Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1848 Page 3
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> . ?* ' *3 ?t . hfi arreted for?n aiUmpt to pM* oountorMt mo-1 n?y, and lodged In th* polio* ofllnx for on* night. W1t- ! w?r? In d?*f*ncc, who proved that ; tint watch in question wan not worth mx shillings, i l??-iuj5 one of ^lOfO watebes Used by " sluflVrs" lor de- i coy purposes ; aud also, tli.-.t prisoner paid - he pulsed , th* boms in luu" on UlM, Officer Cokey certified that prisoner w.?nt with him i to tbe police office without a warrant; aud Alderman N.clJi'imott. aud other* gave the prisoner. who is a liund-rurtuian. a Tery good character. The jury found the prisoner uot guilty, wbeu he was discharged. Court Caucxdar?Tm? Day?Superior Court?22, 2i. 30 40. 50. 57. C9. 70. 71, 72. 75, 70. 78, 80. 81. 82. 84, h'V 8i>, 87. 83, 90, 92, 93, 95 to 103 Inclusive. Common i-Vta;?117, 127. 133. (Hi 22. 24 32. 19. 83. 37 , 45. 47 . 58, 60. 69 Circuit Court -7.10. 11. 19. 21 to 30 iuclusWo. Important Paper for Europe. The ll'etkly Htral'd for Kurope, which we shall pub- j lish to-iiny at 0 o'clock, in atuplo time for the Ilibernia's mails, will bo nu exceedingly interesting an J va1 liable paper for European circulation. ^ It will contain a full report of the great Irish demonstration at the Tabernacle in this city on Monday last; a full report of the presentation of an Italian flag to the brig Carolina, with an account of the religious exercises attending it; the latest uews from Mcxico, in regard to tho treaty and its ratification; besides ship 'Yevvs, political and commercial intelligence, and a digest of ether interesting matter. Single copies, in wrappers, #,*?cent*. A Curd _About six weeks ilncc, while In the saloon, corner of l'ark place and Broadway, in a condition t rendering me unable to defend myself against any attack, I was assailed in the most cowardly manner, by a man of the name of Hyer. On the strength of it, accounts of the occurrence appeared in a miuilier ef the newspapers, false in every particular, and which must have loen inserted by Hyer himself, or his friends. If I bad been worsted in a fair fight, and by a jierson (bat knew anything at all about fighting, or 9iad the cotirn?e to fi^lit as a m m, 1 should have taken no notice of it; lint I ooiiaider it line to uiy friends, to Inform them in this way,of ?hc rciil character of the occurrence. I am no "Irish braggart or !"bullv," although I am nu Irishman, and b lieve I can show m\self wor;fiy i f my oonntry whenever I am required. If there are any who think they can ma'te me "cry enough like a whipi?d child," It' No. '.t Chatham street Is not too far out of their way, I will be happy to hav? them call and make the experiment. As for liyer, I ran "Box him out" without any exertion. JAMES SUiXIVAN. The Plumbe Nalloitol llnguerrenii Gallery, Ko. 251 Broadway, upper corner of Murray street, is the pl?co where the liesr. specimens of L?:iguerreoty|?e can be procured. Wo oau recommend all our fr cuds who wish to get a good picture, to visit thin ejtabliiJiinent w ithout of disappointment. The barest I'alutins In the Worl<L_Hud_ son's Mammoth Panorama of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, will le here in a few days. It is to bo exhibited at tho Appollo Kooms, 41U Broadway. Saunders' Toilet Articles, Dressing Case* and i'ancy Cutlery, H7 Brondway, corner of Liberty street, aud 887 lirad way. The subscribers respectfully call the sttention of the public to their collection of the above artiolos, which in point of variety, ii not equalled in the oity; they have been leleoted with ct regard to quality.and ia all oa*ei are warranted. Q. SAUNDERS & SON, 147 and 387 Broadway. Gold Pens. ? Richelieu Diamond-pointed Venn?The " Richelieu" Gold l'ens sold by B. E. Watson It Co., J5 Wall street, are. undoubtedly, the best aud oheanest Pens In use. Those w ho have iced them, Bay they are unequalled for fineness, smoothness, and flexibility, The points warranted not to ?om? off. tiold pens repaired. Knox's Rocky Mountain Beaver.?These Hats imsw;ss a zloss and brilliancy which no weather seems to dim. nor ruiigii usage tarnish; aud tliey have abo a body and durability, that the corroding tooth uf time cau hardly affect. These qualities, combined with the extreme lightness, enable 1dm most decidedly to take the ahioe off all his competitor*. Or. Morehrad's Improved Graduated Singnetic Machine*, for beauty, simplicity and effective excellence, aro unequalled- Hiey arc put up with the buttery and all noces-ary app'uauues in a neat and nor able manner, and accompanied by ample directions. Price, $12. D. C. MOKEIIF.AD, II. D? ItS Broadway. By Telegraph.?Great Excitement 111 Phlla_ tlelplpa anil other place*, but e(|?cially in New York, owing to the nomination, by acclamation, in tho people's convention, of lULU the inimitable Hair Cutter, at 13 Nassau (treat, corner of Pine, as their caudidate for publio |?trouage, in Ilair Cuttibg and Triuimiug Whisker*; so let all who value neatues* la appear .anoe cast their votes in patronage for llill. raljiio1* Opera House.?The most extraordinary exhibition of Living Models will be given this evening for thoVnefituf tlie " Artists," w hich his been postponed until this evening, it being positively the last night that Mr. Burko has ! possession of the house, upon which eccasion the prices of admission will be fixed a I one dnllar, to lower part of the house,aud fifty cents to the upper. Something richer, rarer, and mora of it, will be secu on tliis occasion, than ever before in this city?'Jo magnificent female models at once?Oh, Moses, what a tight! In addition, a ^rand Olympian cotillion. Void Peiiin_"tireaton'n celebrated warranted Diamond pointed Gold fens" are now admitted to be the beet and .;hepc ren in the world. They are indestruetiblc. except by actual violence, and cau l? had only at 71 Cedar street, one door from i.'ie pt? loini t. up stairs, Also "Josdah Haydeo h Co "Spenoer It Ueamll's." " Levi rtrown," "Albeit 0. Bsgle.rV' and Uie new and improved " Bmw n" Pen, far superior to the old one, at iedne*d jrlo >. Gold cens and oases repaired. Thrill $5 Dollar 8ultx.Vnre<lcemed Pledges. I ?Summer Coat*. S cks. Frocks and Po ka's of Dr p d'?te, Al|ooca, Tweed, Gimrham, Linen. be.. $1 to fu. A so, Frncli < loth, silk tri'i.m- d, of elegant style, $2 to $10 eaoh. Also, a fbw ?l thum $ '> suits, corner 'Nassau aud Uieeknuia. Carpets!_Jfot withstanding the season Is so famitvaii ed, cnwdi continue to throng Mr. Oiram Anderson's. Ao. iltf fiowery, Cheap Catyet Store, wliere it is said Carpets, Oil Cloths, kc., can be bad choaper by 25 per cent, than at any otter store. The Rainbow, Bt elimaii?This Concern (Dillon, Captain) is in the full tide of a successful experiment. Tact, enterprise and industry will always flourish in thi*?feat metropolis. Dinner served up daily from 12% to 3%. Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, \ ogetanles, Salmou and Urecn Peas, &c. *tc? ike., 18^ conts each. A fow Kooins to let at $1 SO per week. Call and see. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONEY MARKET. Tuesday, Jane 6?4 P. M. There was a general decline in quotations for stocks to day. with inoderato sales. At the first board. Pennsylvania 6'sfell off Kr ccnt! Indian^ State S's, Treasury Notos. V: Morris Canal, IX; Reading Railroad. IX; Erie Railrrad. now, X. After the adjournment of the board, prices settled down still lower, and the uuirket was ex?es*ively dull The shipments of spcclo continuo so large and so steady, that stock speculators are a little alarmed. It is stated that about one million of dollars will bo shipped this week by the steamer for Liverpool, and packet for Havre. This continued drain must soon bo felt in our large cities, and there can be no important or pormaneut relief in the money market until tho current of precious metals Is changed. At tho second board, Harlem fell off per cent; Reading Railroad. V and Morris Canal. XThc Mohawk and Hudson Railroad Company hare declared a semi-ant ual dividend of three and a half per cent. Tho value of merchandise imported into this port for the month of May, was $0,371,033 against $0,607,010 for tho same month In 1S47. We learn, from a very high authority, that the reports rolative to tho ratification of tho treaty by the Mexican Congress, are as yet premature. When the messenger left tho city of Mexico with letters and despatches for tho steamer Kdith. the government cou-?-?? ?** -"Win,. I IsioKnUrn fnp (Vin final nrtirm linn 11 the treaty. Wo lturn, from the name source, that there was not much doubt but that the treaty would ultimately be ratified; but up to the latest moment it had not taken pluce. The annexed table exhibits tho quotations in thli market for our principal State and government stocks, at Ecvcral periods: ? Thicks o? Stocks im Tiir Nkw York Market. Rnhem- 1M* 1M& IMS. Raft nl.U. April 1.1 May 2.1. June (1 UnitoJStutesii 1W7 HU^alM^ liitiiatmX HMKa ? # ? im mi aiiki'4 nn ?ia3? losjjaiaiii " C 1 WW W2Val03 103 al02* 101 allilM^ ft 1KM y?V 93W 91?a 93 92X? '.'3 IWj Note#, 6 li?2l4nl02)5 102.fcal02X 10:;Vin3>i .New Turk. 7 1M9 ? * ? ? a? ? a ? (i lK.WM.fln lOoWaim 101 aim 103 al03 ? ? l>?il-?2-i!7 103Vj*104 103 aim 103 al(H r.w lSfio-fii-tij ? a? ? a? ? a ? ft 1Mi>-7-*-9 ? a - Pftka !? 9.'>Va ! ?> J> lSft(>-l-3 ? a ? 1a]2% W. ? a ? n ttSflft-8 17 a !7)< 9?> a W?*i 9* a 9M?< r. ^'#-<10-1 ? a - 98}<a WJ2 08 a DM4K lM'J.ftS ? a? - a- ? a . i> ISrtO ? a - D9.M? W'l 99 ? 99>? "'lo' r. IfW-flO 100 aioovj W\al(JO i ft l?fti>-66 ? a? ? n ? ? a ? a 7 lHflO 1U? alUBU 101 Ws 102 102 al02V lCnntocVy, < ? ^ "J? J1"'* Illinois ? W? <?. '< * Indians, f. *>>??? ? ? ;<7 ?| a 3ft ??* J> Arkansas. fi ? * %:* fl ?'$* ,a. * ... Alabama, ft Jf'* ? K. * i/\, l'?nn?ylvanls,ft h i/ 1 7o)ia 7.>}? Tennessee, 6 ? - a ? ? a N. Vork City, 7 1M7 ? a - ? a ? ? a ? .. - ? a? ? a? ? a ? ft iww ml a !? 93&a 94 ?? a 1W ? ft ls.vs-70 J.1 a 93 92^*91 94 a ? "B!t Co'm. N. V. full ?ii'<a l'ft 90Sa U0U ? a ? scrip 1\ - WV 93)2 9.1 a 9rtv4' N. V. Ufa In:i. Si Trust Co. ? a ? ~ ~ ~ K.irmsrs Ii?sn ft Trust Co. .Hi a 30V ^),a -1 *''?ft Ohio Ufa ins. St Trust C<\ K1 a N2 f1 a H Nl a 81 Kankoi'V- * I'ennsyl'a. 3 ? 3V -* *; ,'1 "lt? 4 \. .lcr*'V K. II. ft Trans. Co, 1M nins im #IOft ln4 i>'0:; Mnhswk'ft llml'n Railrond. 70 * 73 7ft a 7,! 7'? 7^ IJtioit Si v'hoiiuctady Itail'il. IIH niiii lift m.'*! 1 l"',.i *117 hrnitmck 1'li*a KAilrt?a<l, llHl ?ltr7 ? a ? '"7 al".' ,\'nt urn It Syrncu-* luilr'd ? a? ? % ? --a ? Aiilmm k Reohextw, PI a N'i M ? WU 91 !'li.alinu ISallr..iul, ST.^a 37 30 ? ?i>2 3(^ Dclnwar* b llndwn Tsnal, ISft *1-7 lwt aiun 1U7 iuy>' K> idlun Kallrcad li?ad?. .VJi'i ? a .VI AilUa If l(e:?.lin^ Hallrmd Mt< lids, Hif&.i M ? a 62X R3 a ?k!'o, Since (lie tcli-grapliU despatches came to hand rein- i tire to the rutiflcatlnn of tha trpaty of peaee with Mex- 1 Iro. I'nitod Stntes securities hare improved very mate- j rlally. Slate stocks ha*e In several Instances advanced; but the prospect of an immediate peace appears to have alTectod no other stock* favorably but f I t * i i .i nifn I n i i?mtmmmmmn nil i i that th?jr will hereafter be mm nottfht *fUr than the ] funded stock of thflgoT?fnm?>iitf Th<> loon for which ' bSin are now being made wilt be lanucd In ntcek, nr.d the loan for the payment cf indemnity to Mexico, In j accordance with thi? ii r.i. loue of the treaty, will be : li*u<'d in the same .sha^f. Treasury not "3 will, there- 1 fOro. be scarce, and will, without doubt, bear a good ! premium at all times, on uceount of thoir convenience as remittances from one section of the country to another. They are superior to the stock of the government. as they can at any time be turned into a twenty year security, and are for the time a sort of circulating medium, bearing interest. The expenditures of the government on account of i the war, have by no meaus ceased. The two loans yet , to bo raised for purposes already named, amount to thirty-two millions of dollars; how much more will bo wanted, is yet a matter of much doubt, but probably enough to swell the amount to fifty millions of dollars. This will make the aggregate expenditures of the war, and for the purchase of additional territory, about ono hundred and fifty millions of drillarfl. tho hullf nf whlnh ti in tho KhftDO of a public debt, tho interest on which will annually draw large sums from the Treasury. The territory obtained by the treaty will require all the regular army of tho country for occupation, and prevent that reduction in the military expenditure* which a return of peaco would induco us to anticipate. With all these drawbacks, it is. perhaps, well that peace has been secured?that the horrors of war have disappeared, and that we are, once again, upon friendly terms with all nations?that thero is now no obstacle serious enough to check our progress, and that our prosperity Is not likely to bo checked by any restrictions upon our commercial Intercourse with the world at largo. With tho annual intorcst on our large publio debt, with the increased expenditures of government an increase of territory produces, thero will, no doubt, be a surplus in our revenue the first year after the final close of tho war. This surplus revenue will, unless gomoexpenditure should arise not now calculated upon, create a siuking fund large enough to liquidate the entire public indebtedness before it reaches maturity. We have not tho slightest doubt that this result will bo realized; and there is not another government in existence that can pay off its debt in this way. Thero is no other that can meet its indebtedness at maturity, without contracting a now loan, of oqual amount, to rcplaco tho old. We have already paid off tho debts of two wars, and paid them, too. at a time when our resources were exceedingly limited, compared with what they are at this moment; and the amount of indebtedness created by the war now drawing to a close, will be much more easily liquidated than either of the previous two. With all the evidence which has from time to time been presented to the capitalists of Europe relative to our resources, there yet appears to be the most gross and unpardonable ignorance upon all matters regarding the strength of the institutions of this country When they see the thrones of Europe tottering to the ground?wheu they see the strongest and most powerful governments in Europe disappear before the power of the people, like morning dew?when they know not when every vestige of tVeir property may b? swept away?and when they see, amidst all these changes and revolutions going on around them, the United States government stands firm, and all is peacc, and quiet, and happiness, aud prosperity hero, they must feel that there is a power in tho will of the people that Is immoveable; and that a government based upon that i power is as firm as the eternal hills. Such revulsions ' and revolutions as Europe has rccoutly experienced, are sufficient to chango tho opinions of the most prejudiced, and must turn tho attention of statesmen and capitalists of the old world to this country, more earnestly than they have herotoforo deigned to givo it. The petition of the poople of Hartford to the Legislature of Connecticut, for the repeal of the bridge clause of the New York and Boston Air Line Railroad Company has boo_\ withdrawn. Its presentation was certainly tho most injudicious act the people of Hart- ! ford could be guilty of. The Railroad Company had, I in tho face of the most determined opposition, obtained from tho Legislature of Connecticut a charter for the construction of a road through that State, commencing at Now Haven, and running through Middletown, and so on, in an easterly direftion, to tho eastern line of the S^ato, with the privilege of crossing the Connecticut river at or near Middletown, by a draw-bridge. This charter passed iM became a law of the State, and under that charter the subscriptions have been made, and the amount required for the formation of the Company and the commencement of tho work was subscribed. The Company thus far have carried out everything required by tho charter, and are prepared to put tho road at once under contract ; but the elTorts on the part of tho people of Hartford to defeat this enterprise, at all hazards, have prevented the company from progressing as rapidly as it otherwise would. Two sessions of the Legislature have been besciged, and^the progress made thus far in preventing tho company from constructi ng a bridge across the Conneticut river at Middletown, is a request to withdraw the petition for the repeal of the act outhorizing it. This is as it should be; and wo hope the people of Hartford will hereafter attend more to the construction of their own road to Willlmantic than to the placing of obstaclei in tho way of their neighbors, in the comoletion of their line.. We are pleased to sec that the Legislature of Connecticut have preserved inviolate an act passed at a previous session, and have refused to repeal an act before it had gone into effect. If legislation can be mhde use of as tho people of Hartford wish, tho doings of every session will be a taere farce, and laws a mere bagatello. They would pass an act one session and repoal it tho next, before its provisions had been tested, or before its advantages or disadvantages boc&me apparent. Stock Exchange. $1000 Treas Notes, 103^ 15 shas Canton Co onj? SS'.j 16000 Jo 10:t'4 200 Nor it M'orc RK slO .30 IMAM) do blO 110'? 25 (to HI) 3D 900 do 103X "H do 30W 6<>0 City 5's, '50, 96 30 do 160 3000 V. States G's, '67, 102?? 100 Reading RR ?ii? 101*0 Ind. State tl's, 60 do .K> 1(100 do iio 53X IV) do ?U0 36 1000 Pennsylvania >'$ 7'>'i 50 do 3B00 do 75? 50 do s*>0 24 501X) do blO 75V JO Hudson River RR 1000 Erie 7 peret Bds 9!? 3K) Loug Island RK bOO 21l>2 4(100 Ohio 6's,'UJ 1(KIV 100 do 1.10 2H>, 1000 do 1G*? 950 do 2!) 10000 do 100X 50 Harlem RR 57'< 25 slian Mtrch. U? Bank 103 .130 do 57 2U0 Firmer*' Trust 2JV 100 do biiO 57V .17 Ohio Life k Trust Si 400 do U30 57 Si 150 Morris Canal II 200 do 57 H, 50 do MO 11 10 Erie RR pew full 7*W 150 do 10V 17 Amer. Ex. Bank UJ 150 do 10X Second Boanl. 450 alios Harlem RR 561^ 25 aha* Reading RR 35V, 200 do Ii60 57 75 do 35 100 do ttiO M>X 100 do ?30 341, 100 do 5iiW 100 Morris Canal 11 SO do s30 5fi? 40 do 11 * 50 do W0> 57'4 150 Long Island RR sCO Ti 10 N York It N Hav RR MX CITY TRAUB UK PORT. N?:w York, Tuesday. June 0?2'a P. It. Ashes.?The market is firm for both sorts. Sales of 60 bbls. including pots, at $4 31 a $4 37 S. and pearls at $6 25 a $5 3H?. Cottos.?Thore is but little doing this morning, shippers being very busy with their correspondence. Ki.oua, kc?The market for Wcstorn flour opens with considerable firmness. The operations of the morning arc 1500 barrels. Including Oswege. at $5 50; Michigan ut fi> 62'i, puro (Jenefco at $0. fancy Ohio at $0 25. and extra at $7 50. In Southern, there is but little movement?moderate sales of Howard street at $6 a *0 12X. llye flour rules exceedingly dull, and no salon have lately transpired. Corn Meal is ?elllng to a fair extent at $2 50 a $2 56^, for Jersey. Wheat?Of Genesee the market is quite bare, and prime parcels command fl 30. Rye is doing better, sales of H00 bushels at 09 :i 70c. Cm to in good inquiry. Sales have been made of 5.000 bushels prime Jersey, to arrive, at 00c. Oats are plenty and dull Wo quote for Jesey and Southern 42 a 44 and Northern 4o a 47. Provisions?In pork there is hut a moderate business dolnj, and prices are tending down ward?we quote mess nominal at. $10. and prime at $?8. Beef is in fair inquiry at our former quotations. A sale was made of 100 barrels Chicago, (superior.) at $'J 75. Tickled Meats are dull, and no sales transpired. Lard is less active, 150 barrels changed hands at C'3 a 8^0. Butter Is in good supply, and heavy. Cheese range* from 6,'i to 7Xc. Whiskkv Is somewhat scarce. Ohio and Prison arc firm at 21% a 22l<c. Tci:st>av. June 6?6 P. M. The market for Flour was firm to-duy. though sales were light compared with transactions for some days previously Sales of Wisconsin Wheat were made on ter-ni state 1 belox. Meal was steady. Rye stood about the same. Oats were less firm We refer to our telegraphic head for doings In other cities to-day. with receipts. fcc. In provisions, in this market, there whs no iimiortaut chanue to note. Tork was some duller, while Lardcoatiunedqulto tlrm. In UrooerliM, Sugars continued netivi' at about previous ritti. A*lir??Small ealen "i Pot* wera made at $4 37^ at which the market wa* rather slack Sale* of 160 bbl* rearl* ware mmje at $5 37,', while ff> 60 win aikud. Jti ecipt* down the Hudson lllnr-JII banvls iJaf:?n?Ti't r? ? Flour?The salea footed up from 30)0 a 4<JflO barrel*, including good Oswego. Michigan. fieucm e. &c. at price* ranging from *ft 37^ a *5 6(? Tl??r? vm no change In pure or f.ncy ()?nw?. Southern wna steady. with light sale* at ( (! a ).l) 12*?. H'hml Sale* of i'i(x) busln-W WI?conMn were made at 10S a 100 cnts; 2000 do Ohio were Hold on prlrata t?rms. 'I he supply of Q< oenee was light, and for a lot of 2000 bush lilain'afflN ? - Irt I wdty. IftlM of MOO btuheU high mixed, in two lot*, w+rt madent 63o; 2AOO round Jersey yellow, sold at ftSo. 4ml 2000 do Ohio, in bud r.rdrr, ?.id n? (Oc, Home other ioti* w*re reported, pirt ou pj} - <>.to terms. Met I ?Holders asked $2 5G^4 a $2 62.'a, while buyers refused to go above $2 60. Ityr?Small naleu iu 500 bushel lots were made at 70c ; for large lot* btiyet* were offering less. Satt?Sales of 1400 bushels canal were made nt 4CXo. Receiptl down the Hudson River. Flour 19.602 barrels. Wheat It) 4(.U bushels. Ilyc 500 " Corn, " Oati 5 040 " Barley 435 " Cotton?The operations to-day amount to 1000 bales ?prices were rather languid, buyers not very eager at the presont asking rates. Frkiohts?Kates continued about the sanio. Cotton was reported engaged to Liverpool at 3-ltid ; corn in bulk at (Jd. and heavy goods nt 20s. TV London, 1 600 bbls heavy goods were engaged a; 25s. Fruit?The demand was not active : sales of 600 boxes wet and dry ra ans, at $1 42>? a $1 50 ; 200 half In lit 7ile inl u f..?- I. .1 .1,...,.,., c... I 4 months. ! isn ? Tile operations Included 450 barrels \o. 1 ami 2 Massaohusctta mackerel, {Pruv ucetown inspection.) ut $8 37% a $8 60 for t e former, nnd >5 37'a a $5 SO for th" latter ; 100 ball' bbls Sayi rook shad. (lo fill n country order.) at $4 a $!). (a greater pr ce than they will bear to the regular c ty trade) ; and 2 000 quintal-old aud new codfish at $2 02% and $2 81l.(. Hemp.?50 bales American dew rotted changed hands at $120. C months. Honkv?Further sales of 00 bbls and 27 tiorces Cuba strained wei o reported at orlv ite bargaiu. Molasses?100 hhds Cuba Muscavado fold at 19% tv 22%c, usual time. Oils?Linseed?The do s'and was less ac ivc to-dsv. though p: ices remained without materiul c'auge; the operations were 1.000 gallous Kb li-h at 65c, and 800 do America n city pressed, at 07c. cash ; 300 a 400 gallons do sold on fliort time, at 08e. Provisions?Sales of 200 bbl- mess pork were made at $10 ; prime was quiet at $8. (for fair Western.) Lord? Sales were made, in bbls. at 0%c : for prime quality 7c was offered fo.' 400 bbls. and refused Beef?There wa i no change, and sales were trnking to the trade at ?9 60, for city mess. The last sales of hams ware made at $12 SO, and of good to prime me?s. in tierces. ntV7. Butter continued to arrive freely, and prices were heavy. No change in cheese. llrctiplt down the Hudson Rivtr. Pork 449 bHrrels Beef 470 do Lard 771 pkg?. Hick?There h ive been sales of 200 tieroes, a t $3 a $3 37% Si'oars?The transactions were large and at prices tending upward?they embraced 800 boxes brown Havana, at 6c a O^c. and 1000 hhds, including Porto llico, at 4c a6%c : Cuba Muscavado. 3%c a 4'4c ; and New Orleans, at 3%c a 4c. all 4 months. Wines?We noticed salos of 50 qr casks Port, at 52%c a 65c, 6 months. Whiskey?The markot was firm, and sales of 84 bbls Ohio were made at 22.;, and 200 a 300 tin. including Ohio, at 22c a 22'4'c. and State Prison, at 22%c ; for di udge, 21% was offered. UABKUTH KLMKWHKKE. stock Philadelphia, Juno C.?13 shares Mechanics Bank 24%: 1U0 Neshanio Copper Company %; 000 City Fives, '70,90: 100 Union Canal 1th 300 llorris Canal 71: 700 Stale Sixei 8i>%; ItK) do l'ives 7*1; 2000 Lehigh Sixes 61%: 61 Minors' Bank, Pottsville. 40. Boston, June 5.?broken' hoaril.?6 shares Benton it Maine Kail road. 113%; 2 ilo Old Colony do, 9.'i; 5 do Eastern do, 1031 {: 3 do Fitehbnrg do, 117%: 61 rights Boston nnd Worcester do. $I 65) 25 shares Norwich and Worcester do, b 15 d, 75 do East Boston Company, 12 5-16 a 12.1,; Kkl East Boston invidends, No. 4, li 90 d, 5; 200 do (tending Railroad, 18% a 18%; 7t do do, b COd, 18%: 50 do do, ? 30 d, 18%; 50 do do, s 60 d, 18>,; 130 do do, s 9il d, !?% Married. On Tuesday. 6th instant, at St. John's Chapel, by the Kev. Dr. Whitehouse, Richard Crowthkr, of West Farms, to Elizabeth M., daughter of the lute Henry Andrew, of thig city. Died. On Tuesday, 6th Instant, suddenly, Amelia Ann. wife of Col. N. Campbell, in the 39th year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tho funeral, on Thursday afternoon. at 4 o'clock, from her late residence. 28th street, between 2d and 3d avenues, without further invitation. At Maspeth. Long Island, on Tuesday, the 0th inst . Garrit Furman, in the 67th year of his age. The relations and friends ol the family are requested to attend the funeral, on Thursday, the 8tli instant, at J. o clock, P. AJ. ( arrlages will bo in readiness at the Grand ft reel and Peck (lip ferried, Willinmsbugli. at 10 ! o'clock. On Monday, the 5th instant. John Ilimsnr iu; h. a uatire of St. Andrews. Fifeshiro, Scotland, in the 78th year of ljis age. His friends, und those of his nephews. John Andrews I and Alexander Hntton. are respectfully requested to attend his funoral. on Wednesday, the 7th instant at :t o'clock, front the ruMdcnce of John Ilutton. S4 HudI si.jj street. On Tuesday. Cth instant. Klm.vor La Uramii:. aged IS years, only daughter of Pierre La Grange. She will be taken to France for interment. On the 6th June. Anx, wife of John Fitzpatrick. The friends of the family aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from No. 55 Roosevelt street, on Wednesday, the 7th inst.. at 4 o'clock. ' I'llKSK?CENTKEVILLE WH'llSfc?TKU'lTINCJ.jpOvvf Wednesday, Juno 7th, at 3 o'clock, P. M., pnrae ti n li undred dollars, two mi'.o hoits to tkelfliou wagons. For vhlcl: areuntered Lady Suffolk, the pooplc's favorite, with the Lady Moscow ami Atnoricin. JOEL KLTN, Proprietor. N. II.?A train of cars will leave the South Perry a' -sj o'oli ok P. M.. and return immediately after the sports of die d.iy ary ever. CENTREVILLE COURSE?MATCH, MILES?JUNE 10TII, for ?JameJ V? lilpley names hay nmrc Marion; Isaac Woodruff names AJ ax. Centerville, June 7th, IMS. JOEL CON'Kl.iN, Proprietor. SPOirmtJ INTELLIGENCE. ? fUtlO PREMIUM PUR will ge given at Ilnutmc Park, Pa., on Tuesday. ,lm.n H. 1 " I at 3 o'clock, P. M. ; Two Mile Ileats, in harness, free for all trotting horses that never won a purse of more than $200 ; t ?; more to make a trot. $100 Premium Pur-e, tame day; Mile Heats, belt in five, to saddle, free for all trotting horses that never won ? pur.-e of more than $.ri0, two or more to make a trot. Second bay, Wtidnosday, Juno 14?$500 Premium Puri-e will ^ e given, if threo or four entrie i an, msdo ; if but two. tlir* purs will be but $300; Two Mile Heats, in harness, trie lor nil trotting horse", two or mop' to mskc a trot. Third Day, Thursday, June 15 ?A Stake will 1? given, $10" added hy the club, $1(10 entrance, $50 forfeit, Mile Ileats, to saddles, free tor all trotting horses t'on never trotted for money, two or inure to make a trot. N. II.?Entrances to cloto at Hunting Park on Saturday, June 10, at eight o'clock, P. M. 13OK SALE? \ SPLENDID SPAN OF li \ V II'Hi. K switch tails, 10 hands high, 6 and 7 years old; kind and gen* tie in all harm's* ; sound in every pariicu ur. I an I c seen hy nj?plving to the subscrlleetf, at Red llank. Monmouth county. N"? Jersey. June 5, IKI.S. E. THROfaWOK n>.V WANTED. ?BY A TOUNO FRENCH GENTLEMAN, knowing German, Spanish, and 1 .atin. a situation as professor in a boarding school or private family. Apply al 00}^ Warren street. WANTED.?BY A YOUNG FRENCH GENTLEMAN, knowing Latin, a i-itnation as professor in a boarding ichool or private fmnily. Apply at GO,'3 Warren street. WANTED?A PARTNER. TO ITU! HASE AN INTFKEST and travel with 0110 of the best Exhibitions in the L'uited States, an I the only one of the kind ever exhibited in this country. For further particulars apply at No. 1 Nassau street, coiner of Wall, in the Basement, from il A. M. to 3 I'. M. tl W- ANTED-BY A RESPECT kBLE YOUNG WOM\s. A S|. tuation to do chamlierwork, plain re wing, cooking, washing and Ironing, or to attend children; best of city reference (riven. Apply at 2,'U Mulberry street, up stairs, front room. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN. WHO IIAS LATELY arrived from Ireland, knowing the l?itin and <Ire< k lani guages. kic., a situation as assistant in a school or private family, j Address, R. E. H? Herald OAee. W ANTED-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman asituation, who ij a (0*4 nd 1 r. iut. and MM stress, wants to do the chamber work, and to assist to do washing and ironing, or to do the general housework of a small private family. Good city refcrenco can lie given. Apply No. 50 Houston st. W ANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girls, situations to do general houxiwotk, or to do plain sewing. Wages not so much an object a- a e.imforlablo home. Can lie seen for two days if not engaged. Please call at LW \\ est -1st street. I WTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT situation M Cook; II ft | I TTMhtlT intl "TTUTT OMtl < i *,J reference can be given. Has lived four years in her last place. Ilaj 11 I objection to live ill Ili'ooklvn. Please ; .)! at - 1 M ? 11 -t. W ANTEIV- Fl'RNISIlED ROOMS. liVA SM M.I. i AM IIA. (from England.) Two or three bed rooms, and one parlor, plainly furnished, are required, within .1 miles of As tor llou-.e. IMmi V. /.., llurald office, with rent, and all parti oltii i. W .\ I? TI D-SITI ATICN9 i:". SEVERAL GIRLS, AS Cooks, Chambermaids. Waiters, Laundresses, Seamstresses, fc'nrnes, See. Also, a situation for a ( lock, who i? n ready |>eiitnaii and ha* a thorough knowledge of accounts and book keeping.? Also, situations for several colored boys 011 very moderate terms. Apply at Still's Intelligence Office, N".!> High street, lirooklyn, 'ia from Fulton. WA N T K I)?TWO RESPKC I'M'.l.l'. VOi N(, WoMKN want situations ; one to do choking, washing, and ironins, the other to doehamberwork, and assist in the washing, or the general housework of a private family: is a tirit-rato washer and noner. No objection to the.iuMi . I can be givon Irom their last place. I'leasi ?il at No. 19 l.ltn St., MM 1st Avenue. Can be such f. 1 M WANTED?A PARTNERSHIP IV \ U M.I. I I \I;UMI ed Business, or a situation 111 a wholesale concern, wlih the option of purchasing a fhare therein at the expiration of ono year. The advertiser is an Englishman of activo and i umpc ,ent i u>iness habits. 'Address, with full |?rUculars, to M. I!., Herald office, appointing an interview. WANTS -ny TtfO RK^PECTA 11I.F. VOCNC, WOMEN, situations, oue to do Cliainberwork and Waiting, i general Housework in a small private family; tlio other as Ntirse an 1 tiist rale Seamstress. Itesl of city reforenoi given, Plc.u.o to apply at 23S Mulberry street, front room, ATOUNO WOMAN wants A "-111 VTI IN \ ( DAU. bermsi l and plain sew or,or to cook, wash, and iron. The ' est of unexceptionable city reference can be given, as to hone ty and capability Plcaso enquire 151 Mott street, fourth itoiy, hark room, No. 13. P\ WANTED-WITH I ROM lOCIJ TO I I'. I". hundred dollars, cash, to tako an interest in one of the finest "xMbitionsever presented to the American public. A line adI lire jed to N. V. Herald Office, will receive attention. , 4 TOtJNO FRENCH GENTLEMAN FROM HIE UNIVI I ! / l sit(v ol Paris, whose present engagement is about to expire, woi Id like to I.ud employment >n a private family, or Institution, m a teacher of Modern i.angniiges an I Musie (Piano and Flute.) He possesses high testimonials as t? his elnrnc'.er am1 snice?as as sninstructor, sud can re'er to many of the mod distinguished families in this country, among whom he lins taught for a mini's r of years, lie has no objections to the South. For fiirtiiur ptrtb ulnrs, addross to Mr. E? ,'<V0 lir adeay, New York City, or t'<h.1 S, ring Pott Office, North I 'ardin.;. oj to tli^ oflk,' of this pajier. Dit POWELL OCULIST. AUUI3T, ETC.. ATTENDS DA I ly to diseases of the Eye and car. a! hi< si rrsry, 2hl Hr wiy, entrance IW Warren street. Just pnhlisbe.l, tbe scond "diti m of Dr. Powell's Treatise on the Eye, Price 50 cents, which evr bo hid at his offioes also his premium si>Ii-noting Kyj kiuntais. A lame suptilv of ArttHptal Eves recently innorsed rp kHHWN, SVONK I.NORAVtiK ANI lilil!Al.l) X Painter, Kinuviii to Ml l)rot;dway, co.h , t Hi J strcot, up stairs. SmI*, Signet ttinga, I'niciY Cases, L.O., c I I t>OOTTi*fc BALE AT AUCTION OF MtOOtfD WJfD I MT Wagon*, Harm!##, Ami two tine Mart*?Will In sold without ! r" ervc,?n Wedueeday, 7th inst., at three (3) o'clock, at R, HCR howBroadway H -use. rjar .f ilit street and Bfwdvriv. two tine iua ix'.4. > fm <n0 ?r two horses; one It^ut wa^ou, cue pot douMe harr.c-:*, two Hin,tle haruc**. one cart bar* nc- ? r'. all hi ! rd*r, anil otblf articts^ It.fce. New york n h^e hazaar, no. 31 crosby street. JOHN 11. UATFIELD. Auctioneer?Auction Sale* of lit i*a%M. CarriafOi, 11 < rues*, Sa Idle*,&c.. tin* day, (Wednesday) lunutith. ooium?uciii|( a*. 11 o'clock, with Carria Vs. Harr.e *. fcc., and at 1J o'clock. \n i M? a catalogue ?*f llcrvi. Also, at pr irate sale, u number of pairs of tine matched Horses, an<1 a l??t of single horse*. suitable for all purposes. JOHN 11. G ATF1EED, Proprietor. WM. COWAN', Salesman an?l Manager. New and second hand furniture?j w. brown ni!|.;" I !. a? !???_. >vk, at No. 102 | Dr<>ad*ay, a ! u- '-runout denim Mo furniture, consisting of e\tension dinin tn'1 . and chaits. book-cases, |ii?T pclav, enti cara, and quartette labU t, wash-stanu*, Frenoh la lsteAde, tmttrafe-f. lie. \ FGVK1 | \; < T ION OP I II1N \. DINNER, ' V"1l Tea uvtl 'J', let S tstun Fixtures. Ike., Kic.?W. A. CAR* TKU will >< 11, on ThurUay, Nth June, at lOo'elock, at 447 llroadI \ i>, all of the luuunui'i^ oodji. by orilor of the Assignee of Tho?. I'l.i l.i:rt?an . vhir'i arc a number of elegant Dinner, Tea and j Toilet Sct?. As this sale el< .m ? the concern, the Rood < must ' e rej moved l?c? .r ? IJ - " 1 r 1 S.itni-I.iy. ( 11 il' ^nra on niordin^ of *.il?. : B O nvu r TUP i# w niMvniAn( t' TIIP I of New Yerlt, v ill hold u "Special Degree Ses.?ion," ou iiesds\ evening, tho 7tJi of June. Ib48, at the Grand Lodge room. | I .'*> ? lir nidwav. Hi-}. . . nta*ive? *re retiues'ed to ho punctual I. ! r, JOHN ' iREAP* f.ii. Om 18 et i tar)-. I a pro I -TUK li. M GRAND ENCAMPMENT OF TIIR State of \>.%- Vork. will hold a special se?*4'>n at No. llr.?adway, near Walker s'reet, this evening. Jm-o Tib. at H,1^ o'clock, to rnmidor an application for a charter, f??r a subordinate encampment, and t run pact >u oh other tmidneaf as may legally bo I brought bofore it. Bv order, JOHN 1 V Cs BOSKBRCK, Grand Seribe. Oof r. a.?the are notified that the | Cliancory < f this Sta'o has aeoepted an invitation from the I Order in M*i* h um ?? t i !.? pre?- nt at the anniversary of the 1 battle of IJut 1?t Mi l, ;r 15? -n. <>n the 17tla instant, Chapters j will notify ('haneerv ??n Muiduv evening next, of the number that j will Join the excursion. By order of the Committee tfArra? gome nti. dkQJC D?LOST, ON MONDAY, GOING FBOM yp ftJ tie corner of William, through Wall street And Broadway, to tin* Battery, Fire Twenty Dollar Hills, of the Mechanics' Banh in tl is f it'-. The abnvo reward, with tho thanks of the 1 ^er. wi ! he imbi ly them at the Olllco of the Mauniou lion e, No. 30 Droadway. rpur; . . m , uhp i.,<?r (jkokci \. will ufpeat, 1 I on t!ii (l^edaesday) evening, at the'ish Lntheran , (' ureht ilull-.'rry. be ween Hroome and Grand streets, his j Lecture on tie- History of the Sal/burger*;" beinjf an a'- ] count of a Colony of German Protestants, who wore exiled by ririiginua nvr.iocutioii, and nettled i.i Oo r*ia. in 1731. In this I Le * ure Mr. H. w 11 explain tho p >sitir>n ta^on by theae C<dontats j.j ainst the introdnction of Slavery into Georgia : and oxpeet? to sh??.v that the Comer i ui of the Rev, John H'e?lev may bo traeed ! to his intercourse wkh them. A collection will be taken at the j ol f the serrioes. ' C10n8tlate gev1 tal OF denmark, philadelphia, / fttli Juno, l.^iH?From the ltlth of last month tho blockade of j | enemies' ports i:i the llaltio by the naval forcut of Denmark, will, i rther notioo, 1 i i fined to Swinstnsnds, Wojiirl tnd ; Cummin, being the three outlets <?f tho Hivcr Oder, and Kiel in j liiiistoin, with tho m? utl* of tho Schleswic Canal at Uoltonan. i For the |>resent n'.ithor tho lliver Elbe or YVeiser, or aty other port in the North Sea, will bo blockaded. Board, or to letv-a respectarlf. family, iiav. in," tmiro rooms than they require, would be pleased to take two or three geutlomon, ?r a gentleman and hid wife, to board, I with privato apartment*, ftirnishod or unfurnished; or would let | the apartinonU to a small family. Apply at 108 Hainm?rsly it., [ uour Hudson ft. BUR DING ON STATEN ISLAND, IN THE DELIOHTt'nllv situated cottage, ' Tho B.i^atelle," near the mansion j of Mad. Crymes. A few select boarders may 1? neconr.noduted. I: is situated within nn enclosure of 18 fU'res of woodland. BOARDIN'G?IN A FINE LARGE AIRY Till!EE STORY House, with a large yard attached, the whole or part of *no ty lo H with hit of jttt trad, furnished or unfurnished, in ; a desirable location iu Broadway, near Ilrnoiuo Btreet, where I thevo are but few boarders. References exehungod. Address B. U. at tide office. * TO LIT?A BIAtmrtJL COTTAGE AT HREAK NEf'K Hill.?Law vegetable and flow?r Garden all lu perfet' order. I Apply ou the promises, or to A. W. STEIIBIN, corner of lflfith | sti-oet, ('arin:u?viUe. House to let.?the two story attic brick House, No. 48 Great Jones street, very convenient for a genteel fainilv. As It is unoocupted, p< ssossion may be had immediately. ftent?.V!0 a year. Inquire of JOHN BONNA*D, No. 10 Nassau street, corner of Pine. N. B.?The keys are at the next house. No. 46. IMP.'RTANTINVENTION TO WHEEL MANUFACTURERS The adv. Miner having snccoeded in miking Wheels of all ?orts | by lbs aid of machinery of a mnch superior kind, and with great ' quickness, wishes to meet with a wheel inannfa"turer to carry I the same out; where a certain fortune Is sure to be made. For I full particulars, address by letter to A. DAY IS, at ibis office. I Notice.?Joseph victor dandignac, iiair dresscr. frjm Paris. Ills object is to dress tho linir and shave at j I me uuu*u? i.i ?|?iir inenin 01 his eiiHioinerc. i.auien uair ' P'M>cl in the best style of the art. fin style and manner will Ihj I of the m'?.-t approved fashion. All order*' will he received at his I liourc. N". 'J7 Hudson street, where a book will be kept for mont!;ly , r weekly subyorilx rs. n. 1?I a slate for all immediate orders. F1 IBEWOUK.S. I'l REWORKS.?THE LA KG EST ASSORT- , niont in iho (itf, ttd of tlio best fwHtoj fan to hud ?' the oM I ! established ptiirc, ll!i Chatham, corner of (imnie utreot, cntraiico | | u;oi,J door in Oranirn Ftreet. Firo Crackers, Nob. 1 and ? Can J-u'ic itiiui, display*. fct>. I'. I.. VVIil'EK S' 'I '!!? l l:K !.M;|VK t Ml. :i:.-NKtt' VOUK. Jt NE 1^.?At a regular monthly mooting ofthia Company, held jit the Engine House, on motion the following, preamble and resolut;ou* were adopted:?Whereas, it appears that, In addition to the melancholy neat ha of the lamented Henry Karris and Georgo KoiTt we have now to inouru the loss of Charles J. Durant, of Fifteentli Ward ilose Company, No. 35, from injuries roceivod at th?j fire in Duane street, on Sunday morning the 2d April last; therefore, Resolved, That Me deeply condole with the relatives and friends of the late Charles J. Duran1"; and, also, the meml>ers of Fifteenth Ward Hose Company, No. 35. to which he was atta hed on the occasion of his untimely death, from iiyuri?*? received in the discharge of his perilous duties as a fireman. Resolved, TltaP as a further evidence of our respect for the deceased, the meet1 ing r ?ot i and engine house lie huiu with mourning for the space of j tl.ii 'v days. Resolved, That a copy of ihe above preamble and re- i solutions, duly authenticated, be forwarded to his bereaved pa- ! rents, n*id to his late associates. J. J. BLACKLIN, Foreman. JK, \ . Fakoiu, Sceretaiy, HPO ENGINEERS. MACHINISTS, &tc.?A COMPETENT A Mechanical 1) auzhtsman would like to obtain a situation 1 wi'.h seme re?|?tc;able cstab!ishm nu Can execute drawings in every style required, L. metrical y projected or otlierwise. Ad \ dsvN M. l>, thisoflm OUT OF TOWN RESIDENCES--Foil SALE OR TO LIT j two pcntleinen's cotfcigo residences, with ample pleasure j grounds, for* , ornamental and fruit tr<vs, planted gardens, &c.? ! ! Families scoking a country res donee, yet within thirty to forty- I five minntos approach from Wall street, will find it for their in* terest to apply a* Clifton, SUten Island, to LEWIS LYMAN. Also, a delightfully situated cottage residence, furnished, aud in complete order, to let as above. nEALBRS iV DRV GOOPS, GROCERIES* CROCKERY, Hard-- m,fc< vi-1- * ?ii ii' ftrrTfih. mil sl~tt thtli | concerns pr -mptly, can b? ?eo iinnn dated and treated with confidentially, by addressing or call In g on THEODORE LENT. I PL MBER. 73 Lust Ii roadway. N. II.? Goods received ami sold j on commission. CI OR! I I U RE 3 1GENC Y?PARCELS. 9AUPLK8* LET- ! -T tcrs. Orders, Specie, and Goods of all kinds, forwarded direct, to j Paris, or any part of France, at moderate charges ni?d with des- i patch. The steamer United Spates will depart from this port for I Havre on the 10th instant, via .Southampton. New York, June 6, JSU Lj YINUSTON & WE14A IU Wall street. mroru E TB HOLDERS t)F TBS BONDS OF THE lx Philadelphia and Leading Railroad Company, due in 1S.V1 I sni 1n'j0/ are hereby notified that propositions for tne conversion of e.iid b? ij.Im ia'.o a preferred stock of the company, bearing seven i per cent interest, to ov issuedagreeably to an act passed at, tJie last / v-ion of the Pcansslvania Legislature, will b*> received st ti e ofiiee of John Ii. Thayer fc ftnther, Bos*on; Charnley la Wheelan, Piiladolpliia; a d 4 JAUHON & CO., 54 Wall stroet, Now ^ vk. I j ElfRY WELI O i IIR Of VI ELLS ll GO., I D JL A Livingston, Wells & Co., lias tak^n ii;to co-^vtu^rebip with hln Fdwarj T. Wiuslow, of New York, and Johnston Livingston, i cf the linn of Livingston U Co., Philadelphia; and they will carry on, as heretofore, the Express. Forwaruiinj and Commission business, ar. follows:?The domestic Express business will l.?e done I in the narnc of Wells & Co*: the foreign business in the caiuo oi ' Livingston, Wells h. (' >. N'c.w York, May I, j (< r. \ rsMi o i\\i\ loans in nncipatioiv , * ; of the Revenues of l!u City, will 1*0 received at this otfi?ae, in sttus of Two Hundi'od and Fifty Dollnre and npwarJs, for w!Uc^ I bonds of tih j City will be issued, payable in from l> to 12 months j with Interest at the rate of ri.x per cent tier annum. Comptitller'fi | ; 1 'ii' v ' v EN, Co nj trt ur. '< ff^AFMTRT,BRU88IM s D TORES ri.v ( A iU'LTlN'GS. | M. are now sold at the verv lowest rates, by R. Lawrence, 47 Canal Street. AN ?, In grains, Venetians, Oil Cloths of new patterns and elegant desi/ns, Dm ^ets, Ruga. St4iir Rods, &c., Ate. I Purchasers will save money by calling at 47 Canal stroeL J TST RECEIV1 D FR 111 THE N OR PIL - FOR SALE? five single Her *, fast travellers, and good style. To l?e seen at JAMES QUEIlRIE'd, 20 Amity strett, N. Y, 1> BODOD1 NDI < \ \ ES \ SUPERB SI E4 I:ncn, containi. g sixty umbels of flowers, to be seen for a few I dajs at the con:?eivatory and seed SLoro of T. Dl' NLAP, I 035 Broadway. C1ITY nOTI L, YORK P. BJ INCARD OAS TBI ' honor to inform his friends and the public, that he has taken the above Hotel, under a long lea e. Since the 1st of Hay ho has refitted and furnished it in an elegant and commodious manner, j and it is now equal, in every respect, to the lirst establishments of 1 this description in New York, 11^ therefore trusts that his for* I nier friends, as well as the constant frt?'pientors of ths CBjf Hotel wi it continue to favor him vs i;li their |w iron age : and Im assures tlicm that they may r? ly on his best exertions f ?r their comfort | and convenience. F. bL.\\CARl>, (Late of the Globe Hotel.) I'irv II..*..! 1.1. r... ? i G. LELAND'S rny (TRED HAMS, CAREFULLY \Jlf\7 IjUfC-'t'fl f? r family u?o; <0 Mils primo molasses eured hain*; 13 lihds city smoked bee!; L' H) hMs leaf hrd; kegs refined Irsf lard; lflftbM* mew pork : .V) bbls rump do ; 50 btU mess beef, ; 100 gallons so peri r |srd oil, for file l?y ( LA UK, FlSK H CO., 2Ji Fill ton street PI'IILIC NOTICE?GENTS AND ALL THOSE WHO economy, will tin I tint No. 6 Murray streot, rear Bradway, is the only plaro to get your cats cleaned for Gs,, pants 3h , ..uixjiior to any thing yet df>n?\ -'is I use no coloring or steam that aoetrays yor'r elothlnjr- Repairing a?d altering done cheap, by A. COIITI&O^, No. 0 Murray street, Ute of 94. VPPI.KTON'S TRAVELLER'S cl'IDE Fnit THE INITElt j Sister.?Jmt pit 11H ?1 H'i I, A pple top's ad and Steamboat j C- >p.inion, Kin/.i Tr;. < !lfr's ijtih!e thr< ugh the Cnited States ! of Nincrica. Cnnadtt, Now llruusviok and Nova Scoiia, ujth maps > ( f the country 1hrbit::h whieli the r>nt |-a?s in the Northern, 1 Middle and Kastern Sti?*ost farming likewise a complete guide to | tho WMN Mountains, Cat ski II Mountains, &*.; Niagara Kalis Trail ton Falls, Sn\; sprint*. V ir/lnia Springs, and other I Waieriirr I'l u esi with th? places of fashionable and healthful ro- ! s? r . and i mtaiuin . full mul accurate description* of the princi- | onl?itle<. towns, no.I villa.i ?, tix-t natural and artitieial curiosities in tlif vicinity of the* routes, withulsUnces, fares, &e. Illustrated | with'!<> nnpN engraved on steol, including four pUns of cities of New V >rk. Boston, I'hihidolphia and Haltintore, and 26 engravings j on wood. Ily \\. Williams. One handsomely printed volume, i IYii<$l 2.V ThN is without donbt tXit most comidete and valua- I Me Outdo HooH f<T h* Cnited States y published, the plan of the work heitv* original, and t, ?oiM','t matter brought down to tli^ pr? ent time. L\ Ari'LKTON, l'?Mi*h?r,2H0 Hr< idsvay. FJ FOVAL HALT,. TOMPKfN'H AND IlLACK, (LATE M ir jai .! ^ Co.,) h.ive r? iU' v.-d to No. 247 limed wmv, (mm th. rl.v i er < M ij reet.) i the C'ltj Hall, n m may nd an rtment of Dian ond and oil er ri< h J< n . eh*y; Silver anil Silver IMa'ed Ware; Cutlery, Watches. Clocks, ! &c\, &c. Since 1st M irt h last, Kheneier Mnnroo has l>ceu aseocist ?I (r,.! a c ?.pnr'rer) ^ ith IV T. * fl., under tlio same name at*d I l!nn f.s lierot? I' vo. Sign of th# Golden Eagle. Kkmoval?MitH. carwoli/b medicated vaiour and Sulphur llaihs. ?A4 H. >ad?ay, two doors above l^oimH street. A certain etiro f>>rooM% rb"uinatis???, and all HI efTette ! pr duced hy the ahargeabla state of *he weather. Sulphur Raths, eflTostual f r diseases ot the skin. Open from 7 o'clock In morn Ins till 10 oVIw ' at n i?-1 u n EM ' 1 i ROICAL INST1TIT. !%? 11? i r fbe 1 n of I>r Hioi.wicK, ?t 7^ 4 u,.uil vrs atr. . boon rom< ve<\ to .VI flr'^d" w.iy, cast kitie, a few doi^s av'??%>) khoom^ strvut- The present InI cation i<i utuch more d?>siral'lo tnau toe fwuuir, r.s It is uiux^ ecn< Pa*k Ttnuntt.-A card.-**. BturMM, ov <jfit llHii tlx n>anufin?nt of tM Park Tbaatw. whUn h? hat hrl4 fbr SB <rw?r*, a?mid irtln* imtuuer, b?*i.i Icavr MffMtftlly (i NWflrii hi* '* t.j fit* friends tind tlit fnibiio in jfuiif. la!, ('>t tlmir kir.d p;Uy.ini>';d diuinl that !?n^ period. Bic.vEtv TUCA !KK. 'A ii'*. KSi>v r\ F.?;! : jrvE 7 will I* acted the Gr:tii'l Ki n uum . <>l V AI.SIIA?1'ramlalana, Mr Bellamy; l.udger, Mr J If Ha l; fount M*lnicli, Mr Jor Ui.ii; (iralt, Mr V H Clarke; It .?? . , Mr t' Bmke; VaM.a. Mr? Phil- 1 liiw; Mario. Mm Walcot; Keainio. Mm Jordan. To wi.tuh will 'o aUloi A WIFE'S KIrtST LE"W> \-C?| Kn elove. SIr J II 11.11; ! Lair Elltabetli Fruelove, Mr* Phillip*. To onclude with the WOODMAN'S Hl'T?Fordinaud Count Con?nb?R, Mr J II 11*11; Wolfender, Mr Tilton: Maurlti, Mr Burke: Amelia, Mr? Phillip*; Maria, Mra Waleot. Uoxm, 23 oantt; Pit, liiS^ cent*.?Door* open at 7 i performance to commence at 7% o'clock. C1I \TII AM THEATRE-8()LE PROPRIETOR AMI LEi* in*) Mr P. S. Gkanrran.?WednMday Kvtsiilnn, June 7th, will be pivaentod the drainu of 'i HE DKEAlf AT SEA?Ally rroaker, Sir. Herbert;Lance l.ynwood, Mr. Ilield, Blank Kalp'i. Mr. Varrey; Aline Trevanlou, Mr?. II. Jones; Margaret, laherwood. To lw ! I. I v.i- i by NEW YORK AS IT IS-Mom.. Mr Clinufrau; Joo. Wii.r n; William Twill, Mr. Herbert; Katy, Mr* Booth. To conclude with tho fares of MV KKIF.VD TIIK CAI'TAIN?Mr. Fred'k Brown. Mr. Btetdi QiWtl SnoMll, Mr \V i nanPatty. Mrs. Booth.? Door* open at 7?Perf?rra?u?? to o^nKuonne at 7)a o'clock. Boiur, 2?o?nt* ; Tit, !*}?; Private Boxen, $,*>. r?RI)Al)H A\ 111KATKK?WEDNESDAY EYE NINO. JIM: J 7. IS4X, will Ihj performed tho u<>r..edv, in live act.4, ontifloU OLD HEADS A>D YOUNG IIEAICTS?Th? Farl of Po-union. Mr. Prvdrtrioks; Lord Charles lioelniok. Mr. Dn? ?>n; Colonel 1 Rocket, Mr. Vache; Johho Rural Mr. Blake : ll?>h, Mr. lia'iawar : I The Countefle of l'om|>ioii, Mrs. Witmtanley; Laly Ali?*e llav/thorn* Mian Fanny Wallnck. Aft*r whfci ifenry Solirievfr will , apinmr and perform the " Souvenir of He lini." "Grand i*ai ile I I h.*ux," l?y Mo us. W1?it!ioir and Mian (olwt*?. T" ecrolu'te with tho c ?moily of THE LIAR?Young WiMh.g, Mr. V an Ion!.i f!; Mi.'ri (irantham, Mr*. Soivo.rt.n*. Dh m* ( ir? lo unit l^ar juoiU*. i-miui, rtuuuj \ mil", w wum; uaunry, lift cent?. 1'oor* ? |hju ftl | 7, | < rf.'rmnnce to b?Kin_?t 7>?. MiiillAMO !I A! I. iU \ rauJ acd Cro<>r.K> ntrwtw. VON DA V. JIN K ft, and ^ri ni.rh: duririj; f.he wt?i*?LAST VV'LKK but ouo of Uid <>r<g*Qrtl chkisttshi'. iSTIUbLH, whi?? ooucurt* during ho p.wii KIOUT MONTHS have hi,<fn rooeived with snoh duUngiilihod patrouagr and unexnmplod ?uik"s*. u out rospeitfully announce, that they | will oentinoe thoir oripna' ui 1 iniraiUihlo ettturtamm' nts every Q niH.I Author bOClOO. AdtnjMica ttwutfc Doon '.pun ? . Concert will tiunw? at S. Kanarar and Director. It. P. CHRISTY. Nuti.ns, astoh n.Aci:, ishoaihvw iiummmv Evening, JtiM 7 ?Tha eventac's intmiliiBiiii wlU ? m ruerico with a popular Overture. After which, a icrAuil <tiv ertim'inent, tho t'OLKA FAVSANNK by 21 |i.u,M'Ueo.i Viuimoi oh. To : be ('.ll w. Jliy the vaudeville ..I 111: - NOT A-MISS Mr. IV 'v- i Willi, Mr. JipIiii Softihi; Frederick Fitxallan. Mr. Walentj Mr1. Pruttymin, Mrs. Maeder. After which, the PAS UOCOO', by 3J Dansenses V iennolw*. To 11) succeeded by tho comic sketch ol' MISERIES UK 111 MAN LIFE?Mr. Ally ('ru?k-r. Mr. Chippendale : Margaret, Mrs. Maeder. To conclude with PAS WKIb.N'1'Alv, liy -Itf Daiuieuhes Vieuuoiseg. Ticket* 50 ten tit. Doors open in r?performance to commence at ^o'clock. - - ? ? CI AHTLE OARDEV.?OPENED FOR T"E SUMMER SEAJ SON.?Wednesday cv-ning. Juno 7th, UWn the peifonuance will eommwaf with tl.o PMIu Coniiljr of Um f tf(k B UOYS AT IIIJLAII SPA?Hector Tomplcton. Mr. Holland; Ten. pie ton, 0. II. Audrewx; Cup'.. Kildnre, Mr. Nlokl'ison; Sidney Rttiilolnmp, Mr. It'tker; Mrs. lempletnfl, Mrs. Vernon; Uiaeo Ormonde, Mum Phillips. To be followed by Smolensk!, by * tea Vallou. After which, Pfts do Troig, by Madame Augusta, Mile. Valine Mid Mi.ns. Bouxary. To conclude wi;U the eomio fuiry legend burletia of the MAlUC MIKIi-'lt? Kill ri, Mr. Holland: Nloo, G. II. Andrews; Mndum Kubii. Mrs. Vernon; Aunalutte. Mlsd Niakinson; Fairy Blanche, Miae Phillips. A loilwd'in, 2ft centa. Purfc>rtnune? to oommenoe at 8 o'clock. PALMO'SOPERA UOUSE?FnsmVELYTIIE LxST NIGHT ? Bencllt of the Female Model Artists. Art triumphant. Wednesday, June 7?Programme?I'art I The Seven (Suirn or the l*lo!ade.\ l' enui of tho Shell, Foaitc ol' llacchiix, Sunan and the Elders, the Three 0races, luteriinasiun of ten minutes. I'art II. Dance of lilyi- or Daughter , Si ene of tho Uulu((o, the Ilrothers, the Mayp .le Dance, Sappho. ItermiMion of ten minutes. I'art III?Ilercules in the Court of the Gods, Vonus Rising fror,. the >oa, the Dancers Reposing, (he Listeners, Tableau Finale in Ilouoi of the I'. S. Doors open at half-past 7?commence at 8 o'clock. Urcis Circle aud Pariuott*. $1; Upper Boxes, SO cent*. BAUNUM'B A11KK10AN Ut'SELM?Y I. UARNUM. FUC prfetot; T. Hi-i ho m, Manantl ?Spiondid every attoruoon at<t^ o'clock, and evory evening at 5 Tl.u Ethiopian Sorenadui* will ap|ffar in a varicu id'gon^s, rcfrahu dancos, chornsea, S:o., every atternf on anil MUH| On cu^ .^ed (..r a few days, the Scripture Diiwolvliig Views; the Mammoth or G a a Uahy, ouly 16 mont^ "Id, woighing niucty pounds Wax Scripture mutuary, aud the Ainurican P4jc Kim;. A variety of brilliant Electrical Experiments with a new and |>owerful apparatus. Mix! Noble, MissJulien, Mr. Thomjwon. Madame Rockwell, the famous Fortune Teller, may bo privately o .nsultod at an mtri charge ol i'l cents. Adniimdon to the Khole. i ncludin* Uii?>um, t'trtorraaacfx, do.. 29 acuta; obildrsa, ondnr tic roar* of a^r, and old enough to walk alone, 12H oantc. ttcacrred front aea'A one ittU11 nx each extra I) AWARD'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF Tii* MIBS13 I > sippi River, pain tod ou three milts of oanvaea, being tlx largeet pamttni in the woild, at tho Panorama Building, In Broadway. ad)olclii| Niblo'i Oarion. Open even evening (?on days eaecpMd). Aamluion 90 oents, children hall price. TTie Pv novama will conmeitce Tmring at Kto 8 o'alook rreoiteiy, Altainoon aahlMtJon <wi S* mi-imd*v ?,-,A Rktur-liy. at 3 oVl.>?5. rpABERNACL*?BOTTISINI, AKD1TI. AND DESVF.RMi JL i.c'h (irand Conccrt, on Monday evening, Juno 12th, IMW. T,'icy will be assisted by tlie much admired Signers Pico aud Siguor Victll. Particulars in small bills. Tickets One Dollar; to le had at the nsusl places. Doors o|?n at seven; Concert to commence at eight o'clock. No postponement ou account of the wonJfMC. ^ ALNirr STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA?TillBD ? t ap)wiirmnce in tills city or the celebrated dancers Mud. ulid Moni. Mouplalair, and tho 1-much Ballot Company.?Wednesday Evening, June 7. 1*4*. will be presented f?r tho third time ui thin city, L'ALMEE.?Nadhir, Moo*. Monplai?ir; El Kuhir, Mima Itartholomin ; liaydco, Mad. Adule Munplalsir; Zuliska, Milt. Anua Uul.ui; Zora, Mi-.a Waltur*. I'roviuUI to which tho tKitite comeJy of tl.o TWO THOMPSONS. Young talented musicians.?the two younu ntii of Joaeph Uguccloni, a suited of Italy, aru now in tbi? city, on their way frmn South America to Italy. The oldosi of , these lioya is nine and the other aix years of :mr ; and shch has brwi their astonishing proflcieucy on the violin, that their father U taking; them to obtaiti tho foil auviiutagc* of tlie uiost celebrated Italian musical academies. Their extraordinary ability is such, that we hope Sig. Ujruecioni will not leave the United States without affording our citizens an opportunity of hearing them, and a liberal public uiould lend encourageinet to their inertia. Montreal theatre ?ladies and gentlemen of the Theatioal Profession, who v.ish to engage for the ensuing s iaaon at this theatre, onmnicncing 24th instant, are hereby [ notiflnd that Mr. John Porey, No. 12 Wnoaterstrm t, isiny duly tv.i- t thori/cd Agent in Now York, and aa such all bis acta in my I*. ' half Vj'ill bo recognlMd by me. (li OIUiK SKERUElT. rpiIE GUITAR CLASS OF THE AMERICAN MUSICAL IN. ! A stitute, for ladies only, will remain ojien for the admission I of new pupils, until 4 o'clock, tliis (Wednesday) afternoon, at t!.e I Lycuuiu 1'?3 Broadway. Terms live dollars per ouar'er. II. CUADW11 K. Teachcr. j 17ixccb8ion8 TO THE ELYSIAN TOLD8 AT hobo 1-J ken.?Fare, C^ cents.?The Steamboat Pioneer w ill com : mence ber Ngular triM from Christopher and Ninetoenthfttrcet*, ' to the Elysinn Fields, on Sunday, June U, having the above ( point*, as follows, vli.:?Christopher sti.i t. 111 o'clock: A. M.: 1 tnd 4J?, P. M. Nineteenth street. 1^)$ nnd 11M o'clock A. M, i l^j. "K. 3}(, 6V, and fiW o olook, 1' M. F.lvsian lields, 11 o'clock i A. il ; Ili u'chK^R M ; 2, i. 4 o'clock i*. M. Tin will uo found one of the tno>t delightful excursions out of Now York. The walks at the Fields are in tho test order, aud a good and native police are In constant MMtm THE .HTEAMHIIP IHIIERMA WILL SAIL FROM TIIF. D.icks, Jersey city, on Wednesday, June 7, at 12 o'c'.o. k, I i n- inely. 17or havre via southampton.- hie nkw.stkam " ship "Cnited States/'J**) tons burthen?William *li. Hack- j m aflT. coin man dcr?will nail for Havre?11 Saturday, June loth: and j from that port on the f>th of July. ThissluniH intended to ran 1 regularly between this n >rt and II a v re. The United Stat s ha* | rr? vod n romarkaMy mat ves.-*el, and an excellent sea-b??at? havinp i?rformed the pasture, from this port to Liverpool, in les* ] than 14 days. Cabin outward, exclusive of wine* and II 51-'" Freight on witolM mm Jen Ivj from Han . one per cent on amount of invoice. For freight or pa*?v?', having splendid and spacious acc.unmount ions, appl v to CI1ARLES H. MA ICS II ALL, Burling silp. . SAIL BOAT FOR SALE?A YACHT OP TEX TONS, 11UILT in tho lie^t nutnner, nearly new. and very fast, sailer. Apply 1 a? l'Ji Broad .street, oi at )*?T?K3' Fifthcmci.'s 11.ill, ^uutn Bruukly n. I fll > SHIP OWNERS?FOR SALE, ON BOARI) SCHOONER j X Tump* ro. 7.r? ton* of second band Navy Ro|*\ n* { >od for umi a? the pr*'M lit u.w made rope, or first rac for rakum making, which w ill le H?dd low* for cadi in lots to Hiiit pnrolmwr*'. i\Pp'> ! on hoard, l\rr No, U, Ea*t Kiver. Also, K**' I ha. Lhuoi I CaT.? ? Sail* ; 31 lierrels of Flour; 2."? hoxes Crc< a; all of which I wKi bo sold At a bargain, by early application on board. CLA1 1 ; AO UK8T TUX LATK BHIOADXS A ND RIOImenu t'f IntHutry in the City of New Vork.?NrwYoua, May 19th, 1848, Notick?In pur*uanoe ?>f an act of the I^iala* ture of this State, passed April l'ith, 18IA,entitled nu act to amend an ttentiU Ian ictf??i theftd)astninl of clnima Incurred for Military purpoR'sin tho City oi New York, and for the distrilu* tioti of the ooinmu'r.ti"n moneys received under tint act |* ?e:d j May 'id, IHld, raa?ed Noveml*r J7tli, IS47.?Notice is hereby given to all persons having claims existing on the twsutieth ?..iy of ()ot4?. bei \ IX, 1816k a.- unst the aevei -' IB | In fan try iu the City of'New York, iocurreJ by them l\?r printing | stationery, room hlie, and r?Mrimental music, to present th** same j v.ithin two months frnn tlie date of thin notice, t<? the understood, at hi* office, No. 110 C liam>'Crs street. New York. An<l all 1 persons having audi claims, are hereby further notified, that unlets t the same are presented within ?uch timo, they will he precluded fnim payment out of tlie fund to l*e distributed as provided bv anld act. Itv order of tl?e Division Board. C. \V. SANUI'OUD, Vlt^or General. I Nocuke,no pay.?oh. cokbitt, 19 duane stkeft member of the Royal Collego of Surgeons, London, mar l?e consulted la treatment of delicate diseases. No matter how ?'?ng I yon may have fcleot, ulcers upon tlie body, or in the tlu<*t or n - ] pains in the liciul and bonea of U?e le/s. A practice of fourteen years, devoted to venereal diseases, enables Dr. C. to cure the worst form of this disease. Recent casoa enrea in four day*.? So mercury used, f^trtctures cuied in one or two weeks whh acaroely any pain. Conatitntional debility. Thoae individuals who have indulged i n a certain loathsome IiaWt can positively l?e re?t ?red to hoaith and fjoiety. Remesber, 19 Duano atre- t, up|s>aite Dr. Johneon'a | |^K. CLOVER IS CONSULTED AT HIS OFFICE DURING j i ^ the day and ct?:uiii[ in thof< difficult and protracted caset of ?' rietnro, gleet, and delicate discus vj *hick have proved too oh- , stinate for physicians of 1cm experience. Private entrance to hit ', through tlie entry in No. 2, Ann St. Dii Attract i (aria onb;l s, etc, so extenrivefy prescribed by phyidoians, may he liid li liii store in front. No. 2 Ann.?Price $1 p?r l>ox. DR. RALPU, AUTHOR or nir. "PMA< riCAL PRIVATE Treatise." ite., SK (irconwieh street, officn hours 1) to 12 A. M. >! to tf P. M., (Sunday excepted.) Those wlio apply in Jie carl) Itagej will be surprised at the rapidity and llulo lnccn>enUn<H attending their cure. 11 ts chiefly, however, those who have ?nl fori J from a certain elan of people, or otherwljo, who can |T?perly appreciate Ids services. In stricture, from it* first or incipieot. to it* more advan ?d ar. J dialrwwiiiig at-igea, (fn r.i une oim m advanu:go*, in addition to a Tory o*ten.iv? practice in '.hit complaint) he can afford .V vapid, Ouay Ml J .ndioal cue*, which, h? has ground <or stating, oan be oMiiiicd ftom no o' toureo It 4 , rpo physicians, urmti- and bdardinu bowk X Keepers, Stranger. Sic.?Invalid* winning the attentions and comforts of a h"iuo, in a delightfully I < at<-<l residents tii< to?n, may hear of nu ll on npjillcall n tt Ax tin nwi. h ?tn -t. Patient* can 1m attended by the Physician ? bora-ides in the bonne, or any other whom they may app int. Terms in accordance with tho liutuiv 1.1 the < nnd acconiniodAtii HI rf|UW d. Medicai, ( Aiin-i)R. moriuson continpes to consulted on all forms of private di'env-i, with tha mc ce.s which a practice of twenty-six year* urns' warrant. TI? who ha\e rifle red from maltreatment, would do well t" exniutne l?r. M.'s claims on their conlidence. Sc? his dip' ma with tba signature!of Mr Aetley Cooper, itc, in Ins office, Am Fultt u *t. 0'?( T<>.> ) \?, K.TI (\li I \ M| 1. i ,|UI li ,\>>\ i D tom l>ey street, wh-re they ami he c insulted "i all pHvat d'? mos. The mo?t obstinate yield to their mode of tivntuient, which'? n the Don-mercurial system. Stric ores cured on the m'St r eent plan. 1'ef tis who hove Injun-1 them-elvei by Indisi mat indulgence*, c*u apply. with a certainty of cure, twice 61 l)^y stieut, L ] MOST EXTRAORDINARY WORK-TO TIIF. MARRIED I or those contemplating maiTiaxe. The married woman's, Private Medical Companion, by Dr. A. M. Mauriceaa, Sixth edition. Price $1 This work H meeting with IJujt abounding sale, (21.1 Wcopies have .ilr?q1y hee? dUpo^d of.) Every female is I gottinc whettiwr nf*rrKi t or unmarried, although it ii intend. xe!',<*'wlly tor the married, as it discloses irnpor :i>it ' whlth should Im known to them particularly. rr ?v?|y uiuW ean dleeOTer the ceneen lyraptom", jm?<1 in? tnoit otticiont remeili.-s. and most certain ui- u# cum in erery rose. V ',' ??le. 2K R x |',a> i m tlie i'u Will iug tliSec, 1 J) I.iHrty street. New Vorkj ako, ZitWr and Co., cimci uf Chotcat nnd iTilril streets, l'hltftdelphUi Mitl,! wtd Co.. Alhauy; \V. U. f)a?ls, lloston. (>ti Wie receipt of (1, a riiny will lie trni<a>itt?d by mail, free ci onstage, to all urta of the United State*. All letter* wtut bo addreteea, | r?r? ...... .4 * t. 'II ... nrmiwmr er ra umu TlIC WHW YiTiOYlt <0.\U,\TI0.V, IN PHILADELPHIA. The Preparation for (lie Struggle, THE MEETING TO-DA Y. &c. &e. &c. Pim.AUKi.rniA, .Time I, 1H4H?12 AT. We left Washington .Saturday afternoon, witli an miu. ual detachment of traveller# bound to this city ol frnterniiation. There were several extra cars filled with passengers. A fair proportion r.t whig membt r-t ot Congress was in the company: and a nuriiber ol delegates from (itif**rent quarters of the Union, discuns^d with thnn on t!i<- w.iy the important question of the probable choice of the convention. The progress of republican principles in Europe?the well-deserving < Horn ol Lumartine to suotain the republic of Kranec?tho question of the ratification of the treaty with Met it n, mi important ax it 1.1: an tiicse question , und all other quest ions, were wt aside for th?* more immediate question of the wliiif candidate for the I'r < - 1 sidency. Arriving in this right-angled wttk-nient nt three o'clock in the morning, there was yet ( another and a more trniiiedi ite qii-?tion !o he m ttled among the passenger*: thus was the question ft' a traveller's accommodations. It wan proved, that notwithstanding Philadelphia is the bent provided with good hotels of any citv in the Union? excepting New York?that they were i ll full, nnd already resorting to the filling up the interstices, with cots and mattresses. A our a rant icutrirr, however, had the uood fortune ?I a "friend at court" at the excellent Columbia Mouse, and > ] word to our hon, M'Kenzie, cu.irantied : r>?m ' for tlfe delegates <d the Ni'W Y< >k lirmtil-, for which, our landlord will Hccejt the uppropuat.- 1 acknowlt'jjgmenl From ohservalions to-day, we are suli.-fied, that a very rapid change is going nn in ftVor of Gen. Scott; we hear, indeed,of a lift having been of]! of a thousand dollars, by a calculating politician, that Scott will be the nominee. . On the test ballot it is estimated that th" New Engl ind States will in a body c?.-<t their suffraR >* \ for Mr. Webster?that HI of the Ilti votes of New York will eo for Gen. Scott?that one-half of New Jersey will follow suit?that Ohio, to a man, alter first expressing her unanimity for Mr. Clay, and secondly for John McLean, will Mand un lor Gen Scott?certainly not Taylor, be canoe Ohio i- op posed to him as much as South Carolina is to Webster?Indiana has instructions for ScottMichigan, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin, it is estimated, will go the same way?thus, with the ?:v ccption of Pennsylvania and Delaware, it is calculated that all the States North of Mason nnd Dixon, and East of the Mississippi, with Iowa on th?* Western side, will stand in opposition to (Sen. Taylor. South of th" Southern boundary, North Carolina will be for Scott; undone reason is, that Willie P. Maimuin will come in handsomely noon such a nomiiiatiou, as the candidate for the \ ice Presidency, perhaps. Even Virginia is not bound to vote General Taylor ull the time. With the nomination of either Scott or Taylor a son of her'* will be the nominee. Kentucky will be divided Leaving, then, South Carolina out of the question,. the present aspect of the case would show, as the result of the combined forces against Taylor, thev following as his strength iu the ccum-ntion:? Pennsylvania 2'5 Florida 3 New Jeriey . .3 Alabama 7 IMawaro. . 3 Mlnriaplppi ti , [ Virginia 17 Louiniana 0 | Maryland 8 Texas ,.4 ; : Tunnexsue 13 Arkansas 3 ' Kentucky .0 Missouri 7 <>uorgia U ? 131 Necessary to a choice by a majority rote 146 Deficit 2ft j But there are only fifteen Virginia delegates instructed for Taylor, which would leave his dflficienev at 27- nllnu.'in<r Kim lk/1 ? ? 1 < , '!' & nuuii: vuir 01 i. eiiusyi- * vuuia. Give him South Carolina, and he still falLi short eighteen votes. All the States not enumerated in this list, it is supposed by the Scott men, will (all upon their candidate as their first or second choice. They estiinate that the first ballot will be? For General Taylor 117 vot??. For Henry Clay 106 " Far General Scott 40 " For Daniel Webstar 27 u And thus the test question between Taylor and the combined opposition, will be the combined vote of Clay, Scott and Webster u|>on Soglt, iu opposition to the 117 votes for the hero of Buena . Vista. The Taylor men are working like beafers to drum up a majority on th?* first ballot, under the distinct apprehension that iflhey f-iil on the first trial, tlie combination will overwhelm them on th" .4 second. We shall have, however, a better oppor- I tunity for an analysis of th" probabilities to-mor- 1 row. Hespecttully, # The Doctok,, 1 Philadelphia, June ft, IMS. We have not discovered anything to-day chang- | itig the complexion of utTairs, as set forth in our letter yesterday, to any material extent. The Taylor tnon are working most industriously?tlwy keep his name and Tits strength in the convention prominently public at the hotels In addition to their , personal activity in talking down the pretension* of all other candidates, they have posted upon th*' street corners largf handbills, calling n Taylor meeting in Independence Square to-morrow eve- ; ning, on the very heels of the convention. Wat- j s in Webb, anil Fuller of the Mirrnr, (jen. Duff 4 Green, and other leading Taylor men, consider the proceedings of the convention will be tlm mere formal ratification of Taylor's nomination? already made by the voice of the people. A distinguished ''lay man from Kentucky, meeting with Col. Webb yesterday, charged him in ilmt pointed and un<iualificd humor of the West, us follow?:? " Why, colonel, you are a guerillero, sir, a political guerillero; you do not fight in the regular ranks, but you hang with your band along the roadside under cover of the bushes to waylay the whig tram n* it enters Philadelphia and to plunder the uugffage wagons." Col. Wkmi.?"Very well, sir-, we go for men and not principles, altogether, juct n?w. The old motto, good enough for an abstraction, is not the tlni::' tor the times. The whig party, to carry out their piinciples, must first elect their man. Wo ;;o i >r victory first, and if we get that our principles are saf' too ugh. Cien. Taylor is the only man hnl can beat Cass. Clay would be distanced? ? i iic Iv Io no cnance ior mm, ana 11 wouiu De me t jj blindest folly to nominate him. Scott might do bet- J ter; hilt Taylor is our man. He is good Enough ' whif? tor the canvass; he will he u better one when the fight is won. There is policy in war. Now, show us your hand; you have seen ours. lvENri ( ki\n?(Opening his hand and looking at it with great complacency)?There it is, sir; ( by all oyer, and there has not been another strip-.across it for (he last twenty-five years, sir?(Iooking at Colonel Webb facetiously)?not anothei stripe, sir. (.'lay and the bank, sir, and the bankrupt law, straight through. And, if you gueril leros succeed 111 Propping th? train and plundering the baggage wagons, yon do it at your peril.? We are not pledged to support a who is foresworn against us. Wc protest sgninst any concession to a candidate who stands ut in defiance of the convention. It is our 1 convention, sir, and not your*, it is an ultra whi-t convention, sir, and General Taylor it not an ultra whig, neither does Col. Webb belong to ill'' regular annyj and we don't accept volunteers on their own terms, sir; nor do we fh?ht on th'guerilla ?y:-t m Von had better run Taylor tin liis own ho< L. He would pet a good many soft locofocos. and that would so the >otc of Cass tint w>' could e|eet our legitimate man. Make old Zack a sort of go-between; it is the ver> pi',.,, for a moderate whig; but for God's suk? do;;presume to dictate to the whig convention. Colonel ' Well, then, good morning to you. >ir; hut none of your guerrillero bush fighting; . don't claim a r:.:ht to our p'atform, without first asking o ir consent. I la ' ha and the Kentuckien turned around to look tip a customer for a julep. The Taylor men, as an offoet for the certain loss of Ohio, calculate upon the certain g un oi Pennsylvania on the event of hi* nomination. They estimate, that with the native vote of fifteen ;!ioiisand in the city and county of Philadelphia, > General Taylor will leave th? same with a majority of ; i veu thousand, and that with the nomination of Andrew Stew iri f?>r the Vice Presidency. the ticket will sweep the State on ths top wave of a surplus of at least nine thousand nine hundred anil atnciy-ume majority. Thejr further calculate that the "protective tariff doctrines o? Mr. Stewait, so long and so ably and industriously maintained, will heh> Old Zactiary but ama/.in?ly in the New Englftnd States, while the fame of Old Zack, and I the strength that there is in his name, will ru-lj ' over the whole South like a liurricaii? superadd (I I to a fire in a cane-brake. This i?the Taylor en!- I euJutton. ...... i A The friends of Mr. Clay, in tailing back upon General Scott, calculate that he will carry all the SUte^ha^lenr^Cla^arrie^i^W-l^jducl^^^^^^^J^M

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