Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1848 Page 3
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1 Law lutdli^iici', I Kcfiikme Coi'mt?Stki'Ial. Tehm July 20?Before ' Judge Hnrlhut-In the matter of o;>?iiing llatbu h : A icrue, Brooklyn. a motion rnt a'out to he nude thi- morning, to coutii'iii the cuminiM-innerr' r?*|> >rt in tM* natter. wheu Mr. Justice llurlvut slopped the com.: tl urid raid that iu consequence of the refu-al tl tlrie of tilt* Judge* uf the outside districts to hold a lerm here, I he businei of ihia district wa? languishing. and ha tor one would not (aud he would urge it <Ai hi- brethren to do likewise) neglect the bU-iae-M of tl eir o? ii district. for the street buidnc** of Brooklyn. It we I lime that the public should know the delinquetii iee of ti e judges of the other districts, and h >w the thirij-iwo sinecures iu Ibla state aro to bo II led by the f ei tli non wlio now hold them; he would giro the Lu-ii ess oi the tii at dia'rict a preference oyer all o here; a loi y at- a motion remained to be mude or chum* retrained on tlie calendar, no other husine-s would bo j Initio up. He would e??n giro the chamber busine-H of tlie tirrt dstiieta preference. He did not mean to be uudeiplood a* refusing absolutely to tuUe this repf i tup. All be meant to ray wan. that while thro ' was mch a frightful arrear of business on th t c I'en I <r <d the con it- of the tire t district, it should be attended to ) suite all oilier busiuete. Ilia Honor then proceeded with i he regular business. Jukn Hiioifi'i Maria Rtmttn. Ex'x. 4"<\?Thin wan an application to be discharged from a purchase. Certain premises iu Orange street were ret up for rale by a tie tii n. pursuant to a decree of the Court of Chancery; William Lynch became the purchaser of lot N^.b'J, and sought to be di-chargcd from the purchase on the ground ibat. there wrs a discrepancy between the description of the premises in the liaiulbill or terras of rule, under which he pnrcba-ed. aud tlie Master's dei d; or Id other word*, that the Durohaser of thu a J joinii'g lot was in hnvo lb run fi ct of the alley way) which, by the trims of sale, belonged to hi in, Lyncb. On the other side it ?n) alleged, that a innp of i he premises was exhibited ut tile hale, oil which the b.iun| dsrits of the two lots were accura'ely described. and that Lynch raw it, mid was fully apprised of the boundaries, and that the Mn-t'-r's d-ed coutuined an accurate descripsion according to the map The Court held that the purchaser must be discharged A question then aro e as to costs, it was contended. on (he part i f those interested in the fund, that, under the new code, the purchaser was not entitled to costs. The Court held that in all suits commenced before th<~ new code came into operation, (md { Ihia was one) the purchaser was untitled to costs, t'cita ordered to be pufd out of the fund Common I'lkas. July 20. ? Before Judgo Ingraliain.? I Jonjik Jloxie vi. Juirjih liithup. et ul. ?This was ail action ou u memorandum chuck for "frMO. Tan chuck was dated in October last, and drawn by defendants in favor of Kiblett. who tool; it, tog,-thcr with one of his own for the santc amount, and deposited them with 1 he plaintiff, as security for IfboO. advanced by him us a loan for a few days. The timj for which the loau was made expired, and the plaintilf resorted to the becks, but payment was refused bot'i b>| the bank ai d ihe drawers. For the defence it was iusisttd that the draft should have been pru-euud iu due time ; that instead of holding it over uutil the time for payment of the loan expired, it should have been presented ou the day it bore date. Want of consideration was also set up as a defence. Judgment for plaintiff for the 1'uli amount. Jistjih lloxie vi Gierke Kiblett.?This was an action for the same amount, brought against Kiblett as tbo principal. The same defence was rot up, namely, that the cheeks were not presented ct the proper time for payment. The plaintiff showed thut it was at defendant's request tliuy were kept back. Judgment for plaintiff. Sporting Intelligence. Peokatkiamim.?A Fkat?Yesterday. F A. Roe, . Liq , of this city, accomplished the following feat, the maich heme auninst time The mile wn? m?rk? l mil i on the St. Koy mud. and the match was to walk and I inn a mile within a <|uarter ol an hour. Thefolloiricg wimthe time:?The mile was waived in 0 minutes; the running (the Fame distance) in 6 minutes, 28 Kcconds?both having been accomplished in 14 minut' s. 28 seconds The running commenced immediately upon the completion of the walking. This is. indeed a feat which few can be found to excel.?<i?eArc Utrcvry. July 14. Stn.imi Mitch ?There will be a sailing match on Katurday afternoon, on the Delaware, between the pleasure yachts Zephyr and Rapid, for a purse of $500. ltmlroad intelligence. The contract lor the rails lor the Chicago and Galena lluilroud has been concluded, arid a portion of the rails arc already on their way to their destination. It is expected that some fifteen or twenty miles of the road, we.-twaid fiont Chicago, will be hi active use during the present season. This road opens th trade of ihe whole Northwestern district?the lead region ?lo the Lakes, and hence it is regarded as an improvement of great interest. Ship Fkveb.?This disease is unusually fatal ihis summer. Such is the case here and elsewhere. There are not many cases in this city, but of the sick a gteat portion die. An Irish family of lourtrcn ja rsons arrived here last month lroni Canada. Some ten days ago the ship lever broke out among them, end they were removed to. the pest lioui-e. Light of the number have since died, and rcvcial of the rt niainder are sick. One is expected not to recover.? Rcrlietter Dent. July 17. Appointment by the Pkesidknt?By nnd with the coi 8> nt of the Senate.?Henry M. Howard, naval officer for the district of Charleston, in the State of South Carolina, in the place ol Robert Howard, reeigntd. TTie W eekly Herald. The Wttklu Herald will be ready far delivery ut nine o'clock to morrow morning, it will contain, among othtr mutter, the highly interesting history of the frightful insurrection in Paris, from "Ob' aerrer," one of the Paris correspondents of the Ntw York Htrald; also the fall report of the Te ritorial i Select Cemnittee. with Mr. Clayton's speech on the i sab.eot of slaTcry and the new territory. Single copies 6>4 cents. It will be a very valuable paper to end to the country. Those of Jnihiiuent, Keiiii? among the retree ins of ttie day, what medicine 19 the best f Wlia- ii capable f d? tna ttie m at gooof w i,at c'inl>.n<'( a I th<* bent ,|ua'uios t all others! txperioneo answers, the Itrun retii vec ante I'nisir ?l l ull The, cure, because the, take these mattirefrom the bin, tl ai d ther ri ids of the body up .n whtcii disease depon I* f >r it, CHutinuaiiC". Nay, they do in re? tney add also Nh>?" ?|?l U.ies to the bb o i upon which health, uud Ion; vigorous lifo depend, liya liter)?This coinpln nt is soon cursolc ?>y a few discs of Br ndruiii'. Puis Let lour or.ix |4iJs to talo n linmsdiituly its Br-1 ,yin|> ou t appear, and scarcely a scooud duo, w II t>e rt'.piuoil for its cure, brink cold 1 ennyrojal tea after tiio lull operation of the pills are over. Mi old tlo- complaint have lc u aunie days, crwcCKs, or moil lit, then take the p.lis uiifhi and morn ng. in doa*". of ul (.tit aix pills at nhht.aiid two in th.< in?rauu. until Ihe number of ivuctia'iou* art? materially dec raised ; then 1I16 I ill- mo be deoMMd ice irdin| to prune I dutc ions. CoiUveL?8fi?1litis is a very situ pie affair. Fake four or five pills, and tl ould tht< not opoiato in six or eight btnri, take twoove.y ?wo linur* uit'll V cy do. Then take the pills every night, or every two or three un il the resulurity of tl.e bowels is futly rest rod. Thisi* ge? craby iroughtabout 11 two er three wcckp. Pws.ivo nits th?n. ha simple disease, is ratcnr of ad others Summer ( ? mpla nt?liiam roth's i lis lm\> cured over iW.frtkl 0 ises. The I tntn>? nt a ehiiit i* taken with distressing complaint, "r as 1 peon thereafter ah potslhio. (dvo a do 0 of JiranurctliV Puis Two lius will jcrl nps he Millie; n? uuder tw ? yearn old; but it should le loriio in m aid mnt n hnsk action is iei|?ircl from the medi sue s.h hk 11 us po-tble, bci? ru ti.e dPc-aso las rodncMd the f icfiirfh Vwyi nd t< e power of pilly rg Walt, and your Ch ill if |t<?D?; be p?? inin, and itwili be saved. For drink, let umtt water, ?r t'e 1 no niant wain *ki drank, or any Mm. i, mm iloginxn Uter>(s After danger is past, the pills hoold l?o given two or three Uui?? a week health is fully restored* i holers?t bilic.?TIwmj c< mpbiinis come ou suddenly, with t? rnble j a?rs in ti c bowels V> hi.e the pain is violent, k iep swallowing Brtndreth I ills washing thtin down w ith g-Kxt brandy. This inns be dote until re' el is experienced, I have Known cases wlste thirty wire s*all wed in us many minutes, and a gill if biand>. flic in derate with the irandy.) Hclwf was found and 111 twenty four hours t c parties were as well as ever. Numbers of tl o;e ca^es can be tefvrrcd to in tuis* ity. I supp"?o there is scarcely a family in Now York hut that know the value il Hridreih's Pills in 1 bete cam*. I have never a no wn a case 1atsl where lPardrcth's I'ilU were n?cd an above Snip Fever.? ibis ci mpinint is speedily ouied. Two brothers in New York both had it; n o w?.uht hllow his doct r's rules, and Uioother to? k lirandrt ill's Pills. The first died in ten oay* fr-m his at* tack; tbe second? Mm that t ok Brandieth'n Pills?atteuded tlie '.unoal. lie was in his usual health in two weoks frnin the Sin 0 be was first seized with the lover. A hundred similar c.?m*s enu'd le tiftmd 10, nuinleiing among thorn some high professiotalmin loins in the lis en, I mad and side.?There aro a ?? *! many isms cf pain*in the side un I ba_k, partly a ising loin livrr ecmpisiut, and more from gravel m the kidneys. Ihn'tbo her yourself about hniine ts or pi ah tern? y?u want a few drnws of Urandr ill's 1'iils. Th-y ucvi r to cure. Tate 1 1 in tbre day n night ai d H oming, in doses of four at night and two iu themiruii.g 1 will warrant that you recotutueud If ran* dreth'n Pills on the fourth day ; and, in fuot, waen you once get a i? r tcfiUM)! tancc fiis great puriiicr of t e Mood and fluid I (be t aly, t! ?jo is no iUng< r but y?.ti wul imbibe sufliui in k ' wledge ( f it, to feel the |?r? pricty of porsoveroncc until a lull ( ore in flee od. Pains in iho le ad often .irlso from gravel. I e-i. rciii to a party in the I'mtal Whites, w to atilfercl much liemsiepcci pyin|toiii* ) e to??k Mrandrcth's Pill-, and hi* r<mplaint was cured, after discharging a great quantity of grawily ni*u?r. he has now in his possession over a 1 fnrd lor the instectlon of the curious. < anker. Plier lul Throat, Bronchitis. t wucer, timer of Ui? jtw maeh?Tl etc totnpl nti aie all set., stone,) hy Impure blood. anUsr- IL, wiU.outx-ptior, soon brought under the control > i 11 ftadiath's I ill . In rouic caies it will r>- pii. ? mm tin to es. Ml l),h a full COK. bill #h?' iruulth led ?tin liny of t ceemala<.! ?. a d tues them pil ?, v HI ?! i?'i?ire a?y other indtteemouti to etmiit ?o tl aii t niUtl, be. nelit a, r v?d from Iheir me. Initwrt of internsI ea nor I bare mwii l*i>0 pteeea of rancorous tunn r?, whiehhsv, la-en d schsrued by (lie un of lirandreth's Pills, anil In tlnse raa.s the pat oiil got well. 'Ibe very bun "is up--n which raivevts live, to to rpe..k, arc taken out of the system by these |>tlia Tho earner d es, as anything cl-e would die that gets nothing it> eat; wlioi. it is dead, the pills brin: it away, and the whole system b toiues el ogcthcr tenoned. The order of ciru 1? tbnt j?t alitor, about live or six cays; ulcerated sort' throat, from a week to two months; hron hltis, from a month to three moDthr; caneo , It owl two months to a year. Fever and Ague? Nun I ei lots tiro U'.o eases w hich have been on red by tlm Brandy r?tb I il p. A gentleman wiitea thus to I?r. IlrandrethAfter wfTt-ring for teieval months from l'aver and Aw, an t using all the moer at ptt veil ntcdiiluos, w ithout effect, I began w thmnr I Hie. 1 holt eight pill' mo hours before itie expected lime <f the slmlte. 1 (ltd this rev ii sncoesslvo tmt tho ahase did n t onmo on after tho fourth do re. Nevertheless, J petr?t ered tl rre t tncs afterwards, fearing a re. lapse I have not hail ti.e ehills il tec." This cose is similar to hnrdeds of otbrrs. w hlrli eottltl be tamed, if space permitted. Billons Fever, Typhus and other fevers will ho found easily rcietl by pes revet ante with the ll-an-ts-th Pills, and to half tha time 11 any other t. edicine. In there cases the pills shottld 1st used rwgulerly cvtrynghi snd morning, it. sttfllciont numbers Ui nrtv a htlrk rfTeot upon the bowels. Tltir w ill osiabhsh the wisd-m of the p ar. bmall pet, Measles, Scarlet Favor?The samo plan lsi t|ttu ly atisp ed to these cmnpaints. Nam rous refereuoes arc or hard, wht re ptn-ntaean to lefrrred to, whose whole family havo bten eitted by them with ihts simple medielre, without aid fr. in any other, tine I will ssie. A widow had fair of her rhtldteti down with tho email p-.x. She gave then no hlngbut the pi He. J,, two weeks tlmy h .d all recovered, and rearoely with a n ttrk tits ii them. Vet another : A young man, a printey in the ftiee of the Tribune, was down with the imall pox. lie had a i hieieian, but tho dootnr'i medicines were regularly- pnt In tint tMo table, and hot.lilt llr.ndreth's Pills. In two weeks he was >1 his work. Tito ramo eonld he raid of lleasl >s and 8"?rlet fever. It is Intpossihle for llrandreth's p lis to fail If thoy srn 'Md In aeenrdanee with the dirertions. In Rhenma Ism, Skin Disomies Erysipelas, and ?t. Vitus'Dance, thousands "f ea-ca ran be roferrnf In where every other means had proved unavailing. R, Id at 2fi?e.Ms per box, with fttll directions, at Ml Brn?lway, Pr. Rrandrrth's |*1nelptil rflVee. and at 274 Bowery, and 241 Hodsec street, New Tort Ciuiitl S|M?rt?Great cirlivnient ?The Kl*hInr I in ka is ilie u'iwiral erv. I"OO ttwi were (aught from ?? I card the Bnfclo, Mo-"tsr i d Taenia? last S!ie rnn? four tinea a week. .See advertisement. I Krw Crop New Plonr, from new Carollna alient, a m|s-ri'>r article fur lakers. atCroton Mi l', 3'1 (lierr stnet. Ala , W twateu fr.nn nv# wheat, To*i a l iplily null it ii ?ie, aareett*1**, food, and < - ne t in the f.irto 'it* o iddiilf, kc., or boiled ai'h milk. ilF.t'KEttk llrtOlllK-t. Hit* and Tou|x-ee_.\ll Prrenna wltlilii( a superior Wig or Seulp sli uid net IMI in call at llAft'llEI. 'K'A li.a. fec.nry, Nil. i! Well .licet, let . re |iurulin<in^ tlsewhere and ne bla lieu invented k i.a. unco-tailed lur lightlies-, ratiira a|w liaiann-and durability. N'.!'.?Private rooms fur tittin? IVi*r. ()?r Iklrnd Young'* I* the lu st p'art for the Vnlu. leer- orclier Military Men to set their li lots, flfioos, or < ai it fur lewlls h'a li?st French 4'alf U nite fur *4 V, usually $ ai d S7; iln tiiirt Calf Ilcotn, $.'J SO, ii-mally $\ Hoots made to o J r I the thai tost notice, corner of Fu tun aulNaa-ati utr-etr. il.e D. ci< r. Pnnerrln): Ntt((nr._Mr. J. O. Fowler, No. r.v and 4"d Greenwich, and 7?i Vo-ey itnet lia.i Jn?t received IUO Crashed l?o?t, Vellow, and lir.wn h-un*. wtrdi he will > I at v In lotah.' prices. Crnaheil, ri cents; Stuart's yellow, e iite; New Oilcans, from t'i to '>.'i ceuts. (Irocers aiid country den'tra would do well io call. Dlnuioiid Point**! (ioid Penn._B. K. Wutann It* u., 16 Wall street, sell Gold I'-taof every description. wholeluile anil re a:l, at unprecedented low prices. Their Kichelien pen iaarreal fivorlti, and in the public est inatiun. the test and heaiert pen in use, points warranted not to oome off. Gold pens M pointed 1 I ft E % 111 A F F A 1 R K . MOSKV HAKKKT. Tliuraday, Jniy !ill_0 P. M. Wall street presents a very inactive appearance. One li*]f of (he brokers and speculators are out of town, and the other half are not disposed to do much. The hot weather, the gradual but steady decline In prices for (anny stocks generally, and tho tightness of the money inaiket, prevent operations to any extent' and tend to produce the prevailing dulness. At the first fir ard, to-day. the sales were exceedingly limited. 1 Long Island declined per cent; Cauton, V; Farmers' Lean, >a ; Kuilroad. old, 1; Heading Railroad 2l? ; Ohio 6s, ,'4'; all others closed at prices current yesterday. The steamship Washington, for Southampton, caricd out fifty-four thousand dollars in specie, which, with the amount takon out by the Caledonia, makes ' the shipments this week, thus far, $167,344. The ( resent City, from New Orleans, has on board $200,- | 000 in specie, which will more than offset the ship! I stents by the two European steamers. So far as the ! movements in specie are conoerned, they do not amount to much. The amount of tolls received on all the New York Slate canals in each of the following years, during the : second week in July, and the totals up to the 14th of , July, were as annexed:? New York State Canal Tolla. 2d ffeek in July. Total to 14t/i July. | 184 0 $30,611 08 $627 806 81 184 1 46 812 98 703,02!) 52 184 2 35.780 36 i 60.2W 44 184 3 63.037 71 710,570 00 184 4 57,008 51 092 917 13 1845 64,668 72 971,391 28 18-r6 71,153 00 1,082.387 40 184 7 111,402 00 1,5211.480 06 ; 1848 70,210 98 1,142,306 67 [ The receipts this year, thus far, exceed those for the coiresponding period in any previous year, but fall several hundred thousand dollars below those of las year. Tlie annexed statement exhibits the uuantitv of tain articled exported from this port for the week ending I the 17th Jnst. Inclusive, distinguishing the destination I and extent of shipments to each place :? Commerce ok tub Tort op New York?Weekly Extorts. To London.?106.060 lbs. bacon; 30,177 do. tobacco, manu; 17,360 do. whalebone; 140,331 do. lard; '30,048 do cheese; '347 packs, skins; 76 tcs. beef; 30 bble. do.; 50 bbls pork; 1911 do turpentine; 26 do. pearlasb: 20 do. potash; 10 cases I K. shoes; 20 do. oil Menthu; 2900 gallons whale oil. To Liverpool.?6120 lbs. grease; 3582 do. cheese; 47,064 do. tallow; 215.530 do bams and baoon; 314.839 | do. laid; 10 cases oil Menthe; 30 do. oil peppermint; 275 do clocks; 24 bbls. pearlasb; 112 do pork; 1753 do. turpenllnc; 38 hhds. ijuer bark; 160 bags do; 82.555 bushels com; 21.6S0gs. wh foots. To Scotland ?40tcs. beef; 40 bbls pork; 754dorosin; COO do tar; 228 do. ore; 169,472 lbs. lard; 10.131 do gruase. To I>eland ?12.200 bushels corn. To Fiance.?79 M. staves. To Denmark, Noricay, <J"c.?6 tcs. rice: 4 bags coffee; 50 bbls. rosin; 13.870 bushels rye. To Porto in Miditeiranean?213 bbls rosin; 27 M. staves; 144 lbs. liyson t< a; 13 842 do. tobacco, mfd. To Son in - 204 M. staves; 23 logs maple. To jlritioh Weil India.?71 bales hay, 15,000 feet lumber, 3 boxes sperm candles, 446 do. mould candles, | 17 do. soap, 102 bushels oats. 846 do. corn, 101 gallons , laid oil. 2 338 lbs. lard. 1 824 do. cheese, 6 825 do. hut- ' ter. 30.120 do. oil cake. 0 681 do. hams, 1,457 do. tobac- ) e<, (manufn'd) 36 tierces rice, 1 package domestios, 13 : bbls tar. 1 022 do. flour. 258 do. meal. 136 do. bread, 260 ' do macki rel. 42 do. beef. 65 do. rye flour. 162do pork, . 24 groce matches, 7 cases chairs. 4 bags coffee, and 31 j sheep. ; To is I, West India.?6 000 hoops, 14 casks nails, ' 1,922 stocks. 36 bbls. tar. 75 do flour. 20 do beef, 45 do. ! pork, 25 do. mackerel. 2 hhds powder, 50 kegs do., 6,000 I feet lumber. 580 gallons whale oil. 100 bales hay. 22 boxes sperm caudles, 200 do. mould caudles, 200 do. soap. 126 do. elder. SO do. crackers. 127 packages drugs, C4 doxen brooms, 29,820 lbs. dry fish. 90 lbs jerked beef, 8.102 do. lard. 6 333 do. butter, 6 022 do. bams, 3,000 do. cheese, 23 hbds. bark, 12 do. ale. 13 bbls. ale, 12 rases chairs. 1 do I. R. shoes, 0 hats, 171 tierces rice, 310 sacks salt, and 4 bales wick. To Dutch Wett Indict.?0 bales duck, 28 do. domestics 4 bbls. vinegar, 30 do. bread, 30 do. mackerel, 30 do. beef. 4 do pork. Id do. rye Hour, 356 do. Hour. 40 do. meal. 112 bushels peas. 097 gallons whale oil, 2 007 lbs. leather, 13.343 do. tobacco, (manuf 'd,) 1,100 do. dry firli. 1 628 do. butter. 209 do. cheese, 2 316 do. refined sugar. 2 886 do. lard, 60 boxes mould candles. 160 do. herring, 200 do soap, 1 ticrcc rice. 7*o hritith North .hnerica ? 340 bbls. pork, 2 465 do. meat 200 do. rje Hour, 841 do flour, ll3 do. 2s do. American rum. 13 do. Vinegar. 35 do. oatmeal. 212 do. | bread. 28 pieces mahogany, 24 859 lbs. butter. 8 521 do. , tobacco, (manuf "d.) 5,840 do. cheese, 1.672 do. leather, 4 000 staves, 20 000 bricks. 000 bushel.-' bran. 1,871 do. | corn. SO do..henna, 27 tierces rice. To tit. Domingo ? 463 boxes soap, 35 do. candles, 30 I bis mackerel, 150 do. flour, 23 do. ale, 1 ease shoos, 4,000 diy codfish. 170 do. cheese. 1.212 do. lard, 0 bales . COmestics. 6 tierces rice, and 5 cases chairs. The exportation of bacon, beans and lard to theports of Great Britain this season, has keen unusually large. These articles have been exceedingly active this year. The receipts at tide water have been large, and the shipments have about kept pace with the increased supply. We have had a very fair trade this season wiih the West Indies and with British North America; but the aggregate shipments of all our products, except cotton, have been limited, compared with last , year, as will tie seen by the annexed tabic:? F.?roHT? or BitKaptTUFrs to Great Britain from ! the United Status From Stytember l?f, to Data rack Year Flour, Mr, I, Wheat, Corn, From hi,It. both. both. I new tern, juiy is ivo.oiy 177,ism N, w Oi rsni, July 8 lti,4ll 2" 437 33,195 I 2s0,:i'll Philadelphia, July 15.... 1,579 20.1X ? .'120,117 hall ,m re, July 15 77.1 2,381 4,"10 134, Post.iU, Jll y lo 704 4,422 ? )tit>2ii8 Other Porta, July A ... . ? ? ? :t\si:l September 1, 1847, to latest nines IS4* K'lO.nV, 04,414 215,139 .'5,700,Oft'. Septnul cr 1,1H<>, to latest I u*t?K 1847 2,773 421 793.683 3,095,098 15,490,273 Decrease, 1848 2,613,333 697,139 2,890,509 11,790 210 ! Besides these, there were shipped Inst year, up to the ' middle of July. 77 7o2 hushele of rye, 435,423 bushels of | oats, it nd 271 103 bushels of barley. This yesr noun of . these grains hare been shipped to lirent ilritaiu. The immi use falling "IT in the quantity of flour, men), wheat, and corn, shipped, compared with last year, does not give a correct idea of tho decrease in value, as the decit ase in prices since has been a large per cent. As , an instance of this, it is only necessary to state that ' the aveingo priro for n< arly the whol" shipment of up to this time last year, was above seven dollars psr barrel; while ttyp price of that shipped thus far this stason will not average mneh over Ave dollars par bar- j rel Tills difference in price, in connection with the diflerence in quantity, makes an immense difference in tho value of exports of breadstuff* in the two years. The rame remark' will apply to corn, wheat, and rneaL This vast falling off in the value of our exports, without a eorreiponding decrease in the value of imports, i is the prlmo cause of the financial embarrassments un1 1-1 II I- 1.,1.., ! of our export* this srason, compared with that for the i corresponding period laet year, hu* fallen off full flfty million? of dollars. The shipments of cotton have increased ; hilt, in consequent# of the depreciation in price? for the raw material, a corrrspnndinn increase has not l>een realised In the value of that exported. The movements of cotton In the Inltcd State? to the latest dales, this year and last, from t he let of September, the year previous, have been a? annexed : ? Mo* s.mstti 01 coi iOft in Tiir UsiTrn SrtTH. KectirrA sinrr 11*1 Erportedto (i. Ilril'n \ I'nrti. Snilrmbrr. >inre 1 it September, i I Hf. l?4ii. IM7. IS4il. | ' .a ?' an?. July M. .1,I.V.I,7;i? -I*?,j|-J ;,01,314 3lft,.\H JWoMU Juij e.. 427,t'l!' Ke.'./vn \ Itilda Jalyl.. 141),till i:'.'-'*, S),S7? 2-,-J) T. xn? Jun?- '.'4,. 34,043 ft,.. i ? ? 4,for:. Inly 13. . I'l.T/il? 2.11,114.' 10,',,07' 108,'>4,1 ft (srelltia. Jnly 10.. '.'to.TtVt 311.247 M?.?rt IliAll N l nioiii,a.JttIy lb,. 1,101 ri.ub liptiia.. . .July I. l"A>' i 1,2 N? w Vi rfc. .wuly 17. . ? ? !v,('.i<, 42)04) Ottnr Ports. July Ift,. ? ? 4,1)14 D47 Total ... l!sl???l l,74b.'.aii I,IN4.I77 7M? . Tetal Mil *?'? e 1.74.1,220 ? 7l(!,?t) ? , jl^RM ? i. t,7Xf rr-tvr-mt-r-. Jul" m e?w> ?r? jt?nrw?.-w?? w mi?. ?r ?7\M N " iI" llspuflfJ to K Hi. <"V? Fuitt. ??*< ? September l?f. I?l Sylm c I-X7. ia*i. IN/ "*? Near Orleans, .July a,. Wi,">i S','"l' ki i (1 .1 MoIjiI- .July 8.. <11.812 .SHIM 2! 8,7)2 I Ml. Hi Florldg July I.., 2.212 2,882 4,\A1- 31,71 Tea ns June 21.. ? ? 77- 'I Ocornia .my IT. M77 11,1*1 ll)<pt ll-.W 8.? ?ro;iu?...Jui> 16. . 22,173 M.0H4 181,712 i N <?rul I * .July lA.. ? ? ? ? ! Vi'giniu... . Ju'y I.. ? ? 4JJ 1 " -! Ken V< rli. ..July 17.. 2}.9X1 2>.~ A 171,3*' WU1I Other Boris, July 16.. 1.41? 428 8,VH 2.0V* 1 Total.. , Bales... 278,131 >17,l?4 1,710,213 1,0H*?1 Total Ikki season. >7,164 ? 1 m.U.vVl ? Irtrics-e 71.027 ? 040, WO Tlio shipments to Northern ports this season w re C04.018 bales against 834.314 for I he same period the previous year anil the ftuck ou hand at the lat-st date , was 233 683 hales against 371,283 at the same time last season, showing a decrease this year of I'll,631 bales. The exports to foreign ports have been more than fifty per cent larger this y ear, and the receipts from tho in'e rlor wtre thus twenty-fire per cent larger. Thegreatert Increase has been in the shipments to (ireat Britain.? j The additional <|uautity of cotton shipped ha< been of no service to us as a means of payment f?r o ir imports over Inst year, and the balance of our foreign trade is by no means so milch in our favor, with the increased export of this staple, us last year at this tluie. Had prices for cotton remained unchanged, we Should not hare felt so seriously the decrease iuexpoiti ot breadstuff*, as the additional quantity o'" cotton shipped would have nearly made up the defieienny In value. As it is, there has been a fulling off in two iin porlant items. Wo see uo way to offset the effects of this immense depreciation in quantity and value of our exports, hut by a corresponding reduction in the extent of our imports. So far as we can regulate tlrein, it is for our Interest to cut them down; but the manufacturers of Great Britain send their surplus supply to ,mr ?..? V.ut. ??> > " -" ? uu llltll UBU account, and force the sale of them at whatever price they will command. This derange* our market*, reduces price* for all stocks in the market, and tend* to keep the balance of trade against us, when it would otherwise he in our favor. Stuck Kxcliaiigc. $6500 Trea* Note*, 6'* KIT'* 6U?baa < anion Co bOO 33 ?;HU) ilo P'.'l v, 60 do .VW 3U0U IT s bV, 'ft! Wed 111.", 100 Nor & U'or RR b'10 32 2UW) do'68 1'4V 26 do Biiw 31 >? 2U0U do '07 lUt.'j 6o Harlem RR 6 .'1000 Ohio b'n, 60 160 do 51 >2 41X0 do '60 97'* 160 do *00 51 6000 Reading Mtgo Rdp 01 100 do *15 61'4 1 10 shas lJei S. Hud Scrip 148 250 do 51 ll 25 North An er Trust 9 ftl do *5 61 !4 ! 60 Reading RR *10 !l 60 do *6 51 >? 1 410 do b?0 34X 60 do blO 61 I 100 do 34 600 Long 1*' RR Wim 27 60 do 33X 2ft! do b64 27ii 260 Farmer*' Trust b90 28 100 do 271 a 5 Utica fc Schen, div elf 116V 160 do *60 27 176 Morris Canal 200 do bOO 27 ij 25 do OS 100 do 27 60 Canton Co M5 82,Aj 15 Brio KR, new, fall, 6b Second Boaiil. IfjOsha Harlem RR 51 200 gb* Reading RR *3 31 >i 60 Heading RR *30 54% CITY TRAUK REPORT. Ntw Yohk, Thursday, July 20?0 P. M There continued to be a steady dein ind for flour for borne use. but the prices were feebly sustained. Among the lots disposed of were some parcels of southern, taken for shipment to South America A lot of new southern wheat was sold on terms stated below. Yellow corn continued in light supply, and prices were firm. The parcels disposed of were chiefly confined to mixed, at full prices. Meal remained about tbo same. Rye sold at former rates. Oats were in some better demand. There was very little doing in provisions, while mess pork remained nominally the same. Prime was a trifle lower, in groceries there was only a moderate business doing, nt previous rat. s. The sale of coffee made by auction will be noticed below. Ashks?The sales amounted to about 160 bbls pots at pn, udu pearis in 710 01 Brkadstuffs?Flour?The sales of all kinds footed up about 4000 barrolR, in various lota, among which were about SuOa 1000 pure Uenesee. in lots, at $5 37)4 a 6 f>0 : and about 2000 a 3000 do, this Stato. Oswego, tie. at $4 87)4, (6 a 6 12)4 ; 200 do Ohio, round hoop, at .$5 12)4 a 6 26 Large sales of Southern, (old) about 25,000 barrels Richmond city, were reported for export, to South America, on private terms. There was some new offering at about $0 25 a 0 37 ,'4. Wheat ? Sales of 2500 bushels new Southern were made, including 1300 at 113c, and 1200 do at 110c. Corn? fhe sales footed up about 20.000 to 25.000 bushels, in separate lots, including 5.500 bushel- New Orleans, heatoi, at 47)4c ; 1300 do llat yellow, at 53c; 1,500 do South*i n white, at 61c. with considerable lots of Wextern mixed, about 10 000 bushels, at 40 a oOc ; and some sr all lots round yellow, (which was scarce) at 55c. Meal?The article was <|uiet. at $2 50 for New Jersey. Rye?Sales of 2000 bushels were made at 60c. Rye Flour? Sales of 200 barrels wero made at $3 60 a 3 62)4. Outs?Sales of 1000 bushels New Jersey wero made at 40c ; Canal was firmer, and ales reported at 46 a 46c. Coffee? The auction sale camejoff to-day. and satisfactory prices were obtaineJ. it consisted of 2000 oaga Laguuyi a. at 6c a 6)40, and 4000 do Hio, at 6)40 a 6Jj'?. 4 months. Cotton?The sales to-day were about 000 bales, with a llrm and strengthening market, and, as heretofore, wero chiefly for export. LivrnrooL Classification. TV. Orleans, and Uplands. tlorida. Texas. Inferior none none A a 6.U Ordinary 5)4 a 6% 5X a 5)4 a aU Middling e& a 6M l!(s?k f?>4 a 6)2 Good Middling tk a 6a 5k a 5L 6)4 a 6a Middling fair 6?, t a 6)4 7. ? 'H Tail oW a 0% 1 a 7 7 '4 a Fully Fair 7 a 7 V 7 V a 7* 7)2 a 7X Good Fair 7)4 ? 7)4 7)4 a 7X nominal fire nominal none nominal Kiam?There was a better feeling in the market for fbb, and the stock not being large, sales were made at a slight advance. The transactions embraced 900 bills. Mtiis. mackerel, including No. $8 ; No. 2s. at $5 76a >6 12)4 and No. $3 16 a $3 8U4. For cod there was a fair demand, and wc noticed sales of 860 quintals, at $2 50 a $2 56).!. Krlit?The operations were limited. andcnnAned to 1300 boxen wet and dry raisins. at !f?l 4Hi a $1 60. Frkioiits.?Cotton wan engaged for Liverpool at 6-32d, and 10.000 to 12.000 bushels of eorn at 4(?d, in bulk. Heavy freight remained nominally the sane. Some cotton wan taken for Glasgow, in a British ship, at 5.32d. Moi.asiks?Some parcels of Now Orleans were dispelled of, but we could not trace tbem. Naval Stohks? There was rather a dull spell in the market, and but few transactions were taking place. 1 he quotations for the various descriptions remain about the same as our last. Oils?Linseed remained nominally the same, without sales of moment. Provision*.? Sales of about 400 libls. of pork were made, including mess, at $11 a $11 12>?, and prime at $8 87>a a $9. The market closed languidly BeefKales of 200 to 300 bbls were reported, including city mess, at $12 60. nnd prime at $0 60 Lard-Sales of SOU libls were made at T.!?c a 7??u. Cheese?Sales *f 200 to 300 boxes were made at 0\o. Butter exhibited no change of moment. Hit r -The market was quiet, aud only 100 casks weie diipt sed of at $3 26 a $3 31V. Stkiiisb?We report in tale of 20.000 lbs (white) at 7>,c a 7Kc. Sucks? In a l'otnil way. pimento was silling to a fair extent at 9,Vc. Some 1(m) bags wore taken. St'oab*?'1 here whs a fair demand for boxes of th.? lower grades; Hnd for a consid"rable lot firrrflniug 6>fc whs (ffered and refused. Tho sales, to-day. included 180 bhds Porto Rico at I'a 4;Hlc; 160 do Cuba MmcHvndn at 4cta 43j'c; and 200 boxes brown Havana at 6c a 6%o. 1ai.low was only mod-rately active, and but IRtle was done. .About 10 000 lbs rendered changed hands at 8c. ToiiArcn ? Sales of abont 100 libds Kentucky leaf were made. Including common, at 3t?o, and 60 do middling at 6c. Wiiai.khohk was wanted at 23c. Whi-kv.y- Sales of 260 bhls wire mado. including Western, at 22c. and State Prison at 22,S'c. The Irojis. A friend writes the Chicago Trihun-. that In llacine, Walworth and lloek counties, a sufficient number of laborers eanuot be obtained to harvest the very abundant wheat crop. Farmers are off-ring $2 per day lor cradlers. Tho Charlcaton riicc Current states that, the accounts from the cotton growing States, are, with few exceptions, highly flattering to the coming crop, while the unusually early blooming of the plant, reported fr< m vavion1- quarters. |i said, according t-> former observations. to bo indieutivw of a large yield. A correrpo orient of the Buffalo Commercial .hirertiter, who had just rrnsspil the eonntry, writes from Chicago on June 28th, and remarks that ' wheat will probably afford a better yield lu the w stern part of Michigan this year, than In the eaitern, though in no portion of the State can It bo large. In Northern Inuianu the proapert ! > better, and In Northern Illinois the crop will be large.'' A bad of fine Jersey reaches, rays the Newark -Idverliitr. was rout to market on .Monday, from Cooper's orchard in Gloucester county. This fruit Is very abundant, but the npple crop is not worth the cost of marketing The potato crop in the State generally proini'rs veil. MARKKTB BL8KWHK1UC. KTOCK -AI.K1 riin.Aori.riiM, July 20.?Meat Hoard.?IW State A's, 7.1V1; 10(1 L' S BV 'til, IIM',; I2U00 do, ?:>, MM 'g ; ,1V) mm ' ; ml War llinnty. yd; .'i Vioki-Miirg. Id; 20 Nill Am Its, 114)2: Add 1 tvaeuiy No <a, A 2-A, MM ; Aisi.i II s ti's, 'n7,? a, MM 'j ; ao eeirard Ilk. M S ; 20 Mi'tris ( anal, a A, !l; AO do. r \v, i1)4. A fter Salet?TflO I,thigh Nav Scrip, 7*H; f'irarl lik, fil1, ; 2.K) M rrla Cans), !i\ ; .'si do, Okj Second Hoard?dtXsi Tmasury ' Notre, 6'e, MM ; 1A I S?' .'(7. I'M; 2'0 Wll Kallr id. b'\ So"; 2000 He diag Mort. A's, fid: -fi Ilk. KM,; i> HomlngUm ( epl er Co. C.,; iA do, 4 ; led do. Alter S,rU??!>) <4trard Rk, 10'd ; Ao i.ending It?ilro?d. 114'j; ll)u New Jersey Copper i to. 2%. . , BAi.TiMoRr. July Its- llrokcrt' Vo.ird? $250 U.S. Treasury A's (en t ui.) 101Js ; *(;A0 llslt moro end Oh; llailr ad Itirtdead Ponds, fiOW ; Arl.sica lis! im1 re and Ohio Railrosd Ca, .' J> | I'. S. t> e of In7 clo oil at 101 tdd, loA asked Trvesitry d's at I'.' I id II I'i saVed Maryland ?' '? r oseil at "-7N Mid, ask il; l<al ini As of Pyoa <>7 Mid, P7Vj asked; Baltimore and O. in Railroad .diares at VJ1, hid, :trtd a<ked. Borrow J ill v 114?Hrehtrt' Hoira.?If ehs Reading Railroad, lkj AO do do, it'.; 2A do do, 17 AO do do. 171i, MO 2Wdo do, !>**-.. ?''?>; AO do do, 17* r. 2A do do. 17 V s?0; TA'ifado, 17!*; lOOdo di, IS, 1.10; A do Western Kailr ad. lie); li do do, WlAt IJ do Kail Vmr kailroa-i, afi1!; 2 do Old Colony Katlrnsd, S7H 2 do Hon. ton it Mai- 11 HailT'iuil, I0S; .1 do Eastern Kailr 'ail, iGldi 10 do Kitclihnrv K allrosd, III: Ml do fast Boston ( A IIU; $l'kk> Readii g bailrosd Beads, ISAO, A#, Mil. At Audio*?01 -ha Merchants' Pa>k. I0O1,: 70 do Beaton Bank, A t. 12 do Colnmhian llanh, y.\, :'0 de Union llatk, 97; JO do Now England Bank. 101: 10 I do Rkilread flank, 1 owoll, 7SV; 2do Roott Mllle, fAM I de llamiltcn Marafkrtcring ( r, 3 do Appleten do, 87.AA: I de 1 or~r~ "jnn7v-** US'* i"i? wvipk xxtr^-T^fwu It ! 71 , ' I i1 - *a * tntaf* Mill Corpora "or, J M; i) Il.j it >o >?! rfi'ir a J/>: < u J Jl d> I. > * U\ r'".->'rr Railroad. |> " , iMH; I ' <1>: Il.i I r? It 'r id ! :<; 30 da Old > . r v K virus J 7; 8 d ? u 1 L?#el| Rsil )?mU* 10 |4f I' ) ! V|*k1>ii.i Jv I wit Ri'1' I. 11'^ 3>ltlfl I u,? I: -rii 2 (., . ,7*.i; J:>? . : J,., , dills fj ( ?'.*! I ' SI f ."Ji? i v ! per > > ' " - >< k. 2"si|ir's WevOi ii Itailrv ud, l". .*> Ji> tVsrilMid, Ss'iv ti IVroeoouth it litload. t'c. pnuh ax M-tRNKTs. Havana, July 0. IMH No important chime lias shown itulf iu our sugar mark-1 since tny last advice-. Prlffv fiuitituii1 i ?'y under a moderate enquiry. although planter* i viiiee no disposition to ni-ke further conec si- u- ; l>ut timet of th*-ni pref r t o try the rluu > of for?Ign market* on tin ir own account, rathor than sell on (ho spot at present rates Quotation* are? Assorted kituis 6 ? 8r? to 0 and rials j g ?od to cliolee whites Sad; ordinary white 7 "a to 71< : superior and florete yellow- ft1, to 6'V ; f.iad to Huh yellows I a 6 ; browns 8Ji a li'-i ; Cnournuhos a 3 rials; .Muscovados * are worth 11 a 4 ria's, with very little doing. Most dealers a-k IJ.i fr molns.>s Imports? No erilrnls or joked beef and the stack on Iiin<l. which is not largo is retailing at 9?.: 11 ami 111* r*. The stoek of lard is '2.200 kegs: fit i*' w >rth <>12 a kid. A cargo of rle> from ' h.irleston lias just been sold at lljjr'als. Of the 100.000 foet Bath lumber on Ii m l 80.000 feet sold nt $21, and 80.000 feet h iving arrived from Portland, tin-re are now 130 000 feet in rtrst hand*. A cargo of steam sawed pitch pine, from Mo. bile, sold for $'7 Freights charter" of American Tessels have been made at $3 for Howes ; but an tonnage is now more abundant rates are lower; ono ve-sel of 2.800 boxes, aeeepted ?? Ss and two others of 2.0(10 boxes received X'2 10s. To the United States .fl per box for sugar, and $lt? to <2 for Molasses are the going rates. Fxel.ange?The hulk of operations on London for the direct steamer were at 13 per cent premium and in some instances, for smi 1 amounts higher rates are obtained Ni w Vork and Huston 1',, a x ui^eouni wim tity iimn putjuirv. r rices current of import??U. S Jerked beef 0 a r2l4 rials per arrob?; codfl-li $2 2.r> a $4 per f|*l . haddock *2 50 to $.1 : H ike #2 60 a $2 45 ; hams $7 a Si* ; titlln* r indies $10 r,0 a $17 : sperm do $39 a $41 ; whale oil 12 a 16 rials |>ee arrohe ; six rm 31 a 30 ri?l? ; cheese $10 a $14 per <(11 ; liuttcr $22 ft $20 ; yellow corn 3 rials |>T aerobe ; eorn meal $2 60 per barrel; Hoops $28 a $30 per M; 0 >nr $13 60 a $14; box >liook-> 0', rials; molasses, hhd?, 13 a 16 rials ; sugar. do. 14 a 10 rials ; potatoes $4 50 per brl ; onions $10 a $12 per l'?0 hunches ; nails $6 76 a $0 per qtl; anil tar $3 per brl. Rio uc Jakkibo. Jane, 1st, 184S.? imports were 11,370 bbls flour ; 1 273 pkgs domestics; 422 do tea; 100 boxes sperm candles; 244 000feet lumber; ll'J bbls roHP; 73 do beef ^45 do pork; 3,124 lbs wax; 61 dozchatrs; 000 hairs; 026 kegs lard; 2H boxes tobacco; 20 pkgs sp'rits turpentine: 100 bbls pitch and tar; 8 pkgs drugs; 145 pes sail cloth; 038 spars; 250 b igs pepper; and sundries. Flour?The transaction-' during the past inoutb havo been extensive, (about 23 000 bbls.) the bakers having supplied themselves largely in the early part of it, at 20]|500 a 211! for Huxa'l net $7 37 a $7 60; Columbia and Columbia mills. 1811500 a lo;|?uct $0 87 a $7; good Baltimore and Philadelphia 17|| ?n-t $0 121*'; ordinary do, 14,| a 15l|?net $4 75 a $5 25; meat of the late eargoes from Baltimore and Philadelphia t urned out very inferior. The arrivals since 10th icst. having been very moderate, higher prices have been obtained for good qualities, ltichioonu retailing at 22jl a 23,|. and good Baltimore at 18'|al0,|. The stock in first hands Is reduced to 1600 bbls GaHego. 1600 do gxid Baltimore, and 2,000 ordinary Philadelphia and Baltimore?total, 6000 obis. Dates from Rio Oraude to 0th ult quote Hlclimond 22|| a 23il. and Baltimore 20, i?21i|; ?t?"k much reduced. At Monteviduo. ou 18tb, the market was exceedingly dull; flour nnminnl at $8, on b >ard; stock small. Domestics?The arrivals having been very heavy, largo sales were uiadu at auction and private at reduci d prices, viz brown drills. 105 a 200rs, net 5)^ ? 6,V?! blue do, 280rs. net 8)^'o; 30 inch shirtings, 165 a 170rs, not 6>.{ a 6Ja'c; and others in proportion. The stocks in importers' bands are now mod'.rale, but they nro very largo in second. Teas?Still continue excessively dull and none but good and superior qualities ran be disposed of. The stock in tlrst hands is very large, and. if buyers could be found, would be sold at very iow prices. Candles?The supplios having been moderate, rather better prices have been obtained; fa<t sale at 800rs. for $27; ordinary quite unsaleable. Lumber?White piu? is wanted, and would bring 60|| a 05]| per M, net $19 a $20. A cargo of pitch pine wa- badly assorted, and not suitable for the market; the consumption of this quality is very limited. Provisions -Sales of ines<> meat. at. 28ll. not $lil- \'o 1 26|| mt $0; prime do. 20;!. net i 0 00; prime pork. 2d !, net $0 25; lard. 2J0 n 22<lrs. net 7>,'a 7c; the market ie well supplied; hums,' OOOre, net Do. Coddsh?The last sale was at 10||f>00, quality hardly fair, net $3 37J? per drum; slocks moderate. Suit?Sales at 050 a 700rs, net 15 it 17c. Kosin?The import being moderate, 4||600 has been obtained for moderate parcels, net $125. 1 obacco?flood segar leaf is in demand. Plug is quite unsaleable. Cordage ? Some parcel* have arrived, and sales have been made of patent at 32ijOUO, net 9c. Coffee?The market has been well supplied, and prices, in consequence of the advices from F.urope.have gradually derlined to 21550 a 2"700 for superiors, 4% a ftUo on board; 2|]4O0 a ||500good llrsts, 4J? a 4\; 2!|200 u 2i| 100 for regulars, 4>4 a tjfe. Tho export has been large, particularly to the United States, as many Kuropean orders have been suspended for the present. The stock is about 75,100 bug?, mostly ordinary; good and superior qualities are becoming quite scarce, and. until September, uo linn cargoes of new can be shipped. The supplies from the interior aro now very limited, and will continue so far some time, as the present prices will barely pay tho transportation. The old crop is also nearly exhausted, and the new will not be abundant tilt August. All agree in saying that tho new crop w it be much inferior in quality, and from 1-5 to 1-0 short of tho last crop. Hides?No transactions of consequence have taken place, and prices nominal at 115 a 120rs, or >)? ? hoard. Kroiuhts?Have ruled high; to United States, $1 05 a $1 10 There Is now less demand for vessels, and are likely to decline. To Kurope tbey have declined to ?2 15 to ?3 kio janrmo, Juno 1<).?Coffee hnR soon it* lowest figure, and I should not be surprised to itee good coffees much higher in the next ten days. The planters are holding their stocks hick, and in a few days our markets will be very poorly supplied. The shipments of coffee from Kio to Baltimore from Jan. 1 to May 31. hud been some 40 000 bags in excess of the same period last year, but to New V'ork the shipments were deflcieut about the same (juantity. The total shipments to the United states from J an 1 to VJny 31 had been 237.967 bags this year, against 238,010 bags in 1847. Jlaltininre American July 20. I Ned, At Brooklyn, on Thursday morning, the 20th inst., at 6 o'clock. F. LixiBsrrti A 11 Li'dlow, daughter of Aim 11 und James Ludlow, aged 2 years and 1 month. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral, from her father's residence. Baltic street, third doer from .Smith, on Friday afternoon. 21st Inst , at 3 o'clock. Suddenly, on the 20lh instant, Capt. Howard Hammom., nged 68 years, formerly of CliailestowQ. Mass. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, on Friday, the 21st instant, at his late residence. No. 214 Wooster street His remains will be taken to Massachusetts for interment. On Thursday evening. 20ili instant. <, Infant sm of Jnui"s and Jane Stroud, aged 3 months and 26 days. Funeral will take place this afternoon, at 4 o'elock, from 361 llowery Relatives and friends are respectlu'ly invited to attend. Or K n to all nik w'uklii?ok bat sr. Sweep* takes?12,Obit Subscribers at t&eaeli. The party for ?ho?n tin* tint V>rro is drawn to receive jt-H,U00; the aeoond horse. jtlOOUO: the third horao, ? 10,'*R?; to bo divided among purlin draw in/ "The Martera," ii 10,000; tlie like among -Non-htartera," JtlO.iJUfll Sweepstakes, No. 2?Subsorti'tsst Li'rat h? horao, L111.Ill"; second horse, ?6,UK)! third h*r *. x i.uum; divided among Ktartem, jltoo": divided among C3.0UH Sw i takes, Na6-llUsihtaiiitwin Al'* Kirst horse, ff.'tU; eeoad haras, ?2,IS?e, Unrtnor-e, i "?i; Smrtera, L2.i's>; divided among Non-Stariers, C2.IJ0Q, I" dcir us of rseuring chances in ei'ner of tha aivivc Swocpi* i rauwaatad la maka ttiir appHuatfsa, aaaaak Bwaap w I'lbe diisr imuii-di it' ly if is full. Tna result of the drawing v ill b? rdvertised in liie "Times," 'Bell's l.ile," and tlio L"nd n rtr.iiy papers. To give ladies an opportunity of taking Sl:. i % .- ti|? will ho is. lied ill initials. ut tfiu onti.m of th? c.v t.-rifo-Ml communications, to in^.rc Attention, must contain a rciritfiiiu*. Foreign orders may bo made payable in London; trot nil letters must he addr aed to Richard NiJholl* and Jar.ici Parkinson. Temple Square, Avlcabury, England. The Lhird hom to bo dfided by "Dell's bifc." Priios paid any d Ay alter the race, It - 10 per < mt. The race ill l>e mn at D mcastcr, on *hs 14th of September. 1*18. To provent fraud, no scrip will l?e genuine unlet** the let for containing it h?ars the Ajrlcabory postmark. Subscriber* wishing to sena bam* Note* had better send halves by different post*. 117 ANTED A BOT, 15 OR 16 TEAR Of AGS* APPLY Iff Tf the toin'osiner mom of t'ie ?stublishroent. One that his toneBcqtia ntance with a Printing Office will be preferred. Ww I i I ftOMOSTRISPEC I \iu BPROTE511NI ycvng woman, ai rook", wishers, and ironers, or do geucral hotr-twork. The best of refers nee given. Apply 111> Mulberry Bt'ct. Wr&D. B> TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Girl-, sistois. situations One is not particular as to what situation ri?c may obtain, having had some experience in gen-ral hr'wrw*? rk ; the other would 1i-c to do plain sewing and at end to children. Enquire r.t 21 Cro>by street, in tue basement, corner of Grand. Wanted?by two respectable girls, one as cook, washer and ironer in a private family, the other as rr.iimocrmwia inn waiter, orctuld's mirso ; the Ih-h( of city reference a to ripMllty and character. Htivs n > objection to go a abort distance in t' r country. I'haao call at 193 Eleventh Rtroet, between lut and 2d Avenue*. W ANTED?A SITUATION IV A I Al'IC, EMBROIDERY, or hoiicry etoro, t.y a young man thoroughly aeijuainted, with 1110 liuaincRR and > an influence a good trade, in either Broadway. II wcry. or Grand etrcet, or would havo no objection to no in iirj pert of the coou ry. Would accept a r. ry entail eompeo?atlon till hie ah lily in tctled, I'an amo loan I i< employer >xl or $|( (tasttetirity for honcaty and integrity. Address L M , at thi? I Ifflce. AP0O\ EKNEP3 OK OKQANI il?W A NTED.UY A YuUNO I ady lately from Europe, who was educated in, a ad apeak* il ently Italian aad Prench. and (a a proficient in Drawin |t, a ait nation a* above. She hna testimonials from the priac | nl Oignni.-ta ol London, atterting tier liabilities aa an ??rganiat, and the would ho glad to make an einr.ktemcnt with any i'liorch in mod of lier norvioea ; or aho would aocop; the situation < f Ooveniesa in a private family, in which department ale tiaa I ?d much experience. I? prepaid to give leaaona on the Organ iiml I'iano. Addr a E. J. H? llcrald ortice. fl|| IIKWAKH ? LO.VI ? sUptOshD TO HAVE III.EN yjl 1 \ 1 Stolen, from llodaon'a ,l'i?tol C illery, at Cap'May, mi nntinlahed Duelling Piatol, III inrh barrel, wriro twiat and p <t. nt hrench. Van Troinp k Even* mikorv Pawnbroker! and other* are relocated to atop It if offered. The abova reward will le ) aid I r the recovery of the Pl-tol, or any information ;i| plying to J. VAN TROMP, Cape Inland, N.J. J. III D 'iv Newport, K I. "f;" aKI? -nToI.KN I'KuM III KINi. .*I nKaT, ^p?tf i ne Sllier Detached laser Watch, Ihirlocn Jewelled, i.ade ly I aoxet Frtia (ioMta, No. II 164. fit) reward for tha aatch, $16 for the conviction of thief, by applying to JOHN HKOMSTE 11>. 22 Ann atiret eecend floor Lost?on Friday afternoon, in one or the Broadway omnibuses, from Spring street to Ceurtlandt, ). the. en to the atenmer Troy, a parcel of pan re, containing a aowtr of attorney, Ro., of no valuo to the under, who will be iterally rewarded by leaving the name at No. 127 Pearl street, ip a aire. ' r OPT?SOMETIME LAST WEEK-A COM) PENi IL CASE J with Pen. Tne tinder will he tnitably rewards J hy leartng I v aamc at it .11'ront (treat. np stars. Found?a pm of money thi owner caw hatr it by applying to C. P MKLVILLK, Areho- Tavern, As Ventre a tree t, pO* PALE-A DAY HORoE, OF FINE ACTION.?THE I r owner, having no nan for h m. will tell him a bargain, la.n're At the ateMe 'n *be rear e v c. 1 Wp?Mr?'iu Pymre I w. nuowx Avert wu r -m . i. r a / o ? tl lirdaat* viiou?J. *. Ur.*wit wiJl atil, thifd*y (Friday). Ji I* l'l. at 10 .f'el'Mtk, a! W2 Mr m | .v?y, a laj.;" He loa of * it. ?' ' r'n | ?i*? wrv?i by VV. Oiltrn'Mi. Ihe ??I ?*? ?. i i on. , r-ri? ?' ? * 'iv'lf '* >! '.f Uio Vc\ I 4* *um. .1 ?au 1 A? ? |do? V rl the H . VI ?# ill. KA. (JHHO*, AirrrroNKML-flAN'l><iOfK HOCHK Ulu ti.Tidmre ft** Inn i-ng to a family dec im 4 1 11 f. C'?*? J f hllroB will Bell at 11 Frtd-iv. J.ilv srl. at Hi o'eloo . Ht IAI) H'tit Itiih atreat, near the Mli AveMi, the *i* t ro fur-i<me of ilseaLoie honae, mudo to order within the laefc \>; r I > ?<i 6 wi' our 1m Ht city maker*, con?|?ri?l??g in P*rt the f?dI * ii g irii?!e : Ui0***18, in?rr;i'i? and ociiur carjcii aud oii c'w l>.m-. ittory, Ihi Ii cate tin d with aa'.in wo d and library of v?h:sfcl)? Loo* a ; 'lining and to* 1 &Dle*, voltair r ?ulc m m ii>irand l.t r chair and a fi*?, divan*, Ste ; ?*dn d.i 1111k ou,'taint ano intode )uc<. i?w ilo., Urge Fmncli plate p erglaarfeft and rlein > 1 i?m ui candelabru andgirwodole*, vupori rl'nmoli uloth. ( 1 'na din tr. defert and too M't-. out j'iiiwwiiro an I rr<>'kery. Oil I aiming:?A choice o-. I U'Clion 'f paiutm/< au<l fr.uucd tiigrav* it y-8. Ala", I fine 1 nd>cup? by ??!e. Huno-l hHj??rior no wo* d ptuno, mad* t'> ordrrand in a ?Jt-eri?r manner. French led* ?a s find R| rif g lt?ir f at rai-oa, burear and looking yliai?? A':-o, a bono collection of gr enhoiiH* oUiiim and *hni uoery, t<>? fed tr with a variety of < tl.**r household articles. ,^ale to rum. memo with th* kit*l<? 11 fun Kurt. Cat dog-.. 1. idy*. d y 11 or in* at ih?* utrioe ? f the 4nod<?iii??r* '7 ?v?n UOMJll TO ? HUM IIUMill l? IM K- I'll K ( I IIZb.N i t ,F t ? fifth H'aril *lm uri <toMr."i? m g vlii/ i.. . uptnin !)? <1 t. llDD.trf.rd, 1 f Ipaoy A. "t illKir l!.':i,n nt N< ? V.ii-k Voluiiletri", a le-iiuiMiimi of ilinir hiiMi ngaril fur hU I 'i1101 t iv 1 itucf, fioni tlie boailiartliiwnt of V. ml'ru? until ur Hug waved iu lli? bricie ovor tlio hulln of tho Mont.'turn i*. urn ti.|veriiil to D irt ou Krohiy . \ 11111/ lit t o'uloult (July/i?t), Ml I . V :. r?" n HoUM, k?, If' Wwl III I I , ntLTA PHI 10NVKN110.M. rUIQKNIRlL minvkv lieu of llu' Unit. 1 l.i S.'i'ii'V mil Im iicol iu tlio ''^y of^uvi \ ' rlt ou Tl.mriliiy, <!7ili nn.l Iri.luy, i-tt.'i of Ju'y, I'IS I ? Ik UkkKth aro miiKAteil to arr.uiililr ,v. tlu> Nil i >uaI llo'tii, >n 1 ouri andl biiort, on Uiupoiny n uiiig, tlio L'i"t i, ?t S o'clo. it. All niftnlord i f tlio oolcty, ami Oi>|? . i.Uly UraUoui. aru corJla ly iuvneil to at'enrt. ' lly unlor. Cil l't 1MI1M lin MUhV 1.1.II1C .i.ii.. 11 ! ? Ooiii mounted, get with brilliant* and valued at ? I can t e "en lor a few d lya, at Kllei g Kih 11' ir.| M - 'U |. Si uiie i 18 AT cost?I.amaKIINL SACRA, BLACK and brown; do. CUS'ore otto, Aip.ico and S ciotou ."Moae, ? ! light iiv'.cIk lor but vrather; veals. r., of all do* riptiuug, I I ii lilacs Cloth Iin'Hii c'uwt* (nudeto in" i. ore, I i, other MticbliimpuftoM 0. u. i. ihuka, ih. mmmim. 1AIM I'AINTINQS?A SMALL COLI.Ei I'lO.N OF CUUIC i Oil 1'aiuiioen, inelegant frame*. t<> be di.pi*?f, ut moderule priei s, constating of line speciunit* of the Finn ib, Union, > rvncli and I talnin Schools, they me of u high el.'tv, and in i pure state; among them arc true wo rk* by Sulvutor Kou,.licit tt"ttj d.'ol, A. (> tilde, lirughel, Tennierv, t'.urlo Dolet, tic. F.tvpiire nt til riy street, where they can bo mien a?) day for the next ! Oim or lour week*. PKh \ill M feTRAW&RRR1RR?TILR i ill KNf I* (HI ic riad for f rniii g row s'l-iwlierry lutds. Our now do* rip. I live Strawberry t uiulugue, with prieeit, u.ny bo obtaiuvd, prAUg, ut ( lark ti Austiu's,SOo Broadway. 10 Ma Wa t' It I \ i R It Co., riiuhls( TV iiKutih, S'lONS SEAL ENORAVKR AND tl Kit AM) l'ainuir, reinuved to 261 Broadway, iipucruoruer of Murray i in ei, up stairs. Seals, Signet Rings, Pencil Case a, Ac , engraved I stri ill too to ot Arms, Cresti, Ko. Aruiu found and painted from (3 1 npwurdn. Book* of lleruldry, with upwirdi of JUU.UUU namea. Inhumation riven in Heraldry. CI ON VERSA! IONS IliANCAlStS, OR French Tac.,iit > on tie oral System, enabling to spgukfrom tlie nr*i lea, on a, ami insuring eav; and ilurncy to pupils uioro aduunugd, hut d. Iicent in speaking. Ttii'ion ut lioiuo in classes, ; privately id per month. Families and schools utt nded. I'lea-nt ntMress MUSS DE bT I'lrMRK, Naiifiln ''ar ?. 90H lir uidwiv. HUii TO BE AN ALTUK.?JI'sT I'l Ii I. I - II1.1 . IIIR to the Singe," showing the ditftcuLics of the prufcaauion mid surmount thctn-priou 12 eon tie Taylor and nllmoro, nnd Coss and Butler Songsters. Comic Almnnnca. four kinds, for IHih nlsa, the Uennan Cub uiliir for IMS. For solo b-w to the trade, TbltNKIt e Fl-HiKit. 7-1 Ciiuthn'ii st. Notice?the sunsotiiiEK gives ms personal attention t? hutong, soiling and ixehunaing It. ul Euuto ol all discriptloux in Boston or vicinity. Also for sale, a largo nun bcr of f a iu? in different suctions of < lie country?prices fruin $1,1X1 to $20,MK). Notes ami mortgages negotiated. J. W. M.sYNAbD. Nltf IVm(M n'rvi. ||..>t >n. Nonet.?a smali. aciuijnt hoo*. and a mm ur money wero luuud near tho IUttery on Thursday. The owner can lave tic same ly proving property and paying ciwrges, by anp ting to JOHN 11 < "s k E . No. I Pike stre >r. dti <U)(t Ml MM N niK A TEllH DC YAAKS, ON yp4*j\/vrVg bond and mortgage, of a good firm, s tuated in 1 West Center county. Apply to VfM. CORP, No.'i Ua'l of ReoorK TO UI'MNESS HEN?A VOI.'NG MAN DE (iDDi) Al) dro?? edu u io-, and business habits an American by birth, j ml) give 0 glit hours of his attention daily, to soino respectable I oct'U|wlion. Board, or the amount of it only, asked for hi< services. Also, recurity for h nesty, reference lor integrity and so. | bretvi reasons given on an interview. Address I'ORTUNE, 1 .'ereId eltiee. New York. RmoV.M .? IIR. MORRIS LEO WOLF. REM 1VED FROM No.!??I.iherty tree I to 612 Broadway, batweeu ltroome and f| ring stnets. _ _ AMAK II, GAS UTTER?l'UK BAN V VhAltS IN TUB employ of tlie Manhattan Gas Company, la now prepured to Hi up stores, dwellings and public buildiugs on the most iresonalde tenna All work done by the sub.-eriber warranted. No IH6 rth avenue. BOARD W ANTED, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, LOCATED iu a heal'ny part of the country, within ten or tifuicn miios ol tho city, by a gentleman, with is lady, infant and nurse. A note addressed to box H7U Post office, will t>o replied to if the ituation euita. Ft KMMIKU KOOMSNEaR CNION SQUARE,SUITABLE fur singlo gentlemen, witli breakfast, in a private family, if desired, may be obiained by addressing a note to L. X.,a t tl e offlee ol the lit raid. The beat of nif-reiieo given and re'|Uired. a MIL yl UE.vs noir.i., on'o.Mlk i or. oENERAL POST < ftiioe, St. Martin's le Grand, London.?T hie magnificent Uo tel having recently undergoco cx'cn-.ivc altciations, and a groat portion of it nowly furnished, will be found on trial to have no rival in the metropolis, both in point of acot inundation and moderate charges. The Coffee room is one ol the Largest and most comfortable in England ltoard, $2 per day. Hot and Cold Baths. THOMAS SPENCER LKNNElY, Manager, Formerly Chief Steward of the British Oncan Ss?m?hia Reler-ii'i tn Now York. to Mr. <) A. ?'i to M fiodar street. LO.NCJ BRANCH YfcT?THE MOKKIS llul'SC, AT l,ONQ Branch, i? now open Kir tho reception of visiters. Tba ?ubacribtr wishes to inform hit friends uud tho public that ho has built to his establishment extensively, now commanding a front 0l over 21*1 feet, where visitor* cau spend the summer on reasonable terms, by stopping at tho nearest house tn the sea. Long Branch, .'hi July. I ftp". .1 U". Ml HtKId, Froprt tor. TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS?Til K A VS. Kill 1,1, HOUSE (apposite the Railroad Depot.) I'tn-a, N. V.?t'upt. J oh l Clapp, having taken a long lease of this Hotel, and renovated it throughout, is now prepared to aocomivslate passengers going West. lie has mi arranged it that lio will have Weds reulr on the arris al of each train of cars. Ily the Captain's |wrsonal attention this House will l e kept in Uic bust manner. 1'ortors aru at every arrival o' the oai>, ? > convey the baggage to the Hotel, free of elairge. JOUN CHIT. N. B.?Stages I eavc the above I lloiel regular evei^r day, for Trent n Falls a.d tho towns north and south of Utica. FOR SALE?AN ll,Hi.i.M COUNTRY RESIDENCE IN New Jersey, two miles from New York, with n ar an acre of Dud, a liouso one year old, two stories, frame, tilled in with briok. snd tn-11 in the most elegant and ai tistaunal manner, in tlis style I ot an Italian vil a, with a latgo, oold cell ir, floaur and vegetabls ' gulden, fruit tries,and a well ol tino water. The view embraoa.i I Niw \ ork city, harbor, and nver, to Strykor's Bay. Fart of tho purchaie monej can remain on mortgage. Impure of A. SER- 1 tiF.ANTt SDN. 1ft Wall stroiit. New York ' DKL'OUl.-TS.?TUB SUBSI KIBtllS VUHINO TO HLlirc Irora Imauiei-e, are willing to dispose of tho etr> ,-k. good w ill and rtxtuica <>l their wholesale I'run anil Chemical warehouse, No. 1M Market niH'l, Philadelphia. The luxation is unsurpassed, \ being MmmMl and tith streets. Tin custom of that uuoxoep- ] tionalle kind dewed by every business man, tin stock has bean much reduced, consequently lerins will be easy, An opportunity , mtli M thic seldom pretest itself, and should bo vinbrated by gi ntlemer-dcaimn of embarking in the drug butineat. EI'WTN MFHFHITn k CO No 1*4 Market street. Philadelphia. A I 1MKNTA KV 1'KESEKVES- MUMS II 11 N N A It I) , French Manufaciuicr of Fresh Preserve*. II* hieerty street. , ?t aptains ran procure at his establishment an assortment of the choicest arti. Ion, auch aa Meals?Beef, Vent, Mutton, Fowl, Cnmc; also F ish, with a variety of Soups and Porridges. Vvgotables?Beans, tea*, Stlnach, Me. F'ruita ot all doivrlption*, j Fr- nch, English, and American Saurea. Also, nates of Poultry i a: d Come wi'h ot? er article* imported from I ruuee. Article) i tut up at his establishment, warranted to ke*p fresh fcr an un- i limited time. PAlNTINtM.?A bSMTtBMAN ABOUT LlA VINCI TOB j Europe, wisheu to dispose of his small collection of Pictures, selected tmm the heat soureea. with taste and judgment, and wiii due tefcience to subject)suitable lor the I'arlor. In particular may bo mentioned an ituporiant work hy A. del Sarto, an " lute)! r," by Oatado; two flue example* of Van lioycn; ? delightful Ini usrape. with cattle, Nicholas Ih rgli.-m ; u enurming ape amen of Vt atieau. know n aa tt e Fortune-Tellera grand I tmlscapc, by halviit-ir Hoaa ; with several elaborately tiuieio-1 Cabinet Pic- \ turea?all in perfect order, handsomely framed, and will ba sold at prices niucii below Heir rial value Can be seen daily, from i in till i o'clock, at No. 10 North Uoiro atixiot, near at. John') I N(U?re. DR. BOS1 WICK'S MNTI1 I.EI'Tl'KE ON SVPNIMS , and diseases of the genital organs lilastratcd with drawing*, < will be given on Saturday evening aid Inst. Ats^j o'clock, at the ( Ilri-ulway ll< Uso, comer llroailnay andlirandst. Modi el men, ' Student! ami gentlemen, arc invil a to attend, Ixiclurefrce. < DR.COOK'S REMEDY FiiK lHtPNKEN'NKSS. PKl.Vl'Il'Al. tig' ncy, 121 Fulton street. Proprietor's office, 214 w'hurcli siicct. Price $2 per bottle. This great remedy will positively , vuie the hankering desire for liipior in about ten days ; it cannot t injure any ni.e however delicate, mid on the other h ind its moeeSSIs fo.m I y certain, and the demand for it rapi Uy increasing. It may lie administered secret y if de?irable. NUllit TO THE IEI?.?W AfKKMA d StVKET, 1 NatuiaJ Ilono Setter ha* returned troin tho South to the Aatorlloute; a I notes left hy sa>unlay attcruoon, will roceivo attention; or at Israel Minor's, 214 Fulton street, agout to sell my L>ii n.tnt. ai.d F.u.hrucation, for Relaxation. On leaving hvte. j at I nine a week, st Amsterdam, N. V. ! 1AOK Sal F.? I1IE K.nTIkK Ort TilK ON* IIAl.F l.NTK- ' . the 1 ire, (H years unexpired,) t .gother with the ...... i .... i it'i iui|.|..Mm. inn, ui tin. I'niio ll'.im lotiK iiLd favorably known as " The Place,'No. *i> Naw-au street, j neatly opposiio the Sum Building*. Tho proprietor hoiug en- , ?, "I In "'her basines* (stun t, af cr tho let of August devote aa , much of hid time to " i he Place " aa it requires, would dispone j of the whole or iho ahov? inn rent to a pirson qualified, free (roui ; etui arra??mont, and of ?ood character, t" whom it ia a rare on portnnity. For further particular* inquire oi LEWIS ft. FORD, on the premlres, between III A. M. anil I r. M. DK. 1 lia KLL, OCULIST, AUKIM, ETC., ATTENDS i > \ I- i iy to dlmses of the Rye and Ear, at hia surgery, *>1 tlruad d way, entrance 1)4 Warren street. Just published, the teoond edi < lion ol Dr. Powoll's Treatise on the Eye, nnoe in oents, whioh oaa a be had at hia office; also hia premium self-acting lye tooaMiwA a A large supply of Artificial lyes reoently imported. e \1/OKK.S11UFS TO LET?Willi A STEAM KNI1INI?TO t il let, and poweseinn given Immed atcly, two buildings eitua r ted In the rear ol Noa 7b and 72 Ibnse ry,ocnlaini ngd rooms, with an engine of M hor-e power, in rood running oider. Entrance fiom the Dowery, and a cartway I ("in Elisabeth at. Inquire at ' R t) NOK'S Boohetore, hp itowery. J TO SlORTftWEN-A (ILMI.EM.VN, I.AME AND IN ILL I health, idler f r wile, a Wanton Partridge uun, genuine, and ? "I gn at value lor prim or puepn -h" ting, or for guuio; a vory ' heavy Hille, fast (.Ic.'l larrel, . f great excellence, from the hands ol Laniel Fish, the celehrute'l inaker, of this olty?to any cue residing on rivrr. l ay or pond, Irvine tiled by deer or water fowl, t< .pur ng hard lilttlng, er long sic r, thn, rule i.' uiov. desirable: J n Ml) Duckin Uun, weighing Mu pounds. a pcrvuaaioaed J miisket, 'piien - arm-, having belonged tc :t Virginia regiment; a ! Mini, a Iidling Keel, . iglun. IWupniuda; pet Birds an 1 other ' nindrie'. Imiuiio at 2HR W eat eitvet, or of I STUItF.V t, III I.L, lir.dway and Isvonard trust. j NOTIl F.-AN OLD-ESTABLISHED HAT STORE. IN THE ? lower part of the city lor sale, now doing a profitable bust p i.t-s; stock and fixtures light. 'I Ills is an exeeileiit opportunity , for ai.y one desiring t? enter husiness with a small capital. En- g I.nite of I?. D.N ASM, I.W Fulton street. r L ALIEN OOINU INTO Till COUNTRY, AND WISIIINO J good Shoes, esn IIlid ut J. B. Miller's, III Canal I'reet, fire! * (p.aitty SI pp. r?, Ties, and Itnakins, and Hi shillings; ivond quality Mlp|?t., "lio, and Mu-kniN .<! li and 7 shilling- p r pain 1 Istdiea tiaiier, at I li and IS shillings, equal to any in the J til). M<sw>a* and hihlien'a Ualter Boots and sii >f all a l.ii.da and price-, at J. M. UllXKK'ft, i( til Canal street, near W est li aivnv. J i -rtoME in hand, a >ri.t vimo a",iri wen r up J tini"deemed pledge* . < ! Dies, Coats. #1 to s'? oseii, h.i., I t t?th; ? i.n i '-n1 s >1 to F7 each, Fteneb ci p., is tn quo. d, J In ele, an' \> ,t? "T'i d V .e, Mta :? V ,\l?. , on .timei.t (f tlptci. Ogtshm r tr and l.liieuC -I > f 'I ?.* | V * ', ,t v rvrtf Na ?4" *n I It e'ttutn e s ? ' BOW rRV TIIKATRK-KRFDAV kVCVIVU. Jttl.Y M, Im will le performed, TIJE KU.'iHI.n <IF sT Jf>ilN ? Ito. pbo be, Mia* Mary'IVy I r; Sir C'add-.r f hh d * Mr (Km. Nni* abulf; (raid Ma-t tr, Staff id Sir II rim Kilwuniit, W ardeo, Sir Avebni tie R> not, liitoo; Sir 1'ior. Malcolm JMitfcouj llaf St. fair, Martin ? *; n?He?, Mrr. I'hilllp#. tf.r wS.teh. THK I Usurious SI ?< \Ni.KK? ? -> jnnii Itowhe I Mr. liurtaet Prince Attn, Warw eh; Fa'iirn, Mrs Sir tie land. To eon In *itli Tills NAUP (JliF.ltN-Hr n ;l Uorehnowm, Mr Tllten; Flft|iti?te. Mr. Burte : ifcc Naiad Queen, ilia* M. Taylor: Kin via, Ilia* Hell; Idea, Mir. Sutte land. On' > pan at 71 iwrfurnrtiay comiretioe it 7,l9 oeloek. Boar*, Jf> eonD ; |> t ami gallery, U% mi i v. iy Mlf'S. ?KT- H flAl? *t ?"MI* - I Kl A? KV ki 1 s Iiinit, July Jilt?The parfonnanuea will i.iiiniMDcn with the lao^t a' le rkrich of tho HMDS. ItRIU t UN?Mr DinJdUton. Mr Dim .on: t'ip'aiii Nngeat. Mr Palmer i'cer Simple, Mr John Srl'ton; Mrs D.d.tlemn Mia* Ka'e Uon:. i'arlmr. Mian Uolwrtn Mr* Valor Mairmen, Mi** K lVlbm To tie fallowed by S-*uao? from lit** Scat, Opera*, mutt by M tie. anil Madame lae bori'f' ii clurl'iit; rhoireee'eetiomt from " ll.ripimfi 'H?i<lla" "Uiii'lo et Ulnirra,"and " isa naiitr'In 11 nurouiic," eoneloeing Willi a grand Dnet from "The Martyr#" Door# open at a qwarfrr before 7, eotmnei.eing at a r to S. Admin-don, *>. eenta. nUOAlMVAV rUB.VlKK? Tills KVtxIMJ, UtlilAV. duly 2int. IH4S, tlic grand l<all?t Han oinioie, untitled IJC lil.UILK A OUATmI>? I'olinaki, won*, nonplaiatr; Miu.. urfc,, Moiiv. Corby; Vvmi. Mnns. Comet; oii li'iiol .wan, limit'. tlrom , Maurc a I'aoter, Mr Unrnet; Aiuitre il' Mr. wrinht; tfatourla, IIml. Moiip attir; Coun'.ee-, li'lle .1. tltilao; Velvet, Mia# Calerte: A Viiomi Polare*", Mia# it ithb'gra1 e; A 'ic.ii, Mo llloro tlctm.?To obviate o objection of prol n a rlormaooe., daring warm weather, tf.t Ballet willforni i tclttntvefy the eniorlumivmi of tl.e. eventujt.? Door* | i.u at J.ltp Uv'f 're io eoinmeuee i?H ? liters Cirelo and HAri|Uttte, IMS oeuta; Family Circled, J'.eeot*; tlallrrv I2)< ?ntr. (>l A'iBAh i'lliATHh SO t. HK >1 K A. IJ DMV' ree, Mr. i a Uhaultati ? Kameuil lieoeMt ?f J oho WiuiliH Sr.lay eteuirg, July 2l*t, "II l*i ao mi the Inn e <1 li e CAHTaIN OH TDK \VU l'i II?Viteount dw I-iguy, Mr I,enter ; liar o Vm Iritlot'or, Mr. Sanmy; A.I If He t; urtruy, Mr. fVetil; Ka ryn, Mo.. K.oly IIfayr: Kr.aciuta Mitt i'lldietb. 'I n be followed l.y n,,, Uuteof TKDDV" i'liK TI1 Kft- Tiddy Million n v. Mr J Aiid.-r.ou; Sntderie.k, Mr lit*) IItola ; Oriel, Mis# lliblnith. To In loll m. d I.v the uew local eke1 eh entitled SI,n VDItk IllliK AS IT I.>? Meee, Sir. I I :u.linn ; Joe, Sir. IVinenn: haty, II . See'aynr. To oen- . eli ile with the drama of M.l'IKt) I'AI, DS'K?Matter, Mr. Dot); S"i r n. ato Hulcerio, Mia* S. Ihiuin. Do-or# npnn at I' jr . foru..n-s? seD.tnenne at K 'ehelc. loto* ia wote ; Hfl Ijik; i nvatr t'oxia. %6. Cab'l ue gah DEN?I'EHFOKMani e to i :<IM MENU's at K u'oiook?Admitvu, n. '!> coats, Children half price?4iimaging Director, Mr 0. i>. Holland M. C. V, ''luho, 4-jaoi ?i. reolor?Painter and Doc ruor, Si*. A-igmu Memo l,il,a?MaohV ncry, Mr K. McNtily? Pi gerties. Mr. '.I I bar*.?Friday Kveain/. Jul* till, the untcriainmcniH will com mot. ? wk'i tin; riyiua culled the J AvOIUTE?Jack Dunk, Mr. II > land , iir Mi* u*rd , VI ruuglttnli, J. I. Hnker; Mujnr Murray, Nhialnium ; l/idy S?yin"I'tn J, Mrs. O I'hiltip-; The Widow Pottle, Mi.'. Fern 'i*. After V hich an OPERATIC OLIO from >li? in?n f.vori ? manure To couclude with t ecome ,ketch of MKi. ll.VttKl I?Mrs. Uarria, Mr. Holland ; Fanny I'lult, * is* Mckin mi. BURTON'S TIIEATKE, CHAMBERS SIKKKT.?FRIDAY t< cuing, July 21?Will lie perloruied, I'oole'a eiuiedy of hW fcLTIlkAKTS AND M I VRS-.tdmirni Frank in, Mr. Tnayei! Charles Fninklin, Mr. t'ri*p; Mr. Fa df rii. Mr. Dunn; Hilly Lnckadny, Mr. Iltirinn; tarda, Mr. Maraliali; Kugoiia, Mow f.'i ai'Uiuu; l.aura, Mirk I'etrie; Mr* Bo l. Mrs. Hughes Sunn, Mira Fine lair. To eoiico o with R vStiAU J ACK?faek. Mr. John I>n n; Waddhton, Mr. Marshad; (Jrinby Mr. Dunn; l.ury, Mira Hill; Amelia, Mira Morgan. Dreaa Circle and Pl> guette, '<" eia. Family Circle or aeoond tier. 25 ata; Dooff open at 7 }, o'clock. turtaia rlaea at 8. AMEKH an MUSEUM.?P. 1 HaKvUM. I'KOr'KIETON? F. liituhccck. Manager.? Sple did pvrlurniauoea every lAtr, noon, at o'clock, and every evening at It. I'iiu malinger haa en gngeil the celebrated Itolgiuu tiiant, Moon, liiiila, the taJleat nta in the world, being <<>11 t) teet in height! 'tie eiiurmoua I tow Constrictor, liO feet long. The three laving Our nig On tangs. tile lineal ever reen in tide country, srnaiently an much limn yuan brute. The Fairy Family. Mr. Chuliliee. tne India. Flutist. Highland Mainmotli Uuye. Ciaut Haby Wa* Scripture Statuary. Madame Rockwell, the tamous Fortune Toller. A dm urn on to the whole, including Museum performances, 25 eente Children andcr 10 years of age and old enough to walk alone. I2>{ oenia. Reserved front seats. otic anil ling each, eelta. MtlUANK'b Haul, NO. 472 HRiiadWaT, uktwebn Grand and brooms streets.?Ouc Week Lnuirer.?Monday, July 17. and every night during tin, week. T ? OrtlCIN A L, CHRISTV S MlNSThltLb whose Domains dur ug the pact nine months have been rtooived with euob diatinguiahen patronage and u.icxaai Sled ruccert, have the honor of announcing fiat by thedodreef le heads of ntiuierous families, they will uontiane their poms tr ai d inimitable entertainments for one week lot ger. Admission M ee-it. Dnore open at 7, Concert aommci eing aid e'uleea. Oki Swturday, July 22, an Aft moon Coaoort, corn neaoiug at S&elnek. Manager and Director, I P. CHHfSTF. BaN VaKI/B MAJIMuVli PAMJRaMa or TUB M138IBnppl River, painted on tlirae miles of oanvaae, being It* largest pain line in tho world, at the Panorama Building, la Oeoad way, adjoining Iliblo'a Garden. Open every evening, (Sunday excepted). Admission Ml oenla, children halt price. Tue I'auorv ma will aommenee moving at M to 8 o'oloek preotaa y. Aftomoon exhibition on Wodnoaday and Batarday, at 3 o'clock. fi RANB 1'ANOKAMA or TaTIAIK'S Campaign in wjs ateiioo, at tue snuerva itooms, VJ>> u.oadway. Sherman & Touscy'* Mammoth Panorama, ahuws in >he moat perfect aad beautiful manner, the Marches, Encampment*, Buttle* and all the etirriug lncidonu ef Geuora Taylor'* opera Ilea In Mexico, the greateat Paiutiug in the world. Open every evening?Panorama commence* moving at H o'clock precisely. Auinliwion 2ft ecnta?no half prio -. No charge for descriptive pamphlet*. \ Walnut street theatre.?Philadelphia.? Friday Evening, July 21. I?4i -Mill be lertorwMd the ci mcdy of LoNDON ASSURANCE?.>ir Haruourt Courtly. Mr. Blake; Chare* Courtly. Mr. W heatley; Lluislc. Mr. Rkniaga Mr. Dolly Spanker. Mr. T. Placide, Duly Hay S|?uker, IIHalf, \\ allack. 'lo conclude nitli TUB l.iM F.IIS. To-morrow Mi. Blake's Benefit?LAUGH WHEN YOU CAN, and OKANIX FATHER WHITEHEAD. PARK THEATRE?1ue SALOONs AND HAKE HP TIIlB F-etahliahment are now to let fur next. Searon, or a longer period if required, commencing o > or about the tret day ftl tcplemter next. Undeniable aecurUy will be required. Iln condition* under which they will lie let. can bn ascertained on application (between 10 and 1) at the olfn e of W. coKBVN, 4 Barclay e'reet IAORTIIE FISHING BANES, OFF SANDY HOOK-the ttaunch sec ttnnitt Buffalo, (.'apt. J. W. ilaooux, will ran every M< nd?y. luciKixy. Inua., and Sunday. Tim twv steamer Ji?inee Madison, Captain L. Sin-on, will run every Wednesday ami Thursday. Both boat* will leave tbo loot of Kmtiiv *en afreet, ut S o'clock; Canal street, M'4; Hammond ?-reet, pU; Catbaiino etnwt, E. R-, , Grand struct, if; Ptrr No. A N. K , A. M-; returning by ft FT M. Refreshment*, ttnee, and halt, on board. Silai Tilion will aoo impiny the Ja nee Madtfnn, nnd ("apt Sini't, that old fisherman, wiu hi* harpojae vk< he on beard the Buffalo. Fir* ft*i'soils. Excursions?for the mmta hanks?the kle. gant and well known sea-reamer New ll.ivon. Cup , Luinpheie, will run regularly to the Pfsi-Hig Hanks every Monday, Twcisday, Thursday and Friday, cununei ciiig Monday, July Midi, leaning Dunne etreet at 8 A. II : dual street, b>?; 1 lain mead street, Cnthuiinc street, N. K, at HJg; Grand street.#;, nil r No. ,'i N R..'J'. A. M -. returuimr at I, I* Vf. flu le funilaliad oil board rratio. A ?plen<iid bnt uml cotillion latiid will aoeoia pany the pout. Refirithinenla of the in ?t choice kiid furninhed en board. Fare ft r the rxciirrinii. All emta. (1 KAN D EXCl'KtilON TIIKOVfitl UtSU ISLAND TO M OicrnporU by ihe l<ong Ialand Ka Ir ad, on Thu relay, July k7th, |H|h, and return ihn tame e.euini. 11'; ~pceial rrain from Jlro. kiyu In [H,t at 7 A. M.. stopping at ./ minio i at 7X A.M., lirancli H, Ilick.villo hi,, Fnrniinaualv M?, Suffolk Station Hjg, Medford Station '.1)4, St. tleorge Manor !'?4. und a rlre at (Inwu |ortat 11. Kcturuinc, c e train will atop at the abora named itatinm only, Pure for the Excursion One in, liar. At (1 roe a >ort the steamer Statmmnii. (,'apf. Na?h, will b? ia rva ftoeao to oiiTe) each of the [tarty aa den ire ft thmuxh the unriralletl Pa ionic U.) to Sag Harbor and back, at a charge of AO oanta for tka Jip AlaoM llbKlt, t ubn.t.-int OUi kllltfa uf 1'uUI ln.nluaMe nuu.luuo, ofbra for Kale the right to oerlwin eounLI K in t'iv Slatca of New Vork and New Jersey, of hia patent rights. This wonderful manhinc easily produeaa the fl< tat batter, md in irturh gtester quantities fr m nea milk, treeh from the row, than any other churn heretofore known. The publte are !"? Ipectfully inlornicd that tin [aitent churii wilt be 10 operation, nd daily exhibit!. n, at ts.e New England llotel, Broadway, 00*. Iter of lldfett itrMi )| r l'A It l)B WLI.kilAN BAKU HK STAf> Antwrrprn. t apt II. Qovcarta, lying at Pier No. d, NerMi htver. and at the foot of Hector "treat, a superior flue lob af On inty I! rd? of the Breed. For sale at toe ssud ship. tviu LIVERPOOL?NRW UK I?REGULAR PACKET OF r itjih July. Tionow und uploudid f.i-t Railing ixwket Ship tt'S. IMS, 1. Idridite, master, ia now loading and will puaitirely ail as ubn>e, lu r regular day. For (might or paa age, having i| l< ndid furnished accommodations, apply on board, at O' leam< il arf, f. ot ol Vt all it., or t?> E K. I'til.I.I N a, .Vi South ek " ' | !" t.. .wi, ITio | achat >hiii Sludoaa K. It Cobb. ? nninr, will lueoeod the ii tenia, ri d mil 2tiih Animal, her regular d <y. PAI KF.T r?>K IIAVKE.?SKLO.NU LINK?TUC SHIP UNEID.t, Jti Punch, Matter, to ami uu the let ef Ampiat. HOVH ? IIIVI'KKN. Agent* L^HK NEW OKUuANS?LOUISIANA AND NKW YUKK. r line of packc'*?Regular [nektl, ui *uil dowi-ty, Aaguat rth. Tl,? new and iplendid faai tailing packet atiip (IKK. riil llK, C?pL Sh, rman, n a iw ha ling, and wih po-dtivoiy nail u>, h?-r regular day. Fur freight or innun, apply on jnarJ, at Orlwut wli.irt, font of w.iji g treat. o? to e. k. coi,I.INS, (W South llml Shipicra may rely np"B Una reaael billing iionetnally u?|. ranked. Poai lively no freight will bn raeeived ou rward after iatuldny evening, August 5th. Agent in New Orlewne, Wan "niry, who will prmptly forward all gooda to hia nddrrea I he picket ahlp Cluton i 'apt. .fame* II. Inger-oll, will aoaaaadlba larlmpa, and ealton her rrgula- day Notice.?packet SHIP BuaciUS, from llvkki'ool, ? HI commence dna barging underg neral order, at "T'TTimr vharf, foot of Wall atrecL All good* not permitted w ill ha lea* /< the public atora. E. K. COLi INS, M Sooth atioat, PACKM MIIP U.IFION, I nOM NEW OKLKaNS. S DlS. eharging at Kniger'a atreut oharf. L'ouoigoeaa will plmae ittend to the receipt of thair gooda P. K. COI,I,IV S. M Vnth atraat. Dk j, ii. mott Hat iik consulted daily at uis Mi dtial and Surao at K>tabli*hui?ut Kit (.'March >tre?t, >pt n fi< in 7 A. M. t , 'J P. M. Recent e.i~ej of private diaiaaan ha a ill war' ant to cure wilhoot inconvaaienoa 10 Ue fuUea^and n the(horn a poiaihie apace of time. rtni iiiKs i'ttti kit lias ii cm >v it ii mi iirvuiam I f M I lev pit reet, where he can 10 con-mlted on all print limwa The m<"it oheiina'e yield tu hi* mode uf inrtum^ atuch i* nn the nou-incrcuruil *yatoni. Strictures onrvnl an the noar approved |>lan. Penone who have injured theiuouleee by n<lliH rvet indulicu'-e* can apply with a cruunty of aura. iflVo, II Iht pi treat DM. CUtlPBK, 14 "i A.N E Sl KfctT, lit.I'W bK.N CHATHAM and H illiam ?tr.j. u, ha* tur ui?. null Imirtaen yaara enjoyed he moat extensive pracuac io private aay medio*! -?n Nt ff \ orb. Ila an euro the aiuat imriiv*taf aaai ol Unr Iteoeoc; and mild emeaenred in two in ttve luye. StnoMfw-Or looper ha* dlarovared anew method by which he eaa earn the porat form of atrieturea m Irotu one to two neck a, with *oarvely ny [Ain to the patient. Constitutional debility, brought <,a by a ecrel habit indulae-j In hy young men. Tina, when wo IVeelyIn i'licod in, beget* dy?|iep?in, weitkncn* of tile limb* and aanall of he back, eonlmnoii ?i tiia intellect, aud averaion io *oowty. A on- warranted in cscrv case. of noehnnta No pwifunriP <i*ad Dr. ulovek is cu.nsbbj k,t> tlbitl.NO tum uav and evening at an offlou, No. 11 Ann ?t>, (formerly No. 1L in ihoee ditUonlt and pror-tctea oa*c? of Si.ncturn, Ulaat, and ball rate Piaeaiea which have ptvvoo too oberinate tor phytMtanao* eea exiartenoe. 1'nvate entrance through the entry be the etkoe loor. Ill* KAtraoloi Lvpaive, Cube**, ? exwoMvely pre bribed hy pliynlciena may ha h*d ai hi* itoro in front, Nat 12 Ann itrcet, (formerly No Z) Price (I, (V I '1ST JSX'f k AUKUI.N .\Kf WottA?ltd ru 41A AMI M L?1 or thi -O contemplating marriage. The tnari4id woman e I'rivtte Medical Companion. by l>r. A. M. Meurioanu. Hath edA iob. Price (tl. Tht* work la mooting with moat a*?annd>mt M*K 11,iJUl copies have already been iivpcced at) I vary female In (ettin* a cry. whaih<>r named <>r unmarried, although it la 1a einieil ee|~-iolly lor the mamod. a* It kmc* important accrete, rhh-h should he known to them particularly. Hera every tetania an discover the rau?es, ?yir>pu>tn*, ?ud the moat etfiatent reuo no, aud moat ceriatn in etc ol euro in every oaaa. Pur aaie. in (roadway; at tha Publishing Office, Laoervy neat Naw rack. M s Zieber e>.d Co., eorner of Ubesoat and Tturd atreaM, Piulnclphio; l.tttle and Co., Albany, W. K. Ihtvia Hoeeo*. On tan ;e?ipt of $1, n oopy will be transmitted by mail, Iraa ot postage :> ail part* of the United Mmw* An Kttcn tuiun be M hr inaml oat rmd, to Dr. A. M. MaURICKaU. Don 12* Now fort any, flic. l? I.I ham meat. IAH. KAUPli, author UP Till PKaCTTCAJL PKITaTR LP TreaOwV Re., ?R Ureeuwleh treet, ottiue honra 9 to 11 a, M. to II P. M? (Sunday eaoeptcd.) Those who apyby ia tin early ngeewill be rnirpnaed at the rapidity aud lulls Rteonventanoa Mending tlioir onto. It ia eluaity. however, Wiuea wke havi auf ired from a certain olarn of iwople, or otherwmn, who nun paw erly apprnda'e hit tervtcaa In stricture, frmn la* drat or iiiab lent, to It* more advanced and dietremtug tagee, (from annom ion ad van ages, in addi-ion to n very crumsive pntcuoo la VrUa rm plaint) bo onn aOord a rapid, may and nutetal cure, w. Id., as ibaicand fcr itaUng, can be orMuoed fr~a ne :><f urt- 'it ?ertri?.

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