Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1848 Page 3
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City intelligence. 1 M- st Villai[tori Outsat,r.?Kver since the establixhmeut of .Morse s telegraphic line betwoeu this city sua the South, the wires have extended only to Jersey City, which rehdered it frequently very inconvenient for tho newspaper press, as well as others of this city It was ascertained a short time since that the enrreut would puss just as well under water, if the wire was covered with gutta pereha. as if su?pcndod in the air; and those huviug charge of Morse's lino thought it would probably be well to try the experiment, and, ae< rdingly. procured the wire, covered with gutta pereha. doubled, making the covering about a quarter of an I : eii thick, to prevent all possibility of the water penet utir.g to tho wire and extended it across the river, from J.r-cy City, to the foot of Courtlftndt street. \ An examination discovered that it answered the do- i sired cud most admirably. It was put down on Thursday of last week, and up to 4 o'clock on Sunday after- , noon, there v as no obstruction. On Monday morning it was found that there wan no current across the river and after having frequently tried to get a communication. they get to work yesterday nnd took up the wire. \ The secret of the stoppage of the current was then found out. On Sunday uight, some malicious villain raised the wire, and after having gashed the gutta percha in several places, succeeded iu breaking the wire. This ! is an outrage, not only upon the telegraph company, j but upon tho whole business community of the city ; ^ and the perpetrator of so foul and contemptiblo a j deed, deserves only to llvo the remainder of his days in tho State prison It wouliWie well for tho company to offer a rewurd of not less than live hundred dollars^ \ for tho apprehension and conviction of the icoundrel i By offering sech a ruward, there is a possibility of find- 1 ing him ; but it will be impossible to effect so desirable 1 uu end by the holding out of a small reward. There will be another wire, with four coatings of gutta per- | cha. put down nt once, and the company will liberally j reward tho captains of vessels, pilots or any ono else who will be ou tho look out for bucIi villians, besides keep a watch constantly during the night, passing from one side of the river to the other. It is a matter in which tho public is concerned, and all necessary means will be taken to ferret out the offender and bring him to punishment. Inquest*.?An inquest was held by Coroner Walters on the body of a man, supposed to bo William Gilpin, found drowned at foot of pier No. 0. North ltiver. Ho was dressed in a striped shirt, black silk vest, plaid cotton pants, and shoes. Ho was supposed to be an t Englishman. Another inquest was held on the body * of a man supposed to bo a German, aged about 18 or 20 y-ars of age. found drowned at foot of Pier No. 7. North River. His name was supposed to be B. Bulker. late of Bremenhaven He was dressed in black pants, au overcoat, with velvet collar, boots, and a ooarse linen i-hirt. Continent*!. Tarcet Excursion.?Tho old Continental Target < ompany, under command of Capt. Isaac T I'ox. yesterday made an excursion to Bull's Ferry. They pi nt ?h- day in their usual festive way. and returued in the qiteruoon. They were accompanied by a lino band of music ; and the perforated condition of the target, as they passed our office, showed the same accuracy of aim. as that of the continentals of '70 ? They number about sixty muskets, and are one of the most perfectly drilled companies of the city. Governor's Island.?In anticipation of the return of the soldiers from Mexico, who so nob'y sustained their country's flag and honor, on the fields of battle in that country, a beautiful encampment has been formed on tbe south end of Governor's Island for their reception. The island now presents a very handsome appearance, which is greatly added to by the military order iu which the tents are arranged. The Weather.?The weather, yesterday, was quite pleasant, though the greater part of the day was cloudy. anil about two o'clock in the afternoon, there was a slight shower, as also about four o'clock, but not sufficient, to hinder the general promenading of the streets. The evening was quite eloudy. though pleasant. nnd from the existing indications there was a strong hope for clear and pleasant weather. Fire.?A Are broke out about two o'clock yesterday j morning, tn a row of small wooden stables in 31st j nirucv. uciu rvu uvwnuo. wiiicii were entirety ucBtrujreu. t together with two horses The Are communicated to j several email frame dwelling houses, which were also , destroyed. A Meeting of the Friends of Ireland was held I last niflit In South Brooklyn. The meeting was muni) roue, but not so great as the meetings held the two nights previous on Kort Oreen. A large sum of money was collected, and the meeting adjourned to Monday night next The Irish brigade, to tbo amount of three or four hundred, were present, and, on their roturu. the band stopped in front of the Herald office and played ' Auld Lang Syne." Marine Affairs. Arrival of tmk Steamship Crescent Citv.?The magnificent, the peerless Crescent City is again at her wharf, having been absent but twenty days. She arrived yesterday morning at an early hour, after a passage of six days nml some hours, from the city of New i Orleans, full of passeng*rs.and crowned with the high- ! i est honors that can he bestowed upon a steamer. Iler I voyage has been uttendeil with the utmost success. In 1 point of speed, comfort, and sea-worthiness, she has c & needed even the desires of her most ardent friends. She returns to port as clean, as elegant, and as perfeet ns when she left, not a holt or screw in the whole structure of the noble fabric, failed to perforin the requisite duties ; audnt this moment she is ready, (but for the want of to retrace her steps, or direct her head to any port on the continent of the new or old world. To Captain Stoddard and the projectors of the enterprise, this must be peculiarly gratifying. But of all those connected with the construction of the ship, none have more real cause to be gratified than the scientific builders of the engine, Messrs. Secor St Co. They have certainly in thin, as well as in many othpr instances. gheu sueti proofs of their ability and skill, in the deep and con pi rated science of steain. and in their efficiency <n he practical working* of this great agency. as will secure for them in all their future productions. the and the admiration of the people of the United States. The Crescent City has become at once tho pride and the favorite of the southern as well as the northern people, and wc doubt not, if retained under the excellent management of Capt. Stoddard and his officers* that her future course will continue as clear and as ' k prosperous, and even as profitable, as her maiden trip would indicate. Apart from the interest her arrival created among her friends, f he importnnt news she brought, full two 1 lay-' in advance of tile mail, was a gratifying feature 1 Jn the event. The p.i?:*.engers, in a brief card which follows, express 1 tlieiradmiration of the hind and hospitable treatment received at the hands of ('apt. Stoddard, and their sa- i tisfnetlou of the performance of tho ship during all ] kinds of weather. O.v Board Stf.amsiiir Cnrsi fit Citt. ) i June 22, 1S48. J I Captain Chas Stoddard, 1' We. the undersigned, passsengers on board y*ur no- , hie ship, cannot do less than commend to our friends j and the travelling public, the steamship "Crescent i City,'' her commander, officersnnd crow. In less than ; seven days, from the city of New Orleans, the city o! j New i ork appears before us. and but for three days of J heavy head winds and sea. we should undoubtedly have made the passage in fix days. The ship and engines seem to be admirably adapted to inch other. She is a firm, easy sen boat, and her engine lias required no tinkering, not having stopped for a moment; ami now as we shall step ashore in a few moments, we heartily say. God-spcod to all concerned. (Signed by all tho passengers.) Sim leaves again for New Orleans on the 1st of July. I)lstlii((iiUlicil Traveller*. A circuit through the principal hotels of the city, has furnish'd ? convincing evidence of the constant and execsive accession of travellers, who seem to make New \ ork the centre from which their future summer movements will radiate -while, at the same time, it 1 afford'd an opportunity of testifying to the va-t ltn- | proveineiita and additions which hav* been made in ; the principal lintel* for the ample accommodation of ill..-e families and individual*. who. with the anility i and oaprlelousness of the bee. (lit from flower to flower in pursuit of these sweets whieh nature has endowed j with real or imaginary fragrance. This eity was no. v r better or more extensively prepared for the accommodations of either permanent or temporary boarders than the present period ? not only In tlio entire re no- 1 vntloii of ell the old establishments, hut In the erection of many new %nd fashionably furnished hsnse*. under the management of experienced anil well proved proprietor \ mong the recent arrivals at the Astor. are Col. Doniphan and Major K Reylanil Mobile : Frederick IVele. Ksij.. Knglnnd. the Hon. Daniel and Mrs. Webster, J;o At the Howard. Hon. Oldeon Reynold, i Troy; I,lent. Colton and Captain Cunningham. i!riti-h Army: the lion Wm Sheriff. ( hief Justice of Antigua; Mr John Ross. Chief of the Cherokee Nation.&e.; and at nil the hotels, a fair proportion of tho perpetually moving population. Tli* Crops. A letter from Fleming county. Ky.say*: " The crops .In this county are anlTering greatly from drought.? | iJoinp and oats will be almost a total failure, and the corn espeelally late planted, looks badly and much of it Is dying."' Mporilnft Intelligence* < rvrervn.i.r. Cot air. L I.?Th" tfottlng engagement between l ady Moscow and Lndy Suffolk, whlrli was announced to eome off yesterday afternoon, did not take piece; I.ady Moscow was not taken to the track, nnd the disappointed crowd were not even gratl- I fled with an explanation from the persons having rontrol of the tnnre, for the perpetration of sneh conduct Tito Mitchel meeting at Philadelphia, on the evening <>l the 21st insl., was a very large assent- j binge. Seeches were made, and resolutions of indignation massed condemning the course pursued , by the British government in the Mitchel case. j Law Intelligence. Superior Cottar, June 22.?Before Judge ttandford. ? tfarrtn ft Parsons et al.?Action of aenumpsit, to recover tin amount of four promissory notes, j>1800. Dufuuee usury. Adjourned. Rankin ami Bi.? A t * i. ' -Thi -cause was not concluded whCircuit Coi i '.dwards.? Divorce ease ?Jo' -Ihejuryln tills cause reader. .1 . ,... > t, hmliuj that vlr<. Ityan was guilty of adultery. Common 1'i.kai. June 2d Before Judgo UUhneffcr? lhram 11'. Lovegrovt vs. *lr.thony JicrtranH?This was an notion of trespass to re jorer damages lor a forcible entry. ite,. The plaintiff. it appeared purchased a looking Klin's from deieudaut. who went to pluiutill s store, about a mouth atter. and forcibly took it away, ulleging that it was not paid for. Verdict for plaiutilf. ?">0 dames Another small case, of no importance, respecting a promissory n> to. was tried, after which tho Court adjourned. U. S. Circuit Court, June 22?This Court has boen occupied to-day aud yesterday iu bearing uii argument for a now trial. Court Calendar?Thin Day?Circuit Court?1, 0t?, 10.41, 42. 61,40. 6. 400. 11. 2d. 04, 4S. .Superior Court? 37, 170, 70, 130. 100, 174. 173. 177. 1.30, 1S1, 1st. ISO 1ST, 00. 171, 173. HI. 110. 115. 110. 31). 135, 11. 134. 89. 01. S3. V., 130. (17. 173. 167, li SO 20, 04. 100. 101. 113. 170. 30.119. 1S2. 72. o;. 1 13. ;ss ] 190,101.192, 193, 194. 196. 190,197 193. 193. 200. Comiuoo 1'leus?324, 325. 48, 49. 50. 61. 62. 64 65. 60. 67. 63, 69, 00. 01. 03. General .Seasiom, Juno 22?Before tho llecordcr, Alderman ('rollus. and Hatfield. John UcKMIi Ex] District Attorney. (Lund Larceny.?Thomas Hat) was put upon trial, charged with stealing freui Patrick < nrmoJy. on the 224 of .May last, eleven sovereigns in gold coin. Mh.h. Maui Ca imfoDV, wife toth" prosecutor, testified that herself and husband arriv< d at New York in the Georgia, und put up at No led Greeiiwt sh street; that herself and husband slept iu a doubled bedded room, in which the prisoner also slept; both witness ami her husband left tho bed room on tho following morning for a short time, and on their return, missed the ten sovereigns, having left the prisoner after them in the bed room. Witness and husband placed the money in witness's pocket under the bolster in tho bud ?h re they had slept. They missed eleven sovereigns altogether?ten whole sovereigns and two half sovereigns; did not see prisoner afterwards until she met liiui at the police ollice; ten sovereigns were taken from liis pockets in gold, and silver to the amount of one sovereign; some of the sovereigns were stamped Victoria, and others hud George and the Dragon stumped upon them John McKwino testified that he hail accompanied the prisoner and Patrick und Mrs. Carmndy on tho voyuge; prisoner admitted to him thnt ho had but five sovereigns altogether. Mrs. ID:ath. who is wife to the keeper of tho emigrant boarding house where the oocurronco took place, testified that prisoner had owed for some liquor, and told her he brought but little money with him, having left most of what he bad at Liverpool. Officer Carlin, who made the arrest, testified he found nine sovereigns and two half sovereigns on prisoner's person. John Heath, owner of tho boarding house where the larceny was committed, testified, on the part of the ueiuuce, tnili pnsouer appeared at Dm store ana Rot souie change; could not swear Low mebj he had woney in a purso. Mahy Anne Mono an, the servant girl, residing on the premises, proved that she was su pected of taking the money. William Wood being examined, testified that prisoner told him ho had but three d dlars after the voyage, and had no further suui. and that prisoner was to give over $44 in the event of bis acquittal, a.-; a fee to bis counsel. This was contradicted by counsel, who explained to the Court and Mr. McKeon. The case was given to the Jury, who found the prisoner guilty. Police intelligence. .'ithanttigr uf Brim Gnu l Looking.?It has often been said, and with uiucii truth too. that a pretty wowau cau work wonders, uud accomplish things which to others appear to be almost improbable. An instance of this kind was shown most conclusively yesterday, upon an arrest being made by the Third ward police. It appeared. from the return made of prisoners before Justice Luthrnp. that the night previous, between tbo hours of 1*2 uud 1 o'clock, uittcer Watling arrested two women charged with prostiutiuu uud disorderly conduct in tue strei t. uud conveyed them to the station house, where they gave their numes us Kitty Bracket uud Emma Howard. The former was a short homely looking woman, wi h n face much pitted from the effects of small pox; the latter, on the contrary, was very pretty, possessing a good figure, aud taken altogether, was what you may enll quite handsome. The policemen mustered arouud Miss Kmma. nudging one another on the elbow, accompanied with pleasiug remarks, such as 1 know h'-r,"' "she's devilish good luuitiiig. nu.u uu y.ii mill', . ami su on, W illi SUC11 similar remarks, until the poor girl shed tears. and begged the captain to let her off. hs it was the first time she hail been taken up by the police. The captain was proof against all entreaties. as bin duty would not a I low uuy partiality ; therefore, he ordered them both to be locked up in separate cells iu order to send them before the magistrate iu the morning ; and down they went, according to orders. During the night, or. more properly speaking, before daylight, the pretty Kmiua became thirsty, and received a glass of water from one of the officers on duty, who then felt satislled she was in the cell; but strange to say. on openiug the cell door at daylight, to arrange the prisoners for the police officer, the pretty Emma was found to be missing, but the homely looking girl was found in her cell, safe and sound This curious circum-lance created some li ,1 astoni-hmeut among some of the policemen, but not among others, who knew more of human nature and the power ofyrelty women. A light, however. wa? procured, and the cell searched ; and on throwing the door back, a space was discovered, quite large euough to allow the graceful form of Miss Emma to ilip out. The captniu was astonished; the doorman was confounded; and some r? marked that she cotdd be caught again, no doubt; ami others went so far as to say they thought they knew where she used to live; at any rate as she was gone, the best they could do. under he circumstances, was to take up the homely Kitty Bracket and make her suffer for both, "cause >iie'd no business to be ugly." So up she went before the Justice. who on seeing the name of K.inma on the return asked where she was. aud was informed she had escaped from the station house; Kitty was then presented to the Justice, who begged for mercy, promising to reform and never to be caught in the streets nt that late hour again. All these entreaties were in vain, as the policeman made the necessary affidavit, which consigned the homely face and figure of poor Kitty to a residence of six months on Blackwell'g Island, while the pretty form of Miss Emma is decorated in silks aud satins, at one of the fashionable boarding houses. It seems both W-re charged with the same offence; and yet ono escaped, and the other punished, showing the decided advantage of being good looking. We have always been led to believe that Dame Justice is blindfolded: but we sincerely think that iu this instance the bandage slipped off one eye, and threw the balance in favor of beauty. Wo understand that the captain intends to have the case investigated; and. if possible, procure the assistance of the superintendent of repairs; and then by prevent any more such escapes. . (tm s.?The next rase before the magistrate was n toll sandy couiplexioned Dishman. pretty w.-ll dressed, with large reel whiskers, calling him?elf John Redmond, who was found by one of the policemen very drunk in the street, and unable to know where ho was going, or what he was doing. Maomtraok?llow long have you been in this country ! i itisons*it?I arrived yesterday afternoon from Liverpool; aud. after a voyage. I took two glasses, aud it get right into my bead. .MauijtIUtk?1 think you must hare taken a few more with those two. as you were, frun the officer's account. stupidly drunk. Are you going to remain in the city.' Pr uojucn?No. your honor, I intend to go to Providence. .Maoistrate?Then, upon these considerations, I will let you go, as I think the liquor of New York isaltogether to<i stri ng for you; and the sooner you leave, the better. You can go. Prnowa?Thank your honor. And off ho ?t:irh>t! out of' f'n? f?onrt fhnnbinw Pso?;. dcnee. likewise. for obtaining bi.i liberty onee more am bo supposed ho could iln just as ho pleated in tho land of the fkwo?not supposing for one moment that N'rw V ork was guarded with u police forcu for the protection of it-* inhabitants. Itrltlsli K.stx'tIiiiih In America. To thk Ism tot: ok the IIkuai.d, I w;" delighted to sic the communication si ;ned "No Fees," in the Ihrald ot .Sunday lust, complaining of the exaetiou of the British Consulate at this pon, in levying block mail, to the tune of fifteen to twenty-five dollars, on every Irish vc- 1 urriv.n . at tiiis pott. This amount is extorted lor doing actually nothing, but obliging the captain ot such vessels to submit to a formality ; but what renders it pah>tbly a bl mk mail operation,* is the fuel, us your correspondent li is ahrcwcdlv stated, tlint the very certificate issued by the British Consul, reitilying to the perform ltice <,l this form dity, is endorsed "No fee.-." I hive often wondered that this system of black mail not been commented upon, and denounced letig before thi-; hut now that the mutter has been taken in hand, I hope it will not be abandoned, until, as re; trtls Ireland, and Irish vessels, at least, it shall be broken up I have in vain, Mr. Kdiior, inspected nil the*daily papers, with the hope ot seeing some explanation from ilie llnte-h ' on u! at ihi.-port, on the sub a ct, lor certainly, tin- < ouiniiinicntinn. signed " \ . Fees," placed him in no enviable light. Iliv.u f lilrtf to (li d any itch e.xplnti ittoa, I beglc.vo to aihl my mite nl assistance, in idmlislttng tliis odious syst.-rri t?l black mail. I am told, sir, that tli amount of money thus extorted, h is em it s d from year to year, probably beem-c it has escaped the a,tuition of the pres. r ben submitted to, under the intpre ion, however erroneous, that the Consul was depend'' t on f en tor his salary. 'J'h amount of black mull levied now a days, under the "No Fee" system, is double what it Whs in Mr. Buchanan's time, and it it continue to double in this way, T expect that in a lew years it will range so hii;li as to s Will low up ii.i ii mi' rnrjjo. Now, Mr. Kditnr. wo nil rinse that tin' c lily remedy (or e\ its of any kind i to do troy them w onm. Why cnnnot this h > destroyed! It ran. mid I hope it will he duiii edily. T. t the eonsicneiB, or me'chants. reins.' to pay this e\io;-lion; and it the Consul reins to pivr up the icci t r, let thrm protest at once, and Bend tl 'hip home without any. This would hrino the m itr* i to u point nt once, and decide whether the British Consul, at tliis port, e 11 exact Bums of mot; v, or Mack rnail, when the very ccrtifte: I winch IngiveH aa a receipt (or it. in endorsed "No h'ei s." Trusting that a line of con luct of thin kind wiil be adopted, 1 remain yourB, &c>, Ui.ack Lrt. ^ N Arrk<t or a Nzono DmnUM.-*At Natches, Mi s , on the 8th instant, the police officer* of that | pine , at the imminent hazard of their liven, sttcedi i in arresting a runaway, almost an outlaw, . ot' ilie negro ruce, named Sol, or Solomon. He was formerly owued hy Philip SielolF, of this city ?has been .-old twice at least since, and now pro- I baltly belongs to some planter on the Yazoo or j in tlie northern part ot tlm State. He has been a i runaway l< r nearly two ycuis, and had his hiding j place, with 1! tic -tel. a comforts of life uronnd | liim, in some bayou, miles distant from Natchez: ! yet ?uch was his hardihood of character, that he | daily visited the citv. had a home 111 Kong* rjwni i free negro's house, and defied the law and the olfic i s of the law In the double character of preacher l and conjurer, he had acquired quite an ascendancy I I?vt?r tilt! rii'LTD ni?f>nl#? with whom Ha hi'/mrnn nn qnmnted ; has beriotisly proposed marriage to u negro worn in, slave of one of our citizens ; and at the same tini" amused himself with abducting Cnarlutte, a young coloured girl belonging to Mr. Vinntgerliolz, of Natchez, whom he decoyed to his retreat, where In* reigned as chief bandit over the runaways and the outlaws. Like his namesake, ijolomon of old, Sol was fond of the fair sex ; but justice was too quick on foot tor him. His retreats and character became known. He was hunted by the officers of the police, and ttie girl Charlotte was run down, when the information cxir.i. t-d from Iter led to his nrrest day before yesterd y. after a desperate uud bloody resistance. He was found in the house of a colored tnun named t In n. from which lie ran, pursued by the officers. ; 1. ;.'tmig over a fence, he hied u pistol, and came 1 almost within a hair's breadth of hitting police officer Benbrook. He gained tlie house of Mr. | l'unn ran into the parlor, bolted and barricaded the doors. lie exploded the cap of anotherpistnl at the breast of Contain Dillon, of the Ciiy Guard, intending to have shot him through the door pnnnel. Green, who had harbored him, was commanded to break in the pannel with nn axe, when the officers brought him within range of their double barrelled g ins, ile even then, with the hair triggers drawn upon him, for a time refused to surrender, demandnig that the olficers should disarm before lie did, or at the same instant of time. He was finally captured, with some wounds, and will now have to await his trial for life. A number of the fugitives he commanded in his den; are well-known by name, and it is Imped that the capture of so atrocious a villain will lead to their arrest.?1Va/chcz Tree Trader. The Frontier Counterfeiters.?Messrs. Pren [ ti?s, Clark, and Young, paid another visit to Barns| ton during the past week, and seized, upon the premises of Samuel Davis, a quantity of Mexican dollars, parts of several dies, some crucibles for melting metals, and slips for altering Perkins's stereotype bunk plates to nine different banks, with slips tor the various towns where the banks are locati'd, and also slips lor Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The counterfeit plates were engraved without the name of the bank, the town or State where the bank is located, but a space left, in which the names of each could be inserted. The slips are made of copper, to fit the space in the plate, with the name ol the bank, town and State engraved thereon; and when the manufacturers wish to run off bills upon different banks, they just change the slips?so these slips are rather important instruments in the manufacture of counterfeit bank bills. It is believed u thorough uprooting of this business in this section of the country has been effected. We understand quite a number of individuals, supposed to have been engaged in the counterfeiting, nave within a few days left the province. On the 8th 111st., says the Montreal Gazitte, Mr. High Constable Clurk, from Sherbrooke nrrived in Montreal,having in charge Nathan Lewis (or Adams,) an old engraver, who is suspected to have been for a long period in the employment of the counterfeiters, engraving their plates and cutting their dies for making counterfeit money, in the districts of Montreal and Saint Francis. He was traced from Bnriiston to Dunham, and then fled to Farnham, in the district of Montreal, where he was arrested by Mr. Clark. Upon, searching hia loom, were found counterfeit money, tools of all kinds for engraving, and carrying on the counterfeiting business; German silver and metal, for the manufacture of hard silver, with their copper plates in a state of preparation for engraving. We understand that he has been fully committed for trial. It is understood that he is the only engraver in the employment of the counterfeiters in Eastern Canada.?Stamteud (Canada) Journal. AunasT for Offering Counterfeit Money.? We learn that soon after the stemirer Senator arrived here yesterday morning, a man jvho came passenger in her, calling his name Henry Smith, of Portland, offered two StoO bills on the Biddcford Bank at the Mercantile Bank in this city, for exchange. The cashier pronounced the bills counterfeit, and the man left. The cashier being alone could not follow him. He next offered the bills at the Kendnskeug Bank with the same result. He then offered them at the Bank of Bangor whetf" they were pronounced counterfeit. Gen. Veazi , the president of the bank, was present and questioned Smith as to where lie obtained the bills. He . aid he had them of his brother who was now in Mexico, and that he had no other bills of the kind. As lie left, the general thought he would follow him, and did so; and sent also for an officer. Constable Walker soon appeared, nnd on Smith being pointed out to hint, he demanded of him the counterfeit bills in his possession, mid at (tin wiiii' limn =. t- n - r... I Kitn fimilli <ln? Ins pocket it loaded pistol and attempted to fire, lint was so suddi nly seized by (Jen. Veazie and the constable as to be unable to do so. His pocketbook was taken and found to contain nine fifty dollar counterfeit bills on the Biddeford Bank, all well executed except that they were rather pale ; there were also several small bills in the pocketbook. lie was committed to prison, and will be examined probably to-day. The Counterfeit Detector does not mention the existence of this counterfi it, and this man is probably one of a gang who, in advance of the Detector and the more likely therefore to succeed. We deem it much to the i i .lit of our people that the counterfeit was so soon discovered and the arrest made.?Bangor miff. Tin: Maonctic Telegraph giving advicb GhaTt'i i'?t sj.Y.?On Monday evening last, during the continuance of the thunder shower, while llielightning v as playing, and the rain descending, a man upon ho seback was seen mnvin with rapid pace along t :e road, apparently desirous of obtaining shelter. When in the neighborhood of Franklin : trect, K'-nsington, where the wires of the telegraph line are comp trativ ly low, the rider from Ins elevated position was placed in close proximity to this rapid 111 monger. Just at this moment, u vivid flash of lightning seizing upon the wires, used thern to coinniunieate tlie intelligence to future passers'by during the thunder showers, that they nui: t not approach too nigh its useful, though dangerous appliances. As the wires received the shock, from some cause, its effect was co 11 maturated to horse nnd rider, who both sank to the ground, apparently lifeless ; hut soon arose, the rider utter y amazed i.t the prostration of himself and horse : and clapping his hand to his cheek, where he imagined lie had been wounded, he exclaimed, in a loud voice, "that he wondered that iriv li.utv rnnlrt L> un tVwtliwIi :m In let u curt sf:inH in th middle of the street of n dark night, i'or people to run ngiinst and injure themselves." And .iti-lied that litis w is the case, took his departure apparently uninjured?I'lti/. Bvening Bulletin. Tlie Weekly Herald. This sheet will ho ready at niue o'clock to-uiorrow 1 morning. Its contents will embraco all the news of tlio week. Alt who ore In wnnt of Clienp nixl Oooit Boots, should call on oar friend Valine, oppneile tho "Herald II. i e." Corner Nassau at"i Knit n stro;*. 11- -olle histino Kranch . nil to- . ti; u -aally a >1.1 1-r $5 and $7 ; also, calf boots .j.'l.TO, 11 oallv 1 d l f-r V>. Undrr.) and other shoes equally low. TIIK ltOiTOR. ttotil Pena! tjinlil Pen* It. 10. Wnlson ik Co., 15 IVkII stre. '. are selling Hold Cons of every deorlption w'mleoilo and retail at reduced prices. Their Rlflholien I'ena ore admi t'- l to I -li e lieai and r'iei|.-.t Pens in the world. I'so does not mpatr their fineness or flevmiry, an I the points arc warranted f-r ywirs. Gold Pensro po:uted. Summer Kowl lor Infanta.? llrrliledly the 1 1 . t 1 i in m .. parti 1U1 * II ti vbM with b twal r. in plaints, ia lleeker.. K.r,,IM i'a'alahle aa well as mi rubus, far nporior to arr-w root, mum. lie . it is )ieriiHarly adapted lor the infant at weaning. To be hud at ail tint drug stores. We have been r? <|ue?te?l to call nltrillion to Dr. I*u. t!'? patent ons- sllo t I'lA'es. f t artitirtal Toeth, who ha* invent. I and pntonte l mi Improvement, the ntility and Itcattty of '.vm -h nan 1 nlv in nnlerst I by actual lns|metioii or use. It has tn.mi shown t- us. ano we rait 1. in ii for its deserving the lush ai :hat hu I-' n lavi-h-d upon it by .'ill who have 11 cd it.?Si. I llspres-. Dr. l.f.VKTT, Dentist, Patentee, 380 Broadway, on-.- end B arren street. One Wnrtl niiout (driitV Cheap Summer 1 I Kia, ( ashruerette, Vlpnei a, and Ifrap iTK.e Coats, A'ohs, it Polkas, f.1 to S7; l/u-n nad Gingham Coal*. $1 ('50-'; I -tit:'. S' " > I a pair; Ves . .VI ?1 '? to ( 7. Aim. a few of ti o >1 %'> hull*. Comer Nassau and linesman. Ketiiemher theJAPuit store. We have been requeafrtl In call tl?e nttenI lion -1 Private families ami llotils to the following nrlieies of. { ' .i d 1 v tii- Min! re-ue I. namely. I'-tiled Philadelphia I'rrter. i Ah n i l Chant 1 air 11 Cider, Falkirk Ale. Ilarelay and Perkins' llrow 11 stun . I hey have been m Im ted with groat care, and are I nti'tu th naMy the hert In thiamer et Call anil ho satisfied, at our .dd neigh' o\ No. l.V Knit 1 etreet, 1 ear Broad w iv, N. ? ' rk. at CK.OHCE KAGRRS. Oi ncrnl Taylor 011 llats ?The Memorable | sayin.1 -I' the old soldier, "a lutlo more grate, Captain , |t ."iionl- malle i hv the nnivrial rry,, "snoih-r of y-nr i li . Mr l\t The ti 1 ami rvr- style of Ku-s's II "lv' ri, ' H i d Cap", is uekiiowlod :.d '.V cvtrybody, hVucn.ber lid Knli-n street. Gold IVn?,-? (IrratntiV eelebrnlesl war, rant-I Clam-mi Po uted (.old Pern ? iudestruotlhlo exoe)'t ly aeto il by att to !-? the test and cheap t p 11 II e -r d, -no Isj had ,u N-. 71 ( o.lar stnot (near tlio Tts ' (Tl ! ) Kdwat I V. Crime's, .'osiah llayden .V ( o's, Alliort 11. D? >. A row improved " Brown's" I'en. fkr superior to iha oi l "Ilmwn" C.n; and l*vi Urrwu'e I'cus at reduced pricea Gold I one and caeee repaired. COMMERCIAL A K PA I It S I MONKY MAHKBT.# Thuradny, Jniir ft P. M. There were three phases to the stock market tills ' morning, Somo shares went up. some down, some re mninedat yesterday's quotations. There was no change In I.on/ Island Railroad, Treasury Notes, or Farmers Trust. Norwich and Woreeater advanced ?.(; Harleiu t?; Erie Railroad, new stock. 'a'; Canton declined '.j. There is n slight decline in sterling exchange, perhaps In view of the change of the eurreut of specie; sales at 110X. No change in the rates ou the continont of Europe. Tho Indianapolis Sentinel says, that it is very much gratlllcd to he able to state, upon the authority of the Statn Auditor, that there is no doubt whatever that the July interest will be paid,aud that puymcnt in full will bcTmade In the city of Now York, on the days preseri- | bud by the law. This will be good news to the bond, | holders. They began to feel rathor curious. The rhiliidelphla Ledger, of yesterday, states that a large grocery house. In Market street, has stopped for about $80,000 ; that, after paying curtuin cash loans to the amount of $20,000 there will bo about 40 per cent for the other creditors. " The Auditor General of Michigan reports the following. us tiie amounts which have bcon appropriated and expouded on tho several works of internal Improvement in that State, from tho organization of the government up to the 30tli of November, 1847. Internal Improvements of Michigan. > Appropriated. Expended. Central IbiUr >ud $1,937,838 57 $1,954,308 28 Southern ftiiilromt 948,90.3 77 948,234 20 Northern Rnllr >ud 150,883 ?t? 110,5!*> 71 Havre Branch Railroad 20.1**1 00 052.31 Detroit and (Iraiul Klvcr Railroad... 5.1*10 00 4,285 43 N orthern Turnpike 30,000 00 Clinton ami Kalamazoo Canal 4IKI.I52 .'17 405,880 77 Saginaw Turnpike 5.1**1 00 4,975 01 Saginaw Canal 02,1**1 00 42,098 33 Crand River Rapids Canal 25,1**1 00 225 30 SU Mary's Canal 50,000 00 8,050 80 Improvement of Crand and Maple I Rivers 30,(**l 1*1 20,493 01 Improvement of Kalamasoo River,., 8,1**1 (*) 0,572 05 Improvement of Flint River 0,250 00 0,249 81 Improvement of St. Joseph River... 32,584 31 22,02* 30 Total $.1,737,307 02 $3,541,532 80 Michigan has realized, probably, as much for the amount expended in the shape of internal improvements, as any other Stuto west of New York She has expended the bulk of the appropriations for the construction of railroads, which have been productive, and have been sold for nearly the total oost. The auditor of the State of Michigan, has, in pursuance of an act passed by the legislature, addressed a circular to holders of the Internal improvement warrants outstanding on part paid bonds of the State. Tho legislature has made provision for funding and paying Interest semi-annually, on all the outstanding indebtedness of the State, not previously provided for. Wu onuav nvtroD^u fi*nm fha nlfniilow 'Bnpfn* OK the Statk ok Michioan. The part-paid five million loan bonds of this Statu bavins all been held by the United States Bank at tho time of former legislation in regard to them, they were all required to bo surrendered together prior to the issue of new bonds. But as a considerable portion of them have now been paid in by the Michigan Central Railroad Company, at the rate fixed in tho act incorporating suid company, and at which new bonds are authorized to be issued, and as others have probably become the property of different and separate hold ers. provision has now been made for funding or issuing new bonds for any separate parcel of them. When so funded, they are placed on tho same footing, as to payment of interest and principal, as any of the other outstanding internal improvement bonds of the State. Bonds will be prepared, and be ready to be issued either for warrants or part-paid bonds, under the first of the accompanying acts, in the course of tho ensuing month. Tho semi-annual interest on the outstanding full paid five million loan bonds and interest bonds issued for intere&t of July 1st, 1841, to July 1845, has been paid from the general fund, and will continue to be so paid so far as the situation of the Treasury will permit, on these bonds as well as upon those hereafter to be issued. A direct tax is not authorized until a deficiency occurs in the treasury, and thoreforo a year or moro will elapse before the proceeds of tho tax will bo availablo. Tim treasurer of the State is, however, authorised to advanee the interest from the general fund, when he lias the means to do so. The finances of Michigan have improved wonderfully, within the post year or two, and in a short time the full interest will not only be paid upon the entire federal debt of that State, but upon the arrears of interest created when the treasury was delinquent. During the past year. 2,217 new accounts were opened in the (ioweli Savings Institution, depositing, wit h tho other depositors, the sum of $350,960 It; and 2071 accounts have been closed, with drawingtogether, with partial payments, on accounts not closed. $361,959 11; ' leaving an increase of 1 !6 in the number of dennsitnrs. and $11,000 in the amount of deposit*. Considerable j sums huvo beeu withdrawn to in rent in railroad and manufacturing stocks. The surplus profits, according to the recent report, amount to $36.790 60. The in- , crease of this fund by the net earnings of the year, ban been $16."208 11. The total amount recoired of 5447 depositors, is 825.290 34; and the whole amount inrested on account of the institution, is $913 984 67. The net amount of interest to May 0th, 1848, was $61,688 03. and the amount of the 40th dividend, payable on that day. was $14,701 47, leaving the surplns named above. Stock Kxrlinngc. $.'i0;)0 Treas Nt?, 0's, s90 1<> | >100 shs Canton Co, s!*l 31 k 450110 do s30 104 k 60 do c 36k l?KI .lo 104 '4 11*1 do MO 3.6 600 U 8 6's, '56. 1(13 5(1 do 160 35 9800 Koulucky ffs, 101 k do I6"0 Oh'0 (i's, 100 Si 92 N'orw and Wore 34 6000 Head Ilonda 60# 50 Reading RR, 95 16?ha .Manhattan Ilk, s" 61 do 13 35'., 25 Rank of t'om'ce, full 94 I'll do *3 35k Ik I farmers' Trust, 29 k 50 do (60 35'4 1 51 do bill 29.'., 20 Hudson River, 67 50 do IdO 92 k 30 N Jersey Kit, 104k 60 do 100 29k 20 Erie RIt, new, full 0M.V 1(81 do 29*, 2i?l I, Island RR. h.3 2'1., 100 do Nil) 29 k 200 do CO ds 29' . 1(10 Morris I'anal, 130 10'- 200 do Ml 29', 100 do I 15 lO'I 460 do ?',0 29k 6) do bill It", )ISI do 1210 2flJ, 100 do s3 111 560 Ilariem RR, 55 It'll do IB Wk 100 do 55'b 50 do blO 10k 15) do (10 65 50 Canton Co, 96*4 400 do 121 61 50 do blS 3614 50 do bflO 56>4 Second Iloartl. $1000 Trcas .Voles, 104k 21*1 sbs Canton scrip, LOO 3'2 ' 61*10 U 3 0's. '56, 102*4 5o Harlem Kit, .V, j 51*101'enn 5's, 7'i 100 do SOU 55 1 50 shs Morris Canal, |0'4 50 do bill 55k , 50 do snw 10'., 200Canton Co, sIO 34k ' 200 Cnnt'ii scrip, 3 2"' $0 34,k , I CITV TRADE REPORT. 1 New Vokk. June 22 ?(i P. M. , The market for Flour and drain continued lnnguid. Sales of flour were more freely made, but generally for this State. Michigan. Oswego, fcc., at the inside figures of yesterdny. Ohio continued steady, with rather more < doing. There wns nothing new in Southern Some I sales of Western wheat were made, which will be found noticed below. Corn was rat er heavy at yesterday's prices, and in some Qoses sales of Mixed and Flat Yellow were made at a shade lower prices. Meal was dull. There was no change in Rye or Oats. Provisions were I inactive. Sugar was languid, with light sales of Coffee 1 Notices of markets to day in other cities as far as ' heard from, nppear undertlie Telegraph head. Ashi-.s.?Sales of about 100 bbls. of Pots were made at $4 76a$4 87k- Pearls were inactive at $5 87kDnRAnsTcrrs.?Finur?The soles embraced 6 to 700 , bbls. among the lots disposed of were 600 bbis 1 his State, r at $6 25 to $5 31 '4 3 to 400 do Oswego, at $5 25; 3 to ' 500 do good brands of Michigan, at $5 31 '4 to $5 43*,'; * 2 to 301) do Ohio at $5 25, with a lot of extra at $8 25 ; j1 300 do Hronklyn on private terms: 60O do Rochester at $5 25; 600 do Ohio round hoop at $5 68k *? $5 76. auil 300 do flat hoop do at $5 43'4; southern was quiet at J $6 to $6 12la tl'hrat?Snlos of 1500 bushels of Ohio J were made at 116c: 300 do Michigan at 122k- and 500 | do Oene-ca at 135c Corn?Sales of 3PO0 bushels round j yellow at 54e; 10.000 do round northern do. at 53kc to 1 54c; and 2.-00 do western ni x- i were sold at 48c. deli- 1 J sored; sides of tint yellow were made at 52c. Meal? | ? Sales of 3 to 400 bbls Brandywine were made on private J terms. Rye-Sales of 34IK) bushel* were made at 73c. | ? nnd 1000 do at 72c Rye Flour was held at $3 87k 1 Oaf*?There was no change either in northern or ' south" rn market closed dull. Cotton?Sales of 900 bales were effected to-ilny? ^ about one half for shipment, and at firm prices. Fusion r* -Heavy good* were engaged to Liverpool I } n't 22" 6(1. and corn in bags at S',d. Thero was no j h change in rates for cotton Corn was taken in bulk for | i; la |ow nt 7d per bushel. Fhh?'The market was dull, and prices ruled ex- ! * tremely tnw. We noticed sales of 800 a 1000 bbls new \ * No. 3 mackerel, nt $4 a $4 12k-and 1000 quintals dry ! ti cod. :ii s.o 50 a $2 62mostly at the former figure. ? Fm lis?There was but little doing except in green | ti Snle of 5000 llnrnron pine apples (medium slxe) at $8 . 1* tier lllii. and 15.000 coroa nuts at $30 per M. Lim?. ? Sale of about 1000 casks Thomaston at 70c. I.i \ niKH ?TWO poMie sales of sole took place yes- . ( torday. There nan a fair attendance, nnd prices. I jj thotujh cenerally considered low V' iijt a sha le under ! ti the la"! public Falc. vet iruvn satisfaction to the sellers m MoLAtsri?Wehavs but to notice sales of 70 hhde " prime i uba Muscovado a 23c. and some p arcels of Neu- ? vitas at the same price. tr Navai, Storks were inactive 50 barrels spirits tur- u pontine chanced hands at '.Vie ca'h f> tin s?Dull, without sales of moment. ?' rHoviMoisa Sains of about II a I Hi barrets mc?s p'rk ,l v r.' made on private terms Prime pork *e. held at ; "" fkli', whl'e *8 was offered Sale? 40 bhd-b> m t 'C. [) sales 25 000 lbs tione out. were madeatti' ,c. hard? I IV Sales of 200 a 300 barrels were made at t1, a 1\. lntter ] at figure fore*lrs liutter remained dull, and thl < sta e i 0 was selling at 11 a 16c. Nothing new in cheese Beef i r continued firm j ? Hick?50 casks sold at $3 3114 ? >3 37J<. I |s St naae?Are but moderately active j sale* of 260 khde I Gate Muscovado at a 4vf. and 825 boxen brown Ha ' v.inn at 4ii a ftlfe, usual time. Srrn- Salon 48 Darrein (lax at f 1 lit perbusle 1. Whiskey wart inactive at 22c fur Western, and at 2-'io for State I'rison. WAUKKT8 KI.NKWIIKRH. STOCK SAT.KS. Phii.aoku'iii a, J una 22?Wrsi L >,<rd - fld Uirnrd. l"Va: J.IS7 Pennsylvania ft's, V-\\ SJSkio tf S Tniamjjy N..?? >. |04tj(: *l??"> do. 104 hj; ?awt PsMiftoaitia ft's, Tti fiMeohaaioa' lino.. . 45 Itainiiaoturo 4; Meekaoii V, i;'4. .V) t'niim ( anal, bfi, 10'I.'o Oirird, 1)8, l?Jkf; 200 Pennsylvania Bank, 270; S75 l.uhiah Serin, 77'j. Alter Sillei?20UO Siau, .v.. ;n. n,roHoan7?to.-iKi Stale .Vs. 7d; 1300 Sohnylkill Navliuitlun '."a, 44: lot*) Kuirunkv Cs. let': lit) Morris fa lull, 1111,; 15 N.nrUtnwn Kail mail. 12; 50 Vnioa Cuna', 10; 30 Mechanic*' IWnk, 'JO.;; 100 (lirard, IO.'j. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Xiw Ori.kcii. Jo tin 14?Cotton -The demand wn : active. and the sales would have been larger had it not been for the small quantity offering ; as it u the sales reach fully 3.000 bales. nt (irin but u?t h'etlier | ?Ip. The purchases were for Kngland. Tobaeeo Tim market lias been quiet, and wo only hear of the sale of 00 hhda. refused, us follows:?10 hhda. lit 2b,c , 1"> at 2 010c ; and 22 :it an average of something over II'c' Klour?The demand has been butler, and the sal * reach 8.000 bbls. as follows : 0".7 Illinois, in three lots, j nt f4 ; 14S at -(,4 05 : 125 at ft4 12X ; 280 at <4 15 ; (MXI St Louis at $4 25 ; 220 choice Illinois at $4 37; 250 j St. Louis ul !M 50, 400 choice St. Louis at $4. and 100 I tine at $1! 40. Corn?Sales 9.000 sucks. including 050 j white at I5.'5c : 3.582 white and yellow at 37c ; 3.2 0 at j 3tto. and 1.100 yellow at 38c. Freights?Several ships | taken for Mexico. An American ship taken for Liverpool nt 7-10d for Cotton, and 37s for Tobacco : a ship i for Leghorn at $9 for Tobacco, and n hark for Bremen at 40s for Tobacco, in lieu of n larger ship reported yesterday. Married. On tho 21st Junif, by the llev. K. S. Schenek. J?iin i "W. Schexi'k to Saiiaii, daughter of the late Ueorgo Tlrnle. On Wednesday, the 21st instant, by the Itev. K. V. Hatfield, Capt. Savu ki. C. Woonavvr, of Hrldgehamp- , On Wednesday afternoon. Juno 21st, at St Mary's Church, by the Rev. Mr. Starr. Mr. Thomas If. Dowroxo, to Miss Maiuiahkt T., daughter of Mr. Francis T. Hanratty. all ef this city. Died. On the 22d instant, after a lingering illness, Vimonia. wife of James Raid, aged 2ft years. Her brothers ami brothers-in-law. N. A. Sultnn. William Reid and'John Reld. and friends of the fiiuilly, are invited t? attend her Mineral this day (Friday), at ut 4 o'clock. P. M. from 23 Reaver street. On Thursday mornlpg. June 22d. after a lingering illness, of consumption. Catharine Dinoman, wife of Louis O. Hirshfeld. aged 2ft years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral this day (Friday), at 8 o'clock. P. M . at 108 Leonard street, without further invitation. Ou Thursday, 22d instant, alter a short hut severe illness. Mr. Thomas Mowbhav, aged 34 years. 8 months, and 6 days. His friends and those of his brothers, John and Ja's Mowbray, and the members of Mount Olive F.noampmcnt. No. 10, I.O.ofO. F .and the members of Warren Lodge. No. I. O. of O. F.. and tho members of Unit ed Brothers Lodge, U. A O.D. No.3. ami also tho membcrsof Mount Joy Assembly. No. 3. of Beruans. are respeet fully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from his late residence No. 101>? Bowery. Yesterday, the 22d instant, after a lingering Illness. John Kaiihs. a native of Hanover, Oeruiany. aged 30 years, 7 months and lfl days. The relatives and acquaintances, and also tho members of the New York Liquor Dealers' Bene'lt Society, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this af- | ternoon. from his late residence. No. 40, Avenue A , corner of Third street, at 4 o'clock, without further invitation. On the 22d instant, Mrs. Frances Cor, of congestion of the brain, aged sixty years. Her friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend her funeral this (Friday) afternoon, at 1 o'clock, at her late resldenco. No. 3ft Cannon street. On board bark Croton. on her passage from New Orleans to New York, on the 13th instant. 1L R. Rohinson. of Durham. (Ct.) late a merchant of Vickshurg, of the firm of Judson Ik Robinson. Vickshurg and New Orleans papors please copy. WANTED?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE. TiY A ItSspccUt'Io ymmg widow, willi a fresh l>r list of milk, having Inst her only child 1>ut a few days ago, Refnrunnegiven aid required. Address or enquire at '.IS Urwuc Ft. uu'U Friday. WANTED?A 'OMR AND ( II am HER \l aI D. THEY . must come veil recommended. ApiJy, from 5 to * I*. M? at Na.69 feaith ivvtM. Union Plim. ; Wanted, da* a voirvi Herman woman, who *peaka English and French, a situation to f*ke oere of I Children uuti Sow. The most satisfactory icoommcndati??tia can j J given by her present employer. Apply at 7St.t?a reet WANTED?A YOUNG MAN (AMHM \\;. HBO! 1 20 years of ago, to attend a r-Wid liquor ?t'?ro. He mnsf deposit eoeurity snffloient to indemnify his employer for bin !m>neHtv and capacity ; also board with his rrntiloyer. U<r further particulars, apply to Messrs. Waring St Webster, 2U1 Chambers street. WANTBD-BY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOman, a situation a i chambermaid, or to inied children, and do general housework ; the iwst of referenoes given. Can be seen lor two diya 80 Springitntt WANTED-A SJ rUATION BY \ RESPECTABLE YOt N I woman to dochamborwork and waiting, or to assist in taking care of ohildreiL Good references given. Inquire at 71 Madi on street. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman in a private fam ly. as cook and laundress, or t?? d< chamber work and assist in washing and ironing. Can produce . i -d . ity n ftrenoee. In inire at 71 Madl ion it. YET ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIR n a situation to take care of children or d?> plain sowing. list.* i . sot ns 1 lo general houtvwork. or I joa tboi fcI i in fry. Please call at 2U9 West Twon ty-flrnt *t. Wanted -by a middle-aged protestant wo man, a situation in a si.all private family to do hut sow >rk She has good reference*. Apply at II Henry street. WANTED?A 8ITI 1TION BY v RES PE< B E PRO tcatant young woman, to do the general h.mewrk of ;< umals family. The host of city refereuce can Uj given. Apply at 11" Malta try sr.. l' i :! .. front r m. WANTED?BY A RESPDCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN FO do obamber work; or waiting In a unall private family, or to take care of children, or to do general house work. to oaB at 20 ' Mott it eet, < in I CKcm r Wanted -a m m \ rn?s u> \ i:r ti;< t\h\ i: vm \<; w oman u* pi .in cook, and lira rate wa-hcr and Ironcr, and in w illing to make he wo if ireneraliy awful The best of ref?Tsncetas to olurartcr, how-sty and coiniiutcncy. Apply at her present place, 71 Wtylopghby stivet, Brooklyn. (10ACUMAN WANTED^ON AC I NI PI I I Nl 1R J the city. One with g?od testimonials, and wishing to make himself gen rally useful, may apply at No. 2S Beaver street, front office, up Hfaire, Ike in ll to 2 o'clock. C1ARPENTER WANTED-A HOI SB CARPENT1 I ( * find employment by inquiring at the desk of thi* office. Masons, stone cutters, and quarrymen want. ed <>n the ex tend on of the Ifarlcm Railroad. Enquire at the Contra ny9* Office, near City llall, And at tl.o Engineer's Offlre, i i ?. n PaUi, BOARD,OR to LET. I Rl Pi rAl LI I KIL1 tug more phwi than they re jnlrr, w ul l l>o j -n ed to take two or three gentlemen. or a gentleman and his wile, to 1 i a.tli privst/j a par t nr.* en ta. furnished or unfurnished; or * m!<1 ,n the apartments to a n.ii.Ul family. AppJyat lift Hanm?; w-iy it., r.tar Hudson 8\ Board 1 nted in brook i yn by a youno gj tinman. in a respectable private family whero thorn aiu no boarders. Ihyasc address l#??x tiSN. Ne * York Post Oiliue. POST-Of F ' CH \TDAIf RQl %RM MAIL America f >r Liverpool. Letter* and paper* for Enr-p-i and flier foreign c nntiies, to go by the Aimsrn n, will lm received at this office, till Tuesday, 27th June, at 4o'clock, 1'. M. Ode )pen every night till Id o'clock, to receive f?r the Steamer and ; . If till AARON 1 WARTS. The qi ei " !';i; opp<> ;.; r?KgenER\L p Office, St. Martin's le Grand, London.?This luAguio cut 11 tel having recen tlv undergone ex tenure alteration *, and a great portion of it newly furnished, will he found on trial to haw no r?val in the metropolis, both in point <4 accommodation an I moderate charges. Tim Coffee room i < ? ? of the largest and tu > t | comfortable in England. Board, p r day. I lot and Cold Bathe. THOMAS SPEXtFR LENNEY, Manager, Formerly Chief Steward of the British Queen Steamship. Reference in New York to Mr 1 h S 1 0B( lar qba bathing, lono branch, new jersey. the ^ ^ca Belch Hon** id now open i??r th?? r< repMon ot visiter*. Jane Jl. IMS. If. IIOWLANI), Proprietor. [ono branch. new jersey. bath fcl J Thiii Sea Bathing establishment omnia for patrons, June Bth Complete and elegant repair*, add lave been mode. Tlie learners Orns, Fttltou II rket, ami 11. *ewhs, from Washington Market, make daily tripr. stufT.'.* ready at Jcoan iiouro. No ollort spared to giro satisfaction. jAMES (.KM V. I\- ; t^OR SALE?A PATENT El"'PHONICYIN PIANO IfiRTr. This sitperh instrument l.nj mi Ihjou received fr in England, m l i< *o bo # en at A I'WILL'S mu-if < ! *, JO I Br- adwav. 1 Inef cbaraetcristioe of this iinrival? I in ?.,rnment an*, a rn h t i i ityand sweetness of tone, rendering it. ? -|? . tally ulapv 1 p.,oug acooni|?ai,iincnt?the length of Hni" it will remain in tune. . ininfliicricd by climate?its light and e t appearactw?and. j asfly, its great durahility. bflOH ILK LOW, IN El CO I NT PELINTUM CAR lAi in good order, with superior English llarnes^. Alio, a ; vr ii iands?nne, well broken, gem le, ar<l sound family Horn*, fmbm;! os intlemaa having i Ii for Li II w 01 *>r at i.he Tav.lion, Staten Island. E10R ILX .1. ICRBS 01 H <0, COVEN 0 W1 L a i??- iuM'ol grove of lo'-ust ir*r*, hounded on tw ? sdib 4 by t. nrew-V ury Itiver, nnd opposite Port W anting.on. It has a tiro low of the Ocean, and is surrounded by a beautiful and pi* >n >. ? pic scenery. Toe re is a dork just finished, ?.n the above plau? \*ro the steamboat Orus ston* daily, iu gnir r to and fi m New rk. Tlic village of Middletown i< ahnut 8 mil-)* distant; then aim a Himri.'Mii Tillare in which them arc two thurchvs, :lr',.l 1.-n and three stores, air)lit 1 mile liI*lt. Til mi-f- t er ?ialie .'n sell the above |>r"|?rty I' t a hotel; either with -r ' Ithout. the dock. For farther information cmptlm .f t harlea II. c [MI|X IVurty street, t apt. Magaeriy, liMMOh at Ora% Jonah t .. Mount, I'ort Washington, >r of Joseph tl. Mount, near toe ' hovo premises. VC'iFFF K ll'iTSF. ANOUOTKI, FOK SALE?Till. LEAdE. Stock at.d fixtures of the state ( hie House. .'litT, r"Of, comer of I'twk slip, which is one of the utoit fashions nd respectable establishment* in the city. The only rent on for m owner desiring to sell, U having other business requiring all H I hie n'tentlon. To prerent unnecessary trouble, i |it \ rated With except these who wish to [ uretlAie forcaeli. I articulate enquire at the Elyjian Fields lluaw, llohokru. V.Mo'A inv. r "si.atms against the late nnu;/.i>Es ami regi " mo nt* of Infantry in the City of Nu,v Vork.?Ntw V. uk, 1 lay T.'th, IMS. N'.ricr?In pursuance of tin art of tic Irtish ire of I hie State, panted April 12 th. 1 Ms, run ' I aa net t. T i aat entitled an aot for the a4)n-.tiurn' of claims incurred for ilitary imrpoi. ? in tha City ot \ew Vork. and t ir the diatn' e on of the eommutation money* received under the not pa-'-., ay .11, l-io, |vtneed V cam'-r -7th, 1SI7.?Notion la hen-hy giv. i all peraona hating claim* existing on the twentieth d ,1 . ft', i w r. A. I).. 1Mb. attain at the sovsrul Ihgi nauta and llrmadct ot i ntry in tlio T ity of New Vork, incurved hy them for piinun/ ii aiionery, mom hire, and winiental mueie, to preten the mm. i; ithln t wo to .nths I'rnm the date of thin notice, to the undersign I, ?t hia I fill e, No. Il > <'haulier street, New Vork \ I all I iraona haying imeh tlalms, are hereby further no i tied, that miles re is same arc presented within snoh time. titer will Id r cludi.d tu inn payment Out of the fund to lie distributed as provide.I hv >nid t )t. ity order ef the Division Biatrd. C. VV. SaNDI OIIH, tl \j?r fi eaeral. __ ~ SWEDISH I.EF.tJDISS-Si.OOti la-go sue Swell ah I.eerdo a I J Jitat received [sir steam 'hip Washington, for sal" at mry low tu aoe, by any ipiantitle* to anit nurrtarrm, t,y J. F. (LET, i Importer of L*?che\ No. 7 Juhu street, near Droadwsy. o. ^ ??? A*?' 111 nOWEWY THEATRE.?nUDAT EVERUM. jr\E TV D will petf'imed the |.Uy of FRI'DAL TIMKi?Walter C'M'hriDi, lfr 'f.T>r ? Anscm. Mr So t Kii '.Itraeill. >ir C. W.Cl , X l,ord Lennox. Mr. J 11. Ilnii: <^uc j >i -ry,ai? t. Mm. Jorda M ill tret L.umlfli. Mr I'lulUi . to coii elude villi t ? .J.cirju < nKKltr AND I'MU Cherry, Mi?* Mar} i'aylor; Sunquiubeok, Mr 1 ilton; lopaek, Mr. liurke, liuiY.ii ? i. M r 1'- :.n.\, lair Star, Mr*. Wul' ?* ; Mr.<. Sutherland: Ai i a. Vf i. I,n? kver. tt"?? , ?>t~. Pit, <*?r la J pi. oi< 1 Al , r v o? ; ...< a' o'clock. Nliii.o * ' . I' i IDA V BTIN lug, JTnne 23 I*e enwital u u i will tutunuMi wiUit Dfund Overture, to bj follow-. . t y . i, -I ' r 11 I m. ul. i PAS DRS AMOiTHF.I I I S by . D. , , V i.n- *. d by the tWcetta of the l-'OL'HMS'i i ?' *.?Ill ' A! jum. Vr I'hiil j>; Ii- auoluunp, Mr. Wale ' CurMi Virion, Mr. MfW'iU-r. A*er which, ibo national dtv-itUci! nt culled lac I'Ai HONMPUlA. Ly l\ Oit'iteuHfri *, To i cl< Hop c<l by the 'I HCMl'fN'O LF.U ACY?Jerry tuiiit'o' Mr ' idmtendnle: U< olio. MD* Kale To "include - btheClilNli: 1 BALAIilMI, by 11 Ihn. * : . h Vicnn 'ifla * flo <vnC'. Doors tqwn at 7 o'clock. 1 Vrforinancc to cowmen al8 o'clock. ; ?n\J W iir:AT;:?-80UI rilOPttlETo.. a* i Fa c r' P . ?,\. r. -!; nottt of vr. VAKliV~IM my t.' ,rdiu\ Juno 2.J.I, v >Jl l?o jwrfonnod the drama of the DhNOl. NCEK ?Claude o'Arhuol, Mr. Ward ; Adolpho tie Hrtai mart, I helps Simon /'i. le, IV. t nov r, liana JfnovfoMt, Var ; Vo*'ori.!? , Mr. (i. < l *r MrUl'-y l/.ir Mr Vitus ; IDrfV ' *i t La IVi Auclo: 1* ( .i! u* A- oord. ; .Vr. I'utu. d iv i. 11 ' ?jr?tor' liui.iu n h to c"T)clud'j witli tin* drama, of s Ml All. T1IK .11- VVI -S?David St? IVr?, Mr Pndey; St. tdum ('ar.'enhitn, lJirld, Keubon, Vurr); Nonlt IrinWall.'.-, lierlort; Snndi., Mr*, t; .lomss. Doors open at 7?Perl- n e oimmrtco it 7^ ' r i 1 K ft-.*.mi. Pit, 12Kl Prlvaie B ^5. nkOADW A H i i 1 illU \ V K\ 1 a i JINK Z . will ?i? |w rfon.o-1 -I.- piny of I II'.; BKIDAh AM.n to . Mr ./allies V\ alla k J, \t m' . >1 r Fn d. raU ; A. in:or. ' r y "min ; Lyb!| |-us. Air V ,\ iHpMlur. Mr Kn k -ley. ? aln itiu.MrMiaw; < leon. Mr Iii ira o, Mr Dry . * > ; Ana a#. Mr Andcrsnn; F.v&dnc, Aire WvJlick. Jr; .vmuj. Mi * 1 Jiny M allack. To conclude with tin.nni :cul fart" ?i'TJli; !?Kd? ill V K- Mingle Mr Ifftduwtty; lli'tu . M. 1 ; Cicely, Alr.,v?r .' III'. Drov; i irt'If un<l par-jiiott". rr? r . ... ... Gallery I'-'1, c. To oom"i?n?'" a* a quarter t< ?-i >hL or hit. |"1A3TLK GA EN UBMANCJB TO COMMkNCE AT " f 8 o'clook?Ailrr.if don,iui'.ta?Mano^iug Dune'or, Mr. (it j. H -11*' I?Mr. T. V. Cliuhli, Munit il Diroo'or? Pan ' r iii.ti rat -r, An;. ' lo Monte IJlIa Mnohlnery Mr. H. Mr?"..i iy? r f ncrtieB, Mr. Gilbcrf,? Friday ovenini*. June 2Sd, IS-J.'*. w ill le jM rformcd the Jfrainii <d* OLD I1DNMSTV?Micii.atl Br^d.ihuu. Air. Nickiuson ; Joseph liradsluiw, Ko-Ur; Tohy IVroh, lDJInnd : Oaiuo llraiUhaw, Mr . Vernon; Mary, Ml^? \ir'.. :?. V? I ? HUc' bv S? ? riits and Jlii!l.?d j, by Mb d I'l.illins, .' !.< I r ii^Mrc II. I'Mliip.s nod Mrn. (). Ilolinai). lo < itiiluui witii the Farce ttfi of JOHN I'llETTY JOHN?I'lummy, Air. Nickicrtou ; John Frotty John, Holland. MUl'H A NIP'S If AM, 17.' BROADWAY. IIKTVVKKN' <i mod and Ur?? rue atr.ols, MONDAY, JUNE Mb hi d every night during the Meek- To ori CHRISTY'S M' NSTBEl S, coin rlduring ih" ; v*: i*; fill**. .'MSl'llA have Im- mi reoc.i e l with W. . -e.i; I ? k? ?1 litifxan 1 sucoe--, most fHrt|K?ftfr. ;|y annouiK i, 'hat they '.'ill ont.Mio tin-ir #i;.'im?l nod ininiitu !? entcrtaini. ? n .> < v? > u;ght until further i >ti Adtnitsion i!5 cents. P? < rs open at 7. < ucert will (Mia:' mmm ut 8. Manager and Director, K. P. FlllM * V. Py rouueut. f the head*of Revoml fa mi tir o an Afternoon Concert v\ ill no j;ivor? ?>n Ratlin lay next, Juno 21 in. Dc.or* ojkjii lit. 2, to commence at .'I OVIoc'K. Bahm vs AMEBIC \N Ml', it .i r D SMJV, PI pviotor, F. liirciioooK. Manager ? splendid performance*, ovory afternoon at ?.}? o'clock, and every evening at . The nm? i per nan the pleasure of announcing an engagement, for a .- re time, with the U. H. Minstrel Baud end Blue Club, who will up ptif ui u variety of GIim, Choi every afteru I evening. Also engaged, for the first time in five years, Mr. J ha Ifarrincton, the weu li nm on 1 ? * n Itely popular American Magician a< d Ventrih^uinC. Also en/ .? I. the wonderful ai^d in to res ting Lambert Family, r miiim* cdoi t' o ce.chratcd Highland Mammoth Boy-., (liant llaby, Wax Scripture St atnary, and a variety of brilliant F.h ' lrie.J Experiments, with a now and powcri'il Apparatus. Madame Rockwell, the famous Fortur.e Tolltr. '-tin ' o t>r.viii?ly consulted for 25 cents extra. Admission to tl.o win !e, including Museum, Performance*, kc., 25 ccnt?; ?h ldrvn, vnder tun yearn of age, and old enough to walk alone, I.IV^ con's. RelerviAft Mat on illin el icti . B; ? V .1 ! .' i.i PANORAMA OF 1HJ MT8SJ sippi Klver. painted on three of eanv.i. /, l ying fha Urges', painting in tho world, at the Fain ruins Building, in Broadway, ndjoitiitig Niblo's Burden. (?r- n every evening, ( unrlity f t- , copied). Admission f*t cents; children lmlf price. Tin* Fu'i -rnliia will comiu nee moving at V, t<? o'clock jr * ly. Afteruoon exhibition on Wednesday and Saturday, at 'S o'clock. IKTALNUT 01 IT I i. R II K . LI li I - ff I tone fit of Miss Julia Daly?Friday evening, Juno 2.1, |.*v(\ will lo performed the grand roumuti" diauu of tie E N CliiVNTKBSS?Knmir, Mr. Kicking*; Porto Hrae'hlo, Mr. A'Rocket; Zambrillo, Mr. Goodall; Luzarill", Mr, Nccl; l', S r Douby; Don Sylvio, Mr. Wheatley; The LiiuhuntreaA Mum A. Fiaher. ft*l> the public?tuis is to give notice that JL Mr. II. Reich has, on this day, ceased to act un agent for tl<? Stoyermarkisoho Mnsi. ul t'onipany, and that be in in no way, a? y more. co(n.ecled with the said arisoci ui-.M. Mr. F. B. llclmsiuut lrr it ah, urui?r tutu 'late, 'oen appointed unio agent for the above me it Loiidooatpuiy. v \ ne 2l*t, 1 ? . Notice to quoit pitchers.?the undf,k lqned offer* to vnflko a Match with Any two gencloincn, to pitch 11 \*oj puue.* of Quoit*?this bout t wo in three, (distance IS yards.) for *f?lDU, or upwards, ut the K* I grounds, at, Harlem. Oflur open throne week, fr-m thi* date. ApplbM i ?n :?> be made to Mr. L. ilodgors, ut tho Rod House. SAMUEL HIT. ill ram ciiam'llk. ff\pe first prayer in ( ingress, 1774 engraved A on .steel by t add. fr in an original picture by Matte sun, with n graphic description irotu tho pen of the elder Adaia-; plate '.'') ! y 2'? inches; on Hue paper 21 by 3'J. with an engraved Key proof, >.5; a fuwon India pit r, Just published hy .foil S \'K \!.E, ft(J i urminu street, Now York. All let tern to l-o pout-paid. \] A SO.'* K! NOIII I r A? rORDANt E Willi AN IN IvJL vitat n from i it.. I* 1 No. II, tho officers and m i ol . .i . h f the Si ite of New York, and tli** I.I'd. uud i i * r-*i ? i n will unite with said Lodge in colt;hrutin ti. . - ry < I tin* natal day of our pation, St. John the Hap - <' I' ill, Westchester (.'uiiii y, New Y<irk, < n M *i lay. th?- >? f t:i*? r- 'urn of th s IMtivii helui; on -Saturday.) All ?. >,, .? rho fiatcrnlty, and sojourners in good standing with t t (kmiltoi*, are respectfully invited to Participate. Did brv hren will ut tho Grand Lodgn loom, No. 2-Vi GrnnL^roe, at 7 o'clock, A. M. They are requested to a linear ui d irk clothing, black hate, wlilte gforos an * api^ns, aud urne -TI. i. the office ra iu full regalia. wearing tie scarfs nnd jewels of the ' >rder in their rank. Tho pro? es.dott wiil proceed to the foot of Caual street, where the steamboat n'ow I Liven, chartered f<r the purposi* of <" lt.-ying them to anil fr- in lVok?\i!l, will b: in t i line s t'? receive th< u with their families ir.d invited :rue- *. Th b ?at will leave at < < r -. lock, A. M., and will leave Poekskill, < n her return, at P. J. 'I i Uot* can bo lit I at ^ . S2 Forsyth ?ti"?', or of either of the officers "f tho Grind Lodge or l.<?!and on board of the boat. frke of Ticket,j lor the t. n or i i 7/> cent* ta By order. CIIA (LSI P. LfNLBACK, Grand Secretary J T V G. D.-KN TF!> BROTHERS LODGE, No. .1?TDK U members ol ! ri i to attend il the'r Lodge Koom, flu It.-,(Friday) at 2 .V Nk. to attend tho funeral f a. Ut?? v .iv'r>th?T. T. \x.? Mowbray, lk A. The ord r in ' n r:.l nre r q . .fully invi'ed. .1 min L? . ah, . ry. - JOHN ADAMS, V. A. npURTLE -TURTLE 0 EEV TURTLE. FOIt SALE, GREEN 1 Turtle by llAaKKk BUTLER, No 2 Fun .n Market. t ; t <k i i: ? ' . mi, i.. g?3? a . i*tTa' o; *.:t in t! citv, pvI of the tuut quality, can )<e had at m-o old . ' l? lied store, lltJf. r.r.ti ,rr. rm tnt <*f * >Miive street, entrain o nd door in Oicnm utr* t. All the r, ods ire warrauica*id eunt to any part of tho city or vlo.iiity lien of change. iv l. mm. n.UI.KOAT) VAI.ISFS FhT'' !l (OFFFF, M\<dlInTsIV Ke.?Frederick \. Wuodw rth. Brmdwav, np| ?fite trie lb- fr-. has Just r c.v.-d jitr ?hip Ad'nir-al. fr i Ilavr-*, a supply if <aca Uheinin* d?i F< r a very * luable ar i le to travellers. Alro a no..- nuuoriiuent of French ('< : ? e M icimoof the moHt approved p ttern*. together with still further additions to bis ?\ton live .-took of rich Hreuf Fairs, Opera Gin. eg, hidit /, VI hip-. Hi*!in^ filovcH. Roliculea, Porte-monnale.'A Furref, Bobenoiu) Glugs, a i fine Brotksoa. ril BKOHN, STONE SEAL ENGRAVER AND HERALD ft. ? Pali rti ed to 251 Broadwray, < ol Mvn y ? r- qupstaira. Seal?. Signe* Ring?, Pencil (T Iko., engraved with Uoate of Arm a. i .V?. Armafouiid and pninted from V! upward*. Honk* of Heraldry, with upwardj of A*),'*lO nnncn. Information ii on in lleraldrv. 3 V PORT A NT NOTTGE To FA Mil IE". Ec.-AND'IV TA A p. 1 npuj-'er of Linen and *'<? on Co-'?K i'VJ Hr- adway, r?*-j. fully in'imates that in ' - i t the t^id fc'.ate of hi* henlth, i, ? hi .-ifu;p"l!< I irt fclinqui k ''i dno,- and on Monday the lilth lest., I c w ill comij.r i *e *- ! ? of '.ia mock a' pricea grratlv 1" h?w the usual r '"p. '!?,. / ikIu l<i'g all ef tirnt qualities, funi.'li'0. hotel kc *iT-, and othei . will find them w??rtliy their attciiti *n. v ew York, Julo 10th, lM->. The ?t'?ro to let and fix tures for unle. ? riv \LL WHOM IT MAY <*().\< 7-TIN -NOTK K IS IIF.KEBV I i\cn that t!u* | irtnerskip herctof ro ; v.-:imr b i^ween the i ri I<m . -Tie! and ' F. Keeks, under the firm-name of '! v Mi'f'oy," is diss ived, Now York. June gHh, iHjS. DANIEL McCOY. It or sale- % h mm i cjko( euy rore, n"'v df 'i no ar -m! trod, inn fir rato r.i/ r!i *d down town. Kent nly $'2.y) a y? tr. T-a< 'i customer, huvii-ab'ut ?V)U, this ia t chance r. Idotn to I c uict; tl?? good will of the concern is worth for w hich nothlrg will be charged. Tlie ouly rcatou Tor sollinr; is, the owner ha* another atore. Apply to K. Ih IiKWl.s. (!1 Vcwyptrwt. ^ Dr. whkfxer. oct;u>r, 21 ( i?*ii street ivnteihl* exclusive attention t> dl* iiiee of fho ty >n l p. 'Iiulinio nursery. Office hour* ft'i i v m. i n'r.l ? k ('. u. v ; mnrhlef cnnl vnltif emno rr?at care* tfb" 'ed by df. lV'i??.ler, t li ul rreliiitm ly at Mr rr<i 'pi , < r ea:ne will be for. a-.t'lfl t.? iihv "? ' rn' ip.' application to bin by letter, [*?? paid. Ariilb uil eyci inwrfed and forsel". Dr. rowei.t., o<un.i;vr. at;:', r, pre, attevp* paily to dlrca" .1 of the Eyo bud f.?r, at i in 10. ry, ik 1 l;rca 1. a a*, ittraiKO ik it trent -ret jo . ;u>!i '.id, ?j,? re, or d edition of 1 iw '* '1 rt > ine n '.! ? rye. ,-ve fh?een'% ?!.. h ?? ? tw hj ? at Me oflt". el ohm premium clia-iir- f,v? fv ntti^ a lane i'Tplyef ai m lei Fvoe rw-r.t:* imported, nR. iiiM'n, \. ior rnv "prvtcu 1'fivv'S * "i'r . >? ; b< . >-> Greene i. h eti-o't, nttioo h? re u to ij a- h.. i to 9 i'. m? (Sandfly exci | d.) mi ne who apply In the .-orly m'^ue will 11 n:r| r j ?: i1" Tuni'iity ar?l little ltie< vouimce .t;oi' lb < tloir ere. It let'.iffy, h wevor, tvia who two ,.u' e-d froia ? eer:.dn t leee of j- .do, or otherwrieo. who jt ?. / rly appreciate ue reeve .? i.i re, from lie riucii'nt, t" 't;.i?op- jileu' 'd pi dl./re^ninjt etpree, ('r i? unretR. i jilnt'i ea in r b itb.ii to * yry e?tep",,-e rr?oti.> in tide :.>j.l?.int) he ' an '. r i od. ev> and raiiinl ire, w'ii' h. he jern mdf r ratine. < ta be o?ta ncd fro'n no n eoarce a t.i.-rtr. No h'rf. vo cilaug*.?ph. MTTRirr, or as oold eif-1. it c ot.dfntlal'.y ' nen'tod on alt forme of pmv'e due i it. mt en ... -.i f it' r ei hi o-? in j to i dayr. 'on- t . ! bdni V :,d lii.iiip-n y oo -."illy tr . -d by Pr. M i,o to or ry p(?id in any co i : in: va* eo from bpriiiere, tlflui .'i (Jotd etivietj open fto i 7 t a to fit p. t# Ok. uMJVEK l- 11> t j.i. :> at ins <>rn< r, Pi a: *01 the day ? i c .m'o In th r? iiifli alt act pr .traoted ono'ie if etrleVar . el ""d J"-1ate direr. wh'ch haie proved too "h. tinatef a ,y? nee of b xp?r?n<'f. Private entrance to ,'.t? ifll-o titr. Tirv I., No. ? Anu ilit Kxiract paT'% rrjv-v y- \v \ ? ?3t'\ ?i.xy ) :ol m <i n jf vs. i rr<.nt, s i 1 *np,?imci #1 j*t nr**. iLjin i . si) ww ) ? :.! . i.) i'l'an ? i "i t it m. ji r *|wj i *? };?t c 11 ~o f : r:?? ir?i, l.ond'^r. mar to on-ailf* 1 in tr**nt ?aont i-f l' lir t .? !i n > mutter how i m: m may I i vft f. .l?-orjir ri the ho-ly, or in the throat :r noc* ninii in uth itcftd an 1 i ?-t tho l< *a pr;ici< e of f ivrt?m-n .irn, df vgtfl t?? i v u 'jivihhm Dr. (\ to cur? tho oret form of thU di ft ?f*t omens c\irt?l in focr (iay*.. ? niwrpury tiwl. .n'riothros cured in otw . r two weeks with aroely .1 y |? in. C ju3iituttunml <! hillty. iMtYfdv .?* i > i no in in., -vi in ft <. ?n i '..iwuiie nami can poMtnely t? ?-t"i i t ? V. il?h au<: ut { ,y. Koni*n bur, 19 D^an* n'r-rt. op. ? 1) J ' >?T KVf iAORDTVAHY VVORK?TO Ti.'L MAURIK!) f a or tli n < n'oifatln* mvrriaga. Tho marritd woman*, rirate Mo l . \ CotnfAuion, by l?r. A. M. UvrinMii, Sixth e<l. n. I'r a lil. This work i* mealing with tn -r a.itui"Mn ' M.iJiR' c j'ica have already be*?n dirp-<*e-1 <f.) Every female is n a n c< py, w) - Pier married or unmarried. although it ia In l?. <t* lally tor the nurrie ! &. ' < *. ?r?ar. ; .or ?, hiiJi should Iwj known to * liens particularly. Iler* errry terrain in discover tlie ostium symptom*. and th? most. fllftcint rrm?-. en, and must certain mode ?* 'ure iu ?*? ry cam tor ml*. JUJ roadway; At the Publishing Odlea, 129 Lihertrr atrewt, New V r-t <w, Zieber and Co., c-rnier *f Cln^ tu and Third streets. I" t*. ;11>Ma; Lit Us and Cu., Albany W. R. ' > ?? Be aton, On Vi otdl?l of $1. * coj.y will he trnn*ruit*?a| h in: >1, free of pos i . .ill parts of the I in yd St*. \ l ' ''[Ill !*! In:. < 1, I ' )?id. to Or. A H MAI *.< KAU.ioj V,-w York v. Pint. 1B> Uh?r'v "riyit. iiosivi. d i,r< r ; n\'\i. , " r - ' il' ' I ' v 1 . !" .ill" > 'l "H I I k?;l f"t th?oour?* vl m K?hn-1 k* . rw''lfn??,50* Ur.?unu j I 21 cent* oaou Uotti", to bo tmJ * tit 4ou, I

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