Newspaper of The New York Herald, 3 Haziran 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 3 Haziran 1848 Page 3
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^ i ^ I- . ' ' _ TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. IMPORTANT, IF TRUE! The Ratification of Ptace with Mexico. Baltimore, June 2, 1H48. The editors of the Evening News, Charleston, South Carolina, write ine by telegraph, that the Hteamer Edith arrived at New Orleans trom Vera Cruz, and brings the glad tidings of the ratification of /ware with Mexico beyond all doubt or quest ion. Politic*?'TIm* Court of Inquiry', ?to. Washington. Juno 2?H o'clock. P. M. Tli? Scott flock in looking up. Ohio will go for Scott, ax (lino Indiana. The Court ol' Inquiry. at Frederick, will do nothing until Monday. A new batch of charges are mild to be In preparation, and that General Taylor will coine iu for his share. The Calhoun men in the Senate are making a strong effort on the Oregou bill, to upset the Cuss platform, respecting slavery iu new territories. South C'aroliuu will not go for Cass. Gen. Cans is still here, but will go westward on Monday next. Whig delegate* are (.till coming In. JDrcudlul Conflagration. Philadelphia, June 2,1848. A 'IroaJt'ul fire occurred in Allentown. Pennsylvania, yestei lav ^ ftcrnoou Eighty buildings were destroyed I In the handsonn *t portion of the town. The fire originate! in a --.!>?!being set on fire by boys playing with <*i > -ki'T-. ! .ie following buildings were destroyed: The # odd Feuow*' Hall, partly occupied by Weia< v Loch nan's shoe store; Kecks, tailor, H. Nagle's oyster Ciller; Gwlnn & Quennlnger's. and Seifridgc Wilson's * tores; James Krexlor'a hotel; Yeager & Weillner's. and Joseph Weiss' jewelry store; Thomas GingUingers stove store; Gangwer's millinery; N'ewhart's tailor ahop; Dr. Donnosky's offlco; MetseAi vveaver'B. AnK'iorai noover s, f.uwura no?u?n mmwar* store; tho pout offiep; iSeorge Lucas*. Nathan llersh's. Mrs. Brown's, J. Cole's, and J. F. Ruche's tores; Reuben Rice's and Charles Sholl's stores, with the followiug private residences:?Daniel Helper's, Mr. Helper's, Peter Hoover's and granary. Joshua Mains. Mrs. Hcckman's, Mr. C. H. Martin's, Joseph K. Newhart's, Mrs. Catharine Oroffs', Drother ic Woodrlng's. and Mrs. Movers, (sc. <tc. THIRTIETH CONGRESS. FIRST SESSION. Washington, June 2. 1S48. Senate. The'Senate convened at the usual hour, and proceeded to the consideration of the morning business. Vice President Dallas again being absent. Mr. Atchison officiated iu the capacity of President jiro. lent. Numerous memorials and petitions were presented, after which light houses. Mr. Atchison laid before the Senate a communication from the Secretary of the Treasury relating to the causes of the delay In the erection of a light house on Execution Rock. Long Island, which was duly received, and ordered to be printed. r*icstntatio!t of a flag. Mr. Jefferion Davu. of Mississippi, presented, as an ?Serine from tho United States Army to Congress, the American flag which was displayed from the Halls of the Montezumas. on the capture of the city ot Mexico. Mr. Davia accompanied the presentation with some very appropriate remarks. After the transaction of some u< Important business, tbi oregon bill. Mr. BaioHT, of Indiana, moved that the Senate take up the Oregon bill, which was agreed to. Mr. Bright withdrew his motion to strike out the 12th section of said bill. Mr. Berrien, of Georgia, moved to renew it. and called for the yeas and nays, which call was lost. The debate was continued by Mr. Rusk, of Texas, Mr. Butler, of South Carolina, Mr. Badger, of North Carolina. Mr. Nlles, of Connecticut, and Mr. Dowues, of Louisiana. Mr. Houston, of Texas, offered an amendment to the bill, designed as a compromise. After several Ineffectual attempts to get a vote, tho Senate went into executive session, and. after * short time spent therein, the doors were opened, and the Senate adjourned over till to-morrow. Saturday. ' House of Representatives. Tho House assembled at 11. A. M., and was called to order by the Speaker, Mr. Wlnthrop. After the reading of the Journal, and prayer by the Chaplain. import a t ion of drugs and medicines. Mr. Edw ards, from the select committee appointed to investigate into tho complaints made of the adulteration of drugs and medicines imported igto this country, and used by the United States army, reported a bill prohibiting tho same, which was. on motion, read a third time and passed private bill*. Mr. Rock well,'of Connecticut, called for the regular order of business, when, on motion, the House resolved into a Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union. Mr. Brodliead in the chair, and took up the private calendar, when sundry private bills were reported. read a third time and passed Tho House then, on motion, acyourned over till tomorrow?Saturday. Markets. Buffalo, Jnne 2.?Receipts within the past 24 hours ?Flour. 0000 barrels; wheat, 24.000 bushels; corn. 7.900] do. Flour remained about tho same. Sales of 930 barrels were made at $4 75. Wheat?Sales of 11.000 bushels were made, including Chicago at 90c. and good Ohio at $1 04. Corn?Sales of 4.000 bushels were made at aftw sinlon nf u-ltiukov wi?r?? mn.d?? nt 1 fto krmirhts by canal to Albany?Klour, 60c; corn,14c; wheat. 11c. Albany, June 2.?Receipts by canal within tlio past twenty-four hours:?Klour, 3.300 barrels; wheat. 11.000 bushels ; corn, 1.000 bushels. The Hour market was dull, and sales of 1500 barrels were made at *5 371, a *5 50. for good Wostern. with Genesee, fee. Corn?Sales of 9.000 bushels were made at 54c a 56c for Western yellow, and at 62c for Western mixed. Rye?Sales of 2700 bushels were made at 07c. There was no chaugeof moment in other articles. Bosto-s, .Juno 2.?Flour? Sales of 1000 bbls were made at $6 871; '. ?- :17>?. Including Western brands?tho latter price for pure brands of Oencsee. Corn?Sales of 7,000 '1 r- '"ado at 50c for Western mixed aud Ni i at 55c. Kyc?Sales of 400 bushels were uin Outs?Sales of 2.000 bushels were made i'. ! .hts were steady, with more offering. L>>eatr1c*l and Musical Pahk 1'iikathi . The performances at the Turk last night were varied, and of the first order. The great at' Taction of the good taste of the city, 1st Vantrutrs I'itnnot'trt appeared in their grand divertiseinents, commencing with the beautiful "Pas llongrois," which was received with unbounded approbation. The petite comedy of Hasty Conclusion" followed, and was well played The ilamrusra then appeared in " I.a Tyrollenne;" their chaste, graceful and beautiful groupings won the involuntary applause of the whole house, and though it is a long piece, they were encored, and a repetition of the ;i<it o ly drew forth more deafening applause. The comedy of "A Nabob for an Hour" was also played, which served most ndmirably to fill up the time between the performances of the sylph-like creatures. who hail so effectually won upon the admiration of the audience. Mr. Ilass. as Sam Hobbs. and Mr. Andrews as l)ie,k Dumpy, played with such fine taste, that it was impossible for the house to be otherwise than in an uproar during the performance of the whole piece. The performances concluded with the " Pas des Amourettes," which far exceeded either of the lormer pieces. To-night these interesting children take a farewell benefit, aud wo advise those who have not seen them to go liy all means. They give an afternoon performance, which will afford an opportunity for familiei. how kitv Tiilathk.?In consequence of sickness, Mr. Scott did not appear hero, last evening, as Othello, but Mr. Marshall took the part for him. Mr. J. II. Mali made the apology to the audience for the change. In a very neat aud appropriate speech, and all passed off well and satisfactorily. Mr. Marshall deserves tho more credit for thus, at short notice, volunteering to assist a professional brother, as he hlmrolf was far from well. i ftaj. uiiwiiiu< ni'in on mi hiiiju mjic. Marshall's Othello was a capital piece of acting, and lie wan admit ably supported by Dyott, as lago. We have nlways tin.unlit Pyott's acting. in this part, equal to any other actor's on tlio stage. Mrs. Abbott performed Desdcmona very rreditahiy. and the large audience that wan present expressed much satisfaction at the way in which everything went off. 'J he drama of ' Oliver Twist," concluded the performances We refer to the advortismient for thiH evening'* bill. Chatham Theatric. -No variation at thin house; night after night the boxes, pit and gallery present the sauie crowded appearance; anil now. especially a* Chanfrau'sstay is drawing to a close.the ru?h la kept up a* lirely as at the rery drat. Many who have gone once to reo " New York aa it is." have been an delighted with it that they have returned again and again to fee Mose's feats. Cousin William's mishaps, and hear Joe's songs. Mow Wlnatis can keep up the peculiar loafcrlMi voice so uniformly throughout the piece, is indeed surprising The very well got up farces, molodratnaa, (tc.. which are performed nightly. In conjunction with 11 New York as it is,'' add much to the pleasure of a visit to this house. Christy's Minrlir.ii have concluded another fine week's work. The folks crowd in as lively as ever to hear these geniuses aing their beautiful ditties. Long may they continue to afford such genuine and iuuoecnt auiusemcut to our citizens. Harvard's Panorama.?No person who lias nut seen this great work can form any idea of Its grandeur and magnificence. One would suppose that in such a painting nature couldsoareely be followed with perfect strictness ; It Is. however. In the present one, and any one may satisfy himself of the fact by visiting it. Toilny two exhibitions will bo given, vU , at 3 aail P. M. Mltl.oor.ow.?Thl? house Is crowded nightly?In fnct it has an Immense ntimber of steady patrons who no there in consequence of the excellence of the performances. anil the genteet maimer In which the house Is managed. The Virginia Mlnstrvl* are tlrst rate performer*. Palmo's OrERA House.?The model artist business nine. O. W. Smith, thv p#r?onator of Mom, take* a ??i betii'flt to-night 0I ( a?tlf. GaruknThe usual Sunday evening concert will be given to-morrow, at thin charming place of .. resort ; anil now that the warm weather has ?et iu. we may expect to sec a ciowd there to llateu to the splen- ei did music of Lothian's br.i-s hand, and enjoy the mag- c niflcent promenades if tin.- unrivalled public place ? Ou \lonuay evening, a new >c?ne will he presented by j w the proprietor*, and an iidditional place of amusement h will he offered to our citizens, and stjangers sojourning among us. During the past month or two. the hands of workmen have been busily engaged in fitting up the ( arden as a summer theatre. A spacious stage has H been erected, the seats havo been so arranged as to 1' make it visible to all; the large dome has been so alter- tJ ed as to prevent any reverberation of sound, and every * word spoken on the stage can be heard distinctly ^ throughout the house?and last, though by no means ^ least. ?n excellent company has been engaged, and the > amusements, dramatic and others, which will be pre- C sented. will be of the first class. As a sample of the J style in which things are to be done, Mile. Auxusta. the J1 favorite dauseuse. will appear there on Monday even- y ing, and a variety of entertainments will be given. t Barret Williams is playing with much success in J Albany. This young actor is acquiring a first rate 4 reputation throughout the country. He is indeed an excellent delineator of the Irishman, probably one of I the best. We are glad to see him appreciated so well J wherever he goes. j Political Intelligence. J tlf.nni.ia.?H. H. Thompson has been elected to fill the vacancy in Congress occasioned by the death of \ Mr. Black. 1 Arkansas.?Col. Hempstead, at present U. S. District j Attorney for Arkansas, announces himself a candidate j for Senator for the unexpired portion of the term for i which Senator Ashley was elected. 1 * i Kf.ntuckv.?Col. R. M. Johnson, it is faid, sticks to the stuiup for the governorship of Kentucky. A Weeklv Patter, with a I a rue circulation. fur sale. For particular*, address box 1S74, Post Office, New York To Vomig Men ?Tenet I lata, t lie form and style of wliioli were got up with express reference to the taste of young men. A large assortment of the finest qualities of this agreeable summer hat. BIRD, Cur. I'iue and Nassau sts. The Coiixrrw Hoot Store. -Gentlemen wishing til procure this splendid article, would do well to call on E. A. IIhookr. No. IIS Knit on street, wliere also can he found an eudlew variety of hoots, allocs, gaiters, pumps. Sic., f r ladies', gentlemen's, misses' and youths' wear. Call and judge for yourselves. Ijoxt Iter Spreeli. ?The annexed irrtlflcatu tells a simple and truthful storv of suffering and relief. There are thousands of similar cases in this city and Urooklyn, and yet there are thousands of parents let their children die, fur fear of being humbugged, or to save a few shillings. Brooklyn, September 28. 1S47. Dr. Townsend?I take pleasure in bating, for the lienetit of those whom it may concern, that my daughter, tw i years and six months old, was afflicted w ith general debility and loss ofs|ieech. She was given up, as past recovery, by our family physician; but, fortunately, I was recommended by a friend to try your sarsaparilhi. Bef ire having used one bottle, aha recovered her speech, and was enabled to walk alone, to the astonishment of all who were acquainted with the circumstances. She is now quite well, and in better health than she has been for eighteen months past. JOSEPH TAYLOR, 128 York-street, Urooklyn. Principal office 120 Fulton-street, The Hat?Summer Edition, revised and Improved by Knox, No. 128 Fulton street, New York. Now ready, a complete assortment of the Summer Fashions of Qentlemtn's Hats, in styles and priors to suit all classes of customers, and war* ranted to give the utmost sa isfaction to all who wear then, and to all who see them. Alio, every variety of Children's Caps, the neatest and cheapest to he founa in the elty. Old oustomers are respectfully invited to call, and strangers in town would do well just to look in, before purchasing elsewhere, at KNOX'S, 128 Fulton street. The Pluml>e National Daguerrean Gallery, No. 231 Broadway, upper corner of Murray Street, we can, with i propriety, recommend to those who wisn to procure a faithful likeness and beautiful picture. A visit to this establishment will ] confirm all that hat been said by others and ourselves in its praise. Dr. Levett's Patent Enamelled Plates for i Artificial Teeth.?lYe are always grateful on hearing of new inventions and new improvements in the soience of Dentistry. Dr. LEVETT, one of our oldest and most successful Dentists, has patented an Imitation of the gum, by which the gold plate is entirely concealed. It Is an enamel which prevent! all acidity from nctingon the metal. It is quite a desideratum, and we hope the improvement will be gonerally adopted, as it merits to be, by all who require this important aid.?N. Y. Sunday limes. Dr. I.E. V ETT, Dentist, 200 Broadway, oorner of Warren St. Palmo's Opera Housed?Now Is the height of the rush, and about tlie closing of the exhibition of the uiost beautiful Living Models that ever illustrated statuary and painting. They have been chosen for this exhibition from those who have been selected at the institutions in Europe for models, in a nude state. Mose is about, and his "gal," Lite, calling forth the most uproarious inirth, besides admiration, at the perfect personification. Popular opinion is in the aeoendant, and ouriosity on tiptoe to see all the tableaux before closing. T-Night Moso takes his Benefit. Them $5 Dollar Suits?Unredeemed Pledges. ?300 Summer Coats, Alpaeca, Tweed, Cashmerett, Linen, (Ting | ham, fee , $1 to $3 each. Dress and Frock Coats $2 to $11). Vest* AO cents to $2. Cloaks and Overcoats cheap. Boy Suits $.1 to $1 each. Also, a few of them $5 suits, corner Nassau and Boekman. Hair Cutting and Trimming Whiskers?All who have difficulty in dressing or keening dressed either of the above, through a want of skill displayed by the workman, can de nend upon having the misery remedied by calling on 1111,1,, the inimitable llair Cutter, at No. 13 Nassau street, corncr of Pine st. Emigrants!?'The Miseries and Troubles of sickness trom change of climate, can, in a great degree, be saved < ^ou, n ^ ou prix- ure uuu ?y jrt>u mc nruuuruui I ium 10 ue immediately resorted to, should your health become affected. ' I>nys, monuis, nay yearn of sickness may be thus prevented. For thoy curs lick ness of all kinds, because thev take those matters from the blood upon which diseases feed. Man cannot have his diseases cured but by removing the cause, which is gonerally inter nal. No effect can take plaoe without a cause. Therefore, no rheumatism can affect the head, the foot, or any part of the body, save from the actual presence of those humors, wlinso acrid or peccant qualities produce tile pain. No bronchial disease can be present, nor other affections of the throat or windpipe, or cona sumption, but from these malignant humors having become seated upon, or near the uir-vessels of the lungs. It is in truth these acrid humors which are the occasion of all the aches and pains, all eruptions and ulcers; all skin diseases, and swellings of the feet, and alUulU'umations ; all cancers and tninors: all piles and costiveness; all lever and agues; all dyspeptic affection^; all licu-laches and l ilious affections whatever. And all without exception, surely removable, and thoroughly curable, by purgation witii the Pill* of Dr. Benjamin Brnndreth. ltrandreth's Pills arc sold, with full directions, at i'> cents per box, at 211 Hudson street, 074 ' Bowery, aud at Dr. BRANDRETH'S Principal offico, 1*41 Broaddway. Sniinders' Toilet Articles, Dri-ssliig Ciucg nnd ' Fancy Cutlery, 147 Broadway, corner of Liberty street, and 3X7 j Broadway, between White and Walker street*. Tho subscribers j re*poctfully call tlie attention of the public to their collection of the a -ove articles, which in point of variety, is not equalled in i the city: they have been sclented with itrict" regard to quality, and in all cases are warranted. 0. SAUNDERS k SON, 147 and 387 Broadway. Uoltl Pcut.?Iict all those In want of a first rate diamond pointed gold pen, try one of the "Richelieu's," mail* 1 and sold by B. E. Watson & Co., 15 Wall street. The points are | warranted to stand five years. Also, 300 dozen gold pens, assorted brands, at manufacturer'* prices. Gold |<ena carefully re' paired. j Caiiclialimun Triumphant!? Dr. To-wnsenil, t'ie celebrated manufacturer of Townseud's Sarsaparilla, has admitted publkly that this ('alifomian Plant is "far better than Sanwparilla," and is " tlie rtmpwl anl best Medicine in the I ! World." Pamphlets containing interesting information as to its ! ; remarkable medicinal virtues, from the most respectable sources, j ] may be obtained gratis, at the IHqiot, .'to Broadway. 1 H. U. Jones, 14 Ann street, continues to tell , I at the samo reduced prices, for cash, tine Calf Boots at S3 SO to $4, I I French Boots, $4 Ml; French Fat leather Oxford Ties, $3 .VI; Congress Gai tcrs, $3 SO; first quality French Pat leather Boots, $7. All good* warranted to give satisfaction. 11. B. JONES, 14 I Ann street llools? French lioots,94,50, worth 0,00nn<l ns j good as the $7 lioots wild at other stores. Fine Calf llu.ts $3,'si, ! worth Gaiter* of all kinds chea|wr than can be found In any I other store in tho city. Our friend* should all get their Boots i and Shoes of YOUNG, corner of Fulton aud Nassau.? T1IS DOCTOR. | ~~ commercial affairs. i MOSKY MAHKKTKrlday, June '4?0 P. M The stock market to-day. was in a very feverish stato. It was announced early this morning, that tho steamship Niagara was la-low Boston, and thu utmost interest was manifested to learn the nature of the news. In consequence of some interruption ?Jong the line of telegraph. the accounts did not reach the city until about one o'clock, after the adjournment of the first board. Tho uncertainty which existed relative to the character of the advices, prevented transactions to any I extent in the market generally Several of the small fancies improved a fraction. Long Island advanced | . * per cent; Canton. S ; Farmer's Loan J* ; Norwich , and Worcester, 15? ; North American Trust, ; Read- j ing Mortgage Bonds.'{ Heading Railroad fell off.',; r* Harlem,All others closed at prices current yester- ' day. The news from Kuropo by the Niagara, is, in a com- | lnercial point of view, unimportant. C otton has fallen o*ck again to ine oia point, nna corn remmnaa wim- j out any material alteration. Consols were a little but- n tor. but there was no activity In the stock market. The political intelligence i? satisfactory. ? The packet ship Monteiuma, for Liverpool, carried out fifty thousand dollar* In gold. ! The payment of a portion of the circulating note* of the Atlas Bank wm secured by stocks only, and ano- j ther portion by public stock* and real estate, as will appear from the face of the bills. A dividend ha* been j declared of 4H per cent on that portion of said bills so- 1 cured by public stocks and real estate, which will be paid on presentation of the bills at the office of the 1 Comptroller of the Slate, Albany, and a certificate gi- j ( ven for the balance, which will entitle the holder to re- ; celve any further dividend thereon By a private letter from Paris, we learn that the j principal members of the Itothschild family are now In Tarls. The object of that meeting is. It is said, to provide means to retrieve. If possible, the losses experienced by their banking house, and to settle, also. Mime definitive arrangement with the provisional government in regard to the last loan. There are several I rumors relative to the losses of MM. Rothschild. It Is said that M. James K assured one of Ills friends that i the loss of hi? house, from the result of the revolution ! amounted to two hundred millions of francs. By this , one may judge of the extent of the fortune and credit of this banking houne; for. in spite of those enormous losses, they have not failvd to fulfil every one of their ! engagements.'' This loss amount* to forty millions of dollars. It Is 'J estimated that just previous to the commencement of I I IP I III ' ^ ? I stlmAt# wm oorrect, they b?t? lost nearly one-third f their entire property. * Wo annex a statement showing the movement in it) loading departments of thu banking business of ifli bank iu the State of Connecticut, in April. 1848. uuipared with the corresponding period in 184(1. it i ill be observed that the circulation und discounts '' are increased slightly within the past two years. Bixr.i or CoxNrrTirrr, ArniL, 1840 and 1848. Xamei. Circ. Loatu. Ore. Lonnt. [artford 430,072 1,813,775 M7.204 1,871,630 Unix 560,464 1,922,912 SJl.-nC 2.012, 070 onnectlout River W.997 Sift,913 91.341 327,221 arm era* and Mechanics'. 302,912 951,232 334,909 981,327 ;xctiang? 247.127 823,076 2(15,173 800,985 lew Haven 197,319 515,810 159,437 4'J8,707 leclianlcs' 1113,700 502,025 187,093 .Vtt.981 , sw Haven Cuunty .... 21*1,818 7U2,9UO 24li,423 060,830 itv 251,103 047,454 299,597 084,238 leriden 72,191 194,147 74,42.5 am,3(0 ,'uvr I.unduu 41,023 183,4.57 69,075 201,402 huon 70,570 1(11,324 "9.4SS 144.7.'!'! ('haling 48,380 100,730 47.4il"> 150,001 (urwkn 81,44 >9 309,037 98.iil4 299.149 'liames 91,578 299,309 100,035 3(12.889 (erclmnU' 07,970 290,260 02.257 24li,051 JuineWujj 108,314 410,712 73,2.19 295,71*1 ftmiagfcm 40,s04 104,103 39,393 103,819 ' Cystic 41,903 103,011 63,359 110,097 I uwett City 44,017 90,085 39,714 78,710 'airtiiid Cuuntv 169,531 220,738 108,754 301,170 < lridn?lH.rt 271.530 349,330 268.954 :H8,!I57 ,'onneciicut 191.300 339,153 210,000 358,786 Stamford 89.908 119,097 110,900 142,398 1 rVimllium Count) 85.300 93 973 58.80(1 102.059 I iVindliam 51.070 108,186 44.297 110,434 riiompx.n 72,055 85,540 44,1185 8.3,823 HiJdlutottu 99.743 404,2.31 103,519 479,735 UiddluKvx County 75,005 312,013 98.0lli 321,0|3 inst lluddam 02,390 142.201 01,515 123.330 Mland County 81,372 188.053 08.472 183,917 laubiiry ? ? 147,788 192,405 run ? ? 113,027 126,064 Total 4,505,947 13,258,587 4,891,205 13,424,051 The other leading features in the report of thu bunks >f Connecticut for April, 1848. were as annexed : U.ikks or Connecticut, Aprm.. 1848. 1'ilyitnl Namei of Banki. Stoclc. Deposit*. Sprrie. Hartford $1,131,000 $221,919 55 $72,13'. 00 h'busuix 1,283,000 287,130 89 48.11( 74 oiiiiucui iu niver i ;hj Exchange 626,000 148,646 63 20,119 52 fanners' and Mcuhtkniua' 540,6JO I27 50.407 57 Sew Haven 361,800 |#M1 4.'! 31,178 U0 L'ity 51X1,000 105,146 21 ISMl.'V.s 74 llculiaiiica' 3(10.000 149,425 IK) 23,4*5 91 Vew Haven C'cmuty 514,975 66,406 85 23957 32 Middle town 49,565 III 3SJI56 97 Middlesex County 221.(Nil) 35,975 (SO l!t,42ri 79 Norwich 210,000 48,OKI 27 14,312 31 Merchants' 157,211 43,1<!7 00 5,634 02 I'liaines 247,400 4.S, IJi! 88 ft,?K?4 25 juinnebaug 250,000 55,519 til 7.212 78 Bridgeport 210,00(1 70,061 ID 1/5,063 21 Jounecticut 275,000 92.687 51 24,311 01 S'ew London 130.875 20,1?>1 20 4,741 89 Union 100.000 24 032 1*5 7.521 31 kV'lutling 163,750 31,999 73 5.600 00 kVindhain 60,000 8,640 45 4.202 63 Windham County 62,700 10,605 85 6,7^3 42 Stonington 89.600 10,767 28 4,427 64 Kuirtield County 100,000 29,452 46 6,698 OS Danbury (-9,500 13,770 15 6.246 00 3iamf?rd 60,000 25,210 34 6,235 86 tferidon 150,000 13,4.-17 79 5,371 IHi Polland County SO, 200 46,072 98 13,990 22 rhompion 60,(WO 9.2X5 7# 3,627 63 Iron 73,960 31,704 21 5,490 22 Myitio 62,700 11,747 87 2,721 54 Jewstt City 44,000 2,448 68 1,972 85 Eait Haddam 66,160 21.236 23 4,317 64 Total $8,726,381 ?1,994,598 19 $517,700 08 April, 1846 8,475.630 1,814,708 00 481,367 00 April, 1844 8,292,238 1,219,363 00 455,430 00 The movement of each department appears to have Increased, but not to any great extent. There are two more banks inoluded in the returns this year, which accounts for part ot the increase, leaving but a very slight expansion in the other institutions to be accounted for. The aggregate resources and liabilities of all the banks of tho State, in April, 1848, were as annexed:? Banks of Connecticut, 1848. Liobilitiei. Circulation $4,891,265 00 Deposits 1,094.589 19 Due other banks 299.397 42 Dividends unpaid 29,132 39 Other liabilities 10.830 40 Total liabilities $7,225,214 52 Netourcei. Speele $517,700 08 Bills of other banks 227.803 47 Due from other banks 1,301,735 33 Due from brokers and agents 390.543 91 Stocks, bonds. itc 605,978 13 L'hccks and other cash items 64.970 05 Over drafts 31.604 19 Ileal estate 329.407 05 Bills discounted 13.424,653 99 ? Total resources $10,784,996 20 This shows an exccsss of resources of $9,558,881 08. or an excess of more than oue hundred per cent, over and above their liabilities?that is. if the linn of discounts is good for the amount reported. Nearly seveneighths of the total resources of tho banks are in bills discounted, and more thon one-half of the liabilities In circulation. The amount of specie on hand to bills iu circulation, was very small; but it must bo borne in uiind that the banks of this, as well as those of every State in New Kngiund, have deposits with the Suffolk Dank of Boston, for tho redemption of their bills in :liat city. This does away with the necessity of keepng such a large amount of specio on hand, as there would otherwise bo. at the same time that itglves their is suea moreexteudud circulation. ThebanksofConnecLieut have at all times been judiciously managed ; the iggregate movement has been so exceedingly uniform Lliat those depending upon them for facilities have (down at all times what to depend upon. This is of Lhe utmost importance to the customers of any bankng institution, as it enables them, in making their liusiness arrangements, to calculate, with the greatest iccuracy. what aid they can expect in any emergency banklnfl UdVFMKMT of <'(ISNFCTICl'T. I.onnt ami ducounti. Specie. Circulation. Capital. 183 7 $13,246,945 $415,386 $3,998,325 $.",744.1W7 1838 9,769,287 535,448 1,920,562 8,754.467 I ".'19 12,286,947 502.180 3,9*7,815 8,838,223 184 0 Ill,428.631 499,032 2,325,590 8,878,"46 1841 10,944.673 454,298 2,784.721 8>73,927 " 184 2 10.683,413 471,2.18 2,555,038 8,87li,318 1843 9,798,392 438,753 2,379.947 8,580,.TO 184 4 10,842,965 455,4: 3.490,968 8,292,238 1845 I'.' 417. I'Hi 4A.tii.VI 4 lie ill ? <".'! ?i. IN4)S H,US2,li()0 1.3(17 4,.'t6S,V47 N47?.?3I 1X17 12,7M1?S57 462,165 4,437,Ml 8,605,472 IS4-* 13,424,054 517,701) 4,891,265 8,726,381 According to the present amount of bunking capital :>f the State, the banks are legally entitled to a circuution of $13.081),671. exclusive of deposit*; and hm these jrdinarily run. It might be Increased nearly two millions more, which would make an aggregate circulation of fifteen millions of dollars. The circulation, however, rarely exceeds four millions and a half; uud >o long as the system of par redemption in sustained, [which we in conjunction with the bank commissioners if Connecticut. hope never will be abandoned.) few, if my. of the banks can keep out but a small portion of heir legally authorized circulation. The commisdoners. In their report, state that the system of par relemptions perfected by the Suffolk Bank of Boston, is a complete regulator of the circulation of all the New Kngland banks, and if it was not for this check, there would be great danger of an undue expansion of bank rredit. Krequent redemptions, and the rapid communication between different parts of the country, present any greater circulation than the natural business runts of that section will sustain. Thero liait been, from time to time, a demand or an issue of banking capital in Connecticut; >Ut that demand has .not been supplied, as It Is >retty generally known that. If the present ope ations of the hanks wero confined strictly to tho rants of the people of the State, every iutorest vould be supplied, and the existing capital would b? ound sufficient. There would be no deficiency of tank capital, and the citizens of Connecticut would lot be obliged to go Into other States to obtain necesary accommodations, if the banks would conflno hemselves to their legitimate business; but such is not he case. Merchants In this city and in Boston detend, more or less, upon the country banks for loans ind discounts, and a portion of tho bank capital of lacli New Kngland State Is diverted In t'?ls way from hose for whom It was intended, when chartered by the .egislature. This, however. Is not an evil, further than hat the people of the State are compelled to go abroad or bank facilities, and creates an Impression that the | lie ease The c ommisaloner* statn that the affairs of the iuinnclmuK Bank were in such a confused condition liat it w?) impossible to tell anything about Its poslion. They had prevonted the bank declaring a dlfilend until a satisfactory exhibit was made of its nfairs There is no doubt but that the hank is solvent; nil the report made shows that It will soon 1h> lu a conlitlon to resume the payment of dividends. Work Kxrhnngr. 22000 Treasury Notes ItOW AO shs Morris Canal sfiO 11 >a 20(10 Ohio (is of 'flfi 100 AO do 12 20il0 Ohio 7s 103 ion do M0 117? li?m Reading Mtge Huds XI lfndson River RR W ?0 uli* I'nion ItanK 117 10 Oliio Life and Trtist Co >*1 2il National Hank 11*1 ^ AO Canton Co s*'0 .T.'1, ( ei Delaware & Hndaon 19!( .'i0 do M0 .'t2\ 20 North Am Trust !IV 2.1 do ejv; ,'W, j AO do OJi 25 Mohawk RR 7s do 10 AO IS or V Wore R R s.10 2 -1, VI Readmit Bank 3* A do 2>' t i VI do ?W1 Srt r> (to M0 B) 00 Farmers' Trust 28 7A do 20 i i?? d > 2^'* 1A01/ung Island RR 2?U , AO do slO 2M '4 SAO do 2?i no do 2st; to do kTO ?Vj 10 do 2*'? 200 Harlem RR <w l (50 N Orleans City Hank M 100 do Milt AS | \ ft) Vlrkshnrv Hank 1A0 do A7?? j i 11 N Y Fire Ins Co 100 200 do 57 V 1 itA Morris Cansl 11*; AO do ?.'? A7i AO do MO ll'i All do slO A7}i 00 do imw lljJ 10 Erie Hit ? ?l? k) do hOO 12 10 do St 1*1 do h9D 12 2A do 02 f leoonfl H?Til. 110000 Tw*? NotM. ft* 10?VJ WO stia Long Nluud RK 29 12 ili? N V 1.1 fe & Tr I'd M "" <S.. WO IM 30 Eric RR, new, full miH VI Nor & Wore RR Z>> .? do KW 71 M do a*ill 17 do /IX Jo LIO LN1 .11 Hank Commerce scrip !*i 21 il? 2*.J l.'i Violmwk KK 7!' 60 N A Trout Tuoadny HI .XI lliuiciu UK 67.-H do Utl 10; 0)1 da b 0 i.lus (it) 60 do UJ 1" 6U Lou,; lkluud UK LijO i'Jj CITY TKAUU UK POUT. AFTtnxoofi, June 2, 1848. The three days later news received by the Niagara ? Boston, and received here by telegraph, which appeal din an Kj.Ii a lit raid. had the c fleet of stiffening tL irlce* of Indian corn ; holder* became firmer, by a cei jr two in the bushel, but buyer* did not meet then h'lour reui lined about the Name, with a fair amount < sales. In wheat no sales transpired?the lot* offeriii ?on*i*ted of Ohio, for which lower term* were olferoi irhile holders demanded previous rat oh. Indian mei -ontlnued uteady. with pretty free mile*. Rye remain* lull, while there wan no change in price*. Kor receipt and prices of breadatuffs at llulfalo and Albany, v refer to our telegraphic head. The Boston market ri port will also be found under the same head. Ill tli market mess pork was better by 12>? cents per barre Other articles remained about the Fume. Sugars so] to a fair extent, aud were rather firmer. Asnr.*?Sales of 150 bbls pots were made at $4 25 f4 37while pearl* miiul steady at fft 2ft. it in. ii ui rn Fltur 'The wlni footed up aboi 3.000 a 4.000 bbls, including Oswego. I.ockport. Mich gau. Oeneseu, m\. at $5 26 a $5 37X. A small lot prime Michigan sold at $fi 43,14'. There was no chant of moment in Ohio, Southern wan steady, and (K bbls of Richmond country sold at ?0 25 a fO 373 H'/irat?Holders of Ohio asked $1 24. while buyer* wel indisposed to offer more than $1 20. Corn? Sale* 1.400 a 1.500 bushels of round Jersey yellow were mac at 58lac; 2.000 do Virginia yellow sold at 55c ; mixt and white were held at an advance. Meal?Sale* S00 bbla New Jersey, in two lot*, were made at $2 5 Itye was inactive at 08o. Outs stood at 40c a 48c. wil light sales. I!y, Flotir was worth $3 56*4 a $3 02'a Bkmw.u-4 500 lb* Northern Yellow changed ham at 21 e a 22c. Coffki:?The largo sale of 5000 bags, advertised come off to-duy. was postponed till to morrow, on a count of a death in the family of I,. M. Hoffman. Cotton?The report of the arrival of the steamer > ......... ... K..ui.... .........i .. ..I "s'"? "* ? ? toramrau ul u^'unuun this iirtlclo thin morning. The sales before the no' were 300 bales ut very full priced, which was the clo of businoM, until Into in the afternoon when about 3 hales more were disposed of at an offer refused earlier tin* day. Kmh?The operations were light. and confined to 'J bills No. 2 Halifax Mackerel at $5 75. and 400quinti dry Cod (old) at $2 75. The sales of Cod reported y< terduy at $2 60 were false?no such sales having tak pluce. Freights?For Cotton 3-lt3d was asked to Liverpo Lard, Hams. &c., were engaged at 20J. 10.000 bush< of Corn were engaged at 4>Jd In bags. There was change to Glasgow. Fruit?No sales of moment transpirfd. The marl generally was without change. Hemp?A sale was made by auction of 132 bales ! Domingo, at $102 per ton. cash. Lime?Sales hare been made of 1200 bbls Eastern. 70c. Molasses?The sales embraced 200 hhds Porto Ri at 1% a 22c ; and 160 do Cardenas, at 16c, 4 mos. Naval Storks?700 bbls raw Turpentine found pi chasers at $2 60 per 280 lbs. In other desorlptlo there was but little doing, while prices continued flr Oils?We noticed a good demand for Linseed,: home consumption, at better prices. The stock K.nglish is quite reduced, and there is but little in 11 hands. The operations were 3.600 gallons English. 03c, (held by some at 05 a 70c) and 4.000 do city pre ed American, at 64 a 05c. cash ; and 07c in casks mos. Provisions?Sales of 800 a 1000 bbls. mess pork w made at $10 a $10 12>?; 600 do. do. sold at $10 li and 60 do. sold at $10 18)^. The market closed fli There waB no change in prime, which was worth ab< $8. Beef?Sales of 250 tierces prime mess wore mt at $17. and 600 bbls. of city mess at $0 60; prime was worth about $0. Lard?Solos of 150 bbls. w made at O.^c. and sales of 400 a 600 bbls.. in lc strictly prime, were reported made at 6%c. The m ket closed firm. There was no material chango cheese or butter. Spirits?Wo report a sale of 75 plpesSwangin $1 30, usual time Sugars?We heard of 350 hhds. Porto Rico at 4i 4,4c; 150 do. Cuba Muscovado at 3J%c a 4.5,'c, and boxes brown Havana at 6c a OViO. the latter price very handsome. Whiskey?Sales of 400 bbls. Ohio were made at 21 21)?c. and 100 bbls. State prison sold at 22o. JHAAKJCTS KJ-.SK W llfCHJC. fiTnpff sir va Phii.adki.pha, May 2?118 U. S. Dank. 3 : 800 Seh. Nav. 'tis, 4.1180 1". S. Treasury Notes, 0"s, 102l4! 380 Giruril, 10 8UU0 Sell. Nav. G'a, (iS; 4.1^ : 132 l..lii(rh Mort. li's, NO ; 10110 do arrwui iioura?I .Uuciianic* lianK, Z41, : .?u Moms ? ai ll4?; .VKI State 6'g, oft, 7ft; "JIO City 6's, 7i>. lt*>; * liirard. 10% ; .Mechanics'Hank. 24!a ; ltNW Schs. Nav. (i's, 6H, 4ft 3^: 3fl0 Sioi Canal, 111!j ; 1200 Lehigh Mort. I,nun, Stl1^ ; 1IMN)Statu (Vs. 8li. B >?Toy, Jn c I.?Rrokrri' Board?t> sha Northern Rnilro !i v" a !'7; 25 do Concord Railroad, SI lit); X? rl/'its Boston s>. M center Railroad. SI I'1 u I 06;3 sha Western Railroad, new. W (111 I*ittslxirx Copper Co, l'4 11 tit); lftll East Boston Co, 12' 123-10; ftO do, Ii30d, ll"4: 325 do Reading Railroad, IS', a lk. 7ft do do, l>ltld, IP. Sccoirul Hu trii?124 alis Heading Rallroi 1>\: 2ft do do, hJQ, 111; 3 do Vcrwoat Central Railroad, 714 Old Colony Railroad, 92; S City Hank H41,: 11) rights Boston Wore inter KallroaJ, SI 73; 2 do Uoatou it Maine Railroad, $2. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Brighton Catti.k Makkkt. June 1.?At market. '\ Beef Cuttle. 2D yokes working oxen. 25Cowsand Calv 1/iH) Sheep and I.atnbs, 2200 Swine. Prices?Beef Cl tie?Kxtra $7 SO; 1st ((uality >?5 75 a 7 25; 2d <|uali $0 25 a ti 50. Working Oxen?$70 a 130 Cow* a Calve*?$22 a 60. Sheep?$1 75, 2 00. 2 62; a few t tra Cossets $10; l.nmbs $2 a II 50. Swine?At who Mule, 4 a 6c; selected lots 4'.k u5,4. Married. On Thursday, 1st inst.. by the Rev. Doct. Adair William Ai <;t .<rrs Hokbcr, to Kllkn Sciu'rcm. Si iiKM k. both of this city. On Thursday. 1st inst.. by M. L'Ahbe I.afont. at t Church of St. Vincent de Paul. Mr Frawi-is Mklixi to MIm Clara A. Pillkt. In Boston. 1st inst.. Mr. Au kkii Lado, of this eil t<> Miss Kan.mi: W, daughter of Wm. J. Walker. NT. I of Huston Died, Yesterday morning, in the 25th year of his age. J01 11. Bi;li.i v His friends. and the members of Atlantic Lodge. N 50. I. O, of O. F.. and the members of the Order general, lire requested to attend his funeral, at o'clock this day. from St. John's Church. Washingti street. the (Sn-enwood Cemetery. At Bushwick. L. I .June 1st. William Williams. native of Chenne, near T.ondon. England, aged years. The friends and acquaintances of the family are r spectfully invited to attend his funeral, from his la residence. *>u Saturday afternoon, the !ld instant, at o'clock. On Friday, the 2d inst.. Joseph P. Mtlownv, ag two years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited attend the funeral, this day, (Saturday) at half pa-o'clock, front No. luo Barclay street,. Notice.?the auction and commission bcsine of OURLEVS Co. is removed to the house of Cooley, K?< .V mil. when- the rales of public and private libraries wl(l be e< tinned as usual. I'onsiirnmcntsare respectfully solicited, on whl cash advances will he made when roonired. COOI.r.V. KEl:SE ii HILL. H>l Broadway !>.-> t f"1ARD-MR. K. C. I'AUJE. TEACHER OF ITALIAN A> Vy English Singing, Kt< . purposes visiting Staten Island,on ti days in eai'li week, during the summer, 1111J will attend pupils their residences charging only by Hie lesson, to aecou modi those who desire to take but a few lessons, in *rder to learn sot of the new songs of the season, and those w hose stay on the isla is limited. Communications may l*> addressed t" Mr. Paige, hi* residence, No Kill Broadway, New York. SUNDAY EXCURSION.?THE STEAMBOAT "HI'S, CAP I'rice. will leave Fulton slip. East River, at H o'clock, I Ocean 111, use, Shrewsbury. Red Itank, kc., returning at 5 o'cluel PACKET FOR HAVRE?THE SHIP ST. NICHOLAS. CAI* EVEI.EHiH. will, for the present trip, sailon the Kith In Second class passengers ran lie nonifurtahly accommodated. BOV \ HIM'KEN, Agents, K > 1.1 Tontine Buildings PACKET OF THE THIRD .II'N'E, FOR LIVERPOOL?Tli spjeadld aew packet ship HE WITT CLINTON, Mafua voidahty detained, will positively sail on Saturday, the ;tl Instai She can accommodate a few more cabin and see,.nd < abln |usm' gers. Tliose who wish beautiful accommodations f r ?abin second cabin iitssage, should make early application on boni foot of Peck slip,or to the subscribers. COBt RN 8t DOIIEUi 12 Fulton street, or III Sontk straat. riOR NEH ORLEANS?I.OI'ISl ANA AN D N EW YORK 1.1 N jl oi i arKnji; very reuucoa rarcs 01 ireiffnu ronnvei/ r first and only reicnlar packet, to nail on Monday, Jttne 3th. T new ami pj>lendid fast-sailing packet ship OSWEGO, Thom I overtoil, master, is now loading. and will positively sail ai>ove. hor regular day. F<>r froi?htor having**plen?l furnished accommodations, apj?ly ?>n board, at Orlrana wharf. fo of Wall-street, or to F* K. COLLINS, ,r*J South Mroet. I*untivf no freight will he roceivod on bonrd after thin (Saturday) svenir June 3. Agent in New Orleans. W.M. CREEVY, who will prompt forward all goods to his address Tarkef hark Fli/al?th, Saniu Ycnng, master, will succeed the Oswego, and nail her regular -Ii% NEW YORK YACI1T CLUB?THE AVNI AL REGATT will take place on Toesiav. June t?th. The steatnbont El R&KA, for i ho exclwdro ii?o of mem bo ri and thrir ladies, w leave Barcla) street niei it hal pid nine \ M prw I ily, A' liREW Fo.SlEK, Jr., W. E. LA Mill, 0. I,. St 111 JYbKK, Cor mittee. (1 1TY LOANS.?TEMPORARY LOANS IN ANTICIPATIO J of the Rcvennes of the City, will he received at thii office, vu'iifl of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars and upwards, for whi' bonds of the City will bo issued, payable in frvtn i* to 12 month with interest at the rate of six percent per annum. Comptrollei Office, May ID. IMS. JOHN EU'EN, ? ompfroller. 44/ 1 UIZOT I AUGIIED IMMODER%TEI Y THE DAY Bl vT fore ho fell.?The Broadway Tailors do tne same at my n verti?.ements. Their day, perhaps, *ill lie aecclerated, when tfc< And out that I sell Caahmerette Coats at $* t*> $10; real Dran ? Ete, at %7 to IS; Twoed. at $A; Merino, at $.'); Skeleton, at $.i I $1, W hite \ ost, Satin do.?and make French Cloth Dress t oat t<? measure, for $1<>; very finest $20. 1 am O. 11. CLARKE, II William street. 1 1 /inn ro LOAN ON IMPROVED PROPER! yjt 1 1 in tkit ci?v, $1 1,44)0, at 7 por cent, for a tor of years; or it would l?o 4ivide<( in two sums or $'>,500 and $4,9^ A pply to GEORGE TUTIIILL, 4 Astor House, l?etwoen 11 and rpiio i' PI RSON Ml i Ini>I' i? HF. si\r;t i nk w n .1. are content to abide the evils of a tunned, freckled, sr? low, red. rough, or pimpled fa<v, uheu it is so notorious thi i i ! ftted aplea thati retrain il the skin ss clear an crystal, and an white a? snow. Equally ecc<i trie must Ikj that ladv who rejoices in a masculine moiistach rind perchance a hca<l of rod hair, when it is so well known thi fjou rand's I'oudros wubtil<* will completely eradieate superfluoi Hair, while bisGret sn Hair h\nit equa'ly certain to color l.rown or Ma? k. Itaerin mind that Dr. F?li* Gouraud's r noi* ned prepa'ations can only he obtained genuine at his Do|? 17 Walker street, first store ?mm Hroadwav. Agency for Batch lor's Instantaneous Li?|ni<4 Hair l>ye, and Ileal* s llair Restor rpn E SMALL PO\ HI III |{ I \ \ ! > Til A I FX>t in I 4iregory has discovered a remedy that completely eontrc this terrible d'**M?, rendering it so perfectly mild that the p tient ie not required to keep hie bod, and no scare or pits ov< fittQAA FURS^-CINTREVILLK COURSE-TROTTING I?*'"" W nilnuiUy, June 7th. tt 3 o'clu.k. I*. M . pnrite thr ItuudreJ dollar*. tw > mile hrniti to ?kel?('>n ?w-m. For'vhl< i(l areimtorml liflv Suffolk, th,; .|?*,*'? t;ivi?rit*\ with til" I'lim Ll'ljr Mi'tcw and Amorl.1*. JoK.I. t'oSKLIN, J'p>|hm ' ',,rKSE.?CF.NTRF.VI1.I.K t'OCRSK.?'TII<<1TIN< , ypmitJ" A |>nr?o of l? . h mtlri'-l ,t: t tt> ! ,1 II ? ill 1 .ivi i* ! ?tnile lie*la?lie?t tliiw in *l\e. In li.u- ir.'>- '' r nil ci-.Mli " hon<i>??ttftv dullard t? ?<? t<> the ii.,r r . . IF Jm 19th. Entrlen t elo?o Monday, June Silt, lij IU o'clock, I'. M .i C. I.'ivi-J.iy'K hotel, Mercer street. Thr itt or t.i make >i t,.-l and two or more to start to make a roe.;. JOEl. CON'KI-l' Proprietor. ,l ' I TMilSlMI lt>F I.ONC ISf.ANI). - TKnl l IM. \ I . !. f* ! of mile h?n*f?bift thro# in flv.\ t<? harm > r . 1 10 all trotting hone*. Two or m? iv to make :i race. It **1 i wi It ' i*11tji * t! pnrse willh* $.W>. To Come "ff Juno lJ'li l?ur n * $li)U?$25 to the a*con<l le?fc?three mile heat# to hamutt ? fr. ! .'r | ill tmUii>.r hor?>? that never won a purio ov#r $ 100. ll'?th pnr 1 to el ode MdixIkv evening, June ''th, xt 1) o'clock. $100 pur** e??mt off* June 15th. M. I). fJKEFXK, Proprietor. til DEN'J M H)NK\\ AITTIOVKICR?Ef>H'.\RI) TAYWW * IJ !*ell, thia Jay at 9 n'cloek, at 12 Catharine ?ir"?ei, oorner . Ur?adwav, a lot ??f good* not railed for, ??f the -ki?* ??f M .'Wth. Alao, all go'ul* on the prt tui .< *, conniving <d*all kind* r'' Hardware, old Trunks. &< : lot of MioveU and Tongs llnnluitis fi n- N. It. The good* to l>e taken away, and paid f.r, iinincUitrly; al i.-'. | a lot of Shoe lllocka. .i ' f TALIANSJ-TIIK ITALIANS RlSIPKNT IN' NV.W YOU 1 ?ro r??rt|H?Ptfully invited t<> me?'t tie\t Monda\ in?>i-nintf. the ??f* julie, at f o'clock, A. M.. precisely, at the (^ilunil'ln flail, N a ^>3(iraiid street, to form a proceHniou t*.?r the pro entation t t Italian national flutf to rapt, li f'orrii". of tin* hri# Cur..lit it who was the tirst to arrive in tl? ^ country wih our huli s nati mal lla*. The Italians, unin'l. take ti.i ??|?|?? rtuni 1 to invite all trio friends of lilierty* of all nation-*. t?? take |?:irt this celebration. lly order of the Comniittce. ? )0 VIZ" ANTED. ? 11V A YOCNO FRENCH CKV LEM A Tf know ing Herman, SpanUli, and Latin, a situation a? |?t *' fewor in a boarding school or private family. Apply at tJi Warren street. ot le 117" ANTED. ? 11V A VOUNU FRENCH C.BNTLWM A >d ? knowing Latin, a situation as profcsiior in a hoarding rein nf or private family. Appl) at Warren street. Wanted-a srrr.vrioN nv \ respectable v<>i \ to Woman, to do Chamber work or plain M'witur. In willi to take ear* of children; hue no objection to go :i .short way '"it Ja the country; lias good city reform neon from her last place. ^'lon all at 1KI Varick urcat, up stairs, front room. Mrn. MITCH El Cau be ho n for t n o di)?. o- iir \\TM>?bt a young mw, \ srn ition T travel with a pentleinan or family ; ho understands time [L four different lan/an/?'.? . I'loase to address through the post to 1 a PAULTON. 40 Monroe street. ** 4k 1 AAA WAKTBDON MORTG101 FOR TWO N I \ wo ^ 1 jVUVf for which I" percent interest will Ik? paid.?A >0() i|re*<, with r?*al name. C. I\. HtruH office. nKOOKIiYN DEMOCRATS WIIX HE IIAKRASSKH Wll I# stories of Barnburner i inttror I is 11 111 converts eonie from the Navy Yard. ilfl *H- \ SPLENDID SPaN OF HORSES FOR SALE. It eu 1\ hands high, half Moods, and unsurpassed f??r carriage horc May 1mj soon at tlic stable opposite the Murray street House. ?\ POH'SAM?A 8PL1TDID BLACK HORSE, WTHJ L0J ela 1/ tail, seven years old, sound, free from vice warranted DO tt rat-rate saddle horse, and a beautiful driver; Inn never heen tht hmi> -f n hirrii linlir t liadiBd will bt sold ab cet Knin. Apply at 2b Nassau street, hack office, 2d floor, befl Tuesday next. t St. xjarr. ahe revested to wmh-nck that in TT der to give full news IV"m the 1'rim li Journals, the Couri at cit't* Ktnts I uh will lie issued to-dly, at I o'clock, I'. M. rpO NEVVSI'M'KK RI'liMSHEIt** -FOR SAl.E. A SKCO' X hand Single Cylinder Napier Printing Mtchlne. IllIV(U1 Hne k Co.?bed t will print from C to 8 tokenh per hu lr- a Urge hand prcu, or <loublc-inedium Adixtr.s pren, williie tal ins In part pavment. Apply (if by letter pre-palrt) at tli? nffloe m the GoUlen"Rule, 44 Ann street. Alto, a double Cylinder N?pl for by Hoe & Co.?bed 31^x80 : will print ZWO per lionr. of ltf1W VoKK- JUNX. lm-Wl. TilB UNB1R8ION] r?t li pasasnfiisin the snip Burgundy, beg hereby t.? rttnrn at thanks to Cupt. Baxter, fur bis kindues* iinl eonrte?v to 9fl. throughout the voyage from Havre to New Vork: and we i i eevely hope that a kind V'rovidenoe will attend him through ' with sueeesi and prosperity. O. 8erre?, Negt de Irnuee, L. <i liert. F. Maeo. C. Kaguct, T. Truziini, T. Pappert, Albert The ere ton (for self and family), C. Helmay, T. I'uttgeisur, Emile Kid! !>a. J. Fanrii, A. Aplierman. T\ ISSOLl'TION.?TIIE COPARTNERSH1I* 1IERETOFO U existing under the firm of KII'LING k BROTHERS.! dissolved on the 22d day of May, 1848, by mutual consent. 1 do. business of the late firm will bo continued by the undersign erp RICHARD KIPI-INO. Dated June 2,1848. ar T OST?ON MONDAY. MAY ' !>, A GREEN POCKET l!(M . " J-4 eoutaining a ticket f<?r crossing Williainsbutvh Ferries, I? tora, &< .. of no urn to ft stfftnnr. but ' i^iiiy priiea bv tiie owi Also a rod hook, containinir $lt? in hills .?ti th?? M?'ivlianttf 11? , at w hich may bt kept if the OOMOBliOf flu gMiB book are retur: to 18 Hr??adwiiv. I a T OST?ON OR ABOUT THE fiTli OF MAY. A GOLD I 500 tent lever Watch, Forrester, maker, Liven tool, No. lt?7i*; lor beral reward will In) puid 4"r itx recovery. Apply to JA> STEEL. 1'hI Market ftroot. Al?u, wanted, an Amoriean worn*! 0 a Jo general house* ork. Apply as above. Timothy t. buroeb, attorney and covxscli at L<iw, l>ai rem .ved hli lilies from lit to 131 Cherry between Catharine mid Market at*., Naw Vork City. 'i'?. OI'OTTKN &: STANI.KV. CANDV \M? I.oZIAOF. MA' \ I O favtnron, No. 11^ B??ery.?Candy carefully packed fl?> boxen of 20. 2.V .VI, ami IHO pounds, for the Southern and We?l '"1. markets, ami delivered In any part of the city, or shipped to 1." der. No charm for boxes, packing, or cartage, t.> any |iart of r city. <Inters oy the niiiils (ea.di cnelotu d) punctually attended H,(i rpiLUI'RY FOR SAI.E?A HANDSOME TTMU'KY. Wl or' J. substantial aud elegant Harness, complete, for sale. Add . | j 1). F... Herald Otlite. ;a farm (if mo ai res of yctyoood land. f n'j' -/TL Sale.?A vesy go#?d elianoe for emigrants or other* who n jo* want to buy; in now offered. a* the l%t?- owner died lately, n i[ left a holpleiu family. Therefore, this farin muat l? sold for tli support. The best of titles will lie given. April v At the oomei South William aud Broad. Trice four hundred dollars. D. NE MAN. ,or. T>l'TNAM HOUSE?OEORUE ICENSETT'S <'OFF EE A? I Chop House, No. 291 Rowery ?The l>est of Refreshment** Howling Alleys. t^n??ita. Clean Hods, &e. Ho. N B.?Ifannoi it- .Meetings every Tuesday and Saturday nitrht at his private r " nd Vurii K-AT THE WITNESSES MEETING HOUSE ix? JLw ?tti :i\i nue, di i "i i - " ill he d< red at 10J \ ^l lo- i Sunday, January 4th. illustrative of the Apo*t< lit.- nn I or pmohii I hi f . pel Tbey also meet 1 raf it ff n II - I ITIIII IS THE 8WINDLSH EVERT PERSON u j | v? with* to be nfc, And would ivoid beinj [ urocure a copy of "Mearsou'i I'. S. Rank Note Reported* ??f t! j day, which eontains matter of the utmost Interest and i?r? j * n tanoe to thi Meroli&nt, Trader, Mochanic ai i i copies (?cents. For sale at 7'J FulUu street, corner of Gold, a fin | at the Otto#, 48 liold. B* ROADWAYIIATSTORE.?HAVES,CORNER OF IIROA way ami Fulton street, have on hand a lar^o, new and m L^' 1 niticont variety of fashionable 8nmmer Hat* and Cap*, to wli lit miKOlfuRjr mIU the attenti n i the pnblii JI MBER?AS TIIE ADVERTISER IS RETlfil N(f~rR( Jk the lu?nl?er business, he i? authorized to dispose t!?e -.r? 1 > j of commissioned lumI cr on his im'tntae:*. at unusual low pri< for cash. or approved pjij?er. Phase mil at the corner of L street and lOtn avenues. in f N. SEW'ALL, WHOLESALE DEAI ER IN JEW I I 1 j tP fco., ii.i removed to No. 39 Jol i \ I \ i < jn BISHOP, importer of precious and imitation no*, ha ? r??mov to No. ISJ John street, up stairs. a TAMES DAN! OTI i 1 43 ! deemed at M > . William ?m?*t, one door from \\ all, op. h'c the Exchange. by W. 1>. KEIJ/KJO. at 1 ^ | , ?nt >\\" <?. I bought hy all t!io Irrokers at the uy^ial rate S..i m o ' y R\i MB& CAWHOLL*S MEDICATED VAPOI and Sulphur Baths. -Ol Broa<lway, two doors i?1?ovm Is on; V certain cure furcoMs, rheumatism, and all *11 ? .! L'1* | . i o?l bj* the changeable -tare of the wither. Sulpln . I? ?t ill tual for di ot the ckin. Ojn-n from 7 o't it !; ita to in or > i u r, till 111 o'clock at nighL t 4 rpJIK NOHII AMERICAN IN PI \ NS. U'llO IIA \ F 'II mm I i ( .?hi-. | Mill gfve miexl I'll m Id Rati ;SS M< n?lay. V?\din Mijy and Friday, .*>tli, 7tb,and !'th .!. ?. I Die jsirti-ulars, ace wall b lis. "li | A FAELOR AND BED ROOM PO LI I .4 a. f.>r a single gentleman, with breakfast if r?? pur J, at U W rvn street. , i? I> i.\KI> ok 1'? l.l \ iv r; i s C a (i 1 Is inn more roonia thin tliey nojuir**, would !- i ! .--It at two or thre*? irenflernen, or a / nikman and hi* h i? , t I- u ite with private apirments, furnish^l or itnfuru i* I. or wtmld I ne the apartments to k .nail family. Apply ui 1" llum o r>ly nd near llnda??n sL a' IirKVOllED K'MIMS Tli I.F.r T!? I.F.T. I I CM- M'.fl. ' M. t?4 Broadway, a purl rand ) d r -tu AtlAflM. %(an,4vi 'T. IiMII'Ih'IIii pu? I r .k'. I ' t I" 1 lo I I ' I i. I way, or bnaikfast a d tea. Also, a very r.hhI Un xvut to reat for an (, flc?- En<|uire at Ilroa*iway. T TIOARD WANTED?A >< un^ married lady from the S ?' |?f- s|M*nditi^ the summ r in New Vork, is d?f?iroiia to oi.tji D board in a small qniet family, where there are no other hoard* and when* she will find the comforts of a horn*. The l<?eati " i i m?! H/r. no-' i town, vtould In; preferred. Addr*s c. E. J . at tins otRce. " If F.NHY WELLS. <>F THE FIHM OF \t HI. ft COL I II Livingston. Weill fc C'o.j has takou into eo.|airtn'r: hip vi j !, him Edwanl T. Winslow, of New Vork, and .? fui>ton l.i\ r / * y* of the finn ??f Livimr ?t?>n & Co., rhiladelphia; an 1 tl;ey w ' rorry on, as heretofore, the Express, Forwanlins and CoimiiisHi ? businohS. as follows :?The domestic Kxpruss business will l?c doi ;f4 ia the name of Wells 4: Co-: tlio forvian business tn tlio uaiuc I e LivingNton, Wells k Co. Now Vork, May I, 1W, he " " ? as T\TOTICE.-TI!E noi,l)F.RS OF THE BONDS OF Til s* 1^ I'h.'jadelphU and Reading Railroad Cunpanr,due In I id and lsfi6 are hereby noticed that proposition" for tne c over i ot of said bonds into a preferred stoek of the company, tearing -e < ly per tent interest, to i?o issued agrees* ly to an act pasm-1 at the la iij. aession of the l'ennsalvania Legislature, will Uj re ivwl at t h- offlefi of John E. Thayer & Brother. Boston; Cham ley M V\*lieela si Philadelphia aud h. JAL'DON u CO., M Wm\ straot, N y. I Vork_ BMOTAt BALL, TOMPEJN AND B1 Mariand Hi Co.,) have removed to N?. 1147 Br ? l viy, (^ Mt erly eorner of Murray street.) opp ?si to the < ity Hall, when n> l e found an extensive assortment of Diamond and otl r rich l< ,i ?-iry . r?uvrr mm Oliver riaieu ?*are; ( ntiery. hhiciiim, ? .?? n~ lu\, sc. Sin<'t? liit March lit*t. Rben?*/er MunrH* lift* he*m a> ? ; ! ted (u? a copartner) with Ii. T. & IV, ni ?|? r tiio *nm? liamo a: j firm as heretofore, feign ??f the Uoldcn Rftglo. ill I? EMOVAL.?TIIF. MKDM'Al. AND .TKlllCAI, INSTIT lf j IV tion, so I of i j* an<l f*Yorahhr known, under the imh- <?f f f'J I It'rttwick. at 7A Ohanilxrs street, Tuia been remova-l to .1u| fir i I way. *a*t aide, a few 4ik n above llroomi* street. The pr<*wnt I ? eatloo i* much nvre rltairiiM* than tho f mirr, a.< it in tn?>re ?*? R. tral and oommodious. Nmiily i?? tliMnand mental and <nr d- | cal cures were successfully treated at thin Institution during t jy I last year. St monthly report. e 1 fpn pavilion, n i h brighton, statin iii \ND , I JL Iii cona*<{u?noe of tha flnonea* of the \*<?ihrr mm erf I ton lli \ I if* hare already taken up tliciral. ?le at thia faidiinnal l and < ' i fnrt*Mc e*tal lielinietit Ithan l*>en opened xince tlio Mh <>f tl I month, and perllen tlt??irin* to take rtm<>nr? ran im. tl>" ?" V neril er every day at tho City Hotel, i r lie will 1?- h.i| pv I > ?-i m "|^n th<?m *t New llriilitmi, at any time they inav a|>|-mt. 'I'I II. Pavilion hM l#?n refitted, and fresh painto Hi r i t ' ? ?iT | and i* in eotnpleln order. City Hotel, Jlth May, IM\ I' lil.Av CARD. A uteamboot leave. N'ew Itri^ht' 11 a. * in 1 11 eb-ck, M? and 2 and A ? ,!'. M.; and IVr'N" t, North River, N' O York, at I) an <1 11% A. M.. ami ,V4 and*!? P. M. r ( "i!(\s, in Mi|\, \m, isa H N All .< 1 lit VI 1 ie v-* SliiriAk' h, from St. Peton-i'tir^c, Ru--ni.?Dr. m. lie:" iopvo ii" ii. ix?|?elfiilly tn tufTin tho?-who *r? in ??> *?.v ?? < t.vl wi' ?. Cornt or hnnlona, that he < ?? le cmitfilted daily lit hi- IV . ! ?t Sliiriak' ff ( Mropodi-t, m,."i*e? ! ? any who honor Inni Willi n ?i?i ill toe\ir? th? abuTe without the li.<lit??t r"in ?r tronl.le ii l? in it hia inatriuneuti alunt, which he nlitl on, hut ?nf(nicoa hia Klixi * till* tho tn"?t fai'iliiuiin* r*m-?ly for exirnotin* t'orna, whi< it, will never return. Any [* ""? who will <'?ll <'?ii ?? n nnii Nur i i,.. Ietter< from llieir fellow oltlnena, n'tiirnl iij ilianks f. r in iiunu ?. diate and P innleie cmre. Ilia otBoe la at tn <'hambeni afo ot, op jxinit*' tho f'nra, "r n* rownu oci'mst, aitri r, . irnwi it ly to diaoast'4 of tho Eye and Ear, at Me Kiir^ory, Ji'.l Urn n- way, entrance IU Warren atroet. Juat pul.liaJied, the aeoond ed i>r tton of Dr. Powell'a Tieatiae on the Eye. rrice Su rente, which ta ^ loaprenuum aulfaotiim ?^e founts la - '?'? m 1 - DARK iniiiVIU.?T11F. KARtH IU, a.Vu I VU l'( : M I FoRW .N f> OP l,K- U^SKUSM VII.smiI ?... !i In nam Nr. ualvr r I " *. n Jet., v t. ,| wtio will .1' I .li 1. 11. I I I III, In 'lil? . . miiiM.? Smnrlny \M ri J mm J, ','t . \ .r.m.l nrtiMMal, Uk- rl?>l t'A - HtM'O* Ij, .4 limit *w a I i?i ? ii'iixi Tn whitfli mill- .i'M' I |?ii'? i. j' t ? I 111. Kb UR/\OI'S?yimlu'. Hr. li. Ai lnv >; . | , *li?. Knurl)' ,\f ii Wi1 wlnrli u 'ii'I ir i i 'i. iii..' .1.1. - \ I i \ i t. K I' J I i MIKKDIU l.j I" Du in* \ i 11 ' . At % >y \llUof itux a iiiii.v in. ,t iMs ' Ht.i AM' >1 It ETC t I./ I I II . V irl'i) I. K.?iilii?, lur thr bfii tit it I . I v ,i .1 Imu S, hum i >Udi1m? will am?ar In n I.I- 1)1 . hit. V AI r wblob, th* t?tlc ponivilt "I rorriM; Hit ui,-iio ?Mr PrrntOM, Mr. Itu*. Ml* \ljnii-i. || |1, 111 ' Imrrj. At ir I which, tht IWin?d POT Pol Hill To ni.l. ?ill 1 t! i?i r tit# cummlv of? NABOH Jill; VN ll'H K - I t.ii; I .. "? J * ii MUh Leslie, MisN Kato llvrn '1 ? i . ,. with u Tawdiii" y. rllwniont. tin fMolimtin: PAS 1'F^ 11.11 II?-, I \ Ulu,..n,n "t Vti-nuxI'M" t" ' l).\Kk. Tlir. lTIIP_luv litiifi ., ? . * . I . I V' ?}?? .i-.-< iijl Ir??ii ii-i niurUy Ji?no :c .wui'meit ... at - " I . 1\ M. Tli*: M :ii ? .; r ifully nil; - Ui*t in "j. r -v vU tlm Hiil, : ?|.? | *? 11 . I* < In. . ?i Vien ' v? -pi*ar ti N?urlav .. \t. at 'J, o'clock, in Thre?* l.rai. 4 a\ I?i\c? .i Id ft1* I.rut ? I .k U ?.<.?, I.. * .-uuvjt Nil U M?rp*?ir, an I 0.? i';ndr? #i 11* . The ? i.??;?lu.s of Iks m.d f' 1 <* 1 * l: n * * II i- i la Ith i ? I . In'? taiiiiiuMitH. i? i l, uj til,* I' uiee vriH smumcnco at 2 ? .. <. :K I >"vi IE) ! !l % < H RflAY -" . fl, Lf will lx? acted. tl . . II \Ml I 11 M. U. S'1 tt; lilir-t. Ilyull ; l.? n* .1 11. 1UI, n , 4 r. \\ (|HrU,-. he l'"l-itluff, ; OMri>-, .1'T'l , o ,, m ^r ; Oph< U ? i.l. I'liil i|m. 'I'm ronrlll'i" With i .tr- ( | \<)?1vVAS in U'HKi KI'.IIS?Ju? '< Junk, Mr. .J. II. I4. I 1 l- . ty Frederic. J??r?l i??; Oroiolntl \% *iri*!; M Mi.. \l.m' n in cl.rUtine, Walcot. Hi **>, 'J5 oentt* IV, 1-S u.f. Doom ?>|>< n at 7 ; |mrformance o eminence nt 71? o'irtoek. /I 11ATHAM THEA'I HE?SOLE PROl'II, . \,i> L: ; ?. \.? (?, Mr F. ( t tin Iran. * i?tF veiling, June !!, will l<0 acted tin? drama -I Til II l< F^F? Car* i *. Mr. Cli-i tr**; 1 ?, tame, Mr. l'arde\; l.-r, u:m Mi W in ?n . Dclparr, Varrv flu-iv Mrs. O. J. n? m. lo be .1 \ \ A\fcVV VORK AS IT LS 4 V .V Mr. Chanirau; .1.-, Mr W mil.-; William Twill. Mr. M i ''1 hert: K.;ty, Mrs B ;h. I ?i>?*luHt* with (ho I ?r I.\\l? >11 \K?;s \\\> FNOCI.I. Mr Sani|. 11. Mr. I*ttr?h?) John I.-II.. Air. 11- ??. r I "II v. Mi- I> .on o|.>*a :it 7 IVrformnn - ? < hit 11 1 /V. /clock. Il??xc?, 2ft oenta l*it \'2%. Prlvfttw Hoxe*, ?* HUOADU'AV IIIKATLF1 FAKKVVMIJ. HKNKFIT OK Ml: Ai.?l"r:"'ti. S;vi oriln.v vfiilii'.* Juno .i, w ?IM ' por rine?l il r.?;-ly *?| M .\( |JK I II M.'.-l . . .. \|i Ami. r- > Ivir?n Dumai I Mr IM" Am.ltr.4on M .1* -Itn. M f? . M !n?l, Mr H n .i , | llan-iuo, Mr. Fn-'l ri. l,vt n, Mr Kinrlt'v, I V* i.oli. \!i ;>r ll:oli?\v;.v ; J.| \\ ir.??. \|r \ . If I.l, y N;. . HicM. Ai 1^- tor whiiih l'-?.4 di? Hon <. l.\ M n t ' < ;i^il M \ * < '? Iw-1?*. '1 ? c ik-IiuK' wiili (tie III MI'llUK nil! M.I' Mr. AI.?1?| If. iIm, v.. I iv ,, , .IciMhimi Mr N .1 i 1 , ^7- Uolenn ?! ' I.' -alvi. Mr IliH-l. I ? . . ?- ' I ri.r.iuvt u>, A k'*" <'.oaU: I'anrl.v 1 ir If. (ial r., I '1, . . I><.<|3 ;< .\ 7, |?oif"rmaio ?? ! ? ;*?'n af ! m i p !. OUO%D\VrA1 r!l?A'IRK ME >R .m I I > IU cm 1J [iroprii t* ?r ?f tln? v. .1 Mi.iliiio'ii t, ni ' ' to maMiioa, I 1 v oniMon wi'li tlit ri--.* nfiI.eir follow ? i i7.1*11 .tin r , riiput.liv turtl o ( Hovrtvl. , tiro v\ 11 i. 11 M. 1 KI IT U'.d 11 HO vi N i>a v. . .out ' ? ly mmtaluc'it. r?-^|?****tin.Iv t? 1: !?*r th?* < ot'tho TJn A'r?' r?tr iln'ir L's* ll'io'lit, on the fveninu; "t Tl F.ShAV. JuniT o'.li; tin* ntiro r?teiptH to l?o (tppropriattd to th.-ir u- an ." t iiwiii il thoiron 'crprl/c. iudiiMtrv ami iuti'^rity. a?*' nowlcd t'l ) . ill i'Ux .rf tlie i oinumiilty for many yi'iirs ami a* a i-.n tin! im ai" riitblin f n them t?i rt-oitne tliat 11 t'ul t i.i n in ?i v : . i nf. in tunatnfy, an?l, hy 11 alaniity I'tyonil !itlr > 11'r i. :?M-i lv int. r ar- rnpted. Tim name of tin' ml. ipmi !u*r?unto n ii I, h.?v-* jn- nndertaktn tngivo their in I on tlio of. i-mn < l*:nan St*?! . on, A.ntor lion t; \\ in. il. Hrow 1,. .art'-, hromtway : J' hu F Troadwell, F nuiklin ll.-us?i; .1 I ? '1 * ll< >vur?i iI? t?*I ; V. 'R- lilatmard. ('i.y llotfl; F.*-niainin K.nli' un. ( 11'^ liotol; -l.-h i ier Flortnrc, jr., M -n necll *. '; Mliit!i? rio'Tompkin-?, mi-.i l-lan-1. Walker & siinrrayer, W illiam r* ?o : ,l..lin v ' . r\t Sta?on r Inland; I fly 1 .inph inn, VV ?'? in* -'ir t' : Dnvio M. Hulli-tvr. y North Ameilean If? ! *I; .1 ?s. K.. llnrtlctt, Urantli llotal; .lam- * " v Huyinond, Put* am Co; William Janewuy, M. fli - ;? r< .; i'. ur* Mathewm \\*?strhe^ter llonge: (Iflor^a I* W 11ri w, yt t'hnrU-. ;cr]. Hotel: linrllng Clupp, Weitohotter C'??.; .1 lm Drake. N. f ; ('ol ?? ,T<i??*ph Hunt, uaac >Hl?on, Sin* Simr: (N.-?r M. Hro^ii, vo*. it*; ier? K. 11. Oakl?*y, Ima'i Smltli. \\ hite Flain* : II' rare HaiJoy, St.merH: .lohnH. Wyatt, Si'ULli Fa Futnamt'o. ; F. N, Uinr. >ymcn,4?* ,, llou.-e; Thro. Fatter 5?in, t 'irlton II ?>? : .lamo.i Herk, Bruad' way ; lleury J. Penman. IVImoniro, Jny .1 trvi , Wm. K. Blakv. ,"11 CJeoiye Tit 11.<4,. Amo* F. Ifiittlcld, Saniuef O '< ? i|, Junius Starf^ .UM Walter llavil.11.t. l/owis II Lent, Stephen Hate?., ('apt. Wm !l Fra.-er, Henry K Wanmaker, l?ariu.4 i yd? n. T. V. Mui^' hII, M. Miller, Win. M. Cooke, < . S. lielavan, Wm. II. FndorhiU. SoloUI* mon Tlucker, Jorrod C'rai e, (j. A. Conover,< lie^tor JiMiuinu;^ Wio rn" II. llavcuiey?T, Willloin Okell, Oeori^o Jauewas, F,. \. Marshall. Pr' Tli 'Tna* Carnley, EH Moore. Thomas llar\ Henry AreuhruH, John Drake. Cant. McLean, Kohert Tatuni, Hen. Huni# Wi Nh. Alur vah Mann. F. W. Cramer. Freaton 11. Hedtr??n, James Tarrant. v Henry Davis, John Anderson, August!!* Hunt, John N. Mills. ni * Thaddeu* Uurlow. F. S.?Duo notice will he given of the order of -.1 entertainments. Tickets to be obtained at the Box olTtee. and at tiie principal HotcR IK H/f BGHANIC1 Ii A l j, 492 tEOADWAT. BI7WXBM , t* Lvl Grand and Broome itnmta. MONDAY. MAY "J. and everv iav niirht during tie wo??.k?LAST WEEK hut one of the oritlnaJ CHRISTY'S M? VSTItEI.S, whose concert.Rdurin* the t ant FJOIJT ned MONTHS have been receive^ with such dlstingnls! }i n,r' nane and unexampled most tvapertfully armoun *. tf.r.t they ? will continue their original and Inimitable ontetta?nim:.?u? every l? \- nijrht uutil fnrthor notioo. Adminsion 25 ccuttw Doors op*-n a'<. % 11 ii. C'-rturt 'vlll comm*MiQe at 8. Manager and Director, E. P. IES CHK^TV #t" OAliMO'S OPKKA HOUSE.?MOSC AMOMi T'lK MODEL IT Artiita?Siiturday, Jane .'i.?I'n.K'uinmc?I'art i?J<jiui of nn flre.iuBKuwiMjw, mobu rusting uu uie iMicr, tonus gi uin u Shell. The Three Graces. Song. Pas ?!? . ? (.'rates. Intermission of Ten Minuten. Part If?Sappho, Neptune an ! Ami'hirrite, Mom ard Lise in the Eating llonae, Soene of the I'cluge. (Jaintea. Song, Dance. Intermission of ten minutes Part 111?Greek *fl'? Slave, Venus do Medicia Fuiries Dance, Mow am*ng the Model in Artists - in 3 Tableaux. Tableau Finale. Dan-e. Door* open as ern half-|> tat 7?commence at S o'clock. I>re<<d Circle and Par<juette, or- so coiittf: Upper Ttoxea emits. t]t][ IJABMJMP AMFKICAN MWBU'rf P. T. BAH>I;II, PRCI J print or; V. Wf*r cwr "Pi , Mansr'T Snlemlid performance*. Til ovrry aPcrno?n atrilj't'elork, and e? ?ry cveniri" itw. The V anarea.-* ger has ergaged the Kthi'pian Serenader*. Every afternoon and evening, magnilici nt, l)Us< Ivinir View*. ard Da/zling?y llrtlliant Chr<?mi>tropM: Mr. .Iam>g Hull, Cmni< S'.^r: Mr A. Deiapierr*', OR on the Flutioa Accordion 'Hie Mammoth or Giant llahy, only iay lrt months old, ol beautiful faoe and feature*, and e\ery way md interesting, weighing ninctv pounds. Wax Scriptural Statuary; leir The American Fin; King; Mudamu Rockwell. the f:?iii??i* - F??rtuno 'if Toller, may bo private)/ c u-uhed at an extra charge of oent*. \Vm Admission to the whole. Inclnding Mnmtum. Perform an*"**, *? .. ft esnti; nhildreo. under ten vears of ago. and old enoni'" to ** k ^ a\rvti. 12^ oentA Hi?servf <1 fron* r,?. iMIUng extra. T VIBUyS, ASTOR PLACE BROADWAY, (LAT1 OP0U 1^1 lloiiM .)?tr-'in. ikI ih attraction.?Tbo e w. of th*? "" a . tin- VII.WOIM ? IIII.HHKN. I- imiu "ill w |-. mi tin?luillinat Div-rii-(cmenty. vi'. PA* hi; I I El !'w. IMS *" IIOMJKiUS; and the in'ic'ilflcent PAS 'HUKVTAl. The two ?/ lun Mial'b cuncdiett S M W WITHOUT A UFA D. and V "b ItOLWD loi; \N OIJVUK, will U-iriv-n. The |H.|.i,b?r c uiic. dian, Mr. t'111PPKN OA M), ^sill make li s f. at |*-ar<inee "4 . New ^iirkfortwn \ ar-. in Sir Mark Cha-c. Mr. H \ M OT sod V Mr .I'M IN SK.I'TOS will nl-o ui r :-. Mr. MAEDER , . < lar.i Fisher) i.-?e?r. ? ? I. Ti-U- ?, .m? nt . II-*1ti .it '. Ms . ? v BAWVA?ii?? PANORAMA oF TIJK MISSIH wppi Rl*nr. tvaint'd ti Ikrus miles rf cam u??, h-m* %h,? n" | lntrwt painting in ?h* vf I at *h' Pa;, or* in a Building in Hrosdway sd loir in* N ?Wo> G .den. open every ia'?:Qtiu (odd I diys *xoept*d). AdudisJon oent* ehildrfn half prie The PaD a Tram a will eomire"<ni^vl.': st \? ?* s o'efook rwdeeHr. Aftrtiui | n'l^n "xhiMtion *>n V7e J?\? ! arU Sa4r,?<iay, at 3 o'clock. WALNUT STREET Tni ITRU. PHlLADKT.PftlU.- FiASl Ni^ht of the 4 Enchantre.<V' f?r the Boreflt of Mr. Rkh 'Y in.'-i S.ituniny ping, .fiui" . ' ! vill ' itt..m * I the Gruf d "'' Operatic and Scrni Drann t I IIK KNTJf ANTRK- Tfarno. Mi Kitchin!' ; Mrar?d?i? . a'lb*?,?<?,tt; , Hpini r? Dnke d*A^nil?*? l.oiuan: Onlafa .) rl- n; H o Sv'vi >, W' -af^v: D??et#?r Msthai i-ciM, ('hanmai', Tru;-ii!'t. \1r*. Ro.-er.; "tel'i ( he F.?mIiiui .. tr*?? ). Mim Fisher: K\ i. Mi OuivjSj r;1 of G<h><I, IV^'icr . Spirit ol F.\il;Mr. I' ?. In < " "f the len.Mh of tbo I. in ii'? ofber pi< -e will I- i< ' ! tl.i The Mi?nplu'nir i-allet troupe ar?* engn o'd, and will appear ??:i M? niay evr _ tiing next. !.- rilHE MAMMOTH P\\m':\m\ OF 111J ? 111 o \\j>MI* I? - I *?h>ipni Ri-ers (n *.vvl, bi-Jnri in nu'tinvro) will sn^.n ofien ut. | it the Apopo'Hoows iff this eitv. Ihie no'ie-will be '/v?nof i'. \ ?r-f app-aninc". I ? v. i * .I*' ? I ..| ?*an\ ;i \ rinvinu nn n j difTep-nt State*. Tl e ()h??. Ki\??r i< y1 vn tb * whole extent from j? | Cairo to Pit1 -bur/, ver l * U i i'es; the extent of country rea Jie. lr i I over IHA mile?. f 4 VKKHWN DRAMA I'M' II Vli \ I \ 11?. v >ri " *\ ri il .' in ! lie* fii"'.;'-r? ?I 11? a m. i i' .o will " I:i1 . i Kf. ? li:n-r. II . I. .... S.' iir I,. v l.t> - lOtli. nr k r m , i i- hi. |.ri, . ..r elf. 'in .i iv.?i.:. iii. \\. .v. I'l.KMI V?i. A ft lur >' ' !?rv. \mi:i:I(.AN MCAMMIC I I \n AS^H I> ?I^ \ fi*i ri:?l nersl ?m- tin of the mem hers of tiiii association illt b? Id a i t Si. Cl ia rlrs 11 ?>t ? I. Julv o. u t ' *?* 1 i-k, J*. M., f r t! - . ir| f nm-Mdi;. th- rub W. \l. FMvMIN'G, Aetie . p ?r , |>lNNO FORTI- FOR MK-TWO PFfAhlO HOST I w fd i r:. * tin. ,? th?-v p ,??Im to ord- ? t Jsgrntleman, and s>>ld ehcap, a* he ia ."'?ut IcaviM th<? , ?i?y T!.' v ' :??? M a* tli-? f it i?m * ? f ! II \ \Tn\. N ?. 21* Br?. idwny, nn<l?T II e Am - Mu?vnn?. i I '1 ^1, PI 1 B lOOV FOR ' R |B 111 P N .1 in a lri1? wIn Al , m < of i. ,ru \:?ilv j M N ?. .Vj ri II \j?mtkr, no I* a v.?n? i "tiuiirr. r? nr.WK stkei > ' 1^ n, er fit' tin* Roy ?l r V.> i r n I, tnlon. may ! ? , consulted iu treatment of deli*-ate ?Ii-<m? Vwia* ?r how f#?nx y< u may have fleet. ulcer- ti|?o t ..?!/, cr in the hrcat or nosf; junta in the he.ul and bt>n? ti * A of fourteen """ ilevc:i'l to venereal !i n . erahl* - Mr. c. to cur# Km V- vMDit form f tlii.*4 Uifen*\ Racent ?'a^ mred in futtr days.? III No menury u+ !. stricture ?nivJ in ;>? or two with r *cufi. ly nny jmin. Co,i?: mi al I 'ilify. i individual* who havo iriiirl U l n *'v r tin ! i?!. ?: io I .i'it < u? p< Mtively U "I n - r -l to It*-atih and socio'y. K? uu u. her, IV Duau? afreet, opl?OMii? Dr. Johnson's. i | \ fC'K DTTBIN( U, ?h-day uri-f in : i.tVi. ul mhI j,r -tracted en i of stricture, Rlect, an?I I Heato rliiea^vj w!.?? !? haw prutod too o?,|| stlmtr I r |?liysi jtnof It s; t^rienoe. Private entrance to i ji ?<iV? tiir ?i *,11 ?.ho entryiu No, 2. Ann lit. Hi* Extract 0<?i<4vi ii,. enho . etc,; ? ev -naively i oeeril..?d bv physicians, may bo Ud r;t f<; his Store iu fror/. \o. 2 Aiiiu-I'iv o fcl per ho*. \| \TIMMO\l.\T. SK< UKT -THIS IMPORTANT AND \A I ' i - 'Im* !i < -v cry i in i*mi cu i . . , iu ,V' I nin'i ule?i for t|i' ? wl.? r ot^tr^in* ? ? in | d>i tmt mr?ri' nn in? pmv of family w i! h ?nt f?*ri? ' - injtry i r i, "iivimfen' ? . '1^he ineaiM of p.uventinn co>t n M nnriairwi liin jr ! tho n.'Ach "fall?:Xe knovh-ii^c of Uiosom^ ?- i* f :?' ?ittf?l in h? i thi< fi'i'rrt. Tho rl ?ht to divuUm It to manictl |> ;?! in the I'uin, ha< I?>mi. |>nn*ha-?*?l from the M-t. m il ?it?- "V?n r Wy Pr. w K'?i:inf I:t(n f I'hjHp, n??'* of N??w Y'-rk lM rrnploye I ni?? 1 ni:w, safe, infallible, harmK'*?, convmirnt, raple. and cminot In. I Jur?? the mo"t delicato. The fwnit will I imder Heal, to Hi y V. m.'Mi'ifl per^ ni I v $100, - -u', :.ii l, ' ? I>r. UH IS KOl I.IN, h Nrw Vork City. iVrfwr '??* <n <:iaranti* l. and re'cMji*' ! jxivi n for ?e nrity, . Ms'^rn. T. K. Rabiiicau Stnis Dankfri, ? Wall itniti IVicinK'; K\uii::r,v i,\ ii \ \ RIMO\ | i> TO * M 1? . vv r 'I), v - an ! C >-iM||fc 1 ??ri ill privat ] *i?hi ?. o' ^finato yield to til ' r niodo t>f treatment, I which is on iho non-m nmHal sy.itom. Strlotureii enrad on the C m" 't approva l plan. IVr^onw *?ho l ave inlnred themielve^ l,y , indi.-i r?M-r in.In! *?, . , hi apply with Ttninty of <-tire. OITi.c, ft I lley <trt'<u _ ^ " \ffHr KXTKAnHDI NARV U? ' K - TO TIIK .KARRfRY) ; I r'Ii - 1 'M' ! ' ' 'ri i . The married wotnanX f1' Private Melioftl Companion, )>y Dr M. Mauri -eau. Alxth ? ?; tjon. Pri? 51 I hi - u rU h i lovtinK with tn?*?t antonndln^ -Mi' , (2l,iHlOoo|.i.^ I .i' alrwnd.v I - n dint-^d r ) Every female . liii^a 'opy. vrlit; marriivl - v iu?married, althcmph it is h? tendoa i.i'ly f .r tho tnarried* as 1t diieh ^sImportant sevret , ' which should known to ther.i pattienlarly/ Here every lema'-? "r ran dii*?' -v r 'h<i e-m^e^, sympt ims, and tho rn'?st eIRvitnt rero-i' df**, and most certain m<?do >('cure in every case, t ? r Male. ! Itr >tidway; at tho PuMisliin^ Oilico, 1J9 Lilierty f?tn*et. New York; il?o, 7,iei cr and Co., com rofChe*?mt and Thir l street*. Phi)<t delphia; l ittle ft' I Co., \P any; VV. R. Darlit, )\ ?>r. On tho iv<""i>t of f 1, , *. ? ?j y will h? trsn :ni *>\ v* maft. free vt t*^'s . ) to iill tv-'m of lIio l<niied State-*. All l??f ors mn ?Wres??o\ r -Ht prtM. i f?r A. M MAlKK York Ci v. (>fRce. I 'Jy Li i-'-nv h? r*?"t? DR., AITTIIOK >F TDK "PRACTH .0, PRITAVB Tp ft'ise.' fcc.. sm (ireenw < h s'r^et, olfi hr' r* V ?o 12 A. M , 'i to 9 P. M . (Sun \ i" ?< > i ) i m I) a Mm i > i staiteH wiiHie snrpriKeJ at Um inpi-i ty and hula incouetnlfn i iit?mdin^ tlwir eure^ It is r'n ?ly, howa^er, th >?j w 'Vive suf ' t?red fr un a certain ols ?f j .? -r ?? ui . < m jv?j^rly appreciate his i?orvi<v^. in stricture, fror. it ri'i ipient, to its vn<>re adran-e l sod iliiliTMi: (fn no .1. mon advantages in addition to % v? ry e- v . < ,, ??. i - iu tl.'# 1 : eomplalai) he can afford a rapid, e**y and rati * he has ground lor ?ia:io^. can be .>ht? i ?al fr* ?* a-> n s a?nfNte j A m#Hoa NO CURB NO CHARGE.?!>R. Ml Ui 'IV. OP # I (K)T,D J , i ? < o'l'l-n*. il'y 11 I'- ru ? , . .He J M lutional lehility and i.n 1 ' ?V . No mercury u*ed in any case, or hindrauca troia bueiuans. Olii e ul UuU .ir^u ,hq 1 cjiu A. M. W 10 1'. M.

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