Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1848 Page 3
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LI _ ^ - ' Tu Steamship Washington.?A telegraphic despatch reached Liverj?ool previous to the sailing ot the Niagara from Southampton, stating that the Washington had arrived on the morning of the 19th, from Bremen, and on board 111 pussen- ] gere for New York. She would leave on the 1st j June with an additional number. The following 1 \ li*t of those who came from Bremen, was also ! , received by telegraph at Livuri>ool:? I The following lift of passengers embarked in the ' Washington. tho 17th of May. from Bremen. for Now ' York:?Mrs. Tbcrugc /undid, aud three children, of , Hamburg: Mr. Paul Paulson, of Cbrlstiania; Mr Paul i Until, of Dronthcim; Gerli. Di<-kicaun. of New Vork; i M Beruheimer and lady; C Bcrnheimer. lady, aud i child; Alias .Matilda Bernheimer; Misn VIarianu Mas- i ecu bach of Now Vork; Frieda. Schmidt, of Dasbach; 11 .hurt Hagcraud Bombard llager, of Altonburg; Aug. Meyer, of L)uder*tttdt; K. W. Keinior, lady, three chil- i dren, and two servant in.iids. of Now Vork; W. W. ()t- I tenheimer, Ad. Lauchheiinor. of Jebenhauseu; A. i Stern, of Uohebach; Ford. Oberhue, lady, child, and t wo servants. of Tarobidrebber; Aug Meyer, and Miss Lucia Kranclu. of do; Jan. Kat/. and lady, of Rochester; Samuel Freiuiaun. l.udwig Oppenheinior, Miss Zcrline i Korn, Miss A mails Kriedmann, Miss Shine Kisemann, | Miss Nanny Thurnauer, Miss Rosalie Thurnauer, i of Uavaria ; K. Botmann, of Burgstelnfurt; Mr. 11. A. lteymann,ofSchwerln; Heinr. F.ilersand lady of I.ang- i vudn ; Mtas Awlli Kthbaun, J. F. Aug. Millir, of i Bremen ; < H. F. Finke. of Porto Plata ; Job. KnzinginullcT, luily aud three children. Joh. Serz. lady aud I child of Nuremberg ; (J. J. Becbtel. jun.. lady and children and servant, of Now Vork ; C. II. Rippelmeyer and lady, of Baltimore ; Mrs. Catharine von Kurz aud three children, of Salzburg ; L. T. Jorrissen and P. ] Oaslnjet. of Uroniugen ; N. Kranitz and M. Kraulti, of Posth ; T. A. Spies. lady, three children and servant, of New Vcrk ; Miss ileleno Christ, of Hanau ; Mrs. 1 <Jarllchs. Hv<> children and servant, of Bremen ; Miss l.tnma von Borrios and ii. Susse. of Mindon : Andreas llartel, of Wistatel; Ph. Sehlegingor. of Philadelphia ; | llerm. Kchlioper. lady, two children and servant maid, j of Klborfeld ; Balthasar Strnssburger aud Miss Fanny , Struitsburger. of Sounenburg : Mrs. M. Sehweriu and , three children, and Vllss Bertha Tobias, of Posen; Carl Nebelung. lady, three children and servant, of Belni-n.1.. . 1/,-.. 11. L\... 1 t i) . I *: (Jen. Scott and the Common Council.?The 111iIitary of the city cannot forget the shabby manner in which the Common Council enacted their part 011 the late occasion of Gen. Seott's reception in our city. It in said by those who were on board the boat which brought the war-worn veteran from Elizabethtown,that there was not so much as a glass of lemonade provided by the committee to quench th# thirst of the shakers, to say nothing of other gentlemen who took part in the exercises of the day. The sapient fathers of Gotham, taking their departure from their dining-room at the City Hall, and returning to the same point after a few hours' absence, might not have felt the inconvenience of this nidl-arrangemcnt; but we are assured that others did ; and, in fact, that after the s|>ecehifying, (or before it, we are not certain which,) Gen. S. being thirsty, one of his friends was obliged to leave him and find his way to the bar of the boat, where, for the usual steamboat price, he was enabled to procure a glass of lemonade. Under such favors, the (ieneral might with great propriety exclaim," save me from my friends." The Commissioners ok Emioration and the Public Health.?We give, in another column, an abridged report of the cause of John L. JJrower and others, on behalf of the citizens of the Fifth ward, r?. The Mayor, fcc., and Commissioners of Emigration, argued on Thursday last, before Mr. Justice Ilurlbut, in the Supreme Court, by which it will be seen that the defendants rely on their strictly legal and technical rights to deal with corporation pro|>erty as they please, regardless of any consequences that may follow ; while, on the other hand, their adversaries showed, not only by arguments, but by facts, that the measure is fraught with the most imminent danger to the health of the citizens, if persevered in. Such is the language used by the medical gentlemen whose certificates were read on the argument. I Police Intelligence. I L'hut ^r of GranH Larceny.?Captain Magnes. of tho I Oth ward police. an<l officer Whalen. arrested yester day a tall yellow fellow calling himself Bill ilountoun. an old thief, on a charge of stoallng a gold patent lever watch, valued at $100, the property of Mr Wm.ll. Berlnw. residing at No. 69 Walnut st. The watch, it neems. wax left to he cleaned atS. I). Rockwell'* store. No. 110}* Cherry ?t., and wan stolen from that store on Wednesday last, and on the arrest of this negro the wateh was found in his pocket. The accused is like w:gt) charged with stealing two dozen penknives from N*. 19 Maiden Lano. valued at $10, the property : ofDwightB. Fuller. Justice Lathrop committed him for trial on both charges. %1ttcmpt to Pick a Pockrt?Officer Smith, of the 15th j ward, arrested on Friday night, at Nihlo's. at the great whiif meeting, a fellow calling himself George Brown. H alias Bob Mitchell, on a charge of attempting to pick H the pocket of Mr. Conklin Smith, a resident of BrookH lyn lie was conveyed before Justice McGrath, and j locked up for a further hearing. Burglary.?F.x-constable Joseph, aud officer Jeffrey, of the loth ward, arretted yesterday, a notorious thief, , called John Fry. alias Swiverley," on a charge of en- j tering tho dwelling-house. No. 99 First street, with a false key, carrying off from the premises five silk dresses valued at $J>4, the property of Mrs. Mary J. McDonald. I The property was recovered, and Justice I.athrop com- | milled him to tbe Tombs for trial. He also stands j H charged with committing three other felonies. .1 Prompt *1rreit.?Officer Parinelee, one of the officers of the Fifth ward police, arrested, yestcrday. a black woman, called Mary Ann Simmons, on a charge of stealing a quantity of female wear ing apparel, together with some jewelry, valued in H- all at over $100. the property of Mr. John railier. residH ing at No. 200 South Third street. Williamsburgh. It seems, this black woman was a servant of Mr. I'alH lier, and yesterday suddenly left tho house, when the ' property was missing Information was given at once to the above officer, who in a short time dis- | M covered ber whereabouts, and arrested her in Minetta ! H street. The property has been all recovered from the i pawnbrokers, and other places where it had been do- ! posited by tbe accused. She will he sent over to Williamsbuigb for trial. Seduction and Jlbduction. ?On Tuesday laRt quite > an effecting scene took place in Broadway, near the City Hotel, by the appearance of a respectable lookIng young girl lying on the side walk, evidently in a hysterical fit ; she fell directly In front of a fashionable Italian hair dresser, who very kindly stepped out and rendered every assistance possible, by applying some ?f his best restoratives to the nostrils of the young woman, in order to bring her to. A large crowd immediately collected, and it was found necesnary to remove her across the street to a room, where medical aid was procured, and the unfortnnate young woman restored somewhat to h?r senses. Officer Stokely, attracted by the crowd, stepped in. when she related the cause of her nervous state of excitement as foMows :?She said her name wus Mary Q., and that a young Spanlard became ac<|uainted with her in Philadelphia, where she resided, and that under promise of marriage he succeeded in leading her from the paths of virtue. He also mysteriously abducted her from her friends, and brought her to New York, conveying her at once to a disreputable house, and there left her. She soon discovered from the inmntcs of the premises the awful situation she was placed In. and feeling heart-broken, and deceived by the man she took to be her only guar- ; dian and protector, she sallied forth into the streets ; not knowing where to go nor what to do ; nor curing I what became of her It was under this state of excitemont. which, working upon her broken spirits, completely overpowered her system, that the poor girl was found as above described. After she was sufficiently restored, the officer procured a carriage and removed her to tho <ity rif on. where she was placed under the kind and tender charge of Mr. Kdmonds. the keeper, who is proverbial for his kind heart and good feelings, in endeavoring to restore the unfortunate and fallen female to the paths of virtue. Thus is the situation of poor Mary at present; but we hope and trust, through the aid and good instructions of Mr. Kdmonds, nssisted by : his excellent matron. Mrs Foster, that Mary may once 1 lllnre be restored to societv. %v seeinir the fnllv nf th? I I past, which may help to guide her future life. Mr. Editor:? An article appeared in your paperof yesterday. under thit hetd of " Pol ce Intelligence," unjustly reflecting on the subscriber. h'roui it* t?rm*. it would appear that the subscriber *?t lined hy the Mayor, for detaining emigrant luggage, for the non-payment of an overcharge of board. The facta of the case which were proren before Justice Lothron. and not the Mayor, did not dhow or tend to establish that the undnrsignod had charged more than the contract price for board. I?ss than one-half that amount being, in fact, all that was received It was also proven that the baggage was delivered up to the owner beforo a warrant was issued, notwithstanding which. Justice I,othrop thought it his duty (upon what construction of the statute the nndersiuned i* ignorant) to impose a line It also appeared before any complaint was made, that the complainants were requested to take away their baggage, and were informed that the undersigned would not be responsible for it if they allowed it to remain. ELIZABETH M l AV.4I Washington street Vote o\ the n.\Tit'ir.\ rt >\ np imf. Tr.rvrv ? The senate of the 1 tilled Stati having taken utT the injunction of secrecy from its member* we hasten to lay before our readers the official statement i f the Anal vote :? Vn? ? Mess.a Ashley, Atherton, llajhy, Hell, Ilrwtlniry, Jlrirlit. lint lev, Calhenn Cameron. Cum, i'lnrke Crittenden, i f M?-? . I?*V|? of Miu., I'i<> ti.ii, liiekenun, IM*. IViwns, ?*lch, Foote. (Ireene, llaie, hunter J"lm*'.? ?t Mil., Jihn* ti nf I i . t'hnrmi I.f <;* , Maiipitn, Meson, Miller, Mo' r, S'i!< >. Ito-lc, v S*er '' 'n. 1nr"i v, I'mli 1. mi I I rl-i ,> v< V -i?. M'-i . \!. Iii -< ! . I i<Vr. It.ililaln, H?ntr, i i i:i l>' I -i ?ie. ."inuucv. L'phain, \Vi i. :i /. W osteon?14. ? H'lifAi/iyrti/i U/iwd, Jut* 2. ' ?" 1 P" Theatrical and Maatral. I Kdward Simmon. mtkaoii or mr. Park Theatre. 1 ?This gentleman, who hat performed on the boards , >f this theatre since 1800. and been a lessee since < 181(1. ha* lost bin position as manager, and it has | passed in'. > other hands. It was necessary that the | liousc. in order to compete with tho other great ?s- | tablishmeuts in the city, should be remodelled and ( enlarged, as well as wear a more splendid dress. A? , the proprietors would not Incur that expenditure, a | lessee mo t be found, with means and enterprise, that would. Mr. Simpson, from heavy pecuniary losses, was unable to command those means He was. after . years of labor and profitable results to these proprietors, thrown asid" He is now to receive a small compensation, for services, from Mr. Hamblin. the prci'ent lessee. 4houl>l he rei/uire them. Mr. Simpson is not only, ' truit'tued in his circumstances, but. as we learn, lie i> very poor ?nay, worse than poor, for he is in ilebt, and exceedingly embarrassed in his pecuniary nlfairs. t an nothing be done for him??for one who has so long and so faithfully served the public, and enabled u? to see anil enjoy the galaxy of talent from the old world, which his enterprise and discrimination brought, from time to time, to our shores?cau nothing, we say, be don* for him.' One of our ccteinporaries suggests a benefit. With our wealth, enterI rise, love of the drama, and well directed taste, and nur well known public sympathies, cannot we get up a benefit, now. or in the fall, that will tell?for an actor, n manager, who has grown grey and poor, both health ?nd spirit worn, In the service of tho American stage, whose standard he has served to elevate?whose boards, for so inuny years, to embellish and adorn ! 1'ark Tiikathe.?The little Viennoise dancers closed their performances at this house, yesterday. They performed In the afternoon as well as in the evening At the first performance there was a very numerous audience; the sudden rain which came on in the evening, caused the house to be rather thinly attended. Wo hare no frequently expressed our admiration of this fariy band of dancers. that now it is unnecessary for us to say more on the subject. They are undoubtedly the most perfectly drilled and elegant corps of ilanseuFcs. that have ever been got together, and their whole progress throughout tho Union, has been a most successful one. To-morrow evening will be ticket night, and an interesting one at the I'ark, on many accounts; it will be the last evening of Mr. Simpson's management, and tho following card, which is inserted in the bills of the day. tells its own story: ' Mr. Simpson, in quitting the management of the Park Theatre, which lie has held for 38 years as stage and acting manager, begs leave respectfully to return his sincere thanks to his friends and the public in general, tor kind patronage during that long period." Well, and so Old Drury will at length pass from under his control. The profession may perhaps exclaim in Shakspearo's words, " we could have better spared a better man." lie that as it may, the Park will como out shortly in a new dress and under new hands, and we trust that its pristine grandeur and success will then be restored. Bowerv Theatre.?Tho continued illness of Mr. Scott prevented him from appearing last evening; and Mr. Marshall again took his place as Hamlet. The house was tolerably well filled, and the performance was much applauded. Mr. M is a very attentive and excellent actor, and is a deserved favorite of the Bowery. His performance of Hamlet was marked with great accuracy, and considerable originality. We think that be is fully capable of sustaining himself in the higher walks of the drama; and wo hope hereatter to see more of him in these characters. As Mr. Scott continues sick ho has necessarily had to retire temporarily from his engagement; in the meantime tho management will not let things slacken, but iutond presenting some of their best dramas; to-morrow evening, for instance. " Kbrenstein," that magnifloently got up spectacle, will be played in the same style, as it was a few weeks ago. The comedy of the " Deserter " and.tho drama of " Hofer," will make up tho remainder of the bill. Chatham Theatre.?This house has been doing a fine business last week. Night after night, has it been crowded; and on no occasion has tho slightest falling off been perceptible. A most judicious admixture of farce, melo-drama. and the immortal "New York as It Is," serve to keep up tho excitement Chanfrau is under engagement to appear in Boston, on tho 12th inst; therefore, " New York as it Is " can bo played for one woek more, only; and we expect it will be the most crowded week tho Chatham has yet known. Broadway Theatre.?Mr. Anderson took his farewell benefit last night at the above theatre. The house was crowded densely on this occasion, from top to bottom. Ho selected ' Macbeth" for his last appearance?not we think the happiest choloo; for there are many other piocees in which ho performs, which are calculated to produce and to leave on tho mind a more favorable impressions of his talents. Not that we deny Mr. Anderson the credit of being much more than a common actor?the great favor he has reoeived from the public, and the houses he has drawn, are sufficient proof of that?but wo cannot agree with those who are disposed to range him in the class of the Garricks. tho Cookes. and the Keans. men whopeemed specially born to represent and peronify the great conceptions which Shakspeare alone was capable of creating. There is required in order to represent well tho characters of tho '-reat poet, an impulsive spontaneous feeling of nn lure, which we think Mr. A. does not fully possess, lie is a great artist?we deny not that ; but altogether there is more of th? artificial than of the natural in his conceptions and impersonations. Throuphoat the wliole play, which we witnessed last night, we may truly say. that while there was oonsunvu ite urt. an evidence of profound mid cnroful study, a rare propriety of gesture, and a perfect attention to rules, there was uot. throughout the whole, one genuine touch of nature?of that kind of unpremeditated feeling, which rushes at once both upon the actor and the audience, which involuntarily carrier them both away in its impulse and feeling, and niak"' both patties forget entirely for the moment that one party is acting, and the other looking on. W'e only say this from a strict regard to truth, and very far from any unkind feeling. Mr. Anderson was rapturously and loudly applauded, and he really deserved to be so, for understood as we have explained it, his acting was truly beautiful, and a masterpiece of art and Ktudy. When the play was over (and by the by. Mr. Anderson seemed to have reserved his best for the last, for the last scene with MacdulT was exquisitely beautiful), l?ud and repeated calls summoned him before the curtain. He shortly appeared, and wax greeted with a shower of beautiful bouquets, and with such loud tokens of favor and approbation as we never snw exceeded. Evidently affected with such ardent demonstrations of favor. Mr. Anderson bade farewtll to the audience in the following words, pronounced with a feeling, and in a manner, which did him crcdit:? I'A dies AJrn O r v Never until the present moment did 1 ever feel it to I* panful to receive such kind acknowleilg ruents. Your kindness hit* placed a burden upon me. to* heavy tor my heart to bear, i'rouil as I am to o> e.v your flattering summons, I feci tbat if you bad given me less convincng proof* of your kindness, I should have been more capablc of re pomling to it. tireumstances compel me t<> the performance of a double duty?I must thank you, and 1 must bid you a ieu. I feel conscious of my inability to give expression to the feelings of prutitude which till me. It is difficult for me without emotion to pronouncu that fearful word, ' farewell." Phantoms of the mind and thought, recollections of your favor, tit around me, which render it impossible forme to do juslioe to my feelings. If I should attempt to thank you for all the proofs I have received of your kindness, the ta*k would be too great, and more than I aould accomplish. Suffice it, then, to say tliat it is now four years a^o since I ttrst came au humble stranger before you to mk for your approbation and solicit your favor as an actor and as a nun, and now 1 am about to bill you farewell, and it probably msy lio forever. The circumstances which control ui are not in our own p iwer: but if He who guides iny course should direct mo in the future events of my destiny, 1 am not without a gleam of hope stirring within me, that should fortune favor my desires, I may Is: able to return main to your shores, to claim the privilege of a uitiian, and labor thenceforth to lie deserving of that noner. Indies and gentlemen. 1 leave yon with sorrow ana rc. greu I bid you farewell with a heart oppressed with painful eino tion. Your kindness has made me successful?your approbation has made me happy, and your patronage has made me rich. When I shall cease to remember what 1 owe yon. this tram* mint be cold in death; but till tnen, never shall I forget your kindness. Christy's Minstrki.s.?These delightful singers will go on, during tho coming week, with renewed vigor. K. P. Christy has recovered from Ills sickness, and will come out to-morrow evening, as sleek and shining as ever. They are great singers, these minstrels?everybody says so; therefore it must be true. Castlf. Gar Dies ?It will doubtless bo a welcome piece of intelligence to our readers, that this delightful place of amusement will be open for the summer season to-morrow evening. During the winter recess, the interior has been thoroughly renovated and improved Tho great difficulty of hearing, which was so generally remarked last season, and which acted as a drawback to the attractions of the place, has been completely obviated. The dome has been removed, and in lieu of it. a sounding hoard has been affixed, which will enable the audiencc in the most distant parts of the interior to hear every word that is spoken on the stage. The stage, too. has wen remoaeiiea ana eniargea. liki nvaiion u win onjeeted that persons Kitting clone to it could not nee nil that wnn going ou. The ease ia now different. It has been lowered two feet. and that difficulty ia likewise overcome The whole of the interior linn been redecorated, repainted, aod refurnished; in flne, every alteration which experience has auggested. and I lie comfort of the patrons required, has been effected in the most liberal manner, without regard to cxponse. This delightful place is pre-eminent for its attractions during the warm weather; and we doubt not tSat the enterprise and liberality of the in studying and providing for the comfort and pleasure of their pa trons. will be liberally compensated. The amusements this season will be vaudeville and light c omedy in all , thelt ramifications. An extensive and capable company hare been engaged, at the head of which la Mr. Holland, one of the moat efficient dlrectora in that line In the I'nited States; and the orchestra will be complete and perfect In all ita appointments. The company embrace* several male and female performers of celebrity, and who arc great favorites with the public. It will open to-morrow evening, and we perceive that Madame Augusta will commence the campaign. This lady ia one of the moat beautiful and perfect ttanseuiti thut ever appeared In New York, not excepting the world renowned Kanny Klaaler. Herform la cast iu the ' aame mould aa that of Tower'a Greek Slave, and her mot iuiis are as chaste and graceful an would be tho-<e of that statue, if it were warmed by the Are of Trome- < theu? and rendered capable of performing on the light fantastic toe It would be needless to advert t? the advantages which this favorite place of amusement posse* i s to its ocean breezes. Its airy promenades, its ,?p;ii-|oiM interior, and the inducements which it offers to iV heat-oppressed cltllens of the metropolis, to catch . modicum of the unadulterated breath of h.'HTtn. ' from the contaminations of the city. Itii beyond question a moat delightful place, and our citi- [ tens have reason to congrat ulate themselves on Its proximity to them. \ ii '< \ roePi. ??-r?The Opera Mouse that was. Ins 1 II v !>.-?- the NI bio's of the city, for Nlblo'a is n ?e iNi * \ orkers cannot well get elong without, for :-o iu*ny summer* have we been wont to Uke our **?e .i(l the old place that the city did not Mem natural without It. Now, however, the void i? mppHud, and Niblo'* rrdirivut In A?tor Place Ujuat the thing for u*. Every 1< one hail Keen, or at least heard, of the vplendor of the <1 Opera llouce. its crimxon Milk velvet cushion*. maguifl- V lent chandelier. uunurpn.inable Hceucry. rich decora- S Hon*. &o. All thU will he now at the service of the public, and an excellent couipituy to bout, who will perforin opera, ballet, vaudeville, comedy, tee. The 4 Viennoi*e danttuun itre also cugaged. and will play their very la*t engagement, prior to returning to Kupope. at Nlblo's. during the coming week. Mr. Chip- 0 nendale. that old favorite of the public. is the aetinir !! malinger, anil John Sefton thu stage manager. Mr. ! Wnlcott, Mm. Moeder. aud other favorites. are also en- ' ^aged. so that, altogether, a brilliant time may be oxpec ted P Mn.0Dr.0N.?At this house several new engagements ^ have been made?Mr. Dulliuge, the celebrated dancer, 0 and George lirowu thu champion bone player, will add ,, their attractions to those of the very popular Virginia u Minstrels. ^ Mr. C. M. Mason and Mrs. Lewis aro playing at Detroit. Winchell Is In St. Louis. Burke. the violinist, is about to make a professional tour west. The Heron family aru still playing at Richmond. Va. The Seguins closed their engagenent at the Holliilay street Theatre. Baltimore, on Saturday evening, the 3d inst. Tbo Steyermarkische hand are giving concerts in Baltimore. Mr. Brough. the vocalist, is about to give musical entertainments in Boston. Mr. Thomas F. Lennox, well known intho south and west as an able actor, id about to erect another theatre lit t inciunati. City Intelligence. Suicide.?The coroner held au inquest yesterday, at No 128 Hester street, on tho body ot' John Scheffniycr. a shoemaker by trade, and a native of Germany, aged 4.1 years, who came to his death in consequence of cutting his throat with ashoemvker's knife. It appears from tho evidonce of his son. that the deceased has been deranged in miud fur the last four weeks, and on Friday afternoon he locked himself in the bed room, by which act suspicion was created, and the son entered the room through the back v, indow. and discovered his father lying on tho bed. asping for breath, his hand all bloody from a wound that was bleeding profusely from his neck, and the bloody shoemaker's knife was lying close at hand. Medical aid was procu-ed. and the wound dressed, the deceased being consnious of what he had done, and spoke about his family, and said it was a shaiur. He lingered for about five hours, when ho exyirod from the effects of irritation and exhaustion. The jury reudered a verdict, that the deceased cainc to his death by suicide, by cutting his throat with a knife while insane. Pi*hlic School Kxiiihition.?But few persons ever attended a more interesting series of school exercises than those which took place yesterday afternoon, at the annual exhibition of I'ublic School No. 4. in Hivington street, of which Mr. John Patterson is the principal of the male department, and Miss Mary Doanc of the female department. On proceeding to the school, shortly after '2 o'clock, P. M., we found the entrance completely b'ockaded by ladies, who were unable to obtain oven a standing place. The exercises were commenced about half-past 2 o'clock, and occupied the attention of the audience until after 0 in the evening. They consisted of recitations, classes in readiug, spelling. grammar, natural philosophy, arithmitic. algebra, hintory. geography and astronomy, in all of which the pupils did gruat credit to their respective teachers.? During the intervals between the exercises, the young ladies or primary scholars entertained their friends with their warbling voices; and it is truly astonishing to what a degree of proficiency they have attained in vocal music. A class of thirteen misses, In their readiug lesson, drew forth warm applause. A dialogue, by three boys, also afforded considerable amusement. The Animated Orrery, written and arranged by Mr. Samuel \V. Seton, was a very interesting affair, in which the senior class of girls were principal actors. An imaginary circle having beet formed on the stage, with the four quarters so embe llished as to represent the four seasons of the year, was surrounded by twelve misses, dressed ill white, each bearing a lighted candle, and { intended to personify the calendar months. In the , centre of tho circle was placed a young lady to represent the sun; at a small distance from the centre, the representative of Mercury was placed; a little farther off was Venus, then Karth, then Mars. Jupiter. Saturn. Sic. in their order, with satellites to match. The revolutions of the planets were admirably illustrated by these aids, and the whole explained by one of the class, who. In her lecturo. gave evidence of a thorough knowledge of the subject. We should not forget the Illustration of a comet's eccentric course, which was also admirably shown by a swift footed Miss, who. darted across the orbits of the other planets and the centre. and off again, beyond tho circle. It was altogether an admirable lesson, beautifully inculcated. An alphabetical roundelay, arranged by the same gentleman. was also enacted by 26 little girls, whose ages varied from ft to 7 years, all Deatly attired in white. wun ucucaie wreatus or nowers iirounu incir neaus. una represented the letters of the alphabet, which were attached to their waist* by a blue ribbon. This interesting group, was under the charge of Miss Frances Stillwell. whose own axe, we preeumc. did not exceed 13 years, and went through a series of tableaux of a very i novel chaiacter. which must bo witnessed in order to be ] properly appreciated. The exercises closed by musical dialogue, the principal part of which wax sustained by Miss Frances Mills, whose sweet notes drew forth | the most flattering demonstrations of approbation.? The County Superintendent of Schools. Joseph McKeon. Ks<j., being present and introduced to the au- 1 dience, delivered a few very appropriate remarks, in ' course of which he alluded to the peculiar privileges , the citizens uf New Vork enjoy, as regards free education, over that of all other cities, four excepted, in 1 which it was only necessary for children tobeintro- i duccd to a school, to obtain instruction entirely free ] from cost in auy shape. Mr. McK. then expressed the great satisfaction which he bad experienced in attend- ' i ng this exhibition ; and the importance of the instruc- i tion which the pupils had received upon their subse- , i|uent situation in life. 11 in remarks wore enthusias- . tically applauded, and will doubtless have a good effect upon the minds of all who heard him. I Ai.mi Hoisi: Chief Clerk.?Notwithstanding the i recent decision of the Supreme Court, the Commis- ] sioner has determined to retain Dr. J. S. Hyatt in the Alms House Departme nt. The acknowledged efllcien- ' cy of Dr. Hyatt, and his intimate acquaintance with I all the details connccted with the business transac- | tions of the Department, books, accounts, &c , have induced the Commissioner to retain him. as an aid, 1 without salary from the corporation. As a medical I man, Dr. II has also rendered, and will continue to give liig professional services, as heretofore, gratuitously. This will completely relieve the new incum- ' bent. Mr. Corwin, from the necessity of attending to ' any duties connectod with thu office, which, to him. will therefore turn out a perfect sinecure. We also understand. that the Hon. Mr. Leonard. the Commis- 1 sioner. will not sign the usual certificate to entitle the new clerk to receive hi* salary, for doing nothiug. This is about the most spirited political move we have as yet seen in connection with the corporation of this city. We should like to see the many officials 1 in the other departments follow the course pursued by , Dr. Hyatt. We also understand that Joshua 1'hillips. Esq., the contract clerk of tin* department, will be re- 1 tained upon similar grounds. This step will be of some relief to the city treasury, ami enable the Com- | missioner. amid the many conflicting duties of his position, to be of still further service to his constitu- ' ents, on the scorce of economy and llciency, and will I further enable him to carry out th measures of re- j form to which he has been pledge d by the voters of this city, who havo independently elected him to office. Distressing Occurrence?About three o'clock yes- ' terday afternoon, Edward Wisely, a blacksmith, i and his sister. Margaret Wisely, wire burned in the most shocking manner, by the accidental ignition and explosion of some powder and other materials, which I they were using in the manufacture of fireworks, in the < rear premises of No. 13fi Mulberry street. The explo- , sion tore out the whole side of the building, and set tire to the premises. The policemen ?f the tlth ward were promptly on the spot, rescued the before named persons, and conveyed them on biers to the City Hospital. where but very slight hopes are entertained of their recovery. By the exertions of the firemen, the flames were prevented from reaching the front of the i building, and in a short time the tire was ultimately extinguished, which was a fortunate circumstance, as officer Sackman and other members of the lower police, on examining the premises, found two kegs of powder stored away in the bwement. which. bad the Are communicated to them, might have caused a serious loss of i life. Accidental Duowsisa.?The coroner likewise held an inquest at the Oth ward station house. on the body of an unknown man. about 27 year* of age, who wax found iu the river at the foot of Troy street. It ap- ( peared from the evidence of ( hnrlcs Smith, that a noise was heard by hiin like a man falling into the water, while he, with sonic others, were sitting on the aide of ] a boat; he immediately pulled the boat to when- he , heard the noise, ami there saw a hat floating on the surface of the water. Some short time afterwards, j Tin.inns Kyle grappled on the botton of the river, and 1 dragged up the llfeles* body of the deceased. The jury rendered a verdict tl'it - the deceased cntne to his j death by drowniug.'' ( Fire.?A destructive fire occurred at Allentown, l I'a., on the 1st instant. The new Odd Fellows' J Hall, (which was nearly ready for dedication) occu- j pled by Weiss and Lochm:<n's shoe and variety | store; Keek's tailoring establishment, nnd H Na- I gle's oyster cellar; Owinn and HUennliiger's storo ; j .selfridge and Wilson's store ; .James Trexler's hotel ; Veagor k Weldner's store ; Joseph Wel.m, j jewelry store ; Thomas (Jlnkinger's tin and stove | ^lore ; Ganger's millinery shop and residence ; Thomas 1 Newhart's tailoring e <tablishnient; Dr. Donnosky's I drugstore; Meti k Weaver's store; Wagner k Hon. 1 ver's store ; Kd. Newlnnd's hardware store ; the post j office; George Lucas's shoe store; Nathan llcrsh's , clothing store ; Mrs. ilrown's millinery ; J. Cole, | cedar ware establishment; J. K. Ruihe's tobacco 1 store ; lleuben Klee's chair manufactory ; Charles ' Sholl's tailor shop, together with the following private J residences:?Daniel Helper's, Mr Helper's. Peter Hobver's aud granary. Joshua llain'a. Mrs. Heckman's, I>r. t'. II Martin's. Joseph K. Newhart's. Mrs. Catha- ) rlne Groff's. Dresliyr k Woodring s and Mrs. Moyer's, ( with a large number of stables and outhouses, were burned down. The progress of the Are was arrested 1 at about tlve o'clock Tho loss is immense Th? ft re ^ spread so rapidly that but very little of the store goods and other moveables were saved The loss must at least be about $250 000. The stable where the (Ire ori- 1 gloated Is supposed to have been set on Are by boys c playing fn it with segars and Are crackers About one-third of the property destroyed is said to be covered by insurance. Upwards of forty families were 1 thrown out of their home*.?P hi la. Inquirer. The Wiiat.k Fisiikrv.?The uceonnts from the Kamsehutka llecf of whalers are sud to be had.? Upwards of flfty vessels are reported ?s having done nothing There have hceti several severe shocks i f earthquake* ftelt at se.t In that region, which ate ?up p .ed to lime Irighti nr,| the whaled ell their M u?) , p-fding ground* j MaMMMMMMMMaBMMMMMMaaMiw Religion* Intelligence. W Calendar roa Jcwr.?4th, Sunday after Ascension ; i1 l)th. St. Barnabas, Apos and Mar.; 11th. Whit Sunay; 12th, Monday in Whitsun week; 13th. Tuesday in t'hitsua week ; lNth, Trinity Sunday J 24th. Nativity ii? t. John the Baptist: U5th, 1st Sunday after Trinity ; ?? Jth, St. Peter, Apo*. ami Alar. The new and beautiful cathedral of Detroit will be in edicated on the 2Vth June. I'J The Sultan of Turkey. Abdul Medjl. ha* openly da- ''' lured himself the defender of political liberty and r?- jii gious toleration After baring founded public estnb- ' shmciits for diirerent branches of iniitractioii ; after avlng abolished the sale of slaves in the market* of Jjj lie Ottoman empire; after having given unequivocal lark* of his respect for the sovereign pontiff, he ha* list now elevated M. Carabet Celebi, a Catholic, and Ircady treasurer of the Sultana mother, to the dignity jj f Minsctisciar (pasha of three tail*, and the highest radu of that diguity). M. Carabet Celebi is likewise uthorised to choose from among Catholic* his guards. Is suite, and also hi* numerous domestic*. It appears that tho conversion* in Kugland are by no leans solely from the Anglican sect. In the list of ouverts published In the Catholic Directory for 1H4S. re the names of the Iter. S. S. Wilson. pa*tor of an ndependeut congregation ; ltev. J. liell, a I'resliyeriau minister ; and J. M. Gibson. Esq., a member of ' hi' Society of h'riend*. The work of constructing the Catholic Cathedral at p rloblle Is about to be resumed. The edIBce will bo the ei urgent in Vlabama. The ltev. James W. Stewart has been received into * he Diocese of Maryland by letters dlmlssory from the l" Itandiag Committee of the diocese of New Vork. '',l The Rev. Kdward C. Hull has resigned the Rectorhip of Christ Church. We*tport. Conn., and accepted hat of Christ Church. Rye. New Yoik. The ltev. Beardsley Northrup ha* receutly removed ri rom Jordan. Onondaga co., to 'Jtlca. ci The ltev. Joshua L. Harrison, minister of Christ P' 'hurcb. Madison. Indiana, has resigned the charge of he parish, and also the charge of tho mission station P< a A Naval Battle, perhaps.?The stenmer l'or- " tuptne. which arrived at Oenoa on the 11th of May, ll] itates that an Austrian frigate, pursued by two Sardi- a liau frigates, were been off Messina. ^ cl The Seal Fishery.?A vessel lias arrived nt lull. Kngland, from Greenland. which reports the seal 3 lshery than to be almost a total failure. g ? Paluio's Opera House?If Zeiula, the Orceinn 'slnte', Will) lived long mi'eii r to Jie Oiristlsn Era, onulil I* o<ivitteil,and lo-ik upou the representation of tlie gre.tust works " f Art as illustrated by tin: l.iviux Models, exception roi|(ht tv skcu liv hint as to thsir effect, upon the same principle as A pol idioms, wh? intimated in verses ex pre wive of his indignation, that leuxis slumlil have moulded to his own nso all previous inven- ' ions, and stolen the graces of tho host master*. Mr. llurkc, yon ' nay pleail guilty of tho same artistical thefts, anil Is- preiiarrd " oranaricst. The Gods will lie with you; If not, the CToddcsses \ rill ihow leg-bail, as they liave done before. ( t II. B. Jones, 14 Ann street, continues to sell 1 it the same reduced prices, for cash, line Calf It iota at $3 41) to tl. n French Hoots. $4 50; French Hat. Leather (Oxford Ties, $3 SO; < JongreM Gaiters, $.'( 50; first quality F renal 1'aL Leather Boots, 57. All goods warranted to give satisfaction. IX. B. JONES, It lun btroet. Them S3 Uollar Suit*?Unrert<?-me?I Pledge*. ??KI Summer rnata, Alpaooa. Tweed, Caabinerett, Linen, Uing mm, &c., $1 to $.1 uiM'h. Press and Frock Coats $2 to $10. Vent* M cents to $2. Clonks and Overcoats cheap. Boy Suits (.'1 to SI Bach. Also, a lew of them (5 suits, corner Nuntau uud Beekraan. The Temple of Mount Morris, Harlem.?Tills lay will l>e a jubilee at one of the most picturesque and suliline i locations to be round in any eountry. On un eimation higher than , iny part of the island, is Mount Morris, commanding a view ' .1 tlx' lli-ti Uri.l-'f, MM Island Sound, Statin Inland, lindson Hiver, Palisade", Ike., an Observatory on the roof, and accommoilation for ladies and gentlemen. under the maungoment of Mr. < iinl Mrs. Van Nostrand. The I<argrit Pointing In the AVorld.?Hurt- , <ou's Mammoth I'anorama of the Ohio and Mississippi Itivers, we uc tidd. will arrive hero during the present week. Hie Baltimore oress is loud in its praises of this Herculean work of art. It will lie placed on exhibition at the Apollo Kooms, 410 Broadway, immediately after its arrival. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONKY MJUUCBT< Saturday, June .'l?O P. M. i There ?u quite an excitement in the street to-day. The announcement made by telegraph that tho ratification of the Treaty was beyond a doubt or question, had a Tory favorable influence upon priced, and the transactions were to Home extent at an advance. At tho first board. Long Island improved M per cent, Harlem Norwich and Worcester 2, Cauton Farmers' Loan Mohawk 2, Morris Canal *?, Krie R. R. (old) 2, Krie scrip 1North American Trust 1, Treasury Notes }(, Illinois funded V. Reading R. R. closed at ' prices current yosterday. Soon after the adjournment nf the first board, news was received that the Treaty i had been ratified, when Treasury Notes sold at [OS'i'alOSX, being an advance oi ,a?a>, per cent on . prices current at the board < A new counterfeit $100 note, on the Western Dank ' nf Baltimore, lias just made its appearance, of which ( the following is a correct description Vignette in t centre, two female figures, one of whom is pointing to ' i train of cars passing over a bridge, beneath which is i canal boat; on the right hand margin a medallion ( head of a Roman, and on the left haud margin a head ' :>f Washington. The paper is very white, and tho note ? s signed Thos Spicer. Jr., Cashier; C. Brooks, Presl- t lent; dated March 4, 1846; letter A, No. 6. Tho note '' is much broader, and wholly unlike the genuine in every ., particular ; which has for its centre vignette a figure jf commerce, with an eagle and shirld ; on the left P tiand margin a city with steeples, and a sloop on tho , foreground; and on the right a female figure and male bust?"the Western Bank of" Baltimore," in large ' letters, in a semi-circle round the top?and two large O's on either side of the vignette. Tho bank has no I issues 01 in?? tin <11 .viarca. im?. : The aggregate quantity of ?nnn of the leading arti- ^ eles left at tide water from the commencement of naligation to the 1st of June, is as follow*:? Receipt* of BarAtiSTrrrs at Tide Water. Flour, bbli. Wheat, bu, Corn, bu, Horlru, bu. , IS47 OWJBIIt 3H..M0 1 ,('12,441 U&sS I.M.S MS, (IS,74rt U?,tWO 67X13 * Deere* ?.244,4.<7 104,794 803,754 HI,MO ? By reducing the wheat to flour, tho quantity of the 1 latter left at tide water thi* year, compared with the ' corresponding period last year, shows a decrease equal to 277,44'i bbl*. of flour. Tho receipts of corn thus far aro less by 80.V7/>4 than * It was last year up to this time, and ftS.ftM bushels less t than It was in 1846. There has also been a large falling oil in barley; the receipts, when compared with j last year, show a decrease of 81,540 bushels, and 1.1.122 less than they were during the name period in 1840. In 1 provisions generally there has been u considerable increase. The following table shows the quantity of some of the principal articles of produce loft at tide water from the j commencement of navigation to the lit of June, during 8 the year 1S4? (46 days), 1847 (31 lays), and 1S48 (31 * days):? I Receipts or Paonvcie at Tmr M'ateb. 1 1?*S. 1*47. 18*8. <? Citiuil Oftn. April lfi. May I. ihiy 1. (j Flour, bills 4*2,4.!'! 963,44* L Wheat, bushels. I2U.7I4 Sl\fi40 17S.9M \ Corn ili 2I3,?14 1.012,444 14ii,???? n Barley, ilo 70,4/W l.'t*,*7:i ft?..Ill Beef, 24.114 flJM I2..1WI I'ork, do 17-M'J 1:141 JW.twi Ashes, do. . Hi.4.17 7.42.1 12.IH4 ButUr, lbs Ml.*410 HHI,.-Wl 4I.VM . l.?nl, do, !M?,4U) 9W.100 4,M\2M ? L'heoss, do 1,04*,200 l,4A\til>0 1,091,7(13 <Wool, do 3MMM 24\iW0 .T4'i,(>24 Bacon, do 437,300 Suit,BOO 2.4?.%024 T There has been a great Increase in the receipts of d beef and pork, ashes, lard. wool, and bacon; but every description of breadstuff* has fallen < (7 largely. The Importations at Buffalo from the west, via the lake, exhibit about the same variations as the receipts v *t tide water. The decrease in breadstuff* was antic!- f patcd. l Lake Imports iiro Bi'keai.o roa Mat, 1847 a*d 1848. IT. Ih<M. ? Fl.>nr. barrels lltyW I09,?B r Wheat, bushels I'.HUI !V7?H3 '' rn, bushels 240,227 ltn.100 lats, bushels 2,.*<I7 110,02" * liar i'V. buihei.i ? II I 'urk, Iwrrel*............ 12,807 3S.<?0 'ceil, . aski 2,421 2,o|(> I Rye, littihels <'<10 2.410 Wntter, pounds I4l,f?1 .111,!"" ? ?rd. pound* I.03T !""> " tnr, Wnli i.400 o?ito Ush, barrels ? ?.V \?lies, cask* .1723 2,HM t leather, roll* f>M 770 V Dillon, number. I!',2VI 14.41.1 h llighwfnes, ragk* 4,(CM ft,1lJ< * !a?on. pounds. I,.KT7 .V> 2, l.V>,"<T-' L iVool, hnVj* "4.1 'ill IVhacco, hogshead* *K! HW Ugs, barrel* ? l.HI ? "mil, ton*., 04 " .cad. pig* ? fallow, pound* 17,000 KVW [ rl run, tons ? 4US I * .urn her, feat 7Si..'?' I.W"' I n ttaves ' IU.0U0 l,:*'l,U7 *1 These receipts rlo not, howerer. corcr the ontira lake | ^ tnporU, a* they <lo not include the e*port< from SHrer i reek. Dunkirk. Barcelona, fcc These pla?*. being in > he district of Buffalo. are net reported. We hare no " loubt but that the return* for the sea?on will show n 1 r|,ry great decrease in the receipt* of breadstuff* at tldu t? rater; but the increase in other article*, and the in- f rcased amount of merchandise trareported from ti l" rater, will prevent a corresponding decrease in the cu- s ?ai tolls 1 Stork Kmrhmigr. HMM Truas Voter, fit I0JV |<m .1,. I. ?ii I Un I Kit 2>K? 1 1700 tlo III-." J |<M do VJ??, 1 1M0 < ity fts, 'i!H !M 21' Hudson Hire? ??< I'd lilHIO do '70 i?? 10 Vha.k KK . '<?*) Illinois Fundable ?4 121 N..r k W<" ?? v> im*) C 5 ?s, '.V, |01 2"?i .1 7 i"v> .(? vu i i Rea l* 11 ur; ' , ' ] <<M do,'iO t'V It .1, ww >.? <| j l.ij I i 'i . t ! i, ll*M? do, 00 101 It ?9 a 1 ? ) ?h? Jf Amrr Tniit 10U M) ?7 art I I d'J |(l?i ll?t . , |H?I UU I > tio boo ii m in i"*j ??: e( i do II 2IW llartoin KK U<i fiN>. V Fiiraten' Tni*t .'? do MO >'t I. U do ItW at'I 2 II do IkOI .Vs^ rl I do ? ;. 50 du uw f*?j2 1, 0 do ?nw ofs>. AtM do Jk'J ( '? do l.uw ?->l KM d> .V'J II 'I Morris Canal ?nw l'J>2 1(10 do I II) ,\v,, T "J do (IS ta'n fjm ,-,s .V 'J do uu im) do lifflt I; A Anburn fc Rooh RR ?M ISO Erie lilt m ? , full v:t I II C?iil"U('? ?p^ ,n 21 do ,2K I <1 l.ou* Island RR bnw ,*> Erie I' rip 1 <J '!" 2"1, 3 old iaK V II do 2>>J 2ft ,| , ?i' | ( 0 do 115 -?iC ju ] A 0 do Hit \r e I toil 111. IKW Treasury Note* H>3 .'ill hJh Morris Canal 12 i Oil Olilo 7* 102 23 Nor (t VVur KR ul? |r t ITYT TKAUK UKWHtT. | a New York, Saturday Juno :l jp. m. , Vshkh?The deniaud for pot is good; salo-nf 75 bur- \ ' Is at $4 25 u $ I 3114. Pearls are steady at )>."> 'J.'i Cotton?Prices thl* morning are rather In 1'uvor <.f 1 le buyer, but not enough to affect large transactions Ki.oi k. ?The market for Wen tern canal Hour icon with considorablo firmness, anil "aim of ^">0 l?.trils were made at $5 ;;7'a for Michigan; $o 50 for 1 mice brands do; $5 75 a <(,<> for pure Genesee; <>iJ a > 25 for fancy; and f" a *7 50 for extra. In South n there is a fair business doing; and we note sales of 10 barrel* Richmond country, favorite brands, at 25 $0 37>?. Byo Hour is dull and no sales transpired, orn meal?Jemey rule* firm at $2 50 a $2 with lie* of 200 barrels. Wheat is in request, but holders e too firm. ltye Is heavy at tWo a oS),c Corn?Wo i-nrof boo bushels prime Jeruuy at 5S)ic. Oats are in i <itiand and (lrm. i Hint.*?The operations embrace 400 Southern, ns they hi. at 5c. cash; OtiOSierra Leone, at Hi 14c, less 3,'? per ?nt; 1000 Kio Grande for < uitada. on terms not transred; and 300 Southern, merchantable, at Uc a li'Jc. I Phovisioju?Pork is in good inquiry, at rather 'letter rices. Sales of 150 bbls A1 ess and I'rinie. at flo 12lj 1 flO for the former, and <>S a $N 25 for the latter. I cof rnles llrm. with a good demand. Pickled Meats j , ,U UWW IIVbITU, ? null- ??un II14?U<' ??l l"*? UUI" OrPI UUIIM. ! $12 M) $12 75. Lard. "Ineo (hi! new*. bus become i nite active und tirin; sales of ;}00 bbls good to extra, ut l4c a 7c. Butter and Cheese m o without particular liange. Tobacco,?Wo report sales of 100 hhds. Kentucky at i?n7c, 4 mouths; anil 70U bales < ubii at private barnin. Tai.low in but little inquired for, ani ranges from 'juH'^c for prime rendered. W iinkkv is in moderate supply, and 1m Rolling at l>ja22c for Ohio and Prison. Satuuiiav, Juno ?0 r. M. The market for Flour was steady at yesterday's rices, nud sales were made to a fair extent, including )swego. Michlgau, Genesee, Ua. Southern remained .bout the same. No transactions were reported in A'heat. which was dull, and lower prices asked for )hio. In Corn, sales were pretty freely made within he range of yesterday's quotations, except but a small ot or two of handsome yellow, which Hold at a slight idrance. Meal continued firm, with sales of this State >n terms stated below Ilyo remained about the same. I'here was no change in Oats. There was no change n I'ork or Beef, while l.ard remained llrm, and in good lemand. Sugars continued active. The largo sale of ,'offee made by Messrs llotTmau Si Co., at auction, ivent off with spirit. The attendance was good, and firiees satisfactory. Amik* ?Small sales of Pots xrvre made at $4 25 a M 37>? ; and of Pearls, at f.5 25. Receipts down the Hudson river?Ashes. 401 bbls. Breadstuff' ? Flour?The sales amounted, In the iggrcgnto. to shout 4000 a 5000 bbls.. lucludlng Oswu{o. Michigan, common Genesee, ico . at $5 25 a f>5 80, ] with some lots of pure to fancy at $5 75 a $5 87V? a $rf1'he wheat otferiug consisted of Ohio, which was offer, jd by holders at 120c. but no sales transpired. Corn ? Sales of 5000 bushels Northern Mat und round yellow were made ut 50c a. 58c; 2000 do. Western mixed wi re made ut 50c; 1000 do. do. Northern, inferior or damaged. sold at 48,ltC. Sales of l?O0 do. Jersey yellow were made at 58>^c.and sales of 2 to ,1000 do. handsome Northern round yellow were reported at 60c. Meal ? New Jersey was steady at $2 50. Sales of 200 bbls. of this State were made at $2 37V llut?Sales of 800 n 1000 bushels were made at 09c. and tioc was offered for more. Oats?There was no change, and sales continued to be made at yesterday's rates. Corrcc?Sales were made by auction of 5000 bugH Rio at 0!4'c a7.1ic; and 1500 do Laguayra at 0s?c a 6,'jc, satisfactory notes. 4 tuos. 1'dtto>?The market was very julet to-day on the news, but little disposition being shown to make operations. Freigiiti.?For Cotton to Liverpool 3-16d was asked Heavy goods were engaged at 20?. For Corn 5d in bulk was demanded, aud 4!td In bag". Wax was taken at 5-3-d. and Rosin at Is ?ld. To London 25s to SO* was kkkuu ior ueavy goous. ana an ior imnei provisions. Fruit?We noticed pales of 500 boxen wet and dry raisins. at $1 42J< a $1 60; 400 htlves do at 7ac. and lOO.UOOlbs dried apple* at 3l4'r, cash. 11eMr?The operations embraced 100 bnle* Manilla it 9),c. and 100 do dew rotted American at fl30 j>er ton. 0 too*. Hat?1400 bales North River - .? taken for shipuent at 40c a 45c, which is a decli.Hides?The market continues -emely depressed, vliiie the sales are quite moderate.... lightly declining iriee*. We notice sales of 2870 Maracnibo at 7c, merchantable, for dry, and 0c for dry salted, with a dis- ' count olT for cash. Also about 800 Sisal, at 4'ae, ca>h. is they run, aud about 700 Southern at 0c for merchantable; 3c for damaged, damp, and salted by averigo. A paruel of ttuenos Ayres hides, just landing ?ere olTeriug at De, 4 per cent cash, without finding uyers. Leather.?The market has been quite languid, tinII the close of the week, when it vcl on tbeuplearance of several heavy Kn.-.tor . l yers. who purh ised pretty freely, lessening the stock very considoribly. The high prices for hides last year, and also for tinning, are producing leather at a high cost, and the leaUrx acem disposed to bold their stocks rather than ell much below remunerating prices, believing that rices will advance during the summer and fall. Naval Store*?The demand was active, aud wo re>ort sales of 200 bbls spirits turpentine at 31>ic; SO do t ."<5 a ';*>< . cash; 50 do at USc. 4 inos, and 100 bbh rbite soap rosin at $'2 50. On.??Linseed continued to advance. 4.000 gallons Cnglisli changed hands at 05c. aud 2.500 do city j iressed American at the same pricc. Provisions? Sales of 600 barrels mess pork were re>orted at $10 12>? ; prime was fir > at $8. while more j ?as asked ; 100 barrels sou prime sold at <>0 60 Jeef?Sales of 150 barrels beef hums wr;o made at | kl2 75 ; 20 lihds dry salted shoulders were made at | !',< ; and 44 do good at 3'4c. Sales of 18J'00 lbs prime i Western smoked hams were made at 7S>". ""<1 *'*> ierces do at 8c ; 30 barrels clear pork nt $12 50. Sales >f 15.000 lbs hams, shoulders and sides, were made at ic for the ham*. 4'4'c for the sides, aud 3'4c for the boulders. Laid? Sale* of 4i>0 barrels, part extra prime, rere made at 7c. Sale* of 300 do were made at 0,]4o ; omc other lot* sold at OXc to fl5?e, with common or nferior at a lower llgure. There was no change in utter or cheese. ( Rice?We heard of 50 tierces at $3 31 per 100 lbs. St'mac?A sale of 150 bag* was made nt V> '. 'I mo* St,'oars?Among the parcel* disposed of. wc noticed ;50 hhds. Cuba Mtucavado nt 3Jj?4'4; 150 do i'orto Itico t 4a4'{.and 300 boxes brown Havana at 5a.'>.V usual ime. Wool?Tlio transactions of the past week comprise ifl.000 lb*. No. 1. and super city pulled, for shipment to iontou, at juivate bargain Whiskey.?Sale* of about 150 a 200 bbls were madn, ncluding Ohio, at 21o, and Statu Prison at 22c. JUAUKKTS KLUKVV iliCllJG. stock I*H if. Ann. pi i a, June 3,?Firit ito-ird?$500 U. S. T reasn rj inte<. li s. 102'.,: |IMR> I". S. Loin, il's, '.VI, II*'1,; J'**! State ti'?. r.; 3UIJ0 State A s, 74; 110" do. do, 74', ; l?IW Texas notes, II: fl?l Slhitil K'n, lil : UI00 Sell. Nav. <*>, 4li,'4 ; 5000 do. il.., 47 I 10J , bares l/\ S. Hunk. j; !fl?i New .Infer copper. I'4 ; J*' !'. .** lank, .1',,; I? Vickstmr* llank. 10', . l'< do. do, ll|t4 ; WOO Morns Canal, 12; >1 il... do. II',; .W d... .1 <>, I2>4 5?M'nionCanal, II; 11) KUuiingien Copper, < ; 100 d". do, 7. SrrortA Hnnril?SIOUO late ,Vi, 7.*; 40,'**' I'..H. Treasury n sua, 6'i in.'!: 50 shsres I'nion , anal, A; itt (lirard Hank. lit4, : il Mechanics' Itank, 2tt$;27.'> i liirrin Canal, 12; a) N?w Jersey Copper, I : .10 Plcmingt>>u Coper. 7 V Married. At Troy, N. V. nn the 1st inst.. by th?* llev Mr. V'nn (leeck. Jon* W. Di rt, of Brooklyn, to Ann*, laughter of Henry Laudon. Ks<j., of Troy. On Thursdny, the l?t inst.. by the Re*. Dr. Wainrright. Koncii A. Thompson to Adi.i.aii<c. eldcit Imifrlitr r of Thomas Owun, Kwj.. nil of this city Died. Yesterday morning. Wii.iiam Hiviiv. ngeil ten nontlis. aon of Oilbert K. unci Mary Hays. The funeral rill take jtliii-" this (Sunday) nfternoon. nt 5 o'clock, rom the rml'leorr ot his father. No. 'X> I.ispcnard 1 On tlio ;J<1 Inst.. Tr.TKH Ui Liir. in the 34th. year of ii* age. His friends. ami those of the family, are requested to ttend hia funeral this (Sunday) afternoon at 4 o'clock, roiu his late residence, lot) Columbia slreet. On Saturday afternoon, .'ill inst . after a short and svero illness, Okoruk Mmm*, in the 20th year of his 1 >. His friends, and those of the family, arc respectfully nvlteil to attend his funeral, at 4 o'clock, to-morrow Monday) afternoon, from the rusHitnce of his filher. ?o. 4" Uarrlay street, without further invitation (jqan ? e\thk.vii,i,k < *0\/" Wtxiiyisday June 7th. at t clock, I'. M.. purse thr e ondred dollars, two imlolioats to skei t .n wagons. For which reentered l>ady SnfTdk, the Muiilg't fa' 'rite, with the famed adv Mnaeow an<l Americ'is. .|<?r.h ( I'NKIJS, I'rpprintor. \l"('TION NOTICE.?FOR ACCOI NT OK WHOM IT MAY concern, on Monday, 5th June, at IlluVlnck, at 447 llreadwav, ill l? sold alt goods nought hy prcvi 'es |>nrcliaeers, at the sales f the Assignee "f TV Unas llillsland. Alan, a ltnmbur ?f lots ut levant engraved class*are, Dinner. T- i. . I T?.i1?t Sets, nntufr?'r. ii at the last sale. Also, an assortment of Vcllow-war!. Tlte j bore ii well worthy tin* attention of tiiosu in want. Nalc post- | Ire. 1 ll/WNTEH ItV \ UKSI'E''TAIII.r. Vol \<i WOMAN. A ' WW situation to do chiimher work, i Uin sowing, or as c >"!.? j Ivertlses from thu place In which she (mi lived for the l ist ft* ears?has no objections to go into the nntty dirlng the oim nr. Can ho son tor two "lav*. Adlrv< U I'mnmrn "re, LIT \NTIN<; \ 8ITTATION?A R1 Ml 1 \ i 1 I > f? wmn in .as i;h?ml>c. tnaiil or to 4 > neral hoi " " 1111 osl of city reference from her last pi ?,. |.!c.uc i-.ili .i' v ?" 1 (onston s'n et, can he s- en fur iy AN!TI< \ I'ARTNT.K TO I'l H M?- > ! ' 1 ' " and trtrel with one ? Ui? t?. ia ea, and the only one of the kind ever c.V'.i I in t lc. * c op '' y or furtlier particnlers, apply to \'o I Vis-sm St.. corner <?l it all. i tlio basement, from II A. II. to .'I I". M. this LfR. T. It. DOCRri.lMlRK. MF.D l)R.. \ VATIVf OF tI Hrneckenan, (Itm arla) will loir* .1 n >*> fr m'i ci> ? % rvmiring at Mr. I FWIso IIASSFVK. p-f*rl w.-t. \ v | 'urtu .. | iffODIRN T.ANtll'AOES M.\T?f 1 *1 (^i/'epicn i, v if ?i,. ,?| | i ?. % **!! II ^ ta * ' * h a f. n Il r. i * i1 l o w |tIi* ?it 'i.Mif :\t tii? ?ti'i i ^?.U* IC? lis ? tll? V (i ' V (P I m/l > pf??.c?4 under t?ie iy?t?ni * PARK TFIlATRK?Tit KET XHsllT?' l/lSl Of TIIR SKAKill.?MO.M?AV EVESIMl 1 hi .'nil, I?|? will I. |<.rfi<nii- . J tint cumedy m .'1 art*. ontltU 1 111 A III.I. - II ?kin: < '.url? II. Ir. II. I*. Ural tan ; Karl "f Km e?ter, lUrrv . Ca|it. I pp, llun: Ally Clara, Mm. Uyott; Mary t i . mr knight \ftrrwliHdi. ? i.i-w oomrity "f a II \ i > < OM I.I Tli?- Ablw Iliiu, Mr. liar : ml. I'"V?'> Mari?\ Mr-. Km<hu Tu conI nil,I with SIM I'N AMI I <) -Mr. Slupwm, Mr llam; Mr, lrumk'\. Mr. I y; Mm. Siinpwm, Mm Harry Mivlamn l.? ra[ipi, .Mr-. I?y. Mr<. Kitaallou, Mli* ti.vnn Mr?. HrunWy, It n Ka?? II' in. ixirH, (I; fit, .Wuenta; <;all? ry, il i*nt? ? louri iifwu at 7 uYluuk. r'Tf'irmnm'i* at ^ paal 7. L?"*EKV THE .THE.?ViONDAV KVEMlNfJ, JI NK D will lio arfi-,1 tin* iiii'liMliama of KlIIEMtfTEIN?Count \ , fill lam. Mr. W. Marshal!; Ili-rr Nairn, Dyott; Ferdinand, W. ; r r.ii.r-A * rvuueu, .1. 11. nan; .">! :?eou<01. t. nuriw ; lilvlaictM, Mr*. f t ; llertha, Pf.ill.|*. Af'er wliii'h the c??m- ? ly of the E.K ?llnn?y, Mr. IU I; Simkio, .Mr. Il**rke ; .ottisa, Mrs*. J ?idun ; Jenny, SnttyTland. To conclude *itIt lie rftiutt of IJOFhU -A .nlr*ai4 I! .ier, Mr. \Y n a ahull ; Klrick, J. I Hull; Stichbwk. I . Iluil'*. J ??l* Spkowoppeu, Jo dan; Main, Mrs 1 *)iiill|>h : Joscp ine Mi* l.ix'kyer ; Maulette Swamponr, Ira. SuiJierl nd. Il<? v. 2.*? eenrs Tit, 12*4 cent*.? Doom opeu >t 7; (*)rt'<>mianc4 to commence at 7,Hi o'clock. M UATIIAM THEATRE?8<>I Z IT.OriUF.TOR A VP LK1 [4 Ly shj, Mr. I'. **. < liAufran.- Monday Ev ninjr. June r?th, will presented, the f.kree of CHAOS l> CuMfc ACS AI *?Co*. haos. >lr. Pardey; Jack tiunce, llield; lbrri?'f, Mis* Hildreth. To ?? ollowcd by a draM.i, the OlJ> DAK Cll IHf?fount >unfrniico, )!r Varry; Lady A (nana, Mrs Isherwood. To be foil ?v?ed i?y NfcW i't)KK AS 11' IS?W??w, Mr I'll fin trau; !<>?%. Wirans; Wt!liau? Twill. Mr. Herbert; Katy, Mrs Month. To cor.tlude with the f.?r?-?5 *f I.AM? SHARKS ANDSE.\ (ilrliLS?Mr. Sampson, Mr. Pauleys J??hn Lol.b, Mr. Herbert; Tolly. Mix. liootJi. Door* open at 7?IVrtunnHnoe t<? commence ai 1\L o'clock. Boxes, 'i& cents? Pit 1'2^. Private ll?$.*>. H ROADWAY THEATRE MONDAY EVENING JUNE . I His, will U? (er'<*rtued ,r,e comply, in ttvo aets. entitled OLD HEADS AM) Vol m; HEARTS?TI.e fcarl of Pumplen. .Mr. Fredericks; L< r-1 chsrle- Roebuck, Mr Da?son; Colonel Rocket, Mr. Vac he; J . Rural Mr. lllaHe ; Hob, Mr. Hadawaf : I he Counter of Pompi..n, Mr*. Winnunlcv: Lady Alice Hawthorn, .Mips Fanny H allaek. After whie'i Ueury Sehriev*T will Aji|ioiir and perform the Souv nir ? f Ho llm." ' t.raud Pa* de frois," by Moos. M'lith'iH the <VUr?p and St. Clair. Fo coticltide w ith the farce of the K \ 11,ICO A I) DEPt )T?Mr. Samp ionJoitei?. Mr. 11 ad away, Mn Charles Smith, Mm, s*rac*nnt. lire-* t irclc and Par?|?ette, /W cents; Family \ livle, oents: tialloiy, I 'J1.', ooiit DoorH??f?en at /, (wrfoniiaiice to W^in at 7}+. M a "\\u r MAliU J BEOADWA7, B1THEEW i and af.? brjor ? ?-r ?. 4IOVDAV, JI'NE and eTtry :?ijiht wunug rim -I. i?^T \t KF.K but ono of tiie r'MiU^i IJJIKISTV'S AllSI h ^ ,<j oouoert*dunnn tlie past EIGHT MONTHS ban been n ?ivM with isdi dMgiiM pnrai|i and uiM.xami led seeeese. most roHpeotftilly finnonuee, Uiat they frill oo&doue their orvana mdlflimltAMf onusnainments e^eij ni^ht until further nouoe A'Illusion 2ft ocuts. D?>on open at 7. (Concert will oonimeuca r.t A, Mamwer and Diraoter, E. P. CHRISTY. Bahmjs - ,\v.t; ..1 w . aM'x-i*. r. h\km >, k;.opri?f r; . Ui^'*wo?i?;k Ma'iw Splendid performanoeflv evnry aflernoon at .'l1.,, o'ehn?l.. und ovcry evening ar ?. Tlie Ethiopian Soreuatiern will itp|?car t variet.v "t non^*, refrains dances, ehoruses, &.O., every atiern?on ud evening. Also en# gcd for a few day?, the Scripture Diss? lv'"" Views; the Manunoth or Giant 1 Ra)>y, only 1ft monthx old, wei^hto^ ninety pound*>; Wax Scnpture Stituarv, and the American Fire Iviujr. A vanery of t*Hliiant Elect Heal Bireriments with a new and powerful apparatus. Miss Mohle, Miss Juliet). Mr. Thompson. Madame Rockwell, the famous Fortune Teller, may be privately e xulted at au extra charge of Scents. Admiral on to the wnoie. inuludini Museum, I'ertonmauoes, iko., 9 9MM; <tdllrak uu< r t??n MM of a^e, a??d eM oiioinh to walk alon% 13H oeiito. /Ueerred trviat scaie, one ehillr f m$b I'tirn A8TLE GARDEN OPENED FOR riE si'MMKic SEA > SON.?Monday evening. Juno 6th, IS IS, the performance will couimenee with the I'eMte Comedy of the TWO 1. li llOYS AT HULAII SI'A?llector Templetoii, Mr. Holland; Magnus Teio pie ton, (I. II. Andrews; Capt. KihUro, Mr. Nickinson; Sidney lloauelismp, Mr. linker; Mrs. 'letnplcton, Mrs. Vernon; Grace Ormonde, Miss Phillip.'*. After which, the Pa? do lleux Ikrnois by Madame Au^isia and Mons. Ilooxary. To conclude wir'i the comic fairy legend burletta of the MAGIC MIltRoR?Kat-ri, Mr. Holland; Nico, 0. II. Andrews; Madame Kal ri, Mrs. Vernon; Annaletto, Miss Ntckinson; Fairy Blanche, Mies Phillips. AdmiMion, SB onta Peifonnsaoi to mmmhm at H o'clock. BANVAHI.'S MAMKUTil l'AT'OilAMA CF THE Mississippi Pivvr, patuu?d en th\t*e miles of c&nvaea beinf the laiRcst paiutina Id the world, at the Pancnuna f>ni)dir.|L in ^3r?>adwey, r.djotniris Niblo'ji vjar^^u. <^?;u ov^ry evenina (nnnrtays eice|)c< oK AdmtaJro: ft' ?mi)tt; children half price. The Pa- 1 u< ran?a w\U oummc^ee >. \s> o'clock prrciael/ Aftefnoon ^x dhltioM on Wednc?id?v an<* HAMtrdey. at v oVImi. THE MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF TBS OHIO A ND MI*. sissipm Ri vers (n? w exhibiting in liA'tlinore) will so^n j o'i st tlic Apollo Rooms in this city. Due notice will be Riven of its first iippearnnce. Hoovers 'i&t'UO feet of canvass, portraying nine diUbieikt Stfttee. The (Aio River ii shown the whole exwnt firon Cairo to Pittsburg over KHJO miles; the cxteut of country reaches orer 1400 mllea I Y\T ALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHtLADELPHl 1?FIRST vv ui/ht of the celebrated dansouee. Mad. Adele Monfdaisir, and therrenoh Billet <Jompaay.?Monday ErenhuL Jur.o, l8Ef will l?c performed l/Al.MKK -Siadhir. Mons. 11 to. Monplnmir; El Kebri, Mons. Uartholomin; Haydee, Mad. Adele Monplaisir; Zuliska, Mils Anna Uulard; Zora, Miss Wallers. The pie?ro concludes with Ii A ZlNltAHII.I. \. bv Mud A. Mutinhiisir. und Mons. II. Monplaisir. The even!lie's entertainment will commence with the farce "f tho WINDMILL. C< KICKET JlATCtt?A GRAM) MATCH, AND THE FIK8T > Match of t ho season, will bo played on the grounds of the St. George's Club, at the Red IIuuho. on Monday. between two picked elevens. The play will commence at 10 oclook. TUe Red House is one <>f the most desirable spots on this island, or nu.v other. Murphy's stages will leave i issengors at the door for \2}% 1 oentej cheep eneu h, ITALIANS!?THE ITALIANS RESIDENT IS N1W YORK are respectfully invited to meot next Monday morning, the Ath of June, at 0 o'clock, A. M.. precisely, at the Columbia iiall, No. U'i.'i Grand street, to forin a procession for tlio presentation of tho Italian national 11.?* to ('apt. G. Corrao, of tiie brig <'arolina. who was the tirnt to arrive in this country with our Italian national fl.% The Italians, unite I. take this opportunity to invito all the friends of liberty. >f all nations, to tuk? part in thi oelebmtion. By order of the Committee. PUTNAM IIOUSK CKuRCP, KFASETTS COFFEE AM) Che .pit. use, No. 1211 Bowery?'The best of Refresh me n ts.? It-'wling Alleys, Quoits. Clean lleds, fcte. fco. N.LI.?Harmonic Meetings every Tu -day and Saturday night at his privato room. OIANO FORTES FOR \LE TWO SPLENDID W06Mml wo?h1 |*iano f rlo t r sale cheap; they were made to order for a l'Oiitlernan, an \ill In- ? Id cheap, as he is about leaving tho city. They can *'ho furniture ware rooms of JOSEPH II \YYt)N . No. J tr nidw i . under the American Museum. New yoke ;acht club?the annual regatta will take pi u?o on Tuosjay. June tith. Yhe steamboat ECKKKA, for the exclusive tiso of members and their ladies, will leave J hi n lav street pier at half-post nine A.M. precisely. AN? DREW FOSTER, Jr., W. E. LA IGIl I', G. L. SCIRYLEK, Committee. snn bottles and over of dr. dewttt c. Kelllnger's Linament have been sold without complaint. It is pni. up in large bottles at At cents. $-1 dosen, %2 z'i half dozen, $ IJ j-r urn**. It is ten times chea|wr than any other Liniment in marker. It eradicates pains, and heals all manner of sores and bruises. office zw Pearl street, and of the druggists And sadlers generally. Clt AST-OK F <1 '?ill l \c. J| Wi;i.KV. I IIU; arm- Mr. * Wanted.?Indies or Gentlemen wishing to conv ft their superfluous effects into cash, will obtain full value f ?r the same by nddressing the subscriber, through the poet-oflte* or oil.eiwise, who will attend thetn at their residence by appointment. II. LEVETT,JI_Wall street. New Yoifc. \l\: EDITOR I OC( 1SIONALLT HLAVEL INflUUCE i?l of comfort, (the natural consequence of ibe life of siiule bleseed ness that I am doomed to.) In my wanderings, I stain bind upon the hoti.?e of Messrs. Ilnnfield .V lloefts, lately established at W illiamsbtirgh, Lone Island, about 200 yards south of the landing ??f the steamboats, which constantly ply between Peek Slip in this city, and Willtmnsburg. The location is a delightful one, commanding a fine view of the East River, with splendid and ex ten nivo rroiind<4 attached ? billiard room and ten inn alley* for those wiio prcfc that manly, athletic, and heulth conauelug amusement. The proprietors arc uniahje, accommi'dating, and courteous: they Appear to l>e entirely f?nrgetful of themselves, in their desires to make their gnests happy and comfortabk'. The accommodations for families are extensive. Alas! I much fear, Mr. Editor, that 1 "hall lie compelled to abandon the |4aee in consequence of the rush that will Ik? made on it i?y families, to the great annoyance of bachelors. At the mme time, I would raeomtnend all bachelors to visit It, to witness the happiness of those who have entered into the married state. The inducements are ti?o great to be resisted. Succcss to the proprietors?they art deserving of it. VIATOR. THK tellow or : I IT' ?PRIN<;S, EXTENSIVELY Enlarged, and orounds In. proved.?Tliis well known plaoe for snmmer resort is now op* u lor the reception of visiters. The saine medical attention and accotnmodauou extend**! to invalids under Hydropithic treatment a* hers to fore, raasencers leave Philadelphia with the Heading cars at 7% o'cbick A. M., and at 2P. M. for Phceniiville, where rood eoaches will Im in madineee, and arrive at the Springs at II o'ch < k A. M., and at P. M. A Sunday line connects with tho Columbia railroads both up and d wn. for further infonnatio.i pleai>d a<idress Dr. GEO. UNOEN ik CO., Chester Spring*.' t ester Co.. Pa tK)MR TtlTHK i:EAL F.ST iTC M \TTKET. 112 BROADWAY, * and see tho descriptfon ' be Pierson Farm.dtnatad in EaPex county, New Jersey, on the M ?Tis ltailr >a?l, one mile front the village of New Providence, and J) r* lies from New York, tifl seres, price A great bargain?come and ?ee. arnold bl i fpm. 4LOPL REWARD-STOLEN ON FRIDAY EVEN1NO, FROM tpthe door of Sweeney's Rating Saloon, in Chatham *tre?'t, a dark l.av mare, IA hands high, and a top wagon. The nbove reward will l?e peid on recovery of the property. Apply to L\ ( OLEMAN, Grand street, near Fourth street, Wimamsburgb, L. I. LOST.?LEFT IN A JERSEY CITY FERRY OMNIBUS, A sui%U bundle, containing a mi it ?f Boys' Cl? thing. If the tinder will return them to Nu. 6.< Vesey street, he win receive a n-ward. Tu LET-EI.EUANT H K.M-IIK.Ii WITH OR without llrcaktu: and Ten. f r rt few Siu^Ie fientlemen, at |ti9 Liberty street. References required. BOARD, OR TO LET?A RESI'ECTABLi FAMILY, IIAVing more rooms than they re'|iiirc, would he pleased to take two or three gentlemen, or a gentleman and his wife, to board, with private apnrtinenta, furnished or unfurnished; or would b t tlio apartments to a small family. Apply at lift llammersly ?t., near Hudson st. FV SEW A 1.1,. WIlnl.KvtLE l>! \ l.l'.ll IN JEWELRY. Sir., has removed to No, i!l John street, up tairs. VINTON I1ISHOI', importer of pn ion* id imitation stones, lias removed to No. .1!) John street, np stairs. Henry wei.ia of tiif. firm or wells k co.. and Livingston. Wells St t o., lias taken into co-partnership with liiin Edward T. Winslow, of New York, and Johnston Livin-jston, if tlio firm of Livingston Si Co., I'liiladelnhia; and thejr will ??rry on, :ui heretofore, the Express, Forwarding and Commission business, as followsTin domestic Expromi business will lie done In iho name of Wells At Co*: the foreign business in tiie name of Livingston, Wells It Co. New York, May 1, I'M.1'. Removal.?the medical and ^roical inmtit. lion, so long and favorably known, nnder the eare of Dr. Ilostwiek, at 7-1' nambers ftrcer, ':is 1-een removed to NU 'troadway, eaat side, a few door* above llroome street. The present |e. nation is much more desirable than the former, as it is more central and commodious Nearly two thousand medical and stiiyv nil cures were successfully treated at this institution during the last year Sec monthly report. 1MLIH IT F'ii< SALS * HAN MOOT TTLB1 EY, WIT! . substantial and elegant Harness, complete, lor Kile. Address D. E.. Herald Oflke. Notde tiis holder; or the bond-* or Tnc Ph'ladolpltia and Reading Railroad Company, due In KK) and l.Vsi aru hurcby noiitiei that pmnoeMnns for ine eonvenoea of said bonds into a preferred stock of ilwiompany, hetiTiag seven per cent luterest, to ne issu I agrtoahly to an act jwased at the last seMion oi the IViiusalvania LegUfoture, will be rxeived at the office of Joha K Tha^ir?t llmt'ier, Boston; Charn'ey ft Who-len, I1: iladelphia. and .< .'AI'DON Ml CO., 54 Wall street, New York DHOADWAY HAT9TI It?HAYES, COBNEE Of MMk I J v ay no.I Full :i stnet, Uaveoa hand a large, uew aadmag iiilb-ni \iH> 'v i I fashionable Summer Hal-and Cape, to which he respei tfuSly calls the attention of the public, nlssOLCTIOV?TIIF. CorARTNRRSHIH HERETOFORE exi ting under the firm of KII'LIMI Jt l?R<?TIIER.S. waa dissolved on the 2Xd day of May, IHfJ*. by mntnal consent. The business of the late tinn v ill u? eonti'iuod by the undersigned. RICHARD KU'LIMi. Dated June 3,IM*. (1 !TV LOAM" Tt vl nu ' !',Y LOAN* IN ANTICIPATION J of the : o' i . > will le received at tMt idtea, in t ! . , | > , rvil-rs and upward*. for Which .. o<ts f b. .ii 1 pHvt*le In fr?m V to 1J month*, w t'i ill ..-reel at the rafe -f sisjs,i-,'?-nt iwratmum. C??tnptrilH-r ' -e. Way |i>, l?4s. JOHN f '.VF.N. CowiiwrMlef fp UT.STRY. If'l ? Fl S WOTHRI.F. I'LY C \iM'ETI* ! , >' R '7 t | 11, ? t, ,, ,, Ve n ? . '1)1 t'loibs i f i.e*. i , . ir.> Itr1 . I. : sirjr K I . V , ke, i Ii|\mi.e|s Will -e < III u<y by calitUi I ?nal stttvt.

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