Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Eylül 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Eylül 1848 Page 2
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Austria. Tb? ratty ?,f the huiper.r of Anstria into Vienna. ?? to t?*n piece on U?- efllprrnoii of the im Ores*. |.r?p?rati? r * were otli't p ft* Ms recepiioa.| IV Vieuna of the l?th sre fall df glowing d? ?rHp\ oop of t e pnHic entry oft h? KmpOnc on the | pn>p'i<i tiv jHi* <1 st Stein by > l?ir ler DobbUff at t<en o'rtock sri'lhtfertnndlng st How id erf preret ded throiiph Vienna, according to the i <*? 'cribeu pn gramme to beboeubrunn, which he ! ?W ?cb?d > t O'pht o'clock i'? the availing. The lot oil 'pence of the oocupstlou of Bologna by lieu UVJUcu. on the 7'b wao looked upon in Vienna, a* only teSnpotaiy, and the general expectation w?< tlit the ec-X 1 Austrian rnrp? would arcnrding to adxie.f ?ent tien u elden. have rju'ttei the legations it was rumored >n Pari* on Thursday. that the Amtr an xoicrtinetjt had recalled Gan. Weld?u. and dim aeo?. ,1 hi* iuoRflou of tl.e It' man State* a* an ae. unauthoiired by nuy order* he bad received either ft.tai bit got?rnu.e&t or Tus superior officers. Hungary, The li'i'enei" 7.titung of the 1'dtb says? The Minister <fKinpi.ce ban d a not.tioation that he has com die iwne of bapk wotae of one a ad two guild o- -? v. .i.., ? ..I .mi -reroi'v of mlvur coin. I for the of general irnd#. wiil ho greatly met. 'Ihu inue ha- twen coiumenoed upou a bvix of Ave mahuue ailiwr eoio. and a nuio reimbursement up to the amount of twelre and a ha f million* in guilder* " 'J h?- ainioehie adtlemnnt ot th?- Huagnriiin-Croatian qu.-i. -n iB confidently looked for at Vienna. The liun^'auau Crime i.LKistur, Count liftiyaui. and the fann ol Croatia, who axe ont.rii?l-d with full power* by ilie Jiurinariad and < maiiau Diet*, re.-nectivrly, are eapei 4*<l to Vienna in the court* of a few daya, for tb? hoUiemcnt ol tbi* queeUou, TmranjPi The rerjjt d?p(nmo/fi,'we at Morenre, on the arrival in that city of the intelligence of the b-;nbardra?nt of Hnkgna, addrrwred the lollowing nroteit to (General WrWm i iv 4v We, the undersigned Vmba?ea'lore. aoeredlted to the Cnnit llnhe nf I' eluMiv... m t h? r..l? i. ccc a stop put to the deplorable effusion of blood, pro- I cot to your K.irsllency of the feelings of pain we have i Mp?r'forfJ at the account of the events which caused j Wood to (tow yesterday ih Holognn. and to pray you to i case ? attack which tills an entire population with | anguish and wtaleh ts reproved by tbe laws of bumani- j ty and the mail ma of civilization The undersigned, being convinced that the sentiments with which they ?re animated will be appreciated by your Kttccllency. cite thin opportunity of givrng you the assurance of tb> ir distinguished consideration " The Uotegna Gazi ttt of tbe Oth, contains the followhp ? "Oovkoii. of Mvaurani, August 8.? His Holiness is firmly resolved to defend his dominions against Auslimn invasion by all the means which the State and (he wi li-combined enthusiasm of hia people shall place at his disposal Hia Ifolineea loudly contradicts, %br< i ph owr medium, tbe words of Msj Gen Weldeu pr?i< m dgh/ainstanyaitiiater interpretation that might 'be given to them, and declaring that the conduct of M. tVeiden is considered by his Holiness as hostile towird? tbe Holy>b'ee. and our Master, who cannot have -and has not the intention of separating the cause of his people from his own and regards any offence, any injnry inflicted on the people, as offered to and ldtiietcd on himself. HI s Holiness has already declared this hy solemn act" and with all tbe authority of his supreme rank of Trince and Pontiff (Signed)?G Cardinal Soglia. Free-dent of the Council of Ministers; P. ? bubbri. P. lie llossi. L. I eurl. P. Qunrini, F. Perfettil. Assessor General of Police, in the absence of the hliniitirs."' PriiMtU. The King of Prussia arrived at Cologne, at 7 o'clock *t> tVe bveuitig-of tee 15th. nnd was met at his landing by the Archduke John. Administrator of the Empire, >1. Gngtrn, and several members of the German Parliament. At the Government House, M. de Gngern delivered an address to the king in the name of the Frankfort Parliament, in which great stress was laid on German j The King said. -I have German unity at heart; it is an inheritance from my mother." Whereupon M. de Gagern said. "We know your Majesty has favored that idea " The King esprcsted the wish that the deputies should be individually presented to him They formed a circle round his Majesty, who spoke as follows: '-Gentlemen, to be very good friends one must see one another face to face 1 am. therefore, delighted at seeing you here. From my inmost heart I wish you success in your important mission. Be convinced that I will never forget how grent is the work you are ealled upon to found, whilst I have the conviction that J you will not forget that there arc princes in Germany, j and that 1 am one of those princes. Once more, gentlemen. with all my heart. I express the wish of seeiog you blest nnd crowned with success in your great undertaking " His Majesty's words were much applauded by the depu'ies. The Jirrlin Rational Zeitvng states, that since the 27th of July, when the cholera first appeared at Berlin, up to the 14th of August, thirty-seven cases had been officially announced. There is a great lack of orders from Germany this Zear. nrd in France. Germans aro taunted that they avc given over drinking Champagne At F.perney and Wheims millions of bottles lie uusold. More wine is being made daily It may be had for a mete song, as there are few purchasers aud few payers. Holland. Very satisfactory accounts ore received from Lint burg. The -Minister Lichtenveld hod succeeded in reestablishing peace and order. Ilavarla. Accounts from Munich, of August P. say that Baron ven'i'hon Liitnier. the Minister of the Interior, and llerr von Weishaupt, the Minister of War, persist in their demands to be allowed to resign It is not likely, however, that the resignation of the former wul be uceepted fi r the present, in consequence of the difficulty ct finding a successor. Switzerland. The Diet has resolved to place 16,000 m-?n Oh the frontiers of Switzerland iu ordor to guard ?gaia?t any I Hidden irruption on the part of the Austrian* but it has refufeu lu allow a French army to pass through , Switzerland, a request to that elTect having been made by the Duke of 1 .itla. a delegate from the provisional 1 government of Milan. Walla IUa. The Senium Mercury of the oth instant announces | that the revolutionary government at Bucharest has been overthrown una the ancient order of things restored by poloncl Solomon Odobesco. Circa sal a The constantly reported asserted defeat* of the Jiuswan troops in Cit cassia. and the capture of their fortresses, i* now set at rest by the official report of General Prince Argustiuski. who. at tlin head of a detarbmi at of the Dagestan urtny. laid siege to and rtotnied the so-called mpregnabWt fortress of Gcrgebil, the stronghold of bicbamel Bey. on the lfith of July. 'J ho loss of this fortress, constructed with rare by tin-inn engineers, and defended by a picked garrison, who bad sworn to die in its defence, will be mo-t serious. and may lead to the destruction of the Circassian cause. Terrible INevva from Slam (I-rem the Hamburgh Correspondent. Aug. 14 J According to reports from. Singapore, and insurrection has broken out at Siam by the t hinese population, which constitutes the majority of residents in the capita), bungsok; of the 040 U00 inhabitants. OOO.OOO -".re Chinese. It war- not subdued until after two bloody engagements. After gaining tlie victory, the royal troops commenced a general massacre of the Chinese, of whom only 5,000 have escaped Movements of tire Ctinrtlst* In Knglancl. {from the V.uropean Times. Aug. 19 J lVe regret to state that in various parts of K.ngland the proceedings of the chartists has broken out into violence. At Ashton-under-Lyne. and other district* round Manchester, considerable excitement has existed for some time past, and the clubs have been more than usually active. Mobs have paraded the streets ariuod with pikes and guns; and there can be no doubt that tome scheme has been concerted with the disaffected in other parts of the kingdom to get up some insurrectionary movement. On Monday evening, at Athlon. X policeman on duty was brutally assassinated, being first stabbed with a pike, and then shot through the body. The military, on being called out, instantly dispersed the rioters who were parading the atree.a. On Monday, the Manchester magistrates struck a blow against club organization by arresting fourteen of the chief leaders of the Tarious clubs in different parts of the town: all their papers were seized. The prisoners apprehended have been remanded for a week At Hyde, Dukenfleld, and Oldham, the cbsrtuts huve appeared in considerable numbers, parading through tbv districts armed with pikes and guns, but in all cases, upon the appearance of thepaliceor the military, they have taken to their heels and have dispersed. At Birmingham the activity of the magistrates has repressed any overt acts of violence. In our own town we have been tolrrablv quiet. The two prisoners who hara been for some time in custody, on a charge of supplying arms to the Irish rebels, have been oomuiittui tor trial, when the princirnl designs ot the eon epirators on this side of the channel will probably be disclosed. In the metropolis. the government, having received secret infornjation of the inte niton* of the chartists to 'inake an attack upon come of fhe nubile building*, took measures to defeat their design On We'ltieedey even* ' Hog, strong bodies of police, well armed for aa encouU1-r trade a sudden attark upon the Chartist Club. In "Webber street Blackfriar*. and captured fotirtepn men. Upon their being searched, they were found to he armed with pistols.loaded 10 the muzzle, pikes, three ? ' cornered daggers, spedr head*, and swords, with an am, j?le stytply ot gunpowder, khot and tow balls. Upon ' Due matt FCTi-nty-fl ve rounds of ball cartridge were dls> roeera^. A gang of chartists In York street. Weitxnlntrtar. were waiting to march out to join their comrades and were captured: and In one or two ather parts of the metropolis similar arrests wefe muds is reported that She "government have complete information respecting the designs of the parties, and have luki-n the most effectual measurer to suppress any farther attempt* which may be made to disturb the public peace. Tlic Clio lorn. ' ' I At hswlln the eboleit* continues to spread, bat bfcth?rto srltli alosr progression The number of cases has reaal.e.d T. siaoe the ftrwt eruption on the 81st ult. -It 1# remarked We. a> elsewhere, ttist the diseas- flrft tiouimenesn to exhtbu itself amongst boatmen or pefrens n-Mding close to th? water 'J'liis may toe accountsol for tiy aaiuoaplierte ?rttrs< tloo. since ft appeals to be admitted that air. and not contact, Is the vehicle of pestilential absorption, la the aieaatlme. fhe population of Berlin caotlnun to Increase rapidly, the statistics of thewaok. from the 'jvth of Jiityto the 4th of August, gin og an increase of Uh births over deaths, which Is at the rate of JWNt p?? annum oa a population et too uOti souls uw ruvrcmirv. on ir.e ?jih?hi; tliar* war'- P? (t?ti oatut. 110 rutru. >>1 doatb*. una 1T07 putimu ttlll ui.dtr truaimvnt, Tht l.?n<Uti Mn ?ouL?io? tb? following ?TUu govrrnnu-nt bnvu rtry wiatdy dvUtrminod to tahe i-nrly )>r?utiln n? to preT< nt tin- cholura from tpruading to ?ur >bor??. in ?he ctont of any eaaun oeturring in thlpa afloat Tbty bata ordurel Cbu Hnobow nod pat on?hiru. old Una of-battlo *htj>a. to ba toimadiataly Vparud aa fcnapltal vtup- to ruoulvu aholum patient* from murrbant TM*t|<, hd<1 another i-hlp t*l? lpbi?.'J. la, it also to ba fitted at a eholura botpital chip. #b< oM oobaatty r^otiu additional ?eooniBK>(UtioB Il? iik of Kii;;J<ivtff. I Ab account, purcu*ot to the vet 7th and 8th Vie 1 i'ugu"; mi*WSfik "nJin? ?* ** "? w. ! ? . , , I?*T1? l>FPA?TMJClf. A-?.......??, jgg~^.^Wia ! 0*W ? ?? ?nd Bill r.i ? 8ii\ ?r Balboa . 1117.^] *nt.uii925 ^rrr? _ niriiTMm ?X,tW,U*S Go, mJ? ^ P?Mij Diponu jiil , ,4U P** eliding F.xrlie- Weight AnCer. Sa?i,,g, rwi'Jr X12?fi?.71S mi* Commie- OtherSwjoriUM l?,H57,lltf rnnrnof N ktl?Bfcl . .. ... .. ?,^JUU Deb*, ud Dt,j. ??S*. "J SiWer (tend Account*)... 111>.. *? ' C7J,0G?? " ill * ??"?? i >u v mH AttM* Biii>. l/Jftimi A.*!.M#.I20 J2t?M!U2U Commercial Faii.ithe.?The Manchester Courier announces, with expressions of regret, the emtarrassmetlt of George Jones, of Salford, a gentleman posseeking considerable property in that locality. His creditors are understood to have had u meeting, this week. at Manhebter Hi? liabilities were place I at so Urge a total as ?300 000. and oven a greater amount was spoken of in some quarters. Mr Jones appears to have been a "heavy speculator in cctton." whoa prices ran high ; and his unwillingness to submit to the decline which has sinoe occurred, may account, in a great degree, for the misfortunes which have overtaken him. Our contemporary states that '' last week bills were returned to a large amount," and that it is feared " the assets will not be large." Market!. London Monbv Mihivt. Avaust 18.?Friday, two o'clock.?The accounts received from Ireland relative to the progress oI the destruction of the potato crop continue ehietly to occupy attention, as it is viewed in the city at present only in its relations as a money question. The accouuts received from I'aris this morning still indicate a very uneasy feeling in that capital ; hut our domestic affairs possess much more at eorbing interest. The market for publio securities has fluctuated very little this morning. Consols have been done for account at S6'? le V or, in other words, the price has alternated from buyers to sellers at 86,'4. the present quotation beingsellers at that fraction. The price for money has been )j lower, the extreme quotations being 80kj and 80, Three per cents reduce J. have been sold at 86<? and Jf. the three-and-a-quarter per cents 87,'? to Cbank stock lt">K to 8. the June exchequer bills 24s to 28s, the March .>2s to QOs, and India bonds 22s t? 26s pin. There has besn no increase of business in foreign securities, nor muub variation in prices in the little that has been deno. Then- is no improvement in the railway shares. Qvarver bekokeTiirf.e ?Consolsfor account, 86)/ London Cor* Exchange, Aug. 18.?English wheat, as well as foreign, held firmly at Monday's prices, but not much doing Bsrley taken in retail at previous rates. Oats?A fair sale at 0d per quarter below -Mo udHy's currency. Beans and peas unaltered London Markets, August 18.?Naval Store3?Tar is in steady demand, hut not much has been done for want of a supply. There are buyers for arrival at 17s (id, but we do not hear of any business. A small parcel has arrived coastwise, which has been sold at the ssine price, and 18s is generally demanded fur Swedish. Archangel is scarce at IDs a IDs fid. English Coal is firm, and a good business is doing at 7s fid per barret In pitch no change. There are steady buyers f ? ? '! >_ OA .. M), r .1 * T?_:.: u , _ __ Ill puncheon- ; but the latter price is demanded, which has rather hecked business. Several parcels of American have been cleared off the market at 34s oAsks included. which is the former worth; 62 casks have arr red. Rough has been dealt in to a fair extent at very steady prices; about 800 a 400 barrels new have b?en sold at 7s fid, and a similar quantity of old at Cs 10>jd per barrel: 4302 barrels have arrived. In rosin no change, and the market quiet. rrovisions?During the last week or two we have experienced a very trilling demand for Dutch butter, a:.d as supplies are above the wants of the trade, further reduced rates have been accepted?fine Frieziand is now 86s a 02s; fine Kiel and llolstrin 80s ? 88s and inferior and surplus I8.s a 78s. The heavy stock of Irish, and the large arrivals, have again depressed the market.and although holders have accepted a reduction of Is on previous rates. < u!> a email extent of business has been transacted. The market closes with a very dull tone, but the-agents show no disposition to force sales at present. The deliveries ure not so good as of late, and the trade hold a moderate quantity?Dork landed first b and?, 84s a SOs; Limerick. 80s a 83s; Carrick. 84s a Sfis; ( arlow, rionmel, and Kilkenny. 82s a87s; Dublin. 80s a 84s; and Tralee, 70s a 78s per c*t On board or for future shipment, few sales have been made, and prices are looking down, but there is not much offering. Clontrelhas been sold at 82s a 84s; Waterford. 80s a 82s; and Sligo. 70s a 78s per cwt. The demand fir home-made continues very iuactivo, and as the supplies are still above the wants of the trade, lower pi ices would be accepted If bujers would come forward ? Dorset fine, 92? a 00s; middliug, 88s a 90s; Devon. 8f>? a 90s per cwt; and fresh 10s a 12s per dozen lbs. The market for bacon has been in a very dull state during tbe week; really choioe sizeable Irish, however, rt mains very scarce, and for such, 82s a 80s Is obtainable; for other kinds there is little or no demand, the late high prices checked thr consumption. The stook et Minute small, but the deliveries are much less than last y? nr. American meets with a steady sale at 40s a 60s. ns In quality; the better sorts selling the mod readily. Irish bale and tierce middles are scarce, and find a moderate Fale at former terms. American are in good request, owing to the low prices accepted. F ine hams ure scarce, and meet with ready buyers at | niner prices. utiier sons urn dull, and prices nominal. Fine bladdcred Irish lard met with a more ready talc. and stiffer rates are paid Other kinds are steady. No change has taken place in the demand for barn U d Iri.-h beef or pork. Tallow?Supplies having ccjne In freely, buyers hold off fruta purchasing, and there are sellers at lower prices. P.Y.C.,on the spot, is cow 44s a 44s 3d. for tint: new, ia small parcels, and about 43s 3d for old. For delivery. 43s 6d is asked for the last three months: 3d to 6d more for separate months, and 44s Cd for January next, but little doing, ilirne-niade is more plentiful and quiet, at 44s for prime, net each Timber -The following transacting are reported since our last; 541 New Orleans logs, Ac.,sold at 45s u 4t>?; 310 do. at 45^. Liu hpooi. Corrss Makst.t, August W.?We UaVe gone through the business of this week without bring- ] lug about aay alteration in priaes. At times the market hae been tlat and dull, a great abundance of | cotton having been brought out for sale ; and again, at other moments, owing to export demand, we, have had rhort periods of more confidence and firmness. Upon the wbolo, prices bare kept a uniformly steady scale, fair apland* being at fid, and fair Orleans at 4"id. The state ot the weather has had Its depressing inIIutBM: w hile, on the other hand, the better state of things, and nigher prices amongst the cotton manufacturers of Prance, have encouraged tho hope of further improvement with na ut home. It should not be overlooked that the advancing period of the year is ugaiti bringing us under the influence of the coming crop in the United States. and as the promise, up to this moment, is in favor of abundance, people are adjusting their arrangements accordingly. 500 American have be<-n taken on speculation, and 30*20 American and '25 Sumt for vkport. The sales fbr tho week amount to 38,440 bales l.ivr.srnor,Coax Kxcn i\or., .lug. 13.?At this morning's market there wa* n fair attendance of miller* and dealers, and a steady bufinoes was ps-bing in wheat, at an advance on Tuesdays rates of 2d per baohel on fYee, and 8d ppr bushel on bonded, several puroha.<ee Of the latter were made by Irith millers. Flour was Is per sack and barrel dearer, but the wile was not free. Oats btonght an advance of Id per bushel, and oatileal 1? per load, iicuns and peas were eaclile|>er uiguvi. uuiui two nt ui'ia loran improvement of 8* to 4s pcrqffarter, and Indian coin nival Iv to Is 68 per barrel. but thfe demand was inactive. Lmermjoi- I'aoAisioM Mahkbt, Friday, Augu?t 16 ? Tuesday h sale opened with a fair demand fur land, at about Cd a Is per cwt over former prises, which, holders bt-iug unwilling to accept, led to the withdi'awal of about one-halt the quantity offered, the sales amounting to about GOO barrels, at 42s G4 a 44s per cwt, according to quality, The transactions sinco Tunaday. have been considerable, and at very full rats*. We have to report a much improved demand for bacon,' ai an advance of 2s per cwt, holders evincing much Has anxiety to sell. The sales by auction amounted to only about 200 boxes, but by private, about 1000 boxes have been taken, including a parcel from the ship., at ratea varying from 28a to 45* per cwt: the stocks in lmportera hand* are now mtscb reducedHams have been in fair request and haw brought 28s to 34s 6d per cwt. For shoulders, whioh have been , very scarce, an advance of Is to 2s has lieen obtained, 1 piicvs now ranging from 21s to 30s per cwt. The cheese hitherto bTongtit forward having been In very bad condition prices have ran Irregularly. On Tuesday about 1200 boxes sold for 20s to 23s Cd for inferior, 27s ?d to 36s for ordinary, 43s to 49s for line, and 68s Cd Tor a small lot of extra line. Beef remains steady! Considerable sales hare been made in pork at 34s per barrel for low prime mpse. With 49s for a parcel of good, and 33a Cd for old prime W Ln i nrooL Pirn ? ? Craacai.for the week ending Aug lc.?Arranged by a Committee of Brokers ?Sugar? The demand has been very limited, and the market has given way Gd to ^aner cwt on all descriptions; the sales consist Of 560 hnds B. P., 2600 bags Bengal, . ( chiefly good to fine white, at 41s to 41s 9d. 600 Mauritius at 3Gs to 38s, and 250 Madras at 32? per ?wt. Foreign?A fair business has been done during the Week, at Steady prices; the sales are 176 cases, 90 bags Babla, at from 39s Od to 42s for white, and 36s to 38s for Irown. 800 boxes Havana at 36s for brown, and 40s cd for good yellow. 230 hhdsPorto ltioo and 600 hags and ] biurets Venezuela at the quotations. The only sale reported In molasses is 40 casks Demerara at 16* per ?yt. Coffee?The low price of Plantation Ceylon in idp l.ondcn market till "net* prejndUlaUy on the raHe of Jamaica i a this, and aa our daalera oontinte to fuppty themselves freely from thu former force, the de- { Hand for Jnfnica la limited: 80 tiercea have been Bold hy auction, chiftly at :/? 10 40b for ordinary to low i middling ?00 haga Luguayra and 160 bags Kio are re ; prrtefl at rattier lower rate*. 10OQ Iraga 1'ara cocoaeold aljkSs 0.1 aamnUlot cl JOahia at aj? per cwt, and 200 Lags black pepper at 3d per lb. No aaLae of ginger J or pimento. Rice There has been a fair demand, i and tbe sales Utterly are at rather higher r*lo?a; . pOtblngdope in ' arolinu, COOO bags bengal brought 10# for broken to 12b 6d for good white, liuw?The low price rcen s to Laee uttiactcd Urn attention or i t)i* trade, and 1 000 pune. ban- boon Bold at rather , Improving rates ; the following are the quotation* ? l)i mi rara proof strength, gt la Td to la Md. 18 to it at < lilh! to 2* CAf 32 to 4<i per cent at 2a 7d to u vd and i a ;>nod maj K at 3i Id tergal , and elvudy i.aatIndia at 1- 0)*<I per callOD, proof Tea -Thu market la well i lippllcd with nearly all kinds of blae k and green tea, 1 tut the trade are only buying apwiugly, and prioee are barely maintained Moore email ealaa have bean . iDH'le in i aft Inks gum arable j 10 tona of tinnagal were B(>ld at f>2a (id, 00 chests of shellac at former rat<r. and 1C0 begs of Bengal turmeric at 16a : (iani- , bier being In few banda. 11a hare been obtained for a j (mall parrel . .r>() c?*e? of fine eaatvr oil hare brought an adu'irrt ha?i'g lunlirtd u>vd j>*r lb , n few boxes > uj> r?cjw#rr?wv *ru it pearl pair-1 sold at 'i'ia. and 400 bag* ?agi flour at 18* r >er cwt. The market for saltpetre continues ex- i iveirely heavy. and very triflimr wUss reported. 25 Ion* of nitrate of soda brought 11* 6d per cwt * fiusno?There in no particular change to notice, and | but few transactions have taken pl^oe Por dyewbods i there is a fair d> mand. and in smiOu instance* higher prirea have been realiead ; the week's busiu-*** e-ta ' rist* of email sale* of Campeaehy logwood at ?6 150 j tone Toba- eoat ?6, HOtooa Savanilla fustic it ?4 2* fid to ?4 5s tO tone Puerto t'abello at ?4 15s and 140 tons l ima wood at ?13 for damaged, and ?13 10s to ?14 per ton for Found ; with small parcels of xapuu wood and red sandsrs wood at the quotation*. There Is a good demand for turpentine. and prioes have again advanced ; 2 500 hrlx Fold at 7s (Id, and 100 brls of superb r quality at Ss fid Common Amerioan rosin also has advanced. 400 hrla having brought 2s lOd and HO0 to OuO brie of the batter kinds sold at proportionate rates 2.400 brls of Stockholm tar sold, but the priee not reported. Montreal pot ashes more sought for and few sellers now at 2As; the market has a tendency towards some further Improvement. For pearl aebes there is less inquiry, tut the market is firm. About 300 bsgs cf Rombay linseed brought 42s 3d per quarter. A few o?nks Americau beeswax nro reported at ?8 per cwt. The market for hides continues steady, and some few sales have been made at full prices. There has been only a limited demand for brimstone, wi'hont change in prices. 10 easks cream of tartar sold at 68s to 60s ner cwt For Turkey madder roots there has been a fair demand, but no al eration in* prices. No sales reported in ground madder. About 100 tons olive oil reported at full prioes. There has been a better demand for pale seal oil at advanced price*; about 160 tons realised ?24 to ?24 10s per ton; ?25 Is now demanded. Small sales are reported of cod, at ?23 lti*. and of American whole at ?25 to 26 10s per ton. Nothing doing in linseed oil. 8 tons foreign rape sold at 38s per cwt Prltish and Amerioan spirits ot turpentine are now held fbr 3os per cwt Palm oil has been in better demand; Including about 200 tuns taken for export, at ?29; the sales this week nearly reach TOO tons, at ?29 to ?30 per ton No sales to report In Baltic hemp; 180 bales Manilla hrought ?38. ....I 1 111(1 l,u lux illtu 4*17 Ilia In *'21 nor far hxln.r SV.11 price*. The tallow market has been rather dull during the week. Petersburg Y C ruling at 45*. and Odessa and tine North American at 44? to 44s 6d per cwt. About 120 tons of American lard brought fully previous rates, and 23 casks cocoa-nut oil 41s per cwt. FTATE OP TRADE. Herds. Tuesday, Aug 16.?Our market to-day has been without any alteration; the paucity of stock exhibited ut the cloth balls, limits the extent of purchases, but continues to keep our mills well employed to order. Kt DDRRsKiELu, Tuesday, Aug. 15.?The market to^ day bus been attended by several buyers, and a considerable amount of goods hss changed bands. There is a great scarcity of better kinds of woollens, which are principally sought after. In low fanoy goods there is not much doing. LiMcAMiiHE, Thursday, Aug. 17?The cotton trade at Blackhurn and the neighborhood gradually improves. Manufactured goods, particularly shirtings, fancy checks, and low jaconets, are in good demand, and stocks continue to di-crease. Cotton yarns are in good request, at rather higher prices thau they were a month ago. Hand-loom weavers are better employed than tbey have been for several mouths past, but wages are extremely low. The trade iu cotton mills gets better every week; yet there are four factories. inploying 1235 persons, at a complete stand. The hundo at all the other mills and power-loom shades are working ten. eleven, and twelve hours per day. Joiners and house-builders are only partially employed. There are many millwrights, moulders, and smiths without work At one machine shop where they are making power looms to be sent to America, the hands ar.< making seven and a half days' work per week. ( alien. Mock, and machine printing, at Churah-parish, Oswuldtwble, and Accrington, are dull; the block printing business is almost at a stand. The cotton aud woollen trade at llochdale and Bury improves weekly; hands at nearly every place have full work. Ilunds employed in the silk trade at .Vliddleton. Kailsworth, and the neighborhood of Manchester, are rather short of work, except those who are engaged in the finer sorts of fancy goods? the latter are extremely busy. The trade in cotton mills at Oldham is better, und there is every appearance of other trades improving. Glasgow Pic Inn* Market. Aug. 15?There is no change to notice in the metal market this week. The Latest News by Mall. Ki'kofkan 1'imks Ofkicb, ) Liverpool, Aug. 19,11 o'clock. $ The sitting of the House of Lords, last night, was occupied principally with the Austrian and Italian question, regarding which some documents were laid on the table. A large number of Chartists wero brought before the magistrates in I.onion yesterday, charged with illegal offences. In the examination it transpired that a project was really about to be carried out for firing London in four different places. The prisoners were remanded for a fortnight. Advices from Paris state that a new tumultuous manifestation was in course of being organised, and that it was looking cut for a pretext. Italy would likely bo the mat d'ordre. Charles Albert has Issued proclamations to the effect that he it JtiUp determined en going on with the tear; and the whale population are determined to tupport him. The Bishop of Cuneo, and priests anil dignitaries of the clinrch: ore now converting it into a holy war ; and should mediation be unsuccessful, the losa of life must be fearful. 'HIE LATEST COMMERCIAL REVIEW. [From the Liverpool Journal, August 19 ] The weather seems now the only impediment to commercial confidence. A/fairs on the Baltic and in Italy are likely to be speedily settled, and nothing, therefore, remains to interrupt a progressiva trade, but a destructive potato rot. The harvest on the continent has been nearly completed, and nothing very alarming has been said of the potato blight. At home the weather baa been in this locality unfavorable. The harvest is now general, and ten days of fine weather would enable the farmers to get in their crops. Firm all quarter*, we regret toaay. the reports of the potato ret are rife and disheartening In the west of Ireland it is hardly less dipastroua than In 1840. but as the hue weather seems to have set in in that eountry, we still indulge the hope that fears have exaggerated the miflehief. Yesterday, was here. too. very tine, although we had showers of rain in the evening, and It dees appear that phoie held*, aft it being attacked, have suhrequcntly recovered. The extent of the blight cannot, now be estimated, but it is agreed on all hands that the crop is unusually large. The other crops, too, are an average, and the quantity of grain in store is very large. 'The state of trade thie week exhibits no pew feature, and the intelligence tVotn America adds nothing to previous accounts. The demand for cotton, consequent on advices fYvnn Kngland, bad Improved, and the prloeeof breadsluffs bad advanced a little, f* Havre Cottois Market.' August IB.?Since the departure of the last steamer the transaction* have continued in an activo state, and a further advance of i 1 to 2 has beeu realised on l/nited States descriptions. The sales of the week are 6500 bales, on the bas'sof f 46 for New Orleans middling, and f 68 for fhir Onr prioes are higher than those In Liverpool, and have again an upward tendency, as no sbiumenti Iroui (be t'oitcd States an* coming forward. 5$?C5!5*5!?e*w**2Ee THE VERY LATEST INTELLIGENCE FRO* BHOLAWS, Z&SAAVO. vrn. Isdl UHMhl ,i! ! ir I (,l I . itl. I I , I) (IDiin - \'J I Arrrt Tire CONTINENT OF EUROPE, IIY Electric Telegraph, Special Railways Messenger Expresses and Steamboat Express, FROM BERLIN, BELFAST, WATEREORD, It CORK. Our Liverpool correspondent furnishes the following Intelligence from various points, being the latest received at Liverpool previous to the departure of the steamer, on Saturday, the 19th of AUgUBt ACUai in Ireland. Dr M.itr. Friday evening, Aug. 18, M. lilt STATE TRIALS?THE IJl tEN V. o'dOIIERTY. At the opening of the court, this morning, Mr. Butt <i. C., spoke for the defence ; his address occupied upwards of three hemrs. Mr. Whiteside replied on behalf of the Crown, in a most powerful and eloquent address, which occupied fully three honrs In its dell. . . .. ii Dtiug nan puioo oiock, ino court adjourned uniu 10 o'clock on Saturday morning. This 1* the lout trial that will take place under the present commission I'revious to the trial of Mr. O'Doherty being proceeded with, Mr. James Martin wae brought tip, In custody, Tor contempt of court, in having need threatening Language to Mr. Waterhouee, the foroinnn Of the iury, who tried hie brother; John Martin. After a suitable admonition by the chief Baron, be w^a r.on. fenced to one month'a imprisonment in Newgatd. Lord Hardinge ia at preaent in Limerick, but la ex* pected to return to Dublin immediately. The Object jf the noble commander'* inlaaion being fulfilled, we believe he will apcedlly return to Kngland, The acene of the late insurrection In the aotitb, la now one of perfect tranquility. Tho peaaantty are nduatrtoualy engaged in their usual pursuits ; and >n the aurfacc, at h ast, of sooltty, there la hardly a uffle. The acent Ilea very hot, in Llmerlrk, after Mr. R. O'Oorman, jun. It has been found neoeaaary to remove fourteen or :be Mate prisoner* from the jail* of Kilmarnbam and S'ewgate, to Belfast, In consequence of their overcrowded Mate. They were conveyed by railway to Klijgitown, and embarked in a war steamer: amongst hc^ were Mr. Muanty, of the TrUum ; Mr. Brcnnan. >f the FtUn; Mr. OHIggins. Mr. Rooke, Mr. Walsh. a Dr. Crotty, Mr. Baker, Mr. Taafe, Mr. James Bergen, i>f New York, and Mr. Eugene O'Rlelly.. ( The accounts of the potato crop received in Dvblin. yesterday, from all parts of th* eoantry, are most disastrous. The weather continues, for the most part, cold and wet. Affairs In England. * IMPORTANT MOVEMENTS OF THE CIIARTI8T9. 5! Throughout the principal parts of London last night and up to 12nicloek do-day, the lattht,hourjat prhlch ti we could catch the out-going steamer, there existed J the greatest excitement In consequence of the diselo- ft suree made by a witness named Powell, in his eross-ex- r atninntion at Bow-street, in the cue of the captured chartists. Powell says? # " 1 beoame a delegate, and ontered the association for the purpose of coming forward, and giving evidence tx against the delegates. In the way I am doing now; 1 K encouraged and stimulated those men a good deal; I P' did it on purpose to have the more to inform against m them; I joined them because I thought something *! would turn out injurious to the peace of the country; and I thought I would get as much information as ' " could, for the purpose ef putting a stop to it; I knew I was mixed up with aolass of characters who would do " anything and everything When the chairman made nse of the expression, ' The blow must be struck to. night,' only Ourney and Ritchie were present of the M prisoners here now. I was employed by nobody to u make a statement of anything of the kind; Ihave supplied the men with bullets and powder. They did not II want much urging; but I urged them on. I have given 1 powder and bullets only to Gurney; I gave him at one time about baif a pound of nowder; I remember count- ^ ing a lot of bullets and giving them to him." ^ Manchester, Saturday noon. It is with feelings of much satisfaction, that 1 am g enabled to communicate te yon that the city and surrounding district is quiet. The magistrates, and other local authorities of Manchester are well prepared for any outbreak that may take place, and it is satisfactory to know that all the movements of the chartist body are fully known. The examination of all the parties implicated in tho recent transactions, is not i> completed. In the early part of next week,tho magis- : trates will dispose of the several cases whioh yet remain untouched. I may add, that the public mind is perfectly easy as to any outbreak. ul dll am, August 19. " 1 have only to report that the chartist body here la quiet, and from all 1 oan gather from among them,they J feel that It is madness to attempt any rising just now t Boltow, Saturday, 11 A. M. T Notwithstanding the fact that there are a great 1 many ohartists here, no anxiety is felt for the peaco o' the town. The meetings of the body are held nightly' They are, however, well watched, and cannot by any means make a rising unknown to the looal authoritiesHrvwoon, August 19. The ohartists here are very angry with those ef Manchester and Birmingham, for allowing themselve to be caught as they were. Secret meetings are being held etery night. THE HVnSOJt IUV COMPANY. In the House of Commons, last night, on the motion for going into a committee of supply, Mr. Chuste opposed the grant of Vancouver's land to the Iludjon Bay Company; and, after a lengthened discussion, the motion was lost by a majority of 18-?76 against, and 58 fbr the motien. Interesting from France, Paris, Friday afternoon. ; Amnesty to insurgents.spoken of. The eity is quiet, but fears are entertained for the tM-Ace nf the ritv ' The returns of the Bank of Franco are this week favorable. ' Our late dates state that the city continues under the preparation of a defence, and all the movements are nnder the direction of Cavaignae. In the departments, some excitement prevails, and at all points there is a close watch kept. The soldiery is provisioned for several days. The evidence of llollin, Lamartine, nnd Arago is published, but it is too long for our telegraphic despatch. Tlw War In Denmark. Letters from Amsterdam, of a late date, have been received this morning, in which there is expressed the universal opinion, that the rupture with Denmark will be speedily adjusted. Additional troops were arriving daily, but it was said that orders had been issued to countermand their march. Tlie Dates* Market Reports, dec. Londom, Saturday, August 19. The transactions in foreign exchanges in London are limited. The demand for Hamburg has fallen off. The rate is upward, raris.and other places on the continent, remain unchanged. Consol. 86a ,V Jt is now raining heavily. We have a telegraphic message from Madrid, stating hut the.. . [Telegraph stopped without farther information, leaving yon and your readers in a delightful state of suspense.] , . , livsrrool lies* mahkkv, ) Saturday, August 19?12 o'clock. Noon > Although the weather continue* gloomy, up to this hour, there Is no change in our corn market, either in prices, or in the movements of buyers or speculators L i TKIlroOL Cottov Mauukt, i Saturday, August 19?12 o'clock, Noon. ] There is not anv oarticular featurn in fh? 1 to-day. Prices are without change . and the sales wii1 | probably reach 5.000 bales. . MaauUKSTJER Opr.* Maiikht. August 1!'. j The weather to-day is tine, and eery favorable for ( harvest operations. Still, Worn the reports which prevail respecting the potato? disease, and the appear nee of Irieh buyers in the Liverpool market, holders are ' very firm to-day, and asked advAnced rates for almost 1 every article in the trade. Up tiii this hour few trans- ' actions are noticed,.bnt both Indian meal and bar.' relied flonr are higher than oh this day week. ) hlaaciicerka Woods ash YTajiw Makrvt, Aug. 19. ( The demand for all descriptions of goods at our mar* ( k?t, to-day, is limited, but holders their operations, j are firm and yrices are not lower; Although the state , of affairs In Ireland are dlscotlraging, the market would j itnpryve were it pot for the unfavorable character <f the weather. Rather better prices are being paid fo* ( East lndlu qualities Of yarn All parties a;ree that, I should the harvest, be, seasonable a steady progress 4 would manifest itself in the state of trade, throughout r the manufacturing districts. <i , f Olasupw, Friday Night. \ There ianot.any ehange in the cotton or yarn mar- t kete. The iron market *at ktso without change?the \ business was extremely limited, Von (id is.the lateet | quotation for No. 1, and46s for mixed numbers, oash. ' In other matters, nothing to report. Hun,, Friday.' 1 ^ There is not any feature worth narrating, in our " express, which baa just arrived from Hull: the mr? e market there is {acted upon u in other places. and 1 prices bare a tendency to advanoa. IX's?:ii* Cosfr Mahxet, Friday Night. ll The market bore is looking up, the business is, how- n ?*tr, free from 6peculation 'J DvdLftt STseic Etviuwr.t, Friday. i Three per cent consols, 80, \\ Three-aud-a-hal , per cent stock, 80?,, X. )*; bank stock, 189. t> Mo\ ehiuNts op Cabinet Okfipees.?The Secre" f* taty of th? Navy and the Attorney General have u returned to Washington. < n The Secretary of State will leave Washington n a few days for the North ; and the Secretary of War will probably set out for the North to-morrow morning.? fVatfitn/fton Union, Aug. SI. ^ The Port/and Artvtrtucr says r?M The old ^ friends of Major Lally in this city wetr glad S to see him again in our streets, yesterday n morning. He appears in good health and spirits, q bearing the marks of a wound, and slight traces oi the effects ol the Mexican climate, on his coun- Cl tenance." o The Iiush Kkbp.i.i.ion ih Canatia. ? Some stir E' was excited yesterday among the Irish population of tins rity, by the arrest, at an early hour of the niuniing, oj inrre persons wno nave taken a pro- t? minent purtin the support of repeal doctnneauniong () ihnr fellow-citr/ena. The three, John Oiblin, John Ilearn, (the secretary of u Quebec Emrtiett T!if!e Club,) and John Feore, were urrc?ted hy the v police shortly alter midnight, for aliouting anil be- b ing disorderly, and in their poMeseion were found H, five 12-pound cannon bulla, said to hav? been taken . from in front of the now vacant oftioers'guard- " room, near the old chateau. Six shot are missing from that spot. Tliey yesterday underwent a titivate examination, before W. Iv. McCord, police V magistrate, and were committed to stand their al trial for latw ny, at the next criminal term, in Februnry. They were not liberated on bail, but wc P1 nndeistand that an application for their release, on c< Ulnae corpus, will lie made to morrow morning. c, In the meantime, they remain in confinement.? , yttd'f Mcrtvr't, Aug.'&>. 0 nrar.- rr -wwai mm uwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtm 4EW YORK HERALD. iiiUHWcHCOrntftf Kulton and latMB Bt*. ' JAJtlKI UOKlKIK BKNNKTT. m PRO^RIETO*. ( ' m SPECIAL NUTIC* TO THE WORM). w: THE OA1L y HERALD?Three edttwne evrry day, two centl ? oyy-n 25 per annum The MORNING EblTlUN it 01 iblienid nt 3 o'clock, and dietriiuted bofore; the R* rit EVR*1HQ EDITION ran be bad or the newtboye' at 1 d ilock, and ">' ecand FVRNINt* EDITION at 3 o'clock. Di THE W HEKI. V HERALD?Every Saturday, for etrcula- fr r> an the dtneriea^i Coatkwnt?6\i centt per copy, 33 12hi per _ nni/m, Every ?(er?? packet day for European circulation; 3 per annum, to include the poetiiae. The European edL T' on i oil I be printed in the French and Englith I amnio get. ri ALL EDTTHIN8 to contain neioe received to the moment of T 'aLL>l^ETTERS by mail, for eubecriptione, or with he poet pad, or the pontage will be deducted from . \t fioNiy rcrmfftfrf. VOLUNTARY CORRESPONDENCE, containing import ci nt newt, eolicited fr )m any quarter of the world; if ueed will C] i Uberaltyviiid for. w ADVEKTi8EMENT8(reneiDedeverymemtny,and to bopub ? ihed in the morning and evening edition/,) at reaeonable ricee; to bo written mi a plain, legible manner; the proprietor ttreeponeible for errore xn manutcrrpt. ? PRlNTINOof all kinde executed beautifully and with do- ti Mitch Ordere received at the Oflee, corner of Pulton and la laeeauitreete. u NO NOTICE taken of anonymmte communicatione. What ter it intended foi iewcrtio* mutt be authenticated bf the name , nd addrcee of the writer; not neeeeearily for publication, but ' o a guaranty of hie pood faith. We cannot return relected 81 mmunica'iont ALL PA V me NTS to be made in advance. ir AMUSEMENTS THIS EVEN1NC1 BOWERY THEATRE. Bowery?N * tm?Carman?Robert ttl Ac iii. *?Diana Anu Enuvmion?Thb AU'ina Maxij? al BIOAND or Corsica?Mrmmt fli BROADWAY TF1KATRB. Broadway?, Prince or *' ENMARK? A Da* ArTER THE Wadoi.AU, WITH TWO OvKRUB"*' bl NIBI.OS THEATRE?La uv Rmimeit, with the at atiomaa Air or Salut a la France. is NATIONAL THEATRE.? Oakueisii?The Spectre ridegroom, 1hd joan u?" aid. ^ Bl'RTQN'8 THEATRE?Domoev Ann Sow?VALET DE h HAM, AND THE Bl'Rl.EtQl'e tragedy Or MeTAMORA. q. MCIBTT LIBRARY?Jamprux's kwirlha "c HINEKVA ROOMS?Taylor's Campa ion a. PANORAMA llALli?BAnvard'S Panoramas. p SACRED DIORAMAS, 3<Jt) Ilroiuiway. P MBLODION?Magic Misticum and Virginia Serenam tl New York, Friday, September 1, IMS, J ' ? ? : \s Actml ClrcolAtion ?r Ui* HmM, o tug. 31, Thursday... .,. ,r 21.210 copies. 81 The publication of the Morning edition of tbo Herald oom f isaced yesterday At IS n>lnatei past 3 o'oloek, and finished at 1 I) minutes before 7 o'clock; the first Afternoon Edition ooir. aenced at 1 o'clock, and finished at at) minntes before 9 o'oloek; be tnoond at 3 minntes before 3 o'olook, and Sniskod at 20 minntes D ast 3 o'oloek. p Ml* Foreign New*?Arrival of ttie Niagara. ' By the arrival oi this steamer we have Seven lay's later intelligence from Europe. The political c iccoiints are exceedingly interesting, bnt not very i mportant. * Irrfch affairs were quiet. The rebellion has been i tflectually put down, the leaders arrested and in | dose confinement, and the military still actively < mgaged in scouring the country in pursuit of all i " ??" H,?" *ninfo/l wifli Irpnann Thia ntini*;ir? In je the termination of all repeal agitation in Ireland, ' it least for the present* The coimcti on of Martin, ] md his sentence of transportation for life, is evi- i fence of what course the governrtient intends pur- ! luing in the premises, and the probability is that all i ^hc prominent prisoners will, upon conviction, be ' most sumtnarily disposed of. New arrests of , :hartiets have been mode in England, and every femonstration against the government tu every j >HTt of the kingdom, is at once crushed, and the i ictors immediately confined. A few weeks have ;hanged the complexion of political allkirs in Ire- 1 and most wonderfully, and destroyed the hopes of ' :hose who sympathise with the oppressed people of [ hat ill-fated countTy. While the political regene- ^ ration of Ireland has been receiving its death-blow, its social condition has become decidedly more , unfavorable thun anticipated^ The destruction of i the potuto crop, and the injury the grain crop has J sustained by the wet weather, will spread starva- , tion in every direction, end increase the distress J and sufferings of the people to kn alarming extent. i Amidst the preparations ifor a political revolution, the destruction of the crops was not dreamed , of: and the lanse of a few weeks would have put 1 down the rebellion as effectually n9 the physical 1 force of the government. Rebellion still exists in ihe minds of the people as rank and as deeprooted us ever ; but, in the face of famine, of an immense standing anny, of the disappearance of their leaders within the walls of a prison, we ;ahnot ejt|<ect farther open demonstration, but a irudcut subrnisstveness, calculated to lull the government into a fancied seourity, and the removal if those precautions which alone restrain the nasses. Such is the present and probable state if Ireland, and the excitement which has been so suddenly created, will as rapidly subside, and >nr sympathy will move m as deep, but more piiet, channels. Continental affairs remain without much alteration. Italy appears to be distracted with her internal difficulties and the defeat of her armies. Ihe jdchleswig-Ilolstein business is virtually setled, and the German empire appears to he approaching peace und permanency. France exlibits no disposition to involve herself in the difficulties of the surrounding nations, otherwise than is a mediator; and the probability is,that England ind Prance will interpose their good oitices for 1 lie speedy anil pcaccfttylc settlement or the Lom- S lardy qigMpiu 1 * " ' I* * lu a commercial point or view, the news is [ righly important, as much so as any we have re- ? :eived for months. allude particularly to t!ie audition of the crops, and the probable deficiency f n'th,e harvests. ,Tlic mo$t desponding and alarm. 1 ng accowntsrelative to the potato crop reach us j roAt all jiatrn of the United Kingdom, and portions c if the continent, and the advance in pnoes re- ' >6rted in the corn markets, 19 conclusive evidence t d tbe fears already entertained by dealers gertenlly. Tlte Bank of England haabecome alarmed, 1 nd our next accounts will probably report an ad nnce in the rate of interest. (Quotations for colon Were exceedingly firm, in the face of the ad- * ices regarding die crops, and a full supply of the a tut>le. We Abtice increased activity in the ina- p lufacturing districts, and an augmentation of the | itimber ot hands employed, and the number of niils in full operation. This, with the unproved xport demand for cotton, sustained prices for the aw material., , , ' iU, n Consdawere heavy at previous quotations, but * le money market still ccntinued ca9y, with a " tore active demand from commercial sources. 'ins is indicative of an increasing confidence t, t mercantile circles, and a disposition to extend j, ansaetions in the staple articles of trade. On Ci ie whole, the commercial accounts arc favora- o le for American interests; and we have no doubt tl ut tuut they will not only oe confirmed, but be lore encouraging, by the next arrival. , ^ Tjie Nkw?i Boy an'd the Niagara.?The newa o: learner News Boy boarded the steamship Niagara, lapt. Kyne, at a quarter before four o'clock yesay afternoon, fifteen tnilea east of the Light Ship. 0] he was not announced to us, by telegraph, till j, early half-past 1 o'clock. Our thanks are due to v< apt. Ryrie for his kindness in throwing our par- ^ els immediately to the News Boy. The passage tl f the Niagara is the shortest of the ('unard * [earners. It was a little over twelve days. bi m The Grand Fancy Dress Bam..?The grand 1,1 incy dress ball of the season took place at the 0] 'ccan Ilouse, Newport. f{. I., on Wednesday " igbt last. It was a splendid?a magnificent, adiiir. J,1 Ve understand that several descriptions of the w all and the dresses were sent from Newport, in nticipalion of die event ; but from what we hear, t icy are not reliable reports. * Sword Presentation to Gknkrat. Worth.? Fe hnvc n lengthy re|?ort in type, of the speeches nd proceedings on tlie occasion of ihc late sword resentation to General Worth, at Hudson, hut in tl nnscquencc of the news from Euro|?e, which oc- ' jpies so large a portion of our space, we are bliged to defer it till our next. m Pill Thcatk - W? promised. a few days since, to I ^ v? our readers a description of the alterations, Im- * oyeuicnts, and decorations of the Interior of thia agaiflcefct theatre. To those who have a just reanbranee of the Park as it wa?, the change effected itl appear most extraordinary; for all is new, from the iter entrance to the ttage. and of a character alto tber novel in this part of the world. There is larm in the very name of the Hark Theatre, which ci1 her time nor mUfortune can destroy. Around the ont of ml ih? boxes i?nn opeu'attice work of Krench bite, richly ornamented with highly-busnlfehed gold tcu+ + x>a tha small infprv?ninff Danplfl rnnfui nln>. cbly-carved scrolls, in gold, 011 a tinted ground-work, be lattice work i? sut mounted with abroad cushion, m-red with rich crlui">n vqjvpt, and around the base " each, running ecrofls of roees, alubtrate|y tyusfced, i dead and burnished gold. The dome is painted in rcular compartnieuCs, the prevailing colors being imKjn and jptle blue, with a centre of beogitiful gold ork design. The pit is most magnificently tit ted up itb richly cushioned seats, and will be as pleasant aa ay part of the theatre. The proscenium is entirely ew. from the stage to the apex of the arch?an enrely original and beautiful production Squire pllrs, surmounted by richly carved and gilded capitals, ipport a magnificent cornice, from the centre of hich springs the arch, which spans the entire width r tbo stage, una much wider than In Its Signal ate The panels i n the areh are' painted to cotre>ond with the dome. The seats in the dress circle are ide, with inclining backs, nil of which are hair-stuffed, ud covered with beautiful tapestry velvet. The icond tijpr is furnished with seats of a similar pattern, od covered with rich damask. The upper boxes &ra so improved in every respect. There are six uiagnlceutly furnished private boxes in the proscenium, ud two in the rear of the drese circle. The housa ill bo lighted by about twenty chandeliers, or an enrelv new and original design, each having flva jrners, with shaded globes The whole has been oon ruciru uy mr. j. "i. niuiMo,wiiu?o nniu an an arcniiect unsurpassed. The theatre will be opened on Monday rening next, with a splendid company, under the roprietorship of Mr. Hamblin, who will appear, on the -opening, in one of his favorite characters. Mr. H. as spared no -expense in fitting up the Park, and othing can prevent success, such as the b ;u>.e en yed in hygofie days. Bowf.rv TUf.atre.?Another largo audiencet'was ssemhled in this elegant house last evening and thw erformances all gave great satiefaction. The great ress of matter in our columns, prevents our entering ito particulars regarding the various pieces. Suffice < to say, that the .Signer a Ciocoa and /Smith, in be beautiful ballet of " Diana and Undymion," apeared to much advantage, and were greeted'-with ninanse applause. The other pieces,George Barnell," "Jenny Lind," and " Morning of Lite," went IT admirably. To-night a first rate Bill wlftbnpreonted, and wn expect to see a crowded house. " Diana nd Kndymion" will be repeated, with other enteralninents. Broaowav'Thsjatiik.? Again, lost night, was this aagnilicont temple of the drama crowded in every art, to witness the beautiful play of " Damon and Pybias," in which Mr. Forrest appeared as Damon. Mr. \ is always eminently successful in his characters, but n this was doubly so. We have frequently seen the haracter personated, hut never so perfectly as last light. In every line, from his rescue by Pythian to the a.-t scene, when all the mental and physical energies ire called into requisition, the deep sense of hb'fior to lis friend, aud devotion to his wife and child*, nothing ould be more perfectly and beautifully pourtrayed. rhe applause at every point was clamorous, and the rntire audience soentod enchanted with the easy and Easterly effort. After the fall of the curtain, he was oudly culled Tot, appeared. bowed, and return. Mr. Forrest certainly elands at the head of bis proftasion. 1'he part of Pythias, by Mr Droit, was excellent, and received with so oh favor that ha too was c<*l>d before Lhu curtain. Mies K. Wallack. as Hermion, w.fc to Damon, and Mrs. Abbott, as Calaathe, with to Pythias, performed their respective p?rt6 in unsurpassable etyle. 1'he performance closed with the "Kton lloy," in nbich Miss Isabel Dickinson made her first appearance ;n this country, and sustained the characters of Tom ind Fanny in a style commensurate with ttio applause which was bestowed upon her at the London theatres. Want of room precludes the possibility of going as fully into the merits of all the ohnraoters as we-would lesire. Mr. Forrest appears this evening in the character of Hamlet. Niulo's Theatre.?The benefit of Mr. T, Placide ast night, was on? of those occasions thataro over cal:ulated to test the claims personally and professionilly of a gentleman and au artist of sterling merit. We bad prepared a report of the valuable a.tuistanc<3 he Teceived from his brother, Mr. II. Placide, Mr. VanJeubofT, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, and all who contributed their valuable assistance upon this occasion; but the arrival of the Brlti.h steamer compels n* reluctantly to curtail our remarks; and simply apprise the opera-going portion of the Astor Place, that lh<> "Fille du Kegiment" will be rep<-abed this ovuiiing; nud that the accomplished tieorge VandenhofT, will, on tp-moruiorrow evening, be a candidate for that toitiupony of public approbation, to which his talents eminently entitle him. The ensuing week nt Niblo's will l/e one of peculiar attraction?dramatic and operatic, and the arrangements of the house, under its present experienced management, are such aa to commau i public patronage. NaTfonaa. Theatre.?Onoe more all'was brilliant and bright at the National, qnd the audience seemed letermlned to make up for their deprlval of the usual performances the evening before last, by doubly apolauding thoss of last night. The beautiful drama of 1 Victorine," was capitally performed; as was also the Irsuia of the " Wife's Stratagem." Chanfrin is kcepng up the reputation his houfe has acquired under Ilia management; and can boast of as numerous and -espectable a patronage as any place of amusement n town. Aue Dili tcr mu evening is varied u.pu ia? creating. Castle Gardbn is much patronised these warm iTeninga. The view of the oosmoramas, roprieenting iccnss in every part of the globe, is alone worth the trice of admission. Moravian Vocalists.?The Apollo Hooms, last night, presented an assemblage of highly resectable dtiiens and to hear the harmonious glees for rbich this band is so celebrated. The grand f-intasia >n the wood and straw, by F. Stoepel, ir inilsaVljworth be price of admission; his execution on thin curious nstrument, is wonderful, and the audio nee give testinony of their pleasure nnd delight by repeated cheers. Vl'lle. Lovarny >ang some plaintive melodies with pe:uliar sweetness and musical ssill. Kraus is a great icquisition to this company?his bass voice is mellow, ind gives a finish to the concerted pieces. There is ;ri at variety in this entertainment, and lienco their rri nt success tVe would advise them to ta-ui the Tajeruacle. as they seem to inorease every ni,;ht in pubie favor. Cami-scll's Minstrel- bad. a fine large audience ast night. These elegant and popular singers have established for themselves an enviable reputation. I'hey will sing every evening this week. Maurii k Strakori m.?This favorite and distin [Uisbed piaui?t ha- lately been giving c<UK\arts at llpckaway. which were fa hlonably attended. lie was issisted by the sweet an d highly accomplished Vocalist, lllss Julia Nortball. Although entreated ro give a onctrt here, we are informed he will not do eo until be month Of October. Madame .dima Bishop. M. Bnrhsa, and Signer Valclllna were In Quebec on the 26th ult. Yankee Hill, the delineator of the Yankee cbnractet s in Oawego. Marine \ 11'Hlr.v. Tint Steamship Kbahklih.?This magnificent steam, r waa successfully launched on Thursday morning t the appointed hour. An Immense concourse of eople assembled to witness It. She wltl be heady to ake her station with the Washington and Hermann n December next. City Intelligence. Railroad Accidk.m.?Last Wednesday afteroon os the train ef oars from Morrlntown, were ischargiog freight at Mlllville. a passenger by th? ame of William Taine. while under the Influence quor, having got out of the cars, in bis en.Us.vors to j-enter them, by some means fell through n hole oa lie aide of the road from which he was clambering, ist as the train commenced moving, and one of the ars passed over his left arm. near the shoulder. T'hs ar struck him on the head, and turned hl.i body partally over, or he would have been inataatly killed. Mil rm waa amputated and properly attended to, by t hyslcinn residing in thu vicinity; and the patient rolains under the charge of Mr. Meeker, the railroad gent. This poor fellow has a volunteer most t the campaign In Mexico, escaping unscithed all ,s vicissitudes to be Anally maimed, under rhn dire, ll and inglorious Influenoe of the IntoxloaMeg bowl. The N*? Yore Gas Lioht Wonas.?The burning f a portion of the buildings of this establishment ns not put the lower part of the city to I ho lnconpnienee which was apprehended. There was a tollable supply of gas last night, and to-night the supply ill be as good as usual. The damage sustained Iy le company, above the 1 nsurauce, la only ab.out $4,000, hlch is trilling In comparison to the incon?enienc<t ) which the company was put by the calamity. The ulldiug will be temporarily fixed np for about n innth's work, after which they will remove to ihw Hidings at the foot of 21st street. Pints.?A fire broke out about half-past ten nolo;k. c Wednesday night, in the cellar of house No. Ifti ourth avenue, which was put out with trlMngdaaugo. I, minnnsrfi to have nrlul n?t??U llirninh I I? pm of a woman, who was searching for a bnvast-plii ith a lamp in her hand. A (Ira broke out yeater?y morning, in the large washing establishment, 0 118 Sixteenth street, which was entirely destroyed, he establishment consisted of three buildings, all of hlch were owned and oecnpied by Joshua I'nferood. It Is said there was no insurance. Aksi\ai. or Major Mosais ?This brave andacoomIlshed soldier, who so gallantly distinguished himself 1 all the battles between Vera Cms and th t city of lexle.o, arrived, a few days sines, in this ally, and >ok lodgings at the American Hotel. He commanded le '3d regiment of U. 8. Infantry, which was always mong the foremost in the fight. .RrcauiTs.?A detachment of 360 recruits will sal lis day for Tascagnala, under tho command of Capt. arry, of the 6th Infantry. ^ ,

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