Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 8, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 8, 1848 Page 3
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fP 1 c???rr vi -jww?????? this motion the yeas and nays were taken, and the motion decided in the affirmative?yeas 76, nays64. COMMITTCC or TDK WHOur. On motion of Mr. IIist, of New York, the House reiolved itself into committee of the whole on the state of the Union Mr. Cabell, of Florida, in the Chair Many motions and much disorder prevailed as to what bill should be considered. Mr. Host, on the part of tho Whl s. was trying to take up the River and Harbor Bill, while Mr. Cobb was opposing it at every step. The House called twice, Mr. Cobb taking appeals from the chair constantly. The committee rose. A resolution wss here offered to stop the debate on the River and Harbor Bill on Wednesday next?which was adopted. HITKR ami HARROR Ml.I.. On motion of Mr. Root, of Ohio, the House again resolved itself into a committee of the whole on the state of the union. Mr. Laotiii m tue L natr, ana took up the River and Harbor hill. Note by the Reporter ?A night session has been resolved upon. Lamps in the hall have been lighted, and Mr. Hunt is now speaking. Mark eta. Buffalo, Ang. 7,18s8.?Receipts since Saturday :? Hour, 3,000 bbls.; wheat, 10,000 bushels; corn, 40,000 bushels. Sales of 1,000 bbls. of Hour were made at $4 50 a $4 62>*'. Wheat?Sales of 3,000 bushels were k made, consisting of Ohio at $1. Corn?Sales of 30,000 I bushels Western were made at 43c. There was no | change in provisions. Whiskey remained about the r same. k Albany, Aug. 7.1748.?Receipts sinoe Saturday :? I Flour. 11,600 bbls.; wheat, 2 000 bushels. There was B no change in the price of Hour, and sales wore limit ed. Corn?Sales of 12.000 bushels were made, includT ing mixed, at 60c, and round yellow at 62c. Meal was held at firmer rates. Whiskey was stationary. ProTisions remained about the same The Valuable Property belonging to the heirs of the late Mr. Alexander M'Gregor will sold this day, the 6th instant, at twelve o'clock, at tho Merchant*' Exchange, by Anthony J. Bleecker. It consists of Eight Lots of Ground on Kivington street, Lotween Ludlow and Essex streets (embracing the corners,) and Two Lot* on Ludlow street, and Two Lots on Sssex street, adjoining those on Itivingtoa street. The ?ule will be free, and the title is beyond dispute. Maps of the property can be obtained of the Auctioneer at tie Sales itoom, >o. / Broad street. The Plum be National Dagiu-rrlaii Gallery, No. 251 Broadway, continues to bo thronged with visitors, of all ami und sexes: and the sitting rooms connected with the establishment are at all times occupied by sitters, who never fail of obtaining, eucredibly short spaoe of titne, uh exact and beautiful picture. Ti e pictures are p rfcet. Wlgi and Toupees?All Persons wishing a superior Wig or Scalp should not fail to call at BATCHELOB'S manufactory, No. 2 Wall street, before puroliasing elsewhere, and see his new invented Wigs, unequalled for ligbtneas, natural appearance and durability. N.B.?Private rooms for fitting Wigs. The Cheapest and Ileal Place In the City to St good Boots, Shoes, and Gaiters, is at Jones, U Ann street, near ?Museum. His best French Boots, $4 50; seoond quality, from $3 50 to $4; Congress Boots, from (3 60 to $4. The "Richelieu" Diamond Pointed Gold Pens, sold by B. E. WATSON It CO., No. 15 Wall street, and J. Y. Savage. !?2 Fnlton street, are the best and cheapest pens in use. Points warranted for five years. Gold Pens and Gold Cases of every description wholesale and retail at the lowest prices. Gold pens repaired. COMHERClA L AFF AI Rs7~ 3IONKY "MAUKKT Monday, August 7?6 P. 31. Treasury notes advanced 'a at the first board and }? at the second board; United States 0's fell off % at the second board; Erie railroad improved %; Harlem S'. Long island went up % at the first board and fell off at the second board. The Enropa sails from Boston on Wednesday for Liverpool. There is not much doing in exchange to go in he*. Onr quotations on London are 100 a 109%; Paris. Af 22% a fif 20; Hamburg, 35% a 35%; Amsterdam, 40 a 40%. The Batchers' and Drovers' Bank declared a semiannual dividend of five per cent, payable on the 15th. The value of merchandise imported into this port for the first four days In August, in each of the past three years?independent of that sent to the warehouse?and the amount of duties paid on the same, were as annexed :? Commerce of the Port ok New York?Valve ow Auv. l?f to41//, inclutire. 1 S4?"?. 1847. 1846. Free goods $46,363 37,910 63,096 Dutiable goods 912,636 2,794,810 1,106,031 Total merchandise *!?9,018 2,832,720 1,171,127 Specie imparted 13,660 ? ? .Dutiee received 281,837 673,127 286.689 Average duty per ct 30 8-9 24 1-9 26 4-11 This great falling oil in the value of merchandise imported, in such a short time, cannot but be gratifying to every one at all interested in preserving a healthy state of trade. A decrease of more than one and a half millions of dollars in the value of merchandise imported in four days, this year, compared with the faame pe.iod in 1847. will make up for a large decrease in the value of exports, and leave a wide margin for future importations to increase the balance against ns. Wc are fearful that this favorable state of thing* ran not continue, that the importations for the fall trade will he much larger than is generally anticipated; it is. however, some satisfaction that many of thegoods now coining out. particularly those from the continent, have been paid for. Advioes from Havre state that there have recently been large orders for exportation filled, increased, no doubt, by the low range of prices which has tempted foreign purchasers, aud by the fact of the premiP"1 ?n tlle exports of goods having hsen doubled. It is ^l,? 41144 4he quantity of manufactured goods in the ^Ui4on5 Honso at Havre for export has largely Increased, arif the shipments are principally for the United States. We h*ft>frc<Iu?utly stated that a large portion of the specie s2?i*t>e<1 from this port for France, was sent out for the purchase of French goods; and recent accounts from Havre have confirmed these statements. Speculators and importers in this market take advantage of the immense depreciation in prievk for every description of French good* is Uw home market, caused by the political revolution and the commer^ and purchased largely for cash. With the gold and silver in hand, they almoct made their own terms; and such was the anxiety of the manufacturers to realise, that they submitted to in* most euoruiuua Many of the goods purchased in that manner are now coming out, and we shall soon realise some returns for the large sums of specie sent abroad some months since. ? Stock (exchange. (?000 Treasury Notes, Ss 103* BOshs^or* Wore sW SOV - r/rfu? do lOWh 7^ do Jl ~io(X) do ?10 lOsik 60 do b60 31^ 10000 r 3 ?s of-68 104* 100 S**?in??R*ilr0V KS 10000 V 8 a. of -5 !?', 6$ 10060 do do s30 5*3^ 600 do ** 6000 Pcnn 6t b60 74S 160 do j ?0Q 62)2 1 "XXjo Illinois Fundable 40 180 Leng Island RR ,yi M) sbs Morris Cansl 6* 400 do 2riJ M do sOO 9* 300 do M( grV? a N Y h. N Haven RR 80* ISO do Kb 27>S 25 Canton Co MO .133, 10 Eric Ra'.^oad, old 66 50 do blO '8 < 32 do new,full 62 25 Nor k Wore RR ?7 80 manners' Trust 27* SeMr.d Board. ylOOOO Treas'y Notee b3 lil3V 100 she Farmers'Loan bSO 2Sk 5000 H 8 0e of '62 1U3* ?> do 27 V 50 sbs Eric Railroad, full tl'2 80 Long Isla.-d RR 27 s, 20 do 62 50 Morris Canal 9* CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, August 7?8 P. M. Ashes?The demand is not active; moderate sales ef pots at $6 37* a $6 60. Pearls are steady at $8. Cottom?There is a fair inquiry this morning for eotton at prices current last week; sales reach about 300 bales. Floor, (sc.?Western tlour is scarcely so active this morning, though prices are without material change. The Eastern demand is failing off. Operations reach 2000 barrel* at (6 03d e to 123, for common State and Lockport; >6 18* a tft 26 for fair Ohio and Indiana; 6 37X a ffi 0234 for pure Oenesee; $6 76 a $6 for fancy, and $0 12', a to 76 for extra. Southern is without much movement and dull; sales of 300 barrels Mew at $6 60 Rye Flour?We can hear of no operations; quotations remain the same. Meal la held firmly, at %2 08V a t2 75 for Jersey, with sales of 200 barrels. Wheat Is In fair request, especially new Southern, which Is not plenty. A sale or 2600 bushels Wisconsin was msde at 80c. The demand for corn is active, end the market presents a healthy appearance. The transactiona this morning reach 40.000 bushels at 4c a 416c for round yellow; 60c lor Western mixed; 69c for flat white; and 60<- for high mixed Western in ie slip. The MM since the steamer loot up 160.000 ehels. Rye I*drooping; naif*of Northern Me a 09c Oats are a little better We quote Ca,1 at 44c a 46c. and Jersey at 88c a40o. Kaniuhts?There Is more offering, and better price* i obtained. We notice engagement* of oorn to verpool at 6d a 6>?d. cotton at o-.12d, and heavy ods at 17* a 10*. Provisiojis?Ohio pork opens dull, and the nale* are rdly worth noticing, being confined to 100 or 200 is. to the trade, at 611 2b a 611 31'., for mess, and 81 >4 a 68 87)4 for prime. Beef I* heavy, and but tie inquired for. For cut meat* there Is a good Ipping demand, and holder* ate very firm. Some in taction* were reported, but the particulars were t made public. Lard is on the aavanoe. and the auiry for export Is good. We notice sales of 400 1*. at 8c, which is the top of the market. Butter d cheese are selling to a fair extent, at our pre. rue quotations. RTmisxev continue* firm; 160 bbl*. sold at 23c for Ison. Mosmv Cvaitiiso, August 7th. The flour market continued about the same as at the >*e on Saturday, with not quite so mneh selling. e*tern wheat continued to sell at variable prices acrdlng to quality. A small lot of Genesee was dieted of at the rates stated below. Corn continued si and sale* were again p retty freely made at fall ees. Meal sold at a sliprst advanne on Saturday1* toe. There was no chant's in provision* and sale* re limited. Lard contlsfad firm ; pickled meat* re also fl.'.m with llghtis'. ?s. Groceries were quiet d transaction* In sugasr light, without material sage in p<* is*. k*NBS-tr Of aboutl), bbls at 66 37X to fij 50 pots,aaf 1 6? for pearls larsosT I i.?FUut?If. alps reached about 4600 bbls., including this State, Oswego, common Genesee, lie., at f5 12a $5 25; several small lots of Ohio, round hoop, at $5 12 V. email sales of Brooklyn, from new wheat, were making, in a retail way, at $0 ; 200 ] do, Richmond county, sold at $6 02V The market j closed steady. Wheat?A sale of a cargo of Western I was made at 90c; 2500 bushels common Wisconsin i were reported sold, at 80c, and 400 bushels Genesee, at $1 25. Corn?The sales of all kinds reached 70o j 80,000 bushels, in various separate lots,among which were 7,000 bushels New Orteans yellow, on private terms; 10.000 do. New Orleans yellow, at something over 00c, (in store); 20,000 do. mixed and round yellow sold at 00c a 05c; 15.000 do. round do., at 05e; 0,000 do. New Orleans, at 54c, (heated); and 2.000do white, tlat, at 50c. Other parcels were disposed of within the range of the above quotations .Ural?Sales of about 1.000 bbls New Jersey were made at $2 75, which was an advance. Rye? Sales of 1,500 bushels were made at o?c (Jati were some tirmer. ana we quote .>ortnern at 43c a 45c, aud New Jersey, at 38c a 40c. Cattii.?At Market ? 1200 beef cattle, (chiefly from the South.) <10 cows and calves, and 4100 sheep and lambs. (Prices?Beef Cattle?There has been a good average demand during the week, at prices fully up to last week's mark. The sales range from $0 to $7 50 per cwt, as in quality. About 100 left over. Cows and Calves?The supplies are not so plentiful as last week ; prices are well maintained. Tne sales range at from $20, $28, $37 60 to $45. All taken. Sheep and lambs como in more freely. and more than enough to meet the demand We quote the former at $1 25, $2 60 to $4, and the latter at from $1, $2 to $3 40. 200 unsold. Hay and Straw remaiu without material change. Sales of good Cong Island timothy at HO to 70 ots per 100. Straw at $2 02 to $3 25 per hundred bundles. Market well supported. Cotton?The sales of the day were quito small, being only about 400 bales The market is heavy. Krkkiiiti?There was some more offering at the closing rates of Saturday 20.000 bushels of corn was taken for Liverpool in bulk, at 5d. Cotton was steady at 5-32d. while 3-lGd was asked. Heavy goods stood at about 17s Hd. A vessel was engaged to load with oorn for a direct port in Ireland, at 8>?d. Fruit? We have but to notice a sale of 350 boxes shelled almonds, at lfc,4 months. Hemp was inactive, aud no sales of moment transpired. Lime?Sales of 3000 barrels were made, at 74 a 75c. 1 Molamks?The demand was less active to-day, and the transactions confined to the trade wants, at our previous quotations. Naval Store* were without movement, and very dull. AVe uuoto spirits 34 a 35c, and crude $2 60. Oil??A sale of 800 barrels whale oil was made for shipping, at private bargain. Provisions?Sales of 200 barrels pork wore made, Including mess, at $11 25, and prime at $8 87>?. Sales of 00 packages pickled hams and shoulders were made at 0'4 a 6>?c, andat4'*'c. Card?Sales of 400 barrels were made, at with some small lots at So. Rick?The demand was fair, and prloes a shade firmer. Sales of 200 tierces, at $3 44 a $3 62)4 per 100 lbs. Soap?A sale of 300 boxes red mottle Castile was j made at 11 ta ll>?c, 4 months. Sugars were not very brisk, and no operations of , importance took place. Tallow ? 6,000 lbs prlmo changed hands at 8o. Whiskey?Sales of 300 barrels were made at 22>{c for Ohio, and 23c for State Prison. MARKETS ELSEWHERE. FOREIGN MARKETS. Port au Prince, July 24.?American provisions of every kind are in the greatest abundance, and no sales can be effected, even at cost. The currency is daily depreciating, and doubloonB are now quoted at $136. Coffee is $38 a $40, and logwood $16a$18 per M. Married, On Sunday afternoon, 6th instant, in St. Peter's Church, Barclay street, by Rev. Charles Constantine Pise, D.B., Patrick O'Connell, to Miss Mary Murray , both of this city. Hied, On Monday, 7th instant, Sarah Emily, infant daughter of Albert Munn. aged 11 months. The funeral will take pUce at the residence of Geo. C V,. Or. A .......... n >1 O nl.ln.1, P M O.I. day. The friends and acquaintances of the family are requested to attend, without further invitation. On Monday, the 7th instant, Joan** H., daughter of James W. and Joanna H. Thompson, in the 6th year of her age. Her remains will be taken to Newark, N. J., for interment, on Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from 89 Crosby street. August 0, 1848, after a short illness, with dropsy in the chest, Mrs. Eliza Decker, wife of James P. Decker, aged 33 years. The relatives and friends of the family arc respectfully invited to attend her funeral, at No. 167 Elm street, between Grand and Broome streets, on Tuesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, without further invitation. On Wednesday,2d instant, John Nichols, youngest son of Thomas and Mary Agnes Thompson, aged 10 months and 3 days. Sleep, lovely babe, and take your rest, God called you home?lie thought It best. Like ae the grass Is early mown. So Christ has cut our darling down. At Turks Island. July 25, Mrs. Samuel Lioiitburn. Weekly Report of Deaths Jn the City and County of New York, from the 29th day of July, to the 5th day of August, 1848. Hen, 67; Women, 54; Boys, 136; Girls, 112. Total, 368. diseases. Apoplexy. 7; asphyxia 2; atrophia, 2; bleeding from lungs, 1; ; burned or scalded, I; bronchitis, 1; cancer of womb, 1; casualties, 8; cholera infantum, 44; cholera morbus, .1; consumption, 34; ; convulsions, 37; orowp. 2; congestion, 1; congestion of the lungs, 2; coup do soliel.2; debility, 6; -liarrtvca, 12; dropsy, 6: dropsy in the head, IB; dropsy in the bowels, 1; drowned, 9; dysentery,41; epilepVf 1; sever, 3, fever remittant, 1; fever scarlet, 1; fever ty- i pnus. 7; fever congestive, 1; heart disease, 2; hooping cough, 5s I inanition, 1; tuilummation, 2; icut)animation of brain, 14; inttam- i mation of bowels, 16; inflammation of chest, 1; inflammation sf { lungs, 9; inflammation of stomaeb, 3; inflammation of throat,!; inflammation of liver, 1; internperance, 2; jaundice. I; taalformation, ]; marawnus, la.'-: measles, 2; mortification, 1; did age, 2: palsy, 3; prematnre Urth, 4; pleurisy, 1; mptere. 2; scrofula, 4; small pox, 7; sprue, 3; nifT-cn t ion, 1; teething, 6; ulceration of Intestines, 1; worms, 1;' unknown, 6. Age?Under oneyear, 114; 1 to 2 years, 83: 2 to 5,27; 5 to 10,15; 10 to 20. 8; 20 to f), st: 30 to 40, 35: 40 to 51, 25; 60 to i?, 17; 60 to 70, 3; 70 to 80. 3: 00 to 90, 2; unknown, 2. A. W. WHIT K, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office, August 5,1848. TPJU'IKSST ATTENTION CA8S AND BUTLER.?A BE- ! m-j imlar m-veting of the Empire Club w ill take ilace on Wod- 1 iie-day evening. August 9, at 8 o'slock, at Warren's 6th Ward Hotel for the purpose of holding an election for officers for the ( ensuing year an J 1? transact otoer business which may --one be- ' fme the Club' Punctual attendance la requested of every member 1 who is in favor of Cass and Butler. By order of or oi case JOHN S. AUSTIN, President. da>;'??canun |v. ,>regi(wt(, chaburs Barclay, s t G. B. Wooi.ns idck, / q ?. I John McMahan J Set ?. ^ - sKVUAT PUT iVIC AND COTILLON CX oo? TKi-iAtwa ANNUAL Hi I eh(urtcred th, gnlendtd . W Excursion?TOie Committee having^ barge L. R. Mellon, ' steamer lludson^dcommoihoMbaUroom ^ Wedn0#d | will proceed np tbe North River to*0*" oMt River, at 7 ? a??7.> a : :nx the loot of Tirtn sum, | b ?^5ek A. M Dc'linev *** 2ft i?"*" *f' c#ll? *.., ni'!^ . Hammond it, Nineteenth at, . at S o'cloek Dln^I?. brass anQ ] casior. The dancbg will be under L. * ?of ? fessor. aesisted by the Committee. A sup.1 * JjUTke J served up in the grove immediately after lanoJ* ?? one shilling 11 Br plate. Tieksts lor the excursion 60 cents. L-Jldrea under i _ years of age, free. CHA8.S. FLATT, Uminnan. , WM.CJaquia Secretary. : J N B If the weather should prove unlitvorablo, due notice will , begmn IB w ?wrypgni. a or o. r.?siloam midge, no. 210 ^ ' ' J( . moved to National Hall, Canal atrw' l _ Wednesday Toning, of each wort .J.-7.W i , ,/?I 1 erdsr of tha N. O. I *tll ItlfiBrt 1181164. By J J *"*Hi'ANT NOTICE?TUB new YORK AND MORRI9I f " *Ia Villon Association, ore reuueated to moot In Military ' Dull on Tuesday, this evening, at 8 o clock, to determine tlie locv . ' Vion for the railroad depot in that village. A? every member of ! ? th'i Association will be deeply interested in that question, there- ! " fin the committee deem it important to have It settled by the Association only. Thooe who read the above notice, please in- t form other members. A. ALLBNDORPH, Secretary. Confectionery.?a yol no i.ady wishes to ob- j tain a iituatlon to assist in a Confeetionery Store. Address 1 J H. S. B.. Herald Office J PACKET SHIP ST. DENIS, Al t.I ST IMS?CAPTAIN | ? George W. Howe.?Dear Sir?The undersigned before leav- 1 ing yon, take great pleasure in embracing this opiwvtunity of txpreialng the high opinion they entertain of you as the Coinmamler of ao noble a Ohip as the St Denis; and at the soma time bog to thank yon slm-en ly for your gentlemanly t ondae t towards I tl cm dnring this passage. In ttdiing leave of you, they wish you " and the St Danla every success you may desire, and rem-in, dear sir, your friends and servants. M. Mnsy, C. E. Rai out. T. f W. Powers and Mr*. Pow em, C. B. Wralcas. L. A. Vandeul and ' family; Th. Ooerke, Mad. Colltr, M. Davis. Hartley Lord, c Julius Ahlborn, I. Tocnfer, Choo. A. Alexander. Caman and fa- . mllle, I-esn Caman. Edward Friadmano, T. Turrer, II. Strnbi, A. EhbUngos, lleinrieh Spraeber von Bernegg. j Notice-office or the rockland cemetery, 170 ? Broadway, corner of Maiden last, (up stairs) where all , orders w ill be receivad from 9 A M, to 4 P. M.. for the purchase f of plots or for interments. Pamphlets and maps of the ground ' are ready for distvibntton. At other than ofll.e hours orders will be received at Mo.29.'! Wooster strrat. WILLIAM ARCHER. Snpt. OFFICE OTTUE NEW YORK FIRE AND MARINE IN- t surance Company. New York. August .tl, 1H4A Dividend? t The BoArd of Direetcrs have this itay declared a dividend of ten I b percent lor the last six months, payabe on demand at the office c of the company, No. 72 Wall street. D. UNDF.RH1LL, I i Secretary. TO < APITALISTS-f.ll?l.(?H> WANTED TO CARRY ON A I I husinesa easy, regular, safe, and wldch will rcallxe oar hnn- I " dred thousand dollars speedy profits. The control of the oapital | 1 to remain with the party who furnishes it. Undoubted rafe- i > rsnces given and required. For the names of the parties and j the abaracter of the enj rrjprim^ apply Jo _ Til E< MMIKE MKIKj W ILh, W) Wall tfttU | | FOR SALE?A DOI BLE <;UN BY RJUBT, OF Dl BLIN, 1 1 price $3n. M?y be wen at M>ssr*. Oonroy'f, 62 Fulton street, Kltt TWt. English surinc axles. *< ., suited for express wsmns; alio, fifteen Iron Hay Racks, tot sale at Dr. Grlea'e, Veterinary Snrgeon, White street. Any person intending to build stabling should embrace this opportunity, as all will be eld cheap, cheap. . N A VIS INK HOUSE.-COL. WM. JONES (FORMERLY sheriff of the City and County ot New York) has emus few rooms In the above house yet unoccupied. To these unacquainted with his location, it is necessary to add, thgt his house is situated on one of the most romantic and lovely spots In New Jersey, being In the immediate vicinity of the Highland Light House, commanding a view of the ocean for miles around. To i the invalid he can promise n quiet house, tine bracing air, sea bathing, and all the comforts of a home. To the lorer of sport, fine fishing, sailing, and ridiug. The steamer Edwin Lewisleavee Vessy street daily for S.henk's Dock, where carriages will be ready to convey passengers to the house, a distance of less tiian a mile. For terms, *e? enquire of A. KEMP, I Hi Wall street. I The medicated vapoe, sulphur, and iodine i baths, as an agent fer drawing diseased action from the deep seated parts to the aurfkoe, is beyond oompsriat n more powerful than any other known agent. There arc many eheonre disease* which the most skilful physician ranaot correctly din flnguith, that disappear entirely after the use of this powerful remedy- it is well known that the ordinary exhalations from the skin cannot he memcntarily Interrupted, without iedueimt colds, rbeomatiws, diarrhoea, dysentery, Ac. Whet is more reasonable then to infer, than their speedy removal hy inducing i powerful prmdrmtien f Sulphur baths always ready. Mrs Carrel. No. M Broadway, two doors above Leoaasd street CAST OFF CLOTH I NO AND FURNITURE-LADIES AND Gent leasee hawing impisSesee edheU to dispone o( wissYug attend at their rssHsaee. InOsssttsnded tn hy Mrs. Lsvinspn. J. L1TWBTIK|II| BioifWiy. >1 11 ii ? iwhii hip mini i i*<*asnm WW. TOrriNO, A U0T10N KTR?C * TTTER K1 ri.ll ft Topping. W H'illism afreet, will include in th m* of I hie day (Aug. tt,) u Urge ami detiraUe elock (i fun., uuJ AUi|i!e Dry Hoods. cam prising X'O pi- ces of print*, nf virion ityiOi. .1*) pieces Liicn l.iupi emi; 2W \ i' e? Fnutnu do; ?iul tier u oi'?i contained In a pood el? > retail stock. The what* fs> tie sold without retorve. By order of eergnees. Catalogue* n-i'l tuple* in sow ready. PLAIN FIELD < EBTIF1CATFS WAX IED?Till UIOHEfl price (catb) pud liy l.o KAY, Lamp Store. I III Fnitmit. WANTKD?A BIIUATION BY A RB8PS0TAULB PRO te-.tant Young Woman, to take ^re of children, or Chunh> rmiid. The lest of city reference can be given. Apply to J.'.T .Mud if on street. Wanted a gihid and s<>iii;k nv.-ri.KMw. ir: must be ??U recommended. A go< <1 hoy would be preferable. Apply at the Cute Tortoni, corner of Broadway auf lleade itmt ' WANTKB?A SITUATION FOB A STOUT BOV, A BOOT eighteen years of age. as porter lu a store. would make himself useful an any business, good security given if required. ' Address, E. U, Herald Otticc. Wanted?a kebpectarie youth, prom it; to ao years el age, in a Lace and Embroidery 8 tore?one who I las tome knowledge of the business prefi rrvd. Apply to Tlloc. EVAN'S. (17 Catharine st. Wanted?a situation by arespectableyouno Man, as Coachman orQroom who understands his business perfectly ; baa no objectiouB to town or oountry. I'leust: direct to 33 Munroe street. Can be heard ot ford days, if not engaged. W ANTED-A SITUATION ItV V RESPECTABLE PROtestant young Ctrl, to do chainbcrwork and waiting, or is wi'ling to make herself generally useful. The best of recommendations ean be given. Please call at 172 Eleventh street, between 1st and 2d avenue*. all the wrck, if net engaged. W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation, who understands dressmaking and plain so wine; would go aa nurse or chambermaid, and muke herself generally useful. Best of city reference can be given. Please call nt 117 Munroo street. WANTED? A SITUATION 11y A MOST RESPECT\BI.K Young Woman, ns chambermaid, or waiter, or to do eneral housework for a small family. The licot of reference given. AI't'ly at 'he c omer of ISth stree t and Utii avenue. WANTED?AN AGENT FOR AN ENGI.iSn DRY GOODS House in Manchester and Huddcrsflcld, (Englaud) who must be pcrfi>tly acquainted with such goods, und with the dry goods merchants of that city. Only parties able to give the most satisfactory references need nppl.v. Addrc.-s (post ntlic < ) b \ 17m. Wanted- u\ one ok the new yokk volunteers, of Company li, a native of Hermany. who speaks fluently ! French and some English, a situation in a store, or as barkeeper. Please inquire No. .134 Grand street. WANTED?A HEAD WAITER, WHO HAS KILLED that situation in one of the prinoipal hotels in Now York, and who understands his business thoroughly. No one need ap- I ply who cannot ' ring unexceptionable references to that effect. Call at the Office of the City Hotel, New York. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE BOY, A SITUATION as bar tender, in a respectable house; lias been accustomed to the business: can bring good recommendations. Please address a note to m. m.C., Herald office, stating where an interview can be had. WANTED-ON BROADWAY (WEST SIDE! BETWEEN Broome nnd Eighth streets, a first or second story Front Room, suitable as a show room tor a light fancy business. Address B. / of this paper, stating terms and locality. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as Chambermaid, and to assist in Washing and Ironing, or to do the general house-work in a small family. Best of city reference given. Apply at 231 Bowery, in roar basement' WANTED-A PERSON COMPETENT TO TEACH ALGEbra and the higher branches of Mathematios, who would he willing to devote an evening of each week to teaching. Address Arithmetic, at this office, with terms, tee., at once. File makers wanted?w men, to be employed in File manufacturing. Constant employment will be given to those who understand the business, and their wages paid weekly. Apply at No. 33 Liberty street, 2d story. CLERK AND MONEY WANTED-THU ADVERTISER wishes to employ a lad or young man, who could loan him from five hundred to one thousand dollars. The business is safe, pleasant and respectable. Address, Fulton, N. Y. Herald. Lost?from the British schooner ? exemplar," a Boat with " Exemplar, Newport," painted on the ste-n. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving Information with J. W. BUBNHAM, 7 South st. (tklAA REWARD.-LOST, ON TUESDAY EVENING, W -1 "Vf August 1st, in tho vielnity of the Astor House, or between the Astor House and Canal street, a tefiUf) note en the Boiton Bank of Boston. The above rewind will be paid, with tlie thanks of the loser, by returning it at the office of the Astor House. v Innn UNITED STATES MUSKETS, 2.000 SINGLE ) UUU and Double Fowling Guns, 2,000 Paira'of Pistols assorted. Also Gun Locks, Powder Flasks, Shot Belts, Game Bags, Percussion Caps, in great variety, for sale on the most favorable terms, by A. vV. SPIES It CO., 01 Maiden lane. 3nnn WINDOW SHADES FOR SALE. FROM 37?c. jUUv upward. Merchants, pedlars, &c? supplied by Kelty ta Riker. manufacturers and exclusive dealers in Shades and materials for making and hanging shades, 134 Chatham street (tan nnn WANTED?ON BOND AND MORTGAGE vvoj valuable Broadway property in fee, worth over $60,000, at 7 per cent interest The ground, without the improvements, valued at $35,000. Apply immediately in the Bank Note Exchange Office, to JOHN F. CONREY, No. S) Wall street. MISSKORTKAMPF, No. 207X BROADWAY, WILLTEACH a Class of Young Ladies in every variety of ornamental work, vii: Embroider}', Hair Work, he. Terms per quarter, $5. S i hours each week. CONVERSATIONS FRANCAISES, OS FRENCH TAUGHT on the Oral System, enabling to speak from the tirst lessons and insuring ease and fluency to pupils more advanced, bat detieient in freaking. Tuition, at home, in classes, $2; privately, $4 per month. Families and schools attended. Pleaae address Mons.lDE ST. PIERRE, natif do Paris, 308 Broadway. COUNTRY SEAT ON THE HUDSON RIVER, FOR SALE, with a beautiful brick Cottage, cemented over, a brick tarn, and other buildings, about Ob miles from the city, opposite Tivoli, or Red Hook, having a splendid view of near thirty miles of the rivrr. It contains about 1U0 acres of land, and will be sold on accommodating terms. Apply on the premises, or at this office. Address to F. N. A RARE OPPORTUNITY?FOR SALE, THE ENTIRE OR the one-half interest in that well known Pnblio House, " The Place," No. 8ti A:i-*au street. Second ward, re pic to with Fixtures and Furniture throughout, and a long and very favorable Lease. Also the Lease, Furniture and Improvements of the Public House known as "The Scot," No. 1 South Will am street, corner of William street in the First Ward. For pactionlois. inquire of LEWIS S. FORD, 86 Nassau street, between 10 A. V , ? ndj P. V. A SPANISH GENTLEMAN, 30 YEARS OF AGE, WHO understands the French tiud English languages, aud is well rersed in his own, ia desirous of a situation, in some commercial louse, Hs has spent some years i.*> South America, as abookleeper. Salary no otyect, until his cm^'oT" is satisfied with his lervices. The best of city references ilv."*- Address 0.8., bo* 368 Post Office. -Itou streeis. Entire ?, I ?..r **Wat. in the Boot Store | TtilE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO FOR F f7?T,.7 1 ;* tween Fiederieh HeinwnbiitUI ud Gerhard u.'i IiE- I ' he firm of HEISSEN BUTTEL ft WALTER^ iEwST* und8f 5 J illiam street ud * Beckman street w. ,i?." **er?> *? 38 \ i lay. 18*?, hjr mutual consent. ' dissolved on the ISth I 8 FMMEICH HElSSEN'ni'TTar * rawssKr : a fashion. I suit made to measure fin two dsys notioe or ? at 1*3 hf.mnu t?Sl ^v".. jk^ dj ' - - at WILLI *d P Oft.8ALK.~Tmt SUBSCRIBER OFFERS FOR SALE BIS b ' V" Id*?tP?ol Line of Paokata. consisting of tha p 1.7- ft ?!*rT,ek' Sherman and Siddona. Tie superiority of a here ships ia too well known to need description. Apply to fc E. K. COLI.IN'S, flfi South at- b [j^ART HORSE FOR SALE?A BEAUTIFUL BLACK o L florse, ten yean old, aound and kind, and can paoe a mile n i two minntci and forty eecondr, to a wagon. Alao a light s rotting wagon, haraaaa. kc. All to ba aold cheap, aa tie owner h paves lor the South Immediately. Apply to 31 Croabyetreat, ip PISCO PAT, C"I.,KnUTE INSTITUTE, STAPLETQN, ] Ed S'aten Island.?This institution haa many *** togas iw ry ny other in the vicinity of New York. It is convenient to uie It a healthy Mtaation. and provided with the nhlaat pronators t) n tha Claaaioal, Engllah. Pianch, German, and Spanish depart. ci aenta. Tta taaehanall reside in tha family, andhave with the ricoipi] a constant supervision ef tha pupils. The pupils are II treated as members of the same family. Application for ad- 1 filselon to be made to Rev. T. TOWEL!,, Hector. I rl OPPOSITETHEGENERAL POST p OBce, St. Martin s le Grand, London.?This magnificent Ho- a el, bavin* reoantly nadergona extensive alterations, and a gnat ortion of it aawly furn shad, wlU ba found on trial to have no ival ia the metropoliaJboUi la point of acoommodaUen and mo- 1 cr*.W .ctf1J*! Crft* ?oom U #f ?>* largest and moat J so;* "lisas- sr'isSkPffiATr.Sjs!CM r Formerly Chief 8taward of tha British Uueen 8teamship. Refennce in New York to Mr. G. A. White, M Cedar street. ] Mf fRNS, Bl NIONS, \t ARTS, I1AD NAILS, ftc. RADICAL- ? L/ y extracted without the least pain, by Dr.' Shiriakoff, from t. Petersburg).. so that those me mmodities will not return. Any c arson who will call, can see hundreds of letters and certificate* run their fellow i iUienn, returning thank* for an immediate ana omplete cure. IlifoBoo in at 63 Chamber* ?t, N. York. Lawful murder.?magnetic powder, foe the destruction of all kinds of insects, cockroach**, metha, nu, flip*, mosqnitoca, bed hup, and various other insects; alao, 'ilia for the destruction of rata and mice, within flee minutes iter being thrown in their vicinity, warranted without poleon. *rice AO centa each. Certificate* of Meean. Preeton It Hodge*, 'arlton limine; Mr. 8. Thayer Coiten*. American Bote); and 'then of the highest reepe< lability. E. LYON, MO Broadway. DR. GREGORY, 214 CHURCH STREET, WISHES TO I make it known that there arc tone caste ol private diaraee* hat be can cure by hie new method in a m<>it incredible short imc, without the leaat irconvenlenoe to the patient He haa iad twenty yean experience in thia branch of hfa profession, and an warrant a perfeot cure in every earn. Medicaloffice-dr. jobnson, 10 duanb street. near Chatham atreet, ao well known aa the moat raoeeaafbl , jractitioner in New Tort, in the treatmeatof venenal diaeaaee. rhe Doctor's reputation for skill in those eld half-oared caaea that i iave existed for year*. It pre-eminent Gleet strictnre, uleen J pon the body, er in the throat er none, pains In the bead end y ones of the lege, effect nelly cured. Coaatitntional weakness, i rouprht ea hy a eecret habit Indulged is by younx man. causing b asriviou* dream* and nightly, emlasiose, positively pre rented. i Recent oaaes cured In fonr days, without mercury. No alteration a diet, er pfeventien from business. From the southern advertiser.-interesting i to Mother*.?'There i* no siege of Ufr in whleh the Diarrhma I make* nuoh fearful rarvage* among the human fhailv aa with the a under infant Very fbw, If any. <* be found that hate paamd ' through their Infantile date, without aa atteck of Cholera Infen tnm, or Summer Complaint produced by teething, er other , cause*, which, la toe many Inataneo* terminate* either In death or an impaired conatitution. I?ln ooufidea tto believed that mom J children die annually from thia than from all other compiainta. ; The aueetion at once ariaea, why i* thia I The answer ie at hand. ? 11 muit be the want of proper treatment ia the fleet it>|N of the * romplaint A reeort ie ueueMr had, la the tint place, te oathar- * tice, to oicanrn the bowel*, fellewed up with eome preparation of ? opium, nth aa paregoele, landaanm. or tbe Ilka, which, by a tea- . itaat irrltatloa, often produce aa taDamnation, placinet Cellule J mfftrcr beyond the reach of cart, and rami tine in a premature . irrtT*. The erperieaee of hnudrade. who hare already prored the , e(lleacy of Blunge* Canine tire and Artdanent Syrup in oaeee of I thi* kind, will moat aamircdly ehow that tfla le a medlatac peon- r Harlr adapted to them. It le renotfUMMad by tbe meet dfc?a- 1 \ Most citraordinary work-to thi marjukd * or tkoaa ooatemplaUaa marriage.?'The Married Woauta'a ! rrirate Medical CoaopanlonTby Dr. A. M. Maurioenu. Sixth edl , tioa. Price f 1. Ibie work la ?atlng with moet actoaaMailtli, (24,1*10 copiee hare ahr-eily been diepoaed of) Krery flemale la J getting a copy, whether married or unmarried, although it la ia- ? tended eapeolally for the married, ae It dLwIoeee Iaportnat merete, f whiuh ahonld be kaown to them partieaMrty. Here erery female F oaa diaoeear the oaaaee, eyrnptoma aad the meet efficient tamediet, and moet oertain mode of cure in entry rate. For nk IB i Broadway; at the publithiar ofBce, 120 Liberty tract, New York! I aieo, Zieberh Co, corner ef Cheetnut and Third etreet* Pldl. . del phi a; Little It Ce., Albany; W. I. Darin Beetoa. On the , receipt of $1. a cony will be treamaltted by mail, free of peetaga, . to all parte of tha United fltatac All letter* meet be nidi emit. . aeet peld, to Dr. A . M. MaURICKaO, ben lOt, New Teeh eity. J vSet 19 JUberty itreek , Bowery mbathe : esdc\ kvknino, auo. m, m !i U infonnid Un grand W* i? ivy umu\of NI JK OF -1110 WOOL'S?'Kile Doc, Mi*a llaiy iaylu-, irinn Kidph Btutkpole, Mr. Winaua; Bloody Nathan, Mr T Duff, Roland Foircitcr, Fr. J. 2i. D;.lf; HLIm Iliuc*, Mr, Jordan; K chard Frox'.ev, Mr Ttlfnnj Ah I !?<? . Mr * arden; Col. lir<io#, Mr. ! Del am); Little Tou? Dime. Ml?? ilb'uri; Nell Bruce M ? -, Well 'lo conclude with the graud fairy rxir~va4.11 aa of F?>RTUNIO? King Alfou.ite, Mr. Stcrcna; Eiupcror M I'uie, Mr Fniko; Fortuuio, Mipj Van Ta\lr; Pr i.ect* Vimlict.t, Mri. Stick i cy. Doom open at 7; Perform* ?r?>i commence at 7^ o'clock. Enxe\ 25 ccntr; Fit and Gallery, Ukv ccnta N1blo s? ASTuk place, bhoadway.- hjbsday fc.venitg, August 8?A h?*?t tf Comic Talent! ? K'rat ap |h-uranee in America ot Mr. W. J. Ih ' in mU, the celebrated ii media ti, f rt in Diury late and Co vent Garden, 1/ x.d'?n; and ae< ond a| | < a ranee here of Mr. G. Vundonhuff, in a popular comedy ly Golduultb, hided hy Chip) en dale. John sefton, Yocke, fC fehaw, Mlaa Rose Telb'n, Mr.i Mmder. Pertormanr to commence w th (to.dfinith'a popular comedy of SDK STtMlFS TO ( O^ qreh? Young Mailowe, Mr. G. \ and? uhoff; Ifardeastle, with the Music ul'pieee of Lot E LAUGH* ATLOCKAM 1TH8?Mr Vigil, Mr. Vaile; Risk, Mr. W. J. Hammond; Lydia, Mm. .Murder. Doors o|*n at a quar'er before 7?commencing at a quarter to S. Admission M rents. BURTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET.-TO BSD A V .Evening, Aug. K,will ts presented lbs ITALIAN BltlBANDS, by the Lehman family. Alter whull, the new burleeqwe Opera of LUCY DID SilAM-AMOUU? Eurico di Morefat, Mr F. Meyer, Rsimondo, Mr. Phillies; Count Edgaido Taste-is-true havrniwood, Mr. John Dunn; Lucia, Miss Chapman; Alios, Miss Sinclair. To conclude with the new comic fairy ballet called LE LIABLE ROUGE, or the Fal:y of the Rhine? Bertuaio. M. Antoine;Rcnidetti, M. Schmidt; Asmodeus, M Murrelti; SilvanclIn, M'llc Mathildi: Flcur do Buis, M ile Adelaide. Dress Circle and Parquet to, SO cents: Family Circle or second tier, 25 cents. Doors opon at T% o'clock. Curtain rises at P. (VASU.K GARDEN?TUESDAY EVENING, AUGUST KJ Hiu performance will coiumunoe with a Grand Musical Pot I'ourri Introduction. After which the dmuia of MONSIEUR JACQUES?Monsieur Jacques, Mr. Nickiuson; Nina, Miss Nickinson. After which, the farce of tlie DOUBLE BEDDTD ROOM?Mr. Dulcimer Pipes, Mr. U. Holland; Major Minus Mr. Nickiuson; Mrs. Deputy Louisa, Mis. Vernon; Nancy Spigot, Miss Nickiuson. To conclude Willi the comedy of the POVT ' OF DONOR?Cobus Yerks, Mr. G. Holland; Burgomaster Uotherwork, Mr. Nickiuson; Trudchen, Mm. Vernon; Artella, Mits Nickiuson. Perfonnance to eummence at 8 o'clock. Admission 25 cents?Children half price. BAKNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. BARNl'M: Proprietor?F. Hitchcock, Manager.?splendid Perfonnanoee every afternoon at half-lust J o'clock, and every evening at th i The manager has engaged the celebrated Salle Brothers, a most su|?rb and t leutcd laud of Negro Singers, Darn ers, bum who have just returned from Boston and other eastern cities. Three Highland Mammoth Boys. Giant or Mammoth Baby. Enormous Boa Constrictor. Two Living Oraug Oulungs, ns much human ns brute. Fairy Family. Infant Vestrli. mm Scripture Statuary. Madam Rockwell, the famous Fortune Taller, may bo privately ccrsiutod at sn extra charge of oAccntE Admission to I the whole, including Museum, Performances, fee., 25 cents; cbil- , uren, under ten years ot n;rc and old enough to wilt alone, vly% cent#* Reserved front Mats, cue shilling ouch extra. SACRED DIORAMA 8? NOW EXHIBITING AT Till ! splendid new Hall, TJb Broadway, o ver StOppMll BaUia? Hanningtou's entirely new Grand hcripturnl Dioramas of the < moat Magnificent Speetaole ever witnessed in New Vork, will 1. 1 opened on Monday, diet of July. Creation <f the World and the j Deluge. Assisted by powerful Vocal and Instrumental Aouoinpa- ! niments. Mr. H. llanningtou has juet completed a magnificent > Diorama, intended to illustrate the snhlirae spectacle of the Six < Days ot the Creation! exhibiting by means of taoveuble figures, . scenery, and powerful o|itical efleots, all the progressive change* j from thu Chaos and Darkness of tho unformed Universe, until ' the final completion of the great work of Creation, as described in the first and second chapters of Genesis, terminating with the appearanoe of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Diornina is the rcsnlt of a long cherished idea, and of a lifetime of study and experiment in this department of the art* It is the most costly, beautiful and perfoet work of the kind existing and oombines in its exhibition the highest meohanic&l ingenuity, with the i most astonishing scenic effects, assisted by superior poet ry, painting and music. Scenery and Incidents?Clutns, the First Day, The Firmament, the Second Day. Dry Land, Uerhage and Flowera, Third Day. San, Moon and Stars, Fourth Day. Creation 1 of Fish and Fowl, Fifth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. i Garden of Eden?Adam and Eve. With thie completion of the labors of the Creation, the first part of the Exhibition closes. Part II. Grand Diorama of the Deluge. Tickct*25cts.?Children half price. Doors open at 7. Curtain rises at 8 o'clock. ACARD-CIIRISTY'S MINSTRELS RESPECTFULLY BEG ' leave to return their most grateful acknowledgements to th. Public of New York, for the kindness and liberal patronage ' ixstowed at their Concerts, during the past ten months, whioh were nightly honored with large and highly respectable audienoes. And to the Press of the oity, generally, they would also express their hearty gratitude, for the kind and generous manner with which their performances have constantly been notioed. They ' alio beg leave to announce, that they anticipate the honor of re- , commencing their Concerts, in this city, for a short soason, daring the eoming Fall, when, they hope, by their exertion to please, to \ merit a continuation of the favor which has attended their previous efforts. The company will perform at Staten Island, on 1 Monday and Tuesday, August 7th and 8th; and Williamsburg, \ Wsdnesday, the 9th; and at Trenton, N. J., Thursday and Friday, August 10th and 11th; on Saturday, August 12th, at EHsabethtown,N.J. E. P. CHRISTY, I Manager and Director. <( ttfTtDE CAMPBELLS ARE COMING" MONDAY 1 X Evening, August 7th, and even Evening during tlx Week?Society Library Rooms, 34H Broadway, corner of Leonard streib? CAMPBELL'S MINSTRELS, the oldest original Band in the United States, respectfully announce their return to the city from a highly successful tour in the East, where their Concerts have been nttended by the faaliionable and elite in every city they have had the honor of visiting, and have met with a patronage throughout the Kaatern cities unprecedented by any other company ?f musicians, will have the pleasure of commencing a series of tnclr inimitable and highly popular Musical Entertainments at the Socaety Library Rooms, 348 Broadway, on Monday Evening, August 7th, when they will introduce a varied programme, embraeing the most popular pieces in Ethiopian Melody, with several Songs, Dances, fcc., that are original with tills company. Boors j open at 7; to commcnoe at8 o'clock. Admission 25 cents. jj PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN IN MEXICO, AT i, the Minerva Rooms, 406 Broadway, shows natural as life, the Marches, Encampments, and Bnttles fought by Gen. Taylor. It y also gives correct views of the country, towns, cities, ho. It is \ the most beautiful painting ever seen. Open every night at 8 I o'clock. Admission, 26 cents. Schools admitted on reasonable terms No charge for descriptlvo pamphlets. 0 MOONLIOUT1-NOVEL EXCURSION AND CONCERT i of the American Musical Institute, Thursday Evening Au- 1 curt 10. Free to Subscribers. The ladies and gentlemen ol Now > York, Brooklyn, Williamsburgh and Jersey City arc respectfully r informed that very extensive arrangements have been mode lor a { pleasant Moonlight Excursion around Staten Island, and a grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert in Biddle'e Grove, whtoh trill Lc ( beautifully Illuminated for the occasion. Two large steamboats. f the Columbia and North America have already been chartered < for the trip, and others will be added as occasion may require. , Full particulars on Wi due day morning. Tickets for the trip tifty 1 rents. Yearly tickets, admitting the holder to all performan- $ ces of the Institute, inoluding this Excursion, One Dollar i each, for sale at the music stores. N. B.?Subscribers and holders of yearly tickets will receive excursion tickets onsp- ? plication at the office of the luatitute, 663 Broadway, at any time < previous to the 8th < f August. If It should rain on Thursday, the Excursion will come off on Friday evening. r _ II. MEIOOS, Principal. J Grand fishing excursion-thb steamboat ja- 1 COB BELL, Capt* Riehard Yates, will makt an excursion ? to the Fishing Banks, on Thursday, August in, leaving Grand h t. pier, E. R., at7 o'clock, A.M.: Pike st.7% and Whitehall or ? pier No. I.E.. R., at 7% o'clock, A.M., stopping at South Brooklyn. , Tare fur the Excursion, SI. Tackle on board, at a small charge? 1 Bait furniabed gratia. N. B. Should the day prove unfavorable, t the Excursion will take plaee the first fair day. , OPEN TO ALL THE WORLD?GRHAT STTTEGER I Sweepstakes?12,000 Subscribers at ?6 each. The party fot ' whom the first horse is drawn to receive ?20,000; the second l bona, ?10,000; the laud heKC_ ?10.000; to be divided among par- 1 i; s< -f Uea daelrou* 01 securing cn?~ ai)nUcation u r fcke* IN requested to mane sT'" " STresult of the c ^,,d,rM?'in,?f,li?,ej7r '..U* fu:.~,1T, * Ufc/'and the Lou- ?g will be advertised in the "Times," "Ben . 0f t?n?, 81 o& daily papers. To give Iodic* an opportunity ' "ahaon- " harea, eenp will be iatned in initials at the option of the. * d era. All eommunioatioaa, to insure attention, nuit contain - tmittance. Foreign order*may be made parable in London; bnt 11 lettera mnat be addreiaedto Richard Nicholla and Jerne* Parinaon. Temple Square, Aylesbury, England. The third horoeto 'I' 0 decided by " Ball's Life. Prixea paid any day after the race, lif !?a 10 per cent. The race will be ran at Doncaster. on the 14th )lt f September. 1848. To prevent band, no eotip will be gennine nleaa the letter containing it bcara the Ayleabury poet-mark. / ' nbacribera wishing to aend Bank Mo tea haa better eend halve* I e ^different poata q{ PARK THEATRE.?THE SALOONS AND iidi qp THIS iff "* now 10 ,ct ,0* ?**t Season, or a longer ta mv? ? re'iul1 :?untnoing on or abeut the Sratday of Sep- t U iffiber ntal tTnileaiable aocurity will be required. The oondi- , on* under which they will he let can be aaoertained on appb- 10 ttion (between 10and 4) at theoffloeof cc W. CORBYN,4 Barclay (treat t), 3ASSAGE FOR BRE1IEN.?THE SUPERIOR PAST SAIL- br 1 tng New York, ship GASTON, Blanche, Master, will mil K u the lOtli in*t for Bremen. For freight or passage, having an- u. erior Cabin and Steerage accommodation* apply to the Cap- 1,1 kin, or to UENSCHEN ft UNKART, Cfi 17 South William itrect. rf For bordeaux?passage only.?the frencii i? Dark INDUSTRIAL. Capt, Frihurg. can comfortably ac- Fl rmmodate live or *1* cabin paeaengerf. Apply to the Captain, m n board, or to BOYD fc HINCKEN, Broker*, 8? Wall *t ^ FOR MARSEILLRS.-THE WELL-KNOWN BARK MAR ]}< CELLA, Capt. Ingham, is now loading, and will meet with |ri rompt despatch. For freight or pl**age, apply to . CHAMBERLAIN fc PIIELPS, to r to BOYD kt II INC KEN. Brokers. w FOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK C Una of paokata?To sail Monday, Anguat 28th. The new C< nd aplendidfast tiUng packet ship CIJFTON, J. B. Ingersoll, muter, is now loading and will positively sail as above her ,i egular day. For freight or paaaage, having splendid furnished ccommodatioas, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall b< treat, or to R. K. COLLINS. M Senth atreet Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. Bryan and Creevy, who will v inaptly forward all goods to their address. Packet bark ienosee, Capt. C. T. Dillingham, will anceead the Clifton, and C( ?AOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINK?REGULAR PACKET OF "( P the 20th Auntl?The new and splendid feet sailing packet c< hirSIDDON8, Edward B. Cobb, master, ia aow loading and f? rill positively nil aa above her regular day. For freight or having splendid furnished accommodation! both in the 7' irat. and second oabtna, apply on board at Orleana wharf, foot of in Vail atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS, ,v> South at ff Price of oabin paasare, $78. The packet ahip Sheridan, George 1 Oroieti, matter, will tticceed the Siddons, and sail her regular rf ay. til Notice to gents?don't forget that no. ? mirray atreet, near Broadway, it the only place where to pet *1 our Coatt handtomely olnned far to.; Penta .'it. Your cloth. it ng require more cleaning in warm weather, to enable yon to ... eep cool and healthy. Repairing, Dying, Altering, done cheap t the General Tailors Headquarter*, No. 6 Murray street. w A. CORTISSOA. Ute of 04. tl f WILL SELL THE BALANCE ok MY SCHMERi LoTHING L at extreme low prieea. Lamartinei for >11; Black Sacks for n| 111; White Maneillet and Blaok Satin Vests; lew akeletoa Sack, I, t S3 a $4; Blaek Cloth Dreat Coat, made to measure, fir Site. he very ft neat French $20; Doetkln 4 'ata Pants from $0 a $8 AO. f1 G. B. CLARK. 116 William street. Ik DR. GLOVER IS 60NSULTKD DURING THE DAY AND ** evening at hit oOoe. No. 12 Ann ft. (formerly No. 21, in If liott difficult and protracted oaeetof Delicate Ditaatet which tr are baffled the skill ef physicians ef leas experience. Hie Ex- n .1 I Win 1'mK.W. I_.l l,. ?k?. V leitni, may b*"Ttad at hiittore in frontT'lfoTTl Ann 'attwt p formerly No. J). hi SEMINAL WEAENESS, IMPOTENCE, fcc.-dr. RALPH'S 'h 3 Fractiaal Prir*t* Treatise contain* deeply intar**ting in- kl mnatlon, and bat too little nadantood. The only tra* treatment m nd car* with recipe*, nod* of lining, Jul ha, faithfully giren: j tii aditton, MI pp.. prio* $1; may b* had of the author, H a( licanwiab *tr**t; or by p*at, maitedfroe. _ . 01 Dr. Ralph, author or thr "practical privati * Treatiaa," *-. RHGnaawieh Mioet?nOe* houra 9 to U A.M, , to9 p. M.. <Sunday excepted.) Tkoo* who apply in lb* early "I Inge* will h* aarpriaad at the rapidity and Uttl* ineonrenieno* ttending their ear*. 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' v The Committee 011 Territories, 111 the Senate, are determined, apparently, that the blnine shul' " not lie nt their door, if the Oregon hill is not passed, p They yesterday reported the bill hack, with an ' r amendment to the 14th section, which will, we ; ' think, be satisfactory to ..II who are not fan itio.i in i c their views on this question. Section 11, as it 1 pat-red the House of Representatives, reads thus:? (' " '-Beit enacted, that the Inhabitants of said terrltory shall be eutltletl to enjoy all and nlugular, the rights. 1, privileges and advantages granted and secured to the 1? people of the turritory of the I nited Stute* southwest ^ of the river Ohio, by the articles of compact cnntuiuud if in the ordinance for the government of hald territory on the 13th July. 1787," lie. The committee huve reported an amendment to this, which will, we think, get over the phantom ullieil the Sbilltli w-nui in if Tlie lwn..n.lm..?f ,u .... ! - a- I follows :? "That as the said territory lies north of the parallel j '' of 3t! de|j. 30 min . north latitude, the Inhabitant* s thereof shall be entitled to enjoy all and idngular," itc. j, Oregon lies norlli of this line, and the South ( cannot, therefore, object to the prohibition of sin- a very where the offensive language is withdrawn; l( nor can the North oppose the amendment, as it gives them all they claim, ft is very possible that in view of this amendment, "the compromise hill" (| will not he tacked on, as was at first the intention; and if so, it is probable the bill will pass both ' houses ot Congress, snd at once go into operation, h The Semite committee have also struck out the ,, clause which took away from the executive the T veto power. When Iowa was organized into a territory, the veto power was denied the governor, 'e and the consequence was, there were more inea- P sengers appointed to wait upon members of th? ci Legislature than there were members ; apnropria- 11 lion bills of all kinds were passed, and all sorts h of wasteful expenditures were entered into. Hud sl the governor had the power to veto such mea- h sures, it is more than probable he would have ex- hi ?rcised it? as lie was an officer appointed by the I'l 'xecutive.and removed in consequence, from tl ose l>? ocal influences which exert themselves, more or & ess, on those who are comparatively irresponsi- Cl )le. The committee, doubtless, had the example 6l' jf Iowa in their eye. when they agreed to recorn- w iiend the veto power should be re-inserted iu the jill. Omega. I' I " Washington, Aug. 6, 1848. d 44 Qui Vive f" j At eleven o'clock last Saturday night, (that is, j last night,) the Senate disposed of the Civil and s Diplomatic bill, tilling that omnibus with all sorts a [if passengers, and the rojaf with the most miscel- j laneous admixture of baggage. e Mr. llerrien, who, we tinderstand, had been to P the South for some days, moved, nearly at the ^ eleventh hour, that the hill be laid over till Monday. He had been unavoidably absent; he was g not well enough now to epetok ; and he hoped the jj; bill would be laid over, for he wished to argue the appropriation kof $.00,000 for the Savannah river, ge which had been stricken out in committee. His s t request was not allowed ; he left the premises, and tj| he bill was passed without the appropriation. It in vas scared out of the bill by the ghost of a veto. as The House will at least decimate the amend- w nents of the Senate, including, we suspect, the th i'20,000 each for the papers of Jefferson and Hamilton. We should like to see Mrs. Hamilton, in her exreme old age, nicely provided for; but grant these JV tenis, and you may go on purchasing papers of debased statesmen till you exhaust the treasury. The Oregon bill will come up in the Senate to- 1 norrow nt 12 o'clock. It passed the House with 1 he proviso?the committee of the Senate have (ja love-tailed into it the Missouri Compromise, nuking it to read to this effect?thut 44 inasmuch," ? nark tlie word?44 inasmuch" as the said territory "al ies above the Missouri Compromise line of 3<?deg. to ] 0 nun.?therefore slavery is excluded. If the <ph ill passes in this form, that word 44 inasmuch" , vill go pretty much to settle the whole question. >ve exiieci uns compromise to pass me senate, ta lUt we nave doubts of the House. We anticipate j l long discussion in the benate to-morrow. Mi The brevet nomination of Gen. Keurny still langs in the Senate. Col. Benton is not done vith the historical explanation of the acts and cla iroceedimis,civil and military, of General Kearny pc< n New Mexico and California; and from the evi- ' lence rendered in executive session by the said bai Senator from Missouri, it would appear that but cul or the relief afforded by Com. Stockton, Gen. iearny would have been eaten up on the hill of bet tan Bernardo, near the field of San Pasqual, evi lorses, mules, men and all. As it was, while be- mt (ieged on the hill by the Cahfornians, he had to rui *athis mules and burn a part of his baggage. We co ;ive this, simply to show the earnestness of Old an bullion since trie late exchungc of a cnsut belli tut with General Kearny. The General had a force >f a thousand men on his way to California, when on le met Kit Carson coming with despatches to the to fovemment from Gommodore Stockton and an,ieut.-Colonel Fremont. The General opened ed hese despatches, and read them, from which ' t appeared that California was conquered, mc ind a temporary government already established. rhe General, on this information, sent back the for aody of his troops, going forward with some 200 liz men only. He also took Kit Carson back as his piide, an^ ulaced his despatches in the hands of ! mother messeri?er lo bring {to the lTnit?d States. rhe whole of tne tiVibles between our otricffs *e n California originated f.r*m (General Kearny pening those despatches. Had he failed to meet Lit Carson, he would have gone on with his thouand men, reduced the Cali/ornias at once, t?nd uppressed all efforts to disavow his authority by 1 e presence of a force superior to that ofCommoore .stockten and Lieut.-Colonel Fremont. But t i;ead the despatches, saw the country was con- co" lert*' went <(orward to take possession, Dl ttmg' in I'lere w?tb shout 150 men. Fremont *l( id 500, true iO him as stack He was appointed ^ overnor by Com. Stockton,and refused to acknow- hou: dge the authority of Kearny Funtil the question m the Cbl?f tommand Killed between said for t neral and the commodore. AnJ*. er commodore tho > king the place of Stockton, and acknow. "dguuj " e authority of Kearny, Fremont was compelled submit, for a large portion of the force that had i-operated with him belonged to the fleet. After at, Fremont had a pretty tsugh time of it, till ought into the United States for trial by Gen. earny, for his previous so-called mutiny, and s actual disobedience of orders. That" is the ise in a nut shell; and that will disclose the ason why General Kearny's name hangs up so ng in the Senate. Most men in the place of remont would have done precisely what he did: ost men would have ]>erhaps done as General they earny did, if they could do no better; but Colonel the i rnton is not the father-in-law to see his children M umpled on with impunity. It is enough for him hist< believe that Fremont has been maltreated, **XP? hether his treatment was unjust or merited. urf* olonel Benton is convinced that he was perseited, and General Keamy knows that the issue . ; , iw is between him and Colonel Benton, and m at one or the other is to be broken on the wheel The fore the ea^e can be compromised. Idk Apart from this business, we consider General for t earny as one of the finest and most accomplish- 14 w 1 officers in the service?and one of the most at- M active men in social life of a thousand. In con- J'J! rction with these California difficulties, it is our unJ jnvietion. with all the facts of the trial before us can oni day to day, that he carried too far over a to g ?ung and inexperienced officer in points of eti- M lettc, the rigid exactions of military law. and >r offences tor which Fremont was not, in fact, toJ5j sponsible, discipline we know is despotic? Tl ic camp is a despotism, and the commanding offi- Al *r is a despot; but even a despot has the discre- for ( on of generosity, and when lie fails to exercise Secl in a case demanding if, he fails to meet, we will \j cnture to say. the public approbation, without cred 'hich even the despotism of military law falls to the le ground in this country. UP? We have an instinctive repugnance to any thing "J"? [>proachinu an embittered exercise of power : we ave an insiinctive desire, an absolute delight in itering our protest against such invasions of the w?or the spirit of that universal principle which the! e call the law?that thing which scorns all mere title chnicalities, and looks at the broad and honest M uth ! But, on the other hand, it strikes us that the olonel Benton is pursuing a retaliation against eneral Kearny, which it had been better to lnd ive mollified with a degree of forbearance, al- ^,'j lOugn u was mr (liny 01 crenerai ivearny 10 jjon low, in advance of his proceedings against Fre- wm unt, that the matter would not end with the con cisions of the court. be ? With regard to the $25,000 or *30,000 loaned to tort tr forces in California, bv Ward and Smith, <1?? mertcan merchants ; the following is the state of e cue:? Our navy, during our late troubles in California, SJC) una perfectly destitute of funds, the house of T faro iV Smith, of San Francisco, advanced to ommander Hull (then .commander of the U. M . naval forces and military governor of the north* suri n department) money to pay the expenses of the ival and military forces under his command, he 0B 1 treeing to pay these gentlemen in hills on the \ avy Department, at the usual rate of exchange. fcr, 'hen called upon for these hills, the purser drew, (t)s 'cording to contract, for all that was advanced to ni* le ship, nut refused to draw for that advanced for [.' i? military torero on shore, saying that he had na min \1 i mihority to do m>. Tile conuii ruder lh\i rrferreJ lose gentlemen to the Commodore, aider w.t >? lutborily he hi d procured this rn aey?b it he havngfceon relieved tit hia cnmm-tinJ (m;!J not ( illlthem. These genileir: i *r i- rl lor o t ifitln (i recover thiJ money from or." p 1 rfy < : rh 'h-r, itid lindirg nothing could he done w.tli the others there, out of tl?em started *i once for the 1 ";iit-J Slatep, at a great expense and l< ss of time, to ecover a ijeht that .should have been settled at once, rioy t.ow claim the fulfilment of rheir < ontracf, ml interest for the time tiiey It .vc been : out I th? ir money. The news In to North Carolina looks higubrtiir.Jy lor ('Id VVLitcy; hut while there is a county ft. there in h i haiice of the St ite, if the rn.ittfr i even. If will he a sail business fur the wing latforui, il the tar und turpentine ? f old Kip Van tinkle ure used up at the firtt broad side troriv io outsiders. Noui vtrront, mtnieurs. Tiik Doctor. wamiinotox, aug. 6, 1siw. In E.r/!amti\ n ami Refutation?Man's. SttngerlanU <V Co. Several papers having contradicted tiie truth of lie tutement made by me, in a letter some days :nee, with reference to Messrs. Slingerland and lott s, I (eel bound, in justice to myself, to -tare the articulurs as t<? how I obtained my information, ml reasons I had .mil ?till have, to b"Iieve 110 t?e corr< ci. ,viy internum was a gentleman onnecteil with the PhiladelphWi Bulletin, who tiiterl lie had it from Mr. Shngerlund himself-? rat he had written a statement (similar to the one published) and had submitted it to Mr. fftingcrtnd, who approved of it. Besides this, Mr. Slinerland, as 1 am informed, stated publicly all tire icta which 1 gave. Alter the publication of my titer, Mr. Hotts spoke to me in the. House or K.ercsentativea, and said, that so fir as he was conerned, the statement was not correct. 1 Men ild hitn 1 was informed ot it by a gentleman who ad it from Mr. Muigerland. lie said he would eak to Mr. S. about it, and per a denial front itn. He went oft'and spoke to Mr. Sltngeriand, at that gentleman's answer did not api-"ar to lease him, as he left him ra'ber hurriedly, and tssed me without speaking. I then went to Mr. hngerlurid, and asked him if the statement wi.s urect or not? After some hesitation he said, ibstantiully, that he did not know?he thought it asn't e.xac'ly correct, but in what respect if erred could not learn, lie appeared a good deal contstd. Now, this is the state of the case, and it it i not true, Mr. Sliugerland can deny it. if he oes. 1 will then be compelled to bring forward proot > substantiate what I have written. 1 observe a enial ol my letter in yesterday's Philadelphia forth American, signed "Independent." My anwer to it is above. As to the impertinent personlities of the writer, 1 can take no notice of them 'he opinions expressed by "Independent" are seioiti ot much consequence. When he attempts to xpress his own, they ure worthless. Here, no erson need be told what position he occupies; nd at a distance, uny information on that subject ould be out of place. P. ??.?fcdnce writing the above I have seen the entleman who, in the first place, gave me inforintion of this matter. He states that he has just id an interview with Mr. Slingerland?who is at eseni in me nouse in wmcn i write?ana mat mar 'ntleman denies, positively, having given Mr. !n pendent authority to contradict or to confirm the utement; on the contrary, he had never seen him II the other day, when ne came to Mr. S.'s Beat i the House, and that he was so busy at the time i scarcely to know what " Independent" was as speaking about; but he is confident he gave at individual no authority to speak for him. Umeoa. Baltimore, August 7,1848. orth Carolina Availability?Choctaw Indians? Railroad Accident?Relief of Ireland?Ku Carson, ffC. The wliigs are beginning to lcok towards North roiina with an anxious eye, for the returns look ything but favorable to the cause of their candite. General Taylor's supposed availability seema have flashed in the pan in the old North State, le returns give encouragement to the democracy, 10 now offer to bet on the election of < feneral sb. K party of twelve Choctaw Indians, in charge oi ijor Pechlin, arrived here last evening, on their ly to New England, where they are to receive a ssical education, before they return to their j pie. Votes on the Bank of Salisbury County, Md., a nk and county that has no existence, are in ciration in this city. \ melancholy accident occurred on the railroad tween this city and Washington, on Saturday ?ning. When near the Annapolis junction, a in was discovered lying drunk on the track, and n over aud crushed to death, before the engine uId be stopped. His name was Richard Burny, d he has left a wife and seven children in destie circumstances. rhe friends of Ireland are to meet in this city Wednesday evening, to contribute their mite the " pike fund." A good spirit is abroad long ihriTj, and the next European news lslooklor with intense interest. Hie famous Kit Careon passed through BaltN >re on Saturday to Washington, carrying deitches for government, and a mail from Calinia. Kit says he would not live among civied people, to be President?that the wilderness the only honest part of the world. l>ur theatres, museums. Ate., are now all closed, th the exception of Elder Adam's Mormon 'inple, on Pratt street, which ts always well atltlcd by hon?men during the frviit season, THiATIKTH COilQIUBW FIRST SESSION. WiiMi.Tntos, Aug. 5, 1643. Senate. TIRIATIOI ok f?0( EEDINOS 0.1 THE CIVIL A1? r LOMATIC BILL 0.1 UTIlUit, COITI.H.'ED KROM ST Kill) AT'* PAPER. i we closed our report for the fire o'clock mail tothe Senate baring then been in session seven r8'?, r. Hale moved to strike out the item of $24,000 he prosecution of the publication of the works of exploring expedition. lie exhibited that in additothe prime cost of the expedition of $300,000 re has been paid for printing in 1841 5,000 " " 1842 20,000 < " 1643 20,000 ? " 1841 40,000 " 1845 10,000 " " 1846 30,000 ? ' 1847 15,000 Total eost thus far $440,000 rly half a million, sir; and the copyright given aptain Wilkes. And I must say, sir, that if the Ion of gentlemen, whose duty it is to know the t value of these works, concurs with my opinion, will pronounce it one of the greatest humbugs ?I ego. r. Prarce, of the Library Committee, recited the >ry of the publication of the works of the exploring edition; exhibited the real valne of the books, and d the appropriation for the continuance of the lications. r. Bertoi thought the expedition had turned out ilure. r. PeaRce said that was not the point in question, question was the publication of the books. Hav *k?. p.- .1,1, th.rn mmlr FTSBt OUtlaVB Ihe completion of the publication of there work*, as the only policy to finish them, r. Hale urged that the appropriation could be iken out?the Senate had stricken out the item :he documentary hlstorv?which was being printed er contract. Here we hare no contract, and we certainly suspend the work, if it la not expedient 0 on with the publication. r. Pearce and Mr. Benton further debated the ndment, the latter at length, agreeing to assent lie retention of the item In the bill, lie 24,000 were retained in tbe bill. me. ir.l'HETAav wairrr. a amendment being under diacuaalon. providing BXtra services of a clerk, as recommended by the etary of the Treasury, r. Ti hmxv took occasion to say, that but little iit was to be attached to the recommendations of Secretary of the Treasury, in reference to claims n the department, for it would appear that he reimended almost everything, and refused nothing 1 was submitted to his judgment Something more required to establish the validity of a claim, In the lion of Mr Turney than the mere recommendai of the Secretary of the Treasury Mr. Turney n proceeded to show that the claim was not en>d to the endorsement of the Senate lr. Waleer took occasion to rise te the defence cf Secretary of the Treasury. It was universally ceded that he was an able, indefatigable and most uetriouR officer?the opinion, too, prevailed every rathat Mr. Walker is a man of strict integrity in its official duties, as well as in all his social relas. But. sir, if Mr. Walker can recommend a claim, lout justice, he must be either a stupid man,era upt man; and as neither of these conclusions can atabllshed against him. it strikes me that the SVna"rom Tennesste has, (unintcnti-molly, no doubt) s great injustice to the Secretary ' the Treasury. >me further remarks passed bctw. en Mr. Turney \t? Vnntm th- former contending to tbe la?t nut the amendment, although recommended by the etary of the Treasury, he amendment wee lost. NAM R 0 A P TO T IIK FAllfll'. r. Bcrlaso mored an Item of $dO.Ut)0 for eoete <-f a rey to be made by Lieu t Col Krem >nt, of a rc uto l the valley of the Mississippi to some eligible pr'rt he racifle oeean. for a railroad, he amendment was agreed to. n amendment was agreed to, appropriating ?bod 'tpairs ef the City Hail, of Washington < ity, where I . S Courts ars hold provided a like suns be ed by the corporation it sis o clock T M? Citisen Fousain, the new later from '.he republic cf France, appeared la Iba

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