Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1848 Page 3
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^ The short stay at this port of the last British ste<,mer from Bermuda, caused mu :h annoyance to the commercial public, especially to tha' portion tuterrned or connected in business with the West India Possessions, South America, See. That vessel, (which was due here on the lltti) arrived at 10jk o'clock on tlie morning of the 13th met., and her mails closed at 2 P M. of the same day ; so that ii whh scarcely known ihit she was here belore she had k ft again. Such species of communication is worth very little to a commercial city like hiew York, slid is scaictiyot any service mi J r the pretent arrangement, uh twenty-four hours is the outside limit lor the R. W. I. steatnahips to remain here alter urriva', and if they bring freight it mutt be received in twelve hours, though the vessel never comes nearer to the city than elf the Buttery, accoidiiig to contract. Another disadvantage by this line, is the enormous retaliatory postage charged on letters and newspapers, which nearly amounts to a prohibition, except in very rgi nt cases,of corres|K)iideiitsavailing themselves ?I tins mode of communication. And l ist, tnougii ot trust, ib the very exliorbitant utnouut charged by the company tor a passage from this place to Bermuda, and vice vena, viz : ?10 sterling, nearly three tiims the turn usually charged hi good siifing vessels, which regularly trade to this port front Bermuda. Now, 1 am of opinion that it would be to the advantage of some of the capitalists here to start a mail steamer, say ubout 5 or fiOO tons, to ply between New York, Bermuda, Porto Rico and St. Thomas?leaving New York for Bermuilu, thence to Porto Rico and fcR. Thomas, and back by the same route?making Bermuda the first and last lace of arrival and departure from and to New York. Such an arrangement would pi ice <-nni lunication on a broad footing, independent of the West India steamers, as this line has two steamers each month at Bermuda, where they receive and deliver mails for all parts ol the world, hv which nails and passengers could be forwarded. Besides, another advantage would be gained by such steam communication, if the price of passage were made bout to and trom Bermuda, Porto Rico and St. Thomas. This low price would induce all who travel from Bermuda, icc , to tuke the steamer in prelerence to a Bailing vessel, (and a great many tone to this city every year from Bermuda,) and it would invite persons from this place to make a trip to Bermuda occasionally?the distance being very short?less than 700 miles?which is often peitormed by sailing vessels in four or five days? but a steamer would not average more than three days; and were such conveyance established, invalids and others, who frequently go to Havana, fcc., to escape the winter of America, would goto Bermuda in preference, which is several miles nearer. The climate of Bermuda is considered to be one of the best, if not the very best in the world ; and to persons affected with consumptive symptoms, there is no pluce equal to it. Frost, snow, or ice is quite unknown there; and so mild is the winter that it is more like the fall of northern climates than winter at all. kTtic scenery is very handsome, the houses are built of native sand stone, and gen erally white-washed, which gives (hem the appearance of blocks of ice, contrasted with the evergreen cedar, wiili which the island is covered. No stringer ever yet visited Bermuda, but has been delighted with its scenery and temperature. Much bh re might be said in favor of this delightful spot, situated in the middle of the Atlantic, nut this win suffice lor the present. I would add that a trip there would be sufficient to convince any one ot the correctness of these remarks. Should the enterprise of any of the citizens of this place, induce them to try the ex[>eriment of a steamer on the proposed route, I would turiher state, that it would be necessary, in order to carry out tne scheme successfully, for the accommodation of persons visiting Bermuda, either on pleasure, or in search of health, that a suitable notel should be erected then-, of sufficient size to accommodate from 50 to 100 persons, with such rooms as they may require. At present, there are two small hotels in Hamilton, the metropolis ; hut neither of these are at all calculated to afford such accommodation to strangers as they would require; in fact, they are little better than the eating houses of this ity. A very suitable place for the erection of a hotel, may be purchased in Hamilton, Bermuda, for about (15 ,000. This spot is about one acre of land, surrounded by water, where may he attached to the hotel, excellent bathing houses of sea water; it adioins the business pait of the city, and is the only place suitable for such purpose. It would be advisable, should this plan be adopted, that the hotel should be constructed and prepared in this, or some neighboring place, of wood, which might be tranenorted to Bermuda readv for erection' at a email cost, compared with the expense of building a house there of the nat ive stone. ADd there Bhould be some well-known American employed, or interested in the hotel, in order to ensure to travellers, who may-go thither, that they will find all the comtorts of a home. But, the first thing to be done, is to secure the place and erection of he hotel, for it would be useless to start a steamer, until that was fixed. Another advantage that would accrue to this city, by having a steamer running regularly to Bermuda, is, that the maikets here could be supplied with new potatoes, onions, peas, turnips, carrots, tec , and, in fact, with all kinds of vegetables, and many kinds of fruit, at least three months in advance ol any other market. And from Porto Rico and St. Thomas| large quantities of oranges and other fruits may be obtained in fine order, at seasons when they could not be had elsewhere. The writpr ol this sketch is enabled to testify to the validity of what he has advanced, from jiereonal knowledge, and he may at some future time allude to these subjects again. He hopes, however, that those who may read what is here advanced, will reflect on the subject, and give their views more ably and fully to the public. In the meantime, he would b" glad|to communicate, personally, any other information in his power, to those who may desire it. Religious Intelligence. Calendab. August 27?10th Sunday after Trinity. Sept. 3?11th Sunday after Trinity; 10? 12th Sunday after Trinity ; 17?13th Sunday after Trinity; 20. 22, 23?Ember days ; 21?14th Sunday after Trinity. A new church edifice is to be erected at South Trenton, on a lot of ground given for that purpose bv L.eut. William E. Hunt. The Bishop laid the ceiner stone on the 22d inst. Erasmus, writing to the Pope, who, in a private teller ti, him hnrl rpnrnnrherf him with eatinrr men! in Lent, replied : " 1 have a Catholic soul, but my stomach is altogether Lutheran." John E. Bowden, Esq., of Trinity College, Oxford. was received into the Catholic Church, by the Rev. Dr. Ferguson, on the 2d instant, at the church of St. Tnomas of Canterbury, Fulhanw The Kev. Dr. Wheat has removed from Nashville to Columbia, Tenn., to take charge of the " R&venscroft Collegiate and Theological Seminary." The Kev. Edmund Embury has accepted a call to New Windsor, Orange county, N. Y. The Rev. Francis M. Baker has been received into the diocese of Maryland, by letters dimissory from the Rt Rev. the Bishop of Alabama. Mr. Baker has been invited to take charge of St. Mark's parish, Frederick county. Tnc Rev. N. P. Tillingliast has been received into the diocese of Maryland, by letters dimissory from the Rt. Rev. the Bishop of South Carolina ; having been invited to the charge of St. John's hurcn, Georgetown, D. C. Rev. N. L. Kice, D. P., has declined the appointment to the professorship of didactic and polemic theology at the New Albany Theological Seminary. Uw Intelligence, Ruebehe Court at Chambers, August 25?Before Judge Kdmonds. IlemaDded?Christian Enlsger,committed on a charge of grand larceny, was brought up by habeas corpus, and his discharge claimed on the around of his having been roinmitted without examination. Application refused, and the oommltting|magistrate ordered to proceed with examination. Superior Court at Chamber*. August 26.?Re ...I-,!? II..r... c Willi...,. ..A rli.,1.. Il.mllln. two of the crew of the prlgate, were brought up by habeas rorpua and claimed their discharge on the ground of being intoxicated. Motion denied, and the partiea remanded. United States District Cocrt, Anguat 25.?Before Judge Betta. The Diatrlct Court waa opened this morning. No buaineaa being ready, bia Honor adjourned. Common Pleas, at Chamrkrs.?August 20.?Before Judge Daly.?Ditcharged? John James, a seaman of the f igate Cumberland, wr.a discharged as a minor, on the affidavit of bla mother There are several cases before Judge Vanderposl, which are adjourned to Monday next. United Rtatf.s Commissioner's Oftics.?Aug. 26.? Before A. Oardiner, K.sq ?Charge of Grand Larceny? Ilenry Austin, a pa aenger on board the ahlp Ocean Monarch, charged with stealing a quantity of jewelry from a fellow-passenger, on the voyage from Liverpool to this port, waa arrested this morning by Deputy Marshal Flanagan, and committed for examination. Fobkion Letters.?We are requested to state, for the information of the public, that by order of the Postmaster General an agent of the department will be in attendance on the departure and arrival of each of the British mail steamera from and at this port, to receive postage upon all letters and other mailable matter subject to such charge. Under this arrangement, letters can be sent after the hour for closing the foreign mails at the post office. By the late luw of Congress a fine of$0000 is imposed for each letter put on board any foreign mai^M^n^inwithout^re-iiaying the legal AmenN , rr.v - -"in ii n i > ffCTlewt ? Booh*, Hew IM<am. Lirt abu Tinm ? gini Wikit. By J. 0 H??Blond. Hall It Ltlrkxon. gjiraeu**; A. 8. ItrMikC*, Nr* York ?Tbo introductory portion of this hiogra- 1 phy mi; br Tory interacting to the iowtdUti friend* I and entbueiaatio odmireri* of the late Mr. 8. Wright; bat it l? written too much In the Boewell etyle to be Tery acceptable to the ftrirril reader. There in no thing in tte incident* themselves. or in the eircatn- I tancee attending them, which c >uld warrant such ; minute detail*; nor are ruch trifle* unaccompanied ae they must necessarily be with all their attendant 1 circumstances, the key ae xduie may think, to the I true character of an individual The principal pirt , of the book ie taken up with the detail* of hie political career, in which the writer ha* acquitted himself with consul, i ahm ubilitv. and we believe. with iuioar- 1 tiality. The political history of the Slate of New York, , with th* various questions that agitated the putuio mind during ll>*> period that Governor Wright occupied 1 the gubernatorial chair, are treated at length, and the I movements of the two great politioal parties, with their respective dissensions and uianueuvrings are described w ii n a- little bias aud as much regard te the feelings of the various sections of both parties a" could 1 be reasonably expected, from the difficulty c-f the case, in short, the principal portion of the wofk may be c< nsidered a political history of the Statu, with some of its most distinguished political men, from 1841 to the close of Mr Wright's administration tu 1840. Hurt's Marcuanth' Maoazink and Commercial R? vi aw - Freeman Hunt, 142 Fulton street ? The number for this month coiomeuo> s with an article on " The History und Principles of Anoieut Commerce." by James Wm Gilbart, general manager of the London and Westminster Bank It is the tirst of a series of lecures drliveied by this gentleman in Waterford, in lfcil3, when he held tie office of manager of the Wa leiioru nraucu 01 me mini 01 ireianu. considering how scanty ibe iuhUiUIh are for u history of tbe commerce ol Egypt, during the period of 1700 year* before tbe ' liristian era, theie not being a single book or manuscript now in existence written by au Egyptian uu b< r. it must be admitted that tbe lecturer ha* done justice to hia Hubject. If tbe library of Alexandria had not unfortunately been oonaigned to destruction he would have bad more auiple materials for a disserlation on the commerce ot ancient Egypt; but in consequence ot that iucalculab e Iohb. we are principally indebted to Herodotu* and the Saerrd Scriptures for any knowledge we have of thin anoient people In treating the subject of Egyptian commerce, he lays down the seven following propi Bilious, on each of wbioh be enlarge s with considerable ability : First, That the corn- I merce of u country depends upon its productions. Secondly, Upon its consumption. Thirdly, Upon its geogiapbical position in teference to other nations. ' Fourthly, Upon its means of Internal and external communication. Fifibly. Upon the stale of tho arts andseieuces Sixthly. Upon its laws. And eeveui hiy, Upon the genius and eharacter of its iohabitaut*.? Tnis is followed by a paper on the " Salmon Fishery," which ought to gladdeu the heait of a disoiple of Walton, or any ono else desirous of inorea-log his knowledge of the natural history of the inhabitant* of tbe briny deep. The succeeding papers are "The Commercial Cities ot Europe;" ' Nantes;" The Stall-tics and History of the Oiitisb Cotton Trade, and of the Manufacture of Cotiou Goods;" " Saving Fund aui-ing ' Charitable Associations;" " Tbe Commercial Code of I Spain;" ' Points of Mercantile Law;" and ' The Commercial Chronicle and Review, ' be. bo. All of which contain a fund of information which every commercial man should be familiar with. Notes of a Military ReconnoiSsance from Fort Lkavenworth, in Missouri, to San Dicuo, in California. be. By Lieut Col. W.H.Emory. Wendell b Van Benthuysen. Washington.?The great curiosity which exists throughout tbe country to obtain authentic information with regard to the new territories bum, ubiu urru uuuriru l>u bull lupuuoc, Will CUU1mand for this book an immense circulation. As the i regions to which it refers have b< en liitherte but very psrtiully explored, this work will be foMud well worthy of pi rural. The latitudes and longitudes, astronomical observations, character of the country, climate, and products, together with an Immense collection of interesting miscellaneous information, are carefully noted. Occasionally, also, a mu interesting details ! are given of the peculiar manners and customs of the inhabitants?the natural history, botanical produe tions, and geological formation of the country Some beautiful p ates are interspersed tnroughout the work, i and. at the end, is a large map, on which is delineated ; the whole route. If tne war with Mexico have no other good effect, it hns opened up to the adverturous spirits among us a new, and, hitherto, uuexplored country, of which full and interesting iuforination will be found in this volume. Clara : Or tiif. Red and White Roses?from the German of Vou bchuiid. Edward Dunnigan fc Brother, 151 Fulton street.?This Is the most interesting, inao- > cent and instructive tale that we have perused for a lot.g time. The extent to which the world has been inundated with trashy French novels, and publications of an immoral tendency, has made books of this class a great desideratum. How very few modern writers could say with the noble Cervantes, " I would rather my right hand was burned off than that a single line I have ever written could sully the pure thoughts of innocence." This German writer has eschewed the example of tbe French and English, and has taken the Spanish and Portuguese for his models, and any one who peruses his highly interesting tales will have sathfactory evidence that the portraiture of innocence and purity has more irresistible charms than the most LI.L1. 1 J II .A! _ C ] j! ..i, _ 1 uiguiy coiwrcu uvii^rabioiin ui vice una ui-Mpauon. This little wcrk must have an immense run with the young. Kikwan Usmasbkd.?By the Rt. Rev. S Hughes.? This ic the title of a little pamphlet, issued by the I same publisher, and will no doubt have a large circu- j lation among the class of readers for whom it is intended. Miscellaneous. The newspapers, lrorn every section of New England, complain of the uncommon prevalence of dysentery. The Salem Register Bays, " when the Acadia was detained below Boston, last week, in the fog, a telegraphic abstract of her news was forwarded to Montreal, in Canada, printed, published in an extra, and circulated about the city before her arrival was even known in iSalem. " The Beat Pines In Uie City tc. get good Boots, Shoes, snd Uaitencheap, 1? at Jnnos, 14 Ann street, near Uio Museum. Bis bent French rail dress Boots, M 80; second quality from ftS 60 to $4; Conimws B?ota, from M 60 to St. The Destru? non oi oitn.sive Insects, of all well as rats aud mice, is complctod in a few minutes, aitlioui annoyance or trouble, by the Magnetic Powder. It is a vegetable preparation diacovired by Mr. ?. Lyon, at 1ISJ Broadway. . Guns and Pistols?B. Joseph, 74- Maiden Lane, imp rter ol Gum- an i Pistols of etery size aud qual ty, at Very low prices. Merchants, gun-nt U.h and others, arc requested to examine the stock and pe ces "f subscriber, before matting their pnrchazea B. JOSEPH, 71 Maiden Lone. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONEY MARKET. Saturday, Aug. SO?O P. M. In consequence of tbs announcement, early in tho morning, that the steamship Britannia was telegraphed below Boston, the operations at the board were very limited, and nriees closed about the same as reported yesterday. Erie railroad, (new) fell off per cent ; and Canton advanced The greatest excitement 1 existed to learn the nature of the news, and the ,Extra Herald was sought after with the utmost avidity. The news does not amount to any thing, either politically or commercially. No change had taken placq, in Irish affairs, and the markets continued in a very quiet, inactive state. The amount of duties collected at this port for the past week was $610,200 45. Tho lako receipts of brendstuffs at Buffalo, for the third week in August, were 15,2G7 bbis. flour ; 44,613 bushels wheat ; and 84,548 bushels corn. No barley i or rye. The quantity of ooal transported on the different canals and railroads, connected with the coal rogion, for the week ending the ?4th instant, was as annexed. Coal Thadk?Wtr.klt llEctirr.i. For the Week. Previously. Total. Tons. Tons. Tons, Schuylkill Canal 13,760 247.248 261.014 Lehigh Canal 22,646 392.125 414 771 Heading ltailroad 27,531 800.265 827,796 Total tons 63,043 1,430,638 1.503 581 The supply of coal has for some time past exceeded the demand for consumption, and the trade has therefore become much depressed. To reduce the supply it is stated that a number of mines in Schuylkill county have considerably narrowed their operations and even contemplate a discontinuance altogether of their labors. Spurious $3's on the Adams Bank, at North Adams, hare made their appearance. Vignette, a female in a aittlng posture?steamboats on the right. The receipts of the Hartford and New Haven Railroad for July ezeeeded $33.000?a larger sum than was ever received from the business of any previous month since its completion. This is at the rate of $400 000 per annum. The receipts of the present month, thus far, promise to exoeed thoso of July. Including the net profits of their steamboats, the July receipts were $41,090. Last year $28,000. A gold mine has recently been discovered near Hamburg , 8. C. Since January last six hands have produced twelve l.undred dwts. This mice must be of Immense value, as it covers an area of about forty acres, and yields an average of 20 cents to every bushel of earth, and lies adjacent to plenty of water for washing. This deposit of the precious metal appears to differ from most mines, the minerat Is found rsgu. larly interspersed through the earth, from the surface to the depth of thirty feet, this being the greates* depth yet penetrated. Excavations having been made In various places the same result has been in every case presented. The receipts, running expenses, net Income, and dividends, of the Fitohburg Railroad Company, in each of the past three years, were as annexed. Bostoi* sun FircHnuan Kaiikoap Yttir. Ktrrivti. F.rntntn. Nrt liu-omt. '>.riArnAt 184ft 203,W(i 78.338 I3MM ? prr cent. 1846 286,64ft 117,447 I?*I9H 10 184 7 896,737 161,433 228..VM |0 ? Total ... $881,373 367,213 134,186 ITpereent This company was Incorporated is 1812, opened In UarcD, la4.V lengii. uf rtibl 4V utiles, and cost ti tut), TOO. It* wiIik last year war* lban the umit at dividend declared, but the increased nwlpti Ihla far, thia year, ??ill probably make good any dertce^y The railicada of New Kngland hare, since their eompletton, nearly doubled their capital, by the construe tion ?f inuitiMe and e< st'y depute and other improvements. which are more ornamental than conducive t the business of the companies When the Bonton and Kitchburg road eas first completed, the eost wa? about one and a half million' of dollar*; since which nearly a million of dollars have been added to it* cap! ta 1 Mock, without adding a single mile to the length of tbe road. By sueb large and frequent additions t> its stock, the market value ha* fallen front thirty to about tan per cent premium, its annual dividends of ten per rent have been declared and paid bv anticipating the income, and they have probably reached the maximum. Tbe gross income, running expenses, net reeelpta and dividends of the Lowell and Nashua llailroad next d. The dividends of this oompany have at all times bet 11 within its net earnings:? Namiau and I.owkll Kaiihoad. Year. Reccwte JilKtun. Nit Income. Divklervts. IM2,,. UUH9 91,678 39.611 Mp revut. 1143 84 "79 39,994 44,017 H " IMI 94,6.-18 69.844 34,944 1(1 " It ?A 112,1180 48,010 64.670 9 184 6 117.496 70,279 #7.417 10 184 7 167,33# 96.837 60,398 10 ? Total $707,367 4I>?.44U 300,947 5">|<?reoat. This company was incorporated in 1836, and th? road opened in 1838 ; length of road 14 miles. and coat $600 000. Itn running expense hare been above the average, in proportion to the gross receipts, notwithstanding which, the dividends have been as large as those of any other road in New Engiund. The running expenses of this road have fluctuated from year to year enormously, they having been, in 1845, only about one-half what they were in 1847. This is unao. countable on such a short road. If there is any remedy for this, it should by all means be ad >pted, as this road would be, with an expenditure of fifty per cent of its tarniugs for running charges, the most profitable read in the country. Stock Kxcliange. #?h:u U 8 (j'b, '<17 KM KM) alis Mohawk RR l2ra 7!i in hi do '68 MM M Nor .V IVor do do 86 aim IllinoisFundable 4I>.{ 1U0 do 31)4 11 IK) Indiana State i'a ( .">>., 12 Reedm* 3't^ 1UMJ do 94 301) do MO 3.1W 000 Ohio (>'?, '90 01>4 100 Ilarlem RR 63)4 600 aha farmer's Tr hCO 2r)4 1100 bong lslaud do 2 00 MorrisCaLal h30 0\2 MH> do M0 27 60 do boO 9)2 100 do b30 27 60 Cunlun Co It'll 34 U 100 de bid 2tiJ4 60 do bol) 34)*' Second Board. $10000 Trea Notes 93 Mi3)g Ml s h ranton Co 34.V4 3000 Reading Mor Bds iiiXi 600 Lang Island 12m 28 KOthaNorh WorRK 33)4 MO Ilarlem RR 1>3 84 100 do b30 3332 100 do U30 64 I IT I TUAON KK.P011T* Ntw Von*. .Saturday. August 20?6*P, M. The announcement, nr. an early hour thin forenoon, that the Britannia teas below at Boston, with a week's later news, bad the effect of checking operation)) in produce. As the news did not transp'ro till near the close of'Change (when an Extra Herald was pub l.shed). transactions were very limited and prices f ir grain, with some other iutides, were umettb d The late gradual advance in the prices of (lour having b^en produced by reduced supplies and a steady hom i deu and prices remained undisturbed by the news, ai d sales of Oswego, with Western brands, common Genesee. Sic., were made at a slight advance on yesterday's quotations Sales of Ohio wheat were made on urine stated below. Corn was unsettled by the news, and in'rs were light. Meal, before the news, sold on lerms Olghtly below those of yesterday. Ilye was somen 1 at less firm. Oats continued dull, and the market inclined to droop. Sales of pork were ruade at ab ut previous rates. Lard was firm. Groceries were quiet, and sales of sugars and molasses were moderate. Kor a statement of the cotton market we refer to the article, under the proper head. Ashes? Bofi re the news, sales of pots wera made at $0 8734; after its reception, we heard of no tran-actions in either kind. Receipts down the Hudson riier. 123 bbls. Breadvtukfs?Flour?The sales reached 3,000 bbls, including 1.610 a 2 UU0 bbls this State, and common Gencseo. at $5 60 a f5 66).j a >5 62,'f. A lot of srra'clied sold at $6 26; nod a parcel of Ohio, at f 6 50. Southern coutinued firm at yesterday's quotations Wheat ? Sales of 4.000 bushels of nnminnn Ohio wcie made at $1 0; and a lr.t of Chicago cummon, Bold at 95c. Cerii ?Before <he newt*, salm of 7,('00 a 8.000 bushels were made, including rouud yellow, at 04c; while Southern, wearily, at 63.;; and a lot of damaged New Orleans, at 63>4c; a lot of 1 600 bushels. inferior Southern. Fold at 64J?c. Meal? Sales of 160 bbls were reported at $'!; and 200 a 300 do at $3; the market was rather heavy. Aye?Sales of 2 000 a 3 CC0 bushels were made at 7lc. including a portion in the el p, at 70o. Hye flour?Sales of 150 bbls were ii'ado at *4 Oats?Sales of eanal were made at 37 a 38c; and of Jersey, at 33 a 34c. Receipti down the Hudson River. Wheat flour bbls, 6 637 Corn bush. 20 408 Wheat " 4.207 Receipts down the Hudson River eince the opening of navigation. 1848. 1847. Wheat flour bbls. 737,188 1 800,074 meal " 2409 87.206 Wheat bush. 283.028 1.417.515 Corn ' 803 937 2,609.081 Rye.'. ? 181.221 166.235 Cotton?There was a desire to purchase this article this morning, in anticipation of bettor prices, by tbe steamer; and holders diapered of about 1.200 bales at Tery eat sfactory rates. Humors of the news being In the market were current before 10 o'clook, and from ! the desire to buy evinced, it was evident it was misunderstood. After the ofllieial promulgation of the news j at the close of 'Change, it was impossible to get bids even at a moderate decline. We shall continue our quotations at present. liverpool classification. N. Orleans, Mobile 4* Uplands. Florida. Tex<is. Inferior none. none. 6)?a6X Out nary SVt f>Ti 6Jd a 5J? 6 a 6 Middling Ws a tHg a 0?? 6Sal>14 Coed Middling OJiatlV 6% a r>% 67? s 7 Middling Fair 6'i a ,;,2 7 7S'a 7*4 Fair 7 a7 7M?7?< 714?? Folly Fair 7'?a7X nominal. 8** a 8>? Good Fair 71a a 8 nominal. 8'4 a 8)4 tine nominal. none. uoininal. transactions lor the pant few days, emprise 1600 bogs Laguayra. including green, at 6,*i.c a 6c. and white, at dt,e a 0>iC ; 800 a 1000 Sumatra, at 6,3aC a 614 i Ht>d 8u0 pockets and bag* Java at 8c a 9c. ImioHTi-The advent of the steamer's news, as usual, chicked transactions, and we heard of no enirni/emi'nt? ftfl.pp thw Rlitunn.. Mnftpfail wrtpfh notice. Itator were nominally the name. Fi?ii ?The operations were confined to 60 barrels Mr.' i mackerel. No. 2's. at $8. Khuit.?We have but to notice sales of 400 boxes shelled almonds, at private bargain. Hi-mp.?Further tales of 76 bales American undressed. at $140 per ton. C not. Hiors ? The demand was fair, and prices steady. Sales, since our last, embraced 2000 Oarthagena, at about 6c. discount o(T ; 3280 Buenos Ayres, 19 lbs. at 6r,;c, less 1 ptr cent. 0 mos : some parcels of ltio (>itin<le, on private terms ; 748 Torto Cnbello, 6}4c, discount off; and a lot of California, at O'^o, cavil laon-There ha.e been sales of 80 tons English bar at $43 50. I,:Mr. was steady at 08c a 70c per barrel. Molassks was dull, and no sales of moment transpir< d. Naval Stohbs.?The market for spirits was Armor; and sales of 100 barrels were effected at 40c, part cash, and balanced mos. On.i ? For Linseed the inquiry was fair, at our previous quotations. Paovisiofss?Sales of 300 barrels of Mess Pork were made at $11 37 V Prime sold in lots to the extent of 100 to 200 barrels at $8 04 a $9. Beef?Sales of 2(0 barrels Chicngo Mess were made at $13. There was no change In Prime. Lard?Sales of 400 barrels were made at 8)?c a 8,','c. The market closed firm. There wa* no chaDge of moment in Butter or Cheese. It i< k ?Advices from the other sido not being received. the market continued firm ; the transactions, however, were light. Spicks.? A sale of 70 bags Jamaica Pimento was made at 9)$c. Cassia was selling, in lots, at 16 a 10,','c. Tobacco?Statement showing the prices, sales, receipts and stocks, for the week closing on the 20th instant I'riret. Sold. Rrt'd, Stork, Kentucky,Virginia > 3)4 a7X 12.7 hde 6t,'e 240 hds 8,447 bds and N. Carolina, j Maryland and Ohio.. ? ? ? 10 do Connecticut Seed. ... 5 a12 ? ? 000 eases Pennsylvania do., 0 a 15 ? ? V*t do Florida 12 alio ? ? 70 do Havana 20 atff 1S7M?l/ia80o ? (121 ba'oe Cuba 11 alA 00l>lsl3e ? 1/562 do Tara 2H a'tS ? ? 127 do St. Domingo 6 all ? ? 1,801) do The state of the market exhibited no material change during the week. Future demand and firmness will depend somewhat upon the turn political affairs take on the continent. At the present tlm*. the demand for Germany has been checked, and consequently the supplies from the Wost Indies are likely to accumulate in this market. A few weeks will probably decide the complexion of affairs in Germany. Wiiukkv Quotations remained about the same, while sales were light. The market, at the olose, was rather heavy. MA11KKTS BL9KWHBRE. stock sacks. Puii.aori.phia, Aug. 26.?Pint llo<iril?$]tn) Tenn 9*i, 76; $l#()o State (>>, Hf>; HHt C.tmrd Ilk, 10" * ; $'0 A) U 9 tie '62, 1UIW: fM?U u S 6>, 6H, 1H4K; ^KXHI .o, HS>i. SrronA Horrrl.? 430 T,ehlgli Scrip, 79>i; 100 Reading R R, ir>?4; la Nwhi Bk. 2I'4; ?I0II Trow No?c? 1(14; SKHN' 1 ?nn S'i, ; 1U0 Oirard Bk, 10C; $31.0 Sch N?r fi'?, '6K, 37 >,; 110 Uniou Bk Tenn, 43. Married. At Brooklyn, on the '24th inet . by the Rev. Mr. Maedonough, Mart Ei izabttii, yonngeet daughter of the late I>ter Duffy, of Brooklyn, to Stkpheit B. Baoriiv, of tbiR city. Died. At Rhlnebeek, on the 21at, inet, A.vitic, only ehilil of B. Lloyd and Margaret Ann Jamea. aged ten month*. Friday evening. '26th Inet., at the realdenee of her father. Bergen Hill, Errr Catamite Elizabeth,Infant daughter of William and ElTy Thomaa. Funeral this Sunday afteruoon at 6 o'clock On Friday. '26th I net, of typhua fever, 8o?a?, daughter of William H Le Roy, Eeq., aged 2*2. The friend* of the family are roqaeeted to attend h?rfunrr?> trora Calvary enurab on banday, (he -J7tO f InM., at b)i P M. 1 0? hrlday rvrulnr, 25*h In't , of a lingering 111 (MM, lutiLU. ?it? of Prter lltrler aged 37 year*. k. The friend* an>l aoijnai *ani-< of the family are p, raaprottnlly Inf'ti d to attau 1 bar fuaaral. on Sunday, by P. M at4 o'eloek, from bar lata reaidenne, 22 Allan at. ?< Suddenly. on bYiday,Tthe 25th in*t, Eutt, wife of f,r tha late Tbouia* Kut'ar of buffalo, N. V. p| The tri?nda of tha family are rariM-etfnlly Invited to atti nd bar funaral on Monday, the 2sth inat.. at 1 ? o'eb ek P. M., from her late retddenee 29tb atreet, near I 7th avenue. UNIOM OUE>b,I.O.NU ISLtlSD?THOrn.VO?WBONBS. Mi da<, A>?o?l JH'th, at 3 f.M.?Urua'?port?Stake uud purae toi y .VI1, two mile > fit*, in liainaft? Will lain W lie 'and nil sea a in. ah Jrnny Lli d ; Jacob Aon,mereiid)ke y. in. lady Kintna; J* "M <l" W't alply, h ? Paaeenyar; C. A. Brook , r K. tfua'er; I. Wood- V< m(f, a. m. Xf 11 Uwyn. Immediate! utter, match fur tan. Rt n-ile rati too rn dred aad fifty pound wnyioKe?Iktnuv J. Biuret name* b. h. Tehy ; C. 8. Herti >a. ?. h. llu oher Boy. The 'f ouia leave bomb K, rrv lor ihe Courtc a' n'eln k and r-t irn aa men * the |w>ita are over. VI. I > UKKKNK. I'm ne or. p t"rinitt CHUKCH?hik fikihsAN'i) ijrsobvdaVTS < >1 1 of ANNEK JaNTS HOuAKOUS wil iu"?i *t the Welou CI orch, in Christie, between Dolanoty as.l Broome etrcets. on J1" Wedeeedny evening next, Sbth inst, at 7'< o'oh ck. All per* .ns ' J1 lnt.ia.teil in property now in | (wMwoiun of the Vestry of 1 rinity ' Church, are invited to attend. , ' DR. C. C. KIBR3TKD, President. '! J. B. Kirnarrn. Swr tsrv Jj BOV LOST?ABOUT F U < ci'C.OCIC, I'.M, AUGUST ZV oe a boy, 12 years old. a Iio x|ouik?a French and German, hut no! English, strayed from No. 7 i hom|n.>u hiroo . lit hn dark P hoir. is of slender ronke, and dressed in a French straw c ip, ~

Ma. k pantaloon*. and black cloth cat; named Guatav El*rf. I' M Itoever will bring aaid hoy to tho ahoye-naino I plaee will ro feive a rood reward fr m Ottom ir Khor', Wo 7 'I lioinoeon s front, * ?? to d*() REWARD-LOST, ON THURSDAY LtST, AT N(KiV ~ yp & a i'ooktt book, containing napiers of value to no one hut I tM-oaner The above reward will lie paid by leaving it at 2IS W 111 an afreet P Lo t yesterday, on going from maidkv la*e m to corner of Nassau and Fulton a'raet, x pocket-book, eon- N u ini g sundry pa pera, dated l a Gunyra, whi It are of no value to ' any one but the owner. Tho finder will receive $5 reward by T< i h aving it at No. pig Liberty street, and no no?*<b.nx aake.l. 1 IOST, AT BAGG'3 HOTEL, UTll'A. A CARPS.T BAG ai J atn ut 27 inches long by lb w ide. made of Bmeac carpeting D wiih n cm s in a dmble star with thruu border*. The oj.itent* ~ were chleflv ladies linen. The finder will be mitaMy rewarded ( hy leaving the same at SM St. Mark's Place, York.l * WANTED-BY a VERY RF.SPECi able PROTESTANT U girl, a situation as chambermaid, or waiting. The best of > reference |fiven. Apply at 018 Fourth street. 11 File cutters and forgers wanted.-six file n i nttersand Three Taper File Forgers Full work, and cash II every Satnrdav nlrh'. Apply to CHARLES LOWND, us Ridge D street N Y , either hy letter or personal appl oat on. jp TO OWNERS OF REAL ESTATE.?THE ADVERTISER, ( agent tor sevetal {urtieg In this city, having a portion of run ' time unoccupied, offers his services to property owucrs, to let, I' collect, and lake general cl argo of Eibite in this eity. ol Unexceptionable references and socurity given. Address Ilux R 85U I'i at Office. je Furnished house wanted-from about tiik h 1st of November to the 1st of Ma v next. None but a tlireo 11 story house, with modern improvements^ would answer. Ad- c< dress Box 342, Lower Post Office. Apartments wanted-tiik basement and lower t Floor of a neat House, near Broadway, in one of tho erose * etreele between Chambers and Bleecker. Address C. E. R., Herald tl office. I, AN ITALIAN LVDY WOULD WISH TO GIVE LESSONS II In the I'alian language. From her groat exporieooo in j teaching, rho feels o mfldent of answering for the rapid progress j, of her pupils. the hi also ready to reoeivo proposals Irom tho v different schools. A note addresse d to Box 2J.H, Lower Post H Office, will meet w"h prompt attention. Mrs. j. j. brown begs leave to announce to I her friends, patron*, ami the public, that tho dntios of her ei Seniinniy will he resumed on the first Men lay in September nt xt, t, ut hi r residence, t>2 East Broadway, New kork. For tevinsand , refcteneee, Mis. H. refers thoie who would pxteud her their pa- pr trot age, to her circular, or Mrs. B. would be happy to see them at u her residence. , PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD, TUR- ?' nisl.ed or unfurnished, for famines or gen tlcmcu. Api.1v at >i 6b!l Broad any. " rpo LIT?PART OF A HOUSE wel.L FURNISHED AND {! X pleasantly loomed?will to let eitccr with or win ont board to A small family without, hildien; this is piricultrly deiirahlo, " os the fannl 001 npying the house is small ami dcslru quiet. For " fwrth?i particulars inquire of Russell, "2 William st eot, or on the p premises, 2/SP Hudson stm t. K 11OH SALE-A MAGNIFICENT NEWFOUNDLAND DOG, / J? 12 months old, beautifully marked, lurge, young, well trained, , perfectly docile, good wnMi anil accustomed to children. Apply IJ' ut 2(lf> W aterstreet, upstairs. * mo PRIMERS.?FOR SALE, A SECOND HAND FOOLS- J" X cup. Medium. Super Royal, and Imperial Washington,and Jj' Smith Hand Prcstcs, and Inking Machines, at low prices. ?' R. HOE St CO , 2U and .11 Gold st ?? TO PRINTERS AND NEWSPAPER PROPRIETORS.? hi Forsale one second hand d uble oylindor Press, lied 41 by 28 1 loche i I do do, led A? by Mi inches, floth pneses will be put in St rerOet order n ml sold cl cop. H. TIOE ft CO. A A rpo BOOK-SELLERS.?BLANK BOOKS M ANUFACTURED i X for the trade, from paper furnished or otherwise. A supply Z kept ou hand and sold extremely low for cash. Those wishing to c< purchase w ill find it will pa; M call. C. _ W M. S. BROWN, No. 2H6 flowery, hi Phosphorus?'2ouo lbs., ini.iand 11 pound can- i{ nisters, landing from the New York, Splendid, and Onward, )| livni Havre, and lor sale in lots to accommodate Large and small u dealers, and manufacturers of matches, by CARNF.S & HASKELL. W Ma deplane, corner of Onld st pi 1.1 KELF-KICK A. H0JDWORTU, 1 vtPO iTKR t?F FANCY '-J Goods, 325 Broadway, nppoei elhe Brotdway Theatre.?Pnreelalne Vases, Fine B-oozes, Fans, Bnhemia-i Glass ware. Work ( Jinxes, Writing Desks, Papeterit s. Dressing Cases. Opera til is ei, lloticules ,Purses, Caid Usees, Portfnli is, Porte Monnnies, Rid ng w \i hi|is. Hi Iking Cnnes, Ferfnmcry, Sc., 8tc., who'e-sle or remit, PAl'ERAT REDUCED PKD F,*?GYRUS W. field Ik CO. 5? Paper Warehonse, No. 11 Cliff street (Near John ) New al Y ork, now offer. in lets to suit purchaser", one of ih; largest and ,1 uiost ictiiahi'i stecka of I apor in the Unit-J tita-es, at prices ,, I very much lower than ever before nmng the gio?t birgains u-uy be found Iti.UOtl roans Strew Paper, at llo per ream, A,U0 reams giod White Plain and Ruled 1-etter, at $ 12L{ per ream, u B,W)ti reams good White l'lnio and Ruled Cap, at $1 2 > per re >m ; , 1.2UI itonis good White Flit Cnp, at $1 &0 prr ream; 100,0 ill v llis. rO d Straw Hoards, at 2c lier lb.: idl.lKkl ii,s ,r,?.s nt?s..-v I P B i rd-t. at Sc per lb.; fif',OuU lbs. good ilan^ioi; l'r per, at iK? I I1 per )b. : 82,(HK> Id-*. fli?? di'tn, atfc per f". ? COAl.-I AM DELIVERING THE BEST PEACU OIL j cli ixi (ml asti) Coul, wc'.l the followiug low pri y oes fur each, via: Nut $4 60,ami stove and eg* at $6, from Ilia .| vnrd coiner of King and Grccnwioh streets; ii oents Ian from ?l peat. PBTKK CLINrOiV. * Entirely new and important invention?dr. 2 Lovetl's Patent Enauiellad Plates for Artifleial Teotli?The | public are respectfully invited to examino thia beautiful inran- L Ition, * hereby tbo mint timid can have teeth inserted on gold J I Utc without fear or possibility of (bowing the gold, baaidea uu- at merone other advantages that cannot be explained in an adver- w lirement. l>r. l.ove'.t, Dentist Patentoa, 2bl) Broadway, coruar Q of Warren atre* t. r, ONLY!?WHO WOULD GOWITIIOUTTEKTU WHEN 5 yp J. they can have them inserted and warranted (or b years at ? one dollar each, at the office established for the reduction in t prices in 1834. Filling with pnre gold SO to 7S eta. 3Urt Uroad- , way. f AMERICAN AND FOREIGN JEWELRY.?TIFFANY, * YOUNO St ELLIS, importer* of English, French, German, Italian, Swigs, and Chinese fancy articles, suitable for presents, 5 latoy Porcelain and Gloss w ores, hne stationery, Cutlery, Perturner}. Brushes. Cloola, Brontes, Statuary, Mantel Ornaments, * >una kc , Ac.. 271 Broadway, corner of Chambers street, having ? lately added the imoirtation aud mannlacture of jewelry to their ' fmmer busineta, beg to express thoir confident belief tliat their f pn sent stock of Foreign and American Jowolry, Diamonds, and L other precious stones, Csmeos, Enamels, ko , presents a larger ? ami richer lolection then can be found elsewhere in the United States. Their prices (marked in plain figures, from which not the ? slightest deduction will be made,) they are also confident, will he H found lower than elsew here. An inspection and comparison will f nnt Impose t he smallest obligation to purchase. ' J AMES BECK & CO. ARE NOW OFFERING NEW UOOD3 , lor Fall Sales?Just received by the lats arrivals Irom Franc* [ and England, an entire New Stock of Silks of every dssoriptiun, , ai d of the latest Paris stylos. Also, a very splendid assortment ,| ol Blsck Silks and Paris Watered Silks, Paris printed Cashmeres . and De Luinex, ot the most beautiful patterns anil all new do- _ nig tit: Merinos, Thibet*. Cashmeres, plain of alloolon g nnn qualities, Embroideries, I.aers, Shawls, Cloves, Hosiery, \ Liteus, ( leaks, Mantillas, Plaid, Long and Square Shawls. The p, above, w ith a full stock of Fancy and Staple Goods, are offered at ,, the lowest ciuh prices, or on reasonable terms, at No. 3M Bread- ? wsv. Out of town buyers are particularly requested to call and 1 exiiminc prices and goods before purchasing. J << T*1IE PLACE," NO. 80 NASSAU street, LONG and {j X favorably known aa a Publio House. The entire, or a one t, half interest of the same, is offered for sale. There ia a long and vcrv favursble lease. The house is reulete with tfxtnraa and ?. !. nititrc throughout. Mercantile onuiipoTnent* prevent the advur- j titer from dt voting tho time which "The Place" requina. He > would preler ditpoeing of an internet to a suitable person. For q particulars, inquire of LEW IS S. FORD, on the premises, be- a twecn 10 A. M. end 1 P.M. f Ml* QUEEN'S IIOTEIj, OPPOSITE THEGENERAL post " OBieo, St. llartln'sle Grand, London.?This magniBoent Ho- " tel. having icoently undergone extensive alteration*, and a ureal " portion ofitnewly furmhed, will be r?und on trial to hare no I rival in the metropolia,rbotn in point of aooouimodation and mo- * derate charree. The Coffee room la one of tlie largest and mod _ jotniortable in England. Board, f.2 per day. Hot and CoM l Hatha Til I'M AS 8PENCF.R LF.NNKY, Manager, J Formerly Chief Steward of the Dritiah Queen Steamship. RefcronoeinNewVnTlttollr.fl. A. White. AAOHaratreet j, FOR RIO JANEIRO?PASSAGE ONLY?THE IdABEI.ITA ' llyne i? unavoidably detained for a few day*, and ha* yet accommodations for paiwongere, which may lie aten at foot of ,r Kt tcvelt ttiect. Application to ALLEN fc PAXSOJf. ' l.W Front Street. Packet for Havre?second link-thc ship sr. 7 limit, G. W. (lone, Master, will sail on the 1st BopMmbot. * |>*'wight ACTnU v? m Wan street. For Marseilles.?the well-known bark mabC ELLA, Capt. Ingham, Is now loading, and will msot with n-ftw-t. iwWi-gi-ftggJra, ? or to BO V DJk HINCKKN, Brokers. IIOR BORDEAUX?PASSAGE ONLY.?THE FRENCH 1 Bark INDUSTRIAL. Capt. Friburg, aan comfortably accommodate Bra or six eabin passenger*. Apply to the Captain, on board, or to BOVD It HINCKEN, Broken,fW Wall at. ISOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?REGULAR PACKET OF tho liitli ol September. The new and aplendid laat sailing packet tliip Shi rdin, George II. Ctruish, maeier. is now loading, and will i"?t ve y tail at above, her regular day. For freight or pm-tagc, having tpleudid furnished neeommodation* for both let and ibid cabin pa Men vera. Apply <>n fcoard at Groans Wharf, foot of Walt ?., or to*. k. COLLINS. .VI South at. Price of cabin petrage E7N; second do. do. $'ii. Tho packet ship derrick, Thiita* Shipley, matter, will fuceocd tlie Sheridan, ana sail HOth October, her reauLr day. 1.1 OR new OKl.EANi-l.()l ISIaNA and MW VoRK. ! Line of Peek et??T<> anrMid the Indiana, the new, fiwit aail- 1 It,p, copi<rtd i*?ket, lark Ceneeee, C.T. D.ll nghnin, n?i'4r, 1 will rail a* above. rtr frelil.t or |*ihc, having handome a fin niched aeeimnH.datloua, apply en board, at OrleAn'a ffharl S foot of ITall atrret, or to ?. K. COLLINS, MS. ath atreet. < Agrnta in Now t trie an.". Mcaara. IJRVA.N ft CHEEVT, who will I promptly l?r? ard all good* to thoir ad A- net S iiiUi (uwt bottles, and over, or dr. Diwrrr i UUU) vo" C. Kelliuger'a Liniment haea boon aold, with-* J ont a murmur. Rheumatic paina, from twenty to fifty years' V aianding, and Fever Some, from fifteen to twenty ream', hare r jacn entirely cured in a taw daya la Diarrhoea, Cholera Mor- 8 Sue, Ililioua I'bollc, it iaaa certain to cure ae it ia taken. Itiapnt at up in large bottles, la mild, fragant, and agreeable, according to H d. ae ; ia ten timeacheaper than any other embrocation. Sold at C W'c. f i |>cr doa., $41 per itnee; Id groee at $S8. Oflioc, 281) Pearl A street; the Harlem Railroad OAeeg Kuehton, Clark ft Co,and I, of tliednnriaUaenemllr thronahout theeitr and eonafrv N DR.COOPIR, 14 DUANRSTREET, BETWEEN CHATHAM 6| and ft illiam street*, haa for the last fourteen yeare ei\)oyed ? a moat eateusive pnetioe in private diaeaaea. Ue can ante the *< moat aggravated eaaea of tftia diaeaae; and mild oaeea cured In two to live day a Stricture?Dr. Cooper can euro the worat form of ? alrirturea in from one to two weeka. Conetitutional debility, 1 brought on be n aecret halnt indnlged ia by yeung men. Thin, 1 when ice freely irdnlged in, begets dyspasia, weakness of the R limba and atnal) el the baek, eenniaien of the intellect, nnd near. U ainn to aeeiety. A cure warranted in every caw, or no charge. Neroemnry wed. >uwKi>y nmfki?nvn in.umi, ?wti?i J#. ilnncfUofSknum' looei. Will to* pc-formad >b? po lar drsira < tOil. BUS. or lb* Bojr of Haottllaor?Oil B'm, .*? Marr Tajr i r Oil IVrea. Br Bellamy; AitHf* Orooelo, J M iaaoft; Cap ?ln Rolm.! , Mr. "t. v. nu. Oried .Vri m w D? ux. M|[iv t* t'iuroa aad Mr. O. W. Hmlta. To h? followed il r irrei il loirVaiine?| inn i pom of HiiMI'.HA M BULL-OLE Imirt, Mr*. II. Phillip* Li Poiki National*. *l<n'r*CI -oca I Mr C. W. Smith. To eonoloda with the operetta of I If K Ale Mt MaIO- t*or"a Mi . Mm T-?|nr ? I, Mr .I Wins nr. oranp?na'7: r rfonnMM* comment* at 7K o'alouk. Boies, flontr Pit 17K cent*. >hUAiiUAl , iitA I'kl -i.vT NIUjTOFTBI SIAUOW. * Mitni.y Evening, Aug. at, will lie performed the Trn - iiy of OKI LO? Othello, Mr. Forrtvt; lane, Mr. Djrotfc Gastrin. Mr. . ti r; Kndcrign Mr Shaw Krulnmim, Mr Fredericks; Mentnno, r Peynolds; l.udovien, Mr. Kingtley; Duke of Venice, Mr. Walii; Fesden eaa. Mis* F. WalUck; Emilia Mrs Abbott. Te collide with the force of the CAPTAIN OK THE WATCH?M krit de Liglty, Mr. rr; Ail lphe Ce I on rosy. Baker; Baron ncepotter. Vache: Kristin*. Mr". A' b'tt Kutryn, Mrs Watte, ui.t'ard pries* id admission, Dresscircle and Paripm'te, V' o's. imlly Circle and Ppp r Tiers, ti> ete. Mr. Forrest will ap|iear cry nin t dntii g the week. J IBLO'S?A8TUR 1'I.M K, UHOAUWAV. -MUSI' NIGHT w 1,1 U b French |wr?.? M. Laborde mil Mine. I.ih. rd?, prinpnl Msitr and prima donna of the Grind Opera Paris, sud iyal Theatre at lltosseli; Mine. Paul, M ile Kmsnals, M. M rjit, of the French Theatre, New Orleans, their iiraL ap;>oirdii o rn; Mr Ji liu Seflon and Mr Stiini, with a Grand Orchestra eadtr Mnne. Perrm) and an eft'eetivo Chorus Monday Eve> ing, nsun ><. will ho |wrfnrmed 'lie military opera of l,A FlI.i.B U KEGIMFWr?Marie. Man. Laborde; Toni>. M. I.ah .rde; urchnness of lleikcntield. Mine, Paul; Duchess, M ile Frusnnis; orteiudiis Jul n Ksftnn. !> nrs open at a smarter befuro 7? nmrnrirrat h?Ppaat7. Admiaeion lUoenta. nT III O'S, AST! IK PI.AI E-llliN h K11' OK II ILAI'IDK. a Tlie nUlt arc IMpMtfallj lutcrmed tliis event will lake arc <w Tuesday, August 9th, IS48, on which oocaniun Shovl ill's eeletnsted centcdv of tlio RIVALS will he siren. Mr. II. latidr, Mr. T. Plscitle. Mr. VandenhntV. Mr. Charles, Mr. J del . Mr I yen. aft M rn, v*,.,! rr will he Inelnded in the aask, > U KTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET.? MoVJ day Evening, August 'TP, will ho played, li lt time. the I u'ar drama, in two acts, of DOMItEV AND SON?Mr. D >tny, i'r. Nlrkinson; Mr. Csrker, Mr. Jordan; Major Joe Uigstoclc r. Hr ngham; Edith, Mr?. A. Knight; Florence D misty, M si ickins'ti; Mrs. Skew on, Mrs. Vernon; Susan Nipper. Mrs roughs ill. I.A TAR A VTFI.I.K by Miss Walters and M. Frederics, oconelnde with THE REVOLT OF THE VEXTON3: OR, rilE ft DLRTAKEK'S DREA M-Monldymth. Mr Nickinaon; Ma'irk. Mr. tlaytnond; lfvgeia. Mrs. Li re it sham Dress Circle id Psrquelte, fid cents; Family Cirole or second tier, tb otnta cor? open at 7'Jo'clock?Curtain rises at yhefnr?8. AIIAN FK AL"S N K VV NATIONAL THEATRE, FORMERLY J ('lu'tham?Monday Evening, Auk. will In iui ed a new ruiu.v entitled ZAHAIT, OA THE V<HV OF DEATH?Sir ' fli Lldcote, Mr. Paniey; I.aiinre, Mr I rcrls'rt; Z!rah. Miss m ly Mes'aver Amy Lideotr, wis; lllldreth. To hi folio*ml by le farce of tne WO< L DKAI EK?Deuteronomy Dutiful. Mr. ( . uike: Amend i. Miss lllldietli. To conclude with th* SUMAMI',1 Ll-T?M.he bounibert, Mr. Palmer, Colin do Trnti. Mr. utke; Madame Gertrude, Miss lllldreth; Mured ine, Miss Miloa. iron open at 7 oV'nek. and the onrtein wlllriao at a % before S. uxes, 26 oanta; Pit, 12% rente "N AS'ILt OAHDEN.-A CONCERT OF SACRED MUSIC J will he given on Sunday evening. August 27 th, by Lothian's elehratod New York Brass Bund. Programme?Part I?Spirit r onr Fathers, Newkum; Sweet r'poao, Mayuanl; Cavatina. Ooeini, Polonaise, Kullner; < horns, IJoranua, Iluydn; Vila! pnrk, lladyn. Intermission ol half an hour. Part II?Havana, "My overt thrngh," Fry; Andante. Her/.og: Solo, Touor orn, Hil'v ir: Old Hundred Psalm, loither; Pilgrim Fathers, bomth Id; Mighty Jell v?h. Newsnm; Andante. Heriog Conirt to commence at S o'clock. Admission \'i% cents. The Coaioremus have been ro-urriineed. and "an he ? en at all times. | "A aSTLEUARDKN? ADMISSION 12^ Cr;N fS?Tills MOuT ~-> beautiful rummer resort, commanding Hie hoest views aud to most, complete and elegant accommodation for visiters, will e opined during the any. end in the even ug hrilliantly llltmi ated. Much amiisement. may be had viewinK the 100 Connor*ias, together with the splendid paintings of the fan.nus Chinese unit Keying, executed by the i Mucso ar'iet on hoard, while laygat Cattle Gstdi n during tiro summer of 1KI7?also, several iews of great battles, at liiiena Vista, Ac,, in Mexico, and a va ety of other scenes. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARNOM Proprietor?F. Hitchcock, Mauager.?Splendid Performance* rery iltemooi, at halt pas* ,'i o'clock, anil every evening at a |iiur r before S. The Man-.p-ur has the pleasure of nnn nn lag t a opt extraordinary wonder in creation. Mujor LiBtletingor, holdig ti e tame relation to tie famous Lilliputian that the lie tie ngrr does to the thumb. He is ten yia-s old. only tw> nt.y-tour cite* high, aud weighs only 13 Ibe. lie may le seen every ornire, frcm It'to half* past 12 o'clock; In the afternoon, from till hnlf past f>; and in the evening, from 7 till 10. In addition, 16 manager has aleo engvgod the eelehrated Su'd, Brothers. I r. Jerry Merritield, the 3 Highland Mammoth Boys, Giant or aminoth Baby, Enotm >ui Boa Conatrietor. Madam Rockwell le fsmous Fortune Toller, msv b, privntly oonsu'ted at an itra charge oi id cents. Admission t> th; whole,tnulud ng Mu nm Pcrlotmanres Tom 7 hum o's Ac., 26 cents; ohl dron, nderton yearsof age aud oldenongh to walk alone, 12% oenta cserved rrrnt scats, one shilling each extra. \ POLLO ROOMS.?GRAND VUCA LAND INSTRUMENTAL n. Concert.?The ccltbriiteU Moravian Singers, composed of th; Honing eminent artistes:?Mile. Lovarny, Hcrr Zoter, Ilorr id gentlemen of flow York, and etrangurs generally, that thoy lvc un ived in this city from London, and will hnvu the honor make their tlrst appearance before the American public In a rand Vocal and Instrumental Connor t. at the Apollo Rooms, i Mondey Evening, Augurt 2b, 18IS, on which nonunion a must icico and pleasing |rogruuitno will be presented, when Uiuy ,po. to meet that succcsn which hue ul ended their efforts in tlie, London, and In all the principal ci'iei in Europe, Pro01110)1'.?tart i,?1, Grand Qnintetto?Tho meet ng on the uetiinn monnUinr?by the company, Spira. 2, Grand Bass rin by Kruuc, Keller. .'1, Dim Aliwnhoni?Song by Milo. Lo* irny?I'roroli. 4, Mein Sefcrl?Moravian National Song by rer?Zorcr. A Grand Fantasia with variations on the \iloinleon, with Piano Porte accompaniment, P. Stmpel?Stmpol. Quartet to, lb saline, Company. Part II.?7, Song?My Boy. rod's Home?Krane, Kookv. S, Aria?Swiss Girl?MMn. Loirny, Lindley. 9, Diveriiscmento, with Imitation of the Froech orn and Cornet a Piston, Zorcr. 10, Echo Song, Mile, [.oviirnv. , tirann Wnltr? Petrmburgb, on the Xilocordeon. 12, Pinole, Mi raviaDS in New Yi rk, by the whole eompauy, arranged by -rer. licit la 90 cents each, to be had at the principal \5uato i rer, and at tho door on the evening of the Coiecrt. Doors >?n at 7, To comtnenoe at a quarter before H o'clock. The om baa l>eor beautifully painted, and is well ventilated. trpiie Campbells arecoming."?fourth week. X Triumphant success?Society Library Rooms, .US Broaday, eorner of Leonard street?Campbell's Mlnt'reis, (un let le direction of G. A. Kimberly.) Encouraged by the vary altering manner in which their conoern hare been re. lived during the last Onee weeks, having been nightly cr wded I 1 highly respectable and taahionablo houect, havo Uio honor to anennc* that they will conttuuo their entertainments every rcHtng this week, introducing at each ooncert n full and tried proyrsmme ol most popular piwesin Ethiopian M lody, ith a variety of chaste (lancing, &c? inoludins the eobrated Statue Dance, and Highland Fling bv Mr. Lube est Doors 'pen at 7- oommence at 8. Admission 29 cents . B.?On %turda> noon, by particular request of several niiiies, they will givianaftern on performance, comm -ueing at o'clock Aambrii' . 29 oenis-ehiltren nalf-iirioe. 3an0kama of taylor's campaign in mexico, at 1 the Minerva Uoom*,4dG Broadway, shown natural as life, the arches. Encampments, and Battles fought by Geo. Taylor. 11 so gives oorrect views of tiin Cuntry, towns, cities, Sic. It is le most beautiful painting ever seen. Open every night at 8 clock. Afternoon exhibitions Wednesday and foturduy. comenoirg at 3 o'clock. Admission. 29 oento. Schools admitted on secret'' terms. No oharge for descriptive pamphlet*. 2 ACRED DIORAMA 8?NOW EXHIBITING EVERY " niglit this week, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, itnmcneing at '< o'clock, at the splendid new Hall, 386 Broaday, over Stoppani's Baths. Uannington's entirely new rand Venptural Dioramas oi the most Magnificent Spectacle rer witnessed in New York. Creatiou ol the World and the ?lnge. Assisted by powerful Vocal and Instrumental Accompa intents. Mr. U. llannington has Just completed a magnificent liorama. intended to illust rate tho sublime speatacle of the Six lavs ol the Prufttion! exhihitin* hv ,l.u. n?... . tetrned and respected beyond all bounds. Exten. sivc arrangements have been made at Leesburg to do public honors to the memory, character, and services of the gallant dead. A Bailor, named John Murray, on Thursday night, stopped in at one of the dens of infamy on the Causeway, and was induced to drink some liquor, shertly ufter which he detected one of the girls attempting to rob htm, when he escuf>ed into the street, und wub immediately taken very sick, lie was taken home, and medical aid called in, evincing all the symptoms ol having been poisoned. from which lie died yesterday morning. Th*; girls have been arrested, and there seems to be no doubt that he was drugged, to enable them to rob him with more facility. A splendid packet bark, called the ftlen M. Hollinpsworth, will be launched this afternoon trom the ship yard ol Messrs. Poster & Hooz.? yhe ts intended to run as a regular packet between Boston and Matunzas. A challenge jor mortal combat having passed between Captains Bernard and Edwards, of the Voltiguer regiment, now encamped at Port Mcllenry, they were both arrested yesterday. and gave bail to keep the peace. Foolish lellows, alter escaping Mexican bullets, to think of making themBelvea targets for bullets to penetrate, and wise men to laugh at. . The number cd vessels in the port of Baltimore yesterday, exclusive of b.iy craft, was sixteen ships, fourteen barks, tweiity-eighl brigs, and thirty-two schooners?m?King in all, uiiietyaail of vessels. J Finns demmiia, Aug. 3fk Mr. William Abbott, ?he new harbor master, appointed by Governor Johnston to succeed <?enerul Kounifort, entered upon his duties yesterday morning, (apt. West, the form :r courteous and obliging deputy, has been displaced by Capt. Josiuli Ames. Monday will be an exciting day among the politicians of the democratic stamp ; and from the illrepressed grumblings of a large portion of the party who have already got an insight into the practices that have been resorted to, in order to secure the nomination for those agreed upon to caucus, warrant the belief that a grand row will take place if these underhand meatuses ore 3 tec -s* ounery, end powerful optical olfect.s, ell the prugressi ve s row tlie Cbuoe aud Darkness ot Ui? unformed universe, unci he final completion of the great wot* of i 'reation, at described iu he tint and eecond chapters of UeDtaia, terminating with the ajloarunce of Adam and Eve in the Garden ol' Eden. The Diorama the result of a long oheriahed id> a, and of a lifetime of study mil experiment in this department of the arte. It it tho most oetly, oeaut'lo) and perfeot work of the Mod existing, and con lines in its exhibition the highest mechanical ingenuity, with the aost astonishing scenic Gleets, assisted by superior poetry, paint ug and music. Scenery nnd Incidents?Clmo*, the First Day. "he Firmament, the Second Day. Dry Ijind, Herbage and Flowrs, Third Day. Sun, Moon and Stars. Fourth Dr.y. Creation f Fish and Fowl, Fifth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Hay. lard on of Eden?Adam ard Eve. With thia completion of the ibora of the Creation, the first part of the Exhibition oleics, art II. Grand Diorama of the Deluge. Tickets2A cts -Children alf rriee Doors open at 7. Kartai* risos sHi e'oloc I. VEW YORK GALLERY OF THE FINE ARTS.-TUE Common Council having taken pisaenion of the Kotunda ir I'ublio Offices, the trustees of this Institution give notice tst its Exhibition w ill l>u closed until further incuts can ; made for its re opening, I f Which due poti.-e will is> given. ~1 PICKET UATI.II AT [JOBOKEV.?A GRAND CRICKET J Match will come off on Monday, 2Hth, on Sums' ground. Ilo. >krn, bctwoen the ft. George's and U.o New York C.u'.ie. Wilks to Ic pi-rh'd at luo'tlnc'i ? 1 icpcrnt 2 o'clock. ' 11E ASSURANCE.?NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIFE AS _d snraneeSociety, cf Loudon and New York, 71 Wall street, w York. Capital S2.f*iXOO, part of w!iioh i.s invested in the nited States, in the names of thrtn'of tlio New Vork directors a.i in- It is. Permanent investment. Present annual revenue from r> rui.ims on American policii s $120,tM?l. New Yoik Directors ? . E. Hnhicht, I beitnian, John J. Palmer, Jonathan Uoodlius, imo Boorman, George Barclay. Sarunel S. tlowland, Samuel M. ox, William Van Uook, Fanning C. Tnokcr, A>|uilla G. Stout, hirty days allowed, after caeli pnrmcnt of premium become! ne, without forfeiture of policy. The IT. 8. Local Board meat rery Wedncidsy. at their office in Wall s treet, where all l,miess connected with tlio society's operations in America is tram,ct?d?a Hording thereby every possillu advantage of promptness nd attention to parlies In cares of leave to travel, loans, icttleicnt of claims, ic. Medical examiners attend daily, at, 3 I*. M., t 71 Wall street, and at the office of the ditVerent Local Boards ad Aieucles. J. LKANDEK 8TAKK. General Agent. ROWLING GUNS.-JUST RECEIVED, A L\RGE ASSflRT. l mcnt of English and Ui rman single and doiilde Unas, of a'.l aalities and siscs. made expressly fur shooting ?prrvl, woodonck, nek. deer, and other game. For sale at the lowest prices. Also, vn??i - <?. ? -*r>~ ? ... mid ikw Bb/iet; lor Mb 10 i Ion 10 suit purchasers. Klcy's universal Shot Cartridges; Peririfon Caps ef Walker'*, Eley'a, Starkiy's, and other maker*, let received. A loo, Herman Pistole?A large assortment, just -ceived, and for sal* by FRANCIS TOMES k SON'S, No. It Maiden I-ane. <1 MMI.K COMPLAINTS, DIARRH'K.A. ORII'ING PAINS 5 kc.? W HUE'S RED CORDIAL, celebrated fur curing Dlaritra, C'olie, Cholera Morbus, Sick and Nervous Headache,and leant,urn. It euree Sunnier Complaint* of children; itrelievos' lie severe periodical pains of females; and will also atop the viotnt working ofany vomit or pur/e. A the same tlmo that It ores the comi>tainl, it correct* the stomach, and leaves Uie bowls in a healthy condition. This Cordial is used hv old and young rith equal benefit. It Insbeccme a regular family medicine for be*1>*y* disorders, as it has stood the rest of tears, sad is precriied by rvgnlar physician*. "I lie testimonials in it* favor, in ludton srd vicinity, are ton numerous to mention. The kev. )r. Watertnry, of Boston, says " It is the mt>st valuable rutinly I have ever used." William Currie, Esq. of 173 Twelfth street, tew York, edds?" I And It a most excellent remedy." N'oruian * hite. Esq. No. 4 Orameroy Park, New York, seys?"No medlin* tnat i have ever urcd. after years ot experience, has riven or more real satisfaction." Norman M Flu ley, M. D, of Puoghteepeie, writ**?"I havo u-ed it for years in my family, and have dways found It a safe and invaluable merliciuc " P. J. ItvrnarJ, r,sq , 194 Broad*ay, Albany, says?"After several years expelenc# in my own, and in tbe families ?f my friends, I And 4'hite's Red Cordial, not only to te an clfoctunl, Lnt a perfecty safe remedy for the complaints specified in his advertisement-" 'rice 26 cent* per bottle. Larva bottles 91 each. Sold in <cwYork,at 111) broodwuy. and 10 Astor House; 1K3 Broad, tay; 2 Park Row, and Del Broadway; 611 Broadway; fiti?J ireadwny, eor. Houston st ; cor. Hrondway and Grand at,; cor. 'r< ad* *y i*i.<1 14th at.; 277 Third Avenue, oor. 22d st : 94 John t.; IFnl t on oor. William it.; 77 Fjut Broadway, cor. Market st.; II Bier cker. Cur. Christopher st ; Houston cor. McDougul st., 112 betrv St.; 716 Broadway, and Oreenwlcb, oor. Hammond st. Irooklyn? R. J. Davies, Fnlton, eor. Clinton at. Albany?67 Hate st.. and Ptate, eor. Pearl st; 4 Broadway, and I Delevan Hue*. Troy?271 and 234 Rlvsr st Saratoga Springe?G. U, itb. Pouphkeepoic?Van Valkenbureh k Finlay. Newburgh? . F. Van Nort. Goahen?II. W. Elliott Hudson?Roasmnn k IcKies ry, Tunisraon la Ham. W. k O. Storrs, Henry J. Bainxrr. Clavernek? I?r. J 0 Ct bbard, and Jatnea V. Shoemaker, M. Van Wjek, B. W. Rtannard. Chatham 4 corner*?Van Alii ne k Wooster. Kinderhook?L. B. Flagler. Valatio?James Hilar. Coxsacklc?Dr. II. Adams, and W. 9. Stoutenburgh. oxsackle landing?I)r J. B. Hensbaw. Catskill-W. H. Way. Ihenr? E. A.Titos. Kingston? Daniel Young. VYilliamsbnr,;\ . I.?Charles Miller, II. Blakeman <fe Co.. Bridgeport, Cnna. aw Yerk wholesale agents : Philip RehiefVlin fc Co., H7 Wslor t. Philadelphia?5. Rimes,lith and Cheenu'. streets, F. Brown, band Chesnnt streets. Boston? Err,cry Souther, oor. Graone !. and Lyman Pise*. Druggists'orders executed *a usuaL Voaa muina without my written signature. h. k. white. Hudson, n. y. iaor Rale.- Tilk si ns< hibkr offers for ccle iha " intSTMt in the Liverpool Lin* of Paeksia oonststingo the oectug Garrlek, Sheridan ami Slddnna The Mperiority *1 lose ship*i# ?oo well know# to n**dJeeeriptk n Apply to K. K. CO LUX*, to South l% lITELLiiKwr; itt rwi., hki^, Waimiimtun, August 2fi, |fi4H. The President being out ol m vu, cabinet meetings have not, of course, been held this week, and there in therefore no news of a lolitical character to communicate. Mr. Pulk is expected back in a day or two. In answer to a resolution of the Senate, the Secretary of the Treasury communicated,towards the .... PT .--Hill, a rictir-inr-iiL C?I in*" muiiry cuilected and e.\(H-ncled tor the relM ot the siek and disabled teamen. It has just been printed, and Iront it we gather the amount received and expend ed in each State and territory, from the year 1833 to the present time inclusive .? Krct)w,l Krptndtd. Maine $167 766 07 $129,780 (13 New Hampshire 22 H05 48 in 417 'is Viruiont 1,290 10 3011 06 Mareathuiiuttg 668 U.O 28 461486 66 Ithode Island 74 6?6 35 02,074 07 Connecticut 82 595 68 67 2irt 44 New York fliion:. 17 026 272 60 New Jersey HO 374 48 11 620 72 Pennsylvania 21101s 83 131,778 88 Delaware 3" 654 60 262 '21 Maryland 18804129 386.014 ?2 District of Columbia 31.266 82 24,31133 V irginia 110 667 01 230,435 06 North Carolina 7.7 734 70 113 878 28 South Carolina 69 740 71 143.313 18 Georgia 20 470 83 06,370 72 Alabama 10.045 23 80 261 42 Florida 18 ago 27 62,108 08 Louisiana 142 186 88 414 602 27 Mississippi 3.801 41 130 67 Michigan 6 608 69 4,427 07 Ohio 17 087 05 17 811 72 Kentucky 0 610 1:7 16 316 03 Nlhiouri 15 937 88 20,923 0 3 Tennenee. 2,683 07 74 00 fzs x* 80 '.16 Illinois. 'Jit) 74 _ Total $2,604 275 31 3,345,2111 33 R'ctiph. Total receipts to 31st December. 1833, per Senate document No. 7, 2d session, 23(1 Congress $1,051,02)1 06 Receipts from collectors. from 1st January, 1834, to 30th June. 1847 $041.707 18 Appropriations by Congress, 402 000 00 1.483.707 18 Total receipts from 1802, to 30th June, 1847 $3,385,723 23 Payment!. Total from 1802 to 30th June, 1847 $3 345,201 33 Carried to the rurplux fund prior to 1834 537 33 Balance in favor of the fund on the 30th J une, 1847. per printed public account for that year 30 804 67 ?$3 385,723 23 Washing ton, August 25, 1S48. Tht Arviy?the Generals?Scott anil Gaines?A Love Difficulty?Passjxirts?the Ti,ur of Irelantl. The uriny has not yet settled down into the peace establishment, and it will be some weeks before all the quivering fragments disappear. Anterior to the war with Mexico, General Gaines was the superior officer of Col. Z. Taylor, and hud charge of the Southern or western division. Now, General Taylor not only outranks General Gaines, but occupies the station. General Wool, having returned to the North, finds General Gaines in pos session of the Eastern division. It is not yet determined nt the War Department what shall be done with the surplus Generals, and how the respective commands ehull be arranged. It is known that Generals Scott and GuineB are at enmity. General Scott has no direct official intercourse with him, nor does he have any with General Scott. All orders relative to the army must come to and go Irom the "Head Quarters. 1 his rule it is irnjterative to observe ; hut General Games and General Scott transmit to and from one another under cover ol "the Secretary of War." This is a halt-way house, and the arrangement is jierlectly satisfactory to the two great soldiers concerned. Minor General is probable, will make Klizubethtown the " head <|UarterB." He does aot care about being in the saine building bene at Washington with Governor he and that gen tie t? un have not yet patched un the breach betwn n them ; nor is it kn< wn whether they have even seen each other since the General's return from Mexico. Certain it is, Scott did not immediately call upon the Secretary. A young gentleman, a few days ago, being enamoicdof a highly respectable young lady, mode her a present ot a ring, which she gladly accepted. He seemed to say, while holding her hand in his:? " Look, how this ring eneompasseth thy finger; Kven so thy breast enolo?eth my poor heart; Wear both of iht-m, for both ot them are thine, Anil If thy poor devoted servant may But beg one favor at thy gracious hand, Thou Uort confirm his liapptneHR forever." The father of the lady was indignant when he heard of the intimacy which existed between, and, obtaining possession of the ring, returned it to the donor, with a message that it he again found him utton his premises.he would "shoot him!" This alarmed the lover, and away he ran to a magistrate, almost frightened to death, and swore that his life was in danger from the aforesaid parent. Distinguished counsel were engaged, an investigation took place, and resulted in binding over the father to keep the pence. Tne cowardly " ringerin" is not woitky ol n wife?" none but the brave deserve the fair" Talking about love in Washington, an officer of the government, occupying a high place, severely whipped his daughter for an affair of the heart, which the poor thing could not help. Her cries alarmed the neighbors, and excited much commiseration in her behall.and contempt for the ineiciless lather. 1 have been informed that between three and five hundred passports have recently been prepared at the State Department, for per ons who are on the eve of returning to Knglnnd mid Ireland. One mnn had upwards of thirty of them in his possession lust night, for his friends They are to be sent, principally, o New York. A few of the discharged soldiers are going over the ocean, to take the lour of Ireland, for the benefit of their health ! Some ot our Irish citizens nre stowing away potatoes for the voyage. The British Consul need not be alarmed, us there is no evidence of bellicose intentions. Fkux. Baltimore, August 26, 1848. Honors to the Rinnans of Captain Matron?A Poironing Cate?Ship tjiwnrk?Commerce, tfc The remains of Captain StevensT. Mason, who lost his life at the battle of Vera Cruz, were yesterday removed from Fort McIIenry, where they had been deposited for some time, under escort oi the Independent Blues, to the railroad depot, and this morning they sturt for his former home, Lees, burg. Va., where, as a private citizen, he was es