Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1848 Page 3
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mm II authoritlM. The Battery. kbm afl plssss should be I free from ?uoh displays. I Fists.?A Are broke out about half put cue o'clock HI y estorday morning, la the oane factory, rear of No. 26 HI Courilandt street, which was put out with trifling HI damage. A Are broke out, alao. Tuesday evening. in HI the roof of house No. 54 Orange street, which was also HI put OUt with trifling damage HI Accident.?Mr. Seaman Coweu, of No. 102 ColumHl l>ia street, was very seriously Injured yesterday afterHl noon, by falling down the stairs of the wadding facHl tory, No. 67 Forsyth street. HI Accident.?A small boy was run over by a hackney HI coach about three o'clock yesterday afternoon. In HI Br, adway, opposite the Astor House, and ?ery seriousH| ly injured. HI ThcnUical and JMuslcal, HI Oowkar Tiieatim:.?Mr. Scott's benefit was Tery well HI atloudid last evening, and his personation of RicheII lieu waa one of the best things he has4done during this II engagement. Richelieu is a character which he fills to II admiration; and we do not recolleot a greater treat than II the one we enjoyed last evening. We regret that the II orowded state of our columns prevents our entering || into n more full detail of the various excellencies of this || performance. The famous ''Rag Picker of Paris" was l| played afterwards. This is a most exciting and intcr|| estlug drama, and the various performers did their | parts admirably. Such an admirable drama has uot || MW presented to the public for a long time; and it || will, without doubt, become a standard piece. Miss || Taylor's acting is a great feature in the pieco. Toll 11 gbt the new military spectacle of "Austorllts." the || comedy of' The Hole in the Wall," and the "Kag Pieker I of I'aris," will form the entertainments. Mr. Hamblin . w does not allow his patrons to have any cause of comg plaint for want of novelties. B Niblo's, Astor Place.?In spite of the threatening I storm, which bnrst upon our city last night, there was | a very fashionable audience at this place of amusement. 1 The attiaotlon was great; for all there present went I to witness the performance of the celebrated Belgian _ I flriunt- tchn Wll? fn Uiinuor unaUlwalw no wo aot/1 waafnr_ /(lay morning, in a tableau representing " Ooliah going to battle." But horrtico referent! thin was a great failure; not on account of the giant himself, who is, indeed a wonderful man, but on account of the carelessness of the person who arranged the tableau for the > stage. M. Bibiu would do better uot to appear, than submit himself to be thus sacrificed. The Viennese children drew forth, as usual, unbounded applause, by their charming grace, and the astonishing incomparable precision of their dances, the " Pot Pourris," the Gallop des Drapeaux," and the " Chinese Bala\bile." Wo are very sorry to learn that these graceful Willies are on the eve of their departure, and we should advise gratis." (not as in the play, whioh is a very bad one) Mr. Ntblo to do everything in his power to detain them as long as possible on the boards of his r theatre. The bill of this evening will still present I them at Ast r place in three of their best divertitter mfnti. which will certainly be an immense attraction 'I fur the numbers who patronise this resort of amuse\ ment. opened under the skillul management of Mr. Niblo. / Broadway Theatbc.?Mr. Hadaway took his beneI fit last sight, at the above thoatre, and as the acknowI ledged best low comedian in this country, or the best perhaps that ever has appeared on the American boards, he met wlthsuoh a reoeptlon from the publio last night, as must, we hope have, reflected back to his own breast at least some portion of that abundant hilarity and joy, which hie own able and skilful performances have so often produced upon the publie feeling. " Speed the Plough," one of George Coleman's very best comedies, was with great Judgment eeleoted by Mr. Hadaway, for hie benefit last night, and, In the onaraoter of Parmer # Ashfleld, he did moqp than vindicate his former repuf tatlon. He has added even fresh and loftier laurels to / his brow, and henceforth may aspire to please, not / merely the groundlings, as Shukspeare oalls them, but the upper ten thousand in the upper r'gions. We cani not tell how it Is or what it is ; but there is something so beautiful in this beautiful theatre?there is such a jr tie suis i/uot In its whole appearance, its coup d'ail, its very atmosphere, and in all about it, that not only Hadaway last night surpassed himself, and excelled the same Hadaway we have seen at other theatres, but a'so, almost every actor, when he draws on the buskins at this classic temple of Momus, seems to rise some inches higher and taller, and to become bigger and greater than he was befote. Success to the wbolo concern, to its exseliant management, its admirable company; and. above all, to its beautiful visitants, ' whose smiles and charms produce such electric effects upon all. Chatham Thcatec.?The united attractions of Mosc and Barney Williams are filling the house to overflowing every evening. Last night Mr. Wil. liauis, as Tandecn O'Kafferty, was really most admirable. The whole house was in a roar at his genuine humor and Irish wit, aud although we have seen many Irish comedians in this part, we must say that Mr Williams was equal to any,?his laugh, his brogue, his quickness and vivacity, were all most genuine specimens of tlibernianism, aud very naturally done.? Mr. Williams is a most rising actor, and ought to be seen by all. As for Mosc, wo can only say that Mr. la ?llll !.? .1... .. VI ( ... I. A - It It*" bag lost none of its attractions ; on the contrary. it is as much sought after as ever To-night Barney Williams will play Sir Patrick O'PleDpo, and Teddy jliil.*s. iu a new Irish farce, called the " Limerick Boy." I ''New Vork As It Is," will also be played. Castle Garden.?This cool, refreshing, and delighted ful place of amusement, was attended last evening by >M a very fashionable audience, it being fur the benefit % of Mr. Holland, who is an excellent oomedian and a f great favorite. The first pleoe presented was the laugbatilu comedy of the " The Two B'Hoys," Magnus nnd Hector. Templeton being personated by Messrs. Holland and Andrews, and in suoh a truly comic mariner as to excite the laughter and marriment of the audience. Mrs. Vernon, as Mrs. Templeton. sustained her character well. The musical olio was excellent; and Holland, in the after piece of the 'Double Bedded Koom." as Dulcimer Pipes, was quite at home. This evening the admission to the Garden commences at fifty cents. The managers, always anxious to cater well for the citizens, have engaged the celebrated llauscr Family, at considerable expense, and who will give a grand vocal and instrumental concert botween the two dramas. They havo also engaged the unrivalled musical musters. Sigaori Bottesini and Arditi, who will make their tirst appearance to-morrow evening. If the presentation of such acknowledged talent do not draw large audiences to this theatre, we will be much surprised, as one piece played by the inimitable artist Bottesini. on the violoncello, alone is worth more than the price of admission. Tabernacle.?The grand concert of the celebrated pianist, Maurice Strakosch, will take place this evening; and, from the talent engaged, we are sure the house will be crowded. The programme is very attractive. The first piece, aria, ' Giovsuua d'Arco."_,Verdi?wiir he executed by Sig. Viettl; the next, n duo. "Klisft nnd Claudio." by Signori Valtellina and De Bcgnis; which will be followed by Souvenir de " Jenny Lind." com po?ed by M. Strakosch. Tho variation* of till* piece nre .beautiful; and when wo consider the brilliant sxeI cution of this eminent pianist and composer, no doubt the performance of this musical ({em will call forth the loudest acclamations. De Begni* will execute an aria, from the ' Barber of Seville," which will be followed by ' Lucia and Luerexia,"/??(??,* dramatii/uf. arranged nod performed by M. Strakosch. The second part, also, contains some beautiful pieces Variations from Kry's opera of ' Leonora." by Strakosch?aria from "I Lombardl," by Signora Valtellina; and tho great feature of the evening, will he thesextuor finale, from "Ernani,', ' and "K.llsir d'Amore." which will be rendered by M. Strakosch with all the sweetness and melodious passage* which have won for him the admiration and patronage of a discerning musical community. This being the last concert this season, all lovers of music should hear him. Tin: Srkvkrmanaiscnk Musical Comtanv will giro a concert at the Female Academy, Brooklyn, this evening. This talented company have no lack of admirers among the residents of Brooklyn, as tho crowded state of their concerts last winter testified, therefore tfft'.v ?ro pretty sure of a handsome reception this evening. particularly as they give a moat admirable programme, including all their best pieces. The Brooklyn folks are always ready patrons of true merit. They cannot have a better opportunity than the present one, as no more highly talcDted musical company than this has ever performed in tho United States. Tomorrow evening they will give another concvrt at the Tabernacle in this city. Christy's Minstrels will, this evoning, give one of their best concerts. Their programmes consist of mast favorite pieces; as, from their long acquaintance with the public taste they havo beeu enabled to select everything lh?t pleases. Henry Hkrz and Camillo Sivori.?The first mentioned of these prominent artists arrived two days ago. J front hi* Southern journey, enjoying excellent, health, ^turning to New York with the pnrpose of resting i or l/J" irill.unuir ui liiu uuv m'umhi, itnu m establish pc-manontly In our city the depot of his celebrated pianoforte. M. llerz's manufactory In Pari* has beep tjin only one opened and constantly busy since the late stirring events in France, and this is because the extensive sole ol his Instruments throughout America enabled him to "organiso," and give constant work to his tmplaycm. M. Her/, has rood veil numerous letters from the publishers of France and Hernia ny. complaining of their not receiving any compositions from his talented pen and the musician. complying with their wishes, will employ his leisure till next autumn lu writing several pieoes which *u?vc been ordered of him from the old continent t.'a;u/t|o Sivori tlie companion of his journey, left him at j^ siru. proceeding to l Itngrc* and Panama, on his way to i-1"sdor and hill, where. Orpheus like, he In' tend- to civilize Indians nnd Chilians by the sounds of bis linn violin, lly the last accounts, Sivori was at |,i."?*?. where M. Ilcrz will probably go next k winter, if not t''0 busily engaged liero with productive concerts. Moruicun axd .Madame LAaosnr..?By the packet Tarqnin from Un *". thp*? twn celebrated artists arrived yesterdav 'u New \ ork. M l.aborde. . whose fame as a tenor i's F.uropean. was for a long time attached to the great theatre of l.a llcnoiasnncn, in Paris, where he performer/ 'he operas of The Shipwreck ol Medu'a"and"The ? haste Susanna." in which ho war received nightly during a whole season with nn. hounded applause. For the lssi soven years. M. I., remained as the llrst singer nt tlie Royal Theatre de in vlonnale. at Brussels, where he tln.'ehed his engagement Inst, autumn. Ills lady, whose isame before her marriage was M'lle Wtilnumy. appeared eight ye rs t eg" at tlie great Italian opera home In Paris, wlwre she met with immense success nn 1 was every time she performed received with the greatest plaudits After having married M. I.altorde, this lady aang with hint in the rapacity of prima Hnnna amoluta at the same theatre in JDrussels, and her talent was. as before, I duly appreoleted by ell ike Ulaltanti ot Belgium, among whom eke bad the reputation of being the only rival" to the celebrated oantatHee Damoreau Cinti, wboee style of singing wee to much admired in our country, when ebe visited the United States in oompany with the greet violinist Art6t. M'me Laborde is the " dear" pupil of Uubini. who took great oaro of her musical "duc.illon. iin<l wa< rewarded for his attention in thu inu.e seiquired by his ilevt. The object of M. and Muie. Laborde iu visiting America, is to give concerts, and contraot engagements with tho Italian or Frenoh opera oompanles ; and no doubt they will soon be engeged by our managers, who ere Incessantly running after the "stars" arriving from musical Europe. The Lehman Family^ whose arrival wo announced the other day in New \ ork. have made arrangements with the Napoleon of the snrnmer theatre, W. Niblo. and will shortly appear at his tlne|plaoe of amusement. We remember with great pleasure the comic talent of M. Lehman's father, who has been by many preferred to that of Antoino Kavel; and the charming dances of Miss Adelaide, his pretty daughter, who b) also one of the most graceful danituiei now in America. The company of the Lehman family is complete, and will probably cau-o the public to forget the famed navels, who eDjoyed for many years the monopoly of pantomimes in both Americas. M. Massett, the boned" equilibrist; Antoine Lehman, his two sisters, Caroline and Mathilde, M. Ferla. who play* tho part of lover to perfection, will make undoubtedly a threat sensation at Niblo's. Astor Place, whero thev arc already busy preparing an entirely new and original comic ballet, to be produced in a short period. Bottesini isn Ahditi.?Every lover ofmusio. who remembers the operatic season of the Havana Italian company in this city, will be pleased to learn, that the two musical leaders of that iroupe, whose plaintive, soul-inspiring airs, executed with such artistio precision and excellence, have been lauded by the most eminent maestros. and by the elite generally of this city, will appear on Friday evening at Castle Garden, where they are engaged for four nights. It is almost unnecessary to spesk of the rare qualities of these gentlemen as musical composers, or as solo performers; for those who have visited the Park, last summer, well remember, that sounds of uncommon sweetness, and almost unearthly harmony, broke melodiously upon the oars of the audience, as they listened with deathlike silence to the briliiaut exeoution, sweet shifting and extraordinary velocity of arm, of the prince of double bass, and the distinguished violinist, \rditi. Bottesini may be deemed one of the wonders of creation, when it is considered how the double bass, a monstrous (instrument, is. under his iron fingers, softened and subdued, producing sounds so exquisite and charming?at one time the sweet tone of the flute, and again, tbe highest notes of the violin; and those so new and touching, and breathed forth with suoh powers of modulation,'that the audience|are excited to sudden bursts of acclamation. Bottesini's cantablle on the double bass, excels, in efTect, anything we have ever heard; in fact, in point of difficulty, it is really wonderful and amusing to observe the velocity of his fingers from one top to another, never failing in precision of intonation. Ardlti, also a worthy companion of this highly gifted man. is a violinist of distinguished talent, nis manner of playing is lively, and every difficult passage is attacked with a fortitude whloh can only be derived from a perfeot knowledge of the instrument he has applied himself to since his ohildhood. The selection of these eminent men, by French and Heiser, is sure to gain for them the patronage of the musical dilletanti, as no doubt, every evening they perform, the garden will be crowded. Slgnora Clocoa and Mr. G. W. Smith left town this morning, on a professional tour through the West. The Heron family are performing at the Museum, Philadelphia. Mr Collins, the delineator of Irish character, is playing in Albany, whero he is well reoelved, as in faot he is wherever he goes. Miss Julia Dean Is at the Detroit Theatre. C. Dlbdin Pitt is playing at the National Theatre, Cinolnnatl. Fire at Paterson, N.J.?A fire broke out at Paterson, N. J., on the morning of the 28th inst., between 1 and 2 o'clock, in the Paterson Machine Works, an extensive establishment, which was wholly consumed, together with a great amount of machinery and tools, involving a loss of $50,000 or $60,000, ?40,000 of whieh was covered by insu tnutci i iurc uwtriiing uuufCB, logfuirr wnn ine spacious hotel known as Congress Hall, and the Episcopal church, were also consumed. Mr. Henry Johnson lost his life in endeavoring, with others, to save the organ in the church. Quite a number of other persons were injured, but none others seriously. When Mr. J.'s remains wero recovered, nothing but a few bones were left. The amount of property lost, is valued at about $100,000. Vive la Honqu? I?J tut received, and now ready for inspection. 12 superb Piano Fortes, direot from the oelehrated establishment of Chiokering. Three instruments have been selected with great care, and aro believed to be equal, if not superior to any hitherto manufactured by Chickerlng. Amateurs, and the profession generally, are Invited to call and examine. Pianos of a superi' r quality always on hard for hire, and of all the celebrated makera, tor sale at reasonable prices. WM. VAN DKRBKEK. Agent, 479 Broadway, New York, (between Broomo and Grand streets.) Tlic Great Humbug.?The following has been published in the papers, ana is a oomplete piece of rascality? resorted to in order to sell what we believe to be worthiest stuff:? " f anchalngua. Dr. Townsend't admission that this California plant is ' far letter <han SarsapariUa,' can be seen at the depot." Dr. Towneeud has made no such admission?but, on tho contrary, before the California plant was advertiswl here, give it a fair trial la u case of fever ana ague and in diseases of the blood, and fonud it to be, as ho believes, [erfcctly worthless. Wedding Card Plate and Pack Cards, $2 It); Fine Cake Boxes, $ 1 per hnndred; Visiting Card 1'Ute and Carda $1 90; Silver l)?or Plate, beautifully' engraved, $2 .90; Wedding Wafers, Silv-r Cord, He., at J. EVEKDELL'S Premium Engraviug Establsshment, .102 Broadway, oorner Duane street, first square above Stewart's Marble Store. I met a man that wore a Hat, Which weU became aud graced his locks. Said I, "Good friend, where got you that?" Quick he replied, "'twas made by KNOX." It lis ss easy to tell a llat made by Knox as for a connoiwur to point out a genuine painting of Claude Lor raiue or Salvator Knsa. There is a beauty and finish in Knox's article that no one can imitate, and the public know it. Beautiful Summer Hats for Children.?The snbieriher invites the attention of ladies to his magnificent stock of Summer llats for children ; they are of the most beautiful st^le and elegant material of any that have ever been offerod for Paris expr< ssly for his retail trade, end are offered at less pr'oes than an infinitely inferior article were a Id at n ahort time since, QENIN, 214 Broadway, npnoi'te St. Paul's Church. Laiy Agents?SleonnPss of the Agents of the Il.iisatonie Kailroad. I took a load of freicht to tliis railroad depot, last evening, and arrived about one miaute past six o'clock. The gates were clored at six?and I asked p-rmiseion, inns gentlemanly a manner as I knew how, to he permitted to leave my l?ao on the dock at my own risk. This I was refused by the egents, although I informed them them that I would be compelled to take it hack?over one mile?and I wished logo up town, hut they steadily refused. I was very tired, and so was uiy horse, hut the laiy agents refused to open the gates to take ths freight. JAMES G. SMITH, ( arraan. i ifffl ME RClAii APJfAllTs . HON BY MARKET. Wednesday, Jane !J8- 0 P. HI. The stock market opened heavy this morning, and prices fell off a fraction. At the first board Treasury notes declined >? per cent; Farmers Loan ; Canton ; Harlem >4 ; Long Island Hi ; Reading Railroad X. There were small sales. The excessive hot weather, no doubt, has a tendency 1o depress quotations, as the money market is decidedly easier and is daily improving. K very thing calculated to depress prices has been removed; and as soon as business becomes active again, we have no doubt there will be a general improvement in all the fancies. The Paterson and Hudson River Railroad Company, havs declared a dividend out of the earnings of the road for the last six months of four per cent on the capital and on tho scrip stock. The instalment of five dollars per share on the scrip stock, due 1st July next, is required to bo paid by the hnl/lni>a Hornnf An fhn flpfit nf Inlw nrnvimA The Newark Banking and Insurance Company have declared a dividend of three per cent. ^ The following statement shows the amount of tolls, collected on each of the New York State Canals for the month of May, in each of the yoars 1847 and 1848:? New York Statu Canals?Amount or Tolls On what Canal. Mau. 1847. May, 1848. Uric Canal $857,499 78 $588,781 68 Champiain Canal 20.671 90 24,581 27 Oswego Canal 12.396 20 12 474 31 Cayuga and Seneca Canal. . . 4 858 32 5.028 Co Chemung Canal 3,067 01 3,974 74 Crooked Lako Canal 341 17 242 73 Chenango Canal 5.512 78 6.181 22 Genesee Valley Canal 4,713 58 4.662 13 Oneida Lake Canal 82 46 125 71 Oneida Hiver Improvements.. 14 75 37 66 Sfeneea River Towing Path. . . 73 3 7 07 51 $709,231 32 $621 255 01 The decrease in tolls on the Krlo Canal was $93,718 10, while the decrease in the Aggregate only amounts to $87,970 31; showing that on all the other canals there bad been an increase, compared with the same month last year, of $6,741 79. The Lake imports and canal exports of Buffalo, for the third week in June, were as annexed:? CoilMUHCK or BtirFALO. lake iMfonri. Vlonr hhls 30.257 Ashes, eks. .... 367 Pnrlt. bbls '2,014 Hlghwlnes 0'28 Whoat. bushels. . 127.707 Hides, \o Corn, bushels. .. OO.Sii2 Iron, tons 1'24 Oats, bushels... . 38,010 Coal 327 Ueef, hhls Oft Barley, hush.*. 300 l.srd. lbs 121.300 llye, bushels. . . 200 1 Huron, lbs 387 300 Fish, bids 4.')."i llutter. lbs 277,000 Kggs. bbls 10 j Meal, libls 281 Oil bids 110 I Seed bbls 147 Hemp, bis n Lnmbor, ft 1,185.700 1,rather, rolls.... 122 Stares 401 300 Wool, lbs 2,140 CASAI. rsrosTS Flour bbls 31.053 Butter lbs 324,710 Pork 3.508 Cheese 41.150 Href 147 bard 223 58 ft 4sites oka ft38 Wool 2i3 885 Wheat. ...... .bu (10047 Seeds.clor h grass 13.884 Corn 58,443 Heron 208.787 Oats 30 407 Stare. 1 033 400 Spirits gals 62.300 I,umber ft 441,801 The amount of tolls collected during the same period I was $10 401 15, and the number of rlearanees 245. The annexed statement exhibit the receipts at Oln| oiunati of one of the leadlng.artlolos of trade, from Sept. | lit to June 14th, la each of the past two years tlOMMRRCK #r ll?UIWI*4TI- -?IT?WT 0* iMfSBTI, Raoon. 1840-7. 1847-8. Pork hhds 20,480 00,060 Do tcs 0906 7.993 Do bbla 129.312 184 825 Do lbs 8,101.131 4,o70.T74 Beef bbU 0 914 14.361 Do to* 7.682 3 016 Lard kxa 140 220 137,101 Do bbla 48,403 72,706 VOa>, he. 1840-7. 1847-8. Sugar hbda 16.766 24.823 Do bbla 4708 0.484 Do baa 3.030 2,484 Molasses bbla 26.791 47.249 Coffee bgs 46,121 60,852 Rio?, tcs 542 1,151 Cheese ...bxH 99.800 114,365 Do cks 472 101 Flour bbla 440.041 117,210 It will be seen that there haa been an Increase in nearly every article but flour. Thia ia the case throughout the Western country. Breadstuff* generally are oompara- ' tively inactive, but every other asticle of produce and consumption ia in better demand than at the same time last season. It haa been stated that the Mexican Government would not enforce its tariff, until sixty days after the ratification of the treaty. Letters to this effect have been received at New Orloans from the highest authority in Mexioo, whose information upon public matters heretofore has been correct; and Mexican houses of high standing, who would be likely to have correot advices on such an Important subject, have given heavy orders for shipments, to be made without delay, in order that they might arrive before the prohibitory Mexican tariff went into oneration: but it is asserted I on tho other hand, that the Mexican authorities will enforce their tariff immediately after the custom houses are restored to them. There is nothing; in the treaty preventing the government of Mexico from etiforeing its tariff at once, and there is no doubt on our minds but that they will do so, and shipments made in anticipation of sixty days being given, may prove losing speculations. Thero is very little probability of the Mexioan Government making an alteration in its tariff of duties upon Imports. The expenses of the war just closed have been exceedingly large; and the government will, no doubt, strive to make up the losses by the most enormous exaotlonsupon commerce; and the same abuses will be practised, the same restrictions levied, the same monopolies permitted, the same system of smuggling carried on as usual; and there is not the least doubt, but that oorruptions as great as ever existed, will soon again be as public as previous to the war. We cannot expect from the Moxican people that liberality in their commercial intercourse with the world, which characterizes other nations; hut time may bring them to a sense of the importance of a moderate rate of duties, and the removal of those restrictions whioh have heretofore exerted suoh an unfavorable influence upon the commercial affairs of that republlo. It will take Mexloo a long time to reoover from the immense drains upon her treasury; and the principles of free trade, even so far as a revenue tariff is ooncerned, have not yet become sufficiently well understood in that country, to turn the attention of the government to the adoption of suoh a commercial system as will extricate its finances from the embarrassments whioh surround them, in the shortest possible time. Tho amount received for tolls on all the New York State Canals for the third week in June this year, compared with the corresponding week last, were as annexed :? New York State Cabals?Amount or Tolls. Receipts for Juno. 1848 $05,507 48 Same period in 1847 148,595 69 Decrease $51,088 21 Tho aggregate amount received for tolls from the commencement of navigation to the 22d of June, inclusive, is $008,641 40 During the same period in 1847 1,162.808 24 Deorease . .. . . .$254,251 75 This shows, in the aggregate, a decrease of nearly twenty five per cent, compared with last year. Oreat numbers of altered relief notes are in circulation in all parts of Pennsylvania, altered from one's to two's and five's. This is effected by pasting over figure " 1" and the word " one," the figure " 6" and the word five," and so with the two's, and is done in many cases very neatly. We learn that great numbers of these altered notes have recently been presented at the State Treasury office. The fraud is generally committed on such notes as are most torn and defaced, and is net confined to any particular bank. Stork Rxchmtge. $1000 Trcas. Notes, G's KUS' 25 shs Nor. St Wor. b36 35 11700 Sta:eSV65 i** 200 Reading ItR JMJf 1000 City 5's, 76 04 100 do slO 31?, 3000 Ohio 7 pur Cent 102 100 do s0o 34)2 20 tiliB Bit uf Coin, full 01 15 do lit),. 20 llowery Uauk 07 15 Utica St Sohneo. UR HOW 50 Fanners' Trust 20'a 10 Macon ItK 47 50 do 20l, .'>00 Ilarlem RR 55 50 do 20 100 do 641a 150 Morris Canal 10W 100 Island RR 201-,, 100 do M6 10W lutl do 28?i 100 do h30 10JJ 100 do blO 2,1?. 100 do blO low 150 do 28), 200 do 10W 100 do t>30 28k 50 do slO 10W 350 do 21)4 200 do 10?, 22 Erie RR, new full 6.1 25 Canton Co. 31), 20 do do 0734 50 Nor. fc Wor. s6 mos. 34 Second Board. 100 sh Long I-land RR, s30 28)4 100 ths Harlem RR blO 55 50 Ilarlem RR 55 CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, June 28?2 P. M. Am us.?The demand is fair for l'ots at $5, and rearls at $5 87)4. '.'ottos?The amount on sale has been considerably reduced. There is a moderate inquiry this morning, with sales of 300 bales at yesterday's quotations. Flour, &c.?Our market for western flour is scarcely so firm, and sales are done at a slight decline; the cuuse of this is the large receipts via canal, which have a depressing effect?sules of 1800 barrels at $5 18?4 for Oswego ; $5 25 a 6 31)4 for ordinary Genesee ; $5 62)4 & $5 87)4 for Puro do ; and $7 a $7 25 for extra do; Southern rules steady at $0 a $6 12)4 Hye Flour Is dull nt $3 76 a $3 81 k(. Meal has declined u shade; Jersey sells at $2 44 a $2 50. IF/ieat ?Tile demand in only moderate. We can hear of no operations Wye is drooping Kales are making at C8c a 69c. Corn?The transactions yesterday reached 60.0t)0 bushels, nt 62o a 64c for round Jersey; 61c u 52c for Southern yellow; and 6Qo for white. This morning theru is hut little doing. St'oabs?We understand that considerable of a speculation is going on this morning; but we hare not heard the particulars. Tai i ow?16000 lbs are reported atj8l* a S?*c. rather a tall price. Provisions?The pork market opens dull, and holders 11 Dd considerable difficulty In obtainiug yesterday's prices. We quote mess at $10 60 and prime $8 a $R 12}%. Beef is scarce and firm, but without sale. Cut Meats are in demand at steady prices. Smoked do. are selling to a fair extent, at our previous quotations. I.ard is in good demand; the sales reach 600 bbls at 6>a' a 04c for fair to good, and 7 a 7'i'c for prime to extra. Whiskey.?But little stirring; market dull, tendency downwards. Nxw York, June 28-0 P. M. Sales of Klour were more freely made, but at low rates The parcels disposed of embraced the usual variety of this State and Western brands. Southern exhibited no cbango. Small isles of Genesee and Ohio Wheat were made on terms stated below. Sales of Corn were pretty freely made, including parcels of Northern round, on rather better terms than were obtained yesterday. There was no change in Meal, ltye and Oats remained about the same. There was no chnnge in Pork. Mess was about the same. whileTrimo was some firmer. Lard continued in good demand. Sugars wero steady, with a fair amount of sales. Kor reports Irom other cities we refer to the telegraph head. Ashes.?Sales uf about 100 bbls, including both sorts, were made at $4 94 a $6. for Pots, and $6 874 for Poarls Ureadsii rrs.?Flour - The sales to-day embraced about 8.000 a 10.000 bbls. In various separate lots, among which were 2600 bbls of Oswego at $6 25, and 11600 do. Oswego, Michigan and common Genesee, in lots, at $6 184 a $5 25; 600 do Genesee, at $6 25 a $6 31 <a, with small parcels pure Genesee, at $5 76 a $5 N74 to $7. for extra do; 600 do. good Indiana, sold at $6 374 There was no change in Southern; Baltimore and Georgetown were held nt $6 a $6 124. If heat?Salon of 1000 bushels Oenesee wore made at $1 30, and 1500 do Ohio white, at $1 15, Com?Sales of about 11.000 bushels round northern yellow, were made at 64c; flat yellow afloat, was offered at 61c. Sales of 10,000 bushels New Orleans mixed, wcro made on private terms, but supposed to be somewhere between 45o a 48c. Meal?Sales of about '200 bbls New Jersey, were made at J>2 44 a $2 50. Rye?Sales of 1000 bushels were made at tl"c. Canal Oals were worth 43a44o. There was no change in Rye flour. Cottow?The market is inactive In this line?400 hales being about the extent of the business to day. Trices are rather easier. We continue to quote:? LlVKRSOOL CLASSIFICATION. N. Or It mi, Mohila n ml Uplandi. Flortla. Ttxm. Inferior none none .1 n i trdiuary 6k a ftV 5W a f>V ?'!? 6T? MiddHig (ihjarfu Klti^ ti^sli!, flood .Middling (tUaAje 6.W a l'*f, a t>'fi Middling Fair a?V f\at>*, 7 Tslr (itj a |i?J tij2 a 7 V?xl\ Fully Fsir 7 a 7V 7,'? a 7?.' 7'iaK flood Fair 7X a 7 H 7>i a 7?4 nominal Fino nominal none nominal Corner ? The auction sale wns fairly attended, and | satisfactory prices obtained?It consisted of 5000 a j i 0000 bags Rio, at 0.^ a OT^c. 4 months. Kish?Soine 3000 quintals cod still .remain on the market unsold. It is rather a difficult matter to effect salos of cod or mackerel, unless at considerably reduced 1 rates The purchases, within a day or two, were forced sales, which accounted for the low price obtained. FauiT remained quiet, and no sales of moment transpired Knrinwra?For cotton to Liverpool. 3-10,1 was asked. By the Sarah Sands heavy goods were taken at 80s, and corn in bags at Vd. By sailing packets, corn was engaged at like in begs and 0d In bulk, and provisions in tierces at 9a, and In barrels at 2s. Laan?Thar* hare bMn salaa itlitO. 1 Link.?Sale* *t 1000 hbli were made at Tic. whloh ' Wa* au improvement. MoLmii-The business was only moderate, and net j worth our notice Naval Stokes, of all kinds, were dull, and but little inquired for. Provisions.?Seles of about 300 a 400 bbls mess Turk were made, at $10 60 a $10 60^; and about 300 bbls prime, at $8 26 ; sales of 32 hhds prime, well paoked, ; were made at 6>$e. Shoulder* remained about the eame. Lard?Sale* of 200 bbla were made at 7o ; and 000 a 800 do were reported at OH a 8X a 7H<>. the latter figure for extra leaf. Sale* of about 100 package* thl* Statu Butter were made, fair quality at 13H, and 60 package* of Ohio at 12H*. Kick?100 coak* changed bauds at $3 25 a 3 37*? per 1 100 lbs. Real Estate, (at Williams burgh).?1 lot corner of North Sixth and Sixth street. 20x100. $420 ; 2 do adjoining. same size, $286 each. $670 ; 1 do. on North Seventh, near Sixth Htreet. same siae, $235 ; 1 do. iu rear on North Sixth street, $820 Seed*?We note sales of 2500 bushels llax at $1 25. SooAns?The market was timer, although no change in quotation* was perceptible. Holders were not anxious to otfer their stocks, as they felt pretty confident that prices would be vn the advance. The operations ware. 150 hbd* t uba Muscovado atSJiad'Ac; 100 do New Orleans at 3J? " -lc; aud 100 boxes brown Havana at 5 u 5Hc?usual time. Tai.low?Sales h;ive been reported of 12 000 lbs priino rendered, at 81., a S>ic. but we do not authenticate them iiiHtui,?or ivi iiiiuH ixeuiucay i.ear wore made nt do, and 150 bale* Cuba at 12c. Winner?Salon of 100 bbls Statu Prison wore re- ! ported at 22o; Drudge was liold at 221*0. l'lie ('rope. The harvest has already commenced In this county, being two weehs earlier than usual. Quite a number of fields of wheat and rye are already cut, and wo are , rejoiced to learu that the yield premises to bo most abundant.?Lancaster (Pa) Intelligencer. Harvesting in New Jersey.?Already has tho wheat harvest commenced in New Jbrsoy. On Monday last, the crop of a farm in Passaic county was reaped, which promises an abundant return. The heads are large and well tilled, and perfectly clear of rust or scab. MAKlthTH K1.HKWIIKKJB. STOCK SALES Baltimore .lane27.?Stock Ito'iril?J,.rsH) United States Treasury

(i's, IIW4; 8?K> Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Dividend Bonds, 71 4 shares Bank of "aHmoro, M2: 4 Union Bunk. 00: 3d Union Man ul'ac mring Co, 20'4'; 20 do do, 2d'4. Uni'ed States fi's of 1387 oloied at lOlS* hid, 10o asked; Treasury ti's at KM1 lf bid, 101 hi usked; Maryland ti's closed at R8V bid, ( r the o]>oning, 88V asked; Baltimore ti's of 1300 at WH. hid, for tho onooing, '.tti)asked; Bait. & Ohio KB shares at35V? bid, 3d asked. Married. On Friday, tho 23d inst.. by the Rev. Mr. Price, Edward nc Bkixcedon, of France, to Julia Augusta, eldest daughter of Samuel H. Rogers, of this city. On Tuesday. 27th inst.. at Christ C'huroh, by the Rev. Henry de Koron, Edward N. Shaw, to Mary Ann, only daughter of H. Pattlnson. Esq . all of this city. At Moriches. L. I., on the 27th inst., by the Rev. Henry M. Parsons, Mr. Henry Getty, of Now York, to Miss Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Capt. John Havens. of tho former placo. At Staten Island, ou Sunday, the 25th inst., by the Rev. James Brownlee, Capt. Isaac Cole, to Miss Sarah Jane, seoond daughter of Thomas Gibson. Died. On yesterday morning, at 1)^ o'clock, A. M., after a torturing illness of 11 days, occasioned by congestion of the brain, John McCay, eldest son of Mrs. Ooorge MoCay, aged 21 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at 8>f o'clock, from his late residence, No. 44 Washington street. W ANTED?BY A HIGHLY- RESPECTABLE" PROTE9tant girl, a situation as ohambermald in a private family, or at nurse and seamstress, or would moke herself generally useful. Please apply at 87 Willett street. WANTED?BY A MOST RESPECTABLE TOUNO WO man, a situation ae Seamstress and Dress Makiug The best of character given. Apply at 51 Stato street, c.ruer of Columbia, Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED, AS COACHMAN, BY A YOUNG man of color, who hoe lived as ooachinan with the first families in tho city, and can prodece the best testimonials as a skillful, careful driver, and as a sober, steady, and obliging man. Inquire at Diltz's Livery Stables, 101 Mercer street A PARTNER WANTED. WITH A CAPITAL OP $5,000 or upward, in the Brokerage, Exchange and Money business generally, by a person well conversant with the same, and of long experience, who has an Office eligibly situated in Wall street, at a very moderate rent. Satisfactory referouce. and every explst imvivii Riven, Ujr Buuroa-in^ rmrum vimcc. A PARTNER WANTED-ANY SINGLE YOUNG MlV, having at Lif command two l?u??ir?d dollars, can haye *n t* person in a pleasant. lucrative, and gent?cl business. An Englishman ptWIild. It is neoessary he should be of genteel deportment, and somewhat acquaiutod with aooounts. None others treated with. For an interview, apply A. B.t at this office. __ A young man having a capital of one hundred dollars, is desirous of obtaining some respectable, an tire business?either local or traveling?would travel with a gentlemen. Apply at the Heal Estate and General Agency, No. 65 Chambers street, front offloo, scoond floor. PLAINFIELD SCRIP WANT ED-THE HIGHEST PRICE given for Plainfield Scrip. Apply to J. O. Fay, (Lamp store) 136 Fulton street. ' File cutters.?a steady, competent workman, who can grind, cut. and temper Files, will inoet with a permanent placo, and good wages, at the locomotive works of NORRIS BROTHER^ Philadelphia. Telegraph wire.?telegraph wire, twisted, rusted, and oilod. on hand, and for sale, and warranted to be equal, if not sti peri or to any manufactured in this or any other country. Orders supplied at the shortest notico. E. HIDDEN', 661 Water street. Magnetic telegraplic company.?the stockholders of the Magnetic Telegraph Company are hereby notified that the Annual Meeting of said company will bo held at Burnum's Hotel, in the City of Baltimore, on Tuesday, the 11th day of July next, at 10 o'clock, A. A!. 11. 11. FRENCH, President. Washington. June 27. 1&48. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION Compan/.?Washin ton M nu tut and I urth July Excur id on. ?Re a uoed lar-i to Philadelphia, with the privilege of returning by Jersey City or tho Camden and Amboy Linos. Washington Monument Excursion?Commencing on Saturday 1st July, With A. M. and 4>? P. M. trainBf M do, dft do.; 8d do. do d<? ; with the privilege of ruturning in any train up to the 4>* P. M. lino of tbe 8th July, inclusive. Fare?From New York to Philadelphia and return, $5; Newark to do. and do. $4.37 : Elizabethtow :i t<> do. and do. Rahway t.? do. and do |S,/0. Fourth July Excursion?Commencing on Monday the 3d July, with the 1' A. M. and P. M. train, and Tuesday tho 4th, with the 9 A. M.; with the privilege of returning in any train up to the 4VJ j P.JH. train ot 6th July 1848, inclusive. Fare?From Now York to Philadelphia and return $1.2-*'; Newark to do. and do. $3,75; Elizabethtown to do. and do. $3.50; Ruhwav to do. and do. $3,25. Tickets to lie procured st tlie office foot of Liberty street, which are not transferable, and will not be received after the above elated date a IMPORTANT PUBLIC NOTICE?TO THE LADIES OF NEW York, and stranger* visitiog tho city for the purchase of Dry Goods.?In consequence of tho daily increasing nature of our business. our present promises have become much too small and eonfined for our purpose. We have therefore leaned the spacious and elegant st re now occupied by Messrs. A. Arnold & Co,, which we propose to outer on or about tho 1st of September next?the in* terim being required for the purpose of extensive alterations and embellishment. As ir is our intention to open tho new establishment with un entire fresh stock, we have determined to clour "ff, during the interval, aa much as possiblo of our present immense and valuable stock of summer goods; and to ensure bovond a d 'ubt thin re stilt, the g' odB have all been re-mnrkcd. at n tremen- i dons redaction from ordinal price?, with an eve simply to icurne- | diate clearance, ami without reference to tf?o coat. Our arook compriaea 100,U00 dollars worth of rich and choice Foreign and D 'luestic, fancy ami atapta Dr* Goods, and embraces greater va- ! riety of quality aud style than ran be met with at any other es- ! tabfiahntent in the city. Extreme caution have ever character- I lied ('UT purchases. The majority of the stock ia of our own im- ' porta tion?the balance has been purchased at auction or direct from hi ;ui u fact tire ra. Undertint circumstances, a slight refioc- j tion will convince purchaacra that the present ia an exceedingly j rare and peculiar opportunity, and all will embrace it, who rightly 1 understand and properly appreciate the true meaninz of the word "economy." UBSDELI, & PIERSON, Importers, Jobbers and Retailers, 56 Canal street. N. B.?U. lit P. take this opportunity to return their grateful acknowledgements to those numerons friends who have so liberally patronized their establishment during the last twelve years, and beg respectfully to solicit a continuance of their favors, assuring them that the same honorable system of business which iiu hitherto characterized the house, and obtained for it its pre- i sent high character, will continue to regulate all future trausac- ' Mono. j FOR SALE.?THE STATE COFFEE HOUSE AND HOT EC, ! corner Peck slip and Pearl street. The subscriber having | more business than be nan conveniently attend to. offers for sale ; the above. The Hotel department is now doing a go d business, i and to a person who could give iiis whole attention to it, would i become one of the most valuable places of the kind in the city. I The bar has a good run of genteel custom, and is constantly in- i creasing. a number of the Eastern beats leave from tlio foot of the slip, where also, there Is a ferry to Wtllianisburgh, and the premises being situated on one of the rroatost thoroughfares in the city, makes it 0110 of tlie lest loeations f?r the business that | could be desired. For particulars enquire of M. McCarty, Ely- ! sian Fields. Hoboken. P. S.?No |crsons treated with, except those who wish to purohaso for cash. Dissolution of partnership.?the business carried on by the subscribers has been dissolved by mutual consent, and wiU'bc osrried on as formerly, by W M. KYDD, Sen., who aloue is authorised to settlo up all claims against, and receive all in favor of the old business. \VM. KYIH), Sen. New York, Jun? 2b, ISIS. WU. KYDD, Jr. Masons, stone cutters, and quakrymen wanted on tlio extension of the Harlem Railroad. Enquire at the 1 lompsny's Off. e, near City Hail, and at the Engineer's Office. Proton Falls WINES, tec.?THE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RECEIVED from one of the tirst bouses in Oporto, 2 pi pes and 8 half do. of lomdon Port, well adapted for tlio present tuno. Also, Sher- , rics, Madeira, tee. of h'jh grado. Ono puncheon of remarkably ' tine old Rum, purchased in London at a vory greatprioe. Hooks, Clarets, Uurgunuies, tec. teo. Apply to OII.BLRT DAVIS, *5 Pine, e.orner William st. J El I RE WORKS, FIREWORKS.?THE LAKOEST ASSORT m. mum 111 U.IU vny, mi ui unu uur [waui J , m?u uo una as uir anil established at ore, I lrt Chatham, ?ornsi of Orango atroet, entrance , ecoind door In Orange atreet All tho goods mm warranted, and sent to any rart of the oity or vicinity free of cliat^o.^ IMJtEWORKS?EVERY DIM RIP! ION OF SMALL FIRE worka, and Edge's largo ?orks ft exhibition, for sale by J.W. ROLREKTON, 7ft Maiden Unr, rpo men OF BUSINRSS?TflR ADVERTISER, jrsr ovut A from the old country, wante an engagement in a Dry Go da Store, or a clerkship in any rospoctaMe nous* of business. Having ho 1 many years or experience in rome of the largest establish- I nionta In (treat Britain, this offers an opportnnitj to tho above panics rarely met with. 'Ihomnglt business men will consult their own inteieit by attending to thia as It is a geanino affair. ! Salary of no oi jeot In con - deration of a npcctAble engagement. The edreriiacr lias no olijeotlon to engage for any part of the j Slntoa i r Canada. Respectabio reference can bo given. All re. : pons, a to tbi* adv'riiseine.ut CIQIt be 'plick, as the advertiser is going East. Application a by letter, peat paid only, addn aaed A I! r, at the Otnes of thia I'nper, will meet with attention. Thia advertieoment will not be repeated. mm I; 11 MELIE1 DIAMOND POINTED QOLD PINS A are becoming dally more nod more recognised as not only the best hut che?f?at pen ill into. The points are warsautcd to it-nil for years, or u new poo will lo given free of charge. Also, Geld Pane ot evsry description from SI up. Gold lVna carefully r paired. V v cole by B. F.. WATSON, lfl Wall atrce', \N ARTICLE OF DRESS FOR VIIK FOURTH.?'THERE instill tiwe to have any gmmcnt nmdo to measure fur the I sumo prim at whips 1 sell them ready made, of whioh I have a i large stock, Ineiudtng the fam ma " bamaitine S*ok"~Free *l'i. J Whl e VarwiUlea Vesia. $2 Nt Satin, ho-t, AO: Fancy HHh, do, teste, Uuujuefai/la. C. U. CLARKE, lid William |t, i A ^ ! , ? JABXS COL*. AUcrtoMKro?VALUABLE BBOOBLT? Property, 1M I.ote?Poritlre Bale, by order of tli? Buprem Court in ? |ulty, to pay taxee end tui'niMili- J AXES OOL1 will eel I at auction, on Thursday, June 20, at 12 o'clock, at th Merchants' Kxchausu, Now York. Valuable Pro|?rty, part of tin Jackson Homestead Estate, in the Immediate vici;.ity of Wash ington Park and Fulton and l.a Psvet'e A renuea Maisrnf tlie pro ts-rly nan be had at the oflkoe of the auctioneer, 27 wall street Mew York, or <8 Pulton atreet, lirooklyu. AUCTION NOTICE.?LARGE' KLtbAMlLU Gun*, aui table for the auaaun. Tkla day, at 1U^ o'olook in ilte Old Church, corner of William and Frauklort etreete, com ptiaittg ae deal table a variety of garmante of all deecrip'teue. hi l.ia been off red for tome time, and the last aale. On Friday. i splendid stock of Cblldrens Ureaeea. Particulars In time. THOMAS HELL, Auctioneer. HENRY II. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.?II. If. LEEDS St CO. will evil et auction on Friday, June Mil, at It o'clock, ul sales ro mi, No. H Wall at., an invoice of pure una,Illiterate.! Winei from the city of Jerusalem, made thorn for reltgioua pur poms, and neat lu re to be sold for the benefit of the poor of thai uity. l),.cuniouta with the Sultan's seal, proving the Wine to be tbe pure blood of the grape, may boliad of tlie auctioneers. All. BDLUUt, AUCTION***. BAIE Ot ilIOICI Teaaand Fancy Groceries, to close a concern.?llalllday & .Muiler will sell ai auction, on Thursday, June 20th. i.t II o'clock, nt their store. No. 7 Hull at net, an uasurliiient of ohulcc Tune luiil fuu y Groceries, St' ., comprising tlr*t quality Young Ilyson, Do. I"n '. Ningyong, Souchong. and other Teaej fancy b'xea of Frem li I'hiuis, Fig*, liiusuis. ('auton Ginger, Sperm Candles, Verinicuili, Crouch and Cngliah Mustards, Chocolate, liaker'a Coooa, 1 siuftla Guava Jelly, Kin I'aetc. Flavoring Extracts, of different kind Hay Water London Sauces, Anchovies. Also, Cigars of the to1 lowing I rands, via: Riondaa, Princifie, Ni rogia?, Regalia*, l-i Floria*. Ac. The sale will ? without rocrvc. to close a ommrn I At Oil S. l'LAT'f, AUCTIONKE1L?IIAKDWAltE, ?e? al mved front the late tire In Chatham s'roct t also, a few gold a. U u Ivcr watches, 30 ihell music boxe*, American and Imported old Jewelry, 20 bandaome travelling trunks, fte, Jacob S. Piatt o i II sell 1.1,1m ,1,1 v .hnn ... Ill ,.'.lo..U . too ami '? Piatt street, consisting of boxes of sundro-i, shoe-brushes, caps, inkstands, marbles. suspenders, fur und slum huts, 1 case shoos, tin plates, comforters, If epaulettes, shirts, lamps, tumblers, knives ana forks, scissors, shouts, whips, ko.; also, I pair duelling pistols; a'so, 1 gobl lever ami 1 gold anchor escapement watch, and several other watches: 250 gold pens of various qualities, and a general asHnrtmcut of gold jewelry, Sic N. It.?The whole will be sold front invoices, and no catalogue will he issued. Dll. NASll. AU CTIOM EE II.?S11X1U IT'S SALE OK A Stock of rich Alhata H arc.?Thursday, at >0 o'clock, nt 299 Broadway, by order of the Sheriff, a stook of English Albata H'are, oousistiug of rich Tea set*, Ten aud Coffee L'rus, Castors, Cako and Krttil Flaskets. Trays, Pitchers; Knives and Forks, Spoons, Soup Ladles, Card Vim ., Siiull ami Tobacco Hoses, kc., with a variety of other housekeeping articles. W. J. V. WESTERVELT, Sheriff. A. T. Hili.vsii, Deputy Sheriff! IMIUNITUKK, HOUSE FURNISHING ARTICLES, CLOCKS, cc. etc.?J. W. llrowu will sell at auction, ou Thursday, June 29th, at lOfg o'clock, at No. 102 Broadway, an assortment of tiurlor, chamber, and other furniture, rich girandoles, solar and hall lamps, cut glass ware, kc. Also, by order of assignees, 'A', 30 hour, and 8 day clocks, with various other articles. Catalogues now ready. Sale peremptory. INSTITUTION FOR TI1E SAVIM1S OK MERCHANT Clerks, No. 5 Bookman street, Clinton Hall. This Institution having been organised in ttoconlanco with the Act of Incorporation passed April 12th, 1848, will be o|wu for the reception of Qeposltei from Clerks and others, on Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Satu,days, from six to eight o'clock P. M., commencing on Saturday, the 1st of July. On Tuesday, the 4th of July, the Institution will be olosed. Officers:?lames O. King. President; Prosper M. Wetmore. 1st Vice-President; Robert Kelly, 2d VicePresident: John I. Palmer, Treasurer; T. Spencer Kfrby, Secretary ; Charles Rolfe, Accountant. TrusteesJames O. King, Mosos II. Orinnell, John I. Palmer, Matliew Maurr, George VV. Blunt, Charles King, Thomas VV. Grosor, VV. A. Klssaiu, James Rcyburn, M. O. Roberts, John T. Rollins, Cornelius L. Kvoritt, James D. P. Ogden, Prosper m. VV'ctnicre, Benjamin K. VV'inthrop, Robert Kelly, William II. Mocy, Oliver Slate, jr., Isaac 11. Bailey, Townseud Harris, Leopold Bierwirth, O. D. K. Grant, Richard burlaw, J. K. llerrick. New York, June 27th, 1848. NO. 439 BROADWAY.?ANDREW TAAP, WITH REFERonce to former advertisements, now begs to intiinnte that the sale of his stock will continue for a short time longer at the presout reduced prices. Tho goods remaining unsold consist principally of linen and ootton sheetings and shirtings, table linens, toweling*, ticks, English blankets, real Welch flannels, toilette and table oovers, cambric handkerchiefs, muslins, tapes, ike. Beiig all most carefully selected In their respective markets, of the very best qualities, and under neat advantages, they are well doserving the early attention of Intending purchasers. The storo to let qua fixtures for sale. Board in the country for the summer months? Gentlemen, or gentlemen and their families, can be pleasantly accommodated. In the pleasant village of Flushing?the situation Is delightful, and easy of aoocss by eufgo and steamboat, several times a day. For particulars, address a note to BOARD, Pnrsonage House, Flushing, L. I. ' AT PRIVATE SALE?A FARM, CONTAINING 1UU acres of Land. 80 of wi.ioh are under a high state of cultivation. situated at Little Baysidc, Flushing, Queen's Co., L. I.? Said farm is located on tho shore of Long Island Sound, commanding a tine view of the same ; is 1 milo from Whitestone landing, 2)4 from the village or Flushing, and 10 from New York.? Title ft,disputable. For further particulars, inquire of Joseph Cheeseman, 109 Water >L, New York; Saml. WtlUtt, Esq., Flushlug, or of the subscriber on the premises, HAMPTON DODQE. A CARD?THE PROPRIETOR OF THE VVADAWANUCK House, Stonington, Connecticut, would return thanks to hit friends for |>ast favors, and would solicit a further continuanco ol them. Tito citizens of New York, and strangers, who intend t, e|ieml the coining warm weather in the country, will Hud at Stn. uington, pur? ulr, fti?? wIcwOb, bathing, blue, black, anil trout Halting, good roods for riling and boats for suiting, wtouluston Ct.. June, 1848. K. H. VAN RENSSELAER. SEA BATHING, LONG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY.?THI Sea Beach House is now open for the reception of visiters. June 21, IMS. If. 1IOWLAND, Proprietor. Long branch, new jersey, bath buildings,T.'iU Sea Bathing establishment opens for patrons, June 23th. Complete and elegant repairs, additions aud renovations have been mode. The steamers Orus, Fulton Market, and E, Lewis, from Washington Market, make dally trips; stages ready at Ocean House. No effort spared to give satisfaction. JAMES_GREEN, Proprietor. THE QUEEN'S HOTEL, OPPOSITE TuE GENERAL FUST Office, St. Martin's le Grand, London.?This magnillceut Ho tel having recently undergone extensive alterations, and a great portion of it newly furnished, will be foand on trial to have nc rival in the metropolis, both in point of ucoommodation and moderate ohargos. Tne Coffee room is one of the largest and most comfortable In England. Board. 42 nor dav- lint And Gold llathB. THftMAS Sl'KNCEK I.TKVNJBTV, Manager. Formerly Chief Steward of the British Queen Steamship. Kcfereuoe in New York, to Mr. G. A. White. 6fJ Cedar street. Le grange house?half a mile east or babyIon?SAMUEL 1IIGBEE having made extensive additions to his large and commodious Hotel, Is now prepared to receive transient or permanent boarders in good style and upon accommodating terms. Also, to let, a House in tlio immediate neigh1 oil. Babylon, .!une 27, IM s. rpilK PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN ISLAND.? I This fashionable and extensive establishment is now :n full operation, and persons desiring to take apartments can meet ti.e riber svnydtvM the CityU ul, or ho will be happy to wait upon tbom at New Brighton at any time they may One gioat advantage of the Pavilion is that it requires only from 25 to 90 minutes to go from landing to landing. By a careful com* pari son of thermometers, during three yearn, it bos been proved that it is always from 7 to 10 degrees oooler at the Pavilion than in New York. F. MI.ANCAK1), proprietor. A steamboat leaves New Brighton at 8 and 11 A. il., an 1 at 2 and 20 minutes of 5 P. M., and No. I Pier, North River at U and 111.,' A M . and at I;a1f-past. 3 and <> P. M. SCHOOL KY'S MOUNTAIN SPRINGS, HF.LM??NT HALL, New Jersey. This favorite establishment is now open, having undergone many improvement*. The new building lately added, together with the former buildings, will accommodate curly 900 vi . t <-r.-r. 1 he celebrated Chalytoeito Wati nd pure mountain air are well known. Leave Courtlundt street I rry at S, A. M., via Newark and Morris town Railroad, arrive at Spring3. P. M. K. A. II1NC ll.MAN. por sale?(a bargain) a neat second-ii\ndcakJC riago, with leather extension top. and seats for tix persons? newly painted and in good order. Inquire of ANDREW HOhl>, corner Chrystle and D? lancy. \j\USUAL SNUFF BOXES.?FREDERICK A. WOODlvX WORTH, 325 It road wsv, opposite the Theatre, has jnst opened, received per ship* Admiral and Laura, from Ilavre, au entire new collection or Shell Musical Boxes, manufactured expressly for this market, and playing all the national melodies.? Dealers supplied at manufacturers prices. John quin< y adams pi bushed thw morn i anew portrait of John Qui ncy Adams, engraved on stool, by Giinber, from n daguerreotype taken from llf??. This finished steel engraving is pronounced by tho^e who have been intimate w ah Mr. Ad.r.ns to bo the most correct Oi well as the in est p-.rf- ! likei e * , which has yet been taken of lrj ?. Tho size and style is most convenient for framing and nrc.sTvntion, ar.d worthy to hang side by side with our I cloved Vva?liiiigtnii. The price has b? uu put at tin* lowest possible gum over tho actual cost, so as to 1 c within the ren? h of every one. Price 2A cents each. For sale by H. Long Si Brother*, Ann street; John Wiley, Broadway: Burgee, Stringer Si Co., under tho American Museum. PORTER 1IOC-F THE STOCK. FIXTURES AND GOOD wiH for sal... A lease may le bad. 'I Co present wishes to retire to the country. Apply on tho premises, next to tli? Hull's Head, corner 24th at. ami 3d avenue. NI.W VORK HORSE AND CARKIA'.E EMPORIUM, ( OR. ncr of Prince and Crosby streets opposite Nihlo's Garden, baa re-opened its public anlo spain for Ilorres, Carriages, Harness, Ac., Ac., every Friday,oommecoing at U o'clo, k. Carriages, Harness, &c., always at private sale during the week. JOHN 1". HCTI.ER. I'roprii r MilS CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR AND SULPHUR Ruths, AM liroadway. two doors almvo l-cnurd atreot. The vapor bath la the only thin* that elcanses the pores thoroughly, and rivca tlio skin n chance to perform ita functions as they should he performed, iherehy iclieveng oolds, rheum it ism. f ever*. Ac. All disease* of the skin are effectually cured by the u;e of the Sulphur Rath. OR. WHEELER, OCULIST, 29 GREENWICH STREET devotes his euclusive attention to diseases of the eye and op thalmlc surgery. Office hours from 8 A. M. to I o'clock P. M. A pamphlet containing some (treat cures effected by Dr. Wheeler, can lie bad gratuitously at hit residence, or the same will ho forwarded to any ?ne making application to him by letter, post paid. Artilicial eyes inserted and for sale. 1"\R. SAMSON, PHYSICIAN AND OCULIST, HAS REIJ moved to 102 Prince street, between Mercer and Greene streets. DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AURIFT, ETC., ATTENDS DAI l.v to discasos of the Eye and Ear, at his surgery, 201 It road way, entrance l>i Warren street, Jn?t published, tho eon nd cdi tloc of Dr. Powell's Treatise on the Eye, trio- FO certs, which oar, be had a* P'a office: alio his premium self-acting Eye Fountains A largo supply of Artlflotal Eyes recently imported. VI ESSRS. GOUPIL, VIBERTR CO., KESPEI ; ELY DIG ivl to inter,a tlie publio that their Exhibition ot European Works of \rt,i? now open at 249 Hroadway, 1 sifargo RulMlng. This ootleetlun Includes original paiutiits by Ary, Sohefler. Delarocho, Cindellc, M iller. \t ./.In, Court. UirarUet, Grouland, So. Also, itr iehart's beautiful Crayon. Drawings and a olmioe oolleotiou of Itr nt < alter tho auti pie. Vnnual subscribers are ontitiou copy ot tlie " Power ot Music," after the spirited picture by W. S, M not, Esq. Admittance 25 eentr. Doors open rroin 9 o'clock, A M., until 6 o'oolook P. M. LTOURTII JULY?NOTICE?TO GENTLEMEN ANI) ALL .1/ those who don't wisli to huy now clothes for the occasion, si? informed I clciin c..ats fur ll . pants .'Is., and make them look equal to now. Repairing done cheap. All articles wanted for tho 4th mtist lie left previous to Saturday evening, and rotnrn od on Monday, and no disappointment, at No. ti Murray, near Broadway. A. CURT Is 'I'll! iv r\ i i trMi ann AIMIIU .vjni.itii An auiai vi.aik 1 Steamships, between Boeton nn<I Liverpool nnJ between New York Mid Liverpool, calling at Halifax to lan.l and reeeivo mall*and passengers. are intend-.t to anil as f. Huns: ?BKITaNNI A. Capt. Long. t'rv m New York. Wednesday, July ">; CAMBRIA, ('apt, Harrison, fr. m Hoatnn, Wednesday, July I CALEUOMA, (.'apt. Leitch, froui Now York, We sday, July IP. I'aseage money, <.120, For freight or naaHtt-". apply to E. CUN'AKD, Jr., 3d Broadway. IJOR HAVRE, TO SAIL Sd <>F AUGUST, TOUCHING AT CYwos.?The well-known V eamshtpUNI TED STATES, Capt. U m. (). Hucketaff, Nnrthan -""*1 tons, ?111 leave f,.r Havre on Tlittraday. Aug. 1, and will i "eh at Cowea to land passcidKr* aud letters. for freight or i""?', ?l P'y '> C. H. MARSH ALT.. S3 Burling si lp. ?SOR NEW ORLEANS?LOI'l'I ANA AND NEW YORK IP line ef packets?Foidtlvoly the flr.t and only packet, to aril I hur- '.w. July Ath Tbo new and splendid fast snlUrg packet bark MAZEITA, Capt. J. Thatch** having moat of per lango ongrged and on boapl ia now loading, and will povlttvely sail a, above, Iwr mgnler day. For freight or passage, having splendid furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS, M South street. Ahipvers may rely upon th's vera-1 sailing punctually as advertised, ...el having''mtr goods eorreetly measured. Agent in New f)r leans, Mr. Wm. (Wavy, who will promptly forward a'l road , to his addresg. k'soUet ship Clifton, J. U Ingersoll, master, wlli uoveed the Kaeoppa, and end h?f itguiar day. .. i. m in m ( oowmr thiatiul?thl'rho* v jsvunino, suirt V Bib, win ba rarterutod AFST?KI ITZ Philippe Mar**!. fur m*r)y a fitnnrr, Mr. W. Uarahatl: McrUI n?iiit*Ue. Jii,,. v.r/ v Taylor; C'oaatauce da Uorvtrillo, Mr*. Phillip*, Darnu ( uiiau a Mr*. Stlukuey To lo followed l? the comedy of a IIOI.M IN T11EWA1.I,?Mr*. Diipla*, Ml** If Taylor. To conclude with tbo ne* Dram*. etyled ti c RAD I'll'KIK Of PARI ? J.a.i, Mr. W Mar ball: 1'iarrc (iuroaaaa, Tilton; Jaouue* Dnidier. Warden; . Diddier, Mir* Mury Tayl w. IIuxee, 2T, canM: 1'lt, 12v, .?n *. ; Door* open at 7 o'clock; pertoruianco to eminence at ij.? o'clock proolwly. __ ; iu ijuxra. amtok plaic. ukoadway ? tuirsdaY i , ll evening J?o? 29 Tb* rnteitao i.oii'o will ood..o ;> wt'.o i GRAND UVkKTL'KF..?After which, a xrxn.l diverti*n?aeit. thu celebrated PAH KOCOi.O, by It.: unuicci VicnuolMa. 1 be mooaeded by a eornlo piece, tailed HKk.'lt 1IFH IN INDIA? Hlr Maitbew Bcrexx*. Mr Chippendale; < ount i.lcncux, Mr cefou. After which, the TaaclnatluK PAH DES FI.F.IjKS, by 48 Danoticw* Viennniic*. (jrnn.1 Moiiiey Overture. 1 he oelebra'ed ItKl.(II AN (II ANT will appear m the tableau of (luliali note* to liattlu . | To eonolade with the CHINESE UALAfill .K by 48 Ibinreoneo Vionuoi*ca. Ticket* Ml cent*. l>oor? open at 7 *' olock. Perform i , m. .to commence *t 8 o\ lo. lt. H ROADWAY THEATRE.?Till us DA'. EVENING, JUNE 'At, will be performed the Drama of the MAID OF* I'BOlli'.Y ?Serjeant AuatafMtl, Mr. Fleming; Fraud*, Mr. Daw on : I Walter. Mr. lladmvuy; Therein, Mire Fenny Wallnck ; Manetle. Mr*. Serrcaiit. PAH DE DEI'X, b; Mou*. Wiethoflhjid Mire I 'dote. with the Draiua of KOHK.KT MAPA1RL ?Robert Macaire, Mr l.etter; Jaei|tir<t Strop Mr. I (ad awrny; Pierrie, Mr Shnw: C'biinentine. Mice Gordon. To cinelaie will. , Hie new Farce .'ailed a MODKI. OF A WIFE?llr. Stiunp. ; Mr. Andcrton; Tom, Mr. Tlioaipeou; Mr*. Stump, Mice Cordon; l .avi, Mri Serjeant. Di.'.j < ircli and I'ar.p-iet'e, JO cent*, k l'auiily Circled, i',1 : Gallery 12!, D or* '>| n nuarter paat 7 porfcrui ir a qaarter t. - ./ b i k, (IIIATUam IDTU SO R ROPRX1TOB AM) 1->BJ see, Mr. I' i>. Olianfrtt!.- Thnrrday, Jane JRtl, will be ic rformed the cotucdv tn two act*, entitled IIUSH AHI1ARSADOK?Sir Patrick <>l"n i|... Vr. It. Wil'!?m?. Prlacc I Rudolph, Mr. H'nrd; Coir V n n.... panicy: llaron l.o?encroft. Tavlor. MIIIHI.A8D Il ls. v., .. _.. by the new local pieeo of M \V Vouk |T IS Mow Mr I Chanfrnu; Joe, Mr. Wii.aiw; I barley bet... Mr. Seymour Kaiy, Miss Illldretl; Ruth, Ml.-s K. T'cuiu. I' ... Iiob-?iili iho laughable farrc. by John 1 >11 nil. E*j., called the LIMERIC K BOY Psddy Ml I en. Mr. B William*. Uo?r? . |? i. a' 7- >Vrf>mianOw oommmee at 7\ o'clock, Boxes, 24 cents; fit 12k; Private Boxen, V>. CI ASTLE GARDEN?PERFORMANCE TO COMMENCE AT V 8 o'clook?Ailmi>?lon, 26 onto? Vtinngtr" Director. Mr. Geo. IliUand-Mr. T. Y. t-'kubh, Musical Director--Painter and ftcoo. retor, HI*. Angela Monte Mr. R. McValiv?Pro. pertiei, Mr. Gilbert. ? Tlmr-viay evening, .Inne 21>th, 1348, WH| lie performed tlie pctito i ioody THEHaRKACK ROOM?M le Marquis do Crniac, Mr (J 11 Andrew*: Bernard Mr .\ioktii*..u; Clnrlsie, Mm I'nirv. After which, a Grand Vncnl ami Instrumental CONCERT, by th" highly popular II\l SI If FAMILY. To conclude with tho Inngliable iovtrnv ;on/n of PONE ON IIOT1I j HIDES?Mr Pygmalion l'hlbbs, Mr iiollaud; Mr Whittle*, Mr Nickinson; Mr* Whittles, Mn Veraon. _______ CtASTLE GARDEN GRAND \ IT : \ >- KIMIM V. ' Juno 31). ?Messrs. Fiikvch ?t II risen hare th* gnttflcwtlon I to announce that they have succeeded in oii**?ing Signer Butte| alni, the unrivalled thmblu hue* performer. and Sigunr Ardlti, . the umiucnt ViullniHt, a Itn will give on the ahevo evening a relent noucert With a variety Of eut?ri?ii>mei;ts by tlio very popular Vandovll'e company. Adiulanlon AO c.u. BAKNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM?P. T. HAKNUM, PROprictor, P. Hitchcock. Manager.?Splendid i> rfermancea, every afternoon at 3k o'clock, and every evening at 8. One week longer of the V. S. Minstrel Band and Glee Club. Second week I of Mr. John Harrington, the well known and extensively popu: lar American Magician and Ventriloquist. Living Ornng On! tang, whoxo Intelligence and oagacity give her rank with the ; hnmnu a* well na brute creation. The Highland Mammoth liny*, aged nine and cloven years, and yet weighing .KM) pounds. Alen, i the Glnut It.thy. only sixteen uinnthg eld, and yet wrlghing ninety ! pound*. Wax Herlpture Htntnury. Madame ltoakw.ll, the famoui Fortune Teller, can lie privately consulted at an extra ; charge of J6 cents, Admiselon to the whole, including Museum, Performances, tec., 23 cunts; ohildren, nnder ten years of ago, ; and old enough to walk alune, 12k cento. Reserved front teats, | one shilling each extra. MECHANIC'S IIALL, 472 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Grand and Broome streets, MONDAY, JUNE 2ti, and exery I night -luring the week?tho original CHRISTY'S MiNHTKELS, 1 whoso concerts during the past NINE MONTHS have been received with suoh distinguished patronage and unexampled success, most respectfully announce, that they will continue their original and Inimitable entertainments every night until further notice, i Admission 23 oenta. Doon open at 7, Concert will commence at 8. Manager and Director, E. P. CHRISTY. An Afternoon , Concert will be given every Saturday afternoon. Doors open at ] 2, to oommence at 3 o'clock. BANVARD'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA or TUB Mississippi River, painted on three milee of eanvaw, being the largeit painting in tho world, at the Panorama Building, In Broadway, adjoining Niblo's Garden. Open every evening, (Sunday excepted). Admission 50 oenta; children half price. The Panorama will oommenoe moving at k to 8 o'oloek precisely. Afternoon exhibition on Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN IN MEXKX).? A Dinjniiflrent Pannmtnu, representing in tho most beautiful I manner, General Taylor's operations in Moxieo, will he opened for exhibition at tho Minerva Rooms, 4481 Broadway, on Monday evening, July 3d. at 7 o'clock. Panorama will ootnmenoo moving at 8 o'clock, precisely. Admission 26 oenta No half price. The exhibition on the 4th, at 10, 3, and 8 o'clock, precisely. A DELPHI, CHATHAM S'JC ARK.?EXTRAORDINARY Success of tho Animated Pictures, universally aoknowS , lodged the most licautiful and classic ever exhibited in thiscitv, represented nightly by ladies of matchlens form and beauty. Admission one shilling. Orchestra Seats 26cents. WA I. N 0 T STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA.? Thursday evening, June20,1848, will he performed the now local burletta of MOSK'S VISIT TO PHILADELPHIA? ; Mnso. Mr Chapman; I'orgey Bill., Ebcrle; Charles Hun-Cey, Brunton: le Simnln Ra.lcinw.. nek**..- Xr...l_. I urilli' ,1 i All; Nlbbg, Boawell; don. (J f)., a lleokett, Mr*. Bryan. Mr*. Thayer; Clementina, Hacktirl; Nancy. Rogers: Li?e, MIh Fisher. Previous to whioh, the operatic oomedetta of NO! To conclude I 1 with tliu farco of 1)11) YOU EVER SEND TOUR WIPE TO i BURLINGTON. Tabernacle.?programme of the second grand Concert of Mr. MAURICE STRAKOSCU, Thursday. Ath i June; 1848, Pianist of the Emperor of Russia, assisted by Slgnoni Vatcllinn, Signer Viet tl. hignor Do Bern Ik. and Maestro Antonio B.irlli. Part 1?1. Aria "Giovanni d'Arco," Verdi, Slguor ! Vietta ; 2. Duo "Eliaaand Claudlo," Signorn Vatellina and 9'gnor Do Bcgnis; 3. Sovenir do "Jenny Lind" (variations Lnlliantea), composed and oxeonted by Strakosch; 4. Aria "Barber oi Heville," Slgnor De Begnls; 5. "I.ucia" and "Lucre/in," funtaaio dramatiuuc, Strakoach. Part 2?1. Aria "BrnTo," Mcrcadante, Signnr Vlettls 2. Variations on the air "Oh ! Lady have I nought too boldly." from Pry's opera of "l-eonora," composed and executed by Strakosch; Tarantella foeosa, do do; 3. Aria from 'I.onibardi," Verdi, tiignora Vancllina; 4. (By request) "Emani," Sextuor finale, ' I ore Elixir," arranged and executed by Strako-eb; ! Tioketa at .10 conta; to he I ad at the prinoipal mnsio stoma. Con cert to eominnnro at h o'clock. TA 0 E EN AC LE ?FIFTH GRAND INSTRUMENTAL Concert. The ntcyermarkisohe Musical Corn (any, consisting I of I!) performer*, hare iho pleasure of informing the public thai their Fifth Concert will I given at the above place, on Erlday evening, June fit*, on which occasion a programme of the rh< foeet mini", delected from the met celebrated composers, will he intro duced. and they hope to meet with the like approbation extended to their forniT eflortf. Prcirramme?Part I?En A?aut, Grand J March, tlung'l; Concert Overture, lie Mgjor,Kallinoda; 'the Bur! Ilngton. Waits, Lnl.itik) ; Teraetto from "Maria Stuart," by re quest, l)oni?.etti. Part, II?Rednutc, Cfnadrillc, Strains; Sounds from Home, Styrian Danoea, (by request:) Grand March? Potponrri, Maisak. Part III?Overture to Zompn, Ifcrold ; Daneee of Witches, Walt/, Launcr ; Matrimonial Bler.siugs. Grand Coiaio Gallop, a warning to all single people, . Tickets SO cents, to lie bad at tno inn be and book stores. Doors open at 7, Concort to j commence at S o'clock. V GRAND CONCERT WILL BE GIVEN AT HAMILTON House. Port Hamilton, on l ii tnv Evenin?, 30th June, on which ii'i mum tt e steunboat CRICKET will leave Port Ham ilton, at 10o'clock?Concert to t -o-n -.nee at 8 o'clock. Tickets .">'1 canta?To ha bad at the Hotel, and at the loor. Under the | management of H. REICB. pi.\V> I'oRT"! \ Viiii1 bug; Vis 1??R oAl,L, ONE P r'e.s; lias been in use only f--u r month", aint will lie found u rare i hrncc for any per-on really war tin;' a valuable ami t.operior instrument. Apply I" ' HO'1 KIT, 1H8 Broadway, eorner of inrootne street. OlANO FORTE POR SALEORTO HIRE?THE SlHlSl RJII | I ere tin ve on hand no assortment of Tablet ami Trnuapoainn; I Piano Fortes, from six to seven octaves, al their manufactory, 6th Av.iuue, liOtween loth ami II b s'reels W'FNNF.HSTRORN* fe llF.RttOlOST. KXttrilSIONS T(l TUB KlMllNC BANKS OFF 9ANDY I Hook, every Monday, Tuesday, Frio y utid Fundny during thos'isnn?Tim subshnnt il st? ruhoa* 111 FFAT.O. Capt T. Ir. Hanonx. will run *a above, leaving tl." I mt of Robinson -treet. at 1 h o'elcek, Canal street. K\,; Hammond street; t!JB. Orand street, P. K., II, I ler So. I, N, It,, !)), A. M.; returning by 1'. M. Refreshments furnished on board. Bait a'cost. Faro 80 ccnta. TO LET HOUSES , : AND 1 (Ml, BRTDGE-STBEET, rtRook l.v 11, ill ?vi ry respect ilisirablo for a residenoe. Ten minute s walk fr :,i Fulitii I'trry. TO SERENADERa?A rill-'T RATI ( LIE < CAN 1? engaged for nereuadiny, at moderate terms, bv addle saint ' a note fo m?I\', .11 Roosevelt street. I SCOTCH ALP. IN PINT AND QPAHT UOTTI.K.S FROM " rennent'a" celebrated brewery, in fine order m o of very superior ipiality, for sale by JAMES KETBPRN, 22 South William street. (1 AST I'IF (Mm II I.Ml ami Fl KM 11-RE. - I. A DIES INK J tientletnen having superfluous effects to dispose of, such as wearing apparel, furniture, k<\, can obtain a fair price for the sa ne, by sending for the subscriber, through the post-office, cr otherwise, who will attend at tlioir residence. J. LEVKNSTYN, \ si Broadway, up stairs, ladies attended to by Mrs. Levenstyn. IMPORTANT NOTK E TO FAMILIES, kc.-AND W TAAP. Importer of Linen and Cotton Ooode, I'CI Broadway, respect\ hilly intimates that in wio.ajutnce of the had state of hi* health, ho tliids himMlf com polled tWelinonlsli business. and on Monday the PKh inst., he will iwmmrnni a sale of his stock at prices greatly l> low iho usual rates. The goods being til of tint qoa'iUae, families, hotel keepers, and 0tilers, will tlnd them worthy their attention. New Pork, Juno Iflth, ISPC The store to lot aud tlx1 tiite? for sale. DR. COOPER, II DUANKSTREET. BETWEENCHATHAM and William streets, tins for the last fourteen years enioved the most extrusive practice in privaui ditenees,of any medical man In New Vork. Ife van cure 'he moat aggravated oases of this disease : and mild eascscurod in two to flvo days. Stricture?Dr. C opcr hasdiscorcred anew method by which he can cure tho worst fonn of strictures in from one to two weeks, with soarccly auv pain to the patient. Constitutional debility, bmnghtnn by a w rvt habit iaduked iu by young men. This, when too freely In dulred in, begets dyspepsia, weakness of the limbs and small of the back, confusion or tho Intellect, and aversion to society. A cure arcrmnted in ?very case, or no charge. No mercury need Most extraordinary work-to the married or ih< so ooutemplatliiK marriage. Tin marriod woman's Private Medical Companion, by Dr. A. M. Maurioesu. Sixth edltion. Price $!. This work is meeting with most astounding sale, (21,1110 copies havo already bc-ti disposed of.) Every thin ale in I getting a copy, whethor tnttmed or unmarried, although It Is intended especially for the married, atit discloses important secrete^ whir', should be k nown to thrin particularly. Here every temala vVI di,. wr the cau oj .'-..j, aod -ho most, efficient rcnic dins, and most certain to !? or euro In every caso. lor rale, 222 Broadway; at the Pnhllshiaf Ofhoo, 129 Liberty street, New York: H 1 aim, Beber and Co., norm r of Chesnnt and Third streets. Phi'a dolphin; f ittJo ?n'l Co., Alb-.ny: IV. IL Davis, Huston. On the H reoidpt of $ I. a copy will be -transmitted by mail, free of postage to all i arte of the United State*. All lotters must be addressed H poet r ai I. to Dr. A. ?ACR!C?.AU, bo* 1224, New Terk city. B I Ofliee. 12B I.lbftT atrset H DOOTOR FAIVi KIT 11 A -i RKMOVKD lilt OVFIt E TO 1 I Dcy street, where he can l?> consulted on all Private Diseases. H thi> mo-t obstinate yield to hit mode of i rcatment, which is on the iiou tn'-roiirial system. Strictures cured on the most approved plan. Persona who havo Injured tbcmselree tjr Indiscreet Indnl- H i tan apply with a certainty fc?r.'. office .m nev street. IMPORTANT MEDICAT, WORK?DR. RALPH'S PR VCTf- I cal l'rirato Treatise, on the Diseases of the Genital Organs, H ttieir n.v ire, sympMus. progress, r insciptences, remedies and -nr-, including masturbation or se f abuse, stricture, and those / (Innocent) com)! nuts which resemble venereal diseases sod to / pted ... the ever/ individual of l.otli s"xe^, Alb edition, .",12 pp.. with illustrative plats a I'rue $1, I 1 II \ i i -I... I alio be V' t ohtrtlers, and by the author, SS Cveenwii-h street; nr by mal^L addresstng lb s Ht?, l.i ?er Post Offloe. Opinions of the PPl* an invaluable work to ail who wisli to leeomc a-jajueian with tlie ma'tvrs upon which it treats. Dr. Ralph i - as ./?kieh f high standing, and has alreadv puhlished w-v. raL' .-i, p. Ioiveai iitiied f r him considerabledistinction,?TDbb -.furred to itj?Jl 't "P"" 'he particular disease^ ?)tll mhI also upon ?Ttrv oomnlnint in my w*Jinc^ ^ c.r^\ *ioh urinary "ivan#, a^ i'Vfivpl, lit). Hf M* m /4??4?v iiiti. tnvt. Offirohourr.U to 12 A.M.. 6 to M* <*naa> * H lUhly uxeep*"!.) ?? IAR. GLOVFR IS CONAUI.TEV01'*1^0 T ,f P<\V H I I evening at M, 0 1 . " ... 1 ij?t. </'? '?. J," H, ..I H lo* eapw, voce. P-.ate-u r } , m >t tsr's ?ai <1 *r. fr * */* 1 % '!* ?. , . lk buMi1* speedy cure f-r delicate di/sews, taa; o U1 a ?* ?? * W<?S ^ .Nv. iJ AAA St. jM