Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1848 Page 3
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". ^ . 11 1 ; ii i in " prart uuiwn it ?k?iv twiUit, 6?f mIn. wl{) pfPh*My ranch frnjB BOOT In <W0 N'.t*, *t kbuGt lid' fc4uiu ruts a* thus*- eU.m&t jHr?t?f?U|, l.ivtkfooL C"*a Ma rest. Jutte 10.?There la lllMnlly nothing doing in our corn market to-dav. The general tendency of tire trade is depressed. and holder* of moat article* would tnnke a alight concession in order to effect sale*. For American wheat, flour, and Indian corn the ratea of yesterday are sustained Liverpool Iron Market, June 10. ? Prices hare still a downward tendency, and the general irapre*?ion lc that there will be a nominal reduction of A'l per tm. made on manufactured at the next quarterly meeting of Staffordshire ironmasters ; but aa thia has been anticipated, to a great extent, in the recent low quotation* the real alteration will not bo to this extent Scotch pigs are not so firm aathey have been for gome week* pn?t, and the makers are evidently giving way under the pressure of heavy stock* and diminished demand Present quotations Scotch plga. ?2 14 ; merchaut bars. f'i 10 ; nail rods, ?7 10 ; hoops, ?H 10 ; sheets. jf'J per tou ; all in Liverpool. NEW YORK. HERALD Nortli-Weat Corner of Kulton and Nassau ata. JANES GORDON BKNNBTT, PROPRIETOR. AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. jvwrwv THEATRE. Bnw?rr.?New Way to Pay Old Dihts?Thk Rao Pickbr or PAma NrBI/0"8, As tor Place?Giant or the Foiist?Vienitoiss Dancers. I HATHA H THUATHl. Chatham - Tippy tiik Tilbr ?N*w Von* At It Ia?Omwibui?Mr FrirndthkCaptain. CAHTi k gauticn. Battery?Old uonmty?Operatic Olio?Watrr Witch*'. MCCUA.AICS' flftliU Biotlvt;. near Broome- Cumrrv UnHTito- lniiontF 8inenic?Bublisqcc Danoino, *4 . PANORAMA HALL, Broadway, new Houiton?Ban yard" Panorama "* thf Mimia*ippl New York, Tuesday, June >47, 1848. Actual Circulation of the Herald. June 26. Monday. .1 21,360 oopiw T*>? publication of the Morning EJi'ion of the Herald oommenoed yeetonlay at 3 ,'olook, and tlnmhed at 30 minutes pas' 7 o'ninoV. Tho Evening Edition at 25 minutes before 2 o'clock, and finished at 10 minutes past 2"o'clock. The ForelgnlNewe. We give in our columns to-day a prettyi full synopsis of the foreign news received by the steamship Britannia, at this port, together with the letters of our variouscorrespondents in different parts of Europe, and the latest telegraphic despatch, which we recommend to the attentive perusal of our readers. The most startling piece of intelligence received by this arrival, informs us of the triumphs of the cause of freedom in the Italian States, and the restoration to popular favor of his Holiness Pope Pius the Ninth. In recent bloody conflicts, the soldiers of the latter have been victorious, and defeated the Austrians with great slaughter. The cause of freedom goes on bravely in Europe. In relation to France, we do not place much reliance on the forebodings of the Enerlish nress. ol disturbance or reaction in favor of a monarchy. The day is gone by when the French will submit to any form of government but a republic. It appears that the committee on the constitution 'intend to report an executive department, substantially the same as tTie president of the United States, to be elected for four years. On the whole, we think France is in a fair way of settling down quietly. The chartists in England are still at work, and are becoming more formidable than ever. Several conflicts between them and the police have taken place. A grand, universal chartist demonstration was to take place on the 12th inst., and go. vernment were using every precaution to preserve its position. We may have some exciting news from that country by the next steamer. The British House of Commons, as will be seen by our correspondence, has passed a resolution, permitting the bill for the amending of the existing navigation laws, by a vote of 294 to 117, a majority which we think ensures the concurrence of the House ol Lords. Our readers will find, in another column, a synopsis of the condition of affairs in Ireland; from which, and from our correspondence, a tolerably accurate opinion can be formed. It will be perceived that preparatory steps have been taken towards a concentration of all the repeal parties into one grand league, to be known as the Repeal League, but whether the project will be successful or not we cannot tell. Neither do we think it a matter of much consequence, for a simple repeal of the Union will not remedy the evils which afflict that unfortunate country. If the neo pie of Ireland desire to achieve a real independence they must sever all connection with England; and to do that, they should manfully, unitedly, and determinedly strike for a republic. To be ' or not to be, should be the question with them. We have always looked upon the repeal agitation as a visionary scheme. We never, for a moment, supposed that it would be conceded by any English Parliament, no matter of what party or faction the majority might be composed. The people of Ireland seem to have arrived at the same conclusion?at least a large portion of them ; but whether this fraternization or union of repealers is, in reality, to be considered an abandonment of that, as well as oftlie propriety of accomplishing it by forced we do not know. Republicanism, we repeat, is the ouly remedy for Ireland. We refer our readers to our copious correspondence and extructs, for further particulars. Our Foreign Correspondence. The intelligence from France, which is first published in this country after the arrival of each steamer, comes through English channels, and should, therefore, be received with several grains of allowance. One side of the French news, brought by the Britania, has already been given to the public; the other side we will publish in to-morrow's Herald. We shall present a portraiture of French afTairs, given by men of the first talents, and the highest literary reputation, who, wetlimk, will refute and dissipate the bad auguries, and evil suggestions coming from the English press, against the new and yet unfledged republic of France. It would have been amusing to have read the articles of the English press 011 the great American republic at the time that nullification was raging in all its agitation. They would have led all who perused thein to believe that the end of the great republic of America was sutVIy come. So they now lead the timid to suppose that such is the case with the French republic. It is fortunate for our readers, and an intelligent public generally throughout the Union, that by means of our correspondence, the American people are not left to lie misled nnd deceived by the dark, black, mournful, lugubrious accounts, nnd sinister representations given of French ntr.iirs by the English press, and we are sorry to be obliged to add?by some unworthy followers and imitators of its views on this side of the Atlantic. To-morrow's Herald will give a full, faithful, nnd explicit account of everything of interest which lins transpired at Paris nnd on the continent, since our last previous accounts. We need not despair of the French republic yet awhile. Its enemies, especially those in its own bosom, nre wenk and insignificant compared with the friends iif nrrtor ntiil nrnnrJ r#? 1 nil 1! 1 a n nrnvr* rnmnnf Tliniittli T.nmirtino nny, apparently, have shown poiiip weakness in expecting any good from the Fourierite Socialists, nn<i, therefore, making concessions to them, otir readers will learn by this correspondence the true position in which he stands, faithful to the republic, and unsullied by all the groundless charges made against him. Though he has been too kind to that infamous collection of destroyers, he has never connived with thein or B joined them. The Patriot Mitchki..?Among the passen? ? gers who arrived in the steainslnp Britannia, in iff I this city, yesterday, is William Mitchel, said to M '>e the brother of John Mitchel, the patriot, whom \ British government has treated so atrociously. i" \ ?iHainWHh?iiitirri?'rt~ffr?frrTir.i'ir -n~r nmupmc nmtt?MW8, NtHtttM1}*) Oar telegraphic report of the proceedings of | Congress yesterday, will It- f und very interesting. : It contains, anmiT <>t'.i,jr a defence of the ' views and movent- r >f 'i ;> n..h n-by Senator 1 Dix, ot New York. Tiie Ilou-e umused themselves by a passage of arms on the Wilmut Fro- > viso, that subject having been introduced during ihe debate on the general appropriation bill. From Albany, we learn that the State loan was tiken yesterday at favorable rates, the bids amount- j ing to overn million of dollars. tkatli of Judge Archer, dir. Baltimore, June 2tith, 1848. Judge Archer, of Maryland, died lust night of a complication of diseases. The steamer's news has unsettled our market, and no sales of moment have transpired. A IVcw senator. Philadelphia, June 26, 1848. j Governor Owsley has appointed ex-Governor Morehead to the l.'nited States Senate, vice John j J. Crittenden, resigned. The State Loan. Aliianv, June 26, 1818. The nmount of the State loan has been awarded to the following persons, viz:? Bidders. Amount. Rale.. Robert B. Gage, of New York $5 000 103 10 Tfcoo. W. Oleott. of Albany 0,000 103.15 R. II. King, of Albany: Thomas W. Oloott. do.; Watts Sherman, do.; Camnian & Whitehouso. for themselves and on foreign uccount. .. .408,810 34 103.03 Total .. .$479,810 34 The whole amount subscribed for was 41,055,819. I THIRTIETH CONGRESS. FIRST SESSION. Senate* Washington, Juno 20, 1848. The Sonute enlivened at eleven o'cloek The Vieo ! President, George M. Dallas, being absent, on motion | of Mr. Beuton. Mr. Atchison, of Missouri, was appoint ed President pro tern. wisconsin senators. Mr Douce, of Wisconsin, presented the credentials j of Mr. Walker, his colleague lrom said State, who went i forward, was duly qualified, and took his seat On motion of Mr. Benton, Mr. Dodge and Mr. Yi'alk- I er proceeded to draw ballots for tormsof servico. Mr. j Walker drew the shortest term, his period expiring in j 1849, and that of Mr. Dodge in 1851. lic h i' houses. Mr. Davis, of Massachusetts, from the Committee on Commerce, reported the bill in favor of making an appropriation for the erection of light houses, light boats, buoys, ho. Whitney's railroad. Mr. Borland, from the Committee on Public Lands, j reported a joint resolution in favor of grunts of land for the construction of Whitney's Railroad, from Luke j Michigan to the Pacific Ocean. After the transaction of some other unimportant bu- ; siness. the Senate laid aside the morning business, and | proceeded to take up the Oregon bill. mr. nix's speech. Mr. Dix spoke at length in support of the proviso, or ; the ordinance of "87. lie cited the opinions of Madi- j son and muny cotempornneous authorities?the acts of j Congress, from the date of the ordinance down to the period of the formation of the territorial government of Iowa. He quoted various decisions of the Supreme Court to sustain these acts, and a number of authorities establishing the power of Cougrcss over the question of slavery in the territories of the Union. After a strong argument, thus fortified, in support of the power ; of Congress, he came to consider the expediency of its exercise in regard to Oregon The exercise of the power might bo freely considered, because it infringed upon no existing rights He was decidedly opposed to | leav ng Oregon open to slavery. He diverged into an | examination of the laws of population ? the dis- j tilictifin between tile rn.rinils rMceit nf men?the ' inferiority of tho African race, and the superiority ; of the Caucasians. He argued the policy of eucour- > aging tho increase of the whites, and of suppressing, us far as possible, the increase of the colored races?it was , our manifest interest to do this?it was, too, tho lnnnifest destiny of this continent that it should bo peopled | ultimately by the Caucasian race. With this view of ! the subject, so striking and solf-cvident. he must bo l opposed to the extension of slavery into the territories of this Union where slavery does not now exist?it is : unjust to refuse to exclude it from Oregon. Gentlemen ! may argue that the latitude will, ot itself, exclude the introduction of slavery into that territory, and that, therefore, this proviso is not a practical question. Not so. The climate of Oregon is mild, notwithstanding its high latitude; and slavery might be profitable there fi r a while; but shall we do the free white settlers in Oregon the injustice to open that territory to the introduction of slavery? Should we do this as proposed, by striking out this twelfth section, it would be an act reversing the policy of the government since its foundation?Its introduction is in accordance wiih the spirit of tho age, and its exclusion would manifest a hostility to the people of Orogou and to tho permanent prosperity of the Union. He preferred tho direct proposition of the ordinance of '87 to tho indirect provisions of tho bill; and if no other Senator did. ho should move to insert tho proviso into the bill. He believed. first, that all interference with slavery in the States is unauthorized by the constitution, in violation of its compromises, and dangerous to the perpetuity of the Union?second, that iu territories of the United States, where slavery exists 011 their acquisition, it ought not to be interfered with; but that, where itdoe-i not exist, it ought to bo prohibited?third, that Congress has no power over the question, on the admission of the territory as a State into the Union. Tills was | the spirit of the resolutions of New York? the only reasonable basis for a compromise; these were. also, his opinions. New York will oppose nny interference with ; ul s ruru wfiuru it aviutc Kut ahn amlll ulon nnnneu /.v ...... J ......... ? .... ., vfr ill. Ctension into territories whore it does not exist, by all the means in her power, as the extension of an institution inconsistent with the humanity and civilization of the age. Mr. Calhoun will speak to-morrow. After thn transaction of some unimportant business, the Senate adjourned over till to-morrow (Tuesday.) House of IlepreacntntlveM. The House met at 11 o'clock, when the Speaker called to order. The journal was read and approved. the post office rill. Mr. Feathkrstoiv, of Mississippi, moved to suspend the rules, with the view of taking up the engrossed Post Ofllce hill. The yeas and nays wore taken, and resulted in the negative. Two-thirds not voting for the same, the House refused to suspend Mr. Embree, of Indiuna, moved to suspend the rules, I in order that lie might introduce n similar bill, with n proviso. The yeas and nays were called for and decided in the negative. So the House refused to suspend the rules. Mr. Vinton, of Ohio, then moved that the House resolve Itself into a Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union, which was agreed to, Mr. Root, of Ohio, in the chair, when the general appropriation rill was taken up. Mr. Kf.atiif.rston being entitled to tho floor, spoke at length ngninst tho Wilmot proviso, lie wns interrupted by Mr. Lahtn. of Ohio, and interrogated. Mr. Featherston proceeded to conclude, when Mr. Andrew Stewart, of Pennsylvania, obtained the floor,und made a political speech, in the course of which ho came out against the Union's editorials and ( eneral Cass's extra charges, when territorial governor of the Northwest. Mr. Clark, of Kentucky, followed in a speech on tho veto power, and in fuvor of tien. ("ass's construction of it. Mr Thompson, of Kentucky, next obtained the floor, and spoke half an hour, politically, and moved that me committee rise and report progress, which was carried; when, on motion, tho adjourned oyer till to-morrow. Market*. Boston. June 120.?The steamer's news has unsettled tho market, and there was not much doing this morning. Flour?000 barrels sold, including Oswego. Michigan. &o., at $0. Corn?Sales of 7000 bushels, part mixed, at 48c. and yellow at 55c. Rye?1200 bushels sold at 7">c. Oats - 2000 bushels changed hands at 40o. Ai.han?. June 20?Receipts by canal, since Saturday ?Flour, 10 100 barrels ; (lorn. 10,000 bushels ; Wheat, 5 600 bushels ; Oats, 4.000 bushels. Flour was firm, but no sabs reported. For good round northern Corn, 53c was asked ; 1000 bushels mixed sold at 48c. Wheat? 1700 bushels changed hands at private bargain. Italy ani> tiik Italians.?We obtained tlie following account from the " Let Deux Monties" a French literary journal published in this city, and evidencing tnuch talent in its conduct and articles 'The ancient (lag of Italy, brought, over lately to | Now York by ( aptain Corrao, remains here, to be trea- i j sured up among the archives of tho Italian Society A j new and splendid Hag. worked by tho Italian residents aud citizens of New York, lias been sent over to Italy in return for tin* old ting, and as a testimony of sympa thy from tlie Kalians of our city The ting which is left behind has a peculiar pretfi'gr about it. from the fact that it is the itrst Hag of Italian indepen- j deuce unfurled in the New World. A compa- j ny of volunteers has oeen proposed to bo raised | rin ,>ew torn io nut in inn i iirtnerancc or Italian 111><*rty; ami contributions from till quartern, by the friends and lover* of Italy, have poured in for thin purport'. Among the name* of contributor*, that of Mm Jumna Gordon Bennett Manila fori-moat She, with that libe ral spirit which ilistiiigulMifi her, nnd tilled* ci|ual honor both uponherselfand her noble minded husband, baa aent $lUO aa a subscription for thin purpojo. May other generous hearta follow thla uobln example, i Should the company erentually not be formed, il ha* been decided that the fund* collected for the purpoao ahall he aent to the widow* and orjihaua (if the heroes who died at Milan, i u the 8ght ef the live memorable day* of that ere at and gallant revolution . Gen. James Snirci.ns, I . y. A., lias been in , : low.i for a few days, occupying apartments til Hunker's Mansion House. lie left last evening, en route for the Weal. ban Intelligence. ComT Cai.csdar?This Day?Common t'lrr.t?G8, 60, 61, 6'J, 63. 64. 66. 67, 60 to 70 incluaive. luinuinn amuniiwu " fMtiflf tntiUlfaMth it tm Ci^tinvftir flortm Tfl?c*i A! ?n#teh for $400) tfill U dtfidtf Llli* nftWUOOfl ?t lh< ' above track. As the weather is now very 01<?. a tide to the Centrcviilo 1* a luxury that ought to be enjoyed by all who hare tho wherewith. New Music. " Tin: AwAKiNiwo or Italy," written by G. k. , Seeohl lie Canal!, the music by Herrinan S. Saroui, aud dedicated to Airs. J. (i. Bennett, of the Ntu> York Herald. ban just been published by Hall & Son. 239 Broalway. This piece will, doubtless. become a great favorite. The composition, both of the words anil music. Is ndmirable. arid most soulstirriug. A splendid allegorical lithograph, drawn by Davigunu. aud printed by Nugel. representing Pope Pius, surrounded by grateful Italians, ornaments the frontispiece. Knllron* lllalten, Oswego and Syracuse K tilrfiaii.?-It is said that this road will be completed, and put in running order, by the close of the month of August. The work on the superstructure is going rapidly on. The work of laying the iron is to be commenced immediately. Weekly Herald for Europe. The steamship America will leave Boston to-morrow for Liverpool. Tho mails will close In this city this afternoou. AVe shall have an K.uropeun edition of the Weekly Herald ready in time to be sent by her. It will, as usual, contain the latest authentic iutetli genre. of all kinds, from all parts of the continent, the West Indies. &o., up to the hour of publication. It will be ready at twelve o'clock. Excursion nroitnd St n ten Island Knit: 50 cults.?The new anil H]>londiti steamer ARMENIA, ("apt J. F. Taliuinii, will make tin excursion around fitatcn Isl.nd, this day ( I'ue-dayl, leaving foot of Garrison street at W A. M. ; Hammond street at 9 10; Pier No. 1 N. It. U 1.1; and foot of Grand stieet at -i/j. nt turning to the city between 1- and 1 o'clock, affording passengers a view of the maguiticent soeuory of tlio Bay, Highlands, For.iticatious, tic. The Attention of the Public la particularly toque-ted to tlie sale of valualde Property on 19th and 2Uth street*. by Wm. II t'raukliu it Son, Auctioneers, on Wednesday, Juno 23th, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. It offers great inducements to persons with small moans, desirous of purchasing. Valuable Collection of Palntlnigs.?.Henry N. Leeds h: Co. will sell, on Thursday the 29th iust, one of the most beautiful collections of pictures ever offered for sale or exhibited in this city, a eolleotlon made in Europe by a gentleman for his own use; mostly origluuls of undoubted authenticity, of pleasing subjects, and in the same state jik imported. They are now exhibited at No. Id Warren street, where the public are invited to uxauiiuo them. Cnrpcts_As we were passing up the Bowe? ryyesteidny, we were amusod in beholding the immense number of persons purchasing.carpeting* and oil cloths of Mr. Hiram Anderson, No. 99 Bowery. It is said to bo the cheapest carpet store in the city. Something like a Summer Ilnt._Kvcryb?dy wo' ees one of Kuox's Kooky Mountain Beavers always makes t lis exclamation. '1 hey are really beautiful ! General Lass, to r. itcoton, Mr. Crittenden, and other great men of all parties, de cluro that they an ipntk twiec as well in the o|ien air with ouo of Knox's Summer Beavers. Think of that, yo politicians. Tlie Great IIumbtig,_Thc following hast been published in the |iapers. aim is a complete piece of rascalityresorted to in order to sell what we lielieve to be worthless stuff:? "L'aui httlagua. l)r. Townsend's admission that this California plant is ' fur better ihan Saraannrillu.' esn lie seen at the depot." Ur. Tow nuclei lias made no sucli admission?but, on the ooutrury, before the California plant was advertised here, give it a fair trial in a ease of fever and ague and in diseasos of tho blood, &ud found it to be, as he believes, perfectly worthless. 'Wedding Card Plate and Pack Card*, $2od: Fine (lake Boxes, S'l pier hundred; Visiting Card Plate and Cards, $1 SO; Silver Door Plate, Wutifully engraved, $2 60; Wedding Wafers, Silver Cord, Sic., at J. EVKKDELL'S Premium Engraving Estnblsshinent, 302 Broadway, corner Duano street, hr?t square above Stewart's Marble Store. Gold Pens! Gold Pens?JJ. K. Watson A Co., li Wall street, arc selling Gold t'ens of every description wholesale uud retail at reduced prices. Their Rioholieu Pens are admitted to Iwj the I lest and uhea]iest Pens iu the world. Use does not mpair their fineness or flexibility, aTld the points are warranted for years. Gold I'eus re-pointed. Gold Pens.?i"Groaton's" Celebrated Warranted Diamond Pointed Gold Pens?indestructible excopt hv aotual violonce?are admitted by all who have used them to be the liust and cheapest peii in the world. They can be had at No. 71 Cedar street, (neur the Post Office,) Edward Y. Prime's, Josiah Ilavdon it Co.'s, Albert O. Itagley's. A new improved " Brown s" pie n, far snperlor to the old "Brown" pen; and Levi Brown's pons at reduced prices. Geld i>ens and cases paired. Flint Black Cnsmcrettc Coat, Silk Trimmed, latest style?warranted not the vile lamar inc. but a ironuiiic article, at ?7. A bcuntiliil 1 entered alupurcu ^ack, $.1. J,inen and gingham Coat* I to $Z Boys' blue cloth stilts, 3 to f l.? A few of theiu tfv'i suits?corner Nassau ami llsekmau. C 0 ? K R (J i A I. "A F F A IRS. MONEY MARKET. Monday, dune HO-6 P. M. The foreign news lias had no particular influence upon the markets; quotations for stocks remain without any material alteration. At the first board, the sales were small; Long Island fell off S per sent, and Morris Canal all others closed ut prices current on Saturday. At the second board there wus an improvement in Canton of }, per cent, and Harlem The steamship Britannia, from Liverpool, brings no new s of any importance. Kuropo continues much agitated with the political revolutions of February and March last; and with the exception of Franco, there is very little prospect of peace and quiet becoming reestablished for sometime. Even in France, republicanism progresses slowly, or we might say. the formation of a republican form of government is as yet a matter of much labor, many compromises, and a vast deal of patience and perseverance on the part of those representing the people. There is full enough of republicanism in all parts of Europe, but it wants consistency; and until something is done to reconcile ex iflting differences. we nr<> fearful the progress already made will be lost, and the movement end in civil war. Commercially and financially there is nothiug new. Everything connected with tinaucos and trade was inactive; prices without any change, and no disposition exhibited to become more deeply involved in the transactions of the day. Capital was unusually abundant, and the rates of interest had been reduced; still it was difficult, in fact impossible, to employ it in any of the channels of trade. Confidence was completely gone, and there were no indications of its immediate return. Prices of cotton had experienced no change, with moderate sales, while corn had declined, and the prospect was very favorabl" for abundant harvests. These are the most fuvorabb' features of the mercantile advices. Cheap food in Europe, particularly in (treat Britain, is at this time of the utmost importance to this country, as it is the ha*is of any improvement in prices for cotton. American securities were in demand in London. The following quotations were given on the 6th inst.: United States sixes, 07; Alabama 5's 05; Indiana 5's 28 ; Illinois 0's, 31 ; Kentucky do. 89>? ; Louisiana 5's 76 ; Massachusetts 5'i, 90; New York 5's, 00; Ohio 6's, 88; Pennsylvania 6's. 63>i a 65; Tennessee 6's, 84. Sterling bills have been in moderate demand to-day, for the packet. We now quote prime bills on London at 0a per cent premium. There is nothing doing for the continent. Tlie annexed table exhibits tho quotations in this market for our prlucipal State and government stocks, at several periods :? Trices or Stocks in tut Xiw Yor k Market. Redeem- IMA IW 1943. R'jte able. Mnu 23. June li. June 26. United States6 ls?17 iniHa't'lV UM^a ? 104^106 " f5 Is< 12 IIVI siafw 103>4*ia3*i ? a ? " 6 KVS 102 ?l?2>? 10| alius, 103 AlOSX " ft 1S53 91)** '.'2 92Ka 93 ? a ? Troa'y Notes, 6 1 _",il02\( 103V*R?X 11HV*IWj New Ynrk. 7 1849 ? a ? ? a? ? a ? l! 1330-ftl-tiO 101 al03 102 a!03 ? a ? " 6 1861-62-67 102 aiot IDS ulOl ? a ? ft)4 1960-61-6.1 ? a ? ? a? ? a ? " 6 1840-7-3-9 pRig, (Si 96 fW ? 9flU ft 1830-1-3 9ft >4a 96 ? a ? 9 s a 99'J ft 1858-8 Ik. a 90V 99 a 148V 98'4A ?&k 5 INlO.ilO.| 9ft Va 9ft V 99 a 98 V 9?Va 99* i}i I849-S8 ? a ? ? a - 9914a 9k\, Ohio, 6 JHftO 99Va 99W 99 1 UHjia 88)4 6 lS.ftrt-60 190 allHIV 99^alllO 100 A100.V ;< ft 1880-66 ? a? ? a ? ? a ? 7 l.Hftti 10IH?IO2 102 a!02V 102**102)4 Kentucky, ti 99 V* 9.1)4 100 alDO* loi ValOl* ft ?. 86 a 89 ? a - Nil a 90 Illinois, ft 1?70 4.ft*a WV 44 a 44* 44 *a 4.3 Indiana, ft 2ft years S3 a 3ft S4*a .3A 34 a S3 Ark no site, 6 39 Vn 3ft ? a ? 22 a 2ft Alabama, ft ? ftska HO GO a Hft ? a GO Pennsylvania,ft 74,* a 71* 7ft1 a a 7ft,V 75*a 7<? Tennessee, (i ? a ? ? a ? ? a ? N. York City. 7 1837 ? a? ? a? ? a ? " - 7 1852 ? a- ? a? ? a ? " ^ ft lsfti) 93Va 94 94 a 9ft 96 a 90* " ft 1858-70 93*a 94 94 a ? 96 a 96* Bk Co'tn. N. 3'. full 90*a 90* ? a? *94 a ? scrtp 931.,a 93,V I HI a 9H1.,' 9ft a 9G N. T. I.lfe Ins. & Trust Co. ? a? ? a? ? a ? Fanner* Loan 81 Trust Co, 28 *a 29 2GVa 29 28* a 29 Ohio I.lfe Ins. Si Trust Co. 80 a 91 80 a 81 fll a 9| Hank of U. 8. in Tciinsyl'a. ? a 3 3* a 3V .3 a 3V Jersey H. K. Si Trans. Co. 104 aloft lot *106 104**101* Mohawk Si Und'n Railroad. 75 a 76 76 a 79 70 a 7.3 Utiea Si Solieneetady Kail'd. lift alJO 116**117 lift allS Fyrftcuselfc Utlea Itallroad, ? a? 107 al09 116 al 17 kiit.nru Si Syracuse Kailr'd ? a? ? a? ? a ? Anhnrn Si Roohestor, 94 a 91* 91 a 92 89 a 90 : Reading I tail mad, 3d a .'In* 3" a, a 37 3ft a 3ft3,' Ih liiwuro Si Hudson Canal, 188 allSl 197 a20U 179 al7ft Reading Railroad Bonds, ? a .V 69>4a 69 ft"!1,'I fts * Rending Railroad Mtg ? a 62', 63 a 63V 91Va 6ft Since the distribution of tho several loans recently negotiated, there has been an improvement In the market vnluo of government and good dividend paying Stale stoeks. The increase In the quantity of Government and Slate stocks has no unfavorable influence upon prices, but, on tho contrary, since the many millions have been disposed of, quotations for both the old nod the new have advanced. Nearly seventeen millions of storks have been created within the past ten days. Thnro has not been an issue to this extent, but the capital necessary to take it as It comes out, has I ,1.11.? ?? ??1,1.1 < !> ! II b#M^JlttdkM UH fa??f'i4 rtlHtt ?* p'.ijMicnli. **" ?--- v f. The Mexican war it fluw i losed, and w'a shall k abl? In a lew months, to tigrure np the cost. The expenditures. whatever they have been, have all been raised on Government stock and Treasury Notes, at a premium on par; and, we have no doubt. Oom the amount of bids made for each loan, that three or four times the sum required might have been raised at similar rates. Wo do not know of more thau two or three millions of this immense sum having been taken abroad direotly. but. it is probable that large amounts have been taken ind'rectly, by purchases made in this market. Our capitalists have been relieved, therefore, of a portion of the loans, but uotfrom any inability to carry the whole. The position of political and financial affairs in Kurope may have a tendency to depress prices for our securities, both at home and abroad, but. ultimately. the premium upon them will reach points current previous to the commencement of the war. and they will bo much sought* after by capitalists in all parts of the world. We are compelled at present to provide for part of our foreign debts due twice aver, and to pay for purchasosfor our summer or fall trade with cash. Wo are obliged 10 no into ino markets or France, Uermany. Italy. k:c . with the gold and silver in hand, if wu want to purchase the manufacturers of those countries in those sections of the world all credits have exploded, and in numerous instances, large amoflnts due us hare been cancelled by suspension; 8ur bills of exchange hare been returned under protest; and large shipments of specie have been made to sustain American credit on the continent. These things have restricted our operations enormously, have tended materially to tighten the money markets of the Stateg, and reduced the public value of all securities. It is our impression that the worst hus been experienced, that we have passed the crisis in financial alTairs; and that, from this time henceforth.there will be a steady, but gradual, improvement in commercial matters. The position of tho United States?throughout all the revulsions and revolutions in Europe. in the midst of a rapid and tremendous decline in the demand and prices of our great staple products, in the midst of the greatest explosion in tho system of credits ever experienced?has been one calculated to win and secure the admiration of theworldl Our exporting products hove depreciated within the past year tens of millions of dollars, and we haw lost by failures in Europe millions more. The expenditures on account of tho war have been several scores of millions, and we have boon drained of many millions of specie. Notwithstanding these difficulties and drawbacks. wo have not only fulfilled every fraction of our foreign engagements, but have, in many instances, paid them twice ovor. No failures of any importance have occurred, in tills country and wo are. commercially. in a sounder, more healthy, more prosperous condition than has been known for years. A contraction has been going on ro long in credits and in mercantile transactions generally, and prices have been so long declining, that tho most restricted position has been reached by all, and we shall start from the lowest points in all these elements of trade. All these things are calculated to test our strength; and there is no doubt but that we are, without exception, commercially, politically, and in every other view, the most powerful nation on the face of the earth. This has been apparent to a superficial observer for a long time, but every day confirms the belief, and it must soon be universally acknowledged. The annexed table exhibits the imports and exports of BulTaio, from the opening of navigation to the 22d of June;? CoMMVRC K of lit ffa1.0? L.AKK ImI'ORTS. Flour, bbls 370,143 Pork, bbls 42.fc?; Wheat 1,198,143 Beef 1(1.0(12 Corn 490,201 Whiskey 13,895 Canai, Exports. ' Flour, bhU 3*5,059 Lard, lb* 2,994,775 Pork 40,935 Wool 564,803 lleof 12,531 Seed* 901,191 Ashes. cks 0,098 Spirits, galls 410,072 Wheat, bu 1,140,552 Lumber, ft 7,501,5(13 Corn 348,779 Staves 27,513,(XX) llacoti, lbs 2,902,41X1 Clearances 2,4xs Mutter 8*1,102 Tolls 3197,537 83 Cheese 240,740 It is reported that a serious breach was produced in the Ohio Canal on the 17th inst., by the falling of ono of the piers of the aqueduct at Circlerille. Wo have not learned the extent of the injury, nor the probable length of time necessary for its repair. During the time the repair is making it will cause a serious interruption to navigation?rendering a transshipment and portage of one and a half miles necessary. Stock Exchange. $12(XX)Tr?as Notes, Os 10( (1 Er'e RR new full npg (18^ 10000 <lo htw I'M25 Canton Co h30 35 4'XXW do 1)30 I04J, 25 Nor Ik Wur b30 35 590 do 104 la 75 do 0 100 0 do blO KM 'i 125 Reading KR 35 aWOOUSffs.'OM, Sl2m 104 KXI do bflO 35W .5000 do do do K8W 50 do sOO 35 3000 do 5's. '57, 05 350 Long Island RR 28'^ 1000 Kentucky (i'i 1"1>2 50 do 28 V 5IXHJ Ohio li's, '00. opg 100 150 do bfl) 29 C l(Xl shs Phmlx Msnk N1 50 Harlem RR 55'., 1(X) Farmers Trust 1)15 29,325 do .55la 50 Morris Canal 10 50 do btiO 55v, 50 do 1)60 lO'i 50 do 55 50 do bOO l(Mj Second Board. llXl shs Harlem RR 551? 75 shs Can tun Co 35 10 Union Bank 118 25 do 35^ 35 Canton Co 34?? 25 do bSO 35'4 A an MATCH.?CENTREVILLE COURSE?TROTTING This Day, (Tuesday) Juue 27th, at three oVIook. .Match for four hundred dollars, two mile heats. S. HoogUnd names g. g. Fireaway, to go to a wagon; J. Wheluley names cli. m Hetty Bounce, to go to a sulky. JOEL CONKL1N, Proprietor. Saratoga trotting! course.?i. trotting on the Saratoga Course will commence the 4th of July, with a purse of $2iX), four mile beats, in harness, and closed witn the following entries:?Patrick Hunt names eh. h. Blue Ruin: 1*. Cosley names h. in. laidy Jane ; W. tllakeley names cli. m. Katydid; O. W. Pi mick uuuicx I), h l ate. i. A purse ol $ *1 will no given, Ireo lor nil trotting horsed that never won a purse over $30, mile heats, best three in live, in hame.ig, to come off July 6th. 3. A purse of $50 will he given, free for all horses that never won a parse over $11)0, mile heats, heat three in live, under saddle, and to como oil' July lUlh. 4. A purse of $100 and stake of $160, closed with the following homes, to como off Julv 1.5th:?0. Crain names Ephraim Smooth; 1*. Hunt names gr. Ellen; O. IV. Dimick names hr. h. Cashier. 6. A pons of $2*1 will n given, free fbr all trotting horses, in harness, except Lady Suffolk, and she to 100 lb. wagon ; $60 to 2d liest, mile heats, best tliree in tive, to eome off July 22d. ti. A purse of $50 will be given, free for all pacing horses, in harness, July 24th, mile heats, best three iu live. 7. A puree of $60, free for all pacers, under saddle, mile heats, lest three in live, July 2!)th. S. A purse of (160 will he given, free for all trotting homes, except I July Suffolk, to go as they please, earrying 146 lba; $25 to second best, mile heats, best thrvo in five, and to come off abont the 25th July. Also, other pones will is- given for all grades of horses, as liberal as the proprietors can afford. All entries for the above purses to close at 10 o'clock, P. M.. ou the evening of the 4th July, with entrance inonev enclosed, at R. Locy's City Hotel, or directed by mail to the Proprietors, at Saratoga. In all of the above purses, three "t more to make a field, ami two or morn to make a race. PATTEN St ('OLE, Proprietors. A PAIR OF HEALTH I I. JET BLACK HORSES, l.O.Nil tails. Ill hands high, 7 years old, this spring, well broke, nnd warranted sound, just arrived from the country, for sale, if applied for soon, at tho Sale Stable, ldi Waskiaxton street, near Conrtlandt street For style aud action they eannot be excelled. New York, June 2fith, 1S4S. BIDLEMAN A ARNDT. ACARP?TIIE PASSENGERS ON HOARD THE BARK Isaac Mead, IL T. Brown, Master, leg leave to tender hiiu their acknowledgments for his kind uitd attentive deportment towards them during the passage from Savannah to this port. Also, for the able seamanship displayed by him during the severe gale of the 23d iust. We cheerfully recommend the gallant bark und its gentlemanly Commander to tho public in general. J. C. UINL'QMAN. J M. KINO. W. D. FORD. JOSEPHINE A.FEET. Mrs. A. F. I AKOCK. M. EASTMAN. Mr*. M. M. WARNER. A. E. I1I.AKF.MAN. Mra F. A PUTNAM. E. ( KANE. Mrs. ECUS. MASON. GEO W. MILL- R. M. C. MASON. Miss ANDERSON. H. B. HOPKINS. Miss C. A. KNAPP. n u virimivt ii? ivnvuxnv A. B. NICHOLS. Mr*. M. EASTMAN. HENRY F. JONES. Mis* ROBERTS. CH. BERMIN JONES. Ml* El J. CRANK. /TtiRSF.TS HE PARIS? NEW PATTERN.?LATEST FASHV> inn adopted at Pari" amongst the moat fashionable lid Ira, moat comfortable and graceful for the form, at veil aa for tJio llh. crty it leaves in the movement-of the peraon who makea nae of them. To be had only of Mine. Proaperc, up stairs at No. AS Canal street. N. B.?The ladies will find tnc new stytc very com fortahie for nursing: and a handsome assortment of otlier Coraota newly arrived ironi Paris, atarery moderate price. fivn AND PISTOLS B. JOSEPH, 7? MAIDEN LANE, vT Importer of (Inn" and Platida of avory aizo and quality, at very low prlcaa. cj}~ Merchants, Gunsmiths and othera are re. quoated to raainino the "lock and prieea of anhacrihara before making their purchases. II. JOSEPH, 74 Maiden lane. OR. II. BOSTWICKS THIRD LECTI RE ON SYPHILIS, and diaeasr* of iho (inilal Organs, will be given on Wednea. day evening, SSth inat., illuairated by drawings, corner of Broadway and Brand afreet. Ledum free Medical men, atudents aud gentlemen, am invited to attend, at half paet S o'clock. IMPORTANT PI IH.M' NOTIl I. in TI1F. LADIES OF NEW York, and atrangera viaiting the city for the pnreliaae of Dry (iooda?In eonrequence of the daily inereaaing nature of our business. our preaent premises have become much too amall aud conlined for ear purpose. U'e have therefore leaaed the spacious and elegant store nnw oecupled hy Mesara A. Arnold A Co., which we prop .ae toentcr on or al".nt the I at of Septeml>er neat?the interim being required for tlie purpose of extensive alteration" and cmMlishment. Aa it ia our intention to or on the new egtablishnient with an entire freah at nek, wo have determined to clear off, during tiio interval, aa much aa possible of our present immense and valuable atoek of summer good": and to ensure beyond a doubt tlda result, the goods have all Urn re-marked, at a tremendous reduction from original prieea, with an eye simply to immediate clearance, and without reference to the cost. Our stock comprises 1th',UOO dollars worth of rich and choice Foreign and Domestic, fancy and staple Drv Goods, and embraces greater variety of quality and style than ran be met with at any other estahllahinent in the city. Extreme caution hare ever characteriied our purchases. The majority of the stock is of our ow n linn r , i ,n?the balance baa leen pmMml at atictisn- r dire, t from manufacturers. L'ndertliese circumstances, a slight rsflee. tion will convince purchasers that the present is an exceedingly rare and reeuliar opportunity, and all will cmbr ice it, win. rightly undeietand and properly appreciate the true meaning of the word " Knonjr." UBSDEIX k PIF.RSON, Importer*, Johhere and Ketailere, .V> Canal etreet, N. II.?II. k I*. take thi? opportunity to return their (trntofnl acknowledaomenta tn thnae nnmerona frienda who have a* liberally tatroniied their eatahll-ihniont dnrtoj the laat twelve yeara, and hey n--.prctfnllv to aoltoit a onntlnuanoe of their favora. antntrinit them that trie anme honorable ayatem of bnatneaa which haa hltlierto charaoterired the houae. and obtained for it it* preaent high oharacter, will continue to regulat* alt future tranaac- , tiona Masons, stone cijtticrs, and qcarkvmkn wanted oti the rxtaneion of the Harlem Railroad. Enquire at the Company'a Office, near City llall, and at the Engineer'* Offioe, CnMnb, I * I I I || HpmmimmmmmitmmmMmmtmp' * f Hk. 1,111 ** D . u^wis=isar. m & I J-01?UV?lr ty rM*r ' rrjli.v. \lh?:. I *??a, { dp'Hibfl *f AV : * Kbi 'f 'l* ' "ffi? ':? ?. ' -'* ' ] fair r.ttH v.- ff M-VetC Tfajrs Hwh?*> Kr,ly*e and ^'fkr. Bpoou, SonyLadlaa Card t'aar?, Shu# aid Tobttco Bost*i fcc., with a variety of other housekeeping articles. W. J. v. W ESTERVEI,f Sheriff. A. T. IIii.lvcr, Deputy Sheriff He wii.i.ard. auctioneer >to< k of a whom. sale Crockery dealer dNiinil |1 the 1>I 11 > ;it Vllcti"ll By Wm. W" Shirley. Wednesday, June T- li. Illocha-k, at So. 8 I dar at , in lots from the aimless, all kiuds Unwind and lighll lue, pointed edged, dipt, c c, uudyellow warn. Sale po. ithe, u aimdit over SfiJO. AH. MUM.El', AUCTIONEER.?AS8ION EES' SAFE 111 old Wines and l.i pi ra? II Al.l.lDA V k Ml wrl'l sell at auction, on Tuesday, June 27th. Ituit., at II o'rlook. ?r rh. ir a ore, No. 7 Wall street, a largo assortment of very choice old Wines and Uuuorr, among which will l,0 found Madeira* of the vintages of laid and'It', Muscat, 1H17; very old hrown and pain Sherries, do do; Porta in Wood and gin i; t hnmpngiir* of different hranda; also, oM nalc and dark Itrandtoa; Jamaica and St. Croix Kum; Monnorahsla Whiskey, vsry -ld and smooth: Holland Uin. 2.7 yoars old. from the stock of N. Paulding. tto.; all of which w ill Ik> sidd without roncrve to the highest bidder*. tlm sale being J r order of the ass'giicoa of a wine men liaut. fatal ognes and sample* on the morning of gale. IRISH REPUBLICAN UNION.?ANOTHER RM.l.V Tonight at the Shak<|a'are Hotel, at 7}?' P.m.. for Ireland. Men. Money and Arms wanted, Per order, THOMAS HAVES > CHARLES DAVIES, y '' r"" | NDEl'ENDENT ORDER OF OOOD EE I. LOWS?NOTICE? I l Tho Meratieri or new Tor* i?Hige no. ?, or toe i. it or u. r, i are iiarticularly requested tii m?et a' their mor.,* in (iuthio Hull. | in Broadway, on next Wodno.dsy craning, June lie 124th. iniL, at 8 o'clock, lie business of importance w ill l? brought before the meeting By order. GEORGE F. ULESSINO, G. 8cc'y. | W si.C. Jaui ui. fl. P. WAN Tin, AT BRICK'S NEW YORK TYPE FOUNDRY. No. 13Chsmliers street, two fir it-rate Machinist* ; also two I tiret-rate Filers and Turners. WANT1D, BY \ HOST RESPBCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a Situation, as Chambermaid ami wait on Children, < r general housework. The licet of references given. A. N. at this Office. WANTED. AT 35 l'INE STREET, A GOOD PASTRY Cook: one that is used to work in an Eating house, anil well ex)<eriunced in the business. None others need apply. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE Vol,'NO woman, to do the general housework of a small family. The best of city reference can be given. Apply at 228 Mulberry street, to !(. S. on the second Hoor. WANTED A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE VOIJNC young woman, to cook w.islg and iron, or to do ln.u"o work lor a small family: has the best of city reference front her last place. Plea e call at 239 Mulberry street, m UN IMS WANTED?AN INTELLIGENT BOY, OK ABOUT 12 OB 11 rears of age in a Lawyer's office, tine who can write a fair hand will lie preferred. Apply at 27 M'all street, .'kl story, after 9 o'clock. Wanted by a respectable young woman, \ situation to do general housework, is a good washer and irnnor and plain cook. Tho best of city reference, Plea.-o apply .It in Tim avenue. WANTED?BY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO. nnu. a situation as chambermaid, children's nurse and plain sewing; lias no objection to travel. The best of reference as to character, liunosty, fee. Apply lA I Water s'reet. WANTED ?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, WELL RICOMmended, a situation as chambermaid and waiter, or to take care of children and do plain sowing, or would do housework in a small family. Can he seen until suited at lib Molt street. WiH ANTED -A SITUATION I1Y A SINGLE VAN .i Coachman in a prl"u(o family. lie perfectly umb'ratandx the care and training of horses, and would assist In tho house occasionally. The host of references given. Address 83, 17tli street; between iith and 7th Avenues. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUATION to do gcnorul housework in a small family. Ilaa no olfaction to go a short distance in the country, or do Chamber work, or assist hi w ishing and Ironing. Good city reference given Can bo seen for two days, if not previously etigaged. l'leaso oall at No. 18 Canal street. __ PARTNER WANTED WITH CASH IN AN ESTAlillslied anil lucrative manufacturing business. Applicants with real name will lie satisfied of tho safety of the investment by addressing J. N. 11.. this office. A RESPECTABLE GIRL, WITH GOOD RECOMMENDAtions, wishes a place for Plain Sewing. Child's Nurse, Chamber work, and to make herself generally useful. Can be seen at 224 Fourth street, for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTING A SITUtion to do general housework, has no olfaction to go a ShOrl distance in the country. Apply at 22 Ann street. City reference will be given. TO LAWYERS?A YOUNG MAN OF LIBERAL EDUCAtion, who wishes to make the law his profession, would ho very harpy to obtain a situation in some respectable ofllco. A<ldrcs? LEA at this office. PLAINF1ELD STRIP IV ANTED -THE tl HI II EST PR It K Riven for PlaintieM Scrip. Apply to J. (). Fay, (Lump store) I .'Hi Fulton struct. Lost, in broadway, a Russian leather fockf.t Ilook, with wire clasp, containing a variety of Memorandums, valuable only to the owner. Any person restoring t o name to the Ofliuo of tlio Astor House, will ho handsomely rewarded. Bottomry?about $.v<oo wanted on bottomry, on the Br. barquo JENNY LIM>, 4S4 tons. Cupt. Cleverle.v, to be paid on arrival at Newport, Wales, to which port she is bound, via Sliediao, Nuw Brunswick For particulars apply to CAPTAIN CLEVERLY, at the office of W. &t .1 T. Tapscott, fitiSouth hire-1, where also offers will be received addrosl-d to Capt. Cleverly til Wednesday morning, listh Inst, at 11 o'clock. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP.-TIIE BUSINESS carried nn by tlie subscribers has lieon dissolved by mutual consent, and will be carried on as formerly, by IVH. KYUD, Son., who alono is authorised to sotllu up all claims against, and receive all in favor of the old business. Hal KVPD, Son. New York, Juu? Ho, 1 SIN WM. KYDD, Jr. Notice,?tiie copartnership heretofore exist. ins Isitwoen the subscribers, under the nutno and stylo of BUCKLEYSt SIMONSON, was dissolved by mutual content, on tho 1st of May, 1S4M. Dated Now York, June U4, ISts. JOHN BUCKLEY. WILLIAM SIMONSON. TO THE LADIES.?250 VERY FINE CHAIN STITCH COL lars on Chemisettes, at 4s each: 190 pairs Needlework Cuffs at -Is 6d jier pair; a large lot of NeedlcworK < 'ollars, from 4s to K-, worth 0s to Ills. A (treat bargain in Sheer Tape Bordered hand kerchiefs, at 4s and os. Infants'Caps, Waists and Kol.cs at wholesale prico*. Laoe Capes, Veils, Trimming Laces, ike., Sic. ('HAS. S( OTT a: CO.. 1,7 Broadway. IIOURTH JULY?NOTICE?TO (1ENTLE.MEN AND A I.I. those who don't wish to buy new clothes for the oncasion, arc informed 1 clean coats for (Is., pants lis., and make them look equal to nsw. Repairing done cheap. All articles wanted for the 4th must bo left previous to Saturday evening, and return o<l on Monday, and nu disappointment, at No. ti Murray, near Broadway. A. OORT1SSOS. ti vllrt CHALLENGE?NOTICE-TO GENTLEMEN WHO want their old Clothes to look like new. Call at tic tailoring. Cleaning, Dyeing, and Repairing Establishment, at ft Gold street, where you can get all the grease, paint, pitch. tar, and glue extiacted, at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms, by J. B. NO AII, t'si Gnhl stre I. t? , doors I'r -in lb- It in in. (1 AST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE.?LAMBS AM' J Gentlemen having superfluous effects to dispose of, suoh as vvoaring apparel, furniture, itc., can obtain a fair price for the same, by sending lor tho subscriber, through the post-office, or otharwise, who will nttend at I heir residence. J. UK V K.N NT V N, 46<i Broadway, up stairs. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Leveiistyu. WINES, Re.-THE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RECEIVED from ono of the first hourcs in Oporto, 2pipes and -> half do. Iof London Port, well adapted for the present time. A Is", sherries, Madeira, Ate. of high grade. One puuchcon of remarkably liua old Rum, pttrohared in London at a very groat price. Hocks. llimnmrll.. *, c V-Ar.r.teln tMl.lltMT IIVVIVI 45 Pino, corner William st BOARD AND UNFI-RNISHED ROOMS AT NO. 23 MOV rue st, near Catherine st. A front room, with pintry, on cond story, ami a pleasant front attic. Reference* exchanged. tPlI I,FX TilK MORE, CORNER SIXTH AVKM K AM' I Twelfth Street. A llrst rate ft ami for tlie Hardware, Clothin or any otlier kind of business. Apply <>n the premises. ( > ROADWAY SALOONS TO LET.?THE ENTIRE S.\ I.OON'-'. .1J liOtli baremeut. first, second ainl third?possession given iniineiliiiit'ly?Apply at tlM li "* Oilier. ALVAII SI A N N. None r.eeil apply but thoriMlrlio are every way responsible Nuu BRIGHTON a PLEASANT SUITE OF FAMILY rooms may henbainelat tlie Walter Patterson Cott ier, upon the terrace between the lauding and the pavilion. Apply upon the promises, or address J. O. E? liox 710, roa.Offlco. Long branch, new jersey, hath BUILDINGS, This Sea Ruthin* establishment ONM f r pntroua, Jam 7.'>th. Complete and elegant repairs, additions a id renovations have lawn made. The otoamers Oroa, Fulton Market, and E? le wis, from Washington Market, make daily tri|e; st ages ready ut Ocean House. No effort spared to give satisfaction. JAMES GREEN, Proprietor. CI'A BATHING, LONG UHANCII, NEW JERSEY ?HIE CO Sea Beach House is now open for the reception of visitors. June 21, ISIS, II. 1IOWLAND, Proprietor. rpuE QUEEN'S HOTEL, OPPOSITE THE GENERAL POST X OtRce, St. Martin's le Grand. London.?This raagnilioent Ho tel having reocntlv undergone extensive alterations, and a Kraut portion of it newly furnished, will he found on trial tu have no rival in the metropolis, both in point of accommodation and mo derate charges. Tlie Coffee room is one of the largest and mm: comfortable in England. Board, 32 per day. Hot and Cold Hatha. THOMAS SPENCER I.ENNEY, Manager, Formerly Chief Steward of the British Quceri Steamship. Refers m e la New York. So Mr. G. a tv hit*, M Cedar sin?t rpilE PAVILION. NEW BRIGHTON, STATIN ISLAND. J. 7his fashionable and extensive establishment is now in full operation, sad persons desiring to take apartments < an meet tie sulweiilier every da} at the City Hotel, r he will he happy t wait upon them at New Itrkht' u at any tint" they may appoint. One great advantage sf the Pavilion is that it repiirssonly from 2-3 to .SI minutes to go from landing to landing By a careful en i parison of thermometers, during three has I men proved that it is always from 7 to It) degrees cooler at the Pavilion than in New Yoik. F. HLaKCAHR. proprietor. A steamboat loaves New Brighton at R and II A. >1, nodal 2 and 21) minutes of 3 P. M, and No I Pier, North Kivet at 1> an I IPa A. M and at half-past 3 and 6 P. M VNIREWOREA, YI REWORK a?the la kg est asrt I meat in the eity, and of the best quality, can be bad at the o,c ostatliahed store, lid Chatham, cornet of Orango stroot, entra i n second door in Orange street. All tbo goods are wsrnwr'l, u out to any part of the oily or vicinity free of charge. p. l. vci.tef. i,>ikr.nunkj-n u/?n nirnii.\ or >m.\i,i, i iIvr. X works, and Edge'* largo works for exhibition, for sale by J. W. IIOLBERTON, 7 M kideu I,. URl'O STORK FOR SALE ONI 01 rHl BIST ESTA hi i shed nnd pleasantly located -tores in thu city, doing a lar,o prescription business, will Is- sold at n bargain it' an < tf-r is made within two weeks, as the proprietor wishes to avail himself of another interest. Without S.XWH cash, or undoubted security, none need apply. Address "Drug Store,'' at this office. OOI 8ALB.?THE STATE COfrEE HOUSE and H0TB1 " corner l'cck slip and i'earl street. The subscriber hni u . more business tlisn tin can eotivoniently attend to, offers for sob I the above. The Hotel department is now doing a go d business, nnd to a person who could give his whole attention to it, would Iswome nan of the most valuable places of the kind in tbe city. 'I he bar has a good run of genteel custom, and is constantly increasing. A number of the Eastern boats h are Ironi the foot of the slip, where also, there is a ferry to tVllliainsborgh. and the premises lining shunted on one of the greatest thoroughfares in the city, makes It ona of the hast locations f. i the busier-. that could (si desired, for particulars oti(|iii M. MaCnrly, Ely sinn Fields, lloboken. 1". S?No persons treated with, except those who wish to purvhnno for cash. HORSALE-A RETAIL GROCERY STORE, NOW DOING X a good trade, in a first rate neighborhood down town. Kent only |il) a mi, TonoMh oustomer, having ahou t SAIN), this is a chance seldom to be mot with; the good will of the concern Is worth J>2H>, for which nothing will bo charged. The only reason for selling is, the owner lu?s another store. Apply to R. H. I.RWM 7f Veser twet fP RAVELLING TRUNKS Ro.-JOIIN CATTNACll. I'Kt'NK A Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall street, corner of llroadway, lias now on hand, aiul eonsiantly making, a good assortment of Trunks. Valises, I arisit flags, and Saieliels, wholesale and retail. Also, a s>i|ierior arilelo of Sole Isnttlier Trunks, suitable for American or European travel, and rorlmnnteniis for the Frenoli Malle J'"Ste. Orders tor tha West Indies, South America, ho., UUed with deepa tolk. I - . ^ * W i m?. .>???? .< ? ? ?-awaMMl I! BMfeiWir? ft I ! fXf 01, fl ? \i V J : * .f i'. l . h-Mii A i*. MikjJti . 4*. 4H^?ii/i? Wttf.hilj in* ? * 'jffwi) Dell?-lJ : Wftl Lov?h, TlJ'~i|i Vfiuifatr*, (?Y?rrci.??;, tr? .V'boTt,' Lady Aliwflt'th Wrt .fnrdi n To " with new iirrtma. styled the HACJ PICKC? <>F I'AKIS?Jean. Vlr VV Marshall; Ihern; t.ei"u.?'<e, filton; Ja*. ;ui' lii'linor, VVuruuu ; Mario Duidier, M. * Wary Taylor. I2<?w. tl? ?? t* *'??, 12V{ cent; l)oorn * [ten at 7 ?'* lock; pefirmaaoe to 'inmeiu-e at 7h o'clock pre?*i**li. NIIHAJ *81 ' P ll I fB Al PI D I? ITIN !u^. j 2*7.-Th* ci. a tan ,n- r.m wfl eon u. * with a (J mud Owrtiue, to he f liowed bya brilliant d.verti me railed 1* \ * t>K> AMOl KKH J v 1 i I bv '.lie new drama of t MANT OF Mil*, f-' > H f 1 The G'n? , Mont. Uihin; Schwarez, iVtlcot; Friticr;-*, >1jm Khuj Horn. I ceeded by * national divertiafmerit cnlkl PA:l IjOM ROTS, by 114 l>uu erne* VI-oa??lf * ?. To conclude with the CIflNE.sH ! IJALAB1 EE, by iH f'aToen m Flonti {?<**. Ticket* !Ai cent*. Uoore open at 7 o' clock Performance to otnnmecce at8 o'cloefc BHOADWAV THEATRE -BENEFIT OF MIL AM) Ml/.?. J. VValluck, Jr. Tu?M?l:iy Evening, June L7. w ill I** p< rented j the Trap.odv of the HRIDAl Monntni.Mr. Jaue* H ulLok. Jr.; ; Anane-, Mr. Frcdericke; Amiutor, Mr. Fleming; J.vHipjm;, Mr. : McDoeall; DiphihM. Mr. Kinjr-ley : ? aliam x. Mr. Shew ; CUvo, Mr. Th' ni|??ii ; Evudre. .Mr?. Jam*-h W ailu' k, Jr . AspH.ia, MUM tinny W alia'k. To r nclude with the Serio Comic I'rntn* ? nil? J HOliFiRT MAt'A IKE?Uol ert Maeuire, Mr. I.e^er; Jucpiee 1 Strop, Mr. ba away ; Pierre, Mr. S aw ; ( liurle . Mr. MoUoual; I Mane, Mrs liiebl; t hineiuine, Mi.n Cordon. Brow C ircle awt I I'arqtiettc, Alio ; Family Ctrelet, 2.V; Ollery l'J^,c. Door* oj*u | at a (j uirtor p.iHt huvou ; perfonnnuce comuieuco at a juarteg to eiuht o'chmk (lilATn.Uf TOKATRB?SOT.I CROnUKlOR AND UP' nco. Mr V f (>iiritN<n .T.IUNIb. ?..? .NT.I. _ > bo nvrformcd the fnrTo"oiltitlf?ITEi*I>Y Til K Ti ll'? R?ikddy Mnllowney, Mt. H, Williams L"nl Du tide r ford, Mr.. Tuylor; .H?.ra, Mi** Mile*. I\\s Dk. MA I K.I.or. MiDelonur.e. To ha followed bv the now .. . \\ v, 0f %EW VOhK AS IT lS~Mo*t*. Mr. ( hanfrau. After w G?. tho p. puUr hh fir. n of the OMMBI'S? Fat K">nty. .v l. William*. I * A N? \ DANTK. Miss iMorsine. To cow lud* \ uU the r?t ? ?.n ?dy of MY" FKICNI) TIIB CAPTAIN Mr. I ? ' Ur-.*,.. Mr llield Doom open at ??PerJermanc* oou>iueu?o at 7'}^ o'clock. Ilnjtc?, cents; Hit Private Boxea. (^AoTLE GAKI>KN?PKKi'OHMANi E TO t ?'MMRNCE AT J 8 o'clock?Admission, 25 cents?Maiiujtmg Ilireouir, Mr. Geo. Hull ind?Mr. T Y. Chubb, Musical Director?Painter and Decorator, Si jr. Angolo Monte l.illu- Machinery, Mr K. M<'/sai?y?Propel ties, Mr. Gilbert.?Tuesday evening, Juno 27th, 18-1*. will ropen'od the comedy of OLD IIOVE.STY?HiehiM-I Krudiliiw, Mr Nii'.kiiiHitn; JoHoph Bni l dinw , MrUcrhr, Toby Pereh, Mr lie) land: Dnnie Brudshnw, Mrs Vermm. Tolctncotvdvd by an OPERATL'OLIO?By Mih Phillip*, Mm I i irv, MrsM Phillips, ai -l Mr (1 Holman. ']> conclude wi'h !.! lurletra of the W'ATEIt WITUIE8?Fanny Sp.rk.s. Mn 1 rirv; Caroline Dormer, Miss Phillips; (lara t?'urtney, M i >? Nicki'mcii; Joe Smith, Mr. Hoi la:.d. Bp riASTLB OARDBN OR ANT) GALA NIGHT OTCDNBBU day, June 28, In- HouetH of Mr. GEORGE HOLLAND will not only induce a rich selection of operatic c\? "i|, nor, and tho m?.<t ct cerful exhibition of comed'etta, but will occasion the treble pre?e,'jt at i?oi of a beautiful Sdvor Riig Purse. o? n mining a Ton Dollar Gold Pioci; also a -j hudid Coral Bracelet, ret in tino gold, value $15; and a Mu.t eul Hex of the lint quality; thus presenting A union of singular and eY runt attro tii n* in the way of a great return; excellent entertainment, and interetdiug n< vrltv! The clear and tn'dt satisfactory mode of ob.tining there priro presents, will at once ho found in this explnnu'ioii. Each lady on entering the Garden will Ho o Acred a ticket, with a nuuiln r on It, and each child will also receive a similar ticket with a number on it. The duplicate of the number* thus given to the Indies oi)d children, will l>e placed In separate haskorr, from which w.? number* will ho drawn for tlio l.uliej, and one tor the children. Thw lady holding the number onrrcspomUnp the one that is fir?t drawn, w ill lie entitled to the Silver Purse contuiniag the Ton Dollar Gold Piece; utid the lady holding the corresponding uutnber to that which in drawn second, will receive the Coral Bracelet; and the cuild who possosn** tint duplicate number to tho ? ii? drawn from tho neoond basket, will become pospesaor of the Musical Box. The drawing to he under the inspection of any three or four gentlemen composing part of the a die nee. Tickets lor tl is occasion 25 cents, can ho procured at any hour from the of floe. Children under 12 years, n>H -price. BARNUM*3 AMKRIt IN M 811 II P i . BARNTOf, PRO. prietor, F. Hitchcock, Manager.?Splendid performances, every afternoon at SU o'olock, and every evening at K One week longer of the D. 8. Minstrel Band and Glee Club. Second week of Mr. John Harrington, the woil known and ex'.ensively popular Ainericnu Magician and Yeniriloqulift. Diving Orang Ohtang, whoso in'eHigtnco and sagacity give her rank witn tho human as well as brute creation. The Highland Mammoth Boys, aged nine and eleven years, and yet weighing 500 pounds. Also, tho (Bant. Baby, only sixteon months old, aud yet w? ighing ninety pounds. Wax Scripture Statuary. Madame Rockwell, the famous Fortune Teller, can Ihj privately consulted at an oitra charge of 2(1 cents. Admission to the whole. Including Museum, Performances, Iko., 25 cents; children, under ten years of age, aud old enough to walk alone, 12^4 cents. Reserved front seats. oiio shilling each extra. Mechanics hall, 472 broadway, between Grand and Broome streets, MONDAY, JUNE 26, and every night during tlio week?the original CI IR!STY'S MiNSTRKLS', whose concerts duriug the past NINE MON THS have l*?en received with mioh distinguished patronage and unexampled success, moat respectfully announce, that they v. ill oontiuuu their original and inimitable entertainments every night until further notice. Admission 26 cenfa. Doom opcu at 7. Conoort will commence atH. Manager and Director. E. P. CHRISTY. An Afternoon Concert will bo given every Saturday afternoon. Doora open al 2, to commence Mi o'olodL BAN YARD'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF THE Mississippi River, painted on three miles of cat'TiiM, being (Jio largest painting in the world, at the Pan- runa Building, in Broadway, unjoining Niblo's Garden. Own every evening, (Sunday excepted). Admission ISO cents; children half price. The Panorama will comm nco moving at. ^ to rt o'clock precisely. Ai'temooli exhibition on Wednemlay and Saturday, at .1 o'elo U. nn A BERN A CLE BE OND GRAND CONCERT <>i MIL jl MA Illicit NTRaKOSCH, Pianist to tho Kmj>eror of Kiisein, on Thursday Evening, June 2flth, ims. agisted by Signora Valtellino, Signer Vietti, Signer de Unguis, and Maestro Antonio Barili. Admittance 50 cents. Tickets to he lad at the principal music stores. Cuuoert at M o'clock. rjlHE STEY EUM A T1K TSCI1E ( i >M PA > Y.?"Til K N. YOKE A Express says: 'The Steyermarkiaohe company are giving concrtsin Philadelphia this week They will ho here shortly. Wo wifh they would oe hero 'shortly,' at our office. We should le dolighted to exactly tho extent of 'two dollars and tdncty-fdx cents' ?if our hooks don't mislead us."? Phi lad. Spirit of the Times. Tho subscriber, la'o agent <>f tho " Steyermarkische Company," , asf.urus the author of tho above that his "hooks did mislead him." and that the Stoycrniarklschc Company did not, on tho 17th Inst., or nt any nit,or time, owe to that, or any other journal, for advertisements. of** r they hud left the city or town at which they had pet formed. For the eruth of this statement, In* lajgs to refer to the publishers of Journals thrmghout the United Stares, from Boaton to Now Orleans. Tho suhaenber finds it neceryry to mak<* tins statement public, as libellous nmurl's like Um *1 ovc aro likely to injure hi" |ier.<onal reputation, as well as that of the <? nn any whose agent lio lately ??". Contrary to the subscriber's advice, the 3*. Company have paid the above mentioned bill, but the publisher has n-'t. yet deigned to reply to the subscriber's letter denyi ml H, RIB- K, WILL CLOSE. THE TWENTY THIRD INNtJAl RKHJ bilion of the National Amdetnyof Design, now oicn at their Rooms, corner of Broadway and Ismuurd street, will clo?<for the season, on Saturday, July the Hth. The Collection eonrisU of nearly four hundred original pain tings, and other works of Art, by living Artists, never before exhibited by the Auulgmv, and liy its ruleM cauno. again he oxpow d in the Gallery. Single admission 25 contH. Season Tickets 50 cents. Catalogue J2J>? cents. Open from y o'clock, A. M., to 10 o'clock, P. M. PURSE OF SI5.?A QUOIT PURSE TO BE PITCHED FOR ? ??v ii'M.rv, ivr <111 quoit pitchers; $J et.tranee. Kaeli man to pitch 42 string measurement, and tr<o nc.arett average man wins the pur e. Pitching to cotnineu< c at 3 oVleek. (i Kl r. \ ? ? MaT< i! \\ IU< Rl PLAYER ok J Sum's Ground. Ifob< foen, on Tin 'day, .lur.o 'J7, 1 AS, between the single and u uri- I of the \ .uioo .? clubs of .New Y<vk. 1 lay to C<111<111< urn ut 10 o'clock; dinner at half-past 'J, f.'cntlemcn s?lcctcd to play arc rripu^ted to 1"' on ihe ; r? utid by 0o'clock, A. 1U . rpo seken ahfks.-a first iiate glee < li b can J- le engaged fur serenading, at moderate terms, by addressing u note to ERlV, .T? Roosevelt street. Excursions to the flshing banks off sandy Hook, every Monday, Tuesday. 1 rid y and Sunday during lieMJOHoii?T he substantial sl?auil?oat BUFFALO, t apt. T. V> . ILuicox, will run :ih above, leaving the loot of Rohiuson street, at 8 o'clock, Canut street. HIV; Hammond street: SJ^, ( rand street, K. F ,!', ; it r No. I, V, K., IF, A M ; returning ?.y ft I*. M. Hefro-foments furnished on board. Unit at cost. Fare ft) cents. nnobaccfb?a; balf.s si perioh <tba tobacco, J. mostly wrapj ? iii, j r 'an ted, for >U to nit purchaser*. II. C. TALLMAN. No. Id < en tics slip. (10KYER YTIO ; . I \ CAJ t FREKCYI T kCO IT J oil the oral system, ortiMing tfo burner to Hi-oak front th? very llrst lemon". Parties already acquainted v Ith French, but feeling deficient in speaking if. w ill find i.hia the best mode of acquiring ease and fluency. Tuition at h"mo m ela--? ?, $j; pri vateiy, *4 per nvurfi. I'ami lie* end oh'oh fttton. 1*1. PIh.uo add M ni. i>! T. PIERR! N e I*arl Broadway. IJIOR IIAVUE, TO S.\!L .T.I OF AUGUST. TOUCHING AT I Cower.?The wolhkmwu Styirm'i p UN 11 F.I) STATES, ('apt. Wm. O. I hick stall, 1 ."irtlieii 'J1 KJO ton.", will leave f??r Havre on I humluy. Au.% .'I, And will t >uoh a* ('owes to land pafHtn^vrd aod letters. F> r freight or passage, a ply t<? ... H. M. RSIIALL. M RptUanriip. noR LIVERPOOL NIH MM' RSQVLAB PACKR OF X the Jjtlth Julv -The new and splendid ht-t sailing packet*hij? Kit ' II S,Ami Ellridac.master, is now loading.and will positively *i! as ai ove. It r regular day. F?.r fry ght or \having *p1?n did furnished accommodations both in the 1st, and 2d cabins, apply on hoard at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall Nt., or to E. K. COLLI VS. MSouth at. Pr'te of Cabin passage, $7A P. elect ship Hi I)HONS, Edwd. It Cobb.jnn tcr, w ill ucceed the Hewitt*, and fail her regular day, August 2(>thr h\i. WHEELER. O iii-i. S '.KKhwih II STRUT devotes Ins exclusive attention to dirt, ascs of the eye and opthaltnic surgery. Ofttco honra from s \. M. to 1 o'chck P. M. A tod by Dr. VThealtr, onn do had gratuitously ft* his residence, or the suine will \*i forwarded to anv one making Hrj 'nrnti u to him by lotter, poet paid. Artificial eyes inserted and for sale. JAB. LEVET1 PATENT ENAMEL! ED PI *TES AM- V \J invention for Artinoial Teeth, If?r w hich letters patent fo* the United Staton have byou fruited.) consists of a perfect irnitk tioti of i he gums and interior of the mouth, entirely covering the v Id plate, clasprt an" fuCenii* of Artificial Tocih. rendering them i-.ifect and beautiful, with nit the pn.,; it, i i: v of detection. M I.RV F. FT, Pcut st. Wentee. Itroftdway, cro.-r of M srreu street NO CVRE, NO PAY.-DIC. f'Olt II ITT, ID PUANE STREET member of the Koyal College of .Surgeons, Loud- u, may be >nmjlte<! in treatment ??f delicate dn.cutees. Noma tcr how mug you may have gleet, ul< ers up-n the body, oTin th- thr at or nose, pains in the head and l?mc* of the legs. A practice of fourteen years, devoted t ? vonoreal diseuoes, enable* Dr. C. to cure th? v, ?rst form of this disease. Recent caees cured in four days.? No mercury used. Strictures cured in one or two weeks with scarcely any pain. Constitutional d ijlity. Those individuals who have indulged l n a certain loath*. habit can positively !? restored to health and society. Kemcir ber, 19 Duant street* opposite l)r. John twin's* nR. GLOVER IS CMN . ; I KD FH? K HI.RING the day and evening in thoae diflk" It and protnoted easts A tict arc, gleet, and" disca i which have proved too ot .I'i'iihIH I.* i . i ' 'u atii r ,-n . !'*.? """"" * " * ottice, throngfi the entry in .No. 2, Ann Ilia Eatraet eojw"-? 00 be he, eUh no **'< nrtivoly pnierti-id l,y | 'ij-t-i< iane, may be bed aa hie afore hi fbnnt. Ma 2 Aww.?PHee SI rev tens. UK. HALI'H. AITIIOR or T:IK U l ICAL PRITATR Tr iti .' Ike., b8 f.'roenwioh atmet, office hour* 9 to U A. X ., die P I'. V. .(Sunday t\ |t?4) , !i w wl aptly in Hit early 4 ataeroa will to trarfriaed it. ti mpldity ard little inoonvtnler ivi e'li-mlintt their cure. It it i;' however, thoae who have on,'fen d from a curtain claae of people, or othcrwlae, w l.o on a propeily appreoiite hia eervieta In striolure, from ito (Irat or :n-;. piont. to ite more ?<lr*n eland du- rowing atage,, (from unceu, mou .ndvimiggee, In addition to a vory e>ten?ive prei tn in tMa rnpiaint) he con oJTiid r. rapid. e?y n I radical euro, which, iaa rToond for ata'tpg, oen hi obtained from uo other eonree in no, rn:: ia\ir>:n in-; kk.mi>vrr? iih nmre n> ",i I ley a'nwf, where to can bo eonmlted on alt Prlraie l?i?on *e j he nioat obatinatoyield tn hia mode < f treatment, which ie on Iho n 'n-mcanurtal ayatcm. Sr.riottirea curt.I on ti e meet approved plan. Ihi >n< who have injorcd themeelvoe hv indiecreot indul gencea, can apply with a ocrtaintv of aura. Office .11 I lev atrcet. \ a V ?"|;k m , . .Tl or tliow contemplating nrirrt.' <>. The married woman a Private Medioal Companion, by Dr A. to. Maunceaii. Si\tli edit.on. I'rioe |l. Thin work ie meeting *ith moat a?t<>nailing r-ahr, (M,OlVcb|o i have already been diapoc i of.) Every tonne in totting a copy, whether mairieil or unmarried, although it la intended e.<|reei*lly for tlio matricd, asit diec.!- important wen 'o, whieh ahould Ire known to them particularly. !1 re every teniaie cr.u illeeover the eanaee, aympsopia and the no at elfotont Ilea, and moet certain mode ol'uiire in every en - i - r ? "J lin a I way: at the I'ul l.diinc I ?ffloe, 11U li'irtv at. >e?, N ?w Y V. tl ZleSet and Co., t rnerofl'!. -n it and ihiri jtrvfU, I l.iLieipliia; Little and t'1 . Vlhwny; IV. K. tr-.via, !l a'cn t>n tt*j teevipt of $1, a coov mil l? trin.r-i ,1 by cmi, free of po t !o all |*rta of the I ui i f tatet. A I lo ir-? muet h? add-ea- 1 p. at pan), to l>r. A- M. UAUIilCSAli, l.oi l~?, Voa Yer" k,\u. Mot, lwl Liuartj atrw-t.

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