Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1848 Page 3
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reii.i' tanres to that country. un lor ail the eireumstance, an- n.o.e profitably made ia spec'o. raiahaieis of goods cf French manufacturers, must have the specie if lLey a :mt great bargaius, ku.I auoh is tiregreat difference between paper of the bank of France, which has been declared a legal tender, and specie, that those alio expect, to cmip. to sucee-fully iu the markets of this country, must have the gold and silver iu band when they purchase. In c insen'Jeuee of this, bills on I'aris are iu fact good for nothing to thia clvr1' cf merchants. It matters not to thein how good the bill is. how solvent the parties dnwing.or those upon vrhom It is drawn, they cannot demand the specie fjr it in Tarls. and must take, if offered, bills of the Bank of FrRncc. It is, therefore, highly probible -.-I .tl.m.nti ,,r nr.,.#>,/* ?n Vr; ..... urill If we pay f.>p the bulk of our purchases in Krunce with specie, it follows that our exports to that country will command coin in payment. so that the financial part of the business will bi about on a par, and no apprehensions need be entertained relative to any serious drain of specie from us j for those purpores. Domestic exchange* continue quiet, and there is no material alteration to report in the rates ; they are all in favor of this city, and probably will remain so until the new criJJis c< meforward mint rupidly than the old have for the past six months. Uucurrent money is inactive. As soon as the fall trade has fairly commenced, tlie hanks will have as much offered for redempt on as they cun take cure of. Foreign exchange was plenty in New Orleans, at the latest dates. The market was bo liberally supplied that quotations had declined. Bills on London were quoted at 7 a 9 per cent premium ; on France 5f 20 a 6f25. Texas funds, were Arm, although inactive.? Red backB were telling at lie ; bonds and the Consolidated Fund at 10 per cent. The annexed table exhibits the quotations in this market, at thiee periods, of the principal dividend-pay-' ing, and some of theleudiug non-dividend paying, se. curities ? Thiols o? Stocks in the .New Yob* Market. Redeem 1848. ltHs. 1818. Rule able. Jui.c 2>i. July lit Any. 15' United 8tate?6 Ri>7 10)%alU6 1011 ;a 104% 101 alOll. 0 1802 ? a ? I03%a I0.i%ta?%al0t ' ti 1856 103 al03%103 a 103% 103 allow " 5 1853 ? a ? 01%a 'Jo 9.'l%a J'.'i Trea'y Notes, 0 104%al04%l03%all)4 101 a!0t% New York, 7 184'J ? a ? 101 a 101% ? a ? " 6 1860-54-00 ? a ? 102 a!02% 103 al01% " 6 1801-02-67 ? a ? 102 al02'., lO.i'.illi!^ - 5% 1800-01-05 ? a ? 00 alOO lot) a ? 5 1840-7-8-0 98 a 98% 07 a 97% 97%'a 97% j ? 6 1850-1-3 98 a 98% 07 a 97% 07 Ua 97% 5 1855-8 98,'ia 08).. 07 a 97% 97%a 97'? 5 1850-00-1 98%a 98% 97%* 07k ? "a ? 4% 1849-68 98%a 98% 97%a 07% ? a Ohie, 8 1860 , 98%a 08% ? a ? ? a ? 6 1860-60 100 a 100% 99%a 00% 99%a 00% ' 5 1860-50 ? a ? 00 a 01 00 a 00% 7 1866 102%al02%l02%al02% 102%al02% Kentucky, 0 101 %a 101% 99%a 90% 9?%u 08 " 5 89 a 00 85 a 88 S3 a 85 Illinois, 6 1870 44%a 45 41 a 41% 40 a 41 Indians, 6 26 years 31 a 35 33 a 35 30 a 32 Arkansas, 6 ?? 22 a 25 20 a 25 20 a 22 Alabama, 5 ??- ? a 00 00 a 61 58 a 00 Pennsylvania/) 75%a 70 73%a 73% 71%a 71 Tennessee, 6 ? a ? 90 a 07 97 a 98 N. York City,7 1867 ? a ? 100 al08 106 al07 7 1852 ? a ? 102 a 104 101 alU3 - 6 186t> 90 a 90% 95 a 90 93 a 95 " 5 1858-70 00 a 96% 93 a 93% ? a ? BkCo'in. N. Y. full i.91 a? 03 a 05 94 a 05 " scrip 05 a 06 04 a 00 94 %a 05 CT. K. 1,11V 1I1H. ot. inin m ? u ? muo ivu mil/ Farmers Loan Ik Trust Co. 28j{a 2!) 27%a 27V 2* a 28 V Ohio Life I ns. Ik Trust Co. 8U a 81 75 a 70 75 a 77 Bank of U. 8. in l'enusyl'a. 3 a 3 V 3 a 3W 3 a 8 V N. Jersey R. K. & Trans. Co. 101>,fal(M>iUH alinv 104 a!05 Mohawk it Iluil'n Railroad. 70 a 73 72 a 73,72 a 70 Utica Ik Schenectady Kail'd. 115 al 13 120 al2L 114 all5 Syracuseii L'tica Railroad, 116 all7 119 a!20 115 alio Auburn Ik Syracuse Kailr'd ? a ? 105 alOS ? a ? Auburn it Rochester, 89 a 90 89 a 90 87 a 88 Reading Railroad, 35 a X>\ 36Va 37 33Va 33V Delaware it Hudson Canal, 170 al75 168 al70 165 al70 Reading Railroad Bonds, 68Va 58 V 5?Va 59 ? a ? Reading Railroad Mtg Bds, 64,'4a 65 6'j>4a 67 64 a 01 *4 A comparison of prices current at theso dates does not exhibit any important variation. Many of the securities have slightly declined, and the market, altogether, is less buoyant and less active. Capital was not so abundant, at either of the previous periods, as it is now, and the position of financial and commercial affairs generally was not so satisfactory or en- ' couraglDg as it is at present. Still, prices for stocks generally were higher, and operations were to a much greater extent. We attribute the existing inactivity almost entirely to the scarcity of capitalists and speculators in the market. The oppressively not woacuer has driven all who could get away, Into the country and to the different watering places; and those stil| left at the Board of Brokers, and in the street, evince no disposition to do anything; and there is, therefore, very little going on among the bulls and the bears. We have noticed, for the past month, a gradual growth CI public connuence, anu a pieauy improvement in me money market, Indicative ol the return of better times. If nothing transpires to check there favorable movements, by the time our city is again filled with the absentee*, the principal elements of trade will once more he in a healthy condition. The only dark spot now visible in the commercial horizon, is that hanging over Ireland. Should that increase, and spread over Great Britain, we must expect a revolution in financial as great as that which would bo realized in political affairs. The Messrs. Barings' circular of the 28th ult. says : <> In American stocks the transactions eontinue uuimportant, and we have no change whatever to notice in prices." Stock Kxclinngc. $600 Trcas Xotcs, 6's 101V fiO shs I'attorson RR ISO 118 31000 do lOl'n 175 Harlem Kit 51V 6000 do bfiO 104 V 130 do 5i'? 36100 do 120 104 V 230 do h.7> .55 23000 U Stales6's,'68 1GIV 100 do b43 5.5 10000 do bl5 II'4V 250 do 54 V 600 Ohio 6's, 'CO P'-X 200 do mM 51 e. 5000 do btiO 1(K1 100 do s00 61 , 2000 Ohio (>' of 70 !K'X 250 do M0 54jJ 6010 HI Fnndfble lids 40V 100 do 1.10 54 V 2000 Reading Bonds 67 V 100 do I 54X 5 alis Bank of America 100 do bbil 55 46 Phenix Bank 70 100 do 660 .55 300 FarTneTs' Truat 28 V 100 do bCO 55V 100 do bCO 28 V 100 L Island RR 045 2*X 150 Morris Canal 8V 100 do 2\V 5 Maecn Kit 4.'i? 100 do MO 2-'J 6 do 4.'s,X 350 do 28', 10 N Y & N Haven RR 81V 2.60 do blO 28V 25 Canton Co 33 V 80 Erie HR, neiy, full 62 V 60 Nor h Wor RR b45 31X Second Hoard. (6000 Reading Bonds 64 200 shs Harlem RR b30 54 9U0 shs Harlem RR b30 .MX 150 do b60 54X 60 do H4fi 64 Si Ml do blU 64 80 do Bill 6460 Formers' Trust b20 2834 200 do dlO 64 180 do 28 900 do b(4) 64? 160 L Island RR 28 160 do s60 Ki% 80 Auburn & Roch RR 87 100 do b.'W 64, CITY TUAUK HKIHIRT. Tuesday, Aug. 15?2 P. M. Ashks? Tots are $5 37,l2 a $5 60. and pearls $5 94 a $6. with trilling sales. Cotton?There Is nothing of moment doing. Merchants hare no; yet fully digostcd the news per Acadia. Floor and Grain?In Western flour there is hut a moderate business doing, and the market is scarcely so firm as it was yesterday. The sales of the morning do not exceed 1000 bis at $5 1K^ a $5 25 for Oswego and mixed Western; $5 37,'2 a $6 60 for pure Genesee; and $6 75 for fancy. In .Southern, small sales were made at (5 60 a $5 62)$. Hye flour is dull but Arm at $4. In corn meal no sales were reported; holders aro firm, 26 a $3 60 for Jersey and Hrandywine. Wheat continues steady, hut we could hear of no operations of sufltelent magnitude to report. The market for corn Is unsettled, and i|uotatlons would be entirely nominal. Oats arc still lower; sales of 6000 bush at 40 a 4!e for canal, and 36 a 3Cc for Jersey. Provisions?Pork is dull hut firm, nt $11 37)$ a $11 60 for mess, and $8 94 a $9 for prime. Sales of 100 bbls at quotations. Iloef is ,|uiet, with small sales to the trade, at previous prices, hard is firmer, in consequence of the favorable news per Acadia, and holders are asking 8 a 8', for prime. Pickled and dry salted meats are scarce aud firm, tut no sales of any mngnitudo were reported. Butter is in good demand, at 11 a inc. for Ohio and Western Now fork. Cheese Is doll at former prices. Whisk 1 v continues firm, witli sales of 200 bbls Western at 22),c. and small lots of Ohio at 23'$ a 24c. Tur.sDAr, August 15?6 P. M. Thi' market for tleur was not quite ho buoyant at the close to-day. an it w>? yesterday, and rales were made slightly in furor ot buyers. 'Wheat, of fair to good quality, continued in fair demand. The news received by private letters, was less favorable to the prices of corn, kc., than that received by telegraph yesterday; consequently, the article was lest saleable at yesterday's quotations. Meal was scarce, and tbe same askiug rates continued to be demanded, llyo remained about the same Oats showed no change. Moderate sales of pork aud lard were made st steady prices. Groceries were steady, without material change in prices. Aaiir.s Sales of 100 bbls pots were reported at $5 60, and some 76 do, (probably of a different quality, or under some peculiar circumstances.) at $5 25. Siuall sales of pearls were made at $6. llar.AnsTi'KKS?Flour?The sales reached about 5000 bbls, in loti ; among which were 1400 Oswego at $5 25; 0 to 800 round and flat hoop Ohio at >5 26 ; 3000 do this State, he, reported sold for export on private terms, supposed to he at some lower rates than the above quotations The sales also included about 100 Troy at $6 IS'*. Some lots of this State, oommon, were reported eold at f>5 12le a $6 18)^. Some sales of Southern were made at $5 60 a ?6 02^, and 260 bbls tanry Genesee at $5 02 a $5 75. IChrnl -Sales of 2000 new were reported this morning at llOe. Small sales of seed wheat, were made at 140 a 145c. Corn? Sales of 2000 bushels of white round were made at (10c. 2000 damaged mixed was sold at 6flc. 4000 do Western do sold at the same price, and 1600 do on the same terms. Hound yellow was scarce; holders held It above the views of buyers, anil no sales of moment were reported. Mrol?There was ve ry little offering, and holders stood out for >3 26 a $3 60 Hye?Sales were repi rted at 70c Ocv - Sales of 8 u> 10.000 bushels were madest 40c fort anal, and 35 a 300 for Jersey. ( ot row? Y ester day, there were no trVtsactions made to Indicate tbe line of the market. To-<*>?/,buyers appears I ai d took 1200 b iles, at a deal'to "f I t,'on previous salvs. at wh'eh hoi !. r? are dispo 1 tobo m' d. rate eelh rs Tbe letters by thix steamer are gi n< rally favorable for this staple. Coal? A cargo o Sidney wax disposed of at f o 75, lour months. t orvr.K?Sales w-re m tde of 400 b?gs Cuba, at 5\a C*,e. Kreioiits?Cotton w.ix engaged f>r Liverpool at 5 32d. tor corn in bulk til w.t" noted. Other nrticlis were nomiuully tlie fame. far it?Sales were made of 1209 boxen raisins, at $1 40 a !fil .'ill, whl' li was an improvement. Hay- 400 bales North Uiver, for shipping, were Bold at 40 a 45c i ?Tho market was i|Uiet; salei were made of 100 blntx ( ardeii*-at 17 tt 17)j, aud 120 Trinidad at 18 a IS!.;. four months. Naval Stores?The only sales reported wero 150 bids spirits of turpentine, t 34 a 35c, cash. Oils?501) Obis o. kale, for shipping, sold at 34c; and 2CU baskets Marseilles Olive, at $3 2.5 a $3 375$ Oil Cake?There was a good demand for export, with fi.ha of some cnusidt ruble parcels, at $20 50 a $21 fO per ton. rush Provisions? Traiu-ae.tlnns in pork were light. Sales rf 100 a 200 bbls mess, were made at $11 50; and 100 do prime, at <9 Moderate sales of lard were made at 8!.i a8>;e; butter was selling at lid n I8e for Ohio and this Slate; Cheese was dull, at 45$ a lie; 75 hb's grease lard wore mailt- a' o^o. .Svoaks ware iu fair inquiry, with sales of 40ft hhda Cull* Muscovado. at .'iJiu a 4'j'e.; 2u0 d<i Porto liico, at 4,l?o a ?)s'c; 70 do Naw Otleuis, at 3)?c a 2"i0 barrels Cuba. at 4'-: 300 boxen brown Havana .it 4?? a 6*41 jib (i by auction. 3' 0 bag* at 4*? a 4j?. Seven ? Sale* of 2000 lbs prime Ohio clover, were made at 6A4. " Vhi kky was in good demand anil Arm. Sale* ware made < f 810 barrel*, at 22c a 2 '%c for Ohio, and 24e for Prison WHAi.KROnr ?We notice sale* of 25000 lbs Northwest. at 24c. which was a alight improvement. MARKETS BleSKWIIERB. STOCK SALES. F1m.AT1Ki.rutA, Aug. 15.?Kcit Bo.ird?10 N'h Am Bk, 11% $2,600 N av 6'b'18,40; 1(M) IVar bounty, 95*?; 160 tiinrd It ink, cafh, III,*? i lOOdudo 1(0.; 200 State 5'?, 7 On 1 114 do do, 731$ ; 2,(.CO An ue, at n?, 74 Jn' ; 3,000 Trr'is ti's Nts CM, 104 ; 5 0 HI Sta ,i 6'j 15 aw, 74K. After Sain?7. no> st .-v., 7434 Second Hon i d?15,1'UO U 8 *'u' o. 104}{: 2,000 II S Tre;i* Notes II'h, 104; 100 War Bounty Scrip, 053? : 200 State 5's. 642.000 Sch Nav fc's't.8. 40; 8,'i Mnch'g think. 2l!a'; 100 Morris Canal, ; 5> S Jerffv Copper, 2. After lioarot?10,Ul'U State 5'.', 71 lu ; 1,200 do. 74 >? ; A,000 do, 74 '^. FOKEinN M.ARKETS. Bombay. Juno 2? Cotton dull, and prices must noon give way iu face of eontinrnd unfavorable advices from Knglaud and China Cai cutta. Juno 2?Freights?Our last report loft them at ?5 a ?5 6s for dead weight to Condon, tho next week they fell to ?4 a ?4 10s; lu tho second week they were quoted ?3 15s; tho past week thoy rose to ?4 10b a ?4 15?. and now our quotations aro ?4 5s a ?4 10s. with a downward tendency. Mauritius. Mny 25 ?American salt pork selling by auction at $16; flour, American. $8 Sinoapohk. June 5 ?Cutta Percha is in groat demuiui. aud $22 a $28,given freely for it; one llrm here lias shipped 50 tons for London; demand increasing, but supply rapidly falling oil", owing to the destroying, instead cf tapping trees. China camphor ?Held 5,010 piculs, for which $10 was demanded. Market bare of cassia. Coffee?Good sold to some extent; $7 obtained for some very superior Siam. Best nutmegs and mace command $05 a $75 per picul Cochin China and Siam sugar plenty at $5 for No. 1, and $2 a $3?? for inferior. Straits tin Helling at $17 per picul; demand not very brisk. Uambier $1'4 per picul, not weight. Masilu, April 20.?Of American unbleached goods, | sheetings and drills, none now remain in first hinds. Freights?For K.urope and America uoce. IndigoNo demand, and most of the parcels in store inf: nominal (imitations. I'anirasinan and Lairuna ?40 a <C45 perqtl; Vlocos 2.1 a 32. Canton, May 23.?American Giods?Drills moving off fretly at 2 45; stocks in second hands large. Jeans in little demand at 2 50 to 2 55; stocks small. Sheetings?I'rices nominal at $3 l'or 40 yards goods of fair quality, and 3 10 to 3 15 for superior. Silk?No Nankeen here, and little disposition to purchase. Cassia Lignea fallen to 10 75 a 11. Tea exported to U. S. from iMay 5 to 13. 1431 llyson. 68.999 Impl, 400 Pekoe, 684.006 V. H.. 60.463 Gunp. 454,782 Congon and Souc, 0737 Pou, 28.120 OoloDg, 202.847 Twankay and II. S. Married, On Tuesday. 15th inst.. in Carmine street Church, by the Rev. M. Coe, Mr. Ai.bert II. Tilton, to Miss Joanna Spauer. both of this city. On Friday, the 11th inst., at Trinity Church, by the Rev. Dr. Haight, George L. Wai.tan, to Susan G., daughter of E. D. Brown. Esq., all of this city. On the 15tli inst., at Trinity Church, by the Roy. Benj. J. Haight, A. Slack, Esq., of Iberville Parish, La., to Miss Martha B. otillwell, of New Orleans. On Sunday, Cth inst., by the Rey. Edwin F. Hatfield, Mr. Joshua Irving, to Miss Mary Jane Ondkrhonk, second daughter of Asa Onderdonk, of this city. On Tuesday, 15th inst., by the Rev. William II. Norris, Mr. Jerome 8 Chappell, of this city, to Miss Cah< l ?nk S. Rinowood, of Brooklyn. On Tuesday morning, in the Church of the Nativity. by the Rey. George McCloskey, Mr. Thomas P. Cviack, to Miss Mary McDkrmott, eldest daughter of Philip McDermott, Esq , all of this city. Died, In Sing Sing, on the 9th inst., Mary Elizabeth, youngest (laagnier or .iicxanunr 11. wens, r.sq., warden of the Sing Sing Prison. aged eleven years. she vup a child of much promise, amiable, gentle, and unusually intelligent, for one of her years?the pride of | her fond and doting parents. To them her loss is, and will be, severely felt. Their great consolation must rest upon the assurance of our Saviour?that, " of snch is the kingdom of heaven." Tuesday afternoon, 15tli inat., Henry IIarhkck, late merchant of this city, aged 70 years. His friends and acquaintances, and those of his sons John II., William II.. nnd Charles H. Ilarbeck, and sons-in law, James ticker, and Jacob M Harris, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this "Wednesday afternoon, 16th inst . at fire o'clock, from bis late residence, corner of 1st avenue and 10th street, without further invitation. On Tuesday, the 15th inst., after a short illness, Effingham Kihf.r, son of George and Adelia Walgrove. aged two years, ten months, and ten days. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at No. 5'2 Kssex street, on Thursday afternoon, at o'clock. On Tuesday evening. 15th inst., Wili.iam II arki.kv, son of William T. 11. aud Sarah C. Milliken, aged six months The friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at four o'clock, from 4b King street. Poughkeeps.e papers please copy. NEW YORK HORSE BAZA AR, NO. .11 CROSBY STREET- I L. I'. H .ugh. Auctioneer.?Auction Sales of llnrio', Carriages, Harness, saddles, be., (cc? this day ( Wednesday, August Ititli.) commencing at 11 o'clock, ?ith Carriages, Harnesses, lie.; and at 12o'clock, with a catalogue of Horses. john H. OaTEIELO, Proprietor. Thf. three gekuan gentlemen who borrowed, some time ago, from the undersigned, at whose house they had teen dining, a double barrelled gun, which tlier have Sreliably forgotten to return, are requested to bring back iminoiately said gun, if they would avoid trouble, as they arc perfectly well known. M'URZ BACH, Weehawkeu Village, N T. US. MAIL STEAMER HERMANN. E. CRAIITKEE. MAS ter, will positively leave Pier No. I, N. R., for Southamp lull UI1U uuuitti, VII ffliiuuij^iDi minimi, u? 11 ix.n. I jmiiiih* era will please to be on hoard at lialf pant ten o'clock, anil send nil baggage not wanted "n tho tnifL on Saturday, marked below. An cxperioi eed surgeon on board. For freight or passage, a|iply at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Co , 00 Broadway. Thf, royaIj mailstf.amship amerh a will leave the dorks Of JSTMT City on Wrdiu-sdny n?xt, 10th inst, at twelve (12) o'clock at noon, precisely. NEW ORLEANS STEAMER. SEPTEMBER 1ST-TI1S owners of the CRESCENT CITY think" of omitting the 1st Si i tembcr trip of this steamer to New Orleans, fearing a la. k of freight and flaneeger*. Persons interested in her sailing at the' tio e, are recommended to call at onoe on tho agents. J. Howard & Son. Pontli street. A knowledge of the business to lie done, may induce them to send her ont at the above time. ONE WHO WISHEA TO OO. NIW YORK h,Kits, ATTENTION?THE OFllcers, nu mbers, and mbscribera of the New York Volnn teers, nili'ary men. and citizens, are respectfully Informed, that tho i'icture of the Encampment ot the First Volunteer Division at Elaneerro, Mexico, is now ready for delivery, and cm bo had at Turner St Fbher's, 71 Chat" am stroet; OHIce of the National i'o lice Can He. like Nassau street: and Berford St l>? 2 Astor House mwo hundred and fifty dollars reward X The above rewatd will be paid after conviction, for sueli information as will lead to the arrest of the two men, who, en the mornn got the eleventh day of August, lietwecn the hours of oao and two o'clock, inndo an attempt to break into tho Dwelling Ilmi c of Mis. Julia A. Crosly. of tile town of White i'lnini. One of the men while at work removing the putty from the fan liuht of the doi r was ihot through the window, and severely u . .I...I in 11... ,1.. 1. r I,,.,.,I nllinr i.irt ,,l thr. h..,lo 1 jrnp< rtlctintc part of thp above reward will ho paid for the die. coverv, arrest. and cnnvieti u of eltler ol' the oflenders. J A M E*k V. 11 ATE*. Sherifl'of rnunl v of Westohester. C'K HAVING SEEN A STATEMENT IN THE POLICE reports of yesterday, J beg to Inform the pnMie that nolthor of those persons ever boarded with me, and that they were arrested while visiting my house, which was eana-d by misstatement offsets. CHARLOTTE BEORER. C.)( Wl HEM ART>.-I,()ST. t)N THE IffTH. I ORB THOC yj>/6v/x' sand Dollar Bill on the Mechanics' and Traders' Wank, New Orleans; a one hundred do.; two fifties on the Canal lint k of New Orleans; three fifties, bank not recollected?in all, I IPO. Inl< rmation to be given to officer James Leonard, at the office ol tie chief of Police, who wlU pay the above reward OB the delivery of the money, or in proportion. CSBUCAT, UN ?A LADV ACCUSTOMED TO TUITION, j Xi both in her own conntry and in the States, is dosirous of making an engagement in the South, cither now or in the fall. She is fully i|ualifi)d to instru -tin all the branohot of a thorough Ft g ish education, together with French and musio. Her system has been carefully studied, and lias heretofore been entirely sueroesful. Ilcr unremitting attention to the moral culture and ; the general demeanor ot her pupils has won for her the appro, i bation and friendship of those who entrusted her with the im- J lortant > Large of their children, and to whom sliooan refer. Letter* addressed to E. E". D.. Post Office, New York, w ill meet 1 with Immediate attention. REMOVAI ?BERARDJ A MOSlXiN HAVE THE HONOR , of Informing the puhl e that they have removed their Foreign Hook Store from No. .Hi Conrtlandt street, to SIS Ilroadway. up stairs, (formerly occupied hy Mr. Bcrtand.) II. A M.. who ha*e probably the largest assortment of French, Spanish, Italitn honks, Ike., Ac., In the United States, prnpose to increase it each day, in order to satisfy all demands from schools, as w?H as those ol persons desirous of eultivating tho modern IntignagM, They have just published the fith edition of tho " Lewn's rrnncfoises. o im|Stiently expected for some months -past This edition, printed upon very superior psper to the preceding ones, corrected with the greatest care, and very muoh enl-rged. will, moanwhile. suffer no increase of price. It remains always fixed at SI IV (1 AST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE?LADIES AND J deathmen harm* raperflnoua effeota to diapoae of, wearing appnrel, lie., can obtain a fair prl?e for the ?m?, by fending for the auhecriher through tho poet ofllee, or otherwiee, who will attend at their reatdenee. ladioaattended to hy Mr a. l/oranatyn. J. I,K V KNSTV N. t?fl It road wa amp ataira. TO RAMins.?TO LE3L AT STAI'LITON. SfATKN Inland, a Barber'* Stord, with ttVnrea, ntenatla, and all complete. The nelrhborhodtl ta numerous and rea|H?otable.? Ample rearone will in given on retlrhiy. Thia ia a t haneo very rarely to lie met, with. V^tatinn ?..SO to fit); rent 1'W. I' t \\7 an rtr>~ \ mtitatiov fi v * R r,: i'p.n a ?;r,r yn" vi ? lion- \ rfc ? . apvv* t nily. \\ i ulit l :\v- i <? ohj ? ' t *> a allot UiitU'i* ; i . t u c rry. Irqtiireat liUireoiiwteh arret, up at.irj O ?od city rufarouoo <?3li >" ' WA iH)?A hi rt:A i n?N Fihi A F'JIftii \\ v ilith, atatit. 1H \pa s ?t' a. wli?> an >e r?" > nimeri ! I l<y li? r U i employing an u trmfwt r l y in UiMri uh. w,?>.d < up re 1 and *?ell Cuitduc edzirl; h'w ?titd hiUn a fitti tfclnn <v<kiU*lien r^Yi iib rmiid. or make i irn.f g'mrilly u, in a private firn'ly; i ati wuah vrdl anil do plain sowing ha?- lieon in the habit of t iki ^ chi'ive f?l children. rnmimmicariojM stldr^od '.< "Maria,'' ii> raid otlti'p, will imj attended to, for Mire* 'lam. Sitl a'flon u \.\thi>.?a voumi man. lc?i tivliA' ar?i\ ed trum Europe, t peaking the French and Crrntvi language r, wis. c? ctnpVyii.ent. rec. not r. > ino.ii of an ft < r ,i ip imsmbt niaa ion?4>i omplovod mmm m < tr* "Ul VI (MM I Ofl WIIIMI iu K" ? V rijW^ imq luxiiu.-a Ki.-jtiiie of M. W. King & Son, I'lt'-ut; iditir rfakcn. 41 tf 11' d u \. \V K K y hESPK TAHI.K VOUN'ii WoVf\M vVi-hl.;>A situation us Chambermaid a-d Laundrru. <h-? isu .v ? t excellent w s) or ai d ironer, and will be willing to make t ?fi?rally useful, and can be a oil rroomme tided. Sho a i ?*i i icr a week, if not ougaped, at W5 rhird avouue, com r of . itteen tli ft Nft, HANI i.n- BY A UKM-I. r M;LK eaorBsTASN r tuitu a litiution U8 Chambermaid or Waiter, or Chil-ireu'H Nnrw, or Seam* trees. No objectiona to travel with a lady. and no objections to the com try. fla* a good recommit? dition from her lift place. Call at No. Tfi Morton st-ect, se< >nd floor, book r? om. II INTI ! \ GOOD IM n GEItBAN OK ami-: UCAN Girl, in a small family w thout children; on? who caa wish, iron and do general housework AddictH .'txl Broadway. W~ ANTlS A SITUATION?A SCOfOHlf AS WHO I N deri-lunds the management of Uones, and a moat uooompbttked driver and rider, having been tauJit by the first riding m&Mter in Kin land. M oat respectable ruferoucen. Add rest J. G., i Jb raid flbw. 11 an ed?1mb adv&&ri*mft, an experienced vi Boi kkt f i or,u irh references t? some of the most respectable m? rcanti'e houses n Liver p< ol, Yanch< sterund n. York, would be liapi v t- met t with an ciuagcmenr a- Bookkeeper aud Correspond, ing (Merk, in any part of tho Tnifed States. Address K. II., at tl.e Herald office* New York FThc most unexe ptionable references o??n he given. fjj AMI.I \.\ TWO KI-.M', i T vtil,l<; FHOrfcsriNP vv girlB. one 10 and the other 14 years of igo?one to do el amber work and a sift tr. wait ug; the other wishes a situation in n re^pectal le private family, to assist in liteht house w??rh-? Beit of oifty referer oei can Ih given Flemeall At 18816th it* in U e rear Can be seen for two days. Medical?t'> <ii km is is an d dkug<;lvi\s.?a ? ehson begs to offer himself eifct or in i wholesale or re ail drug department; is also qualified in mediolno, and his a thorough practical knowledge of dispensing prescriptions, and would eugaue < it her permanently o for a period. Address II. U1LLINTON, Staple!on, Staten Island. PLAINFJkLl) C'RKTIKD A'i ES WANT tin- TllE llliillESf cshIi price given. Apply to J. O. Fsy, Lamp Store, 130 Kultofl i tml I^AMY BA LL?THE A D V E KTI > E It t J AS A KEVIAKKVbly handimme Hunting Dress, ixculiurly applicable for ilio approaching Fancy Bali. It will tit any gentleman from .r? feet 'J to 5 f? et 10 ; and, thoi gh quite new, it will he sold at half coat. Address (I. .L, Herald office. onT.-ON SUN BAY AFTERNOON, BET WEE N 1101 E ton stree* and St. John's Park, a \urple Amethyst Brooch, surrounded with small brilliants. The owner will give $.r> reward to any person who will return it at 18 Laight, near Varick s'rceE Lithogkafuic m1ink8, of ale sizes, eku.m u\ < to 30x12* blue color, warranted of very beat quality, for sale by E. I1EN, Importer. 18an I 20 Liberty st. upstairs. Also?a variety of Freuch and German Fancy Goods Looking Glnf-sep, Bends of all descriptions, Violins, Slates, Marbles, i'o baeco Box s. Porte Monn&ies, lie. &o. NOJ H t?OFFICE OF TUB ROCKLAND CEMETERY, 17<> I Bri ml way, corner of Maiden Lano, (up stairs,) whore all I orders will be received from 9 A M., to 1 P. M., for the purchase of plots or for inUrmcntB. Pamphlets and maps of the ground are ready tor distribution. At other than otli.e hours, orders will be received at No.23.'i Wooster street. WILLIAM ARCIIER, Supt. PER fTEAMEK. AMERICA?JUST RECEIVED, A NEW ard elegant assortniont of Fringe-, Gimps, and Buttons, for enle low, by HENRY LAWRENCE, 24 John struct. I1URS, MUFFS. fc<\?GEORGE STEWART, NO. 47 JOHN street^ ffcrB for sale a handsome assortment of Muffs, Victorincs, Heigbrohea, ao. DISSOLUTION.?THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing between the subsdriber and Charles M-hrenf, ia hereby difsolved. The business will be continued by the b ib* siriber, snd all persons are hereby cautioned not to give any credit to any person in the name of the late tirm. Dated New York, Aug. 14th, INS. T. D. SARGENT. | - \ l i: rl HE KMT1KK OR 1 11 K ONE-llALF 1X1 ERM. est in that well known public house, "The Place," No. *<(> Nassau street, 2d Ward. It has a long and very favorable lease, and is replete with fixtures and furniture throughout the houso. Also, the lease, furniture. &o., of "Tho Spot," No. 1 South Wllliam, cor. of William St., let Ward. Mercantile engagements proTent the advertiser from giving the above nremisos the attention required. For particulars, enquire of LEWIS S. FORD, at "The Place." M> Nr.-hi let ween 10 A. M. nnd 1 P. W. IAOR .-ALE?THE COUNTRY SEAT OF fll E SCI1SCRIIIKK, I. situated, at. Jamaica, L. I., comprising seventeen acres of ha d. The da ellii.g house is furnished with battling rooms, cisterns, Re., and has a conservatory at each cud, well stocked with p ants. 1 he garden is well supplied with choice fruit trees. The premises have been kept in good order. They may be viewod at any time. Possession will t.e given immediately; and, if required a portion of the purchase money may remain on m TtgniN Apviy to .1 \MES 1). P. GO DEN, 71 Merchants' Exchange ' l?OR 8 A IK ? THE LATE JOHN & < KAKVS BEAUTIFI'L X Country heat at FnrKockaway, adjoining the "Marino Pavilion, (now occupied by John Stewart, jr.) The situation is unrivalled for health and beauty if propped ; the House is in excellent repuir and tit for immediate occupation; outbuilding and fei oes all in good order, cor- j rised hi about one aero ok land, and more if dchiif d. Also, the beailtiful building Lot adjoiuing. on which is a lirst rate stable, coach hi^c, and wagon housj; it contains one acre of excellent garden land, all enclosed in pale fence. Als*, several other building lots commanding a full view of the Ocean, and open to the tea breeze. Apply to JOHN II. PoVVi?Rt 129 Fulton street, New York, or II. i RAN*T()N, Pavili n. R?><kaway. FOK SALE-HIE HOTEL NO. 14 DEV SIREET. -Tills house is located iu the best part of the city, and has cupanor accommodations. The lease has six years to run. For perer ns wishing to engflge in this business, a first rate chance ? ?fibred ielucm to be met with. For particulars, enquire on th premises. THE QUEEN'S HOTEL, OPPOSITE THE GENERAL POST Oll.ce, St- Martin's lo Grand, Loudon.?This magnificent Hotel, having recently undergone exteusfve alterations, and a great portion oi it newly furn shed, will be found on trial to have no rival in the metropolis.T>otri in point of accommodation and moderate charges. The Coffee room is one of fcha largest and most oomtortable in England. Board. $2 per day. Ilot and Cold Baths. THOMAS SPENCER LENNEY, Manager, Formerly Chief Steward of the British Queen Steamship. Reference in New York to Mr. f?. A. IVhirc. fjti (Vdur street TO CAFITAU8?-*lUU.lNiO WANTED TO CARRY ON a business easy, regular, safe, and will realize one hundred thousuno dollars speedy profits. The control of theoapital to remain with the party who furnishes it. Undoubted reference* given and required. For the names of the parties and the e^ aracter of tl?e enterprise, aprly to THEODORE SEDGWICK, S6 Wall street Travelling trunks.?joiin cattnacm, trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall street, comer of Broadway, has now on hand, and constantly making a go-<l assortment of Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bogs and Satchels, wholesale and retail. Also, a superior article of 5v?lc Leather Trunks, suitable for American or European travel, and Portmanteaus for the French Malle Post?. Orders for the West Indies, South America, &c., filled with despatch UILI.IARD TAIU.KS KOlf SALE?TWO VKRV SI TERIOR XX second hand Ililliard Tables, in good order, with Halle, Cute, (to, will le enld a bargain. an the owner has no further use j for term. Apply at !'I Water street, up stairs. nnn bottles and over of dr. dewitt o' ! KILLI NGER'S wonderful I.inimcnt havo been sold lor Dial-Thorn, Dysentery, and t holm Morbus, without a failure. Fathers and Mothers, for Heaven's sake, throw away jour prejudice, and go immediately and get a bottle, at 2*) i'rarl street, and of the Druggists generally. We bet $1(10 to Sill that it will not miss one ease in a thousand, from the infant to the adult Thousands of lives are daily saved by it. DR. RALPH. AUTHOR OF T11E "PRACTICAL PKIVAT1 Treatise,'' tie.,hHOreenwich street?office hours 9 to 12 A. 5L, 6 to9 1'. M.. (Sunday excepted.) Those who apply in the early stages will be surprised at the rapidity and little inoonvenicnoe attending their cure, it is chiefly, however, those who havo suffered from a certain class ot iieople, or otherwise, who eau properly appreoia'e his services. In stricture, from its first or incipient, to its more advanced and distressing stages, (from uncommon ad vantages, in addition to a viryexieneive practice in this complaint.) he ran afford a rap'd, essy, and radical cure, which, he lias ground for staling, can no obtained from no other source li Annies. C1?l< Tl- li!'.- ITS N A11 RE. S VMPW"MS. ilONRMUENCE9 ? tIk- remedies and recipe*, node of detecting, and only pormail' lit cure. No n e possessing this work need lie long troubled w nil Stricture. Fifth edition, 'M2 pp. Priro $1. May be had of the Author, KS (Ireenw i. !i stre, > > r " v P"vt, u nited free. NO e l HE M. e'iiAot.E.?DK. MIKPHY OF 6.1 GOLD street, is eonndcntlally consulted on all torras ot private dii east s. Kceent caMis ri gonorhhaia he cures in 2 to 4 daya Constitutional debility and iiupotency lucoeeet'ully treated by Dr. M. No ir' r-ury n nod in any case, or hind ranee from business. Offlce tiS Cold street; open from 7 A. M. to 10 P. M. No i i ke. no i'av - i>k. coKnirr, i:>duanestreet, inrinI f r of the Koyal' ollege "f Surgeons, Ismilon, may lie coni-ult, d in treatment of delicate disease* No matter how long JN may have glint, uli or* upon the body, or in the thr Nkt or noee, l?iina in the head and hones of the lex*. A practice of fourteen years, devoted to venereal diseases, enables Mr. t\ to cure the Wont form of this disease. Keren t eases cored in four days.? Ifo mercury used. Strictures cured in one or two weeks with scarcely aiiy nain. Constitutional debility. Tlioso individuals who have indulged in a certain loathsome habit, can pisitivoly he restored to health and society. Remember, 19 Durne street, opposite Dr. Johnson's. rpn TBI .u h.i 'i l ib -Tins MMBDT FOR UCMT A diseases puts all competition at detiauce. The miraculous cures it has effected arc almost heynnd belief but by r ill ing at the office, ,'i Division street, certificates can be shown where I ci sots having given ur all hope have been restorod to health by using one rial of Dr. Hunter's Red Drop. MONT EXTRAORDINARY WORK-TO Til K MAKK1KI) or those contemplating marriage.?The Harried Woman's 1'rirate Hcdical C'onipanion, ty Dr. A. H. MaurieeHii. Sixth edition. i'rieeffl. This work is meeting with most astoundingsnle, (21.000 capies have already been disponed of J Every female is getting a copy, whether married or unmarried, althongh it is intended especial y for the married, as it discloses important secrets, v l.icli slieuld Isi know n to tliem particularly. Here every female con discover the causes, symptoms, and the most efficient remedies, snd most certain mode of oure in every ease For sale, 222 Tl road way; at the publishing office, 129 Liberty street. New York; also. Zielier* Co., comer ef Chestnut and Tliird streets, Philadelphia; l.lltle N Co., Albany: ??. R. Davis, linston. On the receipt of fl.aropy will be transmitted by mail, free of p -awi, to all |-arts ot thoTnitffd Statea._ All letters must lie addressed. po?t pain, to iit a. at. ALKII IAI, bo* 1224, New York city. Office 129 Liberty atrnet. MEDICAL CARD-STRICTURES ARK NOW RF, MOVED in hall th? usual time, by Dr. Morri*on'? improved method of curing by absorption. A* atrietures arc frequently complicated with morbid result of masturbation, Dr. M.'emild plan of treatment will be found miccemful. See ble diploma, with the sign atnroe of Fir Astley Cooper, Rc? in hie office, 2"l Si Pulton street. DR. CI,OVF.R IS CONSULTED Dl RINtj THR DAY AND evening at hie office. No. 12 Ann et. (formerly No. 2). in tlioee difficult and protruded caeeiof Delicate Diseases which haye baffled the akill of phnMNi of leee experience. Hie Extract of CopaiTO. Cnbobx, Ike., to extensively preecribed byphy. eletans, may be had at his store in front. No. 12 Ann etroel (formerly No. 21. A TREATISE ON DISEASES OF THE SEXl'AL SYSTEM, adapted to lYpular and Professional Ke.oliny, end theexpoeltion of Quackery. Ily Edward II. DiX'n, M, D. 27A pages, sth edition, SI. Aleo, Woman and her Disease*. JBAnage*. Ithcdi- I tion. price $1 2A. From the Keening Poet?'" Dr. l)ixon ie a pupil of l)r. Mott, the inventor "f uprra' number of valuable surgical inittutnenta, and a practitioner of ciahteen yeure' standing; hie I look* are written with great delicacy and care, yet with nn apparent dceirc to communicate truth with the ntmoet force and earneetnere." From the New York Journal of M< dicine and Colla- j tornl Sciences.?" It ia written in a clear, nervous etylc, and ie esl- , enlated, a* we think, to do inn i, fie description* are accurately drawn, and the remeitiul meaioiree Judiclon. The practitioner wi'l tied it abounding in valuable liinta, and the general reader will come acroe* many iimTiiI caution* and promoui- ' tory w sitting*." From tl.o lto*ton M?utical and Surgicd Journal. 1 "Dr. Dixon ha* written much jutd well on variona branches of ' mirpery; hi* hock *hov* a thorough ae<tnaiuUnee with in nb-rn 1'iwctice; nnd he line wen rod attention to every page in tbe vo <

IiitT c? asi art that few writers possess. Strictnre, (lonorrhira, Sy- < phi lie, Vesicocele. Hydrocele, and Fiatula are particularly well 1 treated of. The author'* aeknowledged originality, and thorough j devotion to the rational prinelpleeof medleine, and hislngonnity under trying *urr;inal cireuni?t?nce*. ?tamp it with mom tnua op- 1 diner j interest.' For sale by CHARLES II. HINtl, t Corner of John at, aid firovlway BOVTSKY THEATRE.?WEDNESDAY EVE VI WO, AUGUST i wjll'v [-iff ?1 <:d, the Crnnd 0| r i of t IN DERI LL \? 1 *l 11 rilla, M*. vary Taylor; The i rince, Mi. Duuu: [Iiron I'orniK>liriw. S'.cvcni;, Mr. Warden; Cl ?rind i, Mr*. Phillips ' t w-'l ' ? sue ? I*? h tho Crard 6r?maof N[< k I F ''Ilk U <>? ?D- t? >i#- |> ? M ini Mr y Taylor; Ro ri ?< 1 H ; | It .mu' sixde, Mr. Vi ii!oo>ly Nathan, dr. T. bull ; i * ti ?t th?- oodj. !> II; koliii.l Tore iter, J. II. Ilill; Mm, , I rite. Mis Sutherland; ?ditn Forei-ter, Mr:. Jordan: No' 1 llru?'o, ; it -1% II r><? - ?m?ph<7; rx-rf'Tu-iuct^soomtienw at 7H o'cl?>ck. Iloxrm 2& cents: fit and GMIcry, \-% cants. NIBLO' \ i . ? , i?oA j>vv A v. i. \ <v Miiin; t the Sliukrperiton l'cu> uy,? Mr. ilack^t'.. Mr V*n?l ii'ioil*, .Mr < hij iiO' t.lo, Mr. .1 ?lin S l:??u, Mr Va he Vlr. I)a<?*ou. M'S. . IfirK Boor TYlhtn. Mi- . l'hilli|M ? H'oditrgd.iy Em ?i. A ovum l?)?A Crn M iv? rtuns?Vi'.cr wfich. the <v?u"dy of 'MlK Ml hltY V\ IVIhs OF H I IkSOK >ii .Mm Faint*!!'. Mr. II -?i!. t; i<rd, \ audrnholf; Sir Hugh Evans, Vaohe: l'&te, i)4\r> M r; l>r. < aius, John S-t'fon; Master Abraham SPudcr. Chit?|*inda t; fib < 1. F%Phaw; Mi-. Foul, Midi Rose To I bin; Mntr.i^o, Mis Murder; Anno I'**", M M. Phi] Ui* . Mrs. OuicWv. Mr". I ?i tv. IhiMH p? 11 at la before 7?^ramenoing at half pait7. ArfmiMf-n AO cents. (I:l\nkkaii'*~NK\V naI'IO.NAL HIEATKK, FoKvflkl-Y y t but haw?Wednesday in.', An;. lAth, Hill bo noted ti ? | '??> ot I'lZ \ hKO ; nr. the Death of IDd.a? Kcilla, Mr .1. &. ?mn it; A tali ha, Mr. War I; Alonso. Mr. Fulmes Oran ?. Mr. Lews; 1 lzszru, Mr. J. Stark, Cora. Bm ly Metayer; Elvira, Mrs. Del I' \t . *10 bo followed by ilio farcoof L i\N OF A LOVEK? 1 eter >'py*. Mr. i\ Burke; Swyzel Mr. Herbert; Gertrude, Miss M?'idinti; FriiosHue, .Miss HiUireth. Tho pe,-f ruawe ro conclude wi?h 01 K HULL? El icbererf'alf. Mr.(\ Burse; Old Heifer, Mr. Ilerltrt; Alary. Mis* Uildicth; Mrs Brown, Aim. Burroughs.? Horns irn nt 7 o'cloc k, ami tho curtain a ill rise at a bclore S. lloxet, 2A cents; I* t, 12)? cents. BUKTON s Til EATKK, C0a?bBR3 8TKBBT.--VYBDN6i> day Evening, Aug. Id. will f?o played the drama of DOM- j BEY &i fOM-Mr. Dourboy, Mr. Nickiunon; Mr. Curlier, Mr. J rdan; t aj??r Jno Bugstock, Mr. Brougham; Mr. Toots, Mr. flayw ild; Cni>t am Cutt'o Mr Burton; S<d Oilin, Mr Marshall; Jack Kuiisby, Mr Brougham; Edith, Mrs. A. Knight; Florence DonLey, llu* Nick-iinm; Susan Vi p per. Mrs. Brougham. To conclude with the extra voganza called V A DENTINE A N D ORSON" ? Valentine, Miss Siuolair; Ors n, Mr. Brougham. Eglantine, Mrs. ; : i i h.. Dre? Ciroli and raqnitti, oo oenta: Family Circle or sci ond ti? r, 2A cants. Doors open at 7>$ o'clock?Ourtajn r u e Ht f<. (DbMI.K GAhBfcN-( mil'LIMKN i AKY BENEFIT TO J Geo. Holland?VI cducHltiy Evening, August Id?Will be I>rvtented a singular entertainment of VriNTKlLOQllISM, called the VV IIIMS OK A COMEDIAN.?Tho whole "I the performance will ho incited, noted, mug. and gesticulated by Mr. Holland alone, limncdiately succeeding which, eighteen BEAUTIFUL I'hlXKS a ill fie drawn lor an I given to sue., as obtain correspond d?i? number J Alter which, tho laughable farce called BOX AND COX?Box, Mr. Holland; Cox, Mr. Couover. And at 10 o'eluk, A BALL, to be managed by Air. Barker. Adinission AO cents. Children half price. CAaSTLE OAKDEiN. ? TUB UK*M? COMFCT5K.NTvRY J benefit to George Holland w ill take place on Wednesday next, August Id. Tho whole performances u ill consist of striking novelties. Eighteen 11 b anutul prizes, valued at &70, will lie given. twelve to the ladies and six to children. The that part of the entertainment will conclude at 10 o'clock, when the extensive ! ailoon floor will be cleared for a (hand Hull, to he couductcd by the celebrated Mr. Patkcr. header of the hand, Mr. Wallace. Dancing to conclude at 12o'clock. Admihson O0 cents?children 'Jo. Further pnrticu urs in the bills ot the day. BAHNUM'a AMERICAN MLSEl M.-P. T. HARM!!!, Proprietor?F. Uitchcock, Manager.?Kvry day and evening th ween, commencing Mouuav, Au^in.t 11 1M8? plendid Performance* every morning at halt pus* 11 o'clock, every aftemooa at 3 o'clock, and every - veiling ar a ?piarter to 8. 'Iho numerous Intuitu of the oelebiutcd General To?u Thumb wjil be gri titled to lesrn that he has returned in safety froui bin winter tour, after vibiung II - mi n.t, New Or'cans, Cmmd*. Ac., and more especially that he has consented to h Id his levees at the American Museum, in t! ifl 0 (a, for a few days, that he may once moVO mc-t his old friends, wii sc kindness and gener< us oHttern he has never ceased to retnemher with gratitude. He will hold three levees every day: in the niorung I rein half past 11 to 1 o'clock, when he will give his ontiio ocih> nuances, including lus cit ron's dress, in wh oh he relates his history, travels, Ac., sing a variety of soni's, dance the Polka, bailor's Hornpipe, Ac., represent a Young Oxonian, an Havana Ex<p isite, One ol' the tt-koys, with an appropriate song, Icing a touch at the times; Negro Melodies. Ac. Also, the Grecian Statues, in appropriate cos<ume; imitations of Napoleon Ronaiartc and Frederick the Great, iu full military costume, ll.o laei ticalCourt Die**, worn before Queen Vi tori i, with an recount ot his reception by the various orownod heads of Europe, ai d a Frcrch s? ng. sung before Louis Philippe; also, an elegant Highland Costume, in which he will s5ng a Siotch song, dance tlm Highland F ing, Ac. Ao. Evory afternoon at 3 o'clock, the little general will appear on the singe in the Lecture Room, in his citizen's diess, in which lie will relate hia history, travels, Ac. and exhibit his Extraordinary Performances and Imitations, In* eluding Napoleon. Frederick the Great, Son cs, Dances, Grecian Statues, Ac., and at the same time a variety oi' other interesting perf: nuanceswill also take placd, by tb.9 t"'Anted and interesting coniitiiiiv tiniripd htdou*. F.vnrv pvetiimr. at. a mutriAr lu-fum m o'do< k, tlie General uppers again in the same Splendid Performances, and in conjunction with tlie otlieren'ertainiuents. It is sow nearly six yturs sines the little General first appcared in publio, and his weight is precisely what it was at that time, vir: Only Fifteen rounds. Us is perfectly symmetrical in his proportions, intelligent and graceful beyond belief, anil smaller than any infant that ever walked alone. The magnificent presents, jewels, bo., received from the Kings Queens, and Molality ( f Europe, will be exhibited. Morning visiters are not admitted to oitlier the afternoon orevening [lerfi'rmnnce. In addition, the manager hasalsoeng: gtd the celebrated Suhle Itrothers, a most superb and t lented band of Negro Singer a, Dancers, bo., who have just returnod from Boston and otl ei eastern cities, where have been recciied with enthus.osm by amateurs and the public generally. They will give their inimitable entertaii ments at each and every performance, afternoon and owning. Also engaged, for this weulc, the Thrt e Highland Mammoth Boys, nged K, 5, and 11 years, and yet together weighing over 750 pounds, making them the greatest curiosity in the world. Besides, they give some of the most astounding experiments in natural Mesmeric Clairvoyance ever wi assscd, which may be seen at any hour of either day and evening, from 9 A. M. to 1(1 P.M ; as may also the famous Giant or Mammoth Baby, who, though only Hi months old, weighs 90 pounds. Enormous BoaConsirlctor. Two Diving Orangoutangs. Fairy Family. Infant Vcstris. Madamoiscllc Gertrude, a beautitul and charming American Danseuse. Wax Scripture Statuary. Madam Rockwell, the famous Fortune Teller, may be privately cci,su ted at an extra charge ol Ah cents. Admission to the whole,including Museum Performances, be., khcents; children, under ten years of age and old enough to walk alone, 12X cents. Reserved front scats, one shilling each extra. < trplit CAMPBELL'S ARE COMING."?SECOND WEEK. X Society Library Rooms,.'MS Broadway?Campbell's Minstrels, (under the direction of O. A. Kimbcrfy.) Encouraged by the very Mattering manner in whicli their concerts have beo? received during the past week, have the honor to announce that they will continue their entertainments every evening this week; introducing ut each concert a full and varied programme of their la st songs, dances, be. Doors open at 7?commence at 8. Admission 116 cents. N.B.?On Saturday afternoon, by particular request of several families, they will give an afternoon performance, commencing at 1) o'clk. Admnsiun, 25 cents?children, half-price. Panorama of Taylors campaign in mjexjco, at the Minerva Rooms, 406 Broadwsy, shows natural as Ufa, thf Marches, Encampments, and Battlos fought by (Jen. Taylor. II also gives correct views of the country, towns, oitiss, bo. It ! the most beautiful painting ever seen. Open every night at 8 o'clock. Admission, 23 cents. Schools admitted on reasonable terms. No charge for desoriptivo pamphlets. Sacred diorama 3?now exhibiting VERY. night this week, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, commencing at 'i o'clock, at the splendid new Hall, 396 Broadway, over btoppani's Baths. Banning ton's entirely new Grand beriptural Dioramas ol the m .st Magnificent Spectacle ever witnessed in New York. Creation of the World and the Detune. Assisted bv powerful Vocal end Instrumental Acuntnna. niments. Mr. II. lianuington has jmt completed a magnificent Diorama. intended tu illustrate the sublime spectacle of the Sit Days of the Creation! exhibiting by means of moveable ttguros, scenery, and powerful option! effects, all the progressive ehangee from the Chaos and Darkness of the unformed Universe, until the completion of the great work of Creation, ae described In the lirat and wound charters of Genesis, terminatiugwith the appcaranoe of Adam and Eve in the Harden of Eden. The Dieraaa la the result of a long cherished id. a, and of a lifetime of study and experiment in tills department of the arte. Itiathe moat u-.sily. beautiful and perfect work of the kind exiating, and combines in itauxhibition the highest mechanical ingenuity, with the most astonishing scenic effects, assisted by superiur poetry, painting and uiuaic. Scerery and Incidents?Chaos, the First Day. The Firmament, the Second Day. Dry Land, llerhag* and Flowers, 'third Day. Sun, Moon and Stars, Fourth Day. Creation , of Fish and Fowl, Fifth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Gardeu of Eden?Adam and With this completion of the lahora of the Creation, the first part of the F.xhil/ition cloeoa. Part II. Grand Diorama of the Deluge. Tickets'# eta?Children halt nricn. D- ora open at 7. Curtain rises at b o'clock. UM1IS Cill'WsF," I,. 1 TK< iTTI NO.?TUUKSDAV, Al'li. 17. at Three oVlock.?Purse $fiO. Two ini'e heats, in harrow.?O.S. Boooks enters r g. (/tinker; J. Woodrulf, a.m. Nell tiwynnei J. Whelpley, b. g. l'as.cnger; J. Sommercadyke, g -n. lady Randolph: J. Bridgm. a. g. Trustee; A. Reed, br. m. Virginian .Vaid. Also, piurse S.'kl f r pacers. Mile heats; best 3 in S, under the sad ile J. W'nelplcy enters b. m Cayuga Maid; J. VFoodn IT, b. g. Oregon Boy; C. S. Brooks, g g. Mountain sr. Initnediiitely after, niaich for ; half forfeit; mile heats; 1., in o. to JfiOlh. wngons. C. ltertine nnnics s. g. Biitcliev Boyp A. C'onklin, s. g. Santa Anna Tin ears leave South Ferry for the course at haif past two o dock, and return immediately after the m "ris arc over. M. I). GREENE. Propriefhr. m ROl TING AT SAlATOOA-LADf M FKiLK, LADY J. Moscow and Moscow will trot for purse, mile heats, .'1 in .1 in harness, on Saturday. l!Hh August Friday, tlfiih An uft. same Hones will trot two miles, and repeat, for'a yam e f taoo. PATTEN k- CO., Proprietors. PAHK TIIEATKE.-TIIE SALOONS AND BARS OF Til 18 F.stabliahment are now to let for next Season, or a longor period if required, commencing on or about the first day of September next Undeniable security will be rwpllred. file conditions under which they w II be let rati bo ascertained on applF cation (between 10 and 4) at the office of w. CQIUIVV. 4 Barclay street AO II SAI.E.?TIIE SI B! ( ItlllJtR OPl KKS FOR SAU? 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It alao contain* forty wood engravings, ?.|\i?lly *cH c.veeu'rd ; and everything known about tho modern irratmintof tl.eac disease* haa lieen carefnlly recorded, and all the tno*t approved prescriptions and formula* have hoen aivrn. l or ral'at li e offioc of publication, 228 Broadway, and of tho intbor.fdH lire ad* ay. Frice $10. Alao, Dr. B.'a work on aelf ihuee, i"'l 14 engraving*, with* to poutMt men. Frice f.), for rale aegbove. I e nrraXMKRCE by the mails. W.iHinfiTO!*, Aug. 14. HIS. The Close i f the Sessinn Oregon?Gen Shields. The session has closed amidst loud inanifestatlo i* of a bitterness of feeling between the North and o South, inflation to Oregon not equalled even la lie summer of 1M0, after tho ratification of the OfJ n treaty. 'Ibis morning, after a fierce struggle th? rules were suspended, so an to permit the bill p ted yeeterdny, to noeive the action cf the I'r sident; and the Oregon bill, together with a number of other measures, ut< nee became law, by receiving the 1.xocutivo approval. Thus, the laws of tho United States have Dcen extended over Oregon at last inn nomination | of Gen. Shields as Jovemor of the territory, has been confirmed, and provision 1b made for the government > of a country which, since it first became the subject of a diplomatic struggle with Great Britain, has been re- j garded with us much affectionate interest by the whole Amnican people as any State in the Union Of whatever completion bo the provisions the bill contains, its pas.-age will afford, both to the North and to the South, the warmest satisfaction. Admitting the honesty and sincerity of the motives of those who endeavored todefcat the measure, and, moreover admitting the unworthiness of the motives of some of those who acted in support of it, It must, nevertheless,be a subject of general congratulation, that the efforts to arrest its passage have so signally tailed. Personally, there was a fierce struggle between Mr. Benton and Mr. Calhoun, on this question. I by no mt&'is say that Mr. Calhoun asked too much, in the first place, in demanding a recognition of the Missouri compromise, (and the oonduct of those who, like Mr. Breese, for political motives, voted on both sides of that question, cannot he too strongly condemned,) but he certainly did demand too much, lu trying to defeat ihe bill because it did^iiot contain that recognition. He was disposed to defeat it this morning by indirect means; and for that purpose, it would seem, the only man who would lend himself, Hopkins L. Turney, was employed to talk out the session ; but Mr. Webster promptly defeated this scheme, by calling the vulgar Teuncsseeau to order. Mr. Kooie, after consulting with Ilia Southern friends, declared that having exhausted all honorable means of defeating the measure, in consequence of the insertion of the obnoxious clause, they could not stoop to the employment of indiriot means, (such as that attempted by Mr. Turney.) and therefore he was authori/.ed. in the name of the South, to withdraw all further opposition. And thus, although it certainly was in the power of the South to defeat tho bill, it became a law, by their voluntarily withdrawing opposition which they f> It they could not. as men of houor, maintalu. I trust the Northern men will never give* proof that this manly and chivalrous course cannot find a response from them. Oregon is provided for. and now let there be broad and ample concession even to Ihe sensitiveness of the South, il it amount to nothing more. As to a Souther n convention now. it is not to be thought of, nor will it be thought of. I have been assured by many Southern men in the Senate, who have sustained Mr. Calhoun through tho whole progress of this debate, that they are totally opposed to making any issue with the North at present?not because they are not as realous for tho honor and interests of the South as wir. twuuuu mill) t-ii, nut uvruuiw tuey uii not oelieve a necei-eity at present exists for such a course. Mr. Calhoun anil his friends have maintained a bold, steady, and resolute light to the lust; aud although they hare been worsted, they have lost nothing, for the reason thi y had nothing to lose. The South has lost nothing by the passage of this bill. The constitutional question, to be sure, as to the power of Congress to inhibit slavery, is of the same applicability in theory at 32 degrees north latitude, as at <t'J; but the practical application is not the same. To borrow a legal figure, although the South has been worsted on a preliminary plea, the cause la yet to be tried on its merits. The most sadly crest-fallen and disconsolate man in the Senate is Mr. Fhelps of Vermont, this day. I'lacod on Mr. Clayton's compromise committee, and thus arawn within the immediate influence of the blandishments ef Mr. Calhoun, ho was seduced into an absolute abandonment of all his New Lnglaud notions, and made to go as far in favor of the propagation of the peculiar institution of the South, as the South Caroliua Senator had ever gone. Awakened to a consciousness of his position by the voice of the Northern press, he made several desperate attempts to justify his course to bis constituents. He declared the press knew nothing about the bill or its provisions. Toe bill failed, however, aud ho was reduced to a most awkward position. The passage of the Oregon bill, perfected to day, .with the ordinance of 17b7, by such an immense majority?with the support of two or three Southern Senators?must render him particularly miserable. His constituents may very reasonably ask, by what authority from them he has become the supporter of opinions which even Southern men cannot justify. 1 have reason to doubt whether General Shields will aecept the Governorship of Oregon. I believe be was not consulted ; neither were bis friends in Congress. 1 I,..,,, )u .... ii,.. i,., i',... i ....... * * > ?? """"" ' ?" ? ?"? ""?>'? "~s ?" move him from competition with Mr. Breese for a Heat in tbe Senate of the United States. There is no man so popular in Illinois, at present, as General Shields; and no man more unpopular, or more deservedly so, than Mr Breese. The latter is an especial tool and friend of Mr. Polk ; and there can be little doubt General Shields owes his nomination to Mr. Breese. Such is one amoag the many moves on the political chess-board. GALVIEN3IS. Wabhishto.v, Aug. 13,1848. Congreit. The Oregon bill has at length passed. The session is virtually at an end, and Congress will adjourn tomorrow, leaving an amount of unfinished business Kieater than has ever been neglected by any former Congress. The conduct of both houses, and more especially of the Senate, deserves, and will no doubt receive,the severest censure. 'Twas but this morning that the latter body consented to extend our laws over Oregon, having sat up all n'ght to exhibit a foolish spirit of antagonism on a question in nowise connected with the hill. The South determined to speak (he cession out, but they failed. Last night it was the determination of Mr. Calhoun's friends to remain until noon of to-morrow, and to occupy all the time in talking, thus to defeat the bill. It wyisfld appear that this schema was abandoned. On both sides of this quemtion there has been exhibited tbe most ridiculous pertinacity. There was no DricoiDle involved. Both Northern tand Southern umu admitted that slavery could not exist In Oregon, and the exhibition waa therefore wholly unnecessary. On the other hand, tha inhibition could npt prejudice the South for the name reason. The Insertion of a clause recognising the Missouri compromise line could not haee jeoparded theinteresta of the North in anyof the uew territories, nor could its exclusion from the bill jeopard the interest* of the South. In fact, there waa no momentous issue involved to cause snch a struggle. The extreme adToratea of slavery had not the sympathy of their own friends In the war which they threatened should the bill paaa in the shape in which it came from the House. Mr. Houston, in his speech yesterday, ridiculed the sentiments of Mr Calhoun and his friumla, end declared, there as jet exists no necessity for this bitterness of feeling against the North There is no doubt that his position is impregnable, lie agrees with Mr. Bell, that if a struggle is to come, this is not the issue on which it should he waged. The ultra Southern men cannot sustain the position they hare taken. A Southern convention they may hold, but the South will not jeopard the Union. on the false issue raisi d hjthe fanatics. Mr. Calhoun humbles himself and his party too much, in putting himself in antagonism to the associates of Kreder'ck Liouglasa There is no cause for all the excitement: as vet (here has Wen nothing done to prejudice the interests of the South. Ail this frothy indiguation is therefore supelfluous As might be expected, the scenes on tho floor of the Senate during this debate were amusing sir Houston's speech called forth lerrihle indignation froin the friends of Mr. Caihoun. During Mr Webster's speech, Mr. Dickinson might he observed talking and laughing very loud, as if the eloquence Listened to with such breathless attention wir# beneath his notice a common practice with liim since his temerity called down upon hi? head the ti rrible and eti tiK< n*< castigation he receivtd Jrom the Massachusetts Senator some two year* ago l.ater in'the night a treiic occurred, wliich I will leave to others the unenviable ta-k of depicting. The transaction* of the la; t day and night ara sufficient to convince anybody of tbe great necessity that exist" of expelling frotn the Senate many of those who now disgrace the body. Mr. Cameron has returned, seemingly well pleated with th" success of hi* negotiations in ('"tmsylvania. Mr. lireese has, ho thinks, succeeded, by bis veto on the Missouri compromise, in Mending his competitors. Mr. Davis, of Mississippi, is Riving strong indications of a disposition to come round totho support of Cass. Mr. lienton is exemplifying, more and more every day. tbe truth of Mr. llannrgan's hypothesis. Speaking of Mr. Ilannegan, I am led to notice the inaccuracy of his statement in the case of a claim by a Mr. Anderson for extra compensation as Ckarti near the Krench Court, while the then minister. Mr. Cass, was on a pilgrimage to the Holy I.and. Mr. Hannegan said the bill came recommended from the State Denartment. It did not come recommended rrom the State Department, the lion J of that department being opposed to the claim, an irregular GALVIKNSIS. WaaHivoTov, August 14, 1848. The Oregon Hill and Slavery. The agony i* oyer? the long session has terminated - and ere this many of the prominent actora are naking their way as fast as they can from thin hot, lusty, overgrown village. The scenes presented In 10th houses, as the meridian hour drew near, were inlque. If your reporter* have succeeded in giving ven a faint idea of them, they deaerve credit, in the ienate there waa an evident struggle to prevent the ules from being anapended ao a* to render it impoaai- i ?le for the i'reaident to algn the Oregon bill. Nothing vould have prevented thi* game from being carried lit, but the fact that it would kill aeveral other neaeurer?among them the army bill. The Sooth truggled hard-they graaped, like drowning men, at very atraw, and well they might The Oregon bill la It haa paaaed, forever destroys their hopea of extendng the ' area of slavery." True, the bill on lta face. i brbodea no auch catastrophe, but It coneedea a irtnriple to the North whiah never will be relin- | [iilahed We eonaider Mr Webater'a apeeeh aa one d the greatent tftorta of that gentleman'* life. It waa i hurt ; It contained no llowery burst* of eloquen * ; mt it brought forward facta and argument ' which at I m oncn dissipated all Mr. ' nlhounU ?ophi?try. \V.i ?rn no admhrrr of Mr. WcktiT ?c nr? fully allre to bl* Unit*?but in tho pr?*?ut t-natanco junrie* compel* tin ta tho ailmiffiou that In on# short hail-hour h? licnioHrlioil argument* which tor j years navo been?jmterated [.?{ every one ! read that rpn ch pood*r on it WelL the bill ha* passed it Is lay, and the Southard abstractionists can iki? go home and eh?n their cud, (Mr. Stevens. it (Jenrgiii. not xcepted.) It la a ways a grateful duty > us, to rp a t w. II of public men. when they Je-erve it. and on tliisi-ooahlon, two nr three at lyu l I. -erve the liajr. The course pursued by (jeneral Sam lion.ton la deserving of all prai it wax manly, honorable, and high minded ; and when he wild, that alnmigh a Southern man, he wan determined U)'I" ju t to the North he give expression to a sentiment which it woo d he butter for the Smith wan lee* uncommon L) *pcu I tipcn it, fanaticism but breed* fanatic* and there can he fanatics In the South a* well as the North What does the South mean by the continual cry o1 a di s ildtion of thelninu? la ahe siuci re In it Noon hel eves such a thing. Then the cry la. after nil. nothing more than an endeavor to frighten the North into a concurrence with In r views. Such conduct is contemptible ? it Is lens than couteuiptibl : it is puerile If the S oith wislu s to stem public opinion, she can only do it by calm and impassioned arguments not by denunciations and thirsts. I.i t her appeal to th? honor of tho North and that appeal will not go unheeded if her claims he just ; hut lei her i fir- at mi, aud she hands at once the whole North in self-defence The South is very much mistaken in supposing that any number of people at the North (excepting of course abolitionists) ile-tre to interfere with thulr " peculiar institution,1' so long as -he confines It to her own limits. The North is opposed merely to its cX tension. and it' the Monti, rim iilis it a.,# lei h? hug it Hon-. It should ho home in mind, thus Delawarn, Maryland, Kentucky, and a large portion of Virginia, adhere to elavery merely because they do uot know how to get rid of it ; they acknowledge it is an incubus to their pronperity. How, then, in the fare of those facta, any Southern man can demand its extension, passes comprehension OV1EGA. Washington, Aug. 11, 1848. Jlrmij fromotiona. A large number of honorary brevets have beeu eon'errcd upon officers of the regular service for heroin conduct in the great battles in (Mexico, under General Scott. On Saturday, the Senate conflrmod the nominations of the President. Captain Philip Kearny, of the first regiment of dragoons, who pursued the Mexicans to valiantly with his troops up to the gates of Mexico, where he loet an arm, is brevetted a major. This is auned of merit, hut it will uot compensate for ho bereavement of the no mber. I.ieut. I.orimer Graham, of the loth Infantry of Volunteers, has received thiee honorable rewards, and is to he transteired from tho infantry to the first regiment of Dragoons lie rtceiveda brevet as Kirst. Lieutenant for his dauntless courage in rescuing i.ieut, II ruidton, aiu lo i.? Ti. ml Scott, ami putting to Might, alter a severe contest, a largo force of guerriUeros, with a small (ictatlitin nl of I uptain Kearny's troops, at Mil Klnres, mid another brevet, as Captain of Dragoons, for gallant conduct under Captain Kearny's command, at the battle of Cliurubusco. where he was severely wounded In the arm. Lieut. Humi.ton. for his soldier-like conduct at .Mil Klores, where be was also severely wounded, is brevetted as Captain in the first regiment of Infantry. KELLY. Baltimore, August 10, 1848. The Senatorial Duel?Strangers?Present fur lion. R If. Thorn //son?1'rohability of the Election of a Fret Soil Sberijf, <J'CSenator Benton, it seems, is desirous of having an opportunity of setting another ' ball in motion," solltary and alone, at the heart of Senator Butler; but the authorities have interfered in the matter, and pat a a stop to it for the presont, However, as law-makera are generally the greatest law-breakers, we may expect to bear of tboir taking a pop at each other one ot these warm, sultry mornings. This holding a man to bail affords a bole for cowards to creep out of, but of course will not be regarded by Senators. Our city is thronged witli members of Congress and strangers, to-day. Washington having emptied itself last n glit. several trains having arrived last evening. The young wbigs of Baltimore, have prepared a splendid silver goblet, as a present for the Hon It. W. Thompson, of Indiana. It Is beautifully chased and exquisitely engraved, with a representation of the sceue of the whig ratification meeting in Monument Square, on the auth of June, 184H whilst Mr. Thompson was addressing the meeliug. It will be presented to bim on bis way borne. There is a considerable decrease in the number of deaths in Baltimore, (luring the part week, the total being but HO; the number of children under two years of age. was 51. Consumption claimed, as usual, ten victims during the week North Carolina seems to be still in the fog, both parties claiming the victory There is no doubt, how ever. of the election of Mauley, whin, *>7 small majority, as gnvernor, and a majority of two for the whig* on joint belint. There will he nuite a heavy rote cast in this city, for a free-soil sheriff, in October It is customary here for each roter to vote for two candidates for ehfritf, the one that receives the highest number of votes being sheriff, and the second, sheriff, in case of the death ot the one receiving the highest number. Thus every voter can vote for his party candidate, nnd. also, give a side vote for free soil Wilson Balderston, a staunch old citizen, has accepted the free-soil nomination for sheriff Philadelphia, August 15. The various democratic city and county conventions met yesterday morning, and were organized by the se* lection of officers. The nomination of candidates wd' not take place for two weeks yet. 1 he sheriff of our county, ilenry Lelar, Ksq , has at last received the proclamation of tbeOoveruor, ordering the election of his successor to be held on the second Tuesday of October next. INTERESTING rfoCEEPINGS. IBB CLOSING 'SCENES OF THE First Session of the Thirtieth Congress* 4c. 4e. 4e. Washivo ro v, Monday Aug. 14, 1848. Senate. WINDIltO UP OK Till; I.OSO rAZLIAMtST, Senate met at nine o'clock. Mr. Atchison in tnecnair. Day lowering and overcast with clouds with occasional Intervals of rain and sunshine. Rev Henry Slicer chaplain of the Senate delivered an appropriate prayer. A motion was mad* to dispense with the reading of the journal. Mr. Turkey objected. The reading was prosecuted for some moments, when Mr. Yulkk rose and asked a correction of tho journal. This might have led to some delay, had not Mr. Bertok proposed to admit the correction without question. a orate gt rsTIOK. Mr. Mili fr'i resolution, offered yesterday, came up, that the 17th joint rule, under which, no bill, ho., oau he sent to the President on the last day of the sea sion. he suspended. Motion made to apply it to all other bills (as well as the Oregon bill) not yet passed up to the President. Mr. Tbrrev rose, and proceeded to speak in opposition to the resolution; but a suspicion being awake, that it was his object to taik down the two hours of the session remaining, and thus prevent the Oregon bill being passed up to the President for his signature. Mr Webster called the Senator to order, aud intimated that the object of the Senator from Tennessee, as understood, was not consistent with the closing hours of tne sts-ion.and the pressing business upon them. [The otgect of the Senator from Tennessee was to defeat the Oregon bill.] Mr. Turret said that after the action of the House upon the Serate compromises on the slavery question, he felt authorized to sacrifice every thing to detent the Oregon bill, and prevent Its becoming a law. Mr Webster insisting upon h:s point of Older Mr. Turret desired him to write it down. Write down the words. Mr WrnsTER sat down and wrote out his point of /W/lor whiell UBd n fttlfiod 11 v\ trt *Via finnaaUaw read to the effect that the Senator from Tennessee, in the wide range of debate he wan taking under tha pressing necessities of the business of the day, tiu out of order. Mr. Tt aarv raid there war no specification in tha charge of any Tiolation of order Mr. Cai.hoi'ik.?The Senator from Massachusetts, bar not stated his point of order Mr. JoimsoK, of Md., submitted that it was in order to appeal. The Chair?It is in order. Mr. Cai.hoo* argued that there was no point of order indicated as being violated by the Senator (ton Tennesst e. Mr Wmistkr?I "hall not debate the question, for in doing so, the Senator from South Carolina will m fully accomplish his purpose, as by any other mode. My object is to consummate the business of Congress. At the closing hours of the session, I think it a departure from the usages of the body to consume the time tn useless discussion Mr. Town did not consider it any more a violation of the rules, to discuss auy question at the olose of the session, than at the beginning. Mr. Koots submitted that a Senator from Massaehuletts. (Mr. Davis) had defeated a very iinportaut bill, by talking down the laat hou- . ihe session (the Three Million bill.) The objection in this case comes with a bad grace from Massachusetts. Mr. Ti no and Mr Wvnsrra further prolonged tha talk for some minutes. Mr. Hi sk here came in as mediator. Me had opposed mi* urrgiiD [mi, in lie pn-v-u> ??r,, ? -j ? iiiV Southern Senator Hut it had now passed, anil h? would not arrest the operation of the law. He Ki uld Interpose no parliatne ntary obstacle* to the Jo. Melon of tfce Senate. l.ef the lull no to the President There are son.e thirty odd bill* la the came situation n* thin bill for Oregon. Vr. ,\ i ii??Toa?The Army bill .Sir. Mi - I waseomlo'f to that. The bill establishlop J O-1 n lit' " Ii * tint Jet he< u sent to the eleju'ire, inH that i" ? b II In which my constituent* are de ply oti ren.d, then therein the Army bill.and tl?e ? | *rf ire lit r?ti i"l |h fulhiy yet mo up without it. [Hire tti* Cleik of the II use oiime iu a d V unci d ti Hi t! ir Sp< nki r ha I s'fne I the Vr iv b , I Co-1 Hi lite ii 'l, noil he i -*v n bill. (Ji- .it o on it | i j . iu tl e ga ! i on the tl > . t> u u#

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