Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1848 Page 1
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\ ni? Cbucknt Ct WK Wf~~ f the r KO. 5162. orrxciAii acsovhi OF TIIK GREAT PARISIAN INSURRECTION. THE PROCEEDINGS OF T1IK FBKNCI1 NATIONAL ASSEMBLY. Tbe proceeding* of the 22d June, the first day of the insurrection. wi r<> of no ci urequence, as they did jiot relate in any way to the gieal atlrouprmenl then bursting forth. We, therefore, begin with those of the 23d:? Sitting of Junk 23. Nothing could exceed fhc donion-tratlon of foreo on the Place de la Concede and around the Chamber. Dragoons, troops of the line, detachments of the Gat de Mobile lor mounted National Guard, and two regimeuts of the line, wire drawn up a" if for battle. But what was . till more imporiug. was the appearance ?f fifteen pieces of eannou in front of the bridge. Down tbe quay, nod in tlir adioiuing streets, the f iree was cnmnious No perron was allowed to cross the Place, on any pretence whatever, unless with a card. Inside, great agitation prevailed, and the representatives were in conrlnut movement. In general, as fast Of they arrivod sn intimation was given them to proceed to the President's hotel, where it would appear that grave delitieim ons were going on respecting the events pasting in tin- capital. M. took the chair in the absence of tbe Fresido nt At a quarter past twelve, some of the Ministers were in their places. t>ut the members of the Kxeeutive Committee were aii a brent The Minister of Commerce presented a bill demanding a credit to pay for the scarfs and Sags commanded three mouths bark at. Lyons Gen Liuheton had to propose that, looking at the grave events which were pa-ring in the capital, it wonld be well <f a certain number of me niters were nominated by the Asm mbly. or by tbe President in its name, to prncied amongst the troops?(hear, bear) ? not to intoifere with ibe military commanders in their arrangements, for that be knew ought always to be avoided and no one had greater confidence in the ability and determination of Gen. C'avaignao thau he liud. hut. t.n fiffni'fi thein thn nuthnritv nf tholr ninrul Influence (Hear bear Agitation CrieR of " No, ?o.") That beside* would enable the gentlemen so appointed to ae-tisfy tho natural impatience of the As- I a< rnbly to learn vhat was going on, by informing the President at once if any important event .should take place. (Agitut<on ) Uen Lktdkt mu?t oppose the proposition just made. ' The representatives ought to do nothing but what it vr as their mission to do. (Ye*, yes. Uen. ( uvaignac bad. the evening before, taken every necespttry measure of defence. Voices?The order of the day ! the order of tho day I M. IIeaccs?Vlnre. when these greve events are passing, are the mi mbers of the Kxvcutivn Committee? (Great uproar. < ris* of ' Ay, that's the question !") Pie thought they ought to be present to ? Great naitstioD lieie arose, * me members crying out for the ' Order ot tie day!" others, ' Oo on, goon I" The hen member enntioued for some time gesticulating, but without succeeding in making him?t lf heard After a while the uproar having ceased a little, 1 be President said? Does the Assembly wish to pass to the order of the day T Pries of " Yes ! yes I" " No I no I" the former predominating 1 he PRF.stDKPtT ?I sholl put the question. The Assembly then decided that the order of the day should be proceed d to. M. Anoi.ade presented a propos'tlon demanding a ?-"dit for the purpose of establishing cantonal physi- 1 clans throughout the territory. M Daren presented a proportion to render com- ' fi'.ilelj gratuitoUstheaduiissi >n and education of eleves j rt the naval schools. Both are to be developed hereafter. M. Semsd the President ascended the tribune with ' a letter in his hand and ssid? I am the bearer of satis- I factory intelligence, which has arrived from every part j VI IDC CBpilftl J Alio iwu UjllllCIU'D Which were raised at the corners of the Rue TUnche 1 Mibray were taken by the republican guard in conjunction with the National Guard. Other barricade i were taken on other points. by the troops and the Na- ' tional Guards united In addition 1 hare just received a report fr'-m the commisrary charged with the ' Seoiel guard of the National Assembly, which states at the barricades on the quays and boulevards have been token without much difficulty by the troops and Rational Guards, and demolished. I he troops bad flred several times by platoons, at the Porte St Denis, in which tbey bud been well seconded by the Garde Mobile, who had died-pontaneously when the insurgents attempted to disarm them Several shots had been fired from windows. An imposing force was at present assembled at the Hotel d? Vide, and everything led to the hope that tbe attempt thus made Would be every wlieie kept down (Groat marks of I atiafactian.) The rioters. I am happy to say, said the honorable representative in conclusion, have met with but little countenance from the mass of the papulation. (Renewed satirlsctu n ) Considerable agitation followed 'his announcement. M. Binbsu raid 'hat the day before the minister of public works bad demanded a credit for a railway, but iha confusion war at the time so great that no one could bear what was raid. It now appeared that what bad been asked for war a credit of six millions, to complete the part of the line between Chalons-sur-Saone and Lyons He found that the minister bad no right to act thus whilst the Lyons company was still in existence. He thought it very improper for the minister iuilf iu prrjuugr mr ISIIwnj q urn liuu HUH fiuuuiug. Tbt Mimidk of Pi-hi ic Work* declared that he lind done so only in consequence of negotiation* for n amicable arrai p> n eui which wan at present pendJug between h m and the company If the railways Were not taken by the State, the company could make an allowance to the State for the money expended M liima'i ea'd tt wan he who. as mayor of Lyons, had pressed the hon. minister to act as he had done. There were lO.ObO workmen at Lyons expecting the dissolution of the national workshops, and It was necessary to find work for them M. Dim'Lebc. the Miniater of Finance, said, to satisfy all parties, the hill should be postponed until after the railway niea-uie had bevu decldtd The Minisi fb of < ommf.hck wished to say a few Words in consequence of what bad a little before been said'by an bon. npresentatlva in the tribune. Wonder was expressed that the Kxecutive onuimitt e were Hot at their post 1 hey were in the building, where la<\they taken up their poition. deeming it better to lave all tbepnaer centralised, the real centre of action leirg the National Assembly. All the troubles and agitation wbirb were occurring that day. no matter vnderwhat name they were encouraged, whether in the name of pretenders or in ihe name of workmen led stray by others all came from one point, from the enemies of the r- public from gold scattered freely by the hand of foreigners (Agitation, cries of - Ves. yes.") lie sudressed all true republican* and asked, did they suppose that the gnat example of a throne being overturned, and of the Tiatisn governing itself coul.l be Keen * Iti i ut disturbance? No. that was impossible. But w) at be wanted especially to direct attoulion to, was the fact that all the?e attempts were intended to overti in the republic and eere aided by foreign gold But such efforts would he found useless, as the republic w an sure to subsist ("Ves yes, vivr la rrpuhhqur ") M I's kxLt.oui presented the leport of toe committee on the national workshops. It proposed the follow ii g ii< ore*:? "Art. I. Hie natioi *1 worksh pa shsll be dissolved in three dais al'er tl.c pn mitigation t the fulrowing deciee: 'Ait 1'. i het aiiun.1 ? hi k slop s fur lomalcs are not included In the piti ' oi diine "A it..'. A rr-dii of three million* is opened to the Minister ef t'o Into . r ti give irliet ?t the resole oea of the workno n. "Ar*. f 'lie Mudeter of FtuatiCe is authorised to lend the guano,u oltli buitetu the. dis-ottiit ha k for hutlde.s, to tho Cltn I i I III C tllilliol S " M. t e in I eald lilt! commitloe of workmen, of which 1' v :i- t] ) esldotil. hail prepared a decree on tba Faire question. 1 he committee had been unaiiliiioui li. inn stidinp tl>?< tli?> iiit)iiimil woikshopa should be li d>l d hot it did not think that they should be disjoin d v. itlniit <UK lh? w? ihim-n the guarantee* "vliul ley in-isted or (murmurs) ? which they ack?d ! '1 he t "Dim'ttee on workmen wan unanimous In ? iilifnp l?r liie dissolution or the remodelling of the ctlhbii. Iiint i.i* bui t>.?-> v i'lud that Institutions jhm.ld be form d to supply their pleoe. It watt tor t' ?' | in pi n 11 at tli* j b id prepared a decree, but uliti b ibey did not think it tlieir duty to bring for>a:d i ndei tlx | rewsvrc of a kind of imrutr. But, as tin aVove deeiie bad been ri?d to the (.batnber. ha bad In' n told tl tit it ww ucrti-arjr that the one ha tl i.uld him be rend It was a* follow*:? Ar I tMici.i n ? of lnb< r between ? erkm n are enoonraged im | i' mI j the Republic Tie <1 unite i.a of each iwaociati in inly c! ?t 1u.1l Ik-elded on between the parties in * trsti Art.*. TlieSlati only Interfere* a* far aa the encouragement St lurnitl en. lie ? o< unite m- ot* ot liie Mate iri indtipeudaut 01 de Itirtitutfoti: <>l or?all desdnmi u> f.vor agiu-ulluiai end iudu trie) labor. Art..1'. There i? op-itnd to the M minor of Agriculture and Com11 rn-e a cn-O" <>l three mil iona destined to he divided amoiigst i'e tow ciitiioi a pun ted out ly Hit I. 'J be Amino- - 1 or ft ei.1c Woaaa raid that he had that morning rercivid a deputation of the men employed In tlie 1 hi 01 ut 1 norhrbop* and b*il heard their comtilaiiita nituiiist. the mea-urr* intended to be carried Into effe?t relative to lloui To their queetion. aa to khrUirllii il**oliniiiti wan totake plane immediately, lie had n pli*d-'No'' (trie- of ye* ! yen!) lie now catne 1o w Mil in the face of the r* port juet presented, to take oil tiotu Iii 11.>ell the respi nsibility of that reply an much a he c uld. lite A' imbly bnnt? consulted voted the previous question. M ( 1.11 on l.aii to ask the Assembly to allow to be dheiiixi d d' e proposition, which he had made Bon.i till.i bark 10 liuvi hII the rx|*-nsea of the Provisional ; ot eminent andihu executive committee laid More tin- Assenib y. 'I In M1 * 1 Tt * 01 I'maivOK raid that the reason of tin ixisy was that lliese expo nsea were not incurred Jn I arl only. Imt in the provinces; whon the returns x\i re mplet* , they *li?ttld4be laid before the National Afsen nly. At. < n * ton inid that, under these oircumst anoe*. ho rhot t propose to rend the matter te the Committee on I- i tin nee '1 In As smldy decided that 1 here appeared urgency iii ti. in , but tl tl.o matter to be sent to the ronm ittee us iiski rl for. '1 lie I'nrstoret had Jnat received -nm* reports from As '1 ri urc t linuvi i, tbc Pruf-1-i r.f IV ilcc, which lie E NE N1 would read to the Aeaembly: - (Mark* of great latereft ) "A QuAnrier.past Euhvk*.?Some offl ersof the Repabllova Co aril. fill aril by iniut forty ii.dividunln. enfert-d the Pit o I ant Iim ?, ci yii g out Vkfft" Rrpul li'fur l!nut/e! (Sennation ) "T\? kntv Minn r* fair A Iwrrffait" . n the B"U lrvnr 11 ur<' N1 uvclle, which w?? nut tabled, ?n? ahtu'uued by the It fU'iivnit at ai |?-i;r mcf of lite am e l force; tbeytnoa it f?.| e I ebii u thai of the r>rie Saint eni< Tlut at the I'orte Saint Martin waa laten by ilie Na lonal Hoard, urh'Uta sharp firitg b i k place n th? Koulev.rt Ho ne N'on e le The republican buira <i r her at wan eoppt rted very effectively liy tlie Na' ional Guard in ft icing the I amu-nlea. Co t nry to a former rep rt tl e >?|iiaio, a lio ??? bought killed, was only Hi u?d~d ; hi* atate if eoi tidi led hitirfat* ory. "IlAi.r-FAfT 1 w t l.v r, Several hnrrio lira haw lieeit takon by the National Gt ard. Uptothi- time t o tro ps . f ihelinehae af |4?nil on tl e lln honrd*. At the I'nr o Pa'nblke 'in. tl e Ma tt na) Guard are ii terchai itii cr a sharp firing* itli die ina irgenta; ii i ttr iiiM-ii mi- I'urriruni*. -uvcrni wartimes iio raris nave ihnmi armed at tlic ftth arruudi aeneiit, aid marih wiiti iht) National l.u rd. "Iimio'i li ck.?Tlerni been li?at ill the Htliarroi din i n rut (Hmiln urg Saint Ant ii.r) 'Ilie National liu .rd hr* rirtn on tl is oooasi n. aim has eve shown great animation. Tin y advanced at a sharp rate, and a ?n took p waeMion of tlie Boulevard. 1 t asten to amid yon this intelligifou because it provra t' at ti e Paula urr anio Atitoiun w II hoou lie ia tlie power of llit | td lie ti ri c. "Tl x MiMJTrs t'AS-r Oml?'The National r'uard, united with tl e troops ef ti e line, are tiring in i lat. on< on the oulovar is; the tairni Jra inn oieitnrnid; tiie Natii mil (luard and tiie line OOicpytlie < )a.niiiy? of Ic btieeta; tlie Krimiilinan Guard aio dispt ran g tliegrmpe. Ti e groan st part uf Liu citizens are hard at w i ik tat ii g down t) e In. lie. dee. "It alk 1'A.hi Ox*.?The harrica-eof the Porte Sai t Denia ia now gusn en l v <) ? Nat > nal l.ttud; however, at the cur er el t' e h tie Paint-lie. ie mid tlie Hue tiu I'm etau, the insurgents are wIIIMiii iawnMoi>di| to e* people waa wounded. At the corner of Uhi Hi o Saint-Muriin and iln-Hue S.iiil-Me.'y 'ho Ni lit i-al t,n resale tak eg down tiw lmrnoades; they are delug tl e mnoir the Hue M Jacqos?.l>-Uouch. rie. "T wo o'ClvOcit.?At tlJ- "ni eot eoino p. r.-om are endeavor ing i o niise ton made* in the Cite ai d tro. p. arc ubout to lie directed this iminent th>r . 'n s-op tlie attempt. TltoUVk CHAUV r L, Pre eot of 1'olioe " 1 have also. Haiti tlie Htm President. s<>nie other inforinati. it to give to the As-etnblv It win th? "2(1 I.e. gum which it.niched on the barrh nde at the I'urtu St. Denis. It hud at itH head a representative of tho p. ople, a young boy,ami Air. I.ef. bvre.n director of the lloH|.ilala. who took possession of the ting which wn? planted on the barricade, and brought it to the Salle do I'm-Pet dog, wh. re it now remains. On this subject, I must iutorm you that several representatives of the people di inn tided Irnm me periuission to acre mpany tlie atuied force ; 1 replied that they might follow the dictates of their own feelings, but that I could cot give them any authority to adopt any par ticular course, nor any official advice, because, if the Assembly thought that its presence was necessary to suppoit the tinned force wtih its moral authority, it W. uld go In a In dy. (Approbation.) T he order of the day was the adjourned discussion on the Railway Bill M. ( supported thsgovernment measure. M Join:i took the other view of the question. The Assembly, evidently occupied by the events passing t utside paid do attention to the discussion The Piosiur.vT? I have just received the following letti r:?" Monaieur le President?The delegates of the dtcoirs of July to the number of 1 fiOO come to place themselves at the disposal ot the National Assembly todetendlbe Republic; they have confidence in the A ... tl...,. I,..,.. I - ?K- U ..Kit. o ?' ""j " """ '"(luuuu Cries of " Vite la Hepubl que !" oi all sides. A tremendous fall ot raiu took place at this time, and continued to tbe evening; it Mas then about 4 o'clock. bhortly after, a great movement was manifested at tbe 1>ft entrance, and General ( avaignnc appeared in full uniform followed by a numerous stall, all apparently wet through and through M. Sk.naiid took tbe President1)) chair. General Cavaignac, Minister of War. ascended the tribune, and said tbo insurrection had been nearly put down. Some resistance was still made in the faubourg St. Antrine and tbe Hue St Jaoques ; but it would apparently be soon put down The National Guaids have behaved themselves with the greatest vigor Cries of Vive la Garde Katinuafe !" here- burst out ) The Garde Mobile bad exhibited a determination i nd patriotism worthy of all praise. Also. General Eedesu bud just that moment informed him that tbe Garde ll? publicaine had been admirable in its conduct. (Cheers) Every here bad been heard the cry of'-Vive la Rep bl que !'* (I.oud approbation.) Cries of'- Vive la Republique " "1 he whole Assembly here rose and cheered: first, the National Guard, then the Garde Mobile, and lastly, tbe Garde Republic&ine. The cheers continue d for some time 1 he Ed cut ire Committee hero entered the hall, and M. Gamier Pages basing first appeared, a cry for him arose snd he proceeded to tbe tribune. M. Gasms s-I'auks.?If the members of the Executive Committee have not ri me sooner to the Assembly, it is because at this solemn moment it is necessary nut totnlk but to act. and that with force and vigor.? (t riisof yes yes.) in pr< sence of the armed emeutr, organized and paid to cause blood to flowinthe streets ot the capital, our duty is to act with firmness (Hear, hear.) biLce the morning we have been informed lhat the insurrection was at work that agitators were I f"? v.w... ?u.. wo .<...vap< vv??' the Garde Mo/tile, the Garde Hriivblicaine. and our btave army, should be called to tne defence at order. In order to give to the command of the troop* that unity which is so necessary. we confided to the brave Genera' favsignac the command in chief of a*l the forces aesi niblid in Paris, and we charged him with the rare ot vatchitg over the security of the capital.? General Cavaignac, with liia usual energy and his well known patriotism, collected an imposing force round the National Assembly, from whence they could be directed to the different Quarters of Paris. These measures have been attended with the fullest success. But all this ia not sufficient, continued M. Gamierrapes, with great animation; we must punish as well as repress The real people?the people armed ?in a word. Ihe National Guard?bad shown the most heroio devoted ness. the most gen-rous perseveranoe. But if the armed people, the National Guard, have shown th? mi elves devoted, and heroic, the army, that orgauir.ed National Guard, has not been less faithful to the Bepublic; the Garde Mobile, those youths of Paris, have not less energetically done its duty. We must not forget them. I will now iufnrm the Assembly what the Executive Committee considers it its duty to do, in ord?r to unite our efforts to those who maintain security in Paris We shall visit all the mayorirs. all tho quarters, until night, until we have seen every trace disappi ar of those paid rioters who di-turb and disorganize soetcly 1 here are other measures more vigorous still, which we shall know how to take. (Interruption ) Several voices ?Explain yourself?what are they ? M. Gasmen Pages?I am asked what ibeyare. 1 shall at this moment confine myself to mentiouing the meaiures that are to be immediately taken ? Maroh against the rioters wherevir they arc to be found, and against the barricades wherever they may be erected; that Is wbst de are going to do (Agitation.) Li ud cries of ' Vive la Garde Katinvale ! five I'JlrVfi'r ! fire la Republique here resounded through the ( hsniber. M. BesjtAN fully agreed with the honorable member, who bud just s|m ken. that this was the time for action. He would, therefore, renew the proposition of General Li breton. for rome of the Deputies to march with the troops.for where the National Guards exposed tlieir lives, there the Depute s should be also M. is: Lasiahtise?I have no desire, you may be certsin tojrilong your deliheratinus. for this is not the moment to deliberate, but to act. I have to thank the Assent! ly for the sentiment which would induce It to go and mingle with the National Guard; but let ua not t< rget that ibis is not the moment to carry into execution those generous feelings of courage which are aure to he found in a body like yours. Whilst you reiiiiiii> here the Executive Ominittee will do its duty? the evening that Is euming on and the morning of tomorrow will prove it To-morrow, besidea, we shall be ri ili nistid fr< iti you a bill of indemnity, or to mr.....I bill . t ,,r....... o I, t III 11, i_ ..i.. ~ U Ik.. pn-MDritof the difigrn which brHct un but which we mutt not allow the night to lut-rcaae we ought to remain unfettered In our action I n order thiit the Aaat mtly b? ree| ecled by the country, it ought to remain toe man at Ita poet. ) Hear, bear.) Ah o u*. we ahall go * here the mandate you bare confided to na ordera ua to |.ti ceed? a here duty, glory, and danger call ua ! (<he?rt') l.'ultappily, National Ouarda hare been wounded If *e hare not been able to atanneh their bl< od we aball at leaat b? happy to mingle wlthit Home ro| a if our own ! (Chora.) M l ai.aaar.K roae and raid that under the clrenmftancie. he withdrew hia demand to Interpellate the goweinmtnt Ilia object had been to prerent the prem nt mint Rk in ihe rapital He wiahed. howerer, to hair bia rtatenieht to that effect read from the chair. Tin l*i ?ii>frt read a paper to the effect mentioned. 'J be raRallicar?The circumatancea are atill undoubtidly ferioua. I hope I aball not hare occaalon to u>e iim tber expreaalon but the aucceaa obtained up to thia time will prerent me the niceaaity of modifying that trim. The Aaaimhly once aeparateil ita member* may lie unraay ; your preaident. who thinka he haa doi.e liia duly?(cilea of yea! ye# alao requirea to ci me for youro|inion I propose, therefore, that the ritting ihnll be nn pendeil. and be reaumcd at a later hour fee rial Voice#?At wh?t hour? Other Volcea? Let the altting be permanent. T he Pa Mimai ? When I propoee a auapenalon and a ren in) lion that doea not imply that the altting la n-it pimiitient. On the contrary, let the Aaaembly declate itielf en prrmnnenre. and Ihen let it auapend Ita aittir g. and lennne It again thia erening. A Voire?At what hour? The far ami m ? Let It he at eight o'clock, unleaa any glare erenta ahotild occur Kightn clock war Ihcn agreed to 1 lie r< preeeiilatirca i|uitted their placea. and began to Wnre the t hemher : but acarcely bad they done ao for mi re tban a minute when a audden ruah brought hai k a ctneidcrahle number of them It waa rumored Ibal anotbir dlayatch had been brought for the P ea|. dent ; M Kenard reanmed Ihe chair, and the u*her lianih d lo him a tea led packet. The reprnaentatira* colli eti d In a circle at lha loot rf the tribune. 1 he Par torni. after hawing glanced ower th# paper, raid I do not think that I cau inform tha Aaae . bly id 1 liia del patch tint II I have conferred with Onneral ( atiiignac or one of hia aldea de-ramp Thia announcement netted oonaiderabla onrloalty and in li it. no one being able to aay whether the intilllgenre wai fatorable or the contrary. T he Preaident gaec up the nhalr to M Lacro??e. one of the Vice Pieaidenta. who exriiaed hitnaelf for altting in tin untfi im of a ( olonel of the National Ouard. lit announced lhat Ibrtigh the altting ahouId ba a impended until eight o'clock, the Preaidant'a chair ehould alwayr lie occupied and that tha Socretarlea and the nil of Ihe Burmui ahould remain at their poet. T he repnaentatlyea then gradually left tha Chamber. It wits half pet t flyp o'clpik. W YC SW YORK, MONDAY B Kvbniko Sitti*o .At hulf.pasf eight the representatives again took their plates; tlie public galleries wen cro ?a. U with sj ertstois. M Pos taLii. One of the Vice Presidents, was in the chair. He laid? No oftlcisl coiuiuuoration lias heen transmitted to us. 1 regret to anui>uncn that our wortliv colleagt o,( lenient I homas, has been hoi y wounded th> ngi. iiot hi grievously as was thought at first. JV.uilj blood hm been shed in Palis. M ? oMiM KiNT-During the tiinn that the sitting whs iu-pei di d 1 lave spoken to a nuiulor of pison who eonvi ised willi groups in various quarters where l be tip hi in g w as going on. These commuuicxt ous have pr red to ine that there is a miBapprehensi >u on the pert of the insurgent population (Violent miir.iiuri) t In.t a number of thu men were misled, and tn t i pro ceediug on the pait of the .Assembly could oasily restore p. ace in the eapitel I have drawn up a proel unation. which I submit to the Assembly. (Mo no) M> stsieii iL..t ho r..u * ? Quarlirr Latin 'I here were biirrhnide* in the rue St Jaci/ate. rut drt Miithuiins, and the corner of ihe rue Sorlotine 'I wo of tbein lmd been tak- n hv M. Arug > and M Lamartine. On the Place St. t?'< 4*' tlMM were five pieces of cannon, and the insurgents bad bti n fired on M Havmai.? Why do you only mention two members oi the I'ruvisional Government T M l'om- 1 apeak only ot what I raw The MiMixTrit or Fisascf. bad pone to tlio Faubourg St limit, where a batrtcado wax attacked. Th-ir colleague Pierre Bonaparte was with him. and bad bis bone wounded in Ihu lee. General Franfois was wi iiuded asvasa chtf tie bntaillon. (ienorai (Javuignae and General l ann rieiere wero at the beud of Hie troops 'J b? iiisnr Melton was oonoentrated on that aide h? tween the Chateau d' Fan. and the rue dr. liondi, La Chapetle. and tl e Place de la /Untitle. Every precaution was taken lor the Champa Klysics and the Plai e de la Cain ot de. Just attbi* moment a shot was beard from outside. Some agitation hsued. but it was s-ort ascertained that It was a musket which bad gone oil' by accident. 1 be Pmcmiiknt could not receive the proposition of M < onsidtrunt. No conditions could be come to with insurgents. (Hear, hear ) >i Considfb ant ascended the tribune, but the tumid t w hlcb arose was so grea that it was impossitilu for him to procure a hearing. Wo at last understood him to euy that he demanded a secret committee to consider the term* of hi* proclamation. (Load cries of " No. no.") hi. Baxk?I demand the previous question 'J his was pronounced in th>- nud-t of excessive tumult, and the | r< position was set aside. 1 he Pbssident? M. Arsgoha* j'tst informed me that be has passed the greater part of the day in face of the barricade, and that several limes arrangements were proposed by the insurgents but that he h ,d always refused unless they first laid down iheir arms (\pprobation.) Every pri clamalinu whatever would lie in disastrous contradiction wnh the couduot of chat member ol the Executive t ommllW M. I.f.on k At; emu had to deniand permission to interpellate the Minister of the Interior (No! no! wait until the disorders have ceas< d') M. (.'Aussiimiar.? Twenty-five National Guards of the 10th Legion have fallen ! Blond still fiows, shed by French bands! \t ill you stop this dreadful state of things? It is not by vain proclamations. The Representatives ought to go out and join the officer in comnn.K.I u?.rl !... C-? !. !?. I 1-- l? ? - Uk(<r Wl UllilKim. JI JUU Winn lO atop the ctTil war. go out without pomp and attendant* amongst the people (The noise which drowued the voice ot the speaker ) 1 lie Minister of kiNANCK ascnded the tribune, but the agitation was so great, that he could not obtain a hearing. 'J he President?It was absolutely necessary that the Ministers should always bu heard. The Minister of Kinance?What could you do in the street ? General Cavsignac is on the place of combat if a catastrophe, which 1 do not anticipate, should take place there would then be oo government?the factious would be masters. (Agitation ) i he people are well inclined, but they are caiumDialed to you, as you are lo them '1 he bxrrieade near winch I stood was defendtd ty the old repuhl can guard, but not the now one? (movement of indigoatiou)?and I have tostete that the insuigents were armed with the muskets which wt re spokt n of here a month back. (Agitation.) I conjuie you to remaiu tirni at your post. A \oit>.?Suspend tlie sitting 1 he President? I put the su-pension to the vote. 'J lie Assembly decided that the sitting should be suspended lor half an hour. It was then half-past nine. At a quarter past ten o'olock, M. Senard, the President, took the cbair Geneial Cavaignac ascended the tribune?I regret not to he able to give you but an incomplete account ol what is passing. These has been on several points a very serious resistance, particularly in the Faubourg du Teviple Genirals Lemoriciere and Laf<>ntaine have rendered themselves master- of all the positions. The space con'prised between the boulevard and the bar lirirjuiiir auim ir ijn v? uiwllgageu. I DelC Still T8 main btrr ckdfi in ihc Fatibvurg St *4ntoine, vbert (ieiitrMi c< ntninnd* I tin about to employ all tbe disposable troops to put down the insurrection. 1 he national guard* of ihe bavlieue are arriving, and orders have been given to send in additional troop* by tbe railways. (Agitation ) 1 be I'tt.iiortT? I have not received any general report. but ibe abort account* Rent in to me announce that tbe insurrection is being put down on every point. (Hear, bear ) M. Enttat Aiuno begged to re-aaaure the Assembly regardirg tbe departure of the courier*. Several u ails bad bt en stopped at and on their way to the Northern railway, but that was so?n remedied, and they had all depatted for their destination* Ihe rnmovNT wished to submit to the Assembly a proposition which bad been suggested to him by what had been said duiing tbe debate. Kndeavors had been made to deceive the peopl? and oven the National (iuard; a report h*d b> en spread that the National Assembly was iu a state of complete dissolution and that it did not intend further to defend the Republic He considered that these calumnies required a formal denial in consequence, be proposed that the Assembly should adopt tbe following formal resolution:? ' 1 he National Assembly decrees:? "Art- ]. The National Anaen bly deolare* i'self en permanence. "Art V. 1 h? National liSMM), re so ved to futtl in their withst extent tie g eat duties imposed on it by the minfldenoe of the nation, (trnily relies for the aintenanoe of the dem-?ra:ie liiv e and iiistitutioiis conquered by K.anoe, on the patr otinni and assistance f all good citic. ns." 'J be whole Assembly rose up to cries of fiva la Hepubtnjve! ^ in. /in i iiuki inutKET luuujtuh lufti a worti snouni be added that the Assembly likewise counted on tbe am y. 0 ea. yes ) 1 be resolution adopted by acclamation M. I,a(.fak;k said Ibat the Assembly might liavo perceivid h<w anxious be had born to sacrifice every tbing to tbt* KFtlluriil of republican union, which ought to be the only object of all By not elating the reasons which induced tne to addrea* Interpellations to ibe ex? cutive committee, whom I accuse of not barii g taken all the measures mcessary to prevent the c< lliston, I hate conipioiuiiied a popularity justly acquired. (Agitation) I do not stand lure now to inquiie into the psrrlmde intention" of those who have plat < d ei ms in tbe baud-. ol brother" against btoth-r*. I only wish to ray that we should all die in our places If necessary Even were that to occur, the republic wilt not perish Hut if any one attempted to overturn it, then woe and imprecation be on them who hava tha prmcidal act! Wot to any prtuetidi r who should presume to sit oa tha throne which February has east down! Lat na show oursiItis wirthy lobe Frenebmen. Vive la RepuMit/ue! The silting was again suspended antMat the utmost agile i ion. 1/uittig the suspension the affairs Of the day were disiusstd M BiXio, oueof the r< pri aautatlvea. had, it whs i aid. been mortally wounded by a ball in the bn as t. At eleven o'aloch the sitting was resumed. M. de Lamsitine was in bis place. M.UaIimsr I'auka ascended the trihnne. and relets d in the name if ihe executive commission, the alate if Paris up to that boor. M. a rag", he said, had pr< c< i tied to the 12' I. ariondissemeiit, and l.iinself. in union witli the Drops, loouutiig on lite barricades, K-.. r. s . i. >.? i. . - .1 - .i- i * ...... ... .. ..B ..... ,?... J... will i III. luxiilfriHll llliu liiccHdiil in K?liiii;g miuii* nl them; bul. l>. log aloppeo by i tbir?. In- hail? neigetieaily summoned the inmip. nl* to eoirenrier. " I bin living without II," continued the tu n ripreaenial ve we were obliged to fire the aittllery in tb?m (Sroiitinn ) At pre#ont In the 1 lib and lllih arrnndlsai mm la, only h faw points n main oc< opted by ilia liiMiigents (inirril Laitietalkd 10 inrroniidad iheut I hut ha hnpnd at bu n), i f day to put 11 a faction* down In the Kaubouig du Ti nipli (la nan la ( avaignac himI Lamoriciere hud i'lltlfd ill tilt barricade*. i faw a tilt ramitluail, hot in the morning order would ha raaton-d The Nat lo*.?I 11 li ii' da i f I he full li?nf had aimwi red tha call; thofe of Venaillia and St. Oar main are arriving, vhlla tha National Hoard* of the Seine Inleneure, the Folttt. and tt e Somme are on the maruh.* Many M i ii in loan a ha?i lo lie d> piorad Oaliaiala Thomas lid Bfdeeii baie bain m undid. Our colleague M. Pilieaha* barn hadly woutidid. and It la feared that anothir. M Bi*io. la In such h dangerous atate that ha Will not SUITivr the night Hie executive coinmiltea l.iia dona and will roniitine to do (hair duty In thea* aad cltcuniatanci a though we hope to hare triumphed by io nu now lie concluded by begging the Aaaemlily toiely on the committee a* It relied umn them M Dioofiira denounced an anarchlaal journal, rOifffi'iinina afti 7V?i?i/. *blrh. with ao e othera, l ad calumniated thr National Assembly and excited tha pei pie against It He demanded to hare it aeiiad. ft r the National Guards bad. In "their Indignatloa, w lain d to break the presses, but be had engaged tham to rely upon the lawa 1 he Miaiti > e or Fiamcr sgld that the government would do Ita duty hut could not a ow the very preventive measures. agatnat which they had condended for levantean jaara, lo be now entorcad Though a conapiracy exiatid they *, uld put It down In a legal nanlu r (Hear bear ) A roomier eaid that, though tha National Ouard and the ttoopa were being alaughtered for them they had not even once thauxed tham (Loud criea of denial and ralle toorder tnterTUptad tha *|>eaker ) Ano'hi r mambtr recommandid that the barricade* alirady taken ahould be guarded ao that the Inaurgent* might not In the night rem me possession of thna The I'iiudcm recommended that the Chamber should now auspend the silting until eight in tha morning. V ?a v Voicra?That la too late : until ftveo'clock. Other member* rried out (hat they ought to rontInn< aiding all night. IRK I 10RNING, JULY 24, 184 Tlie Pbkmuewt?The permanence iaauapended uutll right to morrow morning The sitting was t< rinina'ed at midnight. P(IH4KI?T SlTTINU, Jo *K 24. The nirafurm taken fur the defence of ihe Ohanib'r wore of tbr moet eflieioi-t description. A large body of dragooi b and < uiraeeiere *a? on the flare dt la ' ?ncmilr. will) a ri giiuctii of ike line, and a <ot>aiderable psrly of the Gai He Miihilt The hnraes and inun of ibo cnrairy r-giment* apiienred fai'gucd. baring pirtof them, been on duly all n ght whilst the cuirassiers had I 01 ly anired that morning in 1'aii*. Many of the men v*. ic tying snout nn tne nag -ton. h. trying (" hm*L?ili li' lf mi hour's sleep On the bridge. a body of dragoons ?i re al?" posted whilst in front of it worn two batteries < f cannon Down the quaes, the force* appeared i iiiti ruiinutile particular v toward* th- [nvit'idmi and a considerable triiln of artillery *er<- in wailing. ready ' at a moment's notion Bound the Chamber thu forces I wore ?Uo exceeding numerous. I nside all wan ugitation Not more than twenty prr! fens wire in the public tribune; the danger appearing too in lament to nib w curiosity to overmaster approj hension About half a dotsen ladies Wire present. I Below, in the ball all ?as coufo-ioo: ea h member ! giving hia share of Intelligence, antl discussing what i was hi own. 'I he PamiprNT took tliechair at aquartor ptsteight. | 1 ho I'll mini mt?I have to render you an account, 1 in a lew wcrda. of what hua pas-ed since we separ*ted 1 (Attention) All the points of the town occupied by the iii'Uipents and the troops remained without attack, until towards morning, on both sides It would appear that the struggle ought to continue to-dav in an emrgrtin manner 'I he insurgents seem to have extended their means of resistance. Measures h*vo bee ii i a It n to ci nei ntrute the forces In auoh a manner. as ihat in a few hours the insurrection will he put down Nevertheless, the circumstance* are grave, aud we cntiMOt airive at a flual solution, without a vigor; ou> struggle. We can reckon on the National Guard, I the army, and the Got dr MnLilr. The National Guard* i of the llatihrvi Hirivcd la-t night, and lire atill arriving. I Other Niitiornil Ouards aie coming in iroin the depaiimcuts ItegimcnU are also arriving from the ni ighlioi iDg garrison and. In tine, the Minister of War has taken all the no a-ures necessary to ensure that the day shall not pass over without force remaining to the law A gnat numoerof our colleagues have ; expressed an opinion that tho Assembly ought to tes > i; iu iiir iiBiiunni Iiutru im graullliio ny other mi ans IIihu sterile thanks |u consequence, I have to | piesent toyou a |in p .sition. in the name of thu republic. in favor of tho widows and of the orphans of those ! \Gio have died in its service (Hear hear) ft', Pascal Dufhvt?Thp proposition of tho Presl, dei t is Hie expre-slon of onr gratitnde. I bare to demand that nothing else he mentioned (Hear, hear ) m O. Barhot should propose, " In tho name of j grateful 1 runce " Tho Minis i eh ok Fohkion Akkaihs?In tho name of grateful France! M. Leon Faltheb roust call on tho President to I rtad his proposition, as it was important, being addressed to wLoiu families. (Cries of 4< No, no!" agi- , tation.) The 1'hesiiiknt?The following is what i prnposo:? i 1 he National Assembly deciees as follows:?"Tho He public adopts tho children and tho widows of the I citizens w ho hart) fallen ou tho 28 1 June, or who may still perish in deleneo of order, liberty, anil republican 1 ' Institutions " (Approbation ) The document wus then put to the rote, and adopt- ' | ed unaniroootly j 1 he ParstDENT read a lettor from M. St. George, oxj cosing himself from not. attending at the sitting his son having been previously wounded in Cite ranks of the National Guard (\itieh sympathy ) Sereiai mei hers demanded what news had been received of IV. Bixio and M. Domes. 1 be Pruidem taul that the state of M Bixio though exceedingly serious, still allowed hopes to tie entertained of h'a re covery The wounds of M. Dorue-and of M Ch inent 'I homes were not io grave as was thought. General Lamoiiciere had not been wounded, though a rumor tot he contrary eif* ct had been in oiroulation. j T he sitting was tbeu suspended At libit past nine the public business was aga'n resunn d 1111- i-Hir<iii kmt?rive memneraaemana asecret coinmitt?o I hid going to give orders to olear the public ' tribunes (No. do!) j Voioss? Consult the Assembly 'J liif being done, ibe demand for the House tore| solve llself into a secret committee wan put to the vote and rejt cted M. I'a-cal Dupbat?It is not in my own name alone; but in that of a great number of my colleagues, and in | pioaence of the gravity of the circumstances, that i I pn pose the following decree :? "t'l ly Article? Taria is in a sta'e of se;ga, (s?n?ation,) and all the until" ri > ie jJ?.oe in the hands of llei.erai I ?viign?u." (Loud cries of " Ves ! yes ! ") Decided marks of satisfaction. M Lakabit. from his place, expressed himselfin string terms against this decree. M Pa?cai. Duphat?It is well understood that ths National Assembly is to preserve its supreme power, (t ries of ' Yes. yes M Amthomv Thoi'mkt proposed that the doeree should bei needed by these words, tbe National AsBt mbly declares itself en permanence " (Yes yes.) M. Bkai'mi gaiiD proposi d another wording for the psrt inter.dilg to place the supremo power in the bands otGeu Cavaignac (Noise.) lbs Miniitks or Vi'ait?Citisens. I conjuro you to cease discussii n Some time, and perhaps in au hour, j the Hotel de Ville will be taken (Great agitation ) This Is no time for words. Let us adopt energetic measuris. (Yes! yes! Tumult) j The President (hen read the proposition in its smendrd form :? "Art. 1. Ihebiiional AseemMy remains en permanence. \ " Art. 2. T ans i- declared in a afa e of seise. "art. 3. All aulhi.riiy is placed in the hands of General Co M I,ambit rusht d to the tribune. but could not ob1 tain a bearing (Tumult.) At last he desoendrd and went to bit- place. M. Jul kb Fame, in tbe midat of considerable nolae and agitation, proponed tbe following additional article Hit Kxeoutive ( ommittee on the instant causae to exercise ita : ftmctioiiK" ((Jri at agitation. Criea of " Vea, yea." " No, no ") The Mimbtkm or FTnanck?You bare juat voted a bill of public safety. 1 conjure you not to pass a vote significative of rancor (Criea of No, no !") Ibe amendment of M Julea F'avra waa rejected, and lbe pr< poaition adopted. 1 be Vinn m or Commkrck demanded that tbe decr? e should lie immediately announced to the National (iuaid by rome members of tbe Aaaembly or by tho Pieaiderit 1 be PaKiiniNT?Tbo aerrice of the National CJuard i j kci pa a* ay a considerable number of reproaentatirea. ' Others propose to go and fare the agitations and endeiivir to restore order. A number of propositions have bet n made. I shall couault the Aaaembly (Criea of No. no.") A Vienna-The Assembly muat remain en perm a- , tissue 1 proprnse, that fire representative* be designated liy lot who shall go and speak to the maacea. { (Ci ea of No, no.") *1 be I annus ar? I he age and funotiona of aome of tbe repre-entatiTee rendtr it iuipo.aible to hare rect one to lot tor euoh a mission I propoae to th? Assembly to withdraw to tbe bureaux to name a certain nun her of representatives to go and announce tn the population tin decision of the Aaaembly (Hear hear ) A gieat agitetii n prevailed Tbe members roae burntdly. end withdrew to their bureaux, aa proposed. Fx b bureau was tn name four membera. I'lit member* of tbe It ft gesticulate, and daclara that tbe) | it tea t against the state of siege, and affirm that tbey will not be accomplices in the oonaeqileuces of tliia nn aaure M I aoi< * wax? Cltixena. you rend asunder the bonds of fratt rniiy- you destroy the lepnblic by this state of siege (Agitation ) Vtry violent dlacuaaioni took place on the benches of flu lott 1 be silting waa again suspended. At a quarter to eleven tlx- ri |iii m*utalive? ng?in entered the 1im.11 Thi ParsiUKAT ngain np|?->ir?-tl and Niated th?t he had a im ?K|<e to ill livt r (rum the hiecutive Committee It la thur wo di d Monaienr In Fie- I'm*? Tl c Faecutive Cunmittea wmild tin ) that it wan wearing alike to It* day and ita ho mr if It wllhdnw lef te a aed tinn a d a piihllo teril. It withdraw* only i a a tolr < f tl ? Aanmlil). In remitting to it theponmr wita vtilrli it 11 vrati d ne, we re'urn to the rank? < ( Die Nato>nal Aa?en>h)y, t" devote mirec vee witli yon to tin ixniinton danger. and In I In in'' tf nl 'In ?| U> lie. Ah a no, I. a i m Bom in, (iannian PAOKa.I.AMABTiRB, Ma rib, tl e Vcn.Ure of tft- EaoooUte i'oiii inim. "24thJure. I'aomrii hb, !t-ore tary." I ham alec (rontlnned the Tlon I'reaidnnt) to atate on the fart of Oenernl ( avn gnac. that eucb uiotiiUra aa may think (it to a'ldroaa tho population?to any to (In in what i hi ir ronir i-riie dictatra? thould go to the thtin following place* ?.f rrndi rvoti*?tho Porte St Ditila whom (Ji tmral l-nmercicro rmnmandnd, the Ilotildf Vtllo where On.eral Duvivitr waa placed; ai d tl'' Plan rie laSorlani.e where (loneral Dainrane held the i hl? f con maud. The representative* ought to am ii I'< at the qtiettnfa' (Bee and proceed with their acaifa on. to mai k I heir qua lit r V. I.Aoaaacr here (prang tn the tribune? I wiah, he Mid. to ray oily n (Ingle word. You are well aware that I m vi r tnuhled your meetloga You know that I did all I p? aaibly could to preaeire union aniongat all. T in know that I waa ready to proceed ainongnt the people anmnget my comradea of tho barricade* ? and to say to them, " in the name of your wive*, In the name of your children, ce-me Ihi* deeperale atruggle " hut now I hat you ham retard a war -cry, that you arc peered the decree which you have juat agreed to, I cannot promiae them that their wlvea and childrrn till hi 'and hay joi r c< naclence bo a? light aa n lue I Never will I in a combat of brother* agdinii blot he rw ! A \ o ? ?? 1 o pacify ! M l Aoaaaor;?I protect agaloat the atate of *i*fa ' I ((treat agitation.) Tlic (itting wae again rurpended Shoitly elirr between flity and eiity reprwaenta- ' ttvoa It It the palace ea> h wearing hi* eearf. and proceed) d over the bridge to vielt the varloue poet* where the inenireettoa waenuxt actively urged on. T he eltlli g war rem mod at half pant 13 , M do I amarttne. (Inrnipr-Pagee. and Marie, alt ad eln pit ti prei t r tall vee, and no longer In their former plaice 1 he rnoint nv had to laform the Aaaembly that ho had just received the following note:? "I em I *1 py to Inloiuv y n i I the fol'nwiag faak The fine* Am Pua/Aroa I a( I r?v attacked. and the I'antaeiia retakaa altar . a (in kr ntn t ade t itiaen Itnulay (dr In Alrwrt ?,) wh? enter od it at tl r I ee.4 of a column <>l irovpe ol the lue, had the kiadi?a* to coo^nunioBU to aw thle intelligent?. (Signed) "D*ORBBT. *f*wpal ?f the If araai Mtaoi." 1 IER A L8. 'I hare at < to at ate " raid tlm Prr-idiint. ' that the la ri< atio ? I the I'loce blauhrrt hit" la nu carried " At. OoitKkNKL?The morult-il'ert o' the dear o paired by the Ah-iinbly thia morning has l*en excellent \Ve were everywhere received ou com in unletting them, with the loudret Virata; and acclamation* w. in al'ii ndilrmrd * ith euthuai.v m to Hie National A.-r< tnbiy The decree placing l\?rl* in a utate of nit pe, in.d d< b gating the whole authority to Donera! < u*kigiiic. h?H been greeted with entl?U*la-rn n? waa iJi'i lai i inr that the countrv ail intcil ih? and I'hililtrn of the citizen* who hud yesterday fallen or night Mill lull fur tltvir country We prooeedvd to the Faubourg <lu Tewp'e. where General Lumirciare had ertablicbed liiit h?taitqij?rirra V Mi.up tiro of inu-ketiy waa engaged in Hue M. Nichmaa and Ilun duTiniple A houce in the former t.reet w.i* occupied by the ineurgenta. who kepi tiri g from it actively l bti Ovnrml ww anxloua for a reinforcement. hut at we ic reluming we met troupe proceeding timber, fo that probably the poet ia now reinforced. In the Hue du 'I t tuple the fuaillade line cooeidrr.tbly al*ckeued. (Bur) M IUvmi also rendered an noonunt of Ida oourae tliri ugh I'arie. lie and liie colleague*, ho eaid, had been everywhere uroet euthusiat.ioally received by tin: National Guard and liie people who r<Hl'ieat*d hiui to aeaure the Aarembly of their unammont der itodrii re to the republic. T he boulevard* were peifee.tly trunquil. In the Faubourg St. Deuia the tlriug wan Mill lit aid in the Jluu Veiulome '1 he Nm lonal Guard, which in Die morning liad not Iceu numerous, aftei watda arrived in ciiueidi riihle uuinbera. 'i'h? barriende < t the Hue lloueheiat ??- On the point of bring carried iu a few hour* order he felt certaiu would be r Mori d in Par ia. The decree* voted t>y the Aavi inbiy hud produced an exeolleut efleot. M. Dajii ii uan next dec!-red? I have to inform tlio Aaecmldy llint in, the square of t.h- I'uuttiwou i.iot) iu-urgt nt<- have eupitulated and laid d urn their anna. The Fitting wua then again suspended. At 3 o'clock, a considerable number of representative entered Dm I batnber M. da Lainartitie anil M. Marie were amongst them. They took their place* aa aimplu representatives, tho former on the right, and M. Bkaumomt (dc la Somuiel cave an account of the pr< reeding* of himself and tiin onllaagur* ; they had gone, he Raid, to the lioLt 1 do Villi', where General I)i. vivier and M. Mari ast. the mayor of Pari*. held their bead quarters. All along their passage the r- presen- ' tatives had met with the greatest eutli usia-ni when tbi y spoke of tlie decrees passed hy the Assembly, cries of" Fire I'jlsttv.blie Nationule !" ' Fire la fliyublii/ue A fusillade was going on at the Dace .vlaul?it : several of the inaurgoiite had arrived at the lla- | lei de Ville, and were endeavoring to treat with (fen. j Duvivirr. whose reply was that they unint go hack to ; their couirndca to tell them to lay down their arms, that was the first thing to be done. I hey withdrew, : atid the repi osenlatives had eouie away bnfbre there- ' suit wan known. "We then divided our numbers." j said the lion nu mber. " and the party to which I he- | longed went successively to the 3d. 2d, and 1st arrondie lieuts. and were every where most nntkug ustioally ] received, the citir-ens premising their mo.-1 energetic cn-i I elation " There is one remark I have to make ? the Garde Mobile have been now for 30 hours ou duty, j and hi e dreadfully fatigued?I think it would bo well i to relieve tbem at least temporarily. M bor.jK.iN said that some traits of conduct were 1 aduiiiable ou this day One was that of an old soldier who reived in the 3d legion. Ills eldest son fell into his in ins.. wounded by a ball. An he was taking him from the ranks, another ball struck the young man. and killed bun. The father at once returned home, und ordered his second sou to onrne out end take his brother's place. ( I he name of the gentleman who showed such bruius-hke firmness, is l-eclern ) M Katahd gave an account of the visit of his party ! to General Lamoriciere's quarters. They hud gone j (inui it ll?? nnuliiVArilfi n<t fur uu fhsa p..rtn SJ* I Hlid everywhcre lound the National Guard and the troops ft tbe line devoted to thy republic ; tbey had goue dovu the Hue St Denis froui one and to tha oilier, and found not the alighted hindrance At tha entrance ol the ltue Katnbuteau. there wag a barricade wh'ch bad been taken sonic time before; they next pri cccded to the Hue Montmartre. and received from tbe National Guard there, an assurance that they ?i nld ii main at their posts day and night, if necea amy. an the decree* which had been adopted, gave tlieni a guarantee that the National Assembly were i deli riniiied to act well. Another representalive spoke of the viait of hie party to the I'lace tviaubert. which bad. he understood, been ainee taken. The Garde Mobile and ttie Republican Guard iiad behaved in the moat admirable manner ? Tbe ueighl.orhoi d of the i lie waa tranquil The barricade at tbe bottom of the Hue de la Montague had beeu taken a little before the viait of the meinbera. M. I iianamaui >1 aaid that the barricade of the Place Maubeit had been taken in th-* moat gallant atyle by the 18th battalion of the Gardo Mobile. At that point waa Oil played a trirolored flag bearing the inaoription of?' l.a \Htue brigade dm slteltert Sattunaux," of which tbe while compart merit waa. aaid the honorable representative, aullii d by a bom et rouge (Sensation ) i M. Dvclkhc wished to allude to a matter of a peraon- i 1 characU r. and of a somewhat delicute nature General t ataiguachad applied to him to know if he could reckon on hia co-operation, and he (M. Duolerc) had replied?1' I am yours, and the Assembly's, on fl after thia disorder ia put down." After that. I shall demand permission to la1 reatored to my liberty of aotion? toreturn to a private atatlon. ( Yes, like the other Miniatera !" Si me suri rise was manifested aa to what cooperation the General could have to demand from M. liucleic. unleaa it could be to furniah funds to pay the trie pa.) Tbe Psksidknt informed the Anaembly that intelll- < genre had just been received of the atate of M. Bixio. ] 'ilia bell bad been aafe y extracted, and tbe greatoet ! hopes were now entertained of hia reoovery. (Marks of satisfaction ) Gen. Bcdean waa also going on favor- j ably. hi. De* K.jsaut* also gave a satisfactory account of ' M. Domes. The sitting waa then again suspended. At a quarter past six it waa resumed Tbe Pas:?ii)xnt?Tbe intelligence which arrives from ; every quarter gives ua a firm assurance that in a short ' time the victory of ojder over anarchy will be complete. In that atate nt things I propose to you to withdraw until eight o'clock only. The information which the governnis nt will have collected by that hour can then be con niutiicated to you in such a manner aa to satisfy Voti that no doubt exists of the termination which I an. tic | ated. At this moment M. Boii.ay (do la Mrurthe) entored, and confirm'd to the President and to the gentlemen of (be bureau (be detail* girrn in tho course of the Hitting about the taking of the Pantheon 1 be pitting waa then again susp-nd'-d At 8 o'clock. M Postalis, one of the Vioa President*, took the ' hair M Babaid-I.abisikbic?I am charged by Oeneral I amrretere to eommunicate the following fact* to the Assimhly 1 met near the Passage de i'Upera an aide-de-ramp, alio informed we that the general wish'd to have some reinforcement*, hut that if they could not he pent he could do without them. At tho raliia mono nt two or three battalions of National ( uaide arrmd fr< ra Amiens. and with them I and our colli ague. M Dceoux. proceeded to the head-quarters rf the general. Near the f'.bateau d'Kau two sharp diprliargep of musketry were exchanged with the insurgents (leneral I amorelere stopped the battalions, and inform* d them that hl? intention ??< to hnui in the hanieade lr? ui every point, so as to take it in tha n orning. I have also to inform you from another qoaitcr of the capital that M Dumesnii. tha officer in con n-and of tn? National <>uard of St Den.s, announcer that the whole of the left hank of the ri?er Is now completely free that the events of the Kaubourg St !) ni-are t?rminatA d, and that the insurgents in tl.e Oth atrondtrpemcnt at this moment demand to capitulate 1 he Boulevard Beaumarchais presents no further difficulty. All that remains for this evening <r to-moriow morning to attack and to take, is the Fsuboutg St. Antoii e. and a part of the Marais, Kvnjwhere the population. the army, and the Natl mil (insrd sip < nthnsiastic in their cries of ' Vivt la hrj.ul lii/Uf I" ' f'ii f I'.Hsrmhlte Nat nrtala (Hear, hear ) A S's puis ??Kropi thi* timo to to-morrow tha deoiees will have lost rheir effect M Tumis?I he National (Joard of ths 11th arrondbpi n-ent ihowi d tha greatest enthnsiasm when we I roi iaim< a I ne ucen ea wnicn you <I here now n rrrrnl duly to peform. hne which I miilr n anlemn ptcmier to fulPl. (Intrreet ) At the taking of the lamrede ot the i>ti)|iai<i>. (leneral l>ainc?rne. the ri minrndi r of the Garde Mobile. receired a hall In the thigh Hh war taken on h mattreae to the 1'antheon. Inintwith linn, and told him that he might reckon on the gratitude of the National Aaremhly The ruiginne thin extracted the hall, and ha nearly (ain't it He. hnwever. cant bia eyee on me, and taking n y hand, thouiih I waa not kno?n to him he preaaed it feebly and cried ' firr (a NifiaA'tfur /" ' I pray jru " he aildid. "to render an account to the National Aaeenihly of the manner in which I hare done my (llity I mnrrhed at the head of the hraee (lord# N i bile to gi?e them a good example." ((leneral appro! mion and aympathy ) V.Kavaan hire exclaimed (leneral Dameane haa tmly merited well from hia country. (Strong marka of adhi aion ) M 1 vii'i?I can only repeat what every one affirm* that the (larde Mobile have acted in the moet admire blc n anm r I alao aaw the mounted Hepublicao Guard do duly on foot with the utin<>at leal, and riral the Ueide Mobile in bravery (Hear, hear ) h? vtaai. Mratggaa?la General Damaane'a wound* veiy dnnpetour' M 'I um x?1 here la no fracture?the bell lodged In the fleih The 1'aKimcNT ?I hare received no (Voeh lnt< ence ri lalive to M Horner. Ae to our colleague ll n, lit* rtate la improving. (Marka of rati-faction ) 1 be alttii g wee then again aurpentled At a quarter peat nine the aitting waa re mod. 1 he PaitiiDt *T?I have to give briefly account of the prerent atete of niattera Von am are that the ci mn and* were divded into three but tne plan adopted her been to aebd large forcer on certain pointa, Iravirg othera unattached for the moment In the hauhiurgst Jerquer, where the ln?urgenta bad eon- , ' ci nt irted e great part of their foroea. th? barricade# were forced, and that dbtrlrt la n w oompleteif Or ni arly direngaged The Kaubounr St Mucceau reeigt- | i d e longer time, but (leneral lied?au at laat obtained | a like rufrere. and carried the hanicadoa of the rue MoufTetard rrfrraeihe Jarilin der IMaiiter. At the \ III ti 1 rtc Vil'e General liuvlvler bar not ae yet obtain- , ?d all th" nircca whlfh he rould hare hoped f >r owing | to the d.fhiultler of the quarter, he h*?. however .|ri , yen the itiai.tgei tr to a dirtnncc from the Hotel de Ville, which I. now disengaged II la General Lamed LD. TWO CENTS. elm ?ho rnt with (ho grrateet dfll ultict bat the Faubouig* St. Di nta 8'. Martin, ami I'meamere, are n<w cleared to 1h>> barrier*. ami the clrnulation ha* been re-eetabli-lied. A point remain* on whinh thing hae b> 11 done? lh? < .ox St. Laura. whore the inrurgrnt* have i nil cue lied tliem.xolve- in the llH,.itd Louie Philippe General l.aui.r o|?rn declare* that tomorrow he will fire it. Gcn-rul Corto ha< not been dangermii-ly wouiiil' d a* ??< rumored, bi< wound i? flight audho continue* hie aorrh-e Kverjr one hag doi.e bin duty. The Polvtociinio School that of >lt. < jr. mid the Normal School are all worthy of bong named, and among*! the National Guard* of lira d?paitnieut*. I elu.ll on.or in the lir<t line, with ptrdooahle pride. tho.? ol liou n ( VI. Onard la from that city ) of A mil-ne Heeuvele < !iruioB',< hoi*/, Cbaton, iluuil, M< Inn. I'oatoite. 11ml other*. A vk?inrn Have the mails b'on dispa'dhed' ftl K A H amo?All of i hem (hit of Boulogne threat*# ?? ihc ml. The only e*i eptiun is the mail to Qu>cviain. which being carried on iin-o'i bMliii. *a> amwl on by tl mHuryeot-i I hey did not however, ut-ldl# wiih the letter* tin y merely < arri d the b.iga to ths railwuy, an I to-day they went of! with the rest. The Lyons mull went olf but was stopped at ( hareaton. A Miiihi n?(ieneriil Lafont.uiuo was w?iiiif|ii| this morulnir. when at larking a barricade in tha Kaub uirf St lit nis I have In add a remarkable f?ot connected with the premnt disorder?.1 b >y ?f II year* of age wan arretted behind the barricade of the rue St. Sewerin with 10.000 fr in gold about him (Vloveiaeut) 'I he PaKsinvN r?It w-uld, perhaps. b* belter not t# mention thus t>|s*nly III Bo laoH. though of such undoubted grnvty?the best plan would be to carry 'h -m to Oetietal (.'avaignac It is u nntices*ary tor tn to rami lid you of the union which exist* between y lur I'rstidenl and the (Jeuersl, to wboin the executive power ban bi en deli gated U e have already concerted together on several measures to be tiki n relative to the state of siege; those wh'ch may reijaire tho legislative Intervention will lie submitted to you without delay. (Approbation) I forgot to mention Juki now th it the barricade St Mery haa been taken within the last hour. Tile itl-uigeiita have bad a great number killed and the Republican I Hiar I has hIko suffered much The/ are lighting e< ill desperately in Chu Faubourg .St Martin and Die Cine St l.axare '1 he permanent sitting wait then Huapeudnd to oighl o'clock next evening It was then ten o'clock at night rBRMANrriT aiTTino. to a oat. jtma 'J"? . The Place de la Concorde and all the neighborhood was aa usual occupied by an immense number of troops, the force being estimated at least at '20 OHO in?n; come of 1 he men were lying on straw near the quay-wad*, olio re were cleaning their horses, and preparing to give them provender No person whatever was allowed * paa* unlet-* with csril*. Inside the Chamber, the number of representative# present. was Dot very gruit, and. with the exception at Mime Nutiunal Guards, no ont^whatever tint publie tribune*. 1 be chair was taken at half pact eight o'clock. The PaEiiDBMT ro-e immediately and aaid : The la formation which I have to communicate to you la moat ml it-factory. 'I he night liax painted over in perfeot quiet; uud. what in hi ill better, there is a oertai oty now that order will he quickly reatored in the quarter* where the resistance ha* been moat desperate. The whole ot the left hank of ihe river ia now free; atroa{ palrr Is traverse the quarters St. Jacques and St. Maremu. and no where meet with any obstaole. The barrieres of Kontainebleaii. Aruuell and d'Knfer are held by Ihe troops of the line and the National Guard*. Kar y this morning I received a deputation of the mart respectable olti*< na of the 12th Arrondiaaeuiwnt. wlie staled to uie the anarchy that prevailed in theranka ?f the Naiioi al (luarda and in the Muuiolpal aduiinl-trar tion of that district. General Gav.i-rnan at onoe took measure* to meet the evil and prepared a deoroe coatidiiig to three member* of the National Assembly, Means Vaulahelle. Trouaaard. and Deludre, tl e provisional administration of ihe arrondlsaement. and r.ha re organisation of the National Guard The account# ftorn Ihe right bank are also of a favorable character, General Duvivier ia no longer circumscribed within a narrow apace rouud the Hotel de Ville; and the insurrection lis* completely died away in that quarter; General Lamoriclere has taken energetic measure* la put down all inauricction In the neighborhood of th* Hue du Temple and the Faubourg Saint Antolne; ami I am confident that, in a few hour*, I ahall have to announce to you the complete suppression of the revolt. The greatest discouragement prevail* amongst the Insurgent par'y and the workmen who joiaed ia it, la , the places where it was hottest and heaviest; nirw ?x- 1 't press the greatest sorr-w and declare that they did not km w. what they were doing. (Murmurs.) Th# i news which has reached me from the province# f arc also most ravoraitie l "111 only mention a dispatch from Angtuleme. which was handed to ine oh I entered > the Chamber The prefect announce* that the intelligence from FTiria had excited the greatest indignation there, and all the male inhabitant* were Inscribing their name* to march to the asai-tance of the capital; the utmost eitihti><jarm prevailed I'heaeoountfl fr? ni the other part* of France are equally satisfactory. Such Is a summary of what I had to ooinmunioata te yi u I have now to re urn thank* to Heveral of mj colleagues who gave excellent idea* to (leneral Cavaignar and myself and which will be turned to proflt. I have now to propose a decree, which, under present circumstance*. is indispensable. In consequence of the agitation which has occurred for several days la Pari*. the usual work* hare been stopped, and th? } heneSt derived fr< m charitable institutions has provad 1 '' altogether insufficient. In eonsequenoa. means mast betaken to provide f?r the aubai-tenoe of the poorer classes Tlio following is the decree : Art. I Anixtrsordinsrycspdit of three millions i< granted to I be MinisO r of the lnte,i r to ?(i rd aid and assist mm ? seek perm ns its irty fuel it impo-niUe to pria ur? moans of sniatstenoa. Art. Z Tin Minister of the Intorii r and the Masor of Mtrl* are charged with the task of dividing tifc sum amongst the fourteen sir ndiMtinentsof J'stis and the llanlieuj.aa it may appear reunited. Art .'!. Measuresihall he taken to distribute aid at theic ewa i hot'sts to the inr irent either in m<-ney or food. ( Hear 1 1 his was adopted on the instant, by adhlhllamoit''* - . *1 he sitting was then su-pended. 1 . r ? J At one o'clock lh?-sitting was resumed. The Prrsiosst?The intelligence which 1 gave this morning is confirmed On the left bank of the Setae some attempts were made to raise * barricades; hut j I they were all put down, and at present everything id tranquil As to the right bank. If the measures takes have not yet restored order, tbcr have at least had the effect of preventinir the Insurrection spreading. Several barricades have been taken In the Rue .It. Antoine. and adjoining streets Everywhere the insurrt i ! ion loses ground , and the republic gaiua it. (Satinfaction ) I have to add that every hour brings in ih# troops ordered by the minister of war. and that the National (iusrds of the departments are conataatly nniri.g (n?r,ur.i.j M. E. Aaauo?All ihe mail* arrival thin morning. Ik due rourne and yesterday were regularly despatched, that of I.yon- has In en reoovered. anil planed in the l.atide of tlte l'i pt-< ffli e authorities. To-day letters will be received up to five o'rlnok, hh ueual. 1 he t'lUHitii.HT ?I wish to add. that the appearaoaa of the representatives amongst the National (Juard and the army hae been excellent I recommend tbeta to continue their devotedneaH. Yea. yea ") 1 he Minuet rr or Commkrcs said that the moat malevolent and fallacioua reporta had been spread about relative to tha quantity of provision* in Paria Ha could atate that I here were 15 milliona of kilogramme* of fl< ur in the capital at present. or enough to auppiy the a hole of the I ti habit aula for 30 daya He wished now to direct tlje attention of the Ae-embty to tha coDiineroial hill- falling due at I'aria on June id They of Ct urse bad not been paid and he should propnae te have their dale proloniied for Home daya. nay to July 6. J he Mimmkh or finance said that the b ink did not ttlnk so long a delay woe required, to tile XT th nf June aonld be long enough A Voicr.?And the lepart merits ? The Mimai i h or finance did not think any delay would be requir* d f i 'beni NiO Bui'or ibould oppose the application of the measure to the depart me nta Tha preetint event* might a fleet Paria. but could not cau-? any inoourenl? lire In the provinren. (d'h! oh!) m Stoi mi maintained that thn effect, in a ooT>nyr-_-*"r* cial point of view, would be immeiiHe lu tha departnienla. * hich were always intimately rou/iecTW with the capital Nome other members having nnokela "in tha naaa si n? . M. O Parrot withdrew hi* proWTsitlon. 'J he Asm mkly then Hiii>pt<'d a tfSbfee. declaring thai bills due from the 'i.'l.l of Junn 10 the 28ih should ha Hi ?i it five day s longer to rtin.' ' T he ei11iIiwas cgaib suspended. At a quarter part thr'n thu sitting was Oi orgs I h fay el i e in the ehsir >i. Dvcoui? I yield In the wish of a great number of my ci.lie goes mid cunte to the tribune to inform yna of *hnt I hare ju?l erfmmuniflated to <htnt*ai ' avaignac Merywh'rs (tie insurrection Is being pot do*o; the iiirnrgante h?Vk yielded ground ererywheeo , MX* *Und of arms have l>een taken The national guard hse been adnilrab'p in its conduct: wftli admirable inptinrt It n-tabl idled communications from hou?e to house end having gained there which commanded tho insurgents by di*< barges of mu-hetry from above, susciedi d in iwi epiiig them from their positions. A Voica-Where! M Di'cori ? In the Kaubourg du Temple Ths eagineers end the pi did egnellent *arvioe. and contributed it urh t? produce the resutt which I nog at>n< unci' In addition, I hare to state that tha aationsl guard of M Denis, which hefore could oot place itself in communication with those of Paris hare written word to say that they bar# now been able te eflect that Important ohject and are masters of all ths Inti rmed ate grcnnd The national guard of Mootno n ncy nialu s a similar declaration, and -takes that the Insurgents hare been drtren bach In their neighborhood Kr> m I.a Villstte the intelligence baa arrlred that the party of the population who. the evening hefore had been deceived btr erll report* hrd aaknowledged thsir error and returned to a hefter war of thinking The national guard of Paris, whleh yesterday ae< msd struck with stupor A dreadful uproar great* d this pspreaelon A a ember of representatives addressed tab bon genttemaa In the strongest language of blame He endeavncwdl ; by word and gesture to procure a hearing, but ia-vai*. % At last the whom of the .fasembly rose, with a ory at " free lm IimHr Natiimalr " M I)t ion?I regret the word stupor whloh I ased, (renewed agitation) but I did not mean toespraea any mistrust to that body of to throw out any oflbnaiveiailnnation (gain-tit It is certain that yesterday lbs National t.uerd did not mtioh leave tha hoassa that tbiy k?pt at the corners of the atreete- -(marks of disapprobation) did not. In f*c' rally roaad kbeir ohieU (ct W-e of Vee. yes. they dn . wh-reaa to-day they ra poi d*d with energy to the all made on them. A Voice Thry always it ao' M. Dticntti?With Lb tor oondaot of to-day. ovaryI A

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