Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1848 Page 3
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???M TayHr Xm NmUhi at Ltfojrrtte Hall U*luruiY of tnt Daltir of Rcuca Jf in IIUH. VI < I?'h? or lock il.e hoar of uicutinf the large room ?< I ilmy IV Halt wa ab-ut nne third flUed with p?oj Tt" K '"?h aod Heady Baud, in attcudnni-e. enlie ro npany with lh- lively. animated atrnin*. Ixuli of Balms*. and Vreueli patriotic air* Klijah raj u< f ? < uuamaiju ijr railed to the ehair ; <?. .rg.- hrm^? ?uj i. 4 tlalaey. F.^ulre*. were ap^ i*ti4 ?rr?tari< rh? t iiniriuau thru addret-ed tlie meeting. and enlarged in a clear and manner upon the battle* and tirturir* of (irueral Taylor During the cour?e of in tdreaa a rt\ w i? iMTa*i<iuallr raixed of three - tea Hi uit i Ut M IkltTMMi failure "f the attempt a< repeat rdl) produced loud laughter utnong tli>- rr-imd. alilrh ?i" J in n driM' M-inirirele round tUv platform The alWdfed friend- of (General Taylor appeared to t?e rather reun?a ?n tlim occasion. a? none of them were ti-ihlr mi the ulMtl'>rin whnli wa? naked and deaerted, ? lillr the boki chairmnn ?lo ?l alone in his glory." hami|iuiui; tlir rrovil and doing all the work. apparently ppvaklny i?ir *11?-1 (iw, till ?ouic orator should kiudly rum. to relieve him It *? parra comuoiurr mngnii,'' like Wellington at Waterloo. waiting impatiently for the arrival of Blue her The chairman however, did hi? part well, itinnl hi> ground alone, ami spokn ubly. l.oiid crien of Smith Smith." were then rained; but the famou* John Smith did nut how himself At length. Jainct tJ Klu(. IC?q eame bildly to the rescue, rushed valiantly, rommr un gaiUari. from nuild the crowd, on to the desert platform, and addressed the meeting iu a bold and animated manner, which wax responded to by loud ?ndahearty cheer* Indeed, the people seemed ready than the leader*, and looked pretty much like thcep when the shepherd* have nil run away Our report!OK forpi. a* usual. were on the ground. Lilt the whole body, on examining and comparing their note*, found that they had already substantially reported the speeche* delivered on thix occasion. five or six tiiuei over. We will uot. therefore. repeat thetu n aeventh time to the public Mr King having concluded, the baud (truck up nomo lively tune*, and whiled away the time very agreeably. After the mu*ic. Mom Oliiiru . K *?j came forward. and pre*euted the following resolution*. Wing the same which were offered in Cougrv** by Alexander Stewart, of Pennsylvania : Resolved. That " the power given by the con*tltution to tha Executive to iuter|a>se hi* veto. U a high conservative power, which should never be exercised, except in ensex of clear violation of the constitution, or manifest haste and want of consideration by Con Resolved. That " the personal opinions of the individual who may happen to occupy the Executive chair, ought not to control the action of ( ongress upon ^ questions of domestic policy, nor ought his objection* to bo interposed where questions of constitutional power have been net tied by the various dcpurtmcnU of government, and acquiesced in by the people."' Resolved. That " upou the HUlgcctK of the tarifT. the curreucy. the Improvement of our great highway*, rivers, lakes, and harbors, the will of the people, as expressed through their representatives in Congress, ought to be respected and carried out by the Kxecutive." Resolved. That - war at all times and under all circumstances is a national calamity, to be avoided. If compatible with national honor;" that the principles of our government, us well as its true policy, are opposed to tho subjugation of other nations aud the dismemberment of other countries by conquest, for in the language of the great Washington, why should we quit our own to stand on foreign ground.' " pm* She* Smith. Esq., being loudly called for. after some time, at length jumped upon the platform. and addresaed the meeting In an ardent and vehement strain. Mr. Smith concluded an eloquent address on the usual topic*, by wishing health and prosperity to the administration, which, by making war with Mexico, had raised (?) old Zach Taylor to the Presidency. Hi'oh Maxwell, Esq., then came forward, after loud and repeated calls by the meeting, and addressed the assembly vory briefly. Mr. Maxwell concluded by moring to adjourn, which was carried, and the meeting dispersed. AAUra In Venezuela. | Caracas, April 10. 1848. As the bark Venezuela is about leaving. I send you a few lines, although there is very little stirring at the present moments. President Monagas Is stiU in the interior, with a large body of troops, endeavoring to watch tho movement of the troons under Oen. Paez. and we are without any punitive information an to the whereabouts of Paei, or his movements. The city of Caracas is as quiet at this moment, as though no civil war existed; the operations of the armies are so far removed into the interior, that we only feel Its effects in the stagnation of all kinds of business. The frienda of Paes arc still sanguine in their hopes that in a short time ho may make an impression on tha forces under Monagas; but at present we are at a loss to conjecture the tardy movements of both armies. There is a great deal of valiant talk, but I believe there is little fighting likely to take place. Time must determine; mauy of those who marched out two months ago aro returning to the city. sick, and worn out with long marches over mountains and hot plains. Some idea may be formed of the state of the country, by the difficulty in obtaining money; 3 to 5 per cent, per mouth has been paid in many instances for the best paper; the forced loan has been paid in after much '' disgusto;" the much tulked of two million of paper money has not yet made its appearance. Senor A. L. Gusman returned to Caracas a few days ago. hut ho will most likely remain quiet, as he owes his life to Monagas. Should he resume his pen as formerly, he is capable of doing much mischief. Some are of opinion that he may bo sent on a mission to Great Britain. Nothing is unlikely after what has pasted: the Creoles are truly a strange people to rule a republic. Our " charge d'affaires.'" B. O. Shields. Esq.. has taken possession, and moved into the mansion of Gen. Pae?, in this city, for the purpose of protecting it in the absence of the owner. Should any thing of importance occur, I will advise you by the first opportunity. The U. 8. men-of-war, which we have been looking for have not yet arrived. Interesting Mexican Intelligence.?The following is extracted from a letter received by a gentleman of this city from his correspondent, a highly respectable man now in v era Cruz ; and it presents a good picture of the state of affairs in Mexico. It is dated Vera Cri-z. April 32,1S48. There are still. rumors of peace ; but no one can Hay when, If It ever doe* occur. Tlie opinious here are ns varied as tho winds. Mr Trist is here, on his way to the United States.and lie confidently asserts that the treuty will bo ratified by the Mexican Congress, but you will recollect that it is one of his own children laboring to see the light. On the other hand. 1 have seen a letter from General Smith, and also from General Worth.? Smith doubts that the treaty will be ratified. Worth thinks it will : but that some time must elapse first, and an additional clause bo inserted, binding our goyernment to keep a large armed force in the couutry. to protect the signers from the military aspirants who will deprive the President. Pena y Pena, of power tho moment our forces are withdrawn. There is a party composed of the landed interests, conjointly with a large portion of merchants and traders, which goos in strongly for annexation ; and to this party is ascribed tho lukewarinncss of the representatives who have hitherto kept hack and prevented a quorum of Congress from being formed. Tho Indians, who couiposo three-fourths of the population of this vast country, have, tytwithstanding their proverbial ignoranco, discovered some of the differences between our mode of managing things, and the iron rulo which the Mexicans have neld over them. Although the watchwords God and Liberty-' were ever ringing in their curs, they knew nothing of liberty as it is understood in tho United States ; hut having been somewhat aroused from delusion, thev will not. it is tliouirht. hv ninny well Informed people". loug Kubinit to the galling yoke of those who lmve oppressed them. It in predicted that, having learned something of their power, another Vuoatau revolution wtil take plaee all over Mexico, in the aboence of the I'nlted State*' forced ; and it way be that the whites will bo drivcu from the country.? ' Noun verrons," To-day the American!) have a grand celebration or rejoicing in the prospect of a permanent republic in France. [From the N. O. Picayune, May 2 1 The steamship Virginia came up 011 Sunday night, but we have nothing later from the City of Mexico by her. A letter from our correspondent at Vera Cru* mentions that an American soldier who accompanied the last train from tho City of Mexico, from indisposition lagged behind, and being overhauled by the diligence, he obtained a passage The stage was soon after attacked by robbers, who. after plundering the passengers of their valuables, took out the American soldier and shot him. Our correspondent could not learn his name. A correspondent at Orizaba writes us. on the 18th ult. : ' There is nothing of interest occurring here. That abominable armistice is the only source of trouble. as I knew it would be when first I saw it. Thu Mexicans arc trying to take overy ndvantage. even by forced constructions, of its too liberal terms. The more I see of these people, the more I think it would benefit the world to exterminate every one of them. About six hundred infantry and dragoons left this city yesterday to Join their regiments at the City of Mexico." Police Intelligence. Thr \rwark hank There Is still much mystery respecting the arrest and recovery of the $'21.v!t'i0 from the colored woman. Sitrnh Stewart. Her husband, Henry Stewart, on his arrest, stated that he saw all tho money on Wednesday night, and gave his wife some change to buy some charcoal, in order to make afire, where they placed the majority of the cheeks and burnt I.? .m It nnnn.r. II..I 1,1 ? l...,Li,,? ..11.1 Mr Woolaey procured tlio moat important Information from Mr. Manon. the tinftinitb In Greenwich street. on Saturday morning about 1) o'clock, through which Intollijrence they found the whereabouts of the black woman, and Ihna came in wwwwlon of the money. It was ru- 1 morcd yo?tcrday tnat aonie $.r>0 bills were known to lie In the hands of some suspicion* person*. evidently n portion of the Newark bank money. Thn matter will be further Investigated. and no doubt touie queer de- | volopements will yet turn np The iipw French revolutionary cockndr wo* exhibited for the first time In our streets yesterday. 'I here were three strangers wearing It In site it is about the dimensions of ? trentesous; the middlu la white, next blue, aud the outer circle red. It waa worn on the hatband, where the buckle in usually Quthtt Mtrcury, May 4. I Law Intelligence. Covrt or Gc.ntral Sr??to"?f, May 9.?The court opened to-day at 1 o'clock pro forma, and theu a Ijoiirned until to-morrow morning, in order to give the Aldermen an opportunity of participating in the auuual feast given on the day of coming into office by each successive Common Council. CornT Calendar for thij da*. ? Superior Court? 11, 122. 123, 134, 138, 140, 148. 150, 152. 105, 108, 17, IS, M. 34. 54. 03, 68, TO. 103. 171. 172. 173. 174. 176, 170, 179, 183. 184. 187. 188.189. 190. 192. 194. 19.'). 190.197.198, 200,44,05.101.103. 10. 07 , 73, 124.133 145, 202. 203, 205 to 210. inclusive Common Plrai. ?73. 87, 90. 41, 44. 40. 98. 99. lol. 102. 105. 110. 113, 73 MalU for Kurope. The steamship America. Captaiu Judkius, will icavp this pott at noon to-day for Halifax and Liverpool. The IVetkly Ileralil. for Kiirope, will be published at nine o'clock this morning, and enn be had in wrappers at the office, at sixpence per copy. It will contain the news of the week. To persons In lienltlt.??It In a very common occurrence to hear of deaths occasioned by u slight scratch or wouud that became inflamed, un<t terminated in mortification; and persons who an* apiauvntly in robust health, being suddenly attacked and taken away by fevers mid inflainnta tlon. If yon would avoid these dangers, use two or three bottles of thin pleasant medicine each year, and you will assuredly escajie those planners, save money, and prolong your existence. Principal office No. 120 Fulton street. A New Scientific Agent.-"Whnt electricity in to vegetation. Chalons Chemical Hair Invigonitor in to the hair, stimulating itM growth, improving it* structure, and keeping the skin of the head and every fibre In a healthy, vigorous condition. No lady's toilet is complete without it. The gins*, flexibility and eurl which it imparts cannot be surpassed. Tor sale at til Uroudway, aud the drug store*. Neapolitan B?ii lie t*__T Ills beautiful article of ladies' wear has been brought to a great degree ol perfection, and uow pruscuts oue of the most delicate aud graceful appendages of street costume that can be imagined. Chaste in design, cool and agreeable to the wearer, with an iudistructability not attainable lu any other fabric, the Neapolitan may truly be said to enuibine all trie requisites of a faultless aud fashionable summer It'iuuct. Our lady frieuds will find them at the establishment of PATTISON, NOE St <io., 23 Delaucy street, near the Bowery. Wigs and Toupcei.?Strangrrs and Citizens tire informed that the best place in New York to procure a first nuility wig or scalp, is at UATCUELOK'S manufactory, No. 2 Wall troet. His new iuvented wigs obtained a silver medal at the last fair of the American Institute. Strangers should just examine before purchasing elsewhere. The Plum be National JDafruerrlaii Gallery, on the upper corner of Broadway and Murray streets, is a place where you can be sure of getting good pictures. The thousands who have iiatroniied this celebrated establishment, can attest the truth of the above remark. To the Public.?I hereby offer and agree to forfet 1,001) if I do not sell as good Hoots for $4 SO as are sold in the city for $d or 37; and, furthermore, 1 agree to forfeit the same if a?y other store sells as good Boots for $4 SO as 1 sell I have now the largest retail trade of any store in the city, and shall endeavor to keep it, by selling better Boots at less prises than any of my competitors. II. B. JONES, 14 Ann street. Hold Pens.?Dealers In gold pens are Invited to examine Craty's improved Fountain I'uu and also the French reus. They carry ink enough to write a whole jmge, aud can be luwl only of Beorn St Clark (up stairs) 25 John street, where can alio be found the pent of all the bust maker* in the country, at manufacturer'* lowest net prices. Gold pens repaired or exchanged. XUctaelleu Diamond Pointed Gold Pen? R?. moral?B. E. WATSON h CO. having removed their Gold Pen Depot to No. 15 Wall street, are prepared to supply their customers with any or every description of Qold Pens at pricei lower than ever before offered. The celebrated Richelieu Pen, of which they are the manufacturers, is unequalled for fineness, elasticity, aud durability. The points are warranted not to oome off, or a new Pen wul be given without charge. Gold Pent repaired. Gold Pen*, Diamond Pointed $1 only, Silver Pencil Case included.?J. W. GREATON & CO.. No. 71 Cedar street, up stairs, invite purchaser*, both wholesale and retail, to oall and examine their stock of Gold Pens and Cases, which they are telling at reduced prices. They keep the pent of all and every maker, uiat purchasers may decide for thomielrei as to their relative merit*. Gold pens and oases repaired. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MOSEY "MABJCKT. Tuesday, May 9?G P. M. The market opened heavy this morning. Notwithstanding the inactivity among operators, prices were without much change. The firmness of holders in the midst of the dullness, is a subject of remark, and no one seems to understand the present position of things in the street. There appears to be no prospect of any improvement of consequence in prices, and it is difficult to get them down much. At the first board, to-day, Reading Railroad fell off >?, and North American Trust per cent; all others closing at prices current yesterday. The packet ship Splendid, far Havre, carricd out $405,257 in specio. SmrMKMTs or Srccic per Splendid, for Havre. German coins $1,050 Doubloons 0,006 Knglish gold 18,002 French do 120,454 Five franc pioces 59,059 Mexican dollars 50,932 American gold 31,520 Half dollars 172,085 Total $465,257 Very little of this specie cumes out of the banks of this city. The variety of coins shipped shows the difficulty experienced in getting proper kinds for export. Q- Ik. ?V. Cnntk on.I "J " ?""> the banks of this city are enabled to prevent any depreciation of their supply; but the gold and silver of the country at largo, is rapidly declining. The Southern ban kit have recently bee u very much woakened by the ^rainof specie for tho North, and the report* of the suspension of gome of the bank* of that section, and the run upon others, were the result of the reduoed amount of bullion in their vaults. At the second board the salon were larger than usual, at a slight depreciation in prices, compared with those current in the morning. Harlem fell off J* per cent; Long Island. S'i Reading. .<?; United States' fl's. 1856)4. There will be a meeting at the Alitor House, tomorrow ?Wednesday?evening, the 10th instant, of those interested. In reference to the establishment of a Dry Goods Bank. We hnvc heard the names of several of our most influential importers named ill connection with this project, and we havo no doubt a company will be speedily organized, and the proper arrangements made, to establish sucli an institution. There is only one bank in Wall street which confines its operations entirely to tho legitimate line; every other bunk iu that section of the city is used more by speculators than any other class; and in times of scarcity, when the merchants are really in want of discounts, their offerings are refused, and the facilities of the banks are absorbed by stock and other speculators. In consequence of this, the dry goods dealers have determined to start a bank of their own. to be managed entirely by their own class, and confine It* business entirely to the discount of their owu paper. Kvery important Interest in the city should do this, and leave the Wall street bauks exclusively to the speculators of that neighborhood. We trust the meeting will be large, and that proper measures will be promptly adopted. The annexed table exhibits the quotations iu this market for our principal Stato and Government stocks, at several periods:? 1'ricks or Stocks im tiik N'tw York Mark it. Rrdrrm IftiN. 1K4*. 1H4H. Kurt nblt. fro. ?j. Auru 1.1. h,i y 11. United Suu*n if?7 nn'4*im im<4aUMS 6 1A62 1113 a|o.V4 11VI alUV, |(Vi allOS, " ti 1KV1 |tf.'?4?liu |02\aluft :? IHM 9.1 a V$K 1?)V4? US', WO m 92 Trea'y Nutoa, tf IH2\alU1 I02>*al02>, 1<? New York, 7 1*49 102 al02<? ? a ? ? a ? r, iaa0-:>4-H0 inn aim w>vi"i nw unci ? lMfi|-f.2-(t7 101 alUS |0.V,al04 ](B\a|(N ftU l*W-6|-6ft ? a? ? a? ? a ? ft l*4?i-7-*-9 !7 a!? ? a? ? a ? ft IM0-1-3 !? a <v.'< ? a ? ? a ft IHftft-M 94jtfa 9ft 97 a 'J7'? 9ft a 96 ft IKft9-fiO-l V3 a 94 ? a? ? a 4X 1K4P-.V -a? ? a? ? a ? Ohio, H 1M0 97*% - a ? ? a ti iM6-?n inn alflo'4 9K',a ok\ to1** *>\ ' ft UVU-M ? a 100 ? a ? ? a ' 7 lftM 102 a 11_ 101 alUS'a 100 alOl Kentucky, l> 99 a 99', flr>%* 99 !W a <M'< " ft H4 a Aft ? a ? m a NS Illinois ? 1*70 4.V,a 4f? 41 a 44 ^ 4.1 a 4.V< Indiana, ft 2ft year* .17 a .V .*> a .17 .H a .1ft Arkansas 6 .11 a .12 2*> a 27 2^ a 5'. Alabama. ft <10 a 00', fl0 a HO .Vft a l'rnn?ylvania,ft 74 a 74 71\a 74 74'?a 74?; Tennemee, fi !?> a !* ?< a 9KV, 9* a W N. York City, 7 1W 10.1 aldft ? a? ? a ? 7 1M2 104 a 1(0 ? a ? ? a ? " ft lXKt ? a ? HO a !W 9.1 a 94 " ft I WW--0 94 a 94', 90 a 93 91 a? Ilk Co'm. N. Y. full WUa 94 ^a 9ft 94 a ? " BCrip 91 a 92' ? a ? 9.1 a 99 N. Y. Life Iufi. ft Tni?t Co. ? a ? ? a ? ? a ? Karmpr* l.nan ft Tnut Co. .'?>*4a .11 .'H a ,%)'4 ? ',? 2??, Ohio Ufe ln.?. ft Trimt Co. f* a !?) HI a !<2 K1 a M Hank nf U. 8. In IVnBnrl'a. .V4a .Va .1 a .1'4 t a .V4 N. Jursry K. K. ft TranV. Co. 10.1 aim U>4 aim |(11 aim Moliawk ft Hnd'n Rallnaut. M0 a Ml 70 a 7.1 7.1 a 74 Ultraft Schenectady Kall'd. 119 al19?4' IIM all9 129 alio Syracnae ft I'tlca Kailr .? (. ? a ? K*1 al"7 1"7 alt* Auburn ft Syracuse Itailr'd -Jlti allti1, ? a? ? a ? Auburn ft Rnohefter, 14 a 941? 94 a 9C. 91 a 94 KmriinK KallmnH, 44'Aa 44', *i',a 17 ,fl',a W4 lH>ln*'.ire ft llurtw>n Camil, lMf> aI90 IW al"7 l!?i alW Kin.liriR Kailrnad Itonilr. fi.1 a Q', ft7'|a ft7'4 '*.',a W m-R.imc natirnaii nif ikik, iu,4?m,i !>7 v> oo a It will be perceived tiiat prior* have not varied much within the paat three wMkl. Government aoeurltic* K<:norally have been very ateady, and the demand which has recently >prnn? up in Europe, and in thin country, particularly for State Mock*. mu?t noon hare a favorable cITect upon prices, anil relieve the market of the large quantity of stock now pressing upon It The abundance of money in London, seeking inventmctit, must outlet nomewliere; and in the existing state of affaira In K?irope?the complete exploaiou of government credit, and the abandonment of all confidence. both public and prlTate?there la no poaaibillty of the idle capital being nlmorbed In thoae aeeuritlea which have heretofore been the favorltea above all other*; but, on the contrary, thoae holding those avcuriUe? will turn tU'm into money at any sacrifice, auj piico the proceed* where they will at all events bo safe, i vcn if they do net produce any income Tho result of these movements will be the accumulation of a vast amount of money in London Much of it may become invested in British securities; but a lt?r(jo amount of it must find it* way to this country by the purchase of our stock*. The political difficulties which surround and threaten every government In Europe, must turn the attention of monoyed men to the L'nltod States In seeking safe investments for their capital, they will naturally make themselves acquainted with our institutions. with our political, financial and commercial gystems, with the extent of our resource*, with tho stability and popularity of our form of government, and the conclusion they must come to from these investigation* cannot be otherwise than favorable to the credit of our securities. We have uo doubt but that a better knowledge of thin country has been attained by the higher classes of Europe, within the past ninety days, than they ever before possessed; and the revolutions in their own political affairs have taught thcin a lesson they will never forget. They have heretofore looked upon any form of government springing froiu the people, as insecure weak uud experimental, and their confidence and faith In princes have been uubounded; and they have therefore become so involved with the monarchical governments of Kurope. that all have fallen together. The wrecks of many immense fortuues will seek refuge In Knglaud and in the United States, for the purpose of repairing damages, or for asylums where their reduced estates will give them a respectable position Stock U?h?ngf. $12000 Treasury Notes 0"s 102*4 lfto ah* Canton Co .H;l4 15000 do 102l4 IIW Moliawk KK 73 15000 do blli 102 225 Nor Si Worcester RR 38 1H25 I' S Uounty Loau ft luo Reading Klt .'IV, 2100 City S*? '70 20 N?w Haven * Hart 1IMMHJ l ulled Stats ti'l '5ti 102VJ 5 llousatuiiie, new ill 1000 Kentucky 6's tf* Long Ulaud ? ', 2?W0 Ohio li's 70 SO do bl5 JUKI doT's 101 ^ 2M1 du .'HI slis Meeliauies' Hank 102 100 do b30 30 50 Farmers' Trust aOO '>l4 l.VI llarlem Railroad 6llg 100 do 2> .VI do |< Ik. <- fll 50 Morri* Canal ?' , loo do UiO 42 50 do M0 10 3ft Erie KK new, full 50 do hlft 10 'JO do 7U 50 do lift a7, 50 do blO 70 25 Illinois Iianlc 10'4 Second Board. $260(W C S G per cent '5t> 102^ 50 nils Reading RU XI1. 50 slisMcctianics' Hank 102 100 do (Ida .Ct,S 50 Mechs & Trads (N O) 70 M do >30 :<C? 150 Lon^I Wand KJt 2y>, 50 Harlem RR 52 100 do WO 30 50 do opg 52 100 Reading RR 33*,' SO do 51', CITY TRADE REPORTNik Volts. Tiie.iiiv Aiti unoo\ Mav 11 Owing to the continued scarcity of supplies, dour remained quite firm, with Male* of various small lots at a slight improvement on yesterday's quotations for strictly pure Oenssee. Sale* of Soutkeru flour were also made on better terms. Wheat continued flrui. and sales of Oenesee were made at full prices. Coru wu firm at yesterday's prices, with a fair amount of Hale*. Meal remained the name. Kyu continued steady. aud oats firm. Provisions remained about the same, with the exception of menu pork, which wax firm at yesterday's rates. There continued to be a good deal doing in lardat steady prices. Iu groceries, transactions were made to a fair extent without material change in quotations. MARKETS ELSEWHERE. STOCK SALES. Baltimore, May 8.?$1000 United Stat*. G's. 18fi7. 104V; 943,23 Bait. Hi 0. KK dividend bonds, 72 V 1000 do do, 72V: So sham Farmers' aud Planters' Bank, 22 V- United States lis, 1107 closed at 10**4 kid, 101 V asked: Treasury 0's at 102*1 bid, 102V asked. Maryland G's closed at 87V bid, St).'* asked. Baltimore b's of 1890, at 9} bid, y? Hi asked. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad shares at 3ti bid, 3t>V asked. Philadelphia. May 8.?Firit Board.?63 Mechanics' Bk, 25; 100 Leliigh 6 p c, ,ol; 500 City C's '7ti, 99 V ; 4 Kentucky Bk. 78 ; ti N Kentucky Bit, 100; 1900 V S 6's 07, 104V: SOOO Tr ? p c Nts, 102','; 1000 State .Vs. 74 V : 1376 Lehigh Scrip, 79'? : 1300 ('lies k Del G's '67. 82; 71*K) State 5's bfl, 74V ; 1000 Tenn 5's, 73: 130 Susu Canal b5, 13V. Second Board.?500 U S Treas Notes C's, I02>i : 1000 City G's 76. 99V : 700 Uhigli Nav Mort 6 a 82V; 930 do Coal Scrip, 79>4 : 9? Union Canal. 10V; 5 Ken Bk, 78; 9 Phil Bk. 113V: 25 liar KK. .13V; 20 Reading KK, lti?i- Alter BoarJi.?3S) State 5's, 74V i 5000 do, 74VBoston, May 8.?Broker*' Board.?1 shs Boston U Maine HR, 119; 4 do Western RK, 104; 7 do do, new stock, 100'.; ti do Old Colony RR, 94 V; 3 do Clioshire RR, 85V; 12 do Fltehburg RK, 117; 75 do Reading RK, 17; 1 do Stark Manufacturing Co, 70; 1 do Boston Exchange Co, 448; 5 do l'ittsburg Copper Co, G3V; 7 do do, 63?4', 5 do do, b3V> ? "*'; 10 do Sliawmut Bank, 9150 do East Boston Co, 13; 100 do do dividends. No. 4, 5 l-lo; 200 do do do, No 4, 5: 100 do do do, No. 4, 5, blO; 13 Boston & Maine RR Rights, 21,; 13 dud.., 2'4; $300 City 6's, 99\; $1000 Reading Railroad Bonds, 1850, Sb\. DOMESTIC .MARKETS New Orleans. May 1.?Cottou?The unfavorable accounts by the Acadia have unsettled our market, and the sales arc variously estimated at 1.200 to 1.500 bales, at very irregular pricer. ranging from 4V to 5'jc for middling to strictly good middling. Flour?The market is firmer, but the sales are limited to some 1.500 bbls. including -80 bbls Illinois at $4 50! 175 at $4 2.V 600 IllinoiH aud St. Louis at $4 50 the former, and $4 70 the latter. Also 200 bbls St Louis at $4 60. and 200 at $4 75. Corn?Sales 4.000 sacks, including 4.000 bushels yellow at 25c. in bulk; 1.500 sacks white at 27>?e; GOO sacks aud 2.000 bushels mixed at 26c. Oats?Ohio. 24c a 26c; St. Louis, 28c. Whiskey?Rectified. 16c; raw, 16>?c. Pork?Mess. $8 25; prime. $6 87>tf. Bacon Missouri Meat. 3^c a 4c; shoulders. 2lic a 2^c; hams. 3,'fc a 4c. Lard?No. 1. Mc. fair. 4?4c. Freights?No new engagement has transpired. Kxchanges?The difficulty in negotiating bills is on the increase. London. :i a 8 per cent prem; New York. 60 days, 2l, a It per cent discount; do. sight, par a 1 per cent prem. FOREIGN MARKETS. rcial Aitairs or Ci-ba.?We are indebted to ('apt. Rich, of the packet bark Childe Harold, for the following interesting statement of the commercial affairs of the ports of Havana and Matanzas :? Havana, April 29. 1848. Since our report of the 19th Inst., the London news to the 25th of March has reached us. the tendency of which i? calculated to have an unfavorable effect on our sugar market. Its influence has not. however, yet become perceptible, on account of the Kaster holidays, which interrupted business for a weok; and In consequence of that, no transactions have occurred to indicate the turn which prices will now take. The intelligence from Europe may be expected materially to check shipments, and as the stock is in the meantime accumulating, both here and in Matnnzas, it seems likely that prices will decline, notwithstanding the firm front that planter* have presented hitherto against the adverse course of circum.?tancus. and which they seem determined to maintain as long as possible. In the absence of transactions, we continue our last quotations : assorted kinds. 5J*. 9.'i a 7, 11 rs; whites. 8'., a 9*4 rs; superior whites, 91* a 10\ rs; yellows, ol4 a 6 rs; florete yellows. 0,li a rs; browns, 4 a 5 rs; cucuruchos. 3>? a vs. We have endeavored to collect the most trustworthy information respecting the total quantity of sugar which may be expected from the present crop, and it appears beyond douht. that the yield will be short of > nt.. ...... ,,r )i>.. U1,in,i '1 VJ ......V..r..VVV, ??... -.v.-., ... owing to th? long prevalence of dry weather, to which we have adverted iu our foregoing report*. Some entnten finished grinding two weeks since. and otherii will goon have to follow their example. Since the end of Murch. the exports from hence and Matiiuznn have proceeded with considerable activity, nnd amounted at the middle of thin month, to 31H.000 boxen, against 300.000 boxen to name time last year. Thone to the United Staten show n decrease of 70.000 hoM>n. and those to Great Britain direct of So,000 do; while to Spain there in an exccnn of 30.000 boxen, to Germany 31.000 do. to Cowen of 44.000 do. and likewise an increase in the nhipuicntn to Belgium. France. Italy and other partn. Molannen in ntill at rn. The shipments ninco the end of March have been going on pretty actively, and at the middle of the month reached 100.000 hhdn, ngainnt 00.000 hhdn at the name time last year. Kreightn.?The only charter of interest wan of an Knglinh brig of lfloO boxen at ?2 17n ftd for Kalmonth and a market. We quote to the United Staten at $1 a $ 1 i'> for box nugar. $2 a $2 25 for molannen. A number of vennela leaving in ballast for New Orleans and Mobile. Kxchange on London 14 per cent premium with some, demand ; New York and Bonton, la!! per cent discount Kiroan o?? Si ?ar a>d Molaxli iron January 1 to (sd or March. SroAH, |S4". Moi assks. '4H Havana. Mitt. Havana. Mat. ToRwtM 4,l?7 4,W> 3.2S1 A.rt20 N Vnrk, Hiilad. li.lumorv 1(C*W 10..W .\W0 7..IM Other porta in tli* l7. States 1,644 .\/W .\lf*> 13.K79 t.rrat Britain. ,1,1197 7IA ? 1,200 I '< ??? and the Baltic WjBt 12.W1 M 2,719 llainhuin and llrrawu ... , 24.14.1H?> ? ? 11,, Hand and Belgium ..,.11,911 7..104 ? ? Spain .14,702 10J70 ? ? rranee, Italy and uther |*rt?.22.773 VJW "0 20 IA2.MM 714ft-' 11.002 30, MB ? gg?g Married. On Thursday evening. May 4. at the Universalis t hiirch Bleecker atreet. by the Hev Mr Ambler. Mr. |)?nn. I* Smith, to Minn (?athri:i A. Vallkau, eldest daughter of Wni Valleau. Em., all of thin city. On Monday morning, by the Hev Mr. Stohltnan, daughter of Andrew Wohlrnbe. both ofthi?city In this city. ?n Sunday. 7th May. by the K?v. Luke Barker. Mr Thomas Colli**, to Miss A** I'HjrMm, nil of till* city On tlie morning of the Oth hint . at Jain:ii>'a. L. I. by the Mev Or Schoonmaker, Commklius Va* Dim*, of the rlty of New York, to MIm Jau H Schoolm??? a. daughter of Dr. Scboonmaker. of the former place. (Mod. On Monday evening, J. M Scott McKiuiht, M. P. The relative* and friend". together with the Clncl? nail Noelety. and the medical profession are respectfully iuvited to attend hi? funeral, on thl* (Wednesday) afternoon, at & o'clock, without further Invitation. from hl? late residence. 7?U Broadway On Sunday morning. May 7. IMH. Isaac II. LNocamill. aged m year* and .1 month*. Ill* remain* were taken to Tuckahov. Westchester Co . for interment. On Tue?day morning. Wh in*t. g?t?u. eldest daugh- ] terof Wllliaui and Luulce Jarvi*. Id the 10th year of her age The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, on tbla (Wednesday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from No 34 Jones street without further Invitation , On Monday, the tth. after a lingering Ulna**. Mr. Oicoaan Haw* aged '44 year* Ills relative* and friend* and thoae of hi* brother*. William and Henry Hawk, are Invited to attend the funeral from hi* late reetdcnce. No * Bowery, on WrdiMdty. at half pa*t fonr o'clock; aluo, the brother* of Shak*peare Division are re*pectfully invited by brother Henry llawk. to attead the funeral, without further invitation. UNION COURSE. U I -TROTTING -PURSE Of $280, mile Iwu, best three in flvr, to fkeleton wa*uu?; will oora* cit jn Thursday, the 11th ul' May, at o'clock. Johu t'a?eu kh b. m. Lady Motcuw; Juim-. Wholplcy eaten br. m. Lady Sutton. M. D. GREENE, Proprietor. New vork horse bazaar. no. :ii crosbystreet?The regular Public Auction Sales for llor*e< and Car- I riagea will take place at tho utiMl liour this day, Wednesday, May 10th. commencing with new mi l secund-haiid Wngons and I llarnoia, Saddlery, Ike.; also a Catalogue of llurm, at A.M., I ultuble for all pumoeen. Oentlemcn In w ant w-<>ulil ilo well to attend tliii aale before purchasing. JOHN It. GATFIKLD, Proprietor. WILLIAM COWAN, Manager, HI Crosby itreet Horse for sale.?a dark brown horse, iow hands high. sound an I kiuJ, ami a very fait traveller. To be neen at Williams stable, ].'Jth sereot. near the 5tli avenue. I A NAPOLEON MARE, FIVE YEARS OLD, ABOUT SEVENteen hands. kind and sound, juit from Uie couutrv, and for Hrtlj at CON'KUN'S Wood Office, corner Atlantic auu Boerum streets, Brooklyn. The eclipse saddle-horse stable, fifteenth street, between 5th and tith avenues?established for tlie letting on ldre of Middle horse* only; uo carriage) or harness Iming l,ipt on the prnilm FlOIl SALE?A LIOIIT WAOON, BUILT BY FORD, NEARly new, with mail intent axletrees, and enameled leather top. Apply ?t the Prize Stable. No. XI foonard street. ITALIAN MEETING.?ALL TIIE ITALIANS INTERESTED in the welfare of their country, are requested to meet at the llotol de l'aris, corner Heed st. and llroadway, Wednesday 10th ins!., at S o'clock, P. M? for matters nf great importance. 1.1 RENC11MEN ATTEND,?DR. F. E. VIONIhS, OF THE J? city of Lyons, Mill address yon, if you will please give your attendance, in your own language. at the meeting of the American Temperance Union, on Thursday, the 11 tli inst.. at 7l?. 1'. M., iu the ftroadway Tahernncle, on tlie subject of Tenf|a*ntiice. :m Important to 'yourselves aud to France, now hnrstiiiK into life a fme, virtuous and glorious republic. Will you please attend, with mur i.iiiiiin .1. \.-nnc hii; louie eariy, umi vim iimy ik1 t'oiuioitii. lily seated. By order of Committee. J. MAR-MI. Sen'. Masonic notice?tiik officers and mem hers or St. John's lirnml Lodge of the State of New York, an1 requested tu meet at their (Jmud I?dge room, No. &'*> Uranil street, on Wednesday, the lOtli, at 12 o'clock, precisely, for the purpose of paying tlie hint tribute of respect to the remain* of their (amcutcd brother, the Rt. \V. S.(!. W. William F. Piatt. The >lfii'ern :liul members of the subordinate Lodges, under its jurisdic. lion. and ull free and accepted tiuisoni, are respectfully Invited to atteud at tlit* Mime time mid place, lly order, t ilARL.ES F. 1.1 N EBACK, Uranil Secretary. A NTI.CAPIT.VI. PUNISHMENT.?T11E NATIONAL ANTI.* "V C it pi tiki Puuishmcut Society will hold its Annuitl Meeting, this cveniug. at the Minerva Rooms, No. l)Hj Broadway, and will

l?' nildrewed by Kev. Samuel J. May, Rev. John Pierjiout, Wendell Phillip*, mid othert Udlei are Invited to attend. C \i W \ REWARD A PACKAOF. of Mi>\F.V, St;.i*i> or jJUVV ItiIII* "f the Commercial Hank of Providence, R. I., ?.m mixN'd, iinijKi?ed tu liave lieen atolen from the office nf the -ti ainliiat Bradford Durfee, almut half-past 2 I'. M. yesterday, as he was leaving Providence for Kali River. The above reward will lie |slid by I. Borden, of Fall River, for the recovery of the money. Fur further information, apply to TISDAI.E ? BORDKN. No. 7tland 71 Mest street. New V ,rk, May 10. I*!*. WANTED?A SITUATION HV A RESPECTABLE VOl'NO woman, to cook, wash, or iron, or to do the general house work of a mall family. The beat of city reference can be given. Apply t" 2i" -Mullierrv, ,'ld story. WANTED A DESUINER AND MODELER FOR FINE fancj i'idlings. To an M0m|IIM workman steady employment and liberal eoui|vniiation will be given. Addrew box No. Philadelphia P. O., slating the kind of work the applicant lia* burn accustomed to. Philadelphia, May, IH4d. WANTED, UV TWO PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMEN situations, one u nurso or seamstress, Would assist with chamber work. tin other as ihainlier-maid and aewing, or laundrew; best of city reference. Call at SI llHIi street. WWI'ED HV TWO RESPECTABLE YOCNli WOMEN, Situati' iii. one as Chambermaid and Waiter, the other to do house work in a small family. The best uf city reference given. Pleuse call at 3Hi Mutt street. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNO woman, a situation as seamstress; has no objection to take care of a haby, or do the chamlicrwork of a small family; has a irood knowledge of dress llliikiliff : 110 nlileelion In ffn in the onlln. try. The l*st city references given, l'lcuse apply at Sti Yandam tn?<t, between lludaon iiiul Greenwich streets. W\NTEI>-A SITUATION nv A RESl'Et TABLE YOUNG Girl, If JMH "Id, to take MM of children, or assist tu do the general housework of a small family. The best of oity refeMNMHIM Apply corner uf 3Utli street aud Broadway. Can be seen fur two daya WANTED?A SITUATION, AS BOOK-KEEPER OR ANY MlfcjMlt is tCgBMHW House, by a man of experience iu the trade iu general; speaking and writing the English, 1'reueli and German languages. Beat testimonies aud elty rofenucvigiveu. Apply by letter ( ' E. Z., Williamaburgh, L. I. WANTED?SITUATIONS BY TWO RESHECTABI-E Young women?uue .is chambermaid aud waiter, ur uursu and seamstress; the otlier aa eook, washer aud Ironer. or would do housework. Would |ireler t<> go iu the country if the two can go together, (iuod rity refereuee giveu. Calls received two daya .11 N II t bristle si., Iu the basemcuL WANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNO WOMAN AS eook, waaher and Ironer. alie would prefer going to the country for the Miuimcr ; aU> a young woman aa chambermaid or waint. at t" assist in washing or ironing. They both can give good city referruoe; both want to go to tlie country. I u'luire No. 21 J, 2d floor, Walker street. I'lcaae call for 2 days. WANTED-A JOURNEYMAN BARBER?GOOD WAGES aud couataut employment will be giveu. Apply at 275 lluwery. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman aa Chambermaid and Waiter, ur Chambermaid aud to aaaist in washing and Ironing; hai good city reference, l'lcuse to call at :t7'J Teutli street. Will receive calls 3 days. WANTED?l?Y A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A situation as Chambermaid aud Waiter, or Chambermaid mid plain sewer, or do the work of a small family. Can give the best of eity reference. Can be seeu for two daya. Call at 177 Vyick street, up stairs. WANTED?A SITI ATION IIV A YOUNG WOMAN OK unexceptionable character, aa Cook ; has been accustomed to cook for families of Uie first class. A note addressed Cook, Herald Office, will meet with iinUH'diutc iittcntion. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, a* nurse, or to take care of children, chambermaid, cook, washer, or Inner, or to do tlie general housework of a small familv; has no objection to go a abort distance in the countryThe Iiest of elty reference can be given. Apply 70 Bowery, ttrst Sow, front room 1 aa be seen for two day*. WANTEI>?A LIGHT ONE-HORSE WAGON, IN GOOD order, f'>r which a moderate price will ?' given. One with a ton. atnudiiiL' or extension, would !? preferred A suitable har nous H also desired. Address, stating description and price, T. 0., at thl? oflce. OYSTER STAND WAHIM A PANELED. BLACK H AI, nut. inali(>g:>ny, or marble top Oyster Stand. five feet long, mMlc in kimxI ilylc, wautcd by DAVID II. HAINES, National Hah. BwMy. A COOK. W IIO PERFECTLY UNDERSTANDS IIER IU'81lies* may obtain a good place at U Barclay street; also, a very neat chaml>erin.iid. None but competent pcnon* nMd apply. t all between tin- hour* "f II and 12 A. M A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, W ISHES A situation to take tin- entire chaw "t liiMn n or an inrant. She can give tin* moat satisfactory references an to capability, honesty, nnd sobriety. Iiaving lived for several v<?r< in the most respectable families in llruuklyu aud Now \ork. 11 Carlton AvnuMb Urookiy u. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, TO IK) geucrnl llouw Work. Cook, Wash, or Iron, ill a .small private family. Apply to :*i Horatio street, second story, luck room. Ilest of ni\ BhUI^WI. A YOUNG MAN, 18Ji YEARS OK AtiK. WISHES EMployuient at any healthy business, or would like to learn an airucablc trade. Please to address a note to J. II. E? Herald Office. STEAM ENGINE WANTED?A SECOND HAND STAtionary engine, uot over three years old, of from IS to .HI horsepower. Communication* (post i?id) addressed to 8. E.. No. 37 South Third st,, Philadelphia. will be promptly answered. G< liKI'.N II It'll ,r. Mill- \\D ste \ks THE PKOUKIEf tor of tlic llunk Coffee House. No. II fine afreet. Iietween Kmadwar and Nassau street. would respectfully inform his cpieurian friends that lie w ill serve up this day and during the week, some of the fattest Turtle of Uie season?Soup ready at II o'clock. The larder is furnished with all the IMIracin of the season. KamiiieasuppliedwithT^ CtORSETS I?E PARIS, (NEW PATTERN.)?MRS 1'Hiis. > I 'ERE to satisfy the (Treat many demand" which are made u|?in her, liegs leave to inform the ladies that she lias received a very handsome assortment of Corsets from Paris, of the newest pattern and at a moderate price. Kroin tin! success she has already had in fitting the ladies with elegance and e.imfort, induces her to hope that many will come visiting her new stock at Canal street, up stairs. Madame tarin has jist received from pari*. an invoice of the most fashionable Millinery G?hh|s. of rv <|iiisite beauty, aud consisting in "Chapeaui llareniies," and very beautiful " llunnets Pompadour," which she begs leave to offer to the ladies of New York, and invites them to call at her residence, at 379 Droadway, eutrance In White st. 1JOR DRESS MAKERS?THE MOST EXTENSIVE ASSORTmcnt of all collars, imported French Silk llraid. Inst received, which I am able to sell cheaper than any otherliouse In this citv. J. HERZIIERI!. No. 101 William street, up stairs, late it D. M. Peyser'*. pi'RSE TWIST.-A I.ARiiE ASSORTMENT OK Al.L CO MKRZHEKG, No. 101 William street, up a tains late at It M. PEYSER'S. f-i REAT SA1.F. or SHAWLS.?WILL HE OPENED AT MV VX Shawl Store, No. 1 Bowery, c<irnfr of Division stn-ct, ou Weduosday, May 10, a very large assortment of While Crape Shawls, which will lie sold at reduced prices, together with a full assortment of other Shawl* adapted to the wiiwm. Tin- *alc to '? continacd one week. I.ndic* arc incited to call. N. II. Vissets iu every variety. T. PATTISON. GB. CLARK. 116 WILLIAM STRUT.?INCIDENTAL TO my legitimate business a* a Merchant Tailor, I sell the Blue Lamartlne Sick at $14. Ilrown and niack Sack* at $10, $11 and $IZ Tweed* at %f> to $l> 80. Illack Cloth French Drew Coats. to measure, at $16 to $20. Rich Silk Venting*, to measure, $A< Broadway price $7. Ca**imere Pantaloon*. of all description*, ranging in prim from $4 to $!) per pair. lam the only |?n?n who oell* the Nimartinn Coat, which I strongly recommend a* a heaiilifnl walking garments?price $14. CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE.?LADIES AND jtentlemen having miperfliiou* effect* to dispose of, such as wearing apparel, furniture, fcc., can "htaiu a fair cash price for the same, hv sending for the subserilier, through thejv.?t ..fll.-e ?r otherwise, who will attend at their residence*. J. LBVENSTYN, 466 ltn>adway, upstair*. I.adie? enn bo attended to hy Mr*. l<ovenstyn. 1 rRENCH AND LITERATURE? PROFESSOR N. DE LA PLACE, in the Brooklyn Female Academy, will continue hi* F.vening Classes through the Summer, at hi* residence. No. flu Chambers street, New Vork. Gentlemen winhing to Join tbe*e dosses may now enter their name*. Term*. $10 |?*r i|uarter, pay- 1 aide in advance. M. Dc Li Place will also five private lemon* lit hi* home, or at the residence of those who ?ish to receive instruction* or form classes at home. Reference#? P. Arpin. Proprietor j ami Editor Dii Cnnrrier de* Etat-s I'nia; M. A. Crtttenden, l'rinci|ial of tlic Brooklyn Female Aeademv: Rev. Ant. Ilaird: Rev. A. Verren; Rev. Mr. AhlNit; Rev. M. Noble; U. Merle: W. W. Chester. f\ REAT BARGAINS Tt) BE HAD AT TIIE MAGASIN JA- ] vI panai*, . ** Broadway,?The proprietor hi* just received | letter* from Pari* and Amsterdam, with the request to sell at any sacrifice, ha* the honor of calling the attention of lover* ol' the Fine Art*, and thoae who, w<*hlng to ornament their parlornwt'h laautifal Antique Porcelain. Curved Furniture, splendid Oil I'aiutiiig*. of the Dutch and Flemish schools, and more antiqui- 1 ties, too linioeroii* to state tluit thov enn huv at thi* present time for very low price*, at .'ill per cent beneath it* real valiie. A ?|*?i|y rail will Iwneflt thone wishing to make their wleo- | tlonn. \.H.?Stranger* visiting thin isty aro tcapMtfally invited to examine tin* beautiful collection. I 'P?? EXI'OltTE US.?ME8SRS. STI KELY k LIOIITPOOT. |] 1 Merchant* and Provision nroker*. of London, In thanking their friend* for preaeut favors, give notice that they are open to receive, from an v flrst rate li?n*, further consignments ofhacon, liitm*. pork, lard, cheese, anil similar article* of American export, J f?r tlio immediate and most advantageous dis|>o*iil of which they I |- )?-cnliar opportunities. Likewise, Hides, Skina, Oils, Stc. s kc. JI Water I.Kiie, Tower street. London. J Mil union, ciiemisier i>e Paris,formerly enta. i (dished No. 7 rue du Danphin, pres dc? Tuillcrie*. sells ready ( nn?de shirts, and also makes shirt* to order. Mine. PRION undertakes linen of every i|?H*Tl)itlon f>r ladie*: also the Is-sf French kid gloves, fold at AG cents per |s?ir. Jnst received, at 1*1 Itroad- * ? ay. Room No. ?'? New York. f Tiie rsTEAMsmi* amerk a mix sail from the ' dock* Jtt?j City, on Wodaeaday, at U o'cluok, prvcitely. > JACOB S. PL\TT. ACCTIONEER.?FANCY GOQD3: 200 pold and silver watcho, fold jewolry, plated anil Japan war*, kc#?, Jacob s?. Piatt will *11 to-morrow, at 1U o'clock, at the auction room, 23 Piatt street, as alwve. Also an exu.*ns*ve const^uKMnt of table knives uud forks, anil ixtcket uil# pen kuives on cards ami iu dozens, r.iz?rs, carver* ulnars, miss??rs, German and ; French fancy ^o?k1h, 1000 gold |**us aud |?neil case a, pen holders ami fancy work boxen, hags, oouibn, brushes, cologne, fttc., 4tc., to which the attention of couutry ** well a? city dealers is directed. Sale positive, and every lot of watches offered will be sold without *ny reserve abatever, to the highun bidder. Terms rath on de- | livery. ___ I Auction jcoticb-valuabli rosxitood, bj Walnut and Mahogany Furniture, without reservo, on Friday ?A. C. TtTTTLE will sell, on Friday, 12th instant, at 10,Vg o'clock, J at the extensive Ware Kootns, No. ^ lSr<?udw*y, a large and elegant assortment of Kosewood, lllack VTalnut, ami Malio^iu.) Parlor, Boudoir and liedroom Furniture, of the uiost modern and autism* styles, consisting of Sofnn, Tete-a-tete * Fauteuils, Chairs and I>ivaus, in tnnsliu and rich plush; .Mah??"anv, Parlor mid lioudoir Chairs and Sofas, in haircloth; \Vashstan<r<, I-'li I )n> .?it lit/ it ii li IM till ltim?Mliri. S*<uiii<r iu.,1 KiK'kiliR t'liairii, 4ic. N. U. Thin mile will be peremptory uiui worthy the attention of gtrangero wiJ other* (. abiloguek un th? ' morning uf ??le. Term* l'n*h. Wl). Mct'AKTY, AUCTIONEKK-ENU1NE OK STEAM boat Atlantic?Will be Hold at auction, for account of whom it may ooucern, on Saturday, 13th May, at 1 o'clock, at the i Merchants' KxcluinKe, all Die machinery of the engine saved from the steamboat Atlantic. Can be examined at the yard of CEASE, MURPHY It CO., Kulton Koundery, foot of Cherry itreet, Eaat ; Hi v?-r. Trnmm at ?1>? BV W H. FRANKLIN Sl SuN \ CI|Ol( E COLLECTION of plants will be sold nit Wednesday, May 10th, on the premlmom of Mr. M'm. Nihlo, at tho foot of 84th street, Kant liiver, Ifurlgate. The eollection comprise* choice Hoses, A*al?*as, Pelargoniums, t 'ainelias, ('actus, Ericas, and some lar^e Floweriri* | rift! ritilrlt fnrlimn AJ o? nHiy obotae colUctkn ? Dili Mm of mi kiidiiadln Am order, Nlioud bj Mr. Ni|>lo bin If in England. 8ti?asrunIWun VhAthsin itreetand the Bo we ry overy ten minutes, anil take passenger* to the premises for ?| cents. Tho Male will be conducted ou the most lil?*ral scale. All purchases over $.r? will he delivered in New York or vicinity free of expense. The Male will tako place precisely at 3 o ohx'k j in tlie afternoon. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE IT 1UCTION tUE BUB scriber will sell at public auction, un Saturday, tho L'lth instant, at 2 o'clock, P.M. on tin- premises, that valuable Tavern I Stand, heretofore known aM the Clinton Hotel, situate about miles west of Newark, on tin Turnpike Hood, leading to Spring- j ti? Id, au<l containing about 2*4 acres of land, ami is one of the ; U'Mt locations for a Tavern Stand in the county, or would make a I very desirable country residence. Conditions made known by the subscriber at the tiuw of sale. JA MES J. COOPEK. Compton, May !>, lm WOOD CUTS AND STEEL PLATES FOR SALK.-TWO or three hundred tine wood engravings, illustrating tho leading events of the past three or four yean; and two splendid Steel Plates, Views of the Park and Union Square Fountains, for sale. Apply At this otttee. 1^0 BE SOLD, AT TUE SHOP OF T1IK UNDERSKJNED, No. 07 Ann street, where he will in future carry on the house carjientering business, a large glass Case, Counters, and several uuior nxuiren, in goou uonuiuon, anil runny to <w put up immoJiately. Can bo Men by applying to S. HARRIS, Carpenter, t>7 Ann street. Board?a gentleman and his wife can he Accommodated with a parlor and bod room, on the second floor, fronting on the Hark ; also, one rear parlor, for one or two single gentleineu. References exchanged. Apply at No. iU Chambers street. Boarding-rooms to, with hoard, at no. 1 Carrol place, corner Bleeckcr and l.anren.s streets. Boarding.?single gentlemen can he very comfortably accommodated with and ten, and din ner, if necessary, together with Hue, airy ami healthy bed-rooms, single or double, with good attendance, auil in a highly respeetable family, reiiding at 1UH Hauuuuralcy utreet. Apply on tlie premises. Rooms to let?a respectable family of three pentoiM having more Iioiia-room th.m they require, will let to one or two geutleuicn a suite of Room*, with u>ie of Hath, Sic., in n flrst class house in Fourth street, near the I'arade Ground, with breakfast and ten served in their rooms, if required. The adsertiser owns the house, so that the resideucc will he i*rniunent, and gentlemen can furnish their own apartments if they wish. For further particulars, please address "Home," Courier aud Enquirer Office, stating where an interview can be had. TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN HE ACcommodated with or without breakfast and tea, and pleasant rooms, in a small German family, where, lweides the advantage of acquiring the Gertnau language, the comforts of a home can be realised. Please address A. H, 07 Hank street TO LET, FURNISHED, TO ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENtlernen, the first floor of the House 10U Leonard street, near H road way. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with furniihed apartments, in a genteel private family, when there are no boarden, In Franklin itreet, near Broadway. Termi moderate. References exclianged. Address A. B., Herald office. Restaurant and ovster saloon for sale.?the situation one of tho best in Broadway, replete with every requisite, and for several years has commanded n large share of patronage of the most respectable class. To a person of moderate capital, aud who could give his personal attention thereto, a certain fortune. None need apply unless they can command or secure the purchase money. Apply toT. W. SMITH, Esq., Solicitor, 84 Nassau street. rtQS RAA $15,000, $10,000, $7500, $.VjOO. $4000, $3*10, ?UW.UUIF, $2750, $2500, SJI00, $1780, $1000, $1200, $1000, $H00. $750, $1)00, $.'>00, $300, to loan on Real Estate in Uiis city, Brooklyn, or Williamsbuivh. Also, (to sacrifice,) two dwellings aud lot, 25 by 100 iu fee, in Seventeenth St., for $2250. Also; 1500 acres of laud for $450. Apply to A. SERGEANT It SON, 15 Wall st. N. B. $5000 in one sum for this city or Brooklyn. Fire in wooster street-the subscriber would .pay liberally for the return of a number of missing articluos taken from his late residence, 11.) Wooster street, on the , evening of the fire, 18th April lact, particularly for 1 old English I double case silver wateh; 2 pet Canary birds (I dark and I light color): 1 old Bible, in (jerman. with brass i'Ijlmik: a oertiflcate of stock in Hunk of Commerce in Now York, in name of Francis , Ogsbuf i d*{ teHnmd ollNt |M>m i linen shirts; sheets, tabic linen, clothing, spoons and forks, &c., 1 some marked F, W. O., G. M. O. F. G; 0., ana other article*, l'er- | sons having articles in their posscssiou not called for, will please , notify me at No. 5# Courtlandt street, or 141) Wooster street, or send them to the 8th Ward Station House, corner of Prince and Wooster streets. F. W. OGSBURY. May 9, 184rt. STEEL GOODS.?A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF ALL kind* of Steel trimmings, Beads, Ba*s, Fans, 0|Mf* QUflU^Hi a variety of other French Fancy Articles, just received and for sale i br J. UKRZBERO, No. 101 W illiam street, up stairs, Lite at Q ! M. PEYSER'S. Notice to contractors?proposals will he received until the 15th day of May. at the engineer's office, Fordham, for the grading and masonry required for doubling the track of the Harlem Railroad between Harlem River and its junction with the New ilaveu Railroad, a distance of eight mile*. At bmm poUta Dm Ifaw of the md will ktvtni|htiMd iad innrorid. Bids will also be received for 22.000 chestuut or white oak cross , Mfii Md % half 0Mt loin *'x tochta thfok; hifiMnot ton thau six inehes tearing surfaces, to be delivered at Harlem river, or between that river and the point of junction. Proposals will, at the same time, be received, tor erecting a pile bridge about 000 feet long, on a straight line over the llarlem river, aud a bulkhead along the grounds of the company, between l.'fid aud 134th streets. The work to 1* done, and the materials delivered, by the ! 15th day of September. Plans, profiles and specifications will be exhibited at the office of the Company, up to the 10th instant, when tiie engineer will be preseut to make ull necessary explanation*. ALLAN CAMPBELL, Chief Engineer, n. Y. fc H. R. R. Mercantile mutual insurance company, no. ti3 Wall street.?In conformity with the requisitions of their charter, the Company submit the following statement:? Amount of premiums not marked off April 3d, 1*47, $116, l.'V> 44; amount of premiums on policies issued during the year ending April .'kl, lfnS, $732, JflO X!?total amount of premiums, $S4(j,07o 7&r The amount of premiums marked off during tho year as above, was?on marine risks, $605,628 ."16; on inland transportation and navigation risks, S0I,HUK 9Z?total, $({67,437 2/i, less roturu premiums, $52,751 02?earned premiums for the year, $614,2o. Paid during the *amo period for re-insurance. $62,4<i0 Ctf*; expenses, $11',71S 9*; interest, commission and bad debts. 7'iS 71'; marine losses, $274,027 71; inland navigation do., S-50,621 .*>?total. $416,5o7 4!'; profits to be divided, $19S,UM 77 Amount of earnings of 1H47, $"?2,?i5| 75; do. do. ltH*, as above, $11*4,11# 77 ?total for two years, $250,770 52. The Company further report that they have at this date the following assets, viz:?Invested in United States Treasury notes, $101,050 *3; bills receivable, $4^,.HJ7 .'th; cash and unsettled claims to be closed by cash or notes, j $ri,!*!JH .17; scrip of other com(?ani?*, $ 1,11*9 00?total assets, v *w, js -iiM. fnutiM have deoterad a dividend of thirtytwo per cent, on the net earned premiums of tlie past year, payable in scrip on and after the second Monday in May next. The Trustees have also resolved to pay an interest of six per cent, on the aruiMint of the certificates authorized to be issued in April, 1 1*47, to be paid to tho holders thoreof, or their legal representatives, on and after the Sth day of May next. It was ah > resolved, that as soon as the aecumulated profits exceed tho sum of j half a million of dollars, the excess shall lie appropriated to the redemption of its serin, agreeably to tJio provisions of the char- J ter. II) order of the Hoard. Cli ARLES NEWCOMII, Secretary. Trustees?Thomas Hunt, James Freelaud, Henry Sheldon, Thomas S. Nelson, Wilson G. Hunt, Stewart C. Marsh, George Hastings, C. W. A. Rogers. Henry Jessop, Septimus Crnokes, Charles Payne, Charles II Rnfera, II. E. Moring, Samuel J. Heals, William Watt, Almet R*n-1, Cyrus Curtis, Herman lloker, t liarles (i. Carleton, Lui'ius Hopkins, Daniel < Haviland, I/?:vi Cook. David L. Hayre, llenry A. Stone, Jaines C. Ilall?ck. <>. T. Mai thy, George I). Phelps, J .tines D. Soulier, Frederick Victor, II. W. T. Mali, Richard Bigelow, Alexis S. Baker. JOSEPH WALKER, President; LEWIS flRF.flORY, VW President; ELL WOO!) WALTER, As istant Vie? President CU A RLES N EW( < >M It. Secretary /-vl'i/fj-r i>l v \ 'i 111 \ 11 i'ttir iwi'imvcr ( (iuiuvv 1 f w ill < : v \ Mir i -' I i' and Director* < f this C?.nij*ny have tlii* <1 ay declared a dividend f fire per cent for the 1*?t ids months, |?yaMe on the 17lh in*t. i TV Tmnfef lk*?ks will hi d?e<l fr"Ui the l.'lth to 17tli instant, incltiftive. H'. KK.I.I<H.'(i. Srr-lar). OFFICE OF THE N ATIONAL FIRE TNSI RANCE COM. pany, ff7 Wall-?tn?t. New V..rk, Miy'/ IM*. \t tin* Annual Election f??r Dirwtor* ??f thii('<iin|?ny, held thia day, tin? | r ll wini/ .- i ' y? wr i1 miii w r i in .1 ii \ ii. i; i ii Engine Bugar Mianr II w <\ CJeorprc IU-11. John S. Il? rrtek, \t illiaio Van Wyck, Martin ll.fTman. V% IIIiaih II. Ja? ol*. <.ilUrt l>a\i*. J"*r|4i N. Imni. jr., Ste. Holt. Andrew I). Mclich. At a meeting ?.f the new ll<>r%r?l T'i"?ma* W. Thorne, K?|. wu unanimously rv-elceted |'re?idcnt. , W ?' KF.I I <M,I. - retnry. New vork \nd ii \rf ? m r mi road < omtanv April SDth, 1*4*.?The xnnual elation fr Directors of thin Com|*ay wi!ll? held at tfceir "flirt. N'?. 4 Try>?n K w, on Tuesday, the Iflth day ?>f May neat, between the h<urs of 12 and Z o'floik TIm TmAf Bonks will he tlonMl hrae tlM 87tli April instant, te the I tit It dav of May neat. hnth day* in<lu*lre. Ilv order of the lioard of UiracU**, A-KYLE, Jan. Secretary. N il. ?The stockholders whoae names ap|?ar upon the U>??ka at the time of the abo>e closing. will Uj tl?e n*??m entitled to suherrihe for the preferred staek to I* ivned under the recent act of the I/ffffiflUturv. for which proposals til he iwnel in a few day*. P. S.?A subscription lift nill he <*p?ned at the office of Messrs. R. It U. L. Schnyler, No. 2 Hanover it P MAES. IIAIR PREFER AMI H Ii; M \KER. FORMER !v 1HR Broad n %y New \ rk 11 * in I'lila l?l|4 ia. N Sontli sixth street, corner of (.V*tiintf ht< leave t-? inf- nn hi? friends and the public generally. thai h? will U thankful for their imtroiiage. DM. WHEELER ?? I I l-l RE< I l\ I I'MIEN I- \l Illresidence, 15) (irvenwich str**et, fnm xA.M t?? o'eK-k I* M l>i.-ea*e* ??f the Eye. no matter horn Inn* stunling. ran hi* ?*fT*-?;tuilly cured- A pam|>hM. eonUtinintf nine jrr? ?f nre? ?-ffe ted hy Dr. Wheeler, can he hud gratuitously at Ui* n*eideni*e. -r the humMill lie furwunled inninr one niukiug apple atioti to him by letter* l?o.?t |?ai?l. Artificial E>ck inwrted, and f r mIc, ou HMM inable |wl ______ DR. POWKLU OCULI8T, A CRIST, ETC . ATTENDS DAIly to diwAMe* of the Eye and Ear. at hi* ?urgery. Jtii ^ why, entrance 1^| Warren ttreei. Jn?t puMinhed, the M^ond edU ion of Dr. Powell'i Treatiw on the Eye, rrlee fl<? eenta, which <*an >e had at his office; aleo hi* pretnium nelr actinic Eye Fouuuuna \ laiye supply of Artifl? ial Eye* recently iinj?or?e?i. DR. KLLIOIT. tHl LIST, II \- REMOVED I?? NO \i\ Broadway, third doorahore Spring street. Office hour* from O 'J ^ W^I?J.l.u -.. I f.U... | 1 VTrtlSTS? ItHS. ( XsTl.r. AVIl KIIWAKIIS \TTEM? TO J the treatment (ml fure "f deafness. and nil diw?-r< iffc'tin: t twi ears. Tliey have removed to the iu,>rr e<>inni"d|oti> IvH llroiidway, Irttween II room* and spriiu Street?. K rinci?i?-nt deafness, ear-ache, rinrln?. and other noise*. and "lleetions it vitiated nntlliin* In. mot dt? halve* from the ?ar?. tl.?y reominend tlioir Acoustic Oil as I tin* an iulalliMo remedy for their rmnval. HOMES Hit >1 HI.I'll \\ llll III. A W v < IIROKEN Wind, nr out of condition, can h? ?? ! ri<ht l>y Kirkbridc ? rattersall'g Hear* Powders, which, in a wonderful maimer , nHm out dise-iae in any part <>f the horse * syitem. fmnrie* the d"?>d. loosens the hide, and Hires torn) 10 the ?ital uryi ||?. Crery lona should p;o thfnligh a coiirau of till* ino licnic :?t hi', th* noiiltiiitt wavin, as It iwiaw hta Imly fw U? mnwr. A. II iortill h I'll., 14 " Full .n ?rn-n?. _ n XTHACT COI'AlVA fl ItKliS, K TiI* TIIK Mn^T CJ a|wedy and certain remmiy fur delicate dinfe**. It ia pl<p ant to take. easily porttM*. ami sure in itaeneeia. I? ins[a0"n. vntration of all 'the most potent remedies for this elass "f dUwse*. l?r. U. in consulted in difficult c?'?? at hi* uHi<?, Xo. J Vun utrtxit, ?li?ra hi* inodiciue may k had. BQWT.RY TKEATfrtt?TTT" i)VE8DAY ITENINO May ? Will b? perform# d, SCCond Hm# ia thiiclty ? , rmbftl b toricaJ tr.itric pUy, tutifl;?l TKISLEM. Till i \.|ll<?i 11EKO??Jncoi, lAsigii-r. Mr. Muri; lH:rrick Let*Wr, ? VV ? lark- . Luke Milhornc, Uy'tt; lir>okfioM*t V#rtnily?*&, W Mnr*hmll; \tr Ia9iiler, Mr*. Phillip*; Kr u?? e ( ? Huyuni. Mr.. Al'ot?; I.- i * m..,-, Mn. MimIIiui). To conclude with tLe JACOIIITt?.\i fti< .u*r>i VVroutfhton, Mr. Til ton; John llurk, Mr llnrke; Lady 3'inertvrd Mm lord on. Uovm open it 7?P<rf??mian<;?* to eutiiBMnca x half'-pa*t 7. Hole*, St) c?nt?; Pit, 2.> cent* Uailtry, 1'!$% Private Boxei, $5. _____________ Chatham theatiik-sole I'KOPniK'foR and lis *o?, Mr. F. 8. ChAnfnui.?-VWdnmda/ fcxening. May i'. will I* presented the Ui -?* <>f MY NEIMICOHS WIKJC? M*. Somertou, Mr. Nield; Uri > rnurt u. Mi .-* IlildreUi. After which, SJI'I KIT OF I UK UA'IKUN <?r. il.e I iri k **nd? Sir Hultk iTHiitl. Mr. 1 field; M*?ujr l,.ip*i4 k r >t, Mr. \V luaus. Olind#, Mrs J 11. Booth; Oniinc. .VIr?. tJ. June*; L-.tu, .VI uj* To by follow* I by NKVV YORK AS IT I S- VI *. Mr. Chen frau; Joe, Mr. VVuiun<; Willi uu Twill, Vli Ifur'wrt; lit*, Mr . U ???Ui. To conclude with < II AOS ICOME AGAIN? C??lon? I riijuiR, Mr Pardtf>; Harriet, Mi** IliUiivth. L> -n upon at 7 I'orfurtuAlice cutuuuince at 7li o'clock, ll-aoi J* c?uW?Pitt l'V I > HO A l?VV A V TH EATKK ?V KI?N ESDAV ICVKMN'O. MAY IJ |M, will 1?e |iivm uU**i the ilriuiiH. in tw?> .wtR, called isnKN To (fOOl) l.l'CK.?raiuleen o'Kafferty, Vlr.Collint; r<uint<-*M Motmihi Mr*. Chapman; .Vlarviuntui. Mr*. S?*r ?*nt: Siua. Mr*. Watt-. T-. tie followed hy Uio runted y d.U nl.blLK S 1> vl (illTCk - -<iov.'Heart .ill. VIr. Ulak*-; I'rriuk II* .iruill, Vlr. U-ikr Clia VV'o. dley. Mr M? D ual Widow Che.-ily M? * K >*. 'IVdbin; Mr*. Malfort. Mr*. Illeld r.? vrltl, tl.?* tin*. i.f r.h* IIA l?l*\ M\N?!*ncldy Murphy, Mr ? ollms . Sultana, Alls* (cordon, Roket, Mrs. Sergeant Dreg* ? itrle ami Paruiiette, SO cents, Family Clrele, '?? cunt*; (iallery, r.'l4 conU. boors open at 7, performance to commence at 7>a o'clock. MECHANIC'S MM I. 472 IIROADWAY* BETWEEN <.rand ami Broome streets. Monday, May % ami ev<nr night during (In1 w-^k, the original (. IIRISTY'S MINSTRELS. who:*) concert* during the past * veil moutlin have been r*cuivod wiili such distinguished patronage ami unexampl< I siu-i ?->, iuo?t re ;4hm-tfully announce, that they will continue their en,nulland illimitable entertainments every night until further notice, Ad lui^iou &> teut*. Doors open at 7?1Concert will commence at *. Manager and Director, K. r. ctfKIMTY. Sk*V For the aecomino dation of families, they will give an afternoon Concert every Sa' urday. Doors open at 2?coiu me nee at .'J F. Af. PtfJlO 3 OPER \ HOU r: PRICES RED* CED- BTA PI ary and lllustraie<I Pictures?Historical, Alytholo^iial and, hy twenty live performer*. under the direction ut Si#. Aloute Lilltt. 1 'r- gramme for thin evening:?I. The Warrior's Dream, dance of Ulvs*? V daughters. i\ The Dancers He posinj', FoiriiRevenge, M'dora, Hercules in the court of thu Hods. .'I. Plea ides. Three <2 race*. Sannho, The Del tie*. f?. Greek Slave, Combat between Ides and Apollo, The Four seasons. Finale in honor of thu United States. Admission?Dretia Circle and r u |ti< tt.-. o1 eat . uppi t Boxes 0eenti. Doon o|en n ; ta, ami ?? performance to commence at 8 o'clock. BARNUM'8 AMERICAN IIUSEUM P r UARNTTH PRO prietor, F. Hitchcock, Manager.?Splendid Performances every afternoon, at lialf-pa^t ;i o'clock, and evory eveuing, at a quarter before tt. The Giant llaby, on tor It# tn <ntiis old, weighing ninety pounds. Scripture Dissolving View-. r? pi- anting, iu a mines of magnificent paintings, Kdom, Babylon, Palestine ami Jemsalem: their Early Days, Prosperity, and tlnal Destruction. Wax Scripture Statuary, representing, >"n 1*W figures, sue ?4T life, the Birth of Christ in the Aianger, his I.ast Surper, Trial lieforo Pontius Pilate, and Intemperate Family, un-at Western, the Yankee. Aladain Roekwell. the fanioa Fortuno Teller. Admission to the whole, including .Museum, Performances, &c., Z.'> eeuU; children, under teu years of age, and old enough to walk aloue, 12^ cents. Ke.serve<f front seats, one shilling each extra. BANVAKD'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF THE Mississippi Kivor, painted on throe miles of canvas, heiug the largest painting iu the world, at the Panorama Building, in Broadway, adiolniux Niblo's Garden. Onen everv evening (Sua dayi excepted). A amission 80 cents; children half price. The Panorama will commence moving at o'clock precisely. Afternoon exhibition on Wedi ?day and Saturday, at ?i o'clock. fVlABERNACLE -MB DEMPSTER, COMPOSER OF IIIK X May Queen, Iriali Emigrant lilind Boy, lias the honor to announce that he will give one of hi* original ballad entertainincuts at the Tabernacle, on Monday evening. May !"?th. when ho will siug a number of hid must popular songs, particulars of wliich w ill be duly announced. NBW HOWARD ATHENBUM, NORTHEAST CORHBtt of Baltimore and Charles streets, Baltimore, will often on the first of June, 1*1*. Ladies and gentlemen of the histrionic ftrofession, desirous of obtaining permanent engagements, will be . 1 ininediately treated with, on application, (letters post pai l) to CllAKLES D. 8. HOWARD, Lessee and Manager, Baltimore. WALNUT STREET THEATRE, I'll I LADELI'lIIA?WKDnesday Evening, May 10, l*4rt?Will be performed ROMANCE AND REALITV?Scene at New Vork anil Lens Ulaud. Oliver Manly and As per Manly, twin brothers, old bachelors, Mr. A'Beoket; Frank Meredith, a young Virginian, Mr. Wheatley; Lavender Kydd, Mr. Richin^s; Jack Swift, Mr. Brougham; Tom Badger, Mr. KadclifTe; Williams, Mr. Steveus; Rosabel, Mim A. Fisher; liarbara Manly, Mrs. Winstanloy: Blossom, Mm. J. Broughau. To conclude with the BARRACK. ROOM?Marquis, Mr. A'Becket; Col. Ferrier, Wheatley: Bernard, Richlngs; I apt Valtnout, Brauton; Clarissa, Miss Fisher. Tomorrow,? ROMANCE AND REALITV. Beauties of the opera -published monthlv.The object of this Publication in, to offer to the Music Public of the United States, the " Gems of the Operas," now performing in Europe and America. Fr??iu the dovelopement of Musical taste which has lately been exhibited throughout the country, the nubHcritier, who in engaged in the undertaking, has every occasion to flatter himself that lie will meet with a lilmral patronage, aud that he in still further led to expect as lie has engaged ageuts in the prim ipal European cities* to forward t? him the suet* itful <)pera and all musical com|K>sitiong of merit, as noun as produced, which ' will give him an opportunity of selecting for this work, the music particularly adapted to the taste of the different schools of the iirofessiou, aud of the amateurs of music. At the end of the year, a handsome Title-pi n and Index will be forwarded to snbeoribers. This work will w furnished witli original compositions, arrange. incuts, aud selections, by the most talented artists of this country, aud with reading matters relative to the musical world, both of Europe aud America. The Musical Monthly will I** published on the first day of each tuouth, comprisiug pages, (of engraved music, Printed on tine patter,) including title-pages; consisting of Songs, Duetts, Marches, Walt ses, Polkas, Maxourkas, ike.,with selee u"iib inuu uie i fj?Ta*. arran^e'i iur uiw i i?noioru\ hh ruuuinri, i Melanges, Pot Fourris, Ike. All Foreign Son/* will have an Eng lisli version or adaptation. This work will lie embellished with elegant ami appropriate designs duriug the year, ho as to forui h I rant it'u 1 and useful volume, at tho reduced price of AO cents n*r number, or five dollar* per annum, delivered ; etch number being complete in itself; thns a subscriber will be furnished witli a col * loctiou of music, of the best compositions* which, if purchased otherwise, would oost four times tue Bom, indwud 1? t be oji turned without importation, as this work will contain no re-print of American publication*. Ten monthly numbers have up to this Hut I published, eon tabling oorrset portniti oi luoiit distinguished vocalists, etc. Au elegant illuminated title page, with a copiou index. Is now inliress. and wil lbe%nrtssntsd to the subscribers on the delivery of the twelveth nurnl^r. The second volume of the "Beauties of the Opera," will commence on * the first of July. Purchasers ean otitain all the back niunl*en by applying to the publisher, JOSEPH F ATWTLL?S01 Broadwajr. (10MMUNICATI0N. mr JOHN LANDI& post am> J Painter, Oriental Tourist* Lithographer, Publisher, fee., whoso advertisement nnpeart-d in the Sun, proposes to accept the offer ot the Bishop of llavana* to possess the "Christ healing the Sick" iJ picture, by West, (whi?h is unsaleable) for $15,0U0 ; to paint on? from hi* original composition, synonamous subjeot; superior in tho most important particulars, with more characters, more sublime and poetical, and of greater glory, and furnish (it within two years, to him. or any other person who may i*?y the advance nones and .< eept I e pi | osu Iddn - 886 w atsr itwit L* rpilEANNl .M. F.XIIllllTIOS OF THE I'l I'll.S OK THE 1 New York Institution for the Blind, takes place ut the # Broadway Tslieroacle on Wednesday, at 4 P. M. The exercises consist of vocal and instrumental music, school exercises, Ike., calculated to exhibit the proficiency which those deprived of sight are ca|iublo of attaiuing. 1|1N(;KAVINGS COLOURED to represent oil PAINT. ; J iug?Specimens can be seen at WM. 11. BUTLERS' Rooms. < No. 2M Broadway. (Plnmbe's Building.) i CI riilN V l-'HH HIS. OF 7 "> ' 11 \'l 11 \M STItrfT.-II.VVE FOIt M sale some very beautiful Window Shades, which anpeMTto us, at the prices asked, to l?e exceedingly cheap, even furthest hard, lirst ot May time*. Those who, like ourselves, have to $1&) per inir tor thews articled will I*; a little surprint to bSVl tlie 111 oflfere't f?>r S3 and $4; yet sueli is the case, and very bind* mo ?ass> too, at that , TO GINTLEMKN AND FAMILIES IN SOUTH BROOK. * )yn?Ambrose Brown, of No. Ill Atlantic street, resrioOjMkr 4 Informs gentlemen and familie* residing in South Brooklyn .that le has resolved to close hi* Ilair Dressing, Shaving, Perfumery* and ( Toilet Furnishing Establishment on the Sabh&tK He trust* that an arrangement having for it* oijjeet a strict compliance with the xi*ting ordinances of the City, and a nroper obmtvance < f the day s. t apart in all civilised communities for a cessation from business, will meet with the approbation of bis friends and the community renerally. He will spare no exertion , to give iuvari ihlc satisfaction to all who patronise him. a* well in bis Hair Dressing and Tonsorial operations, a* in all tho other branches of his trade. Ural rHI ELF. 8preal> BUfFtJITS paim extract . ing and healing Bal-um on a bum, scald, cut, bruise, erop. ti on. corn or bun von, and it forms a cover impervious to air or water, RtviiiK liiuucdintc r> lief from |?iin. i>n< 1 expediting a per led cup-. I or the tooth ache it it an unparalleled remedy. Sold in InN'lli'il bottles for iirente, a' 111' llp.adway, front room, 3d story. Also, II. 11. J No. 170; O'Connor 4; Field, 416; Del ln?" k t ii.. .Wl Itr adway : Hon u'tit W'nod, 37/ Pearl street; and in llriHilclyn by Mrs. Ilayi s I.'fit; On. F. Mnnntaiti, VC\ Fulton at , and S. IV Leeds, corner t oiirt :<n*l Atlantic ttu. The imor, tiy wil ling to in** ii stiiulI tin I x. .nil l? Mipiilii I fur ft cents, or if required. gratis. ARNOLD 111 H'l'M. nK. K l-.I.I.I N?; KU's i IN I M K NT I- \V\Ui;\NTED rt? EY tract pains of ev?ry natnre, ami heal nil manner of sore* ft<ld in larpe bottle* at ,f> cent*?I dollar* i>. r down. Office 230 IVirl stps-t, tlu- Harlem lLtilroad t Kiiahtou, I 'lark At Co.'? and the lJrii,u!nt?j(i;ii''rally. i' ?r th.- in .it wonderful particulars, see Spirit "f tin: Times. jlOtlll will Ik- paid if w' fail to shuw uiop! ami greater cure* than any other known remedy. Nut I UK Nil PAY.? DR. CORIHTT. I!) DUAVE STREET, member nf the Royal College of Smveons, London, tnay bo I .u'tilted in treatment of certain delicate disease*. A practice of I 'iirtoeu yearn, devoted to venereal disease*, enables Dr. C. to cure the wont f rm of thi* disease. Recent case* cured in four davs.? No mcn-ury u?d. nor restraint in diet or business punuita.? Mrictures cured in one or two weeks with scarcely any pain. Constitutional debility. Those individual* who have indulged in a certain loathsome habit can |?sitively lo n>ston*d to health and ooicty. Remember, 111 Duane street, next door to Dr. Johtiaoa'*. DR, Al'TllOR ??F TIIE "PRACTICAL PRIVATE Treatise." Itc.. (Ireonwich stp-nt, office hoar*to 12 A- M., f. to 9 I". V.. (Sunday excepted.) Those who apt,ly in the early afn/es will surprised at 'he rapidity and little inconvenience attending their cure. It la chiefly, however, those who hare suffered from a eer'ain class "I people, ir otherwise, who can pro. p rly appr?< iate his service*. In stricture, from its flnt or incipient, to its mop-adviu land distressing staees, (from uncom. ron advantages, in addition to a very extensive practice in this complaint) he can atT' pl a rapid, easy and radical cure, which, h? haa ground for statiiiK, ean lie obtained from no other source in America, DR. JEFFRIES ANTIDOTE IS TIIE MOST EFFECTUAL preparmti'in sold for Gonorrhoea ami other disoplers of the Hcxttsl Ortans. Repeated experiments ami long experience have proved that it will radically cure any case which can !? produced. Tins desirable result is obtained in from two to ten days, and a * it neither creates nausea nor offends the isilatc. aud renders unnecessary any duviation in diet or interruption to usual pursuits, sound sleep ,,r healthy digestion, the nuisance is thus removed a* s|s>edlly us is consistent with the production of a thorough anil and J*1 mi mien t cure Ita Ingredient* are entirely vegetable, and no injurious effect, cither constitutionally or locally, can be caused by its use. Price $1 |srr bottle, Sd? AKeut for this city, C. U, KINO, 92 Broadway, corner John street. __ MOST EXTRAORDINARY WORK?TO TIIE MARRIED or those contemplating niamage. The married woman's. Pnva<c Medical t by Dr. A. M. Mauriceao. Sixth edtlion I'll..- <1 This ii -rk h meetiiiit ?itli most astounding sale. (2I.HHIcopies have alretidy ls<en dis|.ow,l uf.) Every female U settintf a corv whether married or unmarried. aIthou?h It is inten.led etpo'ully t-r the married, as it discloses important secret*, which sh.mld Iw known to them particularly. Here *vcry female can discover tint ean-*s. symptoms, and the most Bllicient retne. j...j ??,| n.o.i certain ui de of anre in every case. For sale. 22! Ilr adway! al tin l'?l>li*liin< Ollic?, l?) Ulxrty iitmt, New York; ifc 7M>vx and O .. c>rn?r"f thewiut and Third *tr?et*, I'lnlaI.-lphJ*. I.lrrle iirl . Albany; W. K. Davit, II. ? nn fhi th? r<vipt ?f *1. ? r'>py ?HI N- tran?inltt?d by mail, frw of nontacii, [n all Mr'" r 11" f'"'""l All lett?n? mint h? addromwd. v.?> |?' l to Dr. A. M. MAt RlCBAU. bo* 1JJ4, N?w York city. >tti ?. 1J0 Liberty uivcL MEPTCAl. fARD ?*TRim*RES ARE NOW REMOVED H in half tli? umal tima. by Pr M orrison'* imnmrod m?thi>d .f Hiring l>y ?! ri^tm A?*trtntum? are frequently enrupHoalad I remit "f mnitiir'nlion. !?> M * nnM plan of rr*ini> nt will b? tound tlie only uik' -eaeful nne. See lu? diploma. nt'i ih? ?unaiuroi of Sir A'tley C'o.ipwr. fc>\, in lii* oflVcv, AM1 j ~ult"ii ?tleot. n l'NTAHIAN D1SPKNS.\R> I.' VE\RS K-STABLISHKH No. 3 DWWioa I>r. Hnntar't Red l)r..|>?Tht* Inn* e?tab i'li?<) and highly ra'naMo im'lf* iti? I* no* no novelty. It. Ii ii has M i ?t, to a divnn f e?tlmntl?u n?t ?H) H h " 7 otlwr mullein.-. or tha certain and upaadv cure f ww! onlv It I* ?u n'uv.tin* ?vt. (hat n.>t? l'li.tan.linir iho many attempt* toonn ertcit, and the trick* ri *>rted to to Mb tin- |if" pricier lfc> artty. it cure* |?r*>n? dally who have n ed all the other :idT?rti*?f rin. 'iif to no pir)--*. I'r'inpinc- . rrtaint} and -afctv i* It* in nit ii character thr n?li.>nt tli? Union. Haincinhar Un law, J l>i\ inn ?t. I'nn !.