Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1848 Page 3
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porting Intelligence. Umon Couh?k, L. I.?The announcement of the sport that will take place thla afternoon, should be sufficient inducement to attract the attention of those foud of excitement ; particularly when we mention that several of the very beat are entered for the purser. For the trottitig puree, aix entries have been made ; and for that of paoiug. three contestants will ?Dter the field. The feature of the afternoon will be a natch for $200. to 260 lbs waggons. Political Intelligence. Taylor is Louisiana.? The Wed Mi tier Republican, heretofore democratic, has run up the Taylor an 1 Ml 111), re Hag. I.a Patriu, the Spanish paper at N w Orleans, has dona the same. Fsrr Soil im Pcwnsylv.iiiia.?The delegates from this State in the Buffalo I onYcntion. held a meeting at Buffalo on the 10th. and resolved to call a free soil State Convention, to assemble at Heading, and nominate an electoral ticket in favor of Van Buren, Adam*, and the Bullalo platform Jwpu iNeicte, ot Montgomery. wss chairman and I)r h.. D. (>a/.7.nm, of Pittsburgh, secretary ot' the meeting. Kentucky Convention.?The impression seems to be that the vote for culling a convention will exceed the vote of last year, and it may bo regarded as iv settled fact, that Kentucky will have a convention to revise its constitution. Fkom Mexico.?The New Oilcans has arrived since our last publication, having left Vera Crux on the 'Jd inst. By her we have papers from the city of Mexico to the ii9th ult.?two days later. There is little in them of general interest. Parade* has not yet been taken, and the government is urged to reeall Bnstanientc, that au inqtiry may be instituted as to why Parades was suffered to escape?whether it was the fault of the commander-in-chief or his subordinates. The nresa is ileiiiandin the attention of t'omrress to the absolute necessity ot inviting the west extensive colonization into the country, with the view of protecting it from further nemUMatl from the North To promote immigration, it is insisted that religious toleration must be at once conceded in lull. Mexican journalists appear to be thoroughly awake to the danger ta which tht ir nationality is exposed by their juxtaposition with our more intelligent, iudustrious, and enterprising i oople The very name of Mexico will be obliterated, they urge, by the tide of civilization, unless their government arouses and enacts such reforms as ore called for by the spirit of the age ? ?V. O. Pic, Sug. 8(A. Afpointmexts kv tiie President.?Francis H. Merriman attorney of the United States for the district of Texas, in the place of Oov. W Brown, deceased. John Adair, of Kentucky, to be collector of the port for the district of Oregon, in the Territory of Oregon. James M. Newell to be collector of tbu customs at Bridgetown, New Jersey, vice Lorenzo F. Lee, deceased. Daniel S. Macaulcy. consul general at Alexandria, in Egypt. E. S. Oflley. consul for the port of Smyrna, in the ulace ol D. W. Offlty. deceased For the Navy Department.? Kirst Lieut Daniel J. Southerland, of the marine corps, to be captain by brevet, for gallant aDd meritorious conduct iu the assault upon the city of Mexico, to date from the 14th of September, 1847. Professors ok Mathematics in the Navy.?John H. C. Coffln. of Maine; A. <>. Pendleton, of Virgiuia; Mordecai Yarnall. of Kentucky; William B. Benedict, of Virginia; Mark H. Beecher. of New York; Henry II. Lockwood. of Delaware; William Kiye, of Maine; William Chaurcnet, of Pennsylvania; James Major, of New York; Joseph S. Iiubbnrd. of Connecticut; Huel Keith, of Vermont; Arsene N. tiirault, of Maryland. Navy Aoent ?John Parrott, to be temporary navy agent at Mazutlan, in Mexico. Ben. Tom 'l'liuinb, the World Kciiowned Hero, in the service ef Cupid, is holdi ng Lcve -n for the reception of Ms friends, at the Ann rumu Museum, in this city, every morning, afternoon, ami evening; and the crowds to see him are increasing as his exhibition is becoming more w dely known. He is the most popular star in the amusement world, and is always sure 'o he tain nised by the great mass of every community, lie gives his entire exhibition every morning at 11o'clock, and evety afternoon and evenii g. lie also appears in conjunction wi'h the other ep'endid entertainments by the Infant Vcstrit, the Sable Brothers, fcm, he. Annual Pic NIc of lite Eureka Association.? Postponed to Friday, August PJth. This Association will proceed on their Annual Excursion to Biddl.'s Grove, on Friday. AugiiBt 19th. Tho sieamer North America has been engapud, and Dirgle's Brass Band. Tne hunt will leave ILmond strict at s A.M.; Canal. 8,1* ; Grand. to 'J; and Pier No. 3.N.R., 9. Tiekets can ' o procured of dames L. Miller, WIS Greenw ch street; B'm, E. Smith, jun., 4C9 Hudson street; S II. Benedict, 60 ( arm-no swet; Asa Butman, l.'kitV'a vtrlypltee; John Weedrn, 32 Nor'olk street; A. P. Silva, 78 Pike street; James English, 2US Greenwich street. jr micu v mi uuuui, mm ? A U1I.MI uuwuv Sole. French Boots, made of impu ted French Calf, for $1 .'id, usually mid for $11 and $7. Fine l alf $.'< 50, usually *4 50. dent's Shoes of all kinds equally low; for sale at our friend Young's, opposite our oftiee, corner of V-l'on and Nassau.?Call and sec him. Gentlemen's French Call and Patent Leather Dress Boot* French Calf and Tampico Morocco Pegged 1 oots, of superior >|uality ad tin sh. Calf and l'atent Leather 1 rogsns, Oxfortl Tiea and <'ongres* Boots and Gaiters, Patent leather and Morocco Slippers, for sale at FRENCH'S MANUFACTORY, 18 Ann street, cheaper tliuu at uny other establishment la the city. Genuine Cod Ldver Oil, wa ranted manufactured pure, and sot purified from the Common Oil. Caution ?Pare Medicinal Cod Livor Oil whon genuine must be as lightcolored as thejmreat Sweet Oil. For sale by RUS11TON, CLARK St CO, Chemistajand Druggists, 110 Broadway, and 10 Astor House, The Cheapest and Best Place In the City to set good Boots, Shoes, and Gaiters, is at Jones, 14 Ann street, noai the Museum. His best Ftench Boots, $4 50; second quality, fessa S3 60 to $4; Congress Boots, from W 60 to $4. The " Richelieu" Diamond Pointed Gold Psns, sold by B. E. WA'ISON It CO., No. 16 Wall street, are the best and cheapest pens in use. Points warranted for fire years. Bold Pens and Gold Cases olevery description wbolosale and a tail at the lowest prioes. Gold pens repaired. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRST MONEY MARKET. Wednesday, August 10_U P. M. Tbere is no change in United States sixes this morning ; but T.'eaury Notes fell oil' J?; Harlem ltailroad declined ??' ; Long Island, '4 ; Farmers' Trust, }? \ F.rie Railroad improved )i. Only $1600 in specie were shipped in the America' which sailed to-day. Congress has at last adjourned. After a session 0^ more than eight months, the combined leg! lative wis dom of the nation has been distributed?not to be again concentrated until after the close of the Presidential campaign. In the meantime, the movements marked out by the leaders cf both, or all three, political parties will be perfected. It would hare been much better for the public treasury, and for the country at largo, had Congress adjourned six months ago, and the members hare carried out among their constituents, at their own expense, those measures which hare occupied their time at the seat of gorernment. at a cost to the country of eight dollars a day. Kor the past three months, at least, rery little has been done at Washington but manufacture public opinion for and against the different aspirants to the presidential chair. Senators nnd Ileprusentatirrs hare been runniogatl over the country lonttend public meetings; and yet these individuals are the rery ones mos opposed to an early adjournment of Congress. The entire business of the session ?that in which tile people hare really an interest?was pot oil to the last week or tiro cf the session, and then hurried through in pitch imperfect rhapes, that alterations und modifications will he required early after the opening of the next term. Many mportaut bills hare been laid orer, and eoreral important interests of the country are suffering from tha want of proper lcgislatire action. These haTe not been neglected for the want of timo, for eight months la a ncriod loinr enough to period and pass hills sulll cient to answer all purposes lor the next ten years. There is only one way to do away with this waste of time and money, which is that adopted by the legislature* of several States?the reduction of pay in proportion to the length of the'session. so that, after a cer tain time, the pay ceases altogether. If members of Congress received eight dollars a day for the first month, six lor the second, and four for the third, we should never have a session more than tlirco months' long ; there would be no long session, as it is now correctly called, hut both the long and the short session would clf u on or about tlie first of March in each year. Touch their pay, and you touch their patriotism. Members of Congress are governed more by the almighty dollar than their anxiety to serve their aountry. A meeting"of the stockholders of the Heading Railroad Company was holden at Philadelphia, a few days since, for the purpose of taking into consideration the policy of converting another portion of its debt Into preferred stock, it is stated, sayg tho /.< <lKrr, that the new Heating debt of the company is to be funded in pruferrt d dock at .')0 per Cent discount J and that tile takers of the loan of 1847, for the liquidation of the old floating debt. who. by original agreement were to hare received tv.e million bonds at 70 per cent, but (itemed it prudent in consequence of certain legal proceedings, to receive for the time being, fourteen hundred thousand lit par, have been voted their doftrird tbiity par rent in old stock, equivalent to an iucrmre of twelve thousand iliares at f.50 each. Tho arrant < uictit for converting the bonds of tho company net mouiiiI by liist mortgage, having been completed, the stock account will not vary much from the nni xrd statemi nt : I'llU A I IJI.I III A AMI ltlllllS.l ItAII.UOin. O.'rf Slin k' (ictsf Sliding .'list lleeeuilier. 1810 ij 400 share*. stuck IJn id. i.d. .iMiiii irv, 1847, 10 per cent 0,240 '< OS,040 s ick Dividend, January. 1848, 12 per ' cent 8,130 ? "0.770 ? rtif.cto to lonnholiters of 1847 12.000 " Total Old Stock 88.770 fi rjtrrnl Stuck, n <. vc 7 p. r < 11* dividend, after payment of p p;<.<?? interc.i In rrrter< ne t< n.j rtn-tr 'h- r? mainder of profit* to be divided equally b?'>??a m? two $k 100 000 to federal loanholders. 1850 .. 4-000 shares. ?100 000 ?o Sterling do do lo.noo " If.I -ItO OiO to loanholders, 1847 128,000 $600,000, at 7 per cent, for $420 000 floating debt ' 12 000 Total New Stock 92 000 ' This makes an aggregate of 178.T76 shares; the par value of which is $50 per share. Such is the present * position of the capital stock of this immense concern. The annexed table exhibits the amount of bullion * imported into, and exported from, this country, from . October 1, 1843, to June 30, 1848:? Movements or Specie in the United States? Imports and Exports. c /mjwrtfrf. Ernorttd. Nine SK.uths ending June I), 1 He.'! $22,320,335 $1,520,791 Twelve m. ntlis ending June 30, 1841 5,3)0,429 5,I >1.211 " 1845 4 0.0,242 8,fi04,495 1 * " " 1846 3,777.7.12 3,901,268 g " ' 1847 24,121 281) 1,907,024 " " W43 5,500,000 * 11,0)0,0'JO t $32,393,792 j > " Partly estimated. | t ii' re is a Diuance iu our iuvur 01 poo,*40 - io. in lets ^ than six years. We have partly estimated the imports and export for the year ending June 30, 1848. According t< ofllcial reports, the imports for nine months ending March 31,1848, were $5,100,158 ; from that time to Juno 30, they were so limited that we have put down $5,000,COO for tTe year, and double that sum as the amount of exports. The returns for the other years included in the table arc ofllcial. We must add at least $17,000,000 to the above, as the amount of specie brought into the oountry in the same period, by emigrants, making a total of fifty millions of dollars in, received since the last great explosion in our banking system. This accession to our supply of the precious metals, with that which has been drawn from our own mines, has made a vast difference in the value of the currenoy, strengthened the banks, and enabled the government to carry into successful operation one of the best financial systems ever invented. It has placed us In a more independent [position in regard to other conntrieB, and has given a great impetus to our most vital interests. By increasing the value of our currency, it has prevented those enormous Importations of foreign manufactures which, under an inflated paper currency, prices which have shut out more effectually than any t tariff, similar articles of foreign manufacture. Our p exports have increased, and that branch of our for- I j eign trade has been more profitable than ever before. ! t Altogether, a wonderful improvement has been realised " within the past six years in everything connected with ] the external and internal commerce of the country, 0 which we attribute principally, we might say with j, truth almost entirely, to the changes which have i within that time been made in the financial systems I of the government and in the currency. 1 Stock Kxcliange Jd'SOO Trean Notes. On 1U.V? SO sha canton Co bOO 34 SOCHI Wiu Ilounty bl2mo <18 1U0 do 3.3V ? 3000 USfi's of '(>8, ooap IOf)t 25 do slO s 3210(1 do 10*;, 50 do 33 H 2 UCOJ do blO 101,3, 100 Mohawk RR sl2ms 70 i 8000 do ot '67 101), 15 do 70% r 6000 U S 5'? of '6.3 76 Nor and Wor RR 31 10000 do 33', 50 do bl)0 32 15C0 State 6's of'58 07'? 200 Reading RR 34 ' 10(0 K>ntu< ky 6's 07% 200 do b60 31% C 22000 ftun 6's s60 74% 100 do 3.3% jr 30(H) Erie 7 per ot bouds 05 .Ml Erie RK, new, full 62 a 5000 Ohio 6's '60 s70 07% 15 do 63' o 500 do '50 07 725 liar em RR 53V g 500 .lo '70 00% 50 do 1)60 51% n 30 elib Mechanics' Rank 1043, 300 do b30 54 C 1IHI I'lir Trust h'2 Kill .In MU2 ( 60 do bao 2b3,, 100 do MO 63 J, V 60 do 2b 100 Long I fland RR ?00 21 r 100 Morris Canal bl."> 11?,' 100 do s')0 21 t SO do b(!0 9>6 100 do 28 K SO Canton Co 33?, b Second llonrd, f $10,000Trons Notes 1037? SO shs Harlem RR bio SSJ.' f 10,000 U S 6V, '68 >10 101>, 100 do 115 Si' ? 25 shs Harlem RR 63% J CITY TRADE REPORT. Wednesday, Aug. 10?1 P.M. of Ash i s?Pots are less firm, with sales of 50 burrcls at $5 25 a $5 37?i; pearls are dv:ll at $5 94 a $0. I Cotton?Some 200or 300bales were sold ata decline of ?,'c since steamer America's advices, J, Kloi r, he.?There is a moderate inquiry for West- f0 em Hour, at the prices ourrent yesterday. The sales ? aee 1,500 barrels at $5 12.', lor Oswego, $5 IS to H $5 25 for round hoop Ohio, $5 50 for pure Uenessee, ... and $5 75 for fancy. In Southern small sales were made at $5 50 to $5 56'.,. Rye flour is firm, with sales ol 200 barrels at $3 04 to $4. Cornmeal is unsettled, and quotations would be entirely nominal. j Wheat is in fair demand at steady prices; sales j _ were made of 1000 bushels prime old Genesee at $1 25. -i Hyeisdull at 70 a 71 cts., delivered. In Corn there : " is not much doing; about 0000 bu-hels southern flat | V yellow sold at 63 a 04 cts. Oats are dull and lower; 1 sales of 6000 bushels at 40>? for canal, and 35 a 36 cts. j j; for Jersey. I , Provisions?Pork is $11 a $11 60 for mess, and s $8 04 a $9 00 for prime; sales of 200 bbls in lots. In V Beef, no sales were reported. Lard is firmer, with sales ; of 300 bbls prime at 8.!*, and 000 kegs nt 8?,. Butter? | Sales were made of200 packages at ll)$c a 16c for Ohio ], and this State. Cheese is dull, at 4 a 01,'c. Whiskey o is firmer, with sales of 100 bbls at 24e for Ohio, and 24'4 1 ? for Prison. Wednesday, Aug. 10?6 P.M. The market for flour was rather heavy at yesterday's i prices, while sales of the usual variety of brands were J making to a fair extent. There was rather more do- ; r ing in wheat, including some parcels of Western, with j | some Southern new, on terms stated below. Thero j J was a fair amount of business doing in corn, but on ; n teima rather under the previous views or asking rates , w of sellers. Meal continued lirm. There was no change , 6t in rye. Rye flour was Arm. Oats were dull. In * groceries a steady business was doing, without material I change in prices. In provisions there was rather more d doing in pork, but rather in favor of buyers, compared u with yesterday's rates. Ashks?There was no change in prices, and some j further sales were made, including pots at $5 00, and Tl pearls at $0. r Bkfadstuffi?Flour?The sales footed up about t 5000 bbls. including 1000 for export, consisting of com- ? mon brands of this State, Osvroge, &c.. at about J <j>5 12>? for old, and at $5 26 for fresh ground; 1000 do ,, Oswego and common Genesee, sold at $6 12>?, $5 18*f j, a $6 26. and 000 do at $5 18; Southern was wortn ti about *5 37Yt a f.6 60. Wheal?The market was Arm, n and we noticed sales of 1C00 bushels prime old Gene- 0 ree at $1 25; 1200 do Ohio, at (1 05 a $1 08; 2000 do * North Carolina, (new) at $1 11; 1400 common do do. i at $1 02, and 1000 do Ohio, at f.1 12>{. Meal?Sales of \ t 000 bbls were made at $3 12>? for Western, aud $3 25 j <> for New Jersey. Rye?Sales "fef 1200 bushels wero , [ made at 71c, and about 200U do in the slip, at 70c. Rue j ' Flour v as tirui. and sales of 3C0 bbls were made at >4 1 c a lf>4 12)?. Corn?The sales amounted to about 40 (WO bushels; among the lots sold, wore 5000 bushels of Hat ] yellow at 66>?o; 4000 do round yellow, at 68c; 4000 do J high mixed, at 60c, and 6000 a 7000 do, partially heated, jj including Western mixed and Southern white, for dis- u tilling, at 56 a | 2600 do Jersey yellow, at 6Sc. i Some lots flat white sold at 64 a 65c. and 66 a 67c for 1 li Pennsylvania and Jorsey mixed; 1200 do Jersey yellow. sold at t)7e. Oats were dull, 8000 bushels canal t fold at 4(> a -lOJio. and Jersey sold at 35 a 86c. * Cottox?There was a good inquiry to day from i J, shippers, who took about 1500 bales, at the line of g prices ct yesterday. ,, Cof'fkk?Sales were made of 150 bags Java at 8Xe, r 6 months. I < In, It _ Thi. itnolr nf nilnins nn tmnil Fi , a much reduced. mid hotter prices are obtained. Sales | J tf 400 boxes at #0. ! n KiiKii.n ik? Cotton was engaged to Liverpool at 8 v 32U. There was no change in other articles. j ' lliotr is in fair demand. with sales of 00 bales '' American (lew rotted, at $137 per ton. ti months. t Moi aakj is dull Sales were made of 100 hhds. , t Trinidad lit 18 a lS',c and 150 do Cuba Muscovado at n 10 a '20c, 4 months. I Nayai. Stohka? Tho only sales reported were 100 v bids, spit its at 34J4 a 35c. cash. r Oil s?Sales of 1500 gallons Knglish Linseed at 54 a 55c. and ltiOO do American do. at 58 a 57c. 1 7 1'roMsioM?Sales of 600 bbls. pork wore mado at 1 $11 37,'j a HI 60 for mess, and at $8 94 a j>9 for prime, j [ Beef? Sales of 100 tierces prlmo mots were made at ), $20, which was au advunoe Lard Sales of about 600 j litis were made at 8 a 814c, and 600 kegs at 8;'4c. I I There was no change in butter or cheese. Hick -The market continues firm, with sales of 100 \ l* tierees at f 3 04 a $4. r SroAiik?There is a tnoderal? Inquiry, and sales were ! made of 450 hlids. Muscovado at 3;'4 a 4'tc; 200 do n Porto Hioo at 4>4 a L'io. and 000 boxes brown Havana * at 4,'? a 5c, all 4 months. ! k AViiiskky is in good demand at better prices. Sales were made of 200 bbls at S.'l'jC for Ohio; 21 a 24,'4c for r prison, and 25e. time, fur 30 casks drudge J flAHKXTI kUlWBUB. \ STOCK SACKS. Bai.timou , Avoi'st 15.?.1225 Maryland Sterling .V?, 75,'4: 1 \ ?25 So, do, 7??4s 40 shares Mechanics' Bank, 12V ! j I'KII.A III i.miA, Aug. Ift-flol Hon rrf.?100 liirard (lank, \ j lilt,,: urn do do 'als nr. III1! $soo I' 8. ?' M7. l'MW ; (i h'nleii ? liimk. Teen., 42; Mum S'ato 6's, 71 '4; SHHI0 Kjr, (i's, Os; I Che. & y Del.Stock, to; $.'?'II0 I'. 8 I, ?"lis, 1411 15 .Van. Is Ketch. Bank, , X'.I.I Lcl.lgli Scrip. 7h 3 8.Vsi state .V?. 2 day*. 70$: ?? S. 1 JcTney. 2; "SI Oirard Dunk, cash, 10'. ; $11*10 Wilin d'?, 7\?Alter j Nairn.?-'ilHI tV'il. It. K. (i's, 7 s 60 (Omul Bank. 10'0; 200 Sew j 1mm* 1'm.mmi i iUrniul BMof.?MU) ftoh. Nav. 6's. '(is. 0 ?: IfiH Coal S< Tip, 7S,.%S 10 Northern Rank, Kj., !W ; 4 Far | t k Atc? h IULk,?Vfc>,; lot) I i.ion Can*!, !T 2 Union li ink, Ton. 4-; ? 2 do do, 47 V Jtt*r SnU ?.?fOJ S^tnto ft'a, 74: I WW I'itUburg 6'*, 1 , *?1: 100 U.f. Hank. 2%. | t Huston, Aug. 16- tifchum/< Hoard?1 Atnos'<?A{ Manufiie- 1 f tMiir '? Co, 1U00: 20 Aulnui fc Ko?hostfc Hailroad, k*B4: 1 Boston ? k l.ov?ll Railroad, 64fl: ft II au>u k Mai up Knilroad, 100; 10 j HV*tertt Railroad. 4 Cheshire Railroad, ' Eastern ( Ri ilrottd, W 7ft East lUndou Co, ll '.i. ? FORDID* 1 Si hahi. July 18?'i'liu market for nil American j produce very dull, and prices range low. DOMESTIC MARKETS. 1 New IJkni-?.si? On. Markkt, Aug. 14.?Oils ? We have no altt'ration to notice In the market, this week, whtrli remains quite dull, with very little demand for ( either de.-rript ion. A Mile ot 5(H) bids sperm w i m:id" on the day of our lust, at !)8',c, end subsequently 1100 ' hlds. were sold, understood at !Me, end !tuu bbU. on , private te.rms. I n whale, wo have only to report a Ralo I of260hbl* N. W. Coast, at U'JVtt. There Is nothing doing in whalebone. Last sale here at tl'io. J .. _ * n Crop* 0 Owing to the lorn continued wet weather, the ({rowing crop of tobacco in this section of the State has t sutleied materially, and should the rains continue a . week or two ) >riger the crop would be almost lost. We j have (onversed with sevi ral farmers within the last n few days. wbc repr*s< n'. that the recent cxioHinjiy i* a*^ r*iu? nave at<> uo * o? #,# , .? w * ^ educing Ibo quantity tfcvy will nuhe %i?<! in i* -ri >alio? tbf* qmlHy; no th?t not. only a nliort crop is io* i !> ' vit u lil?* 1111 r thi> niiHiitv will l? ri***v infV>rioi* mder LLi uionl circuuixtancus that may p . 'all for the u'lI.iin''* of '.he season.? Damling Grtt i Ki/ ) Jvltlli grncrr. Jjug 0. At the prerout time, thin portion of Long Island is uifering from want of rain. All vegetation in dryiag ip. The corn crop is likely to turn out very li'.'ht.? Jam. Farmer. Married, On the ld'.hinst, in Trinity Church, Newark. N. I., >y tho R?v. Mathew H. Henderson. Mr. Throoore H. /. VuLTEE, to Miss Rebecca Campbell, daughter of Ir. John Campbell, both cf the city of New Vork. On the 13tn inst.. by the Rev Henry ("ha?e. Mr. r>ioM<< K. IJown, to Miss Ahky Scamkll, both of this ity. liled, * On Tuesday, the 16th iust., alter a short illness, SrriNOHAM Rikkr, son of George and Adelia Wal;rove. aged two years, ten months and ten days Tbe relatives and frieuds of the family, and those if his grandfather. Samuel hunting. are respectfully nvited to attend his funeral, at No. 62 Lasex street, bis afternoon, at 3>? o'cdock. A bud of great promise hath been transplanted to bloom in heaven. On the ltith inst , at Hastings, Westchester eouny, of congeBtivu remittent fever, Kli/.a, wife of Mlihelte ltapetti, aged 42 years. The friends of tho family are invited to attend tho 'uneral, on Thursday the i7th Inst., at 3 o'clock P.M., rom ber late residence, No 12.'! Mercer street. On Tuesday, 16th inst., at Staten Island, after a ihort illness, Thomas Oi uhei.d, Ills friends are invited to attend his funeral, at four >'c!ock tliis afternoon precisely. The steamer Duncan, J. Pell, will be ut the barge oillce, Pier No 1, K.ast [liver. South Kerry, at the above hour, to r?ceivo tho riends of the deceased on board, and convey them to ur urimnr i j. Onthe 16th inst.. of consumption, Maria, eldest and leloved daughter of < hristopher TaalTe, aged eighteen ears and two months. The iriends ot the fumily are respectfully invited to ittendthe funeral, on Friday afternoon, at half pa?t I o'clock, from the residence of her father, Atlantic itreet, oormr of Roeruni. South Brooklyn On the 16th inst , at 7 o'clock P.M., Joh* Cornvkli. Pfask, uged twenty-seven years, six months, ind slxtten days. His relations and friends, also the acquaintances )f his father John, and brother William Pease, and the ueiubers of independence Lodge, No. 168, I.O. of O.F., ire invited to attend his funeral, without furtberinlitation, on Friday morning, at half-past 8 A.M., from lis late residence, No. 7 F.ssex street His remains will be taken to Catherine street M. K. Church, thence o Fast Chester, for interment. In the death of John C. I'ease, we behold tho riumph of the Christian. Although suffering from the Everest pains that uarth could give, through a long ind protracted sickness, he submitted patiently, and lassed away to another world, to find a happy immorality in the arms of his Saviour. Benjamin mooney.auctioneer-makdwaie.cltIcry, (1 una. be.?Edward 1'aysou will sell, thin da/, at ten I'eleck, at tho store 14 1'latt street, a general assortment of lard ware, Cut! ry, (to., com prising Knives and Forks, PocketCutery, Saw s, Files, Harps, Guns, Kiia, Pad, Cupb, and Chest Looks. Hso, one cask Broad Butts, one cask Fry Pans. Also, 1U0 doten loreo llrntlics, C isols, Oouges, Cast Ste'l Files, Augers, Butts, .ifting ilandles, Floats, Razors, Saws, kc? be. Catalogues now eady. JACOB S. PL ATT. AUCTIONEER.?TWO CASES SOLID silver desert sets of Knives and Forks.?Jacob S. Piatt will ell. This l>ay, at \2 o'clock, at tho auction win, lit Piatt street, : sets solid (tlver, with tyory nuiidio, desert Knives ami ror?s, inch 24 i icoes; cue set in a splendid mahogany, and uae >ut iu a plendid satin wood case. Sale peremptory. Jacob s. plait, auctioneer.?hardware, gutlcrv, Fancy Goods, 1UOO(Sold Pens, 1000 cards li-e Shcllieid Cutlery, Knives, Razors, Scissors,Shews, Sic; u large lot of gilt and old Jewelry, Shell Vases, (to.?Jacob S. Piatt will sell, This Day, t 10 o'clock, nt the auction room, 2.1 Piatt street, as above; also, no cask assorted hand, panel and back Maws; patent Platform kales, Violins, Brace snd Bitts, Currycombs. Chalk Lines, Hamiters, Tack Claws, Wrought Nails, Mitring Squares, (iimlets, '?t Tack Instruments, one Copying Press; a quantity of tine Ingllih pattern cards Cutlery, viz: shoe, bread and butcher inives; hue ivory Belt'-tip. stag, 8ic. Table Knives; elegant and ich silver mounted.pocket and Penknives: Congress aud Seuaors' Knives. 2 to 8 blades: large and tine hunt ng and Mexican Inives; Southern and Western poeket Knives, Scissors. Shears, [azors, Sic. Sto. Also, at half-past 11 o'clock, a large lot of En. lish gilt and plated Jewelry and fancy goods, viz: shell Snuff loxts, Accordeons, M iolins, 1000 Cold Pens; OX) gross glass, jet, ltd agate head Scarf l'ins, Necklaces, split Rings. Seals and eye, Guard Chains, Ear Drops and Hoops, Watch Guards. Also, 112 o'clock, a general assortment of gold Jewelry, Ike. Also, at ! o'cl.ek, an invoke of Girandoles, Solar Lamps, fancy Cologne's, id other mantle ornaments; to the whole of which the attention ' purchasers is directed. f M. B.BOGERT, AUCTIONEER.?HANDSOME FUKNII ture at Auction.?By WM. W. Sill RLE V.?Friday, August at 111 o'cloek, in the large room over store 2d Broadway, pcruptory catalogue sale of Parlor and Bedroom Furniture, l'ianortes and Fancy Goods. Goods w ell packed for shipping. rllE FRIENDS OF IRELAND IN NEW YORK WILL hold an adjourned meeting at Viiuxhall Saloon, oa this Phursdoy) evening, 17th iust., at 8 o'cloek. By order, k.s.emmet, 1 C. e. shea, 1 Soorctaries C. DA VIES, l last mee'-ing. f. McCarthy, j H|7 111GS NEVER SURRENDER?EIGHTH WARDTAVLOR FT at.d Fillmore Association.?A public meeting of the Sill I'ard Taylor and Fillinsre Association, will he held at Lafayette iall, N os. OS'S and ">7'.l Broadway, on Thunday evening next, tlio rth ol August, inslan'. at 8 0 clock. Messrs. Hoffman, Brooks i'hcclcr, and others, will address the meeting. " Come one?come II." Bv order. James G. Model; President; John A. May, Urnii. James Webb, Vlco Presidents ; A. it. Ketcham, H. it. i'eed. J. ('. Covel, Seen tarics. r O. OK 0. F.?INDEPENDENCE LODOE, NO. 158?TUB L menders oi the above Lodge are requested to incut at the edge Koiiu. No. 1.12 Bowery, on Friday, August lSth, at7 clock, A.M.. for the purpose oi attending the funeral of our lato orthv brother, John C. Pra*. PETER F. R 1ND0LPII, N. O. Gorrnrv If. Biww?t Poeiolary. VOTK'K.?PA< KF.T SHIP OaWEtiO IS DISCHARGIM! ut l'ior No. 10 N. R Consignees will please attend to the eotipt of their goods immediately. r (ist.?ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, BETWEEN HOU8LJ ton street and St. John's Park, a i urpte Amethyst lirooeh, mounded with ptnall brilliants. The owner will give $."> reard to any person who will return it at IS Laight, near Varlck wet. _ lAKD-OMMlil S UK I \ EUS.-TO SATISFY M UFROl'S J inquiries ot fiiends aad the public who patronise us, the unit signed would breifly its te, that, without being kept informed f the wages paid by other lines, we have fur soveral years paid ur st? aoy drivers seven dollars for each six week days, giving soli a good dinner daily in aduition. whieh is equivalent to one ollar ind twenty nine ccntsper day, all weathers, so they need i0t b?pe any working day in the year. An abundance of nppliants enables us to select competent and respectable drivers, artn en from niauufactories, mechanics snd others, wtio gut but ne dollar per day, or Jess, for fair weather only, prefer our pay nd constant employment. The great outlay, daily expenses, isks, losses and tines, mistakes and unavoidable accidents of our rivers, the r.ceessary extent and details of our buttress, to ona!c us us to keep the fare so low as six rents, for four miles? he failure of to many enterprising men in our business, make janifi -l the necessity of skill, economy, and vigilanco to save all ur hard earnings. This is due to our faithful mechanics, drivrs. and labours, our interests and feelings being mutual with heirs. VI c regret that a few bad recnandot&ciout persons should at tigate hoi est drivers to resist scrutiny, to sever their friendlnps, and to abando.i tt.eir steady employment and the support f ilteir families. While wo spare no evertionsin ae< ooimoda'ing lie public, nnd fulfil our contracts with those we employ, cUiraig equal freedom with them, we have no doubt of the continued outiaenre of those who ileal justly with us. PALMER .V PETERS, Knickerbocker Line NEW T OR K vol. IMF r.KS, tTlT.NTlON? THE orlicers, memliers, and tubseribers of the New York Volunecrs, military men. and citizens, are reipeetfully informed, that lie Ciclure ot the knenmrment 01 the nrst Volunteer Uivl.sion t I.laiiuerm, Mexico, is now ready for delivery, and ein be had at 'urnor it Fisher's. 74 Chatham street; Otliee of the National I'o ceOaxette, 108 Nassau street; and Ilerford lit Co., 2 Astor House. JllLllI I Kb' 1 AMi WARRANTS, SCRII'. EXTRA PAY, ice. v ?Soldiers, both Kegu'arand Volunteer, ivounl do well to enlose their proofs to John B. Try X Co , of Washington, oho will rocutc, with the least possible delay, l-and Warrants, Treasury < rip. ixtia 1'ay, &c? f?r Soldiers, both Regular and Volunteer, nd forward them a*directed, either to Soldiers or their auth >iittd intent. They refer to members of Congress in every Distr,ct t the United ftntos.?Washiisoro\, D.C. Education?a lady a< customed to tuition, both in her ow n country and in the Stites, is dasirous or laking an engagement In the South, cither now or in the fall, he is lolly qualitiid to instruct in all the branches of a U'lnroiigh eg isli cuucalion, together with French and tnnsio. lit r system as liecn ciircfully studied, and has heretofore laten entirely suetfslul. Iler unremitting attcnti n to the moral culture and he general demeanor oi her pupils lias won for her tlie appnntion and friendship of those w ho entrusted her with the imortant t l.nrge of their children, and to whom she can refer, .cttcrs addressed to E. F. D., Post Oflice, New York, will inoet 1th immediate attention. [10 CABINET MAKKHS?FOH mil A BENCH?IT IS strong and well made, and wdl bo sold cheap. Apply No. , Twelfth sireet, second story, back room, for two days. [.loll sal.e-a i.key, iak hand* high, kind L in single and double harness, and an oxcellent saddle rise. Inquire at Cray's Staldc, Zri War en street. noRSALF?A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORK, SITU L nttd at Ho West 20th street. Further particulars can he attained by applying on the j>rcnii.cs. po MERCHANTS. RETAILERS. MAN!TACTI HI) .3 AN D 1. others?A Farm to sell or excnange for any certain bullear. wholesale or retail, nr for a profitable hotel. It contains 111) rrts, situated within hours ri-lc from t'.e city. desirable in very rsipcct for n reaper table f imilj: (toocl lionse end out offices, c. Eor particulars, address Ex, liangc, box I . tins office. Life in si h wck.-hui iisii <-hmmkrcial like inturatice Company, 3A t' rnI:i 11. London, and -1 ,ew ttre* t, New V'r'c istvb isbed in 1820; capi. b\ .t'hUl.llU), or $3,000,01)0 Directors -Sir Robert Llexaudcr, Hart., Ihomaa Person, Fen., John Cattley, Esq. chn I "ox, Errj , lit v. Win. KallotieM, M. A., Octree itf't), D'|.< Sebastian U. Malt ncx. E,o , ArchibtM Frederick 'axton Ia<n Demi! J. Thomson, K ;, George II. IVeatherhoad, Is,,.. M. D. Mating rn Director-Ebenettr Fertile, Es | A i'n it-John Coddn:d, let,. Phy: Plan?Septimus tVray. Usii, d. D. Ilmihtrs?Mcfgre. lilyn. Ilallifax, Mil's, Is Co. Advaut cs oftoro l to Ineurers Tho eceiiriry ?f a,*o reilired and nvcr'cd capital, very low rates of premiums on young lives, arge bot-Uses on pol' lee effected on the pnrtioipvtien scale: on n art nee for tie wholeofli'c, One-half the premium l<> anetl t if Itthcd) lor the t",rw seen joate *t live per ecat,internt. witlv nt note,, r deposit >f poltc,? then to be pxitl, or remain as a erniancnt load, a' the option of tho insurer; loans upon noli aes lor ti e wholo of li e (a'tcr ,a inent of thru; i r-miuun), to lie amount of one third ot ti.e premiums t,ul,l; tlic acoeptaio o if naval, mllita-y, and rpeci I risks of all kind*, on payment of i commci surate premium: nge admlttot on tin p>,lcy wlion mi .(I (il dcrir il). oi proof of da o of Mrth ; n? charg f. r stamp Inty, ,rf r medical examination : premiums may bo iunl "i Mier pur inly, hell y srly, or nnnntlly ; no extra '!nr,;e f..r 'aa risk n Europe, hew York Medical Examiners?JoSn C. Chee'man, : p SI.IV, 47.", Broadway; K. I'. Johnston, Eft;, M. D.; 7l'l (roadway. 3 andir g lounsl?lion. Willis Hall. Solicitor? t Is rt Go! 1,tip, junior, Prospectuses ,and all information s)a ina to li ftiriu e? tnnybe obtainelof FREDERICK SAI.MONSO.V, 21 Vow street.. Agent for the llnittd States. MAST-OIK CLOTHING. JEWELRY, FIRE ARMS, *0. Ly Wanted.?I adies or Gentlemen wishing to convert thoir snxnflnousefleets into rash, w ill obtain full value for the same by .Urce-ing the subscribe*, Mil.,ugh tho post-ftffioe or otherwise, iho will altood tlieiu at their rwhdoncciby appointment. II. LKVK.'IT. 2 Wall-street, New York. ^l.MlNAL W EAKNESS. IM:'OTENt E. ke.?DR. RALPH'S ' Praclltal Private 1reati?o oontainadeeply interesting inf >rnation andlut to,, littlo tit dcretood. The only true treatment nd cure, w lilt teol|ies, mode of living. Ac. ke., faithfully givsti. lit edition, 342 pp., price >1. May lie had of tho author, N) Ireetuvlch street; or by poet, mailed free, B?>n JHMk TO I'0AN' (,N l,ONr> AND MORTGAGEp fc'V/xx J" "k "tin prodnotive Real EaLVe in on" or more cms. app'y In I lie Hank Nolo Exehari"" OHi.w, to .It>11N I'. CONREY. N >.?) WaMei-e,.. V* r; < ratuditi J o Dm upper pari f MM nit) prifrBwl (Jowl r.-ui meadatim.? will t i'luirrtd. AdJreei C. G. I!., Herald j office. A'i.G'1 ACi E 1*tt(?r?Sl'ANV YOIJ.NU aemtr, a it'i t t.ii as in A, aj tier a .J irener, .r to do g-. neral home* oik f r a mail ion ily, a mid tiaeaeo ot.jeotlo'i to ro ' a in ell di.-taiiti in tin country. \p?.ly alt'. Mott, amend floor, rt ii l a I mii tor two da J P. SITUATION W ANTED.?A YOUNG MAN. RECENTLY onlvtd fr on Kuro|?, (poking tint French anil German leuKti(,tr, wio! -? employment. r rapciuo not to mnoli of au nb. jn i j?;ip nnanent *ituatiou?hps I oon employed aa merchant's i t irk in 1 in iiu, hut would In- wiliiug to go at any r<is|meUhl# hwroi Emjiilrc of M. IV. King fcS.n, Patent Chair Mukere. | 1. (i Broad wry. M'A I El)-BY A UKSPEtT?IlLE YOUNG W MAN. A pituation In a ama.l family as Chambermaid, Washing ! and I p ni'*. or to do the General lloutework. Can oc anon for iwu at No t'li I night >. tract, third atory, front room. 11/ A \TE II?TUB PARENTS Or AN INTELLIGENT* " amort lloy, unuer 11 year a, are anxious to procure Inm am" J plo) no nt in a K:incy Dry Good*. Hat, or Hook Store, or any ro' I r| 11 tul le huait.ot* nefliting a l.oy of that axe, that would lead to I and fcna ueas hahite. lie ia docile and willing, so ) that lory little training would make hint a useful assistant in any ea ahliahir.ent he piat employed in. A letter addre-Md to Dr. KEEN AN, Rami nine, Jersey < ity. will meet prompt attention. lV AN'l ED, A SITUATION BY A YOI1NG MAN, BETWEEN m < uld have iio objections to po in the eontury with a fanner, or i to work in a store, llwie call at 124 Cherry street, in the rear M'omnl floor, nearly 01 i?esito Catharine market. Can be seen for tW? ill \*. \l a.\ rs a situation?a young woman, acous*' tonicd to plain cooking; understands chaiuberwork and w ailing, ?r assin in washing and ironing. Heat of oity reference. I I ly ul No. Ill Union Court. University I'laee.

Wvnted-a situation uv a ukrman genti.eman. it very respeetaiile uonneotions anil active lialiita, either I as Clerk or Hook keeper in a commission, dry goods, (an y goods, or nil) other business. Salary not so much ail object asastcady employment. Satisfactory references will lie given. Address I. M. Bo* agio poet Office. Waktkdby a uspbotabll married woman. a Child to Nurse, who has lost her baby. Can procure tlui ! best references from her Physician, with regard to health and cupability. Please call at 847 Eighth Avenue. A bin NO MAN, TWENTY YkAKS OP auk. WHO IIas lived in some of the most respectable families ia th 1 citv, Vilhel to fad a place as Wsiterin a lainily. 11c understa -ds driving, and the care of horses. Address A. D., at this office. AI'IIKNI OMAN, WHO SPEAKS ENOI.1SH A El (THE. wishes to get a situation in a respiotable house, to do tiny kind of hard work. Ho is capable of teaching tho French language, and can give the best of references. Impure at 98 Pillion Mr., t, in the basement. 'I'" OI11RI JUAtVC-lta?HAllltU, A rAIT UI'IIU Bll I It 1 X Makers. Tu competent hand* constant employment will be given. Apply at No 26 Cedar street, up stairs BOAHi1? WANTED BY a SINGLE GENTLEMAN, IN a private family, in a reap- ctable locality, within fifteen uir.utts u alk of the Morebauts' Exchange. Would prefer having a I ed-room to himself, if possible. Teruia inuat lie moderate, ami references exchanged. Address, stating particular* to I). M? box No. I. U tlie ntliee of thispu|>er. To capitalists? $lUO.tJOO wanted to carry on a business easy, regular, safe, and wH*h will realize one bundled thousanu dollars speedy profits. The control of the capita! to remain with the party wlio furnishes it. Undoubted roforenees given and required. For the names ol the parties and the eharucter of tlie enterprise, apply to THEODORE SEDGWICK, 36 Wall street. Lithographic stones, of all sizes, from 12x15 to I!0x42, blue color, warranted of very best 'piallty, for sale by e. hen, Importer. is and 21) Liberty st. up stairs. Also?a variety of French nud German Fancy Goods, Looking Glasses, Beads Of nil descriptions, Violins, Slates, Marbles, Tobacco Box. S, Forte Mommies, AC. lie, rpile QUEEN S HOTEL,OPPOSITE TIIEGENERAL post X Office, St. Martin'slo Grand, London.?This uiagmtieont Hotel. having recently undergone extensive alterations, and a great portion of it newly furn shod, will be found on trial to have no rival in the mctropolis/botn in point of aocnmmodatiou and mo derate charges. The Coffee room is one of the largest and most comfortable in England. Board, *2 per day. Hot and Cold Baths. THOMAS SPENCER LENNEY, Manager, Formerly Chief Steward of tho British Queen Steamship. ^Reference tn Now York to Mr. G. A. White, 60 Cedar street Notice?office of the rockland cemetery, 170 Broadway, corner of Maiden Lane, (up stairs,) where all 1 rders will be received from 9 A. M? to 4 P. M., for the purchase el plots or lor interments. Pamphlets aud maps of the ground me ready for distribution. At other than olliee hours, order* will be received at Ne.2311 Woostcr streot. WILLIAM ARCHER, Supt. i I1URS, MUFFS, StC.?GEOKUE STEWART, NO. 47 JOHN street, oilers for sale a handsome ueeortment of Mulls, Vic torinea, Sleighroles. Ac. ^ rt dl/Wl BOTTLES AND OVER OF DR. HEWITT C. Ov/yV/V/v/ KELLINGER'S wonderful Liniment have been sold for Diurrlm-a, Dysentery, and Cholera Morbus, without a failure. Fathers and Mothers, for Heaven's sake, throw away your prejudice, and go immediately and net a bottle, at ?*) I'earl street, and of the Druggists generally. Wo bet(IUOto SlOthat it will not miss one oaeo in a thousand, from the Infant to the adult Thousands of lives are daily saved by it ACI1ANCE-A VERY VALUABLE MEDICINE. LONG established, a d no fear of running out-from $30,00(1 to $100,000 of which may bo disposed of?is offered for sale. None buta cash customer, who is willing to purchase the good will, out standing debts, along with the stock on haud need apply, Address C. V., at this office. US. MAIL STEAMER HERMANN, E. CKAltTKEK, MAS tcr, will positively leave Pier No. 4. N. R.. for Soutluim|iton and Itieiuen, on Monday, 21st Align , at II A.M. Passengers will pleasuto lie on hoard at half past ten o'clock, aud send all bupgage not wanted on the voyage, on Saturday, marked below. An experienced surgeon on board. For freight or passage, apply at the office of the C' oan Steam Navigation Co., 60 Broadway. PACKET FOR HAVRE?SECOND LINE?THE SHIP 8T. Denis, G. W, Hone, Master, will sail on the let September. Fo-f*wight or pessoge, apply to ItOVI) it H1NCKEN, Agents. No. 88 Wall street FOR MARSEILLES.?THE WELL-KNOWN BARK MARCEL1-A, ('apt. Ingham, is now lusdlng, and will meet with prompt despatch. For freight or passage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN tk PnELPS, or to BOYD lit H1NCKEN, Brokers. IX OR BORDEAUX?PASSAGE ONLY.?THE FRENCH ' Hark INDUSTRIAL. Capt, Fribnrg, can comfortably soeommodate live or six cabin paisectigers. Apply to the Captain, on board, or to BOYD III IHNCKEN, Brokers, 88 Wall st FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?REGULAR PACKET OF tlie 26th August.?The sow aud splendid fast sailing paokot sbipSI PDONS, Edward B. Cobb, master, is now loading and will positively sail as ahovo her regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid furnished accommodations both in the first and second cabins, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to F,. K. COLLINS, 5b South at. Price of cabin passage, $75. The jacket ship Sheridan, George B. Cornish, master, will succeed the Siddons, and sail her regular day. FOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND NEW FORK line of packets?Positively the first and only regular jacket to sail on or before Monday. For the accommodation of shipicrs, the new and splendid fast sailing packet ship CLIFTON, James 11. Ingorsoll master, having the most part of her carco engaged and on board, will not wait lor her regular day. hut lie despatched immediately, probably by Friday of this week. For freight or passage, having splendid famished accommodations, arply on bonra, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 66 South street. Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. Ilryan and Creovy, who will promptly forward all goods to their address Paoket bark Genesee, will serened the Clifton, and sail her regular day. N KM' ORLEANS, VIA HAVANA--THE STEAMSHIP Creicent City, Charles Stoddnrt, master, will sail for New Orlrnni. via Havana, on Friday September I. For freight or passes, apply to J, 110 WAR DA BOS, 75 South attw. IAOlt BALK.?THE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS FOR SALE HIS mitres' in the Liverpool Lino of Packets, consisting of the Roacius Garriok, bhcridan and Siddona. The superiority of these si los is too well known to need dexcrfplion. Apply to E. K.COLLINS, H,South ?tDR, t (>01'Eli, M l."i: AN K STREET, BETWEEN CHATHAM and V? illlam streets, has for the last fourteen years enjoyed the most extensive Practice in private diseases, of any niod'oal man in New York. lie can euro the most aggravated eases of this dme!'* i Baa n.liu cbbsjb tmmu lu -no w live uitj B. owiuuin?l/r. C(M |(T has disc, acted r new method liy which ho can curs the wotsl fonn of stricture* in from ono to turn week*, with scarcely any|?in to the lat ent, Constitutional debility, brought on by a secret I nl it in Uilocd in byynung men. Thin, wnen too Irecly indulged in, begat* dyspepsia, weakness of the limb* and small of the rack, contusion nt Uie intcboot, and aversion to society. A cure warranted iu every case, or no charge. No mercury ueod. Migi (<rT EXTRAORDINARY WORK-TO THE MAKK1KD or these contemplating marriage.?'The Married Woman's Private Medical Companion, by Dr. A. M. Manrioeau. Sixth edition. Price $1. '1 his w ork is meeting with most astounding sale, ( copies have already been disposed of) Every female is getting a copy, whether married or unmarried, although it is intcndeucspc. ml y for the married, aa it discloses important secret*, winch sin old lie known to them particularly. Here evory female can discolor the ramies, symptoms, and the most etlicient rentedies, end most certain mode of euro in every cne?. For saie, 222 ay; at the publishing office, 129 Liberty stroet, New York; also, Zitlet-te Co., corner af Chestnut and Third streets, Philadr||Inn; l.inle St Co., Albany; W. K. Davis, Boston. On tlis receipt of tf.1, a copy will be transmitted by mail, free of postago, to all pnrta of ths United States. All letters must be addressed, post paid, to Dr. A M. MAURICEAU, box 1224. Now York city. Office 129 Liberie street. DR. JF.FERIKS' ANTIDOTE tS T1IE MOST EFFECTUAL preparation told for Uonorrluca and other disorders of the Sexual Orpins. I.ony experience has proved that it will radically cure ani c;.-c. This desirable result Is obtained in from two to ten days, and as it neither creates nausea nor cHands the palate, and renders unnecessary any deviation in diet or interruidlon to unr.l pursuit*. sound aleep or healthy digestion, ths nuisance is thus removed as speedily as is consistent with the production ot a tlinrough and pcrinanunt cure. Its Ingrodlcnts are en'ircly vegetable, and no injurious effect, cither constitutionally or locally, can be caused by its use. l'rice $1 per bottle. Polo Agent lor this city, C. 11. KINti, 192 Broadway, cornor John Street. J TOR SALE- HIE ENTIRE tIR THE ONE-llALF INTERest in that veil known public house. "The Place," No. Hi Nassau street, 2d Ward. It has a long and very favorable lease, and is replete w ith fixture* and furniture throughout the house. Aim, ths lease, furnituro, fcc, of "The Spot," No. 1 South tailtin,,, i',,r \41111aiis St.. 1st Ward. Mercantile engagementst.rc Tent tli*adicrti?erfrom giving the above premier* the attention nipiired. l ..r I articular*, enquire of LEW US. FORD,at "The Place,'' n"> Na-.m * .. between 1" A. M. end 1 I'. M. DR. RAI.PII, AUTHOR OF T1IK "PRACTICAL PRIVATI Trt vtiw," kc.,KsCreenwichetrMt?officehonra tfto l'.> A.M., 6 to!) P. .v., (Sunday excepted.) Thoaa who apply in the early etagca * ill I* ant) riacd at the rapidity end little Ineouvenhnoe attending tlieir cure. It i* chiefly, however. th?ae who have auffeiv.d from a certain claw ol people, or otherwlee, who ean propcrly app<" , hlaaervice*. In atrlcture, from ita llratorlnclplant, to it* no u advanced and diatreadng atiigca, (from tinoomnmn advantage*, in addition to a very exmuaive practice in C if complaint,) he can alTord a rapid, caay, and radical cure, which, he haaiaroiind loratating, can he obtained I rum no other annroe In Aaaarica. DR. (1LOVEH IS CONSULTED DURINO TIIE IMY AND evening at l.ia ofl'ce, No. 12 Ann at. (formerly No. 2). in tlioae diltimlt and protracted caaea of Drlietite Diae.voa Wldch have baflhd the tkill of phyaicians of lea* experience ilia Ultra ct of Copatva Cnliel'*. Sc., to cxtenairely preaeritied by physiciane, may lie had at hisatore in front, No. 12 Ana atrcet (formerly No. 2), DR. POWF.LJ, OCULIST, AURIST, KTC? A'IT F.N ns daily to di*o?*ca of the Kye and Kar, nt hia anrnrry, 2>il Broadway, entrance I Aw Warr?n atreet. Juat published. the accord edition of Dr. Powell'* Trealiao on tlie Kye, Price .10 centa, which can be had at Ilia oflVce; alao Id* premium aell-aetlng Kye Fountain*. A large aupply of ArtiAcial Eyea recently im Hfllt It ,-i i i iti.i-n r.i??1??. lioai ivii'K'a iniKvl WTMtK hi d 1 ecturoa on Venereal, and other atf jcti.ina of the Urimtv oi^iuit, N'i" i n.'ea ijimrto. Tulai* the moat complete i r.ic tical wmk of tin aindever leaned from tlio pre**. It contain* t'trty teviB colored engraving*. which delineate tlill ela** of dieeatea inimitably. It alao contaloi forty wood engraving*, o,n:i ly in fi c cnted; and every thing known about the modern ,li.. ...... K. fell. r an.) all II.e approied prrwriptloniniid formula*hava hron given. 1 in mle nt j i < ft1'e of tmhliantlnti, jjj Droaitany. and of the author, M-f.Bv ailwajr. Prieo $|t'. A too, Dr. Il.'? work on aelf ahvn, AM I'M", u engraving*, with liiuta to yom* inc.n. Prior , for * ?'* ?? *bnv? Ut. i. i? i \ . ? r i i HlA AMUtAU IIIS of Hl K TO M Pry itnof, wli?rt Jio caw ho coniullo-1 on all |?rifAto iiii'f-iiM'*. 'il ? iii?nt r > i 1*1 t > hid iwnl*? U* tiv&itu n-., *M?b J? on fln non-mei^uHHl nyttnin. StH 'Inref* cured on t? o r . . J i. tim i mutatii ! i ngl ' i < tl?l? ' ti ">. i r ??> J v ; ;i ; i rf nn r ;,] U?y *r0fU < ?... Mt.. itil itOi/.tl *<i AOUUM JLf 17. will lw performed ih# llraiid Oparn of < INIHtKliLI.A? I Cinderella, Mil a M?ry Taylor, The Friuce, Mr. Dunn; ll,ron I'owI poltna, Steven,; Dandlal, Mr. Warden; Clurindu. Mm. Phillip* Afti r? lu t! cUuy hallot .mlitled I. \ Fl Kill l)F Ctf V Ml'i trur I > i hatu| Mt*a Julia Turn bull; Kud"lr>li, Mr Q. W Smith; I ! Kin;; el tile Ili. 11 n' i', Wiir? k ; ['..nil; Jouegerda, Mra. Bnallty. i j Aim. tin' i en. uny ol 1 K1MM1NI i'kIMK4 runk, Mr. J. Winnm; I | I'11 it or, Jordan ; Slutl'i m. Roao; Mr,. Kttnk, .lire. Sulherl iud.? I IK ora o[*nai7; perfurnianrea commence at'X o'clock. Bum, J1 I i cute; l'it and Gallery, 17>4 cenla. NIllLO S?AHTOK I'l.VCE, ISKOADWAV.? FOURTH Al'p nranca of Mr. O, Vauli-uln it". Mr Dawaon, ,1 Seflol, Mi- How Tel'do, Miaa H-barta. Mi?a M. I'hilltpa?.1 Ciniedv.? 1 h inula J Eve 'lg, Augn?t !7-A I *. polar Ov. rtiiru-After which, Tn'iln k 0. med.v of ;'ie lloNF.L M K)V?T . outsludo I villi iho pleaa ac. iketili uf tbe Al.riNK MAID. Doors npm J at V bclore 7?commencing at half-pant 7. Almiadou 60 I cent*. BURTONS TUEATKt, CtlAMUERA HTKCBT.?TBI it- ! day Evening, Aug. 17. will be played tlio drioia of I) Id. I HLY At SON?Mr. Dotubey, Mr. Nickina?m; Mr. Carki Mr. -I <rdun; * ajor J< e Ilugstock, Mr. Brougham: Mr. Tooui. Mr. Kiv- 1 numd; ( uptuin Cult ?*, Mr Burton; 8ol Uills. Mr Marshall; .lm It I Bumdy, Mr. BrcughRin; Edith, Mr?. A. Knight; Florence Dun bey, Mies Nick ni?on; Susan Nippr. Mrs. Brougham To con* elude w ith th?- hurl* run*'i t M!i V DID SHAM \MoCR, -Rnri. I co di Mi m fkt II F. ?? ( i.' 1. i 11 I . M r ) i do, Mr. Phillips; Lucy. Mirs (ha|m*u. Divas Circle and Par 1 qu? itc, 60 cents; Family Cirole orescoud tier, lb oeaU. Dior* | open at 1% o'clook?Curtain rises at H. tUIANFKAU'S NEW NATIONAL, THEATRE, rORMRBUr 1 ' Chatham?Thursday Evcuin?, August 17 h. will he actc 1 the fane of th M'tCTKB BK) DEOiiOOM?Did.. :yt Mi. Burke; Mr Nicdernua. Mr. 8t*rk; Mi* I avium, \1um lCildr- >; Min O .p-dano, Mi-n Mib *. 'J o h full .w. I hy the VD iPI'KD ( IIILD- Michael, Mr. J. K. Boott: Sir B?Ttr.ind, M Da*? F m Ward; flsoord, Mr. Hi litrl Boy, II Hi Lu M IIi!*ir*ath: Lady Clara. Miss Clairvilh. The pecf* rmanoe ? ? c?nelude with OLE III LI.?EbeneaorCalf. Mr. C. Burae; Old Heifer, Mr. Herbert; Mary. Minn Uildroth; Mr* Brown, Mr* Burrou Dior* oH'n at 7 o'clock, and the curtain will rise at u b tore S. Boxer, 26 cents; Pit, 12>? cents. | ' ? i nu n.-i'i i, \i u. i/, inc. un 1.111 V_v 1'aiuiod Hall of time im >m|>>ir > ! ' premises will ' thrown ojoniwa CONCfchT PROMENADE. Thu Programme c<1 the Concert consists of an Overture from "Gustavo;'' "Solda'o.i Tanre;" "Souvenirsda Bala Masques;" " Air Ir> laudaisi" Crtu l March and Trio; " Vcrelngun Stanze," Qahqi Milit.iinand sev> ml instrumental pieces from " Km Dlnvnln," and o. t<jh u. I Irish airs, and w altx< of Strauss. During the evening, C n IOSWORAMA, consisting of one hundred varied and 1i tg' 11 y finished views of cith s, islands, Ac., willl" illuminated. Admission 25 cents; children liulf price. BAKNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?I'. T. li.MtNUM, Proprietor?F. Hitchcock, Manager.?Enrj day and evening tli wee, commencing Monday, Augii-t 14 1946? ptcudid -r forraanccs every im rnuig at half pai lln'cluuk, every afternoon at .'1 o'clock, and every evening nt a quarter to M. Tlie numerous fiiends of the celebrated General Tom Thumb will he gr.tided to learn that he lias returned in rul'ety Ir >m hla winter tour, alter visiting Havana, New Orleans, Canada, Ac., and more especially that he hue consented to hold hie levees at 'lie American Mu-etuii. in this city, for a few daya, that he may once mom meet hie old friends, clone kind none and generous esteem lie has never ceased to remember with gratitude, lie will hold throe levees every day: in the morning Irotn halt past II to I o'clock, when he will give hia entire ucitormances, including his citizen's dress, in wli oil lie relatoa his history, travels, Ac., sing a variety of s nus, dance the Polka, Sailor's Ilump:pe, Ac., represent a Young Oxonian, an Havana Exquisite, One of the it-toys, with an appropriate song, being a tuuili at the timesj Negro Melodies. Ac. Also, ilio Grecian Statues In appropriate ens' nnie : iio.iui Ions of Napoleon Bonaparte and Frederick the Great, in full military costume. The iuet ticalCourt Die is, w orn> Queen Vi tori i, with un account ol his reception l>y the various crowned lie ids of Europe, Hi d n Frcrvh song, sung before Leans Philippe; also, no elegant Highland Costume, in which he will sdig a Siotch song, O.u Highland K'isig, Ac Ac. Every afternoon at :! o'clock, the littleaoncml wl 1 appear onthe r.iage in the f/iotiire Room, in his citizen's dress, in which he will relate his history, travels, Ac. mid exhibit his Extraordinary l'erfoiiuancos and I irritations, including Napoleon, Frederick the Groat, Songs, Dances, Grecian Statues, Ac., and at the saoie timea variety of other interesting pcrfi nuancesvvvll alio take plnco, by the ta'entcd and interesting company named below. Every evening, at a quav er before 9 o'clock, the General appears again in the mine Spleudid Performances, and in conjunction with the othercn ori'immcnts. It is now nearly six years since thu little General first appeared in public, and his weight is precisely what it was at that time, viz: Only Fifteen Pounds. He is perfectly symmetrical in hia proportions, intelligent and graceful beyond Iclief, and smalbr than any infant that ever walked alone. The inugnilicent presents. Jewels, Ao.. received, from the Kings Queens,and Nobility i f Europe, trill he exhildtcd. Morning visiter* are not udmitted to either the afternoon orevening performance. In addition, the manager has also en8aged the celebrated Saldo Brothers, a most superb a id t tented and of Negro Singers, Hanccrs, Ao., who have just returned from Boston and othei eastern cities, where I hey have been recoifed with enthusiasm by amateurs and the public generally, I They w ill give their inunitabloentcrtaii incuts at cao.'i and every 1 performance, afternoon and evening. Also engaged, for this week, l thu Thrte Highland Mammoth Boys, aged H. !), and 11 years, and yet together weighing over 750 ponnds, making them the greatest curiosity in the world. Besides, they give *ome or the most astounding experiments in natural Mesmerio I'lairvoyanca ever ' w i n*rsed, vvnieli may be seen at any hour of either day and evening, from 9 A. M. to 10 P.M.; as may also the famous Giant or Mammoth Baby, who, though only ltl months old, weighs 90 pounds. Enormous BnaConstrietor. Two Living Orangoutangs. Fairy Family. Infant Vestrls. Mademoiselle Gertrude, a boautitul and charming American Danseuse. Wax Scripture Statuary. Madam Rockwell, the famous Fortune Teller, may be privately cei su'ted at an extra charge oi ii con is. Admission to the whole,including Museum Performances, Ao., 25cents; children, under ton yearsof age and old enough to walk alone, 12% ocnta Reserved front seats, one shilling each extra. i tf|MIK CAMPBEi.ES ARE COMING "?SECOND WEEK. J. Society Library Rooms,848 Broadway?Campbell's Minstrels, (under the direction of G. A. Kimbcrly.) Encouraged by the very flattering manner in which their concerts have been re- ' reived during the past week, have the honor to announce that i they w ill continue their entertainments every evening this week; , introdncingnt each concert a full and varied programmo of their , best Bongs, dances. Ac. Poors open at 7?commence at H. Ad- , mission 26 cents. Saturday afternoon, by particular request of several families, they will give an afternoon performance, commencing at 3 o'clk. Adinhsion, 25 cents?otuldrcu, half-price. I Sacked dioramas-now exhibiting every night this week, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, commencing at 3 o'clock, at. the epteudid new Hail,-iiki Broadway, over Stoppani's Baths. Bunniuglon's entirely new Grand Ecriptuml Dioramas of the most Magnificent Spectacle ever witnessed in New York. Creation of the World and the ire luge. Assisrca oy powenui vocal una instrumental Accomp.-v nlmeuts. Mr. II. Ilanuington hue just completed a nuigulffceut Diorama, intended to illustrate the aulilime spectacle of the Hi a Daye ol theCreotion! exhibiting by moans of moveablottgurou, acencry, and powerful optical effects, all the progressive change* from theChao* and Darkneea of the unformed Universe, until the linal oompletion of the great work of Creation, an described in the Bret and second chapters of Ononis, terminating with the ap^arance of Adain and Eve in the Harden of Eden. The Diorama the remit of a long cherished idea, and of a lifetime of etudj and experiment in this department of the arta It is the mini i?stly, beautiful and perfout work of the kind existing, and com. bines in itaexhibition the highest mcchan'col ingeunit-., with ths moat aatonisliing sconic '.fleets, crusted by rupenor poetry, paint ing and music. Scenery and Incidents?Chaos, the First Day The Firmament, the Second Day. Dry I .and, Herbage ar.d Flowera, Third Day. Snu, Moon and Stars. Fourth Day. Creation of Fiah and b owl. Filth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day 1 i Garden of Eden?Adam and Ere. With this completion of the lahore of the Creation, the first part of the Exhibition closes. Part II. Grand Diorama of tho Deluge. Tickets25 eta? Children 1 half price. Doors open at 7. Curtain riles at.I o'clock. 1 PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMIaiGN IN MEXICO, AT i the Minerva Rooms, 4tHj Broadway, slew s natural as life, the ( Marches, Encampments, and Battles fought by (h-n. Taylor. II t also gives correct views of the country, towns, cities, Sto. It is the most beautifnl painting ever scon. Ojmn every night at 8 o'oloek. Admission, 25 cents. Schools admitted on reasonable 1 terms. No charge for deecriptivo pamphlets. 1 UNIO* COIRSE, I,. I. TROTTING.?TUI RSDAY. Ai U. 17, at Three o'clock.?Purse $40. Two mi'e licuts, in liar ness.?C. S. Boooks enters r g. Quaker; J. Woodruff', s. m. Nell Gwynne ; J. Whelpley, h. g. Paa?engcr; J. Sommerendyke, g n. J udy Randolph; J. Uridgrs, s. g. TVustee ; A. Kced, hr. in. Firginian Maid. Also, parse S'fl f r pacers. Mile heals; Imst.'l in 5, under tho sadile J. Wnelpley cntara b. m. Cayu.a Maid ; J. 1 Woodriff, b. p. Oregon Boy: C.S.Brooks, g g. Mountain -or. Immediately after, match for half forfeit; tnile heats; j best .'I in 5, to 2501b. wagons, C. Ilcrtine names a. g. Buteher Boy; , A. Conklin, s. g. Santa Anna The oars leave South Ferry for tho course at halt past two o clock, and return immediately after the sports are over. M. D. GREENE, Proprietor. ' riXRorUNG AT SARATOGA-LADY SI b'FOLK. LADY I JL Moscow and Moscow will trot for ?200 puatc, mile heats, i lest 3 in 5 In harness, on Saturday, 10th Adtust Fridiy, | 25th August, same Hoiscs will trot two miles, end repeat, for a i purse of $200. PATTEN St CO., Proprietors. Great sport?three shootiau matches-three ' Pigeon Shooting Matches w ill < ome off this afternoon be twecn three and four o'elo'k, at jackson's Kai.road Hotel, ilarlem River. Sport may be expected. OPEN TO ALL TIIK WORLD?GREAT ST. LGUER Sweepstakes? 12.UUUSubscribers at ?6each. The party for Whom the first horse is drawn to receive jt2d.Q(Xk the second horse, ?10,000; the third horse, ? 111, oooj to be divided among par tiesdrswing "The aisrwr?, Jtuyaai; mi iikc anion* - .-yonStarters," JLIO.UUO. SwcepKtnkts,No.2? 12,lM(0 Subscribers at L'i etch?lirtt horse, XlU.dW; second Imree, X.VW; third horse, X-V1"", divided among Starters. X.VWO; divided among NunStarters, X.'liXlU. iwretpstakeo, No. 3?12,?*Hi Suhscrlbers at XI each?First horse, Xt.llPU: reeond horse, Xtl.UHi; third In rso, XJ.MUO; Starters, X2,UUU; divided union* Non-Starters, X2,iMh I'urtlas desirous of securirg chances in cither of the above Sweep- i Italu-s, are rc'imsted to n uke earlv a pl i cation, as each sweep I will la: drawn Immediately it is full. The result of the drutv- i ing will he advertised in the "Times," "Bell's Ufo/'and the Lorn- j don daily laivrs. To give ladies an opportunity of takin| siiares, scrip will he issued in initials, at the option of thesubscn- ' bers. All eommnnicntions, to insure attention, must contain a ' rcmittsree. F' reign orders may he made j?vable is Icndon, but I all letters must bo addressed to Richard Nicliolls and Iamus Par- i kinson. Temple b'tiiare, A vleshnry, England. The tliird horse to i be decided ly" Bell's l.lfo. I'rues paid any day alter the raco, less 10 per cent. The race will 1* run at Doncastor, on the Utb of Septamlwr, 184S. To prevent fisud, no scrip will he genuins ' unless the letter containing it Ivers the Aylesbury post mark. I 8u' rurlbars wishing to ecud Hank Notes haj hotter scii.i halve* i bydiilerent po*ta. |>ARR THEATRE.-THE SALOONS AND BARS OF TlliR 1 Establishment are now to let for nevt Season, or a longnt period if rc'|iiired, coninienciug un or abodt tho first Jay of Sen teraber next. Undeniable security will lie required. The eondi- | tinns under which they w II be let can be ascertained on appli cation (between 10 and 4) at the office ot W. OOBBTN, 4 Barclay Streak, DlOl ERRlAN M \TF.KIM.S.- JOH N ROACH, OPTICIAN, -UNuauan atreet, N. Y? t< manufacturing Anioricaii Cametus of imported Flint (llass, which are wurruot. I e<|iuil to any. Also on hand, Voigtlaodtr Cameras, Plates, Case , CUomieaU, A -.. Ac. (iahanie Batteries for Cildlng and Silveiiug. ElectroMs*reti> Machines for no dical purposes. Spectacle Ola*ses of 1 the tint.inality, in gold, silver, snd steel frames. Tin riuuinctcrs I wholesale and retail. , r|AO FOREKiNUENTLKMEN AKKIVlMi l.N IIIEI nTTeb' ' X Suites, or otlu rsdesirons of purchasing a perinnndut (,'oun ' tiy kcsideueain Pennsylvania. I ha subscriber eflbre for sa'ehis ' Farm,slina'ed in Montgomery county, I'eou ylvat.ia. M niUcs I I.OTtli of Philadelphia, 11 contains . ftp acres ot land, I?1N acres of , which are in the highest stato "f cultivation, prodim - ig wheat, , ije, Indian com uud hay, equal to any up and farm? the remain- ^ n.oi e ' n, l.y with a veiui. I.Ji attaol.ed, l.'i fo t wide, extending tli?l?i ,(!) if lite house, and a lanes plattt on tho omt, the whole ait inn nr.. pie ae< on for a family of tw enty j? taone. 'i'lie pie toorepruiind*surroundir a the home are shaded cvei?reen?, a: t t ry beautifully laid oat. There are on the fatm cone t.ucec* i-r l .rmera nr teaunta, together with tInco lari" store hams, I'lftlBlilnn Mulling and ,M.nleniences forr hundred head ef eat tie, and fur the storage of UAO tuna t)l piodfe. with coach lt> u?e, eaje n house, gruunry and torn < rii-x attached. 1 her" arc alro tt.o advantages .fa tine ipritig home. Ice la nac.lWii |."t.d, a garden of two nor. a, orchards an 'l ed with the finest full', green house and g.a|ie null, a Hi. Mil if spring iveteT in '-very held, a dally mail l.y which the I hiln4t)).l.iu null New V< rk |w|>ovs of U.? sumo day are rcecivud, ti d en oi.miliia ium Ing li e n<* morning nndotenin/. In the immediate vicinity aie Fp <|>al, l.ntherao and Presbyter an ehundic*. ue*r,j.U?? ia unnecee ery, as all persons w idling to purchase aro imite.l to callaadexa iuc the ce.ate, II ii a>. le ? ever, ho added, that for beauty, healthful situation and advanlaara. it |a n. t -utpa- > d l.y aiiy'iu tlic United States. It ii ay he well to mention U.e price, wlih li he $2ltl 1st a.-e. t>. ply to UROKOE SHEA UP, Whiten arsh. Montgomery eo? renn. rpni, oKr..\i MEUiuAl, work OF TIIE AGR?"UAI.I.VX eice of the Faculty, with the C'lir 01 Thermal S)*:eiuuf 1 Me.licilie," ly lie, Hicks- 11, < I,on.lot:, edited hy llr. Turner, of 1 , New York. Free SI. New York: II. St Brother, (j'.w 1 tjii'd.) I rfin tlm Mii Uenth Century. a I inlaiii ipina <pinrieny. i " We can "lily any, that ovcry p'i < "I tlm v-rk beam th?evidence i I ikMacMm kinlti, u><! ' N? \ nmii vln> IimiVii Intu It at oil, <111 lay ltd.iv n rnirlaanly. I til*, arrvi't to In- jp?i| by every il-utm- in the land, ami ovary vrelMn- 1 f 'tnnil n an will tint! I lw?oli underfitliy Im'riictod oy a pcruanl 'I it* pagi-r. Tliie ml*lvy iplrtt ' f pr'-ifr-ea tint i.< orerthro wing tlirtma :<d m<i'-rial l-ntni *' p-l"; n", '- n<<t mur-1 bmnUIiI to n .iiyot tl.eoil tin urieo ar <1 practice il inaJlalno." Prnin the MtttminiKur htv ef.-",l?< i <v luiTlali r.; M a novi-l." II r.O* 'I .v UK'nil til, ii> Arnatr-et, V. V. Cnple mailed"' r- :-j- ?.! adlr- -I n? let*. ? rur mm' m INTtiLMi^iK ttV THE HAILS. WuHiutt"., Aug. 15, 1848. / "i. Imi' Night in the Senate on the Oregon Ihll. *' S'ului iivfiuli e^i'teinu ett le *' We bei.eve this is the motto of Senator Alien; <tud upon thin idea, in our application, that the welfare of the people in the supreme law, we propose to speak, in a brief explication of the live-long Saturday night, on the Oregon b'll It was not one of the' \orte? Ambrosianm," nor one of the nights of the Arabian Tales; but the (lay and the night, and the next morning, were like that day which every theatrical supernumerary honestly believes kto have icon big (I. e ma-nit) with the fate of C.'i'farand of Koine. Saturday, the lJth of August? Saturday night and Sunday morning as an unit?comprehended tb longest, and perhaps th mont important fitting of the Senate since the orga nidation of Congress. True, it wag the r- mlt of that exciting night, when the Texaa annexation w.ixparted hy two whig votes?it had nothing to do with thi) whig tariff of '42, passed by two democratic votes, nor with the democratic tariff of '4tJ, parted by one whig vote; itut the last night oi) the Oregon bill, niglil in aud night out, wax the result of that laH night in the Texax annexation, and of that nigltt of the dd of March. 1HC>; Sunday night, too, wlien. adopting the absolute plan, John Tyler, under cover of darku-es, rent lux messenger down to Texaa, iieurlng in his train all the Lorrorx of death on the pale hone. The war with Mexico, the treaty of ?>?udalupe Hidalgo, the acquisition of a fertile xlip on the I'ncitic audu vaxt interior hunting wilderness, have had, an the legitimate incidents of the l'exan annexation a direct influence upon this last night ou the Oregon bill. Two sessions ago. after the understanding that Oregon fur the North wax to be an olV-et to 1'exax for tha South, a bill from tin House came into the Senate; and then, for the lirxt time, the South ruined the constitutional question of the jurisdiction of Congress over slavery in Oregon Mr. Ilerrieu. of the judiciary committee. held fust to the lull for souie weeks, and thus it was lost. At about the same time. Mr i ulhoun introduced his resolutions, declaring the equal rights of the South to a participation iu the settlement aud benefits of occupation of the territories of the Cnltfd. State*. On the mme day, Mr. lieuton declared those resolution*. "a string of abstractions ?a firebrand thrown into our councils to net the world on tiro " Then tho issue was made hetwec i Mr. Calhoun and Col. teuton, on thu Oregon question; and two sessions after, on Monday morning, at 12 o'clock, 14th August. 1848, at the last hour of thu long Mission, thu eagle of victory perched upon thu banners of Old Bullion. We have nothing now toiay of thu debate of Saturday?of thu conservative speech of Gun. |Houston, coming so gratefully from a Texas Senator; nor of thu fmrv /iruiiunciaiiieiilv of Mr. Calhoun, Mr. Ileroshut V Johnson, Mr Heverdy Johnson, Mr. Koote, and others, during the day; nor of the night speech of that illustrious pleader of the constitution. Daniel Webster, that capacious and mighty intellect of America. It is the scene of the night, and the causes and re suits of the conflict, witii which we have to deal. '1 lie issue, limited to two iiihd, was an issue between Benton and Calhoun. The direct question in dispute was the question of the exclusion of slavery from Oregon. Now. we take it for granted that Col. Benton, Judge Douglass and others, knew the temper of the House in the outset, upon this question at this session. Col. Demon declared that he supported the Clayton bill because the territories wanted governments, and that something was better than nothing. Kvon in their concessions upon thut bill, the South admitted the untensbleness of their position, for they prescribed the legislation of the territories over a question, upon which they asserted they had no power to legislate at all. It is slill our impression, that had the Senate acted promptly in adopting the Missouri compromise, that it might heve passed the House. After the announcement of the AuIThIo liuut, and after the meeting of the Buffalo Convention, the hope was utterly extinguished. And the declaration of the select committee, that the South were not satisfied with the Missouri compromise line, because it gave the lion's share to the North, of itself extinunislieil ranidlv the remaining smirk* of Nrrtbetn generosity, and concentrated the elements of the Wilmot proviso. The very declaration ef oar unequal share betrayed the expectations of the South in the bill of the select committee, and roused the opposition with which the plan was overwhelmed in the House. When the Oregon bill, from the House, was reported by .Mr Douglass, of the Committee on Territories, he lualitied the proviso with the s?lvo that it was because I he territory lay north of the Missouri comrromise line. That was something. Mr. Downs saw that it was iomething. it was an admission of the prinsiple, if not an application of It. Mr. Mason a as not thus to be appeased. lie asked, now, when it was too late, that the compromise line, be carried through to the I'acitic, with the guarantee of slavery south of the line Mr. Douglass moved that as an amendment. Mr Mason was delighted? the South were overjoyed at this concession of the very terms which they had refused. Hut Mr. Douglass looked to the end of the game?he foresaw the action of the House, and that the return of the bill, with the compromise expunged, would limit the question to Oregon and the proviso; and that, after the concessions they had made, every northern man in the Senate, with Denton to head the entire column, would join upon the ordinance for Oregon; and that a government consistent with the expressed wi.h of the people of Oregon, would thus be secured to them, without an apology for conceding their wishes. Now wo come to the point. Tho bill came back without the compromise. A line run 400 miles below Oregon, had nothing to do with Oregon. So said Col. Benton. Dut he voted to submit that line to the House. Why? Because bo knew tiiat the House would reject it, and that, on the return of the bill, the question to recede would bring every man of the North, Mr. Dickinson and all, to tho exact question, and the exact boundaries of Ongon. The House disagreed to tho compromise?they so re ported tbe bill back upon the Senate; and bright and early on Saturday morning, Col. Benton moved torerede. Now. air, this brought him directly to the longimpended issue with .Mr Calhoun, and they both lav t at a flash, and each took his position?the one the dlenslve and the other defensive. Napbleon tells ns hat the secret of victory into attack, and keep your nitagonist constantly on the defensive, The forcee acre skilfully trained on both Hides; but with the lighting of the chandelier, it was evident that the exptdient of postponing the vote wiih the plan resolved upon for defeating the hill. Col Benton promptly reined the lirst Indication of the piny, and the motion to adjourn at twelve at night,by Mr. Turuey, proved that the Senator from Missouri was in for the session or for a vote on the bill. Mr. Butler then moved an exicutive session, on a question, as the motion implied. involving the honor of the Senator from Missouri 'I he object of Mr Butler was. by every expedient of legislation, to stave off tbe Oregon bill to the Inst moment, het us see the sum of the provocation jf this motion. It bns been pretty clearly demonstrated tbat Mr. Duller has sought every favorible opportunity to drive Old Bullion to tbe ultiiia nihil It is understood tbat he ramo here with be avowed object of avenging the wrongs of Mr. Cnlloun, who is as bold as a lion as aleglslator, yet per anally as harmless as a lamb, lie is a non-eomtiatnnt. and Mr. Ilutler, as we understand, imagining that Col llenton had heretofore ta'en advantaj^of this fact, in his discussions with Mr. Calhoun, determined tube avenged in b-balf of his colleague on the tir.-t opportunity. We have remarked that lie has frequently sought to give the Missouri Senator occasion lor a disputation ; hut that the latter, as if aware of the object, has disregarded tbe bait thrown out to catch him. Butfhore was the bill fur Oregon. Col. Benton, In his well-known letter, had pledged the people of Oregon that they should have a government 'the bill was balanced in the scales. 'I he Iofs of an hour might lose the bill, and give the triumph to Mr. ' alboun.| Mr. Mason, as well ns Mr. Berrien, seconded the motion for an execuLive .-esslon. Mr. Mason has a relative (Col. Mason) n California, who had some difficulty with Kremont, 'Xteriding to the vergu of a duel. Mr. Muson opposed :he California claim*, as reported from the Military Committee; and even after the bill passed the Senate, an limn reason to suppose that <olonel Denton believed it was South t'aroliua and Virginia influence ill at defeated it In the House. We hare reason to believe that all then? things flashed at once upon the niludoff oh.m l Denton, with the motion for an executive ses-iou, to sit in judgment on his conduct. It looked like a conspiracy to tie him up hand/and foot, as the readiest means of defeating the bill. Hence, the lie so emphatically giveu It transferred the matter of the.executive session to another arena, and kept the Oiegon hill in the Held. Mr. Duller believed that the publication of the regoLutions was no doubt a violation of the orders of the Senate; but a close inspection of the rule will show that It does not apply to the publication by a Senator of what he may propose in executive session, bat to executive papers, he. Disgraceful as many may consider the indignant and excited response of Colonel Bcuton, to the motion lor his trial with closed doors, it strikes us that it secured the final success of the bill for Oregon, it was the ciisls of the contest, it rallied the wavering, and secured the undecided; andfrom that moment, the Senaovfrom Missouri bad the question of prolonging theseslion till Monday morning at his option; and on an apical from Mr. froote. he gave the Senate to understand, l.iii the vt,to must be had, or the res-ion ooulioued uu11 ihe I nal hour on Monday. With this declaration le left all the inolloDS to adjourn in the care of Mr Brri'M', who stood faithful stiitiml during the night, and slipped off Into a side r< oni Itswleep during die long speech of Mr. Koite. expecting the battle to be maintained till Mondayjmoruiiig.^ At eight o'clock. M . on Sunday, .Mr > ulee, in wtmi ?i tun ouuiu. rave up tlic battle. <>t<l Bullion ?ie triumphant, an<l iiis word to the pc nple <>t Ori son in icdeemsd. W e agree with tjeu. Houston. that Texas and OreSon wne twin ii?ti rs ; tliat it understood, that In giving Taxes to the South, Oregon wan to be given to ll.e North ; end that the Wilir proviso for Oregon en.-hut the redemption of > understanding. We pgiro will) <?f n Houston, .hat it was not the policy of the South topiteh tiie tents of their crusade upon the shorts of Tugi t's Sound. We agree with Mr. Calhoun, ll.t the Soutl. nevirwlU -iMTer it'elf to be degraded in Ibe I'nion: and we agree with President Pullt. that this act is no degradation. Wc agree with Mr. Benton, t at the I nion Is strong as the gulf stream, and cannol be divided by a chain We agree with Mr. Koete. lliut if Old Zack pledges himself to veto the Wjlmot pioviso. be will not get the State of New Work; lint while we advocate the rights of the South to t tliare in the new territoilesj we rejrree that ll <' | ' ? 1> ? 'if Orc^ull - nil tllflMU' lll p.v?pi.7 ,ruu, I lie >l?vc Xtnln and the fn-o Statr* a WorKinn ? !?;? , h ifnoj people, a people w iitfcy of baring II fl r ?i I ( irwpri-tfd , i people worthy of thla re. public. a brave educated, and -'"cipliuHd people, n u< inn ui.ltj of our own ptopl ~WM rnjoioe that ?uob a j i <ple, on the ?h'iiv* ot * "' raoflfc. here been an?vt n d by lh'- vi-rtir "n "< Atlantic border; tl at i.ct < lily ?i- protected, but that tholr r j"'"* J ' *>'>* P**?pl? nr* entitled u, re.

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