Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1848 Page 3
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I lag to the long string of bondholders wolttng their Ih bn; hot it la by no nsui plooeont to wslt frm 10 e'cbek in the morning till 3 in the afternoon and bare the offle e elose before it tomes pour torn, compelling on to eommenct the lame rontlno the nest morning. There le, however, no help for it; Mr. Booek ticks strictly to the law. and with patienoe all will get their interest In the new, bright yellow boys. About three-quarters of the gold received at tho custom house fur interest on the publts debt, goes direct to the banks, where it is exchanged for bills. The Marine and Fire Insuranoe llank of Savannah, Ceorgia, bus declared an extra dividend of four dollars per share on their stock, payable in the new stock avtheiised to he issued by the act of the last LegisMart. The first instalment of five per oent on the subscriptions to the Hartford and Providence Railroad, have been called In. Under the general railroad law passed at the last session of tbe Legislature, a eouipany has been duly organised for the purpose of constructing a railroad from Syracuse to Rochester, on the most direo> and eligible route. The name adopted for the corporation is'-The Direct Railway between Syracuse and Rochestar." General Beacb, of Rochester, is ti e President. The engineer is O. W. Cbilds, Esq., the late chief engineer on the canals of this State. The surveys have already commenced. It is the intention of tho company to thoroughly survey and fully examine the line, so that when tbe maps, profiles and plans are preheated, they may be relied on. Those having the matter in charge lave full confldenoe that the length of the line will be less than eighty milos, and that the grades will be of tbe most favorable character. Rochester Is about 100 feet, only, above Syracuse, and the face *cf the country over which the line will pass is as favorable as can be desired. The present road is 104 miles long,and passes over several summits of considerable elevation. This was indispensable in reaching the towns along its line, such as Cunandaigua, Geneva) Auburn, he. Under this v.ew, the line proposed cannot be said to be parallel or computing. It will be so important an improvement that its construction and bu' slnessaru eniirtly beyond contingency, if the survey out tain the views of the directors. Of course it will b a link in the great central line, aud must be sure of large share of tbe through business. The railn ad to Oswego is progressing rapidly, and will scon be lints bed. This road will be completed in less than a year from its commencement, with a substantial iron n il, at a cost of $13,000 per mile. The whole capital is only (330,000. which may b< iucreased to (460,000. Tbe length of the road is thirty-five mile*' , over a most favorable ,ine. This work has been prosecuted with a quiet enorgy, that has surprised all who are informed how near >t is done. It will be an important road. By it Lake Ontario is reached, at tbe shortest and moBt available point, both from New York and Boston. Oswego is nearer te Boston, by railroad. Ihan Ogdensburg. besides being 100 miles meart r the West. These roads arc making Syracuse an important railway centre, like Springfield and Worcester, in Massachusetts During the excitement attending the suspension of (he largest and oldeA houses in London, and the announcements made from day to day, of the stoppage of concerns which had for so many years enjoyed, and continued to enjoy up to the latest moment, tho most Unlimited credit, created such a panic in the nnhlln Blind tbat the grossest rumors were circulated, and, under the "Circumstances. generally credited. In the midst of this revuhion in credits and revolution in all .Ideas of commercial integrity, it was reported that the bouse of Coates and Co., of London, had failed, and that they had not hala'nced their books for eighteen years; tbat there hud not been a regular stock taking for that whole period, and that the accounts were in total confusion ; that the houso had been insolvent since the memorable American panio of 1837, that a large portion of the assets of the concern had been seised in America; and that instead of a dividend to all the creditors, necorling to the showing of the cs tate, tome would obtain full payrueub. and the general dividend be reduced in consequence ; and that tbo ' bouse bad fraudulently preferred Mr. George Penbody, an American creditor, who was a personal friend. These were the charges made against this bouse by the different public journals of London, at the time. Messrs. Coates & Co. permitted these Statements to remain uncontradicted, knowing that tbe wholo facts of the ease would come up upon their examination in the Court of Bankruptcy, so fur, ut all events, as tho position of their accounts and the condition of their utTairs were concerned. On the 7th ef April last, the ofll< ial assignee of the Court of Hank Tuptcy, stated that the b joks of the fl:in had boon most correctly kept and ngnlaily balanced. In fact, it is ftom the books baring been so well kept, it results that /- the balance sheet has been so satisfactorily made out. Tola is a snflleicnt refutation of tho charge, which Bust have originated in the mind of soino individual, " as It is seen it had no foundation. In regard to tlis statement that tho house had been Insolvent since the American panic of 1837. it is equal* ly false and groundles s. It is true, that at that time a report was abroad that tbey had stopped payment, or would be compelled to do so; in eonsequeuce of which they anticipated the payment of every obligation, and lemovcd their names, cither as drawers or endorsers on bills, at once, from the market. On tho 1st of September, 1844, seven years after the American panic of 1837, and four years before the British panic of 1847, the capital of this house, after u series of heavy leases, as appeared by the balance sheet, was ?14.717 12 9. This shows the alieenee of truth in that ohargo, and shows conclusively that seven years after the panto opoken of, tho firm had a capital, partly invested in American stocks, of about seventy thousand dollars. As for the other charges?in fact, for tho whole list of barges?the certificate of tlia Court of Bankruptcy is sufficient to disprove them all. For the purpose of showing the opinion entertained of the members of this house by the commissioner of the court, we annex the remarks made upon granting tho certificate " His honor then proceeded to give judgment. The assign* es deserved great credit for bringing the f icts of this case before the court in the manner they had done. Assignees were tru?toes for the body of the rrodilors. and had a most Important duty to diarh'irge towards the rourt and the public lie bad often heard the hardness of creditors complained of; hut bis long experience in tliat court had taught him to beih'vo tbey wero la general n most forbearing and indulgent class, 'I he whole complaint ngainst tho htukrupts, after ell, rrr.olvos itself into this: that they hud not examim d into their affairs so as to ascertain their po ition. and stopped sooner than they had done. It was airo told that tliey had taken an unwarrantable and exageemfed vi< w of then affairs in 1N14. Aficramo.-t earcfnl coii'id ration, he must ray. Hint In the justice of the latter allegation lie could not concur. As to tl former complaint. Iin mu't say there was (treat difflculty in fixing the period when in they ought to have pti pped. Tlie.v went on hoping to retrieve their affairs, and therefore.upon the whole, he eould not attaeh much weight to that objection. There was notiiing, there* fore. gruvo ir decisive against these gentlemen; hut there were, lie thought. many e rcunntiincoa whieh ought to we gh in (heir favor. The ftcts that tber were no acc< mniodation bill transactions, and tha their expenditure hud been vxtroinely eonomlca', weie highly ereditnble to them; and. considering that there had been 110 misconduct on tho part of Messrs. Coates towards Mr Penbody, and viewing the whol complexion Of the ease, he felt it to be Ills duty togrant the certificate at once " The announcement was received with a murmur of appiuue." It is well known that the affairs of every concern in Great Britain which has filled, undergo tho most rigid investigation in the Court ot Bankruptcy?an-1 tho granting of a certificate by tho rfmraiasioner of that court Is a sufficient endorsement of any firm, in commercial circlt a for integrity of character and honosty of purpose in nil their buiinefs transactions. " Slock kxrhnngr. 130 41 Trvnniry Nclcf, # 1I4N 'JO nhs I nrm'sTrG'a MB 2ft 3?-2 rto " lllV o do ,fln Canton Company ?4t$ SOW Tlllnotdlntlm, '47 35 i!A rin Um ??S) U Statce (>'?, v lW?f 25 di> b!5 :?4? 'IJL''K'nt,.';ky '\V ?" M1) Harlem Railroad 54 V MOO l'mn5>, ?tM 7?K 110 ?lo ?) 54 X TOO Ohioo ?, (0 inc . loo Long Wand RR blO 1H>> I llrr Honda aeo ,|0 >, * 2fteti? rtnnV Aiu. rW ?)| 50 Eric ItR, new. full, U>0 B8V iO Hank ? f l im, fi ll 01 t4" Srrou <1 Romd. V.VOOTi. tin \oV? 10l)f 2V> ?!? Harlem RR 8l? 4540(11,1 tV.T" IW 101) do bfiO B,'1; 1?00 ('lid 01 Norw ioht Worcester 33' OTl ti n ParniMh'Trnat tIT V Tit ADR It 101'OUT. WennnoiAY At Tr.nwoow, July 6. Trade generally wan not active to day, not having bad time to act tic down since the 4th. Flour sold to a ta,r extent ut steady price*. Hood brauda were, if anything. In m me better demand, while common and inferior <|i alltlca ruled b>w. No aalea of wheat, of moment. in re reported. There jvaa tomo better feeling In corn witli more doing. Hound yellow waa llrmcr. while flat yellow and mixed remained the fame Meal uaa also in fair demand, with a fair amount of aalea. I'nvlflona remained about the anme. with moderate tranaactlonp, at ateady prlcea. There waa aroneiderabl6 quantity of sugar* landing, hut no sale a of moment were repotted \ iir , - Sulra of ahont 100 blil* pearl a were made at fli 87.'J. Poia remained at $4 87 to ffr Hi lAiini ii , f'/cnr-Tl e aalea footed np about 8 COO barrela embracing various lota of thla Stntrf and Western, among wiiieti wvre about 1,500 a 2 000 barrels frrwrpn, at f A lfc,f. with ?omc lots at *5 2o : 600 do good Michigan It fA 8114 a $5 87X, with *ome lota oi < lone***, varying according to quality, from $3 2Aa*5 J, ; MO do Milwaukee at $6 31* : 1000 do Ohio. gaodt->tan- . ay lota at $6 81,14 a 48 and A00 do Southern, inoin llu ? a portion of extra quality at $0 AO. while th* remain dcr brought $0 a $0 12^ IVtteal tu hald above the , I vlrwa of n lller*. and no Rale* wre reported Cora? galea of 4 000 bushel* of gat yellow were made at Ale, and 4,100 do Weatern mixed aa'd at 48 a 4Pe ; 2.500 do high mixed aold at IMM ; 4 000 d > Uat yellow aold on private term*, and 2 000 do round yellow at 50c. Meal ?galea of about 600 barrel* in lota (New Jersey) wore made at $2 44 with soute email lot* at $2 AO. Kyehalex of 2.000 bushel* went made at 07c Fi?*r? woe heavy, and wall *ale* reported at $3 r!8X a $3 78 flat*?Two or throe enrgoea Canal were disponed of at 42a 43c. Cotto.w.?The market ha* not opened aa yet on tho rtramer'a new*, hut a decline will have to be submitted to. Kiih?Salea of mackerel were small, without any rlTange in price*. The market waa dull, and prtee* nominal. Dry eod were inactive ar $2 25 a $2 50. Salea of 700 boxea sealed herring were rep rted at 40e. KauiT?Sale* of 300 boxer of dry and wet dried retain* at $1 42'a and $1 60. Other kind* of dry fruit wi re quiet Freight*.?For cotton, to Llvernool, 5 32-1 wa* asked; corn wa* engaged at Od in bulk: and heavy good* were taken *t 22- Od. Wo heard qf no engagement* of moment to other Kuropeau port*. litnr?w?w lUKicH Aiucrirau waff wurill ill^iUb ?11J ft $120 per ton. Limb- Salon of 2000 bbls. were made at 71 ctfl. Monuti-Prices were steady, but no sales wore reported. Natal Stores.?Sales of 400 barrels of North County rosin were made at 70e. Raw turpentine we quote at $2 371$ ft $2 60. and spirits at about 34c. On.?The market was comparatively quiet 10-day.? TV a quote hnglish. in cask, at 63c ; American do. at 64, and in barrels at 66 cts Provisions? Sales of about 300 bbls pork were made at $10 621$ f?r mens, and at $6 121$ for prime. Beef? A ni'?II lot of 60 bbls. cl y mess, was made at $12 60. I.ardw-Sales of about 300 libls. were made at 7 a 7'$o. Butter?hales of 600 packages were made. Including Ohio, at 11K a 121$o . and this State at 12}$ a 12*$ cts. Cheese?Sales of 1000 boxes were reported, port for export. at 61$ cts. Rice.?The market coutinucd quiet, without change in prices. sl'oah.?The market was heavy; considerable lots were landing. We quote New Orleans at 81$ a 4)$e. There was said to be. on the 1st. a stock of about 5000 boxes in store and 2000 do and 1000 hhds afloat. Tallow ?No sales reported. Wiialebonk.?The last sales were made at 23e Whiskrv.?Salesof about 80 to 100 bbls State prison were made at 23o. Sales of Drudge were made at 22'$ ?now held at 23c. The market closed firmer. IIAHKET8 KLSlOW I1CRK. STOCK SAL US. Philadelphia, July 5. 1MR,?Ftrtt HoiriL?$100 Wilmington ?'?. 791$. 86 Uiuird Hunk, 101$30(10 lediigh M Ttxa^.o Loan, Hi ; CO Lehigh Scrip, 76. Srcond Foard.?2H0 Lehigh Osil Compiny. 76; HANI I' 8 l.i an, >??.'i>7. HUH; 12 Moclianios' Hank. 211$; 2 Fur & Mn h bant, 50H; H00O Lehigh Mortgage i.oa i, SI; 50 >1 orris Cat al, 10j$ ; 20 Uiiard Bank, 1<>1$; 40 Merchants' 4c Manul'acturns Bank, l'itubiiiv, 15. Bostov, July 3, 1H4K?Err ha nqe Hoard.?8 Boston Bank, 51; 16 1 iiy Ilauk, 961$; 3 Merchants'Bunk, 100'$; 2 Fitolhnrg K o, 1111$; 6Eastern H H, ! !<!.,; 2 Old Colony R It. H7k$; 30 i? Mtou sud Worcester, It R, 107'.i; 3 do do 1071$ 14 W estern R K, 971$; 62 do d" <>; s Itostui. at,d Mui u Railroad rights, $1 50; 50 do do $1 OS; 25 Hes.lii.g H R, hlOd, 171?; 2") do 17U; 50 do Kid I7.'4; 25 Norwich and Worces'er R II, slIM, 33'4; 25 do, sllkl. 33; 25 do 3.3; 16 Veimont and Maa-arhuietts R It,65; $AKW lo ading Itaiiroad bonds, 1850,581*. domestic marluctfl. Ns:w Bedford Oil Mahret July 3?Sperm?Wo have hi ard of no transaetiuns since our last. There is some loquiry. but holders are very ilrra. Whaio ?With a good demand vcrv firm, end mirvs have on unwur.l tendency The transactions Hincn onr last embrace about 4.U00 bbls for home use, at prices ranging from 30 to 32c. as to qualify. The sales arc 1100 bbls. part inferior, at 30c, which was subsequently resold at 30>?o; 800 bbis nt 31c; 1000 bbls at 32c, and 400 bbls at 32,^c. W.i Lave heard of no sales for export Whalebone?We notico sales of 16,000 ibs. part Southern, at 23c, and 7,400 lbs N. W. Coast, at the same price. Brighton M*rki:t,TJuly 3.?At market, 310 boof cattle. 1100 sheep und lambs, and 12 swine. Prices? Beef Cattle? A few extra. ?0 75 ; 1st quality. $0 25 to $8 60; secondqiiHlily. $5 75 to JO Sheep?Old, $1 75, < 2. $2 50. <>3. Lambs, >1 60 to $5 60. Swiue At retail, old hogs 5 a 0. Sp ing pigs 7 a 8. Baltimore Cattle Market, July 3.?Beeves have come forward more freely, and prices havu declined. There were 800 offered at the scales to-day, of which j 370 bead were sold; 355 were driven to Puiladelphia, I in u uiu juuimii i'vi r uu.'uiu. rricco rangcu irntn >lf*j' to $3 25 ]M-r 100 lbs on the hoof, oijn.ii to (4 37*? a $6 25, and averaging $2 6f\'< gross. Hogs?Sales of hogs are making at $4 75 a $5. FOKEIGN MAtiKKrd. Havana, Juno 24.?'1 ho sugar market remains in about the ssuio position as previously noticed; quotations ure, assorted kiuds-5 to 8 tiff to 9>i rs; ordinary white. 7.V? to 7?4-: good to choice, 8 to Ors; superior and floicte yellow, &?.< to UJ4; good to (inu.4 to 5 rs; browns, &/ * <' 33a rs; and Uueuruehos. 1\ t?3rs. Subjoined are the total exports of sugar from the 1st January last to the 1st inst. :? Front Ilarana. From Matanzai. 1847. 1848. 1847. 1848. Boxes 317.351 329 380 203,030 104 OOfl Since then 53.000 boxes have beeu shipped, 2000 of which were to the United States; last year to the same period 100.000 boxes bad gone forward; very little has been done in Muscovado sugars, the value of which is Ca4 rs. 'i ho lost sales of molasses wero at 1'? rs. but some holders ale disputed to concede a Utile on that rate of imports. Sales ol n*h were made at $3 for Hnko and lladdeek. '1110 rt:ck of lard is reduced to 3i0 brls; the article is wortj Sll^al2.J?. 350 casks, afresh imnnrf nf if find (InirHnn rinn t/rl/1 *x f IIS/ wo ?*v?\ / ????*?->? u , ? .... ?lialh lumber Hold at $20. Box shooks dull; fresh hoops | would find sales to a limited extent Oil 1h depressed, 1 except fine sperm; candles unaltered. Corn sold from store at 3 rs; two cargoes Spanish flour changed hands at $132,; per 180 lbs; and 200 bbls American at $5 in deposit; two cargoes Spanish and 800 hbls American remain unsold Freights? two American vcshoIh were chartered at ?'2 17s Cd. for Cowcs and a market, and one for Genoa at ?3. For Spanish nnd English vessels X3 | 15s a X4 has been paid to Cork, and direct English ports. For the United States 87J?c a $1 have been paid for box, and HSao for libds sugar; rates of molasses nominal. In exchanges there have been large transactions on London at 13 per ct. prem . und some at 14 per ct. Wo , quote on New Vork and Boston la22$ per ct discount, ; with little inquiry. Married. In Brooklyn, on Sunday evening, July 2, by the Rev. E. E. L. Taylor. Mr. John 11. Brown to Miss Hosanna A. L.voo. daughter of Daniel Ladd. Esq., all of < Brooklyn. Jersey City papers please copy. AtNuhant. on the 19th utt., by the Rev. Charles Willet, Mr. THEODonr P. Scars to Miss Frances C. I'earce. both of BuflTslo. On the 2d inst.. by the Rev. Otis A. Skinner, Samcec Am en. F.sq., to Miss Amelia E. IIcntlf.v, all of this city. Pennsylvania papers please copy. On Thursday, June 29th, by tho Rev. Mr. Corey, Daniel C. Godwin to Teresa Cahoi.inf. ChaNfrai:, daughter of Raymond Chaufrati. all of this city. On Tuesday, tho 4th inst.. by the Her. S. T. Scely, Mr. Barzili a Cocks to Miss Maiiy Ei.isahc.tii, oldest daughter of Win. W. Randolph, all of llvs city. P. On Nundsy i vening, .'illy 2. by the Rev !1. Creagli. Mr. Edward lioi i.ii to Miss Coiinki.ia A. Lvsn, all of this city. On Monday, tho ;id inst., by tho Rov. Dr. Fisher, I Mr. Aiiuaimm Herder to Miss Mart Kiixabeth, | dr.tighter of F.lihu Smith, all of this city. f)ii the 3d inst.. hy the Rev. James J. Ostrom. Jacor Okthom. of New York, to F.i izareth. youngest daughter of tho late John Miller, Esq.. of Williamsburg. I,. I. i vira< Ou Tuesday mottling, the 4th Inst., the Hon. rjiuiiLi:? O. 1'i.KRii, in i lie 5<ilh year of hie itge, ills friends and thoec of tbo family are invited to nttrnd hid Intieial. tin." morning. at 11 o'clouk. from his Into residence, No. 710 Broadway, without further invitation. On the 5th inst., Mahv. wife of James Momroe, aged S3 yenrs,2 months and 21 days. 1 he r?lativ?.? and friends of the family, also the numbers of Kurt ka Lodge 177, I O. of O. F., aro reap; ctfully invited to attend her funeral, from her late residenco, 110 Barrow street, this aft' moon, at 2 o'clock, without further invitation, lior remains , will be taken to (iroenwood Cemetery for interment. On the 4th iust.. at Kand Lake, liens-clear county, , John IIkrrv, only son of John N. and Margaret Auu j Drewseii. aged 8 years, 0 months arid 5 days. tin the 3d lost., after a lingering illness. Miss 5Uraii | An no it a Poi.iiamis. in the liith yenrTif her ago 'I he lelnliTi ? and frieudt of the family are respect- | fully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of her inuthrr, Ann Pol- I linmus. No. 47 Oliver street. On the morning of the 8th Inst., Hr.vnr Br.u, son of the late John llcll. in the 31st year of his age. On the 4ih in't., Tiikol>oke Hdhri.l, infant son of Peter and Mary S. Durjee. aged 1 year. On honi-d whale hark Lafayette, at Warren, 11. from the I udiau Oer.m. February 28. lStu. .Iom s Sec or, of Hurl land. N Y . aged It) years. Also, on board tho Lafayette In Jaauary. 18411. Peter Heady, of New v,.,l ... i : . , ii.... t i i - a os ' NU*IK K TO TAILORS-A PREPARATORY MKETIM) OP the Jourorymcn 'Jailors of the I ity of New York will lw j fold at the Pi*th Ward lintel, ou Thuraday the filli instant, at I half |*rt tcvo: (.'oh* k, lo form an Association, ti ho known a* tli llilmf Mi ehtl Aaaoolatfna, to aid Ireland in the i risi* to whtrh ?hel? niproarliinp. All patriotic 'la lors arc reqaosted to atirnil ? Rv order of the Pemmlttee. Candida!i in: a m-tam wn ui nek r?josephu. smith, of Eugino No. iv. DKI O NUMB-ANY PERSON II \\ I Nil A DRUG STORK for dispone!. may hear of a purclisror Sy uddre-sLg " l) -u<glst," at thia offloc. POKIER MOURE FOR SW.K, IN ONE OP THE IIEST sltnat'OB* In the First warl. It I* a new ligation, titled up since the lit May lart for a person. who hai reeontly receive I an npp"i?tment to an olfler, wldeh rend'T* It Impoesitle fur hi01 to attend to that husirers. Hirre is a lease of :iyenrst toan nctlro yr.nng man of tnoduralc means, this Is ? rare opportunity, an it wf II he dlsposad of chtai , If applied for sr*>n. I'or particular*, inquire *? I.EWISR. POKI). tvi streak AREIdNF.TTF, HK AMIV I.AMMNO I II M.I P1TMA, IfaO quart*r casks, 100 ci|thtb <h>, of the old B id genaiuo tmml, and of very mtnern r quality; the car/o of the oriir tVrto. jnsl arrived Irotu Rortiellc. now landing, 11 ml for sale hy S. T. NICOI.I, * CO. P7 and iiy Front street. Alan, 25 half id pee, 20 quarter casks, Otard. Dntmy ta (' >. Bran* djr of ear-toon vintages and of ckotrequality, landlna a* ahovs. New HOOKS.?TAYiMl AM> lll.M11 K MINI. II. ;i t" and llntler eosgstcri. (Oaln almanacs sad (Irmin | calendar* for IS4V: new n*?i o minster* and ehndi n's konkr.caI ) irotolce at.d Taylor meda'a; fur raid low lo dialers by tlio liisu and, jirots or doi. Catalogue* and shnw'till* can in. | TURNER ,v Ff tlf R. | 71 lliatham atretj In North n;li streo . I'hWad dt hla. IP A1KR CURE, AT THE UKtriOU MOUNTAIN SfRlNt.S. tT near Reth'em I'a. the Water Is of the host quality, snd la alundarec. J/Cc:U(on known lo he hesntlfnl, T U OI'lTvr, rroprirtor. 1 ? Bank or British north a*brh:a ?on tub uth ionuiit, the ingtl mtilni of iliii company wm bold it Mm e>??blhh?ent in M. ti*ieo'?-place, Hiahoperate *lrvj?t, and wae I ai ilv ? tended. TV chair 'aWen by Jainca Dowie, Bm. Mr. be H Ata nod, t ? Nccretary icud the lepo.t, aa follow*:?Iu the i ' I rt p esen'ed to 11)0 jr pri u re at the laat annual general I mar"i f, the director* reftmid to Ihe probehlo reaction on the 1 h or > Aroeiiettn ' of * Ml in the. price* of arrieiilr.nrai > lodner eoniiiacot upon an abundant hnrv.'?t in hiirepe; nod i Hoy *l*o remarked on the aecraeity for caution In the h-ieino** | l*r rot * of the lank, o?ii giolhe severe prenmre m the tlritlak en y marbeU Their moot anxioue endravor* wer> devote 1 ] ) ro gheul the year to ituard the hank Irotn the d ?*tcrt whim I tl , yi'.u d not but apprehend Iroiuiiie abvecaoae*; and t1 m-igh 1 pa-ring through tne ui-(ierallclod c inmTeial aiimi .le? of the In -1 r.titiimr, louee to a gieater extent titan wnJexpeoted have I sen i cum d by the lank, the inraeutv* of pracauti n which tlie dir.otor* l ad ? auaed to l>n taken have materially diini iiahod aa ! evil which it wa? beyond their power to prevent. T he < x rem* | u irmly of money wl ieh wa* experienced for a conxitcmble pv- i liod by the oomnierefal el-n-vci iu thi" ootintry wa* of neceaaiiy j won felt thiough ut the North Aniarivan eoluntea >n the with- | diaa al or curtailment of mrroantile credit* and hankingaocomnioda ion. la submit ting t? the [woprie or* the u*ual ida emen'.i | f the i Mil' h of tb? In-1 year's business, the director* would remark that the dimiouti. n iu the net pr lite, as compird witli tin no of tie year 1H44>, ha* l-een o (trotted ly t he i lerov-od (mount whicit they have thought proper o act Hideo to meet tlie raiimated loarea hy bad u ml doubtful debt*, and although the rat* of proti during the lart tpiarler v?a* ti literally diini itihed by tbs no at-1 re* of precaution adopted hy tlie i.iruc or", yet the arose | profl'iofthe bank for the cm i c year 1847. af or makinfthe regnired p oriaiuu for had and doubtful debt , h tve exrondo 1 K.oao of i ny t. mi rycar. Tlienc profit for the year 1 17, no bring fiend nl toavcar'- dividendut tl cru'cof iperceitper .mi m, hedl. Iieo rs, ttdhenng io the principle laid down iu the law lonort. f el tkat they boil consult tlie real inu res'* of 'he or prietnr.s by anuouucii g their iuteutiuu of puyiug a htlf-ytiar* dividend on tlie btli July next, at the rat" ot five per cent per annum. Tin amount of undivided not profit to thu diet Do cimber, IHfl. was ?01,457 8 0 The net profit for the year 1847, after deduct inn of II urn ill d'nrges, uu privmlug lur null arid dotibifnl dehts, was M.'H'i .1 0 ; ?11.7,60 J U (I From wliinb is to tx; taken the amount of dividend pu d at Midsummer. 1S47 i.'ii.iKW At Christmas 1M" .. 3K.000 (W,0? 0 0 I Lcavirgamount of undit ided nut profit to 3tat December, 1K47 X.Vi50J U ?1 Tie chairman raid that tlio report having been now road lie should ho I appy to M swor any mention ih it rnlirht basked ? 111* Heeretnry, at the request of ilie chairman, mad again the l?rt of the rejwri Waring on thn profits and the dividends. vtr. i Oliver Farrer. fa director) summed op the ?ta'e of the oom|?tny in a few words, hy stating that, in add linn to their million of enpi al, tliey ha I over ?.76,it Oof rest. Had they a great mult pi ca'inn of figure* consequent on the detailed at-cmin * they rnque t- 1 ed, it could not give thorn any fuller infnrmu ion,and would how tliettbey hud lcm to makeup their dividend than on too 'ant ocaeinn ; atid 'hat rather than cnomach on their rest or the r oapitil. , tliei liad preferred to puy one per cunt less dividend. I'hov bud ; now live per cent in tead of six, and if they con* d< ie l the m mo- ' tary erisi whiih they had gone through, he thought llcy would sirrecwith hitu that there \ia-i no greatreason loroornidaint, ? , (lleur, hear.) t'uptain Kelly, K. N., asked 'liepr JsiMc aoiount of t) eir lied and doubtful debts. The Chairman mid lltoy in ght lie taken a> J.26 .It'll up to tho present moment; bntit wilt Ui l>c recollected that they were provided out of the year's profit". (Heir, i liotr.) ?6d,IOU were the year's protit*. and .CD",'ltd w ould ho for the oividedd. which he lionght was going c'ote on n th. Oiptiin Kelly, U, hi., thought that statement wna very satisfaotory,eon- i lib ring tho circumstance* they had met w iUi in the money mar- 1 kets. lie would unk to wiint extent thu rest ha t been t unhod I 1 lie the it man replied, to the extent of jCIHhNi, tliey having on the I SI at of December a reserve of jC-VI,000. Captain Kelly, it. N? made every all wnnce for the state of the e donlo-. The ait wax, tlo y had before Cfil.OOO, mid tliey declared six p rcent. 17 e.y hnd now oi lv X.'.fi.l) (l, and they divided five )?T cent per annum. Mr. 0. H. Robinson mid Mr. A. Gillespie made tome observations: after which, Captain Kelly the" ninv d, and Mr. N*. Lewis'seconded tJi* adoption of the report, vtli eh was (kissed ltnanimonsly. James Powie, K*q., Alexander Gi'lci ph?, Esq., and G. K. Robinson, Bvp, V. P., were then rv-oleefed diicotor*. A vote of tlianhs " a< then {'Rsi ed unanimous!) to the chairman and dircoturs, when tho meutrg sdjouriicd. I,ond< n, 7 * It June, 1*4H. C KOI ON WATI'.a DRINKERS, HEAD TUB Fuld/tWlNO letter of I'r fi'KS'lV Kcnwio.b I.. Walter II I'.O. t .1 l'iwplirnpm Fitt?r:?Oluuih a Cnllc.-e, New York, 25th Jim-, 1X47.?Having 'toco rc.pioslo I, I have mude close ami prrticulur ' inuurics into tlw matter wliidi render the f'rntoi H ater mom or lets turbid, and in tar in can Ik- done without direct expr- I nit nt, inquired into tl.o effect which thin matter is 1 kuly to produce in the human stomach. l fat ttiit i lui< i?rt of the inwdubli-metier f* imirpauio, and a very considerable portion of that part Miiirti of ttviog animals Iaaddt ion to aw aaint?lt n!io, I liavt-seen tl>? larva: of Inscot*, ami even Fish in (lie order stares of their growth. _'lt,e mere knowledge that bodies 01 these dew ri| tionsnre present in the Water, would dioato, as a natter of taste and clean iness, that they mild lie separated liy lilteiing. I am hy no means satisfied-that there organic bodies Wil lei der \i ulor unwln luome at all s?j?it s, or while they ex st in a living state; but I know that whom in warm wovtber, putrescence has tiken place in the do id animal matter, it caunot fail to la- a sourer of disease. Ono other point, however, makes it conclusive, that inconvenience, or even danger, may ar Be from drinking Wattr tf this description, if not purified hy tilterin-r. Freni na examination of the host authorities, I consider it to In Mttlud tlint iln-gas-rio juice does not a ways, if ever, net up >n I living animals: and it teems-eltlcd, that the embryos of animals I cap.ih'o of htlaining a cot ai leiablu ait-, or of hnb't* that le.a-1 ; nam to iei k lor IJIoud as nourishment, may ho pruwat, and hoth in < nvrnienre and nii-asional danger may nri-o from swallowing ! t..c Watir that contains them.?k ours resisut fully, .IAS. (IENWICK. WALTER V. GIHSOV. Dineenflhe Hi phnigm f tlr, lUd llroad car. rpu KENT.?THE BEAUTIFUL BR iW.V oTON K EU1FHJE, X nl>out>? i Ighty feet si|Unre, known as "Swaim's Ruilding.' snutli-eiist corner of Chcstiut and Soventh atroets, tho moat'mitral I uair.ri a part of Philadc'phia. The first floor is divided Into four I cauliful stores, and wall calculated for wholesale or retail trade, with extensive cellars under earh, finished for st ires, with vaults frxnt and hack. Tho second ami t ird stories for show rooms for tuoro hulkv goods, or other DtirnuaoK the fourth an I fifih ttor on, for an exhibition room, being eighty feet stoare, hy twenty fovea Ugh. and capable ot seating fifteen hundred pernios. Addnss jamt-S Sit AIM, Seventh street, below Che, not street, Philadelphia. Notk fc?to ommtuks or tum late republic op Texas.?In accordant: with an aet of the Legislature of the Slate of Texas, *' t<> i>rovi?lu for ascertaining the Mht of the late R public of Texas," approved l>lth Match,"HIS, notioe id hereby given to all pets >ns having claims OVdewands fur money atainst the late Reptiblie of Texas, to pro ent tlic same to tiio Audit or and Comptroller of Public Accounts on or before the soooud Monday in November, 1S1D, or they will be postponed. Tlio provisio sof j th< at" ttaid uct require the Anditur ? d Comptroller, j 'int'y, I to receipt under their seals of office, for all claim < pre tinted, s t- t ting forth Jl c p .r valno thcr- of at the time the .1 rued, the J .late and 1 mount thereof?di. tiwmlzliing hetive-n t!to difiront ! ela tes of claims, in the foDowinx man >er: Tirat, the audited or ncertained claims, null as Stock Iiotols, Treasuty Notes. .Mill' I tary Scrip, or any other audi tad orMOSrUUnsd claim. Second, all claims with sufficient evidences and vouchers to authorize thorn to audit under iho late Republic of Texas. Third, such ; claims as arc not sufficiently anthcnllcatcd hy vouchers. Audit j is further made iho duty of Mm Auditor aad Owfinihr, Jointly, to report to the legislature, for final adjustment, the whole amount and character of the dc > , u eertaiuod according to the provisions of tho said net. The rlns-iAcatio'i nud rate or jnymcnt recoimnended h> them to be sul.joct to tlio revision, amendment and ratification of the Le/h.'atiire. juiin M. SWI>11er, Auditor. JAMES 1J. SIIAW, CuiupU ArrriK, Texas. May is. istR. I Sift, fx,1.1 'IIS HUM AKD?I ost A ODl.IMVVIVII AND tela en Wtdaesdaj afterneeu, eitter la m of the Bleeelsr s loot gtuccs, In going from Rheeker to Rroomo street, or in walk ng through Rrooine to Otchnrd stn> t. Any person returning the sane to J. Deralsincs St t'o , No. 88 William sweat, tip slu rs, tvill receive the above reward and the thanks of the Inter. Lost?in cojuino from ffiiiahei.i'Iiia to new Vrrk by the 9 o'clock t>ain, this morning (3d July,) a Lady's gold and hire ensmelled Watoh, with small gold key attache I. 'H e finder will bo lil orally rewarded by leaving the same at lid South William street. ; 1*0* SALE?A THOROrcH I1RED SRTl'KR DOC, OH* mil a half year old, well broken, and a beautiful Dog? will Ik; sold )?>? . ns the owner has no place to keep htm. Tt* owner will bat JUKI there ia not another setter dog in the United States iri rVed lito him. App'y at l*nrdy's Milliard Root., adjoining the liri ndw.iy Home,corner iir.adway and Grand street, wheru the di ft < o u I o aeon for three (lays, 1*0* 9A1 I - Tin: STAT* COfRI BOOS* ami BOTtt* corner of Peek clip and Pearl street. The subscriber Irarln r.v re husincrs than he csn conveniently attend to, oflen for ea'a the ahove. The Hotel department is nur doing a go id busine >, and to a person w ho could give his wholo attention to it. would t ecomo one ol tl e most valuable places of the kind in the city. Tt e I at line A good ran of genteel custom, nt.d is constantly increasing. A number of the Eastern boats leave from the foot of the slip, where slso, thero is a ferry to Willinmvhurglt. snd tho preiitiers being situated on one of the greatest thoroughfares in tho Hty, makes tt one of the heat locations for the business lint ooold bade Irad, Fog particulars inquire of K. McCarthy, ElyMan F'elds, llnlmkcn. 1'. 8.?No persons troatos with, cscojit there who wish to putcliate for rath. NOrlOB.-TBK HOLDERS OP niHDHEPORT CI TV h nde, doe June 15, IMS, and payahlo at the litok of the Mate of New Vi-rk, arc notified that fuuds for the paymcntof the tamo waro de posited in ssid hank on the day they were dne, lioni which time interest on said bonds will eeaee. II. K. IIA KR AI.. Agent BAI1V JI'MPERM! PATENTED IN THE UNITED .1 VTK England nnd Prance. Th y arc an invaluable assistant to tho r.ithcr in tho care of her chiidn n, and approved by tin .saoD who have them In use, nod the highest medical until Tit/. Tube Lad wholesale andretnil atUicgenci.ildoriot..HI Itr lw. v. N. 1. O IE IHFiLll. Patentee. Boar dim;-a ukntleman dfqi iet ii abits m ibm to lind a e. infortahio home in soma private family, where there trc no bcardcrs; ho would dine dow n town. Tin host of reference tan be given. Addtess, or call upon, W. M. (I., .11'J Broadway, corner id' Leonard street. Board, ok to dkt.-a rcspeciamlu familv, havnig more rocras thin they roqnire, would ha pl?sr >1 totalco two or thm. gentlemen, or a* gentleman nnd hie wffj, t t e l, With private apartments, fhrqived or rofnrul-' ei: or would let the etortirenla to a inaR rinnly. Arfly at If; ii va*. wJv*--., tiif.T lit drer rt. SIDNEY COAL APLOAT?J8U CUAJiDRONS FOR SAL* Apply to M'vt. J. M II,LEU, No.!? Moldcn Lane, up stairs. (1ITY HOTEL, NEW rORRe-F. Bi.ANCARD UaS THE J 1 i to tnfoim Ids fri. nd.t and the public, that ho has taltan thu above Hotel, under a long lease. Sincotho 1st . f May lie has refitted nnd furnished it In nn 'logout and oommcdiotis manner, nnd it is cow equal, in etcty rei|ioot, to the first r tahliahmente of this description In Now. Yi rk. lie therefore trusts tliat his former IriciiOJ, us well as the en..stunt I'rvq r niters of tlie t ity Hotel, will continue to fanr Mm with Hi it patrons e j nnd he wnni tin in that they may r. I* on his ls-?t senium r their ncufort and convenience. P. HI.A M ARIL (Lroof the tilobe llctcl) City Hotel, 4th June, D4A. np HE PAVILION, NEW HRU.HTON. S A J EN lsL.WD.X This fashioiiatdn nnd extcneivo establishment is now In fnll o| oration, snd ptraci s desiring to take apartments rnn meet the tnbaeribar every day at the t ily Hotel, nr l.s will he happy to wait upon Llioni at New Brighton at any tluie they may aptmhit. Ot.e great adioutage of tlie Pavilion Is that it r. quires only fr im to .111 minutes to go from landing to lauding. l!y a careful coonrnrisen of thermometers, during throe years, it has been proved ihnt it is nlu ays from 7 to 10 degrees r<\.ler at, iho Pavilion than in New I orb. y. ULANCARD. proprietor A Menniiint lrovee New BrLrhton nt H and 11 A. If.,nnd:'* 2 rtnd 3l> ininutc^< ("T> I . V., nnd No I 1'ier, North' Hirer itf J and 1 l *i A. M., aii'l at l;:iir [m*13 am) ti t'. M. Hamilton iitn>e?fikst grand i vstkcmkntal Cm cert.?'Ihe btcycrmari lathe Musical Company, oonaMtng of In |? rl'i niicrs, hate iho plcaaurc of InfnrraJnt the pnh'.lj that their ArsOCi noert v ill le dven at the above place i>n Thured.ycveiim. July <>th, on which occaaicn a I'rrcrama > (>r the ch dcrst Mr.-ic. n ice ed 1 row tl.o mint celclrrated oumporcrs, v ill la- introdu i ll. end Ihyr In po to meet wiili the like'on Kcmleil tn tlicir fnimer i ff"TtF. Proftrj 111 > r : I'art I?llitnrv rt.m National March, Lint; Orctture 10 "Fin Diaiolo," Anlwr; i.ciliate Vilodicr, Halt*, lathi uky; Tonictto from >lari:t St urt, lonlioltl. l'art 'i? Fivtlval Dnadrille, Strati-; s-mnda fre i Hi n c, Styrlan 1 ationnl Dan es i (iriinil March, Potp utrri, Mir?i III. l'art it?Overture, "iji Mmittc de Pottle'," Aolier. Sounds of Matte, toand H'nlta, WittmanBt ftallrund Galop. Tt-hcaM rente. Ci toiiici.e'nir atrt o'i incK. Tlic atcmner Cricket will lean 4 o'clock, f. m? from the iimt ef Cnurllnn'lt a rejt, to take pin* in to I on Hamilton, auii return to Now Vork directly after the Com it I. tii Mud. riAJlli (jl EK\ a litVI F.T? OPI'OSITK Ttl F. lIRN F.N M, ?'0>T A tirtiio. ttt. Martln'a lo Grand, London.? ihii nuMtnitcen' llo tel Itavlna recently undertone eaten si re al'.iratione, and a throat portion or It newly rmnlahcd, will he round on trial to liava no rival in tho mettorclla, both in point of accommodation and mc derate iharpea. 1 no Coffee room la one of ilie lanrant Mid most c. intertable in frtinert. Hoard, f'l nor day. lint and Cold Hatha. THOMAS M'ENCF.R LKNNKY, Manager, Foiucrly C.liiwl Steward of the brtiiah (Jnreu Steamship, Kitin ni n in Now York, to Mr. G. A. White, dd Cadar atrncL Iong hkancu, NKW JKR8F.Y. bath ftuildings,A TI la sen HnMilna eataMiat.meiit onena for prtrone, June 26tb. Completoand chuant rcpilra, additions and ronorsMons have been made. The ateamcra Orua I'ultnu \: irket, and h> | l^wiafnm Wtiablnrton Market, make daily trips; stoma roady at O'tan lion en. No off?r? epsred to rive satfefanMnn. j a MRS GRCEN, Prorr1e?cr. | Horn* M WAN, AUCTIONEER? IIOU BIIOLD FOR. nituie.M ?or.rte,fce?8WIFT A BOhi.a m will sell at suction ei Friday, u'y 7, at 10 n'dla li, at 8M Broad was, run *r i>f 1'nl r r?rk, ilit en tiro fund tor. in the house, aimpri.lag evoiy art a'r requtii a lor hunjwkeep'ng; kitchen fateituiu, Sio. A'ao, tsnpetb r at)' g ay extension table, auat $1153. Alac, a superior igft 41'l ao For'r OI'EN lO All. TUB WORLD?(IKEAT 8T. I.BOER Swtcpstakco- 12,1 00 Sfbecrit urn at ?5 each. I lie i?irty for riium tha tirst horse ia drawn to reeelrc CAMCi1; tho twcond bona, ?11) 0 l>; tha third hone, ?lt?,(>?'; to lie divided a uong parties drawing "Tha - tartar*," ?10.1 KM; tho like among "Non-Startera." ?10,I4KI. 8we?i>*taks?, No. 1?12.(1*1 SubscriIii iiiI ?2 each?First horse, XUUO'; second h >r*a, XA.'HW: tlilrd horse, ?3,000; divided among Starter*. ?3,(*>>; ditided among Kon-S'arier*. ?3,1*0. Sweepstakes, No. 3 -12,1**1 Suiteori'-on! at ?1 each?First hornc, ?4, !?'; Hncond lior-e, ?2,1 * i; third torso, ?2.1011; Starters, ?2.14*; divided among NonfRartcnt ?'it*IO. Parties desirous uf lemirtDr ohtiuor* in of h* r of the u'tove Sweep, stokes, sre requested to make early application, a* eauh Sweep will I? drawn immediately it i* full. Tito rv.tultd tho drawing will leadvertind in the "Times," "Hell's Life,"and the 1. ndon daily |Wpcra To give ladies an opp rtunity of taking ahures, scrip will be issued in initials, at the option of the -ubseril > rs. Alt connnnnirations, to insure attention, must eon tain a remlttaiica Foreign order* inny tie made payable in London: but all letters must he addressed to Hieharl > ieh oils and Jamns Parkinson, Trinple Sqnure, Aylesbury, England. Tito thirl horse to be decided by "liell'd Lilo." Prizes )tai<l any dajFafter the race lc*s 10 Iter rent. The ruce will he run at lb waster, on the 14th of September, 1848. To prevent frntid, no scrip will he genuine unless the letter oontiuning it bears the Avle-dniry postmurk. Subrertbers wishing to send Hank Note* had lietter send halvet by diflerrnt post*. BuiL'S head course, ai.hanv?a purse of two Hundred liollurs will he given free for all Trot-ing Horses, in Harness, ejeept l.ady Suffolk, and she to a wa/oa, tnoe heats, bustthieela live, to come off July 12th. Entries fortho above purse to close at tin- Maiden lane Saloon. Alhauy, July 5th, at II) o'clock in tha evening. Two or more to start. SIMMON8 ft RRrOOS. *17 ANTED?A MIDDLE AOEII MAN AND WIFE Ell'UKit vv i ngljsb, Scotch, or Irish, to proceed to one of tli West India Islands, tor a leim of not loss than one y or. Tha man for a Ocacl n an end the wife for a o ok. None need apply sit these a I o thorougly understand their batlnesa and can give the tetybtst of rof"r?o ce? Address IwqidB, PMtOflaa, *17 ANTED?A COUPLE tsF KOn.Mi Ml Til 1MB USE OF v? the kllchcn. One of the rooms to be of good site, and front. ink vii m pic-aiti, riny m rtnv. n lei'or milin-yiwi U1 a, and lefi at I he nflirt' of the ileni'd will Isi altriided to WANTED?BY A KMI K< TAill.t UMl'.lAv VOUNU WO man, who r|?aks French, a situation as Scair.sir-sa or t hsinhcrmuid. t.nod reference ran tie given. Apply to Mr. P. Hi ri it r. toner of Fourth avowaaand I4ih tMi WANTED-A SIIUAIION. liV A KKSI'Ei I'Alll.K lOFNO Woman, to do general him ow 'rk. tin ?l ivconira nidations. Can I e >ten for 3 days, at 1.17 Fliiaheih street in < lie roar. "11/ANTED?A DAIRY MAID WHO TilOKOCOtll.Y UNf T dersund* Iter business. None lint i'rotesi ants need apply. Apply on Thursday, the titli, butweon 10 and I. A. M., at 74?' Broadway. WANTI D?A SITUAT.ON' ItV A HBSFSOTABIsl VolNO ni man, an thumb. i mai l or waiter in a small private family, iind would make feme f generally. t an lie seen for three oayr, at 55 James street, first ttoor, in roar. WANTED-A WAITER, MHO CAN SHOW HE BEiSTOF city references, and ?lie thoroughly iiiuf islands his business; nun* liut I'roicManta need apply. Apply between 10 and li A M.. at 740 liroadway, tin Thursday, the n h of July. 1*7 ANTLD-UY A lIE-ri'X'TABI.E I'. Ol'ESTANT YOUNG TT mMilan, a si.nation in a privato family, tn dn general h u cwi rk. Is a go. d washer and iruner. Una no ohjeo'ion to go a short distorts in the eonntry. Can he sec lor two days. I'leasu ea atJ-fiMott'iie one door from It o oker. WAM1U-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A i'l Rfcet'v sober man, or wonld not as valet to a gentleman, or tr; vel to Europe; rrl retire from the highest families in the city. W ayes not as mi eh an olijret as a eomfortuhle home. A note to A. M. to ihe office of this |wper, or to i't I'rinoe st.; will ho attended to froni I" to 12 o'clock, A. M., nr 4 to 51*. M. WANTED?BY A VKKY REfil'ECTABLK SINOI.E CsVtienian, a furnished room on the tirst floor, or a Imsemoat, with or witIimiL board Ad-Ire s, with real names, lull partiouIsrssml terms, whiih mast le very moderate. A II < , at the Ofliev of tins ] si per. Nono need apply witliont full deseHptions. 1*7 ANTED?IN THE LOWElt FART OF OH C'lTT, BY YT a gentleman and his wife oue iinfuriiisiied pari rand Nairn, m. on the first floor, and the ase of a kitchen. Best of reft nmos gi\ en and i> .piirotl. Address Box No. 41 PostOfliec. "117 ANTE!)?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO TT cook, waah, and iron, in a reupootable family. la willing to iniiVu herself nnful through U e house, or to tin ehanjborw* rk. Heat of city r> Ikreuwi from hor loot place. No objection to go a short distance in tho country. Apply at No. at) Essex street, third floor. WANTED? A SITU A ION 11V A NICE YOUNG GIRD, to do i eaeral housework for u small fiunily, or do . liitDihvr work, and plain sewlrg?with good <ify rufoiemc. I'laato to cull lit No. 1!I0 F.lm at root, whoro an interview can be had. A GENTLEMAN WHO HAS BI EN PORSB^BBAL YEARS n.rurrd in luaircasfor liimroirin Englind, ii now desirous ol obtaining a situation in a rncrcantilo house in any p rt of rio". either as correspondent or reaponaible clerk, lie can fluently oonverse and c, rrorp ltd in b?o dlllerent lummoxes. mot is well i oqnaintcd with the leading warehouses in En land and Eur pe in pei oral App lest ions to c. K? Box, Herald Olfiec, will lo HtKo ded to, and att?aenpti"i able roforeni a< ASVAUT, ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, JUST AMOVED FltOW llawliiifr, wlm nude stands the Nuraary business very well and at tie tame time can v ork on n I r.n seeks for ("tiployment Tei ma very moderate. Would try to make liiuiicU' very uaefu' AddressC. A. it., 186Qttawwich street, At KO.KSTANT GI HI, WANTS A SITUATION Anurse, or chambermaid. Good references givcu, if re jnircd Enquire at No. 41T lentil street, in ihn rear. UNE FEW ME l)IC CHAM lift P. K.i\Nt,\\HE OU AI.I.E mnnde, sac bant ooiflur, falrc dca rolica et. conniiissant par failonent Ron service, trouvern nnu bonne pliccot d'exeelieui gages en sfaflwant aw Na 426 Broome atreet. entse dix hi m diitr.atiuct midi. On exigo quo In personno suit munio do b >u> Oertifi sis. A TRENCH (lit CEbMAN I'llHIli;: .M ill), U'll'i I N dentanda heir drMafcw and dmatBEklng, and who is perl', o'ly acquainted wilb Iter duty, will find an excellent situation and good w ages, by calling *t No. 420 ilrnouio street, betweeu 10 and 12 A M. References taquired. MAHY MURPHY, A YUOHG Woman wio LBIT I ii land on tho 17th of March Inst, and arrived In New* York on it o lo of Way. Supposed to bo livingat Staten I si ml. Any inf. i inniion relating to liar will be tliankfully received by Inji mother. Mr.-. Mnrpliy. I'lTr int.v I'bieo. TO TAII.OHS?THE I1KI.MI WEI,I, Acquainted with every branch of the buainc x, nnd having ha I twolie yeaia cx|x"ricuco in l.ond.ui. wishes Torn situatm-i as foremnn nnd ent er, iu some resjiectablo oslablislimeut. Address J. S., at this Oflicc. Board wanted.?a wei.i, fcknjshbd room with board, w I'are tlere arc but few boarJor<. ii the lower part of the city, wai led, upon reasonable tonne, fur a k in leman and bin w ife. Addrepx F? W. at this offlor, l a'ini tonneand location, T CRT?ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON. IN PASSING rilDM M-J (Surek etrcot tliron.^li Kivingtn, and up the Bowery to I ourtb (ticer, ? bn w.i ami blue eha. geaMa ,-blk Shawl. Any i> rson finding llic >01110. nn?l leaving it ? No. IJ St. Hark a Piece, will receive tliu lliauka ol'the owner, ami all expense* l?id. An address on tiie modifications lately in tri ilueed by the Couatitution aud Code, will lie d-liveio4 lielore the eiars atlinit'cd at the April term of the Supremo Court, by the lien. John W. Edition Is. at the City Hall, on Friday eve II no ti e "th inet., at 8 o'clock. Tho mcmbere of the Bar, and students at law, arc reepccifnlly Invited to attend. Dr. fv tu, ucuubt, ait hist, a j... a 1 mm daily to diicoaee of tho Kyz and Ear, at his surgery, ?il Broadway, entrance Iy, Warren street. publlrhed, the second editor. id T>r. I i well's Ticati.To on the Eye, j if - 51) ooato, which 'in be hnd at 1 lj cllloc; a'fo hie pieiri 'nt selr-antinn Ere Fcmtius. A larre enpjdy'f Artificial Eras recently Imported. ClOUit, BUNIONS. BAD NAILS, *&, RADICALLY EXs traded, without llic least pain, by Dr. SliirikoT, from Rt. 1 tier*'tin, fn that lhoee iticnromoditles v ill not return. Any beiij.ii who will call, tau trio* nniulcr if letters from their fei1, w < itivcur, ri turning thanks lor an immediate and complete ? hit. ii ih i'll i ct if ai ??.v i no in i'crn n:r?? t. ojipowtv the 1'nrlt. Hlill r?ii' alt ye-hear yk-rka l> and be *rrs?. hi < celebrated oermnn i'hvsiclvn, llr e. ostflandhlt, i as flunlly corcludcd to rcltle himself in the picat eity of new york,at f'o. .'le barclay street, after bavins travelled the world all ot?r iu loaroli <1 knowledge, nr.d living o|> nt sown years snimig the ltd una forthe purpose of geltim a iliormigti nrjctl< at knowledge of liotany, he llr tors himr'lf ipiawieil t >alleviate sod euro nil eomplsinis towliicli tho limuni family are subjt et. il? ffatlershtid.wlr thai nil who will favor him with a r ill, ha will, without asking them u ipicsti ,n, toll them their complaints and 'jniptomp, an i gnsranty them mi cany and sp coy cor.-; tiic ii s'orv i!:i ii il r - icl.oily i i , ; , ti o dooror gmuli s i" sure thomo t imimti ommastn natter from what cause tliey may hat . orig unit i, or in w 1 ntni *llt a, via., fetor. ague, or caaccr; ttc. i>r. ortrander's indian iiivu'n-l ie vcgatfct lc remedy i., the cute of the cheat, stomach, n< d lungs, vir'on, l?th r-rron!' and pulmonary: also, coughs colds, bronchitis; atul all pain* arising t'r. nj the i to i, l.o: - . , r i r. ail mm f nervous wcafeuoaa, oh olio, lij potondrim-nl corn plait, to; til ra?cs of tlic kllner, lotar ana spue, dropsy, (tr.nn t lone, or '11 scrofulousooinplufnts. the.unaiti to, nnd all i tnphr ts w hich r (pdro the m nl' , l pari and '.mlthy. and to nutlet hv.nrc to perform to r 1 ursl fuiiotinnss also croups. rlniidtilar cum) la nts, po 1 pi i a t i r-n of the heart, not (tiros nn r.ipnitration oftheci cnl.ilton ifth" > fen. it will einehnaitcm** shortness of hreail difficulty, fie. fco. for file, who ale and re'nll. at ike haiclay struct. ativloe gratis: office hour from h a.ii. <1116 i'.m. Ml'bt exti.aohmn wore.?to t ... married or those totiumplntibk r.iarringe. 'i lie married woman's l'rivatc modicel cotu; jnion, by dr. a. m. maurioeuu. sixth edii no si. thin wi ih is meeting with tr.oit mtcundlnj ??! , (u,i lit) copies hnvo already been disponed of.) es,.y formic hi fitting a copy, whether married or unmarried, although it la iatu.iled espectally fur the married- w1' aisolo*ea important secrets, which should i o known to them particularly. ii ,e every terna'.c can ditcovtr tho canata, syniptums, cud the is .t euleieat r?.n:dic.?, and most certain mode of cure in eiory case. for sale. 222 broadway; at the publishing, office, ijff liberty street. new york; also, 7.iel:cr and co., corner of ci -tin' and thirl streets, l'hlltdclphlaj little end co., alhanyi iv. it davis, i;>?;on. (>a tha rtu lit cl si, a copy w ill be tin nor. it ted by mall, froe of pottage to nil parts of tho united stale*. all itlteiu must be iwtd<xsnd test psld, to dr. a. m. malirlceau, lot h'4. new york 0".y. ifrs ijp llhertv street Medical office.?dr. joiinbon, m ditane street, mar chatham atrret, so w ell known as the net race ,!'u| practitioner iu new ycrk, in tlac tnatio ut ol vaacnal diseases. tlie doctor's rcnotatlen kr skill in the j <11 half-cured casta, that have existed i t ycarr, is pr. tfloc', nl ric? tnrr. ulcers upc n the body, or in the throa' or nr; nshis in the load and bouts of the lags, effectually cured. cunstiiu > >!? i, i. iv vn j ;i r. i'ji ii. ii iQiiii^i iin ly yoaeriuen, raiiftng lafclvioui dream* and nUlitly cinU>i?n*. poeitiroly i,i.m i,tut. i; ired In four dnyi, witliou* mercury. No alteration In diet, or jr, icntl" u tmm Imainen. DR. JRJTRIK8 ANTIDOTE.IS THE MONT BFFROTCAL Mmdt n 11.Ill fur Qonontxaaand other len of the s. t. nal Orpuiiio |jnn? eeporitnce la* proved tluil it v. ill radically corn any cu.r. 'Ild* dv-iml.'.o h nit ui ohtaiuod in front 2 to M day, an I unit nriti i r i r, M - humh i , ttdi IM nllU,ud NMHII ntnarary any dovift.ii n in diet or Interrujdini to ncal portal ta, >*nnd nlerp e-r t-i nllhy dip-*'! n, Ihe noi-vnne If linn r*m >vi.-l aa ?|?*dtly M Is continentWilli Ilia prodr.etion of ft thnroinh and und jtrn anont cure, It* in?iidionlaare entirely vejutable, Had no ibjnroui affect, nillier aoimtittitionnlly or 1 tail.. itanbetaj.-id lyiuuir. rritc $1 por Littfo. Sole Aftenl ! r t h oily, C. 11 KINO, I|i2 Rroft<tnt\v,oorii?V Jo'n atrevt. MIDIC1L CARD.?DR. MIIRIUSON CON I'INl BS 11) IIB ronenltrd < n all f. rnn ol pntn'o (lino i-:*, wi>fi tha: nooff* uliidia practice 11 twmty-aU y.mra murt warrant. Tlioao w! n l.ave Mulorul lr- m mal treuinu nt, vuld do v. .11 to fTntnino Dr. M.N e'ainta on their confidence Fco tiij diploma with tha alpnattirea of Sir A it ley Or rer iii' in 111 r afNoe. Jiif'J Fulton *1. NO CI RK No CII AKUK.?DR. Ml IM'llY OF &'{ Clol.l) atreet, ta confidentially < u liol on all turn* ol private di* can*. R< <vnt care* ol nonoil.liorft he entra In 2 to f day*. Conitl totloral dclility and tin potency iraeu**' fully tre.ilo 1 by Dr. M Nr mercury ttod In ftuj oaeo, or Uindianon frmn viunitM. 0#? 8 (told Mn rren (Vain 7 A. H to 1') C * Dr. ram ii, At rnoR m rue ?r.t.v tical orivati Tri atifo,' t. o.. oh tlrnenn loh a tract. ol.ica I .m 'to 12 A. M., 6 to '' IV V (Kor.iliy 11 v v :w.'y in t*? <axty ?tft|.??llllrforv rrvl > t f?io is; lity c 1 lr. 'nv8nt-oe? attrt.i'lrr their cure. It Ii rWcfiy. Iinworof, thw? x'ho nate infi Ihn d fn m a certain elnaa of people. or ot,V-wlaft, w ho nan properly *| predate > l? rerviee*. I" ? -iv c.- > I ? d it or inolj n ait, lo ita more ftdi ..ncod and di*irraa rt llUR ('r-- n a - n. men advantf,ra, In audition to a ? ?? aii.tnalva naoiloa la oi? etnplnirlj h* r.ft rlfnd atajid. o?iy ftrdwd'nal oor*, wil h# PJrpri r il Irr fivmr, ran h# r trained fr-?l rO oth'it aua-^a a irri MAWiNS, SWNt CtJlTKRA. AND VJUAilRVJlEN wanted en li t e*ter?i(n "f tlir Ltarlom Ci.hoid. Rrmure of II Ci mj irjr'a Cfl<f, n ar City Ha!!, anil at U.e Endinoet'jTaaa, Cretin Fallr. Bowirt rmuth r?he\epit ??r * ?"?*& wpp * Kieea.?'T. ur day tmlM, July t, 1048, wiU be nm *I lie WiZAHI'Of fill *4Vf - Doe Del dandahar, II*. O. W < lerka; Ferraye* 8 afford; Timothy Tiwli, Bute; 1> ana Imbitdi, Mr*. Philllpa; D..eoa (>pella, Jtra. 8Mtfcay._PR alone to ? I ieh will he performed the comedy of PEKTM TION _ ( Paragon. Mr. J. II. Mali; Sam. Mr. Jorua ; Sir hawreitc Paragon. Mr. Bellamy; Kvi i/llrien, Mire M ry fcjiof iu'in. Mr*. Sutherland Al-o. tli* op ra of \ LOiM OP A I OV1 R?IVtrr 1 pyke, Mr. Burke; Oenr ide. Mi-* M. ry Taylor. Poir. # centa; Ptl, 12)<eeate. O?ora open at 7; paifmuiaaoe it anvnrree il 714 n'nl-wV nroeiaelv. NIBiO'B a hi or pi.a< B. BROtDdraT. ?riiit <<n?f uly ?th-Thi ojpml Com dietta if ?V WIFE'S DKN |'l T? Dick Haaud, Mr. Dawmr ; Sir June Reaovile, Mr. 1'; (hi. ml ouedron. Mr. I**; David, Mr. I'eroy; I uy i. tine. Mimi Kale lure i.'iaeiy typadrou, Ui?? lie ere, HI.. d?, M ; . Iiei ry. After whioii, il.e new Si. (o Comic Ballet r, < >' l.K DIlliLK hOI'i-E - tierumio, ? retired eoldier, M. Antolne; t omit A aliiaiciiita. M. Irpii, lleiudeiti, M. Selnnldt; Ai?i. .ihiik M. Map t tli ; S?. v?m na, Mile, Mutl tide. Tlokeu Flf'y rrt ta. Do. rt open el 7 o'olook. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock ' BI.O DIVAY Til BATHE? l'R< JI'RIKIOKs, Merer* A.MANN It I. A. i At. eiiAi ?Manauiui, W. K. Ill ai, t ? In,or >.|e.i a Ij^c'cl. <k, |? r'.iimaucfl to atbu'el ek.?8ammer Beama.?The niamrciiirut respectfully announce Lho eu^wrineut of he MOM 1. A If IK French llallrt ( ..m|?iry?The puhlui in reipee fully n.forr ed U.etan cuenalve *| |*ru(u , for ihc perfect Ventilation of Uio cut re building, i* now In O|?'rntion.? rhiird?y lv. niiiK, July 6, IMS, will lie pre onied the rnuid Anatir 'llallet, lu two acta and N< tnlik) ua called f/Al.MRF, or, An tl... .. ..I Vi.inn? V.i.lMe Men. II Ilk.II. If.? . V ! Bill till'lornin ; llstd.e, Mad. Allele llonpa*air. D can (Srcle and I ;.ri iii til'.'iit" . I'amilv Circle. 3ft cot-: 'l?"-rv. '' ?? (: . 111AM THEATRE?BOB* PROPRIETOR AND uEr. ?r? kt. 1 ft. Chaiurau.?Benefit of Mr. 11. VVIilum.-.? Thttndui vtmiinir, July <1, will be p rfonned a Laughable Farce, cathdu l.OAN Or A DOVER?Gertrude. Mi-? K. MeiUyer, Peter fryl. Mr. W kliai Emenlno, Mia* llildrcth. To ho followed by the I IMf Hit K HOY?Paddy Ml lea, Mr. H. William* After wliii li w Im *1 aketoh i Milled NEW YiiKk AS IT IB?Mom. Mr. ( I anlrnu ; Joe, W inane; < hwrlea Meadowa, Ward: William Tall1, llerler': K*lv. Mlaa F. Memayen Kl'ly. Mita Milea: Mr*. Me*. dow?, Mra. Wray. To oonelude with tlie new drama of I MOAN D .- n lb?I awed Pat, Mr. II. Williama; Judy OTrott, Ml?a Nicl.ii run. Boon ojwn at 7 ? Ter er naorca .< mm-nee at <% e'eWV. " " ; PO, "K ; -'Heat* B xaa, bo. CAM I.K OA It DEN-PERFORMANCE TO COMMENCE At h unlock?Admission, fit) cents? Manuring Director, Mr. lieu, Hol'ir.d- V]. T. Y. I'bubb, Mttaionl Direct or? Painter Mid l>eootaiui, ' ia Ar>ge,u Monte Machinery, Mr. R. MoNaity?Pre|etnea. Mr. Gilbert.?Thursday Hvenlng, July C, tlin entertainlnenla "illeminence with tl,o UAKItAt K ROOM?Rernar I, no Old boll.lei, Mr Nickinmn; C?pt Ynlmont. Mr Clark; f'laria-e, Mr-Frsry. To he an n od l? llio HAD 'KK FAMII.Y. To cnuo'in c wi.h ItuX K COX?Itm, Mr Holland; t ox, (I II Audionr: Mre ut wr. VI i~ II I 'I il I > | w. MECHANIC'S HALL, 47J UKOADtVAY, IIKTWEKN i.ianu and Broome oti.-eie. MONDAY, JtJI.Y .1, and avorr night dining the week?Die original CHRISTY'S MlNSTKEBs, wboae eonrcrtx during thi piu-t NINE MONTHS have Won reoeived with ruch diarin|titxh?d pn'.roiiage and uuoxunutod imoecaa. moat rerj uctfnlly announce, that thoy w ill continue tliair original and inimitable entertainments every night until farther notloo. AdDiiaeitn 2Aeen!a IVvre opon at 7. Conocrl will ouinmenoo at 8. Mai.itaer and Director, E. P. CHRISTY. An Afternoon Concert will bo given evory Sarorftav aPornnnn In-ore open at 2. to ci mmrnoe at J o'olwk. On Turn'lay, Jnly 4th, Grand Aftorani n IVrfmn Jince. Donra open at'J: couiiueneee at 3 P. M. AMIRK'AN MPSDI'M.-P. T. UAUM1M, I'HOI'KIKIH>H. I', llitrl cook, llunntur.?Thtmday, July tiib. Splo did performal res, both afteim on u< d turning. The manag- ri unengaged Momiciir Bil in, lio colol rated liulgau Giant, ho t*lleat man iu tlu ? oild, being lull 8 feet high I noli built, and every way |iroiiTtiouod. By ha aide common nun appeurUke mete I'iguiice. llo liaa been viaiied in le nd. n. I'aria one other cities of the Did Worlo, by nil the Nubility and Gentry, and ia universally pro. nmntod thoGnatcst Wonder!?the iimat extraordinary llutuan I licni tiienon of tbo I'Jth & ntnry. llo will he aeeu at all hour*, day ai d evi ning bettaeen ilo'olo* k, A. If., nnd 10 o'clock, ?*. M.; together with the encrmotia Diving borpent, the tlireo Diving Dur.,1 g-Oi tnngH. fce. J;o. The United Stipes Mingrrvl Hun I and I I!led tub; Mr. llnrr listen. Veutril .inlet, Hi', bo. AdmKiion to tlia kIii la centa ( hililren under ID ymn of age anil old I 11 i iii'li to w silk alone, ccuta. hcaerved front aeate, one ?hll1 ii g .act, extra. BANVAHDh MAMMO'ill 1'aNOKAMA OP I'UH MISSISalfpl RiveT. painted on throe miloa of uanvaaa, being ui? latgeat fainting in the World, althu Panorama Building, in liroadway, adjoining Niblo'a Garden. Olion every evening (Sunday 01ci ptcd). Admtaron U) centa; chillmn half prion. Thn Panoranib will commenee morion at to H o'eiook preciaely. Afternoon exhibition on Wedneaday and Saturday, at S o'olook. (IRANI) PANORAMA OP TAVI.OIPS CAMPAIGN IN E Mexico, at tlio Minerva Room a, 4uti lirnudiv .y. Sherman M TiUicj'a Mammoth I'auormnn. above In tlio moat perfect and la nil til III JT n ! nor, the Marches, Encampment!, liattlca and nil tie Mitring incidrnta of General Taylor'a operation in Mexico, the grcatcet Pointing in toe world. Ojo* every evening?Panoiuma eommoneea moving at 8 o'olook. yrcflrely. Aou.iaah n 'J6 ceuta?uo half price. No charge for deterip [vepamphlcte. HAMNGTON'S UKANI) SACRED Illll'tAXAS OP Tilt " Creation of the World," and "The Holngo," combining tiie | meat ninnritkint Mecimnical, Suotile, and Optical elVocta, anil ao' i ii.| niiied I y Vocal and li.airunicntal performajmoa of u hi.ili ordi r, With aelectlona llayln'a Grand Oratorio of tin) Pro in tii u. Ofen every evening, ai the beautiful now Hall, Xlti llrnadwnv, eirnerof W alher airvot, nelt door to Stoppani'a Hatha.? T '1 eta Boenta. et ililren half prion. U .'LKCT STREET THEATRE, PHILAGKI.PUlA.Tv Jlrat Night id' the Summer heneou? Thnr,dny evening, ' July d. IB4-, Will he reformed, the operatic drnina of MASA' , N1 kl.l.O- Ctlifcppo, tr Re liar: Pcnella, Miaa Vulloo, To con i e nilc Willi A GLANCE AT PHILADELPHIA?Uykeaey, Mr. Do liar; t en. L. I)., Mr. A'Beckett, Cbarlee ilund cy. Mr. Ilnmli n ; Jedido Simple Vr e. del ft; sharp, Mr. I/iynard; Nibba, I HI.- unveil: Lankiv Hill. Mr. Donl.v- m... u-i-i...?. Jem VV His, Sir. Coodali; Lite, Mis* Fiahei; Mr*. Bryan, Mrs. ' Tnsjtr, Uauiet, M m Ban utt; t Oeci.tins, Mr*. Ilackurt: Nsicy. Kn. liocjr; A?uty Jones, Wiss West; Mary, Miss Waldiymv-. B1 LION'S llif AT KM. < II UlliKKS ST it EST.?TUIS Kf. tahhshim nt v ill op-it for the season an Monday next, July 1 10th. Ladies ami gcnth men engaged are reii'iested to nsseinMa 1 ciith'' singe "ii Friday. 7th instant, at 12 o'vlo'k. John Brung' ham. Stage Manttg. r. Tltu gentlemen of theOrcho-tra will asseiuhie at the Theatre on Saturday, bth instant, at 12 o'clock. George Li ih r, .Mir ii al Dircc or. T'O THE THEATRICAL PROFESSION?A THEATRE, now in entitle T r " i in Benton, by Mr. Bland, for tlio 1 ' ropr. lentutton til bur)t"!U|U' S and vfttidcTllle!'. will bo n|Hiiird early in Septcnilcr. Ladies uiol genii,.men of acknowledged ability, ileFirons "I erpi-eniepte, w ill pi' a so address (post noil) Sir. BLAND, No. 1 Film line. I*iff? street, lie.ion. A DELPHI Til LATH K. BOSTON. TO I.BI-FOR TKitMS adi'nee N. TATKuAN.ISOnnMUi Boston* PIANO FORTE?A Gt'EAT BARGAIN?FOR HALS. ONE of Slodarl and Dunham's besttijf Ooiavo Rosewood 1'iauo F'rtct ; has leou in use' tilv four months, and will In found a rare < liunro (or any person really wanting a valuable nnd snporior lnatmiuent. Apply to J. iuicREIT, A'S Broadway, cornrr of Broome arr-ot. Piano ran for sai.k oriif iiikk?tubkiuimckii?. vrs have on baud an assortment of Tablet and T r.' In' |)> j; I lie ; l'itno Fortes, from six to seven octaves, at their manufactory, jui Avenue, between 10th and 11th streets. WENN E ItsTROR N Ik BERGOIOST. IjVM I RMONS TO TIIKi fi9hino HANKS, OFF sandy J ilook, every M' nd-.y. Tuesday, l'ri lm, and Sunday, during tbe mum.?The Steamer llufliilo, ( ni'i.iln llaaeox. will run as above, leaving Ki btmon street, ui S oolook; Canal. S'n ; ll immei.d. St, ; Catharine street. E. H.. St* ; Grand street, 9; I'icr No. .1N.ll, iiy* A. HI.; returning by ft 1*. M. Dinner on board ; bait at cost; Fishing tackle oil board. I'ure .'si cents. NtW YOLK AMI IIARLF.M RAIL ROAD. DAILT?SO*, met Arrangement.?On and ?rter Saturday, July 1st, IMS, Oio I are v ill run es fell"* -. until farther u'lttvo. Trains will leave fity Ball, New York, for llarlem and Herrisania at 7 10 A. M., S A St., 9 A. M? 1(1 A. M., II A. >1., 12 M., 2 P. SI., 2 (ft P. M? 4 p. (*.,6 P. v., ft 30 p. m., Gill P. H.?For Fordbam and William's Bridge, at 7 A. St., 9 A. St.. 12 si., 2 4ft p. St., 4 30 p. ?t., ft If) p. m., fi Slip, m.?lor Hunt's Bridge, Underbill's and Ilart's Corners, at 9 a.p., 24ft p. in., 6.'top. m? (I.'41 p. si.?Tor Tunkahoo and White Plains, a17 A. su, it A si.. 2 4ft p. si., 4 .'*1 P. M., ft SO p. si., tl.10 r. m. ?Fir Davis' I'.mok, l'leasantville, Ghopciua, Mount Risk", Bedford, Mcclianiesville. Punly's and C'roton rails, at 7 a. si? 0 a. St., 4 SO P. at. Tl o Accommodation IJne for Croton Palls, which leaves New York at 9 a. si., and returning at 1 3d p. st? will land anu iuo uji i<awr .1 rs At every station on the read. Returning to New York, will leave Harlem and 11 iirrinnnia, at 7 IW t. M? 3 J A. b 21) A. M? y A. W.. II A. H., 12 I 40 P. *.. 3 P.*., 3 44 P. ft r. ft 4ft p. ?i., 0 r. k? 11 fttl p. M.? Leaves Fonlluuii and Willinni'n Hridge nt li 4ft A. M., b A. sr., 0 10 A. m., 1 Ift P. .3 2ft P. j?? ft :.ll p. m. II 3ft p. M.?L> nw.s Hunt's Bridge nt II 3ft A. iu.. 7 60 a. m, 3 III p. m., ft Hi P. M.?Leaves Tiidertiill s Koad at 623 A. si., 7 40 A. M. .'ill 1'. m.. ft 6 r. St.?I' iitcs Turkahee at II 2I? A. si. 7 3ft A. St.. I- fto A. St., ftl'.'l p. sr. ft 03 p.m.. II 1ft r. sr.?leaves llarl'sCornors nt (I 10 A. ti., 7 2ft a. si. 2 M r. sr? I ftO r. leaver White i'laius at i". A. v.. 7 Ift A. si.. * Ml a. m.. 2 4ft p. si., 4 4ft p. si., 6 p. m.?Leaves Davis' lliook at r 20 A. si, 2 3ft p. si. ft ftft p. it.?I .oaves Plvaaantsilli ul 3 I." A. si., 2 20 P. St.. ft r. ti.?I.raves Mount Kirko at 3 A. si.. 2 P. si., ft.'*1 p. St.?Bedford nt 7 ftft A. m? I ftft p. St., p. ti.?Ia syi sMt'i'liatiicsvUlt h; 7 tft a. at., 14ft p. m.. ft Ift r st. ? l.i uvea I'nvdy's at 7 3ft A. M? I p. x, ft (Si p. si.?Leaves tV>ton Ka Is at 7 Ml A. ?'., I 3" P. si., ft p. si. All the Morrivania Trains leaving City llall at'/ 10. P. 0. 10, 11, 12, 2, 2 4ft, 4, ft, ft 30 and li Ml, nod n turning at 7 0". >, ~ < . t?. II. 1 J. I 10,3. 3 4ft. ft. ft S.'.tiand ii.'?\ ?|II?I..I at2."'In32i. I d. Mst, til. . 70 h, Stith, lllOtli, llotli, liftili und Ift.'l Hi - Ae<ommodnliou Train tor Croti ii lulls, at D a. si., and returning at I 00 p. m? and also the i Ate'liP. slistl 'li Train for Wliitt l'lainr will stop utall plane he- | j nd in to land ai I i Irt pass?ipyt going un and to , land tlvtn eoinlLR down, at iill tin- streets *'>mc named. Tlai 7. a.m. mil I Mi p. ?t. Trains ir m New Y< rlt Ui Croton Falla anil the 7 80 a. si. Trail? from i rt ton Kslls, will not stop lie twain W idle 1'lnins and New York, except at Tuekahoe, William's Bridge, ar.d Fordham. A >. ar ?111 prve?Ieoaoh Train 10 minutes, to tnVr up f<i-- hirers in the City: the last Car will not step ex11 pt nt llrtoiue street, and 32d street. Freight Troine, leave Now 1'otk ui 0 A. si. and 12 o.?lenvo froton Tails, 7 A. si. ond H p si. j t in Sundays an Extra Train at 1 i 'clunk p. m. to llarlom ami Mot- . rltarls. ? | /1 AST OFF 4T.OTH1VO A ND FrKNtTL RR?I. Ull KS A VO I V7 tivn Inuvn haviig ,-o,i rlluons elfoots to dispose of, siseti as wesiing apparel, fnmiiurv, ke? esn obtain a fair prink for the same, 'y sending foi tbo sn'.?ril?r through tlie po?t otflee, or oth- | i rwir . wl o will nttei.d nt iI.oIt r?ddeniv. .1. I.KYHNSI' YN, 1C6 Broadway. tu>stairs. LmlK attended to by Mrs. Lavsiwtyn. Cft.MfT-OTF I'l.tlTII I Ml, JR1YRLKY, FIRE AtUH, *o. 2 Wanted.?1 adks orf I'. inAn ul-hlag to convert heir superiluonrefVi Is into, will obtain foil value for the sanio by ii ?i"-' mi r, mrciu" inn pet-onion or ntliovarii*:. ?ht will attend theui at l!i ir re il> man l.y appointment. II. i.EVF.TT, 2 Uali-nree, N?* Yorit. Ov. in?>Tii i( K'.S Firm I,F.< TI KF. ON HYI'IIHI?, iirinitiated tilth (Iran in**. mil be ptiven nt the Broadway Uoiii. .corner Urcnduny tuid brand, on Anluntay ni'nutnjc, (lie Mh li?-i. Jlc lie. 1 men, alutlonte, ami Kcutleineu. ur>' iuyiifd to attcr.d lecture* fit >, c mmancfiiK at haiPpait So'cl Cminvi ::fatio.ns f'iianoaij-fp. oh e rknch tai giir J ii0 tlifl urnl ry*te:n, nnaMtng tlia tearoer to "|> ik from the llrtl leriniim. and innmu# caw and thinner to pupil* more atltimed In1 ilef.oii" t in rpe. 1 in". Tuition' at lunna. la ela-wt, S>-: privately. fi p, r iimntu mm I lie* nnd > I attended. I'll j.i nun mux.-, in; sr. imfriu:. Naur.? r*ri*. *? l!ri ndnny. fjllll'. MHAMKKSAR Ml AM s IVII.I, SAII, lOKI.M'RHa jmi'l un E'riduy nticrin mi, 7lh inM?i, ill Jt'tlnA, from I'd k flip. PniMM eri nr- ; ,i -ted to l> on Innrd at '.| l ot i? 2. Letter IVit" elate nt tli l'n>t OfBee at haif-jnrr. nna. 14OR RIO DK JAM IK1.--TO HWf. ON TI1F prril l\. J ilatit, the ?u|.ii(.r Iwtk llr.ry E.llrn, If. Ilowur, nt,inter; for fialalit apply to the mailt r<?i lumrd, at pier ft, N. R? or to IIOYO *t IIINCKEN. linker* 1A OH IIaVIIK-TO PA ll? ON Til K fall OK A I'll I'ST. t' tirItinia (' ' l,v * 'J he v.ell ktiotm ntrsierl ip l iiitea Malta, t'apt. WH lluck. ton, hnrih':n 2HUII to ?, ?i I for Ilaire, on Saturday. Annualitli, and will toveh at Conor >n the inltiard (amir, to land |m<?e infer* and letters. Tho I'riitod Pta'eapill leave llavre fur iV;w York, on Satur ay. 2d of Hnjn teml er. For frciiht or ra.-oiue, apply In C. II. MARSIIA14. ,TI Ratlin* Slip. FVIR NF.W OKJ.KAN.S? Mil iJIANA AND WKIV YORK line of panketa?Pnaitin ly the llrcf and only rr,pil,ir packet ti r til 1 haridity, July (ill.. ') lid j.i u and tpl.iulld f.ial eni'ln* picket tntk MA/El'I'A, (.'apt. .1. 'IV'I fer, ha. i"i r.. it of h : oar-o moored and on hoard Ir now loading, and trill p ? fllvoly tail at above, her regular day. FVrl'rt'itlit or ; ?Ia re. lavio* rflAndia I limit1,rd uceommooati'oa epi'v r.iard. at Orle uir viiarf, feet of tVall (treat, < t to I K. I ol,l.i.>S, 3 .muth atre.-t. tiliipplrr n.ay toly upon Oiia ve J ra.1 ?* | uooina'ly e.t a .'ortioed, and hnvrc t;. Ir roodtn.jre ly <? uatrad. Ac.nt in n?w Orlenrr V.r ' Wir rrei .y, al l villi ppmptTy fer.vnrd 6.11 r lodo to hinai'dnra l'*il"t ?' '"lllen, J. fl Inrertol!. Dauttr, will tnreeeit tt" NarepfW. end ?ll herreirulardae Steam i:n?.inb am> hoiuch-Tok sai.e, one: sk ; ootid hard .steatn Fn^'na and Hoilar, .'I hor.ui |?.wrr. inflrot I tato order: Will be Hold low. Apply to K. lino & t o., i."1 aad 31 ( field at reel. Y.t< UT t'YtiNE.i I'll >,\i i iiit V JNI.I- is ) ;v. I i r ny.'d, tA ina I i Eeo. budt in I M. VI fee i IJ i >|i| ! deck, RV eii lata, depth of h Id ft (kattl (natieadraw, S fat J in 11 ? ,n i, and I ! m 4 ! " ' ' rrlt ?? toppi'tml u I ; . I I l.ur had ? new r . I of i .iU 'i.iv rp 'rf. Pita ? thrWhr I tu u.o | in, i ?. r. ' | ? mer at Oiraa prlal ntptltl. ' lultut, iA'iU.ff a' i.Le d, u.iliCXKt ij live it 1're.t w a?hi IVaehington National M<mumrnt~ CrfrfcfWWsw the Laying of the Comer Some. Wf have had a splendid celebration. Since year I MX), when the eeat of government w?a r?moved to the banks of the Potomac, WdBhittgtap . hah had no Fourth of July connmrahle to this, nor uny i ugeunt surpassing that of to-day. After the delicious rain yeeterdag, 'aa a natural consequence, the merry bells wuked ua up thia ' morning to a bright sky and a lively freshening ? gale from the northwest. At an early hour uie city wi s all in commotion?" drums beating and colors flying." The procession was organised at the City ilail, and several hours were t., up in placing the vaiioua detachments 01 the line in position. It was nearly twelve when the line n.o\ed up Pennsylvania avenue. Tue following was the order of mocersion. l ot) Miruiu >dii u.s .vius. Major Gen Qnitmsn commanding andStall. Col May. cnmmaniliug Cavalry Gen. * adwaJader commanding Infantry. Military ei-eort. Officers of (be Army and Navy of the United State*. Military officers of ibe several Stales aud Territories. civic rtocruioN. h'tr\t Dti'irten. Major A. A. Nicholson. Marshal of Division. Mr. George S Gideon, Marshal. Firemen The President of the United States. 1 he Heads of Departments. The Judges aud officers of the Sup. erne Court. 1 he Judges and officers of the Unilcd si at s Courts. The Judges and officers of Slate Courts. J he Diplomatic Corps. The Rererend Clergy. William V. Bayly, Mai-hal. Independent Order ?I Odd Fellows. 1 he Senate of the Uuited States. The Home of Representatives of the United States Charles W. Botelor. jr., Marshal. The Order of Red Men. Governors of Mates. Delegations from the Slates. Second Diviuun MhJor S. R. Hobbie, Marshal of Division. A K Cunningham, \ arshul Temperance Orders Charles K. it 11. Maislial. Reciiabites. The t'oporate Authorities of Alexandria. Georgetown, and U usliington. A. J. Joyce, Marshal. The Washington Benevolent Society. A. Keese. Marshal. The German Benevolent Society. Literary At sociationj Colleges and Schools. Third IJiviiion Capt. J. A. Blake, Vlarshal of Division. Citizens not Delegates from states Open Barouebo, with Revolutionary Officers and Soldiers. Barouches with Mrs. Madii-on and Mrs. Hamilton. Maj Gen Winfleld Scott and staff mounted. The Orator of the Day and the Chaplain. The Monument Sue ety. J. H Tlinmarf, liarrhal. Ma' onlc Frutcrnily. Major General Scott and stall were not present. The military made a line display?infantry, cavalry and artillery ; the Mar one, the Odd fellows, the Kechabites, and the Ked-iuen turned out m large toice, in good costume, mid with imposing banneiH and regalia; but the firemen, in ilieir bright and picturesque uniforms, and in the tasteful manning and decoration of their engines, tunned the most novel and attractive feature ill the procession. ilu* procession, eiglit abreast, occupied laree ouorters of an hour in passing, at a steady marching puce, uny given point. At Fourteenth street, the line wheel! d to the left, and crossed over the canal under a triumphal arch, the sides each bearing the names of liiteen of the States, and the key-stone the single word " Independence." On crossing the Canal, the Mall, or Public Common, extends to the right, or westw ird, a fourth of a ntilc_ to the broad river, und eastward three ipiurtersoi a mile to the loot of the capitol the entire common being about a mile in length by a quarter in width?an undulating plain, commanding a fine view of the city and its beautiful >cenic surroundings. At the western extremity of tins plain, or nearly on the hnaks of the Potomac, is the site of the national monument. * An examination of the locality djselosed the . following arrangements: An excavation of eighty feet square for the shaft, which is to rise (out of a coiictponding cvllonuded pantheon) f>00 feet high. In the norihcast corner of this exca vatton lny a large block ot white marble, of many tons wcigijt, being of snrne six feet cube ? tins whs the cornerstone. It had a large square cavity equal to a bushel and a half, in the centre, and a c?p stone, suspended on a block and buckle, to be lei down ?t the proper lime. Flanking the w e.-t nnd north sides of this excavation Ht fifty feet distance, a large elevated scaffolding of seats, fotming (wo sides of a right angle triang e, was erech d The whole scaffolding was covered with an awning, and the seats wi r capable of accommodating sc mc four thousand people, according to our esiiniale. Between the northern wing of this atrangement and the excavation, there was a smaller st ging, shaded with an awning, capable of holding some two hundred persons, the outside seats lor the people at large, being sufficiently elevated to look over the top of this intervening staging, which wc shall call the olBci il platform. At the northwest comer of the excavation, was the rostrum of the orator of the day, some ten feet high, close to the right of the official platform, and irt the corner of the angle formed by the outside staging.' (>n the south side of the excavation, there was a tall masonic aieh erected, the keystone bearing the symbols of the order. On the eastern side, overlooking the comer stone, was the masonic rostrum. From the public staging on the west side of the excavation, was a VIEW OF TltE SCENE. _ . As the procession catne up from the eastward, it was brilliant and beautiful to look upon. To the rifflltunu <l?. l.rr.o,l P..I,.,... ? ^lr..l..t..n.r ,1. ,i?n to Mount Vernon; lorthe view extended to that turn in the river, liere and there u Hail dotted the surface, and close at hand stretched the long bridge, a ntile and a quarter over to Jackson city, or the one house which occupies the site of that commercial emi>oriurn. lMiind us, across the stream, were the wooded heights of Arlington, the scat of G. W. 1'. Custis, Esq., one of the last of the Washington family?to the left or the the northward, on its elevated site, was the . White House and itsbenutifulgardeiis in full view, with tin* mass of the city, including ttie majestic buildings of the federal government. churches, Arc., extending eastward to the foot of Capitol IMI. Directly to the eastward, a uub- oil, on its lofty delation, was the capitol it-elf, rising from its groves as from adense forest,andstanding out in full lelief, in till ifnimposing grandeur. Intervening halt way on the"1Unll was the Smithsonian Institution, going up in elegant style, promising, indeed, to be th# most beautifully picturesque edifice on the continent. Immediately in front, and extendingover an urea of the plain, equal to half a mil square, the pageant, the procession, and the miin body of spectators were congregated. As the line wheeled into the plain, it divided into two columns, the m'* litury d' bouehing to the right, and tlie civic societies to the left, approaching the excavation. When they had taken their positions around if, we should say ilrat on the seats, and around the site, cud over the plain, there wore not less than 2'i,COO people collected, may persons estimating the ashi mhhige at 25,00(1. The gay unilorms ol the niilimry. and civic societies, die brilliant display ol the fire companies, the dashing appearance of the numerous marslials of the day, tlte warlike nsjiect of the dragoons, surrounded by the multitude of lookers-on, including thousands ot ladies in white dresses, spread over the pfain? the pealing of artillery, the ringing of bells, the music of brass bands, the flaunting <>l banners, the ulcumin r of arms?the regular formation o organised columns, amid the contused movement of live donee mass surrounding th'in, were tne exciting and lively features of ill' b noil of the c-nti itamments of the day. F.u /un it, the apIMHcln-sto and the oittsliJes of this ni * meeting li(if?r:illv iimnlrrwl wifh hnnlht ftif limits. Midi us ice iTi'iu'i, lemon i rmit beer, ' gin).eil>read, iVc., hdJ iii< o,*i ator-i in these brunches of domestic exchanges app u? drive n btirk bminrss for several hours. Severn! organ grinders w? re also on the look out fr eustomers. .A'um< runs wuter hogsheads wore stationed about over ilie plain by the temperance peppie, tofceepnH hands roo! and sober; and we believe tney succeeded, for we saw not one ilrunkcn man on the around. THK CCRI M< IN IKS. _ I Order being achieved, a most fervent and eloquent praver wnso/lereil up to the Throne of Once, tiom the masonic tribime, by the I!- v. J. N. Mc.lil on, of Haiti more. The whole throng then joined in Old Hundred, to hi hj n>n, the first verve ofWhich in as follow?? iii fere Jvbovati'r a*ful throne, nations bow wttli sarrittl joy; K now that the I.or 1 is Ood ahme ? He ran rrente nnd he destroy,V The oflioiid platform \vnn'occupied hjr the I'resid iit nnd C'sliiiret, foreign Ministers, members of Urr>?it?s, ollicers of the corporation, the editorial corps, and last, though not lea t, by a number ot ilistinyiijslod Indies, among whom were Mrs. A exsndcr Ilmiiilton, (over hi) years of ag*,) and Mis. Kx-President Madison. Accident so arranged it us lo place the writer of this descriotion by the side of Mrs. Hamilton ?nd her daughter, and we would not have given up this honor for the 11 iee of Mr. Joseph H. Bradley, the distinguished Uhlef Marshal ol the_ day. Mrs ll.uuiltou was a roteniporary of Washington nnd ail the founders of litis republic. She flourished in their day; she lives in ours. We sat on one side of her, and they an the other?the only person intervening being

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