Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1848 Page 3
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Police Intelligence. Railing ? >Wt*d.? Officer* Ktepheus of the lower police end Miacho of the Siitb ward, arrested yesterday moruing. two young men, Germans, by the names of Herman Brent and Carl Banter; Brent bae only been in the country ten days, and wae bearding at No 134 Ureeuwich street; where he robbed a room mate, by the name of Jacob Roggy, of $131 In fold and fire franc piecea.on Monday morning laat, and then left the boarding-houee taking up hie quarters with Sauter, who oecupiea a room in William street; the money was put by Brent into the possesion of Banter, for safe keeping; and on both being arrested only $77 was recorded, which was found in the poasession of Sauter. It appears that the thief, Brent, Occupied a part of the tame room with Roggy, and during his absence. Brent open the complaiuaut's trunk, takes out the money, aud leaves the boardinghouse. The loss of the money was not dtscorared until yesterday, when, Roggy going to his bag fonnd it empty; aud suspicion at once fell upon the accused, search was made, and the result was the catcumg me j:lm":n an auuve niaieu hhfuj it iraaw in hard wirking man, and had caved up this little cum in order to return home to Switierlund, hie native country. His passage was already paid, aad ou preparing to go on hoard chip yesterday morning he discovered he had been robbed The complaint wan taken against both parties, Brent aR the principal and Sauter aa an aceeccary after the fact. Justice Lotbrop locked them both up for trial. Ckargt uf Burglary.?Officer Jube, of the Tenth ward, aneated. yesterday, erancis Boyle and Bill Johnson, altar Wm. H. Smith, on a charge of burglarioucly entering the i tore occupied by Wm 11. Smith, No. 243 Grand .<treet, stealing therefrom $2iu bank bills and $7 in silver. Justice Osborne locked them both up for trial. Prize Fighters frustrated ?On Monday morning, a little before ten o'clock, information was given to Captain Johnson, of the JCighteenth ward police, that a prise fight was to come olf in an open lot, in Thirty eeond street, Fourth avenue. The captain immediately hurried to tho scene of action with a posse of policemen, and just as they were forming a ring for the pugilists, the captain arrived on tho ground, and olf they started in all directions; and thus the fancy were debarred from one of their glorious amusements. Charge of Fulsr Pretences.?A man by the name of "William A Rocs was arrested, yesterday, on a warrant iaaned by Justice Lothrop, wherein he stands charged with obtaining four bales of gunny bags, valued a $160, under the following circumstances:?Mr. Ross it appears, has been doing business within the last two or three months under the tirm of Wm. Bruddock ? v>v., iuuiiuiimuu uiercii.iu is. ivo. .'u oruau sireer, and exhibited cards to that effect, purchasing goods of all descriptions, under the pretence of paying cash on delivery; but when delivered, the clerk, on presenting the bill for tbu same, was told to call again,?and during that time the property was eonveved away beyond the reach of the owner. Under this system. Ross called upon the Arm of Crocker & Warren, No. 18 ileaver street, and purchased four hales of gunny bags worth $150 for cash, in the name ef Wm hraddcck & Co., and requested them to be delivered to his order?of whieli, the following is a copy:? New York, June 24.1848 j Messrs. Chocr>:h tc Waiirkn, 18 Beaver street:? ricase deliver bearer four bales gunny bags, bought this day, by respeot, WM. BRADDOCK k CO., 90 Broad street. Upon this order the property was delivered, and the next day Mr. Crocker's clerk called with the bill, but has been unsuccessful in obtaining the money.? , Since this transaction. Mr. Crocker, upon inquiry, has discovered that no such Arm as Wm. Braddock fc Co. were in existence; that the so-called Braddock is the said Wm. A. Ross and no one else?and that he is well known by many merchants of this city and Philadelphia to their sorrow?having obtained goods ' flrcm them under similar false representations. On being brought before the magistrate he was recognized atonee. This case Involves rather a nice point in ' law?whether the ofTenoe alleged is a forgery or false representation. The magistrate, however, h the accused in custody until the case is further in tigated. Juvtnilt Burglars.?Two young boys, undei Ive J ears of age, by the names of John Crane and John (ughe, were arrested yesterday ' officer Smith, of the 5th ward, on a charge of m ug to break into the dwelling house. No. 32 I ut treet. They were both committed by Just: I othrop for a further hearing. -i Desperate Jlltempt at and the Burglar Caught.?About 3>,' yestei i.iBcer A. M. C. Smith, residing at No. li t was aroused by a noise, proceeding from t of house No. 120. He immediately opener w and called the watch, but not receiving auv he requested a person passing to watch the house a few moments, until he could dreBs and reach the street. Upon giving the alarm rap. assistance came from the 6th ward station house, headed by Capt. Magnus. The house was immediately surrounded, and the inmates aroused. Upon effecting an entrance, a scrutinizing and vigilant search was commenced The lady occupants became very much alarmed. and one in particular, made some very energetio remarks upon the carelessness of the servant girl having left the silver plate, bse.. in the basement. By this time the whole neighborhood were on the qui rive, and a general search commenced I for the burglar. Several of the police were pcrohed on the fences and the houses in the rear, for the purpose of cutting off the retreat of the burglar, in case he should make an attempt to escape that way. By this time the party had searched the entire house, with the exception of the basement, upon reaching which, they effected an entrance by bursting open the door, and immediately seized tiie burglar who was endeavoring to make his escape from the window, after havin, demolished some 20 or 30 squares of glass. Upon capture and examination, this desperate burglar, proved to be a large Newfoundland dog, belonging to a friend of the family, who was staying, for the night, at the house, and who placed the dog in tho basement for safe keep Ing The Weekly Herald for Kit rope. The steamship Hibernia will leave this port to-day at noon, for Halifax and Liverpool. Tho Weeklj Herald, in French and English. for European circulation. will be ready this morning at 9>? o'clock, in time for the steamer's mails. The Plum be National Uaguerrean Gallery, ea the upper comer of Broadway and Murray street, should be visited by all who are desirous of knowing how to distinguish between a good and a poor picture. The Idea that many nave, that these is not any difference inldaguerreotype piotures, is errontona The "Rlchellen" Diamond Pointed Gold Fens, sold by B. I. WATSON k CO., No. 15 Wall street, are the beet and ebeapoet pens in use. l'oints warranted for five years. Gold Pens and Gold Cases of every description wholesale and retail at the lowest prices. Oold pens repaired. Gold Pena._" Greaton'a" Celebrated Warranted Diamond Pointed gold pens?indestruetibleexoept by actual violenoe?admitted by all to be the beet and cheapest pens in the mid. Ah* ha hiii at No. 71 utrecL 1 n?ar the Post Office.) Levi Brown's r?na at redaoed price*. Gold pen* end cm** repaired. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. HONK V HARKBT. Tuesday, Aug. 1?0 P. 91. Of the *tock sale* this morning, llarlem only improted. That stock went up!,'; Treasury notes fell off 1; Ohio 7's >{; United States 5's >?; Long Island railroad >*; Erie railroad X; Reading X; Canton Company XAt the second board United States O's improved V No particular change in other stocks. There is not a very great demand for foreign exchange. The steamer leaves on Wednesday. The quotations on London, are 100 a 109.1?; on.Paris. 5U2>? a 5f20; Amsterdam. 40?4 a 41; Hamburg. 35*t a SO; Bremen. 78 a 78J4. Tho third annual report of the Connecticut River Railroad Company, gives a very flattering account of the operations of the road during the past year, and the present position of the affairs of the oompany. Its financial condition and prospects are exceedingly favorable. Since the last report was made, two dividends have been declared and paid from the net earningsone of three and one of four per cent. Tho receipts of the past two years have been as annexed Connecticut River Railroad. Total receipts for the year 1847 ?128,061 Total reoeiptsfor the yearending June 1,1848. . 141,083 The receipts of the company for the first five month* in each of the past two years, show the improvement which has taken place this year Receipts first flvo months, 1847 ?39,025 Receipts first five months, 1848 59,362 Inerease first five months, 1848. $10,737 This increase amounts to about fifty per cent, and is on the same length of road. The business of this line is entirely of a local ch araoter?and the manufacturing Tillages through which it passes, secures a 'arge amount of freighting business. There is, therefore, every prospeot that tho aboyo ratio of increase will be realised throughout the year, and that two dividends, of at least four per cent each, will be made in January and July next. The extension of the road is in such a state of progress that it will probably be completed and ready for active operations by tho 1st of November next, which will open the communication with Brattleboro', Vt . and attraot to this city all tho trade of that valley. Between Brattleboro' and Bellows Falls, there is a break of sixteen miles In the great iron chain, for the filling up of which no provision has as yet been made. This will soon bo covered by some company, and the connection made between Long Island sound and the Canada frontier. North of Bellows Falls, eighty-eight miles of continuous railroad are in progress in the valley of the Conucctl cut river, and will probably be completed sometime this year. Still farther North, portions of the rassumpslc river aud Montreal railroads are nearly oompleted; and before the lapse of many months, there will be one unbrokon line of railroad from the St. Lawrence to Long Island sonnd. The completion of the New York and New Haven Railroad will connect this city with this lino and all tha other lines of New F.ngland, and must open lo this city the trade of an Immense section of oountry which has heretofore been almost shut out from us. The population, Industry, resources, and wealth of tho Connecticut river yelley, must rapidly increase with these additional facilities of getting to and from the largest and moat important market in the Western world. Whatever point this city may have reached, or whatever position it may oeonpy in the commercial world, it has been thus far dependent upon few artificial advantage*. It* geographical location and natural resource*, have given it that superiority it enjoy*, and there is in the course of completion works of art, which mast give as an impetus greater than ever yet realized within its history. We allude particularly to the numerous railroads in the process of construction, North, East, and West?t he Erie Railroad, stretching to the shores of one of the most important Western lakes, the Harlem and Albany Railroads connecting this city with the lines of railroads running through the interior tof this State and Massachusetts, and running North to the southern point of Lake Champlain, and the Now Ha veu road connecting an with the numerous linos running from Long Island Sound into the interior of all the New Kngland States, and perfecting the communication with the Eastern extremity of Maine. These roads will open a new era in the commercial prospects of the commercial emporium, and rapidly Increase its wealth and greatness. In connection with this vast plan of internal improvement, wo must not lose sight of tho rapid increase in our steam communication by water, with not only every part of our own country on the seaboard, and on our magnitlcent navigable rivers, but with all parts of Europe, Mouth America, and the West India Islands. We can see what a few years have already accomplished in the navigation of our rivers by our steamboats; and what a few months have accomplished in the navigation of tho ocean by our steamships; but we can form n o idea of what the next five, or even the next two years will bring forth in this branoh of enterprise. Our splendid ships have ploughed the waters of every navigable sea on the face of the globe, and they have been the wonder and admiration of every nation; and we are destined to occupy the same proud position in relation to steam ships. The success which has crowned our early efforts, is sufficient to urge us onward, without a moment's faltering, until we have reachod perfection in that department of mercantile marine. This port, must from its position, be the grand depot of this new business, and we will, of course, have tho full benefit of the trade derived from this new mode of communication with all parts of the world. It will thus be seen, that the next few years will give us an impetus greater than we have ever before realised, in a similar length of time, and plaoe us so far iu advance of our contemporaries, that we shall hear nothing more of their competition for the trade of every section of the country. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity of certain articles received at St. Louis, from the 1st of January to the 1st of July, in each of the past throe years. The direct shipments of produce, from points tibove, for New Orleans, and the Ohio river, or any that is trought in by wagons, are not included. Co.m.mebce ok St. Loots?Imports kor Six Months. 184ti. 1S47. 1843. rotaco, hhds 5,338 3.4CI) 4,701 IJCBll'. blfl. ... 21.282 ftl.847 01K.NI t Lead, pigs 120,352 358,528 338,818 Flour, 1 uls 113318 235,371 150 979 1,200,871 1,841,4-0 938,252 427.250 344,073 210,IKH | ' " ? 182,065 101,010 | Kjc. " 3,247 2,212 3,840 Barley, " 13,041 28,108 05,030 Beans, bbls 2,283 S.2C0 2,340 140., ska 700 2,382 1,207 Flaxseed, bbls 1,790 3,655 0,418 [ Fruit, " 3^74 7,560 5,097 Do., ska 1,088 8,301 2,900 I Potatoes, bbls 2,733 1,820 000 ! Do.. ?k? 10,006 19,330 17,420 Pork, bbls 43,621 3IL992 08,455 | Do., hf. bbls 30 250 043 Beef, tea ? 1,162 3415 I Do., bbli 12,202 2J80 2,205 Do., hf. bbls 126 192 ? 1 Bacon, cks. and tos 0,0W> 11,450 20,50.5 Do., bbls. and bxs 457 1,0!*) 4,4ol Hulk meats, lbs 700,430 2,522,118 0,625,241 Lard, tes ? ? 3,482 I Do., bbls 23,537 28,203 70,912 ' Do., kegs 12,269 7,175 9,544! Butter, bbls 647 010 066 Do., kegs, firkins, Sic 1.565 1,200 1,040 Cheese, cks 270 53 22 Do., bxs 5,463 2,379 3,142 Tallow, tcs and cks 105 40 121 1 Do., bbls 916 171 287 Beeswax, bbls 338 316 325 . Do., pkgs 374 400 382 Beef hides, 50,267 42,836 40,443 I VV hiskey, bbla 15,705 13,038 17,065 1 Supar, hhds 8,042 8,130 17,500 l>o.. bbls and bxs 2.492 11,517 6,784 j Molatfes, hhds and tcs ? 368 153 Do., bbls fy>80 4,707 19,215 Coffee, bags 42,913 30,296 33,536 ; Salt, sks and baas 70,082 68,150 118 472 Do., bbls 35,135 11,662 14,37'J This merely include thcr quantities of each article ; loaded at St. Louis by steam and other boats in the river. It will be perceived that there has been a very great increase in the receipts of provisions of all kinds this year, compared with either of tho previous two. Breadstuflfs have not been so active this year as last, but the decrease has not been so great as at many other Western ports. When we take into conslderation, prices this year compared with those current in the early part of last, it is astonishing that the receipts of produce generally have been so large. Stock Kichnnse. $900 Treasury Notes O's 103 170 sha Canton Co 31k tOOO do 162k 50 do 860 31)J 2000 V S 6's ef '62 108 175 do 1.30 32 500 do 6's of '67 103?,' 75 Nor and Wore RR 29k 1000 do do 103k 50 do bSO 3U}? 1000 C S5's of '53, coupon 93 100 do b 12 rnos 33 33 10C01'enu S's 73*, 100 Harlem RR 60k 10000 do s 60 af 30 73 .140 do 51 5010 do 73k 300 do s60 51 5000 Ohio 6's of 'CO 99% 130 do 61W 3000 Ohio 7's 102k 150 do 51*2 100 Morris Canal b 30 9>, 50 Long Island RR 26k 100 do 9 100 do nw 36', 12 shs Eank of America 93 150 do 26 9 do 92f, 160 do 25k 50 Farmer's Trust 25k 350 do 25k 100 do 1.90 27 k 100 do 90 days Xfi 150 do bl& 20k 450 Reading RR opening 33k 110 do 26k 10 Reading pref s 12 ins 50 1(10 do b90 27 25Iiarlem RRprefsl2m 90 10 Syracuse in L'ticu RR 115 26 Erie RR new fall Cik 50 teuton Ce 31k Second Board. $10000 U S 6'i of '68 lt'3?u 2(J0 ths Leng Island RR 26 100 aha Farmer*' Loan 26)$ 200 do b60 26'4 00 Long Island RR s3 26 CITY TRADE KJCPOKT. New York, August 1?3 F. M. Ashes?Tots are firmer. We note sales of 50 barrels, at $5 a $5 12)$. Pearls continue steady, at $0. Cotton?The market.this morning, opened buoyant, and prices hare an upward tendenoy. The sales reach COO bales. Flour, ?c.?The demand for Western Canal Flour is good, and there being but little afloat, (the greater part being in store,) holders are enabled to realize full prices, and in some instances an advance of 6)$c per bbl; the transactions add up 1000 bbls at $4 81)$ a $4 04 for ordinary State and mixed Western; $5 a $6 12)$ for good Ohio and Michigan; $6 25 for favorite Wisconsin; $5 25 a $5 44 for pure Genesee, and $6 56)$ a $6 for fancy; Southern remains about the same, $5 76 a $6. Meal is in fair inquiry; sales of 100 bbls Jersey at $2 62)$. Wheat?We note a sale of 2.000 bushels good Ohio at $1. Corn is drooping, and sales are done at a decline. They include 5.000 bushels, part high mixed Western, at 55)$e, and balance Southern white at 52s, Rye is in request at 70c a 71c. Oate are selling in a small way at 42c a 42)$o for Jersey, and 46c a 47c for Canal. Tuesday, August 1?6 P. M. The flour market was Arm. with rather more doing in common brands, which were in light supply. The Oswego Canal navigation was said to be interrupted. The market closed flrmly at about 12)$c per barrel advance on previous rates. Western wheat sold on terms stated below. Sales of corn continued to be made of mixed and flat yellow at previous rates, while round was less firm, and sales made slightly under the asking rates of yesterday. Meal was steady. Rye remained about the same. Oats were rather dull. In Provisions, Tork continued to be rather unsettled, with moderate sales, on terms stated below. Lard was quiet. There was a steady business doing in Groceries, without material change in Driccs. A?hk??Sales of about 100 barrels were made, including pots at $5 a $6 12)4, and pearls at $6.;f> ?.?Flout?Tbe sales of flour amounted to about 7.000 to 8.000 bbls.. in separate lots, includ- , lng about 6,000 to 6,000 this State, Oswego, Sc., at $4 87)4 a $6. Some lots of pure Genesee at $5 50; 300 ! bills. Ohio, at $4 87 a $6. Sales of Oswego mills were made at $4 87)4, and 500 a 000 do. good Oswego were , reported at $5: 400 do. fancy Genesee sold at f5 62>4. , Southern remained Inactive at $5 76 for old, and at I $0 for new. Wheat? Sales of 700 bushels St. Louis, i via New Orleans, were made at $1; 0,000 do. Ohio sold at $1 05, and 2.500 do. at $1. Com?The market was less firm, and sales ware made at a decline The trans- j actions reached 40,000 bushels, including 10,000 round yellow, at 69c; 0,000 flat yellaw, at private bargain: 6.000 mixed, at 55c; 4 000 high mixed, at 55)4c; 4.000 ; mixed Southern, at 61c, and 600 handsome New Orleans, at 64c. Meal?Sales of 400 bbls. Jersey were made at $2 63)4. Rye? Sales of 2,000 bushels, at 70c, afloat. Kye Flour?%aies of 200 bbls. were made at $3 611)4. Oats were dull We iiuote canal atdfio a 46o. Bex*wax ?Sales of 2000 pounds were reported at 19c. Cor to v.?The market has been steadily increasing in strength during the last week; tho sales seldom falling below 1200. and occasionally amounting to 2000 1 boles, daily. The chief buyers have been for the Liverpool market, aided by a few continental buyers, and ! some speculators. The sales, yesterday, were 1200 j bales, the market closing with an upward tendency. ! The flotations for this steamer are as follows: ? Upland*, Florida. N. OrUtin*. Mobile. Ordinary ? _ (i 'l n flW (iJ4 a 6) 4 Middling,., r? . .<>>4 a fl,'? 6)4 a6',, 6^ 6)4 Good Middling,.6)4?Va?)W ? ? Fair, 7U 7M 8>, 7\ Fully Fair 7)4 ? 7% 7)? a 7% 8)4 8 Fuh.-There was rather mora done in fish, to-day. particularly mackerel, of which some 400 barrels No. 3, changed hands, at f>4 12)4, which was an improvement. 100 do, No. l's, do. (Gloucester inspeotien) at f.7 25. and some lots Of new No. I"s and 2's. at $8 75 a j>? 76. From 2200 quintals dry cod, ofloat, some 1100 have been sold at f'2 44 a M 02k. Herring were in light supply, and firm: good scaled would oommand 60o. Far it ?The transactions embraced 300 boxes Mala- i ga lemons, at private bargain, and 1200 do, dry raisins, i at H 60. ... - J Him? A sale of 70 bales haadsome dew rot tod American *u mode at $160. Liio?Within a day or two abont 16,000 pig* hare been cold at $4 cash. Moliimi-There was a ntoady business doing in this staple, at fair prices. Among the paroels disposed of were 300 hhds Porto Rico at 22){a to 23c ; 130 do Cuba Muscovado at lPo ; and 175 do for distilling, at | 10c?all 4 months. Naval Htobks?The only sales we heard of were iuuu barrets cruae turpentine at p* ou. spirits remui ned nominally the same, with light galea. Provisions? Pork?SaleH of 500 barrels were leported al $11 26 a (11 37* for mess, and at $8 87* a $8 04 for prime. Lard- Kales of 300 a 400 barrel* were made at 7*o a 7*e, and small lotg at 7*. .Sale* of 108 tierces pickled hams were made at 5*o. Beef?Sales of 160 barrels at our previons quotations. Butter? Sales of 70 packages of Ohio and Pennsylvania were made at 10c in bbls, and 11c in kegs. Cheese?No change. Rice?The market was a shade firmer. Sales of 100 tierces at $3 44 to (3 60* per 100 lbs. Si'uaks were without particular change, and in fair demand 260 hhds Porto llico sold at 4c to 4*o ; 300 do Cuba Muscavado at 3*c to 4*e ; and 130 boxes brown Havana at 6c to 5*o. usual time. Soda Am?Sales of 200 tons at $2 62* a $2 73. Whukev?Kales of 150 barrels State prison were reported at 23c. W001.?Sales were made to-day of 12.000 lbs Western mixed fleece (in lots) at 22 a 26c; and 6000 lbs super country pulled at 25 a 26c cash. The uuctiou sales of Thursday checked operations in foreign. Fxeiohts?Rates to Liverpool continued Arm, but there was a great deal offering. Cotton was steady at 6-32; 4*d was offered for corn in bulk; and cheese was taken at 20s. A vessel was taken up to load with 16,000 a IN.000 bushels of corn for Cork and a market at 8din bulk. Ttie Crops Mr. James Cassady, of Cecil county, Md.. has a peach orchard of 30,000 trees, of 28 varieties. They will yield this Beason about 60,000 baskets, half of which has already been contracted for. The recent heavy rains, it is said, have had a very disastrous effect ou the growing ooru in Worcester county, Md, It was not supposed, however, to be irreclaimable. MARKETS RLHBWHBltE. STOCK SALES. Baltimore, July 31.?J763 Maryland 6s, 88*J 700 do O'g, 88*; 20 shares li.ilUu ore and Ohio Kiulroad Co., 27*; 30 do do, 27*; 1 do, Bultiuroro Water Company, 76. FORK ION MARKETS. Brrmuda, July 14 ?Tin; duty ou bread is increased to 5 per cent. It also bears heavily on other articles, while on some it is much lighter. We do not look for much alteration in prices, in consequence of the j change. Bread--Pilot, lbs ; navy, 10s. Flour hi small supply at 32 a 34s; rye do, 22s; corn meal, Ills; corn, | 7s a bag. and dull. Lumber?White pine, A'7; pitoh pine, A'7 pel* M. Mess pork, 64s; prime. &(>*; nuss beef, 72e; prime, none; butter, If, All of the above | articles are subject to a duty of u per cent on the invoice cost. Tobacco and snuff. 2<1 per lb ; segars 8s per M; oxen 4n per head. Kxchange, ^4 SO to the X sterling. Married, On the 1st instant, by the He v. Davis Stoeking, | John R. Coofkr. to Miss Mary K. Van Valkknuurij, | both of this city. On Tuesday morning, 1st instant, by the Rev. William Starrs. Mr. CoMlUUl Collins, of New Orleans, j to Mary A., daughter of the late Bernard Smyth, of ! this city. JDlcd, On the 1st instant Hannah Costin, in the 20th year of her age, a native of the couuty of Cork, parish of Cloy ne. Her friends and acquaintances, and those of her brother, James Costin, are requested to attend her funeral, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 14 I'elham street. On Monday evening, July 31st, after a short illness, Miss At icia Fanning, a native of Arlea, parish of Raheen, Queen's county, Ireland. The friends of the family, and those of her uncles, John and Wm. enroll, and also of her brother-in-law, Nicholas Noonan, are requested to attend her funeral, on Wednesday evening. August 2d, at four o'clock, from her late residence, No. 236 Elizabeth street. New V ork. On Tuesday, August 1st, Nancy. wife of John Joseph, of this city, formerly of Salem, Mass. The relatives anil friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her husband, No 570 Washington street, this afternoon, at 5 o'clock, without further invitation. On Monday evening, at the residence of her husband, near Tarrjtown, Helen Lisi-enahu, wife of J. Watson Webb, and daughter of the late Alexander L. Stewart. The relatives and friends of the family are iuvited to attend the funerul. at Calvary Church, this afternoon, ' at 4 o'clock, without further notice. Demonstration for Ireland.?The friends of Ireland I in Ntw York, without distinction of party, are iuvited to assemble in Mass Meeting, at. Vauxhall Garden, on Thursday eve ! ning, the 4th iast, at K o'clock, to take measures to sustain the j Irish people through the crisis, now inevitable and close at hand, j in their struggle for freedom. By order of the Provisional Committee. ROBERT EMMET, Chairman. Mm. 11. Macnevin, 1 Thomas Doyi.e, > Secretaries. Patrick IIenrv, j The royal mail steamship uiuerma, will leave the dock, at Jersey City, on Wednesday, 2d August, precisely at 12 o'clock, at noon. TI1E BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS intend sailing as follows Uibernia, t .'apt. Shannon, from New York, M'edm day, August 2; Europa, Caps. Lett, from Usiton, YV i dnesday, AngustO; America. Captuin Judkins, from New York. M'ednesday, August lti; Acadia, Capt. Stone, from Boston, M'cdneiday, Aiigust XI; Cambria. Captain Harrison, from New York, Wednesday. August .KJ; Britannia, Captain Lang, from Boston, Wednesday, Sen! ti; Niagara. Capt Kyrie, from New York, M'ednesday, Sept. IS. From the solthern adverti9er.-interesting to Mothers.?There is no stage of life in which the Diarr'ioia makes such fearful ravages am org the human fiunilvas with the tender infant. Very few, if any, can be found that have passed through their infantile days, without an attack of Cholera Infantum, or 3ummer Compluint, produced by teething, or other muses, which, in too many instances, terminates cithsr in death or an impaired constitution. It is confidently believed that more children die annually from this than from all other complaints. The question at onee arises, why is this? The answer is at hand. It must be the want of proper treatment in the first stages of the complaint. A resort is usually had, in the first place, to cathartics, to cleanse the bowels, followed up with some preparation of opium, such as paregoric, laudanum, or the like, which, by a constant irritation, often produces an inflammation, placing the little sufferer beyond the reach of oure, and resulting in a premature grave. The experience of hundreds, who have already proved the efficacy of Billings' Carminative anu Astringent Syrup in cases of this kind, will most assuredly show that this is a medicine peculiarly adapted to them. It is recommended by the most distinguished physicians, as the Great Southern Remedy. Sold by A. B. & D. SANDS, corner William and Fulton sts. ana py viiao. a. nmu, corner nro*uway and John at. IjlRENCB COFFEE MACHINES?FREDERICK a. W<x)Dworth, .'Oft Broadway, opposite the theatre, hae jnat received a fresh supply el these ingenions contrivances foi making coffee. Les Cafctieres Bascnles are most invaluable appendages to one's menage, and ate the best and readiest medium for producing a pure and delirious cup of coffee. Notice?a young man by the name of artimus J. Rowi.axh, now living in Schuylerville, Saratoga county, N. Y., (and formerly of Hartford, Washington county,) is now lying very low with lever, and is probably near his end. We in tert this, in hopes it may reach his brother, who is a resident of this rity. We understand be is a tailor by trade, but are not sure. Should his brother get this, and wish further information, he will please call on Thomas Clark, at the New York Post-Offioe. TUOMA8 CLARK. can OHO bottlee and over, of dr. keltfvsvs jY/v/vs lingcr's Wonderful Liniment have been sold without a murmur, It ia warranted to eradicate paint of every nature, ard heal all manner of soree and bruises. It is put in large botl'cs, is mild, fragrant, and agreeable. The very small quantity required to be taken renders it ten times cheaper than any other embrocation in market. Thousands of lives are annually saved by its nse The most skilful of the Faculty have laid aside their prejudices, together with tens of thousands of tho leading spirits of New York and every principal city in the Union. Our spice will not allow us here to notice many among our 'nnumerable liet whose names will be known and respected throughout the length and breadth of tho land, among whom we are proud of the honor of referring to tho Hon. Moses fl. Grinned, Hon. Richard F. Cam an. Hon. Robert H. Morris. Mr. Wm. L. Morris, Mr. Lewis 0. Morrif, Colonel Govemenr Morris, Mr. James Bathgate. In continuation wo have the Ludlows, Living,tons. Irvinga, Cottar* Ilamiltons, Lorillarda, Bradliursts, Ike. In short, MOtha of the elite pronounce it the only existing wonder of the age. Among the world's brightest, most skilful, and bniihed horsemen we have Mr Kirwen Woodruff, Wm. Wheclen, George Sricer nn,I brftthnrs U'illiir.l I U.-J IT? r> u 1 ... .... ?, it ui. v. opWKai * m. LOITlll, John II. Gatlleld, Qeo. Burnett, Jacob Somortlyke, floury Jewell. In a word, it is used by overy principal stage Una, the Harlem Railroad Company, at the Bulls' Head, by all our boat livery and exchange stables Office, 2,'fO I'earl street; Kushton.Clark Ik Co., Ill) Broadway; and of tho druggists, saddlers, and groeert generally at SOc, $2 per half doien, $4 j per gross: 10 gross at N.B. No agencies eut of the city on commission, but large Inducement to merchants from abroad for cash. W ? will forfeit SI.out) ifae fail to please all who call on ns te purchase. For particulars of w onderful cures see " Spirit of the Times." TO LET.?THE LOWER PART OF THE CONVENIENT house ftt? Prince street, consisting of two parlors, small ro.-ra adjoining, front basement, and four line attio rooms, large yard, with Croton water Kent moderate. Ptseaesion will I* givsa ou 1st September. CAOUNTRY RESIDENCE.?WANTED ON LEASE FROM J 1st of September, a spacious house, with from ten t twenty acres rf land, in the immediate vicinity of the city, either on New York Island, Statcn Island, or Long Island. The plaoe must be easy of access at all ssasons, and not distnnt inure than aa hour's drive or sail?the house uiodora.and in the best repair, with ali the requisite out oft.ocs and buildings?the grounds improved, having fruit, flower, and vegetable gardens?tl e situation healthy, nnd more desirable if coramsndiig a floe sea view. Auy gcntleinac having suoh a res-dence to leaso for sc. n >r ton years, w ith a privilege to purchase, may meet with a deeirahle tenant. If the terms are not oatravagant- Address ' C. H. W.?Country Ilonse M anted," Post office New Tork. statl g lowest rent, nasiest way of access, and suoh other Information as may save trouble | to ittlwT party. Ci AST-'IFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED.? ' Ladles or gentlemen having any superfluous effects to au pose of. can obtain * fair caah price for the iino by calling, .r sending through the P?*t Office for tho (iibeariber. wkich will be punctually attended to. H. OB HOKK, No. 0 Jame* ?t. The ii Heimn hat* this oat formed a tn>paft nership, under the name nud tirm of SCOTT A ItEI.U for the purpo** of transacting a general brokerage business, at No.9)>fc Wall etreet. WM. SCOTT, New York, Anguat 1, IMS. THOMAS HEM.. LOIR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK 1; line of packet*?1'ositivcly the first and only regular packet, to mil on or before Monday next. Anieit 7th. The new and piendid faat (tiling packet ahip UEKTRl'DE, ('apt. Sherman. ia now loading at Orieaaa wharf, foot of Wall .treet, and having neatly all of her cargo engaged, will prohably lie lull by Friday. Shippers by thii ahip can have advantage* 'hat they cannot have ?'V any otlier. For freight or passage, apply on hoard, at Orleant wharf, foot of Wall etreet, or to I. K. COLLINS. fifi South itreet. Shipper* will please (end their till* of lading in on or before Friday. Agent* ia New Or lean*, Mreer*. Brian ,V Creevy, who will promptly forward all good* te their addreee. racket ship Clifton, Part. Jamei D. Ingereoll, will anooced the Gerirudr, and mil on her regular day. ! DH RALPH. AUTHOR OF THE "PRACTICAL 1'HIV VTI Treatiee," ao., HHUreenwloh etreet?office hours 9 to 12 A. M, 6 tofi P. M., (Sunday excepted.) Thorn who apply in tho early atari'* will oe surprised at tho rapidity and little inoonvonienee attending their cure. It i* chiafly, how ever, thoae who have fufI, red from a certain clam ol people, or otherwiae, who oan properly appreciate hi* ?ervice?. In ttrletnrc, from ite first or incipicnt, to it* more advanced and distirralng stage*, (from uncommon advantage*, in addition to a vtry extensive practice in this complaint,) he can afford a rapid, ea?y, and radical cure, whieb, be ha* ground for stating, can be obudped from a* ether ivaxee .nm ? ? " V "* i WW' < - *' *'"V ' "*?' * UNION COURSE. L. I.?TEUTON0?TW0 MATCH 18 I for JIJWl. Thursday. August :i, at 3 o'e ??k, P. M. Match ; I . fur *>0(1. two mile heats, to Ml) pound between Kiam of G | Terr th and Manhattan. Albert Cunekltn names lag King of C I TermTs; J. Whtlpley Barnes ' . g Manhattan. Alee, a match far C KUi, two mile br.u. to tiarnesrj I. Woodruff names a m. Nell H Gwyane; J. Soraerindyko names g. m. Lady Randolph. Thenars e< lease Sonth Fi rry for llie course, at half past J o'clock, P. M? L and return immediately after the sport is user. Tickets for the w Fall Season can he had, by applying at the <dUcn D M n. fiKFRVE Proprietor. 21 SAKATOOA THOTTING COURSE.?A Pi.RMS OF $JOO 1 will he trotted lor, mile heats, beat 3 in S, in harness, on J Thursday the 3d day of August instant, hutwsen the celebrated h nags h. g., Mute w, entered by P. Hunt, and Lady Moscow, en- n ten d by Jehn Care. Ou Saturday, the Sth day of August, onmes F oil the purse of fill), four miles and repeat, in harness P. Hunt d enters sr. to. lady Kllen ; John Case enter* b. m. Lady Thump- I kins; iTCssly ' aters r. g. John Tyler; 0. W Dirniek outers r. g. I' Cato. PATTEN U COLE. ? I JW. ItKOHN, AUCTIONEER?CABINET AND HOUSE- I hold Pnruiture, kto.? Wednesday, August 2, at IUX o'clock, q a'. 102 lined way, J. W. Hrowu will sell aa shove at auction, peremntacilr tug cash. A large assortment of superior furniture, I | tin prising Bureaus, Book ( sues, Sofas, Conohes, Divans. Ottv J urn us. Morblo Top Centre, Sofa and Side Tat les, Washstandiq 0 Mahogany Dining, Card and other fTablea, French Bedsteads, K lla.r Vatirasns. e. e. ( u ..!ogue? now ready. IO (IK O. P-nir. K. W. GRAND LODGE OF THE 0 Slate el New York will commence its regular aunual session F at the Gra d Ledge Rimiri, National Hull, C'anal street, on Wed- K net day, August 2d, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Representatives will please 8 h* punctual in attendance. By order. F BENJAMIN J. PKN'TZ, Grand Snc-_ ei I O. OF I). F ?THE K.W. GRAND LODGE OF THE STATE I of New York will hold a Simeial l)egre> Session in porsu- / of lection 7. articled, of the Cunsiitutioa, on Wednesday " Evening, the 2d August, IMS, at H o'clock, at the room IKK it Broadway. Representatives are r<i|ues'<d to be punctual. tl By order, JOHN O TREADWELL, G See. < W\.\Tf D -BY A RF.SPECTABI.E PROTESTANT YOUNG }' woman, a situation as chdmbi rmaid, seamstress, or to j, take careof ciiildrcu. Good city referenee given. Please call at i' -( I Mud,, on street, in Ike back baoemeat, corner of Montgoiffiry p Oroi t. he seen for two days. , WANTED?SITUATION?, IN TOWN OK COUNTRY, BY M two young men, with unexceptionable charaoWru. They g are good wuteis, careful drmre, understand well the manage- I nnnt of carriages and horse*. Apply at the Carpet Store, 1116 I! road way, New York. j, Will, HE COM) AT Til E NEW YORK HORSE BAZAAR, J. on W ednesday, August 2, IMS, at 12 oVIook, M., a very a handsome sorrel Horse, Bridle, Saddle, Sheet, arid Halter, the pn- _ Tate property of a gentleman leaving the ity. For particulars J, apply nt the Office. No. ,'il Crosby street. " WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Woman, as Laundress, or Chambermaid and washer or , ironer. The best el character given. Apply 2'1I Unit street. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS cook, washer, and ironer, or to do general housework?the best of eity reference can be given, lias no objections to go a ' short distance in the country. Please oall at No. 2X Trinity Place. ^ WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as chambermaid or to do general housework; lute 1 good recommendation from her last place. Pleu.-e apply at No. ' OWI Bndson street, corner of Christopher street, third story, Front I room. Can bo seen for two days. S WANTED-A SITUATION BY AN EXPERIENCED MAN, recently arrived in New York, who is conversnt with 1 Qlrdennig, Fanning, designing and executing pleasure grounds snd accounts, keeping. No. Testimonials produced, if required. A Ieo by a genteel young female, to work at dress making, teach s the elements of an English education, take oharge of children, u and do house work in a private family. Address m both cases, to E. 0., No. 48 Whitehall street. Kcfvicnco to Copt. Robert r Mcl'anan, ship Columbus,or Dr. J. U- Whittaker, No. 610 Broad- J way. WANTED-A COOK AND LAUNDRESS, FRENCH, GBR- 1 man or Irish; none need apply but persons folly under- J standing their business. Apply at 42b Broome street, between 0 J' and 12, A. M., aad in the afternoon between 4 and 5 o'clock. j SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MAN, AS t waiter in a respectable family, or as porter in an office or store; It understands tliu care of horses, and drives well. Good references ' in thscity; is a Protestant. Conunanae left for E. B. M. at Herald f office, or 44 24th street. ' A LADY W ISHES TO GET A SITUATION AS NURSE t and Seamstress. No objection to go a short distance in the i country. Enquire at 26S William street. A YOUNG LADY, JUST ARRIVED FROM europe, IS J desirous of obtaini ng a situation as resident Governess In a family of rcs]iectubility. The course of education woild comprise ( English, French, Music, Drawing, he. Going south or west would i not be objectionable. Please address Miss BERNARD, Post ob- < lice, New York. ( f REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RECOVERY I ypmtiJ of the body of Henry J. Meriam, aged lti years, suppos- i ed to have been drowned w hile Hahing in Harlem River, near the i railroad bridge, on Wodnesdsy, July 26th. Had on a black straw c hat, plaid worsted jacket, no vest, pautaloons of a small cotton a check, and new shoes. Apply at the residence of his mother, Mrs. I Anna m. Meriain, No. SB Ith Avonue. tfoe nnn t0 loav on bond and mortgage I jpwt/jvvv on productive Real Estate, in one or more T sums. Apply to the Bank Note Exchange office, h JOHN F. CONREY, No. 60 Wall street. t OPEN TO ALL THE WORLD?OREAT ST. LEGER J Sweejistukcs?12,000 Subscribers at ?8 each. The party for c whom the llrat horse is drawn to receive ?20,0(10; the second horse, ? 10,(*<0; the third horse, ?10,000; to be divided among par- -i ties draw ing "The Starters," ?10.000; the like among "Non- I Stnrtera" ?10,000. Sweepstakes, No. 2?12,000 Subscribers at ?2 f eacli?First horse, ?10,000; second herse, ?8,000; third horse, . ?2,000; divided among Stnrtera ?8,000; divided among Non- ,, Starters.?3,000. fcwecpetakcs, IJo. 3?12,000 Subscribers at ?1 each?First horse, ?4,000: second liorsc, ?2,0(X); third horse, ?2,000; Starters, ?2,000; divided nmcug Non-Starters, ?2,000. f, Parties desirous of seenriug chances in either of the aliovo Sweep- J stakes, arc rciiucsted to make early n ppllcation, as each sweep c will bo drawn immediately it is full. The result of the draw- V iug will be advertised in the "Times," "Boll's Life,"and thoLon- ;. den daily papers. To give ladies an opportunity of taking " shares, scrip w ill be issued in initial.-, at the option of thesubscn- 7,1 vi-rr. iv u iuuimiiiuv uut'un, ivuiiun uvwnunu, iuum cunuun a . remittance. Foreign or dtrs may be made payable in London; but 1 all letters mutt I* addressed to Richard Nicliolls and James Far- V kinson. Temple Square,Aylesbury, England. Tlio third horse to i be decided by " Bell's Life. Frizes paid any day alttr the race, 1 less 1U per cent. Hie race will Imrun at Donoster, on tho Uth J of September. 1S18. To prevent fiaud, no scrip will be genuine ' unless the letter containing it Iters the Aylesbury post-mark. * Subscrikois wishing to send Bank Notes had better send halves ' by dlfbrent pott* f Br EN A VISTA HOUSE, !? LIBERTY STREET, NEW York, a few doors west of Broadway, near the Fo.t Office, J and business part of the city. Terms, >1 per day, or $6 per ' week. Kept on temperance principles, by k. CHURCHILL. The queen s hotel, ofpositetheoeneral post } Office, St Martin's le Grand, London.?This magnificent Hotel. having recently undergone extensive alterations, and a great ; portion of it newly furnished, will be found on trial to havs no , rival in the metropolis,[both in point of accommodation and mo- [ derate ehsrgea The Coffee room is one of the largest and most , comfortable in Enaland. Board, f>2 per day. Hot and Cold Baths. THOMAS Sl'ENCER LENNEV, Manager, 1 Formerly Chief Steward of the British Queen Steamship. I Reference in New York to Mr. 0. A. White, 06 Cedar street. ^ ? PROPOSALS?THE LOUISIANA PILOTS' ASSOCIATION ti wants to purchase two Pilot Boats from sixty-five to seven- ca ty-five tons burthen; draught, when in ballast, not to exceed sight feet, or eight feet three inches at moat; and net to be ever two ? years old, with good accommodations for six Pilotr, with open ( eoekpit and break deck amidships; all their furniture.Aackle and V wearing ap|<arel in good order, so that the boat* will be fully ai equipped and ready for sea. They are to be coppered and eepper le fastened. The Proposals to be rent to Capt. Stephen llerrimaa, hi Agent of the Louisiana Pilots' Association, New Orleans. SI The said Proposals to be sent in on or about the 1st to the Uth N August. We want those who send in their Proposals to be most pi particular in describing tho boats minutely?their age, sailing ~ qualities, the materials and dimensions of their hnlls and spars, H Eriee, he. Ike. Let it be understood that we want first class sail- J ig sea boats, built of the very best material*. 8l DAVID SHEPHERD, U CYRUS LAMONT, J' HENRY JOnNSON, WM. Y. PITTEE, Committee of the Louisiana Pilots' Association. 1 Ballic,July71lN<P1 J For HAVRE?TO SAIL THE FIFTH OF AUGUST? *1 tcucliing at Cowes? The well known Steamship UNITED h STATES, Captain Wm. O. Usckstafl, burthcu 2,900 tons, wtH _ leave for Havre on Saturday, August 6th, and will touch at w Cowes, to land passengers and letters. Tbe United States will ] leave Havre for New York touching at Cowes. on Saturday 2d * of September. For freight or passage, apply to , (All. MARSHALL, is Burling SUp. n LANE, LAMSON & CO., Paris. ,, A. oiiiMlTH ft CO, Havre. }! BARING, BROTHERS ft CO, London ft Liverp'L ? J. R. CROSKEV. Southampton. 5. COLBY'S PATENT BLOTTINO PAPER, A NEW AND ( tiicfiil article, for Counting- Houses, Banks, Ike., and now in ? nit by the principal book-keepers <n?ur hanks and public offices. T In packages, from Is to 4s. For sale by A. THA VERS ft CO., X dealt is in nil kinds of Paper, ftc.. -I Mniden Isne. X'ri^CTRE. NO PAY.-DR. CORBITT, 19 DUANE STREET, Pv? - - ?i/n. im i >i n iv .t uni.rt i rve/wfv im . Venereal and other Affection* of tlic (leuitot rinary Oirans. .IM pages quarto. Just ptiblj-lied t>y Bnrgose, Stringer v. Co.? 1 This is tin' most complete practical work >! the Uml ever issued _. from th* prcsa. It oontains t7 colore I engravings, whi h deli- I neate this clasa of diseases inimitably. I tali' contains 40 wood * engravings, equally well executed : and every thinf knewn abortt the modem treatment of these disaaaea lute been carsfully re- ml i eiilcd. and all ilia most approved prescriptions and lormulaa "f< I live been (tit-en. For sale at the otfies of pukliaatloa, and of the <rt author. .'sH Broadway, price S*. Till M B8CBIB1R8, WISHING l<> RITIR1 FKOM Hi. sincss, ate willing todispose of the Stock,tiood-wiU.and I'll, tores of their Wholesale Drue and Chcmieal Warohoaee, No. 1H4 Market street The location te nnsurpaesed, being between Fifth f and Sixth strcete; tire eust. m. ' f that unexceptionable kind do- " sued by every I u-iners man : ateck boa lieen touch reduced?con- 8tso'.f. otly, terms easy. An opportunity inch a* thta seldom pre- [*' seou itsi It. and sle uld Is-oabraaed by gentlemen deairous of em- 'r? tailing 'o the drug luinesa aai w>Fi> UIMVUJI It C?-> lot Vajktt It I fkiK y* k a > uiiujuci ui Lur nnyai * miege 01 auigevns, i,<>nu"D, may do ccninltul in treatment of delicate diseases. No matter bow long ' yeu may have gleet, ulcera upon the body, or in the throat or noee, . pains in the head and bnnca of the legs. A pruotioe of fourteen jears, devoted to venereal diseases, enables Dr. C. to cure the ? worst form of this disease. Recent cases cured in four days.? i; No mercury used. Strictures cured in one or tao weeks with J; scaicely any tain. Constitutional debility. Those Individuals vis who have Indulged in a eertain loathsome habit, ean positively he p|| restored to health and society. Remember, 19 Ihirne street, op- we petite Dr. Jshsns'a ____________ ~ Notice?to creditors oi the late republic of S I Texas.?In aocordanee with an act of the I^giilatnre of the mo State of Texas, ' to provide for ascertaining the debt of the lat? ltr, Republic of Texas," approved 2l>th March, IHS8, notice is hereby given to all per* us having cinims or demands for mooey against Tk the late Republic of Tens, to present the same to lira Auditor and i" Comptroller of Public Aocounts on or beftm tbc eecond Monday ess in November, 1S4!1, er they will he |~?tn.-ned. The provisions of stii the afo. esaid aet require tlie Auditor and Comptroller, jointly, No to receipt, under their seals of office, for all claims presented, set- e.'S ting forth the p?r talne thereof at the time tlie same accrued, the ? date an 1 anioiiut tliereot?distinguishing between tlie diilerent |! claescj ol claims, in the following manner: first, the audited * or ascertained claims, snch as St<*d Bonds, Ttvasury Notes, Mill l1?' tary Seri|y or any other audited or ascertained claim. Second, eer all claims with mfficient evidences and voueiiera to authorise of' them lo audit under the 1st* Republic of Texas. Third, such svt oltiini ns &ie not sufficiently authentic*tod by voucher*. And it tar is further made the duty of the Auditor and Comptroller, jointly, the to report to the Isigislnture. for final adjustment, the whole am amount and character of the public dcht, ascertained according ha' to the provisions of the said act. Tht classification and rate of fin payment recommended hy them to be subject to the revision, *' amendment and ratification of the Legislature. sot JOHN M. SWIiHER, Auditor. fer JAMES B. SHAW, Compt us At ?tiv, Texas, May l.'i. 1848. J SOLDI US' CLAIMS.?KEANCIJ A DICKIN1, OFFERS I his ten ires in procuring the stiller m: ot the claims of sol- al diets who enlisted dur ng the Mexican War. In ordinary case* am oi this class, lie chants lor attending to a claim before the Pe- the inrtmenta at Wsahinrtrn. and getting it fettled, whether for tin II. nnty Land, Scrip, or Pirsion, live dollars, for Pay. Mileage, l u Clothlug. kc.. ten per cent on the amr unt recovered, if fifty dol- ms lars ur "ven il uuder that sum, five dollars. He will furnish, free AH of ixtra charge. any form necessary to enable a parly to pr?|?nre no urd forward to hiui a claim for prosecution, if requested hv letter, eo| jmst paid, and directed to him at the City of Washington, Mr.l'iclt- Ni ins i.r-now, and lias lieen for more than twelve year", largely rngtged in the prosecution of claims at Wu-lun>,t n. both against la tl United States, and foreign governments. He will attend |i in) 11I" nil husine*.- osanM tu him. Mr. I), is known to ;n moot or tnoie wno nave neld public einctsAt n M?mngtoa for a St number of ytart pout. ? hi Irish and notch malt wiiut w\rrantbd equal to any imported; put up m packa^eo totuit the trade. For sale, ?t twelve and thirteen ilnllinn per qnlluu. 25 per cent It over proof, hy WIM.fAM M. PARKS, * Office 42 Stone street, Diitiller, H? Seventh Avenue ?' ___________ Br I'SI I'l'ltl lMIILD nu I?,UT1, u,?>i Gil RowiKY TinimnrirtMBDAT KVENIVO, AWI. a, J will b? rapaatwd, tba ouki rauilli draiaa of OIL BU.4U Blar, Mm Huj Tajrlor; Oil I'oraa, Mr. Ballaaaj-. And raw arra?U>, Mr. Burtr. Dab Martin 4* MoBqwa, Mr. Stalfimi; aptain Kolaurta, Mr Strphcna; Donna Mn.ila, Ura. W.iloot; rumen, Mr* Stiek nry. Vr riona to Ula abeve will ho not d. lb* V n (ivi.flMIKJBAl.urS Aflor wlilab, JBNN Y UNB?Juuojr ltd, Mm Mar) " aylor Mr. SwigltulT llrrry. Mr Riirka: Mr. Uo'nra Laatharlnaga, Mr Bai'lamy; Mr.Uranby Oa*. Mr. J. U. Hall, imira cpan at 7, pnrfarnuncra MaimtMat 7H Boaaa, 1 real* 1'i- and Gallery, IJH rauta VIBIAFH?AMTUR I'LAOE, MROADWAY. ? WEDNESDAY evening, Anitut 2 Heuaflt of Miss E. Brienu and Mr. laovtra. (.RANI) OVKRTHKF. After which the popular dr?latic"l?ra of HUH HOY?Rob Roy Macrir* -r. Mr. J. Wallack; 'rant is Othaldiatcne, Mr. Maavora; itailie N ieul Jarrle, Chippenulr; Major Ualbtath, Mr. J. Scftou; Dim ml Mr. Dawson; leleo kac<:re*?r. Mrs. J. Wa'tack; hana Vernon, Mis* K renti After which a MUSIC V. MF.LaNiiE In eooelnde h(< ilh'he lamhalle sketch called the ANOF.f, OP TTIK A (TIC? litlael. Mr. les sr, Harriets, Miaa K. Tr|bin; ChevaUer. Mr. "" hilli|wa Doors i pen a* a quarter before 7?commencing at ... Hurler to M Admission SO coti ta ' 3cktonh THEATRE, < ii a a ftKk.s srKEKT WEDNKS- (If day Kyenltia, Aus. 2. will be played, the fan,rite piece of tlie MNIBUS, or the Pleasures of a Convenient Distance?Pat .otiDcy, M-. Brnnghant; Tom liohbe, Mr. Raymond: Mr. Ledcer. oral, a I; Mra. Boobs, Miss Williams; Miae IHmper, Mra. Meara. a Roodl)a, by Miaa A. Walter*. After whioh, the new burlo.. ue pent of LUCY DID SHAM-A MOD K-Eurico d> Morefat, Mr. c .Miyen Ralmndl, Mr. Phil'ips; Count Edga-do Taste-la-true avent wood, Mr. John Dunn: Loci.,, Miaa Chapman; Alton. Miee lf? ineleir. To eonnltide with the favorite Polka Ju leu, by Mona. Kr redurii luand Miaa A. Walter a Drena Circle and Parqusttc, 60 jj r snta; Family Clrcla or ae. end tier, 28 cents. Door* opini at 7>4 l , eloik. ( urtain raeeat H. f astljs garden?performance to commence at o ho'cloo.t. Admiaaion 2A cents. oltildren half-price. Manag C'l ,g Director, Mr. (leo. Holland?Wednesday Evening, August '2, leeutertainmeuta to commence with the lively comedietta eft,>e APTAIN OF THE WATCH?Viacount de Ligny, Mr. Baker; at axon Vonderpotter, Mr. Nickinmn; Adolph de four,ray, Mr. ur larke; Kriatina, Mr,-. II. l'hlllif?; Rutryn. Mint) Nirkloaon. Af r wh ch, Herr Clin? on the Corde KlaeUiiue. MEDLEY OVER l'1 CHI - Orel eatra. To conclnde with the admired piece of the Of OST OF HONOR?Coboa Yerka, Mr. Holland ; Burgomaster rn otlierwork, Mr. Nickinaon; Doby Skippers, Mr. Clarke; Adella. lite Mcbinaon; Trudclien. Mra. Vernon. J" A AST1.E GARDEN?THURSDAY EVENING, AUGUST \ -J tf-'ia, Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert, for the Benefit f the New York Volunteers, in honor of their patriotism ami Id rlfny, The following talented actlata avo. in the handsomest w, volunteered their valuable aerrieea for the occasion ... adau,e Antoinette Otto and Miaa Northall; Signori lloteaini 1 ' ndArdili; Meiers- Ilietzel, Elti and 1st Croix, late principal er'ormera in tl,o S'eyermarkiache Musical Company; Md He &j ugusta and Mine Vallec. Mona. Ilonxari, and the whole Orchestra f Casile Harden. Mr will prceaide at the Piano Forts. . PHOOUAMXlt Dl I. flrand Overture?Full Orel,eatra. ? i Variations for the Flute, Rieticl Furs ten an <? t I . rM in, Son. ta.,i nit. ><a I. Grand Duo, double bugs and violin, composed ami executed ty Botesini and Arditi m ' Cavatlni cell' Opera Paririna, Ming Julia Nor- 1, tbaU Doniaetti Df rand BalJet by Mdlle. Augusta, Miss Vallee, and Mod >. Bouxnri. w part ii. til >. Grand Overture?Full Orchestra. r. My Fatherland (by particular deaire) Mad. Otto ' , f. Nolo for Forgot to, by I*. Elts Jaooby El '. The celebrated Echo Song, with tlnte obligate, Miaa ]ir Northal. and Mr. Rietzcl, with piauo forte uc- (i~ companiment Bishop 0. Solo, from la Nvanambula, for Cornet a Piaton, La Croix Itelliai PI Tickets SO ccuta; to be had at. the principal Music and Book tons, and at the ticket office at Castle Garden. The Concert V inder the direction ol M. Reicb. Convert at 8 o'clock. IB The undersigned committee appointed by the Mayor to reoeive th uhfcriptionaln aid of the Volunte ra:?Andrew II. Mickle, J. S1J 'billipa Phoenix. Lorcnio Deleaonico, and Christopher Heiaer. j BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. BAR MUM- th Proprietor? F. Hitchcock Manager.?Four day a longer. Wed, hi csday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August second, third n, north and fifth.?Splendid Performances, every afternoon at alf pest 3 o'alook, and every evening at H. The Manager has en- 61 aged lor four days longer, the Belgian Giant, which ia positively U lis last appearance in New York. Campbell's Ethiopian Minstrels. ()| inormous Boa Constrictor. Three Living Orang Outanga. laant Vvatria. Mademoiselle Gertrude. Mr. T. J. Oldflelu. The 11 Jigliland Mammoth Boys. The Giant Baby. Admission to the O shole, including Museum, Performances, Etc., 25 cents: children, i, inder ten years ofage and old enough to walk alone, 12}? cento.? Reserved front seats, one shilling each extra. c' MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 472 BROADWAY, BETWEEN [i Grand and Broome streets. Positively the last week of the lesson, during which the annual benefit of the several members 1 if the company will take place, Wednesday, August 2d, and every P light during the week. For the Benefit of T Raynnr. The ?. 1R1GINAL CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, whoee oonccrts during M be past ten months have been rcocived with suoh distinguished " avor and patronage, have the honor of annoonoiug that owing v\ ;o the continnatiea of their unexampled suooess, they will re a cain in this city, aud give their inimitable entertainments for me week more. Admission 25 centa Doors open at 7, Con- 8 ert commencing at 8 o'clock. On Saturday, August 5, an ft' fternoon Conoert, commencing at 3 o'clock. Manager and h. Jirector, E. P. CHRISTY. ^ MRAND PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN IN T U Mexico, at the Minerva Rooms, 40ti Broadway. Sherman A 'ousey's Mammoth Panorama shows, iu the most perfect and |'1 eautiful manner, the Marches, Encampments, Battles and all 10 he stirring incidents of General Taylor s operations in Mexloo? n, he greatest Painting in the world. Open every evening?Pano- I ama commences moving at 8 o'clock precisely. Admission 25 I cuts? no half price. No charge for descriptive pamphlets. I w; PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN IN MEXICO, AT r'Lj the Minerva Rooms, 40fi Broadway, rhows natural as life, the w larches, Encampments, and Battles fought by Gcu. Tuylor. It , lio gives correct views of the country, towns, cltioe, &< . It is HOl 30 most leautiful painting ever eeeu. Open every night at 8 up, clock. Afternoon oxhiMtionn en Wednesdays and Saturdays, ' t .'I o'clock. Admission, 2i> cents. Schools admitted on reasouau terms. No charge for deecriptlTO pamphlets. CC1 1 ACRID DIORAMA 8-NOW EXHIBITING AT THE 9 splendid new llall, 3Shi Broadway, over Stonpuni'a Hatha? rp, anuing ton's entirely new Grand scriptural Dioramas of the 1,1 lost Magnificent Spectacle ever witnessed in New York, will be Or pened on Monday, 31st of July. Creation ol the World and the (_'j icluge. Assisted l>y powerful Vocal and Instrumental Accompa intents. Mr. II. Danuingtnn has Just completed a magnificent fcl" iiorama, intended to illustrate the sublime spectacle of the Six an lays ot the Creation! exhibiting by means of moveable figures, an ccncry, and powerful optieal effects, all the progressive ehanges i roni the Chaos and Darkness of the unformed Universe, until "it he linul completion of the great work of Creation, as described in Eol heUrst and second chapters of Genesis, terminating with the ap- (l u earancc of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Diorama y i the result of a long cherished Idea, and of a lifetime of study ' ;1 nd experiment in this department of the arts. Itistho most < >r ostly, beautiful and perfect work of the kind existing, and com- fl lines in its exhibition the highest mechanical ingenuity, with the i nost astonishing scenic effects, assisted by superior poetry, paint- " : ng and music. Scenery and Incidents?Chaos, the First Day. ?!U The Firmament, the See nd Day. Dry land, Herbage and Flow- Jjp re, Third Day. Sun, Moon and Stars, Fourth Day. Creation ,ui f Fish and Fowl, Fifth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. ? lorden of Eden?Adam and Eve. With this completion of the til shorn of the Creation, the first part of the Exhibition closes. in art II. Grand Diorama of the Delnge. Tickets23 eta.?Children alf price. Doors ojmmi at 7. Curtain rites at H o'clock. PARK THEATRE.?THE SALOONS AND BARS OF THIS ar Establishment an now to let for next Season, or a longer ,, criod if reiiulnd, eommenoing on or abent the first day of Sepimber next. Undeniable security will be required. The oonai- CM ons under which they will be let can be ascertained on appU- |?. ktion (between 10 and I) at the office of 'e* W. CORBYN, ? Bawlqy sfawet 1 RAND FISHING EXCURSION-TEE NEW AND SPLENX did sea steamer Jacob Bell, Capt. Richard Yates, win make "Pi t excursion to the Fishing Banks, on Thursday, August 3d, the ave Grand it E. R., at 7 o'clock, A. M.; Fike st. 7*,, and White- nie ill, or pier No. I, E. R., at 7S o'clock. Fare for Utc Excursion, i ? I. Tackel on board, at a small charge?Bait furnished gratia. "" . B. Should the day prove unfavorable, the Excnraion will take IDE ace the first fair day. a8f rHE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE THIS DAY TORMED A CO Bid partnership, for the purpose of manufacturing lobaeeo and Su mil, and the importing of Scgars, at tholr law store. No. 100 J,., roadway, corner of Fine street under the name and farm of , fan Andertonk Co. JOHN ANDERSON, to New York, Aug. 1,1848. ARTHUR UILLENDER. vei JELTS?BELTS?BEWS.?W. STEVENS k |CO, MANU- n'l J fscturer of Ladiea' and Boys' fins Patent Leather Belts, of I descriptions, cheap, for cosh, at No. SB Cedar street, up stain. K " ountry Merchants and others buying thlM goods would do well ' i call. Indies' and Boys' new style of Belts, a superior article. Ml WILL SELL THE BALANCE OF MY SUMMER CLOTHINO 9", at extreme low prices. My $14 Lamartines will be sold for l?" II; Eleven dollar Black Sacks, for $9; White Marseilles and vitl lack Satin Vests, low skeleton Sack, at $3 a $4; Black Cloth ?v j ress Coat, made to nteasnre, for $16; the very finest French " Jmonis' make), $20; Doeskin Cass. Panta, from $da$8 60; In 1,1 n uu iasuiuii?ui<9 escaoiisiiineDi in town can compete with mi ine. Q. 11. CLARKE. 116 William street "pj, \NK OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED Cf' / with Baard in a private family, at 10K Hammersley tract c0j jKIR SALE?TI1ECOUNTRV SEAT OF THE SUBSCRIBER, thl situated at Jamaica, L. I., comprising seventeen acres of mc id. The dwelling house is furnished with bathing rooms, cis- ?n me, Ac., and has a conservatory at each end, well etoeked with " J inte. The garden is well tnppued with choice fruit trees. The ?"l emises have been kept in good order. They may be viewed at pn y time. Possession will be given Immediately; and, if required, ve, ortion of the purchase money mav remain on mortgage. Apply JAMES D. P. OODKN, 74 Merchants- Exchange. W? t ANCT BALLS AT SARATOGA k NEWPORT.-JUU13 {'hlri Dejnnge, No. 6d Warren street respectfully informs tho 1 itors of the aforesaid watering places, that he will beat both COf ces, with a lane assortment of Fancy Dreams for gentlemen, a pit ek before the rai^r Balls will take plnoe. ETTRR DOG?A THOROUGH BREB ENGLISH SETTER Slut for salt?Black and tan, and rery handsome; eleven nths old, and in fine order for training. Inquire at 91 Liberty ? cel. hlU ro CURE NO CHARGE?DR- Ml RP11V of 6- UOl.D I street, is confldentlslly consulted onall forms of private lis- -j sa Recent eaeee of gonorrhoea ht cures in 2 to I Jays. Conditions) debilitv and impoteacv sueocarfuUy treated by Dr. M. tlOI msMit) used in any esse, or hiadranoe from business. OMcs .. Gold itreet; open from 7 A. M. to 10 P. M. 01 I siLF.SI KI CTIBLK FILLING FOR THE TEETH.-DR. INO, Dentist, No. 19 Murray itreet. in calling the attention of the kln. dio to his new material for Piling deogyed tcetb. would ob?e tlmt it combines the hardness of Irory with the durability tfnl gold, and possesses properties whish cause it to attach itsalf to ry portion of the dental cavity with at much tenacity as mor- ton clings to the bri-'k. Elastic as mortar when introduced into ,u i cavity, it sovn burdens to the consistency of the tooth itself, J,is it were, converts the serai-transparent shell (thatcould wo rf Iwen tirnk*n !.* in.BUnLwi?ti * \ ;-a~ n, as homogeneous. u capable ofmaatkation, uf frotfrom twin. Setl iuoderona, Mid a* valuable for all practical purre<??. as tha . ... indrst m?lar in the tame jaw. Tcatli till?'l with *?ld (if pf- *,ul red,(extracted and deseed. Artificial Teeth. with all the U- prp[ t improvements. arranged on tin" fold platan in a neat and rkmanlike manner. (TCI l ST P I BLI3I1ED, l'RICF. 12>4 CENT*. No J I IF TIIF. Indl Code Reporter, a monthly journal I t the Judge, the lawyer, i the Legislator?contain* wcUmhon thaC"de, the E? '-t oi " al 1 Code on the Action of Ejectment, Decision in the great caw- of gay i Auirrioan Pitnt Wnrk^. Eiisliih dooision*?Mr Ju?ti? a Hurl- k.- | ton Judicial Slneetirea, and a large quantity of interesting itter. Alan, met published, rrice in omts Judge Edmund* 11 ldrr*s on the Code and Constitution, with intrndiirtlon and troi tes. Annual subscribers to the Code Reporter entitled to a i0 ( }yihc addre?e grati- Code Reporter ofllce, 3 Nnaaau street ,. w V'<rl.. 01 ' COI [" IKKHKIDE 8 TA ITLR3AU/S HEAVE POWDERS- .... I Thi- popular and extensively used remedy, is now acowledred to l? net only an infallible cure for'heaiee, <ough ten , in hones, but the id ?ap?8t anil best condition medicine that tile it be used. Imitations ate daily springing up. Bewart ot .... tm. Per sajr hv If" OOI <111 fc KETCH 1M, II" IPah rn ftrcet. |>? 1 AS II ION ABLE SHIRTS, I NKkJC Al.LEI) IN 11113 L'.f; i ou niry, warranted la every reaped, cut ami made t? mea. ?l ' rein the newest Erenrh styles, and at 30 per cent lese than nm adwai prices; can now h? had by the half d>rcn ermore, at g \ ion's, I1H William etreet, up eUirs. J. C. Parcel la SO well im, own to the fbsliionable trade of Broado ay, tar eighteen years, J [iirintenden*. H. C. C.DION, 113 William St., up stair*. I 'eff BJP I Kirpi Avn I /V.? ?./xo - a . WS - ? ' . ivn MIH.-A UHUAUI.I w'1.4- (he I Hon for ft country Residence.? BaJd lou are leauu'ullv se|( nate<l on the bank of (he Hudson rlrer, nhont one and a half , le (Mil tbft Tillage of Nrnek. containing nhont teft fterMof DU# >4 land, with ngood dwelling liense; well nnd xeollent frait |( j> ea. t almost every tUecrii'tiou, together with tuel pvhl r family ??*. Any penon dealtlngto (,virvha*e *" i. slrftMe information Dy calling oron eitherofthe itibecriberanWRV nAferNynekVillnye. niel IHEoDORl S FOLHAMUS, Clartstown. 1 (IRNS, m NIONS. HAD NAIIA "n'tmifl'ykorF V ' tr acted wlihont the least i?in. hy Dr.SmiUAKorF. from (he Petersburg, to thnt those Inoomino.llUei wlll not "'an^ Any win who wM rail Oftn Me hundreds of letters and eertiftcate* L mthelr follow cltistms. '.??? ? thftftj. for ft. Inaaedtat *ec I complete ewe. U" U ft* W Chasten W* thtf U. INTELLIGENCE IT THE MAIL*. Washimitom, July 31, IH48. tw Stork hiutd?KJject of the I'resmt St alt of Feeling upon the Territorial tyiettton?tie rural 7"uylur't /Attn; it? effect uj>n the Ancient RfRime Whigs?Mevrt. Clay, Roll*, atul Simmerland? Ijteui Warrant Hawk*, No. 2?'lite Civil and Liplumatic Rill?The Slave Abduction Care, If'The is a statement of the amount of [>ck issued during the week ending 29th July, 48: ? ' the lonn of 1847 $249,5ft0 Do to foreigners $233,000 the loan of 1K4H 321.600 Do t? foreigner* 84.000 $671,060 $317,000 The amount issued to foreigner* may be classid thus:? land $10 000 tore 88.600 men. . 22000 igland l'iii 500 -inidud 1ft 000 ika 4,0(8) mads 11 000 $317,000 ft will be seen that the amount of otock issued ntve ih much smaller than for the previous week, id the cause atiords food tor serious consideraon. To what other cause can we assign the decade than to the disturbed state of the public ind upon the territorial questions? It is true that triple here know well that it is all tulk-?they now that there is no dangei of a separation bevetn the North and ^outn, and that t struggle merely u peaceable one for political ascendency, rapped up in a hypocritical mantle of phihtnthrolj bnt foreigners, not so conversant with the hemes of our politicians, have become alarmed, id, until the question be settled in some way, eir alarm will continue, and not only continue, it increase. Is this question?a mere abstraction of sufficient importance, to not only set free the naticism of the Union, hut to iniure our credit? id, it may be, by diverting foreign capitul, to mre it permanently! We think not. Better, much tter, at once to give up the whole of the vast aetes on the Pacific. There is no patriotism in e discussion; it is a mere sectional struggle for iwer. France, Germany, all Europe, is struging to supplant tyranny, by establishing repuo s. They look to the United States as their moi. Alas? whut a spectacle do we present! General Taylor's letter of acceptance of tho liladelphta nomination was received here on iturday evening, and has created much divsatis* ction among the ultra whigs. They expected at the old general would be caught at last, and irrender himself, body and soul, to the party, hey complained that heretofore he resembled ei Irishman's flea?when you put your tiuger on m he wasn't there?and they honed that his iswer would corner him. But "old Zack never irrenders," and he still remains before the couny. untrammelled by party pledges, the candidate ftlie people. Detections have already commenced i the whig ranks. As an instance, Slingerland, f the Albany district, New York, who, until Sairday, co-operated with the Taylor wings, and nused his name to appear at their meetings, has lis morning written a letter to a number of genemea in Albany, by whom he has been invited to ttend a district meeting to dissent from the 'hiladelphta nomination, accepting their inviition, aud recommending a separate ticket for le Presidency to be chosen at the Convention Inch meets at Buffalo on the 9th. The same Ibany committee addressed Botts, of Virginia, eking if Clay had pledged himself to Taylor, [r. Botts replied that he had not; but to-day e adds a postscript to his letter, in which he ates, that as soon as Mr. Clay receives General aylor's answer to th whig nomination, he will iblisli a card, denying his acquiescence in Tayr's nomination, and suggesting a separate whig pket. " There's a tunny time coming, boys." The land warrunt hawks, satiated, |>erhape, itii preying upon the poor soldiers, have compneed to prey upon each other. The latest case ph somewhat utter this fashion. A deaJer in w Orlenns came across a number of returned Idiers, hard up for cash, and satisfied their wanla on receiving a power of attorney, in the manner desciibed in a former letter. The different tificates were forwarded to the proper authoies here, with directions to remit the value of warrants in monev, instead of land scrip, lis was all well enough. The soldiers left New leans, doubtless well satisfied, und reached ncinnati. llut here " a change came o'er the rit of their dream." They came across other " dealer." He learned their story, d, perhaps jealous at the speculation of his other " dealer" in New Orleans, advised the Idiers to permit him to write to Washington am and direct scrip to be sent to them at Cinmati instead of money to New Orleans. "When eek meets Greek then comes the tug of war." ic result of this move, if successful, would be to the New Orleans speculator out of all he had vanced, and perhaps, as far as that goes, it would no great matter. Of eourse, no notice can be icn of the application. The only way to stop e issue of the money upon the power of attorney ven to the New Orleans man, would be to get me judge to issue an injunction until the matter ould be investigated. A question, however, ises, has the judicial power a right to interfere us in executive matters? and as we are not suffi ntly versed in the intricacies of the law, we ive the answer open. The Senate committee, we perceive, has struck t from the civil and diplomatic bill the clause iropriating a certain sum for the improvement of i Savannah river. There is no^ioubt this amendnt will be sanctioned by the Senate and paased the House. So the clerks in the departments iy at last sing Jubilate! Several papers have erted, apparently authoritatively, that the Prelent intended to veto the bill if it contained the vannali clause. The only means these papers ve had of deducting such an inference was open every one?namely, guess work. We have the ry best reason to know that the President has t expressed any opinten upon the billj and the cgvu iicuji ib u siuuuiiig pruoi mat ivir. 1'om ows how to keep his own counsel. rhc slave abduction trial was continued to-day. Mann concluding his argument commenced Saturday, for the defence. He submitted the owing propositions: 1st. That to prove the serjde of a slave, the master's assertion of propers not sufficient. 2d. That to establish a larly it must be proved that a trespass was comtted in taking from master's possession. 3d. iat the fact ol slaves being on board the prisons vessel is not sufficient, unless done by the priler's knowledge and consent. 4th. Same, hut it the embnrcation was by the prisoner's procure:nt. 5th. That there was no larceny committed, less prisoner knew the negroes were slaves, i. Color, not evidence ot slavery. 7th. If the Eoner found the negroes on his vessel and conned them to his own use, vet if no original tak;, no larceny. Mr. Carlisle then addressed the y, also for the defence, urging similar points to >se offered on Saturday l>y Mr. Mann, and upon icluding, the Court adjourned. Mr. Key, the itrict Attorney, closes the case to-morrow. < 'mega. Washington, July 31, 1848. hums ?/ Cimfptf*?A S)>w?John Fo'/s IVhitt Hoi'fi ? 77ir Cupitol Sodu Slrop, etc. 'his morning, the House agreed to the propoul ot the Senate to adjourn, s/n< du, on the 14th Vugust, and a few minutes afterwards it was fed to meet hereafter, until the close of the sea i, ut ten o'clock in the morning With nineths of the business unacted upon, (as Mr. Vi*and Mr. Truman Smith say,) the eleven hours b gu.ned are of the greatest importance, whea consider that the four or five days' labor of ths ate, combined in the compromise bill, was ed in forty minutes! Next week there will >ably be recesses, and night sessions, and a it fuss, as though the members were the most ustrious people in the world ! All at once they it to get home ; it is time they were there, they But this is only an echo of the voice uttered the people three months ago. lis known to you that speaker Winthrop, being m " the lund of steady hubita," on his accession he chair, cleared the basemant ol the Capitol he cook a ad liouor shops. As a teetotaller we isider it a good move; but the evil of which ny complained was not eradicated. It was pallidly thought by some ot the more sober that younger members, if the toddv shops were to. sted, would be seduced into drinking habits ; _ . . ,_.i .1? ir?1-.:~.. net' iiir iiiuutcmcui iv ir??c uic legislative I was dissipated by the casting out of the rits." John Foy gathered up his trying pans, beef steaks and decanters, and took refuge in vhite house not more than a stone's throw n the Capitol. 10 just as convenient, and 1 tiresome to go there, than it was down and live hundred dark and narrow' stone steps. On South side of the Capitol, in the building it, there is a seda and cake shop, and a driving mess in this branch ol the trude is |>ercepuble. eonle do not love soda better than brandy, f tnere is John Foy's,just in view. 1 former days and nights we saw many drunken nbers in the legislative halls; but there aprs less of inebriation now than ever. And here must say, and we do not beg pardon either for assertion, that, however in good taste to a ain member, it was in had taste morally, to

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