Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1848 Page 3
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I NEW YORK HERALD. north-Went Corner of K ill ton and NaMiin JADIES GORDON BKSNE'PT, PROPRIETOR. amusements Tills evening. BOWERT THEATRE Bowery.?The Knightb or Sr. JohnMaid i t Svhrh-Fltiiis Dutchman. CHATHAM THEATRE, Chatham atreet.?Erne8TIHe? New Yobk Aa It Ib?Tiik Ununified Genti.bman. NIBLO'S. astor PLACE?Bi.ack Domino?Dancing? Twviaam k uailmvik, BURTON'S THEATRE, Clumber* itzeet I'eraonation? Waki kbikg Minstil?Whitis and tub llauwu-lHia i Unr. CASTLE GARDEN, Battery.?Captain op tub Watch? Mii. IIabbiii? Koi bbt Macaihe. MECHANICS' HAIX, Broadway, near Broome.?CriKiarr'a Hinsthkij*?Ethiopian Singing? lirHiUKin Danbinu, Ike., at 3 and 8 1*. II. panorama Hal I. Broadway, near Houston.?Bantabd'* Panobaha or thb HiaauMirri, at 3 and 8 I*. M. MINERVA R(X)MS, Broadway.?Panobama or Genhhai. Tayihh'.iMexican Campaign*. New York, Saturday, July 'AA, IS4H. Actual Circulation of the Herald. July 21, Friday 21,0!*' copies. The publication of the Morning Edition of the Herald con., ntneeo yesterday at .'to mi >?'m past 2 o>lor'i. and flnislied at ISminutee peat 7 n'clook?the Evening Edition at 10 minutes after 2 o'clock, and finished at half past 2 o'clock. Our Column* To-day. The colujnns of the Hew York Herald are pretty well filled this morning, with the interesting foreign news received lufl night.? Several columns of domestic matter are consequently crowded out. We may have to issue a double sheet on Monduy morning, in order to clear our tables of the mass of important letters, &c., that burden them We'll see. Ncwi from Kurope. By the arrival of the steamship Ilibernia, from Liverpool, we have one week later intelligence from all parts of Europe. The insurrection in Pans had been completely put down, and everything was quiet there. The government had been much strengthened by the decided measures taken to put down the insurgents, and the improvet ment in the fjinds shows that confidence was slowly returning. There were reports current that Denmark and Iiolstein had adjusted their difficulties, and that hostilities had ceased ; but they had not been confirmed. Political affairs generally, on the Continent, continued unsettled. Commercial afiairs were improving. Cotton and consols were in active demand, at better prices. Corn was steady ; but the markets were quiet. The official returns, showing the reeeipts of revenue of the government of Great Britain for the quarter aad the year ending the 5th inst., were much more favorable than anticipated, and the eflect upon the money market was good. The news, both in a political and commercial point of view, is de~ cidedly encouraging, and, altogether, much better than we have received for several months past. We devote our columns almost entirely t? the details of events which have transpired in Europe for the week, and a telegraphic despatch made up to the last moment previous to the departure of the steamer. Jhe Presidential Election?What are the Politicians Anoirrl?In a little over two weeks from the present time, eight States of this Union t will hold their elections; and, although we are on the eve of a Presidential stru. gle, on which the results of those elections will exercise an important influence, we hear of no meetings, no stump speeches, no excitement?no nothing, in fact. All 1 a mimt TIip nnlif w?:i1 cpn ih ua nnlui nq n mnrl pond in a moonlight night, hardly a ripple being perceptible. After the last meeting of _the barnburners in the Park, in this city, that faction seems to be exhausted. The effort which it made on that occasion, seems to have overwhelmed it; and the only signs of vitality which it exhibits, are the struggles in the committee room of Tammany Hall, to obtain possession of the wigwam, and oust the hunkers therefrom. The hunkers are in the tame quiescent state. We hear an occasional grunt and a growl, now and again, from them, but they are as fully lost'in apathy, as their opponents, the barnburners, are. More strange than all, the whigs proper, and the adherents of General Taylor, who were all fuss end excitement until within a short time?they form not an exception; and were it not for an occasional heaving of their large trunk, one would suppose that they were dissipated and had gone to the land of spirits. The States which will hold their election within the periods we have mentioned, are North Carolina and Tennessee, which will commence the struggle on the third of next month ; and Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Iowa, which will hold their elections on the seventh of August. Now, all these States will hold their elections within nearly a fortnight, and as yet we have not heard the first note of preparation, nor seen the first drop of blood from the first bloody nose, nor the faintest cry of pain from the possessor of the first cracked pate. This is, indeed, something singular; and what the cause of this genernl jmHthv and calmness is. we do not know, unless it is that the politicians are waiting tor the warm weather to pass away, before they take the field in support ot their respective candidates. Another cause may operate to produce this state of things; and that is, the anomalous position in which all the different parties are placed. Between the whig party proper and the democratic party, there is not, really and truly, at the present time, a single point, or any thing bearing the semblance of a political principle, at issue. The grounds of diflerence which heretofore existed between them, have been swept away. The taritr question, the bank question, and the sub treasury question, have all been passed upon and settled long since, and these two parties present the anomalous characteristic of going into a Presidential canvass, each to secure the election of its candidate on his popularity and individual merits alone. The only parties who are at issue on matters of principle, are the hunkers and barnburners of the denmerHiie lmrtv. The uuesiion of the extension of slavery over ihe territories of New Mexico and California divides tliem; and on this, and this alone, are they distinct nnd different from each other. The barnburners have declared war against the whig party, too, on this principle; hut as yet the wings lire not inclined to accept the gage of battle, and seem very desirous of giving til (jueslion the go by for the present at least. Such npi>ears to be tho condition of political parties in this country at the present time. The convention of barnburners at Buffalo, on the ninth of next month, may inspire a little animation into all; but we think it doubtful whether the temporary excitement which it may cause, will last till election time. It is asserted bv the opponents of General Taylor, that the enthusiasm in favor of that hero is subsiding very rapidly in New Yor1;,, "We cannot say whether the asserting jH |rue or notj but it seems to us VJty bed policy for that party, to lie so low as they do at this time. The eyes of the whole country arc directed towards New York, the great political centre, as it is the commercial emporium, of the confederacy. ' We had an attempt to ratify General Taylor's nomination, a short time since; but it was by no means of the right sort; and were it not that the resolutions on the occusionwere fortunately passed in a moment of lull, the whole thing would have been a failure of the worst description. The dissentients at that meeting?the stick-to-Clay-till-death wings?have, no doubt, by this time, become reconciled to the General; for brandy and water, to sny nothing of the scientific prepmntions called mint juleps and cock tails, with nnd without " cinder," are wonderfully efficuciousin such cases, and are a never-falling presctiption lor disappointed politicians. Let us have a grand mass meeting of the friends of General Taylor pretty soon?another for Cass? j another for Van Buren?and one for Satan?or the politicians will get mouldy, and the grog dealers will become bankrupt. That would bring out the hunkers; and the barnburners, if for mere spite alone, would take another twist at the business. Stir up, politicians, or the whiskey cause will burn out. This inanimation will never do, where we have so many rascals to get a living out of humbug. TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. Later from Mexico. New Orleans, July 18, ltyj. By an arrival from Mexico, we have letteisand palters as late as the 7th instant, from the capi'al. No positive information has been received as to tne progress or me revolution, we only know that the government forces under Onerals Bustarnente anJ Cortazijr had heen united, to the number of three thousand, preparatory to an attack upon the insurgents, commanded by Padre Jarauta. The Supreme Court of Mexico has under consideration the protest against the late treaty with the United States. Vessels had sailed for Yucatan witli money and troops for the relief of the whites. Arrival of 'I roo|M. Philadelphia, Julv 21,1848. The Philadelphia Rangers arrived this afternoon, nnd met with a hearty reception. Capts. Nngle and Small's companies, with Patterson's and Wynkoop's, had arrived at Harrishurg, and will wait lor other companies expected to arrive there to-night. TIUHTLUTii CONUKKSS. FIRST SESSION. Washington, July 21, 1848. Senate. The Senate convened at the usual hour, when the Vice-President resumed his seat and called to order. Trayer was then offered up by ttie Chaplain. Numerous memorials and petitions were presented, received, and appropriately referred. public lands for SUPPORT of INDIGENT insane perSONS. Mr. Dix, from the select committee to whom a memorial had been referred, respecting publio lands, reported in favor of granting public lands for the support of indigent insane persons. Mr. Dix also give notice that he would move that the ?fenate proceed to eh.. n<,T<vlil>.rntlr.n nf eh- 1.111 1- .1-.. ? ?? ?" 'J v??jr the naval apphofhiation hill. On motion of Mr. Athkrton, Chairman of the Committee on Finance, the Naval Appropriation Bill was taken up. The Vice President stated that the question pending was on Mr. Lewis' motion to reconsider the vote of yesterday, adopting Mr. Mies' amendment Upon this motion an interesting debate sprung up, in which Mesfets. Niles, of Connecvicut, Phelps, of Vermont, Foote, of Mississippi, Benton, and Davis, of Mas suchusetts, took part. The question was Anally taken on Mr. Lewis's motion to reconsider, and the yeas and nays being callod for, it was decided in the affirmative, by the following vote?yeas 30, nays 20. The question then recurred on Mr. Niles's amendment in favor of striking out, &o., and decided in the negative, by yeas 20, nays 30, so that the amendment was lost. Numerous other amendments were then offered and rejected. After a very long debate, principally in regard to employing naval steamers in carrying the mails (which was negatived), a rejection of the amendment was proposed by Mr. Dix to advance $150,000 to the Bremen line of steamers. Mr. Hale moved an amendment in favor of abolishing flogging in the navy, which was negatived, After some further uninteresting proceedings, the Senate left without a quorum. The Sergeant-at-Arms was sont for the absentees, when three came in, and the Senate, at six o'clock, adjourned over until to-morrow (Saturday). House of Representatives. The House assembled at 11 o'clock, and after the transaction of some routine business, the Speaker announced the first thing in order to be a consideration of yesterday's motion in favor of reconsidering the vote rejecting an item in the civil and diplomatic appropriation iiill. Mr. Smith, of Indiana, obtained the floor, and warmly reviewed the oonduct of the dominant party of Messrs. Polk and Cass, lie read from a little book containicg General Cass's letter to the Chicago convention. (Laughter.) He ridiculed Iverson's orocodile sympathies for Clay, and asked from whence they came?" Was he the same Clay that the gentleman's party so long reviled, and pronounoed a good administration party?" Mr. Stewart,of Michigan, followed and defended his party and Cass, and attacked the whlgs. Mr. GooniN next made a party speech. He quoted Bayley's former denunciation of Jackson's usurpation power, and also quoted Henry A. Wise's testimony against Cass. Before an investigation was submitted to, Mr. Thompson, of Miss., read a speech against Taylor and the whig party, and highly eulogistio of Cass. Air. Barron replied in a powerful manner. The question was then taken on reconsidering, and carried, and the House adjourned until to-morrow (Saturday). Markets. New Orleans, July 18.?There was comparatively no movement in the cotton markets yesterday. Sales about six hundred bale" only. Other markets unchanged and inactive. Albany, July 21.? lteceipts within the past 24 hours ?Flour, 7,300 bbls; corn, 2.300 bushels. There was noj thing of moment doing in this market to-day. Everything was dull, and waiting steamer's news. Flour we quote at $4 75 for this State and Oswego, and at $5 50 <:?nue..a .hlnV, jallin.r In small Into The Post Office.?The aggravated and manifold abuses connected with the post office laws, have been a standing theme for unmitigated dedunciation, by the press and the public, for the last few years?since the installation of Cave Johnson into the administration of the affairs of the post office. We eschew all mention of the recent law, passed hurriedly through Congress, as a sort of quasi retaliation upon the British enactment upon this subject of international postal arrangement. There is a vulgar phrase, popular among the lower classes of the Spaniards, which, when translated, reads thus?"It is just like plucking a man's beard to vex his chin and so is it with this new post office law. A few more weeks, however, will have so effectually non-seated the powers that be, at either side, with it, that we may expect some change in this most illiberal and restrictive law. When we are to have such a change, the condition, also, of the present post office of this city should be most especially, or even now, looked into. We have frequently urged the necessity for the establishment of a branch post office in the city of New York. Wc have shown the vast inconvenience to which those who have occasion and are compelled to transmit mailable matters through the post office, are put, in sending or attending personally at the post office; and now the rates of postage, stage hire, and general expenses, in connection with the delays to and from the post office, operate 11s an utter restriction upon all intercourse, except on the part of the more wealthy. The humble, and the circumscribed in means, can now have no prospect of commnnicating with their friends, the law is so shackled by severe restrictions; and those who receive letters in the upper parts of the city are coni|>e!led to wait one or two, or pome times three days, until they receive them through the carriers. Will not Congress, before its adjournment, do something to mi" tigatc this abuse, as regards the post office herel A branch of the post office would do much service in the upper part of this city; and there is no city inlthe Union where such branch ts more loudly and j universally cnlled for. We would ask Congress?we would ask some of our New York members, in either branch of the national legislature?to introduce a short bill on this subject before Congress adjourns. Can they spare enough time from grog-drinking and political blackguardism to do this little job for the public good? jtSEtino Insurrection in the Danish India Islands.?The bark El Dorado, at Baltimore, brings intelligence of a revolution in St. Croix, and that the blacks had been successful in overthrowing the government. There had been considerable flighting, and many murders had been 1 committed. The Governor of St. Thomas applied to the Captain General of Porto Rico for assistance, by the British steamer Kagle. A letter dated Mayapuez, 8th inst., says i? fihe (the Kagle) took up to St. Thomas, five hours after her arrival at St. John*. <100 soldier* of the "Comjianias de prr/rrenWa," and a brigade of artillery, and $<'2,000 In doubloons. 1 hope the Danes will be abln with this to restore peace, and that our commerce may not suffer more than it has done this year Our Captain General bad sent to Havana to borrow money?1 don't know how much. The Captain (toneral in Havana sent up a Spanish frigate With three thousand doubloons, and I learn that our Captain j General will receive <-hortly, by the different steamers and men-of war, to the amount of three hundred thousand dollars. The frigate arrived on the 2d Inst . just In time for tha St. Thomas loan or assistance. We are perfectly mM and I don't fear anything from the negroes in this island. Ruslnes* will be worse and worse, and I anticipate a bad season In the coming months ; i money will be Invisible, I am afraid. ?rawFra?ay.>wm: >*w irt*t?:-?*?PM More of the Volunteers Keturned. i The ship "Fanny Forrester," Capt. Coun,arrived yesterday, at Quarantine, from New Orleans, with (.he remaining six companies of tlie 1st regimen of New loth Voiuntiers. under command of Lieut. Col. J. C. Burnham The following is the lift of oIHcers on board :?Lieut Col. J. C. Burnham; Surgeon M. B. Halsted; Adj't. J. 8. McCabe; Capt. J. P. Taylor; ('apt. M. Kairchild; Capt. Wm Forry; First Lieuts F. E. Pinto. F. O. Boyle. D Scannell; Second Lieuts, C. S. Cooper. A. H. Barber, J. Wilson, and F-. B. Carroll. The following compliment was paid Capt. Coun, by the officers, for his centlemanly conduct towards them, and the rest of the passengers on the passage. At a meeting of officers of the 1st regiment of New York Volunteeis, on board ship Fanny Forester, the following was unanimously adopted :? Received, Ti u#we tende- our since (hanks to Captain George Coun for his kind ami courteous attentions which have c outrih.itcd so much Co render the homeward voyage pleasant aad ma | m>ie io doui iimu-r in. ' m i. irr, hum uiaiawe iippr-rime n'H nun nttainironls us a skilful sailor, and limit cordially reouinin ] him and his veterl to the public. l.ieut. Col. J. (J. Iti'KMMAM. President. Surgeon M. D. Haurrrn, Vice President. , t'apt Wm. Fob it v, Se cretary. Orr Sandv Hook, July 21,184S. The Weekly Herald. The Wttkly lltrald will be ready for delivery at nine o'oiock this morning. [It will contain, among other matter, tbe hi/hly interesting history i of the filghtful insurrection in Turin, from "Observer," one of the Turin correspondents of the .Vcui York Htrald; also the full report of the Te.'ritori&l Select Committee, with Mr. Clayton's speech on the subject of slavery and the new territory. Single copies 6)4 cents. It will be a very valuable paper to send to the country. New Crop?New Flour, from new North Cn* rolina wheat, a superior article fur bakers. atCroton Mills, HUl C'hcrrj street. Als , Win at en Cirits, from new wheat. This is u highly nutritious, sgr eatle, food, and is used in the form of puddin..', Ike., or boiled with milk. 1IECKEK Ik IlltOTllEK. Diamond Pointed CSold Pens?B. K. Watson It Co., 10 Wall street, sell Cold Pens of every description, wholesale and retail, at unprecedented low pricos. Their Kiohelien 1 en is a great fkvorite, and in the pnhlio estimation, the host and cneajiesi pan lu use, pointa warrantee not to come oh, Uold pent repomted Good l?iiilit lii Arkansas, are given to Settlers. See notice in New York Sun, under lieudof Want*. Preserving Sugar. ? Mr. J. O. Fowler, No, 250 and 42H Greenwich, and 7t> Veeey struct has just received UK) barrels Crushed Loot, Yellow, and Brown Sugar, which he will sell at wholesale prices. Crushed, s cents; Stuart's yellow, tijj cents; New Orleans, from 4.I4 to 5?^ cents. Grocers and country dealers would do well to call. lJr. Kclilnger'n Monition llonsc, at Yonkers, ' is all the rage?to get at which is the most beautiful drive in the world. Hundreds id fusliionuliles go daily to see and consult the Doctor, who lias determined to throw open hin Mansion House and grounds, fi r the comfort and amusement of those of his patients thut arc convulosent, us well as for the public in general. ' Visiters have a clear and picturesi|UO view upon the Hudson for i twenty miles, taking in Editor Bennett's spacious and beautiful ! cl atesu ; at Hastings, Forrest's wonderful and magnificent palace; Washington Irving cottage, the paragon of architecture; Moses I 11. Grinnell's I'arudise, (not lost); iu short, the Doctor is surrounded hy the elite of NewYork City, New Kodicllo, and its viui! nity. It is well worth a trip to Yonkers, (independent of its rare, ricn, and beautiful stci.ery.) to tee and converse with the only ' modest, unsophisticated living quack in existence. Everything done up in the Doctor's peculiar style. Beauties of tlae OperalT_Vol. 1 completed, lid Nos. containing MOO pages of Engraved Music?fx.1 traits of the | great singers, illustrated title page, index, and lithographic vig' nettes, for sale in numbers or volume complete, 4s per No. or 15 ' p,r vol. Music bound in vurions styles. ATM ILL'S Musio Saloon, 301 Broadway. The Great ttueatlon Answered, the Cheap. I (ft Clothing Store in the Universe.?Coats SO cents ta.'h; pan is I SO cents; a pair i f Vests 51 cents each. Also, Cashmc.-vtte, Alpaca and linen Coats, incredibly cheap. A heap of Unre lectin d ; Pledges just come to hand most magnificently made. Rjmcinl er I the IS tuit store corner Nassau and lieekmun streets. The Cheapest and B<it Place In the Clljr to I gat good Hoots, Shoes, and Gaiters, is atjones, 14 Ann street, .Mar the Museum. His best Ficneh Boots, ft SO; second ua'jty, from $3 SO to f.4 j Congress Boots, from 13 SO to 14. The Arrival of the Stcamer_Alno, the arrival of French Boots from Paris, and for sale at our friend YOUNGS'. The officers and men of tile Army end Navy should all get tlicir BootB and Slmes of Young. His tine French, $4 SO, equal to the ti or $7 boot* in other stores; tine Calf $3 30, u ually 91 ?>vauu c??, vvrucr ui ruuuu t?u<i .nutwu BinH'iP. The Myntcrlei of New York thrown !n the shade.?The National l'olicc Gazette, of this week, is decidedly rkh. It contains odo i f the richest and raciest expositions of the mysteries of fashionahlc prostitution in high life, ever re[>ortcd in cotirtjalso a full account of the Mercer street tragedy, orthe'Vidow that would'nt take a hint;" notices of the press, on Mayor Havermeyor's slung-shot decision; as well as the usual variety of interesting matter. Office, 108 Nassau street, l'rice four conta. Ague and Fever?Chill Fever, and all In terra it tent Fevers arc cured by WYNKOtTP St CD'S Compound. It is still sold on the old terms, i. e. money returned in case of failure. Office 415 Broadway, corner of I.ispenard street, where pamphlets containing the certificates of regular physicians and others, showing its virtues, may lie had. "COMMEftCIA li AFF A1KS7~ HON ICY HAllKJCT, Friday, July ill?6 P. M. Quotations for stocks continue on the deline. Operations to a very limited extent. At the first board today United States 6?s, 1807, full o(T >4 per cent, Harlem I4, Ohio 6'? ,'i, Morris Canal Long Island X, Erie Railroad, new, )?. Canton Co. advanced >4. At the second board Harlem advanced H per cent. There were sales of Erie bonds and stocks at prioet current in the morning. The Auburn and Syracuso Railroad have declared a semi-annual dividend of four per cent. The company Las also declared stock dividend lor back interest, which will be issued on the 1st of October next. Since the 14th Inst., ?>816,000 of the old loan and Treasury Notes have been issued and transferred tc foreign account, embracing some of the most prominent names in England. This is independent from the foreign subscription to the new loan. The receipts of the Long Island Railroad Company for the month of June in eacli of the past two years, were as annexed :? I.nvn Island Railroad. June, 1848?Total receipts $13,757 05 ' June, 1847? do do 11.900 55 Increase for June, 1838 $1,700 50 The earnings for the first nineteen days of July this 1 year were $10,600, showing about the same results as for the snmo time last year. The statement made about the Nashville Insurance and Trust Company, in connection with the Ohio Life and Trust Company, is without foundation. Our authority for the contradiction, is the agent of the company in this city. The Ohio Life and Trust Company I can explain, perhaps, to the satisfaction of the Nashville institution, what foundation therefis or was for the report. The steamship Hibernia. from Liverpool, brings seven days later intelligence from all parts of Europe. Tho political accounts are interesting and encouraging, and tho commercial advices highly favorable and sa tisfactery. Consols Da J ailvancca two per cent, tlie result of the favorable announcement made by the chancellor regarding the revenue, and the expectation that the Bank of Kngland would further reduce the rate of discount. The decrease in tho revenue for the quarter ending July 5th. amounted to ?327,741, and for the year to ?2.587.709. This deficiency is so much smaller than anticipated, that all apprehension relative to a loan had been removed, and the public mind consequently much relieved. A material improvement had been realized in the French funds. Order having been restored in the capital, confidence was slowly returning, and tho impression that the crisis had passed was universal. Cotton had improved in prices, and the transactions had been to a considerable extent. The effect of the political agitations on the Continent had been fully realized, and a steady but gradual advance is now looked for. Tho corn markets wore firm, but by no means active. On the whole tho news Is good, much better than anticipa' - d. Stock Kxrhange. $||HI0I SCV08 1WX 50 oils Canton Co 60d* .334 15000 do 104 25 Nor Ik Wore :)l %? 7(10 L' States <r?, '(17 104 5(10 Long III RIl stiOarjO 27' 1(00 Indiana State 5's 52 2IJ0 do 27 luuu do WX ^ do b60 27,4 600t> P?nna B> sfiO 73 100 do b'JO 27,'? fibliO do opg 73!* 100 do 267? 2U00 Ohio6's, '60 9!"4 100 Harlem RR blO 311? 20110 Stato 6's, 62 10214 230 do 51 5 shs U States Bank 3 330 do *60 51 (J 30 Morris Canal ! *? 30 do bnw 51 w 23 NY & NHaven sl2m K24 150 do 61 >2 22 do 85 450 do 31 150 Canton Co 324 30 Erie RR, old 90ds 50 25 do 32*i 25 do, now, full, bOO 60 25 do *30 32 4 10 do do 664 50 do 630 33 Second Hoard, lit**) Eric Bonds, 7's !>6 50 sbs Harlem RR, *90 51W 3000 do K514 50 do sS 51W 1.3shs Erio RR, new 63?4 130 do s60 514 200 llarlem HR. s3 31 (4 CITY TRADK RKPOHT. Nrw York, Friday. July 21?2 P M. Asiir.s?Tearls are doing better, and sales have been made of 100 bbls at $5 74 a $0. I'ots nre steady at $5. Cotton?The general disposition of buyers is to wait for tho steamer, now considered fully due. Holders are quite firm, in anticipation of favorable nows near at hand. Fi.ocn, he.?The market for western canal Hour is heavy, and has declined this morning 04c per bbl. The demand for home consumption and the Fast is greatly falling off, and a perfect apathy prevails in the market The operations reach 1000 bbls, at $4 09 a $4 8114 for common State and mixed western; $4 94 a $3 for fair Ohio and Michigan. $3 61, a F5 1214 for good brands do $6 .37a76 SOU for pure tlenesee; $5 25 for bakers, rotina hoop; <16 02,4 " $0 for fancy, and $0 60 a $0 87,4 ftw fltra; Southern rule* dull at $5 7.5 a $5 87,4. Bye Hour moves along slowly at $3 60 a $.3 6?4. Meal Is In light supply and firm at our last quotations; there i Is but little doing Wheat continue deprensed and [ ' the market is linaking down; prima (icnesee oun i in-picked uput $1 12 a *1 10; sales of 7000 bushels Western at private bargain but. imposed at n decline. Ky? li iu at liltc. witli sales of lnOO bushels. Corn is in food nquest, particularly for prime parcels, which are scarce, and which holders, this morning, refused 65c for. We note uiles of 5000 bushels, part Western mixed, at -10 a 62c ; and balance Southern yellow, at 53 a 62c Oats are firm ; sales of 3000 bushels Jersey, at 80a 80a Naval Stub r a?There hare been sales of 800 barrels Wilmington Ren'u at 65c 1'bovisiom?The pork market presents but little aci tivity; prices are too high, and buyers will not tako ! bold. We quote mess nominal at $11. and prime at $8 81 a $H 67>?. Beef is a shade better, especially city | prime which commands $7 25; city mess is $12 50. The sales are 150 barrels. Cut meats are dull. A sale of 50 hhds sour bams, in pickle was made, but the 1 terms did not transpire. Card continues to droop, 1 and can be bought at 7J^c Butter and cheese remain I nominally the same, with moderate sales Wiiiskkv?100 barrels western sold at 22c; prison is | 22>|C a 23c. and dull. Khkioiits? Quotations remain about the same; small I engagements of cottou at 6-32d, and corn at ldal'id I In bags. i . Friday, July 21?6 P. M. The Flour market was heavy and inclined to droop. ' Sales continued to lie made of this State. Oswego and Western brands, including those of common quality, ?t lower rati1* than prevailed in the forepart of tho 1 week Pure brand* Ueneaee, lac reratined the same 1 us previously rep >rte>l. Southern continued <[tiiet.? Sale* of Western Wheat were made on terms , j stated below. Yellow Corn continues tirin The sales I effected were chlelly confined to lots of mixed at yes1 ti rday's rates. Meal, in the absence of supplies, continued steady. Rye sold at yesterday's outside rate*. Oat* were firm with modcrato sales.? i Provisions showed no material change, and there was no activity in the market. Dealers in produce generally were more inclined to waitfor thesteamer's news, before operating to any muterial extent. There was a , I steady business doing in sugars, without any material change in prices. Cotton?The sale* to-day were 600 bales. Prices are firm. Shipftbra' styles are moat in request, the home trade buying to a small oxtent only. HARKKTS KLSKWHKRK. 8TCKK SAL.K8. Bsi.TiMonr, July 20?Stock Hoard? J>500 U. S. Treasury ; ti's, lldli; *11100 Maryland ii's, 88,101)0 do do, 88', ; 1000 do do 88* ; 1IHKI do do.881.,; 1(00do do,?XC; ft shares Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co., .11 U. 8. ti s or 1X47 closed at 104 Lid, 10ft nsked: Trsasury 6"s at lu3\ hid, 104asked; Maryland O'sclosed ' at 88 >? bid, 8X,\J asked; Bal imore ti's of 1890 a* '.7 bid, 97)d asked; Baltimore and Ohio Railroad shares at ,'UU bid,.'!:1asked. Piiu.ADrt.eiiiA, Julv 21,?ftrnt Hoard?13 N. Rank Ken., 118; I '.00 U. 8. tl's '(>8, 101,'i: 3,00(1 do. '07,101',; 1 Ches. and Del. Canal, 69; 200Treasury Notes, 104: 8 Mechanic's Bank. 24; 6 Wilmington KR, 22; X Mechanic's Bank, 24'.;; 10 Pcun. Kit, (i; If Reading RR, 17?i: lftO New Jersey Copper, 2',; 1,(100 Reading RR ti'a ft8>,; 1,000 State ft'n, 73,',; 470 do., 73',; 2 l'hiln Ilnnk, 119. Srcond Hoard?12 Pcnu KR, 6; 4 Penn Townohip Bank, ; 2ft Reading RR, 17'? ; SO Morria Canal, 1 Boston, July 20.?Hrokert' Hoard.?16 sharva Western Railroad, 100; 4 d? Old Culony Railroad, 87P4; 1 do Vermont Hnd I Massachusetts Railroad, 62; ft do Hnsinn and Providence Kailr'd, tOW ; 29 do Fitchbnrg Railroad, HOP, a 111; 4 do Boston At Maine Railroad, 108^; IS do Boston and Worcester K.iliroad, 108; ,2 do Portland, Saco and Portamoath Railroad, iff ; 100 do Bast Boston Comtany, 11?.. ; 2ft F.ast Boston Dividends, No 4, SI 80; 100 do do, bJCd, $4 8b ; lftO do do, No 3, 7 ; SO shares Reading Railroad, 17;a; 12ft do do, Id. 17>4; $1000 Mass ft per cent Sterling Bonds, 93)4 ; $3000 Rending Railroad Ronds, lXftO. k'VM, SO, Married. At Baltimore. M(l., on Tuesday evening. 18th inat., by the Rev. H. V. D. Johns, Mr. Jojefh Merrefield, of Philadelphia, to Mies Rebecca, daughter of the late Joseph Janney. of that city. On Sunday, the 16th inst., at Astoria, L. I., by the Rev. Mr. Bishop, Mr. John W. Post, of this city, to Miss Eliza Cromely, of the former place. Died, On the 20th inst., after a lingering illness. Jacob R. Louzada, in tho 37th year of his age. His friends and acquaintances, and those of his brothers-in-law, (ieorge Ricard, John A. (Heard. Peter Colyer, and David Van Name, are requested to attend bis funeral this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from his late I residence, 666 Water street. His remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment. On Thursday morning, July 20th, Edwin, youngest j son of Henry Laverly. On Kriday morning, July 21st. Miss Mary Jane Hamilton, of consumption, in the 21st year of her age. Her remains will bo taken to Bound Brook, New Jersey, for interment. At Albany, on the 10th inA., Anna G., wife of John T. Gough, of that city. Suddenly, on the 20th inst., John, only child of John and Isabella Robertson, aged 8 months and 10 days. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral from his father's residence, 122 Madison street, this (Saturday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock. July 21st, of hasty consumption, at the residence of her sister, Mrs. Comstock, in Ne# London, Conn , Sahah, wife of Dr. P. B. Lodge, of 74 Montgomery street, New York, in the 28th year of her age. Her funeral will take place in that city on the afternoon of the 23d inst. (IIHTREVILLLE COURSE.?'TROTTING AND PACING.? J Puroe *200?'Twn mile bents, in liarnexs, will *nme ?(T nn W.m.lnv Jnlv 2Ath nt .1 n'clnob P M an,I ,.l-i<k two celebrated horses, J. K. Polk and Lady Suffolk. D. Bryan names ft. m. Lady Suffolk; site to go to a sulky. J. W he 1 ploy, ch. g, James K. Polk, lie to go to a two hundred and twenty pound wagon. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. Centrevillc, July 20th, 1848. N. B. Tho cars will leave the South Perry for flic Course at half past 2 o'clock, and return immediately after the race. OPEN TO JlLL THE WORLD?GREAT ST. LEGEK Sweepetakee? 12,000 Subscribers at ?9 each. The party foe Whom the tirst horse is drawn to receive ?20,HDD; the second horse, ?10,000; the third horse, ?10,000; to bo divided among J parties drawing " The Starters," ?10,HOD; the like among , "'Nun-Starters,'' ?10,1110. Sweepstakes, No. 2?12,000 SnhscrL i bers at ?2 each?First horse, ?1U0UU; second horse, ?9,000; third , I horse, ?.1,000; divided among Starters, ?3,000; divided among i Non-Starters, ?3,000. Sweepstakes, No. 3?12,000 Suhscribers at | ?1 each?First horse, ?4,100; second horse, ?2,000; tliird horse, , ?2,1*10; Starters, ?2,(00; divided among Non-Starters, ?2,000. Parties desirous of securing chances in oitner of the above Swcopr stakes, are requested to make enrlv application, aa oocli Sweep Willie drawn immediately it is full. Tic result of the drawing 1 | will Leanverused in the " Timed," "Doll's Lile,"nndthe linden daily papers To give ladies an opportunity of taking shares, scrip will be issued in initials, at the option of the subl ecribern. All communications, to insure attention, must contain i n nmiittnnee. Foreign orders may be made payable in London; but all letters must be addressed to Richard Nieholls and James Parkinson, Temple Square, Aylesbury, England. Tho third horse to be decided by "Bell's fcile." Prizes paid any day after the race, less 10 per cent. The raoe will be run at Doneaster, on the 14th of September, 11M8. To prevent fraud, no ecrlp will be i genuine unless the letter containing it bears the Aylesbury postmark. Subscriliers wishing to scna Bank Notes had better send halve* by different poets. WANTED, BY TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Girls, aistcts, situations. One is not particular as to what situation she may obtain, having had s.imo experience in general housework ; the other would lite to do plain sewing and attend to children. Enquire nt 21 Crosby street, in tho basement, oornec of Grand, AS GOVERNESS OR ORGANIST?WANTED,BY A YOUNG Lady lately from Europe, who was educated in France, and speaks fluently Italian and French, and is a proficient in Drawing, a situation as above. She has testimonials from the priac pal Organists of London, attesting her capabilities as an Otgurnet. and she would he glad to make an engagement with any Church in need of her services ; or she would nccopt the situation of Governess in a private family, in which department she lias hud much experience. Is prepared to give lessons on tlio Organ and Piano. Addr s E. J. B? llerald Office. MB. GEORGE WELLS, Jit., WILL PLEASE CALL AT No. 18 Piatt at. immediately. IE HENRY SHANNON, OF WORKINGTON. CUMBER. X land, England, who marrit'd Elizabeth Dubcic, of the city of Paris a' M'C British Ambassador's, in the month of January, 1MJ>, a\ ill writ# to Mr. Leopold Wray, of No. 27 Grafton Place, Kuston Square, London, England, lie will he enabled to render a great service, and will be rewarded for hie trouble. Or if any one can prove that he ia still living, or can produce an authenticated cortiticnte of liia death, adequate romunorntinn will be made. 1flOK REWARD?STOLEN FROM 111 KINO STREET, yp&lj cne Silver Detached Lever Watch, thirteen jewelled, made by l'auget Froaa, Geneva, No. 11,1.11. $10 reward for the watch, (IS for the conviction of thief, by applying to # JOIIN BROMSTEA I). 22 Ann street, aecond floor Most extraordinary work-to tub married or those contemplating marriage. The married woman'l Private Medical Companion, by Dr. A. M. Maurioeaa. Sixth edition. Price $1. This work is meeting with moat aatonndlng sale, (24,(00copies have already been disposed of.) Every femalo is getting a c>py, whether married or unmarried, although it is Intended eajecially for the married, as it ilsolosea important accrete, which should be known to them particularly. Here every lemale oan discover the onuses, symptoms, and the most efllelent remedies. and most certain mode of cure in every oase. For sale, 29 Broadway; at the Publishing Office, 129 Liberty street. New York; also, Zicbcr and Co., corner of Chcsnut and Third streets, Philadelphia; Little and Co., Albany; W. R. Davis, Boston. On the receipt of $1, a eopy will be transmitted by mail, free of pottage to all parts of the United States. All tetters must be addressed post paid, to Dr. A. M. MAUR1CKAU. bos 1224, New York ofty, Office. 129 Liberty street DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AUR1ST, ETC, ATTENDS DAlly to diseasee of the Eye and Bar, at his surgery, 281 Broadway, entrance IK Warren street Just published, the second edition of Dr. Powell'* Treatise on the Bye, twice SO oents, whioh eon be had at his offlos; also his premium self-acting Eye Fountain*. A lane supply of Artifloial Byes reesntly imported. NO CURB NO CHARGB.-DR. MURPIIY OF 63 OOLD ? street la oonflden tially consulted on all forms of private die- ] caeca Recent ease* of gonorhhm* he cnrcs ln 2 to 4 days. Const! i itiuonai ueuuiij na impoiency succcasiuuy ireaiea ny l?r. M N o mercnry need In any out, or hlndranoe from bnMnea. Otto R.1 flf.Id streak ot?n from 7 A. M. to 10 P. II Cast-off CLOTHING, jewelry, fikk arms, ka. ' Wanted.?Indies or Gentlemen wishing to convert their supcrflnims effect! into cash, will obtain full value for the same by addressing tho anbacrlber, thiviigh the post-office or otherwise, who will attend tliem at tlicir residencee liy appointment. II. LEVETT, 2 Wall-street, New York. 1 DR. HOST WICKS-NINTH LECTURE ON SYPHILIS ! and diseases of the genital organs, illustrated with drawings, j will be given on Snturday evening, Aid inat. at o'clock, at the , llr< adw ay llouae, corner Broadway and Grand at. Medioal men, students and gentlemen, are invited to attend. Leotnrefree. riURNISHKD ROOMS NEAR UNION SQUARE, SUITABLE , X for single gentlemen, with breakfast, in a private family, if I desired, may be obtained by addressing a note to L. X.,a t the of- fc tico of the Herald. The best of reference given and required. J Atmospheric churn.-the proprietor of this invaluable machine, offers for sale the right to oertaln eounties in the States of New York and New Jersey, of his patent . rights. This wonderful inuohino easily produces trio (tneat butter, " and in much greater unantitics from new milk, fresh from the i! cow, than anjr other crmrn heretofore known. The public are ra- * spcctfully informed that the patent efinm will bo in operation, 11 and daily exhibittin, at the New England Hotel, Broadway, eof- , rcr of Trumes etnet. i DRUGOI&TR?TBI SUBSCBIMEfl WIEHINQ TO RE- 1 tire Irom Imsiiicsa are willing to dispose of the stock, good 1 will and Axturca of their wholesale Drug and Chemical warehouse, * No. 1H4 Market street. Philadelphia. The location la unsurpassed, " teirg lietween ftth and tith stn eta. The custom of that unexrep- 1 tlonsble kind desired by every business man, the stock has been " much reduced, consequently Unns will be easy. An opportunity * auoh as tlilc seldom presents it elf, and should lie embraced by | gentlemen dcsiroiir of cmlnnkiiy in the drug business. EDWIN IlKRF.DlTtl It CO. No. 1M MaAet street. Philadelphia. ^ Notkk.-a smalt, account book and a sum of 1 money wero found near the Battery en Thursday. The " inter can 'iave tie same by proving property and paying . i barges, hy spp vlrg to john BANKKit.No. I Pike street, J Amar-ii, gas fitter-for many years in tiii 11 s employ the Mnnhattan Gas < ffmoatiy, Is now pro- P percd to tit up stores, dwellings and public building* on the m >st cl lensonablo term*. All work dene by the subscriber warranted. * No U'dt tii avenue, " Auction n? tic&-mobtoaob ??u or valuiiii Furniture of all Description* thiaday, at l"?^ o'clock. la the old el utch, corner of William ami Frankfort atresia, comprising a? ti?>e an uasortmen t aa law lieen oflbrnd f?r anna* time Ala", J plain and I aplendid piano forte?the latter worth 5!"?ao l other housekeeping article*. THOA. HKI.I>. Auctioneer. rjADIlOK NEW YORK ItERALD-IN TIWEi UONE BY. A iiiu have manifest, d a* ine interest in theatfairaof tin I'U nt d Hani. I'ray what liaa liecome of Its inuwtaf It wan aaiil that I lie ract ivera were in poaeaxaion "f some forty thousand d tiara, in ; <mh, inn ; inontlia an", anil other goes! ihhIi t i a mimh larger i aim tint. Pray, whrre ar? tiny I* nuuiav to i valuable ju <t now to the part iea holding it, to let it go to ilia crailltora f or what can ! In the difficulty? Peiha|? a year ia not lUtlicinnt time to get > ready fi r a dividend 1 NF.iV .IKK<EYi f|t|IE STEAMSHIP UII1KKNIA, DI E jr. \ ji. wil.l, 1 bring a double mimWr of the Illustrated London Nana, with the I'a i ramie View of the city of Edinburgh, ou a separate sheet, p in ten uniformly with the m w >1 Paris. Tha double No. will II utaina History of the Revolution* in Europe, to theandof , June, I Nit*, with numerona Engraving*, aiol an hiatorleal key to tl e view of kdinhureh. 'l'o he liud immediately on the arriiiilo' I ti e IliUmia, from II ilmer It Roger* Euro|*an Tituaa othie, c rner of Nassau and Liberty sin eta, New York, liwcial agents fur I Ihe I llnatrnteil K... in A. ... i. n TOOK riLI,A HAKE CHANGE.-'The iwoprieuir oi u uusuw F lecturing busiuet* now in successful and profitable oporn.inn, 1 wishes in dispose of his business Tiw mtnufii'tunj id of an ar ] trie of a scientific ami useful character, for which there is * large i and constant demand. Capi'al teeuir 1 not over S 1,1 N?>. I nil | periicuar* ma; he obtained by uddre ,iug with noil name, line ih.V Pot tetflee. rpilE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD WILL MEET ! X with sovereign piwer, to-morrow, Siimlay evening, at church time, in the front teom. No, 35 lust Broadway, iu great and so- I lrmn congregation, with God Ij their midst, to deliberate upon organisation into God's kingdom upon earth as in heaven. JttllN COFFIN NA/.KP. Israel of.leniaalqwt. Horse stolen, from the eastern g ate or cue Purk, about 11 o'clock on Tlst instant. Said Horse had on Suddle and Ilridle, while >tri|ic down his forehead, and near luud leg w hite. A liberal reward w ill be paid for the detection of the Thief, and return of the Horse to the mihseriber. W1L P. ItENSEL, 177, sir ADRl'G STORE ros SALE?THE (>l.l> ANI) WELL KStahliahed drug store, now doing a good business, at .HI.', I'o.irl atieet, owned by tho late William Forbes, deceased, will tic sold i heap foreath. Apply at the store. rpo LET?THE El.STERN HOTEL, NOW FINISHING, IN X ITont street, one d<K>r out of Roosevelt. Possession given about the 1st of August neat. Rent moderate to a good tenant. A great opening now presents itself to some onierpr^ing pira-.ii having an extensive uc.iuaiutun. o, to do a very lucrative business. A hot> I is much wanted in this locality, as (tunc are daily in iny arrivals there. It is situated lietwean two ferries, two lar." iniirkets, and adjoining South stn et, in the midst of tho -lupping, pocket sloops, and steamboats, w ith passengers from all parts. Ths C'roton water is to Is) introduced, as wall as everything don* in the finish, requisite for a profitable riatahlishimiit. There are St) bedrooms, and 3 dining rooms in the concern. For terms apply to STEPHEN STORM, TV I Fourth street. Applications hy mail mint be post-paid. 13OR SALE?THE ENTIRE UK THE ONE IIVI.I I \ I F'.rest. In the Lease, (8 years unexpired,) together with ths Furni.ure, Fixtures and improvements, of the I'uhlio House long and favorably known as " The Place," No. Stl Nursanstreet, nearly opposite the Sun Buildings. The proprietor being engaged in other business cannot, alter the 1st of August devote as much of his time tu "The Place " as it requires, would dispose of the whole or the above interest to a person ,pi:ili"e,|, free from embarrassment, and of good character, to wlioin it is a rare on portnnity. For further particulars inquire of LEWIS 3. FliHD, on the premises between 1U A. M. suit I I*. M. Sl'MMER COATS AT COST?LA MARTI NE SACKS, BLACK and brown ; do. Cashmcrctte, Alpaca and Skeleton Sacks, a light article for hot weather; Vests, Ike., of all descriptions Fine Black Cloth Dress Coats made to measure, *16. Every other article in proportion at G. B. CLARKE'S. IPi William. PAINTINGS.?A GENTLEMAN ABOUT LEAVING FOR Europe, wishes to dispose of his small collection of Pictures, selected from the best sources, with taste and Judgment, and with due reietence to subjects euiiuble for tlio Parlor In particular may be mentioned an important work l>y A. del Sarto, an " Interior." by Oatade; two tine examplca of Van G>yen; a delightful landscape. with cattle, Nicholas Berghem ; a charming apecimen of Watteuu, known aa tic "Fortune-Teller;" agrand landscape, by Salvator Roaa; with aeveral elaborately tinialied Cabinet Pie. tnrea?all in perfect order, handaomely framed, and will lo sold at pricea mnch below tfccir real value. Can be aeeii daily, from 1(1 till 5 o'clock, at No. Ill North Moore afreet, near tit. John'a BqOMI. CITT HOTEL, NEW TORE.? F. BLANCARD HAS THE honor to Inform hie friends and the public, that he has taken the above Hotel, nnder a long lease. Since the lat of May he has refitted and furuiahed it in an elegant and commodioua manner, and it is now equal, in every respect, to the first establishments of this description in New York. He therefore trusts that his former friends, as well as the constant frequenters of the City Hotel, will continue to I'avor him with their patronage ; and he assures them that they may rely on his best exertions for their comfort and eonvenienoe. F. BLANCARD, (Late of the Globe iioteL) City Hotel, 4th Jane, 1848. The pavilion, new Brighton, statbn island.This fashionable and extensive establishment is now in full operation, and persons desiring to take apartments can moot the subscriber every day at the City Hotel, or he will be luppy to waft upon them at New Brighton at any timo they may appoint. One great advantage of the Pavilion it that it requires only from 25 to 3(1 minutes to go from landing to landing. By a careful comparison of thermometers, during throe years, it has been proved that it is always from 7 to 10 degrees pooler at the Pavilion than in New York. F. BLANCARD, proprietor. A steamboat leaves New Brighton at 8 and II A. M., and at 2 and 2(1 minutes past 5 P. M? and No. 1 Pier, North River at 9 and 11^ A.M., and at half-past 3and 6 P. M. The tii'eevs hotel, opposite the general post Offloe, St. Martin's lo Grand, London.?This magnificent Ho tol having recently undergone extensive alterations, and a great portion of it newly furnished, will be found on trial to have no rival in the metropolis, both in point of accommodation and moderate ohargea. Tho Coffee room is one of the largest and most oomfbrtable in England. Board, $2 per day. Hot and Cold Baths. THOMAS SPENCER LENNEY, Manager, Formerly Chief Steward of the British Quocn Steamship. Relerenco in New York, to Mr. G. A. White. M Cedar street. NO CURE, NO PAY.?DR. CORBITT, 1!> DUANE STREET member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, may be consulted in treatment of delicate diseases. No matter how long yon may have gleet, nlcera upon trie oody, or in the throator nose, pains in the head and bones of the lega A practice of fourteen years, devoted to veneroul diseases, enables Dr. C. to cure the worst form of tikis disease. Recent coses cured in four daya? No mercury need. Strictures cured iu ono or two weeks with two/ ftnj |H4iu. vhubvitimuDui ucuiuiy. i mm imavKlualf who hive indulged in a oertoin loathsome habit can positively be restored to beauth and (ooioty. Remember, 19 Duane street, oppwlti Pi. leha?'a INDESTRUCTIBLE FILLING FOR THE TEETH.- Ilr. ING, 1 Dentist, II) Murray street, in vailing the intention of the public to hia new material fur filling decayed teeth, would observe that itcombinei the hardness of ivory with the durability of gold, and positsaes adhesive properties which cause it to attach itself to tvery portion of the dental cavity with as much tenacity tut mortar clings to the brick. Plastic us mortar w hen introduced into '.he cavity, it soon hardens to the consistency of the tooth itself, mil, as it were, converts the semi-transparent shell (that could tnve been broken by contact with a crust) into a solid tooth, as firm, ss homogeneous, as capable of mastication, as freo frtin pain, as inodorous, and as valuable for all prnctioal purposes, us the soundest molar in the same jaw. Teeth tilled with gold (if preferred), extracted and cleaned. Artificial teeth, with all the latest improvements, arranged on hue gold plates, in a neat and workmanlike manner. Ct AUTION.?T1IE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY CAUTIONED J against negotiating with one Alfred Scott for any portion of the Patent or Patents granted to Frederick E. Sickcls for a Cutoff, as said Scott lias not, nor nevar has had, any written, exptcsaed or implied authority to dispose of any tsirlion or part of said l atent oi Patents, or any privilege or right to use such invention or inventions. To avoid an inference of a diminutive value of the said invention or inventions, by being hawked about, to apprise persons that might lecorae interested in the same, ami to prevent an imposition being practised upon both them, the owner of the patent or patents, and the legally autlioriied agent for the same, It is proper to state that the said Scott resides in New York city, that he is alnnit HI years of age, has rod hair, no whlfkers, nor much beard; florid complexion ; is about Sfeet!) inches high, rather slender form ; has a good Englidi education; is a rapid peatman ; has n gentlemanly address and fascinating manners, when not under tho InHtieneo of intoxicating drinks.? Fri in the fact that the raid Soott lias recently offered in this city to fell a portion of flic Patent of Shekel's Uut-Oir, the necessity of this advertisement is obvious. TRUMAN POOR. SKMINAI. WEAKNESS, IMPOTENCE, Xr.-DR. RALPHS Practical Private Treatise.?The effects of Masturbation aro d< monsfrnted by the infltierce of the sexual organs over the entire body; the condition of tho cannch, deprived of them from birth; tho immerse controlling power or these organs, fa- good w hen in healthful and natural action, for evil when in disease or at used. Deeply interesting, and explaining important truth hut too little understood. Its conseuuenees are explained and doscribed. The only treatment anil cure, with recipes, m-lo of living, Ac , being faithfully given. Also, important advice to all persons visiting unhealthy or tropical (daces Fifth edition? . ..vv p.. "J I!1"PV. UU'I OV IMC lllll'lor, Wi Greenwich street, or mailed free of postage. DR. KALt'll is consulted upon these and every disease of the gonito urinary or. gans. Office hours II to 12, A. M.; > to ill'. M. (.Sunday excepted); tdtfirtentsich 8'. By letter, for the book (untiled free),or eon. snltetion, box sf!? Lower Post Office. fiSjUl REWARD?t'KOSS'.S hPKClFlC MIXTURE FOR ypUXJyj the cure of Konorrloea. Of nil remedies yet discovered for the above com plaint, this is the most certain; it makes u i-peedy and lerntauent cure without the least restriction in diet, drink, expoeuie, or change in application to business. The proprietor challenges a single instance of rcoent gonorrhoea to he brought w hich the mixture w ill not cure, under forfeiture of 'J.Mlt. Many are cured in two days. Sold by Dr. JOllNSON, at 27.) Broadway, corner of Chambers street, Granito Buildings, and by SANDS. 100 Fulton, corner of William street. fiflO nnrt B0TTLER ANDOYIROFKELLINOBWS LeW jUUU I.iniment have been sold without a murmur. ?Rl.eumatie pains from twenty to ilfty years standing, and Ibver sores from tifteen to twenty years, bate been entirely eured n a short time. Pains of every nature are warranted to yield ind be cured in a few days; in dlarrhn-a, cholera morbus, billions -hoHe, it is as certain to cure ns it is taken. Thousands of ives are annually saved. Onr principal agents, druggist, and ithers, say that they sell about 100 to I to that of any other Lininentsold. It is put up, in1 large bottles; is mild and agrcea. ble, according to dose; is ten times cheaper tlian any other embroeation in market, at ,'si cents, lf.4 per dor., and $<2 jcr gross. >ffioe, 2.(0 Pearl street, the Harlem Railroad offices, and Kuslitnn, 'lark St Co., and of the druggists generally throughout the city ind country. NOTKE-THF. M'BSi RJISKK GIVES Ills l'F.KSON Ab attention to buying, selling and exchanging Real Eslaw f all ilisenptions in MM Of winiiy. Also for sale, a lagge lumber of Farms in diib rent sections of tb? oounlry?prioes Ibu f>C00 to $20,00(1. Notes and mortgages negotiatwl. < .1, W. M A VN AKD, N". h t 'ongp "s4-'r- I; .'"n, r ? 1ST ARRIVED PAR DE BELGIAN' BARK DE STAD ' i? Antwerpen, Capt, H. Govearts, lying at I'ier No. 8, North diver, and at the foot of Rector street, a superior fine lot of Car tary Birds of the Long Breed. For sale at the said ship. t ? ? " < For sale?a bav horse, ??k five action.?tue i owner, having no use for him. will sell him a bargain. In- < piire a* the stablo in the rear of No. .'i Washington s-piare. I I A l.lilfcMARV PRESERVES.? LOUIS BONNARD, fa. Frenoh Manufacturer of Fresh Preserves, 118 Liberty street. -Captains can procure at bis establishment an assortmont of ; .he ehoioeat articles, such as Meats?Beef, Veal, Mutton, Fowl, lame; also Fish, with a variety of Soups and Porridges. Vegm Abies? Beans, Peas. Srinach, Re. Fruits ol all descriptions, ' French, English, and American Sauces. Also, pates of Poultry tnd Game, with other artioloa imported frnn Fraueo. Articles , out np at his establishment, warranted to keep fresh for an un- , united time. M OLI? SPECTACLES?1.11ST. ON W EliNESDAY LAST,UN UT the beach at Coney Island, a pair of l.adios' Qohl Spectacles, due glasses. A proper reward will be paid by leaving theinat lr. Leek wood's Watch Store, corner of Pearl and Fulton street. yACHT FOR RALE.-ti1e SLOOP-RIGGED \ V( ht "stle 7 i 1*11 IDE." of 10 tons bnrthen and 3(1 feet length, now moored '1 a front of the Washington Bath, at Castle Harden Bridge, is for a ale at a bargain. Application may be made to CHARLES TflO- b IAS, Boatman, at the " Rongli and Ready Pier," between Castle larden and Pier No. 1, N. R. NO. 116 WILLI A M STREET?J IIKKZHKRG HAVING J removed to his store. No. 116 William street, near John, p as on hand an entirely new stock of Primes, Gimps, Buttons, >] It aid laces. Bobbins Tapes. Materials for Embroidery, together ( iith a splendid assortmentof Paris Fsncy Articles, at wholesale nd tetail, to prices cheaper than In any store. Ladies in want of 1 Lose articles are respectfully invited to patronise this establishlent. t I IN FLUENZA, RIIEl'MAT ISM, COUGIIS, COLDJ, ko.?PERl sons who are troubled with either of the above complaints, can Main immediate relief and certain cure, by the Use at Mrs. Caroil's Medicated Vapor Baths, ,V>I Broadway, one door above ' Sonard atiseU Sulphur Baths fur diseases of the akin always ' tstly. Dr. wheeler, oculist. i? Greenwich street, ! devotes his uclusire attention to diseases of the ey, and t halmio surgery. Office hour* from 8 A. M. to I o'ohuk P. VI, A I smpblet containing some great cures effected by Dr. Wheeler, i ta be had gratuitously at his residence, or the same will be far- < srded to any one making application to him by letter, post kid. t .^ Boweryi iikatke-mati KI>AY KVENI.VO, Jtll.f a, IH4H, will l? performed, THE KNIGHTS or ST. JOHN? lt?i|>hfrlw, Mia* Mary Taylor; Sir l.'alid?rof Rhodes, Mr. Via Marthai 1; Grand Mulir. Stafford; Sir Ulorian Kitmuiont, IVarlnn ; Sir Avelon da Harlot. Tlltnn; Si? i'i?r? Vfalaolni. Wsrwiok; Ihwt St. (Jialr, Matthcwa; Clarice, Mrs. I'hilhps. After whlahi, TUB MAI II or MC.VSTBR?Kate Ollrimi, Miss Miry r.iy, ,r. i uaa. Km agon, Mr. J II. Ilall; Sam, Mr. Jordan ; Snsin, Mrs. Anothorland. To conclude with the drama of tin) FhYl >11 1IUIVMMaN?Laatellr, Mir* Mary Taylor; Vandordeakau, Mr. .St. 'vena, Iloora open at 7; performance rmiiinrnrii at 7,' j o'elmtk. Bo ana, 2A cents; pit and gallery. IJ^iwn r. |\J lht.1 t, AtrruK TLAtB. rt ROADWAY.?SA THROAT i' Evening, July 22:1, the parformantaa will oonamaooo wilt the Mutu al Drama of the III.AI K DOMINO Julio, Mr ManvuM; FCroat do, Mr Palmar Alfonso, Mr I'-rey; II run. Mr li twsua; liregorio, Mr John Safton; Cain 11 la, Misa R lirenii; Horn-he* Mra III nry; Theresa. Miaa Kolwrts To cmuilu la wi h the Comia Fairy I'anti oiinm of the IVTI.'IIILI IIAltl.FiJI,'I V?helwt M (' h hinan; llarlr,|uiii, M Mnr/ettl. CarMadre M Kerin; flalltf' r. M Antoine l.ehniau: tha Monster. And rhmsn: Online. MHe Muthlld# Lcl Door* i>|?u at I quarter before 7, . ina at a quarter to H. Ataiwiw, Ikoeuta (T IIATIIAM 7iikaTKKSttl.K PRO. nlBTOR and ijkjJ ic. Mr. F. H. t hanfrau.?Heuefit of ilr. Lraler?le onlay Evening July 22,?III be | rercnte.l the new Irani a of ERNESTlNl? Frederick, Mr. Center; Viwnut >le t.'lrmnifervHle, Mr. Pardj; t hariea d A?|, Ward; Matin, Miaa Mealayor; Krneetine, Mir- llildruth: Juliette d'Ercev Ik) Mra laherwood. fu be loll, wed by the locaUkei. ilentitled NEW YtfRK AS IT IS?M<M% Mr. t hauliau: Joe. Mr. Minami; Katy. Mia* M.atayor; Roth. Mta S. lie HI II. To conclude milt the I: NHM.HH Kl) II iN I l.tMAN ? III n. Fink Flaintucr, Mr Itiel i; Iwird Totterly, Mr. Pardy; leoea. iaa llloom'. ld Mice lllldmh; Mary t'hlnti, Mine Milea. Boxee, i'leente; Fit, I2M cent A Doom i |wn at 7, performance to eomtuence at quarter l.efote 1 o'i look. Broadway tiieatrk-tiiis even i no, Saturday; July 22nd, i. It. n tit of M.-ua. M><nplai*lr, the dim llullct I'anti ratine, entitled l.E 1)1 Alii.K AUUATKR?PoAcAii Mona. M..ii(lai*ir: Mauoiirki, M>.n*. Co?l.y, V v.i i. Muua. Cocnclj Hid lllind Man. Men*. (iroaai; Multre a I hi oner. Mr Cornet; lljt tre d Hotel. Mr. Vi right; Maaotirka, Mail Monpaielr; t'OtmMpk M ile A. Bttlttti; Yelver. Mim eleste; A Young Folaneaa, n M aldegraie; A Uenl, Mtse Hlondeun.?To oheiate ."># ifeoUou of prolonged perfuinianrcs during norm weather,fie Ballet will form excluitiN ely the entertainment of the even!iig.?Doors open at 7J<: Overture to commence at li?Dreen (Trtde and Parquetta, SO centa; Family Circles, 23 cent*: (Jallery 12,-i cent*. CA AST1.E GARDEN?FERFOKMANl E TO COMMRNCB AT J H o'clock ? Adnitwion, 2'i oeata. Children half price - Mawaging Director, Mr Oeo. Holland ?Mr. T. Y. Chubb, Muaionl Bk reotor?Fainter and Dee. rator, Sig. Angeoi Monte Lilla?MnohJncry, Mr. R. MoNaily?Propurtiee. Mr. Bilbert?Saturday Rmlug, July 22d, the entertainments will eommence with the elewaat comedy of the CAITAIN Ok' THE W AT(' 11?Viscount de IJgny, J. L Uaker; Karon Von.let Hut er, Niokineon; Knslial, km Fhillipe; Kat.yn, Mie . Niekenann. After which, tr.e eokato sketch of MRS. HARRIS? Mr*. Ilarrte. Mr Ho land; Fanny Piatt, Vi>a Niekinson. To conclude with Rt'HEKT MaCAIRK?Ja queeStrop, Mr. Ilollaii.l; Marie, Mr*. II. Fhill p?. Burton's theatre, ciiamrerkjstreet.?saturday Evening, July 22? Will be performed, Charle* Keahlfl entertaining Bnrlotta of PERSONATION?Lord Henry, Mr. I'llap: l.ndv Julia, Mir* Chapman. Alter which, the WANDRKIM? MINSTREL?Jim Dug*, Mr. Ilurton: Herbert Carol, Jama* Dunn; Mia* I'riiikuin. Mr*. Ilughea ?After which the eaottal liurletta of THE WHITES AND THE BROWNS?Peter WtuU, Mr. John Dunn: Mr*. 1*. White, Mia* Chapman. To conolud* with the laughable Farce of I KISS 11 IIKLI'?I'addy Ryan, Mr. liruughuiii. lirraa Circle and Farquette, So etc Pamlly Ciaala or aecond tier, 2ft eta; Doeri open at 7 H o'eloek. Curtain rian* at H. _ _ American museum.-p.t. baknum, proprietors' llit,nh.wvr.k \1,........ U-l? JIJ ? a, H.nHvv?B. U|?QUUIV |J?IlunUkUUBI ITOIT felUti noon, at 3>n o'clock, anil every evening, at X. The manager ou Magaged the celebrated Belgian Giant, alone. Hilda, the f?Heat nana In the world, being lull X teet in height 1 The enormoM Boa CM trictor, .'HI feet lung, 'lite three Living Ourmng-Ontanga. the ftnegt ever seen in thia country, apparently aa much hnmaa aa bruit. The Fairy Family. Mr. Chubbce, the Indian Flutist. Highland Mammoth Boya Giant Baby. Wax Scripture Statuary. Madame Rockwell, the (amone Fortune Teller. AdmiaMea to Met whole, including Muaeum performances, 2B cento. Chikhwu aider 10 yean of age and old enough to walk alone, UJf mala Reserved front seats. one (hilling each, extaa. M KB AN ICS HALL, NO. 471 BROADWAF, BBTWEJPI brand and Broome (trneta?One Week Longer.?II j a daw, July 17, and every night during the week. The ORiGINAL CHRISTY'S MINSTHEL8, whore eoaoerto during the pnet nine month* here been received with onoh distlagwisheopatronage and unexnon pled succees, have the honor of announcing that by tha deeflw of the heads of numeroua familiea they will oontinno their pepa'ag and inimiuble entertainment! for one week longer. Admission M pertr. Door* open at 7, Concert commencing at 8 o'elook. On Saturday, July 22, an Afl.raocn Conoert, commencing atSefclocjt. Manager and Director, I P. CHRISTY. Banvard*b mammoth panorama or tiii mississippi River, painted on three milee of oanvaaa, doing the largeot palntiagin the world, at the Panorama Building, in Broadway, adjoining Niblo'o Qarden. Open evory evening, (3 on day op . oepted). Admission 50 eenta; ohildren half price. The Panorama will eommenee moving at M to 8 o'clock preoiealy. Aftenseon exhibition on Wedneeday and Saturday, at 3 o'olook. Grand panorama or tavlors campaign m Mexico, at the Minerva Rooms, 4U> Broadway. Sherman fc Tousey's Mammoth Panorama, shows in the moetperfeet and beautiful manner, the Marchee, Encampments, Haitiee aid all the atirring incidenta of General Taylor's aperaMol in Mexico, the greatest Painting in the world. Opel every evening?Panorama commence! moving nt 8 o'clock, precisely. Admission 26 cents?no half prioe. No charge for descriptive pamphlet!. WALNUT STREET THEATRE, 1'IIILADELPUIA?BEnelit of W. R. Blake?Saturday Evening, July find, 1X48? will he performed the admired comedy of LAUGH WHEN YOU CAN?George Gnssamtr, Mr. Wheatley; Bonus, Mr. Blake; Mortimer, Mr. Leman: Costly, Mr. Naglu; Deville, Mr. 1) run ton: Samlto, Mr. Madeline; Mrs. Gloomlr, Mrs. Thayer; Emily, Mrs. ttalluck; Mrs. Mortimer, Mrs. Blake; Dorothy, Mrs. Uaeknrl? To conclude with GRANDFATHER VVllITEHa AD?Drayteo, Mr. ii'Ri!ck?t: Ijuiirfcnn. Mr l^man rXwnnrlfau/km-i 1 am Blake ; Hob Lincoln, Mr. Radriiflo ; Snip, Mr. Hoswell; Louisa) Mrs. Rogers; Suran, Mr*. Blake. PARK THEATRE.?THE SALOONS AND BARS OP THIS Establishment an now to let for next Season, ot a loagM period if rei|uiied. commencing 'on or abont the Best day Mf September next. Undeniable security will be required, the eoiv ditions under which they will be let, can be ascertained on application (between 1U and i) at the office of W.OOEBTN, 4 hhhyilHlb FOR THE FI8UINO BANES, OFF SANDY HOOK?TBI staunch sea steamer Buffalo, ('apt. J. W. Haneox, will rum every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. The sea il lis near James .Madison, Captain L. Siston, will run every Wednesday and Thursday. Both boats will leave the loot of Robtmscn street, at H o'clock; Canal street, SVJ; Hammond street, bltaCatharine street, E. K., SJ4 ; Urand street, 9; Pbr No. 3 N. R" >4 A. M.; returning by 5 I*. M. Refreshments, tinea, and bait, on board. Silas Tiltnn will accompany the James Madison, and Capt. Smith, that old fisherman, with his harpooaa wtl be on board the Buffalo. Fare AU cents. 11 RAND EXCURSION THROUGH I.ONO ISLAND TO ll Omnpurt. by the Long Island Railroad, on Thursday, July 27th, 18ib, and return the same evening. By 'Special Train fTeai Brooklyn Depot at 7 A. M., stopping atjsmaioa at 7)4 A. M.: Branch X, Hickaville s'a, Farnnngdulo ft,, Suffolk Station bV, Medford Station iDtf, St. lie urge .Manor !!)4, and airive at OlMW portat 11. Returning, the train will stop at the above named stutions only. Fare lor the Excursion One Dollar. At Oroewport the steamer Statesman, (.'apt. Nash, will lie in martfnsss to convey such of the party as deairo it through the is rivalled Peconic Bay to Sag Harbor and back, at a charge of AO seats for the trlT- _ fEXCURSIONS? FOR THE F1SIUNO HANKS?THB KLEJ gant and well known sewstcomer New llavea, Caps, laaaphere, w ill run regularly to the Fishing Hanks every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, commencing Monday, July 24th, leaving Duane street at H A. M ; Canal street, Hammond street, hJ4; Catharine street, K. R, at Grand street?: pier No.3 N- K.,9>4 A. M.; returning at ti I'. M. ilaita furnidted on loard gratis. A splendid bn?s? and cotillion band will tinnsil |iauy the boat. Ruftcsliinenta of tlio nmat choice kind famished on beard. Fare for tbo excursion, 50 cents. GHEAT SALE OF LANDS, TOW N LOTS, WATER FOWER Ac., on the Illinois and Michigan Canal?Notice is hereby f;lven that, under the authority granted in the 13th eection of IM aw of the State of Illinois, of February 21, 1st.'!, the Board of Trustees of the Illinois and Michigan ('anal will offer for aale at public auction, on the lat day of September next all the CaaaJ Lands, Town Lota, Water pwwer, and Buildings which are inelsded in the deed of trust executed by the Governor of the State of Illinoia on the 26th of June, I84A, in pursuance of laws of the aaM State of February 21, 1S43, and March I, 1st A, enacted for "the completion of the Illinoia and Michigan canal, and fo, Ua inent of the canal debt:" That it to ny, abont UfljXX) aoret <d \ land, all lying unon or within a diatance of five miles on either aide if (aid canal, and extending the entire length of mme. 100 mile* vis., from Chicago, on Lake Michigan, to the town of U Salic, on the lllinoil river; also, town lota in the oity ef Chicago, Lock port, Joliet, Du Page, Katnkakee, Morris, Ottawa a ad La Salle, including water power at several points on the nanal l?a> port. Joliet, Kamkakee, kc. The sale will commence at ChkotMO on the 1st day of September next, and will be oontinned at that place, and, successively, at other towns on the oaaal, from day t? day, until all the said lands ko. shall have been offered for salt, as directed by law. The terms of sale are : One fourth eask, Mm residue of the purchase money in three annual instalment* healing interest at 6 percent, perannnm, payable annually in advaae* These lands constitute upwards of four tlfths of the grant made in 1W17 by the l/nited States to the State of Illinois, to aid mid State in the oonstruetlon of a oanal to unite the writers of lake Mietrigsn with those of the Illinois river, and are the same wMeh were conveyed by the State to the Board of Trustees of tht Illinois and Michigan canal, for the purpose stst?<fin the daed of trash, exacuted In due form by the Governor of the State, and reootded in the clerk's office of the counties of Will and or Cook. A list at the land* lot* ke. to be told, will be published for distribution before the day of sale. Meantime, any information whiah may ba required by persons wishing to purchase, can be had by ssidliM at the Canal Office in Chicago. WILLIAM II. SWTFT, 1 ??. ? no.., , DAVID LKAVITT, > CHARLES OAKLET, ) "lohl**n Office of the Board of Trustees of the rUinoia and MieMgan Canal, June 1, 1H4H. Livery stable for pale ciifa'-astiib present ovner is going West is his only reason for selling. Bnqnin at No. 6 Howard it, The yellow or Chester springs, extensively Eulargrd, and Grounds Imprevifd.?This well known plaea I I for mmmrr resort, is now open for the reception of visiter* Tbn ' mine medical attention and accommodation extended to invaMdl under Hydropathic treatment as heretofore. Possess ere leave Philadelphia wfth the Reading ears at 7,S u'oloek A.E., and ad 1% P.M. for PhamUviU* where g<M-d coaches will bs is readias^ and arrive at the Springs st II o clock A.M., and M3MP.K JL Sunday lire oonneets with the Columbia railroade both wf and down For further information, please address Dr. OEO. LINGIN k CO.. Chester Spring* Cheater Co., Pa. Dr. J. II. MOTT MAY BE CONSULTED DAILY IT hie Medical and Snrgical Establishment, 214 C'hureb street pen from 7 A. M. to 0 P. M. Recent cases of private dmmH vill warrant to cure without inconvenience to the pa Me at, and n the shortest possible spare of time. DR. OLOVER IS CONSULTED BUKINO THE DAT AND evening at hit office. Bo. U Ana St., (formerly No. IL la hose diffionlt and protreotad eaeea of Stricture, Gleet, and ML late which have proved too obetiaaie for ptyddaea ess exrerieno* Private entranoe through the entry to Ida edftM loor. Ills Kitraot of CopoiTS, Cube be, eto? to mtouqtvaly^ gmMribed by phyrtclant may be had al hli etoge la faint, Wu. Ula itreet, (formerly No. 2.) Price >1. floK LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?REGULAR PACKET OF 1 26th July. The now and splendid ra.t sailing puahuttMp ROSt IMS, Kldridgo, master, is ?"W loading end will pouMeuiy Mil as above, hrr regular day. For frmaht or paasagu taeta? I.t<-ndi' 1 furnished accommodations,apply on board, at OsteUM a hart, foot of tt all St.. or to E. K. COLLINS, M South at Price of 1st cabin |a?M*.;, S7?; I'rioe of 2d cabin puaeuge. ftf riie I'll, kit ehi(i Siodous, t. (1. Cobb, matter, will lamina the Koeciua and sail 26 th A urn it, her regular day. P\( KET roR HAVRE.?SECOND LINE?THE 8I1IP UN CI UA, Ja*. Kunck, Matter, to nail on the let of A eg net, BOYD k III NCR EN, AgewU AOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND NEW TOBK r line of packet*?Regular packet, to nail Monday, Aanet th. The new and aplendid (hat tailing packet dilp UER,. "HI l>F? C'apt. Sherman, le now loading, and will peaMewMmil e above, her regular day. For freight or paeoage, apply on card, at Orleane wharf, root of WaJl etrect, or to E. K. COLUNS, W South itMt Shippers may rely upon thia vcanel muling punctually ao adUftieed. Pueitively ne freight will be reooived on board after iatuiday eveniiis, August 6th. Agent in New OllMMk Wua. retry, who win prituptly forward all gooda to tli awua he packet ahip Clifton, Capt. Jamee B. IngeraoU, will MIMMM Jerirupe, and nail on her regular day. Packet sniPcurroN, prom new Orleans, is bischarging at Hutger'a atrent wharf. Conmgneee will plena* ittcnd to the receipt ef their gooda K. K.COLLINS, 66 Sonlh streak. OR. JEHklEa" ANTIDOTE IS THE MOST EPrtCTOAL pr< ituutii n wild for UonurThira and other dteordon of tho fetual Onl ine l.'.ng evpericm has pruvrd chat it will rndt alli cure any eaee. Tlile deeirable result la nhtained In freto ;wo to ten daye, and aa it neither creates uautea nor ortbnds tlM 'nlatr, and render* unnecessary any deviation in diet of latar ruptiun to u,ual pursuits, sound sleep nr healthy digeeMiw, the itusance is thus removed ns ipevdily as ia consistent wito the reduction of a tliui i ugh and permanent cure. I to ingredient* ire entirely vegetable, and no inlnrloua eflcct, either eonshlii tioially or locally, can be caused by its a so Piiee |l per bottle. Sole Agent A r this city, C. II. HIND, IVi H-oadwuy, corner Jehu itntt. J

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