufacturer of Real Jewelry uu I 1 ine Silver Ware, No. I.; John street, (op stairs.) oflrr* for sale a msW* t assortment of tine article^ only, at moderate tKed pri res. A select lot of uu?* wat< lies (*mall sizes) nls for the retail trote. No Imitations mode or sold at thin establishment. nriGS 1ND TOUPEES HUNGERS \ND CITIZENS f are renpeetfully informed, that the largest. mid ?-nt iu?i??rtnieiit of witf.-i, jm-hIjih an?l toiiu?e*t in thi?* city, i* to l*? found a" Marker's H iir Dressim: and \Viu M>?kiur Rooms, .W* Itrondway, opp????ite the Carlton House. A'all in .solicited bef<-r?? nurrl asin: en-enlicie. Copy the addrcu*?H . J. linrker. 34 i*.1 a Broadway. _____ mo COAL DEALEES?AN ACTIVE MAN, WHO II \8 H \l> 1. several vcars* experience in the r? tail r??nl business with h Into firm in thi* city. is desirous of connecting himself with some y.?nlof??MHl stundiu.;, cither as bookkeeper ??r salesman, or in * ?t:ic other ? a|iu ity. He ran command a \? r extensive and patronaii"'. and pr-duee unexceptionable references as to vMlctcr aud capability. Addnsss 1.. (j. box511 Suu o.iice. 1EEC1IES! LEECHES!!?J. F. < I.F.I . IMPORTER OP J la-celies, V". 7 J"hn strcf, r ^|" ? tl'ully informs the Um?Kiat* and Phvwician < that In lmsjust received per steamship IVasfltaigto?, afresh oipply of Swedish l,?' ? h? uhieh In sells at very modern t* piics, hy |ti.intiti? ; t - -nit purchaser*. P. S.?Country orders particnlarYy attended to. Notice.?packet ship iii'dson, from nkh or. leans. is dNrhaniin*; nt foot Rutgers street. Consijgnces will pleas** attend to the receipt <-f the good* immediately. fflllE S'lEAMSlllP AMERH \ WILL SAIL FRo.lf TIIK J. dorks, Jersey < ity, on \\ > In*.day. at l'_* o'clock, precisely. SMI. P.OAT FOR S A I.E.?A VACHT OF SIX TONS. Ill ILP in the lest manner, nearly m w. and very lust mailer. Apply at 2"? llroad street, ?<r at Peter."' Fi hcrman's Hull, > uth Brook?>'" PRIZE MOXE1 PERKINS ENTITLED TO PRIZE MO ney, ari in^ fr -rn th? captup'of tl*e v?-h- ?n? r WILLIAM, are riimooted to apply to the suhsitril^r. All iM'rs-.nson hoard tint I.'. S. nhiiv Ctiliimlms. \\ i?rr?-n and Erie. < n the iTJd Mitn h. 1*47. nrv ntin. I l -nhan* in tins priz? . N rl'olK, \ ir^nnia. EDWaKD T. DCNN, Prioe Agent. I4!or dress makers?the most K\ir.N-l\K \ssort ment of all eolla,*-'. imi?" I Fr in-h Silk llraid. just r c ived. which | mil nV*Tt* t*? *ell chcn??r tlinn any other hoe e in Hii>? city. J. IIUKZUKKC*. No. Ii>| \\ illium *tre? t, iipmair#, Ij?t?? | At I). M. I'oywr't _____??_ LAOE CAPES. VAI.ENCIENNE LACES, I A Mil Mi COLlar* and L'nfT*. 1'ETKK KOIiKK'lS, Broadway. ha* juet received a *plendl<l a**?>rtment of the above; also Figured H'Jnt*} and I Mark Net* for Mantilla* Minim TrimmingM, Black ha^i, Cambric Handkerchief*, Infante' K dies and H unt*. Al*o, from unction. M liito and lila< k Silk II ? . Mtudm and l?ac? l>r ** . Figured Mtodiu*, .'HI per cent l*clow the u.-ual price*. Priwi rwisn \ i mil \ >rihi si oi \m (??. lours <>ii >jN.ol:< and in Stick*, jnil received and for sale hy |. IIF.UZIlFUti, \ . 101 \\ illiain *ireot, up stair*, late at 1> M FFVSFim SI I I I OOOIW v ,1.. .I-II? t.sSORTMKM Ol Ml kind* of Steel trimming iad*. lla ?. Fait*, < h?cra (Jla*< 4, and :i variety of other French Fancy Article*, Just mtiTwl and f?r **'?? by J. llF.K/.IO'.K'N??. 101 \\ illiaiu atreet, nn ntairs late v ^ M VJ vskit ?! I^XTRM I' \I\ \ i I B?.ll?. K1< y 1^ Illl. Vl'0-r rJ nIv in<l < i-r nin t*m?-'ly for ht. >li- |t i? ? sunt U> tllkt*, "i-ry poriftl U', nii't mrv in it* tiff- .'. *, l? ni< ? C'lh. cent ration <.f all the ino*t |??tent rem*4iee for Uii* ? la *<-f dfo aw. Dr. (i. H cunniM in diftnilt ca<?r at hi* o?? ? , N'o. 2 Ana htn*"t. where M? undo-in** may bl h.ol. Most fxtraordin\m uuhk-to iiik makkiki> rth-^8 contemplating marrii-c. The married woman'-. I'rivato Mwlical CoiniKiiiion. ny Dr. A M Maitriceau. ^ixtJi edition. Prke $1 . Thi* work in meeting with ni"*t a*tonndirw ?ale. (?4,iRHo<?|iie* have already l?cen di-<p??*?>d ?>f.) Kvcry female i* iretting a copy. whether married or unmarried, although it in in. tended ?,<|w?i*lly for the married. a* it dim l??*e* lm|?>rta?t *ecr*t?, which i*li<>nld I** known t<? them |wrticnlarly. Hew every female can Ui*cover the can*e*, symptoms and the most efficient rem*' di? *. and m??*t certain in<?d?? f enre In every ea*e. For ?le. '?& llr adway; at the^ii Office. 1J9 Li??ertv street. New VorK; aKo. Zlehi?r and To., corner of t he*nlit and Tliirl streets Philadelphia: little nnd r??., Albany: U.K. I)avi*. Bo?tt>n. On th? receipt of $1. a copy will tran*mit'ed hy mail. fn*e of p"<!nfr*\ t*> all part* of the I nited State-. All letter* mu*t I* aiWre**ed, t^?Mt t<ai 1 to Mr. A. M MAl KM'KAt'. l- x l--'l, New Vofk city. (HBie.' Il.ilfrty ?(rwf. K. KAl.lMt, Al TIM III Of Til K J'RAt THAI. PRIVATE Tre?'i?." kc? UK (ir<<"iw leh treet, "fll- honr?In i'.' a m (I to 9 I*. M.. (Sunri.'i.v cv I.) Thm-e who apply in tic -ntIv utajre* will snrpriwd at the rapidity and little iiunveiuen.'.i attending thelfi'tre. It i? chiefly, however. tho.-e win. haio ?nf. fervd fr-'iu a < * rtnin el:iof |a>op)e, i.f otherwise, whrt c.?n ] r periy appreciate hi? ?rviee?. In trictnt*, from it* tint or inn piciit, to iin mmi nhatn od uud disttc**iii.: mjw<, (fr m tiiieoto mon .idiantn/r*. in additioo to a very exlcnuhe prvtiee in tin, r.inipliintl lie run afford a rapid. .-a,<y mi'l rndienl rnrw, which. I " ha? Knnuia I or staling, emt 1*5 obtained from no other *>iiree in America, N O Cl'KE No ( llARtiE.?DR. Ml RI'llV, or OOI.D tree!, in confidentially <'HHilt?d on all farm* ".I | rift*te <!?? a ? . Rr"cnt i'ih > of ^.morhlnva he cure* in 2 I" I day*. < . :ntli iial del>1111y and ini|H?ten?'V -n, tolly tr> ited '>> I'r M i mercury ? I in ?n> . i-. . r !nn Irn 'from i-inw Of .? BfloM n'reet: open from I* A. M. to I" I'. W. Medicalotficb.?dr. johnsw.uiwjatimuurr. near rhathnin street . w.-llkn wit a* the n> -t m-.-fnl ir.wtitioner in New V..rk in the treviurat of vein n il 'I M*. Tile Doet. r " retHitntion for "Kill in tl.c-u old haHWnn I *?*. thitt have existed for year*. is pnve ninent. lileet. utrle. ttro, ulcer* ii|wm the ImwIv. r in the Ihroat or wo?e, jsun* in 'hi le i.l iind lionei of the I' ll", clfcotiwllr oired. Cmstitn ional weakness, hrxiiffht on hy a pwwt h ihit Inditfervd in hy 'mint men. causing lnwtvion* dieams and nightly emlwteii'. |?>Itivfly prevented. Heeent . ours eiired in i -ir < I* v ", anient ? miry. No alt' -ration in dw, ' r piMii i mi ft in 1 u-n *.

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