Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1848, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1848 Page 4
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MTELLICEW E BT THE MAILS* Wahminowi, July 1ft, 1848. Titr Clm* of tht Wttk. Tbe Senate were chiefly occupied to-day t linccutive biieine**, on the question, we supposi of eonfirmin? ct rtiin gt officers of the armj whose nomination!* have not yet been acted upot Tbe President ha;* promised all the correapondenct proceedings of eourte, Arc., to the Senate; and w ? t . i r i ^ miepeot ttiHt to-day it na* Deeu an anu imu u with tlii*" Pillow case" in the Senate. Meantime, we untie rat unal General Pillow ha withdrawn hie bill of indictments against Genera .Scott Very kind ol him to do so ; but the Gene is! in-Chit that it requires the assent of boti idesto arrest ihe trial; and that the trial mus po on. It is asserted, that so far from the Mexican mis uou of Meters. Sevier and Clifford costing or their account $50,000 from the treasury, that they more than realized that sum to the same in exchanges on account of the army, to say nothing of the advant. p> s of the treaty. Picnics are held almost every day now over a> Arlington Spring, just across the Potomac, in Vir gima. There was quite a representation thert ) enterals) from tire lower house. Music, dancing, and feasting under the trees, were the specia order of theday Thev had "chowder" likewise second only to the Websterian Cohogg chowder ol Patdiogne Our esteemed nnd venerable friend G. W. P. C 'urtis, Esq., came down as usual tc spend an hour or two with his visiters. On Monday we shall have reason to expect r report from the Committee on the Wilmot provisc question. Yo-hk-iio 1.0. Wash 1 no ton, July 15,1948. The Command of the Northern Division. A short time since, Gen. Scott addressed a communication to the War Department, stating that tit perceived the different generals were being asMgned divisions of the army ; and that, if not inconsistent with tlie public service, he would wish to be assigned in the North-Eastern division. To this the Srcretarv ot War replied in (-fleet that th( department would have much pleasure in acced ing to G? n. Scoirs request From this it would appear ihnt 110 very greut deling of animosity exi?ts against the General. Omeoa. Oi>e of the Parts Heroee PHILADELPHIA, 15th May, 184-v Annexed you will find a slip, cut from a Frencl paper, receivi d by last steamer : ? M. Micheh litnK1 ant-onl>ivel de la legion d'artillcrie, oflioler di rasgDM fl'Afriqoe, veuu pour organiser T? legion d'artillerie del uidr national?, ? eu lu bras iai? hi. r dans lo quartier Saint Jacques 11 aeie pause par lo d <-U ur Lobreton ei le dooteu Leoaritain Mail ard, de la mome legion, a eu la cuisje traver MfgiA bal'e. The Captain Y uillard referred to therein ii Luciel MailUrd Esq . (formerly of the house of Therion S MaiUard, of New York), lie w?? a resident of youi city for gome 12 yearn, and retired from business ii 1842, with an ample fortune. He was well known ii New York for hie ardent zeal and advocacy in th< cause of republicanism, and in his house the oppregsec republicans of Poland and KraDce always found at asylum. Whilst in this country, he took up his cer tificates of naturalisation and became one of oui rvitisens He was wouailed by a ball passing thraugb his thigh while gal:aDtly leading bis men against tn< insurgents. His many friends In your city will bo glad to tearn his wound is not of a serious nature. Chicaoo, July 7,1848. TLa Ds>Ag*iari/? e\f 4 "Ji ?/ /1 IT/?__ 'l\1ill i1?-1 cm f^ln ?M sm J "/ vwyi.,11, Oowicrri, ond Van Bwtnitm, <5*c., $-e., 4*c. It is only now and then that a stray letter frorr ur far-western city occupies a space in your co lumns ; yet you have regular correspondents Iron tuber cities, not half as large, nor half as prolifii of fun, frolic and folly, and the few other thiag that fill up man's lite. Chicago now contains 20,000 inhabitants ; ii I860, it will have 25,000 ; and in 1860, 60,000. Yoi may not believe it, but St. Louis is the only citi west of Buffalo that i; destined to keep ahead o our garden city. The country about Chicago was recently des cribed, and correctly, by some correspondent o yours ; so 1 will not enlarge upo i tt. At the present time, we are ull in u ferment her regarding |x?litics. A Taylor ratification meettnj was lately' held, (well attended, of course, for i ?Uheld at twilight, when every body is at liber ty) before the steps ot the court-house, and closi by our principal hotel. Furthermore, the orator S. Lisle Snnth. late delegate to the Philadelphia convention, is the most eloquent man in the North weetjj and a crowd will alwavs gather at the souni of his voice. lie made a brilliant speech. Little enthusiasm could be elicited for T*ylor: bu wherever the orator desired applause, lie had only to allude to the defunct sage oi Ashland, and the crowd CHine down." There has been no Cass ratification meeting as yet} and 11 on** snail be hem, nouung t>ut manage meat can make it anything hut a failure. Th? General's famous letter to the Chicago Conven tion is hawked about our streets, in book form f about the size of a penny, and is made mattei of ridicule Ht every public political meeting. On the fourth July, that section of the democratic l?rty which sympathises with the barnburners of New York, had a muss meeting on the public square. Several thousands of all parties were present, and some able speeches were made by those who h ve always heretofore been considered the leaders of th" party. There is very little ^oubt that Northsrn Illinois will throw a larg er vote for Van Ruren than for Cass. As regaids Illinois in the Presidential election it may be set down for Cass, undoubtedly, but by a majority much lower than that by which democratic candidates are accustomed to carry tin " banner State." Nanttcket, July 13, 1848. NtmiwJcet Energy?AUronomers? IVhalers? Tk CoaU Survey ? Siatconut, and Shark Pithing. From the hilarity occasioned by o;.r delightfu 4th of July " quantum," I am troubled with i carotlhet scribrndt of the |?culiantiea of this littli apawn of the ocean. Nantucket is an old and singular place?sandy barren, without trees, almost without a harbot yet jwasessint: inexhaustible resource in the tndom liable energy and perseverance of her sons, wh battle with adverse circumstances and plough th remotest seas, reaping a whaler's harvest, wit which tbey enrich their barren, but cherished island home. Here is found wealth and beauty nor is great intelligence wanting, for while he sons explore ihe distant sea; her daughters navi gate among the heavenly isles of light, and fin new stars by w hich to enrich the catalogue of ce iestial bodies and edd reputation to America science. Miss M itchell has earned the reward of her in dustry mid scientific knowledge by discovering new comet, which bears her name, while lie father is well known for his admirable astronc micsl observations. Nantucket, when asked for her jewels, may like ihr mother ol the Graohii, proudly point to he Folgers, her Coffins, on the ocean, and lierMitcli ells ib the field ol science. I aHt forcibly struck with the Phornix like recn vriy of the city Irom its misfortune of August, 18tf (he cloud ol woe which fell ujion the inhabitant! was soon ex|ielled by the bright sun of defrmina (ton and hone, for w ith Spartan energy, they ros superior to l?t?', clu gmg more devotedly to thet seagirt home, forthwith the ashes of sorrov were swept Irom tneir street*, and in new liabita lions these ifUndeis forgot the troubles of th< past, looking with boldness to the future; for, mi< the stprms ?>I adversity, they never " say die." lriyoyed 11 short visit to Siasconset, und cai chocnuHy rrcotumend to all loversofgood fare am ftolite attention, the Atlantic House. Tills is a iittl village a short distance from Nantucket city; it i beautifully situated on a hold promontory of th island, overlooking the ocean, which roars unceu singly with it- ae? throat, changing its music n ev? ry variation of the breeze, a> though the oce i was simply a wind instrument. The view from the cliff is certainty sublime; VO behold the h ug Atlantic waves chasing each othei tiii tfiey reach these numerous shoals, over whic thev roil und kmin with maddening strength, a having found some part of earth to stay them I their onwaid course; here ilu-y dash mid struggl frith nil tbnr ptrennth to warn away n i thone im pediment* to (wKloni, pained to find enenrie ? ffun their bottom, to interrupt the su(< b n , t ion of iliow floatmt; fornix th it n ivigati the deep ; failing, th> kIiouI* remain dangerous oimI.Io era in en rnos-t unknown, though now acienc i? (r incline liiein out, and lorrning chart* bvwliie Hi e iiiarirtet will eoon be entiMrd to -leer Ins burl clear from shipwreck'* horrid fate. I welch the surveying vcaaele, that can be bit 4 milf errti ** they struggle and toil miinn* the* r>fH> and ahoale, toundiiift out and deterininin: their pOMitou When here two summer* ago, rrconn?H*i?e? w.?* made preparatory to the mor rlnlHiritr work which ia new progressing. hieu Doty wm* lhr?t tu charge of Hie undulating inatn eni in the f-ouili Toe er, and in my intimate a**' cmdon with thatacreeul l" and intelligent genllent i I learned of the detail of ihi* ureal nations work To. to !* rrgreited that the exigencies of th navaJ irrooe sftotrra hare required htm in the Ji u Jiuha aquadion, he wm admirably calculated fa I scientific purposes, and I believe be goes sat with the intention of making an accurate chirt of Jeddo Bay. I, ip common with the good people of Nantucket (who remember his deeds of daring at the calamitous fire.) deplore the loss of thoss soil cial qualities which so endeared him to all who hull the honor of his acquaintance; possessing accomplishments as a musician and a rip ' h hilar. he is keenly alive to the grandeur and ' poetry of nulure, as the following impromptu verses will show, written while contemplating e with me the breakers on these dangerous shoals IJ. Uiier H BlUIIIll? Great ware whereon from youth I have Railed. Kitteat emblem of man'a reatleaa, changing mind ! ? Throughout thy wide extent, upon tbee la entailed ' To be the eport of galea and fl.'klc wind : Thy form atill flying onward, leave* behind i One gale another eometh on with fearful onaet; C Sweeping afar the water*, all limitleaaand uuoonflned, Till here they comeat from the far off Niaponaet, And break'at, with mighty voice, on Slaaeonaet. ' Tbu* man, by chance, 1* driven toward hia fata, ' Or (Ilea, or atrngglea on with email avail, Be he of low. or common kind or truly great J Nor let him one of nature'* lawn, But with due diligonce attend hi* aail; t And struggle on etill bravely, with llfe'a *hip : When, then, in age, the fabric, man. aiiall fail, The end may be a* glorious a* the wave* that trip, Then riee again in mist, o'er famous I'ochick Hip. i Should the above reach his eyes wltile cruising among the oriental isles of the Cast, he will, 1 f know, for " auld Jung syne,'* pardon th; liberty I , take for this my pilfering. > Most of the rurul cottages in this pretty place are owned by old sea captains, whose age l has weakened the physical powers so necessary iu > ciini|Migns against the great leviathan ?*f the deep ; and, like all old seamen, they fight their battles o'er; their "yarns," inculcating a taste among th - listening urchins, lor hurling the harpoon and gathering riches from the distant sens. These venerable whalers, in the last year, have commenced a crusade against the sharks, not for their "hearts' > blood," but their "liver's oil"?each ordinary sized shark yielding 7-^of a gallon, and one boat will capture about thiity sharks a day. This business u .....i i ip irrs na/..iiu??u? ami ^uuc piuiuamc, auu w-iru 1 the sharks thin off, 1 warrant you these Nantucket1 ers will find a method for extracting oil from clams. ! They are a great people?I beg you coine and see I them. Bkncoole*. Connecticut S< lioul Knnd. We have recently received from the handa of the Commissioner of the School Fund of Connecticut, a copy of his report to the Legisliture ol the i State, which contains much valuable and interesting information relative to common schools?their number, expense, cost of each child, the manner in which the money is raised, &c. From the usual biennial schedule of the property and securities belonging to the School Fund, it appears that on the 2d of September last, the capital was'invested in, and consisted ol the following property, viz:? In contrasts, bonds and mortgages against individuals in Conn $079,100 34 I)o do do do New Ifork. 001 113 67 Do do do do Mass 170,701 01 Do do do do Ohio 140,085 63 Do do do do Vurmoat.. 0,333 17 In the stock of 20 bank* 311,000 00 ' In cash in tbe treasury 10.753 33 1 In cultivated land* and building* in .Mass. 37,032 00 Do do do do Now York. 20 035 00 Do do do do Conn. . 21,572 00 Do wild land* in Ohio 40 355 02 ( Do do do New York 13.400 11 Do do do Vermont 7 uj8 Go 1 Total $2,077,041 10 acccirri. The amount received in payment of the 1 principal of bunds and coutracta, and for land? sold belonging to the capital of the School Fund, in the year endiug 8 March 31st, 1843 $125,700 45 nam vestment*. Loans made to individuals in the State of 1 a- New York, at 7 per cent 21,050 j Loans made to individuals in Conn 55 500 Loan to the State 25 000 Subscription to stock of three binks IH.Gjo f $110,215 Leaving a balance in Treasury of $6,545 45 In alluding to the fact of the loans having for f several years past been con lined to Connecticut and New York, the Commissioner remarks that e he would not recommend that the am >unt ol loans t in the Slate of New York should be diminished, \ inasmuch as they carry 7 per cent, interest, wiiich _ isjiunctuully paid by the debtors at the Treasury e office in Hartford, without the employment of an agent. The amount carrying that rate of interest i is about $(>00,000. To withdraw it, and loan the . money ia Massachusetts or Connecticut, ut 6 per j cent., would dimmish the income of the fund > about $6,000, and thus reduce the annual dividend t about 7 cents to each child in the State." r In conformity to the recommendation of the . School Fund Committee of the Legislature of 1846, the commissioner has, since he took charge of tne ( fund, extended the investments in bank stocks from 77,600 to $319,600, which is now invested in iu>.nh,.ni,u i.e..irc ,.e u; .. ...j ... two as ioiinerly. ]5y a provision in the charters of most of the banks, the State is authorized to subscribe from ber School Fund to their stock at par, at any time, and to receive the same dividends as other stockholders, with liberty to withdraw the amount subscribed whenever she deems proper. So that unless the capital of the bank is wiioliy wasted, the School Fund investments in these banks therein are safe, although the other stockholders may lose their whole capital. The State is, in such case, merely exposed to the temporary loss of the dividends on the suin subscribed till the capital is withdrawn The School Fund invest' ments, in these banks, are, ther-tore, in the nature . ol dejiosites, carrying an interest equal to the rate > of dividend paid to tne private stockholders. The average rate of dividends received the past year from these banks, has exceeded seven and three-fourths |?er cent on the whole amount of stock standing in the name of the fund. One bank has nuidffper cent; seven have paid 8 per cent ; one lias paid 7? per cent : eight have paid 7 percent, and two 6 per cent. The number of children between the ages of 4 and 16, in the State, as enu1 merated and returned in August last, was 87,512, ? being an increase of 815 in one year. The dividend to the schools, during the pist year, have been $1 46 to each child, and are ex? peeled to increase during the ensuing year to $1 50 for each child enumerated. Though an addition ot five cents to each child appears in itself to be small, yet it will be readily " perceived that on 87,000 childr n it requires $1,35) e of revenue annually to pay it, and a capital ot mure h than $72,000 at 6 jarr cent to produce it. I The sales of n-al estate belonging to the School ' Fund, during the past year, have amounted to ? $19,061. r With a view of making our readers more clearly understand the character of this school fund, it may be pro|?er heie to state, that in September, 1795, certain lands in the north east part of Ohio, then belonging to the State of Connecticut, were n sold for $1,200,000, for which the purchasers gave their respective bonds, and that the avails of that i- sale were constituted a fund, the annual income a ol which was afterwards appropriated bv the cour stituiion of the State to the sum ort of the com non schools; since when the receipts and dividends have been as follows, viz:? Divided by the Committee and Board of P Manager* during the fir?t thirteen year* (being an average of $35,135 18 per annum) $456 757 44 Divided by the fir-t CommWiuner. durtug the uext fifteen years (being an 'i average of $52,061 36 per annum 780;920 34 I, Divided by the preaeut Commissioner during the la?t twenty-ttire* years e (being an average of $90,360 44 per uuf num). 2.214.197 30 V Total amount of dividends in fifty-one years $3,451,874 OS I lii the year IH2H the rate of dividends to each child was eighty-five cents, which has been gradually increased about five cents every two or 1 three years up to the present time, when the rate of dividends is *1 45 to each child, as before staled. The number of children returned in 182), in * accordance with the passage of an act requiring ' enumeration, was 84,179; the number returned at the last enumeration, mi 1817, was87,512 The commissioner, alter giving an interesting ' i.nd detailed statement of the management of the fund during the long term which he has held this . responsible office, communicates to the General ' Assembly hia deieniniiition to retire from his la? hoix si on after the close of th- fiscal year, on the fiist of April next n 1 e ? Kkmovai. of the Wi isnkiiaooks ?From the officers of ilie steamer fienator, w learn that there ,, is not likely to be any further dillieuliy in remov? ing the Winnebsgnra, though many of the tribe hud scattered, and it would I ike hoiii time to g-t p them together The Senator and the Dr. Kr.inki, 1 in took up Indians, with Gen Fletcher, the [s agent, i:$G head of horses and cattle, tlicir wagons, A c., Irom Wabaahaw'a to the point of debarcation ,t for their new homes. We hear of thefts being c ?<mniit'd by those that remain scattered about ; the country, and a party are reported to have H driven ofi 2ft head of cattle at 1 feed's Landing. We learn from the officers of the St. Croix that t a report wu current at Independence, s.iid to h iv. i. been brought in by an Indian, (hat Kit Carson, the bearer of despatches from California, had ba-n ? killed on the plains, by Indian*. We li ive infori illation iIiht he lelt California in April last, and r should now be in the States, Our inform mt does ,, not, nor do we, think the rumor of his death is en,r titled to credit?st I sunn July fl. Sword for Ukn. Scorr?A award wis exhibited at the United SI lies Hotel, Phil i lejphi i, <> Friday last, bearing the following un<#ipuon : " Presented by the ix-ople'of the St tie of LiiUiiHM to Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott, for his g ill miry and < generalship exhibited at the ?iege of Vera Cruz, in ] the battles ot Cerro Gordo, Coritreras, Churub.isco, Mojino del Key, Clnpultepec, and to his final entry into the city of Mexico." The blade, which wub manufactured by th well known artifi ;en Ainea Sc Co., of Cabotville, M i*s., is engraved with various devices. The sc ibb ird is of gold, ornamented wiih heavy scroll works. It bears th? arms of the State of Louisiana (a pelican fading her young), and with the mounting, See. wmm ide by Hyde ? Goodrich, ol New Oneaus; th-guard is ornamented by a in ignificent topaz, and th hilt surmounted by an eagle bearing in his talon a nrnll urtlK flio inunrnitinn Hjnbi " In consequence of the general not stopping ut New Orleans, the citizens huve deputed an aid to the Governor of Louisiana, Chan. S. Stewart, Keq , son of the gallant commodore, to bear the gift to the veteran hero. Altogether it is a most splendid gift to one who has in every way deserved it.? Itiiladtl/ihia North American. At a political meeting held at Chicago, on the 4th instant, was present Mr David Kennison, who is said to be the sole survivor of the Boston Tea Patty of 76, now aged 111 years. M A tti T IN B I M T K LL 1UKN C M. SHIP NEWS NOTICE. Commanders of vessels bound to tbls port will confer a special tar or upon us by baring all parcels, papers, and reports, intended for the New for* Herald, in readiness to deliver to our uews steamer, the News Boy. Sue will board inward bound ressels in the rictnity of Bandy Hooh ; and any effort made to faoilitate the object and the despatch of the steamer, will be appreciated by thk proprietor of this Journal. Those bound to other ports, whether foreign or domestio, will confer an additional faror by forwarding, through the mail or otherwise, ship news or papers that may be deemed of in fnpucf Tim l?alest Dales Antwerp June 14 Mauritius Mar II Anjier. Mar 23 .Vlumoh Miy 1 Alrioa May 2! Met/ .. . ,u.,y 21 Aix In Chapello .Mar 21 Mussina May 3 Antigua Mar 30 Modeua M-,r j Athena May 21 Malta runs 1 Aug?l?rg May SO Madrid % June 6 Aux Cayes May 30 Milan June Angiutino Bay Sept 14 Mnraeaibo May 2 Altonu May 2 Manaanillu ......... June i> Brcslno A pi 15 Mutanias . June'.'5 Berlin. June 12 Mayagues June I ltaule May <i Mazatlau May 1 llatavia Mar 3d Matamoiss June 7 Bay of Inlands, NZ.... Apl 2 Mexico (City) June 17 Broseia Apl 4 Monterey, Oil Apl 10 Bermuda Juno 13 Monterey, S'M .May 31 Buenue Ayres Apl 20 Montevideo May 13 Belize, lion. June 10 Merida, Yucatan June 10 Barbadoea June 13 Nassau, N'P lune 15 Bogota Mar 20 Naples ............. June 4 Bolivia Feb 7 N'euvilas May 31 Bonaire Apl 2d Oahu, SI .Mar I Baliia Apl Id Oregon Jan 2j Bombay May 6 Para May 24 Bntao*Santiago June 8 Turin Juuolfi Brussels May 15 Port au Prinoe June 24 Berne... May 11 l'urto Cabello June 11 Canton Mar 31 Palermo June 4 Copenhagen June 10 Point l'etro, (luod May 22 Cajie Town, CGII Apl 3 Pernambucu May Id Calcutta Apl 22 Panama Feb 13 Coni-tantinoplc May 27 Pnyta Jan 16 Cardenas June 12 Te-tli June fi Chagree Feb 21 Puobla May 2(1 CbiTiuahua Apl 18 Poson June 5 I Cienguegos June 15 Parma Apl 0 Care lluylicn. May 21 Freiburg Apl 12 Cologne June 12 Quureiaro May 30 Cunicon Juno 1 Rcndsburg May 15 Carihageua Apl 4 Rome June 4 Cainpcaeby Juri' 13 Kio Janeiro May 2'J Comiimbo Apl 2 Kio Grande, SA May 10 Callao May 1 San Juan. CA May 3 Cracow Apl 20 San Diego Feb 22 Chamliery Apl 7 San Francisco Apl 1 Camel Apl 10 Santa Martha Mar 31 Costa Rlrn. Feb 10 St Petersburg May 13 Dantzio May 10 St Helena May 20 Demeritra June 2 St Thomas June 19 Dublin Apl 20 StJagodeCuba June 1(3 Elsinore May 14 St Johns, PR May 27 Fsyal June 2 Sagua la Grande June20 Florence Apl 2d St Croix Juno 17 Frankfort May 22 St Domingo Mav 30 Gibraltar June 3 StUbes Apl 28 i Guayama. PR June 20 Surinam June 9 Guatamala May 3 Singapore Apl (3 Genoa JunulO SUal June 12 ' . Gonaivcs lune 9 Santa Fe, NM May 22 ( Guayaquil May 17 Sydney, NSW Feb 1 i Gallipagos Islands. Sept Id Smyrna June 1 I Havre June 14 Stockholm luno 4 | . Havana June24 St Luoia May 27 i Hague May 14 St Pierrie, Mart June 2 ' Hamburg June25 Turin May 8 | llobart Town, VDL.... Jan 22 Trinidad de Cuba Julie 11 I Hanover Apl 19 Taleahuana Mar 24 | Honolulu, 8. I Mar 1 Tahiti Aug 7 i Jcremie JueelT Tampico June 16 Jacmel Apl 10 Tobaooo June 4 | Kingston, Jam May 31 Turks Island Juno 17 ! Koricsburg Apl 2)> Trieste June 7 ' Condon June 17, a.m. IJliu Mar 25 | Idverpool Juno 17, ildi. Valparaiso Apl 4 I Lotnliardy May 3 VoraCrut June 20 ' Lagnayra. June a) Vienna June 4 Ijiguna June A Venice June 9 ; J Lisbon June 9 Vemna May 7 ' ! Manila Mar at Wiesbaden May 14 , Madras Apl 24 Warsaw May 3 Malaga May 30 Zanzibar Jan 23 < Madeira. May 8 j Movement* of the aallliiK Pocket*. Ship' to Arrive. I Shipt to Sail. 1 I.IVSRFOOI.. I L1VERPOOI.. 1 Columbia. Fnrbcr, June 16 | Fidelia, Yeaton, July 17 1 Patrick Urnry, Delano, June 21 Hottinguer. Rnraley, July 21 1 Waterloo. Allen, June 2a Rosciu*. Eldridge. July IN I New York, Cropper, July I | laaar Wright, Marshall, Aug 1 < Queen of the Meet, July 6 i Ash burton, lloarland, Aug 6 Sheridan, Corniah, Ju'y II I West Point, Allen, Aug II 1 p.'RTnMorm. POBTSWOITTH. l Sir R Peel, fhadwick, June 8 i Wellington. Chadwiek, July 17 1 Piinoe Albert, Meyer. June 21 Margaret Erana, July 21 1 Westminster, Warren, July 1 Switzerland, Fletcher, Aug 1 HA??t HAVHE. 1 N'arraaranset, Destbecho, "Jnne|l Havre, Ainsworth, July 211 I St Dennis, Home, June 10 I Oneida. Funck, Aug 1 1 Splendid, Crawford, June 21 ' Argo, Davis, Aug 10 i Movement* of the Ocean Steamship*. To arrive at Seut York. To tail from New York. 1 uvrnpom. utirpooi. Hibernia, Shannon, July 8 Caledonia. Leitch, July 19 America, Judkins, July 22 Hibernia, Shannon. Aug 2 SOt'THASIPTOW, kc. a HTTHAWPTOW, kc. | ' Hermann, Crabtree, July 20 Washington, Johnston, July 2d HAVRE HAVRE. United States, Hackstaff, July 10 United States, HankHaff, Aug 5 I To arrive at ttoeton. To tail from Hot ton. , I.I V EB POOL. I.ITERPOOL. Europe, Lott, JulylA Niagara, Ryrie, July 21 , Acadia, Stone, July 29 Europe, Lott, Au<9 ] Port of New York, July 17, 1848. ?r* Bias* 4 42 I moow rises 8 14 7 18 I hiohwatbb 9 30 Arrlvea. Ship Sardinia, Crocker, Liverpool, June 3, with mdse and 293 peaitongers, to S Thumison, Nepliews k Co. Jnly I, off Grand hanks, spoke tb-hiug schr I'alestine, of Prorlncetown, Sl>0 flsh. Ship Chili, Leech, lloiton. in ballast, to master. Hark Guiltord, Th.?rp, Oporto, June 13, with wine, to J fc R Oeborn. lirig Lach, Winchester, Ponce, PR, 14 days, with sugar, to j Sturges, Cleamian k Co. ling l.ubvc, (of Sab-m) Bray. Calais. Fr brg Oscar, llcnry, Kochelle, AO days, with wine and brandy, | to I'nzet h Artoin. Sebr Vulture. Mavacuez. PR. lSdars. with surer. kc. to *?ii. land, Phelps - Co richr ll)perion, Benson. Virginia, with wood. Schr 1'Ntrica 11-ury, Clu ster. Baltimore, to Allen it Paxon. Pclir Westport, Kent. KondoUt lor Boston. E Schr Alexander, Davis, Newport, KI. , Schr Varoia'lribou, Harding, Boiiduut for Ranger. 8< hr Ontario. Carlisle, Rnndoiit for Bangor". Schr Motai t. Reed. Handout fur Bangor. Sehr Banvatd, (n< w) Child. Iladdum, Schr Julius Pringle, Carter. Philadelphia, with coal. Snl rit. Barks Exprw-s. Ma'aiixns: Sebo.ds. Bangor; Abcona, St Martina; Chatham, Malaga; brig Adeline, Porto Ki n. Jtn.v 10?Wind at Bnn-risu SW: Meridian. Nff; Sna-set, NtP, Mlacelliuiroiia. ! Smr rKoi.aa. ahile in t"w of asteim r, on the Sth inst, in the Missis ippi. had her tigurc head partly ta .en off. and the hands of i het bow spin broken, with other trill i.g damcge, by ooming in oontact with a steamer. 'Whalemen. Arrat New Bedford. July II, ship tie rgc it Sueni, Tuber, Ta!I oaliuano, 86d?yawltb tMUObils wh, lflO spoil.and 12,"J" lbs lionc. Kejn.rts at Ta oahuano, April 21 at, ships \n tlcy Chirk, Ne spirt, 80ti sn. for homo; Bugle, Wo id, NBedford, 142) sp; lpb, Osrd n<r, FBaven, tut sp on board: Enterprise, Wjor. Nantn ket, l.'i tt) sp, Kstnhler, lla eliton, do, 4 i -p; Em pi e I p ism, do elean; brig Kiikw ood, Alley, <ln, eleuii. Died ou hoard ah p (I- firg Misuii, line 12th, IM'i, at sea. Amos Carter, of Put re m, N'J, u*ed 3A; Jan '2d, IM7 J ssph Bo If. ? uutive ol Sandwich isiau l<; May I'i, IMS, George S M Hens, of Puirhaven, aged In < Id at New Bedferd, 14th, sldpf Mela ' in. Shockley, Picific; Rhine, Downs, do. A letter fr' ni I apt untie, of ship Hen] I ueker, of NB repirta her ?t I-aliaim, Muich ,'i, w itb 121 if bids "II, f r N VV Coast A t (Ireat B inter I- land. 1! r. Ii 7.' P (1 ie n ia. Id' ad ley, New Bedford, from -an I"loll I dundi, (err f i b III) witn fast hols nil, Ohi> 11.1 si . (>u leperled) ia\i'g I a.t her lord .pmo-t mi her pus sage. She laid rliippdanew -par. and v.a takin ; in wood an I wuter, preparatory to her departure f>r the CoaMiuin Isandsand , home. - poken, July 13, lat 40 2", Ion 70 10, ship llenr,, of and from ; Fug Hurler. W'HAi.rsiur Tiiitois Rgrovxnei> rno* tiix Nativks? We ),ave fsen fav -red with the following intern,ting information furnished in n totter dated I'aniete, (mie of t' e -',<-i ity ldu?d>,) Matel. 22, IM-' lie slop Irion. ' apt M lis, (late Spenor,) of Niw Bedford. airived Iiete a few d iys since, in di-tro-g. (In the Ml. M.d Pill of January, IMA. a' tfi? Kius's Mills Islands Capt bliei n r went on 'lore t. purebastfehe e'aitns an t anchor, of tne ship Columbia, wriked there IA iiion'ha s'nee, which were nfTifed ioiii by uSjan ard from one of the Is'and?. The weather lima. g ! rough ( apt S|s-neer determined to stay on nhor< all nignt The J next morning tbe Apsni?id eame on hoard and told the mate tint ; Capt Spencer wan ed somecaake to bring off s >me chains The I vea'h r colli Inned rough and theycmild not land them. 1'heSpsni isrd with eleven native* remaining on laisrd. At (II o'oloek PM, I in the socond mate's w atch, the -puniaid managed to arm himself , ..1.1, i.,.,1. ... II.-. .I.In I. .1^ .... r tiny ijnde*. Me. Mo then fold the reoond in:ite to go fielnw, or he 1 1 would li? n deed man the itecond mute then went below and 2 ! aw he the unite. Mr Welle, who melted on deok with a ?wnrd, 1 and in a ttr eygnr with the Hpanlaid M M knocked down with III* I iwn eword. lie not up and went into the foreeaatle Imt bully | woundtd. The ihlrd ina e killed the Spaniard andtwonf the j t.atlvea and epraug into the forocaatle. The -e ond mate, with t I pi me of the erew, lowered a boa' and left the ehlp. The naive* now haviag poeeeadon of ker. placed a native boy, one of the crew, at the ale el, and iried to iet her avtnnnd: the tide and wind , were aynlnet lliero, and they notknnwing how to tank ahlp, the , , hi j nut n cited In working tier off about 16 mile* in 21 houra. The . i.aiite* tlian left her, taking with them the ehronomn'or, two . hai* and n any oil er tli ng*. Mr Mllla then pieked up the wtoond r ate and h at. and < nine here with only ten men able to work, ^ Me I na elilpjed another erew for a cniiae ou the N W Coaat, and I ?III I* ready for eea in a few day* " , Mpoken. | Nnp Charlotte, of Motion, 44 ilaya from Salem for Vatparainn, > Jure 7, Int 2.'! I'M S. Inn.Tk If. Ml| Mantihon, frntn Itoeion for Apalaohieola, July 6, lat 24 .Ml, Ion 7' Mi. Sl ip Amity, from Mobile for Liverpool, Joly S, lat .V, Ion 70 LI ' Ship Harriet Heclwcll, Iron Mobile for Hoeton, June Ml, off Torthgai. I'aik Mi nt|*>liar, of Camden, from New Orleanifor Ixindon, I V ?r 27, lat i 40. Inn 12 IicrV orget.frt.rn Hoeton for New Orleanj, July B, lat 27 1*7, I lot. 17 02. Hark Danlal w abator, MoKaonaia, (roa Haraaa far Gibraltar, Am Inljri. lat* U9, Ioi>7V 90. | Arfi Koretqo Porta. ! jjj Haura (TTon) Jane 29-In port, trig Jaaao, Biker, for New An. York; rchr Harth Wood, Eidr '1*0. f.r Itoatiu. Biigt Mariko. i Am Cage, from NVok, and t> ? AUa?t*?, fiw tlnet'in. arara In?kaJ All. f?T dally 8ld. 22d, bark John H Uarilaar, Pedenoa, > moa, to I A?. load for Work. I OAH!', Marvh 11 Art, bark Anpila, Yarnejr for Maratlaa. A? Punoa, PR, Juljrl? Sid, brir? La h, VPino'iaitar. NYurk; Juno, I (Norw) tl<< t.ipwv, Bridcap'irr. li p-rt, hark J Forhel ?al- i d? rick, for N Hatch; brill T Trowbridge, Whittleaey, I r Now York > . M ; ro.dclla flate'\ f.r N York na*d?.; I .nor. Croaa do, ? ?j j ' ? |..r, pviii ,-*ll?uu<>, run- w | mount, for ' hila lelph'a hl'i J aneiiio. June I ? ship llaiar, ( f <lo#tnn ) Simpeoa, from I i, . Monlerideo. Jnat arr, hark 'lint nia Wrltht, Cu'etnau for B.tL ,, ^ timorr; brigs Napolaoe, (IimA ough. f-rd -, 2 day-; Fal.nouti, ?, Honking d< r; K F Loner, Wal'er-. rejw ?and o*tu?nt , St Hartim, ,lun? 2ti?Bark Sarah Juhmn. f >r NYork. n-gt j, day; nnhr .In I* It N*ne?, Jti*'nrr from wlndw rl, to 1 ml for > i Newlwrn. NO. ' Sa* Diego, May ? Ship Raruatabl#, 11*11, for Beaton, about Jur?'- lis. Home Port*. lwi Bangor, July 12? Ait. brig Meridian, Rlrh, Baltimore. CM, jiai wbrTj i-, OrilTin, NYork. I Hai Bost in. duly 15?Arr. ships Granada. Spioner, and George ' ]jn Thateber, Croeell. NOrleaiia: Hrew, Pace. Mobile; bark* jle, l'olkn, I,*?moe. St M r In*. June2s; Mar h Mobile; Anna u,< Reynold*, Mutt' i:?t Philadelphia; lirlg* Caroline, Sear*. San Ja- | an, Cul a. Julv 2. Sn*nn Incnhnm, Bliokitigton. VOr'ean*; Ot'a- |jri v a, Iatnnox, Mobile; Paulino, Kiln ; Pearl, Hardv; Harriet See. jin -11, Warren: OaV, Ryder a, d Sarah, M illard. Philadelphia; aohr* Bei Fl'en. Baker Jacksonville; Thorn. Wainwright, and Elonine, jbj, llolitjna, Wilmingt ?. NO: Vandiller, Molntyre; Alg ol*, ; ucl Carellc, Roger*; Diadem, Blank, and Siren Sia'er', Storer, Pitllv p,f delphia. Signal f?r a shin and aix hrira Old. *hlp lie tit Ware, itn bane, NOrleana; hark* Nautilus. Lincoln, l.eihorn; P'd.'mootr, Bis Itlaiedell, I'h tou: brig" Wm H Shea, Ttlaok, Pone#, PR: Cha* J ]iie Dow S'etaop, lUrbn-'nee; Charles, B-*l*. Mobile; Androemgde, His Bailey, Bui lniore; China Hiudlev, Philadelphia; auhr* J P Lof. j I!,* land. Halle! t Philadelphia: Glide; Lowell, NYork. BKatiroHT, NT, June 2s*?Arr, lohri Julia Franoei, SahUton, ]i,,i and Sarah, Muiray, NYork. jj?| Nrw Okuas* Jiilrfi?Arr, ships Alhambra, Pemberton. aid Bo< Merchant, Pedrirk, Vera Cruz; Monterey. MoMauus, Tries'#; j}j? Realm. Severn*, Bath, Me; eohrs Mary W, Gathoart. Ilruos San- Ur< tiagr; St. Helena. Spsrks, Honduras. Cld, ship Hindostan, Cosh- }(,, ing. Llverp'ol; 1 rig Union, Hooper, Baltimore; sohr Panama, }ir," Poner, Rra*o*S*ntia?o. Towed to sua, 2d Inat. ship Florence Brt and laik Lowell; 4ih. bark* Glen. Swan, and achr Emma Norton. Rr. Newiiektv, NO. July ! ?Arr. achr* S L Mitchell, Adams, New Roi York; KHh. Cl?ra Fisher, Monford, Woat Indira. Cld, Hh, aohr* Bp, Connecticut, Elwood, NYork; Tmmont, Allen, NBedford, : jtu, Nrw Buimrd, July 14?A'r, achr* Wm Brown, Hunt, Ralti- jju, more; Tiger, Dlmmiok. Ph ladelphia; Indnrtrv. Kelley; Eliaha Kit Brooke, Adams, and sloopGeorgian*. Bourn#. NYork. jg? Newport, July 14?Arr, brig* Delaware, Bliren, Philade'plilj; uui Emily B Sowder, McKtmla, . nn Satawwais. July 10?A it. ship Eli Whitney, Dyer, Lirerpoo'. Cld, brig Clinton, Aodrnwe, NV?rk. ' AVn.Miwr.TOw, July 1(1?An-, sohr Alarte. Proaa-r, NYork: 11th, Vet brig AA'm I, Jon**, Klneaid NYork: 12'h. brigs Althevella, Winn, Clu Hon!on; John Clifford, S-aples. do; B Townaen'd. Konna, NYork; eelir Mnrion, Jobneon, l.ittle Rirer. Cld, 11th, aohr Fidelii, Chap- Caf men, NYork. Cai Cln Patnengen ArrlreU. J;*1 Oporto?Bark Guilford?Manuel I'edragas, k Y Perar. , ???????Chi List or letters remaining in tub new york cu i'oet Office. July 15, 1H48. Cln < published in the paper hattwg the largest Cif circulation. Cut please mention the date of thn List In which they are adrertlaed. ' Cat LAD1E*' LIST. i Cw Cu Aikine Mrs (Green- Averill M.s Appleton lire Chns H Cat wichst) AldrichMrsBondiaia Appletoa Mra C cat Atherton MrsC J Andrew Mrs James Arusthal Mrs Uraoe ?c< A rut Mr* i lita Andia Mrs Urelia Amory Miss R A ;;,v Armstrong Mrs Margaret ^ Cm Br-eh Mrs( Sul ivan at Barret Ann Brass Mrs Frauds ?"F Baker Mrs ?<Vy Baird Miss Matilda Badger Mrs A1 irgaret Bern-oil Mrs Mary B mish Miss Maria Beck Miss Catharine ,,,, Beach Mir* Jane A Bean Mrs BW Blocker Mrs Caroline n'l Bigs Mary E Bird Mrs Unweu Mrs B B Jl J Booth Mrs C A liouro iae Mrs Jane Bosti i Margaret ,,"j Bind Mis V Burns Miss Julia Butler Mrs Harriet it". Burton Mrs (Norfolk Butler Mrs Emma Brampton Mrs (Kid it) p", street) Banner Miss Exanhe Blake..ey Mrs Nanuey* ' B .licock Mrs John Bradley Mra Bet-Barnes Mrs Catharine /V , Bell Mre Mary V aey ti Book Mra (9 h ay) J; linger Mrs ( Bridge at Bcdeli Mrs Parah Biakwood Mrs J HP Brighasn Mrs Sarah Bliss Mrs Betsey Billsland Mis M J, ' Brown MiseCalharineBrown Ellen B iros Mrs Sarah Brown Mis* Julie ta Branson Fanny Buuce Misa Margaret A Jl, Burroughs Mra Bucklo Mart Jane Burr Mrs David S Ciabb Sli** Eliza Croft Mia* Elizabeth Clark Mrs Susan ( are) Miss Emmeline Cock Miss Ophelia Carr Mr* Capt John Cot Campbell Miss Juie Crowley Mrs K Cannody Margaret (<u) (Jury t uthsnno M Costcllo Miss Mary Casini Madame q? Clancy Mrs Mary Cornwell Mrs Connell Mary ( ?. Clark Mrs (Mutt at) Curran Catharine Corniskoy Mri B rj,, Cases1 r MrsLldiaC Cumming Mrs Susan Coyler Mr* II N Cnssady Catharine Cavanagh Catharine Cossum Miss E Carrol Alice Campbell Mrs 1* Crooker Mra Maria Da Carpenter Mis* ?nrah < nriilc Miss Elizabeth Coflsn Catharine hn Champlin Mrs Mary Cra**ner Mis* Mary A Cook Mrs Henry 0 On A Calakliam Mrs Mar- Collin* Mra A B Du Cerise Madam Taul gnrot Cummin Mrs Jano Ha' Cole Mise (Hank at) Castle Mr* Varv Curtis MiesAngelino-2 Da; Connolly Miss Lllcn Can Hon Miss Ellen Dai U I Davis Miss Bridget Donlevy Bridget D^stnr Miss Amelia p* DadartM'me Golan lira Mary Dee Hiss Mary il" Dathv MissCatrlne Dnffy Mrs Francis Diamond Mrs (ClinDentichlo Mine Caro- Duui Mrs Catharine ton I lace ij.? Donrey Miss Doyle Mrs M pcvoe Miss Mary A Duch Elisabeth Dobney Miss Adeline Deflomnce Mrs Mar- Dame lira Mary Doyle Ann p vou o o?yMre J Do'r M B W Di. Demote Mi?s Isabella Daily Margaret Duffy Miss Kate Driius Mrs Louisa A Decamp Mist Elita- Dulay Mrs (Sheriff st) _ Doyle Miss Elita beth Dunn Mary po Do EnganMiss( Nassau st Evans Mrs Nancy ??rtis Mad O Du Elliott Miss Clara ?fT5'.c><1 wii Vtil t B" Eddy Mrs L S Eldndge Miss Ellen lotte S pQ IV ])q FeenertyAnn Fowler Mrs Emily Finlcy Sarah C Do Ferler Mary Fnhey Ann Foster Mrs Augusta i)u Fischer Mi?s Bertha Furlong Mrs W m Fountain Hannah Dy Fitsgerald Miss M II FurhngMraEUxabeth lorreatal sarah Du c6 Fleary Mrs Foa Mrs Mary En Frink Miss farah Finnetty Ellen Forbes Miss M J Du FonettMiss AiuandaFrisnais Mile Fanny Flyan Miss Julia Foster Mrs Grace Q Elll Gallagher Ann Garrety MrsfKing st Glyndon Mrs J Jai Gates Mrs 0 Grant Mrs Elita A Georges Madame *B? n!,, u "c Gates Mrs Cath S II O lie? Miss Mary ??/ Gardner Mrs Rebecca Gay Mrs Charity Gibsen Mihra Gately Mary Gctsion Miaa Marga- Goodrich Marr gs?i,:1aA g SK?"K? oSdin^ o2S??r lart Mrs Catharine Iloekin Margaret Hamilton Mrs Ada- Fas iiartland Mra(?M stlllookes Mrs Julia line Fall l^MilsGrtoe 'Howard MiM Marv Alley wood Miss Clara Fr. larntin Mrs Kicl.ardUumrl>rey Mrs Char Hiland Mana Fai| is- lotie Hogan MissMsry Fai: lnrrivan Miss (Pike Hughs MisaCa>harlneHowell Miss Mary G Far > Hurley Margaret?2 Howe Miss ~arah D Far la.riir Miss Mary Hughs Ann Howard Miss Mary Few Hamilton Mrs K M Havens Mrs Prudence Hubbard Mrs J C?or- Fiel lall Miaa Elizabeth II arv.jr Mis* Lucretia don Fye g o Hays Miss Julia Hubbard Miss Came Fre H< nry Mary J Hartland Mist _L ... _ .. | Fcsi Heath Mra( Water st)Harlcy Mrs E Hunt Mia* Caroline Fri< llcnry Mies Eliza A Hatpin Bri'got Husted Miss Outavla Fin Holmes Mrs fur?h U Hat ton Mrs II Jane Kurd Mis* Sarah J Fl<? House Mia Elizabeth lleck Margaret For 1 A J F?i Irwir Mia* Mary A Johnston Mis* Sarah Jones Mr* Mary E Flo; lillard Mra John D Johns in Mrs Maria Ful Joy ?i s (hth it) J em i sire Caroline Far K Kail: Min Jsne Knight Angelina Kerran Miss Catha- Grs Kenny Margaret Knapp Mrs Mary rine Gal Keily Mr* (lAth ?t) Keating Ann Kellie Miss Mary A Gra Kelly Mies Mary A Kenedy Judy Kilian Misi Catha- On Kean Miss Lucy Keatner Mrs Enger- rino Gar Kellv Mary man Gai L Gai lAwier Catharine Livingston Miss Elri- Lewey Mrs (Pearl st Gra LangemanAnn Maria rail Lewis Mrs W Grt lycgpett Mr?(l armine laon-a Miss Ellen I*wis Mias Jans Grt stioet) Lvncli Miss Ann Lilhhndge Mrs E B Get I/e< nord MrsBridgctt Lynch Miss Louisa Lingiman Miry G'fl Lewis Mrs C S? 2 Larnoii MissMcllonni Logan Mrs U II Gri Lynch Min Mary Gill JH Git Miloy Margaret Moore Mrs (Spring st Meara Mary Maguire Catharine Mourn Mrs Miehells Miss (21st t M?llon> Miss Sa ah Mulvey Miss Catha- Mitohell Mary Anne Got Maher Catharii e rine Miehalvaee Miss Ann J*0' Martin Mr Catharine Munson Caritsa Miner Sophia Got Mstterson MissNancy Murphy Nancy Miller Mrs (McDou- Gn Merriam Mra Caro-Mulfin Mrs (Hudson gal street) Gul liieE street) Mooney Mrs Margaret' Miller Miss Margaret Murray Virginia Mortis Vlrsllon Lewis F. Malou ney Miss Mar- Moorill Mra AlnnraVV J!*! Mil's Miss Etnmeline garet Mooro Mary fj. Milliean Miss .lane Mahun Jane Moan Mrs (Centre st {J? Mingun Miss Eliza A Maloney Ellen Mushier Mrs Sophia J! Mii erMrsJG Martain Miss Ann Murray Mrs *|?' Moor: Mias Susan Martin Mrs (Loonard Murray Mra Mary i}?1 Morris Mrs Ceo W street) Murphy Mist Ellen }:*' Moore Margaret Mam Nancy Murphy WidowSarah {! Mooney Catharine {?"' llal McCarn Mary MeGuiness Miss Anne MrCormick Mrs Mary McGany Margaret Mcl'arle Mrs Jane Met abe Catharine ' Mi ( snmi'k llridget Metlar Mis* Mary McMaghan Mary , Milo^mt Mrs F.I (en McClamming Miss MeManns Mrs(IIous McCormick Mrs fdth Ro-anna ton ?t) street] McDcrmott Mrs Mary McKitriek Miss Ma- n_, Mclleefrey Miss Brld- MeCray Misa Mary A tilda , ' get McBriile Mrs Molla Catharine .. McKcwn Alice jjc1 ^ Her Norwood Miss Ellen Noon Miss Honor Niles Miss Janctt R >|c\ <> 11,fl Dlds Mrs I/eais P Osborn Mrsi harlotte O'llrine Ellen lliu Odcll Mrs Sa rail Orr Mrs Elizabeth Hill F Hie Psttc Miss Eliza orPeter* Mrs James Perry Miss Mary Hln Maria Peters Mad F l'rescott Mrs A man- Bin Parker Miss Hannah Park Mis R A da?2 Ilof ( rail Mrs llcnry Plain Mrs C Perkins Mias Lucy Hoi Peters Mrs Mnry Psristi Mrs Char- Primrose Mrs Kliza- Ilof Potorson Miss Aleds lotte J beth A Hoi (4, Rol Join Farah }'"! R J"' Raynor Mis* Julia Rolorta Mr* Msry Redesor Mrs Mary i!"! di dinan Mra Mary Roan a Mis Riley Mrs Kosey Roily llridget Kulhveti Mrs A 8 Roundney Angelina jj' leraru am IJUU- ?' ? m... ViI, riie Kumn Catharine Kolmmon .Mm Ktni- Uul Rico Mr* Harriet R N Madame (Ueon- ly S "}'< Richard* Rita J urdn>) R?* Mia* Ann ton ke Maria Ri illy Mary Kyer MIm Lunill Iv.i Ro-e Min J?ne Reynold* Mr* Fran- Ktngrle* Mre France! Ii.g, torty Miee Emma oil RhoJca i.mmi M ]*al Rodger* Mim Jtir.e . * Jar! Iharon Miea C Rhnulta Mre Kin* 1* Srdtnan Mra Henri- J??< dark Mary ?4 etta Jatv 'tall Arr.a Maria Sec i Mra (Waterit) Simmon* Mra A II Jan theri<i*nMr*(Sth it) Slowly Mre .Ann Smith Mia* Harriet Jar -eeley Mia* Harriet Stone Mi-Film K Smith Mr* Mary A Jilli iratiian Amelia Slattery Hridget Sinclair Miu Kliia- J?l '?e? t Mra Anna M StaatMraT both Joh Itilwell Miae El la-SchradiT Mr* (BecU-Sh irt Mra Hannah j?|, hetli A tnanstl Spooner Mi*a Meliaaa J,,|, 'mith Mi** HarrittN Sheehan MiwtAnn?2 Stoddard Mill Mary J,,n >mith Mt? Henrietta Sloven* Mr* Adelia Jane jn? 'chnjlcr Hannah T _ rareloMla* Martha Townncnd Mrs Rlea- Tlltnn Mr* F. I, J?" rin min* Catharine eerM Tnmm Mr* Catharine J: J I horn peon Annie Tyeon Mia* l.ouim Towing Mia* Mary rhornton Betsey Tag* Mre Jamea Thorae Mr* Eliaa C 5 , II S1'1 Jnd< rhill Mim Phebe Utter Mi** Loniia , V Vandyke Mr* Kit' er Van Taaael Mra Im- Vancolet Mia* Kcl A oretia Kel W Ke* M'kllarr Mil* Ann M Willaon Mi?al*abe1la Wehater Helen A Koi A'eef Mill l-ouita M ood Mr* S Wilaon Mlm Isabel Kill A Mrhel Maria Woodruff Mian Catlia- Wlggin* No nan Kill S banian Mua Maria rine Winter* Mr* Saaaa Kin I WirncokiMlna Wood Mlm Ann Kr R'llaon Mim F.llra WoodeaMlmAna Kin If Kcl Foot'* Mia* Catharine ^ J?ubl< Mim Ann (IKNTI.KMEVA LIST ... At at lull Abraham A Aekem an J no D A Al?bet ('apt Chaa W Akii.a ItmoMiy Allan George Allen Samael , Albert Alley Jam** Amee Isaac Alexander A 0 Alley Jamae Allen, Harrtak 0* , . Arety Horatio Allen John AI'enJL , Aid-|I Henry W Alden Timothy Ailed V. R Aodrew* laaao AndremUenrge Anrieraea KeberA j |?r Una* An4nvi J W AMI Jamos U* iftrld W Artati* Antonio AUlatom liaiul L? a b Anders n John Aai l'aul l*a i in Col H'a Anfer J AshMd If l( Liu lerson James A Arao d Peter T Atkinson William LI4I *ia J 9 Arar* ? C Anderson Jaha Litl ienon Ira Arehbeld Rob* L Ayree Francis W Loc drew Wa Attortwrry Bab* B Aikmaoa Jaeok 0 Lot Irew* Fred ff Araold Wm I?t Aralia H Lot rill Wiatkrop L r B Lot ladu* A Co Black Tnomaa Uaboook C L/ti tdk-ir Jamas Brady Wm Brady Wa Lyi id imi George Baboook Re* Rtifut Baolteidar Nathan A Coli cock Col Ballaiiiyno Peter Ballsy Cap*. Julia Mei irrJanob Balliuger J <?hua Baaok H? icr Jacob Baker Abraham Baldwin Ra'aal Mar ib-y I . avid Baker Gideon C Blaka B 3 A III lie Richard Braisted Barry Baker Cov ley R*-t Wm U Bancroft Wm Bemaa liarisom Vnl ley E W BaldwinCha* Blaiiohard captWm RS ldw>u Nehemiah Barrett Joseph T Maker W C R8 rn* K U Bryaon Rulert Baras k? Huw t/uuu iwnioi i' rfuwnr iwva n?r?t inn ,n oami rut Wm Barnc Samuel B Barker Abraham limy lewii BarnstDJoae Barluv Arthur i.el Meier Bayard Rio'.ard Baxter ('apt Allan .sett John II Baasfurd & Fiold Bacbeldcr Nathan A Mar lin Itev John, jr Berkley Ensign W Burr llunry Mar >r "lmion lteale Denis Beaehariui Ferdinand Mai :kcrA 0 Book A (1 Benjamin Oscar F ai?r 'in Edward Bark T E Bingoiaii Chas II u?. rrie Alex Beiixicn Havana G un? aim Janice Beikuap Edward BcldiaK Porter nil far John Bony M It BoUinxham Relit w .< ireml A Benno Uvo BinrsJowph Mai -iboil K 8 Breunn Aima Brien Edward < ?., iwer Saml R Berry c Hialand Dr Dmglaa 3 m?i glitwell John liigelow W 3 Briukarh iof J U F Mai ill'J A Bingo John Blodgete Ilenry , hopJAD Bshop N liogert John H <l? Imp t'nvid Binina Ml Boiuck M U m ' h mtcdt Kriti Buddy John Bohau Matthew u.. x-kbaiik Capt Thi Brook way David W Bolaud John u tonJaa Bond It Bonnin J MB n nan 1) W Booth R If Brown John tf Mei iw B R Botlaud I lav id L Boyd Win T Ml omer Frederick Booth KIV Bowll Hubert Mm wn J I ?2 Brown HenryS Br >wn John Mi?. inton John 11 Brown Alex Porter Boyle II R Mm >wn II 11 Ilomena Augustus lloyea Rev James Mm >wuEJ Boylan Thomaa Bower S R Ml' wiiJohiiE IJujlo Pa rick W Buckhout John Mill oman l> W B-ow n, Wilson A Co H'.ucklr John Mot L'kley Dan Byrne Edward BurnsLuke kwill ButlrrCP Burt B ?" ike Walter Bullock Jr Jews Buckhornt Book M,? ah Chas Burtou K itnlal i Bym Robert Moi i ton Capt Edmd BurnhtniC Byrna Prancis Mot its Win ByruJohn Byrxrd George Mot antJamea Byard Capt John Moi C Moi nplell Ceorge Camman Thomas Canterbury Sml B Mot unbera W in J M Colton Br F P Crane W R Mui ne John A Cannon Kdward Call'gan John Myt Ivity James H Camerou Jas T CuuatThos Myt o n. B t'rofa N Chatter Cvrns Myt imber Thomas CrandallOL Cameron Duncan Mai neron D M D Cmiihead Saml Clark Q 11 away John Chase N CarwayOwcn Mc( ceil W illiam Clark John Clark Kara A Co?2 Mcl irnler A Wlielen Cariuo Isiurence Chasa Key Met 'roll J. mes Chapman ,F A Clark Tomy lie.' pr Isaac II Carson Chat IF dark F II Mcl rk David Chase Jacob Clark Edward Met idy llonry Carty Morris Carlwrry Patriok Mcl cv Denya Cassidy Felix Cannon Edward Mcl Jn w.Lu n..i tr <'h.<i. *j.< son Chas W Chapman i Juo Camy J Mo< eidyJohnP Clark Jo!in R Chapman J >hn 0 llal man John Carnoclian Dr Jno Chaw Joseph?2 Met tanbu D Francis- Murray Chaw John II Mel > Clark S IJ Claris James B Mc< rinB Chayion Capt 0 W Clieeseman il<( ste James S Crespo DJuan Cledry William Me? rbuliet David Chervian Charles ClirnHanson Captain Me' opert G hoUekCo CH Mel irate Jno Iln'y Coagan Jamea Colgate Charles MoS lee Joseph Comtiav Edward Conklin Gfk VF iner?atthew Colmati 8 Canedy William v ? idin John ColtC Collins James M ? * iitorn Charles CobbLS C'olhy Frulove uiusThcsB Omkwright Geo Com.took J L fje e S Grant Conner Bennioh S Conway John i don J Converw Key M A Connver Patriok fj!11 ate J M Cooke Wm Coslolo Patriok ?. scan Peter Cornelison Chs D Copp* Giovannina ?. , shy IO Cooper Wm H Cio "u ike George W Cook Parker Coombs George hy James Cornell Wm E Coombs William <yv iruh Patrick Crootn John Cornhill John ;..'N v Ma'h Coate Baron CoaleThoa irier Wm H Coek H F Coone H H??. >e Barney Clough Enhraim I Coulter James JcJ' t en J Conrsen Ilampton Courtoia Ileotor X ' tereIC Counoe Capt Edwin Cusack Michael X" tia John 8 Currier faml X7i thbonJasE Curtua George Cushint William nterland John Church Stephen Curtis Robort C?2 ( arch John B ChurchiU Dr Seymour Pu 1) Phi Goete N X Dally James Drake Martin lyton P DonelyJohn DarhyJohn {,*] lyton Allen Daweon J M Dart Lyman O i>7. ret O Mtm Key U J M uraper Warron p" riaon Wm R Danii George N Davis Richard jtcu S t Co Davison Abner P Daria Abner f,tr ncc Charles Deieraretto DeGooyJohnM ph. hasau Claude Duker k Coleman De Fort p'" rancois Degroat Wm O Dedereua Jean i?!i amater James Deilon Dolour k Co p -ker Richard De Lamatyr Rer Oil- Deann Joseph p" j William J ^bert Dealer Dr UeoT S0 w Bernard Dower H M DemareatJohn Viliigas D Joee Deromoa Pierre Determine Paul pj; ircgorio l)iax Deinont Antonio Dewey lioran > M i>jj| marcstG L Dickinson Geo Dillon Thimas p :keon James*" Dickinson Jno W DitgsJoha p ( unond John Driecol Jeremiah Dinsmore Carran p,' mJA Dolan James Dolan. Patrick dd John D 'heny Michael Donly Michael wd Patrick Doonigan Chria'r DoneyThos wneJulina I),moron Mickle Donaver Timothy Raj ugherty Geo F Doyle Doyle Daniel Rai novanM Donon John Doolody Michael ; Raj noyan JeremTi Dow J M Donnaean C Rad ran Wm W Dougherty Isins'g Drewry Loreuzo Re* in ker J F Duychinch Chre'r Dwyer 1'att II J ! Ren er Jar H Dunn Edward Drummond Wm B , Rey chigan H Dunlap Natiian Drum li N \ Ree Dunn Jerinci Dunn Cyrus Rhe duitJeaee Dyer Duiyoo Tunia II Reil KRen Rill acr and Teny's Early John Emlon , Rj,( -]jna Elliott TeoW Eajlea Joseph jy,! in Peter EaganJohn Elmendorr Jac )b B R Roll on B L Eaatman Mosei Egolf Michl r0j, iaThoe Eaton Darn in G EdnardaS jn Evenca Griffith Emerann C 8 Rot rein Henry Enrol Adolph Eneia Albert b,,! intSaml EnwinaJonea Erren Jaa I RoJ oak Sons Eineraon Waah'n Irani R L | Rn, ma Auguat . Roc F1 , Ror iok L Franklin DanlR Franklin ] Roy Ian Wm Fall* II Franoia Thoa | Ron etos Joaia A Fair Geo Brothers Frankfurter Emn'l Roe tuel l-ouie Falea Chaa W Fanner Wm G Ro? mer Wm U Francis Chaa Farnswort'i Simon Rya lees Jno Farrril Chaa H Flanagan Thoa Rut rent Rer M Feelin Edwd Fulia Joseph ell Chaa H Fr y Her C T Feeny Dennis I g, a ding Henry FesherJ Fennie Jno wUl der Don Jose Taco Ferris Sylvester Firton Jno , neli Cart II II French I>r Otis E Ferrea 11 orace R g^jy, >aun Oliver Fergueon Thoa Fletcher G g,,-i >11 Patrick Fitt J B Fielding Darid ley Fnice Fiake John Fitipatrick Michael tkton Henry Floyd C FogartyJohn g^ lini Fmat 1Tios Foster Moaea L a fee Rnht Fowler R Fortune John I yd Robt Foflnng Rar Win Ford rod Wm 2*. lerJasM Fulton ET Fubram Matthew s,.? netton Kobt | ge>( W Beat ndefr Fine Graham Robt Galloway Jno , 8?* laher J no Gardner S Graham Thoa See* hum Mlchl Garrett P A Galley Joseph Bhe) land N atlil Gefferny Thos Gardner Orris D Bnel lepied J no F, Gasyl C 0 Galway Jno Sltcl ilny i'atrick G irriron Aimer P Gaisher Thos B Schi nea Levin Gardner Nich'lt 3 Gray R bt Snel y Patr Gray Dr Henry Green F Sher en vault Danl Green Henry Greene Johnson R< enfleld Ernest Greenough Jno K Green Wm R 8pei rge Ben I Giles Jno H?2 Gill Belli Wd Ik hnumsn trior Griffith Wm Bchc ffith Walter A OilesChasA Gilbert 3 11 Stev a Chas S GHereon Saral Gilmore Jno C Shei z Gibato Grintea Wm I Ste| nrdot A Gaffe Godfrey Caleb l Stev it j Goodin Jno J Gorman Kdwd i Stic .dwinT Groves llenry W Gordon Ed wd ! Stie. ild Gould Harrison Goodwin Lovejoy . 8tri< iildChatD OoodtiueJJos L Ootids E T L | Solu rick Adam Gulhuo Jas Goursaye Scir ion Franklin Grut Nicholas Gnnat A ' Silli i 8ilgl H I Sick Hey Moses Haizht N K Hand Miohasl , Smi ie K B Ilall llenry Ilannon James H Smi tnmond Andrew Handle* James Hatiock Dr KT Smi ;iiion Michael Hamnrnl llenry Hamilton 111os J : Smi iimin Wm J 8 1 la11 Fred Haddington L , Smi iimund J11 Hall Henry R Hamilton Oliver Smi miiton YV'mH lleodloy Thomas Ilapar 11 R 3 : Smi rrtson .1 ohn?2 Harris John Harrison Nathaniel Smi ri>i? Stephen 11 an in Patt Harrison llenry Stol -dy Philip Hartley Wm Harlow ("har es Stot lies .lames llalican P Hathaway Ghas T Scot Pi E K Hayes Thomas Hatch 1. P Stov cli Liavid B Hatch George Hansen I?wis l he hi ; s Charles Hatch ' has 3 llaviland Robert Stor ft rs Wm II llawtliorne Alex llenockabrry Motes Snot itben Connor Heavy Glivcr Hester John j Soul mb Joseph Hrngemnn Geo llendHcks Philip DT Suss lcrt Mr llruxny Thomas Henderson Capt Sylv uly Wm E Herman Capt Kufus Hether George j Stui ring 1' II Si TII llcnrhan Wm Hewitt Alphons rinaw W. HeyattJasP HildJohn Tati ,er Whitehead F HickyTliomas lliffret Charles 1 ? I Sam I Uincliman Conover Iliggin* George ! T .. gin? Edward llill John Hill Samuel I ? I & Grant Hinckley A Hinet Wm H T , kcox Wm Holding M Ilogan Patrick i T *. dmanWm Hodges Alfred?3 Hodges John W ,era AC lloeyPetT Ilogan Timothy I n, hneyerlf lloiian Patrick Holland Edwin R j t sey Itlchnrd Hoffman Snml HolowayJ I ip(lnI hnaii Andrew Horn Johannes Hopkins l.ansing E ' Roltert M Itorff Mickell Hopkins Thomas ?pMtll I mi jnnn V. Iioji I nin .loon v iiuwiikim irumma T . I Itin* Jamea HuuIich Henry Iludeon Robert i lit Phillip II llnaton Thomas Hunter Henry S I' iter James Hunt OB limine llonry i, J'1 eo It llunter Wm T ntunea Mr I i,"" it Itnvid Ilii'd Orville?2 Hutchinson T H i, Ic I, I Hutrhin-on Judge A Hudson W II I i leon WnodhrtdRe Hunt J 'hn Hudson Henrr If i,,' Ic Albert G Hubbard Rami S Hubbard Rieh'd W i Wm In^im Thninea I?ina Theodore II I >ll ( h?? h Co Irrinn J Irwin Geo W I Mr . ; Yow J Voel ksonJ'hn decider V Jaokson John I Vail ha llenry Jaekman John Jaokson Henry { Van I a.I Jai keen Thomas JanaGeorco I Van ee lewis JarrlaThomas Vf Janea N 8 I Van elli Jar W JenksWmO Jennies* Jr E irsHephen Jew ctt Samuel Jenkins t'haa A j ^ nun Ifcnry Jolinaon Win Johnson Geo W .. neon (J A Johi aon W T Johnann K II 1 Wal smn Geo W Johnson Isaac J JohnaWinT I nu t (ice W Jones John Jones ("apt P T u , ea Win It Jones Geo C Jones Patrick ... faAltert Joalin 1* 11 yyIU If. Wai ilm I ere Kain Jamea Karat lliilip Mat reiiau|ili 'I lioa Kiirunn I. Karat Philip We ea i lirlat'pher Kaapp N (I Kail.en Gharlei Wei ly Jnniea Kelwy Rolert Kelly Peter Wei ly Wm Kelly John G Kelly J F Wei .tney Rorney Hello?* Geo H Kelly ("apt Wm li I lv John Kllera Jnrtua Keeley J Jia tl Wit ty I' Kelly John Kolly Kn'iert Wei ly Han Knell Johanna Kelly Rer l! V Will ly Win Kelly Roll rt G Hre nan Bernard Wit lin.liwres Kealn Patr ok Km.dale l.oelna D Mil nedy J P Ki raliaw Ahram Killhane Mlelil Mil I. ran John K< annn J hu Kietf r Joaeph Wll ly Mr Kllhourn lappnO K'dderton W I?T Wic a ham) 8 Kin* Semi Klnahinrr M?d B JJ jl ey Idwatd Kitnl?ll John 8 Kln.elea I'utriok 1 shall J I. Kinny W II li K inhoriey Oliver P Wh l?f, r Silver Kohler Kaayor KoaierJol.n nielli boa KemkleFrtnl Kim* I ?v.a " ly Patrick Kearney l,?nr'no Kelly John Wit la oorette DI. I aviella ol.t |*w John II Wm > r Hul l lainl J M Kawreime Joseph Wo a y Jamea l.apptey % Mea?re !* * John Hoi dr. G? me land. Vim V UtonttPftto ?? e John I, inhtrl Jaeob Jolia II Wal . i li I .an fart II S la' J'tm l.y Patrick I* ore i'ona le-e Wm y?[, r (ip LrflarJo n 0 l?oih Geor*e Yt.t iK Juatah I .eainsiil 11 enue I-shi II rat e W __ rteJmMlf Lowek Loot* LiiIuUiii col.out C L ty Kclix U<> l?r*at U Jwm M U?u l>r H?uy L U*U & M?U in Um Llotch 3mm* LilitnSoM Vf,a litcoe Wm (I likhuutiin M M B L kUVi?t Uulj??tiWP LUtWliald HjaJ ?1 kwood H&lpk Lug** Thu? 1'Hike 31 u. ? n l.^.rn I i. r.._i on Cba. |f Unr. W P ,LuW " u T k S f*?7 A F L'W. wrm R , 4 ?bH A , No 3a ? < bia? Lodga N?1? ?it i . L7n?'> Hujk idian " ^ "J ? ^" OrLoJxo snug* ? ? i,? Blooming (Iron Loire w> itw -U?u ? ,.}f? <?42 *hai.ia - ? J*' W>?;uodU fi JJt enant < 1!,s Meridian " ? '*J ?d HrothewLodo " ." ? lS Uvuiuu ?. ,, fireluuiu Division < !2 of PaJotlne *f?2] R S of JUmilu,. ni? a banlo#' Mutual I'rot*cUou s Moohauic. Mum*! frota? J| ? " II ? " ? * ? ? u * ktrem Edwd lluitarJ M .. . ';?* ^bj Murrell Wm 11 Muldrooa Jo4a ^.WAodw Mark Mr M?> F * S?1! MaouMk-M JJ"?| Hobart i 'iiioioM *2SS^,KTb0* lomlTh" SfiorlMnoj, Thna . iiJohll? R?oob?wt<!f AM Rounder Mr Masa*. "SKLT ?* fc::7Mr J 'i*lrick Maps* IVrrr' Mo'-ber*.!, Kubt icii Johnii Aliiai'ii VITir. Miahml tutrix X"Zhu i! ',r,:a?ll?r llr rj lmrle* Wear J,,),* Srtl,?? IM,r Mr Mevnr W J" lertia j oli'n (ieo MorntilfH > Millard i I'raham I ellter Henry L "'<">?> ? K ^*/r u't/tlbert ?Vn ' bell liailit Killer Jon? Iu K.Uihcll IJ 'f 1 oral 11 Kiiikla {vnit, tuai''0,?,l? i'e.or !""'x * Kili? u#T RTn.ChtfV ;'JVh"1 . Kulton Henry M -F?J t- 1 island Keora Thoa "ni*h\a Tatrik '".Iffif g.TQ?- . iS'JS* -pto ?a.. gssr-* 'ogban Edwd Mnrlt ? i7 Moras Hat? Tie John It Co Mora* k'm'*rr0n* Moras Hnraos Halan Euguene Montgomery J w "r'ell Ja,> A SUJ. "Kapi*" ??" raThroA Mnnnon ll,.nr? Mnlhollaail Ftk rs Col Mailt Mullen Jaa J}""? i'atriok Muara llsnrjr unn ^ !*fC iarrick Miclil MoCloskyJui MoOara Patrick lunald Michl MCloiky E James arrull Terence MoCuskcr Shusan McCarty John U.lair James McAlter Junes McCainy K R )onuld Michel Mcl'otiiry John McUaity Maurice utcheou J A MoConnoil WiLiam MoCI'ire Jamos T )ouald Alex Wellauo MoCottalia llensp Jouph Win MoDonough Win MoArthur John .'owanTH-2 Met 'an n John Mot lure Tlimas .'trron Kubt MoDonald J MoOuire Hugh .cllan Wm M-Elhill Edw McKulrey A'ex-t Ailliams McNeil Neil Mel'fierson Tiioe r'ntec I liilip MoKee Edward M.K'uloy Joon iuire Edward McNulty W McKay Arch Nor* overn Miclil McNeuomsy Jos man Juliim Wm MoCeiinet I'oier MoMulloi Daul luthianllS McKinncy W J McOrath Miohael nttroJS McMann Juiuos Quigley l'turlok Shea*' Robert IK ow Wm II Nattah Jos?2 Naylor J 0 t ton Thoa Neseler Jos Noalin John eon Roht NeubrusgeBcrnard--2Newoll Robert ?ton< alrin PorterNeveU Junes Newberry t! ritt 8 S Nolle W Neal Timothy D on Kobt Nichols Capt F C N <ggos Chuedl Mr en Jas NorthiersonUustaTaxNieinun Adolp'a Lo W in A Nugent Win O iielJohn Olmsted juo A O'Urien Dint cillc OaviJ OlpgtVm O" D.innell J oil a euteller John Osden Wm U Oliver K rjan Daul O'Connor Edwd II Olds L 1*?2 ouuer l'eter Oram Zaohariah Ottontroso A F e J esse Oakley l)anl L O'Donnoll Martin B itt M B O'SuU ran Eugene Oslum Ttios hea Eugene Oweue J ohn P felt Thoa D Place Lorenao Parkinson Wm iir Thos Plank Cyras Paskert Henriok kerjas Parrott Ueary Partridge KoswtU tamann ? Parsons Rot Benj Parrot Wm mer Stephen Plater Sewell Paxton Jas terson Jas Patrick Jno T?2 Plate Augustus >tt, Rogers 8t Co Piatt E A Patterson Arthur B ,t' Capt Philam Wm 0 Pearson Silas ser Samuel Pearoe Sam] M Pearson Jno dps Peter Pioh Alfred Peters W T iin Victor A Pcrfall Chas F Phenix Thoa swick Capt Peybold E L Preston SAT ey J C Pentreth Capt Peters John idleton Joseph Pinbry John M Pitman Qoo L trowski Kodolph- Piitt Chas Prince Ia*ao le Korwin Pierce B F Pinokney J II H lbrioh 8 W Piekeregill A Pritchard Albert A llips N J Phinney Oeo H Pi'.tmaa Thos 'er W ill J Proflee Ferdinand Pollock Darid ic Ik Orrosby Pope J B Pond C Z nkett Tlx* ?'u gel < fra I'urtui jamea raDr Antonio Pui? Mactn K rmond John iU|W J ohm Redcliff Ms thaw HOB O W Randolph Joseph Ranny Dr Mom ' Peter Win Ray James B Rae Alfred leliff Jno C Kemslord Geo O Hand Rer VIII W rjr Peter Regan Jamea ReileyJoha louf hdward Reeree Thomae Reardon Thoe K nsgorn Jsraea Rea Michael Remseu Simeon H d Moeee M Rem son Geo B Rein hart Fredk mpjoel 8 Reynold! arm ee Reed John lly Thomaa Reynold! Joeeph Reid Rer M B suit Joeeph Heeeer Alex Reeves A D iv Patrick Richardeou Joa Rickey Robert ,i a 8 Riily William Reidetl Jamee A ng David B Riddle M R Riggs BoweaC arts Thomaa Rohrbaek Ueinrick Rollins William erta Samuel Rodgere J P Roche Jamel gore Chaa W Robluaon R S Reiner J 11 ert Canie Roberta Capt Roberta Daniel A ( D Miguil Rogers Geo R gers Br Hour/ eraoii Geo A Roll Joeeph A Roidnaon Gordon oh Benjamin Robinson Nathan L Rogers Clark k Jamee Rowlyjamea Roe heater N T It Ce ke t harlea Rowley Joseph Ronoy Putt iland Henry Root P Ross El Jah idle Richard Royal Benjamin Romero Vinoiite . Jamdl KuddenJohn Rvau Cornellue pi Alex Ryers J W Rus n Patiick Rush in ore T L Ryonnc Jao Ryan iyen Jamee Ryan K F Ryan Callahan S bad* T B Smalleman Joshua Strutmoyor Geo mil Vilmo Spain M.chant Sraylhe Col Goo B i Swain John Stanton Ueorge 11 cr Sebastian Shanklnnd Thoa Swsin Parity R thorp Wm Shanly Mr Sandford Gideon igue SrD DomingoStanlvy Dr Swainn Peter N oderaThoa ScliarrMr Staufelt Mr ige William Borage Va'entina Salter Thomaa C yet W m Shan llenry Su ets Joseph ycr Franklin Shaw J as Ik Henry Shaw J K jt William Scardetield Geo Sw.irti Lafayette A w Prune is G Slater 3 tough ton Siuuldin< Spmoar C or J II Schwan L Sniro llezekiah D on John Spear John Shaw Abraham et & Rogers So on Fredrick Sweeney Thoa isltlJenu Stedman Franklin Shelter I* B tan Thomaa Sliellenbcrgen Amos SwootonThoa tJob Seery John Soarl John ton Chaa J Shreden Kcwrod Sheldeu Amisa neltx F L Sweet Dr ShcSeld Thoa T IJK(MJ) SteinerDrSW Steirus Clias man, Southwick RScabury Addison Stedman' harlea pynolds Stems John Sweo ser Daniol leer ramuei win DWODy w Tduig A Stern Mown Sheppard Mr nick Geo E Slieplierd Henry Stewart James ensnu Francis Stephen (J H Sherwood Kiohanl wood Hy II Spcucer A G Sliupird Or Iluruham ihens Ale* Seymour Haul Spencer Warner rart Robert Sherwood Mm Sier.ibergAM h llarteogg Spencer Arnold Stewart Time H oh Carls Stimnions Thomas Shcnnora Mr doron Jnn E Sidle John Sietrora ?V riefer Wilhelm Schnicr l.uotcwig Simmon" Or Jne uard Ilcnry Schmidt Carl Scmit Sebastian ck C Simet Henry Si in pan .lason liy C E Simonton Ahncr P Spinney Walter les S Simpson Million Skiff Joseph K th John Simpson William Slicur Geo R th Ambrose Smith Saml R Smith Itioh'd W?t th J 11 W Smith Ch rlee R Smith II i! tli 1) W Soli wind Ad ain Smith James tli Geo P Swltter Samuel J Smith Chares th Henry Smith Join Smith Daniel tli E F Smith John Sml h C 1* thChnaR Siver Joint Smith IK'nj F :um Etialia Shipper N li?3 Sinitl.ctt Hot William it Kdmond bchr eder Henry S t Hubert Schroedcr Chi 8hew Philip itWH S .untax Peter Stone \lford off Martin Shotipshieni t apt Sholwoll J II o Shadrarh Stow Joseph YV Shot* eil l>r w A R Shoolind J llcarvey Scott Paul ihwor'.h ('apt A OShonard SAP Sohoonm kor D in James M Schoolcraft Robert Seullen Keli* ester Jos Stuart Thomas Stryberg F A gee John T 'William TaaffJohn Taylor Mr ott Andrew?2 Taft J K Tappan A 8 on Patrick Taylor Thus C Taker Walter ait John Q Thacher Otis O?2 Traftun Charles lor Robert Teylor Johu W Taylor K I. -'J j Edward Torry George True.pen Cantwei cdy Charles J TrernsnJoTin Tempieton IVin O fly Patrick Terry Jwcph Tweedy S an Holwrt Tipiet M S Thompson Capt W I npaoti Thoe?2 Tlern Frost Them Frost itman Jacob Tongeward Ringerd Thomas Blauohard age John Tnomi kins A P Thomassin do e Martin Thermon J H Thompson J J nas Wm M Thornti n Jo* W T tornton Clement ling J ernes L Troom h y K T Torrey I Am *11( ey Hi t Win Turner * wen Turriero Ismi* y l.i rry Tupper M m W Tully Math-w y I'a tiok Tyson P Thurston ReijnK iG Tubbs Geo T irre Paul let Cept Cbas C Trumbull Chaa?2 Thurber Gee W V >n Jamea Ufford Dixon D U11 K V Richard Victmeyer Edward Vail Capt Charles it J no Van Novycr C Vigtl I edro Ihoa VogtFVV Vnndewnter Jne W l)oni C II Van Ditscti W Vanoott Ga iriel Reneaalrar J Van Sine Daniel Van V.Uer Jsoeb MBr/ UflUI/ T W Tf IHIIKI ? v 1 UllDliUmin ? w te IV rick (I W WycoffJama* I- lice C Wa'k.r Thoinaa Waleh .lulia ton Samuel U WaderlaptKU Wallknur A flrod ton lle rxe Walker A Waleh lUrUi iliraaw luck W li W nlker rue Waldmn George it tor Charles Waina Ktigene Ward Miohael I .lemon II W align Joaeph War* NaUi A 'ina William Warren R Wardwell John H dm x'"n i?eo W Waterman J D W ard ltd ward F vrr John Wliolin Imnnii WatoreonJIi ater S II Wh.UrJW W ha eu?r W U <li Wni II Wlieat Marvin Welti Ktohel titharlM Woke Joe-pi. Wce ka H di t.ideon I. Welle William Welling A ? cicr Henry < Weeding Woavar a. I a Wvecil Wi'dO'i lijcurgna Weru?r K It rim Sol'n II Wilton W Wendell J , I || U iS in Alcxainl tr W lliaina William?( liniim Kl< no/or II Willi nn John WicUin Jooa in n WHium Wilimii " O C Wllaoa Jam R liai a l.evi WlillntueThomaa Willia na Kd ?la I. rt (icorgo W Wilhama Thnmaa Wlltla K cor Cdwin M lliy US Whiter I, W Iti.ev J inea * Ihlnry K lwln Wliii inguvi William tthm y k Rolairt W lite I hnrlea White J noli Wlnea M' White William intent(i t( ul W I'W.nt caUr ( apt White Albert itorJi lr Jatne* White I'ap'Jtiha II In.! William rWh'te William Wintr pTI' A Whltmanh William Wood Ahra-n adaorthlienigo 11 Wvfad Sanitord Saanloot St til h Wood Wi ill i In \ iter edtof Wi 1 am W ad I A WnndrnfTft Allen I'dnard lieo.r W oodaar i WMIum S*Wo?d It K Iktr Irat.cla 1 pi Jiiln Yan CI area Young k (H ilt a my IT-unr l"?e?h KUiii'. II Mill ill, r. M.

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