Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1848 Page 3
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WatclkM! WalthMl WtUhetl at >10 ptr c*nt lew than the usual price) J. T. Jr., 11 Wall .trut. will ta 11 Gold Hi.i 6Uv?r WaUk* warranted to good time, ut a threat reduction of prices. Buyers may rely upon being fairly itelt with, his Watches alwav being sue a as represented. Clocks i?ii l Watches carefully repaired. UoiiH let tln iu die. Several IIiouhuikI cHIIdran died in tliin city last scasou, * hiuli could have bcou savod by u.-iiiK Dr. Townsuud's Sarsapuiills, aud there arc thousands of children that are now tiuffering from had bores aud humors?othorn urc puny and weakly?who, uulcss agisted. will make effemiuate men aud women, if they d?> not die, which is highly i>n>bable. Dr. Tu *ia?4'a S*n*p*rilla will rtetif) thii. It i MoulUri! idaptsd to children of Mender constitutions, and alien diluted with water, it itf a delightful beverage, and children love it dearly. It a ill prevaat tad mid i.DUurnxa* Dystalan ib4 Cbtdifi kofbui wi trust Uteris is no father or mother who is so penurious or inhuman at t-> Mfpriv.' th**ir eblldiMt tor % dollii; <>f toe linkMbU itntd). wkMi irttl oiljiih nmoiv thtn t > baalth Wt ill aaiHr, with treasure, to Home of the most respectable fauiilie* in tlie city, who Lave given it to thi ir children with the m.?st happy results.? Principle ollioe 1'Jti Fulton street. Fiicts tor tin- Public.?It Ik an established fart that Knox's fine heaver and mole?kiu hats cannot be surpassed. It is an undoubted tact that Kuox has an extensive aseortuieut of Kutlaud liraids, rice, straw. Leghorns, Panama and Oanada straw hats, suitable fur the approaching warm weather. It is an interesting fact tliat Knox has a moat U?atiful article for children, entitled the Jenny Lind Hat, manufactured from China Pearl Straw. It is uu astonishing fact that Knox's hau for men. youths and children, are sold at less prices?niality considered?than at any other establishment in the city. It is not a surprising fact that Knox re | mains at Ins old stuud, 12H Fulton itrrut. The Conflagration. From roof to ruuf the kindling torch ia *|wd? The Fire King's torch ! by Mating fortune* f?-d; Yuu merchant am*, na apreada the livid glow, Ilia hard-earned thousands melting like the Know, While the wild clangor of each wakened bell Serves to the world nia ruin to furvU'll. ilut ia he ruined 1 No! ere yet too lat?', lie barred one door 'gainst accident and fate. ilia books, the record uf each debt and claim, The shining mirror uf his apotleaa fame ; See all unachorched, where fiery billuwa chafe, Within a Herring'a Salaniauder Safe. Wealth may have melted in yon wreathing flamea, For wealth has wings, aud oft to use them olaim*. But lu Ilia boolu lie'naa a witneaa still, Of honor talcut, enterpriae and skill; A baae of credit aud a voucher true. In what he did, of what he yet can do; For theae credentiala, of such worth aud weight. He bleaeea HERRING, while he laughs at date. commercial affairs. MONEY MARKET. Friday, May 19?9 P. M. quotation* for stoek* to-day experienced a decline, nearly every fancy in the lUt haying fallen off a fraotion. At the first board Long Island declined % per ?ent; Harlem, X; Canton, >4; Farmers' Loan, X; Reading Railroad, )?; Eric Railroad, >i; Reading Bonds, X; Morris Canal, Pennsylvania S's, Illinois, 1847, f(. There was no chango in Treasury Notes. The Mbts wore to a limited extent at the reduction, and there was no anxiety among holders to realise. Prices for most of the fancies rule very low?as low as at any time within tho past twelve months, aud they are held mostly by the strongeet houses in the street. Thla in a measure accounts for the little variation In quotations, and for the small amount of transactions. We understand that specie to the extent of throe hundred thousand dollar* has already been engaged for shipment by the next packet for Havre. The shipment*, so far this week, have been upward* of one million of dollars, most of which, it 1* atated, Is drawn from the Southern and Western banks. The bank* of this city report that they have lost *ry little coin; but we are not disposed to place much confidence in the statement. The latest official report ihows a diminished amount of speoie on hand, and there is no doubt but that the large shipment* since have reduced the amount much more than the banks are disposed to acknowledge. The Southern and Western banks have, undoubtedly, lost a largo amount of specie, and the demand from thi* point upon them still continues. While they have been eompelled to part with their speoie, they have been unable to rcduce their line of discounts, or curtail their circulation. The low prices ruling, both at home and abroad, for our principal staple productions, have induced the produoers to hold for an advance, and the bank* in the agricultural sections of the country have been obliged to extend their loans, and increase tholr circulation. in making advance* on cotton, corn, *ugar, tobacco, rioe, wool, kc. Ho. The reiult of this 1* an undue expansion of credits, and a serious, and, in soma cum, an alarming reduction In the immediate available assets of the banlco. The Bank of Mobile has already experienced a run from the bill holders, and reports hare been in circulation relative to the banks of Charleston, 8. C., calculated to alarm those holding their promises to pay. These reports, thus far, have proved groundless; but the condition of the banks of that city is by no moans such as to strengthen public confidence. The banks of New Orleans are stronger in their specie department than those of any other city in the Union; but they are all debtor banks to those of this city, and a steady drain from this point must be calculated upon. New Orleans is favorably located for draining specie from an Immense extent of country, and the supply there may at all times be equal to the demand; but it is the mailer banks of the interior of the Southern States, which are in danger. The banks of large cities drain tho banks of tho country, and in proportion to their paper issues generally, have at leaxt dollar for dollar. The country banks, on tho contrary, hare a large circulation and very little specie, not calculating upon any sudden demand from the bill-holder, dopending almost entirely upon the control they bavo over the precious metals, through their stock and other securities. We annex a statement exhibiting the condition of the banks of several States, according to the latest official returns:? Banks or thk Uj?itkd Statm. Lount. r>ew 101 k, jUAirn,,oil Z3,iH/,nm s\/in?^n S. Carulina, 1M.S. 5,SW:!.(M<l 473.37.' 2.2S.WM l.MI.HW k. Island, Not., 1;47. 13.7iW.lH 3?.?7 2.H42.40S 1.207.HO1 N. H'psMre, Dec., 1.-S47. ? 155,300 1.746,103 OUU.XiS Massach*'t.<, Sept., 1S47 . 37,200.!?40 2,!M3,tf74 17.1!*>,3.j2 10.2tiA.55j N. DrUnin. March. 1W. H,0ttt,573 S,:OM74 5.327.fWI 8.77M.735 Ilk of Mobile, Nov. IW. W?l.n3U 1,097,667 2.31I.31H (37,525 ISaMyl aia, Nor., Ii47. 32,152,451 13.737.W7 15.477.tW Total SWt,ti73.!AN ?*,315,7W ?MH9W 67M7.V72 The aboTo table comprises tha ruturus of bauk* made within the past six or el^ht mouth*, and shows the banking movement of the principal Status in the Union. These bunko show a much larger amount of xpecic in proportion to their circulation, than those of the ?maller States, or those not so intimately connected with the commercial affairs of the couutry at largo. Since the dato of tho above respective reports, thore have boen gr.-at changes in the banking movement of the country generally. There ha.* been un Increase in the line of discounts, and in the amount of paper issues, while the amount of spccio ou hand and the amount of deposits have materially diminished. Tho returns made about the month of November last, give the most favorable report of the item of specie, as the exportation of precious metals had not, at that time, been very great, and the'immense importations of the previous niue months wero in the country. The shipments since, have been about seven millions of dollar*, most of which has como out of the banks of the country banks. The revolutions which have taken place in Kurope within the pact ninety days, have depreciated priccs abroad for our principal exporting staples to a lower point than thoso ruling during tho commercial revulsion just previous, and there has therefore, been no tlmo to realize; the consequence of which has been, that the producers have been compelled to hold, and the banks had previously become so involved with them, that they were obliged to aid them in so doing to a great extent.? The prospect at present in favor of an advance in pricos. is by no moans very flattering, and we see no Immediate probability of tho banks getting out of the position in which circumstance* have placed them If tltrtv rnnlliA Ihn nmn*nt. nwirknt vnliiii thnv nm?f fx* heavy losers; and those who barn received advances must submit to an immense sacrifice of property, If they hold, the hanks will be in danger of aerious embarrassments. The annexed comparative statement of pricea for our principal staple products at New Orleans. will show the fluctuation* within the past few month*:? <4uotatiom for Produce, &e.. is rnr. New Orlf.aki Market. 1 "MS, Feb. 2.) Ma rrh 2ft. A^ril 1ft. April If. rott?B, fair H <S\ ?>? Corn 40 a fift 31 a 40 2S a 11 ,V? a 3s Klour $? Sft 2ft 84 fl0 S4 2ft llico f>', ft 4 .V, a 4 3!, a.1% SU a 3>i S??r. :'.S a ft'.v aft 2 aft \\ a 4*? Tonacco,fair S}? a 4'< 4'? a t'i 4'4 a 4?^ 4'4 a 4''? It will he perceived by this table that prices ranged lower in New Orleans at the close of April, than at any of the previous dates given; and advances made last fall upon a fair margin. And now that margin completely gone, and foreed sales, for the purpose of realising, would hrlng priccs down to a lower point than those last quoted. It threfore appears to us that the banks of the South are In an unpleasant.and. we fear, n dangerous position. Prices may have touched bottom, und In the course of h few months a very important improvement may be r.'aliaed; but it Is doubtful If the brnks can hold on even for that length of time We are confident they cannot, unless tho drain of specie coasos, anil they strengthen themselves In that department. The hanks of this elty have kept themselves clear of thcie opcra'ion'. Cotton and other products remaining L u.. --? ___ to racb u extent In lint hand*. compelled the holderi to got advance* m uoar home ? possible, and in this way the bank* throughout the South and Wai-t hare been drawn into the movement. Hadootton been sent here, advances would have buen obtained hero, ami our bank* would have been caught, an it in, tliry have escaped, and they arc thu creditor* of all the runt of the country; exchange* are In our favor, and the domand for specie from thin point must continue *0 long as we can hold that position. Spurious treasury note* are getting plenty. One for $600 made its appearance in Wall street to-day. It wan dated Sept. 4th, 1847. drawing 5 2-5 per rent interest. No. 167. L. A., signed R. II. Glllet, register, and D. Seldeu. treasurer. The paper was coarse, water mark badly done, and signatures exceedingly well doue. It was received from the South, where there may be others in circulation. It would be well, therefore, for bankers and others, to be on their guard. We loarn from St. Louis, that several heavy failures have taken place amongst the largest produce dealers of that city. One firm, in particular, of many years standing, and of the highest respectability, has been compelled to stop; others, it is thought, will follow. The business upon the Connecticut railroad has increased rapidly for a few months past. The receipts of the past mouth were as follows ; For passengers, $0,800 95; freight, $6,412 73; mails, express, Ike. $284 08: total, $13,557 70. Do. in April. 1847. $9,526 73. Increase. $4,032 03. or 42 per cent. The extension of the road to the Vermont State line, where It will intersect the Vermont and Massachusetts road to Brattleboro, which will be completed in six or eight months, will tend to increase the business very materially. Stock Exchange. I ??iAn<tm VT.i.. 11. uml/ H1\ .L . XT k. W... U D 1.4 f. OO \S >uuuu ircu^uuMoa iw>8 JU HUB ?. T? W* ?? ww ?xj-a 3000 Tennessee tis 92)4 25 l'aU>rsou serin 107 3000 U S 6?,'67 (10 10iC 14 N York & N lUveu SB 5000 do 104*4 180 L Island RR 29 1000 ilo'Sd 102)2 100 do *30 2V 3000 Penn 5s b20 7&>? 200 do bSO 29 V 20000 do blO 73 300 do U3 29S, 10000 do 74% 50 do b30 2#', 1200 Ohio Ga, '56 100 200 do 2?N lOUO Readiuga Bonds 56 100 do 2000 doMortBda G0K 300 do l>30 29*. 30 alia City Bank 101V, 230 Harlem RR out 51 l4 30 Dei Ik Hudson scrip li?2 30 do alio 51 2J0lleadln? RR 3U% 100 do op/ 51 30 Illinois State Bk 10 100 do slO 31 100 Farmers' Truat 20 30 do |20 31 90 do 27% 130 do 31 30 Morris Canal 9K 100 do M0 31W 100 Canton Co 31*. 30 do opg 31S 5 Nor & Wore RR 33v4 SO do WL5 51 200 do S3 13 Erie RR, serip ?9J? 30 do aGO S3 IS do Second Board. 13000 Erie Bonda, 7a 99 \i 100 aha L Island RR, b 30 23V 3000 Kcntuekv 6a, 13 ji 98W 30 Harlem RR, ou 3l? 100 ah* Lone Island RR 29 V 30 do p andc 51 jZ 30 do do 29>J 30 do opg SIX CITY TRADE REPORT. Nkw York, Friday Afternoon, May 12. Tho flour market was some 1cm firm to-day. owing to fresh receipts. Purchasers were buying sparingly, being inclined to wait for further receipts, which were supposed to be on tho way. Many dealers believe that the receipts of flour and graiu from tho Wost during the present season will be much less than they were last year. The few sales of flour made to-day were effooted at about yesterday's quotations, but the market closed rather In favor of buyers. Whest was dull, and buyers claimed a concession on previous rates, and the market closed heavy. Corn sold at yesterday's rates, though It, too, grew heavy towards tho close. Sales of meal were made at previous rates. There was no change in rye or oats. By our Albany report It will be seen that receipts of flour and grain were light, while the market for flour and grain was heavy. The Boston line being out of order, wo were again without advioes from that point to-day. In this market provivisions remained about the tame. Sales of mess and prime pork were made at steady price*. There waa a fair business doing in sugar and molasses, while sales of coffee were light. The auotlon sale of fruit was well attended, and satisfactory prices obtained. Aiuu.?Prices were lower, and sales cf 40 bbls Pots were made at $5 75. At the close, this prioe waa not obtainable. Pearls we quote at about $6 25. Receipts 203 bbls. Beeswax.?The market Is heavy, and no sales have have lately come under our notice. BaKAOiTurn.?Flour?Before 'change sales of 300 a 500 bbls Oenesee were made at $0 75 for pure quality.? During 'change further small sales were made at $6 50 a $0 02><. The sales probably footed up 800 a 1000 bbls | in various small parcels, in all. Some sales were made deliverable next week, on terms not understood. The market olosed heavy. fVhiat?The market was dull, and buyers were not disposed to meet the views of sellers. We heard of no Bale* of moment. Corn?Sales of 5000 a 6000 bushels Jersey yellow were made at 60c ; sales of 2000 bushels Southern were made, including damaged, at 52c, and vellow. in the slip, at 65c, and 2300 do do yellow and white sold at 50c, and 1500 do, out of order, at 52c. There were sales reported yesterday and today, of Jersey yellow at 67c, but we failed to find either buyer or seller at that price. Meal?Sales of 000 bbls were made of New Jersey, at $2 50 ; the article remained firm. Rye?Sales of 1000 bushels were made at 74>?c. delivered. Rye Flour?Sales of 150 bbls wore made at $3 02^. including a portion extra at $3 76. Barley? Sales of 1700 bushels were made at 83c. Oatt?Sales were making at 47c a 49c for River and Canal. Receipts of Breadstuff*?Flour, 1302 bbls ; Barley, 072 bushels ; Oats, 1400 bushels ; Corn. 300 bushels. Cotto*?There was only a moderate business done to-day. but at Arm prices. Fish?The transactions arc 200 bbls Nos. 1 and 2 Bay Chaleur mackerel at $8 25 a $5 02>?; 200 do shore do, of the best brand, at $9 for No. l's a $6 75 for No. 2*s, and 400 quintals cod at $3 o0l?. FauiT?The cargo of the Prince de Joinville, from Palermo, was disposed of to-day. by auction, at good prices. It consisted of tho following parcels, via: 1221 boxes orangos. black (O), at $2 08 a $2 81>,?; 779 do do (OO) at $2 C8\ a $2 75; 380 do red (O) at $4 02* a $4 87>4; 120 do do (OO) at $4 50 a $4 &7X; and 1100 do lemons at $3 02* a $3 75. cash. At private sale, we noticed 1000 boxes wet dried raisins at 41 40 a $1 42*4. and 6.000 Havana pineapples at $13 per 100; 1000 boxes raining sold at auction at $1 36 a $1 37 V Freights?For cotton 5-32d. was offered; 3-1(1 was in some cases demanded to Liverpool. Beef in bbls was taken at 18d. There were some naval stores going forward at old rates. There was no change in other articles. HcMr?Sales of 100 bales dew rotted American are reported at $130 a $132 50 per ton. 6 months. Lead?We quote pig at about 4c per lb. Lime?A cargo of 2200 bbls was sold at 75c. Molasses?The demand for the supply of the trade continues good, and we note sales of 150 hhd* Cardenas at 10?,c a 20c, which is an advance; 110 do Cuba Muscavado at 21>?c. and 100 do Trinidad at 22c. Naval Stork.j?There is considerable movement iu the market to-day, with sales of the following lots: 2000 barrels North County rosin at 65c. 500 do. Wilmington do afloat at 75cs.. 500 do. raw turpentine at $2 50. and 200 do spirits do at 33c.. cash. Oi ?Sales 250 half chests Florence oil were made at $4 75; and sales of 450 bbls selected whale were rnado at 31c for export to Kngland. Thero was no chango in linseed, while sales were moderate. Provision*?Sales of 300 barrels mess pork were reported at $10 75; and 300 do were sold to arrive next week at $10 02li. Sales of ;i00 barrels prime good quality wero made at $8 50; and 300 do at $H 37*?. Sales of 300 tlercos pickled hams were reported at 5c; 50 barrels plain cured hams were made at 5,'?c; and 60 do at 70c; do shoulders, extra quality, were mado at 3,^o. Beef? Sales of 175 bbls city mess wero made on private terms. Lard?Sales of 100 bbls were made at 6l4e; and 75 a 100 do prime sold at 6?*'; and sales of 200 kegs fair quality were made&tO^'c. There was no chango iu cnosse. Butter, on account of increased arrivals, was dull. Rice?100 tierces changed hands at $3 37.V Si'oars?The sales include 480 hhds. Cuba Muscovado at 4 a 4'% a 4'?c. 200 boxes brown Havana at 5 a 6c. and somo lots of white do at 7^c.. all 4 months. Tohacco?Sales of 30 a 40 hhds Kentucky were made at 7*?c. Win*.?We notice sales of 120 quarter casks of Port at 55 a W5e.; usual time. Whuket?The market was depressed, and sales of 100 bbls. State prison was made at 23c., and sales of 135 do afterwards at 22>?c, at which price the mar Uet closed. Whaleronb?Sales of 13000 lbs North-west were reported at 25c. STOCK SALES. rai.timonr, May 11??'*?> Maryland ?'?, W; 1000 do <T?, 87\'; ?nui) do Quarterly A k. 71: 2HO Baltimore 6>, I.S7". Ati'i; !<00 do o?, I800, '.>7 V 10 utinirj Hank of Baltimore, s'i'j 1.1 Jo Baltimore Kit* Insurance, 6\; 1!0 do Baltimore and Ohio Kailrood Co, Sfi'j; United Smtej li'i of lHfi7, elomd at 104?f bid, HIS asked; Trcarary ti'iat 1021* hid. 102S a*ke<L Maryland 6'? rioted at H7V Lid, M nked. Baltimore G'? of 1H00, at974 bid. 97X a?ked; Haltitnoro and Ohio Railr >ad nharai at 3# if Ma, 36X aaked. PMH.ADtl.PtllA. Mat 12, 1S4*.?Firit lionrj.? $000 tahitli CI SeripTHV; Sl?.7'"? State.V? UVrn 76 s .1 l'hilad lik II3*<: 2 l'lanter'f Ilk Tcnn I"; $15i?> t 'lie* fc I>et C"? 11; 10 Comrnl Ilk .*>; $I0U0 II S 6'? '86 lt)2\; 100 i; S Bank 3!*'. ii >*toh, May 11.?Hrolem' Hoard.?If ih> lloiton and Worcester llailroad I li'i; I Mansaelitifirtt'* Cotton Mills !tt; J!> Heading Itailrnail, Mil hi |f: 7:, ,|? It,'', ; ,'tt ,),? ?|IM Hi1, ; (111! East Hot ton ( ompany I2'i; 60 do bind l2Tj; IV) right* lloftoa and Maine Kailroaid 2 In a 2 21; Irt East fliston Dividend) So. 4. 6j 160 do hSiMft; SO do blOd 6: $1000 H??ton 1 ity S'i, 1sh !?>. Stand linn rd?$2000 City .V?, 1868, Mfti, ; 3000 Readinpt Kailr.iad Bonds, 1**1, 501? domestic markets. Pkilaorlpiiia ('atti.r Market, May 11.?OITorinK* of the week eonalat of 1380 boef cattle, mostly from the Went, itioliulinK "0" head tnken to New York; 240 rn*? and caIvch, ".'><) hnga 11 ml 060 aheep. I'ricna Boevca w?rc nearly nil aold at $6 60 a 7 60 the 100 Ih*. Cow* and calvca?Snlea rAngc At $8 a 16 for dry $14 n 28 for aprinffera and $18 a 32 for fresh cow*. Hog*? All In market aold At $4 00 a 4 76 the 100 Ilia, Sheep were takrn at $1 26 n 4 60 each. a? In t|uality. Hay la InwiT. and sale* of Timothy Are making At 90 a 10.') ctr per rnt.; baled liny rttlea dull At 70 a 8ft eta. per 100 Ihs. Strnw la without change. W? quote good quality at $7 00 a 8 00 the 10(1 bundle?. Married. On Tueadny evening, the 0th Inat , At St Mary'a Church, By the Kev Wtlllntn Stans. Mr. Jon?? ll*rr?, to MiH Ca rii*m"ik A** Noo*a>. nil of his city. Mod. On the 11th Inst., of disease of the 1i?art. Martha. wife of George Br.iid, Iron founder, aged 40 years mid 3 months. The friends nnd acquaintances of tho family are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral. on Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from her late residence. 102 Lewis ^street. On Friday morning, tho 12th in?f . J tmr? YValkir, In the 50tli year of lili age. mm of tho late John Walker. The friends of the family, and of his brother-in-law, John W. Thompson, are requested to attend Ills funeral. from tUcre?idenco of hissliter, Mr*. Dow, No. Ill Charlton ofe Saturday aft?moon at half part 4 o'clock. On f nJay morning. 12th Inst., of cuu<uuijjtinn Joh <i Jillahd. Jr., In the 31?t year of hU age. HU friends and acquaintances are respectfully requested to attend hU funeral on Sunday afternoon, at half past 3 o'clock, from his late residence, No ti7 Cherry street, without further iuvitation. Baltimore papers please copy. On the 12th Inst., Benjamin Orrsi. formerly lecturer to the Society of Moral Philanthropists, at Tammany Hall, In the 78th year of his age. His friends aro respectfully Invited to attend his funeral. from Eagle Hall, coruer Delaucy and Christie streets, ou Suuday. 14th i list , at 3 o'clock, precisely. His remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery. On Thursday evenliiK last. May 11th. after a short illness. William II. Hakuv, Esq., merchant, formerly of Birmiughaii. England, uud for many years a resident of this city, aged 0# years. 11 months and '1 days The friends of the family, and his son William Hardy. Jr.: son-in-law Andrew Cropsy. of Brooklyn; al?o. his Masonic brethren, and the member* of Protector Firo Kugine Company No. 22. are respectfully requested to attend bin funeral, on Sunday afternoon. May 14th. at U o'clock, from No. 1W Christie streot. near Stanton. Philadelphia papers please copy. On Friday, the 12th inxt , in the loth year of her ; ago. Klle* Maria. daughter of Samuel Onburno. The relation* and frieuds of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from 64 Baltic atroet, South Brooklyn, on Sunday afternoon, at half pant 4 o'clock, without further invitation. On Friday, the 12th inHt., of inflammation of the 1 lungs. Thomas McBahron, Jr.. aged 22 years. The friends of his fattier, also of brother* John and j Patrick, htu requested to attend his funeral on Sunday, the 14th (nut., at 4 o'clock, P. M.. from his late residence, No. 13 Avenue B. UNION COURSE, U I.?TROTTING.?THE GREAT MATCH i for $2,INK), between Americus and Black Havtk, throe miles aud repeat, to 250 pound wagous, will oorne olf on Monday, May [ the 15th. The same day a match between Cambridge Girl and American Doe. M. D. GREENE, Proprietor. I CENTREVIIXE COURSE, TROTTING?PURSE $ao. MII.E heats, best 3 in 5 in harness; free for all trotting Horses; two or more entries, and two or more to start to make a race. If more than two euter. the Purse will be S30O. To close on Saturday evening, May the 13th, by 9 o'clock, I*. M., at C. Lovely's, Telegraph llotel, Mercer street. joei, CONKLIN, Proprietor. Centreville, May 13,1848. The eclipse saddle-horse stable, fifteenth street, between 5th and 6th avenues?established for the letting on hire of saddle horses only; no carriages or harness being kept on the premises. Palmo's opera house.?great ATTACTION.-THE prices have been reduced, in order to give every person so innUnml. kn nnnrtrt.tinif.v nf ItHholdinff t.l?? beautiful i/rmininira nvhllti. ted nightly at this theatre. No expense tuu beun (pared, either in the election of artists fit for the most "beauty loving eve" to gaae on with admiration, or the paraphernalia with which tnev are deooraied. Let not those who love to gate on beauty when unadorned, postpone their visit, for they will be displeased with themselves for not sooner gating on " Nature's handy-work divine/" Notice?the rev. benjamin griffin will hold Divine Worship at the Centenerv M. E. Church, Brooklyn, corner Jay and Johnson streets. Sabbath next, Mny 14, at 10}? o'clock, A. M.?3 P. M.?7evening. Seats free. <KQA REWAIID?LOST, ON THURSDAY EVENING LAST, yp/G\J a large double-back, engine-turned, patent lever Gold Watoli (with a small gold chain attached 1, number 3B.N5, A. Dikeman, Maker, New York, white enamelled dial, with large figures; the minute and hour hands of gold; and a small hand, which revolves four times in one minute. The above reward will bo paid upon leaving the watch with Geo, C. Allen, importer of watches, No. 31 Wall street. _ I REWARD-LOST, YESTERDAY, ONGOING FROM ' jJUU 101 William street, through John street, and In a Bowery omnibus to Houston street, 380 dollars in bills of the Bank of Com- 1 mere*. The finder will receive the above reward by leaving the money at No. 10 Bleeoker street. I PROMISSORY NOTE LOST.?NOTE LOST.?ALL PERSONS 1 cautioned against negotiating the following described note, I whloh has been lost or mislaid, vis.:?Graham and Lowerre's note, I dated April 22. 184S, at four months, drawn payable to the order I of, and endorted by Mr. Geo. W. Lowerre, for four hundred and thirty-four 73-100 dollars. The flnderij requested to leave it with, or enclosed to, Mr. WM. HUNT, at the Otnoe of. the Journal of Commeree. New York, May 11th. | Lost?on Saturday, may oth, while on board the steamship America, a Lady's Parasol. The finder will 1 oblige by returning it to this office. " WANTS A SITUATION?AS SEAMSTRESS OR CHAMbermaid in a respectable family, and to do up tine tliiugs; would make herself generally useful in any way she would be required?having lived in families of distinction, whose characters will certify to hor houesty, sobriety and general good conduct? j would have no objection to go to the country, or with any ladies goin^ to a watering place for the summer season. Can be seen at j Mr. J. Craig's, (J79 Broadway, from 12 o'clock till 2. Any com- ' mands for A. T? 07U Broadway, will be respectfully attended to. I WANTED?A COLORED WAITER, WHO CAN MAKE j himself generally useful, and can bring the best rocominen I dations for character and capacity, to reside in a gentleman's family at Jamaica, Long Island. A competent person will find ] permaneut employment and receive good wages. Apply to JOHN , 0. DAY, No. 10 Wall street, this day between the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. *New York, May 13,1W, | WANTED.?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG t woman as nurse, to take care of ohildren, as chambermaid, ! o >k, washer or lroner, or to do the general housework of a small 1 family?has no objection to go a short distance in the oountry. The I bast of eity reference can be given. Apply at 17 Chestnut street. UTANTED?by A bookkeeper whose evenings j TV are unoccupied, the charge of one or two set* of books to be ! written up weekly, or more or leu frequently. Satisfactory re- j ferencos furnished. Address J. B. E. 47 Mercer street. WANTED?DY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION | as chambermaid and waiter, or as oliambermaid, and to do 1 plain sewing. Will receive calls for two days. Please call at 46 Allen street. Good city references given. WANTED, BY A YOUNG MAN. 20 YEARS OF AGE, A Situation, in a Hardware or oilier Store; be has been, for the last ft years, in a I,<>ndon, Birmingham ana Sheffield Warehouse, in Birmingham, England, and is well adnuainted with the business. The best of Reference, both City and English, can be riven. Please direct J. M, at Mr. Wallace's, IBS Cedar street, Edingburg Castle. JOHN MEEKS. TT BAKERS.?WANTED, A SITL ATION BY A STEADY, sober, married man. to take charge of a fancy tea cake bakery?lias no objeutions to goiug into the country. Please direct or call at No. 55 Houston street, where they can see his work. Apply until Monday night SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING AT THE CITY CLOTHing Warehouse, 102 Fulton street opposite the old North Dutch Church. Coats from (1 to (10; Pants from $1 to (5; Vest* from $ I to $3. A whole suit for $&?D. P. SMITH, 102 Fulton street GB. CLARK. 116 WILLIAM STREET.?INCIDENTAL TO my UuitimaUt business as a Merchant Tailor, I sell the Blue Lamartine Sack at $14. Brown and lllack Sack'* at $10, Sll and $12. Tweeds at $5 to $6 50. Black Clolli French Dress Coats, to measure, at $16 tu $20. Rich Silk Vestingj, to measure, $5; Broadway price $7. Cassimere Pantaloons, of all descriptions, ranging in price from $4 to $14 per pair. I am the only person who sells the Lamartine Coat, wnich I strongly recommend as a beiUtiful walking ganuent^price $14. Notice to the ladies?city ladies and those Ladios visiting the city, can find at J. 11. Miller's, 122 Canal street, French morocco and kid Slippers. Tyos, and lluskins, at !'s. and Ills.; second ouality Slip|*>r* ami Tyos at bs.; Bnskins at 7s. the pair; Indies' Gaiter Boots at Ids. and l.v. per |?iir. equal to any in this city. Misset and Children'* Gaiter Boots aiid Shoes of all kinds and prices. Iridic* will plea*o call and examine for themselves at J. 11. Miller's, 122 Canal street, near West Broadly. JAMES BANK.?? CENTS ON THE DOLLAR IS PAID FOR the bills of the James Bank, at J. B. WOOD'S Excliangc OfHoe, No. 51 Wall street. CITY LOANS.?'TEMPORARY LOANS IN ANTICIPATION of the Revenues of the City, will be received at this office, in sunn of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars and upwards, for which Imuds of the City will be isjuod, payable February loth, I'M:'. With Interest at the rate of six per cent per auuum. Comptroller's Oflice. May 10. IW. JOHN EWEN, Comptroller. WOOL TWINE, NAILS, Jie.?30,000 POUNDS OF TH INE suitable for fleece tying; 100 bale cotton seine ; 230 do w nipping do: 70 London and llridport seine twine, assorted sixes; SO do xhoe thread, various qualities: 3000 casks cut nails, bra-l* ami spikes; lbs tirst qualitv Billing twine. 2 and 3 thread. For sale by CEUKA & ( I MlNG.'HVi Pearl street Newspaper for sale.?the westciiester spv. at White Plains, Westchester county. New York, i.? offered for sale. It has tho "good will" of some eighteen years standing, with all tho necessary material in good condition for a country newspaper and Job printing office. In the hands of a practical printer, of ordinary fitness, with industry and prndenco, it would make a profitable and respectable business. Apply to John W. Mills, Esq., White Plains ; to Smith Barker, Esq., 1"> Deckninu street Now Vork. or to ALLAN MACDONALD, Fluahing, L. I. IJUI/.E MONEY?PERSONS ENTITLED TO PRIZE mo. Jl nry, arising front the capture of the schooner WII.1.1 AM, arc rennested to apply to the aubacrPier. All Iiersona nn board the U. S. nips Colum'nia, Warren and Erie, on the SIM March, 1 "47, are entitled to ahare in tliii priM. Norfolk, Virginia- EDWARD T. DUNN. Frite Agent SAIL BOAT FOR SALE?A YACHT OF SIX TON'S, 1)1*1 LT in the l?it manner, nearly new, ami very fajt miler. Apply at 2.1 Broad atrect, or I'eteri' Fishurmmis llall. Smith Brooklyn. TI1E BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL Steamahips, between Ronton and Liverpool, and l>et*cim New York ana Liverpool, calling at Halifax to land and receive nails and passengers, are intended to nail as follows:?Bri tannin, ('apt. Lang, from linston, Wednesday, 17tii May; Cambria, ('apt. Harrison, from New York, Wednesday, 24th May:Caledonia, ( ept Leitch, from Boston, Wednesday, 31st May: llitirni*. (apt. .Shannon, from Now York, Wednesday, 7th June: Niagara, ('apt. Ryrie, from BoiUin, Wednesday, 14th June. I'assage monoy SI-'" For freight or peaeasc, Apply to E. CCNARL), JR., 3B Broadwuy. For new orlbans?Louisiana ani? new vork Line of l'acketa?Very reduced rates of freight?!' -itivcly the drat and only regular packet, to sail Monday, Hay 1.1th. The now and splondid fast sailing packet ship UTIC A, Cap'. Swan, ia now loading, and will sail aa above, her regular day. For frcignt or pannage, having splendid furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall street. or to F.. K. COLLINS, ftti South street, l'oaitively no freight will lie received on board after this evening. Shipiiers may rely upon this vessel sailing punctually aa advertised, having their goods correctly measured, and that she ia the only regular packet for Monday. Shippers will please send their bills of Uding in for signature early. Agent In New Orleana, Mr. Wm. Creevy. who will promptly forward all goods to his address. Th? racket Imrk (iENESkF.. ('. T. Dillingham, maater, will ucceed the I'tica. and anil her regulry day. ClAITAINJ. F. VON MELBTKDT, FROM DENMARK, IS > requested to call at the Danish Consulate, New York, <W ' West street. CMUTTON WATER NEVER WAS FILTHIER?IT IS NOW t slimy with flsh spawn ; but it is rendered pure as the springs 1 that feed ita source, by passing through the Diaphragm Filter. Ail J who desire purer water will call at 341' Dro?dway, oppoait* St. Charles Hotel. J KOHLSAAT, BROTHERS, 4X JOHN STREET, OFFER F(>R sale a eompVte assortment of Fringe* and (limps, suitable for spring trade. Alao, Zephyr Worsteds 1'iirse Tw ist, Head WHEREAS, MESSRS. WORKMAN AND BELL, SAII MAkera and Awning Manufacturers, have dissolved partner- ' ship by mutual consent, the bnsiucas, in future, will 1>? conducted ' by the subscriber, at 120 Warn* atrect and 1S7 West street, New 1 York. M M. WORKMAN. -? ? I /Turns, bunions and had nails extracted-s. n SIIIRIAKOFF, from St. Petonlmr^, Kiiiuii.? Dr. S. l?o<* Imto ? to inform those in anj' way Afflicted with f'orns or llnni ins, that ' ho csn be consulted daily at hi* ofBer. S. Sliiriakoff. Chiropodist, ong&gpf* to snv who honor him with s visit, to cure the above ' without the slightest pain or tronhle. It is not his instrument* i alone which lie relies on, l.nt engage* hi* Elixir to 1s? the in fa- :l rilatimr remedy for extracting? which will never return. Any ' person who wjI call, can sec a number of letters from their fellow citizens, returning thank* for an immediate and complete euro, at h fflee, M Chainl?ers street, opp site the Park, . NOCI RE. NO PAY-PR. COUIHTT. 10 Dl'ANE STRRET. ' momlwr of the Royal <'nl|*a;e of Surgeon*, f.oncton. n,;iv I* 1 naitllM in treatment nf delioato dine**., No matter now Ion* i ' yon nmy have ulcer* n|?on the body, or in tlie or n *< . | ' l"iin? in the head and lx>ne* of the Ian*. A pr?ctir? of fourteen ( your,, derot??l to venereal dijeaeo*, imI>In Dr. C. to cure tlio wont funn of this diimiMe. Recent cases cured in four diiv-.? No mercury Mail. Strictures tared in one or two week* with oarualy any |?in. <'on?tituti'>Tial d?I !lity. Those individual* ' who hare induUed in a Pertain l'Htluome Imhit can jmaitirely h# restored U> health and lueicty. Kotnomler, 111 Uuauu ?trvel, oj> l'??it. Dr. Johwon't. " Jr. Bitomri, maur and importer or grand, ?n| grand and six octave double action Hurpu, wararuoma ? Broftdwaf, would iuf rm Lit friandt he has removed from kol to 2&> Broadway. and solicits a continuation of the very liberal patronage be ha* had the honor to reooive. J. F. B. would aid he is now completing a largo and elegant collection, am nx which is a new kind of I)ouhlc Action Itarn, called tlie (loUiio Semi Orand, c iuul iu brilliancy and power ol Tone, aud more convenient si*e tlian the gruud; it is admired as a great improvement. llij ariaii^emuut* enable luiu to tranaact busino-v, at very modorate price*. London and New York? Established, 1410. 11 :irpa repaired, String*. Muaic, Uc. Auction notice-valuable rosewood, black : Walnut and Mahogany Furniture, without reserve. A. C. TL'TTLE will sell on Tuesday, lotii inat., (unavoidably p-??ip mod from Friday)?at 10f? Vclock, at the extensive Ware Rooms, No. 1 Broadway, a lar^o and elegaut assortment of Rosewood, Black i Walnut, and Mahogany Parlor, Buidoir and Bodrooui Furni- | lure, of the most modem and antluue styles, oo moating of Sofas, , Tete-a-tetes, Fautcuiln, Chairs and I>ivan?. in muslin and rich | plu&h; Mahogany, Parlor and Boudoir Chairs and Sofas, in lieir cloth; Waaliatands, Wardrobes, French Bedsteads, Dressing and Plain Bureaus, Sewing un*l Rocking Chairs, Sic. N. B. This sale will be peremptory and worthy the attention of strangers and otJiera. Catalogues on the morning of sale. Terms Cash. VALUABLE RIAL ESTATE AT AUCTION.?TUB SUBaoriher will aell at public auction, on Saturday, the 1.1th instant, at 2 o'clock, I' M. on the promisee, that valuable Tavern Stand, heretofore known as the Clinton Hotel, situate about 2% i miles west of Newark, on the Turnpike Road, loading to SpringHeld, and containing about 2*4 acre a of land, and is one of the best locations for a Tavern Stand in the county, or would make a very desirable country residence. Conditions made known by the j subscriber at the time of salo. JAMES J. COOPER. Comptou. I May 9,1848. _ DUPONT FARM, sot fct'RBS, 1BJOTNING Jl DOB Church, Angelica, near the Genesee Valley canal and New York and Erie railroad, one and a half mile on the (lenesee River 1 and Croek?about l.'*? acres of interval! flats?the remainder tables of the most fertile upland, free from itono?about JWO acres | in new feuce and cultivated with wheat, grass, corn, fruit, hie.-? | new small hour's and barns?egood saw mill and water |?ower for i other mills?considerable white pine and oak timber?copious springs?lieautiful groves aud views, and a remarkable convenient and healthy position. For sale on the premises on and after tho 20th June next if not previously disposed of at per acre?for hair or the whole. J NO. R. PETERS 02 Wall St., New Y?rk. Rappahannock f.^tatk for sale.?timber contractors, wood merchants, and farmers, would find it to their advantage to examine my Mulberry island estate, situated imine iluitely on the KHpiuhutiiiock rivur, about 00 miles below Frudericksbt>iy. 11 contains l7Uft>? acres, between 200 ami SIX) acres of which immediately u? tlie river) are eijual to uny lands in this ilr any other State in the I'nion, for agricultural purposes. Tho residue in valuable chiefly for its extensive forest* of wlilte oak. loount. oedar, chestnut, yellow poplar, beech, Ike. Upon this hut portion are numerous tenements, the annual rental of wliich is about $350. This estate lias been recently valued by commissioners who have resided all their lives cither upon or in its immediate vicinity, at S 10.77-. Being in urgent want of funds, [ offer it on short credits at $S0iU. an amount which skilful and energetic capitalists inii^ht ivaliie fr<im the tlml>er and wood alone. The steamer Mary Washington, plying been Baltimore and Fredericksbur<. passes weekly by this estate, and Would land those desirous of examiuing it. either upon it or at Tapp&hannook, or lycedstown, distant eight miles. a. n. bernard, Fredericksburg. ______ Liouor store to let?the store corner of West and Christopher streets, facing lioboken Ferry, now finishing, will lie "ready for occuuincv 1st lune. This being a choice stand, by applying soon, the details of tho arrangements will be made to suit the tenant. Apply at No. 13!) lludsou street. A ROOM AND BED ROOM WANTED, UNFURNISHED, in a private family, where there are no other boarders, with or without breakfast and tea, for a single gentleman. Address BACHELOR, Herald Office. TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMOdatod villi pleanant rooms, with Breakfast, Tea and Dinner on Sundays, in a small private family iu a genteel neighborhood, within live minutes walk of the City Hall, west side of Broadway. References exchanged. Address, Yi^rriek, Qltyce uf this paper. Boarding?rooms to let, with board, at no. i Carrol place, oorner Bloeoker and Laurens streets. Accomack county, virginia-a mr george dix, son of Colonel Levi Dix, of this place, is informed that bis father is dead, and left him considerable property. Mr. George Dix is a seafaring man, and has sailed from Boston. His friends have not heard from him for flra years. Any information concerning him will confer a favor on his relations. Apply to WM. PARRAMORE, Drummondtown, Aocomaok County, Va.; or to II. 1'. HAVENS lit SON, iSt Water street, New York. TO BE SOLD, AT THE SHOP Of THE UNDERSIGNED, No. 67 Ann street, where he will is future oarry on the honse oarpentering business. * lance glass Case, Counters, and several other fixture* in good condition, and ready to be put up immediately. Can be seen by applying to 3. HARRIS, Carpenter, 87 Ann street WOOD CUTS AND STEEL PLATES FOR SALE.?TWO or three handred fine wood engravings, illustrating the leading events of the past three or four years; and two splendid Steel Plates, Views of the Park and Union Square Fountains, for mlib. Apply >t tun omoo. GOODWIN'S ROOFING, CENTS PER FOOT, ROOFS over 20 squares, $3 73 per square; Old Tin Roof made tight for 2^ cents per foot, and warranted. Goodwin's Patent llyaro Pneumatic Cement Sheathing, makes a cheap, light, aud durable roof, neither pitch nor gravel used in Its application. It is best adapted for ttat roofs; can be walked over without injury. It is laid on rough plank, and done to a gauge, as shingling is done. Office, 88 West Broadway, near Chambers street Removal.?tue new yohk medical and surgical Institute, has been rumored from 73 Chambers street to UH Mr'!\dway, east side, a few doors above Brooms street, where it will be permanently located. Particular attention is paid to Surgery, and all diseases of tlie urinary organs. II. Bostwlok, Vf. D. Attending Physician and Surgeon. Removal.?r. webber has removed to no. eua Broadw ay, three doors below Houston street, where ean be had Boots aud Shoes of the best quality, as cheap as at any store in the city, and superior in style and finish. A style of best French kid aud morocco Shippers, together with Gaiter Boots, unequalled in the city. Competition challenged, except in impudenoe and ignorance. African guano?a prime article-just received. for sale by A. B. ALLEN It CO.. IX) and 191 Water St. FS. FISCnEL it VON STADE. 11 PLATT STREET, OFFER for Snle Patent Loather, White Horse Hair, Hair Seating, and Quicksilver. ASEIGNETTE BRANDY NOW LANDING.?10 half pipos. 100 qr. casks, 100 eighth do. Palo and colored, of the old and ?enuiuo brand, and of very superior quality, now landiug from ark Union, Just arrived from Itouhulle, and for sale by S. T. NK'OI.I, & ( (>., if? and (W Front St. Also landing, 10 half P'P?s, jo qr. casks, Bordeaux Brandy, J. J. Dtipuy brand ; 12 puncheons Jamaica Riun, of the celebrated B. D. M. brand. DU. I'OWELI* OCULIST. AURIST, ETC., ATTENDS DAIly to diseases of the Eye and Ear, at his surgery, 361 Broadwily. entrance IW Warren street. Just published, the second edition of Dr. Powell'* Treatise on the Eye, nrice 60 cents, which oan be hod at his office; also his premium self-acting Eye Fountains. A Urge supply of Artificial Eyes reoently imported, LEECHES! LEECHES!!?J. F. CLIU, IMPORTER OF l/wihes. No. 7 John street, respectfully Informs the Druggists aud Pltysiciaus that he hasjust received per steamship Washington, afresh supply of Swedish Leeches, which lie sells at very moderate prices, by quantities to suit purchasers. P. S.?Country orders particularly attended to. JSTOUVENEL & CO., HAVE OPENED A BRANCH OF their Business at No. 737 Broadway, where people will find a complete assortment of the richest Cut, Moulded, and Plain Glass, of their own Manufacture. French China, Solar, and Lard Ijunps, Girandoles, Chandeliers, Brackets, fee. All articles will be matched to patterns, and made to ordor. Also, a very buautiful selection of Gas Fixtures, of the newest style. Goods loaned for Parties. J. STOUVENEL k Co., 737 Broadway, opposite Astor-plucc, wholesale and retail dealers. IjlANCY GOODS?FREDERICK A. WOODWORTII, IMPOR T ter of Fancy Goods 32.5 Broadway, opposite the Broadway Theatre, lias reueivud by late arrivals, white, colored, and silver paper Fans, Shell Musical Boxes, Porcelain Vases, Bohemian i Glass Ware, Opera Glasses, Work lloxes, Dressing Cases, Writing bejka, l'apctories. Portfolios, Reticules, Purees, Porte-inonnaios, Card Souvenir* I 1'itpier ilatiiec un<l kiiony Work Tahi??, Curd RuccivdrnT Uronie Ornament*, Group*. Statuette*. Vason, &e. Roofi no?tiie subscribers recommend tTTeTTi American Composition Roofing, with aMunnce of iu superiority over every other kind of Routing now in use. It combines all tlio iu?|nisitci; it is perfectly tire Ami water-proof, and costs on I y : . enta the 1 ton woody and Skf to S oents on old tin. Low experience and practice on at least four thousand building have fni 1 y tested itj utility, and given unhersal satisfaction. Address R. iiEMAN it CO., .W? Houston street, near Broadway. DH. TIIOIU'E'S CARMIXANTIA.?THE MARVEl.MM'S enr- s that hav< been eflwttcd b) this medk im hp- < ivMlag an excitemcut l>cfore tin kit iwn ; iu wonderful effect* in tb?* two or three caact civen below are soch iw novor were before heard of. Dysjicpsia, Consumption, and Li'er Complaint, need no longer he known among us; their davs are numtwrud when brought uuder the inftueuce of Dr. Thorpe s Canninautia. Mr. Aaron F. Myers, Tinsmith, 1M7 South street, in his certificate, which can Ihj seen at tin; proprietor's offices, after detailing the many remedies In- Im-l tp<'l. .-ill wkioh WIN "t M fill, (?ph&tlttUfr Kinen) strange as it may amicar. in a few weeks I was perfectly restored by the use of the ( iiriniuantia! The case of Mrs. Weed, the wife of the President of the Troy Hank, is also an cxtraor libm| qm; dwted bun (raMwitli dyepsprin fcv nmM leeu under tlie best inediral treatineut for most part of the time, and could n >t p an) relit!. a itnritr n--"r: ?iiic mi Wm to try I)r. Th^rne'sCarminantia, and in taking a few bottle* was perfectly cured! A number of other raws will l-o published in a lew days, and any ficrson desirous of seeing further evidence can do so by calling u*|> ?a the proprietor, l.t! (irecnwich avenne. DK. .1 F.FFRI ES ANTIDOTE IS THE MOST EFFECT!"AL preparation sold for Uonnrrliitft and other disorders of the Sinil Organs. Repeated upiriBMitiisd l"nj; nyiiiiMi Iati Vroved that it will radically cur" any case which can be produced, his desirable result is obtained in fr?>in two to ten days, and as it neither creates nausea nor offends the jinlate, and renders unnecessary any deviation in diet or interruption to usual pursuits, sound sleep or healthy digestion, the nuisance is thus removed as speodilj as is eon blent *i?i? ti.r prodsoHoi of a thoronah Mid and i??rinanent cure. Its ingredients are entirely vegetable, and no injurious effect, either constitutionally or locally, can bo caused bv i Ulnae. Price $ I per bottle. Solo A Kent for this eity, C. 1J, KIN (I. 92 Broadway, corner John iireet. DR. RALPH. AUTHOR OF TILE "PRACTICAL PRIVATE Treatise.'* ato., 88 Greenwich street, office hoars 0 to 12 A. M., ft to 9 P. M., (Sunday excepted.) Those who apnly in the early taxes will be surprised at Uie rapidity and little inconvenience attending their cure. It if chiefly, however, those who have miCfered from a eerUiin class of people, or otherwise, whe can propcrly appreciate his services. In stricture, from its first or Inci? ptent, m it* nor* idnaosd aid dliliMiac stages, (hon bnnb* mon advantages, in addition to a very extensive practice in this complaint) he can afford a rapid, easy and radical cure, which, he has ground for stating, can be obtained from no other source in America. Most extraordinary work-to tiie married or those contemplating marriage. The married woman's, Private Medical Companion. l*y l>r. A M. Mauriceau. Sixth ediPrice $| . This work is meeting with m-?st astounding sale, (jClnO co|*ie* have already l>eon disposed of.) Every female is getting a cony, whether married or unmarried, although it is intended es|>eeial1y for the married, as it discloses important set*rets, which should he known to them particularly. Here every female fan discover the causes, symptoms, and the moit efficient remeiies, and most certain mode of cum in every ca*e. For sale. 222 Itr adway; at the Publishing Office, IJW liberty street. New York; %Hiot Zieher and Co., corner of Chaenut and Triinl streets, Philaielphia; Little and Co.. Albany; W. R. Davis, Boston. On the pooeii?t of $1. a copy will he transmitted by mail, free of postage, to all parts of the Cnited States. All letter* must lie addressed, ooNt Ittid. to I)r A \l M A IT HICK* IT ho* IJUA. Saw York citv. E>fHee, 12!) Lilierty stmt, On. c.mvr.r if*consn,tf.n at his office imrijTo the day nnd evening in thoee difficult and protllflt?d CMN f stricture. gleet, Ami delicate diseases whi<*h have prnred too nK. tinAte for physician* of )?#* experience. Private entraoM to liiit >fTiee, thn uftn en(n In N ? 2 Inn M Ilia Kxtnal a pnvin mWi*. otc, so extensively preeorihed by may had At ?is store in front, No. 2 Ann.?Price 51 per hex. S\iU\ RIWAKD-CR09M 81*14 If I< MIXTURE FOR the en re of gonorh<ra. Of nil the remedies yet discoi red f?T the fthov* com pi ami t, tliiff i* the most certain ; it makes t ?|ieody and permanent cure without the lea*t rentrietion in diet, Injik. exposure, or change in application to business. The pmprie?r challenge* a Kindle instance of recent fonorhora to be brought which the mixture will not cure, under forfeiture of $.400. Many ire cured in two days. Sold at 273 Itroadwav. corner of Chambers \ \ l>>. Iini I'm |i ii. , I nrr \S ilham Dir. ki'i i.v s mini' \i cn i p k is hf.movki> t<> liowerv, where medical advice can at all times l>e had. in all Mir ?nio l>i*? a v. \ d\ice in all disease* gratuitous. X. It.?Dr. r. f I,AW SON K F.I.I,V, will ho in attendant*) fey oonenltation aith j Hti^nts, ami all Ijvbonnf under disease* ut the above office, luring Monday. Tuesday and Wodn?Hd*y, the 15th, ltith and 17th i May. IMS. I*udk><i and gentlemen are res|?ectfnlly invited to all. \dthe iti ?)1 cmngratuitous. NO CTRE NO CIIARC.E 1 >R MrwrilY. OF tsMJnl.l) street, is confidentially consulted on all forms of private disa^es. Recent cases of gnnorhhata ho cures in 2 to 4 days. Const iu'ional debility and tuipotenuy suocesaAilly treated by Or. M. s.'o merenrjr used in any case, or hindrance from businoss. Office (Jul I Mreet; often from 9 A. M, to 10 1\ M. > I nOflKT THEATRE?9UTVKOAT ITKIW, MAT IS. I n ?Will I* perform."I. the Tragedy of jn.IL'S Cj?SAR? Hrutui Mr W Marshall; t'aiwiua. Mr C W Clarke: Mare An'ony, VIr L>yott; Jullua I'mtr, Mr niton; Oetavma Canar. Mr Jorlaii; Caaca, Mr II til; Oaulu.i lirutiM, Mr M'ardeu; Calphuruia. Mi Pnillip*. Pnruia, Mrn Abbott. To conclude with, aoonud tun', SIMPSON h CD?Mr Siiu|M?ii. Mr Uurkc. Mr Bromley, MrUjott, Kuater, Mi l Warwiek, Mr? Smiiwn Mrs I'liiili|x>; Mre llnili lev, Mrm Abbott; Mrv Fltjallun, Mrs Waloot.- Bniea, ?) oenta; Hit, : 25 oenta; Gallery, 1U)% omti; Private Boxea, $d. Doori open at 7 I ?Performance tu oommwca at hall pact 7. CHATHAM THBATHK?SOLE PROPRIETOR AND LES w, Mr. F. S. Chaufrau.?Saturday Evening, May IS? Will be presented the farce of IV P,?Mr. Splaaher, Mr. Rield; Mls? S. Startle, MiM llildreth ; Otmter, Ml?a Milm. After whioti, SPIRIT OK TUB WATK.ItS, Or, The Kir.. Kten.l?Sir Hold*, brand, Mr. Hield; Master Eapwi* Km*, Mr. Wlnaua: Olinda, Mi a .I. li. Booth; Oudinc, Mrs. li. Juucc Lot". Mia* Oclurian*. To bi fidluwod by NEW YOUK AS I [ IS? Mow. Mr. Clmirrhii; Jiie, Mr. Wlnani; William Twill, Mr. Herbert; Katy, Mr*. I llouth. To eonclude with IIIUII WAVS \M? ItVK W'.WS? I Mr. Stopleton, Mr. Ilield; Eliza liordon, Mi s IIildrotli. Doom open at 7?i'urtxmiaiu'O commence at 7>a o'clock. liow* S> cuutit?Pitt \'2%' MITCHKLl/S OtTKPIC TBI 1TUL-SA11 RDAT K.\ i.s. inn. May 13?The entertainments will commence with the comic drama entitled tha I'RI l>EOK THE MARKET?Initlorv K.i. riiic, Mr. Holland; Baron Troplanl, Mr. Clark ; Martini. Mimi Mary . Tayiuri I.uuiau, Mihh Phillip.*. After which, LOAN OK A UIV'Kli, ? f'oter Spyk, .Mr. Holland; (Jertrude, Miaa Mary Taylor. To | l?e followed by EAVATEIl?Mnnaiaur Hotmau, Mr Holland; J<>1,n ' C:iipar l-avaier, Nickinnon; I.iik. Conovcr; Eouiae. Ml** RolierU; I Mad. lietman, MIm I'liilllp*. To conclude with CITY' WIVES? | Mr. Eovuwell, Mr. Itlueker; Mr*. I.mewell, II. laherwood. l>rr*s ii? i*:, .mu-iimi i pjivr doaoii, ??; I 11, I-N* , i rivniu i?i?*ew, 5*1, Orrlinnlr* <1. , $.1. l>o?rn open at 7 " < loc?, curtain ritual'/'a. BKOAtlWW TIIE\TRK-Mr CnU.INV BENEFIT?"vAturdav Evening. M i\ I Mi h. will lie lurforincil the dni 111 :i c f GRANDFATHER WlllTEIlEAl>? IJrandfatlwr Whitehead, Mr. Illake; SttNMI, Mr->. W iti*. kftaf wllifihi tin' fem it tlio WRONG PASSENGER? Dentin, MuCariJiey, Mr. Collins; Cliarli'H Morion, Mr. Shaw: Julio, Minn Gordon; Sully, Mrs. \V utII > conclude with this dniuia of ll(IKV T<I (<fHilf l.l'CK?I'uinluun J O'ltalferty, Mr. Collin*; Count*-'** Mdinda, Mr*. Chapman: Mar- | !'hiv:u, Mr*. Serjeant: Nina, Mr?. Watts. lire** < irole iunl Piirqtietle, 9<l cent*;Family 1 'irule, 'iit cent*: Gallery, I'.'1., cents. Done* upon at 7, performance to commence at 7'j o'clock. Mechanics ii m.i? tn broadwav. between (J run J and lirooine streets. Monday, May *, ami every night during the week, tlio original CHRISTY'S M1 NSTREUS, whose couoerU during the |<ast seven niuiitlu have Iwcn received with such distinguished patronage and unexampled aucueu, muit respectfully announce, that they will continue their origin*! and iiiimitatle entertainments every night until further notice. Admission lift ceuts. Doors open at 7?Concert will commence at S. Manager and Director, E. r. CHRISTY. Hf For the accommodation of families, they will give an afternoon Contort every Saturday. Door* open at '1?oouimonce at S P. M. BARNL'M'S AMERICAN MUSEUM-P. T. B ARN CM, PROprietor, f. Hitchcock, Manager.?Splendid Performance* every afternoon, at half-paat 3 o'clock, and every evening. at a quarter befora 8. The Giant liaby, ouly lit monlii* old, weighing ninety pounds. Scripture Dissolving Views, representing, in a ?e ries of msgnltloent paintings, Edom, Babylon, Palestine and Jerusalem: their Early Days, Prosperity, and final Destruction. Wax Scripture Statuary, representing, in 10U figures, site of life, tho Birth of Christ in the Manger, his Last Suppe r, Trial before Pontius Pilate, and Intemperate Family. Great Western, the Yankee. Madam Rockwell, the fainos Fortune Toller. Admlseion to the whole, including Museum, Performances, fee., 26 cents; children, under tan vears of age, and old enough to walk alone, 12% oenta. Reserved front seats, one shilling eacn extra. JJALMO'S OPERA UOUSE-PRICES REDUCED?STATUary and Illustrated Picturos?Historical, Mythological and ystical, by twenty-five performers, under the direction of Sig. Monte LiUa. Programme for tliis evening.?1, The Warrior's Dream, dance of UlysHos' daughters, Psyche bathing, Fairies' Ravabm. 9. M.wnoln Dnni'A in fho rnnt-f ?f rn? (liuU M\rs and Venus, 'niruo Crucus, Sappho. 3. The angel convening with Adam, Expulsion from Paradise. The Listeners, Feast nf Bacchus, l'ahleau finale in honor of the United States. Admission? Drum Circle and Parquette, SO oonts; upper Boxes 25 cents. Doori open at 7K. a?d performance to oommence at 8 o'clock. Banvard's mammoth panorama of the mississippi River, painted ou three mile* of canvass, being the largeit painting in the world, at the Panorama Building, in Broadway, adjoining Niblo'i Garden. Open every evening (Sunday! exoepted). Admission DO oentc children half price. The Panorama will oommence moving at V to 8 o'clock precisely. Afternoon exhibition on Wedneaday and Saturday, at 3 o'olock. Minerva rooms, no. ?w broadway, between Walker and Canal streets.?Major General TOM THUMB, the smallest man in the world, respectfully informs the cltiiens of New York, Brooklyn, kc? Sic., that he will hold hla levees In the above rooms, every eveuing during the week, and on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, cominenoiug Monday, Uth May. "The Major" will also be in readiness to receive his friends, daily, from 10 to 12 o'olock, A. M., and from 3 to 5, P. M., when Free Tickets will be issued for the evening's entertainment. He will be assisted by several professors, the names of whom will l>e found iu the small bills of the day. Adwissiou 23 cunts?children half price. Evening's performance to commence at 8 o'clock; and afternoon, at 3. Director and manager, THOS. McKEON. Tabernacle?mr. dempster, composer of the May Queen, Lament of the Irish Emigrant, Blind Boy, ike., has tiie honor to announce his intention of giving one of his original ballad entertainments at the Tabernacle, on Monday even fau. May 15th, comprising his popular compositions. The Indians' Complaint?"Oh! why does the white man follow my path 7" When the Night Wind Bewaileth?John Anderson My Jo?Lonely Auld Wife?A Home in the Hearts?Lament of tiic Irish Kmlgrant?Saw Ye my Wee Thing?The IJying Child and the AbmI of Death?Death of Warren?Blind Boy?Emerald Isle?I'm Alone, all Alone?Tak Yer Auld Cloak About Ye, and his popular cantata?The May Queen, in three parti. Ticket* SO oents, to be had nt the Muiiu stores; of Mr. Dempeter. New York Hotel, and at the door. To commenee at eifht o'clock. AT THE SOCIETY LIBRARY ROOM, CORNER OF LEOnard street and Broadway.?On Monday Evening, May 15.1844, K. Morris, the Ancient Bard of the Ninth Ward, respectfully announces to hii friends that he intends giving a Concert, for the Benefit of Eliia Morris, Hi) Innocent Daughter. On which occasion lie will be assisted by a number of talented performers. Tickets 25 oents each. IRC'US.?WANTED?A FEW EXPERIENCED ABLE vy b*died men, to travel with a Circus Company.?Enquire at the Branch Hotel, No. 36 Bowery. TWO EXCURSIONS TO CEDAR GROVE, ON SUNDAY, May 14th?The steamboat GEN. LINCOLN, Capt. George Ilatzard, leaving as follows :?Morning Excursion?Pier foot of Cathtiriue street, >4 before 9. do. Pike street, 9; do. Canal street, 9,la ' do. Vesey street, V%: Pier No. I North River, 10. Returning, will leave Cedar Grove at ll,la o'clock. Afternoon ExcursionWill leave the pier foot of Pike street, at 1; do. Catharine, 1V4 ; do. Canal, \\ \ do. Vesey, 2, and No. 1 North River, 2*a. Returning at 5>? precisely. Fare for the Excursion, 25 cents. IIILLYER. Agent. 1.1IRST PREMIUM DOUBLE DAHLIAS.?HALLIDAY k MILLER. 7 Broad street, will sell at tlieir rooms on Monday. 15th instant, at 10*-, A M . Hn#?> l)utilai>'s choice Double Dabluis, neatly packed i?? baskets, color* assorted. This is so general ly known, aud has so frequently beeu awarded the first honors at the various Horticultural Exhibitions, that any farther commcut is doomed unnecessary. 500 Tube Rose roots and 500 Given-house Plants at the same time. TO THE LOVERS OF NAT! RE-ALEX. IIUTtHI.VSON.FLOrist, has removed bis establishment to 2Mthst. and Broadway, or Uloomingdale road. He is now ready to supply his customers, and others, with aschoicc a catalogue ??f Rows and exotic plants as can fouuiJ to ornament the Flower Garden of those who have a love f*?r nature; likewise Gardens laid out and kept in order by an experienced landscape and ornamental Gardener; plans for improving new grounds, ke. All orders l**ft for James W Mcknignt, will meet prompt attention, at'Jrith street and Broadway. MAWSON. BROTHERS, IMPORTERS AM) manufac. turers of Fancy Furs and Caps, have removed to ltil Water street, southeast comer of Fletcher street, next door to their former place of business. P MAES, HAIR DRESSER AND WIG MAKER. FORMER lj 189 Broadway, New York* now in Philadelphia* No. .'fl) South Sixth street, corner of Chestnut, begs leave to inform his friends and the public generally, that he w ill be thankful for their patronage. OFFICE OF TIIE NEWARK BANKING AND INSI KA\c| Company.?Questions having arisen, touching the rowari offered for the recovery of the package of Tank notes and checks lately stolen from one of the otttoers of litis Bank, ami as t.? the I |>arties entitled to receive the same, it has been agreed between the Bank and those who have already claimed said reward, or part I thereof, to submit the whole matter to the award of arbitrator*. ThP? notice is therefore given, to the end that all persons claiming any interest in the reward, may make the same known to tie* Cashier of said Bank, on or liefore tJie eighteenth day <?f May, inst., and become parties to said arbitration, if they see fit to do so, or be forever niter debarred. The aibitrators will meet at tho Philadelphia Hotel, Jersey City, N. J., on the nineteenth instant, at I o'clock, in the afteruoou. to hear said claimant*. Newark, May 12th, lMvS. ___ _ NEW YORK AND. HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY, April 20th, 1H4H.?The annual election for Directors of this Company will be held at their otlkoe, No. 4 Tryon Row, on To m dny, tho 18th day of May next, b tween the h ran A 12 nnd J o'clock. The Transfer Books will be closed from the 'I4 th April instant, to tlie Pith day of May next, ln?tli days inclusive. llv order of the Hoard of Directors, A. K YLE, jutt. Secretary. N.lf. ?-The stockholder;. whoss names np|>ear upon the books lit lite tuno of the above closing, will lie the |?Tii"iin entitled to subscrilie for the preferred stock to issued wilder the recent act of the Legislature, for which proposals will bo issued in a few days. I*. S.?A subscription lint wiu l?e opened &t tho office of Messrs. K. & G. L. Schuyler, No. 2 Hanover st. OFFICE OF NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE COM PA XT, C7 Wall street, New York, 9th Ma v. 1X4H.?The President and Directors of this Company have this day declare! a dividend of five per cent for the last six months, |?ayaMe on the 17th inst The Transfer llooks will he closed from tho 13th to 17th iustaut incln?ive. W. C. KELLOGG* Secretary. Mercantile mutual insurance company, no. t>8 Wall street.?In conformity with the rotjuiuitionj of their charter. tlM Com pan/ vataiit the following statement:? Amount of premiums not marked off April 3d. 1*47, $116,1,'ki -II; ntn unt of premiums on policies issued during the year ending April 3d, lb4$, $732, 1*40 .12?total amount of premiums, $-*49,07n 7t?. The amount of premiums marker I off auriiu{ tho year as shore, was?on marine risks. .V; on inland transportation and navigation risks, $i?l,N18 {J2?total, $M\7,437 1M, les* return premiums. $5J,7M 02?earned premiums for the year. $tflf, 186 3d.' Paid during the same period f?.r re-insurnnoe, $H2,4(sl expenses, $lU,71ti 1W; interest commission and had debts, $?*,7!W 75*: marine losses, $'/74.0*<f7 74; inland navya'ion do., $3>>,&2I ;jn?total. $416,.V?7 49; profits to be divided, $ 1 &, 11S 77. Amount of earnings of 1--17. s.W-1 7k do do 1MM, is a e, $1 ,118 77 ?total for two years, $2A0,770 S3 The Company further rv|*>rt that tLev have at this date the following assets, vli:?Invested .n United states Treasury notes, $IIM,0A0 Sty bills receivable, $431,T17 .V; cash and unsettled claims to l?e elosed by cash or notes, ?l.'tPPH 'Xl\ scrip of other companies. $1,199 ?total assets, 4*.?The Trustoes have declared a dividend of thirty, two peT cent, on the net earned nn minm? of the past year, liable in scrip on and after the second Monday in May next. The Trustees have also resolved to pay an interest of six per cent on ( the amount of the certificate* authoritftd to >>e i*sucd i 11 April, 1*47. to l?e paid to the holders thereof! or their lc?ral represents- ' tives, on and after the 8th <lay of May next. It was also resolved, that as soon as the aecumula'e 1 profits exceed the sum of half a million of dollars, the excess shall lie appropriated to the redemption of its serin, agreeably to the provisions of the char :er. Iiy order of the lloard. CHARLES N'EWCOMB, Secretary. Trustees?Thomas Hunt, James Free land, Henry Sheldon, Thomas - Nelson, Wilson G. Hunt, Htewarl ( Marslk George llaatfn C, W. A. Rogers, Henry Jessop, Septimus Cnxtkee, Charles Payne, Charles II. Rogers, H. E. Morin*. Samuel J. Reals, William Watt, A lmet Reed, Cyrus Curtis, Herman lloker, Charles (i. Carle ton, ' Lucius Hopkins, Daniel (J. Ilaviland. Is?vi Cook, David L. Sayr?, Henry A. Stone, James C. llall<?ck, O. T. Malthy, (loon(v D. ? Phelps, James D. Soutier, Frederick Victor, II. W.T.Mali, Ri- < chard Blgelow, Alexis S. Baker, JOSEPH WALKICR, President; LEWIS QRRHORY, Vice President; ELLWOOD WALTER, As- I Vin<i Pn.M/4..f>?. I'll 1 U I.Vtt WWCnVIl Notice to co>rrn actors-proposals will re ncliml until the 13th <l*y of May, at tho engineer'* office, I Fordham, for the grading and niaeonrv required for doubling the tra< k of the llarlein llni 1 r>>n<t hetwinn llarlem Hirer a*d it* June | lien witli the New Haven Railroad. adletance of eight mile*. At *ome point* the line of the mad w ill hortraiirlitened anl iinproved. Hid* will al?o h? received for ??,(**> cheetnut or white oalt eruM ties, a*veil and a half feet Inn*, MX inche* thiek ; having not I?m tli^n nix inehe* hearing rorface*. to Ihi delivered at Harlem river, I or between that river and the uoint of junction. Proposal* will. , at the nam# time, he received, for erecting a pile bridge about At*) feet lonz, on a utraight line over the Harlem river, and a bulkhead along the ground* of the company, between 1.12d and 134th K'ree'a The work to l? don", and the material* delivered, by th? j.'ith day of Septenilcr. Plan*, profile* and ?potiflcation* w ill be I exhibited at tha office of tho Company, up to the 10th in'taat, | when the engineer will lie prwuent to make all ntccvarv ( xi iana- I tion*. ALLAN CaKPIIILL, Chief En^nccr, N. Y. ill. R, K. VLIXAVDEH S tricobapui?a NEW AND VALI a I it iliMovcry, hcing a linnid Dyp wltk h tii?t*ntnncun*ly ehanp * I the Color of tha hair to h U?&utiful brown or black. without injury to hair <?r a?Mlti. The ureal superiority of thN dye consifta in ir? I mode of application aort inKtantaneor.* dfce*? nil o:J;ff dye* rvjnimiK from t?*n to twelve hour* to prudnee any change. it* Miperior excellence will 1*? apimrvnt to ever/ oi?? upon a ?ln*lo applk--ation. A? thin artiel** wet* on merit, not tTTr quackery. wv offer ne evident a of It* excellency that upwarUaof fifteen tlionnnd i ua hai bean Kohl ?.f \k?xan<l< I invention. For * *!? I?v II. Si h. S.\NI*S, IhtuniUii, I"" Fulton stroet, corner of Willtan ; II. Jofaann, /7.1 Broadway: A. L W in*hip 77 Eaut Broadway: Ru*hton Jit C'oj Thome* II Maxwell, and Johneon, Moore & Taylor. V .rk ; nn?l l?v tha eele aganta for tha United States, H. k O. A. Wright, Philadelphia. ?? ?I ?* I i | UrTFXIJSEKfE BY THE Will>. Washinoto*, May 10th, UK A Cluitwefw Democratic Sum It would amuse you to sue th position ot putus here. A few days amen: it was asserted that there were but two Clay men in the place. Old Z.tck had the field to himself. He will h the candidate, na ture as a gun. Father Ritchie in fully satisfied of tin , and consequently is elaborating his columns to d uion-ttrale that the wings ouyht to run Mr. Clay. If tliey should do so, some ol th<* leaders ol the old cliques could he rung in at the liuhiiiioi.convention ; hut il old 'Aark should he nominated, the democrats will have to t ike their most available man, and Father Kitchic has sagacity enough to perceive none of them will he the most available. If the object of the convention should Into take the man who would bring most kticuyth to ih>' oarty, there can he little di>uht that (Jen. Sum I loustoii ss ould make i better run than any other who could be selected. lie belong* to no clique?he Iris no involvement*?he is a man from the people, and essentially .1 man of the country; his information is varied. With Icfs scholastic knowledge than others, he has experience in all national all iir?. lie has practical Knowledge in every department <d uoveruinent?lie first enlisted as a private soldier 111 the war of 1HI2?distinguished himself while a inereyouih, was promoted for his gallantry, and served live years ia the army?h<* subsequently qualified hi 111 <<* 11, and was admitted to the bar?was in Congress four years, then filled the highest military station in the Mate of Tennessee, when he was elected governor, and filled iitai Htaiion witu urcat popularity until he resigned tin- office. We again nee him promi lieut as the victorious leader of the I'exun patriots, who achieved their independence upon the ylorious battle-field of San Jacinto. We again see him with greut unanimity chosen the first constitutional President of the republic, mid creating a government from nnarchy aud chaos: for two years presiding over its destiny. He left it organized, huppy and prosperous, Ineligible, by the constitution, lor re-election, his fellow-citizens sent him to Congress for two years, and then re-elected him aKainto the presidency, by a vast majority. He found the government in n most depressed und most unhappy condition; In* re-organized it, established relations with foreign powers, prevented invasions, quieted the Indians, und, when he went out of office, had so fur advanced the measure of annexation, tliut his successor had nothing to do but to carry out his designs. All know how well he has been abused, ana yet all will admit that he has never failed in any attempt to benefit mankind. His notions of Politics, of war, and of statesmanship, were all imbibed from the illustrious Jackson. If the democrats have wit enough to run Sam Houston against Zick Taylor, they may save their party's strength; but it' they should take m> a man who cannot snow his face where there is a display of martial music, tiiey will be very liable to enjoy sueh n drubbing as they received from 'coon skins and log cabins in 1840. I make these suggestions as a friend. Though we have not much confidence in men who come pledged to particular candidates, we believe that availability should be taken deeply into consideration by the approaching convention. With me, alt men's merits shall have a fair canvass. Iinpartiality is the jewel that adorns the name of a letterwriter. This much is due to the democracy of the nation, which is of more importance than the elevation of any particular man to high office, no matter how long he may have sought it. Nous Verrons. Washington, May 10, 1848. John Van Buren?The Democrati and the Prttidtnry. The organic exponent of the administration has more sagacity and perception than many are disposed to concede. Immediately on the receipt of the last two Taylor letters, the Union came out upon them as if it concluded, at a glaive, that Taylor was to be the whig candidate, on the noncommittal creed of 1810. Incredulous at first, that an eleventh ? hour, half-way confession would be deemed a satisfactory expiation to the conscientious old hunkers of the whig party, no man can have failed to note the wonderful improvement of the Taylor stock within the last ten days. The chances are, l>y all odds, in favor of Cren. Taylor, tlis friends in Congress are sanguine and cheerful; the friends of Mr.Clay, rind of the other candidates, respectively, are silent, reflective, and despairing. They just appear to be in that humiliating attitude of men compelled by the force of circumstances to chew up their own words, and huzza with an oath sticking fast in their throats. There is every reason to believe that the democrats will shape their Presidential ticket to meet the anticipated nomination of Gen. Taylor, and we doubt not that a Northern man will be chosen, so as to completely overslaugh all the calculations of (.Jen. Taylor's friends in the Northern States, which it would appear a feasible thing to do, if we consider that Mr. Hale's abolition vote will be mainly deducted from the whig strength in the North. The great object now is, to conciliate the barnburners; and feelers, we understand, have been thrown out by the friends of this administration with a view to a compromise. One proposition is to receive the barnburners in the convention, and the old hunkers, eighteen votes each ; or to give to each faction, by whatever number represented, an equal voice in trie convention; and then this further concession is proposed, to wit, that Whereas, in the Baltimore Convention of l$M, Martin Van Bureri, having a majority of all Unvotes cast on the first ballot, was, notwithstanding, supers' ded by .fames K. Polk iu the nomination, through the management of Robert J. Walker ; and whereits, the friends of Mr. Van Huren, with a view to the success of the democracy, did, not withstanding the aforementioned supersedeas, sacrifice Silas Wright, in order to carry the State ot New York for the said J. K. Polk; and whereas, if was then understood by the barnburners, that Mr. Azariah C. Flagg was to be a member of Mr. Polk's cabinet, in the event of his election; uud whereas, instead of the barnburner expected from New York in the cabinet, an old hunker, with an unliquidated deficit of fifty cents against fiiin, was appointed ; and whereas, the barnburners have had ruihteous cause of umbr.ige for all these provocations; atul whereas, some reparation is due to the barnburners for their unrequited sacrifices, and u especially politic to secure their suffrages in the approaching campaign ; therefore, )i is agreed by the friends of th? administration in Washington, including the aforesaid J. K. Polk it, r ii^ rr....... ......... .... yclept father Uitclue, tint in the event of a South cm nomination bv tin* democracy in general convention, for the Presidency, it shall be understood as the will nnd desire of the administration that th<* erudite, epigramatic and indomitable Prince John Van liuren, heir apparent to the for times of the barnburner* of New York, and the "l ist and youngest of the noble line" of the legitimate democratic Bourbon family, shall be affirmed and proclaimed to the people of*the United States as the Baltimore national democratic nominee for the Vice Presidency. Suppose tlif democrats, therefore, put forward this ticket:? For President, (ienernl W. <). Under, of Kentucky?for Vice President. Prince John Van liuren, of New York?could any tiling be brought forward by tin- whig* to beat it ! Again, it is said, that Mr. l )ix has been sounded on tlie subject, not only of tlii- Vice Presidency, but in relation to his presidential proelivities. 'I'll'1 name of ThomuM II. Benton is :.! <? under consideration. The first great object of the democrats is to conciliate tho barnburners?that being done, their pros(?ects, iu any event, are as fair as in the owning of the campaign <>f 1844. The btrnburners are now at a premium; they fan sell out to great advantage. They can exact a retribution for the past, and weho|>e they will do it. Prince John TlIIllTlKTIl tO.VtillKSS. FIRST SKSSIOK. Senate* WiiHiinrot. May 11. 1H4S. tiiosk oknkrali. Vr J>Hio\'? resolution. licking tho President. nub tuiitlally. why tho noiniuatioiii of (Jeneral Pillow ?in<I ifiifral i unhing were not ret mud* t<> the Senate. w.n. >11 Ills motion, laid afidn ti'll to-morrow, be being too milch indisposed to continue the di?eu.??ion of the i(Ue?Lion to-day. After further tnincellaneouii businew beionpinn to the norniiiR liourOii motion of Mr llovro?i. the Senate re.xuined the bill for the relief of Tin DMrniiior trnr?i Mr Joni Divii roue, mid after ioiim prefatory obsecrations. bore down under a steady wind. In opposition to the hill This had been presented to ?s ?? n measure iifliirli admits of no delay, and a hill in compliance with ts suggestions is now before us authorising temporary military occupation It was not a measure of peace* ile relief, hut of military occupation Mr Davis was crcrttly oldig.-d to the Senator from South Carolina for lie promptitude with which he had met It. and thw 1mKirtance of which he had so pointedly presented o the senate Humanity was at first the principle ;round assumed. And yet. from the mystery surround< ng the Mihjeet. we had made three several call* for Information, and three instalments were now upon our alile Now. sir. the original high grouns of humanity abandoned; and we are called upon ii"W f-> ;tct upon li simple question of expediency and pnhlic safi ty his is the ground presented by the I hairman on F?. I'ign Kelations. and al?o by the Chairman on Milititry iffairs. In his elaborate appeal yesterday. To be sure. e did not omit the i|Ue?tion .if humanity hut c\[wihnev was made the ground of tbo Senator'* argitntcnt ir thin hill?the necessity of acting so as to prevent liC luterjiorition uf forrigu powers. and to prevent tbia mk

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