Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1848 Page 3
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\ u*c of Industry and Home for tkc FrtendI ICQ. Thie society, which may be clawed among the nest useful of our public institutions, has just ict *ed a re; ott of its transactions, with u powerful ppetl for aid to continue and to extend the range ?f Ha benevolence. It seems that this society is npi orted entirely by voluntary contributions. We otice several liberal subscribers among some of cv moat respectable citizens, and, among other mpines, that of James Gordon Dennett, Esq., proprietor of the Herald, for $30. This institution appears to us, from its report, to be a sort of prii i u:_u t i i J VUlt* Wl'l u'lmuer, in wmtii pvui icuiuicg uuu ucb> titute children are received, and work and situations provided them, on the recommendation el two managers, and on proving their g?od character. We presume that this signifies that viituouis people only wish to assist and aid the virtuous. In this respect virtuous people here below, dtfler very much from the Creator of all, who makes his sun to shine on the unjust as well us on the just. The following extract from the report will give tome idea of the nature and character of this jnttiiution:? " Tbe idhi agers have reason to believe tbat some, at least. of the adult* uround whom this charity has tin own a shield,bave been savingly beuellted by being brought under the direct influence of the gospel. Of the three hundred and upwards reo-ived. nioro than half were uuiible to read. Many who have appeared as ignorant as tbe 'untaught Hindoo' of all religious truths, have here listened attentively to the reading of the Scriptures. Others again, have appeared intelligent, teen better days, and been accu-touied to tbe retirements of life. Kach of these classes, in their destitution and *rlendlc>Eness. have found here a safe temporary home; and at the family altar, and elsowbtre, it bus not been unusual to witness their tears of gratitude. One who, on account of illness, was detained some weeks at the institution, but is now in a good situai ion in the oountry, thus writes to a member of tbo cimuittee, under date ot' February cm. 1m48; * * '1 was in tbe city a stranger, friendless and unprovided for. Oh. how dark, how cheerless were my prospects ! Bat He who had stretched out Ills arm to save, put it into the heart of a straugor to direct me to tbote through whose kindness 1 was admitted to that biessi d retreat, the Home. * * When ill, I was visited by two physicians, and had the kindest care. In my faiber's in use I could not have asked for more. To every lady who takes a part in the management I feci very grateful, and to the matron in particular. I can And no words to exfrets the emotions which fill my heart. * ? remain with ail due respect, your most obedient errant, E. L.? * Various similar testimonies, on file, might be cited, but are uncalled for." It will be observed from the above,that tne society is lious and etrictly sectarian, and we presume eevoted to the advancement of what are called? though somewhat inappropriately?" evangelical principles." Weadd another extract, which, except'ng a veiy meagre treasurer's report, is almost all the statistical information given:? "Thu whole amount of funds contributed towards the enter} rise to May 1st, 1848, is $11,704 24. Received otherwise than by donations $597 34. (See Treasurer's Report) 01 this sum $5,627 65 have been expended, by sdvice of reference committee, towards the purchase of building lots, ho., and defraying the current xpenter?leaving $6,673 93 towards ihe erection of the building, which is now chiefly in bank, subject to the order of the building committoe. To oomplete the edifies, and meet the current expenses for the ensuing year, from $6,000 to $8,000 will be needed to be raised, exclusive of pledges yet to be redeemed For the collection of this turn, the managers rely upon the continued aid (fa benevolent public, and, encouraged by past favors, of which they have been the grateful almonova fhav fro forward wifli tiono?at imnlut oil ou thnw trait, by tlir name faith expressed by tho prophet of old. 'The God of heaven, he will prosper us, therefore we bis servants, will arise and build ' " Thus it will be seen that the money gathered is chiefly expended in building, buying lots, and paying officers, so that very little out of the whole amount is really applied to the proiessed objects of the institution. This evil seems to pervade all the toi-dxsanl benevolent societies, which form themselves into corporations of salaried officers, and create corporate power and property in which a few have a permanent life interest and sustenance. Tut this ought not to prevent us from adding our mite toward them, as, at least, perhaps, 50 per cent 1 of it may really go to bless the poor,which is, after all, something. Intelligence from Honduras.?An arrival at New Orleans furnishes the Picayune with a letter dated belize June 28, which says:? There iB nothing new here. The difficulties in Guatemala still continue. The mails are entirely suipei ded, and we are at present unadvised of the actuul state of affairs there. Nothing from Musqu to Tt rritory. The refugees from Bacalar are suit amcng us. Their condition is daily growing worse, and soon they will be reduced to actual staivation. They are" now living on the proceeds of their jewelry and other effects of value. When these are gone, and the money spent, God alone knowB what they will do. We have no employment for our own people; our mahogany cutters are discharging their mpn, owing to the low prices of mahogany in England. They now fully see and deeply denlore the entire prostration of all agriculture, industry and commerce in the British West Indies. Those wno have estates fail not to curse the lolly of the emancipation of the nej^oes and the free trade principles which allow the slave products of other countries to enter English markets on the same footing us the free labor productions of her own colonies; and from the exchange papers of the neighboring islands, there seems but little donbt that England will, in case ot a revolution at home, lose all of her West India posscstions. Mr. Fitzgibbon has been released from jail, and his fine remitted. Public opinion has been too strong for his persecutors. The learned judge who fined and confined him hats left this place, "running nway," never to return, and hope says that they whose tool he was and is, will soon have to submit to the same ordeal; so let it be with all tyranny in the nineteenth century. Every collonial paper, and many of the English papers that reach here, speak in the severest and plainest possible terms of the unwarrantable and unlawful conduct of the chief justice and his sapient associates, one of whom is partially to be excused, he, being a poor man, with u large family, and dependent upon the powers that be" lor his office, worth about $1000 per annum. The captain is here for my letter, and so I must now stop. Impoktantfrom St. Martins and St. Ecstatia? insurrection and emancipation of slavks.? The bark Polka, Capt. Lawrence, arrived here this forenoon, from St. Martins, 2rlth ult. Captain Lawrence makes the following repor* of slave revolts and emancipations in that vicinity.?The etnaiicipalion of the slaves took place on the Fiench portion of the Island of St. Martins on the 3d of June, and the whole black population, en mtiue, paraded the streets with tokensof rejoicing. Alter several days, a i art of them returned to work on the plantations, while others re ? tuned unoccupitd, but quiet, la consequence of the t mancipation of slavery on the French part of the IsLnd ol St. Martin, the estate owners and other proprietors on the Hutch part had met and agreed to commence tneir treatment of slaves on the free principle, and to grant such amelioration as was consistent, and at once to ask the mother government to complete the work ot emancipation. This st p quieted the minds of the people, and the wotk of gathering salt commenced on the 15th June, with a prospect of a crop of three to four hundred thousand bushels. The want of water in consequence is intense, and small vessels are kept running to St. Kills for a supply, but were not able to obtain nil adequate quantity. The Dutch planters were in exjicctalion that if the mother country granted the emancipation of the slaves, indemnity would be made to them. There are no troops Ht St. Martins, and the inhabitants are at the mercy of the slaves, who Ho just as they please. Quite n number of the inhabitants talk of leaving tn< island. Arrivals at !St. Martins from St. Thomas, state that several German vessels had been seized at St. Croix, and that the Germans | weie selling off their property with a view to settle at Porto Itico and on the Spanish Maine. lousiness in those islands is in a prosperous way. At St. Eustatia, there had been a revolt of the negroes, in suppressing which several were wounded. The ringleaders were taken and placed on board the Dutch man-ot-wgr I'yl, bound to Curacoa, whe re they will be tried. It is also stated that lour negroes were killed during the insurrection . at St. Kuetatia.?Boston Traveller. Kili.kd.?Two ruffians, named Gale Wagers and McGrct, well known us being a hurt of the gang of villains who are the authors of the recent outrages committed in the vicinity of Mobile, were killed u few days ago at lied Creek, in Mississippi, near the Alabama line. We understand that they went to the house of u ninu named Ray, for t|}0 purpose of collecting hii amount due, and it not being forthcoming, they promised to return ii: the inorniug. and, if it was not settled then, that they would take his life. Accordingly, the next day they returned, and on Hay's coming out o( the home, one of them fired at him, but the ball did not take effect. Kay being accompanied by two telatives, returned the fire from his cabin. One of them was shot down and was soon dispatched, the other ran, but was soon overtaken and killed. Ray mid his liiends having surrendered to the authorities. were examined and discharged, on the ground that it was iiietilinble homicide. We ho|>e this example may nave a salutary effect upon the remainder of the gang, and cause them to respect the laws und the rights of thuir fellow-beings. , The Heaths in Boston, lor the week ending on the I61I1 itist. were only 48; for the corresponding week last year, 71?decrease, 28. Of the 48 deaths, at least 30 were foreigners. Political litteillgourc. Is Gem. Taylok a WmoT?The Albany Evening Jt urn a/, the editor of which was a member of the convention (hut nominated Gen. Taylor, savsi We did not take cround for Gen. Taylor, at Philad Iphia, until we became assured of his soundness as a whig. That Mssurnnce has since been ni ide "doubly sure." To those who hesitate in rh'-ir sui | ort of Gen Taylor uj>?n this ground, we s iy, ui.m MiHiijipiy?mi ib rigiu. A Couple ok Young Statu Printers.?The Wiicontin Legislature has given the Sute printing for ihe House, to W. II. te A. W. Wyman, a couple of boys 14 and 16 years of uge. Fixed at Last ?The Bradford (Pa.) Reporter, publish) d hi Mr. Wilmot's village, which has been claimed tie cure for Gen. Cass, has run up the name of Martin Van lluren for President. Van Li ren in Missouri.?Yesterday we were in fount d by u gentleman, a looofoco, who has just returned (rem the up|ier counties of Missouri, that wherever he hud been there was a strung and respectable ponion of the locos in lavorof the Sage o| Linden* old. Our informant has had an opportunity of conversing with many of the leaders, aud heasmres us, a strong movement will be made in this Stute in favor of the Utica nominations, but that it will probably not lake form or shape until alter the August election. We have heard as much in this city, but did not know before that the feeling was so prevalent in the country.?St. Imuit Republican, July8. Sketch of Gen. Taylor's Life.?The family of which General Taylor is so distinguished a representative, originated *in this country from James Taylor, who emigrated Trom England in 1692, and settled in the eubtern part of Virginia. It is a singular circumstance that in this Taylor family, in no case has a son died before the fattier, and to the present time the eldest male member of the family has borne the name of James, Gen. James J aylor, ol Newport, Ky., (quartermaster in tlie U. S. Army in 1812) now eighty years of age, being the present head of the family. Connections of the family are spiead over nearly all the southern and western States,'and from it have arisen many of our eminent men, including James Madison, Richard Henry Lee, John Taylor of Carolina, Jatnes Barbour, Judge Pendleton of Virginia, Gen. Memii' an Hunt and others. Gen. Taylor's father was Col. Richard, brother of James, of Newport. Afterscrvingwithpatriotic devotion through the Revolution, lie emigrated, w ith James arnfii younger brother, (Hubbard,) to ihe "dark and bloody ground," in the days of Boon, and was one of the bravest of the little band who, with their rifles in hand, laid the foundation of the now prosperous and chivalrous State of Ken- i tucky. Richard was looked upon by Gov. Scott i (no mean judge of such qualities) as honorable, brave, generous and devoted in a remarkable degree. About 1785 he married Sarah Strother, by . whom he hud five sons, Hancock, Zachary, George, ! William, and Joseph; and three duughters, Eliza I beth, Sarah, and Emily. He was a Presidential j Elector in Kentucky for many years, voting for Jefferson, Monroe, and Clay lie died near Lexington, February 19. 1826. "Rough and lteady" Zachary was bora in 1790. His early life was s|>ent in the rough exercises of the frontier, which inured his frame und mind to the hardship peculiar to the leaders of armies, and stumped his character with determination and caul ious bravery. In person, Gen. Taylor is about five feet ten in tiico in ir-jjjui, aiiu 10 icuiamauic iui luc diiuiiness of his lege in proportion to his body. He is j etout, though not corpulent, and his frame is straight, vigorous and muscular. His eyes are | grey, hair black, with a mixture of grey, and the j expression of ins features remarkably placid. lie is very negligent about his dress, and many i amusing anecdotes arc told of the awkward mistakes which have occurred from his careless attire. During the Florida campaign, a certain young officer, after receiving his commission, was ordered to join the army in that quarter. His first duty was, of course, to report himself to Col. Taylor. Alter a tedious journey, however, through the woods, our officer arrived at a smallsnanty, called a tavern, about fifty miles from headquarters, where he | thought proper to stay three days. There were i only two visiters beside himself. One of them, an elderly, shabby looking man, with a black hat, j minus part of the crown, and a piece ol twine for i a riband, was very inquisitive, and .among other ! things asked qur officer what excuse he intended | to make lor his delay in reporting himself to the | Colonel. "Oh," said the officer, "they say Tay- ; lor is u very easy old man, and 1 can convenient- j ly make up an excuse." On going to bed that night, the offiper asked the landlord who that in- I quisitive old fellow was. " Why," said the landlord, " don-'t you know Col. Taylor!" About an hour afterwards, at midnight, the tramp of a horse's fee was heard making large tracks towards headquarters. CkLETIKATION OK THE FOfRTll OK AT Ne\V Orleans.?The glorious anniversary of our independence wss celebrated on Tuesday with the usual cilnt. One of the most interesting incidents in the celebration of the anniversary of our independence, w-us the leturn of our gallant regiment of Louisiana Volunteers, and their marching through our principal streets, in the very Wrests and with the aims and accoutrements which they brought from the scene of war. Their con.rust with our sleek nnd showily-uniformed city volunteers, was most impressive and most pleasing. Their appearance wiiH lllolilv trurtinl. Titer mnrelied with the tirm Me;uly step, ami the mechanical accuracy of veteran troops. The bronzed features of the men, their faded and long-worn uniforms, seemed to the multitude of citizens who cheered their progress through the streets, lur more interesting than tiie brilliant show of our handsome volunteer companies. Colonel I)e Russey commanded the regiment, nnd a fine band of music preceded it. As they marched along the streets, the regiment was greeted wilh the most enthusiastic welcomes and applause. At the St. Charles, Colonel lie Russy wheeled his men into line, and Generals Gaines and Taylor appeared in the portico and exchanged salutes with our gallant soldiers. Gen. Gaines mime a short and eloquent 8|>eech to the regiment, congratulating the men on their return to their homes, complimenting them for their valuable ser% ices and fine appearance. The regiment, in return, gave three cheers for the gallant veteran Gaines, and a long and hearty one for the hero of Buena<Vista. The troops then broke into column, and marched up St. Charles street to the Phcnnix Ilouse, opposite which they halted nnd stacked their arms, and entered the Plia nix to partake of some refreshments at the invitation of Colonel De Russy. An interesting and most striking figure in the procession was Col. Dominguez, of the Mexican Spy Company. lie rode in ilie rear of ihe milituiy, accompanied by some of the members of his company. He is a large man, of very dark comnlexion, sinister expression, and tremendous black moustachios. He rode a beautiful bay mus tang, nnd seemed to bear himself as proudly as if the whole ceremony and display had been <*ot up for his honor and benefit.?ATru> Orleans Delta, July (i. Ei.oruMEXT.?A young and faithless bride, the wife of the proprietor ot a hotel in Mount I'lcasant, ih nUinrr vli#? nnd hurl n tinrhl In lw>ffnr hpr condition, packed up her clothing yesterday, and eloped with a stage driver?leaving her " worser linlf' in n dreadful way, without a vife or landlady?and came to this city. The injured husband lollowed her. arrested the truant wife and her paramour, und had them marched up to Mayor .Spencer's office. The man was committed, and the "little darling" placed in the charge ofher husband, who is now in Mount Pleasant. " Such is hie!"?Cincinnati Chronicle, July 12 Ibit nty I.and "Warrants.?Soldiers land warrants aie worth, in Philadelphia, or any other money market in the I'tiion. $120. The scrip is woitli only $100, if sold at par. Our volunteers should, tlterclore, send for their warrants, und not for the scrip Any assignment or discharge purchased horn a soldier previous to the issue of the land warrant or scrip by the Pension office is worthless, the soldier having the right to claim his warrant or scrip. A friend at our elbow suggests that captains or commanders ol companies should make the above fads known to their commands. The government is not so liberal in its compensation to the soldiers tnut tney siiouki lose a dollar tint mey tire entitled io. Miscellaneous. At Albany, on Su turd ay last, wlulr Mr. Geo. S. Rrown was engaged in painting the front of a house in Slate street continued, the ladder upon which he was standing slipird. throwing him to the ground, and so severely injured him that he died in consequence. The commencement of Delaware College at Newark, Del., will ho held on tile 19th inst. tin the Hiternoon of the day previous, l)r. William Darlington, of Pa., delivers the oration before thd Literary Societies, and on the evening of the same the junior elass have their exhibition. William Ferris, Esq., delivers the address before the Alumni on the atternoon of commencement day. The proprietors of the Charleston Hotel otfer free quarters to such of the returning members of the Palme tto Regiment as choose to accept the offer. A man nnd his wife in Trov, on Monday, en deavored to abduct, from that pi ice, a young woman whom they tried to persuade to accompany them to New York. They were detected and detained by the police.?7Yvy Com. Ailv. A lurge fire occurred at Hudson on Wednesday last, ottginsting in the hay presa nnd lumberyard < I Chit. Mitchell. Damage some |3000. Thkilajmo &ckhk at Niaoara Falui ?During h severe gale of wind at Niagara Falls, on Moiidat afternoon, the sut>pension bridge waa for a lonj time in jeopardy. In consequence of its unfimsh ed slate, the fastening not being ;ilj in place, the foot bnoge wuh made to vibrate until one section of the cables slipped oft the Baddte, which canned the planking to turn up edge wise; but no otliei other damage to this aection of the bridge. One man only whb at this part when the wind struck it, who made his way to the shore amid the fe ir lul commotion. He hud reached within a fevv {eel of die shore, when a flying section of the unfinished foot bridge struck nun, knocking him from lit: position, but he w>ib so near that two .men cuighl him. and saved him from being precipitated into the fearful gulf! He was hut just saved, yet noi injured. While this was being enacted, these cond foot bridge, which wus planked half way ucrors the river, was broken near the shore, and a section of some 40 feet carried aw.iy, leaving lour men flouting tearfully in mid air. Their easy for a few minutes was one of the most uninent danger, vibrating as they were over the fearful gu'f full ffO feet, holding on to whatever presented itself;until the storm was passed. They were then relieved from their uneasy position hv meant of the basket and ladder. They seemed little worse for wear, and ready to resume their work again yesterday, and by night have all in place ready again.?Rcrh. Ado. July 12. Bata Extracted?Samuel Tyler. M.D., of'Frcdeiick. Md., recently extracted a ball from th: |ierson of Mr Louis Alhauyh, (of the New York Regiment,! a citizen of Frederick county, recently returned from Mexico, which had lodged b neath the tboulder blade, and since caused much pain. The operation was successfully performed, and all source of annoyance from the wound removed.? The ball weighed 1 ox. 40 gr New Crop_S?w Flour, froui new North Caretina wheat, a auperior artiole fur l aker*, at Crotun Mill-, 2U1 Cherry atreet. Ala , W hiaten Uriti, from no* whoa', Tliie in a highly nutiiti'iif, aurora' le, food, and m tire > in the form of pud. ding, Ike., or boiled with milk. IIECKIR & HRONIEK. Diamond Pointed Uold Pens U. K. Watson Ik' o., IS Wall atreet, ai.d J. Y. SA"AUK, W FuHoa itWSly hi Gold Pen of every description, wholesale and re a I, at anprcce dented low prices. Their Richelieu pen it a groat favorite, and it 1 lie pnblio estimation, the beet and cheapest pg i in nee, poiuli warranted nol to oome off. Uold pens reO'liuea. Gold Pens__wGreatoii's celebrated warrant' Od Diamond pom tod Uold Pone," indeetiuotible axoept by acuta violence,edmittoa by all n be the In a an>tpeo in the world can bo had atMo. 71 t'odaratreet. (uoar iho ixxti-hiH el Prime'*, Josiah Hayden Ik Co.'a Albert G. Baglev'a. A now improved " Br.wn's pen." Levi Brown's pern at roducod prioos. Gold pen: and cam repaired. A Voung Lady, of good addrru, poMPMlnp a perfect knowledge of the French language, may hoar ot some thing advantageous by addressing PltRSON, City Post Otfloo New York. cVa A K ft C I A L A F F A1K 8 7 HONKY MARKET. Sunday, Ja y 10 6 p. St. The money market baa. during tho pant week, beet steadily tightening. The demand does not oome fron tbo commercial classes, but principally from stool speculators and capitalists, for payment* on aocoun of the new government loan. Our merchants havi contracted th?lr operations so much, and the value o the staple articles of trade has become so much re duced, that less capital is required, and thos who deal in th'-m are therefore comparatively free frou those embarrassments which generally attend over trading and Inflated prices. The amount of busines paper in existence has been reduced a very great pe cent, by the contraetion of credits, and it will be a loni time before we shall find the market so filled with it a previous to the commercial revulsions of the past tw< years. xue banks do not una so mucn nrst class pa per afloat as they would like, and such is the distrus that nothing but the A. No. 1 is discounted at all Produce of all kinds has depreciated so rat idly in prlcer that immense losses have no doubt been realised, am it is impossible to tell what houses are solvent am what are not. Onco in a while a failure i announced, of houses which have, for yeari been considered wealthy, and the ootnmunit; is startled at the utter rottenness exhibited in thei affairs. This has created a degree of cautiousness 01 the part of the banks and capitalists, which has with drawn facilities from the mercantile classes, and turn ed their attention more to government and othe sound publio securities. Fancy ttocks have, for some time past, been steadil; declining, and prices now rule nearly as low as at an; time during the existenoe of the war, or the large ship ments of specie. This is not entirely the result of stringent money market, as capital is comparativel; abundant to what it was last fall or last spring; but 1 is caused principally by the absence of the regnla operators and the scarcity of outsiders. This, la eon ncctiou with the weakness of holders, who are com pelled to put their stock upon the market, without an; regard to the state of prices, at a time when there ar no buyers, accounts for the depression. We canno look for any activity in the market, and consequent! no improvement in prices, until the tall season opens There is a wide margin for an advance before previou points are reached, and the daily improvement in tli real value of some of the fancies, gives a greater oppoi tunity for purchasers, at present prioes, to realise han some profits. The annexed table exhibits the quotations fo each day of the past week, and the closing prices of tb week previous. The tendency of prices has, througl out, been downward:? Quotations ron thk Principal Stocks in thr Nk' York Markkt. Sal. Mort, Tu*t. li nt 'f'As. Fri & it Treasury Notes fa 104 V 104 V 104V 1U4V M% 1(?V IV New York State6V68. - - - - 97 ? _ Ohio 6'a 99% 99U 19X ' *>% 99V 9?V 99' K.nHii*ky ffs. 98* 99 99 Q ? ? ? 99) Pennsylvania fi'a 74 ? 73V 73V 73V ? ? Illinois ? ? ? ? 42 42 V ? Indiana htatr 6'a 61V ? ? ? 63V ? ? heading Kn Honda... 14% 54% 60% id 67% ? OK} . i. n ; ! t.'sgebinds. 63 ? 63 ? ?1 ? ? eading Kailroad S3 33V 33 - 34V 3S'? 3fl Norwich* Worcester.. 33V 32 31V 3I.Q 32 V 32V 32) Eric Kailroad, old 6" ? ? ? ? ? ? Erie Railroad, new... 67V 67 V 66V - 66% fnl Harlem Railroad 64 63). i3'4 62V 63 63 U 01} Long Island 28V 21 27V 27S 27V 27V Z7' Mohawk ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Stoning ton ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Farmers' I,can 28* 2?% 2SV Zi% 23 3H 27? Cantor. Comiwny 34V 83 33V 33 34 34 SIS Morris CanalTT. 9J, 9V 10 9% - 1?) U? Vlehshurg ? ? ? ? ? ? ? United States Rank... 3 ? 3 ? ? ? ? East Boston ? ? ? ? ? ? ? North American Trust ? ? ? ? ? 9>? ? A comparison of prioes ruling at the close of th market yesterday, with those current at the do ing c the previous week, exhibits a decline in Troaanry note of % per cent; Norwich and Worcester % ; Krie H. K new, 1 ; Harlem IV ; Long Island 1; Farmers' Loau 1 Canton Co. IV I Morris Canal %. Heading Rallioad securities, of all kinds, hare, ii the faco of the general depression, advancod. Rcadin bonds, during the week, improved 4 per cent, and th itock 3 per cent. There was but one Bale of mortgag bcr.dc during the week. This improvement has beet caused by the favorable prospect of a satisfactory at rangement of the plan proposed for the conversion r the direct liabilities of the company. A few dny since there were only four hundred thousand dollars ii arrears, and the probability is that thn necessary sui will be forthcoming to complete the whole affair. Th whole amount required was threo millions, six huudrei thousand dollars. And wo have no doubt many bond holders have waited until the ast moment, with th hope that the subscription necessary will be filled with out the-r aid. In the event of the movement failing they would have cause to regret their delay, as every thing depends upon completing this plan. Upon it suecess depends the nolo existence of the company, an prevents the road ultimately falling into the hand of the mortgage bondholders. The bondholders o I860 will, in the event of this arrangement fallin through, find their claims, at maturity, much less vain able than they are now. The foreign demand for Investments in Unite States stocks, consequent upon tho disturbed state c Kurope, continues to increase. On Friday and Satui , day last, the 14th and 16th inst., the Treasury Depart ment at Washington issued to foreign orders $443,500 Of this sum the Rothschilds received about $100.00( A large portion was sent to Paris ; some $30 000 to house in Spain, and a considerable sum to Oeneva At the rate they are going, they will soon ho out of th market, and attention will be turned to State stocks It is gratifying to see the value of our imports de crossing The exportation of speelo, and the hlgl rates ruling for sterling exchange, show that the be lanre oa onr foreign trnde is yet against us; nnd a prices fcr our products abroad continue to decline, am tho ccntumption eontinues limited, the only way t get out of tlie difficulty i* to import less lar*o|y am reduce our foreign Indebtedness. The annexed state i mtnt exhibit* the value of merchandise imported Int | thie district for the week ending the 14th Inst., (imle pendent of that vent to the warehouee.) andtheamoun of duties on the eame, In eaeh of the pant three years : ( OMMT.RO or Nl* Voe K? W'fESI.V I MPORTS. 1H46 1847. IMA. 1 free seed 163,170 131,047 UW.78 ; Dntlable goods 1.1M.27A 2.28A.0HU 1,888,78 i Totalmerebeedtse......$1,347,484 1.4*1,138 177364 | fpeete /MO (M %M I Inties Teeaived 377,818 #88,888 488,78 I Avenge rates at datg.... 31 Ml l#il 8 Ml t The eartie of Import* for the flrat two weeke in July, , in eKoh of the pant three y*?re wan w follow*: ? r July lit <* 14/A tn< i't>? WO 1847. 1848. V* ue of Import*.. . . $- I Ift 41 9 $1413 335 $3.117, >70 I for the two week* thl* year, the import* here been 1 $1 325,749 leu thuu for the eauie we-ka in 1847. Tbla Icoka very wc II, and it will be better if they continue to fall off at the Funic rate for the neat nix weeks. The amount of specie exported froui thia port for the paet week, and slneo the let of January laat, was aa anI nexed:? Siwpmints or Sfkcie rt?M tiie Port ok NkwYork > Ship Bavaria, Havre, rix dollars $18.3r0 t do do five francs 88,339 i | do do Napoleon* 774 do do Merman silver 2 07*1 . do do Atneriran Kold 1 5*10 , i Srhr Deeat ur. Maraeaibo, five fraooa 10,002 I Ship Lueouia, Antwerp, do 500 Ship Jawe* Hoach, 8 alaya do 6070 ' Bark < batham, do do 4 2VI Ship Hendrik Hudson. London. Mexican dole 10 150 Hark H M. Fiedler. Malaga live frit nee. . .. 3070 . i Ship Aylee. Bordeaux, do 22 098 I Steamer Trent, Bermuda, Mexiean dollar*.. 50 00*1 Total . Jnly 8 to 16 #105736 Shipments, Jauuary 1 to July 8 7 610,114 i Total for 1848 $7,703,870 It will be perceived that only $10,150 wero ahlpped to London! nearly all the rent went to the Continent. The weekly shipments are now aniall to what tbey Lave been. The Bauk of roughkrepxie has declared a dividend of four and a half per cent, for the pant nix months, ' payable 1st of August. [ ; The Farmers' and Manufacturers' Bank, Poughkeepfiie, has declared a dividend of three and a half per rent, lor the past six months, payable 1st of August. The Pine Plains Bank, semi-annual, has deolared a 1 dividend of thiee and a half per cent, payable 1st ef J August. The schooner C. C. Stratton, at New Orleans, from Tampico, brought between $450,000 aud $500,000 la J specie, for the United States government. About $400,000 of this amount was for duties oolleoted under | the Mexican tswiff. The amount of tolls collected on all the New York State canala for the first week in July, and since the | opening of navigation in each of the past two years, , was as annexed: ? ! New York State Cabals?Amount or Tolls. 1 Mrst week in Julv. 1848 $68,168 33 .Same period iti 1847 107.0. 8 13 ( Decrease 30,620 80 * Tbe aggregate amount received for tolls from ihe commencement of navigation to , tbe 7th of July, inclusive, is 1,072170 60 During same period in 1847 1,412,018 87 Decrease $330,842 28 As the season advances, the weekly deficiency increases. It must be borne in mind that the receipts

l last year were immense, exceeding those for any pre1 viousyear several hundred thousand dollars. I The annual meeting of the stockholders of the t Nashua and Worcester Railroad Company, was held s at Worcester on Thursday, and its affairs were repref sented as being in a successful position About 12 miles of the road,? from Clintonville to tho junction e of tbe Fitchburg road?are completed, and it is estimail ted that if money can be obtained, the communication to Lowell can be completed by November. The origis nal estimate for completing the road through, was r $1,000,000. This has been rcvisod by the Chief Knglg necr, and it is now estimated that tbe su:n necessary s to finish the work will be $1,188,498 11. The whole 0 amount of subscription paid in, including contracts payable in stock, Is $782 000. Whole amount expeudt cd up to July 1, $696,020. CITY TRADE KB POUT. '? Nr.w York, Saturday Afternoon. July 16. 1 The market for the better quality "of Hour, in good i order, continued steady, with a fair demand for the Fast, and for local consumption, while tots of poor "imHtw worn m rvl^Mnrl Ami unlfl ftt InUf rn><?a Thorn I J ... ?.. > * V I, were some email sales of flour ground from new wheat. y Southern flrur exhibited no change. Further Kales of new wheat were made at yesterday's prices. Vellow corn was In pood demand, and being in moderate supa ply, most of the lots ollered were pioked up, and in i. some cases at an advanoe on previous rates. Meal L. continued the same There was no change in rye or oats. Provisions continued in good demand, and r sales of mess and prime pork were made at full prices. Lard continued Arm. but sales were light. In Urocerj los. transactions were moderate.while prices were steady. 7 Tile Crop*. L The Hagerstown Torchlight of Thursday says:?It is a k matter of regret, that a great portion of our unusually fine wheat crop has not yet been secured and that it has 7 been materially injured by the continuous rains of the it past week. Wo understand that a good deal of that x remaining In the lit ids has sprouted. A letter to the editors of the Southern Recorder, l" dated Coushattie Chute, La., June 14, says Crope t are the finest here I hare ever seen. Cotton near _ waist high, and nothing uncommon for stalks to hare one hundred bolls and squares Corn, good enough In short, the cotton crop Is said to be one of the b-st t that has ever been seen for the season." _ We hear a goed account of the poach crop in this State. The trees in West. Jersey promise a good yield. ' So In Delaware the Heybold plantations literally is bend with their luxurious treasures. ? S'ewark Jidcera tiler, July 16 The crop of poaches this season promises to be unr* usually abundant.? Philadelphia Uulletin, July 16. d Tlir I onl Trade for 1S4N, The quantity sent by railroad this week is 36.10909? r by Canal 13,613 07-lor the week-48.72310?total by >6 railroad, 040,00907?do by Canal, 170 823 09. Coal is , not much in demand, although the shipments are heavy. Freights to F.astern Ports, from Port Richmond, hare declined a little since our last On tlio Canal it boats are plenty, and freights remain without change. There appears to he a scarcity of navigation cars on the different railroads in this reg on. The company are supplying the deficiency as rapidly as possible. On and , afti r August 1, the rates of toll and transportation ad 7 vaneed 20 cents on railroad. ana tnn toll on tnn t anal 15 cents per too. The price of White Ash Lump and prepared ( oal msy be quoted at $3 37 Va $350 onboard, and Red Ash $3 62V a $3 76 cash?on time interest * added. ? MinerU Journal. { HARKKT8 KL8KWIIKKK. STOCK SAI.K1 4 Boston. July 18-Broker's Botirrf?8 shs Western Railroad, s I1' \; 75 do do, li 30. lOtlV: 40 do do. 100; tide Boston and Maine ? lirolrnad, 108; .'Ido Fitehburg Ral'read. Ill; 80 do Vermont Central Railroad,'.'2; 3 do Boston and W-rccstor Rai'road, HHV; 78 do Frudl' c Railroad, 17V; .37 do do 17 13-10: 25 d,. do 17V: Ml do a do, bliO, IfV; 6 do Pittsburg Copper Co, 66V? 8 do do, 00L; 80 do <a do, 60: 8 do Exchange Ban?, 93V: 80 do East Boston Co Div, No i 4. $4 bS; 3 rightsBoston a d MairOjKailroad $1 43; 2 do do, SI 4(h 2(! rights Boston It Worcester Railroad, SI 80. It was announced on 'Change at 3 o'clock yesterday, that the nooes^ary amount had bten Mibfcribed to oom'Iete the conversion of $4,000,0110 of the Rowling Railroad Ilonds and floating debts into a preferred 7 ? per cent stock. An informal meeting i f the Brokers' Board was held in the afternoon, and ubout n thousand shares of the old if stork were sold at prices ranging from S17V to $174,, for oash; 4 and $18,V to $18V ?n CO to 00 days credit.?Boston Courier. '! FOREIGN MARKETS. ; BF.Ltir. Hon., June 23.?Mese pork, $12 to $14; rump, $10 ; prime, $9; flour, $8 ; butter. 20o to 23c : cheese. 10c to 15o ; Inrd, 9o cofloo. 12c ; sugar, loaf, n 12c to 14c ; brown, 6c to 10c ; beef, mess, $10 ; pr me, g $8 ; mackerel. No 2, $7 ; No. 3, $6 ; ootlflah, 4c to 6c : i rice. $4 to $6V- The present prospects aro a glutted n and looeening market for the next four months. I Married, On the 29th of Juno last, by the Rev. Henry Chase, >f Mr. John Fkrrf.m., of Yorkville, formerly or Peters,a ville, Maryland, to Miss Christiana Richardson, of Yorkville n On the 13th instant, by tho Rev. Ooo. Benedict, Mr. n Pr.Trs Brunei, of this city, to Miss Aor.t ia Tikr, e daughter of Jeremiah Tier, of Yonkors. Weetchester . county. N. Y. II l.onf may they live?happy may they be. |. Blessed with contentment, and from misfortnne free. 0 Dirtl, i' On Sunday evening, July 16th, of consumption, > Rout ht L. MoMtiom ttv aged 26 years and 4 mouths, eldest son of the late James Montgomery. The friends and relatives of tho family, also the members of I hrystal Fount Tent, No. 19. I O. of II . nre d respectfully invited to attend the funeral on Tuesday, . 18tli. at 2 P. M . from the residence of his father.inlaw. William W. Ilillikrr, 08 King street. His remains >f will be taken to Greenwood Cem?tary for interment, g In Brooklyn, on the 16ih instant, ( ttvsi rs Wanton Oi net, aged 33 years. Ills friends, and those of his brothers, James N., Samuel S , and Frederick A. Olney. arc respootfully iud vlted to attend the funeral, at 80 Nassau street, on . Tuesday, IHlh instant, at 2 o'clock. P. M. Services at the I burcli of the llnlv Trinttv at. half oast 'A ills ri-tnnin.? will bo taken to Providence for interment, t. On Sunday, the lflth inatant. after a lingering 111ner?, Kli7.aretii H/^ovkbt. wife of Jacob ( 'overt, and daughter of the late Samuel II ur lock in the 34th jear > of her age. a The friend* and acquaintance* of the family are rerri rttnlly Invited to attend her funeral, from her late ' riM'ienre, No 4 Sheriff etreet, on Tuesday morning, the 18th instant, at 10 o'clock. On Sunday morning, the ltjth intlant. Mr Jurni R. Sh of Troy, N. Y . In the 4Hth year of hi* age The friend* of the family are reapeetfnlly invited to k at tend hi* Itinera', tvhieh. will take place to-morrowj r Tnefday) at 2 o'clock P M , from No. 233 Weat ll?th . Mrcrt. wlthour further Invitation. I ???????????? I.V1R S.*l F 7IIF, F.NTIKi: flit Til* (INK HALF INTK? r r- . iii the Lea , (# yt at tat i r ?Ith tii? J hnrnlurc,* mnl ImpiovemeiiU. ef too Pntillc Ilouae lerrut'l favorably known e? Tin I'lase. ' ,Vn. Srt Naaeau etront, ^ neatly npj-jri e the fttn Building*. T1.c |>n>pri*t*r being in0 pit In other huriii*** i *nii"t, ?f er tlie 1*1 <>i Align** ilevo a a* notch ef III* time to " I he I'Imc* " n* It require-, would iltfpow ef the whelc er the above Inter**'. to | -mon |UAlin*d, free frmn ? euilirme-tneut, si,.'ef ,;or<l el..*T*et'e, t i vlenu if in a ram on 1 rttirlty. F?r further particular*lini'tir*uf l.KtVM &. FORI), ?* t) e |>rrtrd*** between |0 A. M ?nd I r. VI TO 1 NII Al'J'Y HIV Kb AN l> IIIISBA NT>S?'TRB t NIIRR. il t.cti * avtng had great eif i rioxi* in IHrnre* <*? , tier*. ? ty tint r* 1.1? rcrvtee* to pert'** <?i t<? ?e two.** d fcrni tha le* of Jttoiflmi.r.y, or whn itcntrc to tie af.aln eligthte f..r Mai* I J riie*. Office k'tiV' *f'"r 3 i/i *ho a/i mKin. Conkd?nW*l*ctw- ! X B.'.ri trailer*, prat paid, prefer!* atfeeiteil to. U J AMI S MeOAY, I ^ J?'Chamber* *t cottar of Centre ?t, np ?vatrs | i '\ CRNTRKV 11,I K COURSB, TROTTINU?PlfRSE $7*>. Mlf.E ?rata ken' tlirr* la lira la harnaaa will aoiaa offoa Jfonday. Jul* ?7.?>, at 3 o'oloofc, P. ?.. aad oloaed with tha two oelebra ed Inlbi* Imr ?. Ltd) i'ltton ad lady 9u#>>k, D Brian, gray mm* fad. Suffolk: J Whelple., hmwa mar* f.ady Sutton. 'Ill* ram Will will learn th* Mouth half past two o'oloak, a?<J n turn a'le th* raoe laover. CrnirrrllV July 14, I MX. Jugf, rQVICf.IV. Proprietor. Or Hi Ml All HIE Vt Oltl.L*?4IKKAT Ml'. LBUKB hwv| >takes?I2,)4IU SuUciiber* at tftoaeh. The party fur whom till- ur?t hunie I* drawu to reneire ? JM**); the second horn, ?iU,UH0; the third home, thi.nne to he divided anting puriim .hewing "The .-tarier*." the Ilk* among hou-S'.artera,' ?UUHtl. Bwceneftkre, No. 3?12,1*10 SuhecrlUraat t * each- l iret hone, ?IU,l*m: aeooad hone. ?B,"*W: third ht ree, i.a.itki; dtvulid autona Starlore, a.3,(??r; divided among Non-Siartern, L.3.HK). Kwrepetakee, No. 3?|2.i*]n Huhaoritian at ?1 each? 1 Int hone, ?4,' UO; eeeoad horn. ?i,t??l; third florae, t'.'.rt*.; Marten, ?2.i?-o: divided unou N on Starter*, ?2.000. Pnrtle* ilemruae of neeunnn chancre in ekhrr or the above Swoop. Uke*. are rei|uc*ted to make ?urly aiipliuttioii, ae each Sweep will lie drawn immediately It i* full. The remit of the drawiua will I c a.licrt ived in the 'lime*. xiulr, 1 t(? " , dvu daiiy pupera. Tu give ladies an opportuniiy of taking shares, scrip will 1st liim.-d in initial*, at tli? option of >h< sul> rtilsrs. All communications, (o insure attention, must oonain a remittance. Forei^ti orders may I* made payable in Loudon; but all letters must he adrirewed to Kicliarl Niehnlls and James I Parkinson. Tcniple.S<|s:irv, Ayleshury, England. The third horse 1 to be decided by "llell'i Lilo." Prtiea paid any day after the | race, Iss* Id per cent. TIhi rare will la run at Duneusler, on the Idth of Senium tier, I84R. To prevent fraud, no eorip will be .outline tin'ere the letter containing it hears the Ayleebury poetmark Stibeerilcr* wishing in and Rank Notea had better aand halve* bv diflrrent poala BY UWIS It MOKTIMOkE?T-HUI IH7 CHATHAM ST.? Pawi broker's tale tl.iiday, Monday, July 17, at illo'olook, a large collection of unredeemed pledge*, via: ?Men's Over ami Hie.* Posts, t ante, Vests, downs. Shawls, Pillows, Quilts aod M ateli f baine, with a variety of other Je?elry. Ity order of ARK i Ham QoQOM in, :il Centre strest. M' ANTED- A SITUATION IIY A I'ROTESTANT YOUNG airl, aa nnrrc aud tewing, or as chambermaid, understands her busineas isofeetly well, no objection to travelling; the best of recoti mendationa given. Apply at 172 llth street, between lb? 1st and lid avenues, first floor, back room from 9 A. M to fi P. M IMtihMATIO.v WANTED?Of HORERT I.YNE, WHO left his home, Detroit, Mich., about the middle of May, 1847, it. tendb r to go to sea, but it is thought he is either in Albany or New York. Anv informaliou of his whereabout* will be haukfi Ih received and lilicr-illy rewarded by Ilia father. Kniiuire of STEPHEN RAK. 107 W<st sf. New York. WANT ED?A YOUNU MAN FULLY COMPETENT TO attend a grocery store. Those only who have had experience in be city tra.'o may apply tliii tnorniug before U o'olock, at No. 7fi Nssiwu atreet. WANTID-A SITUATION Hi A KESPF.' TABLE Cilltl? to do p'ain sewing ?nd to take careof a child, or to do the ehaoil erwork of a email family, timid reference. I'leaae to call ai fkiSp- in rtreat IVmn 10 to S. sec nd floor, front room \\J ANTED-BY A KEnPEI TAI1LE PKOT??TANT YOUNG Yv woman, a situation as seamstress and to take care of a haby; lias it good km w ledge of dressmaking. No directions to go to tlio country, or wouli like to obain a situation to travel for the summer. Best city teferenees given P ease eall at 8fl Vandam street, between lludion and (ireenwich. XJkJ ANTED?IOKTY AO F. NTS TO SELL TUE LIFE Of VT Gen. Taylor, Juit published. It Is illustrated by sixteen beautiful Engravings Also a Variety of uther highly embelli-hed work*. Some Agents are now making from throe to tire dollars A day in selling tliese work* Apply to E. HUTCHINSON, 1?2 Naaaan street. N T. \jkj ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN UltiL A Yr *itu*tion a* chamberinaid, or to wash, iron snd cook in a small f?mily. Can be seen for three days. Apply at No. fl Isiroy ?t. formerly Burton rt. N. B. Can spesk good English. Nlkse wanted-an american or english i1irl run hear of a Unit rate place by calling at Uti West street, low York LOST-ON FRIDAY EVENING, IN TUE VICINITY of Catharine street, and 227 East Hroadway. au oblong mournii g Breastpin. The Under will he liberally rewarded, by leering it at I o.vd ? Express Otlice. 47> William street. RINGGOLD ASSOl IA I ION?THERE WILL U? A MEETing of the Amorlation on Monday craning, at 8 o'clock, at Central Uonse, on l iitincrs of importance. Every member is roi|uestrd to be punctual. Itv < rtlcr, IIDI.BEKTON, Secretory. VIT11 O'BRIEN I LL B-AN A I) IOCKN ED MEETING OF tJ ih s Club (formed in pursuance of the rooommondation of tho / nieriran League for Ireland) will beheld at "the Grapes," 27 James street, this evening, 171 li inat.. at K o'clock. WM. DENMAN, P.esident Pro Tern. Jss. G-Smith, Secretory Tro Tern. Life insurance agency.?agents wanted in tl.e cities of Philadelphia. Boston, Baltimore, Albany, and Buffalo, f, r an English l.ll'e Insurance Company, established in New York. Reside taint ose cities mar spply by letter, post p iid, with nanje and address, to " F.. Box 162ft, Post Office, New York. Tlie inost nnexceptiouohle references as to rospeelability will be required. Boat for sale or to let-a beautiful yacht of about ten tons, now lying at the foot of 20th street, North River. She is newly fitted, and a good sailer, and will he sold or let at s moderate price. Inquire of PETER DE LE REE, at the Hotel on the Dock, foot of luth street. Mrs. Carroll's vapor baths, ,im broadwav, near I^onard street, next to the Cerlton House. Many persons, ignorant of the mode of nsin< the Vajior Bath, dreed it ika very serious undertaking. Nothing oin he sitnido efll< H-nt, and sgrceahlo, when proporly administered. Salphux Tin t lie alwoye road v. J AMIS' BANK NOTtS AhE redeemed BV W.S. KEU logy. No. 41 X William street, at one-half per cent discount, ar.d bought hy ali the Brokers at the nsual rate of other State money. TO 8PORTSMBV.?FOR SALE A SETTER DOO IX YEAR old well broken, a thorough bred dor, end most curiously marked, being pure white, with yellow cure and jet Mack tail. Will I e sold low, an the owt cr lifts no place to keep him. Apply before Tmsday next, at I'nrdy'i Billiard Saloon, 11. Grand street, a joining the Hr'ftdwav Home. I .A or SALE-A PINK DAPPLED GRAY HORSE, STANDS nearly sixteen l ands high, perfectly gentle, has been used for single or double harness; is sold for want ol nse ; warranted kind ana gentle nnder Ore saddle. Address N. It , llera'd office. Highland citv guard?for sale, a very elkgunt uniform remplete, with regulati n dirk, Re., new. fr m the establishment of " lluekmaster. " London. Intondel tora gentlemen (li n'enai t) retiri g froin the British service. Apply to J. K. 1IETIIUNF. al R W. CameTon's. 1IJ Front stm t TANNER'S MAP OK THE W0KLD-TIII5 MAP. WHICH is com "rueted on the globular projection, is free Irom tlia objection to Mcrcator'r in spa, which afford a very dh totted view of the rrla Ire sixes of couo tries, and arc. there foie. unflt for com. nton use. Mr. Tanner's map isi ngntvsd on tix sheets, each In ra'Spltcre lieing nearly four Let in diameter; It contains all the re-, cent discoveries, together w ith statistical tables, hoig'.tsof moantain*, he., and is well calculated for daily reference with regard to the-a riuus conn tries to a hlcli late ov-ntr dlro tt pullie attention. The map mny be bad at the store Vo. 5 Barclay street, whore large map# of Europe, Asia, Af.iea, United States, N rih and South America, pocket maps at d guide bonks, may be had. Facts for the million?a clear, white, transparrnt skin is as essential to health as it is to lieauty. At this stsson, particularly, the delicate pores of t e skin are liable to be filled w ith imparities, wh ?h speedily concrete and form what are iite< nectly termed "worms"?csj-eeially on the forehead, flaoe, nope and chin. The prevailit g. hut i ighly inexpedient, prut loo is to sipteera tl eie "worme" out with the thumb nails, and the result is the formation of numerous angry looking pimples. Now all this unsightliness and disfiguration mav ho completely avoided by a free nse of Uottrnnd's Matchless Italian Med rated Soap, which, by ite searching properties, will i-fallihly clcunru tho pi .res, at d remove evrry thing in the shapo of dirt, tan, freckles, sunburn and, while ite medicated properties arc such that they *1 wlily cure chafes, crack*, chip*, pimples, roughnoas. ringworm, or ary o'ber disease to wh eh tho m< et tender cuticle ie liable.? Mot' etc, should always nae it to wash their chililroo w ith, and fathers will find it a drlicinni article *o iha -e with Tboother valuable toilet prr|?ratl<m8 of Dr. FKMX GOCRAITD, can only he ohtaircd genuine at hie depot, t>7 Walker (treat, first etore west of Broadway. Card TO OAS AND CROTON 1VATER CONSUMERS? f INCH ft CARTER, Oaa Fitter.* and Plumbers, No. 37 Bi'Wcty, New York, having had many years experieaoo in the abort- litis new. arc now prejmred to put up pipo and flxtnrex for Oas or Water, in storre, private or public buddings, tic., on roasonal le terms. Families retiring to the rountrv for the season, w ould And it advniitagcons to bare Gas put in their houses durinK their alatnoo. All such work dono with groat care, and warranted. N. B.?The licxt refert-ncca given. WII.I.IAM 8. FINCH. THOMAS CARTER. Gold i.eaf and dentistsuoi-dfoil,ofsuperior manufacture, for sale at tho manufactory, M Kuede street, lower than any other ettahliahment in the city. .i k wal.'on. Wll. BKKBK fc.t ()., HATTERS, l.V. It ROADWAY. NEW York, and I3S Cbe nnt street, Philadelphia, toko this opportunity of stating a few facts in relation to tho s>y e and quality of t.l e goods offered for sale at their establishments. It's a wall known fact, that tho stock used in their manufacture! I* (elected rxpreesly for their uro in the best foreign matketa, without regard to price. ItU a fact that the quality of the workmanship employed by them cannot le surpassed; and It is also a well ostm hitched fact, that their fashion is adopted at soon ne it is issued hr nine tenths of the hatters in the United States All that W. if. It. ft Co. would doairc is, that their hats may be tested by a fair cod impartial trial. Thy will oonliden' ly abide tho issue. nnn_to ,oavi on bond ani> mortoaor, on prdnoure real estate, In one or more sums. Apply, In tho Bank Note Exchange tilTho, to JOHN r. COWKEY, No. (50 Wall atroet. prrr " new yohk.- f. brancard has thi A ' honor to Inform his friends and the publlo, that ba has taken MM al ore Hotel, nuder a long lease. Since the let of May ba baa retittrd and furnished it In an elegant and oommodioui manner, and it ll now equal, in every resject, to the first establishments of tills description in New York. Ue therefore trusts that his forn;cr friends, as well as the constant frequenters of the City Ilotal, will continue to favor him with their patronage ; and he asiurea them that thay may rely on his host exertions for their comfort and ropTcnirnre. F. BI.ANC.ARD. (Late of the Globe HoteL) l ity Hotel, 4th Jure. IMA. Tiie Pavii.kin, new Brighton, spates isrand.? 11 is ft'liicnable and extensive establishment is now in fnll operation, and persona desiring to take apartments oan meet the ..ubiwnler tvety day at tho City Hotel, or he will be happy to wait upon thrtn at New Brighton at any time they may appoint. One ri< at advantage of tbo Pavilion Is that it requires only from minutes'.,, fr ti landing to landing. By a oareful oompariiv n af there i ruet'-ro, during three lias tiesn proved I list it le slw nys from 7 to 1(1 degrees coaler at the Pavilion titan in Nm York. F. UI.ANCARI). proprietor. a steamboat leaves New Brighton at 8 anil II A. M? and at 2at?d 'M minutes pant ft P.M., and No 1 Fier.Noith Rivoratif and 11* a. M..and at I xlf-jxW " nnd r, P. m. IONO IIRAM II YET TIIE MORRIS 1101 St. AT RONO J Branch, is n< w open for lite rooeptiun of Till term The subset !Ur wishes to inform his friends and the public that he has built to his?utaUi.vlimcnt oxtoueirely, now commanding a front of over MIO feet, whirc visiters tan .ptnd the sumtuur on ren or able tenns. by etoppiog at the nearest house te the ran. L .!( >>? < u, >ra 1 .-^. j. ? . ,n?'iinio, rropnctor. rj'lii QUEEN'S HOTEL, OPPOSITETUE GENERAL POST t, St. ilatiln'a le tinted, )<ond> n.?Ihia magnificent Ho Ul baring recor.tlv nndotT'TO cxteniire alterations, and a great portion or it ne*vly funuclHiil. trill lie found oa trial to han ao rlral in the intiroiolla, both ia point of aocoramodatioa and no doralii-ihatr' a TU Oadee ronm la one of the Irrroet and inoet .1010 fori table In England. Hoard, $2 Pet da*. Hot and Cold b Ith.a 1 li' I.MAS SPENCER LHN N*V, Manager, formerly ?">lef Steward of the Hritlah Queen Steamship, tao* in Now York, to Mr. O. A. White. M Cedar atreet. EM RM8HED ROOMS NRAH UNION SQUARE,suitable T fur tingle gentlemen, with breakfast, in n private family, if li -i* d, li.ay lie obtained by addreMing a note to L. X.,at tho of. fire of the lit raid. The boot of rvfereuco airenaad re paired. Boarding in warrf.n sweet?a suit or on* fiiraiaiird rooms, suitable for eenUomrn and thrlr wi?ee, to let, with beard, at "I Warren street. A few single gentlemen oaa nlao lie accommodated. The linnee haa bean uewly furnished, and will le made a really dcairablo homo for boaidera Keferenooo la changed. TO SINGLE OENTLBUEN-ITM APARTMENTS WITHnut board, in aleautiftilly located bocae in the rleiaity of the Ilnttcry. The apartmeati era fumiahod in agentael manner. Kir term a. (to . addrcM P.. office of the Journal of i'orameroe. LODGING HOI R DOWN TOWN KOR SAL*.?TUR n *me are tcrupiad by gentlemen of reipe tlbllity?the ftarnitfirola good aed wed adapted to the haaineea; audit i.inced 'cr rale only in ci>nan<|nunce of the III health of tlie ooenpant. Tn rat e trnuldo no one need apply who ia not prepared to pay $1(100 In - nab. Addreaa Boa M, Poet Office, stating time and plaeoof interview. ___________ _ O 'LEAKE?Til K NEW AND SPLENDID HOTEL, ON the Soutli-emiirrly corner of lir..ndwny and Anthony street, 4S tine Rooms, 2 Saloons, Re factory, he; Counter, Cellar under 1 the whole betiding, with Water Cbteta on eaoli floor. luunire of 1 J R. tVIIiriNO. A1 Wall atroot. 1 TBBTRCTII-TEl I.KK AT LAST-I KKCOMMEND THOSE wiehlng tme iuf..rm?Uon on the putt, present end future 1 enewmetance* of their liree, he., to call on iuKL, tlie Aetrnlo- 1 irr. IM Elm atroet, between Howard and Grand. New Tnrh, i N, B.?lrw informalka glrer, er no eharge, I v n. v ^ * Sf- < T1!EATV< K,?KON|>AY FVKM w . D will U performed, in two mu t?i ' jtw^ W MjTKh^rthe Imw-or M.1^ pZL llL {old, Mr. Tlltoa ; > Hhilltpe; w iu*-2T w!T wBlent. To he followed by U..; rr lid ?tfn?? ,,f |iiv? TUB I.AKK?llkanrhe of lle.on. Ml*. Vt.ry i',.vlo" KhJLZ. VleAlpno Mm, Mr W. Mur hail; rt'gjai. ee. Vl?. I'.V. IdZSTi Nllen, 1 ho Lady of the Into. VtriL Jorda ; l?vly vt. ???'' Broadlry. To roaelude with tin- oiocdy >4 I WO of TUl Blf-O-Yt1?Lady Carolli e Orantly, Mir* Ware T.ylor. Roaoe, M cento; Pit, MJt oeato. Doom opea a< 7 p-if?r, aaee iitaiatom at7H ?>bck _______ to IH|. >, AKTt.H f I Alt. tl*t'Al>? AV? MONDAY J w Evening, Jnhr I7ih?Thi performance will cntamenee with the f? S em. eah'ed lie Vt I DOM'S K.Tl M?llyrew 1 rtinain 1'rllain I'odgr, Mr. Dan (en ; Jer> tui h Cip, Jto a Oftten; Ja re ' hotter!*. M-ra H. Trltln T> le f lln-ed by* OKAMD CONDUCT DKAMATlyl/E, tuc'amed by Moo* and lltnt, Lahnrde. In two I'art*?Part I ?(Hand A>r and IfMMM from the 4tli aet of " 1a Jolve." Mom lAhuide : Oraad Air and Scrna r?m " I.e ferment," Mine. lAbonle. Part II.?Seaaaa Aet of " Onillanme Tell."?Air and Xcan*. MaWillde, hy Mat I ?t? rde ; >'< wrth Act of Oull ame Tell " '? he aou* hy Mhm I ill" rdo, and Clioroi: (Jrtind Air ard S> ana. fro " UwdHtoH C' tAlU.lM XU ILA'I Kh?SOLh r'AnPHJ IW> AMD 0Hs ten hi F. P. Phanfhan. Monday ereui>.?, July 17th, will ha noted the n u,leal d aula of DON CKAAIl l*E HvZkSf?Lloa Of rdrllaun, Mr. Lent r; l> >n Joat Wa"t; King Oadtlir rlmtdHiu; Iatarillo, Mine Ilildreth ; Ma itaoa, Miai UeahMNrt Marehl tern, Mre. I.herwood. Tu he followed by the new l*?ai piece or NEW YiittK sS IT IS? Mnae Mr. nwnfran: Kato, Mite Metiayrr. The evenina'a will ooiudnde alia the farce of HNCl.E fAM?Sam Hohha Mr IVday ; fiaa>tol, Hamilton ; Eniiua larlw, Mint Mitea. Ib.ora open at 7? I 'I'otn jtoi oio in-? ? \ u. Ho*.* ? .rent* ; Pih IV K: Private Pbi , fit CA.81.1.,SAll?lN-l'tl'rilltHisl'i: TO CitMMMNOM AT, 8"c,<*??AdtniaaioA, iLoente? ??n-w <g otreete#. Ma fleet Holland-Mr. T. Y. ( bul.b, Medial toy c r- fainter and Deooratoi. Pi*. Anae.o Mooto I., a- -,r H. MoNally-Prn. (ertiea. Mr. C.llbert-M nduy F.ventne .Inly 17, will be MtMh a uie arama re cnmray <11 in? J.ILOHITK. I.k U Dnek Mr ll?|. loud: Mr Kirlnird Wroiightnn, J. I, llukm ; l.nlv SnoieriVifd. Ml n i'Mllira; Widow Pottle. Mr--. Vernon. T.- o ncliule wlDi tRu let or' < f ROBERT M ACAIKR?Ja-p *? Strop, W, Holland ItZ bcrt Mucaire, Mr Ntokinaon; Hon-. Mrr. II. 1'hilltpH: <3?m?a. tin?, Mine NlcU- ?on. BURTON'S THEATRIC. CHAMBERS .11 KURT.-HONBAT Evening, July 17?The i-?rl--ririeiue will common?* with PA HI- l'K\ ? I'nul try, Mr. Burton; CI. Ilurly, Mr. l'hay?n llarry Mauley, Mr Crisp: Frank Hardy, Mr Dune: Eliaa Hardy, Mine LI i 11; I'hehe, Mi?? ( hniit an. To conclude with 'h? faia? ?f THAT HAM At JA( K-Jark. Mr. J Dunn: Waddlcloo, Mi. tlarrhall; Oranhy, Mr. Dunn; tuoy. Mix J Hill; Amelia, Mia? Morgue. lmnlirclo and 1'arquette Mi noma; Family Otard?, IS cum. Doorr open at 7 Xn'nlouk. Curiam rim* ?ttE American museum.?p. t. hakmim, propkimom. P. IliU'hunok. Manager.?Sple did porf-rinancea every dlw| noon, at 3){ o'clock, and ?very evening atN. 'lio managernaa engaged tli? o?lcl.rated Belgn.ii Count, Moor. Hlhin, 'h? tallaat n|? in tli? world, being lull H lei t in height 1 The unonnoua Una Cowilrleti'T, .10 fc?t long. Th? tlire? Living During Ontanga. th? lineal ever euen in thl* country, aiinanntly aa much humta a? H-ota. Tli? Fairy Family. Mr. fbuhlce, l e Ind.a Flu-let. ;*.i?a Mammoth liny?. Uiant Rahy Wax S-mpiuru Statuary. Madame Rockwell, the fuinoini For tune Toiler. Adiulmiim to th? whole, including Muerum perform au-ee, HBnente Children nadir ID yean of age and ole enough to walk alone, 1J){ ocata. Referred front ?eut? one ?ht'llng ?aen, ?v'ru. MECHANIC '8 ilALL, NO. 47k UKntiotitV, It IT W UK Brand and Broon<? ?tr-ete.? Oue Week Longer.?Monday. July 17.and every nightduring the week. T - OkICIN aLCHUIC TV 8 MINSTr El h whore mo- err? dur-n-t the paat oln? mmwMM bar? been rt ec-ired with euch U*ttngui?h?-I pn tronag? aid aitcaan? S-led ?uroew, have the honor of annuum iug t-at by thed?<il?nl he head? of nutneruu? famiHei. they will o otiuuo their pspwar aid inimiiebh entertainment? lor one week In- ger. Admwtoa M r?> ir. Dor-r? ?pet at 7, C-ncert oou n ei ting >tSo'<lo?k On Saturday, July 22, an afternoon Conner >, ooninencing at So*, clock. Men?rer and Din efrr, R P. OHRfRTT. BAN VAKJi S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF TUB Ml SHIS?ippi River, paiuted nn thro? mile? uf uanraaa, being the large?! painting in the world, at the F-.n-rana Building, In Broa4wny, atOoining Nlblo'? Garden. Open every evening, (Sunday oa- , oeptod) Admlaeton BO oenta; children half prioo. The Panorama will ?ommeuoe movtnr at id to 8 o'oloek oreei-ielv. Alternooa exhibition on Wod poetsy -nd Ha*nrdev. at .1 o'clock. Granb panorama of tavuiks campaign in Mexico, at tlio Minerva Rooms, 41*) Broadway. Sherman R Touaey'e Mammoth Panorama, shows in tho moat perfect ami beautiful manner, the Marches, Encampments, Hattlaa and all the stirring incidents of General Taylor** apeasAhaa la Mexico, the greatest Paintiug in tiie world. Open every evening? Panorama oointntnos moving at H o'ulaok, precisely. Anmissi n 25 oenta?no half price. No citato Rj* descriptive pamphlet*. HANNINGTON'8 GRAN D8ACRED DIGRAM AS ARE NOV > ?|en for the last week, at 300 Ur udway, oori.erof Waihdr street. Admission 26 cents: childieti half-price Doors open at 7 o'clock, to commence at 8 o'clock. Grail.I Sacred Diorama aI tkt t reation i f tl c World and tho Delug . An Afiermoa Parfonaance on Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock, for the aipaalal accommrdation ol schools. WALNUT STKKKI TIiKATKE PHI I.AOELPHIA.? Berflit of Mra W ,R. Rlake?Monday ereai?L July f7Mk will le performed the ooinodv of Oi.D HEADS ANI'YOnHi IIEaRTs?Joes- Rural, Mr Itlake ; Littleton ('oka Whsalty: Tom Coke, Htchinga; Earl of Pompion, Mr Hranton ; Lara I harles Koehack, Naglr; Col. Rocket. a'Rckett,* Hawthorn, Miss Fanny ttallack; l ady Pompion, Mra Blake; Kate Rocket, Mra Rogers. To conalnda with A ROLAND EDM AN Ol 1VFH?Fixture, Mr. Thomas i laci'le. IP At L'HSIONS TO THE FISH1NQ BANKS, OFF HUCKAr MId WAY, event Friday, Mnnday, M.nd.y, and Tinadaf* ?The ts tiknrt Buffalo, Captain llancox, will laava ReMaion street, at 8 o'clock; Canal street, 8Ja; Hammond street, 8W ; Catharine street, E. R? SM ; Grand * treat, 9; Pier NiiJN.K, A. M.; returning liy 6 P. M. Pishing taukla bnkk and rcfreaiiments on board. Capt. Smith will be on benra wMk biakarpaawa Fare Naaata UNITED hTATES MAI!. STEAMER WA IIINOTON W Johnson, master, wilt itosiuvely leave pier No. d Neath Kiver, (or Southampton and Bremen, on liur?day, July SMk, ad 11, A. M. Passangers will please to Ite on board nt half-past A and seud all bagsago not wanted on Uis voyage on hoard UN pievlun* to sailing. maikcl Uslow. Noi|?iiorpuMltM> alter Wtdnoiday, 19th iiut An experienced enigma on kmi For passage or freight apply at the nmoe of the ()eaaa Steam Navigation ( otniwny, No. nil Broadway. PACKET FOR I1AVKE.?SECOND LINE?TUB Ml* ONEIDA, Jaa. Funck, Master, to sail on the let of Aagaat BtiVD Ik IIJNCKEN. Irak FOR NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AN0 NEW YORK line of packets? Pooitively the tlrst and only regular packet, to tail Monday, July 17th. The new and sptoedid hat sailing packet nark Ul'MA, ('apt. Wm. II. Weedoa, master, la now loading, having most of her cargo engaged on hnaad, wtO positively sail as above, her regular day. For (might or paaawgn, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall nest eg toX. K. COLLINS, Mi South street. Positively under so etrrsirrtnnre* will freight he reeeived after to-inorfw, Saknrday evening, lSth hurt Shippers may rely positively apoa tMa vcarel willing punomaliv as advertised, *> e liei.-.g the lint react that uill rail, and in having th ir goods correctly maenad. Agent in New Orleans. Mm. Crwevy. who will promptly farward all goods to his address. The piekel ship Clifton, wlB am seed the noma, and sail August 7th. PACKET SIIIP S1DDONS, FROM LIVERPOOL?CONs*gi ecs by tills vessel will please send 'heir permits oa hoard at Orleans wharf, f ot of Wall street. All goods not m milled on or before Monday, I7tli inst, will liesent to the buMm etaao. I. K. CO I,INS. Ml ffooth sfaoai. Notice-packet ship Ruscius, from i.lvrkpoou willcominanoc discharging under g neral order, at Orttaaa wharf, foot of Wall street All goods not perraluad will ha sent to the public ett re. E. K COIp I ss. ,v> South street SHIP ONEIDA, FKOM LIVERPOOL?CO NSKJNBBS Witt please send their permit on board, at P er No. 5. North Meat. Goods not permitted by the lbth in'tant will be sent la Efa pohlicstore. IIOVD >g Ml NCREN. Aaaot TO PRINTERS AND NEWSPAPER PROPRIETOR.*? Fur Sale, I tecond hand sing'e cylinder I'reas B?d, dtaSl inches One second hand Adams Siugle lied and Plataa Piean Platen 34,^x24 inches. The above are suitable fur aewtpngCr am job work, and will bo sold at lew prices. H. IIOE V CO . 29 and 31 Hold stweel NO. 4.S) IIKOADWAV.?ANDREW TAAP, WITH KSPMEenoe to former adveciremeuu, now tiegs to intimate Ret uie me oi ma hock win continue inr a Knurl time longer at ta* present reduced price*. The goods remaining unaold eunstsk principally of linen and eotton sheetings and enirid> gs, table lineaa toweling). ticks, Englwh blanket*, real Welch flan noil, MMi and table cover*, cambric handkerchief*. mn*lina tap**, (be. Ba1*1! all moet, areftilly selected in their respective market*, ?f tk* very best qualiti**, and under great advantage*, they ar? weM Anserviag the early attention of Intending purchasers. Tb* skOM t* let and flnttiresfor rale. Removed?uk. cuai.Mk.iu. to ah walker irruutr, .Id d K.r treat of Broadway. DU. BOSTWlt K.'S KIOIITU I.KCTCKE ON IIAI.aITIHB poatliti* and disease* of the Genital organ*, Illosesa *d wMR drawings, will I e given on Wednesday Evening the ifth task. at HX o'clock, at the Broadway IIonsc. corner lloeeryaad Usaad St. Medical men, Students and Cattlemen are invited tstMai LECTURE FREE. Doctor fawiett has kemoveo iiih orrica to a Dry street, where he can lie eonsnlted on all Private Diaaa* the moet obstinate yield to hi* mod* of treatment, whieh I* ? W nen memorial system. Strictures eared on the meet apnvewd plan. Persona who have injured ihetusolve# by indissreetsedtaganoes, can apply with a certainty of etira. OmeoAl Day MSNt DIL GLOVER IS CONSULTED HI KIM, I' IK DAT AND evening at hit office. No. Id Ana si., (furmerly No. 3k im tli'-sr difficult and protracted cases c( Sine tan, Uleet, aad Dattoat Dbeaos which have proven too otstintte for physiotau ed lose txpcrirnce. i'rivate entrance through the entry to the *dtaa door. Hi* Extract of Co pairs, Cuhehe, etc, so eitea*iv*ly amscribed by phyiiciana may he ?t his store ia (mat, Na. 11 AM treat, (formerly No. Z) Price 91. Matrimonial secret?this important and ralushle Secret is the discovery of a celebrated fisash rip sirian. It is intended fur thoee whose menus, health, ur twig circnmsUnccs, do not |<ennit un .increase of family wllAu*? ** rioti* injury or Inconvenience. The mean* f pewM*a **at, and are within the reach of all. The knuwlalgt afariag thive nirana iscontainrd in this secret; the right to dlvahnsitka the United Slates, has Is-cn pur hascd ny Ur. WolssalheA, lata *f Paris, now of New York. It ie new, sare. infalliU*. bastaltaA convenient simple, and cannot injure the must d*li?*ta. Nat d.?s it curtail instrinioiiisl privileges in the leist. This so*r*t will hs sent, to any insrricd person, for Rl sent, poi paid. t? D*. K. M. WIISHELHOPF, New York City. Tliose b atlld may rely upon this secret. JN J FTII EDITION, UR. RALPH'S PR At TlVAL PRFVAT1 Treatise; on the Diseases of the Uenital Orgaa* Ikdf Nalurc, -"ytnpl" ms, Pr- greaa. ConMunenres, and Car* kkr eluding Masturbation or Self-ebuse; Htri-tors and ?rivit'r mtfEililinT TrnFivtl AiianfMl L/i li>? ns* nf ? m# both mm. Mi peg** with llluatratlv* IToiee? Prim $1. fib liehrd by Sieornslt Co., 141 Nirno umt, toil wild by *11 boob sellers: olio by the outhor, KB Greenwich street. Dr. Hwljlb I* eoneulted upon every dinner of the reoito trpnory oneeea Oltoe hour*. 9 to 12, A. M, 6 to t'. P. M (hominy etaepted) to OlWOwieh etreet Br Letter, for the boob, or eoesuItnMtm, bo* MR Lower Poet OUtc*. Most mtraordinaky itora-to tub harmed or thon contemplating marriage. Th? married wnoeen'e Prlrete Medical Companion, by Dr. A- M. Mourioena Ml Hi sdlMon. Price *1 Thie work 1? me*tin* with inoeb eetisMMng eto? (M.UUU coptM heve elreedy been diepoeed of.) I Tory Inmate to getting e cry. whether married or unmarried, although it la totended eepecially for the merried. M i. linolnoee Important eeoruta, which ehould be known to them pnrtioalnrly. Hen every tomato eon dieeorer lite cenaea rynipioma and the moot eOetoat raneedtoe, end moot iwrtoln mode of core in every mm. Per ok MB Broadway; at the Pobiiehing OfBoe, 129 Ijbertr etreet, Now Yeeto oJeo. Zlclwr *>.d Co., corner of Cheonot and Third ibiek Philadelphia; Little end Co.. Albany, W. R. Do vie, Bootoa. On the rooeirt of |1. * copy will be t ronton it tod by mail, (tea ad 13 Mega to all parte ot the United States Ail lettore meet be eMMM poet paid, to Dr. a- m. macxioxau. to* hem. New Teak eddto Otoea IV Liberty attune. Important srcrrt for tub married. - dihjo. rered by on eminent Pertain* aecoaebear; it ie the rntM dieccrcry ot the age, and Intended for thoee wboet bealtb, gp other cln'ometon ore. do not permit an inareaee of family, eeewb at harem of hoaith and |vrhapa of life or a?nooa tnjary. Tig meat * of prevention are within the reach of all, eoeMea ootMag. The krcwicdre ol" ueing th? meani ie contained hi tfii eeorat| the right to ilitelofe It line Don obtained by A, m. Uetoaaer, M.R, lately arrived from Fiance. It :e new, ealh. iefhlliMn nowrenirnt, simple, honnlcns. end will improra the hoalek ef the most dc iceta eor in the Icoet curtail inatrimoatol peliileega lhieeecrct can be sent to any married Peru B, on the ?eoekel 51 (poe' paid), to A. M.OBI&NB*, M. D., New York CI jr. Iwege iotercet -cl may rely npou this secret, N.B.?Beware er MM Into poeiUone advrlleed ae ''eeorete." There are none eehaMi MEDICAL OFFICX?DR. JOiiNhON, Id DUANBSTRMM& near Chatham etreet, eo well known *a the tnoeb aneeeaeM praetitioner in New York, In the treatment ef vaaaMto din taer>. The Doctor'! reputation lot eklll In them oM ImM leetd see**, that have exietou for year*. l> pre-etalaenb Atom, eetoto tore, ulcere upon the body, or in toe throat or aoaa atone to MM Iiead end bonM of the lea, eMbotnally suiod. (toaoMgn donal weakneaa brought on by n euaret habit todatoel to by I tonne men, eauaing laaeivtone dree ma and nightly emCemena pn dtively pre Ten ted. Recent anetn enrnd to I ae dm wtomend neietuy. No alteentiin In dtok eg FnevemMm Mem WRi