Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1848 Page 3
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* 1111' I City Intelligence. The wtathk* ?i'ti? weather yesterday n< quits Waim. not?ith-t*udlng the wind was high all day. Ah' ut liuli past two o'cb rh, in the afternoon, a henry el? ud rote fioui the western b?riz >u, wbiob g we out a very slight shower; alter which tber? wire white ? otids in Ills uortkwaid h< riron during the whole aftern'on They arc generally speaking a sure preeuri<if of rain, and if the signs are not deceptive, a good rain may be locked ft r very soon. The streets are now constantly tilled ?i b clouds of dust, which remdor it very ilissgreeable, especially for the ladies. Tha evening was quite pleasant, though not until a 'at* hoar was there any light from the moon. Relies- to iiir New Yobk Volostemi.?A meeti' g of the citizens was called on Friday afternoon, at the Major's office. City Hall, for the purpose of adopting measures for tha relief of the New York Volunteers, m o have so faithfully served their country in the late var with Mexico. There were but few persons present when the meeting was called to order, his honor the Mayor in the chair. The following resolution was proposed by Moiria Franklin Fsq.. and unanimously adopted. lRttolvtd. That subscription be opened immediately, under the direotion of a committee of seven, to be appointed to collect funds for tbe relief of the non-couiUiissioned officers, musicians aud privates of tho New York Regiment of Volunteers, to be distributed under the direotion of asid committee, in such manner us they may deem best calculated to relieve the immediate necessities of the volunteers." The following gentlemen were then appointed that Committee : Hon. William K. Havermey<r, Chairman, Andrew Mickle, Stephen Allen. E. J. Drake. Jonalbau Nturges. and F. R. Tillou. Kr^s.. who were empowered to add to iheir niimbtr. Grs. Tavi.or txosii thf. Volun nmi ?A vote wi:s taken a day or two since among the returned volunteers. at Fort Hamilton, as to their preference among the candidates for the Presidency, when General Taylor received the vote of every one of the men, and General Case a majority of the officers. Absitai. ok the Jeesev Volunteers and Reoulabs?The New Jersy battalion of volunteers and a detatchment of regulars. Arrived yesterday from New Orleans, in the ship Indiana, Captain Bennett, under command of Captain D. McDowell. The following is the list of officers :?Assistant Surgeon, L. suni son. C. S. A ; 1st. Lieutenants Varren L. Voung. J Vanhouton. Captains, Isaac W. Mickle, Francis Harrison. Lieutenants. A H. Reynolds. Joseph A. Logan, David 1). Nichols. Alexander McKiuley, Frederick W. Burnett. Krra Ferris and Henry B. Hays,of the battalion The arrival of the ship was announced by tl.e tiring of a salute. Rblicvipg B nmi*av.?The necesdty for moving i mo- matter, at a very early day. is every moment becoming more evident The laying of the Rues pavement thr< ugh It. from the Bowling Oreen to Union place (which will probably be done by the 1st day of January, 1S60). will add to the difficulty, rather than diminish it. as si me suppose. So aoon as that is oompleted. great Inducements will exlet to ride there, aud. of course, the number of vehicles will be multiplied, and their speed, (when there Is any chance,) greatly increased? the danger of crossing will, thereby be greatly enhanced, and more accidents happen, from the comparatively noiseless motion of light carriages, gigs, tec The proposition to widen Church street, and connect it with, or rather continue it through Lumber street, he., (widening the latter, of course,) to Markotfleld, at the Battery, is decidedly the most feasible, reasonable, and advantageous It matters but little on which side of t'Kiiwwh a van ft tko anttlww I. m.,1. .a .a . uwi vu r- vv iu? vuvviu^ ib Hiauv. du i?i mn iiiu c.\|)runc 1* considered; but we think the easterly side had better be taken, on account of the hospital grounds costing nothing?the facility of moving the engine house*, bo., Into 8t. Paul'* church yard, and the great deaire felt by the congregation worshipping in the churoh. ooruer of Duane street, to be removed, if the street is widened, so aa'.o make it about the same a* West Broadway, and continued of that width to the Battery, the increased value of lota upon it. will justify the measure, be the eost what it may. Marketfleld street should be widened some ten or fifteen feet. By taking that strip from the Battery, and the sidewalks of all the streets between Canal and Marketfleld. Church and Broadway, extended from two to three feet, (according to circumstances.) Into the carriage way, the ownere of property thereon being allowed and encouraged to set awning posts there, the effect of these alterations would immediately be shown in the improvements made. Church and all the streetsleadlngflromit to Broadway, would be occupied by retail stores: there could be no better situation for dry goods stores, millinery shops, dress makers, hatters, boot makers, he., especially if the Common Council would require all omnibuses to pass down Broadway to Canal, thence through Canal, Churoh, he ; and to pass up Broadway, stopping only when passengers were to be taken in or let out. OrroRTuniTT for a Ska Votaoi:.?The steamship Buena Vista, Captain J arris, will leave this port on Wednesday next for Halifax. She will take passengers to Halifax, and back te Boston, for $26. This would be the most delightful excursion of the season, especially to invalids, when tbev might catch the invigorating sea sir, more beneficial to health than all the excursions which could be made down the bay In a whole season. Captain Jarvis is just the man to please, and no doubt those who embrace the opportunity will be delighted with the trip. Tmk Yacht SquaoRow.?Already have the offleers of this squadron begun to make i reparations for their annual summer excursions. Tney will assemble at their Club house. Klysian Fields, on Tuesday, the first day of August, after which they will proceed to the Hook, where they will spend several days. They will then proceed to such place as a majority of the proprietors may choose. There are two new and l>caut;ful yachts added to the squadron, belonging to Vr. O. O. Cole and Mr. Miller, both of which will join in the excursion. The Chinise Mi ici m.?It waa yesterday reported that the larte stone budding In Broadway, between Spring ami Prince ftrwln. tbr lata rnidrnrii of John O Cottar. Esq . bad bean taken on a leataoftan years, by tba proprietor of the Chinaaa Muteutn. for the purpoaaa of the Museum The East ltivra Ai i maw.?We hare received a ccmirunication from the captain of the sloop Starling," in wblch ha utt< rly denies tha blame whieh baa been attached to him for running Into the ferry boat on Tburrday evening. He say*. ' The sloop aaa standing in for her berth in Jamea' slip, close hauled and with her larboard tacks on board, and three men were forward, on the look out. and tha atopping of tba angina of the ferry boat waa tha rauee of the accident, he intending to go astern of her." The facta In the caae. aa published In the Hrrald, were obtained from a great many sourcea, all ef which perfectly agreed; but the eaptain denying the charger, It la bat jnaticc to give him fair play, and if he ia not to blame give him a cbanea to throw off the imputation whleh baa been cast upon him. Saaioua Accident at Kort Leb.?A lad about fourteen yeara of age, and who realdea in thla city, but whose name waa not ascertained, acoidently fell from a third atory piazza, at Kort Lee. on Friday afternoon, and ao seriously injured that his life is diapaired of. A Mad Cat Killed.?A rabid cat waa killed on Thursday afternoon at the corner of Oth avenue and Slat street. Now that the dogs are nearly all laid low, the cats have taken hydrophobia upon themselves, and should a few more be killed it will become neeeaaary for the fair dames to " muzzle'* the kittya, or a declaration of war will be proclaimed*against that branch of the feline family. The boys will look anxiously for the passage of such a law. though thore will be fewer victims, and the price will not be so great, probably, as that offered for the "ears" of the dogs. It would be pruurui Ht once in lnur.zie an (do rata, lout that race too should be exterminated, and the rats take po?sefMod of the land. Fia*.?Tie Norwegian ship June, lying at the f< ot of Carlisle street, was discovered to l>? on flro. in the hold, about half paot ten o'clock, on Friday night, which was extinguished with trilling damage. She bad arrived during the afternoon, laden with rlee, rum, lid sugar, and no perron war on board at the time the Are waa discovered. Fmr.?A fire broke out on Thursday night. In the cap store cf Messrs Drush & Co.. 143 Water street, which was put out with trifling damaro. IUdly Burned.?A boy about twelve years old, was found nearapile of burning shavings about 11 o'oclock on Friday night, into which it is supposed he had (alien, while in a fit lie was very much burned, and it was thought proper to take him to the c ity Hospital. Rescued from Drowvino.?A man named Jacol Whaling, accidentally fell Into the dock, at the foot ol Dey street, on Thursday night, but was rescued from drowning by the police of the 3d ward. Isgi-rsT.?An inquest waa held on the body of a man, named Francis liognn. a painter, who fell accidentally frem the upper story of house, corner F.ighth street and Fifth av>iiue. while painting a window. He was removed to the < ity Hospital, where ho subsequently died. In consequence of the aceldont. Verdict according to the above facts l,aw liilelllgrnre, Common Tlx/s July 22?In Banco ?Drritiont? Martin, et al , ai'a Tra-k. et al ? Motion to ret aside in quest granted on payment of costs of inquest? p alntiif may enter up judgment on security. Ogllvie aOm Falconer?Judgment for defendant on reargument. and former decision on the demurrer to stand, ilogan adsm Daily?Motion for judgment, as In case of a non-ruit. granted?no opposition, Anderson et al., auxin, lummy iui|ut'Ht mi asiue on payment of coste of ii quest, Iiut plaintiff may enter up judgment aa ecnnty Wealeivclt ads. Lamb and others?Motion for judgment, us in n ease of non-suit, grunted; no opposition lladefcidt adsm Boost?No appcaranon being bail on the defemiant'a part, ordered that t.h? motion be denied ; plaintiff a costs $10 ; to abide the event. In fhe matter of Kllen Kelly, neat, friend of James Kelly and othera. Infanta?Rule of refereneo Annexed granted; ?ile of infante'property, rainier ad.-iin llrehant?Motion for judgment of non-auit granted. Heed adain Mandeville ? J'eport of referees et aeido with coata to abide tlie event. Tit* Cov?t or SRiaioaa.?Taking advantage of the ptvaent i itxpeiislon of bualueaa at thia Court, wo would suggest the nereaaity for altering the entire internal arrangementa, an aa to make the court room unit the purposes for which it liar been deigned. In consequence of the utter impossibility to hear from the bench. I he Recorder and Mdermen are compelled to oeenpy the deak designed for the clerk of the court. The wttneaa atand la alao placed in n poaition which rendeii It difficult, and at timea impossible to hear the witness. The character of tlie building itaclf Is badly suited for a court room, and the nldermen. who are directly interested, inasmuch aa two must preside on each occasion with the Recorder, should either have this pcurt removed or the room altered, no aa to suit the pnrpoaea of a court. They must themaelvea hare felt the the Inconvenience we point out. during llie late sitl'nga of the eourt, In connexion with the Recorder himself The reporters' table is situated also In a had place for hearing, and altogether the general ac eommudatlons render thia court room extremely Ineeuvrnient in every respect It would be well now, during the short recess of a few weeks, to make some tmprovi mentg here and altef the entire plan of arrangement. which ere so much wanted. The Board of Aldermen, tre trust, will act upon the hint we give, even f< r the sake of their own accommodation. ' Jus tlee" Invariably possesses e ''quirk ear'' ae well as a ' keen eye." Folic* Intelligence Charf* tf Ormnd Lar cvny.?Offlfr NickmitD, of the tb ward. irrMl?d yesterday a man by the name of Johnl*. M Darrler. on a warrant Issued be Ju-Mro Lotbrop. wherein be stands chart:ed with stealing itWO, in bank bills, gold, and silver coin, together with a gold watch. Upon his arrest, ho acknowledged having tsken the money, and the watch was seen in his poeS Ml n previous to his arrest Justice I.othrop committed him to prison for a further examination. Ji Hold Tktji ?Two genteel-looking young tnen entered the jewelry stoie No 369 Broadway, kept by James W. Faulkner, early yesterday morning, and ssk*d to he shown some watches. At the request several were shown the guntlemeu ; when, after they had left the store a few minutes, the ohrk disoovered that two gold lever watches were missing?one No. 11U70. the other 32163 ? valued at over $100 One of these individuals had a full face, and no whiskers ; the other bad a lull face, light whisk* rs, and sandy or light hair. It is believed beyond a doubt that these young men are the thieves. Mr. Faulkner olfei's a reward of fliO for the reroverv of th** watches. Political Intelligence. German National Kkfokmkbs in < 'in< tnnati.? TL.. /T. A XT... I l>..l iiir iiuaii ABuutmiiuii iui iiuiiouui nciwiui liiRtie a grand demonrtrution yes crday forenoou. They moved through the streets in along procession, preceded bv music and uccompuiied by the military, niustering, as we learn, about nine hundred strong.?Cincinnati At Lit, July Id. Gen. Taylor's Popitlarity in Ohio.?It is said by the Cincinnati papers, that the nuos meeting held in that city to respond to the Philadelphia nomination, was the largest assemblage ol apolitical character ever seen in (Cincinnati. Free f^oir, in Maine.?A free soil State Convention has been called in Maine, to meet at Portland, on Wednesday the 2fith inst. The object of the convention is stated to be, "to take such steps us the the occasion shall demand* to prevent the extention ol slavery; and to co-operate with other fiee States, in the convention to be held at Buffalo on the 9th of August, 1848." Dr. KelJIngei'* M.?iimIoii House, at l ookers, is all the rage?to get at which is the moet beautiful drive in the world. Hundred* of faehionuhlee go daily to nee end ooneult the Doctor, who has determined to throw open hie Uunsion House and ground*, for the comfort and amusement of those of his patients that arc couvalefeut, as well a-fi r the public in general, Visiters have a clear and picturesque view upon the Hudson for twenty miles, taking in Editor llennett's spacious and beautiful chateau ; at Hustings, Forrest's wonderful iuid magnilicent palace; Washington Irving ? cottage, tlie paragon of architecture; Moses H. Grinnell's l'arsdise, (not lost); in short, the Doctor is surrounded by the elite of N'ewYork City, New Kochelle, and its vioinity. Itis well worth a trip to Yonkers, (independent of its rare, ricfi, and beautiful scenery.) to ice and eonvereo with the nn'y modest, uneophisiicated living i|tinck in existence. Everything done np in the Doctor's i ecutiar stvK The Cluapeit and li-nt Elate til tile City to ntgood Boots, Shoes, and Gutters, is at Jones. II Ann street, near the Museum. His bestFiench Boots, $4 AO; second quality, from $3 SO to $4; Congress Boots, from $3 SO to $4. Dry Goads and Carpets.?We wou'd wish to recommend our Brooklyn friends, if they are in want of Dry Goods or Carpets, to oall on JS. VAIL, Z'iH Fulton street, lie is selling his goods 2A per cent, cheaper than auy store iu New York or Brooklyn. N.U.?OWO yurils ?r rroaoh laiwn for one Hhillin?. EDWARD VAIL, 23S Fulton ntxeet. ~ The Arrival of the Steamer?Also, the arrival of French Boots from Paris, aod for sale at our friend YOUNGS'. The officers and men of the Army and Navy should all get their Boots and Shoes of Young, liis tine French, $4 60, equal to the 6 or $7 boot* in other stores; fine Calf $3 SO, usually $4 SOand $5; corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. The Great Question Answered, the Cheapo. est Clothing Store in the Universe.?Coats fid cents each; pants 50 cents; Vests 50 oents each. Also, Cashmerette, Alpaca and linen Coats, inoredibly oheap. A heap of Unredeemed Pledges jast come to hand most magnificently made. Remember the $6 suit store oorner Nassau and Bookman streets. Mount If orris, Hstrlem. ?N ow Is the time for enjoying pure air and c >nacquent heal,h and pleasure, by viewii g one of the most magnificent scenes in the world, Irom ''The Tempi'. " ou Mount Morris, lying a little south-west of Harlem Village ana easy of accei s by the cars. All who know how to appreciate the beauties of nature, will certainly ]>ay it a visit. The attentions of Mr. and Mrs. Van Nostrand, and the good things provided, w ill insure a day s pleasure. COM M JS BUI AI A If F A1 H 8 money Market. Saturtlsy, July a??6 P.M. The European news has had no visible effect upon the markets, favorably or unfavorably. At the stock board to-day, some securities advanced and some declined. The sales were larger than usual; we noticed more activity among operators. At the first board. Ohio O's improved X per cent, Canton Long Island Harlem Erie bonds fell off J*, Indiana State 6's } ?; all others closed at prices ourrent yesterday. Money continues exceedingly scarce. In the event of steamers from Europe for the next thirty days bringing favorable accounts, and the markets on the other side continue to improve, we may look for a corresponding improvement here. It is our impression that the next steamer from Liverpool will bring a further advance ii cotton. The York Manufacturing Company have declared i dividend of three per cent., and the Laoonia Company a dividend of two per oent. The Leather Manufacturers' Bank has declared i dividend of three and a half per oent, payable on thi 1st of August. The Planters' Bank ef Tennessee has declared a divi dend of two per oent, payable on tie 1st of August, a the Manhattan Company. Baring's circular of the 7th inst., says: '-There con tlaues to be an occasional demand for United State: Six Tor Cent Stock, of which the price to-day is 94 i 90, ex-dividend; other securities are firmly held, bm with very little business:? Alabama ex-div. 64 >56 Massachusetts Stg.S's... 96 a9! Illinois 32>36 Maryland ex-div 65 a >" Im'iaaa State.,. ex-div. 42 a 44 Michigan 90 a Kentucky H4 aHK Hew York 6'i Mtafl le uii-'a, t'nion Ilk, none for sale Ohlod's ex div H5 a >' Pa. -Vs. ex-Aug. interest, 60. 1 he quantity of coal transported on tho Schuylkil Canal, for the week ending the 20th inst., was 14,olh tons; previously, 176,828. Total for the season, 191.42: tons. Thus far the trade of the canal has been mt r than double that for the same period last year, and w< have no doubt more than four hundred thousand torn of coal will be transported on it, from the opening to thi close of navigation for the year. The Reading Railroad Company transported, durinj the week ending the 20th inst., 36,362 tons, making for the reason 676,412 tons. The receipts of the Housatonic Railroad Company fur the month of June, in each of the past two years were as annexed:? lloiuiOMt Railroad. June, 1848. from freight $12.624 3; Kri'Ui passengers and mail.. . . 4 033 7< Total, >17,338 0' June. 1847. total receipt* 16,024 4< Increase, June, 1848, $1,333 6' Thin increase nmounts to about nine and u half pe cent. The bulk of the business on thin road it freight < Ing. l.ast year, in consequence of the high prices rul ing for all kinds of produce, the movements in then ' were active, and a fair comparison cannot, therefore ' be made with this year. i The sugar crop of Texas will, this year, be more thai d( able that of 1847. The flrst exportation of suga from that section of the I'nion was made in 1846 and amounted to only flfty hogsheads. The crop o 1847 amounted to 2000 hhds, of which between tive am six hundred hogsheads were exported. The crop o this year is estimated at five thousand hogsheads. The Petersburg and Roanoke Railroad Couipani have declared a semi-annual dividend of three and I half per cent. The annual report of this company shows that the rrad is doing a prosperous business About one-forth of the road been re-built, and th? track laid with edge rails and the balance with heavy plate iron. A expensive bridge across the Roanoke rivet has been constructed, and the road refwrnlshed with engines and cars, all of which were paid for out of the profits of the boainess of the company, besides re during the indebtedness to about twenty thousand dollars. While the er mpany w*i doing this. It was paying the stockholder* moderate dividend*, which for the last two year* hare keen increased to seven per cent. The receipts and expcndenditure* of the past year were a* annexed PcTaasaraa *an Rosaoa* Km a?*p, Receiptefrom transportation for the twelve month* ending February 1. IMS $132,030 30 Expense* of transportation.. . .$70,297 Id New engine*, new ear* new warehouses, interest, fcc $41,021 4.5 $117.1*18 68 Net income for payment of Uis Idends and reduction of debt $04 783 22 ?A very good exhibit of a healthy business, which we must presume is skilfully and prudently conducted Stock Kxrhaiige. $UH)0 Troas Notes 8'* KB*. 30 shs N or It ?*or six) .11', 10OU do K.1\ 1)0 do 175 t'lj lOWUS#1*. '62,coupon 105 21 do IIV 1400 Ohio 6a,'00 09V 100 . do .31 , 1MX0 Illinois hind ?90 41 9?'Reading RR > :W>4 2010 Indiana State 6'a .11 *? ||U do l*? .11 tlX'O Reading llonds .IS 100 Harlem RR MO 12l4 1009 do Mlgo 0AU AMI do .12 1000 Erie 7's (Ml 80 do sKO .11 *4 10 Jlis America llank !8*4 Usi do is** 12'? WVchta EsotangeBk 98 )0O do 12'? 9 gh of Cow. full 02'i 100 do W0 M 10 Farmers" Trust 27?" ll*l do 12*4 28 Canton Co .3C, 300 Island RK *7'* d? .11 ill KM* RR, new, full - 0>*4 ?w ,d^ , MO 20 do AVi .<21 Morris Canal Second Board. $9000 Erie Rend* <?> as Saaton Co .3 JJJJ al'S Harlem ItK W 13 llo Mi.-H, < ?. ?( 9U 100 do 180 13 >a ,1,1 KO do MU 29 ,|? M 3.1*4 1(3* do 12)4 CITY TRADE REPORT. N*w Toss, Saturday, Jnly 22?0 P. If The Hibernian news, which appeared in an Ritr* Ih) nhl la t evening (Friday), and mora fully in the regulsr edition of this mcrninr had no decided effect 11 '1' 1 on flour or wheat, bot stiffened the price* of corn and cotton. The sale* of flour were moderate,1 and convicted of the usual variety of bran In, at rate* current before the new* No rale* of wheat transpired; hjth purrbater* aud seller* *cemed unwilling to name a price. Salt* of Northern round yellow corn were made at en advance; good mixed and flat yellow wore al'O iu b*tt?r demand. N'bmI was el?o flrmer. Rye was held at full prlre* Canal oat* were Arm, with aale* Provision* were not alfeoted materially by the new. and moderate to fair vale* were reported Sugar* and VolarseH were in eteady demand, without material change iu price* iiHti -Sale* of about 1210 bid* pearl* were made, Ir eluding a good portion Hold 1 i*t evening, at $0. Pot* remained steady at $6. Brkai *Turr*.?Hour.?The sale* footed np about 3 000 a 4 ( 00 bbl*. in various separate lot*, ineliiding about 1 (00 bbl* of I oeh-ster in two lot* at $4 7ft a fii; SCO do Oswego, this State, common, fee. at $4 ris'* a $4 75. Some lots of better qualities this State, wore in id? at ; the various grades Fold ranged generally fmm $4 76 a 5. Pure Genesee remained about the same.. Southern flour was Inactive and no sales of moment were reported. There was very little new flour ottering and not enough sold to establish prices. fVkeut ? 1 nere was a iair snow hi samples, uui n wax generally ! held above the views of buyers, who seemed disinclined to Lame a price until more time was given to digest the news. Corn?Tbo sales embraoed about 3ft 000 a 30.000 bushels in separate lots, among which were about 15 ICO bushels round Northern "yellow at 58c . with a portion at 57c; 0 700 bushels do New Orleans mixed, in Iwo lots, at 48 a48){c; and 4.000 a 5 000 do high mixed, a< 52c; and Fomu lots slightly mixed, nearly white, sold at tin Meal was scarce and held at firmer rates. Ryt?The last sales were made at 09c . which we continue to quote to day. Rye Flew ? Small sales were nihdeat$3 60 a $3 75 for common to prime. Oah were firm, aud sales of 1 500 bushels of Canal were niHiie at 47c. Barley?Small sales of barley were made at 55c. Cotton.?The Hibernia's news stimulated purchases to-day of 2000 bales, at previous prices. Holders, in several instances, asked an advance, but we heard oi no better prices than were occasionally paid before. Freights ?The rates were unsettled by the foreign news. No engagements of importance were reported to F.uropean ports. Fish-?Mackerel were in small supply and firm. Cod were also firm, with sales of 400 quintals, at $2 44 a $2 50 Fruit ?The transactions emhraced 40,000coeoanuts, received coastwise, in lots, at $80 per M; 30 bales Marseilles almonds, at 11c; and 40 frails Malaga do, at about 12c, 4 mos. i Hemp.?Dew-rotted American was a shade better, with sales of 90 bales, at $130 per ton, less 4 per cent for cash. Lead?The article was qniet at 4 a 4!{ cents. Molasses.?We report a sale of 70 hhds Porto Rico, at 22 a 23c, and some lots of St. Croix at 27c. usual time. Naval Stores.?Turpentine, since the steamer, was said tn bo a llfflo Inaai- hut wo oowl.l ho..- of wo ...... rations. Oil*.?There hare been sales of 2000 bbls whale, for export, at 32c. Provision*? Salon of 700 bbls of pork were made, Including mess, at $11; and prime at $8 87!,'. BeefMess was steady at $12 50; and 260 bbls oity prime sold at $6 60. Lard was quiet, and no sales reported I since the news. Sales of 40.000 lbs pickled bams, in 1 poor order, were made at 4JL?o a 4J{o. Butter exhibited ' no change. Cheese?No sales transpired since the | news. The foreign market was said to be favorable, and holders were firmer for that of good quality. Sriccs?100 bags Jamaica pimento changed hands at I 9>ic. Black pepper, In a small way. was selling at 51{o. Suoar*?We noticed sales of 400 a 500 tierces OerI man refined at 7%c, less 4 per cent off; and 300 boxes brown Havana. at private bargain. Tallow was quiet at our previous quotations. WitALKiioNr?No sales were made, but both kinds were in better demand. Whiskey?Sales of 200 bbls State prison were made at 22)gO, and 500 a 600 do, to arrive, at the same price.| MARKETS ELSEWHERE. STOCK SAI.KS. Baltimore, July 21?Stock Board? $1000 u. S.Treasury (Th, on t me, 103& ; $.'170 Maryland 6's, 88; $4000 Baltimore and Ohio RJIroad Dividend Bonds, 60; 2 slia Farmers and Planters Ilank, 2> ,'v 20 do Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co, 30; 7 do do 30; 5 do doiO*. Philadelphia, July 22,?Firtt Board-600 U S 6's, (17, KM1,]; 280 Treasury Notes, b's, 1(M Ij; .80(1 State 6's, 86; 700 do 5's, 73J, ; 400 County I'a, HO, 82 ; 1000 Lehiah Nav (i's. 66; 110 Meoh allies' Bank, 24Ju ; 60 Girurii Bunk, 1113, ; 0 Commercial Bank, Vlk ; 4 North American Bank. I14K ; 25 Morris Canal. (Hi ; .800 do ! 100 N Jersey Copper, 2}i. 'Aft erf Sola?600 fc'ity ti's, 1U); ?>il M nrria Canal, 97. , 100 Fleminicton Coppe*. A; 100 N Jersey do 2U. Seomd Board?10 Oirard Bank, 10X- After 8aU?SQ Cirard Bank 10XMarried. In Montevideo, May 15th, by the Rev. Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Wm. A. Khy, merchant, to Miss Jane W i n i.i), daughter of the late J no. Birrell. Esq . of Dumfries, Scotland. Died, On Saturday, July 22d. Mrs. Sarah Ann Eaton, o consumption, aged 40 years. , Her friends and relations are invited to attend hai frmeral at 5 o'clock this (Sunday) at No. 9 Bedfort ! street. t Eastern papers pleaso copy. , On Saturday. 22d of July, Mrs. Ann Ff.elev, wife o James Feeley, after a long and tedious sickness, aget 36 years. i The friends and acquaintances of the family, and o , her brother, Francis Mooney. are respectfully invitei to attend the funeral from, her late residence, No. : Sixth street, at half-past 4 o'clock on Sunday evening i On the 20th inst.. at No. 8 Clark street. Maroaret i wife of John Black, printer, and relict of the late Johi 'Wallace, musician. Buffalo, N. Y., and Eufala, Alabama, papers plea* copy. t At his residence, in Harsimus, New Jersey, on Fri day, 21st Inst , James Joseph McDonnell, aged 8i years, one of the Irish patriots of '98. His friends, and those of bis son-in-law, Robert Hut g ton. are respectfully invited to attend his funeral which will take place on Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock from St. Feter's church. Jersey City, without furthei t invitation. At Staten Island, on Friday, 21st inst., of cancer it , the stomach, Sarah Tiiibaui.t, aged 55 years, wife oi f Frederick Thibault. of Philadelphia The relatives and friends of her family, and those o: 1 Drs Ephraim and James O.Clark, are invited to at T tend her funeral, from the residence of Dr. Ephr&ln Clark. New Dock township, Richmond county, thl, 1 day. at IX o'clock, P. M. I Philadelphia papers will please copy. Jacob Philips, born in Crosswioks, Co. 1 N.J. October 8th. 1752, died July 22d. 1848. Hi ? served in Washington's army, was in the battle o a Trenton, and was in all tho principal battles of tin i ran ana winier or 1777. ' ' EN'J REV1LLI.E COl'RSB!?TROTTING AND PACINO.Purse $200?Two milo heats. In harness, will come '>( on Monday, July'ttth. at 3 o'clock, P.M., and closed with tin 5 two celebrated hotkes, J. K. Polk and Lady Suffolk. D. Bryai r names g. m. Lady Suffolk; slie to go to a sulky, J. Whelpley, oh g, James K. Polk, he to go ton two hundred and twenty ponnii wagon. JOEL COnKLIN, Proprietor. Centreville, July 20th, 18-18. ' N. B. The cars will leave the Sonth Ferry for the Course a! , half past 2 o'clock, and return immediately nftcr the race. CENTREVILLE COURSE.-$10 FOOT RACE.?TEN DOLlara will be yiven for a Foot Race, on Mouday, July 24th, out I mile and repeat, free for all except Rarlow, he to give eighty . yards start. En tries to bo made at the Course on the day of the ' ! race, by 3 o'clock. No untrance charged. ' i kl'EN TO ALL THE WORLD-GREAT ST. LKUEH J V/ Sweepstakes? 12,(MH1 Subscribers at ?5 each. The party fol whom the first horse is drawn to receive AiJl.tOO. the second horse, ?H),(Mh the third horse, ?1(1,1**1; to be divided am on* parties drawing "Tie btarters," ?10,00(1; the like am on* r "Non-Starters," ?10,000. Sweeps!akes. No. 2?12,000 Subseri. tiers at ?2 each?First horse, XHUUl); second horse, ?3,000, tliird " horse, ?3,000; divided among Starters, ?3,000; divided among Non-Starters, ?3,(AJ0. Sweepstakes, No. 3?12,000 Subscribers at ?1 each?First horse, ?4,COO; second horse, ?2,000; tliird horse, II ?2,000; Starters, ?2,1**1; divided among Noii-Starters, ?2.0011 I Parties desirous of securing chanoes in either of the above Sweep. stakes, are requested to make early application, as each Sweep will be drawn immediately it is full. The result of the drawing a will be advertised in it..- "Times," ".Dell's life," and '; Loudon daily papera To give ladies an eeauaUnjity of taking r shares, scrip will be issued in iniU*Dj^HHKleil| dfthe sub I teribera All communications, to itMgHl^^^Bkninaaeoiitaiu a remittance f>i orders may bO jg Kbit in Lo.idoo f but All letters mnM lie addressed to |H BllOlinil Jfttnei . Parkinson, Temple Square. A t logimMtti^HHRThe thlr I horse 1 to be decided by "Hell's hifc. nay day after tlx f race, less 10 per cent The race 'InBvHVnt vonenstcr. on tht 14th of September, lSWt. To pWHMtWwnwd, no scrip will ht gnntune unless the letter containing ft bisn On Aylesbury post . ts-rk. Subscribers wishing to sens BdnklfSt* had better send halves hy different posts. NDEPENDENT ORDER OF GOOD 1'KI.LOWS.-?A SP*. cial meeting of the K. W.O. la will he hel l at their room* Online llall. Broadway, n Monday evening, July 24th, Instant, al : 8 o'clock. Punctual altendsnce is respectfullyrequestod, without ' further notice, as business of importance will be tranncicd. f GEO. a ANDERSON, R W. O. P. 8* vi si, I ?rim, It. W. 0. Sec'y. Ai^HS GUV ERN ESS OR ORGAN IS1 - W AN TED, BY A Vol Ml I ady lately from Eurotw, who was educated in France, and l speaks fluently Italian end t rench, and is a proficient in Druw: iny, a situation as above. She has testimonials from the prim' eipal Organists of Loudon, Attesting her capabilities as an Or| .an 1st, and rlie would be glad to make an engagement with any ( hnroh in need of her sen ices; or alio would accept the sit nation I of Gnvrmees in a private family, in which department she has , had much experience. Isprcpaird to give lessons on the Organ md I'isnn Aitrlr.s F J H Ileeiib! I Iffien AN ENGLISH PHIVATI FAMI1.V, RESIDING IN A prvlly Cottage, pleu-untl? m ualud within M minute* walk <<f the Fult.u or Month Feriies, Brooklyn, can acnom'nodate a inglegvntl man with a well turulahed bedroom, with breakfast a>.u lea. and dinner ?n Snndaie Too beat references given and r-qnired. Pl ana address J. II.. at thin office. L(? l ON IR1DAI ETENIN0.GOIN0 FROM TWENTYsecond street thr u*h Ninth avenue, to Fourteenth street, a mall fan en Pin. lie tinder will be lilierally rnm.w turning it to J. 8. GIBBONS, Fourteenth street, between Ninth aad Teufh inuM ' Mk. ( r.oitr.f u 111>. .iii., will im.kase call at No. 18 Piatt rt.. immediately. Santa anna s military svmdle, bridge, ac. i tJM mounted, aet with britlianta and rained at $1,.toucan I e aeon for a few day*, at Riley a Fifth Ward Museum llstcl. rpilE llHUf is HEItF.ItY CAUTIONED AflilNsr Ml. a gotiatirg two MusMlchuMtto Sterling Bondsof A200 each, letter C, Nun. Il.tand I i I, payable In 1K7I, with Coupon* attachtd; the letter enclosing them, which was mailed at Uostun on the 18th met., having niiteatrie1. WARD N. CO., 61 Wall street. New Vork. CHEAREI TUE BEAUTIFUL BALTIMORE CLIPPER -'ELI/t ANN. Card. Pettis, for Plntnh Out Hay.?Passengers: Col. Mann. Major Mild of the Chathnin. Giant. Clark of the flowery, H. Turner, Capt. U. 11. Riggs, John Heighten, Sherman II. Riley, Surgeon. TIIE QUEEN'S HOTEL. OPPOSITITUE GENERAL POST Office, St. Martin's la Grand, London.?Thla magnificent Ua tel having rr-ently nndargona extenxire altera tionn and a great portion or It newly fnnuahed, will be found on trial to hart ee

rival in the metropolis, both la point of aoeommodation and moderate obargea The Coffee room ii one of the larjeat and moot oomfortable in England Hoard. Ill per day. Hot and Celd Batha THOMAS SPENCER LENNEY, Manager, Fonnerly Chief Steward of the British Queen Steamship. Retereneo in New York, to Mr. O. A. White, M Cedar (treat. Th'OTK K -THR SUBSCRIBER GIVES HIS PERSONAL lN attention to having, selling and exohnnging Real Estate of ell descriptions in Boston or vicinity. Also for sale, a lagge number of Farms in different sections or the oountry?prices faun KOO to 12t'.00(1. Notes and mortgages negotiated. J. E'. MA YNARD, No. ('enrrrw,etrtet, B:'-'a. Bi.VEKY THEATER?MONDAY EVENING, JULY M, w'II he acted Abaiii-peare'a tragedy nf M ACIiK Til ? Mortal!), I JUr llK'il kll; Macduff, Mr Clarre; Malcolm. T It n; Kanipio, ! Mr. Hall: Dunca.-, Mr. Hcllami; Fir?l Witch. Mr. liarke; Isfcly M?<Lett, Hrf. T; ml; ffntfii ring W Iteh Miss TajInr. To e o! elude wl'h the fairy extr vagnuaa of FOR t'NIo, and hi* Hevn i Lifted fervent* ilarun Di iner. Mr. Warden; llua M-mF.rti nt Urs !*nt|ir rial d; Don. Mim Flir'ina, Mm. M'ulcott; lion. Mi<< Myrtiua, Mtsa Tayh r; The Fa ry Fevi rahle, Mm Jordan; Ring ! A(fcurita, Mr. btettna; Drum Miniater, Mr. Warwick. Dots I open at 7; performance commence at o'clock. ll.aca, Jb ocnta; Pit and Gallery 12X eaa'a. _ Ik] JJM.O k, AATuJI PLACE, BBOADWAY. ?MONDAY Eva . il nlog, July 24ib, the partonnanoea will oommeno* with the 1 < oniio I ar.toi me of M. DEi K qnia-1, Mr Jo.epn ; Muisetti; Mr. Lrranee, ? liriatian l-ehutan: Jules. If S ' m> Ir; Mm air a Oliver. Mile Carol, na Lehman : MHe Olivrr. Adelaide I I il man i t ha riot tv, Mathildu Lehman. 1*0 be follow >1 by Mi ft Iirlaiit) ard Mr. Manver*. in a ae en lion from LA So UNA WHIT1 A. To conclude with the com c ballet P.ioLi.mine of LOS I.K6ADONF S- Oroigind. M. Anioii e ; stalkia, M. Chris" an: l'etit Jean, M. Eel midr A La Helle Oquelioot, Mile Ada aide: R l'nra ]e ii, M' le Mailiilao. Doors open at a quarter lel'ore 7. comirerelBS at a quarter to ft. Admission Ik Cents. Broadway thbatre-mondav evknino, u i \ 4, IK4S, will be neiformed, for the last time, the Grand Iltllet I'uuiouuire. entitled LE DIAIlLE A QUATKE?I'olinaki, Monsehur Mont-lainir; Mazourki, Mans. Curhy. Yvan. Mens. Cornet Old Blind Man, Mona. Groaai; Maitre a Danaer, Mr. Comet; MaiI I... .I'll..).I Ur Uriel.*- Vi.o.nrU U...I U....n .1.1. I'....of.... i itt'llu A. Bulait; Yelver, Min t ctaste; A Young i'olanese, Miss ' I' aldegrnt e; A Geui, Mtss Bhuidoau.?To obviate tbe oljoetinn of I i r< I' ngtd performances during warm weather, the Ballet will form raolutri fly the enter! aimm nt of the evening.?Door* "pen at 7>i Ov?mireto commence at A? Drees Circle and Parquette, W cent*; Family Circle*. 25 cent* Gallery I2)< eenta. CHATHAM THEATRE.?SOLE PROI'HIETOR AND LESste, Kr. F. 8. thanfrau.?Benefit of Mr. Cbanfrau ?Monday Evening, Jnly 2d, will be noted the comedy of HONEY MOON? Duke Aranta, Mr. J. Stark; Rolando, Mr. Le-ter, Input, Chanfiat; Juliana. Mir. I livid; Volaute. Mm McLean: Zntnora, Mus E, Vestaycr. To be followed by the WIDOWS VICTIM-Jeremiah Clip, Mr. Chanfrati: Jane Cliatterly, Miss E. Meataver Tocouc'lidewilh the local sketch entitled NEW YORK AS ITIS?Mn-e. Mr.Chanfnin; Joe, Mr. Winana; Katy. Miss Meatayer; Ruth, Mite 8. Demn. lb xes 2ft ceute; I it, 12* o nta. Ihiors open at 7, performance to c< tmnence at quarter before 8 o'elovk. CtASILE CARDEN.?A COM ERT OK SM'RKD Ml -H Z will be given on Sunday evening. July 22d. by Lothian's oelvl rutvd New Yore 111a s Bw& l*lmiamiBi rail ue?Audanle. fri ni David, N'ewkum; Sweet rvn ae, Mayiiard; polonaise, Kultnvr, ( at aline. Mendolsrhon; Iho dead but slumber, Rooke, The Dying Christian, llaydn. Intermission of lialf au hour. Iiul two?( avatiua, llloomtield ; Solo, Tim r Horn, Bishop; Mir lit v Jehovah, Newktim; Andante, Haydn; Polonaise, Bishop; Bo still iny henr\ (litrke Adagio, llerzog. Convert to vom, menve at 8 o'clock. Admiai-ion I2t^ i-ent* Tlie Coeinoramas liare been re-arranged, and van ls> seen at nil times. i (i ABTLE HARDEN?PERFORM A Nrt TO COMMENCE AT J 8 o'clook?Admission, 25 cents, Children half nrioe?Managing Director, Mr. 0*o. Holland - U r. T. Y. Chubb, Musical Bircolor?Painter and Deo< rator, 8ig. Ange.o Monte LiHa? MaohiEery, Mr. R. MoNslly?Properties Mr. Gilbert.? BENEFIT OF Mr and Mian MCKINSON?Monday Evening. July 24. the performssoe will oommence with the petit comedy, euti<l d I,A OARDE MOBILE; or Vire la Repuolique? Martin Hyacinths, Mr. Conover; llector d- Montnivm ei. Mr. Vickinson : Rlcol-tte. 1 Miss Nieklt eon. After w hich. OI.D CHARD OF NAPOLEON? llavi nac, Mr. Nickins- n; Melsnie, Miss Mckmsen. Toeonclndo vith PADDY O'RAFFERTY; or B?m tu Uh.h1 I.nek? Paddy O'Raflerty, Mr. Nieklnaon . Countess M lie,a. Mrs. Vernon. Burton* theatre, chambfrs street.?vonday Erei lug, Jnly 21?will be played a r.ew drama, in 2 acta and 11 scenes, culled DOMBEV AND 8<iN?Mr. 1 bun bar, Mr, Vnrrey; Mr. Carkor, Mr. Marahull; Major Sol Bagatock, Mr. Brougham; Capt. Cuttle, Mr. Rurton; Walter (lay, Mr. James Dunn Florence Dombey, Mis* J. Illll; Mrs. Skewmn. Mrs,' Hughes; 8usua Nipper, Mra Brougham El /-apateado, Miss Annie Walter*. After which, the fame of PERSONATION? Lord Henry, Mr. Crisp; Lady Julia, Miss Chapman. To conclude with the laughable comic bullet ea'led I.E> ESCHKLLE8 D'AMOUR; Or, The Ladder of Love?Jvmmy. Mr. Fredericks; Jenny, Miss Walters. Dress Circle and Panmette, SO etc Family Cirele or aaeoud tier, 28 eta; Door* open at 7 K o'clock. Curtain riser ut 8 111 at. NTT* HTRKWT TNCATBV allll ,I,VI i>ni . yy Mon dsv Evening. July V. 1818?Will be performed the comedy of tAlD Tlla PLOUGH?Sir AU1 Handy. Mr. Blake; Bobby Handy, Mr. Wheatley; Farmer Ashfleld, Mr. Chapman; Kirkirl llcmespmi, Mr. t lacide; Cecelia, Mlea 1. Hnllock; I-ady llaixty, Mr?. lawyer. To conelude with an entire new drama, written expressly for title theatre by Walter Ionian. Esij, entitled the VOLUNTEER1*' RETURN, embracing the princi|ile iicidente of the Mexican oampaign, with new scenery, domestic picture* end military tableaux. American museum.?p. t. barnum, pkopriktorF. ilitohonek, Manager.?Splendid performances every afterno<n. at SH o'elook, and event evening, at 8. Last week of tha celebrated Belgian Giant, Mono. Bihin, the tallest man in the world, being tall 8 feet In height I The enormone Boa fon stricter, St feet long. The three Living Onrang-Ontangs. tin ever seen in this oonntry, apparently as much hnmo irute. | The Fairy Family. Mr. Chuboee, the Indian Flutist. thland Mammoth Boys. Gloat Baby. Wax Scripture Sta v. Madame Boekw?h tha tamosis Fortune Teller. Attaint; >< to the whole, including Museum performances, 23 oenta CI der 10 years of age and old enough to walk alon< Reserved front seats, sue alii)ling each, extra. Mechanics ball, no. its Broadway, b Grand and Brooms streets.?Monday, July 21, a night during the week. Tha ORIGINAL CHKthTY'b TkELS whofc eonoerts during the past ten months, have o reoeivrd with snoh dist'ngaished favor and patronage, have the i honor of announcing thai owing to the continuation ot their un- I exam pled sucoesr, they will remain in this olty and give their i inimitable entertainments foe one week more. Admiarion SB oenta. Doom open at 7, Concert eommeneing at 8 o'elook. On Saturday, July 29, an Afternoon Conoert, commencing at 3 o'elook. Manager and Director, E. P. CHRISTY. Ban v Ajurs mammoth panorama or the Mississippi River, painted on three mBea of oaavaju, being the largest Minting in the world, at the Panorama Building in Broadr way, adjoining Miblo'e Garden. Open every evening, (Sunday sxoepted). Admiseion 80 eents; children hsif prioe. the Panorama will eommenoe moving at M to 8 o'elook precisely. Afternoon J OvMMHmi on Wednesday and Betnrday. at 8 o'oloek. Grand panorama of Taylors campaign in Mexico, at the Minerva Rooms, 106 Broadway. Sherman k r Tonsey's Mammoth Panorama, shows in t'ie most perfect and { beautiful manner, the Marches, Encampments, Battle* and * all the stirring inoidents of General Taylor's operation in Mexico, tha greatest Painting in the world. Open f every evening?Panorama eommenoes moving at 8 o'clock, 1 precisely. Admission 23 oents? no half prioe. No charge for j deecriptivc pamphlets. PARK THEATRE.?THE SALOONS AND BARS OF THIS Establishment are now to let for next Season, or a looser j period if required, oommencing on or about the flnt day of September next. Undeniable security will be required. The oorv ditiona under which they will be let, can be ascertained on application (between 10 and 4) at the office ef W. CORBYN. 4 Barclay street. I (EXCURSIONS?FOR THE FISHING BANKS?the eleJCj gsnt and well known aea-steamer New Haven, Cap', Lamphere, will run regularly to the Fishing Banks every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, commencing Monday. Jnly 24th, ? leaving Duane street at 8 A.M.; Canal street, ; Hammond , street, 8 V: Catharine street, e. R., at 8V; Grand street. 9i r pier No.8 N- R-,9>4 A. M.: returning at 6 PVm. Baits furnished on ward gratia A splendid brass and cotillion band will accompany the boat. Refreshments of the most choioo kind furnished ^ on board. Fare for the excursion. 50 cents. CI RAND EXCURSION THROUOH LONG ISLAND TO X Groenport. by the tang Island Railroad, on Thursday, July 27th, 1849, and return the same evening. By Special Train from " Brooklyn Depot at 7 A. m., stopping at Jamaica at 7k A.M.: 1 Branch 8, Hicksville ,, Farmingdale 8 Suffolk Station 8JL " Medford Station 9X, St George Manor 9,4$, and airive at Greenport at 11. Returning, tho train will atop at the above namad itationa only. Fare for the Excursion One Dollar. At Greenport the steamer Statesman, Capt. Nash, will be in readiness to ' convey such of the party ae desire it through the uurivalled IV . conic Bsy to Sag Harbor and back, ata charge of 50 cents for tho ' trip. Grand evening excursion.?the sflendid steamer New Haven, will leave on Tuesday evening, July 2 th in: tint, at the following places: Duane street at half past 7; C' street at a quarter to 8; Ifammood street at 8; Grand T street, East river, at half post 8: Bn oklyu quarter to 9; Cathi5 strtet at 9, at d pier No. H, North river, at quarter p ist 9, i and from theuoe proceed up the Hudson river to W'est Puint.? Wallace's celebrated Cotillon Band is engaged. The dancing to I be un'er tho immediate direction of Mr. Wallace. Tickets 50 cents each. I ie OH tub FISHING BANKS, OFF SANDY HOOK-TUX X staunch tea steamer Buffalo, Capt. J. W. Uanoox, will run every Monday. Tuesday. Friday, and Sunday. The eea steamer James Madison, Captain L. Simon, will run every Wodneaday i and Thursday. Both boats will leave the toot of Robin' son street, at 8 o'clock; Canal street, 8W: Hammond i afreet, 8V; Catharine street, E. R., 8V ; Grand (treat, 9; Pier No. 8 N. R., A. M.; returning by 6 Pi M. Refreshmente, lines, and bait, on board. Silas Triton will accompany tho Jamea Madl, son, und Capt. Smith, that old fisherman, with his harpoons will be on board the Buffalo. Fare AO cents. TUB STEAMSli IP 111BERNI A, DUE JULY 21. WILL j bring a double number i f the Illustrated London News, with | the l'a< Ota rale View of.the pity of Edinburgh, ?n a separate sheet, pi inted uniformly with the view of Paris. The double No. will , n ntaiua Uistory of the Revolutiona in Europe, to theendof j Juno, 1X4.*, with nuniorons Engravings, and an historical key to the view of Idinbttrgh. To be had immediately on the arrival of \ the Hibernia,from Vvilmsr k Rogers. Europoan Times oflioe, corner of Nassau and Liberty streets, New York, s|<oeial agents for i the Illustrated News in Air erica. ^ P ARRET FOR IIAVRF.?SECOND LINE?THE SUIP ONEIDA, Jaa Funck, Master, to sail on the 1st of August, IIUV1) k HIM KEN, Agent* Atmospheric churn.?the proprietor of this invaluable ina< bine, offers for sale the right to certain conn1 ties in the States of New York and NewJency, of his patent ' rights. This wonderful machine easily produces the finest butter, 1 and in much gteater quantities from new milk, fresh from ths 1 oi w, than any other ct.jjrn heretofore known. The public are re1 sjeoifully informed that ths patent churn will lie in operation, . and dnilv exhihitit n, at the New England Hotel, Broadway, oor' ner of Thames sirrc. Amar-h, cas fitter-for many years in tub * employ of the .Manhattan (las t'omiiany, Is now pre' pared to (It up storrs, dwellings and pnMic buildings on the most 1 reasonable term* All work done by ths subscriber warranted. 1 No IPS Mli avenue. DRUtiClbTS.-?THE SUBSCRIBERS WISHING TO REtire Irum business, arc willing to dispose of the stock, good ! will and fixtures of their wholesale Drug aud Chemical warehouse, i 1 No. 1X4 Market street. Philadelphia. The locution is unsurpassed, being between fKh and fi'Ji streets. Tlie custom of that unexceptionable kind desired by every business man, thcstockhaa been ' much reduced, consequently tonus will be easy. An opportunity suihas thic seldom present' iuelf. and should le embraced by gentlemen desirou- of embarking In the drug business. EDtVIN V KRED1TH k CO. No. 184 Market street, Philadelphia. Ifi'i U1I ,-ir?u i\CAill liKHKK l'AIEK-\ SI'I.BN JIV <Hd ateel engraving of General Taylor, on latter shoot, fi * (ale, wholcanle aim retail. I y SPALDING L SHF.PARD, 1?!>X Broadway. 1*7 F,* HEREBY NOTIFY ALL Wild* IT MAY CONCERN. Tf r. gain at rureht aing the Ijimi Warrant* now to l>e isaucd out of ti c I.and office, in the name of Lcwia lie I,a Fontaine at d .Mm Suppler, a* a power of attorney ha* I een fraudulently oh. tamed, hy a act it awindlorr, fiorn W'aahingtnn Clt?. Said Te I.n Fontaine waa eiilisto.l at New York, on the Mill of September, I -l7, and ru dtrchnr,ed on the Edit June, I*i8, at Carlitln I' j ri ache, I'a,; and the aaid Supplee was enli ted at Fliil .dolp'i , January ill, IMS, ar.d war direhiirged at Carll-1? Barrack', on tl e e-th ol Jme, ISib. LEW IS DK I.A FONTAINE. JU1IN SI l'l ERE. 1 Nm tUDE o|- PRACTICE.- IT FKEOCENTl.t HAP- ' j*na that peraonaaic sued for dchti, whio.y, tlioii|ih willing I nr.d iierliiiia, thoy are under a temporary inability to nay..-In | rueh oaseg it ha* generally been mneidetcd Justifiable tor a de- i let dant to uec all mean* to obtain delay, and pmeut hi? pt pevtv from being aaeriRoed by execution, llnder the new t i dc < f Ptooedure, tnere is a peculiar neceaaitT for doing *o, in- 1 r-u urli asexceuti n may iaaue Immediately after judgment. The ( advertirer, who ia a mi miter of the legal nrofesnoii, and liar had , extend** praotieein proaecittiug and defending milts tor the rul lection of debt*, las oarefully a tidied tl.e new Code, in referonee 1 |o that Era noli of professional tuiino-r and haTing made liimtelf ^ fully aripiaintad with the legal no-tie da, hy which, under the new , practice, the obtaining of Judgment in collecting nita may be f cither accelerated or delayed, a* the intereat of the client may 1 tennlre, he oflera hie aetvires in rueh earner. Addreaa Box No. ( hjMVat Office, New Yerk City. /ThR- HOSTWICR'S TRNTH LEtTVRE ON SYPHILIS AND < \J Other Diacaro* of the Genital Organs Illustrated with i brewings, will be given on Wednesday evening, the J">to in* ant. . atsHoolock, at the Broadway lionae, comer of Iiower* and Grand street. Medical men. rtudentg and gentlemen are invited to attend. Lecture free. 1 Alimentary preserves.- louis b o n n a r d, i French Manufacturer of Freah I'p-aertea, 118 Liberty atieet. I ?Cnptnina enn procure at kia eetahltahment an aanortment of the choicest nrtielea, aneh aa Manta? Beef, Veal, Mntton. Fowl, ; Game; alao Pith, with a variety of Soup* and Porridgea. Vag*. 8 tab'er? Bean a, I'eaa, Sjinaeh. Re. Fruita o? nil descriptions, C Frrnch, Engliah, and American Saueon. Alao, pate* of Poultry { > and Game with ell or nrtielea imported frma France. Article* intupathla eetabliahmcnt, warranted ?ckcrf?e?i for an urn- ' 1 flmlttd time. INTELLIGENCE BY THE MV'LS. Washington, July 90. 1^|h. The C'omyromitl Committee and Mr. CaUumn. I learn that Mr. Calhoun will oppose the bill re- , ported by Mr. Clayton, as chairman of the Coinpromire Committee. He denies, 1 understand, having acquiesced in some of the principles embodied in the bill, and enunciated in Mr. Clayton's speech on Tuesday. He has certainly approached Mr. Clayton with a declaration that the spirit of the bill is not in accordance with the understanding he hud of the proposition accepted by the committee. On this point there is a decided difference of opinion between Mr. Calhoun and the other members ol the committee, all of whom, I believe, declare that the bid was reported with the acquiescrce of the South Carolina Senator. It is further declared that he took the legal advice of three Southern Senators, said to be learned in the law, (one from Maryland, one from North Carolina, and one from South Carolina.) before lie decided upon acquiescing in the repoit. What may have happ< ncd since, to induce him to withdraw Ins ustent to the provisions of the bill, is a subject of conjecture. The inhibition of all interference on the part of the government of the territory with the tubject of slavery, would teem to embody his viewsexactly. If, as he maintains, the extension of the constitution over the new territory will alane suffice to legalize slavery there, tl^n Mr. Calhoun'H views could not be more fully carried out than by the provisions of this bill Knowing thore views previously expressed, and those of the other members ol the committee, one would be apt to judge, on a perusal of the bill, that his opinions had prevailed. Did shivery exist in California and New Mexico at the time of their acquisition by the United States 1 This will be the question most strenuously argued, and ofgreatest moment. Beyond all doubt, slavery existed in the Spanish colonies. In 1824 the Congress of Mexico abolished the slave ttade, but not the domestic institution of slavery. In 1829 Barradus fitted out an ex|>editioii against Mexico from the port of Havana. In this emergency Congress invested Guerrero, then President (elected in October, 1828) with dictatorial, powers, to enable him to adopt such speedy and decisive measures as would ensure the public sifety. It was on this occasion that Santa Anna, then a young soldier, gained his first laurels, having totally defeated Barradas at Tampico de Tauinaulipap, in September, 1829. Guerrero, durirg his dictatorship, actuated doubtless by prudential motives, issued a decree abolishing negro slavery in Mexico. This decree was then regarded as the law of the land, und has ever since been acquiesced in by the people of Mexico, i*o far as appears, there has been no attempt to nullify it. It was not worth while. M'Culloch's statistical estimate represents the number of blacks in Mexico in 1840 as amounting to not over six thousand. It is contended, first?that the general govern ment of Mexico had no right to interfere with the subject of slavery in the States: and secondly? that dictatorial powers were conferred on Guerrero, merely wi W a view to ihe prompt adoption oi measures ni sary to the public safety; and that therefore hi cree alxolishin^ ?la\ ry, not being a measure -cessary for the public safety, was ah unwarant' . streti h of power, and consequently null hi oid. Jim, on the oil it-r hand, it will be urged with much lorce that the legality of this decree has been acquiesced in for nineteen years by the people of Mexico, and that during that time slavery has never existed legally in that country, l'eonism, as I have said in a former communication, cannot be regarded as slavery, but rather ELS servitude for debt. GalViensis. Washington, July 21, 1848. \it Compromise Committee and Mr. Calhoun? Mr. Dix. Since mailing my letter of yesterday, I learn that Mr. Calhoun has given his assent to the bill reported by Mr. Clayton, after much argument and explanation. The difficulty raised by Mr. Calhoun was the true reason why the bil' was not taken up yesterduy. The committee are now eaid to be unanimous in relation to it, and it will in all probability be taken up to-morrow. The naval appropriation bill stood in the way of its consideration to-day. It is sure to pass the Senate, and will, in all probability?so large will be the Senate majonty?pass the other house by a large vote. Will it terminate, even for the present, the agitation of the slavery question 1 It is doubtful. It will calm the excitement at the South; but the fanaticism at the North it cannot allay. I am gereally a modest man; yet I do claim the credit of compelling Mr. I)ix to show his hand. His letter to the barnburner meeting in New York, must be perfectly satisfactory to the " radical democracy." To swallow Mr. Van Buren's nomination, must have cost him a severe struggle. He has sacrificed himself with the most perfect good grace, and he deserves all credit for his unusual and most extraordinary boldness. But let Mr. Dix consult his memoiy a little, do not mean to bring in judgment against him; his declaration to the midnight assemblage of the democracy of Washington, that he would put no obstacle in the way ef the election of the Baltimore nominees; but since the Baltimore nominations have been made, has he not, to more than one, denounced the conduct of the barnburners, regretting, in his moderate way, that they should go to such extremes ! Will the Evening Pott see to this matter! I admit that by his recent letter, he has expiated this sin against his brethren; but does it not hold out a promise that Mr. Dix may again change his opinions! He said, last winter, that though he could not advo cate the Missouri compromise, he would acquiesce in it if adopted. He now declares he will oppose all compromise. A month ago he declared he would ihrow no obstacle in the way of Mr. Cass's election. Now, he says he will support Mr. Van Buren. His colleague, Mr. Dickinson, never turned a more complete somerset on the Wilmot proviso. ine nmrncmem 10 me civil ana diplomatic Din, moved by Mr. Vinton, Chairman of the Committee of Ways and Means of the House of Representatives, appropriating ten thousand dollars to defray the expenses of a special commercial agency to Europe, for the purpose ot collecting additional information respecting the trade and C immerce of the East, has been defeated; and, strange enough, a New York member, Mr. Nicofl, wus one of its most strenuous opponents. The interests of New York will be more beneficially ailected by the promised mission, than those of any other State in the Union. Mr. Aaron H. Palmer, the gentleman whom it was in contemplation to send on this special agency, is peculiar lv competent to accomplish the object of the mission; and there is every reason to believe that his appointment would be wholly satisfactory to Mr Nicoll's own constituents, bonte years ago, Mr. l'alnier wr s strongly recommended by many of the most intelligent merchants of New York for a special mission to the East, and afterwards for the mission to China. He probably possesses more information on the trade of the Eastern countries of Europe and Asia than any other man in this country; and the proposed agency would enable him to add to this stock of information, by consalting the principal libraries of Europe. The Secreiary of the Treasury has warmly recommended the enterprise. Trie defeat of the appro* priauon must tie ow ing to some strange misunderstanding. Galviknsis. Washington, July 21, 1818. The Ricriptt of the Customs Tin- Territorial Bill, 4-c. fyr. The following are the aggregates of the receipts into the Treasury Department from customs, at the port of New York, during the year ending on the 30th June, 1848:? In tha 3d quarter of 1847 $7.ft38.0,'>8 20 In the 4th quarter of 1S47 2 (127.024 71 In the 1st quarter of 1848 tl.208.8ft,"> 73 In the 2d quarter of 1848 3,773,320 7ft Total amount for the year 20,147.365 89 The Inst item in the above, the second quarter af 1818, includes the sum of f17,259 80, as the marine hospital and light house expenditures fr r hut quarter, estimated, as the warrants have not tern issued, at one twelfth of those expenditures or the three previous years. The Senate galleries were crowded this mornng, by ladies fair and their attendant squires, jn i.\|>ectation ^of the Oregon and territorial hill >eing ti ken up. Sparkling eyes have a magical nthience, and he must be cold-blooded, indeed, vhom the atray of beauty which crowds flie galcries does not affect. This will account for the nirsts of eloquence which some, otherwise very rtdinnry Si nators, electrify the world with occalioniilly. We know not of a more effectual way >f shortening the present interminable debates, ban by excluding at ladles from the halls of the (apitol altogether. 1 It has now been decided that the territorial >ill shall be taken up ms soon as the naval approbation hill is got through with. When that will >e, is rather a difficult question to answer, as the niendmt nts which are at every stage off-red are istonish ng in number. It may he passed to day, ?r in a fortnight; and it is a toss up which period < \ ill he the most probable, l'oor Atherton's sutler- < ngs, mean while, is intolerable. Th- territorial bill will meet with more/ pj-o- { anion thin was at first .n?iw.-ip<t <1 In the Sen?!', Metsrs. Di*, Uphmii, Niles, Half, tee , swear an uncompromising bortility to it at it sttnds. Tbsjr will nrfngrec u> the propo/non with regard ?n New Mexico and Catifi rtna, t or ire they dm;wd to hIIow that portion, with n frrrooe to Oregon, to psss without havirg the Wilinot proviso attached to it. They do not wish to concede the princiiiie, which ceitainly will inferentially he conceded, if the hill pass in the forrii it now it, that any but free territory can he hereafter received into the Union. Still they will voir for that portion, if they fail in tacking the ordinance ot 17-7 to it The bill practically excludes slavery there, and they will not preen their opposition merely ii|*>n a theoretical point. As to New Mexico and California, however, the case is far ditl.-reni ; and if the bill jiish in iis present form, Mr Calhoun and the Southern party will have gained a complete victory. There ran be little doubt bat that the territories would soon be tilled with Southern men arid their sluves, and as the principle would be conrededj that Mates, when admitted, can form their own ordinance* with regard to slavery, ot courte there can be little difficulty >n imipmnc what course would Ire pursued by California and New Mexico, when the period should arrive of their admittance. All this opposition, however, win iiui prevent tne mtiin ire passaijc 01 rne otn in its present torm ; but the Norili will die hard OjMOA. Wasuinoton, July 21, 1848 Congress. The Mouse have wasted another day on the Civil and Diplomatic bill, in'speeches for Hqoirc Buncombe. The Senate, alter working for six hoars on amendments to the Naval Appropriation bill, tound themselves without a quorum ; but through the pereevering efforts of Col. Benton, a quorum was hunted up by the sergeant-at-arms, and the bill was brought to a third reading, and passed ; secur ing the advance pay to three of the ocean mat steam lines ; but tailing in it on the ease of itie Bremen and Havre line. The principal debate in the Senate to-day was between Mr. Allen, in the negative, and Messrs. Underwood and Burn, in the affirmative, on a motion of the latter to give a discretion to the Post Muster General to employ United States steamers along the Atlantic unci Cult coast, not otherwise employed, in the transportation of the mails, passengers, and freight; but us the Senate was not prepared lor embarking the government in the fish and whiskey trade, the amendment was rejected, 18 to 23. it we go on at this rate, howpver, uncle Sam will, in a few years, be as great a speculate r, |obber, shipper of pork and whiskey, and maker of shingles, and ship knees from bis live oak plantations, as Louis Philipps was on railroads, &C9 a few years ago. W W*?his<ito!f, July 10, lMt Cheat Times in (he House?The Veto?Another Ant,Slmoery Movement. On Tuesday, the House ooneurred In an amendment of the Cemmittee of the Whole, striking ont of the general appropriation bill an item of $60,000 for the removal of obstructions in the Karaonob river The vote was 86 to 83. The next day Mr. Stephens stated that his vote should have been In the negative. The record was altered accordingly. The 8peaher then voted, and made a tie. Thns was the item retained. This morning a question of order was raised relative thereto, for the purpose of setting rid of the etaies tion&ble appropriation. Th? effort *u nnninsiissfsli and when the bill was put upon its passage it was re jected, gentlemen of both sides voting against it. Subsequently, a motion was made to reeOnaMer the vote, which formed tbe basis for speeches from both I sides of the House. Some curious facts were elicited' Mr. Hudson had been informed that the President had thrown out intimations that he would veto this twelve or fifteen million bill, if the little item of f50,000 tot internal improvements should be retained; and on tbe democratic side it was confidently asserted, Jndgtng from Polk's principles on the subject, that the President would veto tbe bill, even at the risk of stopping the wheels of government. A history was given, in the course of the interesting debate, of the Dead Sea expedition, which will be read with interest. But yon must look at tbe report for particulars. When the House adjourned, the subject was not disposed of. Mr. Collins, of New York, has given notice of his intention to introduce a bill for the prohibition of slavery in the territories of Oregon. New Mexico, and California. and all such other territory as the United Statee may hereafter acquire. F. * Philadelphia, July 22. The Voluntccri?Funeral of Governor Skunk, $c Tbe preparations for the procession of Monday are proceeding in good earnest, and tbe display will certainly be imposing and characteristic of Philadelphia in doing honor to their brave volunteers, who now return, after a glorious campaign, to be crowned with laurel wreaths at the bands of their grateful fellow-citizens. The companies are now all congregated at Harrisburg; but after travelling to Lancaster will be detained there till I Monday morning, leaving about three o'clock, so as to reach the city at eight o'clock. The remains of the late Governor >%unk reached the city about three o'clock by the cars from Harrisburg, and were teceived by thu fragment of a committee appointed for the purpose. The body was taken to the house of his brother, Isaac ^hunk, of this city, and will be transferred to the Heading cars to-morrow morning, at eight o'clock, to be conveyed to the place of interment ft the Trappe. The few that were assembled to witness the reception of his remains, and to form the procession to the house of his brother, was enougn to make one read a homily upon the ingratitude of the world, and the readiness with which we forget favors conlerred when the donor has been removed from the sphere in which he once moved, surrounded by fawning sycophants, who had each an object to obtain. Randal Hutchinson has been committed in default of 116,000 bail, to answer at {he next term of the Quarter Sessions, for the larceny of which he was guilty while an officer ol the U. S. Mint. THIRTIETH CONUABM FIRST SESSION. Sent*, Wmhihotok, July 20) 104$ natal bill?ocean mail steamers. On motion of Mr. Atherton, the bill of unltppropriattons wan resumed; the question being on the motion of Mr. Nile* to strike out the proposed advance pay to the ocean steamers, and to rednee the contracts from ten years to Ave years. Mr. Nile* farther set forth the reasons of hie motion. Mr. Atherto> defended the bill, and the advance pay proposed, and the contracts as they stand. The advance pay proposed would be perf> oily eafb In a lien upon the ships. As to the lessening this oontraets to five years, that could not so well be done. We are bound by the contract, and by the law; the steamers, too, are of a larger class than contracted for, and will answer the purposes of their construction all the better; and, thcretore, we are under some obligation to udvance the instalments proposed for the more speedy completion of the ships. He read several letters from the Secretary of the Navy, recommending the advance pay aa indicated in the bill. Mr. Allen? I would ask the Senator what vriU he the aggregate annual expense of all these oeean lines under the patronage of the government? What will bo the aggregate expense for this year? Mr. rose to reply. Mr. Atherton said the expense of the three lines under the care of the Secretary of the Navy, was indicated in the bill (*874 COO). He appealed that the greatest prudence and saeaclty had been exercised by the Secretary of the Navy in hia selection of the contractors. Mr Nile*, in reply to the Senator from Ohio, would state that the three lines included In thla bill were set down at a fraction, in the appropriation, n little short of ? wo.000 ; the Bremen line would cost abont $300 000; and for the line from Charleston to Havana, * 60 ('00 ; or. sir, I suppose we may set down the whole annual cost of the system as follows;? Kor the Bremen line $400,000 Kor the Liverpool line 400,000 For the line to Chagres 300,000 Kor the line to Oregon 200,000 Kor the Charleston and Havana line 60,000 i oiai an mm i cost pi .oovum Mr. Allien?'That will be the aggregate' Mr. Nilks?Yes.'sir; that will be the annual inngate cost of the linen when in operation. Mr MHee wan surprised that the chairman on finance, who should always consider himself the guardian of the treasury, should he found to hare abandoned hie proper post here, and standing nut for theae contractor* and speculators. So far from the contraeta being permanent, I consider that they aro at the discretion of Congress ; andasregards the contract to Liverpool. J think I amjustilled In the opinion, from conversations with him. that Mr. Marshall, of New York, who hae huilt the best ocean steamer that we have turned ont, I think that he would give us the Liverpool line at $]A0.0t)0 less that we have agreed to pay Mr. NMee exhibited that this ocean system was not what be bad advocated in the outset It had been paaeed in a very great hurry, on the last night of the session, and he had bad no time to examine it ; but supposed at the time that it was all right; I beta subsequent examination had proved that he wee entirely mistaken. Mr. I'sdxswood?What does the government receive In payment for these Investments? Any thing I I but postage f Do we get any passage money or freight, \ i>r what is it we receive In the way of compensation T \ | Mr. Nil ?? explained that thera was no other direct > compensation than the postage for the carriage of letters and papers It waa never supposed that th" receipt* would be remunerative of the expenditures? the great object was to advance the interests of enr ommeree. to share in the advantages of steam navirsticn wilh fJreat Britain U w?? to give a start to i