Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1848 Page 3
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'X adoption of a resclutior fr ai I>1 ? Printing Committee The hour of twelve anivvd, wuue the Clerk wee calling the roll, and the House wan adjourned. The men t in raid by tome of the members, eoutuiiied the I President's reasons for approving of the Oregon bill. A Brief Statement of the C'aee between t ot Benton and Mr. Butler_Arre?t of the Partie*. Washiroto*, Aag. 14, 1848. A few day* ago, at the Instance of Col. Benton, we lent on to the Herald a scries of resolutions against the Brevet promotion of Cien. Kearny, offered by Mr. Benton in executive session, and stated that as .Mr. Butler's bill for the punishment of violations of the secrets of the Senate, had not become a law, we had no fear of the penitentiary; but if there was any responsibility on the latter, we ask to share it with old Bullion. Whether this allusion to Mr. Butler's bill exoited any suspioion in his mind or not, we do not know; but the result will show that the publication attracted his attention. On Saturday last, at midnight, on a motion to adjourn, Mr. Butler moved an executive session. Mr. Benton said he did not hear him. Mr. Butler replied that the Senator from Missouri, would hear him before he had done. Mr. Butler then went on to State that from a paper in hie hand? (which we suppose waa the Herald, containing the aforesaid resolutions) ?it would appear the Senutor from Missouri, had violated the orders of the Senate ; and for the purpose of enquiring into the truth of the matter he would move an executive session, or words to that effect. The scene then followed, in which Mr. Benton gave to Mr. Butler the lie in his throat, repeating It several > times. ' On Sunday, after the adjournment, we heard rumors of the necessity of a hostile meeting, but they | assumed no definite shape. , To-day, between 2 and 3 o'clock, while at the Tele I graph office, a gentleman present informed us that Mr. Mangum and Mr. Foote had been designated as the friends of Mr. Butler, and that one of them had born t a challenge to Col Benton. We theruupon thought it time to act as a se. vant of the law. We repaired to -/ c.... I - - u-.Uk Dl-k.k . t - .1 a oath declared, that to the beet of our belief the parties in this ease were making preparations for a breach of the peace. Mr. Smith promptly despatched the police after the Senators we hare named. At 3 o'clock, a messenger came to this deponent at Blackwell's Hetel, and informed us we were wanted at 8quire Marshall's office. We went over. Col. Benton was there. Justice Marshall asked for our information in the matter. We gave it. Col. Benton remarked that that was all hearsay, and when asked if he contemplated a breach of the peace, he laughed, and, as we understood, expressed himself perfectly ignorant of any intended breach of law; and that for himself, he was entirely innocent of any such design, remarking that he lived up there on the street, C. street, and did not like to be detained from his family; but that he would be there if he should be again wanted. Justice Marshall permitted him to go home late In the afternoon. Mr. Manguinwas brought before Squire Marshall, and, after awhile, remarkid that he had carried a note from Mr. Butler to Mr. Benton, and a reply baok to his principal. One of the officers of the law then waited upon Mr. Butler, who, we learn, was about leaving in the car8( and securing his word of honor in the meantime, let him off till morning. This was at his house. Squire Goddard, chief of the police, then waited on Col. Benton, at his house, stated the case, and that bail in five thousand dollars would be required for his security to the law. Mr. Benton upon his word of honor, was also let off till to-morrow. The examination of the parties Is to come off at 9 o'clock, A. M. Mr. Koote, who lives on the Heights of Georgetown has also been sent after. Independently of that respect for the pease common to all men, we felt something of the responsibility in this matter; aud it is a proud reflection, that a citizen, as humble as this witness, can, as an instrument of the law, bring the highest dignitaries into submission. THK DOCTOR. The Klections kertl'ckv. The returns received show that Mr. Crittenden's (whig) majority for Oovcrner, will exceed 7,000. Piiiladki-fiiia, Aug. 14, 1848. News received at Pittsburgh, state that the returns of 37 counties in Kentucky, compared with the last gubernatorial election, show a decided whig gain. india**. A telegraphic despatch from Indianopolis, dated 12th Inst., states that the Legislature will be democratic . Senate, probably 27 to 23. House of Representat ves democratic gain thus far, 16 members. This secures ' he election of a U. S. Senator, in place of Mr. Han egan (dem). Another account from Vincennes. dated August 13 says?" the result is still doubtful." The probabilities UURCTCI, aiv iu iatui ui a uruiuuiaiiu UI?JV<Iivj. Illinois. Sprinopisld, Aug. 12.?Scunmon, the whig candidate in the fourth Congressional District, has 50 majority over his opponent, Mr. Wentworth, the present democratic representative in Congress. Another despatch says by four majority. We think both are doubtful. Mr. Wentworth was elected in 1846 by a very large majority. There are two democrats and one whig candidate now running in that dlstriot. The result for Congress, as far as heard from, appears to be as follows, according to report:?Colonel Baker, whig, no change; Harris, demoorat. over Lincoln, whig, a gain; Soammgn, whig, over Wentworth, dem., a gain. worth carolina, pltirsburo, w, Aug. 14. One county to hear from. Manly, the whig candidate, 360 ahead. Most likely a tie in the Legislature. The Foreign Malls. Boston, August 14?3F.M. The Acadia's Mails will go at 6 P.M. They will reach you to-morrow (this) morning. A flairs in New Orleans. Charleston, S. C., Aug. 13. We have just received advioes from New Orleans to Aug. 8th, with intelligence from Vera Crus, to 2d Inst. Two days later news had arrived from the capital. Paredes has not yet been taken, and government is urged to recal Bustamente, and institute inquiries why Oen. Paredes was suffered te escape. At New Orleans, cotton remains quiet. The F.uropa's letters caused a decline in the prices, but other articles remain unchanged. Affairs In Pitt*burg. Pittsburg, Aug. 14, 1848. The factories, by an agreement with a part of the strikers, go to work to-day. The sheriff has oallad out hundreds of the police and oitixens, to proteot them from the violence of the dissentients. iorae led or water in in# river. IMeamhoat JLManstera. Pittsbuso, Aug. 14, 1848. The steamer Robert Wlghttnan buret her boiler on Saturday, near Parkeraburg, Virginia. One man waa miming, and three badly scalded. Philadelphia, August 14. The steamboat Edward Bate* collapsed a fine near Hamburg, HI., yceterday. Two of the deek passengers were,killed. They were burled at Hamburg, and the wounded taken to St. Louis. Markets , Bvppalo, August 14, 1848.?Receipts si nee Saturday, the 12th instantKlour, 4,000 barrels; Wheat, 20,000 bushels ; Corn, 86.000 bushel*. Flour was firm a* $4 76, with moderate sales. Merehants were waiting for the details of the steamer's news. Corn?Rales of 20,000 bushels were made at 60 oents, which was an advance Holders asked higher priees. Sales of 8,000 bushels of wheat were made1 consisting of Cleveland, at 06 cents. Whiskey was held at 21 oeats. No change in freights by oanal to Albany, Aliatvt, August 14.?Receipts by canal,sinoe Saturday Flour, 4,800 barrels ; Com, 7.300 bushels. Flour was Arm, but the steamer's news unsettled the market, and sales were light. Corn was in good demand, and sales of 6,000 bushels were made, consisting of mixed, on terms not understood, (to arrive within a week or ten days.) Nothing new in other articles. Shipping Intelligence. I Borrow, Aug m, !> a m?Arr steamer a cadis. Stone. Liverpool, j 3Pth alt; errs' Hildas, II th .) .70 P M. sad left Tor Boston at S on U * 31st nit, 100 mllm west of ftp* Clear, saw steamer Catatonia, froia N V.ofc lor Liverpool; on the 11 th last, 7 AM, >ew the Kuropa, hears 7 hours from Ilalirai f-r Liverpool. The etoamar JtSereon, Uavard, from Ouchoo. S days, for NYork, arrived at Hall fax, 8th, pti' la fov coal; "If I.lverp >ol ,2>Hh, ph?, sfci,? Yorklown, from ft York. WhRtthrl.lih Want. TO THE DITOH OE THE N V HERALD. Sir?Will yon be eo good ?n to ?'nte clearly and dintiretly In in* few wor.l* a- yon can life, what It ia 'he Irlth ocel li* now rikim nf the enwcrore mt 'i be demand upon yon may appro p.ovular, yet I hear m> many different reasons assigned for the present Irish movement, that ?s a person without the pale of political excitement, I require to be enlightened. ONK OK YOt'K READERS. Avwir.?The Irish want such political, legal, and social rights, as will give thetn each day a belly lull of sound potatoes.?That's all. City Intelligence. The Irish Bko.adi: ?A portion of the Irish brigade, yesterday, made a target excrrsiori to Hoboken. starting from the corner of Duaue aud Centre streets. The target on the frout. presented the portrait of Lotd Lieutenant Claronden, representing the character of a hangman, aud the reverse that of Lord Johu Russet, in the charater of an assassin. They returned in the evening with the fac siujilies of their lordships'faces pretty well peppered. Doubtless it would have been more agreeable had they hud been piercing with balls, the originals. Sad Accident.?On Kriday evening last, a very se nous accident occurred to the boarders at Harrold s House, Ulen Cove. There were about sixty in number, men women and children, eujoyiug themselves on the upper piazza, in presenting and witnessing tableaux vivantu, when the piazza fell with a tremendous crash, precipitating them all to the ground, a distance of twenty feet; nil miracuourly escaping, excepting Mr. K., of New Orleaus, whose ankle was badly fractured, and Miss P., whose arm was dislocated. A physician was on hand, and the necessary relief promptly afforded. There was more fright than injury. San Accident.?a small boy, of ten years of age. by the name of Itichard Joyce, while bathing at Red Hook, near the Atlantic Dock, on Sunday afternoon, ventured out into the river out of his depth, and bciog unable to swim, was lost. Several men were grappling for the body during the balance of the afternoon, but without succt ss. The unfortunate boy resided with his mother in Trinity Place, near Rector street. It appears the poor mother hHd only buried her husband a few weeks, when she is called to mourn the loss of her son. Dhowned at Coney Island.?A man, whose name we were unable to learn, a segar maker, residing in the 10th ward, was drowned while buthing on Coney Island beach. The body of this unfortuuate man, we understand, is not yet recovered. The first Book published In California.?Now in press, at San Kranoisco, a volnme. entitled " Oceana by l.ieut Roderick M Morrison, of the Volunteer Regiment, containing fugitive pieces written on the voyage out. a graphic account of the country, and a racy journal of events, showing life in California. THE LATEST NEWS. AFTERNOON EDITIONS OF THE HERALD. We now issue two afternoon editions of the Herald, I for the mail* and for sale at the Nteamboata. One is ! published at one o'clock, and the other at three o'clook, 1 These editions contain the latest news of all sorts, received by electric telegraph and by the malls, to the ! moment ot publication. Thus the public can always obtain the latest intelligence of the elections, bo., ! he., in the Herild, at thiB office, or from any o ; the news boys who throng around the afternoon j steamboats to the minute of their departure. News agents nnd news boys csnbe supplied with the latest editions. Annual Pic ftlc of the Eureka Association.? This Association will proceed on their Annual Excursion to Middle's Crove, on Wednesday the ltith. The scimer North America has been engage i, and Uingle's Brass Hand. Tie boat willleave llamond strict at S A.M.; Canal, bis; Grand. .'4 to 9; anil 1'ierNo. .T, N. R? P. Tickets cai >e procured of .lames L. Miller, Wits Green* eh st'eet; Wm. E. Smiti, jun., 4.-U Hudson strtet; S. H. Benedict, 60 t'arnvne atr et; Asa Butinan. l.'ISWa verly |>lac?; John Weed-n, .T2 Vor'olk street; A. P. Silva, 79 Pike street; James Ergliah, 208 Greenwich stieet Gentlemen In want of French Calt, or Pa- | lent Leather Boots, Shoes, Gaiters. Oxford Tics. Congress Boots, 1 Patent Leather or Morocco Slippers, will timl at FRENCH'S Manufactory, IS Ann street, the largest, cheapest, and lest as- j sortmentia the city. The "Richelieu" Diamond Pointed Gold Pens, sold by B. E. WATSON h CO., No. IS Wall street, are the beat and cheapest pens in use. Points warranted for live years. i Gold Pens and Gold Casee olevery description wholesale and retail at the lowest prices. Gold pens repaired. The Cheapest and Beat Place In the City to St good Boots, Shoes, and Gaiters, is at Jonea 14 Ann street, near e Museum, llis best French Boots, $4 SO; second quality, from $S 60 to $4 ; Congress Boots, from W 30 to $4. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONEY MARKET iTiununjr, a ii^uuii x tm*# ml at a* Tbe stock market continues quiet, and prices about the tame. At the first board, to-day, Harlem advanced \ per cent; Treasury Notes, ), ; Long Island, X ; Erie Bonds, X; Morris Canal, % ; and Farmers' j Loan, >4. All others closed at prices current on Saturday. The steamer's news has had no effect, one j way or the other, on the markets. The steamship America, for Liverpool, leaves this port on Wednesday, and there has been a moderate demand t<?day for exchange. We quote bills on London at 9,V? to Q>? per eent premium ; on Taris; of. 23?i" a 6f. 22^, CO day bills; Amsterdam, 40tf a 40Ji( do.; Bremen, 78)4 a 79^; Hamburg, 36), a 36. The Acadia's mailR will not come to hand until to-morrow morning, and, in the event of private accounts being more favorable than those already published, there will probably be a reduction in the ruling rates for exchange, and our local markets may experience an improvement. The quantity of floor, wheat, corn, and barley, leftat tide water during the 1st week in August, in the years 1847 and 1848, was as follows Flour, bbh. Wheat. bu. Corn, bu. Barley, bu" 184 7 104 201 106,894 172,286 11,122 1848 60,632 26,374 132,797 2.800 j Decrease. 63.660 80,220 39,469 8,0322 The aggregate quantity of the same articles left at tide water, from the commencement of navigation to the 31st of July, inclusive, was as follows :? Flour,bbls. ff'btat, bu. Corn bu. Barley bu. ! 1847. ... 2,109.079 2.328,473 3.926,620 293,679 1848. ... 1.002,020 842.638 1,003,623 120,971, Decrease. 1,106.169 1,486.836 2,021,997 172,708 By reducing the wheat to flour, the quantity of the ; latter left at tide water this year, compared with the ; corresponding period of last year, shows a decrease equal to 1,403,826 barrels of flour. The following table shows the quantity of some of the | principal articles of produce left at tide water, from the commencement of navigation to the 7th of August, inclusive, during the years 1846, (140 days,) 1847, (90 days,) and 1848, (90 days) Receipts of PaonccE at Tide Wateb. 1846. 1847. 1848. Canal open April 16. May 1. May 1. Flour, bbls 1,347.926 2,100.079 1,002,920 Wheat, bush 660 212 2.328,473 842.638 Corn, do 843.975 3,925,620 1,003,623 Barley, do 160,150 293,679 120,971 Beef, bbls 34,849 25.026 17,160 Pork, do 64,328 69.761 74,665 Ashes, do 36.140 20.405 20.801 Butter, lbs 3.346,100 3,671.066 3,640.776 Lard, do 2.961,'00 4,402 600 6,666.174 Cheese, do 3,8*6600 4,488.360 4,888,986 Wool do 3,616,166 4.249,460 4,406.650 Bacon do 1,242,300 2,714,630 7,035,189 As the season advances, the weekly decrease becomes greater, giving evidence that the aggregate receipts, at the close of navigation, will be much smaller than was anticipated a month or six weeks since. With the immense quantity of produce, particularly breadstulfs, in this country, and the remunerating prices ruling in all the seaport markets, it is a very extraordinary circumstance that the leading articles do not come forward more rapidly ; that there is such an immense falling off, compared with last seasou. We have no doubt that producers, in all parts of the country, are laboring under wrong impressions relative to future prices and future demand. Hopes are entertained that the harvests of F.urope will prove deficient, and that an extensive demand will arise for our agricultural products ; and it is this belief that induce the farmer to hold on to his grain, and is the prime cause of the reduced reoeipts. In the event of a rise in prlees, we should soon see such an Increase in receipts, at tide water, as would destroy at nertbe existing idea, relative to supplies in first hands We should soon wee that the country was full of breadstoifs?that onr stocks had been by no means exhausted by the enormous shipments of last year. It t? by no means certain yet that the harvests of Europe, particularly those of Qreat Britain, will be even a fair average ; but It is hardly probable that the deflciency will be large enough to ereate much of a demand for our breadstuffs. Stock Kiebangt, dWOOOTreaa Not/104 21 the Utksa fc Seh'y 114', flrtd do 1"410 Aolinrn Si Roebeeter ?7 | m*W IT B (la, of -ffl bSO 104 Sj MlCanleaCo M0 33K MOO Instate 8'a a00 ?IX 80 do 2UU0ErteRR Bonds, 7 ? 04 30 do h00 33* 1(410 do 0414 78 Nor It Wor RB .11 idOO Reading Mtge Bda W 10 Hudtoa RtvarRR ?4 ICO aha Phenia Bank ? >), HI N Y a N liar RR si UAMoohaalra' tank 104* .10 IlaiUm RR Uk ?4) Pairaata'Ttuat |blO 20 M do sDO (0 do MO ?.?a 110 do 10 do b a week 2M Ml I.J-I ami RR blO &"1 | .'41 do id HO 'In hIS 2K SO Morris Canal #'< 290 do 27 V , i (0 do bOO 01. SCO do 27J [ Ul do b*l "H 40 Erie RR. now,fnli (hi>4 : ' ?1<n -?- sr-r-r?T-\ ?i e ?, wr?r ifrnnd Ki??n!. fSffO Treariuy Nett* I'4 2'M?M?rr'ii Caiuil #tj; .'0(0 U S (i'a. I l? Ml* 2l'l> llarU'in kR .V4.S, ft Vil'i r tltc f>4? brCI i'4 *1 do .M i.i>uaK too ?. ?:?) .w I' ll <lu 1.1) l>"? Ml) lio h .1 Ji* MU Mvrrit Ctnul ?# Olif 25 Canton To itf) 33J4 < ITY TflLAlMC lUBMMtT. MONO*v. August 14 ? 1 P Vt A?h> ?Pot* ari! $5 37,'4 a *o 30, anil i'earia fj S)4 a f<;, with mull tale* < oriofk?The market ha* not yet opaued under lh? tt>?D i-r's di'?k, but i lit* imprest ioa is that holders will hate to submit to a tit eliue Ki 01 h, t?r.?There in a gi'od demand for Western tlour at still betur price* The tales of tho morning nit about 1800 barrel* at f5 1'2>* n $6 ls1i fir common State and mixed Mir bin no and Ohio; $5 (16^ tor round hot p Oliio; $5 31'a a f>6 37)g for tho b?tter brands of Western; $5 b2>4 it $6 for fancy, and $6 I'JV,' a ?6 76 for extra In Southern rone 200 or 3u0 bbls Fold at ia 37}* a fo.iO. ltyo Hour i* *t'.arco au l Arm, with email *al< * at 74 Corn ujeal hut again advanced to 73'26 a 73 31>4 for Jereey, at which figures holder* are quite firm Wheat cootiuue* scarce, with a good demand. We could hear of 00 mile* of sufficient magnitude to report. Hye is 70c a 71c, with small sale*. Corn, under the favorable new* per Acadia, has advanced 2c or 3c per bushel; but as the market has not yet fully opened, we omit the quotations. Mosd.iv. August 14?6 P. M. The week'* later news brought by tho Acadia, and published in nil Extra Hiralil, last evening, had the effect, to-day. of unsettling this markets for most descriptions of produre. Owing to the dalAj of the Acadia's mails, merchants failed to rereivo their letters, and consequently were not prepared to engage in onerations to miv considerable extent Indeed the unexpected delav caused consideruble disappointment. As far as the effects of the news was developed, from the telegraphic accounts! ruooived, they were favorable to breadstuff's generally Flour was tirtner, and sales made at 6'4> a l'2%c advance over Saturday's rates. Corn was tlrm. Hound yellow was held at 3c a 4c advance ; and sales of mixed made at 2%e advance. Sales of meal were made at an advance Hye remained the fume. Oats were about the same. Provisions were steady. Pork was firm, while other articles remained about as before. Sales of sugars were made to a fair extent, at steady prices. Ashes.?Sales of abont 100 bbls. were made, inelud log pots, at f5 37% a $5 60. and pearls at $6 04 a $0 Bheidsti'kf*.? Flour?The sales footed up about 5000 bbls., In separate parcels, among which were 1400 a 2100 bbls of Oswego, at $5 '25. and aome small lots of do. at (5 31.%. and several lots of Western at $0 25. Sales of about 400 bbls. Southern were made, including 160 Petersburg City Mills, at $5 50 a $5 02%. H heat? Dales of 2000 bushels new North Carollnawere made at 110c. The article was tinner, and held at an advance. Cum?The sales for the day amounted to some 10,000 a 12.000 bushels, in separato parcels, including low mixed, at 02%c. and high mixed at 05%c, and New Orleans, heated, at 50c a 58c. ltound Northrrniyellow was held at 70c a 72c Hye?Sales of 3000 a 40CO bushels were made at 70c. in the slip. Hye Flour ? The market was Arm at f3 87% a $4 Oals?Sales of 10 000 bushels were made at 40c a 41c for Northern, and at 30c a 38c for old Jersey. Hurley?Sales of 800 bushels were made at 62c Cattle.?At Market?1000 beef cattle,(800 Southern, the remainder New Vork State growth.) CO cows aud calves, and 4C0 fhicp and lambs. Prices?IJeef cattle have been in fair request duriog the week, and, middle of August though it be, prices are remarkably well maintained. The average, however, is rather wider than last week's.?the sales ranging from $5 to $7 per cwt. 100 head driven to Brightcu. Cows aud calves are rather lower. All sold at prices ranging, as in quality, from $18, f30 to $37 60 Sheep and Lambs? The supplies continue more than commeusurate with the demand from the retail butchers Sales of sheep at fri ui $1 25. $2 75 to $4 : lambs brought $1 a $2g25 to $3 26. as in quality All sold. Fish?There were no sales of moment to report; /??i Q Ufflfu mithAiit /iKo .i* ?I ?J J-- 1 AAA "..v "...... lit,"-. .IIIIHU. I." u?.jr. i.uvra l>bl? No. 1, 2, and 3, Vase, mackerel, and 3,000 quintain dry cod. { 'heights? Rates were at a stand, and nominal, in consequence of the non-receipt of steamer's news. Some 7.000 bushels of corn were engaged, to Liverpool, at 4>?d, in bags; and a lot of rosin was takon at Is Od lor Glasgow. Farn? A moderate business doing, with sales of 600 boxes raisins, at $1 50; 10 cases Leghorn citron, at 20c; and 20 bales l.anguedoo almonds, ut 127,'e. Hemp?Sales were made of 100 bales American dewrotted. at $140 per ton. 6 months. Lime?Sales of 1.000 bbls wert made, at 73 a 74c. Mci.assks?There was butllttle doing. About 200 libds were sold at 18 a 18>?c for Cardenas, and 20 a 22c for i'orto Rico. Naval Stoski?Sniall sales of spirits were made, at 34 a 3f)c. cash; and 100 bbls North country rosin, sold at 00c, delivered, which was an advance of 6c per barrel. Oil Cake?20 tons thick round, sold at $20 75, cash. Pimento?We notice sales of 50 hags, at 9)?c. Phovisioms? Sales of about 400 bbls pork were made at $11 37X a $11 50 for mess, and at $8 94 a $9 for prime. There was norhange in beef, and no sales of moment reported. Lard?Sales of 150 bbls. were made at 7?? a 7J?c. There was nothing of moment done in pickled or dry salted meats. Butter was in some better demand, and sales of 300 packages wero made at 11 a 16 cents for Ohio and this State. Cheese was dull at 4 a 6Kc. Real Eitate?The 3 story house and lot No. 5 Albany street. $4.000; do. do. do. No. 9 do. $4,650. Susahs were in moderate demand, with sales of 700 boxesWtown Havana at 4 a a'^c.; 300 hhds. Cuba Muscovado at 3J? and 4,'?, and 150 do. Porto Rioo at 4?; a i%e., usual time. Segani?Sales were made.of 50,000 Prlnoipe at $16, 4 months. Winf.i?Sales were made of 50 qr. casks Port at 60 a 80c . and 20 do. do. sweet Malaga at 42 cts. 6 mos. Whiskey was in good demand at firmer prices. Sales were made of 400 bbls. at 22% a 23 cts. for Ohio, and 23% cts. for prison. MARKETS ELSEWHERE. STOCK SAT.ES. Piiii.AHEi.pmA, August 14.?First Hoard?1360 State 5'i 74 U; MOO IT. 8, L-ao, '61 90; lUOUtl do 6's *68, 104)4; 250 U.S. Tien. Note (is. T>8, 10414: 6 Pennsylv.Bank. Vbl; 5 Philad.Uank, Ilk. Srrond Hoard?1000 Campden fc Amboy Bonds, SO; 1 Far fc Mccha Rink, 52)4', 1 Pennsylv. Fire Insur., do 150. Died, On the 14th instant, Lucas Vat Buskirk, aged 91 years, born in this oitjr. He was in the battle at Trenton, New Jersey. His remains will be taken from the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. William Honey, No. 47 Charlton street, and Interred at Cayuga, this 8tate. Suddenly, on the 14th Instant, at the house of her son. Benjamin Mooney, while on a yisit. Fh<ebe, wife of Mooney, of Katon, N. H., in the sure and certain hope of life everlasting, and a due appreciation of a Saviour's love, aged 72 years. The friends and acquaintances of Benjamin Mooney are requested to attend the funeral, from his house, No. 65 Fifth street, tbis day, at 4 o'clock, F. M., without further invitation New Hampshire and Cincinnati (Ohio) papers please copy. Weekly 1 to port of Deaths, In the City and County of New York, from the 6th day of August to the 12th day of August, 1648. Men, 66; Women, 65; Boys, 118; UirlRtlOO. Total, 318. diseases. Aneurism, 1; apoplexy 4; asthma, I; atrophia, % hleediitfefrom head, 1; bleeding, 2; bleeding from wcinh, 1; bleeding from lungs, 1; bronchitis, 3; eanoer. 2: casualties, 2; cholera infantum, 62; cholera morbus, 1; colic, 2; consumption, 25; convulsions, 26; congestion of the lungs, 2; coup de soliel, 1; debility, 6; delirium tremens, 2; diabetes, I; diarrhoea, 22; dropsy, 2; dropsy in the head, 17; dropsy in the chest, 1; drowned, 3; dysentery, 41; dyspepsia, 1; fever, 4; fever remittant, 1; fever scarlet, 1; fever typhus, 8: fever congestive, 1; fever nervous, 1; heart disease of, 4; hooping cough, 6; inflammation, 1; imflammation of brain, 6; inflammation of bowels, 11; inflammation of the heart, 2; inflammation of lungs, 6; inflammation of etomach, 3; inflammation of throat, 1; inflammation of liver, 3; jattndloe 1; lues venera, 2; malformation, 1; marasmus, 23; measles, 3; neuralgia, 1; old age, 3; palsy, 2; premature birth, 4; pleurisy, 1; rheumatism, 1; small pox, 7; teething, 3; ulcers, 1; ulceration'of thruat, 1; worms, 1; unknown, 3. Age?Under one year, 104; Ito 2 years, 73; 2 to6, 83; 8 to 10, 9; 10 to 20, 10; 20 to 30 24; 30 to 40,26; 40 to 61, 28; 60 to AO, 11; 60 to 70, 6; 70 to 80, 6; 80 to 90, 2; 90 to 100,1; unknown, 6. _ A. W. WllITI, City Inspector. City Inspector s Office, August 12,1848. T^OTICE TO IRISHMEN.?EMIGRATION TO CANADA.? ? - ></Ui<ft ouniwiuK itii;iiii|i?w wuinMft iin n:<iiiMna 10 enrol their names with tho undcrsignel, at the Shakeipare Hotel, New York, where a Society ii bow forming to nieko it settlement in that country. Each settler must have 1A to 2U dollart to defray bis own er peases, kc. ? THOMAS MOON EV, Manager for tho Society. Business hours, alt c to three o'clock dally. The royal mail steamship amkrila willieave the docks of Jersey city on Wednesday next, 16th inst, at tweiye (12) o'clock at noon, precisely. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOI.I.AKS REWARD ? The above reward will be paid after oonrietion. for such information as will lead to the arrest of the two men, who, on the morning of the eleventh day of August, )>etween the hours of one and two o'clock, made an attempt to break into the Dwelling House of Mrs. Julia A. Crosby, of the town of White Plains. One of the men while at work removing the putty from the fan light of the door, was shot through tne window, and severely wounded in the right hand or some other part of the body. A proportionate part of the above reward will be paid for the discovery, arrest, and conviction of either of the offenders. JAMES. M. TIATF.S, Sheriff of County of Westchester. s mm KKIEK DBS KTAT&UNIS.?OWING TO THEDELAY w_' of the mail from Boston, the publication of the Courrier ilm Rtut* Cms for Hits day. will be postponed till .1 P. M. ( CONVERSATIONS FRANCAISE3. OR FRENCH TAt OUT V ' on the Oral System, enabling to speak from the Ant lessons, and insuring case and Aoency tofpupiis more advanoea, hut deAcient in f|?aking. ruition, at home, in classes. f2 ; priBitely, ft per montii. Families and sohools attended. Please address MONS DE ST. PIF.RRE, Natif de Parts,*)* Broadway. 10. OF O. F.?TMl GRAND LODUE WILL HOLD A Meeting, at National Hall, on Wednesday the Kith instant, at 8 P.M. Representatives will please be punctual in attendnnce. By order, New York, Augu 114 IMS. R. J. PBNTE. 0. Sea. REM A hi).?LOST, ON SATURDAY LAST. TWO PORTyplP folios, oontainlng letters, kc. The ahove reward will he paid on delivery of them at the Franklin House,and no ouMtions asked. Mrs. cakholi.a vapor baths, .cm Broadway, tear Leonard etrert, next to the Carlton House. Doctors Stevens Mott, Mitchell, Hush, Post, Ireland?all the leading men of the medical fatuity? have Joined with tlorwpeat i.hysii iane of France in prescribing fre<|urntly these Medicated Va|<ir Bat! s, Sulphur Baths alwftya ready. M?? nimi ? i a i aii i vn .11 n i aiv b(IS| MiO Btoadway ? Flvot Revolving Chaira, Ri"'uml<cnt Km Iving Chalre, MfSgoting titenrion Recumbent Chaira, Drntlit Chaira, Imffirttd Invalid Wliwl Chaira, llraneh Recline and Wilting Derka, and every variety of Mechanical Cham, Ur con. frrt and convenience. The al.iva chalra are calculated for the invnlid under all cireumatuniee, and aa *ell for thoae enjoying the belt of liealtli. They haya received tlic lirat prennnin at the fiirof the American Inatltote for the laet fifteen yea re. M. W. KI.VO, w. n. uallicil lii\ fUWk HOTTl.M*AM> OVUR OF DR. DRtVITT C. OvjU vvf K I l.l.l VGtR'.s wonderful l.initucnl have lave a ao'd ler IHerrhira, I'yeentery, and dndeia Morhue, with'oit a falirre. Father* and Mnthera, for lleaven'a anlie, throw a?ay your prejudice, and go immediately and get a hottle, a* Zhl l'ea? trret, and of the l>rii|giata generally. M e last *n?> to g10 that It will nut tnUa one oasse in a thoueand, from tins infant to the adult Thcueaidaof liver ere daily raved hy It, SfffMRII I.IK IIM - JCtT NRi KIVKI>. I K\ r.ioc wrd healthy Iwi d eh l.eeeli?e ; aleo Hf.WiO I into es/.e Her sin larder. I or Mile ly J. I' < I T. hniwitai cf Lveclef, No. 7 J" n oreet. BOWKKV THt.MKt-Tt K!?IMY EVININO. ACOLHTlft, will be |<?rfoin r>l. lb" (Irand Opirw ?f ('INf)EKII.LA ? I tiidwriiln, Mim Pal) Tavl<>r; 1 he t nuce, Mr. Dune; llw n Piimrilil*, BUrei a| In,lit i. Mr. Vvtel I I rill . Mr' l'hilli|w tuii C11 < *.11 u p, l a I'nlta N'alioualr, Sifiuna C'i> < % and Mr. <1 11 Mniih. ThaOieta a.II I* suuierd*l hv the tlruinl Pallet I'Acut ii . f tl M AC'i n.l.'TE?l.l*a. Sinoora (.'I cci; l.ubiD, Mr. *. IV. Einl'h, 'I in* perfornuiacc wll eminence with ttitoiMMily If M X, THE ('Aim AN-Hi. k Ni? Mr. J. W.tmna; frank Krae. HbfiJ I' Hall; iabafiBM Varaiah; Mary Ann Mm. Slitherlata, Ptom ojien ai 7; pai'1 rmai.i i a .ommmoe at 7X o'elook. Eoxaa. 2ft en I a; Pit and fialWry, l.'H cenla. BL'RHlN't- Tii RATHE, C'HAMHEHA STKEKT- ItKNKPI r f.l hit hveninir, Aug. |> w ll ha nlatad a rin: antic ixlravayama. culled V Altai INK. AND oilSO.N? VaUntiLf, Mini bint lair, Drain, Mr. Itruu*hwm; Eglantine, Mr*. Ureal mil. l'n I*, filtuwed with the interlude of HI.IE DEVILS -Migrini, Mr. Ilurinn. Armetta, MiaaCbapuian. After which, the lariat tii, <f the til,I) (il'AKII llavmau. Mr. Nn lni...... *TFW TORK VOLUNTEER*, *TT1 rHI OF Rwr?, nrt-fiWw. anil ?ul> frtVr* vt lh* Mhw York Voluir tterf, ri ili'urv men. ?md oitizuM, arc restttfuliv informed, that [ (hit Piottre or (Im EiiMni|KitfDt ol the Fir?t Volunteer Divi^m . ?-t VItjncr**. Mrxic". is if w re d? funh'i'rrv, i*ud o m K; hid at Turt 11 X KbbcrV 74 Chjtljmi ?tr*?t; Office of *h? N*ti ?n c! IN> ' lire (iiicttf It'.'' KatMii f f; nun Herfo?d & Co.. 2 Mwllou*. I 1 I NFORMATION WANTED OT JOHN CaNM>,V, from Ath i my Glow*, ( ounty Ga way. ah., hut Apnl faro yeur-i, er1 ritrd in thin city, in the ship * Clari n <?," fr??'u lialway. lie wat I in the Sen Yiik Hofpital for trvrjul weeks Anv infbrma'ion I ies|wctipr him ail he thankfully re-eiwd by hie brother, at Mil heel l>or ohotie*, A) Mulberry Mreet NO'IDE TO STONFCUTTEwS.?WANTED, IN .lEKSEV < ity. I . .|i ire vt AI.EXANDF.K WILSON, Sti W anted a good amerh in <>rt qirhan emu <r middle aged woman, t?> go to Jeremy City, to d?? the ' ^ert ral w<>rk < f a smell I'wmily. where there tro no children. To :v c? li.pew nt per*1*, a p c?d home is 4>(fer.d, and liberal oompeuaatic n. Addn fis Jrrsey ('ity. this othi'c. Wanted \ situation by \ rkspb pablbyoumi w omoa, to 4o puiil honeework ?n a private family. W i-uld have ro objection to go a short dieten.-e in the country. Inquire at 123Greenwich street, up sUire. Good city reference cari he gives. \| edicai.? CHEMISTS AND DRl GGISTA.-A PARTY, 4 1 lute fr< in Scotland, comcrsant with Chemists and Drugmet', routine, lino, qualified in medicine, begs to on1;! engagcI incut in cither or both dtputatil^ permanently. or for a I< nod. ED W. EDWARDS, Post Office, N, w York. BII.MARD TAIH.KS FOR SALE?TWO VERY M I'KRIOR second hand Billiard Tahlef, in good order, with Ball., tLf s.fce, will be .old a bargain. a? the owner haa no further an |.'rihtm. Apply at 01 Water street, up stairs. Lithographic stones, or all sizes, from 12x1s to ,10*12. blue color, warranted of very best quality, foraalo by E. I1EN, Importer. Ill and 20 Liberty at. up stair*. Alao?a variety of French and German Fancy Uooda. Looking Glaiaer, lien da of all dcacriptiona, Viulina, Slates, Marbles, l'obaceo Box, a, Porte Mommies, Ac. Ike. rpo TRAVELLERS AND EMIGRANTS.-AT TANNER'S J Map Store, No. iM Fulton street, may bo hud Map. and bnide Books of eierv deaeription. together with larre Ma|?, on rollera, of the World. Euro[>o, Aaia, Africa, North America, Souih America, United States, to. Gazeteer* botli general ami [ artii nlar. TO CHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS?A MEDICAL GENtleman (pupil of London, practically Mqanlntnd with t I "mists' and Druggists' buaineta,) is desirous or engaging wi/li a Chemist and Druggist, on terms of mutual advautago. By letter, II Morton, Post-office, New York. T' 0 CAPITALISTS-$100,000 WANTED TO CARRY ON A business easy, regular, safe, and wpj'h will realize one hunI dred thousand dollars speedy profits. The control of the capital to remain with the purty who furnishes it Undoubted refei renoe? given and required. For the names ot the parties and the eharacter of the enterprise, apply to THEODORE SEDGWICK, fifi Wall otreot New york horse bazaar, no. 11 crosby street. - The next regular auctiou sale will take plat e on Wednem I day. ltith ir etant at 11 o'clock, with Carriages and Harness, and at 12 o'clock, with a catalogue of Hones, liciilletnuu having property to dispose of, either hy auction or private salu, will pleatc to give this establishment a call, where sales are made quickly and cashed promptly. Horses taken on livery and for talc, l.y Hie day, wtek, or month. JOHN If. HATFIELD. Proprietor. Noticf?office of the rockland cemetery, 170 Broadway, corner of Maiden Lane, (up stairs.) where all orders will ho received from 9 A II., to 4 P. SI., for the purchase of plots or for interments. Pamphlets and maps of the ground are roady for distribution. At ether than offlje hcurj, ordora will he received at No.2.13 VYooater strea'. WILLIAM ARCHER, Supt. House to let in twenty-first street?a very pleasant threestory House, with the motern impmvaIneiits of gas, bathing rooms, Ste. The preeent occupant would be willing to hoard with the family hiring the house, as a p?rt equivalent for the rent Applv at No. 44 West Washington Flaoc.? p'ostessioD given immediately. Rare chance-to m ine merchants and others. A gentleman who has resided in Franco, nod is familiar with the mnnu'actnring of Champagne wine, having n place, and all the apparatus lequisits for the business, desires a partner of lespccluli'ity, with from $2,1X10 to $3,000. Thero is no establishment of th kind in this country, and only requires oipital to irthc it Tory lucrative. Good references given ami required. Addreis Mnndeville, this office. For sale, a bargain, tiie four story brick Dwelling House. No. (i!k> Honston street. The house rents now for $7.r>0. Possesnion 1st of May next. $.'<0JU can remain for three years. Terms very moderate. Apply to J. WATSON, Counsellor, 77 Nassau street. For sale-tiik hotel no. 14 dey street.?tiii& hense is located in the best part of the city, and has mp?I nor uocominodatien*. The lease has six years to run. For pegsens wishing to engage in this business, a first rate chance t offered, seldom to be met with, i'or particulars, euquire on tlj I premises. For sale-the entire or the one-iialf inter. est in that well known puklio house, "The Place," No. Jk> Nassau street, 2d Ward. It has a long and very favorable lease, ar.d is replete with fixtures and furniture throughout tho house, i Also, the lease, furniture, &c., of "The Spot," No. 1 South William, cor. of William at., 1st Ward. Mercantile engagements pre vi nt the advertiser ftmn giving the above premises the attention required. For particulars,enquire of I.Ew H S. FORD, tt "The Place," Ni Nassau St., between 10 A. M. and 1 P. M. FOR SALE.?THE I,AT* JOHN 8. CRARY'd BEAUTIFUL Country Seat at FarRoekaway, adjoining the 'Marino Pavilion. (now occupied by John Stewart, Jr.) The situation is unrivalled for health and heanty of prospect; the House is in exeellent repair and tit for immediate occupation; outbuilding and fences all in good order, comiTined in about one ore ot land, and more if desired. Also, the beafltiful building Lot adjoining, ou which is a tirstrate stable, coach house, and wagon house; it contains one acre ot excelleut garden land, all enclosed in pale fence. Also, several other building lots oomanandin^ a full view of the Ocean, and open to the seabreete. Apply to JOHN 11. POWER, 12!) Fulton street, New York, or II. CRANSTON, Pavilion, Rockaway. THE QUEEN'S HOTEL, OPPOSITE THE GENERAL POST Offire, St Martin's le Grand, London.?This magnificent HoI tel. having reoently undergone extensive alterations, and a great portion of it newly furnished, will be found on trial to have no rival in the metropoliajboth in point of accommodation and moderate charges. The Coffee room is one of the largest and most I comfortable in England. Board. $2 per day. Hot add Cold I Baths. THOMAS SPENCER LENNEY, Manager, Formerly Chief Steward of tbo British Queen Steamship. Befcrenoe in New York to Mr. G. a. White, 66 Cedar street. British commercial life insurance company, JA C< rnhill, London, and tl New atre t, New Y"ric; estab. I lis lied in 1X20; capital ildoiLOJO. or $3,001),IWO. DirectorsSir Robert Alexander, Bart., Thomas Benson, Esq.. John CattI ley, Era., John Cox, Esq., Rrv. Wm. Fallofield, M. A., George I Gre n, kfip, Sebastian Uellart'nex, Es<|, Archibald Frederick ' 1'axton Km|, Dewiil J. Thomson, Esq , Geonre 11.Weatherhead, , Esq., M. 1). Mnnag'ng Director?Ebeneifr Ferule, Esq Attn* 1 ary?John Ooddaid, Esq. Phyiieian?Septimus Wrny, Esq, i M. I). Hankers? Messrs. Glyn, llallihx. Mills, tt Co. Advanl tsgos offered to Insurers 'The security of a large realised and invested capital, very low rates of premiums on young Uvea, large bonuses on policies effected on the participation scale: on inturnnce for the whole of li'e, one-half the premium lonnod (if derired) for the first seven yean* ? live per cent ,interest, witlv out note, i r deposit rf poller ? then to be paid, or remain as a icrmanent loan, at the option of the insurer; looas upon poli. ties for tlic whole of li'e (alter payment of three premiums), to the amount of one third of the premiums naid; the acceptance of naval, military, a?d srccM risks of all kinds, on payment of a commensurate premium ; age admitted on the pot ey when issued (if desir d), on proof of da'erf birth ; no charge for stamp duty, or f. r medical examination ; premiums may be paid *i ther quar.etly, half v arly. or annually; no extra charge for rea risk to Euro|ic. New York Medical Examiners?John 0. Cheetman. Esq.. M.D., ?7'l Broadway; F. U. Johnston, Esq, M. D.; 762 Broadway. Standing Couns>l?Hon. Willis Hall. Solicitor? A hert Gallatin, junior. Proapectnses (and all Information relating to insurance tnay be obtained of FREDERICK SaLMONSON, 21 New. strati. Agant ror UN United State". Cast off clothing and furniture?ladies and Gentlemen having superfluous effects to dispone of, wearing apparel, Ac., can obtain a fair prite for the same, by sending for the eahscriher throngh the poet office, or otherwise, who will attend at their residence. Ladiesattended toby Mr*.Lerenstyn. J. LBVEN8TYN.4M Broadway, upstair*. Dr. powell, oculist, auri8t, etc., attends daily to diseases of the Eye and Ear, at his surgery, 381 Broadway, entrance Warren street. Just published, the second edition of Dr. Powell's Treatise on the Eye, price SO cents, which can be had nt his offioe; also his premium sell-aotlng ye Fountains. A large supply of Artificial Eyes recently im ported. Travellers will find an invaluable secu. nty in Dr. Ralph'* Practical Private Treatiee. The recipes are plainly given, alio the instantaneous or preventative treatment. It is intended to be equally available in every place. Fifth edition, 342 pp. Price $1. May be had of the author, 88 Gicenwich street, or by post, mailed free. Doctor fawcitt has removed his office to si Dry street, where he can be consulted on all private diseases; the most obstinate yield to his mode of treatment, which is on the non-msroorial system. Strictures cured on the most approved plan. The viotlmi of constitutional debility, brought an by indiscreet indulgence* ean apply, with a certainty of cure. OfffioeSl Dcy street. Dr. glover is consulted during the day and evening at hia offioe. No. 12 Ann ft. (Formerly No. 2), in those difficult and protracted oases of Delicate Disease* which have baffled the skill of physicians of ices experience. Hie Extract of Copaivn, Cnbeba, Ac., so extensively prescribed by physicians, may be had at hi* store in front. No. 12 Ana street (formerly No. 2). Medical card-strictures are now removed In half the nsnal time, by Dr. Morrison's improvod method of curing by absorption. A* strictures are frequently compiioated with morbid result of masturbation, Dr. M.'e mild plan of treatment will lie found euoeesaful. See his dt|doma, with the signature of Sif Astley Cooper, fcc? in his offioe, Fulton street Medical office?dr. jobnson, is duane street. near Chatham street, so well known a* the most (uoeessfni practitioner in New Fork, in the treatment of venereal dieeaaea. iWI/ir'a r#mi<?Hnn fi.v air 111 U ?K,uuaU Kaif J ?? have existed for year*, i* jire eminent. Gleet, stricture, niter* uptn tlie body, or in the throat or note, paint in the hoad and bone* of the left, effectually cured. Constitutional Weakness, brought on by a tec ret habit indulged in by young men, causing lascivious dream* and nightly emission*, positively prevented. Recent caiet ourod in four day*, without mercury. No alteration in dirt, or | revention from business. Lawful murder.?magnetic powder, for thr dcBtruetion of all kinds of insects, ooekroaohtt, moth*, ant*, flie*. moa|uitoea, bed bnga, and various othtr inaetta; alao, l'illa for the deetruction of rata and mice, within At* minute* after Ixlng thrown In their vicinity, warranted without poison. Price fid cent* tach. Certificate* of Mnaarn Preston R Hodgta Carlton House; Nr. S. Thlyer Cotient, Amtriean Hotel, ani otliert ot the higheat rtipeotability. e. LYON, 4211 Broadway. J 1ST PUBLISHED?DR. HOST WICK'S GREtT WORK and Lecture* on Venereal, and other affection* of the Uri> nery Organ*, 360 page* piarto. Thia ia the moat complete (Tactical work cf the kind ever iaaned from the pre**. It contain* thirty-tcveii colored eagraring*, whieh delineate thi* elaa* of disease* iaimitahly. It alao' eon tain* forty wood engravings, , .jualIt well executed : and everything known abeut the modern treatment of there diteaaee ha* been careftolly recorded, and all the mnet approved prescription* aad formnla* hare been given. Tor rale at (he oiioaaof publication, 222 Broadway, and ef the author, MR Broadway. Price $K>. AI?o, Dr. IL'a work on aalf abr*e, 161 b*?ca, 14 eograringa, with hinte to yotxdfcmen. Prioe fl, for tale aa above. Dr. ralph, AUTHOR or THE "PBACTTCAf, PRIYAT1 Treat KM, Re., W Greenwich etreet?office hours 9to 12 A. M, 6 to 9 P. M., {Sunday excepted.) Thoee who apply in the early xtage* mil be surprised at the rapidity aad little iuoonreuiaaee attending their eure. It is chiefly, howerer, thoee who hare auffered front a certain elaae ef people, or otherwise, who ean properly epprretate hie service*. In etrietnre, from ita tint or incipient. to it* more advinced and distressing atgge*. (from nncomnion advan tag**, in addition to a eery catenate* practice ia thi* enmplaint.) he can afford a rapid, a*?y, and radical cure, which, he ha* ground for stating, oan be obtained from ao other eotiree in America. Most extraordinary work-to the married or time# contemplating marriage.?The Married Woman'* Private Helical Companion, by Dr. A. M. Maurloean. Sixth edi tier r>4re(l. 1 bla work i* meeting with moat aatoubAtBgaala^ 12l.t<*t copier have already l*?n dl?pmwd of I Every female I* getting a copy, whether married or unmarried, although it ia intetdeo e*|?eial'y fur the mart led,** it disclose* Important sec rata, which should lie known to them particularly. Ilern every female cat discover the ranee*, symptom?, and the inoet efficient retnadtc*. and mnet certain mode of eure la every ea-a. For tale. 221 Broad* ey; at the publishing nft< #, 129 Libert y street. New York) Bo, ZhN-rR Go., eoro< r ?f Ckertnnt and Tldrd etreeta Phil* etl|h'e; little R Co., Alba iy; Mr. H. Da?ia, Boston. On thu receipt of fife copy will be transmitted by mail, free ?t poetngo, to al| |Srta of the United States. All letter* mnet he ?I Iniued. io?t peid, to Dr. A H. MAUKHF.AU, beg 1224, New York city, i tfflie 129 Lilorty street. , lo our clink with the new Irurleaqns, entitled LUCY DID ?IIAM AMOUR?Enrico dl More fat, Ml. F Meyer. Kaim indo, Mr. Phil'ipe; Count Edga do Tneie-m-trm Raveniwood. Mr. John Dur.n; Lucia, Miaa Chapman; Alice, Mine Sinclair. Dreaa Clrala and rarquette. Ml cauts; Family Circle or aecund tier, 25 canta, Dnora open at 7H o'clock? Curtain ruee at 8. NISLOU?ASTUk PLACE, BROADWAY.? fllKKK I.M I tertainmenta?Mr. Manvere. Mis* E Hii>-ntf, will npjear in a popular Musical Piece? Mr.-. Watts, the popular artiate from the Broadway Theatre, received hero with greet applause. Miai Hme Tellun. Mie Mueder, Mr. Chippendale, Mr. John Sefton, Mr. Varle. First appearance here of M r. Haker.?Tu* mlay Kvjunr. August IS?A Grand Overture?After which, ihe burletta of 11R IS NOT A-M1SS?Fredeiick Filiallen, Mr Baker: Mm Pretty man, Mra. Maeder; To he follownl l.v I.Milts oEVVARE?t'ol. Vavaaour. Mr. Vache; Matilda, kliaa Tel Grace Feahody, Mrs. Watt*. To conchid with the SENTINEL?Prince Frederick, Mr. Manvere: Linda, Mite K. Brienti. Iinore open at before 7?commencing at half past 7. Admission Mlcnnta. Cmianfkau S new national theatre. formerly 7 Chathan ?Tuesday Evening. Aug. 15th, will lie acted the farco cf NATI kk and philosophy?Gertrude, Miaa Clairville; Colin, Mian e. Meatayer. To lie followed by the cotnedy of chalks the SECONli-Captain ('. pp. Mr J. R.Scott: Ma ry Co lip, Miaa e. Met layer After which, the lady OF the lions?Col. Moddlenot. Mr o. Bnrke; Serjeant Damme, Mr. Herbert; Polly Ann, Mire F. Meatayer; Mine. Ikirliahilly, Mrs. J. Stiekney. To conclude with he MaKKIF.D R are?Mr. Fli<hty, .Mr. Palmer; Mra. Trieatrtc, Mra. Mcla-an; Mra. Flighty. Miaa Ilfl Irelh. Doors open at 7 o'clock, and the curtain w ill rise at a '4 before H. Ilexes, 25 cents; Pit, 12',, con tu. CASTLE GARDEN-MONDAY AND TUESDAY. AUGUST 14th and 15th.?0;ieratie Overtures, Fashionable VValucaThe liaiter will alao enjoy the opportunity ut lie-holding the H HOLE WORLD AT A GLANCE, in a aeriuaof lilt minated Coemornmas. Concert to commence at A o'clock. Inat umeotal piecea from Fra Diavolo. and Scotch and Irish Aira, tVallr-es, of Stranaa. Intermiaainn of ha'f an hour for Promenade and Refreshments, during which HOD of the moat varied and highly lin lineo t. iismiikamam will tie illuminated, Atier the |>erfiirm nop, the orchestra will play the overture to ZAMPA?Uorold. A brilliant POT POUKKI. Admissb n 25 cents?ohihlren 1ml/ price. CTASTLK UAKOKNT? TUk"UKYNU CUMPLIMJCNTAKf J benefit to George Holland will take place on Wednesday neat, i August 16. The whole performances will consist of striking noveltien. Eighteenn beautiful (irizcs, valued at $70. will be given, twelve to the ladies and eix to children. The tirst port ol' the entertainment w ill cono'.udo at 10 o'eloclt. when thu extensive saloon floor will be cleared for a Grand Hall, to l:o conducted l.y the celebrated Mr. Parker. Leader of the band, Mr. Wallace, i Dancing to conclude at 12o'clock. Admire on AO eeute?children 25. Further particu'ara in the billn of the day. BAKNUM'S AMERICAN MCSEUM.-P. T. BARNUM, Proprietor?P. Hitchcock, Manager.? Every day and evening thu ween, Commencing Monday, August U, 1848?plendid Performances every morning at half (WBt 11 o'clock, every afternoon at 3 o'clock, and every evening at a quarter to 8. The numerous fiicnda of the celebrated General Tom Thumb will lie gr tilled to learn that he haa returned in safety from lis winter tour, after viainng Havana, Mew Orleans, Canada, be., and more especially that lie has contented to hold his levees at the American Museum, in this elty, for a few daya, that he may once mora meet his old friends, whose kindness and esteem he has never ueased to reinemher with gratitude, lie will hold three leveea every day: in the morning Irom half paat II to 1 o'clock, when he will give his entire net form a tiers, including his citizen's dress, in which he relates his history, travels, ktc., siug a variety of songs, dance tlie Polka, Bailor's Hornpipe, fee., represent a Young Oxonian, an Havana Exquisite, Oue of the H-toys, with an appropriate song, being a touch at the times; Negro Melodies, fee. Also, the Grecian Statues, in arprepriata costume; imitations of Napoleon Bonaparte and Frederick the Great, in full military costume. 1 The ioei tical Court Dress, worn before Queen Victoria, with an l recount ol his reception by the various crowned heads of Europe, ai d a French Song, sung before Louis Philippe; also, an elegant Highland Costume, in which ho will sing a Scotch song, dance the Highland P'ing, bo. fee. Every afternoon at 3 o'clock, the littleseneral wi.l appear onlhe stage in the Lecture Room, in his , citizen's dress, in which he will relate bis history, travels, fee. and exhibit his Extraordinary Performances and Imitations, in- 1 eluding Napoleon. Frederick the Great, Sengs, Duncos, Greman Statues, fee., and at the same time a variety of other interesting , perfirinanccs will also take place, by the ta'ented and Interesting company named below. Every evening, at a quarter before 8 o'clock, the General appears again in the same Splendid Performances, and in conjunction w ith the other em ertaimnents. It is now nearlv six vi are since the little General first an pcared ill public, *>><1 hla weinlit is precisely what It was at that time, via: Only Fifteen Founds. lie ia perfectly aymmetrical in hia proportions, intelligent and graceful ft) ond belief, and smaller than any infant that ever walked alone. The magnificent presents, Jewels, tea., received from the Kings Queens, and Nobility of Europe, will be exhibited. Morning visltcrt are not admitted to either the afternoon or evening pctfi nuance. In addition, the manager has also engaged the celebrated Sable Brothers, a moat superb and t-1 en ted hand of Negro Singers, Dancers, teo., who have just returned from Boston and ott 01 eastern cities, where they have been received with enthusiasm by amateurs and the public generally. They will give their inimitableentcrtai' mcnts at caoh and every performance, afternoon and evening. Also engaged, for this week, tke Thnc Highland Mammoth Boys, aged 8, y, and 11 years, and < yet together weighing over 760 pounds, making tliem the greatest I curiosity in the woriu. Besides, they give soiue of the most av founding experiments in natural Mosmerio Clairvoyance ever wimiirvd, which tray lie seen at any hour of either day and evening, from 9 A. M. to 10 P.M.: as may also the famous Qiant or Mammoth Baby, who, though only 111 months old, weighs 90 Belinda Enormous BoaConstrlctor. Two MvingOnuigOaitanga Fairy Family. Infant Vestrie. Madamolstlle Gertrude. a beautiful and charming American Danseusc. Wax Scripture Statuary. Madam Rockwell, the famous Fortune Teller, may be private! v en ku'tod at an extra charge of 25 centa Admission to the whole, including Museum Performances, tee., 2.1oents; children, under ten years of age and old enough to walk alone, 12% oenta Reserved front seata oneshilling each extra. <<rpilfc CAMI'BEIX'S ARE COMING ' - SECOND WEEK. A Society Library Rooms, .'MS Broadway?Campbell's Minstrels, (under the direction of II. A. Kiinherly.) Encouraged by the very Pattering manner in which their concerts have been received during the past week, have the honor to announce that they will coutinue their entertainments every evening this week; introducing at each concert a full and varied prograniiuu of their best songs, dances, tec. at 7?commence at 8. Admission 26 cents. N. B.?On Saturday afternoon, by particular requestor several families, they will give on afternton performance, commencing at 3 o'clk. Admnsion, 26 cents? ctuldreu, half-price. PANORAMA OF TAYI-OR'S CAMI-..GN IN MEXICO, AT the Minerva Rooms, 406 Broadway, shows natural as life, the Narahee, Encampments, and Battles fought by Gen. Taylor. It alto girts eorrret views of the eonntry, towns, cities, teo. It ia the most beautiful painting ever seen. Open every night at I o'olock. Admission. 21 cents. Schools admitted oa reasonable terms. No charge for descriptive pamphlets SACKED DIORAMAS-NOW EXHIBITING EVERY night this week, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, commencing at 3 o'clock, at the splendid new lladl, 396 Bread- ' way, over Stoppani's Botha Qanningtnn's entirely dfcw Grand teriptural Dioramas of the most Msgniflsent Spectacle ever witnessed in New York. Creation of the World and the xseinge. AMttea ny powerful Vocal end Instrumental AccorapanimenU. Mr. H. llannington has juat completed e magniUoent Diorama, intended to llluatrete the aublime spectacle of the Six Day a oi the Creation I exhibiting by means of moveatde figure* eoencry, end powerful opticel e(recti, ell the prmreaaive changes from the Chaos and Darkness of the unformed Universe. until | the flnel completion of the (treat work of Creation, ea described la i the (intend aecond chapters of Genesi* tormina tingwith the aprtrance of Adam and Ire in the Garden of Eden. The Diorama the reanlt of a long aheriahod idea, and of a lifetime of atndy and experiment in this department of the arts. It ie the moat I ovatly, beautiful and |>erfect work of the kind existing, and eom- i binea in ita exhibition the highest meohanical ingenuity, with tht most astonishing scenio effects, assisted by superior poetry, paint- . ing and mueie. Scenery and laeidents?Chao* the Pint Day. The Firmament, the Second Day, Dry Land, lierbage sad Flora ere. Third Day. San, Moon end Stan, Fourth Day. Creation 1 of Fiih and Fowl, Fifth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Garden of Eden?Adam ana Ere. With this completion of the i labors of the Creation, the first part ef the Exhibition eloeea Part II. Grand Diorama of the Deluge. Tickets 26 eta.?Children ^*lf price. Doors open at 7. Curtain rises at H o'clock. _ I UNION COURSE, L. I -TROTTING.?PURSE OF $5U? I Two mile heats to harness, free for all Trotting Ilorsee that ( nt ver won a purse over $50 To come off on Thursday, August 17th. Same day, a Pacing Farm of $3t>?Mile heats, bast three in five, to saddle, free for all hones that never won over $'kl. The entries in both purses will close on Tuesday evening at 9>, o'clock, 1 at Greene It Jeseels, No. 188 Chatham street 1 M. D. GREENE. Proprietor. i OPEN TO ALL THE WORLD-GREAT ~ ST. LEG EE Sweepstakes?12,000 Subscribers at ?5 each. The party fox 1 whom the first hone is drawn to receive ?20,000; the seooad horse, ?10,000; the third horie, ? 10,000; to be divided among par- , ties drawing "The Starter*" ?10,000; the like among **No? Starter*" ?19,000. Sweepstakes, No. 2?12,000 Subscribers at ?2 each?First horse, ?10,000; second horse, ?5.000; third horse, * ?3,000; divided among Starters, ?3,000; divided among NoaStarters, ?3.000. kwecpetakee, No. 3?12000 Subscribers at ?1 1 each?First horse. ?4,000: second hone, ?2(00; third horse, ?2,000; Starters, ?2000; divided among Non-Starter* ?2?ua , Parties daairons of seonrirgehanooa in either of the above Sweepstakes, are requested to make earl/ application, as each sweep will be drawnimmediately it is ralL The result of ths draw- ' Ing will be advertised in tn# "Time*" "Bell's Life,"snd the London daily paper* To give ladies an opportunity of taking a share* scrip will be issued in Initials, at the option of tho snbeori- t ben. All communication* to insure attention, must contain * > remittance. Foreign orders ma^be madej^a/able in Londpm but * hi leivera mull on luuiriKU w nicmra niCROIIl ana James 1'at- 1 klnson. Temple Square, Aylesbury, England. The third hum to < be decided by " Bell's life. Priiea paid any day alter the race, i leee 10 per cent. The race will baron at Doneaster. on the lltb | of September, 1846. To present hand, no ecrip will be genuine . on leee the letter containing it heart the Aylosbury poet- mark. J Subscribers wishing to tend Bank No tea had better tend halvos ' by different poeta _ _ 1 Park theatre. the saloons and bars of this ! Eetabliahment are now to let for nextSeaaon, or a longer , period if required, commencing on or abont the ftretday of September next Undeniable eecurity will be required. The oondl- I tione under which they wll be let can be ascertained on appU- <1 eation (between 10 and d) at the office of t Iff. CORBYN, 4 Barclay street. f For sale.-tue subscriber offers for sale ms 1 interest in the Liverpool Line of Packets, consisting of the 0 Rotcius, Garrick, Sheridan and Siddona The superiority of a theee ships is too well known to need description. Apply to h J. k. COLLINS, M South st- , FOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND NEW FORK = line of pnekets?Positively the flint nnd only regular 01 packet to tail on or before Monday, August Met For the a<\ oin p modation of shippers, the new and splendid regular fast eaihng f) packet ship CLlPTON, J. B. IagersolL master, having the most Est of her cargo engaged, will aot wait lor her regular day, but despatched immediately, probably by Friday of this week. For freight or passage, hsving splendid furnished accommodm A ^*priF..^htOT.r.w^^ofM^^ef b Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. Bryan and Creevy, who will , pr. tuptly forward all goods to their address, l'aoket bark Genesea Capt. C, T. Dillingham, wtU resell! the Clifton, and P nil her nagular day. jivn lii>ni ?.i?" ?i?i' ?iimiu i.aii rai/KIl ur 1 f the 2Hth Auguft.?Th* new and aplendid fut nailing packet ? atolpSIDPONS, MWird B. Cobb, muter, ti mow loading mad will pontirely Mil u nboro her regular day. Fot,freight or J peiwage, having aplrndid furnuhed accommodation* both In th* ' ftr>t and tecuad rutin* apply on board at Or Irani wharf, foot of t Hall ft tret, or to E. K. COLLI NR. Vi South it |i Price of enbtn reMage, S7A. The packet ahlp Sheridan, Genrf* t B. t'orniah, matter, will euoceed the Slddona, and anil her regular m?. , # * FOR MARSEILLES-THE WELL-ENOW N IIAKK MAR- r CEl.l.A, Capt. Ingham. ii now loading, and will meet with <| prompt deepateh. For "night er reiaere. a-.ply to ?] CHAMBERLAIN * PIIELPS, art* *??D k II1NCKEN. Ilrokera. " Vol BORDEAUX?PASSAUE ONLY.?THE FRENCH V Hark INDUSTRIAL, Capt, Friburg, can cmforubly no- e eon modate Hva or aix cabin raefiar rn Apply to the Captain. , on board, or to BOYD k lilMCK EN. Broken. MS Wall at. ^ PACKET FOR H A V N E?>E( ON I> LINK TUB SHIP ST. Lent* (I. W. Hone, Maater, will rail on the 1ft September. * Fr-r?*ight or peiaege, apply to S BOVD k II1M KEN. Agent* No. MH Wall ttreel ?i rt K'HI.F ROOERS' STOMACH T1MTCRE IS AN IN- k inliiable remedy for eholera. colie, ohnlera morbna, and all f atemae-h diaeaaea For eel# at J Chamber* atrwet, and many of w the bm.k nod drug etore* No fhmHy, or trareller, ehouhl ertr be i nltknalH. el A CHANCE-A VERY VALUABLE MEDICINE. LONG 'J oataldiehrd, a< d Bo fear of runntag aip-lbia EVM**t to fj uttl.iaai of ? hieh may be dle|?>ned of?I# c lfcred for ?*l?. Noo* tl beta oaeh eiiatnmor, who la a III lag to pnroha/e the .?l will, out. fi taiidirg debte. along with the atook oa band aeed apply, Vddteaa C. V., at Lbin olB??. x __ INTELLIGENCE BT TIB MAIL*. INTERESTING PROCEEDINGS iiM corraazisa. SPEECH OF MR. WEBSTER. THE PASSAGE OF THE OREGON BILL. THE FLARE-UP IN THE SENATE, BETWEEN Colonel Benton, of Mo., and Mr. Bntler, of S. C. THE PROSPECT OF A DUEL. Afr. itc. TI1LKT1KTI1 COIIOKEIS. FIRST SESSION. Wahiiiiiitoi, August l!2th, 1848. SfiinU EVKMINO SESSION. rkhidck or thk rnocKKDino* or tnr. i.aut loss lATl'NUA* or THK LON.J IKMION or THK THIRTIETH COSH R K?S. T report of the morning MMlon to-.lay down to four o'clock, I'. M., was transmitted by the afternoon mail. The Senate, from four o'clock,remained in executive version till near seven o'clock, I' M., when the doors were opened for the regular legislative business of the day. Crntchett'a chandelier in full bla/.e, galleries (Iliad with spectators, including many brilliant illustratiooa of the fair rex. The lobbies below were occupied with apectatora, including alao a gay compiny of summer bonnets. Mr. Niles in the chair. Mr. Manoiim. without reading, passed up a reaolution to the chair. The Ciiaih decided it out of order, aa the Oregon , bill wae the aubject before the Senate. Mr. Wkstcott appealed trom the decision of th* rhair. and apoke upon the aubject aa with the view to the consumption of time A suspicion la awake that the South Intend to deeat the Oregon bill by talking away the ahred of tinaa emaining of the aeaalon. , Mr Dickinson thought the reaolution ought to bo read, for information, though not in order, to act upon It. Mr. Kino?1 hope theChair will not withdraw ita decision. (duration taken on the appeal lost, 22 to 23, after a statement of the oaae by the Chair. The Senate were about proceeding with the Oregon bill, when Mr. Athkrton asked to preaent a report from the committee of conference, on the disagreeing rotea between the two houaes on the army bill. Mr. Johnson, of Ua.. having the floor, on the Oregon bill, gave way for the admission of the report. Mr. Atiikkton made hia report, and said the House were waiting for the Senate's action upon it. A debate arose upon the propriety of conaidering this report now. It waa debated by Meaara. Atherton, Tulee. Kiag, and Turney. The chair decided that it waa not now in order, while the Oregon bill waa pending, to conaider the report from the committee. Appeal made?(juration taken?10 to 20. Mr Nil ki. in hia own neeuliarlv drv wav?The chair in not sustained. (Ha, ha. ha !) Mr. Atherton mad* his report on the Army bill, rhe committee reduce the marine corps beyond the number of the war establishment by one half. Mr. Yulee proposed to increase the number of the corps beyond the report of the committee of conference, and was proceeding to speak in detail upon it. Mr. Benton?When the Senator is done speaking, I hare a word to say. Mr. Yulee?Does the Senator desire me to stop. Mr. Benton?No, sir ; but I hare a word to say when the Senator is done. Mr. Yulee went on pleading the necessity of a large marine corps, and had a letter read on the subject. He passed up another letter. Mr. Benton?I object to any more reading of letters, sir. Mr Yulee?I consider this letter as more material tban the other to a fair understanding of the subject. Mr Benton- I object to the reading, sir. The question was about being put. Mr. Benton?I desire to say a word, sir. I ask the forgivenncss of Ood. and I hope he will forgive me, of? Mr. Badokr?! rise to a question of order, Mr. Benton?What is it? Mr. B a doer?It is this. Debate is ont of order on the question of reading papers, v The chai: so decided. Mr. Benton?1 give it up, sir. The reading of the paper was allowed?23 to 15. The Secretary proceeded to read a long statement respecting the marines. [A Voice?Better tell that to the marinos.] Mr Johnson, of Md ? How much more is.there of that paper. Mr. Benton?You can have the whole history of the marine corpR by going to the library. (Ha! ha! ha !) Mr. Foote.?1 hope tbp Senator will go on. Mr. Joiihsqn?1 more to suspend the reading. Car: led. Mr Benton?Now, air. I hereby do repeat, that, If the Lord will forgive for thia time, never again will I permit the marines to be incorporated into tha army bill I will keep the marines with the navy, and at sea; and never will I permit an amendment to come in from the Senator from Florida, without law 'or it. The committee propoee to reduce the marines to something like the peace establishment. The Senator proposes to set aside the conferees, and to increase the marines to the war standard. This is a very modest request, at this stage of the ssssfon Here we have a bill of ?11,000,000 for the army, and $3,000,000 for extra pay, and the Senator from Florida proposes to defeat the whole mi asnre by delay. Mr. Yci.kk had no desire to endanger the hilt, and argued that there should be an increase of the marines be) end the report of the committee, and spoke of some understanding with the chairman on finance. Mr. Atherton?I understood no such thing. The Senator proposes to increase the marines by MM) men, hut then he proposes to retain all the officers of the ear establishment. Mr. Benton?Yes. that's it, sir?that's the scheme. Mr. finished his argument. His motion was not agreed to. The report of the committee was oon;urred in. Mr. Johnson, of GtArgla, was about to resume his irgument, when Mr. Webster rose and said he desired, sometime tolight, to sny a few words on this hill.. Mr Johnson?I will nhnei full v irivn wav to the ho. notable Senator from Mhmachusetts. * mr wrBlTICR'l speech. Mr. Webster said:?Mr. President? I am very little ncltm-d to continue this discussion, and I hope I am utterly disinclined to bring into It any new exeitement 5r wht. 1 wish to say a very few word*?first, upon tbe juestion as It Is piesented to us as a parliamentary jutstlon; and. secondly, upon tbe general questions involved in this debate. As a question of parliamentary or congressional proceeding. I understand tbe ease to be thus:?Tbe House of Representatives sent us a bill for tbe establishment of a territorial government in Oregon. No motion has been made in the Senate to strike ont any portion of that bill Tbe bill purporting to respect Oregon simply and alone, baa not been the surest of any objection in this branch jf the legislature? Tbe Preiidiwr Officer?Will the Senator suspend lis remarks for a moment? Air. Wkbiter?Yes, for ever, if you choose. It's of 10 moment to the country what I say. (Laughter ) [A message was then received from the House, repeating certain bills } Mr. Webiteb continued?The Senate has proposed .n amendment to that bill. Now, the honorable Sensor from Missouri was right, and preoiseiy right, when te said the amendment had no reference to Oregon. Chat's perfectly true. If yon look to the 14th section if the bill, which will succeed and does succeed it, yon rill see it decrees that the ordinance of 1787 shall bn n force. So that if you refer to the bill, you will sen hat tbe amendment which the House of Represent*, ives has rescinded bas nothing to do with Oregon. Che feot is, tbe amendment is a resolution, by whieh he Senate wish to pass a decree, not regarding Oreion, but regarding tbe territories of New Mexico and alifornia: and. therefore. I sav the amendment nro. >osed in foreign to the immediate object of the Mil. It lord not affect in any way the government we propose o ret over Oregon. In a parliamentary view, thereore, that id tbe question. Now, elr, this amendment las been attached to the bill by a strong majority?ten r twelve. I believe. I do not object to that; they had perfect right to do so. The lioune of Representative* ad dtricken it out. Well, if the majority of tbe Senate re of opinion that a conference will tend to a settlelent of the difficulty, by inserting something in lieu, r leaving it as the bill now is, it is very fair and very srliamentary, and I have nothing to my against it. ut my edition is that of one who opposed the amendtent, and, therefore. I very naturally desire te dispose f it in the readiest way. Wishing, of eourse, the mendment should not succeed, I have nothing to do ut to vote to recede. So much for the parliamentary uestlon. There are two or three questions arising in his connection, which I wish to state distinctly? lot to argue, but to state. As the honora>le member from Georgia, (Mr. Berrien.) whoa delight to acknowledge as a Mend, has said, his is a question belonging to tbe South and the ?'erth. and which may very well attract the attention if civilised mankind He has not stated It tov. strong, t la a question upon which the world is net aslaepy iut well awake; and I euppoee if he believe* that, we, f unjust. should be sent to the civilised world, and bat we who are, should be rebuked. I propose that re should refer the question to the public opinion of ivillxed nations, as well as to the tribunal of the Amaican nation, lt'sjust and proper. Now, Mr. Preeient, I propose to state, in as few word* a* possible, lie grouuda upon which I take mv stand?historical ud others. In the first place, to view the matter hl*~ urically. This constitution, formed in 1787. and adopt* d in 1780, does recognise the existence or slavery In ertain States, and a particular description of alaves. hope that what I am about to soy. may be receivod dtbout supposing I Intended any discourtesy; but he description of slavery I suppose to be u ?t one hlrh exists in Kurope. uor in what we call nivtliseil tales. It if not a primeval slavery It Is a peenllw lal* or periouai slavery, by which the person who la eld as a slave is tm nsferralde from hand to hand. I late tbis as n tact?I draw no inference from it?and 1 ill i fate lin ttier, that although slavery, as a system of nlrhlte nt. did xist In certain nations of Kurope, I m bi t aware th s description of slavery, ant e| i tu land and globes, does exist in any Statu but An.a1a and some of her eoloul. s Well, that existed at .e hi motion of tbw 1 nion. and the constitntl >d ?w- , -gu'ns It as an existing fot, Hsansxi ting n 1 ktb a. *

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