Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1848 Page 3
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fhU, to hit broth*. Uwud Floyd, ?aq., highly apeetable merchant of thU #)tjr, to wkooe poUteaew ttd kind intelligence, we are indebted ft* those par. 'tiler* ' Mr Kloyd welted, yesterday, upon the widow r Alexander KotUv. end comtttunloktea to her. in ea elicete end feeling e manner ee could be done, the nexpected bereavement which now greeted ber. tnt? el of the expected return of her haabend. whoee rrivel ?hp hourly awaited. The scene. ee may well be deceived. was heart-rending These ere thing* which ad. or ehonld lead, the to reflection and conderation. We will conclude our brief end uielanboly u arret Ire with the beautiful word* of the poet hoinpgon the author of the Seasons :? "Thought fond man i f tliese, And all the thousand various ill* Wliioh on* inoessaat *i niggle render lift, One scene of toll, of suflentiK and of fate. Vtcu Id it* high career would stand appall'd And heedluM rawblinz impulse lesru to think ! The social tear vroulai is*!" ko. iuht at the Fountain.?A most bloody tight ocred about six o'clock yesterday afternoon, between i tnett. iu the l'ark. very near the fountain. They t,ht until both were badly whipped, end quit about u They then retired to wash, without being moid by the police. List ok Kires koh th.? Movth ok Ji-nk.?Thefolwing is a correct list of all the tires which occurred t the oily during the month of June, and compiled otn the reports of the Herald. 2d?'inrae su>ry duck, oosiihuwdub, """"k2d?Wooden shed, 21st street, near First arenue; trifling 3d?Two story brick. 130 Mulberry street; trifling. 12th?Two story brick church, corner of Broome and Norfolk streets; destroyed. 12th?Four story briok, in University Place, near Fourteenth street; trifling. 12'h?Two story frame, corner of North Moore and Washington streets; trifling. 16th? House of engine company No 40; trifling. 15'h -Tbreo story brick 170 Water street; trifling. ' l.Mh?Rope walk, In Fifth street; trifling. 16ih?Two story wood, on Thirtieth street, corner ofSerond avenue; destroyed 18th?Three story brick. 82 Chatham street; trifling. 10th?Three story brick, corner of Pearl and Oak streets; trifling. 20>h?Two story wood, in Thirtieth street; trifling. 23d?Three wooden stables, in Thirty-first street; destroyed. 24th ? Steam mill. 382 Bleeeker street; considerable. 03th?Several small wooden buildings, rear of 266 1 Sixt.e *bth street; destroyed. . ' ' Three story brick. 650 Grand street; trifling. ' 26th?To*"* "tory wo?d, foot of Klghty-sixth street, Kast River- dtN,troyed. Making a total eighteen fires, during the month of June., I ~ Week ly Herald. The Weekly Herald of week> W,U ??nta,n ln addition to oth-ir matter, all t.*11" 'rnpnr'ftnt foreign end political intelligence received this office since last Saturday. It will be ready, at slx1,)#n00 Per c0Py> at nine o'clock this morning. f Beautiful Summer Htita for Chi.'<lr?n?-Thc snbkc iter invites tlio attention of ladles to i of snmmer hats for ohildret; they are or nmmmn 1--T-T( snd elegant materials of any chat have ever been offsie-1 for rale in tills oitv. They are man jfacrureil and imported froin Parts oxpressly f r his retail trsd.e, aod are offered at leas prices tnan infinitely inferior articles x ere sold at a short time since. GEN iN, 214 Broadway, opposite St Faul s. I Good Lands In Arkansas, are nflvcn to Settlers. See notloe in N>jw York ran, under bead <rf Wants. Jtnpld Spend Tlie Steamer Connecticut, Y C nptain R. Peok, made the pswsage from New York to Now Haven, in the unprecedented tin of 3 hoars, 42 minutes. Indeed, she is champion of the Sound. Sig. % I to Marcettea will open lata Ulajnlflrent r Moving Dioramas and Tom Thumb" ? UUiputlan Family, at the Coliseum. 450 Broadway, on Monda t Kvonlng, July 3d. Dodworth's celebrated Band, will be In attendance every evening: during the week. See advertisements . >n Monday. . Likeness of John Mltcbel- A beautiful colored Ukauees of the Irish Patriot; Mitch iL is now for sale at tho . ffloe of the Polioe Gasette ; prieo ona sh tiling. Also, the Life of Monroe Edwards, noniaintng 152 rages, 1 tanosomely bound, with twenty descriptive engravings; prion 25 et ttta. r Phrenology?On the 4th of J.slythc Phrenological Cabinet or Museum, in Clinton llrill- 131 Nassau street; will remain open, and free tovistera, during i bn whole of that day. i Pr fwwional examinations will be made if ae. "Una. The Monster Snake Kxclteimcnt amongst ? ? -> ?- *?? f-"* Will isina rfli??ntlv arri L mo snowmen, inog^oa biud auwi v?im. m.. 0 P **<1 41 Salem, Mass., from the const of Africa, .having on hoard a I living Monster Serpent of theConstrictor speci ? . wnich verities all I the stories which we have road of tlioir crualiin^ and wallowing m a horae at a single moal; but it is much larger than any ever belore taken, its length 1 eing thirty foot. The nlwht lirfore its arrival, it deposited sixty eggs, weighing in agg re g&.'o. seventy pounds. m On breaking ono of tliese eggs a.young snake, twelve inches in length, made its appearance, and immediately annmenced crawlng abont tha cage witli great rapidity ! Of course the arrival on PT.r shores of mioh a monster, sot all our showtneir into a wondorlnl fiver; Van Ambutgh, June Si Titus despatched an agent for m ' . 1 alein, via New ilavea ; one of the linn of Raymond St Waring proceed'd bv way of Worcester, and Barnnm sent his major domo, Bitchoock. by the stonmer Ray State. The Yankee pr prietor of the snake, seeing such an excitement, and feeling that it will be difficult to run him an opposition, has taken high ground, and a telegraphic dispatch to Vanamburgh St Co., announces that he p-ill take ne lese than $11,000 for it, and in case of not Sliding a cu.\imer. he will turn "showman,"' and exhibit it btmaelf. 'Iheir agen * offered $70l>0, and so tha matlor stands. Captain Williams sisiti, e'y avers that it took 126 Negroes seven hoars to tssniu this 100 "al'or. They did it by means of a heavy rope net. made lor the pu 'P086* and thrown over him while coiled up. What a sarpint! lClrsrant Wmmgi" Sacks, (aslimcrettr, Alpocs, Iirmp d'L^bg, Linen, kc., $1 to $6 each. Also. Pants ami v cats, elegant. ssSims' 'r and cheap. The in Five Dollar Suits i ' ere going fu,t?tk consist ol Cloth Coat, Casaunere Paula and I TV luncg Ymc om31 * ? **' IU?k?i*n street*. Si Suit store Odd Fellow <JUp._" Tbc Golden Rule" ntitl "Cazette of the Cm "? having been united in the hands of new . ffi proprierors issues to- iif Uhf flMtaamber of a new volume. The I 0 circulation is now ovei (topiee. and in tlie variety and intcV rest of its contents is ui Vtor,>se*d 1" a Family and Odd followrn thip Journal. Meiubers of th?" Ofder ?? desired to call and exaI. Ine this number Ten ii % > a' f*** ,n ?dvanc?, city or country. Office, U Ann street. . '. WINCUKSfER. Publisher. Rlirumntlsm aild So rot, ?r" Cummin's Fxtract of Sareaparilla ansl llydriodato ot cn" lor there iuvote ate diseases More than eos hundred cerUfloatci will be shown to any peesonwho a. * Kirom persons now iv.Muint; in una city, w hi jn many casethese disoasos in a few days, after having sufft Brooklyn at IS! tor yearn. Sold at No. 84 Ninth avenue, and in Prise one dot Pulton a>reet, and in Newark at 298 Broad street. wilted to sun lar per bottl-. From one to three bottles are wan any ordinary caae of rheumatism. >?'"? Or. Townacnd, alarmed at the rapid > s, mntl off ill his sales of tho .pinrt bottle mixture, has resorted to 1?, -ee extraordinary means to regain his position. In the Ikrst p.* cells at Ids own counter an article purporting to beau extiact [ >, the celebrated California plant. Canclialagna, recomi ?ondln* U ? "far better than Saraanarillit,' and as "tho best : tnd cheap?*1 medicine in the world.' and this, too, after having "found ft to I.e." as ho says, " perfectly wortliless." Then, finding this prompt* mk ly met ly tho only vender of the genuine article, ho v^irna round and denies the be made tlie admusion (which is pri i?fe I on the 'abelsol the bottles.) And culls the statement that L? h td made it, "a piece of rascality." Will the public countenanoe such proi ceding, f More anon. I The Great II tun liitg.-The. following ha a teen publishod in the papers, and is a complete piece of rascality? resort- d to In order to sell what we lielieve to lie worthleeesO.iff:? "Canchslagua. Dr. Townsend's admiaaion that this California plant is ' far hotter than Sarsanarilla.' can be seen at the da pot." l>r. Tow nsend lias ma-ie no such admission?but, on the contrary. 1 ofore the California plant was advertised here, give it a Hair trial in a e <se of fever and ague and in diseases of tho blood, and C -und It to be, ae he believes, perfectly wort!dera. ^ fllrhcllrn Gnlil Pen*, long known ne .the l.ost and chca|est Pens in use, have almost sujieraedcd the U-ou^ rand and one 1'ons for a time put in competition with thi -tu. H Points warranted for yesrs. For sale by the m-Is proprietors, B. K. WATSON & CO, lS Wall street. Gold Pens from *1 up; *'?> rcjiaircd nnd exchanged. _ P Wcdtllng Card Pint? nnd Pack Card*. Bp $260: Fine Cake Boxes, St per hundred: Tisitiiig Card Platsrn and Cards, $1 ??; Silver Door Plate, beautifully engraved, $2 50; Welding Wafers, Silver Cord, Ike, at J. EVERDBLL'S Premium Engraving Establsshinenf, SU2 Broadway, oorner Dtutae etreecs first s-iuare above Stewart's MarbH Store. Nnuntler*' Toilet Articled, Oreaxlnjg Caaes ami Fanoy Cutlery, 147 Broe.jway, oorner of liberty otreet, and VTf Broedway. The subscribers respectfully oall the attention of thsv pubUe to thair Wmetion of the above articles whleh in point or ^ variety, ie not equalled in the olty; they have been selected with p- strict regard -toqnality.aoil in all oesee are warranted. G. 8AUNDKRS k SON. 147 and .187 Broadway. ' Dyaprpaln .\n Fluid or Modlrlne has ever hten dii-omvred which so nearly rc-emhlo* tho gastrio juloe or ealiva. in dreomp'sing fo'sl, and strengthening the organs of direction, a* this preparation of Harsapnrilla. 11 positively oures | utvij v?rv></ft ii'iw ui?;r wrrro ur v* T'?mu. n wi.t 1 this , Kjeriion, wo cun furnish tho tiw'iuu ny < f >oiuO of tho m at rtaiwc'aMo gentlemen in tho Unit oil States, who have I won per' reoly owed. I The First Men of the Nntlon._Wc I insert l?e^ low the Certificates of I,. L. Van Kb enk, E',1, formerly Sheriff of Albany city ?iid county, and lato of the War Department at Washington, and W W. Van Zandt, of the JUnk Department of Albany. la any man an haao an to leliev* that anch u.en .? thorn B w'tuld 'end tho r names to rnpport a worthier* article, or yuuid V aen^ f"r '*11 Mviloua atatement to deoaire tho public? L \V. W. Van Zninlt'i Certlflcatc._Bnnk ,feBw partment, Albany. May 11), ltMrt. Dr. Townsend: Sir?I h.v?s oean alHicto'1 for eereral yeare with the Dyspepsia, in its woi at I forma, attended with aourneaa of stninoch, loss of appotite, ex trenic heart bum, and a great avoraion to all kinda of food, and | ' for w eks (what I could cat) I have licen unable to retain hut a W email portion o my atom-toll. I triod tho ueual remodiua, hut 1 I iticy had hut little or no effect in removing the complaint I war ft indnced about two month* aiuoe, to try your K. % tract of Sarsapn r rlllrv, and I niu*t any with little ennfiilouoe: but after using nesr. I 1 ly two bottle*, I found iny appotite reatored, end the h-ivrtburw I k? entirely remved; and I would earnestly r<commend th? tine af 1 I li to those who have been afflicted ae I have lieon. Vontw, kc. > ' _ W. W. VAN Z.VNDT. I*nw. I*. Van Klcrrk, Kaq., Brooklyn, Mareli 7, '*1*. 1)-, Townsend : Dear Sir?In the summer nf I84A, I was. ; nttan 0d with a disease of the throat, cheat, and etomaeh : tic j mao"iu membrane became ao affected that almost every article nf I iood I to,nr..uti??d such a nausea, or Irltntion. that it was with I treat dimcnli j tha* I could retain food. I 0 on lined myse't almost utiroly to I he me of oocoawivon this I was often ohlimxl to throw off', i I can scarcely .1 scribe theWjdd seniatlon I suffered : it appear- ! f me flat from the roof of N,- mouth to tho lower part of my r stoniaea w as ulcerated, nidi wan snprehensive that I hail not nnr Iy despop I V 111 Its worst fonn, but that 1 was threatened with leonnhitis. The diaeavo hecamc so InVsteroto, that it produced a rupture oyhamall blood-vessel. I ??Oeutined for aevrrai weeks, loet my fl#-,. oiDWait woik and wearied hy t|10 leMt eaerotoe. At this tiny* I fortunately saw vu\it <idv?rt^iTient And r* c^nlti'il ' aercrvHumea J knew to bv highly rcspeotaMs <nd an titled to confldontj,. I remember to have seen Mr. Van Zandt of Albany, for a ntiiol^r of years in very lad health. From tliase facts 1 was in I'i'/l at-fir-t to procure one bottle of your vslnnlde prsparath n ' "fyarsopurilla. In iuatteeto you. I feci boned to assure yew that ' Vdoem it an invaluahlc nkdicino for such diseases as 1 have >*. ?#hed. It ha* restored health anil strength; I heron ed at L>ur hot tlf aTo teatlUtWoary, after naing ono or two bottles, M i initlkl/sr some dsys to take i; and aonu found that. I ra.piirc.l #mnr?-,jBj?? dldbase was no> entirely subdued. I regard it as s 1 ccr'itlHfre for dy?|?psia ami aHc tinns of tho throat, and ohe<i: ^B^^ it ia sonth-ng and opsratra like a charm in nnmpoaliig the sto ! ^^^B rnteh and shaying a cough. I Intend, In future, to keep a bottle i >>r two on hand for the use nf ny family. ^^^^B With greet regard, *onr friend, I.AW. I, VAN KI.FECK Me. Van Kleock was formoilr Rherlff and Clerk of Albany eity nml county. a< d recently in the War Department at Washington ^^^B Urlnrifial Ofhco, 12H rrlton street. French Boots Air the Komth af July for j 54 AO. (.alters. Shoes. Slippers, lie., e^nally low.dnd cheaper than 1 ran be found in any other store in the city. SniiMicrn and Wrsu ?rn meu. and strangers generally are Inrlled to oall, oornerof Fulton and Nasaau streets, at 1 oung'a oelehnted French boot Store. TH1 DOCTOR. j.l .... . who laidrthls MMMti article <w?M drop in on Knui, M let) Fulton street. One of hia ouatomere inquired of him. a short time eince, how ho found timo to accommodate the met nnahen who were oontinnally rushing in upon htm; Me h* pointed to hieetook, wee mode in the language of Motamom?" Led them oomo on, I'm armed." * Portable WHUng Dealt*, Me Plus Ultra Dealt, oovered with Rueeia Leather, with dressing and writing apparatus combined, very portable Shaviug and breaking L'aeea. Travelling Money Belt* Work Boxes, Pocket Booke, ho., for ante by <J. R. CHOLVVELL, Manufacturer. 24 Maiden Lane. Toilet article* in great variety. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. mONKY MARKET. Friday, June 30?6 P. M. There ie nothing sew in Wall street. One or two of the fancies fell off a fraction at the first board ; but the sales of the stocks generally were at prices current yesterday. It Is very unusual, even at this season of the vear. for such inaotivitv in the market as we have noticed within the put week or two. The money market ia not u euy oa was generally anticipated previous to the loan being taken The stringency is caused partially. no doubt, by the demand for the payment of oall loans made previous to the opening of the bids for the sixteen millions of dollars required by the government. These loans are now called in for tho purpose of paying up the first instalment to the government; and as that Instalment ia payable in speole, It tends, in a measure, to lighten the money market As soon as the government distributes this speole in making its expenditures, the market will be relieved.? Another cause for the tightness at this particular juncture, is the large amount of money in the hands of the government and Incorporated companies in all parts of the country, reserved for the payment of interest and dividends on the 1st July. This will soon be let out. In the course of the next sixty or ninety days, there will be money enough in the market for all ordinary purposes, and we have no doubt the late of interest will rule several per cent below the legal standard. The Comptroller has given notioe that the interest On tho city debt, payable on the 1st of August, will be paid on that day by the city chamberlain, Shepherd Knapp, Esq., at the Mechanics' Bank. The semi-annual interest of two per cent on the In aiana state uvea win oo paid oil tna 1st or July, by tbe State agent, in Wall street. The Bank of Metropolis, Washington, has declared a semi-annual dividend of three-and-a-half per cent, payable July 1st. Tho Commercial Bank, Albany, has deolared a dividend of four per cent, for the last six months, payable let of July. The annual report of the Commissioner of Patents presents some very Interesting tables relative to the productions of the United States, the quantity of grain, ho., raised in eaoh State, and the aggregate value of tho agricultural products of the country. The returns are made up from the best data, and are therofore to be relied on. The dlffloulty of obtaining full roports from every section of the Union, is such, that due allowances should be made for any deteot, particularly as the returns made are rather below than above the aotual productions of the country. The report from the patent office for 1847, is muoh more elaborate than those of previous years, more comprehensive in the subjects treated of, and altogether a work of vast importance to tho agricultural and commercial classes. Whatever imperfections may have appeared in previous reports, and may exist in that for 1847, they are trifling, when we take into consideration the immense amount of correspondence, compilation, tic. necessary to put into shape such an immense amount of informatioir, derive! from such a multiplicity of sources. In this department of statistics, wo are far in advance of any other nation, and the bureau from which this report emanates, is now so admirably organised, that future returns will bo more perfect. The United States cover such an immense extent of territory, enjoying such a variety of climates, such extremes of temporature, such fertility of soil, that our productions must excoed those of any other country on the face of the earth. In the event of an unfavorable season being experienced in one section, and the erops of that section destroyed or injured, the rest of the country may have escaped, and the aggregate production undiminished. It is hardly possible, in the course of the laws of nature, that the crops of the i^iole country should be similarly affected, for good or for evil, and wo are, therefore, sure of an abundance. In Europe, the case is just the reverse, particularly in j OrMi S*0*in, whrr- hMrw*Sa we likely ttv He deficient from the same cause, where the crops from one I end of the kingdom to the other are in danger of injury from the same storm, the same drought, or the same disease. On the oontinent, similar disasters sweep from one end to the ether, destroying the growing grain and endangering the harvests of the husVhndmen. 11 is only in this country where dependence can be placed \ upon an abundant crop, and the nations of the old world :, -have a supply of breadstuff's on this side of the Atlantic i which can be mad* available at any time. Whatever do' flcienov may occur in the harvests abroad, there is no i danger oi famine or starvation, as vre are always ready to feed them. Every degree of latitude and longitude 1 added to our limits not only increases our ability to produce, but gives us a better guaranty of an abuudance in the face of unfavorable seasons. W? annex tables showing the population and proI ^aet# t,If eactl State in the Union in the year 1817. pov",-''-A^,iei\ a*d ''"ooucts or the United States. ... ?? . 'a- Bmhelt of Buth.-f Huihrlt of Ruthoh -rlrrZZr*. tVZ H'Aeot. Barley. Oati. Roe. Territory. Moa. 900,000 ?:,<?> l,72i,iW0 110000 J! 11?'nii.ii'ji SkiiS! s'"'000 129,150 2.10O.WW 40>,0UI N J"' !,. iU 'WO 170,190 2,000,0U0 020.UUI inn Si ' ?000 210, MM 50.0110 niiudv*i,'*n<t- J>?J? 2s,oou i,sio,ww i,aw,uw Conno, Hlcot.. M'. "> 1A,W?> .- flOO 3,005,000 360,000 3^ i.^MuoibV' ?g?{g| I - New Jok V- 4IO.I WO 1.100 000 10,000 1'ennsvlva ?<* XMMWD 14.I6UOOO 150,000 IXn.^25 Delaware ""(KIO 410,000 4.400 650,?. A'"'. Mar.laila" 405.0(1 4JWU.000 Z9W> lJW.Oft. , wXU*> vSrinla 1,270000 12.00000? 00.00O 10,(00.000 ?.?!?,?J0 N I *rolina 766.1100 2,350.000 4,000 3,507 000 2x~(*I fVa^Hna 005.000 130,WW (,VO 1,000,WW 64,?kH' ttamSa 000,'00 1,950(000 1X*I0 1,140,000 700(0 Alabama t W,(?) 15100,000 7,500 l.Ml.uOO 96,000 Mii-tUippt;64 VKW 5OO.000 2.900 1,37*300 23,(Wl) " 950 (>' 8,756,000 6^00 9,918,000 3?0KI Kontu^kv hX HV.; ZOOttOtW 181)00 14,100,000 X?S?,tW0 S!!':.v.'?s ?s "Sffi ss? vas Illinois 735 000 4,900,000 1 IX000 4,200,000 155,000 Arkansas... 152,400 290.000 l.uW 4MW4J 10,0W Michigan .. . 370,000 84)00,000 21U.0WI 6,.V?i,000 90,(WO Florida 75,000 ? ? ,3%X aTiwi Wisconsin T. 215.4W1 1.21*1,000 30,000 1. W3W ?.?* Iowa 130,000 l,"WM>U? 35,000 1,(*.?.?? 12,000 Texas 140,000 1,110,004 ? ? ? D. Columbia.. 46,000 ltVWO ? 15,00d 7300 Oregon 31,000 50, W0 ? ? Total 20,74X400 114,245,5110 5,649,960 167,867,000 ZZX^ZTOU State or Buikelt of Hut bet' of Huthelt of Tout * / Territory. Uuektr/tt it. In. < Torn. Potatoes. Hay. I Maine 76,<W0 X89V,IWI) 7,800,000 1,113.000 I N. Hampabire. 160,00) X *90,000 4356.1W0 ?JO?J,000 Massachusetts. L'W,W>I 3,410.000 4,.108,000 ii.S2.WW |J Kliotio Itlaad. . 4,Ml HUU.Ui*) /.tu.wu u.imv ! Cnunceiiout .. 480,00" 3,180,01)0 2.H12.000 880,000 , Vermont XWt.OUl 3,1(10.000 7,(*W,0(W IJflO.OOO New York 3,WO,00" lfi,(M),0U0 24,000,11)0 3.M00JMJU ! New Jersey ... 980,00" 8,000,000 1.W0,000 4.34,000 I'enaaylrMia lOUO.OO' 20,200,000 7,000.000 1,730,000 l>eUw*r?777, 14.00" 3,820,000 180,000 20J?KI Maryland. .,. UVIJM M,. 00,000 000,1*10 125.000 i V.nriaia 300,0"*' .38JWO.OOO 7,080 000 4rt),0rt> 1 N. "amllo* . IM"" 28,000,000 2,000,000 138,01*1 I f. < 'ar.ilina.. - 12,000,000 SJSOO.UJO 301)0" Georgia, 25.000.000 1.340,000 24.000 Alabama. . .. _ 201**),000 2,150.000 18,000 ' Mireiminiii ,,, _ 18,000,"00 2,080,000 800 | l-"iiUi?ni... _ 8,000,(*)0 1,300,000 27.000 ; Teneeawe.,. Mfto *4,0001000 2,700,000 45,00" Kentucky... i?'i VOOHflOU 1,81(^000 130,1**1 I Chin 1 200 000 fii 300/HV 4.844,000 1,4<' Indian* imnto 2,350,000 388.000 120,1 *H) '.3't,ono, "dj ? $! !!$ ^iSH Ml"*ouri 36,1**1 38,000,1*. ^ ymm ? ??? Arkanma.. . . _ Tcmi?ciOfY Mlohlpn... . 258.000 fllflOo'.OO# Florid* ? l inn) (NNi 3ft* MWO Ijffl Wleroniln..,. ?,000 ,',oorf,m?) j^^jO !* ? ? >1,000 2 000,000 880,000 40,000 Tour, ,.. ? i ftVHNN) flWLW DtACitanbte - ") 2V*? ' *? f)W*, ? 825,1**1 ? 11,073,500 63P.35li,lW0 "l 0O,0?5,(WO 13^419,01*1 Slate Ponnd t Pound, P,mn1t Pmtnri, Pound, o' of of of of Silk of Territory. Tobatto. Rio,. Cotton. rtx-oon, "eine. ... ? 850 8l*!.1**> N. Damp., ? _ MM4I 2,236,0*) Ma*?ao)iiia 135,000 411,1100 630,000 R. ? _ _ *1 Oona.... . 308,000 _ _ #W,<*?1 45,000 Vermont.. ? _ _ 8,1100 10,800.1**) New York. Sort hi _ _ 5.000 14000/000 N Jersey ? _ _ AjOeU) ? l ine*. .. 601),ODD _ _ S"U* 40DO.O1*) Delaware.. _ 3 4)1*4 ? Mar/lai.'l . 2V.000.iim 7 ?10 ? Virginia .. 80,1**1,rtKJ Vrtyy 2 500(10(1 ?.36() 1,750/**) ? ?.I?*MH',1 eanolS* 42 OOO "00 8,200 18.000 s.carUaa. ^ .7,,'.";(yai :,>?) s\(?m - 3*Vrt?> i*y**)j*? 210.000,000 8,000 370.''*) MmSCi S''*000 5WOOO 180.rtl0.0i*) 6/C1.1 16.000 ** ' ""n 1 (KNLrtlO 250.000.1**1 310 ? Till''!* 338.1)1*) 44 > *i inn) 106,000,000 1.2014 275.000,0)11) K<nrt3S"X,'n"*"n" 10 000 35,000.000 2",tX? 831,1**) (>hta * ' S^OO.OOO in**) SHOO0U0 4.4-.7I H.DD0O (I I ndiana * " MRU** _ - 36101 5,lWO,1IOO mix ' - - "*> 6.4-8?.O0O' il?5S?> 7 500 ? 3,200 lil V'flO T?,aa " " ~ - ? ? I3MB0 IXaColov - - 10,000.000 Oregon.. . _ 2 Z " Z Mir?QCnii^ C*4i>uu,ooo mm 5JhmS Tto mnftaiaf m m mimi;SS28S 5 auSf^att: v.ww* '? barley " ......... 6.640.060 " Date, " 107.807,000 ' rye, " 30.1B3.700 " buckwheat " 11078.800 ? India a corn, " 680,850,000 Ctatoes. " 100.065.000 y, to 111, 13.810,000 " tobacco, pound*, 230.104,000 " rice, " 103.040.600 " cotton, 1,041,600.000 " silk ooeoon*. " 404.600 " sugar, " 324.040.600 " hemD, tona, 27.760 The production of hemp ia not distinguished in the above table*. The return* give the growth in but nix State*, rit., Tennessee, 1,000 tons; Kentucky, 16,000; Ohio, 000; Indiana, 650; Illinois, 600; Miaaouri. 10,000. The estimated value of breadstuff* produced in the United State* in 1847, was $400,842,435; and the official value of breadstuff* exported in that year was $53 262. 407 ; leaving ror oar own consumption ?44i>.Uiy,yi8 worth of these articles. It Is further estimated that the surplus production of wheat in the United States in 1847, whs 61,942.361 bushels; and of Indian corn 433,2*28,000 bushels. Of the former were only exported during the year 20,312,431 bushels, and of the latter only 19.170,230 bushels. It will therefore be seen that the surplus of each of these grains, after deducting our domestic consumption, aggregate exportation, &c., must have been enormous, even from the crop of last year. The exportation of breadstuffs In previous years has been comparatively limited, while the crops have been abundant; and there must have been a large surplus in each of several years past. In the absence of markets, grain of all kinds has been consumed by animals to a much greater extent than would have been otherwise permitted. It is impossible to get at any account approximating the supply of breadstuffs now in the hands of the producers; but it is equal, we have no doubt, to any demand that may arise. Everything depends upon prices. Returns from all our works of internal improvement show a very great falling off in the transportation of breadstuffs from the interior to tho seaboard, and it is the general impression that the supply is much less than it was at the same period lost year; suoh, however, cannot bo tho fact. The exports last year were principally of the previous years' production, nnd the excess of the harvest of 1847 must bo yet in the hands of tho producers, and the only thing that will bring it out is an udvanco in prices. This cannot take place under I existing circumstances; pricas are already too much lntiateu, considering tne supply or breadstuffs in tbo country, and the probability is that they will not fnll I much below the present points. Holders of agricultural products are not compelled to foree them upon tho [ market, and as many of them are oxpecting an extensive foreign demand for llour and Indian corn, they | will not submit to any material reduction from ruling rates. We have seon within the past year or two, the effect of high prices in bringing out the old stocks of brcadstuffs, and we shall soon see the effect of low prices In keeping back supplies from the interior. It is fortunate for the produoers that they can hold what! ever surplus they may have, as In the present state of foreign markets, and in the face of abundant harvests in every part of Europe, prices here would, in the event of large receipts, sink to the lowest points perhaps ever known. There is not the slightest probability of the European demand for our flour and gTain for the next year being anything beyond what it is at this moment. Stock Exchange. $3000 Treasury Notes, Gu 101 60 shi Canton Co 31!. 1000 City 6a r68 93>? 26 do bl5 31'4 10000 U 8 6a '08 sl2mo 104 86 do 34)2 1000 Kentucky (is 101!." 50 do b30 34 >2 15000 l'enn 6s b60 i5>? 100 Reading RR bflO la 3000 Ohio 6*. of 'CO 1<*? ISO do 31 !? liiOO Eric RR, 7 per ct 0S>? 260 Long Island RR 28>4 40 chiMch'ato Trad'bBk,N07H 50 do bfiO 28J? 26 Morris Canal 10U 160 do b30 '23k 100 do 10S, 100 do 38>." 60 do U?0 10>? 10 Erie RR new, full (i7!? 100 Canton Co 31 30 Utica tt Sch RR nw 110'.. 25 do b30 Sl}( Second Board. 160 shs Harlem RR 54 k 100 slis Long Islaud KK 28'.' 100 do bOO 66? 50 Erie RR Kg) 61 60 Nor to Wore RR 33k 50 do 00 100 do b.1 33J? CITY TRADE REPORT. Khiday Aktkrnoos. June 30. The markets were acraln rather lnmriiiit Oinn.h of flour warn made to a fair extent. Including tha usual assortment of brands, at about yesterday's quotations. Sales of Genesee wheat were made on terms stated below. Corn waa steady at yesterday's prices, with fair sales, including some lets for export. Sales of meal were made at yesterday's prices. Rye and oats remained the same, in provisions, mess and prime pork sold at the full quotations of yesterday. Lard was steady but held rattier above the views of buyers. Sugar and molasses were selling to a fair extent without material change in prices. Ash its?Sales of about 100 bbls were made, including pots at $4 87%a$5. and IYarls at $5 87,SBreadstuff*?Flour?The sales embraced about 0,000 a 7.000 bbls, Tn various separate parcels, amonij; which were about 2 300 bbls consisting of Oswego, com inon Miohlgan. Ohio. Black Rock, at $6 25. with 2C0 do poor Oswego. at >8 15)?; 1.800 do. including Oswego and Michigan, at $5 25, with some lots Ohio round hoop, at $6 62)* a $5 75; 600 do, line, at 1)5; and 400 a 600 do. Southern, at $6. Wheat?Sales of 2 500 bushels of Ueneseo were made at $1 31. Corn?The sales amounted in the aggregate, to some 20,000 bushels, in separate lots, among which were 6 6U0 bushels round Northern yellow, at 53o; 2 600 do. high mixed, at 50c; 2,000 a3.000 do, N. O., at 48o; with some lots of flat yellow, at previous rates. Meal?Sales of 100 bhl? white meal were msde on terms not understood, and 300 hbls of New .Jersey, at $2 44 a $2 50. Rye?Sales of 1.800 bushels were made, at 67c. Rye Flour?Sales of 200 bbls were made, at $3 75. There was no change in oats. Canal wcro worth by the oargo. 42c a 43c. and by retail, 44c. Barley?There was a smalt lot sold at 60c. Cottoh?The sales to-day were about 700 bales, and at steady prices. Holders offer very sparingly at present. Fnitiaitrs?Rates were steady. Cotton was pretty freely engaged for Liverpool, at 6-32d. Corn in bags nt 6 to 5>?. and in sacks at 0% and larl at 17s 8d. To Glasgow, 2.600 bushels corn were engaged in bulk at 7d. Fruit?We noticed sales by auction of 1000 boxes raisins (nut of order) at $1 V2% to $1 17. Cash. Fish?The sales of mackerel reported yesterday, on private terms were at $6 25 fur No. 1, and $5 75 for No. 2. Ha v?Further sales of 500 bales North River at 40 a 44 cents. Ho* r.v?Sales of Cnba were reported at former rates. , llr.Mr?Still continued dull, dew rotted American we quote nominal at (120 per ton. 0 month*. Lm?c?The latest sale* were made at 71c. Molas*k*?Some 400 libds (Cardenas, changed band* to-day at ]0o for the cargo a* it run. Naval Stores?The operation* in spirit* were 200 lmrrel* at 33 to 33)4o, cash. Provisions.?Sale* of about 500 or 600 bbl* of pork were made, including mesa, at $10 5614 a (10 6214, and prime, at (8 121*. Sales of 100 tiorce* of ham* were made, at 614c. Sales of 40 hhds shoulder* and ham* were made, at 8& and 5c. Boef? Sale* of 60 to* prime mess were reported, at (19 60, which waa an advance, bard?Sales of about 500 bbl* were made, in parcels, at a 71a'c. according to quality: bolder* were firmer. Urease?Sale* of 96 bids were made, at 614c. Cheese? Sales of 50.000 lb* western were made, for shipping, at 6 a fie. Butter exhibited no change. Si'casine?A sale of 12,500 lbs white, was made on i.Mtn* not transpired. S,-?0 4Bs?Among the parcels disposed of, we noticed 2oo bo'xe* brown Havana at 614o a 5\>. usual time. 41 hhds NeC Orleans sold, by auotion, 3J4c a 714c. Tallow--A small paroel was disposed of at 814c. Wax was gating cheaper; 2,500 lbs western yellow sold at 20o cash. 1 Whalebone? SaI*? of 20.000 lbs South Sea were made at 23c. Whiskey?Sales of abo.^t 160 bbl* in all, Including western and State prison soi."? pt 22c a 2214c. MAIULRT8 KL.SK WHKRlC. stock sai.ks. Phii.adkl.phia, Judo 30.?The death of Wm. rieaaanta, Esq, being announced, the Exchange Board Adjourned without the transaction of any business. The following sales were made on the atrret: (2,000 IT. S. Treasury Notes, 6's 104V; 1,400 SUM 6's, 75 V; O.KKJUo, 75V: 300 do, 75V; 1,*W City 8 s. 76, ?fc 5.000 Tenneaaeo 9V ennnal. 75s.; 1,000 do, lKth July, 78V; 30 C. 9. Bank, 3H; 100 Oirard Bank, 10H; SO Mnrrii Canal, 10,H? Bosrow, June 29.?Broker*' Board.?4 aha re a Weetern Rail road. OS: 7 do Fitchhurg Railroad, (new atock.) 111V; 125 do Reading Railroad, 17.V: 10 do New England Wonted Co. 71; 5 do Shawnmt Bank, 90; SO do Eaat Boeton Company, 12V; 100 do do, 12 3-16; 50 do do, 12 V, b 60 : 80 do do, mpidenda No. 3, 7 00; 41 rights Bo-ton and Maine Railroad, I 00; 4 do Eastern Railroad, 94; 3000 Reading Bonda, 1850, S8J4DOMKSTnc MARKETS. Philadelphia Cattlc Market, June tt.?At market. 1420.href cattle, mostly Prom the Went; 330 cnwe and calves; 450 hogs, and 1980 sheep and lambs.? Prices?Beoro* du.l and sales are at (6 75 a (7 25 the 100 lba; 600 head were taken to New York, and 110 remain unsold. Cows and Calrei?Sales range at (8 a (15 for dry; (12 a (29 for springers, and (18 a (82 for fresh oows. Hogs sell slowly at (4 a (4 76 the 100 lbs; 100 Uft oyer. Sheep and Lambs?Sales generally at (1 a (3 50 for the former, and (1 60 a (3 for the latter, as In quality Hay Is rather dearer, and sales range at 80 a 00 cents for 7 imothy. Straw is dull and brings (7 a (7 60 the 100 bundles. BsiniiTort Cattle Market. Jane 29.?At market j 246 beef eattle. 10 pairs working oxen, 15 cows and { | calves, 1.800 sheep and 080 swine. Prices?Beef Cattle 1 ?We reduce our quotations to correspond to sales; extra. ( 60; first quality, (8 a (8 25; seeond quality. ) (5 75; third. (5 a (5 50. Working Oxen?No sale no; tired. Cows and Calres ?Sales (23. (24. (28. (30. and (3.1. Sheep?Small lots at (1 88 (2 (2 25, (2 50, and (2 75. Swine?Small lots to peddle 4Vo for sows, and i 6Vo for barrows; old hogs 6e and 6V0. At retail Prom 1 5He to OJao. Wars led. At Troy, New York, on the 29th June, by the Ree. N Beman. Col Lucikh D. Cowan, of New York, to #U? A(. h f of the foraer fUee. Dftatl. Uu Thursday, evening June 2?tli. F.miraim Larkin. | aged 4 yearn and 8 month*. inn of Col. K. L. Snow, of hydrophobia. Tub Oraud Council ;ind order of the K L. Snow 80elal l.'nione, New York Division Nn. 1 Sons of Temperance Mercantile Lodge No. 47. I. O. of O. F.. and friends of the family, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral from 27th *truet, near 4th avenue, this morning at 10 o'clock On Friday morning, the ,10th .June, after a short Illness. Ki.iraheth Pauu. in the 76th year of her age Her friends, and those of her brotber-ln law. Jacob Lockman. are Invited to attend the funeral, this (Saturday) aftc-noon. at ft o'clock, from hi* residence. No. 11 City Hall place. On Friday, the ,10th June. Mr*. MAiuiAnr.T Lrwn. ) relict of the lata Valentine Lewis, daughter of P. VV Teller, aged 38 years. 3 months and 1 day. The relatives and friends of the family are retpeotfully invited to attend her fnneral. from the residence of h?r father, in 2d stroot, No. 80. on Sunday afternoon. at ft o'clock. On Friday evening. June 30th. Otto Julio*. only son of Henry and Johanna Piepnr. aged 2 months. The friends and relatives of th? family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, 011 Sunday next, at 2 o'clock. I'. K? from the corner of Oak and James street*, without further invitation On Friday. tho 30th June. Mm. Kimm H Bt'TLsn. j aged 85 yenrs. wife of Wm. Butler. The relative* and friend* of tho family, are respactfully Invited to att?d her funeral, from her late resU Uenee. HR Thompson street. corner of Prince street. I Sunday afternoon ut 4 o'clock. P. M. On Friday, tho 30th June. Many. Infant daughter of Geo H. nnd Sanih Gelb*. aired 8 month* and 2 week*. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, thl* (Saturday) morninit. July 1st. at 10>? o'clock, from No. 30 F.ast 18th street, without furthor invitation On the 15th June, at tho residence of Col Tonnill* Randolph county. Georgia, after a severe illness of a few day*, and in the 23d year of his aire. Tmoma* H. F.mosv. of Italtimore. son of Gideon and Caroline M. F.mory. The intelligence of the sudden demise of our young frlenil. who had left u* hut a few months ago.

on a visit to hi* relatives In Florid* and Georgia, anticipatlnir only a brief absence, will, no douht. be received by hi* numerous friends and acnuaintnnce* With feelings of deep and slneere regret. It 1* our consrlat.ion. however, to reflect, that Provideneo In tints removing him from us in his esrlv manhood, with the brightest anticipations of life just opening before him. having the conlidencc and esteem of all to whom lie was known, ha* taken him to a far bettor and happier world.?Baltimore Sun. June 27. ^QAA PCRSE?CENTRE V IT,T.F, COPRSE?TROTTINR and Pacing?I.adv SutTdk nnd J? > ns K. Polk?A pome of $300 will lie oontcndod for. on the 4th ef .Tnlv. at J o'cleric. P. M.. lmtwcen T,sdv Suffolk and Jamo* K. Polk, the latter toro to a 200 pinnd enron, and tho marc na her owner chew*. 575 ,.f tho above pursn wilt be given to tho *ecnnd twst D. Rrvnn I names a. m. Lady Suffolk, and A. Con kiln nsmos ch. g. James I K. Polk. JOEL CtlNKim. Proprietor. BCT.L'S HEAD Corf-E, A],RAW?A PCRSE O' TWO Hundred Dollar* will he given free for all Trotting Horses, in Ilamee.*, except Lady Suffolk, and she toawacon, intia boats, h'stthioein five, to oome off July 12th. Entries fhrthc above purse to close ?t th>> Maiden lane Saloon. Albany, July 5th, at 10 o'clock in the evening. Two or more to start. SIMMONS b HKIOQS. WANTED-.! SITUATION AS OUT-DOOR CLERK, COLlector, or Pnrier, In a wholesale store. A linn nddruw>d to If. M. IV., 222 West Seventeenth strcot, will most with Immediate attention. A YOUNG MAN HAVING A CAPITAL OF ONE HUNdred dollars. is desirous of obtaining lomo respectable. nc tivo business?either local or traveling?would travol with a gentlemen. Apply at the Real Estate and Genernl Agonoy, No. ft! Chambers stmct, front office, second floor. A PERSON WHO IS mom/V CONVERSANT WITH MEchanical Tool making in all ita branches, is desirous of procuring a situation where lie might bo useful in the designing and execution of such work?is also well acquainted with the latest and most approved methods of Millwrighting and the mannfaotitre of railway wheels and axles. Address " X. O." Herald nflko. A MONSTER MEETING! OF TIIE IRISH REPUBLICAN Union will bo held on the Fourth of July, at two o'clock P. M., on Mitchell's Green, North Williamsburg, opposite Grand strectferry. The Irish Brigade, with the oomtnitteo of speakers, will move to the ground in procession from the Shakspeare Hotel, at half-past, one o'clock. A Declaration of Ireland's Independence will be read, and men, moaey and arms will he sent over to support the same. TUOS. HAYES, Secretary. Michael T. O'Connor, Thus. Moonev, Corresponding Committee, in session daily, at the Shukspcaro Hotel. ON BOARD TIIE SCHOONER LORD FITZGERALD. OFF Bandy Hook?Wo the nnd Tsigned passengers of said schooner previous to our departure from on hoard, hog leave to present to her commander, Captain Francis York, our sincere ami heartfelt thanks for his kind and unremitting attontion to the wants and comforts, hoth hodily and mental, of ail on l>onrd. The excellent health we havo enjoyed on our voyage from Galway to this port we attribute to his admirable arrangements and unremitting Attention to the duties of his culling. We lmpo h? will acccptof this testimonial of onr respects, through-the column* of the press, as a substitute for ti hct'erdeserved tribute. Wishing him long life, and equal success in his future trips on his favorite e'emcnt, wc subscribe our names, nn behalf of the passengers, and our own. JAME= KEARNEY, PATRICK LAKKIN, DAVID BURKE. IVM. RAFFERTY, MICHAEL FLATS, T1IOS LINSKY, JOHN COMMON'S. To Captain Francis York. Master of the Lorl Fit-gcrald.?Juno 3D, 184K_ Yacht cvonei for sale?thecvcnf.t isschooner rigged. 4.1 tons burthen, hu>lt in ISll, .r>3 feot 10 inches ns deck, lfl feet heain, depth of hold (i feet fi inohos, draws fl feet 2 Inches aft, and -I feot 4 inches forward: was coppered in 1 Nto, and has had a new suit of sails this spring. She is finished in the most oorapleto manner, and is winner of three p-iges. For parti, outers, ini|mre of I1EVJ. BIBCOCK, 42 Boavcr street. INVITING RETREVT ON STATEN ISLAND.?A FEW hoarders may he accommodated at "The Bagatelle," a lino eol. tnge. a little West of tho lower landings. An the Fast sido of the lolaix). boat the niv<s>"? of Mad. Urvmes. 11 m iy be seen, sur rounded with foliage, as yon pass In tho steamboat from Whitcli ill. Hoard?a private family, west of the park, and near Broadway, having a handsome house, and larger ihan they want, would like to rent a suite of rooms, on either the lint or second floor. The house has all the 'ate improvements ? Wlf. BEERF. k ' 0., HATTERS, 15G BROADWAY, NEW York. ami LAS (*he?nnt inreot, Philadelphia, take thin op poriunity of atating a fewfactein relation to tlje stylo and quali v of the yooda offered for salo at tlielr establishment*. It is u wolf known fact that the etocV u:?>l in their mmufactarea is seleottd expressly for their mho in the lost 'orvign ninrkots, without regard to p'ice. It is a fact that the quality of the workmanship employed by thorn cannot bo inrpa?sed; and it is alao Ido licit fact, that ilioir fashion is adopted as toon as it ia issued liy nine-tenths of the hatters in tho United Stats. All 'hat W. II. li. it Co. would desire is, that their hat? may 1*" tested by a fair and impartial trial. Tiny w ill confidently abide the issue. WIl-l-IAM BROWN, lii CHATHAM STREET. OPPOSITE Koeovoit, I;?f Smamer Ustifrom one (bluing to $10, of all the rooent styles worn; nnd will this day introduce a style of Summer Hat which has never boon surpassed for ohcapness, symmetry and adaptation to tho season. Magnetic powder, for the destruction of all kinds of Insects, Cnokronches, Moths, Ants. Flies. Mosquitoes, He>l Hues, and various oilier Insect*. Also, Pills f ir the destruction or Rats and Mice, within five minutes after being thrown in their vi. initv. Warranted without poison. I'rico, flask or box, fO cents. This powder has heen examined by the Medical faculty of Krunee, Wills. Swodou,and Denmark, from ail of whom he is provided with ample tcs I runny of its lunerior eflleacy. Principal oopot, 4 I) Urnadaay, E. LYON it CO, Fourth jult-notice?to gentlemen and all thoso wlio don't wish to buy new clothes fur the occasion, are informed 1 clean coats for (is., pants .1*, and make them look equal to new. Repairing done cheap. All articles wanted for tho 4th mnst be left previous to Saturday evening, and return ed on Monday, and no disappointment, si No. II Murray, near Broadway. A. COBTI&Q3. INSTITUTION FOR THE SAVINGS OF MERCHANTS' Clerks, No. 0 Reckman street, Clinton llall. This Institution having been organised in accordance with the Act of Incur poratinn passed April 12th. lS4"<f will bo open for the reception of uepositea from Clerks and others, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satu>davs, from six to eight o'clock 1*. M., commencing on Saturday, (ie 1st of July. Oil Tuesday, the 4th of July, u.e Inalltutinn will be closed. Olfleers:?ismes 0. King, President; Prosper M. Wetnioro. 1st Vice-President; Robert Kelly, 21 ViccFroeident; John I. Palmer, Treasurer; T. Spencer Kfrby, Secretary: Charles Knife, Accountant, Trustees:?James G. Kin.-, Moses II, Grinnell John i. Palmer, Mathew Maury, Georuo VV. Rlunt, Charles King, Thomas W. Groser.W. A. Klaiatn, James Rcyluir:>, M. O. Roberts, John T. Rollins, Cornelius L. Ercritt, .lames l>. P. Ogden, Prosper M. Wefmore, Henjamin R. Winthrnp Robert Kelly, William if. Maoy, Oliver Slate, jr., Isaac H. Hslley, Townsend llsrris, Leopohl Bierwitli, W. dc F. Grant, Richard llnrlow, J. K. Horrick. New York, Juno 27th, IS4S. For n.avre, to sail ?d of august, touching at Cnwes.?The well-known Steihnship UNITED STATES, Capt. Wm. G. Haekstalf, burthen a?X> tons, will leave for Havre on Thursday, Aug. A and will touch at Cowoi to land passongert and lottora. For freight or passage, apply to C. II. MARSHALL, ,13 Hurling slip. FOR BREMEN.?THE SUPERIOR AMERICAN BARK Huma, Captain Wecden. For freight or passage, apply to BOYD A II INC KEN. FOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK line of packets?Positively the Ant and only regular packet, to sril Thursday, July 6th. The new and splendid fast sailing pack et hark MAZF.I'PA, Capt. J. Thatcher, having most of her cargo engaged and on board ii now loading, and will positively sail a* above, her regular day. For froight or passage, having splendid furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K.COLLINS, M South street Ship pors may rely upon this vessel mi ling punctually as aa vert I sou, ami baring thoir goods correctly moasured. A rent in New Orleans, Mr. fm. Ornery, who will promptly forward all goods to hta address. Packet ship Clifton, J. B. IngwrsoU, master, will sno-aod the Maasppa. and aail her roanlar day. COTTAGE AN1> COTTAGE I/IT.S FOR SALE.?A SNUG Cod arc. anJ abont throe or four seres of Land at Bergen Point. Also, Cottage leile, from on*, to four acres each, beautifulIv situated, fronting the walar. Apply at tha salt wator bath at tiie Battery, to J. KABINEAU. TO WATCHMAKERS AND PAWNBROKERS?STOLEN.? Fifty dollars reward will he paid by the siihsoritier for a gold Levor Watch, chased one", double bottom, napped and Jaw. riled, S. J. Tobias .St Co.. No. 3129?stolen from the premises of the undersigned, at Sta'en Island?and fifty dollars for the thief. Apply at ItVi Pearl street. New York. JOHN Y^CEBRA. Masons, stone cutters, and quarkfmen want. ed oa the extension of the Harlem Railroad. Enquire at Ui? Company's Office, near City Hall, and at the Englnsor's office. Ore ton Falls. FIREWORKS. FIRKWORItit.?THE LARGEST ASSORT meet in toe oily, and of tho best quality, oan ba had at tho old sstaMiahrd store, lid Chatham, corner of Orange street, outran. ? soeond door in Orange struct. All the good* am warranted, and scat to any part of tba oity or rioinlty froe of charge. P. C. VDLTEE STEAM ENGINE AND BOILER-FOR HALE, ONE SBooud hand Steam Engine and Boiler, .1 norae power. In first rate order! will be sold low. Apply to K. line h Co., 29and 31 Gold street. PIANO FORTE FOR SALE ORTO HIRK-THE SUBSCKIBera hays on hand an assortment of Tablet and Transposing l'iano Fortes, from sis to seven octaves, at their manufactory, .Mb Avenue, between 10th and 111h atmets WLNNKltSTROHN Ik BERGGIOST. TO RENT.?THE BEAUTIFUL BROWN STONE EDIFICE, about eighty foet square, known as "Swaim'a Building." toiith-essl corner of Clieaiint and .Seventh atresia, tho moat central business part of Philadelphia. The first floor iadivbled into four teaulifnl stores, and well calculated for wholesale or letall trade, with extensive cellars nndareaeh, finished for stores, with vault* en,I bask. The seoond and t'drd stories for show rooins; fit more bulky goods, or other purpoeas; the fourth and fifth slor es, for an exhibition room, being eighty feet a,mare, by , twenty aeven blah, and capable nt seating fifteen hundred par- < sons. Address JAMe.3 SB AIM, Seventh street, bslow Cbsannt street, Philadelphia. T^**O"LET?TO SINGLE OF.NTLBMBN?FURNISHED PA't- i lonr and bed r >oma Can hsys tnsai., is their roems. Also, a large roe o 7t> <net long, ending 16 fret high. Apply WW Dread | war, bsw Uouiwn aja; * "S, n fflPSJk SKrVO 1 audi#) Broadway. a Urge ami general MorttMii: *(.Furniture, , r 'uaUtlng uf superb Satiu aud Medallnn Sofae anil Lottngn, <)t- ' tomau* and l iuUn to match, ('our he*, Chinta LoUng *, French and half French Chair*, Sofa*, Black Walnut Hook Cawa. a vty unique article; high peat Maungany bedatead, Sofa Imdataad, Ma ' liofcany tuftad and spring mat Sofa*. French liod*teads, <n|wr I Mruaaala and Ingrain carpuU, selfaotiug moliuuir ( hair*. Hail . I.aathorw*. cut and ? allied ; an lavulce of Mohair Cap*, artlMal Flower aud Curia Alan. 1 |>l|>e uf lirundy, 1 pipe tilu, i cuik 'tun. _M qr calks dry Malaga whine, I |'i]- sweet do, I i he.t Youth. Ilvaon Tea, kc.; the whole will he auld w'thout tw*rvo, to pay advances, fur cash. Auction notice-to grockrs-tuis day, at m o'clock, iii fruat of the Old tlermau i liuroli. earner of William ntiJ Frankfort streets, will la- gold l>y order of the Mar-hnl to pay storage and other char ea. ril?Utcaakl aud 15 barrels eludes Winns and l iquor*, I barrel aiijierior French Brandy, (HI lanee Herrirgs, IdU boxes Sardines, *c. Also, Immediately after, inside the Church, a valuable lot of ohoicn furniture, kit. THOMAS UElii/. Auctioneer. HF.SUV II. LEKliS, Al I "PIONEER. -TIIIW1) ?AI.F. or Mtluahle oil paintings by order of aasUuens. II. II. heed* b Co. will sell tide day, Saturday, July let, at III o'clock, at \o. d Wall street, near Broadway, a very aupeiinr eolleetinu of aucicnt and modern oil painting, framud in the best manner. -Sale w i lo i out any reserve. by order of the nsaiguesa. (Jan. M. Smith and II. I*. Townsead, i.'ld Nassau street.) The preacut cflers a rurr ohauc to obtain desirable painting., at little coet. BIAVTIFUI. STItFFED BIRBS.-J. W. BROWN WILI, | M cell at auction Tide Bay, Saturday, July let, at 10 o'clock, at No UK! Broadway, a large collection of Stuffed Bird*, preserved by W. Galhrallh, comprising the uio*t beautiful bird* of the United State*, We*t Indie* unit South America, Caiuo from Europe, j Bird* ot I'ara.liHc from Chinu. ,Ve. .Sre. For s.w.f.-a most extraordinary i \st grey llmr?> to he sold at Anution, on Mo, day. July S, at the New I Vnrlt TattcnuU'a, J4d liroudway, being So.'J on ilia Catalogue; to he sold without reaorve. I / 1 KEATSALBOE LANDS. TOWN IJtTS, WATER POWER vl ft c., on the lllinoia ami Michigan Canal?Notiou is hsrchy liven that, under the authority granted in tho Kith neoliun of the law of the Stato of lllinoia, of February 21, IM\ the Hoard of Trustees of the Illlnoiaand Michigan Canal will offer fir ?nle at pnblio auction, on the 1st day ?f September next, all the f'annt Lands. Town Lota, M ater power, and Hntlding* which are included in the deed of treat exeouted by the Governor of the State of lllinoia on the Elk of Juno, 18fft, in pursuanco of laWi of tho raid Stare of February 21. lSI.'f, and March 1,1845, onaotod for " the completion of the llliuoiaand Michigan canal, and for the payment of the canal debt:" That la to aay, about MO.OOO acr ' of land, all lying upon or within adistanoe of live miles on either aide of sail canal, and extending tho entire length of name, |t?) miles, via., from Chicago, on Lake Michigan, to Die town of 1a Salle, on tin) lllinoia river; alao, town lota in the oity ef Chicago, hock pork Juliet, flu Cage, Kamkakso, Morris, Ottawa and l/i Salle, including water power at eovornl point* on the canal? le ek port, J diet. Kamk&kec, to. The sale will commence at Chicago on the ibi day of September next, and will be eontinned at that Slaoo, and, successively. at other towns on tho canal, from d ay to .i)p. until all tho said lands he. ahull have been offered for sale, aj direotod by law. The terms of salo are : One fourth oaah. the residuo of the purchase money in throe auuua] instalments, hearing interest at b percent, per annum, parable annually in adva ncc. These lands constitute upwards of four fifths of tho grout made in 18.7 by the United Statea to the State of Illinois, to aid said State in the ennatruetiun of a ounal to unite the w tera of hn '<? Michigan with those of the Illinois river, and are tho same which were conveyed by I he State to tho Uoard of Trustees of the Illinois and Michigan canal, for the purpose stated in the deed of trust, executed In due form by tho Qorernor of the State, and recorded in the clerk's office of the counties of Will nn-l of Cook. A list of tho lands, lota. Ike. to be aohl. will be published for distribution before the day of sale. Meantime, any Information which may to required by peraons wishing to purolioso, can be had by applying at the Canal Otllee in Chioago. WILLIAM U. SWIFT, J-iVnstoea lllinoi. and T>A VII) I.EAVITT, > i CHART,ES OAKLEY, S Mhgl CaruJ" Office of tho Board of Trustees of the Illinois and Michigan Ciuial, June 1, 1BML R E W A R I).?WAS SUPPOSED TO 81 MOOT yj? JL" adroitly deooyed away from tho plaoe which should tie his home, not long since, a small light colored curly hnircd St Charles Spaniel, having " Charles" engraved on Ill's cellar, and answers to tho name of Swift. Tho shove recompense will be cheerfully paid, and the gratitude of the owner bestowed upon whoever will return said animal to A. SWIFT, No. 172 llroumc street. Lost.?on fridav morning, two gold shirt Sleeve Buttons, attached bv u ring; initials II. (!.. Jr. Whoever will return the tame to this office, shall be rewarded. LOST?ON THURSDAY. JUNE 2?Tlf, IN BROADWAY. Ill: twnen Broome and t'nnul streets, a small Gold Chain with a suil and key attached. Ti c Under will be liberally rewarded by leaving tho sumo at No. It*) Fourth Avenue. Hope ciiapel baptist church will hold pub lio worship In their new Chapol, No*. 718 and 721) Broadwav. opposite the New York Hotel, on Sabbath next. Preaching by Nov. David Bellamy. Services at 111)4 o'clock, A.m., and ,'.i Istfnte 8 P.m. Scats free. RELIGEOUS ANNOUNCEMENT!?THE PUBLIC ARE ndvisod that "The Gospel of Christ" will lie proclaimed (I/. \ ) at .tii (itli avenue, on Sunday, 2d Inst, at IOJ4 neloclt, when it will bo occasionally shown that the doctrine of the sailed writings ia the reverse of popular teaching in all ita phases. Seats free. That same out coon -no. 3 issued this mown. ing, at No. Ill Nassau street. Rood the fair proposition fr int tho Whigs to tho Taylor-men?Whig Ccncrul Committee m r-iis tho Whig parly. Clay Whigs, send tiio "Old Com1* rottad, At private sale-a farm, containing iuu acres of hand. SO of which arc under a high state of cultiv.i tion, situated at Little Huyside, Flushing, Queen's Co., I,. I.? Said farm is located on the shore of Long Island Sound, com mantling a flue viow of tho same ; is 1 mile from Whitesteno landleg. 2K from the village or Flushing, and 10 from New York.? Title indisputable. For further particulars, inquire of Joseph < houseman, iUO Water St., New A'orh; Saml. Willett, Est]., Flushing, or of tho subscriber on the premises, HAMPTON DODGE. PLAIN FIELD SCRIP WANTED?THE HIGHEST PRICE given for i'lainfleld Scrip Apply to J. O. Fay, (Lamp stop') Fulton street. NO. 1.? RROADWAY.?ANDREW TAAP, WITH REFEKcnoo to former advertisements, now begs to intimate that the sale of his stock will oontinue for a short time longer, at tho present reduced prices. The goods remaining unsold oonsist principally of linen mid cotton sheetings and snirtirgs, table linens towollngs, ticks, English blankets, real Welch flannels, toilette and table covers, cambric handkerchiefs, muslins, tapes, ko. Be ing all most carefully selected in their respective markets, of the very best qualities, and under great advantages, they ire well do. serving the early attention of intending purchasers. The storo t" let and tlx< ures for sale. AN ARTICLE OF DRESS FOR TIIE TOURTH.?THERE in still time to have any garment made to measure for the fHino prleo at. whloh I sell them ready made, of which I have a large stock, including tho famous " Lamartiuo Sack"?Prloc J.12. White Marseilles Vests, $2 Wh Satin, best, f.1 30: Fancy 8UI1, do; Coats, innumerable. O. II. CLARKE. I lb William st. CI LOTHING EXTRAORDINARY CnEAP?FASHIONABLE S Merchant Taiioring. and Oentlemen's Furnishing Establishincut, is at CON WAV'S, 17b Broadway, under the Howard Hotel. mo goous uru mi ft*leoicu wiiii mo greuiesi l'1 "II"If! care ft'u jcdgiiient, suitablo fur the present nnd approaching season : and include Cloths, Cnsslmein and Voitingii. of the tlneft qnnlitlc, nnd most fashionable styles, cut by one ?f lie llrst artisans in tiiln city, Mr. Jsni 'S Lopine, late of 112 Broadway, tt.c mention cf name is a sufficient guarantee to those who wish tnc in. bino fashion with neatnest and elegance of lit. As uono but tin* best workmen ?re employed, t'.,os., in want of such articles will ntwavs ilndit to their internet t? cull before purcha ing elsewhere. Kcndy-niade clothing of every description made up lueio. t?m work; with a well assorted stock of Itlaclc and Fancy Silk Handkerchiefs, Siirts, Bosoms. Collars. Money Belts, Suspenders Cloves and l iiibrullas. The alwve goods lieing all pnrrluued r. . cash, and selling on same terms, cnablo tho cstablisnmeut to sell lorty per cent lower than any ?ther house In the trade. Kememher I7ii Broadway, under How ard llotcl. N. II. Full Soltsinode to order, of tho very Iswt and suiMble goods, at six hours' notice. WHO WOPLD WEAR A SOILED COAT WHEN THEY can have a whole suit cleaned, dressed and pressed with the color restored in the flrst style, at the low charge of $1. Also military clothing cleaned in a few hours. Drcs ei djed fr m 73 cents to $ 1 AO, N. II.? White crape shawls cleaned and dressed in tho Parisian style; Bilks watered; blnki dyed ever} week. Country orders punctually attended to by T. SMITll, 7U and 70)$ Allen street, near Grand. DS POWELL, OCULIST, C'I'IST, ETC., ATTENDS DAI !y to diseases of tho Eye sad Ear, at Ids surgery, 3(1 ilr.*c ; way, entrance l}$ Warren struct. Juat published, the second edi tion of Dr. Powell's Treatise on the Eye, pries 30 oer.ta, which ?w be had at hie office; aise his premium sell acting Ere 1'oiu aim A large supply of Artificial Eyes recently Imported. Dr. wheeler., l:i Greenwich stkeki dcvctas his exeliudvo attention to diseases ofthe eye ami ap I thnlmie sin?erv. Office hours from 8 A. M. to 1 o'clock I'. M. A ! pamphlet containing some great cores elfeetud by Dr. Wlieo'.t cifeit Is-1,tui gratuitously at his residence, or the Same will la' foi ! wanted to s'uv ono maklng application to him by latter, port paid. Artilklal eyes inserted and for sale. Rogkaway wagom Tor sale.?a one iiorsi: ! ('oupeo Rorkaway, made hy Brewster ft built one year ago. but llttlo u'ed. for sale cheap Also, a set of harness. Eminiio j n llatboro's Stables corner of University Place and lifth s'reet. i WM. A. I'YSON, PUBLIC CATERER, M THOMPSO ST Spring Ntmessbsr tha Ith July-Woe' I inform the ladies nml gentletncii of New York, Brooklyn, ami their Ticlnilies, that he furnishes Wedding, Dinner and Evening Parties, with all the necessary articles, vis silver forks, spoon-., belles, trays, baskets, gilt, china, glass, hanging brankots, hangio r nstrals, he., ko, he. Ice Cream, Confectionary, Cooks ana Waiters at short notice aud at very reasonable prices, N. B.? Meals sent out, and cards of invitation delivered. ACARD.-R. A. COLLINS, LATE OF PHILADEDPU1A. but formerly of New York begs uiost respectfully to infolm Ins friends and acquaintances that lie lifts returned tnthlsuity. , nd npcued tlie House called " 'Hie Hope," tJ3 Pearl struct. whenhe will lw most happy to see tlioin, uioi will contribute all in 1 . power to make tl.em comfortable. His bar is supplied with tin. i est of lopinrs, wine* and sugars ; with good, clean, airy beds, n the low est prices. The mansion house, rock a way. is now ope> 1 f r ihe reception of Families, ke.?The house well furnish , nl with every convenience: good angling, shooting nnd bathing in It > vicinity, toge'h*Y with bcantiful pleosurj grounds and gardeo* Tho tables furnished with evory delicacy of the season. A CARD?TIIE PROPRIETOR OF THE WADAWANUCK | a V 11 ohm, fltufiingtnn, Connecticut, would return thank* to b'friond* fi r put favors. Md would solicit a further continuance of tlioni. The el 11 tens of Now York, and strangers, who intend t" spend the uoming warm wcathor in the country, will find at 8tnuington, pure air, fine salt-water bathing, blue, black, and trout 1 fishing, good roads for rlJing and boats for sailing. rttonlngton, CU. June, l!Ha K.II. VAN RENSSELAER. UEA IlATlllMG, LONG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY.?Till tJ Sea llosoh House is now open for the reception of visitors Jnne 21. IH48. II. HOW LAND, Proprietor. Tlir. PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, 8TATKN ISLAND.-TMs fashionable and entendre establishment is now in full id>erBtion, and persons desiring to take apartments can meet tiiu subscriber every day at the City Hotel, or he will be happy to ' wait upon them at New Brighton at any time they may appoint. One great advantage ef the Pavilion is that it ro<)uirusnnly from 21 to SO minntes to go from landing to landing, Ily a careful con pari-on of thermometers, dnrimt three years It has hewn prove I thst it is slwsys from 7 to 10 degrees cooler at Uie I'avilion than In Now York. F. ULANCARIi. proprietor. A steamboat loaves New Brighton at 8 and II A. M., and at 2nnd ?1 minutes of 3 P. M., and No. 1 Pior, North Hirer at II an I II1; A.M., and at half-puo t sod d r M. LOWS BRANCH. NEW JERSEY. I1ATH BUILDINGS, This Sea Bathing establishment opens for patrons, Jiin* tilth. Complete and elegant ropairs, additions and renovations . i hare been made. Tho steamers Orus Fulton Market, and F.. , Is wis from Washington Market, make dailr trips; stages ready at | Ooean llonss No Mbrt spared to give satisfaction. JAMES GREEN. Pro printer. , , TIIF. QUEENS HOTEL. OPIhiMTKTllK LUNCH Ai. 1 "O.-r ' Office, St. Martin's is Grand, louden.?This inagullbeot Ho ( tel haring recently undergone extensive alterations and a great ' t portion of it newly furnished, will be found on trisl to havs no , rival m the metropolis, hoth in point of accommodation and mo , derate ehcrgsa. Tns Cofles room Is one of the largest and most , ootolort si'lo in F.rglsnd. Hoard, (2 nor day. Hot and Cold , Hatha THOMAS "PENCE* l.CNNXV. Manager. T< rmerly Chief Steward of the British Queen Steamship. Pelerrnee in New York, to Mr. 0. A. White. 66 Cedar strict. < CAST Or* ( I.OTHING AND FURNITURE?LADIES AN1> 1 Gentlemen having superfluous ellccts to dispose of such as wearing apjard. furniture, lie., can obtain a Mr price for th" lame, by seeding for the subscriber, through the post-office, <t otherwise, who will attend at their residence. J. LXVKN8TYN. 166 Broadway, np stairs. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Lsrenstyi Thrown, rtoxr sew. engraver and in . I *.' i. t, -;. rciii'.v,' I ' A.I lir- ad ?a.v, e oner > itnr-t, si. suU.-i Wale, fumet kings, Pencil Cuhui, fcc, et grieeo withCuwit f Arms, t rwste, ?<\ Arms found aud painted } J upwards. Hooks of Heraldry, with upward* of 2UU.UU0 i Information firm in Uwtldiy. 1 j I* t wifv 7i^ip*. wrr?r if* K. Se<Jtt; Hum. M?u? ,t\ .-*+** hektua r?et|?ia. Coliatlnue, Mr. J H. itall: iTii a. Mra. Jertam, bu'herland, Tir>iu&thk mi". i'luiliiw T? I? followed ! / the lit' N I'Ol \D Vllt. Ml- Harriet .trin.<t..n (will, - net,) Mtee lbry Taj tor; Billy Black, (with rialual sou am M drum*,) Mr. liurke. To conclude with T"M CHIM1LK?Tom . Mr. W. M*r?h#T; <;i(?7 Jr. k. Mr Biriu; Ma* "f ti e Iron H and * * Mr Tilurn; Eli/a'cth. Mn. Jotdan?Boaea, * ee-ita; fit. VilK* I) mm open at I t? ''?n"? ro >,.. ..m?r ?'. Vki"n' look pmieeiy ; V! ..<# it M?TU > vTL'ItL/A 1" I" evenut"./' ly 1?TMfaetetUfnBtent* will jtnctnn with m ^ UIUM) OVKKiritE.-dJi. r wluch. a rrarui dlrertieemoDt, w ^ the 1'Ad 8TVKIEN l>? .1 l)aiiaue?o? Vtoiinoiaae. 'lu Be (allowed ^ be ilia inu6i?al comedietta "t PROMOTION?<'al. do la (iarde, Mr (.'hip|amdale; M unpin, J ilia Sri too; M .d une de la ilerd , Jlra. ^ Maeber Succeeded hy I'AS 1)1 > BKIulRK-k by '.*\ danteum* / J Vli'iiooiMM. The celebrated BIIIIAN OIAN Twill Appear in the tableau of lioliahaoimk to Battle. Tu euuclede witj. Hit t IIIME.sK UALABII.K. by td l)aimuM>e Vieun'i:?a Ticket# Fifty con'.a Donri open at f o'clock, F orfonuanco to oouiuieuuc at M o'clock. Bitn.UlU W I IIK A I Kl. ?'11 i 1\ I.T M..1IT -SAIt KI'AV Etcuiug, July 1, I:|S, will lie informed the comedy of the 1'tdiK CEVri.EMA.N-Mi Holer' Bramble, Mr. Blake; L'mt. Worth. i 'ton, Mr. Frederick*! sir i'heriee Cropland, Mr. I'm - n. Prrderiok Bramble Mr. Ictier: l)r < Mlaped, Mr. Iladaway; Humphrey Uobinnit. Mr. Vatht; l.mily it orttiiucien, Mi - Kaony \V lack! Mitt Iuorvtia Mactah, Mr*, ti lo.i-tnloy ; liaa.eliarr.wi-y. Miaa i.ordon. After with h h Copula. Ballad, by an Am* mr V?. caliit. T<> conclude with tho fkree of the MAlI.HOAD DKKliT ? Mr. Suinpitou Jonea, Mr Iladaway t Mra. Chit*, Smith, Mtaeilurdi ti. Drew i'trelc and I'arqvcMe, 9<l e-eat Fa.ntly (firelea, dfei; lerv lili-tV I> ore i t. n 'I oe r rait.'-nMftmnuw r. ........r. ? - at a quarter t?. S o'ohek. ( * 'J ATI1 AM THEATRE?SOI C PROPRIETOR AM> L?8. V aeo, Mr V. Chantrae.?8; Mirlsy Fviiipa, July lit, will 1* performed the pun.: u tic <:r.ima rmilled the IIKhELI IIIEE-Edward O'liricn, >lr. II, P, Uriltwil I rporal Ci n?j il'Iiishry, Mr. It. Williams; (ten lurvill., .tit. 1'urdy, Major Blakrl . Mi. JMrld; N'>r?h ti'It. nnull. Mr*. CI. J. lies Cathie,u, Mil* Mile:1. FaN('Y DANCE?Mil Del . tne. To he followed 'v YORK AH IT Is?Mil*', Mr Chunfrati: Jew. Mr M iiiana'; <~l,ar'?te m Hates, Mr. Seymour; Kittv. Ml * Ulldreth; Kuth. V.Im K. '. <*niii. To conclude wlihthe laugfuibie farce of tlic IK 1811 TLlTUK- Dr. (VTuols, Mr. It. William,. D"ora open at 7?Pert-iinsno'a *o:um?T>oc ?t 1\ o'clock. Bo*"', u> cento; X'it I'.'.'i, 1'rivato IWM, |fc (A A.S'II.E <i WUHN- PEiU'OKMAM K T?) CtiMVUMr; AT J h o'oloeh?Admission, 80 cut? Managing Director, Mr Geo. Holland Ml. T. Y. (.'bnbb, Musical Uireclor- 1 aiutci or.d Decorator, tlig., Mr. R. IIcN'aiiy?Propovtiii, 51 r. GUirort.?Saturday evening. July let. will l.e prerented the comedietta of I.K.VII ME FIVE 81111,1.INUS Air. C.ollghtly, Mr. Holland; Cunt Phobic,. Mr NIcVIn:on; Mit. Cant Plulbs, Hiss 5b Win. Tlie Mauser f,mih will give nTYhlll.V.AN ('ftN't To conclude with the popular force of I'AAIII.V I ARS? Ueiidi. Mr. Holland: I'orcelnm, Mr. Nlckim on; Piggery, (1. Andrew ; Kmily, Aire |t. Phillips; l.ydtly, Ml* Vernon BARN II MS AMERIt AN MU#EtfM?P. T. IUIIM'11. PKk priotor, r. Hitchcock. Manager.?Splendid parformancrs, every afternoon nt 3U o'clock, and ovry i veniug at 8. One week longer of i he U. 8. Minstrel Hand and Glee Chib. Second week of Mr. Joi n Harrington, the well known nod extensively popalar Ainenean Meeieian ar.d Vectrllwtuint. l.ivinr tiisng Outing. whose intelligence and sagacity give her rank with the human as well u? hrute creation. Tho Highland Mammoth Boj's, aged u'uc nnl ulevon yenre, and yet weighing 800 pounds. Air'., the Hlant llahy, nnlv sxtecn mouth, old, ami y ' weighing ninety pounds. Wax Sonptnrn btamarjr. Madame Koohw.II, the 'nuioua Fortune Taller, ran ho itiva'ely consulted at rn extra charge of 28 rente. Admission to the whole, Including MuFgnni, PoTlumiaocea, Sue, 25 cents; children, under ten years of ago, and old enough to walk alone, Icents. Resoived lrout seats, one shilling each extra. ME 0 11A N I <)' 3 1IA1.Ii, 47 2 BROADWAY, BETWEEN (Irandand Broome streets, MONDAY, JUNK Ah amlerery night during the neck?the original CHRISTY'S MiNSTiKLn, win,ae concerts during tlic part NINE MONTHS have Iwcn raoeivud with such dlatiuruihhed patronage aud unexampled succesiL most respc'otlully anuuuoco, tha'. they will cent'uue their original and inimitable entertainments every night until further notice. Admission 28 rents. 1'oorn open at 7. Concert will commence at 8. Manai'or and Director, K. P. t fiKlh'I'Y. An Afternoon Concert will lio given overy Saturday afternoon. Door* open at 2, to oomtnenoe at 3 o'clock. BANVARD'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF TI1K Mississippi River, painted on throo mile* of canvass, being tho largest painting in tho world, at the Panorama Building, In Broadway, adjoining Nihlo's Garden. Open evory evoning, ( jiinday exoeptcd). Admission otl oeuts; olmdrvj half price, Tho Panorama will cammcnoo muring at kj to 8 o'clock precisely. Afternoon exhibition en Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. tl/ Al. N IT T STREET THEATRE. I ll! I.A DEI.PIIIA.? IF Saturday evening,, July 1st, DM8. will he performed the first net of KOHEkT MACAIKfi?Robert Macairo, Mr. Richings; Jae pics Strop, Mr. Chapman. After which the local hurlotU of MUSE'S VISIT TO PHlliADEliPlllA?Uoae. Mr Chapman; Porgov DHL, Ehorlo; Charles Hundley, Bninton; Jedide Simple, Radclirti; Sykosey, Nagle; Jem Willis, Goodall; Nibbs, B' swell; Gen. (1. D., A' Beckett; Mrs. Bo nn, Mrs. Thayer; Clementine, Mrs HacVurt; Nancy, Mrs Rogers ; l.iw. Miss Fisher; Aunty Jones, Miss West. To conclude with tho WARLOCK OF THE GLK.N?Matthew, the Warlock, Wheatloy; Andrew, Kichigg*; Adela, Miss Alexna Fi-lier. PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN IN MEXICO ? Amagnlticenl Panorama, representing in the most beautiful manner. General Taylor's operations in Mexico, will be opened for exhibition at the Minerva Rooms, 40ti Broadway, on Monday event tig, July 3d. at 7 o'clock. Panorama will commence moving at Ho'clook, precisely. Admission 38 cents. No half price. Three ex muiuou on trio ?tn, at id, J, and S o'clock, precisely. HANISOTON'H GRAND SACRED DIORAMAS OF TUB " Crcntion of the World," and " Tho Deluge," combining tho most maguitlcont Mechanical, Sccuie, anil Optical effects, and acuompauiod by Vooal and Instrumental perform iiiuoa of a high or d?r. with selections from Haydn's Oraud Oratorio of tho Creation. Open every evening, at tho licautiful new II.vll, 30N Broadway, corner oi' Walker street, next door to Stoppani's Baths.? Tieltcts fit) oci.ta, children half price. To the theatrical profession?a THEATRE, now in course of eruction in Hoaton, by Br. Uland, for the representation of biirlewjucs and vaudevilles, will bo opened early in September. I.adios and gentlemen of acknowledged ability, desirous of engagements, will please ad drear (post [taid) Mr. BLAND, No. I Pitta place, Pitts stieet, Boston. ________ A DELPHI THEATRE. BOSTON, TO LET-FOR TERMS address N. WATERMAN, N. < , ruliill. Boston. SUNDAY EXCUHMi >N VO IH'I.I.'S FEKKV. Tl LLIETUDLEM and Fort 1st", landing at Hammond and Thirteenth streets? late One Shilling. 'llie et>niinodioua steamboats FRANK, Capt. Scott, and ROBERT ANNE'l'T, Capt. Rogers, will run on Sunday, July I'd, as follows: Learn Now York at ft A. M., IDA. M, 11 A. M., 2 P. M. and 2>f P.M. Leave P'Tt, Lent'* A. A. vi., 1 2 M., I."? P. M.. A I*. M. and (! I". M. Ihe above boats liars lieen lilted tip in a su|>erinr manner, expressly f r this route. wiiieh presents inducements equalled by uo oilier excursion from tho city of Now York. Fourth of ji lv excursion, through lon? Island to Grcenpnrt.?Pare reduced to Greenport, with tha privilege of returning on the fltli and 6th July. Trains leave Brooklyn .m July 4th. at !H? A. 31., lor Grectiport Hupping at oil tha station, cu the hue; all r ling oitin ns an ppo luni.y of ri-i tin;, tho delightful shorts on the North and South tide if Long I-Uuj; ond returning on the 5th and Gth In t.. nt tlie lew hire i f Si for the oxouralnn. At Oruenpirt, Sp: Harbor, Riverhead, i^ungce, fee., llii'M arc spacious hotels, vmli ample accoiumodations for vMt?rs NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION Company.?Washington Monument anil Fourth July Kx. enrsion. -Reduced fare to Philadelphia, Willi the privilege of returning hy Jersey City nr tlie Caiuocn and Amboy Lines. Washington Monument Excursion?Commencing on Saturday let July. ?? with the St A. M. and 4K I'. M. trains: 21 do, do. do.; A) do. do do,; with the privilege of returning in any train up to the P. M. line of the 8th July, inr! isivc. Fare?From New York to Phi'adolpliiannd return, Jdl: Newark to do. nnd do. $4.d< : Eliialethtown hi do. and do. $l.Df: Itahwxy t > do. and do $3,75. Fourth July Excursion?Cmmm tieiug on Monday the Jd July, with tho !? A. II. and d tjj p. M. train, and Tuesday the lib, with Ike 6 A. M : with the jirirtln^e of retnruiag in any train ttpioUio iy? im.T, in?'iu-ivc. 1 i'' I "row .Now York Philadelphia nii'I return tl.i'i; Newark tcnlo. and do. $.'1,7S: Elixabethtown t<> do. and do. K.iliway to do. and do. 93,21 Tirkctsto be procured at tlie office foot of Liberty street, which aro not transiorable, and will not be received after tbe above stated date*. Ill lizaisktht'iu'n" .tin somerville railroadJ Fourth of July Exctir done?From Now York to Morncrvftla, Mound Hrook, I'lainfleld, Wostliclil mid Klirnbollitowa. Leave New 11irk by eteaaboat WATER \V I PCII, pier No. 1,North Hiver, at 9 A. M? at 1, A and III 1'. M. Iwavo .Moraori illo at b and !' A. N., at 2 ond A I*. M, (In the .'<d and Sth July, leave New York at'.I A. M.. and 1 and A 1*. 1(. Iietlro So.ncn ilfo a*. II out'J A. M- and 2 r. M. . ~ mfl TO loan ON bond and MORlOARK; alio, the mraa of (A HI*) and SJ.'IXIt Ttieeu tf.reo sums to lendun |woducliva real estate iu this city. Apply in tho lioiilt Note EsohauRO Olltce, to John F. f'mirey, No. ill Wall et. tffl l< M. -Mil' IK'XK -FKEDIHK K A. WOOD ItJL WOHTIL .'itIA liroadwav, opposite the Theatre, hae ju.t opened, received per ships Admiral and 1-aitru, from llavro, an outire new collection of tdiell Musical Boxes, manufactured exnrennlyfor this market, and | la> itiR all th# national melodies - Dealer! supplied u nan ifacturaca prtoes. nK. nOSTWICK/A FOURTH LECTURE ON MYPll 11.18 and IlinraM-aof the (lenital limns, Illustrated with draw, in will'" Riven on Saturday evening, Jn'y 1st, corn#r of Br *dw.iy and Cranrt strict. Lecture freo. Medical men. student s and gentlemen, arc invitod to attond at half past fe o'uiock, Medical office?dr. johnson, 10 duane street. near CliaUiam struct, so well known an the most successful praotitionor in Now York, in the treatment of venereal dis east*. The Doctor's reputation lor skill in these old half-eur J cases, that haw existed for years, la pre-cmineut (llast, strie. tore ulcers upon the body, or la the throat or nose, rains in tha head iind bonsa of the legs. effectually cured. Constitutional weakness, brought on by a snoret habit indulged in by eansing laaoirioos dreams .in I nightly emissions, positively prevented. Recent cases cured In four days, without mercury. No alteration in diet, or (roventii n from bminsaa Most extraordinary wore?to the married or those contemplating marriage. Tho married woman's Private Medical Companion, by L>r. A. M. Mauriosau. Sixth edition. I'rlcc |1. This work Is meeting with most astounding sale, (U tmOcipies haw already been disposed of.) Every female >s getting a copy, whether married or unmarried, although it la intended especially for the married, ae it discloses important secrets. which miim.iu uv im?o u mgui paruciiiariy. nere c?rjien)\i? fan dUoorer tbe i mm, symptoms, and the moot efficient rein> disa, ami inoet oertuin in >dc of euro In every ease. For rale. ?T,l lir vlway; at tl.a PuWi-hlng Of?oe, 129 liberty street. New York, also, Ziober cud Co , eimer ?f Ow-mut and ifiird streets, Philadelphia; Little ami Co., A1 tuny; W. R. Davta, Iloeton. On the r oeipt of $1, a copy will be 'ransraltted by mail, free ef poetagg to all parte ol the CnIM State*. All let ten mniit bo addressed poet paid to l>r. A. U- MAURICEAU, bo* 1224, New YoTk oily, O.T.W. IN MMv street DR. RALPH. AUTHOR OF THE "PRACTICAL PRIVATE Treatise,' Mo, ltd Gieenwioh street, office hi.ore B to lii A- M., to B 1'. M., (Sunday excepted.) Thnee who apply In the aaily cUi4*s will be rurpri-wl at the rapidity and little ineonveMrro attending their cure. It It ehlefy, however, thoee who have rif< fert'd from a terrain clans of peeple, or othenriee, who eaa pro I erly appreciate hie eervtcea. In stricture, from Its Orst or ineipieat, to its more advance 1 and distressing stages, (from uncommon ad vantages In addition to a very extensive practice in this ' mi plaint) hi can afford a ret id. euy and radical earn, which, he arouno Lt etatini, oar. he o' tvcM from no other source In A merles NO CURE NO CHARGE.?DR. MURPHY. OF ?S COLD strait, ie confidentially coneulted on all forms of prirate diataeoa Recent cases of gonorlihtca ho cures In 2 to 4 days Couali tutional dehility and Inipotency successfully treated by Dr. k No mi rc-iry used in any cn-?* or hirdran : from b ieineea. (Mia If GoM etvue*: open from 7 A. If. to til P W DK. GLOVER IS f'ONSULTEIi HIRING THE DAY AND evening at hit olCoe, Wo. 12 Ann at, (formerly No. 2L in those difficult and protrx -ted we * of Stricture, Gleet, and fibli- i late Difee os which have proved too obstinate far physicians of cue experience, Peltate sntrrnce throu.;h the entry to the office Inor, Ills Extract of Cop:;vs. C ibv'ua, oto? to extensively preBribed by iihysiciana, mar he had at his store in Iron', No. 12 Ann itr?et. (h.r.nnily No. X) 1'rioe $1. 4 ?* SAG RRlV AnD-r.ROS.rS SPECIFIC W1XTURE FOR I the mire "f gon.rhtrn. Of all remedies yet discs. I ilWll til mplamt, this Is ilie must certain : it maksn A Ij , lanent cure without the loast restriction hi diet, t . t The pr-.pri it smi i iiwa to be !.|. i lit H slilcii tlic inixture will no' i lire, under for* ti tre of EflOtl. Many ire ctireil hi two days. Sold hy It. .1 iHNMJ.v at 273 Hrotuloay. rner of ,-haml?>i <w, Granite UuUduigs, aatl by i.tNlVi, li'O rniton. ei rwnr William street, nR. JEFFRIES' ANTIDOTE IS THlMMBM^I. preparn'I wi eoM for Gonorrhoea tad '.'tRrdf* Hefi 'Rtlie S?x:nl fir/at: v lying experience has proved hat 21 >' til radii ally cure nv case. This desirable result is obtained in 4r< in 2 to 10 day* ami ail neither ereates nausea n >r oflends tl o lalatc, and rvoti- r* nilicccssary any deviation In diet or intomtp'lon to n etel Maeca sleep r l.c.iill.y ligc-'ii ii, ' to : ' ti remove I i peclily ag Is con*li tent with the pr<-dtictie*i ef a >hons"li and s> 1 pc-wnaiier' cure, lie In radiants vra snti.-oly vegetable, as I in injurious n.Teet, either ooti'tttutionailp or locally. enubec ci? yitsmsa Price $1 per botJe. Sole 4sent tor this city, C. J> UNO, 1M Broadway, l? Jtta Rml

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