Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1848 Page 3
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Theatrical and Hadal. ewiBt Tiiiatic.?There ni a.* excellent house assembled last evening to witness the performance of the fine tragedy of Eeriraai." tu which Vrs. T)il?ll and Mr. Marshall were cast for the proin nout porta. Mr. Marshall'* impersonation of Count Bertram *?' one of the best things that we have pet seen this ae onipiiahcd actor do; it waa realty a most eiloelive and ihrilling piece of acting In the first scene of the seaobd act, where he docrtbec to the I'rior his desire lor vcLgtauee, and plcluie.1 the ab nlutc pleasure he would feel in the destruction of his enemy, Mr. M wps Irulp admirable; his frenzied language sent a thrill ihioogh tho audience. which showed how feartulip natwial liia passion win. Mrs Tprre'.l as luiogene performed well; this lady, with a little more command over her voice, would be a first rate actress. J ho eatravigauza of " Kortuuio" coucluded the ,orforn snces, and .Mirs Taylor was as charming as ever in berfsit. T'>-nlght the bill is an attractive one, as will be seen bp referring to it. Miss Taylor will app? ar in ettry piece. Miiii.o", Asioa Flack.?This delightful place of auiosement was well attended lust night, aud the perlcrniances were of the first order. The entertainments cicmeuced with the iuterestiug drsmaliu pantotniue of-' Jocko, the Brazilian Ape,?'in whioh Monsieur Marlitti sustained the character of Jocko, which was done in admirable order and to such perfection, that there was one oontinued round of applause, and that was insufficient?he had to present himself and make his bow after the fail of the ourtain. Kvery character was sustained with credit to the performers. A grand divertissement followed, ooinposed of " Fas llcoesais," *Le Savoyard," and " Pas do Oallop the latter of which was danced bv Monsieur Schmidt and Mndmnni. telle Adelaide, and we must in frankness say that Mademoiselle Adelaide is one of the moat beautiful dunreuses that baa appeared before a New York public for yeara. Her every- movement ia the personification of grace, and ahe muvts over the boat da like a fairy She waa loudly encored, and called after the performance f the fas. The performances concluded with the " I n visible Harle<|Utn, or the Magic Trumpet," which la a beautiful coiniu pantomine. M. <1 Lt-^uian and Mademoiselle Matbilde appeared in thie piece, and sustami d their eharactera moat admirably. The Lehman family are re-engaged, and w<U appear again this evening, and it it well worth a viMt to witness their b-ai t fal and wonderful performance. With such a com; any as Mr. Niblo now has, success is certain. Chatham Theatre.?The benefit to the New York Volunteirs last evening, was not as well attended as it ought to have been; we are afraid that the raising of the prices of admission radly damped the sympathy Of many; be that as it may, Mr. Chanfrau and his comi any deserve much credit for the effort he has thus made to assist the war-worn soldiers. Thu performances w< nt off well. Mr. Blakely. who was to appear as Governor Heartwell, in the "Soldier's Daughter," was unfortunately prevented by sickness, and Mr. Brandon read the part. The Chatham has thus brilliantly finished the most successful season that has ever been known since its erection, and we venture to predict, that under the present management, this is but the forerunner of many equally successful ones. Chanfrau has raised the house from the low condition in which he found it, and both in the character of its audiences, and the excellence cd the performances, it stands pre-eminent among its rivals. The house will he closed for a few weeks, and duriugtin lecess various improvements and alterations w It b; umde, and it will re-open one of the handsomest, as i . is already one of the most popular theatres in the city. Castle Garden.?The performance last night commenced with the drama of '* Old Honesty;" Hollaud as Toby Pereh, and Nicklnson as Michael iiradshaw, sustained their character well. Mrs. Vernon, us Dame Bradebaw, was excellent The amusement closed with the comedy of " Paddy O'Rafferty," which passed off with great eclat. This evening, the benefit of two most deserving artists takes place?Messrs. Botteaini and Arditi. We have before noticed the great musical abilities of these gentlemen; and when it is considered that they are aided by a host of the most brilliant vocal and musical artists in the country, there la every reason to suppose the Garden will be crowded by an admiring ditliiante, to give testimony of the great merit and sterling talent of these distinguished musicians. The programme is deeply interesting, ontaining some of the most beautiful gems of the most approved operas:?Cavatina, "O Sogno Beato." from " 1 Puritan!," bj Signor Bencventano; brilliant variations on the Oboe, by Sig. Cafli; Romania," Le onde aiiure del mar," by Sig. Vietti; Grand Duo, " Kbben a te ferisa," by Signorina Truth and Signora Pico: m new fantasia, by Sig. Arditi; Terzetto, " Te sol quest Anima," by Signora Truffl and Signori Vietti and Benevuntano. The next will bo the difficult, but truly sublime piece, " The Carnival of Venice," executed by the rarely gifted and highly accomplished artist, Bottesini, whose extraordinary execution on the double bass excites the wonder, and calls forth thu unanimous cheers, of every audience he plays before. This performance alone is worth the admission money. Madaute Pico wiU next siug. by request, from the opera of* S< miramidu." " Kuomi al line in Babilonia." Then the Fweet warbler. Signorina Truili, in conjunction with Vietti, will execute a duo from the opera of" Attilla," by Verdi, and the concluding and crowning feature of the evening will be a grand duo. dedicated to the American*, which ha*, on a former occasion been received with reiterated cheers, when playod by Messrs. Arditi and Bolteeini. Here, then, is a programme of uncommon novelty, and one that id euro to altrcct thousands this evening. We wish to are sterling merit and tru# genius receive their reward, and, therefore, hope to seo this theatre crowded in every de artment. Burton's Theatre.?The array of talent which the enterprizing proprietor of this establishment has onlisted under his standard, should induce the belief that a discerning public would testify thoir appreciation of his exertions by crowded houses. We regret to say, however, that this is not the case. But it is scarcely fair to censure very severely, when it is considered that the glass is ranging between 80 and 1)0. and that the few who remain in town in snch a temperature, are more in quest of ices and cold air than choice eomcdiesaud favorite farces. The new piece drauruUsed by Mr. Brougham, from Dickens' novel of '-Dombey & Son," waa repeated last nigbt, and was received with the same delight as before. Mr. Burton and Mr. Brougham sustaining tbe powerful characters. This was followed by a dance from Miss Annie Walters, who was greatly applauded. Tbe one aet farce of '' Bamboozling" succeeded, and we cannot say that any who took part in it acquitted themselves much to our satisfaction. Tbe whole concluded with the comic ballet " Lee Fsebelios D'Amonr,or the Ladder of rove," during which Miss A. Walters, Mr. Fredericks and Mr. Parsloe danced several favorito dances to the great delight of the audience. Several novelette* are in rein arsal. and no pains nor expense is spared to provide a splendid bill of fare for the most fastidious. Ciikistt's Minstrels are singing and dancing away as merrily a* ever, and to as crowded houses as ever. They talk about going away, and have made one or ?? -? so- ' ' " ?' ..? .U>n>n >u uu. HO 1? |? |i I ?* II'* U U lUPJ Wl|| II IIU some diftlculty in leaving New York, as the folks hers never get tired of hearing them. They will give a line hill this evening. Thk MenrLAisms.?This excellent ballet company, are attn cting large audicnrcs every evening, at the Broadway Theatre. To-night will be the last representation of" Le Diable a Uuatre," tho most beautiful ballet that has as yet been presented to an American andiencc. Thursday evening, another new ballot, ailed " I.a Fill* Mai Hardee." will be produced, and, from what we can learn, it will have a* successful a run aa the other As a whole, the company now performing at ths Broadway Theatre is decidedly the best we have seen for some yearn. The scenery is gorgeous, and the dresses of tho most splendid description. Signora Cioeca and Mr. O W. Smith have arrived in town, after a very succor sful Western tour. Mr U. V. Brook is about to proceed to America; and Mr. Anderson will shortly return from the New World. Miss AVoolgar is still indisposed; and James AV.illack is uot likely to appear on the stage for cotno time bo come. Mr. Leigh Murray is to be the stsge-mauager at th? Olympic, and Mrs. Brougham the leading actress. Mart it c Affairs. stasmsiiirs nortrir.nskn and Cbeicevt City.?The following communication is from Capt. Budd, of the Northerner. It is a plain statement, and is intended to contradict certain paragraphs, published here and in New Orltane, detracting from the speed and qualities of his ship. Capt. I!, seldom troubles nowspnpeis or the public with Ida affairs or grievances; and when he de es, we arc assured there must exist good cause for sodolLg. AVc leave the matter witli ths gentlemen in command r.f th< so lie bit- ships, to aetllo as it may best suit them. AVc leg leave, however, to refer to some remarks rela tive to the subject, published in tile Herald on the 2d of July. They are as near true u personal observation ean make tlirm, and may differ slightly with one statement contained in Capt. Dudd's communication. Sir?On leaving New York. In oompaoy with the steamship Crescent City, on tho 1st of July, for New Orleans, with my steumcr "Northerner," for Charleston, I thought it best, on my arrival, to report her bearings and dietauco, on parting company, which was done, as follows Left Now York on 1st July, at 4 P. M.,in company with the steamer Crescent City, for New Orleans. On tho 2d, at 5 P. M , Cape Ilallelas, P. by W., distance 76 miles, parted company with the Crescent City, aha bearing N. G. by K , distance about H ni'les;" to which tho Mtrcnry adds, " theroby boating the Crescent City tire miles." The New Orleans fictyunt copies the parugraph front the Mercury, and remarks as follows:?"This paragraph is not exactly eoirer.t, ina'iiiucb as tbe Noriboruer did not beat tho Crescent City fivo miles. At Cape Hatteras, although the space between tho two vessels was eight miles, the Northerner was not that distance ahead. On the night of the 1st instant, the Northerner was some eight miles ahead; lut the next morning the Crescent City had caught up with her. and they were running abreast The Northerner had a pilot on board, and bad every advantage, as she was running In-shore, out of the swell;" arid also publishes an extract from tlie Crescent City log, as follows:?" Log-book of Crescent City:? "We copy the following remarks from the log-book of the Crescent City, Capt. Stoddard, on her last trip from New Y'ork to thia port, tin Havana. The Crescent City left her pier No 4 N. II., at 4 P. M , In company with the steamship Northerner, bound to Charleston, 8. C. At fl o'clock 45 minutes, the Highland lighthouse boro \V. by N . 0 miles?tho Northerner 10 miles hIk ad. On the 2d instant, at 0 A. M , the Northerner bore S. W . distance 8 miles At meridian, tbo Northerner was hesrlrg W. by N. X N., distance 10 miles. At 3 o'clock. I'. M., the Northerner boro W. N. W.. I'd miles, from foretopmast head, having gained 19 miles en in r in 23 hours. At 5 o'clock, l\ M , lost sight of her. in latitude 30 30. longitude 74 ?5.'*?These arrrd ;he Jtfc ??<-y to fall en me for the par I tirvUri of the trip, which I gave. as follows:? ' The Northerner laid head out and tha Crescent City (tern out, at pier No. 4 North (liver, in tha batbor of N*w York, on the af'ernnon of tbo Ut of July, both stenmeis >?-1 n? advertised to ieavs at 4 o'clock-Ok- one for Charleston. tho other for Now Urban," At six minute* past four, lha Northerner turned h?r ?bnl?. and at the name moment the Crescent City commenced backing out; and by the time she was fairly headid the right course, the Norlheiuer v as abreast ot Robin's Reef Light-honse. a db tacce of time u ilea fiobi Pier No. 4, North Itirer. ' the Northerner passed the Highlands, the Crescent City was about seven miles astern. The Northerner steered for Cape liatteras light, south by west, through the night and the lights of the Crescent City were plainly discernible tin her latboard quarter, until after midnight. At six o'clock on the morning of the 'Jd, the Crescent < ity was seeu on her larboard quarter The Northerner continued her aouth by west course ; and the last seen of the descent City was at 5 P M., when she bore north-east by east from tbe Northerner, eight or nine miles distance, Cape liatteras then bearing touth by west, 7.1 miles distant. , " At no time alter leaving New York was tbe Crescent City nearer to the Northerner, or as near, aa when the ships started ; and at no time on the voyage was the Crescent City abreast of the Northerner, or ahead of her; on the contrary, as the Crescent City did not it llow tbe Northerner as far as Cape Hatteras, although it was her nearest aud nest rwute. it wan supposed ehe had become tired of her useless chase, and had hauled off to cross the Gulf Stream much sooner than sho would have done if she bad been without the Northerner's company. The statement, therefore, that she gain* d eighteen miles on the Northerner in twentythree hours is palpably erroneous, as any seaman can perceive that tho Northerner had the best of the affair." This statement can be vouched for by all my < Dicer*. I have no objection to hare the came published in your respectable journal, although I dread anything like a newspaper controversy on so unim- I portent a adject, and write this statement only to satisfy those who feel more interested in the speed of the two boats. Respectfully, your ob't servant, (Signed) THO'.S S. 11UDD, Master of steamship Northerner. The Plambe National Uaguerieau Gallery, n the upper corner of Broad* ay and Murray street, should be visited by all who have nor done so. It is decidedly the most interesting place that we know of in the oity t ree of charge. One is snre to meet there many familiar faeee. Wigs ami Tonpfcs_All Persons wishing a superior Wig or Scalp should not tail to eall at B.tTCUELoH'S manufactory. No. 3 Wall stmot, bet ore purchasing elsewhere, and see his new invented W igs, unequalled for lightuess, natural appearance and durability. N.B.?Private rooms for fitting Wigs. Them 95 Suits consist of CiotU Coat, Casalmere Pants, and Fancy Vest; also an elegant assortment of Bummer Clothing, Alpacca. Cnshuiorette, and Unen Coats, $1 to $f>. A lot rt nniedeemed Pledges cheap. lJti Nassau street, eor. Beckinan. The Cheapest and Best Plaee In the City to St good Boots, Shoes, and Gaiters, is at Jones. It Ann street, near e Museum. Ilis bestFtenoh Boots, 14 60; -econd quality, from $6 60 to $4; Congress Boots, from $3 50 to $4. Gold Penu,?"Greaton's" Celebrated War ranted Diamond-Pointed Pens are now admitted to be tiie best and ehes pest pens in the world. They are indestructible exoept by actual violence, and can be bad only at No. 71 Cedar street. Also, "Josiah llayden iiC'o.'s," "Spcuoer & KaudeU's," "Devi Brown's," "Albert G. 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Fino Call, $3 ?(', usually $4 .V) aud SO. Gaiters k<\ equally as low. llilitary ken should all get their Boots of Young. THE DOCTOR. COfflMBBClAL AFFAIRS. MONiCY MAIIKKT. Tuesday, July ?5_G P. Tbe sales at the stock board continne small, and prices without any important alteration. Treasury Notes advanced to-day .S,' per cent; Harlem VJ. Morris Canal lell offJ*. Tbero is no life or activity in the market ; but the tendency is towards an improvement, and it is the general impression that a slight increase in the supply of money will be immediately followed by a speculative movement in the fanoies. The steamship United States, fiom, Havre brings five days later intelligence from Kranoe, and four from London. The improvement in consols and in the principal produce markets, reported by the previous arrival is confirmed, and the prospect is decidedly more favorable than we have noticed for many months.? We trust that it will continue, and that the depression in commercial affairs experienced in every part of Europe, will rapidly disappear and give place to confidence ?uw ?- V,v?/ M' I 1" Villi u u Ui jUUUOttjr. X XIU large rales of ootton for consumption, at advancing prices is the most favcrable feature of the news, and is all important, as it affects our prosperity more sensibly than any thing else connected with commerce. A permanent Improvement in this staple will lead to an improvement in onr foreign trade generally. The steam h p K.uropa, from Liverpool fcr Boston, is quite due, with four days later accounts from England, and her arrival is anxiously looked for. In the event of a further advance in cotton and consols having been realised, the effect upon our markets will bo of the most favorablo character. The annual report of the Little Miami Railroad Com pany, of Ohio, has just been made, from which we learn that a large amountof Eastern capital is invested in the road, and that the business is in a flourishing condition. The receipts oflix months ending June 1,1848, were $118,032. The produce freigLt earuings were smaller than they would have been but for the failure of the wheat crop in 1847. The falling off in flour alone, in April and May, was 31,847 bbls. On the other bend, the receipts for passengers and merchandise wtrc largely increased. This increase is steadily progressing, the receipts for the month of June being $21,108 73. The estimate for the next five months (to complete the fiscal year) is put at $25,000 per month, making nearly $150,000, the gross receipts for tho six months; and for the year ending the 1st of December next, the sum of $263,032 30?against the sum of 221,- i 130 62, received for the year ending 1st of December, ; 1847. It is estimated that the connection with the Mad 1 River and Lake Erie It cilroad, about tho 1st of Sep- i tember, which will complete the continuous line of j railroad from Cincinnati to Sandusky, will largely increase the business of the road. There is one fact in tho locality of this road which secures to it a certalu business in the transportation of produes and merchandise, and from which no competition can deprive it, via: There is lor each mile of road, and distributed along its line, a manufactory, mill, or distillery, which largely contribute to its earnings at all seasons of the year. Tho entire expenditures on tho road Lave been about $1,400,000. of which has been raised from stock, $050,000; loan at 7 per cent made in Boston, $20 0 000; loan of Cincinnati City, $100,000; bonds, $190,000; floating debt, $250 000. Of dividends there has been declared, payable In stock in 1814 and 1846, t-X percent; 1840,6 per cent; in 1847. a dividend, payable in rerip, bearing interest from 1st of Deotmber until dun, and payable on the 1st of January, I860, of 8>> per cent, convertible into stock during 1846, (a portion already converted;) leaving a surplus of about piigiuM; on mi abi, ui juii?,a umuuua payable ia stock ol' 4.', per cent, leaning a surplus of about $3500, to be addvd to tho previous surplus of $11,000. The j directors now propose to soil of the rtock sufficient to ; I ay o(T tha lloating debt, that they miy hereafter make dividends and contracts in cash. Th?y propone to "I'll ?000 tharcs, of $50 each, of tlic <.took of the com- I pany, urider authority of an act incrcadng tho capital, passed l'obruary -4, 1818. This will amount, at par, to $400,000, and enable the company hireaft. r regularly to declare dividends of 0 to 11 per cent per annum. We annex a very interesting table, which is compiled from official reports, showing the average per 1 cent duty upon the dutiable imports into the United States, In each of the past sixteen years. Thin period covers the operation of throe distinct tariffs?tho compromise act, the protective t&rilf, and the rerenuo tariff, as it is called InronTS or the Usrrtii States, avd ma C.noss Dutisw ON TIIE lAlISi Pr eent Dutiable Total (Iran* duty on ! imvortt. import!. ituiiei. importl. J 1KB $76,070,301 $106,118,311 $24,177,578 lit 1834 fcttmild 128,621,332 IH,!S*I,71W 33 lKlt.... 71,940,240 149,896,742 26,890,788 .32 18.38.... 97,923,444 189,950,036 30,815,328 29 183 7 71,73P,INi 1409(9,217 15,1.34,131 So 183 8 62,847,399 113,717,404 1 9,7(12, 2.3 32 ISO.... 36,090,340 162,092,!3:! T.VVUA'U 29 I I540... . 49,946,310 107,141,619 14,101790 33V I 1541.... 01,920,440 127,110,177 19,919,192 3dJ 1 1842.... 69,534,001 1(41,102,087 10,022,747 25V I 184.3 29,179,21.. 04,753,799 17,001,109 68 1844.... (94,381,4(44 108,48*,702 31,110.468 3'. 1845.. . . 96,108,724 117 251.7814 26,041,072 31 1440.... 96,924,068 121,091,797 23462,964 54 1847.... 89,049,(108 101,681,528 .Y,4.t.V36 44 * 1818... 82,0)0,000 1UM,(K,0,000 33,000,UU0 40 * Partly estimated. The tariff of 1842 brought into the Treasury, during the period of its operation, par month. . $2,001,441 32 The tariff of 184(1 has brought into the Treasury, during Ml operation thus far, per monltwXw 2.M4,eM 48 Receipts In flavor of a reoenue tariff ever that for prelection, $503,261 10 Wi have estimated the aggregate importation for the year ending J una 30, 1848, at one huudred million* of dollar*, and taken the latest official return* from the Treasury Department. as data for the revenue fir the Fame period. Tho average per cent duty ia calculated upon the value of dutiable goods imported, and not upon the total importation for each year. It will be seen that the revenue tariff has yielded a Urge revenue, and that the average rate of duty bus been larger than under either of the two previous tariffs, with the exception of the first year of the tariff of 18IJ. The tariff of 1840 has, thus far, not only rxactcl a higher average rate of duty upon dutiable imports, but a higher rate of duty upon the aggregate importation of each year, free goods and all. This is decidedly a r venue tariff, so far us it goes; but even with the hull average rats? f duty, it has failed to provide a revenue large enough to meet the expenditures of tho government. It the trne meaning of the term Krevenue tariff' is that M will produce an ineome just sufficient to meet the ordinary expenditures of the government, the tariff of 1840 is, by no means, a revenue tariff; as the above fa le i hows, that for the first eighteen months of its op? rat on, It has been mere protective and produced a larger income ti an either of the two preceding tariffs. It has produced a revenue of at least ten millions of dollars per annum greater than the ordinary expenditures of the government require, showing tliat there is still a wide margin for a reduction in the average rate of duty. The above table shows, also, that the value of free goods imported under the larilT of 1840, has not increased, but, on the contrary, that the importation tf dutiable goods liaa been greater in proportion than under the oontpromiso or protective tariffs. So far as the production of revenue is concerned, the tariff of 1840 has worked to a charm, and bat been of much importance, coming at sueh a period in our financial history; but the commercial world has been deceived in its name and in its operations, and it is full time its true character wits more generally understood. For some time past, loud complaints have been made against the oemmercial policy of the government, by the opposition, and by the organs of the manufacturing classes generally; and the suspension of many large manufacturing establishments in different parts of the country, has been attributed to the operation and effect of the revonue tariff of 1846. It is now seen wbat foundation there was for these complaints, and bow little that tariff had in reality to do with the movements of our manufacturers. They have been libelling their best supporters; and if the manufacturers have not been able to sustain themselves, or to declare good dividends, it has not been for the want of protection from the government. They will find their troubles arise more from their own mismanagement? mnrn from th#?ir ahflimcn of knnwlt>d/M in r*nn<ln/*+1 their financial affairs?more from the depreciation in prices for the raw material?from the accumulation of bad debts, than from any reduction in the average rate of duty?or from the abandonment of any of the protective features of the tariff of 1842, in the formation of that of 1846. There are scores of oauses for the depresfed condition of our manufacturing interests; but the opposition papers, and the organs of manufacturers, have heretofore been so much in the habit of attributing every mishap to this branch of industry, to the government, and to the changes from time to time made in the tariff, that they have, without any more reflection than they usually give, condemned the present tariff, and attributed all their difficulties to an act which is, 1 n fact, more protective tlia n a ay wo have had since 1828. One great argument against the operation of the present tariff, is the fact that the iron manufacturing establishments in every section of the country, have been compelled to suspend, after having lost immense sums of money, it is true that the enormous roduotion in the value of iron in England, has enabled us to impoit to any extent, at prices less than the cost of production in this country, and at prices less than the cost of production abroad. The muunfaitures of iron in Great Britain, sb well as those of cotton, at times submit to the n.oet enormous sacriiiccs, for the purpose of keeping their establishments in active opera| tion. It is better for them to run at a loss than to shut up, discharge their hands, and wait the return of better timgs; and their immense capitals, and vast resources, enable them to do so, and successfully compete with our own manufactures in our own markets. It is impossible for any tariff to be regulated so as to obviate this difficulty, unless the sliding scale is adopted, and we have no doubt the class of manufactures that grumble so much about the want of protection, he., would like an act of that kind passed for their exclusive benefit. It is fortunate they have something to blame, for their ill success, but tbeir own inexperience and mismanagement. Stock Kxehange. SSWiOO Ticss Notes, 6s 104 6 shs N Y and N H RR N5 1500 do 104? 10 do 34 1000 U 8 6s of '68 lm>i 25 Canton Co 33,? 1000 do do ooopon 104m 26j Nor fc Wore RR s60 31K ?010 do '56 slO 103V 26 do 3ljtf WOO do "67 I0I)J 100 do M mo 33 ?000 Indiana State 6s 62 30 do b75 32 X ?01/0 do 60 days 52 V 100 Reading RR 34*. 2600 Ohio 6s of '60 90X 160 Locg Island RR 27*.' CO th.a City Bank 104 200 do K? 27 X 7 Bank or America ?3>4 200 do 27 V 45 do 03 SO do MO 27S 360 Morris Canal 0 260 Harlem RR 6IK 10 Auburn (k Koch RR Ni'V 60 do b60 M ? 10 do 60 do 62,V Second Board. $1>711 State 5s, '53 knw Oil', 60 shs Harlem RR *3 5142 160 sbs llarlem RR s3 62 60 do U3 31V 1C0 do hnw 52 60 Morris Canal s3 if 2?0 do ?26 62 60 Kradiog RK slO 34 150 do MO 62 CITY TRADES RKJPOllT. Ntw Vons, Tucs.iay, July 25?8 P. M. Asiif.s are <iuiet. but firm, at $5 a $0. Cotton?The steamer's news not having had time to operate with the merchants, there has been but little done. The market, however, continues vers fiim. Floi'b, &c.?Western flour, with a good home ami Kastern demand, rules firm. The transactions reach 2600 bbls, at $4 76 a $4 87,'i for common State, Rochester and Black Rock ; $5 12), for good Ohio and Wisconsin ; $6 37)4 a $6 60 for pure Ocnesce, and $6 62)4 a $0 for fancy ; Southern is rather quiet, at $6 75 a $6 87)4 11)" Flour?Moderate rales are mailing at $3 60 a f 'i 75. Meal oonlinnas in light supply, and Hrm; at $2 50)4' for Jersey. Wheat?Tho opeialions are 6060 bushels new North Carolina, at about $1 10. Rye is Arm at COc. Oats?A sale of 2060 bushels Virg: nia was made at 40c. Corn? A cargo of Western mixed changed hands, at 62c. Fko?i?ions?The pork market exhibits but little activity this morning, and no sales of importance have taken place. AVe omit quotations, in the ab-ence of rales. Beef is firm at $12 26a$0 50. Cut meats?In saltedthero is a fair business doing ; sales have been made of 30,000 lbs. hams and shoulders at O.vlc. Lard is without change, and dull. A sale of 150 barrels prime was made yesterday at 7,'4a7)4. Butter is not fo plenty as it was, and better prices are obtained.? Cheese ranges from 3), to 6)?'c. Whiskiiv continues steady at 22,4'a22)?. Freights? Rates remain about the saiuc. Corn was engaged for Liverpool at 3)4c in bags, and 4da4)4d iu bulk; cotton at 5-32d, and flour at Is. New Vomk, Tuesday, July 25, 1848. The arrival of tho steamship United States, with later uuwh, published at an early hour this forcuoon, in an Extra Ihralit. produced no effect on the Hour niark< t, nor <>n llie value of wheat; but it had a favorable on tho corn market, which was lirmer than it was b< fore tho news. Sales of ttuur were made to a fair exiant, at previous rates. Sales of Western win at were made ou terms stated below. Sales of corn were made at nil advance for round yellow; meal was held at turner rates; rye and oats remained the sAme. Mess and prime pork was in better demand, and sales at an advance. There was a fair business doing in sugars and molasses without material change in prices. \siils? bales of 10\) bbU. w?ie made, including pots at *5 ;uid i ails at $0. The iu uket closed firm. IS 1.1 iiiir. i'luir 1 he tales rear lied about 5 000 :i u.i i.o bbls, including various l-.ts, iu which were 2,000 a : i bO Oswego, Lockpoit, ltochestur. l? 'Uesee. tec., at $4 76; (SCO do Oswego at $4 76 a $4 UUl ,Ym> do Ounc < r on pri\.ite tortus, aud -'W ilrooalyn at $6 f-ioulhoru rcmelned quiet, and 110 pale* of moment tr.iupp'rid. U ht : - Jinios of 2200 bushels of Ohio white w heat were matte at 108o; 1200 do handsome Genesee Itr at f I 20; 600 do at the same price; 3000 bushels 1 Hin'ar. and 5000 new North ( aroliiia at about ft 10 do on private ter in x. Corn?Sales foo'ed up al> tut 30 000 bus1ell in separate lots, ?niouj wliloh w-ro 7000 a 8000 bushels Jersey and Noithi-rn round yello* in lots, at 6l'e, and some small lots, In all some 2000 bushels, round Jersey yellow, at GOo; 1600 do New Orleans heated sold at 60e; 1000 do North Carolina heated at the sumo price; 7000 Ohio mixed and high mixed nt 51>*c a 63>?o, ami some parcels on private terms. Afml?Snks of 500 bhls white and yellow Western were made on primto terms. Rye was steady; 1000 bushels sold at ti'.'c a 70e. Oalt were Arm at -tdc a 17e for canal. Uy Flour?Sales of a faw hundred bhls at ?3 r.o a ;.3 02;j. llr.r.iwsx was dull, and quotations nominal. 3000 lbs. yellow changed bands at IV a 20c. Con on.?The effect of tlio news by the United States is only so far developed that it will cause hohleis to display greater tlrmums under a decreasing demand. hales of COO bah s were reported. Knit.- There was scarcely any on the market; a rale i f 350 quintals dry cod was made at $2 41 a $2 60. 1 he largo sales of cod noticed in one of our journals yesterday morning, were not known to the trade. 8sr.ii.mj.? There was more Inquiry, and something more offering; 13.000 bushels of corn were engaged for Liverpool, in bulk, at 4d. Thu rates for cotton wote about 6-32U. There was no change in heavy goods.? To Glasgow, rates remained about the same. Vst'iT.?A speculative movement in raisins to-day swept the market, and some 16000 boxes wore disposed of at private bargain; included are 1000iat $1 50. In other descriptions there was bnt little doing. Hsv.?There have been sales of a few hundred bales eemmon North lttver at 40 a C'e l?t.od bay vommanda a higher figure I Wo noticed a steady demand for dew rot'o 1 Aim ncsn, wit h va'r* of 170 bales at >1.10 per ton, part | on C months credit, and haUnrn 4 per cent off. Limb. ? Korcommon Thorna-toti th.-re *m a fair lnI qui*?, and wo noticed a sule ot AOOO barrels at Toe. i Moi.ams*?Sale* of 80 hbds St. i ron at 2tio, and I e- n?? lots of tart Cuba at Ida. Naval Miosis? The operations in rotln reached | SvO barrels at 76j for North County, and 80c for Wilmington; tome parcels of the foruier were reported at ' the lutter Hgure. Hick, nines the steamer, has ruled dull, and no sales of moment hare transpired. Si'oawf?The snles embraced '200 hhds Cuba, YluscaI vado at 4.S a4>ue,and 000 boxes brown Havana at private bargain, and 1100 do, sold yesterday afternoon at io to 5}g. usual time. I'rovisioas ?The sales of pork footed up about 1000 hbls. including mess at *11 -5, and prime nhiedy in i the forenoon at *8 87,'j. and souie lots at *0. The market elored Arm, and *11 '23 was refused for mess, end *8 b'kj for prime. Sales of 1)0 000 lba pickled shoulders were made at 4)ao Lard was quiet. Beef? Sales of 100 bbla were made at $12 60 for moss, (city.) and *0 76 for prime do. Butter was dull. Cheese ? The quotations varied widely, according to quality, while sales were moderate, and prices nominal. Lk-ad.?Since our last report, sales of 4000 pigs were made at 4c, cash. Whall'honK.?No change. WmskKv.?State 1'riaon was quiet at '22)*e ; some holders ashed a fraction more. Minvvwa ni si>iiruKi>Dv STOCK BALKS. Boston, July 24.?Brokers' ho>ird?50 shares Reading Uatlrusd. )7Jn, 26 il.) hlkl; 2.6 do IB. b 0; 2 It :l<Mnaton Ikuik, 91; I I'oMon and I rovidunce Rai'rcad, 90)4; I Old OoUuy lliulrwsd, 87<< Western Railroad, HN?; 6 Railroad, 99>^; 5 Northern Railroad, 93Ji, htd, no int; II tioatun and Worcester Kailroad. ibb's; '? Pittsburg Cop;?r Co. 50 Dividends Last Boston Co. No. 4, $4 HI. Piiiladei phia, July 25 ? Exciting? Hoard?West Mount? *3.0(0 U 8 6's (7, RMS'; S3*' 1 S O's, '53, 94L; *60.6 State li's. Mi ; *tiOU County 6V, 7''. 100 ;?975 nhs Girard Hank, la", lOjd; ill do, 1(1(1; 60 do, Id'.' j 300 U 8 bank, tj-i: let) ri J Copper, ; 3 Nor Hank Ky, (IB; 3 Phil ltank, 118; j> Miuo Hill, 6'i; ^ I'ann it Mtch Hank, 62!4'; 60 Morris Canal 1>5, 0,V ; 160 do o, 9. lisi.timokk, July 21.?$1(00 Maryland Deferred da, 70; IV, Batumi re 6s, If in. 07; 6 shares Baltimore and Ohio R 11 Co, Jh 6 do d", 80: in do Union manufCo, 19,li; United Stater tie of 186S closed at llMAs asked, 101bid; do Gsof 1867, at 10-1 ' ! asked, 104 bid; Mary'anu lis rinsed at 88ff asked, 88,!., tiki; Baltimore 6s of 18181 at 97 Ni asked, 07Aa bid; Baltimore aud Ohio Railroad shares at Bllla asked, 311 bid. Dle4, On Tuesday morning, July 26th, of a abort illness, Maitv Catherine Lockwood, eldest daughter of Alfred Lockwood, deceased. The friends of the family, and of Iter brother, Roewell K. Lockwood, are requested to attend the funeral, at No. 70 Market street, on Wednesday, 2Gth inst, at 12 o'clock, noon, without further invitation. The remains will be convoyed to Norwalk, Conn., for interment. On the 24th inst., after a lingering illness, Mr. Jesse Van Ankkn, aged 67 years. The relatives and friends of the family, are invited to attend his funeral (torn bis late residence, No. 330 Greenwich street, on Wednesday, the 2t)th inst, at 3 o'clock, without further invitation. Hi* remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery lor interment. After a long and severe illness, wbich ho bore with Christian fortitude and resignation to the will of his Divine Master, on the 25th, Roe tar McDkiuiott, an old and respected resident of the city of Brooklyn. He was universally beloved and respected by all hisfrionds and acquaintances. His funeral will take place to-morrew afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, .Nassau Hotel, Columbia street, near Harrison street, Brooklyn. His friends and acquaintances are requested to attend his funeral without further invitation, at the above time and place. On Monday, 24th in6t., at Brooklyn, Sarah An*, wife of Samuel Boune, in the 61th year of her ago. The friends of the family aro particularly invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 143 Washington, corner of High street, Brooklyn, on Wednesday, July 20th, at 3 o clock I*. M., without further invitation. Her remn'us will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment. At Cheebire, conn., 24th inst., Ann L. M., wife of Warren Doolittlo, aged 80 years. apwafl match-centreville course, trotting. yp I V/V/ This Day, Wednesday, July 20th, at 3 u'cl>ck, P. M., ii.Rich for S7C0, two milo heats, to 260 lb. wagons, between A. Conkliu's b. g. King of Turrore, and W. Wholan s b. g. Telegraph. A puree of SJO, milo heats, l>est tkree in live, in harness, free tor trotting horses that never won a purse over $&>. To eloe at the Course, ttiis afternoon by 3 o'clock, P. M. Two or more to Start to makcarace. eJOEL CONKL1N, Proprietor. OPEN TO ALL TOE WORLD-GREAT ST. LKUKR Sweepstakes?12,000 Subscribers at 16 each. The party for whom the ttrst horso is drawn to reoelve 120,000; the second horso, 110,000; the tliird burse, 110,000; to be divided among parties drawing "Tho Starters," 110,000; the like among !ic, . m," e 111 i,,i e ? v... . - r ^v.i-o?n WID, ?"HTV. wnovi'oviuivo, am v. w?u,uw OliACAJnban at ?2 each?First horse, ?10.100; second horse, ?.5,000; third horse, ?3,000; divided among Starters, ?3,000; divided among Non-Starters, ?3,U(J0. Sweepstakes, No. 3? P2.000 Subscribers at ?1 each?First horse, ?4,i 00; second hone. ?2,000; third horse, ?2,000; Starters, ?2,000; divided among Non-Starters, ?2,000. Parties desirous of security chances In eiilier of the above Sweepstokes, are requested to make early application, as each Sweep trill be drawn immediately it is full. The result of the drawing will be advertised in the " Times," "Bell's Late," and the London daily papers. To give ladies an opportunity of taking shares, scrip will be iw ued in initials, at the option of the subscribers. AU communications, to insure attention, must conuun a remittance. Foroign orders may be mado payable in London; but all letters must bo addressed to Richard Nioholls and Jamea Parkinson. Temple Square, Aylesbury, England. The third horse to be docidcd by "Bell's hile." Pnies paid any day after the race, loss 10 per cent. The raoo will te run at Dnucaater, on the 14th of Seiueinber, 1348. To prevent fraud, no scrip will be geunine hnluss the letter containing it bears the Aylesbury postmurk. Subscribers wishing to send Bank Notes had better sand halves by different posts. IO. of O. F.?THE R. W. GRAND LODGE OF THE STATE of New York will assemble at the Giand Lodgu Itoom, National Iloll, Canal street, on Wednesday, '.kith iust., at 2 o'clock, P. m , for the purpose of paying the lust tribnto of respect to our late wortliv Brother, Grand Representative James A. Coffin. 1 he brethren will appear in fail regalia. The subordinate Lodges in this jurisoic ion are requested to 4hite with the Grand Lodge, also in full rcgslia. No musio. By order. I1ENJ. J. PE^TE, Grand Secretary. ARK LODGE, Nu.2.s,l. O.ur0, F?THE MEMBERS OF this lodge are requested to meot at thn.r room, corner ofCrand and Clinton streets, this ( Wednesday) afternoon, the 2bih inst. at 2o'clock, to psy the last tribute of respect to our laie worthy brother and Grand Representative, James A. Coffin. By order. NATHANIEL OAKI.'Y. N. G. Mount yernon lobgk, no. 73,1. o. of o. p.?the members of this lodge arc n .titled to meet at their lodge mini, No. 71 Division street, on Wcdim-day, the 2tftb inst. at 1 o'clock P. M., for the purpu-o of paying the last tribute ot respect to our late Past Grand Brother, James A. Collin. The members of Decatur Lodge are also affectionately invited to asternble with Mount Vernon Lodge, at their lodge room. By order oft he N. O. ALLAN M. SNIUKN. See. ORIENTAL LODGE. NO. CM, 1.0. O.K.?THE MEMBERS of this Ledge are notified to assemble at National Hall, Canal tree', on Wednesday, 2tith instant, at 1 P. M., to unite with the r. W". G. L., of the State of New York, in the funeral obsequies to be paid to the late Grand Representative, James A. C'otflin, decerned. JOHN O. STEVENS, Aoting N. (i. Citaa. K. Tavlou, Seey. Lebanon encampment, no. is, i. o. of o. f.?the members of Lebanon Encampment arc requested to meet at then roitn, No. 71 Division street, on Wednesday, 2dth inst, at 2 o'ch ck, P. M., to jny the last trihn'.e of retp-ct to our late, worthy Patriarch, Jinn a A. Coffin. By order of W'w. L Wcmmki., Scribe. ARCHIBA LD COWAN, C. P. Association of exempt firemen?the members of tliia Association, and exempt lireoicn In general, are invited to meet at the corner of East Broadway ami Pikeatreee, on W ednesday afternoon at half-|iast twojf or the purpise of paying ,..v. .??. ...w-vv V. . U(WV ?v wii I?V? UIVV1IVI ' ,r;iu|/l> A, Coffin. Py order of SAM I .. B. WARNER, President. J. N. Pnti Lira, Secretary. Notice?to creditors of the late republic of Texas.?Id accordance with an act. uf the Legislature of thu Mbtc of Texas, " to [irnvide for ascertaining the debt of thu Ute Rrpullic of Texas," approved iStth Mucli, 1K48, notice il hereby given lo all |ers >na 1 uving claims or demands for money a-uinst the late Republic of Texas, to pre-ent the umc to the Auditor and Comptrolh r of 1'ul iic Account ! on or before the second Monday in SuTeinbcr, 1849, or they will be postponed. The provisions of the afn ceo id act require the Auditor ar.d Comptroller, Jointly, to receipt, under their seals of office, for all claim* prevented, sotting forth the par value thereof at the time the same accrued, Die date and amount thereof?distinguishing between the different classes ol chum*, in the following manner: First, the audited or ascertained claims, such ss Slock Bonds, Treasury Notes, Military Scrip, or any other audited or aeoertaiued claim. Second, all claims with sufficient evidences and Touchers to authorize them to anditnnder the lato Kepuhlio of Texas. Third, such claims ss arc not sufficiently authenticated hy vouchers. Anil it is tui tlier made the duty of Die Auditor and Comptroller, jointly, to report to tho Legislature, for dual adjustment, the prhole aim unt and character of the pulnic debt, ascertained according to Die provisions of the said act. Tlie claasiticaDon and rare 1,1 payment recommended b> them to bo subject to Die revision, amendment and ratifiuaUou of the Legislature. .lullN M. SWISHER, Auditor. JAMES B. SUAIV, CompD A t sTis, Texas, May lit 1848, A FINK PA HIS MADE CAKRIAOR TOR SALE.?A COIJPB but little used, and in perfect older. Cost between 4 and VIM) francs, to iuipnrt. t an be seen at Wong To..linson tt t'o.'s,, eoatl.maktrs 410 Broadway. Pin - I'i 0. N. It.? If not s Id immrd attly it will tie offend at public salo on .Monday,.list tilt,at Tat'ernul's,No 44*> Bioadway The owner haves for Europe by ti e Steamer of the 1st, and wishes it sold. LOl lS PHILIPPE S WINE.-FOR SALE. TEN CASES OF Tisane Sillery, from Die cellar of Ue Ex-Ring of Prance, to arrive in the United Sla es. Evidence of its autiwnueity furnish ed by the United States ('onmlnte in Part*. L1V1NQ8T0N, WILLS A CO., W Wall street. anUCTUM?ITSMATUftft SYMPTOMS, OONaBODBXCBB ^ ? the remedial and recipes, u?l? of detlivUii^, and only permanent cuie, Noo e p"iuaiieiD|r this w rk need l*j lnn? troubled wi h Stricture, f ifth edition, 5t2 pp. I'riee$l. May be had of the Author. SA Orectiw ioh street, ?r by poat, mailed Iron. MKliIlV.I. ? ,\KI>- -TKI( M KIM A KB NOW REMOVED in lia.l tli? tubal time, by Dr. Mi rr <>n'i improve I method 11 tut teg by absorption. An alriotuiei are li-e.juuiitiy complicated withui iLid r ult ot masturbation, I?r. Jl.'e mild plun of treatment will bo found *ncio- nil. Se lua diploma, with tho ?i)jn > tuiciof hit Astley C'eofcr, *e? In hit office, !#)!)? fall.ii> nUm'. L>(W HAVRE?TO SAIL TUT'. FIKTII OF AUOUMT? L Touch ill* it Ooures?Toe well kuow.i ? oemfhip U.N HEIJ STATES, t apfaiD Mia. 0. llaehiital), burthen Jfkl tout, will leaie for Havre on Sainrdsy, Anz at St", nu t will tench at Conn on the outward pavutt to lurid pi. tiger* ii",| letters. The United States will leave Havre f r New York oa S-'nriUy, 2d ol Sot b tulvr. Fat ir i 'it or pAMage, -.j ply ? . II. Vl li-llal.l, 3* Hurling Slip. PACKET SHli' R0SC1US, FOB LIVERPOOL?PASHM* pm by tliia ehlp will pi',mo be o . .atd, at Orioans whiirf, foot of M all siroct, title day, at 12 o'ol Mk, it whloh timo the sl ip will rail. The Letler-bag* will tlow at IIX o'ol k, at the n?ual pi area It. K. COI.LINM, :'m jottth it. SODA M'ater. - FOB s\!.r, A 1 ALU ABU BBCtFB FOB tonkin,- t< da water, without apparitor or machinery ; coat of making. Ill rent* per doien. Apply to Dr. Marshall, No. M Orange atieel, where aamploa may be men. i'rloe for recipe <iV DK. OLOTBR IS CONSULTED DUKINti TUR DAT AND evening at hit office, No. 12 Ann sb, (tonnerly No. 3). la thoie difficult and protracted cieoe of Stricture, Ulsct, and Delicate which hare ptorea too obstinate for phyaelaasol less eirerien, e. I'rlrate ontrnnee through the entry to tho olAoa door. Ill* Extract of Copairt.Cnbeba, o?c, u extensively pr? eribed by phyfici .no. may be had at hi* eteee in front. No. IS u* itrer't. (formerly No 2.) f'noe $1. A SD ION A III E SHIRTS, I'N EQUALED IN THIS COUNtry, warranted In every rcopcct, out and made to mromir-i tn the newest French styles, and at ;l'> j?t rent leea Hr-udway treat; can now lie had by tl>e hail Jo,.oa ot more, at Catcu'a, IIS William at., npsUtir*. J. IM'anells, so well known to the UahiouaLis trade ef Broadway for eixhtonn reaps,mivriii.cudint, 11. t'. t.l lt*N. (IK William et, up ft. |rg MORRIS lAt) WOU\ REMOVED rs??W ! No. fF Li lei* j facet It US i's.ndAWy, L? won and I h|i.i IJ /ctta. j I -i DU. MA If, Wffl PULTON STKEHT. WILL SKI,!, OS Thursday, tlic /7 th IJ I'm Iran f , iiotaiiis, nearly hot, had, nod *11 nadjr to h* put up with Unit or no axpaute, either >o Kan de*s. rrernhenpea, or barrooms. The isttfortie for making them will Vescldnt the -ante time. Plumbers are especially rc-| wale d to attend. NRW YORK IIORSE RAiUAK, St CROSBY STitEBT. John II. (intfleld, Auctioneer?Auction Sai n of II in-'*, I ?r risers, Hurhrsa, Saddles, ke., tlii* day. Wednesday, July J i, commencing *111 ' look with Carriage*, I lamer*, k... and at li o'?|, ok uith * catalogue of Hotmh. Also will I j sold this i|iy, a pood C?rt and Wagon, ? for tlio food O i.-dti.-an. for it Fas been used. JOHN H. OAT'IILD, Proprietor. Wlf. COWAN, Salesman and Maaaznr. A CARD? THK UNDBKRIQNBD, IN BBUAUP OP TUB olfici ra and iiioiulort of the Uovnrnor a (Jt.ard, 6th 1U>trn-ntt, | N Y. S. lit ttin, toko tint earliest opportunity to uiako their ??' Vnowlcds. mcntii It r tin-kind attention* receircd by the lie :uu-.-nt, I dorinp their late tour ofrautp duty nl I'eeksktll. To tl e1,tilt on and ntombent of tho JeAraon Guar I of Poukakil), ! i or thanks are especially awarded, for tin Ir a ddicrltku . ' . aud onlert-'iiuuiettt of tan Kepititeut on our arrival at Peeks, ill, and for their continued itilotiiion during our encampment. To lite TtuaKer and oititena of PeukokiU, for tlte Kind iniim?r in ?i iclt the* welcomed ua, ai d by their prcaanoe, ocoompnnietl by tl eir families, in cur camp, allow i-:t(- that wo worn welo otto iujonrnrrr in I heir town. Mr. M ood, our worthy miitler, next olaima our thanks i >r hia peueral atttutteu to llo; wants of the Regiment. To t'apt. Foster,Jof the au-amlioat Columbus, our warmest thanks are ratorntufur the accommodating manner iuwlti di 'to treated the ntciobera of the Regiment, and the Ke'ztmeu', itt livi dually and collectively, t'apt. Pinter will please aco-pt our List wieliea for hia continued health and proerwrity, thruugh a long life. And last, though not lot at. wo place in this card of thanks our lland. To Mr. Shelton, and io the lland of which he is the worthy leader, we hare to etprese our satisfaction for the pnuiipt manner in which they Invariably acceded to the drain* of the Regiment, in addition to the duties ntually required of tliein. Col. TIIUMAA K. PEEKS, 1 Mm. THOMAS I) SMITH. ?. Must JA5>. EDWDS. SMITH, ! ,, immi(, Pay Master MARK LEVY, f' "" Captain JAMES W. TAKK, ) Captain john (IRK >oky, j IVekakill papers will plea-e copy. At A HI).? iN BEuALF ON I'll KMSKI, V MS A.,I. .if their as#"?date mtmlun of iheiith Regiment N. Y. S. Mili.ii, " the undersigned, through this niodium, ret urn their ni'wt heartfelt thanks to Captain Lyons, and tho Slat* Fencihlrs, for urn very handsome reception, eveurt ami tiiiertaiumont receive 1 at U.tir I amis, by th? Regiment, on their return from Camp CoInmlus, I At l> Instant. The fact of 11lia being the first tour ot oamp duty ptrfornied by the Regiment, without their old associates, the "Feuviblea," rendered it more to bo appreciated, as showing that, though separated bod^y, wc are still one in tooling Long may thia feeling to existed. THOMAS F. l'EERS, 1 MaL THOMAS D SMITH. o. hi-ljas. Eitwrw SMITH, [ .., ? ?! Mast. MARK LEVY, V Committor Captain JA-. W. FARK, ( Captain JOHN orbuoky, J INFORMATION WANTED OF MICHAEL WILLIAM EUStace, Coaehtnaker, who wus at Tammany UaJI, N. Y? ahoat three weeka or a month ago. If this should meet his eye, Ills Father urges his return immediately to llandiniui, N. J-, or let bint know where he is. INFORMATION WANTED OF WILLIAM YUUDALE, BY trade a Tailor, a native of Cockermouth, County of Cumberland, England. He left hie native place ahout twenty-two years ago, for Montreal. Any information respecting him will bo thankfully received by his brother. JONATHAN YOUDALE, 51 Chatham at, N. Y. Mr. (.force wells, jr., will please call at No. IS Piatt It,, immediately. Toauatki'rsof coins, and exciianue broker;? Twenty Dullars Reward?Stolen from No. '.I Whitehall, on the 24th or 25th instant, a email tin box, eonutiuing one $50, new note, of one of the Philadelphia Banks ; MS loot'ru .? *. Sardinlau gold piece; 5 franca Sardinian silver piece; four 5 francs French republic, silver piece, ItUS; 1 gold quarter ?f a Spanish donot ion; 1 gold Mexican dollar, that had once been a vest button; Ave $5 American gold; it $2Jj'do do; 3 gold English W sovereigns; 1 Uolivur silver dollar, besides other small silver French and Eug ish coins.? The tin bo i noiv in writing the following iurcri|*.inu on the lid ;? "Extra d one, i arses, springs and keys. No 49370." Tho above reward will i.u g.ven for the recovery ol the articles, nud no onestious askc I, hv i pply ingnt pellekin's Boarding House, No. 9 Whitehall. New York, 25tli July, IMH. C* "I/k REWARD ?A SMALL YELLOW LEATUE.V VAyp lu lieu trunk, belonging to a pus enger by the United B itttg was either lost or sunt in the wrong direction, during the hurry ami oonfusiuu ol leaving the vessel yesterday. Any pursou having said package in their possession, aud will give information to the undersigned, will lie entitled to the nbovu reward, and the thanks of the owner. 0. n. MA RSII ALU SS Burling slh^ (/ 1 A REWARD?LOST, IN ONE OK THE iAS 1' ItKOAIIvjjl" way Stages, a pitunt. Lever Silver Wutuh and Oold Ciain. The ahove reward will be paid on leaving the Watch and Chain at the corner of Rutgers street and Last Itroadw.iy. ^ ik- JOHN MURPHY. AQ KRVVAitb?LOSl\ ON Tlt K 17TII INST,ON THE AMuniw boy River, a paeket of Letters. Whonver will forward it to jaMES M 1LSON, ltUChristian street, Philadelphia, will receive the above rewa rd. d STOLEN?THE HOUSE NO. 21 WAVERLY PLACE, WAS enten d on Monday, and a Watch taken therefrom, vis., a Cold Lupine, Yellow Face, (laid Hands, Chased or Carved lln U. with a liold Chain and Slide, set with a R?d Stone, and a (lulu Key. A suitable re sard will be paid for the recovery and return of the same to fit) Wail street. WANTED?A PERSON WHO 13 FAMILIAR WITH THE history of the late war with Mexico, and who has been in | ;batcountry, at lUi Nassau at. Applicants must bo used to publie speaking, and aopiaiutod with the army operations. WANTED?BY A FIRST RATE COOK, A SITUATION. She is an excellent yonng woman, of good morals, is vtrieU ly hoi. i st, obliging and inau trious. Can give the best of city references. Apply at 2ti James street. \I7 ANTED?SITUATION S, BY TWO RESPECTABLE ff yonng women; one as cook, and to assist in washing and ironing ; the other as tiumilcrmaid, wnslicr and ironer, or to do | general housework. Respectable refeience. Can bo men till Saturday, at No. 103 Eleveuth street, second door from Murphy's Stage Depot, between First and Second Avenues. I 1*7 ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION IN TV a reapectablo family; aha is a competent oook, warier aud Ironer, aiid has a two year a' character Drum her last place. 1'lease call ut 1'JP! I !m at reel, iu the autre. WANTS A SITUATION ?A TOUNG LADY FROM Seutland, who Id willing to make herself geuerilly useful; ahe can assist in dress making and tenet ing the elements of an English education. Address (post paid) to A. II. C., 633 Broadway. Wanted?situations by two respectable young women, one to do cooking, washing and Ironing ;.> a smnll family, who utidersiaitds lie- Diuiue;-? well; the other to do e-hemb r work and waiter in a (starling bouse. Tito host of city reference to be got from their 1 ut it aocs. Pieise to call at 21 'J Mercer a tract, in the tear, between and Amity atreeta. WANTED-A FRENCH L\OY, OR A LADY TO l EACH Franch, and Music on the I'inno, for a .iemiuary in the South. Apply to Mr. II. SMITH, 3t Water stieet, v.ith returcntes. _ WANTED?IIY A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT GIRL, a situation in n inia'l respectable famt.y, general housework. Apply at Ne. 2l)l Sixth aveuuo, within three days. ri^u CABINET MAKERS?WANTED, FOR A NEIGHA boring city.'a Cabinet Maker, in every ree|tect well <|uolibcd to take charge of aahop, w tere only the host work it maaulaotured,chiefly to order from Dometts. No otto ncml apply who is not fully competent, and can bring the best ruconuueuilalioua. Address, No. M, at the American Hotel, immediately. rpo N EWSFAI'KR PUBLISHERS AND PKOPKIETORI-A X Gentleman, convermnt with newtpaper affairs, is doairotta ot employment, s:t an Ak-istant Editor or Reporter, in this or either of the neighboring cities. Address Zetn, this ollice. ClOUNThY BOARD WANTED?IIY A L.tDV AND GEN. / tlttnan, with a family of small children, within thirty miles ol the city. Situation must be airy, aud conveniently accessible. Apply at Bex llNi, l'uat Otli c. Brooklyn-to let, two modern built houses, Ko. in and 1S6 llrtdgo strvct. Marble Mantels, aud every way convenient. Possession can be bad immediately, iuouiij at lss Itmlgo street, Hrookly n. The yueens hotel, opposite the general post Otflca. 8t Martin', I, Deand L.?.l- Tki. w K1 having recently undergone extensive alteraUomTand a groat portion of It newly tarnished, will be fotmil en trial to has* no rival in the metropolis, both in point of accommodation and moderate charges The Coflee room ta ooo ol the largest and most eomlortahle la Kan land. Hoard, (3 pot day. (lot and Cel4 Batl.e. TilliMAS SPENCER LKNNEY, Manner, Formerly Chief Steward of the British Quoen Steamship. Relereaeo la New York, to Mr. O. A. White. M Cedar utieet. Ij^Olt 8.1LE?THE ENTIRE OK TUB ONE HALF 1NTErest, in tlic Lease. <? years uuet pi rod,) together with the furniture, Fixtures and improvement*, of the i'uhlic linnae IonK end favorably known as " Tho Place," No.M Nassaustroet, nearly opposite tlic Sun Buildings. Tho proprietor being engaged In other business cannot, the 1st of August devote as much of his time to "The l'lac-o " as it require*, would dupose of the whole or the above interest to n person qualified, free from eml arrasKment, and of good character, to whom it is a rape op portnnity. lor further particulars inquire of LEWIS H. FORD, on tl.e premises, between 10 A. M. and I f. M. TO LET?TilS TWO STvRY DWELLING, hi SECOND Avciiuo. with tea room and bathing room in (he rear, range in tie kitchen,with hot and cold water. Inquire at h.'i First street Most extraordinary work?to the married cr those contemplating marriage. The married woman's Private Medieal Companion, by Dr. A. M. Uuiiriecaa. Sixth edition. Price $1. This wurkj* meeting with most astounding aale, (IM.tJUloopies liave already been disposed of.) Every female it Citing a c-ipy. whether married or unmarried, although it it landed especially lor the inanie-i. as it dlseiotea important secrets^ Which ahould be known to them particularly, llera every tcroale an discover Uie caiuea, symptoms, and the moet eUieient roraediet, and most certain mode of cure in every ease. For uala, ZO Broadway; at the Pnhliahing OfBoe, 139 Liberty street, New York; also, iiieber a>.4 Co., corner ef Cheanut and Ttiird streets, Philadelphia; Little and Co- Albany; w. k. Davit, Boston. On the receipt of |1, aeoty will be transmitted by mail, Iree of postage bo all parte of the United State.. Ail letters must be address?J Kxt pud, to Dr. A. M. MAURICKAU. boa 1ZU. .Now Torkoity" Ifoo. 119 Liberty etraet. ' DR. W1ILKLKK, OCULIST, 29 GREENWICH STREET, devotes hi* exeluirive attention to di*ea*"a of the ?ye, ami thahnic surgery. Office hour* from 8 A. M. to 1 o'clock I'. 11. A pamphlet eonuininp Home treat cure* effected by Dr. Wheeler, aii be had (rratoitomly at hi* reiidenee, or the aame will be fop, I wanted to any oue making application to him by Utter, post i Wiit I PROPOSAL)?THE 1.01 ISIANA PILOTS' ASSOCIATION vv .lib to |phi hn*c 'wo 1'ilot limit* from aiaty-tive to "evenly-five ion* tmr.bei., or*u?lit, when in balliut, not to eiceod night leet, or vi; lit leet ti ro* inch** at iuin?-; and not to be over two i year* old, w ith good accommodation* Cr ?ix t not*; v, ,tli open ' to it 1.1 end break d. tk nnndidilps all their Ami lore, taek.o ami I wtannr aj joliel In pood elder, to that the boat* will bo ftt.iy 1 i qui| |<d and ready lor < *. They ate tolecoppjred and ooppur I laeiei.ed. Il.e Prop, alt t?> r'ht to Opt. Stephen litrriiiae, Agent "f the Loi.i.irna Pilot*' AMooiation, Now Uri-nia. ll.? Mid l'n poiutl* to he no t u on or about tlie l*t to tin l.'n'i Aui-imt. U . went tho.e; ? tin bond in their Prop"" lis to ho in-it I ar.icular in denctibit g th* bat* minutely?tn-ii are, railing .nuhtive, tl u material* and* of their hull* and atnra, price. So. Jte. let it i*> understood that we want, tirat ciau sail in* tea b at?, luilt of the very beat m"t*i 1*1*. DAVID SlIEPIlERD, CYKUd I.AMONT, HENRY JOHNSON, 1 WM.Y. PITTEB, ] Committee of the Louisiana I'iloV .Vaeouiation. i Bblire, July 7" MS. 1 DB. JEFFRIES' AN'IIDOI K IS THE MOST EFFECTUAL preparation told for Uonorrlnv* and other dim.rder* of the Mixnai Organ*. Inm* experience ha* proved that it will radi- ' tally cure any caae. Tin* deairable revolt i* obtained in from J two to ten day*, and i? it neither mates nauien nor offend* th* J palate, and render* nmieooxary any deviation in diet or inter- ' ruptmn to nmal pttrenita miihd sleep or healthy digestion, >h? ' uuttnute 1* lima removed a* vpoedtly a* ia ooB?l??emt with the pn duet ion of a thou npli and j- rmaneat < 'ire. It* injredient* at" ii !! ly vi-rtalilu, and n . iniiirinu* : . rr . onsi. to- ' tinrully or looaily, r: n he ea-irrd ov It* nr. I'riee $1 (wr bottle. * Sole A Rent for tide city, C. II. KING, 192 liicadway, coiner John I treet. ______ I 1 Dr. powkll, oculist, aurist, rrc\ attrnds dAlly to h?MM of the Kyo and Bar, at hi* ornery. Ml Broad- d way, entraaee lk Warren streak Jn*t published, the aaoond edi- c Mm ot Dr. Powell'* Tnatiw on Mm Eye, price Ml oent*, whioh oeat ' be had at hi* otter; ai*o hu pretaiam *slleetiag Bye Fountain*. *' A lame tuppiy of Artidoial Eye* reoentiy Imported. . DM. U'rfKGORY's MEDICAL ANI> HURUICAI. EST AIL 1 h?! meat, No. 214 Chur dt*ir e'. II I* open d ly and evvu- J iup. Dr. U. ban l-een twenty year* exelusnoly in tie; trwit-nent if biiv.-vto ihnarea He will ujrraat a jv-rfbrteum in every 'n?e " I* rib alet s ' : f -j -ri* I ptauJl v? a *1ff It* J-t* I Bowery tijeatrr.-ivr?nehday eveviso, ji/irm 1 will be acted the graad roeaeatie apectae a of the KNit.lfT3 1 OF KT. JotJN?Belphnihe, Ulna Mar* ftiylor; So UuM * ?f 1 Bkoder, Mr W. Earwiall: Grand Maxtor Mr. Staff..rd: Mr, Warden; Rab tie Rhjrtnrr, Mr. Hnrke; Kohaaaa, Mb. Mall; Muni ho J em be, Mr. Jordan; < litrVa, Mra. Philllpa Teh* followed with thafairyextravegaoaaof FOR L'NIU. and die Reran Gifted Servant*?haron Dia.vcr, Mr. Wardoo ; K eg Atfvm, Mr. Stevena ; Kinpcmr Ma'aio, ir. Uurka; lion. Nino Per?ina Mra Sutherland; Hon. Hn Fl - .1.., Mm WnMnt; For*nuio, Mix Taylor . To ooncluda with TW I AllY OP T1IB I.AK0Flunch*, of Devon, Mtxa Mtrv Taylor. Do> re open at 7; prrfferemance commence at 7)e o'clock. boxee.23 oentr; Pit and < Mien, 12){centa. NIBLOS. ASTOR PLACE, BROADW A v.?wkd.h ksda y evening, July 'M, wMI be given a rpieu lot aerie* < I T.VULEACX? to ho followed hv tlio much admired>i? dminx of GRANDFATHER whitehead?Grandfab.e, Whitehead, Mr. M. l'lacde; i!r. Di.jton, Mr. Henry; Boh Li coin, Dttwcna; Louiro. M in R. Teihln; So run, Kohcrt*. To conclude with a new comic bulletfantoinhne, culled LOR I.EGADOllKM. ir-emud, M. Antoine; Mall'io. M. t hrietian; Petit Jean, M. Soh'iiidfc La B?lle Co'|iu licot, M'lie Adelaide; Koee Pempon, U'lle Withild*. Doora 1 |?n at a quarter before 7, oummeactaf al a.jnarte* to 8. AdmiMdon, Ml oenta. CaSILE GARDEN?GRAND MUSIC\l, FBSTIVAI WRDneaday niiig, July 2te? fien?lit nl li.iU.uuu u Aimt kindly aitia'ed liy Siguoriua Troth, Sig. Vietti, Slgnora f'leo, m*. ltenetentuoo, hignor Oath, and the Oreheatra inoreaaod, led by Siguor Rapetti. PROGRAMME?Part FIK?T. I. Grand Overture?Full Orel extra, i. Carolina, "O i'ogno I veto," Irum I'l'uritani, Bellini, Rig. FleueveaCaoa. Brill.unt vaiiationa on a Caulo Italiano, executed on the oboe, hT SI* CA 4. Romania. "Lo onde a?urre del mar, Irom the ojiora "II C'oiiaro,*oompoeed by Sig Arditi,exe"ii cd by fiig. Vie til. 3. Grand Duo, "F.tibon a leferixa," hemiramide, Row , "nl Slgaorina Truth, Siraoaa Pico. ti. Till, ..... ...... I. . .1..I V-....... - .... ... II.. on "I Dun Forcari," computed and dedicated to the Maestro Verdi, by Signer A write. 1'art Sxoowu t. Terzetto Kit,ale?"To Sol quest A nima," from tho opera AUH% Maestro V. tdi, snug by Signurina i'rufll, Signer Vietsi, .Signor McnoventsnQ. 2. Carnival of Vouics, for llio double bare, reeeivod with the mo tnthueiostic applause, executed '7 Sty nor Bo Miatri .1 Grand trio, (by sepiett) "Knomi at line in Uabiluaia," optra ol Suiuiramide, Roe.dni Bignora PINt 4. Pun, "Si quelle to Bon Rurvisuuii," o|*:ra AtIlia, Verdi ttg'na truth, Atgnur Viattk 5. Grand I)un, dedicated to the A morrow, and leooived with loud cheers of approbation, and executed on the double btwo and violin, br Signer llotterini and Signor Ardili. Tieketo bl) rents?t > be had at the principal .'.tunic Stores Mad Hotels, and at tho door. Doora open at7, Concert to oouimeaM at B o'clock. ^ Burton s theatre, chambers btrmet.-wbdnis. day Kvenlug, Jniy 2b?Will be performed ANURL IN tlle ATTIC?Tlio Chevalier, Mr. Jordau; Michael Xagaus, Mr. John Dunn; Marietta, Miss I'etrie. After which, trill tie played a POW drama, in 2 acta and 11 soenes, oil led DUX BET AND SON?Mr. Domboy. Mr. Varroy; Mr. Carker, Mr. Maraliaifc Major Sol Bagetock, Mr. Brougham; Oapt Cuttle, Mr. Burtont Walter Gay, Mr. James Dunn: Ploreie e Doinbey, Mow J. HU)( Mrs. Skewton, Mm, Huglies: Susan Nipper, Mia Brougham. Dress Circle and Marquette, DO ots< Family Circle or seoond Mas, 2ft ets: Doors open at 7 % o'elook. Cnruiv rises at 8 WALNUT STREET TlfEATRE, P1IILA DBi.PH I A.?BMNBfit of Miss Fanny Wailack?Wednesday Erasing, July 2fc 1848, will bo performed the ooinedy of the URfR AT LAW-rDaniel Dowlas, Mr. Blake; Dick Dowlas, Mr. Whealley; KautfU lli moepun, Mr, T. I'laoide; Dt.otor Douglas, Mr. Chapman: Cieiiy Homespun, Miss fanny Waltask; laniy Du burly, MpaThayea. To eouoludo with a drau.a is sketch, called tbo VtlLUNTURar DEPARTURE AND RUT URv-Father. Mr a'Beok. t; Harry, Mr. Leman; John, Mr. Goodall: Sergeant, Mr Etcrie; l ory Jon*% Mr. HudcliQe; First Mexican, lit lotunard, First Volnnloes, Mr. Bruntcn; Mother, Mm Miss Gentleftnger. Mrs. Rarnattf Di nicstie, MiseJenarc: First Young Woman. Mr-, flnakurt American museum.?p. t. baknum, pkgpiuktor? F. Ilitchcuc*i, Manager.?Splendid performances every idea noon, at o'elook, and every evening, at H. Last weak ot the celebrated Belgian Giant, Menu. Biidn, the tallest uian Mk the world, being lull B feet in height! The enormous Boa Cote stricter, 30 feet long. The three Living During Uutangs, the dnen ever seen in this country, apparently as much hnraaa as brntte The Fairy Family. Mr. Uhnbbre, the Indian Flutist Highland Mammoth Boys. Giant Baby. Waa Scripture Statuary. Madame Rockwell, the fnmona Fortune Teller. Aiknusion to thu whole, including Museum performances, 23 oenta. Children an <xer im Tcurv 01 ?nu 010 enougn vo waiit suone, otnML Reserved front MAto. one fliillinf eaoh. extra. BCHANlCh hall, no. m bkuauway, bstwun Grand and Broome streets.?Monday, July M, and amy night during tho week. Tne ORIGINAL CUKlrTTO minsTRELS. whose ooncerta during tlx pact ton moatht, liar* baas Roeived with snob distinguished favor and pa cronage, liavo tba honor of announcing that owing to the oontiuoatlon ol thoir urnenmpled success, thay will remain in tbloolty aad giro their inimitable entertainment* for one week more. Admission 'JS rente. Doom ofwn at 7, Concert ooiameneing at 8 o'vloeg. On Saturday, July '/!), an Alterncon Couoort, coinneneiog at 9 o'clock. Manager and DiRctor, 1 P. christy. Banvakd'8 hammoth panorama Of TUX m131ux. ippi River, painted on three miiee of o/inrare, bong the large et paintingin tho world, at tho Panorama Building, in Utoad way, adjoining Nlhlo'e Garden. Open every evening, (Sunday em oepted). Admission MJ eenta; ohildrve halt prion1, The 1'anoatma will eomuenec moving at ig to 8 o'oloou precisely. AItermxna ozhibiticn on Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. Grand panorama or taylors campaign uv Mexico, at the Minerva Kooma, 4'mj llroudwuy. Sherman It Tousey's Mammoth Panorama, ahowe in tlx moat perfect aad beautuul manner, the Marches, Encampments, Rattles and all the stirring incidents cf General Taylor's operation in Mexico, the greatest Painting in tho world. Open every evening?Panorama commoner* moving at 8 o'clock, precisely. Admission 20 cents?no half prioe. No charge IOf descriptive pamphlets. The largest alligator ever exhibited id to ho seen ut the llall over the Anatomical Mum-uiu, eertMtr tf lloweryand Division street, burnlredj who have tioiunl thle Meinmoth of thewatcry deep, are astonished at she enormous sfaa of the animal, and uic also surpneod at i a capture. Huob, however, erlccu cs the superiority of man over all other on koala? sinco there is none too powerful for his skill and strength. Admission only 12)4 cents; children half pries. The animal was purchased at >n enormous er|?i,so, snd is indeed a great ciiriesity. P" ahk. theatre.?the saloons and uatta wr tuuj Establishment are now to let tor next Season, or a loagqr period if required. eommeneiug oi or about the Arte day M September next. Undeniable security will be re<|uired. Tho com ditions under whiofi the^ will be lei, ean be ascertained on appU | i ?" ?* - ?i ""tir'."c?')Rnyw. 4 Barutoy e'reet, AN KM IK.MON AT SEA.'-EOIt if \l,I PA X Ml kKu* ? *lhe fine Ex j rvss steamer 11L'EN A VISTA, Nathaniel Jarris, will leave pier No. 4 North hiver, at i! orrew, Thursday, Die 27th July, fur Halifax, N. 3. direon she is ex|ec eii to artiee at 11 all fax on Saturday, and wHI leirve agate lor lii'stnu on the Weill esduy following, wlu'te ehe will probably arrive on liiday. This i( a hue opportunity for aa excursion ?pon ti e ocean, betides aPorliac a |eaar? for nueiaeu man to llaBfax. The lare for the excursion round to Uatttax and badh to llosfon will Ic Sit'- 1'are fo nali iu only $10. For farther parti. u'ars, a| ply to ll o o:.| tain on board. [AUK THE riSIIJNU HANKS, OFF SANDY HOUK?TlfB X etauncii sea strainer Buffalo, Cap I. J. W. Uai.cox, will rua every ti unlay, Tuesday. Friday, and Sunday. The aaa ataaaaer James Madison, Captain L. Sunon, will ran every Weduoodoy and Tliuraday. UolIi boat* will leave tbe loot of Kobiiw eon etreut, at 8 o'clookj Canal itrvet, 8><: UammuMl atreet, 8Vj; Catherine atreet, K K, 8V ; Urand street, U; n* No. S N. K. VX A. U.; retuminj by# K M. fUfteefimen Ui,Bmr and bait, on board. Silas Til too will aooompany Km James MadU (on, and C'apt. Smith, that old tisiiermu, with bit harpoons will bo on beard the Buffalo. Faro Mi cent*. YOI NU BACHEIAJIIS' HOI IF.TY SOIKCK, TUUKSDAT Evcniny, 17 ih leec?Hie su am bo at Coluuibu* will i?aww pier footer \V arrcn atreet, at half.paatT o*el. oh; No. 1 North River, at 8 o'clock, and pier foot of Market street R. R, at half post8 u'cl< ck, 1'. il. By order ef the CownuiUae, W vt. S. Hassal, Seo'y pro torn. JOI1 x Mil.I,I, Trust. "1KT AT IO.NAI, REFORM Pit: NIC UJ.Mfl iiLAimMi 1^1 VIr.nday, the 7th Augnst. In the simmer Mudiua and bii|?, 1 sr particular* see hand bills. A. W. Lsay, George Adam ami David Marsh. C< mniittee of Arrangement*. a Nf.w vurk yacht club?attiiz second okndral Meeting held on tlie Ibui instunt. it was resolved that the hquaeron atari on the annual excursion on the first of Aagnat atrl, and proceed to Huujr Hook, and frooa baoN to ixt place an thall be agreed upon. Th? Yacht* to laadervuus on that day at the Club Home, Ely man Fields, by throe o'clock. Monti at halt part three. 0. R. J.ii OWDOIN, July 111. 1MH. H*i<?rd1ng ccrelary. fTUIl. ADVERTISER, AT PRifciKNT RESIDING IN (JINX cinnati, Ohio, having a first, rate eonneotion among Tailor* and Clothier* there, would like to en er Into an arrangement with some Louie who would wiah to establlah a branch in that nourishing city for the eale of Dry Goods and Trimmings in their line. To such, or to any one having a moderate capital and some credit, wishing to eatullish a safe and lucrative busiaeng thia nils rs a most own ruble opportunity. i'or furth-r fwrioulase apptjr to A ., rare of Hums It Abrahams. Clothier', Cincinnati, Ohio. G1 AVS CANCIIAI.AGC'A ? Til IS i.NVaLI'AHLE AND I unique California Medical Plant, ae iumanic are developed is rapidly suferseding every medicmc, as n ample raoarta of canting the healthy uc.iuu of the stomach, aud preserving ito tone. In fetors, pulmonary complaints, aud all diseases nhieh uuiv ha traced to constipotiou of the towels, or Impurity of the bloooLtte su|?rior efhcacy is commending it to genorJ attention, The proprictoi, with a view to sunjeet tha same to the striated tana imy, aill to grslilicd in ranking known to physicians and htralius who may Is) pleased to rail at tha Depot, X Ureal way, soma must remarkable cures efleeted and in progress in thieclly. TEl EGRA I'll VI I UK?TBI.EURAPtl W I H E, TWIJTED. floated r.nd oiled, on hand and for rah', aud war ran tied If he equal if not superior to any manufactured la thie or anj ether country, Orders supplied at the shortes* notice. E. HIDDEN, titil Walor straal CtOLBVS l'ATENT H LOTTING PA PER.?AN ENTIRE J new and useful arli' is, for Uie use of schools, eellegeg pnhlta otbi .*, itc. and now in use by most of the prineipul b-rohksipMe in our lauhs and poblio otlioes, lor s le in pannages'rem Is to 4% b* A. .RaVEKA k f<>. Sole, M Maiden Lotm. LKIK hAl.K -A MAHOGANY 8ECUNMUAND PIANO A Porte, sir octave, good tuned, end in good order, aa ICiAUth AvcLtie, between lath and 11th stive a. inaos repaired at tha | llteft eat natiea, DH. K A I.I'll, A l/TUOK OP Til h "PRACTlCAJb PRIVATE Treatise,' he, NJ Crw nwioh street, ettlee hours II to 11 A. M_ 6 to V 1'. M? (Sunday excepted.) Tbosa who apply in the early stages will b* surpr.sod si the rapidity and Utile inconvenience attending their cum Itu chiefly. bowsvat, those who have saE fend from a certain class of people, or otherwise, whs eon properly appreciate his eerviccn In striouirv, trum its Arst er incipient, to iu more advanced and dntrveaug stages, (from nan son advantages, in addition so n eery ertansivs practice in this x m plain tj ha can afford a rnptd^ easy and radical ours, whiah, k* )u|nn?ii?mni|,ni nmauiM trom bo own dun* IB treeriea. Doctor Iavor mas removed ijis ornca to 61 LK)V street, v. licit) lie can bo consulted on oil print* UaeBie*. 'Ilio iu"i*t obstinate yield to In* rood* of treatment winch ia on the non-u>erumial ay*tern. Stricture* ennet on It* moat approved plan. IVraon* wImi hare injured Uiemwlm by in?ti? reel indu.geacc* cau apply with a certainty of cure. uia% M Styx?a rpilE EXCESSIVE IIFAT Of Till, WistTMRrf, Al.rBRX nating vvlih tudden chancer, evpeeea many to attaoa* of cc lilt, cciihci nintlriii, p iu in tlio limbs, lie. A "crtain auil nvn -ratio inre ia iu lu found in Mr*. Carroll's Vapor *ru. Il6l IIroadway, tw o doer* above l.eoi ard street. S? plvur bathe for dhetara of Hie tb u alwar* ready. XMi UVM NO Ci'l.vKCjlS. ?UK. MUKfliY Uf U COLO it afreet, ia conbdcatiaiiy consulted on all toama ol private dim nor*. Recent oa*va ' I nou rtiluna he ouroa in 1 to 1 da) a Conaht kational daldlitv and inipotency sucuundully treated by Dr. II No m tenry uaed in any on so, or hindrance (rum buanesm CM* nOoU etoeet- men from 7 A. M. tol I ? NOCtnu.J,l? OI'A.VK siKNirp membero1^-4' Surgeoa% Loudon, may M lonaultediatr)""-1*'' . .'im?ee. No matter how (tag ron may tutve$i<J* , trthe eody. or in the throalor ?ina intMhei . rr ui the lata A praotioe of Cmmaem -ear*, devoted , tiu dim-turns unable* I>r. C. be enre Mm rorat form of th dim*re. Koceut sa?cs oared ia few daya? vn mercury aaod Strictures cured In ones* two week* nth caruely ruiy pain. Constitutional debility. Thoee iadlifclaalp iho have indulged in a certain loathsome hatatenn positively M entered to heaitli and fooiety. lUmmtbet, IU Dunne iMeet, *pK>sitc lie. Jhneon'a | N V \ 1,1 lis, ( IIII. I'll s AMI IN fx N rs. -IIEt K K.h V P(. I rina lias the ?trouicat reeommendaliot.? Irons the fuoalty M a lieiclie article, lar ?u|? f-r to arrow root et any inerv .uayuteons substance, yield.ex strength to the nyuteut and furnishing lie n.alerial Beit wary lor tlio Ann at ion of mmwniar tibra aol one. Sold by all the print'mil DrwircW*? whuloaalo by IIEt KKR hi flHt I I'll Kit. HH i b?r*v?A NttTltK?1US hCBSCKinU 0IVK3 UI3 1'EKotht W. atieullon to buying, retting and sxrhaiistiig Real KaUiw Fall dtM-riptlon* In Ihxton or viuimty. Alao lur *aie, a beat* *n I cr <( f.irm* in different motion* or ihe soon try?pvreus 'rout ft "to IJb.uflft N*??? and wrhan nv>dtaiei ?. 'X1.1* 15 5ft. . O ' ?**?? -WA

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