Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1848 Page 3
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J / fltoie. New bnl d<D?*. t Y.n- s ory Intnrel *4w?: It F - f.CO? t . 243. o? by Aopnrtn* rocnnted by Royal Cn.ell Si l nit Ltd by Wll.iaui lilcC'laaby and occupied by Cowell. V'9, Engine Ilru c N'n b ?67. turn II ?roi btill'lintr o?'ned by Joel B Nott,und titt up < <1 by Patrick .mituy 265 I'htrlM < ooper T Kinn 261, War Cooper ; fere.vol and Cook, and Courttiybt. occupaute 249,247. J. A. Living-ton. Jan. W'Olntry 246, Mary A Kii>ir. Martin Dorley. 243 sums owner. C(l. Carroll. 241, runic owner. Mr*. Marty. 289 i a in e J h n luff n?y 287, heirs of James Lagrange, occupiod by Mrs Brrnani 2S6, 14*06, Michael Can ill' 283, owned and occupied by Dr. Cox. 231 owned by Dr. ( ox, and occupied by John Watcher. 229, heirs of Samuel Wiewull, occupied by Riley and others 127, fame owners, J. f>. Kelly occupant. Friend Humphrey, David Nelluau. Mr. N. had a value ble library. He moved it into Union street, but that building took fire, and the library was lost, with every thing elce. 223. 221, same owner, occupied by F. Mickey and others 217, 210, John T.Cooper, occupied by J. MCau-hen, grocer. 216, John B. J amen. B Kelly. 213, do T. Kearden. 211, 209, John O. While's coal office, shed . lie. 206, 207, A. A. Laming'* heirs, cueupi d by N. Osborn 203. 201. same, and occupied by John Fay. 107. 100, estate of F. Bloodgood, occupied by Knowlton & Barlow. aoanwAT?east side, between Hudson and hamil ton ithects. Townsend House, occupied by H. C. Low, total loss, building owned by John Townsend, Jun.; stores occupied by John John*, boot and shoe store, Davy h Darby, taller*. K. N. Newtan. do., Wa. Thorn, do. L?ss $26,000. Insurance $11,000. 366. owned by John Trotter, occupied by Richard waraweii. 350, owned by do, occupied by John H. Anderson fru t store. 360 end 361, owned|hy Alexander Marvin, oeenpied by WaitbVernam Lo-s $20,000. Insured $18,000. 367, F. Blocdgood's estate, cocupivd by Wadley b Fuller, insured $6,000, loss heavy. 365 same estate occupied by Wn. P. Homer. 863. owned by Brown & Weed, occupied, by A. Avery; loss $6,0( 0, insured $4,750. 861, same owners, occupied by Dr. Pulling. 340, cornir Broadway and Division, owned by G. V. S. Bleceker. occupied by Morse b Swart 857. owned by do., occupied by T. 8 Foot. 348, 345, owned by John F. Townsend, the Odeon then're. 330 341. owned by E. Dorr, ooeupied by Montross. 337, estate of W. James, occupied by I. White. 336, do. do. M. Delahanty. 388, owned by J. R Bleecker, occupied by J. b S. Newbury, clothing store. 829, owned by do., occupied by Metier. 827, owned by Jas. M. French, occupied by MoHarg. 325. do. do J. Fredenrich. BROADWAY?WEST SIDB. 376, Wm. J. Fryer, building and goods entirely destroyed. 328, same owner and occupant, Fryer b Co., dry gcods. 330, same owner, occupied by shoe store. 836, 834, W. T. Meeick, occupied by MeCabe as dry got ds. 336 H. J. Mesiek, J. b J. Enrick, as dry goods. 638, 340, same owner, and ooeupied by him as dry goods. 842, F. G. Myer. Mr. Shloss, occupant. 844, same ow er. Occupied by Lloyd b McMickin, saddlers. 846, 8. Hitchoock. Occupied by David Coe, dry goods. 848, same owner. Occupied by J. Osborne, shoe store. 860, Isaac Newton. Ooeupied by H. Blatner, dry goods. 860, same. Misses Newton, milliners. 364, B. Gould. Occupied by Seth Crapo. 366, 858, Mary Laisdell. Occupied by Lasell b Meadon, dry goods. 860. 362. Lemuel Steele. Occupied by L. Steele b Co., paper hangings. 804. 300, W. E. & H. Bleeeker. Wm. .Mitchell, occupant. liquor store. 368,370, H. Bleeeker. Herrick b Snell, occupants, *hoe and hat atorea. 872, R. C. Russell. Robinaon b Dwlght, occupants, shoe store. 374, sano owner, occupied as dry goods store. 370 378; owned by Oliver Steele, occupied by Daniel Dunie. as a bookstore, and Wade b Carroll, as a shoe atore. D Steele insured for (GoOO, and Wade b Carroll tor $2600 in foreign companies. 380. owned by Lydia Russell, and occupied by Stephen Meaiek, aa a dry goods store. 282 owned by Mrs. Darling. A. Blair, upholsterer, occupant. 284. owned by P. b J. I. Boyd. W. B. Emerson, occupant, dr/goods store, 886. same owner, and occupied by Thos. Boyd, as hat store. 288, owned by John Knower, occupied by J,P. Mitchel. as a shoe store. 380. same owner, and occupied by S. B. Ellithrop as hat store. 282, same owner, occupied by Oeo. Rankin as shoe store. BOOADWAT, BELOW HAMILTON ST?WKST BIDE. Eagle Tavern, owned by Philip 8. Van Rensselaer, and occupied by Houghton b Acker. Much ot furniture saved. 316. same owner, occupied by Sumner Dickinson, stone cutter. 3 story biick. 314. same owner, Wm. Smith, harness maker. 812. same owner. Hand and Murther, soda bottlers. 310 same. Joseph Chatterson. tailor. 308. tame, Geo Morgan, barber. 306. mme owner, U. 8. Hotel, 4 story brick, occupied by Geo Huddleatoa. 282. 280)4. 280> owned by Henry T. Mesick. and occupied byAnurew Wyer tobacconist; Geo. O. Peters, cabinet maker, and Henry Switeier, barber. 288. J. filakewell, of New York, and oocupied by Arthur Quinn, tinman. 284. 286. owned by Francis Quinn, and oooupied by him as a tavern. 272. 274, Bertie's building ; only one saved on this block. 266, 268. owned by Wm. McCaskey ; not flnlahed. 264, 262, owned by Cornelius Vosburgh ; nearly iniehed. 260, 264. The Old Fort Orange plot. Buildings newly finished. Destroyed by late lire. 242, 244, 240. Columbian Hotel, owned by H. G. Wheaton, and ocoupled by Patrick Kelly, Johnson and thars. 236 owned by John H. Harbeok, 2 story, occupied by Jobn L. Johnton. 234, 232, soma owner, occupied by Geo. Anderaon and Oscar Dunham oon -n-il, .iila i\t T.vfiiiiM A 2 storv wooden build lag. owned by John Drown, occupied by Peter Welob. 228, Munoownor; occupied t by W. Johnoon. 220, tame owner ; occupied by Peter Manning. 224, tameownar; occupied by Mr. Boham. 222, fame owner: occupied by I. MoMannue. 220. 218. owned by H. O. W hem ton; occupied by Ann Mink and L. Hoetiyan. 214, 210. Throe Ftory brick; owned by Mr. M. Byrne, and occupied by hfui. 212, 210 Nebemlah Oeborn; occupied by Meier*. Van HeUFen It Miller. 208 Heire of H. Allen; David A. Hawley. 200, 204. 202, owned by John Brown, and occupied by Frirdenbam and othere 200, corner Herkimer; owned by Jobn S. Miller, and occupied by 8. P. Benton. cHcacH iTirtr?kait una. 84. ,16.38, owned by H G. Wheaton, and occupied by 6. B. Jobneon, B. P. Hilton, and Mre. Moore. 40, owned by J. H. Harbeck, and occupied by Thoe. Taylor 48. 60. John Brown; oocupied by Kelly and other*. 62 64. 66, owned by H. G Wheaton, and ocoupled .by Frlebee, Butler, aud Mre. Rockenetyer. 60. owned by N. Of born; W. Blake and other*. 60, owned and occupied by Samuel Fergtuon, two etory brick front. 62, owned and occupied by P. Templeton. 64. N. Wright, occupied by Mre Fenner. 66. J. G Tyler; Ijttnb and Maley. 68. owned and occupied by W. 8. Hlckey. OHt'BCH KtMF.KT?*MT HUB. I, 3. 6. 7 Owned by Wilkin*. aud occupied by Mre. Vaudrrlip, blieha Blancbard aud other*. 9. John ituid". paiuter, noineurance. II. J O. liaigbt boiler maker, no inaurance. 13. Wm Brown, ?iiver plater 16 17, 19, 21 and 23, owned and oeeupled by Daniel C'urliF* a* a Biilanma factory and brae* foundry? loFe2or J..TOOO ; by Knht Dwelley a* irtnaohine chop ; by Moeeley and Irmt-hirr * a cabinet shop ; by Sly It l.iudcnbourk. file cutter*: bv P. Steven*, Wood tur ner j by Lamb'a foundry In rear? $400 Innurtnot Mr. Curt la* la injured (1600 in Albany Mutant and $400 In New Jeney Co. 26. owned by Angela \mea, and occupied by Chaoabio It Klmendorf. coach maker*. 27. 2#. miiic ; Thou Karrel occupant 31. 33, 36, 27, Two atory dwelling*,by Hurdle Blanebard, llubbell and Klbbee, and owned by Abaalom Towuaend * "}!' *'i'" Baker'a ftable* ; occupied by Halatcd. 47. 1 wo alory wood, owned by Dr. Petar McNaarhton. 41.63, till* Norman, occupied by crowie* a >? ? 66. beireofJae Vauderpool, Mre Agaew and others, occupant* . , 67, 50. 61. 63 owned by Jo*. Strain, a* candle factory, office. dwelling bouae, be , beary loei, bat la euppoeed to be pretty well ineured. diaoonal ?rar.*T. 1 owned by O. Steele, occupied by A. '|*?rord. 3, Paul Clark e eetate, occupied by A.? Wallace aa a etable. fwiow arnBCT?*a*t ?i nr??**L 2, Taul ( lark'e eetate, occupied / Lurt? " Jer 4, 6 and R *anie, occupied by p'Sheldon, Wm. Haryev. fcoae* Burn* . , , 10, owned by .lea De Foreit,/)uP1*d bT Buaton. 12. Auburn Society. ' . 14. owned and occupied 16. owned by J. ,\| Wood n * Snow 1R and 20, name, ocon/1 b* Mta" Bowner and 22 owned by P C agger *WM,',',,d bT J. Cadcll "'oZibjli hy w whit* t MOW ITtttT-WCT T0 HAMILTOW. 6, owned by John T f' ?CCU R Bowera. 7, do d? / do Mra Kprakar. ? do do / do Jaa. MeCarty. HAW.Libf ' 3 and 6, owned by Ve.^umL?* ?uUh boarding house, ?nd/* nu??>? of famillaa. I,arg? bllhdowKned hy W./r,,r' cooupl#d by Frfooaaa and otber*. / ^ JJ; ye ne?d byfckhMn> oacupled by J. Lcary. 21, ow ni d and occupied by I! H'tfacr I 21, M K'oa? owmrimd occupant 25, niiJo i W uue owner and ooruiHnt. 27. A r b i M ('T> :ir !lst, li II. ,Viwtin oeaupivd In L. Well* .tud other*. | 31, Mine. Jar e? Vurry. occupant. Ii-1, C. Daane, Vrp. ''lurk, ocenperit. 35. A M l r. i*. .17. H. Huuiptmy Win Twiner, occupant. 39, tamo. E Di I' r??t. jfriic-ry In Vf4ION r N MT? BOIlT II SIDE. No 1. 3, S Weed. o>d 8tore houee*. 3J$. Brown & Miech. etore. 25, JoLn Trotter, dwelling. 27. Levi Steele relate; i roup*>it. widow Steele. 29. J?lilt Vail 6'rlmai k. owuer and occupant 31. S Dure occupied by Dure ami other* 33. Lewi* Lewie, occupied by .lainea Hindi 36, fame owner, tieo r.umuiing* cecupant. HAMILTON ?Tlli:4T-IOU! 11 SIPE No. 4. Cortland Viiti Henffeluer owner, Oen. Marvin occupant. 6. fame owner, Mathew T llallenbeck occupant. corner of Liberty, livery mahiv, owned by r. s. Van Rerveelaer (', Dexter uccupaut No. 28, 30. estate of Arch Craig, Win. Smith occupant 32, John Duvendorf owner, Mr. Bonnet occupant 34. lame owner. Mr Soott, and other*, occupant*. 36. fimu owner, John bbart* occupant. 38. *?m? owner Ri zendorf und Halleck occupants. The fire wa* checked here, in thi* direction, by the effort* of the ttremcn, aided by Gould's workmen; whose extentdTe coach fuctory was thus eared. DIVISION STKKtT-IOl'TH HUB. 2. D. Saunders. Occupied by T. F. White, as pump and block shop. 4 O. V. 8 Bleecker. Tiirnellh Co., grocers. 26, K Loyd. J. McCulloch', oceupvnt. 28 S. B Iiowefc S Robinson 8. B. ilowe, occupant. 30, M liawe. Occupied by self. 32, J. M. Woodward. Occupied by Jo*. Duffy. HUDSON STREET?SOUTH BIDE. 28. John Knower. 30, same owner. Ml** Burnett, milliner, occupant. 32. pame owner. J N. Nurd. 34, same owner. 8 tiro**, leather store. LIBERTY STREET, BETWEEN HUDSON END HAMILTON'? EAST SIDE?MOSTLY UWKLLINOI. 2, owned by John Koower, and occupied by S. Go**, Jr. 4. owned by I'. & J. Boyd, and occupied by A. Low. This building was blown up. 6, owned by W. S. Rues, and oocupied by George Bancroft. 8, owned by O. Steele, and occupied by T. S. Foote. 10, owned by R C Russell, same occupants. 12. owned by H. Bleecker, occupied by K. R. Nawdon. 14. owned by W. & II. Bleecker, occupied by Geo. Cuyler. 16. owned by L. Steele, occupied by self as a storehouse. 18, owned by J. H. Ten F.yck, and oocupied by G. T. Ladew. 20. owneffby Cbas. D. Goold, and occupied by J. R. Bentley. 22, owned by Isaac Newton, and ooonpled by Mrs. Judd. fli AMnA<l k? C XI UUakw/i/vlr anil /miaiimU/I V. T I Davis and others. 26. owned by Mr. Nash of Troy, and occupied by J. S. llenshaw. LIHERTY STREET?EAST SIDE. No. 38, John T.Crew, C. Dexter occupant of dwelling. 40, Francis Quinn, C. Hagaman, occupant. 42. Isaac Denniston, W. Cowell, do. 44, do. Wm. Ilanse, do 62, 64, Stark's boiler shop. Loss $13,000, insuranoe $8 000 66,68, Robert C. Russell, woodeu building, occupied by Hawes as cooper shop. 60, same, occupied by F. B. Topley. 62, 64 66. 68, Angelo Ames, three story brick, occupied by Messrs. Lansing, Blanchard, C. Elmendorf and Misses Tappan. 70, 72, J. W. Taylor, Mr. Hopper and Mr. Jones occupants. LIBERTY STREET, WEST SIDE?PWELLINOS No. 9, owned by T. Guest, and occupied by F. Valiant. 11, owned and occupied by T. Martin. 13. owned by Mrs. Spencer, and ocoupied by Lucy Fargo. 16, owned by John Trotter, and ocoupied by P. Hagstaff. 17, same owner, and occupied by C. H. De Long. 21, owned by J. L. Lloyd, New Vork, and occupied by 8. B. Moore. 23, owned and occupied by Wm. Hawe. 26, owned and ocoupied by Henry Lucky. LIBERTY STREET, WEST SIDE, BETWEEN HAMILTON AND | HERKIMER. No. 31, owner, John Desendorf. Geo. McBrlde and I others, occupants. ?3, same owner. Wm. Johnson and others, occurant. 37, 39, C. Dexter. F. HiU and other*, occupants 41. Heir* ot Mr*. Hewgon. John Duhaize, occupant, i 43, 45, Matthew Craven owner. Occupied by himtelf. 47, John Jenkins owner. Occupied by himself. 49, same owner. H. IV. Snyder, occupant. 61, Henry T. Meiick owner. T. Jervin, occupant. 63, fame owner. John W. Johnston, occupant. 66. Fllis Baker owner. Nobert Nixon, oocupant. 67. Win. Dlggs, owner. Darid Slolt, occupant. 60, Martin Stead. Owned and oo. by himself. 63. Matthew iiawes, cooper's shop 66. John W. Taylor, owntr, A Foskctt occupant. VNION HTBKT?RAIT SIDE, FROM HAMILTON TO LVDIVS. 30, John Dexendorf owner, Margaret Ayres occupant. 32, same owner, A. B. Root occupant. 34. same owner. Mrs Huyck ocoupant, boarding bouse 3d same owner. Simeon I.odowick occupant. 36>|. game owner. W. N. Adams ocoupant. 38, Mis* Rena Newton owner, Dyer Newton oocu- j pant. 40, Barent S. Boyd owner. John Byrnes, occupant, i 42, Cornelius Vosburgh. owner and occupant. 44. B. S. Boyd, owner and occupant. 40, Lawren Fwing, owner and oocupant. 48, Robt. C. Rusnell owner. Thos. S. Goodwin occupant 62. Abram James, owner and occupant. 64, H N. Dean owner. (J W. Benjamin ocoupant. 36, C. Hepinstall, owner and occupant. 68. Widow Becker, owner and occupant. 60, Stephen J. Rider owner. Win. Lappeus and others occupants. 62, same owner. Joseph Prime occupant. 64, same owner. Mr. Deyermand occupant. 66, same owner. Wm. Smith occupant. DENNISTON STREET?NORTH SIDE. U. S. Hotel stable. OL-TII SIDE. 8, Scmantha May, owner and occupant. LVDIVS STREET?NORTH.SIDE. 7, James Cox owner. John Barnard oocupant. 9, same owner, John Rowland oocupant. 11. same owner, James Keley occupant. 27. John H. ilarbeck owner, John Reed and others oscupaits 29. Fills Baker owner. Ueerge Anderson oocupant. 11 nwni,* M i" Pat tit uml nthnr nnDii nanta 33. rime owner, Mr. Hughes occupant. 36. Fame owner. Mr. Dumb and others oconpan^. 37. Fame owner, Mr. Haloted occupant; stables. 3D. John W. Taylor owner, Cbarlee Watta and ! others occupants. 41, E. T. Mesick, owner and ocoupant. 43. same owner, J. Krjer. occupant 45, same owner. Fox k Smith, carpenters. 47, S. J. Kider, owner; Mrs. Kewln, occupant. i.yoivs street? 'oi th 8ioe. 0, estate of S Wtswell; Luke Marlow, ocoupant. 8. same owner; J Nevill, occupant. 12, same owner; P. Hngbee and others, occupants. 14, same owner; J. RHey and others, occnpants. 18, owned and occupitd by Franeis Malburn. 20. same owner, occupied by Jamas Hitohcock, and others. 22, same owner, occupitd by W. Slawson and others. 24, owned by estate of Robert Morrow, occupied by Weber fc Selkirk. 28. 30. 32. 34 and 38, owned by Peter McNaugton, occupied by D. 8. Davis. tirt>aceoni?t. 38. owned by John Hermans, occupied by W. 8. Mcintosh. 40, owned and occupied by J. I. Wendell. 42, same owner, occupied by Petes Van Loon. bleecrkr street * No. 8. owned by Henry James, occupied by E. Harty and others. 6. same owner, occupied by ? Hart asd others. 13. owned by Elisa Norman, occupied by Mr. Me- I Omnia. 16. owner and occupant, M. O'Hanlon. 17, owner and ocoupant, N. Mulany. blckcarn street?south side. No 14, James Vanderpoels heirs, occufied by P Hewitt and others. Id, Jos. Henshaw, oocupied by J. Chessbro and other*. 18. ?ame owner, nod occupied by bim. 20. ,M. MeOrath, occupied by Mr Butler 22, do do. J McDonoagh 24. L Merchant, do. J O. Hatgkt 26, W A. Carr, do. A. Dwelly. 28. L. U Hoffman, do. S. B. Ktllthorpe hcrrimrr itakkt?worth (id*. Small rtable, between Quay and Broadway, where 1 tbe fire commenced. No 33. T. Hill, occupant* Mr*. Winnek King. 36, T Hill. i>*LLira rtrfrt?*a?t iidk. No*. 2,4, 0. o*uyiby B. Hoffman, and occupied by 11, W. Mead.- ? ? *?*ley,1 K i in, iv, 18, burnt in the Tbe lo*?e* by tbe different fire insurance companie*. a* far a* we can learn, are a* follow*-? Albaiy...... ..... $a00,U00 City, (N, Y.) N Jl.fldn | nretnen a I Ainany) .. 70.WU Hartford 31,000 Mutual, do 36,000 Aitna. (Hartford) , 22,UQn N. Y. Mutual Safety ,, ?0,HIU I'm taction, do N'orUiAnirricaii,(N.Y.) 2.1.IJO0 Morthweatern. de IMOn National, do... 14 000 Camden, (N.J.) 90,OOq Equitable, do... 14,000 Ijexlngton (Ky) COOq | There companies, it ia believed, are ?U able to meet | their heavy liabilities Oar own companiea, though i M flerlng eeverely, will pay all claim* upon them. At the niggoatlon of m-veral citUena, a meeting will 1 he held at the Capital, thla evening, at 7X o'clock, for j the ptirpoae of affording relief to the poor who have been left houaeleaa and dealitntc by the Are yeater- I dny. 'i he old Albany Inrnranre lnaea heavily by yeaterd*) a conflagration. Ita eetlmate la from >176.000 to >210.000 '1 hi* company had paid >76.000 for loaeea nnee Janotwy. It will pay all now, ami go on. Ita rxp'tal ia > !< o.OOO. which, until now. waa unimpaired. 'J he < omptroller, we are happy to learn, haa directed Mr Adam*, the Canal Superintendent, to remove the hulka, botti ma. and fragment* of veaiela, tow-boata, canal boatr, kc., k.c . which wnro burnt In the baain. i Thla atep waa demanded for the protection of canal navigation, rot Ufa than for the lntereata of onr ' cc mmere.e And by aotlng thua promptly the expenae of removing thee* obatrncliona will be comparatively trifling. ' j We are authorised to Bay that the Mutual Inan- j rnnce < ompany paya all Ita loaaea by yaaterday'a Are < and tin touud. I Tia I. r. IfBIT IMTKl?LHil *? The lJrrlliiatlnii of Onifrnl Shl? Ida WoiiMUTt.N, AuiiUnt 10, 1818. | On Monday laet the 8>ori tary of Statu sout a tele j graphic despatch to (l> ncral Shields, advising him o' Lin ?ppoiutnient as Uorcruor of Oregon; tlio despatch wttii taut to the pout master of St Louis, to bu for. warded to lliu General'* address. I barn that a dusj at ol> lias been received an nounciug that Cieaural i Shields declined the appointment. Ho < ItcU Bourosi, August 11'. 18 8 ? The sales below were chiefly etlecti d before it kriown that the steamer whs below, at New York, with later news. The news ( arrived too late by tub graph, to affect the markets , here. Before the news, sale* of 1500 barrels flour were ; made, at f 5 25 a 5 87>* for assorted New York and Western brands, common to fair quality. Corn?Sales of 10.000 bct-he * were made, at file for mixed ami at 07c for yellow Rye-260 bushels were made, at 7.">e | Oats? Sales of 6000 bushels were made, at 45c. There | wan no change In other articles. t'lly Intel Ijjenec, Depasture or (Itsmit. Wool.?ThlH distinguished soldier left the oity at 7 A. M., yesterday, for Troy, under escort of the Troy Citizens Guard, Captain ' Pierce, and the New York City Guards, Captain j McArdle An immense crowd followed to the boat, ' and three hearty cheers were given. Scene around the Docks.?To those who spend the i whole of tbelr time in the more fashionable portions of the city, a stroll along the docks in the neighborhood of Washington Market, would afford great amusement. There is every variety of business carried on. and the gouging principle 1* fully carried out. The most amusing sight Is to watch the movements of the dealers in old clothes, of whom there are not a few, and their entire visible stock is tied up in a common c< tton handkerchief consisting of a coat and pantaloons, which, after having been worn out, undergo the operation of renovation, and oome out glossy and sleek, though filled with darns and patches. They are purchased by these wharf dealers, whe anxiously watch until they fix their eyes upon some countryman, who looks as though he might be easily gulled. One of the pedlars, a tall, rawboned son of Erin, with a suit of hair of a bright mahogany color, and, by the at trading, was, some days sinoe, standing at the corner of West and Warren streets, soon after the arrival of one of the Albany boats, when he saw rather an awkward looking customer coming off the pier. lie followed closely after his vletim, and when near the corner or Murray street, gently touoneu him upon the shoulder The countryman turned around, when (the pedlar addressed him with " Boss, I an' can ye tell me where the pawn shop in ?" The man , replied that he was a stranger, and could not tell him. The pedlar knowing bow to excite the sympathy of 1 the green one. commenced wringing his bands, and, in a kind of half cry, exclaimed. " An' what'll I do, | wbat'll 1 do ! I'm a sthrangerin the country, and not a penny to my name ; I was just after finding the pawn shop to get some money on a suit of clothes, which I paid four sovereigns for in the ould counthry, and I niver had 'em on my back but three times since I had 'em. An' may be you'd be afther buying 'em, misther : what'll ye give me for 'em He here diow his bundle from under his arm, and placing it upon the head of a barrel, began to open the clothing; but they were so soon again tied up that it was impossible to examine them. The countryman was quite pleased with the glossy appearance of the garments, and remarked that he wouldn't mind buying if he could get 'em cneap At this expression the Irishman caught in an instant, and the next word was? ' An'what'll ye give me for'em?" The poor fellow picked up the bundle, and, turning it over two or three times, replied, " Well. 1 guess I can afford to give you five dollars for all in the bundle. " Five dollars! 'An how many sovereigns is that ?" answered the pedlar, as though ignorant of the amount. Being told it was about one sovereign, he positively refused, saying, " 1 can get three sovereigns ?+ .Vs. >? TV,, w dnnlln /-?f ' OUUJ,. imj UU.?I.J. ?>CI o "1 the sorrows of the poor "sthranger," Agreed upon eight dollars, when out came a dirty-looking pocketbook, containing about twenty dollars, and the amount counted out in one dollar bills. The pedlar, picking up the money and looking at it, said, "An' I know nothing of your paper money ; couldn't you give it to me in goold or spacie ?" The victim of the bargain looked up into the face of the pedlar, and exclaimed, " No; why, that's good as gold ? pasti current any where in York.'' He then put it into bis pocket, and said. " Well, if It ain't good, I know where 1 got it; an' I'll give you the bankercby into the bargain." At this, the countryman was very much pleased, and placing bis bundle under bis arm. started down the street. He had not proceeded far, when he met an acquaintance, to whom he related his bargain, and opeued tho bundle to show it, when, to his utter astonishment, the clothing which be bought for new was patched in every part, and actually not worth the tioublo of carrying home. They both, tbcnstaited off in pursuit of the pedlar, declaring thev would give him " the devil but he was not to be round. He could bo seen about half an hour after, however, some two or three blockB from the plsce where the first bargain was consummated, with another bundle, looking out for another customer. ri:sHips in Arciknt oh a vs. y a rd.?In almost every part of the city where persons have been making excavations, there have been found human bonne, though within tbe ri collection of the oldest inhabitant, there were never burying places in those sections where such things ure found; neither can any record be found to that effect. \\ ben the laborers were excavating the cellar unUer Stewart a store, there were several bones found, which presented tbe appearance of having been long in tbe earth ; as were also some found In an excavation in 16th street, during last summer. The hou-e No. 1-18 Greenwich street is now undergoing re- { pairs, and the cellar is being made deeper. A gentleman, passing a lew days since, made some examination of the improvements under progress, when he discovered a part of a skull, and a part of the bone of an arm. both of which were partially decayed, and presented tbe appearance of having been long buried ? i lie sunn 10 very singularly termed, ine o?ck pari being remarkably full, and. speaking phreuologically, showing a large developemeut of the animal organs, while the crown is high and broad. The front is almost entirely flat, presenting more the appearance of a flathead Indian than anything else. The arm bone is very short and thick, and very much decayed, more so than the skull, and looks as though it had been lunger under the ground. There Is no one who can recollect that section as a burial place, though it might have been used for such purpose in the days of the settlement of the city, or been the depository of the dead among tho aborigines. Fiat.?A Are broke out about 7 o'clock on Friday evening, in the Building No. Id Orange street, which was put out with trifling damage. A tire broke out also at 2 o'clock yesterday morning, in tbe grocery store at the corner of Pike and Henry streets, which was extinguished before any material damage was sustained. Si'rrosED Suk'idk.?The coroner held an inquest yesterday, at the foot of Warren street, on the body of an unknown man who was found floating in the slip, and, when lifted on the dock, he was discovered to be a man of about 25 years of age, dressed in a black dress coat, black silk figured vest, under shirt, cotton shirt with linen bosom, black cassimere pants, open fronts, cotton drawers, cotton socks, and tie shoes ; no whiskers, dark brown hair, and, withal, of a very genteel eppesrauce His hands were tied with a wbite silk handkerchief, leaving them about ten inches apart, evidently done by bimselffor the purpose of self destruction it appears from the testimony taken by tbe coroner, that on Tuesday night, about 2 o'clock, three girls of disrepute were sitting on the dock with two men, and while there, they saw a man pass down tbe pier to the end, and shortly afterwards they heard the cry of murder, or help, aud saw him splashing _about in the water. A boat was obtained, and just as 'they were nearing tbe drowning man, he sauk, and was not again seen. This body is supposed to be the same man The body was placed in tho dead house, during yesterday, for recognition ; bnt up to a late hour, the body was not recognized, and was, therelire. sent to Potter's Field. The Jury rendered a verdict thlk.1 he came ?n hil (teeth hi- eiltei.le he Fatal Accident ?A man. by the name of John Power*, lending at No. 'J81 Mulberry street, in this city, was instantly killed yesterday morning by the falling of a derrick at Atlantic Dock. Brooklyn. Police Intelligence: /{tinning OJj with another Man'i Wife.?Officer Coyle, of the 1st ward, arrested yesterday a Dutchman by the name of Christian Klgster. on a charge of running off with the wife of Jacob Schmidt, a resident of New Brunswick, New Jersey It appears that Kltxa beth Schmidt took a fancy to one of her boarders, Mr |fclgster, starting with him for New Vork, bringing with them some f44M> of Jacob Schmidt's money. Mr. | Scbmidt followed them on to New York, and procured the aid of the above officer, who caught them both on board the Hoboken ferry boat. The greater portion of ( the money was recovered, and Justice Lothrop commlllxl tV.M kAik rn. . r?.1 ? ??? wvmi wvu iur m i HTiunr rAftllll UftllUO. | MoTtawnti of DWtlngulslirrt Individual*. Among the arrival* at the Atlantic House, we notice the name* of Ueneral Worth and family, Colonel Boblnn and family, Commodore Vanderbilt and other officer* of the army and navy Our town 1* full of tranger* at the prevent time. ? Newport Herald, Jluguit 18. Political Intclllfcncv Vermont and Free {Soil.?The free oil advocates in Vermont have nominated for Governor Oscar L. Shafter; and for Lieutenant Governor, Luke P. Poland. Insurrection in Siam.?We sec it stated in an Eighth paper, that there has been a serious disturbance in Bangkok, the oapltal of Slam. Accord ng to ttla account, an emtute occurred among the Chi vooiu lunv ciij. wuu lire yery numerous ; ana iWO batthe were fought between the innurgcnta and the Niameie authorltle*. In the former of which 300 Chi- J neae ware killed, and In the latter 1000. Since these j li< alleged that there ha? been an Indie- 1 criminate mairacre of dome {>000 person*. We glee the ( tatcment Jtut n we find it. having no mean* of deciding how much truth there Id in It.?Hooton Travel- ' ler, .tug. 17. A flro took place on Tuesday night about 11 o'clock. The house, out building*, kc , together with a large c quantity of grain, the property of Dr. Charle* King, ' were entirely consumed ?Newark Eagle. The Cheajwet ami Bent Place In the Cltjr to ret good Boot* Shoe* and tlaltera, ii nt Jones, 14 Annstrest, near theMnsenm. Ill* KatFteneh Boole, M AO: aeenad quality, 1 {Mi MAO to |4i Congrrdd Monte, from $3 AO to M Il Oevrrnor Yottnft, the tlovernorof the Boat * lad M?o Tiade, I* * llina t<ia Iwat French calf hoota f?r $1 .V), sold n other aioiea I r ft> anu f 7 ; fine calf aewed boot* f .1 usually ? |< A> m il $A; patent leather ralter* and ehoea, eqiixUy low. All >?r frier.dd should act their hootaand shoe*-", kc., of V u-a. corner irrofluitoaaadMaaaao atrveta. 'iuK 1MX fUK. " Hn'l-tiii Th* CnmbrlM hni arrlvrd. II?-r , no* f, < aiaincd in Ti'i> paper*. la in'an 4*4 in tci ira the pul>lr?, i mil to Jap a. the num "fir luij Coilmi m tni?? aociirnnl, tlie ppeiee rmi'lu' ?hi?h can ant ha slated, as the jutrintin I i urna'a i?'? all iu| jo. ? d. Uut inomi eveuta, ntl in Mm ttsht if < nr |i?v o?ia i furn ft'Inn, are all niamnnlg,r. Tho ?I:iJu mttran am 4|?4 has bran *rn|il ytnl tut a aeek in at- ! ti-n j U In air at 'ha leaders, without aHectteg n sing's eap'nre1 hi ie leadais liavi adovied ibu timet tflrclual room* and * ill bu iiiitaibiul. Ma uur appiab. He urge upon our friends 1 n i viry i ii t nf thu lluion iin nijit and continued action. houihr IMMKT. jahki w. wiiitk. I (> ! liVuK, mimiAH. T. O'CONNOR. Ill h A ( h TIKiMaSIIAYKH, JdllN lliKll'N, B\RTMOI,nM IYOVONNOR, IVreotory of the Friends of Ireland. New York, August 18. IHH. COMMBRt'lAL AFFAIRS. HONKY NAHKKT Saturday, Angust 1U_A P, H. Tbc steamship Cambria from Liverpool, brings seven | days later intelligence from all parts of Furope. 1'pto tbe Lour of ber departure from Liverpool, no vary serious outbreak had taken place In Ireland; but the political uHaim of that country were rapidly reaching a crisis, and our accounts by the steamer of the 12lh inst. must give us something decisive. An immense quantity of arms and ammunition, and a great number of soldiers, bad been poured into Ireland, and the Bri. ti.-li government appeared not only prepared to put down any outbreak in its insipient stages, but was making every effort to prevent any collision between the people and the military. What will be tbe result of these things is yet a matter of much doubt. The question cannot be put off much longer, and it might as well be settled now as any other time. We shall anxiously look for the next steamer, which will be due at Boston about Friday next. Political advices from the Continent are by no means so satisfactory as these reoeived by tbe previous steamer. It is not imnrobable but that the interference of Franco in the affairs of Italy, will involve her in difficulties with other powers, and lead to the general war we have frequently predicted. Denmark rests uneasy, and hostilities will, without doubt, be renewed with Holsteln. Europe is not in such a quiet state as appearances indicated, and we must be prepared for Ferious disturbances by every steamer. France internally was quiet, as much so as at any time within the past fifteen years. In a commercial point of view, the foreign accounts are rather more satisfactory. Consols had advanced, showing more confidence in the government in relation to Irish affairs. Cotton was in active demand, and sales to some extent had been made, without any giving way of prices. Corn was in fair request, at a very trifling concession in favor of purchasers, and the prospect was in favor of good harvests. The crops had not all been housed, but breadstuff's had been mostly cut and out of all farther danger from the weather; but the grain harvests depend so muoh upon the root crops, that until the latter arc saved, it will be impossible to tell what deficiency exists. In the event of the rebellion in Ireland becoming so general as to interfere with the export trade in agricultural products with England, there will be a deficiency in that country which will have to be supplied flrom other Kuuii'wo. .tn imp, uuwever, an yei uepenas upon certain contingencies?some of which are likely to happen, and some are not. The stock market was affected in no way by the European intelligence. With moderate sales at the first board, there was no variation of any consequence in prices. United States O's, 1808, advanced pur cent; farmers' Loan X\ Morris Canal !%; Erie Railroad 1. Long Island fell off As per cent, and Harlem X- The news had no Influence on any of the produee markets. There were transported on the Reading Railroad, for the week ending the 17th inst., 30,044 tons of coalmaking tho total for the season, up to that date, 800,265 tons. 'J be Schuylkill Canal Couipany^transported in the same week, 13,725 tons. Total for the season, 247,2-8 tons. Stock Kxchangc. *5000 U States O's '67 >>90 104U 76aha(Jauton 33 MX 0 do M'4? SO Mi.bawk MR al2mos 70 lp '?> do 68 104}; 150 Morris 9V 55i o Ohio O's'CO lOo 20 Iiarlem prsfcrred 99 2C1'0 Iric 7 s nX 50 Reading 3342 2000 do 130 95 CO do M>) 33sJ 1 2 ihs Bk ol'N York 124 10 N York Ik N llavuu 8C4 10 Mer tianth' Bk 104 50 Harlem KK h3> 53 IHl Usi lian na1 Hn llliU Kill sin Kill .VI '?" Farmers Tout, row 27 V 60 do 627* 160 do hyi 260 do s30 ,'cil 14 do 28 100 Look Island 2>>\ 100 do btiO 28 20 Jirio now foil 66 Second Board. 60 shs Harlem RR, n 18X 286 ths Lobe bland MO 27 160 do do **) &1>4 1?0 do do 3H"? D O do do MO Mkj 26 do U State* Bk 2? 126 do do 63/, 26 do Nor fe W'or SUM 2)0 do llurri* Canal M0 9V 60 do Puraers'Trust 28 6n do do 9 V 100 do Canton Co b30 33/4 WO do Long laland sSO 2oV 60 do do 33,', CITT TKAOK KKPUHT. Saturday, August 10?2 P. M. The announcement early in the forenoon that the steamer Cambria waa below with several (lays later n?wr. stopped in a great measure all transactions. Ashes are without change, in Cotton there is nothing doing. Fi.our has again advanced 6At'e per bbl, with sales of 1000 bbls Oswego. Black Rock and Rochester at $6 25 a $5 31 '.t Wheat?No sales. Rye is without change. Nothing doing in corn. Provisions?160 bbls pork sold at $11 87 a $11 60 for mess, and $8 94 a $0 for prime. Of beef there arc Finall sales making to the trade at precious priees Lard?Sales of 100 bbls at 8V(c. A email lot of pickled shoulders brought 4)rc. Butter is less Arm; sales of 76 packages at It \ a 11c for Ohio, and 12 a 13c for State. Cheesn continues dull at 4 a Whiskey Is in fair request, with sales of 75 bbls Ohio at 24o. New York, Saturday, Aug. 19?0 P.M. I'unuK u"> iiuij |>mri? ui mo lurenuon, Mien 01 breadstuffs were made to a fair extent, at stead/ prices ; but as soon as It became known that the Cambria was below, with later foreign news, thero was a general pause in the market The earl/ publication of the news, in an Extra Herald, showing a depression in the market for grain and meal, on the other side, the market for corn and meal exhibited a corresponding depression here; prices became unsettled, and no translations of importance transpired. Flour and wheat remained about the same as before the news, but sales were limited. Provisions remained about the same, with moderate sales. The transactions in groceries were quite lipht, at stead/ prices. Asm ".?Sales of 100 brls. were made, including pots at f f> '!"X, and pearls at $6 a $6 04. Hbksi sTt'srs ?Flour?The sales before the news footed up about 3000 barrels, including Oswego, common (lenesre and Western, at $6 1834 a $6 *6, mostly at tlic latter tiguro. After the reeeipt of the news, rales were very limited. Southern brands remained nominally tbo same Wheat?For good new Virginia F1 12 was a*ked. and $1 10 offered Corn? Before tbs news, some 16.000 a 30.000 bushels were sold, including round yellow at 07e. flat yellow at 60c, and 3000 mixed at 60c: white was held at 64c. After the news had transpired, the above quotations became nominal, and as dealers had not bedtime to digest the news, buyers refused to make offers either for corn or meal, and transactions were consequently too trifling to report. Sales of A'ye were made at 70c delivered Oatt eontlnilfd dull Rv* Meal WAI n?<l KftUaw- AmMae iled full price*. Cotton?Yeiterday the Mile* were 1800 bale*. Price* were *trady, and holder* obtained fall rate*. Since the arrival of the eteamer to-day, a few hundred bale* were *old ; in all the day'* tranaaction* inn up about 8( 0 bale*, at full rat**, about half of whleh was taken by manufacturer* Cor ri'K?The demand for the pa*t few day* ba* been | fair, with eale* of 3000 a 4000 bag* St Domingo, for ihipping. at 6* a 6*e. each; 1300 do Rio at 6* a 6*e: 700 Laguayra at 6* a 6*, and 500 Sumatra at about B*c. unual time FaviT?Moderate eale* of ralein* were making at $1 56 a >1 60 Fkm ?In mackerel there 1* a decided Improvement, and tale* were made of 600 barrel* No. l'a and 2'*, new Me?*arbu*ett*. (bandaome.) at 913 for the former, and f.8 a 90 26 for the latter: and 600 do No 3'* at a 93 87* Cod wa* without material change, and we noticed -ale* of too quintal* at $2 12* a ft 26. The dock of rod I* 3000 quintal*. FasioiiT*? Rate* were uneettled by the new*, and engagement* were very limited, while quotation* remained D' minelly the *ame. Hkmp?There waa but little doing In any description; tale* of 100 bale* American dew rotted at [mt ton. 0 mo* Iso*?There have been tale* to arrive of 80 tone 3wedr* at (80. In other descriptions there waa not much movement. Lxan?'The market waa Arm within a day or two. ;alcs of nbout 6 000 pigs were reported at (4 183a ?wh ,o (4 26 time, interest added. conld not trace a single transaction. Prices remained about the same. Navsl. Storks?The market since the steamer has uled null aDd no sales of moment were reported. Turpentine was said tofce a shade firmer. Oil s?Of linseed we noticed sales of 3 000 a 4,000 :ellone. including Knglish at 36e a Mc. and American .ressrd at (To a 58c; the latter figure in barrels i Pbotihiova- Sales of about 700 barrels pork were nade. including mess at $11 37)(. and prime at (8 04 a 10 I.ard- Sales of 200 barrets were made at Sa8'4c. i let f continued dull, and sales modetate. Butter and < hecse were inactive at yesterday's quotations. Ri< s?A sale of 80 casks waa made at (3 76 a $3 87X | or fair lo good. SrisiTs? We note a sale of 6 puncheons Jamaica i m at (1 60, usual time. Soar?A steady demand exists for Castile, with sales <i f HO boxes at lie a ll)(e, and 800 do te arrive at pri ate bargain Senas ?Were dull of sale, and no transactions of J n porti nee took place. Soda Ash?Tea tons ware disposed of at 3c per ib. Tai i ner? Thnre waa but little inquiry for tallow, nd the only sale we heard cf vfhs 5,000 lb prime at 8c, Wis now Gnats?'There was rather a better feeling , n the market, and sales were making pretty freely , l improving prices. i WiuiKKv continued steady, with sales of 3(0 barrels 4 t 23.'j a 34c for Ohio and prison. j Wooi - The demand through the week has been 1 loderate. and prices have a downward tandeney; sale# ?i ach 2ti MiO lb*. including nuper country pull id u !>6c; No. 1 do at 'Jlc: No 1 pulled city at 2ln a tf'iij and common Ohio ttiwoe at 30? In foreign, them w*? rot a sale reported, ?r hi It* quotation" continued uoji!nal. AIltt.K'1'li KUICWHKKB. sroen ulu. I'lin.ADCLPHiA, Au* d-H'il I third?>'.!7S0 Std? A t. 71; f UN (I I S I iu?Miiy I.ii e?, 104 13 I'enn Towna'iip H irk. ? , I I Gii?rd Hauk, H)4. JJUr Sale*?SU'?.V? /I. 1UOOI art Hunk, Il k Second I o-trd? $3100 Nhtlilkill Nav 0"?.'<M, 40; * MW do, 301,; HO Ubwh Nov Coal :>rp, 7fH4; II Uuion I C.I.: 30 Norrmtown K It. 11 W. The The Southrm Kttoidtr (published at Yfllledgevilln, (ia ) of the let instant, has the following : ? A ? to cotton, the pro"peel is rather more llatiering than otherwise. A gr> at Meal has l*ni planted The He asen haK also been tavoiable until our late ratnx ; thin ban rather injured it. But if the season continue* for the future favorable uo rot, worui. or other fatality occurring?there will be a large crop made. Thin, I though, it must he recollected, will dupend upon the future. The Mubilt Jidterlitrr, wf the (Hh instant. Hays : ? We continue to receive much information respecting the growing crop, but the acuounts are various, and, in some luHtances, conflicting. From verbal information. derived lrom sources entitled to credit, we are induced to conclude that the pro-pects iu this State, though not so favorable as two or three weeks ago, in consequence of too much rain, are still far from being discouraging The intelligence from other ootton growing States is of about the same nature as from Alabama. The Canton (Miff.) Create, of the 20th ult. saya :? Since our last, we have had frequent and heavy rains. We hear lomo complaint of the worm, but this ia nothing to the complaint* of the rain*. If such weather WtllHI another fortnight, good-bye cotton. The health of the country i* still good. The Calaie (Me.) Jidoerliter state*, the potato crop 1* doing well iu that vicinity, with no symptom* of disease a* yet. The F.dgarlown (Vineyard) Gazelle say*, the crop in that vicinity ie nearly, if uotentire> ly, free from di?ea*e ; and that the poiatoe* are far larger than any ever before grown there On the other hand, ia the neighborhood of llatli, Me , the Tribune, of that place, state* that the potatoes are all dead or dying and that thu crop will be entirely cut off. The (lermaulovn (f'a.) Telegraph state* that a gentleman of that town, upon examining recently a potato vine that had prematurely died, found it to nave been destroyed by a worm, penetrating the heart of the vine, and eating nut it* vitality for nearly twehe incbea. down nearly to the potato Itself, and one inch beneath the aurface of the ground. Married. On the 10th inatant, at Trinity church, by the Rev. Mr. Weston, lit.** v (Aiiaowick, of Kxeter, Kngland, to Mia* Jans: Botth, of Richmond, Virginia. In Baltimore, on Wednesday last, at the house of Win. ( hesuutt, F.sq , by thu Rev. J P. Donclan, l.leut. D. Nickel, of the 1st Artillery, U. S. A., to Mia* Caboi isr. (. in *M'TT, of Baltimore. Med. Oil Saturday morning, August 10. 1848, Pktkr Damki.. only son of Jumcs Snell, aged 1 year 2 months and 12 days. i he friends of the family and Solon Lodge 330, I. O. O. K , and Horeb Encampment Ne. 12, and the second troop Hussars. are respeotfully invited to attend his funeral from the residence of his father. 3.17 Water street, at 2 o'clock P. M . Monday, 2tst. His remains will be taken to Greenwood cemetery. At Martinique, Cuba, on the 17th of July, of yellow fever. I'timo M., in the 26th year of his age. At Port Chester. Westchester co , N. V. ,18th instant, Howahd, son of j. Richard Burdsall, aged 1 year and 26 days. THE PRISM'S OF IRELAND IN NEW YORK WILL hold an adjourned Mass Meeting, at Vauxhall Saloon, on Monday evening next, 21st iuat., at 8 o'clock. By order, R S. EMM ITT, ) Secretaries ( MAS. E. SHEA, 5 Lust Meeting. NOTICE-THE NEW VORK BENEVOLENT SOCIETY of Operative Masons, are requested to assemble at Montgomery Ball at I o'clock, 76 Piince street, to attend the funeral of John Powers, from his late residence, 281 Mulberry street. By order of GEORGE A LADLY. Wii.ijam Fublono, Secretary, ID. of O. F.?Tli E R. W. GRAND LODGE OF THE STATE of New York, will commence its Annual Session on Monday morning. August 21st, at 10 o'clock, at the rooms, .3116 Broadway. JOHN O. TRKADWBLL, Grand Seoretary. Albany mutual insurance company-i am advieed by the Homo Office to say, that all losses sustained by this Ccmpuoy by tbo tire at Albany, will be promptly paid, and the capital of $300,000 rcmaii. sound. C. M. GODWIN. Agent, 67 Wall street Packet buip taumaroo, is discharging at Quarantine. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods immediately, without fin tber notice. d*en reward, and no questions asked-stolen ypitxJ Item 68 North More street, on the 22d July, between tlie hours of one and two o'clock, a Gold Duplex B aton, Hunting Cases, made by T. F. Cooper, No. 4000, oases made by Jcningsand lander. The above reward will be paid to any person who will rive information which will Icod to the recovery of the Watch, y spplying to JOHN GIBBONS, or JOHN HAW EES. Washington Fish Murkot. wr ricT <iki it;epnk Vcn* v v iGT a vhtp roD Mimi JL dated Slit July, at three months, drann by William A turndroh It Brothers end-reed by W. A. Todd. The finder will please leave the fame with 1'. ROLL?lANA.22rt Water street. REWARD?WHIP IAJST?LOST, ON TNURiDA Y, TUB 17th instant. in Broadway, lietweou the New York Hotel and (incc hnrcb. a Silver Mounted W hip. The fiuder will be liberally rewarded bv returning it to .11 ('anal street. CANAI, BOAT F.I.IZ.Ain: I II CORSE OKI FT K I) TO OCR Yard last night, at 12 o'elock, Tor which an ow uer is wanted. Apply to I'EttINK. PATTERSON It STA .'K. tVilUanuburgh, L. I. August '9th. 1MH. PRINCE kfiliN CATALOGUES OF Til F. FRUIT and Oruauirnuil lrcea and Plaut. cultivated, for sale iu their Nurseries, at Flushing, may be obtained giatia of CLARK k AUSTIN, 3W Broadway. Mexico?the advertiser, who is intimately acquainted with the tiade of Mexico, |?rtionlaly with that of i he W est roast, fsopon to an emrag* ment as partner or buyer. Address O. P. <2 , office of this paper. 117 ANTED TO SELL-THE S TOCK AND UOOD WILL Or A j vT segar Store, in Boston, which has been in successful op-i ' ration for the last thrvo years. Its sales have varied from $131 J to $171) per work, delusively rash, and almost altogether retail. ' It has paid the agent who conducts it. a tnlary of SAOO per an- f mho. and to the owners a small protit, besides. Any party of good character, having an unencumbered eapiml of Sl'iUI, or , who c-u give nociception aide aecuiitv lor part of i t. may secure, I with this -afe investment, a credit w ith a New York Imparting house, which will enable him to curry on the bnsioes* to great advantage. Apply to box ,129. New I ork Post-office, poet paid. TO SOUTHERN MERCHANTS?THE ADVERTISER, A young man 22 years of ago, at present r jg iged in one of I he mod exieneive whole ale and retail Dry (j?od* Houses in this O.ty, of goi it address, industrious, and of sobor h ibiu, is anxious to nmke an engagement, with sosie respectable house in Now Orleans or elsewhere. Reference, as to qualifications, fco., will lie given to his present sespoetab'e employer*.- and salary, for some time, not expected large. Address Salesman, office of this MM TOSOUTHEKN PLANTERS-TUP. ADVERTISER WI.HHE4 a in arpointment manager on eith r a ootton, rice, or iu- b gar plantation. He can ehow cortifleatei of the hi (heat reeprota- r nility, and can give rcfircnoee to leviral of the leading mar- a duntiof New Yorhaud the South. Hlawubia to aettle |erm?. ^ nenOy on the natatr of hli employer, and hy peraeveram o and at- h tcntion lender himself worthy of the truat rnpoood In him. lie |< ii accuatonwd to a I ot climate, having filled a lituation of treat 0 It ii? )l?ra In tin Rait Indica Age 27. Salary required lucti ? hii employer may conridcr him entitiid to. Addrem II. I. F? g Box 1890, Pan (Ac. I A MOOl) I.I VINO?A N Y PERSON WISHING TO SF.E 1 the world, and have a genteel, portable Scientific Appa- I ratm with him. to " pay the nay," can now obtain that of the t mbterilere. at a low price ($75), who haa jutt returned from < Spain and France, where ho hai been exhibiting the nunc. En- i quire of Mr. Jenki, at the grocery itere of Mr. Bragg, corner of b A mo* and Factory itreeti. I ttl (WW) WANTED ?ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS, ! yp j. jvlv/v/a for one, two, or three yean: the flritcharge 1 on Trinity Church property, the building! on whioh lie worth J $4,UW?inrared for $.V<M0. Addresi " Money," Herald office. ] Board?a private family, having more room 1 than they require, would be happy to accommodate two or I three peraoai with board on moderate term*, in a delightful looa- J tion at Ooarraatine, Staten Ietand, fronting the ihote, with plea- P mat bathing, rarronnded by tree*, and within a quarter of a mile tf the landing. Addreie to ' Clifton," Herald offioa; it will be at- " tended to immediately. I BRADY'S GALLERY OF DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS ' and Family Groups, No. 20ft A 207 Rreadway, third door * eolith of St. Piul'i Chureh, 2d, .Id, and 4th itoriee. 0 SOLDIERS' CLAIMS, WARRANTS, SCRIP CERTIFICATES, I Ac . Ac., bought on tho very beet terms, by J. E. BE ITS A J CO., 37 Wall street, basement. Also, money advanced on alaims ?l "ii'il t! c ? arrant* ore procured. * 'pKlMIM! TVI'F.S AT REOCCEI) PRICES.-CONNER'S R I I'nitrd Stntea Type Foundry, corner of Nassau and Ann p etrccts, Sew York. The undersigned are now prepaid to Oil all otdere lliry nay be favored with, at reduced prioe*, for approved J fix months' paper, or for cash on delivery. All articles necessary d for a coaip<*te Printing office furnished with despatch. The sort.* of Scotch Faces we have introduced at very great expense, 1 arc not only beautiful, but are well adapted by their peculiar cut, J tor Hook as wall aa Newspaper printing, and where known, have h given very general aatisfhetion. Oar regular faoe 1 hare been got Ii up either, at care, end are, as well aa another articles mann/ac- al lured by us, aot rarpa aed. The metal from whleh we manufae- a tore is a mixture peculiar to ouraelvea, and at the aame time of a superior quality and durability. Shoet apecimena of tb* saw Scotch Face* and new Borders arc ready for delivery. A JAMES WINNER ft SON pi THE SUBSCRIBERS BEO TO ANNOUNCE THAT I CHARLES VYHK, late a inomber of their firm, having re- _ tirvd ther.'from, tiiey have admitted aa partner, JOU.V KEY- _ NOI.DS, who for IS years has been the representative of their bouse In Floreure, and who will in future be the resident member ? of thchouse in this oity. The new firm (commencing from the n Ibth July, 184S,) will continue to he carried on under the name of ? VVfK ft WinA, a. d will const stof THOMAS \ VSR, HICIIARO VYSE.I1ENKY VYSE, and JOHN REYNOLDS. Dated August ^ IS. IMS. Lithographic stones, of am. sizes, from 12x1# * L 30ld2. bio* color, warranted of rcnr hct quality, for aale ? br X HEN. Importer. IS and J> Liberty it. upataira. q Al?o?* variety of French and Gorman Fancy CJooda Lookiag O ClarMtr, Head* of all do*. rtpM. na, Vlolina, Slatca, Marblee, To- by bacco Boa. a Porta Monnaloa Ae. an. abi IM Furs, ncrrs. ac.-oborob strwart, no. d? joiin ? treat, oir. r? for aalo a huudtoma aaaertmant of Mafla, Vlcfo- I ripen, MalaJ>rob0*. la *t PANTS' PANTS!' F. A 11 Kb NS. THE WELL KNOWN tl< Cant* Tailor, 32M Ann street, baa lately received a v?ry larva 'b rri rtn cnt of Farcy I 'a? rime res, which will be male up to order, dii 11 tbc b**t ?tyla. fnr omt $3 and *4 tha pair of panta. Alao on "1 and, Ibo'haat of French and Engliah Black Dneakinaand t'aaai- tn net**, from f4 to $0 t? a rai'r of pmta Gentlemen who are In lb ant of thia article will do well to call at 32^ Ann ?tract. b" ?- an Nllt YORK HORSE BAZAAR, No 31 t KOSHY STREET. *h1 ?The neat regular anoiion aalo will ake place on Wadnaa " lay, 23d inatant, at II o'clock, with Carriage* and Harnraa, ~ t.d at 12 o'clock with a catalogue of llora*'. Uantleina t | ving preparty to dlapcaa of, oither by auction or prirate a'*, will pleat* to give thte *atahllahment a call, where '?l alra are jkade readily, and cached promptly. Horare taken on of ivtry. and for aale hy the dayi weak or month. no JOHN n. (1ATFIEI-0, Prop;I*tor. fai th rHE QUEEN'S UOTKI. OPPOSITE THE GENERAL PuSB om*c. St. Martin a la Grand, Ixmdon.?Thia reagniflaant HeaL ha vine recently undergone citeuetve alteration*, and a grant T mrtion of it newly fum abed, will be fonnd on trial to hare aa JL iral In the m?trop*ll*.To,to la point of accommodation and ana- an Icrata cRnrgna The Coflba room la on* of th# la riant and eaaat Pi omfortahle In England Rnard. S2 par dan. Hot and raid all iatlia. THOMAS SPRNCKR LKNNBY, Manager, < > Formerly ' hicf Steward of the Rrltiah Queen Staaaublnt S. Kctarence la Maw York to Mr, O. A. White,M Cedar a Waal rtx ea IJOIrtKY fliKAiMB VOND.U EVMINO. A(JUVSTVf IJ viiii be |H?rf??:d,p?i tb'i of Ml E OK RMJ M M>. Art'?'I'l.u*. Ml- K '? ,iu, r\. r I ??, Mr Wiiiuu; Meicrta Adelo. Mr.** Wei* "it Af^r which, Mr. Smith ai<l MIh? I wii) 'ui cj I -!'<!' . Va .'e P? 1 fi?ll?iwe I by the mi" <*oI * \ rarf ?nv- m ef .IKN'N'Y L'V? *41m i-TT 1? liuj P? II I If. Mr Uji<I? '(? ? . 'r lliulu - n. Alice cliirh, M n.iioi I.ta i'id M r. .* i i "- ill <J m I* I'xn lie l>>: 10. To cni etude v irh ifocprr* of A*11? ' V?Ap llo. Mi> Mnry T?y. l'u Jnpiltr Mi ' it.i h, .M.i.'aii M . V\ ?oit; mu* Ur. lUmcua; Daphini;. M i a I'l i- l>< ore open ?i 7; pertbnoanrrs wmiMM ?t 7)t o'rl. ek. noire, 2ft < ill: Pit and 'iollery, l2i?c?nto. NIBLO'.N-AhToK PLA< I, HKOtUWAY.-Wi?\f?AV ?VBiii').'A'no I il- l o VI it hi ui. sr- it )l?'in ia Si iimir. II n I" U? ja.H": t| ? a.. a, -?,. iii|tnl for ? 11ui utd nuinUr i f niciiUi, hn?b?infcriii< i mi . i pilKMaadiH, Hft ii. I'lac de,oiro. witli hlo irn'1-..r, 'he ' .'.e'ra'tiJ oniuiiiton, Mr. T, I'loelde MrG. Yood.r.l : . Mr. Ji tm ,n..ii Mr. bmmn. Mr. Ttel.r. Sir. Sbow, Mr* Vw ?r. V'tn M i*> '! Sterling r<n-ie4y p. v?rf III nrtr.? W ill le 11 r I m't < mneiir of ilio ftCUUOL Ii'H S< AS 'Al? ir r r I'mul*. Mr. 'I. Klouiloi Mime, Mr. DootUr; horlo. Swire. Mr. U. v undent* If, I ndy lik.'. l!n r Uiri. l!i . II I i. I' ? ....? i? f?rr 7?e, e irerrlnr nt Mil i o t7 A tiD'^on IWodnti * (MIA N Kh A l."S Mt W NAilO it illr.AlKt, KOKMSllt* J Chatham?Monday l-.venirir. Annuel Jin. will be uM Milkapeine'* Tmyedy t M.U.IiBl.1 ..ebith, Mr. J. It Wtj kltcdifl. Mr mark : B?IK|V>, Mr. H rird : Maluoltn, Mr. Po'tntfj hi.we, Mr. I.inlet; Linos, Mr. h i l.mnl u?; l?i.ncn?, Mr. Harder; ricm.iF, VimT?\li r; Donald! ain. Mir. franklin; iMtly Maahein, Mrr. Mel run. eoraltida with tl.l Ftrw ?f rill MM! AM> 1 ? IVrkjn . ieNnnh, .Mr.i'. Ilii'ke; Si- *ll!i?in tt-.L rime. Mr Halirir; llrakr, k'r I'artb-y: Biirohell, Mr. Ilorbert; it mm , Mr Seymour, Jeaaie. Mm Men mrr; Mm ma M aylore, Mm llililm'h. Ilnnra open it 7 o'clock. and the iiirti'n will riM at i Irfi rr H. Mime*. VJcrnia: Hit, I2i^(trtl BIRTHS fc TULAlht, I'llAMUliKS STUKHT. ? HON UA Y Kvouiui, auk. jI. v 111 l?t played the p pillar Mrama ad liUIUKl At SOS ? Mr. liouil i v, Mr Mokinauo; Mr Carae', Mr. Jordan; .Mey r Jie liuatrnk, Mr. tlr< tu-uain; Mr. Toota Mr. Raymi nd ; c*pu Cuttle. Air. II rten; hd 11. Mm. Knight: Kleraaai Inutile*, AliusS*iekina1 n; Mm ik-wmu. Mm. Vernon; 8.i*nn Nip p.r, Air* Uriiujfham i Hoitera Mm- MMIntina. To i-nnolude with I lie tew llurli rque. l.t'CY III I) Ml A M M .1 IK?En rno di Mnrefat, Mr V. Sleyrr; Kaimundo. Mr.I'hilllpa; Ir.rJ Ar'hur Knfaat Mr. Jnrdiit; I ount fuynrdi', .Mr. J Iiiu.n. I.uria, M m? I :h >pitian: Citc'a ?T aeeond tier. 26 centa. D on open at 7',1* o'olojk?CaS turn neee ni before H BFOADWAY T1IKATKK.-MK-.-K-'. A. MANN AND E. A. MuH.all, t'lcprlotor.,?1 h>| uLll'' in r<"H|wtfully informed that this tnagnfttrent eeetiHiehment v. ill for th? mini oa Mnudey ettaing, Auguit 34ih. IMS. Tin- general ufrftDrrmtKli Hill to in the mil r elyle of excellence anil at traction aa Ihe laet araion.llie particulate of which will Le duly annnui ced. The company and orch> litre are I are'' notified to aaaeroM* at Um Theatre on the forenoon of Thursday, the 31 in?t, at 11 o'clock. vVtf H itl3KK. Uampr. FKANKI.IN THIATU-CUaTUaM StJII AHE-HIE INtrrtainmen'a a' tlii* popn ?r Ti.oa'ie. on Monday, and ?r-ry evening during the week. will " naiat nt th A K A't HI KM, who have re'timed fr m Canada, TV Imnx VivanU. Ilun;arian liar* nine lata, Frmulr Serengdera ami a hogt of other div-raifte I en'crtainnianta, whieh mil he fonnd in the hill* of the day. ParsfoeUa, MM cent*; Boxee, 26 route. C'A-H.F. (I * KDF.N.?A HhlHIl' OF HAt KED MUSIC / will he given on Snndnr eveniua August anth. by Gothlaa'e celebrated New York treat (land. I'r frimin"?Fart I.?Might* Jehovah, Newkum; I'tUritn Fathers, ttlo infield; Keet, Spirit Heat, Koolte; t w'a latin en tat ion, lllo afield; Polonaise Keener, Cavatina.Le atill, my heart. Fry. I nicrii iaeion of half aa boar. I'art 2.?Solo, Tenor Horn, llelwig; Tim d ad bot elnmber, Reoke; Sweet Repme, Maynard; Polonaise, KulTnen Ghnrne. ll'eaaaa, Haydn; Andante, tiering: Vital Siark. Haul . Concert to eon. tnonre at H o'clock Admission l'2s oenta. The Coemoraiaaa hava I cen rearranged, and ran he teen at ull time*. CASTLE GARDEN?ADMISSION 12* CENTS?THIB MOST heantifnl ttimuic* retort, commanding the tinegf. itewiaal the moat onmplete and acromm idatlon fir vielteiu, will he Opened during the day. ai d in the even ng brilliantly illnnl* nated. Mitch amusement may lie l ed view > a the 100 C.ramtmr rm. , . u, 11, 11,? .,,1. , ,l..l .... >:...,. . r ,1.. r. ... i' i Ja ii Key inc. executed by die i hfueno arf.iet oil board, while ltyn g at. Casth- (.aid i> during the ra ?mer of 1HI7?ele>, Himl view* of great battle', at litiena Vi.ita, ho., in Mexico, and a variety of other BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARJVUK, Proprietor?F. Hitchcock, Manager.?.-plendid Perfonaaaoec every m< rning at ball |?s' 11 o'clock, every afternoon at 3 o'e] *kg anil every evening at a >|uarter to ft La't Wean or General Tom Tliomb who will hold three leveea every day: ia the noniai In m half paat 11 to 1 o'clock, and every afternoon at 3 o'eloek. Every evening, at a quarter before ft o'clock, the (leaetal appear* again in the asms Spleud'd I'erformaaaea, and in conjnnotion with the other encrU'nmente In addition, the manager ha* alio engaged the celebrated Sable 3n there, the 3 Highland Mammoth Hoy a, aged H, 9, and II {wa and yet together weighing over 760 pound*, i,lao the faanooaUioal ov Mammoth Haby, who, though only 111 tnontha aid, wdgha 90 ronnda. Enormon* BoaConatrictor. Two LivingOrangOataagn Fairy Family. Infant Veetrii. MadamoUclle Gertrude, a Wailful and charming Amerioan Danneme. Wax Scripture Statuary. Madam Rockwell, the famona Fortune Teller, maybe privately ool vu'ted at an extra chntvr or 2ft oenta Admleriaq ta the whole, Including Muaeum Performaneei, Ac., 25 oente I atfl, dim, under tun year* of age and old enough to walk aleae, OK oenta Reeerved front eeate, onoeliilhng eooh extra. ((fTtHI CAMPBELL'S ARE COMING."?TIURD W1XI X Society Library Room*. 34ft Broadway?Campbell'e Mia trele, (undor the diroolion of U. A. Kimherly.) Hnoonraged by the very flattering manner in whiuh Ihoir oonoerU kava bona received during the pagt two woek*. having been nightly eruwdod by highly respectable and taihiooable house t, h ire the honor to announce that they will rontiune their entertainment# * very evening thl* week (except Monday, when they will give aeoaoM at the Williameburgh Garden), intriducing at each oonoerta fall and varied programme oi their beat aoHgn, danoe*, be., inohadlag tbe oclrbrated Highland Fling by Mr. West. Door* open at 7? commence at H. Admission 26 oenta N. B.?On Saturday after, noon, by particular requeet of several families, they will give an aftenxon performance, commencing at 3 o'clock. AdmLnoa, 26 cent*? children, half-price. SACRED DIORAMAS?NOW EXHIBITING IVBRT night tbi* week, and Wednesday and Saturday aftarneoaA commencing at ' o'clock, at the splendid aaw llail, 396 Broad* way, over Stoppani'i Botha liamiuu ton's entirely aaw Grand teriptural Dioramas el the ovst Magnificent Specked* ever witne?ed in New York. Creation ot the World and the,.. AiaiatvH ha V,..f.l..rf niments. Mr. II. Iianniogtnn hut Jntt completed a maolllotat Diorama, intended to illueiritie the miolinie eneotxcle or the Shi Dayt ol the Creation I exhibiting by imuiua or moveable l|tim toonery, and powerful optical effort*. all the prnrraueiee changed from the Chaos and Darkuete of the nrlonnnd universe, aati] the Anal colu pie Iron of the great worn of Creation, ae described la the (intend second chapters of (ieiieeie, roriniuatiugwith the aprtrance of Adam ecu fcvo in the Garden of Eden. The Dioramb the result of a lot# eharlshod id- a and of a lifetime of study and experiment in this deportment ol the arte Ilia the aon oontly, beautiful and perfect work ol the kind existing, and combines in its exhibition the highest mechanical ingenuity, with the mo?t astonishing ecenle vffeei e. Maimed by superior poetry, painting and muxio. Scenery and leoidente?Chaos, the First Day. The Firmament, tfie Second Day. 1 ?r> Lund, Herbage aad Flowers, Tliird Dnv. Son, M>-n and Stare, Fourth Day. Craatiofe pi Fish and Fowl, Fifth Day. Creation ol Animals, Sixth Day. Garden of Eden?Adam and U'iih this eompledoacf the labora of the Creation, the llrst part of the Exhibition oloese. I'art II. Grand Diornma of the Delnge. Tickets 2.1 ota.?Child re* half price. Doors <qwn at 7. S'urtai" rises at N o'clock. Panorama of tatlor's cami^iun in mkxico, a* tlie Minerva Itooma, 40fi liruadaay. shows natural as life, the Marches, Enoampmeiite, and Bartiee fought by Gen. Taylor. II ilso gives correct news of the oouutry, towns, oieite, he. It it ;he most beautiful painting ever seen. Open erery night el 8 I'clock. Admission. 16 cenla. .Vbeolr admitted oa reaseaeilg erms. No ohanre fee deseriptfro pam|d>leta , FEN TO ALL T1IK WOKCD-GKEAI 8T. LKO Swerpetakee? 12.IAX Subscribers at jtftnach. The party foe shorn the hrst hona it drawn to receive ?2n,lKXh the eeeemd torse, ? III,OUT, the third horse ?111,1X111'. lo be divided among antdee drawing "The Starters,' ?U?,IW; the like among "Item, Starter*." A.10.D0U. ftweepetakrs, No. 2?12.000 Subscribers at Ml inch?First horse, ?1411X10, second horse, iAiXJO; third burse* C.VJUO; divided arrong Starters, ?b.'??': divided among Noahnrters. ?.'1PIX). bweewtaket. No. 3?I2.HIHI Subscribers at ?1 Midi?First horse, AI.IXU; second horse, ?2.UM0; third bote** ?2,1X10; Starter* ?2,U*>; divided among Non-fjtaners, ?2,000, Parties desirous of ns uri. g chances in either of the ebove Sweeptakes, are requested to make early a indication, as each sweep rill he drawn Immediately it te lull. The remit of the diawng will be advertised In the "Times." ''Bell's Life,"and the Lowon dally papers. To give ledien an ojiportonily ol taidaff hares, scrip will be issued in initial , a! the option of theiubnett era. AU communications, to insure attention, mast eentahkh rmittanou. Foreign order*may t u made |?ysble io London; knt [1 letters mint be addressed to Richard Niohollt and iamee Phsinson. Temple Square, Atle-hury, Kn.lund. The third horeeth e decided by " Bell's Life. ITuca pain any day - *Ki nri. >ss Hi per cent. The race will be run at Doom star, on the 14th f September. ISAM. To prevent ft and, no acnp will be gsnnlnh nice* the letter oontaintng it benrs the A vies bury pnn mrt nbveribers wishing to -end Bank Notes had oetter send hnhren y different posts _ fT 8.MAIL STEAMER HERMANN, E. C'KAUTRIK, MA8U ter. will DOSitlvelv leave I'ier No AMU t.?,L? no and Bremen, on Honda/, '.lit Anipiat, a( 11 A.M. hani ro will pleaae to be on b.>erd at half paot ton o'olock. and (end til baggage not wauted on the voyage. on Saturday, him alow. An eaperiei cod enrgeon on loard For freight or IT age. apply at the offlco of the Uocan St -am Navigation CoVfO Iroadway. PACKET FOR 11AVKK?SECOND LIN'S?tub SHIP ST. 1'cniaG. W. Hone, Magter, will oatl on the let flepiaialiai. 'o-'-night or poaeaae. apply to brtvi) a'ken, Wei,to. No. hh Wan (Weal FOR MARSEILLES?THE WEl.LK.NOHN BVHK MAR(H LA, Capt. Ingham, ia now lojding, and will meet with rompt ilea patch. For freight or lonoaaa. apply to cqamreklAIN E PHELPS, rJ" _ ROfDk III NCR EN. Broken. hob bordeaux?passage only.?the French " Bark INDUSTRIAL, Capt, Fribiirg, cao comfortably at Nnmodate Are ot Mx cabin paeeangm Apply to tllb Cantata, nboard.or to BOYD k HiNCKEN. Broken.88 Wallel UOR LIVERPOOL? NEW LINK? REGULAR PACKET OP " the JBth AngnaL?The new and iplundid faataalling rnthrl hlpSlDDONS, Edward B. .Cobb, mooter, la aow ioadiag and rut positively Mil m abovo bur n-trnNr day. ror fnagnt or asMga, having splODdid furnished un? ..odatious ho lb in tho rot and second cabins, apply uo board at Orleans wharf, f >ot of fall street, or to E. K COM.INS.5* South tt, Prt? of cabin postage, 175. The packet ship Hhendan. Oeorye 1. ( 'omish. master, will taecced Uie Siddona and sail her rsfilat at FOB NEW ORLEANS-FIRST AND ONLY RIGPLt* packet of this day. Monday. 21st August? Loaiaaaa aad low Vork Line?The looolsr packsi Blip CLIFTON, Janes B. igeitoll, master, will receive freight until 4 P. M? at which Urn* lie will sail, when |u*sengers aro re<|iieefed to he oa beard, t Orleans wharf, foot ef Walt Otrast App y on board, .?? la B. B. OOLLI Ns, stl South Hist Shippers will please stud In tlielr b lis of lading this dav. gents la New Orleans, Meson. Bryan and Croavy, who will a mptly forward all goods to thai' addrcrn .AOR SALE-TUB SUBSCRIBER OFFERS FOR SALE HIS inters*' in the Liverpool Lino of Packets consisting of the >eetns, Garrlek, Sheridan and Siddnua The superiority of eat (hips is too well known to need description. Apply te E. B. UOMJNfk MfiCwth stkTOT1CE?OPE ICE 0? THE ROt KLAND CEMETERY, 170 v Broadway, corner of Maiden Laos, (uu suura) where ail dm will ha received from B A M.. to 4 I'. for the pnrehaaa plots or for latermsata Pamphlets aad maps of the grsaad s ready topdiotrlbnboa. At ether than o?.s hours, ardor* ill bo rseohrod at Ms.233 Woostorttnot. ' WILLIAM ABCUBB. Bhpt. in nn/\ wiwnnw itiiitli?fob sal.* vmiiu ml/ ?u,vuv wnn upwitfd.?Merchant*. padjien. kV senpMe^ KKLTV k KIKKH. m*nuf?rturrrn und exclneiee dealer a in adaa and material* tor making and hanging thad a, 131 Cha*. m atraaf. [UBT PUBL1SHKD-DR. BOSTWK K'S URBtT WORK and factum on Venereal, and other alfaoifoaa of tha Uliry (truant, 'MU paxtt quarto. Thia t? na moat eompieto oraa al work of tb< kind orar leaned fi ui tha preaa. It tottaiaa irty wren colored eagiaeinris ahioh dalinoata thia claaa at eaaaa Inrmiwbly. It el?o contain* forty wood tmtrmriacA nally wall axtantad ; and everything known ahaat tha modem atiarnt of thaaa diet a tee haa naan careftilly reoorded. and all moat appt' red preecrirtinne and f. rmnla* hare bean XIvan. >r tale at the ifltce of publication, Broadway, and of tha thor, MM Broadway. Trier $)n. Alao, Dr B.'a waah oa aatf tie, 3BI yagra, If engraving*, with hint* to yoaa* man. Prioe , for aala aa above IKNB VI.ANT-1, I RK FOR llVJlXIIHY ruOCBkXM ? who ernewfrring at thio aaaaon ol tha year with thtadroadI malady, ran ha immediately rrltrvi d. by taki a a few ^aaaaa pure water, in which a lew ka\e? of thit plant have haea ianrted five minutm. It ia to tin pie (hat 'ho moat dullcato ia. U may ure ft. Tor Ita rflloeey, ideate in.tulte of any reei-otai phyalclaa To le had froth daily, *t the read Mora ?f T. r)0>kkB?.W? Bw?wa? , AW H I, MURDUL?BAONtTIC rtlWDKR. MR TUB J of all kinda of inmctn, rij, enrkruaMr . ui aha. to, lira motqtilirv*. bed buga, and variuna oth.r lawota, aiw>? Ila for tha daatrwtion of rata and mtoo, within ?? mi oaten ar being thrown in thalr vicinity. warren tad with-it p. won. rtitirataa of Meant. I'retton k Hodgea. Cart to* ilonxe, tf?, Thayrr Cntnie. Atnrnraa Hotel .nd-there n the hivhaaa ipeclability. Frio* Ml ccataeach. t LTUN, ? Ura.l??v

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