Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 5, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 5, 1848 Page 1
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* : th NO. 5143. EXTRA. ^ - . _________ Kiw York. YV?<!h?*mIijj-, .Inly r>_1) A M THE CELEBRATION OK TllK FOURTH OF JULY, IN RUV YORK CITY. Sceiio. netl Si^ht.t Yrstcrdrty. Th? rtlebmtii ii VKhturduv wan Hi>lei?tiiil. 11:1 v. nn nifUent. The weather was clear, cool. Mid charming tLojei'i'Ie weteiu high spirits ; thu lire-crackers an i tire-works were in ? xcellent condition, Mid every thing was in perfect erdi r for a splendid display. Fr >m d ty. light to midnig)<t tlie city was enveloped in the smoke of gunpowder and crowded with people from nil parts ol the surrounding country, By noon there worn at least tour hundred thousand human beings thronging the streets, and yet, in the midst of this immense crowd o men, women and children, there was no riot, no trouble ?all moved on peaceably and charmingly. The boyc tired their crackers ; the soldiers marched, and the little girls were made happy. Night closed in, and the scenes ended to the satisfaction cf every true-hoar ted republican. T1IK MILITARY DISPLAY. Agroeably to an a ngement. yesterday morning, the ? veteran corps repaired to tho Battery at sunrise, and ? Bred a salute of thirty guns, and immediately a I tho ilags of the city were run up and floating in the breeae. The revenue Cutter Kwing, lying opposite the flattery, was scon decorated most beautifully, bearing upon its ysrds and masts the flag of nearly every nation of the earth The shipping iu the harbor all displayed tho stars and stripes. At f*)?rht o't'ln.-k nlmnut dvapv c.1 poof in (liu **!+ * p eeentcd a bu*y scene, tlin members of the various military corps preparing fur Ike great celebration. At nine o'clock. they began to more towards the Battery, the place lor the general meeting of the military, and Mmn the whole division, under command of Major G. neral Nanford. were formed into line, right on V liiuball street. Anothersulute was then fired. nudtlic division took Up tha line of nareh.' The two con.panic* of lluzznra under com\ mand of Captain* (.'lurk and Lewi* moved in front, followed by the Artillery Brigade, under command of Col \aies. The commanding ofllcur and staff then folio*id; after wlioin Dodworth'* cornet baud. Among the companies which attracted particular attention, weie the Light Guards, counn,tinted 1>y Capt. Vincent The unit, rw of fhi* oompany is the most tsaty and beautiful in the city. The* coat is "White and the pants blue, with a white stripe, and bearskin cap with golden tassels. The company number* d about sixty, und is one of the most perfectly . -drilled corps in the city. The City Guard is alsy a very handsome company. The dress is red coat and white pants, with bearskin cap and white plume. They move with great preciaion, and were very much admired. The hminet Guard, commanded by Capt .McGratb. is a noblo company, composed almost entirely of young Irishmen, who an-ear to great advantage on narade They are well skilled in military taction, and are very energetic, endeavoring to excel all other companies in the accuracy of their movements and discip.ine. The Continental Guard, uniformed after the style of the days of the revo'ntion. when the glorious liberty of the I, nion was achieved, was a great centre of attraction. Their antique appearance, clad as was the immortal 'Washington, when leading the little band of patriots on to victory and independence, won for them the admiration ot all They are commanded by Cap tain Helms, and are a lino looking set of men. The -corps Is yet young and email, but is destined to bo one of the most successful and flourishing companies in the city. The Union Rifle Corps, commanded by Captain Kells are a handsome corps, (trussed in mulberry colored frock coats, trimmed with black clu neal. The company .a quite large, and made a most respectable appearance. The Baxter Blues, a company formed by the late gallant ( oUnel Baxter, whose naino it bears, ure a company which, on this occasion, was looked upon by every one with pleasure, us being ono of the works of that gallant officer. 1 he uniform is blue coat, trimmed up with buff, and white pants. They are well disciplined and worthy of the name they bear. The Lafayette kusileers. commanded by Captain McCaulcy. were uniformed in red coats, turned up with white, and white pantf. The Lafayette Guard. Captain Lnnote, is a fine looking French corps, cre.-sed in blue frock coats, and red pants. They are well drilled, and commanded general attention. The Italian Ouaril, Capt. I.anghli, is another Tory Bas looking company, dressed in green coats, trimmed f over aud white pacst;their into movements were veryy nracixo, and showed a very good knowledge of military tactics. The Caledonian Fusilecrs. Capt. McClay. u Scotch CO npany, dressed in full Scottish costume, redcoat, wi h plaid sash and plaid kilt. The company Is small hat well drilled. The Seventh Regiment, under command of Colonel Brenmcr, composed of eight companies, were dressed In grey coats turned up with black. The KigbtU and Ninth Regiments also appeared to good advantage. Aftsr the line h?d thus formed, the whole were r. viewed hy the c< mmnnding officer. alter which lliey moved up Broadway to Canal street, through Canal and Laight to Hudson street, down Hudson to Cliambsrc and Centre streets, through Chambers and Centra to the east gate of tho Park, and passing through the Tark, paid a passing salute to the Mayor and Common Council, after which they were dismiss ed. The military made a most magnificent display, and did honor to the occasion, which spread a halo of glory on the day, and revived those patriotic feelings whtoh inspired the patriotic sons of '7(1. The ladies, too, graced the scenes of tho day with their presence which shed a double lustre to the day. CASTLE GARDEN. Tho'-glorious 4th July," was duly hone red, and filed yesterday at this capacious and delightful place of pubi lio entertainment It was qnitc a relief to emerge from the dense and lively crowds of the close streets of the !ty, into the airy space of Castle Garden, to inbale tho delightful sea breeze* from the beautiful terrace which runs round tho building sen-wards?to escape from the unmeaning and horrid noise of the senseless and disagreeable crackers, which revounded in every street, as If hell and the devil were let looso, to wanton and revel in the city without fear of the pollee, or regard for man or woman. In the afternoon, the Garden was opened as well as the ether theatres of the city, for the entertainment of all the world, which on this great day soemed to be all out and abroad, dressed in Nunday-go-meetingers. and making noisy and joyful holier . The moot expensive preparations had been made at this splendid Garden, to procure a superb galaxy of rare and distinguished talent?to give an adequate commemoration to the memorable anniversary of independence. 1 he llatwer Family first appeared amla load acclamations of delight from an immensely oiuwuvu rvuvn ana generic*. i noir i^nuuiui nu<t uaimoniou* it;la. the lively national songs and airs they 41 ng gaTo extraordinary delight to the crowds assent bh d to hear them. Next appeared Senor Manuel Kea, an artist from the theatre of tha city of Mexico, who performed hia not rery wonderful hut pleading feata upon the flying wire. Mr. PasMne, the inimitable pnntoml?lst? then performed the '-New York Barber,'- nnd exoited great merriment and glee among tho erowd of admJrera. Numerous song* and other entertainments, together with a highly amusing pantomime, called the "Ohest of a Lover, or the Cat Throat of Barber." eoneludedtho fascinating amusements of this memorablo aftirnoon. But, In the evening, the great cficbration took place. There waa a grand aquatic display of marl BC flrr wpjk(,^vhlch were trnly splendid. Senor Ken, again exhibited Ills feata and performances. Thooreowtfa enlivened the company with some beautiful piece* fTom the first composers, alter which the farce entitled the "Double Bedded Room" was performed. Vlere Mr. Holland, the able managing director. Mr. O. Andrews, Mrs. Vernon and Mlas Nickinson. drew down rounds of hearty applause, and literally set the feanee In repeated roars of laughter, by their laleutcd performance. Other light, olever and amusing pieces followed, which were admirably executed, and tho day, or rather the evening, concluded with a display of tiro weeks of the richest aad moat magnificent description A numerous audience left the charming and delightful garden, the ornament of New York, ana tho cool.'st resort to be found In the city, highly pleased and Immeasurably delighted wieh therareand successful exertloi of the liberal and skllfol managers. THE FAKK IN T11K KVEVl.Nti. A grand exhibition of (Ire-works In tho rark In the evening, having been announced in tbe programme of the day's celebration, all of our New Vorkcrs who resided in the lower part of the vity, and a majority of tho numerous visiters from tho country parts adjacent to the Umpire t ity. flocked them for the purpose of Meingit. Lcng before half-past eight, which was the time appointed for applying the matnh to tho varlons ? specimens and combinations of the pyroteonic art, that large area wus occupied by at loaat twenty thousand men, women and children, Great was tliu ageny of suspense which all. and especially the rising generation, endured from the time when they arrived on the ground until the first piece was let olL The children and youth were Impatient, and vented their > impatience In every note known in the gamut, and a fa# more beside*, and the parents were eimostsshsnse ?r?m ii?? ! ?I i?i ii i? mm ? iidann E NE NE1 1<d beta .eh wedging their way to a aatia- j t' < t. jy | tuition, ftoin which to ecu tU? tirew. rhs. and listening to the howling and acreochlng of ti i mi in i tits wInmii thi J held in llli'ir arni< At liTgi h the In tir ariivi d. mid wall it liin hall op-nod, ucd the ."overt igna were in ecstaele*. A luao i. aeon tiei log in m rli a u<aii tier a- to convince the th tt?au is a.s i ii lit d Hint he had an important card to piny in tic i nn.c \< Ii i ho as about toko oouiuiouced. lie tliruw Lin i yet tii>I at olio collection of iiruworko, then at ntn t) er, and to on. until hu hud oa'inrted him elf tint tic |iiMni who hid the duly of erecting them, per loimcd it indhfully. Not satisfied with inspecting c.iili j<ui titular uriangsnient, an soon an ho had inili 1111 1 \ OHUiiuml tiio l*"t l.o took a general survey, and his hi uriiit and manner, utter doing so, satisfmd those preHi nt tbut all ttio fliw-worka ??ru in app'u-,do i>iu? i > ) it ii ii iiu* *.iiri ii[<{ iiu<ik mi in ;? simpio 1. eu-fcro iiawh to shine out ill tlie uiost brilliant maur.oi At hilo those lliiti/s w<to pot agon. the git* itost ' Impatience was manifested by 1)10 muuil. mill tuouo i vlin in accustomed to such things. it ivally appeared an ' i i lit* tin hmhhIh of strangers and countrymen a-no in 1 bled, could not die easily or at pear,** with die world, it tl.o do|lay s edict tiM it were not made. At length all 1 tbil gs bcii.g in re:tdli,e.-*. Ibo t* rch is applied and lo ! : ; a liant fid ( liii.eM son with, color* d lire* mid stars, is i I obsern U by nth The country nien ojacul ito "Ok! oh." The ciy is Iul.i n up. end rcucheH Ihn farthest oxt*e- j in ty r.l the lurk -Oh' eh! oh!" and ono oonti ut.o a , *'<>b!'' is heaid until the last spurl; has expired and j , all ia dutk uusin. 'i he match is then applied to nuin | . Let* two and a luregated and brilliant display is made , lo llie great wondoini.-ul of our country cousins The same tuey be raid ?.f all the other pieces, which tvoro , ron.];Ui-id el' bcu<|ticts of Chine-o fires. Chinos.* girb flare, lieinan, pyramids, Columns, diamond, loses i f pin pie and gicon, ho. to , all of which drew ' fcrih t ulbusiastic applause i 1 lie finishing piece however, capped tho climax. It I vus die dully . u? of the most brilduut displays of tho , pyroticlinic mit tl.ut wo lin?e ever wdtuessod, and rei lie* tut credit on all couo* rnsd. us it was not only the 1 [ in* st uirgnith i nt part of the display, hut was also cha- j ractcrsstie < f tho t line; we will give a full description . j Of it. It ?? composed n* follows :? ' * i PK ACE. t , I I KUKPKNUENCK ,1 ? I This was enclosed with an extremely beautiful chnfjlier wo. k r.f gotgeous ami brilliant tins, which extended lie' whole irout of the Llt.v Hall. At the ends or extri milies. were pyramids of Homall candles, and rosettes of evciy hue, known to pyrotechnists or to the not if the world When the whole wax igniluil our ii lolcrs cull have some idea of the grandeur of the spectacle which it exhibited. Indeed, ilie display ut the I'm k la-t evening win as good. and. perhaps, bettor tan 11 on any foiuier year Ai> soon as the last locket bail performed its errand, and the lust wheel had tnade its last revolution, the assembled thov.-ands adjourned to their respective homes, all. male and female, young and old, pleased Willi the display w hich they had just witnessed. And thus ended the Fourth of July in the Park. TOMPKINS MjlAk'K?JIJUl.1,1 ANT DISPLAY OK I'1 REWORKS. , Tom).kins Jsijuarc, about K o'clock last evening, presented cue living mass of human beings, awaiting with anxious expectation the splendid exhibition of fireworks prepared for the occasion by that prince of pyrotechnists, Mr. Ihrr Cadet, of Williams burgh, in commemoration ofthe72d anniversary of our American I wdependciice An excellent brass bund was in attendance, enlivening tLe multitudes with the various airs. At sun c dow n signal rockets were set off, which helped the di- 0 versity of the scene until half past 8 o'clock came, j; tlie time appointed for the grand exhibition?the lirsl , ph ce consisting of two splendid Persian lights. f. g. .1 inmate /yniiiiHi.? tins unique piece opened j wiili a utltllon wbiml of spangled gtrbs of Maltese fire, Willi n Nurarine blue and orange centre, mutating to a pyinmid of Morale candles, which discharged volleys o| brilliant met coin of blond, green, crimson, blue , and yellow. 3. Mefar/iora's Sun.?This pretty piece opened witli a mutation wheel of golden Kerbs, blonde, sombre and C hinese (ires, with Naxarino blue, entcrald and crimson centres, mutating to a da/xling sun, tlfiy feet in r. with eight Saxons, with crimson, blue and green centres, tei initiating with a grand feu ite joir. At the finirh of this beautiful piece the thousands of spectators gave great applause by clapping bands and Bhouting. 4. Star of .hntrica.?Tlio colors in this slar of lire were truly superb, opening with a wheel of Chinese gcrhs. with crimson, green, and blue centres, mutating to a splendid double star of tun centres, concluding with a henry report, causing the audieuco l? s-o stars nil over. | ft. 7he Snake and liutltrfly.?This splendid piece of firework certainly went ahead of anything wo ever Wilui sicd before. It was on a large fixed wheel, seven to nine feet in diameter, and opened with four brilliant fires, alternating to radiant tire opaque centre, when in an instant n change took place, exhibiting the body of a fifty serpent, who unfold* himself, anil commences his chase niter the golden butterfly. This piece was received with rapture.- of applause. 0 '1 he Yanktt Mill; or, the Devil amongst the Milhrs 1 bis appear to be quite a new piece, reflect]! lug much credit on the manufaclurt r. representing the arms of a miil 13 foot in diameter, in lanced work, throwiug out brilliant tires of all hues, shades and colors, eutlrely beyond description. 7. The Maid of the Miif.?This beautiful design i* taken Iroiu the Park fountain : it ODeneil with uinu- _ ta'.lon ?h?ci of goldcd gcrhn, blohd.sorabreand Chinese n fries. mutating to h cascade of 13 brilliant chfttinuj tIt Vrau centres, concluding will' * grand fr.u He j?it. 0 s The St or of Independence.?This magnifier ut Star ,. of Freedom commenced with a hexagon wheel of gold 0 a id eih or. spAnglcrl llrrsof layonont. wlrito and Peruvian g? rbrr and Chinese firon. with crimson, green, and p orange ci ntres. mutating to the Mar of ludcpendeuce (j in crimson and Naznrcne blue and yellow lance work; Vl tl i n it chunged to a brilliant stur of silver rays, of Rl griat magiiitudu. terminating lu a matoon battery. At {} the end of this blilliant affair, an uproarious applause i? was giveu. R( fi *1 Revolting Fountain.?This elegant piece of fire- aj work stcod upon a pedestal 25 feet high, of lanced ... work, of brilliant lures and colors; the wheel of radiant nj Spangled gerbs. and Chinese fires, mutating to the 0, la need work in the pedestal; then to a revolving fopntain, wliieli threw up a spray of tiro some 100 feet in Y, be ght. and in diameter it was astonishing, (treat applausc at the conclusion. f0 10. Tent pitof Peace and Liberty.?This magnificent rf piece of pjrotcchny defies description, and was truly Rrtonhhiiig It extended some 200 feet front and 30 p, feet in height; nnil when all on lb \ the effect was won- ^ derfol. The ecntie arch of the temple was inscribed j witli mottoes, in silver lanced work, of Peace and I.ib- w erty. Tbo columns supporting the arches, right and gp left, were covered with stars representing every p] State in the Union. The grandeur of thli last J,3 piece wns duly appreciated by the vast multitude jj of spectators, who made the air ring with shouting and p, clapping of hands. The whole of the exhibition then J,{ o included with a brilliant flight of rockets. The band jj, then struck up Vunkcc Doodle, and tbo immense body jp of people commenced their march homeward, appa- p; rently inueh gratified with the exhibition, which was ? certainly of the first order. .Mr. Cadet, beyond a doubt. stands one of tlio first of hi* profession, as the specimens of his art exhibited last evening, fully tea- r: tlfy. f( Washington sqttark fireworks. ta The fireworks here were got up in a very superior lu manner. A platform was erected in the middle of the square, on which was placed the excellent band attach ed to the Institution for the Blind, who played scve- d>' ral airs with infinite taste and ability, which had a aj cry enlivening effect. A large concou-sc of persons were collected, who soon dispersed after the festivities au of the evening had been gone through. be INCIDENTS AND ACCIDENTS. 0 When the festivities'of the day were at tho highest t? pitch, a telegraphic dispatch was received from Albany _ that tho bodies of Col. Baxter, ('apt. Pearson, Capt _j Barclay, Meat. Chandler, and Lieut. <lallaghnr, who .. died upon the battle fields of Mexico, together with _ (.'apt. A. II. Forbes, the agent appointed by the Coin- (.'j) raou Council to bring'home the bodies, but who died ,.r in New Orleans of yellow fever, would arrive by the steamboat Alida. from that city, at four o'clock in the ^ afternoon. The committee immediately consulted, to make the th necessary arrangements, and at four o'clock, accompa- a|( nied by the Baxter Blues, repaired to the foot of Bar ot] clay street, for the purpose of receiving the bodies, which were transferred to their charge by Meut. t Floyd. i The Blues, as an escort, moved in front, followed by Dodworth's brans band, tin- members of the Common Council following. after which six hearses, containing pn the bodies. They then morel up Barclay street to .1 Broadway, through Broadway to White street, to the arsenal yard, where the bodies were placed, under A guard of a platoon of (he Blues. They will probably be removed to Castle Warden to-day. where they will remain until the (Irat of neat week, when the funeral c!< ceremonies will take place, on which occaiion John hfl I Van Ruren, Ksq., will deliver an oration The body of ( apt Van Olinder was left at Albany. 'h A gloom pervaded the whole assembly who had gath- H| < red to witness the reception of the bodies of those gallant soldiers. and wherea flu?li of patriotic pride and pleasure had so lately shone upon the cheek, and In l',< ' tho smiling eye. sorrow ami gloom now prevailed. It was a most sudden transition from joy to sorrow, and "k was amply felt hy those present. A mest dlsgrneeful le thing occurred 011 the wharf when the boat arrived. A committee from Brooklyn called upon the Common Connell. for the body [of Capt Pearson, which wa?- re- Cf fnsed, inasmuch as they haJ taken no measures to have it brought on. They then stated that they #T would have it. and one man manifested hia great re- ?j?j spert for the dtnd liy threatening Assistant Alderman Franklin with personal chastisement if the body were j,, not speedily delivered to the committee. Finding they p, could not get It by threats and imprecations, they lofl, declaring Ihey would proceed legally on the morrow for the obtaining It. ot A Miaareiocs Parser.? Yesterday afternoon as a Jj | young man, hy the name af William Munson, wad discharging a single barrel fowling pleee, It being loaded ?' with nearly a half pound of powder, consequently on V he oxploaron taking place, the barrel bnrated about < , the centre, spreading It completely open, btowlng the | stock and look In various parts of the street; and Iv * s W YORK, WEDNESDAY dra> pe torelate. not a was injured l?y the birntli.g; ilie fiiin ent? of tie ftu i * r picked up in tllil.e rent pert* i f the street. roruo twenty yard* trow where it occurred An Aki i at.- An unpleasant irtmr took place yesterday afternoon in Monroe etreet, near Rutgers M me young rowdier euteri d the house where the h He ? nipiiiiy f xrel-ior, No. ke t, in Henry street, and mil06' Q wi'li the uinrhino, under the pretence of pu'linp out :t fire romcwhcro In the in Uhbothood. I'hoy ?e?e confronted by some of tho members of thecompt ny. ul.n scroti (1 ilieir propio-s mi l afti ra few worili a ;ar.t inl tiplit cinued, and a few broken head* were ilie ; (iijm (jUciiiC". One >011 hi: mail wan struck out lid to in- { [He by n trumpet nnd foll< d to the ground, wham ho rt nmlncd -on- i lem JVr lOluo minutes. He won taken up much ii jurrd. A man nnuu d Aaron Sohwarl* had hi* finger idiot iff, nocidentMlly, 1-jr 11 young (inriuitn girl, residing at No Cl l) liurl >ti? < t He won talten to the City llosp'. til. lie in atelier bv trade, and a ynunR mm aluut twenty three yeais of ago Ate ther accident occurred to a mail named Maurice VVnlh while tiring a pi-to! in tliu Park The load wn ireldeiitaliy discharged. hii I injured the aeuond linger il the leit hand, ir>flictiitj? a revere H?*h wound. Duti i ?imi ( asi.'ai TT ?Veaterday morning a flue nlell in lit iiiid interesting child, about 7 year* an I .1 noiiHi- old. daughter of Montgomery K. (idler. No 21 "j I lib icker strict, was in-tentiy killed by being run orrr ! liy one of the Knickerbocker stagi-H, nearly opposite to 1 the re aide net- oI lor (areata. n r Monster HItetliif{of the lilali Kepixbllian Union. The monster meeting of lite Irish Kepulilieun Union look place yesterday on an elevated field 1011ii of Williamsburg, which the managers of (he ncetn |? den out in sited Mitchcl's Field. Ovcrtweny fhousund iiersona were present, untl agreatnumier of these were ladies. The Irish Brigade iihretted ftc m tlic Shnkspeaie J hdel (their head jin*i u ir?/ in ?cij mwu iiiuiifciiy ,-ivn; IU Uiir ^rounu. j \t about lour o'clot k the procession arrived at the ;rottnil, saluted by several rounds of artillery and iny m tuber of gun ahots. The brigade bore scvenl Hugs in the procession, one of which white, orange and green, streaming from u huge rich pike, and attracted general notice. .At four /clock the immense multitude was culled to order. Major Miort in the chair. The chairman acktiowedged the honor. hir. Mnoas v then said they had assembled there toJay to ask each other the question?Arc we to submit .o be spit upon by the bloated Dritish aristocracy ? ( beers. Cries of "No!'' "No!") lie wanted to mow it they wi re willing to let Ireland stilt be robbed >y that aristocracy ; still to seo their brothers and lindred tiansportcd or shot, and still talk of cnnsUtii> ionul agitata n? (-No!" "No!") tie wanted to mow?\Vilt Ireland ever be niado tree by talk, talk, alk ? (Loud cries " Never!") Then it follows you are '-r fighting it out with our enemy. (Great cheering ) 1'his must be done forthwith, by sending into Ireland i few thousand Americanised irishmen who will go nek t< their respective villages?meet their brothers 1 iid cousins; and. gripping them hy the hand, tell b< m the hour for battle lias arrived; that we are j irmiirg to help them (Tremendous cheers.) Vos, ; re will assail Canada. India, Ireland, at once?even he eily of I.ODdon. where we have half a million of rishmtn. shall be burnt about the villains that seized j n John Mitchcl. (Great cheers.) Vos, the bloody ; Id I)litish empire." as IMitcliel r aited it. must bo bro- i n up and scattered to the winds of heaven. (Loud ht trs.) lie hud been authorised to bring forward the lllowin,' declaration :? 1 Jtclm a'ion oti hi half of the People of Ireland. of their i Independence of tin gland and of all other Nullum, att* ted to on Mitihel's Green. IPillinmihurg. near New I'orh.Ju/y 4th. 1848, in piesmce of many thousand* of Kxitei Irishmtn. I Kirst. The people of Ireland bare been an independ nt and enlightened nation f-r several ages before i '.upland emerged from obscurity, or was blessed by i ivilir.ation:? have maintained that independence iu ... ?Fn.un. >uc iiumuji. i u. o^AVU, uuu UD J/nilt, 1 ur more than twenty centuries. Second Tho claim of Knglund to rule Ireland, is a | isvrpat ion. based upon the pi rfldlous broach of treaties, | innonrc those of 1GU1 and 178- ) and not upon tnili- i ary success. Third. 1 lie right of a people to reconstruct its slip- ' j resscd nationality, cannot be impaired by time. Fourth. All men were crcatedequal, and endowed by ' iod with a right to subsistence from the land. " j Fifth. Hie majority of a nation is the nation, and light to rule. A nation cannot commit troasou, but Ic man who sets against its indopendenco commits j n hm 'ii. Sixth. The mac who refuses to work, has no rights a tho commonwealth; he disqualifies himself by refu- : , ii g to comply with the laws of God.' j > Seventh Tho loan who labors?not lio who idles? j t borld make the laws. | < Klghtli. The land of Ireland is amply sufficient to j | uppi rt the people of Ireland. 1 ( Ninth. Every man in Ireland shall bo owner of a loco of land?(hall pOMSSa a vote In the creutiou and diuinl.-triition of the laws. I i Tintli. Tho permanent absentee land-owners of 1 r rclaud are a curse to the nation?a nuisaace that must ' e nbolisiietl. I'.leTcnth. A foreign government is a tyranny In any j '' ation ; in Ireland it lias proved an insupportable at- I j ictlon. and must be destroved. . 1 V... Iflti A <rnv,>rni>i, ll? thn> iwlo l.v m m,..! mnlx I 1 r by diverting the course of the 1??w. to put down tho xpresslon of public opinion is a usurpation, and light to bo immediately put down. Thirteenth. The government of Kngland in Ireland, an violated all tho rights of man ; having seised upon ' ic land and divided it among a sot of rapacious adnturers ; having dignified those advonturors with mdry titles of nobility ; having conferred upon them R 10 exclnsivo power of making and administering the iws : having armed them with tile whole powers of tha c ate. and placed the labor and property of tha pnopla ? ; their command ; having given to thcin "rights" and iropeity" in all tho land, all tho animals, all the fish 1 id birds, nnd mines and timber ; and having exclud- : " I the peoplo from auy and every right which God ori- ' n nally conferred upon them : having for years and * srs continued to rob tlie Irish people of their ford '< nder the name of rent " and ' tax," and with the I 11 rms of law ; having compelled them to subsist on ^ '' lots and weeds and grass ; baving suffered famine to i ' troy huudrrdsof thousands of the people, who might ' sve been saved by a timely and provident action of i le government; having refused to grant the national j dps of the United Kingdom to carry food to them, hile the United States of America freely sent her war- t( dps freighted with food?the free gift of a neutral peo- n e; having instituted poor laws that liavo in view the , [termination and annihilation of tho people, Instead of * leir relief; having filled Ireland witli armed men to supress the expression of complaint; havingpassed unpreidenlcd laws to stifle discussion?having virtually abo >hcd trial hyjurr in the case of John Mitchel; for i lore, and for a thousand other reasons equally forci- j b e. we deem it a sacred duty to go forth and assist in ! b itting down that government. I o Now. we. whose names are hereinlo subscribed, vow j r fore God. and the nations, to go forth and at the sk of our lives, shoot down the men who form this ' ivernment. and those who assist them, either in de- . .. 11 or in gross, according as the Uord may deliver them to our hands. Signed tills fourth of July, 1SJS. j The reading of the Declaration of Irish Indepen ncc was frequently interrupted by loud bursts of | iplnusr. ' Mr. Moosar remarked that the committee would Iter no man to sign that document until he wav on ' iurd the ship that was to carry him to Irclnnd. (Loud jl leers.) m Mr. M. T. O'f'ossoR was loudly called for. He said (' e time was passed for speech-making. They had the n ,rk to do, and it should be done. (Cries of " We ( II do it ") lie was going over to Canada (Cheers ) ; it was told he would be arrested; but if he were ar Firu. lb wouifi 1*9 inn oegiuviiiiK w tub ubuio. (Loua 1 corn.) Fifty thousand men will crow the border. '' 'remendou* choen.) '1 A subscription amounting to a hat full of money wan e cn taken up. T Dr. M. Carbon, the brother-in-law of Mr. Duffy, of h e Dublin Natian. then addreeecd the meeting, an tlld j fj 10 Mr. Florence McCarthy. Mr. Thompson, and some ' u hern. The greatest unanimity preyaileil. Very any ladles subscribed to the funds for sending men Ireland. " ? v, Latier yni?m Ct.-ba.?We are in receipt of laie v* pers from lluvuna and Matarv/.us. Our files of r Dimrio dt In Marina, Uaceta dt la llabana, and j? worn dt Maianzat, extend to tlte 23d ult. AJI li e necessary materials for the construction of an j| etne telrcrraph between Havana and Matanzas, n (I been completed in the first named city, and S e line is immediately to be established; and also al i>111; all the railroad lines on the island. ^ Pesvernine, the pianist, who came on here with p, jttesini and Arditi, had arrived out at Havana ff ;ain. His sncress lien- was but indifferent, ut " ast so says the />ia? in. Front Puerto llico we obtain the following uc- ai >unt of the markets on the 10th ult.:? 01 The demand for sugar continue' stank; sales, hownr. ore continually being made to the vessels loading, he following prices are paid :?IT to IS rials per <|uluI for ordinary kinds, and for some as high as 20 rials is been given. Tho next news from Europe. It I* ax- 5 elcil, will give an impulse to tho sugar market.'' J The Cuba papers are mostly filled with accounts e the Kurnpenn revolutionary movements, and the |j flicnllies in Spain. No notice, however, is taken l these affair in the editorial columns. From enezuela they have some accounts, not so late, nwevtr, ns those published in the Herald a day or vo ago, received via Curacoa. ? >RK I l MORNING, JULY 5, 1 Viiialrlrnl ami l>Iimlrai. >n?rxT jiir.Miu:.? i ju* nou.-e proaem* il i|UIK an hi' ii .ill (I :i| | cat unco yesterday af cru inn and evening, its vn.-t ?c?v Munition* for ritlli rii m>ri) ern?diHl to cju'o. and nil hilarity aud .joynurneaa appropriate to a went visible in iviry fact . Our conutry fi end* Himli no in large lureu. and mtny partiea who vpro probably making their first visit to any theatre, m I'ini il to tm tie tnlicit ainu?otl with the novrlly of tho scene around tin in us with ti e hintine*-g iuitf ou on tlif m ?(rc. 'tin- triuin|i)iant pittite* nave full runt to their lei lings of delight; the beau and liin fair a weeD heart in tin- h xes. mutually enjoyed ttie play u d th -ir own company. and many auiu-mg interludes among t}io audience sddi it to the general aest; anil oven t lie o.>l-roil folks, away lip in their gallery, rolled up (lie white* of their eye-, ntul by their /> alou* applause gave t.ik?na of their pal riot le upprnval of the holiday doin#*. In the eTetiitig N iss 'I aylor never looted more oharming, pi orteit mote spiritedly than in lo r fatuous part in Hie ' Devil hi Puis." 1 hi* piece i* one that just suit* her?tl-f tapid and total changes which she make* in her attire and character diiriror tlm nluca re,mi Mm pale le< litre stranger, i!?wn to tho vivacious gauuti of 1'aiis. arc tiuly surprising. Tho plot of tho piece, tin ugh of cruise somewhat improbable. Is ho skilfully put togeMn r hs to teem natural enough. Tho "widow for the third timn In bevlife." was amusingly perform cd by Vr- Sllckney. J.ll Hull. < lurke, Mrs Phillips, . a tol i be 11 Id r | erf< 1 morn ilbl oxoellcirly The drama of the' AYirurd of tho \\ .ve" concluded the pcrforiuHnet s, oil allegorical tableau hm I ng been given between the pieces. and tho gunpowder. &c , ill thin piece, niiiilo it i|iute approprieto for tho evening ot 4th July. It woo tii oly performed, and the applause It mot with wiih tiimcndous Altogether, n more triumphant 4'h of July lino never passed off at tho Howery. Mr llamblia mode moliy hcuits happy by bin judicious nolectlona, pleased all hi* patrons, and alao, wo should lhiuk.roreivcd<|ulto a handsome hiiiu at his box office, yeslerdny. nil ot which is a* it should bo, uud thus moled the 4th of July al tho bowery. Chatham TitKArnr.?This popular establishment nadnn slate of j alriotlc fennent yesterday afi.oruo u ? d evening, t rowds upon crowd* kept on pouring 'n; eviry available seat was filled, and long, loud und repeated wore tho cheers received by tho ever popular Moio. lie and Mis? Mestayer gathered now laurels, iia tho true representatives of the New York b'hoy uud g rl. Mian Mestoyi r is the satno vivacious, spiritc I actress. she < vt r was, uud if she intends taking up hor re Idenre in Niw York in future, she may depend upon having tr-e ps of fiioi <ls. 1 ho houac, a wo have said, was tilled to overlluwing; in the evening, tho boxes wore crowded with ludies uud gontloumii?indeed, we noticed that there was scarcely olio goutleiuuu tho had not a la y with liini. The Qtmott WN dor nndsdecc rum * ore observed, and we must say, wo have never beloie seen suc.h a densely tilled theatre on a fourth of July, proa mt such a handsome appearance. Tho very delightful weather that prevailed la-t ovenit g. added much to the pleasure of a visit to the then Ire. us it was to rt.ol and well ventilated. Well, the glorious I'ouilh is past and gone for this year. The manager* have a solid token of it on tho ctudit aide of their hank looks, und once more our citizens return to their avocations; still, uiou-eincut must be had and during the tew remaining nights of the Reason, it ciu lie had of tho Lost kind at the Chatham Moxe and his friends, and tho company generally, will perform every evening this woek; after which, we u ider.-tand ! the lieusc wilt be clo.-ed for n short tiino. iu order to ?u,Nr such alterations and repairs as to put it on ao I e<|iinl fooflng. as far as accommodation to visitors go, with uny other place of Rinu-ouicnt in towin. As for ts claims for dramatic excellence, tliu great popularity it has enjov it since Mr. Cliaufraii took the holm, spi aks for ilsplf. Tabkrxaci.u.?Tim concert of tho far fumed StcyermRTkischn went ciT In-1 evening, in the most liriiliant style, and was attended by it very numerous audience, 1 as it ought to he on such a glorious day n.s that of the Anniversary of our National independence. The en- 1 tertninniont begun with the ' Liberty March," a mag nifieent overture, very well adapted for such an orca- | ion as thai of lbs Fourth of July, and was followed by , I he most popular pieces of the celebrated German Oom- J of performer*. Tho great aria and elioru", from mr vi'tia 01 jiouvri le manic was also rend Tod with the greatest accuracy, and elicited the most energetic plaudits troni nil present. Wo, in c.ouiuion with tlio audit nee, were d< lghtcd w itli tin* t i uiplionv called The Night . lUivtcw," in which the able performers gave a den riptlon of the solemn hours destined to rcptso. and during which lovely dreams float urou d tho head, at)d till tho Met ping heart with voluptuous- 1 n<ss and delight. 'J'he tiiird part of tho programme 1 contained also several fine pieces, among wit oh we renin* ked tho great ovtrture to " OboroD." by Carl Maria t on Weber, and tho "Ttenvolo Walt*." by Lnhitsky. 'J'he wh< le concluded with a ''tirand tiallop," by Fisher, which made us regret tjiat there wa-not a floor laid within the large walls of tho Tabernacle, to enable us to enjoy the harmonious dance with some wect dame. These nineteen (ierniun performers are I the most wonderful musicians who have ever come to air shores, and deserve indeed the greatest credit "re ni all the dilettanti who dwell in New Vork and in ;h? Culled Staler. C11it 1stv"s MivsTitrt ?.?The popularity which thc--e larky sods of song have utinincd during the last nine , >if u Ills', seemed all to have culminated to a point yes ter- I Iny. for sure inch houses were never soon before. Tho ludienres yesterday in pefnt of numbers wi-re iinuense, the applause in proportion, and as for the singug, tec., (he band, to use a hackneyed term. " outdid i hcmpelves." Never were people so di light) d as those iho listened to them ; the fun, truly, was fa-t aud fit ions, ami withal every thing wont off in tho most tieorous manner. Truly, Christy's hand aro the head 1 ,nd front of all tho negro minstrelsy in tho world; to uirody Shnkspeare. one might say the elements of nng uro mi mingled in them, that New York can stand | ip before tho world and say?these uro indued mintrela." Hani*iid'h Pisoiami.?Tl.ia exhibition hIko was rowded to excess all day yesterday. The glorious llssisslppi was displayed to thousands in truth, and lie sight of such a vast multitude of admirers of his inrivollcd and extinordinary painting.must have been source of pride and gratification to llanvard. and ilirn he computed the snlitaty hard-hips lie suffered n tlio nehievi ment of his work with the crowds of deightrd visitors yesterday, he roust have felt how true it ' that industry and energy, such as hi' has shown hlmi If to possess, always meet their reward. I Arrival ok tiii*: Southerner from ( , o.n.?Tins ship cimie in yesterdny morning?trim [> her hour?with pupcra from Charleston, one day 1 ti ndvnncc of the mail. We make our usual ac- | aowledgemcnts to Capt Berry and Mr. Tiadslv, ] ar favors. 1 City Intelligence. I ( Kirf ?The lire, thin morninir. wan in tLn rttwofv I I liroke out Hbout half pnet tliroo o'clock, in I lie , uihling occupied by 11 Slmw. linttcr. etui one or two there. The roof wan destroyed, end the inside pertly uirtcd. Police Intelligence Small Wun'not.?The Hinount of bueineeii done nt lie variuiii police flHcee. amounted to only ft few nelult ami battery cases, from tbc elTcctaof keeping up ho Fourth of July, together with some fifteen or twen- ' y for intoxication. 1 , . a * 4 ItKifi isrnon on Omo for 1'krsoks .\wino .Scavks o Escape?We learn that fifteen citizens of this ' tato have been arrested on u warrant issued by a ? islice of Warren County, and held to bail in the uni of $4,000 a piece, to await the answer of the ? lovernor of Ohio to the requisition of the Cover- t or of Kentucky, for their presence nt the Court of ' 'onimon Pleas of Campbell County, Ky., to an- ' yver to the churgc of steal ins live slaves, the ?. roperty ofcitizenaof that county. The affidavit pon which this warrant was issued, was made by rcneral Taylor, of Newport. If we mistake not. ^ very thing now depends upon (lovernor Bibb. e 'hey cannot be comiielled to appear in Kentucky, ut upon his answer to the requisition. Will he eliver them up ? They cannot be charged with aving con.milled the crime in Kentucky except nnstructuely. by aiding and abetting, after the scape of the slaves The example ol < lov. Hhunk 'ill recur to every one. He refused to comply 'ith the requisition ofthe Governor of Maryland, mndedonan indictment, for the reason that no ach constructive presence could h e admitted in iw. We do not think that Gov. Bibb would dever them up even if they really had been in Kenicky. We understand that < 'orwin and Giddings ave been retained to manage the suit. The arreted persons are residents in various parts of tile fate, on the line from hereto Sandusky City, and re all of them of high respectability, yince the bovc was written, we lenrn that Gov. Bibb has egged to be excused from complying with tlie olitc rociuest of the (Jovernor of Kentucky, on the round tlial Ohio laws don't recognize property in tan.?Cm. HtrtJd, June 24. Army.?Tin- steamshm Galveston, Capt. Crane, rrived yesterday from Vera Cruz, having left there n the iftth instant. She brought over seven campa ies of the New York Volunteers, and landed them tCarroIton. The following is a list ofthe officers ccompnnytng them:? Lltut. Col. Jas. C. Burahem, commanding; M%j. M. . Ualstead, Surgeon U. S. A.; Capt. J. K. Button, A. . 8., U. 8. A. : Lieut J. Miller, A. A. D. M.; Llent 8. McCabe, Adjutant; Capt. J. P. Taylor, Capt. W . Hnngerford, Capt. M. Fairchlld, Capt. 8. 8. Oalla- , her, Capt. Q. Farry, Capt. R. A. Carter, Lieut. F. K Into, Lt. F E. Boyle, IX. D. SeanneU, Lt. H. Oaines, lent. C. 8. Cooper, Lieut. D. M. Doremua, Lieut. Bar sr. I.leut J. Hill. Llent.T. J. Rogers, and Lieut. E. 8. arroll.? N. O. Pirayvnt, June M. Natal.?U. 8. steamer Bibb, oa the Coast Surrey, us at Naatunket bar oa Friday ivt, ? # ,J0 I E R A .848. Washington, July 3, HW. 'lie D> in/fK (f the Day triul of the Ni^ht?7 V Sump , ' Spruktui* in the Senate, am! the Stump Speakinfill the St item?Soft Her*?Circus?Theatre awl all Come to town?The Corner Sh/ne Celebration. We expect it magnificent celebration on tlte occasion of the laying of the corner stone of the Washington National Monument, to-morrow. It is the monument to be built from the voluntary conti ibutiona of the citizens of the United States, and the society have about $90,000 to start on. The monument will require a million, it will be COO feet high?a square shaft rising out of the centre of tt punthron, collonuded all round. Or it m ty be reduced to halt the said height, according to the proejiecl of the fiuauces. Volunteers from the announcing cities, (one company front llostou,) have been coming in to-day by land and river, and at midnight the city is enlivened by music. We hitd to-day the second edition of the campaign debate in the .Senate, on the respective doctlines of Uenerul Taylor and General Cass, the discission as before, chiefly between Mr. Mangum and Mr. Foate. It was much ado about nothing, and wound up, leaving us as much eulightened us at fiist. l loih houses adjourned over, with a view of participating m the corner-stone celebration to-rnorrow. We expect a fine day. We Ituve never known a lourtli of July to be otherwise. It lias been, as fur us we remember, always as clear as the Decla iniJctii ui iiidt'ju'imi net*. There were two political oot-of-door meetings to-night. 1. /V Cass and Butler meeting. 2 A Taylor and Fillmore meeting. Th?- fnimer was held in the o|?en square in front of the Union office. It was quite a respectable gathering, in material and in numbers. John Boyle, J'.sq., presided, with thirteen vice-presidents and three sectetarics. The peojile were addressed hy Messrs. Greene. of Muine, Thompson, of Mississippi, Clark, of Kentucky, Sawyer, of Ohio, who pi utilised the State to Cass and Butler by 2'1,(WO majoiitv, (now* vcrront,) and we left Mr. Sinn, of South Carolina, pledging the South to tic- ll.ilti more nominees. The whig meeting was held in Sixth street, ojg post to Coleman's. There was a very alitti atteu dance; and alter short speeches by Col. Woolley, <f Kentucky. Gen Taylor,of Ohio, Mr. Dudley Marvin, ot New York, and Mr. Collins Cue, of | Maryland, the meeting adjourned for an other < flort on Wednesday evening. It closed | with three cluers for Gen. J'aylor; hut the shouts were laint, for the good Clay whigs of Washington were doubtless thinking of the old songs and champion of '41, that great old chieftain whom they cannot yet give up. The echoes front the lust campaign set ined to he present in the air:? " (let out of the way. You are all unlucky, Clear the track for Out Kentucky." The dtniocratic meeting, ou the other hand, ; vyound un at a late hour, with n series of resolu- I lions, and a serenade of pome of the lions of the | natty; for at past midnight we hear their finu brass band passing round towards Col. Benton's, as if they had just left the residence of Mr. Burt, of fc'outli Carolina. It is evident the democrats intend to fight out the light with all the odds that can he nrruyed against them. We have had also a circus and a theatre in operation to-night, Siltbec Ht the latter in a Yankee character. Tin: Dpctob. Washing ton, Juty 3, 11 P. M. This city has been well nigli frightened from its propriety, t?y liie din and contusion wlncli have attended the arrival of military companies, (ire c??nipunics, and companies ol other citizens, by the diiiercnt cars and boats. Everything, even the weather, promises a glorious day to-morrow. The politicians, wide awake fellows, have endeavored to take advantage of the first influx of : strangers, to hold their meetings, atul placards have been posted up oil day, announcing that the "Democratic Association" would hold a mass I meeting to-night, in front of the I'm >? office, and the "Whig Club" would confab at the Olympic ' theatre. About half-past eight, we repaired to the I plucc designated for the democratic outbreak, and perceived, gorgeously illuminated, the names of ; Cuss and Duller, towering high in mid-air; before 1 the platform was seated a band, which ever and , anon discoursed sweet sounds to the very sparse collection of "free and independent democrats." The hours waxed apace, and still the crowd remained us small, till at length a bundle of rockets ' were procured, and set oil. when a 1 ir<?> cnllee tion of boys were attracted, and tin- "Associhtion," taking advantage of the lumpy cir- i cumstance, appointed Mr. Movie chairman, and called the meeting to order. Air. Movie then rend the names of thirteen gentlemen vvlio were to be appointed vice presidents, nnd demanded if it was the |>leasure ot' the meeting they should Ire choten. Two or three voices bawled out ''aye" and there was a cry of " Hurrah for old Zackary Taylor by U?d I" when the cliainuan declared there was no necessity for demanding the noes, as | it was evident the no uiatiou was unanimous. ; This was rather too much of a farce, and so we j forthwith mizzled down to the Olympic, where the j Taylor meeting was being held. A Col. Woollcy | was addressing the assemblage, which was pretty numerous. He stated that lie had been for many I 1 years inti i ately acquainted with (Jen. Taylor. , I'liat be knew liim to be a wing in all the esscnj tials, but not an ultrn whig. That he was u m n well read in history, political economy, and pracical subjects; thai he was a man ol the most strictly temperate habits, Ac. (fen. Taylor, (of Ohio,) next mounted the rostrum, and declared that Ohio would go lor Taylor, lie pitched in ; pretty severely to Mr. 1'olk, and at the same time ' declared his detestation of Mr. Giddinga' course For his part,he thought "Mirney and all the damned scoundrels who advocated abolitionism, to dts- j member the Union, ought to he whipped out of 1 the Union." He would" like to see all the aboli- j tion party embodied into one frightful monster, and I'allrey's pretty little hov armed with a whip of a 1 thousand scorpions, to whip the monster forever!" I 1 In conclusion, he expressed his belief that ' < >ld j * i^aek could be elected in spite of the devil!" So- ! 1 feral other sjtcukers addressed the crowd, and all ; ' 'xpressed themaelves as being satisfied that Cfene- < al Taylor would enter the White House on the Ith ol "Mnrch next. All sorts of amusements are going on here in i ( n addition to the two meetings we have been , ipenktngof. The theatre is in full blast; a circus | s also here, together with a concert at < 'arusi's, j , ind any quantity of " slightly inebriated" indivt- j luals, who are making night hideous with their , j ries. The 4th of July is a glorious day, but it's ' ilesscd dispensation of Providence that it don't 1 ronie more than once a year. Omfoa. 1 Political Intelligence. ' Tavlo* iiatini-atiui Mcktivu at New Drmim. . ? ["here war an immense meeting of the friends [ if tho Philadelphia nomination*, liald in Canal . treat. New Orlean*. on tha 24th Jane The Picayune ay* of tha gathering An extensive and spacious ilatforin wai erected nearly opposite the junetion of J arondelet and Canal atreetH fronting tha I.oTae. In the f ear of the platform, supported upon a marbled entabla- ) ore wa* full length transparency of Hough and Iloady, * | n tha old brown coat, surmounted by a Handsome tmeriean Kagla and wreathed with evergreen*, while ipon each aide three American flag* were gracefully Iraprd. The top of tha entablature waa decorated with irergreen*, and at each extreme waa a large star, comtoaed of small lamp* Around the platform. *upported ipon post*, were chafing diehea containing *om? burn- ' ng ?ui>*tanoe?these alao extended along the neutral Tonnd ae far a* Camp atreet, and shad a brill ant light ipon the omemblage. At about 4 o'clock a cannon tear tha l.eyce, gave the *ignal for the lighting up? ignal rocketa were ?ant off, and the band ?truek up , La Star Spangled Banner Kor the succeeding half our the number* Increased in the atreetx; tha bend ontinned to enliven the air with various pttrlotlc airs, nd the Lafayette delegation arrived with a banner earing tho name* of Taylor and Killmore Mr. Ci.av'i Lrvvaa re (Jot. OtSM.rv, declivivo tiik ! Ivnu or IT. S. SrvAToa. .buiusv,Jiiok Hi*. Its* 8m,?I have tho honor to acknowledge tha re elptofyour latter of the 20th imt., delivered to ine , eaterday by Secretary Mitchell, tendering m? a tomxrary appointment of a Senator from Kentucky in onsequenoe of a vacancy produced by tha reaignation f Mr. Crittenden. Your excellency i* pleased to urge , no to accept the office from various reason*. which I idroitpoasea* eonalderable force. Therelamuohgreurff o apprehend that both in our domestic and foreign elation*, grave and momentous questions may arise* he proper adjustment of whieh will require nil the molar at ion. wl*dom. and experience which oan be e ilaced in the national enunclR Whan you were f Ind enough, some weak* ago. to lotimntn to me 1 hat yon nad intended, in the event of the va- P ancy which ha* aince occurred, to offer ran a ,n executive appointment, it la true that I observed to I ou that a* f had taken formal and Snai lnava of tho I, Jnltod States Sonata, I eonld not return to it without q pparent Inconsistency and ?ouie personal embarrass- w LD TWO CENTS. mailt. lint thin wn.s not the ouly consideration that VIdialled with uia My mrucn in tha iwonhitubxri of ( oiijirva" had baan long and arduous. 1 had rinimnad in tha Snnato longer than I wished, at the inManrc of tha <.nneral Ana*mby of Kentucky. I naadi d ratin mont and rapo-a ; and there were many highly c< moment cltiaana of tha Stain from whom an ear) selection might ba mule to *a,>|. y uiy p ace. It thfiewo a a am taint* tha. urn grant am r.-ennf would in i,e, udiI ilia I better lliau another. could assist in em,ducting thcgovc nui ac safely through it, < !>? >ii>k ili<* |'!iram?unt ilmy winch ono owe* ever t? his country, i wo<.id suppress all repugnance whioh I foil to ilie resumption of a seat in tho ^eiAte, dlsj ngaid all ntiqnctio make any personal sacrifices, aud pmccd. with nl?crily, to the pout ?h ok might le a-lgncd inc. gut dark and threat ailing ua the clouds am which overhang us, I hope Unit tin y will l>c dispersed, without any storm hurt-ling upon our hend* ; hut. if it should come, ( nin \h-rauaded that the common wealth lias many citixens more a h e than I a in to face ?nil avert its Wlncta. I inn-1. Illeicf. re. adhere to the ru-dutiun whioh I ci uimiinioat> cl lo your excellency, ami respectfully dwrline accepting I lie appoint mont wliinh you have had the goodness to otTer in?. If it were pos ihle for me te reconcile lo my f< lings, and to a sense of public duty, my return to the Senate, there are s me iniuor consideration* opposed to my acceptance of a t mporary appo nlmenl, not without weight in uiv mind The session i f tlie Senate is Urawiug to a close. Uy the time that I could make preparation* for the iourney and reach Wa-hiiwton. a very short remnant of it would be left, during winch I could render no essential nervine. And again; the executive appointment terminating with the meeting of the General ts-embly. that truly wi I have lo peifortu the duly of ilesignating Mr CritJ t< mien's successor I am unwilling to be in a position which might occa-lcn It tlie leu-1 embarrassment in lha choice of that successor. I re.juost your oxcellenoy to accept my profound acknowledgment* for the distinguished proof of the rnniidencn iu mo. which you do mn the honor to entertain. I have the honor to be, with the highest reaped, your excellency's obedient servant II. CLAY I Ilia KxccUenry Wm Oh?i.rv, Sic.,kc. Another Attempt nt n Clay Meeting. The foil iwing appeared la the 7Vi " unc of Monday moral ag: ? ?:,? I.UXKY CI.AY CI.UB OF TUB CITY OF N RW YORKJin ire I., tho Fiitlierof tiio tt liiir 1'arty.?At a meeting of the (hi', held nn 'linn winy evening, Juno 30, at the headquarter*. A >o'lo lorniii,:? * 'until wan Unsolved. Dint n public uuwllug "f 'he Club lie railed for Mon<Ihj Evening, July 3. at H o'olntk, at tlie Apollo Ko"ui& No. U I t. In i-i.tileniilty to the above re?ihiti?n, tlie llenry Clay whigs, ml all " whig-. who wish to Juiu tlio Club, and who sympathise o iill ita ol.jeota?lhAt is to nay. all wliigs who unswervingly assert, unit nr.* sternly determined to maintain whig principle^ ad wlo re in! ti Inflexible 1i.!. Itty to the po.irl -is .-.tar of tho W'-it, henry Clay?nil whig* alio aenrn tl.e I'lillailelphla abomination, and aru inilrxilile in their diapoaition never to vote for die nomination!. there made, and who are willing to aid us with wiaeooualels na to tl.e course for true whig* to purmie in this great oriaia ia our rati'tial affsirs, an- res on'dully lequeetsd to meet at the time iitid pla?e alsivo mentioned. ity n-nuluti. n of iko Club, the following gentlemen hare been inviud to address the meeting: ? Iiiidley ttehlen, John C. Hamilton. Lig.iil liidintn. J. IV. I.ntaon, T. K. Tc.uilitit.tin. Ksoa. JOHN COL.1IY, i?r aidant. ?ain.n. A. Pavis, Secretary. Supposing, (if course, the meeting would be of coa sldcrnhlo importance, tve again despatched a corps of reporters to the place, for the purpose of giving a full report of the speeches, See ;*but as soon as the/ arrived at tho place, the evidence was clear that the meeting w tild be of tho sniail potato order. A party of soma twenty five or thirty were standing around tha door, wln n a motion was niedc to go up stairs, which moton being carried, they traveilod to the third story, which was still in darkuoss. One of (he persons took a match from his pocket sad struck a light, win n tho proprietors appeared and infi rmed thcui Ilia* tliu rnoin waa engaged, hut not by theui, and under bo circumstance* could they remain. 1 ha whole pnrtv retired, uttering imprecations upon tliut mine ' Committee of Ninety." who would advertec a meeting without having first procured a room. It was then concluded, on the stoop, that they would hold, to use tlirir own expressions, *'a ripping meeting in the I'ark." This Is the fourth failure of the frionds of Harry of the Wert; and it is prolmlile. from the preference avowed for Mr. Van fiuren. that the next move will bo to appoint delegates to the buffalo convention. There vil plenty of gas. but it had no opportunity to burn. The i'lmlitcncy and lienernl Taylor. Baltimore, July 3, 1HM. Tltt: following was read by the Hon. Baylie Peyton to the Taylor Ratification Meeting at New Orleans. Wo are authorised by (iencral Taylor to say, that th* course of tliu Louisiana delegation in the whig eonven tiuu, mtt-ij lut^ruiuivu ni i iiiuiufipiilft, ajwtN wun 1110 entire. full and unequivocal approbation ; that be not only never doubted, but never intimated a doubt, that bis honor nnd reputation were safe in their hands. BAYLIK PEYTON, LOU AN HUNTER, A. C. BULLETT. Diclliiallniint' Mr. Dodge, as the Candidate off the llui'iiliitrnem, for Vice President. I have poi'ti ill the publinhed proceedings of the Convention at Utiea. New York. that my name is put in nomination for Vice-President of the United States, on the ticket with Mr. Van IJuren. No Information Lu'- been Riven tome by the Convention, or Its order, of this nomination; end I have waited souie days for that information, a.) furnishing the suitable occasion for making my nuswer But, beginning to doubt whether nny audi communication will bu made, and seeing mv name placed in many papers as a candidate for the V'cc-Presidency, by virtue of that nomination, I deem it ] roper to delay no longer, and to declare at once, and in this public manner, my inability to accept It. The State to which ( belong was represented in the Baltimore Convention ; the vote or that State was given to .Messrs. Cass and IJutler; they were nominated ; and ns one of the citizens of that State, that nomination immediately received my cordial concurrence and support, and will continue to do so. I have long been the friend, personally as well as politically, of Mr. Van Buren; and, under other circumstances. would be proud to have my name associated with his in nny way ; but the acceptance of this nomination is impossiote ; and I have to request the memtiers of tho Convention and the public, to receive this declination as my answer, and to excuse this mode of making It? lielng the only mode which the want of a communication from the Convention leaves open to me. HENRY DODGE. Washington City. Juno 29,1843. Barbarous Murders. Albany, July 3, 1S48. Mr. Noah Smith and his wife, both over seventy veil rs of age, were murdered at Petersburg, Rensselaer county, on Saturday night last. Tney lived ribout a mile mid a half east of the village, on the VVilliamstown road. Mrs. IHmith "as a sister of he father of Gideon Reynolds, a member of Congress. It is said that to obtain some f 1,600, (moat if which was in silver,) is supposed to have been he cause of the villins committing the murder. So truces of the murderers have vet been disco versd. niMciianeonii Anion Lawrence was seized with a tit of epilep?y, while in church at Monton on Sunday last. lie s better and likely to recover. It is stan d as a tact that a certain citizen of tha IVest, during the lata disturbances in England,anicipaiing the deposition of Victoria, bought one tundred and fitly acres of land in Arkansas, and nimediately deeded the eunic to Engtand'aQueen tnd to her neirs forever! The County Hoard of Philadelphia havo made tppropriut ion's to the amount of $203,222 97. The date lius also paid $58,272 12- T he county had letorc paid $5,911 23, making in all to thin date, S2b7,409 32. There was to lie a meeting held in Uoaton on Monday evening for the purpose of contributing to he fund now raising in Ireland and in this country or Mrs. Mitchel, the wife of the Irish convict at Bermuda. Foreign Markets. Hoau, June 24 - The sugar market remain* In ibout the same position se previously notioed; quotaJune are. usuorted kinds 6 to 8, flX to 9X rs; ordinary viiite, 7 X to 7>, ; good to shoios, 8 to 9rs; superior and lorcte yellow, to U.X; good to lino,4 toi re; brown*. I.K to HX rs: and (uouruchos, 2\ to J re. Subjoined ire the total export* of sugar from the 1st January last o the let I not. : ? from llaoana From Sfotmnrat 1847. . 1848. 1847. 1848. Soxes 117,151 .120.380 303,830 1M8M linos then 33.000 bozo# havo boon skipped. 9000 of rbich were to the Ualtod States; last year to the same icrlod 100,000 boxes had gone forward: very littlo has sen done in Musenvado sugars, the value of whleh U a4 rs. Tho last sales of molasses were at IX rs, but onie holder* afo di*posod to ooncede a little on that ate of imports. Hales of fl*h were mads at $3 tor Hake ,nd lladdnck. The stock of lard is reduced to 330 iris; the nrtlcle is worth fll.ValXX 330 oasks, afresh mport of good Carolina rice, sold at UX re, two cargoes lath lumber sold at VJ0. Bos shook* dull: fresh hoop* rould find sales to a limited extent. Otl is depressed, xecpt duo *perm; candles unaltered. Corn sold f om tore at 3 rs; two cargoes Spanish flour changed hands t 911.b, per 180 lb*; and 200 bbls American at $0 in oposit; two cargoes Spanish and 800 bbt* American \ main unsold Freights? two American vessels were harti red at ?2 17* fld. for Cowe* and a market, and one i >r Henna at ?3. For Spanish and KflgUah ve sets ?X \ >" a ?4 has been paid to Cork, and direct Rhgiish ports. 'or the Lnltsd States 87Xc 41 have been paid for box, ud M\a5 tor hhd* sugar; rate* of molassea nominal, u exchanges there have been largo transactions on ondon at 13 |>er ot. prem . and some at 14 par at. We note on New 1 or$ and Boston la2S per ot dlsoonut, , __

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